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Name: 20211022_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 22, 2021
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The video explores various conspiracy theories and societal issues such as cancel culture, vaccination mandates, fake news, and censorship on social media platforms. Alex Jones and Mark Dice express concern about blindly following orders without questioning them, and critique those who support arresting unvaccinated individuals or speak out about electoral fraud without evidence or considering alternative viewpoints. They also discuss the inconsistency and bait-and-switch tactics used by social media platforms in content moderation." Here is an example of how to write a concise summary for the given input. The goal is to capture the main ideas of the passage while keeping it short and to the point. In this case, the summary focuses on the concerns about societal issues and the criticism of social media platforms' tactics in content moderation.

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NIH admits funding gain-of-function COVID experiments, gives EcoHealth five days to report data.
Where do you think that data is going?
Trash can.
Trash can.
But we already have some of it.
That's their problem.
Like Catherine Herridge.
HHS letters backup docs on Wuhan lab, states analysis confirms bat coronaviruses studied under EcoHealth Alliance grant could not have been the source of COVID-19 pandemic.
So, it's literally like,
Here's the document showing all of it.
Here's the document showing you made the virus, the exact virus.
Here's all the documents, gain of function, funding, all of it, and they just say, but it wasn't us.
We didn't do the pandemic.
You just have all the proof that we did the pandemic, but it wasn't us, we swear.
But they found EcoHealth Alliance failed to report certain findings required by the terms of the grant.
They were covering up their research, folks.
So, they've been caught.
So, we're at the final stage of denial.
After this stage of denial, there's no other stages of denial.
So they've been caught on every other realm of this, except now they're just denying that they're responsible for the pandemic.
So they're admitting, yep, we did all the research, we did the gain-of-function, we funded it, we worked in the Wuhan lab, we worked with the Chinese military, but it wasn't us that did the pandemic, we swear!
That's coming next.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Having the data from millions of cases over several weeks, nearly a third of all COVID cases in the UK, the data is clear.
The so-called COVID vaccines are slowly killing people.
The latest vaccine surveillance reports published by Public Health England show what we've already been hearing from doctors worldwide.
The mRNA jabs are destroying people's immune systems, and it seems to be happening gradually over time, especially for the doubly vaccinated between 40 and 70 years old.
They have already lost over 40% of their immune system capability and are losing an additional 5% every week.
At this rate, by Christmas, we will have 0% immune system capability in all doubly vaccinated people over 40.
And by March, everyone over 30 will have lost their immune systems as well.
Over time, it appears that those aged 30 and younger are also seeing a degradation of their immune systems.
It's normal for this age group to have a more vigorous immune system, so perhaps it does a better job fighting off the debilitating mRNA jabs at first.
Time will tell, but the data shows a very difficult and dark winter lies ahead.
And we've heard this before.
Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist who has conducted over 100,000 COVID-19 lab tests, has also found that the mRNA shots are causing serious autoimmune disorders.
And Dr. David Bauer, one of the top virologists running this so-called vaccine program in the UK, confirms all of this.
We found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, those who've had two doses, have about five to six-fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place.
We've also found that for people with only one dose of the Pfizer jab, that they are less likely to have high levels of these antibodies in their blood.
And perhaps most importantly for all of us going forward, is that we see that the older you are, the lower your levels are likely to be.
And the time since you've had your second jab, as that time goes on, the lower your levels are also likely to be.
And actually says that having a regular booster shot will be some kind of remedy.
So that's telling us that we're probably going to be needing to prioritize boosters for older and more vulnerable people.
Like a monthly subscription service to stay alive.
Let us not forget how all of this was started by the Communist Chinese.
How they already recovered from COVID.
...and are now flaunting military power, threatening the borders of Taiwan and India.
In the book Unrestricted Warfare, published in America 20 years ago, officers of the Communist Chinese military recognize that it's impossible to challenge the U.S.
in a conventional military arena, and explain how the only way to conquer America would be through deception, so that the public never knew they were under attack.
They described how they could accomplish this by flooding the U.S.
with illicit drugs to demoralize us.
Infiltrating and subverting the stock markets, the judicial system, and the media.
Seizing control of vital natural resources and creating a fake natural disaster using biological weapons.
And finally, take down the entire electrical information grid to cause social panic, street riots, and a political crisis.
With over a third of the population suffering from complete immune failure, taking down the grid this winter would be devastating.
Now is the time to brace yourself for what's coming.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Now before you change that dial, because the great Alex Jones is not hosting today, and believe me, I get it.
Get tuned in to hear Alex.
You're getting Owen Schroer.
Not only do I have a loaded transmission today with so much bombshell information, it's overwhelming, quite frankly.
And as usual, nobody's going to give you the angles.
Like InfoWars is.
So there's a reason why we're next year's news today.
So all these major developments that are actually coming to fruition now, InfoWars has been talking about for over a year.
We're going to tell you what's coming next today.
But more importantly, before you maybe change the dial because you're not going to hear from Alex today, we may be hearing from Alex today, but I want to explain something.
Alex is working on a new project right now.
That you'll probably hear about maybe within the month, I would say.
Now you know, you can see what goes on here, the attacks that we're under, the corrupt government, the corrupt politicians, the corrupt media, everybody out to get us, everybody, I mean, we've been essentially targeted with a hypersonic missile for destruction.
And they keep hitting us with them, and we just keep ticking along, keep staying on air, keep coming in here every day.
And so the reason why Alex is not hosting today is because, as I said, he's working on a new project.
Now, I want to explain this, because this is so important.
For the future of InfoWars, this is more important than any of the news I'm going to cover.
We cover the news and all this stuff for the future of America, but
No, let me talk about the future of InfoWars here for one second and explain what's going on.
It's a miracle that we've made it this far.
It'd be like going on a space expedition and the gas light is on and somehow the space shuttle is still moving and heading towards its destination.
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So, I understand people that tune in kind of get a little punch drunk to it all, or a little numb to it all, but Alex is not exaggerating, you know, he doesn't just say it tongue-in-cheek where it's like, hey, we don't even know if we could be on air tomorrow.
And I'm not saying that to be, you know, distressful or anything,
I'm just saying that's the real case.
So, here's what I ask of you today.
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But, when Alex finishes up this project, he's already been up here working for about three hours today.
He's gonna be here all night.
When he finishes up this project,
I would love for him to get good news that we had massive sales on the website today and we've got big fuel in the tank even before he launches this next project to give him some comfort and some ease when he finishes up what he's doing today and so normally you hear from Alex
We may or may not hear from him.
Probably not.
My guess is he's way too, he's going to be way too busy doing this project that he's working on.
He is in studio.
He's right across the door over here.
But he's working on something that's going to be very important for the future of InfoWars.
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This is all really a sign of victory, quite frankly.
Of course, the corrupt corporate world government and United States government and federal government and politicians and media and everything else, of course they're coming after us.
Of course they want to shut down.
Of course.
That's par for the course here.
It's not fun.
I don't enjoy having the federal government up my ass.
But that's what we've done.
That's why we're the leading edge.
That's why we hit the barbed wire first, so everybody can climb over our bleeding out, rotting husk and save America.
Because what you're going to see today... I don't even know how to cover this, quite frankly.
But... Fauci's been caught red-handed.
And you notice at first...
And this is my point.
Infowars hit the barbed wire first and just let our bodies sit there and let everybody else climb over our bleeding out body on the barbed wire so they could climb over it and not get cut.
Well finally they're finally getting over it and they see it now and
Yeah, so first it was Fauci denying gain-of-function research, denying spillover research, denying any funding, denying the Wuhan lab.
Now it's, well, yeah, we were doing some research, but not in the Wuhan lab.
And then it was, well, we were doing research and we were funding the Wuhan lab, but it was very, very small amounts and it had nothing to do with COVID.
And then it was, okay, yeah, we were doing research with COVID in the Wuhan lab, but it's not the same thing as the pandemic.
So you know what level's next, right?
You know, the full admittance of all of this is next.
And we have the signs that they know it's coming.
It's not just the people at the CDC and the FDA and the NIH and everybody else and Pfizer and everybody stepping down.
Those are the signs of the past.
We've got new signs now.
They are, as I speak, Fauci and his minions are doing everything they can to erase the evidence that they caused the pandemic.
But it's too late, Fauci.
I'm so overwhelmed by all the information and developments that I have here in front of me as we head into the weekend and what it means for the future.
That I really don't even know how to properly introduce it or come out of the gates here to try to cover it.
So I think the best way to do that is going to be reading the opening from the famous
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.
It was the epoch of belief.
It was the epoch of incredulity.
It was the season of light.
It was the season of darkness.
It was the spring of hope.
It was the winter of despair.
We had everything before us.
We had nothing before us.
We were all going direct to heaven.
We were all going direct the other way.
In short, the period was so far like the present period that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.
And is that not where we are right now?
Is that not the best way to describe these unbelievable times?
As we are living them?
Because I put it in the modern-day parlance of it is the Great Reset versus the Great Awakening.
Because that's what's going on.
The Great Awakening is happening.
Humanity is waking up to all the lies that's been told, all the corruption, the threat of world government, its freedoms being dissolved, its sovereignty being dissolved, all of it.
The world is waking up to that.
That's undeniable.
But then that entity, that beast, that has the intention of conquering the world and enslaving humanity, that also is moving forward.
It's the Great Reset versus the Great Awakening.
So, let me just preview what we have coming up today.
And what is the most important news?
I guess you could be the
decision maker there for yourself but you know that's why we have all these distractions going right now like oh what happened with Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito it's just a distraction oh what happened with Alec Baldwin shooting somebody on a movie set it's just a distraction and you know it can be big news and it can you know get the public's attention and and and and that that is what it is but
It's all a distraction from the massive developments that we have.
The supply chain shortage, the consumer price index going up.
That's not going away.
That's only getting worse.
And of course, it's all the Democrat Party's fault.
It's all Joe Biden's fault.
It's all by design.
It's all the corporate world government.
It was the plan in the first place.
This isn't something that organically is just happening.
A supply chain shortage, consumer price index going up to record highs.
That was planned out.
No, no, no.
That's an act of war that's going on right now.
That's a big deal.
That's going to impact everybody that's listening to this right now.
And everybody that's not.
You got Biden last night at a town hall, if you even want to call it that for CNN, a fake town hall.
They kept the location secret.
Nobody was allowed to be in attendance except the people that they hand selected.
So it's not even a real town hall.
It's just scripted and fake like everything else this White House does.
And then some of the things that Biden said are just incredible.
Folks, the guy basically blacked out on the stage.
I don't know how else to explain it.
So we'll have that coming up.
You've got, finally, though it's a small percentage,
Of Republicans that are fighting back against the New World Order tyranny, fighting back against the corrupt federal government, and calling out their fellow politicians in Congress for being corrupt and despicable evil people.
Small number of Republicans, but better than nothing!
So that's coming up.
But, but... And then there's all kinds of other news.
It's all big, honestly.
The cultural news.
The geopolitical news.
What's going on in schools and school board meetings?
But really, this is the big news that only InfoWars can properly bring you today.
Because we've been ahead of the curve on all of this, and so we're going to stay ahead of the curve on all of this.
But the best way I can put it, before really just digging into this stack of news and explaining it in more detail,
Fauci's been caught, folks.
Fauci's been caught.
He did the gain-of-function research.
He did the spillover research.
He funded the Wuhan lab.
He helped the Chinese military make a bioweapon.
He's been caught.
It's over.
He knows it.
And others know it.
That's why you've seen people step down at the CDC.
That's why you've seen people step down at the NIH.
That's why you've seen people step down from these big pharmaceutical companies.
That's why you've seen a lot of these people just step down because they don't get it.
At first, they don't understand it.
They're saying, what are we doing with this experimental vaccine, pushing it on people, and now kids, and now mandating it?
Why are we covering up the side effects?
Why are we covering up the deaths?
And then they start to look into what's going on.
They start to look at Fauci's background and they realize, whoa, I don't want anything to do with whatever this is or what this appears to be.
Which the least evil of would be a giant money grab and power grab.
The most evil would be a giant mass murdering.
of the Earth's population, whether that's with COVID made in a lab or these vaccines that are killing tens of thousands of people.
The point is, they're seeing this and they are pulling out.
And now other governments and countries are seeing this and they're pulling out.
And as we sit here, Fauci and his minions that knowingly did all this are trying to erase all the evidence.
But it's too late.
Because even if they can erase all the evidence, then that's just going to be another crime that they've committed, which is erasing evidence, tampering with evidence, hiding crimes.
But I guess they figure it's better for them to be caught red-handed tampering with evidence or erasing evidence, which is, which by the way, it's all going to be illegal, not just in a criminal case, but because this is all government.
These are all government documents.
They're all supposed to be public documents.
They're all supposed to be archived.
They're erasing all of them right now.
And so I guess they figure, hey, it's better us go down.
For illegally getting rid of government documents, or public documents, or these archived documents, it's better us go down for that, than for us to go down with medical malpractice, or something much more worse, or a violation of the Nuremberg Code, or a violation of the Biological Weapons Treaty.
They figure, hey, erasing evidence and getting rid of government documents, probably better off for us than what we've really done here.
So I'm gonna try to take
A complex issue, and then simplify it here, first, and then get into the complexities of it.
But simply put, Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, and others, we're doing gain-of-function spillover research with SARS-CoV-2 viruses, and we're exclusively working with the Chinese Communist military
In a lab in Wuhan to create a deadly virus from an animal spliced with other viruses so that could be transmitted to humans and be highly infectious.
And I guess they hoped highly deadly.
Maybe it wasn't as deadly as they liked.
Maybe it was as deadly as they expected.
Which of course led to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been used as the backdrop for the Great Reset, which is just a buzz phrase for the corporate world government takeover of the planet.
Which will ultimately, the excuse will be because of climate change so that they can control all of your movement.
So first it's convinced you that you're a virus and you're bad and need to be a slave.
Then it's convinced you you're a parasite and a pollution machine and so you're bad and so you need to be a slave.
And that's what this whole thing is all about.
Now, that's about as simply as I could put it.
Crimes against humanity.
Crimes on a mass scale.
Illegal bioweapons research.
Illegal bioweapons release.
They've been caught!
We've got all of them on tape.
We've got all of their documents.
We've got all of it.
Now let me try to take that simple explanation and explain it with all the complexities here.
Now you may recall, and I am proud of this,
InfoWars should be proud that we broke all of this first, years ahead of the rest of the news media.
But we knew this was exactly what was going on, February of 2020.
And I think now actually though, it appears that, and perhaps even Trump knew this, that
They knew in October of 2019 that it had gotten out of a lab or that they had released it, or maybe they released it intentionally and some people that weren't in on it knew that that's what happened and maybe they thought it was a mistake, so they were telling Trump, they were telling the Chinese government, they were telling all of these people.
But the point is,
It was well known that Fauci and Daszak were doing bioweapons research in the Wuhan lab, and it was known by October of 2019 that the virus had been released onto the planet.
And that's why they started signing all these documents and having all this stuff by the end of October 2019, because they knew that's when it came out.
Now, the timeline between then and February or March, whenever they started to do all the lockdowns and everything, that's still kind of... Why was it on that timeline?
I don't know, but maybe they were covering their tracks then, like we're seeing them do now.
So, but what happened?
Well, it was denied.
There's no Wuhan lab.
There's no gain-of-function research.
It came from a bat soup dish.
It came from a wet market.
So, first, it was complete denial of all of that.
Then what was it?
Oh, well, there, oh, it does seem like there was a lab right there in Wuhan near the wet market where they're claiming it went out.
Let's look into that lab.
Oh, wow, they were doing bioweapons research.
Oh, oh, they were working with bat viruses.
Oh, they were working with SARS-CoV-19 in that lab.
And then they kept looking into it.
What else is going on?
Oh, there was gain-of-function research shifted during the Obama years from North Carolina to that Wuhan lab.
Fauci was overseeing the funding.
Dasik was overseeing the operations.
The Chinese Communist military was running the lab.
Oh, that's odd.
Oh, there was gain-of-function.
Oh, there was spillover.
Now we have all those documents.
And then it was, and this is kind of now the new developments, but there's new new developments, so this is the last range of new developments, now there's new new developments.
Then it was, oh, okay, well, it did, yeah, we were making COVID and SARS viruses in the lab, and we were doing gain-of-function and spill-over research, they can't deny it now, we have all the documents, we have them on tape.
But that's not the virus that caused the pandemic.
No, no, no, no, no.
So it's been this slow rollout of denying everything that was going on to now admitting everything that was going on.
But here's the stage where we're at now.
Oh, well, our viruses weren't the viruses that got released.
No, no, no, no.
Yeah, everything that we denied and now that you have us on tape admitting and have all the documents proving that, yeah, it was us.
But that wasn't what started the pandemic.
No, no, no, no, no.
That wasn't.
So, yeah, we lied about everything else and we covered everything else up and we denied everything else.
But you know what?
But it wasn't us.
We didn't do the pandemic.
Yeah, everything you said we did, we lied about and covered up and denied.
Okay, fine.
We did do all that.
You caught us.
You're right.
But it wasn't us.
We didn't do the pandemic.
But see, everyone knows it now.
Everyone knows Fauci's involvement.
Everyone knows Dasik's involvement.
Everybody knows the Chinese Communist Military's involvement.
Everybody knows all of it.
So, right now, they are in the process of scrubbing all the evidence.
That's what's going on right now.
They are trying to get rid of all the evidence.
But it's not going to matter.
The evidence is already out there.
We have them on tape.
We have the government documents.
And anything they do now to cover it up is just going to add to the list of crimes that they've committed.
But see,
There's a reason why Alex Jones was the voice in the wilderness when people at the NIH and big pharma companies and the CDC and the FDA started stepping down from major roles because that was the recognition.
Look, these people aren't in the spotlight.
They don't do interviews.
They're not interested in media.
They do medicine.
They do science, whatever.
But maybe they're not evil people.
So as soon as they figured out what was going on, they were out.
They pulled out.
They quit.
They didn't want anything to do with it.
And you did have some whistleblowers go public as to why.
And we do have the Project Veritas undercover footage.
But they've been caught, folks.
And there's no putting it back in the bottle.
Now, they've got two options.
They can try to cover up all the crimes committed by Fauci, or they can move their plans for world conquering and domination to a next level and just release, if they have it, a more deadly bioweapon, or just start a nuclear war, a World War III, to distract from all of this.
But see, Fauci's just one little minion in this whole plan.
The New World Order really doesn't care if Fauci gets burned.
If Fauci has to go down and get burned to preserve the corporate world government and the Great Reset, then he will.
And there'll be nothing he can do about it.
And he'll sputter around, and he'll spin around, and he'll try to do everything he can, but it won't matter.
And he knows it.
So, I'm gonna try to connect all of this, and I'm basically just trying to describe all of it here in this nine-minute segment.
Without now getting into the weeds of the new developments.
But let's start to kind of brush the surface of these new developments right now.
NIH admits funding gain-of-function COVID experiments, gives EcoHealth five days to report data.
Where do you think that data is going?
But we already have some of it!
That's their problem.
Like Catherine Herridge.
HHS letters, backup docs on Wuhan lab, states analysis confirms bat coronaviruses studied under EcoHealth Alliance grant could not have been the source of COVID-19 pandemic.
So, it's literally like, here's the document showing all of it, here's the document showing you made the virus, the exact virus, here's all the documents, gain of function, funding, all of it, and they just say, but it wasn't us, we didn't do the pandemic, you just have all the proof that we did the pandemic, but it wasn't us, we swear.
But, they found EcoHealth Alliance failed to report certain findings required by the terms of the grant.
They were covering up their research, folks.
So, they've been caught.
So, we're at the final stage of denial.
After this stage of denial, there's no other stages of denial.
So they've been caught on every other realm of this.
Except now they're just denying that they're responsible for the pandemic.
So they're admitting, yep, we did all the research, we did the gain-of-function, we funded it, we worked in the Wuhan lab, we worked with the Chinese military, but it wasn't us that did the pandemic, we swear!
That's coming next.
So understand this.
I would say within six months, certainly before the midterm elections, everybody out there that still has a soul
And a mind and a brain is going to be InfoWars.
And it's not going to be like a Spartacus moment where everybody stands up and says, I am Spartacus or I am Alex Jones or I'm InfoWars.
We probably won't get the credit.
Who even knows if people knew that we've been talking about all this for over a year.
Doesn't really matter to us.
But it's going to be, it's inevitable that all of this is going to become so real
That even denying it or not wanting to talk about it for your own personal cautions is all going to be out the window.
It's all going to be out the window within six months.
Definitely before the midterm elections.
Now, on the other side of that coin is that the corrupt
We're good to go.
We're to the point where everything on the timeline for the last year and a half, that InfoWars is always reporting first, that's just the facts, is now being completely admitted.
There's only one thing now, there's only one thing that is still being denied, and that is that it's the research that happened in that Wuhan lab that was responsible for the pandemic.
And people might not want to say it was intentional.
They may say, oh, accidental.
That may be what they try to fall back on.
But it won't matter.
It won't matter.
Eventually that facade is going to fall as well, just like every other facade to this point.
So their only level of denial that they have left, final level of denial, I guess they could have one more that they did it intentionally.
So maybe there's two levels of denial left.
One, that it was responsible for the pandemic.
That facade is going to fall, I would say, by the end of the year.
And then the other facade would be whether it was done intentionally.
So that may be the last level of denial past this one.
Which is that, oh, it wasn't us, it wasn't this that started the pandemic.
Well, yeah, it was.
So they're in the process of scrubbing all their data.
They're in the process of getting rid of all the documents and all the proof of all of it.
Because now there's...
People and journalists and politicians and health officials and doctors that are actually saying, wait a second, we need to look into this.
We need to look further in these documents.
You need to provide us with more documents, EcoHealth Alliance.
You need to provide us with more documents, Wuhan Lab.
You need to provide us with more documents, Fauci, Dasik.
And so they've been given timetables and right now I would say they're in the process of removing as much as possible to cover it up.
And so, again, just to repeat this and continue down the path here, NIH admits funding gain-of-function COVID experiments, gives EcoHealth five days to report data.
And then you have Katherine Harridge with the other documents, showing that it was all in the Wuhan lab.
But that, so they admit it, because Katherine Harridge has the documents.
She's like, look, we've already had these documents, but Katherine Harridge is kind of, you know, she's allowed to report things and go on the mainstream news.
So when she reports it, it kind of, you know, then it finally enters the mainstream consciousness.
But see, she's still going along with the narrative now that they're giving her, which is, oh, but we didn't do the pandemic.
It's a different virus.
These are different viruses.
Well, wait a second!
You lied that any of this was going on, so why would we believe you now, saying that it wasn't your fault that there was a pandemic, it was a different virus?
Of course, we wouldn't.
We're smarter than that.
But that's the level that we're at right now.
But this, now it just gets weirder.
It shows that there was prior knowledge to this that was being covered up by governments, and slowly and surely, as more people realized what was going on, people started pulling themselves out.
Governments started pulling themselves out.
And I guess for whatever reason, not knowing what to do, just decided to bury this lead.
That this was gain-of-function research done by Fauci and the Chinese Communists that eventually led to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Maybe because they want the Great Reset?
Maybe because they were afraid to go up against this criminal corporate world government?
I don't know.
But this is from last year.
Iranian doctors
Urge neighbors to liquidate any U.S.
biological labs amid coronavirus fears.
A group of 101 Iranian doctors has penned a letter addressed to the leaders of Afghanistan, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan to take immediate action to destroy all of U.S.
biological laboratories.
That was in 2020, folks.
They knew it.
They all knew it then.
But we don't exactly have good relations with those countries, so we weren't cooperating with them.
And when they were announcing that they figured out it was the US-made bioweapon in a lab with Fauci, the media didn't report on it.
But there it is in Sputnik from last year.
Here's another one, last year.
Ukraine's opposition accuses U.S.
of scrubbing info about biolabs activities on Ukrainian territory.
So they were already erasing the evidence, folks.
They were already erasing the evidence.
And all these other labs, because they realized, okay, we got caught in the Wuhan lab.
We've got to scrub all the other biological weapons research we were doing.
We've got to hide all the other crimes we committed in violation of the Nuremberg Code.
We've got to do it now.
This was all happening last year.
Here's another one.
Artificial intelligence provided early detection of the coronavirus in China and will influence future urban health policy internationally.
Now this is going to tie into something else that's going on here.
That is so incredible that we're just now learning it, but it is what it is.
So again, and I think Trump knew it too, the virus escaped or was released in October of 2019 and everybody knew it.
But the people that weren't actually running the operation didn't know exactly what was going on.
So that's why Trump's waited and then said, oh, it's just the flu, even though he signed executive orders preparing for a pandemic.
That's why all these other countries started to limit travel.
That's why you saw the stuff coming out of China.
And then once they realized what was going on, they said, we got to shut down all these U.S.
bio weapons labs.
They just released a pandemic on the planet.
Of course, the media didn't cover any of it.
But so they say, oh, artificial intelligence detecting COVID.
Will influence future health policy internationally?
Well, what are they talking about?
So, now this has been discovered.
And again, this is all old news.
It's just now it's going mainstream.
Willis Research Network partners with MetaBiota to expand pandemic risk expertise.
Now, there's a whole thread on this from Blue Canaries on Twitter that really gets into it.
And I think this is going to be the next shoe to drop in the overall thing.
And I'm going to try to simplify this as simply as I can in this long thread.
MetaBiota produces bioagents under diplomatic cover at secret labs, then sells pandemic insurance and trackers to help countries get ahead of what they are putting out.
Company part of Pentagon's DRTA program, as well as funded by Rosemont Seneca.
That's Hunter Biden's company.
So folks, these bioweapons labs, to put it simply, these bioweapons labs have insurance in case their virus escapes, gets out, or maybe even released.
And it's unbelievable in this thread
And it gets into how they've done it in the past with Ebola.
It gets into how they've done it in other countries.
It gets into how they get billions of dollars in contracts from the military.
It shows the bioweapons research that's been done in 25 different countries at least.
It shows more government documents showing that they knew this was all biological research that could escape in all these different countries.
It's all documented in this thread.
So, why would they, with Hunter Biden's company, be having insurance?
It's just incredible as I'm just re-going through all of this.
Why would they have insurance on all these bioweapons labs if they weren't making bioweapons?
Why would they have bioweapons insurance in case something got out and killed people if they weren't making bioweapons?
And how is this even legal?
You're in violation of the Nuremberg Code, making these bioweapons, and there's an insurance company?
I mean, can you imagine if I had an insurance company for making counterfeit money?
Can you imagine if I had an insurance company for, you know, any mass crime, but oh, they have insurance for bioweapons research in case it gets out?
And they knew it got out?
So I'm about to put a bow on this, and get into some of the other news.
And I just hope I've done a good job breaking this down and covering it because it's so overwhelming and it's so incredible and quite frankly beyond the pay grade of any talk show host.
But slowly and surely politicians and other leaders are starting to wake up and fill that void, thank God.
Rand Paul is one of them.
He was on Fox News last night.
The story, the video clips at InfoWars.com.
We may play it coming up too.
Vindicated Rand Paul blasts lying Fauci over civilization-ending experiments.
That's what this is.
That's what Fauci is.
They're mad scientists doing civilization-ending experiments because they can!
And they laugh about it and scoff about it and they think they're so much better than everybody else and you can see their arrogance in the videos of Fauci and Dasik and Michael Spector and the rest of them and I mean they literally say in the videos I mean that's what's so frustrating is
We're here every day for 10 hours a day breaking all of this down, but it's like we don't have time to just rehash all of it every day to just add the backdrop, to just add every detail to the bigger picture in every development.
So it's like if you don't follow it every day, you're missing a lot of different elements and details and angles of the stories.
When they go on C-SPAN and they say, Michael Spector says, with Dr. Fauci, mind you, and he says, wouldn't it be better if more people died?
Wouldn't it be better if more people died from the flu so that we could make them take vaccines?
Wouldn't it be better if more died?
Wouldn't that be better?
It's literally what he says.
It's like, that's unbelievable.
Shut up, Schroyer.
No, that's real.
I don't have time to play you all these clips over and over and over again.
Dasik bragging about gain-of-function.
Fauci bragging about gain-of-function.
They're all on tape, folks.
When this trial goes down, it's not going to take long.
Because this isn't like the 1940s where it's harder to pull up videos and commentary and documents.
No, we're in the digital age now.
We've got it all.
We've got all your videos.
We've got all your documents.
And Rand Paul, slowly but surely, is getting to the point of no return, which is where we need to go, which is putting yourself in front of these diabolical mad scientists and saying, no.
No more.
You are going to have to go through me now.
Saying Fauci is doing civilization-ending experiments, and that's exactly what he was doing.
And that's exactly what they're doing right now with this vaccine.
But, oh, see, here's this headline at InfoWars.
CNN refuses to apologize to Joe Rogan over ivermectin smear.
Yeah, that's nice.
Maybe they'll apologize to Joe.
But how about CNN apologizes to America?
I'm sure they won't.
How about CNN apologizes to the world for lying about everything all day long?
I think CNN owes the entire planet an apology.
That includes Joe Rogan.
So does Howard Stern.
He calls NBA player Kyrie Irving an idiot and a douchebag for refusing COVID-19 and sacrificing millions of dollars.
No, they should be praised.
They're heroes.
The athletes, the coaches, people that have sacrificed millions of dollars because they don't want to be part of a worldwide human experiment.
That's character.
That's principle.
That's heroic.
That's courageous.
You're the coward, Howard Stern.
You're the idiot, Howard Stern.
You, like CNN, owe the world an apology!
All right, I'm going to move on, even though I have to tell you it's tough and there's still more I could cover.
Maybe we'll come back to it later.
By the way, Mark Dice coming up in the third hour as well.
But boy, oh boy, I'll tell you, what a time.
What a time.
Because what's going to happen
What a time.
As all these political prisoners are completely proven to be political prisoners as the lies of January 6th continue to be exposed.
And I've got more on that coming up.
But then you have the real criminals that unleashed a pandemic on the planet still walking free.
So what's it going to be like when all of this is undeniable and the real criminals on planet Earth that just unleashed a pandemic on us and an experimental vaccine mandate
Are walking free while innocent political prisoners in the United States of America are still rotting behind bars.
What's that going to look like?
What is the response going to be like to that?
What is that moment going to feel like?
Because it's right around the corner.
I mean, we are reaching that point.
Or as Alex called it yesterday, that event horizon.
And really, we've already crossed it.
Really, the event horizon has already been crossed.
It's already been realized.
As usual, most people are late to the party.
And, you know, light and sound and things take time to travel.
But we really have.
I mean, this is all inevitable.
It's all happening now.
And it's just a matter of time before the world has to deal with this and decide how we're going to go forward.
Or maybe we'll just give up!
Maybe we'll just give in and just say, yeah, you know what?
The New World Order defeated us.
We're done.
We're owned now.
We're corporate slaves now.
So just is what it is.
We don't want to fight this battle.
Or there'll be righteous indignation and there'll be leaders that step up and actually want to stop this insanity, stop this global government tyranny.
But in the meantime, you had Biden at a fake town hall last night.
You say, oh, fake town hall, what do you mean?
It wasn't a real town hall.
They kept the location secret so that you couldn't have thousands of Biden protesters show up or thousands of Trump supporters show up.
So they kept the location secret to avoid that.
And they didn't invite, it wasn't an open audience, they only invited a select people to come in.
So the whole thing was controlled.
And of course, you know, CNN's Anderson Cooper running it.
So that's not a real town hall.
The town wasn't invited.
They didn't even tell you where it was.
So yeah, it was a fake town hall.
It was a staged event, just like everything else they do.
Like Kamala Harris walks into her surprise birthday party and shouts, surprise.
You couldn't be more fake if you were a $3 bill.
Or Kamala Harris sitting down with kids talking about space and NASA.
Turns out they were all paid actors.
This is the fakest White House you've ever seen.
This is the most corrupt time in U.S.
It's not even close.
It's off the scale.
It's like, you know how we have the VAERS charts with the vaccine deaths?
It's like off the charts right now.
Just tens of thousands dead from vaccines.
It's never been anywhere near that high.
It's like a professional baseball player hitting 500 home runs in a single season.
It's the same thing with how fake this White House is.
It's the same thing with how corrupt this country is right now.
But so, let's get into some of this here with Biden.
I don't even know where to begin, quite frankly.
I really don't.
Joe Biden, when asked about going to the border last night, he says,
He hasn't had time to go to the border, even though he spent at least 70 days on vacation in Delaware that we know of.
70 days on vacation in Delaware that we know of, but he hasn't had time to go to the border.
And then he insists that Jill Biden went down there, which I don't know why that matters to anybody, or if it's even true, he doesn't either.
Joe Biden slack-jawed as he confuses black congressman with black mayor during scene in town hall.
Boy, wouldn't that be considered racist?
But no, it's because Biden doesn't know where he is.
He's suffering from severe mental deficiencies.
Bumbling Joe Biden struggles to spit out answer on gas prices.
Begs Saudi Arabia to bail out U.S.
after his actions has caused U.S.
prices to skyrocket.
We've got that too.
He's a joke.
He's an embarrassment.
You should have seen his body language last night.
And let's go to some of it now.
First, let's start with, and this is just, I'm so sick of this, guys.
Play clip five.
Here's Joe Biden saying that it's time for the rich to pay their fair share.
Here's the deal, though.
You have 55 corporations, for example, in the United States of America, making over $40 billion.
Don't pay a cent.
Not a single little red cent.
Yeah, why is that?
Now, I don't care.
I'm a capitalist.
I hope you can be a millionaire or a billionaire.
But at least pay your fair share.
Not a problem.
Chip in a little bit.
And who are those corporations not paying their fair share, Joe?
Oh, that's right!
All the leftist corporations, like Google and Apple, that fund the Democrat Party!
And the Republicans.
So it's all the liberal heads of these major corporations that don't pay the taxes.
That's why he doesn't call them out by name.
That's why he doesn't call the CEOs or the Presidents out by name, because they're all Democrats!
See how that works?
See how that works?
But you notice how they never, there's no prerequisite here of a fair share.
What is a fair share?
What is a fair share?
How do you determine what a fair share is?
It's all rhetoric.
So that they can justify increasing taxes on the little guy meant to destroy the middle class and put everybody in poverty so that the rich continue to dominate and get richer, which we saw that phenomenon in 2020 unlike any other year in human history.
There's never been a larger transfer of wealth in modern day history as there was in the year 2020 from either small businesses or the middle class to the top 1% of the 1%.
And he's right, they don't pay taxes because they're all Democrats.
They've all cut deals with the government.
But he doesn't name them, and he doesn't say what a fair share is either.
Because if he had to name them, and if he had to say what a fair share was, the whole thing would fall apart, and it'd show how fraudulent they are.
I just don't know.
A decrepit old person that literally doesn't know where they are, crapping their pants, can't think, can't talk.
So here he is in clip three for like, I don't know how long it was.
He literally just like froze and was just like holding his hands up like this.
Just one of the many odd body language features from Biden last night.
Here it is in clip three.
What is he doing?
What is that?
What is he doing?
He's literally...
I think what this is, because I've kind of heard about this before, but I'm not sure a doctor would be better off to maybe explain this, but I think what this is is...
When you get into old age and you kind of lose control of your mind or your body, there's certain things that doctors will tell you to do to try to get control back.
And so maybe that's what this was.
Maybe him standing there and clenching his fists was him trying to regain consciousness, essentially, or maybe, you know, choke back a dump that was coming out.
But what is that?
And he had about three or four moments like that, where he's just awkwardly, like, moving his hands, or he's stiff as a board, or he's leaning over like he's passed out.
What is all that?
Can you imagine if Donald Trump was doing this weird behavior on a fake town hall?
They'd be, oh, he's sick.
Look, he's sick.
He can't think.
He can't walk.
We need to get him out of the White House.
Oh, but Biden, clearly deficient mentally, nobody cares.
Providing professional education, don't pay a cent.
Not a single little red cent.
A gigantic disadvantage.
Mr. President, the question was on community college.
You know, look, I've been a, I was a senator for 370 years.
So when the drug deal was going down, she'd pick up the phone and call and say to the police officer with the cell phone, that the drug deal's going down, knowing that she would never be fingered.
Knowing that she would never be the one told it happened.
And so crime began to drop.
They had to know who owned the local liquor store.
They had to know and walk in and shake hands with the local minister.
They had to know, that's... I am Cornhole Hall!
Put up Biden as Beavis.
Put up Beavis Biden there.
If you watch Beavis and Butthead, you know it's from the movie.
Beavis like sits there.
It's like this.
He's like, he's like high on drugs or something.
He's like, he's like, I am Cornholio!
Must make TV for my bunghole!
That's Biden in real life now.
A fictional cartoon jackass character is now Joe Biden, the President of the United States in real life.
I am Cornholio.
I am Bidenholio!
Must make, must raise taxes for my bunghole!
Must destroy U.S.
I am Biden Julio.
Biden Julio!
He literally goes, what am I doing up here on the stage?
What am I doing up here?
The President of the United States says, what am I doing up here on the stage of a fake controlled town hall?
President Corn Julio!
Anderson, what am I doing up here?
This guy?
I'll tell you that!
You know, here's the good news.
The good news is that... Yeah, that's Biden before he goes on a town hall.
I am Cornelio!
I am Biden-elio!
Must destroy America!
For my Chinese Communist!
I am Cornelio Biden!
But, so here's the good news.
You know, as bad as it may get for us,
And the corruption and the lies and the media and the tyranny and everything?
This thing is going to sputter out, folks.
This is not... They can't win.
With leaders like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and the rest of these goons that they have up there, Rachel Levine, they're not... They win nothing!
So yeah, you know what, it's going to be real bad for us, and I don't think we're going to have to put up with it for another two to three years, and we're going to get the climate tyranny.
And it's just going to get worse and worse.
But you know what?
Their time is short, and they know it.
Which is almost bad news, too, because then they may pull something off really desperate, like starting World War III with China.
But they're totally exposed.
Fauci's exposed.
Biden's exposed.
The world is waking up to all of it.
The world is ready to take its destiny back.
The world is ready to take its future back.
And with clowns like Biden in the forefront as the face and the voice of the New World Order, there's no hope for them.
They know it's all said and done with.
They're done.
So they're gonna have to launch a World War III type scenario if there's not, which there won't be, if they're not arrested, these massive criminals.
But just wow.
That's really all you can say to that.
That's really all you can say to that.
Let's go here to another outrageous Biden clip from last night, Biden-Joliot.
Here he is in clip four.
Folks, it's just unbelievable the lies that they can say straight-faced.
It's just unbelievable how they can just make something up, whole cloth, just make something up and tell it to the American people on a fake town hall stage.
Listen to this in clip four.
Yeah, you are the misinformation.
Did you hear what he just said?
He clearly would have been alive
Or, you know, what was the exact quote that he said there?
He clearly would have been gone sooner if he didn't get the vaccine.
Is that what it was?
Hold on, I want to get the exact quote.
Let's roll this outrageous lie from Joe Biden one more time because I want to make sure I have the exact outrageous quote right.
Here we go.
Like what they're saying about my buddy Colin Powell.
He passed away.
He was my friend.
Colin Powell was vaccinated and he still died.
Well, he knew he had serious underlying conditions and it would be difficult.
He clearly would have been gone earlier had he not gotten the vaccine.
There it was.
He clearly would have been gone earlier if he'd not gotten the vaccine.
Do you realize how asinine that is?
Do you realize how ridiculous that is?
The vaccine is now a life- it saves your life from anything now?
The vaccine now extends your life?
If you have cancer or anything?
Oh, you've been marked with a terminal illness, you're gonna die in March.
But if you get the COVID vaccine, you might make it to June.
That's outrageous!
What a bold-faced- that's not even a lie!
That's literally just pulling something out of your ass.
But- but see how- think about how
Think about the real gravity of what he just said, though.
First he admits that Colin Powell, vaccinated, died from COVID, so the vaccine doesn't work.
I mean, that should be it right there!
Then he admits, well, he actually had all these underlining conditions, so actually he didn't die from COVID, he died from cancer and this other stuff, or whatever he had.
So again, it's, okay, the vaccines don't work, and then it's, the numbers are all skewed, because we just claim everything is COVID, every death is COVID, even though it's cancer, or all these other things.
And then, after accidentally showing the world the truth, which most probably couldn't even see, or hear, the vaccine doesn't work, might kill ya, and
It's not really COVID that are killing all these people.
It's just all these other conditions.
But then he has to cover it up with an outrageous statement that Colin Powell lived longer because he was vaccinated.
What an outrageous lie with nothing to back it up at all.
This Biden guy is a real piece of you know what?
And now, here's some of the latest from our criminal president.
I'll tell ya.
He says, he makes this statement today.
Climate change is an existential threat to humanity.
There it is.
There it is.
The next big scare tactic to conquer you using fear.
That's why I'm making a commitment to get to net zero emissions on electric power by 2035.
And you're making that commitment?
You're not going to be here.
And net zero emissions across the board by 2050 or before.
Do you realize what that means, right?
That means no humans left on Earth?
Net zero?
Net zero?
So that either means that you're going to live in a cave eating raw meat that you hunt with sticks and rocks or you're going to be dead.
That's what net zero means.
Either you're going to live in a cave trying to start fires with sticks and hunt with rocks or you're all going to be dead.
That's what net zero means.
All right, let's continue and finish up with the Biden debacle that was last night and just the outrageous sound clips that we have.
And then we'll move on to some other news before Mark Dice joins us.
Here's Biden last night telling you what he thinks about the non-vaccinated.
As many as one in three emergency responders in some cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, right here in Baltimore, are refusing to comply with city vaccine mandates.
I'm wondering where you stand on that.
Should police officers, emergency responders, be mandated to get vaccines?
And if not, should they be stay at home or let go?
Yes and yes.
By the way,
And they cheer, the fake crowd.
I waited until July to talk about mandating.
You know what, that's enough.
Shut him down.
I can't stand him.
Folks, if I told you I was a time traveler, would you believe me?
I mean... I'm telling you where this goes, okay?
Right now it's...
Hey, these people won't drink the Kool-Aid.
You're in the Jim Jones cult.
Hey, these people won't drink the Kool-Aid.
Do you think we should shackle them up and lock them in and make them prisoners?
Well, absolutely!
You know where it goes next, right?
Hey, these people won't comply with our climate mandates.
Do you think they should be killed and slaughtered?
Yes and yes.
That's where it goes next, folks.
That's where it goes next.
You better damn well believe it.
They consider you a threat.
They consider you a virus.
They consider you a parasite.
They consider you a cancer on this planet.
And if you do not abide by their authoritarian dictate, then you should be killed.
Because being a prisoner is not enough, you see.
Because even if you're a prisoner, you're still adding to the carbon emissions, so they're just going to have to kill you.
Oh, you think that we're above that?
You think that we're beyond that in the 21st century?
Guess again, bud.
Oh, it won't be long.
Not with this brainwashed cult.
Not with this corrupt leadership.
They'll up and outright say, should we start killing people that don't obey bicarbonate emission laws?
And they'll say yes, and they will cheer it.
They will cheer it.
We may even live to see that, folks.
You may even live to see that moment.
Because you would have never believed, you would have never believed if someone would have told you that you're going to have a day where Americans are going to celebrate political prisoners, when Americans are going to celebrate
Forced experimental medicines, and if you don't take them, you can't travel, you can't work, you can't do nothing.
You would have never thought you would see the day in America where that would be celebrated.
Here you are!
Here you are!
And guess what?
They're not stopping!
The train is still on the tracks, and it's only gaining speed.
Human history always repeats itself.
You may actually see the day.
I hope it doesn't get to this point, but we may actually see the day.
Hell, I might be the one they kill.
But you may actually see the day where they just start killing people that they disagree with politically or that won't abide by their climate tyranny.
And they'll say, should we kill those people?
And Biden or Kamala Harris will say, yes, we should.
And they'll all break out into applause.
You may actually see that day.
That's how bad it is.
But, uh, this Biden can't stop lying.
He makes this statement.
I ran for president for three reasons.
To restore the soul and decency of our country.
Okay, you failed there.
To rebuild our economy from the bottom up and the middle out.
What does that even mean?
Well, either way, you still failed there, too.
And to help unite our country.
So, O for three.
And then he says, but, he says, we're on the right track.
This guy's such a looney tune, man.
Seriously, this is a cartoon world.
And the amazing thing about this though is, guys, if you pull up the actual tweet, the amazing thing about this is, it's like all the replies are saying how he's failed, how he's horrible, how he's the worst, how he needs to be arrested.
It's just, it's wild to see.
It really is wild to see.
I mean, I could
Do entire shows every day that would be extremely entertaining by just going off one or two of these tweets and just reading the replies.
I mean, I could fill three hours a day, no problem, and it would be so entertaining.
But there you go.
So there's Biden just lying through his teeth, but just being completely rejected by the American people.
And the crew's trying to find that one.
Yeah, there it is.
And you can just see all the negative replies.
And the Let's Go Brandons.
Which, by the way, they're about to pull a switcheroo on Let's Go Brandon.
So I guess we might as well just tell you that that's coming here, too, today.
We have the clip.
Let's go to... Let me see here.
Do we have the clip here, guys?
Do we have the Brandon clip, guys, from Biden?
It's not on the video list, but Scott gave me this.
You know what, we may have to cover this later if we don't have it, it's okay.
They now have their plan to pull the old switcheroo on the Let's Go Brandon chant.
And so we'll get that video and we'll show you what they're gonna do.
It's just sick.
These people are so sick and evil.
But it just shows that Let's Go Brandon was effective.
Phony Kamala Harris musters fake Southern accent during campaign speech for Terry McAuliffe.
Oh boy, I don't have that video in here either, but I've kind of been interested in seeing that.
So, Kamala Harris, we've got a border crisis, we've got an economic crisis, we've got a supply chain crisis.
And what's Kamala Harris doing?
She's campaigning for Democrats in Virginia.
That's, you know, because that's what the Vice President's duty is, to campaign for other Democrats.
That's what it's all about, folks, don't you know?
Didn't you know that?
How are things going for Terry McAuliffe?
Well, he just got a $100,000 donation from a Jeffrey Epstein associate who owns a plane called the, uh, the F-Jet.
I'm censoring myself here.
So he's, you know, he's big into Biden.
I'm sure Biden's big into that, too.
The F-Jet.
Terry McAuliffe gets a $100,000 donation from Jeffrey Epstein associate who owns a plane called the Bang Jet.
Put it like that.
How about that?
How about that?
By the way, I'm telling you, this...
You know, it'd be a lot nicer if I didn't have the federal government trying to destroy my life and a bunch of liars in the media trying to help in that effort.
I mean, honestly, I could come up here and have fun with this and laugh.
I mean, this is hilarious, comical stuff.
Like this.
So, Terry McAuliffe came out last year
And said that Ralph Northam should be removed from office because he wore blackface.
So you know, Ralph Northam, famous for wearing blackface.
But then, he had Ralph Northam come and promote his campaign and he hugged and shook his hand and said how great he was.
So wait, he's racist and bigoted because he wore blackface and needs to resign to, oh now he's going to help me campaign, he's great.
But it's even funnier than that, and Youngkin, the guy running against him, points it out.
The guy running for Attorney General right now, who you may have heard of, Mark Herring, also wore blackface.
Another Democrat!
Two Democrats in the Virginia government both wore blackface.
Northam and Mark Herring.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up, man.
This is like a comedy movie or something.
They're all wearing blackface but telling you how racist you are.
Just outrageous.
Just outrageous.
Is this the Kamala Harris accent video, guys?
Look at how phony this woman is.
This is the phoniest woman you're ever going to see in your life.
But like a bad actress, though.
Like a horrible actress.
Like, she would try out for parts in movies and not get a single one because she's so disingenuous.
I can't even stand this.
I can't even look at her.
When we come back,
I'm going to pile drive into more of this news.
And now they just say what we told you all along.
If you want your freedom, you have to get vaccinated.
Now they're just saying it.
So your freedom isn't given by God.
It's given by the government now.
See, they own you.
The government owns you.
The corporate world government is going to own your ass.
That's what they want.
I don't care anymore.
I don't have time to deal with your nonsense anymore.
But they're never going to leave us alone, so we have to care.
By the way, this news is breaking right now.
It just keeps getting worse for Fauci, but this is actually an old story.
It's just everybody's picking it up today for some reason.
I guess because now that everybody knows Fauci's caught red-handed starting the pandemic.
WCW investigation.
Fauci wasted more than $1 million to poison beagle puppies and chop them up.
I mean folks, could this guy be more evil?
What are we going to find out next?
He's directly involved with studying aborted fetal cells and cutting babies up too?
Is that what's next?
What's next?
Anthony Fauci funded research involving injecting and force-feeding 44 beagle puppies toxic drugs, then killing and dissecting them.
This guy is an evil scientist, man!
That's like, this is like Hannibal Lecter stuff!
And they put that guy on TV, they put that, he's the top paid person in our government!
Oh my God!
Oh my God.
We, we, we, folks, we all know, we've fallen, man.
This is just...
That is probably the tell-tale sign that you are living in the most corrupt time in U.S.
history, but it's beyond that.
How evil and sadistic it really is.
That Fauci, the top paid member of our government who's been around for almost 50 years, cuts up puppies.
Poisons and chops up puppies.
Number one paid government official.
Poisons and cuts up puppies.
Does biological weapons research.
Starts pandemics.
Lies about everything.
Promotes deadly AIDS medicines that kill people.
I mean... We all know the world is corrupt.
We can all see how evil the world has gotten.
I mean, does that not put it all into perspective right there?
Does that not put it all into perspective?
Fauci poisoning and chopping up dogs.
What more do you need to know about this freak?
Let's do this.
Let's go to clip 10.
This is out of the UK.
Telling you what we told you already.
You want to be a free... You want to be a free citizen?
You want to have rights?
You gotta take experimental medication first, which of course shows you're a slave.
You want to have anything?
You're not free at all if you don't even have control of your own body.
That's the point.
But here they are saying it in clip 10.
We've always known that the winter months would pose the greatest threat to our road to recovery.
The darker skies, the colder weather, provide perfect conditions, not just for COVID-19 to thrive, but for other seasonal viruses too, like flu and norovirus.
And ahead of winter, just as we expected, we're starting to see this impact.
Even though they're all vaccinated.
Cases are rising, and they could go yet as high as 100,000 a day.
They're all vaccinated.
The NHS is performing with distinction, and I'd like to thank everyone who's working so hard to keep us safe.
And we'll do what it takes to make sure that this pressure doesn't become unsustainable.
And that we don't allow the NHS to become overwhelmed.
This pandemic is not over.
Oh, okay.
Thanks to the vaccination program.
Yes, the link between- Hold on, that's it, pause it right there.
That's- we need to just cut that out right there.
That's the gold.
This pandemic is not over thanks to the vaccination program.
That's it.
You nailed it.
That's all you need to know.
That's the greatest truth he's ever told.
But see, there's this notion that is so sick, so twisted, so, so inorganic, so satanic.
We do not consent.
We do not consent to you running our lives.
We do not consent to you making health decisions for us.
We do not consent to you deciding when we can be free.
We do not consent to you deciding when we need to be in fear.
We don't consent to all of it.
Who do you think you are that you get to run our lives?
Who do you think you are that you get to make decisions for us?
Whether it's health or travel or anything.
Who do you think you are?
You're a bunch of sick, control freak tyrants!
You are the offspring, spiritually, of Adolf Hitler, and Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot, and the worst murderous regime dictators ever!
You are their soul spawn.
You are their spirit spawn.
They still live through you, thinking that you have some sort of ordained right to control our lives.
We do not consent.
We don't want you running our lives.
We don't give a damn what you had to say.
We're not going to live in fear just because you tell us to.
Boy, I tell you, let me just, let's just finish up the clip.
Because here comes, here comes, you can't be free unless you take vaccine.
Finish up the clip.
...and deaths has significantly weakened.
But it's not broken.
So we must all remember that this virus will be with us for the long term and that it remains a threat.
A threat to our loved ones and a threat to the progress that we've made in getting our nation closer to normal life.
You're a threat.
Normal life!
We're looking closely at the data and we won't be implementing our plan B of contingency measures at this point.
But we'll be staying vigilant, preparing for all eventualities, while strengthening our vital defenses that can help us fight back against this virus.
That's weird.
I must have missed the part where he says if you want to keep your freedoms, you have to take the vaccine.
I can't waste any more time on it.
That's fine.
But you know what we should do?
We should isolate that clip out where he says thanks to the vaccination program,
The pandemic will never end.
I mean, that's just hilarious, because that's it!
That's what it is!
The vaccine has destroyed your immune systems, and all the new hospitalizations and COVID cases are vaccinated people.
That's it!
Alright, let me just take a deep breath here, because I'm just, I'm really revved up right now.
Alright, let's see what we have here.
What else do we have here?
Oh, this is funny.
The Democrats just lie so boldly, and they just assume nobody will ever know it.
Well, their constituents will never know it.
They're idiots.
But the rest of us will.
So here's Elaine Loria responding to Glenn Youngkin, again running for governor in Virginia, who says George Soros is funding his opposition, which is just true.
It's all on record.
I mean, it's campaign finance funds.
And so Elaine Loria from Virginia, she works in the government, she says,
I call it out in my own party, and I'm calling it out now.
Evoking George Soros as a shadowy fundraiser is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, and it's unacceptable from Glenn Youngkin.
Oh, oh, okay, so George Soros, the guy that worked with the Nazis, it's anti-Semitic to say he's a bad guy, but that's not even it.
It's anti-Semitic to even say he funds political campaigns, which he does to the tunes of millions of dollars.
So Matt Walking just went ahead and pulled up the documents, and here's George Soros giving $5,000
To pack to the future, which right after that donation was made, gave $5,000 to Elaine Loria's campaign!
So she's funded by George Soros!
It's all on record!
It's literally on record!
She's funded by George Soros, but she says you're not allowed to say George Soros' name, or you're an anti-Semite.
You know, the guy that ran around with the Nazis to round up Jews.
I just don't want to live.
See, these people, you know what?
Hey, these clowns, these liars, these corrupt minions, these... They have every right to live.
You guys can live.
I want you to live.
Live a life.
Play your little games.
Weave your web of little lies.
Do all your things.
Would you please just leave us alone?
We're so sick and tired of you.
We just want to be free and prosperous and live in America again.
That's all.
It's really not that big of a deal.
We just want to live our lives without you being involved.
Doesn't mean we want you to die.
Go live your life.
Go play games with one another.
Go lie to one another.
Go play games with your kids.
Let them have pedophiles bounce up and down on their laps.
Let pedophiles rape them in bathrooms.
You do your thing!
You do your thing!
You live in a communist, satanic hellhole.
That's your thing!
You go ahead and do it!
We don't want it!
We're out!
We're done with you!
We want nothing to do with you!
We want nothing to do with your medical tyranny!
We want nothing to do with your climate tyranny!
We want nothing to do with your sexual perversion!
We want nothing to do with you controlling us!
We're opting out!
We're done!
We do not consent!
But you're tyrants!
So you won't let go, will you?
You have to control us because you know you're living a lie!
And the only way that your lie becomes truth is if you conquer the world with your lies.
But we want nothing to do with you.
Please leave us alone.
Please, for the love of God!
Please, for the love of God!
You lunatics!
You lunatics on the left in this country!
Leave us alone!
That's all we ask!
Just leave us alone!
Play your little games!
Play medical tyranny!
Play experimental vaccines!
Play climate tyranny!
Play all your fake news!
Play all day long!
I don't care!
Go LARP all day long in your little fantasy world!
We don't want to live in it!
Do you get that?
Please, just leave us alone!
Leave the children alone, for the love of God!
You sick, satanic freaks!
Alright, doing my best channeling of the Alex Jones energy here today.
But I guess that's just how we all feel at times, isn't it?
Dealing with all this corruption and lying that we deal with in the clown world.
The great Mark Dice is about to join us, and he has, I mean, just, the guy's been doing unbelievable work for years, but boy oh boy, if anybody shows how dumb the population is, and it's sad to see, it's Mark Dice out in California.
Here's the latest greatest from Mark Dice where people are convinced, I don't know how we've gotten to this point, I mean I guess they believe in coronavirus killing all these people so maybe they'll believe in triceratops existing now.
So let's find out from Mark Dice, do people believe in triceratops?
We're trying to save the Triceratops.
A lot of people out there.
Joe Rogan just killed one and we're trying to stop them from hunting them.
We're just adding them to the endangered species list.
So just name, birthdate, and a signature to help to support the cause, please.
A lot of these big game hunters are out there killing them for sport.
Prince, birthdate, and a signature.
Joe Rogan just killed one and a lot of these celebrity hunters go out there.
Did they say anything here about it?
Yeah, the Triceratops is an endangered species.
Joe Rogan just killed one just for fun.
He's going to hang the head in his office.
And a lot of these big game hunters are out there killing the Triceratops just for sport.
Oh, you don't have to.
Oh, shoot.
Yeah, birthdate, uh, yeah, uh, signature there, too, yeah.
So, adding the triceratops on endangered species list will, you know, help preserve the ones that are left.
I'm all about saving the animals.
Saving the animals.
I'm vegetarian.
Oh, you're a vegetarian.
Thank you.
You know, there's not really that many of them around anymore, the Triceratops.
And so adding them to the endangered species list will stop people from hunting the Triceratops.
People like Ted Nugent out there trying to, you know, trying to get a trophy kill.
So we're going to stop that.
Thank you, sir.
I mean it would be one thing if people were hunting the Triceratops for food but these people are hunting them just for fun and so we're gonna have to add them to the endangered species list to make sure that nobody can get a permit to go and kill anymore.
Hey, you like my shirt?
Order yours from my online store at MarkDice.com or click the link in the description below.
You know, these people go hunting them for sport, the Triceratops, and there's even talk that Burger King is going to start adding a Triceratops burger to the menu, and there's not that many of them out there, and so we're going to add them to the endangered species list to save what's left of the Triceratops.
Thank you so much.
We're trying to add the Triceratops to the endangered species.
It's so funny.
Yeah, that Triceratops.
You know what?
You guys are a little late.
We are a little late.
Oh hey, thank you for getting it.
We're just pranking you, obviously.
I'm trying to save the Triceratops, just need a few more signatures to help.
Yeah, just print birthday and a signature.
A lot of people are hunting the Triceratops just for sport, yeah.
And adding him to the endangered species list will stop people from getting the licenses to hunt the Triceratops.
Thank you for supporting that.
They're such beautiful animals.
Nobody should really be hunting them.
Oh yeah, it's not fair.
That's right.
Thank you so much.
You know, Joe Rogan is out there hunting them and Ted Nugent and others.
Yeah, these trophy hunters.
Oh, really?
There's a really Triceratops still?
Up in parts of Africa, yeah.
Oh, wow.
I didn't know.
These big game hunters are going over there and they're trying to kill the Triceratops.
Yeah, there's only a few left.
We're gonna add them to the endangered species list so they can't, you know, get the hunting licenses for the Triceratops.
What's the date today?
Birthday, there, to help support the cause.
What's the date today?
Birthday, to help support the cause.
Birthday, right there.
It could be one thing if people are hunting these animals to eat.
But they're hunting them just for sports.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, you can't believe it, but that's all you need to see.
The full video you can find on Mark Dice's YouTube channel.
Yeah, that people believe the triceratops still walks the planet.
I mean...
I don't know how we've gotten to this point in the idiocracy, but the great Mark Dice joins me on the other side.
We'll see if he can keep a straight face when dealing with the triceratops shortage in this country.
Yes, this is not footage from the land before time, ladies and gentlemen.
This is footage from the year 2021, actually, where triceratops are roaming around in California being hunted, innocent triceratops at that, being hunted mercilessly by people like Joe Rogan.
Of course, that's just about as absurd as anything Joe Biden says on a daily basis, but they believe that, so I guess they'll believe anything.
Mark Dice is with us.
You just saw his video.
I mean, Mark,
You come up with all kinds of ideas to go out for video content.
Do you ever just think to yourself, like, alright, this is the one.
This is the one that it's just not going to take.
Or do you think to yourself, let's see how far I can push it until I finally reach that point.
I mean, were you thinking, alright, I'm going to ask people if they think we should stop hunting Triceratops, but there's no way.
This is going to be the one where it doesn't take.
I mean, what is the thought process as you get ready to shoot these videos?
No, I keep trying to find the limit.
You know, where is it going to not work?
Where everyone's going to get it?
But, you know, the people that are in that video, there's more.
I left probably half the people on the cutting room floor just so the video wasn't too long, or half the shots, or so like, people with their back turned to the camera, the group of people, you know, there's audio issues.
So there's probably twice that many people that signed up.
It's a Milgram Experiment!
And almost like a quick instant hypnosis, because they want to help.
I'm an authoritative figure.
I'm friendly.
And I just said, well, yeah, we want to help.
And it's a strange thing.
I can't believe that they haven't gone more viral.
I want to thank you, thank InfoWars, thanks Alex for covering some of these.
This is just kind of fun, idiocracy type of stuff.
But you guys are one of the only news outlets that covered the petition to arrest the unvaccinated and to arrest the people who talk about
President Trump winning the election or Joe Biden, the Democrats, stealing the election.
So nobody really covered those.
Those were serious social experiments giving a view into the mind of these Democrats that walk amongst us.
If you haven't seen the videos, you can check them out on my YouTube channel.
They literally signed a petition to arrest anybody who didn't take the vaccine and who talk about the Democrats stealing the election at the dinner table, at happy hour, you know, on the break room.
So, you know, I'm trying to do some
Serious work with this with a kind of a comedic coat to try to wake everybody up.
But it is quite stunning to see it firsthand and I don't know how to really fully explain it to tell you the truth.
Well, that's the thing about it is I think it does give us kind of a view into the mind of these people that vote.
I mean, I'm all about, you know, everybody has a right to vote.
But then you see this and you're like, well, wait a second, am I?
I mean, these people can cancel out my vote?
Somebody that thinks a triceratops exists?
It's not just a vote.
It's not just about them being idiots or ignorant or blindly following an authoritative figure with a clipboard.
I mean, these people want to arrest anybody who talks about Democrats stealing the election.
The most fundamental right of Americans, like an American pastime, is accusing the other side of stealing an election.
You know, of course, the Democrats did it after the 2000 election.
And, you know, I might actually probably agree with them.
They're probably right and that's why I'm kind of an outcast in conservative circles because you're not supposed to admit
Uh, any problems on your own side?
And, I mean, I'll admit that, you know, Skull and Bones, Mafia, probably did steal that for George W. Bush.
You're not supposed to talk about things like that!
But I think that's why, you know, shows like yours, InfoWars, is so popular, because you don't get this kind of content anywhere else.
Even with, you know, some of the quality stuff, I mean, Fox News does some good work.
It's good to see OAN and Newsmax pop up.
But it's still just kind of soundbite news.
They might cover some stuff that, you know, that Fox News doesn't cover, OAN and Newsmax.
Are they doing reports on the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove, or, you know, the transhumanist revolution?
You're just not hearing that kind of stuff, which is why, you know, people like the long-form, in-depth, deep dives from shows like InfoWars.
Well, and you know, you bring up InfoWars, you know, past, and you've been around doing your thing for a long time, too.
I remember during the Bush years, you know, Alex Jones, I don't know if people would have considered him a liberal, but you know, he was against the corruption of the Bush administration.
He called out the Bush administration and its corruption every day.
And I think it's, it's not fair where the left that, that kind of just looked at Infowars after Trump hit the scene as just like the right arm of Trump or something, or just now existing because of Trump.
It's been around a lot longer than that.
Fighting government corruption, fighting big government, fighting tyranny has always been the modus operandi of Infowars no matter who's in the White House.
So that was always a misconception that I thought was unfair to Alex and to Infowars as a whole just because Trump came along and it was the first
President, I think that we thought was the real deal and a good president here was Trump.
So it kind of became this thing of, oh, Trump and Alex Jones and Infowars, it's all the same.
And it's like, no, that's not even close to the truth.
But, you know, I want to get back to the mindset of these people because
Whether they're saying that they want to arrest Trump supporters, or saying they want to arrest somebody that questions the election, or believing that the Triceratops exists, I mean, doesn't it just say where we're at as a society and as a whole?
That these people just are walking around so ignorant, so uninformed, so brainwashed, and there's so many of them?
I mean, my new cameraman is quite stunned, and one of my previous cameraman actually thought that some of the bits were fake, because there are some of the YouTube prank channels, FouseyTube, Roman Atwood, some of these people who built their careers literally off of doing fake pranks.
It's shocking.
Some of them might have been real, but it was a lot of staged stuff.
Zero of my videos have been staged, faked, no duped, a hundred percent authentic, and to see it with their own eyes is quite shocking.
And there's a lot of days where we walk away from a shoot and we just kind of shake our head.
And when I do interviews with people, a lot of times they're not going to want to really admit how fascist they are.
But you see, they'll sign personal information, their name, their birth date, and they'll sign a petition to arrest Americans for exercising one of the most basic rights
In the United States.
It's a cultural degration and I do have to say though that there are a lot of people and I think it's probably perhaps more now than there has been in previous years.
A lot of young people.
I go to a college town and I do this.
There are a lot of young people who are awake and who are conservative and who don't want to go along with this agenda.
Maybe a little bit too afraid to speak out.
And I think because the cancel culture is affecting them.
You know, maybe college is the first sort of time where most people start thinking about politics, but because the culture has affected these kids, they're getting in trouble, they're getting, you know, detention, they're getting grounded, they're getting shamed on social media.
Some of their peers perhaps making national news, you know, just for some stupid comment that they said or for singing along to a rap song that one of their peers had to record and post on Snapchat or post it on TikTok for
Using the wrong kind of word in a rap song so now the culture and politics is affecting the younger generation So I think a lot of them are starting to wake up and rebel against this cancel culture and it's it's incredible to see I'm actually shocked that
Netflix hasn't banned Dave Chappelle's new special.
I think they're in kind of a conundrum.
You know, they don't know what to do.
I almost think that they should, just to wake everybody up even more, just to show how far it's going.
You know, we're in a society where they cancel Megyn Kelly for saying that kids can wear a Mr. T costume if they're white, you know, or dress up as a Disney character, a Moana Pacific Islander if they're white.
But they want Dave Chappelle banned for making common jokes about the society that we're living in.
It's just beyond words.
Yeah, I've got this stack of cultural news over here.
Maybe I'll get into it with you, where there's a black woman who's friends with all these parents at a school.
I guess they're on a school board together, and she's the only black person on the school board.
They have a conversation, and the other woman, the white woman, says something about how, oh, well, I never even really thought of you as black, because she's kind of a light-skinned black person, but it's more just a statement of, oh, you know, I don't really care if you're black or white or anything.
I don't care about your skin color.
And she takes offense to it!
And she's like, how dare you not think of me as black?
Because what they've done is they've created a victim economy, and they know that having all these different victim mindsets has an economic value in the victim economy.
So she sees, I'm black, I'm rich in the victim economy.
Don't you dare deny me of my victim economy status as a black woman.
But I want to ask you an important question when we come back, because you've been doing this for so long.
And that's, it's gonna be a loaded question, so think about it in the break.
It's like, how did we get to this point?
How did we get to a point where someone thinks a triceratops is real, or we should arrest an American for free speech?
Mark Dice is with us, one of the best channels you're gonna find on YouTube.
And I'm asking him maybe the toughest question.
And that's how did we get here?
How did we get to a point, Mark, where you can go out on the streets of America and you have people that actually believe Triceratops are walking amongst us, or they'll call for the arrest of people for their free speech?
These are just two of the subjects that you've covered in your long line of videos that you have on your YouTube channel, the Mark Dice channel.
But what would be your best analysis of how did we get to this point of living the reality of the movie Idiocracy?
Yeah, I think people have become accustomed to doing what they're told.
Not thinking, being afraid to think, being afraid to resist.
And I think my videos, particularly with the petitions, demonstrate a modern-day Milgram experiment.
I'm an authority figure.
I'm asking for their help.
People want to help.
And I think their critical thinking skills just shut off.
And they just kind of hear a general version of the message that I'm saying.
Oh animal, I like animals.
Oh man, they don't like Joe Rogan.
So I think I'm tapping into the basic instincts of the human subconscious.
And so that's why I keep repeating myself three or four times to make it clear that if they didn't hear me, the triceratops, the first time, I mean I'm doing it three or four times, to really hammer the point that it's just going over their head.
And I think once they're focusing on something,
Their brain just completely shuts off and they're on autopilot.
But that's one aspect of the problem.
Another aspect is that when they are thinking, they are fascists and want to arrest people for doubting the outcome of the 2020 election.
It's quite disturbing and you can see it time and time again.
I just make the most outrageous statements and they keep on agreeing and That's why I try to do with these videos is to really give a give a face To these people that we see on Twitter, you know Twitter's I call it the engine that's driving the crazy train of society it seems to be the breeding ground of all of this insanity everything crazy starts on Twitter it seems and then
They curate the topic into a trending topic to try to give the false appearance as if it's actually popular, and then people start commenting about it, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that then makes it a top story, and then it becomes percolated in the mainstream media, just like International Pronouns Day.
Happy belated Preferred Pronouns Day, by the way.
Oh, we celebrate it big over here, don't worry.
Something that would have been considered a joke.
That, you know, you can't tell.
What do they call it?
Poe's Law?
You can't tell whether something is a joke or satire.
Things have gotten that crazy.
You know, somebody would have told you this a couple years ago.
Hey, it's International Pronouns Day and the State Department is gonna, you know, put out a tweet about it.
And here in San Diego, our San Diego County Supervisor, Nathan Fletcher, put out a video demonstrating that, bragging that they, all the county employees, have their preferred pronouns in their email signatures and in their bio.
Now, on their
On the county's website.
And I think too, because people were afraid, the Republicans were afraid, especially to push back with the cultural degration.
You know, a lot of these people, Oh, socialism's bad.
Socialism's bad.
All the Turning Point USA, it seems to be preaching against socialism.
And they were afraid to touch the cultural issues.
And so it started maybe five or six years ago.
Remember when the Halloween costumes caused the students to cry?
I think it was Yale or Harvard.
They surrounded one of the teachers or one of the administrators and started screaming about how they were going to allow Halloween costumes.
Yeah, now they ban Halloween.
You can't even do it anymore.
It's offensive, apparently.
You know, and I made the joke that, you know, so I guess I never thought that, you know, students of color didn't celebrate Halloween, but that was the justification for that elementary school.
And so I just said, hey, if you can't afford a costume, just put on some gloves, grab a fake plastic knife, if you're a black student, and go as LJ Simpson.
Oh boy.
You can't say that these days.
You're not allowed to say anything.
But see, that hits on a different note because it just shows you how, again, five, ten years ago, this would all be foreign.
None of this would even exist.
You don't think about this.
You don't hear about this.
I mean, this is all new, but it's amazing how it's so new, but yet it's so entrenched at the same time as if it's been here forever.
But it really just came up overnight.
Well, we've seen this on Twitter.
Those of us in the media who have been plugged in, the viewers of your show, have seen this percolating and growing and festering online.
And we tried to warn about it.
We tried to mock it.
We laughed at it a few years ago.
But now, I mean, as you know, I got a personal friend of mine who called me and he says, Oh, I started a new job and had to go through three days of training.
And they're teaching me about pronouns and, you know, the critical race there.
And now it's being indoctrinated into the employees.
So it all starts
On Twitter, the Crazy Train, Driving Society.
And now, I don't know if you've seen these, have you seen the PSAs that Facebook is actually putting out demanding, begging that Section 230 get amended?
Have you seen this?
They're literally putting out PSAs of a content moderator and he's being interviewed by a fake interviewer and he's like, yeah, we got a really tough job, you know?
I don't think it's Facebook's job to determine what people should and should say online.
So we're hoping that the government amends section 230 to give us guidance.
The reason for that, of course, is because then all social media platforms, they're hoping,
We'll ban discussions about certain topics, ban certain individuals, and won't allow certain memes to be going viral or to be posted because then Facebook will stop hemorrhaging users if everyone's tired of the censorship and the, you know, Borwellian algorithms over there.
Just go over to Gab, go to Telegram, you know, these alternative sites.
Trump's new Truth Social popping up here soon.
So they want Section 230 amended the exact opposite of what we wanted.
We wanted it so that it would be actually fair and that if it wasn't violating the law that whatever somebody posted would be allowed to stand.
But they're trying to get it so that nobody on any social media service is allowed to post certain things and that way Facebook can prevent, in their hopes, people from leaving and going to these alternative platforms where you're allowed to post memes without getting fact-checked.
Facebook is fact-checking memes about gas prices now.
Okay, so first they said it's just election integrity.
Oh, it's just we're just don't want election misinformation.
Then it's we don't want medical misinformation.
They literally censor and fact-check memes about the price of gas.
If you just say, hey gas prices haven't been this high since the last Democrat is in office.
They will black it out.
They'll put a fact-check.
They will say that it's false.
A meme about gas prices.
That's where we're at on the big tech social media.
That's why everybody's tired of them and going to these alternative platforms, which they're trying to shut down.
And it seems like this other tactic that they do too, it's kind of what they do with the vaccine mandates, where Biden says, oh I have a vaccine mandate, but he actually doesn't.
And then it becomes a corporate vaccine mandate, but then they actually blame the Biden administration.
They say, hey they did this, it's not our fault.
But then the Biden administration says, oh well no, it's just the corporate.
So it's kind of this weird bait and switch they do.
It's like, who really mandated the vaccines?
Oh wait, they're actually not mandated, but they are.
And so it's the same thing with censorship, it's like,
Oh, well, we like Section 230, but we really don't.
We want to censor everybody, but we really don't.
It's the government censoring you.
It's not us.
So it's this weird game that they play, like a bait-and-switch thing, where they kind of prop up the other person to blame, but then they also kind of fall back on doing it themselves at the end of the day.
Of course, this all changed immediately after Trump won in 2016.
You know, those were the good old days of social media, where what you posted would show up in your friend's feed, when you could actually search YouTube for specific topics and buy videos from... Yeah, it's like when you opened your mouth and spoke, something came out.
Now it's just like...
You know, I remember the days on early YouTube when my videos were literally the only videos that would show up in the search results.
That's how long I've been on YouTube.
And of course, you know, the younger generations are going to grow up and not know that when you used to search for something, you would find relevant videos, not just mainstream media and everything
I mean, even if you search, like, Brian Stelter parody, I think all the top search results are CNN's videos because... You know, that's a whole other topic about how different the internet is now.
We've got to take a break.
Mark Dice with us.
We'll be right back.
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show, brought to you by InfoWarsStore.com.
Mark Dice is our guest.
I've got a couple other questions for Mark, and then I've got some cultural news I may get into with Mark as well.
And we were just getting into the thing about the internet.
But I actually want to take it back to something you were breaking down at the beginning of the last segment, Mark.
I don't know.
There's no consequences for being a complete idiot.
There's no consequences for having no survival instincts or anything whatsoever.
You're just totally controlled by the elements around you, whatever way they go.
So, I feel like there's a certain element of, we've just had it so good in this country, that people have basically just turned off all critical thinking, all survival instincts, and just kind of float around like dust in the wind.
It is a muscle that atrophies from lack of use.
And especially with the internet, I think there have been studies that show that it's diminishing people's long-term memory.
Because if you're going to remember something long-term, it's almost like if you know something is important, your mind is going to store it in long-term memory at the end of the day.
It's going to do a data dump, put it into the long-term memory.
Stuff that's not important, short term memory, it just sort of evaporates at the end of the day, or even maybe within a few minutes or within a few hours.
And so, I mean, I think it probably is a good analogy that the mind is a muscle, that they're not using it, that it's getting weak, that people are becoming ping pong balls and they're just so easily manipulated.
And, you know, with CNN and liberal media demonizing Trump supporters for now almost five years,
Constantly, just painting every one of them as Nazis and evil.
That's why these people have started to believe it, the gaslighting.
And so what would you want to do with some terrorist that's walking amongst you?
Well, you wouldn't want to throw them in jail, of course.
You wouldn't want Al Qaeda members walking around in your neighborhood amongst you.
You wouldn't want to round them up.
And so that's what they believe many of the Trump supporters are.
And that's why CNN and the entire liberal media industrial complex is so desperate to continue to paint them as
The enemy in Trump is the enemy because hardly any Republicans denounce Trump after, you know, their January 6th, mostly peaceful protests.
And I don't know, hopefully you don't waste any of your time or brain cells doing it, but I'll tune into CNN fairly on a regular basis.
I watch CNN so that you don't have to.
I'm not kidding you.
They lead with January 6th, several nights a week.
Every show, every day, talks about it.
And Don Lemon pounded on the desk the other day because people were starting to get tired of him here after almost 10 months of them literally, I'm serious, this is like primetime television and you wouldn't think that Anderson Cooper, Don Lemonhead, Fredo is going to start with, hey look at this, the ports are backed up, grocery shelves are empty, inflation is out of control, gas prices are all gone.
You mean like news?
Yeah, actual news.
They're literally starting.
We have new footage of the January 6th insurrection.
And all I do is just complain about Trump.
I don't know how people continue to actually watch it.
But then again, they don't.
Jerry Springer.
Jerry Springer was on air for, I think, almost 25 years.
You know, every day.
Jerry Springer and Maury Povich.
Because you'd think there'd be like a novelty after, I don't know, a week or two weeks.
But literally, Maury Povich is on air for almost 25 years every day.
You are the father, you know.
Yeah, so I guess there's just so many morons out there.
I think the difference is, though, that CNN is basically a weapon against America.
So it's got to stay in operating procedures.
But, you know, and I watch or I monitor the fake news as well for the same reason as you do.
You're a media commentator.
And the one thing I have noticed, though, is that they have their two big fake news stories.
January 6th is usually the lead, but now they're bringing back the fake Russiagate thing, too.
They're peppering that back in, too.
Their big two fake news stories.
They just keep going back and forth with it.
They can't move on.
It's like they're stuck in a time loop.
But let's move on to something else here.
You mentioned this in the last segment, and I was talking about this yesterday, how different the internet is now than it was say five or really even ten years ago more than anything.
It used to be the Wild West of information and just any sort of
Digital consumption.
Now it's so controlled, it takes such an effort to find what you're looking for.
Half the stuff gets memory hold.
You've been on the Internet for a long time.
You could say you're an expert on the Internet, I would even say.
I would say the same about myself.
Even since I was a kid, I loved the Internet.
Talk about how different it is now.
Well, in the early days of YouTube, and even up until after Trump was elected, when everything changed, when all of, you know, the bogus fact checks, all the censorship started to try to contain the conversation, because we used these new tools to bypass the mainstream media, and then the empire struck back.
Working with big tech to then merge big tech with the traditional mainstream media So up until you know just four or five years ago when you search for things on YouTube You would find the most relevant video not the video with the most views, but they actually had a pretty good algorithm It would be the videos with the most watch time so somebody watched a video for five minutes on average and
It's a good search result.
If somebody clicked on a video and watched it for five seconds and clicked off, it wasn't what they were looking for, so it would be buried lower in the search results.
It's a good video.
And, you know, for those who have been watching this, we kind of know this, but we maybe need to keep reminding people of these recent history of these changes.
Because, for example, when you would search for the Federal Reserve, you know, the private mafia bank that's running the central banking system and destroying our currency,
You would find relevant videos and documentaries and commentary about the Federal Reserve, but then when Chris Hayes from MSNBC complained about the search results for the Federal Reserve, then YouTube went and added tags, added that search result to the tag of manipulated results to then boost the channels that they've tagged internally as authoritative sources.
And so now whatever you search for when it comes to news or politics,
The top search results are almost always from mainstream channels.
It never used to be that way, because it was YouTube.
It was the alternative to the mainstream.
And then they've combined and sort of formed an alliance, which is why then Facebook was paying CNN to have Anderson Cooper do a special show just for Facebook.
It's why all now the material that are in your feeds are only mainstream media.
They'll allow you to share a video on Facebook and we have the analytics.
on the pages to see the drop in reach, but if I post one of my videos on Facebook today, they're uploaded.
Nobody watches it.
Hardly anybody watches it.
Pre-algorithm manipulation, I mean, you'd have 10 million people would watch the man on the street interviews.
Oh, I remember.
I'd get on YouTube years ago and your videos would almost always be trending
Because it was just a real organic algorithm, and it was like, hey, everybody's watching the Mark Dice videos, and so it would go to the top trending videos.
Now, you'll probably never see that again.
Actually, let me go back even further.
Remember the good old days of Google Video, even before YouTube, or perhaps even before YouTube came out on everybody's radar, and they had the top 100 trending list.
And it was videos like Alex Jones' Terror Storm documentary, and Loose Change, and it was...
A resource of...
documentary films that people are producing, that people are sharing organically.
This was even really before social media, so people were, you know, remember the old days of emailing, you know, sending off your email list, or people sharing them in forums?
And, you know, I have a friend who runs a forum, and there still are forums, as you know, like Reddit and different automotive forums and things that use the old-fashioned forum software, which you can buy, you can, you know, just license that.
So he has a forum
And he runs, I'm not gonna say which industry he's in.
And he told me that there is a disgruntle feature so that if somebody is trolling or if he wants to discourage, it's a discourage feature rather, you can actually add a discourage filter onto somebody's account and then when they log in, it just won't log in.
It'll take three attempts or the forum won't load.
Yeah, I'm not kidding you.
And he said that you could do this, and he doesn't follow social media, he doesn't follow a lot of the censorship stuff, but we were just, you know, we hadn't seen each other for a while, and we're talking about, hey, how much you been up to?
And I couldn't believe it.
I mean, I can, but it just makes perfect sense.
I was gonna say, that explains a lot.
It's a feature, not a bug, okay?
And I'm being 100% serious.
So, if that's a feature built into a commercially available forum software that
People are using for various industries.
Imagine what these big social media services have at their disposal.
Yeah, so it's like, we don't have to directly censor you, we'll just torment you until you go away.
Final segment here with Mark Dice.
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All right, Mark, let's get into some cultural news here.
But first, let me ask you a difficult question.
I know it's been asked before.
It's not my original thought here, but maybe you can figure this out for me, Mark.
Because, you know, blackface is bad.
We've been told blackface is bad.
Unless a Democrat or a Liberal does it, then it's okay.
We forgive and forget.
But, tell me, what is the difference between a transsexual or a drag queen and blackface?
What is the difference?
I'm having a hard time following all of this madness.
And I tell you, at times I do wish that I was doing a cooking channel.
It is getting so maddening, like you can't wrap your mind around it.
I'll say this about the Dave Chappelle thing.
They keep on complaining about it.
I don't think they're in their third week now of wanting to ban that show.
But Netflix doesn't have a problem.
There's a show on there called AJ and the Drag Queen.
Yeah, I watch CNN, so you don't have to, but I'm not gonna watch any of these shows.
Thankfully, Newsbusters did an episode, or did an article about this, where it's a drag queen, it's RuPaul, and he's going around the country with a 10-year-old boy doing drag shows.
And RuPaul's bringing this poor child behind the scenes into the drag shows.
You can go look at the Soda Club.
I'm sure you guys probably covered this at the time.
The degenerate drag queens are making sexual references about the 10-year-old boy.
And Netflix is okay with that.
So not only did they do that, and on the shoot, they put it in the show.
So the CEO doesn't have a problem with a bunch of degenerates drooling over a ten-year-old boy in one of their series.
And YouTube has a documentary about child drag queens called Drag Kids.
You've seen Michael Strahan drooling over Desmond is Amazing on Good Morning America.
So that's where we're at now.
We're in a society where a white kid can't dress up as Mr. T. I'm kind of dating myself here, but for Halloween or dress up as a Moana Disney costume, that's blackface.
That's cultural appropriation.
But Good Morning America on ABC with Michael Strahan brings out a child drag queen.
You know, ten years ago, that would cause a national outrage.
Somebody like that, whoever the producer, would be fired.
They would be investigated for child abuse.
Michael Strahan would be shunned.
He would never work again.
But he just goes on.
I think anybody, if you're on Twitter, should just tweet, Michael Strahan, he loves child drag queens.
You should see him just applauding.
It's amazing!
It's a trailblazer!
They're celebrating the most evil degeneracy.
And, you know, that's one of the strikes that Alex got on YouTube is for denouncing children at a drag queen festival bringing dollar bills.
He called them degenerates.
You're not allowed to do that.
You're not allowed to hurt the drag queen's feelings.
That's hate speech.
So I don't know how much further it's going to go.
I don't know if we're going to have the pendulum swinging the other way or if we're just going to have two different cultures where we're going to have the degenerate left and their cesspool of
Satanic and that's what it is Degeneracy or and then we're gonna have you know the daily wire.
I got some serious disagreements with Ben Shapiro, but the daily wire
They're growing into an entertainment giant.
They're producing films now.
It's hard to imagine that this thing doesn't get back to normal at some point.
I mean, it's hard to imagine humanity's going to go into this age of darkness and demonic activity.
And as Putin put it, he says that America has gone completely insane, subverting human nature, allowing the gender mob to take over.
But you know, Mark, and this is a more esoteric,
I don't
I won't make any accusations here, but I think when you pay close attention, you can tell.
And he's like, this behavior is so erratic and unexplicable.
What is going on?
Again, I'm not trying to make any, I'm just using an example here.
Stephen A. Smith on ESPN, we all know he's an avowed racist, he was in a debate with Jason Williams, who's a former basketball player, and Jason Williams simply says, hey, you know, Kyrie Irving should have the freedom of choice to choose whether he wants to take a
Medical treatment or not he should have the freedom of choice and Stephen a Smith like blows up like blows up a gasket And you're just sitting here like what is what is your deal, dude?
Who is it that you're trying to please that you have to act like such a freak on TV?
Well, he's playing the new role of Keith Olbermann, the unhinged sportscaster.
And that's another symptom of the sickness in society, how the political propaganda has infested entertainment in a way that we've never seen before.
Because it's in sports.
It's even in commercials.
And, shameless plug, my last book, Hollywood Propaganda, covers how there are actually lobbying agencies that lobby Hollywood studios to insert
We're good to go.
To insert messages into shows and we've seen many clear examples of this they're quite open about some of their what they call their successes and it's not only in the entertainment it's also in the commercials as you may have noticed you can't watch a commercial now without being bombarded by drag queens and social justice messages and
Even Roy Ritzcracker last Christmas had a Christmas special where a guy brought his boyfriend over to meet the family and for extra diversity he was black, so it's an interracial gay couple, and for even extra extra diversity he was a gender non-binary black man with lipstick.
Did you see that one?
So now you can't even watch commercials.
For a cracker, for a Ritzcracker.
Which I don't know, crackers, that may be a racist, you know, trope too.
I don't know if you can even say crackers.
And it reminds me of this cartoon.
It's a four frame cartoon and this guy...
He presents an image to what appears to be like a marketing board, and it's a picture of a hamburger, but it's a picture of two guys kissing with a hamburger behind it.
And then the marketing board goes, are you sure this will help us sell burgers?
And it goes back to the guy and he goes, burgers?
Because it's like, it's not even marketing anymore.
It's all propaganda.
It's not even about marketing.
There was a child drag queen segment in a commercial for insurance and I don't know if it was the same company or not but another company just released another commercial with a boy dressed in a dress with lipstick on running around the house and it it's becoming so subtle but they're just it's this constant
Trickle and it's turning into a an onslaught where you're just watching a commercial, you know different people different families And they're talking about insurance.
Everybody needs insurance and there's a drag queen reading books to children and they're all happy and it's because
It's odd because they're preaching to such a small segment of society, so it's obviously not about promoting the product.
It's about promoting the agenda.
Yeah, and that's what it is.
It's that they don't even care anymore.
They look at it as they've already conquered it, so now they're just going to force-feed us with their propaganda.
And you know, one more thing here before we let you go.
I was telling you this story earlier.
So the story's in the Huffington Post, and it just shows you the mindset.
A white woman told me she doesn't think of me as black.
Here's how I react.
And again, it's all about not being racist.
It's all about actually living Martin Luther King's dream of not caring what your skin color is, but who you are as a person and your character.
And she talks about how mad she is that she's not considered a black woman, and she is a black woman, and her people have gone through all the struggle, and now she's not even recognized, and it's all this stuff, and she's married to a white man, and people use that against her, and all of this stuff, and it's just like...
You just realize, and then here's a statement from Ibraham Kendi today, who's the creator of Critical Race Theory.
He says, racism now, racism tomorrow, racism forever.
Okay, I guess that shows his policy there.
And he says, permanently banning what they call Critical Race Theory is about permanent preservation of racism.
That's what they're doing!
They're the ones that are trying to preserve racists!
They are the racists!
They admit it!
And they do it for their own selfish means of creating the victim economy and saying, I'm the biggest victim, therefore I should get everything and do whatever I want and dominate society.
They push so hard that we're seeing even members of Congress now and people who would never touch pushing back with a 10-foot pole.
Just even saying, hey, you know what?
Black people can be racist too.
Just saying that a couple years ago would get you deemed a racist.
And so I think we should start throwing their terms back in their face.
Black privilege.
They have black privilege.
They have black fragility.
It is.
I mean, if you crack jokes about them and they get upset, it's black fragility.
We need to start mocking them and using their very own terms, just like we did with fake news.
They tried to call us fake news, and when President Trump slammed Jim Acosta... That's Mark Dice.
Mark Dice, ahead of the times.
Mark, we love you.
Great stuff on your channel, as always.
Alright, as usual, too much news, not enough time.
And we got Stu Peters coming up, and I'll be back on The War Room in an hour as well.
So let me just try to get a couple things off my desk, and I'll cover the rest later.
I can't push this off anymore.
I've got to explain what's going on.
And for obvious reasons, I'm limiting my coverage of this news.
But no one else will cover it, so I'll go ahead and put my neck out there to do it.
Headline from the National File.
Robert Mueller investigated for staging alleged militia hoax now used to prosecute January 6th defendant.
And so in 2010 the FBI did
They're sting operations, which is sending feds into a situation to set up somebody for a criminal charge.
We saw it in Michigan when they tried to set up people to kidnap Governor Whitmer.
It turned out to be nothing but feds doing it.
They got caught.
No punishment for them, though.
Doing it.
Doing the crime.
Now, if somebody else did it, they would be in jail, they'd face the law.
But because it was Feds doing it, they get to wipe their hands with it and have no qualms.
And it's all because of this Robert Mueller case.
So what happened was, they set this guy up for a gun charge.
The Feds set him up.
And then when they got caught setting him up, the precedent was that, well, the federal government's allowed to do that.
So think about it like this.
The federal government is allowed to lie.
The federal government is allowed to set you up.
And then that same federal government is allowed to run the court case and the legal case against you.
So they lie about you, they lie to you, then they set you up for a crime, a crime that they're actually involved in executing, and then they're allowed to prosecute you in a court of law after they did everything setting you up.
And that's the precedent that was set by Robert Mueller's FBI that they're now using as the precedent on January 6th.
And you may say, well, why are they using that as the precedent on January 6th?
Folks, put two and two together.
Why are they using a precedent that feds can set you up for a crime to go after people on January 6th?
Do you understand what I'm saying here?
Are you reading between the tea leaves?
Again, I'm on trial every day I'm on air, okay?
So I'm trying to be cautious about how I report this stuff, but do you see what's going on in all the other videos that are now surfacing from January 6th?
And this is just disgusting, what's happening.
Again, nobody else will cover this, so I have to do it, but
Folks, they're currently holding somebody in jail for nine months.
This individual has been in jail, Troy Smocks, for nine months.
Did he go into the Capitol?
Was he on the Capitol grounds?
But he made a Parler post that said, let's hunt these cowards down like the traitors that each of them are.
He said, rhinos, dems, and tech execs, let's hunt these cowards down like the traitors that each of them are.
He's been in jail for nine months for that post on Parler.
For nine months.
You want to make the argument that you should be in jail for a post you make on the internet?
Fine, make that argument.
But how about a little equal justice here?
How about a little equal application of that law or that precedent, the law that doesn't exist, or that precedent that they're building now?
Do you know how many leftists make death threats every day on Twitter to numerous individuals, including myself?
Do you know how many of them have ever been investigated, let alone charged, or spent a day in jail?
Yeah, zero.
We all know that.
This is very dangerous here, folks.
These are two very dangerous precedents that the federal government is allowed to lie and set you up and persecute you in court.
And now they're able to go after you for something you posted on the internet?
And it's all only for political purposes?
Very dangerous stuff here, folks.
Very, very dangerous stuff here, folks.
And I just...
I hope that there's leaders in our Congress that wake up to this and do something about it before it gets worse.
Notice how they still haven't found out who the alleged pipe bomber is.
They still haven't gone after the individual who on six different occasions can be seen encouraging people to go into the Capitol building.
And people, every time, people are like, you're a Fed, leave us alone!
He's on six different times, he's encouraging people to go into the building.
They chant Fed.
They don't show the videos of all the people clad in black that actually break into the Capitol.
And then usher all the other people in.
You never see or hear about who they are.
But oh, grandma with an American flag.
Oh, the guy that made a post on Parler.
Oh, anybody else in the area that supported Trump.
You're all being persecuted.
But the actual criminals and the federal government who's setting it all up, they get away as usual.
Very sad.
Stu Peters up next.
I'm right there with Owen Schroyer, you know, just praying every single day that these so-called lawmakers, these so-called elected representatives, are going to wake up, do their job, start recognizing this Marxist coup for what it is.
I mean, the prosecution and persecution of people.
We've talked to pastors on this program, Owen himself, with this malicious prosecution.
All of these people being hunted down for not even being there, not even on the grounds, not going in there, not doing anything violent.
I personally know a journalist who was right alongside
By the way, CNN, nobody from that agency is being prosecuted.
The journalists that I know, on the other hand, looking at close to a decade for misdemeanors, there was no inciting of violence, there was no destruction of property, there was no impeding of Congress.
None of that.
Ushered in by police, and he's being charged.
In the same way that we're praying that these lawmakers will open up their eyes and do something about that, what about the killing of our kids?
You know, it's no secret to anybody that the White House is now saying they're rolling out, what, 32, 38 million shots for kids ages 5 to 11.
So let's break that down.
Oh, they've even gotten so creepy now that they're also going to be shipping tens of millions of little, tiny-sized, child-arm-sized needles along with these shots.
So let's break it down.
Well, in the age group of 12 to 17, we have already seen that boys, particularly, are six times more likely to have a serious myocarditis event, a serious heart issue, from these shots than they are to have a serious illness from COVID, because we know virtually no kids are impacted by COVID-19 at all.
Now a doctor is coming out saying that in a really large hospital system, a large birthing place, that an alarming amount of babies are dying just hours after being born, all from the same thing.
Every one of them from the same thing.
Pulmonary hemorrhage was the common denominator in all of them.
Of course, the mothers were vaccinated.
They're either breastfeeding or the children were, the babies were vaccinated in vitro.
And so now why not?
Why not?
We're killing babies.
We're killing adolescent teen boys.
We're permanently incapacitating people.
We're forever changing their lives.
So along with praying that lawmakers wake up, obviously it's time that we pray to God that our children are not the price that we have to pay for this tyranny.
Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, former HHS, former WHO, he was a senior COVID advisor to President Donald Trump.
And he joins us now.
You've been doing a lot of studies on this vaccine.
I really struggle calling it that.
It's not FDA approved.
This is a big propaganda thing.
We're being told that it is.
And we're going to get to these to your concerns about these five to 11 year olds.
But I found something really interesting recently that you did.
A comparison of immunity from these shots versus natural immunity.
What did you find?
Well, I mean, Stu, thanks a lot.
I'm very humbled to be on your show.
And we published that report in Brownstone Institute.
And what we found was about 91 pieces of evidence or studies, high quality, that pretty much showed us
It's not just that the vaccines that the natural immunity is equal to vaccine immunity, but actually is more superior.
And I think this is the argument.
The argument is that before the vaccines came out, you know, there was this push to prepare the population by saying that
You know, your natural immunity is failing and you're losing it and it's declining.
But that was a lie.
That was a lie put out by the administration, by the public health officials, Fauci, Walensky, etc.
Because they knew it is normal for your antibodies.
They were putting out some studies that the antibodies were failing.
Well, they knew it was normal.
You're not losing your immunity.
They knew this because your immune system, your natural immunity is not just based on antibodies.
Even if your antibodies disappear from circulation, they knew, these scientists knew that there's B-cell, there's cellular immunity with B-cells and T-cells that produces antibodies in the future when you are overexposed.
And your natural immunity is pretty much one and done, lifelong.
So if you're overexposed,
You have B-cells, long-lived bone marrow plasma cells that will churn out new antibodies as needed.
So this has been a lie to deceive people and to scare the population into vaccination.
And when we looked at these 91 odd studies, we are seeing that natural immunity is not just equal, I'm making the argument that it's superior to what is conferred by the vaccine.
And the public needs to understand that, that what we're talking about here is that when you are exposed naturally to the pathogen, your immune system builds almost a complete shot
Of all aspects of the surface of the virus, you're talking about the envelope, the nucleocapsid protein, the spike protein, versus the vaccine only allows you to produce an immune response antibodies to the spike protein.
And we know that the spike protein was based on the initial Wuhan strain 2020, January, February, March.
Right now we have the Delta, the Delta variant, so the vaccine is not hitting the Delta and that is why you are seeing so many, quote-unquote, breakthrough infections in Israel, UK, United States, Barnes-Stable, Massachusetts, across the globe.
It is an understood fact, even the CDC, Walensky said that there are breakthrough infections and
That the vaccinated are getting infected.
In fact, the vaccinated are spreading this virus.
So we have a serious problem, and like the lockdowns too, these public health officials, they take the most ridiculous, illogical step forward.
With the lockdowns, when they realized, and we saw that lockdowns were killing people, not the virus, it was the lockdowns and the school closures, what did they do?
They didn't meet
And try to assess a better way forward.
They decided to do more lockdowns and harden them.
So right now we have a serious problem with the vaccine in terms of its effectiveness and we are seeing a lot of harms.
What do they do?
They don't stop.
They don't step back to try to understand what is happening here.
It looks like the vaccine is causing a lot of problems.
No, they harden and they want to expand.
Yeah, you know, part of the study that you're talking about, as far as the natural immunity is concerned, I was looking into this and it looks to me like those who contracted SARS-CoV-1,
Are immune automatically to SARS-CoV-2 if they had or had exposure to CoV-1, which is something that we really need to take into consideration given the fact that this is more than likely why the natural immune system without any early treatment, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, ventilators, the poisonous remdesivir, all of these things, the natural God-given immune system is defeating this virus 99.987% of the time because that is how our bodies are designed.
And when you talk about the harm that these vaccines are causing in these age groups of 12 to 17, we've seen these spontaneous abortions or miscarriages.
We've seen the death of newly born babies within hours of being born because of this pulmonary hemorrhage.
It's extremely alarming.
But as we continue to push this out and then tell people, well, now you have to have a booster because you're no longer immune.
This is becoming, to me, more apparent that these are not necessarily side effects.
We look at, for example, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System that tells us now that, what, 17,000 people have died attributed to this shot, but there are so many other systems out there that suggest that many more, exponentially more people, have actually succumbed to this and have had severe adverse events or reactions.
But this is becoming, to me,
Very, very apparent.
And I want to talk to you about this after the break.
In about 30 seconds, we're going to go to break.
But I want to talk to you about this and let you think on this.
Because this is really serious to me.
This is not a conspiracy theory.
This looks to me a lot less like side effects and a whole lot more like intended consequences.
This is premeditated.
There's enough going on out here that these people can understand this.
More with Dr. Alexander right after this.
More than twice as many, more than double the amount of people have died reportedly from this shot being referred to as a vaccine in nine months than have died from all previous vaccines combined and that's according
To the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, which we know those numbers are throttled.
We know them to be much higher because of whistleblowers, because of actual complaints filed under the penalty of perjury.
We know that those numbers are much greater.
But those are the numbers that we can acknowledge here with some sort of responsibility.
But that's not enough.
I mean, close to 17,000 people or more.
790-some thousand adverse events.
Close to 3,000 miscarriages.
Permanently disabled people, near 30,000 people.
I mean, all of these people dying within days of this shot, which provides, by the way, no immunity whatsoever.
And if you look at CNN Health, one of their headlines was, you know, just because people are getting COVID after being vaccinated doesn't mean that the vaccine is ineffective.
I mean, this is the type of propaganda that is being shoved down the throats of American people.
This is the kind of panic that is being caused in order to provoke parents to trip over themselves, to get to the front of the line, to have their children, their innocent children's DNA possibly restructured as a result of accepting this therapeutic that we by all intents and purposes, by definition, cannot call a vaccine.
It's harmful.
At what point does this become not side effects,
But actually intended consequences when we have all of this data.
Dr. Paul Elias Alexander was a senior advisor to President Trump working with HHS.
I mean, what are your thoughts on this?
This looks to be intentional at this point.
Well, Stu, again, once again, I'm very grateful to be on your show.
And I want to make sure I make it known that I do support President Trump and his policies, and I still do today.
I do have a serious, serious concern with these vaccines for children.
I don't think they're indicated in any manner possible.
So I want President Trump to come forward and put a stop.
He has to make a statement on this.
And look, I agree with what you're saying, because remember, the natural immunity that we have, with natural exposure, with our cellular immunity, so T-cell, B-cell response, is lifelong.
You mentioned just now about that study, that study by Labute, where they found that persons who were infected from SARS-1,
That when they looked at their blood 17-18 years post, they found still a reaction to the virus and also a cross-reactivity, cross-protection to SARS-2.
We even found it in 1918 Spanish Flu.
They looked at persons' blood in 2008-2010.
Almost 100 years had passed and they found that those persons who were still alive had immunity in their blood that reacted to the Spanish Flu that they were exposed to 100 years prior.
And I have to agree with you, Stu.
Because look, right now we're looking at the adverse events that have accumulated in the VAERS database.
And the VAERS only accounts for about 1%.
Let's handicap it and say as much as 10.
But we have about 16,000-17,000 deaths today.
We have 700,000-800,000 adverse events.
And the challenge is the administration, the senior people in these health agencies,
They operate as though the CDC's VAERS database just does not exist.
So if you say it's a 10% reporting, we have 90% of the deaths and the adverse events missed.
And the problem here is this.
When you vaccinate with a suboptimal vaccine, there's this issue of the original antigenic sin where if you prime your immune system suboptimally your first time out,
That suboptimal priming of the immune system will persist lifelong and it will be a suboptimal response from you.
We have a vaccine that they have manufactured.
This is where the intent.
I would make a statement here in agreement with you.
I think this was almost designed to fail.
I think in a certain way, it's beginning to look like
This is how you rule out a vaccine or bring a vaccine to market that is going to fail almost as if this were President Trump on deck now.
This would be hung around his neck.
But the devastation from the vaccine is not being looked at and is covered up almost by the media.
The reality about it is right now they have brought a vaccine
That does not stop transmission.
It does not stop infection.
It does not stop severe COVID.
It does not stop death or hospitalization.
That's not me.
That is the vaccine developers put that out.
That's what was put out by the FDA.
That's what is published.
That's public information.
These vaccines only handle and address the reducing mild COVID symptoms.
So it's almost as though you have given the virus
Evolutionary future that it would not necessarily have.
You've extended the life of the virus.
So we have people now in the UK, in Israel, in these places, where everyone who's being double vaccinated is becoming infected.
It seems that the vaccine itself, and we warned them, we wrote this and we said it.
Dr. Gerd van den Bosch, Dr. Yigin et cetera, stated this.
We said on paper that if you vaccinate during an ongoing epidemic or pandemic, you are going to drive the emergence of more infectious variants and potentially super variants that are devastatingly and could be deadly.
And that is what we are probably doing now.
And we are seeing it playing out where the vaccinated are the ones actually spreading this virus.
This is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
That was a false talking point.
I got about one minute left here.
I want you to address
Lawmakers, President Trump, whoever it is that you think has sway over hundreds of millions of people or this push for 5 to 11 year olds specifically.
I've got two kids between the ages of 5 and 11.
And this is horrific for me to think about.
Well, I mean, look, let's be blunt about this.
I've been on record, I've been speaking on the news.
Other people like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Reach, these people, we've been out there fighting this.
It's absolutely under no condition, none, must a parent in the United States allow these vaccines into their children.
This push by Pfizer and O5-11, they do not have the evidence to show.
Here's the key that a parent must, and I'm pleading with President Trump and the lawmakers to understand.
These vaccine developers needed 10 to 12 to 15 years
They brought this in three months to four months.
They did not follow these vaccines for the proper duration of time to detect the safety signals that we know will emerge.
And now we are seeing it in the adults.
We are asking President Trump to step forward and put a stop.
Stop this with the children, because children bring almost near statistical zero risk to the table.
This is the issue.
They bring no risk to the table, yet you want to give them a vaccine
That we have seen has potential risks.
So then what is the reason for this?
Why would you do this to your child?
Your child has a life 80, 90 years ahead of them.
By introducing these vaccines, we run the risk of disabling them or possibly killing them.
I am saying here again,
We have adults, 16 to 17,000.
We actually model it as 100,000 who've died in America one to two to five days post-vaccine.
I'm saying it as clearly as I could.
Stop this thing.
I gotta go.
Paul Alexander, thank you.
It is so challenging.
I think the biggest challenge for me to sit in this chair every day is to try to maintain some level-headedness and not
Pull what's left of my hair directly out of my head.
I mean the emotions from from grief to anger listening to these emails that come in by the thousands of people who are are so desperate begging for attention to this and we're giving it all of the attention.
Here InfoWars, Alex Jones, Owen Schroeder, the whole crew over at StuPeters.TV.
I mean, I know so many so many people millions of people
Know what's really going on here, but yet it just continues.
And not only does it continue, it just ramps up.
And you see these people outside wearing their masks alone.
By themselves, what are you so afraid of, sir?
Ma'am, what exactly are you protecting yourself from?
And in the name of something that's killing virtually nobody, on its own, without serious underlying conditions,
We're extreme old age.
I mean, somebody just has to say it.
These people were going to die anyways, no matter what they got.
They were going to die.
It doesn't mean that their death is any less tragic.
It doesn't mean that their families and their loved ones will miss them any less.
It's not being insensitive.
This is just the truth.
I don't really care about your feelings.
I care about your future.
The truth is, we're running away from a virus that literally kills virtually nobody.
And the whole world has been locked down.
And there are wild and crazy conspiracy theories about why.
But conspiracy theorists are being vindicated every day.
I'm almost out of conspiracy theories.
They've virtually all come true.
And we see what the World Economic Forum is doing.
And we see what's happening in Australia.
And we see what Bill Gates is doing in Africa.
And we see Tony Fauci just continuously lying to us.
It's just so aggravating and so frustrating to know that the price that we may have to pay is our children.
And you heard Dr. Paul Elias Alexander here, who still supports President Trump.
If I hear President Trump one more time touting these vaccines, the universe might explode.
I mean, seriously, my face might blow off of my shoulders.
I don't know.
It's so frustrating.
It's appalling to me.
That the facts are this is a nothing virus, that if we had done nothing about it at all, would be, by all intents and purposes, gone, dead, over with, finito.
That's how pandemics work.
Every expert that we've talked to, pandemics, how long?
18 months, that's the lifespan.
It would be gone.
If we had done nothing about it, it would be gone.
But like Paul Alexander suggested, we're creating a super virus.
When people unnecessarily take antibiotics, you create these super viruses, super bugs.
And now there's all kinds of speculation about this other so-called virus that's not really a virus, that they're going to try to scare us with, and it's going to be so scary.
And so many people are going to die.
This was another conspiracy theory.
For the last few weeks, you might have seen this all over the place, this Mallberg virus.
Wild and crazy conspiracy theories now being pumped on federal government websites.
It's not a virus.
It's easily treatable with antibiotics.
Virtually nobody that gets treatment for it dies.
But what's scary is that about 50% of untreated people do.
And so now this thing is going to be released.
Making government lockdowns no longer required.
People will rush to lockdown on their own.
Making the government push and the carrot dangling no longer required for shots in the arm because people will be rushing and tripping over themselves to get them.
This is how serious this really is.
And all of these wild and crazy conspiracy theories are now being vindicated by who?
By the FDA themselves.
Just today, or the other day, they came out saying, you know what, it really doesn't matter what booster you take.
Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, it doesn't really matter.
Let's mix and match.
Dr. Jane Ruby brought this to my attention today and she joins us now.
You're saying that this is going to create
Confusion, chaos, and certain death.
What is this mix and match bonanza that the FDA is now saying, let's just do this?
Stu, it's going to further give the pharma companies cover.
Not that they need any more cover than they have, but the FDA came out yesterday with a statement on their website and then they included it in a nice little tweet thread where they said that, yes, indeed, you can mix and match.
They literally call it mix and match.
And, you know, as a pharmaceutical drug developer for 20 years, gladly no longer in that industry, but I want to remind the American people there's a process
to doing something like this.
It's called drug-drug interaction studies.
And it takes many months, maybe several years.
We never just mix entities.
And if this isn't the red flag on the field, the five alarm fire, I don't know what will be.
But basically what they're saying, and they've done no studies on it, the data presentation is a joke.
It's about using maybe a hundred, two hundred people, which is
Not a study to look at efficacy and safety.
They're coming up with, well look, if you got Pfizer for your first, you know, inoculation, you can have Moderna but, you know, your booster will be half dose.
I have no idea.
They present no information on what that's about.
And like I said, it is going to create more confusion.
As we go further into, you know, greater maiming and death, and now we're going to go into 5 to 11 year olds, by the way, what you have to remember is something.
Children have more robust immune systems.
That's why they're healthier.
That's why they don't catch things as readily, like C-19.
That's why they don't need 84 childhood vaccines.
But they have a stronger, more reactive immune system.
What you're about to see, Stu, is going to be just what we've been seeing in the adults and the teens, I'm sorry to say, on steroids.
It's going to be explosive.
And I hate to say this because I've lived my last six months, a lot on your show, trying to get people to stop and protect the babies and the children.
But I'm afraid that maybe what it's going to take is several thousand children to die in front of everyone to stop this thing.
To stop parents from merging these children in.
Because I'm going to tell you something, Stu.
It's like Groundhog Day.
We've got the FDA meeting on Monday to look at a supposed briefing document that Pfizer has already come out with.
And they've said it's got 91% efficacy.
Well, wait a minute.
Didn't they tell us that these shots back in the early part of this year had 95% efficacy?
But now six months later, oops, it's only 30%.
Take a booster.
Come on guys, if the first two shots didn't work, why would you want to take a third of the same thing?
This is just duping beyond belief, Stu.
And there's more tragedy.
I just don't know how to frame this cognitive dissonance in a way that, you know, it can be really explained clearly.
Because of my level of frustration with all of this, personally,
Knowing what's coming next, because we watch.
I mean, Owen Schreier was talking about January 6th, for example, talking about Mueller and the weaponization of the FBI.
And why would they use the same precedent?
We know the answer to that because our history predicts what our future is going to be.
We know what the next steps are going to be.
And with these child shots coming out here, what I see is going to happen
Is you're going to have dads like me who says, you know, no, no, absolutely not.
You're not coming near my kid with your little mini child sized needle and you know, your cookies and milk and your bribes for my child, who, by the way, they're getting jabbed at school without parents knowing about it.
We've seen them mistakenly, quote unquote, get this thing at these Walgreens and CVS and all of this other stuff.
But what I see happening here and here goes my wild and crazy conspiracy theories, but really not.
Cops are going to be showing up at my door.
They're going to have child protective services with them.
They're going to say to me, we understand, Mr. Peters, that, you know, you're hesitant about getting your child vaccinated.
We also understand that you're not vaccinated.
We don't deem you to be a domestic terrorist.
This is kind of a, this is a health and safety risk to your children.
We're going to remove the children.
You're under arrest, by the way.
And also we saw your social media posts and all your television shows about how you were questioning the response to COVID-19.
We already saw.
We already saw from the Department of Homeland Security, the DHS bulletin, if you question the response to COVID protocol, you could be considered a domestic terrorist.
If you question the 2020 election, you can be considered a domestic terrorist.
And I'm telling people right now that if we don't come together, this is what's going to happen.
And I want to talk to you more about this 5 to 11 year old age group when we return after the break with Dr. Jane Ruby.
Stu Peters back here in the fourth and final hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Of course, Owen Schroer coming up with the War Room.
That's next.
Always one of my favorites.
StuPeters.tv is where I reside.
If you'd come and find me, I would appreciate it.
Check it out.
See what you think.
You know, for 200 years, America has been like this beacon of freedom for the entire world.
Our Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents ever written.
Our Constitution is by far the most successful of any country.
And now Owen Schreier is talking about somebody being in jail for nine months for a Facebook post.
Nick Fuentes, he's 23 years old, banned in real life from Airbnb, kicked off YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter.
PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Shopify, Stripe, Streamlabs, Coinbase, Reddit.
These bans are so aggressive and all for free.
It's just free speech.
You're not allowed to question the regime.
And the people that I fear for the most here are parents of children in homes where there is a disagreement about the safety and the efficacy
Or the conspiracies surrounding these shots that have been so completely polarized and rammed down the throat of Americans and a global community ad nauseam.
Lockstep participation by world leaders.
It's really hard to believe that millions of people potentially could be in on this.
So there are times where I'm like, am I just
Am I just freaking crazy?
Like, seriously, have I lost my mind?
I look in the mirror like, seriously, have I lost my mind?
But then you look at the facts and the statistics.
You look at all of these people that truly are dying.
We talk and we see emails from people who have had personal experiences.
I talked to a military barber.
You can find it at StuPeters.TV.
She lives right off a military base.
That's where she cuts hair.
Over a dozen, personally known to her, military-aged, healthy people
Who continuously go through physical fitness tests and examinations, both physical and psychological, dead.
The only common denominator is this shot.
There are so many, so many dangers associated with this thing that they are now going to be pushing into 5 to 11 year old kids.
And before the break, I mentioned that police will be showing up at my door if I'm hesitant or resistant or refuse outright this injection for my kids.
Because of what I know to be true.
And if 340 million people in this country knew what we knew to be true, obviously things would be a whole lot different in this country.
But it's because of that Nick Fuentes-type banning, it's because of the Infowars, Alex Jones, Owen Schroer-type banning, and me, I'm subject to it as well.
Kicked off Twitter, kicked off YouTube.
It's because of this.
That is how dangerous that is.
Which is why I really wish President Trump would have taken that a whole lot more seriously before he left, too.
But we have to sit and listen to him talk about infrastructure and the same rallies over and over again, but he's getting booed.
He's getting booed when he talks about these shots.
We're watching on Saturdays as hundreds of thousands of people erupt at college football stadiums around the country opposing this installed regime.
People are waking up, so we have to continue doing this.
That is why I remain a general in this information war and will continue to do it.
That's why I know that everybody else on this particular network will continue to do it.
And Dr. Gene Ruby joins us now, who, by the way, was supposed to have been enjoying these years, retired, feet kicked up on the beach in Florida.
You made it to Florida, you got the beach in your backyard, but the feet aren't kicked up and you're still working harder than ever.
I bet you never imagined that you would be a foot soldier in this war.
And yet here you are, you've been a mainstay on the Stu Peter Show, super responsible reporting, unrelenting research.
I mean, you were the first, I believe, in the United States to bring graphene oxide to the public attention.
And bravery!
It's now widely known, and that's the least of our concerns inside of these injections.
We are now learning, as more and more microscopy experts come forward, and the things that we're seeing under the glass.
Dr. Cary Medea is bringing us, Dr. Zendre Botha.
I mean, brave people speaking out, saying, hey, this isn't right, and they're banned, and they're shut up, and they're shut down, and they're called crazy and kooky conspiracy theorists.
And now they're going to jab our kids.
I want to know your real thoughts on what you think is going to happen.
Am I outside of the line?
Am I overstating or being hyperbolic when I say all you have to do is look at a bunch of dead babies with pulmonary hemorrhage.
All you have to do is look at 12 to 17 year old boys who are, you know, kicking off, keeling off and experiencing serious heart conditions.
I mean, it makes sense that that would be consistent in the 5 to 11 age group.
Am I wrong?
No, you're 100% right, Stu.
And like I said before the break, there's a lot more devastation and death to come and it's going to be greater and in larger numbers because children react more robustly.
Look, I want to go back on the record.
This is not a vaccine.
Everybody, stop calling it that.
Like Dr. David Martin says, if you call it a vaccine, you've already lost the argument.
So let's start there.
And secondly, things are getting very dangerous.
People are going, you know, to their local drugstore to get a seasonal flu shot.
Well, guess what?
They're getting hit with COVID-19 injections from any of these companies and they're told later on, things are dangerous.
I have called across my friends, my family, and the general public for a 100% moratorium right now on all vaccines.
I don't want to hear this thing, oh, I'm not an anti-vaxxer, but, well, you know what?
There's no reason to trust these companies right now.
They've lost the privilege of our faith and trust.
And we have to suspend right now until we get to the bottom of this.
And you're right, scientists like that have done a great job.
Since these companies are not having press conferences, they're not disclosing, they're withholding information actively.
All we can do is put together the world's scientists to start doing what they're doing.
They're analyzing these vials, they're chemically analyzing them, they're looking at the blood of people who have been injected.
And a lot of people who have not been injected, Stu, are also coming up with blood
I don't
I want to do a shout out to President Trump.
You've got to, I agree with Dr. Alexander, you've got to come out against this now.
I don't care how many bad advisors you've got around you.
This is, this is, uh, you'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see what's happening.
And it's about to happen to our children.
And it's getting serious.
And I'm going to tell you something else, Stu.
They didn't do their due diligence.
The FDA did not require the companies to do their due diligence on drug-drug interactions.
But I'll tell you what they are allowing the company to do.
There's a study on clinicaltrials.gov.
I'm going to tell you, this study, I just realized today,
It's 04863638.
That means it's paid for by the China National Biotech Group and it's going to test the COVID-19 vaccine, whatever that is, in 3 to 17 year olds in the United States.
It started on April 28th of this year and guess what?
It went until May.
Of this year.
I mean, that's not even a one-month study.
So the shenanigans that are going on are just unbelievable.
The FDA is collapsed.
You have to all take a step back until we can get to the bottom of this and spare these children.
This is getting incredibly dangerous.
And you're not safe if you go for a regular seasonal shot.
You don't even know what you're getting.
Yeah, especially when they're being given out at your kid's school.
I mean by the janitor or by the lunch aid or whoever it is that's that's giving these shots.
Dr. Jane Ruby, thank you so much for me.
Yeah, and the testing, the swabs, very dangerous right now.
Agreeing to the swabs in place of the jab is still surrender, and you're still at risk for getting inoculated with God knows whatever, viruses, parasites, all kinds of things.
And that evidence is, well, has been out there for some time.
We appreciate you being here.
Dr. Jane Ruby, you do fantastic work.
And thank you.
Have a great weekend.
You know, and Dr. Jane was talking about the fact that Pfizer and Moderna, none of these companies have come forward giving a press conference.
Well, who does that remind you of?
I mean, look at this faux administration up in the White House.
Supposedly, allegedly, that's where they are.
Press conferences?
No, no, no.
They run away.
What does a criminal do when they commit a crime?
They run away.
What do they try to do with evidence?
They try to conceal it.
The fact is, they don't want to be in front of a camera right now because inevitably the question is going to be, is your drug FDA approved?
And the answer is no, it is not.
You have been duped.
Everybody who doesn't know, know this now.
Call Pfizer yourself.
I have done it.
There is no COVID-19 vaccine approved by the FDA available in the United States from any company anywhere.
And so everybody taking this military mandate, all of you that are at work being told that it's FDA approved, and that's why you have to be subjecting yourselves to these shots, mandated to take them as a condition of your employment, that is absolutely not true.
We saw the 180 by Governor Ron DeSantis, and now he's holding corporations like that liable if they force this thing as a condition of employment.
That's how you govern with balls.
And I hope Trump follows suit.
Owen Schroer is up next.
Please come and find me at StuPeters.TV.
We'll see you next week.
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On December 23rd, 2021, we are coming up on the 108th anniversary of the Federal Reserve.
I think?
Including the British Royal Family.
So in 1913, we see the beginning of the foreign corporate takeover of America.
And if you fast forward now 108 years, coming up in about a month and a half, to the 108th anniversary, we have the private central banks of the world, through the Davos Group and the UN that the Rockefellers set up, announcing that they are going to get rid of the dollar and all the major world currencies.
Before they do it, they're going to devalue it down to nothing to impoverish and enslave the people.
But they have the first use of the money to buy up real companies, to buy up real patents, farmland, infrastructure, you name it, to have total, absolute control.
That's why we're seeing such massive supply chain breakdowns around the world, because they admit they're also deliberately cutting that off to bankrupt small businesses.
They're now admitting that they're going to add a carbon tax to the vaccine passport apps
The UN has now declared as the world system that the new world currency will be based on carbon taxes that even control where you can go and what you can do.
This is all official.
This isn't coming.
It's on the drawing boards anymore.
It was announced just last week in mid-October 2021.
Ladies and gentlemen,
That's why they're censoring everybody off the internet that knows the truth.
That's why they're trying to silence even Senator Paul when he gets up and gives important speeches in the Senate.
It's because this is the final takeover of America.
Not just our banking, not just our dollar, but of our very lives with a tracker system that's on these surveillance platform phones.
To track and trace and control everything we do.
That's why it's more important than ever for InfoWars to stay on the air and for you to spread the word about InfoWars because we were born for this time.
You were born for this time.
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I think so.
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