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Name: 20211021_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 21, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses a variety of topics including politics, technology, COVID-19 vaccines, globalist agenda, climate change, depopulation, and powerful figures like Fauci, Gates, Schwab, and Daszak. He believes there should be differing political beliefs between conservative states and California, and mentions the failed Cloward Piven strategy used by Obama and Clinton. Jones calls for people to expose the New World Order on InfoWars.gov and promotes the InfoWars store hotline and website.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is not an InfoWars headline.
This is not a Zero Hedge headline.
It's not a Tucker Carlson headline.
It's not a Joe Rogan headline.
It is Associated Press, MSNBC, MSM.
They're having to admit it all.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
Here's the headlines.
This is from MSM.com.
NIH admits Fauci lied about funding Wuhan gain-of-function experiments.
He didn't just lie about it.
He lied in front of everybody's face.
He lied over and over again.
He had a whole bunch of conferences called in favor of gain and function, and why gain and function safe, and then funded this specific COVID-19 virus under another name, and we've got the genetic scan of it as the same virus, and then proposed releasing it in the open air of China, and the Pentagon said, are you insane?
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Everywhere you turn, signs of neo-feudalism fueled by the Great Reset are rising up.
On the higher levels, it is just a game and they are all working together.
At some point, I was invited, which is why I'm telling you all this, to participate in sacrifices.
That was the breaking point.
Whether it's Hungarian billionaire George Soros meddling in local elections in Austin, Texas, as the murder rate hits historic highs.
This intersection of 6th and Oasis is one of two deadly scenes called into police within just minutes of each other this weekend.
A stabbing here and a shooting on North Lamar marked the 59th and 60th homicides of this year in Austin.
That's the highest number ever recorded in modern history here.
Nationally known left-wing activist George Soros has joined the fight over the Proposition A ballot measure Austin voters will decide on this November.
The billionaire contributed $500,000 through the Open Society Policy Center organization to the Equity Political Action Committee's No Way on Prop A campaign.
I would hate for someone's out-of-state money to diminish the voices of people that lived here.
Or California Governor Gavin Newsom's insane ban on gas-powered lawnmowers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers to appease the architects of the coming climate change totalitarianism.
I don't know of a battery-powered rototiller.
I don't know.
of a chainsaw larger than a 20-inch bar that's battery-powered.
So I'm not quite sure how CAL FIRE and some of those type of things are gonna go out there and mitigate fires when they have to have battery-powered products.
New this morning, gas-powered generators could be a thing of the past if the governor signs a new bill into law.
Not only would Assembly Bill 1346 phase out those generators, but it would also get rid of machines like gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers.
The authors of this bill say that equipment puts out too much air pollution.
Or the enforcement of that totalitarianism fueled by the rise of machines.
As the Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle, or SPUR, is basically a robot dog armed with a rifle on its back.
Those rifles come in calibers such as 7.6251 millimeters.
6.5 millimeters Creedmoor, 300 Norma Magnum, 338 Lapua Magnum, and 338 Norma Magnum.
Meanwhile, the military behind the Terminator dogs is purging thousands of soldiers who refuse the New World Order inoculation of the COVID vaccine.
So tonight, a new study on the COVID-19 vaccines found more cases of heart inflammation than expected among members of our U.S.
It is raising questions about the role of exercise.
The military administered 2.8 million doses of the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.
A new study describes how 23 service members later developed chest pain and sought medical attention.
Tests showed it was myocarditis.
And as the gender war rages on against our children and what's left of toy stores in America, These large stores have to also show a reasonable selection of products regardless of whether they've been traditionally marketed for either girls or boys.
The World Economic Forum states their goals and ultimately the goals of the Democratic Party on their own website predicting the total collapse of the West.
The end to all private ownership of everything.
The end of meat production and the installment of a global carbon tax.
This means the death of the United States as a global power.
The solution is simple.
Stop complying.
This is Darren McBreen for John Bowne.
Well, I've been watching and I've been waiting.
Knowing this time was coming.
And now I'm going into full launch mode.
And the globalists are scared.
Scared of me.
Scared of you.
Scared of human potential.
Scared of us getting aligned with the big guy.
And coming in for the next launch.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is not an InfoWars headline.
This is not a Zero Hedge headline.
It's not a Tucker Carlson headline.
It's not a Joe Rogan headline.
It is Associated Press, MSNBC, MSM.
They're having to admit it all.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
Here's the headlines.
This is from MSM.com.
NIH admits Fauci lied about funding Wuhan gain-of-function experiments.
He didn't just lie about it.
He lied in front of everybody's face.
He lied over and over again.
He had a whole bunch of conferences called in favor of gain and function, and why gain and function safe, and then funded this specific COVID-19 virus under another name, and we've got the genetic scan of it, it's the same virus, and then proposed releasing it in the open air of China, and the Pentagon said, are you insane?
Well, yeah, they were gonna set the US up, and the Chinese up, into a war, we now know.
That was phase two, though.
Phase one was to shut down the West and empower China if China played ball.
But China's not playing ball and didn't come and agree with the whole conspiracy.
And so then the Globalist started blaming China for it.
A lot of us looked at that and said it was certainly a possibility.
But now we have all the documents from the NIH, from the FDA, from Peter Daszak's organization, and we know exactly what they did and how they did it.
Bill Gates was in charge of it, and that's why you've seen Bill Gates not out in public a lot lately, because they've told him he better shut his mouth, because this plan did not go as well as they thought.
The problem is they're still going to double down, and we better have a discussion about that, because this is not about celebrating that we were proven completely right again.
You know what the wolf says in Pulp Fiction?
Let's not start celebrating until we've got all this taken care of.
Then we can do all that later.
Just take a deep breath right now and realize the historical moment we're all in.
Look at these headlines.
And I've got the NIH letter.
Of course, the NIH directed all this through Peter Daszak's organization so that they would have, again, more go-betweens with illegal activity.
And then they had Daszak's organization and his operatives go into the Canadian facility.
And when it came out that they transferred viruses much more deadly than COVID-19 that kill 80% of humans they come in contact with, if you actually inhale it, They said, oh my god, the Peter Daszak group, in connection with the Chinese, they stole it out of the Canadian lab.
No, Trudeau was letting them build it up there.
So, the wheels have come off, the rats are leaving the sinking ship, the canary is singing, like a bird, and the canary's died in the coal mine.
I mean, you can use any analogy or parable or oxymoronic thing you want, but at the end of the day, ladies and gentlemen, this is unbelievable.
Because it is oxymoronic for them to sit there and try to tell us that they weren't doing this.
But that's the chutzpah, that's the bravado, that's the hubris of these people.
They've been in power so long, and Fauci was over the HIV release, and then over poisoning millions of people to death with the AZT.
There's even, you know, Ward-winning movies about it.
Dallas Buyers Club, and I was a young kid when that was going on in Dallas and read about it in the newspaper.
My dad even knew doctors that were prescribing people the drugs so they wouldn't die to get around the FDA trying to murder them.
So, this is the real world, ladies and gentlemen.
Just because you don't like to kill people doesn't mean Fauci doesn't love it.
Fauci is a baby Mingela.
But on the scale of killing, he's surpassed Mingela worldwide.
So, Fauci needs to be arrested, and he needs to be brought up on crimes against humanity.
And that's a very good chance it's going to happen.
It has to happen.
They've gone way too far.
But instead, they're trying to indict Bolsonaro in Brazil, who was right about this the whole time and exposed it, and told people to get up on their vitamins and minerals, and they saw the death rate go down massively in Brazil.
And so, they're trying to arrest him now for what they should be arrested for, because Big Pharma runs their country as well.
So, it's all coming out.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Yale, all these big institutions, University of Texas, involved in weaponizing these viruses.
And good U.S.
scientists, nonpartisan people, liberals and conservatives, they didn't see it as a political issue, came out in 2004, or 2014, and completely bitched and complained about these Level 4 bioweapons labs, part of the BioShield program, going on all over the country, that Bush got passed in 2004.
And saying this is going to get out and kill people, this is illegal.
So they just moved it to China so they'd have plausible deniability to blame China.
And I'm not saying Xi Jinping might not have been involved.
We just don't have evidence of that.
That damn lab was a UN globalist operation.
that did have the Chinese military monitoring it and demanding they be given copies of everything.
And so yeah, that's treason on top of treason right there.
And they may have been the ones that released it. But who stands to gain? Who cooked this
up? Who's done it before?
Fauci, the Rockefeller Combine, the UN, Bill Gates.
They're the top of the pyramid.
Not G.G.
And G.G.
Pink says we're gonna have three children.
We're gonna put homosexuals in prison.
Men are gonna be manly.
Our astronauts are all men.
We're gonna take the world over.
We're gonna imitate 1950s America.
They know what's powerful, what's strong, what works.
I'm not saying put homosexuals in prison.
I'm just saying they're going the super extreme route of the other side of the equation while China funds propaganda here to break down our entire society.
So here it is, folks.
NIH admits Fauci lied about funding Wuhan gain-of-function experiments to Congress.
That is a crime.
Here's another one.
New York Post.
Fauci admits modest.
Oh, now.
He said, absolutely wrong.
Nothing ever happened.
Rand Paul, you're a liar.
You don't know what you're talking about.
No one ever did gain of function.
It never went on, ever.
When he's in all the documents saying, I want gain-of-function, specifically ordering him to do it, and they wanted him to say, give us the orders, because we don't want to go to jail.
They wanted him to send him emails saying, okay, you want gain-of-function, because the Chinese government says we can't do this here unless it's authorized by the NIH and the CDC.
So Fauci had to give them letters to give the Chinese, and the Chinese are like, you're going to do this right here in this lab, and you're going to give it to us too.
Okay, we want letters saying that.
Then they went to the Pentagon in 2017 and said, just to set up Trump of course, we want to release COVID-19 in the open air in China.
The Pentagon said, that will start a war.
That will infect humans.
So again, it's this corporate group trying to play China and the United States off against each other.
And there's double agents in both combines.
That's how this works.
So NIH admits Fauci lied about funding Wuhan gain-of-function experiments.
Fauci admits modest NIH funding of Wuhan lab, but denies gain-of-function.
So he's still trying to spin it.
And then we've got this really well-written article out of Zero Hedge.
NIH admits funding in a function COVID experiments gives EcoHealth five days report data.
And that's the big news we'll cover when we come back.
What's really going on?
What's the rest of the story?
Here's a Zero Hedge article.
Here's another Gateway Pundit.
We've got more articles on them.
NIH today corrects false statements by Directors Collins and Fauci.
The NIH did fund genetic research in Wuhan.
Fauci lied under oath.
There's Breitbart, NIH contradicts Fauci, admits funding gain of function research at Wuhan Lab.
Show Info Wars, we first reported this with Dr. Francis Boyle in early February of 2020.
Alex Jones is right again and first again.
Right and first again.
All glory goes to creator of the universe.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
You have found it, the tip of the spear.
And for the millions of amazing, God-fearing humans of every race, color, and creed listening to this transmission, this Thursday, October 21st broadcast, I'm asking you, for the sake of your own future, your children's future, the world's future, To carry this transmission through the enemy lines, through the sensors, to override them, to circumnavigate them, and to take the live feed from band.video, freeworldnews.tv, infowars.com, forward slash show, and to share it with your email list, with your text message list.
That is the best way to override the sensors.
To put links up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, however you've got to do it.
Keep doing it.
Take clips of the shows.
Put them out.
Ask people what they think.
It's a great way to get it out there and not get censored.
Because if you affirm us on a mainstream site, they will take you down.
But whatever you do, know that the people are very, very hungry for the medicine of truth that we're putting out.
And that's why the globalists are trying to suppress and shut down this transmission.
Okay, let's get into it.
Right now, ladies and gentlemen, let's talk about this right now and how big a moment this is in human history and really where we are and what we're facing as a society and as a species.
I could sit here for the next three hours and just talk about the NIH letter and how the top scientists there, and including the new head of the NIH, understand they're all going to go to prison if they join with Fauci and continue to lie and say that they weren't running billions and billions and billions of dollars.
In fact, next segment I have a clip where a top researcher, PhD, covers the documents where over $190 billion has been spent by Fauci in the last 40 years that he directs to develop weaponized viruses.
So next segment I'll actually play you a clip on that.
And that's important.
$190 plus billion.
That's on record.
But the fact that Fauci lied to Congress, the fact that he did that, the fact that they cooked up COVID-19, that's very important.
But the issue that the NIH is bringing this out Shows you that they finally realized that there really is a depopulation agenda going on.
And that this really is the end of the world as we know it.
Because I know a lot of the people that work at the highest levels of government.
I know a lot of people that have been at the very tops of these systems.
And most of them just buy the cover story.
Most of them really think they're doing good work.
But now this evil is so out in the open.
And the fact that the vaccine isn't a vaccine is killing so many people.
And the fact that the majority of the sick and dying worldwide, and that's now come out mainstream news, is from the shot.
They had thought that everybody would Stockholm Syndrome and go along with this.
And a lot of folks have.
But other people are actually going from being asleep or in denial to waking up.
So yes, the sleeping giant is awakening.
And the sleeping giant doesn't need to tear its own face off because it's angry.
It needs to focus on who's in charge of the New World Order and then legally and lawfully dismantle them. But first you've got to expose them and
identify them and we're very close to that.
Evil always gets arrogant and makes a big move to kill the majority of the people.
It's what it does. It's spirit. And it usually takes good people a while to realize that's
happening. But once good wakes up, then very quickly the tables turn.
Now here's the problem, because we can talk all day about how he did it and how they cooked it up and how they released it, but that's old news here.
We're not here to give you today's news today.
We give you next year's news today, because that's what's going to save us, is understanding and fourth and fifth dimensional thinking and sixth dimensional thinking and historical perspectives and real wisdom.
And the will to face the truth.
And the will to have courage to go forward with what you have to do because in the end it's the only hope you've got.
The courage to face the facts.
This coming out is so seismic and so dangerous That myself and most of the very intelligent people I've talked to, including some of the most powerful people in the world, who claim they're not with the New World Order.
I'll just leave it at that.
I'm just going to stop right there.
But I think people can probably put two and two together and guess, what is Alex talking about?
But there are some of the, if not the richest people on paper in the world that are signaling everywhere they're not with this.
And who've told me they're not with this.
And just recently, And then, I've seen what came out of it.
I've been told a year ago, we're going to do this, we're really with you, we're with humanity.
And I've started to see those people that told me that, all do what they said they'd do.
And I told you, in the case of Rogan about it, because he didn't mind me saying that.
Even though they came after him a lot, and there was a lot of news articles about it.
About how Rogan's going to take on the censors, Rogan's going to destroy them.
And then later, Rogan's like, well I didn't quite say it that way.
And later he's like, "Jones, dammit."
And I said, "You didn't say that was off record."
I'm sorry.
But it's above Rogan now.
And it is not much higher to go, right?
When it comes to people that are on our side.
So what you've got to understand here is the smart money is on a war with China.
And I don't want a war, but we're looking at a giant war in February right now.
Currently, that's the projections with the top people on the earth who claim they're not with the New World Order Combine.
Is war in February.
And this is the type of time, like right before World War One, right before World War Two, when everything kicks off.
And I hope that doesn't happen.
But currently, that is the trajectory we're on.
And there is a consensus on that.
And a large consensus.
I don't mean a consensus with people that just live here in Austin, the new main power hub of the country.
I'm talking about all over the world we have contacts.
And General Flynn thinks war with China is imminent.
He was raised the alarm 10 years ago on that.
That's why they got mad at him.
So all the smart people I talk to say the same thing I'm seeing.
And so we can sit here and talk about, oh yeah, Fauci's a criminal, Fauci's going to jail.
And the fact that they put this letter out and said, give us all your documents, you have five days.
I mean, you know that the FBI is all over this, but the FBI is controlled by the Democratic Party and the globalists.
But they also know that their own people now understand that they've been part of a eugenics depopulation operation.
And so even people's husbands and wives, as I told you yesterday, at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, highest levels of the national news, people's families are saying, we're not going to be part of this with you.
Remember Bill Gates' wife said, oh, we're not developing planes but microchips and people.
I asked Bill and he said no.
He smiles at her and looks really weird.
And the word is she didn't even know about all this stuff, a lot of it.
So, this is all coming out, ladies and gentlemen.
And the whole secret life of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein and all that's coming out.
And yes, military.com says World War III has already begun.
Yeah, it's insane.
And they've already got us all in our masks and already got us in our hazmat with the COVID drill, which is a real weapon, but weak compared to what they've got.
And now they're letting us know, oh, Fauci's got stuff that kills 80% of humans.
And that's where everybody kisses his ass and is scared of him because he's Dr. Death, man.
He pulls back that black cape and the plague comes out.
So knowing who the different factions are is key.
And knowing what the next moves are going to be is key, and getting ready for it is paramount.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right.
So thank you for joining us.
The Fauci news is the biggest thing in the last 21 months of this hell we've reported.
When it comes to the bioweapons, how they cooked them up, how they released them, and then it's the heart of the whole takeover with the Davos group that directed it.
that came up with a plan, Fauci that implemented it, with their world ID, with their casual society,
with their medical IDs.
I mean, the entire architecture of the world government corporate takeover,
Operation Lockstep, is tied to this.
And the fact that it's come out, that they lied to Congress, they created the weapon,
they obviously released it on purpose, look at all the timing, they suppressed treatments,
they gave us drugs that killed 56% of the folks that took it, Rendezvir.
They censored Congress, they censored the president, They censored you, they censored me.
This is the biggest story ever that this came out.
I mean, I've got the letter from the NIH Director with them saying that he willfully and deliberately lied to Congress.
And see, that's the thing about this, folks.
When all this came out, because people leaked the information and brought it forward, the scientists have been concerned the whole time.
Fauci got up on TV in five exchanges with Rand Paul and said, that is preposterous.
I never, I never did any such thing and no one did and you are stupid.
I am smart, you are stupid.
And then we've got all the videos of him going, thank you for joining us at this ninth annual Gain of Function Conference.
I believe in gain of function.
We are the leaders in developing gain-of-function technology.
So study it and stop future disasters.
Oh, you mean combining five viruses that would never show up naturally?
So now he's like, well, we did a modest one.
You know, modest.
Well, you released a super fancy one.
I mean, to just breed a virus naturally and test it to see and isolate more infectious variants is super gain-of-function.
It's horrible.
That's the bare minimum.
He went light years into splicing viruses by the thousands of different types together.
And again, viruses that kill 80% of humans they come in contact with.
He's now weaponized those so they get into humans out of pigs.
That's the jump out of bats and into pigs.
We covered that on Monday and on Tuesday.
Because that's now coming out.
And so this guy's cooking up stuff.
Let me explain that if it gets out, we'll collapse civilization.
And then there's 600 plus nuclear reactors.
Most of those will break down because no one will be there to take care of it.
They're going to blow up and it'll be like a giant nuclear war.
Because one big reactor blowing up is worse than a hundred hydrogen bombs going off over your country.
Because hydrogen bombs dissipate most of the radiation.
They detonate up in the sky.
They flash down.
When radiation, when radioactive isotopes, when radioactive material is next to other things, it spins off horrible things.
Like Chernobyl.
This would be, if all the reactors went up, they say like 20,000 times worse than Chernobyl.
Chernobyl just had a partial blow up.
And you saw how nice that was.
So we're talking about the end of life on the surface of the earth for thousands of years as we know it, okay?
So that's what these maniacs have done.
So I'm going to explain to all of you that like the movies where the virus gets released by the elite to depopulate and people all agree, well, there are too many humans.
Do you understand you're going to be dead too?
You understand that, right?
You understand we're like one second from this.
Bill Gates and Fauci must be arrested now!
Klaus Schwab must be arrested now!
They must be convicted and they must be publicly hung!
They are Nazis!
They are Communist 2.0!
They are going to kill everybody!
We cannot let them be walking around!
Now, let me explain.
They want me dead.
They want me destroyed because I'm calling out these people.
I'm gonna be dead anyways if we don't stop these people.
This is so seismic, this is so massive.
Now I don't want any harm by individual citizens to go after Bill Gates or Peter Daszak or Klaus Schwab or any of these people.
That will turn them into victims and that is horrible.
Do not do it!
Do not do that!
Continue to destroy them politically.
Continue to attack them with the truth.
And I've been on air every day for months saying, if people in these companies and these corporations and these government institutions don't go public soon, you and your whole family are going to be killed by these globalists that have built all these underground bunkers.
We've got to stop them.
And I've said that to Rand Paul.
I've said that to everybody.
On the record, off the record, I've talked to a bunch of them.
And they know this.
And you're starting to see them get that.
Here's the problem.
We have now reached the Rubicon point here, or the point of no return.
The event horizon.
Where, do you just think the New World Order and the people behind Fauci and Gates, do you think they're gonna stop?
Now that their whole plan's exposed and now they're in so much trouble?
No, they're not.
They're gonna pull a huge war.
Another bioweapon release, much worse.
False flags, I mean, everything's on the table.
Unless they're given an armistice like Napoleon Bonaparte, and unless they're allowed to go into exile.
And I don't want vengeance, I don't want blood, I don't want George Soros, you know, in Nuremberg too, because folks, they can still kill us.
They got a gun to our head.
I'm telling them, just put the gun down, just walk away.
Let's walk away and we'll spare your lives.
Just please don't kill us, okay?
But you're never going to get away with doing this now, and you're not going to be safe in your bunkers if you pull this on us.
So don't kill my family, we won't hurt yours, okay?
Let's just stop.
It's like a Mexican standoff.
Let's just, all of us, let's put our guns down right here.
That's nice.
And let's just stop this right now.
Right now.
Let's stop this right now.
Because this is a bioweapon war.
Directed by major corporations to bring in world government and all their greedy, crazy crap and their world ID and all this stuff.
And it's prophesied it's going to happen sometime in the future.
I'd like it not to happen maybe in my lifetime, maybe now.
Because if you study this algorithm, this thing tries this over and over again.
I mean, there's books written about it 2,000 years ago for a reason.
This is what this thing does.
And so, all I'm saying is, is that we're at a stalemate.
The globalists can't get away with this.
The globalists can still kill us.
And I don't want a civil war.
I don't want to put on a general's outfit.
I don't want to see bombs going off.
And I'm not going to get the general's outfit.
What I'm saying is, I don't have any desire for this.
I have a desire for peace and justice, and I am just going to try as best I can to stop this madness.
This is much more dangerous than the Korean War, much worse than the Cold War, much worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis.
This is the most dangerous time in human history.
No one denies that.
No one debates that.
And what does it mean?
For the globalists, at least this crop, to stop what they're doing.
Obviously, they're going to go slink around and try to re-coordinate and come back again later.
The point is, is that we need to get out of this situation with them now.
And I'm telling you, what I'm bringing up is the best course.
And it probably isn't going to be followed, because everybody has this bloodlust to have a giant cataclysm and a giant destructive process take place.
And our country's run by seriously demonic individuals that have men dress up like women in admiral outfits.
So, but this is nevertheless the course that I believe we should all be trying to take.
Now, I didn't get to the clip, I said I'd get to it in the next segment, but you understand that this giant piece of news is only one part of this.
When we come back, I will give you the rest of the story, and I will play the clips as well.
I have a whole stack of mainstream science and government submitting, and this is why the globalists are in so much trouble.
This is what finally allowed them to go after Fauci in the heart of this.
You don't fight that the virus, you know, you're not protected with the vaccine and all the rest of this.
You fight that, you're fighting a losing battle, because it's too complex for the general public to understand.
But it comes out, they cooked it up and released it, the whole thing goes away.
But that said, you've got to now reverse what's happening with the injections, and you've got to then tell people the mitigating factors that can heal them of what's been done.
And there are processes coming out that can help people that have been injected if they get these treatments soon.
Okay, so we just need to put this war back in the box.
Let's go ahead and lay this out.
Here is Dr. David Martin, PhD, major, top Investor, he's an MSNBC frequent host over the years, knows what he's talking about.
And here he is going back and doing an analysis of how much money Fauci has gotten in his career to weaponize viruses.
And then to have him, it's like saying, it'd be like Michael Jordan testifying to Congress.
And they said, Michael Jordan, you played basketball?
He goes, nope, never played it once, hate it.
Aren't you like a seven, eight time champion or something?
Like the NBA?
What's the NBA?
Well, we have thousands of hours of footage of you being the greatest basketball player of all time.
And he just goes, I've never heard of that.
What is basketball?
Now, Mr. Jordan, you are testifying to Congress.
Under oath that you do not know what basketball is, you never played basketball.
I'm warning you, this is not a joke.
You're under oath.
This is a felony.
Seven years in prison, every lie you tell.
Michael Jordan, I don't know what basketball is.
Well, Mr. Jordan, do you have amnesia?
Let us show you footage of a slam dunk you did.
Michael Jordan says, I can't see.
I can't see what you're doing.
Suddenly, oh, you're now blind.
You can't see.
That's Fauci on Gain of Function.
He's the OG.
He's the pimp daddy.
He's everything.
He's the guy.
For 45 years.
44 years.
So here it is.
190-something billion.
Here it is.
I want this number to stick in your head because this number, unfortunately, was cut out of the movie.
It's been cut out of a lot of things.
So you're not going to have to cut it out of your brain because I'm going to give it to you right now.
Anthony Fauci has spent, listen to this number, $191 billion dollars, not 3.7 million, not
30 million, $191 billion dollars of audited funds for the bioweaponization of viruses
against humanity.
And it's your money that has been spent.
$191 billion.
And do you think you can get any agency or oversight body or any politician to even take that investigation on despite the fact that we have every grant recipient, every person, their address, their phone number, their laboratory.
We literally have the entirety of where that money went.
And not a single investigation agency in this country is willing to look.
This is a bioweapons program designed to kill us.
That's what it is.
And it's not just designed to kill us.
It's designed to kill massive numbers of the population.
We do not have a virus.
We have a biological weapon.
Well said.
Dr. David Martin is amazing.
I had him singled for the show one day.
He had a family emergency.
He had to leave.
He thinks that I dissed him on purpose so it won't come on.
That's not that, but whatever.
I'd love to get him on sometime.
I've already apologized five times, so I'm done talking about it, but he is dead on.
I've done my own research.
I've checked everything he said, and he said this like a year ago.
It's all come out.
We have all the documents, thousands of pages of it.
It is on the record, ladies and gentlemen, that this unfolded.
And now we move on from that.
Now let me move on from that because I want to hit this huge piece of news that ties into all of this.
The fact that the bioweapon isn't just the original virus that was still pretty hard for most people to catch, but if you were run down or had problems, it was a very, very serious attack on your lungs and other parts of the body.
But with whatever's been going around since then, that a lot of studies and tests doesn't show up as COVID-19, but acts just like it, but worse.
We know it's from variants, from simulant, prion sprays that are being put out against red state areas.
That's even come out.
But now from Singapore to Israel, from the UK to the United States, we can run this on the screen for TV viewers.
We have the John Hopkins numbers from three weeks ago, which now the British government's released numbers confirming those, that in the UK, 80 plus percent of the deaths of COVID are from the quote, COVID vaccinated.
And that's not counting people that again, die in the first 14 days after quote, inoculation.
So it's way higher than that.
80 plus percent in the UK.
So here's some of the headlines backing this up.
82% of vaccinated Singapore, Records highest daily coronavirus cases yet, including deaths and illnesses.
Doesn't, quote, make it less severe.
That's not how immunity works.
Tucker Carlson asked the question last night, we'll play that in a moment.
Countries are seeing unusually high other different types of deaths.
That sounds like COVID, looks like COVID, but they're saying, is it COVID?
And it's in the vaccinated.
So countries are seeing unusually high Of all different types of different types of deaths not related to COVID.
And here if you want to find the article and see the link to John Hopkins and see the link to scientists and doctors analyzing the data.
It's in an article written weeks ago and in special reports we did.
John Hopkins data proves COVID shots causing majority of illness and death.
That's from October 10th.
And now that's hitting mainstream news all over the place.
So this is life and death information.
Here's another one.
Don Salazar last week.
Double vax.
Contracted COVID at higher rates than unvaccinated.
UK data shows.
And they're dying at a higher rate.
Now that isn't just Don Salazar saying that.
He links to the British government's own COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report.
And then it's got all these medical doctors and scientists breaking it down like Mercola and others below it.
So you can send this to anybody in your friends or family or neighbors.
It'll wake them up.
Here's some more.
Gibraltar, Iceland, see massive COVID spike despite over 90% of population vaccinated.
Sydney, Australia, all new COVID hospitalizations involve vaccinated individuals except one.
That's WSAU.com.
That's the national government admitting that in press conferences.
Major government report proves COVID vaccines are bioweapons.
Another great video from yesterday, Gregg Reese, with the latest numbers proving it all.
You want to go see that?
That's at band.video in the Gregg Reese section.
Here's a huge one out of the Daily Star.
Double jab Brits with worst lurgy, that means disease ever, could actually have COVID without realizing it.
And they're finding again that they're twice as likely to die Or be in the hospital.
It's both the same number.
There it is, you can read all about it for yourself.
And they're calling it the super cold.
Well, it's called Antibody Dependency Enhancement.
UKHSS looks into super cold amid rise in people dying from it.
Why vaccinated people are dying from COVID-19 doesn't mean the vaccines aren't effective, says CNN.
They go on to say they're extraordinarily effective.
Yeah, what, 3% now?
And then this huge article, Defense Department pulls the bait and switch on vaccines.
We reported this back when it happened a few months ago with Robert Barnes reading the sub, but at least it's in the mainstream news now.
You can pull up these articles where people go, wait a minute, they said it's a fully authorized by the FDA and that's why they approved it, but it was never fully authorized.
And the FDA pulled a fast one and says it's authorized.
If it gets approval in 2026, and I showed you the FDA website yesterday on screen.
Think of the magnitude of these lies.
The only thing bigger is saying that Fauci never was involved in gain-of-function and no one he knew was.
All right, that's just some of what we've got coming up.
I'm gonna hit this tyranny and how we get out of this and how we expose it and how we don't need a civil war over this, just killing each other.
We need to blame the globalists and see how knowing that the vaccine is deadly is meant to make us not go to work or be fired, so society collapses.
So we need to get people to be aware of that, still not go to work, but get the general public to understand why the globalists did this and why they'd want to wreck the economy.
Because a lot of people say, God, the virus must be deadly if the corporations love us so much that they want us to take all these shots or we can't go to work.
No, they've been ordered to by the big banks that own them to implode the economy so they can buy it up for pennies on the dollar.
And speaking of that, I got all the globalist after us more than ever because they want to take us off air.
But your funding is what allows us to stay on air and expand what we're doing and not be shut down.
We're either going to get bigger...
Or we're gonna get shut down.
So I need to get bigger right now, and I got products you need.
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I don't think the Chinese are stupid enough to not understand that if they think these type of weapon systems are not in the U.S.
or Russian arsenal, they're extremely stupid.
Hypersonic glide vehicles.
The United States has had those since the 1970s.
Where do you think the Chinese stole it from?
Because this is not the United States.
This is the New Atlantis.
This is the king daddy, ladies and gentlemen, of all the dark technology.
What the US has, what, like 20 times the submarines of China?
30 times the aircraft carriers?
But then you watch the globalists poisoning our military and all the rest of that.
Oh, they're trying to undermine it to get people in.
They'll accept being part of an evil military.
But China shouldn't take that as a weakness.
It's all about power.
It's all about control.
But yes, it was the Clintons that gave them so much of the technology.
That's coming up next segment.
I'm going to do something right here that's important.
You don't want the globalists to be successful and capture the flag.
You don't want them to be able to take this standard of resistance off the air.
And you've seen the unprecedented moves in the news against us, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, as they say.
The proverbial floating mass of ice, what you see on the surface is maybe 5% of what's going on behind the scenes.
Well, they need to take us off the air because we're the tip of the spear.
And because we've woken up so many people, and because we've woken up so many prominent people, and it's getting more intense by the day.
And so they really blame this show and you, the listeners, that's who they really want to silence, for the fact that the New World Order is in a lot of trouble.
Because if we expose how the power structure works and what its big endgame is, people will then recognize these Machiavellian systems and come together and say no.
And we'll be able to have a better future.
And they don't like that.
And so it's very simple.
We need to stay on air.
We need to be able to launch a lot of new projects like COVID Land Part 1.
There's going to be four other parts.
That's already reached conservatively 15 million people.
If you count all the places it's being downloaded and shared and watched.
Four plus million at Vandod Video alone.
And then tens upon tens upon tens of thousands of DVDs going out with people making copies and getting around the sensors that way.
That's just one thing that we are involved in.
I would not call that of the projects I've got going.
I've got eight big projects we haven't announced or finished yet, but they're close.
And all those projects are bigger than COVIDLAND.
And COVIDLAND was big.
And they did almost all the work, so it was easy for us.
So I don't even, you know, completely count it as one of our projects, even though we're heavily involved in it.
It is a project.
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So here's the big question everybody's got to be asking themselves, and I'm not talking about this great audience of activist listeners that are the tip of the spear.
I'm talking about the millions of people that tune in every day when they go find InfoWars.com, Ford Slash Show, or Bandai Video, or FreeWorldNews.tv, or all other places you can find links to the forbidden, verboten information.
And they tune in to see what all the hubbub's about, And they go, wow, most of them say that was really powerful info, and I went and looked it up and it was true, and I didn't realize how dire the straits were.
And we're not telling you how dire the straits are, how bad the situation is, because we don't think we can get out of it.
I believe in you.
And if you start believing in yourself and believing in God working through you, there's nothing we can't do together.
But it's really very, very simple.
So next segment, I want to play a viral video of a woman predicting COVID pandemic in 2019, warned of global tyranny and vax mandates.
Now, I did the exact same predictions at the time.
I don't know if she's a listener.
I want to get her on.
It's not about credit.
She saw it herself and could see them pre-positioning the propaganda.
And that's what I've explained.
People ask, how do you know there's something beforehand?
Well, I can read the white papers and the books these people have written.
David Rockefeller wrote books saying, I want a world government.
I want to take over.
I don't want general public being able to control their destiny.
I mean, Klaus Schwab says that on the Davos website.
It's linked on Wikipedia on his Klaus Schwab site.
He wants to capture governments of the world and needs to be run by major corporations because they know best.
So people that serve the system unwittingly, are becoming red-pilled, they're becoming decompartmentalized,
and they're finding out that there really is a death sentence for humanity,
and we really are being erased, and we really are being attacked.
And it's being done not to save the earth, but so these globalists can play
God, and they believe become God by merging with machines, and testing all of the cyborg angle of
of immortality they believe they're developing with the genetic
arm of this, and then they've got their quantum study going on about
interdimensional transcendence, but their eye is fixed on immortality artificially.
And that's what they've been promised by their Benefactor.
You may have heard of the Benefactor, but God says, was marooned here on this planet and is not allowed to leave.
Oh, and we're in the cage with it.
You'd say, well, God is a sadist.
No, that's a very loving thing to do.
We are God's children, we're made in God's image, and God wants to test us, and we have free will, so God is going to put us down into the pit.
And I really appreciate that.
Elon Musk is worried about people who talk of AI gods.
Well, a lot of people are critical of Musk and I think he's got his bad side
and Greg Reese had a report attacking him.
I'm saying, sure, I respect Greg Reese and like his perspective,
but Musk has really been signaling he's against the new world order
and all the rest of the stuff lately.
And so that either means he knows they're in trouble and he wants to take over from them, or he really does care about his immortal soul.
I guess only Elon Musk knows that, fellow Austinite.
But, I digress.
Let's get into the real heart of this.
People are coming to the point Of that moment of truth where they say, am I really going to be part of this new world order?
I'm going to be really part of something that destroys myself and my family and my future.
Am I really going to?
Pretend like I'm getting ahead in this system by complying with it, when I can see that it's going to destroy prosperity, destroy security, destroy innocence, destroy every form of freedom.
Do you really want to sign on to give an experimental shot that absolutely wrecks the immune system of little children, and then in rat studies they have given similar mRNA vaccines to them, and it ends up killing the majority of the rats very, very quickly in just a few months or years.
I mean, are you really into child sacrifice?
Because that's what this is.
And is that what you want to be part of?
People have now reached that point.
I'll tell you who's coming up today.
Speaking of these new projects we're launching, one of the most important, if not the most important, I'm developing right now with some great people, and I've got to go do that.
And so I can't do the third hour today.
Owen Schroeder is going to come in and do a great job.
And I shot a little special report with my oldest daughter while we were hiking.
And so it's interesting that that's going to air in the third hour.
And in the fourth hour, we have Wayne Allen Root, who's just amazing.
We're going to turn him loose.
And I don't need to introduce Wayne Allen Root.
He's going to be taking over in the fourth hour.
Then Owen comes back at 3 p.m.
Central with the War Room.
And then I'm going to be doing some other special reports and things.
We're going to be launching a lot of new stuff.
We're going to launch three new things by December.
And then the really big stuff is going to be coming in January.
And you won't know about that until January.
The enemy's got all our phones tapped and everything else.
They know what we're up to.
That's why they're so pissed.
And I really shouldn't gloat, it's not Christian, it's not, but I, I mean, people are trying to kill me and destroy me and stop me, and I just, it makes me super excited, super energized, and I just love kicking their ass politically.
I mean, I love watching these devil worshipers and pedophiles.
That's, I mean, our enemies are pedophiles and Satanists and scum.
I mean, I really like seeing them know that I'm beyond their grasp, and that they can do anything to me, and I just put it in God's hands.
That's what enrages them, Is that my courage is so strong that it's constantly fulfilling me millisecond to millisecond.
It's all God.
I'm not saying I'm... I mean, I don't just have courage about this.
I enjoy this.
And that's been God doing that.
And that's your prayer.
So I'm very humble about that.
But they don't want this spirit, this energy spreading.
Because this spirit right here, they don't like it.
It's a spirit of courage.
And it's a spirit of will.
And it's a spirit of ready to do what it takes.
And ready to go the full measure.
And they don't like that because they like fear.
They like people that are scared of them.
Well, let me tell you something.
I'm not scared of these people.
I'm scared of being cut off from the eternal super being.
From the all-powerful omnipresence.
That is what I want to be in the countenance of.
I want to be on my knees with forever.
I have experienced the energy.
That nothing else can compare to, and I would die a trillion tortured deaths to experience that energy one more time.
And I'm going to experience it for absolute total completion with you.
Not even a debate about this.
I am so absolutely beyond driven to continue to be in that presence forever.
That the enemy's attacks and all of it doesn't even register because this is magnitude upon magnitude upon magnitude.
So perfect, it is unimaginable until you've experienced it.
So let's just stop there.
King David called it the quiet place Of the most high, and that's what you would theoretically call the 11th dimension.
It's just unspeakably, unbelievably good.
Again, because ecstasy is almost something you can't handle.
Ecstasy is low level.
The actual total completion, actual interfacing with eternity, all the past, all the present, all the future, all interconnected forever, and then there's no time.
There's no, there's like, man, I'm going to just be in perfect bliss forever.
How, imagine being Satan, and being in that total completion, And then to saying, I don't want to be with this.
And because that thing is so good, then you wonder why everything the devil does is so bad.
But see, it had to exist, didn't it?
Because free will has to exist.
You can't wave a magic wand and make everybody love God and everybody see this and everybody know this.
You can't do that.
So, there has to be a devil, doesn't there?
Doesn't there?
That's why.
They call that what?
Sympathy with the devil?
Well, I don't really have that at all.
I'm just glad I'm not the devil.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Oh, you got in.
All right, buddy.
Transhumanists gather in Spain to plan global transformation.
If you'll accept a man being a woman, or that two women had a baby.
You'll accept that these computers have rights, and that these human-animal-spliced creatures have rights, and that you have no right but to bow to the failed god of this world and all of its twisted, not creations, but abominations.
Let's play the Tucker Carlson clip first.
I'm going to play viral video.
A woman predicted COVID pandemic 2019, warned of global tyranny and vax mandates, and she said this four months Whether it was ever even anything about Wuhan or the Wuhan pneumonia or any of that.
But first let's play a little bit of Tucker Carlson because that's the other big news here.
Not just that the NIH came out.
And said, yeah, Fauci deliberately lied.
These are quotes.
And misled Congress and everybody else.
He did do this.
And we're giving Fauci and Daszak and all of them five days to give us all of the work you've done ever, period.
Because it's not $3 million or $20 million or $100 million.
It's, like the doctor broke down earlier, $190-plus billion in Fauci's history, funding research into mutation and gain of function.
Again, it's like saying Michael Jordan never played basketball.
It's saying Fauci never did gain a function.
Or, Tom Brady never played football.
Tom Brady was in front of Congress saying, I've never been in the football, I don't know what it is.
You're like, okay, well you're like, what is it, how many time world champion?
Nope, I'm not.
So, it's not even about getting Fauci in prison, that's important.
It's about what does this mean in the power structure this came out?
Well, it means they're getting ready to burn Fauci and Peter Daszak and others to protect the people above them.
And it also means people in government are figuring out, wait, this really is a depopulation operation?
This is really about to happen?
And the mutinies are so big inside the power structure that they're going, hey, we didn't get away with this.
The public knows we did this.
Let's start putting the brakes on this.
Because They had a plan when they start injecting the children and they start dying in masses.
It's already happened in the studies.
What they've been doing?
While they claim it's authorized?
that there's going to end up being people that they're going to start shooting folks.
And I don't want that to happen.
But they intended that to then call people terrorists.
But they know that's not going to work when mad dads and mad moms or neighbors or whatever
or grandparents go after Big Pharma for this bioweapon attack.
They know that no matter how they do it, no matter how many false flags they pull to make
us look bad, the public is just going to go and go, "Yeah, let's go ahead and rise up."
And so they're gauging things and thinking, "We wanted to create a world revolution, a
world meltdown, a world breakdown, but our own doctors, our own scientists, our own lawyers,
our own soldiers, our own bureaucrats, our own nurses are saying no."
I love you.
And so now they're having to back off so many other agendas because it's not working.
Because their agenda of demoralization and destabilization only works if we give up because we don't know who did it.
It's like Hitler wanted to make the Brits give up because they wouldn't give up, so he started bombing civilian targets, and they went from 95% in polls that were against the new war, because they just lost, you know, what was it?
Six, seven million Brits died in World War I. Almost everybody had sons, and dads never came back.
But within a week of Hitler bombing civilian targets, they had a 99% won war.
But see, the globals thought, well, we'll intimidate, attack them, and censor them, and bully them, and take their bank accounts away, and call them Nazis, and censor them.
But they'll never know really who did it, that it's a global combine.
Or they'll just think it's Joe Biden did it.
No, no, we know Joe Biden's a puppet.
We know who did it, ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, Hollywood, the globalists.
I mean, we know all that.
And so you're doing this attack on us, and we know it's you!
You didn't suppress InfoWars.
You failed.
You failed bad.
And I suggest you depart from the field of battle now, okay?
That discretion is the greater form of valor, is it not?
But if it is your will to press the attack, then that is the course we're on.
And it means world war and mass death and billions dead, and it means the globalists dug out of their holes.
The Anglo-American establishment, that has nothing to do with white people, it's the name of the combine, the Anglo-American corporate system will be destroyed in the process of this.
It needs to stop.
It's so evil.
It's trying to absorb the strengths of the West, get rid of Christianity, while it parlays the final strength that it's taking over the world, to then carry out this global operation.
And it's just got to stop.
So now, Tucker Carlson and others are saying, why are all these mystery illnesses out there?
And then he knows they're going to attack and say, he's claiming the vaccine's causing mystery illnesses.
And then he'll go, well, yeah, here's a scientist, ADE was predicted, and now these are ADE symptoms with the people that have the shots.
Now, the next time they come in contact with a regular cold virus, it's way worse than COVID.
That's what the scientists said years ago.
It's what we predicted.
It's what happened.
So, we're going into this winter, and there's going to be a lot of people dying.
It's already happening.
And, of course, they don't test for COVID, because they don't have COVID.
They have ADE.
But it's the same damn thing.
And it kills your lungs.
So let's go ahead and go to Tucker Carlson last night.
Government data from around the world show that so-called all-cause deaths are running well above normal.
This is happening in Western Europe, for example.
What explains this?
What could explain it?
These are not deaths from COVID.
These are deaths directly.
These are deaths from other things.
What are they?
Can you just describe the outline of this?
Because it's a pretty amazing story.
I really am exploring this and have explored this a couple of times on the stack, on the substack, and I'm going to go back into that again.
But let me quickly tell you what we know, which is in the big countries in Western Europe, in several of the big countries in Western Europe, notably the UK and Germany, which are the two of the largest by population, deaths are suddenly running higher than normal.
And that's been true in the U.K.
for several months.
Remember, the U.K.
vaccinated a lot of people early this year.
They've had deaths running higher than normal for a couple of months.
Germany, the vaccinations happened closer to the spring, and they've had deaths higher than normal in September.
We don't know why.
In the U.K., where there's more data, it looks like there's a lot of cardiovascular deaths that are driving this.
We don't know what that means.
In the U.S., there are...
Let's come back, we'll play the whole thing in the next segment and wrap the conclusion.
Yeah, we don't know what that means.
If I walk up to you and shoot you in the head, I don't know why there's blood spurting out of it.
If I pour gasoline on you and light it, I don't know why you're on fire.
Or if I put eggs on top of the skillet and turn it up on high, I don't know why it fries.
I mean, if I go take a dump in the toilet, I don't know why it stinks.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
The damn CDC documents in October said we're going to have microcarditis and heart attacks and all this other stuff.
They knew it!
They knew they did it!
UT did studies with the same type of injections in 2012, in rat studies, for Fauci, and it frickin' killed him with blood clots.
So, but at least it's starting to come out, but we don't have time for this.
We don't have a year for us to all figure out they knew and did it on purpose.
They'll be hundreds of millions dead by them.
You already see the numbers up around the world are, oh, doubles in the heart attacks, doubles in the strokes, triples in little kids dying.
It's all happening from the shots.
Okay, so I know what Tucker Carlson's doing.
He is a journalist, he's very professional, and he knows all this information.
But he is laying a trap for the left, and I'm usually okay with that.
And it always ends up making him be proven right that they're liars, and that's good to discredit them at the same time.
But we don't have time for that, because we don't have time to have the sub-stack journalist on that talks about, yeah, we don't know why people are having myocarditis and heart attacks and platelet counts fall through the floor and brain aneurysms and autoimmune diseases and, you know, 20-fold increase in this type of cancer.
I mean, we don't know why all over the world, right after people take the shots, that's happening.
Because they never did studies that were public, so that's why.
And then they just always just say, okay, we don't know what happened.
That's why they skipped the studies, because they'd already secretly done them and that's come out under other names.
They knew exactly what would happen with this.
This has all been played out.
The only variable is, will you wake up and admit it's happening?
When you're faced with them actually exterminating you and your family and coming for children.
Can you handle the fact that of course they want to abort children before they're born, and now they want to kill them after they're born, and now they want to kill them now.
And they want to erase their immune systems and make them minions of the system in their short, painful lives.
That's in their own internal documents, how they're going to be accelerated customers for the medical system.
Oh yeah.
Giving you diseases that they then treat.
Absolutely evil.
And then they control you through that and control you through the treatments that are coming to make you so sick and so ill you can't live without further gene therapies to counteract the original gene therapy you gave them when they were young.
That's the plan.
Poisoning you and then withholding the cure.
And that's going to be the big issue.
The big issue in the future is going to be how to detox from these things, how to reverse the damage or stop the ongoing damage.
And we've got a lot of evidence on that, a lot of information, and a lot of doctors and scientists are saying, if you've been forced to take the shot or you had to, take ivermectin before, during, and after, and it looks like it's mitigating by not letting your body manufacture as much of the spike protein, and then it basically stops a lot of that effect.
There's been some problems, but it's been a lot better.
Because again, the vaccine gives you what they claim they're fighting.
Again, double jab Brits with worst diseases ever.
That's what lurgy means.
Could actually have COVID without realizing it.
Oh yeah, but then they go get tested and they don't because they don't.
They have ADE.
Antibody Dependency Enhancement.
So here's Carlson introducing the idea and like, oh, we don't know why, but I just showed you on screen.
We'll put it back on screen, Tucker.
Why don't you, Tucker, Have the guy from Substack back on.
And then, you know, that guy can say, oh look, I've discovered that they knew this.
And then he can discover the 2012 UT study.
He can discover the 2013 Baylor discovery.
And he can discover, you know, because we, I don't care who discovers it.
Just let his guests discover it, and then we can send people to prison.
Because I just want to beat these people.
But we don't have time to, like, slowly introduce it to people and then show them and, oh, and then, oh, Tucker implies that the vaccine's killing people.
That's preposterous.
Tucker implies it doesn't protect you.
And, of course, it's all true.
But we don't have time for that.
Just bring it all out.
It's all there.
It's all incontrovertible.
I think people can handle being hit with a two-by-four to wake them up or a cold bucket of water.
We don't have time anymore.
Here's the guest.
Government data from around the world show that so-called all-cause deaths are running well above normal.
This is happening in Western Europe, for example.
What explains this?
What could explain it?
These are not deaths from COVID.
These are deaths directly.
These are deaths from other things.
What are they?
Can you just describe the outline of this?
Because it's a pretty amazing story.
I really am exploring this and have explored this a couple of times on the stack, on the substack, and I'm going to go back into that again.
But let me quickly tell you what we know, which is in the big countries in Western Europe, in several of the big countries in Western Europe, notably the UK and Germany, which are the two of the largest by population, deaths are suddenly running higher than normal.
And that's been true in the UK for several months.
Remember, the UK vaccinated a lot of people early this year.
They've had deaths running higher than normal for a couple of months.
Germany, the vaccinations happened closer to the spring, and they've had deaths higher than normal in September.
We don't know why. In the UK, where there's more data, it looks like there's a lot of cardiovascular deaths that are
driving this.
We don't know what that means. In the US, there has been an excess in mortality in people under 50 that has gone on for
two years now, and we have a terrible number of deaths happening in people
that age.
Some of those deaths are COVID.
Some of those deaths appear to be lockdown-related or, i.e., drug overdoses, which we know are running really high.
But in the last few months, even as COVID deaths fell in the spring, deaths in that age group remain very high in the U.S.
And again, there's a couple possibilities.
One possibility is that some COVID deaths are being miscounted, although we count COVID deaths very aggressively.
Another possibility is that is that it's these lockdown/drug overdose deaths, although
Europe doesn't have nearly the problem that we do with that.
Another possibility, and I hesitate even to say this out loud, Tucker,
because I know what the response will be, is that this is cardiac-related
and it is something to do with the mass vaccination campaigns.
But, you know, we don't have evidence.
We don't have enough evidence to separate what the possibilities are.
All we know is that people are dying at unprecedented rates in the U.S.
in the 30 to 50 age group, the 20 to 50 age group, and now we're seeing excess mortality in some European countries, and we really should find out why.
Yeah, Alex Berenson is a smart guy and I'm glad he's on there.
We have a couple articles about him today.
He says the media's agenda is not to mislead people, but to demoralize them.
And that's absolutely true.
That's what they're doing to everybody.
That's another article on Infowars.com.
But I have right here from the FDA's own website and the CDC, a list of adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine in October.
That's three months before they rolled it out.
And, oh, look at the list!
It's microcarditis, and Guillain-Barre, and narcolepsy, and anaphylaxis, and just everything else we said.
Oh, okay.
If you want to find it, here's the original article from back in July.
Oops, FDA.
We didn't find out about it until then.
Accidentally reveals list of COVID vaccine side effects, including microcarditis, autoimmune disease, and death.
Well, that'll mess up your day.
Oh, but this is from a couple weeks ago.
John Hopkins data proves COVID shots causing majority of illness and death.
You know, I've got hundreds of really interesting articles and things that are new, but I just keep going back to this every day because that's John Hopkins!
And all over the world, right when the shot starts, death skyrockets.
Illnesses, everything else.
And then I've got it all over the world admitting it!
So, what are we going to do about this?
I mean, again, they think that we just are hit with something this evil, we can't handle it.
I'm going to go on a break and I will get to viral video of a woman predicting COVID pandemic in 2019, warned of global tyranny and vax mandates.
And then I'm going to hit some other geopolitical and China missile news.
But this is a globalist anti-human revolution and they are actually meeting in Spain and declaring they're about to forcibly transform humanity.
We'll talk more about that as well separately.
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Welcome back, my friends.
I want to just say something about the listeners and viewers and about the crew and about everybody that supports us here.
You are a family.
We are a family.
And it's been quite a journey and we're in this together.
And I'm just very thankful for all of you because I am just a focal point in this fight, and it is all of you that are just as important or more important than I am, and I want you to know that, that despite the fact that you may get demonized and attacked or things get rough sometimes, I understand that you're part of something that's connected to God, and that means you're with God, and you are connected to God's creation, and God loves you.
And God really loves you.
That's why you're listening to this show.
That's why I'm here as well.
This is a blessing and we are all tied together in worship of the Creator, thanking the Creator for consciousness and not being selfish and then creating other entities that could share in this universe.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you.
And we understand your will and we follow it.
We don't know all your mysteries, but we understand it will be with you in eternity, and we thank you for the gift of consciousness.
All right.
Let's get to this, because before I play this lady's clip, I want to play the evil premiere In one of the Australian states, speaking at a news conference, Andrews commented he's unsure why the state of New South Wales has set a timetable for easing restrictions on the unvaccinated.
He said it won't be happening in Victoria and you'll never wait him out, you will take the shot.
And they're going, I was reading last night, To remote Australian areas that are 600 miles from a town that no one ever visits, that you have to get to by boats, because helicopters can hardly even go 600 miles, and that they're forcibly injecting the Aborigines who don't even, aren't going to be around COVID.
And the Aborigines are fighting back.
So, I mean, they're hunting down people in the middle of the desert.
To make them do this, and the Aborigines are running from them, because they say they've injected us before and our babies die when they give us shots.
They're not stupid.
So they're all holed up with their bows and arrows waiting to, you know, kill the UN people.
I mean, that's how crazy this is.
Here it is.
Like, why would you get the system going?
Why would you have the thing up and running and then essentially pull all that down, pull all the architecture that you've built, all the infrastructure that you've built, the culture that you've changed, why would you change that four or five weeks later?
We will not be doing that here.
I'm not going to say to someone, oh look, just wait us out, will you?
Just wait four or five weeks and then you'll be able to go to the pub.
If you make the judgment to not get vaccinated and you reckon you can wait out us or the
publican or whoever you want to think you're waiting out, you won't wait out the virus
because the virus will be here for a long time and your only protection against it is
being vaccinated.
This will be well into 2022, well and truly into 2022.
Then we're going to get into booster issue so it won't be your first and second dose,
it'll be have you had your third.
And then the other issue will be, well, who knows what variants coming?
Who knows?
Like we don't.
So, we've got every reason to be confident.
We've got every reason to be optimistic and upbeat.
Shut it down.
I can't listen anymore.
I mean, you want to see something as bad as Hitler?
I mean, you're looking at it.
That is an enemy of humanity.
And then they go on to say it's never gonna end, it's never gonna stop, and there's gonna be more shots.
You see?
Oh, and by the way, they kill you.
So here is viral video, woman predicted COVID-19 pandemic 2019, born to global tyranny and vax mandates.
I'm gonna get her on.
She's got a current channel, she's posted videos, they're excellent, just this week.
Watched four of them last night.
This is what's going to happen globally if we don't wake up, the YouTuber accurately predicted.
And again, the video uploaded to YouTube September 20, 2019 is going viral after predictions made.
The post ended up coming true over the next couple of years.
The video shot almost four months before the World Health Organization first announced mysterious coronavirus-related pneumonia was being found in Wuhan, China.
Posted on the YouTube channel of Cabin Talk, a woman named Claudia told her followers, they're planning a pandemic.
I'm so sure of it.
And then she predicted that Bill Gates would run it and it would be a global government, global takeover.
Here it is.
Hi guys, it's Claudia with Cabin Talk and I am just about to lose it, okay?
They are planning a pandemic.
I am so sure of that.
First of all, Bill Gates said there will be a pandemic and at least 30 million people will die.
Then, just now, Trump signed an executive order That there is going to be a new task force to make a better flu vaccine and a faster flu vaccine because in case there is a pandemic, we are not prepared enough.
And I am just about beside myself.
He signed an executive order to create a flu vaccine task force.
I mean, how much more clear can it get that we have mandatory adult vaccines just around the corner?
Just around the corner, okay?
This is where we are at in this country.
And I tell you something, if there is a pandemic, Anywhere, there will be global everything.
Because you know what?
You know what will happen?
All the countries will say, well, oh, we have to rally together because with airplanes, the viruses can travel so fast, and we all globally implement the same damn laws, which will be mandatory vaccines with toxic sh** in our bodies that has not at all been proven effective or safe.
But that's where we're heading.
That is exactly where we're heading.
Exactly where we're heading.
And by the way, in California, they already passed a law that some little cho-schmo at some little health department in bumfuck nowhere can decide that, oh, three people, five people have the same thing.
I need to implement martial law.
And that little cho-schmo can implement martial law.
I mean, what else do we need?
What else do we need to wake up?
I mean, the Trump executive order.
Anybody thought that any president is better than any other president?
Excuse me, where have you been?
And don't forget to go voting again because there will be change.
There will be so much change in the next election.
Maybe we get another Democrat.
Oh, my God.
I mean, I can't even.
I can't even.
Like, this is what is going to happen globally if we don't wake up.
I mean, what else is there?
What else do you need to know?
Honestly, what else do you need to know?
The pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare industry is paying Is paying doctors bonuses for shooting us up with shit. Whether that's chemotherapy or whether that's vaccines doesn't even fucking matter.
They get fucking bonuses, okay?
For destroying children by the age of 2.
10 mandatory vaccines by the age of 2.
With multiple doses, by the way, not just 10 vaccines.
Multiple doses.
And if the pediatrician is a good little pediatrician working for the cabal, then they will do that and then they get $400 per child.
Did you ever think about that?
$400 is like a nice little new car for a hundred kids.
For a thousand kids, you can get yourself a nice new house.
But Trump just signed the executive order that we need a flu vaccine task force to make more vaccines faster.
And if there will be a place to go globally where it is better, I would go.
But you know what?
This is the epicenter.
The United States of America corporate The United States of America Inc.
is the epicenter of the problem.
It's the epicenter of where it all starts.
And if we collectively don't stand up to this utter bullshit, then you know what?
Forget it.
It's gonna be game fucking over.
Tuesday at 10 o'clock in Vermont, in Montpelier.
We are going to the health department with packet inserts.
And if you want to join me, join me.
We're meeting in front of the statehouse 10 a.m.
Tuesday morning.
Come with me.
We need to be people and ask them how they can make something mandatory.
How they can make something mandatory for the kids that has the risk of death.
Not just injury.
That's what I want to know from the health department.
That's what I want to know.
How they can make something that carries the risk of death for children mandatory.
There you have it.
Mandatory adult vaccines is just around the corner.
All we need is a little pandemic and there you go.
There you have it.
And you know what?
The other 271 vaccines that are in the making right now are not going to go in the trash can.
They're going to go into your body.
If you don't stand up now into your body, and I don't care if you believe in vaccines or not, if you believe that they are good and safe and have cured the plague, I don't care.
It doesn't matter to me.
What I want is to decide over my body what goes into my body.
If you want to get the vaccines, go right ahead.
Knock yourself out.
But I want to also decide whether I want that in my body and parents should be able to decide whether it goes into their children's bodies.
And nobody else should be allowed to do that.
Nobody else should be allowed to make that decision ever!
And that's why, you know what?
That's why every single person should be behind vaccine choice.
This is the land of the free and the brave, or is it the land of the sheep and the slave?
That's what you need to decide right now because we don't have a lot more time.
Right now is the time to decide that.
Not tomorrow.
Make your mind up today and fight for that right.
Fight for that right.
But here's the thing.
She's put out a new video saying I did not predict the future.
That's her newest video on her channel.
I simply paid attention.
And that's what I keep telling all you.
You saw me 10 years ago, 12 years ago, say exactly what she just said there.
Did I tell the future?
These damn people are out to get us.
I mean, I told you a year ago.
In Australia, they'll say it's permanent and more shots.
He just said it to you.
And then I told you a year ago with top scientists 16, 18, 19, 20 months ago that the shots will cause autoimmune
disease and blood clots because that's what vaccines for coronaviruses do.
And all over the world.
This is in Brazil, but there's also new footage coming out.
Similar things I saw last night in.
Very remote areas of Australia.
Because, again, when all the white folks showed up there on prison ships, they wanted to stay on the coast.
It's a beautiful jungle.
But 95% of Australia is mountains and desert and giant, beautiful lakes that are in the middle of deserts.
I mean, people have been there.
They say it's insane.
It's like Planet of the Apes type architecture or landscape.
It's just amazing.
Natural architecture.
And the Aborigines aren't stupid.
They've been sterilized and killed in eugenics.
They run.
And so, yeah, that's what's going on.
Owen's going to be taking over.
I'm going to do a little bit more time here.
We're going to come back.
But I've just got to recap the top stories.
This is the biggest show we've ever done.
And you notice, he keeps every few weeks, he's the biggest, the biggest.
These things just get bigger and bigger.
I got to hit this China news.
He'll take over at about 15 after.
Separately, again, we need funds right now to really take the global storm point blank range.
I can't just sit here at this size.
We're either going to implode or we're going to massively expand.
That's just the way this works.
And I've decided to just take it to the new world order.
I've almost closed on selling my house so I can get extra money to throw it all into the fight.
I mean, I intend to spend everything I've got to just maximize right now, historically, to get the word out and do a whole bunch of exciting things.
But the money I'll make on my house, even though Austin prices have doubled in the last few years, it'll just be Enough to help a few of the projects.
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It's not just a stimulant, it creates a nootropic effect that's amazing.
Waging war on corruption, crashing the lies and disinformation.
I'm out on the streets.
I'm stalking the night.
I can hear their heavy breathing.
Paid for the kill, but it doesn't seem right.
There's something there I don't believe in.
All the people inside the NIH, the FDA, all of them know when they're killing people.
Know when it's a corporate takeover.
Now figuring out that they're all expendable too.
And it's all just a shot in the dark.
And once you sign on to Killing Kids, you're cut off from God, and your ass belongs to Satan.
You wanna work for Satan?
Here's your chance.
I'm here to make sure you know that choice is being made right now.
All right, here we go.
What a time to be alive right now.
I mean, again, I could do 10 hours.
I may just do an emergency broadcast tonight after I get through with this very important mission I'm about to be on here and some things we're up to.
I mean, we should be running around in the streets with honking cars handing out flyers about this.
I mean, the guy that ran the federal government bioweapons program cooked this up and released it on us for Bill Gates, the new world order, to take over.
And they're doing it with a world ID rolling out, with martial law all over the world, and force injections, and then the NIH.
National Institutes of Health burns Fauci and burns them.
Oh, and here's the key.
I was already thinking this.
Where's my phone?
I was already thinking this at the start of the show, and I meant to get to this.
Then I saw emails popping up from people, from friends and others, and I just want to say this right now.
I'm not going to say who the friend is.
I'm going to remember what they said.
The subject is Fauci.
As a result of the NIH admission, with respect to Fauci and his viral activities, This is now the time for Trump to stand up in front of the American people and admit that he was misled, lied to, and made a huge mistake with warp speed.
If he would then admit to the people that we are under attack by the actions of the involved traitors, American patriots would awaken as one and the Democratic Party would crack.
It is time Trump, Alex, passed this on to him regards.
Yeah, I can get that message to Trump and I have gotten that exact message to Trump.
And I'm just going to leave it at that.
And then the response I get is...
Being followed around and death-threaded and all the rest of it just gets ten times worse.
The phones are tapped.
They know what Roger Stone goes in and tells him.
They know all of it.
I'm not trying to knock on, you know, talk about how great we are here or whatever, but you've seen Trump come out and say, people have a right to not take it now, and I think the booster shots are a scam.
We said Trump, just at least do that.
Because it's going to come out what Fauci did and how they set you up.
And I mean, I have people that are in the meetings, okay, and Trump's like, I just can't believe it.
It's really hurting people.
I don't believe that.
Well, I took it, you know, and I'm like, well, sir, you probably weren't actually given it.
We're not going to take that risk.
So they give Trump stuff that works like Regeneron.
He got better in five hours.
Like he said, he's like, I feel better than I ever felt.
Good God.
What the hell is this stuff?
So when people put 20 million white blood cells in your ass, you're going to feel better.
So I don't know what to say at this point, okay?
But what that individual said is dead on, and Trump is a great asset and ally of freedom overall.
I know he's good, I know he means well, but if he doesn't extricate himself out of this... I mean, let me tell you, he's got a bunch of low-grade morons around him who got rich off their dad's own success, and you know, his dad helped him, but he deserved it.
Trump's smart, he got a lot done.
But if Trump won't save his own ass, I can't do it.
So, that's where I'm at.
But as for me?
I mean, that vaccine is a bioweapon and is a damn assault on humanity.
And it's all coming out.
So Trump better get his ass in gear right now that he was set up by Fauci, or they're going to connect it to him.
Something we predicted over a year and a half ago.
And they're walking on the fighting side of all of us.
Now coming after our children.
They've already done the experiments and killed a bunch of them.
Suppressed it.
To erase our children's immune systems and then give them antibody dependency enhancement that kills them better than a hammer.
Be a warning to you.
I told Fauci we'd get him.
And all glory goes to God.
Let me just say this again.
If you don't know, and you're hiding under a rock, and you just tuned in, Owen Schroeder's taking over.
We have a very special guest host.
We're now en route in the fourth hour.
I'm going to be leaving because I got to keep my powder dry and I've got some really important things that have to be done on the timetable for part of our Operation Victory that you'll be learning about in the future.
So I got a lot of irons in the fire and we're going to be working very hard on completing these phases of our resistance operation.
And we expect to be attacked for it, and that is exactly where we want to be.
Not because we're masochists, but because we've got to get this thing off of us, and we're going to do it, because we've got the will, and we've got the information, and we've got the history, and we've got the God behind us.
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
NIH admits Fauci lied about funding Wuhan gain-of-function experiments.
It's all over the news.
And Fauci's going, well, I did actually.
I did a little bit of it.
So, because he doesn't want to say the NIH is lying about it.
Oh, and the NIH, here's the letter.
I think Owen's going to read part of this coming up next segment.
And they are now publicly saying that they are ordering EcoHealth Alliance and Fauci and all the rest of them and Peter Daszak to release all of their documents to them within five days.
So what does it mean now that the rats are leaving the sinking ship?
Well, it means that people don't want to go to prison, and it means individuals at the top of the NIH, because they've already had so many resign, so many be fired at the FDA and the CDC, and that Biden has announced That on Halloween he's going to announce, he's announced he's going to announce that it's approved.
And he says, I don't care who I fire, who I get, if I have to get down to the janitor, this has come out in the news, that janitor at the FDA is going to approve giving down to five-year-olds these shots and saying they're safe and effective.
They already lied and said that the FDA said they were safe and effective for 15 and up.
None of that ever happened.
None of it's approved.
It's not approved until 2026.
And so, Fauci and Gates and all of them, and Obama's minion, Biden, is playing chicken with these bureaucrats.
And the bureaucrats are like, people are dying everywhere.
We really killed people.
We got set up.
They think it's a bureaucracy.
We're about to go along with them, thinking, that's why they put pedophiles in the Catholic Church, or pedophiles in the Boy Scouts, or pedophiles in all these groups, so that then, when the pedophile first gets busted, It'll be in a jurisdiction where corrupt police come and say, listen, we'll cover this up.
Don't worry about the child porn.
Don't worry about the rape kid.
Just work with us on some other things.
And most institutions go, okay.
When they tried to set us up with that, I went crazy on air and threw it right back in their damn dirty faces.
Because, you know, I don't fear them.
I fear God.
But, but that, I mean, yeah, of course they tried to set us up with that.
So that's what these people do.
It's who they are.
So we are now.
We are now at this point, ladies and gentlemen, and it's the same thing.
They corrupt all the scientific institutions by having them launch a bio-attack that they don't know has been launched.
Then once the bio-attack becomes evident, they then circle the wagons against us and double down.
But in a lot of jurisdictions like India and other areas, they've actually thrown these systems out.
They've thrown them out of African countries.
Five African countries threw out these people and they killed all their presidents, but still, the next president didn't go along with it either.
You gotta give it to the Africans.
You gotta give it to the Aborigines.
You gotta give it to people all over the world.
They've learned what's going on with this UN shot garbage.
Because I guarantee you, those men that got killed, those presidents that got killed, not going along with it, Oh, the Haitian president, they killed him too, so he wouldn't do it.
Well, you know what?
I think they're a little more worried about God and what would have happened if they had gone along with killing their own people.
Because, I mean, you do stuff like this, you're damned to eternity in a black hole with all this energy that doesn't want to be part of God's universe.
Separation from God.
And so, that's where we are.
But the seismic level of this, and what's gonna come out of this now, everybody's like, hey, you're gonna cover Merrick Garland, he's getting grilled about the FBI spying on parents of public school kids.
Hey, it's coming out, they wouldn't let Jim Jordan play a video, but the Democrats are allowed to play a video.
That's censorship, yeah!
That's authoritarian, exactly, but that's all icing on the cake.
It's like you get a big old T-bone steak and like, potatoes and stuff.
The steak is the main deal.
And the steak is, they're rolling this out against our children, and it poisons them and kills them, and they think they're gonna get all the lawyers and doctors and nurses and the bureaucrats on board with killing people, and then when it turns out it is killing everybody, they'll keep dabbling down, you see, and say, oh no, actually, boosters are the answer!
That's Stockholm Syndrome.
That's forcing you into supporting the abusers.
But it's not gonna work.
And they now know, whoa, all over the world, people aren't buying into this, and all of the major scientists, I mean, almost all of them, the major medical unions, the coroner's unions, the epidemiologist's unions, the doctor unions, the nurse unions, all the unions, from Japan to Germany to France, the U.S.
are saying, this is a holocaust, this is horrible, what are you doing?
We were all just supposed to kill each other and not know what was happening and be confused and go burn down the police station.
The cops are all quitting, saying, we're with the people.
They go feed the homeless.
You're screwed, New World Order.
We're not going to go kill the cops.
We're not going to blow up FBI buildings.
We're not going to even go to Fauci's house and burn it down.
We're going to burn your lives down politically by exposing you monsters.
And when you hit me, I say, thank you, sir.
May I have another?
Because while you're blasting all your political flack up at me, I'm over the target with big, old, juicy, giant slabs of truth.
And I'm dropping them on you every day.
And so I just feel like a warm kiss on my cheek, and a nice loving dagger running right in my spleen, because I know I'm up against you.
And while you think you're stabbing me in the gut, you feel those tentacles and those big bogus stricter arms breaking your fricking ribs politically?
You feel that?
You ain't getting out of that ever!
And I'm going to be your tombstone.
You understand that New World Order?
Yeah, you know it, don't you?
So, Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.
The dogs of war I'm talking about is information warfare and the truth.
The bombs I'm talking about are intellectual.
The revolution I'm talking about is velvet.
It's beautiful.
It's sexy.
It's real.
And it's what the people want.
We are going to people the stars together.
It's God's will.
We are going to go to the next level.
We are going to transcend Bill Gates and other selfish demonic creatures.
I'm going to go on a break.
Owen Schroeder is going to take over.
I did a little special report on my daughter.
It's kind of quirky and funny and interesting.
I shot it myself real quick.
I didn't even know I was going to put it on here.
That's the last segment of this hour.
Then Wayne Allyn Root takes over.
But Owen is going to come in and host two powerful segments.
He's always doing a great job.
He's been on fire lately.
So is Harrison Smith.
He's taking over.
I'm going to go do some really important stuff.
And then Lord willing, I'll be back tomorrow with a Friday transmission.
Don't forget, I'm trying to get funds in right now, like when you swing, get your fist ready, pull it back, and try to throw it as hard as you can.
And as you fund us, and you support us, and you pray for us, and you spread the word, it's just... You just put that real power on that punch.
And so go to infowarestore.com and symbiotically get products that are great for you and your family, while you fund the info, or while you let us charge up for the main assault, while you give your energy and will to us, we give it right back to you, because this isn't Satan's system, it's God's system, where we make each other stronger together, rising together, our wills together.
With God directing us is unstoppable.
And we will defeat the New World Order.
We will break its will.
We will bring it down, ladies and gentlemen.
And in the process of that great collision, we will found new civilizations together.
I need the funds.
And with supply chain breakdowns and everything else happening, I told you food prices would be up 30-40% a year ago, but in a year they are.
And if we don't turn this around, disastrous, major war, you name it.
You need storable food, we've got the best ready to ship.
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Infowarrestore.com and a limited supply of Brain Force Ultra.
Experience the ultimate nootropic.
Okay, Alex has stepped out of the studio.
Owen Troyer now in the seat here in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
And I'm just trying to think of how to follow up with the last two hours plus of a powerful Alex Jones Show.
The trend that we're seeing is only going to continue.
This is the story.
This is the name of the novel.
This is the title.
It's The Great Reset vs. The Great Awakening.
The Great Reset vs. The Great Awakening.
That is what we are in the middle of right now.
We've been here leading the charge for The Great Awakening for decades, and The Great Awakening, though, is starting to take a wider effect as more people, just through existence and wanting to be free and pushing back against the system, realize that there is a battle for the future of America going on right now.
There is a war for the hearts and the minds and the souls of America and the world going on right now.
So, when you're seeing Top FDA officials quitting, and you're seeing scientists refusing to get the vaccine, and you're seeing NIH officials stepping down and calling out Fauci, and you're seeing nurses quitting because they don't want to get the vaccine, they're calling out the dangers of the vaccine, and now you're seeing athletes
There's a media blackout.
There is a media blackout.
Including Fox News.
I mean, I don't know.
Fox News hosts, I'm sure, could cover it.
more kind of popping their heads out and saying something about freedom and that
movement is growing. There's a media blackout. There is a media blackout
including Fox News. I mean I don't know Fox News hosts I'm sure could cover it
they just figure they don't have enough airtime to cover it.
They want to cover whatever it is they want to cover, so they don't give it any airtime.
We don't have teleprompters here.
We don't have scripts here.
We don't have big corporate sponsors telling us what we can and can't say, so we can cover it.
We can do our best to cover it.
I don't even have enough time to cover it.
It's nationwide.
California, New York, Texas, Florida, Washington, Chicago, Michigan, Just everywhere.
You have mass protests happening against the vaccine mandates, against Anthony Fauci.
It's kind of like how you saw mass protests, mass peaceful protests, against the steal of the 2020 election.
Well, now it's bigger.
Now it's against the vaccine mandates.
But there's a total media blackout on that.
So, as it's said, the revolution won't be televised.
But this is a revolution of people's minds, this is a revolution of people's awareness, this is a revolution of the average citizen realizing that it can take control of its destiny, or better yet, that the government has had a desire to take control of its destiny and has, and now they want to take it back.
So I think you're only going to see more people step up and stand out in the realm of professional sports or in the realm of media where you wouldn't expect it or science.
Who knows if the people that left the FDA or the NIH or other bureaucracies because they didn't want to be a part of Fauci's criminal activity anymore.
Maybe they start doing interviews and Saying things that, of course, we've been saying for a while, but okay, now, hey, somebody else said it, so it's good now.
Now we can cover it.
Now we can talk about it.
But, if we don't see justice, if we don't see a punishment for Anthony Fauci, at least for lying under oath, but that should just be the beginning.
That should just be the entry point.
You know, that's how Prosecutors work is you gotta find an entry point.
You gotta find something.
You got a big fish.
We gotta hook him with something.
You may think he's doing big crimes.
You may know he's doing big crimes, but you gotta find something to hook the big fish to bring him in.
Then you can get the big crimes.
Well, this is the hook.
Fauci lying under oath.
It's he now basically admits it.
I don't know how he could worm his way out of this one.
Fauci lying under oath.
If we can't at least have Charges against Fauci for lying under oath and perjury.
At least to hook this big fish, this big criminal fish.
Then we have nothing.
And, you know, I do have a lot coming up obviously on the War Room that I host for three hours a day.
And I'm going to be covering a video That broke yesterday when I was on air and I couldn't really properly cover it because I was just kind of seeing it for the first time and I had all the other stuff on my desk and all the other video clips but it was outside of Netflix where you had a walkout, a staged walkout because Dave Chappelle made a joke and Netflix employees are delicate little snowflakes I guess or whoever it is that's out there and they attack this man
And they rip up his sign.
His sign, I think, says that jokes are funny, or he likes Dave Chappelle.
It's one of those two things.
It's either jokes are funny, or I like Dave.
And so this radical leftist mob takes his sign, rips the sign off, and then he's just left with this wooden stick, and they say, he's got a weapon!
He's got a weapon!
And then, of course, he's... I mean, they literally ripped the sign off of his wooden pole, The sign he's holding up, and they rip the sign off and break it and throw it on the ground, and then they say, oh look, he's got a weapon.
And let me explain where that goes, but let me, let me, another element here that I just saw.
A teacher, I'm gonna be covering all of this on the war room, but a teacher does a video where she says that, and you saw the FBI do this, saying that parents are domestic terrorists.
Parents That want to know what their kids are being taught in schools are terrorists.
So combine what are we doing here?
Let's combine these two instances.
Oh, okay.
My political opposition, I guess, which is just parents that want to raise their kids.
Somehow that's your political opposition.
That's a weird stance to take on the issue, but that's how they feel.
It's their duty to indoctrinate and raise the children.
So they look at parents as political opposition.
And then the radical leftists in the street, here's a guy who likes Dave Chappelle, doesn't want to see comedy cancelled, and he has a sign, so we're going to rip the thing off, we're going to rip his sign down, and then we're going to say he has a weapon.
Okay, so what have you just done?
Well, you've just labeled your political opposition a terrorist, which is obviously untrue.
Okay, what have you just done?
You've just taken a man standing there with a sign, And then turned his sign, what you call, into a weapon.
And that's the video that you're showing here.
And so, you know, maybe I'll just do that when we come back, before we go to Alex Jones in the park, which I actually watched the video this morning.
I actually thought it was funny.
It's just, you know, Alex Jones is one of the most misunderstood men in the world.
And, you know, I get it when you don't know somebody and you kind of see them from a 10,000 feet view and you make all these assumptions.
And so there's all kinds of political commentary on Alex that I just laugh because I know Alex.
I'm like, you guys have no clue.
So maybe I'll play the video of the guy yesterday, and I'll explain what they're setting us up for, folks.
So it's just like Fauci.
If Fauci can't be charged for perjury, and if these radical leftist mobs can't be disciplined, you know where it goes next, right?
So yesterday, there was a staged walkout of Netflix employees that are upset that Dave Chappelle makes jokes that they don't like.
And who knows what the numbers of Netflix employees that walked out versus just radical leftists that showed up to add to the numbers.
Who knows what the split there is, but the point is there were probably maybe close to a hundred of them protesting that Dave Chappelle makes jokes and that Netflix would dare have Dave Chappelle on their platform.
And a couple individuals showed up in support of Dave Chappelle and in support of comedy and free speech.
Small handful, maybe four or five.
In fact, we're going to try to get this gentleman on.
I'm told he's a big fan of the Alex Jones Show.
So we're going to try to get the individual on in this.
And the guy that shot the film is actually a pretty popular podcaster in his own right.
And so let me just show you the video.
I'm just going to shut up because that was my problem is when when it broke yesterday I was kind of talking over it and quite frankly kind of having like relapses of myself when I've been in the middle of these radical mobs.
And so I get a little I get a little frenzied.
So I'm just going to play the clip and then I'm going to explain.
What it is we're being set up for, and how it ties into Fauci's future, or if Fauci can be charged for his crimes, is the same as if these radical leftist mobs are ever disciplined.
So here's what happened outside of Netflix.
Again, a bunch of radical leftists that don't like free speech, upset that Dave Chappelle exists, and then two or three people that like Dave Chappelle show up just to hold a sign that says, I like jokes, and they get assaulted.
And here's the video.
And the radical leftist mob surrounds him and rips his sign off.
And watch what they do next.
He's got a weapon!
He's got a weapon!
He's got a weapon!
Uh oh!
He's got a weapon!
So then they say, oh, he's got a weapon after they rip the sign off of his wooden pole.
And then again, they just body him and get in his face.
And you know, pause it real quick and rewind it, because upon further review of this, I know I said I would shut up.
Upon further review of this, you know, it actually looks like there's probably maybe 50 or less of these radical leftists, and then there's just like 50 or more members of the media.
And so this is how this works every time.
The left announces some sort of event, a protest or whatever, and it
gets mass media push, and all the media companies, no matter how big or small,
send journalists out there.
The same thing happens in Austin. Now, I could have an event in Austin, and we've done it dozens of times,
I can have an event in Austin where thousands of people show up, and no media will be there.
Except, obviously, InfoWars and then a couple other independent media outlets that follow InfoWars and cover our events.
So you'll maybe have five, ten max media.
It's never mainstream news.
It's never the local media.
And we have them right down here at the Capitol in Austin.
And the local media, local news, is literally just catty-corner to the Capitol.
They could be there in five seconds when they saw our events.
And they don't send anybody.
So we don't get any coverage.
A leftist has an event, it's all the media.
And so I've seen the dynamic play out in Austin.
Like they had a pro-mask rally.
A pro-mask rally.
I mean, slap me silly if I'm at a pro-mask rally, but I go there to cover it, and it's got 50 members of the media out there.
Mainstream media, local media, camera crews, reporters, everything.
And there's maybe 10 to 15 actual pro-maskers there holding the event.
In other words, more media than actual event attendees.
So it looks like that same thing is playing out there.
In this event there down by Netflix.
But okay, so he's got a sign, he's got like a broomstick or something with a sign on it.
He's holding it up and says, I like Dave.
They rip the sign off the broomstick and then they say, look, he's got a weapon insinuating he brought a broomstick to the event as a weapon, which is obviously there's them fabricating it.
And it's the same guy that rips it off that says it.
Now you think about that.
I don't even know what you call that.
That That activity, that action, I mean, again, that is beyond a liar.
That's somebody punching you in the face, you're staring at him, he punches you in the face, and then points at, like, a little girl playing on the swings on the playground down the road.
Says, that little girl punched you in the face.
Says, sir, I just watched you slug me right in the eye.
I mean, you're a train driver.
That little girl on the swing set down there punched you?
How dare you?
He rips the sign off and says, look, he's got a weapon.
A child doesn't even behave like that.
These are evil, evil people.
Why are they always leftists?
I don't know.
But so, okay, now they claim he's got a weapon, so let's pick it up from there.
So notice, the same guy that rips his sign down and takes his sign, that's assault.
So the guy assaults him.
And then yells he's got a weapon.
Now there's the leftist cult members that don't want anybody engaging in a conversation with him.
They know it's not a weapon.
They know they're liars.
I'm not just talking to the camera.
They know it's not a weapon. They know they're liars. They know they're scum.
One guy paid 30 bucks for an AOC t-shirt, a communist.
I'm just here to say that jokes are funny, people.
Dave Chappelle is a funny guy.
I love Dave.
I don't know why all the violence.
I don't know why.
And just look at the psychotic left, banging tambourines, banging wooden sticks with their
How is that not a weapon?
So, oh, his is a weapon, not theirs though.
They took my stick!
My stick!
They took it!
Listen to them howling like demons or goons.
I mean, you could cut that out and use it as movies, as just like demonic ghoul sounds.
Just like generic ghoul sounds.
And so there's some of the confrontation.
Again, I've been in these crowds, I unintentionally created that entire genre of content with Aides Skrillex and Carl the Cuck, you may remember, in 2016.
Where I just exist as a Trump supporter and I'm just radically attacked by a mob of raging liberals.
And got tens of millions, hundreds of millions of views and so I was like, wow, okay, I guess I'll just keep doing this.
And now there's just compilations, hundreds of compilations, hundreds of hours of me doing that.
So I know what it's like to be in these crowds.
And I salute that gentleman.
He did a great job.
And my guess is he'll be joining us on InfoWars Live before it's all said and done.
So what is the conclusion I'm trying to reach here?
If Fauci can lie under oath, and if Fauci can get away with crimes against the Nuremberg Code, and nothing happens to him, well guess what?
What would stop him from continuing his operations, just like what happened when the AIDS epidemic was happening and the people he was putting on AZT died?
Nothing happened to Fauci then, now the people taking these vaccines he's promoting are dying.
So, see where that's going.
Why am I comparing it to the leftist mob?
I've been assaulted dozens of times at these events.
I've been death-threaded.
I've had every kind of things happen to me.
I've only been able to get one charge finalized for sexual assault, when a woman sexually assaulted me.
But I've been spat on.
I've been punched.
I've had things broken.
I've had things whapped over my head, everything.
And they always get away with it!
I mean, there were dozens of murders in the summer Democrat riots of 2020.
So I'm proposing something, but they're already doing it.
So I'm almost wrong with this analysis, because it's already happening.
But let me explain.
If Fauci can get away with it, he's never going to stop.
If these leftist mobs are never stopped, are never disciplined, they're going to just start mass murdering people.
That's why the teachers accuse the parents of being terrorists.
That's why they say, hey, you have a weapon there, because they're getting ready, justifying killing you in the streets.
And that's why I'm saying, like, I'm actually wrong.
They're already doing it.
They've already shot Trump supporters in Denver and Portland.
There were already dozens of murders during the Democrat riots of 2020.
So they're already killing people and getting away with it.
But it's about to be just radical violence in the streets if they're not stopped.
This is a good visual analogy or parable about paths less taken.
You can just pull up countless spots in Austin on the side of the highway and walk through the woods for one minute and be in places like this that I have been down here probably 200 times, this one path, over the last decade.
And I've probably seen people down here five times.
But you know who I usually see when I do?
It's county maintenance people who are just keeping these roads open.
And who basically take their girlfriends and children down here sometimes to go fishing.
No one around here because you see the crowds all go where they're told to go or where they put up little signs on the side of the street.
Remember they set up contact tracers?
Last year when I first shot video, people thought I faked it.
They thought I hired actors to claim that they had blocked the entrances.
Now we all know they do that, right?
But Toasted Bits...
We have a really good funny comedy show and movie review show.
I've known those guys for like 25 years.
They absolutely accused me of being a liar and said it was fake and I hired actors to have them try to block people going on the green belt.
But it was the truth.
So are you guys volunteers?
Let's see, Austin, who are you?
Masked man?
I'm a lifeguard for Barnes & Noble.
Well this is fake as fuck.
Are you kidding?
I know.
Alex Jones, you fucking liar!
This isn't something impromptu.
He's got a camera following him this whole time.
These are the Alex Jones players right here.
This is the Alex Jones Playhouse.
Get the fuck out of here!
Are you serious?!
Alex Jones, you fucking... You are the worst actor!
I thought I was about to watch some real sh*t!
*laughs* "Club member Koops showed up here, and you asked her, 'Where's
her reservation?' We live in America!"
I like the way even the actors he hired don't give a f*ck.
*laughs* What do you want us to do?
Do we have lines?
No, you just sit there.
Because it's all about him!
You know they probably had lines and everything.
And he just came and he just took over.
I mean, you see the editing on this.
Everybody had a script.
No, cut out where they say that, because if they get a line, we got to pay them.
They probably had a script and lines and everything, and he just went in there and just took over.
He was acting a fool.
They just gave up.
They were like, we're getting paid, so don't worry about it.
I want this removed tonight!
COVID-19 is a- You fat fuck. Y'all talking about Spider-Man shaming.
I'll be Spider-Man right now, fuck you, you fat ass.
Your big ass needs- You the main one need to be at home.
Your big ass, high blood pressure ass out here yelling on this fucking toy.
Look at this Fisher-Price microphone right there!
That's what I was talking about.
That little baby megaphone he's got.
Well, maybe he's so big he just looks small.
Look like he's about to eat a chicken wing.
Go home before you kill yourself!
Or... Don't.
Yeah, alright, go out there and act a goddamn fool and do us all a favor and pass the hell out.
It's 105 degrees out there.
And his big ass out there about to get heat stroke.
I'm sorry if that makes y'all mad, but fuck this dude, man.
Fuck him.
So here we are.
And that wasn't here about a year ago.
The county maintenance crews.
Just cut that for themselves, which is smart.
They're ordered to widen this in case anybody's ever got to get the power lines or the bridge down there.
So they put this in.
And should I tell you where to find this place?
Where me and my children come?
Probably not, I guess.
Plus, you don't want to listen to me anyways.
This is all conspiracy theory.
Yeah, I'm gonna start showing you hidden paths around Austin, I've decided.
Just as an allegory.
And look at the city workers here, as this is county.
They, uh, Created that for fence posts for God knows where they need them or for city works or whatever.
I don't know where this goes.
Again, they were down here about a year ago.
They widened these roads.
I've looked on Google Maps.
This is a county right of way out in here.
Private property lines right over here.
There's some houses back up in there.
It's a golf course on down.
About a quarter mile.
And right down there is Barton Creek.
Right down there.
And it gets even prettier.
But you know what?
That's another... That's another episode.
In fact, next time I'll show you... You wanna go down there, sweetheart?
Oh, my oldest daughter wants to go on down.
Well, I guess you'll get a... My battery's almost at zero.
Okay, I'm gonna see the water, too.
A lot of people say, oh, Barton Creek's dry right now in late October.
Not dry here.
You see, it goes underground in about a mile as you get more into the heart of Austin.
And then only when it's really flooding does it come above surface.
But down here?
I've never seen it dry down here.
And again, I've been coming to this spot for 10 years.
There's an entrance off the highway about a half mile back up where I filmed that spider.
Look at those beautiful birch trees or whatever they are.
Burch family.
But again, Alex Jones is showing you this, so it's hateful and Nazi.
It doesn't exist.
It's censored.
You can't see this anywhere but Man.Video.
The idea that, just don't look at anything Jones tells you.
Just don't.
By the way, there's hundreds of spots like this with no people.
See any people?
Sweetheart, how many times have you been down here with me?
I'm Well, not a million, but hundreds.
How many times have we seen other people?
You've never seen anyone.
Uh-oh, Reuters is going to fact check me.
Love swimming in there, boy.
It's about four feet deep over there.
there. A lot of crawdads, a lot of bass, a lot of perch.
The shoreline changed.
Yes, you haven't been down here in what, about six months?
No, me and my friends were down here this morning.
You showed your friends the secret spots?
It opens up, it's really gorgeous back over there, but I don't want to get wet.
And I got to get to work.
What is it, like 830 in the morning?
Look at that popcorn.
Popcorn clouds, I love those.
Haven't been messed up by the chemtrails yet.
That the CIA director admits exists, but you're not supposed to watch C-SPAN and know that.
Maybe we'll throw a clip of former CIA director, when he was the director, Brennan admitting the whole campaign and how it's sacred.
Another example is the array of technologies, often referred to collectively as geoengineering, that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.
One that has gained my personal attention is stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures, and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels.
This process is also relatively inexpensive.
The National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.
Admitting to your face it's secret.
Maybe we should go over here and give him a shot of this, as I mentioned it.
It's probably 700 years old.
I've researched some of the local University of Texas reports on the estimation of the age of these trees.
Look at this.
One of hundreds like this people don't know about on the Greenbelts, but off the beaten path people don't know about.
Somebody knows about this one, they put a swing on it.
Yeah, I've got this camera on wide lens, people don't get an idea how big it is.
Go stand next to the tree.
Show people how big it is.
There's Barton Creek down there.
There's a cardinal.
Here, get me a sandbite.
It's rolling.
I think this baby is...
What did you call these?
Fairy flowers.
Yeah, they're little fairy flowers.
That's what granddaddy calls them.
And yeah, you gotta go through a few rambles here and there.
You know, if you wanna see stuff nobody else gets to see.
So you just stay on the big pass with all the dog crap and all the leftists wearing their masks kissing at ya.
Me, I'm gonna be right here.
I guess we're the spiders.
And the funnest part, cutting across the golf course.
[Sounds of a golf course]
Wayne Allen Root is about to take over here.
Owen Schroer with us, with you.
I'm going to go in and get ready to host the War Room.
You know, I just think it's funny.
Again, I have to comment.
I don't know who those two commentators were that were in that video making fun of Alex or claiming that he staged some event down at an entrance at Barton Creek.
This is actually part of the problem right now with political discourse in this country.
Yeah, does anybody know who that is, by the way?
I'm not even trying to insult the guy.
There's all kinds of people out there.
Yeah, so nobody's heard of this guy, but... This is actually part of the problem with political discourse in this country right now, is that... There never is any coming together.
There never is.
The rift is so wide, the chasm is so deep that...
There is not even any reaching across the aisle.
There's not even political debate.
I mean, even intense debate would be good.
Just to get people in the same room, get people on the same frequency, get people in front of one another, or even digitally.
There's a ceremony.
There's a natural, organic, human thing there.
But we don't even get that anymore.
And so that leaves people to make insane assertions.
And you know, again, I see this on a small scale that happens to me.
I see political commentary about myself on the internet or stuff people write that obviously I know is not accurate.
I'm me.
I know it's not right.
But it happens more with Alex.
And it's like, I know Alex.
I know what he does here.
I know what they say about him isn't true.
But that's a perfect example.
And it's like, I don't want to be that person.
I don't want to be the person looking like an idiot Because I'm making assumptions about somebody I don't know, and that's why I wish we could have more political debate in this country.
But look.
It's just hilarious.
All the assumptions people make about Alex Jones or InfoWars that are just so far-fetched and outrageously incorrect.
And yet, like the individuals in that podcast or whatever it is, they think they're geniuses.
They think they are geniuses.
They think they are comedic geniuses.
They're laughing about how smart it is, and they've caught Alex.
He's paying actors to be in that.
It's hilarious how dumb you are, but you made a mistake.
I don't know when that was or who that was.
It was probably about a year ago.
I guess when Alex originally shot that footage.
So it's probably an older video.
But look, I don't know who you are, I just thought you may want to know that your commentary of that video is incredibly inaccurate, except the part where he talks about the megaphone looking small in Alex's hand.
That was true, I thought that was kind of funny.
I think maybe even Alex would have a laugh at that one.
That was accurate.
But all these assertions about Alex Jones and that he's a fake or whatever, it's just This is as real as it gets, ladies and gentlemen, okay?
This media outlet is as real as it gets.
As real as it gets, right here.
And you know what?
I'm proud of that, and I'm proud Of all the great people that we have working here.
And so, remember them in this as well because Alex has built quite a large crew that all does a great job.
And it's all been thanks to your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
He's putting it back into the company and you've seen what we've done.
We're now live for 10 hours a day, sometimes more.
We're live 7 days a week.
Alex is up here doing special reports all the time.
We're building Band.Video.
We're getting new people on all the time.
I just saw today Bryson Gray got his new rap music video banned from YouTube.
Let's go, Brandon.
Well, that's great because earlier this week I got him a channel on Band.Video.
Because I saw them starting to censor Bryson Gray.
Did I say Brandon Gray?
I think I meant Bryson Gray.
There's another Brandon Gray out there that's actually got a channel, too.
But Bryson Gray started getting censored last week.
I said, hey, you're going to be censored.
Let's get you banned out of the video channel.
Boom, then YouTube hits him today.
So, folks, shop at InfoWarStore.com.
We've got big specials.
We've also got stuff you need.
Get emergency food.
I think everybody's learning that emergency food is a necessity now.
We've got the great water filters.
That's also a necessity.
The supplements are great.
And your support at InfoWarsTore.com makes everything we do here possible.
Wayne Allen Root coming up, and then I'll see you on the War Room in 55 minutes.
All right, Wayne Allen Root, otherwise known as War, the Warrior, how are ya?
How are ya?
In for Alex Jones for this hour.
Great to be on with you.
This is my home TV studio, by the way.
This is what you call flying by the seat of your pants.
Alex's people called me and said, can you guest host today?
I rushed home from a TV interview and producing a TV commercial.
Uh, for my new book and my radio show.
I was producing two different commercials.
And I rushed home to my TV studio.
Uh, I got my earpiece in, so hopefully all of Alex's producers can let me know the countdown when I'm out, when I'm in.
But, uh, we've never done this before, so we're trying it out.
First time ever guest hosting for Alex Jones.
I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself.
So you know who Wayne Allyn Root is, if you don't know who I am already.
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.
That's right, Sin City.
I think I'm the only major conservative commentator in the country who emanates and hosts and broadcasts out of Las Vegas.
But listen, I love Vegas.
First of all, Vegas has no state income tax.
We have no capital gains tax.
We have no business tax.
We have no inheritance tax.
The sun's always out and we're not completely dominated by communists.
So I love it here in Las Vegas.
Great place to live and of course sports betting.
That's my whole background.
I'm an SOB, son of a butcher, and at the age of 16 the media called me the next Jimmy the Greek.
Who was the big Vegas odds maker at the time.
My whole life was immersed at the age of 16 in sports gambling and I went on to become the lead anchorman and host of five shows on CNBC.
In those days I was 26 years old.
I think I was the youngest guy on national TV and I was the host of five shows on the network known now as CNBC.
Then it was called Financial News Network.
And then I left to become an entrepreneur and I built my sports gambling and sports handicapping business into one of the powerhouses in the United States of America.
Left it when I became the libertarian vice presidential nominee.
I actually was elected to the libertarian presidential ticket at the convention in Denver in 2008.
A total anonymous nobody.
And gave a speech in front of the crowd, had a debate in front of the crowd, and they named me, or voted me, the vice presidential nominee with Bob Barr, the former Georgia congressman who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
So that was my baptism into politics in an instant.
I went from a sports gambling guru from Vegas overnight into a national political figure and the next morning I was on Neil Cavuto on Fox News with Bob Barr talking about the libertarian presidential campaign and then I spent months traveling the country giving speeches and talking about how Obama was a deadly danger to the United States but you know George W. Bush and John McCain were no bargain either.
Eight years of Bush sucked He was not a real Republican, and he bankrupted the country and spent like a bankrupt sailor.
And then John McCain was the candidate in 2008 up against Obama, and I knew he'd be a disaster because he was a rhino.
So I took the tact that I should join the Libertarian Party and show them what a real conservative Patriot is like and Bob Barr and I campaigned around the country and gave it our all and then I got back into business again and back into political talk radio and wound up with a nationally syndicated conservative radio show and since then I've written 15 books.
My most recent one by the way is a national bestseller right now it's called The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book And that's what I'm going to talk about in the next hour, is the ideas I've got for saving America and some of the things that I believe are actually happening to America.
I think I've got a unique perspective for you on some of the things happening to America, but I'll tell you what this book is really about.
It's kind of the conservative version of Rules for Radicals.
Because Saul Linsky wrote Rules for Radicals, and he is like the god of the Democrat Party.
That's how you know we're dealing with pure evil.
Because Rules for Radicals is dedicated to the devil, to Lucifer.
Can you imagine?
This is a real thing.
I'm not making this up.
The book is, open it up, page one, the dedication is to Lucifer, the devil.
And that's what Democrats believe in.
And the main rule of Rules for Radicals, and there's a lot of important rules in there, but the main one is, look in the mirror and whatever you see, blame the other guy.
Blame your opposition.
And so, every time liberals look in the mirror, they see what they are.
Communists, dictators, intolerant, hateful, hate speech, racism, Nazism, and then they blame us.
Trump's a Nazi.
Trump's a dictator.
Because they see it in the mirror.
They see criminals when they look in the mirror.
So we're all criminals.
It was so funny, the other day, there was a columnist somewhere, I think it was the LA Times, But it was she wrote a column and the column was conservatives are so bad that journalists should no longer give both sides of the issue.
Conservatives are so evil.
That they do not have a responsibility, journalists, anymore to present both sides of the debate or both sides of any issue in an article.
There should be no fairness anymore and the articles should just outright support whatever the government says, whatever liberals believe, whatever communists believe, whatever the brain-dead zombie with dementia Joe Biden believes, whatever, you know, the backers, the You know, the ventriloquists who are running the puppet, Joe Biden.
I think it's Obama, it's Valerie Jarrett, it's Susan Rice, it's George Soros pulling the strings, and it's the Chinese Communist Party and the leaders of China pulling the strings.
That's who's running America now.
And whatever they say, they don't even, there's not even a reason to be responsible and show both sides.
Whatever propaganda they put forth, she says just every journalist should only cover that.
We don't deserve the other side.
And that's Solinsky!
She's looking in the mirror and she's seeing the pure evil of communism.
The pure evil of the people at pitch.
Communism, socialism, Marxism, radicalism, progressivism.
And she's seeing the pure evil of critical race theory that they want to brainwash every child with.
And the pure evil of vaccine mandates, which are destroying this country and ripping apart the first responders and the military, the police, the border patrol, the prison guards.
Nobody wants this thing.
By the way, just as an aside.
If you believe the government after they've lied to you about everything about COVID and everything about COVID vaccine, if you believe the government's telling the truth when they say like 70 to 80 percent of Americans are vaccinated, lie, lie, lie, like Pinocchio!
Everyone I know is unvaccinated!
And it's not like I know a few people.
My group of friends, in my cell phone, I have 5,000 phone numbers.
And every day, I get hundreds, if not sometimes a thousand or more emails from my fans on my radio show.
The Wayne Allyn Roots Show on USA Radio Network, every afternoon, 3 to 6 Pacific.
6 to 9 p.m.
East Coast time.
Just go to usaradio.com to check out my show.
You can listen live at usaradio.com if you don't have it in your local area.
Wayne Allyn Ruchio, Raw and Unfiltered is the actual title.
Raw and Unfiltered, usaradio.com.
But every single day, I get hundreds, if not thousands of emails.
And each week, I get thousands and thousands of emails.
So my pulse is on the American people.
And I'm telling you, first of all, if they didn't have vaccine mandates, And they didn't threaten to fire everyone in America at gunpoint, literally ruin your life and fire you and ruin your income.
Nobody would be taking this vaccine other than really dumb, ignorant liberals.
But as it is, even with all of those threats and coercion and intimidation of the vaccine mandates and everybody worrying, how will I pay my bills?
I'm going to lose my salary.
There's no other job to hire me.
I'm going to lose my pension.
I'm in it for 18 years and I've got two years to go and I'm going to quit or be fired and lose my pension.
So a lot of people give in and I totally understand that.
If you're watching right now and you got the vaccine, not only do I not hate you, not only do I not think you're stupid, I think you're wonderful and I'm so sorry that we've come to a point in life that it's like 1938 and a government that's like Nazis or Soviets or Fidel Castro or Venezuela or Zimbabwe has convinced you at gunpoint that you're going to lose everything you've ever worked for in your life unless you get the death jab.
And so you've taken the death jab knowing it's dangerous and it could kill you, knowing it's caused injury and death.
I got them in my ear.
It's great.
I got the producers in my ear.
We can make this work.
I love it.
Thank you.
One minute to go to break on the great Alex Jones Show.
So honored to be here today, Wayne Allyn Root.
But all these people have been coerced into taking the vaccine.
And so I feel for you, man.
But even with all of that, God bless you.
I love you.
I pray for you.
I pray you're healthy.
I pray I'm wrong.
And it's not a death jab and it's not going to kill millions.
But I fear I'm right.
But I will tell you this, that I believe the amount of people who have taken the vaccine is about 50% of America has and 50% hasn't.
And they try and tell you it's 70-80 because they know people love crowds.
They love, you know, to be around other people who do the same thing.
They know you don't want to be a loner.
They know that you want to be on the right side.
They try to convince you that everybody has gotten the vaccine and they haven't.
You're not alone.
I'll be right back.
Wayne Allyn Root, Alex Jones Show.
All right, Wayne Allyn Root, back with you.
Guest hosting for Alex Jones.
Great honor.
Thank you, Alex.
Great to be with your audience.
I know you've got one of the largest audiences in all of America and around the world because people respond to truth.
And so I hope I can do you justice here today.
You know, it's funny because during the break, I heard all Alex's advertisements and promotions for vitamins, and I just happen to be a vitamin guy, just pure chance.
I really don't know any other major conservative commentator other than Alex, I guess, who sells a lot of great vitamins and nutritional supplements, but whose whole life has been dedicated to vitamins.
It's just pure chance.
That's my thing.
You know, that's why COVID was never a big issue with me.
It's terrible.
It's horrible.
It's a real thing.
COVID exists.
It's not made up.
I think it was sent by China to destroy us purposely.
I don't even think it was a leak from a biowarfare lab.
I think they were losing the trade war and they were about to go broke.
Their whole economy was going to collapse.
And they knew that if President Trump was re-elected, they were dead.
And forever.
They were knocked out.
America would never, they could never catch America.
America would never relinquish the economic mantle to China.
They were falling and we were rising.
Trump had us on a straight curve up.
And they said, let's release this biowarfare weapon and destroy America and destroy the economy and put millions of people out of work and kill the GDP.
And boy, did they.
What was it, like negative 40 percent?
Worse than history.
And let's kill Trump's reelection effort.
Let's destroy everything that he has that that is his mantle, which is the economy is great.
Donald Trump's mantle was, look what I did for the economy.
Everybody's got a job.
Every black person has a job.
Every Hispanic person has a job.
Every minority has a job.
Every gay has a job.
Every woman has a job.
Every Muslim has a job.
My God, it was the most incredible economic performance in history.
And they said, let's destroy it all.
So they sent it this way.
It's a purposeful attack on the United States and Western civilization.
And they knocked us for a loop.
But it's real.
Therefore, it is real.
It is a real deadly pandemic.
People are sick.
But if you take the right vitamins, and I'm not talking about COVID, I don't ever want to make any claims about COVID, but if you take the right vitamins, you don't worry about illness in general because you have a strong immune system.
That's what my whole life's been dedicated to because my mom and dad died of cancer 28 days apart.
My mom of breast cancer, my dad of lung cancer, never smoked a day in his life, by the way.
lung cancer and breast cancer 28 days apart on different floors of the same hospital in Valhalla Hospital
Or maybe it's Westchester County Medical Center in Valhalla, New York. I was born and raised in in New York Westchester
County So my father was on the second floor
My mother was on the third floor and I was an anchorman for CNBC then known as Financial News Network in Los Angeles
And I was flying 3,000 miles back and forth every week to to say goodbye to my parents because I knew time was
short and they were dying and they died 28 days apart and And it was the toughest months of my life and the toughest weeks of my life and those toughest 28 days of my life.
And I set my mind then, even though it started earlier, my fascination with nutrition and fitness and health.
I work out 90 minutes a day every day.
I'm 60 years old and I feel like I'm 25.
I work out 90 minutes a day every day without fail and generally start each day with 90 minutes of workout.
And take a hundred vitamin pills a day, almost all of them, immune building, pro-immune.
You know, it was that gal from Fuller House, I can't remember her name, Cameron something, and she's a beautiful blonde gal who was on Full House, or Fuller House, and now she's on Hallmark Network on all the Christmas shows, and she said, I'm not anti-vaccine, I'm just pro-immune system.
And that's what I am.
I'm not anti-vax.
I'm pro-immune system.
Why would I have to worry about a vaccine or masks or lockdowns when I haven't had the flu in 35 years?
I haven't had a cold in 15 years.
I don't know what illness is.
Thank God.
Knock on wood.
Pray to God.
Thank you for my health.
But nobody gave it to me.
I work for it.
You know, every day, health, health, health, and conservative politics are my loves.
And sports gambling, too, by the way.
My sports gambling website, VegasWinners.com, that's my other big career, VegasWinners.com, where we pick the winners of, point spread winners of football games for millions and millions of people.
There are now, in case you didn't know this, there are, I believe it's 45 million Americans are going to make a bet this year on the NFL, between now and the Super Bowl.
And so I built an entire business, publicly traded, took it public, And raised millions of dollars, and we now offer all the information anyone could ever want on who's going to beat the point spread in a football game at VegasWinners.com.
So just another one of my businesses.
Just like Alex, I run a lot of businesses.
I'm an entrepreneur who loves it.
I'm a businessman.
I'm a CEO.
I'm on many boards of directors, and I'm a conservative talk show host and a conservative commentator and a best-selling author.
So back to my book.
The Great Patriot Protest, the boycott book.
The point of my book is that we're getting our brains hammered in.
They're running us over like roadkill.
Democrats, liberals, communists, Marxists, socialists.
Because they understand intimidation and we don't.
We're too nice.
Nice guys finish last.
My book is about the philosophy and strategy of Martin Luther King.
Dr. Martin Luther King.
He believes in civil disobedience, and look what he achieved for black America with civil disobedience.
He said, if you want us to sit in the back of the bus, we're going to sit in the front of the bus till you drag us away and club us.
And when you do that, more will take our place.
And you do that to them, more will take our place.
I grew up in an all-black neighborhood, okay?
I was the only white kid in a black town, went to an all-black middle school, all-black high school, Mount Vernon, New York, on the Bronx borderline.
And I have a great love and respect for African American people and a great love and respect for Dr. Martin Luther King.
And I had a front seat at 60 years old now.
I saw the civil rights movement.
I saw the progress they made with civil disobedience and strikes and boycotts and protests.
And that's what we need.
So I wrote this book, The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book, to last I'll mention of the book.
This is not a sales seminar.
I'm here to educate all of you on The Great Alex Jones Show.
But I wrote the book to teach conservatives how to use protests, boycotts, strikes and civil disobedience Just like liberals have done to us for decades.
And inside the book, I not only teach you how to do it, but I gave you the names and phone numbers and emails and social media addresses and physical mailing addresses of all the top woke liberal CEOs in America who run the biggest companies in America.
So now you just open the book and you hammer them.
You hound them and you hammer them.
You call them and you call them and you email them and you email them and you go to their social media and you attack them.
Never violence, just like Martin Luther King.
Never violence.
Don't give them a chance to take one of our guns away.
Don't give them a chance to confiscate the guns of conservatives, Christians, and patriots, and Trump voters.
Don't do that.
No violence.
We're not like liberals.
We're not like Antifa.
We don't burn and loot and threaten and riot and murder like Black Lives Matter.
We don't sing songs about murdering cops, dead pigs in a blanket.
We don't think the only good cop's a dead cop.
We love cops.
I appreciate the thin blue line.
So we don't ever attack.
We don't ever use violence.
But we use the dollar because we make all the money in America.
The great American middle class has the power.
You have the power to take them down and starve them and bankrupt them and bring these companies to their knees.
And the same thing with the government.
Let's use money to bankrupt them and protest and strike.
Look at the Southwest Airlines pilots!
They did exactly what I recommend in this book, and they brought Southwest to their knees, and Southwest's CEO just announced they won't fire anyone over the mandate, the vaccine mandate.
Then Delta's CEO said the same thing, and he's a big liberal.
I've actually got him in the book, the Delta CEO.
He's in the book!
The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott book.
His phone number and email are in the book.
People must have gone after him and he listened, because we threatened we're not going to fly Delta or Southwest anymore if you hurt these pilots.
And the pilots won't fly anymore.
Your company can't survive without our dollars and our workers.
Simple as that.
That's my philosophy.
When I get back, I'm going to tell you about Cloward Piven, the strategy being used to destroy the United States of America.
I learned it in college.
Wait till you hear this story.
All right, Wayne Allyn Root back as guest host for this hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you, Alex, for putting me in the driver's seat today.
Really appreciate it.
I heard some more of those ads for your vitamins, and all I could say is, go Alex!
And let's go Brandon.
Go Alex Jones and let's go Brandon.
That's the only two things I can think.
Now listen, since my parents died of cancer 28 days apart in 1992, so let's see, 92 to 2002, 2012, 2022, we're approaching the 30th anniversary of the death of my mom and dad, David and Stella Root.
I've been taking every vitamin you can name, vitamins in particular, megadose of vitamin C, vitamin D, Quercetin, zinc, kyalic garlic, you name it.
Lots of silver and lots of turmeric.
And that's what keeps me strong and healthy.
And I want all of you to be strong and healthy.
So listen to Alex.
Great stuff.
Because we want every conservative to live to 120 or 150.
You know, because we got to keep fighting.
And while you're alive, we don't want you slumped in a wheelchair in a nursing home where they get you with COVID, right?
Of course, COVID kills people slumped in a wheelchair in a nursing home with Alzheimer's.
They're weak and their body's gone and their brain is gone.
Of course, COVID gets in and kills them.
But for the average healthy person, especially those who take the right vitamins, your immune system's strong enough to spend your nights worrying all day long.
There's no cure for COVID, by the way.
Nothing guarantees you won't get COVID or a cold, but I'm just a believer in pro-immune, strong immune system.
All right, so let's go, Brandon.
I love saying that, I really do.
Because everybody knows what it represents, right?
Screw Joe Biden.
That's what everybody sings and chants at every football game in America now.
That's the big thing, you know?
F Joe Biden.
Or Let's Go Brandon.
One version or the other.
Because the guy's destroying our country.
But I want to give you a few solutions, okay?
I told you I wrote that book, The Great Patriot Protest, the boycott book.
It's about solutions.
Anyone can complain.
The Southwest pilots, Southwest Airlines pilots, they pulled it off!
You've got to fight the government!
You've got to fight the companies!
You've got to strike or boycott or protest or commit civil disobedience to win!
That's what all conservative patriots and Christians must do from now on!
Forget that turn the other cheek stuff.
It's a different time and place.
The devil is in control.
Evil is permeating our world.
And you've got to fight without turning the other cheek.
You've got to hit them strong.
You've got to hit them hard.
And so, you know, I've had a lot of ideas.
I think I mentioned this the last time I was a guest on Alex's show.
I said, you know, New York and San Francisco and Chicago, they won't let you into the stores or restaurants anymore unless you're vaccinated.
They're trying to take our lives away, right?
But in Vegas, they don't do that.
I live in Vegas, Las Vegas.
All I could tell you is the first restaurant that tries that, I will get at least a minimum, I will bring 10,000 of my fans to your front door and we will lock arms and not let anybody in until you're out of business.
I don't care if that takes two weeks.
We'll come back every day or every night or both till you're out of business.
And then when number two tries it, we'll do the same thing.
And after we put all them out of business, there won't be a number three or a number four.
That's civil disobedience.
And my book came out a month ago, and now Southwest Airlines, they did exactly what I'm talking about!
God bless you!
Bravo, pilots of Southwest!
You pulled off that civil disobedience!
And I've got a lot of ideas like that.
I want to throw a few of them at you.
First of all, how about we have conservative strike Fridays?
Maybe not every Friday, maybe every other Friday, maybe once a month, but every conservative host in America.
And I'm a guy, I don't see any of these hosts as competitors of mine.
I see them as friends.
I see them as teammates.
Whether it's Alex Jones, or Mark Levin, or Sean Hannity, or Tucker Carlson, I don't care who it is!
Wayne Allyn Root doesn't fear any of you.
You're not my competitor.
We're on the same team.
We need to all get together on a Zoom call, on a conference call, and plan Conservative Strike Fridays.
We're every conservative patriot in America and every Christian in America to protest Joe Biden and what's going on in this country.
The open borders and the vaccine mandates and the attempt to have the IRS become the Nazi, you know, Gestapo.
The attempt to have the IRS snoop in our bank accounts.
The list goes on and on and on.
The disaster in Afghanistan.
All of this.
All of this.
Critical race theory.
The stolen 2020 election.
To protest all of it and make our voice heard.
What if every conservative in America calls in sick?
One Friday a month.
Or two Fridays a month.
All coordinated.
And you don't leave your house.
You don't go on the road.
You don't buy gas.
You don't buy groceries.
You buy it on Thursday.
In other words, we're not even hurting businesses.
Because everything we need we'll buy on Thursday before the Friday great sick out, right?
But don't send your kids to school.
Don't buy anything online.
Don't buy anything.
And what you'll see is America becomes a ghost town on that Friday.
And we'll do that several Fridays in a row till you understand the economic power of conservatives and patriots and Christians and 80 million Trump voters.
We are the great silent, and I want to make us now, the loudmouth majority.
I want us to be the loudmouth majority.
We will put all of you out of business.
We'll show you how we could put you out of business if we stop by and stop being your customer.
We matter to America.
And so we have to show them that we matter.
And if every conservative listens to me and we could pull this off several Fridays in a row, And America becomes literally a ghost town on Fridays, and the schools are a ghost town, and the offices are a ghost town.
The only people that show up are the liberals.
Now you know who you ought to fire, right?
There's 30 people in an office, only 10 show up.
Those are the 10 you've got to fire.
Those are the slackers who are doing nothing.
The liberal losers.
The rest of us are home.
Nothing's going to get done without us working.
That's what we got to do, right?
So those are an example of just a couple of ideas.
I also think we got to all get together and never buy a single product made in China ever again.
We got to bring China to our knees and bankrupt China.
Another idea.
I think we need to fight like animals, like cornered wolverines, for voting We're the only country in the world, in the industrialized world, that doesn't have voter ID.
That's how they're stealing elections.
Despite everything else that may or may not have happened, despite anything anybody says about voting machines and switched votes and this or that, in the end, the core way the election of 2020 was stolen is so simple.
There was no voter ID in most blue states and many battleground states.
And all they did was fill out millions of fake mail-in ballots because of a COVID pandemic in coordination with the Chinese, right?
The Chinese must have gotten together with the Democrat Party after they released this poison and said, now we did the dirty work.
We released this poison, horrible pandemic, and people are going to die, and your nation is going to be destroyed, and your economy is going to be ruined.
Here's a good spot for you guys, Democrats.
Trump will be gone.
All you need to do is mail-in voting with no voter ID.
And because of the pandemic, everyone will feel bad for you, and they'll agree to it.
And that's what happened.
And they agreed to it, and no matter what a lead Trump had, if Trump had gotten 100 million votes, Which he may have, by the way.
I think he got between 80 and 90 million votes.
I think Biden got about 60 million.
They cheated massively with 20 or 30 million fake, fraudulent, no voter ID, no signature matching, mail-in ballots.
Plus they were able to count them days after the election.
And they stopped the count on election night!
How dumb do you think we are?
Then you brought in all the fake ballots in the middle of the night and in the morning or a day later or two days later, Oh, we overcame Trump's lead.
You know, I may have not been born yesterday.
I sure wasn't born in the last five minutes.
I'm not that stupid.
Anybody who believes that was born in the last five minutes.
You're the most naive moron.
What do we used to say in New York?
If you believe that, you're a schmuck.
If you actually can look me in the face and say Trump was leading in every one of those key battleground states, and they stopped the count and said, we're not going to count till the morning.
They did it together in a conspiracy, unheard of, never happened in the history of America.
When you woke up, they had found hundreds of thousands of new ballots.
Oh, lookie here!
And no signature matching, and they counted them for days after the election, and they were all batches of 100,000 to 0 in favor of Joe Biden.
And 100,000 to 100 in favor of Joe Biden.
And 100,000 to 1,000 in favor of Joe Biden.
It was such a simple plan to steal the election.
So we need voter ID.
And, you know, I'll tell you what, we need homeschooling because you're going to have to take your kids out of school.
Now they're planning to inject with the death jab that's caused so much damage and so much death.
Kids are 5 to 11 years old, 28 million of them, and they want to do it quickly.
You gotta homeschool your kids!
We gotta all pull our kids out of private school and public school if they're gonna check them, and put them at home!
Alright, Wayne Allyn Root is back, guest host for the Alex Jones Show for this hour.
Man, did this hour go fast!
I'm looking at the clock!
There's one segment left, just about 12 minutes or so, and I'm outta here, that's ridiculous!
We gotta extend this to three hours, come on!
It takes me hours to say hi.
I'm Wayne Allyn Root, your favorite SOB, son of a butcher.
My radio show is The Wayne Allyn Root Show, raw and unfiltered, on USA Radio Network.
My podcast is War Raw.
You can find it anywhere you download great podcasts.
My book is The Great Patriot Protest, a boycott book.
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And my website's RootForAmerica.com.
And I'd love to hear from you guys.
How about that?
I'm the only host.
I know it gives out my email.
Love to hear from you.
Hope you enjoyed my little session in for Alex Jones today.
Couple more things to save America.
Number one, Some ideas for me.
Number one, just off the top of my head, these are some things I jotted down the last day.
We have to fight.
If we do win back...
The House and the Senate in 2022.
And that's a big if.
Because if elections are rigged, it doesn't matter what the polls say.
It doesn't matter that everybody hates Biden.
Everybody chants, let's go Brandon or screw Joe Biden.
We're still going to lose a lot of key races because of stolen elections.
But if we do win, we got to get voter ID and we've got to get the Civil Rights Act to be updated You can't discriminate against someone for race or gender or being gay.
Why are you allowed to discriminate because someone's a conservative?
We've got to fight that.
That's a way to fight it.
Make that a civil right.
You can't ban us.
You can't censor us.
You can't fire us from a job.
You can't prevent us from renting or buying a house or getting a bank loan or getting a credit card because we're a conservative.
Or a liberal, by the way, in America.
No one's political beliefs, race, religion, or gender should ever prevent them from doing those things.
Or how about walking in a restaurant?
You shouldn't be able to discriminate against me because I'm unvaccinated.
That's insane!
And here's the last one.
I mentioned homeschooling.
That's important too.
And by the way, I'm not new to that because I have four kids and I homeschooled all four kids.
And one of them, the oldest one, went to Harvard.
Her first classroom of her life was in Harvard and she's about to get her doctorate and be Dr. Dakota Root.
I'm very proud of my daughter Dakota Root and my other three kids are just as smart or smarter or brighter than her.
So they're all doing great.
Homeschooling works.
But here's another idea for you.
I've been divorced.
I'm not ashamed to admit that.
Half of America's been divorced.
And everyone in America knows people that are divorced.
Whether it's your kids, whether it's your parents, everyone's been through divorce of some kind.
Has experience with divorce.
It's not the end of the world.
It's terrible and it sucks.
But it's not the end of the world.
America needs a divorce!
Mommy is a crazed liberal whack job!
A communist nut job!
Mommy has eyes bulging out of her head and she wants to kill Daddy with a knife to the throat!
And Daddy is a nice Republican businessman.
Those two can't live together.
They can't coexist.
California can't coexist anymore with Utah and Oklahoma and Texas and Florida and Tennessee and all the great conservative states out there, Wyoming and Idaho and Montana.
We're going to need some sort of a divorce in this country.
I don't like to use the word secession because that brings back memories of the Civil War and I don't want a Civil War and I don't want to scare anybody.
Just call it a divorce.
I've said this for months.
I'm the first guy in the country.
I said this two years ago that if Trump is defeated and some commie gets elected and tries to destroy America and brainwash us and fill us with propaganda and ban us and censor us and open the borders.
I predicted all this.
We're going to need a divorce.
We got to have a loosely kind of like the EU, right?
The European Union.
All those countries don't hate each other.
They're all part of the European Union.
But, they all have their own government and their own laws and their own rules.
And that's what, you know, Belgium is different than France, is different than Germany, is different than Italy, is different than Spain, right?
Each state in America's got to become its own It's a country state, right?
And some of them will take the left and some will take the right, and we'll all be under the loosely federated umbrella of the United States of America, but we are all our own laws, right?
Because people in Texas can't live under critical race theory, open borders, and vaccine mandates, and the spending of Biden, and the IRS let loose to destroy everyone's lives, and the military filled with transgenders.
The whole thing is ridiculous.
I will not and cannot live under those sick communist rules.
So we're going to need some sort of a way to separate.
I would just call it a divorce, right?
And it doesn't mean you're leaving completely.
We might share some loose things and then we might be completely separate.
You know, when it comes to like each state has its own traffic laws already.
Each state has its own.
Some have the death penalty, some don't.
Why can't we go a little bit further?
Each state has its own Tax collection that has nothing to do ever again with the federal government.
And if I live in Nevada where I live now, I have zero income taxes and all I pay is a sales tax and a property tax.
And if you're dumb enough to live in California, you could pay a 30% income tax.
Good luck to you, you moron!
So we need some sort of a way to separate from these crazy lunatics that want to ruin our country and fill it with nothing but foreigners.
If you want to make California Mexico Junior, that's fine!
Then you can have California.
We give it to you.
We let you have it.
But I want to keep Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, etc, etc.
We're going to have our union.
You have your union.
It's called a divorce.
Once you get divorced, it's terrible at first to think about it.
Then you do it and you're like, why didn't I do this a long time ago?
I can't sit at the kitchen table anymore with this person I hate.
Well, we hate them and they hate us.
Except they want to kill us.
That's the difference.
I don't want to kill anybody.
I don't want to censure anyone.
I wouldn't ban anyone.
But I, you know, with just minutes to go, I never got to the main point I was going to tell you about today.
The next time I guest host for Alex, I'll lay it out the case in an entire, you know, hour or two hours or whatever guest host time I've got.
Cloward Piven.
But I'll give you the short version now.
What do we have left?
Tell me in my ear, how many minutes we have left?
Like three, four minutes?
Three minutes and 45 seconds.
Hey, I'm pretty good.
Three, four minutes and it's three hours.
Three minutes and 45 seconds.
Cloward Piven is what I learned as a SOB, son of a butcher, who graduated valedictorian of his class and went to Columbia University, got accepted at Columbia.
They taught a course called Cloward Piven and it was two Columbia College professors who were married to each other, husband and wife, and they wanted to destroy America as we know it and turn it into a socialist nation.
They said you've got to overwhelm the economy by getting everybody on welfare, which builds up the debt, the economy collapses under the weight of the debt, every, you know, the few people at work can't support all the people on welfare, and the country goes under.
And they tried to do this for 40 years.
This was Obama's goal.
This was Clinton's goal.
They all know rules for radicals and cloward pivot.
They all studied the same things at their fancy elite Ivy League schools as I did.
And they very well all know this plan.
And they tried to overwhelm the system.
But there's too many great conservatives Patriots, Christians, 80 million or so Trump voters who will never be on welfare and food stamps.
I'd rather die.
I would die before I ever accepted a handout from the government.
That's how my parents raised me.
And I know most of you think the same way.
Maybe all of you watching right now think the same way.
So they couldn't get everyone in America on welfare.
So Cloward Piven failed.
So now they stole an election, they rigged and stole an election based on a pandemic from China, purposely sent our way, and then in collusion with the Chinese who gave them all the help they wanted, Democrat Party rigged and stole an election with mail-in ballots based on COVID.
Oh, I'm so scared!
Because you don't take the right vitamins and the right immune stimulants, you morons!
So they scared everyone to death and all the liberals said, we must have mail-in ballots with no voter ID and no signature matching and count them for days after the election.
Once they stole the election, they changed, modified Cloward-Piven to make it about open borders and vaccine mandates.
That's my opinion.
This is how they're carrying out Cloward Piven with open borders and vaccine mandates.
If you can't get everyone in America on welfare, just let the whole world in.
Invite them in.
Give them all free health care.
Invite every sick person in the world to come to America and get free health care.
Invite every poor person, every dumb person, every criminal Right?
Every evil person in the world.
Empty the jails in Guatemala!
Empty the jails in El Salvador!
Empty the jails in Haiti!
And send all your criminals and thugs our way!
And they'll all be Democrat voters, and they'll all be on welfare from cradle to grave.
There's Cloward Pivot!
And they've all got COVID!
And he doesn't care!
Joe Biden couldn't care less.
He says there's a COVID epidemic, but he's letting the whole world in at the border to make it worse and worse, sicker and sicker, so that he can impose vaccine mandates.
And every time he imposes vaccine mandates, remember defund the police?
This is defund the middle class.
Defund the silent majority.
Defund all the patriots who worked for a living and voted for Trump.
If they won't take the vaccine, they lose their jobs, their salaries, and their pensions.
He just defunded the middle class!
He defunded all of us who lost our jobs!
Defunded us!
So that combination is the cloward pivot.
They're using that strategy to destroy the United States of America.
But I'm going to go through the whole list next time I'm on the show, because I got 20 parts of it that are the 20 biggest scams in world history, all being opposed at the same time right now.
Wayne Allyn Root.
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