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Name: 20211017_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 17, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccine mandates, authoritarianism, economic collapse, and globalist agendas. He criticizes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being too close to China and accuses his government of covering up corruption. Jones also addresses the role of Pfizer in the vaccination campaign and warns about potential long- term effects on human health. Additionally, he talks about misinformation spreading within immigrant diaspora communities, lack of reliable news channels, and the need for credible sources of information. Jones promotes various products available at Infowars store that can boost overall health and protection against depopulation agendas. He also urges his audience to resist compliance with globalist agendas and remain united in the face of adversity.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
For years now, Justin Trudeau has been a loyal lapdog to the Communist Chinese.
While the people of Canada ceremoniously came together to condemn the CCP's Uyghur genocide, Trudeau's cabinet sent a single member on a Zoom call to officially abstain.
When the president of Taiwan was set to be honored by the Halifax International Security Forum for standing strong against China's relentless pressure, the Trudeau administration threatened to end their funding if they went through with it.
Trudeau invited the Communist Chinese military to conduct winter training in Canada in 2019, less than 200 miles from the U.S.
border in upstate New York.
The head of the Canadian military caught wind of it from the U.S.
Pentagon and called it off, which upset Trudeau, whose chief concern was offending the CCP.
Under Trudeau, Canada has been a big player in the COVID hoax.
In early 2017, billionaire Barry Sherman, a huge supporter of Trudeau's Liberal Party, was under investigation for shady deals with Trudeau that could have resulted in his company Apotex, the world's largest producer of hydroxychloroquine and Canada's biggest pharmaceutical company, being banned for five years from lobbying the government.
Later that year, Sherman and his wife were found hung from railings around their indoor swimming pool, with markings from being beaten and tied by their wrists.
It was officially ruled a suicide, and along with Sherman, the probe died.
Apotex was able to continue doing business with Trudeau's government, and went on to provide dangerous drugs as part of their ventilator protocol.
And it was at the University of British Columbia where the lipid nanoparticles that make the mRNA shots possible were developed.
Trudeau is a natural-born tyrant.
After less than 30,000 deaths, 0.07% of the population, Justin Trudeau has announced that all federal employees, and everyone 12 or older traveling on planes, trains, and cruise ships, need to be fully vaccinated.
Testing negative will no longer be an option.
Testing will no longer be an option.
These travel measures, along with mandatory vaccination for federal employees, are some of the strongest in the world.
Because when it comes to keeping you and your family safe, when it comes to avoiding lockdowns for everyone, this is no time for half measures.
In Ontario, elected representative Rick Nichols refused.
But under no circumstances will I, nor should any Ontarian, be forced or coerced to do something against their will.
And was fired.
Under new health orders in Saskatchewan, the government may now enter into any building on any land without a warrant and seize property.
And they are building isolation centers.
Trudeau's government, like most governments in the West, is dragging their people into a hellish reality of forced experimental drugs and a social credit score to police every movement they make for the rest of their lives.
The same reality coming to you and your family.
So long as humanity does nothing to stop it.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Sunday, October 17, 2021.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Here we are, and we are inside the world government, we are inside the New World Order, we are feeling the leading edge of their spears and swords and daggers and arrows piercing into humanity's flesh.
They've already killed over
35 million people from starvation with the COVID lockdowns.
They have killed millions of others with intubation and blocking of medical care.
They cooked up COVID-19 and released it onto the world.
The vaccines are not vaccines and are poison.
And even mainline John Hopkins, mainline British government documents
Admit that you are twice as likely to get COVID and that you're more likely to end up in the hospital or die if you have the shot.
That's mainline British government documents from their reporting system from doctors.
That's the mainline John Hopkins reporting around the world.
It's the same similar numbers in Germany, very similar numbers in Gibraltar or in Singapore or in Israel or in Canada or in the U.S.
They start the shots and the death begins.
It is just an incredible time to be alive.
And then for me personally, on Friday, a bunch of other key pieces of the puzzle went into place.
And I was like, oh my gosh, why didn't I see that?
They want to collapse the economy by design.
They want to be able to federalize it, internationalize it, and just phase us in to martial law.
And the medical system is one-fifth of the U.S.
And it's also a large portion of all the other economies.
And big corporations have taken over medicine now, and have removed the Hippocratic Oath, and shut up their own bioethics systems.
And so, Friday, I was watching The War Room, and they were playing a clip of a nurse on there.
Christy Lee was a guest hosting for Owen Schroer.
She was saying, you know, I work here at this hospital and I'm not going to take the shot.
We're being fired.
And in come the FEMA replacement people and they're talking about National Guard coming in.
And she said, hey, we don't have to take the shot.
FEMA told them that.
So I went and looked it up on.
The CDC's own website, and I'm going to be showing that to you, and it says right there, there is no law, and FEMA employees and FEMA nurses don't have to take it.
So let's explain that.
You fire tens of thousands, hell, tens of thousands just in New York State, hundreds of thousands of nurses and medical workers around the country, these big HMO-owned hospitals, dude.
So they can trigger the hundred-plus billion that's still sitting there, unspent from last year, of the hundreds of billions that were put in for, quote, the collapsed hospitals.
Remember, staying home for 15 days to flatten the curve, the hospitals are going to be overwhelmed.
That was all a lie.
And so where'd all that money go, quote, in case the hospitals are overwhelmed and collapsed because of the massive COVID cases?
Oh, well as soon as they trigger the FEMA emergency and the National Guard emergency, that hundred plus billion that's left is triggered to the hospitals who then get that money.
So they come out with a shot they know is poisonous.
They know it doesn't work.
They let it come out that it's poisoning people.
The medical workers see it making people sick and killing people.
They all quit.
It's 60% of the TSA hasn't taken the injections, not 40%.
That's come out.
It's some police forces, half the police have quit.
All these other major police forces say they're not taking it.
They just fired the Miami police chief as he tried to force them to take it.
And you're like, yay!
Humanity's fighting back!
We're winning!
Everybody is refusing to take the shots!
But that was the plan.
I'm not saying take the shots, I'm saying think in third dimensional, fourth dimensional chess here.
Don't play checkers, play chess.
They want to have a great reset.
They want to collapse our society.
They want to shut down all the businesses.
Bankrupt them and take them over.
They are federalizing medicine right now, and
Didn't just send $53,000 to every hospital for every person they intubated.
That's why they'd say, hey, you've got a sore throat, you can't breathe, we're not going to give you antibiotics, we're not going to give you antivirals, we're not going to give you a checkup, we're not going to check you, we're not going to give you inhalable steroids, we're not going to give you ivermectin, we're not going to give you hydroxychloroquine, we're not going to give you vitamin D or zinc.
No, nothing will save you.
Only the vaccine, and it's not here yet.
Go home.
And by the time you couldn't breathe and got your oxygen down to 80,
You pass out, you're on an ambulance, and you never wake up because they get you, they put you in a coma, they intubate you, and you wake up dead.
Because you never wake up.
And they get $53,000 for killing your ass.
That's a fact.
Even USA Today fact-checkers admitted it.
Yeah, $53,000 when they intubate.
Hell, they get even more once you die.
Another $15,000, so do your math.
And that's a lot of money even for the fanciest hitmen out there, 60 plus thousand dollars.
So every part of this was actuaried out by the hospitals.
Doesn't matter if you're in Germany, doesn't matter if you are in the UK or Canada or the US or Australia or New Zealand.
It's all the same system.
And so I'm going, man, look, all these people are quitting.
All these people are leaving.
They're getting fired and it's going to collapse the hospitals.
They're going to have National Guard and they're going to have FEMA nurses come in and do all this.
And then boom.
It turns out that the FEMA people are not injected and are not made to do it.
And that's how you get federalization.
And that's how you get martial law now over medicine.
And that's how you get that hundred plus billion dollars that was in the emergency fund to sure up the hospitals.
Because 4.3% of the public is going to die.
And we're going to have tens of millions of people in the hospitals.
Stay in your homes.
There'll be millions within a month.
Don't leave.
Flatten the curve.
My God!
And here we are, 20 months later, and, oh, COVID's in decline and everything's fine.
Go back to sleep.
Really, the hospital is starting to actually fill up with people that have had the shots.
They're going, oh, you don't have COVID.
It's a new thing called the super cold.
Oh, that looks like antibody dependency enhancement.
Oh, oh, now you are dying because you come in contact with a regular cold virus.
Now you're super allergic to it because the vaccine makes you produce the spike protein in your body.
Well, now every time your body sees it, it freaks out and produces it again.
And then you get sick, ladies and gentlemen.
And it creates the antibodies that start attacking your own body.
That's what was predicted by all the major experts!
And I was thinking, like, 20 months ago, we have all the experts, we have all the facts, it's gonna kill people, it's gonna destroy people, people aren't gonna take the shot, and then they're gonna fire everybody, and then collapse the entire civilization.
Collapse the entire civilization.
Now, let me just do this.
Overhead shot, please, for TV viewers.
For radio listeners, I'm just gonna read you the headlines here from just today.
And then I'm going to tell you where it came from.
More than 6.6 billion shots given COVID tracker.
You heard that right.
Let's continue here.
For Pfizer, a COVID-19 vaccine may just be the beginning for the potential revolutionary promise of mRNA technology.
And when you read the tweet, can we put the tweet on screen please for folks, from which this article is printed?
It says in the tweet, paid post for at Pfizer hashtag ad CNBC.
And now they're going to roll it out for the flu and everything else, and they're saying you must take it, and they're in charge of the UN and everything else, and who's heavily invested?
Peter Daszak, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci.
I mean, you talk about beyond conflict of interest, and all the major regulators now are former Pfizer executives and board members.
In fact, some are in the FDA and are still on the damn board!
Totally illegal!
Total takeover!
I'll show you that coming up here in just a moment.
Next segment.
And I'm also going to play the first three minutes from that emergency Saturday report I did, where I play the nurse talking about it, and I show the documentation of them saying, oh, we're firing all you, you didn't take the shot, and we're going to bring in people that don't have to take the shot, who are part of the special anointed superclass FEMA workers, because it was never about you even taking the shot.
It was about us taking over and federalizing, and then transferring $100 billion into these hospital groups, because it's now the hospital groups and big pharma that control the regulators.
This is big business, owning medicine, raping everyone.
All right.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday, October 17th, worldwide broadcast.
And I just want to thank all you that are tuned into the Alex Jones Show and those of you that watch it later on podcasts and share it because you're just as important as I am when you simply take that action.
That's what overrides the censors.
That's what saves lives.
So I've come in here with the COVID news because it's so insane and there's no way to even scratch the surface.
I've got over a hundred nightmare stories.
Being pushed that if you read it in 1984 in high school, you think it would never happen in America or never happen in Europe or Australia or even North Korea.
And it's happening.
I mean, we are being put in the bacon grease.
We are being put in the French fryer.
There's no doubt worldwide corporate medical martial laws being put in.
The big central banks with major corporations are destroying the economies, destroying the world currencies, buying everything up while they make the currency worthless so that we're left holding the bag.
And then they're on TV.
Booty Judge and others saying, it's your fault you didn't take your shots.
That's why the economy is falling apart.
Or people are starving to death because of COVID-19.
No, they're starving to death because of the lockdowns around the world.
So it's just insane.
Treasury Sec warns unvaxed Americans that shortages will continue until everyone is jabbed.
And then there's more shots.
And Booty Judge says that, oh, get used to it till next year and there'll be new leadership.
I've got all those clips coming up.
Hashtag Empty Shelves Joe.
Dominates Twitter.
As ships back up at ports by the thousands.
What's really going on?
I'm going to lay that out.
But first, let me go back to these headlines and just read you these headlines.
I'm going to show you something huge.
Bloomberg, why is there at least 10 bills I've seen for implantable microchips implanted inside so-called vaccines and vaccine tattoos that are little microchips that are embedded in your skin, microglass that's on the patch then goes into your skin.
And global blockchain to control the human body, and it's all from the UN, and it's all from the Rockefeller Foundation, and Bill Gates.
You can pull it up yourself.
I mean, it's all there.
And then they just always call the bill numbers 666.
And they just fetishize that number to rub it in our face, as they bring in a world cashless society that you cannot buy nor sell unless you take whatever the new thing is they're wanting to put in your body.
They're saying, oh, at least 10 shots a year.
More than 666 billion shots given, COVID-9-11 tracker claims.
They don't normally even put those headlines out, but when it hit 6.6 billion, they wanted to rub your nose in it.
Here's another one.
Again, CNBC tweets this Pfizer article.
Pfizer wrote this.
For Pfizer, a COVID-19 vaccine may just be the beginning for the potential revolutionary promise of mRNA technology.
That's experimental, that they just foisted on us, and it's killing a bunch of people, but that's just the way it is.
You're gonna take it in your body.
Starting to get the picture here?
Here's another article.
Navy to segregate unvaccinated officers under same category used for drug offenders and sexual deviants.
You're a criminal.
You're in a digital gulag.
Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars.com.
Here's another one.
Expert, so-called expert, like Hitler was an expert too, right?
Calls for denying life-saving hospital treatment to the unvaccinated.
And then it's going to be your social credit score.
You got to do everything they say.
You got to live the way they want you to live.
You got to support what they want you to support.
Or you don't get your social credit score.
You don't get medical care.
The UK already says we don't want to give right-wingers or conservatives medical care.
That's what's being announced in the UK.
An expert whose work on cybersecurity has been cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, announced on Twitter that the unvaccinated should be denied life-saving hospital treatment because they're not fit for life on Earth.
Not fit for life on Earth?
Won't let the experimental shot that doubles your chances of getting COVID, even the British Medical Journal now admits.
Chris Vickery, who describes himself as a data breach hunter, also brags about how his findings have contributed to investigations conducted by the FTC, FBI, SEC, Secret Service, and a bunch of other agencies.
So it's all the spooks are telling us they're going to put this in our bodies.
Oh, and here's out of .de, National Deutsch Television, supermarkets in German state of Hesse
Can now block entry to the unvaccinated.
You've got to swipe your phone to even get in, or you'll be arrested.
Supermarkets in Frankfurt and the surrounding region can now implement rules that only allow vaccinated and COVID-recovered people onto their premises.
The mark of the beast.
Oh, what did Bloomberg call it?
The 666?
More than 6.66 billion shots given?
The tracker?
And it goes on and on and on.
Oh, and Israel now took their third shot.
Now they say, oh, sorry, doesn't work.
There's a fourth shot and their deaths are the highest of COVID anywhere in the world.
But that's just the facts.
Now, let's ask ourselves what world we've reached here.
This is a military globalist assault through the medical system by the central banks to collapse civilization.
They know that people that have taken these shots are going to have ADE, antibody dependency enhancement.
When they come in contact with regular cold viruses, they're going to get deathly ill and they're going to get sicker and sicker and die in a large portion of the cases.
And if they don't die, they'll die the next time they have the ADE.
So every fall and winter, you'll see a mass of them dying.
And they'll go, oh my god, it's a new bug.
Don't worry, they got a new mRNA vaccine they're working on in England for what they call the super cold.
All these people are suddenly dying.
They're all vaccinated, by the way.
And it's called a super cold.
Oh, you mean a super coronavirus.
And they've got another shot for that.
Until you get Marek's disease.
You might want to look into Marek's phenomenon in humans.
I'm giving you key things here.
Now let me just show you this little jewel.
This is a screenshot image we're going to put on screen for TV viewers.
It's also in Saturday's emergency broadcast.
And I'm going to ask our great Jamie White, who's up here working on Sunday evening, to take this meme image, we'll give it to him, and to post it under the live show feed of the broadcast today so you can share it like your life depends on it, because it does.
You'll want to find it there.
So let's read from this.
For radio listeners, I'll narrate it.
It's got an image of Scott Gottlieb, who is at the FDA, and then next to him, a Pfizer executive, who is him.
Scott Gottlieb.
On the left is the former FDA commissioner in charge of regulating Pfizer.
On the right is a current member of the board of directors of Pfizer, making tens of millions a year.
Can you see that?
Here's another one.
Stephen Hahn.
Here he is at the FDA.
Here he is at Moderna.
That means Gates.
Stephen Hahn.
On the left is the former FDA commissioner in charge of regulating Moderna.
On the right is the current chief medical officer of flagship pioneering, the venture capital firm behind Moderna.
That's Bill Gates.
Oh, here's another one.
The CEO of Reuters, who wrote two articles last week saying that we were making it up, that Fauci cooked it up in a lab, which is all admitted, and that Fauci bragged about how he needed a new virus to scare everyone into accepting mRNA technology, which he said
Oh, look, James C. Smith on the left is the CEO of Reuters in charge of informing people about the COVID-19 vaccines.
On the right is a current member of the board of directors of Pfizer, James C. Smith.
Here's another one.
Anthony Fauci, on the left, is the NIAID director under the National Institutes of Health.
On the right is the funder of bioweapons research on gain-of-function-backed coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
That's a fact.
But let me guess.
You know the fact checker said this isn't true.
It's all true.
They're lying to you.
You can verify this in 10 seconds.
Then why would they do that?
Because they're training you psychologically to accept their criminal line.
And then buying the news like they've already done.
I mean, this is a criminal takeover.
These men are guilty of war crimes against humanity.
They are on the same par as Adolf A. Louis Hitler.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, let me give you the big picture, and then I'm just going to roll on from there.
There is no longer any doubt, not one grain of doubt,
That this is the big assault, and it's designed to totally collapse all major civilization, and then drive us into a permanent re-education camp system where they kill 90% of the population by 2030.
Which is their official Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Klaus Schwab, David Rockefeller plan.
That I've covered ad nauseum and made films about.
And here we are.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, we have wolf packs of medical CEOs from the Moderna, Pfizer global level, right down to the local hospital groups, almost all of them, literally keeping third trimester babies alive and delivering them to research facilities with beating hearts to be dissected.
That was in government documents 10 years ago.
And federal and state judges allowed lawsuits to sue the pro-life groups that got the documents until they went bankrupt.
People don't care.
They're saving babies that are being murdered.
Kill us!
But people ask, how did I know all of that?
Well, because they got the documents 10 years ago out of Illinois and out of California and other states.
And now it's in the news that, yeah, they deliver babies at 42 weeks.
That's after a baby's born.
That's nine months, folks, plus.
And people like, on the street today, a person asked me, how did you know about them and the baby parts and keeping babies alive?
I said, well, it's in the damn government grants.
So, you think you're safe?
They tell a woman, oh yeah, you're a poor lady, yeah, you want an abortion at eight and a half months?
They keep the baby alive, in many cases, and ship it in an ambulance to a university
In Ohio, everywhere it's come out, and they poured sugarloaf and snot out of them.
I mean, do you understand what, you understand that it came out three years ago in DW.com, the biggest German TV station, the mainline national TV.
It's like ABC News over there.
That 30,000 children were taken from Christian homes and given to convicted pedophiles to be raped to create the new civilization of love.
That a man raping a little boy is love.
They said to create the new family structure of men having sex with two-year-olds.
Then by age five and six they were leased out and sold.
That finally hit New Yorker magazine three months ago and it was a whitewash.
These people are murdering criminals!
They're armies of pedophile satanists!
And now they're bragging that, oh, 666 is upon us, and William Shatner's saying, the earth, I see death, the great cataclysm, the earth's dying, we've got to save it with the great cataclysm, and everyone's nodding with him, yes, yes, yes, yes!
You think they're just gonna collapse the third world?
Because Africa and Latin America's still locked down, folks.
Big corporations just said, you know, we're not gonna get any of your sugarcane, any of your papayas, any of your flowers.
It's a huge thing.
These people live in Africa.
Big giant flower plantations.
They grow flowers, you know, and fly them by jet into Europe and the U.S.
All those fancy flowers you see?
I was growing in Africa.
Most of them.
All that crazy, wild-looking tropical stuff, like, where the hell did they grow this?
They grew it in Africa.
They turned that off.
Those people, 15 million extra Africans starved to death in the last 20 months.
Well, you wear your mask and strut around.
You're for the environment.
You're saving lives.
No, you bought into the lie, and you help murder people en masse.
And you think, okay, well, there's too many Africans.
Well, the New World Order's gonna kill your ass, too.
And I'm going to explain this again because I got plenty of news to give.
I want to say this one more time.
We're going to play a little clip from that and we'll come back into some really hardcore info about how they're paying these shows and paying the media.
Tens of thousands of different groups, not just HBO, not just Twitter, not just CNBC, they're all being paid by Big Pharma.
Because Big Pharma is being given unlimited money by the big banks because this is their weapon system.
Not airplanes, not tanks, not commandos, but evil policy.
A broken social contract.
Bringing you a social credit score of total imprisonment.
So, let's just expand on this.
This is the shutdown of the world economy.
Then Friday it comes out and I go, oh my God, that's why all these federal agencies are exempt.
That's why Biden hasn't even done a real executive order or a real law because it's all a bluff.
Because none of their people are having to do it.
They're simply doing it to shut the economy down.
And then when Thanksgiving comes...
And they banned 60% of the TSA from working, and everything shuts down further, and none of the ships come to deliver all the goods for all the small businesses, they all go out of business.
So they hit you with the lockdowns last year, now they hit you with the food lockdowns this year, and all the delivery goods for small businesses to stay open, from service businesses to retail businesses, and then Klaus Schwab says, we're doing this to save the Earth!
This is part of the Great Reset!
I have clips!
Of the Davos Group bragging new ones.
Not the stuff last year of you'll own nothing, have nothing, you'll like it.
We have new clips.
New clips.
Of them saying, yes, this is for the earth.
That's why everything's shut down and why there's no supply chain.
It's saving you from the carbon footprint.
And it's good.
And we're saving you from greenhouse gases by shutting it down.
And we're going to take your blood to be able to travel.
Videos on Infowars.com.
You see?
I mean, man, and people just think, capitulate, give in to this, they're going to be protected.
But when I come back... Yeah, there it is.
On screen for you.
COVID Pass plans to launch in September.
It commits to mandatory carbon offsetting for each of its passengers.
To preserve the environmental benefits and reduce air travel during the crisis.
Did you hear me when I said the vaccine pass is the carbon pass?
Now it's official!
Not just in documents, not just in their plans, it's here!
And I got the John Hopkins.
You know what?
I've already played that five times in a row, but I'm gonna play that next.
That's even more important than all of this.
I have the John Hopkins data.
Of A to Z, the most populous nations in the world, and you see on their own data that when the vaccination begins, which is a vaccination, that the explosions in illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths begins exactly within days of it, the same in every country.
I don't need to be an epidemiologist, or a scientist, or any of that, even though they all agree with me, all the real ones, the vast majority of them, all the who's who's, the Nobel Prize winners, the former head of Pfizer, all of them, who have souls.
They all said this would happen and now I don't need to ask them.
I know all over the world the worst grafts, the worst cases, the worst deaths, the worst illnesses are right after you take the shot within a few days and then it just goes up within two weeks and just skyrockets up in every case.
Do I need to be a coroner?
Do I need to be a...
medical doctor, a pathologist, to know that if I walk up to somebody, or you do, with a double barrel shotgun with slugs in it, and you shoot somebody in the head at point-blank range with both barrels and blow their head completely off, there's no brains left, the whole top of the head, the brain all blows out the back.
Do I need to be an epidemiologist?
Do I need to be a scientist, a virologist?
Do I need to be a pathologist to know that person just had their brains blown out?
Well, anybody can look at John Hopkins' own graph around the world, and every damn place, the illnesses, the hospitalizations, and the deaths skyrocket right after the damn shots!
It's like, hey, take a meat cleaver and slam it down over four of your fingers.
It's going to cut them off.
Do you need to be a pathologist to know it just did that?
How about a kid walks out in traffic and a bus hits him going 60 miles an hour and you see the kid get run over underneath the wheels and gulp like a fish out of water for five seconds and their eyes roll back in their head.
You need to have a pathologist tell you that killed him.
But we do have the pathologist.
The main National German Pathology Association six months ago came out and said, we're seeing double the deaths and double the cancers and all this other stuff from the shot.
Stop them now!
They're murdering you!
They're actually doing it!
And they think... Welcome back to the front lines of the fight for a human future.
There's the Sunday News headline.
It's powerful, it's strong, but not even strong enough.
I can't come up with words to describe how insane this great cataclysm is that we have been put into.
This organized Armageddon, this organized, incrementally rolled out world depopulation.
But there's the headline.
Sunday Live.
Biden's vaccine mandate collapsing U.S.
military while China test launches hypersonic
Hydrogen bomb-tipped space missile.
And again, China isn't making its military take these injections.
In fact, it won't take the Bill Gates injections.
See, that's a weapon to shut us down and destroy our military and take the United States out of the picture for the UN-Chicom-run world government to take over.
And it's here.
Let's talk about the real evil.
You know, if you just tuned in here on the Alex Jones Show, earlier I showed this graphic that is in the live show feed.
If you guys put that article back up on screen, Sunday Live Biden's Vaccine Mandate Collapsing U.S.
Military While China Test-Launches Hypersonic Hydrogen Bomb-Tipped Missile, you can see that we have posted under it the graphic I'm saying I hope you share that shows
All these different CEOs and all these different top people who are in the FDA or have been in the FDA are over Reuters, then fact-checking stories about their own financial interests.
Scott Gottlieb.
On the left is the former FDA commissioner in charge of regulating Pfizer.
On the right is a current member of the board of director of Pfizer's.
And it goes down the list.
This is just a sampling.
But what else is going on in the payoffs?
CNBC doesn't even hide it on Twitter.
Paid money by Pfizer to run a story about the miracle of mRNA and how it's going to heal everything and how great it is.
And that's why they're forcing us to take it because Fauci said we need a new virus, a new threat to blow up the old system and make people accept it.
Just make people do it!
And, oh, but don't worry, Reuters came out and wrote a fact check saying that wasn't true in our report, even though we showed video of it, because James C. Smith, on the left, is the CEO of Reuters, in charge of informing people about the COVID-19 vaccines.
On the right, he's a current member of the board of directors of Pfizer.
You see how that works?
Fact-checking himself, lying to you.
And our own military that won't take the shots are being put in a drug offender's sexual deviant section and then being drummed out of the military to collapse our military.
This is how you take over America and it's all UN globalist corporate directed.
You lived to see it.
And then as all these people get sick and die with the antibody dependency enhancement that was predicted by all the experts, they go, oh, it's a new cold.
Doesn't test positive as COVID, but everybody's dying the same way.
The body's attacking itself.
Here's John Oliver who attacked me a few days ago with his HBO hit piece.
HBO's probably got six or seven shows running right now that attacked me.
They've got another big one in production.
They've been trying to call me for interviews.
I said, no thanks, you're just going to edit it out of context.
He starts the show saying disinformation shows an image of Alex Jones, and then he cuts to a woman, a Hispanic lady, that got it from Spanish news, and a Spanish-speaking doctor that said there are, quote, natural cures to COVID.
And he goes, that's insane!
There's no cure for COVID except the vaccine.
Really, the vaccine doubles your chances of getting it, doesn't protect you, doesn't cut the severity.
I just showed you all the statistics last segment from John Hopkins.
He just says it's preposterous, there is no cure.
Really, everyone that has natural immunity, like myself and my parents and everybody else that went through this, this year, we all had the cure called our immune system, John Oliver.
But there he is gaslighting.
One week it's ivermectin, doesn't help you.
Another week, vitamin D doesn't help you.
Another week, hydroxychloroquine, because he's there to suppress you and make you think your only hope is these shots that actually slow kill you.
You talk about selling your soul.
So we didn't get money from Bill Gates or anybody.
We got funded by you.
In fact, I think I'm going to start putting a little, basically a text ad on all of our articles saying, not funded by Bill Gates or any other major corporation or the UN or Pfizer.
Funded by viewers and listeners like you!
We should disclose!
We're funded by the listeners!
At infowarestore.com!
Go see the John Hopkins data for yourself.
John Hopkins data proves COVID shots causing majority of illness and death.
I've got mainline articles admitting it in the back of the paper.
This is crazy.
But here's John Oliver, it's a long 20-something minute program, I'm not going to play the whole thing, but here's just some of the parts where he attacked me with straw men, comparing me to other people that are kooks, some that aren't kooks.
But the Hispanic lady's not a kook.
She heard from a Hispanic medical doctor, in Spanish, saying, hey, there is hope, here's all these things, a good immune system, vitamin D, blah, blah, blah.
And then John Oliver's like, this is insane!
There is no cure except the shot!
Except anybody who had immunity is 27 times better than the shot, even in their flawed studies.
Because the shot's not good at all.
That's the reality, but John Oliver thinks you're stupid.
Here it is.
Our story isn't going to be about the fun side of the internet tonight.
It's going to be about the rampant misinformation on it.
Something that we've covered multiple times before, from Alex Jones, to vaccine misinformation, to conspiracy theories.
But tonight, we're going to be looking specifically at misinformation that spreads among immigrant diaspora communities.
The spread of misinformation has real consequences.
When a reporter recently tried to figure out why vaccination rates among Latino communities in California's Central Valley remain low, one woman explained her reluctance like this.
I've heard of a health leader.
Like who?
It's a doctor.
It's a doctor I've heard of.
I've seen him in documentaries.
He tells us that the virus is curable.
This is the doctor.
Look, my name is the doctor.
But the most important thing is that for my people, El Salvador, the answer is no.
We don't have to get the COVID vaccine.
How did you get this video?
They sent it to me.
My mom sent it to me.
Through what media?
Through Facebook.
Why did you decide to believe this doctor and not a doctor like Dr. Fauci?
I've never seen Dr. Fauci.
You've never seen him?
Yeah, that's not great, is it?
And it's a pretty good reminder of how, thanks to social media, it is possible to silo yourself off and have very different experiences of living in America.
It was.
Because she was aware of it.
See, because big, big, big pharma's upset because all these people won't die now because they actually got mudecidine or they actually got vitamin D or they actually got zinc.
You know, 86% of people that got sick with COVID were deficient in vitamin D.
Oh, these bad Hispanics, they're just not smart.
But the British twit, he's gonna teach us how to do it.
But what about Ernest Ramirez, you know?
His son died after getting the Pfizer shot of a heart attack and they said it killed him.
But then GoFundMe wouldn't let him raise money for the funeral or anything.
Because you need to shut up and just take the death of your son we murdered.
Oh, let's go back to John Oliver.
Sometimes the spread of misinformation is exacerbated by the fact that for many diaspora communities here in the United States, there just aren't many alternatives in their own languages.
For many older Vietnamese Americans, there is such a vacuum of credible news channels that broadcast in Vietnamese, that many turn to YouTube for their news, with certain channels on in their houses 24-7.
One popular host based here in the United States is Nguy Vu, who brands himself King Radio.
He's basically a Vietnamese Alex Jones, as you can see in rants like these.
China completely has control of Biden.
The whole situation with Hunter Biden's laptop and the trove of data it contains?
All true.
I think Xi Jinping has got his hands on all of it.
George Soros was part of the financial plot to overthrow the Trump administration.
That's true.
Why are we still being forced to wear masks?
Masks are killing people.
If you're in a state that gives you the right to not wear a mask, and then you enter someone's house but they try to make you wear one, tell them f*** you!
I mean, you can see where the Alex Jones comparisons come from.
Both have voices that sound like bones going through a wood chipper, both have an inability to control the volume of said voices, and both have sets clearly inspired by a Windows 95 screensaver.
Also, they both seem to have the same business model, with King Radio selling its audience Viagra, medications, and beauty creams that he claims are made by his cousin, which should be a huge red flag.
Unless his cousin is named Steve Clinique, I do not want
Let's stop right there.
So Pfizer tries to make you take their product and does.
Well, they're exempt from it.
But then we're bad because we make products and sell them.
Horrible, non-essential businesses.
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But if it's okay with John Oliver, I'm sorry I'm not backed by HBO and George Soros and the rest of it.
DNA Force Plus.
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And share it on your email, your text message, by word of mouth, and tell folks about the local radio stations you're listening to and the TV stations you're watching.
We're risking our lives fighting this tyranny because we know there's no future if we don't do it.
Somebody's got to take one for the team, and we're doing it.
We're going 110%.
It's hour two coming up.
You realize...
The level, the magnitude, the insanity of the naked criminal activity to have all these federal regulators on the board of Moderna, on the board of Pfizer, Reuters, currently on the board of Pfizer, putting out this info and lying for them, and then not even disclosing it in the articles at Reuters.
I mean, that is just, just absolutely criminal.
But they know they control the Justice Department.
And the Republicans, even the best people we've got, are very, very weak responses to all this.
I'll talk about that more next segment.
But this story out of CNBC where it says on CNBC's Twitter that this article is paid for by Pfizer.
And I wonder if at the end of the article it says paid for by Pfizer on the physical article.
Because used to they would say paid for by Bill Gates at the very bottom.
They're not even telling you in the actual article on CNBC it's paid for
But it is paid for, they're admitting, on Twitter.
And I guess that's because of some federal laws when something's a paid advertisement.
Oh, it does say at the top, paid post for Pfizer.
So even on there it is.
I thought it would be at the bottom.
Now they're sticking it at the top.
Wow, they really flaunt all this in your face.
Well, they declare our military as sexual deviants and drug offenders if they don't take the poison shot.
That's criminal drug evasion right out of THX 1138.
So here's John Oliver, who is a very slimy evil person.
I mean, it doesn't get much more evil than this guy.
There's videos documenting it out there, the techniques he uses, but he'll tell a funny joke and show a silly woman or a silly animal or a silly man, something totally ridiculous, and then
Tell a bunch of really sick, evil disinformation and then tell another big lie and repeat it over and over again.
So he tells a big joke right before the next giant whopper lies.
Like, look at this stupid Hispanic lady.
What does she know?
Oh, look at this Vietnamese guy, you know, saying that Soros is involved in politics or that, you know, that Xi Jinping owns Biden.
Biden just said, in fact, cue it up for next segment, Biden said China owns America.
Hell, this guy's just saying China owns Joe!
Joe says, I know Xi Jinping better than anybody!
Even his own people!
I spent two hours a week talking to him for years!
I love Xi Jinping!
Yeah, we know you do!
Now you're destroying our country and our military and everything else, and then we've got this twit!
I love British folks, but I mean, you know, just... Hollywood loves to bring Brits over here, like, that means you have a higher IQ because you'll speak in a British accent, because of the Cockney accent, and then they do this, it's a sick joke!
So he's sitting here preying on you with lies.
You can disprove all of it, and it's all written and paid for by Big Pharma.
John Oliver's on the payroll, and so are the rest of them, with Colbert, with men in drag, dancing around with injector needles.
Here it is.
For many older Vietnamese Americans, there is such a vacuum of credible news channels that broadcast in Vietnamese, that many turn to YouTube for their news, with certain channels on in their houses 24-7.
One popular host based here in the United States is Nguy Vu, who brands himself King Radio.
He's basically a Vietnamese Alex Jones, as you can see... You know, what's in the slate?
Just hit pause again.
Maybe we should just play the whole four minutes.
There's even more, but...
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and finish up on John Oliver because, because this, this is important.
I mean, look at this kook.
Look at this Vietnamese person.
He's saying, how is he allowed to have millions of viewers?
He's out there challenging me.
He's talking to these communities and they're listening to him.
Let me just take a few clips of him out of context now and then say he's a liar, when everything he says is the truth.
But you heard him.
Oh my God.
He's got Viagra ads, because he's not against Big Pharma overall.
They've got some good products.
Oh, and they've got skin cream that he's gone out and developed with his family.
That just means you go private label it someplace, and then you make money.
You go get a good quality skin cream, private label it, sell it to your people.
They love it, they buy more of it, because it's good.
Oh my God, that models not what Walmart and not what Amazon and not what the New World Order wants, folks.
No, no, no.
Especially Walmart and Target.
You don't have these non-essential people selling to each other and doing business together because we can't then starve them to death.
Bad, Vietnamese!
You need to learn to be a good communist.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, I got so much news to cover on this live Sunday evening transmission.
Owen Schroeder's coming up 6 p.m.
with Sunday Live.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
So let me just get back to John Oliver attacking us in his entire program.
I mean, I've only played you a small part of it.
And he shows real people that are disinfo, and then other people that are telling the truth, and then says, oh, these people are like Alex Jones.
If you just joined us, he says, look at this Hispanic woman.
She listened to a Spanish-speaking doctor that said that there are cures for COVID.
And she's never heard of Fauci or never watched him.
We can't allow these people to be on air.
We've got to censor them.
We've got to shut them down.
He goes on in the piece to say, you know, Facebook only spends less than 20% of its time censoring other languages than English.
That's what he calls for in the full 30-minute show.
It's posted on Infowars.com or you just go to YouTube, you can look.
Last week with John Oliver.
You know, you don't get tomorrow's news today, you get regurgitated last week's propaganda splatted out at you, vomited on you again from him.
And then again, he attacks anybody that's questioning the system and saying there are things that can counter viruses.
That's why there's Pfizer's coming out with a pill that counters it.
Everybody knows that.
Everybody knows there's all sorts of things that are antiviral.
Everybody knows there's all sorts of berry juices and all sorts of other things that are, you know, elderberry.
I mean, you go to Whole Foods, that's Jeff Bezos.
But when he's selling it all and saying, we've got the COVID aisle, counter COVID here, he's allowed to.
He's allowed to have vitamin D and silver and everything else.
But you can't.
You can't promote that.
You can't say that it will arrest you.
You know, oh, let the liberal elitists go to Whole Foods.
They are allowed.
To go and get some access to therapeutics that are natural.
You're not allowed to.
You low-down slaves.
You Hispanics.
You Asians.
That's what you're saying on this.
Oh, let's look at what the Dyspora community, you know, communities that had to run away from tyranny, like the communists from Vietnam.
Oh, let's look at what these ignorant people are saying.
And John was like, oh, can you believe it?
This woman's listening to a doctor that told her there are cures for COVID.
I had COVID.
Rob Dew had COVID.
My parents had COVID.
Most of the office here had COVID.
They didn't have it last year.
That was the fake rollout.
The real rollout was this year.
And before I ever even got sick, months before, I said, this is real.
The hospitals are getting full.
It's mainly the vaccinated.
They're shedding on people and making them sick.
And it's caused the mutations, which the mainline scientists confirm.
And you see, I had the cure for COVID.
It's called my white blood cells, my T lymphocytes, and my killer T's.
And I know what a killer T is.
I know what a T lymphocyte is.
I know what they are.
And they hope you don't learn.
See, Magic Johnson learned what they are.
He's alive.
Freddie Mercury didn't learn.
Nobody told him, hey, AZT from Fauci is just like Rendezivir.
It'll kill you.
Just like they shipped it into Africa and killed millions with AZT.
Oh, the UN's got drugs for you that'll kill you.
And that all came out.
Well, Magic Johnson got the memo.
Hey, don't take AZT anymore.
He's like, well, I don't have HIV anymore.
See how that works?
That was Fauci who did all of that, that the left just worships here today.
Killed all those millions of people.
On record!
Huge protests around the world back in the 80s about it.
And he's back again because he delivers with depopulation.
And HIV was just a beta test.
I think?
And she says, this crazy woman, she doesn't listen to Fauci!
What's her problem?
I mean, she's listening to a doctor that told her that there's cures.
Oh, there's another big New England Medical Journal report out just last week that 80 plus percent, just like all the other studies, of people that died of COVID were deficient in vitamin D.
But he's done shows saying vitamin D doesn't help you because he works for the murdering big pharma companies that have paid them to read off a teleprompter the same message.
And now even CNBC and ABC and all of them take money from Pfizer and Moderna to write articles saying it's safe and effective, paid for by them, lying to you.
That's illegal!
But they've launched a war against us.
This is a depopulation attack.
This is a system to where now people are gonna wake up and not take the shot, and the corporations are gonna fire them, and society's gonna collapse even faster.
So let's finish up with the John Oliver thing, and I'm gonna settle down and move on to the really big news.
I haven't even scratched the surface yet, but just think of this man and the evil he's involved in.
He better hope there's not a God.
He better hope there's not karma in the universe.
Because there's a special place for people like this.
Here he is, deceiving people, wrapping it, a candy wrapper of comedy, with the cyanide lies of medical tyranny.
Here it is.
Trying to keep hope from people, trying to keep real treatments.
My father almost died.
He didn't tell me he had COVID for a week and a half.
I go over there, my mother was super sick.
My dad couldn't even talk, couldn't get out of bed.
Within six hours of being on hydroxychloroquine, being on rindesivir, not being on rindesivir, being on hydroxychloroquine, being on ivermectin, being on budesedine, and oral steroids, he was up walking around, his oxygen up at 90%.
By the next day, his oxygen was at 96, 97%, and he was almost better except for brain fog for a week.
90% better.
And there's studies and facts, but he doesn't want you to know that.
They don't want you to know about Oxford studies on mudecinine or any of it.
They just want to tell you there's no hope except this shot that actually hurts you and destroys you.
Think of the wickedness for simple money to do things like that.
This is Nuremberg 2.
This is war crimes.
And everybody that's been part of it is no better than Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister.
And I tell you now, John Oliver and criminals like him will pay, one way or another, for the crimes they've committed against humanity.
And I'm honored to stand against him, and I'm honored to be demonized, and I'm honored whatever they do to me, I'm committed 100% absolutely to this fight, because we know it's real, it's out in the open, and they're killing us.
And it's an honor to stand against it.
It's not heroic.
It's called survival.
All of you have to realize the truth of this.
I know it's scary, but it's real.
It's all confirmed now.
Let's go back to this monster.
Here he is.
For many older Vietnamese Americans, there is such a vacuum of credible news channels that broadcast in Vietnamese, that many turn to YouTube for their news, with certain channels on in their houses 24-7.
One popular host based here in the United States is Nguy Vu, who brands himself King Radio.
He's basically a Vietnamese Alex Jones, as you can see in rants like these.
China completely has control of Biden.
The whole situation with Hunter Biden's laptop and the trove of data it contains?
I think Xi Jinping has got his hands on all of it.
George Soros was part of the financial plot to overthrow the Trump administration.
Why are we still being forced to wear masks?
Masks are killing people.
If you're in a state that gives you the right to not wear a mask, and then you enter someone's house but they try to make you wear one, tell them f*** you!
I mean, you can see where the Alex Jones comparisons come from.
Both have voices that sound like bones going through a wood chipper, both have an inability to control the volume of said voices, and both have sets clearly inspired by a Windows 95 screensaver.
Also, they both seem to have the same business model, with King Radio selling its audience Viagra, medications, and beauty creams that he claims are made by his cousin.
Which should be a huge red flag.
Unless his cousin is named Steve Clinique.
I do not want any creams from that individual.
But again, while Alex Jones has been removed from YouTube for spreading misinformation, King Radio is still going strong on the platform, despite the fact you just heard him say masks are killing people.
Which clearly violates YouTube's ban on claims that wearing a mask is dangerous.
And what I guess this means is Alex Jones could probably find his way back onto YouTube if he could just complete a Rosetta Stone course in Vietnamese.
A key problem right now is that many communities don't have the same fact-checking resources that English-speaking ones do.
If someone sends you an Alex Jones... I'm not going to play any more of it, but let's just counter that.
The whole 30-minute show, I watched it today, time I'll never get back,
Look at this person.
Look at that person.
They're Alex Jones.
Ban them.
See, we're all Alex Jones now.
I told you that four years ago.
I said, they set the model with me, they set the precedent, and then they call it the Alex Jones case.
They were on MSNBC last week saying, oh, with the Sandy Hook stuff and the judgment, we'll now not have trials.
We'll just say they're guilty with judges and we'll shut down Fox News.
You see?
This is for everybody.
People better figure that out.
This is a evil takeover.
All right, folks.
I've probably done 10 hours of preparation yesterday and today for this broadcast, and I've not even scratched one stack of what I had to hit.
This is not here, again, for rhetoric.
It's not here as a prop.
Karl Rove said that he used to have a stack of note cards in debate class at college to intimidate people.
Oh, look at all the note cards I've got.
What a fraud.
What a phony.
This is all real news and information.
Every damn stack is a total nightmare of evil.
All, by the way, being admitted.
The Pentagon admits they're lying to you on purpose to deceive you because you're the enemy.
The Pentagon is run by the globalists.
And so it's attacking its own troops and getting rid of them and saying that they're sex offenders and criminals if they don't take the shots.
That's in the news today.
Maybe to separate unvaccinated officers under same category used for drug offenders and sexual deviants in France, in Australia, and now in Germany.
Can't go in a grocery store if you don't scan your passport.
Vaccine passport, which now the UN announced two weeks ago.
And then this week, the Davos Group, run by the Bilderberg Group head, Klaus Schwab, said, this is for your carbon passport now.
And now we're going to tax you with the vaccine passport for carbon.
I mean, it's here!
It's here!
I'm gonna play that next segment.
But let's... You know, I said I'd air this at the start of the show.
I never got to it.
So let's just start with this.
Because this is the biggest news.
All the news is huge.
But the big new piece of news is what I missed.
And I was again, I was watching Christy Lee doing the War Room on Friday.
By the way, she's who's hosting Sunday Live tonight.
I didn't know.
Owen's taking a few days off.
Well deserved.
And she had Dr. Mercola on.
Mercola, Mocola on.
Did a great job.
And then she was playing a clip of a nurse saying, we don't get to keep our job.
I've been fired.
And as FEMA was coming in to replace us, and the National Guard, they said to FEMA, hey, you know, so you had to take the shot?
They said, no, we don't have to.
It's up to us.
So I went and looked, and I've got all the articles right here, it's on the CDC site, that oh, there is no law, you don't have to take it.
Of course there's no law for you either, it's just corporations fire you.
So the government itself is kicking out all the private businesses, coming in and taking over hospitals, and the hospitals are doing this because they're getting a hundred plus billion dollars of the
500 billion plus that was pumped in for the COVID emergency member in the first big emergency package over a year and a half ago.
And so now they've instituted that emergency saying we don't have enough medical workers.
Not because the hospitals are full of the quote COVID patients.
That's how they got that money.
Remember stay in your house for 15 days to flatten the curve.
Now here we are 20 months later and
It's all about money, it's all about power, and it's all about FEMA slowly taking over the country.
Remember when the CDC said, for the last year and a half, we're in control of all housing, all rents are forgiven?
That's to bankrupt local renters and economies.
Again, all of this is to shut things down.
And so now they're getting rid of all these nurses, all these doctors, hundreds of thousands of them, and they're bringing in federal scabs that don't have to do it!
And it's not even a news item, and it's on the CDC's side admitting it.
And where's Rand Paul?
Where's Josh Hawley?
Where's Tom Cotton?
Where's Senator Cruz?
They're on TV warning about the dangers of socialism.
Well, this is socialism at the grassroots, but it's fascism on top.
I mean, we are so far gone, and the thousands of backed-up ships, and them not letting it in, and then Buddha Judge, and the Treasury Secretary, Deputy Secretary also comes out and says, oh, we're doing this to teach you a lesson.
Take your shots and we'll let you have Christmas.
I mean, why don't you put a frickin' gun to our head, you crazy man?
I got that clip!
I mean, we are here, and no wonder they're on national TV everywhere saying, get Jones off the air.
No wonder they're saying, oh, Jones doesn't get a jury trial.
We're just shutting him down, a judge says.
Because, my God, it's Armageddon!
ADE is kicking in.
Massive deaths all over the world of the vaccinated.
They're going, man, these people are all dying from a new super cold, oh yeah!
I mean, wow, they're really doing it.
And the public's in a damn trance.
People are like, Jones, how are you taking all the attacks?
How am I taking all the attacks?
They're killing everybody!
They're shutting everything down!
They're firing the nurses and doctors by the hundreds of thousands and bringing in unvaccinated FEMA for federalization!
So now the military and FEMA are in charge of the medical system.
And it'll never go back.
It'll never change.
It'll never reverse.
And Congress passed it 20 months ago because the hospitals were going to be full.
And see how they set it up?
They got it all prepared, all rolled out, all done.
Let's just go to part of the report.
I don't have time to get to the whole thing.
It's a three and a half minute report from the start of last night's emergency broadcast, but here it is.
Is FEMA requiring you guys to be vaccinated, all the nurses and doctors from FEMA?
She goes, oh, no, no, no, it's a choice.
I said, I'm sorry, I'm confused.
I said, you're going to do the same job in the same building
With the same patients treating the same illness as the doctors and the nurses who just were employed at this hospital and left because they were being required by their employer to be vaccinated.
Infowars is almost always way ahead of the curve.
We are truly next year's news today.
And we haven't dropped the ball on this one either.
We're amongst the very first to be reporting it.
But the fact that this information has been going on for months and that we are just now discovering it shows just how diabolical this globalist takeover is.
We know, even USA Today admits it, that $53,000 extra is given to every hospital or medical group that intubates the patient, incentivizing them to send people home when they're first sick, to not give them antibiotics, not give them steroids, not give them ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, so they become deathly ill, they come back, they put them on a ventilator, and then 92% of the time they end up dying.
That's the CDC's, the federal government's, own numbers.
You've seen all the incentives to not give care and basically kill people.
Well, why do you think they've been locking up all the hospitals and all of the nursing homes and bringing COVID patients in to get people sick and make them die, but not letting families in?
Because this is all a eugenics depopulation operation.
Well, now one of the last big pieces of the puzzle just fell into place.
And our own Christy Lee interviewed some of the witnesses yesterday who've experienced it personally.
And I looked up the federal guidelines and lo and behold, it's there.
There is not even a regulation or a law making federal employees take the vaccines.
It's all a giant hoax.
There's not a law for the general public as well.
And so when FEMA workers are coming in to take over the hospitals, not because they're overwhelmed with COVID,
But because hundreds of thousands of nurses have quit over the illegal mandate, they are telling the nurses and doctors they're replacing that they didn't take the shot, and it's their option, their choice.
That is absolutely incredible.
It's right there in the fine print, in the paperwork, on the CDC website.
So think about that.
They use the hospital groups, the corporations, to fire everybody outside of law, claiming they're following a federal law.
And then the hospital groups get the billions of dollars of emergency funding when they say that the hospitals are overwhelmed because of COVID patients.
They put that law in place last year.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in incredible times.
A global corporate government, using medical tyranny, is assaulting the planet with a depopulation operation that doesn't just kill you through the shots, it also kills you through the collapse of the economy and the starvation of the third world, which is then organized as the third world collapses with who's left to then flood the western world with what they call
Now, I got a bunch of clubs I want to get to that are very, very important to understand all of this.
And there's no way that I'm going to be able to get to all of this in the 26 minutes we have left.
And that's why we have Sunday Live, which only has six minutes of ads an hour, by the way, just the local ads for local radio and TV stations.
We've dropped all ours.
The show is free to air, meaning anybody can pick it up.
Everybody can pick it up.
We just want you to get it out.
And so expanding on that, I'm going to host the first 15 minutes of Sunday Live, and then Christy Lee is going to do a great job and come in and take over.
But right now, let's go ahead and get into some of these clips as we're being held hostage here.
Oh, you can't grocery shop unless you've taken the shot that doesn't protect you.
Total violation of the Nuremberg Code.
That was experimental.
That's what the Nazis did.
Bad stuff like that.
The Undersecretary, the U.S.
Treasury Deputy Secretary, warns unvaxxed Americans that shortages will continue until everyone is jabbed.
So they've got all the red tape and all the bureaucrats and all these systems set up, and around the world there's a collapse in the raw materials, because the third world's still under lockdown in most areas.
And there's not even people to unload the ships because a bunch of them have walked off and quit because they saw other people take the injections and get sick or die.
And then they're just like, okay, doesn't matter.
But the globalists can fly in what they need.
They have a name for this.
It's called siege.
Can you guys pull up the definition of siege?
It's total warfare.
It's the oldest form of organized warfare.
And it's where you encircle somebody's castle and you starve them to death.
And America is under a globalist, UN, corporate blockade to bankrupt everybody because they have unlimited fake currency.
They're printing stuff that would make the Zimbabwe blush or Weimar Germany blush.
I mean, they have printed, I saw the numbers this Friday, and I meant to print them off and have them here, but it blew me away.
I mean, I knew they were printing like there was no tomorrow.
But in the last three years, and Trump was guilty of this as well, he let this happen, but it's gotten doubly bad under Biden.
So just since Biden got in, in less than a year, you can pull up the numbers, they have increased the money supply 47%.
So 47% of the digital money and paper money ever printed by the U.S.
government ever has just been in less than a year.
But then it's over 50% if you go back two years with Trump.
So, I mean, just type in for folks, as I'm getting to this right now, type in Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing Graph.
Quantitative Easing 10-Year Graph.
It only shows part of it.
And you see it going along, you know, under Obama it's bad, and then it starts getting really bad, and under Trump it goes way up, and then with Biden it just goes... where they're printing a trillion a month extra.
So it's just going parabolic, straight up.
I've got a bunch of articles on that, actually.
I say, where's my articles?
I've got them right here.
So that's what they're doing.
They're holding you hostage.
There it is.
40% of U.S.
dollars in existence were printed in the last 12 months.
It's actually higher than that.
Is America repeating the same mistake of 1921?
Weimar or Germany?
I don't know.
Do bears go to the bathroom in the woods?
Yeah, print me that.
Again, that's numbers from a few months ago.
It's worse now.
It's almost 50%.
And that's the thing.
Now they're talking about printing a trillion a week.
And then you know where that goes.
A trillion a day.
And all these Hollywood scum and all the John Olivers think selling out their own species is going to get them ahead, when they all live in high-rise coffin apartments overlooking all the other slaves.
I mean, this is a... Let me tell you, John Oliver doesn't have tickets to Peter Thiel's bunker in New Zealand.
And that's a private bunker.
That's why they outed it and showed it, because he's not playing ball with them.
Ladies and gentlemen, think about all of this.
Think about where we are.
Think about what's going on.
I mean, you're living in history.
And people again go to me and they go, Jones, how are you taking all the attacks everywhere?
We don't even scratch the surface of the attacks.
I don't respond to 99% of them.
So whatever you see me respond to, there's again, literally hundreds of other attacks, major ones.
Because they're freaking killing everybody.
I mean, there's world government here.
They're announcing on TV, take your shots and we'll let you have
Supplies again for your small business, your construction company, whatever it is.
I mean, you're being held hostage.
You read about tyranny and tyrants and crazy groups and why they try to take over.
They can't help it and they think you're weak.
And so they're made a big move on you.
And it's a new type of war through corporations and the medical system.
And it's not like I'm just now telling you this.
I made a film 15 years ago predicting it.
And then I talk.
There's videos where I predict, word for word, how they'll use a virus, how they're going to lock you down, how they're going to have six feet of separation, how they're going to make you wear masks to make you feel like you're dirty and bad, because they wrote a frickin' war game blueprint on it called Operation Lockstep from the Rockefeller Foundation.
And I told you in long two-hour shows 11 years ago,
That they would implement that operation by the year 2020.
And how'd I do that again?
Boy, Alex Jones is the frickin' smartest guy in the world.
No, I'm not!
They wrote it that they had to implement it by 2020 and they frickin' did it!
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
But see, they can't move directly against us because they've got to have you play into it.
That's their power, psychological war, and getting you to buy into the lie, getting you to buy into the fraud.
Klaus Schwab is the head of the Bilderberg Group.
Look it up, they don't even hide it now.
Remember 10 years ago they said I was crazy, it didn't exist?
Remember all that?
New York Times, 14 years ago, wrote articles saying I was insane in Virginia and Chantilly and that no one was at a hotel and that I was having a schizophrenic break in the woods.
They had Secret Service and helicopters and Marines.
I got video of the King of Spain with the National Anthem marching in.
I'm the only person ever to stay in the hotel once it started.
I'm not bragging, I freaking got the video!
And they went on TV and said it does not exist on CNN.
They are your enemies.
They are attacking you.
They are lying to you.
And now they've gotten to the point of going, I got clips when we come back.
They're now saying you're not allowed to drink coffee because of COVID.
You can't look at the sunset.
You can't talk to your neighbors, and there's now coffee police.
I'm not joking.
You go, that sounds insane.
It is insane.
That's what authoritarians do.
They make you stand on your head with your thumb in your rear.
And that's why they're telling you, you take your damn shots or we're going to hold your ass hostage.
When the whole plan was they're going to hold you hostage, they're going to collapse everything, they're not going to stop.
And the cops implementing this don't get the fact that they're the main target.
Our police overall still have some idea of American freedom and are the ones that are leading the fight.
That's why they want to defund the police.
That means put in their police.
And once they've got their leftist police in, Katie, bar the door.
I gotta settle down.
By the way, as you see all over the news, they're trying to shut us down.
For everything you see, it's much worse.
And that's okay, because we're all in this together.
I just need money.
To try to expand what we're doing with a bunch of projects I've got and other people I'm working with who've got other projects and a bunch of things happening that during this time, we're going to make them put me in prison or come whack me.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm totally energized.
I've never been more alive.
I'm exactly where I want to be.
And if they do take me out, that's okay because, ladies and gentlemen, God's real.
We live forever.
It doesn't matter.
We're eternal.
This is our big decision.
So if they whack me or whatever, that's okay because they had to do it out of weakness.
But I want to stay on air as long as I can.
So get a t-shirt, get a book, get a film.
Take advantage of those supplements.
Get the products at InfoWarsTore.com because we're sponsored by you.
Look, they want to kill all of us.
We've got to stand up to them.
We're going to get them.
They're scared now.
I can look at Schwab and Fauci.
They're scared.
They're scared.
They are good and scared.
They better fear God.
What was it that CNN put on the headline last week?
They said it's the before time.
They said get used to not having medicine.
Get used to not having food.
Get used to not having any freedom.
Get used to having nothing, owning nothing, and liking it.
Get used to being taken to your knees so you can then be organized into committing evil just for food so they can separate you from God.
They want to get you poor and desperate so they can make you do bad things, make you conform to their social credit score, that means handing your children over to them, so they get your soul.
And that's what they're really getting ready to drill in on.
You're going to see it all, folks.
And the great time of the collapse and the quote, reset.
And the transition period before the world leader, and they say the world leader's coming first to cataclysm, and out of the cataclysm comes the leader that brings peace, and unifies everyone, and lets you go outside again, and heals the sick, because they've got all the real technologies.
Cure cancer, all of it's come out.
There's patents on it, it's all confirmed.
But there's just a few things you've got to do first, though.
And that's sign on to agreeing to sterilize yourself and your children.
And, uh, then there'll be a few more things.
The more you agree... Oh, sorry!
That's not all you gotta do!
There's more, more, more, more, more.
What does Darth Vader say?
I'm altering the deal.
Pray I don't alter it any further.
And once they get ya, they just keep dragging ya in.
And so...
My energy level's off the charts right now, because Newtonian physics is absolutely accurate about the way the third dimension works.
For every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction.
So evil is rising.
And those of us that are on God's side, whoo!
It's like that great song written and put out by the greatest guitarist ever, said, let me stand next to your fire.
It's a quite a fire of liberty.
So they're making their move.
And this is just the beginning.
And they're collapsing everything.
And they'll do it in increments and increments.
But by the time we get to 2030, they intend to have killed 90% of the world's population.
That's the big cataclysm that
William Shatner said to them, you know, the great cataclysm, the death, it's coming, we have to, it's fragile, we have to, and they're all nodding.
And Bezos is, you know, shut up, William.
But we have to say that, I mean, it's, it's, it's, it's fragile.
And that's what all of them are saying.
The Earth's about to end!
We've only got until 2030!
We're all dead!
None of us are going to live!
We don't know exactly what Klaus Schwab said, said Beto and Al Gore and AOC, because they're... I mean, Al Gore's in on the whole deal, but AOC and Beto are in the meetings with the big projection screens and the underground bases, and this is going to happen, and I saw them today.
Oh, pole shift's coming!
Oh my God, we're all dead!
So they tell us we're all gonna die, so we manifest that we deserve to die, and it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, and then we accept, oh, the deadly virus came because of global warming, and the headlines are, deadly virus is coming, global warming, out of the jungles, Peter Daszak's on TV, oh, we've gotta, in 2019, we've gotta stop the deadly virus, or this is gonna come out of caves, oh God, it came out of a cave, just like he said, he's a genius, he read the future, meanwhile they made the frickin' thing.
And all the cities are going to be under 100 feet of water and you're all dead.
But Al Gore told all those same lies before, remember?
He said by 2017 we'd be under 10 feet of water.
All of it was a lie.
But they've got real weather weapons, so they've got a lot of stuff up their sleeves.
So, the U.S.
Treasury Deputy Secretary warns unvaccinated Americans that shortages will continue until everyone is jabbed.
And we're not going to get through the transition we're in.
They all admit now.
Oh, this is a transition into the Great Reset.
Build back better means you have nothing and we kill you.
We build on your bones!
I smell the blood of an Englishman!
And be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread!
They're the conquerors.
They're the big killers.
They're the strong men.
They'll call the earth.
They'll get rid of all these useless feeders who they help dumb down and poison and get in this position before they kill us.
Because they want the future for themselves.
But first they want to use us as guinea pigs and sit back and enjoy roasting us over an open fire.
Cause it makes them feel like big men.
Oh, they're going to be big, big men, aren't they?
Big men after Nuremberg too, when they get marched up to those seats.
Big men, big, important men, big men that were willing to do what they had to for the earth.
Cause they really liked it so much at Jeffrey Epstein's house.
Oh, what do you think of Jeffrey Epstein?
Well, he's dead.
He's dead.
Oh, so, you know what?
Play with audio, because it only has music over it.
They put it out on Twitter and everywhere.
They already put out stuff about how great the Great Reset is, how it's starving people to death to save the Earth, and how wonderful.
And now they've got new ones about how they're going to test your blood when you travel, and they're in charge of it, and the UN's going to have control, and there's going to be carbon taxes attached to your vaccine app.
I mean, I told you!
20 months ago, 21 months ago.
I said, you go to the grocery store, you go wherever, and they won't show you a menu, they won't show you a thing at the restaurant, there's a QR code, you scan that, that's getting you ready for the vaccine passport.
Now they admit that.
And then once you have the vaccine passport, it becomes the carbon passport.
Let's, here, let's play that and I'll narrate for Radiolisters and read what's on screen.
Go ahead.
The app could help revive global travel and large events during the pandemic.
Back it up and stop it.
So we hold you hostage.
We killed tens of millions of people with starvation.
We bankrupt all these people.
Suicide more than triples.
Drug use more than doubles.
We do this to you, but oh, if you take the vaccine app and you do what we say, now you might get back to normal.
They're holding you hostage.
Oh, trade might get back to normal if you just take the shot.
Oh, and of course, oh sorry, shot doesn't work, there's more shots.
This app can help revive global travel and large events during the pandemic.
Here, let's continue.
Enabling people to visit countries, conferences, and sports events safely.
Hit pause.
Oh, so we're holding, it's not, hey, we held you hostage, we cooked this up, we release it, we create fear, the vaccine destroys your immune system, so when we hit you with the next plague, you die for sure.
No, it's just, oh, you get to go out again.
You get to carrot the stick.
Submit to us.
Let us put these chains on.
Let us have a world social credit score.
And it's not spooky to have to have this to buy and sell or go in grocery stores.
And once you do that, everything goes right back to normal.
Of course, it didn't, did it?
Got a lot worse.
And wherever they submit, like Australia or Canada, it gets worse by the day.
Because that's who's submitting.
That's who's in the trance.
That's who's Stockholm'd out.
Oh, but the next they say, users will have their blood screened at an approved COVID pass laboratory that just so, the new approved one by the UN who's in charge, the ones Davos Group recommended, is Bill Gates invested with.
What's his name?
Oh, George Soros!
They have the approved blood testing facility!
Oh, the last fraud, the PCR test, which was a total fraud, they built this on.
Oh, that's not approved anymore, they say, as of this month.
They said it a year ago, but it phases out the fraudulent test today, and they have a new one!
They want your blood to see how what they've been doing to you is going.
Let's continue.
Before being issued with a secure QR health visa code.
Back it up.
Hit pause.
Before being issued the QR visa health visa code via their phone.
Back it up.
And then they just segue right into, oh and a carbon tax.
Here it is.
Which they can present as airline check-in borders or event entrances.
The digital passport doesn't include tracing technology.
Oh, really?
Total life, just total tracing.
Preserving data privacy while saving time and money.
Oh, just a global ID.
Doesn't value your privacy.
COVID past creators say that by using blood test data, it's 100% reliable.
Oh, like Theranos.
That old fraud.
And could easily ensure, it could ensure only non-infectious people travel across borders.
Medical tyranny.
While monitoring access to concerts, conferences, and pilgrimages.
It uses real-time automated epidemiological data and blockchain technology.
Oh, that we told you 20 months ago is in the Bill Gates patent, and it's his patent!
Oh, there it is!
Oh, 666!
Oh, and Bloomberg's calling it today 666 with a big headline.
More than 6.66 billion shots, and then look, there's 666 again!
But let's finish up here when we come back with the next hour.
But if your stations break away at this point, they go on to say now it'll be for your carbon taxes.
That's coming up.
I'm going to finish up on this, but it's all here.
It's all here, ladies and gentlemen.
The total New World Order takeover.
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That's going to end sometime tomorrow when the new cell launches.
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We'll be right back at InfoWars.com for its last show.
They said two weeks to flatten the curve.
And trust the science.
They shut down the entire world.
All for what amounts to the common cold.
And those who question them were turned into criminals.
It's time to wake up.
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