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Name: 20211016_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 16, 2021
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A man killed five people and injured two others with a bow and arrow in Kongsberg, Norway. The suspect has been arrested, but the motive behind the attack is unknown. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said police are investigating if it was an act of terror.

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Is FEMA requiring you guys to be vaccinated?
All the nurses and doctors from FEMA?
She goes, oh, no, no, no, it's a choice.
I said, I'm sorry, I'm confused.
I said, you're going to do the same job in the same building with the same patients treating the same illness.
As the doctors and the nurses who just were employed at this hospital and left because they were being required by their employer to be vaccinated.
Infowars is almost always way ahead of the curve.
We are truly next year's news today.
And we haven't dropped the ball on this one either.
We're amongst the very first to be reporting it.
But the fact that this information has been going on for months and that we are just now discovering it shows just how diabolical this globalist takeover is.
We know, even USA Today admits it, that $53,000 extra is given to every hospital or medical group that intubates the patient, incentivizing them to send people home when they're first sick, to not give them antibiotics, not give them steroids, not give them ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, so they become deathly ill, they come back, they put them on a ventilator, and then 92% of the time they end up dying.
That's the CDC's, the federal government's own numbers.
You've seen all the incentives to not give care and basically kill people.
Well, why do you think they've been locking up all the hospitals and all of the nursing homes and bringing COVID patients in to get people sick and make them die, but not letting families in?
Because this is all a eugenics depopulation operation.
Well, now one of the last big pieces of the puzzle just fell into place.
And our own Christy Lee interviewed some of the witnesses yesterday who've experienced it personally.
And I looked up the federal guidelines and lo and behold, it's there.
There is not even a regulation or a law making federal employees take the vaccines.
It's all a giant hoax.
There's not a law for the general public as well.
And so when FEMA workers are coming in to take over the hospitals, not because they're overwhelmed with COVID, but because hundreds of thousands of nurses have quit over the illegal mandate, they are telling the nurses and doctors they're replacing that they didn't take the shot and it's their option, their choice.
That is absolutely incredible.
It's right there in the fine print, in the paperwork on the CDC website.
So think about that.
They use the hospital groups, the corporations, to fire everybody outside of law, claiming they're following a federal law, and then the hospital groups
Get the billions of dollars of emergency funding when they say that the hospitals are overwhelmed because of COVID patients.
They put that law in place last year.
Over $100 billion is sitting there waiting to be spent.
And then they create the shortfall themselves by running out all the regular nurses and doctors and then bring in FEMA, which again begins to federalize.
Not just what you've seen with the CDC trying to take over housing, but now the CDC taking over the hospital chains themselves.
True fascism, ladies and gentlemen.
So this is massive, massive, massive news.
And the full report and the full interview is in the War Room from Friday, October 15th.
2021 on Band.Video.
We'll put the link in the description here of this emergency transmission.
And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the Saturday evening emergency transmission in full.
Spread this link now.
That's how we fight back.
For years now, Justin Trudeau has been a loyal lapdog to the Communist Chinese.
While the people of Canada ceremoniously came together to condemn the CCP's Uyghur genocide, Trudeau's cabinet sent a single member on a Zoom call to officially abstain.
When the President of Taiwan was set to be honored by the Halifax International Security Forum for standing strong against China's relentless pressure, the Trudeau administration threatened to end their funding if they went through with it.
Trudeau invited the Communist Chinese military to conduct winter training in Canada in 2019, less than 200 miles from the U.S.
border in upstate New York.
The head of the Canadian military caught wind of it from the U.S.
Pentagon and called it off, which upset Trudeau, whose chief concern was offending the CCP.
Under Trudeau, Canada has been a big player in the COVID hoax.
In early 2017, billionaire Barry Sherman, a huge supporter of Trudeau's Liberal Party, was under investigation for shady deals with Trudeau that could have resulted in his company Apotex, the world's largest producer of hydroxychloroquine and Canada's biggest pharmaceutical company, being banned for five years from lobbying the government.
Later that year, Sherman and his wife were found hung from railings around their indoor swimming pool, with markings from being beaten and tied by their wrists.
It was officially ruled a suicide, and along with Sherman, the probe died.
Apotex was able to continue doing business with Trudeau's government, and went on to provide dangerous drugs as part of their ventilator protocol.
And it was at the University of British Columbia where the lipid nanoparticles that make the mRNA shots possible were developed.
Trudeau is a natural-born tyrant.
After less than 30,000 deaths, 0.07% of the population, Justin Trudeau has announced that all federal employees, and everyone 12 or older traveling on planes, trains, and cruise ships, need to be fully vaccinated.
Testing negative will no longer be an option.
Testing will no longer be an option.
These travel measures, along with mandatory vaccination for federal employees, are some of the strongest in the world.
Because when it comes to keeping you and your family safe, when it comes to avoiding lockdowns for everyone, this is no time for half measures.
In Ontario, elected representative Rick Nichols refused.
But under no circumstances will I, nor should any Ontarian, be forced or coerced to do something against their will.
And was fired.
Under new health orders in Saskatchewan, the government may now enter into any building on any land without a warrant and seize property.
And they are building isolation centers.
Trudeau's government, like most governments in the West, is dragging their people into a hellish reality of forced experimental drugs and a social credit score to police every movement they make for the rest of their lives.
The same reality coming to you and your family.
So long as humanity does nothing to stop it.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
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Often when you get into the real world, the effectiveness of vaccines falls short of the original efficacy.
That is not at all the case with the vaccines for COVID-19.
So now we have two vaccines that are really quite effective.
The mRNA vaccine, highly effective.
Extraordinarily efficacious, 94
To 95% for mild to moderate disease and virtually 100% efficacious.
Because the real world effectiveness is even more impressive than the results of the clinical trial.
We're good.
I'm good.
You might need another shot.
We gotta make sure we clarify that with people.
It has nothing to do whether or not it's effective.
We know it's highly effective.
Highly effective.
Come on, man!
It's Saturday, October 16, 2021.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Thank you for joining us on another emergency broadcast.
Basically, every broadcast we engage in now is an emergency, because the globalists are making their move ahead of the great culling, the great cataclysm, the great disaster that they are engineering, and which during this societal human collapse they will pose as the saviors and our guardians, while they quietly try to smother humanity in its crib.
What a thrilling ten minutes.
It had everything.
We're so happy that you're here.
It had everything.
And the realization once again, the fragility of this planet, the coming catastrophic event, and we all have to clean this act up now.
Well said.
The coming catastrophic event that everybody's been let in on,
Who is at the William Shatner level, the great culling, the bunkers they've built all over the world.
That's why AOC, that's why Beto two years ago said by 2030 we'll all be dead and it's the end of the world.
Remember that?
Now they've been brought in and have been briefed on
Asteroids, they tell them, are coming.
A pole shift, they tell them, is coming.
And that global warming, scientists have told them, is going to produce super viruses like airborne Ebola that will kill 90% of the Earth.
But it's humans' fault that it's coming.
That's the cover story up at the William Shatner AOC level.
They're not read into all the plans or how they've cooked up the viruses and how they've already prepared them and how COVID is just a beta test for the real lockdown when they're exterminating all of us.
They've not been brought into the Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci level of it.
They've not been brought into the David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Zbigniew Brzezinski level.
And the great culling is now beginning.
But first they have to train us with a virus that's not that deadly.
Go under their control, to let them block treatments that are 100%, to let them lock up old people where you can't see them while they quietly kill them, while they test the medical tyranny of the medical system and the police and the military and call out the folks that won't follow the orders and get the army of authoritarians they need.
They're building their human armies of oppression and dehumanization and depopulation right now.
And of course, going to augment that with the robots and the drones.
on the ground, air and sea that will follow whatever orders the establishment gives them.
So we're going to be laying all of this out in this Emergency Saturday Transmission.
I want to talk about some of the positive things happening in the Great Awakening because evil's making its move and it's planned it for a long time but it doesn't mean
It's going to succeed.
In fact, if we simply admit the horror we're facing and research how the globalists roll this out through successive approximation and incrementalism and get the 35,000 foot view outside the box, we will defeat them.
But if we don't, I'm going to lay out what you're going to be living under very, very soon.
And remember, I told you 20 plus years ago what you'd be living under by 2021.
They told us what they would do by 2021.
They would roll out Agenda 21.
And then Agenda 2030?
Well, that means a global depopulation of 90%.
So the training wheels are coming off.
We're going out of beta into operational.
And so you can just wait and see if I'm right again this time, or you can go read what they're doing and what they're saying.
So I'm going to hit some really serious news here this evening.
But first I want to talk about
Some positive things and some great solutions.
And the fact that there is, there is hope in the Animated Contest of Liberty.
And then I'm going to hit this.
Look at this headline from Zero Hedge.
And it directly links to a Pentagon paper that is official US government policy and also official NATO policy.
This has been adopted as a sixth sphere of warfare.
Hacking your brain is what they call it.
And they call it full spectrum dominance.
They also call it propaganda and mind control on a mass scale.
Cognitive warfare.
A battle for the brain.
This is an actual government document.
In fact, I didn't print the document, but go ahead and just print it for me, guys.
A 2020 NATO-sponsored study.
Let's just read this, a part of this on air, because here's the thing.
This is all being externalized now because this is 25, 30 years old.
This has been implemented a long time ago under George Herbert Walker Bush and then the Clintons.
And now it's fully operational right now.
They're out of beta.
The brain will be the battlefield of the 21st century.
Talk about war on for your mind.
So I'm going to be getting to that coming up and I'm going to show you just one level of the brainwashing.
One level of this.
Now the only way to defeat it is to have a connection to God and a connection to common sense and common law and reject everything they say and everything they do.
Understand they lay layer upon layer of lies and deception on it.
You have to realize the people carrying this out, no wonder they commit suicide, no wonder they're so unhappy.
Because they're hurting humanity and they're following evil orders via peer pressure or for money or whatever the case is because they're blackmailed.
And when they realize the horrible things they've done and that bad energy comes back on them, they kill themselves.
This is not the average green beret who runs everything, you know, information.
This is the behavioral psychologist and psychiatrist that actually run the military and run the Pentagon and hate masculine men and hate feminine women and hate all Americans.
They are the globalist beachhead.
They are the corporate board.
They are the leadership of the Pentagon led by horrible demons like Austin, Millie and others.
So we're gonna be looking at that and then just show you a few facets of that.
Let me show you one of the facets right now.
You see this big article.
It's all in the document.
It's very accurate.
I read the document when I was flying back today from Florida from a family vacation.
And I'd already seen the similar documents over and over again.
I mean, it's the same battle plan over and over again.
And now they're just legitimizing it because now they want you to just see the PSYOP officers as superstars and that the military engaging you psychologically, but also physically and medically is a good thing.
But I want to show you it's global.
So here, you read this article out of NATO, read the article out of the Pentagon.
They're both linked in here.
And it's all the exact same plan, all unified.
And then you get to see the action of it.
Walmart goes woke, pushing CRT training on white cashiers and self-stalkers that they are the privileged members of white supremacy, making $12 an hour.
So whites are inherently bad.
That's part of the divide and conquer.
And here's some background on it.
The NDAA legalizes the use of propaganda on the public.
And then as soon as it was law, they then wrote an article saying it wasn't true.
That's the PSYOP.
Admit it, throw it in your face, and then deny it's happening as they do it to you.
Mother Jones, is Congress really authorizing U.S.
propaganda at home?
The left said it's brainwashing.
They call it brainwashing, but now the left's in control.
It is.
They love it.
That was the H.R.
5736 Smith-Mundt Act, Modernization Act, that goes back 10 years, roughly.
And I'll get to all that for you.
Oh, but here's stuff out of the UK and articles out of Canada.
It's all the same headline.
British military secretly engaged in brainwashing.
Canadian military engages in brainwashing.
Here's the head of the military saying that it shouldn't be done, but it was overridden by Trudeau, who says he wants to be a dictator.
Military campaign to influence public opinion continued after defense chief shut it down.
It's like the tens of thousands of Chinese troops.
The defense chief shut it down, but he was overridden.
Just like when the two CDC top scientists quit and said, don't give kids this shot.
It's not a vaccine.
It's dangerous.
They just had to step down and they found someone that would say it was good.
Oh, but don't worry.
Here they are now a few years later.
Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians.
Forrest's report says, and they gave a press conference, how they scared you for your own good.
And again, just type into a search engine...
UK military targeted public with fear and propaganda and brainwashing.
Oh, but then after they announce it, they then have the Canadian and US media say, oh, you're a kook if you don't like it.
It exists, but don't criticize it.
You're a conspiracy theorist.
Here's one from Vice.
Conspiracy theorists are salivating over a Canadian ministry PSYOP report.
Oh, they're salivating over it.
We're going to be looking at all of the types of authoritarian communists they're putting in all major positions of power after we hit some of the good news.
But you don't have to listen to Vice or listen to me.
You could go read
The NATO and Pentagon and Canadian and all the reports, it's all the exact same stuff.
Dividing you, making you feel alone.
Dividing people according to sexual lines and skin pigment.
All really nasty, evil stuff.
And it's all in the WikiLeaks from six years ago.
A couple of years before the last election in 2014.
And it's the major psychology department heads talking to Hillary in emails saying, we've said culture war is needed, we need to turn it up at every level.
It's our only hope to maintain control.
And that's what this is.
Have us all fight with each other and just hit us with the most poisonous propaganda about how we're all bad, except Apple that owns the slave factories with suicide nets around them.
They're good because they love Black Lives Matter and have black spokespersons.
Doesn't matter if they're running slave colonies around the world.
As long as they've got a black spokesperson, it's okay.
You know, Xi Jinping can have death camps too.
I mean, he's Asian, so he can do no wrong because the bad people are the white people.
This is pure nightmare authoritarianism, and it's not just run by the PSYOP people at the Pentagon.
They're just legitimizing it through that.
I mean, this is just insane.
So we've got all of that information for you, and we're going to be looking at it here on air.
Here it is.
State of fear.
How ministers use covert tactics to keep scared public at home.
London Telegraph.
But it was for their own good in Australia, in the UK, and in other nations.
See, it's all did it.
All the militaries worked.
Oh, but this is positive.
So they admit it to you there.
Oh, it's good for you to have the Pentagon spy on you and watch you and control you and lie to you and use fear.
Oh, but other people like Alex Jones are bad.
When he says it exists, it doesn't exist.
Kind of like when you go to Klaus Schwab's own website, the Davos Forum, and he says, I want world government.
I don't want the public to have any power.
I want to depopulate the earth.
I want to capture governments.
We have captured your governments.
We are now in control.
Like the Borg.
You can go to his Wikipedia and it says that with a link to him saying it.
I've captured your country.
A corporate takeover.
I run you.
I've captured you.
Like, hey, I run your country.
Hey, what you want doesn't count anymore, and you're going to own nothing, you're going to have nothing, and you're going to like it.
These are all real statements.
Oh, but you see, they have all the corporate media gaslighting like it's normal, and it's fun, and it's no big deal.
So let's all just accept it.
And here's the short version of the report.
You can read several different larger, expanded versions linked in the article right here.
Here, let's show people.
Cognitive warfare.
They call it information warfare.
It's been going on a long time, but they had to legalize, because the military wouldn't do it, lying to you.
And that's what was legalized in the Smith-Mund Act.
The story's up on InfoWars.com.
You have to scroll down a bit, because it was posted Friday.
Or you can just simply search it out and find it for yourself.
And that brings me to another point of frustration, and I'm going to hit some of the positive news.
There was an Adan Salazar article several days ago where he linked to the British government's own VAERS reporting and the government confirming that you're twice as likely to get COVID if you've had the vaccine and more likely to be hospitalized or die.
And then after I was live on air talking about it, I saw it posted to...
Freeworldnews.tv and I saw obvious operatives, they weren't real listeners, that's clear, saying, this is bull, I don't see the document, this isn't real.
When anybody can go to the article and click the link and find it for themselves.
They just do that hoping people watching it go and read people saying it's not real so that you just stop watching.
That's just another tactic.
Oh, there's no world government, there's no Bilderberg Group, Klaus Schwab doesn't want to shut off the economy making you non-essential.
Even though it's in my film, Endgame, from 14 years ago that the group he ran, the Bilderberg Group, was planning this exact same damn thing because they write white papers.
Zbigniew Brzezinski, before he died a few years ago at the CFR in Canada, said, it's cheaper now just to kill the general public than to convince them.
We're never going to convince the public.
They're going against our New World Order.
We need to go ahead and just kill everybody.
I mean, these people mean business.
And they're now implementing a worldwide engineered planetary collapse.
Let's just go back to what William Shatner just said.
In fact, let's cue that back up and play that again.
He says, well, I look down at the earth and it's so fragile and so there's going to be the big event, the big horrible cataclysm, the big horrible, because they're telling them
The majority of the public are going to be dead by 2030.
And that gets most people that are movie stars and that are rich and own their own companies.
They all get organized, they all get taken.
To these big events, they sign non-disclosure forms, and then they start walking them in to what they need to do.
And then they give them directives on propaganda and talking points and how to talk to the public.
And they put them through all sorts of NLP training, where they talk like robots when you see all these politicians speaking.
And they've gotten on board, and that's why so many of them look scared.
Because they're told it's all classified, but the United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation are trying to save you and your family after the cataclysm that's coming.
You're going to be in underground bases for a few years, but you'll be able to emerge.
And they say, what is it?
And they go, all right, we'll tell you.
There's going to be a pole shift in 2029.
And it gets worse.
Our solar system's passing through a new asteroid belt we've discovered, larger than the Kuiper Belt, and we believe will start being hit there shortly after by large asteroids.
None of this is true.
None of this matters to reality.
But it's, it's, okay, I'm in a military base, I'm underground, and you're telling me all this.
And again, they recruited out of college, they recruited low level when they're first doing TV shows in Hollywood.
Where they get compromised, and then they're told, oh, there's too many people, and they go to transhumanist conferences, and, you know, they take drugs together, and they talk about living forever, and merging with machines, and how sad it is the Earth's dying.
And after decades of this, they've got the Federal Reserve heads, and the William Shatner's.
I know people that have gone with Shatner to these closed deals, these transhumanist conferences, and then what goes on at these things.
I mean, Bill Joy wrote about it in Why the Future Doesn't Need Us,
Why the future doesn't need us?
He said, I went to a conference, a three-day secret conference with top billionaires, basically all the Silicon Valley owners, and we had a discussion about whether we should keep humanity alive or just kill the majority of the public.
The decision was made, we'll go ahead and just kill everybody.
You don't matter.
Your future doesn't matter.
You don't count.
William Shatner goes up to space, he says, oh, it's so fragile, and then I realize the great catastrophe and the big event that's about to happen, and how horrible, but it's for the Earth, I mean, I, geez, I, you know, it's for the Earth, we're gonna kill it if we don't have the big thing coming.
And now you know why a lot of people like the co-founder of
PayPal, who says he's a libertarian, a patriot, and all that, from what I've seen overall, it looks like that, has his big, giant underground base in New Zealand that's his own private one.
And you've got people that we know are really bad news, like James Cameron, who's got his own underground bases in New Zealand.
And I told you about this 16, 17 years ago, because I was out in Hollywood.
I was introduced to a major producer by another producer I knew.
We went to a late lunch and they'd just been back from a meeting with Cameron and they told me he's moving to New Zealand.
He's going to sell everything.
He's got ships in case that collapses.
He writes it off claiming, you know, he does these underwater vessel discoveries like the Titanic, but really Cameron's getting ready for the mass culling that's coming of the earth.
And again, then like three years later, it happened on the news and he left and moved away.
Got New Zealand, gave Peter Thiel citizenship after he spent 12 days there.
Then he goes into the bunkers he's built.
It was just in the news two weeks ago, these huge underground bunkers.
So, listen, this is it.
This is what's happening.
I can give you so much more inside baseball because so many really famous people, and I'm not name-dropping, it doesn't even matter to me except it's a way to try to wake folks up, contact me because they heard me talk about this 20 years ago and now they're being invited to events.
They're being introduced to this.
They're being told, hey, you better get ready to protect yourself and to protect your family.
You better get on board.
And because I and others were able to expose this paradigm and this plan decades before it happened, I told these people, you're going to get approached before this to sell out and work with them so you and your family are safe.
But I assure you, you really think you're going to be safe once they start killing everybody and society collapses?
They're not going to leave you out there walking around.
They're not going to leave you.
Thank you.
Carbon-based life forms on Earth, not just humans.
This is a serious cult, I think, run by super-advanced, super-evil aliens, is what the Bible says, but I can't prove that.
All I know is that they say they're getting rid of us, and they say we're obsolete, and they say the future doesn't need us, and they say looking forward to the end of humanity, you know, Wall Street Journal, and we're gonna merge the machines, and they're taking our bodies over, and there's nothing that we can do to stop them.
I mean, that's out of Klaus Schwab's damn mouth, so...
I just, you know, carry it out 99% of the way, and then I go, okay, why would humans do this?
Why are they multi-generationally doing this?
Why are they building this?
And they'll tell you, oh, we're hooked into the big knowledge.
We've transcended.
And to transcend, we've got to play God and call the majority of the public.
As they're, again, coined to carry them across the River Styx into Valhalla, which is really Hades.
So, you're going to experience this.
I mean, you understand this is going to happen.
Everybody just doesn't understand this.
I don't care if you're an auto mechanic, or you're in the FBI, or you're a colonel in the military, or who you are.
They're not going to take General Milley to the underground bases.
They're not going to take Austin to the underground bases.
No one's going to be going in the underground bases.
They're going to kill all them, too.
And remember, Ian Fleming was high-leveled banker, OSS, MI6.
He wrote what?
In what, like the early 60s?
Pull up when Moonraker was written.
They made it into a cheesy movie in the 80s with Roger Moore.
But the elite billionaires are going to depopulate the Earth with a bioweapon, and then the bioweapon burns itself out in one year, and then they're going to live in space and then come back down to the Earth and repopulate it.
Remember that?
And they admit that Ian Fleming talked about real plans and real things that were going on.
And so this is real stuff getting floated around.
Yeah, it's a 1979 film, but when was the book written by Ian Fleming?
I forget.
Look up Control-F Books.
You can find it on there.
The point is, is that this isn't just a movie.
This is what they plan to do to you.
But obviously, if you released a bioweapon that had 100% kill rate,
All 600 nuclear reactors would melt down and blow up, all the other stuff would basically catch on fire, and we would have the equivalent of a giant dirty nuclear war out of the process of those things melting down and exploding.
So, the people believing all this and AOC like, I'm sorry, you'll all be dead into 2030!
And Begum's like, I talked to the scientists, we will all be dead!
They believe that because they're being told this extinction myth.
So there is the book, Moonraker, 1956 or 66?
I can't read that.
It's too far away.
All right.
So 1955.
I said the 50s.
So that's where we are.
I was right.
That's what's going on.
That's what's happening.
It's so frustrating to sit here and know all this and to now know a lot of famous people that have now been approached off record to say, hey, you know, the earth's probably going to be ending real soon, as you know it.
And there's a big event coming.
You want to be part of our group?
We'll fly out on a private jet right now.
And it's a senator telling you this, or it's Jeff Bezos telling you this, or it is these other folks.
Imagine who approaches well-known people here in Austin.
Maybe Elon Musk has been approached.
Maybe he's approaching people.
Maybe he said no.
Maybe he said don't take the vaccine.
You see, some people want a pro-human future and believe in freedom and humans.
Others don't.
I can sit here and talk about the window dressing and all the crazy stories, all the interesting articles and all that, but none of it matters at the end of the day because they're building a post-human world where we don't exist on our ashes.
They are destroying the worldwide supply chains.
They are cooking up deadly viruses and releasing them and letting the world know they released them in our faces because they're proud of themselves.
And they're giving awards at Bill and Melinda Gates Depopulation Foundation ballrooms in tuxedos.
And then William Shatner goes, it's so beautiful, I, I, we have to save it!
You know, the big calamities coming, the big, the, the, the thing, jeez!
And I'm sorry, Shatner, you know, your dogs and your horses and your wife and your kids, they're not going to make it in this.
Our only hope is saying no to this, but I get it.
Being invited into this.
Oh, it's so amazing.
Oh my God, you've been let in on it.
Oh, you already know about all this, Alex.
That means you should be one of the leaders.
And once you join us, you can be in the councils, and some of what you want is going to be added to it, and some of what you don't won't be.
But see, I'm not stupid.
I sign on to this, I lose my soul.
I don't want to be involved in this mass murder.
Plus, you think we're going to be safe once they've killed 90% of people and they roll out their huge robot armies they've already built?
Do you think these globalists are going to leave the other, quote, elites around when their whole eugenics targeting is of the smartest, best people?
Their enjoyment will be starving you to death in a cage.
Their enjoyment will be doing brain surgery on your children.
These people aren't human.
And they hate humans.
And they want to cut us up and vandalize us.
They want to cut our nose off to spite God's face.
So, that's why none of these globalists have children.
They don't even trust you in their group if you have children.
And they tell you when you're young and they're recruiting you into this, don't have children because we're not going to let you get to the higher levels unless you're willing to kill children.
So here we are on this Saturday evening and we're covering real issues here.
And you can decide to selfishly believe this isn't true and you can be committed to your football and your fun and your Bud Light beer.
Okay, great!
The globalists say that because you don't care and because this information is out in the public and because they basically let it be known in public notices that they've put out in their films and fiction and non-fiction, that you now metaphysically deserve to die because you don't care about yourself and you don't care about other people.
And so you've signed your own spiritual death warrant.
And the listeners can say, hey, we know this is true.
We've seen all the documents.
We've seen the clips.
Don't talk to us like that.
I'm not talking to you like that.
You already know what's going on.
I'm talking to the people that tune into this and think this is funny, or think this is cute, or think this is some type of damn joke, like I said a year ago.
I said, if society collapses,
Within 15 days, almost everybody becomes a cannibal and behaves like a mindless zombie.
And I said, I don't want to have to sit there and look at my neighbors and think about having to size them up and haul them up on a chain and eat their ass.
But in a big enough crisis, I probably would eat my neighbors, hypothetically, to feed my starving children.
But I went on to say this is a
Modest proposal type essay from hundreds of years ago where they were starving this Irish to death, the English were.
So an essayist penned an article saying, in the newspaper saying, why don't we just tell the Irish to fatten up their children like piglets and sell them to us and then they'd actually have some money for food.
But that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
Soylent Green in 1984 and Brave New World are competing worldviews that the globalists want to carry out in a giant Malthusian depopulation orgy.
And if you don't know who Malthus is, and you don't know who Plato is, and you don't know who Adolf Hitler really was, and if you don't know who John D. Rockefeller was, and you don't know who Bill Gates really is, you better find out real quick.
Because they're going to keep the facade of the football and the beaches and the, but oh, empty shelves and you can't really travel now.
And oh, all the airlines are shutting down.
People won't take the shots because they're smart.
They knew by doing this vaccine mandates, it would make society break down.
They knew it would cause the breakdown of civilization.
They'd already done all the actuaries.
They'd already done all the focus groups.
They knew 30-40% of the public would never take the shots.
And once it came out that the shots were poisonous, they know that 90% won't take it, and then they just announce everything's shut down, and the corporate heads all say it's shut down, and then everything starts unraveling even faster!
It's been battle-planned, it's been prepared, it's been PSYOPT, and the only way you get out of it is recognizing the whole damn thing for what it is and pulling back and saying, whoa, I don't want to be part of this.
They take particularly research scientists that have
Thanks for watching!
I'm talking to men about 15, 16 years ago who were also brought in and briefed on all this.
So, man, you don't have to believe me from 20 years ago and see it come true now.
This is their plan.
And so, you know, I've already ranted and raved here, and I've got a lot to get to, and I said I wanted to cover some positive news.
But the bad news is, when William Shatner says, oh, the poor earth, we've got to save it with the big, horrible cataclysm, the collapse, the thing that's coming, you know, he's talking to the media, you know what it is, right?
Because he goes to big rooms full of the top scientists and the movie stars and, you know, the banker heads and the governors, and they're just all in there, but see,
Who hasn't been let in on these meetings, huh?
You can see it.
It's who's being demonized.
It's who's being attacked.
It's who the media is going after.
And they're the idiots working at CNN, the idiots working at MSNBC and ABC News, pretending like they're going to be part of the power structure, pretending like they're going to be able to lie to the public and engage in propaganda and push deadly vaccines on people, and that somehow they're not expendable themselves when almost all those people working in those institutions, including the military, have not been let in on any of this information.
But I can tell you a lot of smart people who are also not far-sighted, who are short-sighted, they now know this is real, so they're just kissing the ass of the system, hoping that it somehow protects them, hoping that the cannibals eat them last.
So that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
I can sit here, and I can cover all the little other side stories that are so entertaining, that are so interesting, but at the end of the day, why are all these world leaders and all these prominent people saying, I'm sorry you'll all be dead in ten years!
Thanks for coming!
It's sad, but we've got to save the Earth!
And then the anchors are nodding, yes, because no one asks, what are you talking about?
It's just, you know, is it right what we're doing?
Dr. Rima Lebo was
Dr. Remo Abo was the treating physician to a very famous woman leader who is still in office and who's been serving for 14 years.
I think anybody can figure out who that is.
Would you like to tell them?
Should I tell you what continent it's on?
It's named after the goddess Europa.
And her husband was the former head of the Army, former head of special operations before that, former head of all the secret projects with the CIA.
And before he died, Stubblebine and all of them came on the show.
They'd also been on the Ventura Show.
This aired 12 years ago.
But when this world leader, head of state,
Was being treated by the physician.
She said, well, you know about the culling.
You know, it's going to come soon.
We'll have to kill 90%.
And I just really worry about it and feel bad about it.
Don't you?
And Lebo went ahead and played along because she already knew a lot.
You know, her husband had been running a lot of this stuff.
I guess he turned against it later.
But sitting there hearing all this and see, she went and testified and she said, they're going to give you a vaccine that gives you antibody
Dependency enhancement.
She's on the show 12 years ago, 2009, with me saying it because we have the documents.
And see, I was told who she treated.
She didn't tell me.
I later asked her, she said, how the hell do you know that?
I could lose my license.
I said, you don't worry about it.
Who told you that?
I know who you treated.
So folks, are you going?
To start understanding what's happening.
Yeah, and I don't know why they're calling it a prophetic warming 2017, because that's not 2017.
What they do is they find old stuff, they put it out with a new date in 2017, and they say that's it.
So guys, just take it down, please.
I'm not mad.
We're going to show it.
It's true TV.
The clip's everywhere.
It's Dr. Rima Labo, it's Jesse Ventura, forced vaccine depopulation plan.
It's everywhere.
You'd have to be hiding under a rock not to know that vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and other essential vitamins and minerals are essential to our bodies, to our immune systems.
If we don't have them long-term, we die.
But what a lot of people don't know is even if you have those compounds, the levels that are recommended, if you don't have deep, restful, clean sleep, your body will fall apart even faster.
And with so many chemicals in the food and water and so much agitation in the culture and life,
It's hard to settle down.
Well, let me tell you something right now.
It's hard to relax.
Down and Out is an incredibly strong natural compound.
It's got over eight compounds in it that will give you deep, pure, clean sleep.
And it's such a game changer.
So with all the vitamins and minerals, the last big ingredient is Down and Out.
Available again at m4wrestore.com for 50% off.
And you know what?
I'm going to keep it at 50% off until it sells out, even though we've already sold out a half of it in just the last month.
And we probably aren't going to have more for about five months.
As soon as you and I finish, I'm leaving the country again.
Because in a very short time, not today, not tomorrow, but very soon, we'll be facing compulsory vaccination under the mistaken term of voluntary vaccination.
What is it about these vaccinations?
You think that they're bad?
Well, first of all, let's start with the fact that the World Health Organization has decided that we have 90% too many people.
The World Health Organization has been working since 1974 on vaccines to create permanent sterility.
Doctor, the response is going to be, you're crazy.
How can you say this stuff?
I show them the documentation.
Well, this is pretty shocking.
This process has already been ongoing.
To make matters worse, we know that the vaccines that were illegally approved by the FDA contain a substance called squalene.
If I inject you with squalene, your immune system will attack the squalene.
But then it starts attacking all of the parts of your body.
What does that look like when you meet a person to whom that is happening?
It looks like Gulf War Syndrome.
It looks like every joint in the body swollen and intolerably painful and immobilized.
This is in these shots they're gonna give us?
It's in some of them, but the U.S.
government has a trick up their sleeve.
They will
Induce a pandemic using the nasal mist vaccine, which is a live attenuated virus.
That means that if I take it, I can infect you.
You're going to get the flu.
Everybody around us is going to get the flu.
Then the United States government, based on their statements that they've already made, will say, my, we have a pandemic.
My goodness, we don't have enough doses.
So we'll add mix squaling at the 90,000 injection stations that the Department of Health and Human Services announced that they will ship the vaccines to.
That's where this is.
And imagine the control that gives them of this cataclysm, this collapse coming, this total death's coming.
But don't worry, you're going to be prepared with it and you're going to be with us during it and you're going to survive because you're a good person and you understand we've got to kill everybody for their own good.
Because, you know, during a pole shift, all the electricity is going to go out for years, and seven and a half, eight billion people are like army ants.
You know, they'll steal and destroy, and there'll be road warrior events, and there'll be societal degeneration, the likes of which this planet has never seen, with warlords and everything else.
So, we've got to get rid of the majority of the public, and we're going to have a vote
At this event, at this private island, which just took 500 of you to see what you think.
And they have you come, agree in consensus, and vote for what they've already planned.
But they get you to join the consensus.
Oh, you think we should go ahead and use the bioweapon to get rid of them ahead of time?
Oh, okay, we'll vote.
Oh, okay, we're going to follow your directive to kill everyone.
We just so happen to have made it right over here.
But first, we've got to roll it out and get everybody ready for the lockdowns and how to take the shots and how to behave when it happens.
And just, we've got to save the earth, we've got to save the animals, we've got to save the whales.
And so, we've got to release it and get rid of everybody before, before the pole shift.
And they tell them other stuff.
That's as high level as I've gotten in the brainwashing they give them.
But the higher level stuff, it's, well, okay, these are the alien species.
They told us only a certain amount of us can live.
We're going to merge the machines later.
Then they're going to blow the planet up and move on.
And then you learn that's the original transmission that they put in all their science fiction from 100 years ago, 80 years ago, 70 years ago, 60 years ago, out of MI6, out of OSS, with?
Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood's End, where the loving 12-foot red devils come, and they take over the children, they take them from the parents, they teach them the way, they merge with the other mind, give up their bodies, merge with the spaceship that arrives, and then they blow the planet Earth up because they were evil humans on Earth that would not follow the orders of the loving aliens.
Now, I don't know if they're really getting transmissions from these.
I don't understand all that.
I just know that my soul tells me not to be part of this.
And so there.
There's the rest of the story, ladies and gentlemen.
You wanna know the bottom of the rabbit hole?
The people running things think that they've made deals with aliens, that if they just kill the majority of us, they'll give them life extension and let them live forever.
It's very simple.
And then, I told you when Prometheus came out ten years ago,
That it's a Christ story allegory of aliens coming and Christ was an engineer, and that they came here and that we've not behaved, so a decision has been made to go back and kill us, and the engineers themselves are just a biomechanical humanoid android that's a copy of what the ancient race of humanoids was that ascended to a higher dimension.
I made films on it, I talked about it, I told everybody, I told Joe Rogan four years ago on his show, Elon Musk agreed with it, that that's what the globalists believe.
Recently, when the new one came out, he did a DVD on the latest one two years ago, and they admitted in the original script that was actually what the plan was.
How did I know that?
Because it's the Illuminati secret religion!
And they're now starting to externalize it.
So I don't know if there's 12-foot engineers.
I don't know if there's these 12-foot devils.
I don't know all that.
I know the people running things believe they're working for off-world entities, and that they inter-dimensionally contact them when they take DMT and all the rest of it, and the devils that look like little jesters crossed with an elf, always say, reject Jesus.
Create abortion.
Get rid of babies.
Kill babies.
Save the Earth.
Your planet is dying.
Kill your babies.
Bring your babies to us and chop them up and we'll give you secrets.
You'll live forever if you just kill your babies.
Kill your babies!
Kill yourselves!
Kill yourselves!
Kill yourselves!
Every culture, the message is kill!
You're a god!
You know you're a god?
You'll only live forever if you start killing people.
That's what you gotta do to prove that you're really good.
And that's what they tell you.
Every culture did it.
Well, because their priests took hallucinogens and interfaced with entities that told them they would give them secret knowledge if they did this.
You ask why?
Oh, the alien bust out of your chest, the Aztecs pull your heart out.
It's the same thing.
The birth out of us comes this alien thing, out of the black goo of the New World Order, out of the GMO, out of very small things come their big things, out of what they put in our body, and then watch us mutate, just like Prometheus.
All right.
Let's get to the positive news here, though, for a moment.
There are a lot of people like Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson and so many others that thought I was pretty crazy 10 years ago, 20 years ago.
And I've known Rogan for 22 years or longer, and I've known Tucker for more than 10.
And you know, 10 years ago, Tucker went from, I think you were a bad guy, to I think you're right about a lot of stuff, even though you're wacky.
It was a process.
And now they've seen basically everything I talked about come true.
So they on their own are out doing their own research and finding out how much they're being lied to.
So they've been red-pilled, not by me.
I was able to tell them this is going to come.
And then when they saw that come, because I knew that when I could tell them the future off the Globalist Zone admissions and plans, it would sound fantastical, but they would remember what I told them so that once they actually saw it happen, they would then know I was right.
Then they would ask me how I knew all this, and then I could tell them.
Because I work long range, just like the globalists do.
That's how you got to counter them is in long range thinking, long range understanding.
Not just in the moment, like we're a dumb animal.
We're builders.
We're not dumb animals.
And that's why the enemy wants control of us so that we build our own prison and our own guillotine, spiritually.
And so, obviously, I'm not going to give people any inside baseball on Joe Rogan or anybody else like that.
You can see what's going on with Joe Rogan.
You saw me over a year ago say, about a year and a half ago, I said, Joe is waking up, Joe is Red Pill, and when he gets in a position to be independent, he is going to go after the censors and go after the establishment in his own way, like a, you know, a judo practitioner would do.
People said, oh no, he's a sellout, oh he's a liberal, oh you know, it's all BS, you're wrong Alex, you're just kissing your old friend's ass.
And I'm like, no, I went after Job.
I don't
Tell your kids they don't need to go to college.
None of that's going to exist.
They're going to destroy the whole future world with a great reset, with a controlled collapse, a post-industrial world.
And Joe started seeing all of it come true and then Joe realized, and I was a big jerk about it and I did it wrong and I was very vicious on air, to get his attention and to attack him.
With brotherly love into understanding just how serious the situation was and if he was trying to go along to get along and conform with something that wants to kill him and his family that I was going to come after him viciously to just give him a little understanding of what was coming in the future from people far worse than me if he didn't wake the wake the you know what up.
And so that's not about Alex Jones getting credit with that, it was the world being tyrannical, and the oppression, and the lying, and the fact that the gloves are off, and the mask is off, that finally got Joe to wake up!
But now you see he's a good guy, as the pressure's on.
He wants to be with humanity, he wants to buck the system, and he sees humanity wants the truth too, and it makes him more popular.
And so Dave Chappelle,
Who's gone along with a lot of political correctness over the years.
Very politically correct, you know, with kind of a leftist angle ten years ago, even five years ago.
Now coming out saying, F Big Tech.
F all these big operations.
You know, transgenders are encroaching on women's areas.
I don't hate transgenders, he's saying, but you can't sit there and say that everybody didn't come out of a woman.
But they're getting ready where humans don't come out of women, where humanoids are made in test tubes, so they want to delegitimize that.
Almost all the births are now cesareans.
Most women aren't breastfeeding.
We're being phased out.
Babies are supposed to sleep with their mother, not be put in a crib in an industrial setting.
All of this is dehumanization!
And so yes, humanity wants freedom.
Humanity desires freedom.
And so the most avant-garde popular people are challenging the narrative, challenging the system, challenging the COVID-19 lockdowns, challenging all this and saying, we don't want to assimilate to your tyranny.
We want to overcome this tyranny and not be part of it.
And that's the animating contest of liberty that we are so incredibly close to actually having.
So first I want to play the William Shatner clip and then I want to go to Joe Robion and Dave Chappelle and talk about what happened there.
But you have Gupta.
Who obviously doesn't like CNN, who obviously doesn't like being a paid frontman, who obviously knows Ivermectin works and hydroxychloroquine, and knows the vaccine's poison, and knows this is all BS, and knows he has to go on TV while psycho Bill Gates brags about how Jeffrey Epstein's dead, ha ha ha.
So he goes on there to get the publicity and to try to build his own system because they all envy Joe being able to have their own thing, to be their own man, and to not be Jeff Zucker's creature.
And I can tell you that that's exactly what's going on.
Sanjay Gupta is trapped.
Sanjay Gupta is a slave.
It doesn't mean that he's a good person.
He's a coward.
But he had enough courage to go on Joe and get dominated with just simple facts.
Because Gupta knows the truth about all these facts.
So he basically went on Joe's show and took a dive.
So it's the next level for people like him that are cowards to start flirting with the idea of being honorable and to know he's a fraud and then to go on there and basically let all that come out knowing he couldn't defend himself.
Is that a form of courage?
I mean, I guess you could say that, but that's really what's going on here.
And there's tweets out there that Joe's taking a real interest in and so have I.
Of journalists that were talking to CNN journalists behind the scenes about, hey, get Ivermectin to Sanjay Gupta.
The reporter told Sanjay Gupta that and then suddenly they had basically like CNN-type detectives calling up asking the employers and people of the other journalists in another journalistic outfit, why are you approaching Sanjay Gupta with Ivermectin?
It's an intelligence agency.
It's a cult.
It's goons.
Literally watching their reporters and watching their front people who are on one-inch leashes
Even wanting to know if they're privately being talked to by Joe Rogan or somebody else about Ivermectin, and why don't you tell the public Ivermectin's good?
Why don't you tell them about all these studies about Ivermectin being good?
Why don't you tell them about Budesedine and the Oxford study?
Why don't you tell them that, Sanjay?
Why aren't you with humanity, Sanjay?
Why are you part of the group that's killing us, Sanjay Gupta?
And so this is all the struggle in every man and woman's heart of good versus evil.
And if we're going to have society survive and have any future, good is going to have to win that battle in a minority of focused, aggressive individuals who will not let humanity go quietly in the night.
Most people are followers.
That's who they are.
And it's our job to lead them.
It's our job to stand up by example and tell the truth and be ridiculed and attacked by the system, knowing
That as this horrible system unfolds, people are finally going to realize how dangerous it is and turn the tide, and it's going to start with the leadership of individuals out there that are prominent.
And that's why your support of this broadcast is so critical, because you can directly track
Getting Trump elected, getting other nationalists elected, getting Bolsonaro elected, he's given us credit.
Getting the UKIP party, and they're not perfect, but it was a start in there.
And all the major patriot populist groups of the world will say Infowars is a key influence, sometimes the main influence.
Nigel Farage said on air years ago, half our support in UKIP is from your show, going back 20 years ago, 15 years ago.
And then, of course, once their party took over and became dominant, they didn't need us anymore.
Well, I don't care.
I was just there trying to get a populist movement awake and in charge.
And back then, we were one of the top rated things in the UK.
Still are.
So that's why the enemy hates info wars is they can track back basically everything we've broken down what we've done to the awakenings of not just the general public not just the masses that are very important to the to the fight but also thought leaders around the world to decompartmentalize them
So they get a 35,000 foot view outside the box and see how they're being seduced into globalism in the name of saving the earth and saving themselves, but really all it is is a very sophisticated eugenics depopulation operation that wants to control humanity, test on us like guinea pigs, to develop life extension technologies for themselves to be able to basically live forever, which they don't want to give the general public access to.
So I could just repeat that emergency transmission to you over and over and over again for a thousand years, but we don't have that much time.
So let's play one more time.
William Shatner telling the world in almost a desperate way what's happening.
He's being told the end of the world's in 2030 and the end of the world as you know it is.
The collapse has only begun.
The supply chain problem's only begun.
It's only going to get worse.
And CNN's on TV saying, that was the before time back when you could go on a trip.
That was the before time when you could get medicine.
That was the before time when your electricity worked all the time.
That was the before time when the store shelves were full and you had 20 different things of every type.
You don't need that anyways.
When they said, oh, your gas prices have doubled and tripled, that's okay.
Because you don't need that for global warming.
But China and everybody else, they get all the fuel they want.
And then, oh, he orders U.S.
capacity cut and cuts off the pipelines.
And then when people complain, he goes, oh, OPEC, please increase the oil but higher prices for Americans.
Putting his foot on our neck while empowering all the authoritarian regimes.
A gang of crooks.
And they call that progress, they call that liberal.
No, that's a bunch of idiot followers that have thrown away their birthright, signed on to the corporate power structure, so they get promoted on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook.
And YouTube.
And they sit up there as the lapdogs that read their talking points out and dutifully attack Alex Jones as if they think fake courts and fake lawsuits and fake window dressing means anything to me when I know we're in a post-human exterminist countdown to literal synthetic Armageddon.
Because the globalists believe the end of the world's coming because of war and overpopulation, so they're triggering it early so they can, quote, control the collapse.
And that's their main rationale.
And that's the real world.
And I know the dystopia we're going into.
I know how serious that is.
So when people asked me four years ago when we got banned off the main internet, oh, how are you taking it?
How is this hitting you?
I said, it's coming for you next.
I'm just the beta test.
I know all this.
Because it's there.
It's happening.
Everything I do is a rearguard action just to stay on air as long as I can with the takeover that's happening.
We could be off next week, next month, next year.
They could shoot me on my way home today.
I hope it doesn't happen.
The point is, is that this is a damn war.
This is real.
This isn't a game.
It's not a joke.
You're going to see it for yourself.
You're already seeing the leading edge of the knife cutting into you and their own battle plan and their own admissions.
They have such arrogance about you and your family that they tell you they're going to kill you.
And I understand it's scary.
I understand it's hard to deal with, but when you just face it for yourself and then see it all around you and decide in little ways to start opposing it, we can turn it around.
But the big lie is the people that serve this are going to get a ticket off this planet or they're going to get a ticket to the underground base.
So they're going to be protected.
They can go up in the spaceship and, oh, look down and see that they got to protect the earth by death.
I looked down on the earth and realized it's so fragile.
And then I, I saw death, the cataclysm that's about to befall the humans.
Oh, oh, I had to do it.
I had to be selfish.
I, I had to not teach them and help them and build them up.
I had to kill them to prove I was a God.
I had to depopulate them.
I had to show them.
I had to show the watchers that I was a big boy.
And that I could make the hard scientific decisions.
And you look at Bill Gates, and you look at Fauci, and their evil little gremlins who just are filled with death and unhappy and losers.
That's not the shining angels.
That's not the big beautiful winners.
They're not filled with poetry and life and beauty and the technology to create a trillion worlds that we have imprinted in us.
They're little selfish monsters working for the lowest forms of energy in creation.
They are a fungus.
They are a bacteria.
They are the plague.
They are the virus.
They are the infestation, trying to claw us down and take us with them.
And Hollywood is their big poison system to destroy the minds of our people.
Here is William Shatner.
What a thrilling ten minutes.
It had everything.
We're so happy you're here.
It had everything.
And the realization once again, the fragility of this planet, the coming catastrophic event, and we all have to clean this act up now.
Well said.
We have to clean this act up now.
We've been bad, but the coming catastrophic event, the world financial collapse, the super virus is coming because the jungles are too hot.
No, it's coming out of the labs.
So there it is.
So then, you know, I look at Dave Chappelle coming to Netflix and saying, F you, it's my last one.
So I'm sure they're about to re-sign him.
And oh, the whole thing's about transgenderism and gay this, gay that.
It's the whole focus is about that.
Then he shows the radicalness to be able to say, screw you, women have babies.
And we're like, oh my God.
He said two plus two equals four.
Isn't he the most brave man ever?
And I guess that's who we are.
It's super brave to say men are men and women are women.
And then, oh, he's uncancellable.
So I mean, it's good to see him moving towards saying 2 plus 3 equals 4.
That's a good place to start.
But I like what Joe Rogan's doing where he is dissecting the propaganda and really doing it in a calm, friendly way, knowing they're going to take the bait and then knowing that it's all going to come out their line.
And so I really admire the fact that Joe has, in many ways, does a better job at waking people up than I do because he does it as really America's voice, the world's voice.
I saw a Chicago aficionado at the bookstore this weekend, last weekend, and had Joe on the cover of it and said, is he the voice of America?
Well, he certainly needs to be the voice of America.
Because our voice for America run by the government is now a globalist mouthpiece engaging propaganda against us.
But really we the people are all the voice of America and humanity.
And so one of my greatest accomplishments in the ways I've influenced Joe is to get him to really research this globalist plan so that he now understands
The real agenda that it's all about depopulation and it's all about medical tyranny.
And Joe is a tough guy and a smart guy.
And once he figures out that him and his family have no future and no safety, going along with the system, he will become one of their greatest enemies if he isn't already.
This is being watched by the globalist sociologists and psychologists.
It's being watched by all the operatives.
The phones are all listened to.
Everything we do is tracked.
Because the people on the other end listening,
That's okay.
Were you taken to the underground base?
Were you given the little William Shatner speech about how, oh no, you weren't told that.
You're told big cataclysms are coming.
You've been told destabilization's coming.
You've been told the Earth's carrying capacity's been reached.
But were you told that you'd be protected?
Because you're not going to be.
And so you can pretend you're part of the power structure all day.
You can pretend you're part of the system, listening to my phones, and Joe's phones, and Tucker Carlson's phones, and reading all our emails, and having your law firms come after us.
You can do all that till the cows come home.
But make no mistake, this is a spiritual fight on this beautiful planet, and God's real, and God is watching you.
And you will get religion.
Not out of the stupid controlled churches, but out of the real things that are going down in the third dimension, and above and below it.
So, let's go ahead and just play.
Two plus two equals four with Dave Chappelle.
Still making everything about the transgenders and everything about a group that was one-tenth of one percent five years ago.
And the chemicals in the food and the water that is the biological side, then they give you the social side of saying be feminine, be sterile, have shriveled genitals, everything the bisphenol A and the phthalates do on record to feminize men, hyperfeminize women.
Men become sterile and have tiny penises.
Women go into puberty at age 5 and are dead by breast cancer by 35.
That's the gift of depopulation they give you.
And then while you're dying, they make you love it.
And I use the last man on earth analogy, remade into Omega Man, remade into I'm Legend, where Vincent Price basically finds the cure, but the zombies don't want the cure.
Charlton Heston finds the cure in his blood.
That's why he was immune.
And he goes to, because the majority are just like zombies, but an upper crust, or like the warlocks, they have eternal life unless you get shot or burned and killed.
But he goes to them and says, I have the cure.
And they said, buddy, we don't want the cure.
And they kill him.
And that's exactly what this is.
You see, once they mutate and dumb down and destroy these people, and people say, oh, it's not normal.
It's not natural to be, quote, you know, homosexual.
And, oh, yes, with chemicals it is, ladies and gentlemen, because in utero, in the first trimester, the chemicals that a fetus is exposed to affect sexual changes in the body and in the brain.
And so they're not really, these men are not really women, and they're not really men.
They're more hermaphroditic.
And we should not hate them.
They're human beings.
We should love them.
And the proclivity that they feel like they're women is because it's been chemically done to them, and it's the culture inducting them into this.
And they're trying to conform, they're trying to survive.
I mean, you go to New York, almost every black guy you see talks like a woman at the store, and he says, oh, sugar, plum, blah, blah, blah.
And it's a big black guy who they're told to act like a woman, and to submit to it, and to be it, or we'll kill your ass, or we'll put you in prison.
This is the chemical warfare, this is the biological warfare, this is the system, this is the one-child policy of the West, is the transgenderism.
And these people are victims, they're not our enemies.
But then you have the priesthood pedophiles, who have their Renfield operatives,
Who are the big muscle men, then saying they're a woman, who go out to be predators against women, and to have that cover and say, you wouldn't hit a woman, so they can go in bathrooms and rape women.
There's that satanic side to it.
And so, it's got many different multi-facets, but to sit there and to say, hey, I don't know about you, but every baby in this world came out between a woman's legs, ooh boy, did you hear that, man, that was a good one!
We have to, that's what we celebrate now?
We need to have Dave Chappelle talking about the phthalates and the chemicals.
We need to talk about how, as a ritual, leftists bring their children in to men who dress like women and teach them that that's feminism and that a man coming up dressed like a woman or in an ice cream truck is somebody your child should go be with.
They are setting them up to be controlled and captured by these predators.
And the James Bond actor, you know, comes out and says, oh, I'm heterosexual, but I like to kiss men, and I only go to gay bars because people are so aggressive in non-gay bars.
The straight bars are so aggressive and bad.
When if you look at any of the literature or research, the homosexual lifestyle, highest death rates, most abuse, absolutely out of control, brutal stuff going on, but there's the James Bond actor saying, heterosexuals are just bad.
And England runs TV ads saying men offering to buy a woman a drink or asking a woman out or talking to a woman.
You're not allowed to talk to a woman in British government TV ads if you're a man, unless you're spoken to.
Oh, you're white, you're a subhuman.
Oh, you're a man, you're a subhuman.
All of this is the most flagrant, out of control, beyond Hitlerian propaganda directed by psych warfare chiefs against us.
And now in the dialectic, there's Dave Chappelle over here.
You know, saying, oh, women have babies, and then over here there's drag queen story time.
And men getting women pregnant and present and saying they're women.
And the media saying they're women.
That's the mind control.
So let's go ahead and play Dave Chappelle.
And then we'll just back to back, go right into Joe Rogan with Sanjay Gupta.
They've canceled people that are more powerful than me.
Cancelled JK Rowling.
My God, JK Rowling wrote all the Harry Potter books by herself.
She sold so many books the Bible worries about her.
And they cancelled her because she said in an interview, and this is not exactly what she said, but effectually she said, gender was a fact.
And then the trans community got mad as s***, they started calling her a TERF.
I didn't even know what the f*** that was.
But I know that trans people make up words to win arguments.
So I looked it up.
TERF is an acronym.
Stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.
This is a real thing.
This is a group of women that hate transgender.
They don't hate transgender women, but they look at trans women the way we blacks might look at blackface.
It offends them.
Like, ugh, this bitch is doing an impression of me.
Now I shouldn't speak on this.
Because I am not a woman.
Nor am I a trans.
As we've established.
About men dressing up like women, coming into female spaces and competing against them in their sports.
Everywhere else, that's asinine.
You don't see women going up into men's sports.
No, you see men going down into women's sports.
And now, oh, I shouldn't be talking about this.
I'm not a woman.
Oh, you shouldn't be talking about crime in black neighborhoods like Chicago because you're not black.
What the hell does that mean?
Or you shouldn't be talking about black babies being aborted because you're not black.
This idea that only people in certain groups can talk about that and that's their own group where they're then led by the globalists and whoever the subculture leader is, that's the divide and conquer strategy.
But notice he goes, hey, J.K.
Rowling, she's good.
I mean, the Christians hate her.
It's like, hey, liberals, remember?
She taught your kids about hocus pocus and all this.
But now she sees women's spaces being taken over where they, again, they go in, men with penises, and say, hey, I'm a woman.
Do a check on my cervix.
And the female nurse goes, sir, that's a penis.
That's a cult, folks.
And so they know what it is.
They need you to accept vaccines that aren't vaccines that hurt you, that don't protect you.
They need to sell you on tyranny.
They need to sell you on oppression.
They need to sell you on death.
They need you to accept lies and that 2 plus 2 does not equal 4.
So I'll give Dave Chappelle this.
At least he's gotten up again for 2 plus 2 equals 4.
But I'd like to see him get a lot further along.
You know, Dave Chappelle quit for almost a decade and went to Africa and other places because he got approached by the, quote, black mafia, he said this, that is in Hollywood.
But it's not really the black mafia led by Oprah Winfrey, it's the eugenics mafia of a few black people that are allowed to operate and have power and millions of dollars as long as they lead other black people into slavery.
And Oprah Winfrey is the only black person who goes to the actual highest level depopulation meetings with Bill Gates, Ted Turner,
George Soros and the rest of them.
David Rockefeller, just look it up.
Billionaires meet in secret to curb overpopulation.
Already knew about it before that was in the news.
And that's who came to him.
Oprah Winfrey and others.
And they said, listen, you gotta join our club and do what we say or we're done with you.
So his whole thing has been about not going along with this.
But believe me, Dave, it ain't about black and white, buddy.
It's about world government and your soul.
It's about the devil and God, and you can sit there and keep pretending, and pretending that's not what it is.
But let me tell you, you're gonna find out, and so is J.K.
Rowling, everybody else, and I bet you my bottom dollar, J.K.
Rowling's got so much dark energy coming at her right now, from what I've heard, she's gotten on her knees to Jesus, and pretty soon she'll go public with that, because that's the only choice there is, God or the devil!
Figure it out.
Sooner rather than later, be good.
But I'd hurry up and I'd get that choice going.
And that doesn't mean you go get some exploitive preacher in control of your life or one of these church cults.
It means you get a relationship with God.
That's what Jesus Christ talked about.
You open your spirit up to God and say, I want to be good.
I want you to cleanse me of the evil.
I want to be strong.
I want to help other people.
I don't want to follow this evil.
Help me.
Make me better than help me be a leader.
And God will start working in your life.
That's the relationship you need.
Not some damn preacher.
Half of them are pedophiles.
I don't care if they're Catholic or Protestant, the devil took them all over.
And they took over the Boy Scouts, and they took over every damn institution.
And now they're coming for your children, family by family, to make you take your children to sit on the knee of convicted pedophiles.
This is a damn religion of destroying their innocence!
UN-run contact tracers aren't coming.
They're here.
All over the world, from Australia to the United States, from Canada to Germany, these tyrants are tracking everything you do, everywhere you go, and then coming to your house and threatening, in some cases, actually taking people away into the night to their facilities.
And they're planning in the next year to expand their shield process, where they come and take, quote, healthy people away and put them in facilities for their safety.
This is nothing less than martial law.
And one big thing you can do to fight back is to get high-quality Faraday cages, many of which are made here in America and are Berry compliant, meaning U.S.
government military grade, at InfowarsStore.com.
We have the entire line of Silent Pocket ready to ship to you when you visit InfowarsStore.com.
Again, we have big backpacks, we have special dry bags, we've got them for cell phones, we've got them for laptops, we've got them for iPads.
It's all there.
At InfowarStore.com.
So protect your privacy today and support the Infowar at InfowarStore.com.
22 months into COVID, we have all the information needed to paint a clear picture of what's going on.
We know that Anthony Fauci, who has done all this before in the 1980s with HIV, AZT and AIDS, was illegally working with the Communist Chinese via the NIH to create a highly contagious bat coronavirus in Wuhan, China.
We know that the PCR test was used to fraudulently create a flood of false positives to legitimize the FDA's emergency vaccine authorization.
We know that the COVID vaccines are not vaccines, but rather highly controversial mRNA tech that failed miserably on its animal trials, a type of gene therapy that several top scientists warn will kill you if you can't keep it from spreading throughout the body.
Which is exactly what it is doing.
We know that no matter how deadly these experimental shots are, the companies selling them will not be held liable.
It is all being taken care of by taxpayer dollars.
We know that the ingredients are a big secret, and they don't want you to know what's in them.
And we know that some are getting saline placebos.
But now we are learning what these experimental jabs are actually doing.
Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist running the biggest independent testing lab in Idaho, described how the mRNA shots are causing serious autoimmune disorders.
The first shot stifles the production of lymphocytes.
Which cripples the immune system, resulting in a massive increase of autoimmune diseases and cancers.
The blood work presented by Dr. Nathan Thompson shows the same.
And after receiving the second shot, their immune system begins to fail even more.
According to one of the top virologists running this program, you need the booster shot because your immune system is now failing as a result of getting the previous two shots.
The data consistently shows that these shots are causing massive cellular mutation throughout the entire body, often wherever the recipient is most vulnerable.
We know that some of these shots are contaminated with mysterious objects that appear to grow into other objects.
For what purpose?
We don't know.
But we do know that our government, along with the entire pop culture media machine, are blocking life-saving treatments while keeping them for themselves, while pushing the deadly kill shot on the public, and creating a segregated society.
We know without a doubt that these mRNA injections are killing people.
While some may get lucky with saline placebos,
Most are having their immune system destroyed from the inside out.
We know these things because at this point the evidence is overwhelming.
And we know that it's the big banks calling all the shots for their Great Reset, which they claim is a transhumanist utopia, a cure to climate change.
But who knows?
What we all instinctively know is how to stop them.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
It's all part of confusing you.
It's all part of turning you around upside down, so that when they take your liberty and your freedom and your body and your soul, you don't know you can cry out to God at any moment to transcend these people.
So to finish up with Dave Chappelle, and then let's talk about Rogan.
Did a great job.
I didn't have time to watch the whole thing, but I watched about an hour of it, dissecting Sanjay Gupta in almost three hours.
Here it is.
Now I shouldn't speak on this, because I am not a woman.
Nor am I a trans.
But as we've established, I am a feminist.
That's correct.
By the way, the left in the last hundred years called themselves humanist so they could act like we control humans.
Oh, we're environmentalists, we care about the earth too.
They're overriding the whole thing, destroying it.
Oh, they don't like carbon that the whole earth's based on.
And so I am a feminist because I'm a humanist.
I believe in God who made humans.
I love humanity and I believe in women.
I love women.
I'm a feminist, but a feminist doesn't mean what they say a feminist is.
Someone that wants to control women through cults run by people like Oprah Winfrey, who has just been exploitive and just as bad as Harvey Weinstein with women.
The women just haven't gone public yet.
And believe me,
The Huffington Post four years ago before Weinstein got indicted.
I said they're burning people, they're branding them, they're tying them up.
Sometimes the women disappear.
I was told that by multiple famous movie stars who were not BSing.
About the level of mind control and Satanism in Hollywood.
I don't know the names of the groups, ladies and gentlemen, but I said it on air.
And within 12 hours, the Huffington Post came out to attack me and to defend Harvey Weinstein.
But what I said in that radio show that came out years later was the truth, according to our sources.
And I know these cults under different names.
They do the same stuff throughout history over and over again.
And so,
There's also that level of discernment, but finish up with Chappelle, and then we'll finish up with Rogan.
Here it is.
I'm Team Turf!
I agree.
I agree, man.
Gender is a fact.
You have to look at it from a woman's perspective.
Look at it like this.
Caitlyn Jenner, whom I've met, wonderful person, Caitlyn Jenner,
was voted Woman of the Year.
Her first year as a woman.
Women are being displaced out of their sports.
They're being displaced out of their jobs by men posing as if they're women, saying that they control that space.
Because the system wants to get rid of men's spaces, women's spaces, children's spaces, human spaces.
And so yes, we're not just going to say, okay, the guy can dress like a woman and say he's a woman.
Okay, fine, let him do what he wants.
Okay, fine.
Free country, free world.
But, oh no, you are the example of a woman!
Like saying a woman wins Man of the Year, you'd laugh at that!
So again, this is bullying of women.
I'm Team Turf!
I agree.
I agree, man.
Gender is a fact.
You have to look at it from a woman's perspective.
Look at it like this.
Caitlyn Jenner, whom I've met, wonderful person, Caitlyn Jenner
Was voted Woman of the Year.
Her first year as a woman.
Ain't that something?
Beat every bitch in Detroit, she's better than all of you.
Gender is a fact.
This is a fact.
Every human being in this room, every human being on Earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on Earth.
That is a fact.
Not in some Austin hospitals.
It's 90% cesarean now because they get more money.
Everything's a scam.
Everything is about making your normal biological operations obsolete.
You don't just think Monsanto wanted to have Terminator genes for soybeans and cotton where the farmer couldn't save their seeds and keep growing cotton for generation after generation.
The target's us.
And they now admit that.
And Karl Schwab says the goal is to take over the human species.
He says we've already captured your countries.
And I sit there and I tell prominent people this, they don't believe me, and they pull up, they say, oh my God.
But let me tell you, a lot of people like Leonardo DiCaprio and others, they go to Davos, they sit at the knee of Klaus Schwab, they sit there and sign on to this whole damn thing.
And so did the heads of Google, and so did the heads of all these institutions.
And then I sit there,
And get to see the private text messages of some of these tech heads talking about me and saying, Alex Jones is always right.
Hey, what do you think Alex Jones?
Look, he said this, it came true.
Oh, everyone knows Alex Jones is always right.
And I'm not always right.
It's usually worse than I thought.
But I'm very rarely wrong, and I'm never wrong on purpose.
My whole life is about telling the truth.
I say terrible things about myself on air because it's true, because that dials my brain into not think about BS and just cut right to the reality, and I train myself to do that continually.
These people, on the other hand, don't even know how to operate.
I mean, you know, when I get up here and say that Henry Kissinger tried to hire me and get me to go to New York and meet with him, that's true.
And almost no one ever refuses that meeting.
If they do, they sure don't do it in public.
Because you get your ass killed like that.
I'm protected by God.
As long as God wants me to be protected.
I don't thumb my nose at the fates.
And I mean, I'm sitting there in my weird world.
I get to have a very famous person show me the text message of that head of Twitter.
And that individual's saying, yeah, Alex Jones is always right.
He said, man, look, he's right again.
He goes, yeah, he always is.
Are you joking?
No, no.
He's a sage.
No, I'm not a sage, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not some Gandalf the Grey here.
This is all out in the open!
This is going down!
This is happening!
And I sit there and have people on the street ask me, is it real?
Do you really mean all this stuff you say?
Well, I mean, all you gotta do is look up 99% of what I talk about, it's all right there!
Now you got William Shatner going, I'm sorry!
We have to save the Earth!
The cataclysm!
The big event's coming!
Oh God!
And the anchors are like...
Because they're in on it.
They've been read into it.
The average person gets told this and they just Stockholm Syndrome right into it.
And it's so fun to be part of the elite and so fun to be part of the classified information to get a little Homeland Security text and to go to the different think tank meetings with the CIA and the NSA and all the rest of it.
Remember Jesse Ventura won the election by a landslide in the 90s there in Minnesota.
It was his second day at work and they said, hey, there's a group wants to meet you at the Capitol with the legislature.
He said, OK, I'll go to the legislature.
He goes down in the basement, the emergency center, and it's all CIA, like 20 of them around him.
He goes, you didn't tell me this is a CIA meeting.
I never.
And they said, well, and it was like old ladies and black men and Asian people and white old white guys, young people who just look like janitors and look like librarians and stuff.
And they were all there to just say, well, we're studying how you got in and just want to know how much you want to basically work with us.
And we want to know what you're going to do.
And we want you to run things past us.
And Ventura, to his credit, he's got a lot of problems.
He's pigheaded.
He got up and walked out of there and was not compromised then because they didn't think he'd win.
There was such a big landslide.
He got in and then and then.
They went after him for fake corruption stuff and basically he just got sick of it after a few years and didn't run again.
But he's a real guy.
Doesn't mean he's perfect.
Doesn't mean he has all the answers.
But like Trump, he really thought he was running the state and thought he was doing a good job.
And they don't want that.
They don't want to have anything to do with that.
But I mean, that's another real story of Jesse Ventura goes down to the basement and there's 20 CIA people.
Some of which he'd known in his life and didn't know they were in the CIA.
Just a cult.
Just a secret society.
And you know, oh, but forget the Jesse Ventura story.
That's on record that happened.
My dad, I've told this story, didn't know this until Endgame was about to come out 15 years ago.
You've heard the story a thousand times, I won't tell it.
But that's a real story.
That really happened to my dad.
I already knew about a lot of the pieces of it and saw the things in my grandma's chest of awards he got and documents and test scores and science fairs.
Oh, my dad at 15 sent off to work at cancer research facilities in Houston and sent off to be trained here.
He thought he was going to join NASA, and it wasn't NASA.
And finally, when he got to UT, when he was out of high school, because he was going to UT during the summers, Plan 2 program and sent around the country, they brought him to dinner.
At the head of the body department's house!
And said, David, Hitler was bad.
You know, I'm Jewish, David.
That was Professor Speer at UT.
My dad said, yeah, go ahead, name names.
And he said, you know, eugenics is real, though.
We have to make the human race better.
And we're not going to go after one group.
We're just going to go after everybody that's dumb.
And my dad did not get recruited by that and said no to it.
But that was after years, four or five years of grooming him just to go have that meeting with the guy that was running the UT Eugenics Project, the cult leader.
And my dad had been able to see the secret nuclear reactor that nobody knew was there under UT.
And then my dad got to see CD-ROMs and all this stuff that nobody even knew existed and all sorts of other stuff.
And imagine, and I've had other professors and scientists on the go, oh yeah, you know, they were making human animal mice, and they asked me if I wanted to be part of that, and if I liked it, they'd let me know about more secret stuff.
It's a seduction of being in the in crowd.
And my mother, again, was at my office, watched Endgame.
She said, David, this isn't true.
This is horrible.
He goes, no Carol, it's all true.
And for 20 minutes, as we drove to my oldest daughter's ballet recital, he spilt his guts.
And it was a weight off his shoulders.
And his mother got really disappointed, my grandmother, when he did not want to continue on with NASA.
And obviously it wasn't NASA.
And that's what Star Trek was in the 60s at the same time that my dad was going to that program.
All the smart kids wanted to be in NASA.
Oh, we're going to take you.
Oh, you're going to be part of NASA.
All right.
And that's their cult.
And now William Shatner comes back down from Earth and says, I'm sorry about the great cataclysm that's coming, but we've got to save the Earth.
It's so fragile.
I mean, I'm sorry.
I mean, the Earth's going to be gone, we're all going to be dead in 2030, says AOC.
I mean, I talk to the scientists, I can't tell you it's classified, but we're all going to be dead if we don't do exactly what they say!
I could just sit here and repeat this over and over again.
I mean, there's so much damn news here where they're killing us with the shots.
I mean, it's all totally confirmed.
Now, we knew it was.
We had experts on it.
It was all confirmed, and now it happened.
I mean, and we're just now normalized.
Oh, yeah!
Doubles your chances of dying.
Almost all the dead and dying took the shot.
Destroys your immune system.
Gives you ADE.
Double the chances of getting sick if you take the shot.
That's just up front.
Gives you COVID.
All over the world, the same graphs.
And, oh, you'll get cancelled.
Oh, Big Pharma won't come after you if you say too much.
Well, how much should you put on there?
I don't know.
How much should you put on there?
These other shows.
I mean, people see what's happening to me.
They go, yeah, we see what's happening to you, man.
We don't know.
We want to go all the way.
I mean, we know you're right.
Go all the way?
Oh, really?
You're all going to be frickin' dead if you don't stop this!
Oh, Alex, you've got more courage than we've got.
I got courage?
This is the opposite of courage!
You think I'm gonna sign on to this to go live in some bunker while they kill everybody?
You think that sounds like a happy place to be?
Even if they let me live?
No, I'll stay right here on the surface.
I'm gonna fight these people.
And that means fighting them with information and the truth.
Not shining up your guns and getting ready for a war with the police that are as big a target as we are.
No, this is a spiritual choice.
This is a choice of facing the facts and saying no to the system and withdrawing your support from it now before it bankrupts you and starves you out to make you sign on and capitulate.
Because before they kill you, they want you to sign on and sterilize your kids and capitulate and cut yourself off from God so they metaphysically are allowed to come in and get you and tear you limb from limb.
Because there's rules to this.
So no.
I do this out of extreme selfishness for my soul.
Extreme selfishness.
That's why I do this.
Not because I'm a hero.
And that's the great trick you people don't get out there.
You don't understand.
The devil's a loser.
This thing is not good.
You shouldn't want to be with this.
Oh, but you get to go up in a spaceship because you're part of it.
What a joke.
And yes, I love people, and yes, I have empathy, and yes, I love God, and I don't want to kill people.
But I can also tell you that if I was a sociopath, I would choose God over Satan.
I mean, how does Satanist choose the devil when it's a total failure and a betrayal, and that they themselves are idiots?
Because they're missing something.
And they want to take us down with them, and you've got to understand that.
These people are seeking after power.
They know nothing about power.
They cannot even imagine real power.
They could never.
You want eternal life?
You want to kill everybody?
Could some entity promise you eternal life if you kill everybody?
You have eternal life, you dumbass!
You live through the species, and you live at a higher level as spiritual energy.
And the enemy knows that.
They just want to be God.
They don't want to sit here and have this body go and be part of that.
No, they want the control because they want to be God and they want to do mad scientist stuff on us.
They are in rebellion against our Creator.
It's very simple.
You look at the stars at night, you look at the universe, I'm with that.
You understand?
I'm not with Bill Gates and Fauci and Peter Daszak and Oprah Winfrey and Ted Turner.
You understand?
I'm not with them.
Because they're at war against everything God made.
Everything beautiful, everything good, everything clean, everything that regenerates, everything that has the Genesis profile.
They are against Eden.
They're against the perfection of what God created in God's system.
And the free will we were given to accept that perfection and be part of that perfection.
Total completion.
They don't want to be complete.
They are fallen.
They are failed.
And they want to take you with them.
I can repeat that a thousand more times.
Let's hear Joe Rogan speaking to the pathetic slave, the so-called doctor, the mouth of CNN.
They're suppressing all the real treatments, engaging in crimes against humanity.
Here it is.
You're lying at your network about people taking human drugs versus drugs for the veterinarian.
Calling it a horse dewormer is not a flattering thing, I get that.
It's a lie.
It's a lie on a news network, and it's a lie that's a willing... that's a lie that they're conscious of.
It's not a mistake.
They're unfavorably framing it as veterinary medicine.
Well, the FDA put this thing out.
You saw that.
Did you see that thing that the FDA put out?
What did the FDA put out?
It was a tweet, and it was snarky.
I admit it.
They said, you are not a horse.
You are not a cow.
Stop taking this stuff, or something like that.
Why would you say that when you're talking about a drug that's been given out to billions and billions of people?
A drug that was responsible for one of the inventors of it winning the Nobel Prize in 2015.
A drug that has been shown to stop viral replication in vitro.
You know that, right?
Why would they lie and say that's horse dewormer?
I can afford people medicine, mother******.
This is ridiculous.
It's just a lie.
I don't think anyone is... But don't you think that a lie like that is dangerous on a news network when you know that they know they're lying?
You know that they know that I took medicine.
Like, here it is.
You got it.
This is ivermectin.
This is it right here.
Somebody gave it to me.
All right, hang on.
The thing is, we're going so fast.
I feel like I'm missing... So you think that's a problem?
That your news network lies?
Dude, what did they say?
They lied and said I was taking horse dewormer.
First of all, it was prescribed to me by a doctor, along with a bunch of other medications.
If you got a human pill, because there were people that were taking the veterinary medication, and you're not, obviously.
You got it from a doctor, so it shouldn't be called that.
Ivermectin can be a very effective medication.
For parasitic disease.
And as you say, it's probably, you know, I think, what, a quarter billion people have taken it around the world?
Way more.
Way more.
Billions of people have taken it.
Can I just come back to the one?
I want to talk about two things on the ledger.
No, no, no.
Before we get to that, does it bother you that the news network you work for out and out lied, just outright lied about me taking horse dewormer?
They shouldn't have said that.
Why did they do that?
I don't know.
All right, so that is Joe Rogan owning the slime at CNN and just destroying Gupta, which is good.
He deserves it.
That man has a lot of blood on his hands.
I don't say that to score a point on Gupta.
I wish he didn't.
He can always repent.
If he means it, he can be cleansed.
I'm serious.
But he's gotten up there and made fun of people about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and zinc and vitamin D. And he's pushed the poison shots and said that they'll protect you.
And now the wheels are all off that it was all a lie.
People go, oh Alex, we're winning!
It's coming out, it's all a big lie!
What did I tell you a year and a half ago?
You gotta think outside the box and look at it wide spectrum.
If all the top scientists that weren't on the payroll and weren't evil, like Wudarg and Yidan and all the rest of them knew this would happen, for sure, they're like, this will be a death sentence, this will kill a large portion of the tank, this will destroy civilization, this will discredit vaccines for generations, we're pro-vaccine, please, what the hell, this is crazy!
And I started saying, OK, they're going to blame the unvaccinated.
That's clear.
But still, it's going to come out the vaccines don't work.
And I went, oh, my God, it's going to discredit.
What are they going to do?
The military, the police, the government, the medical system.
It'll break the social contract and the public won't believe anything the government says anymore when the globalists are having the government do it as their puppets to destroy the country.
It's real simple.
Destroy nation states and say look at the horrible job they've done when it's corporate systems and globalists that are doing this.
I'm not defending the government.
It's been captured by evil globalists.
It's not the system doing this.
In fact, it's the police all over the country saying, no, you don't see on the news that Chicago and Miami and Austin and Dallas and everywhere else in Los Angeles, I talked to people involved.
Arte Cerveda was fired in Miami.
Because he tried to forcibly inject the police and tried to kick them off the force, and his commanders disagreed, and then his deputy commander physically assaulted one of the other captains because he said this is BS.
They had a fist fight.
Acevedo's goon started it.
That all came out with witnesses, because Acevedo was a globalist.
Just like he was in Austin, just like he was in Houston, just like he was when he was in the California Highway Patrol working for the feds.
And the police have got their own issues.
You notice it's the unions saying no to these shots, and it's people going, hell no, because they go to the calls and see the 15-year-olds having heart attacks taking it.
Or their mama took it and died, and they know what's going on, and they can read the inserts.
You think about that.
In fact, let me hit that news right now.
I've just spent a lot of time on the depopulation, the rest of it.
I'll be back tomorrow night, 4 to 6 p.m., Lord willing, with a Sunday show to get more into this and all the other developments.
But let me just show you this video.
Pathetic CNN scrambles to sweep Rogan-Gupta exchange under the carpet.
A great meme going around that I know Joe likes, as he sent me this.
Joe Rogan is Hillary...
Clinton and CNN is Jeffrey Epstein, meaning Hillary killed Epstein.
Very smart meme.
And again, Joe is red-billed and he's reveling in it.
And that's good because he's a friend of mine.
I knew he had what it took.
I knew he could see all for himself.
And he's out there researching constantly now, and he totally gets it.
Because I knew Joe 20 years ago, and he knew all the stuff I knew about the New World Order and the globalists and all of it, back when I knew all that stuff.
He knew as much as I did.
And that's why I got pissed at Joe and went after him, saying, you know this is real, you know this is happening, you know it's about depopulation, and I want you to do the right thing.
And now, the globalists made their move, and so Joe's like, wow, this is all real, I'm gonna fight it.
But in his own nuanced way.
So I'm excited because this is an example how other people can wake up and how other people can get involved and how...
We as a society and a culture can rise above this and save the depopulationists and the globalists.
You may have been financed by the royal families and by the robber barons and Prince Philip and Prince Charles may say they want to kill everybody with the virus, which they said, look it up, but you know what?
We're taking the wheel of the ship away from you and you're not going to get away with this and we know that you're cooking up the viruses, they're not being caused by global warming and we know you're the bad guys with the organized post-industrial world
And we're going to clean the planet up on our own.
We don't need you to play God and kill all of us in the process.
State Department Memorandum 200.
Henry Kissinger, the plan for global government and forced depopulation.
Look it up.
It's a program.
The Rockefellers put their money in to do it.
Bill Gates runs the foundation.
They're coming after us.
There's a Jay Sanchez tweet that's very interesting.
And again, it's people contacting folks that talk to Gupta and saying, why are you talking to Jay Sanchez?
That's the level of stuff that's going on.
And boy, don't you think Joe sees things like this?
And that really gets his wheels turning about how this is total suppression of this on purpose.
And he's a good guy, but he projects his own goodness onto other people.
And so Joe, I don't want to call him naive, but now as this stuff comes out in the open, they're going to have a real problem.
And not just with him, but other people.
I'm going to leave it at that.
They're going to carry this operation out.
So yeah, I'm excited.
The question is, how far are they going to get?
And what are we going to let them do?
But they're implementing it.
This is what it is, and I'm not going to just sit here and play softball the New World Order so I get a few more years above ground or a few more years not behind bars, and then sit there while the nukes are going off, or sit there while the bioweapon, the airborne Ebola is killing everybody and the cities are burning, and before the cell phones go out, I've got all these top people calling me saying, you were right!
What do we do?
What do we do?
And I say, it's too late!
Kiss your ass goodbye, baby!
Because I know that train's a coming.
I know that's what we're going under.
And so, the last 27 years, 28 years, I've been dead on, and I'm going to be dead on about the next 10.
And I'd love to be here in 8 years, in 2030, and their program's way behind, and they haven't launched their depopulation program, and they haven't gotten rid of 90% of us, but that's the official plan.
And they were behind schedule just like five years ago.
I'm like, they're behind schedule.
2021 was they're supposed to have it all going and the global lockdowns and it hasn't happened.
But I think they may do it though.
It's the only move they've got.
They're probably going to release a virus and do a UN world lockdown.
And I mean, you've seen the videos where I said it because they fricking have the white papers.
They have the battle plans.
I study the enemy's force posture.
It's what I do.
It's public because they're so arrogant.
Let me hit this news and then I'll get more into cognitive warfare and the rest of it on the Sunday show tomorrow because it's already getting late here and the crew's got to get home to their families and it is Saturday here when we're doing this broadcast, this transmission.
So let's just go ahead and hit this for you right here.
Let's just go ahead and hit this for you right here.
Here's some of the headlines.
I mean, we can show you the video of this or I can just tell you about it.
Biden brags administration ready to inject all ages of children
5 to 11 the experimental jab, he tells so many incredible lies like it's safe and effective and it totally protects you and oh it's so wonderful oh and the experts agreed at the CDC and FDA that it's good for you and safe when the top scientists all quit at the CDC and FDA over it.
I mean it's just a frickin 45 second lie.
The whole damn thing is like it came out of Satan's rear end.
Deputy Treasury Secretary only way past transition
It's a transition.
See the Great Reset?
Build back better.
That's causing high prices is to get everyone in the U.S.
and the world vaccinated.
Oh, yeah.
And then once that domino falls, we'll take whatever shots they want you to take.
Everybody's got to take it because everybody's got to die.
You know, the big cataclysm hitting us right now.
Oh, but all the special unions and the FBI and all the teachers unions, they're all exempt.
But you're not.
Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter.
Oh, save the black people while they're killing the black people.
While they're cutting their food off in Africa.
But that's okay because all the spokespersons are black.
The globalists just put blackface on.
This is such a key article by Don Salazar.
Double vaxxed, contracted COVID at higher rates than unvaccinated UK data shows.
And I'm going to play with audio that one and a half minute animation put together by a British statistician firm with links under it to all the British government's own numbers.
Which is incredible.
The fine print, like cigarettes, says it'll kill you.
Fine print says, oh, on average, you're double the chances of getting sick, and a much higher percentage, from 30% up to 100% or double, dying from COVID.
Being hospitalized or dying.
And that's what the numbers show all over the world!
And remember, they don't count people that die from the vaccine, the shot, in the first 14 days.
And that's the majority of the death.
So, it's even worse than these because worldwide, the UN runs it, they don't use those numbers.
But look, the needle point is when the shot begins.
Right where the needle is, is where the vaccine starts.
Every country.
Within just a few weeks, it skyrockets.
Because it's creating the spike protein in the body that makes you sick, and then you test positive for COVID.
But now they've got the new COVID, the super cold, the worst cold ever, that kills a large portion of those that take it.
And they just so happen to be vaccinated.
But it's not the vaccine that kills you.
It's a new super cold you've got.
It's not antibody dependency enhancement.
From John Hopkins.
And then we told you about this two weeks ago when this first came out.
The raw data.
But now it's in the British news, it's in the U.S.
news that, oh, not only does it not protect you, you're more likely to get sick if you take it.
But that's okay.
If you want to buy and sell, you better do it.
Oh, and we're going to give stimulus money and taxpayer money to all the big corporations that do make people be vaccinated, but everybody else that refuses, you get nothing!
We take your money and then engage in economic warfare against you.
But that's okay, because money's worthless if you're dead!
Double Vax contracted COVID at higher rates than unvaccinated.
UK data shows.
Yeah, let's go ahead and play with audio.
We'll just take a little pause here.
I'm not going to talk over this.
Go ahead and play the minute and a half graphic of dozens of countries around the world.
Hundreds show the same thing.
Highest vaccinated, highest death rates, highest illness rates, highest hospitalization rates.
It's the same all over the world.
Within 12 to 14 days of taking the shot, your body starts mass producing
Uh, the equivalent of COVID-19.
Here it is.
It's Albania.
Take the shots.
Same story.
Côte d'Ivoire.
It goes on and on and on.
The illness.
The death.
Not being able to breathe.
Being put on the ventilator.
All directed by the United Nations.
United Kingdom.
But it's okay, Tim Cook's gay.
Run some death camps.
Got three million slaves.
Suicide nets.
Forced abortion.
But he's got a black turtleneck.
And there's a big cataclysm coming.
And you're all gonna be dead soon.
It's so sad.
So sad for all of you.
I like to freak the Satanists out.
God's going to tear you into pieces and then banish you to be with spirits like yourself for eternity.
So I hope you enjoy it.
I don't take any pleasure in it, but I do take a lot of serenity in knowing that I won't have to be around you forever and your energy will finally be separate from me because I can smell it and I can feel it and I can taste it rubbing up against me.
Snake scales.
That smell.
That stink.
That spiritual filth.
That broadcast.
People say all the time to me on the street, Alex, if you're a good guy, how are you still alive?
Well, what does that mean?
You don't judge whether I'm a good guy and I'm for real off of if I'm alive or not.
You judge it off of, do I tell the truth?
Am I accurate 95, 96, 97, 98% of the time?
Have I been on air almost 30 years?
And what does your gut, what does your spirit tell you on top of that?
Plus, the idea that if Alex Jones was for real, he'd be dead is a loser mentality.
I trust in God and I'll be alive as long as God wants me to be alive.
Plus, I understand history.
Garrison, the DA in New Orleans who exposed the fact that they really assassinated Kennedy and got all those congressional hearings going and totally exposed the system and got sued by CIA operatives and won.
He said, I'm alive because I stay in the sunshine and I'm out in the open.
They threatened his family, they attacked him, they did all these terrible things, but he kept fighting and so that's why I'm still here.
But there's another big reason.
Not just being the sunshine.
God, of course, is the main reason.
But also because there's so many good people.
That's why when I see Tucker Carlson in the last 10 years get more and more awake, or Joe Rogan, or countless others, or Glenn Beck starting to get, you know, really totally woke, I mean...
When I see stuff like that, that's not competition for me.
I get excited.
That's what's going to protect me and my family.
So I've told you this a hundred times, probably this year already, and thousands of times over the years.
My job is to become obsolete.
My job is to turn the tide against tyranny and things be so good and people know what I know about the new world order and how to stop it and how they operate to such an extent that I have become passé.
I have become redundant.
I have become
Where I don't even, you know, really matter anymore because it's accepted knowledge.
So you've been attacked, you've been demonized for supporting Liberty.
So have I. It's okay.
God's watching and that's all that matters.
And we've been vindicated now by the horror that's happening.
I don't want to be vindicated anymore by more of where we know this goes.
We have their own documents.
We have Operation Lockstep.
We have the Spars event.
We have it all.
And then separately,
There's so many great people like Mercola and countless others that have been awake as long as I've been, or longer.
And so there's millions of people, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, who all are understanding what's happening and now they're speaking up more than ever.
So, all of you are the answer.
All of you speaking out are the answer.
And separately,
We're helping so many people.
The corporations aren't all bad.
The government's not all bad.
It's just people like us.
It's who's in control at the top.
So we have a lot of friends in the system as well who don't want to see Alex Jones dead or put in prison.
Or Owen put in prison.
But they're sure as hell trying to get rid of jury trials for us.
So we're at the tip of the spear.
I am consciously trying to be as good as I can.
I'm a fallen creature, though.
Fall short of the glory of God.
But I'm consciously, and my spirit is pointed towards God and being a good, just person.
Please help keep us on the air during this critical time.
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A 360 win.
So, you're on a planet, you're under attack.
Call it space invaders, call it whatever you want, but you don't want to be one of the slaves or the so-called leaders of the system.
You think Joe Biden's a winner?
You think Hunter Biden's a winner?
You think Xi Jinping is a winner serving the system?
Think again.
Oh, so I've gotten through three articles.
Let's continue.
Oh, look at a mainstream news article.
Oh, vaccination rates not likely to lower.
COVID rates, epidemiology paper finds.
It's a freaking whitewash.
It makes it twice as bad.
Newsom, who wants kids vaccinated, fights vaccine mandates for prison guards whose union gave $1.75 million to fight the recall.
Oh, they don't have to take it, but they're trying to make you.
That's total discrimination.
It's illegal on its face, but they're trying to convince you it's OK.
And Democrat judges say it's going to happen.
They don't have to take it, but you do.
No, you don't.
They claim.
Exclusive House Republicans to introduce Freedom Act would fight Biden's vaccine mandates.
Good news.
Texas Supreme Court rules against San Antonio School District vaccine mandates saying you gotta have it, period, for the teachers and others.
Meanwhile, mainline Taiwan national news.
More deaths from vaccinations than from COVID-19, the government officially documents.
Protests erupt in Italy.
Becomes the first nation to mandate vaccine passes for all workers.
New York City judge prevents father from visiting his daughter unless he takes the COVID vaccine.
Pure evil.
Violation of the Nuremberg Code.
UK MP David Davis blasts YouTube for censoring his speech against COVID passports.
Yep, manipulating governments.
Totally censoring.
Next level tyranny.
Pentagon takes on Texas over vaccine mandates.
Fights to stop the state from not making people take the shot.
Oh, what's the Pentagon doing involved?
Miami Police Union clashes with Chief over threat of COVID vaccine mandate.
That was weeks ago.
I read the transcript of the hearing.
It was all about the four shots.
They threw his ass out, but no national news will tell you that.
Just like all the other victories we're having, I'll never hear about it.
And it goes on and on.
Oh, but parental control is a smokestream for right-wing activists.
That's right.
Parental control is a right-wing thing.
Reject parental control, just like you reject freedom of speech, liberals.
And now you're pro-war and pro-torture.
You're such angels.
All right, look.
This has been a powerful transmission.
I appreciate the crew coming in.
I've got all these other stacks and if I got into this, I'd be here for hour after hour after hour after hour.
Tomorrow, I'm going to get into cognitive warfare and NATO admitting they run the Pentagon, that they're involved in mass brainwashing and lying to the public.
Now they turn you against yourself and your family.
Now they make you feel pathetic, hoping you'll basically kill yourself.
I suggest you do the opposite and love God, and then love yourself and love others, and decide that you're not going to resonate with their evil, and it's a spiritual choice.
The matter of your car's broke down, your shoe's got holes in it, or whatever it is, you're not going to be happy until you've got spiritual sustenance, which you're going to get by opening yourself up to God.
The worst place to go is these churches, I can tell you.
Here is the hidden $150 trillion agenda behind the crusade against climate change.
I'm going to read this article tomorrow on air and show you the documents.
I mean, it's not just $150 trillion the bankers give themselves to buy everything up under the carbon tax in the next 10 years.
It's an official announcement that Biden's got the world signing on to.
No, it's the COVID lockdown killing people.
I'm going to leave this transmission with this little tidbit of information.
And I just want to have a strong finish.
I don't want it to become a self-fulfilling prophecy that they've got to win, they've got to take over, they've got to depopulate first before their system collapses.
I want to believe that God can, like Nineveh, give us a reprieve, at least for
Our lifetimes, and hopefully others' lifetimes out of this, but you see the writing on the wall.
I'm just here to give everything my full push, and to be as strong as I can, and as truthful as I can.
So help me God, and to commit myself into God's hands, so that people that are meant to hear this message are gonna hear it, and those that are meant to have a connection to God are gonna find it.
And I just appreciate this crew, and I appreciate everybody that makes these special shows and all of them possible.
And I'll just leave this information with you.
If we get a lot of funding in here, we're going to be able to, working with others, launch a lot of amazing projects and be involved in a lot of amazing projects that you see like Covid Land already reaching millions and millions of people, and more and more versions of the film, and new films coming out, and other films in production.
I mean, I'm just working three times harder than I ever have.
I'm totally focused.
I've never been given so much energy.
It's all God.
And I've got
Fifteen projects that are going.
Seven or eight of them are huge and four or five of them are almost ready.
I'm talking by early next year.
And I'm just going to keep working and working and working on what we're doing and things we're doing.
And you know, a lot of the stuff going on, you don't see what we're behind.
That's okay.
Or you don't see what's going on.
You see the big effect we have.
And I like to tell you the big effect we're having.
So you feel good about your support of the broadcast.
Understand that it's, you know, you out there that's really promoting this and carrying the ball on the field.
I just need to take on the globalists with everything I got.
And that means we need massive capital to expand our operations and to work with others and just to override the enemy with support.
We don't get billions of dollars.
We don't get hundreds of dollars.
We don't get dozens of cents.
We get zero from George Soros and the big corporations.
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You know, I had one of my security guys that I have with me.
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And believe me, they certainly would like that to happen.
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So we haven't had as much money as we need, but I'm very close to selling my house.
That'll give us extra.
Extra logs to throw into the steam engine here as we just approach maximum ramming speed with the new world order.
And I'll just be honest with you, spiritually, I'm on fire.
And I'm very blessed to be in this position and very thankful for all of you out there supporting us.
So I would suggest you go to InfoWorksStore.com and get great products while you put money in our war chest to be as effective as we can here.
But if God wants us to go on at the pace we are and do the projects we've got, then that's the case.
And then we'll just kind of implode down into this hellhole the next few years.
And someday I'll probably just be completely off the air and I'll say, farewell, last transmission, good luck, hope you fight hard.
They're coming to kill you and your family, already killed millions of people.
But instead, I'd like to really, in this moment of the globalists making their big move on us, radically expand in their face very, very aggressively and just throw everything we've got at them energetically with the truth now and just absolutely have a huge grand slam effect.
So I'm just in the position to try to grow and fight and work as hard as I can in every way, but I need your prayers.
I need your word of mouth.
I need your financial support at InfoWarsTore.com.
All right.
I got a few clips I didn't get to that I want to play here at the end, and then this will be re-streaming and re-airing at infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
And I hope you share those links.
But let's go ahead and let's go ahead and play a few of these clips here.
Let's play a few of these really important John Bowne reports he did this week.
And a couple of the great reports that have also been done by Greg Reese.
I just want to leave you with this monster salivating over your children and how he wants to poison them for his God.
Clip one, Biden, we already have purchased enough vaccines for all children.
And then we also have, I want to air this clip too, student support diversity quotas until it comes to football.
And then the absolute state of California, I want to play the,
Daylight robberies of drugstores going on that the local governments defend And then also in a show the man with a bow and arrow kills five people in Norway the Islamists are trying to cover that up And so that's just some of the clips we're gonna have There and then also clip 9 more carbon dioxide equals more plant life from Joe Rogan last year which is a fact and it's a revolutionary fact that they don't
I want you to understand.
They want death on this planet.
They want all life dead.
That is their message.
That is their constant transmission.
Kill yourself.
Kill the planet.
Blow it up.
We'll give you eternal life.
Kill yourself.
Kill the children.
We'll give you eternal life.
Kill the planet.
Kill death.
Just murder yourselves.
Murder yourselves.
Murder yourselves.
And that's what they take the DMT and all the rest of it to go be told that over and over again.
Sounds like hell on earth, doesn't it?
So that's the transmission.
Thank you so much for tuning in tonight.
I want to again thank the crew and I'll see you back tomorrow night 4 to 6 p.m.
Lord willing.
Thank you.
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Hi, I'm Ophelia Jacobson with Campus Reform.
It's game day here at the University of Florida and we're talking with college students about diversity quotas today.
Do students support these quotas in the workplace and in the college admissions process?
And will these students change their mind if we apply those same diversity quotas to the Florida Gators football team?
Let's find out.
Talking first about diversity just in general, do you think diversity should be a factor in hiring decisions and in college admissions processes?
Yeah, absolutely.
Um, probably they should probably have diversity quotas for like college admissions and a bunch of other things.
I think they already have quotas though, but like those are definitely a good thing.
I mean, I think it's an absolute necessity.
Yeah, everyone should have an equal part in anywhere, really.
As a first-generation college student from a Hispanic household, it's very important.
Should we develop diversity quotas for, you know, the workplace or for college admissions?
How they usually work is if a population is 35% Hispanic, then the school in that region, I guess, would also have to be 35% Hispanic in its student population to reflect the demographics of the larger community.
Is that something that you would support?
Yeah, I would support that.
Yeah, I totally support that.
Yeah, I mean, that sounds pretty reasonable.
Yeah, I think that makes sense to me.
I think it definitely should be taken into account.
Yeah, same.
There should be more diversity in basically every single field.
So what about diversity quotas on sports teams, college sports teams?
Do you guys think?
No, I think that should be skill-based.
Yeah, absolutely.
Same thing.
Same thing.
We want to win no matter what you are.
Probably not.
I feel like it should be based off talent.
That's something that's a little bit different.
With sports, it's definitely more emphasis placed on ability.
Sports is different than college.
Sports is not the same.
I mean, talent is talent is talent is talent.
I don't think we should.
College sports is about getting the best players for your team, and I don't think we should focus on which race or ethnicity to get.
I think a diversity quota for any sports team, it doesn't make much sense.
It should be based on skill.
Just let the skills shine and whoever's the best player deserves to be on the team.
Obviously with sports, it's talent first over anything.
I did some research about the demographics here at UF.
We're gonna put this into like a hypothetical situation.
So, 50% of students here are white.
This is from 2019.
19% are Hispanic, 8% are Asian, 5% are African-American.
If we were to apply that quota to the offensive lineup for the Florida Gators football team, this is what the lineup would look like.
Okay, and that's probably not what it looks like at all.
I feel like they're probably just more skilled players.
I mean, I guess you could say more skilled people should get into schools, too.
I guess what I said could kind of be probably both.
We'd probably be losing because we recruit based on skill, and if we recruited based on diversity, then we'd probably be worse.
I see nothing wrong with the current roster right now.
I think it's perfectly fine.
If they're the best players fit for the job, then they deserve the spot.
I mean, I don't necessarily think that it's a bad thing that these people are just better at the sports that they play.
I mean, it would definitely be different when's the last time you saw a prominent Asian in football.
Does this kind of change your mind about diversity quotas in other sectors like the workplace, like college admissions, if we're talking about being the best in sports?
Shouldn't we also be talking about being the best in the workplace, being the best company, being the best college, the best university, regardless of anyone's race?
Yeah I think it was a good way to open your eyes and think like if you're recruiting athletes based on their skill level maybe you should admit students based on their scores and their like academic merit more so than diversity.
Yeah a little bit because I just I didn't think about it being applied I mean I guess they are applied to schools but not sports and you could make a good argument for why my reason for school would be the same for sports basically yeah.
I think so.
I think I really didn't think about diversity too much in college admissions or workplace.
I think now that I think about it.
It's interesting to see it compared in sports versus college admissions.
Skill always comes first.
I don't necessarily think quotas are the way to go.
I know they're unconstitutional.
I know they're wrong.
I feel like that's just counterintuitive to feel obligated to admit anybody or do anything.
It doesn't really matter what the person's race is, who they are, whatever.
You want the best.
Like, you have skills.
You're a good person.
That's about it.
Oh shit, he's just stealing medication.
Oh my god, we're gonna be stealing that shit.
I'm not in the middle of the jump!
Stop manual one please.
A man armed with a bow and arrow killed five people and wounded two others in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg during a series of attacks on Wednesday.
That's according to local police chief Oivind Aas.
I can unfortunately confirm that five people have been killed and two are injured.
One of the injured is a police officer who was in the store off duty where the incident happened.
He is now in the hospital as is the other injured person.
Aas said a male suspect was apprehended and that it was too early to know the intentions behind the attack.
Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said police were investigating if it was an act of terror.
I want to underline that if it's terror related, we don't know if it's a political attack that has taken place.
The police will have to investigate that.
Following the attacks, the police directorate said it had ordered officers nationwide to carry firearms as a precaution.
It added there was no change to the national threat level so far.
Norwegian police are normally unarmed, but officers have access to guns and rifles when needed.
Wednesday's attack was the worst in Norway since 2011, when a far-right extremist killed 77 people, mostly teens, at a youth camp.
We don't, but if we continue to put that stuff in the atmosphere and it continues to get higher and higher and higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, wouldn't that... It's going to make, it's going to make, the studies show, it's going to make deserts become green again and plants are going to absorb the carbon.
What studies are these?
You can look them up.
Okay, let's find out.
And that's why the left even says... But if you're going to say something like that, and I'm not arguing with you, but if you are going to say something like that, that's a very bold thing to say.
You should probably not just say, look them up.
There should be something... Let's type it in.
There's hundreds of them.
I actually brought like over 50 articles right here.
Do you have something that you've read that makes you so confident that you can say this?
I actually know what the plant studies show, where in greenhouses they grow plants with higher carbon dioxide.
And plants can grow up to three times faster.
They live longer.
Of course.
Plants live off carbon dioxide.
Let's expand.
And what do they put out more?
Well, this one thing that has been proven is that there's more plants now than there have been in a long time.
There's a global greening happening, countering us losing our atmosphere up until this point.
The Earth has less atmosphere than it did a million years ago, and it's like God did this or something, where we discovered all this oil, or it's just blind luck that we are terraforming the planet back to an earlier, healthier state by taking ancient carbon that was under the ground and putting it back into the atmosphere.
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