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Air Date: Oct. 13, 2021
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In this audio clip, Alex Jones discusses vaccine mandates and their potential impact on transportation infrastructure. He promotes supplements available through his website InfowarsStore.com and encourages listeners to share InfoWars content. Jones criticizes those who support vaccinations or other COVID-19 protocols, claiming they are either deceived or paid off. He also discusses the power of fiction in shaping our views of reality, using James Bond movies as an example of predictive programming about global elite plans. The speaker interprets recent films like Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and No Time to Die as indicators of the end of Western patriarchy and rise of a new technocratic order. Finally, Jones talks about the importance of essential vitamins, minerals, and sleep for our bodies, recommending a product called Down and Out for deep, pure, clean sleep available at a discounted price on m4wrestore.com.


You are in a war.
You are under attack.
You are in a 21st century war.
You are under attack.
This program seeks to end all war and all conflict on Earth by removing the vast majority of humans.
It is a Carnegie Endowment plan that has been in place since before World War II.
This plan seeks to radically alter the human species as we know it by first vastly reducing our numbers and then creating a sexless, genderless suboid that works under an engineer class.
Of course, you've seen this in movies like Prometheus, you've read this in books like Brave New World, and that is because they're telling you through these films and through these books what the actual plan is since the 1860s.
My film, Endgame, exposes it.
That's why the film is so incredibly important.
That's why 15 years after we made it, it's evergreen.
They are coming for you and your family.
They are destroying civilization as we know it.
The criminal group that has hijacked our government and other governments is cutting off the main energy supplies of the planet.
This will implode the third world.
They will then be organized into an invasion force to swamp the first world and collapse us into a planetary third world hell pit.
A dystopic nightmare, and then the organized sterilization and extermination will go into overdrive.
We've already gone out of beta into operations now.
Choose your fate now, ladies and gentlemen, because the open world government and the Great Reset is here.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Governor Newsom just signed the legislation into law that all small gas power engines are now banned in the state of California.
And similar laws are being passed around the world in the name of climate change.
The carbon tax was created as the brainchild of Enron in the early 1990s.
That's on record.
As a way to put a tax on all human activity.
We are carbon-based lifeforms.
Trees are carbon-based lifeforms.
All life on this planet that we know of is carbon-based lifeforms.
What a perfect way to put yourself in absolute control to surveil, to tax, to control, and to kill anything you want, any industry.
Any business, any creature you want, by simply restricting its energy.
In fact, we know from all of mainline science that the carbon cycle on this planet is kept alive by large brush fires taking place on most of the continents of Earth, other than Antarctica.
And it is that potash that then goes up in the atmosphere and forms nuclei that makes clouds.
It's meteorites coming in from space that break up into dust that also form that nucleon.
Without that, we would not have the basic cycle we have.
We would not have the atmosphere we have.
So when they assault fossil fuels, they're not trying to phase out something that's dirty and has problems.
They're trying to take away the main energy system of the population of the planet because they want a post-industrial world.
It has been free energy.
It has been low-cost energy.
It has been the Western ethos, coupled with Christianity, that produced a pro-expansion policy.
But going back over 130 years ago, the very robber barons that were in control of that system have also been at odds with the fact that the productivity that expanded also gave the general public independence from them.
And so quite simply, we're being inducted back into a neo-feudalist system, and that's what the great reset engineers, what the great reset authors, what the great reset generals of this post-industrial, post-human world have said about their plan.
So again, thank you for joining us on this live Wednesday broadcast.
I'm going to break down some of the incredibly dangerous developments, some of the horrifying developments, but also some of the amazingly positive developments.
But I'm going to be very, very clear here that if we don't awaken to the fact that the Great Reset is a corporate, globalist war by finance capital that has created hundreds and hundreds of times all the wealth in the world in fiat money and that they are at war with the general economy of the planet so they can consolidate the economy of the planet to then carry out their depopulation agenda.
But until that can be done,
On a mass scale, not just a beta test, they have to bankrupt the nation states, the city governments, the local governments.
And they have to discredit those governments as well.
So that's why they now control those governments and are using them as the implements and the engines of oppression and tyranny so they don't get their hands dirty and can come in later as the saviors of the very paradigm they have created.
So they create the crisis off the solution.
Get you deeper into the tyranny.
Create a new crisis, offer another solution that then gives them more power.
This is done over and over and over again.
A great case point example is COVID-19.
They create it.
They release it.
They tell you give your liberties up, things will go back to normal.
And then now you notice they tell you things are never going back to normal.
It's all a trap.
And if the general public does not wake up to the paradigm of the globalist waging war against prosperity, and war against the individual, and war against the family, and war against free will, we have no hope.
Governor Newsom signs a bill banning lawnmowers, chainsaws,
Gas-powered golf carts.
Just thousands of different types of equipment.
Millions of pieces of people's personal equipment.
And it's all about arbitrary power and control.
They're going to keep their private jets.
They're going to keep their giant mansions.
They're going to keep their giant carbon footprints.
But it's you and I and the third world that are going to be starved to death.
It's Wednesday, October 13th, 2021.
And what we are witnessing is the Great Reset.
What we are witnessing is the rollout of the vaccine mandate, the ongoing lockdowns,
The vaccine passports, the social distancing, the carbon taxes, the non-essential small businesses and churches, all designed to cripple the economy.
Now, obviously, the globalists know it would do that, and we can see that they're implementing this to consolidate, control, and vertically integrate.
But if you read what Klaus Schwab has said,
If you go to their own writings, their own statements on Charlie Rose on U.S.
television and on national French television and German television, they lay it all out.
We're going to save the Earth.
We're going to save the environment.
We are using these lockdowns, he said last year, to prepare everyone for the climate lockdowns.
We're going to be reducing all forms of energy on the planet to create a post-industrial world.
This is the declaration of war against humanity.
So, when you see the pitched battles going on of tens of thousands of airline stewardesses and pilots saying, we're not going to fly and bringing all the different aircraft to a halt.
Tens of thousands of flights cancelled.
There's all the little microcosms of that story.
How the corporate media is lying and saying that it really happened because of storms.
When even the owner and CEO of, let's just say founder of Southwest Airlines has come out and said, no, it's pilots and others striking.
Yeah, that's a big story.
They lied to you like that.
And there's all other facets.
But at the end of the day, Cogswap knew that when they did these vaccine mandates,
That aren't vaccines.
That when it started killing people, smart people, they'd already war-gamed all this, they'd already focus-grouped all this, that's come out in the news, that 20, 30, 40% of people would not take the shots.
And then the corporations would follow the orders of the President, of the puppet, to not let people keep their jobs.
And when they fired them, it would sabotage and bring down the whole economy.
They knew that when all the small businesses, the restaurants, the coffee shops, the five and dimes, the nurseries, both children's nurseries and plant nurseries, would all shut down because people will dutifully follow their orders and they like an excuse to go home and watch Netflix.
That's why there's big polls out in the news that over 5 million people have just decided to quit their jobs and not work anymore.
Now a lot of those, more than half, are people refusing to take the poison injections.
But the other half, just in the last month, the numbers just came out for September last week.
Just in the month of September, millions and millions of people just said, I'm not going to work anymore.
I'm going to live off welfare.
I'm going to move in with my parents.
We're going to live five to an apartment, six to an apartment, seven to an apartment.
So Klaus Schwab talked about this, killing the Western work ethic.
Sabotaging our industrial society that had a lot of problems.
That does consume too much sometimes.
That does create a lot of decadence.
But what we're trading it out for is a psychotic post-human exterminist system that is literally going to force genderless systems on everybody for forced depopulation.
We're going into a
Brave new world system that Aldous Huxley talked about before he died in 1961.
This is a reality.
So let me lay something really important on you.
As the beatniks would say, something real heavy for you daddy-o.
To all you leftists that are part of this system and think you're gonna be part of some ruling class and who know, this is an economic cultural revolution of absolute enslavement.
When you see the whole transgender movement with all the big corporations and big banks behind it and all the major toy manufacturers saying they won't have boy and girl toys anymore and all the rest of it, that is the West one-child policy.
And it's a super evil policy just as bad as killing babies in the ninth month inside their mother's womb, the eighth month, just as bad as
Infanticide of children that are already born.
And that is the sterilization of little boys, the main target group, telling them that it's stylish and cool and celebrating them because they're sterilized.
You make a horrible enslavement fashionable.
You make it cool.
You know, I've studied ancient druidic cultures, Germanic cultures, Mesoamerican cultures, and many others.
They're all so fascinating.
And in every culture, when they hit their decline period,
The priest class would decide that there were too many people for the agrarian society to basically keep feeding them.
And so they would tailor into the culture human sacrifice as the greatest thing you could do for the Earth Mother and for the other gods.
And people would give their children, normally their first-born sons, because those were usually the more rebellious type that would actually challenge the priesthood later, every culture did this, to be sacrificed.
And mothers would take their little boys and bound them and throw them with rocks tied to them into pits of water.
That was done all over the world.
Didn't matter if it was Europeans or Mesoamericans, the exact same practice.
Others would burn their children alive on altars.
Others would eat their children as part of a communal
I think?
Campbell and so it unlocks that really horrible animal part of the brain and the globalists are Consciously doing this and so when you see the mothers fetishizing taking their two-year-old babies and and and having Pfizer and Moderna Test on them and then they cover up the deaths and illnesses that happen that's not coming out
They are deep down fetishizing this, and this is a form of child sacrifice.
That's why they get visibly excited when they do it.
National News shows these sick parents brainwashing mainly their little boys, growing them up in a gender-neutral home, making them obsess over what gender they are, turning them into basically perverts.
I think so.
When you see Governor Newsom out there on national television and signing a bill banning all small gas engines, lawnmowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, four wheelers, motorcycles, all that, it's just the beginning.
And it's meant to sound insane.
It's meant to be crazy because this is an assault.
This is a war.
This is a globalist great reset takeover.
His daughter doesn't take the vaccine.
He flies on private jets.
He doesn't wear a mask at restaurants.
You do.
The police don't arrest him.
They arrest you.
It's all about the oxymoron.
It's all about the corruption.
It's all about the system where four legs good, two legs bad.
But later, like an animal farm, when the pigs take over and enslave the rest of the animals, by the end they say, two legs good, four legs bad.
And everything they started the revolution for has now been reversed back to where it was.
And that's the system we're facing.
You see, the globalists know, and they write about this, that every other revolution of authoritarians, going back to the Jacobins, that's the same group, and the French Revolution 200 years ago, 220 years ago, every one of those groups
Has failed because human nature goes back to free will and family and prosperity and goodness, especially once tyranny destroys the prosperity.
It's hard times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make horrible enslaved times.
So it is that cycle.
And so they see themselves as scientists who have captured the cycle and who are using that very cycle against us to take us out of our normal human nature and our human will and our human strength to make us domesticated and weak and artificial where our basic rights are taken away but we're given all the new fake rights.
Well, again, the big tech runs slave camps in China.
They fund Black Lives Matter here domestically.
While they surveil you and watch you, they protest against the non-existent KKK.
This is how they operate.
So we're going to be right back with some of the big breaking news.
Owen Schroeder is going to be taking over at the bottom of the hour.
But I just want everybody to have a big picture here of what we face, because this is a scientific takeover.
And until we realize it's a war and a takeover, we have no hope.
We realize that we have more than hope.
We will win.
Everywhere you look is a contradiction.
Everywhere you look is the murder of logic.
And that's because Satan's New World Order plan doesn't make any sense for any civilization that wants to be healthy and happy and wise and successful and close to God.
Everything they sell is death.
And Saki, in the press conference yesterday,
Basically said that Governor Abbott and Governor DeSantis of Texas and Florida were violating federal law by blocking vaccine mandates when it's nothing more than a press release.
And even mainstream media is catching on to this now, saying, well, there's not even an executive order.
There's not even a law.
They're just saying this.
Just like there's no executive order or law that lets Biden turn loose hundreds of thousands of Haitians every month that are now pouring across the border after he invited them here a month ago.
So it's all a fraud.
Airline pilots that have already had COVID need to take a shot and take whatever new booster shots they want, even though it doesn't protect you and makes you sick.
But then illegal aliens pouring across, many of them with criminal records, they get to not be injected.
We have to understand that these people are our enemies and are out to get us, and that dissolving our borders, dissolving our currency, dissolving our morals, dissolving our very republic is part of this absorption into world government.
And they don't just want to absorb us so they can dominate us.
They want to absorb us so they can kill us.
So here's Paul Joseph Watson's special report dealing with Australia and what they're doing there now, announcing a permanent lockdown, which we knew was coming.
And remember that Australia is
Tomorrow's tyranny, today.
Did you do as you were told?
Socially distance, work from home, wear the mask, take the booster shot, then another booster shot, and another booster shot, and another booster shot, and an- All to get your freedoms back?
All to get back to normal?
Well forget about it!
We're still in phase one of the pandemic!
According to Nicholas Christakis, we're not at the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic, but near the end of the beginning.
He says there won't be an end in sight for the pandemic until at least 2024.
Because you were naughty little boys and girls and you didn't get vaccinated.
But wait, most people did get vaccinated.
Doesn't matter.
If you get the disease, you have 1 in 100 chances of dying.
If you get the vaccine, you have less than 1 in a million chances of dying, he stressed.
Er, can we get a fact check on that please?
Meanwhile, Australia is building new quarantine camps that won't even be completed until next year.
Officials in Queensland say the facilities will be used for quote, ongoing operations.
Citing new strains of COVID and people who have not had access to vaccination,
Queensland Deputy Premier Stephen Miles told ABC, we anticipate there to be a continuing need for quarantine facilities.
Starting to think this is about more than just a virus.
Keep complying, idiots!
Now look, I have two massive stacks of news when it comes to COVID and the vaccine.
And it's not that
We're redundant here covering COVID non-stop or the vaccines non-stop.
It's that this is the operation.
...being executed by the corporate global government, by the fascists that have decided humanity is a parasite on planet Earth, humans are a parasitic invader of planet Earth, useless eaters, and so they're building a prison planet ahead of the mass culling of the population.
So first it's put you in fear, then it's put you in jail, then it's put you in the grave.
So, yeah, I'm going to talk about the vaccines at nauseam.
I'm going to talk about COVID and this operation at nauseam, because this is the operation meant to enslave the planet and end nation-state sovereignty, and end your sovereignty as an individual citizen, as an independent citizen, that has the right to decide for themselves.
What kind of medical treatment you do or do not want to be subjected to.
Owen Schroer here, sitting in studio for Alex, and again, I'm just, I'm just stunned.
It's so evil, it's so diabolical, how people can't see this, why anybody would go along with this, and that's the sad thing is that I recognize
The mass portion of the population that is willing to go along with this and that has fallen for all of this is actually used as an excuse by the globalists that yes, humanity needs to be wiped out.
Look at how stupid they are.
Look at how they take an unnecessary medical experiment procedure.
Look at how they lock themselves in.
Look at how they fall for our lies.
Look at how they close their business.
Look at how they accept economic warfare and sabotage against them.
Look at how they accept stolen elections.
Look at how they accept censorship.
Look at how they just take all of it.
They're worthless.
They're scum.
They're trash.
They need to be wiped out.
And so that's an excuse that's used in the Bilderberg meetings and at the economic forums and all this stuff that, look, we don't have to tell you, we don't have to convince you that human is a scourge on planet Earth and that we're parasites killing the planet and we're all going to die if we let this go on.
Look at how dumb you are!
Look at how pathetic your fellow human is!
They deserve what they get.
They deserve to be in shackles.
They deserve to be put in the grave.
And it's just stunning the level of tyranny that the left is willing to put up with, all because somehow they had any rational thought or logic or reasoning turned off in the four years of Donald Trump and the media propaganda.
Just like that, everything that the left movement, the liberal movement, the progressive movement in this country would have rejected five years ago,
They now accept wholeheartedly because they look at it as something that bothers you.
So they don't care if it destroys their livelihoods.
They don't care if it destroys their freedoms.
They don't care if it destroys their life.
As long as it destroys yours in the process, they're in with it because they hate you that much.
And it's the same thing that goes with abortion.
Most of these people that go out and protest abortion or say, my body, my choice, they've never had an abortion.
They'll never have an abortion.
They just know that you actually like life.
You actually don't like to see innocent babies murdered.
And so they just stand on the other side of that just because they hate you.
It's amazing what you can do when you fill somebody's heart with hate.
It's amazing how easily you can manipulate them and turn them against their neighbor, against their family, against their friend, against their creator, when you fill their heart with hate.
And so that's all going on, but InfoWars is at the tip of the spear reporting all of this, and so that's why it's important for us to stay on air.
That's why we're the number one target of the New World Order for censorship.
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If not, InfoWarsStore.com is the best source for that, too.
We have rejected God.
We have rejected the ways of our great-great grandparents and their great-great grandparents.
We have taken the system, though imperfect because humans implemented it, of Christianity and thrown it out.
And so now,
Into that vacuum comes the occult.
Into that vacuum comes the paganism.
Into that vacuum comes all of the unjust weights and measures, all the scams, all the frauds, the knowledge of evil.
The knowledge of evil is systems of corruption.
It is systems of oppression.
It is systems of mental illness stacked on top of lies mixed with other frauds.
It is Hollywood and the decadent poison that we see spreading across the world, seducing us if it can, forcing us under its enslavement if it must.
It would rather not have an open fight with us.
It would rather keep us in a trance while it literally sucks our soul.
But now humanity has awoken to a great extent and realizes what we're being pulled into.
And so in comes the carbon taxes, and in comes the transgenderism, and in comes the climate lockdowns.
And what did Klaus Schwab write in his book, again that came out in July of last year, in The Great Reset, COVID-19, The Great Reset?
He said, we're using COVID-19 to bring in the carbon reset and a world ID through the vaccine apps, through the vaccine passports, that'll be used to track and trace and control everybody with a new global currency.
And I've got hundreds of stories I could be hitting today, but why am I going back to this?
Because that's why they're devaluing the world currencies.
That's why they're destroying your savings.
That's why they're telling young people not to work.
That's why they're trying to undermine things, because they've created the quadrillions in fake currency.
They need to collapse things to get you to sign on to their universal basic income because the old system has gone away.
It is cloud and piven on a mass scale, and it's here.
And the general public gets it, but still.
Even Rand Paul, even Josh Hawley, even Ted Cruz, even some of the better senators, who I think are good men, are not addressing this as a world corporate takeover of the Great Reset.
Oh, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Ted Turner and all the rest of them are running around saying, build back better, Nancy Pelosi is.
They're all admitting it's a UN world government takeover.
They're saying we're doing this to save the planet, banning all combustion engines, California banning all small engines, banning the words mother and father on preschool entrance forms all over the world.
This is an elite, scientific, post-industrial, post-human weapon system.
They've declared war.
They're bragging they've declared war.
They wear damn uniforms.
Their symbol is a rainbow sun symbol swastika.
And the name of their program to collapse the U.S.
economy is Build Back Better.
Newsom said in his statement, his signing statement on Infowars.com, that by banning all small combustion engines, that this helps us build back better and it makes us stronger after the pandemic.
The pandemic was just the first blow.
The hysteria, the lies, the IDs, the forced inoculations.
The next is people will not take the shots because they know they're poison.
They know a certain percentage won't, and then that collapses the economy as well.
They put you into an impossible decision process.
Habit depression, everything collapses, or take a shot and get sick and die over time.
So I praise those that aren't taking the shots, but you've got to now pull back and understand that they're thinking third dimensionally, fourth dimensionally, fifth dimensionally.
They are playing chess.
They train us to not even know how to play checkers mentally.
They've war-gamed all this out, and that's how I'm able, years before it happens, to predict, because I'm in the same catbird seat they are.
I just don't agree with them.
Imagine me inside their councils, looking over their shoulders while they make these decisions, while they have these debates.
Well, that's what I've done.
They're so arrogant that they've all written books, and they've all written papers, and they all talk about their plans.
That's what the Davos Group is.
It's a way for the Bilderberg Group to then become a public organization and externalize their system.
So it's very good news that Tucker Carlson will play this next segment.
Owen's taking over.
Was on with all these different pilots last night saying this is a dictatorship.
This is tyranny.
This isn't a law.
It's just a press release by Biden.
You know, it's a giant scam.
The vaccine doesn't protect you.
Learned immunity, natural immunity is better.
We can debate all that all day long and we're absolutely right.
But they don't care because they control the quadrillions in fake currency.
They control the Fortune 500.
And all the other corporations know if they don't want to get put on a no-loan list, they want to get bought up by these companies.
And all you've got to do is submit to the New World Order.
Virtue signal.
Say you're for transgenderism.
Say you're for sterilizing little boys.
Say you're for Bisphenol A in the plastics to sterilize everybody.
And then, your little company will get bought up for five times what it's worth.
It's the same thing with these city council members that don't care about rapes or murders or death or fentanyl ODs.
You know, 20 plus kids dead in school.
They just want a weird sex offender to be able to go in a bathroom with your daughter and rape her.
Because if they can do that, they can do anything.
These are rituals of dominance.
This is beyond capturing the flag or skull and bones going and robbing Geronimo's grave because they wanted his skull as a token of power.
These are rituals when they can rape your daughters and sons.
These are rituals when they sterilize little boys.
These are rituals when they kill little babies.
That's what the National Satanist Organization said in federal filings.
These are sacraments to us to kill these babies.
I know the enemy.
But we must absolutely understand, as I said, this is a war.
This is a war.
The globalists have declared war on us, and our own supposed leaders will never say there's a globalist war, there's a corporate war, big tech is censoring the people, while the big banks restrict what people can buy and sell, while they target gun owners, while they target small charter schools, while they go after everything that makes us free and independent.
Paul Joseph Watson has cut a report we'll play when we come back in the next segment of Australia.
Their National Health Minister.
One that said don't talk to your neighbors.
Nearby New Zealand says don't look at the sign.
She has now come out.
You'll hear us say it and said, oh, the masks don't come off till 2024.
Maybe they never come off.
And that's what the UN announced yesterday.
They said, oh, sorry, the pandemic lasts 2024 and probably forever.
There'll be new variants.
Of course, there'll be new variants to the cold.
And of course, it's a problem, as I told you 20 plus months ago, that can never be fixed.
Because you cannot ever quote fix the cold virus because it's part of how we share information with each other and 99.9% of them are actually good for us and we're sharing genetic material with each other from a cell to cell level.
That's really what these viruses are is RNA communication systems and they know that.
They're removing our immune system.
They're going in and blocking our bodies where they cannot even accept the spike protein that is in almost all viruses and other organisms.
So, of course, it's going to attack our bodies as well.
We're going to go to break.
Owen's going to take over here, but I just wanted to say this right now.
We're living in historic times and people shouldn't think of fighting this tyranny as work.
People should think of fighting this tyranny as a great honor, to be able to be involved in it, because it's about the choices we make now.
We'll decide, again, what happens with our spirits.
And our spirits are very real, and the enemy knows that.
And everything they're doing is about getting us to submit to them, to bow to them spiritually, and to hand our children over to them, so that God will cut us off, and force us then, by our own choice, to be with these evil people forever.
Separately, tell everybody about the broadcast.
I know you know that, but it's having a huge effect.
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I think?
I think?
So much news is breaking that my head is spinning.
And we're going to try to cover as much of it, if not all of it, as we can here on the Alex Jones Show.
But first, Tucker Carlson was getting pilots on, and he's been talking to pilots who are proving that the media is lying, and that the Democrat Party is lying, and that the White House is lying, and that Jen Psaki is lying.
And they say, oh, no, no, no, no, no.
It has nothing to do with the vaccine mandate, these walkouts.
They say that's a bunch of hubbub.
I think was the exact word used by Jen Psaki.
That's hubbub.
No, that's very real.
Your vaccine mandate is crashing the economy.
Your policy is crashing the economy.
You're a bunch of dirty, rotten, scoundrel liars.
And so here are the pilots with Tucker Carlson last night confirming that Jen Psaki and the White House are lying.
Yes, it is a vaccine mandate walkout.
One of those good people is Joshua Yoder.
He's a commercial airline pilot.
He's co-founder of the group U.S.
Freedom Flyers.
He joins us tonight.
Mr. Yoder, thanks so much for coming on.
So, summarize for us.
Pilots who have raised questions about these mandates have been, as noted, dismissed as criminals, terrorists.
Tell us your motive in resisting this mandate.
Tucker, thanks for having me on.
Of course.
Yes, my motive for resisting it is primarily religious for myself.
Basically, I saw among my friends, I saw a need.
Many of us don't want to take this.
People were being coerced.
I believe in freedom and I'm here to support the freedom of my fellow employees and all people across this country.
I'm not going to take a mandate.
I'm not going to be coerced into doing something that I don't believe in.
So there are two levels on which to assess this.
One is the level that you just described, the level that preserves American society as we've known it for 250 years with freedom at its core.
Because if they can make airline pilots do this, they can make airline travelers do this, and there's no end to what they can make you do.
But describe, if you would, since you work in the business, what the effect on our national transportation infrastructure is about to be because of these mandates.
Well, as we know, the transportation sector is the heart and soul of this country, and it's a very delicate system.
If there's a disruption in one part of the system, it has a catastrophic effect among the rest of the system, which is going to affect commerce, it's going to affect trade, and ultimately it's going to affect the economy.
If you have flights reduced by 30% because 30% of pilots are fired because they won't take the vaccine, this is going to affect how your goods get here from overseas, how they're distributed to the stores.
You know, the same thing's happening with the truckers.
It's happening in the shipping industry.
Those Amazon boxes that typically show up in two days, you might be looking at three weeks.
So, I mean, it turns out that people with essential skills, like airline mechanics, air traffic controllers, and yes, commercial airline pilots, have more power, maybe, than they realized.
You've got to wonder, if people are being pushed to the point where they're going to be fired, how many more of these sick-outs, job actions, whatever strikes, whatever you're going to call what we saw this weekend, how many more of these do you think we're likely to see?
Well, first of all, we have all the control, and the control comes from a simple word, and that's no.
We just don't need to comply.
As far as I'm concerned, I will never promote a sick-out or a work action.
That is illegal.
With U.S.
Freedom Flyers, the organization that I'm with, we will never promote such a thing.
With that being said, we also cannot control the actions of individuals.
And I think that you will see massive disruptions in supply chain and in your travel if we just stand up and say no.
If these companies fire us and they fire 30% of the workforce, aircraft are going to stop moving.
And it's going to affect you.
It's going to affect your air travel and it's going to affect the economy.
Joe Biden will say this is your fault.
Finally, how do you respond to that?
He'll blame you for this.
It's his fault.
It's squarely his fault.
I think anyone with a critical mind can point towards the federal government and the companies that are enforcing these illegal mandates from the federal government and see that it's the federal government's fault.
It certainly is.
It certainly is.
This is an amazing moment.
Joshua Yoder, thank you so much for coming on tonight for your bravery.
I appreciate it.
Absolutely it's Joe Biden's fault.
He wants you to get a leg amputation when you don't need one.
And that's the analogy that I'm using now.
Oh, and then the White House is, seriously, look.
See, that's my problem is my brain just starts going in a million different directions.
I can't even focus on one thing at a time because it's just so overwhelmed.
The lying that comes out of the White House non-stop.
The lying that comes out of Jen Psaki's mouth with a smile, with a grin on her face non-stop.
Oh, this is not over vaccines.
This is not over vaccine mandates.
Yeah it is, you lying bitch!
Excuse me.
I just call it as I see it.
But, it's just so frustrating that they can get away with this every day, and there's almost... Here's my point.
So here's the analogy.
Somebody comes up to you and says, would you like a leg amputation?
And you're like, you're looking down at your legs like, no, I run every day.
My legs are perfectly fine.
I'm good.
I don't need a leg amputation.
Oh, well, we're going to mandate a leg amputation for you to be able to go to work or school or anything.
So, you know, we're going to go ahead and amputate your leg.
I don't need a leg amputation.
You say, what?
Did you not hear me?
I don't need, I don't want.
Well, this is for the good of the society.
It's not actually a mandate, but it is a mandate.
We're just not going to claim it's a mandate.
And so, we're going to amputate your leg.
I don't need a leg amputation.
I don't need this medical procedure.
No thank you.
Okay, well, you can't work.
You can't go to church.
You can't do anything.
You can't fly because you won't have a leg amputation.
Same thing with the vaccine.
I don't need a vaccine.
Oh, I didn't even know this connection.
Woman loses hands and legs to amputation after COVID vaccine reaction.
It was required by her employer.
So, okay, well, that's just another side effect of the vaccine here, but that's the same thing.
Imagine somebody forcing you to have a leg amputation when you don't need it.
That's somebody forcing you to take a COVID vaccine that you don't need.
I have natural immunity.
Even if I didn't, I still wouldn't need the vaccine, because COVID isn't going to kill me.
It'll make me sick for a couple days.
That's it!
So I don't need the leg amputation.
I don't need the experimental treatment.
And that's the game that they're playing, and so I've got so much more coming up on that, it's just disgusting.
Honestly, it's just so disgusting.
These medical tyrants, the medical industrial complex, these liars in Washington, D.C., the liars in the White House, Jen Psaki, just what an unmitigated liar.
Oh, the Southwest walkout and the cancellations, that has nothing to do with vaccines.
It has everything to do with vaccines.
Every single person that's walked out said it's because of the vaccine.
You liar!
And then they say, well, the vaccine mayonnaise are actually good for the economy.
That's after she said you're not going to be able to have food or gifts for Christmas.
Oh, I guess that's good for the economy, so we'll highlight more of these lies.
Oh, another leg amputee after a bad COVID vaccine.
We could do this all day long.
But first, let's go to this Paul Joseph Watson report.
Now, in Australia and New Zealand, their health ministers that look like orcs, or look like some odd Picasso painting, just the hideous beasts, are now saying that, yep, you're going to have to wear the mask forever.
Here's Paul Joseph Watson's report.
Scowling authoritarian school mom Dr. Kerry Chan is back with another dystopian diatribe.
The New South Wales Health Czar, who previously told Australians they shouldn't even talk to each other, even if they're wearing face masks... Don't start up a conversation.
...now says that you'll be wearing those face masks for years.
And respond.
Um, your level of restrictions, what you permit.
It may be that we actually have indoor mask wearing, um, for years.
And this virus may throw us curveballs.
There may be, you know, we've got the Delta variant.
God help us if we have another variant.
Yeah, God help us if we have another variant.
That would ensure Chant gets to remain in the public eye, be given medals and Woman of the Year awards.
Yeah, the vaccine variant.
She really doesn't want that, does she?
Despite authorities announcing a lifting of lockdown restrictions, the vast majority of them will remain, including masks and vaccine passports.
This is what Australians are met with when they try to enter a coffee shop.
Guys, if you think this is a joke,
I'm here in Tempe New South Wales and they're saying you need to show your proof of vaccination to enter just to buy a cup of coffee.
You gotta be kidding me.
Excuse me, what makes you think that I'm going to hand over my medical private information of whether I'm vaccinated or not vaccinated to buy a cup of coffee?
Do you see how insanely hypocritical that sounds?
And to think they heralded this new normal by calling it Freedom Day.
What a f***ing joke!
Authorities across the country are also busy constructing several new quarantine camps that won't even be completed until next year.
Think things are returning to normal?
Think you've seen the last of our favorite scowling school mom?
Well, think again.
So it's the same dichotomy of man throughout time, just in different pictures, in different practices.
But for me, it's the dichotomy of me personally where I like to be free, so I get pissed off and raging mad at these tyrants.
But then there's the other side of me that my heart breaks because the world is going into slavery.
Because beyond just my desire to be free, the average human's desire to be free is being squandered.
That's Elvis Presley.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
And I am Owen Schroer, sitting in for Alex today.
And I'm about to come back and start to get into all of this news on my desk.
And then Roger Stone joins us with breaking news.
The fake Russia inclusion narrative that Adam Schiff swore his life on has completely fallen apart.
And more info is coming out on that today.
So Roger Stone is going to be with us to break that down.
But first, here is the latest groundbreaking, game-changing report
That you can find at band.video from Greg Reese.
22 months into COVID, we have all the information needed to paint a clear picture of what's going on.
We know that Anthony Fauci, who has done all this before in the 1980s with HIV, AZT, and AIDS, was illegally working with the Communist Chinese via the NIH to create a highly contagious bat coronavirus in Wuhan, China.
We know that the PCR test was used to fraudulently create a flood of false positives to legitimize the FDA's emergency vaccine authorization.
We know that the COVID vaccines are not vaccines, but rather highly controversial mRNA tech that failed miserably on its animal trials.
A type of gene therapy that several top scientists warn will kill you if you can't keep it from spreading throughout the body, which is exactly what it is doing.
We know that no matter how deadly these experimental shots are, the company selling them will not be held liable.
It is all being taken care of by taxpayer dollars.
We know that the ingredients are a big secret, and they don't want you to know what's in them.
And we know that some are getting saline placebos.
But now we are learning what these experimental jabs are actually doing.
Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist running the biggest independent testing lab in Idaho, described how the mRNA shots are causing serious autoimmune disorders.
The first shot stifles the production of lymphocytes.
Which cripples the immune system, resulting in a massive increase of autoimmune diseases and cancers.
The blood work presented by Dr. Nathan Thompson shows the same.
And after receiving the second shot, their immune system begins to fail even more.
According to one of the top virologists running this program, you need the booster shot because your immune system is now failing as a result of getting the previous two shots.
The data consistently shows that these shots are causing massive cellular mutation throughout the entire body, often wherever the recipient is most vulnerable.
We know that some of these shots are contaminated with mysterious objects that appear to grow into other objects.
For what purpose, we don't know.
But we do know that our government, along with the entire pop culture media machine, are blocking life-saving treatments while keeping them for themselves.
While pushing the deadly kill shot on the public.
And creating a segregated society.
We know without a doubt that these mRNA injections are killing people.
While some may get lucky with saline placebos, most are having their immune system destroyed from the inside out.
We know these things because at this point, the evidence is overwhelming.
And we know that it's the big banks calling all the shots for their Great Reset, which they claim is a transhumanist utopia, a cure to climate change.
But who knows?
What we all instinctively know is how to stop them.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Another excellent report from Gregg Reese that can be found exclusively at Band.Video.
You are in a war.
You are under attack.
You are in a 21st century war.
You are under attack.
This program seeks to end all war and all conflict on earth by removing the vast majority of humans.
It is a Carnegie endowment plan that has been in place since before World War II.
This plan seeks to radically alter the human species as we know it by first vastly reducing our numbers and then creating a sexless, genderless suboid that works under an engineer class.
Of course, you've seen this in movies like Prometheus, you've read this in books like Brave New World, and that is because they're telling you through these films and through these books what the actual plan is since the 1860s.
My film, Endgame, exposes it.
That's why the film is so incredibly important, and that's why 15 years after we made it, it's evergreen.
They are coming for you and your family.
They are destroying civilization as we know it.
The criminal group that has hijacked our government and other governments is cutting off the main energy supplies of the planet.
This will implode the third world.
They will then be organized into an invasion force to swamp the first world and collapse us into a planetary third world hell pit.
A dystopic nightmare, and then the organized sterilization and extermination will go into overdrive.
We've already gone out of beta into operations now.
The New World Order is 100% real.
Its plan to kill you and your family is 100% real.
It is driven by a satanic force that wants nothing but total death on this planet.
Its goal is not to save the Earth, as the mid-level environmentalists believe, who are eugenicists and who are part of the
Industrialization, dehumanization, extermination plan.
They believe they're doing it to save the Earth.
It is being done to set up a scientific elite who can then play God, who in their own words are already overriding all genetic activity on the planet because they hate God's creation and they want to be God.
They believe the sacrifice of all life on Earth, and the sacrifice of this planet as we know it, is the stepping stone to their ascendance and their transcendence.
This is the deepest secrets of the Illuminati.
Everything they say is the opposite.
They do not come to eliminate.
They come...
To create absolute total darkness.
So yes, it's scary to know you're under attack, but isn't it good to know you're under attack?
Because now you can do something about it.
Comply with nothing they say.
Submit to nothing they do.
Realize everything they're selling you is total death and failure.
Realize those that have turned themselves over to it, have literally turned over their will to an anti-human force, have now been disconnected from God and the universe that God created.
They are building a hell on earth.
It will become more and more apparent as they launch their operations that they are exempt from everything they do to us.
But that is the greatest deception because in the end they will not be exempt from what their so-called God is doing to us.
It will be done tenfold to them.
That's why this transmission is so incredibly important.
That's why we can't let them turn up the ambient tyranny at an incremental level and then we just submit to it and don't realize we're under attack.
We have to realize we're under globalist attack.
We have to realize what their worldview is.
We must demand that any leader that supposedly claims they're pro-human get out in the open about this agenda.
And stop complying with their agenda, and stop debating their agenda, and realize that their agenda is a giant fraud and a lie to take control of our will, to take control of our destinies, to take control of everything we personally do.
They are the opposite of free will, they are the opposite of goodness, they are the opposite of everything decent, and that's all you need to know.
Choose your fate now, ladies and gentlemen, because the open world government and the Great Reset is here.
So everything appears to be backwards in the world right now.
That is Satanism.
That is the inversion of reality.
That is the modern day leftist ideology.
And so you see the loving, tolerant left that is filled with hate and intolerant of anybody that doesn't do exactly what they're told.
The anti-establishment left becoming the foot soldiers of the corrupt establishment.
And then the crazy thing here with the NBA player,
There's multiple NBA players, but Kyrie Irving, probably the most notable star of the NBA, coming out against the vaccine mandates, and now he's being told, you're not allowed to play NBA basketball, you're not allowed to be with your team, because he doesn't want to have an unnecessary medical procedure.
Well, if they told Kyrie Irving to chop his leg off and he didn't want to do that, would that be a bad thing, too, to have an unnecessary medical procedure?
And then Kyrie Irving, who has done so much charitable work.
I mean, huge donations to Black Lives Matter.
He bought, I forget who it was, one of the victims of police brutality's families.
He bought him a house.
He's given money to, I mean, he's done all kinds of charitable things, so much.
And now here he is, he doesn't want to take an experimental vaccine.
Where's Black Lives Matter?
Oh, I guess the controlled opposition of Black Lives Matter isn't saying anything because they only bark when the media tells them to.
But that's the old Black Lives Matter that was just a controlled opposition against Trump.
Now they're actually, the grassroots organic Black Lives Matter group is against the vaccines.
But you won't see or hear from them now because it's not being run by the Democrats.
So you'll hear from Black Lives Matter when it's the Democrats' controlled opposition, a political front, but you won't hear from them when it's actually legitimate grassroots black people saying, hey, we don't agree with forced medicine known as a vaccine.
Everything seems backwards in the world.
Everything seems inverted.
But folks, we can rest easy because now Captain Kirk has been to space.
William Shatner has gone to space.
Jeff Bezos' blue rocket took off today and successfully landed.
And William Shatner, 90 years old, becomes the oldest human being to ever go to space.
There is the rocket right there.
Can you even believe, doesn't that just, it looks fake.
I'm not saying it's fake, I mean, this isn't NASA here, so, I'm just saying.
That is wild.
Uh, that is just crazy.
So there's Jeff Bezos' little blue rocket, uh, going into space where there was once a virgin, and it is now William Shatner, Captain Kirk, who looks great for 90, by the way.
Good for him.
And he has now become the oldest person into space.
Captain Kirk.
So, while everything seems backwards and twisted and contorted and inverted, just know
That Captain Kirk has gone to space.
So you can rest easy.
And he went into space on Jeff Bezos' blue rocket.
May or may not be modeled off his own pocket rocket.
We can't say for sure.
May or may not have something to do with the male member.
But his blue rocket has successfully now landed back on Earth and we are
Happy that Captain Kirk has made all things right in the world by finally going to space.
All right.
All right.
Now, I promise when I come back, I'm going to get into this news.
But remember, InfoWarsTore.com, ladies and gentlemen, there is the capsule landing back on Earth.
Everybody survived.
Jeff Bezos' Blue Rocket.
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I mean, you know.
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Okay, getting serious though, seriously.
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Up to 50% off top-rated, top-selling supplements at InfoWarsTore.com.
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Hell, get ready for your Christmas gifts now, because it's all going to be gone soon.
Did you know that a Austrian parliamentary member collapsed, while she was speaking in front of parliament yesterday, collapsed a vaccine side effect.
A big, a proud socialist, big vaccine advocate had a vaccine side effect live on TV, just like
That nurse and all these other people have had.
We've seen dozens of them now.
She just fell right over.
Just vaccine side effect right there as she's promoting the vaccines.
It couldn't be worse for business except when it's mandated.
I guess it doesn't really matter, does it?
No, I suppose it doesn't.
But I don't have time for that.
I covered that this morning on the American Journal.
You can find that on Band.Video.
Oh, there she goes!
There she goes.
Big tree fall hard, from vaccine.
But hey, you know, get it anyway, even though it doesn't do a damn thing.
Because it's what we call a medical experiment on planet Earth that you are not consenting to, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, but screw you, you worthless eater, we're here to kill you anyway.
So just take the vaccine and die, and you'll be much better off.
So, okay.
As if it's not clown world enough, this, I mean,
Like, you know, somebody come in here and slap me.
This is from the Courier Mail.
Actual headline here.
If you are fully vaccinated against COVID, the next step to improve your immunity may be to actually catch the virus, experts say.
I'm done.
Seriously, like, it just reaches a point of critical mass where I'm just done.
What more?
Why am I here?
Everything, it's just...
I have to stop.
So, there you go!
I just have to move on.
Oh, you're vaccinated?
You need to still catch the virus.
So, so it's not just, oh, you've got the vaccine, now you need to get a vaccine every six months.
Now it's, oh, you have the vaccine, you need the boosters, and you need to still catch the virus.
I mean, why are we, you know what?
Here's my proposal to the new world order, okay?
This is my proposal to the new world order.
Just stop playing with us.
Just line us up and murder us all.
Seriously, just put us up again.
Just come out and say, look, you'll get what you want.
You will get what you want.
This is way too... We're going crazy.
All of us are going crazy, okay?
So just do us a favor.
This is a plea to the New World Order.
You already have people so stupid, they're lining up for an experimental deadly vaccine.
Okay, so you've done it.
You have made the average person almost completely mentally retarded on planet Earth.
So congratulations.
So can we stop with all of the madness that's driving us all crazy?
You're going crazy because we won't comply.
We're going crazy because we don't want to be slaves.
So let's reach a mutual ground here.
Why don't you just tell everybody on planet Earth to line up on some wall and that you're going to shoot them with some loving pill and just blow their brains out?
Let's just, I mean, let's just, let's speed the process up.
Like Bill Maher says, hey, I'm for whatever gets the traffic moving on the highways.
I'm for whatever it does.
So, look, I'm being facetious here, but seriously, like, you've already got the brainwashed population doing whatever the hell you want.
We know that you think there's too many humans on planet Earth, so you want to wipe us out.
So can we just, can we just, can we just fast forward this thing?
Can we just stop this insanity?
We're all going insane now.
Yourselves included.
You can't take this anymore either.
So just tell the loving population that you have a new love pill for them and it has to be fired out of the barrel of a rifle or a shotgun and all they have to do is go down to the
Whatever, you know, you want to call it, the loving wall in each town square, and just tell them, all you gotta do is stand next to the loving wall, and don't worry, we're gonna hit you with that love pill going a thousand miles per hour, or whatever it is, and they'll even show up, and there'll be dead bodies and piles of blood and guts everywhere, and they'll still show up and say, yeah, I'm here for the loving pill!
Give me the loving pill!
So let's just speed this up, alright?
Let's just go ahead and do it.
You're gonna murder us all anyway, so let's just go.
I'm just done.
I'm done seeing this crap.
I mean, seriously.
Oh, the vaccine works.
Oh wait, no it doesn't.
You need a booster.
Oh, the booster works.
Oh wait, no it doesn't.
Now you still need to catch the virus.
Line up here, oh, oh!
There's the loving wall!
There's the loving wall right over there!
Look, look, look!
The soldier is loading the love pill into the shotgun, and he's loading it right now!
Just look, just stand against the loving wall, you're gonna get the love pill!
It's great!
Man's kidney transplant cancelled because donor wasn't vaccinated.
I can't man, I'm telling you.
It's just insane.
Governor Phil Murphy, who loves telling you to wear a mask and has everything shut down, parties indoor with maskless teachers union leaders while your kids are forced to wear masks.
So literally almost every Democrat that's making mask mandates is caught not wearing masks.
And now you have the teachers unions that wants to torture your kids with masks for eight hours a day.
They're out partying not wearing masks.
It's fun, isn't it?
Show me the loving wall.
DeSantis' Department of Health fines Lawless County $3.5 million for mandating vaccine despite Florida law.
There you go, there's some nice pushback.
I like to see that.
I mean, they want to fine us and bully us out of existence.
So let's play these games tit for tat.
DeSantis is like the only one who's even engaged.
Abbott's, you know, he's rolling along, but whatever.
He's a little slow to the punch.
This story is a little interesting to me and there's definitely room for debate here.
New York Jets Vinnie Curry reveals blood clots discovered after spleen removal.
So obviously he got the vaccine as an NFL player.
And they're saying...
So he had these problems after getting it, but they're saying, oh, he had a rare blood disorder and that's what it was all about.
But he was, and so I don't know, I'm saying there's room for debate here.
I'm not really seeing it happen.
But he was 33 years old.
He's an NFL athlete.
Folks, I can tell you, even at an NCAA college level, the amount of tests and everything they do for your health, it'll find anything wrong with you.
I mean, I could tell you stories from working in the sports industry.
I won't belabor the subject, but how they wouldn't have known about this blood disorder until now seems unlikely.
My guess is it's from a vaccine, but I guess we'll never know.
Oh, look at how this, this is hilarious how they changed their story at the NPR.
A bunch of liars.
A bunch of liberal liars at NPR.
So last month it was, FDA advisory panel rejects widespread Pfizer jab in blow to Biden's plan.
Now that hasn't changed.
In fact, the FDA has doubled and tripled down saying, no, we are not, we are not suggesting boosters.
We are not behind boosters.
So the major people at the FDA have quit over the boosters.
So the FDA has not changed its stance on boosters but NPR has to work for the corrupt establishment and they love medical tyranny so they just changed their headline now and they say the FDA may authorize more booster shots and is assessing a pill to treat COVID.
No, they haven't changed their stance.
The FDA is still not pushing boosters.
The FDA is still not behind boosters.
But they just say, well, they may authorize it.
OK, sure.
You know, and I may go to the moon with William Shatner.
It's not going to happen, but I may.
It hasn't not happened, so it may.
So that's how NPR misleads its audience.
And so what is the new group that they're trying to push vaccines on?
We'll have that coming up.
Pregnant people.
And now I'm joined by Roger Stone, who is looking great, by the way.
Roger, you're looking younger and healthier than I've seen you in a long time.
I guess that's the Trump phenomenon of once you get out of the swamp's nasty grip, you can kind of get a little more life into you.
So Roger Stone joins me now.
We're going to talk about the Russian collusion narrative.
That's falling apart.
But first, just on a little light note here, Roger, I don't know if you've seen the latest from Hunter Biden and his scandals.
By the way, I think it was Ross Perot who, a couple decades ago, talked about a giant sucking sound.
No, that was actually Hunter Biden doing cocaine, but I digress from that.
Art Gallery representing Hunter Biden received $500,000 in federal COVID loan, and he's not the only one.
All kinds of congressmen and women paid themselves off with these COVID bailout funds, so it's not just the Bidens.
But amazing!
Hunter Biden goes from drug addict and porn star to artist overnight, and he's getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in COVID relief.
Roger, that's an amazing feature!
No, but you don't have to worry about it, Owen, because we've been assured that there can be no influence peddling here, because Hunter has no idea who it is who paid $75,000 apiece for his art.
Of course, he attended the reception in which all the buyers were present, but I guess he just doesn't remember who they were.
Look, there's no better example of the two-tiered justice system.
As you know, I'm still being harassed by the Biden Justice Department over my 2007 and 2008 federal income taxes.
How much does Hunter owe?
Where's the lawsuit against him?
We know he took in tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese, from the Ukrainians, from some American companies, but no, there's no investigation into him.
You know, one of the kids in my neighborhood said for Halloween he wanted to be Hunter Biden.
He was going to go around naked with a bottle of booze.
Not the best idea, I guess.
But yet would be a fair representation of the first son.
Or he could go around with, you know, porn stars on his arm.
Maybe his brother's, deceased brother's widow too.
That would be right up the alley.
But we digress because they came after you for a fake news story concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign and law firms that she hires.
And they came after you.
Adam Schiff said, I'll chop off my left nut if it's not true about Russian collusion.
He basically put his life on the line.
Of course, it was all fake.
And so now it's all coming out, though, Roger, whether it's Judicial Watch getting evidence of it and Durham now going after people and the lawyer Sussman and Perkins and Cooey.
So where do you want to pick this story up, Roger, where the Russian collusion narrative is now completely debunked?
And it actually was indeed, as we knew, Hillary Clinton
Yeah, it's funny, when I looked on the front page of the New York Times and the Washington Post today, and there just doesn't seem to be any mention of this, but
We know that back in my trial, and you were there, Owen, so you'll remember this, we demanded that the CrowdStrikes report, in other words, the report that alleged that the Russians had hacked the DNC and given the information to WikiLeaks, be released to us for full use in my defense.
The judge, of course, denied us that.
Now we know why.
The top officials at CrowdStrike would ultimately admit under oath to the House Intelligence Committee that their report had no proof whatsoever.
James Comey, the FBI director, he seemed to be perfectly satisfied.
Instead of having his own investigators inspect the DNC servers to see if there had been a Russian incursion, an online hack, he relied on the conclusions of a, as he put it, highly respected, no, actually highly partisan, IT firm that claimed this without any evidence.
So, if you look at the first five pages of my criminal indictment, it's based on the premise that the Russians hacked the DNC and gave the information to WikiLeaks.
Of course, the judge would not allow me to use expert testimony or forensic evidence to disprove any of this.
The sad thing is that the country, and most certainly the media, has moved on.
So while there are spectacular stories in The Spectator, there's a great finding by Judicial Watch, I myself have a story today which speaks to this at Real Clear Politics that demonstrates
That I was framed on the basis of a fraud, unfabricated information.
The entire Russian hoax is crumbling down upon their ears.
Here's the most important part.
Read the Sussman indictment by John Durham and all of his co-conspirators are listed.
When are they going to be charged?
This food chain leads right to Hillary Clinton.
And therefore I renew my call.
And it makes sense that because you're all of a sudden seeing Hillary Clinton back in the media doing TV interviews, doing specials and all this stuff, they're trying to force feed her into our consciousness again.
And I guess this is a kind of a CYA campaign to try to paint her with a good brush as it's coming out that no, it was actually her campaign that funded the disinformation that was known as Russian collusion and everything else that came with it.
And for the most part, aside from her being indicted, she's been caught.
Yeah, the one thing concerns me, of course, is that Special Counsel Durham must now count on the Biden Justice Department for his funding.
And he has to obviously tell the Attorney General where he's going with this investigation.
But I think the Democrats are shocked.
They thought they had this whole thing dead and buried.
John Durham turns out to be an honest prosecutor.
I myself, and we talked about this, I was skeptical about the timing.
Why has this taken so long?
It's just not that complicated.
The other laugh riot here is Adam Schiff's new book, which claims that the only reason that Robert Mueller didn't find and prosecute Russian collusion was because he was non-compos mentis.
In other words, he was around the bend.
That's absurd because we know the entire Mueller investigation was run by Andrew Weissman.
While epically corrupt, he is completely lucid.
No, they didn't find any evidence of Russian collusion because there is none.
The entire thing was, as former President Trump said, a hoax.
And, you know, this is the same group of people that not only were going after Trump's, you know, support base at the time with the big lie, they attacked America with this lie.
They attacked the American consciousness.
They attacked our elections.
They tried to rig everything.
But, you know, Roger, I think what we're really coming to learn, and we were
Reporting this at the time because we both had people telling us this and it seemed to be apparent Robert Mueller was never fully there He was like the Joe Biden before Joe Biden They were using Mueller a guy like Joe Biden who couldn't really didn't have all of his faculties there So they were just using him as a sock puppet for the Russian collusion narrative and investigation When really again, it was just the Democrats running the whole thing
Well, here's the good news.
I keep reading about these upcoming shortages.
They're predicting food shortages, shortages of all kinds of household items.
I think we're going to have a toilet paper shortage, and therefore Adam Schiff's book could come in incredibly handy.
Yeah, because I'm sure there won't be a shortage of that.
Nobody wants to buy Adam Schiff's book.
Well, you know my position.
If it's Schiff, flush it.
Where does this guy get off thinking he can write a book?
I don't know anything honest this guy's ever said or done.
Well, I mean, to be exact, precise, he said that he's seen more than circumstantial evidence of Russian collusion.
All right, Congressman, produce it.
Where is it?
I'm well aware of the fact that he took my classified testimony, he lagged it over to Mueller and his thugs, Weisman was able to fabricate a claim that I lied to Congress.
The problem with that is, in order to violate the false statements law, your statement has to be willful, it has to be material, and in my case, any misstatement I made was innocuous.
It was immaterial, it hid no underlying crime.
Now let's contrast that with Dr. Anthony Fauci.
He lied to Congress under oath, we all saw it, claiming that he hadn't financed with taxpayer dollars the formulation of the Chinese virus in a Wuhan lab.
The vaccination for which... Alright, let's hold it right there.
Fauci lied under oath.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone.
On a march!
To destroy the tyrannical world government.
Here we are back live in the InfoWars headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Owen Troyer sitting in for Alex today.
Roger Stone is with me on the line as well.
And the Russian collusion narrative, which, you know, Roger, we almost do ourselves a disservice to say, oh, it's falling apart.
It was never even there!
They never even presented any evidence whatsoever other than bug-eyed freak Adam Schiff saying, oh, I guarantee it, I've seen the evidence.
Eric Swalwell, I've seen the evidence.
Show us then!
Where's the evidence?
They lied.
They never saw it.
And as you were saying, though, before we went to the last break, how come Anthony Fauci gets to lie to Congress?
How come Anthony Fauci gets to line her oath?
But oh, this is like, here's Roger Stone being interviewed by the FBI.
Roger Stone, we have here that you had a club sandwich on the morning of Wednesday, October 13th.
A club sandwich.
Can you tell us what was on that club sandwich?
And Roger says, well, yes, I think I had mustard on that club sandwich.
And they say, oh, wow, we talked to the delicatessen and they say it was actually spicy mustard.
You've now lied to the FBI, Roger.
So, oh, that would be bad for Roger, but Fauci can lie under oath about gain-of-function research and all that.
No problem there.
Who in the world would eat mustard on a club sandwich?
In any event...
No, you're absolutely right.
So it's basically a two-tiered justice system.
Fauci's lie was profound.
In other words, he lied about his role in the financing of the development of a virus in a Chinese lab, the vaccination for which has killed or injured thousands of people.
I call that material.
There's no question that his statements are false, and he knows they're false.
Therefore, my question is simple.
When will 29 heavily armed FBI agents show up at his home at 6 o'clock in the morning, arriving in 17 armored vehicles, a helicopter, and two boats?
When will they storm his house brandishing M4 fully automatic assault weapons?
I think we both know the answer.
Why is he even still in a position of public trust?
It is the most graphic example I can think of, of the two-tiered justice system, where the ruling elites are held to one standard, or maybe I should say no standard, where anybody who loves the country or happens to have supported Donald Trump or loves InfoWars, well, those people are prosecuted.
I can sleep at night because I know this.
We were reporting this here on InfoWars at the time.
We made the case, not only on our show, The Real War Room, but on the Alex Jones Show repeatedly, that the entire claim that the Russians hacked the DNC in an online hack and gave the information to WikiLeaks was false.
Incredibly, it was my lawyers at trial who forced the FBI to ultimately admit they had never inspected the DNC servers, and they relied entirely on the third-party verification of an outfit that was partisan.
Who hired CrowdStrike?
Well, that would be Michael Sussman.
And therefore, it appears to me that Mr. Durham is pulling on an extraordinarily vulnerable thread.
Now, speaking of any evidence of Russian collusion, obviously they found nothing on Trump, nothing on any of his associates, yourself included, because it was made up.
But you know, Biden, there might actually be something there where you had Tony Bobulinski and others, and of course his deal with the Moscow mayor and all this other stuff.
But here's real world, concrete examples of how Biden has done favor to Putin and Russia.
So when he allowed Russia to take control of the pipeline that supplied most of the gas to Europe, that was shut down by Trump.
Biden gave Russia the control of that pipeline.
So now here's what's in the Financial Times.
Vladimir Putin has said Russia is meeting all requests for gas supplies from Europe, vehemently denying that state-run monopoly Gazprom was limiting supplies to the continent to drive up prices.
The country currently supplies 40% of Europe's gas.
That's because of Biden.
Trump shut that down and gave control over to Europe and then Biden gave it back to Russia.
So whether Putin's doing it or not, he could do it.
So here's a real-world example.
Of how Biden has given a massive power brokerage situation to Russia, to Putin, and the media won't even cover it, and now they're having gas shortages in Europe, and it could be caused by Putin, he's denying it, could be, could not be.
Point is, the access is there for him to do it, and Biden gave him that control.
Well, I actually think that Russian actors shut down our pipeline just to prove to us that they could do it.
I mean, within days they handed our own passwords back to us.
That was a demonstration that they have us once again by the short hairs.
Donald Trump's, one of his single greatest accomplishments is he finally brought this nation to full energy self-sustaining independence.
We didn't have to count on oil and gas from the Middle East or Russia or anywhere else.
Joe Biden is working furiously to reverse that.
So Roger, what happens now that Durham seems to have a scent and is pointing his nose or his tail in the direction of the true criminals in the Clinton campaign when it comes to the fake Russian collusion narrative?
And then also some stuff happening within the Obama administration, their illegal spying.
But what comes of it?
Is it too little too late?
Do you think that Garland is going to shut it down?
I mean, what can Durham do now that he's getting all of this evidence of what really happened in the fake Russian collusion story?
I mean, where do you see this going?
Well, we have to hope that John Durham is, in fact, a man of integrity who will not be taken off this trail.
Again, if you read the Sussman indictment, it's a roadmap of who should be charged next.
I also find it problematic that Jake Sullivan, who was then Hillary Clinton's foreign policy advisor in the 2016 campaign, now Joe Biden's foreign policy advisor in the White House, clearly lied about the same issues that Sussman lied about.
When is Mr. Sullivan being arrested?
When is the FBI going to humiliate him and storm his home at 6 o'clock in the morning?
Either we are a nation of laws or we are a nation of men.
Which is it?
It appears to me that the roadmap is there.
Will Durham be pressured out of pursuing it?
I don't know.
Will the Attorney General of the United States today shut it down?
I don't know.
I pray for full justice in this case because I'm still suffering the manifested impact of this on myself and my family.
These people need to be held responsible.
It's their turn in the barrel, if I may say so.
Yeah, and what is it Sullivan, Schiff, Swalwell, they all seem like they're cut from the same cloth.
You know, they all seem like they have some sort of same weird energy about them.
I guess when you talk about Schiff, you know, he's out there hanging out with Ed Buck.
We all know what he was involved with.
I think he's still in jail right now.
So it's just incredible to see all this corruption.
Roger, what else is on your mind?
What else are you seeing that you want to depart to our audience with?
I just find it mind-boggling that this country is about to experience food shortages.
I mean, this is the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth still, although they're certainly working against that.
We're being told that there's going to be food shortages here in Fort Lauderdale.
We already have
Because we're told that ships who are bearing foodstuffs are moored off of all of our harbors because there are no workers to unload those ships.
That would be because the Biden administration is paying people to sit home on their butt and watch television.
And some people, very sadly, have concluded that that's easier than going out and getting a good, honest job.
It's amazing to me the speed by which Joe Biden is undoing every great thing that Donald Trump did for this country.
Somehow, within less than a year, they have taken the most vibrant, robust, productive economy in our history, and we're in decline.
No, inflation is not transitory.
Inflation is going to be a fact of life.
In fact, I think long term inflation could become the number one problem in the economy.
Our problem is not joblessness.
It's not unemployment.
As you know, our problem is we have plenty of jobs.
We just don't have any people who want to fill them because the Biden administration will pay them to stay home.
They're now offering at McDonald's a beginning wage of $20 an hour.
A beginning wage at McDonald's just, I mean, hell, 10-15 years ago was like $6.50 or $7.50 or whatever the minimum wage was.
So that's how desperate they are to get people to show up to work.
And that's just, you know, the fast food sector.
So imagine what it's like on a bigger scale.
Roger Stone, always a pleasure.
Where can people follow your work?
They can go to StoneColdTruth.com to find the latest on what I'm up to.
And, oh, and I gotta say, it's great to be back in the saddle with you.
I feel like we're back at the War Room.
It's just a great feeling.
The real War Room.
The real War Room.
We've got a bunch of video clips as well.
And now Biden, who can't even really think, he doesn't really have a clue what's going on.
He only sees what his associates in the White House show him.
He is now the scapegoat for the vaccine mandates that are destroying the economy, have wrecked Southwest Airlines, and he doesn't even know any of this is going on.
Who knows where he is, or who he is, or what he is, or anything.
But he's gonna be the scapegoat.
And he won't know any better because, again, he's just looking forward to Tapioca Pudding Day, which may be today for Joe.
So, you know, he's got that to look forward to.
But let's take a look at some of the action here in this short segment before I really start to delve into the rest of this news.
There is so much grassroots organic activism happening that it used to be easy for me to cover it all, but now it's impossible to cover it all.
You had a massive
We're good.
But they won't even look at the evidence being presented.
They just say, oh, we don't want to see this.
I wouldn't want to see, I guess, your state election being stolen right under your nose either.
But Michigan, they're demanding it too, so there was huge turnout for that.
And then, again, it's just like there's so much, I can't even believe I missed some of these massive stories, as there are some of the scenes from Michigan yesterday.
I'd say probably at least a thousand people out there.
Then there's this.
Oregon Senators File Legal Action Against CDC.
Lawmakers Seek Federal Investigation for Manipulated COVID-19 Death Data Collection.
Now this is from last month.
I just never saw it.
And then there is a headline from today.
Oregon Senators Demand Investigation into CDC, FDA's Manipulation of COVID Statistics.
Which we know they did.
And then here is the official document.
Release from the Oregon State Senate Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum demanding a grand jury and an investigation into the fact that by design the CDC and the FDA and anybody else involved were intentionally intentionally driving case numbers up so that I suppose they could eventually get to this point of where we're at today
With the excuse for the vaccine mandates which they deny are existing as they push that for them, but also there is no law on the books.
So yes, I understand I sound like I'm talking out of my rear end right now, but I am a newscaster in the clown world.
So a lot of the times...
That's how it's going to sound.
I get it.
None of this makes any sense.
Well, you have a lying media, you have a lying group of politicians, you have censorship on the internet so you can't even see this information.
But the Great Awakening has really just begun and so it's really just a measurement of
How far ahead of the curve is InfoWars and what is the threshold of awakened Americans to shake this tyranny off of our back and then off of the planet's back?
Because the awakening process is growing and growing every day.
The activism from pro-America patriots is growing and growing every day.
But I don't think it's going to be enough for at least a couple more years, quite frankly.
So I do expect things to get worse.
I expect that we're now seeing the global government medical tyranny.
We're living through it right now.
We're witnessing it right now.
I do believe we will get to the point of the climate tyranny, and you're already seeing it in California, where they're banning small gas-powered engines like lawnmowers and chainsaws.
So that's the climate tyranny on its way.
Nothing left for me to devour.
Except this cup of coffee.
And all this news, too.
Yes, this is a InfoWars coffee mug.
Yes, I am drinking the coffee from InfoWarsStore.com.
Yes, I do suggest you try it out.
Yes, I do insist you take advantage of the specials at InfoWarsStore.com right now, so that I can still have a voice, so that I can still be on air.
Because as you know, I'm banned everywhere, much like anybody else here at InfoWars.
But thanks to your financial support at InfoWarsStore.com, we've been able to build Banned.Video, and here we are, and here you are, bringing you the news like nobody else will.
So take advantage.
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And yes, there is the InfoWars coffee back in stock.
That's good news.
We have the coffee back in stock.
So get a couple bags of that while it's in stock as well.
Let me put off some of this COVID news and get to some of this other news right now, and then we'll come back to it.
But this is... Okay, so... What's the backdrop here?
Feds have been caught being involved in the January 6th Provocateur Acts of breaking into the Capitol.
Feds were caught
Basically setting up the plot and setting up people in Michigan to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.
This has all come out.
It's all well known now.
And so that's what happens is when the corrupt establishment sees something developing that they don't like, like let's say Gretchen Whitmer's
Support waning, so then they move in feds to set people up with a kidnapping attempt to then give her sympathy points and make anybody scared to go against her.
The feds ran the whole thing.
They got caught.
Same thing happened on January 6th.
We don't have all the evidence that we have from the Michigan case, but we know there are unindicted co-conspirators that are obviously, or assumed to be, federal agents that haven't been arrested, haven't been visited by the feds, haven't had to spend months in jail like others have.
Yes, January 6th, defendants have spent more time in jail than a man that attempted to murder and shot people at his high school.
He was in jail for less than 24 hours.
I spent more time in jail for standing with a piece of tape on my mouth in the Capitol than a guy that shot three people at his high school spent in jail.
What do you make of that?
What do you make of that?
But so now, what's the latest?
Well, the federal government with Merrick Garland doesn't like parents being involved in raising their children.
I know, I know.
Wild notion, right?
That parents would want to be involved in raising their children, might want to know what's going on in the school system.
Democrats don't like that.
The federal government doesn't like that.
They think they own your kids.
They think that your kids are their kids.
They're mad if they are even born.
They try to snuff that out, but some of them get born, that angers them.
So now,
That the left has labeled parents domestic terrorists.
Parents that go to school board meetings are now domestic terrorists.
So now, what does that mean?
Well, no, we know our history.
So that now means you have to be on the lookout if you're a parent doing school board activism.
You have to be on the lookout for feds infiltrating and instigating.
And it appears that this has already begun, as Mike Cernovich points out and shares this text.
Parents who are doing school board activism, beware.
Bad actors are infiltrating your movement.
This message has every red flag.
Do not be fooled into getting involved in stuff like this.
Pure evil.
The bad guys are coming to set you up.
And then here's what it says in the text.
Fed alert going off.
Hey brother, are you able to provide the names and addresses of the school board members?
Even if you can only get a list of the names that would be enough, preferably middle names if you could.
Looking to make them famous.
I'm going to be organizing protests outside of their homes 24-7, non-stop, no mercy.
Strangle it in its crib.
The only way to secure our child's future.
I don't care.
Those words were used by Nazis.
It's a great slogan.
Uh, Fed, Fed, Fed, Fed, Fed, Fed.
Isn't it sad?
Yeah, exactly.
And so...
Look, there's going to be parents that aren't aware that this is going on.
There's going to be gullible parents that fall for something like this, and one will make a bad statement, or one will respond to a text like this, and they'll probably get arrested and go to jail, and then they'll say, oh, parents are no longer allowed at school boards.
In fact, we're just ending school board meetings, and now Democrats just run every school board.
So that's what the goal is here, that's how it's going to go.
And you know, you may think, hey, how could this be possible?
Why would federal agents want to be involved in something like this?
Well, there's two reasons.
One, they're leftist activists, Democrat activists, posing as agents.
Two, they just don't know any better.
Legitimately, they're just doing their job.
They're just doing what they're told, and they want to be successful at their job, so they think, I'm going to go out there, I'm going to catch me some domestic terrorists, parents going to school board meetings.
I'm gonna set up some good ol' boys in Michigan with a plot to kidnap the governor even though I did the whole thing.
I'll set them up and the FBI will look on me that I'm good, that I'm a good agent.
So that's what's going on there.
You've been warned.
We've seen it.
The pattern playing itself out once again.
Now, were you aware, did you hear anything about the massive protests happening in D.C.
right now?
My guess is you didn't.
They surrounded the White House.
Did you know that?
Marching around the Capitol, did you know that?
No major calls for enhanced security.
They're not putting the fence back around the Capitol or the White House.
Nope, the media's not even mentioning it.
Climate protesters swarm White House, vandalize federal property, and warn Joe Biden if he doesn't act on climate change.
So now they're on a five-day-long march in the streets and in D.C., and they're engaged in criminal behavior, and they're engaged in vandalizing, and no outcry from the media, no outcry from the Democrat Party, no calls for increased security, no fences going up.
But when a couple hundred people showed up at an event a couple weeks ago called Justice for January 6th, the fences went up, the feds were out, the security measures were taken, it was the biggest story in the media.
Oh, but now these actual violent protesters that are threatening violence and engaging in violence, well, that barely even is a blip on the radar.
No calls for security, even though they have engaged in violent crime.
There you go.
Environmentalist Block M25 again, thank police for kind treatment.
Well yes, they're mentally ill people, they're mentally handicapped people, so the police are being kind to them and touching them with kid gloves, because that's what you do for mentally ill people.
You see somebody that has a serious mental condition at a grocery store, knocking over a side table or grabbing a handful of candy bars or something, you understand, hey, you know what, they may not know better, I'm not going to get upset, that person has a mental disability,
That's these leftist protesters.
So the police show up, yeah, you're committing crimes, you're stopping traffic, but you're mentally ill, so it's okay, I'm gonna be nice to you, I'm gonna give you a little leeway.
That's the subconscious acceptance our society has taken the approach to.
On dealing with these leftists in the streets protesting.
Here's your climate tyranny.
I'm telling you, we're going to see it, folks.
You've seen the medical tyranny.
You're going to see the climate tyranny.
It's not going away.
California bans off-road gas engines, including lawnmowers and chainsaws.
So there you go.
The taste of the climate tyranny is coming to a town and a city near you.
Columbus Day, or Indigenous Peoples Day, whatever you want to call it, Columbus monuments are coming down.
This is the Washington Post.
But he's still honored in 6,000 places across the U.S.
Here's where.
Oh, that's just putting a target on those statues to go be vandalized.
Kind of like how the Washington Post told the Democrat
Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson.
Hey, there's a Republican baseball practice in D.C.
and there's no security.
Hint, hint, wink, wink.
And then James Hodgkinson tried to commit a mass murder and the media didn't even cover it.
But by the way, did you know, do you know what group of Americans actually first stood against Christopher Columbus in Columbus Day?
Do you know this?
The KKK!
That's right!
The Democrats hated Columbus then and they still hate Columbus to this day.
I did a lot of research into this.
Well, the KKK was vehemently anti-Christopher Columbus.
So they were then, they are now.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have seriously huge breaking news that I'm going to be covering when it comes to COVID and the vaccines.
In the next two segments.
And then I have powerful video and audio from an Archbishop who's basically calling the Pope an agent of the New World Order.
And then also from Rand Paul calling for peaceful resistance to this tyranny.
So things are really getting serious and it's just an odd thing to be light years ahead of this and just not even knowing how to backtrack to cover it properly.
But that's where we're at.
So, let me do this.
Let me pile drive through this COVID news, we'll get to the video clips, I got some other news, and then Jay Dyer takes over, but...
This story just went up on InfoWars.com and it's just a triple confirmation of what we've already known and now we just have more data sets to back it up.
And so the headline from Adan Salazar at InfoWars.com, double vaccinated contracted COVID at higher rates than the unvaccinated new UK data shows.
But it's not just that.
They admitted, they came out and admitted a month ago to get out ahead of this data, because here's the thing, they knew that the vaccines were not effective.
They knew it months ago.
And so they said, how can we get out ahead of the data proving the vaccines are not effective?
They said, well,
So what do they do?
If you get vaccinated, you're more likely to catch COVID.
You think, well, what does that do?
That would hurt the purpose of the vaccine.
They don't care.
There is no purpose.
There is no sales point.
It's mandated.
You're being held hostage to get the vaccine.
So they don't care if they tell you it doesn't work.
And now they're even saying
That you could be double vaccinated and you still need to catch the virus in order to be immune.
I'm not kidding.
I covered that earlier.
Well, how could you even catch it and be sick if you're immune?
Doesn't make sense.
None of it makes sense.
It's not meant to make sense.
You're a slave.
The owner of you doesn't have to make sense.
So all this data is out now just totally proving the vaccines don't work.
And then when you have Dr. Lena Wynn, the doctor death from Planned Parenthood who appears to be a Chinese communist agent on CNN coming out and saying that now the vaccinated are a threat to the unvaccinated.
This is the biggest proponent of vaccines and vaccine mandates you'll ever see on TV, Dr. Lena Wynn, Dr. Baby Murder.
And when she says that the vaccinated are a threat to the unvaccinated because they're going to spread disease to us, I mean, that should tell you everything you need to know.
But again, you say this doesn't make sense.
Why would they be doing this?
You're a slave.
The slave master doesn't have to make sense.
The slave master doesn't have to be honest with you.
What do you think this is?
So there you go.
Just yet more evidence that the vaccines are neither safe or effective.
Tens of thousands dying.
Over 17,000 dead from the COVID vaccine in America.
Hundreds of thousands around the planet.
They want to force you to play Russian roulette.
They want you to take a medical procedure that you do not need.
And as I was explaining yesterday, it is a marketing campaign in that they want to fill the void.
So they see that black people are the least vaccinated group, so they hire black rappers to do propaganda videos telling people to get the vaccine.
Well, what's another group that is not vaccinated?
Pregnant mothers.
Well, so now they have to find a marketing campaign to get pregnant mothers to take the vaccine.
This is so diabolical from NBC News, this headline.
The COVID vaccine doesn't cause infertility.
That's a lie.
They don't even know that yet because they haven't done the studies and they won't be releasing the studies on that exact thing.
I believe it was till 2025.
So they're doing the studies right now on the side effects of the vaccines when it comes to pregnant mothers or when it comes to fertility.
Those studies are ongoing.
You're the test subject right now.
So when NBC News says the COVID vaccine doesn't cause infertility, that's a lie.
They don't know that.
The testing is being done right now, and the results will be released in three years, and I would bet you that it will prove that the COVID vaccine will cause infertility.
But hey, if it kills you, I think that would be considered being infertile.
I don't know.
If you're dead, I don't think you can have babies.
So does that count?
So yeah, I will go ahead and say right here, unequivocally, that a COVID vaccine could make you infertile.
So if you're dead, you're not having babies.
17,000 dead from the vaccine that we know of.
But see, then the lie on top of it...
The COVID vaccine doesn't cause infertility, but the disease might.
The disease might.
So they can't even say that the disease will, because it won't, and it doesn't, but they say might.
So this is how they're using propaganda and marketing strategies to push vaccines on pregnant people that don't want to take that risk.
So this is just really sick stuff that they're engaged in.
Just just diabolical evil.
This is why hell exists for people like that.
But what's another group?
What is another group here that because we have so many vaccines, Biden's already purchased billions of them.
He said he purchased billions.
He has no one to give them to.
So that's why they're doing three and four boosters just because they have all they're sitting on all these vaccines that they purchased.
They want to clear the warehouse so they can buy more, boost their stock.
Pay off their friends in Big Pharma, so... Hmm, I think... Where else can we... Where can we push the COVID vaccine?
Where can we move off some of these vaccines?
What is a group that we can push these vaccines on that aren't taking it?
Oh, I know!
Zoo animals!
Zoo animals!
Louisiana Zoo animals are now getting the COVID vaccine!
A vaccine designed for humans?
They're giving it to zoo animals.
I mean, that's what I'm saying, man.
It's just like sometimes I'm just done.
It's just so stupid.
I'm not a clown.
Why am I in clown world?
Why am I in clown college?
A vaccine designed for humans, but they're giving it to animals.
Again, they're just trying to clear the shelves of all the vaccines so that they can order the next round.
That's all this is.
And I have to move on.
Shock report.
They've done it again.
CDC quietly updates COVID-19 numbers.
Only 9,200 Americans died from COVID alone.
Every other one had other underlying issues, or another way to put it.
This week, the CDC quietly updated the COVID number to admit that only 6% of the 153,000 deaths recorded actually died from COVID.
That's 9,200 deaths.
The other 94% had two to three other serious illnesses, underlying conditions.
The overwhelming majority were of advanced age.
So all these stories, oh, deadliest pandemic ever, oh, there's so many people died, all lies.
Just everything, everything they've told you about COVID is a lie.
And doctors are starting to figure that out too, but here's another graph, I'll have that coming back.
All of these different countries, Israel, Ireland, the Netherlands, everywhere, America,
You see, okay, big outbreaks of cases, even whether the numbers are fudged or not, in 2020, and then they go down to almost nothing at the beginning of 2021, and then they introduce the vaccine, and in every country the cases go back up, and in some cases they go up to record levels, and they've even admitted now, more people have died from COVID since the vaccine than before it.
How is that possible?
Well, one way it'd be possible.
The vaccines are killing people.
And we're only two and a half months away now from 2021 being over.
We'll know the death rate by the end of January 2022.
And I'm telling you, there was no increase in the death rate in the year 2020.
I will bet you there's a one or even two percent increase in death rate in the year 2021, and it will be directly from the vaccines.
All right, you want to hear something that
I don't know, I don't even know how to really put this, but definitely it was kind of an eye-opener.
Can you believe this?
It was a year ago today that the mainstream media was covering up the Hunter Biden laptop story.
That was a year ago today.
That feels like yesterday.
That really put things into perspective.
A year ago today, the New York Post broke the story and released the Hunter Biden laptop images and everything.
That was a year ago today.
Does that, does that not feel like it was just yesterday?
Hard to believe that this is, uh, that's a year ago.
Oh, by the way, now they admit that the laptops were real.
They covered up during the election.
Now they admit it's real.
Go figure.
Alright, let me continue down this news here, where, um... Yeah, I think I'm missing a set here, guys, but that's okay.
Will you guys see if you can, as quickly as possible, print for me that thread I sent where they put the vaccines under the microscope and they put all the images up?
I was supposed to cover it last night, and it just never got printed, but...
This is another doctor, an ICU doctor, letter to the FDA.
I have the whole thing right here, by the way.
ICU doc letter to FDA.
I can no longer silently accept the serious harm being caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.
My sincere hope reaction to this letter will not be to focus on me, but rather to focus on addressing the serious safety issues with these products.
I work with a number of frontline workers that have seen these harms firsthand.
They courageously worked through the pandemic and some have already had COVID-19.
Many have not received the vaccine and these excellent
Healthcare workers plan to quit or be fired rather than be mandated to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, which they don't need.
Again, that'd be like amputating your leg for no good reason at all.
It's a medical procedure that you don't need.
You have natural immunity to COVID.
You don't need the vaccine.
They want you to take it anyway.
Could be a death sentence.
And so here is their letter that they released.
And again, you know, these doctors and these nurses
They actually see all the people dying and having the vaccine side effects.
So they know it more than anybody, that's why they don't want to take it.
And so again, here is the letter from Dr. Peter Marks and Dr. Tom.
Shiban Bukoro, the director out of the Food and Drug Administration and a COVID-19 vaccine task force out of the CDC.
So this is the FDA and the CDC, two doctors, saying stop pushing the COVID-19 vaccine.
It's killing people.
Here's the letters.
Doctor from the FDA.
Doctor from the CDC.
Can no longer sit silently by and not talk about the vaccine side effects.
They're seeing it first hand.
And they write a huge letter warning America about it.
And they don't even get any coverage.
Because the mainstream media is all on board with the COVID-19 Great Reset.
Except for Tucker Carlson.
He seems to be the only one that wants to push back against it.
One man.
Everyone else is towing the party line.
And the party is funded by Big Pharma.
I had another story, which I don't know what's happened to it.
I've done like eight shows already this week, so I'm just so inundated.
I can't even keep my head on straight.
But now new scientists... Is this another one?
Oh, they've written two letters.
I'm sorry, they've written two letters warning about the vaccine deadly side effects.
But there's another group of doctors.
So you already had the group of doctors in Germany.
Put the vaccine under a microscope and they just found incredible stuff, like literally they don't even know what it is.
They're like, what is this?
What is that?
What is this thing?
Nobody knows.
Hey, look, these things are growing.
Hey, look, this thing appears to be alive.
And now another group of doctors have put the vaccine ingredients or the vaccine juice under a microscope and found the same thing.
They don't know what it is.
They find all kinds of particulate, all kinds of contaminants, and they're like, what is this?
I don't know.
Never seen it before.
Not natural.
We don't know what it is.
Kind of a big deal.
Oh, but you know what the Democrats tell you.
Just roll up your sleeve and take the infusion, you bigot.
Just chop your leg off.
Just get an amputation, you bigot.
I've got a different idea.
So I don't know where those stories went, but that's okay.
Vaccine mandates are good for the economy, White House claims.
Oh, really?
Good for the economy.
So crashing the economy is good for the economy.
See, that's the news speak.
War is peace.
Hate is love.
Censorship is free speech.
I mean, this is the new speak of the New World Order of the Democrat Party.
One plus one equals three.
War is peace.
Crashing the economy is good for the economy.
Don't you know anything?
And the White House is also warning you that you're going to have mass shortages by Christmas.
Food shortages, gas shortages.
You won't be able to get toys, toilet paper, anything.
But it's good for the economy, guys.
I mean, imagine that.
One side of their mouth
One side of their mouth, they say, hey, crashing the economy is good for the economy.
And then out of the other side of their mouth, they say, oh, by the way, you're going to have mass shortages by Christmas.
Thank you, sir.
And so here it is.
Here is the document.
Dr. John B. on Twitter, a microscopy analysis of the COVID vaccine.
And again, it's the same thing.
That the German scientists found, which is particulate and contaminate that they've never seen before, and when looking at the list of ingredients they cannot figure out what it is.
And so I'll just read you the conclusion here, and they can scroll through the images and some of the other things.
The Moderna COVID vaccine contains particles and objects of different sizes, shapes, and light refraction properties.
Curved structures with a length of about 5 to 10, uh, I guess that's, I don't know what a UM is, or what, just tiny, tiny measurement, were only found in the Moderna and not the Pfizer sample.
An open question is which objects are the ingredients of the vaccine and which are contaminants.
The particles found do not match the size of mRNA lipid nanoparticles used in the vaccines.
Further investigation about the ingredients and purity of the COVID vaccines are required.
Oh, but they're mandated!
And you are the experiment.
You are the research.
Maybe it'll kill ya.
Maybe you'll get saline.
Who cares?
Who knows?
Shut up and take it, racist!
And then Sheryl Atkinson has a really powerful thread.
Crashing the economy is good for the economy, say the Democrats, as they warn you that everything's going to be gone by Christmas.
You'll be paying 500 bucks to fill your gas tank in the year 2022.
Sheryl Atkinson has a big thread going on Twitter.
It's very powerful.
What shortages are you seeing in your area?
And I was just reading through the hundreds of responses this morning, and it's just, it's incredible, folks.
This is the real deal.
This is
A football team and you're a player on a football team and you go out on the sidelines and they're singing the national anthem and they finish and half the team takes off your jersey and puts on the other team's jersey before the game starts.
That's the Democrat Party ushering in total economic collapse of America because they hate you.
So as Southwest is saying, oh, we're not for the vaccine mandates.
We don't know anything about this.
The guy, the head of Southwest is on the World Economic Forum.
He knows exactly what's going on.
They're just using Biden as a scapegoat for this disaster.
Now Boeing tells all employees to get their COVID-19 shots by December 8th.
And again, they're blaming Biden for that.
Yet a federal judge has just blocked United Airlines from imposing vaccine mandates.
So it's a give and take.
Texas, you're not allowed to mandate vaccines via an executive order from the governor, but Southwest is still going to do it anyway, but it's all just legal battles happening right now.
And nearly 4.8, excuse me, nearly 4.3 million Americans at record pace quit their jobs in August.
Nearly 900,000 from restaurants and hotels.
That's why you go to hotels, you don't have hotel service anymore.
Folks, it's not because of COVID, it's because nobody's working anymore.
Record job quitters right now.
I've been on air for six hours today, and it's not enough time to cover all the news, but my voice is about to go out and I'm about to just...
Pass out like a vaccinated person on TV.
Like the Austrian parliamentary member or the nurse that gets the vaccine.
I'm just gonna fade and just... I'm just out.
But no, I'm actually not vaccinated.
Come give me COVID!
I want your COVID!
Come on!
Bring me the COVID!
I want the COVID!
I challenge, I challenge all of you that want to force me to get a vaccine.
I'm not even kidding you.
You have COVID, I will drink out of the same glass as 100 people with COVID right now!
And I won't even get sick because I have natural immunity and I don't need your stupid death shot!
Let's go, come on, all you vaccine pushers, line up, all the vaccine pushers, all of you that have COVID, line up, I will share a cup of water with you, whatever you want, I will drink it right after you, just like Jesus went to be with the lepers and didn't get leprosy, to show you didn't have to be afraid, not comparing myself to Jesus, just using a biblical story here.
But I will go ahead, I will take your COVID, give me the COVID, and watch me not get sick.
Oh, that would just... Oh, wouldn't you just seethe?
You're already seething because I'm healthy and I don't have the vaccine.
You're already seething because I'm not dead.
You're already seething because I'm not a slave.
Now, watch me ingest COVID and still not get sick.
Oh, then you'll really seethe.
You'll just... Alex Jones coming up with a breaking report, by the way, in about 20 minutes.
Stick around for that.
Let me play for you a couple clips real quick.
Here is an archbishop
Calling out the Pope as an agent of the communist, satanist, new world order.
This is incredible.
Listen to this.
By Klaus Schwab and the family of international finance find in Bergoglio not a neutral spectator, which would itself already be an a herd of things.
But actually, a zealous co-operator who abuses his own moral authority in order to support Adestra, outside the Church, the project of the dissolution of traditional society.
While adding her within the Church, he pursues the project of the demolition of the Church in order to replace her
with a philanthropic organization of masonic inspiration.
And it is scandalous.
This applies to both, to civil and ecclesiastical world.
Confirming the pactum generi, the criminal conspiracy between the deep state and the deep church,
It seems to me that in this conspiracy, the role of the Jesuit has been decisive.
It is no coincidence that, for the first time in history, a religious of the Society of Jesus is seated on the throne of Peter.
So you're seeing a lot of archbishops and cardinals stand up against the communist
Pope that has been deemed a New World Order satanic operative and now some other people lower level than the Pope are starting to speak out against it.
That's amazing.
Now here's Rand Paul issuing a call for peaceful resistance to the COVID tyranny.
It's time for us to resist.
They can't arrest all of us.
They can't keep all of your kids home from school.
They can't keep every government building closed.
Although I've got a long list of ones they might keep closed or might ought to keep closed.
We don't have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and bureaucrats.
We can simply say no, not again.
Nancy Pelosi, you will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs.
We have either had COVID, had the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine.
We will make our own health choices.
We will not show you a passport.
We will not wear a mask.
We will not be forced into random screenings and testings so you can continue your drunk with power reign over the Capitol.
President Biden, we will not accept your agency's mandates or your reported moves towards a lockdown.
No one should follow the CDC's anti-science mask mandates.
So this is great to see from Rand Paul, and I'm not sure the analogy here.
Maybe it's like...
Getting over the fear of riding a bike without training wheels or jumping off of a high dive or a cliff or something, and then once you've done it one time, you're good to go.
You can do it any other time.
That's what it's like speaking out against this tyranny.
See, everybody has a level of self-censorship, a level of self-governance of their own speech.
Sometimes it's for a good reason.
Sometimes it's through intimidation.
But once those barriers have been broken,
The floodwaters come out and the dam is gone.
And so I'm starting to see that with Rand Paul, that's a good sign.
This trend is only going to continue.
Once you've broken the dams of censoring yourself, for either good reasons or fear, then it's just no holds barred.
And thus, that's why we're here at InfoWars.
Let me try to hit the rest of these news stories before Alex Jones comes back and Jay Dyer takes over in the final hour.
A popular account on TikTok, this is part of the awakening, she was formerly a big feminist, now she's anti-feminism, she makes this statement.
She's all upset now because she's realized that the feminist movement is a government scam so that they can get the other half of the population working so they double the tax intake and raise your children by their standards.
Well, that's about maybe a quarter of the picture, but starting to get it are the feminists, the liberals, realizing that they've been lied to.
Father whose daughter was raped in girls' bathroom by skirt-wearing male student slams Merrick Garland for threatening parents.
Oh yeah, oh don't worry.
And he's treated like a terrorist.
Meanwhile, you shoot three people at a high school, you get released within 24 hours and there's a welcoming home party.
And the Democrats tried to cover up that rape because they wanted to put transgender individuals in the girls' bathroom, which is only going to lead to more rape.
So how much rape needs to happen for the Democrats to be happy at the southern border?
How much rape needs to happen in girls' bathrooms for the Democrats to be happy?
I guess there's never enough rape.
By the way, for the Democrats, if you're Bill Clinton or, you know, all of them, they love it so much, you know, pound me too.
Okay, this is just hilarious.
I just, guys.
Zap into the future.
New male contraceptive testicle bath.
Zap sperm.
And so this is going to be the new male birth control, I guess.
I don't even... I can't even deal with this.
My guess is this probably won't even work.
Who knows?
Or maybe it'll have like some permanent damage that they're not telling you about.
Male contraceptive testicle bath zaps sperm.
You know, I'll tell you, I could go a million different ways with this one.
I'm just gonna put it down.
But, you know, it's just so funny.
With all the options you have, so many you have to not get pregnant, so many forms of birth control or contraceptives or condoms or abstinence, and yet they just say, nope, abortion, that's it.
It's kind of like with, oh, masks and vaccines, that's it.
No natural immunity, no nothing else, no ivermectin, no.
Masks and vaccines, no abortion.
That's totalitarian ideologies right there.
Testicle baths to zap your sperm.
Yeah, that's not going to have any problems, I'm sure.
Thomas Massey, one of the great ones.
Twitter news is telling me that the hospital staff shortage and the supply chain issues have nothing to do with Joe Biden's policies.
So basically, Jack from Twitter is trying to convince us that the economy is chanting, let's go Brandon.
Which is like the NBC girl when the crowd is clearly chanting F Joe Biden.
And she goes, oh listen, they're saying let's go Brandon.
And then here's the headlines he highlights.
Backup of cargo ships at California's ports is due to pandemic-related issues.
Well yeah, the government shutting down our country and economy.
Yeah, it's not a virus doing it, it's the government.
Nurses are fleeing hospital jobs because working conditions aren't safe.
That's just a total lie.
They're being fired, laid off, or quitting or resigning because of the vaccine mandate, and everybody knows it.
And now the new Twitter phenomenon, or TikTok phenomenon, last year was the nurses doing dance routine videos to prove how fake the pandemic was.
They're going on vacations and they're bragging about how they're making more money than ever and they're able to just go on vacation all the time.
Pretty amazing.
You ever heard of organized retail crime?
Thank Democrats coming to a city near you.
Walgreens closes five more San Francisco locations citing organized retail crime and I covered this this morning.
Yeah, this is footage out of Chicago.
Where mobs of white supremacists... No, I know they're black, but if it's something you don't like, you just call them white supremacists.
Mobs of white supremacists are just engaging in mass organized retail crime, as it's being called.
And don't forget, remember Kamala Harris had...
Child actors for her weird NASA video.
I guess everything at NASA is fake.
Are they all actors?
And now YouTube is saying, oh no, no, we picked the actors for the Kamala Harris video, not her.
So what, YouTube is working with the Democrat Party and Obama to select actors for their videos?
That's weird.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And today, what I want to talk about is something that you've heard Alex reference many, many times over the years, and it deals with the history of James Bond, this series from Ian Fleming and Ian Fleming's background, and how if we wanted a clear example of the way that fiction, movies, Hollywood, the way that they condition us and program us and give us the future ahead of time on purpose as a form of conditioning, there's no better example than
This probably most famous franchise of all time, right?
The James Bond series and franchise.
And in fact, over the years, when I heard Alex talk about this, it's actually what prompted me to go and do my graduate work on the topic of James Bond in propaganda.
So my master's work was about this topic.
I know it very well.
And it's fascinating.
And it's a way to actually document and prove that predictive programming is a real thing.
And what I'm going to talk to you today is going to blow your mind in terms of the subject matter, because it's not just a situation where in the past,
Ian Fleming coded his novels with, you know, false flags and depopulation, Malthusian villains, and this kind of stuff.
It goes much deeper than that because the most recent installments, which just completed with the new release of the final Daniel Craig, James Bond, No Time to Die, it actually has a plot that will be amazingly, right, no way it's a coincidence that it's similar to what happened in 2020, right?
The Cufid
It's exactly what is, I mean not exactly, I don't say COVID, but it's essentially a nanotech bio-release related to shedding, is literally the plot.
I won't tell you everything, there will be some spoilers later on, so I'm not going to shy away.
I have to dissect the film, so I'm going to have to be able to tell you what happens in the film, but
If you haven't seen it, I'm sorry, but, you know, that's just the way that it goes.
So, a little bit of background on Ian Fleming before we get into some of the predictive programming and the history of the Bond films, and particularly the new episode, the new installment, which, shocker, is pretty much the death of the most recent, you know, Bond.
We'll put it that way.
In the background, we have Ian Fleming as a figure who comes from a very, very wealthy, one of the most wealthy families in the UK.
And his father, Valentine Fleming, was a prominent banker.
His mother was a lady of society, so to speak, who had a lot of influence with the government.
And so by the time that Ian had completed his college period, his mom pretty much wrote to
To the government and said, this man needs to be in government service.
He needs to be a secret agent, basically.
So his mom pretty much got him this job.
And so he was recruited in from the Navy and put into the head of Naval PSYOPs.
This is no low ranking position.
In fact, for many, many years, nobody actually knew totally what his role was.
A lot of this information was classified.
And then later, British historians and writers like Ben McIntyre had dug into this and found out, no, actually he was doing a lot more than people thought.
In fact, not only was Ian Fleming involved in high-level naval psychological operations and black ops during the period of World War II, in fact, he was planning what was called
Assault Unit 30, which was a bunch of basically a special team, right?
Colonel Fletcher Pouty wrote a book called The Secret Team.
Kind of this is the same thing that Ian Fleming was up to from the British standpoint.
And they were actually doing these black operations and secret missions dealing with sabotage, espionage, you know.
Theft of Enigma machines and decoders from the Germans.
And one of those is actually called Operation GoldenEye, where they were spying on Franco and seeing if there was going to be a Franco alliance and so forth.
So he was actually doing pretty heavy stuff, at least from a planning perspective, planning a lot of these operations.
So he got a direct insight into how the world really works from the vantage point of intelligence agencies and very powerful players.
In fact, he was approached by Aristotle Onassis, famous billionaire, Greek billionaire, who said,
I want to fund your first Bond films.
So he eventually said no to that initial analysis proposal, but you can see that he's operating in this world of, you know, billionaires, the elites, and so forth.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here with an emergency breaking news alert.
Here is the headline from InfoWars.com with the British government's own vaccine surveillance report.
This is the smoking gun of smoking guns.
Even bigger than Fauci admitting they produce gain-of-function and created prion crystals to deliver the weapon.
Even bigger than their own admissions of how they're using the sphere of the virus to lock down global society and create an industrial collapse.
This is from the British government's own vaccine surveillance report.
It's on InfoWars.com.
The story is by Adon Salazar.
And the murdering criminals at Big Tech will try to suppress this information because this is all being done by design.
We knew this 22 months ago.
We know for a fact and have the proof.
Alarming double vaxxed.
Contracted COVID at higher rates than unvaccinated UK data shows.
Again, that's the government's own data in the UK alarming.
Double vaxxed, contracted COVID at higher rates than unvaccinated UK data conclusively shows.
UK health agency data shows people over 30 years old who received two doses of vaccine, contracted vaccine at higher rates than unvaccinated.
Government data also shows 70% of people in the UK that died of COVID in September were fully
I think?
When you take the shot, it doesn't protect you, but it protects you from serious illness.
It's a total fraud.
It makes your body create the spike protein.
It makes you get cancer and everything else.
And this is depopulation.
So, all the top experts at the time, I mean, the who's who, Nobel Prize winners, you name it.
Former head of Pfizer, you name it.
Chief EU advisor, you name it.
Wolfgang, Edan, all of them came out.
Instead, you take these shots, it's going to destroy your immune system and cause blood clots and actually make you get violently ill whenever you come in contact with regular cold viruses, and they're going to call that COVID-19, or they're going to say they had a vaccine that got you sick.
They were all the experts.
That's why 20 months ago we knew it was going to happen.
I thought they were being too alarmist.
I couldn't believe the Globals would go ahead with an attack like this, but now we see they did it.
So we have to hold Congress accountable.
We have to hold Trump accountable.
I mean, he wasn't part of this consciously, but he's gone along with it.
But the people that really have to be held accountable are Fauci and Gates and the UN and Klaus Schwab and Peter Daszak.
They created the virus.
They created the fear.
They controlled the media.
They had big tech censor everybody.
And they're still censoring, trying to bully everyone into taking the shot because they know
If 20-30% don't take it, that'll be a group, like in a giant study, that's not sick.
And so they're going to have a lot of trouble covering up that it was the vaccine, but the proof is already out.
They have totally jumped the shark.
We've got to march peacefully on D.C.
in New York and on Pfizer in New York and just demonstrate and demonstrate and demonstrate and expose them and let the world know we know they're behind it.
and the U.N.
And every way we can, get the truth out about who's behind this, because they're going to continue
to release new viruses on us, as they've already said they will, if we do not expose the fact that they are using this for a worldwide power grab.
So again, the story is on InfoWars.com.
Only you can override the globalists and their censors.
Only you can save lives.
This is a societal takedown, great reset weapon.
Where it makes everybody suspect, but the people that actually cooked it up and released it, Big Pharma and the big banks that own it, and big tech that censors.
So remember that, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all by design.
We have to reach out to the people that took the shots and not be mean to them.
I've talked to a lot of medical doctors.
There are some ways for them to detox.
In fact, the same things that keep you from getting sick with any virus are the same things that help you detox.
All the key vitamins, all the key minerals, drinking a lot of water, and more importantly, never taking another injection again.
I was even in a CVS today, buying some nasal spray, and they had an ad going, audio in the background, for pneumonia vaccine, for bacterial pneumonia, didn't even know you could have that for that.
And they said, oh, but if you've ever had allergic responses to other vaccines, you can't take this.
And so just again, this is a total bombardment of our immune systems, a total and complete takeover.
Please get the story alarming.
Double vaxxed, contracted COVID at higher rates than unvaccinated UK data shows.
We've got to warn the public.
We've got to do our jobs.
We've got to get out of our comfort zones.
We have to stop being jellyfish and we have to warn everybody.
Get the article at InfoWars.com.
Get the article.
I don't care about getting credit.
We were just covering
The introduction to the history of the famous spymaster and creator of the iconic James Bond character in Fleming.
And I was telling you about how he came from a famous banking family and he had seen a lot in his operations, his black ops work that he did during World War II and later.
And some of those names of the operations actually become names of later Bond
Novels and films, even after Fleming had passed away, they kind of continue that tradition as we see with the recent installments with the Daniel Craig Bond series.
They continue.
There's no question about it.
That predictive programming element and basically telling us exactly what's going on in the real world through this series.
And some people say, well, why is it this series?
Why isn't it something else?
And I think that this is so recognizable.
It was such a successful.
Uh, franchise that they realize that this is a great way to put out propaganda, right?
I mean, even better than the novels, far more people will watch James Bond movies than will read any of these stories or novels.
And so really, you know, bond becomes even more powerful than the, the, the nightly news, right?
I mean, how many, how many people do you think will go and watch this then can even remember?
You know, the nightly news stories, you know, is it Brzezinski that says soon the public will forget, right?
The news that within two weeks.
And so we've completed our job.
We've done our work or maybe it was the CIA head.
I forget who said this, but this famous quote about that the public will no longer remember what happened two weeks earlier.
And that's precisely because fiction, Hollywood movies are much more powerful way to program and give us our stories and our narrative and our view of reality.
Then the nightly news, even though the nightly news is obviously propaganda as well.
So if we look at the history of propaganda, we notice that it comes out of the machinations of British spy fiction, believe it or not.
So people like HG Wells, who was the famous propagandist, the famous New World Order technocracy proponent,
He didn't just write a bunch of non-fiction, he wrote a bunch of fiction.
And the fiction contained the primary elements of how he wanted to propagandize people.
And it's no different with other British fiction writers.
Graham Greene, the famous British spy fiction writer, he worked for British intelligence himself.
William Somerset Maugham, T.E.
These are famous authors who did time in British Secret Service who then went into writing fiction and they would put into their fiction what they had really done.
Sometimes it was more truthful than other times, because in the case of, for example, Fleming, what we start to notice is that what Spectre, this enigmatic international secret terrorist organization, is actually up to is precisely in the real world what the Anglo-American establishment is up to, right?
And they even kind of staged these phony dialectical conflicts at the high levels, which are actually fought at the lower levels, right?
People really died in the World Wars.
They really died in the Cold War.
But at the top, there was a lot of coordination, a lot of scammery going on by the billionaire, you know, oligarch level families to engineer these conflicts to bring us to the technocracy that they had planned 100 years ago.
So even things like the Cold War, right, which again, we're very real in the sense of, you know, people going and dying in these espionage missions and these different regional conflicts.
Really, what the Cold War was about was something akin to what you see there with Spectre.
Spectre is basically like Bilderberg.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis.com.
And we were just getting into the nitty-gritty of how the Bond stories tell us what's really going on.
But oftentimes they use projection in the sense that what British intelligence, the Anglo-American establishment, the U.S., the Deep State, what they're actually up to, they will actually project onto the bad guys, right?
They'll project this onto Spectre.
Now, what's the origin of Spectre, the famous
We're good to go.
This eventually morphs into, during the Cold War period, SPECTRE, the International Terrorist Organization, which is no longer Russian, Soviet, American.
It's transnational, international.
And of course, in From Russia to Love, there's that famous scene that Alex is always showing where we have the beta fish, right, that waits for the two fish to fight themselves, and then he comes in after he's arranged this battle, and he basically, right, takes over.
He eats up whoever's left, right?
That's actually a classic Anglo-American establishment strategy, right?
Quigley actually covers this strategy.
What is amazing about this is that this is before the War on Terror, right?
We've not come to the age of the War on Terror, which kind of begins at the end of the 80s and into the 90s when we get the rise of, you know, Middle Eastern terror.
We get the rise of 1993 World Trade Center, which was a false flag in Maad Salaam, was recorded, of course.
He had recorded the entrapment operations, and we all know about the Oklahoma City and the Big Nine event, right?
So the idea that international terror is now what we have to be afraid of was already in the Bond novels, right?
And in the Bond films, decades prior to the actual rise of the War on Terror.
And I think that was intentional.
And I think that they knew what was to come and they were really preparing us for that age of the war on terror.
And in fact, the last several decades of fiction have been preparing us for what?
So the fiction, right, we often see this as preparing us for what's to come in the next 10, 20 and 30 year installments.
And why is that?
Again, look back to the famous propagandists.
Of the last century, HG Wells, he was preparing us for the technocracy, preparing us for all the things that he believed in, in the fiction.
And the fiction, again, is so much more powerful than the news, the boring old news reporter, right?
Fiction is so much more powerful than that.
And that's precisely what British intelligence had figured out and what they really pioneered with coding their fiction with predictive programming, what we now call today predictive programming.
Now, part of that is that they had an official secrets act that you couldn't talk about the operations that you've been involved in.
And so the British writers that formerly worked for intelligence would just put this into their fiction story.
That's one element of it.
But I think there's a deeper element, that's what I kind of try to argue, is that they're actually preparing us for where they want to take us in the future.
And there you see somebody like Blofeld.
A lot of people don't know that Blofeld was actually based on Aleister Crowley.
Many Bondologists and historians of Ian Fleming have pointed out that several of the villains were actually based on real life figures as well.
In Casino Royale, the first Bond novel, you have the Le Chiffre character, the cipher,
Who is this mangled, cut character, right, whose eye bleeds?
That's actually based on Crowley, right?
He's this sort of bald figure that you see there with Blofeld.
Blofeld is also based on Aleister Crowley, the most famous Satanist of the last century.
And the reason for that is that Crowley was actually used by British intelligence as an MI5 asset.
He had done some propaganda work back at the time of World War I for the West, and now he was being used by, not directly by Ian Fleming, but the group that Ian Fleming was involved with, this Psyops Brigade in Naval Intelligence.
Ian Fleming's higher-ups had actually determined that it would be a good way to dupe the Nazis and Goering and Goebbels and these people by using Aleister Crowley's magical persona, right?
So they actually got Rudolf Hess to fly into Scotland through the predictions and astrology of Crowley because they knew that he believed in that stuff and he was susceptible to that
And they use Crowley in this way.
In fact, many of the British intelligence writers, such as Dennis Wheatley, he was a high up British intelligence handler.
He used a cult process all the time.
In fact, he was a big fan of Crowley and Crowley's occult processes and techniques.
And this is why we get Dennis Wheatley also writing a bunch of occult fiction.
Such as The Devil Rides Out, where you have Christopher Lee basically playing this figure who fights an Aleister Crowley who runs a satanic cult amongst the British elite.
If you want another film like Eyes Wide Shut, go watch The Devil Rides Out.
And the villain in that film is Mokatha.
He's actually based on Crowley as well.
And you'll notice that when you watch the film, he's very much a Krolian type of character.
So, the British intelligence apparatus was all about occultism and Satanism, is what I'm trying to get to here.
And there's a reason for that, and that's because they had mastered the technique of using cults and controlling and mind-controlling people through cults.
And really, the intelligence apparatus and world very closely overlaps with cults.
In fact, the first 007, 007,
Was none other than John Dee himself.
When he would write to his queen, to Elizabeth, he would sign them 007 as his personal signature, and that was part of his Enochian magic system, which was a intelligence-based cipher, right?
He was using Enochian magic to basically code spy messages, right?
Now, whether he really believed in invoking angels and demons, I don't know, but
At least from an espionage perspective, that's what the Enochian magic system was for and that so he's the first 007 so I think Fleming was pulling from this and there are quite a few occult and alchemical symbols names and images in the bond series, which we'll get to here in a moment, but Again, Ian Fleming is really just telling us how the world really works and what a lot of the villains tend to do right in this series of
Breakaway civilization and depopulation.
They want to get rid of the population of the world because they have a Malthusian agenda.
Now, I actually went into deep research into Fleming when I was doing my grad work and looked at the personal library that Fleming had.
Fleming had quite a few works that dealt with eugenics, depopulation, Malthusianism.
There's a whole section of his personal library that dealt with this.
So we know that he knew what was going on, and we know that he knew that, at least in his opposition to the Germans in World War II, he was opposed to this Dysgenics-Eugenics agenda.
Now, again, I'm not saying that that makes Ian Fleming necessarily a good guy, but at least the indications are that he didn't believe it was a good idea to kill everybody.
Now, the irony of this is, of course, that his own British power structure, at least a large portion of the British power structure, was fully on board with the plans of Hitler.
They were fully on board with a gigantic Malthusian depopulation agenda.
I don't know.
They 100% believe in depopulation, mass depopulation, mass Malthusian agenda, which is, of course, to get rid of most of the population.
I was getting to the point about how Fleming had put elements about Malthusianism and depopulation and breakaway civilization, and one of the key examples of this is the story of Moonraker.
Now, in the original novel of Moonraker, it's about the German V2 rocket program.
So it's not directly about what you if you watch the Roger Moore version, which is really goofy.
It's not exactly that, but there's interesting elements in the Roger Moore movie version, which play on and sort of build on ideas that relate to where we're going now.
So in the novel, it's Hugo Drax is the villain, and he's this depopulation proponent who wants to basically destroy
Britain for vengeance for things that happened to him when he was young, right?
So he's angry and he wants to, in a way, get rid of England and he thinks England's standing in the way of the evolution of humanity and this kind of stuff.
But more interesting than the novel is what they do in the goofy Roger Moore version, right?
Where they expand it to Hugo Drax being a character who wants to radically depopulate, and not just depopulate, but actually pick out the
Select babes of each race and breed with each one of the members of those babes to create a new humanity.
So he really wants to be, and he identifies himself as this in the movie, the new Adam.
He wants to create a new Garden of Eden.
And so he has an Aztec temple where he set up his underground base and lair.
And for decades, people, oh, this is so fantastical, so crazy, but
I mean, this is precisely the kinds of things that Epstein was up to, right?
If we know about the genetics lab and the cloning and what they wanted to do with trying to seed, and this was even in mainstream news, right, about Epstein wanting to reseed the earth with his own offspring, right, from these different host women that were basically, I guess, sex slaves or something like that, right?
I mean, so in other words, this is reality, right?
I don't think that, obviously Epstein wasn't going on and doing this stuff back at the time that Fleming was writing, but the point is that this is the mindset of the elite, and that's what Ian Fleming is telling us in these various stories, right?
And even though Ian Fleming didn't write the Moonraker movie, the idea is still there, right?
That this Malthusian agenda wants to reconstitute and rebuild the world by a breakaway civilization.
And one thing that we get in Moonraker is the idea of bio-release.
In Moonraker, it's Drax's plan to basically go on a space station, which he calls Noah's Ark.
It's actually called Project Noah.
It's a breakaway civilization.
They're going to depopulate the Earth, and then he's going to come back and set up a new Garden of Eden as a God the Father figure, right?
And that's, again, a real plan.
There are elites in the world that really plan this kind of stuff.
If we think about other films like Diamonds Are Forever, you get the same idea of Blofeld doing something like a secret space program.
He's operating with the intention of using fronts and covers to fund his secret space program, which is really just an operation to destroy the West, right?
It's another great reset agenda.
And in fact, in a couple of the Bond stories, it's explicitly said in Honor and Majesty's Secret Service, for example,
That the Blofeld character wants to put England back into the Stone Age.
He wants to reset the West as a punishment for whatever he perceives the West have done wrong, etc, etc.
And I want to highlight again, because I've never really gone too deep into On Her Majesty's Secret Service except on a couple occasions, but
Both the book and the movie, which is famous because it's the atypical Bond, right?
It's the George Lazenby, right?
He was only Bond once.
But there's actually a tremendous amount of propaganda in that film.
It's actually a really well-made film, too.
In that film, Blofeld has set up an allergy clinic, which doubles as a front for mind control.
And he brings in all of these basically pop stars and models from England, right?
He recruits, again, the most beautiful women, brings them to this allergy clinic, and then he mind controls them.
He does like an MKUltra type operation on these sex kitten operatives.
And the plan is to take them back to England so that they can release a weapon
A bio weapon.
And also, Blofeld explicitly in the movie has a plan to use vaccines.
It's actually in the screenplay.
He says, yes, and I'm going to vaccinate England.
And by a combination of the release and the vaccine, he says, I will reduce England back to the Stone Age.
So he wants to depopulate the West, ultimately.
Through this bioweapon that's a binary weapon that only initiates when you have the two components brought together through the food, poisoning the food supply, and through the vaccinations.
So it's a really ingenious plot on the part of Blofeld.
And I wonder where, have we ever seen anything like that?
I wonder, I wonder.
Now, to make it even more amazing, is that when we get to the new series, we're going to find something exactly like that, but even more detailed.
And the most recent Bond film, No Time to Die, it began filming 2018-2019.
And of course, the CUFID so-called release pushed this back, right?
CUFID, the COVID release, all this stuff, that actually pushed back the release of the film until, you know, the last couple weekends or this weekend, whenever the premiere was.
And the plot is what we are going through.
Now, it's not directly.
They don't say the word COVID, but it's a bio release.
We'll get to that in just a second.
But before we get to that, I want to kind of give you a run through of some of the highlights of the Daniel Craig installments, because it's not just No Time to Die, this most recent installment that has so much powerful predictive programming.
It's actually all of the Daniel Craig installments.
And exactly why that is, I don't know for sure, but my speculation would be that, again, because these are so prominently displayed, they're going to be blockbusters.
They know they're going to be blockbusters.
It's one of the most popular franchises in the history of the world.
It's up there with Star Wars and Harry Potter.
We know that a lot of people are going to be getting messages.
They're going to be getting influence from these films.
And so if we look at Casino Royale, which was the reboot with the first Daniel Craig installment back in, I don't know, what was it, 2004 or 5, somewhere in there?
You actually have references to big-scale terror events and put options, right?
Now, this is only, you know, a few years after 9-11 and you have explicit reference to the plane bombing that's going to take place in Casino Royale being related to foreknowledge on the part of corporations and traders who apparently had foreknowledge of this event and so there were options put on the airlines collapsing, right?
There's other elements that are in Casino Royale that are pretty interesting, too.
But probably the least critically appraised was Quantum of Solace.
But aside from Spectre and the No Time to Die recent installment, Quantum of Solace actually had one of the most insightful elements of how the global elite work.
And that's because there's a bad guy who works for Spectre and his name is Mr. Green.
And yes, he is a proponent of the green agenda.
Believe it or not, Mr. Green has a plan to corner the market on water supplies, right?
And basically privatizing water.
And then what he wants to do is create an artificial drought through owning the water.
And then by doing this, eventually what he plans to do is to sink and destroy the dollar.
It's a big scale monetary scam that he has worked out.
And in this artificial resource scarcity plan that he has, when he sinks the dollar, he will then buy up everything in these markets for pennies on the dollar.
So it's basically a big IMF World Bank scam to crash the dollar and buy up the resources, privatize all the resources.
And what do you know, this exactly matches the very plans
Of Klaus, the IMF, the World Bank, and what they're doing now.
And what better example than CUFID, right?
The 2020 events, right?
All of that had the effect of consolidating and transferring the wealth to the Fortune 100.
How many millions of small business owners were put out of business?
How many millions of people have been put out of work?
Right over, not just last year, but now the mandates this year.
Millions of people, four or five million people out of work for refusing the stabbies.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We are covering the amazing predictive elements in Hollywood films and especially the Bond series.
And if you want to read more about this, I have two books that actually cover this.
In fact, I dedicated about 60, 50, 60 pages to the Bond series.
Alone in my book, Esoteric Hollywood 1, there's also a sequel, which is actually better written.
And if you want signed copies of that, you can go to jaysanalysis.com.
And in the shop, you can get signed copies of my books where I decode this stuff in extreme depth.
And most people, I think, find those to be really helpful ways to wake up friends and family because everybody loves movies, right?
We all like to go and watch films, especially when they're good.
But when we're able to watch them with new eyes, when we can see that the propaganda and the occult elements, the symbolism, right, when we can decode it at that level, the films become...
Basically proofs of the existence of the global elite and the New World Order.
And we were talking about Quantum of Solace.
We were talking about the bad guys there and how they're really doing what the elite are doing now in terms of the economic strategy of what the so-called pandemic of 2020 and now the mandates and all of this now, which is preparing us for the Great Reset.
I'm going to go ahead and tell you that the villains of the Bond series, especially even in the most recent installments,
With Daniel Craig, these villains are doing basically what the elite are doing now, right?
And so if we come to the next one in that series, we get to Skyfall.
In Skyfall, the Bond villain is played by Javier Bardem, and he is Silva.
And he's this sort of blonde hacker character, probably trying to allude to a Julian Assange figure, right?
To make Assange look like a bad guy, a villain.
That was a big news topic at the time when Skyfall came out.
I mean, it was some years after the initial WikiLeaks material, but in my view, they really wanted to paint Assange as a kind of a propaganda villain, who he's not.
He's a hero, not a villain.
He's a good guy.
And in Skyfall, what happens is that
Silva, this Assange-ish character, is basically doing false flag hacks, right?
So, they're hacking, right?
And they're claiming to hack all of these institutions, but we find out that it's actually high-level British intelligence operatives who are doing it.
And it's actually Silva.
Silva himself was formerly British intelligence.
That's what we learned by the end of that series.
And so the hacks were essentially fake.
They were false.
They were false.
This sounds just like Cyber Polygon is what I'm trying to say.
Klaus's recent symposium where he said after COVID there would be nothing like Cyber Polygon.
These hack attacks will make the COVID release look like nothing, right?
And that's what we've seen, right?
We've seen the initial phases already in the last month of these so-called hack attacks.
Exactly the very thing that Silva does in the Bond series, in the Bond installment Skyfall.
He's doing what Cyber Polygon does.
So again, every one of these is literally telling us what they're going to be doing ahead of time.
I forgot to mention in Casino Royale, Bond gets microchipped.
He gets a microchip.
In fact, they even allude to nanotech, right?
Chips, right?
Which are just nanotechnology in the blood even before no time to die, which will actually be a central plot theme in the most recent installment.
I think it's in.
Uh, Spectre.
I think it's Spectre.
Uh, Vaughn gets an injection, which is some sort of, uh, nanotech blood reading material that can tell, like, his heart rate and if he's unhealthy or if he's got some kind of condition.
That's what we just saw, uh, what CBS and DARPA put out this recent series, or the 60 Minutes, talking about how DARPA has developed this nanotech
Uh, injection that can now give readings of your health based on what's in the blood, right?
That's in the bond.
That's in the bond installment.
I'm pretty sure I'm going from here.
I think it's a specter.
But when we get to specter, uh, what happens is that now bond has to face this great villain that's been behind these different color themed organizations.
Remember, there was a Mr. White, there was a Mr. Green, right?
Which could have, of course, alchemical-related significance, but in my view, it could also signify color revolutions, right?
Just like in the real world we have these color revolutions, which are basically engineered, created things that the State Department and other entities, the CIA, have funded for decades as these ways to destabilize the former Soviet bloc countries, the color revolution model is probably what's being signified in the Bond series by the villains having these different color-coded names.
By the time that we get to Spectre, what Blofeld is up to is precisely, again, the thing that Klaus and the World Economic Forum are literally up to, which is to create not just the Five Eyes or the Seven Eyes intelligence apparatus of the Western countries together, linked together for democracy and freedom.
He wants to subvert and hack and use those institutions, and he's got moles within these Western governments in the intelligence apparatuses, right, apparatchiks,
We're working for him, for Blofeld, who exists in some, you know, off-grid compound somewhere that's a giant, basically private DARPA surveillance grid that he has.
He's got his own private NSA that he's set up, and he's able, through the back doors, to hack into everybody's surveillance system.
And that's how he has foreknowledge of everybody.
He knows what everybody's up to.
He can look at anybody, hack into any CCTV camera anywhere, any computer anywhere.
All of the backdoor technology, which is real, the PROMIS software, all that backdoor technology is what Blofeld has in Spectre.
And he's basically blackmailing all of the different Western intelligence agencies and the countries underneath them by false flag terror.
Anytime that there is a nation that doesn't go along with his program, uh-oh, you get the magic terror attacks, right?
And then you look bad, so you gotta go along.
And what is the endgame of this?
Well, the endgame is to
Destroy their economies and use the false flag terror to get them into, opt into, to opt into this total technocratic surveillance system where you're tracked and traced in your whole life and throughout your whole day.
So he's setting up the technocratic control grid.
That's the plot of Spectre.
And this of course is I think everybody knows this is based on kind of what was coming out at the time from Snowden and all those leaks right relating to the NSA, which is all true, but it's just again.
All of that NSA stuff with Snowden, the leaks that come out of Wikileaks, it's not disconnected from the stuff that we are experiencing today.
We wouldn't have the COVID response without the Anthrax release around the time of 9-11.
9-11 and the Anthrax false flag is what allowed the government to have the protocols ready, the very protocols that are invoked in Crimson Contagion.
Crimson Contagion says we're going to roll out the emergency response protocols that were planned both in the Crimson Contagion exercise that's based on the anthrax response of 9-11, which was, everybody knows, a false flag.
It was anthrax that originated in a government lab, right?
So guess what?
Now when we come to the most recent installment, spoiler alert, I'm going to have to tell you what happens because it's part of the story here.
Is that in this new installment, we get a Bond who is thinking he's gotten rid of Blofeld, he's gotten rid of Spectre, but it turns out that there's this other figure who's kind of the last representation of Spectre, which is the Rami Malek character who's basically Dr. No, right?
And Dr. No is, of course, going back to, you know, the early, early, I think it's the first installment of the of the films was the first one was was Dr. No.
There was a Casino Royale that's not very good, but
So we're going back to the origins, and the irony is that the Bond franchise is basically surrendering to not just geopolitical technocracy, but to the death of the old ideas.
In the opening sequence, we actually see Britannia sinking down in the abyss.
And most of the time in the Bond franchise, the opening sequence gives us the clues to what's coming in that
Installment, right?
So this is actually the end of Bond.
This is the end of the franchise.
It's the end of the Western patriarchy, right?
Supposedly giving way to the woke agenda.
That's a part of how I interpret this series because what happens is the plot is basically just that.
This new villain, who is apparently linked to Spectre, the Rami Malek character, Dr. No, has a radical Malfusian agenda.
What do you know?
He wants to release a nanotech bioweapon that is a race-specific bioweapon.
And this is actually mentioned in the screenplay.
Where does that come from?
The PNAC documents, Project for a New American Century, it actually contains the mentioning of race-specific bioweapons being the weapons of the coming future warfare.
In this plot, Rami Malek has released this.
He, at least, he doesn't release the full thing, but he does some test examples of this, and it targets specific genomes, specific people, and it can kill them as they call it, the perfect assassin.
And so Bond is tainted with this, right, at the end of the story, and of course Bond has to die, right?
This is the end, this is the death of Bond, which signifies the death of the West, the death of Western patriarchy, the death of
We're good to go.
It is a binary weapon, and it can target specific genomes.
That's what I think sounds like the Stabbies do.
So Spectre is real.
Spectre exists.
Spectre is the elite that we have in the real world.
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