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Name: 20211008_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 8, 2021
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses global affairs, focusing on issues such as free speech, censorship, political corruption, and the role of the Department of Justice. He also addresses topics including COVID-19 vaccines and mandates, vaccine passports, and blockchain technology in relation to mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports. The speakers emphasize privacy, government accountability, and freedom, while warning about potential dangers posed by centralized systems and the Great Reset. They raise concerns related to education, vaccines, privacy, and control in society, discussing issues such as centralization of power, potential misuse of personal data, mandatory vaccinations, microchipping, vaccine passports, panopticon, globalist agenda behind COVID passports and carbon taxes, and the vulnerability of certain populations. They emphasize the importance of protecting privacy in a surveillance-driven society and urge individuals to question public narratives before accepting them as truth. The discussion also covers school board meetings, mask mandates, lack of transparency from authorities, medical apartheid, science, experts not being properly debated, election integrity, anti-white racism, the importance of supporting grassroots candidates, and deep sleep. They also address Rocket Rest sleep aid, potential negative effects of COVID vaccines on young people and the military, access to alternative treatments for COVID-19, and Molnupiravir's possible long-term effects on humans.

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It's on InfoWars.com.
It's a John Hopkins illustration with their data.
Video illustrates how COVID vaccines have totally backfired.
No, my friends, it's not backfired.
There it is on screen.
Everywhere in the world, when the vaccine starts, when the injection starts, it skyrockets to all-time record highs.
This, out of all the videos we've seen, is the video to send your neighbors, your friends, your family.
A lot of them have already taken the shots.
They don't want to admit they were conned.
They don't want to admit they were wrong.
But this will wake them up.
These are real numbers from John Hopkins all over the world.
And I think I'm going to change the headline.
Kellyanne McBrain did a great job.
He says video illustrates how COVID vaccines have totally backfired.
John Hopkins illustration proves
COVID shots causing illness and death.
Causing majority of illness and death.
I mean, that's what it proves.
Well, you're not a scientist.
Well, I shoot you in the head with a gun and blow your brains out, it kills you.
I'm also not a ballistics expert, but I know I just blew your head off.
There it is.
This is depopulation out in the open, but they hide it in the bureaucracy.
I've got another video I'll have to get to later once Owen gets to the studio where this tragic, grieving uncle eulogizes vaccine-murdered niece.
Jessica died as a direct result of an experimental vaccine.
They're all just seeing if they can get away with it and all trying to censor that important information.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, October 8th.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
The year is 2021.
And we had a reporter on a few weeks ago from Australia, the Aussie Cossack, Simeon Boykin.
Boykoff and he has been arrested in his own home for free speech saying he's against a lockdown, you're not allowed to do that.
There's the interview, Australian citizen issues, major SOS to the world.
He called for us to have peacefully protest at the embassies to point out that they become like North Korea and just like North Korea or China, they came and arrested him.
He had a woman on who's facing several years in prison for peacefully protesting.
She was out on bail after 20 plus days.
So this is incredible tyranny.
It's coming up next segment.
And I've been asking Senator Paul, the other people I know personally, I've known Senator Paul since he was in college.
He would come on for his dad when his dad was running for Congress in 1995.
He got elected in 1996 to get back in Congress.
He'd been there for one term in the 80s with Reagan.
And I know Rand Paul's the real deal.
And I can tell you that people like
Josh Hawley are the real deal, and Ted Cruz is the real deal.
He can be a jerk sometimes, but he's a good guy.
He cares about the country.
He doesn't like communists.
He doesn't like globalists.
But they all know what's going on, and they need to come out and say, this is the Great Reset.
Fauci created the virus on purpose.
They have all the evidence.
Gazzik, they launched it.
They've controlled the whole thing.
Because of course, the people who release a bioweapon are going to be the ones that are in control of the media, the ones that are in control of the testing, the ones that are in control of the medical system.
Because if they weren't, they'd start a world war.
So they had to be in charge to be able to cover the whole damn thing up.
And if you don't address them as the criminals they are, and address them for the plan they're carrying out, in Klaus Schwab's own words,
We're good to go.
Here's part of what Senator Paul had to say last night.
DOJ weaponized to push left's agenda.
He says, be afraid of your government.
Says, watch list of the sinners already exists.
Well, I would say don't be afraid.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
When the government is in charge and dominating and enslaving the people, there is tyranny.
The actual Thomas Everson quote is, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
So here's what Senator Paul, part of what he had to say.
I'm very concerned, and I'm sure that there are people across the country who are concerned, that if they go to their local school board and say the wrong thing, that they're going to end up on some list that Merrick Garland goes after.
What would you say to those people?
I would say be afraid.
Be afraid of your government.
And that's a sad thing from someone in the government to say.
But the thing is, is those lists already exist.
For example, people in Northern Virginia that have gone to have been then sought out by the school council, by the members of the school board, and retaliated in a sort of legalistic way to try to put them on some sort of list and chill their speech by letting them know there'll be a penalty for showing up and protesting.
Look, there are all kinds of laws about decorum, and there ought to be.
You know, the idiot woman that goes in the bathroom filming Center Cinema in a bathroom, that is illegal according to every local ordinance and you should punish it.
Punish that person.
If you go to a school board meeting and you're disruptive and you don't obey the rules of the school board meeting, then there will be local punishment.
But it has nothing to do with the federal law, has nothing to do with the Department of Justice.
What Merrick Garland did is he's attempting to stifle dissent and he's attempting to say, beware or Big Brother's coming after you if you speak out against my policies or against the Biden policies.
And that is designed to shut up everyone who isn't willing to sacrifice everything that they have in order to make that argument.
Thank you so much for joining me tonight, Senator Paul.
The full interview, that's just a short clip of it, is at Infowars.com, and he says even more truthful stuff.
We are in an occupied country.
We are under globalist control.
They brag about it at the UN, they brag about it at the Davos Group, the head of the Bilderberg Group does.
They're coming after our families, they're creating world IDs, they're saying our churches and our businesses are non-essential.
They're bringing in a permanent tyranny.
Next segment, I've got Jen Psaki saying, yeah, we can lower your gas prices, but we're not going to.
To the Earth!
This is just an incredible time to be alive.
The U.N.
now admits replacement migration to bring in third-world populations with no history of freedom they can control.
That's in the financial times of London.
Again, that's all coming up today and so much more.
Drew Hernandez is a great investigative journalist with Real America's Voice, just a great organization.
And that's coming up with what he's been witnessing with the protest against the vaccine mandates and can't
Travel, can't go in businesses, can't get on a subway without the deadly injections.
We've got big news on that front.
Just a massive Friday transmission lined up for you today.
And Owen Schroer was just in court where they're trying to put him in jail for several years for peacefully being a reporter covering the demonstrations on January 6th that a small portion of people got out of hand on.
He never went in the Capitol.
They're charging him for, quote, breaking into the Capitol.
That actually says it on there.
And in his court filing, his lawyers point out this is criminal lying by the Justice Department, which I guess is just par for the course now.
So that's all coming up.
But the first thing I want to get to is Biden.
Yesterday, last night, making fun of, quote, hundreds of people that have been fired.
No, it's hundreds of thousands of people around the country.
I think?
CDC is exempt, the NIH is exempt, and they can have him with photo ops getting saline injections all day in the fake Oval Office set they have across the street.
Even though Reuters says it's not true, they show it's a set.
It's all fake.
They can do that all day, but we know it's not safe and effective.
And I've got some of John Hopkins statistics put together by a British firm.
We've checked the numbers, they're accurate, but it's been put together in a graph showing the worldwide devastation of people after they take these so-called COVID-19 vaccines.
But here's the amazing statement of how good it is to fire people, even if they have natural immunity,
These requirements work.
And as the Business Roundtable and others told me when I announced the first requirement, that encouraged businesses to feel they could come in and demand the same thing of their employees.
More people are getting vaccinated.
More lives are being saved.
Let's be clear.
When you see headlines and reports of mass firings and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story.
I've spoken with Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, who's here today.
United went from 59% of their employees to 99% of their employees in less than two months after implementing the requirement. 99%.
Oh, and now they admit the shot doesn't work even on CNN, so there's more shots!
Oh, but it does work in attacking your ovaries, and attacking your cornea, and attacking your liver, and your heart, and your brain.
I mean, you ever wanted to see depopulation?
You wondered how they do it.
They said they would through a vaccine.
Operation Lockstep.
Not like I just said this 20 months ago.
21 months ago when this all started.
It's not like I just said it.
Six months ago.
I said it 20 years ago.
I said it 15 years ago in Endgame.
Because it's their damn plan.
And if we keep putting up with it, I guess it's their world and we're just dying in it.
So there's that incredible footage.
Now look at this.
I have seen in the last few months at least 10 of these articles in the US.
I've seen it in France.
I've seen it in Germany.
I've seen it in the UK.
And now we see it at one of the most prestigious universities out there when it comes to their medical school.
UC Irvine Director of Medical Ethics placed on investigatory leave under investigation over challenge to vaccine mandate.
So he's the ethics head who they hired many years ago to make sure they follow laws and just proper ethics.
So it'd be kind of like, you know, the top referee in the NFL.
And then the other team, in a game, openly cheats.
And he says, okay, you know, 10-yard penalty first down.
And they say, nope, you're fired.
And everybody sees that the vaccine's killing people.
Everybody sees it isn't a vaccine.
Everybody sees the liability protection.
Everybody sees the World ID.
Everybody sees Fauci cooking it up with Daszak under Bill Gates' control and admitting they made it and wanted to release it open air and create the exact virus.
But still, oh, you're censored.
Oh, still, you're fired.
Oh, still, you're on investigation leave.
You're on investigatory leave.
University of California, Irvine has placed their Director of Medical Ethics, Dr. Aaron Karlady, on investigatory leave after he challenged the constitutionality of the UC vaccine mandate.
And it goes on from there.
He needs to be on Joe Rogan's show.
He needs to be here.
He needs to get out there.
But there he is putting his money and life on the line because he knows the evil's gotten too great.
But they're creating their army of people that'll follow orders.
They're purging the military.
They're purging the police.
They're purging the whole system and putting their useful idiots in there.
I mean, I've just got hundreds of such articles here.
Pfizer officially announces it's coming for your children.
Key article and videos on InfoWars.com.
Despite the fact that the younger you are, they've done studies and tried to cover them up.
It's coming out of two-year-olds and five-year-olds.
Massive heart attacks, deaths, and they suppress the deaths.
It's all going to be coming out soon, folks.
I've talked to the lawyers involved.
I've seen the documentation.
Let me just leave it at that.
But it's actually coming out that they suppress the trials, even already.
Very important story.
And Los Angeles County Sheriff refuses to enforce vaccine mandate.
But just like Biden just said, globalism is corporate tyranny.
And the corporations lobby the government.
They want governmental power.
So they have the executive give the order.
The executive gets the heat.
And then big tech and big media and the airlines, all of them are the big banks.
He's just a puppet.
They can do whatever they want.
And so even in New South Wales, the worst police state on earth, the police don't enforce the not going in businesses.
Though, you've seen some footage of them beating people in grocery stores who didn't have vaccine passports.
It's beyond some dystopian sci-fi nightmare situation.
Now, let's get to this video.
Go ahead and roll the video of the graph and I'll go ahead and narrate it for everybody.
Video illustrates how COVID vaccines have totally backfired.
Well, they didn't backfire.
It's like saying dropping a bomb on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, but the A-bombs backfired.
No, they were meant to detonate and kill people.
And you can see the worldwide deaths from all over the world.
Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, they're just going in two minutes in this video that's on Infowars.com to the countries.
And it's all the same.
It's incredible.
You take the shot.
And in a few weeks, it just explodes, if not within a few days.
Because it generates the very virus in your body, makes the spike protein, the shell of virus makes you sick.
And you have the biggest spikes ever seen.
Doesn't matter.
It's Israel, Gibraltar, Singapore, England, the United States, Jordan, Malaysia, and it's all right there.
Majority of people dying.
The majority of people getting sick.
Have to have the shot.
Thank you for joining us here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer, trying to put him in prison.
He just got out of court.
He'll be here with us middle of the next hour.
Stay tuned for that.
But let me go ahead right now and hit this really, really important big news that we've got.
I saw this clip this morning when I got up at 5 a.m.
I sent it to the producers.
I said, I want to play this on the show.
And when I got here this morning, they've been looking for hours.
It had been expunged everywhere.
So we had to go to Sean Hannity's show itself on the Fox site and find the video there.
They do not want this video out.
Now, part of the show is everywhere from saying a lot of these Haitians have HIV and AIDS, which is true.
So the Democrats are all, they have a law passed in California, you can give somebody HIV or hepatitis, it's okay.
But oh my gosh, COVID-19, even the fear of it, we're all guilty, we're all bad.
And that's how the Nazis took control.
First thing, all these groups were dirty and had to be locked up.
So we've seen this medical tyranny before, and none of it makes sense unless you realize it's all about a power grab.
So here is the censored clip.
That we've also re-uploaded to Bandot Video and put back in the article, but this is a story in and of itself.
Trump warns Central American countries are emptying their prisons into the United States, because that's so true.
It's like 90% men coming in, and boy, when they find out their names from the countries, it's scary.
And Mexico's been warning that this is majority, hardened criminals, rapists, murderers, mentally ill people, handicaps.
I mean, we're just...
We're having the homeless dumped on us as if we don't have enough.
It's all cloud and pebbin'.
So here's the clip they're really afraid of.
There's something wrong.
You wouldn't believe you could even say this, but somebody doesn't love our country.
When they allow this to happen to our country, we have hundreds of thousands of people pouring in every two weeks.
Hundreds of thousands.
And coming from countries we don't even know from where they're coming in.
You know, they're emptying out many countries.
I used to say the three.
Guatemala, you could add Mexico, Honduras, you could add El Salvador, but I used to say three or four countries.
I hear it's 50 countries.
They're emptying out their prisons into the United States.
Their jails.
Some of the toughest people on earth are being dumped into the United States because they don't want them.
They don't want to take care of them for the next 40 years.
So these
People that are the roughest prisoners there are anywhere are being dumped into the United States for us to take care of them.
While they try to downsize the police by 50% in the blue cities to then only put SJW Antifa people in uniform.
That's happening.
So this, you can see, this is the destabilization, collapsed the country, a giant client group that'll never get jobs.
In Europe, people that the UN brought in, 10 years later on average, 90% are still on welfare.
They live in ghettos, they rob, they steal, they kill.
It's a plan, and I'm gonna show you part of that plan in a moment.
But first, ladies and gentlemen, yeah, there's awesome police announced, they'll no longer respond to 911 calls.
And up in Dallas, the young man that shot three people, they released him less than 24 hours later.
On personal recognizance bond.
Did you hear me?
Because he's black.
And so we can't be black.
I mean, we can't be racist.
So we have to let black people out that shoot black people.
I'm sure black folks really love that.
So see, this is all of the stabilization campaign of the country.
Here is Trump pointing out the high levels of HIV and AIDS out of the Clinton-ravaged, UN-ravaged Haiti, also being brought here by the hundreds of thousands per month.
Here it is.
Hundreds of thousands of people flowing in from Haiti.
Haiti has a tremendous AIDS problem.
AIDS is a step beyond.
AIDS is a real bad problem.
So hundreds of thousands of people are coming into our country.
And if you look at the stats, if you look at the numbers,
If you look at, just take a look at what's happening in Haiti.
A tremendous problem with AIDS.
Many of those people will probably have AIDS and they're coming into our country and we don't do anything about it.
We let everybody come in.
Sean, it's like a death wish.
It's like a death wish for our country.
Well, yeah, it's called the UN-Clardon-Piven-Collapse-The-Nation-State-Blame-It-On-The-Politicians-You-Own-And-Then-Bring-In-A-World-Corporate-Tyranny-Technocracy-Tracking-And-Tracing-Everyone-To-Protect-The-Wealthy-Population-From-The-Hordes-They-Brought-In-That's-How-The-Ultra-Rich-Controllers-Absorb-Their-Real-Enemy-The-Nouveau-Riche-It's-All-About-Targeting-New-Wealth-And-Competition-Of-The-Globalist.
And then getting the new Orisha to join the Globeless finally, and the eradication of the third world out of self-preservation.
Which I do not sign on this plan, but I have been offered to join them in front of witnesses at work here before, and I'm gonna leave it at that.
That's why they hate my ass, because they tried to get me to join them, they thought I would, and I didn't.
And I guess they're pretty smart, aren't they?
Except they're missing God, they're missing the Holy Spirit.
They're smart enough to try to hire me 15 years ago?
Hire me 10 years ago?
They haven't tried in a while and they just want to destroy us, but that shows you who they are.
Now let's look at what's really behind this.
Why did Sacha Baron Cohen, two Decembers ago, almost two years ago,
Say at the ADL awards ceremony, arrest Alex Jones and arrest people that talk about replacement migration, when that's on the UN's own website.
And here it is, revealed.
UN plan to flood America with 600 million migrants.
That's from 2018.
Paul Joseph Watson article got attacked everywhere by the fact checkers.
It's from the UN's own website.
Well, guess what?
Now the Financial Times of London came out yesterday and says Europeans should be prepared for demographic replacement by Arabs and Asians and, of course, North Africans, saying because of climate change, a billion of them are going to be here by 2050.
Oh, sorry, 600 million for North America.
That's Mexico's going to get flooded, too.
The richest third world country in the world.
And Europe's going to have 200 million per major nation.
That's all in the report from the Financial Times of London.
But don't talk bad about it or Sacha Baron Cohen will have you arrested!
Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg can't bring herself to say the word white.
Because whites are so bad.
I mean, this is all just total racial division garbage.
And don't criticize Biden.
That's racist too.
Because if you don't support Biden, you ain't black.
That's a new article.
Karen claims it's racist for whites to hate Biden.
All right, I've got a lot more coming up.
We got Drew Hernandez coming on from New York with big news about the pushback against the Globals there.
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Coming up later in the next hour, Owen Schroer will be in studio.
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He's in court right now via Zoom in the D.C.
They're trying to put him in jail for two years for peacefully covering what happened on January 6.
They also falsely charged him with entering the Capitol
Enforcing his way in, and it's in his filing that we're going to be posting on Infowars.com when he comes on later, where his lawyers actually accused the Justice Department of criminal fraud, lying to the court, which they've done in the arrest warrant and reason for his arrest.
So that just shows the incredibly dangerous climate that we're in right now, and how that ties into what Senator Rand Paul
Came out and shed last night.
That the federal government's been captured by the Democrats, who are multinational criminals.
They're creating lists of all Americans, and they intend to never have another free election in this country, and they are just criminally taking over.
That's how we need to start addressing these individuals as an outside globalist threat.
Remember, Psaki said, yeah, we can lower gas prices, but we raised them so you'll use less to save the earth.
But they all have their own private jet airplanes and actually are making money off
Thank you for watching.
And he's been up in New York where the teachers unions and others have had the Supreme Court, Sotomayor, override even the appeals court and say, no, you're fired if you don't take your injections.
And we've got Biden, of course, in the video that just came out last night, defending mass firings and saying hundreds of people losing their jobs over his unconstitutional VAX mandates is a good thing.
Meanwhile, the White House and Congress are exempt, along with the Postal Service and the FBI.
I mean, this is truly a superclass discriminating against us with medical tyranny, but we're so obsessed on race and color and the rest of it that we're distracted by that, and that's all done by design.
Joins us.
Thank you so much for coming on, Drew.
Wow, incredible footage and reports you've been shooting.
Great to have you here.
Give us your view on what's really happening in New York City, because I know the demonstrations against this tyranny are being basically blacked out.
Well, it's good to see you guys again, man.
Hey, what's going on in New York when you're speaking to teachers on the ground?
The main concern, and you're seeing this common thread happen across the board with the Defund the Police movement, with medical healthcare professionals being removed, you're seeing a reinstallment.
When they remove these people, they quickly want to reinstall them with people that will bow down to the regime that won't ask any questions.
The teachers right now, thousands of them that are being put out on the street because they refuse to take a jab.
My body, my choice.
That went out the window.
Their main concern is who's going to replace us?
I talked to so many parents, Alex, that are asking the same questions.
Even parents.
Who are going to replace these teachers that have
We have personal relationships with our kids, decades-long relationships.
Some of these kids, I mean, think about it, Alex, you have such a personal relationship with your teacher, they make such a big impact on your life, whether negatively or positively, but those that have a positive impact are going to be disconnected from their teachers, and that's going to have a pretty serious impact, a negative impact, on some of these kids now.
What they're concerned about is who's going to replace them.
Particularly in New York and Brooklyn, they were protesting out front of the Department of Education.
Now, what they were complaining about was obviously the unconstitutional mandates to take the jab, but also, they want to know, who's going to replace us?
Are there people in the DOE that may be licensed to teach, but they hate kids?
Who are the people that are going to replace us?
Are they actually going to have the heart?
Because it's not some everyday average person that is able and equipped to deal with children.
Even the special ed kids
Alex, I was talking to special ed teachers that were crying because it takes a special kind of person to go down that type of career path because you have to deal with them very specifically.
So a lot of these teachers are asking some genuine questions.
Yes, they're opposing the authoritarian policy, but at the same time, we're going to see a reinstallment.
You're seeing it with the Defund the Police, Alex.
Every time they want to remove the police department,
Or anyone that disagrees with the regime, they immediately reinstall them with people that aren't going to ask any questions, that aren't going to question the regime, that aren't going to push back or, you know, protest for their own autonomy or their own freedom.
You're seeing it with the medical health care professionals as well.
In New York, what did the governor come out and say?
All of these people that we're going to put out on the street, we're going to replace you guys with people that are going to obey us or even the National Guard.
They want to reinstall people because they want a controllable class.
This is a purge, and this is multinational corporations and the UN, through the fear of the virus that they themselves release now on record, purging the police, the fire department, the hospitals, the nurses, the doctors, and the military, with critical race theory, the first purge.
That's right.
If you think that hating America and saying whites are inherently evil is wrong,
Well, then you're purged.
Or if you think Americans have a right to question elections, you're purged.
If you question lockdowns, you're purged.
Hell, they say in the official prospectus, as you know, put out in June, the new terrorism platform, that it's people that question lockdowns are the main terrorists.
So this is a way for the system to declare war on people that know their basic rights.
Or Alex, domestic terrorists are now parents that oppose critical race theory.
What's happening here is they're targeting the next generation.
Listen, Alex, if America holds the line right now, if we hold our own and we literally survive this authoritarian power grab and freedom reigns, they're still targeting the next generation.
That's why they're slapping them with masks over their face.
That's why all these kids are being trained and groomed to bow the knee in order to gain access into anything.
They're training the next generation to accept totalitarian global control.
That's what they're doing with these children.
They want to replace everybody.
That's why they're designating parents, anyone that opposes critical race theory, communism, Marxism, as domestic terrorists.
And they're sicking the FBI on them, the federal government, because they want to disconnect the children from the parents.
They want to train the next generation, Alex.
To be controlled by Big Brother.
And they're moving quick.
And people say, well, this is hard to believe.
It's incremental, but soon the flame is on high.
And now they've turned the flame up slowly.
Now it's on high.
Now the frog is starting to ball in the pot.
And they admit this is their revolution.
And they've got all the people online who get to go along with it.
They don't get censored.
They call themselves the liberals.
They call themselves anti-establishment, Drew.
But as you know, this is the establishment literally destroying and breaking this country and getting rid of the middle class while imploding the third world with ongoing lockdowns and then flooding us with those populations.
Alex, let's just call it for what it is.
The infrastructure for the Mark of the Beast is being set in place.
I'm not saying the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast.
I totally agree with you.
Don't say that.
I mean, it is.
Klaus Schwab says next is an implantable chip.
Alex, the infrastructure is being set in place.
Think about it.
Revelation chapter 13 makes it very clear when the Antichrist comes, people are going to have to get a mark, either on their foreheads or their hand, and it's going to give them access into the economy.
That's what we're seeing, the infrastructure being set in place, not just in America, Alex, worldwide.
We've never seen anything like this in world history, but now the technology, the infrastructure, the fear,
Okay, the ability to actually convince people to do something like this worldwide, the infrastructure is now set in place.
I mean, think about it, Alex.
You have the governor of New York coming out in a church, in a pulpit, telling people, God is not pleased with you if you don't get vaxxed.
And if you get vaxxed, God will be pleased with you.
And I need you guys to be my apostles and go out there and evangelize the world with this message, the false vax cult gospel.
We're living in the end times, Alex.
This is it.
It's not coming.
We're here.
It's now.
It's not happening in the next few years.
It's happening now.
I'm not saying right now is the advent of the Antichrist.
What I'm saying is the infrastructure is in place.
When you read the book of Luke, one of the identifying factors of the last days in Luke chapter 21 verse 26 is that men's heart will fail from fear.
The world is being controlled through fear, through the virus, Alex.
We all know this.
It's not a conspiracy theory any longer.
It's not some far-out QAnon thing that someone read on some message board on the internet.
This is happening in real time.
Look at Australia.
Look at what's happening across the world.
Look at the United States of America.
And what do they want, Alex?
You and I both know the truth.
They want a controllable class.
And now he has been arrested for coming on my show, which he predicted might happen.
And we played that footage earlier, but that's what's coming here.
That's what's happening all over.
I don't know.
Is that they're purging the military and police all over the world with the same program.
They've already done the purges earlier in Europe and in Australia and New Zealand, so they're moving ahead.
This is the Universal Great Reset Plan.
Drew Hernandez, you were saying they want subservient slaves.
And the evidence is clear to carry out their depopulation of most people, and folks will get in such fear of the system that they'll go ahead and adopt it and take into their bodies whatever the system wants, and then as they get sick and die, well, it'll be a thought crime on your social credit score, and you'll be thrown out on the street as homeless to be killed by, you know, crazy gangs of zombie-like
We're good to go.
Yes sir, I'm with Real America's Voice and what we want to do is just bring the truth to the world and bring the truth to the public.
And like I was saying at the end of the last segment is this is what they really want, Alex.
They want to control through fear.
If you can have someone
That's right.
Men's hearts failing from fear.
That's what we're seeing across the board.
People are scared of the virus.
They're scared of the federal government.
They're scared of something coming.
They're scared of anything.
We saw it post 9-11.
Everyone was scared and they were angry and they were willing to give up freedoms because of fear.
You can get people to do anything if they're afraid of you.
They want a controllable class, Alex.
They're importing millions, millions, and they continue.
Look at the border.
Because what do they want?
They want desperate people.
They want a controllable class that aren't going to stand up for the Constitution, that are illiterate of the Constitution, that don't even know what freedoms are.
They want a controllable class that's not going to stand up for anything, that's not going to take to the streets, that's not going to take a
We're good.
The authoritarian regime is being installed right now across the entire world, and people were called conspiracy theorists, people were called alt-right wingers saying these types of things, but I mean, when I was in New York, Alex, you're seeing all people.
I'm seeing people that support BLM, I'm seeing liberals, I'm seeing people that are waking up, that were once siding with the Democrat Party, that are finally opening up their eyes to realize that there's an authoritarian deep state out there that's destroying everybody's lives.
I mean, people really need to think about it.
Last year's heroes are now this year's villains, today's villains, literally.
The medical healthcare professionals, I'm talking to so many of them, Alex, and then I talk to people on the street, I'm like, I ask you this, if this is such a conspiracy theory, then why the hell, Alex, why the hell am I talking to professional doctors, medical healthcare professionals, RNs, and they're telling me, you know what, this vaccine is too soon.
It's too soon for us and the public needs to be well-educated that this could be too dangerous for people to take because normally we wait about five to ten years before we actually roll something like this out.
And then I ask people on the street, are you smarter than these people?
These are the people that you would trust in a life-or-death situation to take care of you or save your life.
Now all of a sudden are they stupid conspiracy theorists?
Alex, this is how we have to explain it to people, because the hive mind has been so saturated to believe Fauci.
Fauci's the Lord and Savior.
Fauci's the authoritarian centerpiece.
He's the one that they listen to.
He's the source of truth.
We have to seriously show people that there are now medical healthcare professionals that are coming out and saying, this is wrong.
Something's not right here.
But even at that, Alex,
It's hard to reach minds that have been so warped, but we can't stop trying because we know right now this is the time to move.
This is the time to move because people are waking up.
And even, shout out, shout out to COVID Land, man.
My wife and I watched that thing last night, Alex, and one of the best documentaries I've seen.
I cannot wait for the next parts to come out.
It is seriously, I recommend anybody watching it right now that hasn't watched it, don't only watch it,
Go cop your own DVD, but at the same time, just post it anywhere you could post a link.
Don't be afraid, because this is the history that they want to erase.
They don't want the world to see what happened in the United States of America and worldwide.
They want to erase it all.
So I encourage everybody not only to watch it, but put it everywhere they can where they could post a link.
Absolutely, and it's almost two hours long.
It cost them over two million dollars to shoot the five films, and then they're still doing more interviews, adding more to part two.
Part two is now going to DVD, and then it's going to be out in about a month, and we're going to offer it for free at Bandot Video.
This is being put out to listeners that want to buy the DVD to then fund us to be able to make future films.
People really wanted us to make films again.
They want us to produce films, so we're partnering with filmmakers to do it.
And then we sell the DVDs.
People can have a hard copy to make copies from, but we're also posting the films for free to everybody.
All we ask listeners to do is fight back.
And get it, and send the link from Bandot Video to your email list, to your text messages, and tell people at work about it, to take them to Bandot Video and say, hey, here's...
You're going to leave us here in a few minutes, Drew, but I'd like to get you back on soon.
Next segment, I'm going to play part of your amazing report.
You've just been doing a great job for years, but it just gets more and more amazing to see you pop up all around the country and all around the world.
But spend a few minutes more talking about the
This incredibly diverse crowds of people that are out there demonstrating against this medical tyranny, this totally un-American garbage that violates the Constitution, Bill of Rights.
It's just completely being forced on us.
Rape is what's happening and your predictions on where this is all going to go?
Well, I'll tell you this.
When I was in New York this past weekend and I covered the Truth About COVID-19 conference put on by the American King Foundation, Angela Stanton King, the black community attempting to reach the black community, not only in Brooklyn, New York, they go to Atlanta, they're doing Los Angeles next, but one of the things that I keep hearing over and over again
Is that this is very familiar and I'm talking about the vaccine mandates that's being rolled out in New York and Los Angeles.
One thing I keep hearing them say is this reminds us a lot of the Jim Crow laws.
They have a history with dealing with racism, the civil rights movement.
We saw this not too long ago, a few decades ago, that was real and the black community had to deal with it.
So this hits a little closer to home for them.
I mean, I was walking around New York, Alex, and I'm going to businesses and I see signs outside of restaurants that say, no vax, no service.
Or I see signs that say, New York requires you to be fully vaccined in order to attain service or to come inside of this building.
It's medical discrimination.
So when you hear the black community come out, it's a little more personal for them.
Because when you tell them, hey, if you don't have a vaccine, if you're unclean,
You're not clean, you don't get any service.
So they're pissed, Alex.
I'm not saying the entire black community in New York, but the majority of them.
Because the majority of them don't want to be vaxxed.
And there's a lot of reasons why.
They don't trust the federal government because they've been experimented with before.
We all know this.
Well that's right, Joy Behar came out and said, don't worry blacks, we tested on the white people and giggled about it as if black people want to hurt white people on average and think, oh good, it was tested on them like whites are rats, so now give it to me.
Black folks know about Tuskegee and other events, they're not stupid.
And just like all these big NBA players have come out and said, man,
Look, this stuff's experimental.
I don't trust a damn thing you're saying.
You're suppressing the real scientists.
So, I think they've jumped the shark, but regardless, they're going to keep pushing.
This is the globalist big move.
They've been preparing this for decades.
Absolutely, Alex.
And I'll say this.
Here's the red pill for the viewers.
And people might want to share this later.
The big thing that's waking people up is this.
We're hearing the federal government, we're healing, we're hearing Psaki, we're hearing Fauci, we're hearing all these so-called authoritative sources, right?
Come out and say this.
We just want you guys to be educated and informed, right?
They tell the black community, they tell all community, they're telling everybody.
We just want you guys to be educated and informed when it comes to the vaccine.
But here's the red pill.
They only want us to hear the good things that they want us to hear.
But if anybody on YouTube, social media, the mainstream media, if you come out and you list the negative side effects, the potential harm that this thing can do to you, you get silenced on Big Tech, you could lose your entire account.
You get slandered in the mainstream media, you get suppressed, you get made to look like a crazy person, a conspiracy theorist, even if you are a medical healthcare professional or a doctor.
That's right, that's the key.
He works with the Epoch Times, one of the best independent organizations in the world, if not the best for a major organization.
They come out of the folks that fled China.
Uh, and witness mass murder of Buddhist Christians and others.
And so they're just doing a great job to watch our own corporate media attack and let you know which side corporate media is with.
But investigative reporter, ladies and gentlemen, with Real America's Voice, and he joins us.
Drew, you're making a great point about how
You've got your speech as long as you go along with the lies, which they all admit are lies, very poisonous shot, doesn't protect you, destroys your immune system.
But if you're a real expert, they silence you and that just shows, if we're supposedly going to trust these doctors and nurses that are such heroes, and a lot of them are great people, why aren't we listening to them now about the horrible things they've seen inside these hospitals and clinics and nursing homes?
It's an abusive mentality that these people have.
And the point I was making before the break is this.
And the red pill moment I want people to ask themselves, whether you're on the left or you're on the right, is this, okay?
If you're a free, autonomous human being, and you believe in making your own choices yourself,
I want to ask you this, why is the federal government, why are all the so-called trustest sources, why are all these people that come out and say, we just want you to be educated.
We want you to know what you're doing when you're putting something into your body.
We want you to be informed, right?
You hear the governor of New York come out and say, it's the smart people that are getting vaxxed, but those that aren't smart, they're not yet.
So we need you to go out there and evangelize them.
It's the same narrative you're hearing across the board.
So I want people to ask themselves is this,
If these people really want you to be educated and they want you to be informed, then why is it that they censor on big tech anytime a doctor or a medical healthcare professional comes out and lists the negative side effects or speaks out against the vaccine or speaks on something that could potentially, that could be bad for you if you take this.
Why do they get censored?
Why do they get suppressed?
And in the mainstream media, they get painted as insane or crazy.
Well, Drew, here's a perfect example.
They've had to have at least 10 major bioethics, ethics professors that are over the ethics of the university's medical systems.
Okay, I mean that means like they're the expert.
And another top one was just basically forced out because he said this is violates the Nuremberg Code.
You're saying people with natural immunity, it's no good.
That can kill them to take any vaccine once you have natural immunity.
You can have an autoimmune response.
The UC Irvine director
Of medical ethics placed on investigative leave over challenge to vaccine mandate.
That's what's going on.
So read that article on Infowars.com.
And folks, the only way it gets out is you sharing on your email, sharing on your text message and word of mouth.
This is a total war.
Drew, I want to invite you back very soon.
I want to go to the border with you again, but there's my favor.
Please keep me in mind.
I've been wanting to come to New York.
I've been wanting to come protest with the people very soon.
And I just haven't done the right time in the right place.
So I hope you could be my guide up there, maybe in two, three weeks.
And because I also promised to go protest at the UN and at the embassy there from Australia for Australians being arrested for even speaking out against lockdowns online.
And the man that asked me to do it on air two weeks ago has now been arrested.
We covered that before you came on last hour.
And so I promised to do this.
So will you tell me the best time or place to come up to Newark police?
We're good.
Absolutely, Alex.
It's now or never, Alex.
Now is the time.
Because right now there are thousands of people that are being put out on the street with these unconstitutional authoritarian vax mandates.
Nurses, medical healthcare professionals.
And they're training us like Hitler did, or the communists did, to persecute certain groups because they haven't done what the government wants.
That's illegal.
Drew, I'm so excited that you are with the Epoch Times.
I can't think of better people in the world.
I mean, they're right up there with Tucker Carlson, or right up there with
Some of the more amazing people out there.
Joe Rogan's totally awake now.
Beautiful things are happening, but tell me about your show and where people can find it.
Well, people can follow me on Twitter, Drew H. Live.
I actually work for Real America's Voice.
I don't think they're in connection with Epoch Times, but I work for Real America's Voice.
Well, if I'm ignorant, I'm sorry.
I just see them promoting it and pushing it on there.
So maybe I'm... I think it's affiliated somehow, but you work there.
You probably know more than I do.
Real America's Voice, Alex.
So I'm constantly going out, traveling, covering what the mainstream media won't cover.
Obviously, last year, 2020, I was covering the race riots with BLM, Antifa, but move to the border.
I'm just, we got to cover, I'm trying to cover everything, Alex, and you know how it is.
It's impossible.
Drew, you're amazing.
Drew H. Live.
I want to get back into
Just the incredible tyranny we're living under and how we're being gaslit and how the system with the corporations and all the governments linked up through the UN and through the whole system that the Rockefellers set up and Klaus Schwab runs and Bill Gates administers to tell us we're coming into your house, we're coming into your body, we're going to arrest you, we're going to take control of your life, we're going to persecute you if you don't submit to us.
So I want to go to a clip I forgot to get to last hour.
Of Simeon Boykov, known as the Aussie Cossack.
His great-grandparents came from Russia in 1918, one year after the Bolsheviks took over, because they were going to be slaughtered.
And he's a very successful businessman there in Australia.
And so the police just yesterday came to his office that's by his home two weeks after he was on our show for incitement for coming on my show
With another woman who'd been released from jail over 20 plus days for having a peaceful protest as well and saying it's incitement.
He said, I may be arrested coming on your show, but we need Americans to peacefully protest at the embassies in New York, in D.C., and I promised to do that and I'm setting it up now.
He sent out an S.O.S.
and it's got a million, 400,000 views on BAN.VIDEO breaking Australians issue emergency S.O.S.
to the world.
And ladies and gentlemen, he got arrested yesterday.
So here is the footage of North Korean-style police, and this is actually happening with a virus the UN cooked up with Fauci, on record confirmed now, they released it, they have the motive, they could control it, they could do the lockdown, they could have the cover-up, and then Great Reset all admits that they did it, and they've taken control using it, and that this is for carbon taxes and controlling us, and then we've got
Hell, we'll play the clip I forgot to get to last hour as well of, uh, Saki saying, yeah, we can lower your gas prices, but we're cutting it off because of the earth.
I mean, no, they're cutting it off because they're shutting America down.
China and India and everybody else gets to have all the energy they want.
This is incredible, folks.
Here's 1984 becomes reality in Australia.
The guys have got the police at the door.
How can I help you?
We want to talk to you.
You want to come in?
Come in.
Well, do you want to come inside?
We will if we have to, but we prefer you coming to the door.
Mr. Poynter, please just come to the door, mate.
No, come inside, come inside.
Stand up.
Stand up.
You're under arrest.
Stand up.
You're under arrest.
I'm under arrest?
Move away from the desk.
Stand up.
Stand up.
You're under arrest.
I cannot be any further.
So what do you want to do?
I want you to stand up and move away from the table.
You want to arrest me?
I'm formally placing you under arrest.
My name is Lettington Newcastle-Kingston from Bournemouth High Patrol.
I'll let you know right now that this conversation is being recorded on the body-worn camera.
Do you understand that?
Do you understand that this is being recorded on the body-worn camera?
I can understand that.
So what are you arresting me for?
OK, so you are under arrest, alright?
You're under arrest because of a defence committed at 5.25pm.
OK, can I get everyone to introduce themselves?
I don't know if you're police or not.
Who are you, sorry?
So, Jang, can I see your badge?
Yeah, you've got a badge there.
What's your name?
Sergeant Porchettini from Burwell Police.
Kingston, now you've been making threats against me and you've said you're going to get me.
I'm not going to entertain you tonight.
Is this what you're doing?
Is this your falling through on the threat?
Listen, you are under arrest at the moment for an alleged breach of the Public Health Act that occurred at 5.25pm Monday the 4th of October 2021.
So this is the reality of what's happening around the world and it's now happening in Canada.
We had the pastor on yesterday.
It's now happening in areas of New York City.
This is all UN-directed.
This is a UN globalist invasion in our face.
And then again, she's all over the news.
There's no need to play it.
You've seen Psaki come out and say, we could give you cheaper fuel.
Fuel's basically doubled under
Biden, but that's good for the earth for that to happen.
No, bankrupting you and shutting down our business is not good.
They've already shipped our jobs overseas.
They've already flooded us with third world populations, and now they've cut off most our coal power plants while China opens new ones every week and while we ship our coal to China.
This is just such a massive, deliberate campaign.
But I want to show you one more video that I showed last hour that is so important.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It's a John Hopkins illustration with their data.
Video illustrates how COVID vaccines have totally backfired.
No, my friends, it's not backfired.
There it is on screen.
Everywhere in the world, when the vaccine starts, when the injection starts, it skyrockets to all-time record highs.
This, out of all the videos we've seen, is the video to send your neighbors, your friends, your family.
A lot of them have already taken the shots.
They don't want to admit they were conned.
They don't want to admit they were wrong.
But this will wake them up.
These are real numbers from John Hopkins all over the world.
And I think I'm going to change the headline.
Kelley McBrain did a great job.
He says video illustrates how COVID vaccines have totally backfired.
John Hopkins illustration proves
COVID shots causing illness and death.
Causing majority of illness and death.
I mean, that's what it proves.
Well, you're not a scientist.
Well, I shoot you in the head with a gun and blow your brains out, it kills you.
I'm also not a ballistics expert, but I know I just blew your head off.
There it is.
This is depopulation out in the open, but they hide it in the bureaucracy.
I've got another video I'll have to get to later once Owen gets in the studio with us.
Tragic, grieving uncle eulogizes vaccine-murdered niece.
Jessica died as a direct result of an experimental vaccine.
They're all just seeing if they can get away with it and all trying to censor.
That important information.
But let me just stop right here and talk about something that's also important.
And it's the fact that we can fight back.
And you can get angry and upset.
And you can share the live feed of this show.
And you can share articles and videos.
And you can start your own shows.
You can go speak at city council and school board.
They wouldn't be trying to sick the FBI on you going to school board saying, I don't want masks.
I don't want shots.
I don't want white kids taught they're the devil.
It's going to create racial division.
Because they're weak.
They're wrong.
Foreign corporations are running this attack on America.
That's what the New World Order is.
And they feel shielded that they can cause a civil war here or a war in China and that that won't affect them.
It will affect them.
It's time to identify the UN and Klaus Schwab and the globalists and the people behind this.
They keep trying to put out UN propaganda and Klaus Schwab Great Reset about how wonderful this is and how they did the lockdowns to save the Earth.
They pulled those videos because you rejected it.
These psychos think they're going to win.
They're not.
The question is how bad is it going to get before we do something?
The other good news is you can fund this operation.
This has been in for a month.
We've gotten all these five-star reviews.
I've been so busy I haven't plugged it yet, so let me tell you right now.
There are now five different types of BioPros and the Biopros.com, vBiopros.com.
This is the industrial system for porta-potties, for sewage lines, for
Every other system you can imagine everywhere.
It's just absolutely incredible.
It works in septic tanks.
It just goes on and on and on and on.
And we are really, really proud of this system, ladies and gentlemen.
And I worked with the big oil company people that developed this and assigned us about 20 years to get this through a company they set up to you because it works so good.
It's not enzymes in your septic tank.
It's not enzymes in your boat or RV or trailer or in your outhouse, your one-holer.
This is a system that uses bacteria that live in there and it says it goes six months to a year.
That's because we're being conservative.
It goes for years, ladies and gentlemen, and even lives through freezes.
You name it.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, thebiopros.com.
There is now BioDrain, BioRV, BioMarinePro, and BioPortaPro, ladies and gentlemen, all available at thebiopros.com.
And they're going to be adding a page soon to show you some of the amazing reviews.
This is trailblazing stuff, and we're excited about it.
And then separately, 30 seconds on this, Silent Pocket.
You know how the CIA takes over countries.
You know how they do it.
A bunch of Ivy League bluebloods get together and they go in for decades and study the cultures of wherever they're going.
Then they come in and divide the groups against each other.
It's how the Roman Empire controlled people, divide and conquer.
Well, Professor Thomas Sowell is one of my favorite historians.
He really does his research.
He's dead on accurate.
And I watch his stuff almost every day.
I mean, he's very prolific.
But here's just a short seven minute clip.
about the true history of the South and blacks and the left's relationship to it.
It's a very, very important clip and I suggest you go to places like YouTube, while still available, and watch his other lectures or read some of his books.
In fact, I've had him on several times.
I think it's time to try to get him back on the broadcast again.
So here is Thomas Sowell breaking down some amazing history.
And if you're interested in history, I would suggest you just start researching the South itself.
It's intriguing like all other major history is.
We're going to play this report, and we're going to come back, and Owen Schroeder is going to be in studio to tell us what happened in his court hearing today where they're trying to put him in prison for two years for thought crime.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.
I had to remind him that he was a black person, so he can't vote for Donald Trump and that he shouldn't be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he's worried about his own personal pocketbook.
So Dr. Ben Carson, you may be familiar with him.
He's an up-and-coming African-American in the Republican Party.
Anyway, he's being taken to task tonight after making some controversial comments on Mark Levin's conservative radio show.
Here it is.
You're attacked also, in many respects, because of your race.
Because you're not supposed to think like this and talk like this.
A lot of white liberals just don't like it, do they?
Well, you know, they're the most racist people there are.
Because, you know, they put you in a little category, a little box.
You have to think this way.
How could you dare come off the plantation?
From my standpoint, as a black American, as far as I'm concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks.
Who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas.
And it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you.
You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S.
Senate rather than hung from a tree.
Booker T. Washington, his message, his story, his success, the generation that came out of slavery, their successes
That's an inconvenient truth for the political left.
So yes, hide Booker T. Washington.
Hide all those blacks who were successful.
Hide all the success that took place before Affirmative Action.
Just hide it.
Pretend it didn't happen and then you can believe that blacks are inferior and that only white people can save them.
Black people have never supported, for example,
Affirmative action, quotas, anything of that sort.
Wherever polls have been taking a black opinion on such matters of should people be paid equally or should there be this or that, black people have never taken a position that you describe.
So it is not a question of what black people chose to do.
It's what you, you choose to put in the mouths of black people and it's what you choose to project.
It is not what any black people have ever said anywhere that you can put your finger on.
It's what you choose to put into the mouth of the pollsters as far as I can see.
I put them in the mouth of the pollsters?
Like most people, I have never seen a poster.
If you look at the leadership of the black intellectuals in the 1960s began promoting the idea that those blacks who exhibited a culture different from the ghetto or black redneck culture were not really authentic blacks.
This issue was strikingly demonstrated in a controversy between Irving Howe and Ralph Ellison, growing out of Howe's 1963 article criticizing such black writers as Ellison, whom Howe considered insufficiently authentic or militant.
For Howe, the central character in Richard Wright's novel, Native Son, a ghetto black epitomizing the black redneck culture, was authentic, and the more sophisticated central character in Ellison's novel, Invisible Man, was not.
Allison rejected and derided the idea of a white man defining what a black man should be and attempting to confine individual blacks to that stereotype.
The notion that the ghetto black was the authentic black not only spread among both white and black intellectuals, it had social repercussions far beyond the intellectual community.
Rooting black identity in a counterproductive culture not only reduced incentives to move beyond that culture, it cut off those within that culture from other blacks who had advanced beyond it, who might otherwise have been sources of examples, knowledge, and experience that could have been useful to those less fortunate.
But more successful blacks were increasingly depicted as either irrelevant non-members of the black community or even as traitors to it.
In turn, this meant that many blacks who had a wider cultural exposure and greater socioeconomic success felt a need to conform, to some degree or another, to a more narrow ghetto view of the world, perhaps using ghetto language in order to prove their identity with their own race.
Such social pressures become especially acute for young blacks in the schools and colleges.
One consequence of this has been that counterproductive attitudes toward education have filtered upward into black middle-class young people raised in racially integrated middle-class communities such as Shaker Heights, who spend less time on their studies than their white or Asian American classmates.
Under the overhanging threat of being accused of acting white if they devote themselves to their studies instead of to various social activities in which other black students indulge.
The painful irony is that those who make this accusation are themselves acting white, when they perpetuate a redneck culture from a bygone era.
Even such a modern ghetto creation as gangster rap echoes the violence, arrogance, loose sexuality, and self-dramatization common for centuries in white redneck culture, and speaks in exaggerated cadences common in the oratory of rednecks in both the antebellum South and those parts of Britain from which their ancestors came.
It is not only the cultural peculiarities of the black ghetto culture which has been perpetuated by the identity fetish developed in the post-1960s era.
What has also been promoted has been a conformity of beliefs and affirmations among blacks, with those with different viewpoints being banished from consideration intellectually and ostracized socially, at least insofar as identity advocates succeed in imposing their straitjacket on others.
Not only behavioral litmus tests, but ideological litmus tests have been used by those promoting a black identity fetish, with those who do not pass such litmus tests being dismissed as not really black.
This post-1960s black identity intolerance, promoted by white intellectuals as well as black leaders and activists, is a painful parallel to the post-1830s intolerance among white Southerners against anyone who questions slavery in any way.
Maintaining what has been aptly called an intellectual blockade against ideas differing from those prevailing in the South, antebellum Southerners not only insulated themselves from ideas and viewpoints originating outside the region, but, at the same time, in effect drove out of the South independent-minded people who would not march in lockstep.
The resulting narrow and unquestioning conformity of that era led the South into the blind alley of a civil war that devastated wide sections of the region and left a legacy of bitterness that lasted for generations.
It can only be hoped that today's narrow intolerance promoted by a black identity fetish will not lead into similarly disastrous blind alleys.
All right, we're back live in the InfoWars World Headquarters here in Austin, Texas.
And wow, there is so much breaking as I prepare to host the next hour and a half of the Alex Jones Show.
And then I'll be back hosting the War Room 3 to 6.
And I mean, seriously, there's just so much breaking.
And I've got a lot of great guests.
They're going to be coming up as well.
But it's tough to even decide where to begin on this.
I mean, I think what's incredible is what I'm not seeing in the news, and that's some of the geopolitical strife that's actually kinetic now, that is actually going on.
It just got reported by, I forget the gentleman's name covering the border for Fox News, I think it's Bill Mengellin or something like that.
And so now the cartels, I'm not sure guys did it yet, clip 12, just roll the b-roll, the cartels are firing machine guns across the southern border into the United States and it's been determined by the border patrol down there that he's stationed with that they're basically warning shots because they're buzzing over the heads of the headquarters down there, border patrol and their stations.
And so this is just the video you can see the tracer rounds going over the heads of a border patrol facility there.
And I can't play the audio because it's basically like, what the F?
Oh my F!
Holy F!
So there's, yeah, Bill Melligen.
We witnessed tracer rounds from a suspected cartel machine gun being fired from Mexico into the U.S.
early this morning while we were embedded with the Texas National Guard in Roma, Texas.
Soldiers tell us rounds went above their observation posts.
Now, you had, I guess it was Tuesday or Wednesday, about a dozen governors down at the southern border addressing this issue.
And think about how bad it is.
Think about how corrupt our government is when you have live rounds being fired off from Mexico into the United States of America, and it's not even news, and it's not even a big enough event, I guess, in the eyes of the White House that, hey, the southern border is under serious duress.
The southern border is a war zone.
You see dead bodies hanging from trees.
You see kids being dumped over walls.
You see U-Haul trucks with hundreds of people stuffed in.
I mean, just all the scenes that we've seen.
Not to mention the millions of illegal immigrants that have come across.
And Melligen here is just continuing to report on the chaos.
But bullets, live rounds, tracer rounds being fired into the United States from the Mexican border, and we get nothing out of the White House.
Still, we have a wide open border.
I mean, that's like emergency stuff.
And it's just barely even a blip on the radar.
And that's just one example.
Did you know there was a massive bombing last night in Afghanistan?
In fact, I mean, seriously, I'll ask the crew, did you know that?
Cameraman, did you know that?
Any of the crew know that?
Anybody know that?
Anybody hear about that?
So most of the crew, one person said they heard about it, most of the crew did not hear about it, and I mean, this is the most informed crew you're gonna find in news, folks.
Shia Mosque bombing kills dozens, it's actually hundreds is the number now, in Afghan city of Kunduz.
So, the destabilization of Afghanistan continues to go into chaos.
And look, I think it's sad what happens in the Middle East with all the chaos.
Can the U.S.
do anything about it?
Probably not.
Maybe we tried.
Maybe we could have helped.
Maybe we did help.
There was a lot of death.
It cost us a lot of treasure.
And we just left it.
Now it's a bigger disaster zone than ever.
And they're just back to just killing hundreds of people all the time.
And they're claiming it was the Islamic State.
Where did they get the bombs?
Where did they get the weapons?
Ah, but I guess we know the answer to that, don't we?
The Obama administration was arming these terrorists.
They called them moderate rebels.
In fact, guys, you should pull that up just for context and brevity if you can.
Just search Obama arms or Obama funds, moderate rebels, and you should pull up a dozen or so stories.
These are the moderate, quote-unquote, moderate rebels that he was funding at the time.
He was funding them and arming them in Syria as well.
These are all CIA proxy wars.
It's kind of like what just came out the other day this week, where they admitted that the CIA had a proxy group in Afghanistan that they were running, which is really just this rogue group that's now gone rogue and just is, you know, mass murdering and enslaving people again.
So where do you think
The weapons came from at least 100 worshippers have been killed or injured in a suicide bombing that targeted a Pakistan mosque in Afghanistan during Friday prayers.
What do you think the suicide bomber got this?
Did he make it himself?
The speculation is the attack was carried out by the Islamic State.
Which has a long history of attacking Afghanistan's Shia minority.
So hundreds dead from a alleged ISIS or IS suicide bomber and it doesn't even make the news anymore.
Not even, not even a story.
And all I do is sit there and watch news.
It's kind of sad, maybe a bit of a sad existence quite frankly.
That's all I do!
Nobody covered it!
I just happened to see it when I was
Doing my news aggregation on the internet.
So, rounds being fired into the United States from Mexico across the southern border barely makes the news.
Suicide bomber in Afghanistan kills hundreds of people in a mosque barely makes the news.
We're not even done yet!
Did you know China invaded India yesterday?
How about that one, crew?
Did anybody hear about that one?
China tried to invade India last night.
Did you know that?
India and China face off along...
The line of actual control in the Arunachal Pradesh sector.
I'm probably butchering that, but there it is.
And so China tried to invade.
They racially held off, is what happened.
They sent a military force in there, kind of a small contingent.
They sent it in there to cross the border and go in through the line of actual control.
And the Indian army that was there basically staved them off and they had to retreat.
So China is getting real aggressive because of the weak leadership of the United States.
Afghanistan is going into complete chaos and death and destruction because of the weak leadership of the United States.
Rounds are being fired from Mexico across the southern border into the United States because of the weak leadership in the United States, and the media doesn't even cover it.
Still not done.
And by the way, you think all this development with China going into Taiwan, China encroaching on Hong Kong, China moving into India, you think this is all coincidence with this story now that we've seen?
Attacked submarine USS Connecticut suffers underwater collision in South China Sea.
So yet another example of the Navy completely flubbing up.
I'm telling you, something is sour at the Navy.
And I hate to admit this, but I really question the leadership of the Navy.
I question people that come out of the Navy and end up, you know, on TV or whatever.
Hey, look, I had grandparents that served in the Navy.
I'm not an anti-Navy guy.
I'm a pro-Navy guy.
I don't like... How is it that the Navy can't control to keep their submarines from crashing into one another and crashing into rocks and docking when China's invading the South China Sea?
It all seems coincidental.
And now they just... Oh, submarine just... Oh, we just hit a random object in the South China Sea.
We don't know what's happening.
And so now this major naval station, this major naval submarine
And the South China Sea is basically, they say, oh, we didn't suffer much, but I mean, you know, it's not a normal commission.
And what is China doing?
China's trying to invade India.
China's trying to invade Taiwan.
China's trying to invade Hong Kong.
And now our naval vessel in the South China Sea just, oh, it just hit an object.
We don't know what happened.
Ah, it just hit an object.
With all the technology.
11 sailors injured after Navy submarines struck object in Indo-Pacific region.
It's in the South China Sea.
And the U.S.
is now deploying troops into Taiwan.
Apparently they've been there for a while, but they're now apparently going to be there permanently.
So what is going on in the South China Sea?
What is going on with the Navy?
What is going on with India?
What is going on in Afghanistan?
What is going on on our southern border?
Ask Biden.
He doesn't have a clue.
We're back live on the Alex Jones Show, Owen Schroer sitting in here, and Rand Paul warns Americans, be afraid of your government, says watch list of dissenters already exists.
And isn't that sad that we have to fear our government?
I believe it was Thomas Jefferson that said,
When the people fear the government, there's tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there's freedom.
Well, which side of the spectrum are we on with that famous quote right now?
Well, Rand Paul understands it.
I think a lot of people in this audience probably understand it a little too well.
And we're kind of in this holding pattern right now of
You know, not really sure how to even respond to it or react to it.
We've never seen a government this corrupt, this out of control, this authoritarian, this totalitarian in U.S.
Being aimed against the people.
Being weaponized against the people.
Our tax dollars being weaponized against us.
Our government being weaponized against us.
And something's going to have to give because either the Republican leadership or leadership that doesn't want to see America go into full tyranny is going to have to kick it into high gear or this country is done for all its intensive purposes.
Rob Schneider gets it, one of the few Hollywood actors who's not a total sellout.
White House says turning this country into something similar to the former Soviet Union is not off the table.
Well, we're already there, actually.
And it's only getting worse, actually.
And see, people like Rick Wilson are angry, and I haven't really looked further into this, I just saw this tweet that he put out.
He is really upset.
He says this is horrible news.
He says the January 6th Commission is dead and will not enforce any subpoenas.
And he says that's because that is a victory for Trump.
No, that's a victory for America.
That's a victory against tyranny.
But let me move on.
I shouldn't even get into this.
It's just, it shows you
We're good to go.
I think Rick Wilson has January 6th confused with the summer of 2020 when thousands of police officers were hospitalized, dozens of people were murdered, and $2 billion of property damage was done.
No calls for a commission, no investigation.
In fact, the FBI and Merrick Garland came out this week and said, no, we're not investigating those groups.
We're not investigating any of the crimes or any of the murder or any of the looting or any of the arson that happened in the summer of 2020.
No, we're not investigating any of that.
So Rick Wilson must have the summer of 2020 confused with January 6th.
No, Rick Wilson knows exactly what's going on.
He's a fraud.
He's a liar.
He's Rick Wilson.
He's a Democrat.
I guess Bret Baier is upset to hear this too.
Bret Baier went on with Stephen Colbert and he talked about how bad January 6th was and he sold his new book that was supposed to be about Ulysses S. Grant's life, former president, but it turned out just to be about January 6th.
So that's Bret Baier of Fox News.
Heard he plays good golf though.
By the way, Trump
This is kind of a weird... Honestly, I didn't really like what Mollie Hemingway did with her piece.
She apparently did an interview with Trump for basically three days on and off at Mar-a-Lago, spending hours with him.
And as far as the information is concerned, it really delivers very little.
Now I have to warn you, this is like a 30-page article.
And guys, I don't even remember the headline.
It's Molly Hemingway on the Federalist.
It's like a 30-page article.
I mean, it took me a while to read all of it.
There's very little information even conveyed.
It's almost her just writing a novel about what Mar-a-Lago and Trump is like, which, you know, there's some interest there.
But but you do get a little bit into Trump's head on some of these issues about the 2020 election and About Mitch McConnell.
He basically called him a dumb F And so there's some little there's some little stuff in that but you got to dig through this thing, man It's like a needle in a haystack.
I mean she wrote a book and you'd think there would have been more information on it, but it's more just a a Relishing of her time at Mar-a-Lago and what that was like.
So there's maybe something there for you if you want to check that out but
Figured I'd let you know about that, but hey, Biden is continuing to destabilize not just the planet, maybe he has something to do with that, maybe not, maybe he just is totally out of control of everything, but he is collapsing our economy.
In fact, here's the news story and then I'll play the clip, guys, of the CNBC reacting to these numbers live on air.
It's, yeah, September's jobs report
Badly misses expectations with payrolls increasing by just 194,000.
So yeah, oh, they had these big pipe dreams of the economy coming back and Biden fixing the economy and he's going to save and everything and it's been a complete disaster.
Consumer price index continues to skyrocket.
The price of energy continues to skyrocket.
You can't even, they're not even manufacturing stuff anymore.
Cargo ships, oil ships still sitting in the in the bays and in the in the gulfs and off the off the coasts waiting to be delivered and the Biden administration won't allow it because of all the COVID regulations and who knows if Biden even has a clue of any of this.
So here is in clip one the CNBC panel reacting to this awful jobs report.
Things are coming down pretty rapidly.
We just have this jobs report.
Steve, what do you see?
I see 194,000.
That is real low.
And then as he's reading it, the stock market is tanking as the jobs report comes out.
Literally, the stock market tanks.
It's actually funny.
It was up all day.
The jobs report comes out and it drops like a water slide.
Straight down.
So that's what you're going to get there.
But hey!
If you work in Big Pharma, you're doing great, man.
You are just doing great.
Moderna's founders debut on Forbes' list of the 400 richest Americans.
How did they do that?
Who could have seen that coming?
Mandating vaccines and
Biden buying billions of vaccines before we even know if they work, and then some of them get recalled, and then they're told you have to get three and four.
Oh, and now the big pharmaceutical founders of Moderna are the richest people in America?
Who could have seen that coming?
Who could have seen Pfizer's stocks skyrocketing and Pfizer making billions of dollars during the COVID scandemic?
Who could have seen any of this coming?
That's some shocking stuff right there.
Elizabeth Warren, believe it or not, is one of the few that actually gets this issue.
It's kind of a separate side of the issue, but it's still the same.
It's the same coin.
The American people have a right to know that leaders in Washington are making decisions in the country's interest, not their own financial interest.
It's long past time to ban members of Congress, cabinet secretaries, federal judges, and other top officials from trading stocks.
And I would add, and also lobbying.
Lobbying should almost be illegal, but I'm a free market absolutist, so I wouldn't do that, but that's also part of the corruption too, is the lobbying.
But so Elizabeth Warren gets it, and actually in Molly Hemingway's article about Trump, Trump was actually praising Elizabeth Warren for a couple things.
He said he liked her better than Warren, or excuse me, he liked Elizabeth Warren better than McConnell.
So that's all going on, ladies and gentlemen.
In a thumb-your-nose to Elon Musk, the government of California basically told Elon Musk to get bent because, you know, he's not a good communist.
So he said, OK, and he's upped and now moved Tesla headquarters to Austin, Texas.
So Elon Musk has completely abandoned the sinking hellhole of Democrat-run communist California, and he's now got SpaceX and Tesla in Texas.
SpaceX, by the way, I think just got reported worth $100 billion today.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a brand new product that we are excited about.
It's going to be up at InfoWarsStore.com.
Now, we've sold privacy pockets for a long time.
You've seen them.
They're great, they work, but what we like to do is have the best on the market.
And the problem is, we've never really been able to source out the best privacy pockets or Faraday cages for your phone on the market because it's hard to find everything that's made in America.
So just out of a rush, we put our label on the privacy pouches that we have that work great and they're fine, but they're kind of a little more, they're not the best on the market.
Let's just put it that way.
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But it's not the best on the market.
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We now have the best cell phone or laptop or tablet, Faraday enclosures for your cell phone on the market.
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So, we'll still sell the old privacy pouches that we sold, but they're not as high quality as this.
This is, and by the way, 100% made in America.
This is, every piece of this, everything that puts it together, 100% made in America.
The new Privacy Pocket at InfoWarsTore.com.
I want to play this clip from Representative Biggs.
He had a Maricopa County
Official who was Well, let's just say not cooperating with the election audit and said a lot of things before he was in front of Congress Said a lot of things on Twitter But now that he's under oath in Congress his tune has changed all of a sudden and some pretty big Revelations here as more Republicans are starting to realize that there was a lie
A lot of shady business that went on in the 2020 election.
Trump is very akin to it as well.
You can tell that in the Molly Hemingway article.
I think that she could have, maybe she's saving actually some of the juice from that for another story.
But here's Representative Biggs grilling a Maricopa County official on his doublespeak when it came to the 2020 election audit.
Here it is.
So, Mr. Gates, would you agree with that?
I would say that it is appropriate to maintain files, and that's exactly what we did.
We deleted, the deleted files that have been discussed, they were archived.
So you admit that you guys did delete, Maricopa County did delete files off the server after the election?
Yeah, and so when you released these servers and this information to the auditors to begin
They didn't have access to those archive files at first, is that fair to say?
They did not subpoena those, that's correct.
Okay, so you didn't feel obligated to turn that over then to them?
We responded to the subpoena.
Mr. Bennett, your response to that?
I find it, frankly, laughable.
To suggest that a county, in response to a subpoena, could say we will delete files from the hard drives and materials that we give to the auditors because we have those files archived on data that we did not give to the auditors when the subpoena said, turn over all the records related to the election.
Yes, that's the way I read the subpoena.
It was more broad-lit than the county read it, for sure.
So your Twitter account mentions that the purging of the 2020 election database in the beginning of February is a standard practice.
Can you please confirm for me that that's what you do for all elections?
After all elections that you do that?
I cannot confirm that for you today, but we can certainly get you that answer, Congressman.
Thank you.
Mr. Chairman, can you confirm that today or not?
I really can't confirm that either today.
I just know that because there is limited space on these servers, when you have to run another election, then you have to make room for the additional election data.
So was there additional, was there still, let me just rephrase this, if that is the standard practice, which is kind of,
I don't think you guys are saying that you know for sure, but the chairman just intimated that that's the case.
Can you explain to me why data was still present for prior elections on the databases in and of itself?
Yeah, again, I don't have an answer to that question, but we'll certainly get you an answer for it, Congressman.
I would appreciate it if you would give me that information.
All right.
And I do think that it's important that our recorder has suggested that he will be answering every question in a timely fashion.
That's the same recorder that campaigned that Adrian Fontes was incompetent and called him a criminal.
And he was the guy that was running the 2020 election.
And you actually hired someone to oversee Mr. Fontes because you guys didn't trust Mr. Fontes as well.
Is that the same guy?
Is that the same Stephen Richard?
Yeah, I wouldn't put it that way, exactly, but what we did was we did have statutory in boards, as you know, congressman boards of supervisors have responsibility for election day operations, and we took that back so that we would have four Republicans and two Democrats overseeing the 2020 election.
And I am joined in studio by Lynn Davenport, who is going to be breaking some news right now.
A lot of people may or may not be asking, but it's pretty much a fundamental question when you hear the talk about mandatory vaccines.
Well, how is this going to be implemented?
How is this going to be rolled out?
How can we accept this?
And then how can it actually be put into practice?
And so Lynn is here to break some of that down.
And there's kind of already some hints out there about it.
With the patent 0202060606 talking about using implantable blockchain technology into humans, working that in with vaccines, working that in with the social credit system, working that in with the digital currency.
So I guess perhaps that is the plan.
But what can you tell us about how blockchain technology is a potential implication when it comes to mandatory COVID vaccines or vaccine passports?
Well, I think the greatest threat is that we are going to be on blockchain.
So we talk about it as a vehicle to hold our currency.
But when you think about it in terms of our children being on blockchain, and they'll do it through the public school system.
So in Texas, Texas is a target because we educate one-tenth of America's kids.
And so think about it in terms of numbers across the country.
So in Dallas we have, this is a blockchain contract that was set up through Dallas ISD through the education service centers which they're all across the state and that's how they implement resources and really that's another way that the teachers are indoctrinated is through the education service centers.
Then you have the Dallas Community College District, but it's not just the Dallas College District.
You'll see it across community colleges across the state.
So it's pitched as this convenient way to store your transcript, to access your transcripts and your diploma and your credentials.
You can also store your health data on there.
So they will be storing children's mental health data.
So the contract was done through Greenlight Credentials, and that was a, it's a for-profit company.
So when they pitch blockchain, they'll talk about it being this open source deal, you own your own data, and you will be in charge of your data.
You own it, so therefore, no one can have access to it unless you grant them authority.
Well, that's, if this is a, it's not an open source deal, it was a deal done behind the scenes, a no-bid deal done in Dallas,
With this, it's really an ecosystem of players that are all connected in different ways.
Now you say no big contracts.
A lot of people probably understand that, but some people don't.
Explain why that's so key.
Well, because there's no competition.
There's no open bidding.
And so, basically, you can steer a contract.
Now, sometimes they can get around that by saying, okay, sure, we'll open it up to all these... But they already know who they're going to... They've already established who... But they're not even going through that dog and pony show anymore.
They're just saying, yeah, we're just going to give it to our cronies.
And then they can charge whatever they want?
They can do that because, so if you look at, and this is bipartisan, so I think that's important for the listeners to understand, is that you can't pin this on one party or the other.
So we've got Governor Greg Abbott who signed two bills in the legislature on blockchain.
We're going to bring blockchain.
Texas is going to be a leader in blockchain.
And so he signed two bills that were done by conservative legislators.
I saw Tan Parker at the blockchain conference here in Austin just earlier this morning.
He was speaking.
And Ted Cruz is speaking at this event.
And so they talk about, you know, we want to be on the cutting edge here, and this is going to be, you know, Texas is going to be a leader, but they don't understand that when Governor Abbott also signed a bill saying that we're not going to, or we're going to punish businesses who bring in blockchain, I mean, who bring in vaccine passports, but that's going to be done on blockchain.
So it's really an empty platitude if you think about it.
So that seems to be kind of the, that's like, that should be Abbott's slogan, actually, maybe empty platitudes.
Empty platitudes, yeah.
Because I'm not a Luddite.
I'm more of a conservative when it comes to technological advancements.
I like to see them rolled out.
I may not want to take part in it until I see how it goes.
But I can see the benefits of blockchain and I can see the pitfalls of it as well.
And when you talk about the vaccine passports being done on blockchain and then putting other health records in there, or I guess you're talking about educational records too.
I guess you could put a report card in there, a diploma, whatever.
Now there's no privacy.
There's no refusal, is what it is.
So you think, oh, this is convenient.
They sell it as a convenience.
But really what it equals is no privacy, no refusal.
Because someone will always, everybody says, oh no, everything's private, it'll be private.
Folks, get real, okay?
Let's live in the real world here.
Nothing is a perfect system.
So blockchain, it will be hackable, it will be, you know, there will be pitfalls of it.
And now you'll be there and you won't be able to refuse it because it'll all be digital.
So you say, hey, I don't want you to access that.
Well, too bad.
It's all digital.
I have access to it.
As pitched as this.
Immutable, unhackable.
It's the panacea.
It's this utopia.
So you don't have to deal with the bursar's office and the school office.
Or losing paperwork, or you know.
So, oh gosh, that just clunky stuff that you have to carry around.
Yeah, it's so obnoxious.
And privacy.
Privacy is obnoxious to the government, too.
Well, exactly.
And I do a lot of research on student data and privacy and that's being violated all over the place.
So if you think about your right to, well, informed consent, let's talk about conformed consent.
There is none.
So you're basically entered into this system and you're not given the full picture here.
And the fact that it's a for-profit company and that you have the guy that the
The TEA commissioner appointed to the Education Service Center, who is the founder of this company, Blockchain, and this Greenlight credential.
But you know what, let's actually lay the groundwork here, because, so how exactly is this going to be implemented in schools?
Like, what is the presentation?
What is the actual execution of this in schools?
Well, so the deal done with Dallas ISD, so it is pitched as, okay, now you can access your transcripts easily through Greenlight, and so you go onto the website.
So that's just like a website with a cloud of information, basically.
Yes, and so it's, they call it a locker, and so this is your digital locker.
Of course, it's your locker, okay, yeah.
That sounds like, you know.
Yeah, I had a locker in school, sure.
Modern school, that's so cool.
And then you've got your digital wallet.
So I think, so if you look at how the data will be stored, they want to be, these schools want to be a central vaccination distribution center.
So they tried to incentivize the teachers by paying them, bribing them to get the vaccine.
They're also doing that with the students.
They're bribing them in Dallas ISD.
By the way, I have this story right here.
The mayor of Austin, somewhere in my stack, is now bribing people $50 to get the vaccine.
Come get the vaccine, you can get $50.
But hold out folks, might be $100 next week.
Just saying.
Bread and circuses.
So, you can get people to do just about anything by dangling the money.
Especially when you've told them they can't work or have a business anymore.
Then they're desperate.
You can't go to a concert either.
And so they're already doing that with vaccines and the concerts.
You have to show proof.
So basically the threat is they put the kids and all their information on blockchain.
You will not be able to access the public schools.
You will not be able to go to concerts.
You will not be able to work and buy and sell and trade.
I guess the difference here is, because that's what I'm trying to, I want people to really understand the real flavor of this, because even when I was in school, we had digital platforms and stuff, but this is centralized.
But this is centralized.
Like, this is all centralized.
Like, when I was doing it, it was a private school.
And all your stuff was on that one server.
The private school ran the server and they did what they wanted with that information.
And you were in control of your account.
This is a centralized system that the whole state, at least at this point, would have access to.
Eventually, the goal is obviously the whole planet.
Yeah, they'll do it through these longitudinal data systems, which they're not supposed to be connecting those state by state.
That's actually a violation of your privacy, but that's where they're headed.
And so that data is being stored.
I mean, Texas has mined more student data than any other state.
We are.
I mean, we are ground zero here.
And see, of course, now this company can sell that data just like Facebook sells their data or your data, I guess I should say.
Twitter sells your data.
Google sells your data.
Now this, they'll also be able to sell your data.
Oh yeah, student data, that's a hot commodity.
If you look at, it was under Obama, Executive Order 12866, they basically gutted FERPA, which is Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and so now any entity in the name of education research can now have access to private student data.
Oh, how convenient.
So we've got to go to a break.
But the government wants you to have a digital locker now so they can reach into it and get anything they want out of it at any time.
All right, this is amazing.
Just during the break, kind of off topic, talking to Lynn Davenport, my guest here, just about the indoctrination that's going on at schools.
And we're going to get back into the topic of discussion.
But it really is amazing.
As you said, I think for the first time, at least in my lifetime, I don't know if it's ever been like this before, parents are looking at the public school situation and they're, for the first time, like, leaning on the side of, I don't want my kids ever in public schools.
I don't think that that's ever been the case before like it is now.
I could be wrong about that, but it seems to me like that is seemingly the case.
And so when it comes to this blockchain technology, is this something that you could also avoid when it comes to data mining and having your students or your kids' information being in this centralized hub of information on the blockchain?
Is this something where, again, like pulling them out of public schools or putting them in a private school, that could be an out to this?
I mean, the best way to stop this is to starve the beast.
So you could pull your kids out.
I mean, because all they really care about is the butts-in-the-seat funding.
They get money for every child that's in the classroom.
And then they get more money when they sell the data for every child, too.
And so yes, you can starve the beast by that.
And you can also opt out of, I mean, there are options to opt out.
There are a lot of parents in my district, I'm in Richardson ISD, even though I live in Dallas, the parents are opting out of social emotional learning lessons and social and emotional learning technologies.
So you can do that too.
So there are ways of just asking, okay, I'm not
I'm not endorsing that.
I don't condone that.
And you can opt out.
Now in the private schools, I think there's this misconception that the private schools are a viable alternative, but they are also being included in all of this education technology that is targeting their emotions.
They will also go for the convenient blockchain wallets.
Well, now that I think about it, it almost makes more sense for the private schools to adopt it first, simply because they can spend the money and sell the data easier than the public school probably could, because they have to jump through more red tape and more hoops.
But getting back to the issue, so it's basically a centralized locker, if you will, for high school students or college students, where all their records are there on a blockchain and they sell it as convenient, but it's like centralizing any activity on the internet that then that company can sell.
And this is what they want to do.
What are your biggest concerns about this as it's being rolled out here in Texas and presented here in Texas?
Your kids are going to be perhaps even part of this blockchain system if they implement it.
What are your biggest concerns about this?
Well, I think that they will be able to control us if we are not allowed to participate in things.
So it's, you know, you want to opt your kid out of this if that is the situation, but it's not just going to happen in the public schools.
And so I'm trying to sound the alarm that we don't want blockchain technologies
Uh, without a full discussion of the unintended consequences.
So fine, if you are, you know, I met a bunch of people last night at the conference, the blockchain conference here in Austin, where there, you know, you have these, this couple and they're, they're Bitcoin miners.
Well, they know nothing about this stuff and they've never even thought about it.
They just know cryptocurrency.
And so we need to understand the full picture here.
And I think they don't understand that.
Also, how are they going to impose the global currency?
Or, you know, if you want to be able to travel to a foreign country, all of that is going to be done through one digital, one system that is blocked.
I mean, blockchain's it.
That's how they're going to do it.
So how do we
Move into the future and stay innovative while also protecting ourselves.
I don't know that we can really do this without the unintended consequences.
I can't see it working.
This is how they will do it.
Well that's kind of my biggest fear with anything is centralization of power because it removes the personal experience between say where you might have an issue you go right to the principal of a school or whatever to now it's well you know I've got an issue with this blockchain or something and the person you're supposed to go talk to is on the other side of the planet and you got to make 10 phone calls just to get a hold of them and maybe you're lucky if you can leave a voicemail that ever gets read.
So it kind of takes that personal, you know, peer-to-peer experience out of the schooling system, which we've seen in so many other cases.
It takes that localized experience, makes it now on a planetary scale, and it just makes it more difficult to operate.
And so, like you said, you are forced to go through, you're forced to walk in the straight line.
If you go sideways, you're either out and there's no repercussion for the people that are running the system.
Well, and it's pitched as decentralization.
So, that's the ironic piece of it.
Yeah, I don't see that.
That's the most centralized thing you could imagine, a digital locker for all students?
It's not.
That's the irony.
And so, I think there are those who, like I talked to the leader of the conference last night, we went to a barbecue dinner.
And she said, wait a minute.
So, you know, we're trying to decentralize and put you in charge of your own data.
But with a for-profit deal that's done in the public schools for blockchain for the kids, that is not decentralization.
That is actually a captive market and they will
They will turn a profit on this deal, and it's massive.
So if it's scaled across the state and then the country, it's massive.
What happened to the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it?
It sounds like we're fixing something that's not broke here.
Well, they would say it is broke because, like I mentioned before, so you have to carry around, like, what if you lose your social security card?
Or what if you lose your ID?
Now you can just have, well, before it's embedded in our skin, it's going to be a QR code.
Yeah, that's the ultimate goal.
And so, you know, I thought, okay, I get called a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist all the time.
And so I thought, where better to go share this information, you know, because you all get called that all the time.
It is absolutely going to happen.
They're already doing it.
And so all we're doing is calling into light what is, they tell us what they're doing.
So in your eyes, this is part of the larger global plan to get all humans into this digital system of the currency and the social credit score and the vaccine passports.
But you're focusing on this approach.
You're focusing on this penetration of our privacy and our freedoms in the schools.
I mean, it has to be an all-out assault on all aspects of civilization if they really want to pull this off.
Because I guess that's true.
Yes, and so they have to start at the local level.
And so I wanted you to be able to see what is a concrete example of how it's going to come in at the local level.
And I just happen to be here in Austin.
It's perfect timing for this whole blockchain push.
Ted Cruz, the Wyoming Senator Cynthia Loomis, she's a big blockchain proponent.
So Texas and Wyoming are two of the biggest
Champions and they're the leaders in blockchain.
So but but so parents, I mean, you know, politics is local.
And although you do a great job here on this show talking about global issues, and you in particular talk about more of the local stuff.
So I think being able to see these contracts coming in through the school districts, the contracts, the data sharing agreements, the memorandums of understanding, if you you know, everyone's focusing on school boards right now.
Well, and let's get to the, let's get to the vaccine passports analyst, but this is why I think it's so important what you're doing.
And it's not even if you fail, there is no failure in this because at some point you're going to look back and you're going to try to figure out how did all this happen?
Well, you're laying it all out right now.
I'm going to tell you it's right here.
So that's why, you know, when it gets to this point and you're like, wait, the school system is all messed up.
Digital locker, passwords, you're selling my data, my kid can't go to class because he has a fever, like what in the heck is going on?
This is how they're building it right now.
So let's lay it all out, tied in with the vaccine passport when we come back with Lynn Davenport.
This is the Alex Jones Show on InfoWars.com and Banned.Video.
So, you know, I guess I was a little bit wrong when I said if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
I guess record-keeping I don't think is broke, but the school system is broke in many ways, and that's because they're failing to educate students.
There's probably a lot of different reasons you could point to as why the education factor of our education system is failing, but as my guest here, Lynn, was explaining to me in the break, and I want you to read that paragraph that you're reading too, because I think it kind of explains a little bit better to the audience that may still try to understand what's going on, but it's basically like, well,
The schools are failing as education centers right now.
And so what can we do to make schools relevant again?
And what can we do to carry on this tradition of American schools and make it relevant and feasible for the government, the world government, to still want to adapt it?
And this is how they're doing it.
It's by saying, hey look, don't worry, we'll indoctrinate the kids.
Yeah, they don't know math, they don't know history, they can barely read.
Who cares about that anyway?
That'll just make them more of a threat to the government if they can think for themselves.
So let's just indoctrinate them and give them some free stuff, put them on, get them used to the digital currencies, get them used to the digital passports, the digital world, so when they come out of it, we already pretty much own them and control their fate.
So talk about that.
Well, in my district, 52% more than half the kids don't read on grade level, and I'll say don't because they could if they were taught properly.
But they've abandoned their primary role in education.
That's academics.
Keep the kids safe and educate them.
They're not doing that.
And so they're really focusing on social-emotional learning, anything but education.
But they want to be this community center.
Rather than being known for academics, they want to be a hub for a place where you go for your mental health services, your vaccines.
My superintendent, Dr. Jeannie Stone, she is pushing vaccines big time on the teachers and eventually the students.
And were there any deaths from COVID in the school?
So coincidentally, right before our school board meeting on Monday, they announced the death of a teacher who's had not two vaccines, but also had the third booster.
Three vaccines?
Yes, and she died.
Sometimes it takes three.
And by the way, I've got the same story here.
I don't know if it's the same district that you're talking about.
Where a teacher and a student died.
Let's see, the Connelly Independent School District.
Are you familiar with that?
So this is a different district then.
Texas teen, fourth from school district to die of COVID-19.
And I looked into all these cases, and they say in each one, vaccination status unknown.
That's a lie.
They're all vaccinated.
If they were not vaccinated, it would have been the headline, unvaccinated people die.
So they were all vaccinated, they've all died.
There was no outbreak in schools till post-vaccine, but I'm getting off topic.
Because the vaccine is the variant and that's a whole other show.
With Greenlight, I'll just read you their words.
And this is IBM, by the way.
Well, no, it's not IBM, but IBM will be doing blockchain.
This is just a company that is creating a piece of blockchain.
But IBM is another.
Anyway, so Greenlight Locker eliminates multiple copies of transcripts, vaccination records, or other documents.
And that was from the founder, Manoj Kutty.
Uh, and then the other, the co-founder is, uh, Eric Reeves and Eric Reeves is on the board.
That's the one I was saying that Mike Murath, the commissioner of education appointed to the board.
Yes, and then there's Vital 6, which is the mental health records of Greenlight blockers.
So that is where the health and the mental health data will be stored.
So that is where I believe the vaccine passports will take root, is through the health side of Greenlight credentials.
So you've got your academic piece, you've got your health care piece.
Um, but in talking about how the schools they want to be since they failed at their job of educating kids.
Now they're like, okay, well, then we'll just be will be food distribution centers.
We will be the central place where parents and children can get their vaccines.
It will be where they get their
Feminine products, I mean, everything will be distributed through the schools.
And in my district, 60% of our kids are on free and reduced lunch.
We also are a, this is where a large number of the refugees are being resettled is in the DFW area.
And so we have a ton of kids with serious needs.
And so they're just going to abandon academics altogether because they failed miserably in that department.
This is actually a really key topic that a lot of people don't comprehend and I just understand this a little bit better because I worked in urban development in St.
Louis and some schools there.
So many and maybe not in some of the more well-off areas but in the big
Population density areas.
So many parents rely on the schools for everything, basically.
For the kids to eat, for the kids to have a place to go.
They might not have a safe place to go.
They might not even have anywhere to go that might not be a grandma or an aunt down the street who's maybe not even there half the time.
So the schools have even been turned into basically daycares for these students that don't have anywhere else to go.
And so, you know, they'll get government money for lunch and they'll get government money for books and all that stuff.
This is an aspect of the control that the schools have gotten over students' lives simply because the parents can't do anything about it or they may not even be there.
Well, and you bring up a great point.
I mean, we definitely have a crisis here.
I think we've got... I mean, I always talk about we need a daddy campaign.
We need dads to get engaged and care for their children.
That's it.
That's my point is that the school has become the daddy.
And so it's like, oh, you want to get lunch?
Where's your vaccine passport?
You want access to go to college?
You better get on the green light locker.
And so, you know, we talked during the break about how there are these underserved populations, they're vulnerable populations, they're a target for impact investors, social impact bonds, and these programs that come in at the local level, they don't call them that.
It's a pay for success type of model.
But like in Austin, ID2020 was piloted here on homeless people.
And that's the way that you can get the most vulnerable.
Yes, the most vulnerable to agree to the terms, which if they want to receive services, food, health care, job assistance, all of that will come in through these programs.
But those are adults who can consent if they ask questions.
I'm talking about in the schools.
This is a captive market of people who these are children who are preyed upon, fed into a system that they did not consent to.
Neither did their parents.
But you think about the aspect of the homeless being tested on this.
And by the way, when they did that, it was all denied.
InfoWars reported on it first.
It was confirmed.
And then they just said, oh, it's a conspiracy theory.
It doesn't exist.
And then about two months later, they admitted it was all real.
But it's the same thing.
It's saying, OK, and they didn't quite go to this level yet, but it's saying, OK.
You want to get the benefits at this homeless shelter down here.
You're going to have to put this microchip in your body.
You're going to have to sign up for this ID 2020.
And at that point of the, you know, maybe a homeless person's life, they just figure, hey, whatever it takes to get a meal or, you know, whatever.
This is just trying to bring it in onto the youth and just make it the normal thing for every generation after that.
Sure, and people don't think to ask questions, or if they, you know, I talk to, sometimes it's the dads who are the most excited about these technologies, and they'll say, well, I don't have anything to hide.
I mean, they can have my data, I don't have anything to hide.
Well, they wouldn't hurt me.
Right, I'm not doing anything that, you know, I don't care.
But, you know, that response frustrates me because I think if they understood what we're really talking about here, I mean, we're going to be living in a panopticon.
I mean, that's really, and I don't know if you've studied geofencing, but the way that we will be controlled, how we move about and go from even county to county or state to state or international travel, everything will be, we will be controlled through this.
Yeah, you'll basically be like your iPhone, like, find my iPhone, except you'll be a person.
Just, you know, a blip on the radar.
Yes, exactly.
And that's the key thing we should get into next.
We're about to go to a break here because I have the same thing with friends that I talk to about the vaccines.
And, you know, I don't like to peer pressure anybody to take a vaccine or not.
I just will say, hey, you know, some of the stuff goes on with the vaccine.
Are you aware of this?
And I get so many times saying, the vaccine makers wouldn't put a deadly vaccine out there.
They wouldn't do that to us.
Oh, the government wouldn't do that to us.
Oh, the media would cover it if they would.
Well, who do you think owns the media and the government?
Big Pharma.
They pay trillions of dollars to own these people.
They're not going to be honest about it.
Now they want to own the schools.
Alright, last segment here with my guest in studio, Lynn Davenport.
We're talking about so much off the air.
And I'll just begin the conversation with this, Lynn, and then take it away with anything you want to depart on the audience before you depart.
There's a threshold that needs to be reached, and I see this in my life, I think you probably see this with parents too, you know, fighting this tyranny coming to schools that you're, the battle you're in right now is, when is the threshold going to be crossed intellectually
By Americans that the government is not there to help.
They are not there to help you.
There's always ulterior motives.
And just because the news won't report it doesn't mean it's not real.
And as soon as Americans can chew on that and swallow that and understand that that's the case, then these vaccine mandates and all the public pressure to do this will just evaporate overnight.
It'll just be gone as soon as you realize that.
I don't know when that threshold is going to be crossed.
I don't know how much closer we can get to it with everything that we're learning.
But let's start with this.
You were talking about at the school board meeting how there were a couple deaths at the school, clearly from the vaccine.
They won't admit it.
But then also how they basically separate, illegally by the way, they segregate people wearing masks from the sheep wearing masks from the people that don't wear the masks.
Yeah, well, a couple of hours before the school board meeting, which was going to be a heated meeting, to vote on masks, even though it's completely illegal.
They're going against the governor's mandate or GA38, where we are not required.
We have a choice if we want to mask our children or not.
You have the choice.
But our district has chosen to force masks on the children, so that's all tied up in legal battles.
Well, so the superintendent sends out an email just before the meeting saying, I regret to tell you that we lost a teacher and a student.
It was the week before, but she waited until then to tell us.
She said it was because the family gave her permission.
Well, so they're blaming it that they're saying that the teacher and the student died from COVID.
We don't have any information, no medical history.
It says no, they said no underlying conditions, but they were both vaccinated.
And we know that teens are dying from myocarditis and having heart issues.
And we know that where the vaccine has been distributed most, in Israel and the UK, that you can tie that to the variants.
So this is inconclusive.
You can't say they died of COVID if they were vaccinated.
You need to take all those things into consideration.
But more importantly, it was using that as a political tool, using the deaths of the teacher and the student.
The teacher had a third booster.
We need to take that into consideration that she may have had an adverse reaction.
The student might have had an adverse reaction.
But more importantly, I think the way that they treated us, I think, is a glimpse into our future.
It's medical segregation, apartheid.
Yeah, I like that.
It's medical apartheid.
That's what it is.
Well, my friend who's from South Africa, he's a teacher, and he was there at the meeting, and he said, I left South Africa 30 years ago, but I've already witnessed this in person, and it's terrible, and I don't want my country to be like that.
It's like, this is America?
This is the America I came to?
Yeah, so they put the unmasked parents in the back.
They set up a separate microphone for us.
They actually got in trouble with the fire marshal because we were blocking.
You couldn't get in and out.
So they had the masked
Those who worship at the altar of the mask.
And they were all in the front.
And we were in the back corner.
I'm surprised they didn't let you in.
In Austin, they just don't even let you in.
Or in the surrounding counties.
They just, you don't want to rash, you don't want to have a vaccine, you don't want your kids in doctorate, they just kick you out.
They just tell you not to come in.
They have the police tell you not to.
And keep in mind, you know, our superintendent has been seen at social events without a mask on.
Of course.
Give me a break.
This is all political theater.
To create this division amongst, and also they try and make it look like those who are, the parents who are anti-masks, that they're anti-vaxxers, and that they're also, you know, they paint us as privileged and we're racist, all the things.
And it's completely unfounded.
And, you know, I've talked a lot about the academic progress.
Black and brown students, they never talk about their performance.
The black and brown trustees, they don't talk about academic outcomes for the students that they supposedly represent.
Well, that's because it's an argument that wouldn't work for them, and they know that.
But let me get this boiled down to you, because it's not just unfair, the treatment, it's inaccurate.
Because here's the madness of it all.
I want you to boil down an opinion to this.
People that are getting the vaccines are dying from COVID.
They admit that.
Okay, well, that's just a fact.
So what difference does it make whether I have the vaccine or not if people that get the vaccine?
But they somehow use that as an argument as to why you should get the vaccine.
So it's like, wait a second, this person's been triple vaccinated and still died from COVID, and that's your argument to force vaccines on everybody?
How do you boil that down?
How do you boil that insanity down?
Because these are just average people that you deal with that claim this.
I boil it down to science.
You know, they always say, trust the science.
Trust the experts.
Which ones?
Because they can't agree.
So who are you going to listen to?
But we don't get a public debate.
We don't get a public discussion.
They stack the deck against us.
We don't have a real debate on this.
They decide who gets to impose this.
They have an ad hoc committee of
Yes, men.
Doctors who are pro-mask.
Doctors who are pro-vaccines.
And there are plenty of doctors out there, like Dr. Fleming you had on the show, that they know what's in the vaccine.
They know it was a bioweapon.
They know the gain-of-function research.
They know all of those things, and they are sounding the alarms.
It's all public information.
And so, where's the discussion?
Science is not settled.
No, science has actually never settled.
In fact, guys, I sent you something to print for me.
I don't know if you ended up printing it or not, but it was basically saying, if we believed the science with everything, here's all the different things you would have believed throughout the course of history.
It's like giving kids heroin and, you know, all this other stuff that's on there.
That's why you're pregnant.
Oh yeah, the doctors encouraging you to smoke and all that stuff.
That's following the science.
We're still following all that science.
Of course, that's all a thing of the past.
That's not science anymore.
But it just shows you how it's the same thing.
And who knows how long it's been this way.
Scientists can be easily bought and paid for.
Doctors can be easily bought and paid for.
Just like politicians.
Just like people on TV and the news.
Everybody has a price.
And now we're seeing, with all the money that Big Pharma has, they can buy up scientists and doctors and they don't even flinch!
And so, you know, I mentioned them worshiping at the altar of the masks.
So the mask, why I think that's the mountain to die on, you know, without even getting into the vaccine passports, the mask, that's the precursor to the mandatory vaccines.
The mandatory vaccines are the precursor to the vaccine passports.
So we, we, this is the mountain to die on.
And it's not to mention you can, you can show how the masks are.
I mean, clearly, well, here, let's ask the question.
Does the vaccine work?
Or the mask work?
If so, then why are you worried about me wearing it?
That's another level of the illogic that we're dealing with.
No, this is the mountain to die on.
And here's what people need to understand, too.
The sad thing is, Lynn, we're dealing with just lying.
But you know what?
We're just dealing with lying people.
We're dealing with dishonest liars.
And that's why there's really no debate either, because they know they're liars.
They know they would lose in a debate.
So it's just like, okay,
So they control the narrative.
Two weeks to slow the spread.
Just close your business.
Just two weeks.
Okay, we're going on year two.
Just wear the mask until you get vaccinated.
You still have to wear the mask forever.
Just one vaccine.
That's all you have.
Just one vaccine and this will all be said and done.
Now it's two.
Now it's three.
Okay, just a vaccine passport.
That's it.
Just a vaccine passport.
That'll be it.
Well, what's after that?
What's after that?
Blood donations to cross the state border?
Give your organ.
Yeah, it's incrementalism.
So it's just a slow creep.
But the pandemic was the perfect catalyst, the perfect crisis to bring all of this in.
Because all of it has been in place.
We've had the technology and they've known about it, but this is the perfect tool to impose what we know, Klaus Schwab.
That's why they published this book right here.
COVID-19, The Great Reset.
They don't even hide it.
No, no.
They don't even hide it.
It's right here.
Here's the book.
They made COVID in a lab.
They released it to get total control of the population.
End medical autonomy and you're done.
You will own nothing and you will be happy.
As I put my Darth Vader costume on, I'm Klaus Schwab.
I write books about how we made COVID in a lab and released it to force vaccinate people to lose their bodily autonomy.
And we're going to conquer the world.
And the stupid idiots out there are going to completely go along with it because they're brainwashed.
And they guess, I'd say they just don't want to read.
Look at him.
There he is.
I don't know how to read anymore.
Oh, he's disgusting.
I will conquer the Earth, and once we have extincted humanity and civilization as you know it, my book, COVID-19, The Great Reset, will be the new Bible, and we will eliminate God from your consciousness.
Good luck, Klaus.
Good luck.
Any final comments, Lynn, before we let you go?
Yeah, I mean, it's all a coup on God.
I mean, they're all playing God.
And so I say just...
At the most basic level, love your kids and know what they're doing to your kids and what they're trying to impose on them.
And stand in the gap.
Say no.
Yeah, you've got to protect the kids.
You've got to protect the innocent.
And if the parents aren't going to do it, if we're not going to do it at schools, it's looking bleak for the kids' future.
That's what it's all about.
Alright, Lynn Davenport, thank you so much.
Where can people follow you, by the way?
I'm on Twitter, Lynn S. Davenport, and I have a podcast called Social Impact with Lynn Davenport.
All right, we'll be right back.
All right, Stu Peters is about to take over here on the Alex Jones Show.
Real quickly, though, we've been pretty serious about this for the last hour.
I want to have a bit of a comic relief before Stu Peters takes over.
This is Alex Stein at the Dallas City Council.
Giving a hilarious speech on the Texas abortion law.
It's a little bit of a slow burn, but by the end of it I think you'll be laughing with me.
Here is Alex Stein, hilarious speech on the Texas abortion law to the Dallas City Council.
Hello Mr. Mayor, and thank you for allowing me this time to speak to you today, but unfortunately the subject that I have to speak about is very traumatic and personal to me.
With the new abortion legislation brought forth by the Texas Supreme Court allowing the heartbeat bill and limiting abortions to six weeks is incredibly unconstitutional.
Bill Gates' father, William Gates Sr., would be so disappointed in his son for letting this bill pass, considering Gates' family involvement in starting Planned Parenthood with Margaret Sanger.
Currently, I'm in a situation where I have three different birthing people pregnant at the same time, and I would like for all of them to have abortions, but unfortunately with this new heartbeat bill, we are unable to get the usual abortions that we often get.
I don't like to use any contraception whatsoever because it hinders my performance, so that's why I depend on abortions as a 100% effective form of birth control.
But now that the state is making it almost impossible for birthing people to even get an abortion, I'm going to be forced to change my entire lifestyle.
Roe vs. Wade made it very clear that abortions are completely legal, and I wish Dallas would take a page out of New York's rule book and approve late-term abortion up to six hours after birth, because this would solve a lot of problems for expected parents that don't want to have the financial obligation of raising a child that they didn't plan for with money that they don't have.
And although I'm perfectly capable of financially supporting a young child, and I know that I would get a crazy amount of likes and comments on my TikTok and Instagram accounts from all the cool baby photos, and I could post them in Armani and Gucci baby gear, and it's very easy for me to find birthing people that want me to leave my seed inside them, but unfortunately, I don't have the time or the ability to change my vacations to Cabo San Lucas in Jamaica, because those are non-refundable flights.
And I travel to many other international destinations on a regular basis because my social media influence on Instagram is similar to that of Dan Bilzerian or Chrissy Teigen's.
But sadly, with multiple children, this could hinder my ability to travel, and I know this may sound a little selfish, but my doctor and psychiatrist both prescribed me an eat, pray, love lifestyle ever since my first ex-wife and her new fiancé died in a fire at her old lake house that she received in the divorce settlement.
My two transgender children from the divorce decade and Alex, who are both on puberty blockers, were just surrendered to Child Protective Services until I can get my drunk driving problem behind me.
Because I recently got a DWI outside of the Olive Garden on Technology Boulevard after the all-you-can-eat pasta promotion they have.
Regardless of all the Pinot Grigio and Fettuccine Alfredo, I sit here in front of the Mayor and City Council begging that you use some of the budgetary funds to hire attorneys and file a lawsuit against Governor Abbott.
Just like you're suing for the mass mandate laws that are currently in place by the Governor.
Please do something to reverse this unjust, unconstitutional abortion ban, so that I can go back to raw-dogging birthing people that I meet outside of Arby's and drug rehabilitation centers.
And if you're watching this online and you want to smoke some shish-sweets later and chill with me, hit my Instagram, bryantimes9.
All one word.
And my Twitter, alex999.
We finish with a little humor before Stu Peters takes over.
All right.
Always informative.
Always covering the uncovered angles.
And so you're not going to want to miss the next hour with Stu Peters.
And then I'll be back.
I'll be in this studio today hosting the War Room 3 to 6 p.m.
With fantastic guests coming up, including a guest in studio that you're not going to want to miss in the first hour, and then other great guests as well.
Remember, folks, everything we do here is possible with your support at InfoWarsTore.com, all the great guests, the fact that we even have a platform to be live on.
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Stu Peters up next.
No, so we have talked a lot about the GOP having big problems.
And this is confirmed when you look at the candidates that the GOP is propping up in front of you.
These are the people that are funded by the establishment.
Establishment members of the Deep State Cabal, really, I mean, you look at Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, the Turtle Lord, Kevin McCarthy,
And then you look at gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones in Georgia, who some of you may know appeared on the Stu Peters Show yesterday.
And I wanted to ask him about some real issues.
I wanted to ask him about why he bragged that he might end up Speaker of the Georgia House if Republicans passed an anti-abortion heartbeat law, but the backlash would cause Democrats to win back the State House.
But then,
He said he voted against that bill, the bill that kills babies because it didn't go far enough, even though it massively expanded protections for the unborn.
It caused a huge meltdown in Hollywood.
It banned most abortions after just six weeks.
So the problem for Vernon Jones wasn't really with the bill.
Because if it was, he would have proposed amendments at the time to make it more conservative.
It was something else.
Vernon Jones changed positions to boost his career.
So, about a year ago, Vernon Jones comes out after being a lifelong Democrat, and he says, I am now a through-and-through, Trump-supporting, mega, America-first conservative.
Okay, so people change.
We understand that.
But also, Vernon Jones has been on the road, he's been on Telegram, he's been on Twitter,
Doing nothing but posting divisive black versus white rhetoric.
What he's going to do about black people, what he's going to do about white people.
So I looked into this.
You know, I mean, he's on Telegram posting videos of himself jumping up onto John Deere tractors, appealing to the conservative white Christians of Georgia because he knows he's going to need the white vote in Georgia.
He knows he's going to need the Christian vote in the Deep South.
And so, I asked him about his promise that on day one, he would be banning that CRT crap in his state.
Out of the schools.
Out of everything.
Out of government.
And he had told people some crap about putting a bill before the legislature.
Again, not a good answer.
So it got me thinking that there was a reason Vernon Jones wasn't fully committed to destroying critical race theory.
Just like he's not fully committed to destroying legislation that allows for babies to be killed.
And it makes sense because, really, CRT has defined Vernon Jones' career.
In 2004, Vernon Jones was successfully sued for attempting to create a, quote, darker administration.
To reflect the new DeKalb County.
By the way, DeKalb County, full of corruption, one of America's most corrupt counties.
Look it up for yourself.
But in the trial, the plaintiffs dug up an accidentally recorded conversation between a couple of people, one of them being Stone, Joe Stone, who said that he was angry the fire chief wanted to promote four white men to battalion chief.
So there was all kinds of things going on in Vernon Jones's administration as the CEO of DeKalb County.
And when I confronted him about this,
Immediately, Vernon Jones starts blowing up, getting on the offensive, and on the defensive, really.
Trying to talk over me, trying to talk about job creation and other GOP establishment talking points that he's been handed on some index card.
And I told Vernon Jones that I was going to mute him, if he kept up.
I don't like doing that.
I'm not the person that wants to censor anybody.
But when a conversation is supposed to be question and answer, and you're refusing to answer the questions that I'm asking, the questions that Georgians really want to know answers to, because I think it's past time.
I think by and large, America is waking up.
People are, they've had enough of the political talking points.
They've had enough of big donor, special interest, funded, you know, establishment, lifelong, slick-talking, jive-talking politicians.
They don't want to hear it anymore.
And so when I asked him about this, he blew up.
So I want to give you some context here.
Vernon Jones asked one of his subordinates to fire all of the white employees in a parks department.
And when that employee, when that subordinate refused to do that, he fired him.
He demoted a white person, gave her a job in a windowless office in a converted storage area while promoting a black person, but yet claims that he's not, he's not racist.
But this is the deal, is that liberal Democrats talk about race.
Liberal Democrats make everything about race.
And so that got me thinking even more.
So I started going into all of this, and that's what he did to this Lowe guy.
He fired this guy, and an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that, quote, there was shocking evidence of an overt and unabashed pattern of discrimination in Vernon Jones' administration, which he was, quote, the architect of.
So Vernon Jones said all those accusers were lying.
All of his victims were lying.
But if that's the case, then why did U.S.
District Court Judge Bill Duffy say that the case against him was so clear-cut that if the jury had ruled in Vernon Jones' favor, he would have thrown out the verdict?
And then Vernon Jones was ordered to pay $185,000.
Here's a little bit of the exchange that I had with Vernon Jones yesterday.
Go ahead.
I'm sure the folks in contact with you want you to put it all out there, so let's do it.
I'm open book.
Let's do it.
You ready?
Okay, sure.
In 2004, you were sued for successfully attempting to create a darker administration to reflect the new DeKalb County.
Did someone tell you that I... How about I just defer to this?
Wait a minute.
So I see right now... I'm reading court orders.
You're being intellectually dishonest, so let me answer your question right there.
I'm reading circuit court orders, Vernon.
What you just said is completely false, it's erroneous, it's reckless, and that's why I just said it.
When you try to be holier-than-thou that, oh, you're different from everybody else,
No, you're not.
You're here with a bunch of foolishness.
Now, let's get to the next question.
Because I want to talk about the issue that Georgia is concerned about.
If they're lying and if I'm foolish, then why did the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals... So let's talk about illegal immigration.
No, no, no.
Let's talk about the audit.
You're not going to avoid the real questions here.
Let's talk about... If all of those people, his victims...
We're lying?
Then why did U.S.
District Court Judge Bill Duffy say that the case against him was so clear-cut that if the jury had ruled in his favor, he would have thrown out the verdict?
It was that clear that Vernon Jones was the quote, architect of anti-white racism.
This is what the GOP does.
They give you a choice in Georgia.
Brian Kemp corrupt.
Stacey Abrams, corrupt.
Vernon Jones is a Democrat.
And now all he wants to do today is talk about how I'm a racist because I called him a jive talker.
Can we pull up the definition of jive talk?
I mean, you can probably Google it.
It means to be deceptive.
Vernon Jones is very much deceptive.
So deceptive that he accused his victims of lying.
And so if court rulings are anything to go by, then we now know that Vernon Jones does not see his white Christian constituents, which aren't his constituents, but the white Christian voters of Georgia with anything other than contempt.
He doesn't like white men, but he does like white women.
Can't keep his hands off of them.
In 2005, he was accused of rape following a three-way sexual encounter with his girlfriend at the time.
DeKalb County DA Gwen Keyes Fleming said that the case was dropped because the supposed victim didn't want the trauma of testifying against a powerful politician.
Right now, Vernon Jones doesn't have any power.
He doesn't have any elected position power.
But yet, he can say, that was a long time ago when I changed, but that's inherently false, and he's lying.
Because just in January of this year, he tried to lure a young Christian conservative girl into his hotel room in D.C.
In March of this year, he tried to lure a young Christian conservative girl into his hotel room in Atlanta.
Vernon Jones hasn't changed.
He's nothing more than a liar.
He is a liberal Democrat plant.
And he resembles a communist.
And nobody denies that there was a threesome.
So what's conservative about having threesomes with random girls?
What exactly is Vernon Jones looking to conserve?
He didn't have a change of heart.
And now he's doing what every liberal Democrat does.
He's calling me a racist today.
A racist because I wanted to know the answers to the questions that are very important to Georgians.
So we're going to talk about this.
What is the conversation and how do we fix this?
How do we get real America First conservatives in here?
We have solutions coming up after the break with Loren Witski.
Stick around.
Alright, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters, StuPeters.TV.
So we're talking about Vernon Jones, but we're talking about a much bigger problem here.
We're talking about who the GOP wants to push towards us.
And we have a serious problem, not only with election integrity, but the integrity of the people that we are trying to elect.
When somebody presents themselves as a conservative America first mega Republican, but yet at the time is sending, just as recently as March, very forward comments to two young conservative women at conservative events, trying to get them back to his hotel room.
The only thing that's being conserved here is the Georgia State GOP, and I don't mean that in a good way.
It's like Vernon Jones is this shiny ornament that they're using to distract people.
Hey, check out this black ex-Democrat who's becoming an America First MAGA guy.
But it's a big scam.
He hasn't.
He's still a liberal Democrat.
Here to talk with us about this is Lauren Witzke.
Lauren Witzke knows all about this kind of stuff.
She garnered more votes in Delaware than any Republican in history in that state.
Thank you so much for being here.
Vernon Jones has mastered the art of projection, accusing others of everything that he's guilty of, being un-American, being racist, being unethical, being corrupt, and that's the attack that he is presenting on me today because he refused to answer the questions.
So instead, he's just attacking me, saying that I'm a racist, but yet still hasn't answered the questions about being a sex predator and about being an anti-white racist parasite.
Right, I thought I saw his message where he called you a liberal bigot.
I didn't know that, because if you look at the records and his history, it does show that the only liberal bigot in the room is Vernon Jones.
You know, right now we're looking at a serious issue that's rising up.
We're looking at anti-white racism across the country, and it is not something that we are going to tolerate in the America First movement.
Recently, as early as today, de Blasio ripped funding for this special needs program because it benefited white children the most.
We're also seeing that school shooter in Texas being released the day after with open arms in a party after he had just shot up a school the day before, released from jail, while Kyle Rittenhouse was forced to pay $2 million in bond and was held for a long time.
And he's still battling that even today.
So white privilege is certainly a myth.
But however, when you have the court documents and the evidence that prove that not only was Vernon Jones racist towards the white males in his company, when he had the opportunity, when he had seized the power, we see what he is going to do with it.
Now, he can try and spin words to placate the establishment GOP and try to draw those white Christian votes out of Georgia.
However, we know exactly what he is going to do.
So it's either we call it out now or we're going to end up fighting it in 2023 when he is doing nothing for the parents to fight critical race theory, when he is firing the white people from his, you know, gubernatorial administration.
You know, this is what we have a history and people cannot say we didn't know because Stu Peters warned you.
We brought the receipts.
He had the court documents.
We saw everything.
And the fact that, you know, he didn't even say, he didn't even respond with, you know, I did do that and I screwed up.
I found Jesus, changed my life.
No, he didn't.
He went on to blame his victims.
That is what the Democrats do.
They blame the victims.
So as a lifelong Democrat, Vernon Jones certainly has mastered the art of projection.
So, you know, we as American citizens and conservatives have to fight back against this.
I know the whole room, like, everything everybody was saying is we can't attack Vernon Jones because he's the best we got.
We don't have to accept this.
Just because the GOP is propping him up, giving him all the corporate donors, do you want these corporate donors choosing our elected officials for us?
They're trying to say that alternatives like Candace Taylor never had a chance.
You know what?
They said that about me too.
They said I would never win a primary in a statewide election.
But my butt got out there, I knocked on doors, and people voted for me.
That is a myth.
Do not let the establishment... Go ahead.
Leading up to the 2016 election, how many people said that Donald Trump would never get elected?
The entire mainstream... Exactly.
Everybody in conservative politics, the entire establishment, said Donald Trump, mark my words, Donald Trump will never be President of the United States, so don't give me this crap about Candace Taylor not being able to win.
So the discussion that I want to do here is not about Vernon Jones, because we know what he is.
He's a liberal Democrat, he's a liar, he's an anti-white racist, and a sexual predator.
So that we know, and he's going to come up with all kinds of excuses today, but he's never going to actually address the questions of the allegations, because he doesn't want people to know that.
He's covering up because he's a snake.
So moving beyond that, the conversation needs to be, so if the GOP is giving us candidates like him, like Kemp, like Stacey Abrams, but then you have an actual America First patriot who loves God, who loves this constitutional republic, who embraces the structure of the nuclear family, who represents everything that real conservative Christians want,
Then why is Candace Taylor not able to be viewed as somebody who can realistically win a gubernatorial race in a state like Georgia?
Oh, it's a complete farce.
It's meant to demoralize you.
It's meant to be like, oh, she doesn't have a chance because she doesn't have all the establishment backing.
You know what, Candace Taylor?
All she has to do is win a primary.
Get out there and knock on doors, girls, with your team, and let's fight for Candace Taylor.
I'm throwing all my support behind her because I believe in America first grassroots.
I'm not going to let the corporate establishment, the anti-white system,
Pick my candidates for me.
Georgia is red.
It is a strong Christian state with powerful grassroots workers, and they are ready to come out.
So you know what?
I am throwing my support behind Candace Taylor, and don't let them demoralize you into thinking that she can't win.
She will win if you show up and vote for her.
That is how it is with any candidates.
Something here too that I was noticing is when you look at establishment, when you look at the media industrial complex, and that includes alternative media, so-called conservative alternative media, Candace Taylor has been blackballed.
She's not allowed on those platforms.
They won't allow her, but yet they embrace Vernon Jones.
They bring him there.
So that should show you the machine
That Candace Taylor is up against.
And we need to return this country.
The reason why we need to fix 2020.
And that needs to be done now.
Not this jive talk.
Not these lies about how we're going to fix it in 2022 after we're getting elected.
So what are you suggesting?
That we have to use the internet connected machines and cheat again for me to get in and then I'm going to fix what got me there?
Another lie.
So we need to fix 2020 right now so that when the overwhelming number of Georgians
Realize Candace Taylor is the real America First candidate and they want to go vote that their votes count and Candace Taylor can win.
I got about a minute left.
Your final words.
Yeah, absolutely.
And get out and vote for your candidates, especially the America First candidates on the ground.
Get out and support them.
Don't let the establishment choose them for you, especially in the state of Georgia.
You have a say.
And in the state of Georgia, it's very interesting that they have a majority Republican in the legislature.
They could fix 2020.
They're just choosing not to.
And like I said, you either address this issue now or you're going to be fighting it in 2023.
I don't believe somebody like an America First, grassroots candidate like Candace Taylor, I think you can get her to publicly commit to ban critical race theory.
We as Republicans need to harness our political power to our benefit when it matters the most.
You know, not this libertarian thing like, oh, we need to do it this way, this way.
The Democrats do the exact same thing to us.
The first thing they did when they were in power was 52 executive orders to destroy our lives.
When we get power back, we need to be willing to do the same thing to fight these Bolsheviks.
These Bolshevik tactics like gaslighting, CRT,
He's labeling parents domestic terrorists no more.
I'm up for a heartbreak.
Lauren Whiskey, super sharp gal.
Thank you so much for being here with us.
Dr. Gene Ruby is up next.
Stick around for more of the Alex Jones Show.
And you know, just to finalize that, what I was talking about, I'm not going to apologize for muting Vernon Jones.
And sometimes we do have technical difficulties and the mute button was never unpressed, although I thought it was.
I'm not going to apologize for that.
I'm not going to apologize for asking real questions.
We're going to bring accountability back to politics in America.
We're going to shine a big, bright light into the crevices of darkness where these corrupt communists have been able to hide for a very long time.
It's my opinion that we have not had a fair election since probably Ronald Reagan.
I'm going to switch gears just a little bit here, and I'm not going to apologize either for calling him a jive talker, because that's exactly what Vernon Jones is.
He's a jive talker.
Switching gears a little bit here.
The incessant push to get a shot in every arm.
I mean, we talk about this ad nauseum.
You hear Alex Jones talking about it, obviously.
You hear Owen Schroer in the war room talking about it, which is up next.
We talk about it all the time.
It's ruining people's lives.
And everybody that's awake to this understands that this is not about immunity, because if this was really about immunity, then why wouldn't antibodies count?
Which have been proven to be more robust than these shots that are being falsely referred to as vaccines that have been proven to be dangerous and in many cases deadly.
We're watching the numbers be hidden.
Whistleblowers coming forward from hospitals.
The government's own documents.
The Department of Defense, the DOD, saying that they acknowledge that over 60% of those hospitalized with COVID-19 are quote, fully vaccinated.
That 70% over 65 that are hospitalized
Are fully vaccinated.
And so now, as you start to look around, people are responding to this vaccine resistance.
The government, the Biden regime, the Reich, the White House occupant, the dementia patient, understands that the people who have decided against this thing are more than likely not going to change their mind.
I am not going to change my mind.
And so now they have to figure out a way to combat that.
Big Pharma's gotta figure out a way to combat that.
And people that are bought and paid for by Big Pharma, like Lindsey Graham, have to find a way to combat that.
The media has to find a way to combat that, which is why now everywhere you look, everywhere, including many alternative media outlets, are now talking about this Merck, and this new drug that's about to get an FDA emergency use nod.
It's a pill!
And a lot of people are mistakenly thinking that this is some super ivermectin, and they're probably thinking that because Pfizer is coming out with Pfizer-mectin, while making the real ivermectin, originally manufactured by Merck, unavailable for you, despite the fact that there is a lot of trend that shows ivermectin works as a COVID killer.
So now, they're rolling out this Merck pill that you can take.
But as we've learned, with the rollout of these poisonous shots, deceptively called vaccines, there's always something dangerous lurking underneath with the pharmaceutical mass genocide cabal.
Dr. Jane Ruby is here with us.
She knows all about this Merck supposed wonder drug.
What is this thing?
And should people be wary?
I mean, I am.
Obviously, it's being introduced by Big Pharma.
But maybe I'm wrong.
What is it?
Well, Stu, let me update you and everyone else on what these companies are up to.
Before I get to the Merck circus, let me just share with you, you mentioned Pfizer.
You know, Pfizer has a protease inhibitor, just some enzyme crap that they try to use in HIV.
There's a number for it, and it's supposedly stopping the virus from cutting open your cell and stealing your DNA so it can replicate yourself.
But let me just tell you what they're up to in general.
They're up to, they want you to use the vaccine, quote, they want you to use their pill, the protease inhibitor, and they're also working on an IV version and they've actually had the audacity to say that you will need to take all three of these simultaneously for an indefinite period of time.
Okay, if people don't figure out that this isn't really enough, okay, I don't know what will.
So let me share with you what's going on with Merck.
How do you not laugh out loud?
This is a lifetime subscription.
It's a new religion.
Everybody has to get a shot every week.
You have to pray to Saint Fauci every Sunday.
I mean, this is absolutely ridiculous.
In New York, the new governor, instead of wearing a cross around her neck, is now wearing a vaccinated script.
around her neck as she says that she needs people to go and be her apostles for shots in arms and go out and prophesize how the world is going to end unless they take these vaccines in the meanwhile they're killing people and now they want you to take this plus that plus this plus that when
I don't know.
I mean, listen, every expert that I have talked to on this thing has explicitly said that pandemics have a lifespan of approximately 18 months.
And had we done absolutely nothing, no matter how many people COVID-19 would have legitimately killed, we would be past it by now.
We would be looking back and saying, I mean, wow, I can't believe that thing wiped out half of the planet.
Thank God it's gone.
If we had not responded at all,
COVID-19 would be dead, done, and over with, but these shots are making it linger, and now these pills are going to be weakening people's immune systems, are they not?
I want to prepare people, like you said, so you inform them they're empowered and they can make the right choices.
Look, what Merck has done is it's put together a pill that it's basically a genetic manipulation.
There's no question about it.
There's no control.
What this thing does is it gets in,
Thank you.
Is to get into the DNA and to stop it from replicating or to change the code.
So it's been proven in mammalian studies, in animals, we're mammals.
It's been proven in studies that it does interfere with the DNA.
This is essentially, Stu, a cancer-causing treatment.
So not only are you not going to prevent COVID, but you're going to give yourself, essentially, cancer.
And let me just share a couple other things about it.
It's a perfect setup for carcinogenic and teratogenic, which is birth defects, to happen, okay?
And in 2020, there was a scientist named Rick Bright who worked for the Trump administration.
He became a whistleblower because he wanted to raise the red flag and he said, do not advance this drug, Molnupiravir, okay?
This new Merck drug.
Do not advance this into fast track because this thing is not safe.
It is interfering with the normal replication of your body cells.
You know, your body renews itself.
It needs its own DNA to do that.
This medication, essentially, will interfere with that process.
And in the animal studies, there were loads of cancers.
So this Rick Bright actually got fired.
He was ignored by the Trump administration and the drug went on.
I want people to understand something.
The federal government with your tax dollars has promised Merck that if they get their emergency use authorization, which by the way they're about to apply for any minute.
The government has promised to buy 1.2 billion dollars worth of this drug.
You don't think they're going to try to mandate Molnupiravir?
I mean, come on, give me a break.
And they had some independent advisory board in the FDA, I've never even heard of that, okay?
I'd love to know who's on that board, that recommended to the FDA that they should indeed grant Merck this EUA for Molnupiravir.
I mean, this is a dangerous medication.
It's like Yogi Berra said, you know, it's déjà vu all over again.
Here we go!
They're playing on fear once again because fear paralyzes people.
We have a virus with a nearly 100% survival rate that people are tripping over themselves, running, physically fighting to get to the front of a line to inject themselves with something that provides them with no immunity, that has extreme amounts of adverse events including myocarditis and heart issues in young people.
Because of the fear, they're able to raise the prices, as was just shown on the screen here.
This thing is going to be sold for exponentially more than what it cost to manufacture.
And now, if you want to get your hands on Ivermectin, you're not able to do that because the pharmacists are pulling it off the shelves.
Pharmacies are no longer stocking their pharmacies with Ivermectin.
Pharmacists are telling doctors, I need a reason why you're prescribing this now.
Second-guessing doctors
for patients who have a valid prescription for ivermectin no matter what it is and now instead they're rolling out a pill to combat the fear of this coronavirus that now gives you cancer and soon there's going to be an injection for cancer as well.
More with Dr. Jane Ruby in just a couple of minutes as we return on the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters.
Owen Schroer coming up next.
He's promised a powerful guest in studio.
He'll be in the Alex Jones Show studio for the War Room that's coming up here
Shortly, some stats before we get back here to Dr. Gene Ruby that I was looking at here.
You should keep this in mind when we're talking about, you know, immunity and antibodies not counting, but you know, you've got to take this vaccine.
And if you don't take this vaccine, your life is going to be made a living hell, right?
Well, how come that doesn't apply to 6,000 White House staff
And Congress, which I'm sure that this has been talked about, the hypocrisy here.
Two million illegal immigrants at the southern border are not being forced to take this jab upon entry and they're being given ivermectin.
That's really weird because I can't get it.
Eight million Chinese students in the United States, they're immune from these mandates.
Eight million Chinese students in the United States.
Meanwhile, American and Canadian students are told that they have to get the jab before they're allowed to return to campus and complete their degree.
500,000 homeless people?
Nope, no jab for you.
In Canada, two-thirds of the federal government is not mandated, which is about 200,000 employees.
Does anyone have an explanation for any of that other than they know something that we don't?
Dr. Jane Ruby has been with us and she joins us again now.
We're talking about this
Let me see if I can pronounce this right.
Molnupiravir, which is a pill that you have to take or that you can take in lieu of the vaccine or along with these shots.
I don't know.
We're going to be taking all kinds of drugs.
The government will soon be in my bathroom stuffing everything I need in my medicine cabinet.
I'm certain of it.
I want to get into some myocarditis stuff, but you have something more on this Merc you were telling me during the break.
Go ahead.
I don't understand.
Viruses do not have their own DNA.
They infect you and they suck out, they use your DNA to replicate themselves.
Molnupiravir forces copy errors.
That's the mechanism of action.
It forces copy errors in the virus's attempt to multiply itself.
What could go wrong, right?
By the way, all of these studies are predicated on the PCR test, which the CDC has recalled.
It's disgusting.
The company has essentially publicly lied.
And let me read a few of the quotes by the company.
This does not interfere with the virus's genetic code.
It does not do this with humans, in human cells.
There's no long-term data, by the way, on cancer.
And they also said there's no evidence of future, of potential rather, for cancer causing.
This drug is not capable of inducing genetic changes.
Stu, that's the mechanism of action.
They can't deny their own mechanism of action.
And let me read to you just a couple of titles of studies that are already out on this warning.
Some of them read like, this drug inhibits SARS-CoV-2 in vitro.
In vitro means under a glass.
That means they never tested it in a living, dynamic human being, but is mutagenic, meaning cancer-causing.
People who have signed up
for these injections have signed up for a lifetime subscription to shots and to treatments to, you know, all of these things that are not vaccines because they are now immunocompromised as a result of the shot and the genetic change.
This is why we talk about things like antibody dependent enhancement when these people who've been inoculated get reintroduced to new viruses this fall as we're now getting into the real flu season, which is the killer for our kids.
Uh, then they're going to, they're going to experience all kinds of different things, massive organ failure and all of that.
But I want to, I want to focus on our youngsters because, you know, uh, kiddos are, are our whole purpose in life.
At least speaking for myself, my kids are the most important thing in my life.
Only second to God.
I, it's important to me to protect them and as I look to California and I see that entire school districts are being mandated and then you look to New York and you see Governor, or excuse me, Mayor de Blasio, the clown, the communist tyrant, forcing everybody to take these injections.
Now there's lawsuits going on there.
So, we know a lot about our kids.
We know a lot about the age group, you know, 12 to 17 in myocarditis.
Are these numbers leveling out?
Are these numbers exploding?
Is this being overstated when I'm on the show, warning about this side effect in our kids?
Or is this a legitimate concern?
Stu, they're exploding.
Especially now that the 12 to 15-year-old rollout for these shots is well underway.
I just have to implore parents, honest to God, you just don't know what you're doing when you're tripping over yourself to shove your 12, 13, 14-year-old, 15-year-old into these shot clinics.
I'm telling you right now, the numbers have exploded.
They're literally 20 times higher than the expected rate.
The expected rate is defined as sort of that background rate
We're looking at the ages in VAERS from 13 to 23.
Look Stu, 80% of males between 13 and 23.
I'm sorry, the afflicted 80% are males.
So look, you're marching your teen boy in there, you've got a huge risk, you've got a huge percentage rate of myocarditis.
And I want to remind people, myocarditis is not just one and done, hey I feel better, I'm going home, like a common cold.
The inflammation itself leaves behind fibrotic changes, changes in the chemical composition.
Your heart is an electrochemical organ.
It depends on all kinds of electrical charges and it's all controlled by chemical, your sodium, your potassium.
These things get disrupted, the pathways get disrupted.
You are subjecting your child, if he gets myocarditis, with years of
Well, hopefully many years, but years, unfortunately, of feeling tired, back and forth to the cardiologist.
It's irreversible damage, Stu.
Lots of damage.
It's like scar tissue in the heart.
The heart is entirely muscle.
I've been talking about this for a really long time, and we all have.
And of course, we're framed in a light.
This is all a big conspiracy.
And then you look over at the DoD again today, and you look at patents, and Karen Kingston brings forward, who's a biotech analyst, a former Pfizer employee, she tells me today that the DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Office is tracking COVID vaccine deaths.
But Cyrus Parsa just yesterday was a big conspiracy theorist for saying that there's some sort of an artificial intelligence extinction plan with these shots.
You have to be, as a pharmaceutical professional, as an expert in the medical field, in the pharmaceutical field specifically, you have to be extremely responsible with the things that you say.
And, you know, I don't so much.
I can just wear it on my sleeve and say it how I see it.
And if I'm right, I'm right.
If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.
Most of the time, we've been right.
But I see this as an intentional
Diabolical, sinister plan, including with this new Merc thing, because you mentioned something that really caught my attention.
You said that there were problems with the reproductive system, or there was some sort of an issue with that, with this Merc thing, and we're seeing the same thing with these shots.
They're impacting women's and girls' reproductive ability, making them infertile.
Now, we're seeing a ton of these guys, their balls are swelling up super huge, right?
There's all this testicular inflammation going on, weird things happening.
Meanwhile, the guy responsible for all of this, Bill Gates, tells the entire world right out in the wide open that we need to depopulate.
So, in a responsible type of way, I mean, and real quickly, because I got a minute,
Do you think that I'm being hyperbolic?
Am I wearing some tinfoil hat here?
Or do you view this as being evil and intentional?
Stu, I have to say that from my perspective as a medical professional and a pharma drug development, there's no therapeutics to these shots, to these pills.
There's nothing beneficial.
We're good to go.
I can't deduce anything other than this is intentional.
And I'm particularly concerned, I'm concerned about everybody and everything, but I'm concerned about our military.
Our military could potentially be decimated right in front of our eyes.
They're going to be also mandated to take these cocktails.
If they don't leave now and reject it...
And once they're kicked out, uh, they're going to be replaced by three people who will, and then they'll march in line and they will help to inject everybody in this country or around the planet.
Uh, that's, that's the way to take over without firing a shot.
The threat of the military, the threat of prosecution, the threat of being criminalized for going to a school board meeting.
That is the state of America in 2021.
Dr. Jane Ruby, thank you for your constant responsible reporting on all of this and for joining us today.
My name is Stu Peters, fourth hour of Alex Jones.
The War Room is up next.
Stick around.
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