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Name: 20211007_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 7, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses human-animal hybrids being created in research farms, warning that the mainstream media is trying to normalize this reality by reporting on it as a recent development when it has been going on for over five years. He also talks about animal-human clones used in vaccines which allows pharmaceutical companies to bypass regulatory measures while pushing their agenda forward. Jones promotes solar generators and heirloom beans available at Infowarsstore.com. In another discussion with Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. McCullough, they criticize the government and media for manipulating COVID-19 information and emphasize the importance of vitamin D in reducing the risk of COVID and other diseases. They discuss strategies against the takeover by politicians, corporate media, police, bureaucrats, and members of Congress among others. The speakers also discuss treatments and prevention methods for COVID-19 and Jones talks about the New World Order's attempts to control people through vaccines and digital tracking. He encourages listeners to stay informed and take action against these forces.

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Breaking, for the first time ever, video of animal-human hybrid released.
Question mark.
Then we go on to say, but it's no question that this is going on and is happening.
So that's another discussion.
Congress won't pass a law against it, the ongoing practice, just here alone.
It's going on even more crazy in China, the info shows.
Are we going to do anything about this?
Are we going to say anything about this?
Because again, we're all just being acclimated with movies like Lamb and series like Sweet Tooth with a horrible, evil, racist, right-wing hillbillies after a human depopulation event and 99% of humans are dead.
Only a research lab of human-animal hybrids survives because humans were inherently bad, Sweet Tooth.
And now the good black people that are the only humans left that aren't white have to go out with the humanoids and they have to kill the evil white people.
That's the show.
And what did I tell you 15 years ago when Stephen Colbert made fun of it?
I said, they're going to create animal-human hybrids and say it's racist to not want them created.
That's what transhumanism is.
If you'll accept a man in women's sports, you'll accept a man in a woman's gym, in their locker room, in the women's hot tub, in front of little girls with their penises out, that's going on, you'll accept, hey, these things aren't human, they aren't animal, we created them, we're a corporation, we own them, but they still have rights.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We can't just let this information get lost in the mix.
We can't just come on air and expose this incredible horror and then just have it become part of the background ambient noise.
We have to let it hit us in our soul.
We have to decide to do something about it.
Or we'll lose our souls.
It's Thursday, October 7th.
The year is 2021.
And I'm about to play for you something of pure nightmare.
Viewer discretion is advised.
Now, you can debate whether this is real or not.
But it is real.
It's going on.
It's happening.
And to any trained eye, you know it is 100% real.
Ladies and gentlemen,
It hasn't just come out, what I told you years ago, to the medical literature, that Pfizer lies to the world, so does Moderna, that the vaccines are grown in the cloned tissue of dead babies, what they call immortal cell lines.
No, that's all broken, that's all come out via the great folks at Project Veritas.
No, it's a lot further down the rabbit hole.
Here's a commenter, Paul Revere, on Twitter, that's a human-pig hybrid.
And that's exactly what it is.
That's a baby pig, humanoid, just born, brought forward to the camera.
This isn't Sweet Tooth on Netflix or the new show Lamb, the new movie coming out, the horror movie.
That's all to condition you.
The order went out years ago to put out the human-animal hybrid films.
So that when this actually rolls out, you'll be conditioned and ready to accept the horror.
I told you many years ago about scientists I talked to.
One of them died shortly after he was on the show.
He didn't talk about this on the show, but he talked about it off air with me.
How he saw animal-human hybrids in underground bases more than 20 years ago now.
Well, now it's not an underground basis.
It's happening for real.
I'm about to premiere a sickening video right now that I'm going to show you.
Mainline News preparing you for it.
Human-pig hybrid created in lab.
Here are the facts.
Notice they said, oh, it just happened this year.
No, it didn't.
Human-animal chimeras are gestating, that means inside the uterus, on U.S.
research farms.
Technology Review, MIT.
That's, what, five years ago?
Six years ago.
scientists create human-animal hybrids by growing human organs inside sheep and pigs.
I worked for a large animal vet that did artificial insemination and worked on cloning, one of the top guys, top students ever with his degree from A&M.
And I remember working there when I was 15 years old, I'm 47 now, 30 plus years ago, and they had cloned sheep and they had cloned cows that were being produced and sold in mass.
That then had their own babies and were mixed with other normal animals.
You tell the average person this is going on, they don't even believe it.
So when we come back, I'm going to show you the shocking footage that went up this morning and has gotten basically no attention.
We tracked it back to its source to a farm.
You can say, oh, well, that's just a horrible deformity of the pig, except
If you look at it, it's far too simian.
It actually appears to be a simian, that is monkey or ape hybrid, because they have those as well.
They have thousands of types they admit to, including humans spliced with dolphins.
That, of course, is a project, one project to the Navy.
Remember grandma and grandpa saying, we don't turn things around in culture, things are going to fall apart.
Evil's going to take over.
We're gonna have a Mark of the Beast, World Cashless Society.
They're gonna have human animal clones.
Now here we are 50, 60, 70 years later and it's all happening.
Thank you for joining us on this live October 7th, Thursday broadcast.
I come to you with just incredible news and information today that's over the top.
You know, one of the biggest criticisms of this broadcast, one of the things they've leveled major attacks on in the last 20 years,
Is that I talk about chemicals in the water that are destroying the endocrine systems and the normal genetic imprint of reproduction, not just in amphibians and fish, not just in lower level mammals, but also in humans.
And that's because it's going on and it's part of a larger operation purposely done in their own internal documents that have leaked.
And then, of course, I began to discover when I was first on air 27, 28 years ago that Lister said, hey, you want to know what's really going on?
They were sending a lot of internal documents, but also public documents from places like MIT, but also articles out of the BBC back then.
Reporting that 20 years previous, they had created animal-human clones in test tubes, and that they were beginning to implant them in cow uteruses to grow humanoids.
Now, the human doesn't have any rights because it's not a human, it's part animal.
That's how they get around animal rights, and that's how they get around human rights, because it's a new thing.
It's like a synthetic drug when they take, say, ecstasy and make a new drug, and for a while, until they pass a law making it illegal, you can sell it in gas stations.
Because it's new.
Well, it's the same thing.
So by splicing humans and animals, now you can say, oh, there's no fetal tissue in this vaccine because it's an animal monkey clone.
And that's all right here in MIT and National Geographic and everything the last few years, as they externalized what I was telling you about previously.
So you weren't ready and brainwashed and conditioned yet to accept that 25 years ago, 26 years ago, 27 years ago.
So people say, oh, Jones is crazy.
He wasn't reading a
Scientific study out of MIT about animal-human hybrids, or then I got mailed after that of Time Life Books, big life magazine, about them saying they were doing it in the 60s.
So they were either lying and saying they were in the 60s creating humans and test tubes with animal DNA, or they'd done it.
But the point is, it's here now.
So I was working out this morning at about 8 a.m.
and I
I don't know.
That's how you can tell when you look from 20 feet away at a bowl of fruit, even with the best plastic fruit, is it real or is it fake?
And you can eyeball it and tell.
Your facial recognition is better than the best supercomputers.
It's amazing.
And so I looked at it and said, that's absolutely real.
But whether it's real or not, and that's today's show headline, first video of animal-human clone released.
Whether this video is real or not, and I believe it's real, I know in my gut it's real.
That's my entire intellect saying, yes, that's real.
It is real, and it is going on, and they've been keeping it quiet, and I predicted a year ago, with all the shows like Sweet Tooth and movies like Lamb coming out, there's more than 20 shows about human-animal hybrids, and I've talked to folks at Netflix that were at the meetings in, like, three years ago at
Sundance Film Festival, and they were told to come out with dystopic animal-human clones.
They weren't told, hey, to get people ready, but that's an executive level.
I can see what's going on.
I can tell you that's what was happening.
And I said, just a few years ago and a few months ago, and about 11 months ago on Joe Rogan's show, I said, soon they're going to announce this and show it to the world.
And now it's happening.
This is exactly how they would do it.
Just boom at one of the facilities.
Go ahead while all these movies are out and all these shows are in theaters and all the trailers are on TV for shows like Lamb, programs like Lamb Films, then you see this.
So I'm going to roll this footage for the first time exclusively to a big audience and we're going to link the video also in the live show feed.
Can we put the live show feed up for TV viewers?
Because I want to ask TV viewers and radio listeners to go to InfoWars.com and to get
The live show feed of the show.
And to share it with everyone, there it is, breaking first video of Animal-Human Hybrid released.
Click here for exclusive live feed.
Go to infowars.com, go to newswars.com, go to freeworldnews.tv, to the Alex Jones section.
You'll find the live feed there.
That's the URL to share, because it's not as easily censored.
And share it from freeworldnews.tv.
Just click on the Alex Jones live feed section, Alex Jones area, and you'll go right to it, left-hand corner.
But right now, let's go ahead and roll this footage of a barn.
With a human-pig hybrid that they admit they've developed.
And you can say, well, maybe it's a real pig being born and they just put this over its face.
I've looked at it.
I've looked at the fingers removing the straw from the head.
This is somebody's phone.
It's just happened.
And they're filming it.
This is real.
That's my analysis.
It's like, you know, you could have the fanciest sex doll in the world, or Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum of Meryl Monroe.
That's not Meryl Monroe.
You know it's got glass eyes.
Or you know it's a morph.
You know, they got the best morph systems out there now.
You can still tell when Hollywood's faked something.
Schwarzenegger, you know, reappears in the Terminator movies as a young man.
You can tell it in him.
This is real, in my expert research view, but you're an expert too, your eye's good.
We're gonna show you this footage, and it's now live at band.video and freeworldnews.tv, the footage you're about to see.
I suggest you get it, and I suggest you share it, so that when people see this, it isn't through mainstream media going, is it real, isn't it real?
Just conditioning you so that when they openly announce what's happening, you're already acclimated to it.
This is brainwashing.
No, this is an animal-human-animal-looks-animal-chimpanzee hybrid.
And I've got MIT.
Let me show you right here.
National Geographic human-pig hybrids.
Right here.
National Geographic.
There's another one.
Human-animal chimeras are gestating.
That means inside the uterus on U.S.
research labs.
Humanoids inside cows.
Humanoids inside pigs.
All right?
There's London Independent.
Showing this to all the TV viewers.
There it is.
Human-animal chimeras are gestating in U.S.
research labs.
That's a man who's part sheep and part pig.
It's all in your face, okay?
So here is the footage that I believe is real.
Here it is.
This is the human pig.
Let's see, you have eyebrows of a human, nose of a human, forehead with a bamboo, and teeth.
Come here, come here, come here, come here little flower.
All right, now you notice that is in a foreign language.
My point is, I'm showing you news articles that say they're doing it in the United States.
Now, if I was the globalist and I know how they operate, I would go in and artificially inseminate pigs, when you're finally going to announce this, on private farms so they can freak people out and watch they're going to do this, and say the earth is so damaged and so out of control, it's creating these mutations because of global warming.
That's why the third world's starving to death, not from the COVID lockdown that's 100% did it.
Oh, deadly viruses are emerging, not because Peter Daszak and Fauci and Gates created it in a lab.
We don't even have the documents proving they did.
And they said they were going to release it.
Total smoking gun.
Oh no, the news is saying it happened because you had a car or air conditioning.
See, it's your fault you're dying.
It's your fault there's human-animal clones.
It's your fault there's deadly viruses.
Five of them spliced together and released.
All confirmed.
It's your fault there's human-animal clones.
You see that?
And I'm usually good at figuring out languages.
Is it Spanish?
Is it Portuguese?
We're going to figure it out.
But we're all doing this together.
Go to the Twitter feed with it, guys, and see what folks are saying there.
But this is the reality, ladies and gentlemen, and this is what's going on in our world.
They're really arresting preachers in the U.S.
and Canada and Europe and Australia that try to reopen their churches, in some cases after 500-plus days.
They're really teaching pedophilia in schools.
They're really saying they're going to print a trillion dollar platinum coin.
It's only worth a few thousand dollars and say now that they can create a trillion and that there's unlimited money and the feds can do whatever they want.
The language is Spanish.
He's saying maranito, meaning little pig, and then he says person, human.
We're going to play the club for you again right now.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
More images and video is emerging around the world of human-like pigs or monkey-like pigs in China, not just in Mexico, where we now know this video came from.
True horror, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's another one of the humanized pigs.
Now, they're gonna say that's a natural mutation.
This type of stuff's not been recorded before.
Why is it happening now?
Oh, right, while human-pig hybrid created in lab, here are the facts.
There's a very mutagenic factor to this and it's also been found in major studies.
100th monkey syndrome is one of the well-documented ones where you can have monkeys.
I don't know.
And know how to break it open themselves.
It's documented.
It's an electromagnetic six sense internet that we call spiritual, but it's really electrochemical.
It's real.
It's been documented.
And so could it be that because they're doing all this cloning and all this genetic engineering, that because these creatures are transmitting,
It's like geese know how to read the magnetic lines of the earth and fly 5,000 miles at 3,000 miles and hummingbirds can fly 4,000 miles and butterflies can fly 3,000-4,000 miles.
Monarchs from Canada all the way down to Mexico.
Well, they are picking up the electromagnetic systems of other animals, other plants, and the earth, and the sun, and the moon.
This is all known now.
This isn't mumbo-jumbo.
The ancients all knew it, but they tried to figure it out their own way and ascribed it to mythical, secret, unseen things, so they couldn't see it.
Well, we now know you can't see a cell phone radiation, can't see microwave radiation, can't see the radiation in your microwave, but you put a fork in there and hit the button, you're going to see something.
We're going to see those wavelengths going through and hitting that metal and having an explosive reaction.
And you put a baby in that microwave like a lot of crazy crackhead women do.
I've met two different groups of cops in the United States that went on calls where crackhead women put babies in microwaves.
And you can't see the microwave sitting the baby, but it's happening.
Just like you can't see the microwave radiation come out of a cell phone, but it's made those type of brain tumors go up more than 10,000% in the last 20 years.
And the doctors always know it's what side of the head you put the phone to.
Remember that, just keep it a few feet away will probably save your life.
You go, why?
Because however long the antenna is, engineers will tell you, and this is a destination, stupid way of saying it, it varies system to system, but however long the antenna is,
Every length out of the wavelength from the length of the antenna, it cuts in power by half.
So when you're right up against your skull, it's all going right in through your brain and it's actually inducting into your bone and into your brain.
And that's why there are studies out 30 years ago that the first big cell phones out would, quote, heat the brain up to two degrees.
Look it up.
So this is a side issue.
Here we are in the year 2021, and the Senate, we can put this on screen, remember?
Four months ago?
The U.S.
Senate headline, U.S.
Senate refuses to ban certain types of animal-human hybrids.
Senate kills GOP legislation to prohibit certain human-animal hybrids, chimeras, forbs.
And I said four months ago, let's see if my memory serves, how long ago was that?
Was it four months ago?
I think it was four months ago.
Let's see if my memory serves.
The point is, that's where our country is, and that's what's going on.
Taxpayer monies for this!
Just like it's a fact that the Pfizer shot and the Moderna shot give you cancer, cause heart attacks, destroy your immune system, don't protect you.
And give you ADS, and that's even more in the news today, but that's okay.
Pfizer asked U.S.
to allow COVID shots for kids ages 5 to 11, even though the only children that have died less than 50 had heart attacks, cancer, three or four comorbidities, and didn't die of COVID.
Doesn't matter, though.
Europe just banned these vaccines for under 30s, because they were killing so many people.
Doesn't matter.
But don't worry, they're gonna double down and say, oh no, pregnant women need it.
Because they're mad scientists, you see.
Oh, but Alex Jones, he's the bad guy.
He didn't lie about WMDs like the New York Times did on purpose.
Or the Office of Special Plans.
No, no, Alex Jones just questioned, you know, big public events because so many are staged.
In fact, there's so many staged hate attacks now, I can't even keep track of them anymore.
And then you learn about old ones.
Like the baby from Roe v. Wade that was never aborted, didn't die, it was all fake, it was all a lie.
The woman's 50 years old now.
They tried to abort her in 1970.
The media told us that she was aborted, but she wasn't aborted by her mother.
It was all a lie.
But, oh, you shouldn't question big events.
See, the reason they stage big events is they want to be able to control it and make sure nothing leaks or ever gets out.
And so they didn't want to use a real woman that had gone out and got an illegal abortion.
They went and found one and just made the whole thing up because they love their father the devil.
They'll lie when telling the truth would serve them better because it's of their nature.
Remember, what did I say hundreds of times here?
I said immortal cell lines.
All the major vaccines are basically grown on immortal cell lines.
They may grow them on eggs at the end of the day, but the original new batches are made in the immortal cell line of an aborted boy who was eight and a half months old and his mother in 1966.
And they found that his cells, because they've tested millions of people's cells, dead people, babies they killed and others, most people's cells won't keep dividing and won't grow in any type of medium.
And so they've got two major cell lines they like to use best.
It's a dead black woman from 1951 and a dead white boy from 1966.
And they keep growing their cells.
In fact, I've seen some estimations that Henrietta Lacks, they've probably grown the equivalent of 20 million of her.
They don't grow up her whole body, they just clone her cells.
This lady don't die.
She'll grow on a tabletop in sunlight, her cells will.
They're magic.
They're the best.
The tumor ate her in a week,
They came in and saw her, decided not to operate on her, just because you never shoot blacks up with syphilis back then, this mad scientist.
The ones that trained Fauci, it's the same people.
They just pass on the club.
And she came in, had that tumor, and they said, you just come back and see us in a couple weeks.
She was dead.
That tumor ate large portions of her body, and they said, let's take her away and check her.
We've never seen cancer grow like this.
See that movie, The Blob, where it just grabs you and eats you right away, absorbs you, it's basically like that, but in slow motion.
And so I don't want to put Henrietta Lacks, the dead black lady, or the dead white kid in me.
We don't know that young boy's name.
They just tell us it's a white Caucasian.
Six pounds, when aborted.
Six pounds, one ounce.
You look it all up.
They're real proud of him, too.
He just keeps growing, keeps giving them what they need.
And then now they've got Pfizer.
People saying, yeah, they told us cover it up, even though it's in the documents that it's a gene line.
It's a cell line, an immortal cell line of Henrietta Lacks and that dead white boy.
Bad scientists won't play God.
They are on you now.
They're growing clones.
They're splicing humans and animals.
They're doing it all.
And they want you out of their way.
Well, what did Fauci and the head of the HHS and the rest of them say in that video from 2019?
They said, we need a big deadly virus out of China to get released.
We can stampede everybody and do whatever we want and just totally take over.
So if we stop valuing old people and unborn babies and our handicapped folks,
And if we stop valuing the value of the currency, and if we stop valuing our own health, we start not caring about our spiritual life, our connection to God, then what are we?
Well, we're devils.
We're disconnected, destructive, cut off from God and the universe failures.
And when you take the building blocks of life in a laboratory and you splice them together, humans made in the image of God, the great creators we are,
And you create these horrible, sick, tortured creatures.
Well, that's exactly what the ancient Egyptians and the Babylonians, all of them, carved in hieroglyphs on the walls, that the gods came down to earth and splashed humans with animals and made horribly deformed creatures, and there was a war, and then most of the life on earth got destroyed.
And all those cultures, not just the ancient Jewish writings, say that flood consumed the surface of the planet.
Plato wrote about that 2,200 plus years ago in the Republic.
And the flying machines in the big city, the white city in the Atlantic Ocean, and the visitors that would come and land in Greece on their flying machines.
And that was the impetus and the idea for all the incredible architecture.
Pull up the, pull up, pull up,
Greece, pull up Crete, pull up the Parthenon, pull up the capital of Greece.
Show people some of that architecture.
Those big giant columns and the incredible construction.
I mean, people just thought of this out of their minds, did they?
Well, yeah, they did.
The question is, was this the first time this was built?
The pyramids and all of it.
Or had they seen it before?
Why would they build the columns like rockets and have carvings of flame coming out the bottom?
Why would they have paintings of large ships with portals on the sides landing and humanoids disembarking?
And so whether that all happened before or not, that is in all the ancient myths of the Mayans and the Aztecs and the Druids and the ancient Qin out of China.
And now it's happening again.
And now we're getting ready to destroy ourselves again.
Just like Revelation warns us what we would do.
Those are the big mystery school secrets they don't want you to know.
But your mainline controlled churches won't tell you.
They're getting ready to blow it all up.
The Old Testament says God, you know,
Put us here that made us, doesn't like us splicing humans and animals, and doesn't like us sacrificing children and drinking blood.
God likes us to build beautiful things and do amazing things and be good people.
But if we're bad, well, we'll destroy ourselves.
That's why we're given an owner's manual and told you might not want to do what all these other cultures started doing.
And you read all that stuff in the Bible, which they've dug up all over the world and proven, and other ancient texts, and they just find cities with no volcanoes around them, where the whole city's glass, like a hydrogen bomb.
And then they check the glass and it's radioactive.
Hmm, wonder what's going on here, all over the world.
Radioactive, melted cities.
And so the Bible says there were human-animal clones, but it's here now.
And when you look at Fauci and these people, they're the guild of mad scientists following the same ancient cult directive to kill, steal, and destroy.
So let's go ahead and play the video.
Radio listeners can find it at InfoWars.com.
This is a live feed of the show, but we'll add the video from Band.Video and FreeWorldNews.TV under the live show feed today that has the same headline.
Breaking for the first time ever, video of animal-human hybrid released.
Question mark.
Then we go on to say, but it's no question that this is going on and is happening.
So that's another discussion.
Congress won't pass a law against it, the ongoing practice, just here alone.
It's going on even more crazy in China, the info shows.
Are we going to do anything about this?
Are we going to say anything about this?
Because again, we're all just being acclimated with movies like Lamb and series like Sweet Tooth with a horrible, evil, racist,
Right-wing hillbillies after a human depopulation event and 99% of humans are dead.
Only a research lab of human-animal hybrids survives because humans were inherently bad, sweet tooth.
And now the good black people that are the only humans left that aren't white have to go out with the humanoids and they have to kill the evil white people.
That's the show.
And what did I tell you 15 years ago when Stephen Colbert made fun of it?
I said, they're going to create animal-human hybrids and say it's racist to not want them created.
That's what transhumanism is.
If you'll accept a man in women's sports, you'll accept a man in a woman's gym, in their locker room, in the women's hot tub, in front of little girls with their penises out, that's going on, you'll accept, hey, these things aren't human, they aren't animal, we created them, we're a corporation, we own them, but they still have rights.
And you gotta be nice to them.
I could see this whole thing a mile away.
Oh, and the WeSpa incident?
He's a convicted pervert.
I mean, look at the guy's face.
He's the protected Superman, the uber-mention in California.
Why, they're allowed to give you HIV or hepatitis there and kill you.
They call it gift-givers and gift-receivers.
It's a gift.
Your children are going to receive what Fauci created in that lab and released in 1978.
And now he's released another gift.
He did so well then as project manager that he's cooked it up again.
In Wuhan, it's in all the documents how they made it and tried to approach the Pentagon for 14 million to release it on the Chinese.
That's mainline news!
London Independent!
That's the documents!
We told you and now it's out there!
And nothing happens.
Just like nothing happens when they go, yeah, for a couple decades we're supplying humans and animals and you don't really need to see them, but they're going to have rights when we bring them out.
And then that won't make it look so bad when you splice your genetics.
Like they're saying, oh, we don't want two gay men to have to go to a woman for a surrogate.
No, no, the two men will combine.
Well, that's not how, that's not a human.
That goes down the mitochondrial DNA line, passed from a woman, totally different creature.
But see, they're already saying, oh, we're going to make babies out of two men and two women.
And then you'll have to accept whatever these creatures do.
You see, now you know what transhumanism is all really about.
It's not about two men in bed together or two women in bed together.
It is about the end of the species as we know it and us having no boundaries and no controls with these genetic engineer mad scientists to totally take over.
I'm going to go to break.
Please try to keep us on air and realize the world's ready to hear the truth right now.
So when you share the articles, the videos, the live feeds, people aren't going to ridicule you now.
They're going to share what you're doing in almost every case, but who cares?
They do ridicule you.
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X2, deep-earth crystal iodine.
So many people are deficient in it.
That's one of the big enemy attacks is to put bad halogens out, not the good halogen.
The good halogen is iodine.
The bad halogen is chlorine, bromide, and all the rest of those guys.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We are joined by a thought criminal.
I don't normally have guests two days in a row on, but this is as bad as it gets.
Arthur Polosky, no criminal record, escaped from behind the Iron Curtain decades ago from Poland, came to what he thought was a free country, that being, of course, Canada.
And he's been arrested at his church, he's been arrested in the street, pulled over, he's been arrested flying back into the country, then they searched his laptop, treated him like a criminal, and now he's facing four years in prison for holding a quote, illegal church service.
This is still ongoing, while the topless bars and the grocery stores and everything else have been open for the whole time.
Here's the headline, Canadian pastor arrested on tarmac over COVID rules, says police confiscated luggage,
for getting caught holding charts.
This is just scary to know that something like Nazi Germany is forming just north of us, because it's nice people they're putting up with it.
So, Arthur, this could be our last interview for a while.
And so you've got the floor here for the rest of this segment, and then the next, and then we've got Thomas Renz, the big lawyer who discovered the Pentagon documents, made the vaccines killing people by design.
Dr. Joseph Mercola, completely censored off YouTube, for saying natural immunity is better than the vaccine, which is now an admitted fact.
Hell, even the big pharma just came out today and said it, and Kate Daly.
So we are all Arthur Polosky now, sir.
And they're just acclimating us.
We're just calmly here seeing this in Australia, in Europe, the UK.
Now they're trying to do it in Canada and the US.
So this is a globally UN-run system, and they're just going for broke.
Now they say in the future, if you're not vaccinated, you can't have Thanksgiving in Canada.
And they're saying here, if you're unvaccinated, they're going to come take you out of your house.
This is where they're going.
If we don't stand up, so thank you for joining us and tell us the latest.
Thank you so much for having me.
My trial for sentencing is Wednesday, October 13th, and we are staging a big protest all across North America, Canada, Calgary.
Okay, so I misunderstood.
So your sentencing isn't tomorrow?
I'm sorry.
It's Wednesday the 13th.
Okay, I apologize.
Okay, so it's next Wednesday.
That's right.
So, as you know, I have been traveling all over the United States of America for the past four months.
I was warning Americans.
I did my best to scare as many as I can, not just for the sake of delivering a scary message.
I mean, this is a reality right now.
What used to be a conspiracy theory, right now we are living in the middle of that theory.
Theory is no longer theory, it's a fact.
And of course, the truth is popping up left and right.
I have been warning people since 2005 when authorities came and declared that feeding the homeless people on the streets of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is no longer legal without the special papers from the mayor.
Congregating is not.
Allowed anymore, giving free goods and services, but plus giving printed material, which is Bibles and gospel tracts.
That's illegal as well.
I mean, those are the laws in the books.
Usually they don't enforce them unless you become too powerful, too vocal, and that's exactly what happened to me.
I had my TV show, I had my radio show, and all of that triggered this ongoing, 16 years right now, attack on my rights and my freedoms.
And I was telling Canadians, just like I was saying to Americans in the past four months, they came for me, be sure of it, they're going to come for you as well.
I remember when the COVID started last year, I was the first clergyman to get a COVID ticket.
And I was threatened with arrest.
And I remember the rallies and I was sharing with them.
I said, listen, police officers, listen, doctors, listen, nurses, listen, government workers.
They came for me.
Be sure of it.
It's just a matter of time.
They're going to come for you.
That's how the totalitarian system works.
Listen to a guy with a funny accent.
I grew up behind the Iron Curtain.
I was.
I grew up under the boots of the Soviets.
That's how they operate.
That's how the system works.
Listen to me.
I know you have not been living in hell on earth on this side of the border.
However, I did and many people like me escaped communism to find our freedom in North America.
Unfortunately, they had so good for so long they were not willing to listen to me.
Look what is happening just a year and a half later.
The police officers are forced to get a job.
You've got the nurses, the doctors, the government workers, even the bus drivers, the teachers, everyone is being forced to take a poison into his own body.
You see, two years ago, it was about me and my children.
And I said to them, listen, tomorrow will be your children if you're not going to fight for my children.
Well, they were not interested.
Here we are today.
They're coming for their children as well.
Right now, if the people will not rise up,
And I'm not trying to be scary.
If you will not rise up now, you may not have that opportunity tomorrow.
Now you gotta come and unite.
Now you have to do civil disobedience.
Now you have to say, I will not comply.
Just like the Solidarity Movement.
Just like what Mahatma Gandhi did.
Just like what Martin Luther King Jr.
Now we gotta take it to the streets, surround their houses.
And that's starting to happen in New South Wales, the worst on the planet, even worse than where you're at.
Southern Australia, they've now had six people from the Premier down resigning as they got caught taking money from Big Pharma.
Pfizer is directing the world.
It's in control.
The head of it needs to go to prison.
That's right.
Every politician, every person that took part, every chief of police that took part of this, every sheriff, every principal should be charged for treason and some of them should face capital punishment.
This is insanity at the highest level, and it's a global insanity.
Right now, we are watching the fence that was built by the authorities with over 100 police officers around the church.
This is not a strip club.
This is not a drug trafficking business.
No, those are all allowed and legal in Canada.
This is a church where adults come together on free will to worship God, and that's fundamentally guaranteed.
We have to remember,
That our criminal code says that if anyone interferes with the church gathering, if anyone interferes with the clergyman while he's conducting his duty, that's two years prison term.
But instead of following the law, they're hammering on us.
Instead of them going to jail, they want pastors in jail.
You know what happened?
Tens of thousands of criminals were released from prisons in the past year and a half.
I mean,
Tens of thousands of hardcore criminals were let go and back into society, but they are being replaced with people like me, pastors, Christians, Jews.
We are reliving history.
This is a repetition of what Adolf Hitler did not succeed.
Those big pharmas, those evil, wicked people are doing right now.
Look at what happens in Australia.
I mean, those people, and I said that so many times, like a broken record, I said, listen, people, they will never stop.
Those types of people never stop.
Bullying never stops.
Thomas Jefferson said it.
Thomas Jefferson said, the level of tyranny you will live under is what you accept.
The tyrant has no limit.
They have a thirst for power and control.
And we showed the footage of other big churches that refused to stop meetings.
They would put fences up with black paper so that you couldn't see it like it was a Hustler magazine or a porno movie.
And then I know people tore it down.
They put it back up.
What happened with that big church?
I mean, this is just incredible.
They were fenced for four months illegally.
Their private property was seized by the government.
They brought over 100 riot police guarding it.
Anyone that dared to touch the fence later on would be arrested.
I mean, total lawlessness.
And that's exactly what happens when you kick God out of your country.
I have been asking people to go back to the basics.
The four founding fathers, the forefathers, built our nations based on Judeo-Christian values.
In Canada,
Our Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, starts with the preamble, whereas Canada acknowledges the supremacy of God and the rule of law.
When God is kicked out, well, he takes the rule of law.
That's right.
Judges are corrupted.
They took money.
Look at what happened to me.
They found a corrupted judge, David Gates.
I don't know if he's related to your Bill Gates, but David Gates of Alberta gave them a carte blanche to arrest me anywhere they want.
Using any force deemed necessary.
Also, he allowed them to come into my church anytime they want, with whomever they want, any time of the week.
So they showed up with the anti-terrorists.
The anti-terrorists came to intimidate and harass Christians while they're praying.
Not terrorists!
And by the way, you were on a few months ago and you predicted that would happen here.
Now the National Education Association is sending the FBI, they're in command of it, quote, calling parents that don't want their children to be injected or wear masks or to be taught that their back is their white.
They're now saying we're terrorists.
That's right.
And I said that.
That's why I came to the United States.
Here is a footage of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying he has a huge admiration with the Chinese dictatorship because they can do things fast and efficient.
So forget your Constitution, they're just going to shut churches down.
This is all an illegal power grab.
The inoculations, the forced injections, the vaccine passports, the mandates, it's all fraud.
None of it's lawful.
Under common law and common sense.
We'll be right back with the pastor.
We've got other big guests.
If you say to yourself...
Heaping churches closed around the Western world while topless bars and liquor stores stay open seems like rubbing it in our face.
It is.
They want the power over the church because under English common law and under Judaic law as well and under Magna Carta, under our Bill of Rights and Constitution, it's also in the Canadian Constitution,
The government has no right to block people's religious rights.
That's why we founded America.
A lot of folks came to Canada, and then the French couldn't, you know, get their freedom up in Canada, so they came down to Louisiana.
So this has been ongoing, and so what they're doing is the main assault that the state must be God.
And so I admire the pastor for being here, and I admire his strength, because what he is fighting for is the same fight that
Daniel in the Lion's Den and, you know, others in the Fiery Furnace, it's that same thing where they're saying, bow to the state, worship the God of the state.
Isn't that right, Pastor?
I don't know.
You know, well, this is what happened.
They answered, well, our God is perfectly capable of saving us from your hand.
But if he chooses not to, so be it.
But we will not bow, and off they went to the fiery furnace.
But in the furnace, you see, Christians would only understand that in the fire, God deals with your enemies.
In the fire, God exposes you.
In the fire, Jesus shows up to set you free.
In the fire, you have a testimony.
And in the fire, it's your promotion.
If the church would truly be the church of Jesus Christ, this whole craziness would be a long time ago over.
We got to rise up, stand up.
Church pastors, where are you, leaders of God's people?
Don't be like Saul.
Don't be like Jonathan, cowards, watching the giant of the Lord mocking the living God and mocking the army of the living God.
We got to be like David.
We gotta be like Mordecai that refused to bow before the Haman.
And yes, the gallow is a scary thing, but let me remind you that...
It was the Haman that hanged on his own devices.
We just gotta keep preaching the truth and we have to refuse to bow.
You see, Jesus is not for sale.
Do not sell him for a bowl of soup for the silver coin.
Do not take the money from the government.
Do not bow before their regimes.
Rise up and Solidarity Movement, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
showed us how to fight.
Peaceful resistance, no compliance.
You know, break their system from within.
File lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit.
Crumble them from within.
And we know that we can do it when God is in the middle of our struggle, if you invite him back to your nation.
I said to Americans so many times, you want your country back?
Bring God back to your country.
You want your country back?
He has to come and help you in this crazy fight because the enemy is very powerful.
They have unlimited resources.
They have stolen and they were stealing from you for so long that they have trillions upon trillions of dollars at their disposal.
And now they're playing God, and you know, I've seen this metaphysical rule of God's universe before.
Every time I get persecuted and say, it's up to you, God, whatever happens, then all of a sudden, I go through some stuff, but then the doors open, things get better than ever.
But then I understand, if God's plan to get destroyed, that's there, and in that is the real power, isn't it?
God wants us to step into the fire.
That's it.
In the fire, it's your answer.
And I know fire is uncomfortable for those boys.
I'm sure when they look at the fiery furnace, that was not a very comfortable situation.
When David looked in the eyes of the giant, I'm sure he said, well, that dude is pretty big, but my God is bigger than that dude and the entire army of his friends.
So how big is your God?
If you worship Fauci's of today, those wicked, evil psychopaths, well then so be it.
Who do you worship?
But I have chosen, like Joshua, to serve my God.
And with my God, he says one time, Art, you and me, we are always the majority.
You see, God and you, you're always the majority.
That's right, Pastor.
Arthur Polosky, StreetChurch.ca.
Join us again next Tuesday or Monday before your sentencing, and we're going to be there.
God bless you, sir.
Thank you so much, StreetChurch.ca.
Standing up for all of us, tip of the spear, StreetChurch.ca.
People support him.
God bless you, sir.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
Stay with us, folks.
We'll be right back.
This is some very important information coming up as well.
Why don't we blow the system up?
I mean, obviously we can't just turn off the spigot on the system we have and then say, hey, everyone in the world should get this new vaccine we haven't given to anyone yet.
But there must be some way that we grow vaccines mostly in eggs the way we did in 1947.
In order to make the transition from getting out of the tried and true
I think so.
It's going to take a decade.
There might be a need or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement out there that's completely disruptive, that's not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.
So we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza and it's going to be very difficult to change that unless you do it from within and say
I don't care what your perception is, we're going to address the problem in a disruptive way and in an iterative way, because you do need both.
But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere.
We could get the RNA sequence from that, beam it to a number of regional centers, if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on a patch and self-administer.
What a time to be alive.
Well, he was on with us last week.
Thomas Renz joins us this week.
And he went and found the open source documents on the Pentagon's own big AI program that was even in the news.
They were tracking COVID.
And lo and behold, it found devastating information that since he broke it,
Over a week ago, has now hit mainstream news, thank God.
Renz-law.com is not just a law firm that's won awards for fighting people's rights.
He also has a lot of documents and research there proving what he breaks down.
Mr. Renz's expertise with law began, again,
Mentored Nuremberg prosecutor and celebrated international lawyer Henry T. King and junior attorney Renz has won the National Trailblazer Award for political action assessing a new mistake in national legislative and regulatory forums.
I'm not going to go over all the things he's done.
He's got a bunch of big lawsuits going on every front defending our rights and fighting this monstrous behavior.
But again, he began his experience with a Nuremberg prosecutor.
So that's certainly what we need now.
And I appreciate him joining us.
So much has come on just since he was on four or five days ago with us.
So he can start wherever he wants to go here to inform people about what's happening.
And then I would just dovetail it with Pfizer asked U.S.
to allow COVID shots, not a vaccine anymore, APCSC, for kids ages 5 to 11.
So even the media, the corporate media is calling it a shot now because they know the wheels are coming off.
And I talked to some other high-powered lawyers that say it's about to come out.
The next month, whistleblowers inside Big Pharma, bigger than the Veritas information, where they know that in the trials they covered up deaths and illnesses, and they also did secretive trials, and you see that in the CDC documents from October last year, months before the injections began here officially.
Hey, I am really glad to be here, Alex, and I'm really grateful you have me back.
I love your show.
I gotta tell you, I love what you guys do.
Have the courage to speak out even when it's not popular.
And, you know, that's what we got to do right now.
We've got to get the word out.
Well, we appreciate you, sir.
I've got dozens of big breaking things, but I know you're on top of this from a legal and research perspective.
What are the biggest ongoing developments now?
There's so many.
Boy, I gotta tell you, even since we talked, and it's only been a few days, there's been a massive amount.
I mean, God bless O'Keefe and Project Veritas for the work they're doing.
We need people to support them.
I mean, their stuff is just damning.
But, you know, here's the thing.
How much do we have to have?
And I know, beyond Veritas and some of these other things, I've got a whole slew of other information that we know that's not coming out yet.
It's coming.
There's going to be a whole lot more.
This is coming down.
This is the greatest fraud in world history.
This is unbelievable.
This is genocide almost, except for it's not against a specific race.
It's all going to come out.
And so I just want to give everybody an opportunity for all of you scum sucking sycophants that are out there thinking that, you know, we're just going to ride the wave.
It's your opportunity to abandon ship right now because this is going to come down and you want to decide which side you're going to be on.
And you know, even though you may be garbage, I would rather have you get off the ship now and join us because it just makes it easier and there'll be less people to go down with the ship.
We're going to win this.
All of this stuff is going to come out.
Listen, the stuff about the studies being covered up, we've known that for months.
We know that they covered it up.
We know their studies were garbage.
We know that they were lying.
We know that there were a lot more dead.
We know that there were a lot of this and a lot of that.
It's well known.
We also know that with a lot of countries around the world, I mean, we had the leaked Pfizer contract, I believe, that, you know, showed what they were doing to these different countries.
Basically, these countries are supposed to indemnify and cover them up.
You know, I mean, it's just unbelievable.
It's coming out and the truth will set you free.
And you know, Alex, one of the things that I want to do, I figured that, you know, hey, we're going to in this this presentation, you know, the presentation I did with Clay Clarks, where we talked about the 48000 dead within 14 days.
So we actually included screenshots of raw data from CMS.
I don't know if you saw this, Alex, but it's almost funny if it wasn't sad.
Yes, sir.
I did watch your presentation.
I've been following you for months and the documents and I believe you sent some of that to the crew.
When we come back, we can show some of those slides that are also on your site.
But absolutely, you're right.
What's old is new.
Most people don't know the true magnitude from the actual data of the real death rate.
Way worse than VARs, correct?
Way worse.
I mean, listen, so there's what I can confirm with evidence and this is not that.
But if I were a betting man,
I'd be willing to put money down on the fact that there's been over 200,000 deaths from this in the U.S.
Oh, that's incredibly conservative.
I mean, everyone I know knows people young and old that died of heart attacks or strokes after they took it.
Oh, yeah.
But I'll tell you, you want something funny?
I just saw some scumbag fact checker came out and said, oh, there's nowhere in the CMS that shows that there's 48,000 deaths.
Well, no kidding.
You have to analyze the data.
You have to look at the raw data.
Do you think that they've got it sitting there for you?
No, they're hiding it.
They're covering it up.
That's the nature of a cover-up.
You're going to fact-check because you didn't analyze the data.
This is almost funny, if it's not so sad.
I've got raw data.
You can analyze it.
I actually have the algorithms that were used to analyze this raw data.
So, you know what?
You run that algorithm, brother.
You see if you get the same numbers.
It'll actually be a little higher now because there's been more.
But you go ahead and fact-check this one.
All that you're doing by promoting that is just giving me another arrow when I sue your butt.
So I'm looking for, you know, you fact-checkers, you want to fact-check this?
When I sue you for contributing to the death of all these people, I cannot wait to publish your fact-check on my raw data.
I cannot wait.
So, you know,
I just, it's incredible.
By the way, Dr. McCullough is on next hour.
He's being totally censored off the web.
They're trying to block all these treatments, as you know.
Isn't that really a Nuremberg violation as well, to block treatments and bully doctors that try to expose it?
McCullough is the smartest doctor I've ran across.
And that's saying something, because I've got some brilliant doctors I've met.
This guy's resume is 170 pages with no fluff.
And I cannot get this guy to say something unless he can back it up with some ridiculous number of studies.
He is rock solid.
Everything he says is correct.
And that's why they're so scared of him.
Stay there.
By the way, I've got an example of fake fact checking when we come back.
We'll be breaking this down.
Stay with us.
Well, here's Joe Biden, who every couple of days goes across the street to another building where they built a fake White House.
Oval Office.
And a few months ago, people pointed out, hey, that's fake.
And Reuters came out and debunked claims that Biden's Oval Office is a fake movie set.
Well, no.
See, that's how they fact check.
His Oval Office isn't a fake movie set, even though it is kind of a set.
But he goes across the street to a fake Oval Office.
So when it was first pointed out by people on Twitter and other places that, hey, those windows are fake, hey, it's nighttime, but it shows it's daytime or
And now they don't even care.
They show that it's a whole press conference area where he took the so-called triple jab and all the rest of it.
He was there again a few days ago and this time the media went ahead and just showed it.
But Steele Reuters says this is really the Oval Office.
Even though he gets in the limo, drives across the street to another building, he goes into the executive office building, they just...
No, they're going to show you this, and then they're going to say it's real, and they're going to take you off Twitter or Facebook or YouTube if you deny it.
And you're like, well, that's crazy.
It is.
It's about rubbing your nose in it.
Pfizer can say natural immunity is better than their deadly shot, but you can't.
So here's footage of Biden, and then here's footage from the back of the press conference area that's built up to the fake Oval Office stage.
And for joining me today to talk about the need to raise the debt limit.
We haven't failed to do that since our inception as a country.
We need to act.
These leaders know the need to act.
The United States pays its bills.
It's who we are, it's who we've been, it's who we're going to continue to be, God willing.
So I'd now like to turn it over to Joanne Jenkins.
And then here's some feeds here.
So thank you, Mr. President, for the opportunity to speak to the impact of not raising the bar.
I mean, it's all just a giant joke.
And then nearly 65 million people across this country rely on sources of security.
Remember when the Queen of England didn't really go to Africa?
They built a whole fake Africa set on a movie set in England for like, I forget how many, tens of millions of pounds?
Going back to one of the prominent lawyers fighting this tyranny that's got major whistleblowers coming out and more, Thomas Renz, Renz-Law.com.
Since you mentioned Fact Checker, sir, I thought I'd show that.
Here's one more and then we'll get back to you.
AP Fact Check falsely claims school board group did not classify anti-CRT parents as domestic terrorists.
Well, they take one statement later where they didn't say it, but not the original letter.
So that's how they engage in the deception when they did say domestic terrorist in the letter.
So they are, they are waging war.
When you see Fact Check now from the corporate media, you know they're lying.
Go ahead, sir.
They certainly are.
They certainly are.
Well, I'll tell you Alex, I got a couple other things that actually you don't know because they happened today and yesterday.
And so, I'd like to give you guys kind of, obviously this would be breaking, it's new.
So, I had a conversation and I don't know if you saw, there's a couple ladies out in Colorado.
She's being denied a kidney transplant.
Because she hasn't got the jab.
Colorado Hospital is denying her, I'm not sure which hospital in Colorado, but one of the Colorado health systems is denying her right to get a kidney transplant because she hasn't had the jab.
Are you kidding me?
So let's talk about where we are.
This hospital wants to kill her
Because she hasn't had the jab.
It's on screen.
You're absolutely right.
It's an entire hospital system with stage 5 renal failure.
And they're saying, take this poison shot or die.
So now they're not just firing people, they're literally breaking the Hippocratic Oath.
Yeah, no, they're trying to kill people.
I've been saying for a while, we've been talking about the hospital crisis that's going on right now.
Well, the left has always said they want to ration care with death panels.
This is it.
This is the imposition of death panels, but I guess privatized.
They're trying, listen, they put you in the hospital if you've got COVID, they give you remdesivir to shut down your kidneys, they intubate you to destroy your lungs, and then they watch you die.
They don't feed you frequently, and then they get you on palliative care as quickly as possible to ensure you die.
I mean, and all this just makes them more money.
We've been talking about this for a while.
This wonderful lady,
Is going through hell right now, trying to get a kidney transplant.
And now in Australia, Europe and everywhere they're announcing the same thing.
This is a major UC health group saying, even if you've already had COVID or your doctor says you have a bad reaction to a vaccine, they're saying you must do it.
It's all about sending the president to ration care and have death panels.
Listen, I'm going to be, in the coming days, I'm going to see what we can do about helping these ladies.
They're wonderful people, and I want to urge people to support them.
I want to urge people to back them.
Make sure they know you love them.
We need, they're going to need your help.
I'll have a lot more on this in the coming days, but you know, we're at a point now
Where our doctors are literally murdering people and they're trying to act as though it's okay.
Well, you know, we don't want to treat those unvaxxed people.
This is what they did to the Jews right before World War II.
Should we just open Auschwitz again?
That's right.
For people that don't know, Hitler used medical tyranny first to first kill Down Syndrome children and others and to bring in forced abortion against groups he didn't like.
The left says he pushed abortion or was against abortion.
That's not true.
And they had to fantasize everything.
Medical tyranny first really began in the modern era in Nazi Germany.
You're right.
Well, I mean, we separated the Jews because they claimed that they were dirty and unclean.
And, you know, the idea that this is somehow acceptable, I mean, this is Nazi-esque.
And I don't care if anybody's offended by that or not.
You're murdering people.
I mean, I'm sorry, you're murdering people.
It's a global, state-directed, UN-controlled, corporate system to kill people just like the Hollerith IBM machines and the numbers put on people's bodies to enter into those machines and decide how long to work somebody or when to kill them.
It's the same damn thing.
It's a murderous technocracy run by a death cult.
I'd like to say that that's crazy, but it's not.
It really is.
It is insanity.
When you're going to tell someone that we're going to deny you medical treatment unless you get an experimental jab.
By the way, these jabs would be a disaster for someone who's going to have a kidney transplant.
Why would you do that?
It's terrible!
Well, Bill Gates always said he wanted death panels.
I want to talk more about some of the documents you got and put out that have now gone viral, depending on confirming that, yeah, the shots are destroying people's immune system.
Stay there.
But when we come back first, disgraced NIH director Francis Collins resigned after Wuhan lab lies exposed.
Documents show we got about 40 seconds to break, but isn't that a good sign that more and more of these people are resigning?
They're scared.
They know the truth's coming out.
Here's the thing, though.
This is the key, Alex.
The game here is we've got to get rid of
Anything related to these gene therapies.
The game is to promote gene therapy.
So I've got a lot of evidence on this.
I also want to talk to you about LAPD coming up, but I got a lot of evidence on this.
The gene therapy game is the big thing.
That's the long-term game here.
There's trillions of dollars riding on it and we've got to stop it because it's
Absolutely horrible what they're going to try to do.
Thomas Renz, you're absolutely on target.
That's true.
And we have that new clip we played when you first came on where they're talking in 2019 about we got to blow up the old system to bring in the gene therapies.
We'll be right back.
All right, we're going back to our guests here in just a moment.
Dr. Mercola is loaded for bear on fire on so many fronts with breaking news and his announcement of resistance against the censorship next hour.
But this medical tyranny is the globalist move.
This is their world ID, their carbon tax takeover in their own words.
This is the big assault.
This is the rest of our lives.
And it's only going to get worse if we don't fight back.
You see the countries that are subservient, passive, liberal?
They are in permanent lockdown forever, and they say they're coming for their kids four, five, six shots a year.
This is soft kill.
This was always their plan.
I didn't just start saying this now.
I said it 25 years ago.
I said it 15 years ago.
Endgame came out almost 15 years ago.
And by the way, I'm extending it as always to a few days, but then that's it.
A free copy of Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
We have to because we're about to run out of them and haven't printed more.
On DVD, when you get a copy of the new film that's now shipping today, COVID Land Part 1.
Almost 50 experts interviewed from Dr. Mercola, to Dr. Wakefield, to you name it.
In this film, Cherry Tinpenny, Dale Bigtree, Robert Kennedy Jr., myself,
We're going to premiere the film for free tonight at 7 p.m.
Central, live streaming.
We're going to have the filmmakers on, we're going to have Robert Barnes following all these suits, another great lawyer in studio.
We're going to...
Do about 30 minutes before, stop some in the middle like PBS does, and then have a big discussion at the end tonight.
So it'll be about a four-hour event, kicking off at 7 p.m.
this evening.
And you'll be able to watch the film for free.
And then, after the show tonight, after we premiere it, we're gonna put it up there without interruptions for you to download and share with everybody at man.video.
And so the filmmaker and director
Got several million dollars from the producer to make this and they spent it all.
The director and the camera crews and people work for free.
And so the proceeds from the DVD sales are going to pay the crew who donated their time with the hope that they would then be able to sell the film.
They came to me knowing obviously in the middle of it to help them produce it and do some things and then help get the DVDs out to recoup some of their money.
So this is a film you need to have on your library shelf.
What is old is new.
Low tech is key.
VHS is probably coming back with all the censorship.
They want you to burn copies.
It doesn't have copy protection.
It works in any country.
Whether you're in Australia or whether you're in Europe, get a copy of the film in and make copies and educate people.
Part one shows what liars they are.
Now they flip-flopped over and over again and then it just gets more hardcore from there.
So get your copy today at InfoWareStore.com or CoventLand.com.
And then again, coming up, ladies and gentlemen, this evening, 7 p.m.
Central at Bandot Video, and please tell everybody you know to tune in for this major event.
All right, going back to Thomas Wren, so I wanted to get on Commercial Free for a podcast, because we've got a lot going on today, but he's here with us.
We'll have him back soon for an hour.
Hell, if he ever wants to dial in and just tape an hour, we'll just put it up for the huge audience here.
But you've got a lot you wanted to say before the break, sir, so go ahead.
You've got the floor.
Give us all this data.
All right, so I'm going to start out.
I want to talk about another thing that I haven't talked about yet.
I'll give you another crew that I'm working with here.
So I had a great conversation today with LAPD.
I don't know if you've heard about this, but everybody's heard that LA is obviously, they're off the rails.
They're trying to force these jabs on everybody.
Well, now they're trying to force it on the police.
Apparently the union isn't standing up for him at all.
And, uh, I mean, we're going to find out the details of this, but I'm going to tell you, look at what's happened around our country with the war on police.
Look at what's happened.
Crime has exploded.
We've seen, uh, just absolute chaos in these cities.
And they're going to have in LA, just like they've had everywhere else that they've tried to force this on people.
They're going to have hundreds, if not thousands of officers just say, hell no.
What's that going to do to the safety of the city?
What is that going to do to the response time of the police department?
What's that going to do when you're getting shot at, or you're getting attacked, or raped, or whatever, and you call the police and they say, sorry, we don't have anyone?
We had thousands of officers quit because they didn't want to be experimented on.
And that's been the plan, as you know, from the start, is to destroy our country.
China's not taking this shot.
All of our enemies aren't taking this shot, but only Americans are destroying our police, our military, our firefighters, our hospitals.
Yeah, absolutely.
So, you know, we're about to open up this war on a whole lot of fronts, and we're going to talk to people.
We're going to hold these people accountable.
They are trying to destroy our infrastructure, destroy our people, whether it's the health care workers, whether it's the police, whether it's the fire, the EMS.
I've got some great, great heroes in the Chicago fire I've been talking to.
Listen, they are attacking our first responders.
They're attacking our military.
They're trying to force this on people.
And you know, the other thing they're doing is they're getting rid of the people who think.
You know, the officers, the firemen, the military people who can think and who've done some homework and are critical thinkers that are going to defend our Constitution, they're leaving.
All we're going to have left is the people who are willing to blindly follow orders regardless of how stupid they are.
And this is a crisis.
We have got to back our heroes, our real heroes, the ones that are saying, no, we're going to look at this.
We're going to research this.
We're losing our best and our brightest and keeping what's left.
This is the planned Great Reset collapse of the West because the globalists don't want Western ideals there.
They're going after their primary target, our future, our children.
Can you speak to Pfizer?
Ask U.S.
to allow COVID shots for kids 5 to 11.
You already had all the FDA scientists quit and say, don't do it.
And now, just like they said, by Halloween, as Fauci predicted, they're going to authorize, because Pfizer demands it, who died made them God, the targeting of our children.
This is a true mega crime against humanity.
It's worse than that.
I believe it's still less than 500 kids, according to CDC numbers.
CDC numbers.
They're trying to find kids that are dying from this.
They can't find them.
The only kids that are at risk are the kids who got the vaccine.
But they gotta get the vaccine into a whole bunch of kids, because then when the kids die, they can blame it on COVID instead of the vaccine, even though it's the vaccine that's doing it.
And let's not forget, Congress and the White House and all these federal groups are exempt.
That's the ultimate form of discrimination right there.
Oh, it's sick beyond words.
Listen, they're murdering your children.
They're murdering your children.
If you are sitting on your hands at this point, there's something wrong with your head.
If you're not going to protect your children,
I gotta tell you, there's something wrong with you.
We have got to take a stand against this.
No country in the world, I mean even, what is it, Sweden and Denmark just said hell no to anyone under 30?
We're now batting with shots under 30.
Exactly how much more has to pile up?
We've been totally vindicated.
Oh yeah, everything that we said.
I mean the DOD documents, 60% of the people in the hospital are fully vaccinated.
Everything they say is a lie.
Vindicating you, Vermont and Maine just came out, 75% of the hospital and the majority of the dying have been vaccinated.
No question about it.
Listen, these people are lying everywhere.
We've been vindicated.
We're right.
When are we, the people, going to say enough?
I'm going to tell you, Biden needs to be thrown out of office.
Fauci needs to be put in jail.
I mean, this whole corrupt crew of scumbags in Washington gotta go.
And I don't care if you're a D or an R. I don't care what party you're in.
I don't care what you call yourself, liberal, conservative, whatever.
If you say that this is safe and effective, you need to be thrown out of the office, and you need to probably be thrown in jail.
It is an outright lie, and I want to know who's buying y'all.
I want to know.
Because at this point, we've got the data out there.
You can't say you haven't seen it.
I've been all over the place.
Unfortunately, more people have had to see my ugly mug than will ever want to.
They all got PTSD now.
Well, that's why I say, that's why I say, sir, because I really respect people like you because you're going to save us.
I mean, people like you are my heroes.
I see you all over the news.
They hate your guts.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
I am enemy number one.
I'm one step short of Satan because I'm not buying their crap and I'm not selling their crap.
Listen, I will die on this hill.
And by the way, hey, just FYI, I'm a very happy guy.
I love my life.
So anybody shoots me, well, no, I'm joking.
You're saying you're not going to commit suicide ever.
Just say that.
No, no, no.
I'm a happy, happy, well-adjusted guy.
Me too.
And I love, love going after these bad guys.
I love this.
There's nothing more rewarding than telling my family how happy I am to go after these bad guys.
And it's a tough fight, but they're going to go down.
We're going to save lives.
We're going to stop these people.
It's over.
How many of you guys want to go down on the sinking ship with them?
And by the way, you're not just saying that as a bluff.
They're going down.
The documents all came out that they made this on purpose.
They need to be swinging from the end of a rope after they're tried and convicted.
We don't want any violence to them until they're executed, correct?
We want peaceful resistance and let the law take care of it.
Until they're hung.
We'll be right back.
Our mission is not impossible.
We've already come so far from accurately predicting what was coming to it being here, because the Globalist and Operation Lockstep and other reports admit their plan to bring in world government, hurt people with a poison shot, then say people that don't take the shot are the problem.
And you can see where that psychological warfare takeover then allows them to intern and arrest and imprison those under a medical dictatorship.
This is a UN world corporate plan from the Rockefellers who set up the UN and the whole project.
They set up Cold Springs Harbor.
They set up the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.
They put Adolf Hitler with IBM in power and they are now launching
Something worse than the Nazis.
This is the family and the system and the creatures that created all this.
You have to understand what we're really facing.
Now, since he brought this up, Thomas Renz of Renz-Law.com, who's one of the leading lawyers out there doing a great job exposing this horrible evil.
He's working around the clock and the enemy's after him.
He mentioned this.
Let's just back him up here.
Not supposed to happen.
state with highest vax rate sees record surge in COVID cases.
That's Vermont with the highest vaccination rate in the United States, is number two, and is about to surpass the other state that's almost as injected as they are.
And it's the same graph you see from Singapore and Israel and Gibraltar and on and on and on in Iceland.
Continuing again, I've got a bunch of other articles here that show other areas.
Here it is right here.
Cases in Vermont already at record levels, but the state just keeps rising even with the highest vaccination rate in the country.
89% of 18 and up population is at least partially vaccinated, 88% of 12.
And up to 100% of seniors.
Anyone ask Fauci why he was so wrong?
Because it's the vaccine that's causing it.
That's scientific fact.
We know that.
It's what Dr. Yeadon, the former head of Pfizer, predicted.
Here's someone out of Maine.
Maine is about to set the new high in cases with 86% of everyone over 18 at least partially vaccinated.
84%, 12 and up to 99% of 65 and up.
Their daily average is now well above the national average and currently 69% higher than Florida.
Good thing they're mandating vaccines to stop transmission and then think, now they're going to segue into, oh, it's a new variant, take a booster.
And Gates said almost two years ago that was the plan.
So this is all elaborately set up.
Here are the actual graphs for you from Maine.
And Vermont, but I'd just like to document everything we put up here for you.
And oh, we got sheriff's departments confirming 15-year-olds dying from the shots.
That's in a police report.
I mean, they're not going to be able to hide all this.
It's all coming out.
There's the VAERS reporting number on this poor young man who's dead now.
Going back to Thomas Renz.
Thomas Renz, we've got eight minutes left.
I appreciate you.
Hit them with both barrels.
Tell them what else is going on.
Okay, so first thing I want to do is I just got posted.
I think it's up there now on rens-law.com.
I posted a blog talking a little bit about religious exemptions.
If you've got to get a religious exemption, you want to know some things.
It's you know, I can't give specific legal advice to anyone in any given state.
So this is for advertising purposes.
That's my lawyer disclaimer.
But share this with your attorneys if they've got a right to an exemption.
Get a local attorney, share this with them and give them a little bit of background and context.
It's free.
It's there.
I want it shared.
While you're there, share the DHHS presentation.
Yeah, share the DOD files.
They took it, by the way, did you know they took the DOD document down now?
No, I read it when I saw your report on it on the DOD website.
It got taken down?
Yeah, yeah, they took it down, then they put it back up, changed it, then they took it back down, and to my knowledge, it's still down, but we got it on our website, so get it there and share it, rams-law.com, because we need this out there.
And tell folks how to go there, because I want to put it on InfoWars.
Now that that happened, please guys, get it from, I want to mirror it everywhere, and then let's also post it under our live show feed.
I didn't know the Pentagon had taken that down.
Wow, they must have got a lot of heat from Obama.
Oh, listen, Alex, when I was doing my speech, the Clay Clark speech, where I was, you know, putting all this stuff out, within a half hour of being done with that speech, I had a couple of reporters came to me and said, hey, the FDA is already scrubbing their website and we can't find this link or that link.
I mean, as soon as I open my mouth, they've got their sensors out there scrubbing data.
So, I mean, you've got to go to runs-law.com because we try and put everything up there.
And if you need more, I mean, you know, anything you guys need that you want to push out there, I want people to see truth.
Everything we say, we can back up.
And by the way, you scumbags can take this stuff down, but we keep it.
We've got copies, it's everywhere.
Right there, the religious discrimination, COVID, read that one.
You see the DOD stuff?
We've got all sorts of stuff there.
We've got to get this stuff shared.
We want people to see so they know the truth.
Right there, get all the facts.
That's a big one.
We need you guys to see this, to share it, to get it out there.
The truth will set us free.
Well that's right.
Let's explain this, Thomas.
There's a famous saying that if the situation was hopeless, no one knows who said it, if the situation was hopeless, then their propaganda wouldn't be necessary.
And so, when people go and share an article, share a video, when they do it on their email, their text message, where it's really hard for the big tech to censor, when they do it online on Facebook, Twitter, it's changing the world.
Go to City Council, read out of the reports there, and then cite them.
Say, hey, they banned these shots in under 30 in Sweden because of heart attacks, and the FDA's own site says it can cause heart attacks.
This is crazy!
This is actually, exactly, people, this audience is already motivated, but I want to salute them and encourage them to redouble their efforts.
Yeah, so do I. And that's why I'm here, right?
No one wants to see my ugly mug.
But if I don't get out here and push this, no one else is going to do it.
The courts are slow.
I mean, we're fighting in the courts and we're going to keep fighting in the courts, but they're slow.
We have people dying.
You know, everybody says, what can I do?
I'm not a lawyer.
What can I do?
I'm not a big shot.
Well, you don't need to be.
I'm not a big shot.
I'm a nobody.
I got a tiny little law firm in Ohio.
I mean, I'm not a big deal.
I'm just out here fighting.
And that's what you've got to do is you've got to be fearless and relentless and you've got to fight for your freedom.
So here's what you can do.
Get your butt on this website and share it everywhere.
It's got the DOD stamp on it, okay?
So if anybody wants to argue with you that it's not true, tell them, look at the stamp.
And for those who just tuned in or missed the article that's gone viral and now hitting even mainstream, explain what the DOD shows.
It doesn't just show that after five to six months you lose the so-called immunity, but then when you get anything similar to COVID, it makes it far worse with ADE.
It's killing people just like Vermont and Maine show.
When you take this damn shot, you're in trouble.
Oh, there's no question about that.
But here's the thing, that outright says, it says in no uncertain terms, 60% of the hospitalized with COVID, the Medicare, are fully vaccinated.
60%, which follows what we saw in the UK and everywhere else, and it's actually probably a lot higher, but
60 percent.
So when they say that this is safe and effective, they're lying.
And by the way, Walensky just came out two days ago and said the vaccine does not prevent the spread of the disease.
Why would you get experimented on?
We need this shared.
We need people to
I agree.
Let's stop right now.
My guys can't find it.
That's a really bad sign.
I love my crew, but the fact that the DoD report that I've been hammering since last week, we at InfoWars can't even find it.
So that's an emergency situation.
Let's put your website on screen.
We're going to spend the next hour if we need to pulling this up.
So put RINZ-LAW back on screen, please, sir.
And you tell us, for my crew, where we find that document.
There it is.
Pfizer, COVID, Pfizer whistleblower data.
Where do you want us to go on there so we can show people the DOD document that I've shown 25 times?
And we have articles on InfoWars and Natural News that have it.
We're going to just, in fact, I'll subtend the whole show until we have that.
Go ahead and tell us.
So go to the home page.
Home page on my web.
See if I can do that.
We'll try that.
Go ahead and see if you can go to the home page, guys.
Oh, it's got too many people on it.
I know.
I'm going to go to rebroadcast for a while.
It's no big deal.
I'm going to go get the Natural News article and I'm going to do it that way.
Give us the headlines, sir.
Give us the headlines from articles.
We can pull it up.
Alex, I will send you the document if you need it.
I've got it.
You guys can have it.
I don't care how it gets shared.
You don't understand my frustration.
I just want it shared.
This is like bombshell beyond bombshell, and they've taken it down, and then the public needs this information.
We need to be able to show people this information.
We need to be able to get them this.
So I'll find the Natural News article that also had it saved.
We'll get it out that way.
It was also on InfoWars over the weekend.
It's just an example of just this incredible.
Because we're seeing real-time them hide this.
We're seeing it real-time.
This is what happens, real-time.
These guys are hiding government data.
Oh, they rig Google, they block it, where even if I can remember the headline, I can't pull it up.
There's the document.
We're also going to repost it under the live show feed of the show today, and we're going to post this.
We're going to get an article out how they've censored this document.
And by the way, folks, people think I'm acting weird here or whatever.
I get upset about a Pentagon document that admits it's erasing your immune system and then causing ADE and making your body kill itself and they're murdering and now coming for our children.
I get excited about this because people go get excited about a football game or they get excited about something like that.
I get excited about this.
It's true.
And I flip out.
And that's why I'm still alive.
Because I'm pissed.
This is a big deal.
They're murdering us.
All right, final segment with our guests, and I've gotten better at not blowing up on air because the media clips it out.
I may blow up once a month, and that's what ends up being national news.
And it's not fake, though.
I got so mad when I learned they took it down off the DOD site, and I went and checked it's true, that I had a little mini flip out, and then I got OCD.
I'm like, find the clip, find the clip.
That's a real thing I do.
It's neurotic, and it's strange, but it's what the pressure does.
I don't know how other
Sir, how do you, Thomas Renz, with all the lawsuits you've got, all the stuff you're fighting, and the whistleblowers, and the documents you brought out, it's all been, how do you deal with this, knowing they're murdering people, they're coming after our children, they're destroying our, they're coming after police, firefighters, medical workers, how do you not go crazy?
I pray a lot, honestly.
I'm going to tell you, so if I go through my email and text messages and what have you, all these different things that people, I will guarantee you that somewhere today, someone has sent me 25 pictures of their brother, sister, mother, whatever, in the hospital being murdered on a ventilator.
And that's for help.
Listen, when this is done, if I don't have PTSD, it doesn't exist.
It's horrendous, but you know, here's the thing.
I started this, and I'm an unabashed Christian.
I don't care what people believe.
They can believe how they want, and I don't care what you believe.
This is good versus evil.
Yeah, and I, you know, honestly, I pray a lot.
I'm not a perfect man.
I got my share of things, you know, but I've tried my hardest to fight this for the right reasons.
Look, when I pray, I ask God to control me and not let me get mad, and it usually works, but I just, man, this is, it's little stuff.
That's not little.
Yeah, well, I mean, listen, I would be more frustrated on that if I hadn't seen it every time I speak.
I mean, I've had instances where I've had emails to other attorneys that get blocked.
Oh yeah, me too.
The level of censorship that I'm dealing with is just incredible.
By the way, even when Ryan Stelter is called for getting into our text messages and emails and mainstream news, Google now admits they're blocking emails.
So what you just said, they've been doing for two years we know of.
I mean, I know it.
And, you know, think about that as an attorney and I'm going to tell Google, you know, I already told them I'm suing you.
I can't wait to sue you.
I'm very excited.
That'll be one of the things that I'm most excited in the universe for.
But I mean, if I was to miss an email related to a client and it caused them injury, do you have any idea how much liability there'd be there?
I can't, I mean, just go ahead.
Give me that evidence.
Give me that ammo.
I'll add that to the lawsuit against you scumbags.
I can't wait to sue everybody.
But you know, listen, I flip out frequently on these people.
Uh, in my own way.
I mean, I'm, you know, it's outrageous.
They're murdering people.
I am a dad with two little boys.
I love my family.
And you're going to tell me that I should just stand aside and what, you know, five and up.
They're going to try to prove this for five and up while my kids are in the five and up category.
Guess what?
Hell will freeze over before that jab is in my kids' arms.
Hell will freeze over.
I'm telling you, there is nothing on this planet that I would fight harder for than to protect my kids.
You screw with my kids, I'm coming after you like you can't believe.
This is warm-up compared to what happens when you come after my kids.
I totally agree.
I'm dead serious.
Thomas Renz.
Let's put it on screen.
We found it on Infowars.com.
Our site's slow.
Your site's slow.
Breaking AI-powered DoD data analysis program shatters official vaccine narrative.
Shows ADE accelerating and fully vaccinated each week.
A Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com article.
And in the article, we have a saved copy of the DoD document they've now taken down off the site.
So a good thing about that.
Click on the alarming findings link.
In the start of the second paragraph.
And again, your website is Renz, R-E-N-Z-Law.com.
God bless you, sir.
We'll talk to you again soon.
Thanks for everything, Alex.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, I'm going to settle down.
We got Dr. Mercola coming on.
And I know it's funny when I get mad at some folks, but I'm really trying not to do it because it makes me exhausted later.
So I apologize to the crew, flipped out a little bit.
And put them on the spot.
But we got it up there.
And I'm telling you, suppressing the truth of their mass murder is aiding and abetting mass murder.
And when the Pentagon starts doing that, I got a problem with it!
You guys better stop pushing now!
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Joseph Mercola has been demonized and attacked for his medical doctor background and well-researched documentation because he has been so credible
Over the last 20 plus years and because tens of millions of people follow what he says and does and they've gone and harassed him at his office, at his home.
They've tried to act like you know he's some type of criminal because he said natural immunity is way better than these so-called vaccines because he says that the shot has waning effectiveness because everything he said before they even injected people in the last year has come true.
So I'm gonna try to give him the floor
And he sent us a whole bunch of articles and documents he's going to be going over, tying it into Bill Gates, tying it into the UN.
Dr. Joseph Mercola of Mercola.com.
And he's been demonized for
Inform people about vitamin D, about zinc, about things like that.
So he's with us to cover the waterfront in this amazing time.
He got censored and taken off YouTube, blocked a bunch of other places, and he said, look, we're winning.
I saw him declare last week that he knows that even though bad things like this are happening, that a lot of good things are happening as well.
So Dr. Mercola, thanks for coming on with us.
Well, thank you for having me, Alex.
It's a pleasure to be with you.
What is bound to be a lie?
Please start wherever you think best.
Well, I think, uh, you know, you reached out after we, uh, chose to remove our articles, uh, a while back and I just chose to kind of hold off for a while because we were getting a lot of threats at the time.
And so we decided to remove 15,000 articles that had been up for almost a quarter of a century.
So we have a different strategy now for, for relaying our content.
We still have an active newsletter.
But this is in response to all the threats, personal and to our business and everything.
But it seems to have worked.
And interestingly, I consider their discrediting campaign one of the biggest honors and badges I've ever achieved in my life because they perceive me such a serious threat that they're throwing all this ammunition and effort to seek to discredit me and get me off of social media.
I mean, to the point where they're identifying me as the number one spreader of misinformation.
Out there and I mean, we've got I think two weeks ago, Senator Elizabeth Warren just, you know, wrote a letter to the CEO of Amazon saying that my book should be banned and should burn the book and it shouldn't be out there.
And and then there's a few other congressmen that participate in that process.
But, you know, all they do, all these efforts are to discredit us.
But no one looks at the source of the information.
That they're using to discredit us.
There is this CCDH, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which is a perfect oxymoron, because they do the exact opposite.
It's a classic Orwellian doublespeak.
But they are a front group for dark money.
They've only got spun up a year and a half ago and no one, none of the mainstream media,
Ever took the time, effort, and energy to evaluate the basis for the assertions that were being used to claim that I was the number one spreader of misinformation, along with 11 other people, and that we were responsible for literally two-thirds of the misinformation about COVID on the internet.
But when Facebook did its internal analysis, they said, those 12 people are responsible for less than a half of 1%.
A half of 1%.
So they just trusted this front group that was funded by dark money.
Arabella Advisors is the primary one, which Bill Gates last year alone donated $70 billion to.
So they are well funded and they do this dirty work for him.
And there's many other people behind it, too.
It's not just Eric Kessler.
They also have this shield group that Microsoft owns.
This internet shield group that comes out and lies and puts out this info.
I mean, even Reuters as a fact checker, you know, came out and said natural immunity is no good, defending the Surgeon General.
And now they've said that Biden isn't using a fake set for the Oval Office, even though hundreds of reporters go in and it's a fake set across the street.
I mean, this is next level gaslighting, Dr. Mercola.
What's going on here?
Well, it's their sincere effort to remove any credible threats to their propaganda campaign.
I mean, you're very familiar with it.
You've been spreading the word for quite some time now and really telling the truth about the intentions, which is to really brainwash the population.
And Alex, there is not a doubt in my mind that this is the most effective brainwashing campaign in the history of civilization.
There's been no other campaign ever in history that's been as effective as this.
So this is the biggest hoax in human history by a long shot?
Well, a hoax is one thing, but actually convincing the majority of the population that it's true is quite another.
And they've done it through some very sophisticated means.
Google is one of the primary nefarious culprits in this because of the way they... 93% of the searches done in the world are done on Google.
So they control your really gateway to the Internet for information.
And the Internet is an amazing, marvelous tool.
YouTube is another good one, which is of course a child company of Google that they purchased in 2004 or 2005, I believe.
And they're also, isn't big tech heavily invested in big pharma?
Total conflict of interest.
Oh, absolutely.
They're all aligned.
And, you know, interestingly, it all goes back to, you know, who controls this?
Who is the global elite?
And I don't know if you've gone over this before, but we've researched it and concluded that there's there's two corporations in the world that almost own all the companies in the world.
Have you discussed that before, Alex?
But you do a really great job.
I've read your writings that are dead on.
Please elaborate, doctor.
OK, so the two would be BlackRock.
Because if you look at the corporate shareholders of almost any company, you'll see that BlackRock was one.
And that's a public company, so that you can see who owns BlackRock.
But do you know who owns most of BlackRock?
The other big one, which is Vanguard.
And that's private, so you can't figure it out.
But the people who are holding the largest shares in Vanguard, those are the global elite.
That's who's controlling the world.
That's who's running the show.
That is who's directing this whole nefarious campaign of depopulation and brainwashing.
So it's these
The global elite that are owning Vanguard.
I mean, those are the people behind the scenes.
And we don't know who they are.
We can suspect who some of them are.
I mean, Gates isn't an obvious choice, but there are many others.
And they like to stay hidden in stealth.
And boy, it sure helps to just get rid of all the old people, so you don't have to pay out their pension funds and the rest of it.
But then make the young people sick, so now they're permanent patients for the rest of their lives.
Yeah, there's not much time left in this summit, but I really want to go into just how many people are being affected by this campaign, because the numbers are astounding, and I suspect, I don't know if you've gone over any of Steve Kirsch's analysis, but it's just staggering.
We're looking at a quarter million people in the United States alone, 250,000 in the U.S.
who have been killed by the vaccine.
Yes, sir.
I'm going to try to give you the floor when we come back, Dr. McCullers.
You can just, for the rest of the hour, lay this out, but we've got about a minute and a half to break.
Please continue.
Well, you know, I want to go over what those numbers are and the analysis behind it, because I think it's really important for your viewers to know that they haven't seen it already, because it's really astounding.
All this information is being suppressed.
Not a word of it is ever linked out, and anything that tends to is beyond heavily censored or, you know, the social media is deplatformed.
You know, but fortunately there are resources like yourself that and others, many others are doing such a good job of getting the information out there and helping the people who are brainwashed.
You know it's
Doc, seeing them do this, I mean, we knew they were building up to an Operation Lockstep, you know, we knew they were planning this, but wow, they really did it.
And the good news is, I agree with what you said in an article I saw last week, this has not gone well for them.
Yes, it's been successful so far, but now the wheels are coming off.
We'll talk about it with Dr. Joseph Mercola of mercola.com, stopcovidcold.com.
All right.
We've got the tip of the spear when it comes to exposing this medical tyranny.
Corporate World Government takeover.
Dr. Joseph Mercola.
And he also has a new bestselling book.
They're trying to censor exposing all this.
So go ahead and take over, sir.
Please give us the presentation.
Tell us what's behind this, what's going to happen and how we stop it.
OK, good.
I can go back to my book again, which is really interesting because if you ran the reel of the CNN
I guess, not hijacking, but stalking me at my home, you know, and tracking me down to the beach and following me and trying to interrogate me on the beach.
So her intention at the end, it's a seven minute interview, not interview, but a piece that they did on me.
And at the end of it, he says, we don't even want to say the name of his book, but his book right now is number one on Amazon.
And it continued to be number one.
It was my best-selling book ever.
I've written 17 books.
This was the best-selling book ever.
I know you sell it in your store, too, so thank you for that support.
But we didn't know when I wrote the book that we were taking all our content down.
This was not part of the plan.
We had no idea this was going to happen.
So it turned out to be pretty fortuitous because now all the information is available in one place, and it really gets the information out to more people.
And for radio listeners that don't know, tell them the name of the book.
The book is The Truth About COVID-19, and I wrote it with Ronnie Cummins and Bobby Kennedy wrote the foreword to it.
So I'm really, and he's got a really good book.
It's called The Truth About Tony Fauci that's coming out next month.
Phenomenal book.
Really goes deep.
And I think you should interview him if you want, I can connect you with him, but it's, yeah, his, this is so eyeopening.
He puts together the links between Rockefeller and, um,
And Gates, and Fauci, who's an unbelievable sociopath.
But anyway, they tried to discredit me and make sure that people weren't selling my book, and it just did the exact opposite.
It went to bestseller status.
It's been crazy so and it's also increased the amount of people to our traffic so that every efforts and attempts that they seek to squash me seems to make us better probably what they did for you too.
You know, it's just like you get more attention and the people who you resonate with follow you, but I want to get back to the COVID now because
Some really interesting development.
There's a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.
His name is Steve Kirsch.
Very successful and developed a significant amount of wealth.
And because he's financially secure, he had the opportunity to just isolate himself and just go take a massive deep dive.
And this is about the only thing he's studying now is COVID-19 and the massive misinformation around it.
So he's compiled, he did a deep dive in the VAERS database, and for those of listeners who don't know, that is really the only legitimate authorized database collection, official government collection of the deaths and the injuries from any vaccine.
But what we've noticed,
I mean, there's been studies done at Harvard that showed that it's massively underreported, anywhere between 1% and 10%, so that means that whatever is reported in there, you could add one zero or two zeros for the actual true number.
And the reason this is, is because it's a very complex
I think intentionally designed system to put in a data entry and Steve relates a really good example of a neurologist who had 2000 vaccine injuries in her practice.
2000 all related to COVID.
And she only entered two because it was so cumbersome.
It takes anywhere from a half hour to an hour to enter one.
All health care practitioners are legally required to do this, but there's no enforcement action if they don't.
And they're not compensated to spend an hour to enter this information.
And many times they get called away.
You know, the time's out, then all the information they entered, it might have been a half hour, just gets deleted and they have to start all over again.
So it's, I think it's intentionally cumbersome and designed to minimize the number of actual reports in there.
But be that as it may, as we're sitting now, it gets updated every Friday and we're just short of 16,000 deaths reported in the United States.
That number is 22,000 in the European Union.
And 750,000 injuries, most of them serious, many permanent disabilities.
This is accepted.
In the VAERS database.
That's the bare butt minimum.
As I said, it's anywhere from 1 to 2 zeros to that.
But Steve Kirsch did an analysis and he challenged anyone.
In fact, he didn't just challenge them.
He offered them a million dollars to go and dialogue with them about anyone.
And no one has taken him up on this offer because I think he's on really solid ground.
But he analyzed the data in a number of different ways.
And we're actually having this article.
I think it's on Saturday on our site at Mercola.com.
So I don't have the links with me now, but we'll have the interview embedded.
It's not my interview with him.
It's a podcast he did.
It's a two-hour podcast.
It was just brilliant, and it really exposes the underbelly of this reporting system.
And essentially what he did, he did a number of different analytical approaches, like two or three different strategies.
And they all came to the same conclusion that the number was being reported by underreported by number of 41 times, 41 times.
So he said conservatively, that's 200 to 250,000.
But if you multiply that 16,000 times 41, you come up with 650,000 deaths.
Deaths in the United States.
We are right now getting close to the number of deaths who supposedly died from COVID.
And these are just massively suppressed.
And just to give an example of this, to validate this, there was a local ABC News affiliate who put on social media a request for people to submit
Uh, reports of those who are unvaccinated and died from COVID, right?
Well, it totally backfired.
100% backfired because they had over 250,000 people comment with deaths and injury reports from the vaccine.
Or the jab.
I mean, it's not a vaccine, so I'm sorry for confusing the two.
No, that's right.
In fact, it was over 300,000, and I think they finally took it down.
The station said, tell us your stories of loved ones that got sick or died that didn't take the shot.
And instead, it was 99% the other way.
Just incredible.
Yeah, I'm just shocked that they let it go up so long.
I mean, it's just, I cannot believe they let it continue.
Yeah, so it was 300,000.
I didn't have the most current stats.
How dare you not know?
By the time I saw it, it was over 300,000.
That's just crazy.
Yeah, it is.
I mean, that's an absolute... And obviously not everyone saw that link, so that was just a small fraction of the people truly injured.
So you can easily understand that we could be looking at more than half a million people dead from the jab already, and we don't even know it because
And they bastardize, they totally distort the definition of who is vaccinated.
So the CDC recently changed that whole definition.
So you cannot be classified as fully vaccinated until two weeks after your last jab, right?
The second jab, if there's a two dose regimen.
So 80% of the injuries and deaths occur in the first two weeks.
So they're totally manipulating the statistics and hiding them.
It's an intentional fraud to mask the true amount of death and disability.
That is important information that everyone needs to understand.
In the next segment, I want to go into some of the practical things that I'm sure other people have gone over, but I just want to highlight some useful strategies that people can use to build themselves up and what can you do to safeguard yourself.
This is all not doom and gloom, but this is a serious threat and we need to be in that 80 million people who haven't gotten the jab yet.
We need to be in that group because that group is
We're going to have to stand together because if the corporate dictatorship is able worldwide to force us to take these shots, then we won't be the control group or the other group to show that the vaccine was indeed not a vaccine and a poison bioweapon.
We'll be right back with Dr. Joseph Mercola.
So we got the guy that the Rockefellers and Bill Gates and the whole eugenics big poison pharma combine that's been trying to take over American medicine for 130 years, 140 years, is their number one enemy.
We've got the guy they hate the most when it comes to this and you see their whole takeover is this, the world ID, the control system.
So I want you to get into
Where you see this going and practical things and positive things.
But why do they really hate you the most?
And then expand on that because I know why.
It's because you're credible.
You show everything you're talking about.
You've got tens of millions people follow you.
You've been around 25 years doing this.
I've been interviewing you for 25 years.
I feel like you're a friend.
You're a good friend.
But when we pull back from this, you're also really good at explaining
Why they're doing it and what their motivations are and how Bill Gates had the halo removed from him recently.
And I guess it's been moved over to the CEO of Pfizer.
And just show the 35,000 foot view here, Dr. Mercola, and then get back into whatever you want to cover.
But I want your view on this about their overall agenda and how it's going for them and how you think we stop them.
Well, I don't claim to have insights as to their motivations, any special insights, and it's just mere speculation.
But I suspect that they're targeting me, that they're putting so much focus on me and discrediting me and taking me out of the, potentially taking me out, is that I've been, for the reasons you just cited, I've been around for a long time.
I was an early adopter.
I was on the internet before Google was.
And as a result, I've developed a pretty large following and I'm credible and I don't really have any
Black strikes against me, except the ones that they create themselves with their own laws.
I mean, it's just the excuse they took to get us off of Google.
We had no strikes against us, no violations.
We never put up any videos about COVID, not one on YouTube.
And they just changed the whole rule set, says, oh, if you ever put up a negative vaccine, a negative video about a vaccine, we have justification to remove you.
I've been on YouTube since the beginning, like 2005, 2006, I mean really early on.
So anyway, I think because I'm a credible threat and people believe me, that's the reason they're focusing on me.
Although that's the only thing I can speculate, but I don't know what their beliefs are.
I don't think that's speculation.
I mean, that's exactly what's happened.
Yeah, yeah, we're putting a lot of efforts and resources to accomplish it.
But I just wanted to finish up on that one, one strategy, one executive, the unconstitutional executive order that Biden, I think was two weeks ago, instituted, which it may not be,
I mean, he does have a choice.
He can either implement the mandate or go out of business.
Because there's not many companies that can buy $700,000 penalties.
Isn't this really just Toto, the man behind the curtain?
You know, the more they threaten us, you better do it, the great and powerful Oz.
I mean, now we won't give you a kidney transplant.
It's just amazing.
It is comical when you think about it.
That's a really good analogy.
You know, the Wizard of Oz for sure.
So yeah, they're trying to pull the levers, but they're not that smart.
And you can just see in their discrediting campaign towards me, it's just totally backfired, 100% backfired.
Our readership doubled.
My book was a massive success because they believe that anything they say, the people are going to believe.
And there's a huge segment of the population, and most of them are listening to you.
We're good to go.
You know, that's why I'm so pleased to have been in their sights because, you know, that's really one of the highest honors I've ever gotten in my life to be recognized as someone who has integrity and is willing to be to take the hurls that they have to throw at me.
So I'm fine for that.
But anyway, I want to get back and positive focus things that we can do.
So what are the three number of powerful things you need to do?
Winter is coming.
I published a paper that they totally ignored.
It was in October of 2020 that reviewed the
There's hundreds of references.
It's available at StopCovidCold.com.
You can get it downloaded for free.
It's a peer-reviewed.
It's on PubMed.
You just type in my name or colon vitamin D and it'll come up.
And the bottom line is that's the scientific justification for the use of this because when you have adequate vitamin D levels, you simply almost impossible to die from COVID.
Almost no one dies from COVID who has optimal vitamin D levels.
I saw another big mainline study that something like 84% of people that died of COVID had vitamin D deficiency.
Exactly what you were saying on my show a year ago.
Yeah, yeah.
It's even higher.
It's actually like 96% in some studies.
So yeah, you just got to get it.
So how do you get it?
Ideally, you live in subtropical areas and you go out in your swimming suit at solar noon.
Most 90, probably 97, 99% of people are unable to do that.
Even if they live there, they can't go out at noon.
And that's what you were doing in Florida when they were stalking you, right?
Down on your bike.
Hunter, you saw me, you saw the video.
I am out in my shorts at solar noon walking the beach.
That's why I haven't swallowed vitamin D in over 10 years and my vitamin D levels are perfect.
So, but if you, most everyone is unable to do that.
So, if you're an adult, you want to take at least 8,000 units a day and then get your blood level measured.
It's the only way you know if your vitamin D level is up.
And incidentally, aren't you in more danger if you're African American or black because they absorb less D?
Yeah, well, no, it's not that they absorb less, it's that they get less from the sun, so they're more at risk.
So they typically have lower levels, and that's definitely one of the risk factors for COVID.
So if anyone, that's really important for them to measure their vitamin D levels.
It's absolutely imperative.
It's crazy not to, because not only does it radically reduce your risk for COVID, it almost eliminates it, but it also
Decreases your risk for cancer, heart disease, obesity.
That's right.
So if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and all them really cared about, quote, black people, they would be telling them up there, not that the poor white guy working at a gas station is their enemy.
They would be saying, you need vitamin D right now.
A hundred percent.
So you need about 8,000 units.
If you're really overweight, it might be 10, might be 15,000.
But the only way to know is to test your blood.
It's not a terribly expensive test and you don't even need a doctor's order to get it.
You can get it online in many places.
We have it on our site, but there's a lot of places that offer it.
So, get your D tested.
That's the first important thing.
We're running out of time, but I can tell you some of the other interventions.
This is mostly a preventive.
So, if you come down and you're acutely ill, this is not the greatest strategy, although many protocols suggest administering 10, 20, 30, 50,000 units of vitamin D all at once.
But ideally, you want to have high vitamin D levels, because if you have high vitamin D levels, you won't get it in the first place.
The next step is if you become a curio, what can you do?
And there's so many strategies that you can use, but one of my favorites is nebulized peroxide.
And I've been put through the wringer this week because large portions of the media have been blasting me for this because there's a National Asthma Association that comes out and says, you cannot nebulize peroxide, it's dangerous and toxic and you're foolish if you do.
So all the media picked up on it and they had no justification, no evidence, no studies to support their rubbish.
Tell us, Doctor, what does nebulized hydrogen peroxide do?
Well, it kills the infection.
Other medical doctors, that's what they said.
They said even mouthwash and neti potting stuff is good because then it doesn't get a foothold, right?
Yeah, you just want to make sure you use the right concentration.
You don't want to overdo it.
Thanks for having me.
You know why they hate you?
Because you're just giving people common sense and explaining it.
And instead of being negative and attacking the globalists, you mainly run around everywhere telling people about vitamin D and C and zinc and exercise and the sun.
And they just hate your guts because you're telling that they really want to kill black folks for whatever reason.
You're also telling black folks they better get vitamin E3.
That's why they don't like you, daughter, because you're trying to save people.
We'll be right back with the final segment with Dr. Joseph Mercola as we just fight these maniac, murdering, big pharma crazy people that are signing us all up with their slave ID, world vaccine passport garbage.
Stay with us.
Alright, final segment with Dr. Joseph Mercola.
A ton of news coming up and a special guest host.
In the fourth hour and then the War Room 3 p.m.
today with Owen Schroyer.
Tuesday mornings 8 a.m.
with American Journal Harrison Smith here on the Demonized, Attacked, Lied About, Info Wars Network.
Same thing they do to Dr. Mercola.
They create a story.
They edit it out of context.
They have an expert group say something and then they come after you.
It's what they do and I found even when you bow to them they come after even more people I've seen.
So it's just it's just crazy.
A big thing.
Tonight we're going to premiere a very important, high-budget film with close to 50 experts in it, and it's COVID-land, part one, The Lockdown.
You're like, well that's old history.
No, they're trying to bring it back and it shows all the lies they told then and how to stop them in the future.
But they're going to make four other parts to this basically in the next eight to nine months.
But this is the first big one.
And it's very well produced.
We're going to premiere it tonight at freeworldnews.tv.
That's the URL you can share, freeworldnews.tv.
Band.Video is the site.
It's just that they blocked the name Band.Video on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else.
But freeworldnews.tv.
And we're going to have a big feed on infowars.com tonight.
We're going to premiere the film, and then after we premiere the film, we're going to have some experts on and things, and the director, and some lawyers, and people.
And then, we're going to post the film without the commentary, and without the guest on before and after, to Band.Video for you to download, and you to share.
Want the DVD?
It's $19.95.
That just pays for the director and the crew.
A person made donations to pay, and we gave a lot of support as well, to make the film in the last year.
All over the country, all over the world.
I mean, it looks like HBO.
And it's meant to wake up average people and save lives.
Okay, and there's going to be four other parts coming out.
So yeah, you get a free copy of Endgame that shows the globalists planning all this.
It's an evergreen film.
My film for free.
When you get it with COVIDLAND.
And I'm going to have to end the free DVD endgame soon because we're about to run out.
I'm not going to reprint them.
But we need to get these out.
Infowarsstore.com or COVIDLAND.com if you want to have the hard copy to have it in your archives.
But whatever you do, download the copy tonight and share it and re-upload it and take clips out of it.
It's all free to air.
Just get it and take action.
Dr. McColl, we got about nine or eight minutes left.
Other key points you'd like to impart to the viewers and listeners?
Yeah, sure.
One of the points I neglected to mention is the discrediting campaign was seeking to use the fact that I published this book to make a lot of money.
And most, as you very well know, most books don't make any money.
You actually lose money because of all the time and energy you put in.
But this book has been so successful that we're getting close to a million copies and we have significant revenues.
But I pulled the rug from under it because I was donating all the profits to National Vaccine Information Center.
So, that was good.
But I want to focus on, extend the conversation.
By the way, not trying to kiss your butt, people need to know you're a warrior and there's an example of good men and women fighting back.
You were, out of all the millions of people, you were at the heart with your network having the courage to help expose the Indeed Roundup and those systems were causing all sorts of cancers and problems.
So this isn't your first rodeo taking on Goliath.
No, absolutely not.
So I want to continue with the nebulized peroxide because I think it is the single most powerful intervention and I got a lot of public exposure this week because of it.
So I do have videos on it, but they're at bitchute.com.
You just have to type in my name and peroxide, Mercola and peroxide, and you'll see all the interviews I did.
Thank you.
Yeah, yeah.
And if you've got a little nebulized streams, it comes up.
You could use a battery operated one, but they're not as good.
So I recommend that.
Seventy bucks, you know, it's pretty inexpensive.
And then the peroxide you want to get is food grade, ideally.
And you get that on Amazon, too.
You just don't want to use it concentrated.
So it should be point one percent.
And the way you get that concentration is you get a pint of water.
Most people have a pint container.
Make sure it's ultra clean water, distilled or highly purified.
You put in a
We're good.
And by the way, as you know, Dr. Richard Bartley, you probably know him, he's an advisor to Rick Perry and now the current governor, the main advisor, he's been saying the same stuff that you're saying and there are studies out there that this is antiviral.
So the idea that we shouldn't be cleaning our sinus or cleaning our bronchioles is just asinine.
They want us sick.
They want us dying.
Yeah, it has even better benefits because it seems to improve your microbiome, your gut flora.
And so that's why I do it at least every other day.
You could even do it once a day.
But if you're sick, you can do it like every hour or two.
I mean, it really isn't like no downside to it.
Just want to make sure the concentration is right.
It needs to be diluted like one thirtieth of the three percent.
So that's a powerful thing.
Do it.
You don't want to be searching around, not have it in your home.
Get it.
Order it.
Ready to use it when you need it.
Or a friend or family.
I always travel with this and I usually wind up treating someone when I'm traveling.
Sir, I have bought 50 of these for friends and family the last six months.
And with the Midecidon and all the rest of it, Dr. Bartlett literally saved so many lives.
It's incredible.
Yeah, so that's the first thing.
And then if you do get sick, zinc is usually pretty good.
15 milligrams is a normal dose, but you want to go up to 50 for a few days if you're acutely sick, and you want to drive it into the cells.
That's how hydroxychloroquine works, we think.
What's your view on ivermectin?
Yeah, Ivermectin is, I'm sort of opposed to drugs, but as drugs go, it doesn't get much safer.
I think it's like 4 billion or 40 billion doses they administer, which virtually no side effects or toxicity unless you overdose on it, but at the regular doses, it's pretty safe.
So if you're sick... Did you notice the new Pfizer pill has some of the same molecules and makeup as the so-called horse based?
Well, horse pace is derogatory term.
I'm being sarcastic.
Yeah, sure.
But no, it's a useful strategy.
So that's something you can do.
And then I think, you know, more important, maybe just as importantly,
It's to understand that our psychological threshold and perspective is so important, that we really want to resist this.
We've got to resist this.
We simply can't submit to the pressures.
Even if it means quitting your job, and for many of you it's going to be that.
You're going to have to quit and find a new job, and just recognize that this is like an inverse paranoia, that it looks like the worst thing in your life, but it may be the best thing in your life.
You just have to appreciate that, understand it, and believe it.
Do just avoid you or anyone in your family, anyone you love or care for, to not ever get the jab or a booster.
You just can't get those because you, there's like little to no doubt in my mind, and Vladimir Zelenko is trying to believe this.
In fact, he calls it the kill shot.
You know, that is a classic genocidal agenda that they have.
So you want to stay away from that and you want to resist peacefully.
You know, you want as peaceful civil disobedience is what we want to do.
We do not want to have violent, aggressive action.
You don't want to be shooting people.
You just got to peacefully resist.
And persist in saying no to this intervention.
And it's going to be hard because people need a source of income to pay for their food and rent.
But regardless, we've got to build a new America, a new world.
That's what we built this country to begin with.
When tyranny is oppressing, you have to build new businesses, all these doctors, all these...
All these scientists, all these nurses getting fired, I know a lot of them, they're going and creating their own clinics, their own systems, and so we're going to have to have a real revolution of just right action and good living against this.
And this whole system may self-collapse, because if people continue to say no, the economy, the structure, the social structure of the society cannot continue
If all these people say no and they're out of a job, I mean, how can the health care system if all the nurses quit?
It's not going to work.
I mean, look what the New York governor did.
She fired all the unvaccinated, unjabbed health care workers in New York, and they're having the National Guard come in.
Now, can you do?
That's not going to work.
It will fail miserably, and the society will collapse if all these people are out of a job not doing what they're supposed to do.
They're collapsing themselves.
Your book is available at InfoWarsTore.com.
We'll put it on screen.
But I don't care where you get Dr. Mercola's book.
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Dr. Mercola, join us again very soon.
It's been hard to get you on.
I know you're a very busy man, but Godspeed, and thank you for being a thorn in the side of these evil people and for saving so many folks.
All right, thanks.
It's always a pleasure being with you, Alex.
There he goes.
M-E-R-C-O-L-A dot com.
Or stopcovidcold.com.
And save some lives.
I'm going to be back tonight.
7 o'clock central at InfoWars.com and band up video.
You'll see it as the featured video.
We'll be in the Alex Jones section as a live feed as well.
We'll be posting InfoWars and NewsWars and everywhere else.
But that's how it gets out.
So it's about the event of you taking action.
It's about you caring.
You telling your email list, you telling your text messages, you telling your friends, your neighbors, your strangers, you having friends over to watch the film tonight.
We'll talk about 30 minutes before with the filmmaker and the producer, and then we will show the film and then have some experts in after.
Owen will be here as well.
That's coming up tonight, 7 p.m.
Kate Daly takes over in T-minus 6 minutes.
But I wanted to just talk about a few things here first before we end this broadcast.
I want to thank the great crew for the work they do.
I want to thank the viewers.
I want to thank the listeners for making this broadcast possible.
And I just want to let everybody know that I'm sorry to report such horrible news here, but I don't do it to depress you.
I do it so you know the real attack's going on, so we have a chance to beat these monsters.
There's always evil groups trying to take over throughout history.
There's always good people that finally figure it out and wake up and take action against it.
The only question is how long is that going to take?
Now let me just say something here because it's one of the most asked questions I get.
People say all the time to me on the street, Alex, if you're a good guy, how are you still alive?
Well, what does that mean?
You don't judge whether I'm a good guy and I'm for real off of if I'm alive or not.
You judge it off of, do I tell the truth?
Am I accurate 95, 96, 97, 98% of the time?
Have I been on air almost 30 years?
And what does your gut, what does your spirit tell you on top of that?
Plus, the idea that if Alex Jones was for real, he'd be dead is a loser mentality.
I trust in God and I'll be alive as long as God wants me to be alive.
Plus, I understand history.
Garrison, the DA in New Orleans who exposed the fact that they really assassinated Kennedy and got all those congressional hearings going and totally exposed the system and got sued by CIA operatives and won.
He said, I'm alive because I stay in the sunshine, and I'm out in the open.
They threatened his family, they attacked him, they did all these terrible things, but he kept fighting, and so that's why I'm still here.
But there's another big reason.
Not just being in the sunshine, God, of course, is the main reason, but also because there's so many good people.
That's why when I see Tucker Carlson in the last 10 years get more and more awake, or Joe Rogan, or countless others, or Glenn Beck starting to get, you know, really totally woke, I mean,
When I see stuff like that, that's not competition for me.
I get excited.
That's what's going to protect me and my family.
So I've told you this a hundred times probably this year already and thousands of times over the years.
My job is to become obsolete.
My job is to turn the tide against tyranny and things be so good and people know what I know about the new world order and how to stop it and how they operate to such an extent that I have become passé.
I have become redundant.
I have become
Where I don't even, you know, really matter anymore because it's accepted knowledge.
So you've been attacked, you've been demonized for supporting Liberty.
So have I. It's okay.
God's watching and that's all that matters.
And we've been vindicated now by the horror that's happening.
I don't want to be vindicated anymore by more of where we know this goes.
We have their own documents.
We have Operation Lockstep.
We have the Spars event.
We have it all.
And then separately,
There's so many great people like Mercola and countless others that have been awake as long as I've been, or longer.
And so there's millions of people, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, who all are understanding what's happening and now they're speaking up more than ever.
So, all of you are the answer.
All of you speaking out are the answer.
And separately.
We're helping so many people.
The corporations aren't all bad.
The government's not all bad.
It's just people like us.
It's who's in control at the top.
So we have a lot of friends in the system as well who don't want to see Alex Jones dead or put in prison.
Or Owen put in prison.
But they're sure as hell trying to get rid of jury trials for us.
So we're at the tip of the spear.
I am consciously trying to be as good as I can.
I'm a fallen creature though.
Fall short of the glory of God.
But I'm consciously and my spirit is pointed towards God and being a good, just person.
Please help keep us on the air during this critical time.
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Hi there, I'm Kate Dally, your guest host, and so appreciate this time with you.
In fact, today I really want to go through some damning pieces of evidence, some hard evidence that you can't ignore no matter who you are, and also probably things you might want to share with those that might not understand what's happening in America right now.
So, I'm happy to be here on the Alex Jones Show.
You can go to katedallyshow.com and you can get all of the notes.
But let's start off because we have so many things to discuss and these are damning pieces of evidence.
Number one, I want to tell you there is no executive order for any company's over 100 employees.
Let me say that again.
There is no executive order.
There is nothing in writing.
There is nothing regarding OSHA when it comes to this mandate for a vaccine.
And I think everyone needs to know that because I think people think it's, well it's coming and there's the threat of it coming and yes, you know, it's on its way.
There is nothing right now that would make all of these companies do what they're doing to people.
The hospitals, the city workers, state workers are getting letters and it's just so sad to me that we are buying into this.
In fact, they said in Forbes, this is a great piece, they said, if enacted into law, VAX enforcement could bankrupt non-compliant companies even more quickly than the OSHA fines anticipated under Biden's announced mandate.
But still, it hasn't even happened yet.
This is really important information, thanks to John Rappaport.
He brought this forward.
And I also wanted to say that
There have only been nine times in OSHA's history of 50 years where they have actually administered what's called an Emergency Temporary Standard.
It's called an ETS.
And this is to enact a new requirement.
Well, all of these are primarily about chemicals being used.
Nothing that takes away our God-given right to our body immunity.
And honestly, the fear is, is that they would never win in court to subject companies to fines or do anything of the like when it comes to any sort of mandate.
So people will win in court.
Companies will win in court.
That's the good news.
And I just wanted to share that with you because these rules that they passed, did you know that they actually have not won hardly any of them?
In fact, they cannot prove
We're good to go.
I don't
Well, there's a document that the CDC put out, a media release.
It's called Vaccination Guidelines for the Hospital.
And this is really interesting.
This is a quote from the document.
A person is considered fully vaccinated, that's the keyword, two weeks after receiving the last required dose of vaccine.
Although vaccinations are accelerating, they say, CDC estimates just 9.2% of the U.S.
population has been fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine.
When they wrote this, this is the one that still holds today.
This is why this is so damning.
They only count somebody that has had all the doses and 14 days post that.
If you had one shot, you're unvaccinated.
If you had a shot and immediately had a heart attack two days later, you're unvaccinated.
You are considered unvaccinated to these people.
And I find that pretty horrendous, don't you?
So they're picking and choosing when they want to call somebody vaccinated, when they consider them to be fully vaccinated.
And of course, you know, they can call it as they as they want to, I guess the CDC is writing all the rules.
So this is really, really important to know, because as far as the numbers go, it's probably why you're seeing a lot of these types of inflation of numbers.
In fact, they actually came up with a very, very strange sort of
I don't know how to even describe it.
It was just kind of weird math that they used.
And one reporter said, you know, it's kind of like two AP reporters sat on a bar napkin and decided to kind of give you some assumptive numbers that they would work with.
And those assumptive numbers were in the 90s.
And so they made up this equation and the equation is so confusing that no one can figure it out and then of course they based their whole analysis on 13 different districts with all kinds of different types of reporting like hospital notes or hospital verbal count.
I mean absolutely
Stupid way of doing it, but this is what they did.
And so they actually go through this as they're discussing their documents and they're basically saying it's all assumptive.
They don't really have any proof.
These documents sort of kind of line out the fact that there's nothing really there to base it on.
It's just wild math.
Wild math.
And then, of course, anybody that has a reaction right afterwards is not going to be counted in the final count of being vaccinated.
And so if you had both shots, heart attack, not counted.
That's how they're coming up with these numbers.
They're fudging them.
That's what they're doing.
All right.
So let's go to number three.
Number three.
Do they have a crystal ball?
Remdesivir fraud, the dangerous treatment.
How in the world did they come up with this?
Well, there are videos to explain this and we'll get to those because this is super, super important to understand.
We know that Remdesivir now failed the Ebola study, right?
54% mortality.
We know that this was chosen as the drug of choice.
And so the drug of choice, of course, being one that was experimental.
Did you know they didn't even give it an EAU until really solidly until October of 2020?
They were just continuing to use it.
Fauci even admits that they were just kind of hoping it would work and they were going to go ahead and manufacture it.
Do you think he's in the pocket of Gilead?
The one that
And do they have a crystal ball?
Back when we shut the nation down, there were 15 deaths, okay?
And in February, he was already talking about, we need a vaccine, we are starting this trial, we're doing this trial, and here's the video.
If you look at the cases that have come to the attention of the medical authorities in China, and you just do the math, the math is about 2%.
If you look at... Wow.
Well, there's Fauci for you.
So what happened was they went ahead and they said Remdesivir.
We think Remdesivir is going to be the drug of choice.
Now ask yourself this, why did they ever need a vaccine then?
Right out of the gate, he was talking about a vaccine clear in January.
Okay, we have to have a vaccine.
But if it's a mystery, why would you have to have a vaccine yet?
You don't even know what you're dealing with, supposedly, right?
So they come up with remdesivir and they start a trial February 21st, but then they only had about a thousand people in this study.
And he called it high powered in front of Trump.
It was high powered study.
Do you want to know what the situation was though?
The most people that even had COVID over just over 600 in China at the time and, and, and worldwide, they were just stumbling onto their very first cases.
How did they even find that many people?
Hmm, interesting, right?
And the United States, we only had 153 supposed cases at the time, and they actually admitted later that it was a fraudulent test as far as that goes.
There's no COVID in this test, but we'll get to that.
This is very interesting, this crystal ball.
So I'm going to come back.
I want to talk about this with you because there are some things that go along with this.
This is all pieces of damning information people ask me for all the time in email.
This is laid out in one hour for you so that you can understand a little bit more context of what's going on and by their own admission what's happening.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host, katedallyshow.com.
I will be right back.
I am Kay Daly, your guest host today.
Big thank you to Alex and I'll tell you what, we have some damning information and I cannot wait to give this to you.
So let's continue on, shall we?
I was talking about the fact that they have a crystal ball and this remdesivir fraud from the very beginning that the drug they had picked, the vaccine that was already in production to come up with the billions, we'll get to that.
Of doses, right?
And so this is a clip of Tony Fauci in the White House with Trump early on.
This was January 28, 2020.
Here you go.
We have already started at the NIH and with many of our collaborators on the developing of a vaccine.
Right now that's being prepared.
I anticipate with some cautious optimism that we will be in a phase one trial within the next three months.
An emerging infectious disease that has now reached outbreak proportions and likely pandemic proportions.
If you look at, you know, by multiple definitions of what a pandemic is, the fact is this is multiple sustained transmissions of a highly infectious agent in multiple regions of the globe.
Hmm, how did they know?
Interesting, right?
It was like he was all prepped and ready.
So those clips came from March and also in the White House on January 28th.
He was already presenting this and talking about it.
I mean, it's kind of amazing to me how he already knew.
Knew the drug, knew exactly what we're supposed to do, except the drug wasn't good enough?
Why not?
Why did we need a vaccine, right?
Also, Fauci stating that the mortality trended forward and data needed to be further analyzed to push Remdesivir on the unknowing public, really.
And this started February 21st.
How did they know which drug?
Well, they picked it and it had failed the Ebola study because of too many deaths.
Well, we had 30, let's see here, let's go, yeah, we had 35 cases in the country early, early on when he was already saying that we had to have a vaccine, which is kind of crazy.
So let's go to the Savannah Guthrie clip of the Today Show when she was interviewing Fauci.
The company that makes the drug has described a very complex process.
This is not easy.
It's not a pill.
It's intravenous.
It takes months and months to manufacture.
Are you confident that enough can be out there soon enough to make a difference here?
Well, what I'm hearing, Savannah, is that the company is really committed to get it out as much as they can, as quickly as they can.
So I would hope that that actually winds up being the case.
I'm pretty confident that that will be the case.
Into the next phase, we're going to safely and carefully, but as quickly as we possibly can, try and get an answer as to whether it works and is safe.
And if so, we're going to start ramping up production with the companies involved.
And you do that at risk.
In other words, you don't wait until you get an answer before you start manufacturing.
You, at risk, proactively start making it, assuming it's going to work.
Assume he did?
That was some good assumption, huh?
Well, it's almost weird to go back, isn't it, and really look at what they were saying, because this was such an experiment.
The experiment wasn't going that well anyway, but they said it was safe and effective, and then no one questioned it.
Amazing, isn't it?
All right, and so let's go to this.
Then Brian Ardis revealed exactly about remdesivir, what people needed to know about this drug.
It's been approved since, but it wasn't before the pandemic.
We're going to use this non-FDA approved drug called Remdesivir because it was shown to be safe and efficacious against the Ebola virus in 2018 and 2019.
Has anybody actually looked at this study?
Because I clicked the link on NIH.gov's website.
All of you should do it.
This is the study.
Ebola virus inside of Africa.
They took four regions, gave them all Remdesivir and three other experimental drugs.
Anthony Fauci said it was proven to be safe and effective against the Ebola virus.
So now in this novel virus of the coronavirus, we're going to use it there also.
We're going to mandate this one drug, you can't use any other ones.
Like hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine.
Back in May 2020.
Go to the next slide please.
So what did the actual study find?
They actually found, you can see here, you see mortality up there?
Definition inside the study.
They found that remdesivir, in six months, the safety board pulled remdesivir from the study, a one-year study, because it killed more people than any of the other three drugs.
Including ZMAP, which was put in by the FDA and the NIH.
So, six months into the study, they pulled remdesivir, they pulled ZMAP, which was supplied by our government, to Africa, because it killed more people.
How many people did it kill?
Remdesivir killed 54% of all people in the study that got the drug.
Do you know what they're treating all of your loved ones with and those you care about in this country now?
Next slide, please.
Look up here.
I'm not lying.
This is from the study.
Look at the second column from the right.
Look below there.
You see that?
Mortality rate.
It's true.
All right, next slide, please.
He then quoted a second study in May 2020, Anthony Fauci did, that supported the use of remdesivir in the treatment of coronavirus.
The Ebola study, by the way, was a lie.
No one clicked the link to look at it.
I did.
This is the other study he mentioned.
This was actually done by Gilead Sciences, who makes remdesivir.
In early March 2020, they took 53 patients.
From Japan, Canada, and America who had COVID-19.
And they put him on the drug for 10 days.
What's the drug?
This is the maker of Remdesivir's own trial study.
Next slide, please.
What did they find?
Check this out.
23% in 10 days had serious adverse events.
The most common serious adverse events were multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, which is defined as the number one cause of death in all ICUs, by the way.
Second, septic shock, acute kidney failure, and hypotension.
Look at the next part.
8% had to be discontinued because remdesivir treatment
It worsened or prevented pre-existing kidney failure and multiple organ failure.
8% had to be taken off by days 5 because they were dying as a result of the poison of remdesivir.
That's what they found from this study.
As a result of these studies, they decided to actually push this on the masses.
All right.
It's huge, isn't it?
It's a huge piece of evidence.
And I also wanted to give you this, too, before we go to a break.
Sarah Gilbert wrote a book.
Yes, Sarah Gilbert.
Back in January, January 1st, she said, you know, she said, I read an article about four people in China with a strange pneumonia and within two weeks,
She and her team designed a vaccine against a pathogen that no one had ever seen before.
Less than 12 months later, vaccination was rolled out across the world to save millions.
Oh, Sarah Gilbert.
They actually made a Barbie of her.
And it's a, you know, she's very unattractive, but her Barbie's cute.
Anyway, she was the one that worked for Bill Gates and Oxford.
So there you go.
She was the one that in the article said, Oh, hey, I heard there was a little pneumonia and guess what we have ready to go.
We have a cure and it's ready.
Oh my gosh!
Yeah, I don't even know what the illness is, but I've got a cure within a couple of weeks.
So they started working on the vaccine so they could have as many doses as they needed by the time it rolled out.
I'll be right back with more.
Kate Daly from The Kate Daly Show, katedalyshow.com.
I'll be right back.
We have so much, so much to give you.
I'm Kay Dally, your guest host.
So glad to be with you.
It's an important hour because these are the clips.
This is the information that people always email me about, ask me about, and it's all in one show for you today.
Really happy to do this.
So the PrEP Act was changed.
This is important.
This is number four.
To include no liability for the hospitals if they follow the NIH protocol exactly.
There was a COVID watchdog group and they picked up on this that this had been changed last year.
The PrEP Act from 2005-2004.
I've talked about this a little bit on the show before.
It was amended so that private hospitals and entities were covered in their actions taken with COVID-19 patients and relieved of all liability as long as they were prescribing covered countermeasures that included Remdesivir, the NIH-approved medication.
And it doesn't matter how horrific it is or how high the death toll, they will stick to that.
And this is why you cannot get effective treatments in the hospital.
You can't get hydroxychloroquine, you can't get ivermectin, you can't get anything.
So, the Section 7 was amended in the PrEP Act, liability protection, and it was to cover persons for recommended activities related to the countermeasures.
Number 5.
Pfizer admitted shedding.
It admitted shedding.
And let me tell you how they did this.
This was a document.
This was their own study, actually.
And they put this out there about how they were going to, all their concerns and how they were going to do their own study for Pfizer.
They were concerned about these two words, occupational exposure.
Well, what is that?
It's a, to the recently vaccinated test subjects, right?
This is under Section, Occupational Exposure.
Pfizer warned that caretakers and close contacts of the recently vaccinated could be exposed to spike proteins that are translated and synthesized in the cells of the vaccinated.
And during the clinical trials, Pfizer instructed researchers to monitor for severe adverse effects and events in the vaccinated and
In the unvaccinated people who were exposed to the vaccinated.
What does it mean?
The MRNA vaccines do not shed live viruses.
So what exactly is being transmitted from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated?
Well, under this section, it basically it basically says that that you can have this exchange through inhalation or skin contact.
It's kind of broad.
They knew.
They knew that the vaccinated would be affecting the unvaccinated.
And what's kind of sick about it is that that was all there was to it.
The media would never talk about this.
People were wondering why they were getting some strange things happening to them as soon as somebody got vaccinated.
Around them, miscarriages, all kinds of things.
It was in their own section.
They knew.
They admitted it.
And they were keeping an eye on it.
See, if you were actually in a test experiment, right, an experiment of any kind with any drugs, all of us would be going in randomly for so many things that we would have to give them like every couple of days.
They would be monitoring you.
They would be telling you exactly, you know, this is your heart rate and this is the effects you're having.
None of us are going through that, are they?
Nobody, right?
You get the shot, you go home, you think, oh, I've been vaccinated.
Well, we are in a study and I'll talk about that too.
Number six, hydroxychloroquine was praised in 2005 for fighting SARS.
Yes, by Tony Fauci and his group.
So severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS, is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus, no effective, you know, exposure therapy currently available.
But they did say that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV-2 infection of primate cells.
And these inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with this drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting therapeutic advantage.
Interesting, isn't it?
And then also, chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in cell culture.
Isn't that amazing?
And that comes to us right from the ncbi.nih.gov.
There was also, you know,
Throughout the trial, he said that they were able to enroll a diverse population similar to the population that was being infected with SARS at the time and when he was doing his remdesivir trial and I thought that was kind of interesting too because
I think we don't really understand a lot about how he has been projecting this, wanting this, desiring this for years.
But man, this was his moment and he was wanting it for a very long time.
And not only that, he controls over 3,000 patents.
He also controls who does the studies.
As you noticed in one of the clips, he said the NIH did the study for Remdesivir.
So he actually controls all the studies, the efficacy, the results, the price.
I mean, he's on every single end of this, the NIH.
And then also, of course, Ivermectin, when it won the Nobel Prize, this is what it said about Ivermectin.
It said that it has fundamentally changed the treatment of parasitic diseases.
And the derivative Ivermectin from Avermectin, which is Ivermectin, is used in all parts of the world that are plagued by parasitic disease.
All parts of the world.
Plagued by disease.
Isn't that interesting that they're demonizing this right now to a fault?
I mean, they couldn't demonize it more if they wanted to.
In fact, if you go to the hospital, absolutely no Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine.
Now they've tripled the price to Ivermectin and it's difficult to get.
If I were you, I'd pay cash.
If you ever get Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, do not go through your insurance because people that are prescribing it are getting leaned on
Because of this, and so I would absolutely pay cash so it does not go through the insurance companies.
And speaking of insurance companies, number seven, insurance company Boone.
I was talking with Dr. David Martin and let me just tell you, he is in charge of the largest risk assessment, financial risk assessment company in the world.
And so of course he's going to look at the insurance life insurance payout numbers in 2020.
What did he say?
Well, it was an actual boon that year for the insurance companies.
They didn't have to pay out on much.
Isn't that interesting?
They didn't have to pay out on all these deaths we had from a supposed pandemic.
I find that kind of strange.
But let me tell you, we actually did less in funerals, less in burial, less in everything in the year 2020.
And it's very difficult to find that, because if you do searches, they always cut off at 2019 and jump to 2021.
It's like they don't want to discuss it.
And then also, the stimulus came out with $2 billion for funerals of COVID-19 families.
Where's that money going?
Where's that money going?
So insurance companies didn't pay out.
We never built a cemetery in 2020.
We didn't have morticians on TV saying they didn't have enough materials, they were running out, there were shortages.
Remember all the shortages?
And the insurance companies sat on a ton of money, just a ton of money.
And so what did they do?
They came out with articles because people were starting to ask questions about this very thing.
You know, the insurance, the life insurance.
That's a big tell on something like this, isn't it?
A pretty big tell.
So Wall Street Journal came out with this headline.
I can't make this up.
Those dying from COVID-19 are least likely to own life insurance.
I just have no words.
Wow, that was really fortunate for the insurance companies that everybody that died from COVID specifically were not the ones that would go out and buy life insurance.
Huh, that's weird.
I remember the homeless.
They weren't getting sick.
I just remember a lot of people weren't getting very ill.
People were only dying in the ICUs.
They weren't peeling off at home.
They weren't, they were dying in a corner.
They weren't dying in the streets.
Only in the ICUs.
It's kind of remarkable, isn't it?
So yes, insurance companies made a fortune last year.
It was one of their best years, actually.
Isn't that fascinating?
When you go to the numbers and the numbers don't exactly add up.
We didn't build a single solitary cemetery either.
Be right back.
Kate Daly, katedalyshow.com.
I am Kate Daly, your guest host.
Boy, we're talking about some hard evidence and things you can't ignore.
And in this, I'm not even including the outrageous claims that they make with masks as far as that they work.
And also VAERS, which is an accumulation of the deaths that are happening.
More deaths than we've seen in 20 to 25 years of vaccines.
And I'm not even getting to those.
This is some of the other new pieces of damming information.
Number eight is Pfizer.
Pfizer, October 2021.
This was the summary basis for regulatory action.
This was a document that basically said all the safety protocols are missing.
This came by way of Karen Kingston.
And she talked about the fact that, yes, there was a discussion and they kept in the bottom of the notes, you know, please discuss FDA's approach to safety and effectiveness data.
Please discuss considerations for continuation of this blind phase of clinical studies and also including how the loss of blinded placebo-controlled follow-up in ongoing trials should be addressed and discuss the gaps in plans described today regarding safety, vaccine, and effectiveness.
Vaccine safety and effectiveness for those that have received the Pfizer vaccine.
They still aren't doing it.
They still aren't doing it.
Let's go to number nine.
There's no COVID in the test.
And this fall, we have a new test emerging, right?
So we knew this was coming, but I want to talk about this.
So there's no COVID in the test.
So basically, there's no quantified virus isolates of the 2019 COVID-19 virus that have been available from the CDC.
And I really hope people understand this.
This document is really, really important because there's a couple of pages here and let me just go through the pages real quick with you.
This test on page 10, it says this test has not been FDA cleared or approved.
This test has not been authorized by the FDA or has been authorized by the FDA under an EUA, which is an emergency order for use by laboratories.
Also, this test, oh sorry, page 15.
Equivalence and performance of the following extraction platforms were demonstrated with the CDC human influenza.
They used the flu for the data and they said that was acceptable use for the CDC 2019 test.
Page 38.
Test performance can be affected because the epidemiology and clinical spectrum of an infection caused by 2019 ENCOVE is not fully known.
All this time later.
Anyway, for example, they might not know the optimum types of specimens to collect during the infection.
Which specimens?
They were even talking about urine, about stool samples.
If you really want to know if somebody has COVID, you need to send those samples on ice to the CDC.
Did anyone do that?
No, they didn't.
So, they also were saying that, hey, we've included this virus with the presumptive detection of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which is MERS, the flu, the influenza, and of course the H7H9 virus.
Seems like they're mixing up a lot, doesn't it?
And they also said that, yes, you need to collect all those samples.
So then when you get to the FDA.gov document, it said, because a PCR test can run multiple cycles of this application, it's capable of detecting the virus, even if there's a low level of the viral RNA in your sample, because they're ratcheting it up 40 times.
And they said, just don't go over 40.
Well, 40 is considered absolute deceit by Tony Fauci himself.
Anything over 25 rotations.
So they're taking a very, very little sample and they're blowing it up as far as they can go to say you have COVID.
So now, now they're doing a new test.
They're combining the flu into this test.
And I found this to be really, really interesting.
There's a clip by Renfield.
You know, he kind of quietly went away, didn't he?
Renfield, like he just kind of disappeared.
After he said this at the White House, it seemed like he didn't have a job anymore.
But he said this standing on the steps at the White House, with Trump right there watching.
Let's listen to Renfield.
If you don't understand what I mean, we're going to have the flu epidemic and the coronavirus epidemic at the same time.
Is that what you said to the Washington Post?
Yeah, that's what I was trying to say to you just a minute ago.
That the issue that I was talking about, about being more difficult,
Is that we're going to have two viruses circulate at the same time.
This spring, that we just went through, February, we had a benefit of having the flu season ended.
So we could use all our flu surveillance systems to say, whoops, this is coronavirus.
We need to focus.
Next fall and winter, we're going to have two viruses circulating.
And we're going to have to distinguish between which is flu and which is the coronavirus.
And so the comment that I made, it's more
Yeah, it's more difficult.
Well, what they did was they just combined them.
This is the new test that we get.
So PCR is going away.
And then, of course, we're going to get the CDC influenza SARS-CoV-2 flu SC2.
So when you see the name flu SC2, now you know what you're dealing with.
It's a multiplex assay is in real time test.
It's a it's one test and it will detect.
I can't make this up.
Boy, if you thought we had false positives before, just wait.
Just wait.
They said that it's been designed to minimize the likelihood of false positives.
However, they said, in the event of a false positive result, I can't believe they wrote this, risk to individuals could include the following, a recommendation for isolation, monitoring of household and other close contacts for symptoms, patient isolation.
So basically, oh, delayed diagnosis, treatment for something you don't have.
Gee, sorry.
Can you believe this?
And they even said, they even had the audacity to say, and I'm sure a lot of people will have both COVID and the flu.
You guys realize the flu just went away.
All right, so let's go down to this.
There's no COVID to be found.
This is in a document that they put out September of 2020, and this was page 39 and 40, and it said they weren't able to obtain an authorized human specimen control, and they absolutely have no specimen.
On CBS News in the early spring, a China epidemiologist, the head of epidemiology, came on and said, yes, they have never isolated a COVID virus before.
This is why COVID virus was never put in the test and the CDC admitted it.
And this is on the documentation too.
I'll include this on the notes for katedallyshow.com.
But they never had it in the test and it's never, it's not anywhere.
And they actually did not approve the vaccine.
This is really, really important.
So let me tell you about the fake out.
There's two vaccines, and this is courtesy of William Engdahl, he's a wonderful researcher, and there is a German version and there is an American version.
So what they did, it seems that the FDA executed this very clever ruse in issuing separate rulings for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
So we have two different ones and one is Biotech of Maine's and the other one is the Pfizer here.
Well, what they basically did was they concluded that they shoved one and so basically what they did was this.
Buried in the footnote in the letter of the FDA, they said there's two legally separate entities of vaccine.
And each vaccine, so one got called the comradery.
I can't even say it.
The FDA writes that the products are legally distinct with certain differences.
So one, the US vaccine, the Pfizer vaccine, only got an extension of its emergency use authorization, not full approval.
It was the one in Germany.
It was the one in Germany that got it.
That got the approval, but they're not using that one here.
And that approval was on conditions that had to be met by 2027.
So it really wasn't even a full approval, but they did the bait and switch and the news said fully approved, even though it's two different vaccines, two different vaccines.
So, um, the one here only got an extension of the EUA, the emergency order.
Isn't that insane?
I think it's insane.
And I think that we really, I think, need to understand what we're up against here.
On one side you have, just trust me, I'm the media, I'm the government, and I have absolutely screwed this up at every level, you're still walking around with a mask, it's almost going to be two years, and just believe us, okay?
We've never had to do this in history, but just believe us, it's all about control, and we all know it.
But over here, we have a mountain of evidence, even in their own words and own documents that they've put out.
Isn't that amazing?
It says exactly what's going on, and all somebody has to do is look at the exact evidence to find out.
I hope this has helped you, and also go to katedallyshow.com.
It's all written out for you, and I'll put it there in show notes under the tab show.
Really appreciate this, and of course, it's been fun meeting with you today, right?
I love it.
Let's do our homework.
I'm Kate Dally, katedallyshow.com.
And boy, we need to wake up.
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