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Air Date: Oct. 5, 2021
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The speaker discusses the loss of ancestral freedom and how people are being controlled by globalists using tactics such as censorship and blacklisting. He warns against wearing masks and exposes the truth about COVID-19 through his website, Infowars.com. He promotes various products available on their site, encourages sharing content to spread the truth, and recommends purchasing satellite phones for communication during emergencies. He emphasizes the importance of supporting free speech and gun rights in the fight against globalist efforts.

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Ladies and gentlemen, you saw, you heard the broadcast title today of the Alex Jones Show.
October 5th, Tuesday.
Emergency Tuesday broadcast.
Fauci talks about staging health scare with new virus in 2019 video.
It is just unbelievably open and shut that they did this.
It is stunning and it makes me very, very angry.
Not just all the people they've killed.
Not just the corporate media going along with it.
Not just the censorship of the truth and of treatments to try to block this engineered new virus.
It's a new virus.
It's not the flu.
It's not a cold.
It's a mix.
With HIV delivery system and they did it and they're all on video bragging.
So we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza and it's going to be very difficult to change that unless you do it from within and say...
I don't care what your perception is, we're going to address the problem in a disruptive way and in an iterative way, because you do need both.
But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere.
We could get the RNA sequence from that, beam it to a number of regional centers, if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on a patch and self-administer.
Is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Resident Biden is gonna manage to even ruin the holidays.
The economy, much like the global supply chain, is showing signs that it may be about to come to a grinding halt.
The normal number of container ships at anchor is zero to one.
Billions of dollars of goods floating in limbo.
Dozens of cargo ships now stuck off the ports in Los Angeles and New York with wait times to dock stretching up to three weeks.
China ran out of coal and is now rationing power to a grid that is on the verge of collapse.
And what does this tell us about that central planning ability of the Chinese government if it can't foresee some of the problems around Evergrande, if it can't foresee some of the problems around coal supplies?
We've got to get beyond this idea that Chinese leaders are some sort of fabled, you know, economic wizards.
They're not.
They make lots of mistakes, and they're forever having to clean up messes.
Auto industries worldwide are waiting on semiconductors, causing production to come to a stop.
This is the most severe shortage of semiconductors in years.
Hollywood is about to get hit by a massive strike.
Hollywood's been here before.
The writers' strike 14 years ago lasted months and cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars.
Back then, streaming services were just starting, but the discounted pay rates they agreed then
...are often still in force today.
And the real estate sector is telegraphing a collapse.
The last 18 to 24 months, Jim, we've had $60 billion of capital announced that's coming into the space, but they're all going to the same markets.
And so I think there's concentration risk on top of the land grab that the public companies and the private builders are buying so much land, both through options and owned, and land inflation is up over 30%.
While millions of businesses struggle to bring back an employment sector that doesn't want to come back.
As businesses try to bounce back from the pandemic, many are struggling to find workers.
Have you ever seen anything like this before?
It is the worst it's ever been.
But it's happening across the retail landscape.
This Ace Hardware recently launched a marketing blitz after no one applied for its open jobs.
And very soon, your Christmas tree and Thanksgiving turkey will be in short supply.
As Fauci says, Christmas may be cancelled.
We can gather for Christmas or it's just too soon to tell?
You know, Margaret, it's just too soon to tell.
We've just got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we're going to do at a particular time.
Biden's 1.9 trillion dollar American rescue plan has done little to build back better.
In fact, his tyrannical mandates are fueling the greatest shortage of healthcare workers in U.S.
Please get vaccinated now.
And it won't be long before the quantitative easing machine is kicked back on to keep the stock market churning, as two federal reserve chairmen conspicuously quit at the same time.
And I want to give people the big picture.
The reason I don't care for Yellen or Powell, because they're both Marxist.
And when I say that, I get nailed.
But I will read you a quote from Lenin.
This is Vladimir.
He says, the establishment of a central bank, this is a direct quote, is 90% of a communizing of a nation.
That's Yellen and Powell.
According to Michael Snyder of the Economic Blog, the mainstream media keeps trying to put a happy face on the temporary shortages, but an industry insider has let me know what is really going on behind the scenes.
This particular insider runs a grocery store in Maine, and he says that things are as bad as he has ever seen.
In fact, he says that he has never seen anything close to what is happening now.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Tuesday, October 5th.
Get ready.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Emergency Tuesday broadcast!
Fauci talks about staging health scare with new virus in 2019 C-SPAN video.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Tuesday, October 5th, worldwide transmission.
And everything's out in the open now.
Project Veritas got Pfizer executives on video admitting that they know that the vaccine is destroying people's immune system, that it's a higher rate of people that are sick that are taking the vaccine, and that it's causing ADE.
Antibody Dependent Enhancement.
It's a 11 minute report, it's on Infowars.com, it's on Project Veritas, and normally that would be a top story.
That they're confirming everything that we said 20 months ago, and everything we said 10 months ago, and everything we said Sunday night with Mike Adams, word for word.
But that's our second biggest story.
Ladies and gentlemen, you saw, you heard,
The broadcast title today of the Alex Jones Show, October 5th, Tuesday, Emergency Tuesday Broadcast, Fauci talks about staging health scare with new virus in 2019 video.
Now our amazing crew ended up staying up here until past 8 o'clock last night.
To bring you an Emergency Monday Transmission.
And believe me, I didn't just come up here for fun.
This is an emergency.
So is today's broadcast because this confirms they premeditatedly done this to us.
And Fauci on the video with the head of Health and Human Services.
Saying we need a new virus out of China, an avian bird flu, a SARS-CoV-2 bird flu, to scare everyone into accepting the new mRNA technology.
To quote, blow up the existing order and system and bring in the new order where it doesn't take 10 years to get things approved.
It is.
The smoking gun of smoking guns of smoking guns.
And when you add it to Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Lab and Fauci and in the thousands of emails now saying gain of function, merge four viruses, then add the HIV spike protein, which is the COVID-19 virus, it is just unbelievably open and shut that they did this.
It is stunning, and it makes me very, very angry.
Not just all the people they've killed, not just the corporate media going along with it, not just the censorship of the truth and of treatments to try to block this engineered new virus.
It's a new virus.
It's not the flu.
It's not a cold.
It's a mix.
With HIV delivery system, and they did it, and they're all on video bragging from Peter Daszak to Fauci how they built it, how they made it.
And I played three of the videos last night, and then as I was leaving, Rob Dew was showing me more videos I never saw of them bragging on other shows.
He was up here until 9 o'clock last night.
Absolutely insane.
And so, this is just the point we've gotten to here, ladies and gentlemen.
That used to, I might come in at night and do an emergency broadcast once a year.
I'm doing it two or three days a week now because these stories are bigger than anything I ever covered.
I mean, this is, this is end of the world type stuff that they've already begun and gotten away with.
You understand the antibody crisis they've created?
With the ADE, antibody-dependent enhancement, is fatal in a large percentage of people that get it.
Because you just keep coming in contact with a cold virus that's similar.
To the one that they injected you for.
And so your body, because it's attacking the whole spike protein and not the RNA, sees everything as the same virus and freaks out because it can't get rid of it.
And the spike protein is in your ovaries, your testicles, your uterus, your heart, your lungs, your brain.
So your body then also attacks that.
And they knew it!
They did it!
And they hit their primary targets.
Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, the UK, the US.
Because we have a background of free market and right to self-defense and Christianity and individualism that is against the globalist system.
So we've been targeted with propaganda and abortion and Satanism and multiculturalism and everything else to divide us.
And now they're hitting us with the actual bio-weapon.
No one else is taking it.
Which if you sit around and imagine them sit around inside their big councils, which they've leaked documents out of.
Headline, Wall Street Journal, Billionaires Meet in Secret to Discuss Overpopulation, 2009.
They said, well, let's do it to the West.
If we... The West is only 10% of the population and we're 70% of the...
This is Bill Gates.
Consumption, I guess it's right to kill the West first.
That's why when he released those mosquitoes at a TED Talk, he said, no reason the Africans should be the only ones getting malaria.
Remember that?
So, Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean, because between them, they licked the platter clean.
I butchered that.
Jack Spratt can eat no fat.
His wife can eat no lean.
So between the two of them, they lick the platter clean.
They're killing everybody.
And again, Europe, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, the UK are seen as Anglo-Saxon.
That's been rebelling against different establishments for a long time.
But of course, they're targeting Hispanics and blacks and Asians that live here as well.
And it looks like the spike protein has an even more vicious attack on people that have melanin, because if you have melanin in your skin, it also is a genetic trait that you have more receptor sites for the HIV spike protein.
Oh, remember that about HIV?
That it was much worse in Africans, and oh boy, Sub-Saharan Africans, Equatorial Africans,
Congonese Africans.
They can basically walk by an HIV virus and get it.
Because they have the most receptor sites for that.
And that's why so many brown people get HIV.
Whites can get it too.
But mainly white male homosexuals.
Because it takes repeated blood product insults or massive amounts of sperm in the rectum for an Anglo to get it.
Or an Anglo has to get it through blood transfusion.
Northern European Anglos.
If you are a Sephardic Jew and have some African in you, that's Jews out of Spain, well then you can also get HIV very easily.
And that's why the numbers show that.
So, this is a bio-attack, ladies and gentlemen, and they're targeting the West because they want to collapse it, but it particularly, and I have the Pentagon's own reports, we covered them again last night, targets brown people.
And while they're, that's why you're twice as likely if you're black, not just because of the vitamin D problem, but even if you have proper vitamin D, they have studies out, and you're black, that the vaccine is even more deadly for you.
That's why so many black people have died statistically compared to whites from this.
So yes, it's a bioweapon targeting brown people, but the main target point is the West to collapse it, because it kills plenty of white people too.
So it's on ladies and gentlemen and I don't even know what to say to you.
I'm trying to hold it together and not crack up under this and I appreciate the crew and I appreciate all you praying for me.
I need your prayers.
They want us off the air, they're lying about us, they are demonizing us, because we're telling the truth about their agenda.
And that's why the information we cover here is so life and death, and it's why, however you're listening right now, tell everybody to tune into those local radio stations and TV stations, and also take the live feeds from InfoWars.com and Band.Video and FreeWorldNews.tv and share them to your email, share them to your text message, that's where they have the biggest trouble censoring them.
FreeWorldNews.tv is not being blocked on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter right now.
I'm sure once I talk about it, the Globalist will ban that URL too.
But right now, FreeWorldNews.tv is when we come back!
I'm going to try to summon my calm and my intellect to properly cover the smoking guns of smoking guns that fits into the last piece of the puzzle.
I mean, we already had the puzzle put together, but this is the final piece confirming what the whole thing is in their own words.
Emergency Tuesday broadcast, Fauci talks about staging health scare with new virus in 2019 video.
I mean, holy
Jesus, save us.
And that's not taking the Lord's name to vain.
Jesus, save us.
I mean, this is just, call to the name of Christ on this one.
They've done it, and that means they're going for broke.
They really did it.
We already know that, but my God, it's now official.
We'll tell you about it and play the clips when we come back.
Stay with us.
All right, my friends, thank you for joining us on this live October 5th, Tuesday transmission.
And I come to you from the war zone that is planet Earth.
Now I'm about to cover the depopulation-ish, and the admissions, the facts, the public statements of Fauci, the arrogance of these criminals, hiding in plain view.
Because remember, art imitates life.
So why in so many movies with villains, or sci-fi films, or dystopic films, does the villain brag about what they do?
Because that happens in history.
They love to monologue about what they're planning very thinly veiled in front of you before they do it.
Just like the Riddler or the Joker will break in on TV or radio and tell you he's sending you a treat that'll come knocking in the night in the form of so that it makes it more fun like the Zodiac Killer taunting
Taunting the police, and then while we all kill each other, they wait till one of us is dead, the other's hurt.
The two groups, they play off against each other, and then in comes the Siamese fighting fish to kill his exhausted foe that he couldn't have beaten before.
So let's lay it out.
What is this all really about?
The global private central banks of the world control Big Pharma, they control the defense establishment, they control energy, they control the media, they control everything but the church.
They now control academia, and they control most of the church.
And now they want the family, now they want you individually, now they want your mind.
And the Bretton Woods Agreement that was set up to make America the new British Empire at the end of World War II is coming to an end.
And they're in the Financial Times of London, they're at the CFR, they put out reports saying that a new order is forming, run by the UN and NATO, with shared power by what's left of the US, the European Union, and the Communist Chinese.
Russia is basically cut out of that agreement.
And so they are bringing in the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency and with it a new digital world currency tied to your COVID passport and tied to your carbon passport.
This is the official plan now being announced.
I told you about it decades ago, but now it's here.
It's not theoretical.
It's not in beta.
It's in launch mode.
And once they've done that, they can fully collapse the old monetary system
Destroying your wealth, destroying what you have, and for you to be able to opt into the new global currency, you're going to have to pledge a large part of your wealth into this collective system for even the right to be in the new digital currency that has blockchain and has value.
And so that is what they are walking us into, and that's why they're doing the things
That they're currently doing.
Abolishing the police, undermining the borders, collapsing the country, demonizing the nation's very existence.
Putting in a president that can hardly talk, that people know stole the election.
To carry all this out so you get angry and upset and lose faith and finally start rioting and hitting targets that are only going to hurt you, burning down your own neighborhoods.
And then after the collapse, the globalists come in with their new currency and buy everything up with their digital fiat system.
But on the way to collapsing everything, they're flooding the world with yins and yawns and euros and rubles and dollars.
That they have control of at first use to buy up industry, and to buy up leaders, and to buy up medicine, and science, and universities, and other banks, and warehouses, and trucking companies, and concrete companies, and farms, and ranches, with all the fiat, because they've been slowly devaluing it since 1913.
A hundred and plus years ago.
The Federal Reserve.
Now the dollar is only worth 1% of what it was, but still that 1% now, they're going to devalue out very quickly and leave you with the devaluation and the inflation.
And that's what's being sold.
That's what's being pushed.
That's the savior all over the news.
The new form of currency could transform the way we see money.
And they're going to tell us it's going to be on how you act and where you spend it and what you do, making money, not just the tax code, but money itself, pure social engineering.
And that's where we are.
You have lived to see the big banks take over.
And they got the whole world through fraud.
They got the whole world going back over 500 years ago in Europe with the Rothschilds and others.
Would be goldsmiths, and you'd keep your gold there so it wouldn't get robbed of your rubies or diamonds or silver.
Make it seem like a big pawn shop.
And then you would come, and you would give them one gold coin worth X, and they learned they would give you scripts saying you had one gold coin, but they learned they could loan out 10, 15, 20 times more paper script
Checks than what they really had.
And with that, they leveraged it.
And there was lots of families doing it.
The Rothschilds, the most famous, the most powerful.
They got so powerful, they married into British royalty 300 years ago.
And then in 1815, at the Battle of Waterloo, Lord Wellington defeated, in his British-Prussian pincer attack, Napoleon Bonaparte, and they sent carrier pigeons to the coast.
On fast Corvette ships across to announce that morning that Lord Wellington had lost the war and the British stock market plunged by 99%.
Rothschild, of course, began selling right up front.
Everybody panicked and began selling.
Then they came in with the news.
Oh, my God, Wellington has lost.
British Army destroyed.
British Empire has collapsed.
Napoleon rules the earth.
And then as soon as everybody started selling, he bought it all up.
And now,
200 plus years later, that system rules the entire planet, except for Russia and a few other countries, controls China, and now is about to put you on a digital system through an iPhone and your computer that tracks and traces where you go, what you do, decides where you can go, what you can do, and decides what your child's gonna be, and if your child will be allowed to have children, and you will be lesser than farm animals.
And that's the system.
So I've told you the background and why they're waging a new form of war to blow up the existing system.
We're going to play that clip in a moment.
And make you submit to this globalist takeover.
And that's what they've done.
And they admit it.
They say it in the Great Reset.
I'm going to play you clips when we come back.
All run by face scanning.
Oh, they're going to make you do it through the phone at first, but if you don't submit it, it doesn't matter.
The face scan will do it.
And then they're going to say, well, people cover their face, so you've all got to have microchips.
That's all in Debo's group documents from 20 years ago and from five years ago, where Klaus Schwab says it on French TV.
And now you see 60 Minutes telling you to do it.
And all these fools think, I'll just go along, I'll be part of the system, I'll make money administering this.
But you're coming down to the end of the road where you're going to lose everything you've got doing this.
The only future is to say no to this.
Plus, more importantly, it's about your soul and the decision you make against this right now.
So that's the backdrop of why they've launched this bio-war, make us all sick and collapsing, so things fall apart, so we accept the new digital world government currency and the Great Reset.
That's what they call it.
The Great Reset.
Build back better.
Gotta blow us up first.
When I grow up, I want to defeat the globalists.
We now take you live.
Here we go.
Let's get into it right now, ladies and gentlemen.
There's a global reset.
Banks control the world through fraud.
They want total social control of everything you do.
When I talk about the bank, I don't mean the little farm bank, or I don't mean the local credit union, or I don't even mean the regional bank.
Those are your friends.
Those are good people on average.
I'm talking about the private shareholders of the European Central Bank, the British Central Bank, the U.S.
Central Bank, the Canadian Central Bank, the Australian and New Zealand Central Banks.
Those are all owned by less than 10 families.
We know the shareholders of the Federal Reserve in 1913, 100 plus years ago.
And they want social control over everybody they believe they own and run the planet.
And they believe that you're like cockroaches that got into the cupboard that are in their food.
And so they want to bring in a cashless society to be able to, again, behaviorally manipulate and control and have control over your body.
And I told you this 20 years ago because it was in their own documents.
I said, they're going to come out with a world government, with a world ID.
It'll be on smartphones, I said, 15 years ago, on record.
It's in my film, Endgame.
And it will track and trace where you go and say where you can go and what you can do.
And they will make you take GMO injections, because they said this, genetically altering injections, so that you will, quote, be better for the earth.
And I remember doing research for Endgame, and we covered it 15 years ago, where they talked about, we'll give you an injection
That makes you allergic to meat, so you won't be able to eat meat, and that'll lower the carbon footprint.
Well, now one of Bill Gates' top people, that's worked for the federal government, major universities, came out last year and said, we want to give you an injection that makes you allergic to meat.
An mRNA vaccine that makes you allergic to meat.
It's like I read, again this is 15 years ago when this all came out, that they have behavioral modification mRNA.
Now there it is.
Bioethicists suggest gene therapy to make people allergic to red meat or to reduce meat consumption.
Shocking 2016 clip surfaces.
He said it again last year.
So let me just explain this.
They have behavioral vaccines that, to get attention, I called brain-eating vaccines.
Again, in a video I did 14 years ago that they've taken off YouTube that had about 16 million views when I took it down.
And in the brain-eating vaccine video, I read the patents on live virus vaccines that eat certain parts of the brain.
That are receptor sites for heroin, cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes, you name it.
It's the same receptors.
And the viruses would then eat those receptors.
Other ones would put a protein plaque in the receptor, a crystal, a prion, a lobotomy, spongiform encephalopathy.
There it is!
Behavioral vaccine for teen depression.
Oh, you're depressed?
We'll destroy those receptor sites.
Which are also associated with ecstasy and spiritual connections.
Those are pain and pleasure amplification ports to interface with infinity.
And the enemy wants those burned out.
So, they've been testing them on a lot of the soldiers, telling them it's vaccines for something else.
And then really, it came out, it was quote, secret PTSD testing, PTSD.
I don't know.
But also with exhilaration and triumph and ecstasy and...
Simple pleasure.
See, I'm having extreme pleasure right now fighting evil.
I'm designed to do it.
I'm designed to be in danger.
I'm designed to challenge the enemy.
I'm designed to piss them off.
I'm designed to work 18 hours a day.
I'm designed to have children and to cook big delicious meals and to love amazing sunsets and to hunt animals and to make love.
I'm alive.
I interface with the universe and enjoy it.
I worship it.
And through that, I worship the Creator God.
Beauty and the love of beauty and the love of goodness is worship of the Creator that made it.
And see, the enemy wants that cut off.
They want robots.
These are the big secrets, my friends.
And I haven't gotten there yet, so I've gone off.
I'm going to go to break, and I'm going to come back very judiciously in the longest segment of the hour.
It's about 11 minutes long.
Just shy.
10 minutes, 50 seconds.
I'll cover it next segment.
Using new virus emerges and I wrote top HHS official war games the release of a new avian flu virus in China as a pretext to remove the FDA approval process and steamroll mRNA gene therapies and Fauci agrees in the shocking C-SPAN video.
Coupled with previous statements by Peter Daszak, Fauci, and others, this constitutes the smoking of smoking guns as the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle proving that Big Pharma worked for the United Nations to develop and release COVID-19 as the pretext for global conquest via the Great Reset.
That's coming up next segment.
I'm gonna go ahead and talk about this now and I really want to thank the listeners and viewers for your support because we're under such incredible attack and I've got a lot of plans and projects in motion working with other folks partnering with other folks to be able to circumnavigate all the deplatforming and during key junctures be able to pop up
And engage the globalist with the truth into this future time we're going, which we're now entered the beginning of.
So I need major wartime capital to do this, and that's why
You're going to see me on air soon, just because there are a little side issues, but they're important.
Selling the armored truck.
It's been great.
Had a lot of great coverage with it.
Got a lot of attention with it for our causes, but it's going to be sold.
I'm going to sell most of my guns that I don't need.
I've got too many that are extra.
50 cal, stuff like that.
Everything is going to go in to the full energy of the fight, because that's a ritual for me.
That I need to sell my house, which is being sold right now, finally, and everything into this.
Of course I'd want to put all in on the total future of humanity and my children and your children in front of God.
I mean, I could spill some blood on there, I'd do it, but that's not that kind of ritual.
But it kind of feels like it should be, doesn't it?
Because there will be blood spilled.
And so, at the end of the day, which we're not looking for, but the enemy's going to bring us into that.
Be part of that ritual in front of God.
Be part of the resistance.
Don't just get great products you need because they make your life better.
Fund this war and make sure as we go into this fight, as I walk into that arena with my shield and my sword and I got my helmet on,
That we're all together on this because you're that gladiator on the field as well, and that we are prepared and trained and well-fed and focused and not distracted to make sure we go in there in the Tom Brady zone politically, this is an allegory, and cut these enemies down with absolute precision.
Total commitment!
And so,
I'm in maximum push zone.
I was born for this, so were you, and we are going to see the whole nine yards now unfold.
World government, mass extermination, you name it.
But through that, we'll have victory, the greatest awakening ever, and coming back to God.
So get it at infowarestore.com.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Okay, let's lay out the smoking gun of smoking guns.
And it's the last big piece of the puzzle, which absolutely proves it.
We've got so many videos of them bragging about how they cooked up COVID-19 and how it would give them power and control.
We have Operation Lockstep.
We have Crimson Contagion.
We have the SPARS 2023-2025 documents.
And now we have the Project Veritas.
Scientists admits your antibodies are probably better than the vaccination.
And they go on to say that it's causing antibody
Dependency enhancement.
All word for word is the same things being said that the experts warned would happen and that the Pentagon's own AI system has reported on.
That's breaking now in the mainstream news as well.
We've got reports on that that are going to be coming up.
We covered that last week and over the weekend and now the good news is it's hitting the news that, wow, the Pentagon's AI project scanned the Medicare patients
5.6 million of them and found you're twice as likely to get really sick if you've had the shot.
But if you've had COVID and then got the shot, you're not really having any higher level problem than people that didn't take the shot.
Because your body was immune to the vaccine!
Because the vaccine is the virus!
I mean, wow!
Did you hear what I just said?
In the Pentagon's own AI scan of just the raw data, you are roughly twice as likely to be in the hospital and have severe issues or death if you've had the Pfizer or Moderna shots.
It's right there.
We covered this in over four days and you've already heard it and seen it.
But unless you had COVID and you told the doctor and you still took the shot and that's been marked down,
Then you're basically at the same level of danger of COVID as if you never had the vaccine.
And the COVID vaccine doesn't hurt you as bad.
Because the COVID vaccine basically gives you COVID.
So you see, since you already had it naturally, your body knows how to fight off the virus that's produced by the shot.
Isn't that amazing?
All right, so let's get to the big news here.
And again, if you want to see my full report from last night, it's on Infowars.com in the carousel right there.
This is October 29th, 2019.
Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases with Rick Bright, HHS Biomedical Advanced R&D Director.
And they're all talking about, how do we blow up the system?
How do we make people get past 10 years of, you know, getting approval and just get rid of the FDA approval?
And well, we need to have a deadly virus, you know, like the COVID-19 type released out of China.
Yeah, that's a good plan.
We also need to take over the institutions we have.
So it's added with all the stuff in the bunkers and all the admissions about them creating it in China and going to the Pentagon wanting to release it in caves on bats through nanoparticles, all that.
You add all that together and lying to Congress and all of it.
They have the history, the motive.
They're bragging about it.
They lied to Congress.
They built it.
They had all the battle plans for the Great Reset Takeover using it, and they did.
And now they're getting rich off of it.
I mean, they should all be arrested for total negligence and lying to Congress, bare minimum.
And then as you dig in, you find out they've admitted it and hid it in plain view.
So let's play back to back all these clips now.
Let's play the clip from 2009.
Then we'll play him in 17 saying, oh, yeah, you know, Trump's going to get challenged.
There's going to be a new pandemic.
And then Peter Daszak in December, two months after the October meeting, after it's already out in the air, having a cover story that, oh, yeah, we're going to get it out of caves and create vaccines so it doesn't hurt people.
But now we know they were going to actually spray the virus they made in caves and then claim it naturally occurred.
So we've got them.
Go to the Pentagon, say we're going to release this out in the open.
But then we've got them publicly saying the opposite.
And then saying later, just a few months later, in February, oh, it came out of caves.
It came out of wet markets.
But now we know, and we have the Smoking Gun London Independent articles and the documents, where they actually cooked up the whole plan.
So you add all that together, folks, this is beyond Perry Mason.
There it is.
Wuhan scientists run by Daszak and Gates and Fauci plan to release chimeric COVID spike proteins into bat populations using skin penetrating nanoparticles.
Zero hedge.
The documents are linked right there and there's the Telegraph article linked right there, second line.
So this is now out in the open.
So here are the three smoking guns.
Just play a clip, A, B, and C together in order.
Here they are.
Why don't we blow the system up?
I mean, obviously we can't just turn off the spigot on the system we have and then say, hey, everyone in the world should get this new vaccine we haven't given to anyone yet.
But there must be some way that we grow vaccines mostly in eggs the way we did in 1947.
In order to make the transition from getting out of the tried and true
We're good to go!
It's going to take a decade.
There might be a need or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement out there that's completely disruptive, that's not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.
So we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza and it's going to be very difficult to change that unless you do it from within and say
I don't care what your perception is, we're going to address the problem in a disruptive way and in an iterative way, because you do need both.
But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere.
We could get the RNA sequence from that, beam it to a number of regional centers, if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on a patch and self-administer.
Is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.
And where do they come from?
And we went out to southern China and did surveillance of bats across southern China and we've now found
After, you know, six or seven years of doing this, over a hundred new SARS-related coronaviruses, very close to SARS, some of them get into human cells in the lab, some of them can cause SARS disease in humanized mouse models, and are untreatable with therapeutic monoclonals, and you can't vaccinate against them with the vaccine.
So these are a clear and present danger.
We've even found people with antibodies in Yunnan to SARS-related coronaviruses, so there's human exposure.
We're now doing surveillance.
We're just beginning another five years of work to look at cohorts in southern China to say, well, how frequent does this spillover happen and is it associated with disease?
Because I expect, just like Nipah in Bangladesh, there are dozens and dozens of small spillovers going on on the planet any one time, which we just never see.
Yeah, they never amplify.
There are a few cases and they're just absorbed in the illness, the overall illness of the population, right?
They could say, so who cares?
You know, and that's one argument.
But our strategy is any one of those could become pandemic.
There's a lot of stochasticity in what happens then.
So if we look at all of them, understand patterns, try and reduce the number of spillover events we've got, you know.
But if you're saying these are diverse coronaviruses and you can't vaccinate against them, they're no antivirals, what do we do?
Well, I think that coronaviruses are pretty good.
I mean, you're a virologist, you know all this stuff, but you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily.
Spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus, zoonotic risk.
So you can get the sequence, you can build the protein, and we work with Ralph Baric at UNC to do this, insert it into the backbone of another virus and do some work in the lab.
So you can get more predictive when you find a sequence.
You've got this diversity.
The logical progression for vaccines is if you're going to develop a vaccine for SARS, people are going to use pandemic SARS, but let's try and insert some of these other related and get a better vaccine.
And I guess also knowledge of what's there.
If you see something emerging, give it a head start on making a vaccine or a therapeutic.
That's true.
And, you know, better knowledge of where they are.
So here's a question.
Where have I heard of this before?
Wow, back in like 1994 on TV.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms glued to their televisions too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think- NBC, you are here to listen and not speak!
I think we should go with the good old-fashioned public health care.
A new disease.
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic.
No one's immune.
And instead of summer, it's all the time!
Now I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I... Oh!
Oh yeah!
So, we've got our deadly disease.
Now, we just have to blame it on something that's in every household.
Something that people are a little bit afraid of already.
House Cat Flu is coming, people!
The Center for Disease Disinformation predicts with some degree of probability that the House Cat Flu might spread in the following hypothetical outbreak pattern.
So petter beware, that warm body on your lap just might be ready to destroy your tender fiddles.
Springfielders are advised to stay tuned for more information if they experience any of the following symptoms.
Mild thirst, occasional hunger, tiredness at night.
Grab your coat!
Come on!
And we are taking action here, fighting the globalists at point-blank range.
And guess who else is taking action?
The Motor City madman, Uncle Ted, Ted Nugent's joining us.
He's been really calling out the VACs, trying to be bullies to those of us that have natural immunity.
So he's joining us coming up.
Next segment.
And I'm also going to get his take on this big story.
I just had the crew ask me, why aren't you covering this?
And that's a good thing.
Crew doesn't normally say, why aren't you covering something?
This is so big, I should be covering it.
Yes, you saw the national school boards, especially the Communist Party in this country, that want to make our kids wear masks and don't want to ever do any work.
The teachers unions have come out and said, we want anti-terrorism teams at the school boards, people yelling at us and saying we're tyrants, needs to be illegal.
And the good old Attorney General came out and put a letter out and absolutely agreed with that.
So that is coming up as well with Ted Nugent.
And you already got the feds releasing almost all
Of the Antifa, including people that set fire to federal courthouses.
Because you know, whoever said a protest is peaceful, that's Cuomo's CNN.
But then, hundreds of people that didn't break anything, didn't hit a cop, there's no footage of it, who were waved in by the police, are still in jail.
And Owen Schroyer did not go in the Capitol.
He'd been arrested before protesting Nadler, something everybody else is allowed to do if it's a Republican being protested.
You've got Joe Biden defending people that are getting in people's faces and following them in bathrooms.
Owen didn't do that.
He just simply shouted out, the impeachment of Trump is wrong.
And they threw him out of the committee room, something Code Pink does all the time for other issues, which I think they have a right to do.
They shouldn't be arrested.
And so he said, hey, I can't, you know, bullhorn on Capitol grounds.
I'm not supposed to protest.
I'll just be a media observer.
And he said that on tape.
And he was under his probation for a misdemeanor.
Not supposed to protest in the Capitol or in another federal building.
Well, he didn't.
And he has been indicted, and they just put on the indictment that he forced his way physically into the Capitol.
So there's also a criminal fraud on the face of it.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, I know for a fact, because I've gotten the calls, the feds have been calling
People that we've had on as guests over the years.
Women, men, you name it.
And saying, hey, did you meet with Alex Jones?
We want to meet with you about Alex Jones.
We want to know what he was planning that day.
Anybody knows me knows everything I'm up to is above board.
Unless I tell you it's not above board.
I told you lots of stuff we're doing to get around deplatforming and other things.
And we're not going to talk about it.
It's all legal, it's all lawful, it's all completely kosher, but
We're certainly not going to give our enemies a blueprint on how to try to shut us down.
And so let's just say I'm shedding my skin.
And I need a lot of energy.
And what is the symbol of energy?
It's a dollar sign, until they get rid of that soon with the global currency.
You think the Federal Reserve's bad?
Wait till the behavioral modification, social engineering, global social credit score, carbon tax world IDs here.
And so that's why I said earlier, listen, go get a book, get a t-shirt, get a film, sign up for things you're gonna need every month or every two months or every three months.
For auto ship, the additional 10% off, cancelling time, it's free to cancel.
But you're going to like the coffee.
I think you're going to love it.
You're going to love Ultra 12, Vitamin B12.
You're going to love Winter Sun.
You're going to love, love, love, love RainForce Ultra and RainForce Plus and TurboForce is finally almost back in with the supply chain breakdowns.
That's what's hurting us.
You guys buy enough of the product to keep us on the air and to expand, but we just can't ever get it because everything's breaking down and I'm not lowering the quality of the products.
So it's a real problem.
But finally, we've got some of the products in and
Sign up for all those ships so you can continually support us in the future and support yourself.
But now is the time.
If you want to see us fight, you want to see us in the Info War, capitalize us today.
Because you may not be able to in a month or six months.
If we don't get the capital, they're going to be able to really cripple this operation.
So I need to be flooded with energy now and your prayers.
Please help us.
We're trying to help you.
You ought to see Uncle Ted play this in person.
Or the Star-Spangled Banner right there in his living room with his great wife Shemaine and the Yellow Labs, the Golden Retrievers.
Yes, Ted Nugent is at it again, ladies and gentlemen, fighting the tyrants.
And here's a quick clip of what we're about to talk about with him.
Well, would you speak to the people who believe it is a worthwhile vaccine and it is saving lives?
Are they just dead wrong?
Have they been fed a line from the federal government?
Tim, I appreciate the opportunity to speak to the people that went ahead and got the jab.
I speak their language.
I would speak to them thusly.
They understand that.
Well, so all these millions of people that got the shots, they're just stupid?
Ted, thanks for coming on.
I saw that clip this morning going viral and wanted to get you to elaborate and hopefully do a little Obama supporter.
Do a little more of that for us.
Ted, thanks for coming on.
Yeah, my pleasure, Alex.
You know, I gotta tell you, I was dead serious and there's nothing more serious than combating these power-abusing, oath-violating, genocidal tyrant punks.
But you have to admit, you can't not laugh when you see me take on public television dirtbags like that.
And they just don't know what to do.
When I hand it over to them to get their points of view, I mean, literally, I don't know if they have their heads straight up Fauci's ass.
I don't know if they've been just propagandized that would make Joseph Goebel proud.
I don't know if they're just that weak, that stupid, that gullible.
But what I express is an accumulation.
You know, Alex, I've always mentioned and it's important to emphasize that I'm just a guitar player, but I'm an American father, husband, neighbor, rancher, farmer, cop, guitar player in the asset column.
Everybody benefits from the Nugent work ethic and the Nugent entrepreneurial spirit and the Nugent attitude and spirit.
But I have never imagined that this pandemic by the Chinese
I don't know.
Bending over compliance that I'm witnessing, and I just hope everybody listening to Alex Jones, I hope they drive their mayor, their senator, their congressman, their governor's office batty.
Because if you're not driving the enemy batty, the enemy thinks you're on their side.
And that's why I do these media things every day of my life, because I represent the pulse, the heart and soul of critical thinking Americans.
By the way,
The only Americans that are real Americans and that deserve to be Americans are Americans that critically think and are suspicious of everything about the government, the media, the medical community, every alphabet soup bureaucrat, high tech, big tech, Hollywood.
I'm telling you, this is a juncture whether we take the road to freedom or we bend over and give it to these punks in government.
You know, you and I last year looked at the statistics, the numbers, there were no extra deaths per capita.
They were saying gunshot wounds and car wrecks and cancer were COVID.
But then when you got it this year and I got it, and even before we got it, we knew people were actually getting something real that was different.
Wasn't a flu, wasn't a cold, felt like a gorilla was sitting on my chest, almost killed my dad.
But mudecinine and things like that were able to get him to turn around very, very quickly.
I know you had it and got over it, and the statistics show right here, and Pfizer even admits it in undercover videos, but the Israeli study shows natural immunity is up to 27 times better.
So why would they try to force an injection on 100 million Americans that have already had this nasty Chycon bug?
Well, I don't even care about their motivations.
Just like if someone breaks into my house, I don't really care what his motivations are.
I'm gonna cut him in half.
I don't care what a rapist's motivations are.
The guy needs to die.
I don't care what a carjacker and a murderer and an arsonist... I don't care what their motivations are.
They need to be neutralized.
And to your point, the most emphatic evidence to support what you and I raise hell about is that we have the footage
We have the footage of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Dr. Devil Fauci Punk at the Wuhan Lab scamming American tax dollars to help the Devil Chinese Communists.
Come on, everybody!
The Communist Chinese devils, they kill their own people.
They have concentration camps for people.
They are genocidal, tyrannical, evil monsters.
And Fauci, Pelosi, and Barack Obama helped them create a gain-of-function virus that guarantees that everybody will get it.
And the most important point I can bring out is that when my buddies and my friends and my hunting buddies and my fellow musicians and my wife Shemaine and I got it, we went to the frontline doctors and we did exactly the opposite of what the government told us to do.
I'm sorry, Ted, there's no treatment.
Bull crap!
The frontline doctors recommend across the board hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, steroids, and zinc.
I've been taking zinc since October of 2019, and I've always taken CDB-12, and I've always eaten good and taken good care of myself, clean and sober.
I get a lot of exercise.
I breathe more wild swamp air than any duck you'll ever meet.
And so I was already in good shape, but we did exactly the opposite.
Ted Nugent.com is the website for everything Ted Nugent and Ted Nugent World.
Well, to all the families across America and everybody listening, reach out to people that don't listen to Alex Jones.
And I mean that.
Reach out to people who are afraid and are intentionally hiding from information that squashes the real misinformation from government, big tech, and all the bureaucracies.
Reach out to your family and friends and let them know that Alex Jones and Ted Nugent and all good heart and soul, caring, loving Americans
We share your pain and suffering.
We share your heartbreak that you've lost loved ones.
My good friend, one of the greatest Americans that ever drove the asset column of America, Jim Brown from Indiana.
Just a great man, Alex.
And he died two days ago and we're still mourning.
We are shattered at the loss of our loved ones and our dear friends.
And the reason they're dying is because the United States government is the enemy of America.
And they worked with the communist Chinese devils to weaponize a virus to hurt mankind.
So the government of the United States and the communist Chinese devils killed my friend Jim.
That's incredible, and I can hear the anger in your voice.
I've known you 20-something years and never heard you sound that focused, that angry, and you're always a focused guy.
This just broke, Ted, and I hope that you and Shemaine will check it out.
I'll send you the actual clip.
I did a 40-minute report on it last night.
Fauci in 2019 bragged with the head of HHS about needing a virus out of China to scare people to accept mRNA vaccines and, quote, blow up the existing system so they could take it over.
Actual video, and now we know they lied to Congress.
Now we know that they basically cooked all this up on purpose, the document show, and wanted to spray it into Chinese caves.
What do you make of that?
Well, all the smart Americans, the ones that perform their most important independent life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, autonomous responsibility, they are suspicious of all authority.
And now it is universal amongst critical thinkers and smart Americans.
We distrust the U.S.
Every alphabet soup bureaucracy is virtually untrustworthy.
The CDC, the FDA, the Communist Chinese WHO, the USDA, the FBI, led by the Comeys and the enemies of law enforcement.
Ted Stanley, you're always on fire, but you're really on fire right now.
Let's come back and talk about how much trouble this country's in and how to save it.
Stay with us, Ted, dude, just right ahead.
All right, Ted Nugent is with us.
He's got a new song out, which is, come and take it, that we'll play at the end of this segment, just 30 seconds of or so.
But Ted, you're really upset, you're really angry talking about your good friend dying from them not giving him the life-saving medical attention that's almost saving 100% of people.
Even Fox News reports Senator Paul and Dr. Bartlett, who joins us next segment, and Dr. Watkins, say FDA should grant budecidide emergency use authorization to treat COVID.
You were getting into the fact that they block that, even though it's got Oxford studies showing it's incredible, and then you were getting into the situation that is taking place with Americans not trusting this government because it's been occupied by CHICOM double agents.
So please continue with both those points.
Well, again, critical thinking is the DNA of freedom-demanding we the people, the experiment in self-government that is unique in the history of humankind here in the United States of America.
The founding fathers critically fought against the king.
The Founding Fathers critically fought against the arbitrary, punitive, and capricious and demonic rules that the king forced upon its subjects.
So they wrote down what they knew instinctively to be free, to be right, the gift of individual rights from God.
That's called the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.
Well, right now,
If you're a critical thinker, if you're a good American, if you critically think, entrepreneurs, you know, the people in the arena, in the swirling dust of battle, the entrepreneurs that take risks and make sacrifices to start a new business and to employ people, the economic engine of the greatest quality of life in the history of the world, those critical thinkers are being punished and ostracized.
If you're a critical thinker and you're suspicious of the government, which you have to be,
If you're honest, you have to be suspicious of everything about this government right now, more than ever.
And if you are a critical thinker, you can't shop, you can't go to work, you can't go to school.
If you turn down the most offensive, forced medicine in the history of the world, where the government says, you have to take this shot, or you can't go to the movies, you can't eat, you can't have a job, can't go to school, you can't travel, you can't live.
We're not forcing it upon you, but you can't have a life without it.
Those critical thinkers are being punished and ostracized while we are importing desperate people from around the world.
We're flying in Afghan from the hell holes of their worthless lifestyle on C-17s.
We are witnessing the orchestration of an invasion of America by the government of the United States of America.
Make that perfectly clear.
The government
The entire gang of Democrat Marxists infesting our government are orchestrating the invasion of America through our southern border because those people will blindly obey the Democrats.
They're getting rewarded.
They are not restricted like citizens are because critical thinkers are being taken out of the equation so the government can control these new saps.
That's all we need to know.
Well, that's right.
Coming from tyrannies into a tyranny to help suppress the nation.
And I know that there's some good folks still left at the Pentagon.
They have their Project Solace run by the big AI system.
It found that the majority of deaths and hospitalizations were from the vaccinated and that it's destroying their immune system and creating a syndrome called ADE that over time kills about 80% of people that develop it, Ted.
I mean, this is from the Pentagon's own Project Solace.
What do you make of that?
Well, number one, we, the people, salute you, Alex Jones, because you got a T-Rex ball sack swinging from coast to shining coast, and you're what the founding fathers wanted all Americans to be, suspicious of all authority.
And you don't do it mean-spirited, but you look into it, and before the government can hide their own findings,
You expose the findings that support everything you and I believe in and talk about and destroys what they call misinformation because the guaranteed misinformation on planet Earth
It comes from the United States of American government and all its corrupt, criminal, oath-violating bureaucracies.
This is a tragic time in America.
Let me keep it positive, if I may.
There is positive, Alex.
Number one, I'm going to have the greatest hunting season of my life.
We have the greatest bunch of guys and gals joining the Nugent campfire every weekend.
Great, great Americans.
We're going to have a wonderful, natural fall season of harvest and really stack up the backstraps.
But we fight against the corrupt bureaucracies in between each hunt because we work hard before we play hard.
So thank you for being the cockroach spotlighter of all times.
I give you the Ted Nugent
Cockroach Spotlight Czar Award of a lifetime.
Because you're doing the American's number one job.
Spotlighting criminals.
That's terrorist, and now the Justice Department agrees and is going to send the FBI to school boards to intimidate people.
I've got the national letter right here that I can show people.
This just shows how desperate they are.
Nobody's going to buy that the FBI counter-terrorism force is now going to try to intimidate people protesting at school boards.
I mean, this is desperate stuff, Ted Nugent.
Well, until a law enforcement agency arrests Barack Obama and Eric Holder for killing Brian Terry with their gun-running scam, and until they arrest Hillary Clinton and all those punks for lying to the victims of the Benghazi family, claiming it was about a video, until they arrest Lon Horiachi for murdering Vicki Weaver and her son,
Until they really go after the James Comeys for his perjury and the Adam Schiff for putting on the congressional record 100% lies claiming it came from Donald Trump.
Until they really go after the real criminals in our society, the good people of America laugh in their corrupt face.
But let me leave you with this, Alex.
You know who shares my campfire every weekend?
Cops and military heroes.
That's right, the actual average folks are great.
And to the man and woman of law enforcement, they are sworn to not obey an illegal, immoral, oath-violating order.
If these milli-punks of the world and the so-called commander and inept, demented chief that infests our White House, if they give an immoral, illegal, oath-violating command, those heroes will be on our side, I promise you.
Sir, please give us another imitation of the vaccinated.
Well... That's actually a quote from the French National Anthem, but I think they understand it.
Speaking of the National Anthem, we're going to come back and play your new song that people can find at TedNugent.com.
Ted, say hi to Shemain and God bless you and happy hunting.
You betcha.
The song is Come and Take It.
It's a love song.
Man, I haven't heard this song yet.
Ted Nugent was like, hey, play my song.
My new song we just sent to you.
I hadn't heard it yet.
Come and take it.
So I can't wait to hear the whole thing.
That sounds like a big NFL anthem song.
You know, it sounds like, we will, we will rock you.
But instead of, you know, just talking about using drugs or whatever, it's talking about, you're not going to get our guns.
That's powerful.
Speaking of
Speaking of come and take it, we need to come and take the Ivermectin, the Budesedine, the things that have now been proven in major studies to absolutely target and reduce the severity of this very serious bioweapon hooked up by Fauci and Bill Gates and others.
And so now he's getting completely vindicated, not just by Oxford six months after he discovered this and promoted it.
Not just by other major studies, scientific studies of the highest caliber, the stoic study as he was saying, that style, but...
Also by millions and millions of people that have seen the miraculous things that happen.
And now you've got Pfizer coming out with their new miracle pill antiviral that's based with a lot of the same compounds and chemicals that are in ivermectin.
So here's the headline.
See the full report at foxnews.com.
Senator Paul and Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Watkins.
FDA should grant Budesedine emergency use authorization to treat COVID.
So I wonder how Howard Stern feels making fun of you, saying you're making money off Budesedine when you don't sell it.
You point people at online pharmacies to get the inhalable steroid.
And I wonder how he feels in his wig and his outfit now that Senator Dr. Paul and others are trying to get emergency authorization of this.
Of course, we know Stern's just following talking points given to him by Big Pharma because if we're not sick and dying, well, we won't be in their clutches.
So Dr. Bartlett, thanks for joining us in the middle of your busy schedule.
Alex, thank you.
Your listeners are getting facts.
They're getting science.
Hashtag science.
Science matters.
And what you're giving people is useful information instead of propaganda talking points.
So I want to thank you for your diligence, for your tenacity, for not giving up.
When people have tried to destroy you over and over again, you can't keep a good man down.
Alex Jones is a good man.
I appreciate that, doctor.
We're all under attack.
They're attacking doctors across the nation that prescribe ivermectin and mutecinine.
They're attacking pharmacies that do it.
These are serious war crimes, aren't they?
Yeah, you know, if you withhold life-saving medicine and you're a doctor, I can't think of a more egregious abuse of power.
When you're the one who actually, there are doctors who have used some of these medicines and seen people come off the ventilator.
They wrote the order in the ICU just as a flippant thing to get a husband off their back and the patient recovers, is off the ventilator in one week, home with the family in two weeks, and that same doctor is withholding that from other people later?
How do you explain that?
But I'll tell you, Rand Paul is a hero, and I appreciate his brilliant explanation of things.
He just cuts to the chase, as do you.
And the issue is, is there already early effective outpatient treatment strategies?
Yes, there is.
And is there actually something you can do to treat ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome, caused by COVID, and rescue people?
Yes, there is.
And so what we're talking about is overwhelming evidence.
The science is already settled.
There is nothing to figure out.
We know that monoclonal antibodies, a 30-minute infusion, sitting in the chair, bored, getting an IV infusion, will improve your chances.
70% decrease of hospitalizations and death with a 30-minute infusion.
That's a no-brainer.
And again, and again, we've got Biden and his handlers trying to block that.
That's called, Rand Paul is right on, this is socialism, this is communism, this is rationing of healthcare.
And we've all, you and I grew up hearing about the breadlines in Russia.
I think our children have not been aware of that as much as we have.
It hasn't been taught in the schools.
We were aware that they had bread lines while we were eating dinner with our families.
People in Russia had to wait hours, even days, to get milk or bread for their families.
That's rationing of food.
And you can control the peasants if you control the food.
But, you know, there's lots of principles about socialism, and one of them is rationing.
And so when there's no lack, no shortage of monoclonal antibodies for COVID, but you have the threat, has been spoken at least, of rationing healthcare, including rationing of monoclonal antibodies to several states that happen to be states that are contrary to the dictatorship, like Texas and Florida, you have Governor DeSantis, who is a real hero,
I'm standing up and saying, you know what?
I'm going to do what I am supposed to do.
I'm going to take care of the people of Florida because they're under my responsibility.
And if I have blockage of life-saving medicine to Floridians, no matter what color, no matter what their political background, no matter what, if they're a human and they're under my influence, I will make sure they get what they need.
Congratulations, Governor DeSantis, for leading the way.
And Governor Abbott has followed the example of DeSantis.
That's right, and I should add for Howard Stern attacking you, that you also were the top medical advisor to Rick Perry for seven years, you're now one of the main advisors to the current governor, Governor Abbott, and again have won the Texas leadership, a medical assistant, monoclonal antibody infusion center advisor for the state of Texas, COVID Texas emergency management, and you have been working countless hours tirelessly
Enemies of the people.
When you're withholding life-saving medicine, there's 33 million Texans, roughly,
And if you're going to just arbitrarily say, I'm going to cut distribution of life-saving medicine that will prevent 70% of deaths, arbitrarily cut the distribution of that by 50%, that's a monster.
They would even whisper that.
And as far as suppressing the truth that inhaled Budesonide, according to Oxford University, would prevent 90% of hospitalizations, I thought the hospitals were overwhelmed at one point.
This should be something that hospitals should be excited about.
And from you, and then I got it, and within an hour of the first budesonine treatment, I was getting deep breaths, and by the next day, I was about 80% better with that, and ivermectin, and we all experienced this.
Ted Nugent experiences this.
Millions have experienced it.
Now we have the science proving our anecdotal evidence, and then again, they try to suppress it.
It's just total proof that they really just want to depopulate people, or is it just about making money, and they don't want you to know that there's other things other than the vaccine?
Minions can be controlled with the money.
That I'm convinced of.
But there are people who are motivated by money.
But I think it is bigger than that.
And there's only a few explanations that'll fit when you're on purpose talking about rationing of life-saving medicine during a pandemic.
You know, I was one of the top health care advisors for Governor Rick Perry for seven years, and as a result of that, I was surprised at the end of that to receive the Meritorious Service Award from the Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner.
But you know, you would think that that might make it where I might have something worth hearing when I uncover something that's saving lives.
But instead, you have Fauci recruit Matthew McConaughey to do a
I don't know.
How many American lives have been lost because of that?
It's incredible.
Stay there.
Dr. Richard Bartlett is our guest.
We just had Ted Nugent on, and they're both saying the same thing.
We've got to educate people.
We've got to warn people that if you just go and get a ventilator put on you, you're probably going to die.
Or they say 92% of people in New York that got put on one died.
Or was it 94?
So to Richard Bartlett, former top medical advisor to Rick Perry, Volunteer Service Merit Award from HHS Commission, that's nationally, Texas Leadership Medical Assistant, Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Center Advisor in Texas, COVID Texas Emergency Management, and he tries to help folks by giving them websites that educate them, budesodineworks.com and synergyhealthdpc.com.
But again, it'd be fine if he was selling this stuff, but he's not.
He's pointing you to an online pharmacy, you can find it.
So 10,000 people don't call him.
The problem is, doctors most places won't give it to you, hospitals won't give it to you, most of them, and most pharmacies won't, causing massive death.
And Ted Nugent brought that up, and I've been interviewing Ted for over 20 years.
I've never heard him with so much anger in his voice, because one of his good friends in Tennessee just died because they wouldn't give him the treatment.
And that's what you're talking about, Dr. Bartlett, today.
You wanted to get to this, and I'm glad you could come on.
Tell us about the accountabilityproject.us.
So, there's a lady named Samantha Hill, just a normal citizen, whose mom was in the hospital, and she had to fight, clever, she had to use wise words, and she had to be very careful in what she said, but she was able to get eudecinide nebulizer treatments for her mom and got her mom out of the ICU.
But it was against great resistance.
That's just a normal, non-medical person who had great resistance that did not give up.
She said at one point they had a meeting where they had eight doctors, nurses, pharmacists in the room trying to intimidate her and her sister, and they did not back down.
You cannot back down now.
We literally were in battles for our loved ones' lives right now, and you cannot cow down.
And I'll tell you,
A former Senator of Georgia, Senator Mike Krotz, C-R-O-T-T-F, just rescued his wife from the ventilator in the ICU in Georgia, and he's a former Senator, and he had to fight like hell to rescue his wife from the ventilator in the ICU.
The doctors kept saying, no, no, no, and finally they broke.
And when they started giving Budesonide correctly, his wife now, even though they said it was impossible, is off the ventilator and out of the ICU.
And so, you might have him on your show at some point just to talk about how crazy it is.
How much influence do you have?
Flipping on the switch.
He came back to life.
His color came back, doctor.
And it pisses me off to see this and see them killing people.
What do we do?
How do we stop this?
And why the hell are these doctors so resistant?
Well, they're controlled.
They're controlled.
It's amazing that they will do only what the CDC says, even though what the CDC says changes daily and weekly.
And so it's not set in stone.
You need to use your brain, your training, your experience.
And this is going to send a shiver down their spines right now.
But if you go to the NIH guidelines for COVID treatment, eudescinide is talked about.
And they don't know that because they don't read these things.
They don't educate themselves.
There are many doctors that are seeing that it works and they're starting to use it as a tool.
It's not
We don't use a one-size-fits-all strategy to do healthcare ever before.
That's what's being forced on us.
That's communism and socialism.
But I'm telling you, it is a very powerful tool.
Patients have patient rights.
The doctor doesn't get to say, you need your gallbladder out, here's the risks and benefits, and then the doctor signs the paper.
No, the patient and the patient's family get to decide whether they want chemo for cancer, whether they want surgery, whether they want a vaccine.
Whether they want budesonide, a simple, safe, inexpensive, readily available medicine at every cost.
So what you're saying is literally save lives.
Everybody's got to get your information, this information, the Accountability Project.
It's all free and get it to people because undoubtedly these cases are going way up.
Why do you think the COVID's getting worse?
Why are the cases going up?
I'm sure you've seen the Pentagon AI scan that it is causing ADE in people.
And you've now got the Project Veritas report where they admit that the people that have been injected with this stuff are having major problems.
I know they threaten doctors that talk about problems with the vaccine with their license, but I see this house of cards coming down.
Well, I'll tell you, that's many topics that we could talk hours about.
I also am an emergency room doctor, and so I can tell you in my 30 years of practice, I have never taken care of an adverse reaction to a vaccine like a tetanus shot, measles, mumps, rubella.
I've never had anybody come in with a stroke as a result of those vaccines.
But I have treated, with the COVID shot, people in the ER that are my patients with a stroke, with
I think so.
I think so.
We're good to go.
Treating COVID, it's mentioned, and beyond that it is, the reason people go in the hospital is they have acute respiratory distress syndrome.
That's what's going on.
And there are studies that prove from the last decade that nebulized Budesonide, one milligram doses, are effective for ARDS.
It decreases the swelling.
So didn't they really jump the shark by, sure, taking on hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc.
But now to go after Budesonide when it's so well documented.
This is really blowing up in their face.
It will blow up in their face because this is a medicine that's been around for decades.
That's been proven to be safe, effective, and inexpensive.
And, you know, when it's $3 a treatment, if you pay the full cash price for Budesonide rest fuels, nobody's going to get rich off of it.
I.e., there's the problem.
But that's part of the problem.
But the bottom line is that they picked the wrong fight.
This is a fight they cannot win.
And that's why they never hit it head on.
That's why Fauci tried to do a proactive attack.
Uh, an early, uh, blitz saying it's just a placebo.
Out and out lie.
Proven by Oxford in two randomized controlled trials.
The principal trial and the stoic trial.
How many thousands of, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people have died around the world as a result of him saying that.
On purpose and trying to shut it down.
It's been censored and suppressed by Facebook.
Uh, they should be held accountable for all the lives that have been lost by them pulling life-saving medicine, uh,
What I spoke was science, and they shut that down.
But they've done that to many doctors, but eudescinide is bulletproof.
There's no way they can shut this down because the evidence is out there for decades.
But I'll tell you, patients have rights.
They can demand an ethics committee consult to the hospital.
That'll be like grabbing the doctor by the ear and taking him to the principal's office.
And again, I'm no doctor, but if a drug's known to be safe and people want it, why not just give it to them?
And if a doctor refuses to do that, Alex, you can fire the doctor and then the hospital has to get a new doctor.
That's the secret they don't tell you.
I mean, even when I had like my leg broken and they gave me pain stuff after they came in and gave me a shot once and then they said, well, do you like this pill or the shot?
I'm like, I don't know why you're asking.
I don't know about what painkillers to take, but I know with other things doctors ask you, you know.
What you think works better and I just can't believe that if somebody's on a ventilator, they're saying they're gonna die and they still fight to not give them Ivermectin or Budesodine.
That's just incredible.
Well listen, I really appreciate your time and I know you're really busy and we really appreciate you Dr. Bartlett.
I can't thank you enough.
Just we got one minute left.
What do you make of all the new faulty stuff coming out?
And now the disgraced NIH director having to resign.
Francis Collins because of his ties to the Wuhan lab.
Vindication again.
Yes, I think the House of Cards will fall down, the truth will come out, and, you know, this is one nation under God, there's our hope, and united we will stand.
We're not going to attack fellow Americans, but there are some elitists that think that we are just peasants, and that we're just fodder, and we will not... That song, Come and Take It, that's from the flag, you know, with the cannon on it.
These are those times where you have to stand up for your loved one.
It's life and death.
And the patients have rights.
You can fire the doctor.
You can say you're fired.
You can call the nurse's station and say I'm firing that doctor if they're obnoxious, if they're condescending, if they refuse your valid patient rights.
So you want to see change happen faster, people need to start firing doctors.
Start standing up for yourself.
Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Richard Bartlett, God bless you and thank you so much.
And we are back now into our number three.
We'll tell you all about what happened to him next segment.
He's a very well-known comic, and I've seen him on Louder with Crowder.
Derek Richards has been banned from a comedy tour, and we'll give you the details of that because, well, the online control freaks, the left said that, you know, he said some things they didn't like.
It's always like talking to folks that are being censored, and we'll tie that into all the other censorship and what's unfolding coming up next segment.
We'll also get into this video.
Creepy video shows teacher making toddler sing pro-mask nursery rhyme.
They're also telling him on videos that they are killing people.
They don't wear their mask.
Disgraced NIH director Francis Collins to resign after Wuhan lab lies exposed.
He needs to be arrested.
China placed massive order for PCR test months, several months before first official case came out.
As we've been telling you, Peter Daszak and Fauci and all of them were involved months before.
That is all coming up next segment.
But let me talk about something right now in this kind of no man's land where some stations don't pick us up and a lot of the folks are watching on the internet.
And it's that
I'm my own worst enemy funding this operation.
Because I'll do the show, and I spent a whole hour with Ted Nugent and Dr. Bartlett on, and I didn't plug one time.
And if I plug every hour, we can pretty much fund our operation.
If I don't, we're not going to be here.
You see all the big attacks, all the attempts to shut us down.
You've seen the Democratic Party, the same law firm that bankrupted Remington.
And even the Supreme Court sided against Remington because they want the guns banned.
Well, that same group
And right here in Texas, I've never got to depose them.
I've never gotten one document from them.
And they said that I am defaulted because I didn't give them anything when I gave them two depositions and my crew deposed.
And every document that they asked for, which was over $81,000, was ridiculous.
And then you say, oh, he didn't give us anything.
He's off the internet, but they would never let us depose any of them.
We get no rights.
That's the tyranny going on.
And now it goes to a jury what I owe.
Here's the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to stay on air regardless.
But obviously, to get around deplatforming and so many other issues, we need your support.
And we need you to spread the word about InfoWars because the guests and the information we cover is so incredibly effective on every front.
That's why they want us off the air.
That's why they lie about us.
That's why they want to get rid of our free speech.
That's why they misrepresent us.
Now more than ever, to get around with deplatforming and to expand and to do a lot of things, we need your support.
So go to InfoWarsTore.com and get down and out natural sleep aid with eight different natural compounds like...
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But where you also know you're getting results is keeping this broadcast on air and letting us get around the sensors and letting us diversify and decentralize in a lot of ways that a lot of folks were working with.
And so, look for InfoWars to expand in this critical time under ATT&CK.
On the other side.
All right, we'll tell you our guest story.
It's pretty amazing when we come back and get some of his censored comedy straight ahead with Derek Richards.
We'll be right back.
You talk about creepy.
Yesterday we played video of a teacher saying to the students...
You're killing people not wearing masks.
You're evil.
You're bad.
Well, now a new creepy video has come out showing a teacher making toddlers sing pro-mask nursery rhymes.
Yeah, we're globalist patients now to be eradicated, to be demonized, to be depopulated.
That's why we're wearing masks to hide our dirty, ugly faces.
This is cult programming.
Here's the video.
Two, three.
I wear a mask to school.
I wear a mask to school.
Hi-ho the derry-o, I wear a mask to school.
It helps to keep me safe.
It helps to keep me safe.
Hi-ho the derry-o, it helps to keep me safe.
It keeps my friends safe.
It keeps my friends safe.
Hi-ho the derry-o, it keeps my friends safe.
And let me see a hooray!
Put your hands up in the air!
That's cult programming, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, haven't had the experimental shot that the Pentagon admits actually makes you sicker?
Thousands of nurses fired just this week in New York and other areas.
Well, you're fired.
Oh, Southwest Airlines will fire if you don't take the experimental shot.
Even though the evidence amounts, it's killing people.
DoD docs prove COVID vax not safe or effective.
And then if you make fun of Biden years ago,
Well, you're not allowed to be part of the Armed Forces Entertainment Network that was set up during World War II, the USO.
And so we've got a guest on to talk about this.
Military bases in the Middle East might miss out on stand-up tour after comedians' anti-Biden tweets surfaced.
And indeed, it's been cancelled.
The upcoming Department of Defense-sponsored tour of American Forces Entertainment is in question because of tweets by one of the comedians scheduled to be on the tour.
So you can have the National Press Club dinner where they talk about killing President Trump.
That's okay.
You can have Kathy Gribbon with severed heads.
You can have plays about stabbing Trump.
Nothing gets canceled there.
This guy, we've got the tweets, did some mild jokes, you know, about flies on Kamala Harris, and that's not allowed.
Well, thanks for having me on, Alex.
I appreciate it.
Now, I got contacted by the producer.
I was supposed to go off on an Armed Forces Entertainment tour, November 1st through the 18th.
That was going to start in
Egypt and then go to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates.
And I was contacted by the tour producer that said they were contacted by the Department of Defense and Armed Forces Entertainment that said that I had some social media posts that were considered offensive.
I was labeled anti-vaxxed, anti-POTUS, anti-LGBTQ,
Somebody else had also put out there through retweets and quoted tweets that said, um, I was advocating murdering the president.
Uh, all that stuff is completely false.
And so, I mean, I had, uh, so because of this, because of these posts that were out there, I was, uh, removed from the tour.
The tour itself is still going off.
And the other comedians on there are fantastic.
They're very, very funny people.
I'm just disappointed that I'm not going to get a chance to go back over there and do it.
I've done shows for the military since 2001.
My dad was Navy.
My grandfather was Army.
I, you know, I'm as American as they come.
I am not anti-military.
I'm not anti-vax.
I had to get vaccinated because one of the reasons I got vaccinated was so that I could go ahead and do this tour.
Well, let's just talk about what's really going on here.
It's brainwashing, it's intimidation, it's bullying, where you can't have a job if you don't take this shot.
Now, oh, you don't like Biden.
So we're not going to say we're banning you because you don't like Biden.
You're right.
Oh, you're an insurrectionist.
So just supporting Trump or not liking Biden now means you're a terrorist.
And now the
National Association, you know, the National Education Association came out two days ago and said, we want people speaking out against masks and vaccinations at public school meetings to be harassed by the FBI as terrorists.
They said, quote, terrorist.
And indeed, now the attorney general says, yes, we're going to send the FBI out.
This is like Russia.
This back during the Soviet era.
This is criminal.
Yeah, I mean, it is nuts.
I mean, you know, the stuff that I had posted on social media, I mean, never came from any place of anger or hatred.
I mean, it was just stuff that was trying to get a laugh.
And, like anything with comedy, like any art form, it's subjective.
I mean, some stuff you're gonna like, some stuff you're not gonna like.
I thought some of the accusations that were being leveled against me, I think all of them are false.
I'm not anti-poetess.
I'm not anti-LGBTQ.
I'm not pro-insurrection.
I mean, literally, the tweet that was posted, that I had posted, was some file footage from the January 6th incident, where all the people were coming into the Capitol, and it looked, Alex, like
Just the mall at Christmas time.
So I put on the overlying on the tweet was looks like a bustling day of commerce at the mall during the holidays.
All that's missing is Santa.
So literally, because of that post that was out there, I was being labeled
So, it's just crazy to see how things can take off and get a life of their own.
And I harbor no ill feelings towards Armed Forces Entertainment or the Department of Defense.
I mean, at the end of the day, they're a corporation.
No, Derek, I understand all that.
We understand you're a nice guy.
You're the victim here.
We're all the victim here.
These are lying bullies.
I mean, so what if you were a serious Christian or right-wing Christian and that you thought that homosexuality was a sin?
You know, you're not there attacking them at the event.
It should be what your comedy is.
You're telling comedy.
And the whole point is, now you've got the LGBT groups attacking people that are straight.
So I've always been an open, inclusive guy.
But the left and their groups are not inclusive now.
They're not inclusive of people that are pro-gun or pro-America or pro-Republican.
And it's wrong.
And so this is tyranny, this is mind control, and what happened to you is BS, and this is all part of the leftist takeover and purge inside the military.
You're just a collateral damage of that.
Yeah, I mean, sadly, in this case, like I said, I'm disappointed that I'm not going to get a chance to head over there and do the show.
I mean, none of these accusations that are being thrown at me are based on anybody.
I don't know Debra Messing.
I don't know Martina Navratilova, who actually had retweeted something that Debra Messing had posted and had quoted in there, said, Derek Richards is pure poison.
Yeah, let's talk about who tattled on you, because you've got a really funny Twitter site.
I mean, you really put out some funny stuff, and it's not because you're hateful, it's because you're effective.
Tell us about the celebrities that tattled on you.
Well, the celebrity that got involved the most or the one that seemed to get the most light shine shined upon her was Deborah Messing from Will and Grace.
And she's very active on social media with her narrative.
And then so because of.
Her post, things really ended up seeming to take off.
And like I said, Martina Navratilova had gone on and quoted her tweet and called me pure poison.
And again, I don't know any of these people.
They haven't seen my stand-up.
What I do on stage is not reflective of that.
Brother, you need to start the National Pure Poison Tour!
You want to come on it with me?
We'll do it.
I would go on some of the venues.
I'm banned in most venues.
Because they don't want people to actually hear what I say.
They take out of context, twist things, and then want to take me off air, but sure.
Joe Rogan told me that if I get better at comedy and stuff, maybe I can sometime go on one of his shows or something.
But yeah, it's definitely incredible.
I just need to bring you out on stage.
We just need to not... Don't make a big deal that you're there, but then all of a sudden it's going to be like when Steven Tyler comes out on stage and sings a song with Paul McCartney.
It's not advertised.
Oh yes, and I've shown up at the awesome clubs that don't ban me, and it's always yelling and screaming.
I mean, I'm popular.
That's why they don't want me out in the public, for people to see that, because it breaks the illusion that I'm Prasada Nangrata.
No, it's crazy.
It's crazy that people seem to take the First Amendment of free speech, which you are entitled to, but you're not entitled to level false accusations at people.
You know, and cause distress.
I think that's just, like you said, it's bullying.
I want to do another segment with you, and I want to come back and go over your Twitter and show some of these to TV viewers and read them in radio listeners, because, I mean, these are way better jokes than most, you know, big national comics.
I know you're a big successful comic, but this is really funny stuff.
And again, that's why they're trying to shut you down, not because it's hateful, but because it's attractive and it's fun.
And I mean, I would call you what, like a populist conservative?
What would you call yourself?
I mean, I'm considered... I consider myself more libertarian than anything else.
I mean, I lean towards the right, but... Which is not illegal yet in this country, but they'd like to... And a bunch of Hollywood bullies that made their living in the First Amendment, like Sacha Baron Cohen, wants to be arrested.
Sacha Baron Cohen is an oxymoron.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The left have lost their battle for control over the hardsome minds of the population of this planet.
So now they're resorting to AI, big tech, and forced censorship.
And Derek Richards was shut down for that and banned from a major comedy tour touring the U.S.
Penalized, trying to bankrupt him, trying to destroy him, trying to keep him from being successful at his successful comedy career.
An act of war, an act of siege, an act of blacklisting, something the left claims the right wing did to them in Hollywood in the 1950s that did happen and was wrong, but was one one millionth of what we're seeing now.
Everything they say conservatives are and libertarians are, they themselves are.
Here's famously Obama at the National
Donald Trump is here tonight.
Now I know that he's taken some flack lately, but no one is happier, no one is prouder
To put this birth certificate matter to rest, ban the Donald.
And that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter.
Like, did we fake the moon landing?
What really happened in Roswell?
And where are Biggie and Tupac?
Say what you will about Mr. Trump, he certainly would bring some change to the White House.
All kidding aside, obviously we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience.
For example, no seriously, just recently in an episode of Celebrity Apprentice at the Steakhouse, the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from Omaha Steaks.
And there was a lot of blame to go around, but you, Mr. Trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership, and so ultimately you didn't blame Little John or Meatloaf.
You fired Gary Busey.
And these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night.
Yeah, there you go.
So Derek Richard, tell us about, and we'll show some on screen, some of the evil tweets that the Hollywood folks got up in arms over a guy with 4,000 Twitter followers or so.
They had to squash you because they've squashed so many others and taken so many others off the air, like husbands that lost their wives to the vaccines.
They're not allowed to speak up either.
Or fathers who lost their sons from the shots.
They're silenced too because the left's so loving and good.
So tell us about some of your thought crimes.
Well, I mean, some of the stuff that I had posted up on there was, you know, I was labeled anti-vax because I had posted online, I said, the FDA now approves the vaccine, which is kind of like me taking a bottle of grape juice and put it in the back of the pantry, letting it sit there six months and then calling it wine.
You know, a very innocuous tweet, no big deal, but I was labeled anti-vax for saying that.
I was labeled anti-POTUS.
And again, some of the stuff that I had shared on social media were things that were being passed around the internet from a number of people.
I mean, there was, you know, thousands of retweets and shares on every social media platform.
There was one where I was told that I was advocating murdering the president because there was a meme
Of Mike Lindell, from MyPillow, holding a MyPillow, standing next to President Biden, who was lying in a bed.
And so, yeah, that particular one in the upper right hand corner.
And sure, it's like from Godfather 2.
It's hilarious!
And it says, and the headline on it says, Make America Great Again.
Now, anybody can take that any way they want.
But it's obviously a joke!
I see it as Mike Lindell clearly saying that President Biden had an uncomfortable pillow and he was offering one of his good-my-pillows for the President to lay upon.
Don't you see that, Alex?
I see that!
Well, here's the deal.
Kathy Griffin did a severed head of Trump, and I think it was protected speech.
She didn't say, go kill him, I want to kill him.
That was telegraphed.
It didn't cross the line, but almost did.
Yours didn't go one-tenth as far as that and is obviously good-natured.
No, everything that I do is just coming from a comedic angle, Alex.
I mean, that's, you came up with that?
That's smart as hell.
No, no, that one there was, that was shared.
Somebody shared that with me, which is, which is funny because people are quick to point out.
Hey, I want to make a t-shirt out of that.
I don't care.
I'm making one right now.
It's funny.
I think it's hysterical.
It's funny.
I didn't, I didn't come up with that.
I merely shared it.
Oh my God.
Well, let me be clear.
The last thing I want is Joe Biden to get hurt.
That'd turn him into a martyr.
I don't want to put people that have Alzheimer's in prison.
I, you know, and I, and again, when people call me anti-POTUS, I'm not anti-President.
Listen, I want him to succeed.
He is running the house that I live in.
Exactly, but he's not.
So I want it to be, but I want it to be a good house.
So I'm not anti-POTUS.
So we need to parachute in like a Navy SEAL.
Mike Lindell!
Oh my God.
Well, I was labeled the anti-LGBTQ, and the post that I had put up there, which was one of the group posts that was shared there, was of the U.S.
women's soccer captain Megan Rapinoe, and it was a picture of her underneath.
It was a picture with the Swedish team on top because they had won.
There we go.
And it says Megan Rapinoe with her purple hair, and all I wrote on there was, purple-headed dude seems irked.
That's it!
But she's the holy messiah.
You're not allowed to talk bad about her.
You know, and then again, another antipodist thing was the one that I put up there that says Biden.
It says Biden.
Guys, there's a helicopter landing in the backyard.
This is so awesome.
And then the next line says, Secret Service.
Mr. President, that's Marine One.
Finish your pudding.
Well, let me go back to her.
You could have had a joke saying, hey, have you seen the new Joker poster?
Or who knew the Joker played soccer?
There's so many jokes we could do.
In fact, we should do a meme contest of her.
And just because, I mean, she's a loser, too.
And all she does is run around going, I'm a lesbian, I'm a lesbian.
Big deal, lady, we don't care!
See, I'm like you, I'm like a socially libertarian.
And I'm so sick of these people going, I'm gay, I'm lesbian.
Ooh, wow, so amazing.
Let's talk about what you do in your bedroom all day.
It's boring.
Then they attach it to all their communist BS.
Yeah, I mean, you know, everything that comedians post out there, and it's, you know, for somebody to go ahead and say, like, the post that I believe was shared out there was, how can the government have somebody who is anti-president?
Which, by the way, if you do a Google search, a friend of mine had pulled this up.
Apparently 75% of comedians that had gone overseas or that had done shows for the military, 75% of them between 2016 and 2020 during the Trump administration, 75% of them were avid Trump haters.
You know, for some odd reason, they were able to still go ahead and continue doing what they do.
And they call us and, oh, you're Alex Jones.
We're not going to let you go on that boat.
We just want to cancel the trip.
But I mean, that's just an example of the technocracy and how the left uses the Internet to harass and stalk people.
Derek Richards, DerekRichards.com, TheIrishComedian.com, EtComedianRichard.
Thank you so much.
And I really want to maybe ever come to Austin or playing a gig here or something or in Dallas.
I'll come up there and I'll jump up on stage with you.
God bless and good luck, brother.
Thank you so much.
Thanks for having me on Alex.
Really scary, because I can hear it in his voice.
And I know Ted Nugent in person.
He's an intimidating guy.
I've been around guys a lot bigger, guys supposedly a lot tougher, but you can pick up on Ted Nugent.
It's the real deal.
And he's like a caveman, but a smart caveman.
And I could tell he's really getting close when he was on with us.
I mean, I'm the same way.
And that's because we're all getting close to whatever that is because we're being attacked.
And it's a damn fact they're holding back medicines that are like 99% effective.
It's a fact they've cooked up this virus and released it.
And it's a fact that it's going to get worse this winter before it gets better and these people are attacking us as part of the Great Reset.
And then I had Dr. Bartlett on earlier saying the same thing.
And he was at his emergency room right now.
He wasn't listening.
I asked him.
He was saying the same thing.
We got to get this out.
We got to save people.
We got to warn people.
You got to know how to talk to doctors.
You got to warn people before they get sick because they're going to get this.
Over 100 million Americans already have.
And let me tell you, last year I had the numbers, the facts.
I called the hospitals.
It was bull.
They were empty.
Then they released it.
Never had anything like it in my life.
I had pneumonia when I was like 10 years old, and it didn't hurt one tenth as bad as this.
And that's why people panic, because it hurts.
It hurts.
My wife got it two months ago, two and a half months ago.
She still hurts from it.
Rob Dues still hurts from it and coughs up blood.
So this isn't a game.
It's very serious.
And it makes me angry that the system is trying to suppress us and trying to cherry pick things we've said or done out of context to try to silence us when we're fighting this corrupt, murderous system for all of our futures collectively.
So I got a bunch of new breaking news I want to hit, and I want to just say this right now.
I salute and I commend and I thank all of our affiliates, the great crew that puts up with me, both the production crew and the rest of the crew here at InfoWars.
Because I'm an intense person, especially these days, and I want to thank my family, and I want to thank God, of course, most importantly, for a hedge of protection.
If God deems that that needs to be done, I ask for it.
And I just want you to know how serious this time is, and how thankful I've been knowing you for 27, 28 years being on air.
Some of you have been listening that long.
It doesn't matter whether you tuned in today for the first time, or you tuned in a month ago, or you tuned in five years ago, or 27 years ago.
I appreciate all of you.
This has been one hell of a fight.
And I don't think I'm going to get shut down today.
I don't think they're going to take me off to prison tomorrow.
I don't think I'm going to die in a car wreck next week.
But I got to tell you, the clock's ticking on everybody.
And you've got, next segment I'll hit it, China threatening to invade Taiwan, the Taiwanese president saying we're basically at war, red alert, aircraft carriers, hundreds of jets flying over them.
You've got the U.S.
borders imploding, now it's 120,000 Haitians starting to slam into the border, on top of 50,000 already hit.
All hell is breaking loose.
And this is modern war we're under.
And so I can sit here and have a comedian on who is great, and I can have on other guests,
That's all fun window dressing to tell a few jokes.
And it makes us feel good.
It's like giving a man a cigarette who's about to be shot in the firing squad.
But you understand the Pentagon confirmed ADE is happening.
Antibody-dependent enhancement.
That's a death sentence for most people.
You understand that they did this on purpose.
You understand Fauci cooked it up and it's all confirmed.
You understand they bragged on TV how they did it.
And that's now the featured video at Bandai Video.
And so yeah, great.
It'll get a couple million views.
The globalists see that and go, oh my God, this guy's reaching out.
He's busting through the blockade.
We gotta silence him.
And I morally cannot stop what I'm doing.
I morally am over the target.
And I'm hitting the enemy hard.
We're all hitting them together.
And I can't pull off.
I can't pull off this bombing run.
I've gotta just stay here and keep dropping the bombs even though they got their spotlights on me and they're shooting and they're hitting me.
They're going to get everybody if we don't stay in this position and just keep attacking with the truth.
This isn't like attack a little and then disappear back like a guerrilla operation.
This is information warfare.
This is the truth.
And if I went away tomorrow and backed off, they would demonize me, lie about me, and use me as a tool of evil.
So I can't do that.
The only way I'm able to get our articles and videos and the truth of what we've said out is you.
I'm banned on all these platforms, but you can take clips.
You can share them.
You can get them out and understand that it's not just about saving InfoWars or Alex Jones.
It's about holding up the truth and defending it and celebrating it together.
So I need you to support the show.
I need you to pray for the show.
I need you to buy products that are already great for you and your family.
So I'm going to just say this.
We've got the big sale going right now.
It's the InfoWars Emergency Supply Chain Breakdown Sale.
And it's up to 50% off across the board, on the t-shirts, on the books, on the films, on the water filtration, on the air filtration, on the supplements, on brain force.
Ultra is about to sell out 25% off.
Down and Out Sleep Aid back in stock, it's 50% off.
And listen, if some big donors came along and gave us millions of dollars, I wouldn't be plugging all the time like this, but I, these are great products anyways, you need them.
I need the funds to get around deplatforming and do some things that need to be done that I'm not going to give strategy away to make sure we don't just stay on the air in these attacks, but we intend to expand.
I'll use a cheesy, you know, they see me as an evil Red Skull character when they actually are funded by the real Red Skull, George Soros, but yeah.
Hydra, you cut off one head, two more grows back.
And every time in my life they persecuted me bad or done some really bad stuff.
Death-threaded me, physically attacked me, done stuff like that.
I said, okay, it's time to expand.
I follow the, follow my gut.
Call it the Holy Spirit, whatever you want to call it.
I learned to start following as I got older.
Now I just let it direct me almost all the time.
The time I have problems is when I don't follow my spirit.
And it always tells me when to expand and it tells me never to contract.
And it's told me it's time for you to do the most you've ever done.
My gut tells me you better be on air 10 hours a day.
My gut tells me you better start more shows.
We better work with others to start new networks and new systems.
And so we've been doing it.
There's been a lot of stuff going on for years behind the scenes.
You think Bandai Video's great, reaching millions and millions of people a day?
You think News Wars is great, reaching hundreds of thousands a day?
You think all that stuff's interesting?
We got things in the works with other people we're working with, where it's their show, their operation, that are gonna be absolutely huge.
And the enemy's got all my phones tapped, they already know about all this stuff.
That's why they're so pissed, that's why they're so angry.
And they know what we're doing behind the scenes.
And I'm not here tooting horns.
I'm telling you, I am just as effective now on my telephone at night talking to prominent people.
And giving him advice and sending him information as we are with this giant audience.
So there's a lot going on and you've got my commitment to burn the midnight oil because I understand we're in the zeitgeist, we're in the window of change.
The enemy knows it and the devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows the time is short and our time is short as well.
And I'm not risking my life and putting it on the line to lose this thing.
And losing means losing humanity.
I'm not worried about me.
Seriously, folks, you've got to get in that zone and then they can do nothing to you.
V for Vendetta when she's ready to die and he goes, now you're free.
That's what this is about.
Separately, I would get prepared.
You know, satellite phones are great to have.
You get all the free calls to the cell phone.
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It's so amazing.
I would get one of these right now.
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This group does, everybody.
Infowarsphone.com or 941-955-1020.
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And you need to check it all out, folks.
Stay in touch with loved ones during any national or international emergency.
Don't be tracked by the contact tracers at Big Tech.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I just realized something.
I got another important announcement.
Stuff has snuck up on me.
I said if you get a copy of the film, Covered Land, you're authorized to make copies of it and share it as a zero country code because we want people to get it and show it on AXS TV or put it on your local TV station or do whatever you would play on your local radio station.
It's all free to air.
You're authorized, we want you to use it.
You get a free copy of Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, with the seminal film, for $19.95.
Because we just want to expose the globalists, and this film does it, and it's designed to wake up the average person.
Well, we're going to premiere it, as I told you we'd do a month ago, for free, starting Thursday night.
I was going to do it on October 6, but I got so busy, I just remembered that we're supposed to do this while I was sitting here.
So we're going to give it some time to promote it.
Thursday night, 7 p.m.
I'm going to have the director, I'm going to have the guy that's really smart, who financed the making of it, because it's got almost 50 interviews in it, and it's a very high-budget film, and so he just paid for it out of his own money, a lot of money.
I can tell you that they had a massive budget for a film like this.
It's very well done.
This is just part one of a five-part miniseries.
Part two's basically done, part three's coming out, so these will be coming out over the next six, seven months.
But this is being done to fight the globalists, and it's a major filmmaker that made it.
And so Thursday night at 7, I'll talk about 20-30 minutes about the film.
We'll be live.
We're going to air the film for free for everybody at Band.Video.
We hope you'll make it an event and share it and send it out to folks so they can wake up and so they can wake others up.
And when people get excited about these live premieres, sometimes we've had over 2 million people.
Hell, once we had more than that watching a live show during the election 2016.
I don't know.
But does it have me at the front and the filmmaker and the and the financier who I'm having all years?
I want to come on.
He's very well spoken.
He'll be on as well.
Then we'll take some calls for an hour or so after the film.
So it'll be like a three, four hour event.
Thursday night.
I'm going to move it from Wednesday to Thursday night because I'm just not telling you about it.
And then we're going to have a version without our commentary that will be also posted on the site Thursday evening as well.
So the live event or just the straight-up film, that's what you want to watch and share it.
But sharing it is the key.
I know you're an awesome audience.
Most of you know as much as I know.
Many of you know more than I know with your different live experiences.
I'm just saying, now is the time.
So it'll be the featured video, the live feed, and in the COVID land section they now have headband video.
And of course this film, they're obviously going to try to put it on a lot of platforms and watch it be banned.
That's okay.
We'll use that as a badge of courage to get it out to even more people.
That's how we win this InfoWar.
But if you want the film with a free copy of Endgame, you need to order it by the 7th now.
And that's the last day we're going to offer the free copy of Endgame with Covent Land Part 1.
And again, make copies of that, please.
Endgame as well.
Got a perfect juxtapose here.
We have AG Merrick Garland coming out and saying, white supremacist and conservative is the number one threat, that if you question lockdowns, or if you question open borders, you're the number one terror threat in America, and they want the Patriot Act, not for the Islamicists that they're bringing in at record numbers, but for the American people.
And here's breaking, AG Merrick Garland orders FBI to mobilize against anti-CRT parents.
We're going to teach white people are bad and Marxist-Leninism is good and we're going to try to segregate the children.
If you don't like it, here comes the FBI and here's his letter.
Getting into all of it, chilling, setting up task forces and surveilling parents.
They're the new threat.
As through the Department of Education and the teachers' unions, they take over.
I mean, this is just incredible.
Meanwhile, several Democrat senators, including vulnerable Catherine Cortez Mastro, backed groups that fund leftists who harass Christian cinema.
And that takes us to this next big piece of news.
It's a Gateway Pundit article.
Now, the FBI admits they don't track violence of radical leftist Antifa.
Wow, wow, wow is right.
They admit it.
Here is, upon questioning, Representative Nancy Mace, the FBI admitted they don't calculate or track violence committed by far-left Antifa radicals.
Or any other communist or Antifa-type groups.
And they don't care if it's black on black, white on white, black on white.
They don't care.
If it's leftist, they suppress it.
If Antifa shoots somebody in the back or blows somebody's head off at a four-way stop for no reason, all because they're just white, and they're a white guy usually doing it, well, that's okay!
He's got a little sugar pants voice so it's okay.
Wiggling his booty around.
It's unbelievable, man.
I'm a liberal, so I get to do it.
I'm the underdog, so I'm censoring you.
I'm putting you in a death camp.
So here she is talking to the FBI.
You mentioned in the FBI and domestic terrorism there are these subcategories of domestic terrorism, racial, anti-government, animal, environmental, abortion, and catch-all.
I think those are what I heard.
Under the anti-government category or subcategory of domestic terrorism, would that include groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, folks who commit violence or acts of domestic terrorism?
Well, we don't identify groups, but individuals' actions.
So if individuals are committing actions that would be in furtherance of anti-government or anarchist ideals, then they would fall into that category.
So would you quantify Antifa as an anarchist group then under that subcategory?
I mean, it's an anarchist group, right?
Or related?
There are individuals, I think the director has previously described them as a movement, and there have been individuals that have associated or identified with Antifa that have conducted violent acts that we would categorize as anarchist.
How many acts of violence or domestic terrorism has Antifa committed over the last two years?
Since we don't categorize Antifa, nor do we calculate or collate information regarding Antifa, that movement, we don't have that.
But we can provide you information on anarchist threats and cases in general.
How many open cases of anarchist violence and domestic terrorism have occurred over the last two years?
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
They will not answer the questions.
And there's so many cases of Antiva just shooting people randomly.
Oh, you're an anti-vax parade?
We'll just shoot you because you're white.
And it's weirdo, white, devil worshiper meth heads nine times out of ten that are doing it.
Absolutely disgusting little rodents.
Usually they're professors or assistant professors.
In fact, I meant to get to that footage last week of the weird woman with the shaved head and like the goat beard.
She's like, I'm ugly.
I love, you know, I love being gross.
Maybe find that for next segment if you can't remember what I'm talking about.
It was in the air like last Friday and, and maybe last Thursday, but it's just that they're just, yeah, there it is.
Let's hear from her.
Go ahead and pipe the audio in.
Here she is.
I have this thing, call it a little quirk if you will, I have hair in my armpits.
I have it there for a few reasons.
One, lazy.
Two, the patriarchy.
And three, your response to them tells me everything I need to know about you.
My response to this is, I hope you find happiness, but the chances of that are very, very, very low.
And I pity you, I do.
I mean, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
If you're not a radio listener or you are a radio listener and you're a TV viewer, you're very lucky that you're a radio listener and did not have to look at her because she is as disgusting as she can be.
She accentuates the weird little roll of fat.
She has her head shaved except for like a
Genghis Khan ponytail on the back.
She's got giant, disgusting sideburns.
And she's just, oh, if you think I'm disgusting, that's good because femininity, see, is a weakness.
She doesn't want to look like a human.
And see, this is the one step away from committing suicide.
That's why they're into abortion.
It's why they're into death.
I've been out to these events and abortuaries, and this is what shows up.
And they don't bathe.
But they do want to be your child's teacher.
And they do love injections.
They're just into killing themselves.
And making you kill yourself with them.
And so they are the armies of filth.
And they are the army, the lower level army of the FBI today.
The FBI, you saw that guy from this department.
Oh, well no we don't.
Our real enemy's got on us.
Now listen up!
It's the final segment I'm about to be hosting.
And then, Paul Joseph Watson from London, England takes over.
She's a razor sharp.
Oh, that's good stuff.
Now, we also have the war room code of today, 3 p.m.
The great Owen Schroyer shall return as MacArthur Assembly returned to the Philippines.
And then so much news is breaking, so much is insane.
I wouldn't be surprised if you don't see an emergency reporter, you don't see me popping back up, because I'm going to get a little haircut here in a minute, and I'm going to come back and be a busy beaver, as they say, because this is such an incredible time.
So, I saw a video yesterday of a young man talking about what is in the different spending bills that are totaled together.
Over $5 trillion they're trying to pass right now.
And in there is just a smorgasbord of $50-something billion to community service groups that are really communist groups and vote-buying groups and the rest of it.
But in Europe, they've already passed it.
They have a methane tax on cow farts.
Canada has it.
And we've shown you that.
It's been going on for a decade now, and it's coming here.
So in the House version, it did say $2,000 per cow.
And then the Senate had an amendment that blocked it.
But then USA Today and others ran around and fact-checked it to say, oh, nobody wants to tax your cows, really.
Just type into the new search box, Canada taxes flatulence, Germany taxes, EU, and that there are proposals to tax it.
It was in the bill.
Just like they, oh, they want to restrict eating meat, eating red meat.
And they, oh no, we don't want to do that.
Okay, we do.
Or, oh, we're not going to put a carbon tax on your MasterCard.
Now they're doing it, even outside of law.
And John Kerry said two weeks ago, he said, yeah, we're going to have corporations implement this, whether you like it or not.
So you can say, oh, look at New York with their vaccine passport.
We won't have that here.
Oh no, it's coming to you.
So we got to fight it in New York.
We got to fight it in Australia.
This is a worldwide globalist attack and we need worldwide unity.
So there's an Infowars.com article detailing this.
Devastating to agriculture.
Farm Bureau sounds off on Biden's Build Back Better.
That means tear everything down and then take everything over.
That's what Build Back Better means.
It means great reset, take over, and then you're a slave and they build their house of world government on top of your head.
That's what Build Back Better means.
So Devastating to Agriculture.
Farm Bureau sounds off on Biden's Build Back Better spending bill.
It's an excellent little quick article.
It's just two pages long.
And if you read it, you'll know all about what's going on.
And how we, quote, are especially grateful to the Senate for passing an amendment that specifically exempts agriculture because that's what they're targeting.
But now, methane is normally just burned off and it does nothing but add valuable carbon that creates carbon dioxide that then helps create oxygen through plants.
It's the carbon cycle.
So now they're going to charge U.S.
oil and gas this giant fee so that we can't operate here again and they've got to import it.
China has no controls on their coal plants.
We just shut our totally clean ones down.
This is economic warfare against this country.
And the letter goes on to point out that it kills American competitiveness globally.
There's a bunch of other stuff that hurts agriculture in it as well.
Remember, they tried before Democrats to ban kids even carrying trash out on the farm or helping in any way, calling it child labor.
You know, like it's a kid chained to a sewing machine.
No, that's the stuff the globalists own in China and places like that.
So there's that report.
Also, this report just went up on Infowars.com and Europewars.com.
There's a lot of exclusive stuff on it.
Croatian president slams COVID rules.
Unbelievable how obedient people are, even when they shouldn't be.
And boy, isn't that the truth.
Croatian President Zoran
Milanovic, I believe I pronounced that right, has again come out against COVID restrictions, seemingly calling the people who stop complying with them.
Yeah, he called for that.
Do not comply according to reports.
I walked into a room here today and everybody had masks.
And why?
Everybody is vaccinated, he said during a press conference.
Yeah, why is Biden doing it?
Keep the fear going when he got his booster.
Those who are vaccinated are not in danger.
Then why are they wearing masks?
It's unbelievable how obedient people are, even when they shouldn't be, according to their fake narrative that the thing protects you.
The truth is you're in more danger of taking the shot.
That's in the new Pentagon AI scan report.
It's so critical.
And our report exposing Fauci with the current head of the HHS bragging about how it's released a deadly virus to take over in 2019.
And that report's the top story at Band.Video.
And it's critical to get it out!
If you want to see these war criminals in trouble, Paul Watson takes over!
Someone else who is back and who has returned in full force is Professor Lockdown, Professor Pantsdown, Professor Neil Ferguson.
We're generally speaking getting back to somewhat a level of normality here, at least in England.
Wales just passed a vote about an hour ago to mandate vaccine passports.
They're doing the same thing in Scotland.
Businesses are rebelling against that, which I'm going to get on to.
Of course, Northern Ireland has roughly followed the same mandates as England, but they have them more strict.
Ireland, the country of Ireland itself, is even more tyrannical.
We're going to get into that later as well.
But here in England, the Daily Skeptic reports, like, Freddy Kruger, Professor Lockdown, refuses to admit defeat.
This is DailySkeptic.org headline.
No matter how many disastrally inaccurate predictions he makes, Professor Neil Ferguson is still doing the rounds of broadcasting studios and the parliamentary estate, brandishing his crystal ball.
They're still listening to him with his dire, doom-mongering predictions on Covid re-emerging in the winter to justify locking us all down once again for, what, the fifth or sixth time at this count?
He's still getting platformed, despite having been proven wrong time and time again.
His latest appearance was in front of the all-party parliamentary group on coronavirus earlier today, where he warned that Plan B would have to be activated if Covid hospital admissions climb above 1,200 a day.
What is Plan B?
It's face masks, it's lockdown and it's vaccine passports.
Of course, the government continuously promised not to pass vaccine passports, not to implement them.
Then they flip-flopped back and forth, said they would, said they wouldn't.
Well, now they're saying they will if the cases rise.
And rest assured, they will find the cases.
They will find the cases in the coming couple of months.
England may have to resort to its winter Covid plan B, which has been the main plan all along.
If daily hospital admissions for coronavirus reach 1,200, Professor Lockdown Neil Ferguson said today, face mask, social distancing and vaccine passports will all be on the agenda.
If that happens, then it's all being implemented once again off the back of advice of an idiot who has been shamefully proven wrong time and time again.
This is the same guy who said there would be 200,000 COVID cases a day if we lifted the restrictions here in England back in July.
In reality, the COVID cases, even with them testing school kids, I think there's a report today which says 100,000 school kids are off school because of ridiculous COVID testing, bumping the numbers up.
Of course, if you're a kid and you want to bunk off school, it's very easy to do so.
You just test a piece of fruit and it'll come back positive and you get a week off school.
Kind of thing I would have done back in the day.
That's why we're seeing cases, again, rising.
But they're not rising enough.
The average of COVID cases per day in England, or in the whole of the UK actually, over the past month or so, has kind of plateaued at around 35,000.
Far, far lower than the 200,000 COVID cases a day predicted by Professor, hands down, Neil Ferguson.
Of course, his advice, his fake phony modelling, was the foundation of the government's initial lockdown strategy, where he said that 500,000 people in the UK would die of Covid if they didn't follow his advice.
He's proven wrong then.
You can go back two decades with this guy.
He was talking about 65,000 people dying from swine flu.
In reality, 457 lost their lives.
He was talking about
Spanish flu.
Estimated 50 million deaths, of course, back in 1918.
He said that the bird flu outbreak could potentially rival the Spanish flu outbreak.
In reality, the bird flu strain, of course, caused only 455 deaths worldwide.
So he got the swine flu wrong.
He got the bird flu wrong.
He said Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, mad cow disease,
Would cause tens of thousands of deaths in the UK.
Actually 150,000 deaths he predicted with foot and mouth disease.
Remember back in 2001 when the farmers across the United Kingdom had to burn millions and millions of livestock.
It was apocalyptic.
It was dystopian.
It was economically crippling for the farming industry.
Put countless people out of business.
Then of course you had the horror of having to kill millions of healthy animals and burn them on pyres.
England was literally a smoke-filled apocalypse for a number of weeks because of this foot-and-mouth hysteria.
He was the guy behind that!
150,000 deaths from foot-and-mouth disease.
The actual number of deaths were a fraction of that.
178, an infinitesimal fraction.
Swine flu, bird flu, foot and mouth disease, wrong, wrong, wrong.
Covid, wrong again.
Covid's second wave, with the lifting of restrictions earlier this summer, wrong again.
Why is anyone still listening to him?
He doesn't even listen to himself!
During the first lockdown,
He travelled back and forth across London to meet this left-wing mistress, cheating on his wife time and time again, when he was telling the government, the Prime Minister, that this would kill half a million people in the UK.
It was that deadly.
It was that serious.
He didn't treat it very seriously.
He was shagging his married mistress time and time again, travelling in violation of lockdown time and time again.
This is the guy
Again, headline, former SAGE advisor admits he thought we couldn't get away with Chinese-style lockdown in Europe.
He said he thought we couldn't get away with, those were his words, imposing communist Chinese-style lockdowns in Europe because they were too draconian.
Then China did it, Italy did it, everyone rolled over and submitted and cowed like jellyfish, and then they did it in the United Kingdom, and then they ratcheted it up time and time again.
So now it's the same guy who's been proven wrong on swine flu, bird flu, butt and mouth, Covid.
He's still advising the government!
Why is anyone still listening to this utter clown?
Absolutely incredible.
Meanwhile, a bit of good news actually in the UK,
Although Wales just passed the vaccine passport, so that's going to be happening.
Scottish venues rebel against vaccine passport scheme.
It was a total disaster!
After the new system went into place on Friday morning, venues such as football stadiums and nightclubs were expected to begin mandating proof of vaccination as a condition of entry.
And remember, part of England's plan for Plan B, the new lockdown this coming winter,
Is that you're not even going to be able to present proof of negative test.
You have to present proof of vaccination because it's not about public health, it's about mass compliance.
Even though people are dying every day, double jabbed.
We've got another case of that recently.
They admit their vaccine is so pathetic that fully vaccinated people can pass it on.
So you can prove you don't have the virus, but you're not getting into the nightclub.
You're only getting into the nightclub if you prove you've conformed rolled over like a spineless jellyfish.
But problems emerged in Scotland within hours of this being launched and Aberdeen Football Club fans reported issues with the app.
They weren't able to buy tickets.
Now you can't even buy tickets without proving you've been vaccinated.
You don't even need to go to the door.
They came out and told their fans
Quote, nobody will be asked to show proof of vaccine.
The nightclub owners, the hospitality chiefs, came out immediately after and said, this is, quote, farcical.
It's an omni-shambles, it was called in the Scottish Parliament.
It completely failed within hours of being launched.
So the government's now had to say, none of these businesses have to enforce vaccine passport mandates until October 18th.
Will it work on October 18th?
That remains to be seen.
That's a positive.
Of course, we've seen in France with the restaurants, bars and cafes there, they had the initial PR wave of the cops coming out and harassing people in cafes, checking their medical papers.
That was for the cameras, for the news headlines only.
It lasted two days.
Then everyone started having giant picnics, camping in the street outside these businesses, and they stopped enforcing the vaccine passport.
A similar thing happened in Israel and all these other countries.
Later on though we're going to talk about how Ireland is actually refusing people now who've been double jabbed if they can't properly prove they've had the vaccine a couple of weeks beforehand and they're not even letting in double vaccinated people into some venues in Ireland.
It's incredible and it's not going to stop until people stop complying altogether.
Summit.News we'll be back don't go away.
Well, of course, one area in which this Covid tyranny is being enforced behind closed doors, at least to many of the parents, is within schools.
You've got massive testing of students, especially here in the UK, to bump those numbers up right in time for winter so they can have another lockdown.
You also have the parents who complain about things like Covid mandates, mask mandates, being now demonised literally as domestic terrorists.
There's a headline here out of InformationLiberation.com
AG Merrick Garland orders FBI to mobilize against anti-CRT parents.
Attorney General Merrick Garland is sicking the FBI on parents speaking out at school board meetings against anti-white critical race theory being taught in public schools.
And of course, what you've seen in addition to that at these public school board meetings is parents speaking out against making toddlers wear mask mandates.
It's literally crippling their development.
It's making their language skills harder to develop because they can't see people's mouths, they can't learn in that way, which is absolutely crucial to their development in those key early years because these masks are smothering the teachers, they're smothering the kids with them.
Christopher Ruffo tweeted, Attorney General Merrick Garland has instructed FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose critical race theory and mask mandates, I will add.
Letter follows the National School Board Association's request to classify protests as domestic terrorism.
They're literally classifying parents who say they don't want their kids to be taught to hate themselves, that they're now domestic terrorists, that they're anti-Covid extremists if they don't want their toddlers to wear face diapers, which is crippling their psychological development, which I'm going to get into in a moment.
But we had this video earlier today
The dystopia just sinks into deeper and deeper abyss on a daily basis, doesn't it?
Creepy video shows teacher making toddlers sing pro-mask nursery rhyme.
We have the video.
I'll come back and talk about it.
Let's play it.
But here is the clip of the Karen teacher trying to teach these kids to sing this dystopian song.
Two, three.
Here it is.
I wear a mask to school.
I wear a mask to school.
Hi ho the derry-o.
I wear a mask to school.
It helps to keep me safe.
It helps to keep me safe.
Hi-ho the derry-o, it helps to keep me safe.
It keeps my friends safe.
It keeps my friends safe.
Hi-ho the derry-o, it keeps my friends safe.
And let me see a hooray!
Put your hands up in the air!
I wear a masticle!
I wear a masticle!
You can imagine what this creature looks like, can't you?
They all look the same, don't they?
A lot of physiognomy going on right there.
With the Karens, with the mask enforcers.
And the kids were so enthusiastic, weren't they, to learn that song and to repeat it.
This is what's happening.
This is why you should homeschool your kids if you can afford it.
But in this article I flash back.
Because these masks are literally making kids lose IQ points.
In schools, from a very early age where they're very susceptible to failure as a result of a cognitive failure from not learning language correctly.
We highlighted the study that found mean IQ scores of young children born during the pandemic have tumbled by as much as 22 points, while verbal, motor and cognitive performance have all suffered as a result of lockdown and mask mandates.
We had an article
In Forbes magazine, which was written by an education expert, and he asserted that forcing school children to wear face masks was causing massive psychological trauma, that article started to go viral on social media, and lo and behold, Forbes deleted it.
Earlier this summer, sociology professor Robert Dingwall vowed to stop wearing a face mask in solidarity with children and the disabled, asserting he won't be lectured by mass proponents on the morality of not covering up.
He said he was doing it to show solidarity with people with communication difficulties, whether auditory and unable to lip read, as well as for small children whose education has been disrupted by the lack of visual clues, especially in language development.
It's causing untold harm to their cognitive development.
It's child abuse.
And all these hopped up Karen teachers are just reveling in it.
Absolutely reveling in it, as you saw with that cringe video.
Meanwhile back in the UK, still ties in with coronavirus, UK military wants to spy on social media to detect change in population sentiment.
Well, we know they're already doing this, they're just coming out in the open and admitting it.
Because as Laura Dodsworth revealed in a book that I've talked about many times before,
The entire compliance method by which Brits were forced to be obedient to mask mandates, to lockdown mandates, whereas normally they wouldn't be, was achieved via a weaponisation of psychological behaviour, behavioural psychology, foisted upon the British public to make them more terrified of the virus than they needed to be.
We've seen the survival rates for Covid, especially in healthy people,
Not something that you would treat on the same level as the plague or the Spanish flu, but that's what we were subjected to in the early days of the first lockdown.
All deliberate and all tied in with these extra-governmental bodies that don't use data, scientific data, don't use the history of how to handle a pandemic.
They weaponize behavioral psychology because their main goal was not to inform the public, it was to terrify the public.
And the military was part of this.
The military, of course, that's supposed to focus on foreign adversaries.
There's a division of the British Army called the 77th Brigade, which uses legitimate non-military levers as a means to adapt behaviors of opposing forces and adversaries.
And in this case, the opposing force and the adversary is the British population.
So that is a unit within the military that goes on to Twitter, floods social media with pro-mask, pro-vax, pro-lockdown,
responses to tweets that go viral.
So we literally have the British military, which is supposed to be fighting foreign adversaries, now turning inwards because we are now the adversaries.
And this came to the fore again with this UK Ministry of Defence report, which inadvertently revealed its plan to spy on social media platforms in order to detect, quote, changes in population sentiment.
So again, they
Detect those changes so they can adapt their own propaganda, their own approach to it, because apparently we're now the enemy.
Despite ostensibly being about better use of existing silos, the MoD's data strategy for defence document explains how the military should move towards automated scanning of social media platforms to detect, quote, change in population sentiment.
Again, they're already doing it, they're just admitting to it.
The Register reported nowhere does the document explain why a strategy paper has gone so far off the beaten track that it promotes collecting data the MOD doesn't have and using it for decidedly non-military purposes.
Again, because we are now the new enemy.
So again,
They've got the military, they've got behavioural psychologists working with the government, completely illegal, to terrify the public into mass obedience to lockdown rules by exaggerating the threat posed by Covid.
By lying about the death numbers.
I've spoken about it many times before.
You can go on the UK government's official website.
Someone asked them how many people have died of Covid with no underlying conditions.
And the true figure was 10% of the official death toll of Covid.
With Covid the only thing being on the death certificate being Covid.
It was one tenth of the official death toll.
Yet we're confronted with that.
We're told by people like Professor Neil Ferguson that half a million people are going to die.
They lie to us time and time again.
And they're using the military now to do it because we are the enemy in the New World Order.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
Well we're constantly reminded, especially in Europe, of how much a strength diversity is.
Well now it appears that diversity doesn't include white people.
There were some very strange comments made on a popular Irish television show a couple of days ago about diversity, about multiculturalism.
This is a show that celebrates people from other nationalities entering Ireland and prospering
But that prospering doesn't seem to extend to Ireland's native population.
I'm going to come back and talk about this, but here's the clip first of all.
TV show weirdly celebrates demographic decline of white people.
Here it is.
A guest on a TV show in Ireland made bizarre comments in which he appeared to celebrate the demographic decline of white people.
The program, which is being aired by the TG4 channel, takes the viewer on a quote, world-wind tour of Ireland, meeting all the great people from overseas who now call Ireland their home.
The host was interviewing a guest about how Ireland is now home to numerous different nationalities.
Then he casually dropped this remark.
And I was like, where you from?
She goes, me man's from China.
I'm a guy's from Africa.
I'm like, whoa!
Ireland is unique now.
We're mixed.
Because I can imagine in 10 years time, there's going to be Barack Obamas walking around, Beyonce's, and oh, different sorts.
Mixture of people.
So the whites are going extinct here now.
So we're taking over.
Wait, what?
The whites are going extinct here now, so we're... we're taking over.
Hang on a minute.
Was that supposed to be a joke?
If so, I'm still waiting for the punchline.
Does diversity mean all different colours and creeds living in harmony?
Or does it mean no white people?
Because if its biggest champions are saying the latter, that's somewhat concerning.
If multiculturalism means people from all different cultures and backgrounds coexisting in peace, why are you singling out and excluding one specific ethnicity from that society?
Really makes you think.
If I made similar comments about any other ethnicity, I'd be monstered and demonised.
Yeah, this is broadcast on Irish national television on a channel that gets 650,000 viewers a day.
And no one bats an eyelid.
TG4TV posted a tweet promoting the show, but then hastily deleted it after being ratioed in the thread.
They then tweeted it again, but this time blocked anyone from being able to comment.
Almost like people aren't okay with virulent racism being thinly disguised as progressive virtue signaling.
Perhaps that's why the capital Dublin was plastered with clown world posters not so long ago.
Ireland is unique now.
We are mixed.
How is that unique from virtually any other European country?
It's exactly the same as almost every other European country.
In fact, Ireland is so on board with diversity, it recently crowned its first Black Miss Ireland former refugee Pamela Uber.
So why the need for such bigoted exclusionary rhetoric?
We all want to be inclusive, don't we?
Can't we all just get along?
So again, you've seen the narrative in the media time and time again.
Whenever anyone expresses any kind of concern about what importing a large group of people from different countries into European countries, what effect that has on the European country, if you present that in anything other than a glowing, gracious, positive way, you're demonised as the worst kind of racist imaginable.
You've seen this with Tucker Carlson over recent weeks.
And it's a conspiracy theory it doesn't exist but if you're celebrating the demographic decline of white people as a good thing then suddenly it does exist and you're the best virtue signal on Irish television according to this guy's perspective.
You know Ireland is apparently such a racist country as I made the point in an article that they crowned a black refugee activist from South Africa as Miss Ireland.
Now I'm not saying that this woman is unattractive but
Do you think she was given the crown of Miss Ireland because she was a black refugee left-wing activist from South Africa, or was she given the crown because she was more attractive than the other contestants in that pageant?
I'll leave that one up to you.
Of course, the winner of Miss Ireland complained about Ireland being racist when they gave her the crown.
Of course she did!
She said, quote, Ireland is becoming more and more multicultural.
The headline for this, by the way, is Former Refugee Becomes First Black Woman to Win Miss Ireland Complains About Racism.
Ireland is becoming more and more multicultural.
And it's great to see more of us being represented in the media and in Ireland as a whole.
But not white people, apparently.
You can go extinct and like it.
The world is becoming more and more diverse because we're able to travel so freely.
Don't think Nigeria's becoming more diverse, is it?
In fact, she's from South Africa.
Which has become less diverse in terms of less white people over the past 20 years, partly due to violent racist attacks on white people.
So, seems there are only certain countries are becoming more diverse, others seem to be going the other way.
Interesting that, isn't it?
Record numbers of boat migrants from North Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan particularly in recent weeks continue to arrive in the UK.
They're welcomed, clothed, taken care of, given free food, free money, housed in three and four star hotels.
That's not going very well as I made the point last week.
Meanwhile, Polish journalists are being denied entry to the UK because of their opinions.
We have that clip here.
This is Polish journalist Rafał Zimkowicz, who was detained and interrogated at Heathrow Airport this past weekend for his opinions.
Here's the clip.
The Polish journalist has been refused entry to the UK because of his opinions.
Rafał Zimkowicz was detained and interrogated for three hours at Heathrow Airport on Saturday.
His crime?
Wrong think.
According to the British Border Force, Zimkowicz holds views that are, quote, are odds with British values and likely to cause offence.
This is the same Border Force that acts as a taxi service for anonymous migrants from politically unstable countries.
Maybe if Zimkowicz had just arrived in Dover in a dinghy,
He'd be welcomed with open arms and given free food and accommodation.
As it is, he's a bit right-wing, so he's been booted out of the country.
Zemkowicz said he wasn't even trying to enter the country for any political reason.
He was accompanying his daughter for the start of her academic year at Oxford University.
During his three-hour interrogation, Zemkowicz was searched, photographed, and had his fingerprints taken.
British Deputy Foreign Minister Pavel Jablonski said it would be, quote, a reason for great concern if it was confirmed that Zimkovits had been banned for his political views.
The journalist is by no means the first person to be banned from Britain for holding controversial opinions.
Dutch politician Geert Wilders was banned for anti-Islam rhetoric, although the ban was later overturned on a
Talk show host Michael Savage, who at one point had one of the biggest radio shows in all of America, was banned in 2019 for quote, fostering hatred.
The bar for that seems to be getting increasingly lower these days, doesn't it?
So they have Polish journalists being treated like absolute scum, like thought criminals, like terrorists.
Because again, they want to limit mass immigration.
Meanwhile, we have government in the United Kingdom importing migrants at record levels, giving them free homes, free hotel accommodation, free food at taxpayer expense.
That's not going too well at the hotels in which these refugees are being housed, which have basically been turned into refugee camps at the moment, while the hotels still have paying guests, because they're being paid by the government for rooms that would otherwise be empty, or they get one-fifth of the payment for those rooms in places like Scarborough.
Meanwhile, Senator Cotton warns hundreds of unknown Afghans escaping into US from military bases.
Hundreds of unvetted and undocumented refugees rescued from Afghanistan.
Apparently they're all interpreters, you know, lawyers and doctors.
But they're fleeing military bases and just disappearing into the US.
He also details multiple crimes committed in evacuee facilities, including a report of a group of male Afghan evacuees assaulting a female service member at Fort Bliss.
An Afghan evacuee allegedly sexually assaulting young boys, Bacha Barzi, you're reporting that now, good luck,
At Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, another Afghan evacuee, again, you know, interpreters, lawyers, doctors, reasonable people, reportedly choked his wife at Fort McCoy.
State Department's raised concern about child trafficking by older Afghan men.
So apparently this is the kind of diversity that we're importing both into the United Kingdom and into the United States.
Under the justification, ludicrous as it is, that all these people are skilled workers and interpreters, they're not.
Most of them are economic migrants.
Meanwhile, actual journalists are being barred from the UK, interrogated and searched.
Of course, last week we had the NBA stars come out and say basically, I'm young, I'm fit, I'm healthy.
I've got an infinitesimal chance of dying from the COVID virus.
I've got an equal or better chance of having complications from the vaccine.
Why should I take it?
Well, it's because like everyone at every other level of society, they've been bullied, threatened and intimidated into taking it.
And you saw the same process with footballers.
Or soccer, as you call it.
In terms of the Qatar World Cup, which is set to take place next year, with authorities, sporting authorities, telling footballers they would need to be double vaccinated to be able to take part in the soccer World Cup.
BT.com Sport reports some vaccinated players and fans could still be allowed to attend Qatar World Cup.
They've had to backtrack
Players and fans who are not fully vaccinated against Covid could still be allowed to attend the Qatar World Cup next year.
They're saying that they may give them the option of presenting proof of having recovered from the virus, which as we know is about 27 times more effective than getting the vaccine according to the Israeli study.
Can't talk about that though, even though Pfizer representatives are now admitting it.
That gets banned off social media.
Or evidence of negative tests.
And again, why would you mandate just the vaccine if someone can provide a negative test when that's far better proof that they're not gonna pass it on?
So they've had to back down on this.
And the reason why is contained in a headline that we had last week.
Report only seven Premier League clubs have more than 50% vaccinated players.
And again,
These guys are under the same societal pressures as everyone else, if not more so, because they're being told that they need to be the example to the kids and to others to get double vaccinated.
But despite a massive PR push to encourage vaccination, only 7 of the 20 Premier League football clubs have more than 50% of the players in their squads fully jabbed.
So the squads are about 25 to 30 players in number,
And only seven of those clubs out of 20 have more than half of those squad members fully vaccinated.
The figure was revealed in a Sportsmail report about Premier League plan to reward teams who have high vaccination rate.
That means punish the ones that don't.
So that was revealed.
And again, why are
Men in their 20s, mainly in their early to late 20s in terms of Premier League footballers, refusing the Covid jab.
Again, because they're obsessed about health and fitness.
They've read the studies, they've looked at the numbers, the likelihood of them having serious complications from Covid versus the likelihood of them having serious complications from the vaccine.
And they've chosen to take their chances and not take the vaccine, which is commendable and actually very impressive that they haven't been bullied into it by the sporting authorities and by their own employers, by the clubs, forcing the sporting authorities in Qatar to back down and now say that they're not going to have to be vaccinated to take part in soccer's biggest tournament on the world stage.
So more good news there.
Not so good news in Ireland.
Talked about Ireland earlier.
We're going to return to Ireland now and go to this clip.
A YouTuber, despite being double vaccinated, tried to get into a restaurant in Ireland in his hometown and was refused entry because he didn't have the proper medical papers.
Let's go to that clip.
Here it is.
We were actually denied entry in there in Nimmo's because you have to basically show you have to wear your mask but you also have to show that you've been double vaccinated.
Now we've both been double jabbed and we've both been double vaccinated however
I showed them my NHS barcode, which they said, first of all, didn't show up.
They were being really strict about it.
And the barcode, they said that basically, oh, well, you're not a door jabber.
I said, I am, and this is my NHS pass.
And they said, well, you need a different pass, blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, they let that one go.
And they said, fair enough, whatever.
Then we showed them yours.
And Daniel's had his jab in... On the 28th.
I had one in Spain and one in here.
We had one in Spain, in Tenerife, and then one here, which was like two or three days ago or whatever.
No, that was 29th.
29th, and it's now the... What is it now?
It's now the third.
And what they're saying is basically that you haven't been vaccinated long enough.
You've got to leave it so many days, even though you've got your digital pass.
And they refused this entry.
Well, it's not what makes it worse.
I PCR'd.
You know, not so long ago, which means I'm clear, and I came up clear.
You came up clear, yeah.
You know, to travel.
I flew in an airplane, there was no issues with that.
I flew in a plane, and I can't go into a restaurant.
And they won't let you into the restaurant.
It's sad, considering it's my own country, this is where I'm from, and that, you know, I'm double jabbed, done a PCR test.
And a restaurant in Galway, in my hometown, won't let me into the restaurant.
So this is how, because Rick... Because of an application.
And on the 22nd of...
October, this is all going to disappear.
You're not even going to need any of this.
So actually denied entry into a restaurant in Galway, Nimmo's, because even though you double jabbed, they said you haven't had it long enough.
So they wouldn't let us in.
They were really strict about it.
Now I don't know what you guys think.
I personally think
This is all, this is beyond a joke.
I'm going to think on a business side of it, right?
So basically, I can understand where they're coming from as a business, right?
Because as a business person, you know, they're taking a risk.
You know, they could end up getting fined if it's not 100% right.
So I know where they're coming from.
I don't agree what I don't agree with.
Is this law that you can't go in?
You know what I mean?
That you're this.
But then, I don't know.
I don't know.
I'm not an expert in this stuff and I don't like really commenting on it.
But it is disappointing.
I mean, I've double jabbed.
I've been PCR'd so I'm clear.
And I'm not able to go in there.
I find it very disappointing.
I could get on an airplane.
You could get on an airplane.
We've been in other bars, we've been in other restaurants.
So, Nimmo's, I find it very, very disappointing.
So, personally, I would bar this restaurant.
I'd boycott it.
No, no, I wouldn't boycott it.
No, because I'm a business owner, and I understand where they're coming from, and I understand that what they're doing is protecting their business.
They have a good business, it's successful, and if they go against the law or do something that's not correct,
They have to deem it the right way, so they're doing it the best that they can.
I don't agree with what they're being told to do, that's what I don't agree with, but I don't agree with what they're being told, and I've been letting to other places.
They're doing what they seem is right, and they're protecting their business, so I fully think that they're doing what they feel is right.
They have to protect their business, so... What do you think?
What's your thoughts?
Pop it in the comments down below.
I personally think we've been into other places.
It's starting to rain now.
I just think, I think it's wrong personally.
Anyway, different kind of vlog.
Started off to be a restaurant vlog and started off to be a food review.
However, unfortunately we can't show you in Nimmo's because they won't let us in because
You've not been double jabbed.
Well, I have been double jabbed.
You have been for as many days.
For the right amount of days.
So, it started to rain.
Tell me what your thoughts are in the description, in the comments section down below.
It's starting to rain.
Fancy an Indian?
Yeah, I'm really disappointed to be honest.
So, do you know what?
I just think it's all wrong.
It's absolute crazy.
It's literally... Especially when you cross the pond.
No masks.
No masks, nothing.
No, you can go in.
There's no... I personally think it's discrimination.
But there we go.
I mean, we have been double jabbed.
We've been.
They have it.
And of course, this is all supposed to be lifted in Ireland on October 22nd.
But then again, we've had the CEOs of Pfizer, of Moderna come out and say repeatedly,
No, life's not going to go back to normal for the unvaccinated.
It's only going to go back to somewhat normality for the people who take continual booster jabs.
So the idea that this is all going to be dropped on October 22nd, you know, I'll believe it when I see it.
Because we previously highlighted a branch of Costa Coffee in Ireland under the same law, where on the door of the shop they said if you're not double vaccinated, get out!
You can sit outside in the rain.
So that's what's happening in Ireland.
Meanwhile, Emmy award-winning stylist dies of COVID despite being fully vaccinated.
Many such cases.
This is Mark Pilcher, who died of COVID despite having no underlying health condition and being double vaccinated.
He died of COVID, not the vaccine.
And his friend, Irish actress Nicola Coughlan, reacted to Pilcher's unfortunate death by coming out and encouraging people
To take the vaccine.
Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
Meanwhile, Zero Hedge reports, not supposed to happen, US state with highest vax rates sees record surge in Covid cases.
Same thing happened in Israel.
Vermont, the state with the highest vaccination rate in the United States, is experiencing a virus surge at levels not seen since the pandemic's peak.
They are at 69% vaccination rate, which compares to the national average in the US of 56%, and yet now they've got a huge spike in COVID cases.
Telegraph reports Covid was spreading virulently in Wuhan as early as summer 2019, reports suggest.
But again, anyone who talked about that as recently as six months ago, anyone who talks about gain-of-function research, the fact that the bats lived hundreds of miles away and were nowhere near Wuhan, but they were in the lab,
Anyone who talks about that as recently as six months ago got banned by the very same people, Dr Fauci, Peter Daszak, tasked with fact-checking on Facebook and all these other social media networks.
They are in control and they were in control of the cover-up from the start.
That's it.
War Room is next.
Don't go away.
It's October 1st, 2021, and I've got good news for you.
I've got good news for me.
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So we got Brain Force Ultra back in stock.
We got a big shipment in but it's so popular I think it's going to sell out in probably a week.
Despite that, we're going to offer it at 50% off the introductory rate for at least four or five days.
That's why I'm saying it's October 1st.
I'm going to run this until October 5th.
Hell, it may sell out.
And that's good news for InfoWars because we desperately need funding in the face of the Democratic Party assault, their rigged courts, their kangaroo systems, and their attempts to silence us and silence you.
Because that's why they're coming after us is to get to you.
We are all in this together, as Benjamin Franklin said.
And if we don't hang together, we're gonna hang separate.
You've been hanging with us, you've been keeping us on air, you've been spreading the word, and it's having an incredible effect.
In fact, let me spend a minute or so on that before I get back into this.
I had a chance to go up to Glenn Beck's The Blaze.
I had a chance to hang out with Steven Crowder at his offices outside The Blaze.
And I had a chance to meet with a lot of other big reporters and other pundits and
A lot of them thought I was full of it 10 years ago or even 5 years ago.
They now see everything I predict to come true and we had a hero's welcome there.
And it's happening all over the place.
But that's because of your support.
If you didn't keep us on air, the world wouldn't be waking up when this tyranny launched its attack.
We would be losing.
We'd be submitting.
But instead, all over the world, from Australia to the United States, people are fighting back and waking up.
And InfoWars, at least half the time that we talk to people, is the catalyst that woke them up.
That means you're the catalyst that woke them up.
So again, BrainForce Ultra is back in stock.
You've got to go see what is in this.
Let me just read you some of the things.
Guarana Seed, look into what that does.
Alpha GPC, woo!
Green Coffee Bean, Alethro Root, Yerba Mate Leaf, Green Tea Leaves, Ginkgo Leaf, Ashwagandha Root, and more.
And they are strong, organic, cold-pressed.
This isn't dry garbage.
This isn't old trash.
This is new.
At one of the best labs, I'm gonna say the best, because there might be one better, but it's the best we know of, and we are so proud to bring you this, and that it funds the M4.
Clean, long, sustained, deep, focused energy where you don't have the crash.
If you love TurboForce, if you love BrainForce Plus that are both different formulas that are excellent, you're going to absolutely love BrainForce Ultra.
All three are different formulas.
All three do different things.
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50% off.
And while you're there, check out all the other great products like Ultra 12, Winter Sun, and so many others.
But whatever you do, keep praying for a global awakening, and keep spreading the word about InfoWars.
Tomorrow's news, today.
And remember that every person you reach out to now is one step closer to our victory.
So thanks for keeping us in the fight.
We're never going to back down.
God bless and good luck.
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I'm taping this on September 29th, 2021.
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