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Name: 20211002_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 2, 2021
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The video discusses concerns about COVID-19 vaccination programs based on research findings from EUA documents. The presentation argues that there is no statistical reduction in cases or deaths due to vaccination, and raises concerns about pressure selection of viruses leading to more infectious variants. It also discusses antibody-dependent enhancement as a potential consequence of vaccination and criticizes mainstream media for not reporting on this information. Additionally, the video features Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's involvement in a case being considered by the International Criminal Court related to crimes against humanity due to pandemic responses. The speaker encourages viewers to sign a petition and educate themselves about the issue to make responsible decisions."

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Today I want to take just a moment to give you some more in-depth information about these viruses and these vaccines, as well as some of the legal proceedings that we are pursuing in the International Criminal Court.
You're absolutely right.
The legal precedents that exist for vaccine mandates...
came from an era that was called the eugenics era, which is when it's one of the most despised era
in the history of the Supreme Court.
They made a, this was the same Supreme Court that said forced racial segregation was okay.
This was the same Supreme Court that said you could force child labor for however many hours
you wanted.
This was the same Supreme Court that ultimately approved forced sterilizations of poor women.
This is the same Supreme Court that their logic, their decisions led to forced detention camps
for the Japanese in Korematsu.
The vaccine case that was the core of that, I call it the first case of the foundational case
of the trilogy of infamy, was the Jacobson decision.
And nobody should be following it because of where that led.
But putting that aside, even the Jacobson case and the subsequent school vaccine cases all involved a very dangerous disease with a very safe and effective proven vaccine over decades, in some cases over a hundred years, And it involved a legislature that passed it and the only limitation was on access to a particular public school ground or a small fine in the case of Jacobson.
The Supreme Court has never approved of any vaccine that was mandated by someone other than the legislature.
They have never approved a vaccine that is not even biologically licensed.
They have never approved a decision of a vaccine that does not have a long history of proven success.
And they have never approved a fourth vaccine where the disease poses so little risk, as this one does, to people like children, as an example.
And so there's a lot of reasons why the Jacobson decision, even if the court wanted to consider it good law, it's not good law.
But even if it were, it has no application in this context.
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Tomorrow's news, today.
Antibody-dependent enhancement.
It's something that top scientists across the world have been screaming for the last year and a half about these so-called vaccines.
that create the spike protein in the body and create this violent autoimmune response.
We have Dr. Richard M. Fleming in studio coming up in about 45 minutes.
He's going to be hosting and doing a detailed PowerPoint.
I appreciate him traveling with his crew to Austin, Texas to bring you this life-saving emergency information.
I appreciate our great crew being here on Saturday afternoon and evening as well.
It is Saturday, October 2nd, 2021.
And our first big story out of all the huge news the last 20 months with this whole global tyranny rollout with COVID has been the fact that this antibody Dependent enhancement situation was predicted.
And now, here we are.
And it's happening.
It's confirmed by the Pentagon and the Pentagon's main AI project, surveilling all the COVID information, public and private, has found in their own report that the majority of people dying supposedly from COVID are vaccinated.
And the majority of people in hospitals are vaccinated, just as we see in Israel and Australia and around the world.
This is just so incredible.
And Mike Adams has written about it.
Others have written about it, different angles from the Pentagon report.
But Mike Adams hits the area that AI-powered DoD data analysis program shatters official vaccine narrative, shows ADE accelerating and fully vaccinated each week.
And that's an important angle, but when you read the conclusion in the report, that's getting almost no coverage in the mainstream media, they say that we're seeing antibody problems, and the antibody dependency enhancement, which was predicted, showing that people's own bodies, in a cytokine storm, are starting to kill them, as was predicted.
So the globalists knew this was going to happen, and now here we are, eight, nine months of people having the shots, And every time they now come in contact with a cold virus or something, the body attacks itself.
So this is what killed 50 million people during the Spanish Flu.
It's happening now.
And it was predicted, we told you, and now it's here.
So we're going to cover that first here in a moment, and then Dr. Fleming, you can be guaranteed, is going to be talking about it as well.
But this is the biggest news yet in all of this.
We've got a lot of other news on that front that we'll also break down.
Let's talk about our abilities to speak.
Let's talk about our abilities to have our basic rights that made America, America and why so many people wanted to be able to come to this country because not just the First Amendment is being overturned.
And attacked, but also the 6th and the 7th is being completely abolished across the United States by activist judges, authoritarian judges that have been installed by the Democratic Party and George Soros.
I'm going to show you all the proof of that, including a Texas judge here in Austin, Texas that took over a case against us who violated the 7th Amendment completely.
And said, I don't have a right to a jury trial, that I am guilty, not even guilty until proven innocent, that I am guilty and that now she will select a jury that will say how much money I pay.
That's not in the Constitution.
It's not in the Bill of Rights.
It's so dangerous.
Let me just show you this information.
So when you see mainstream news headlines, you understand what's really behind it because the attack I'm under is the attack everybody's under and I'll elaborate on that in a moment.
But they're desperate to get us off the air.
Here's CNN.
Texas judge temporarily blocks anti-abortion group from suing Planned Parenthood abortion providers under new law.
And she says, you're not allowed to sue people and harass them to take their rights.
Really, that's what she's going along with.
And so she's the one blocking that, making sure that Medicare, Medicaid gets paid for abortions as well.
And there's Reuters on the same judge.
And so out of the whole country, They've got this lady doing it all, Judge Maya Guerrero-Gamble, who just got into office a year ago.
So she's elected, she's a political person, and she's being political here.
So you've got that little tidbit about her.
Now let's look at what she's done to me.
Under the Texas law, because of all these frivolous lawsuits, there's an anti-slap law, saying if you're in media and you get sued, you are able to take it all the way to the Supreme Court on the merits of it to even see if they can sue you.
Well, in the process of that, we turned over 80,000 pages of documents to them, everything they asked for.
They kept saying, we know you've got more, we know you've got more.
That judge retired.
And so this new political judge was given the case for the Democrats at Travis County, got all the judges she was selected, and she just said it at the second hearing, I know you've got stuff, I know you're holding it back, you are defaulted, and now we're going to have a jury trial because you're guilty.
No, you get a jury trial to decide if you're guilty.
Not, oh, you're guilty and now a jury trial will decide how much you pay.
And even the other side's law firm says, well, this is really a myth.
The death penalty sanctions never really done unless somebody sued and then runs away and never even comes to trial.
I mean, the judge could say this person showed no evidence, this person gave no information over and then show the evidence and sanction you.
Which they did to us with no evidence, by the way, already, for $100,000.
But they didn't do that.
She says, no, a jury isn't going to decide whether you're guilty.
You're guilty, and now I'm going to have a jury decide what you pay to people for your free speech with a bunch of misrepresented stuff they've put in my mouth that I didn't even say on top of it.
Oh, and it gets worse.
Under Texas law, someone can't sue you in defamation if you haven't said their name.
We brought that to the Supreme Court, and they said, sorry.
A couple of the justices said, yeah, we should throw this out.
But the other justice said, let it go ahead and go to trial, and then we'll override it if we think so.
So they said, we don't care if the Texas law says you must say somebody's name to be able to sue them.
That went forward.
And a bunch of other stuff that we haven't even raised or pointed out yet that we are.
So this is a deliberate trampling and it's happening all over the country now, not just to me.
And the so-called media is going along with this thinking it'll be selectively enforced on us.
No, it's going to be used to destroy the press, make it more of a lapdog in this nation.
So let's read the Huffington Post report that broke this.
Alex Jones just lost two Sandy Hook cases.
A judge issued default judgments, a rarity in the legal world, against Jones and Infowars after the conspiracy theorist failed to produce discovery.
That's like saying, if you aren't a witch, you will sink and drown, and we know you're innocent.
If you are a witch, you will float, and we will burn you to death.
It's medieval justice, which is no justice at all.
So, again, we gave over 80,000 pages, all that, everything they asked for.
They said, give us your Sandy Hook marketing material.
We don't have that.
It's like, give us a copy of the t-shirt that says, I love Elmer Fudd.
We never made a t-shirt saying, I love Elmer Fudd.
We've got the t-shirt saying Elmer Fudd.
No, we don't.
So, it's just completely tyrannical, but that's how they play these games.
And it just goes on to even have their law firm right here say, Bill Ogden, who's deposing for with far and bald told him in post that gambles
default judgment ruling is a bit of a myth in the legal world. We learn about death penalty
sanctions in law school as more of a theory and it's almost unheard of to have them hand down
this in a case like this Ogden said, but he goes on to say, but Jones is a special case. He
wouldn't give anything over. Really.
That's why I set sat for two depositions with him and the other lawyer for like six, eight hours
Oh, and we gave them 81,000 documents.
They would say, give us anything that says InfoWars, anything that says sale, anyone that says product, marketing, and 80 plus thousand documents.
And they're like, we were given nothing.
We were stonewalled.
The one time we go, oh, we did find a video we couldn't find before online of the helicopter in the woods at Sandy Hook with a man in camouflage and them saying that he was a shooter.
And they went, oh my God, you lied!
And hid that from us.
We're like, no, no, it's exculpatory, meaning it helps us.
We just found it online now.
We didn't have it in our archives.
And the last judge, Jenkins, goes, that's a $100,000 fine.
I mean, in law, if you find something new, you're not hiding it, you bring it forward.
So just insane, folks.
But this judge is even more out of control.
I mean, at least in old kangaroo courts in places famously out there like Australia, they call it a kangaroo court because you have a right to a jury, even under English common law and under the crown, but they would have kangaroos.
They would joke as the jury and the judge was really there as the person doing it.
This is a court without even the kangaroos.
I mean, she can't even say like she's the queen of the kangaroos.
She's more just a Democrat headhunter.
Weaponizing the judiciary and thinking things are so corrupt that appeals courts and Supreme Court of Texas will certify all this.
I mean, people ask, how are you handling this?
When they took me off the internet four years ago, I said, they're coming for you next.
I'm sad for everybody.
And then this happens.
I'm like, what do you expect?
The Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel is in jail without charges for saying the Afghanistan thing was a total disaster.
There's preachers all over the country still in jail for opening their churches.
They still arrest you in Baton Rouge if you open your church, but the topless bars in Walmart are open!
So this is, this is an attack on, I mean, thousands of children in Texas are taken at age seven and sterilized because one parent wants to do it.
And the fathers and mothers are overridden by these judges.
Children are taken and sterilized.
Am I surprised?
No, we have a case of serious tyranny in the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party is doing nothing to stop it.
So that's one article.
Alex Jones just lost two Sandy Hook cases.
A judge issued default judgments.
Now, you go to the media, they're saying, oh no, Jones lost to a jury.
It's all official.
Because they even know the public.
Would wake up if they saw that it was a judge.
So I'll show you articles where they're lying and saying the opposite.
This is total information warfare.
Here's the First Amendment.
Congress shall make no law respecting an established religion, prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or the right of the press, or the right of the people, peaceably to assemble, petition the government for redress of grievances.
But they don't care.
They just sue you in a Democrat area and then take your free speech by misrepresenting even what you said.
Now let's show you that this Maya Gamble's wrong.
And no, she's wrong.
7th Amendment!
The 7th Amendment, in suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed $20, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the United States than according to the rules of common law.
Pretty simple for this judge, but no, she doesn't care.
Right to trial by jury clause.
Sixth Amendment.
Same thing.
And it goes back to the Magna Carta 1215.
It's all explained.
You can go look it up for yourself.
So these are facts I'm showing.
Here's the Daily Beast trying to spin it.
Alex Jones and InfoWars will be forced to pay whatever damages an upcoming jury determines his claims that the mass shooting was a false flag.
So I'm guilty.
If it's more than $20, a jury's supposed to say if I'm guilty, then damages are decided.
But they just skip all that and try to act like, oh, it still doesn't violate the 7th Amendment, because a jury will decide, well, he's guilty, but now we decide the punishment.
This is just making new law.
This is a revolution of tyranny.
Here's another one.
This guy got 27,000 retweets.
Alex Jones is going to be paying the Sandy Hook family a lot of money after the jury found him liable today.
Showing that a good civil suit can do to get accountability for treacherous misinformation.
More of this please, says Tristan Snell.
Read that again.
Alex Jones is going to be paying the Sandy Hook family a lot of money after the jury found him liable today.
The jury!
The jury found me liable.
Let's look at that.
20-something thousand retweets and nobody that I saw in the comments was even understanding that was a lie.
Because see, I'm deplatformed, so I can't even go challenge that.
See how much fun it is?
What did Frank Herbert, a great thinker, have to say, a real liberal, not a fascist, say?
When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles.
When I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.
And that's Judge Maya Campbell.
So how am I doing?
Well, I mean, I understand where we are as a nation, where we are as a country, and they have all these delusions about how much money I've got.
Well, you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip, but they don't care about that.
They want the president to shut down anybody they want and terrorize them.
They've already passed laws like this in Canada, the UK, and Australia.
This is a reign of terror, and it's only going to get worse.
And the judge ruled that she was taking my right of jury away that she has no right to do under the Seventh Amendment and common sense and common law and everything else back to Magna Carta, which I do not relinquish my right to jury.
It says you can relinquish it.
I do not relinquish it to Lord Gamble, to Queen Empress Gamble.
But she thinks I'll just sit here and let her do that.
It's not a real judge, not a real court.
It's a tyrannous or a tyrant.
A Tyrannosaurus rex, a terrible lizard.
But I know this is part of the Gloucester attack.
We had this gentleman on the show, it went viral, manned out video because YouTube banned him.
FBI arrest retired Green Beret officer Jeremy Brown for attending January 6th protest and standing outside the Capitol after he refused to be an informant.
We have all the video in the detailed report.
And they came and said, we want you to go set people up on January 6th.
He said, no.
And so he was peacefully there on January 6th outside the Capitol.
And they have arrested him for trespassing on the grounds, which is totally legal to be on the Capitol grounds.
And they're not letting him out of jail on a misdemeanor because he would not do what they wanted.
Just like what happened at Ruby Ridge when the Green Beret there wouldn't be an FBI informant.
They came to his house and shot his son and wife in the back.
Shot her while she was holding the baby in the head.
That's what happened to Randy Weaver.
So they want you, when they come and tell you to work for them as a slave, and you don't do it, well, he's in jail for a misdemeanor.
And they said they might just keep him a while, might put him in solitary confinement.
That'll teach him.
So it's the...
It's the Judge Maya Gamble School of Law all over the country.
Meanwhile, Milley, they say, should be arrested for leaking to Woodward and the Chinese generals, but he says it's quite normal and Democrats all defend it because they're involved in a revolution against the country and engage in treason openly.
While they teach critical race theory that white people are inherently bad, it's just total, absolute takeover of our republic.
And what are other Texas judges doing?
Judge places boy in custody of mother Who supports his alleged desire to live as a girl.
We've had the father on, we've played clips of the son saying, I don't want to be a girl.
But when mom's with him, she says he says it.
And even the boy told the judge, I don't want to take hormone blockers that stop my growth and hurt me.
The judge said, you will do it.
Until the public stood up and fought back and the governor fought back.
That's why we've got to say no to these elected judges who are dishonorable and are Democrat Party cult leaders.
Very dangerous to have judges elected like this because they work for their party.
Here it is, here's him with his son.
87th Legislature, Civil Society Judicial Court, strips James Younger's father of custody but says permission needed for puberty blockers, gender surgeries.
The judge can take the boy away, but they blocked that.
So, we've got to stand up against this.
We've got to say no.
We've got to realize what's happening and unfolding.
We're going to go to constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes here to talk about the incredible assault on liberties and the latest COVID news and information like legislation introduced by Dianne Feinstein to make you take an injection to fly on a plane, but she herself is exempt from all that along with Congress.
And then we're going to come back with our top story out of that Pentagon AI finds that Fauci's lying.
That's why it never gives any evidence.
You're way more likely to die of COVID if you've had the inoculation.
You're way more likely to be in the hospital, which we predicted, and it's in the Pentagon's own AI report.
That's coming up.
We'll be right back in a moment with Robert Barnes.
So first of all, I can announce that by Friday the 15th of October, every single authorised worker that is on that authorised worker list, whether they be in Melbourne or in regional Victoria, will need to have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
That is, if they want to continue working.
How are you going to manage any pushback for those that Well, Victoria Police will take whatever steps they need to take.
Protests don't work.
Protests are not smart.
They're not lawful.
This is a decision that's been made.
It's about getting us open.
But it's not about the protesting, it's the messaging.
If there's people that don't want this mandatory vaccine, how do we manage this?
Well, then they won't be going to work.
It's very, very simple.
It's very simple.
We want to open the place up.
I'm not taking lectures on freedom from people who will hold all of us back.
We want to be free.
We're going to be free.
We're going to be open.
And the key to that is getting these vaccination numbers up and up and up.
But we've got to make some difficult decisions along the way.
And that's why this decision, not made lightly, is critically important.
Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make.
Does that mean you don't have confidence in that 80% number anymore?
No, no, not at all.
We've just got to get as many people vaccinated as possible and it's not about the ultimate number in a month's time or so.
You will need to be double vaxxed as an authorised worker.
Even when after we get to 80% and the authorisations are no longer there, The mandate, the rule, the Chief Health Officer direction will stay in place because cases will still be an issue then, Rich.
And I wouldn't want to say to anybody out there, well look, you know, just hold out for a few weeks and you'll be able to go about the pub and go to the G and do everything as if you were vaccinated.
No, that's not, that's not the case.
We're going to have a vaccinated economy and we're going to lock some people out because that is far better than locking everybody down.
Well, Victoria Police will take whatever steps they need to take.
Protests don't work.
Protests are not smart.
They're not lawful.
We are totally fucked.
We're about to enter a period of history without precedent.
A war for the world.
And we, you and I, are on the front line.
Every day! Every day! Every day!
Be united.
Be brave.
and be good.
Remember their names and who they are.
Remember what they did and what they did not do.
We have been deceived by those whom we trust.
We have been deceived by those whom we trust.
Remember what they did and what they did not do.
Slowly, the truth has been revealed by the tireless efforts of a few, and this has been a most difficult task.
No matter how many they send against us, they cannot defeat 25 million Australians who stand together as one.
Be brave.
Some of us might be hurt and some of us might die.
We must win this war with such moral authority that we are able to win the peace that follows.
The guilty will be punished.
We, the common people of Australia, are...
And have always been so much more than the elites.
We are better than they are.
We fight, not because we hate what is in front of us, but because we love what is behind us.
love was behind it.
Every day, every night, every day, every night.
It's October 1st, 2021 and I've got good news for you.
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In fact, let me spend a minute or so on that before I get back into this.
I had a chance to go up to Glenn Beck's The Blaze.
I had a chance to hang out with Stephen Crowder at his offices outside The Blaze.
And I had a chance to meet with a lot of other big reporters and other pundits.
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God bless and good luck.
And we are back with Robert Barnes.
Boy, that was a powerful piece of video.
It's live at Bandot Video, something the globalists are trying to shut down right now, our First Amendment.
Guilty will be punished.
Be sure and share that with everybody you know, because you are the power of info wars out there.
All right, Robert Barnes joins us, and he's done some legal work for us over the years.
He's a very popular guest of ours, good friend of mine.
He doesn't really want to get into it and has advised me, you know, not to talk about these cases.
But, you know, you got an elected judge who's up there making political statements about you and saying you're being punished because you said it's a kangaroo trial.
Because it is.
They keep saying, I'm not giving them all this stuff.
I did give them.
And so I've been lied about.
And I'm just not going to roll over to it.
But Barnes, I want to get into all the vaccine news and that level of tyranny with you.
And that's why you're joining us on this Saturday evening.
But you did say you would make a comment about the media and how they're acting like that the merits of the case have been heard on this when they've not.
They've even got headlines that a jury found that I defamed these people.
Yeah, I mean, the media lies continue unabated because, I mean, what took place was the court issued a default judgment based on issuing a discovery sanction that is in violation of your basic due process rights and your jury trial rights.
And it's something that should absolutely be overturned.
And I think it reflects a disturbing trend in liberal jurisdictions.
Which is you have legislators who ignore the limits of the legislature, the executive branch who ignores the limitations of the executive branch when liberals have that power, and now you're seeing liberal judges exercise their political and partisan prejudices rather than enforce and respect the law and the constitutional rights.
And I mean, it's kind of odd that, you know, the Plaintiffs' Council He's so eager not to have a trial on the merits.
I mean, he claimed to be very confident in his case, but seems to be scared of a jury trial on the merits, even in Austin, Texas, to such a degree that he got a court to issue what I consider a constitutionally outrageous decision, because that's what it is.
It's a decision that is without legal merit, that violates core constitutional rights, and we can't be in a place where we have one set of rules for one political party and a different set of rules for others.
And what's happened in these cases, especially if you compare these to say the Rachel Maddow case, where she lied about One America News Network.
Where the courts, you look at Facebook and others, fact checkers in the Candace Owens case.
How is it that those defendants never have to produce any discovery, never have to go to trial, never have to face any consequences, whereas there appear to be a separate set of Alex Jones rules that deny basic due process rights, that deny basic jury trial rights.
And for people who claim to be confident in the factual accuracy of their claims legally, they sure seem scared of having an actual trial on the merits by a jury.
And in particular here, you produced more discovery than any anti-SLAPP defendant in history that I know of in the Connecticut and Texas cases.
I know of no case that has affirmed In order like this.
Occasionally you get judges who, based on biased judgments, issue unconstitutional orders.
In this context, I'm facing it in another case against Don Lemon, where Don Lemon is trying to do the same thing.
Trying to deny a trial on the merits based on misstatements, in my view, about discovery.
Oh wow, you're involved in the Don Lemon case?
Yeah, I represent Dustin Heist.
I'm suing Don Lemon.
You're involved in so much.
Wow, we should talk about that in a moment.
Well, let me raise this point and we'll get into the COVID information.
I noticed that Republican judges, by and large, follow the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and when people sue leftists in Republican jurisdictions and try to do the same thing, the judges don't do it.
So it's like the Democrats cheat, they throw everything out the window, and then think it's funny and the media supports them, and I'm not saying conservatives should start doing to them what they've done to us, but just at some point, this is going to bring the country down.
No doubt.
Because what you have is, in liberal jurisdictions, they ignore the limits of the law.
And it doesn't matter whether they're in the legislative branch, the executive branch, or the judicial branch.
I mean, right now, almost everybody knows certain jurisdictions in this country, judicially, will not give somebody a fair shake.
And just based on their politics.
And that's bad.
And it's absolutely the case that it's overwhelmingly on the left.
There are some right-leaning jurisdictions where you can't get a fair shake if you're a liberal, but very few.
There's a lot more liberal jurisdictions.
They increasingly believe the ends justify the means.
So they manipulate the rules, they misapply the rules to serve their political partisan objectives.
I mean, there's no precedent that someone that's continually produced massive discovery is denied a jury trial right on the merits.
I mean, there's no approved case in Texas that has ever allowed that to happen.
And yet this court did that.
And you just said it, they're trying to create that case.
But the Third Circuit, all I need to understand, just as a layman here, If they erase my rights, they're erasing their own rights.
And there's going to be a giant backlash to this.
There's got to be some point at which they do not surpass North Korean levels of injustice.
It's so overt and so obvious that at some point there is going to be political blowback.
There already is political blowback.
I mean, the Supreme Court itself has the lowest approval rating it's ever had.
And it's because of this perception that the courts are political, that there's two tiers of justice, that there's a double set of standards.
And this is happening across the board.
I mean, yesterday, a federal judge made this exact comment about the U.S.
Attorney's Office in the District of Columbia, because he rejected their request to imprison one of the January 6th defendants who had pled guilty, said, in fact, what needs to happen is just to get probation.
And he pointed out how could he take the U.S.
Attorney's Office seriously When they have one set of standards for people that are on the right and a different set of standards for people on the left, given all the rioters that took place all of D.C.
last year, almost none of whom faced any prosecution at all.
And so at some point, our executive branch, our legislative branch, and especially our judicial branch, needs to start applying the law impartially, without prejudice.
And let's expand on that, and then move on to the other big subject that's even just as big, if that's possible, this is also huge.
If you pull back and look at all these courts, it's the political operatives that in the end are going to get burned when the other party gets back into power.
It just makes no sense.
You see Kamala Harris when she's a candidate, Raising millions of dollars and giving thousands of dollars of her money to bail out people that burned down buildings, and you've got Cuomo saying whoever said demonstrations are peaceful, and then they're all for people that were on the Capitol grounds now who were peaceful, like this Green Beret, he's been arrested.
Jeremy Brown.
I mean, this is getting crazy.
Oh, completely.
I mean, it's like they are unaware that the rest of the world sees it for what it is.
And I get that, you know, many of them may not care, but this has political consequences.
You can't continue to have the confidence in the judiciary amongst the public is entirely based on the belief that the judiciary is impartial and is not political.
That mask has been ripped off over the past several years and what that will do ultimately is damage the integrity and confidence in the judiciary and the institution itself will fail.
I mean that's already happening to the FBI, that's already happening to the CIA, that's already happening because of what Milley's done to the Pentagon.
How many institutions does the left want to destroy credibility?
And by the way, what you're saying is very sophisticated.
When you read deeper level UN and Carnegie and Ford Foundation and Rockefeller documents and Klaus Schwab's public statements, the Davos Group, they say, we're going to undermine governmental institutions across the world.
We're going to fund the governments, control them, order them to do bad things to destroy confidence in the institutions, and then overthrow those countries.
So they're not just turning us into a third world country.
bringing people in and all the rest of it, they are mentally doing that and politically doing it and judicially
doing it to kill the country that way. I mean, this is very deliberate.
I don't think the useful idiots and the Democratic Party that are doing this
understand that they're not doing this for their new dynasty and their thousand-year Reich.
They're doing this to overthrow the country and they themselves are gonna be thrown by the wayside.
Exactly. I mean, this is an old trick, old tactic, old technique to destroy.
I mean, look at what they're doing to the police, for example, in Australia.
Police, by going along with it, by going along with crazy restrictions on core constitutional liberties, and every cop everywhere only takes an oath to one thing, it's to the constitution of their government, of their country, not to the politicians who happen to run it at any given time, but it's destroying credibility and confidence in the police in places like Australia because they're behaving as tools of the state rather than upholders of the oath.
And I think that all of this is part of a continuous pattern to reshift power in a great reset to an entirely different agenda that looks a lot like the Chinese social credit system and does not look like core American constitutional liberties.
It's an incredible time to be alive.
All right, you are heavily involved in lawsuits around the country, Robert Kennedy Jr.
to block the tyranny.
Norm Pattis got a stay in the circuit court, a federal court in New York, and then Sotomayor Shot it down last night and said no, we're gonna forcibly inject all the teachers.
It doesn't matter what their union wants and they can be fired if they don't take the experimental shot, which you pointed out was never authorized.
That was another hoax.
Let me read some of these headlines.
We'll get your take on that.
Feinstein introduces bill with COVID requirements for domestic flights, but she is exempt from the injections.
Hospitals struggle with staff shortages after vaccine passport mandates.
Major hospital chains now saying your spouse must be vaccinated or you'll be fined $200 per month.
So now they're outside even that jurisdiction.
How about now your neighbor?
I mean, this is true authoritarianism.
Major British government report and in Scotland, 25% increase of heart attacks from blood clots directly linked to the vaccines.
Senior army flight surgeon pilots may die in mid-flight from COVID vaccines.
DOD abandons MRI scan protocol.
Fully vaccinated former CNA contributor Mark Lamont, he'll suffers heart attack and his hospital has blood clots.
Blast NBA players for not taking the shots.
Saw that Australian guy, member of the media had a heart attack and said he'd still do it again.
Pfizer launches final study of COVID drug that's suspiciously similar to horsepace, uses the same molecules.
Breakthrough cases surge.
Vaccinated individuals account for 87% of COVID hospitalizations.
That's numbers all over the world show similar things.
And it goes on and on.
Good news, tyrannical New South Wales Premier, who was pushing the worst tyranny, resigns from Corruption Probe.
That's just some of what we've got.
We also have lies on national TV with the different bureaucrats saying that basically learned immunity, natural immunity doesn't exist.
Medical freedom, Dr. Mercola responds to YouTube ban.
The world is rising up against tyranny.
That's what I see happening as well.
CDC is building a gun injury surveillance program at hospital emergency rooms.
So that's how they're getting around.
Everything is creating a database of gun owners.
CDC targets rural youth and 4-H kids with creepy data project on gun culture.
They're creating a database of gun owners and people through the CDC that also set it down that controls all rents.
And it goes on and on and on from there.
But the big news I'm going to cover after you leave, but I'm going to mention it for you, is this new big data dump by the Pentagon and their AI project they've launched when COVID came out in April of last year.
I want to show folks an overhead shot, please.
And you can see right here, the Pentagon will use AI to predict panic buying COVID-19 hotspots.
Well, they've now found that antibody This is just simply incredible.
It is a nightmare scenario.
This isn't predictions now by top scientists.
It's happening.
who've had the shots, the injections, and the conclusion is that they are seeing
exactly what was predicted, the antibody-dependent enhancement taking place.
So this is just simply incredible.
It is a nightmare scenario.
This isn't predictions now by top scientists.
It's happening.
Robert Barnes, I'm gonna give you the floor here to give us an analysis of all of this
and where you see this going what legal remedies we have against this power grab.
Well, the vaccine mandate lawsuits continue.
New suits filed today in Denver, San Francisco, New York, other places throughout the country.
So those cases continue and there'll be more challenges to this.
And so far, the courts have consistently ruled against vaccine mandates in the context of religious objections.
They have ruled in favor of vaccine mandates in other contexts, but they have not ruled in favor of vaccine mandates as opposed to religious objections.
So far, religious objectors have won either a direct outright court victory or a settlement or concession from whom they are suing in a half dozen cases in just the last six months.
And it's useful to remember, even the Obama administration's EEOC recognized a right to religious objections against vaccine mandates, because the EEOC brought multiple cases under Obama even, challenging hospitals imposing flu vaccine mandates on nurses on grounds that it violated their religious rights.
And they won every single one of those suits.
So where there's going to be robust protection, and that everybody should be familiar with, Is in the religious rights context.
And it's important to note, as there's language like this on the Tennessee government site, for example, your religious rights do not require a particular organized religion be the source of your objection.
It does not require any religious, co-religious person agree with you.
It does not require any religious leader agree with you.
In fact, it just requires a strongly held belief of a moral or spiritual kind that is like or equal to a organized religious belief.
And so it's important, like even in the Second Circuit, which did not interfere with the people who did not assert a religious objections, it did interfere and stop the vaccine mandate from going forward as to anyone with a religious objection.
So that's the fourth case to actually have a court ruling in favor Of those challenging the mandate, the sixth case overall, because several cases prior to that, the defendants folded and agreed to it.
So that's probably where courts are going to go.
They're going to allow a robust, strong religious objection, and that they're not going to mandate the vaccine or allow discrimination to take place against employees who assert a religious objection to the vaccine.
And I'm going to be fighting all the other issues as well, because I don't think a vaccine mandate should exist, period, particularly under this context.
But it's good to at least establish a strong robust religious objection grounds that people can safely assert to protect their civil rights and civil liberty.
I mean you can say I believe in the body...
God gave me and my natural immunity and I believe my body's a temple and you're not allowed to put things in it.
I mean, that's basically in Leviticus.
That's in the Jewish law.
It's common sense.
I mean, you can say, I don't want to eat shellfish.
I had an allergic reaction to them once.
Now do we have to eat shellfish because, you know, they say we have to?
And why do you think they're bum-rushing, Barnes?
To try to get everybody injected before they know these court cases come out, like their lives depend on getting these shots in people, which we now know are killing and causing folks to die.
Which if all our mainline scientists knew that and warned them, they certainly knew it.
What do you think, speculatively, they're doing here?
Because if you wanted to be supervillains, you'd do something like this.
No doubt, because what's taking place is they're rushing this process because they do not want a meaningful evidentiary assessment of it.
Kind of like your case, they don't want a trial on the merits.
And because they know they will lose a trial on the merits.
They know a trial on the merits will not cut in their favor.
In fact, every time any lockdown or public health intervention or mask mandate or vaccine mandate has had to face strict scrutiny, that's what it's called under the law, it's failed.
The government has failed.
The employers have failed.
No one can pass strict scrutiny.
And why is that?
Because just take a look at the vaccine mandate context.
If you're symptomatic, your employer can just send you home and self-quarantine.
So the only thing they're worrying about is asymptomatic spread.
Well, a vaccine doesn't prevent that anyway.
So if an asymptomatic spread is remote and almost it's the worst is one in a million.
So for a one in a million risk of lethal COVID spread from asymptomatic spread, they're requiring you to take a vaccine that doesn't stop asymptomatic spread.
So it's completely something that cannot meet any evidentiary test and so the goal of this whole process has been to speed rush it so that the evidence can never be assessed and never be evaluated because they know they will lose if it is.
But knowing it's going to cause all sorts of illnesses, which it already is, and death, How do they intend to cover that up?
And we predicted it over a year ago.
They're going to claim unvaccinated are making people sick, which is now their rallying cry.
But this new AI report from the Defense Department that looked at all these Medicare and Medicaid patients, almost 6 million of them, finds massive increases in death and illness, basically double the number of unvaccinated.
This is incredible bombshell proof.
I mean, it almost makes me speechless, Barnes.
Well, I mean, that's why they've created such expansive immunity.
And that's what Newsom's announcement was all about yesterday.
Right now, they have complete immunity because everything being put out is only under the Emergency Use Authorization.
The biologic licensed FDA approved vaccine is not available.
So that's now what's being distributed.
The only thing that's being distributed is the one that's under the EUA.
And the EUA is everybody's completely immune from suit.
Nobody can be sued, period.
Now, once they get it on the kids list for the child's immunization list, then they also are completely immune.
And so that's why their goal has been, first they wanted to trick everybody.
Our lawsuit exposed that.
So they're accelerating the timetable to get it on the kids list.
And that's why they forced Newsom to go out there and say he's going to force it on the kids list for California school children.
Because they need it on that list to stay immune.
And why is that?
Because they know the same thing you're talking about.
There's a mounting evidence that this vaccine causes serious and severe injury at a much higher rate than any vaccine in history.
And that doesn't even deal with the long-term risk, which nobody knows what the scope is, because of this very uniquely designed vaccine.
So what is the, all the drug companies, all the government people, all the medical professionals, they don't want any risk from suit.
So they want to make sure this stays completely immune.
And the only reason to demand immunity, if I was representing a client who said he would only talk if he got complete immunity, that tells me that there's something there that the client needs immunity for.
And here what you have is big pharma.
The only immunity it actually delivers is legal immunity to itself.
not immunity to the populace.
And once these consequences start getting detailed, they want this to be hushed up because nobody can sue.
Nobody can take any legal remedy.
It'll just be somebody's sad story.
It'll be something that will never see the public light of day in a courtroom
because nobody's allowed to sue in the first place.
And again, all of this, the attack on the Seventh Amendment,
the attack on the Sixth, the attack on the First, the Second, the Tenth, the Ninth,
they are just dismantling everything right now, Robert.
And I know this is gonna fail because this is a response to Brexit.
It was a response to Trump.
It was a response to Bolsonaro.
and I'm going to be back.
And a lot of people are going to get hurt in the process, but this attempt for global government, global corporate governance to create a world ID, a world medical ID, in their own words, for the Great Reset, as the public begins to awaken to this, and the fact that this is a multinational form of corporate takeover, I believe that humanity will rise up and defeat it.
And we're already seeing that where they beta tested all this in Australia.
They're getting scared in the system.
They know it's backfiring.
Do you concur with that analysis?
Or what's your prognosis for the future?
You don't have to suspend all of these constitutional liberties that are designed to protect both truth and justice, unless you're on the wrong side of both truth and justice.
And their awareness of it, their self-awareness of it, is reflected in the various procedural tricks and techniques they're using.
I mean, if they think a vaccine mandate is popular, why don't they pass it through the legislative branch?
Not a single vaccine mandate, the only vaccine mandates ever approved by the Supreme Court, All of them were approved by the legislature.
Not a single vaccine mandate in America has been approved by a single legislature in America in the COVID-19 context.
By the way, I'm glad you raised that because it was pinned to the Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, everywhere I went.
In the last two weeks was the headline, Biden's mandate backed up by precedent and experts.
Explain to people the same precedent that said they could sterilize black people, right?
The same precedent that said black people are two-thirds human.
So just because the Supreme Court once said, you know, that blacks weren't human doesn't mean we should follow a lie like that.
So why don't you tell them the so-called precedents they're hanging their hat on and what Sotomayor and what Amy Comey Barrett are hanging their tyrannical hats on?
So I would say two things about that.
One is it's noteworthy that both Barrett and Sotomayor were apparently too afraid to refer the whole vaccine mandate cases that they were presiding over to the whole court, which is supposed to happen.
So that tells me that both Sotomayor and Barrett believe there may be a majority to strike down vaccine mandates on the court.
And just so far, there's been unlucky at which justice handled those particular emergency appeals.
So there's going to be some ones coming up that Thomas is going to be part of and Gorsuch is going to be part of.
So actually, I would say that what Barrett and Sotomayor did suggest more hope than some of us thought might be on the Supreme Court.
But the second aspect of this is, you're absolutely right.
The legal precedents that exist for vaccine mandates came from an era that was called the eugenics era, which is when it's one of the most despised era in the history of the Supreme Court.
This was the same Supreme Court that said forced racial segregation was okay.
This was the same Supreme Court that said you could force child labor for however many hours you wanted.
This was the same Supreme Court that ultimately approved forced sterilizations of poor
This is the same Supreme Court that their logic, their decisions led to forced detention camps
for the Japanese in Korematsu.
The vaccine case that was the core of that, I call it the first case of the foundational case
of the trilogy of infamy, was the Jacobson decision.
And nobody should be following it because of where that led.
But putting that aside, even the Jacobson case and the subsequent school vaccine cases all involved a very dangerous disease with a very safe and effective proven vaccine over decades, in some cases over a hundred years, And it involved a legislature that passed it and the only limitation was on access to a particular public school ground or a small fine in the case of Jacobson.
The Supreme Court has never approved of any vaccine that was mandated by someone other than the legislature.
They have never approved a vaccine that is not even biologically licensed.
They have never approved a decision of a vaccine that does not have a long history of proven success.
And they have never approved a fourth vaccine where the disease poses so little risk, as this one does, to people like children, as an example.
And so there's a lot of reasons why the Jacobson decision, even if the court wanted to consider it good law, it's not good law.
But even if it were, it has no application in this context.
The Supreme Court has never approved basically Facebook Twitter, the social media giants had a bunch of corporate lawyer types go out and lie to people for the last week and tell them that, oh, this has complete approval.
That's a lie.
It does not.
It has never had this.
This kind of vaccine has never had the judicial approval from the Supreme Court under these circumstances.
And so we will find out what the courts will do in this context.
But so far, they have enforced religious rights and hopefully they enforce additional rights, because the same U.S.
Supreme Court has said That you cannot detain someone against their will or put anything in their body.
You have a right against forced medications and you have a right, even if you're a danger to yourself in certain circumstances, they can't deprive you of your civil liberties.
You have to be a clear, convincing evidence that you're an imminent risk to other people in the mental health context.
And Marge, you knocked it out of the park today.
I know we're almost out of time, and Dr. Fleming's about to come in here, and I just can't wait to see his PowerPoint presentation.
He's probably, when it comes to documents and proof from around the world, the most devastating to show that the majority of sick folks and those dying have taken the poison shots.
His PowerPoint, I've seen it, is just over-the-top, folks.
Call everybody you know, tell them to tune in now, and also share this once it's archived at Band.Video.
But let me raise this issue, the 35,000-foot view.
You're down at the one-foot view, and it's dead on.
What about this being from the big corporations, from the UN, about a global ID, about the Great Reset?
They admit their ticket to total power, medical surveillance, into the carbon tax.
That's now happening.
It's been announced.
It's not our opinion.
MasterCard's coming out, United Airlines, Delta.
I mean, it's all here.
How do we as people educate the politicians, the leaders, the ones that are good like DeSantis and Rand Paul and others, to explain to people that this is a corporate takeover.
This is putting a new experimental drug in us.
I mean, they know.
They brag it's a precedent.
And they're getting rid of nation states.
Klaus Schwab says, former head of the Bilderberg Group, we're capturing the nation states.
The people have no power.
I mean, he says this on the Davos Group website.
He says it on his Wikipedia page.
It's his group editing his own page.
He's proud of capturing countries.
So this is true authoritarianism that transcends liberal or conservative.
I mean, I'm not An enemy of this Travis County judge that's doing all this.
I'm scared for the country in the future.
I can't believe they got people acting like this.
I'm not enemies with even Barack Obama.
I don't like him.
Or George Soros.
Why are they so evil?
And how do we get the public to realize this is a new type of war?
I mean, we are being usurped by corporations that fund and put in people at every level
that will overthrow our country, and the people doing it are actually dumb enough, I think,
to actually think they're doing a good job.
I mean, that's the road to hell paved with good intentions, but the people designing the road and getting the useful lineage to build the road know exactly what they're doing.
So what's the international strategy?
Nuremberg too.
What are the mechanisms to go after Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the globalists?
Well, I mean, the utility is we were supposed to have ended all of this with the Nuremberg Code of 1947, which we enforced retroactively.
Because we said this has always been the case.
What the Nuremberg Code did was simply put in writing what had always been true, and that's how we were able to prosecute the Nazis.
It was because we were able to say this was always the case, and this was the case in 1930 and 1935 and 1940, long before the Nuremberg Code was officially recognized as such in 1947.
And I think the three components that are useful in the court of public opinion is one to remind people of our history.
This is really, it's a new methodology, but it's an old idea.
They're taking the old ideas from the eugenics era, which was ultimately expressed in its most horrific form by the Nazis that exposed it for what it is.
But this is an attempt to recreate the old legal precedents and political precedents and public health power that they had during the eugenics era.
And we should remember what happened and remind people of what happened when we gave the state that kind of power.
It led to Nazi atrocities.
It led to forced sterilizations of poor people.
It led to mass forced detention camps of people based on just where their grandpapa was born.
So that's part one.
Part two is to remind people of what the impact of these precedents would be going forward.
Maybe they're scared of COVID.
Maybe they have a particular opinion about this one.
But what about the next time or the time after that?
Because what's happening is people are being treated not only with like the equivalent of a yellow star during the Nazi era, but like a lot of people during the HIV era, where people were discriminated against based on pure prejudice.
And we're redoing it all over again.
And they passed laws in court, as you know, back in the early 80s saying you can't discriminate if somebody has HIV.
They're telling all of us wear a mask, all of us take a shot, all of us are dirty, all humans are evil, all of us are to be discriminated against by the megacorporations that give us our sacrament and then in the word of God you must take it or you're not listening to God.
That's the governor of New York!
That's the third aspect of all of this, is to remind people the broader philosophical issues that are in play.
This is about core rights.
This is about basic elemental rights that we've established and fought centuries to establish, and we have to protect and preserve them.
This is about something we've been talking about for years.
This is about the American model versus the Chinese model.
And are we going to have the Chinese social credit model?
Or are we going to have the American liberty model?
And we all have to fight for the American liberty model.
I mean, you had NBA players expressing it yesterday, saying, look, what is America all about?
It's supposed to be about freedom.
And if you... And by the way, those guys need talk shows.
They're more well-spoken than you and I, and we're some of the best spoken people out there.
Just, I mean, exactly.
They're getting so many people that haven't been political off the bench now, and that's got to be scaring the system.
The system underestimated opposition.
It underestimated the court of public opinion.
It underestimated people like the audience of InfoWars.
The reason for all of the continuous assaults and probably for the court accelerating these crazy remedies in my view, these punitive actions, Is because you were supposed to be wiped out.
InfoWars was supposed to be wiped out.
But it's failed because they keep underestimating the conscience and cognitive capabilities of the ordinary everyday American who refuses, as Dylan Thomas talked about, to go gently into that good night and to continue to rage and rage against the dying of the light.
And if we continue to do so and continue to support places like InfoWars, then the fight will continue and ultimately justice will prevail.
Well, absolutely.
Look, I've expected to be attacked.
They're trying to put Owen in jail for just covering the January 6th thing from outside.
They're keeping Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonels in jail without charging them for criticizing the collapse of Afghanistan, while other militaries allowed to say, we're ready to shoot Americans, we're going to get you.
But, you know, that's OK.
And it's not that my rights have been violated, it's that everybody's and my children's have.
I mean, this is, you can read the 7th Amendment, it's right there.
And so, you know, I criticize this judge and these people, not even as someone in that courtroom, but as an American citizen, I would be covering this regardless.
I mean, even liberals say, this is unheard of, but Jones wouldn't give them anything.
I bit over.
You were there, you helped early on.
I actually met with the lawyers that are involved right now, 81,000 documents.
81,000 documents, two days of depositions myself, all the basic employees grilling him, and nothing, it's not true!
And so, again, they're afraid, oh my God, we can't have a jury, and so, okay, well we'll just say he's guilty!
No jury, no nothing, it's crazy!
And no other judge would do something like this.
But I guess it'll set a precedent now, it'll be called the Alex Jones precedent, where you don't get a jury.
I mean, that's the risk with all these cases, is that they've made law about the First Amendment that has never been made before, that severely makes it a potential illegal act to voice a theory of a case that the institutional narrative disagrees with.
That's never been illegal before.
The only thing that's been illegal is saying something factually false about a specific person.
And they change the law in your cases to say, oh no, that rule no longer applies either.
So there's a whole bunch of Alex Jones loophole exceptions to the Constitution that are all about politically punitive actions that suggest a legal process that's scared of a trial on the merit.
You're absolutely right.
And again, just experiencing it, being there.
Just, I mean, giving them stuff had nothing to do with Sandy Hook.
Give us this, give us that.
We know you're still hiding it.
And then to hear I gave them nothing?
And to see people with a straight face say that?
You know, you see in history examples of corrupt judiciary and things, and you think, God, thank God I live in America.
And then you just witness it for yourself.
It is absolutely crazy.
Look at that CNN headline.
Since when do you hear a judge rules, not a jury?
Absolutely crazy.
Robert Barnes, thank you for all your time today.
I think you agree with me.
The worm is starting to turn against this vaccine tyranny.
The globalists did it out of desperation to stop populism, to bring the UN out of the world authority, and they got a lot of headway, but just like Hitler invading Russia in World War II, or Napoleon, to use the Russian allegory, they're now getting stuck in the mud of the winter, aren't they?
No doubt.
There's a record level of people taking red pills over the last year.
And the more people that awake and wake up to what's taking place, the better chance Liberty has to survive.
All right.
Tell me where they can find your very, very popular podcast and shows.
Yeah, so if people want, there's some examples of letters that no copyright asserted.
So if you are facing an employment situation or other circumstances, no legal advice.
It's just a free letter that people can use and have used successfully.
You can go to vivaBarnesLaw.locals.com.
That's vivaBarnesLaw.locals.com and pinned at the top is an example of a letter that's been very successful for many employees across the country.
Well, you and your co-host do a great job.
I'd love to get you both on some Saturday or some Sunday for a commercial-free show.
These are so popular where you guys can really roll together and I can ask questions.
We can assume we're going to take calls on these shows, too, so that people can call with questions.
Thank you, Robert Barnes.
Glad to be here.
And yeah, Barnes is a great lawyer, and I've got Norm Pattis and others that are some of the top First Amendment lawyers in the country, and they've said, you know, Jones, just let us be critical of what's happening.
Don't antagonize things.
This isn't about antagonizing things.
I'm a citizen of the First Amendment.
That's being violated with these suits, the Sixth Amendment, the Seventh Amendment, and it's just outrageous.
It's absolutely outrageous.
It's over the top, because they know I didn't say and do the things they said I did.
And they know that photoscripts have been done.
They know that.
They know they're going to lose a jury trial.
But if they can handpick one and have the jury say, or have the jury told, he's guilty, you will now decide an amount that's unheard of, that's new.
They think they can try to create this new precedent, this new law, this new judicial law, which again, you're not supposed to legislate from the bench.
We're just going to have to go the route of judicial complaints and just a lot of other things and some really serious legal, lawful, political actions here.
Because I just can't see the First Amendment and the Seventh Amendment torched in front of everybody here, for my children and your children.
I mean, this is absolutely out of control what's happening in America on every front.
It's dangerous.
It's very, very dangerous.
Okay, let me hit this final big piece, and I appreciate Fleming waiting.
I went on a little bit late today here on Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening.
I can't wait to see Dr. Richard M. Fleming give his presentation.
We're going to put it out, of course, on this full show, and then we're going to cut it out and put it out as his own deep analysis and information.
But let me hit this final big piece of news, and then we'll bring Dr. Fleming in, and he's going to take over things.
But before we do that, We are funding this operation in the face of the Democratic Party.
We are funding it in the face of Soros and the globalists who hate my guts and want me off the air.
The same Democratic Party law firms that sued Remington into bankruptcy and now closing its doors and being broken up, the oldest gun company in American history, is the same group.
So I'm extremely honored to have the Absolute enemies of this country, bought and paid for, to end our liberties and freedoms coming after me because it means I'm over the target.
So, we're going to stay on the air.
One way or another, you can believe that I'm working seven days a week now.
I'm going to be starting other shows.
I'm going to do more.
We're going to get three times bigger.
I was planning, quite frankly, I told my crew this five years ago, to phase out and let the crew Set up their own media system and keep doing it themselves.
And I would come on maybe once a week and do a podcast and appear here and there.
But I've got books I want to write, films I want to make.
And I've been doing talk radio for four hours a day for over 25 years.
And that was my plan.
And then, you know, it's there.
It never happened because I've been attacked and all the rest of this.
So instead, the system chose what they wanted.
So now, When I don't drink, it's because I've got to have this victory.
When I do extra shows, it's because of how I'm being persecuted.
When I went on a hike five miles this morning, it was because of that.
When I ended up doing more and making films again, it's because of the persecution.
And that's the way it always is.
And so that's how the Lord works in mysterious ways.
I guess God didn't want me to quietly, you know, not retire, but cut way back.
So God did this to me, and I understand it's a blessing, and I actually enjoy it.
I feel better than I've ever felt.
I feel totally energized.
And this type of persecution with these rigged courts is just the tip of the iceberg.
I mean, there's horrible stuff's been done to my family, horrible things to my children, that I won't even say here on Aaron Give the Enemy Pleasure.
But if you think any of this, or indicting and arresting our crew members for no reason, and intimidates us, it's the opposite.
I bound out of bed at 5 a.m.
I go to sleep, sleep wonderfully.
Best I've ever slept and I just am so energized and so focused because I know I'm right and I know you guys are evil.
I know you're going to be defeated politically and you've already been defeated in God's eyes.
So, enlisters know that.
They're really supporting us right now and that's good because we got a lot of projects, a lot of things need to be done, a lot of supports needed.
And if you want to see us fight even harder, And literally wake up the world and get the major thought leaders awake?
From Tucker Carlson to Joe Rogan to...
To Steven Crowder, all of them will tell you I'm one of their major influences, not the main influence.
And we've got other stuff behind the scenes you wouldn't believe.
Advising major world leaders, major members of Parliament, members of Senate, Congress, they all tune in here.
Everybody does.
It's the guilty, guilty, not pleasure, but guilty awakening.
It's the next level of consciousness.
Not me, not you, not the guests, but all of us with God together is that next level of resistance.
We are the tip of the tip of the spear.
We are the heart of the heart of the zeitgeist.
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Thank you.
I'm not kidding.
And continuing, of course, we're not the cancer.
The global is the cancer and we are the antibodies countering it.
So I need your prayers.
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I can see it taking place.
So go now and spread the word and share the link of this interview and this report and Bob Barnes and Dr. Fleming.
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And you will see.
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You will see very, very soon, ladies and gentlemen.
Energize me against the enemy!
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Alright, Dr. Fleming's coming in, and then I'm gonna hit this tomorrow night.
I'm gonna hit this tomorrow night, in-depth, with Mike Adams.
Now, there's a bunch of different angles to this.
I'm gonna hit it quickly, and then we're gonna go to break.
Come back with Dr. Fleming.
But the article is on InfoWars.com from NaturalNews.com, AI-powered DoD data analysis program shatters official vaccine narrative, shows ADE accelerating and fully vaccinated each week.
Now, this is so big that it makes me have an anxiety attack because I already had all the top scientists on, I already knew this was going on, I already knew it was going to happen.
I believe them.
I mean, like the former head science advisor, the top EU advisor, Dr. Wolfgang Wudart, the inventor of mRNA, on and on and on.
All come out, they all say this, and then it all starts happening, and then the Pentagon surveils all of Medicare, Medicaid, the hospitals, everything.
And a program called Project Solace analyzed data from 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries, age 65, and found the vast majority of COVID hospitalizations are occurring among fully vaccinated individuals.
And in Australia, it's not even the majority that were vaccinated, but it's triple the number Basically, what's 76 and 12?
76% in the hospital had both shots, 18% had the other.
It's almost 100% of the sick are the ones that have it, and the death.
It's very alarming findings.
Now, the shots are even worse for blacks and Hispanics, and it just goes on and on.
And this is all from the Pentagon, ladies and gentlemen, and their own AI situation.
And they've confirmed that they're not vaccines and they don't work after five or six months.
And then they start making you sick from regular viruses in the environment because you have the big autoimmune cytokine storm response.
Vaccine failure dramatically worsens five to six months.
There it all is right there.
And it just goes on and on with all the numbers showing how it forces the virus to mutate, even making more deadly ones.
Everything we predicted.
Post-vaccine health outcomes are worsening over time, meaning that the vaccines appear to be gradually damaging the immune system over subsequent months, making vaccinated individuals far worse, vulnerable, and subsequent infections.
This is the very definition of ADE, Antibody Dependent Enhancement, about which many analysts, such as Dr. Sheridan Tim Penney, have warned.
And now, it's here.
And here it is from the overview from the Pentagon, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.
And here are them in the news talking about how they surveilled it all and how they did the program.
And then now here we are a year later, and what are they telling us is going on?
This is just absolutely incredible.
And remember, the politicians are all exempt around the world, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, we're going to go to break with a very, very important report.
About what's happening in Australia and the fight back and then an extremely important report that has come out from Greg Reese.
The guilty will be punished.
And we're also going to get to another Greg Reese report about the vaccines are a thousand times more deadly than COVID-19.
So we're going to have a report three and report four that are going to be airing as well.
We already aired the guilty will be punished.
I want to thank the crew for the incredible job.
I want to thank Dr. Fleming for coming in as well.
On the other side, Dr. Fleming takes over with this incredible life-saving PowerPoint.
And again, if I tried to read you his whole bio, let me just go ahead and do that now because it needs to be done.
Dr. Richard M. Fleming is a cardiologist, nuclear cardiologist, certified in posteron emission tomography.
Jurisprudence, doctor of law, researcher, inventor, and author.
In 1994, Dr. Fleming presented to the American Heart Association his theory that cardiovascular disease was due to inflammation, which we're now seeing with inflammation.
Which was the theory in 1994, has become well-known fact for decades, and was highlighted in 2004 with a feature on ABC News Nightly 2020.
Yes, the patent pound 9566037 was issued after Fleming on February 14, 2017.
Fleming method patent covers all methods and devices able to measure metabolic and regional blood flow differences.
The breakthrough made it possible to differentiate functionality of tissue, tissue types, as well as non-tissue and the treatment and And he's got the best sight too with all the graphs and all the documentation.
So he's coming up on the other side right now.
is capable of detecting and measuring isotopes. His knowledge and patent enables previously
undetectable information to be seen and measured with levels of accuracy not found in most common
scanning techniques or devices. FlemingMethod.com. And he's got the best site too with all the graphs
and all the documentation. So he's coming up on the other side right now. Stay with us.
Many are now awakened to the harsh reality of depopulation and democide,
which we find ourselves in today.
And the endgame is out in the open.
To destroy humanity under the guise of transhumanism.
What we've unfortunately learned is that there is an overwhelming herd of us who will do whatever they are told by the system.
Which explains how we've gotten this far.
There are seemingly millions who will believe whatever pop culture tells them, including the mass denial of natural health and immunity.
While attempting to criminalize a knowledge base spanning millennia, corporate pop culture prostitutes spew talking points for Big Pharma's mRNA mystery cocktail as the only solution.
And if the solution is less people, which is what the elitists have been saying for decades, then they are succeeding.
Multiple studies conducted in the UK show that after the vaccine was introduced, COVID deaths increased by over a thousand percent.
And more than half of all COVID deaths and hospitalizations are from the fully vaccinated.
The numbers in New York City are showing the same.
Experts in the field, including the inventor of the mRNA tech being used, have been warning of this since the beginning, but silenced by the corporate media.
Project Veritas has recently exposed how doctors and nurses are well aware of the dangerous mRNA jabs, but care more about their own jobs.
And how even low-level big pharma employees care only about the numbers.
It is an all-out attack against the human race.
We knew this a year ago because we know their white papers, which is why we know what comes next.
Brought to you by the same characters behind the mRNA vaccines, what comes next is the end of natural organic humanity and the beginning of man's own version.
Man fused with machine in a lab.
The end.
There is no more hiding the endgame.
It's out in the open, where only the unbrainwashed can see it.
Ultimately, it will be up to the people.
The police in Australia are loyally serving their globalist masters.
What makes you think anything will be different in America?
A flight surgeon for the US Army has warned that all vaccinated pilots are unfit to fly.
The US military is being destroyed from within.
The only way through to freedom is for the people to say no.
Which is now starting to happen all across the world.
Humanity uniting together as the human race.
Standing up against the most sophisticated tyranny that mankind has ever faced.
All while the pop culture media machine ignores it.
A worldwide peaceful revolution of the people is a numbers game.
So continuing to wake people up is our road to liberation.
Do not remain silent during this dire time at the crossroads of human history.
It is the truth that shall set us free.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reis.
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together in synergy, it is a game changer. So take up the RainForce Ultra challenge today at
But I also want to make very clear that all of us should look forward to what we can get once we hit that 70% double dose.
And as the roadmap that we released indicated, at 70% double dose, you will be required, under the health orders, to only be able to frequent venues if you're vaccinated.
And I just want to make that very clear.
It's black and white.
If you're not vaccinated, you can't go to a restaurant, you can't go to a cafe.
At 70% double dose, everybody, every business leader, every community member should be very clear.
That the health orders will be saying that you cannot go and do anything on the roadmap which will be specified unless you are completely vaccinated.
Everybody who is fully vaccinated at 70% will get freedoms.
Let me make that very clear.
If you have made the effort of getting yourself vaccinated, by the time we open up at 70% you will be able to go and eat at a cafe, you'll be able to get your hair cut, you'll be able to do all those things we've all missed.
And even though the government is saying unvaccinated people might have other rights from the 1st of December, a lot of airlines have said they won't carry anybody who's not vaccinated.
A lot of businesses have said we won't welcome anyone that's unvaccinated.
I want to be very clear, life for the unvaccinated will be very difficult indefinitely.
Good afternoon everyone.
I'm here to make a public statement and won't be taking any questions.
I've had to make an extremely difficult decision overnight but one which I feel obliged to do because of the love and respect I have for the people of New South Wales and the high regard which I have for the Office of Premier.
I was advised late yesterday afternoon the Independent Commission Against Corruption will today release a public statement in which it will state it is investigating allegations made about me concerning matters relating to the former member for Wagga Wagga.
As it is clear from the ICAC statement, the issues which it is investigating are historic matters that have already been the subject of numerous attacks on me by political opponents in the last 12 months.
Now comes the part where we throw our heads back and laugh.
Hello, my name is Dr. Richard Fleming.
A couple weeks ago, Alex Jones was kind enough to invite me onto his program to talk briefly about the drug vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.
Today I want to take just a moment to give you some more in-depth information about these viruses and these vaccines, as well as some of the legal proceedings that we are pursuing in the International Criminal Court to hold the people accountable for the development of this virus and the dissemination of these vaccines.
The first question to ask is, do drug vaccine biologics work?
Can they work?
And how?
Next slide, please.
You'll see here at the very beginning of 2020, Go ahead and play the video.
Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are 95% effective.
Does this mean that if I get the vaccine, I won't get infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus?
That means that there's a 95% chance that you will not get symptomatic infection.
Namely, that you won't get infected to the point that you get symptoms.
But we are unsure right now what the protection is against infection because it's conceivable That you could get vaccinated, get exposed, get infected, not know it because the vaccine is protecting you against symptoms, but that you could have virus in your nasopharynx, which is the reason why we say, until we prove that the vaccine prevents transmission, that people who are vaccinated should wear a mask when they're near people who might be vulnerable to infection.
Early in 2020, this comedian who was from Mexico had an opportunity to ask Dr. Anthony Fauci about the vaccines themselves long before they were popularly used and disseminated and forced upon the U.S.
and world population.
One of the big misunderstandings about vaccines is that they somehow prevent you from getting infected or spreading an infection.
For a vaccine to actually work, it has to be given to a person, allow you to make an immune response, and then the only way it actually is any benefit to anybody is if you then get infected with the virus.
Because it's that second infection with the real virus coming at you from person-to-person transfer.
That's really what's being targeted.
In the absence of you getting infected by somebody else with the actual virus, the vaccine has no effect except for the consequences of giving you the vaccine, all the inflammation and blood clotting that we're seeing on the VAERS adverse event sites, and all the deaths that are associated with the vaccines.
Next slide, please.
Now, I only have six basic concerns about the drug vaccines, and I'm going to briefly lay them out here for you over the next few slides.
The first part is that we have always taken a virus in the past and taken every type of that virus and put it together with all of its parts, so the spike proteins and the membrane and the envelope and everything else, and then we've weakened it and injected it into people.
In fact, in 2007, the Chinese did this quite successfully.
with SARS-CoV-1. But by taking all the different types of variants of the virus and all the
parts of the virus, when you give that to someone in a vaccine, the person develops
an immune response or benefit to all of the variants and all of the parts of the virus
so that no matter which one you get exposed to, you're protected.
This study shows that 2007 study by the Chinese, where they took a number of healthy, they
took 36 individuals, 18 men and women, all who had no problems, and they divided them
Two different ones got vaccines, and one got a placebo group.
And if you look down here in the graphic, you'll see at the very beginning, at zero weeks, there was no antibody response.
At 28 weeks with the second injection, the people who got the drug vaccine developed antibody responses to all of the virus of the SARS-CoV-2, not just to the spike protein, but to the spike protein and to the membrane and the envelope and everything else that makes these coronaviruses so infectious.
Next slide, please.
The second concern is that they've picked out one specific spike protein.
This spike protein is the original one that was found in Wuhan.
And so you've heard Delta virus and Mu virus and Alpha.
The original virus is called SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan HU1.
That's the spike protein that they targeted.
And by targeting that specific spike protein, they're asking our immune systems to respond to that spike protein.
Nothing else about the virus.
And any spike protein that's too much different from that HU1 spike protein, the farther it gets away from that, the less likely these vaccines will have any benefit, if at all.
Next slide, please.
Now this rather complicated graphic is the brilliant work of Jean-Claude Perez and other individuals who have looked at these spike proteins and the vaccines.
This shows the makeup of the Wuhan HE1 spike protein.
In red, the squiggly red lines show the genes that make up the spike protein and the blue line shows the spike protein itself.
Now that's important because that tells you what you're actually looking at.
Next slide please.
Here is, in fact, go ahead and I think there's some things to advance here.
Here, we're going to see the actual Wuhan spike protein in the upper left-hand corner.
And in the upper right-hand corner, you're going to see the Moderna lipid nanoparticle vaccine, mRNA.
And in the very bottom right, you're going to see the Pfizer lipid nanoparticle mRNA.
And what you need to notice here is that the red lines and the blue lines of the Wuhan spike protein The Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine don't match, which means that what's in those vaccines do not genetically match the Wuhan H1 virus.
So when they say they are giving us a vaccine that is the exact same thing as the virus, well this data shows that since the red and blue lines don't match, The proteins being made and the nucleotide genetic codes are not the same as the virus.
Next slide please.
The third concern is that given the evidence that we know that the genetic code of this virus and the proteins being made are not identical to the Wuhan HU1 spike protein, the next question is what else is not quite Correct about what we're being told.
And the amount of immune response that we're being told that these vaccines have indicate that something else is amiss.
That in fact, what we're really seeing are self-amplifying mRNA vaccines.
And the acronym is SAM.
Next slide please.
What we see in the left half here is a conventional vaccine with A. You inject a certain genetic code into somebody, you get a certain protein response.
B shows what happens when you take another piece of that genetic code that replicates the virus, which is earlier in the genetic code, and you include that in the vaccine and you see you get more spike protein or more immune response.
Now, back in March of this year, I cautioned people that it looked to me like this must be what's going on.
And if, in fact, this is what's going on, that the mRNA vaccines are self-amplifying mRNA vaccines, it means that we haven't been told the truth about everything that's in these vaccines.
It's critical because the funding that's been paid for, and you can see down the papers where they were published, the New England Journal of Medicine and Nature, Ecology and Evolution, these same self-amplifying mRNAs have been associated with new types of vaccines that are called transmissible and transferable.
These are studies being done to see if you can inject one person, or one, in this case, bat, and get that person to transfer to the next person the vaccine.
Now, I'm not saying this is what's being done, but what I am saying is that the same people that are doing the self-amplifying mRNA research are doing these transmissible vaccine research.
And why is this important?
Next slide, please.
Go ahead and just keep advancing those until we get to the next slide.
Because if we look at the research data on self-amplifying mRNAs down here at the bottom left, and we look at the transmissible vaccines in the upper left, you'll see that the same people are funding these studies.
And when you look at the bottom left and then you look at the table on the right, you will see that they have shown in this research self-amplifying mRNA research.
They've shown multiple viruses including HIV, cytomegalovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, vaccine encephalitis virus, Zika virus, And they show what part of the protein is being made, and whether it's a lipid nanoparticle.
And if you look at the very top, over here, second to the right, it says what animal is being used for this research.
If you go down this column, you'll see mice, pigs, mice, pigs, sheep, rats, except at the very top.
The animal model being used for SARS-CoV-2 self-amplifying mRNA research is human.
Next slide please.
Third problem that I have with that is the concept that these vaccines stay at the site of injection.
We're told that injection goes in, stays in the muscle, doesn't move around in the body.
And we know for a fact that this is not true.
We know for a fact from the animal studies that were done, from the Moderna studies that were done with influenza virus vaccines from lipid nanoparticles in 2017, that these vaccines are found in the brain, in the bone marrow, in the heart, in the liver, in the spleen.
All these organs that are being affected by these adverse drug reactions to these vaccines were shown back in 2017.
It's also important to understand that when you get infected normally by a virus, it comes into your body and before it gets into your cells, that virus is available for your immune system to respond to.
Now the first part of your immune system is called the innate, I-N-N-A-T-E immune system.
That is critical for you to be protected Not only if you acquire the infection from another person, but if you're trying to build immunity from a drug vaccine.
Because that is the first part that is fundamental for your body to recognize that it's being invaded.
And in the process of seeing the virus, you have cells that eat that virus, tear it down, share it with other cells, and one of those other cells that are made are what's called T helper 2 cells.
T helper 2 cells are critical because for antibodies to be made, the T helper 2 cells from the innate immune system have to join with the B cells, the antibody making cells that come from the adaptive humoral immune system that's laid on top of innate.
So innate has to be activated for the antibodies to work.
T helper 2 has to be activated for the antibodies to really be made.
Next slide please.
When lipid nanoparticle vaccines are injected, they're coated with cholesterol.
So when your body sees that, it sees cholesterol.
It sees lipids.
Lipid nanoparticle.
That's not foreign to the human body, so it doesn't recognize that as being a virus invading.
And instead of being outside with cells that can first eat that virus and then end up making those T helper 2 cells, it gets snuck into our cells and our cells start making the virus or the spike proteins without our innate immune system ever been awakened to it or activated.
this set of data and you can go ahead and click next so we'll get the fill in here.
You can see what happens to liver and spleen and muscle when these lipid nanoparticles
are injected.
In fact, this is the study from 2017 with Moderna's lipid nanoparticle influenza vaccine
And these are all the organ systems that they found the vaccines in.
The brain, the bone marrow, the liver, the spleen.
In fact, they found them within a matter of hours and they lasted for five days in that study.
So they not only don't stay where they're injected, they're there for the better part of a week.
They invade all of our body parts.
So when you're wondering whether it's possible for these vaccines to spread through the body, well, Moderna showed in 2017 that they do.
So now when everybody is saying, wait a minute, it looks like these vaccines might spread outside of the area of injection.
It's a little disingenuous to say, Gali, we didn't know that because we did in 2017.
Next slide, please.
So here's kind of the process.
Normally what you see on the left hand part is a virus comes into the body and your body recognizes it as being abnormal and begins that innate immune system with T cell response including T helper 2 cell.
Well, the lipid nanoparticles won't get picked up that way because, as we've already talked about, they sneak inside, into the second part of it, where your cells start making what's inside that vaccine.
Potentially, the Janssen, which is typically referred to as Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or the AstraZeneca, which use an adenovirus and DNA of this SARS-CoV-2 as the vaccine?
Maybe that works.
Well, the simple answer to that question is your innate immune system isn't seeing SARS-CoV-2 when those vaccines are used.
What your innate immune system sees is an adenovirus, because that's the carrier virus taking that SARS-CoV-2 into your cells.
So the innate system for the Janssen and the AstraZeneca vaccines aren't responding to a SARS-CoV-2.
They're responding to an adenovirus.
And last time I checked, adenovirus and SARS-CoV-2 are two different viruses.
Next slide, please.
Now, this is the complicated drawing showing how this entire thing works.
In the upper left-hand corner, you see that a virus comes into the body, whether it be adenovirus or Novavax, which is made out of moth cells using a virus that infects the cells of moths because it won't even infect human cells.
And then your immune system Eats that in the upper left-hand corner and turns what's called a naive T cell into a T helper 1 cell at the lower left.
And that eventually will develop and release these chemicals that cause inflammation in the body, tissue necrosis factor, interferon, which means it interferes with the virus.
All of these things require this innate immune system to work.
Next slide please.
And this shows what happens when the T helper 1 cells get activated.
They actually then will release other chemicals, interleukin 12 and a variety of others, to make this T helper 2 cell, which is critical because this T helper 2 cell has to respond to the B cell that makes the antibodies for your body to really know that they've You've identified the correct virus to increase the amount of B-cells making this antibody and to make the right type of antibody.
It's also critical to know that this initial innate T-cell system is responsible for what's called cytotoxic T-cells in the bottom left.
And these are the cells that actually go in and say, wait a minute, cells of our body infected by a virus that needs to be killed and they kill The infected cell.
Again, that's the innate system.
And bypassing this is tantamount to destroying the effect of our immune system to work.
Next slide, please.
How do we know all of this?
You can hit the next slide and it will come up with script that people can read.
Because real scientists and real researchers do more than say, gosh, it looks like the patients didn't develop COVID, which is what you're really being told.
What we do is we measure, is there a T cell response?
Is there a T helper 2 cell response?
Are these chemicals being made by the vaccines?
Next, go ahead and click the next part.
Are antibodies actually being made in response to these drug vaccines?
In fact, what you will not see in the emergency use authorizations that the FDA used to clear these vaccines is any information that shows measurements of T cells or antibody response.
Specific concerns with drug vaccines.
How do we know what's actually happening inside the human body?
We can measure the response of these T-cells and B-cells or we can actually measure the tissue damage using a method that admittedly I patented called Fleming method.
But has been made available for anybody who wants to use it completely free of charge.
And we have already seen previously that other types of vaccines, well in this one in particular, that they worked with mice and they showed an allergic response.
Impairing these T helper 2 cells that are so critical.
They showed this earlier with SARS-CoV-1 and these slides for people who are science and medically oriented show a lot of these inflammatory cells building up in these mice in response to these vaccines.
Next slide please.
And you can go ahead and hit next on this.
Here is an example of what has been discovered with the Pfizer vaccine.
You'll see the BioNTech, that's B-N-T, that's actually the company that makes these vaccines for Pfizer.
After the second injection, you have first dose and second dose, they actually then, other people, have measured what type of Innate immune response occurred with tissue necrosis factor alpha and with interleukin-1 beta.
And what has been shown with Pfizer vaccine is that once you inject that second injection of the Pfizer vaccine, it impairs the ability of your body to respond to influenza virus.
So it's interfering not only with the production of T helper 2 cells, but it's interfering with your then response if you get exposed to influenza.
Next slide please.
Go ahead and click the material.
This is an example of the Pfizer vaccine actually showing measured reductions in our T cells after you get vaccinated.
So this study was done and published in Nature in 2020, again using the Pfizer vaccine.
And you can see here the count of the lymphocytes, the T cells, actually goes down Following the initial injection with the Pfizer vaccine.
Now, it doesn't go down as much later on, but it certainly doesn't go up.
Next slide, please.
This is a rhesus study, rhesus monkey study, using the Moderna vaccine.
And what this study clearly showed, it was published in New England Journal of Medicine, Is that when they looked at the memory CD4 cells, the T helper 2 response in number B with the red circle, there is no T helper 2 cell response using the Moderna vaccine.
So there is no complete innate response and these cells are the ones critical for antibody production.
Next slide please.
You've heard a lot of questions about whether vaccines or natural immunity provide a better response.
Well, this study or these studies actually show, two different studies in biomedicine and scientific reports, shows what happens when you get natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2.
In fact, it shows not only The IgG antibody to the far left.
But in C, you'll see the IgA antibody.
And that's critical, and you don't hear anybody talking about that.
But IgA antibody is the antibody that needs to be made if your lungs are infected or you GI tract.
And this is a virus that infects our lungs and GI tract.
So, you should ask the question, where's all the IGA data on the drug vaccines?
Well, it's not there, but you can see person-to-person transfer, natural immunity, there is an IGA response.
And in fact, you can also see here, you can go ahead and I think there's more wording up here.
But the T cell response that we're concerned about that isn't happening with these drug vaccines, if you've had influenza or you've had cytomegalovirus, you may already have immunity to SARS-CoV-2 as this latter part showed with these individuals that had previously been exposed to influenza and cytomegalovirus already had an immune response mounted to SARS-CoV-2.
Next slide, please.
My fifth point of concern is that the EUAs show no statistical reduction in COVID cases.
Let's go to the next slide.
I'm going to walk you through this.
Hit next, please.
There we go.
The way vaccine efficacy is determined, all this 95 and 85 and 67 percent numbers that you hear, is done as follows.
It's a ratio of the number of people that get diagnosed with COVID who get the vaccine.
Go ahead and click next.
Eight over, divided by the number of people, and I see that we have Greek script, but this is the number of people now hit the next This is the difference between Keynote and PowerPoint translation.
So the number of people who end up with COVID who didn't get vaccinated.
And in the example of Pfizer, they talked about eight in the vaccinated group coming down with the diagnosis of COVID versus 162 in the non-vaccinated group.
Back one please.
My apologies.
Which gave a ratio of 0.05 risk ratio.
1 minus the risk ratio tells you that vaccine efficacy.
So what they did is they asked how many people were diagnosed.
Next slide please.
But that's not really the question you need to be asking.
You need to be asking is there a difference between people that are vaccinated and unvaccinated and what that difference really is.
And so you can look at the relative risk reduction, you can look at the more critical absolute risk reduction, the difference between groups, and you can look at the numbers of people you need to vaccinate to see the difference of just one.
Next slide, please.
And hit next, next, next.
There we go.
Now, how was the diagnosis of COVID made in these vaccine studies?
Well, pretty much the same way as it's done in normal life.
It's a positive PCR test, whether you get vaccinated or not, and do you have symptoms?
Well, if you look at the list of symptoms under Pfizer or Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, you'll see that these symptoms match just about any infection.
Whether it's SARS-CoV-2 or influenza or cytomegalovirus or respiratory syncytial virus or the common cold or cancer or bacterial infection, these are all the same symptoms.
So this is not a very good way to determine whether it really worked, but level the playing field.
This was the rules they had.
So let's see what the data really shows.
Next slide, please.
Here's a look at the Pfizer vaccine.
Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Emergency Use Authorization document published by Pfizer.
They found eight people that got vaccinated.
That's why we went through this before.
Click Next.
Which gives you 8 in the numerator.
Next, please.
In the placebo group, the folks who didn't get any vaccine, there were 162.
Now, you're going to look at that first and say, wow, 8 versus 162.
There's the 162.
Click Next, please.
Gives you 95% efficacy.
Next slide.
Well, here's what the data really shows when you dig into it.
You can either ask how many got it or you can ask how many people did not get COVID.
You can look for the absolute risk reduction.
And that's what we're going to do here.
That same 8 shows up here.
and if you take 8 from the 17,411 people that were actually getting the vaccine,
that means 17,403 of the Pfizer group did not get COVID and that's 0.05%.
The non-vaccinated group, turns out that there were 17,511 people in the non-vaccine group
of which 17,349 did not get diagnosed with COVID.
That's a ratio of 0.93%.
And if you do the math, if you look at this statistically, like a scientist like I look at it, and you say, are these different numbers really meaningful?
Or do they just kind of give the impression of it?
We statistically analyze it.
And when you do that, you will see in the bottom right in white, not significant at P less than 0.05.
That means the result of this study shows no statistical reduction in the number of COVID cases between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.
No difference.
And the absolute risk reduction was 0.88%.
Not 95%.
The difference between the groups was 0.88%.
Next slide, please.
And if you look at the number of deaths in the Pfizer group, there wasn't any difference between those who were vaccinated and not.
In fact, it very specifically states, all deaths represent events that occur in the general population of the age groups where they occurred at a similar rate.
So no difference statistically in reductions of COVID cases and no difference in the number of deaths for Pfizer.
Next slide, please.
Now that we've done that, we can move a little faster with the same approach.
We see for the Moderna group, if you look at the bottom, there were 13,934 people who were in the Moderna vaccine group.
13,923 did not get COVID.
in the Moderna vaccine group, 13,923 did not get COVID.
That meant 11 did.
I give you a value of 0.08%.
In the non-vaccinated group, there were 13,883 people.
13,698 did not get COVID.
If you look at those two groups and you ask, are they different?
It turns out that they are not statistically different.
And if you look at the absolute risk reduction, it's 1.25%.
Next slide, please.
If you look at the Moderna group and you say, was there a difference in deaths?
There's no statistically significant difference in the numbers of deaths between the two groups, and they represent what you normally expect to see in the population.
No statistical reduction in COVID.
No statistical reduction in deaths.
Next slide, please.
This is Janssen.
Janssen got a little bit more sophisticated with what they did.
They reported both at 14 days and 28.
So this slide looks at the 14 day data.
Remember that Janssen is a single injection.
So they looked 14 days after that single injection.
Janssen had 21,636 in that group.
21,460 did not end up with COVID.
The non-vaccinated group had 21,574.
21,061 did not end up with COVID.
did not end up with COVID.
The non-vaccinated group had 21,574.
21,061 did not end up with COVID.
And when you looked at that, the P-value was significant.
There was a statistically significant difference in the people who did not come down with COVID
if they got the Janssen vaccine at 14 days.
Next slide, please.
However, when you go out two more weeks, 28 days, and you do the same numbers for those groups, that difference disappeared.
So it was good if you were looking for a difference at Fourteen days, two weeks, but you go out to four weeks and that difference is completely gone.
Next slide, please.
And because of all the items that Janssen did, they were taking data that wasn't confirmed by their central core lab.
And if we compare the non-centrally confirmed results to the centrally confirmed next, with eliminating the mild cases next, Next.
What happens is you see these numbers in the top row of 176 and 513 start to drop to 117 and 351 cases.
You see the number of people diagnosed with COVID dramatically drop when the central core had to confirm whether everybody was right or not.
And next.
There was a 32 to 42 percent drop in the number of COVID cases just by virtue of making sure that the central lab agreed.
Next slide, please.
This is the deaths associated with COVID.
With the Janssen vaccine, there was no statistical reduction in the differences.
And the vast majority of people that were reportedly dead that they diagnosed with, they didn't even know if it was COVID.
Seven out of the 20 In the non-vaccine group, they didn't know what the cause was.
It wasn't defined as COVID.
Next slide, please.
But what we do know is that Janssen admitted, at least right up front, all the neurologic damage that was caused by the vaccine.
And you can see laid out here.
Blood clots, ringing in the ears, convulsions, all this stuff you're seeing on social media is exactly what was reported in the EUA documents.
And yet, despite showing that at 28 days there was no benefit to this vaccine compared to not being vaccinated, no reduction in COVID cases, no reduction in deaths, but the problems with blood clotting and convulsions and neurologic damage, the EUAs still pass the FDA.
Next slide, please.
Amazingly enough, in all three EUA documents, it was very clear.
There is no data to show that anybody who has responded to the virus and recovered with natural immunity has any benefit by being vaccinated by any of the three vaccines that the FDA has given EUA approval for.
Next slide please.
In fact, if you take the absolute risk reduction and you look at the Pfizer, the Moderna, the Gamellia, that's the Russian one, the Janssen, the AstraZeneca, you'll see that the numbers aren't 95% or 90% or 67%.
The absolute risk reduction goes from 0.84 to 1.3%.
The real elephant in the room is what's the difference between the groups?
And it turns out, statistically, nothing.
Next slide, please.
So why did I put you through all those slides?
Go ahead and just run that through.
So you could do the scientific review that the FDA didn't.
Based upon the EUA documents.
There's no statistical reduction in COVID rates.
No statistical reduction in COVID death rates.
There is an unacceptable various death and adverse event rate that we're constantly seeing updated.
Next, please.
The absolute risk reduction was actually 0.8 to 1.3 percent, not these higher numbers.
Why did we go through the slides?
To provide you with answers you need.
So when somebody says there's a benefit of getting the vaccines, you've seen the actual data submitted to the FDA by these drug companies for these emergency use authorization documents showing there's no statistical reduction in COVID cases or deaths, but there are substantial adverse effects.
Because the FDA basically failed to do its job.
They failed to provide the scientific... ask the questions that scientists should ask next.
Now here's the VAERS adverse death data.
That's back in November of 2021.
In April, you can see these numbers increase.
It doesn't matter whether we're looking at adverse events, deaths, or serious injuries.
Next please.
The numbers jump.
If we just look at deaths, They go from 2,600 to 3,500 by 7th of May, 4,000.
Next to the 23rd of August, next 13,000.
The 3rd of September, 14,000.
That's just in the United States.
And that's not counting the adverse effects on the heart.
The 5,000 to 6,000 have been documented or any other harm.
You know, if these drug vaccines were actually demonstrating a statistical reduction in COVID or deaths, You could start to make an argument for why you might have to tolerate the side effects.
The problem is, the documents don't support that.
The documents don't show a statistical reduction in COVID or deaths, but we are seeing massive numbers of disease.
Look at the deaths.
It doesn't matter whether it's 14,000 or 45,000.
We stopped the swine flu vaccine in the mid-1970s because of 25 deaths.
Next slide, please.
This is what we can see from the European Data Bank.
Next slide.
Get several of them here until you see all those pop up.
There we go.
At least one dose of COVID.
And you can see, next, the number of reported adverse events in Europe back in May was almost half a million.
With more than 600,000 serious injuries.
Almost 1,200 multiple symptoms and deaths in Europe by May was 12,000.
Added to what we have.
Next slide, please.
And finally, the sixth thing.
The mass vaccination program has produced what's called pressure selection of these viruses.
So let's take a look at this.
Next slide, please.
They've talked about the Delta variant as if it's something unique.
I want you to look around each and every one of you, look at the people next to you, and realize that every one of you are a different variant of human.
But you're all there.
And these viruses have the same thing.
They have variants.
There's more than one type of them.
And as I said at the very beginning, in 2007, and always before with vaccines, we've taken every variant with all of its parts, weakened it, and made antibodies for immune responses so that you would see everything.
But in this case, we only concluded the genetic material for Wuhan HU1.
So you can see on the far left there's been the Alpha, the Beta, the Gamma, the Delta.
There's Kappa.
You're hearing about Mu right now.
These are all the variants.
They each have little variations.
And the farther these variations get from the original...
Wuhan HU1, the less recognized it's going to be by these vaccines.
In fact, Pfizer was so concerned that about two to three weeks ago they announced that when these breakthroughs occur, so that the vaccines no longer work, within 91 days they can gear up a new vaccine, which they will then need to inject into you to bring under control the next scare of the next variant that they produce.
Next slide, please.
This is Alpha 1.
This was actually what broke through in England originally that caused all this stress.
And you can see all these colored areas or the variances in the spike protein of the Alpha variant of SARS-CoV-2 compared to the HU1 variant.
Next slide, please.
Back that up one please.
If you look at the very bottom, I want you to look at this site.
You can go to this site and you can get all of this information if you really want to.
That should be the topic of what everybody's talking about when they're having press releases from the federal government or HHS or NIAID or whomever.
Because these investigators, Drs.
Emma Croft, Hod Croft, and Luke Montagnier, and Jean-Claude Perez have been working diligently
on getting the information about what's really in these viruses.
Next slide, please.
We're going to look at, real quick, 33 countries, and we're going to look at the different vaccines
And what you will see is that all this is color coded.
And the consistent theme here is that every time a new drug vaccine was added, be it Pfizer and P, AstraZeneca and AZ, the Moderna or the Janssen and J, Drop the line down to where it got started and you will see in the UK, the US, Germany, Sweden and the like, you will see an increase in number of COVID cases and SARS infections and a pressure selection pushing away from
The H-U-1 to the variants that are less like what's in the vaccine.
In this case, the Delta variant.
So you can see the Delta variant being shown in the green here popping up at the end of this.
This was in June of 2021.
Next slide, please.
Here's what happens in these countries and in Spain and Belgium.
You can see what happened in India.
You stop treating people with drugs at work and you start giving them vaccines that put pressure selection on the virus and this is the disaster you end up with.
You can see what happened in Mexico and they have used all eight of them including Covaxin, CanSino, Camela and the Sinovac ones.
Next slide please.
Same concept here.
There's a lot of countries without data, but Croatia, Australia show the same phenomenon.
Next slide, please.
And this brings us to a few other countries, along with Israel.
As most people know, Israel went full throttle, committed to the Pfizer vaccine and Vaccinated the vast majority of its population by June of 2021.
Israel was saying they had successfully defeated the virus, but because it puts this pressure selection, it selects out for anything further away from the H2-1.
A month later, Delta is roaring its ugly head in Israel despite most everybody being vaccinated.
And you can see that with the green pop-up here in Israel showing the Delta variant.
Next slide, please.
Now, I'm going to walk you through here step-by-step because these are all the variants on the bottom.
And if you look down here to the Delta, I want you to watch how this wave appears.
Next, please.
This is Pfizer.
That's when it was started.
Moderna, next.
Next ones.
You can see, as these drug vaccines got added, what happened was an increase in cases and a shift from one variant to another, as we have seen finally with the last one, the Delta variant being pushed across.
This tells you the sequence of changes and pressure selection for this Delta variant, and now mu to occur as the direct result of these drug vaccines.
Next slide, please.
This shows you Delta.
It shows you a two-fold increase in its ability to get away from responding to the vaccines.
This is the Delta variant.
Next slide, please.
Here's what the Israeli data really looks like.
This is what happened back in May and June when they thought they had a handle on it.
And by August, you can see that the variants are popping up.
In fact, By the 15th of August, they had 514 Israelis hospitalized.
And when people tell you this is a phenomenon of unvaccinated people, 59% of the people admitted with the Delta variant were vaccinated, and 87% of those were people over age 60.
Vaccination and the age increase, and we're calling for a booster shot in the United States.
Next slide, please.
Here's all the different variants that occur.
This is what mu looks like.
So you can see all the color changes of the spike protein that's different.
And all of this on the left is actually how we compare these different variants.
This on the right shows these subtle changes that are occurring.
And you can see exactly where they are.
And you can see the overlap.
So it's not like these viruses are completely different, but there's a lot of similarities just which one of these bases and variants are there.
Next slide, please.
Which brings us to what we're really doing.
We're doing vaccine chasing, and the phenomenon is really that you're getting a lot of misinformation provided to you, and every time there's misinformation, it's like somebody's saying squirrel, and your attention is darted there, and this is what happens.
Did that dog just say hi there?
Oh yes!
My name is Doug.
I have just met you and I love you.
My master made me this collar.
He is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I may talk.
And that's all it takes.
We're just about there.
This is a dog chasing its tail and the irony of this dog chasing its tail that we'll just do the video of
is that it's guarding its carrot and it's so concentrated on the distraction, watch what happens.
This is vaccine chasing.
And while it's chasing its tail, it can't figure out quite what happened.
Protein chasing is the phenomenon of chasing based upon a single spike protein or a single
part of this virus, producing pressure selection, producing these variants that everybody is
now complaining is a result of the unvaccinated when in fact it's the direct result.
of the vaccination sequence. And with that, I'm going to call a brief break,
and we will come back to you in just a moment to discuss crimes against humanity.
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Welcome back.
In the last segment, I talked to you briefly about my concerns about the vaccines and I
wanted to make certain that we touched on one further topic before we move on to addressing
how to deal with these individuals responsible for this virus and these vaccines.
Independent enhancement is a term that you have undoubtedly heard about.
And if not, I want to take a moment to make you aware of it.
In the past, antibody-dependent enhancement has been that when you make antibodies to something, it causes further inflammation and blood clotting to occur in your body.
The ability to make antibodies is not always a good thing.
Cardiologists like myself have, for years, when you've had strep throat, given you antibiotics to prevent you from making antibodies.
Why would we do that?
The truth is that the antibodies that are made to strep throat can also misinterpret the valves of your heart, your mitral valve and your aortic valve, as being the bacteria.
And when that happens, those antibodies then attack the valves of your heart, producing rheumatic heart disease, which later in life can lead to heart problems and the need for valve replacement.
The physicians in Osaka, Japan in 2020 demonstrated a new phenomenon for antibody-dependent enhancement.
The spike protein of this coronavirus has more than one part, as you've seen in previous discussions that we've had.
And one part of it is called the N-terminal domain, which is where nitrogen sits in the chemical structure.
Hence, N-terminal domain.
When antibodies are made to that part of the spike protein, the Asaka Japan physicians in 2020 showed that those antibodies then cause the spike protein to open up and make the spike protein four to ten times as infectious.
In addition to causing inflammation and blood clotting, the very antibodies that were trying to kill the virus were increasing its infectivity.
Early on, you may remember, or in about the middle of 2020, people receiving convalescent plasma from people who had survived, or patients in the hospital that weren't doing so well even though they had antibodies.
The reason for those bad outcomes turns out to be antibodies made to the N-terminal domain.
And since bringing the spike protein into your body causes you to make antibodies not only to that regional binding domain to try to prevent attachment of the spike protein, but also the N-terminal domain, not only the virus but the vaccines have shown antibody-dependent enhancement.
In fact, in a recent report, Put out by the Joint Artificial Intelligence of the U.S.
Department of Defense, who should know something about this since the DoD was involved in the funding of the research for this gain-of-function bioweapon.
They're noting that individuals over 65 were getting less and less benefit to Delta variant and other types of variants as a result of these drug vaccines putting pressure
selection on the actual viruses that exist.
This document I know Alex Jones has talked to you about and Mike Adams of Natural News published it.
It's in InfoWars talking about this antibody dependent enhancement phenomenon.
This information is available for people, but only if you get to the right sources.
The question is, why aren't you hearing about this from mainstream media?
If somebody's spreading misinformation, the easiest way to shut them down is to let them keep talking.
If somebody's spreading correct information, the best way to shut them down is to shut them down.
In this next section, I'd like to talk to you about what we should be doing to address these individuals responsible for the development of this gain-of-function bioweapon, SARS-CoV-2, and the vaccines that include that same genetic code, thus making them biological weapons themselves.
Next slide, please.
Crimes against humanity is a term that many people banter around and they've used even for recently the disputes between who's allowing which drugs to be used and which ones aren't.
But crimes against humanity are exactly that.
Crimes against humanity causing systemic or systematic campaigns against people causing death or large-scale destruction.
Next slide please.
A biological weapon, and the United States has signed and ratified the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, is the development of a biological organism that has no benefit for mankind.
And it, under all circumstances, has been excluded and not allowed by any country.
To sign the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty And then to develop a virus with gain-of-function that causes this type of harm is not to make a peaceful weapon or a good weapon.
It violates this treaty, which makes those responsible criminals.
Next slide, please.
In 1975, the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty was signed, and I want you to simply see this is what the document looked like.
Next slide.
And these are the countries that have signed on it and ratified it.
And, in fact, that includes the United States of America.
So any involvement by U.S.
citizens of the development of a gain-of-function bioweapon is a violation of an international treaty.
And under the U.S.
Constitution, the law of the United States that is supreme is the U.S.
If you're a member of the US elected officials or appointed to an office and you've taken an oath to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States and you've been involved in this, you have violated your oath and by definition you have committed treason.
Next slide please.
To hold these people accountable requires that we go back and look at history.
In the 1930s and 1940s, Nazi Germany and its leaders felt that they were above reproach.
They could do whatever they wanted to do, and no one would hold them accountable.
In fact, at the beginning of World War II, nobody did.
But after World War II, and in 1947, These individuals were brought to justice in criminal courts, next slide please, for 24 defendants in the first trial for crimes of conspiracy, crimes against the peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.
And you can see down here at the bottom to the far left next to the military patrol, that's Goering, number one in command of Nazi Germany after Hitler's death.
Next slide please.
Goering made a very daring statement during his trial.
He said that any country can get its people to do whatever they want as long as they determine that there's a problem, that there's a solution to the problem, and that anybody who stands against doing what the government tells you to do is guilty of conspiracy or being a terrorist to the country.
Next slide please.
This shows what happens when these individuals are brought to accountability.
In 1947, 24 defendants, Hitler killed himself and Goebbels committed suicide before being held accountable.
But these are all the people that were held in the first trial.
Next slide please.
There were 12 death sentences, 3 life imprisonments, and 4 sentenced to 10 to 20 years.
But there were additional trials that followed that, and I want people to pay attention.
Because in addition to holding the government leaders accountable, the following trials were the doctor's trial, the judge's trial, and numerous other trials that held elected officials, judges, and doctors accountable for their crimes against humanity.
Next slide, please.
In fact, most of you will remember this gentleman, or you've heard about him, Dr. Joseph Mengele.
He was an average German individual.
This is him riding a bicycle, and these are the people in the ghettos of concentration camps.
Dr. Mengele thought that everything he did was for the benefit of the German people.
So it didn't matter if you experimented on other people.
What they were doing was right for the German people.
And the first people that were in prison, by the way, were the PhDs and the doctorates that could disseminate information.
Then the Jews, and then other less desirable individuals.
Remove discussion, remove debate, and you remove the problem.
Again, if somebody doesn't know what they're talking about, the easiest way to let them embarrass themselves or make them non-existent is to let them keep talking.
They'll show just how foolish they are.
The problem is that when you have people that are talking and they're telling you the truth, the only way you can deal with them is to silence them.
Try to harass them, put them in concentration camps, call them conspiracy theorists or something worse, traitors, any of a number of things.
Next slide, please.
The doctor's trial had significance because there wasn't a set of code for doctors to follow prior to Nuremberg.
And the reason why the Nuremberg Code is so critical was because in listening to the Nazi doctors, they believed that they were innocent of any wrong, that they had the right to experiment and do whatever they wanted to on people.
They were doing it for the betterment of Germany, after all.
And they said, if you looked at the record, that it wasn't anything really worse than what the Americans were doing, or the British were doing, or other people were doing.
The problem with that statement is that they were very correct in that statement.
What we were doing in this country, we have atrocities Longer than you could imagine, and we've continued to do that.
Tuskegee experiments, syphilis experiments, radiation experiments in our military, and now we have this new experimental project that we're doing.
So, the 1947 Nuremberg Code, and this is what it looks like at the very front.
Established criteria from other doctors that said it might be what has been done, but it is wrong to experiment on people and you do not experiment on people without informed consent.
And a mandate for a vaccine without informed consent, which means you have the right to refuse it, is a violation of all the treaties that we have signed that require that patients have informed consent.
Next slide, please.
Violation of the Nuremberg Code.
You can see several different components here.
Again, I put this here because you can watch it, you can stop it, you can read through it.
I want you to see these real documents, not something that somebody has talked about.
Alex Jones and other people constantly hold up real documents for you to see.
So that you know there's a validity in what's being talked about.
It's not just an idea.
The documents are truly there and you can genuinely see and go read it for yourself and go look for it at your leisure.
Take the time to go through it that you need to.
Next slide please.
The British Medical Journal, and the adjustments here, discussed the crimes against humanity most recently in 1996 and dating back to the 1949 documents.
and dating back to the 1949 documents.
Next slide, please.
It recognizes that experimentation on human beings must be done with informed consent,
and some experiments simply cannot be done.
There is not a betterment to humanity.
There is not a treatment of disease.
It's a violation of the Hippocratic Oath.
It's a violation of treaty laws.
Next slide, please.
More on the Nuremberg Code.
This goes through the voluntary consent of human subject was number one.
You can see two through ten, all the other ten components of the Nuremberg Code.
Next slide, please.
Go ahead and play that, please.
Taking their places in the famous Nuremberg courtroom, judges of the Allied Military Tribunal
begin the trial of minor war criminals.
In the dock, once occupied by their leaders, are 23 Nazi doctors accused of many crimes in hospitals, concentration camps and research centers.
Number one defendant is Karl Brandt, formerly Hitler's personal physician and a general in the Waffen-SS.
Next in importance is Siegfried Handlser, a former medical chief of the Wehrmacht.
Hertha Oberhauser, the only woman defendant, was a physician in the notorious camp at Ravensbrück.
All the accused pleaded not guilty, but time and evidence alone will decide their future.
Next slide please.
Sixteen of the doctors were eventually found guilty and seven of them were executed.
It is not possible for physicians and those individuals that are involved with these experimental vaccines to remain completely unaccountable to Americans and to the world for the crimes that they've committed against humanity.
Next slide, please.
It's also a violation of the American Medical Association Code of Ethics to do something to a patient without informed consent.
So it's unconscionable at this point in time that the AMA or any agency in the United States would put pressure on its physicians to force them to make their patients get vaccinated.
In fact, a recommendation from your doctor to get vaccinated is fine.
I have no problem with it.
That's between you and your doctor.
The problem, as I asked somebody a couple weeks ago in a conference, is that as a cardiologist, I've frequently looked at people who are smoking and I've said, you shouldn't do that.
It's bad for your health.
And nobody who wanted to continue to smoke seemed to have a problem saying, Dr. Fleming, I'm going to continue smoking.
Don't keep harassing me about that.
So the question is, why isn't that where the conversation ends with drug vaccines for this virus?
When doctors tell you, for whatever reason, you need to get a vaccine.
This information you're getting allows you to make an informed, intelligent decision.
And you should be able to then look at your doctor and say, I have made an informed decision, and it's not to get the vaccine, if that's what you choose.
That's between you and your doctor.
Next slide, please.
To make an informed consent, you actually have to know what the benefits and the risks of what you're doing to the patient is.
I showed in the last segment the Emergency Use Authorization Documents showed no statistical reduction in COVID or deaths, even though there were concerns about inflammation and blood clotting.
This on the left, if you look at this, this is a picture of the three package inserts of the Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen package inserts laid side by side with a picture taken over the top.
There is nothing on these package inserts.
They are left intentionally blank, as the documents say.
So, left intentionally blank.
There is no material for a doctor to obtain knowledge about what the consequences or the benefits of these drug vaccines are.
If you're a doctor actually telling your patients they should get these drug vaccines and you have not read the emergency use authorization documents, which are available on FlemingMethod.com under the documents for this virus, if you've not read the emergency use authorization documents and you're telling patients that they need it or will benefit from it, then you're doing it on hearsay.
What somebody else has told you, not what you have done as a physician or scientist to carry through on your obligations to inform your patient, to provide informed consent, to provide your medical obligation to your patients.
Remembering that three-letter agencies, HHS, FDA, NIH, CDC, Aren't there with you when you're seeing your patients who've been admitted either for the infection or COVID or a vaccine complication?
Understand, there is no CPT code, no computer code, to put into the computer by doctors that says patient had an adverse effect to one of these COVID vaccines.
There is for measles, mumps, and rubella.
There is for diphtheria, tetanus.
There is for all the other vaccines, but there's no computer record of adverse events to a COVID vaccine.
So when we go back in history, in the future, and we look back in history for the data, It's not going to be there.
Next slide, please.
This is the Principles of Helsinki, the Declaration of Helsinki, which was another declaration of how patients should be treated.
It's critical for any research drugs to be used for people to understand informed consent for patients.
Next slide, please.
This is more of the Declaration of Helsinki that you're welcome to stop and look at.
And you can see at the very end, informed consent.
Participation by individuals capable of giving informed consent to subjects in medical research must be voluntary.
A mandate is not voluntary, Mr. President.
Making it mandatory is a violation of informed consent.
Violating informed consent violates these treaties that I just showed you.
And a violation of those treaties is a violation of the oath taken to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Next slide.
More on the Declaration of Helsinki.
And these are the Hippocratic Oaths.
And for those of you who think do no harm is in our oaths, it's not.
It's not.
But there's also not something that says to harm.
These oaths that are taken by physicians like myself, either the Hippocratic Oath or my physician's oath, this was mine that I declared, is to our patients.
Not to the federal government, Not to elected officials, not to judges, not to big pharma, not to insurance company.
These are oaths we make to our colleagues who have trained us and to our patients.
This is an oath that dates back thousands of years predating any laws or any society that currently exists.
Next slide please.
This is the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Treaty.
Again, informed consent is a requirement.
The U.S.
is a signatory and ratifier of this.
To make mandatory these vaccines violates this treaty.
And that's treason.
Next slide, please.
More information on the Covenant ICCPR.
Next slide, please.
As is this.
Next slide.
After the prosecution of the criminals who ran the Nazi Germany itself and the doctors who carried out experimentation and the atrocities upon the people of Germany and other countries, came the trials of the judges that made it possible for these atrocities to occur in Nazi Germany.
The judges of Nazi Germany thought they were immune to prosecution and to being held accountable.
They were wrong.
The judges that make decisions today will be held accountable, as will the doctors and leaders.
They'll not only be held accountable by the people and public opinion, by your children and your grandchildren, but by international law, either through the International Criminal Court or another court that will be assembled should that be necessary.
Next slide, please.
These are the judges that were tried in the Nuremberg cases.
Next slide.
Crimes of conspiracy.
Crimes against peace.
War crimes and crimes against humanity.
These are the charges for the people that have developed this gain-of-function bioweapon that have blocked physicians from treating patients with medications that have been proven from the development of these biological vaccines and the forced, coercive mandating of people being vaccinated.
For people who've been vaccinated, I completely understand.
This is not an easy topic area.
And you were told that for the threat that you posed to the loved ones in your life, your children, your grandparents, the lady down the block with cancer, or the guy down the block with prostate cancer, or the people that you didn't want to harm when you came into contact, you were told that this was necessary for you as a citizen to protect these people.
So you stood up.
You did what you were told.
But this information, as you've seen, isn't validated by the Emergency Use Authorization documents.
It's not even validated by Dr. Fauci's own words when he was asked by the comedian in March of 2021 whether these vaccines prevent you from getting infected.
They do not, and they do not prevent you from transmitting it.
They are designed to minimize your symptoms when you get infected.
That has always been the role of vaccines.
It continues to be the role of these vaccines.
These violations with interference of practice of medicine prohibiting doctors from treating you.
Next slide please.
These violate The 1947 Nuremberg Code, the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki, the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the American Medical Code of Ethics, and medical code of ethics that are in other countries.
Earlier this year, four countries joined a filing or requested a joining of filing with the International Criminal Court to have their cases considered together.
The United Kingdom, France, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.
I'm honored to say that I joined Drs.
Kevin McCarran and Luke Montagnier to provide affidavits of evidence in support of calling for crimes against humanity.
A couple weeks ago, on the 20th of September, We for Humanity A group of people that are former Nazi concentration camp survivors hand walked this letter to the International Criminal Court asking for the International Criminal Court, the ICC, to take this joint case to begin investigation of these perpetrators.
On FlemingMethod.com, under the New or Hot button, you will see, if you scroll down, a document that I posted on the 29th of September, asking for everybody to sign a petition To submit to the International Criminal Court to follow up with a request for the ICC to join these cases, to begin the investigation and prosecution of these individuals, to take the affidavits that Montagnier, McCarran, and myself provided, and the letter from the Nazi concentration camp survivors.
We are calling upon you, I am calling upon you, to go and sign this document.
It's electronic.
So we can submit that for further recognition for the court to take this seriously.
This is not a problem that's going to go away.
There's not some cavalry somewhere else.
You are the cavalry.
Your signature will add to the voices calling out for justice in international criminal court to hold these people accountable.
And anybody who wonders whether U.S.
citizens can be held accountable for this or not hasn't reflected on Nazi Germany.
The Nazi German Political government, doctors and judges all thought they were immune all because they thought that they had not agreed to participate in this.
History proved them wrong and history will prove these criminals wrong as well.
Next slide please.
An example of a judge That may be under consideration.
This judge required that individuals who were being considered for sentences had to be vaccinated.
This is a forced vaccination of these individuals.
This is something that will be considered in these criminal trials.
Next slide, please.
Loss of personal liberties, income, the world has been massively affected.
We are still in something of a lockdown.
We are still in something of people being afraid.
We are still being called criminals for having the interest of the country and for people having a right to their individual liberties and to be able to make their own medical decisions.
Krusen was a case out of Missouri with the Department of Health where the Supreme Court of the United States stated that a American citizen may not be forced to take a treatment.
That is the Supreme Court of the United States.
A forced vaccine violates what the Supreme Court has said.
Next slide, please.
These crimes, and this goes through a list of all these different components.
Next slide, please, for you to see.
This is the joint case.
This is the numbers for you to see for the UK, Slovakia, French, and Czech Republic, with other countries telling us that they are interested in participating in this court.
Next slide, please.
And this is my particular document provided, and you can see who I have asked to be individually investigated and prosecuted in the documents that I submitted to the ICC, and this is not an all-inclusive list by any means.
Next slide, please.
This is the letter you can see.
Nazi concentration camp survivors.
Next slide.
I want you to understand the severity of what we are dealing with.
These three brave individuals survived being in a Nazi concentration camp.
They have colleagues who wanted to sign this document but were afraid of retaliation Should they sign it?
Including one who is a personal friend of Anne Frank.
To say that there is not something amiss on this planet when survivors of Nazi concentration camps are afraid to come forward?
Speaks volumes about what's really going on with this virus.
Next slide please.
And we may not have ratified it, but that doesn't mean people in the United States cannot be held accountable by the ICC, and that something can't be done to punish them for their crimes.
Next slide, please.
Together, we're going to prove that Herman Wilhelm Goering was wrong, but we're going to prove to our children That we didn't care about what type of future we left for them and their children.
Next slide please.
As that last slide showed, go back for me please.
If you ever wondered what you would have done in 1930s Germany, I want you to merely now look at what you are deciding that you're willing to do and what others have done.
And you will then know what you would have done in 1930s and 1940s Germany.
Next slide please.
It does not take a majority to prevail.
We don't need everybody, but rather a tireless, irate minority, keen to set brush fires in people's minds.
This is how a civilized society, intelligently educated with facts, discuss things.
In an open and free society, you discuss things.
Freedom of speech is a discussion.
Medicine and science has always exchanged ideas.
It has never been one-sided.
The exchange of ideas and information is critical to understanding a problem and to knowing who's causing a problem and to solving a problem.
Next slide please.
These are all books that are available should you want them.
Is COVID-19 a bioweapon?
A scientific and forensic investigation.
Not only details who paid for this, for these viruses, this gain of function and what they did.
The published papers, the research.
And includes Dr. Yan, a personal expert who was in Hong Kong, who's been involved with these Chinese scientists, who've been involved with the research from the United States.
This is critical information for you to have.
And is COVID-19 a bioweapon was actually submitted as evidence with the affidavits to hold these criminals accountable.
Next slide, please.
That's the book.
It's available for you.
It lays out the detail.
You can see it has the endorsement of John Claude Perez, of attorneys Melinda May.
It has a couple other.
Kara, who's from the UK, and A number of other individuals have endorsed the book for the information to provide you, Knowledge Base.
You can take it, you can look at it, you can see the data for yourself.
If this is not the truth, Then you will have to explain to me why these federal documents exist, why these papers have been published, why these patents have been provided, and why the paper trail is so clear and concise about who's been involved.
Senator Dr. Rand Paul asks Dr. Anthony Fauci a very clear set of questions.
Has the NIH and NIAID been involved in gain-of-function research and the movement Lateral, lateral, lateral is very clear.
He knew about it.
He was involved in the funding of it.
He's not the only one.
Collins was involved with NIH and the people that sit there and question an elected position in Congress who knows what he's talking about, bringing the evidence forward and then telling him he doesn't know what he's talking about is either committing perjury or has something else going on that needs to be addressed.
Next slide please.
These are ways to get a hold of me or at least information that you can see.
Next slide please.
I want to thank Alex Jones for inviting me to present this material.
I know a lot of it is material that at first glance seems overwhelming, but the truth of the matter is, everybody out there watching this has the intelligence and the ability to use common sense and to read this information and answer the questions for themselves.
In an intelligent, enlightened, free society, that's what we do.
I make this information available for you so that you can read it at your own pace, so you can make decisions, so you can call for these people to be held accountable, so you can join the cause of being an American.
I talk with people all over the world and other countries, physicians and scientists who are worried, and their one recurring question they have to me is, what are the people in the United States going to do about it?
The answer comes from you, not from me or Alex Jones.
It comes from what you do now, the decisions you make.
You are the cavalry, you are responsible, and you are part of history.
Your children and your grandchildren will judge you for the world that you leave them.
Today is an opportunity to make a difference in the world.
It's been my pleasure to provide this information.
I want to thank Alex Jones for inviting me here.
Thank you and good day.
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Again, thank you all and I'll see you back tomorrow night, Lord willing, 4 p.m.
Central with Mike Adams on this huge AI Pentagon report confirming the vaccine is killing people en masse and it's causing almost all the illnesses as we predicted.
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