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Name: 20210930_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 30, 2021
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Well, the Huffington Post and other establishment publications are beside themselves with glee.
Look at their headline right here.
Alex Jones just lost two Sandy Hook cases.
A judge said, that's right, they're getting rid of juries in America.
Every basic form of American liberty is being abolished and overthrown as we speak.
They're coming after me because I'm standing in their way.
They're coming after me because they're coming after you.
The left in this country has completely weaponized the legal system and the judiciary.
There are so many examples of it.
But just in the last few days, a decorated lieutenant colonel who came out and criticized the hasty, horribly organized withdrawal of Afghanistan
are arrested repeatedly for holding church services while Walmart down the street is open.
That's the country we live in and now we're told that there are mandates for forced inoculations and $700,000 fines that is in the new stimulus bill if employers don't enforce it.
Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't America.
This is tyranny.
And this is a judicial system that has decided that it's going to establish its own form of judicial dictatorship in this country.
So when I see activities like this being carried out against me,
I don't feel sorry for myself.
I feel sorry for this republic whose basic checks and balances are being destroyed.
Now if you go back almost 10 years ago, we saw the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook.
And it was hard for Americans to believe that someone would go in and execute a bunch of elementary school students.
And the internet quickly had questions and talked about anomalies.
It was something that I only covered a few times on air.
Years later, evidence came out that some of those anomalies were not accurate, and I said I believe Sandy Hook actually happened.
It was the minute that I said I thought it happened that the mainstream media said,
You said it didn't happen for attention, when in truth I almost had employees quit over it.
A lot of people disagreed with me, including some of my family, and it was not a popular view on my show.
So the idea that I questioned Sandy Hook because it was some master plan of mine to get famous was completely asinine.
I questioned WMDs in Iraq.
I was right about that.
I questioned babies in the incubators being thrown out by Saddam.
That wasn't true either.
I questioned Jesse Smollett, and that was a fraud.
I questioned Bubba Wallace.
I questioned hundreds of other events out there that have turned out to be staged, like the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 that got us into Vietnam, which they declassified in 2004 was staged.
So when you see cases like that over and over and over again,
And you're a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.
But my identity is not Sandy Hook.
Sandy Hook is a blip on the radar screen in the different stories, the tens of thousands I've covered.
But it's not a blip on the radar screen for the lobbies that are anti-gun, the big corporate institutions that seek to disarm the American people.
And they have successfully been able to use the deaths of those children to sue Remington into bankruptcy and to demonize the idea of self-defense itself and to try to basically destroy and steal the birthright of self-defense from all Americans.
In the Huffington Post story that I'll show you in a moment, even their top legal expert says that these death penalty sanctions are basically a myth because you're guaranteed
to be able to try the facts of the case.
So this is a legal theory they're trying to get through to get rid of due process using the straw man of the demonized villain Alex Jones.
This endangers everybody's due process, everybody's free speech, and the system is hoping that they can have the Alex Jones Law, that's what they call it, to get rid of people's free speech selectively while protecting the corporate media's free speech.
That's not how history works.
Everybody is going to get burned by this.
A judge issued default judgments, a rarity in the legal world, against Jones and Infowars, after the conspiracy theorists failed to produce discovery records.
Ladies and gentlemen, first let me set the record straight.
My lawyers told me in Connecticut, they said, you shouldn't even produce what they're asking for.
No one's ever done this.
And I said, I'm going to do it.
They want to default me.
I released all of my company bank records going back to Sandy Hook and up until now, no one has ever done that.
The entire QuickBooks, no one's ever done that in a civil case like this.
Only criminal cases have that.
I just said they have this weird, crazy theory that I'm secretly being paid off by the NRA or something to do this.
Let them see it all.
Let them see there's no money from the Mercers or the NRA or the Republicans or anybody.
And so we did that because the judge in Connecticut demanded it.
Right here in Texas, it's all coordinated.
They asked for less, but it was still substantive.
Tens of thousands of emails, thousands of records.
It went on and on.
But they kept demanding the Sandy Hook marketing records.
I don't do marketing around news we cover.
I have products and sponsors that I promote and market for, and we gave them in Connecticut and Texas that basic information.
Here's the script.
Here's what we wrote.
Here's what we say about the product.
You see me do it on air.
Well, they say that's not true.
They say I've covered up.
They say I haven't given them any information.
And so, this judge, and the judge previous, because when I'm retired in Travis County, will never let me have the lawyers I want that are well-known, famous First Amendment lawyers like Mark Rondazza and others.
And so, we have local lawyers, most of which are brand new, they'll take the case and they go in and they get yelled at and they roll over and say, I'm sorry, we'll do better, we'll give you more, when the judge and the opposing side say, we know you've got the information.
This is like asking somebody for a confession that doesn't exist.
And that's what's completely crazy about this whole thing.
The judge also, who is known as a bomb thrower, who's known by the Democrats that I've talked to as well, is just unbelievably ill-informed about the law.
They even quoted here in the Huffington Post, of all places, who's attacking me, that it's unheard of.
Lawyer Bill Ogden, with far ball, told Huffington Post that Gamble's default, that's the judgment ruling, is a bit of a myth.
In the legal world, but not if they can make it real with me, where a judge just decides, wow.
We learn about death penalty sanctions in law school as more of a theory, and it's almost unheard of to have them hand it down in a case like this.
Continuing to refuse to comply with imaginary things that don't exist, or cell phone records from like seven, eight years ago, text messages.
I'm not a tech guy, I don't have all that kind of stuff.
It's absolutely ridiculous, and one thing,
That the lawyer on the other side argued at the last hearing before this one was, well, Mr. Jones, you know, this happened many, many years ago, so he's forgotten.
So we've got to default him now because he doesn't remember this stuff in depositions.
They sued me seven years into it.
It's now been 10 years.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is unprecedented.
And it's simple.
They don't want me to have a jury trial.
Did you know that in the Texas cases,
I'm being sued by people, and they say in the court case that I've never said their names.
Texas law says you can't sue somebody if you didn't say their name for defamation.
But it's right there.
Did you hear me?
I'm being sued by people whose names I've never said.
They say their names in this article.
I'm not the one saying their names.
So this is clearly a way to attack the First Amendment.
And she says that.
She says, Jones... Here, let me show you the exact quote.
Because this is really, really important.
The judge says, and Mr. Jones professed belief that the proceedings are show trials, the ruling reads.
So now the fact that I've said this is a show trial, which, unheard of ruling right here, absolutely, it is!
Because you just can't say, I believe you have evidence that you've not turned forward with no proof.
Not even in a criminal case.
It's insane.
It's the anti-gun lobby.
It's Bloomberg.
It's the left.
It's the Democrats that live off the dead kids at Sandy Hook, that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars on their backs and restricted our Second Amendment.
I am not the one that's made money off this.
It's absolutely asinine.
And in every case, especially in Texas, when we go in, they say, you haven't given us this, you haven't given us that.
In Connecticut, when we gave them the QuickBook records
Just a month ago, when the judge demanded them, the other side said they were fake.
They said we manufactured them.
So they're not going to give us a fair trial.
Just like they're not going to give America a fair trial, because tyranny has taken this country over, especially in blue cities and blue states.
The Republicans have their own problems, warmongering, surveillance, police state stuff.
But with the left, all of that and more is fused together with their righteousness that they're in control of society and that they rule the world.
And again, it's been years since I've even talked about this, so I'm venting a little bit.
But in a way, it's like the movie Idiocracy.
It's so insane, it's almost comical.
So we're going to play a clip of the court scene from Idiocracy at the end, and that's how I stay sane.
But first, let me read you a statement from Norm Pattis, recognized as probably the top First Amendment lawyer, other than somebody like Alan Dershowitz in the United States.
The trial court's entry of a default in these cases is stunning.
It takes no account of the tens of thousands of documents produced by the defendants, the hours spent sitting for depositions, and the various sworn statements filed in these cases.
What's more, these cases are currently before the United States Supreme Court, where we have asked for a review of the Texas Supreme Court's denial of motions to dismiss, where we didn't even say the name of the people suing us.
We are distressed by what we regard as a blatant abuse of discretion by the trial court.
We're determined to see that these cases are heard on their merits.
Nothing less than the fundamental right to speak freely is at stake in these cases.
It is not an overstatement to say that the First Amendment was crucified today.
We fought King George back in 1776, and today we fight judicial tyranny.
There are still some good judges, there's still some good FBI, there's still some good Justice Department in this country.
We're not going to fight these people with violence or with muskets like we saw 240 something years ago.
We're going to fight them with the truth and justice in educating the public and taking our country back through elections and through other legal and lawful processes.
I appreciate the listeners keeping us on air.
I haven't made a big deal about this the last few years as we've been incredibly persecuted by these people.
I've hired some of the top lawyers in the country that have never seen anything like this in their lives.
And so I just trust in God and I trust in you to support us and I appreciate you all.
And quite frankly, we have so many big issues facing America.
Forced injections, open borders, a devalued dollar, our pipelines being shut off while Biden approves European pipelines out of Russia, Nord Stream 2.
I mean, we are all under globalist attack.
We're being conquered by this right now.
And we just need to be steadfast, be good Americans, love each other, come together, and also pray for our accusers and pray for those that persecute us because that's what Christ told us to do.
And in my life, I've certainly learned not to hate people that hate me and are my enemies, but just to feel sorry for them because they
Live in that world of just such incredibly dishonorable, un-American, terrible people.
And I guarantee you, in the end, their own actions will bring them down.
So again, I trust myself to you, the listeners, and the viewers, and the supporters, and to my family, and I commit myself into God's hands with great cheer and great positivity, moving forward against the new world order with all of our might, all of our focus, and all of our will.
God bless you all, and thank you so much for your support.
I'm fixing to commensurate this trial here.
We gonna see if we can't come up with a verdict up in here.
Now, since y'all say you ain't got no money, we have proprietarily obtained for you one of court-appointed lawyers.
So put your hands together and give it up for Rico Pendejo!
You're my lawyer?
Says here you are.
Robbed a hospital?
Why'd you do that?
Yeah, I'm not guilty.
That's not what the other lawyer said.
What do you mean?
Listen, you gotta get me on the stand, okay?
I can explain everything.
We can take him to your house.
We'll show him the problem.
Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
Prosecute him.
Why you think you done it?
Okay, number one, your honor.
Just look at him.
He talks like a fag too.
And B, we've got all this, like, evidence of how, like, this guy didn't even pay at the hospital.
And I heard that he doesn't even have his tattoo.
I know!
And Omar, you've gotta be shittin' me.
But check this out, man.
Judge should be, like, guilty.
Jack Dan!
What are you objectifying on?
Come on, just get me on the stand now.
Um, Your Honor, I object.
That this guy also broke my apartment to shit.
And you know what else?
I object that he's not going to have any money to pay me after he pays back all the money he stole from the hospital!
Don't say I stole, you're my lawyer!
And I object!
I object that he interrupted me while I was watching Ow!
My Ball!
That is not okay!
I arrest my king!
Your Honor, I'm pretty sure we have a mistrial here, sir.
I'm going to mistrial my foot up your ass, you don't shut up!
No, please listen!
Please listen!
I didn't steal anything!
I was part of an army exchange!
Joe stated his case logically and passionately, but his perceived effeminate voice only threw big gales of stupid laughter.
Get dead!
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
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