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Air Date: Sept. 29, 2021
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In a transcription of an Alex Jones radio show, the speaker discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and its related topics. They mention the CDC's push for booster shots despite scientific panel recommendations and the concerns over long-term effects of vaccines on children. The passage also highlights censorship of discussions related to natural immunity and vaccine efficacy, as well as mandates to encourage vaccine uptake. Disagreements among experts and authorities regarding pandemic decisions are also mentioned. Additionally, the speaker discusses Bill Joy's essay on transhumanism, predicting that by 2030 technology will replace humans in every aspect of life. They argue that the tech elite promote an anti-human worldview, pushing for a one-world government and using events like Burning Man to further their agenda.


Russia's foreign ministry denounces aggression that aims to silence RT after YouTube bans two of their German channels.
That are some of the top channels in Germany, by the way.
The Google-owned video platform deleted RTDeutsch and DerRT channels on Tuesday, saying they had attempted to circumvent a community guideline strike for medical misinformation, saying that national immunity is better, saying the sky is blue.
Also on RT, YouTube deletes two channels of RT's sister project, RT Deutsch.
And it goes on from there.
Describing the move as an act of unprecedented information aggression.
Yeah, it's information warfare.
An obvious manifestation of censorship and suppression of freedom of expression.
The foreign ministry in Moscow said YouTube acted with obvious conveyance, if not at the insistence of German authorities.
While hoping that Tuesday's action isn't a media version of Barbarossa, that's Hitler's invasion of Russia, the codename given to the Nazi Germany 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union, Moscow said it was particularly cynical considering September 28th is the UN-designated International Day for Universal Access to Information.
The U.N.
violates everything it says.
The ministry pointed out that Germany has subjected the Russian broadcaster to many years of harassment, including blocking bank accounts, defamation, and more.
And so the purpose of the aggressive act was to silence the source of information that do not fit the media landscape of German officialdom.
It's comparable with.
It's bigger than that.
It's worldwide.
It's big tech merging with big pharma in business.
Google's one of the biggest owners of pharmaceutical stock and the vaccine, along with Facebook.
So again, it is criminal activity.
And by the way, the head of YouTube, her sister, is heavily invested and is one of the top advisors and brokers on not one, but three major pharmaceutical companies bringing you mRNA.
So these are just ruthless, evil corporations silencing their prey.
They are the equivalent of Osama bin Laden with a wig.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We're gonna have well over a billion, 100 million shots and we're gonna continue going.
I think we get...
The vast majority, like it's going on in some industries and some schools, 97-98%.
These are just advisors.
Their recommendations are not binding.
The FDA can ultimately say, we disagree.
We want to move forward with boosters.
As CDC director, it's my job to recognize where our actions can have the greatest impact.
Had I been in the room and on the committee, I would have voted yes.
And that is reflected in my resulting decision to allow the use of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 booster dose for those 18 and older at high risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission.
Pfizer's CEO says CDC's decision to push
Boosters against recommendations of top scientific panels, a very good one, he said.
At the end of the day, I think the decision that they made is a very good one, I think.
The CDC panel and the FDA panel that are scientists and virologists who were put there under statutory law to basically make sure there's oversight.
That has been overridden.
And Fauci says, and Pfizer says, around
Halloween, they're going to announce down to two-year-olds are going to get the shot, even though the FDA scientists quit that are over that.
As you know, Dr. Fauci, Pfizer says a low-dose coronavirus vaccine is safe for children ages 5 to 11 years old.
How big of a game-changer would this be, and how quickly could children in this age group start actually getting vaccinated?
Well, the data is going to be presented to the FDA for application of an emergency use authorization.
When the FDA looks at that, I'm sure they'll work very quickly to make a determination as officially to its safety and its immunogenicity.
So what would you say?
Homeschool or get the vaccine?
I don't think it could be better.
I mean, I can.
I can cure it.
You know?
You can't cure a vaccine on a kid, you know?
Meet scientist Justin Durant and regional business lead Brandon Schatt, officials with pharma giant Johnson & Johnson.
Both men echo startling admissions about their own company's COVID vaccine and their concerns on long-term repercussions for children.
You're fine.
They're like, you're just the top scientist.
Even though these are pro-vax people, bought and paid for by big pharma, they've gone, whoa, whoa, whoa, this is going to discredit vaccines for generations.
That's a quote by the chief scientist at the FDA that quit three weeks ago.
And then the panels voted the way they said they should.
And they got overridden.
And that's why the two top scientists, number one, number two, at the FDA quit three weeks ago, is they were told, when the boards say this shouldn't be given, we're going to override them.
They said, the political hack, who's not even a doctor at the White House, is going to override?
They said, yes.
And the head of Pfizer, he's your president.
He's your god.
He's your doctor.
But you know your doctor can't make you do something.
He can.
And he is.
And you know what?
God did answer our prayers.
He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers.
He made them come up with a vaccine.
That is from God to us.
And we must say thank you, God.
What can the federal government do beyond mandates in getting people to actually take the vaccine?
Or at least believe that when they're in the hospital that ivermectin is not going to save them?
I mean, that's really it, as far as I know, is mandates.
Mandates do seem to work to get people, the majority of people, even people who are, you know, prone to conspiracy thinking, to say, I don't want to lose my job.
Well, if you think that's bad, you wait down the road, and they know this!
And then even the FDA scientists and CDC scientists and UK scientists are like, hey, we better, EU scientists, we better not do this, we better stop!
They're like, shut up with your boards that used to be in charge!
Pfizer and Moderna, that's DARPA, they say full speed ahead!
We are under globalist attack.
Make no mistake, you are living in incredibly historic times.
It is September 29th on this Wednesday edition.
We'll be here live for the next four hours ahead of Owen Schroyer and the War Room.
Wow, great edition of
American Journal with Harrison Smith with Dale Bigtree in studio today.
That was amazingly informative.
Be sure and check that out once it's posted to Bandoff Video, the full interview.
Okay, yesterday I made good on the little fits I've been throwing every few weeks here on the air that I can't handle this anymore.
I'm gonna walk off the show.
That was not theatrics.
I took my ball and went home.
And quite frankly, it's because I could not look
At the governor of New York's ugly, demonic, witch-like face, I just... I do this too much, but at the same time, it's unhealthy not to fight the globalists, but it's also unhealthy to spend too much time on them.
I get it.
I don't want to sit here and talk about all the evil, horrible stuff they're doing.
I don't want to read articles all day about how they're legalizing pedophilia.
I don't want to read articles all day how they're censoring everybody towards a medical tyranny to literally depopulate us.
I don't want to have to cover all this, and I know a lot of you don't want to have to sit there and listen to it, but you know what?
This is for people that want to be aware, and for people that want to have their head out of the sand.
And I'm taking a vacation coming up about a week and a half for a few days, and I'm going to, I think, 100% just turn off the computer and unplug from everything, because you got to do that in any war, or you will go crazy.
But I thank you all for your prayers, and I thank you all for your support, and I apologize
I walked off the middle of the show, but I did say air the Dr. Bartlett interview.
He's one of the leading doctors and scientists out there exposing this tyranny, and a lot of people really liked that interview because it had been on a Sunday, and some folks don't tune in to the Sunday show, they tune in to weekday shows, so people really liked the interview from a few weeks ago.
So all's well that ends well, as they say.
But if you are a TV viewer, you can see
All of these articles that lay out in front of me.
And every one of these, again, you could spend a lot of time on to really flesh out, but that's the problem.
It's impossible to do.
So let me just tell you what we are going to be covering today.
And one way or the other, I'm going to carry this information forward to the public.
So let's just go over it.
Russian Foreign Ministry denounces aggression that aims to silence RT after YouTube bans two German language channels.
For talking about natural immunity existing.
That's like saying RT is banned for saying birds fly in the sky or grass is green.
We've got new announcements by YouTube on that front.
Germany's Merkel says that the censorship is problematic.
So has China's Xi Jinping.
Even the dictators get that they're being moved aside by big tech.
And here's the new announcements by YouTube.
No discussion period of vaccines unless it's positive.
Not just COVID, but any vaccine is now banned by AI control.
Meanwhile, DeSantis orders investigation of Facebook censorship and its protection of certain elites, five plus million people.
They're allowed to do things, but the rest can't.
That's how you take over society.
Turning on Zuck, leftist tech press calls for release of the Facebook files.
This is really huge news.
It's the first thing I want to hit next segment after I've told you what's coming up today.
Another big national poll.
I've seen these polls and how they conduct them.
The numbers are much higher than this.
But the majority of Americans no longer trust the government or the COVID vaccines.
As you shouldn't.
They're not even vaccines.
That is coming up.
Continuing, I'm going to tie it into this report because now it's being rolled out.
Interim operational considerations for implementing the shielding approach to prevent COVID-19 infections in humanitarian settings.
This was proposed, it's being rolled out around the world by the UN.
This is the same operation you see in Australia.
Locking you in your neighborhoods and your houses and then taking your children away to a government facility even though they're not sick, even though you're not sick, for their protection.
Do you think it's bad to be taken away because you have COVID?
Or they say you do with a fake machine, a fraud machine, a PCR test they still use.
How about we're taking you to a camp for your safety and don't worry, you've got to work in the camp.
They're going to collapse society, collapse the jobs, collapse the infrastructure with the ongoing lockdowns and soft lockdowns with one employee gets COVID, so the whole factory shuts down, the whole business shuts down.
Now what's happening is, that's causing the breakdown of society, and commodities are running out, stables are running out, and that's going to then cause the breakdown of society.
Don't worry, we've got emergency dormitories you can come live in.
They're going to nationalize a lot of the big apartment buildings and others.
And again, turn them into government facilities.
That's what you've seen with the CDC.
That's the whole plan.
I'm going to get into that.
And that ties into this incredible stack I've got over here.
Media group wants journalists legally protected from online comments.
There is a piece of legislation that will ban any criticism of government or mainstream media or vaccines or anything else for that matter in lifetime using AI and now a major national media group in Canada says they want it passed so that no one be allowed to criticize them and it be a crime punishable by years in prison to criticize the corporate lapdog media.
That ties into this story out of the Ottawa Citizen.
Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians.
Forces report says engaged in disinformation and propaganda run by the military against the people as if they were a foreign enemy and now the final leg of it is to openly announce you're under a military dictatorship.
That ties into this from the Federalist.
Obama-era intelligence officials tried to classify journalists and WikiLeaks as information brokers to surveil them, arrest them, and even imprison or assassinate them.
Including yours truly.
Glenn Greenwald's writing about it, Yahoo News is even writing about it.
Kidnapping and assassination plots by the CIA to stop journalists, and the media is endorsing this.
Kidnapping, assassination, and the London shootout inside the CIA's secret war plans against WikiLeaks.
Not a stage is killing, say somebody else did it.
It's all coming up right there.
You see, they've made the decision to go authoritarian.
The big corporations, the big banks, can sit back in their Swiss armored fortresses and their Hawaiian armored mountaintop fortresses while they have the politicians, the front people, carry out martial law.
Then that'll cause violent revolutions that break down society further, collapsing currencies.
Then they come in and buy it over pennies on the dollar.
We either wake up to this or it's over.
This is the big assault.
This is the fabled New World Order.
This is the demonization.
This is the depopulation.
This is the medical tyranny.
This is everything.
That's just some of the stacks on that front.
Then, woman boiling bear urine as part of a ritual was a big environmentalist to believe the Earth was overpopulated.
Police have charged her with setting the fires that were claimed to have been caused by global warming.
And now the media is trying to suppress the fact that she was a radical environmental extinctionist, wacko, lunatic.
Hell, they've got New Yorker Magazine calling for burning everything down, saying that'll stop the earth from burning.
I also said I'd hit this yesterday, but I didn't.
It's very important.
Court precedents appear to back Biden's national coronavirus vaccine order.
Legal experts say that's hard-pinned to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, everywhere, that lie.
I'm going to show you the history and what the precedents really say.
And yes, the precedents say you can sterilize black people and poor white people, and the same court rulings say that you can be put in a camp.
Those precedents were overturned after World War II, but they're
Saying they have those precedents yet again.
And all over the country, the federal government is spending billions on teaching in elementary, middle school, high school and college.
The racism pyramid.
When you deny you're racist, that's racist.
When you say black people can be racist, that's racist.
School district reportedly hired a consultant to teach the privileged pie a chart, a pyramid of white supremacy.
It's all just Marxism via race-based systems.
That's all coming up.
Oh, but the politicians aren't in trouble.
Congress passed a law 10 years ago.
They can insider trade.
And now more than 130 federal judges broke the law by hearing cases involving their own financial interests.
But that's all part of the ongoing corruption.
Russell Brands says Russiagate is a Democratic conspiracy driven by the Clintons.
Well, he doesn't say that.
It's come out.
The FBI has indicted Hillary's operatives for doing it, but that's a day late, a dollar short.
And so much more today.
I've not even scratched the surface.
They're now arresting Americans for criticizing Biden and for criticizing the lockdown.
After all, Biden in June listed people protesting lockdowns as terrorists.
They're coming for everybody, folks.
There has been a massive development and extremely positive
Development when it comes to nation states and individual liberty and freedom on this planet that I'm going to discuss right now But I want to be very clear to the listeners who are faithfully tuned into the Alex Jones Show
If I wanted to make this broadcast entertaining, I can play you 50 clips of leftists acting like total psychotic lunatics.
We can laugh at them, and it's fun, and it gets tons of views, and the show's popular, and we make money, and everything's happy, until we collapse.
I don't do that, except when I'm making a point, because we have hardcore issues to cover of life and death, and so I could hit a million different talk radio right-wing topics that are all important,
But if you don't hit the central issue, the so-called leaders that aren't leaders are never going to get what's going on.
The public's not going to get what's going on and we're going to lose.
So before I hit this huge story that fits into this, I want to just be crystal clear.
Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Jim Jordan,
All these people, Devin Nunes, Steve Scalise, they're all good, smart, hardworking men who we're blessed to have.
But I watch them making political points on Russiagate being proven to be a fraud or, you know, oh my gosh, old issues.
We've already won the fights on those.
People know the truth.
Instead of addressing global corporate government, censoring the government, surveilling everyone, rigging the economy, and working with big pharma and big banks that big tech was financed by, to censor even governments of the world of what they can say and what they can do, and forcing everyone under AI surveillance to in lifetime censor what we can do.
I told everybody months before the election, I said, by the election, Trump will win the Red Mirage, then they'll say he loses a few days later, then they'll take Trump off the internet.
A selective internet kill switch.
I specifically said that word for word on every show.
Just like I'm telling you this on every show.
Why do you think they wanted me off air?
Why am I their number one enemy?
Because I actually know how they work.
I spend all my time on what they're up to.
It wasn't hard to see them slowly censoring starting four years ago.
But even if you slowly censor, pretty soon, even if you slowly drink a glass of water, pretty soon you're at the bottom of the glass.
You're sipping on a bottle of whiskey and a couple weeks, it's already gone.
Well, it's the same thing here.
So they took Trump off Google.
They took Trump off Twitter.
They took him off Facebook.
Facebook won't let him, quote, be on there.
He gives these big rallies around the country.
It's blocked out.
Mainstream TV doesn't pick it up.
It's old dinosaur media working with big tech that's owned by the big banks that owns Big Pharma.
And Big Pharma is their system to assault us and to depopulate us, to sterilize us.
They all go together.
And so, before they launched COVID-19 on us, they got control of all the major health departments in the world, except a few.
Like Russia.
And India.
That they had partial control of.
And they came in, and they put out the lie that it didn't come out of the Wuhan lab.
They put out all those lies.
They sold all that propaganda.
And when people tried to speak out against it, prominent doctors, prominent scientists, the heads of their fields, Nobel Prize winners, they were universally censored and blocked out and blacked out.
So that made them get more angry, made them do symposiums, made them start doing talk radio interviews, made them seek out every show they could get on because they were following the Hippocratic Oath.
They understood how diabolical this was.
They understood that Joseph Mingala had been resurrected in Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.
And so now Google announced today, today, all discussion of vaccines that's negative, any vaccine will be banned.
So this is how you conquer the consumer advocates.
It's how you conquer individuals that are going to criticize gas tanks that blow up in a car.
Any of that is big tech AI and what it can do for corporations and what it can do for the media.
It can shut down all the old media's competition, keep them relevant.
It can shut down everybody that criticizes a new drug that's experimental force in the public.
And then even Senator Paul, a month ago, did a floor speech where he talked about natural immunity and Israeli study 13 to 27 times better, and they deleted that speech off his YouTube and said, you can't do it, do it again, you'll be banned.
He went on Newsmax, he went on a few shows and complained, but didn't introduce legislation, didn't say this is criminal, didn't say this is an act of war, just took it.
And they've had Senate hearings with medical doctors and scientists about the fact that this isn't a vaccine and it doesn't protect you.
So they knew when they brought this forward it would give you cancer and heart attacks and brain aneurysms.
They knew it wouldn't work.
They knew it would put blood clots in your lungs.
It was in old literature.
And they premeditatedly are testing to see if they can kill millions of people with these poison shots.
And if they get away with that, it's going to be billions.
That's why they tell you, oh, we're reformulating new boosters for you.
And suddenly the head of Pfizer is like our doctor and he's on TV.
Oh, what do you think of the CDC and FDA top boards that are statutory under the law that their directives be followed?
By those agencies.
What do you think of them bypassing and saying, we don't care about our boards saying no more boosters and don't give it to kids and it doesn't work?
He said, oh, I think it's very good.
He said, very good is the quote.
You wake up, oh, I'm sorry, you're a college top golf player going to the championship, you took the second Pfizer shot, had microcarditis, heart swelling, the doctor says the vaccine caused it, the insert says it can cause it.
You didn't lie, but it still scares people.
The UN told Yahoo, we're in charge of what's allowed on TikTok.
So his video with four and a half million views was taken down.
See, just like that.
It's corporations that set up the UN, select global corporations that set up the IMF, the World Bank, WTO,
And we're now under it.
And where is even Trump on this?
He got us out of the UN-UNESCO.
He got us out of some of the treaties.
He did the best job anybody's done.
Comparing Trump now to Rand Paul and the rest of them, he's a 90, they're a 5.
I mean, they're doing nothing.
They're not addressing what we're under.
What's happening?
A corporate global government takeover.
Well, guess who is addressing it?
We'll cover it when we come back.
Russian Foreign Ministry denounces aggression that aims to silence RT.
After YouTube banned two German language channels that had scientists on talking about natural immunity and how it's better learned immunity from coming exposed to something is far better than the quote vaccine.
And that the vaccine's efficacy in countries like Israel has waned to 39%.
That's what they censored.
Totally true.
Absolute fact.
That would defeat their giant global government rollout world ID, contact tracer, vaccine passport, carbon passport system.
It's that simple.
This is the new war.
This is the takeover.
And Russia said this is information warfare.
This is information aggression.
You're censoring something.
People are having medical information.
What you're doing is criminal.
You work for Big Pharma.
They've all merged with each other.
So they have financial interest at Google.
They've merged.
So has Facebook.
And then they're suppressing you while they kill you with a poison drug they're pushing on you.
They're a damned depopulation, 12-monkey cult that might as well have bombers in the air dropping 10,000-pound bombs on us.
They're murdering us.
They are murderers!
You read about World War II, you read about the communist occupation of so many countries in the world, you ask, why would leaders want to get control and enslave and kill and rape?
Because they like to do it.
The history of the world is war and conquest and death, and then there's very rare times where good men stand up and say, no, let's empower humanity, let's believe in art and literature and culture, and let's protect the innocent and the weak.
And those cultures always create golden ages, but then they become corrupt, they become decadent, and they end up falling to corruption.
And next segment, I'm going to just fill the segment.
I love to talk, but I'm going to fill the segment with some really positive news next segment.
We have the daughter of Ontario's premier, Doug Ford.
He's the guy announcing basically martial law up there that's so unpopular.
She's come out against her own father while she's on the treadmill and just talks about what a monster he is and how this is the new world order and how it's never going to end and how you've got to stop it.
Then we've got Orlando Magic Jonathan Isaac says he isn't getting the COVID vaccine because he has natural immunity.
Oh, that'll be censored.
And Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal drops massive red pills.
Oh, and then I've got the Johnson & Johnson employees from Project Veritas saying 200,000 have really died from the so-called vaccines.
They don't work and children shouldn't take them.
They're experimental.
So see, that's people finding their souls.
Sure, Veritas, they don't know they're being videotaped, but they're saying it's wrong.
And they're high level.
These corporations hire young trendies because they'll do whatever they're told, but they're starting to really figure out what's going on.
So I mean, how far will you go?
Because this is a real case of tyranny.
Okay, you get boosted on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram if you push the party line.
But that means nothing.
By the way, I thought somebody just put video to that Joe Rogan minute and a half super powerful rant he did about, this is Nazi Germany, a world ID to control you.
This is absolutely about enslavement.
You better resist the vaccine passport.
And then I realized Joe put that out himself.
He produced that and put it out on his Instagram.
Last time I checked, it's got like 7 million views.
It's good to have Joe fully awake now.
I'll just leave it at that.
I told everybody about a year ago when he moved to Austin, I said, he's already woken up, he's getting in a position to do what he wants.
He's finally empowered.
Now the version I saw said 7 million.
I guess that's a different version.
5.5 million.
Put out a day and a half ago.
We ought to play that again.
That's part of the solution.
You know what?
We'll play that minute and a half first when we come out of the next segment.
And then we'll play the daughter of the Premier in
The most populous province of Canada.
Saying it's pure New World War takeover.
You gotta get out of it now.
That it's a trap.
And then we'll play the basketball players.
But this is what they're trying to censor.
So, in comes the Russians.
Russia's paying people to have children.
You get bigger bonuses as you go up.
You have four children.
You're tax-exempt for life, basically.
Depending on the policy.
There's different ones.
China just said, hey, we're gonna be like Russia.
We're gonna pay you to have three kids, and by the way, we'll arrest you if you're a homosexual.
I'm not saying do that, but that's how far they've gone.
China finances all this Hollywood anti-American crap, but they don't allow it there.
Because they know that's designed to collapse society.
Well, Russia's not doing any of that stuff, and that's why they're under attack.
They're Christian, they're nationalists, they've cut their defense spending, they see organic food to the world as their goal, and family health.
They said, everything is family and God.
And Putin said, if a country doesn't have God, they will be ruled by the devil.
I mean, he's come out and said that.
You never see it on our news.
Putin was a secret Christian even when he was in the KGB.
So that's what's going on.
So what did, what did they do?
What did they come out and say?
Well, the article's up on InfoWars.com.
Russia's foreign ministry denounces aggression that aims to silence RT after YouTube bans two of their German channels.
That are some of the top channels in Germany, by the way.
The Google-owned video platform deleted RTDeutsch and Der
RT channels on Tuesday saying they had attempted to circumvent a community guideline strike for medical misinformation, saying that natural immunity is better, saying the sky is blue.
Also on RT, YouTube deletes two channels of RT's sister project, RT Deutsch, and it goes on from there, describing the move as an act of unprecedented information aggression.
Yeah, it's information warfare.
An obvious manifestation of censorship and suppression of freedom of expression, the foreign ministry in Moscow said YouTube acted with obvious conveyance, if not at the insistence of German authorities.
While hoping that Tuesday's action isn't a media version of Barbarossa, that's Hitler's invasion of Russia,
The codename given to the Nazi Germany 41 invasion Soviet Union, Moscow said it was particularly cynical considering September 28th is the UN-designated International Day for Universal Access to Information.
The U.N.
violates everything it says.
The ministry pointed out that Germany has subjected the Russian broadcaster to many years of harassment, including blocking bank accounts, defamation, and more.
And so the purpose of the aggressive act was to silence the source of information that do not fit the media landscape of German officialdom.
It's bigger than that.
It's comparable with.
It's worldwide.
It's big tech merging with big pharma in business.
Google's one of the biggest owners of pharmaceutical stock and the vaccine, along with Facebook.
So again, it is criminal activity.
And by the way, the head of YouTube, her sister, is heavily invested and is one of the top advisors and brokers on not one, but three major pharmaceutical companies bringing you mRNA.
So these are just ruthless, evil corporations silencing their prey.
They are the equivalent of Osama bin Laden with a wig.
I mean, these people know what they're doing.
They're transhumanists.
They're pro-exterminationists.
They hate everybody.
They surveil everyone.
They censor you.
And now on RT, we have an article on Infowars.com with the videos that were deleted.
In fact, I want to find those videos because they're linked on the site.
I want them uploaded to Bandai Video.
I don't care if they're in German.
We have a banned section of Banned.Video that is the most banned videos of stuff YouTube takes down.
That's our main mission there is to post stuff that is being censored.
But the videos in question were medical doctors explaining that natural immunity is key.
Now remember, that's what Rand Paul got censored for.
Imagine a medical doctor giving a speech in the Senate.
He could have been up there reading out of the alphabet or reading out of the encyclopedia.
He should be able to do it.
But no, he was right.
That's why they censored him.
And so if our government is censored by something, what does that tell you?
I don't want the government censoring me.
They shouldn't be able to do that.
So why can YouTube?
Well, it's not, quote, a private company in that it is a
Utility and that's how they've had their immunity is that they're supposedly only supposed to block things that are illegal Not oh, we're owned by pharmaceutical companies now, or we've merged the pharmaceutical companies now And so we're not gonna let you criticize our drugs or our products And I don't care if you're in the US Senate or you're a former president.
You can't do that And that's how YouTube does it they put all the negative Trump news up top when you search his name you search Alex Jones It's all the negative stuff from three four years ago
They basically steal your identity and only put out what they want about you until you're another person in cyberspace that exists in the real world.
It's information management.
It's the threat of our lifetimes.
It's taking over now.
And it's trying to deny us medical treatments to protect ourselves.
It's trying to deny us truth about a vaccine that isn't a vaccine and doesn't work.
These people need to be charged with terrorism, they need to be charged with every form of racketeering and criminal activity under the sun, and they need to be put in prison for life.
The head of YouTube, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, all of them, they're major shareholders that are involved in this, need to come out and decry it and say it's wrong, or they need to be indicted?
They need to be incarcerated, they need to be tried, and they need to be in prison because this is 21st century war.
Instead, they declared the whole COVID hysteria, global lockdown, and are locking us up in our houses and telling us we've got to carry prisoner passes to go around, we've got to put things they say in our bodies whenever they want to kill us, or they'll take away our right to be outside the prison.
They're smart cities or smart prisons.
I told you that decades ago.
I told you about the prison planet.
I made the film Endgame and now it's all here.
Let's play clips of people fighting back from Joe Rogan to the premiere of Canada's Daughter.
Stay with us.
As soon as you give politicians power, any kind of power that didn't exist previously,
If they can figure out a way to force you into carrying something that lets you enter businesses or lets you do this or lets businesses open, historically, they are not going to give that power up.
They find new reasons to use it.
We have to protect those freedoms at all costs, whether you agree with people's choices or not, because it is the foundation that this country was founded on.
This idea of freedom, there's so many people that think it's frivolous, it's not important, it's not the main thing that we should be focused on, but it is the literal structure that allows this country to be so f***ing amazing.
Every single country that's ever existed other than the United States, up until 1776, every...
This fucking country that has ever existed was run by dictators, all of them.
This is the first experiment in self-government that actually worked and it created the greatest superpower the world's ever known.
It created the greatest cultural machine, the greatest machine of art and creativity and innovation right fucking here.
And how did it do that?
It did it through freedom.
And as soon as you see something, anything, that comes along and inhibits your freedom, you should be very cautious about that.
You should be very suspicious.
Because anything that comes along that can inhibit your freedom is, by definition, anti-American.
Good morning everyone, happy Tuesday as we could have all expected.
The Liberal government won last night with a minority government just wasting our tax dollars like they absolutely love to do and stripping our freedoms away one day at a time.
So just remember to go and thank a Liberal when we go down the New World Order.
And while we're at it, I might as well start talking about this TV.
Does anyone question why the government does not want to release any of their research?
Is anyone questioning why Israel is, their studies are finding that natural immunity is 13 to plus times more effective than the bees?
Is anyone questioning that?
Or y'all are just going to wind up and get your booster shots in three months?
Did anyone do the research yesterday when I posted the New York Times?
Independent studies that showed that in September of 2020, when very few people had the B in their system, that deaths were actually lower than in September of 2021, when apparently a very large portion of the global population has been double-dosed.
Is anyone asking any questions?
Why aren't we asking questions?
Why are more people dying now?
Is it because the strain is really
That more deadly because all of the research behind the screens shows that they're more contagious, but they're not as deadly.
Guys, start asking questions.
I know, I know many of my friends took their two and done, two and done.
And I respect that.
But you have to start asking questions now.
Why are the two undone people stuck in a different country because they tested positive for C.V.?
Isn't the bee supposed to prevent you from getting C.V.
in the first place?
And even if you do test positive, what is the benefit of taking the bee if you still need quarantine in that country because you've tested positive?
Where's the benefit for the people who did do their two shots, they did listen to the government, and now they're stuck in a different country because they tested positive?
That puts them in a no different spot than me, who I'm not following the rules of doing this.
So what's the benefit?
What's the benefit if you can't travel, if you happen to test positive, you can't even come home?
Ask yourself.
Ask your family.
Ask your peers these questions.
Start having these questions in the workroom.
Start having these conversations.
When I posted back in May or June of last year about the upcoming mask mandates and to not comply, this is why I wanted people, urged people not to comply.
We found out right away that masks weren't very effective, if effective at all, based on how people were wearing them and reusing them.
It actually could have made things a lot worse for some people, and are making things a lot worse for some certain age groups today.
That was one.
But we complied.
We complied.
We could have looked it up ourselves and realized that the way masks have been worn, and the type of masks that have been worn, are not effective.
We could have put our foot down, collectively.
And we didn't.
And then you had the mask police lining up at the stores, and they wouldn't let people who don't mask, unless you said that you had an exemption.
Some stores didn't even honor that.
But that was the stepping stone to the V Passport.
That allowed businesses to find employees, to stand at the door, to train employees, to be masked police.
And here we are today.
And you think it's just going to be movie theaters, restaurants, gyms?
That's the first step.
That's the first step.
This is going to be hair salons, nail salons, massage clinics.
They are going to take it off.
They are going to take it off.
And we've allowed it.
We can't blame the government.
We have to blame ourselves for covering our faces.
If only we didn't cover our faces, we wouldn't be here today.
But we are so compliant with what the government says that once they dangle a little carrot over you,
And in reality, we all know, while we're bitching about this, something bigger is going on in the background.
Because they always want to distract us, but we do know what's coming on in the background.
But I'm not going to start talking about it, because... Why?
I was called crazy last year, I'm gonna be called crazy again, and it's gonna happen.
So I'm just going to stop.
I'm going to stop, and I'm just going to ask everyone to collectively wake up.
It's not going to be two doses and done.
It's going to be boosters for life, and every booster that you take is going to weaken your natural immunity to fight off the viruses.
That's it.
That's it.
Just stop.
Stop complying.
Please and thank you.
Thank you.
Jonathan, Josh Robbins with The Athletic.
What is it about the vaccine that makes you hesitant to get it?
I would start with, I've had COVID.
Um, in the past.
And so our understanding of antibodies of natural immunity has, uh, changed a great deal from the onset of the pandemic and it's still evolving.
Um, I understand that the vaccine would, um, help if you catch COVID and, uh, you'll be able to have less symptoms, um, from contracting it.
But with me having COVID in the past and having antibodies, um, with my current
At this level, it's not necessarily a fear of mine.
Taking the vaccine, like I said, it would decrease my chances of having a severe reaction, but it does open me up to the, albeit rare chance, but the possibility of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine itself.
I don't believe that being unvaccinated means infected or being vaccinated means uninfected.
You can still catch COVID with or without having the vaccine.
I would say honestly the craziness of it all in terms of not being able to say that it should be everybody's fair choice without being demeaned or talked crazy to doesn't make one comfortable to do what said person is telling them to do.
Yeah, I would say that's a couple of the reasons that, you know, I would say I'm hesitant at this time, but at the end of the day, I don't feel that it is, you know, anyone's reason to come out and say, well, this is why or this is not why.
It should just be their decision and, you know, loving your neighbors, not just loving those that agree with you or look like you or move in the same way that you do.
It's, you know, loving those who don't.
Every player, every person in this world is going to make their own decision for themselves.
I would like an explanation to, you know, people with vaccines.
Why are they still getting COVID?
If that's something that we are supposed to highly be protected from, like, that's funny that, oh, it reduces your chances of going to the hospital.
It doesn't eliminate anybody from getting COVID.
So everybody, is everybody in here vaxxed?
I would assume, right?
So you all can still get COVID, right?
We're less likely to die or go to the hospital.
Okay, but you can still get COVID.
So, and you can still pass it along with the vax, right?
I'm gonna ask, I'm just asking the question.
Oh, sure.
And so, like, having COVID back around the Olympics, like, that basically just saying, like, I don't want COVID in your mouth, but having it
No, no, no, no, no.
No, that wasn't the case.
I mean, yeah, I had it, but that doesn't mean I can't get it again, you know?
I mean, it's no different than somebody with the vaccine.
Like I can, yes, I developed antibodies for it, so my chances will be less likely now as well, right?
When it came to the Hunter Biden scandal that could have derailed globalist puppet Joe Biden, the lamestream media was there.
You've said your dad always saw the good in you through all of this.
Was there ever a time when you thought, okay, there's no way.
He's going to give up on me.
I've done it now.
The president asked a leader of a foreign country to investigate his political rival.
So one simple question to start.
Is that appropriate?
You know, I feel like I learned a lot about crack and I know that sounds weird.
I hope that wasn't the message.
Being the subject of Donald Trump's ire is a feather in my cap.
After careful consideration, a system has been established that allows for Hunter Biden to work in his profession within reasonable safeguards.
Of course, he has the right to pursue an artistic career, just like any child of a president has the right to pursue a career.
When it came to aiding and abetting a biological weapon from China funded by our own government, the Mockingbird Media was there.
The coronavirus outbreak has led to complaints about a rise in anti-Chinese sentiment around the world.
We're in a very tribal and polarized time where the information flow sometimes is stovepiped where people are talking to other conspiracists or ignorant people.
Why do you keep calling this the Chinese virus?
It's not racist at all, no.
It comes from China.
Not at all.
When it came to spewing out nonsense regarding vaccinated people needing to be protected from the unvaccinated, the drive-by media indoctrination was there.
We are both sitting here now because Anna and Sonny, at the last minute we realized that they tested positive for COVID, so they have been taken off the show because the vice president is here now.
A pandemic of the unvaccinated.
What's your message to platforms like Facebook?
They're killing people.
Those who peddle and promote these dangerous lies are harming the very people who are most at risk.
And here's the latest data that confirms that we're still in a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
And when it comes to all opposition to the New World Order narrative of the planks of the communistic technocratic Great Reset, mainstream media implantation was there.
George Soros is this Democratic financier who has re-emerged in the last couple of years, pumping in some $40 million into campaigns this decade.
For that, he's drawn a lot of the ire of conservatives.
The Soros-occupied State Department.
The Democrats' George Soros.
George Soros.
He's also a philanthropist and born in Hungary, a naturalized U.S.
citizen, well-respected by many in the country.
There's a 5G policy.
From 5G towers and vaccines spreading coronavirus, to suspicions the virus was unleashed deliberately by Bill Gates.
What that was, was a protest against the overwhelming lies that the media has been pouring.
Well it won't lie, did you get the picture?
A protest against mainstream media?
Professor Stefan Lewandowski is a cognitive scientist.
He studies the way people think and why they engage in conspiracy theories.
Conspiracy theories become very attractive because they're offering psychological comfort, ironically.
If you can assume that there is a handful of really bad people out there who are conspiring to do these terrible things,
That provides you with comfort because in principle at least it would be controllable.
When people are more isolated they've got a bit more time to think, they've got a bit more time to worry.
That also builds anxiety and leaves people more vulnerable to these dangerous ideas being flouted out there.
I think Bill Gates is behind all this.
Oh, I think Bill Gates is behind it.
Thanks a lot.
So, the point I was getting at there was, in that piece, a lot of it's from a year ago, oh, we're the crazy people that think Bill Gates released it on purpose out of a lab, but turns out he funded Peter Daszak with Fauci running the lab doing exactly that.
I mean, there you are.
So we ought to dig up from 20 months ago where I said it's Bill Gates, he's the one, he's behind it, we had all the evidence then, and now it's, oh, it's Bill Gates' project at the lab that did it.
Of course it is!
He wants to kill you!
His whole family does!
It's who he is!
He gives award ceremonies for depopulating Africa!
Humanity has an incredible future before us, but we've got to recognize evil.
We've got to learn to say no to it and stop it or it will take over.
It's its appetite.
It's very mindless in its spirit.
There is a vacuum when we don't stand up for ourselves that is filled by corruption and filled by avarice and we're getting front row seats to that all right now.
All right, we have massive global news on the police state rollout of the COVID worldwide system.
It's the basis, it's the religion, it's the communication system, it's the language of the New World Order.
And we've got a lot of huge news on that front.
And the so-called precedents that Biden's using for forced inoculation come from specific
Rulings that blacks could be forcibly inoculated.
So, boy, they are certainly dying on the wrong hill and hoping you don't look that evidence up.
That is coming up.
But we've got big breaking news.
And again, everybody knows that you can do your own research.
And I know this audience has done their own research.
But a large part of who we are reaching out to is people that are not awake.
It's like the Prodigal Son story.
We're trying to reach out to people that are ill-informed, or that are dumbed down, or that are not even paying attention, because they're going to be enslaved, they're going to be abused, they're going to be preyed on, and, in many cases, turned into globalist minions that will be used against us in the future.
So, it's a life-and-death situation.
It's not just morally right to wake up leftists and people that are asleep.
It is essential.
And it is our job to do it, not just sit here in echo chambers.
I know this audience of incredible activists know that because you are an activist audience in the arena and I salute you.
But I always tell people the truth.
Now occasionally I make mistakes and I get things wrong and sometimes I flip things around in my head.
I said that the Rothschilds took over the British Empire at the Battle of Runnymede.
Last week.
The Battle of Runnymede was in... 1215?
And the Battle of Runnymede was when the Lords finally made the King not be God, and that began juries and grand juries and what we know as English common law, the basis of our system today.
It was... It was 1815.
And again, I'm going from memory.
I should look all these things up and not just count on my memory.
But it was 1215.
So it was October 20, it was October 12, 14, King John returned to England and they had running meet.
And then the battle of Waterloo was in 1815.
Let's see if my memory serves on that.
But the point is I'm digressing and I shouldn't even go there.
In the main,
We are extremely accurate and on target, and we're trying to tell you the truth.
Sometimes I make mistakes, sometimes I get things wrong, but that's not on purpose.
The entire currency, the entire system that we operate in is about getting it right.
And I was right, it was 1815.
Battle of Waterloo and that's when the Rothschilds were able to bankrupt the entire British economy by falsely claiming that Napoleon had defeated Lord Wellington and crashed the stock market to one penny on the pound British sterling and he bought up almost the entire stock market meaning the British Empire was now under his control in 1215.
But I digress.
Last week, I was listening to rebroadcast of the show, just happened to tune into it, and heard me say, yes, the Rothschilds took over at the Battle of Runnymede in 1214.
And I was like, why the hell did I just say that?
It's the Battle of Waterloo, 1815.
But my brain got the dates, because they were similar, in the 15 or the 14, that's how I did it.
I'm digressing, ladies and gentlemen.
20 years ago, I wouldn't have gotten those dates wrong.
I had a photographic memory.
Now, I've got to make sure I've always got everything at my fingertips.
Because I'm 47, I've had head injuries.
I put a lot of miles on this brain.
It still works great.
But it flips things.
It moves things.
It gets things backwards.
And so now, I pull everything up when I want to make damn sure that I'm not mixing something around.
That said, something else I've noticed is that if I just talk about something, nobody cares.
But if I build it up, it has an effect, people care, and it gets millions of views.
Because we have millions of people tuning in right now, but I like to have certain parts of the show get posted to Band Off Video, get grabbed by you, because if you don't carry the ball, the ball doesn't move, to then share so it affects the world.
But let me go back to where I was five minutes ago, because I've just basically gone on a rabbit trail, but still an important rabbit trail.
So listeners know where I'm coming from when you're tuned in, you're investing time here.
You know why sometimes you'll hear me say something that's just damn wrong.
That's because we're failed fallen creatures.
And I get things wrong.
I got so much going on up there that you know how it is.
So, if I look at your sunglasses and your wife says they're on your head, or I can't find my keys, well they're in your back pocket.
It's on your head.
Where's my hat?
But I digress.
And they want to keep us kind of in that state while they take the world over and run everything.
So, important to get out of that state into the brain being switched directly on.
Now, let's hit it.
I'm going to do this.
When we come back next segment,
I'm going to hit this because I got so excited coming out of that segment and I got so many thoughts going that it kind of frazzled what I wanted to say.
But where I was going with it was just to say this.
We don't lie on purpose.
We make mistakes sometimes.
And I started giving you examples and I opened up a file in my brain and I went down that rabbit trail.
And the reason I was saying that was I wanted to segue to
I told you they were going to steal the election from Trump.
I said that on Joe Rogan's show three days before the election.
Said it here.
That's the easiest place to find it.
So they'll win in a landslide, but they'll steal the mail-in ballots.
They'll then say it's the machines that stole the election, so that when people chase that down, they will hit a dead end, when it's all about the ballots being fed into machines, and some hacking as well.
And then I saw the MyPillow guy, who's a great guy,
90% of what he puts out is super accurate, but then I saw kind of people planning some of the poison pills on him of the machines, so the media could focus on that when he had his very important symposium.
But it still doesn't matter, because...
What Lindell has done is good to keep the debate going and keep people aware of it because the polls show the vast majority of Americans know, including Republican and Democrat, that the election was stolen.
It was completely obvious.
The polls closed in the battleground states, Trump's way ahead, and then magically, middle of the night, vans pull in, whether it's Michigan or whether it's Georgia or whether it's Pennsylvania or whether it's Arizona, and then it just shoots up straight.
You know, the curve's like a barrel, like a circle, like a crescent.
That's how real voting works.
And then right there at the end, he hits the afterburners and shoots straight up to beat Trump.
So people aren't stupid.
They get that.
That's why 80 some percent of Republicans say it was stolen.
And it's like 46 percent of Democrats.
I mean, that is a large majority.
You average those together.
That's something like.
59% of the country thinks the election was stolen?
Because remember, a third of folks or more didn't vote.
So they're not in those polls.
That's of voters.
But I digress.
But when I saw what was happening in Arizona, and I saw how the media operated, and I saw how they tried
To suppress the news that the audit was coming out Friday and I saw them two days before and you saw them say, oh, the audit finds Trump lost, Biden won.
You knew the fix was in.
You knew they were scared.
You knew they were caught.
And then Brian Stelter's like, this will bring down America!
Our country's never been in so much danger!
Well, I agree.
Foreign powers came in and took over.
And we got generals that lied and said, oh, I only called on the 8th because of what Trump was doing to the Chinese.
Turns out he was telling the Chinese dictator in October that Trump was insane and that he would stop him from nuking China, which is a total lie and is treasonous.
And that sack of filth should be arrested.
I mean, Millie is just like a little kid dressed up in a general outfit, posing and walking around acting tough when he's an obese, anti-American traitor.
Anyways, I'm ranting.
I'm going to compose myself.
I'm going to control myself.
And I'm going to come back and I'm going to lay out the huge news, because now it's official.
And I could have just said it simply.
I'm not going to tell you the election was stolen if it wasn't.
And I'm not going to sit there and steer you wrong just for hype.
But now Arizona has presented the evidence of total fraud.
Trump won the election.
Now what happens next?
We'll tell you about when we come back.
There's been big developments.
All right, there have been some huge COVID-19 developments I'll tell you about next segment.
Norway has officially said that COVID-19 is now seen as the common flu and no restrictions of any type, no forced inoculations, no internet ID, social credit scores disguised as vaccine passports, none of it.
That's all coming up next segment.
But let's get to this right now.
So, we already talked about it on Friday, we talked about it over the weekend, it shows on Saturday and Sunday, and we talked about it some yesterday.
But Arizona did a first-class audit of just Maricopa County, where they saw most of the fraud going on during the election, where Fox News called it early for Biden.
And so they found close to 60,000 votes open and shut
There were duplicates for Biden that were fake names that were fraud.
It was almost 60,000.
Open and shut.
Hundreds of thousands of others that were very questionable.
And Trump only lost the state by 10,500 votes.
So, Trump won Arizona.
He's vindicated.
And you saw the disinfo go into overdrive on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, everywhere.
Oh look, the audit finds Biden won because
They had spies inside that knew what they were going to release as a press release as auditors.
You don't call the Attorney General.
You don't tell him what to do in the state.
You put the findings out and then it's up to the public and the legislature and the governor and the Attorney General about what the action is going to be.
So they said, our audits found that Biden won the election by X amount of votes.
Trump lost by X amount, and that we found this, these groups of votes, and here are photocopies, here are scans, here is our detailed audit that took six months, showing that they stole nearly 60,000 votes from Trump, meaning he won by 40 plus thousand.
That's how you state it.
When the FBI gets you indicted for, you know, saying, you know, not paying taxes for $5 million, they say, such and such has $6 million in their bank account, and we have evidence, and here's our evidence that they stole $5 million.
So, again, you make the statement that he won the election by this many fraudulent votes.
Like, the horse won because it was on steroids and amphetamines.
Or, this guy won the boxing title, he was later tested positive, we know he was on it, and so he loses the title.
But it's the Boxing Commission that removes the title.
It's the Legislature, Attorney General, that removes the title.
So they use a semantical manipulation to go, oh look, they say, they're gonna say he won.
Yes, by stealing.
Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France, however many times it was, what, four or five times?
By cheating and had them stripped.
So when they stripped him, they said he falsely won by this.
So they played a semantical game.
And let me just move forward.
Even the Sunday Times of London, very respected, very conservative in what they print, had big articles like this one.
So Trump was right.
The election was rigged, and our next one will be, too.
And that's the $60 trillion issue.
I mean, it's bigger than $60 trillion.
It's the whole future if these guys can engage in fraud, like Trudeau just did in Canada, like Newsom did the same damn thing in California.
They're calling all these snap elections because they're still using mail-in ballots and can still get away with it.
And Bloomberg told us it's going to be a red mirage.
Trump will win that night, but we're going to have the ballots afterwards.
No matter the number they needed, they would be delivered by trucks, by vans, that night.
USPS looked at what the 30,000 ballots were in Pennsylvania and said, well, I drove this over state lines.
A computer printed this.
These aren't signed ballots.
These are fake ballots.
FBS, we may arrest you.
Why don't you shut your mouth about what you saw?
It was their job to make sure the steel was in all over the country.
They would refuse to talk to witnesses unless it was for intimidation.
So, Rod
Little has come out and broken this down in an excellent article in the Times of, Sunday Times of London.
Now here's the big news!
I always wake up to the biggest news later and never tell you it's even coming up.
I'll give you a little backstory and right to it.
That's my problem.
I should have started the whole hour with this as this broke.
It happened.
The Attorney General, Mark Branovich of Arizona,
Has sent a preservation of evidence litigation hold and next you know his criminal charges to Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Maricopa County Recorder's Office, Supervisor Clint Hickman, Supervisor Steve Pallardo.
There it is.
We'll get more to this in a moment.
But ah!
Huge development!
They got caught.
24 criminal operatives caught on video.
Stuffing Dropbox with 1,900 ballots in three days.
That's right.
Whatever amount is needed will be supplied.
Pelosi said no matter what happens, Trump will be gone.
And then they caught them deleting the surveillance footage, but ooh, turns out there's footage of that footage.
The left puts in their surveillance grid for all of us, but then it captures them.
Just like, oh, a water main broke in Atlanta.
Oh, everybody out.
We're not counting.
Look around both ways, pull out the suitcases, and start running each stack over and over again while you look over your shoulder.
And they were moving real slow before that.
As soon as they kick everybody out, put poster board up over the windows.
I mean, you can't get more obvious than this.
I feel like if you're a cop driving by a liquor store late at night and you see a door knocked open and a guy in a mask pops out and pops back in, that's probable cause.
I mean, you might as well be putting your ski mask on.
Oh, there's a water main bus!
Close the doors!
Block out the windows!
Keep everybody back!
Keep back with COVID!
50 feet from the window!
In Michigan, everywhere they did the same thing.
And then inside, oh, there's surveillance footage.
What's up?
Oh, let me get underneath the chair.
Oh, here it is.
Mm, let me get that big old juicy suitcase.
Mm, all of this is for Biden.
Oh, let me, oh, Black Lives Matter pop.
Get him out.
Oh, yeah.
Woo, Lordy!
Mother and daughter team.
I mean, yes, they stole the election from Trump.
And notice they say, we don't allow criticism of any vaccines now on the internet, says Big Tech.
We're watching you.
And no one's allowed to question the election.
It was total integrity.
Even though all day they talk about Russia not being fair, and Belarus not being fair, and this country not being fair, and that country.
Because if they don't have duplicate ballots, and if it's not all saved, and if you don't let third-party observers in, and if you don't keep a record, why, it's fraud!
Which of course it is!
But are you pulling briefcases out when you say a Watermain bust that wasn't true?
Are you putting up a poster board on the windows?
And then magically, all the votes Biden needs to win are found just then, just like Michigan.
Biden's losing, and then magically, the last minute, his race car was three laps behind.
Top speed, 250, but suddenly, his race car goes 2,000 miles an hour and laps the lead car three times.
And then the Democrats brag in Time Magazine how they stole it.
Yeah, put that article back up.
How they stole it, how they set us up at the Capitol, how they work with Republicans in the media and big tech as one big group, and how they're going to steal the next one.
Steal, steal, steal.
Steal, steal, steal.
Can't get any more obvious because, hey, wait a minute, we can't have people with their telephoto lenses.
You know, we already backed them up 30, 40, 50 feet.
Well, wait, they've got telephoto lenses.
They're going to see us pulling out the briefcases and pulling out the suitcases and pulling out the bags full of ballots that are all for Biden.
You can't do that.
Cover it up right now.
Cover it up right now.
And so now, it's all out in the open and the criminal indictments are coming, and the first letter by the Attorney General has gone out.
The New World Order is crapping its britches because they're planning to steal that midterm election bigger than Donkey Kong's balls.
Excuse me.
Ha ha ha ha!
Oh my God, this is an insane asylum.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And we are back.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've got some really good news for you.
Then I'm going to get into the really scary news and the so-called precedents that Joe Biden's using for his endless police state lockdown.
So let's jump right into it right now.
COVID-19 in Norway can now be compared to the flu thanks to vaccines, says health official.
I love that spin.
When I actually went and looked up
The report, they're saying it's no more than just the flu and their death rates of the last 20 months are roughly the same as it was previous to all of that.
Norway official COVID-19 can now be compared to the flu as country removes pandemic restrictions.
The truth is you're more likely to be sick or hospitalized if you've had the vaccine.
I show you those statistics from around the world yesterday.
But that leads us to the scary part.
And I've talked a lot about this, but now it's actually happening in Canada.
It's happening in Europe.
And now they want to bring it, not just to Australia, but to the United States.
They're building emergency centers, not just in the UK, not just in Australia, but here.
And it's also on Canadian TV that they've set these up.
Secret emergency centers that if you're unvaccinated, they're going to come take your children and put them in a shielding center.
And it describes how adults will be there as well that are held and that you'll be made to do labor to do your part.
It's all right here.
Here it is.
COVID-19 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
Humans are the disease.
They want to prevent us.
Interim Operational Considerations for Implementation of Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings.
This is from a year ago.
It's now being set up worldwide as they build giant cities.
Guys, pull them up some of the FEMA camps, which are their own emergency centers in Australia and the UK and Canada.
I mean, it shows these facilities.
And then there's memes that show them side by side with concentration camps.
And it goes on to say they're going to take over whole neighborhoods, sports stadiums, other facilities, and turn them into the centers where you'll be forced to live if the outbreak gets too big so you're safe from, I guess, the zombies on the outside.
So this is the thinly veiled smokescreen for permanent martial law.
And here, of course, is the latest from the VAERS report.
All vaccine deaths previous years, as reported by health care providers, doctors and nurses, compared to what's happened since the injections began.
And it begins right when the shots start in the U.S.
And in England, it started a few months earlier.
It starts right there in England.
They have a similar system.
Absolutely devastating, devastating information.
That they're trying to suppress from the world.
You know, I mentioned this earlier, so I wanted to back it up.
YouTube is a subsidiary of Google.
And Google was set up 23 years ago by a coup inside the government, the National Security Agency, the CIA, and the Clintons as they were leaving office.
But it's bipartisan.
And In-Q-Tel, a division of the CIA, set it up.
It was given all the CIA computer programs, the word search programs, the NSA search systems that they've been using for keyword searches.
They would create a database of your phone calls, radio transmissions, TV transmissions, undersea cable transmissions, and they would then be able to keyword an analyst, search through that with voice recognition.
They've had that since the 80s.
And that's known as the echelon system that got exposed in the late 90s or mid 90s.
And so now they want to externalize the NSA system of surveillance so the public would accept it by having Google and then Facebook and then Twitter and then Apple externalize these technologies so that we would opt into having a home assistant that watches us and listens to us like Alexa.
So we would opt-in to having tracking and GPS tracking on your phone.
So we would opt-in to the cable box, tracking what we do and where we go, and deleting things that they want deleted off of it, or blocking things they want blocked off, or smart meters, the rest of it.
So that was all their plan.
And we basically, like the ancient soldiers at Troy, picked up the Trojan horse and brought it inside, and the rest is history.
And so now we're waking up to what was in the Trojan horse and saying, we don't want it.
And they're coming after us.
So the Pentagon Wired Magazine reports they killed the LifeLog project that they built and designed.
They handed it to Harvard and to their front man, Mark Zuckerberg.
This is all declassified.
And it was Facebook.
Because you can't have the Pentagon get everybody to log in and opt into a surveillance system.
By the way, I know folks at the CIA and at Army Special Operations that worked on LifeLog.
And then when it was handed over, they said, here you go, boys, we've launched Facebook now, and we'll be able to track everybody worldwide with this, and here's all the real functions it's got.
You hit a button, it turns the microphone on, turns the camera on, hit a button, downloads all your info.
Want to find somebody?
You can search the whole Facebook database in seconds with a face scan for who you've been around, then they can try to contact everybody you know, everybody you've bumped into.
Yeah, there it is, DARPA and LifeLog.
That's all declassified now, but I knew that back in the time.
People, contacts I had, thought it was pretty damn dangerous for telling me about it.
So, back in 96, when they passed the Telecommunications Act, in the Telecommunications Act, it said by 2000, all cell phones will be triangulated by cell towers and GPS, and that'll be used as a global positioning system for a world grid and a buy and sell in the future.
I think so.
So all this stuff's been theoretical, now they've done it, and now they're gonna roll out the rest of it.
Hey, you gotta have this in your home, or we're gonna come arrest you.
Hey, you gotta have this phone with you, or you can't leave your house.
Australia announced a week ago that they are gonna make you have a phone with you at all times and leave your house.
The police will randomly call you, physically or with a digital robocall, and if you don't answer within 15 minutes, you'll be arrested.
And they're now going to use it to enforce, quote, the social distancing.
Oh, and you guys gave me the article, but I already lost it in the stack.
They just came out.
The Australian government announced.
Oh, here it is.
Sydney unvaccinated, warned of social isolation when COVID-19 lockdown ends.
So they hold you hostage and then make you get the deadly shot and make you have an ID to have it.
And now the police chief
And police chiefs in several other big cities, including Sydney, have come out and said, we're not going to enforce this.
Quote, it's not our job.
They're not against having this.
They just say it's too hard for us to enforce over every business.
You need to just fine the businesses with code enforcers that don't enforce it like New York.
So it's all about intimidation, all about control, all about the criminal activity of these people.
And then when they release a new virus, create new fear, they'll say, oh, the unvaccinated, they're the ones that caused all this.
They've got to be arrested and put in shield centers so they can't be incubators for this.
Even though it's people that have taken the shots that are incubating, they're the ones creating the variants.
That's all admitted.
We told you a year and a half ago, they will say the unvaccinated are the problem.
This is all about getting the vast majority inoculated.
They're not protected, their immune systems are destroyed, they're turned into virus breeding grounds, but they're gonna be told they're sick because you didn't take the shot by the very people that poisoned them.
Because they won't go look up all the scientists and researchers and people that are telling them, oh, this will turn your immune system off, this will cause blood clots, this will cause heart attacks, which was all proven right and happened.
When you try to warn people, all the big tech linked up together with governments as well block you when you try to show the former chief scientist at Pfizer saying it'll cause blood clots and heart attacks and infertility, which it has now.
He was right.
Or when the Nobel Prize winner for discovering HIV comes out and says this will make you sick, this is man-made, he gets shut down.
Because this is an attack.
This is a scientific, big tech, military takeover.
This is information aggression, as the Russians said about YouTube, banning RT.
But our leaders are obviously on board with it.
The Republican leaders are playing dumb.
They're on the payroll.
They're not stupid.
They know about this.
I mean, Xi Jinping's banning big tech over there because they're making a move on him.
But our government won't.
They sit there with their thumbs in their rear ends.
All right, New South Wales, the new North Korean command center, the new capital of Australia's North Korean system, has come out and said, quote, unvaccinated, warned of social isolation when COVID-19 lockdown ends.
So they tell you it ends, but then the digital passport, the vaccine passport, the true nightmare starts.
And so that's what they're doing.
It's all run by the United Nations.
Now, the Australian government has also announced that lockdowns are going to come back, that the police force is going to be permanently mainly focused on this.
You're all dirty.
You're all bad.
You're all evil.
You've got to be forcibly tested.
You've got to be controlled where you can go, what you can do.
But that's great because they're also going to have a carbon monitor on your phone that tracks where you go and what you can do as well.
And United Airlines has announced they're going to do this.
MasterCard's announced they're going to do this.
Here in America!
So everybody doesn't have to wait like John Kerry said last week.
Oh, we're going to implement the carbon taxes.
We don't care what Congress does.
The corporations are going to do it and the blue cities are going to do it.
And I guess you could call them red cities if you want to use the communist analogy, but here in America it's liberals blue, conservatives red.
How about we should be pro-human and pro-liberty, not pro-tyranny?
So, she's saying that just a few days ago they said, hey, you're gonna have to take periodic shots every few months, you're gonna have to take pills from Pfizer, they're your boss, and
It's never going to end, and life as you know it is over.
Wow, the bureaucrats know they were unpopular.
They've been stealing elections for a while in Australia.
They've been stealing them here for a while.
But it's becoming obvious they're doing that.
So their answer is, hmm, what do we got on the shelf?
Operation Lockstep from the Rockefellers, saying governments could use, through the UN, the fear of a virus to lock down simultaneously.
That way one country doesn't get blamed, and you never come out of it.
Just like in North Korea, they had the Korean War, and so when that armistice happened in the 1950s, they never came out of the permanent emergency.
It'd be like if there was a nuclear war, and it took out the military bases or whatever.
You know we've been under tyranny for 100 years.
You know we'd never come out of the martial law that would take place because of that.
And they've tested their police, they've acted shamefully, they've acted wickedly, so have the police in Europe.
But in the South and in the West, the Southwest, except for New Mexico, they've been terrible.
The police refuse to be part of it.
And because they refuse to be part of it, we don't live under tyranny.
That's why they're coming out with AI-controlled robots and social credit scores where it doesn't matter.
We'll just turn your credit card off if you don't behave the way we want you to.
And it's not coming, it's here.
It's not coming, it's now.
So here is the premier of New South Wales.
Here's Gladys.
I want to be very clear.
Life for the unvaccinated will be very difficult indefinitely.
And what I'm really pleased about is the way in which the vast majority of our population, people asked me yesterday, aren't you worried about people having conflicts at businesses or otherwise when the unvaccinated try to get in?
But nine out of 10 of us are already vaccinated in New South Wales.
Nine out of 10 adults are already vaccinated or close to.
That is huge.
The vast majority of our citizens have already spoken, have already made their
It's so easy.
God says do it.
Take your shot.
Everybody's getting it.
Oh, there's a new booster shot you need.
They're up to shot four in Israel.
Oh, and they admit in the Israeli study, the third shot gives you 48 hours of protection.
That's just made up.
They actually said that.
And the fourth one, nothing makes you ill.
Oh, really?
Just like in the chicken studies with a similar vaccine for another COVID virus spike protein, they can make the chickens where they don't die from the virus, but then by the fourth or fifth shot, a new virus gives rise that kills 100% of the chickens.
So then they give them a fifth shot or sixth shot,
And they call it Merrick's disease and the chicken becomes a living tumor.
Tumors are all over the body.
Tumors are in its joints.
It lives an agonizing life.
It gets where it can't walk anymore.
But it lets it live long enough to be processed for food production.
And just this year, the FDA
Legalized feeding people tumor meat that's almost 100% tumor.
So I'm going to say that again.
Living dead chickens.
Even China kills their Marek's disease chickens.
Not America.
You are served Marek's disease chickens that are almost completely living blob tumors.
They know what they're doing.
That's why all the epidemiologists and top science Nobel Prize winners said, within three years, a lot of the folks that take the shot are going to die.
I don't
Strokes, heart attacks, bleeding in the lungs, infertility.
They know what's happening.
PBS NewsHour.
This chicken vaccine makes it virus more dangerous.
This chicken vaccine makes its virus more dangerous.
But you show your National Geographic, would you like that?
In the first five minutes of this segment, we played a John Bowne report.
And I noticed in that John Bowne report something very, very interesting.
He played an old clip of him last year saying, we're crazy.
Bill Gates wants us to basically die, and Bill Gates released the virus.
And I thought it was very interesting that now, over a year later, it's actually come out in the news.
We'll have it for you next segment.
It's actually come out in
The news that Bill Gates funded the Wuhan lab and that's where it came from, Gain of Function, and they wanted to release it in the general public, which they did.
I mean, it's just open and shut.
And I remember us a year and a half ago saying Bill Gates is behind it.
Look, he's behind it.
We even found the documents.
But now it's the smoking gun of the Gain of Function coronavirus.
Four viruses combined with an HIV virus.
It's absolutely incredible.
So we'll have that clip for you coming up next segment.
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All right, we'll be right back with that preacher I was going to have on yesterday that got arrested for not closing his church.
Well, you read the history books and you hear about times of tyranny.
When you're living in a free country, you tend to take it for granted.
You think, man, that's crazy.
That sounds like a comic book.
That can't happen here.
Well, it is happening here.
And if you live in a place like Texas or Florida or South Dakota, you're still in somewhat of a free country.
You're surveilled illegally by big tech.
You're taxed by a federal government that's owned by foreign globalist interest.
You know, you're made to pay for illegal aliens, all the rest of it.
But still, compared to people in North Korea or people in Australia, you're free.
But slowly but surely, that's being trampled.
And I have a stack of news here in the United States of people being arrested for their speech and what they've said and what they do, including the most important of speech.
And will you guys do me a favor?
We can't show the actual video of it anymore.
I mean, we can show it from archives.
They had the news center in D.C.
They just tore it down.
Had a giant First Amendment carved in stone on the side.
You guys pull up First Amendment on the side of D.C.
building for me.
And then just print me the First Amendment, thanks.
And it says Congress shall make no law establishing
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof.
And then out of all of that comes the basic rights and freedoms.
It doesn't give us our rights.
It just points out that Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Yeah, there it is.
The removal of the First Amendment from the Newseum building is a disheartening sight.
Print that for me, please.
Isn't it funny they decided to revamp it and just get rid of that?
You can't have that up there when it's being struck from all of the buildings.
Kind of like when a new Pharaoh would take over who didn't like his predecessor.
He would order it all removed.
So Congress shall make no law.
We're going to talk to a pastor about that and tie it into everything else that's happening.
The Marine who got arrested for criticizing the withdrawal.
I mean, if it's violating common sense and the law, you should criticize illegal orders.
And the pastor, Arthur Pulaski, who flew out of Canada to go to an event with General Flynn, he got arrested.
You're not allowed to speak out against the lockdown.
Just like Australia, you're supposed to sit down and supposed to shut up while all this happens, but they're preparing FEMA camps here in America for everybody, so we better do something.
We already live in a digital new log where Senator Paul gave a speech on the floor about an Israeli study of natural immunity being 13 to 20 plus times better.
And he got censored by YouTube.
So in our own Senate, censored.
I just don't know where else we're going.
I don't know what else
That we're going to put up with, but we can't sit here and put up with this forever.
We have to fight back.
That's why I'm working harder than I've ever worked.
And I'm not saying, oh, aren't I special, but I'm going to Dallas today.
I'm going to be on three of the big blaze syndicated programs, including Steven Crowder tomorrow.
And I'm going to come back tomorrow and I'm going to work after that until about 10 at night.
And the reason I'm going to do that is who knows how long I'll still be able to be on air.
And so you better believe I'm in this fight for myself and my family.
That means I'm in the fight for you because we're all in this together.
We're going to hang together, hang separate like Benjamin Franklin said.
So I'm asking you all to count the cost, to realize how serious the situation is, and to redouble your efforts now more than you've ever done because
The globalists aren't going to stop until we stop them.
They're going to keep pushing and keep grabbing.
They've got a plan to roll out this COVID lockdown until the economy collapses.
And we'll be running to the FEMA camps, begging for them to take care of us.
That is a real plan, a real program to sabotage society via the Cloward and Piven strategy.
And we're here now.
And so that's the message I take to other shows when I do them.
That's the message I hope to raise the alarm.
But not just me.
You can call into Coast to Coast AM with its giant audience of George Norrie.
He won't censor you.
You can reach millions.
You can call into C-SPAN.
You can call into other shows and talk about these issues and warn people about what's happening.
Because until Congress and governors and others get this is a global assault to take over, we don't have a hope.
But the minute we figure out how much trouble we're in, we can turn this all around right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So Pastor Tony Spell is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
You'd think that's a good Christian, conservative, free speech place.
But his church, for him daring to try to stay open, which they're still saying he's under COVID rules, he's been arrested.
They're saying they're going to arrest him again.
Here he is coming out of jail in the new North Korea that is Baton Rouge.
Back up!
Back up!
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.
My rights to have church and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ are endowed to me by my creator, not my district attorney, not my chief of police, and not my governor John Bel Edwards, not my president, and not my department of justice.
My unalienable rights
Are given to me by God and those rights are my rights to assemble and have church.
I cannot give up those rights.
God forbids me to give up those rights.
I will not give up my rights to have church.
I will not give up my rights to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I was arrested by the Central Police Department this morning.
I was led into a trap.
A half a dozen officers handcuffed me, put me in the back of the car, and booked me into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.
While I was in the prison, I preached to the inmates.
When the guards used profanity, I said, every time you use profanity, I'm going to quote a scripture.
It went quiet in that jail cell.
And then I preach to people.
And I want to give hope to every Christian in this nation today.
You don't let anybody take your rights to go to church.
You don't let anybody take your rights to assemble.
You stand strong.
And don't ever forget that Jesus Christ is the Savior of this world.
I am not guilty of any charges that I have been accused of.
I am not guilty of assault with a deadly weapon.
I am not guilty of defying any orders.
The only thing I'm guilty of is practicing my faith, which was given to me by Jesus Christ himself.
And we are joined by Pastor Tony Spell at LTCBR.com.
And now they're deplatforming preachers that defy the lockdowns in Europe and the United States.
So big tech is a watchdog with the state.
The mask is a symbol of the muzzle and that you're in the death cult, that you buy into the fraud, that you buy into the lie, that you're dirty, you're evil, and you need the state to be your god, your new religion, to put something in your body to make you pure, like the Holy Spirit.
But it's a deadly vaccine from Pfizer.
I'm going to play the clip next segment for the pastor of the new-installed, unelected governor of New York, saying, she's the priest, you're her disciples, God gave us the shot, go out and take it, which you must have to buy or sell.
Sounds like something from the devil.
Sounds like the work of the devil to me, but they have removed the First Amendment off the Washington, D.C.
downtown building?
Where it's been for 30 years, the removal of the First Amendment from the Newseum building is a disheartening sight.
And why did they remove it?
Because it says in the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or of the right of the people to peacefully, to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievance.
They have no jurisdiction over churches.
It's how the Hopi Indians can take peyote and can't get in trouble when it's illegal.
What do the Satanists say?
It's their religion.
We're going to kill babies for our religion.
The courts say, you can kill babies.
It's your religion.
But Christians can't operate.
Walmart and the Topless Bar can be open.
The Steakhouse can be open, but not the church.
They want that power over the First Amendment.
They don't want people coming together and opening up to God because then that brings in the Holy Spirit.
It is a ritual.
They hate it.
They do their rituals.
We've got ours.
So Pastor Tony Spell joins us to talk about what's happening.
Thank you so much, Pastor.
Thank you, Alex.
It's good to be with you today.
You bring up a tremendous point.
The First Amendment does not give us our rights to go to church and to practice our religion.
It was put there by our framers to protect our rights.
Our rights to go to church, peaceably assemble, exercise our religious practices freely, are endowed to us by God, our Creator.
Thomas Jefferson, in his history and remonstrance, said, religion is man's duty to God, his Creator.
Of course, 19 months ago in March 2020, when we were arrested on several different occasions for failure to comply with the governor's emergency orders,
Which was holding church during a pandemic and arrested, booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison here and placed on house arrest whenever we bonded out of jail, forbidden to leave.
And of course, we left on many, many different occasions to go and preach in the church, at which time we were arrested each time when we would break the house arrest.
So as Christians in America today,
We have a constitutional right.
However, God has a command that is stronger than mandates or even amendments.
You know, Moses' parents broke Pharaoh's law and would not murder him.
Pharaoh said, kill every baby boy, but they said, we're not going to kill our baby boy.
And you have Daniel who refused to quit praying for a 30 day process.
And when he was faced with the decision, it didn't take him long to declare he'd rather sleep with lions than spend one day without prayer.
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
And now people in my church are being terminated from their jobs just because they come through the doors of our local assembly.
These are men, women, black, white,
All types of different occupations.
Could you imagine going into your job and being terminated because you go to church in America?
It's because you know why they want it, Pastor.
They want division.
They want racial division.
It's in all their internal documents.
This is a globalist Marxist-Leninist takeover.
And they know there's loving groups of people of all races and creeds unified by the blood of Jesus meeting everywhere across this country that are getting real counseling and real love and real community.
And they want to end that.
They want us depressed and alone in the dark.
That's their mission.
It is their mission, and they're accomplishing it.
They are dividing us.
We're at the most divided time in our history.
There are two classes of people today, vaxxed and unvaxxed, masked and unmasked.
This godless, appointed governor in New York who wears a necklace that says vaccinated?
If you were a Christian, you may wear a cross.
If you were a different religion, you may wear that insignia.
It is her religion
And her religion is based in Revelation, the 13th chapter and the 17th verse.
No man might buy or sell, save.
That is apocalyptic literature.
They are forbidding us to go into places of business, restaurants, go into our jobs.
People are being terminated because they are not vaxxed.
That is apocalyptic literature that the Antichrist system, Joe Biden,
Is not bewitched with the Antichrist spirit.
Joe Biden is possessed with demons that wants to destroy our nation and his vice president and Congress and Senator all under the same Antichrist rule.
With all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish.
But there is a people that they are never going to change.
Because we refuse to comply.
We resist at all costs.
Even if it means being imprisoned.
You see this godless governor in New York?
She is almost as wicked as King Edwards here in Louisiana.
And they all have that satanic gleam in their eyes.
You can just see it.
They look like an animatronic robot at Chuck E. Cheese.
They're the Pied Pipers of Hell that says God is not pleased with us because we do not vaccinate?
No, God is not pleased with them because while they say we're not preaching love and loving our neighbor, they're murdering millions and millions of babies.
They're condoning same-sex marriage.
They're terminating nurses who for the past 19 months have put their life on the line
And now, because they want VACs, they're being fired.
Pastor, stay there.
Where is love?
You're on fire.
Stay there, brother.
When the Lieutenant Colonel from the Marine Corps watched them, by design, collapsing Afghanistan and giving 80-plus billion dollars of weapons to them, he said, we had a plan to actually pull out of here without this.
This is a dereliction of duty, which it was, and he's now in the brig awaiting trial for that.
You can say, well,
You know, he's in the military, so he doesn't have free speech.
When you're given illegal orders or you see something that's criminal, you better speak out against it.
I differ with that.
Like the CIA on record supplying little children to Afghan warlords who are pedophiles because they, quote, like that type of person better, more easily controlled.
That's the problem with that Lieutenant Colonel.
He didn't support pedophilia.
And that's where all this is going.
Marine who blasted Afghan withdrawal, being held in military, lock up ahead of trial, even though for this type of charge, you would normally be held in jail.
Then you've got Arthur Pulaski, he's been arrested, what, three or four times now, up in Canada for still having his churches.
That's the one thing they don't let open.
They're not just doing something that violates our religious rights, they're particularly singling everyone out.
And that's what we're talking about with Pastor Tony Spell here today of LTCBR.com.
And he's been arrested for his church, and now they're trying to charge him with made-up stuff of, he almost hit a woman, didn't touch her with his car, but almost did.
The borders are wide open, giant child sex trafficking.
Don't you love it?
All the massive crime happening.
The police in most parts of the U.S.
won't respond to regular crime.
Even Austin said they won't respond to most crime now because they've been cut back to nothing.
But you didn't hit a woman with a car, but they said you got close, and so you're being charged with that, too.
I mean, they really got it out for you.
I thought Baton Rouge was the Bible Belt.
What happened?
King Edwards, who is a Democrat, baby-killing, God-hater,
is redefining what the Bible Belt is.
So, his judges here at the 19th Judicial Court looked at me behind their masks and said, I forbid you to preach to your congregation.
It is unlawful.
And you and nine people in the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans
Are out of compliance with the governor's orders.
He said you can preach in your closet in your home all day, but he said do not assemble.
Of course, that violates the First Amendment, the right of the people to peaceably assemble.
So what John Bel Edwards is attempting to do with his mask mandates and his vaccine mandates is take more and more and more money from the federal government.
They are actually operating
In an anti-God, anti-constitutional government.
Daniel chapter 2 and verse 21, the Antichrist seeks to change the times and the seasons.
In Daniel 7 and 25, he tells us that he seeks to change the laws.
And what's happening is, with their unlawful, illegal orders,
Nothing that they're doing is lawful.
They're the biggest lawbreakers that have ever been put into power.
And let's be clear, the Bill of Rights is the highest law of the land.
Nothing is supposed to be able to trumpet in a republic.
You're supposed to have a constitutional convention.
How can a judge forbid me, a pastor, to preach?
He's the judicial branch.
That is reserved for the legislative branch, Congress, and they cannot make a law respecting an establishment of religion.
June the 7th, we actually won a case in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
It's not being broadcasted, but they, three liberal judges, ruled in our favor that our establishment clause was violated, free exercise, free speech, and
Our assembly clause was violated.
Of course, with that win, we have to go back through Judge Roy Moore, Chief Justice Roy Moore, who's my head legal representation, and Attorney Jeff Wittenbrink.
We have to go back through all the process of the Louisiana Federal Court, Supreme Court, and we actually have one case in the United States Supreme Court right now.
But with all of that,
These people do not have the right, especially the executive branch, a governor, a president, they do not have the right or the authority.
They are usurping authority just as their leader Satan did in the beginning, which was why God cast him out of heaven, profane, to the sides of hell he went.
That's what our government is representing today.
And let's be clear, Pastor, because I don't even know more about this than I do, but just experiencing it and, you know, living in these beginning of the end times, I believe,
The devil tries to get rid of free will.
The Satanists advertise, oh, the freedom's over here.
But the truth is the devil tries to take all the freedom away.
It's God gave us the freedom.
He did.
Those rights to assemble and go to church are endowed by our creator.
The 13 original colonies did not have a constitution.
Whenever they stood up against King George, they fled here at the average rate of two and a half miles per hour from Europe because of their lack to practice their religious freely.
So that's what happened.
That's why America was formed on Judeo-Christian principles.
You know, whenever Judge Fred T. Crefasi forbade me to preach because of the governor's orders, who is he to tell me what I can and cannot say?
God give us men.
Times like this demand strong minds, great hearts, true faith, and ready hands.
Men who can stand before these demigods and damn their treacherous flatteries without winking.
King Edwards there, John Bel Edwards, who is a Democratic governor here in Louisiana, said, maybe, after I was arrested on my sixth occasion, he said, maybe this will get the pastor's attention.
And then he and the mayor, Cher Westenbroom in Baton Rouge, said, just don't go back to that church.
That church, quote unquote.
We run 36 buses over a 40 mile radius every Sunday morning.
And pick up an average of 650 children for church, where we feed them, we give them Sunday school, we give them Jesus, we help them throughout the day.
And that's what they want to shut off.
I mean, I know so many atheists and agnostics now seeing Satanism, world government, Mark of the Beast, medical ID cards, social credit scores.
It's really waking a lot of people up right now to actually see revelation being made manifest.
It is.
The Antichrist spirit is working right now with all deceivableness of unrighteousness and then that perish.
The Bible calls it in 2 Thessalonians 2 and 7 the mystery of iniquity or the sin of lawlessness.
It is actually unlawful for us
To give up our inalienable rights and not protect the freedoms... That's right.
The trampling of our freedoms is the greatest lawlessness ever.
And then the sacrament is killing babies, trampling our rights to freedom, shutting us down, telling us don't look at the sunset, telling us don't talk to our neighbors.
This is a cult!
It is a cult.
Why, after 19 months of the largest gatherings in the United States of America, people have come from
Several different continents into our church to stand with us against the tyrannical government.
And because we were arrested so many times.
Why have I not had one COVID death in my church?
With thousands of people gathering three times a week.
27 different nationalities.
Black, white, brown, rich and poor, educated and uneducated.
No masks, no vaccines.
We're anti-mask and anti-vaccine.
People will come in
Afraid, there'll be a half a dozen masks in a service, but before that church service is over, the masks come off, because people realize, what am I doing?
Pastor Tony Spell, stay there, this is Revenant, give us the answer of what's happening when we come back.
I really appreciate Pastor Tony Spell joining us here today.
I apologize yesterday I had to leave early, but he's here with us now and I really do sometime want to get down to Baton Rouge and go to his church.
I want to play the governor of New York and the bizarre stuff she was saying and get your take on it from a biblical expertise, sir.
But just separately, tell us about where your church is currently, what's happening in other areas.
I saw articles saying they may come after you again.
They're trying to claim you tried to run over a lady, just all sorts of desperate behavior.
Fill us in on how they're persecuting you.
So my next court date is October the 13th.
Then I have one following October the 19th.
This morning I was served with six more from the 19th Judicial District Court.
at the hands of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Department.
Basically, they say violations of an emergency proclamation holding church during a pandemic.
While I was in the prison, they trumped up all types of charges against me that one by one we're debunking.
Old tickets, assault with a deadly weapon, which there are protesters across our front lawn of our church.
Lots of protesters.
Well, the cops would not stop them
From grabbing their crotch, using four-letter words to every girl and mother that came into our church, using racial slurs toward our blacks and our Latinos, and saying lots of hateful things.
They were protected by the police and by the sheriff's department, and put a restraining order on me from approaching them.
Well, one day I approached them, at which point their illegal surveillance, which by the way is still on my home and my church,
Right now, there are federal cameras all over my property because they surveil us and want to catch us doing something wrong.
Well, that's how they trumped up this charge against us for assaulting a protester.
Well, everything is backwards.
Isaiah 59 and 17 says, judgment is backwards.
Truth has fallen in the streets.
So we have a command, not a suggestion,
Not even a recommendation, but from God to resist and never comply.
Daniel 11 32 says, and such as do wickedly shall the Antichrist corrupt by flatteries.
That word flatteries means feminism.
It means demasculinization of mankind.
That's what the mask does.
That's what the vaccine does.
That's what complying with these inhumane, ungodly orders does.
You're saying Satan conquers us by domesticating us and making us weak?
He does.
That's why Pharaoh said murder all the baby boys in Exodus 2.
That's why Herod wanted to kill every baby boy two years and younger to kill Jesus.
An attorney in our church is representing a nine-month-old black baby boy who is being adopted by two married black women, and whenever she called it an abomination, the judge stopped the proceedings and put her out of the courtroom.
This woman was simply protecting a nine-month-old helpless baby boy that is already an endangered species, that is already being... Well, you know, statistically, those couples then do the transgender deal.
It's like a ritual.
I don't know if those groups... And they go after their testicles.
I mean, it's like a religion to target boys with this whole transgenderism.
They admit it's a transhumanist move.
Which, by the way, exactly right.
Which, by the way, the vaccine takes away people's ability because of Bill Gates
Because of Bill Gates' agenda that is in Daniel 7 and 25, it takes away your ability to resist.
It takes away your desire to be zealous and fanatical.
Look at people that are vaccinated.
They're like zombies.
They're just wandering around with no goals.
So we are commanded to resist.
That's why Daniel resisted, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Amram, and Jochebed, Esther, and that's why
The Patriots that conquered Bridge resisted.
Tolkien said, it is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succor of those years where we are set, uprooting evil in the fields we know, so that those who come after us will have clean earth to till.
You know, J.R.
What weather they shall have is not ours to determine.
And what he's saying is, when you know to do good and do it not, it is sin.
So, Romans 14,
And 13 said, let not thy good be evil spoken of.
Adversely speaking, you can't speak good of evil.
And there is evil in America today.
There's evil in the White House, in Congress, in the Senate, in our governor's mansions.
Why is it making its move now?
What's that?
Why is it making its move right now?
Why is evil just exploding everywhere?
Because the church is not resisting.
Only he who now leteth will let until he's taken out of the way.
The word let means hinder in the original Greek.
It means we are supposed to resist.
We don't need more soft-headed preaching.
We don't need more pastors taking PPP money from the government because they are now employees of the government who can't speak out against homosexuality, who can't speak out against government tyranny.
We refuse to take one dime so that
Less power that the churches and the pulpits have.
They're actually promoting the vaccine.
Who in the hell do you think you are to promote a vaccine, but you shut the doors on your church and did not promote the gospel of Jesus Christ?
You're a worker and a minister of the devil.
You cannot do that.
So because of this, the devil is emboldened, and crooked politicians are emboldened, and criminals are emboldened.
While there is a demasculinization of pastors like ourselves, like yourself, which is why we're being censored, which is why we're being silenced, which is why we're being taken down in our live broadcast.
However, the more you afflict us, the more we multiply and grow.
You can't do anything against the truth only for the truth.
We have an advantage in our adversity.
And it's because of our adversity that the gospel is being spread to people and people are being emboldened.
They're being terminated from their jobs because they're not taking the jab.
Well, thank God, there are some things worse than going hungry.
Yeah, like a blood clot or a heart attack, and clearly that's what's happening.
It's a plan for depopulation.
Top scientists, like Dr. Yedon, the former head of Pfizer Science, says it will attack your testicles and ovaries.
And then now you would see these big hip-hop stars coming out saying, wake up, ask questions.
So even Hollywood people are turning against the system and they're panicking.
So some are being corrupted by flatteries.
And the righteous are as bold as a lion.
The wicked flee when no man pursue it.
You know, one of the reasons that they hate us so much, Alex, is because we have 27 different nationalities in our church.
And there's racial diversity.
There's inclusion and unity and harmony.
And that doesn't fit.
The Democratic agenda.
It's supposed to be race against race and nationality against nationality.
So, incidentally, they hate us and have to shut our doors.
But when the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached like it should be preached,
We don't live in fear of the government.
They're not our nanny.
We're getting people off of welfare.
We're getting people off of the streets.
And as long as people are on the streets, and as long as people are on welfare, they can be governed and controlled by this government.
That's why trillions and trillions of dollars are being given into our society today, not where it belongs,
But where it's hurting us the most... It's all done for social engineering to make us weak and bring us down.
Xi Jinping pays for all the leftist propaganda in our movies.
He owns four of the six Hollywood houses run by the communists now.
But he bans it in his country because he said it will undermine and collapse their nation.
It will.
It is completely backwards.
Isaiah 520 says, one of them that call good evil and evil good has set light for darkness and darkness for light have called wrong right and right wrong.
We must not comply with this end-time government.
We must resist it.
And in resisting, God will back us.
God will bless us and God will promote us.
America is the greatest nation in all the world.
And that's why the devil has to destroy us.
All right, Pastor, final segment.
He has to silence us.
I'm always impressed with your work, but I really think you're coming here.
I want to play that governor, that crazy woman, and talk about these evil governors and how we can get rid of them politically, legally, lawfully.
And if God does convict our heart to stop this evil, like I know our listeners are, what do we do that's non-violent that doesn't feed into the enemy's hands?
Because there is a time like Moses when we're out killing people.
So we've got to ask ourselves, what are we supposed to do?
I'm not calling for violence.
I'm going to ask that question when we come back.
All right, final segment with our guest here on the Alex Jones Show.
Jay Dyer is a great historian on the globalist plan for world domination.
In their own words, he will be taking over in the next hour of the War Room, Owen Schroyer.
But Pastor Tony Spell.
As a very popular church that's also watched all over the world, but thousands and thousands come each week.
And they're censoring him, they're blocking him, and they're trying to put him in prison.
And the feds have put up cameras to harass his church while the southern border is wide open with kidnapped and trafficked children.
This is just the world upside down.
So I've been asking a lot of questions here, Pastor, and I want to play a clip of this governor coming up, but what, what else is on your radar?
Cause you made a lot of amazing points, but, but, but what else do you think is important to impart to all the viewers and listeners out there?
In World War I, William Butler Yeats said, turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falcon.
Things fall apart.
The center cannot hold.
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the earth, the blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.
Surely some revelation is at hand.
Surely the second coming is at hand, the second coming.
Hardly are those words out when a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi troubles my sight.
A waste of desert sand, a gaze as blank and pitiless as the sun, is moving at slow thighs and slouching towards Gomorrah to be born.
And what rough beast its hour come round at last?
It's talking about the end time and the second coming of Jesus Christ.
So there is an escalation right now in the world.
The devil knows he has but a short time to work.
So he is using these bully tyrant nephilims, governors and presidents and senators and congressmen like Pelosi and Biden and Harris and Edwards here in Louisiana.
He's using them.
And what's coming is great persecution for the church.
Revelation 2.10, Jesus gives his command, be faithful unto death.
Some of you are going to be put into prison.
Well, that's all right.
We're in good company.
The majority of the New Testament was written from the inside of a prison cell.
So, number one, I want to admonish every God-fearing patriot Christian out there in America.
You're not breaking laws whenever you speak out against the government.
Romans 13 and 2 Peter 2 does not forbid you to speak out against the government.
There would not be a United States of America had Christians not have spoken out against the government.
All of these
All of these commands in the Bible are speaking about church government and apostolic authority.
It never does forbid you to speak out against Edwards or Biden or any of these other... And as you know, the rest of the passage, it's, look, that coin belongs to Caesar.
So that's his system.
Yes, that's his jurisdiction, but he doesn't have jurisdiction over the church.
His jurisdiction stops at the door of my church.
You can do what you want out there, but when you come in here, this establishment of religion,
Which the first, not the second, fifth, or twenty-fifth, but the first amendment says we first have to protect the preachers.
There would not be a constitution had it not been for the black robed regiment who put into the hearts of our framers to write, we the people of the United States.
Endowed by our creator.
Yes, and we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is found only in God.
Righteousness, peace, and joy is found only in God.
So, number one, we have to resist, we have to be faithful unto death, and we have to boycott these businesses that demand we mask and muzzle.
We have to stop telling our children it's all right,
And by the way, Klaus Schwab, as you know, runs the whole thing.
He's the corporate world leader for the UN.
He says you will soon take a chip in your hand to buy and sell.
You will.
Many will.
Many will be corrupted by flatteries.
And many will comply with this Antichrist government.
And he said five years ago, we will use a virus to put a chip in everybody's hand to buy and sell with a world ID.
He said it.
I mean, it's all being manifest.
And why are our pulpits silent on this?
God says you will not be held blameless because of your silence.
There is a sin.
Whenever Elijah comes to King Ahab, Ahab says, Elijah, are you the preacher that's been troubling Israel?
Elijah says, you got it all backwards.
You're the one that didn't pay your water bill.
So God's brought a drought and a famine on the nation of Israel.
He said, I've come to tell you, you're the problem.
You have killed an innocent man by the name of Naboth.
And he said, God forbid that I should give up my inheritance.
America has an inheritance that has been given to us by God Almighty.
There's no nation like it in all the world.
We are responsible, number one, for being the greatest ally and friend that Israel, God's people, has ever had.
Well, now our White House is turning against Israel.
They wanted to take that billion dollars away from them because of the raghead squad
Tlaib and Cortez and all of these other freaks who hate Israel and hate America.
They wanted to take that billion dollars to protect the Iron Dome.
When we do that, America is finished.
America is going to be judged by God.
And let me add this, regardless of what people think about that ongoing issue, AOC cried over defensive missiles that saved people?
What a demon, crying that, oh, they got defensive missiles.
That's just crazy.
She is a Jezebel who hates authority.
You know this governor that said yesterday, God doesn't love you if you don't take the vaccine?
And then she had the audacity.
She actually had the testicular fortitude.
She may be a man who says, all of the major religious leaders have said there are no religious exemptions.
Well, excuse me, but your major religious leaders are on the tape.
They are going to be controlled by the Antichrist.
The Antichrist is going to rule religiously, militarily, and politically.
Look how these three generals folded yesterday like a $2 Goodwill suit under the questioning.
They threw their commander-in-chief under the bus.
Well, number one, you need to be court-martialed for that.
And this individual who is in jail today for speaking out against
The evacuation in Afghanistan.
He needs to take their place.
Because what's happening here is they're they're they're planning to set Biden up and then bring in Kamala.
Give me your quick take on that.
I mean, clearly they set him up.
Now they're setting him up for a fall.
What do you see in your discernment's coming?
So what what's coming is, yes, he's just a puppet on a string right now.
He will be dethroned.
His throne, according to Daniel, the seventh chapter,
And about the 14th verse says that his throne is going to be cast down and there's going to be one that comes to power that's going to have these great swelling words, lying signs and wonders.
They're going to have the power to fix all that's wrong with our educational systems and our military and our political powers.
They're going to have all of the answers and they're going to be of Jewish descent and
And they're going to have the answer for hyperinflation.
They're going to have the answer for all the chaos and turmoil and the weather problems.
Why does Satan want depopulation?
He wants depopulation because he wants revenge against the human race because we took his place.
God made man in his image and after his likeness.
The shot actually affects your DNA, the oxyribonucleic acid.
It actually changes the molecular structure of humans who are created in God's image and after his likeness.
That's why the government is wanting to push this vaccine so heavily.
And say, if you don't take it, we're going to deny you.
It literally marks your DNA.
Pastor, I know you've got to go, but I've got five more minutes, a little short segment.
We've got a break.
I want to play the governor, and then I want to come back and get your take on that.
But let's just do that next short segment if you can do five more minutes, a two-minute break.
But first, let me just say this.
Everybody that wants to hear more of what you have to say, your church can be worldwide like it already is.
Everybody should go share your URL.
We've grown.
We've baptized over 1,200 people now since March of 2020 when this foolishness began.
We've grown spiritually, financially, numerically.
We've added more buses to our fleet.
People gather in East India.
People gather in Pakistan.
We're doing baptisms all over the world today because what he tried to silence, what our government tried to silence, and what the devil meant for bad, God meant for good.
So although we are angry and we are commanded to resist our government,
We thank God for them, because they are bringing truth to the forefront.
People are now falling back in love with the Constitution.
People are falling back in love with our freedoms, and that's good.
That's right, because the evil's been hidden, now it's out in the open.
Check it out.
Share it.
It's amazing.
A lot of great videos and material there for everybody around the world.
And I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com and Bandod Video.
Stay with us.
There are the air raid sirens of tyranny, but that will awaken the faithful.
Pastor Tony Spell, arrested repeatedly for having his church services being targeted yet again.
We only have a few minutes left, and I want you to be able to get to that point that we went to break and never got back to.
How did nobody, the tens of thousands that have come to your church, die of COVID?
And in other places they said all this death was happening.
A. B. How far do we push without getting violent, or what is the time for self-defense?
And then C, again, what do you make of this crazy governor and others now saying it's the religion of the vaccines and God gave us this big pharma shot?
Please answer that, Pastor.
So number one, zero deaths, the most attended church services in America, maybe the world.
While everything was shut down, people were gathering here, driving in from across America to our church services.
Thousands of people.
We shook hands, we laid hands on people, which the Bible commands us to.
It tells you, do not forsake the assembling, the word of synagoguing, or going to church together.
And so much the more, as you see this end time approaching.
That's number one.
Number two, how far do we go?
We go as to the place that Jesus said we should go.
Be faithful unto death.
We have to speak out.
We have to stand up.
Listen, these bullies are afraid of us.
Second Timothy 1.7, God did not give us the spirit of fear.
The word means cowardice in the original language, but a power, love, and a sound mind.
Fear is insanity.
Fear is hate.
Fear is weakness.
So, power, love, and a sound mind.
So, what we have to do is operate in our power, in our love, and in our sanity.
Now, whenever Jesus asked the question in Luke 10, 30 through 35, who is the neighbor to the man laying in the ditch, bloody, bruised, and naked?
Not the priest and the Levite.
They went by on the other side.
They would not touch him because they would have been contaminated and made ceremonially unclean.
They would have had to go through a purification process.
But the Good Samaritan went to this naked man who was robbed.
You know why the priest and the Levite didn't help him?
Because he was already robbed and they only wanted his money.
But the Good Samaritan goes to him and says, you know what?
I'm not afraid of what you have.
You need what I've got.
So the true church will not close its doors during the pandemics of COVID-19, or even Delta, or the new variants.
We will stay open, because God gives us command to pray for those people.
And so now we know why they want the churches closed, so they can announce Big Pharma and the state as God, something the authoritarians in every history book we know do, and we're now living through it right now, where they remove God, and they then declare themselves God.
Yes, that's what this Antichrist is going to do in Revelations 13 and 11.
He sitteth in the temple like he is God.
He has horns like a lamb, and he speaks like a dragon.
So he has the appearance of something good, but lambs don't have horns.
They're literally demonic, and they speak like demons.
That's what's happening.
That's what this woman in New York and Governor Edwards.
Governor Edwards reinstituted
The mask mandate yesterday for another month, okay?
There's 100,000 people gathering in LSU Stadium Saturday night unmasked.
Saying F Joe Biden and F our governor.
You know why?
Because they're sick of it.
Enough is enough.
There's a giant awakening, but there's everybody refusing in the sports stadiums, but they're still coming after you.
It's so obvious.
Pastor, thank you so much for the time.
Pastor Tony Spell, ltcbr.com.
Thank you so much and God bless you.
Thank you.
God bless you and God bless America.
We'll get him back on soon to give us updates, and we've all got to hang together, hang separate.
What a time to see all this happening, ladies and gentlemen.
What a time.
And speaking of the devil, the spirit that wants to kill us, the spirit that wants to play God, Jay Dyer is an expert on their own writings, their own statements.
Last week he was on, and he showed the statements of the real Satanists, the high-level ones, saying, we're not here to empower people, we're here to enslave them.
That's what the Illuminati wanted to do.
So Jay Dyer is about to take over.
I'm about to get in my car and drive to Dallas because I'm going on three of the Blaze shows tonight and tomorrow.
One of them is Steven Crowder.
Tomorrow at 10 a.m.
I'm going to be on with him live.
That's going to be streamed out everywhere.
So look for that Steven Crowder interview and I'll be talking about this subject.
On that show.
Please don't forget our great natural all-herbal sleep aid that's been sold out so good.
Down and Out is back in stock.
50% off at infowarestore.com and that funds our operation.
Thank you, Pastor, for coming on.
All right.
We'll be right back with J. Dyer.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis.com.
Today I'm going to be covering a couple more of the global elite documents that you may have heard mentioned or you may have heard, you know, just sort of briefly in passing talked about, but we haven't really gone deep into these documents.
I don't know how far I'll get, but first one we're going to look at is the 2000 Bill Joy essay, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.
And this is actually a pretty lengthy essay.
So we'll try to get through as much of it as we can.
And then the other one is the recent UK government and in concert with the German government, human augmentation, dawn of a new paradigm about transhumanism.
So now just coming out and saying all of the stuff that, you know, Bill Joy talked about in 2000, right?
21 years ago.
He wrote this famous essay for Wired Magazine
About the dangers, the concerns of the needless status of human beings.
That's right.
That we would be going into a post-human world.
And what does that mean, really, for us to have a post-human world?
Well, he says it's transhumanism.
And as everybody probably in this audience knows, transhumanism is the idea that we'll become post-human.
That the process and so-called progress of evolution dictates, necessitates, determines, mandates
That we have to be post-human.
We have to get rid of man as he's existed for the last several thousand years.
And we have to merge with silicon.
We have to become a new type of being.
And the idea is that it's just part of evolution.
This is just what evolution is.
Evolution is heartless, cold, nihilistic.
It destroys and gets rid of countless species, and now mankind is the new species to get rid of.
And yeah, exactly, as the Wall Street Journal says, right?
It's time to become post-human, and this is something that we're looking forward to.
In fact, there's even a guy going around, an angry wannabe
Timothy Leary character who dresses like a Bond villain.
Once again, they always dress like Bond villains, right?
This guy who says that he's ready to campaign for the extinction of all human beings.
Literally dressing up in North Korean Bond villain outfits, walking amongst the bamboo like some sort of demonic baby boomer panda.
I don't know, but he says everybody needs to die, right?
Now, I thought that this would qualify as like some kind of terror threat, right?
But no, if you're a leftist, you can go and you can bomb pipelines.
You can call for the killing of everyone.
That's cool.
No, that's okay.
That's all good.
But let's go back to 2000.
Let's go back to what Bill Joy wrote in this original essay.
And it's written by someone who, as I'm sure everybody knows, was a high-level Silicon Valley guy.
And so already back at this time, and I'm sure anybody is familiar with Philip K. Dick, even back in the 70s and early 80s, Philip K. Dick was talking about what would happen when Silicon Valley came to power, what their plans were.
And he was warning a lot of people in his novels, right, that they would try to enact this technocratic, post-human, anti-human technocracy.
And Bill Joy is essentially talking about that, and he begins his essay by saying that, you know, I met one day at a dinner meeting the famous philosopher John Searle.
So if you know about philosophy, I'm sure everybody's one of the most famous, probably living philosophers of the 20th century, John Searle.
And he said, and Ray Kurzweil walked up, right, the father of modern transhumanism or the big inventor and tech guru.
If you've seen Endgame, I'm sure you remember Ray Kurzweil.
He figures prominently in multiple sections of Endgame.
And he says that I was there with these two guys and they had a debate.
And the debate between John Searle, Dr. Searle, and Ray Kurzweil was over AI and transhumanism.
And the argument was made that now we're going into an era of what could be called the spiritual machines, that technology will advance at such a degree, at such a pace, that machines are going to become more and more non-physical.
Everything is moving towards the non-physical.
And the movement towards the non-physical, towards the virtual, towards the matrix, towards the simulation, is in concert with
Human modification and bodily modification and that's going to play huge into what the UK transhumanist government document talks about.
But he says that we're going to become more and more like robots and the robots are going to become more and more like us.
So there's a there's a parallel.
Making humans more and more robotic and making the robots more and more human, at least in terms of their programming.
I don't think they're actually going to become conscious.
And that's essentially what Dr. Searle argued to Ray Kurzweil.
There's no way to ever get a bunch of algorithms somehow becoming conscious, right?
Algorithms don't have a soul.
They don't make decisions.
They just do, machines just do what they're programmed to do.
And Ray Kurzweil said, well, no, I think that eventually AI will develop to the degree where you won't be able to tell the difference.
And if you can't tell the difference, then functionally, they're the same, right?
There's no difference between human consciousness and the AI.
And by the time that we turn humans into a giant Borg hive mind of, you know, the Golem, which is what it's called by Jacques Attali in his global elite book, he says that literally the whole world will be hooked into a hive mind and he calls it the Golem, right?
The mythical, mystical, mindless being out of medieval mysticism.
Well, so the most important section of this whole essay is the second page.
And in the second page,
Bill Joy goes on to say, well, what happened was I met with a lot of these elites, and he says, I explained this to both Kurzweil and to Dr. John Searle, he says that we realized, many of us in Silicon Valley, that we had two options here.
We could either set up a technocratic elite, and he's saying this, this is one of the top tech people, right?
Sun Microsystems.
He's saying, we realized that we had two options.
Either we set up a tech elite that is
Humane and nice and basically hippie minded that takes all of the mass of human beings and basically herds them into being pets.
I'm not joking.
That's the nice view.
And he says that in that scenario, what we would do is basically turn everybody into pets, right?
You'll be the pets of the elite and we'll drug everybody.
And they'll be happy, right?
So basically a Brave New World, Aldous Huxley type scenario.
If you've seen Huxley's Berkeley lectures, that's kind of what he says.
He says that we could have a humane world government where you're just happy and you're sort of blitzed out on, you know, Prozac and pills and whatever the latest pill is.
And you're just, you know, living in the virtual realm, playing video games and watching, you know, pornography all day, literally.
Or, or here's the other option.
He says that instead of the Brave New World scenario, the elite could decide just simply to use intense psychological warfare and operations and bio-releases to reduce the entire birth rate of the world and ultimately the extinction of humanity.
Within two pages, that's what he said.
So when you still hear people saying there's no such thing as Malthusianism, there's no such thing as a tech elite that's, you know, has the idea of depopulating the world, it's all made up.
I mean, this is a famous essay that's been out there for 21 years.
Okay, before 9-11, they were discussing this.
I'll read you what he says, I'll read the exact
He says, due to improved techniques, the elite will have greater control over the masses, and because human work will no longer be necessary, the masses will become pointless.
That's the replacement, everybody, with robots and AI, including the military, which is a huge part of the UK transhumanist document, right?
Getting rid of the human element, or turning the human element into a platform.
That's literally what the UK transhumanist document says.
No longer are you just a human resource.
That's the way you used to be viewed in the government white papers.
Now you're a platform.
You're a node in the Borg Hive network, you see.
So Bill Joy goes on to say that if they decide the elite don't, if they don't go with the happy drug, brave new world scenario, it will be the mass depop scenario.
He says that this will use, they will use the machines
To accomplish this mass depopulation in the long run.
Now that's again, that's like the Terminator scenario.
But he's literally saying Skynet, Terminator, depopulation.
However, if we decide not to do that, we might just have a few soft-hearted liberal tech elites who decide to play the role of good shepherds to not extinct everybody, but to basically just make everybody mindless Pornhub zombies.
That's what he says.
And they will be biologically and physically engineered, and they will become pets and harmless hobbies for the elite.
These engineered humans may be happy in some way, but they will not be free.
They will in fact be slaves.
They will have been reduced to the status of domesticated animals.
So that's the attitude and belief and view that the elite, the tech elite, the financial elite, the corporate elite, the Malthusian elite have is that everybody is just cattle and pets for their system.
Now, do you think that Bill Gates disagrees with this?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, Jason Allison.
We were talking about the tech elite attitude that has adopted the same Malthusian attitude of the banking elite, of the media elite, the corporate elite.
So basically everyone in the elite structure has the same Malthusian attitude.
It's kind of a prerequisite.
It's a requirement.
I don't think there's anybody in the power structure who doesn't have this view.
You literally are not allowed into the power structure.
Without believing in the hardcore, totally Malthusian worldview.
And concomitant with that is the attitude of transhumanism, that humanity has to be transcended through technology, through becoming silicon, right?
And we've seen
Klaus saying this recently, right?
We will enter your body.
The biological becomes the synthetic.
You will become the synthetic silicon-based life form.
I will get in your body!
Right, and he's literally telling you exactly what was in all of these transhumanist documents for the last several decades.
Now, Bill Joy goes on to say that he hopes and he wished that the elite would adopt the attitude of
A softer, liberal, hippie run, Brave New World scenario, right?
Where we could just get high and have fun and watch movies all day or whatever.
But no, in fact, sadly, the elite appear to have chosen the total mass depopulation approach.
I remember this was written in the year 2000.
What have we seen in the last 21 years?
Does it look like the world is going away from this type of a plan?
Or is it not obvious now that this plan has been rolled out?
It should be completely obvious.
It should be totally obvious.
There should no longer be debate.
And in fact, Bill Joy was saying 20 years ago that the debate that needs to be had right now, he said in 2000, is what are we going to do
Now that the elite have decided to extinct humanity.
And so he sounded this warning.
He even mentions, you know, other people who were warning people about the tech elite takeover.
He mentioned science fiction, right?
Science fiction writings, dystopian writings that had warned about this.
He talks about Star Trek and the Borg.
And he talks about how nanotech, which has the potential to expand, you know, lifespans to give us a long life to basically bring about this
Tremendous technological revolution that we could really have an amazing extended life.
We could have most of the problems in the world solved.
Theoretically speaking, except that the elite that have access to all of this crazy technology do not want that.
They're totally evil.
They see the public as prey.
They're predators.
And so he goes through all these different scenarios of science fiction that he read growing up and how influential they were on him.
And he said that one thing he realized was that the elite in his circles had adopted just this totally Malthusian attitude.
And what happens is that the irony, this is my observation, is that he said all of these tech science fiction books and novels or TV shows, whether it's Asimov, iRobot, Star Trek, Heinlein, he says that
They basically had an attitude of worshiping man, right?
Man is the Promethean figure who will, you know, rise up, take the reins of the technology of the gods, and become gods themselves.
That's the kind of underlying attitude of the progressive science fiction of the 50s, 60s, 70s.
But he said what happened, my observation is that what happens is that the more that man worships man,
And the more that man wants to idolize and see mankind as the archetype to shoot for, the Ubermensch, what happens is that he more and more hates man.
Because what happens is that man begins to see man as the central problem to becoming a god.
And so what I believe is that this is a demonic, it's a satanic trick, it's a delusion.
Because what the demons basically promote is the idea that, oh, what's holding you back from becoming a god?
It doesn't sound exactly like Genesis 3.
This is exactly what the serpent says in the garden, is that he tempts man with the belief that he can become God, but all he has to do is agree to the plan of the serpent.
And what's the plan of the serpent?
Well, the plan of the serpent actually leads to death.
It's a covenant with death.
The book of Isaiah talks about mankind making a covenant with death.
But Satan tricks people into thinking that, oh, if you just agree to the mass sacrifice of the human race, I will give you the secrets of technology so that you can live forever.
So, it's interesting, isn't it?
It's like a reverse version of the promise of the Gospel, right?
Jesus, the Gospel, it presents man with the belief in the resurrection and immortality, right?
Eternal life through faith, faith in God, right?
And the inverse, the opposite is eternal life immortality through the mass sacrificing of the human race.
Now you think that sounds crazy, but it's come out in recent years that people in the Silicon Valley tech elite, they go to Burning Man.
And when they go to Burning Man, they have literally little secret societies that the top tech heads and elites, that they go to their own little circles.
I'm not joking.
And they do DMT, they do hallucinogens, they do LSD, they do shrooms.
And they get revelations, they get mystical meanings from entities, right?
And this is, this is totally separate from all the same studies that were done by the CIA during the, you know, the Amculture projects where they were, you know, people in float tanks, this kind of stuff.
And so they actually have a whole separated area at Burning Man that only the Attack Elite are allowed to go into.
It's a very closed off thing, right?
This is, again, it's not me theorizing, this has come out in the last couple of years about a separate Attack Elite secret society.
And they do it like a ritual.
They go to it every year and they will do LSD and it's a shamanic kind of revelation where they get these messages and what do you know, what are the messages that they always get?
Transhumanism, that was at least the last couple years, it was about transhumanism and going beyond the body and being human.
So post-humanism, transhumanism, is it an accident?
Is it just coincidence that the messages that the tech elite receive when they go and do acid at Burning Man is the same thing that Bill Joy warned about, right, 20 years ago?
That the tech elite believe that it's their mission to get rid of mankind?
No, it's not.
Now, people think Burning Man is just a bunch of hippies in the desert, a bunch of weirdos out there acting.
That's for the outer portico people.
There's a whole other separate area that the Silicon Valley elite are closed off and nobody else is allowed to.
And they do a circle, I don't know if it's drum circles or what they do, but they're all out there tripping and getting revelations from
The Clockwork Elves, or the Machine Elves, right?
It's the same entities.
Why do you think the Machine Elves always tell the people on DMT to kill everybody?
They always say the same.
If you just build a global government, we will be your friends.
It will be a utopia.
We love you, by the way.
Kill everybody.
It's the same message of Gil Bates and all of these, you know, techies.
It's the same thing.
Now, why is it the same?
Why does everybody have the same worldview?
I mean, how come they're not just coming up with different things?
If there's not a coordinated spiritual element to all of this that most people haven't noticed.
Well, it's right in our faces.
It's staring everybody directly in the face.
Now, when we come back, we'll get into what Bill Joyce says the plans are for 2010 and 2030.
So remember, he wrote this in 2000 and he says, here's what's going to be the case in 2010.
And then the big, big year will be 2030.
And he says, those are going to be big years for bringing in this technocratic global government and for the issues of depopulation.
He talks about this.
Brain chips and bodily modification.
Don't go anywhere.
Stay right there.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We are working through the Bill Joy essay from 2000, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us, a
Warning or revelation, who knows exactly, but the essay is basically saying what the tech elite had planned to do a long time ago, several decades ago.
And now what we're seeing is, of course, this rolled out before everyone's eyes.
Now, he had said that a couple of key years would come into play.
2010 would be a big year that things would be rolled out.
And then he says by 2030,
He says that we will be likely able to build the machines in quantity a million times more powerful than the personal computers of today.
And these will be sufficient to implement the dreams of Ray Kurzweil.
Now, he moves on to say that by 2030,
The idea will be such that the technology will basically be far beyond any need for humanity at all.
So in other words, the bots will be able to do everything across the board better than the humans.
And he goes on to say that we might be able to extend life, but this will only be really for the elites.
Bodily modification and the implementation, implantation of chips into the body will be the norm by 2030.
So, you know, you have these shills out there saying that nobody's going to put a chip in a vaccine, as if anybody thought that a microchip was what's in the vaccine.
It's just totally stupid, right?
No, it's nanotech, right?
And so that's what Bill Joy talks about, is that it won't be like, you know, a chip the size of a grain of rice, that it'll be it'll be way beyond that.
It will be
Microchips, or excuse me, nanotech chips, nanotech inside the body diagnosing you, telling you what you need to do.
And what did we just see in the last few months, right?
Was it CBS?
DARPA, right?
On ABC or CBS in public, you know, 60 Minutes, news pieces saying that now the nanotechnology will be able to diagnose you in your bloodstream, right?
To tell through sensors, right?
Relaying information.
This is a version of genetic engineering and bodily modification.
Again, what this whole UK transhumanist document is about.
Now, if I don't have time to get to the UK transhumanist document next time I'm on, I'll cover the totality of that important white paper that was just recently declassified.
Bill Joyce says that genetic modification, you might think, has to do with food.
You might think, oh, this has to do with, you know, frankenfoods, potatoes, tomatoes.
No, no, no.
It's actually preparing the way for human modification and cloning.
And so he understood back then that
The whole GMO revolution wasn't about food.
That was only one angle of it.
The GMO revolution was about the genetic modification of all biological life forms.
The very thing that Klaus has just come out and said in the last couple of years was the plan all along.
We will turn you from biology into a synthetic being.
Synthetic biology, as we saw, was a big part of the lockstep document.
Remember when we covered the Rockefeller lockstep document?
Said that by 2020, 2010, 2020, 2030, synthetic biology would be a huge issue of debate, right?
That they would be bringing in.
Bill, Bill Joy's essay is saying that it's an issue of debate.
And he even says that human cloning will be, uh, it'll be spun as like an ethical issue.
Oh, should we do it?
Should we do well?
How else will we save everybody?
How else will we offer everybody all of these, you know, grand medical advances and we'll give you a genetically engineered baby who will have a high IQ and, you know, he'll have, you know, he'll be more fit, you know, if you just let us use the CRISPR technology too.
But remember, the same people saying that they're going to give you all these great things are the same people who also say everyone needs to die.
So understand that it's a lie.
They're selling you a lie as if you will get access to any of this stuff.
No, you won't.
And they even tell you you won't.
But also, by the way, you should support them in this endeavor.
It reminds me of H.G.
It was either in Open Conspiracy or in New World Order where he says, I'm not joking, he says basically,
No, nobody out here reading my book will go into the future and you don't get access to this, but you all should die for it because it's at least a noble thing for you to die for.
So, wouldn't you rather die for something noble than just, you know, pursuing your own pleasures?
So, that's literally how, I mean, it's like Dahmer and, you know, Hannibal Lecter are running the whole thing, but they're just
Better at their crimes, right?
Like Dahmer and Hannibal Lecter and like they got caught, you know, I know he's a fictional character, but he represents all the serial killers.
So there's like serial killers that are just better at hiding their crimes that are running the whole thing.
And when you understand that's the mindset, the psychopathy, right?
And when you understand criminal thought, then it makes sense how they do what they do and why they do what they do.
And criminal psychopaths, they love to show and tell in your face what they do, right?
I'm going to kill you, and then when they are murdering you, I'm not killing you, right?
I'm not doing this.
This is all in your head.
I'm just stabbing you, but I'm not really stabbing you, because you think I'm stabbing you, but I'm not, right?
So it's a gaslighting.
These are all techniques of abusers.
It's Psychology 101.
Everybody knows there's a million YouTube videos, right, about psychopaths and narcissists, right, and how they gaslight, how they abuse.
Well, guess what?
The people at the top of the power structure are gaslighting abuser psychopaths.
So they lie.
Have you figured this out?
They lie to you, right?
They're not going to give you the technology.
When they tell you that they're going to put nanotech in your bloodstream, it's not to heal you.
They're Malthusians.
Anyway, so he goes on to say that we have to worry about the nanotech.
What are we going to do?
I don't know if you see it.
This is kind of a weird, wacky conspiracy theory that's been around for many years.
The black goo, right?
I'm not going to go into the black goo, but he kind of mentions it in passing, which I didn't expect in the Bill Joy essay.
He says that
What if, you know, basically grey goo, which is self-replicating nanotech, what if it replicates and takes over everything?
Again, I don't really think that there's such a thing as black goo, but it's interesting given that Greta, by the way, was just on the cover of some magazine that was like a Guardian magazine or something like that, and she's covered in black goo.
Again, I think it's supposed to signify
Because Greta is, you know, against big oil and she's going to save us from the evil oil companies.
Oil, right?
Even the oil comes out of the earth, right?
It's like it's not a toxic thing, it actually comes out of the earth.
And then at the same time, right, we've got these climate activists saying blow up oil pipelines, there's nothing wrong with that because it's for the climate, it's for the earth, right?
All of this is, I think, programming, it's predictive programming, it's engineering you to understand and believe that
The nature, man, humans, environment, is inherently toxic, right?
That was a big part of all the masks, all the Cufid nonsense, was getting everybody afraid of things.
It's like hypochondria, right?
Being afraid of things that are harmless.
These things aren't going to kill you.
But that's a big part of, right, if we go back to the Global Elite document, the first global revolution of the global realm, they said in that document that we will invent the problem of pollution
I'll tell you!
I should be in school!
I'll tell you!
Right, I wish you could, you should show that, I think it's Saturday Magazine, there you go, yeah.
There's Greta covered in black oil, one eye symbolism, right, so she's enlightened, she's illuminate confirmed, right?
And she's gonna fight, the time is now to take down all the oil companies, timed exactly with the guy that Alex just covered, what, yesterday, the day before, saying bomb the pipelines, it's okay to do that, because if you're a leftist, you can do terror, right?
If you believe in
Family values.
If you want to have kids, if you want to go to church, you're a terrorist.
Oh, but if you want to blow up pipelines, that's cool.
Now, Bill Joy goes on to say in this essay that he got all of his worldviews from science fiction.
That's exactly what I've been telling you for many years, right?
Science fiction is actually programming.
It's sci-fi, illuminist programming to raise people in the last few decades, in the last 50 years or so, into a new worldview that would prep them for transhumanism.
So literally all the sci-fi of the last several decades was just preparation and programming for people to accept
The Malthusian, technocratic, transhumanist, depopulation, posthumanist worldview.
That's what all that's all it was for.
And yeah, there's some great sci-fi.
I enjoy science fiction.
But we have to understand it was all there's program and Bill Joy admits that in this essay.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, of Jay's Analysis.
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And speaking of Tragedy and Hope by Dr. Carol Quigley,
There's quite a bit of information in the middle of Bill Joy's essay where he talks about things that would suggest to me that he perhaps is retroducing hope because he goes into the banking elite, the United Nations, and how out of the two world wars we got the movement towards this global government.
He talks about the
The Cold War period basically being the situation where the Star Wars Defense Initiative was there to erect the nascent kind of infrastructure of the technocracy.
So even though a lot of technology is outdated, what he's basically saying is that World War I, World War II prepared us for the global world order, which via the United Nations, the United Nations basically was able to move throughout the Cold War to erect this better option to end the world wars.
And he talks about how the banking elite planned after
World War II to use the threat of nukes.
Oh, we're all going to be nuked.
And the only answer to nukes is to have a global government.
Which again, Quigley talks about that.
There's a whole chapter in Tragic Hope about how nuclear threat, nuclear defense was a major impetus during the Cold War for there to be the so-called need for a global governor.
So the Cold War is crucial in this.
And this is what Star Wars Defense Initiative comes out of.
That's where DARPA comes from.
DARPA, of course, is a huge part of where this whole move towards transhumanism is located, right?
The BRAIN Initiative, the Salk Institute, all of that is DARPA, all of that is RAND Corporation, all of that is...
If you read Alex Abeya's book on the Rand Corporation, he talks about all this.
If you read Annie Jacobson's book on the history of DARPA, which I've covered in my lectures, the whole 500-page book, it's all saying that the same tech elite, right, the Jason group, these people, are behind the movement towards this new technocratic global order, which mandates as a dogma
I thought this was about science and free thought.
No, no, no.
It's a dogma.
It's a cult.
You have to be anti-human.
You can't be in this cult without being anti-human.
That's what Bill Joy is saying.
He's saying that they all said, basically, that you gotta be anti-human or you can't be in the cult.
That's it.
And only the anti-human people who accept the transhumanist gospel are allowed in.
Now, get this.
It's a religion.
Do you understand that transhumanism
is part of an inner core religion.
I'll give you one example.
There's a couple famous occultists of the 20th century.
Take somebody like Aleister Crowley or Jack Parsons.
You've probably heard of Jack Parsons because Jack Parsons is the father of rocketry in terms of jet propulsion laboratory, right?
JPL or Jack Parsons Labs, right?
Out in California.
And Jack Parsons believed that rocketry and technology was a magical working of science to transcend humanity.
Crowley himself thought the same thing.
The Crowleyian religion and ethos is one where man transcends man and storms the gates of heaven to retake heaven for man.
The apotheosis of man.
And so the tech elite, whether or not they're all part of the same secret society, I don't know.
It's possible.
But regardless, they have the same worldview.
That is their modus operandi.
That is their religion.
It is a Luciferian, Gnostic, technocratic worldview.
And Bill Joy is saying that in this essay.
Now he's saying, I have problems with this, right?
He's saying, you know, I tried to reason, I want to come up with an ethic, he says, whereby we don't kill everybody.
So we'll give Bill Joy props for that.
I don't think he successfully finds an ethic because he says, I'm looking at the world religions, you know, should we follow the Dalai Lama?
I'm sorry, but the Dalai Lama, you know, is basically like the mystery man from Sphinx.
He's not going to get us there.
He's not going to give us a coherent ethic to oppose this
Global technocratic order.
And in fact, by the way, one thing I didn't expect to see in this essay was Bill Joy actually saying, I met and talked to Jacques Attali.
What do you know?
Jacques Attali, who's one of the top global elites that I've covered his books, Brief History of the Future.
He says, I went and met with Jacques Attali and we talked and we tried to come up with a humane, humanist ethic to
To kind of try to slow down or stop this post-human kill everybody worldview and attitude.
So my take on this is that basically, I think Bill Joy was probably just a tech guy who wanted to, you know, build a successful company and to, you know, modify code and write good code or whatever.
And then he realized when they got really successful and he was introduced to this inner core, oh, wait a minute, like to be a part of this.
You really have to join a group that wants to kill everybody.
And so you can tell in this essay, he's kind of like, I don't know what to do with this, right?
And if you don't have a spiritual attitude, if you don't have a biblical worldview, you're going to be kind of adrift and scared and fall into this, right?
And you can detect this in the essay where he kind of, he kind of says, I don't know how to deal with this.
I don't know how to, I mean, who's fighting this?
Who even knows about this?
I mean, imagine in 2000, who would have even thought, I mean, there was Alex.
But beyond Alex, there weren't a whole lot of outlets out there saying the tech elite want to kill everybody and they want to have a transhumanist world government.
And so he says that, you know, I tried to look through the world religions and the best I could come up with is some kind of like happiness.
And we should be happy and everybody should be happy.
And then obviously that's just meaningless, right?
I mean, what does it mean to be happy?
We don't even know.
Again, what's evident is that, you know, he mentions all the things that I just told you, all of these supposedly non-existent conspiratorial things.
He's actually saying and telling you what the elite talk about, right?
He's talking about meeting with Jacques Attali.
He's talking about Los Alamos Laboratories.
Jack Parsons.
He's talking about United Nations being the nascent form of the global government and the Cold War leading to where we are now, right?
He's talking about the same stuff that you see the World Economic Forum talking about, because he's meeting the people who are in Klaus's circles, right?
Same types of people.
And he's saying that we gotta figure out how to combat this, because if we don't, the lure and the temptation of the tech
Will be the end of humanity.
Now, again, Bill Joy is not a Christian, so he's limited in his approach to these issues, right?
He's like, he's touching on the edges of the spiritual elements of it, realizing that it's like something else going on here, right?
You can almost sense that he sees it's a demonic plan, but he doesn't have a worldview where he has a belief in the demonic, so he doesn't know what to do with this information.
And I see this
I'd say it's kind of like the summit of worldly wisdom and the limitations of worldly wisdom of, okay, so this is the options here.
You're either going to be a Christian or you're going to be a demonic, satanic, Luciferian who's committed to killing everybody.
Well, guess what?
You can't, you're not going to win when you want to kill everybody, right?
And every story with serial killers and psychopaths tells us this, right?
Does Jeffrey Dahmer come to a good end?
Does Hannibal Lecter come to a good end?
No, right?
Psychopaths, serial killers, they end up being their own worst enemies, right?
And, you know, scripture proverb says, he that digs a pit falls into his own pit, right?
So I don't, I didn't have time to get into it at this point, this juncture, but in the next hour that I host, I will go through the entire recent UK transhumanist document that is just mind-blowing.
Just a few tidbits here at the beginning.
It was amazing to read this document because it says,
That what's coming in the next couple decades, particularly 2030, 2050 are key years.
Remember, all the white papers always talk about certain key decades and periods, 2030, 2050.
These will be the eras when they bring in the chips, the mass chipping, that could be nanotech, right?
The tracking of the population, the cattle, as Bill Joyce said, the elite viewer says.
And the alteration of the worldview such that most people will have to go away.
Now, this document begins by saying that humans are no longer human resources, as they used to be referred to as the cattle in the white papers.
Now they're platforms!
A human is just a platform in a node of the matrix that's being built in the here and the now.
The replacement of the biology with the synthetic.
The biological sphere will be overwritten with the synthetic.
And this will be done through nanotech, through RFID, through human augmentation.
So the key thing to remember here is that now
Humans are basically just seen as like Wi-Fi's and walking transmitter computers.
That's it.
You're just a receiver and a transmitter in a vast node of what will be the global brain.
That's what this document says at the very beginning, right out.
Now it's time to transition to see humans as platform, as walking robot cows, robot cattle.
That's all you are.
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