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Name: 20210928_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 28, 2021
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In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to COVID-19 and vaccine mandates. He highlights a declaration signed by 4,600 doctors accusing policy makers of crimes against humanity and features Dr. Robert Malone who claims that mRNA technology is ineffective and poses dangers for certain individuals. The passage also discusses ongoing battles between those supporting and opposing vaccine mandates, including recent actions taken by Texas and Florida governors to purchase antibody treatments despite Biden's refusal to provide them to southern states. The speaker promotes political, cultural, spiritual, economic, and physical means of taking action against these policies and expresses gratitude towards listeners of the show. Additionally, Dr. Bartlett discusses early treatments for COVID-19 such as budesonide and aspirin, and criticizes experimental vaccines while emphasizing the importance of personal action and sharing information to fight against globalism.

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And we'll be nation leading with our mandate, which strikes at midnight tonight when everyone is expected in a hospital in the state of New York or a health care facility to have been vaccinated.
I will be signing an executive order to give me the emergency powers necessary to address the shortages where they occur.
That's going to allow me to deploy the National Guard who are medically trained.
Deploy people who've been retired, who may have had a license lapse.
Bring in people from elsewhere.
That is not my first position, though, my friends.
My desire is to have the people who've been out there continue to work in their jobs, work in them safely.
And to all the other health care workers who are vaccinated, they also deserve to know that the people they're working with will not get them.
Why do you have the Surgeon General of Florida coming out last week and saying vaccines and the fear of this and the hysteria is a religion?
Well, of course, Satan's religion is a con.
It is fear.
And the deeper you get into it, you keep thinking you'll get out if you'll just double down again.
Newly appointed Florida Surgeon General.
Says state, done with fear.
Vaccine treated like a religion.
And it's done by behavioral psychologists who have a blueprint, who have a plan.
That's why on the same day in Australia, and the same day in Spain, and the same day in Canada, and the same day in the US, and the same day globally by the head of Pfizer, they said, this is never going to end.
If you don't take the shot, you won't be able to live.
What are they really saying?
We're going to kill you if you don't take the shot.
We're going to declare you non-essential.
COVID vaccines are from God to us.
New York governor tells Brooklyn megachurch, God wants you to take the genome of a dead baby.
God wants you to take the genome of a jellyfish colony creature into you.
God wants you to take this and make your cells produce a toxic spike protein, and I'll play a doctor next segment on breaking down how it gives you cancer.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
COVID-19 is the messiah here to teach us that we're dirty and evil and bad and must be exterminated.
And now the establishment media, the mouthpieces of the New World Order, are in fear because humanity is awakening.
And now Russell Brand and Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan all sound just like Alex Jones.
As soon as you give politicians power, any kind of power that didn't exist previously,
If they can figure out a way to force you into carrying something that lets you enter businesses, or lets you do this, or lets businesses open, historically, they are not going to give that power up.
They find new reasons to use power through God.
We have to protect those freedoms at all costs, whether you agree with people's choices or not, because it is the foundation that this country was founded on.
This idea of freedom, there's so many people that think it's frivolous, it's not important, it's not the main thing that we should be focused on, but it is the literal structure that allows this country to be so fucking amazing.
Every single country that's ever existed other than the United States
Up until 1776, every fucking country that has ever existed was run by dictators.
All of them.
This is the first experiment in self-government that actually worked, and it created the greatest superpower the world's ever known.
It created the greatest cultural machine, the greatest machine of art and creativity and innovation, right fucking here.
And how did it do that?
It did it through freedom.
And as soon as you see something,
Anything that comes along and inhibits your freedom, you should be very cautious about that.
You should be very suspicious.
Because anything that comes along that can inhibit your freedom is, by definition, anti-American.
We are all living in incredibly historic times.
I'm very proud of Joe.
I'm not trying to give myself credit the fact that he's so awake.
It's the tyranny that woke him up.
Or that Russell Brand's so awake now, or Tucker Carlson.
I mean, I've known all these guys for a long time.
I've known Russell Brand for more than 10 years.
I've known Tucker Carlson for more than 10 years.
I've known Joe Rogan for 22 years.
Coming up on 23 years.
And I've known a lot of other people as well behind the scenes, and they thought I was crazy.
Now they call me up, they apologize, and they say, damn, you were right.
This is amazing.
What do we do?
And I say, well, you know what to do.
You understand what you're facing.
It's history.
Joe's just as smart as I am, probably smarter.
So is Tucker Carlson.
Russell Brand's incredibly smart.
But they're nice guys, so they project that niceness onto the world.
Well, that's not what's going on.
That's not what's really happening, so...
That's an extremely powerful piece that needs to get out.
So all of you out there watching us today or listening to us, you should go and share that quick Joe Rogan video that a Patriot put together with comments he made to back it up.
And that's the same thing our listeners do is where they take things I've said and then augment it and add to it and riff off of it like jazz.
And that's the true human communication that goes back to people putting graffiti on the side of the Roman walls when they were being censored.
And tyranny's been the norm in history.
Liberty's been the exception.
And tyranny's making its move again.
We are live broadcasting worldwide on this Tuesday, September 28th edition.
And we have another incredible show for you today.
And a broadcast that is designed to give you the facts, to give you the reality, and to give you a historic current and future blueprint to survive and thrive into this pro-human future.
The globalists have decided to shut down a pro-human future and build an extreme dystopia on its ashes because free humanity is something they can't control and something they can't dominate, so they would rather just phase the majority of us out.
And the big question is, are you going to go quietly into that poisonous, dark, destructive, enslaved night?
And more importantly, are you going to sign your children and future generations over to living under the bondage of this clear evil that has combined its forces together against us?
So let's go into the news.
I'm going to read you some of the headlines here.
When we come back from break, I'm going to burrow into the fact that Joe Rogan is right, and he's absolutely on target about the classical tyranny we see being foisted and set up against us now.
Joe Rogan posts a video comparing vaccine mandates to the Holocaust.
Joe Rogan's comments were taken by someone else and put over historical footage of the Nazis, which it's very comparable to, to have to have an injection to buy or sell and have tracking systems.
We're going to back up Joe's historical facts in a moment with Supreme Court cases and more.
This does all violate the Nuremberg Code.
And here it is, British government trying to bypass Parliament to implement vaccine passports.
Over 3,000 doctors and scientists signed a declaration accusing COVID policymakers of crimes against humanity.
That's coming up.
They call it a global strategy of global governance to carry out crimes against humanity.
Meanwhile, the Pfizer CEO says normal life won't return without regular COVID shots and says you'll have to have vaccines to live.
CEO Moderna says even young will need to take vaccine booster shots indefinitely.
On top of a pill you'll be forced to take twice a day by law to even leave your house.
It's all being said by the Pfizer CEO.
Remember what the Davos group said six years ago?
Plowshaw said, in the future, CEOs will be more powerful than presidents.
You will take orders from them.
Here is the example using medical tyranny as the foot in the door.
And that ties into so much I'm going to be getting into today.
The deals with this and where they're going and where they're taking us once they've intimidated over the population is submission.
I like this meme.
It's totally true.
Tom Hanks, I don't respect anyone who doesn't wear a mask.
How do we respond?
I don't respect anyone who is on Epstein's flight log.
And then, of course, we have this video coming up next segment.
The absolute state of our country and the world, the installed New York governor has declared COVID-19 the new religion of the Democratic Party.
And I told you over a year ago, this is the new religion, the new language.
The entire new world we're entering of hysteria and superstition and scientific ignorance wrapped in a parrot-like repeater saying,
That this is science, this is science, this is science.
She's also declaring an emergency in New York, saying the military will now run the hospitals.
Yep, just like that, into martial law.
They knew the plan.
They had it all set up from the beginning.
Meanwhile, they've got billboards up all over the United States and Europe saying, stay safe, wrap your face, don't kiss your girlfriend.
This is the cult where they don't want us to have children.
Already worldwide, in the Western world, we see births in the last year and a half down more than 30%.
So you see all the different layers of this to depopulate.
They're taking place, locking us up like prisoners.
And we've got so much more on all of this today we're going to be hitting.
And then we've got
This stack, that's just one of the COVID stacks.
I've got four COVID stacks.
Biden says 97 to 98 percent of Americans must be vaxxed before we get back to normal.
I thought it was 70 percent.
Just like in Australia, it was 70 percent.
The EU was 70 percent.
As soon as you hit 70, they go, oh sorry.
It's 98%.
Oh, but funny, where are they?
95 plus percent.
Despite 95% vaccination rate, Harvard experiences substantial outbreak much higher than the national average, just like Israel and everybody else.
Or the island of Singapore.
It's all the same.
It's the shot doing it, but you can't tell the type of people that are under mind control that because they're in a trance state operating in their lower brain.
They have articles out saying, switch off your brain, don't think it's easier.
Married couples from Michigan who were both fully vaccinated die of COVID one minute apart.
Oh, and they praise them for having their shots and all the rest of it.
And then hype up out of the hundreds of millions of Americans that haven't taken the shot.
They then give examples of them on the news every day going, look, here's another 20 people died who weren't vaccinated.
Yeah, because they went to the hospital and got put on ventilators, which is the new guillotine.
So that's all coming up on the other side.
And we're going to play the clip of the governor declaring the new emergency and saying that she is now the religious leader and the Democrats are her disciples and that COVID is their God.
This is real.
I'm not joking.
New York to declare a state of emergency due to nurses quitting, getting fired over COVID mandate.
So they're the big heroes, blah, blah, blah.
They're in the outbreak, but now they're medical workers.
They're smart.
They see what the shots are doing.
To their other co-workers and others that are sick and dying so they don't want to take it, and so now they're fired.
And then when things collapse, it's not the hospital owner's fault, it's not the greedy corporations, it's not them following the one-size-fits-all UN directives that have been proven to all be lies and poisonous.
No, ladies and gentlemen, it's the fault of those evil nurses and doctors.
Oh, and 600 Navy SEALs resigning, because they won't take the shot, because they've already seen what it does to people, and they can do the research.
Oh, but don't listen to the Navy SEALs.
What do they know?
Don't listen to the doctors or the scientists or the Navy SEALs.
Oh, and certainly don't criticize Biden in the military.
Marine who blasted Afghan withdrawal being held in military lockup.
He's not allowed out before trial.
The lieutenant colonel who said this withdrawal has been done terribly by design to destroy confidence in the U.S.
I mean, that's what happened.
It's a fact.
If you don't speak out against treason, well, then you are a traitor.
They want everybody to know, hey, we're globalists.
We're taking over.
You do what we say or you're going to go to the brig.
Because the man's a hero.
They don't want him all over the place.
First, they gagged him.
He even remained quiet.
Then they went ahead and arrested him.
So that's all coming up as well today.
And then we've got all the lies in the media that court precedents say you can forcibly inoculate whoever you want.
Well, yeah, the same Supreme Court rulings say they can also sterilize you and cut your testicles off because you're black.
Of course, now they do it by saying, be a trans black man, be a woman now, you'll be a celebrity.
And all the TV ads show black men as super effeminate and they're the rock star because they are, because they're not going to have babies.
It's all so transparent, it's all so sick, it's all so incredibly evil.
So we're gonna lay that out first when we come back.
And then we are going to move into the economic news, which is all tied to this, and the election fraud news, and several big guests, and of course your phone calls today.
Separately, I am excited to know that listeners are engaged and focused in taking action.
And we are getting a lot of copies of COVID Land, part one, the lockdown out that documents how this is a criminal takeover and a fraud.
Each order gets a free copy of in-game blueprint for global enslavement.
That's more important than ever.
And when I made it 14 years ago, we're selling a lot of that film that I decided to give everybody free one that gets COVID Land that is very well produced and has more than 40 experts interviewed in it is simply amazing.
And so a major benefactor funded the making of the film, paid for it.
We're good.
And then the filmmakers and crew did not get paid.
And so they are being paid through the sale of the film.
But it is free to air.
You can buy a DVD and put it on local TV if you want.
You can make copies of it as a zero country code.
We want you to.
And so we're involved in the production.
We're the producers of it.
But folks paid to have this put out.
So I hope you get it and help pay the crew and then have your hard copy for your library that they cannot censor as easily unless they come and confiscate it, which they might try to do in the future if we don't turn this around.
So get your copy of COVIDLAND at COVIDLAND.COM today or INFOWARESHORE.COM and get a free copy.
Order by January 6th to get your free copy of Endgame.
Mandate which strikes at midnight tonight when everyone is expected in a hospital in the state of New York or a health care facility to have been vaccinated.
I will be signing an executive order to give me the emergency powers necessary to address the shortages where they occur.
That's going to allow me to deploy the National Guard who are medically trained.
Thank you.
Jay Sekulow's European Center for Law and Justice, the ECLJ, recently released a groundbreaking report detailing how left-wing NGOs have infiltrated the office of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner to advance a radical open borders and pro-abortion agenda.
The report, which is nothing short of being similar to divulging Hitler's master plan of the East before the invasion of Poland, has of course been completely ignored by all of the Mockingbird media.
Do you accept the idea that we have a crisis at the border?
I am focused on mission, Chuck, and the challenges that we face, and our ability to meet those challenges.
Fortunately, the Gateway Pundit discusses in great detail the ECLJ report, uncovering the infiltration by NGOs of the ECHR, or the European Court of Human Rights, and the OHCHR, or the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
NGOs that include in particular the Ford Foundation, Soros' Open Society, MacArthur, Call for Code Foundations, founded and chaired by Bill Clinton, as well as Microsoft, Counterpart International, and the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund.
The judges, who are elected by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, are fully independent and do not represent any national interests.
Back in 2012, the ECHR busted the door open for radical open borders policy in the European Union with the landmark Hersey-Jama and others versus Italy case.
Which was the first to criminalize border security as so-called pushbacks or refoulement, and obliged countries like Italy to let in illegal immigrants or pay 15,000 EU in damages to each illegal immigrant.
Italians accuse the NGO for facilitating illegal immigration.
The boat is part of a fleet of migrant rescue vessels active all across the Mediterranean Sea.
As for the NGOs, they say they are defending the right to life by saving migrants from exploitation, violence and death.
But their detractors think otherwise.
They accuse such groups of actually aiding the lucrative business of human trafficking networks active in Turkey and Northern Africa.
The NGOs that infiltrated the OHCHR since 2010 as 52 of the 222 special rapporteurs who are required to be impartial hold or have held positions in open society or an NGO funded by the Ford or Open Society Foundations.
You and other rapporteurs have signed this letter and you use the phrase modern-day racial terror lynchings.
I mean, what goes through the heads of UN special rapporteurs and your colleagues as human rights experts?
What do you think the United States is going to do when it hears that you're calling the United States a place of modern-day racial terror lynchings?
We are really aware of the opinion that the US authorities
I have no sense of reality about how bad it really is.
We do have structural and systemic racism in the US.
This is just a fig leaf for tyranny.
Maybe the time has come to replace the Human Rights Act with our own British Rights Act and perhaps get out of this European Court of Human Rights altogether.
These so-called United Nations replacement migration experts continue to receive direct payments from NGOs that increase every year.
This is the source of the rhetoric from Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.
Why didn't you build, forgive me, a wall or a fence to stop them from walking in this flood of people coming across the dam?
It looks like a highway that allows them to cross the Rio Grande.
The law provides that individuals can make a claim for humanitarian relief.
That is actually one of our proudest traditions.
This is the source of the resettling of Afghan refugees in Texas, who cost the taxpayers $65,000 per individual annually, and have been underperforming and draining our welfare system since 1980.
You want to know, I assume, just as we want to know, you know, how we can ensure who these people are.
And this notion that they've been vetted as we would normally vet, I mean, how can we vet people?
Are you going to call the Taliban government and say, you know, is this information about this criminal record accurate?
Of course we can't.
Blue crime sanctuaries like Austin, Texas, where woke Democrat policies continue to ignore the taxpayer's safety, exchanging it for the full-blown invasion of the NGO's New World Order master plan.
John Bowne reporting.
All right, that is a very, very important video clip, and it's at Bandai Video, and I hope people share it.
NGOs fuel UN operation against the United States of America.
But I'll be honest with listeners.
I don't think I can probably, in the future, do this show anymore.
And this isn't being dramatic.
I can't keep doing this show anymore.
I'm going to have to probably quit.
It's not that I can't handle The Globalist or anything else.
I just can't.
I just can't handle knowing all this and nobody cares.
And then just watching everybody slowly die and just everything falling apart.
It's just, you know, that's why I shouldn't do the show because I'm just going to say depressing things here on air.
We have to let them kill us.
We have to let them kill our children, too, because that's the liberal thing to do.
And, you know, Fauci knows best and so does Klaus Schwab.
I mean, obviously we deserve to die.
The public doesn't care.
People are letting them kill us.
And they declared their new religion.
And the religion is us hating ourselves and us all dying.
And men won't stand up in this country and won't lead us out of this.
And the whole world's falling apart.
And so it's almost like sick to sit here on air
And even try to fight this or stave it off, we should just turn it over to the devil to run it down to the ground and destroy everything and kill everybody.
That's what everybody wants.
Everybody wants to be slaves.
They want your resources cut off and you want to die.
I know our audience doesn't, but you're the bad people.
I'm the bad person.
I mean, Bill Gates at least has the will to get up in the morning and organize things to take over and kill people because he thinks he deserves to be alive and we don't.
And in a way he does.
He's killing us.
We're letting him do it.
Bill Gates is better than us.
And all the leftists that take money from him, pretending like they're part of his power structure, the sooner this all goes down, the sooner they'll be dead, too!
Alright, in my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, that's so important, that I made 14 years ago, I explain that the establishment, the global social engineers, are going to set up a world government with a world army, world court, world currency, and a world religion.
And the world religion will be earth worship,
And they even talk about, in official UN biodiversity plans, reintroducing gladiatorial games where people die, and even human sacrifice, so that we see humans as bad, and that humans should be sacrificed to depopulate and bring balance back to the earth, because almost every pagan society, from the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, to the ancient Druids in Europe, to what happened in Africa, everywhere else, humans would build up civilizations
Build up a larger population, and then the priest class would say, we need to start depopulating.
And they had different reasons for doing that.
But it's a way to shut down
Your competition.
And so, that's how I've known what's coming with the Great Reset and the fear of a virus.
And now, does it matter if masks don't protect you?
Does it matter if the so-called vaccine that's a gene therapy injection doesn't help you and actually destroys your immune system?
It doesn't matter because it's the religion that humans are bad, humans are dirty.
We've got to be patients of the global government.
We've got to take whatever they say as a communal act of communion as a sacrament.
So of course they've actuaried all this out.
They have a year of lockdown around the world.
Some places still locked down like Australia.
Most medical tests aren't done.
Most even essential medical things aren't done.
And so you see a massive increase in cancers and heart attacks and illnesses.
And the big insurance companies make trillions of dollars more because they're not giving you your care now, but you're still paying for your insurance.
And now all over the world, they're firing up to half at some areas.
On average, it's about 20%
Other doctors and nurses are quitting or being fired because they won't take the experimental injections because they've seen as medical experts what it's doing at the one foot view, not the 35,000 foot view.
It's not anecdotal for them.
It's not just statistics and science for them.
They can see it.
They've got the science, they've got the anecdotal, but they're witnessing it real live time with the science of reality.
And so the system
Wants to bully everybody until about 90% are injected.
Then they're going to tell the other 90% you're not allowed to go out and you're not allowed to have a job and the economy collapsed and you're really sick from variants because the uninjected did it.
Now I said that 20 months ago.
Now they're saying it today.
We know the formula.
The more you submit, the worse it gets.
And those that submit don't get perks.
They get pecked on and abused more because they're a target of the predators.
Well, now we have the
Governor of New York, freshly installed.
One terrible governor now, for one even worse, if it was possible.
And here's Kathy Hochul saying, this is a new religion.
This isn't tongue-in-cheek.
This isn't her joking.
And she said, I am your religious leader, and you are my disciples, and I want you to go out now, and I want you to make everybody do this.
So they've declared jihad.
They've declared war.
And this is a religion, the religion of depopulate the planet.
We're all dirty and bad.
We need the state to put something in us to make us sanctified that we pay big pharma for.
And just like Klaus Schwab said six years ago, it was in Bloomberg.
He said, within 10 years, all the world leaders will not be presidents and prime ministers.
They'll be ceremonial and vestigial.
That's a quote.
They will essentially be vestigial or ceremonial.
And it will be corporate leaders that run the world.
And that is the CEO of Pfizer.
Gates is pulled back because he was so exposed to his past eugenics comments, depopulation comments, exterminate the black people comments.
And so now it's the new world orders puppet that is the front man who is the CEO of Pfizer.
So here she is.
Declaring what they've already said.
Now, why have I been saying for a couple years this is a religion?
Before they even launched the COVID fear.
Why do you have the Surgeon General of Florida coming out last week and saying vaccines and the fear of this and the hysteria is a religion?
Well, of course, Satan's religion is a con.
It is fear.
And the deeper you get into it, you keep thinking you'll get out if you'll just double down again.
Newly appointed Florida Surgeon General.
Says state, done with fear.
Vaccine treated like a religion.
And it's done by behavioral psychologists who have a blueprint, who have a plan.
That's why on the same day in Australia, and the same day in Spain, and the same day in Canada, and the same day in the US, and the same day globally by the head of Pfizer, they said, this is never going to end.
If you don't take the shot, you won't be able to live.
What are they really saying?
We're going to kill you if you don't take the shot.
We're going to declare you non-essential.
COVID vaccines are from God to us.
New York governor tells Brooklyn megachurch, God wants you to take the genome of a dead baby.
God wants you to take the genome of a jellyfish colony creature into you.
God wants you to take this and make your cells produce a toxic spike protein and I'll play a doctor next segment on breaking down how it gives you cancer.
Now just six months ago it was bowing down to Black Lives Matter.
Bunch of white people bowing to white people saying, we love black people, but really they meant George Soros that funded it and created it.
We worship the UN.
We worship corporate America.
We love black people.
And all the major, almost all the major spokespersons for everything from insurance to automobiles is black people.
All the globalists
Goal is to exterminate everybody, particularly black folks.
So they wrap themselves in camouflage.
This camouflage isn't desert camouflage for Iraq.
It's not jungle camouflage for Vietnam.
It is black camouflage, urban camouflage, seen as cutting edge, seen as outside the box, seen as avant-garde, but really just the camouflage for the new world order.
So here is the governor announcing the new religion.
I prayed a lot to God during this time.
And you know what?
God did answer our prayers.
He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers.
He made them come up with a vaccine.
That is from God to us.
And we must say thank you, God.
Thank you.
And I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to say I'm vaccinated.
All of you.
Yes, I know you're vaccinated.
You're the smart ones, but you know there's people out there who aren't listening to God and what God wants.
You know this.
You know who they are.
I need you to be my apostles.
Guys, hit pause, please.
Back this up ten seconds.
I mean, this woman looks like some kind of demonic, skexy, uh, witch.
And she's up there after they murdered all these people sending COVID patients to the hospitals on purpose and used ventilators to do it.
They got $33,000 for every person they killed and the big hospitals donated money to them.
And here's this monstrous woman.
I mean, she looks like a damn demon.
I don't know who looks more evil, her, Brian Stelter, or Governor Whitmer.
And she's up there saying, we know who they are.
Some people you hear aren't getting the message from God.
Oh, they're the devils, you see.
God gave us Fauci and Bill Gates and Big Pharma and the FDA director that legalized Oxycontin for children.
And you see, now God... God...
Has come out and given us her, but there's people that are of the devil.
We know who they are and she needs the apostles now to go out and rape us with the poison shot that removes our immune system and slowly kills us.
Here it is.
You're the smart ones, but you know there's people out there who aren't listening to God and what God wants.
You know this.
You know who they are.
I need you to be my apostles.
I need you to go out and talk about it and say, we owe this to each other.
We love each other.
Jesus taught us to love one another.
And how do you show that love?
But to care about each other enough to say, please get vaccinated because I love you.
I want you to live.
I want our kids to be safe when they're in schools.
I want you to be safe when you go to a doctor's office or to a hospital and are treated by somebody.
You don't want to get the virus from them.
You're already sick or you wouldn't be there.
I'm gonna have to come back and play this whole damn thing next segment and then just analyze it piece by piece.
She goes, listen to God, take the shot, be loving.
She doesn't wear a cross, she wears the word vaxxed around her neck, the new religion.
It's Big Pharma, it's the globalists, it's the big corporations, it's government.
And who tells us?
They're our God, it's the state.
And we get our sacrament like communion from the end of a needle.
And now they want our children.
And if you just joined us,
Apparently Alex Jones Show.
A couple segments back I got mad so mad I couldn't even be on air.
That's not an act.
I see all this and it's so evil and so horrible and other people are in a trance.
I think it's all normal to have this takeover happening that I'm not gonna yell and scream like I used to on air.
I'm just gonna have to go off air when that happens.
But that's a normal response.
The fact that we let them keep babies alive after they're born
So they call it 42 weeks.
They've passed laws around the country to keep babies alive for weeks after they're born, because they can get more money for their organs if they can get them born, have them in a hospital bed, in a special wing, and then wait till all the orders are ready.
Then they gut them, get to the airport, and, you know, fly it out, or people come in for their children to get those body parts.
And people aren't being told this.
And if you let that happen, if I let that happen, well, then I become an accomplice to it.
I told you about that more than 10 years ago.
Now it's mainstream news.
Well, it was in documents.
It was in lawsuits.
It came out then.
It was well-known then.
I had medical workers on that exposed it then.
I mean, I've had medical workers on from Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, and California.
So has Rob Dew, another host here.
Nurses that named their names that were in the newspaper went public in some of the cases because they would say, okay, now to give vaccinations to all the preemies.
Well, up until about 10 years ago, nobody gave shots to preemies because it could kill them, make them stop breathing.
Because they have an autoimmune response.
And they would then get mad at the hospital board and say, we want to be able to save them.
So some hospitals would say,
Okay, you can put them on ventilators or defibrillate their hearts if they die from the shot.
And so they would get all the equipment ready, give them the shots and watch in the next few minutes, the next few hours for them to stop breathing and they'd save them.
They were able to save most of them.
I've had three nurses on about that.
Those are interviews that YouTube, of course, erased, but they found some and put them back on Bandai Video.
That's just one thing I know about.
Do you understand how criminal the medical system is?
Do you realize how evil it is at the top with its insurance company and HMOs and corporate owners?
They're the worst people on the planet!
The FDA had approved fentanyl and OxyContin.
She approved the OxyContin, she was the regulator over it then, now she's the head, for children!
And now she tells you the COVID shot is safe and effective.
And you hear it from Biden?
And you hear it from the governor in New York?
They say, oh, you've got to keep people safe.
You've got to take the shot so no one can get COVID.
And they say it's totally effective.
It's not even 39% effective.
It gives you COVID.
Even their own numbers say 39.
Here's an example.
Biden, 97 to 98 percent of Americans must be vaxxed before we get back to normal.
That's a video statement he said last night.
Oh, really?
Here's Harvard.
Despite 95 percent vaccination rates, Harvard experiences substantial outbreak of COVID, more than twice the national average.
Meanwhile, Joe Rogan is attacked for calling a medical ID to buy or sell similar to Nazi Germany.
And the media attacks him, saying, no one's allowed to make allusions to Nazi Germany.
Let's get the ADL after you, except they've got one problem.
Even if you believe that outrageous yardstick where you can't compare things to a Holocaust, because there's been lots of killing on this planet, lots of things to compare it to.
Look at Mao, killed way more than Hitler ever did.
Can we talk about that?
Can we compare it to that?
How about it's worse than that?
But Joe didn't do that.
Joe talked.
And somebody put video of Nazis over it, and then now they're trying to get Joe in trouble because he's exposing what they're doing.
I'm going to get to that as well, but...
This video is so incredible.
I'm going to play it from the start to the end.
I'm not going to stop it.
I'm going to just cover it when we come back.
But here's the governor of New York yesterday at a major Bronx megachurch saying, God wants you to take this shot.
God gave you the scientists, Bill Gates and Pfizer and all the rest of them that have paid tens of billions of dollars for poisonous drugs they knowingly put out.
And that they are of the Lord and that listen to God and you need to take these shots.
It's the new religion.
She doesn't wear a cross around her neck.
She wears the word vaxxed.
This is an official rollout.
This is all war-gamed.
And that you're not listening to God.
We know who the bad people are, and we need the Christians.
Of course, these aren't Christians.
I'm not judging.
I'm just saying that this message is not Christian.
To accept the mark of the beast in New York, or you can't buy or sell unless you take this into your body.
I mean, this is how revelation unfolds with the takeover and seduction of the churches you're witnessing.
Behind every hero is a lot of heart.
Oh, you've got a lot of heart.
Now you're going to take your monthly shots, they've announced.
And pills you've got to take every day.
All from Pfizer!
Pfizer is like the priest handing us the wine and the bread, and this is the body and this is the blood, and they put it in us to make us better, to make us where we can live and do something.
I mean, this is an occult religion.
A giant satanic exercise, and here's one of their priestesses up there just with glowing demonic eyes.
I mean, she just looks like a villain out of a movie.
You would cast her in a movie for a dystopian future where they say it's the religion to take poison shots that create cancer virus-causing prions, spongiform encephalopathy, and all the death, and it's of the Lord, and God says do it, but oh, there's some people that aren't good who are influenced by maybe Satan?
So now the church lady's a pro-abortion, pro-partial birth abortion, crazed lunatic woman.
You've been given behavioral psychology, liberation theology, talking points to say it's a sacrament.
Here she is.
I prayed a lot to God during this time.
And you know what?
God did answer our prayers.
He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers.
He made them come up with a vaccine.
That is from God to us.
And we must say, thank you, God.
Thank you.
And I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to say I'm vaccinated.
All of you.
Yes, I know you're vaccinated.
You're the smart ones, but you know there's people out there who aren't listening to God and what God wants.
You know this.
You know who they are.
I need you to be my apostles.
I need you to go out and talk about it and say, we owe this to each other.
We love each other.
Jesus taught us to love one another.
And how do you show that love?
But to care about each other enough to say, please get vaccinated because I love you.
I want you to live.
I want our kids to be safe when they're in schools.
I want you to be safe when you go to a doctor's office or to a hospital and are treated by somebody.
You don't want to get the...
Virus from them?
You're already sick or you wouldn't be there!
We have to solve this, my friends.
I need every one of you.
I need you to let them know that this is how we can fight this pandemic, come back to normal, and then start talking about the real issues that we have to.
Fighting systemic racial injustice, which exists today, and if there's a denier, I will take you on any day, because I've seen it, I know it exists, and we are not going to have a blind eye to this ever again any longer.
So, they're launching global depopulation through these poison shots.
I have endless clips of top scientists, I'll play them next hour, brand new clips, saying it goes to your ovaries, it attacks your testicles, everything that's been coming out, everything that we know, historically, these people want to do, they're now doing through these injections.
And so she says it protects you when it doesn't.
She says it's God telling her to do this.
And she says, I'm fighting racial injustice, finally, when this is a giant depopulation operation.
And there she is in a predominantly minority church, telling them, take their shot.
Oh, but sorry, most of you did.
Now there's a third one.
Oh, there's a fourth one.
Oh, there's a pill you got to take.
Because she said, we got to get out of this.
We got to turn this around.
We got to solve this.
We're a year behind Australia.
A year ago they were telling them, just stay locked down, take your shots, you'll get out of this.
And now they're like, sorry, it's never gonna end.
Shots every two months, pills you gotta take.
If you try to leave your house, 30 cops come and jump on top of you.
This is the dystopia.
People were voting them out in Australia.
We're voting them out here.
And so the globalists said, let's just bring in Operation Lockstep, which is an authoritarian corporate plan to establish world medical dictatorship with a world ID.
And it's here!
And they're making their move.
And if we don't resist it, we will be totally enslaved.
This is their satanic, anti-human, post-human religion.
And any church promoting it, you know, has got a devil in the pulpit.
I'm gonna go to break.
Let's fight back with the new film, Vaxxed.
You get a free copy of Endgame at covidland.com.
I don't know.
Sixth of October to get the free copy of Endgame.
And then we want you to take that copy and make copies of both films and share them.
You go, I don't want a DVD, that's old tech.
No, it's actually HD.
Burn it.
Save it on your hard drive.
Make copies.
Share it.
Whatever you do, warn the world.
You are the Paul Reveres.
Or you can roll over and worship Satan.
We'll be right back.
When it came to the Hunter Biden scandal that could have derailed globalist puppet Joe Biden, the lamestream media was there.
You've said your dad always saw the good in you through all of this.
Was there ever a time when you thought, okay, there's no way.
He's going to give up on me.
I've done it now.
The president asked a leader of a foreign country to investigate his political rival.
So one simple question to start.
Is that appropriate?
You know, I feel like I learned a lot about crack and I know that sounds weird.
I hope that wasn't the message.
Being the subject of Donald Trump's ire is a feather in my cap.
After careful consideration, a system has been established that allows for Hunter Biden to work in his profession within reasonable safeguards.
Of course, he has the right to pursue an artistic career, just like any child of a president has the right to pursue a career.
When it came to aiding and abetting a biological weapon from China funded by our own government, the Mockingbird Media was there.
The coronavirus outbreak has led to complaints about a rise in anti-Chinese sentiment around the world.
We're in a very tribal and polarized time where the information flow sometimes is stovepiped where people are talking to other conspiracists or ignorant people.
Why do you keep calling this the Chinese virus?
It's not racist at all, no.
Not at all.
It comes from China.
When it came to spewing out nonsense regarding vaccinated people needing to be protected from the unvaccinated, the drive-by media indoctrination was there.
We are both sitting here now because Anna and Sonny, at the last minute we realized that they tested positive for COVID, so they have been taken off the show because the vice president is here now.
A pandemic of the unvaccinated.
What's your message to platforms like Facebook?
They're killing people.
Those who peddle and promote these dangerous lies are harming the very people who are most at risk.
And here's the latest data that confirms that we're still in a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
And when it comes to all opposition to the New World Order narrative of the planks of the communistic technocratic Great Reset, mainstream media implantation was there.
George Soros is this Democratic financier who has re-emerged in the last couple of years, pumping in some $40 million into campaigns this decade.
For that, he's drawn a lot of the ire of conservatives.
The Soros-occupied State Department.
The Democrats' George Soros.
George Soros.
He's also a philanthropist and born in Hungary, a naturalized U.S.
citizen, well-respected by many in the country.
The theories are as numerous as they are nonsensical.
There's a 5G pulse here.
From 5G towers and vaccines spreading coronavirus, to suspicions the virus was unleashed deliberately by Bill Gates.
What that was, was a protest against the overwhelming lies that the media has been pouring.
Well, it won't be long until you get the pizza.
Professor Stefan Lewandowski is a cognitive scientist.
He studies the way people think and why they engage in conspiracy theories.
Conspiracy theories become very attractive because they're offering psychological comfort, ironically.
If you can assume that there is a handful of really bad people out there who are conspiring to do these terrible things... I know, they've told us they are.
That provides you with comfort because in principle, at least, it would be controllable.
When people are more isolated, they've got a bit more time to think, they've got a bit more time to worry.
That also builds anxiety.
About who locked them up?
It makes people more vulnerable to these dangerous ideas being flouted out there.
Obviously don't think Bill Gates is behind all this.
I do not think Bill Gates is behind coronavirus.
You can always count on the treasonous sycophantic self-righteous dolts shilling out hours of self-dom disguised as journalism to assume that everyone who accepts them into their living room is a complete moron that can't think for themselves.
You know, CNN is just something that's...
It's a joke.
It's a joke.
Scott tells more lies, and Fox gives more news than CNN does in our two years.
What lie did I tell you?
What lie?
It's another good lie.
But the receipts are stacking up, and just like any force that dares to arrogantly obscure the truth, the foundation supporting the propaganda will eventually crumble.
John Bowne reporting.
Alright, stay with us folks.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're now into hour number two, and I got a ton of news and important information we're about to cover that's really earth-shaking.
And then next hour, you've seen preachers arrested in Australia and Canada for keeping their churches open during lockdowns.
Well, did you know that it's happening in Red Stick or Baton Rouge, Louisiana?
We got the pastor joining us next hour.
That's right, he refused to keep his church closed.
They've been harassing him ever since, and he just got out of jail.
Oh, and the Canadian pastor we've had on, he got arrested as well for, I guess, daring to come into the United States and come back to Canada and for other things.
This is true tyranny, ladies and gentlemen.
A lot of people say, well, just go along with it.
Well, no, that's what's going to make it 100 times worse, because this isn't just a tyranny that wants to take over.
It's a tyranny that already runs things.
And run things.
It wants to get rid of us.
It wants to play God.
It wants to depopulate us.
And all over the world they're announcing the COVID lockdowns are permanent.
The world ID cards are permanent.
New shots every few months.
You've got to take pills every day.
And Pfizer's the boss!
The head of Pfizer said yesterday.
There will be no one allowed to live on earth without vaccines.
He said you won't be able to live without the vaccines.
What a revolutionary statement.
What an earth-shaking statement.
Well now, big pharma surrogates everywhere, like the governor of New York, are saying God told her to take the vaccine.
And God said the people that don't take it are bad because the vaccine protects you and totally works and makes you safe.
That's why we have to fire all the medical workers and all the rest of it who are the medical workers and see what the shot's doing.
So let me show you some articles on that front, then I'll plow through all of it here today.
A quarter of the country can't go unvaccinated and us not continue to have a problem.
Oh, that's why the vaccinated are getting sick.
That's why they're the majority of those dying.
And here's evidence of that right here.
Despite 95% vaccination rates at Harvard,
They're experiencing substantial outbreak of COVID, just like all the other countries and islands, like Singapore, where no one's allowed in or out.
They vaccinate basically 95% there as well.
They have the worst rates in the world, next to Israel, who's also the highest vaxxed.
Despite having a vaccination rate higher than 95%, Harvard Business School has been forced to move its first and second year students to remote learning after a substantial outbreak of COVID.
In recent days, we've seen a steady rise in the breakthrough infections.
It's like doors on a submarine.
It's not a submarine.
It doesn't work.
It's not a vaccine.
In recent days, we've seen a steady rise in breakthrough infections among our student population despite high vaccination rates and frequent testing.
Mark Kutella, head of communications for Harvard Business School said, and it goes on from there,
You've got rates there that are way higher than the national average.
Meanwhile, natural immunity, which studies show is 27 times more protection, is completely discredited by the mainstream media.
The advice came out and said it doesn't exist.
That's like saying Alex Jones doesn't have a raspy voice.
It's just bald-faced gaslighting.
And I've got a lot more on that front I want to get to, but before I do that,
Let's get to some cold, hard, incredible breaking news facts.
This is a story on InfoWars.com.
It needs to go mega viral if you want to beat these people.
You are the soldiers.
You are the captains.
You are the sergeants.
You're the generals.
You're the privates.
End that fight.
And you may be good at one thing and not good at another.
Well, you're a general in the thing you're good at, you're a private in the thing you're bad at.
It doesn't matter.
Start fighting on every front politically, culturally, spiritually, economically, and to defend yourself physically if need be, and you'll build those muscles in every aspect of your life.
Here it is, 4,600 doctors, it was 3,900 yesterday, sign declaration accusing COVID policymakers of crimes against humanity.
It's powerful.
Meanwhile, new videos come out.
The third in the series from the great folks at Project Veritas.
Johnson and Johnson officials.
Kids shouldn't get an effing COVID vaccine due to unknown repercussions.
Then they go into side effects.
Even the heads of the FDA scientists quit, but they don't care.
Texas and Florida governors bypass Biden.
Purchase life-saving antibody treatment for COVID because Biden won't give it to southern states.
He wants us all dead, folks.
Total war.
That's all coming up, but first, let's go to the inventor of mRNA technology who says it doesn't work and is dangerous for, quote, the cold.
Dr. Robert Malone reads the Global COVID Summit Declaration.
This is from a couple days ago when it was 2,000 names.
Now it's 4,000 as of showtime, 4,600.
It's probably 5,000, 10,000 now.
Who knows?
We'll have updates as they develop.
Oh, but they say no doctors or scientists are going against this.
Well, that's not the truth.
Here's Dr. Robert Malone reading the Global COVID Summit Declaration.
This declaration of the COVID Summit in Rome, Italy.
We, the physicians of the world, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the profession of medicine as we know it, is at a crossroad, are compelled to declare the following.
Whereas, it is our utmost responsibility and duty to uphold and restore the dignity, integrity, art, and science of medicine.
Whereas, there is an unprecedented assault on our ability to care for our patients.
Whereas, public policy has chosen to ignore fundamental concepts of science, health, and wellness, instead embracing a one-size-fits-all treatment strategy, which has led to more illness and death than the individualized, personalized approach to health care.
Whereas, physicians and other health care providers working at the front lines, including those here,
Utilizing their knowledge of epidemiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology are often first to identify new, potentially life-saving treatments.
Whereas, physicians are increasingly being discouraged from engaging in open professional discourse and the exchange of ideas about new and emerging diseases, not only endangering the essence of the medical profession, but more importantly, more tragically, the lives of our patients, you in the audience that are listening.
Whereas thousands of physicians are being denied the right to provide treatment to their patients as a result of barriers put up by pharmacies, hospitals, and public health agencies, rendering the vast majority of health care providers helpless to protect their patients in the face of disease.
Physicians are now advising their patients to simply go home, allowing the virus to incubate and the disease develop, and to return when their disease worsens, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary patient deaths due to failure to treat.
Whereas, the above is not medicine, it is not care.
We cannot sit idle while patients are forced to go home and sicken in place.
These policies may actually constitute crimes against humanity.
Now, therefore, it is resolved that the physician-patient relationship must be restored.
The very heart of medicine is this relationship, which allows physicians to best understand their patients and their illness, to formulate treatments that give the best chance of success while the patient is an active participant.
There's a lot more of this.
The conference went on for days, but there's some powerful 5, 10, 20-minute boil-down videos of top scientists, Nobel Prize winners for virology, inventors of mRNA.
I mean, you talk about star-studded, top advisor to the EU medical system.
They're all there.
This conference has been going on for a week.
And one of our reporters got invited to it, but we had to pay for the plane ticket and stuff, so we didn't have the money to do it.
And that's where Importers is, I'm not complaining.
I'm just saying that's where we are.
We would like to cover it, but it doesn't matter.
It's gotten out, we're gonna get it out here.
But this really is, by every yardstick, an overthrow of medicine, an overthrow of reality.
I mean, they say on the news, natural immunity does not exist.
It's 27 times better.
Israeli study, everybody knows that.
I mean, this is like saying, Jones is not wearing a navy blue shirt.
I mean, they are gaslighting everybody, going, it's science!
Yes, I am.
And then now the governor of New York goes, it's a religion.
And those that don't take the shot are of the devil.
They are getting ready for mass persecution.
I'll explain it when we come back.
As God is my witness, they're going to put us in FEMA camps.
But let's keep showing you facts and science here.
4,600 cream-of-the-crop scientists, virologists, epidemiologists,
Endocrinologist, pathologist.
I mean, the National Board of Pathologists in Germany went public six months ago and said, we're seeing massive cancers, massive heart attacks, massive blood clots from the vaccines.
That's pathologists, that's coroners.
You had the big national board and the Tokyo board of scientists come out and say, ivermectin when given early has a 99% success rate.
The media says, oh, people are filling the hospitals from horse paste.
Fake story.
AP ran a fake story.
Because they are owned by the globalists and they are waging war on us.
Most of the news is true and accurate, but when it's the big story they're hammering you with and pushing that, oh, there's thousands dead and dying from the horse paste and these hospitals are full in Oklahoma.
They didn't show you a video.
They didn't say which hospitals.
Well, we went and checked.
And nobody was there.
They were under, understaffed because they were overstaffed because there was nobody there.
The hospitals were basically empty.
So they cut their staff back and said, no, we're not even at full capacity.
There's no ambulances lined up.
There's nobody waiting for healthcare here.
It was all fake.
It's the same thing over and over again.
So they sit there and they lie to us and they tell us that no scientists think this is dangerous.
Okay, what about this scientist?
Oh, well, that's just one scientist.
What about this scientist?
Well, that's just one more.
And then 4,600 plus on a declaration this is crimes against humanity and that they're suppressing people's medical care and killing them.
That it's got to stop, and that the UN and Big Pharma's running it, and that the vaccines aren't vaccines and are hurting people.
Their response is, well, just censor that off the internet so nobody can hear it.
This is all the big tech and all the big media and all the big pharma owned by the big corrupt families and the banks, waging war on humanity, bullying humanity.
Coming in and just assaulting common sense, assaulting families, assaulting our health, assaulting our economy, telling us we're not essential, putting us under martial law, locking us down, and in the regions that have globalist in control, they've announced you're never coming out of lockdown.
Was it 15 days to flatten the curve?
We told you.
This is the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it.
Because Klaus Schwab says this is the Great Reset.
The post-industrial world forced depopulation of 90%.
His Wikipedia says he wants to capture governments and not have voters have any power.
That's called someone promoting a corporate worldwide dictatorship.
There's no debate.
There's no discussion.
The facts are all there.
But they don't want to debate in the discussion because they can't debate us.
We're ready to debate them because we have all the facts.
And then you realize there is no debate.
That's why they don't want to have a debate is because they can't argue with us.
They can only hope to gaslight us and censor us and scare enough people away from doing their own research.
Hey, let me talk about something I can do, something that's solution-based, and that's keep our health up and be healthy and keep this broadcast on the air.
Let's talk about some of that.
We have a lot of really important things that are now not back in stock.
They're about to be out of stock.
But despite that, I'm going to sell them at a discount so we can keep the lights on around here.
And this is really a great formula.
It's a green fiber capsules made with organic vegetables.
This is not made from just crappy lettuce or something.
This is made from a whole bunch of known types of fiber that are the highest in organic
Pea fiber, organic alfalfa leaf, a bunch of different organic wheatgrass that's really important, organic cilantro leaf, organic kale, organic flax sprout, organic a whole bunch of other really fancy plants.
And I just want everything we sell here is always the highest end.
But at a low price.
So we've got a very limited amount of this.
More is not coming in, I'm told, until maybe December.
But despite that, it's $22.45 for this.
And a comparable one like this would be $35 at Whole Foods.
And it's got 100% reviews there.
Organic Green Caps.
Great way to help yourself be a lot healthier and regular.
It's just an amazing product.
Green Fiber Caps are 50% off at InfoWarsStore.com.
As soon as you give politicians power, any kind of power that didn't exist previously,
If they can figure out a way to force you into carrying something that lets you enter businesses, or lets you do this, or lets businesses open, historically, they are not going to give that power up.
They find new reasons to use it.
We have to protect those freedoms at all costs, whether you agree with people's choices or not, because it is the foundation that this country was founded on.
This idea of freedom, there's so many people that think it's frivolous, it's not important, it's not the main thing that we should be focused on, but it is the literal structure that allows this country to be so amazing.
Every single country that's ever existed, other than the United States, up until 1776, every...
This fucking country that has ever existed was run by dictators.
All of them.
This is the first experiment in self-government that actually worked, and it created the greatest superpower the world's ever known.
It created the greatest cultural machine, the greatest machine of art and creativity and innovation, right fucking here.
And how did it do that?
It did it through freedom.
And as soon as you see something, anything, that comes along and inhibits your freedom, you should be very cautious about that.
All right, our next guest on this emergency Saturday broadcast that everybody's got to share right now, whether you're watching it as it streams out or when it's archived at freeworldnews.tv is Dr. Richard Bartlett.
He's one of those first big prominent doctors to really put inhalable steroids and other things on the map and to go on Fox News and to go on Texas News and to really go out there and inform others.
He's a very respected doctor, former top medical advisor to Rick Perry for seven years, Volunteer Service Merit Award, HHS Commission, Texas Leadership Medical Assistance.
He's been on the big state boards.
Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Center Advisor in Texas and COVID Texas Emergency Management.
And of course, he's also been a flight surgeon and a lot more.
And he joins us here and he said if I bring it up, he'll talk about it, but it's private medical stuff.
He's helped dozens and dozens.
Well, that's conservative.
A lot of people that I've known, because this Delta thing just raged through.
I got to enjoy it like a gorilla on my chest, but I got on what he recommended through a doctor's, and it was incredible.
Within 24 hours, I was 90% better than I had just a nagging cough for a few weeks.
Almost killed my dad.
Dad didn't tell me.
Mom didn't tell me.
I live in Austin.
They're both exercise and pretty good health at 71, 72.
And I thought my dad was dead.
He was like 82 oxygen within one day of what Dr. Bartlett put me in touch with local doctors and others that got him on this regimen.
My dad, again, when I got there was all this mail piled up and I'm like, what the hell is this?
I heard he was sick.
It was all these chairs he'd ordered from Amazon of all places.
And they were deck chairs, pool chairs he hadn't put together.
The next morning, I get over there to make him get up and stuff like Dr. Bartlett told me to do, and he's up putting chairs together and like pink-skinned and like 80%, 90% better.
This was incredible.
If he'd have gone to a hospital, he'd be dead.
Tim Inlow's really good friend from the military.
He's a nurse.
Great shape, everything.
She's dead now.
She went into the hospital a month ago, said, I can't breathe.
They said, go home.
By the time she came in with 80 oxygen, they intubated her to death two days later.
So that's the story you're going to hear over and over again.
So I'm going to try to give him the floor.
He's a gentleman, but I'm going to try to be quiet for him to not just have five minutes on Fox News or, you know, three minutes on local news to really
Cover the waterfront, and also I'm getting doctor's reports and it's in the news that they're now trying to ration a Regeneron, which I've talked to a bunch of other medical doctors, they say is way better than the Eli Lilly thing.
I guess it's got two antibodies and a bunch of crew in my office.
We're good to go.
But when they have liability protection, they're being forced on me by Bill Gates.
So I'm going to shut up and go to Dr. Richard Bartlett, who is, again, a hero, a super hardworking doctor, a true doctor.
They're not.
And it's doctors countering this big corporate takeover of medicine.
And it's a beautiful thing.
So I really appreciate him coming on.
His websites are BudesodineWorks.com.
Yeah, I feel like I couldn't breathe, and every time I would do it, I felt better for a while, but it went away in a few days.
And we'll try to put those URLs on screen.
SynergyHealthDPC.com and BudesodineWorks.com.
All right, Doc.
If I don't talk, don't stop.
Because if I talk, I'll talk over you.
You've said you've been a listener for a while, so you know that.
You've got the floor for the time we've got on this Saturday evening.
Thanks for spending your time with us.
You've been very busy and hard to get on, I understand.
So thank you for joining us.
Alex, I just finished another long day at the Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Center in West Texas.
And this is another early outpatient therapy that works against COVID.
This actually works.
Half of the people that come in, I'd say approximately half, have been vaccinated.
What does that tell you about that?
But I'll tell you, this helps whether you've been vaccinated or not.
If you have COVID and you have symptoms, we're seeing people immediately get results.
And so, the strategy out of this pandemic is early, effective outpatient therapies.
Treating people early.
We've been trying the vaccine.
We've been trying the masks.
We've been trying social distancing.
Those things have been strategies that came out of China.
How's that working?
But I'll tell you, early effective outpatient therapies are working.
We have a trail of people living instead of a trail of tears with the other strategy.
Frankly, I'm not happy about people dying.
And so there are some things that work.
And for instance,
This little university called Oxford University, the oldest university in the English-speaking world, since 1096, with 72 Nobel Prize laureates, proved that Budesonide is an effective early therapy for COVID.
That one medicine, and they used in the STOIC trial, a randomized controlled trial,
They were giving just a whiff of that, a puff twice a day with an inhaler.
And they concluded that 90% of hospitalizations, ER visits, and urgent care visits could be prevented with early outpatient budesonide.
I think that's big news.
Oxford's the same place
That they came out with using dexamethasone IV in the hospital for COVID patients in the ICU.
And they concluded that 20 to 33% increased survival with that strategy.
How about the same university, Oxford University, later showing a 90% success rate with just an inhaled steroid, which is
Inexpensive, readily available, generic.
Nobody's going to make any money off of this, but it's in every pharmacy on every corner in the United States.
It's in every hospital in the United States.
And so that's just one tool.
But then you look at Regeneron monoclonal antibody infusion centers and that 30 minute infusion, it will prevent 70% of hospitalizations and death
I'm starting to see a pattern here that early outpatient therapies are a good idea and they're the way to go.
And so, let's consider 90% with Budesonide, early, inexpensive, very safe, has been used on 2-pound preemie babies in the NICU for decades now.
We know what to expect with it.
There's a wealth of information about it.
And then you look at Regeneron using monoclonal antibodies, a technology that we've had for 40 years now in medicine, that we use in cancer treatment, that we use in other infectious diseases.
And the evidence is 70% decrease in hospitalization and deaths
With just a 30-minute infusion?
Here's what I'm seeing in this monoclonal antibody infusion center.
I'm seeing people while they're sitting in a chair, bored, just sitting there getting this infusion.
They're telling me, I've had a headache for five days and it just went away.
They're telling me the burning in my chest is gone.
My body aches are gone.
The fatigue I had for days is gone.
I have more energy.
They're leaving with a smile.
I've joked that they crawl in and they walk out, but we're seeing dramatic results.
And let me just interrupt you, sir.
Trump took it and said within five, six hours, he felt like a new man.
I've had five of my crews, I got a big crew here who just went and got it when they got sick and literally went from not being able to breathe, in the case of Zach, I won't say his last name,
And he literally said, in five hours, the headache, the not being able to breathe, he felt great in five hours!
Now I'm not saying everybody's having that, but everybody I know, within five hours, Joe Rogan, one day, gone.
I mean, fever, sweats, can't breathe, gone.
What in the hell is that Regeneron doing?
Well, it's an antibody.
Antibodies are like a lock and key.
They only bind to one specific thing called an antigen, which is on the cell surface of a cancer cell or it's on the outside of a virus.
And so you see an antibody binding to an antigen like lock and key and
And so it goes through your bloodstream looking for the virus, binding to the virus, and immediately triggering your immune system to kill the virus.
And so literally the virus is being, it's like the antibodies are on a search and destroy mission.
They're immediately going and finding the virus and killing all the viruses in the bloodstream.
And so as they're sitting in the chair, they literally are having their symptoms leave their body because the virus is being killed on contact with the antibody.
This is an antibody that's multiplied in the lab.
And as it goes through your bloodstream, it'll be cleared out of your body by your spleen, by your liver, by your kidneys.
Those are the filtering systems that God gave us.
And so those will clear those antibodies out.
But while they're there, they're having a tremendous benefit for the people.
And so 70% decrease in death and hospitalizations just with a 30 minute infusion.
But you can also give this as for subcutaneous shots, which takes just a minute.
So there are infusion centers that are being Regeneron centers that are being set up in Florida and Texas all in many states.
Where they're expecting to see 300 people a day.
So you're the expert on this.
You're the expert on this and you told me about the treatments that saved my dad, hands down.
You also saved Rob, too.
I really appreciate it.
That's a separate subject.
But expanding on that, is there, because I get this from other doctors, and I know Dr. McCullough is a great guy, and he said, oh, yes, Regeneron is much better than Eli Lilly.
He's not involved in it.
He just says,
This is two instead of one.
Again, I'm a layman here.
But I saw that Biden set a board up that's talking about not giving it to people that aren't vaccinated.
Is that true?
So if he said it, first of all, I think you need to verify.
And so I actually don't listen to him very much.
I'm busy taking care of people.
I understand.
And I'm interested in facts and science.
And so we don't get a lot of Biden, so it's probably not true.
Right, so I don't know what he's saying and if he says it, I'm almost expecting something else.
But I will say, facts and science.
Randomized controlled trials, the gold standard for evidence-based medicine.
The STOIC trial, the principal trial, out of Oxford University showing Budesonide is effective.
Something that you broke the news on a year ago to your credit, Alex, when other people were not paying attention or suppressing this information.
They were censoring this information.
You were getting it out.
That Budesonide can save lives for COVID patients.
And then a year later I experienced it with my father.
And I'll tell you something else that's critical.
Budesonide, when I broke that story a year ago, I talked about my protocol, which was budesonide as a nebulizer treatment, also an antibiotic called clarithromycin, and an aspirin.
And the aspirin, I saw a study the other day at the NIH database that said that 14.1%
of COVID patients in the hospital experience venous thromboemboli, basically clots, which would equal a heart attack, a stroke, or a pulmonary embolus in the lungs.
And so the aspirin was part of the strategy a year ago, and now we have a study verifying that it's totally appropriate, validating it.
And so an aspirin a day is critical if someone's not allergic to it.
And the antibiotic that I chose was clarithromycin because our risk of a secondary bacterial pneumonia, the number one risk factor for that is a viral respiratory infection.
Guess what COVID is?
And so we have, we can be proactive.
We can empirically treat people.
And I wrote a case study and published it a year ago, explaining all of these things with 50 articles that we referenced, peer reviewed,
And so this was not something that was hidden in the dark.
And, you know, you've experienced censorship.
When I wrote this a year ago, I said that Budesonide was the silver bullet of my strategy.
I don't know, Alex, what you would call a medicine that can prevent 90% of hospitalizations, ER visits, and urgent care visits for a deadly pandemic.
But I think maybe
Maybe something that prevents 90% would be a silver bullet.
But I got a lot of pushback.
Fauci got Matthew McConaughey to do an interview on the internet.
And McConaughey asked him, hey, what about budesonide?
People think that that works for COVID.
And Fauci said, well, in reality, Matthew, it's just a placebo.
And so how much death and destruction
Resulted from him putting out misinformation because either he's saying the wrong thing or Oxford University is wrong with their science randomized controlled trials.
Let me just stop you doctor because Fauci yesterday on CNN, I played the clip on my Friday show, he said
What in the world's going on there?
Well, there's a tremendous amount of misinformation.
And that's the first thing that I appreciate Fauci saying is he doesn't know.
Finally, he admitted it.
But if you look at Washington University School of Medicine, they've been drawing blood from COVID survivors.
Maybe he pulled that out of thin air.
Other people say that he pulled it out of somewhere else, but he had no randomized controlled trial to quote what he was saying.
He said many things.
It's all anecdotal.
It's all anecdotal.
He talks to us like he's a butcher.
Doesn't even talk that.
I mean, talks more intelligently.
He's like, I wouldn't want my kids without a mask.
And before, oh, you don't need a mask.
It's all contradictory in that little gangster accent.
It's ridiculous.
Yeah, well, the bottom line is everything he said that I've heard, I've never heard him say, based on this randomized controlled trial, based on this science, all I've heard is, don't wear a mask.
It doesn't give the protection that you think it does.
And then he says, maybe we should wear a mask because it's a symbol we're in it together.
And then he says, wear a mask.
And then he says, maybe two masks.
And then he says, if you get the shot, you don't have to wear a mask.
And then he says, if you get the shot, you have to wear a mask.
And he never offers
Scientific evidence and so at some point you got to say who's responsible for putting him in front of the microphone and should he be there?
I think at the bottom line is.
Clearly, people have durable, lasting immunity, just as Senator Rand Paul, Dr. Rand Paul, has made the case.
I was going to ask a question, just as a citizen and as a doctor.
I think we're talking about what you can fix.
Getting people things that actually work.
You know, they're going to lie, they're going to cheat, they're with big pharma, it's a takeover, it's terrible.
You're just going to counter it with, hey, this really works, and that overall belief in the power of the people and good physicians and others to tell the truth.
But what do you make of, we had a year and a half ago,
We're good to go.
No, he never did any gain-of-function.
When he held gain-of-function conferences and called for it, when in the emails dozens of times, about 900 pages of it, he says, I want gain-of-function, merge these five viruses, and then make sure it can jump into humans.
I mean, it's literally...
I think so.
You know, I can't argue with you.
I would say that he's made some decisions that have been devastating to our people in the United States and around the world.
Um, now we know that it was a bad idea to close schools a year ago because children could have been that buffer to the pandemic.
They would have contributed to herd immunity because we had just as many Children die last year in 2020 from COVID.
As have died from school bus related accidents.
Explain to people who heard immunity that don't understand it.
Another thing the Democrats and Fauci say is, oh that doesn't exist.
That's like saying the sky doesn't exist.
Explain it to them.
So when you have enough people in the community that have been exposed to a virus like the H1N1 pandemic that we had in 2009, that was a deadly respiratory virus that was highly contagious, killing tens of thousands of Americans.
But when you have enough of the population that's been exposed to that virus and has recovered and has immunity that is lasting, when that virus comes to them, they will not carry that virus.
They will not spread that virus.
That virus cannot make them sick again because of their natural immune system functioning.
And so that's what causes herd immunity.
And so we made it through a deadly pandemic in 2009.
Without one vaccine, without one mandated shot, without the risk of tens of thousands of people having complications from a vaccine, without using an experimental gene therapy.
And so how do we do that?
Well, that was natural herd immunity.
H1N1 pandemic, a deadly virus pandemic in the United States, and it was over quickly.
And we did not close schools.
We did not say that everyone has to wear a mask.
We did not have lockdowns.
We did not do all of the amazing things that they've come up with in the last year.
And how did it work this year compared to 2009?
So, herd immunity is when you have enough of the population that has recovered and they are protected and they can't spread the virus.
And so that is a real way out of the pandemic.
We treat people that are sick with effective, proven, inexpensive strategies.
And we educate the people with facts instead of propaganda.
And we drop failed strategies.
And if it didn't work the first time, well, who would say do it again?
But that's what we're hearing.
And then you need to deal with the problem that you brought up earlier.
Senator Tom Cotton has been saying that this looks like it could be a bioweapon.
That's germ warfare.
That's what I've heard him basically saying for approximately a year.
And he gets to hear intelligence that I don't get to hear.
And then you have Senator Rand Paul showing evidence of gain-of-function testing and research to make a deadly virus in the Wuhan lab.
And so I'm saying there's a lot of evidence here that we are dealing with germ warfare.
There are people that are saying that.
So I can tell you that this COVID that we're dealing with is a disease that we've never seen before in medicine.
I've been practicing for 30 years and we have never had a disease like this.
Well, sir, if you read the letters from Fauci, I'm sure you've seen them, I've been showing them there every day, it's him ordering them to combine all these, this bat and this animal and this animal, and then add a protein to it and make sure it can jump into humans.
I mean, it says it right there!
I mean, wow!
And then they claim evolutionary, all these things just did this.
It's like saying a fine Swiss watch was just sand in the desert of, you know, the Sahara made it.
I mean, we have them, so yeah, absolutely.
Well, I would say in general, the American people are not that gullible.
That there is still common sense in the United States.
And that the public is not as stupid as Fauci may think we are.
Actually, we can say, wow, all the evidence sure looks like this is a different kind of disease than we've ever had before.
And it sure is suspicious that their only strategy that they'll offer is just a vaccine.
And it sure is interesting that they're suppressing the reality that there are effective early outpatient treatment strategies from reputable sources that are verified by reputable sources.
It's almost like the Democrats in the deep state are in with the Chinese.
You know, it's interesting that the virus did come from China.
The government of China was involved in it with the Wuhan lab.
And that does look like that's the situation to me.
I'm convinced of that personally.
That's my opinion.
And then you look at the solutions seem to be coming out of China.
The masks are made in China.
The PPEs are made in China.
There seems to be the problem and the solution seems to be coming from the same source.
I don't think that China in itself is the whole problem.
But this is the United States of America where people should have patient rights.
It's starting to look a lot more like a socialist state to me.
Where they're talking about possibly the latest thing I've heard is we're with the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Center and what I heard yesterday was that the federal government might be taking over the distribution of Regeneron.
I hope not.
And that they might actually start decreasing or rationing the Regeneron?
I hope not.
But rationing of health care is what you see in socialist countries.
And it doesn't work very well.
It's a disaster.
Rationing of anything should not be a strategy.
Well, if you've got a solution to a problem that keeps them in power, they're not going to want that out there.
And all I can say is what a blessing
I mean, I'm all for these companies who develop miracle stuff like this.
I believe in medicine, if it's applied properly and tested and all the rest of it.
And correct me if I'm wrong, but it's been around since 1988, the company.
And they started with these, you know, two really smart scientists who went back to 1900 at the idea of creating a compound for each disease that would target the actual cause.
Silver bullets, what they called it.
And then they've gone out and gotten a bunch of stuff patented for all sorts of things and for their size per capita, the most profitable company out there, which is good.
And they don't have liability protection like the vaccine makers, which I don't think they should have.
And then the things we see really working are great.
So I want those type of things.
My God, if I'm sick, I want there's some deadly thing out there.
I want it.
But unfortunately, these vaccines, we look at Israel, sir, and I know I want you to have the floor, 30 minutes we have left.
I know you're really busy here this evening and you're giving us your time.
But what do you make of all the graphs out of Israel, out of the UN, everywhere?
India, the same numbers.
Sweden, the same numbers.
They're not vaccinating.
They're doing all this other stuff.
Almost nobody dying or sick.
Israel, most vaccinated, the most sick.
And it's repeated all over the place.
The more vaccinated, the more sick.
What do you make of these graphs, Dr. Bartlett?
Well, let's just use common sense like you always do, Alex.
You know, if you have more people vaccinated, you should start seeing less of the disease, if it works.
And so, in Israel, 85% vaccination rate, they're having the same problem, the same surge.
And they're also starting to admit that the vaccine's effectiveness is waning.
I think I heard a month ago that it was only 39% effective, according to Israel.
I think you're going to see that drop to zero eventually because of the variants that are coming out.
But you look at what's happening in Israel and what I saw when I looked at it, my understanding is four out of five people in the hospital in Israel have been vaccinated now.
And so does is that evidence that the vaccine is working?
Or look where we are, where I'd say we're about 41% vaccinated in West Texas, and I'd say about 41% of the people that come in the center that are sick, needing the infusion, have been vaccinated.
I'd say it almost looks like maybe it's not a winning strategy, but independent of that, I also work in the emergency room as an emergency room doctor.
And so I have seen people who have come in injured from the vaccine.
And so they've come in, they've they got the vaccine at a pharmacy.
They immediately had a reaction where they felt like they were going to pass out, go home.
And they come into my emergency room with the worst headache they've ever had.
They can't feel anything on the left side of their body.
They can't move their left arm.
And they only received the vaccine because the in-laws wouldn't visit if they didn't get the vaccine because of the propaganda.
Does the left arm, because I've heard people that have taken it say that, does that mean cardiac, because when you have a heart attack, the left arm seizes up, or what does that mean?
I'm talking about stroke symptoms.
Stroke symptoms, where they have sensory deficit and motor deficit on the same side.
Is that the lipid getting the stuff across the blood-brain barrier, as they admit happens?
There's a lot of things that are going on that are not.
I'm going to mention a few other things that I'm seeing.
I saw a lady who after the vaccine, several hours later, she's my patient in the emergency room.
Her legs won't work when she tries to stand up.
She has transverse myelitis.
I saw a gentleman who's a hard worker, works as a landscaper.
And he received the first shot, the first COVID shot.
And he comes in to see me two weeks after that shot.
And he's had two weeks of shortness of breath.
And we have to wait until we put him on supplemental oxygen and he can catch his breath before he can tell us that he had gotten the shot and immediately fell short of breath.
And we resuscitate him enough that he can go home.
But I see him five months later in the emergency room and he's a pulmonary cripple now.
I've seen the college students that come in who are 18 years old and healthy with no health problems and they come in as my patient in the emergency room and they have four days where they can't think clearly.
They feel like they're going to pass out.
They're lightheaded.
They're weak.
And what happened four days ago?
They received their COVID shot.
And so these things I have seen, I have been the attending emergency room doctor for these
Specific complications.
I've managed these myself.
The vaccine has risk and the fact that we're not giving informed consent and we're not telling patients in the messaging that's coming out on TV and radio when they say roll up your sleeve.
What kind of informed consent is that?
They should be saying here's the risk and here's the benefit.
I've seen
Evidence of the risk.
I've seen people harmed from the vaccine.
And I've presented this testimony to the Texas Senate earlier this year.
And there are other doctors who have done the same.
But where's the benefit?
If you look at Israel, and they're having four out of five people in the hospital during this surge of new cases have been vaccinated.
I don't see the benefit.
Or if I see that a lot of the people that are coming in the infusion center have been vaccinated, they didn't benefit from the shot.
So I see, I don't see a lot of benefit.
I see, I have seen the real risk.
And at the same time, a year ago, I said, why are we even talking about vaccines?
Because we have effective early outpatient
We have a winning strategy.
We have a way out of this pandemic.
We still have a way out of this pandemic, but we need to deal with where did these come from?
And are any other viruses going to come from a similar source, Alex?
So think about that.
Where did SARS-2 come from?
Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Rand Paul.
They've given us a lot of evidence to the whole world to their credit.
Those two men have dealt with, they have proven, they have presented evidence.
And they have talked science.
And these are men who have talked about solid, credible information.
And they have presented it to the world.
So I'm saying Delta variant?
Lambda variant?
Mu variant?
Are these really mutations?
Because back in March of 2020, three months into this pandemic, Iceland
studied the genome of every SARS virus out of their COVID patients in Iceland, and they had found 243 mutations three months into this pandemic.
Now we have no doubt thousands, probably tens of thousands of mutations.
So is Delta variant just a mutation?
Or where did SARS-2 come from?
And where are these new things coming from?
And so that is really... Let's just go there.
Clearly, that's how you do a bioweapon rollout.
And we had a very chilling statement a few days ago when Biden made his big declaration of medical tyranny and federal authoritarianism.
And even mainline lawyers are saying it's the most dictatorial thing since Abraham Lincoln.
And Abraham Lincoln actually had a war going on.
The key parts of my pandemic preparedness plan so that America isn't caught flat-footed with a new pandemic comes again, as it will.
Yeah, you know, as it will and Fauci saying, oh, don't worry, Trump's going to get hit by a big pandemic very soon as it will happen.
So so so.
I mean, go where you're going now in more detail of what you're really saying here about how the Democrats are simpatico with the chi-coms.
This aids their takeover all over the world.
We see governments declaring new world order, saying we're going to lock you in your house forever.
You can't leave unless you take the shots.
The shots don't work.
More shots, the studies show, lower your immunity.
I mean, Doc, you're a smart guy and you're all about the science and I know you're only saying things
Alex, after 9-11, as an emergency room doctor, I was trained in how to take care of people in the emergency room if there was a nuclear war, if there was chemical warfare.
If there was bioweapons used.
And so that was continuing education that I received after 9-11.
And we know that germ warfare bioweapons have been used in recent times.
And when?
Well, I think you and I know.
Teenagers may not be aware of anthrax when that was mailed to people in Congress.
That's a bioweapon.
There's been sarin used.
There have been other bioweapons used, but bioweapons created and discussed so publicly, like at the Wuhan lab.
I think this is amazing that the obvious isn't being stated.
That we are having, I think, let's look at another clue.
Why is Fauci not calling this the Delta Mutant?
The mutation?
Because that would be really hard for doctors to swallow and really hard for scientists to swallow because there's been so many mutations already of this virus.
To call it a variant?
Well, where did that SARS-2 variant come from?
I think that Tom Cotton is correct.
I think that Rand Paul is correct and that they're both very brave
To inform the world from the Senate floor of evidence that they have.
And so I think we do need this is where governments and military are involved, where we have.
I think there's strong evidence that this is a bioweapon.
And fortunately, again, the good news is we're not helpless or hopeless at this point.
We do have effective treatment strategies, and they've been employed around the world.
And I want to talk about this, doctor, but just to stop because you're really a smart guy on this, I want to pick your brain.
Clearly, they developed a bunch of variants.
Again, even the former head of Pfizer was on Fox News.
I meant to play the clip on Friday.
I did.
Maybe after you're gone, we'll play because I don't want to take up your time with that.
But again, the former head of Pfizer said,
Look, Fauci made far worse things at labs at Wuhan, so it looks like there's part of the American establishment that's not suicidal and wants this to stop, because that's what a lot of smart people I've talked to in former U.S.
intelligence, high level, highest level, I know you've talked to some people that have headed up U.S.
intelligence agencies, we'll leave it at that.
No, that's what this is.
But we have to go to war with China if they did that.
And we know part of our establishment was in bed doing this as well.
But I think finally, people that are patriots get China's going to win this war and the globalists are going to win it with them and we don't start stopping these people.
So you're right.
I see Rand Paul saying arrest Fauci.
I see Cotton saying it.
I see others saying it.
And so I think we're moving in the right direction.
But Americans better be praying.
And they better understand how much danger we're all in, and we need to all have courage to tell the truth, because we're at a crossroads right now.
That's what I think you're saying, Doctor.
That's exactly what I'm saying.
And I couldn't have said it better.
People need to pray.
This is still one nation under God.
And this is an exceptional nation.
And it is the best country in the world.
I've led medical missions around the world to many countries helping people in desperate situations.
And now we're in a desperate situation around the world, including in our own homeland.
And so, yes, it needs to start with prayer.
I think everyone needs to, first of all, be informed.
They cannot be passive.
They cannot be just absorbing whatever comes through the mainstream media.
I think at this point it's been proven to be, in many times, totally erroneous.
And if you
And there was a, you alluded to it earlier, that there was a government
There was a government that set a doctor as their number one spokesman for health care and whatever he said went and nobody questioned it or they'd be punished.
And his name was Joseph Mingala.
And so has that happened before?
It has happened before.
People need to be careful what they listen to because if you keep listening to the same thing over and over you might start believing it.
So you need if someone has been proven to be
A source of wrong information, then erroneous information over and over again.
You need to, if you hear his voice, turn it off.
Don't listen to that and seek out real information and where you are, do what you can with what you got.
I say roll up your sleeves to help your fellow American.
Roll up your sleeves to help your fellow American and let's go with a winning strategy of early effective outpatient treatment.
But even when someone's in the hospital, it's not hopeless.
Alex, we're hearing reports of people who have been in the ICU who have been given Budesonide nebulizer treatments and they've been rescued off of ventilators out of the ICU and brought home.
And so I have reports of that from California to Florida to Georgia to Texas to Indiana.
And so, the truth is spreading.
We do have effective treatments, effective therapies, and these should not be ignored.
They've been suppressed.
I've been censored on every level.
Well, that was my next question.
We need listeners to know, and I mean, have it really sink in.
It's not just background noise.
Please share the links.
Please share this video.
I don't care about money or being famous or any of that, okay?
I got into this to fight gun control and open borders and globalism.
28 years ago, you know, the doctor got into it because he's fulfilled helping people because we got our heads screwed on, you know, partially straight and we're all sinners.
None of us are perfect, but these evil people have no guidance.
They just do whatever they want.
It's all about their own personal power.
How many listeners are now watching this on Saturday when it streams out, when it's archived at Man.Video?
This is life and death.
And you don't know, like ripples in a palm and you throw a pebble in, who you're going to affect.
Share his websites like lives depend on it, because it does.
Because Big Pharma and Big Tech are trying to suppress it.
Because when doctors finally listen and do it, and they see the 180s that happened with people, they're having a come-to-Jesus moment.
And I wanted to ask you this, doctor.
I mean, we know, I mean, you know, my dad's a retired oral surgeon and dentist and he knew some stuff as he owned part of a hospital and medical management when I was growing up in Dallas.
And I remember he just said, listen, most hospitals are great people and most people are good because there's a small percentage of doctors that are crazy.
And nurses, they're crazy.
I said, why?
And he said, well, you know, I was one of those whiz kids, taught my class when I was 15.
I was in the Plan 2 UT program, you know, where you go to college when you're in high school.
And from East Texas, they sent him to MD Anderson for a summer in the cancer research wards, doing experimental stuff.
He said, most of the doctors were really nice, but some of them, you know, a few of them were crazy and liked killing people.
He saw that.
And he would just grab them, shooting people up with like plutonium and stuff.
Thanks for watching!
It happened in Dallas, it came out, they were basically letting people die.
You think, gosh, how could they do that?
Well, my dad never lied to me, he was a great guy still, great guy, but I thought that was crazy.
But later, I'm sitting there watching 60 Minutes, and it came out about Dallas and Chicago killing people for their organs, only a few hospitals.
Austin doing some things too.
And so you look at this, and you look at people like Fauci that get in the research area and go up because they're ruthless, and Big Pharma can put them in to do this type of thing.
I don't
Thank you so much.
The FBI criminologist will investigate, was it someone on the bomb squad or was it a firefighter?
Because it turns out about a third of the time, most firefighters are great, most bomb squad people are great, but sometimes they get bored and they plant a bomb themselves.
So, you know, it's like most truancy officers are great people, but statistically they're the highest rate of pedophiles because that's where one wants to go to be able to do that.
So they want that authority.
Still, these are good professions, but you find that sliver of evil hiding as an angel there.
Like the military.
Most people want to help people.
They have a warrior thing.
They want to strive.
They want to prove themselves.
They want to fight evil.
But there's that certain group that really wants to just torture people.
That happens in any culture.
So how do we deal with that and how do we come to grips with doctors to be the best people, nurses to be the best people and are, or they have that dark shadow that's there as well?
How do we deal with that?
I'm going to tell you some of the worst people I know, and you didn't have to prep me for this Alex, some of the worst people I know are doctors.
And if a doctor has seen a treatment work and they suppress that,
And they will not allow, they will not offer that to other patients.
I can't think of anything more evil because people have entrusted them with their lives, with their loved ones lives.
And they are the authority figure.
And that, that abuse of that position, I think is, is unforgivable.
And so I have, I have seen that.
I know that that exists, that that's happening now.
And then I also know that the masses of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, therapists have the right spirit.
They have the right heart.
They got into it because they wanted to help people.
But I am seeing, it does seem during a time of war, and I believe we're at a time of war where there's cyber warfare happening.
This is, if this is a bioweapon, we call that germ warfare.
And definitely we've had embargoes and other things going on that are battling with other countries, economic wars.
I think during times of war, you see heroes appear and you see villains appear.
The worst, what's in them already comes out.
And so I have seen some doctors do what I have no explanation other than it's just pure evil.
At this point, it's not ignorance at this point.
If you know something and you refuse to do the right thing when you're the one that could save a life, then that's that's unforgivable.
And there is a normalcy bias.
When I was younger, I could not imagine that this was so.
But at this point, I know that it's so because I've seen it with my own eyes, Alex.
My dad also watched in the 80s.
I remember him talking about it at the dinner table.
Fauci famously blocked a bunch of HIV drugs that worked and then put forward bad ones.
I mean, he's definitely a Mingela type, I think.
Well, I think we have many dangerous people that are called doctors right now.
And there are many brilliant doctors that are selfless, that are not looking for the limelight, that are not in this for the money.
They want to help other people.
And I think of Ben Marble in Florida and Zelenko in New York that have both been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and rightfully so.
I think of Dr. McCullough in Dallas and
I'll tell you Stella Emanuel down in Houston is a hero and we have many doctors that are rising to the cream always rises to the top and and we have that's what I was about to say it's good doctors and others
That are rising to battle the evil elements of Big Pharma and the system.
It's really a very empowering time, even though it's very dark.
He said it's a war.
And so we're seeing who people are.
But look at Fauci's eyes.
I mean, I've known a lot of people I've been around, not just his actions.
I would not be around someone that looks like that.
He looks like a total power tripping lunatic.
Jack Kevorkian had that same crazy look, and he would paint pictures of demons eating babies.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
I saw him on PBS with like babies coming out of women's
We're good to go.
Well, I'll tell you, on the flip side, Alex, I can't disagree with you.
On the other side, I will say that we have some of the best nurses and therapists and doctors in the world here in the United States.
I remember when my dad, when I was growing up, my mom would get really tired, like three or four days a week, because he was a doctor, an oral surgeon, answering the phone.
I don't know.
That's because I remember being a dental assistant for a few years in college and like loving to like watch them drill the tooth and fix it and clean it.
It felt good to help clean people's teeth and help fix broken teeth.
It just, it felt good to like, I mean, I didn't like pus coming out of teeth.
I didn't like watching blood, but it just felt good we were helping them.
And then, so I understand that same thing of like wanting to help people.
It's a human instinct.
It's very rewarding.
It's addicting versus these people that love to do evil.
You said you do an hour.
I know you got to go.
It's your weekend.
You work.
15, 20 hours a day, I know, sir.
So just five minutes, you've got the floor.
I've been asking a lot of questions.
Just recapping any other key points you'd like to add, Dr. Bartlett.
And thanks for helping save my dad, because I know he looked like he was dead when I walked in there.
And 24 hours later, less than 24 hours later, he was like 90% better.
So thank you, sir.
And so just closing five, six minutes, you've got the floor.
Well, I appreciate that.
I will say, talking about your dad, I'm going to say that I had a similar upraising as you.
I would tag along with my dad to the emergency room when I was in high school and college.
He was a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
He did hand surgery.
He is a real hero and a real role model for me.
And so I would see him work long hours.
There was many baseball games and many things that he missed because he was helping other people.
And I know where he was now that I'm an adult and I and I appreciate his role model for me.
And but we have we're in the middle of a crisis like we've never had before.
This is.
A disease we've never seen before, but we have some effective treatment strategies.
There are therapies that work.
Budesonide has been proven to be an effective tool against COVID, early and late, because late in COVID they have ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and there are studies at the NIH database that confirm that using nebulized budesonide for ARDS will shut down the release of the cytokines,
Those inflammatory chemicals, they cause all of the death and destruction.
It also decreases the edema, the swelling in the lung tissue.
It stops the scarring in the lung tissue.
And it improves the blood oxygenation.
All four of those are very good.
And so, Budesonide, nebulized, will help with early disease.
It will also help with late disease.
Proven and randomized controlled trials.
This is science.
Also, aspirin makes sense because, as I said, they're seeing venothromboemboli, pulmonary emboli, or heart attacks or strokes as a result of the thromboxane, one of the cytokines released from the lung lining.
And so, if you can use a medicine that will shut down the release of thromboxane and the other cytokines, that makes sense.
And that's Budesonide.
Also, the antibiotic I use, clarithromycin, 86% coverage of strep pneumonia, as opposed to azithromycin, a Z-Pak that has 78% coverage of strep pneumonia, the bacteria that's encapsulated that causes bacterial pneumonia.
That's why I use that antibiotic.
But we also have Regeneron, monoclonal antibodies that decrease the risk of hospitalization or death from COVID by 70% with a 30 minute infusion.
And so we have many tools and they should all be employed.
If someone has COVID, they should not try to tough it out at home.
This is a dangerous, as far as I'm concerned, my perspective, it's a bioweapon and that we are in germ warfare.
Just like we've had cyber war, which has been talked about for several years now.
And we've talked about and it's been public knowledge that there have been enemy states that have been trying to hack our power grid and other things.
We know that this is going on.
Why is this such a surprise?
Probably because of normalcy bias, but people need to educate themselves and prepare themselves to help themselves and their neighbors.
Roll up your sleeves for the right reason to do what you can where you are.
Local action can affect the nation in a positive way.
And so do what you can.
Educate yourself.
There's a lot of information, hours of information at ViewDesignWorks.com, a third-party site.
It's not mine.
And also there is a providers tab where you can find providers that will use effective early outpatient therapies there in many states.
And also that Synergy Health DPC is not mine.
It's not owned or operated by me.
It's a telemedicine service that is using my protocol and is saving lives.
And so I want to equip people.
I'm trying to help people any way I can.
That's why we're doing this interview right now.
And Alex, I appreciate your being such a gracious host.
I appreciate the information that you've put out for years that has been spot on.
And at times, because you were ahead of the curve, people might have mocked you.
But hey, who's mocking you now that all these things have been proven?
And so thank you for the time.
We're not helpless.
We're not hopeless.
Our hope is in God.
This is One Nation Under God.
And Jesus did pay the price for us for all our needs to be met.
He does answer prayer.
The strategy that I got a year ago was the result of a prayer, praying for patients when I was in the emergency room.
God, what will I do if someone comes in here and they're dying of COVID and they tell me I can't breathe?
And during that 48 hour shift in the emergency room, I had a moment where I could go take a cat nap in the call room.
And this was an answer to prayer during that dream when I was waking up.
And so who would have thought?
Yes, immediately I had all of this
It was like a download all at once as I was waking up.
I knew what to do.
I knew why to do it.
And I had no one to tell because I was the only one in the call room.
And five days later, I had my first patients, Alex, with COVID.
And it worked.
And they should have died according to everything that was in the news.
And we were seeing that everybody was dying if they were overweight, if they had diabetes, if they had asthma.
And these patients had all of that.
And they lived.
And then I had a patient who had two forms of lymphoma.
On chemotherapy, had radiation a month before, and again, the strategy worked quickly.
And then I had another fellow who had stage 4 prostate cancer, and he's on chemo, and he beat COVID with this protocol, but 8 months later succumbed to the cancer.
And so I have seen overwhelming evidence that we have effective, outpatient, inexpensive strategies that will help save lives and I want everyone to have access to that and that's why I have dropped everything for the last three weeks to
Totally be immersed with COVID patients in a Regeneron monoclonal antibody infusion center in West Texas where I am on purpose going into a building for 11 hour days to solely be around people who are infectious with COVID so I can help save their life.
And there are other heroes that are on the team with me and I'm honored to work with them.
Governor Abbott's gotten a lot better than where he was a year ago.
And I got to say kudos to Governor Abbott for pushing this forward with the Texas Division of Emergency Management.
So this is kudos to Governor Abbott.
He's doing the right thing right now, and I appreciate what you're doing, Governor.
And let me just get this in before we go, because you are a hero.
You don't want that.
It's your instinct.
It's your spirit.
You're doing it.
I've seen this you know my dad and other great physicians and that's what great doctors are so people really respect doctors and evil corporations and sinister political groups try to steal your identity and then say they're the doctor with Fauci up there but
I know that I gave your number out and hundreds of people called you and then you put them in contact with people and stuff.
And I know that they gave it out until it became an insane thing.
I knew that with everybody else.
I know you were working.
I mean, I would like call you at midnight and you'd call back.
So we really appreciate you and we love what you've done.
And I know my dad looked like he was dead.
He was down like 83% oxygen.
We got the thing, got him, got the doctors you recommended, got it all to him within five, six hours.
The next morning, come over there, he's putting together stuff that had come to the house.
Again, those deck chairs.
Just amazing, and I saw that, and I've seen what's happened, and it's just an amazing thing.
So, thank you so much for spending time with us.
You never put out a website, you're just recommending people that are helping folks.
How do people, because, you know, these interviews are important as well, how do people get in touch with you via email?
Because I know a lot of folks will watch this if other talk shows or other stuff want to get you on, because I know
That's another way to warn people.
I don't give you more work to do, but how do people get in touch with you?
Do you have a website or are you going to write a book or something?
I've written a couple books about what I've seen in other countries on medical mission trips, but I'm a messenger and Alex, let them contact you.
I trust you.
And you got my number, and if they're following you, then let them contact you, because you've been bringing useful information for decades now, and I have great respect for you.
Well, we appreciate you, doctor.
Thanks for saving my dad and so many others.
Dr. Richard Bartlett, and he recommends MedestinineWorks.com and Synergy Health.
DPC.com for folks.
And I'm not going to tell them what to do.
I'm not a doctor, but I think it's important if this place gives it out or if they can.
I mean, is it okay to pre-stockpile these?
These aren't like controlled things at a high level, are they?
Or do you wait until you get the first symptoms?
I mean, I know they'll get at you for this, but is there... 30 seconds or a minute on this.
Is there anything we should do preemptively?
What, vitamin D, zinc, C?
You said 60 seconds on that, Doc.
What would you do preemptively to try to dodge a bullet on this?
So there are several things that I think are winning strategies and we have some of that at www.budesonideworks.com.
It talks about prevention.
We talk about science.
A university over in
In the UK showed that mouthwash for 30 seconds kills the virus.
It's trying to multiply.
The virus comes in through the nose and throat and eyes.
We've known that from the beginning.
And so it's trying to multiply in the upper respiratory tract, from the throat to the mouth to the nose, the nasopharynx for the first three to five days.
So if you use mouthwash, that's a good strategy.
I want to mention one more tool that we didn't talk about.
There is a company that has a website called h2bev.com.
They have a product called HydroShot, which has evidence that it will increase nitric oxide in your bloodstream for 10 hours.
And what that does is it will help with oxygenation.
It helps remove the brain fog.
It helps with energy.
And this is a game changer as well for helping people recover from COVID.
People that might have long hauler syndrome after they've recovered.
This is a very safe and effective tool that I have found.
It's over the counter.
You can only order it from h2bev.com.
They have another product called Silver Bullet that has zinc and EGCGs from green tea and it's hydrogen infused drink and that's a preventive measure.
We've talked about quercetin with zinc.
We've talked about
We've talked about hydroxychloroquine with zinc.
Well, this is EGCG's totally safe to drink EGCG's from green tea.
And that is a ionophore that will also get zinc into cells.
I got to give credit to Dr. Zelenko for making me aware of all of those facts.
He's a great guy.
He was on Friday.
All right.
Dr. Richard Bartlett, get some well-deserved rest here on this weekend evening.
Thank you so much again.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
Let's do this again sometime.
Thank you, sir.
We've got a huge raft of news coming up over the course of the next hour, including a powerful video in the final segment where we take the Pope to task on his pronouncement that his critics are performing the work of the devil by criticising him, criticising him for all his edicts, his position on global government, man-made climate change, the migrant crisis, vaccine passports in Italy for anyone who wants to enter the Vatican,
Literally promoting, amplifying the Mark of the Beast in Revelations, not very Christian.
We're going to get into that in the final segment of the show.
We're also going to get into how Sweden is continuing to experience the wonderful, joyous benefits of multiculturalism with a huge apartment explosion, which the authorities have already come out and said is not a gas leak.
It's not a gas explosion.
It looks like another
Migrant crime gang linked attack, specifically on a police officer that was trying to derail the migrant gangs in that area of Gothenburg.
Going to get into the situation in the United Kingdom in a similar context.
With Breitbart reporting twice as many illegal boat migrants land in Britain this year than all of 2020.
They continue to come in.
They don't need coronavirus PCR tests when they come into the country.
Brits who want to leave the country to go on holiday need to undergo that onerous coronavirus testing system.
You can also tell you where they're putting up these migrants.
Again, it's in three, four-star hotels.
Literally, the taxpayer is paying for them.
Already over 150 migrants have been ensconced in a hotel in one town in Britain alone, from Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, the British government is trying to bypass Parliament to implement vaccine passports.
Of course, at first they said they would never even consider such a move, even as the rest of the world was doing it, under the World Economic Forum's Great Reset.
Then they came back and said, yes, we're going to implement them.
Then there was a revolt in Parliament.
Then they said, we're not going to implement them.
The day after that, they said, yes, we're going to implement them by the end of September.
Well now it's back on the agenda again and they're trying to bypass a parliamentary vote because they're not going to get it through.
Big revolt in Australia continues, of course.
We've had the massive unruly protests in Melbourne against the mandatory vaccinations.
The government responded by shutting down the construction industry for two weeks.
That caused more protests, more police brutality, with police now even visiting people's houses.
If they think they're considering planning going to a protest through their social media activity, absolute purebred tyranny happening in Australia still.
But some form of revolt.
Now with the Police Commissioner in New South Wales saying that they're going to refuse to enforce a vaccine passport mandate in clubs, restaurants, bars and other venues.
We have 95% vaccination rate at Harvard and despite that they're experiencing a substantial outbreak of COVID.
The vaccines are pathetic, ineffective, they don't work.
We have two NBA stars who have come out very publicly over the past 24 hours and addressed their stance on refusing to take mandatory COVID-19 shots.
We're going to play those clips.
We're going to talk about Joe Biden saying that 97 to 98 percent of Americans must be vaxxed before life gets back to normal.
Of course, that's a completely impossible target, and it's meant to be an impossible target because they never want life to get back to normal.
That ties in with what the CEO of Pfizer said yesterday, which was that normal life won't return without regular COVID booster shots.
If you haven't had your ninth COVID booster shot, you won't be able to buy food in the supermarket.
That's the ultimate plan.
The CEO of Moderna has come out with similar comments, so we're going to get into that.
Inside footage from, again, Project Veritas from Johnson & Johnson.
An official says children shouldn't get the vaccine due to unknown repercussions.
He advised other people not to take the vaccine from inside Johnson & Johnson.
I'm going to get into all that and more on the other side.
And we are live, and as I mentioned before the break, Sweden has continued to experience the wonderful, joyous benefits of diversity, which we continue to be told is a strength, despite the fact that all available evidence proves otherwise.
Academic studies, which I'm going to talk about, prove otherwise.
We've had another example of that in Gothenburg, Sweden today.
Remember when Trump, back in 2017, was bashed from pillar to post by the media
We're talking about, quote, last night in Sweden, talking about the massive problems with migrant crime that they've had for over a decade now, and that they continue to have after the mass invasion that we had in 2015, when numerous European countries opened their borders to over a million migrants.
Well, this is from today.
Huge Sweden apartment blast, likely caused by explosive device, say authorities.
A powerful blast that ripped through an apartment block in Gothenburg was likely caused by an explosive device, raising the prospect of another gang-linked attack in multicultural Sweden.
It happened in the Anadol district in central Gothenburg this morning, starting a major fire.
This was a huge blast.
They have a lot of these grenade attacks where these gang members just throw grenades at each other and it causes minor blasts.
This was a big one.
This was more than just a grenade.
Up to 25 people sustained injuries.
There are four people hospitalized in serious condition.
Police spokesman Thomas Futbose confirmed that the working premise is that an explosive device was deliberately planted.
At first there were suggestions that it was just a gas explosion, but they noted that there was no gas pipeline in the immediate area.
RT reports the explosion rocked through the building just before 5am local time, damaging three stairwells.
Some residents used tied sheets to escape from their homes through windows as the fire ignited by the blast spread and sent thick plumes of grey smoke.
In the air, the smell of diversity was hanging for everybody to inhale.
Again, 25 people injured, four in hospital.
Henrik Palmgren,
Tweeted about the explosion, he said, massive explosion, bomb has gone off in an apartment complex in Gothenburg, Sweden.
99.9% chance this is diversity.
Then he went on to say, some sources claim that a Swedish police chief who worked on criminal immigrant gangs lived in one of the apartments in this complex and he was the most likely target.
Again, 5am, making sure everyone's home to get as big a casualty count as possible.
An investigation earlier this year found that Sweden had gone from being one of the safest European countries 20 years ago in terms of gun crime to the second most dangerous with most of the shootings linked to these criminal migrant gangs that they've imported over the past 10-20 years in the name of diversity.
Studies show that by 2050
Swedes as a percentage of the native population will be outnumbered by these migrants.
They're literally being replaced.
Can't talk about that though.
Can talk about it if you say it's a good thing, but as soon as you talk about it and say, well maybe replacing the entire native population of a country might have some negative consequences, as Tucker Carlson did recently, well then you're a dangerous extremist radical
It was in league with basically domestic terrorists.
If you say it's a good thing, though, it's fine.
If you say it's a bad thing, then it's a conspiracy theory, doesn't exist, and you're a terrorist.
In 2017, the global media began attacking President Donald Trump for pointing out Sweden having big problems with migrant crime due to open borders, yet Trump has been proven right time and time again.
We had a big report out of Quillette in 2019,
Which said, the alarming number of grenade attacks and explosions in Sweden represented a national emergency.
Remember, Tim Pool, I think it was, went into Sweden back in 2017 and basically got kicked out of the migrant area, got escorted out by police because he was being attacked.
It's basically a thought crime simply to suggest that Sweden is having major problems with soaring migrant crime, even though that's proven to be correct time and time again.
They have massive riots on a regular basis, as we've seen in many places, cities and towns in France.
Cars set on fire.
And we have grenade attacks, regular grenade attacks and regular explosions, not even terrorist attacks, just foreign migrant gangs fighting each other and innocent people getting caught up in the process.
Quillette reported Sweden has experienced a short rise in explosions in recent years.
Predominantly related to conflicts between warring criminal gangs, the use of explosives in the Nordic countries now at a level that is so unique in the world for a state not at war.
And that's according to police.
Deadly shootings in Sweden risen by a factor of 10 in one generation.
But again, you can't talk about it because there's a code of silence where you can't question the mantra, the orthodoxy, the sacred dogma that diversity is a strength.
We featured before the words of veteran Swedish police investigator Peter Springer, who again was viciously attacked for coming out and telling the truth.
He said, quote, this is back in 2017 when the whole Trump thing was going on.
Quote, here we go.
This is the police chief.
This is what I've handled from Monday to Friday this week.
Aggravated assault.
Violence against police.
Threats to police.
Drug crime.
Attempted murder.
Rape again.
Extortion again.
And ill-treatment.
And then he listed the names of the suspected perpetrators of all these crimes.
And see if you can notice a pattern here.
Suspected perpetrators.
Ali Mohammed.
Mohammed Ali.
Yes, a Swedish name stuck in on the edges of drug crime.
He goes on to say Mohammed, Mahmood, Ali.
He then listed the suspect's countries of origin.
Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia again, Syria again, Somalia again.
So he was tracking the perpetrators, the names of their country of origin, and again it proved to be time and time again, mainly from the Middle East, some from North Africa, after Sweden flung open its borders to these people, because again, diversity is a strength, even though, we've got this article in 2019, new peer-reviewed academic study finds diversity, whisper it, is not a strength!
Turns out diversity is not a strength at all, according to this study from the University of Copenhagen.
They sought to answer whether, quote, continued immigration and corresponding growing ethnic diversity was having a positive impact on community cohesion.
But the study found the opposite to be the case.
They concluded, quote, we find a statistically significant negative relationship between ethnic diversity and social trust across all studies.
Went on to say that higher diversity is significantly associated with lower trust in communities and higher crime.
Meanwhile, in the UK, Breitbart reports twice as many illegal boat migrants land in Britain this year than all of 2020.
Of course, we elected a conservative in name only government on the premise, on the promise, that they would take back control of our borders and control immigration.
It's worse than ever.
And it's getting even worse after the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.
The crisis in the English Channel has seen double the number of illegal boat migrants land in the first nine months of the year as of the whole of 2020.
And again, they're flooding in on the boats with another 660 illegal migrants landing on British shores.
On Sunday, on one day alone, that makes it over 17,000 known illegals landing, just turning up randomly in boats on the shores of Britain, in many cases just running off into the nearest town.
Nobody knows who they are.
None of them have any papers.
They could be ISIS.
ISIS bragged about exploiting the refugee wave back in 2015 to carry out numerous mass casualty terror attacks like the Paris Massacre.
Where are these migrants being housed?
Well, the Yorkshire Post reports for the 150 Afghan refugees to be housed in Scarborough after 92 were given accommodation in hotels.
So they're putting them up on beachfront hotels in towns in Britain where the normal price for a room in this instance is
From when I last checked, £36.
A lot of these rooms are empty now because it's the end of the holiday season.
So the government is paying these hotels £250 a pop to house these migrants in the top two floors of this gigantic hotel.
Of course, the hotel's happy about it because the rooms are either going to be empty or they're only going to be getting £36 for them.
They're getting £250 a pop.
The problem with that, the reason why that price is so high and it's all taxpayer funded,
...is because these migrants are crapping everywhere, they're trashing the hotel rooms, there are inter-migrant wars, migrant gang attacks.
Surrounding all of these hotels, it's absolute bedlam, but this is the wonderful diversity that we continue to import.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
Now of course we had the New South Wales Health Chief come out a couple of days ago and basically tell Australians, even if you continue to get the booster shots, the COVID-19 vaccines, they're still going to keep some of the restrictions in place.
We've had the construction workers protesting vociferously over the past week after the government punished them for basically refusing to take the mandatory shot, which their union demanded they do.
Those protests continue in Melbourne.
We've also got news out of Australia which is actually good news today but I'm going to get into this on the other side because
The prison island of Australia is keeping its inmates in check by having the police conduct home visits to people that they suspect may be planning protests.
Of course, we saw the footage back about six months ago now with them arresting a pregnant woman in her own home for merely planning and even planning protesting, planning a protest, posting about a protest on Facebook.
People are being threatened with $11,000 fines for showing up at a protest.
You've seen the absolute
Bedlam, which is the police brutality meted out against people who simply stand in the street not wearing a mask.
Well, now they're literally paying people home visits if they suspect them of planning on attending a protest.
We got that clip.
Here it is.
Prison Island of Australia is now keeping its inmates in check by having thought police pay home visits to people who they suspect might be planning to attend a protest.
Attend a protest?
Oh my God, the absolute horror!
Mate, what we're here for is obviously just in relation to the recent protests that are popping up and what not and actually just here to do welfare checks and what not.
Are you planning on going in?
I didn't know there was anything going.
Any planned protests that you may know of?
Not as far as I know.
It's a complete surprise when you get the cops here.
Just a friendly chat, that's all.
Just a friendly chat!
Because it's perfectly normal in a free country to have three cops show up on your doorstep because they think you might be thinking about criticising the government.
Totally not like North Korea or anything!
So are you aware of any planned protests or events?
That are coming up, Jess?
Are you aware of any communications circling around between people?
About the planned protest?
Any protests coming up?
Do you use any platform at all to communicate?
So now it's not even if you're going to a protest, it's whether you dared think about mentioning one on social media.
Have you gone to any protests in the past?
You haven't?
You guys wouldn't be here otherwise.
I'd like to know how you got this address actually.
I'd like to tell us how I might help ensure the public safety.
They're just keeping people safe.
Like when they pepper spray old women in the face or fire rubber bullets at protesters.
It's for your safety.
As long as you guys aren't running around shooting people with rubber bullets like down in Victoria, we're all good.
That's also another reason why, like, they're concerned with what's happening down in Victoria that it doesn't inescalate and come up.
Yeah, of course.
So, you know, just making sure your safety, our safety, everyone else's safety.
Everyone's so safe!
So long as the thought police ensure everyone stays home and doesn't even dare to think about talking about a protest.
Everyone's gonna be so safe.
Don't start up a conversation.
Don't forget they actually passed legislation where people who even post about protests on social media can face fines of up to $11,000.
They send cops around to the homes of pregnant women and arrest them in front of their kids if they dared talk about a protest on Facebook.
Australia has fallen.
It can no longer claim to be a democratic country.
And this should be an international outrage.
Meanwhile, jack-booted thugs doled out more police brutality to construction workers demonstrating in Melbourne.
And if I showed you what they did, this video would get age-restricted or banned, so check it out in the description below.
And don't forget to hit the subscribe button for regular updates.
Australian Thought Police visiting people's homes.
There's actually some good news out of Australia today, finally.
We have a headline here out of Summit News.
Australian Police Commissioner refuses to enforce vaccine passport mandate.
The revolt is actually happening, it seems, at least in one area of Australia, New South Wales.
Where the police commissioner has refused to enforce the state's vaccine passport mandate, revealing that officers will not be checking people's vaccination status in restaurants, clubs or bars.
Remember we had a similar situation in France, where during the first few days of this vaccine passport scheme, the photo ops, the video show police going from bar to bar, from cafe to cafe, demanding to see people's medical papers.
Papers, please!
But then afterwards they stopped enforcing it entirely after the French got out on the streets and started having picnics on the streets in protest.
Well as the government in Australia is preparing to pass a mandate that will ban all unvaccinated people, those disease-ridden opes, from gaining entry to numerous venues up until at least December 1st in a repeat of the segregation scheme that's been adopted in numerous Western countries.
But New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said it was clear that his officers wouldn't be on patrol.
He said, quote, the role of police in terms of vaccine passports, we will not be walking through restaurants, cafes and pubs checking if people are double vaccinated, which contradicts what the health minister in that country said, Brad Hazard, who asserted it would be the police's job to enforce the measures.
But that doesn't look like it's going to happen.
So they're not going to get it done in Australia because the government's expecting the police to do it.
The businesses there are saying they don't have the resources or the wherewithal to do it.
In fact, unlike in France and other countries, the businesses won't face fines if they allow those dirty, filthy, unvaccinated people through the door.
So it seems like a pointless exercise.
So some final
You know, green growth shoots of rebellion happening in Australia.
Meanwhile, we see a similar situation in Israel.
Israelis rise up against vaccine passports after being told more shots needed to be considered fully vaccinated.
Remember, this is in a country where the Pfizer vaccine has gone down to an efficacy of about 37 percent.
And that was weeks ago.
It's probably even lower now.
They rolled out the vaccine passports.
They rolled out the vaccines.
One of the most covered countries in terms of vaccinations in the world.
Then they had a massive spike in COVID cases because the vaccines don't work properly.
Well, protests have finally erupted in Israel as it slowly dawned on people there that the goalposts of vaccine passports keep being shifted by the government.
Over the weekend, there were numerous marches that took place in the streets of Tel Aviv against the so-called Green Pass.
So they're rising up.
The Italians continue to protest.
We saw a video yesterday of the police in Italy removing their helmets in solidarity with the anti-mandatory vax protesters.
This of course was after we had this headline, Italy orders companies not to pay unvaccinated workers.
They're trying to get around the fact that
These employees are going to sue the businesses.
They're going to try and sue the government by simply telling the businesses not to fire the employees, but just to not pay them if they don't show up for work.
They can't show up for work.
They're not allowed in because they haven't had the mandatory vaccine.
Meanwhile, the British government is trying to bypass Parliament to implement vaccine passports again.
They're doing it through a public consultation and saying that it's going to be their plan B. It's probably not going to happen, don't worry, unless they get a convenient rise in Covid cases over the winter.
And of course they lied about it, said it had been completely scrapped.
The very next day came out and said it would be a, quote, first-line defence against a winter wave of Covid.
I'm sure they'll be able to accomplish that by meddling with the numbers, as we've seen in the past.
But again, they're launching a public consultation in an attempt to enlist support for the scheme because they know they don't have the votes to get it through Parliament constitutionally and legally.
Summit.News, we'll be back.
No, go away.
So as the revolt continues against mandatory vaccinations and lockdown restrictions in countries like Australia and Italy, we have a situation in America where Joe Biden has come out and said,
97 to 98 percent of Americans must be vaxxed before we get back to normal.
He was asked how many need to be vaccinated for us to get back to normal.
What is the percentage of total vaccinations that have to be deployed?
Biden said, I think we get the vast majority like what's going on in some industries and some schools, 97, 98%.
I think we're getting awful close.
They're not getting awful close to that.
They're never going to get up to that.
There's going to be at least 15%, at least, who don't take them.
And they know they're not never going to get up to that level.
And they know life is never going to get back to normal if they have their way, because it's an unobtainable goal.
Then you look at situations where they vaccinated 95% of people, like on Harvard campuses.
We have this headline, despite 95% vaccination rate, Harvard experiences substantial outbreak of COVID.
This is Harvard Business School, which has been forced to move its first and second year students to remote learning after a substantial outbreak of COVID.
This is the Head of Communications at Harvard Business School.
In recent days, we've seen a steady rise in breakthrough infections among our student population.
Despite admitting that this breakthrough didn't even happen on campus, they're moving it all offline again, all back to remote learning.
Complete waste of money.
According to their own dashboard, meanwhile,
95% of students and 96% of employees are vaccinated against the virus, yet they've just had a huge spike, just like what happened in Israel, where they had a massive spike after vaccinating the majority of the population.
It's happening on the campus of Harvard Business School.
This again underscores how people will be mandated to get constant booster shots with all the attendant health risks because the longevity of protection the vaccine offers is minimal.
Meanwhile, as the Israeli study showed,
Antibodies, natural immunity offers 27 times more protection than the vaccine but now the media is out, as we've seen over the past few days, busy suddenly claiming that natural immunity and antibodies don't exist at all.
We had Vice magazine come out with a ridiculous headline to that effect.
So the vaccines aren't working and yet they're continuing to assert that Americans need to comply and take the vaccine.
Despite the fact again that with this vaccine passport scheme in many countries they're ruling out the ability to provide a negative test despite the fact that that proves you don't carry the virus.
Having the vaccine doesn't prove you don't have the virus because the vaccine is turning out to be largely ineffective after a period of time.
It's interesting what's happening in the NBA because we had the NBA come out
A couple of weeks ago now, and say that they won't force their athletes to get the shot.
They forced all the staff members to get the shot, but because 15% of NBA players have refused to take the shot, they can't mandate it.
And in fact, there's some very interesting comments over the past few hours that came out from Jonathan Isaac, one of these NBA superstars,
Headline, Jonathan Isaac addresses his stance on the COVID-19 vaccination.
This is probably the clearest, most concise, cogent explanation of why somebody who is young, fit and healthy, and who has had the vaccine, has the antibodies, has the natural immunity, should in no reasonable world be forced to take a vaccine.
And we have those comments here.
This is Jonathan Isaac.
Let's roll it.
Every player, every person in this world is going to make their own decision for themselves.
I would like an explanation to, you know, people with vaccines.
Why are they still getting COVID?
If that's something that we are supposed to highly be protected from.
Like, that's funny that, oh, it reduces your chances of going to the hospital.
It doesn't eliminate anybody from getting COVID.
So everybody, is everybody in here vaxxed?
I would assume, right?
So you all can still get COVID, right?
Unless, like, I'm gonna die or go to the hospital.
Okay, but you can still get COVID.
So, and you can still pass it along with the vax, right?
I'm gonna ask, I'm just asking a question.
And so like, just having COVID back around the Olympics, like, that basically just saying like, I don't want COVID in your mouth, but just having it,
Oh, sure.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, that wasn't the case.
I mean, yeah, I had it, but that doesn't mean I can't get it again.
You know, I mean, it's no different than somebody with the vaccine.
Like I can, yes, I developed antibodies for it.
So my chances will be less likely now as well.
I mean, just like there are players and coaches and staff who are Vaxxed and missing camp right now because of it, so.
It's still a possibility.
That was actually Washington Wizard star Bradley Beal.
I was going to play that clip anyway, but he made similar comments.
Now we're going to go to Jonathan Isaac.
He said he's not anti-Vaxxed, but believes it should be a personal choice that's free of ridicule.
Here's Jonathan Isaac.
Jonathan, Josh Robbins with The Athletic.
What is it about the vaccine that makes you hesitant to get it?
I would start with, I've had COVID in the past and so our understanding of antibodies, of natural immunity has changed a great deal from the onset of the pandemic and it's still evolving.
I understand that the vaccine would
I think?
Like I said, it would decrease my chances of having a severe reaction, but it does open me up to the, albeit rare chance, but the possibility of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine itself.
I don't believe that being unvaccinated means infected or being vaccinated means uninfected.
You can still catch COVID with or without having the vaccine.
I would say honestly the craziness of it all in terms of not being able to say that it should be everybody's fair choice without being demeaned or talked crazy to doesn't make one comfortable to do what said person is telling them to do.
Yeah, I would say that's a couple of the reasons that, you know, I would say I'm hesitant at this time, but at the end of the day, I don't feel that it is, you know, anyone's reason to come out and say, well, this is why or this is not why.
It should just be their decision and, you know, loving your neighbors, not just loving those that agree with you or look like you or move in the same way that you do.
It's, you know, loving those who don't.
So that was Jonathan Isaac, who went viral today with that clip, simply explaining it was his body, his choice as a young, healthy athlete.
He's got no reason to take it.
He's got the antibodies, he's got the natural immunity.
Apparently, though, natural immunity no longer exists.
Because again, this isn't about public health.
This is about mass compliance.
Biden saying 98% of Americans need to get it before life goes back to normal.
Never going to happen.
They don't want life to go back to normal.
Pfizer CEO says normal life won't return without regular COVID vaccinations.
They're talking about them every year, every six months for quote vulnerable people.
He says within a year I think we'll be able to go back to normal life.
Although he made it very clear this statement only applies to those who are prepared to take regular coronavirus booster shots again with all the attendant health risks.
He said, I don't think this means variants will not be continuing coming, and I don't think this means we should be able to live our lives without having vaccinations.
That is the key statement.
It's about mass compliance.
It's not about public health.
The countries that have had the mass vaccinations, like Israel, they're still getting COVID cases spikes.
They're still getting spikes on the campus of Harvard Business School, despite being 95% vaccinated.
Meanwhile, CEO of Moderna says even young people will need to take vaccine booster shots indefinitely, despite the fact they literally have a 99.8% survival chance if they get the virus.
And again, if they've got the antibodies and natural immunity, that offers them 27 times more protection than these useless vaccines, according to the Israel study.
Going to come back and talk about the Pope.
This is Summit.News.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
We're going to go out with this video, which is live up on YouTube, asking the question, what are the Pope's positions on vaccine passports, gay marriage, mass immigration, demographic replacement and global government?
And asking the question, is the Pope Catholic or is he actually doing the work of the devil?
Here's the video.
Pope Francis says conservative Catholics who criticize him for failing to defend the faith are performing the work of the devil.
Au contraire!
If anyone's doing the work of the devil, it's you.
The Pope claims his critics are whipping up hostility against the Church.
They're not attacking the Church, they're attacking you.
Why do you act like your actions and statements are separate from and not representative of the Church?
If you're the Supreme Pontiff, for f**k's sake, you're the figurehead.
Where you lead, the church follows.
And where you lead has been pretty f**king disastrous, hasn't it?
Mandating everyone who enters Vatican City show a green pass to prove they've been vaccinated.
A green pass that Italians are being forced to take or face losing their jobs.
A digital ID that tracks their location.
A huge lurch towards a social credit score system.
Sorry, you're only on your ninth vaccination and we don't sell to racists.
That doesn't sound very Christian to me.
Sounds more like the work of the devil.
Archbishop Karl and Maria Vigano warns of a health dictatorship brought in under the banner of the Great Reset.
We see heads of nations and religious leaders pandering to the suicide of Western culture and its Christian soul, while the fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of a health emergency that is revealing itself more and more fully as instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman, faceless tyranny.
And what do you have to say about it?
Shut up and take the vaccine.
So Christian.
Last year you offered your support for gay marriage, saying same-sex couples should be able to form civil unions.
Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall seeing much sympathy for homosexuality in the Bible.
Whatever anyone thinks about gay marriage, one thing you can't describe it as is being very Christian.
Not according to Pope Francis.
What are you gonna do next, endorse abortion?
You also think there's no hell and that souls just disappear.
Something that completely contradicts the Catholic Church's 2,000-year-old teaching about the eternal existence of the soul.
No soul, no consequences.
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
Yeah, that sounds like something.
But it's definitely not Christian.
You facilitated the church establishment targeting of conservative Catholics merely for them trying to uphold the faith.
We're good to go.
Who are they?
Well, they're a pack of men who generally passively sit by and tolerate any kind of nonsense, but if one of their priests utters something that resembles orthodoxy, well then they spring into action, they reprimand him, and they bully him and do their best to cancel him.
It's a symptom of a very deep sickness that
We're worried about the Western world.
What worries you?
You know, the biggest worry is that Europe
He no longer wants or has lost the meaning of his origins.
He has lost his roots.
But a tree that has no roots, it dies.
And I'm afraid that the West is dying.
There are many signs.
You see?
Many signs.
No more birth.
Cardinal Sarah says it's a false exegesis to use the word of God to promote mass migration.
And what do you say?
Refugees welcome!
The Pope kneels to wash the feet of a group of refugees.
Nobody seems to care about the difference in their religions.
Cardinal Francis Arendzé says Europeans must stop encouraging the departure of young Africans.
Africa needs them.
What do you say?
Refugees welcome!
Cardinal Raymond Burke says that resisting large-scale immigration from Muslim countries is an act of patriotism.
Burke said that Islam, by its definition, believes itself to be destined to rule the world.
What do you say?
Refugees welcome!
You ignored the warning of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who begged you not to allow Christianity to perish via the mass importation of non-Christian migrants.
How did you respond?
By immediately telling Hungarians to open their arms to refugees.
Because that's worked out so well for Europe so far, hasn't it?
One of the refugees you posed with for a photo op was
There was an illegal immigrant who went on to burn down a cathedral and kill a French priest in cold blood.
What did you have to say about that?
What was your response to Charlie Hebdo?
You literally sided with the terrorists and all but excused their actions.
At the exact same time that the slaughtered cartoonists were being buried, you scorned them for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.
It's true that you can't react violently, but if Dr. Gasparri, my good friend, says a word against my mom, she'll beat him up!
But it's normal!
It's normal.
If only the Pope had as much respect for Christianity as he does for Islam.
But I guess it's forgivable.
I mean, it's not like he's the Pope or anything, is it?
What was your response to the Orlando nightclub massacre carried out by an Islamic terrorist?
You blamed Christians and said they should apologize to gays.
What was your response to the Paris massacre?
Carried out by jihadists who exploited the refugee wave.
Let more in!
Refugees welcome!
Wash some more migrants feet for the cameras.
We're full.
We've had enough.
We've also had enough of your capitulation and betrayal of Christianity.
Churches across Europe are being pillaged and burnt down.
Statues are being decapitated.
And what do you have to say about it?
Refugees welcome!
If only the Pope had as much respect for Christianity as he does the official religion of global government.
Man-made climate change.
You literally called for including environmental infractions into the catechism of the Catholic Church as sins against Gaia, Mother Earth, the false god.
You literally called for the creation of a world government to fight climate change, trashing the nation-state and calling for power to be transferred to, quote, intergovernmental institutions that manage their common interests.
He went on to say, quote, "...this universal common good in turn must acquire a more pronounced juridical value at international level."
What does the Bible say about world government?
Revelation 13, 1.
Daniel 7, 16-24.
Daniel 2, 41-42.
The beast system in the final days is world government, controlled by old Lucifer himself.
That's what the Bible says!
The Ten Nation Confederacy is also seen in Daniel's image of the statue in Daniel 2, 41-42, where he pictures the final world government consisting of ten entities represented by the ten toes of the statue.
Yeah, world government doesn't sound very Christian to me, and yet you're constantly promoting it.
Why is that?
So save me the sanctimonious finger-wagging at your critics.
By every single measure, you're subverting the faith.
Vaccine passports, gay marriage, mass immigration, demographic replacement, global government.
You say anyone who questions you is performing the work of the devil, just like when you blamed the paedophile scandal on Satan.
Well, you helped cover it up.
If your rhetoric and actions serve to bolster the very agenda that every anti-Christ globalist is striving for, then it's not your critics who are doing the work of the devil.
It's you!
You will always have conspiracy theories when you have very challenging public health crises.
They are nothing but distractions.
You know, I can assure you, we have so much to do to protect the health and the welfare of the American people that I would just hope we just put those conspiracy stuff and let somebody write a book about it later on, but not now.
The problem is you got some people out there who are fanning these conspiracy claims from the planet Pluto.
And it's just disgusting what they're trying to say of all these crazy deep state malarkey.
Well, later on, when the records were made public, it was not a conspiracy theory from the planet of Pluto, actually.
There were inflated deaths.
They were even taking gunshot wounds and categorizing them as COVID deaths.
You're saying there is a massive pressure to artificially inflate the number of COVID-19 cases?
Yeah, I have directly been told to, if a patient has fever and cough or anything similar, to put this COVID-like diagnosis on the chart.
One of the big things the corporate media does to deceive the public is say, oh, there's all these crazies that don't believe a virus even exists, and they're saying nobody's dying.
That's not what we're saying.
COVID-19 is the greatest fraud ever pushed on mankind.
It is not about a virus.
I believe this is a psychological war upon society.
What are the history books going to say about you?
Do you stand up for common sense and critical thinking?
I think the answer is clear what I'm going to be doing.
What are you going to be doing?
Secure your copy of COVIDland at covidland.com and start fighting back against the globalist lies.
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