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Name: 20210924_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 24, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses the globalist war against humanity, with Australia being used as a beta test for implementing ID, medical ID, and carbon ID before rolling out globally. He urges listeners to resist nonviolently and maintain moral authority. He also references a 2010 essay by a self- proclaimed high-level Satanist revealing connections in government, military, entertainment, etc., predicting future tyranny and oppression through fear and humiliation using debt-based systems and extreme media content as ritual degradation, ultimately aiming for a top-down technocratic system with brutal tyranny.

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We're going to have to have a understanding that we have human rights and God-given rights and that they're not gonna be violated or they're all gonna be overturned.
We're under a corporate globalist revolution to do that.
And I've described this as a globalist war against humanity.
A global, worldwide, concerted, organized, UN-controlled, big tech, big pharma, Fortune 100 directed Post-human world, a giant vertical integration, a neo-feudalism to make us poor and weak so we can then be eradicated.
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse type stuff.
And the best way to describe it is a war for the world.
I've called it a globalist war for world domination.
That's what it is.
They've turned anti-terrorist squads loose to terrorize the public, who are terrorists.
They may have the badges, the guns, they may have had the globalist operatives tell them they can do it, but this is the North Korean-style takeover of the world.
This is the war for the world, the war for you, the war against humanity.
This is the post-human assault.
And everything else now is this.
And you will soon see it.
You're already witnessing it, but it's going to become deadly clear to everyone that the more you give in, the worse it gets.
The only hope you have is noncompliance at every level.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide on this Friday, September 24th, global transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and we are going to be here live for the next four hours.
You'll have the war room with Owen Schroyer.
We are the embattled Liberty Operation Fighting the Globalist at Point Blank Range, only on air because of God's good grace and your support.
Okay, I have been completely focused for three days on the Fauci documents that came out that are the biggest news I've seen in my life.
That they did premeditatedly make COVID-19.
They released it.
They even sought the Pentagon's approval to release it.
They created a synthetic glass micro nano spear or dagger to deliver it into your body.
It's just absolutely incredible.
To see this technological rollout against humanity, the incredible bad faith, the incredible predatory nature of it.
We got a lot on that today, but I'm not going to hit that in the first hour.
I'm going to hit the just unprecedented rollout worldwide of total oppression.
America was seen as too free at the end of World War II.
We had most of the inventions.
We had the highest IQs, no matter what group it was.
We were the world leader.
We were 4% of the world population with half the wealth.
So we were the only country to begin fluoridating the water, which even Harvard studies says lowers IQs on average by about 15 points in boys, about 8 points in girls, and even one part per million.
It's much higher in many foods.
Well, the UK has announced they're going to fluoridate their water at a very high level, which does cause cancer, infertility, and low IQ.
I mean, the UN is announcing it's going to happen worldwide.
Just total chemical attack on the planet.
It's here.
Those other countries we're seeing as well, they're not going to rebel.
We don't need to brain damage our population yet.
That was done officially to do that.
I know one of my favorite directors, if not my favorite, Stanley Kubrick, made a joke about it in Dr. Strangelove.
But nonetheless, it's in all the studies.
It's a real deal.
So we have information and things like that for you.
But here's the bottom line.
We're going to have to have a Declaration of Liberty here.
We're going to have to have a understanding that we have human rights and God-given rights and that they're not gonna be violated, or they're all gonna be overturned.
We're under a corporate globalist revolution to do that.
And I've described this as a globalist war against humanity.
A global, worldwide, concerted, organized, UN-controlled, big tech, big pharma, Fortune 100-directed, Post-human world, a giant vertical integration, a neo-feudalism to make us poor and weak so we can then be eradicated.
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse type stuff.
And the best way to describe it is a war for the world.
I've called it a globalist war for world domination.
That's what it is.
Well, it turns out other people think the same way as well, and Australia has launched a peaceful uprising to say no to the incredible martial law they're being permanently put under.
The ID, the medical ID, the carbon ID, and all the things that are being done there is the beta test for the rest of the planet.
And so their fight is our fight.
And everything from here on out will be this fight.
This is the New World Order.
This is the Mark of the Beast.
This is everything that folks have warned about now coming true front and center.
Whether you believe in God or the devil or not, they've certainly adopted this program and this operation.
They're now grabbing peaceful people with their children and beating their eyeballs out with the backs of rifles.
They've turned anti-terrorist squads loose to terrorize the public, who are terrorists.
They may have the badges, the guns, they may have had the globalist operatives tell them they can do it, but this is the North Korean-style takeover of the world.
This is the war for the world, the war for you, the war against humanity.
This is the post-human assault.
And everything else now is this.
And you will soon see it.
You're already witnessing it, but it's going to become deadly clear to everyone that the more you give in, the worse it gets.
The only hope you have is noncompliance at every level.
And then it's coming to the point where they come to kill you, you have a right to defend yourself.
So that's where we are.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide in defiance of tyranny on this Friday, September 24th, worldwide transmission, and the quickening is here.
We have an incredibly important transmission for you today, but I first want to talk about what's happening In Australia, and now that is the frontline and the beta test in the globalist war of global domination.
And until our leaders, and until we, and until our thought leaders, and until the average person understands that we're under globalist corporate UN, post-human, industrial world, great reset, build back better program.
We have no hope.
The minute we realize who's directing it, how they created the viruses, how they released it, how they said they would do it, how they took over with it, how once the lockdowns start, they never end.
The moment we realize this is the new evil we're facing, this is the new tyranny, this is globalism going from beta to operational, is when their program starts falling apart.
And so this is a very, very, very important piece that is posted on Mandod Video.
I'm going to ask we make it the featured video.
I'm going to ask in the full show headline today that we post this under the live show feed and that everyone share it.
It's a very important announcement made a couple of weeks ago, and now you see the effects taking place.
And our own Greg Reese added some interesting video clips over it to augment it.
Well, this is a well-known writer and self-help individual.
He also advises at high levels the Australian military.
And so he's an influential guy.
His name is Ricardo Bossi.
And this is a war for the world.
And Australia is the front line, but all of us are in this battle.
The same program is coming after all of us.
So here he is, a war for the world.
(upbeat music)
Ladies and gentlemen of Australia, my name is Ricardo Bozzi
and I am the National Leader of Australia One.
In the coming days, weeks and months, disturbing rumours concerning the governance of our country will begin to circulate.
These rumours will appear to be so incredible, so unlikely and even so ludicrous, that the only sensible response would appear to be to dismiss them out of hand.
Some of these rumours will, in time, indeed prove to be false.
Unfortunately, some will be true and be prima facie evidence of the despicable crimes of treason and sedition and some even morally worse by those at the highest levels of power in Australia.
During this time, It is imperative you monitor closely the responses of those who comprise the polity, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the military, the constabulary, the corporations, the media, academia and religious organisations.
The case can already be made that many of these people are already attainted of treason.
But if any remain silent, in the face of an obvious attack on Australian sovereignty, They will have signed their own death warrants.
Remember them.
From the Governor General and State Governors, through Parliament, through all the courts including the High Court, through the Public Service, the Defence Force, the Police Forces, the Boardrooms, the Unions, the Charities, the Mainstream Media, Schools and Universities and finally, even the Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples and Lodges.
Remember their names and who they are.
Remember what they said and what they did not say.
Remember what they did and what they did not do.
Why and how has it come to this?
Simply put, for decades now, we have been deceived by those whom we trusted.
Slowly, the truth has been revealed by the tireless efforts of a few, and this has been a most difficult task.
Some of you will have heard it said, sometimes you can't tell people, you just have to show them.
And to put that in the Australian vernacular, some people just need to piss on the electric fence for themselves.
Thankfully, enough of us are now awake to the lies.
And our numbers continue to grow.
Faster every day.
So what should we do?
Firstly, be calm.
Know that we can and will win this war.
Secondly, be united.
No matter how many they send against us, they cannot defeat 25 million Australians who stand together as one.
And simply say, in a clear, strong and unconquerable voice, no consent, no consent, no consent.
Thirdly, be brave.
Some of us might be hurt, and some of us might die.
But if we truly seek liberty, we must win it for ourselves.
Nothing worth winning is won cheaply.
Fourthly, be good.
We the people must win this war with non-violent, non-cooperation.
Because the manner of our victory is of foundational importance to the future of Australia as a nation-state.
We must win this war with such moral authority that we are able to win the peace that follows.
Finally, when all is done, the guilty will be punished.
We will deal with the traitors in a lawful manner, which after the reprehensible, coordinated malfeasance and violence that they have visited upon us, that will be more than they deserve.
And we will do this because we, the common people of Australia, are and have always been so much more than the elites.
We are better than they are.
We have not and we will not sacrifice our decency and our humanity to win this war as they have done.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to enter a period of history without precedent.
A war for the world.
And we, you and I, are on the front line.
Be calm.
Be united.
Be brave.
And be good.
And finally, remember that we fight as GK Chesterton wrote.
Not because we hate what is in front of us, but because we love what is behind us.
Thank you.
Total Veritas.
Infinity truth right there.
I'm going to take what he said, and I'm going to change it for the United States and North America, and I'm going to issue the same transmission tomorrow.
And I suggest all of you repeat the words.
Which is really an allegiance to truth and justice in your own region, your own area, with your own peoples.
That Ricardo Bossi just said in a war for the world.
I want you to go now.
I want you to take that video from Bandod Video.
And I want you to send it to everyone you know and say, this is the fight.
15 days to flatten the curve.
No, it's an endless takeover.
They've now announced it.
And it was in operation lockstep.
Again, it's so frustrating to have my phone blow up with people texting me, all these interesting famous people who can be so informative, saying, wow, how did you know?
Are you like a secret agent or something?
How did you know they were gonna do this?
They wrote white papers.
It's all they talk about.
And they produced all these movies about a police state using a virus.
And now they've done it.
And now we know they created it and cooked it up.
Now they've got authoritarian police in Spain and the UK and Germany and Australia and New Zealand literally beating women and children and saying, you're not essential, you're bankrupt.
But they all get waivers.
The politicians, the movie stars, all of them.
It's a disgusting two-tiered system with an app on your phone that lets you do whatever you want.
Everybody else is locked in their houses.
They're trying to just scare us like chicken little in our houses.
We never come out and they're the ones that released the damn virus and then blocked all the treatments.
We've caught them red-handed.
We have to admit they're murdering criminals and they're gonna murder us if we don't stop them.
You are the resistance.
Welcome my friends to this live Friday edition.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here again for the next four hours.
We're already 20 minutes into this broadcast.
Okay, so now everybody can see it.
All over the world, they're saying, oh, it's the law.
You've got to have an app on your phone and take whatever the newest shots we want to put in your body are that aren't even classical vaccines, or you won't be able to work here.
Germany's announced it.
Italy's announced it.
Globalist-controlled cities like New York and L.A.
have announced it.
And we're going to get to the New York's new governor threatens to replace unvaccinated hospital workers with foreigners.
She says she'll bring in foreign doctors to replace you, which is the plan.
Run you out of New York and bring in people that have no history of freedom that they control.
That's coming up in a moment.
But first, let's look at some of these stories.
I'm going to be going over next segment.
What do you take away from these articles?
This is out of Oregon Live, the Oregonian.
Both vaccinated?
Oregon health officials say you can kiss on dates again.
Wow, so they tell you you're allowed to kiss people like you're a three-year-old.
That's why at colleges they hand out Play-Doh and watercolors if you get upset by something and get triggered.
You run to the counselor's office and they give you Play-Doh and little foot-tall desks to sit at because you want to be a baby.
And they pavlovingly tell you that's a great idea.
TikTok censors viral testimony from vaccine-injured student athlete after 4.5 million views.
And you know what's the most interesting thing about the Yahoo News article about it?
They said to understand who censored him and took down his 4.5 million videos.
And yes, the hospital said he had the swollen heart and almost died from the vaccine.
That isn't a vaccine, the Pfizer shot, and yeah, it took him out of his, you know, championship games and things, but that's okay.
We had to take it down because even though he was sincere and it was true, it might keep people from taking future shots.
It actually says that, so talk about gaslighting.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, and guess who gave the order?
Would you like me to read you who gave the order?
It's on page three.
It's very, very nice.
Oh, I'm sorry, page four.
Speaking to Yahoo, a member of TikTok's team Halo.
Oh, they have a Halo community, which is organized by the United Nations and the Vaccine Confidence Project.
That's the big pharma.
To provide and promote vaccines.
And while the video didn't expressly discourage people from getting vaccinated, it may have sown doubt.
Oh, really?
Because the insert says it can make you have a heart attack.
Even though his story is sincere, the message and the way it's put out can cause fear.
And we're going to cause fear of the virus we released, not give you anything that actually takes care of you.
See, I'm actually reading this.
Even though his story is sincere, the message and the way it was put can cause fear.
Said the U.N.
The U.N.-trained nurse.
Right there, see?
Oh, the U.N.
said natural immunity's no good, so Senator Paul's testimony on the floor, that six-minute speech, that's not allowed on the Internet.
And the Senate goes, okay, you're right, U.N.
Just like that.
We're under U.N.
They admit it.
I mean, they're at I remember when Trump got elected, they had a meeting about a month after at the U.N.
headquarters, and they had all the Democrats up there, and they officially put the U.S.
under the U.N.
Trump got us out right after that, and then they said, we're now run by the U.N., and Henry Kissinger was crying.
We had to find that video.
They had all the Democrats up there with him, and then Trump pulled us out of all that, where the U.N.
was over our immigration and everything, and that's why they were freaking out.
I mean, Trump did a lot of incredibly good things.
Too bad he got hoodwinked into the so-called vaccine.
But, oh, I'm sorry.
Let me start over.
I said I'd cover this next segment.
I'm kind of already doing it.
But I'm going to go back more into these.
Look, look.
Oh, you're allowed to kiss now.
Oh, the top-tier athlete on the golf club set for the championship tournament.
Yes, you had the swollen heart and almost died from it.
Yes, the doctors are on record.
Yes, you showed your proof.
Oh, he went and showed his proof.
They still said, no, your video stays down.
Oh, here's another one.
Aussie thought police pay home visits to people they suspect may protest.
Oh, yeah, you're gonna go to jail if you protest is keeping in your house forever as you go bankrupt.
Aren't we nice people?
They're getting rid of the old society, bringing the new.
CEO Moderna says even young will need to take vaccine booster shots indefinitely.
They had two different FDA panels, the number two panel, the number one panel.
Vote 26 to two and, no, 26 to one and 16 to two last week.
And their response was to have the CDC overrule their own panel, a CDC panel as well, and say, no, we're going to do booster shots and we're going to give it to kids soon.
And that was after the CEO of Moderna said, even young, we need to take vaccine booster shots indefinitely.
And they now announced that shots for children are safe.
The government didn't say it.
The FDA didn't say it with all their problems.
So they just overrode them and had the big pharma say it, which is what global governance is.
You go back to Davos five years ago and swab goes, Yeah, soon we will be in command.
We will be over all the governments.
Corporations will make the decisions.
You own nothing, you have nothing, you like it.
You'll eat bugs and drink sewage.
Those are quotes.
You're like, oh really?
Yeah, it's all about rubbing it in.
And they do it while wearing Klingon outfits on national TV.
Yeah, these folks aren't from around here if you know what I mean.
And I can just, I mean, I don't know if they peel their face back and there's an alien under there, but I'm saying the spirit, the spirit in them,
Is not of us.
And they don't like us.
Oh, here's another one.
I saw this this morning at 5 a.m.
when I woke up.
I sent it to the producers and they changed the headline.
I should have screenshot it.
It did said CDC overrides their own panel.
But when I get here, it's changed.
COVID-19 vaccine boosters can begin for some U.S.
adults as CDC partially diverges from its advisors.
So when the panels say don't do it, it's terrible almost unanimously.
It's causing heart attacks, problems.
The drug has failed.
You're going to discredit vaccines for generations.
These are all quotes.
Oh, COVID-19 vaccine boosters can begin for some U.S.
adults as CDC partially diverges from its advisors.
Oh, so when the panels and the CDC and the FDA say don't do it, almost unanimously, and the top scientists quit over it and say it's dangerous, that turns into partially diverges.
That's a nice name for it, isn't it?
Now, you see these graphs here, TV viewer.
These mirror Israel, they mirror everywhere else that's done it, but ooh, look at the winner.
Singapore is the most vaccinated in Asia at almost 90%.
And oh, it gets worse.
There are 527 days in a lockdown.
Robots patrol to make sure you don't talk to anyone.
I'm not joking.
Nearby in Australia, New Zealand, they say don't look at the sunset.
I'm not joking.
It's all real.
You're like, that's over the top.
It's meant to be over the top.
Don't kiss your neighbor.
You know, your wife.
Don't shake your neighbor's hand.
Look at the numbers here of your TV viewer.
Oh my gosh, it's way higher in the death and hospitalizations and everything else than it was at the peak last year.
Now, with the vaccine, oh wow!
They're sicker with the shots!
Gee, what's going on there?
I wonder what's happening.
And again, unfortunately, it just goes off the page here in this printer.
It just keeps going up, to be accurate.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Stratospherics, what they call that type of graph.
Oh, we've got more for you.
When we come back.
So, this is it.
The Global Depopulation Program.
Out in the open with them posing as your savior.
No one's allowed to question.
Not even medical doctors or scientists.
You're not supposed to look at the graphs.
And you're not supposed to protest.
You're just supposed to get real sick and die.
Real sick and die within three years from an autoimmune response from a regular cold virus.
So, all of you who took your shots... Ha ha!
Get ready to see Jesus!
Well, we're here, ladies and gentlemen.
As the chains are going on, as humanity is being enslaved, as the program of world government and a digital Mark of the Beast medical ID, the backbone of a global carbon tax ID, is being put into place.
We've got former Chief Advisor of the Republican Party and Senator Inhofe, who is the leading expert next to Lord Monckton, On the whole, carbon tax world government takeover joining us.
And because they can't get governments to implement the carbon taxes to track and trace everything we do, they're doing it through the United Nations and through corporations.
So Mark Moreno joins us with one of the most important subjects you can cover in the third hour.
And I have a stack of news.
Or even toilets are going to have cameras in them and monitor what you do for the earth.
And that when you've spent too much on your credit card that is bad for carbon, it's not going to let you spend the money and will tell you what you're allowed to buy.
This is the total prison that the left and their AI lords are bringing us into.
And that's what the global social credit score is.
The smart toilet era is here.
Are you ready to share your anal print with big tech?
Because they say you will if you want to use the bathroom in an airport.
They will anal scan you.
This is not a joke.
That's mainstream news.
The London Guardian.
In fact, I got the Harvard Business Review magazine.
I meant to bring it in here.
The whole thing is like cameras in coconut.
Palm trees and cameras and strawberry fields and robots everywhere.
Robots are better for carbon.
They will only be allowed to farm in the future.
You will only get money from banks if robots pick fruit.
I mean, every page is just savage death, savage control.
You will eat bugs.
You will drink sewage.
Cows will surgically live in tanks with tubes up their rear ends getting the gas.
I mean, it's just a hell world.
Because these people are demons.
So imagine, why would a serial killer, again, want to kidnap children and have them in dungeons or women and be in all that?
That's beautiful to them.
Human-animal clones, giant factories, just nightmares is what they're building for you and your family while telling you it's a beautiful, wonderful world they're creating.
So let me do this.
I got a bunch of clips I want to get to that are amazing, but let's get right into this.
This is released by John Hopkins.
Which is quarterbacking all this for Bill Gates.
Singapore has officially reached a new high in cases.
227 days into the mask mandate and 82% of their population fully vaccinated.
They follow orders and intubate.
They have a very high death rate as well.
It's going very well.
The hospitals where all the deaths are happening, execution centers.
Pretty incredible feat of media gaslighting that no one is asking politicians and experts how they can continue justifying mandates when it's caused more deaths, more hospitalizations, and more illnesses than ever.
Notice the virus comes in, they create all the hype, all the fear in the winter, the fall and winter, and it goes away.
Almost no deaths, and then they start the vaccines and straight up.
And it's the same all over the world, every single time.
Let me show you something else.
They had, again, in Michigan and in California, for a big show for the dumb juries, in one case over 40, another case over 30, FBI agents in body armor with machine guns, submachine guns, kicking down doors, going into doctor's clinics, where they were giving people IVs for vitamin C and glutathione and vitamin D. Hell, I mean, I don't like needles, but when I feel bad or something, I mean, they got great medical services.
I can just call them within a few hours.
They pull up, a nurse comes in, I'm sitting at my computer working, she puts it in my vein, doesn't even hurt, and she's gone in 30 minutes.
And man, I feel great.
That's everywhere.
They SWAT teamed them to scare everybody because they were advertising, hey, vitamin C is a good thing, you know, to boost your immune system for COVID.
Because they said the word COVID.
There's another big study on it.
The sufficient vitamin D level have protective effect on COVID-19 infection.
A new big giant study is out.
Here it is.
The Archives of Microbiology, one of the most prestigious out there.
And here's a breakdown of it by Dr. Robert W. Malone, but who cares about him?
He just sold billions of dollars of his products and invented mRNA technologies.
Don't listen to him.
Vitamin D deficiency cycles can account for seasonal respiratory virus cycles, which we always have.
This was a huge reveal for me when I learned this.
I had long been perplexed about how to account for respiratory viral seasonality.
Get your vitamin D levels tested and take the supplements you have low.
And 90% of black people are low.
About half of Hispanics are about a third of whites.
If you got melanin, you're designed for close to the equator.
You block the sun because you were getting too much, your ancestors.
If you're not getting enough, you have white skin.
Well, that's why, particularly folks that are old and aren't in the sun, or if you've got dark skin.
And here it is.
This is Dr. John B., and this is from this report.
According to this new study, 84.4% of COVID-19 patients investigated had a vitamin D deficiency link.
And then it goes to all of that.
Having a sufficiently high blood D level is an excellent way to decrease the susceptibility of infections, period.
Same thing with C and with zinc, but D is King Daddy.
But if you don't have the I and I in any of it, it'll happen.
If you're deficient in one vitamin or mineral that is essential, you start getting either diseases or you start degenerating because you don't, it's like, my car is smoking.
Well, I didn't put oil in it in two years.
My car ran out of gas.
Don't have gasoline in it.
You know, if I wrap my hands around your neck, squeeze for five minutes, you're going to be dead.
Because you have an oxygen deficiency.
Again, if I lock you up in a cage with no water for a week, you're going to die because you need water.
You die without water in three days to a week.
You die without food within 30 days on average.
You die without oxygen in four and a half to five minutes.
I know everybody knows this, but the FBI's coming with machine guns to any doctors trying to help people.
That is how sick and freakazoid this country's become.
Oh, and then Trump gets approved Regeneron.
That's a double antibody that they train in vats.
White blood cells cloned from mice.
It's incredible.
Buck Rogers.
Hell, they've got them that'll go, they're getting these approved that'll eat any cancer.
You just train the white blood cells on the cancer from your body, and then they go grow it with the white blood cells.
It's not approved yet, but they've done tests.
It's like 100%.
It's incredible.
And then it just goes and eats the cancer.
I mean, wow.
Training white blood cells in a vat with its enemy.
And then you just literally pass it out through your feces, through your gallbladder.
Within two weeks.
I know a bunch of people took it with 100% results.
Within five hours and seven hours was the two people in the office that took it.
It was all gone.
Super sick, couldn't breathe.
Biden's trying to stop it.
Trump ordered 500 million doses made.
You only need one dose.
That's an extra 150 million.
And they're not letting red states get it right now.
I told you that three weeks ago.
It was in the news last week.
It's confirmed.
Politico's proud of it.
Well, you people don't deserve it.
They're trying to have hospitals saved.
You're not vaccinated.
You don't get it either.
So, can't have vitamin D, can't have C, can't have zinc, can't have Regeneron.
Hell, they'll probably just say Regeneron's evil, but you can't have remdesivir that turns your kidneys off 56% of the time and you die.
And they're trying to block Governor DeSantis, trying to block Governor Abbott, trying to get it for you.
I mean, that's the murdering level of this.
Here it is, right here.
Studies on vitamin D deficiency.
84.4% were deficient.
And of those that died, it's almost 100%.
But that's okay.
We've got an mRNA injection that turns off the first shot, about a third of your killer T's.
And within two shots, your killer T's are at one-sixth what they were.
Who said that?
A Pfizer spokesperson.
One of their doctors.
You guys always remember his name.
The guy in the white lab coat.
It's his name, Dr. Bauer, Bauer, Bauer, yeah.
And that was months ago, but now they admit it.
Oh, hey, this turns your white blood cells up!
It's kind of like HIV!
I mean, sounds like the Joker came up with this or something.
Well, I've gotten through five articles.
I got hundreds more here.
And I got a bunch of other political news other areas, but Everything's a side issue now.
This global lockdown, this you're not essential, this medical tyranny is everything.
It's the depopulation program.
Stay with us.
We are broadcasting worldwide in defiance of the New World Order edict that I be taking off air.
But none of the glory goes to me.
It goes to God in heaven and the great supporters and listeners and viewers that keep us in attack formation.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I want to open the phones up next hour.
For listeners in Australia and listeners in New Zealand and listeners in Germany, those are some of the worst countries under ongoing lockdown.
Men, women, and children being beaten up.
But I particularly want to hear from people in Australia.
And I know, depending on your time zone, it's like one, two, three in the morning.
And we still get calls from Australia.
But when I've done nighttime shows, for five or six years, I did nighttime shows on GCN, not just the daytime show.
And we would loathe the phones from Australia.
In fact, in the Alexa ratings back then, back when those things actually worked to a certain extent, we were more highly rated in the UK and Australia than we were in the US.
And people would say, why do you care?
Why do you care about that?
You don't make any money off of that.
And I don't care about making money in those places.
This is a worldwide fight against the globalists, and so I need to be able to counter them worldwide.
It's not like this country or that country.
When one country's enslaved, they're all enslaved, especially when it's a globalist group orchestrating it.
I want to give the number out.
You call your country code into the United States and then you dial the toll free number and that is 877-789-2539.
is 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
Some people can't call a regular landline with their country code to a 1-800 number,
so we have another landline, your country code, 01512-646-1776, 01512-646-1776.
And I wanna put people from Australia and New Zealand, they're in a lockdown as well,
to the front of the line to hear what it's like because.
Facebook came out and said we're not allowing anyone to post about demonstrations in Australia and no one can stream what the police are doing.
That's like covering up Tiananmen Square.
That's like covering up the fall of the Berlin Wall.
I mean, this is so authoritarian, so damn criminal.
But again, it's the globalists working with big tech and big media to carry this out.
The only truth in Australia now is stuff that gets in from outside the country or Sky News over there He's like Tucker Carlson.
And there's like 10 hosts I've seen.
They got some bad ones too, but I've seen them that are as smart as Lou Dobbs or Tucker Carlson or myself are smarter.
I mean, they got good people there and that's why they're wanting to break their will with just outrageous behavior.
It's an island.
They can't get off.
Just like Australia is in trouble, New Zealand, Hawaii is just like Australia.
It's the worst in the U.S.
because they know you can't get away and it's hard to get back.
I know Craig Jones, arguably the best grappler in the world because his partner is retiring because of stomach issues.
He was number two and he took the Pfizer and almost killed him.
And he says he's not going back to Australia because they're going to lock him up and not let him leave.
So he lives in Austin now.
We're going to get him back on the show soon.
I want to talk to the Aussies.
You're not going to have to hold long.
I'm going to go to you.
877-789-2539, or if you're calling your computer phone, 01512-646-1776.
Because again, some of the digital phones won't work over a regular 1-800.
So, 512-646-1776.
So we've got all that coming up next hour.
1776 because again some of the digital phones won't work over a regular 1-800 so 512-646-1776.
So we've got all that coming up next hour.
Briefly, I'm going to hit some very important clips here.
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All right.
I got Gwyneth in Australia and Michael in Australia.
We're going to come back and start the next hour and I'm going to go to you.
I didn't get to the clip yet.
of the New York new puppet governor, the installed governor.
One bad one goes, the worst one comes in.
Threatens to replace unvaccinated hospital workers with foreigners.
We have a guy with a backhoe, we'll go on to break with that video and audio, with a giant backhoe, destroying buses because he got fired in Turkey for not taking the poison shot.
And I'm not endorsing this type of violence, but it's what's going to happen.
But instead of destroying your own infrastructure, think about it being like one of the globalist houses.
I'm not saying do that either, but you know, So let's go out to break with a turkey and a man with a giant backhoe crushing buses.
This is a dump truck.
One dump truck.
Two dump trucks.
And just in 45 seconds he destroys four of them.
And just in 45 seconds he destroys four of them.
Are you firing me for not taking the poison shot?
That's part of Swab's plan to make us all kill each other.
They call it the IMF riot where they create a climate where it happens and then they consolidate power.
We don't want that.
We want them to pay.
We want them to go to prison after they're tried.
Oh baby!
I'm gonna show you what love's all about tonight!
Not the kind of love Klaus Schwab wants to give ya.
[ Silence ]
He's like Howard Stern that said he wanted to rape the dead children at Columbine, or rape them to death.
He's a good guy according to liberals.
All right, we're going to take calls from Australia, which again is just under total martial law, savagely beating men, women, and children, anti-terror forces, running over people with cars, just a giant exercise.
I want to ask Australians, why are they doing it?
We know it's about global government.
We know it's the beta test for us to see those images around the world and think it's normal.
But conservative politicians, liberals, they're all doing the same thing.
Switzerland, famously with William Tell, has a history of individual freedom.
They're attacking and rubber-building peaceful people, giving them flowers.
They try to go out on the street.
This is martial law.
We got Gwyneth, we got Michael from Australia so far.
And some stations do not carry this first little five minutes.
Some do.
And of course the internet does.
01512 646 7076 and some stations do not carry this first little
five minutes some do and a lot of course the internet does so I don't want to go to Gwyneth and
And and Michael yet, we'll be back We got a break in like four minutes.
We'll come back in like five minutes.
I'm going to you.
And then I really, I know it's the middle of the night, but I want to hear from folks in Australia or people in Spain or Germany, which are almost as bad, what it's like to live in an ongoing lockdown.
I guess France as well is just as bad as Australia and places like Paris, all an exercise of power.
And they admit it is.
So 877-789-2539 if you speak English.
Because I'm not too up on Spanish or French, a little bit of Spanish, a little bit of German, a little bit of this and that, but I could certainly talk to the folks there in that great island nation, that great continent of Australia.
What a sad fate to see, but it's all of our fates, as prominent Australians have been pointing out, so that is coming up.
In other news, You can't buy a book.
You can't buy flowers.
"as winter of discontent fears emerge."
'Cause they've already said new lockdowns are coming.
They're already basically under a lockdown.
And so Boris Johnson said, "Well, since you won't accept the vaccine passport,"
they've already done the polls, "we'll just lock you down again this winter."
So people are smart, getting what they need now.
'Cause last time they were told, "Oh, you can't buy a book, you can't buy flowers,
"you can't buy a puzzle set at the grocery store "because that's not essential."
You've got to be punished.
It was the same thing in Michigan, of all places, as some of the most evil politicians.
And New York were like, oh, you can't buy gardening seeds at Walmart.
They told Walmart to cordon that off.
Anything fun, anything, oh, you can't.
Now, you can get liquor, you can watch Netflix, you can buy DVDs and video games.
But, oh, you want to buy a Bible?
You want to buy a gardening book?
You want to buy?
No, no, no, no, no.
And now they're saying in the UK, oh, maybe we'll let you buy alcohol now this time because you won't take the shot.
Same thing in Australia.
There it is, Wal-Mart Man Selling Vegetable Seeds, a non-essential show.
How dare you go out and panic buy, and even worse, do not store food, because then you wouldn't be under their control.
They release a more deadly virus, and the permanent lockdown comes, and they say, take this new shot that'll kill you even faster.
It's like Jim Jones' Kool-Aid drills.
He'd have them grape Kool-Aid, and they had strawberry Kool-Aid, and they had cherry Kool-Aid, and they had orange Kool-Aid, and lemon Kool-Aid, and they would twice a day have Kool-Aid drinking drills.
The kids wanted Kool-Aid.
They'd have them out working all day in the forest, the jungle in Africa.
Then they'd march them up, and they'd say, now drink your Kool-Aid, and say, I love Jesus.
Well, finally, when they gave it to them with cyanide in it, you saw what happened.
And so, these vaccines are already poisonous, they're already deadly, they're already killing you slowly, but they want to get you trained to just roll that sleeve up whenever they say, and just get it in that body now.
And that's why you hear the, he drank the Kool-Aid.
And the left has drunk the Kool-Aid.
You know, you have all these scientists, the FDA quit, the top ones and their boards vote against booster shots and shots for kids, and all the leftist TV shows went, nobody Nobody resigned.
It's not true.
It's fake news from Alex Jones.
Talk about lying criminals.
Well, look.
Fully vaccinated Sonny Hostin and Anna Navarro have tested positive for COVID and are pulled off the view set just ahead of Kamala Harris' appearance.
They'll be back in 60 seconds with Gwyneth and Michael and Andy.
Stay with us.
Thanks for calling.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and I began to get informed when I was a little kid Because my dad and mom were friends with a lot of really interesting people.
I had no idea that my mom used to be a secretary for a really interesting group of folks that were patriots before I was even born, and then right when I was born.
And then Richard Nixon used to call up, you know, and she'd transfer the phone.
And so I just grew up like around really interesting people that already knew this was coming.
And then as I got older, I saw it starting to happen.
And so I said, wow, we got to stop this agenda.
They say they're going to take us to this certain place.
Global lockdown, apps on your phones where you can't buy or sell unless they say, and carbon taxes.
And now it's all here.
And Australia's been chosen as the main lockdown image in Ireland, so has Hawaii with ongoing lockdowns and tyranny, to just absolutely enslave people and set the precedent for that.
15 days to flatten the curve, well now you know the hell they're in.
And so, the war for the world, the people versus the globalists, the people versus the elites, Who are depopulationist is on.
And Australia is the front line.
It's the epicenter.
And I know it's one, two or three in the morning, depending on the time zone.
There's three time zones or more in Australia.
So we've got Gwyneth, Michael and Andy that have gotten through and I appreciate them calling.
So let's go to Gwyneth first, then Michael, then Andy.
So Gwyneth, just incredible stuff.
Even if we saw this in North Korea, we'd be shocked.
Police beating men, women, and children with the butts of their guns for walking down the street.
Tearing children out of mothers' arms.
Body slamming people.
Splitting their skulls.
Running over people with cars.
Horses running women over.
Just hellish stuff.
Again, stomping men's heads in.
What in the hell is going on over there, Gwyneth?
And where do you see this going?
Hi, thanks for putting me on the air Vincent.
First of all, I reckon that you probably need a war correspondent here in Australia right at the moment and I'd like to put my hand up if you'd like somebody to work with you.
You should be a war correspondent.
I've had a radio spot on GCN for about the last five years, so I'd be happy to work with you there.
Oh, that's amazing!
I know about some Aussies that have got shows on GCN.
Are you doing a health show?
I'm Gwyneth Isaacs.
I have a two-hour slot on the USA Prepares radio show.
Oh, that's great.
Well, listen, I'm going to get your name and number because we don't have a huge amount of funding, but I could definitely help you get equipment or help you some.
We need wartime correspondents all over Australia, but especially the south of Australia.
So that's a great way of putting it.
Tell us what you're witnessing.
Okay, well what I'm seeing here in Australia, I've had friends, I sort of look out in the countryside a bit because I've got my bug out location where I basically live now, but I'm only about two hours, three hours drive from Melbourne.
I've got friends that have had properties in Melbourne that basically live out here now And they came back with full-on PTSD from living in Melbourne.
They said they couldn't handle it anymore.
They said it was just absolutely crazy and it really is insane.
Just the things that they were describing, the full-on police state tactics that they didn't know.
When they went out, if they were going to be facing, you know, police on power trips, just bashing people up or whatever.
And, you know, they're just so glad to be out here in the countryside.
It's not so bad out in the countryside areas, but even out here, there's certain locations, just like about 30 miles from here, right out in the countryside.
where you got more or less, I wouldn't say they're permanent roadblocks,
but a good proportion of the time when you drive past this point on the road, there's,
you know, police in these black police cars that you see set up.
Yeah, they're internal checkpoints and they even have plans from the UN.
They're going to first take the cities over, cut the resources off, then fan out and they're going to force you then into the city into shield zones where they actually lock you up in a quasi-rural area and use you as slave labor.
And I'm not trying to scare people.
It's officially announced by the Australian government, officially announced by the CDC and the UK, that they're going to hold rural groups in border areas of cities as slave labor.
So look out.
This is a classic communist takeover.
There it is.
Interim operational considerations for implementing the shielding approach.
And that's, quote, because you're healthy and you're seen as a resource to the city.
So you're going to be held in slave camps to produce for them at gunpoint.
Yeah, it's at choke points near bridges.
There's a certain bridge where basically in Victoria, if you want to go from east to west, you more or less have to go over this bridge or one of a few bridges like it, because this particular river runs north-south from the Murray River in the north.
Almost all the way into Melbourne.
Well, this is a classic.
Again, the banks aren't communists, they're fascists, but they admit they're using a communist model, like they use in China, to take over, then re-educate.
That means break the public and put them in a new way of living.
So we're going into a cultural revolution right now, worldwide.
That's why all the major health ministers admit they are, quote, communist.
Have you noticed in Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, they'll ask the health ministers, what are you?
And they'll say, I'm a communist.
Trudeau says, I am a communist, I want to be a dictator, and so that's the plan.
Well, they all seem to be on power trips, that's for sure.
But I'll tell you something else that's been happening in Bendigo, OK?
Because I live maybe about 50 miles from Bendigo, and that is a spot that you're going to hear about, I think, a lot more in the news.
You haven't probably heard about it much.
But they said, OK, there's been a COVID exposure site in this particular shopping mall, in this particular supermarket.
Everybody go and get tested.
And in one week, 2,500 people out of a population of 120,000 that live in this town went to one.
This is only one testing site that I know of.
2,500 people lined up like sheep and went and got tested and had the PCR thing put up their nose.
This is absolutely atrocious.
You people have to have to stop being such sheep.
Absolutely, ma'am.
We're going to put you on hold and work with you on that and see how you want to be a correspondent for us and go out and shoot video.
Then you can upload the clips to us and get around the censors.
Because again, all the big tech is blogging people.
So I do want to work with you and I would like to see what you want to do and where you want to go.
So thank you.
In fact, that's a great point.
We're going to try to set that up with people that are in these key epicenters, because it's hard to get her out of her rural area into these lockdown zones.
But we need to get this out now that big tech is censoring it all, which we knew would happen.
This is a war, folks.
I don't want to cut Michael and Andy and Eva off, but we're going to come back from break, and then I'm going to try to get two calls in next segment, then more after that.
So just, that was a great call.
We're going to try to move quicker now when we come back with Michael and then Andy and then Eva and others.
From Australia.
And also, if you are visiting the U.S., or have recently been in Australia, like a lot of, I remember a lot of Aussies now that have just come here to get away, I totally get it.
You know, out of the fire, into the smoldering fire, but we're on fire too, Attorney.
I want to hear from all of you.
So if you're in the U.S., or you're in Germany, or you're in Mexico, and you're an Aussie, and you want to get in here, as long as you've been there and seen us or got family there, we want to hear from you.
They're trying to suppress this show.
They're trying to suppress the people in Spain and everywhere that are being suppressed, just like you see in Australia.
The answer is standing up and speaking out and then digitally magnifying these voices.
In fact, I'm going to do a special show tomorrow.
On the COVID tyranny and on Australia and what's coming here next and the war for the world, as the great Aussie coined it.
That's what this is.
It's a war for the world, the war for the future, a war for life.
And we're all in it together.
That video is posted, it may not video, I suggest you all share it like your lives depend on it because you do.
And you don't want to wake up later once the clamps are on, folks.
It's going down.
I wasn't joking about anything I just said.
It's called a war for the world.
Get that video.
Look, the truth is, Canada, Australia, none of these commonwealths ever got out from under the British Empire, and the corrupt institution that runs that.
Now, the British culture is great, the people are great, but the elites there are bad, and you've got these Governor Generals of the Queen that are really in charge.
And the Prime Ministers are just puppets.
But the Prime Minister of Canada says, I like dictatorship like G.G.P.
So the blue cities, if you want to call them that in Australia, are communist.
I'm talking to Aussies who are the real experts on all this.
But remember, vaccine doesn't protect you.
All the countries with the highest vaccination rates have the highest death rates and the highest illness rates and hospitalization rates.
There's a list of governors, generals of Australia.
So that's what's going on here.
People demanded their freedoms hundreds of years ago in England, so they gave them this fake system and it's the same thing there.
Michael in Australia, thanks for holding her on the Alex Jones Show in the middle of the night over there.
Tell us what you're witnessing and just how bad it is with the partial news blackouts.
Oh, well, Alex, thanks for having me on and all I can say is thank God for you and the Infowars of everyone.
You've got to support the Infowars because it's one of the only One of the only beacons of hope that we've got, really, even over here.
And thank you for getting the message out of what's really going on here, because it is a media blackout.
The mainstream media here are just completely trying to suppress any other opinion, apart from the COVID and the vaccine narrative.
I think we're all in a bit of a state of shock here.
And that's the whole point.
Shock us into the new normal.
It's in operation lockstep.
And I haven't seen even your main opposition leaders who are great people say, this is global government, this is great reset, this is a new world order.
I've seen a few of the Sky Television hosts do it.
Same thing here.
Rand Paul's one of our best people.
Nothing about Great Reset, nothing about the U.N.
admitting it.
He talks about Fauci cooking it up on purpose, but it was for the U.N.
So, is anybody over there challenging this for what it is, a premeditated takeover?
Or are they just like the U.S., debating and saying, this doesn't make sense, a lot of people aren't getting sick, why are you doing this?
Because when you understand it's all directed by the U.N.
and by Bill Gates, then the people can be rallied to the full truth of this being a new type of war.
There's very little mainstream opposition to any of this.
We've got one MP, a Member of Parliament, Craig Kelly, who's trying to stand up.
One of the big issues is they're really pushing the vaccines onto the children now and any dissenting voices, concerned parents, anybody, it's just total suppression.
You know, you look at what's going on in Melbourne, you had a big turnout to protest on Monday, all the tradies, rough, tough blokes, you know, but they were relatively peaceful.
They didn't try to attack the police at all.
They got a bit rowdy, so the police dispersed them.
But then over the next couple of days, the police just, the gloves were off and they Yeah, let's be clear.
These aren't police beating innocent, peaceful people with rifle buds.
These are terrorist criminals.
on the same league as Adolf Hitler.
That's where they're taking you, brother.
You've got a case of political cancer.
But know this, the snake that bit you is the United Nations and the globalists.
You are under a new type of war.
And I really like this fellow, we're going to get him on the show as soon as we can,
who explains it all.
The war for the world, Ricardo Bossi.
He absolutely gets it.
Yes, he's a great guy.
He's not afraid to speak the truth, and he delivers the message very well.
I have seen him, but again, as far as the mainstream media here is concerned, this guy doesn't exist.
Well, you've all, no matter where you are, got to hit the streets, and you've got to get serious.
I know I've read the police have killed a few people, and I'm a guy that doesn't want offensive violence, but they're coming at you with a deadly shot.
This is Joseph Mengel and Nuremberg violation, and I'm really concerned that we're going to be able to export this worldwide because this is all a beta test.
The politicians and their controllers have no fear.
And the police under peer pressure are following.
Have you heard of the Milgram Research Study or the Stanford Research Study, the Milgram Experiment?
And this is what we've got here now with that narrative that, oh, well, you know, you've got to trust the science and that keyboard warriors don't know anything and the world's top scientists are going to, we're going to listen to them.
Nobody's actually seeing or looking for The reams of scientists that are coming out against and telling the reality of what's going on here.
It's 1984.
Are the people over there aware that the vast majority of scientists say this is all a fraud, the vaccine doesn't protect you, that the countries that are most injected are the sickest, or is that just blacked out except for shows from America?
It's pretty much blacked out.
I mean, we do have the voices here.
You've got Rookshan live.
He was on Fox News.
He's live streamed from Melbourne for the protest.
Yeah, do this.
Tell me who I should get on to magnify it around the world.
And I just want to ask the Aussies, share InfoWars on your email, your text message.
If they're blocking InfoWars, share freeworldnews.tv.
I want the Aussies to know you're the tip of the spear, folks.
And so you are the people that the world needs to hear from.
Well yeah, Avi Yemeni from Rebel News, the real Rookshan, he's been doing great work from Melbourne and you know, you look at the numbers, live streaming the protests, Rookshan was getting 100,000 viewers where the mainstream Channel 7, Channel 9 news that we've got here, we're getting 4,000, 5,000.
And so the answer was, Facebook censored that but it's still getting out through proxies.
It is, and it's getting harder and harder to find.
Monday was fine, all over Facebook, but then through the week, getting very, very hard to actually find these live streams.
I love how Yavi is a veteran, no criminal record, and they slam his head down on the ground when he's just out there as a reporter being polite.
I mean, this is North Korean crap.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call, Michael.
All right, only got to one call that segment, but the longer segment's coming up.
We're going to get to Andy, and then Eva.
She's in British Columbia, but she's from Australia.
And we're going to take more of your calls at 877-789-2539.
And I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm going to pick a day next week.
We've got a few new crew members hired, so we've got a bigger crew of great folks that can do this.
And they put up with me.
That's really a feat.
I'm going to come in here.
Let me announce this now.
I'm going to come in here next Wednesday night from 7 to 10 live.
And I'm at commercial free, but we'll put it on the satellite and the radio stations if they want it.
It'll be on the internet at Infowars.com, seven to 10, three hours live, basically no breaks except maybe a promo so I can go to the bathroom if I need to or get a cup of coffee.
And I'm gonna come in here and do three hours, seven to 10.
We'll have the Australian times for you to just take Australian phone calls next Wednesday night so that it'll be later in the day, not the middle of the night for you.
So look for that coming up next Wednesday night.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come right back to more Aussies.
They're trying to silence Aussies.
We're putting them front and center.
Here's one piece I talked about.
Fully injected with GMOs, what it is, Sonny Hostin and Anna Navarro from The View have tested positive for COVID and are pulled off The View just ahead of VP Kamala Harris' appearance.
It's all crap.
They still use PCR tests, but people get sick after they've had the shot in record numbers.
I showed you the numbers out of Singapore last hour.
More hospitalizations, more deaths, more illnesses than ever before after the inoculations.
And that's the facts they don't want you to know.
Here's a report on it.
Two of you to step off for a second.
Anna and, uh, and... And we're gonna bring you back later.
Have to leave.
And we'll tell you why... More information later.
It's a tease.
We'll tell you why in a couple of minutes.
So, shall I introduce the Vice President?
So, Vice President... No.
Shall we dance?
Let's do a tap dance.
Let's do a tap dance.
Since this is going to be a major news story any minute now.
What happened is that Sonny and Anna both apparently tested positive for COVID.
No matter how hard we try, these things happen.
They probably have a breakthrough case and they'll be okay, I'm sure, because they're both vaccinated.
Otherwise, though, you know, a lot of vaccines.
So... Total lies.
So they staged the event.
They all had it planned.
I've been on that show.
And, oh, but they'll be okay because they have the vaccine.
They just tested positive.
But just suddenly, you just disappear, you see?
That's the contact tracing idea.
This is the society they're bringing us.
In Australia, they've announced, oh, we're now going to come to the unvaccinated and take you away for your safety, called the shielding process.
Or, even those that have had shots, we're going to take your children.
If we think you might have been around somebody that had it, the state's going to go shield your children.
Oh, bye!
Oh, we're going to give your children shots, whether you say you can or not, even under age 12.
Welcome to the New World Order, and they say this is permanent!
This is permanent!
And Australia's the epicenter, but everything they do there, it's the same documents.
They have the shielding process already starting.
CDC's announced it's starting here next year.
And they'll find enough people that will go with the police and, oh, none of us have it, but you're gonna protect Bobby or Jenny?
Oh, take my four-year-old.
See you in a month!
Just total slave training.
I remember like 10 years ago they had top psychologists come out and say...
The TSA groping children under 12's genitals and touching them is training them for pedophilia.
Pedophiles learn how to touch and train a child.
You shouldn't do it.
So he stopped that here.
It was against the law, what they were doing.
But now it's for everybody.
Oh, now your child goes with the government.
What did the UN say 18, 19 months ago?
Dr. Ryan, the head of the UN Rapid Reaction Force, he said, the goal is to go in a house and break up the families and take people away to protect them.
Yeah, by hitting you in the head with the butt of a rifle.
I mean, they want the President to disappear.
Who they want, when they want, because they know everybody's been voting out the Socialists and the Communists, so they put in conservatives posing as good people, and then they drop the hammer on your ass.
They know you're rejecting globalism.
They know you're rejecting the New World Order and open borders.
So they're going to re-educate you.
You're going to do what you say.
You're going to do what they say.
Unless you want to stand up and live.
And they can hire plenty of dumb, stupid cops that will beat you over the head if they're told to.
And that's why they had Black Lives Matter saying police were bad worldwide, where if the cops did anything, even a drug dealer or a guy trying to kill them, they'd go to jail.
So cops learned, do what the politically correct say, physically attack people that leave their lockdown, but don't arrest Haitians pouring across the border, and you'll be all right.
See, they're learning.
And the police are like anybody else, they're political, they're bowing down.
Andy and then Ava, or Eva, excuse me.
Andy in Australia.
Thanks for holding, go ahead.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me on and not screening my calls because whenever I called the mainstream media radio stations in Australia they checked that it's something that's Going with the propaganda, and if it's going against it, they just don't allow me to go to air, and they just hang up.
Oh yeah, mainline talk radios like that here as well, and then now the leftists have taken control of almost everything, so you've got to not be deceptive, plan on talking about one thing, tell them that, and then change the subject into what you really wanted to say the next minute.
Yeah, that's exactly what I'm going to be doing next.
So I'm calling from the world's most locked down city in the world's most harsh COVID restriction city, which is Melbourne.
Just in case people are wondering, other parts of Australia, like in the North and the West, they're very different to Melbourne.
Like they're pretty bad, but Melbourne's just off the charts.
Full-blown police state, like borderline, similar to North Korea.
Recently I've been attending all these protests which has sparked up massively which is great because for so long we were just being suppressed and just putting up with it but now there's this big movement of people rising up and I've been going to these events and stuff and I got hit with a rubber bullet and I've been filming stuff so it's been it's been pretty good and I mean it's scary what the government's doing and it's crazy but the masses rising up and people waking up and doing
something about it for once.
That's what's really cool. Well you're right but that's good but you know why, of course the police
don't know this, they're chosen in authoritarian leftist regimes for low IQs, they weren't always
that way, but any authoritarian regime it's the police you're going to face, the military.
They are cutting the food production out of your country where now where people are ordered to stay
at home in Melbourne.
Now they order the, you know, the dine-out food and it's total crap.
It's no good.
No one wants to work.
Everything's breaking down.
So you're being de-industrialized and shut down.
So you'll fully collapse and they're going to come out with a new global social credit score and give you a certain amount of money each month, but you'll be under their control.
So this is all about global ID, medical ID, carbon tax.
And of course, you know, they're arresting people all over the South, as you pointed out.
We're being online saying they're going to go out and protest, but they can't get everybody.
That's the truth.
So, again, yes, you guys are fighting back.
It's beautiful.
They've upped the attack, cracking skulls, attacking children.
And they will pay once you take your government back.
I mean, these people need to be tried and put in prison.
And those that gave the orders as, you know, traitors and sedition, I mean, under your laws, I think they need to spend life in prison.
Yeah, I totally agree.
When I saw some videos yesterday, I was actually disturbed from them because I was just like, that is so messed up.
But recently I've had to take down a lot of my posts because the government, I think, is coming after people who have been to these protests.
And apparently they're looking at, obviously they'll be looking at my personal social medias and stuff.
So I've taken stuff down from that.
But they're looking through security cameras on the freeways because we blocked the freeway and stuff.
You know what the answer is?
Everybody come out when they try to intimidate.
Because now when they start coming and arresting people and people get scared, the answer is maximum resistance now, shibble disobedience, you know, I'd be up on, you know, at midnight spray-painting billboards.
Information warfare is your key.
I mean, you're under a foreign UN multinational takeover to put poison in your body.
And I mean, I would tell you up the game and nonviolent resistance.
Yeah, exactly.
That's what I'm doing personally.
I think a lot of people are doing this sort of stuff.
I mean, you know what's going to happen next?
I'm not saying do this, but, you know, they're not going to be able to come out to your house if all the police cars have their tires stabbed.
And I'm just saying, they better hope they stop now, because you know, the UN plans to push us into full-on civil war, and the cops don't know that they're following orders.
This is a destabilization plan to destroy the West.
You understand the West has to be taken out before the worldwide tyranny starts, and then they begin the extermination of the third world.
They're going to wipe the third world out with bioweapons.
That's why Australia is practicing a lockdown ahead of that.
You understand?
Yeah, and we have no other choice.
Like, they've literally trapped us.
In our own cities and our own states.
You can't go from like Sydney to Melbourne and stuff.
People, if their home's in Melbourne but they're stuck in Sydney, they can't come here.
They've just said you can't come.
We can't go to other countries.
We're trapped.
Well, I mean, look, it's going to end with, when they start killing people, which has already started, they're going to start getting killed.
And then the police cars are going to get burned out, and then the police stations, and then the government offices are going to get firebombed.
And then the real war is going to start.
Somebody like Antifa that works for the state is going to be the real deal.
That's what the U.N.
and World Bank wants.
But they're going to force you into it.
So know who's doing it, explain it to everybody, and try to stop it.
The police should stand up in their unions like we've done here and say no.
That's what the police have done here in America.
God bless you, sir.
Call us back again.
Thank you so much, Andy.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, we're live here on the Alex Jones Show on the InfoWars radio slash TV network.
And all over the world, from Africa to Asia to Latin America to the Pacific region to Australia, people are tuned in as we watch this globalist takeover happen.
And the most important videos we've got are things I said 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, that are happening exactly now.
And that finally gets people out of their shell to go, whoa, how do you know that?
Well, because Operation Lockstep and others.
I mean, this has been very well planned out.
And that's why I'm so frustrated, because my freedom and my future and my children's future depends on you waking up.
We're all in this together.
And when I see stuff in Australia, people go, well, that's just over there.
No, that's coming to your town soon.
This is all a big test.
And they're doing it in Australia to see if they can get away with it.
A big country, smaller population, huge police force, formerly a prison colony.
They're testing to see what they can do.
Don't forget, the new film is at covidland.com.
Covidland, The Lockdown.
It's got all the footage they've hidden, expunged, covered up, their lies.
It's gonna be a five-part series.
Maybe off the air by then by the time those all come out, but it's very well done with over 50 interviews in it.
Robert Kennedy Jr., Dr. Sherry Tinpinning.
We played some clips yesterday.
You get a free copy of Endgame with it.
So you get Covent Land for $19.95, and then you get a free copy of Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement that everybody needs on their shelf in their archives.
You can rip it, you can burn it, you can share it.
Zero country code on both of them.
No copy protection.
Two films that are so important that go together like a horse and carriage for $19.95, and it starts shipping in about a week and a half.
We got the DVDs right now, but we are gonna be shipping them to you coming up Here, I guess, just in about 10 days or so.
So pre-orders all get a copy of Endgame.
We're going to stop that special when they officially start shipping, if you haven't pre-ordered.
So get yours in today and get it out to everybody.
This is an information war.
And people are like, that's like 1999.
What do you do with DVDs?
DVDs have got to come back everywhere.
People realize they're editing films in real time.
They're pulling them.
Digital copies are being disappeared off DVRs, even if you buy them.
You want the hard copy.
You want the physical book.
Digital is also convenient and so nice, but it's a trap.
Everything's going to be analog.
Everything's going to be what you've saved.
Even old devices are now having more value than new computers because people are getting this quickly.
You know, I know a lot of big folks in the establishment that I got to know over the years and that actually aren't with the bad guys, but just play both sides.
And I would always ask, why do you have a warehouse full of old computers and old TVs and old equipment?
And they said, you'll see.
This stuff's all going to have incredible value in the future.
And I'd ask why, and they'd say, you'll see.
And years later, I was like, oh, I know why you do that now.
They said, yeah, now you know.
I said, two reasons.
They lease it out for extras for movies that want to do period stuff, but then those are just the shells of them.
They have the actual warehouses of all this because they've been predicting it's going to come back massively.
I was told that 20 years ago.
There's a lot of smart people that know how things work, but they don't go give that knowledge to everybody else.
They keep it to themselves.
I'm giving you knowledge that the globalists have and others have, that they don't want you to have because they want to have all the knowledge for themselves.
I believe in everybody getting the knowledge.
And again, I don't take it as like a bragging right.
I've had the globalists try to hire me six or seven times.
I mean, I've had it happen in front of one of my radio producers, with the head of the Kissinger Group.
That's the reason I can talk about it.
The others were off record.
But have you been offered $10 million a year in book deals and everything and protection from the system to be above the law?
I have.
You've been offered the Fox News TV show?
I have.
And I'm not saying, oh, I'm special.
I'm saying, this is real.
As real as a heart attack.
The New Old Order's real, and now you're seeing it.
Eva in British Columbia, who's from Australia, thank you for holding.
Thank you for coming on the show.
Tell us what you're witnessing.
Alex, I'm actually in British Columbia.
My mother is in Australia, but I talk to her every day.
She's 76 and lives by herself.
She's in a small country town in Victoria.
And she wasn't awake.
Well, she is now.
She's not getting vaccinated.
And she's pretty much by herself.
So, you know, it's getting tougher over there.
She's feeling it.
Her mental.
She's being affected mentally by it.
And, you know, I'm hearing lots of stories on the ground there.
I've got lots of friends over there.
There's a lot of people over there that are getting vaccinated that I know.
I dare not call it a vaccination.
It's not, as we all know.
But it's really tough over there.
I know it is.
You know what you said just before.
It is a penal colony.
That mentality still exists there.
I got out of Australia 20 years ago, and I've been travelling the world ever since.
And I've lived in a lot of Commonwealth countries and we're all under the dictatorship of the Queen still.
It's evident.
I'm in Canada at the moment.
I'm seeing it here.
We're in British Columbia.
We're in this ridiculous scan your passport bullshit.
your passport bullshit and you know we're looking to go sustainable and so
it's not just in Victoria it's everywhere you know and it's waking
people up And I think that comes through education, Alex.
We've got to get people knowing their rights.
What they can say and getting strong in their own sovereignty to get out there and just do it.
And, you know, band together with tribal people that are thinking the same so you can really march together and not feel so alone.
I mean, my mother is alone.
She's got a lot of friends, but out of all her friends, there's only one person that's not vaccinated and they're all starting to Well, listen, I'd love to get your name and number and I'd love to get your mother maybe on as a guest with you because, again, I have a really good family friend, my parents' best friend who I've known since I was a baby.
Her uncle was an amazing guy in Northern California in a great retirement community in the Redwoods.
And they kept him locked down for six months and he finally just laid down and died because he wasn't even allowed out of his house.
They killed him there at the prison facility.
And this is all a Milgram experiment to see what they get people to do.
This is a globalist test and it's so evil, it's so corrupt.
And those that commit the crimes don't want to admit they've done it because they're so weak-minded.
It's up to us that aren't weak-minded to tell them no and to educate the sheep and do that.
So I want to put you on hold if you want to talk to us.
And maybe your mom, but regardless, thank you so much, Eva, and God bless you.
Amazing call.
The answer is going to rural areas and getting sustainable.
The problem is they're going to cut that off and come for us there.
We've got to fight in the cities and in the systems while building emergency backups.
I mean, this is run-of-the-hill stuff, folks.
This is it.
And it's only going to get worse.
I'm sorry to have to inform you.
Here's Brian Mashey, RN.
How about dying alone?
And how evil it is and how horrible it is for not letting people come see their mothers and their fathers and others as they die.
That's mainly so they've got them intubated.
They don't let you come in because they're murdering them for the money.
But again, this is all just satanic, cutting us off from our humanity, the spirit that hates us.
This is its whole mission.
It's to target the children and to target our old people and to destroy our sacred rituals of human transcendence.
Here it is.
to not allow these moms and dads in to be with their dying kids,
to not allow family members to come in and to hold their parents' hand that one final time,
to give dad a kiss on the forehead, or to hug your mom one final time before she passes away.
That to me is literally the most inhumane aspect of this entire COVID situation.
And the fact that we've had so many people now that have literally had to die alone.
We've had so many family members that have had to say goodbye to their loved ones
over FaceTime because the hospitals were refusing to let family members inside.
Meanwhile, their family members literally on their deathbed, waiting to take their last breath.
And we're keeping people, you know, outside for those last crucial moments of life that people will never get back.
I can't think of anything more inhumane to be done to not only a patient, but to a patient's family.
covidland.com, get your copy with a free copy of In Game Today.
And look at this, this is out of Strong Cities Network, all over the world, UN, taking over cities and police to control them.
And look at who the main sponsors are, Partnerships and Fundraisers, Anti-Defamation League, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, and the Open Society Foundation, that's Soros.
And who's gotten all over the world, anywhere they have elections, district attorneys put in.
That's right, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, the ADL, and of course George Soros.
George Soros is a young man rounded up thousands of fellow Jews and ratted them out to be taken to death camps, and now he runs your local district attorney, and he's coming for your family with a needle.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And we are back live.
Mark Moreno of Climate Depot, one of the top experts in the globalist takeover and their carbon tax.
You want to know about this because it's here now.
It didn't come and he's running this next segment.
That ties into the UN now runs the internet.
I've got an article right here about it that, oh, that's not allowed.
Senators aren't allowed to have speech.
The UN said, I'm going to show you the UN announcements that they control what you can see and hear.
But first, We've had a lot of crew down on the border in the last year as Biden has in the last nine months purposely collapsed it.
Al Sharpe did not receive a warm welcome in Del Rio.
I told him to get out of here while he was down there trying to race bait because a bridle of a horse thing fell over while they were grabbing legals surging across the border that Biden said come here.
It's unbelievable.
Here is the report and we'll be back with Mark Moreno.
Mr. Sharpton, why have you not been another kid for the children that are being trafficked at the border right now, or all of the kids that are being brought over that have been drugged or sedated coming into the country, where up to 40% of the kids that have come across the border have gone missing?
Where is your voice then?
Why are you not speaking up for these children, sir?
Why are you not being a voice for the children, for all the kids that have gone missing?
Why are you not speaking up for the children that have gone missing within the government?
Nobody's screaming in your face.
Nobody's screaming in your face.
Nobody's even talking to you.
Why are you not being a voice for the children missing at the border?
40% of children that have come in unaccompanied are now missing from the border.
Kids are being sedated at the U.S.
Why are you not being a voice for the children?
It must be mainstream.
Why are you still doing racism where it doesn't exist?
Why are you trying to come and provoke violence?
Why are you here advocating for violence?
Why are you here advocating for violence?
Del Rio is not a racist city.
Del Rio is a loving, caring community.
We don't want your racism in Texas.
Get out of here.
Nobody wants to hear your racist nonsense in Del Rio.
You're a racist!
Nobody wants you in Texas!
Nobody wants you in Texas!
Why are you not a voice for the children that have gone missing?
That's abhorrent!
Where is your voice then?
Get out with your racism!
Get out with your reverse racism!
Get out of here!
Texas does not want your nonsense!
This is a loving community!
We denounce your racism and your hatred!
Get out of Texas!
Get out of Texas!
Where are you speaking up for Americans?
Why do you not speak up for the American citizens?
Why don't you speak up for the children that are being trafficked through the border?
Why are you not aware of the 40% of voters that have not voted this year alone?
Stop with the race baby!
Del Rio will not come to your nonsense!
Del Rio is not a racist community!
Our border patrol agents are not racist!
Our border patrol agents are heroes!
So again folks, this is what happens, and this is how you take over a globalist operation.
What these men are doing, what Sharpton tries to do is anti-white, anti-America, globalist stuff to divide the country.
Those guys are point-blank range, taking him over on national TV, so that the word gets out.
Even better is a live feed to just jump in on it many times and take it over.
It's legal, it's lawful, you're not on their property, they're out in public.
These are enemies of humanity, and it's time for civil disobedience, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, everybody's talking about, oh, we're just gonna start shooting people.
Let's not do that.
They come and keep forcibly injecting us and taking us to their emergency camps.
As they call it, shield in place.
That's Nazi Germany and we're gonna have to get organized to defend ourselves, but...
Let's not get there.
Let's not get there.
Let's stop them now.
And that's what you gotta do.
You gotta get motivated.
You gotta do it yourself.
And when they censor somebody, you go start a YouTube, or a Facebook, or a Twitter, or go get a Gab, or go get a Rumble.
There's all these other great sites popping up that are exploding.
My gosh, Jack Posobiec, I forget, tweeted some site I haven't heard of that we're getting hundreds of thousands of views a day on.
I meant to plug that.
It's in my stack.
Guys, go to Jack Posobiec's Twitter.
He put it out last night.
It was like 14 hours ago.
It's amazing.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, I've been interviewing this great American patriot for 20 years at least, back when he was on the Senate committee with Senator Inhofe, if memory serves.
And boy, has he been proven right in spades.
We got to the bottom of the hour, then I got a ton of news and breaking news on Bitcoin, you name it, after he leaves us.
Mark Moreno, ClimateDepot.com.
And I'm going to just leave it at that.
He's traveled the world.
He's been dead on target.
Warning of the agenda.
And now because they can't get their carbon tax pushed through here, that China, of course, and others won't follow.
Well, now they're saying they're going to do it through the corporations, that the credit card companies are going to tax you for buying the wrong thing and give people better deals if they're, quote, a minority for reparations.
And that's just to make it sound like it's OK to charge one person more or one person less, because that's called discrimination.
But that's how they sell it, which is they really want to target all of us with a global social credit score.
So he's joining us to talk about all this and the official announcements that they want the carbon credits.
To be tracked by the new global medical vaccine passport.
That's the Holy Grail.
Klaus Schwab says it, but now it's being proposed by major think tanks, by major foundations and by major policy groups and studies.
So Mark Moreno is here to just rattle all this off.
He's the expert.
At Climate Depot on Twitter, everybody should follow him and share it because this is the economic takeover of the planet.
This is the most important fight.
It's what all this lockdown is about, Klaus Schwab admits, is getting us the carbon tax, which they're now in the news saying, oh, we had carbon lockdowns to get you ready for, or we had COVID lockdowns to get you ready for the carbon lockdowns.
So Mark, great to have you back on.
Thank you so much, Alex.
Happy to be here.
And you're exactly right.
By the way, the Soros Gates-funded professor who came up with the phrase, they're the ones who said we need to go from COVID lockdowns to, quote, climate lockdowns, unquote.
They actually use that phrase themselves, climate lockdowns.
And you're exactly right.
This is not a Chinese social credit system someday in the future in the United States.
This is that Chinese Communist Party-style social credit system right here and now in America.
It's arrived.
Lay it out for us, and again it's all at climatedepot.com, but lay it out for us because I don't even see our good leaders in Congress that are like Rand Paul and others getting that this is a global corporate takeover and it's here.
They seem to be flat-footed.
Well, first of all, in my current book, "Green Fraud,"
I have two chapters, one on how they're using, they use the COVID lockdowns as the model for climate
change and then a second chapter on what you're talking about,
which is Klaus Schwab and the world economic forum and their idea of using the collapse of our current system
through COVID restrictions to essentially create, in the words of Klaus Schwab, the Davos founder,
a great reset of capitalism and this is what they've been waiting for.
In other words, for 50 years, they've tried to scare us, Alex.
They tried with Paul Ehrlich's overpopulation scare in the '60s, they tried with the resource scarcity.
We're all going to die of a famine and hunger.
They tried with the man-made global cooling scare.
They tried with the deforestation, the Amazon.
They tried with climate change.
Nothing worked.
Even Pew Research and Gallup just showed bupkis.
They had nothing to show for it.
This virus comes along.
It cuts across party lines in terms of fear.
As Jane Fonda said, this was God's gift to the left, COVID.
This allowed them, after 50 years of trying to install a one-party state in America, the virus allowed them, the unelected bureaucracy, to take over and dictate every aspect of our lives.
To barbecues, to having the government neighbors can report you, to have the government shut off utilities, to canceling weddings, funerals, to you not being able to leave your house.
Under curfew, unless it was an essential service determined by an unelected government bureaucrat, to stay at home orders, to travel restrictions, to economic planned recessions.
They talked about that for climate.
They talked about shutting the whole economy down to meet our temperature goals with climate.
Well, guess what?
With COVID, they got to do it.
All of this is a long roundabout way, Alex, of leading to where they are now.
Climate activist Tom Friedman, New York Times, praised China's one-party rule on climate.
They could just get things done.
The UN climate chief praised and sought a centralized transformation.
This is a decade ago to fight climate change.
Praise China.
Fast forward, where are we?
We are now in the United States of America.
At the cusp of living under a one-party state.
The one party being a COVID or climate emergency is declared, democracy is suspended, and all of a sudden unelected bureaucrats are regulating and dictating every aspect of our life.
Welcome to China here in the United States.
And I'll get to it in a minute, but I just wanted to lay that out.
That's the vision of where we are in the climate.
And of course now, they're ready to implement it.
The journal Nature has this carbon ration cards that they're proposing for every man, woman, and child on the planet.
They've resurrected it because we're now compliant, because we've been put under COVID restrictions.
We're now, they've softened us up, the public, enough to accept this.
And now we have MasterCard teaming up with the United Nations to come up with credit cards that will monitor our carbon footprint.
And are you ready for this?
The World Economic Forum loved this part.
The credit cards will shut off when you've exceeded your carbon footprint allowance, determined by unelected government bureaucrats.
And then they announce, or if you want, you can then pay a tax, pay a corporate.
So they're not going to give you a corporate tax.
They're just going to turn off your card and make you opt into it.
Yeah, it's a form of control.
Like right now we're seeing in Italy, if you don't get the vaccination passport in Italy, we're just finding out today, you will not be able to be paid by your job.
You'll be put on leave.
You're not going to have employment.
Now, the reason this is so scary is look what just happened to General Flynn.
Visa took away his card because they didn't agree with his politics.
Look what happened to Candace Owens.
She was refused a COVID test because they didn't agree with her political views against lockdowns.
Look what's happening in Pakistan and Nigeria.
People are being denied access to banking.
unless they go along with the power elite and get a vaccine passport.
So if you don't go along with the carbon footprint, you're gonna be denied banking access, access to credit.
We have the federal government under Joe Biden doing what's called environment social governance.
Department of Treasury is now gonna be withholding bank credit ratings to institutions
that lend to energy extraction.
In other words, unless you're doing the approved what benefits China, solar, wind, or electric car batteries,
you're not gonna get money for energy and banking and lending institutions
won't be able to give it to you.
And Mark, let's be clear.
This is the war for the world.
This is all on record that China and India and Mexico and a hundred other countries plus, they make zero cuts.
The globalists are all invested there.
So we shut down and then all their investments go up.
I mean, this is treason upon treason.
This is just insane.
And it seemed like back when you were in Congress 20 years ago, they knew this and were fighting.
I don't see the Republican leaders really fighting this.
They don't get that this is here now.
No, they don't.
I mean, you talk about someone like Kevin McCarthy, the GOP minority leader.
He comes out on, you know, I think it was on Earth Day or right when Biden did one of his big climate proposals.
And the Republicans are like, oh, we believe climate's a problem, too, but we're going to plant trees and we're going to do carbon capture and we're going to invest in solar and wind, too.
They come up with what I call the Republican light plan.
And they're trying to compete with the Democrats.
Basically, it's Me Too Socialism from the Republican Party, ultimately.
They're not challenging the narrative.
They're not going after any aspect of this.
You want to talk about treason?
Joe Biden's day one in office, he shuts down American domestic energy.
Whether it's fracking and pipelines, he's starting to go after fracking by death by a thousand cuts, energy extraction.
Fast forward eight months, he's now begging OPEC to increase oil production to make us more dependent on foreign sources of oil.
Same thing with the Keystone Pipeline.
You're about to go there, Russia gets its pipelines into Germany, we don't get our pipelines.
This is economic war!
But it's even beyond Russia and Germany.
The United States is at an 11-year high of Russian oil imports, about to go to an all-time high.
At the same time, we're being more and more dependent on Chinese rare earth mining, which supplies 90% of the world to make solar, wind, electric car batteries, using Uyghur slaves, using underage children in Africa as they buy up the whole continent.
And now, as they're of course having a big alliance with Afghanistan, China's going to be exploiting their rare earth.
minerals. And what does the Biden administration say or do about this? John Kerry could care less.
He's begging China to pay lip service to the Climate Action Committee, at the same time
claiming that climate is a national security threat. We must do something. First of all,
in my book, Alex, I show that the global cooling scare of the 1970s had the same solutions.
Sovereign-- Of course, stay there, stay there, stay there.
You're on fire.
You're always on fire.
My God, you're on fire.
I want to read that book, too.
We'll be right back with Mark Moreno.
I'm Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
This is happening now.
We must have Congress wake up and act now.
This is economic war.
Alright, final segment with Mark Moreno.
Hadn't talked to him in a few years.
Time flies.
He's about to go to a big UN conference coming up in October.
He's also there in Scotland.
He's also doing a huge expose in Vegas at a very important event on the Great Resets.
The good news is you're out there waking folks up.
In the eight minutes we have left, continue with what's really going on and how we stop it.
Alright, well basically what's happened here is I quote the UK House of Commons Speaker, Lindsey Hoyle, who actually said, this is amazing to me how the public has been, quote, so compliant, Alex, that was his quote, with the COVID lockdowns.
Now is the time to move to climate lockdowns.
So every organ of the sort of globalist world order are recognized what's going on with what's what happened in the two weeks to flatten the curve has been two weeks to introduce charity.
And they are ready and poised to move this over to climate.
In fact, they're now saying if climate is unchecked, we'll have a lot more viruses.
Here's some of the more outrageous things happening.
A group of academics in Australia have now announced that it's time to add climate change as a cause of death to death certificates.
Bill Gates is all in on this.
Bill Gates has said that the death toll from climate change will exceed anything from any virus that we could come up with.
Keep in mind, since 1920, we've had a 99% drop in climate-related deaths.
So there's no truth to that, number one.
But number two, We have Obama's Department of Transportation say that climate change is causing an increase in fatal car accidents.
Al Gore says every organ of the body is affected.
The American Cancer Society says cancer is up due to climate change.
So if you die from organ failure, a fatal car crash, or cancer, you're going to credibly have climate change listed as a cause of death.
It's not far-fetched to think of CNN or MSNBC putting up daily climate change death polls.
This is the way they're going to scare the public.
They've already scared the kids.
We know that.
So that's one of the things happening.
It's one of the absurdities.
I've already mentioned the climate credit card.
But beyond that, we have the International Energy Agency.
We have a UK government funded report.
We have the organs of the United States government all promoting the idea of climate lockdowns.
We have climate activists announcing that in a declared climate emergency, you'll only be able to fly when it's morally justifiable.
In other words, if you want to travel to Florida for a vacation, not going to cut it.
If you're going for a funeral, maybe.
If you've only had one funeral that year, you'll have to justify this.
Chuck Schumer is urging Joe Biden right now to declare a national climate emergency.
It would turn the United States into a blue state like Cuomo or Whitmer in Michigan, where they would suspend elements of democracy and start being able to oppose interstate travel restrictions, all sorts of even dietary restrictions, energy restrictions.
We're already getting reports about smart meters, turning people's air conditioner off in the summer if they make it too cold, or their heaters off.
This is a level of control Americans have never accepted, but the COVID lockdown softened us up.
And this is what we're headed for.
So this is UN, global government-directed neo-feudalism in their own words.
It's here.
It's not coming.
Just incredible.
It's here now.
I mean, we've already got with a German official talking about what's happening with these travel restrictions.
They're saying even under old East German regulations.
This is going to be more strict in terms of how you can travel.
These Germans need to fill out a form and wait sometimes years before you can travel.
We're now facing that as Americans.
There were advisors to Biden who wanted to do an interstate ban for COVID restrictions and that's still not off the table.
And of course with the vaccine passports, What's happening there.
By the way, I'm supporting Black Lives Matter.
For the first time in my life, Alex, they're going after New York City restaurants for denying service to African Americans because 70% of African Americans in New York City are not vaccinated.
So it is a disproportionate impact.
So to the extent that Black Lives Matter can be useful, if they start fighting vaccine passports, this is one way we can actually use that organization to do something of real value in America today.
But with all of what's happening here, this is the dream of the progressive vision.
If you go back to Woodrow Wilson in the 19-teens, he had the vision of the administrative state run by unelected bureaucrats running every aspect of our life.
We saw all this.
John Holdren, Obama's old science czar, lamented people could get in their car, drive to a grocery store, come home with a six-pack of beer.
They believe that free people left to their devices will cause inequity, racism, it leads to white supremacy, and it destroys the earth.
And it also runs viruses amok.
So they want every aspect of our lives controlled through an administrative state.
That's where we are.
They've got us financially.
They've got us through travel.
They're going after our diet.
They're already pushing eating insects.
World Economic Forum is pushing the processed fake meat and even printing meat.
They're talking about how many pounds of meat.
And upcycled where you eat garbage.
That was upcycled on the same page in the Washington Post this weekend.
It was upcycled food from trash.
You will eat it.
And then next to it, it was, we're going to make cows be potty trained and put tubes up their rear ends.
Yeah, and Bill Gates bragged that he drank water made from feces, from sewer water.
So this is just, you know, one of the little things.
And by the way, Bill Gates, the largest single donor outside the United States government to the World Health Organization.
Guess who Bill Gates, who by the way, wants the lockdowns to go on as long as possible.
He's bidding on a world's largest private jet transport company.
It's not going to affect Bill Gates and his friends.
But most shockingly, Bill Gates Bill Gates has just, he's the one that believes that the death toll from climate is going to be much, much greater than any other thing.
So he's all geared in to moving right on over to climate.
And guess who his country, guess who Bill Gates thinks is the model country for the rest of the world to follow when it comes to COVID response?
Have you heard this?
Absolutely, I have, yes.
Australia, so that gives you an idea of where the World Health Organization is, where Fauci
is, where Bill Gates, where the World Economic Forum is.
They want us like a police prison colony, like Australia, locked in our homes.
And by the way, they've said that.
And Schwab says, you'll then take a chip under your skin, we're going to change your body, we're going to take you over.
This is a corporate takeover through the bureaucrats of our very bodies.
And the left is out there thinking some utopia is going to come out of this, when by any stretch of the imagination, this is a total nightmare into 2030 operation.
It is.
By the way, the phrase from the World Economic Forum is, you'll own nothing and you'll be happy.
Everything you want will be delivered by drone.
And this is their vision of the future, where we're all going to just sort of be glued to Netflix, watching mindless entertainment.
And obviously, they're domesticating us and making us prisoners for depopulation at that point.
I mean, take us to the real extension.
They want the robots to take over.
They want to play God.
But they need us to stand down and be prisoners first, so we become dependent on them.
Yeah, well, I mean, Klaus Schwab actually talks about the melding of humans and computers in some very creepy stuff.
I mean, if you listen to Klaus Schwab, and keep in mind, Klaus Schwab is a nut, but he's a nut that even people like, you know, even every U.S.
president goes to the Davos Forum and speaks to it.
Every world leader... Oh, here's the corporate... He's the former head of the Bilderberg Group.
He's the corporate guy who pushed the agenda.
Listen, I want to fly you to Austin.
I want you, after you've done your big presentation in Vegas, to come here and do a PowerPoint in this big studio I've got.
You know, just you, so that we can put that out as well to our audience, because nobody's doing more important work.
How do people find your new book?
Well, my current book is Green Fraud.
It's available on Amazon.
It's got a forward by Mark Stein.
The new book will be coming out.
It's still available on Amazon at the moment, even though Amazon has had all kinds of calls to remove my book, and I face censorship.
But it's called The Great Reset, Global Elites, and the Permanent Lockdown.
It's by Regnery Books.
It'll be out February 8, 2022.
That's right, it is a permanent lockdown.
It's not 15 days to flatten the curve.
Mark Moreno, we salute you, thank you so much, and look forward to having you back on.
Thank you, Alex, appreciate it.
Man, you blink and it's two years the guy hasn't been on.
We'll be right back.
Thank you, Mark Moreno.
Well, there's video of it.
I don't really want to torture you all with it, but Town Hall has the story.
Let me just show you on my phone, overhead shot please.
VP Harris chuckles while comparing Phony border patrol story to quote times of slavery.
You know what the times of slavery are?
It's the whole New World Order system taking over.
It's the forced inoculations.
It's the checkpoints.
It's the being told, oh, you'll be able to travel outside your home country three times in your life and outside your city once a year.
This is all Rockefeller Foundation Stuff from 12 years ago.
I've got stuff from 1967 where the UN said, we want to get rid of education, make people superstitious, divide it along tribal lines.
We want to reintroduce human sacrifice and paganism.
They're doing it all.
Oh, look, the border isn't open to the collapsing Caribbean with the people starving to death because the UN had a lockdown worldwide.
It's not the UN's fault destroying the third world to send them here.
No, it's white people as they fight to get into a country.
That white people set up with their Christian ethos.
It's ridiculous.
So, here's the video.
Australian police go door-to-door.
Are you aware of any planned protests or events coming up to intimidate you?
Do you need to crack your skull?
Shameful thugs!
Oh, they're trying to save you from a virus that Fauci cooked up and released, and now the vaccine makes you a lot sicker, creating a very virus in your body.
On record!
And these thug-like cops are a shame, are disgusting!
You watch North Korean soldiers abuse people, you go, that's trash.
When you see Nazis abusing people in old film footage, you go, that's the enemy.
And when you see the Australian police and the other police around the country that are going along with this, some of them in the US, most of the cops are the ones leading the fight against it here.
You see the Canadian police acting like thugs?
You see it and it hurts your heart!
They have made themselves our enemy.
They have attacked us and they're gonna false flag themselves so they can come and have war with us.
They are disgusting, horrible people.
Destroying their own future.
Picked because they're imperious.
Because they have an arrogant attitude and an arrogant gate to their lives.
This is going on all over the country.
They're going to be like, oh, we heard you were on Facebook saying the lockdown shouldn't happen.
We're taking you to jail.
We're building lots of camps.
They're going to put you in the camps regardless.
They want your property.
They want to make you a slave because it's who they are.
And it's official in the CDC plan and the Australian plan that when you're in the camps, you're going to grow vegetables and work and clean for them.
Well, they sit around with their machine gun.
You go, why would they do this?
Because they like it.
Christian country, stop this.
Everywhere else is people with machine guns while you pick turnips.
They mean business!
So here is the footage coming to an area near you.
Here it is.
So I'll just let you know, just because it's my camera that's going, so I'm Sergeant Hawthorn from Northwest Net OSG.
As you're recording, we're recording as well.
Everything's being done visually and also audio on the body-worn camera.
No worries.
What's your name?
Thanks mate.
Salmon, mate.
Um, what we're here for is obviously just in relation to the recent protests that are popping up and what not and actually just see to do welfare checks and what not.
I didn't know there was anything going on.
Any planned protests that you may know of?
Not as far as I know.
It's a complete surprise when you hear the cops here.
Just a friendly chat, that's all.
That's all, we're just destroying your whole future under you in control.
Cutting everything off, within a year you'll all be in cops.
That's all that's going on, mate, to take over.
Oh, we're just here to beat your head in if we catch you out on the street.
You stay in your damn house while the system breaks down so we take over.
It's called the Great Leap Forward, it's called the Culture Revolution.
You clear with that, mate?
All right, good.
We've just been out criminally beating men, women, and children all day, and now we're here to act like we're North Korean prison guards.
All right, mate.
All right, good, mate.
We're on the winning team.
You stay in your house and starve to death.
All right, see you later, mate.
Go back to the video.
They're coming up, Jeff?
Are you aware of any communication circling around between people about the planned project?
Oh, start it over.
Start the whole thing over.
You've been communicating with people?
Remember, don't talk to your neighbors.
Don't look at the sunset.
Canada just said, oh, if you haven't been injected, you can't even have anybody over to your house.
I mean, this is martial law.
Hardcore martial law.
Regular martial law is don't be out after sunset.
Look at the wrong place, say the wrong thing, you might get taken in.
This is hardcore martial law!
This ain't lukewarm, this is boiling!
And you look at those cops with their evil eyes, looking at that guy.
Wanting him to say, I was out protesting and drag him away.
Alright Mike, come with us!
Once he gets there, get him up against the wall.
You don't spread viruses here!
When Fauci released it, they all did it.
Oh, you're sick!
Go back to this filth, this garbage, this enemy.
play it.
Notice it's a blob, woman, n-nanny.
She's here for your safety.
And I guarantee that woman will put you in a damn prison camp for life and tear your kids out of your arms and inject them till they roll over and die like a dead fish, cause she's a good mommy.
She's in childcare.
You now.
Here, play this filth.
Play this North Korean witch.
As you're recording, we're recording as well.
Everything's being done visually and also audio on camera.
No worries.
What's your name?
Thanks, mate.
Salmon, mate.
Um, what we're here for is obviously just in relation to the recent protests that are popping up and what not.
Just here to do welfare checks and what not.
Are you planning on going in?
I didn't know there was anything going on.
Any planned protests that you may know of?
No, it's not a surprise, I know.
It's a complete surprise when the cops are here.
Just a friendly chat, that's all.
So are you aware of any planned protests or events?
That are coming up, Jess?
Are you aware of any communications circling around between people about the planned protests coming up?
Do you use any platforms at all?
They just passed in a martial law, it wasn't even a law, the Governor General said it and then no one opposed it in the Parliament of the Queen over these rabble, their grandparents and great-grandparents were our prisoners, they're prisoners now by right of blood and conquest!
Says the degenerate inbred Hungarian Princess Queen Elizabeth II.
They already are in all your files.
They can pose as you under the law in your social media to set you up as well.
Anderson messaged everyone in your name, and here they are, knowing full well this guy's been out there, and they're just there to intimidate him so he doesn't go back out next time because they don't have enough prison cells yet.
Oh, they're coming for you later.
Oh, I better take stuff down.
I said they'll get me.
They're gonna get you already!
The more compliant you are, they're gonna get- and these cops will be arrested when they won't follow orders.
They'll be in the camp with you.
These are the quizlings.
These are the morons.
These are the drawbridge lowers.
You think when the Huns convinced somebody to go secretly lower the drawbridge, that the guy that lowered the drawbridge got a job with the Huns?
That's the first person they stuck on a pike!
Traitors are the plague!
Yeah, they, they'll go back to these cops.
Jesus, Lord.
Have you gone to any protests in the past?
Hit pause again, back it up.
How about none of your business, you little thug?
How about get a warrant?
And so now they're going to try to use, oh, you lied to us.
We're going to play it again.
Do you use any platform at all to communicate?
Have you gone to any protests in the past?
You guys wouldn't be here otherwise.
I'd like to know how you got this address actually.
Anything else you'd like to tell us that might help ensure the public safety?
The That's the contact tracers.
Oh, you've been on some platforms there, mate.
Oh, you're talking to people.
You don't do that in a free country there, mate.
Oh, we might have to feed you to the crocodile, huh?
Oh-ho, Crikey!
You will pay!
Yeah, I'm gonna turn on the juice, boy!
Then we'll turn on the power!
What if you knew your country was gonna fall into a North Korea-like permanent hell and you'd live in total bondage with a globalist plan that wants to kill you after they rape you physically, psychologically, medically?
And here we are, I knew it was coming, I knew their plan, saw them do it in other countries, now they're doing it worldwide, and I watch police going, so, mate, you go out and protest.
Not allowed to leave your house, mate!
Not allowed to talk to people!
Don't look at the sunset!
I mean, it's beyond North Korea.
In North Korea, they say, look at the sunset and the birds singing.
It's Kim Jong-un.
He's the reason.
There's a mic.
No, leave.
Don't be in your backyard, mate.
And they're so sick and evil, and they're so over-the-top bad, and it's all for a virus the UN and the globalists cooked up and released.
And then I got Fox News clips going, wow, Fauci really did make viruses in a lot of Congress.
Boy, he's in a lot of trouble.
He said, let's release them to the Pentagon in China!
And it's COVID-19!
But instead, he's the guy locking us all down!
And there's dumbass cops at the door, beating people up with pistols and everything, with the butts of their guns, running over people with cars and stuff, running over people with horses and water cannons.
All over the world, from the UK to Canada, it's ridiculous.
And it's because everyone wants to be politically correct.
Oh, I see white cops beating up black people not wearing masks, kicking them out of restaurants.
That's okay.
A bit of a black guy, you know, is like pulls a gun on a white cop and they shoot him.
Oh my god, riot in the streets!
Because it's about an agenda of control.
It's sick.
And it's all these weird leftists, because they all talk like effeminate, the men act real, but then they beat you with their rifles and, you know, split you.
I'm liberal!
I'll beat you with a scotch!
It's like, I don't care that you're gay!
You don't have a right to kill me and lock me in your house because you're this god!
Because you have sex with other men!
I mean, it's just, it's out of control!
We don't like the liberal club, the sickness, the authoritarianism, the censoring, the big tech, your slave camps in China, your bad people!
Oh, you're out walking along, man?
We're going to slam your head in the concrete here.
When they arrest a child molester, they get mad about it and drop the charges.
Oh, you're like us.
Look, most of the politicians you see that are pushing this are pedophiles.
Germany supplied 30,000 children in one city to pedophiles in the government.
It's an army of pedophiles.
And I'll just say this.
The entire leadership of Australia looks like pedophiles to me.
The women, the men, all of them.
They look like freaking demons.
I would cross the other side of the street not to be near them.
Fake, disingenuous devils every damn one of them.
Child molesters, just know that.
And now they're going to be taking your children to shield them at their private facilities.
And they're already putting all the shots in them they want.
Oh yeah, they're so liberal.
They don't really just want to rape them, they want to kill your children.
They want that energy.
So, here's the New York new governor installed.
But she's a woman, so it's okay.
They're going to fire the medical workers and won't take the deadly shot, the experimental shot, and then bring in foreigners to replace them.
Here it is.
You said yesterday that you were looking into temporary visas for foreign workers to fill these anticipated slots that might be Empty in hospitals and nursing homes.
So what is that going to look like?
Where are these replacement health care workers coming from?
What's the plan?
Well, I'll start with the last question.
See if I remember the first one by the time I get through your three and a half part question, Bernadette.
This is something that we have to work with the Department of State on first.
And this is a conversation we've already been having to talk about the opportunity we might have in freeing up the visa system to have some temporary workers come from
places like the Philippines where many nurses go elsewhere. I literally had
this conversation with the Prime Minister of Ireland when we sat
where I am right now and talked about you know do you have any of this everyone
I'm talking I'm saying do you have any health care workers you can get over
to us but it is globalism that's enough of her so there you go and then
here oh tick-tock you know playing the championship golf tournament for the
college John Stokes, 21, massive heart swelling, almost died.
And you read the article here in Yahoo, and it says at the end, the United Nations runs a group called Team Halo.
Oh, a little halo.
Which is organized by the UN and the Vaccine Confidence Project, run by Bill Gates, to promote vaccines.
Said, well, what he said was true, and he means well, but we banned his video because it might scare people.
Read it for yourself.
And here it is.
Elites at IMF suggest banks will soon be using more than credit history when underwriting consumer loans.
Oh, oh, are you white?
Sorry, bad credit.
Oh, but it's okay, it's to repay.
No, it's to allow them to discriminate, period.
So they go, whites, we're going to discriminate against you for your own good.
Oh, okay.
Then it's everybody, of course.
Banks oppose Biden's new total surveillance proposal on IRS because they want to run it themselves.
It's not about government power, it's about corporate dictatorship.
Great financial reset.
EU central banks and US Federal Reserve are all in on fighting climate change through monetary policy, carbon taxes, climate lockdowns.
New CO2 monitoring credit card enables tracking of carbon footprint on every purchase, monitors and cuts off spending when we hit our carbon max.
Same thing with the new phone apps.
Told you it's coming.
All being announced, all being set up.
Dio Black, the world's first credit card with a carbon limit.
There it is.
Everybody just thinks, I'll get a high credit score, I'll kiss its ass, I'll go along with it.
It's time to rethink personal carbon allowances.
It's all being announced.
Journal of Nature, COVID lockdowns are the key to begin personal carbon allowances.
It's all happening!
Kerry says, I don't care about slave camps in China, just cut your carbon.
Or at least pay lip service, which they won't even do.
PG Peng says, we're having free children.
We're, yeah.
Oh, the smart toilet to anal scan you when you're allowed to use the bathroom.
That's being announced by The Guardian.
And it goes on and on and on and on, and then the Oregonian says, you're allowed to kiss now if you've all had your shots.
We tell you what to do.
Aussie thought police pay home visits to people they suspect.
And it's coming to a town near you, worldwide.
Unbelievable evil.
Let's hear the censored by the UN, just like Rand Paul censored.
Facebook said, YouTube said, they said, the UN says that natural immunity doesn't exist.
The sky doesn't exist.
Birds don't exist.
America doesn't exist.
You don't exist!
And so you can't hear from the man who had the swollen heart.
It doesn't matter it's true.
It doesn't matter he had his doctor come out.
He did an appeal.
Yahoo reports.
It just isn't allowed.
The UN said.
Just like that you're under the UN.
Just like that you're under Fauci.
Just like that.
Just like that.
And where's the governors?
Where's the legislatures?
Well, they might oppose some of the stuff, but not point out what it is, because they preconditioned for decades.
That doesn't exist.
None of this is happening.
We're like, here's the documents.
It's coming.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Hey, they built camps now.
They're going to put us in them to, quote, protect us even when we're not sick.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
When it happens, well, we better go with them.
And they'll show the news, the three-year-old, go with the men now.
We'll make you safe.
Child never comes back.
I mean, this is just hell world.
I'm going to play the censored video.
I'll play it next segment and hand the baton to our guest host, Stu Peters, coming up.
But separately, I've done what I can do.
And if people want to keep this show on the air, you'll share the articles, you'll share the videos, you'll tell folks about it.
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Take action, have energy, have life force, or you're gonna be locked up in your house and then suddenly the Netflix ain't gonna work no more and the food ain't gonna come no more.
And then because of the collapse, you're gonna have to go to a giant emergency center where you'll be given a job and a uniform and that's the new society.
Collapse the society to organize the masses of disenfranchised Where'd Bob go?
The first five years of the plan once the collapse is over, then within five years is an official plan of the UN,
it's malice, the great leap forward, cultural revolution.
You will then march on the middle class, the farms, and they'll be told, you gotta turn your farm
over to this collective of 100 people from the city.
And they're gonna move into your house, you're gonna stay in this shack,
and then after a couple years, you're gonna resist.
And where'd Bob go?
He's buried. (laughs)
They're gonna kill you on your farm and bury you nicely.
And then they're going to rape your wife and children.
Ha ha ha ha!
And I'm not joking!
They will rape you!
They will murder you!
They will kill you!
You think it happens everywhere else.
This is the plan.
This is the program.
There's a large group of people that want to molest children and rape your wife and torture you before they gouge your eyeballs out with ice picks.
So, you can resist them, you can wake up to them, you can say no to them, or you can die as a miserable slave on your knees.
David Rockefeller didn't joke.
Bill Gates didn't joke when he says he wants to kill you.
And he goes to the TED Talk, all the liberals giggle because they're in on the fun.
They want to kill.
They want to murder.
They want abortion.
They want to do human-animal hybrids.
They've done it all.
And now they want to pull your teeth out with pliers.
Well, I say we build up and get ready to defend ourselves!
You know, I said I'd get to this yesterday, and I didn't.
Someone hit an X segment.
New York Times article about the forced injection of blacks.
We're going to show you that while they spew all their racism, this racism, that, and turn us all against each other.
Well, they loot the planet, run giant slave camps in China and other areas.
That's all coming up.
But first, since I mentioned it, here is that college athlete who the UN has now officially censored.
There's a Yahoo story, TikTok censors viral testimony from vaccine-injured student-athlete after 4.5 million views.
Infowars.com has the article with a link to the Yahoo story.
Where they interviewed the doctors.
Everybody said, no, it wasn't a shot.
It didn't cause it.
They admit the shot can cause it.
But they said you might scare somebody with that.
Speaking to Yahoo, a member of TikTok's Team Halo community, which is organized by the United Nations and the Vaccine Confidence Project, Bill Gates.
To promote vaccines.
And while the video didn't expressly discourage people from getting a vaccine, it may have sown some doubt.
Oh, you're not allowed to tell us that this is happening, even though it's true.
Even though his story is sincere, the message and the way it's put out can cause fear, expressed Team Halo registered nurse.
That's what vaccine-hesitant viewers are not realizing.
Oh, you're hurting, you're bad.
That's why we censored you.
Well, here's what they don't want you to see.
I'm in the hospital right now with heart complications from the COVID-19 vaccine.
And I want to inform as many people as I can about the risks from taking the vaccine that I wish someone would have told me.
So I am a Division 1 student-athlete with no prior health issues.
And I got the second COVID shot Tuesday.
And within four days, I have been diagnosed with myocarditis.
And was told that I probably won't be able to play my senior season now.
It is a side effect from the COVID vaccine and it's really not being reported or addressed.
And it is a serious issue that we should all be informed about before making this decision.
It isn't right for people to be forced to take the vaccine because there are actual side effects like this that could happen to you.
And the NCAA should not mandate student-athletes to get the vaccine because of what could happen to so many fellow student-athletes.
Health issues, which has happened to me.
Everyone should be informed of the side effects and no one should be forced to take something that could cause what has happened to me.
And no one knows the long term effects of what's possibly going to happen from this.
And it's kind of uncharted territories because everyone else with the same heart issues from the vaccine as me, we're all being tracked and monitored.
Basically like test subjects from the vaccine.
So it's a very serious issue that really needs to be spread.
And I've spoken with some other student athletes that have also had to have either heart surgery or have had heart issues from this.
And it's very scary stuff.
And a lot of people in our age group apparently are at higher risk for heart issues from the vaccine.
And it really does need to be talked about.
John Stokes, in 2 minutes and 11 seconds, just calmly, focused, very professional, laid out everything there.
We're lab subjects.
It's on the insert.
It can do this to you.
People need to know.
This shouldn't be mandated.
And then he got doctors and people a week ago when they took his video down to call and do another video and explain it was all true.
And they said, we know, but you're not allowed to scare people.
We may put it on the insert now that they're at least saying, hey, this could give you a heart attack or a swollen heart, but you just can't do it because the truth might set the people free.
See, they know people are in a trance, so his calm NPR voice can get you out of it.
My voice is for the awake, to get you energized to take action.
I'm not in the sleepy time world.
But what he did, reached out to people.
And so those in a sleepy time voice can get others out of the sleepy time.
I'm here to get the awake mobilized.
I mean, these people are literally murdering us, and we can't get a pulse going!
Get out of your trance!
Start living!
Stop being spectating jellyfish!
They're freaking killing everybody!
You walk into this room, and you hand over your rights to the UN-directed medical tyranny, and you're never coming out of it.
It's a permanent Great Reset.
It's a permanent lockdown.
Oh, they tighten it down and loosen it up, but it always gets tighter the next time, then loosens up a little less, until your neck snaps at the end of that rope.
Spiritually, physically, financially, literally.
Well, let's talk about the race-baiting going on as the globalists target every single one of us, man, woman, and child, as they exempt, though, their Hollywood trash and their minions for now.
Socially conscious, Monopoly-style game.
Blacks and whites use race as privilege, as currency.
Watch out for greedy white people, or you may go bankrupt.
The blaze.
That way we're divided and conquered.
And never stand together in full.
The university threatens action against students using wrong pronouns.
Whatever weird, you know, somebody identifies as an Apache helicopter, you better do it.
See, more words have got to be banned.
More punishment.
You've got to learn the new religion of idiocy.
Racist college Karen's triggered over white students' Police Lives Matter laptop.
But meanwhile, here's the New York Times.
There's a scan of the New York Times on their own site.
And this is a article out of the New York Times.
I'll give you the date in a moment.
Vaccination war.
See, it's a war.
Guest at a Negro wedding and courtroom.
And it goes on.
Says they were corralled.
Atlanta, Georgia, December 6.
Is just now the theater of an active vaccination war.
The large Negro population is fighting vaccination and compelling the physicians to take around with them armed policemen.
Learning of a stylish Negro wedding.
Oh, getting up buddy.
Learning of a stylish Negro wedding last month.
The officers crept upon the house and kept the Inmates corralled within while the physician duly vaccinated the bride and her attendant company.
This morning, a somewhat similar scene took place in the city courtroom, which is always crowded with Negroes.
What a very evil article.
At a signal from Judge Reed, every door and window was guarded.
And all present were vaccinated.
The effort on the part of the imprisoned Negroes to escape was determined and ludicrous.
But there was a sufficient number of policemen on hand to control the crowd.
In several instances, the officers who accompanied the vaccination corps Have had to report and resort to violence to secure the enactment of the law.
The Negroes seem to hate vaccination worse than smallpox and the appearance of one or three white points is enough to scatter an assemblage of them.
In the house-to-house canvases which the doctors have been pursuing, every subterfuge has been tried to elude vaccination.
In some cases, the Negroes have remained away from home for weeks simply to evade the law.
And what is the date of that?
Tuesday, December 1897.
There it is right here.
And of course, later we learned they were injecting him with all sorts of poison and people are getting sick and dying.
So they were like, whoa, we don't want that.
But they were doing it to poor white people too.
You see, they set up the race mixing boards and then those weren't good names.
And so then they set up the Planned Parenthood boards that were designed to kill the blacks before they were born and poor whites.
And then they set up The Eugenics Boards, and they call those the Health Departments today.
So the Health Departments you know of were set up in the 1880s, 1890s in Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, and other major cities that have a lot of black folks.
It was also done in Detroit.
It was done in LA.
It was done in San Francisco.
It was done in Dallas.
It was done all over Chicago.
They would come with men with Tommy machine guns by the 20s.
They had a Supreme Court ruling saying maybe we'll take shots, but then they got caught killing so many people that they had to back off.
Of course, also injecting blacks with syphilis.
They didn't just let them, you know, they had it, let them die, but they would also inject them and then let them, you know, slowly die of it.
So that's the anti-terror police running up on people with tear gas canisters and shooting at them from a few feet away, which can kill you.
And, you know, that's who they are.
And they would study how the syphilis ate their brains and killed them.
But when they got caught in the 70s, they went, oh, it's just blacks.
So they think, oh, it's just the black people.
Just some white racist.
But you see, they were doing it to poor whites all over Appalachia, you name it.
And again, that was just to get doctors trained to do it.
So I thought you might want to know about that.
You know, you're not going to hear Al Sharpton talk about it.
You're not going to hear the Reverend Jackson.
Here's some of the health department people around the country trying to force this on you.
Well, one of them is the deputy head of Health and Human Services.
Pretty scary looking man.
You got the other one looks like an undead reanimated zombie.
I mean no makeup meter for that one on the left.
She's right in the other one looks like she's...
like some type of demonic gopher.
So that's who these folks are.
They got more shots here, Health Department people.
These are soulless drones.
They've been handing the baton since the 1880s in England and the United States.
Hitler's defense, his generals, was that, "Hey, we learned all this from you."
And that was, "Well, it doesn't matter."
And just following orders doesn't cut it, the Nuremberg defense.
Because they really got it from Margaret Sanger and the Rockefeller Foundation
in Cold Springs Harbor, New York.
That all set up the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Hitler, all of it comes out of the United States and England.
Mexico adopted it, everybody was adopting it around the world.
Japan was adopting it.
And it's really just the elites waging war on the people.
You can have the arguments, okay, kill the dumb people, abort, whatever.
But, you know, the globalists are the ones that need to be dealt with.
I mean, they're the inbred crazy people that are totally mentally ill.
You know, if Bill Gates wants his soul to die, he should kill himself live on TV first.
He should put a bag over his head with chlorine gas, tie it, and just flop around in front of us, and I'd have more respect for him.
Or get a big straight razor and just start slashing him, just slice, slice.
You don't really slice like this.
I'll never commit suicide, you little maggot.
But if you want me to die, I say metaphysically to the universe and God, is this fair, God?
And God says, well, you don't stand up for people, so I'm gonna let you be destroyed.
Well, I've been standing up, God.
I'm not saying I'm righteous.
I'm just saying, I'd like to see, you know, Bill Gates, have you touched Bill Gates' heart to live by his statements.
I mean, if you're gonna talk the talk, Billy boy, he wants you to walk the walk, sonny boy.
So that's what this is.
And so you just heard all about them harrowing and capturing black people and injecting them in Atlanta, Georgia, and making jokes about it, about how stupid they are and how they don't want the shots everywhere else.
Oh, well, you know who's stupid?
The people.
I mean, look at this.
This is the people in the police state of Singapore.
And you know, the highest deaths, illnesses, everything from the vaccinated.
That's where they are.
It's going straight up.
Absolutely straight up.
So there's the reality.
All right, I got, I looked at my sheet wrong today.
It's another guest host who does a great job.
Jay Dyer taking over.
Look forward to hear what he has to say on the big great reset.
And there's that video on Man.Video that I think if you want to beat the globalists, you should share.
Titled, The War for the Future, The War for the World.
That's what it is.
It's the war for the world the globalists have launched.
And I hope you share it.
It's at infowars.com.
It's at newswars.com.
It's at band.video.
And I just hope you realize that it's fun to fight tyranny.
It's what you're supposed to do.
And it's fun to work hard.
It's fun to be alive.
When you get into Netflix and laying around and just taking drugs all day, you turn into an unhappy zombie.
And then you're ready to roll over and die.
So that's okay.
If some of you other want to roll over and die, that's your business.
But our general audience are activists.
They don't want to roll over and die.
All right, I'm going to shoot a special report tomorrow with Australian news and world news and economy news and Bitcoin news and all the rest of it.
And that will air tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Central on the nose at Bandai Video.
So look for that at InfoWars.com.
The Bitcoin news is China just totally banned on cryptocurrency.
So it plunged down a few thousand dollars a coin.
Well, a couple of years ago, it was $10,000 a coin.
So the only reason I promoted it is I want alternatives.
So that's where I stand on the Bitcoin edge, staying in Bitcoin.
Because you got to have alternatives, and maybe some are going to win, some are going to lose.
But if you know the whole globalist system, it's a casual society that totally controls your life.
All right.
Jay Dyer takes over on the other side then in 45 minutes.
The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Please share the live links to the shows.
You are the resistance.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Today we're going to be talking about an essay that I read back in 2010, and at the time I thought it was too out there.
It was just crazy, the idea that there could be a spiritual, sort of satanic dimension to this global New World Order that's coming into play.
And I remembered it the other day as I was reading through a lot of these global elite texts, and I thought, you know what, that actually needs to be in the roster of the global elite texts, precisely because It now has come to fruition.
And in fact, this was an essay written by a self-proclaimed high-level Satanist in Australia.
And this person wrote this essay at his deathbed, so he says, and he says that, I just wanted to give an account of all of the evil that I participated in, and it's not a confession of repentance or something like that.
No, he's confessing to the fact that what's coming into play is a satanic plan.
And again, at the time I thought, that's just, it's just a little too far out there.
Nobody's going to believe this.
But I thought it was relevant because he was a powerful underground player in Australia.
And he claims to be connected to a lot of satanic groups there, as well as satanic groups in the US, including high level people in the government, military, entertainment, and so forth.
And the fact that he said back in 2010 that the satanic elite had so conquered The Australian and British Anglosphere establishment governments that he said in the next several decades you will see heavy-handed tyranny, brutality and oppression coming into play.
Well, I don't think it's in the realm of theory anymore.
I think that he was telling the truth.
I think this person was a member of a high-level satanic group.
He did have all the connections that he talked about, and the mere fact that he said that
the Australian people would see the heavy hand of this satanic power structure coming
down upon them proves that he was telling the truth.
So let's get into this essay.
It's about the confessions of a former high-level Satanist in Australia.
And the first thing he says in his essay is that they have essentially corrupted and corralled
many high-level politicians, lawyers, military men, gurus, and other religions, including
high-level Christian groups.
Powerful, elite Christian groups with a lot of money, especially evangelical fundamentalist groups.
He says that they've actually bought them off back during that moral majority period.
Now again, I didn't believe that at the time, but I think that now we've seen that a lot of the scandalous ministers that have come out, both in evangelicalism and in the world of Catholicism, both of those realms, right, are rife with false, controlled opposition church leaders.
He begins by saying that we employ all the techniques of mind control and abuse that you saw associated with MKUltra.
He says that we even at times are linked up with organized crime groups.
And he goes back and he says that my origin in all this goes back to my college days in Australia where I was invited to a seance and invited to some of these black magic groups.
And he says that when I when I started out, I didn't realize what I was really getting into.
And he says that as I moved up in the ranks of this, he says, I realized that we were intentionally involved in degradation rituals.
And what he means by that is that that they realize the psychological effect of degrading people.
And putting them through a ritual process to degrade them so that they become in a kind of catatonic Stockholm Syndrome situation.
So they will actually love their abusers and their captors, and they will beg for more abuse, more authority, more tyranny as a kind of conditioned response.
And he says that we learned that in the case of the people that we abused, And he actually says that I was involved in a lot of, you know, really extreme pornography groups, bondage type things.
He says that basically their groups, the Satanic groups, are responsible for the promotion of all the degrading extreme porn everywhere.
And he takes pride in that.
He says that, yes, we did this on purpose.
We did it absolutely to degrade society.
And we had help from Western intelligence agencies and very rich, very powerful people.
Once again, insightful is that a lot of what he says here, it's paralleled in a lot of other cases, right?
Saville, Epstein, these kinds of things, right?
It's exactly what this person is talking about.
So again, those cases that came out, think about the high-level MPs, when we think of Cyril Smith, Ed Heath, right?
Stuff that David Ives talked about.
Those high-level people in the British government, they were exposed as satanic elites a long time ago, and it perfectly It's corroborated in what this person claimed 10 years ago.
He goes on to say that the abused are a kind of higher level of evolved people.
He thinks, excuse me, the abusers.
The abusers are more evolved.
He says that groups like the Church of Satan aren't real Satanists and they're kind of fronts for His group, which is an international higher elite connected to billionaires and very powerful people.
He says that they found a lot of power when they would compromise very powerful political
figures and they would do this through a sexual operative, sex swallow operations, these kinds
of things, things that intelligence agencies do.
He goes on to say that a lot of the police groups, right, not police everywhere, but
high level officials and police groups would be co-opted by them so that they could cover
up crimes, cover up serial murder cases that were connected to satanic groups.
And in fact, what do you see right now when you look at Australia?
You see the police attacking and brutalizing the population.
And it reminded me just exactly, word for word, what this guy said in his deathbed essay, that they had co-opted a lot of the police in Australia to do their bidding.
He says that the occult groups are intimately linked to the intelligence networks, and that they operate at a global scale, and that they're involved in black markets.
And this made me think of organized crime.
It made me think of, you've heard Alex talking about Ian Fleming and British intelligence.
A lot of people don't know that British intelligence used a Satanist, Alistair Crowley, one of the most famous Satanists of the 20th century, as an MI5 asset.
They hired him to do all kinds of side work for them.
So, Western intelligence has never had, they've always been connected to these kinds of dark, you know, satanic groups and sects, to use them as part of their compromise, part of their black market networks and operations.
He says that one of the things that his group was involved in promoting was the dumbing down of the population, the intentional goals being by 2010 and 2030 to institute mass depopulation.
And so what's amazing here is that what you hear Bill Gates, Gil Bates, oh we gotta get the numbers down, get the numbers down, Gil Bates, what you hear Klaus Schwab and what you hear the satanic elite saying is one and the same.
So it doesn't really matter if Bill Gates himself is a satanist or if Klaus Schwab is, I don't know what their religious beliefs are, because they all have the same end goal, right?
They have the same goal of these people, which is to degrade, destroy and dehumanize society.
So a lot of people can't figure out what's going on.
Because they won't look at, or they're deluded and blinded to the reality of a higher level connected spiritual plan that's at work in this global New World Order.
They only see it at the level of politics, or at the level of Fauci, or at the level of this or that, which is true.
But if you understand that this is a conscious, willed evil plan, then it all begins to make sense.
And it doesn't mean that Bill Gates has to consciously know that he is doing something satanic.
He may not.
Klaus Schwab may not know or believe in Satan.
But they're under the dominion of a higher level satanic power precisely because it lines up exactly with what the Satanists themselves have said for the last hundred years is their plan to massively depopulate as a ritual.
As a ritual.
They even say abortion is a ritual sacrifice.
And so this is all part of a plan, and the dates even line up with UN goals of 2030.
2030, mass depopulation by 2030.
When we come back, we'll get more into this essay.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were getting into the Confession of a Satanist, the deathbed essay bragging about the things that they accomplished back in 2010, predicting where things would go in the next decade and up into 2030 with that same
Coordinated goal of the UN depopulation agenda by 2030, getting the numbers down, right, from, he says up to 70% is the goal by 2030 to depopulate the earth by at least 70%.
He also says another one of their goals was in the Anglosphere, in the Western world, to poison the water supply, to have enough chemicals in the food and water such that the population would literally drop in their IQ.
And he says that if you want to see an example of where we got this philosophy, he said you could look to somebody like Henry Kissinger.
Now, he doesn't say that Kissinger was explicitly a Satanist.
Again, it doesn't really matter if they're objectively, purposefully doing it for Satan or whether they're just part of the plan.
He says that if you look at the terror strategy that Kissinger premiered along with Brzezinski, the strategy of tension, the arc of crisis, he says we just took those old models of how to keep the public in fear and we turned that to doing it in every domain.
So if you look at the way that the CUFID response has been rolled out, it's all based on fear narrative.
It's the exact same psychology of the Cold War and the War on Terror.
And it's this hyped up fake fear of things that at least last year, right?
99.9% of people do not die from COVID.
Now, of course, we've got mutating things out there, who knows what's out there in terms of releases and what they're doing in terms of the spike protein, you know, shedding and so forth.
But at least last year, this was a hyped up thing.
And now we have again, this, this total fear narrative.
And so the masking, right?
My take on it is that it lines up perfectly with what he's saying in terms of psychology, in terms of social engineering, getting people in a state of perpetual fear to walk around in public and you see everybody masked up.
I mean, it's just like something out of a bondage ritual.
And I don't mean to be profane, but this person is saying that you can't really understand it until you understand it from that vantage point.
It's essentially signifying your slave relationship.
You're a slave.
And he says, when we look at the people in Australia, this guy is again a high-level, government-connected, claimed Satanist, he says that we look at the people of Australia as our slaves.
And slaves like to be humiliated.
They like to be dominated, he says.
And you see this in the way that people responded to the War on Terror.
Oh, there's some threat somewhere out in the world.
Oh, please take all of my rights.
Every right I had, please take it.
Please, right?
He says they just submit like total docile sheep.
And again, this was 2010, reflecting on 9-11 and the war on terror.
How much more appropriate is that analysis now in 2020 and 2021?
Another example he gives is of the Federal Reserve.
He says, just look at the fact that we are part of a satanic system that takes all of your money, prints as much money as we want.
And yes, it's all theft.
And he says, and nobody understands or cares or has a problem with this.
A debt-based fiat system is a scam.
Everybody knows it's a scam, and they just willingly submit.
They don't oppose it.
They think that it's there for their security and for their safety.
And he says that, ultimately, this is, he says, a satanic delusion.
Now, the amazing thing to me is that there's really only two people in the world that understand that what's happening today is spiritual, and that it involves a mass delusion.
And who are those?
It's people with Christian worldview, biblical worldview, versus People like this with a evil, self-conscious, satanic worldview.
Those are really the only two people who at a high level, typically speaking, can really put all the puzzle pieces together.
Because if you don't believe that there's a spiritual realm or a spiritual, you know, dimension to all this, you're really going to be limited in terms of the connections that you can make to figure out what's going on.
But this person really ties it all together.
Again, 11 years, 12 years before all of this COVID nonsense occurred, right?
And he says that if you look at the way that captors have abused their subjects in terms of like CIA torture stuff, he says it's all the same approach.
He says that his groups, his satanic temple, are directly connected to people in British intelligence, to the CIA, to high-level military people.
And if you look at the recent death of people like Michael Aquino, who's the famous satanic occultist who wrote the Army's psyop mind war strategy or doctrine, right, in terms of the modern era, we can see that, again, he's vindicated here, right?
And he says it's not just people like Aquino.
He says that there's high-level people in entertainment, high-level people who are supermodels, who are involved in his ritual groups.
He and again this this is literally sounds like like eyes wide shut right so I mean literally eyes wide shut level stuff And he says in this in this essay says Michael Aquino was somebody who was involved directly in helping Australia set up the Pine Gap facility and set up the echelon spying network by which everybody would be surveilled and And he says it went directly to the high-level British elites, went directly up to the Queen.
It was a British intelligence operation, ultimately, connected to the CIA.
And he says, if you want to understand the pop culture world, he says, look no further than high fashion.
He says high fashion itself is ruled and dominated by a bunch of satanic elites.
And remember, this is 2010.
What have we seen in the last couple years with the fashion world?
Literally satanic fashion shows in England.
Do you remember that?
There was churches that are used, so-called churches, Episcopal, which aren't even really, they might as well just be satanic churches, right?
Episcopal churches having openly satanic Baphomet inverted pentagram fashion shows in the last couple years, right?
And we've seen this all over the fashion world.
He mentions other satanic groups working with his group.
And he says, ultimately, our goal was to destroy Christianity.
Now, This struck me as odd, because if Christianity is a lie, if it's a deception, if it's this weak, horrible religion, then why do you have to work so hard to destroy it?
Wouldn't it just implode on its own?
To me, that suggests that they kind of know deep down that there's something real about what they're working against.
But another fascinating aspect of this essay was where he says that in their viewpoint,
what they're doing is a ritual.
So all of the things that you see like the high fashion shows, like the evil, you know,
degenerate pop culture, the movies, the degradation that we see in the pop stars when you see
like, yeah, Lil Nas X and the stuff, he says, these are rituals.
And he says that the degradation that's put out in terms of the extreme pornography and
the Hollywood degeneracy.
He says it literally is a ritual and it's done to degrade and dumb down and brutalize the spiritual senses of the population so that they go under a delusion and can't see any way out of it.
It's a hoodwink or a spell.
And he says that the more that they buy into this, the more they're diluted and the more they double down.
So there you see the very thing that this person imagined.
In 2010, nobody would have even conceived of something like the Lil Nas X stuff coming out.
That would have seemed, that's way too far.
No way.
Yeah, we've got, you know, Lady Gaga doing this.
We've got Madonna doing that, but there won't be anything like that.
Here we are with it fully rolled out.
He said 11 years ago, you would see it fully rolled out.
They would uncloak.
He said they would come out, right?
It's the age of them coming out, right, and unveiling themselves and pointing out that, ha ha ha, we tricked you all along.
It was intended to be a satanic age or aeon.
And that's what he says they're going to.
And in fact, it's going to get even crazier.
And so I think and I'm not trying to give too much credence to these people because I think these people are evil.
Their plan is going to fail.
But we should listen to the fact that he says other things that are probably going to come true, too.
In other words, mass depopulation.
In other words, that there will be a top-down, brutal 1984 technocracy that they will put into place.
And he says, make no mistake about it.
It's not an atheistic, materialistic thing.
That might be a phase, but ultimately it's a satanic thing.
And he says, if you've ever read 1984, it's like that, right?
It's like the boot stamping on your face.
It's like Winston being oppressed.
And he says, in fact, the whole modern world is really just a satanic system.
And he says, we want to turn the world into a toilet so that it will collapse on its own.
So that we can erect something new in its place.
Now when we come back, I'll tell you what he says they want to erect in its place.
But be sure and support Alex and the Infowars in the Infowars store in this operation, in this warfare.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Be sure and follow me over at Jay's Analysis where you get access to all of my archive lectures, talks, and interviews where we've gone through at least 50 or so of the writings of the global elite.
Now we've got a new one.
Which is not a white paper.
It's not a boring technical manual.
It's a guy who's basically just telling you straight up what the real plan is, right?
It's actually a satanic age that they want to bring in.
Now, that's the irony here is that this guy goes on to say, well, After we flush Western civilization down the tube because we want to basically make it into a big toilet through degenerate pop culture, he says, you thought you were going to get this age of liberty and freedom?
No, you're going to get an age of brutal tyranny where the satanic aristocracy, those who are truly evolved, those at the top of the Darwinian social totem pole, will brutalize and have a slave population underneath them.
That is the technocratic elite, No, we still believe in eugenics, by the way.
We actually want to, in a dysgenic sense, depopulate all of you.
You're all dumbed down blind cattle and sheep, and you're going to go to your own destruction.
And he says that it's precisely because people can't see that it's a spiritual battle that is a satanic plan that we will win.
So this is why we're losing, right?
Now, I don't think in the long run we lose.
We will win, those of us on the side of good.
But for these people, they believe that they're going to win precisely because of the weakness of the people on our side.
And he's actually correct about the weakness of Christianity, so-called in the modern world, the weakness of those who claim to.
believe these things, they are capitulating to people like this, left and right.
And he says, when you believe that God doesn't have anything to do with all of your life, you surrender these areas to us, he says.
So we will take over the realm of government, we will take over the realm of media, we will take over the arts, and we will destroy you through those weapons, he says.
We intentionally weaponize them.
Now you thought that Satanism or these kinds of occult groups were about freedom and liberty, right?
Well, he says no.
That's what we tell the lower level dumb people.
He says at the higher levels, we understand that reality is not about freedom.
It's a pure predator-prey relationship.
And in this purely predator-prey relationship, he says we have the dominion and the right via nature to subjugate and destroy you in that predator-prey relationship.
He says, so guess what?
In the coming age, he says, when we destroy Western civilization and by 2030 to 2050, when we bring in the new Satanic Aeon, the New World Order, he says, we will subjugate you, depopulate you.
And he says, the only religion of the future will be Satanism.
It almost brings to mind things that Albert Pike reportedly said, right?
That the age, the coming age, will not be one of Christianity or Islam or even atheism.
He says all of those will pass away and we will bring in the Luciferian satanic age, right?
He says all these social structures will capitulate to us and the New World Order will be one of a fully, it's a theocracy.
But the theocracy is the satanic theocracy.
So you thought all along, right, that, oh, there's just liberty, it's just freedom.
No, it's not.
It's a satanic New World Order.
He then goes on to say that we, again, do everything that we do in a ritual way to ensure that we can bring about the coming satanic aeon.
And he says that one thing that has helped us in doing this is not just all the degenerate pornography that they've supported, but he says, and not just the compromising all the politicians and powerful people, but that Christianity has so weakened itself that most people in the West no longer actually believe the stories of the Bible or Christianity, and yet they have the vague Christian morals.
And so he makes this interesting argument that if Christianity isn't true, And most of the normies in the West are basing their, quote, morality on a purely pragmatic pseudo-Christian basis, which isn't true.
He says then you don't actually have a reason to disagree with his hedonistic, pleasure-based, destructive morality.
And if we think about that for a second, it makes sense, right?
If God doesn't exist, if the Bible's not true, then there's not really a reason for the Western ghost of Christianity ethics and morals that it has, right?
But if the religion is true, then we do have a basis.
It does make sense why we would follow the Ten Commandments, why we would oppose evil, why we would oppose degeneracy, right?
So again, we have to at least admit that the Satanists are a little more adept at at least understanding The reality of the spiritual realm than most of the Christian world.
And that's precisely why Christianity is on the decline in the West and is losing because we're allowing these degenerate evil people through our complicit willful acquiescence to rule over us.
And so it's kind of like, you know, you get what you deserve in terms of, you know, who God providentially allows to rule over us, right?
Jesus says if the salt loses its flavor, it is thrown out and trapped upon.
So if we don't have salt, we lose our flavor.
We're going to be oppressed by our enemies and that's part of the chastisement, right?
And I think that's accurate.
I think that's true.
He says our number one goal is to destroy the West and the main way that we do that is through, get this, shocker, TV and pop culture.
He says all along degenerate pop culture was actually a trap of Satanism.
And the trap was to use the degeneracy to degrade, brutalize, and dumb down the population.
And he says it worked perfectly and people willfully acquiesce to it.
So this is the, this is that element that we often hear, right?
Where Alex and people talk about the fact that they want to tell you what's going on so that you will willfully capitulate because there's something more potent about people that willfully go into their demise into their self-destruction than people who are tricked into it or who are non-willing, right?
Compliance in terms of going into this stuff.
When you willingly comply to it, It's something about the energetic transference, that you're transferring your energy, your lineage, your progeny.
You're committing them to this offering.
You're saying, yes, I want to compact with you.
I want to sign on to this deal.
And that makes it a much more valuable sacrifice, I think is the point that he's making.
Now, whether you believe that or not, doesn't really matter.
You may think this is all nonsense.
Oh, I don't believe any of that nonsense.
That's crazy.
But these people believe it.
And they act upon it.
This is their worldview.
And they have a lot of power.
They have a lot of money.
And they see you as sheep to be trampled upon.
Now, he goes on to say that, again, all of this is a ritual for us.
It's something that will bring about, in his mind, something like the end times.
Now, I don't know if it's the end times.
I mean, there's some indicators that it might be the pre-prep end times.
It might be a type of the end times, what we're seeing right now.
But he says that, from our vantage point, the Book of Revelations is like a religious ritual.
It's a ritual that we want to utilize as a magic text.
He says this.
to bring in Antichrist.
So he wants it to be the age of Antichrist because for them they think that it means their victory over Christianity, their victory over the age of Pisces, which is the age of Christianity, and the dawning of the age of Aquarius, or as Crowley called it, the age of the crown and conquering child, right?
Where the Crowleyian aeon or ethos comes to bear, where we live in accordance with our primal base desires.
He says that all of this is about eugenics, all this is about depopulation, and when we finally bring in the satanic Aeon, he says our Reich will never be destroyed.
He says that it will be accomplished through terrorizing the masses through fear, through psychological operations, through the erecting of a caste system based on something like the British Empire had, right, in India, the caste system, or something like A Darwinian social structure where a satanic aristocracy will have a total dominance over the slave class at the bottom.
It has nothing to do with freedom or liberty.
That was all a disguise.
And he says that when we crush out liberty, yes, crush liberty.
Where have we heard this before?
Oh, this was actually 1984.
So when O'Brien is torturing Winston, when he tells him you have to see Or, when I hold up five fingers, he says, I want you to actually believe that, Winston.
And Winston's like, but wait a minute, you wrote this book, O'Brien, about freedom and liberty.
And O'Brien says, yeah, but that was a trick.
I don't believe in liberty.
Why should I care about your liberty?
I care about me.
It's the satanic, selfish aeon that they want to bring in.
And if it's all about me, then it's in my best interest to crush you.
He says that we will bring about a complete severance of the previous civilizations.
He says this will all be set up in a confederation of global states and continents into a global union of confederated unions.
This global war will, he says that the New World Order will set up phony opponents and phony wars that the people will believe that they're engaged in.
This makes me think of like the War on Terror and this kind of stuff, which is all basically run by Western intelligence, right?
And he says that this will give way to this 1984 satanic aeon.
Now, ultimately, we know that, of course, Christ wins in the end, right?
Jesus comes back whenever that is, right?
To destroy this satanic kingdom.
But this is the mindset of those who oppose the kingdom of Christ and who want to set up that satanic worldview and satanic aeon.
And I just want you to understand that that's what you're actually up against, right?
It's the satanic plan.
You will always have conspiracy theories when you have very challenging public health crises.
They are nothing but distractions.
You know, I can assure you, we have so much to do to protect the health and the welfare of the American people that I would just hope we just put those conspiracy stuff and let somebody write a book about it later on, but not now.
The problem is you got some people out there who are fanning these conspiracy claims from the planet Pluto.
And it's just disgusting what they're trying to say of all these crazy deep state malarkey.
Well, later on, when the records were made public, it was not a conspiracy theory from the planet of Pluto, actually.
There were inflated deaths.
They were even taking gunshot wounds and categorizing them as COVID deaths.
You're saying there is a massive pressure to artificially inflate the number of COVID-19 cases?
Yeah, I have directly been told to, if a patient has fever and cough or anything similar, to put this COVID-like diagnosis on the chart.
One of the big things the corporate media does to deceive the public is say, oh, there's all these crazies that don't believe a virus even exists, and they're saying nobody's dying.
That's not what we're saying.
COVID-19 is the greatest fraud ever.
Pushed on mankind.
It is not about a virus.
I believe this is a psychological war upon society.
What are the history books gonna say about you?
Do you stand up for common sense and critical thinking?
I think the answer is clear what I'm gonna be doing.
What are you gonna be doing?
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