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Name: 20210917_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 17, 2021
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In recent episodes of the Alex Jones Show, he discusses various topics such as the ongoing crisis at the US-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas where thousands of Haitian migrants are crossing into the United States. He argues that this is a deliberate effort to replace the current population with migrants from other countries and criticizes the government's attempts to block media coverage of this crisis. Additionally, Jones discusses his legal battles against globalist forces and promotes products aimed at supporting healthy immune function. In other episodes, he talks about proper sleep schedules, alternative treatments for COVID-19, and the dangers of certain vaccines while emphasizing the importance of freedom of speech and encouraging viewers to support InfoWars."

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Watching your country collapse, watching an invasion, watching a takeover, watching the UN say why they're bringing these people in, to keep them on welfare, piss them off, and make them hate white people, and to know it's all part of the plan and have all these news articles where they're saying officially in campuses whites are bad, whites can't come to these classes, whites can't be in the gym, and it's whites teaching this because it's total divide and conquer.
And we're watching them destroy our culture, destroy our unity, destroy everything Martin Luther King Jr.
talked about, and then they say they're the good guys.
They should be totally repudiated and totally rejected.
But instead we've grown up in such a free, open, wealthy country, where even our poorest are amongst the richest in the world compared to third world countries, that we don't appreciate what we had, and so we're losing it all right now.
So I'm sorry, I'm not real happy about all that.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live Friday, September
17th, worldwide broadcast.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours as we are every weekday.
Simulcast on AM and FM, local cable and TV stations, and of course the internet at band.video and infowars.com forward slash show.
I am extremely shocked by what's happening at the Texas border.
I mean, I knew that they were breaking the border.
I knew that they hired the same man.
Who worked for the EU and George Soros, who got hired 10 years ago to break Europe's border and set up the NGOs that bring people in by land and also by sea on the Zodiac boats, but also pay them to fly in to European countries and never leave.
They are then clients of the non-governmental organizations of the UN.
And I remember seeing Biden back in March of last year, a full six months before the election, Saying that if I get elected, immediately surge the border and come take over the United States.
Well, they came wearing Biden outfits.
They came wearing Biden campaign clothing, shirts and jackets and ball caps.
And it was tenfold, the Border Patrol said, any previous record surge they saw under Biden.
Then three months ago, we had an exclusive interview with a Border Patrol agent and we blurred out his face, his identity.
And he talked about how they are told to turn back nobody, basically, but then lie and falsify and claim that 8 out of 10 were turnbacks.
So he said they'd already had, as of then, over a million people that they knew had come in, and up to 3 million to 4 million more that had gotten through, and that by the end of fiscal year, they were estimating 8 to 10 million just in the Texas border sector.
Well, now in one bridge in Del Rio, Texas, and there's 20, 30 major bridges or more, there have been over 10,000 Haitians just yesterday.
Now it's over 15,000.
And they banned any drones with the technocracy, with the geofence they put up.
The drones are pre-programmed.
We were there with our drones.
They suddenly wouldn't take off.
The Fox News drones wouldn't take off.
And the Border Patrol came and said, We put up a geofence under order of Biden, you can't fly these.
So we simply went to the Mexico side and got one up and we were able to get footage that nobody else has.
Last night as the sun was setting, thousands more surging across The border and walking over a dangerous spillway in the Rio Grande, men, women and children, because Biden eight days ago said any Haitians that get here, we're going to not check their ID, not COVID test them, just bring them into the United States to sign them up for welfare and use them as a permanent underclass.
We ran into Ted Cruz last night.
Our crew got an interview with him.
and more. So that's all coming up next segment. It is a 10 and a half minute report. It just went live at band dot
video and we're going to make it the featured video, but it's an exclusive drone captures footage of a humongous,
gigantic new Haitian caravan slamming over the Texas border last night.
And our crew is there now with no sleep doing an amazing job.
A skeleton crew is there doing an amazing job on the ground.
Getting even more insane footage as we speak.
So this is ongoing.
One of our camera guys is getting married this weekend.
Another had his own podcast he had to do last night.
That's fine, I understand.
We're just down to a skeleton crew.
We sent four people down there.
They're doing an amazing job.
We need to hire more crew.
We need to expand.
But that's really up to you and your support.
And I appreciate you all, but infowarestore.com is bringing you all this information.
Winter Sun, the highest quality vitamin B D3, you're gonna find out there for your immune system and
your body is 50% off winter sun vitamin D3 at info or store calm right now
Along with ultra 12 that's how we're fighting this operation and we're burning the candle at both ends
We appreciate your prayers as well going over in the bushes on the Mexican side of del rio is run by cartels
That's very very dangerous, but our crew did it So again, please pray for me right back with exclusive
video It's Friday September 17th on
Our InfoWars crew is on the ground on the Texas-Mexico border, where 20,000-30,000 Haitians have slammed in.
They're on other bridges.
They're swimming across the river.
Thousands are crossing on a spillway.
They have shut down four Over 10 miles in all directions now.
Last night was just about a mile.
They have now shut down all over the place airspace so that drones can't fly.
Now they don't want planes to fly.
They don't want you to see the invasion that's more out of control than the footage we saw in Europe as their borders were being smashed.
So here's part of the 10 and a half minute exclusive report that just went live at Bandot Video that shows exclusive evidence of a new giant Migrant, illegal alien, invader, caravan smashing into the United States.
Here it is.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
Months before the ill-fated 2020 presidential election, candidate Joe Biden took to the airwaves to tell his supporters and foreigners in other countries that if he won the election, To immediately surge the United States border.
And you've now seen the exponential rise of giant migrant caravans from around the world traveling to Guatemala, then traversing from the south of Mexico all the way up to the Texas, California, and Arizona borders.
This exclusive footage shot from the Mexico side of the border on the Rio Grande River is extremely important because it shows that as of last night, migrants from Haiti are still flooding across the Rio Grande River into the United States.
On the morning of September 16th, 2021, journalists operating a drone from the Epoch Times were able to capture the historic footage of more than 8,000 Haitian migrants lured here by Joe Biden's announcement eight days earlier that Haitians that came to the southern Texas border would be allowed in.
Once the footage went viral, Biden's administration went into overdrive and ordered the Border Patrol and the FAA to put up a geofence a thousand plus yards back so no media could get footage by drones or telephoto lens.
But more caravans were coming, and they were coming to more places than just the Del Rio Bridge.
That night, a mile away, our drone operators were able to capture exclusive footage of more than 2,000 Haitian migrants crossing the Rio Grande into the arms of the Border Patrol and the National Guard, who would then complete the smuggling process by taking them to the Del Rio makeshift bridge camp, then processing them onto buses to be released to the United States, Globalism is a corporate takeover of the entire planet.
Not just of the nation-states, but over our individual bodies themselves, in the words of Klaus Schwab.
It is a scientific dictatorship.
It is a new form of 21st century war.
And at the heart of their takeover plan is replacement migration.
It's on the United Nations' own website.
A program, a plan to collapse the third world and then organize billions of desperate people to then invade the once powerful rich Western world.
Not to empower the invading migrants, but to collapse those economies as part of a larger cloured and piven strategy.
Joe Biden is simply a minion carrying out this operation.
And the same operation is being carried out in Europe as well as wealthy areas of Asia.
Joe Biden's handlers are desperate to hide the truth of what's happening on America's southern border.
Because if his treason is ever exposed, the American people will rise up together and put a stop to it.
Ever watchful Texas Senator Ted Cruz was on the scene and gave the media critical information.
The answer is simple, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are absolute hypocrites.
Those 10,000 people there, do you know how many Border Patrol has tested?
Not a one.
They don't have the capacity to do that.
And let me tell you something stunning that I learned tonight about why this happened.
Because this is a man-made crisis.
Eight days ago, on September 8th, under that same bridge, there were between 700 and 1,000 people.
That was what was coming a day.
About 1,000, sometimes 1,100, but it would range between 700 and 1,100.
Then, eight days ago, on September 8th, the Biden administration made a political decision.
They announced that they were no longer going to fly deportation flights back to Haiti.
85% of the people under there are from Haiti.
They're fleeing from Haiti.
They announced they weren't going back.
There were about 900 Haitians who were getting ready to board the flights when the political operatives in Washington canceled the flights.
Well, what happened?
Those 900 people, they all pulled out their cell phones, and they emailed their friends, and they emailed their families, and they texted their friends and their families.
That was eight days ago on September 8th.
Today, it's September 16th, eight days later, and 700 people has grown to 10,500 because the word has gone out, if you're from Haiti, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said, we have open borders, come to Del Rio and they will let you in.
Everyone under that bridge is turning themselves in and it's a political decision that Joe Biden could end tonight.
By simply following the law and saying we're going to send people back to Haiti, which is what federal immigration law requires until Biden and Harris got involved.
It is September 16th.
This is underneath one bridge.
10,503 illegal aliens.
A mass of humanity.
That has crossed and is waiting to come into America.
The reason they're here is simple.
Eight days ago, the Biden administration made a political decision.
A political decision to cancel deportation flights to Haiti.
They did that on September 8th.
Eight days later, these numbers appeared.
On September 8th, underneath this bridge, there were between 700 and 1,000 people.
But when the word got out that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were no longer deporting people who came from Haiti, suddenly everyone who was here called their friends, called their family, and the numbers surged.
To 10,503.
That's what's here today.
It is more than the capacity of the Border Patrol to handle.
This is the result of a political decision.
This is a result that is indefensible.
September 16th, we're here in Del Rio, Texas.
And right behind me, over my shoulder, you can see the International Bridge, where currently 9,200 undocumented migrants are being kept from Haiti.
It's important to note that the U.S.
government doesn't want you to see this.
The Biden administration does not want you to see this.
So as of this morning, they established a federal no-fly zone to make sure that news media cannot fly drones anywhere near this bridge to document these 9,200 migrants that are currently being kept in a camp underneath that bridge.
Other news agencies, up until yesterday, were able to obtain some of that footage, and you'll see that footage here on our show.
But, as of this morning, the federal government has cracked down, and now are working actively to prevent the American people from finding out what's taking place on our border.
Namely, that human waves, human caravans are slamming repeatedly into our southern border and completely overwhelming the U.S.
border patrol, Texas Highway Patrol, local authorities, and the Texas National Guard
that are here trying to stem the tide.
We have a lot of amazing footage at the end of the report.
There's a few minutes left of the Haitians outdoors at night by the thousands and thousands and thousands sleeping in the dirt and rattlesnakes.
This is footage our crew got here on your screen ladies and gentlemen.
It goes on for mile after mile after mile.
This is only one point on the border.
So this is the takeover of our society.
This is the total domination of our border.
This is the UN replacement migration.
Now, Infowars has filed suit this morning against the FAA and Biden for this illegal attack on the First Amendment blocking drones.
We have an exclusive on that and a lot more, but we're fighting hard.
We appreciate you keeping us in attack formation.
It's your prayers and your financial support, your word of mouth that keeps us in the fight.
So I salute you.
Ladies and gentlemen, I just got off the phone with our reporter, Tim Inlow, on the ground in Del Rio, Texas, on the Mexico-Texas border.
Again, because of the no-fly zone of drones, they went on foot into Mexico, and have got incredible footage of thousands more Haitians piling up and coming across.
Now, they're claiming in the news that they've shut down all the border checkpoints, aren't letting anybody in, but that's not true.
They're flooding in, they've got giant backhoes, bulldozers on the U.S.
side, opening it up, hoeing up all the trees, just like they did at the Donna facility in another area of Texas, and they're building a giant complex there.
So that's what our military and the Border Patrol is used for now, is continuing the smuggling process and completing it.
That's their words of their union head a few months ago, not mine.
They don't like it.
It's illegal.
Federal courts have ruled what Biden's doing is illegal.
But he's still moving forward.
Ted Cruz has come out.
Senator Cruz was there last night.
Our crew got him in an interview.
And he was also on Fox News on Hannity and pointed out, this is all illegal.
He's in articles today.
We've also filed suit, media files.
Media outlet files lawsuit to challenge FAA ban on drone footage at Texas border.
I have filed suit to block that.
We are in the fight.
Exclusive drone captures second huge Haitian caravan smashing across Texas border from the Mexico side.
That's how they were able to get it.
Border Patrol to shut down all sector checkpoints as migrant border surge detention camp swells to 10,000.
More like 20,000 now.
Old news.
Biden regime bans drones from flying over Del Rio Bridge after Fox News, Epoch Times and others get the footage.
Simply criminal this is going on.
And here's U.S.
Senator Ted Cruz.
This is illegal.
Republican Senator blasts FAA decision to ground drones filming Texas bridge border chaos.
They don't want you to see the breaking of the border.
They don't want you to see the replacement migration, UN invasion, we're all going to be covering in great detail from the United Nations' own sites themselves.
Sacha Baron Cohen and the ADL want you arrested if you say replacement migration.
That is on their own Program two years ago.
United Nations document, we will tell you the plan and the takeover.
Tim Enloe and crew have gotten no sleep.
They left here yesterday about 1 p.m.
when this footage all came out from Epic Times and they are now moving.
Incredible, incredible footage you guys captured, Tim.
Tell us, tell us what you witnessed.
Well Alex, you were with me in McAllen, Texas when we documented the crisis that was down there and what I can tell you is what we saw in McAllen pales, absolutely pales in comparison with what we just saw in Del Rio, Texas.
What we just witnessed here with our own eyes is basically a mini third world Haiti being re-established on U.S.
We watched Hundreds of, no, I'm sorry, we watched thousands of migrants walking around the camp with babies.
There's trash everywhere.
They are going into the bamboo fields, cutting the bamboo fields down, and right in front of our eyes, building bamboo huts right there in the camp with trash just laying everywhere.
Some of the people were literally laying on the piles of trash.
I've never seen anything like it here in the United States.
Alex, you and I have traveled the Skid Row.
We've traveled to homeless camps.
We've traveled to other border locations.
But I'm telling you, Alex, we've never seen anything like this.
I've never seen anything like it, and I know you guys are on your way back to Central Texas, or what's left of Texas, but you told me over the phone before we went live that you have incredible footage, even more amazing than what we've already exclusively posted to InfoWars.com.
That's absolutely right.
So we actually now have proof, irrefutable proof, that the Biden administration and the liberals, they're not going to be able to refute this because we have close-up zoom shots of the dam that goes across the Rio Grande River that proves that this is now a wide open border that is no longer being controlled by any U.S.
Certainly not by Border Patrol, the Texas National Guard, Highway Patrol, or anyone else.
And what that footage will show you as soon as we get it uploaded is hundreds upon hundreds of migrants walking from Mexico across the dam into the migrant camp.
But more interestingly, which proves the concept that this is a wide open border, they're also walking back across into Mexico.
They're uncontrolled both ways.
So there you see the footage right there, right?
It is just unbelievable.
Hundreds upon hundreds of people crossing the dam, Continue, Tim.
Did you hear me, Alex?
I hear you loud and clear.
supplies, those that have money, to simply walk back across the dam into Mexico, go shopping
over there, come back into the camp and sell those goods to their fellow Haitians in the
This is a completely unregulated, wide-open border now.
Continue, Tim.
Did you hear me, Alex?
I hear you loud and clear.
Please continue to tell us what you've witnessed.
In addition to the wide open border, obviously the U.S.
taxpayer, the amount of money that this is costing the U.S.
taxpayer is staggering.
We watched truckloads of supplies with the entire flatbed trailers filled up with boxes from Home Depot being brought into the camp.
They are bringing in styrofoam trays of food for these people, water trucks.
EMS services, we saw migrants going down, as you saw in the footage last night, and EMS being called in to treat hundreds of these people that are suffering from a variety of maladies.
And while we're talking about maladies, remember, and Ted Cruz confirmed this last night, not a single of these 11,000 migrants is being tested for COVID.
Not one single one.
In the meanwhile, Okay, Tim, you guys can pull over at another spot once you get a good connection.
I want to be able to finish up with you.
We've got Mark Randazza, a very successful, well-known, top First Amendment lawyer who's filed a suit for us over this, joining us coming up.
And I don't want to just file lawsuits for nothing.
If we can't Show in a public place on the Texas border, tens of thousands of people pouring across the day, just running around in all directions in total insanity, then we certainly, again, have no First Amendment.
And it's already been destroyed online.
Big tech censorship.
Trump censored.
Senator Paul has hearings where he has scientists on saying natural immunity is many times better, which is a known fact, than the vaccine.
He gets taken offline.
And now we can't go show you this?
I mean, if they ban a little drone in the sky, next they're going to try to ban our reporters.
They're on the ground showing it, which they tried to push people back a mile, but now there's so many Haitians everywhere.
Our crew last night just walked up and showed you all this insane exclusive footage, and wait till they get back in a few hours.
We're going to have so much of that.
Tim, let's see if your Skype is back right now, my friend.
You guys have the music.
You guys have the audio of the Haitians turned up.
So you'll just kill the video audio of the video you're playing, and you'll just go back to Tim.
Hey, Tim, we're going to go to break.
We're going to reorganize here, and we're going to come back on the other side.
Again, this is a ragtag operation, but the crew's doing a great job.
And we are just fighting tooth and nail against the globalists with everything we've got.
And I'm up at 5 a.m.
with lawyers writing lawsuits to counter this and directing my great crew in the field.
So pray for us.
We are not going down without a fight.
But America is under globalist attack.
This is historic and it is certainly happening right now.
Tomorrow's news today.
All right.
The transmission is just getting started.
Do your part.
Share the links now on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, email, text message.
You are the resistance.
All right.
In the last 30 minutes, our big headline went live at Infowars.com.
We'll put it back on screen real quick.
And it states the facts of what's happening.
But that's the facts of just a few hours ago.
Exclusive drone capture.
Second huge Haitian caravan smashing across Texas border.
But talking to Tim Inlow now and seeing the new footage, From last night and this morning, and other footage they're going to be sending us as they're on the road, driving back the three and a half hours from the border to Austin, where we're based.
It's far worse.
It's everywhere.
It's all over the place.
It's at border crossings everywhere.
It's outside of the drone control zone.
It's on the Mexico side.
They're just milling in all directions a full-on invasion that Biden eight days ago called for.
Just like in March of last year, he said, if I win the presidency, immediately surge the border.
No one's being checked for COVID, no one's being checked who they're with, no IDs, and the military is completing the smuggling process along with the Border Patrol.
They're angry about it.
We're not attacking them, but this is all illegal.
At a certain point, Tim, I want your view on this, because you've been in the National Guard, you know, you've been around a long time, you're 50-something years old, back when you first got in the military in the late 80s, then you've been in the Army, you've been in the Marines, you've been all over the world, you've been Blackwater, you've been State Department security, you've been it all, and a lot of other secret stuff.
You've seen it.
and you were telling me off air you've never seen anything like this, not in Afghanistan,
not in Iraq.
So in your words, this is the collapse of the border.
Can you repeat what you were saying to me last night and this morning and then talk
about where you think all of this is going to go?
Because I mean, this is just the beginning.
The world's going to see this now, and it's not just going to be people from Latin America.
It's going to be all over the place.
They're already showing up by the thousands a week.
Now it's going to be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of the same guy that 10 years ago ran, up until now, to collapse the European border for the UN.
He was hired by Soros to come in, and now by Biden.
He's running the entire Texas sector.
That's why it's the invasion point.
This is an organized, multinational, criminal takeover.
Break down just the historical perspective on this, Enloe.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, you know, looking at this and based on our experience and we were talking about this, there is no way something like this on such a massive scale That that can occur in a vacuum or that can occur just by happenstance.
This is organized.
These people all have cell phones.
We've showed that to you.
These people have the ability to recharge their cell phones, to have cell phone cards to pay for the services.
They have supplies, fresh clothes, food, everything.
And this is a journey that takes months for them.
So this is absolutely a UN-sponsored, Soros-funded invasion of the United States.
And the goal is clear.
We know what the goal is.
It is absolutely replacement migration.
There is no doubt about that.
And anyone who disagrees with that, I challenge you to come to the border with me and see for yourself and tell me that this is not replacement migration.
And Tim, what they're doing now is, I'm showing photos of this, Both the Muslims coming in, the Hispanics coming in, and the Haitians are also just dumping their children off and leaving them in the bushes and never coming back.
Just like we saw at Bagram Air Base with the women throwing their babies over the walls.
That's exactly right, right?
In some of these cultures, children, quite honestly, are viewed as dispensable, right?
They serve a purpose, whether that purpose is to eventually marry them off for profit or, you know, whatever the purpose is.
It varies from culture to culture.
But what they don't have is the very close attachment that we in the West feel, right?
The responsibility to stay with that child and even die for that child.
If necessary, right?
We're just not seeing that, right?
We're seeing abandoned children.
And it's terrible.
It's terrible to see that.
It's terrible to watch that.
But again, the Biden administration wants this.
They are complicit in this.
They are helping with this.
And, you know, we've got to stop this.
We need more Americans out here standing up and standing against what is currently going on on this border because it's a travesty.
All right, your incredible footage with the team is coming in.
Be safe, and just really appreciate you guys.
God bless.
Thank you, Alex.
Yes, folks.
I mean, if you're a radio listener, you're not seeing this footage.
It's at man.video.
It's at freeworldnews.tv.
And that's why we're censored off the mainline internet.
That's why you're being censored.
It's why they're trying to block the press being there, because this is insane.
Exclusive, drone captures second huge Asian caravan smashing across Texas border.
And we were able to get that from the Mexico side before they expanded the exclusion zone.
Now you can't even do that.
And so our guys went in on foot.
And let me tell you, it is dangerous.
All right.
Mark Rondazza did not sleep last night to do this.
He called me late last night and says, do I have your permission to file a suit on this?
It's a major violation of the First Amendment.
I said, absolutely.
So I approved the suit at about 6 a.m.
this morning.
You can see the suit.
Where do you want to start?
It's a Paul Joseph Watson article, media outlet files lawsuit to challenge FAA ban on drone
footage at the border.
A very important article, very important footage.
We'll add our video to that article so people can see what's really going on there.
Mark Rondazzo, thank you for joining us.
My pleasure, Alex.
Well, where do you want to start?
This is just wild.
You know, I'm just shocked.
Well, you know, I wish I could say I was shocked, but I am just offended that the government will look at this situation going here.
And look, I don't care how you feel about the people coming in, whether it's looking at, you know, is this a problem that they're all coming here?
Is this a humanitarian crisis?
You know, the best thing the last guy just said was, come and see for yourself.
But you can't come see for yourself now.
You can't get close to it.
And now that the government apparently feels a little bit of embarrassment at what is happening there, they want to block drone footage from showing you what's happening.
Make up your own mind how you feel about it, but there is no way in a free country that you shouldn't be able to go gather the news.
And gathering the news is what this suit is about.
You know, and I'll tell you, I'm proud to be the lawyer for InfoWars, that you took the vanguard, you're the head of the spear going here, breaking this open for the rest of the press.
So, you know, corporate press, come on, you can join in any time, but if InfoWars has to do it solo, they're kind of used to doing that.
And isn't this a great example of a technocracy where they can hit one button and throw up a geofence, and then when people from far away still get footage, they expand it out where we were trying to launch the drone miles and miles away, it wouldn't go up now.
So that, I mean, maybe make the whole country a no-videotape zone.
I mean, this is dangerous.
I didn't know they could do that.
I'm shocked that somebody from Fox was there and they had their corporate press drone and it wouldn't even take off.
The FAA can apparently click a button and shut down drone flights in an area.
Now look, I can see doing this from time to time if there's some national security interest.
If you've got a G8 meeting, you don't want people flying overhead.
But yeah, look at that map that you've got on screen there.
They're putting this zone, first of all, over into Mexico.
I don't even know where they get the authority for that.
But if you're in Mexico, you can go there and video this.
But if you're a good-blooded American, red-blooded American journalist, you can't do that.
What is the government so worried about us seeing that they want to make sure that we can't see it?
I mean, look, I remember when there were a few hundred people housed under that bridge during the Trump administration and this was considered to be a concentration camp and a humanitarian nightmare of biblical proportions and, you know, anything else you can imagine.
And now you look at this.
The latest report I saw is 12,000 people.
12,000 human beings packed there.
How they're getting there, I don't know.
What they're doing there, I don't know.
And now the military is building a giant city farm, and that's what's insane.
I looked it up online years ago, and I looked it up again this morning.
They have chips in all these products where they send out a signal Because your drone uses GPS where it cannot fly within certain zones.
And so they just started expanding it out.
We're like, oh, we'll just move back then where it's illegal.
No, you can't do that.
And so, again, that shows the power of the technocracy that's built in.
Imagine what hackers could do if they got control of systems like this.
They're now automating cars, trains.
Trucks, satellites, so much more.
And aircraft as well.
So we'll be right back with Mark Rondazza about this historic lawsuit.
We'll tell you where it's been filed and where this goes as we fight for free speech and more.
And again, we're getting a bunch of exclusive footage coming in as the crew drives back.
They're sending it to us.
It's unbelievable.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live September 17th Friday broadcast.
We have one of the top First Amendment lawyers in the country, Mark Rondazza, is here with us today.
And Mark, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
More footage is coming in.
We're going to have it next hour.
We already aired some of the new footage that just came in.
Not just drone footage from Mexico last night at dusk.
People by the thousands pouring across.
New footage last night.
New footage this morning that our crew shot.
And even more.
They just left.
They have hours of this stuff.
And they confirmed Up and down the road for miles, there are just Haitians everywhere.
Not just the 12,000 or 14,000 Border Patrols now staying under that bridge.
Up from 10,000 last night, 12,000 this morning, and they're now saying it looks like 14,000.
That's the latest numbers.
This is from yesterday morning.
You're seeing from the Epoch Times.
But it is all over the Texas border.
That's a 200-mile stretch where people are able to make it through.
There's several hundred miles that are mountains and big bend they can't get through.
So this is unbelievable.
Totally organized.
They're clearly all coming through Texas to go to Florida.
And now if people think this is a surge, after Biden said go ahead and come eight days ago, it is going to be even bigger.
This is unbelievable, Mark Rondazzo.
Yeah, I've never seen anything like it since, maybe since Marielle, you know, in the 80s.
So, you know, and look, I think we have somewhat different views on immigration, but we have the same views when it comes to the First Amendment.
What do they have to hide?
It's happening.
We know it's happening.
People should be able to see for themselves what's happening.
And when the federal government decides that it doesn't want journalists to gather news, I don't think it usually does that because it's not hiding something.
You know, there was a similar lawsuit in Portland when journalists felt that the federal government was somehow involved in stopping them from gathering news about Black Lives Matter marches.
So this is not something that happens very often, but when it happens, we have to push back against it.
The only part about this that sort of surprises me is that You know, it seems to often fall to the non-corporate owned press to push to protect our rights.
You know, I think you know a guy who I think you're friendly with, Mike Cernovich, was the first one to break open the Jeffrey Epstein case because he was the only one when the corporate press didn't care.
That's right, you filed that suit, so thank God you guys did that.
Yeah, and then here you are, you know, that's like when I get calls from from your competition in the corporate press who say, well, you know, they want to use the title conspiracy theorist.
Well, I say, no, he's more of a journalist than you are.
So, you know, and that's that's why you are at the head of the spear here.
I don't know why they weren't.
Why weren't they doing it?
They've got 1,200 lawyer law firms representing them.
You know, I had little old me and a paralegal up all night getting this done.
We can do it.
They can do it.
But, you know, I think that a lot of the mainstream press is in league with the government.
You know, it's more like Pravda than it is the Washington Post that exists at the time of Watergate.
Well, that's right.
The owners of Fox are forcibly injecting their employees.
Tucker's refused, and he lives in Florida.
But they agree with all of this, and so they're selling out their birthright, because big tech and big media are emerging, and they don't want competition.
But this is just a giant, giant story, and our crew had to come back because they're exhausted.
We're going to try to send another crew down there.
Hell, I may go down there.
I'm set to go to D.C.
tomorrow, where they're keeping people In solitary confinement for eight months, who were not violent, and not even setting trial dates for them.
I mean, this is the new gulag, and even the federal judge said these charges look like they're unconstitutional.
This is a very dangerous, very dangerous situation.
Yeah, you know, the power grab that I've seen lately really worries me.
You know, I still believe in America, I still believe in the idea of the First Amendment, but it just seems that there's an ever-shrinking circle of people who believe in it, believe in it for everybody.
You know, this suppression of this story Is unconscionable.
And I don't care what someone's view of it is.
There may be people who want to see it, who look at this and say, this looks like a humanitarian problem.
There may be people who want to say, treat them better.
So this isn't necessarily about any perspective on it.
It's about a perspective being brought to you by a free and independent press.
Not just by the government, when the government decides who it's going to bless with the right to gather the news, and who it isn't going to bless with the right to gather the news.
That is not the role of the government in a free country, and dammit, we are still a free country.
And it will be a free country as long as one person still believes in it, and I'll tell you, Alex, this conversation is at least two of us.
Well, Americans still believe in it.
It's just that the big corporations, the media, beat everybody up.
It's like Nicki Minaj comes out and questions vaccines, so she's the devil, but she stood up for herself, so now it's backfired.
But we see how they censored First Online, now they're censoring members of the Senate.
Now they're censoring governors.
Now they're trying to block us on the ground, showing this, and it's all done through technocracy.
And again, they can't get away with this if the people know.
That's why, obviously, who watches the Watchers?
That's why you call the media the fourth of state.
Well, the media now works with the authoritarians in our system, and the multinationals, and the Communist Chinese, and that's why we're in so much trouble.
So what you're doing is very important, and I just want to encourage listeners to continue to support us.
Mark, as you know, the Democratic Party and all the groups trying to shut me down, they bully and attack lawyers who are even scared to represent us.
Now, obviously, you and Norm Pattis and other big heavy hitters aren't scared.
That's why you're amongst the top two or three, you know, admitted First Amendment lawyers out there.
But it really is a frightening situation.
I've even seen it in the news now.
They admit that First Amendment lawyers are being targeted by the bar associations and the rest of it.
So this is a real authoritarianism across the board.
It is!
You know, they were... You know, look, Alex, I used to think I was a leftist.
I haven't moved on any of my positions.
You know, the border of what is a leftist and what isn't has moved, and I haven't moved along with it.
I've just sat right here where I am, believing in freedom of expression for everybody, whether I agree with them or not.
But what's really, really frightening is that there are these people who believe with a It's a religious conviction that they are right and that anything they do to promote their agenda is right.
So if that means taking the First Amendment and throwing it out because we need to promote our agenda, which is more important, they will do that.
But what is terrifying and what they can't possibly, I can't understand why they don't understand this, is that when you create a weapon like that, it's always going to come back and blow up in your face.
You will not be in power forever.
But, you know, maybe that's their plan.
If they can never, ever be out of power, then they can never worry about it being turned back on them.
That's right.
And for those that don't know, you can read the suit at Infowars.com and a Paul Joseph Watson article about Media Group Files suit.
against the FAA for banning drones and reporting basically.
And you filed this in the United States District Court, Western District where you're admitted here in Texas.
You just won a case for me there.
And this is a real fight folks.
So Free Speech Systems LLC versus Steve Dixon of the FAA and the Federal Aviation Admission.
We're fighting for our own rights.
We're fighting for your rights.
Thank you so much.
We'll get updates as this unfolds.
Mark Randazzo, thank you.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
There goes Mark Rondazza from Rondazza Legal Group.
He's a great guy.
We really appreciate him.
He's a smart guy and a friend.
He's a funny guy.
So here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
Speaking of this, you know the Democrats and others filed more than 50 lawsuits against us.
We've knocked them down to five or six.
And I cannot operate this show without your support.
We have to have our own satellites, our own encoders, our own bandwidth.
People say, oh, just get on your phone and do your show that way.
You don't need any infrastructure.
No, no.
This is...
No exaggeration, this last few years a $50 million investment in the bandwidth and the systems and all of it.
You have to understand a cell phone has hundreds of millions of dollars of tech and energy and systems and servers and things connected to it to make it work.
It's just a window into all that tech and the internet.
It's like a system that opens you into that with a phone that basically tracks you.
We had to build all that infrastructure here, but we did it with tens of millions of dollars
of your support, so that's why I'm always saying, support us, 'cause we don't have George Soros
and the globalists supporting us, we have you.
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It's Tim Inlow.
It's September 16th.
It's approximately almost 11 p.m.
at night.
I'm standing on the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, just below me.
Maybe another 50 yards, 100 yards up, just below this bridge.
There are 10,503, at last count, illegal aliens being held.
Most of them are Haitians, and the vast majority of them will be processed and released into the United States.
Quite simply, because the Biden administration, on September 8th, 2021, announced that they were stopping all deportation flights Two back to Haiti.
So now the Haitians, at that point on September 8th, there were 800, between 700, 800 Haitian migrants underneath this bridge.
Within eight days of the Biden administration announcing that, they have now sat there and swelled, the illegal aliens have swelled to 10,503 migrants.
10,503 migrants.
Now, as you can see here, you will see that this is a huge operation.
This is a huge operation.
Conjunction of Texas Border Patrol.
I'm sorry, U.S.
Border Patrol, Texas National Guard, Department of Public Safety, Highway Patrol, U.S.
The list goes on and on of agencies and manpower that they're having to devote to this.
We watched at the entrance of the gate to the wall that goes down to this camp right by the river.
We watched two trailers full of Home Depot supplies being driven down to these migrants.
Everything from paper towels to toilet paper, hygiene items.
Two trailer fulls of supplies from Home Depot were driven down there, okay?
In addition to that, we saw EMS services, fire services coming up treating migrants who were suffering from dehydration and other things.
So as you can see right here, you'll see the Texas National Guard down below.
Now folks, Here's the irony in this.
Here's the absolute irony in this.
We had to cross the international bridge going toward Mexico in order to document illegal aliens who were here on U.S.
But because the Biden administration wants to cover this up and not let you see it, They have sat there and stopped drone flights from all news services.
They have barred all reporters from going to this camp.
You are now seeing live footage.
Live footage.
And folks, it's starting right here.
Get ready.
Here you can start seeing the migrants.
Here's the Port-A-Potties, National Guard.
We watched an entire platoon of National Guard come down here to try to deal with this.
this. I want you to see this.
Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Haitians.
on US...
soil underneath the International Bridge, Del Rio, Texas.
They tried to stop us.
They tried to stop us from filming this.
But we crossed the international bridge in order to bring you this exclusive footage.
You won't see this anywhere else live, folks.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to have a lot more of this exclusive footage coming up for you,
and I've got a lot of really other serious news.
This is all part of the globalist war on humanity.
It's all directed by them.
So stay with us.
We also have a medical doctor on, joining us in the third hour, who has witnessed hospitals murder people, not giving them basic care, not giving them antibiotics for pneumonia, saying it's COVID for cash.
So this is just total Satanism.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Very thankful to be here today.
Blessed to be able to be on air challenging the globalist assault on our nation.
You know, the globalists, the United Nations, the Davos Group, which is really just the Bilderberg Group set up by the Rockefeller family to establish world government.
Openly says we're going to dissolve borders.
We're going to collapse third world countries.
We're going to organize and invade with just giant groups of people.
We're going to bring 600 plus million people into the United States between the year 2020 and the year 2050.
And we're going to indoctrinate them into the UN communist way.
And then we're going to fully control any indigenous population.
It's all there.
It's all Agenda 21.
It's all Agenda 2030.
And we sit here and we watch it unfold in our face.
And we watch Biden say, if I win the election, immediately surge the border.
And now you see the Border Patrol and the military are facilitating building all these giant air-conditioned cities that are the size of multiple high-rise buildings apiece.
I mean, they're just, they go on for like 10 football fields apiece.
Just full of people from all over the world.
And some of them are folks with kids that aren't there.
Some of them are international criminals.
Some of them are child molesters.
Some of them have leprosy.
Some of them have all sorts of diseases.
And none of them are being tested.
None of them are being checked.
And they're just brought in to the country and just dumped off in it.
And then they're given new cell phones and sent by the Democrats to be enrolled into welfare and to then be put into sweatshops working for Democrats to take control.
The globalists are exporting the third world to our country.
They're giving him the phones, they're giving him the multi-thousand dollar debit cards under Obama with U.S.
taxpayer money the State Department fenced through George Soros.
Trump killed that program four years ago.
First thing Biden did was bring that program back with the U.N.
and George Soros involved.
And the man, this is in the news, that ran the collapse of Europe's border for the U.N.
and successfully ran the invasion that brought in more than 10 million Islamics.
In the last eight years, the number's way higher than that, he is running the Texas border operation.
Biden brought in two.
His administration and the Border Patrol, quote, civilian leadership that tells them what to do.
That's why they say, oh, climate change is triggering mass migration.
Having a lockdown for a year and a half, it's still going in Africa and Latin America and Asia and the Middle East is causing these people to flood the United States.
And the UN said in their own North American Union documents that Judicial Watch and others sued What was it?
Back in 2006, it's in my film Endgame, they said we're going to use the threat of a virus, we're going to use a financial collapse, and we're going to use third world populations to capture and take control of the first world.
We're going to bring these groups in and use them as a permanent underclass that we have that'll vote out our enemies.
And that's how we're going to, quote, capture the great nations of the world.
If you go to Wikipedia and Klaus Schwab's own Wikipedia, former head of the Bilderberg Group, head of the corporate fascist group that runs the UN, he said, we are going to capture all the nation states.
And that was six years ago.
He now brags, we have captured the nation states.
He also said a few years ago at Davos, you can look this up, that Xi Jinping will crush America.
He also went further.
And he said, we don't really want any elected presidents or prime ministers.
We want our corporate shareholder groups, stakeholder groups, to run them all.
Klaus Schwab.
So we're living this.
And when Ted Cruz goes and talks at the border, or when anybody else does, did we hear a word out of Ted Cruz?
We were there when he had his little press conference.
Did he talk about the globalists?
Did he talk about the UN organizing it?
Did he talk about the debit cards they're giving?
Did he talk about George Soros?
Lou Dobbs did and he got fired.
Fox News said we will never have the Director of Judicial Watch on again because he's banned for lying and saying George Soros used State Department money to pay for the debit cards to bring people here.
He was in Reuters a year before bragging that he'd done it.
Yeah, there's the UN saying we want to abolish all borders to solve the world's problems.
And I've got articles here out of the UK and Europe where they're being flooded by millions a month, basically, and they say the UN came to the UK and others and said, please consider just getting rid of your borders.
That's a headline I've got today.
Please consider getting rid of your borders today.
And then they cut the food off the third world, tens of millions starve to death, and then giant hordes of military-age men who have grown up in the most vicious slums on the planet, and who on average have been malnourished, meaning bad brain development, I don't care if you're black or white, and you basically have the equivalent of zombies.
You can have starving white people, black people, it doesn't matter, that grow up in slums, they act like zombies.
It's like Oliver Twist.
And that's what you've got in Europe?
And now the invasion is here, ladies and gentlemen, and it is going to get rough, and it is going to get bad, and it's not going to stop because we have a president that was installed, we have a dictatorship of the globalists.
Let me show you some of these headlines since I mentioned it.
Here it is, this is from the UN.
Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations, Secretariat.
This is from six years ago.
Now remember, The ADL and Sacha Baron Cohen said this two years ago at their big gala.
They said anyone talking about replacement migration needs to be arrested.
They said it's a white supremacist term and does not exist.
They're like, but it does exist.
Well, the ADL, they want your ass in jail, okay?
They're nice people.
Replacement migration is a solution to declining and aging populations.
English, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.
But then they don't bring in the best of those countries.
They bring in the criminal young men that can be organized, put on welfare, and controlled by them.
That's what they've done everywhere.
UN Migration Pact crumbles as attention drawn, disturbing replacement migration plan.
They're still launching it.
UK, the UN of the UK, consider keeping your borders open.
Change anti-illegal immigration bill where they just say, if someone's a criminal, we'll deport them.
They're like, no, we won't do that.
And notice Biden is lockstep with the whole United Nations plan.
And so we are now importing People after the Clintons robbed them, after they collapsed their country.
If you look at satellite photos of Hispaniola, that's the island that was split into the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
One side is deforested.
It looks like the surface of the moon and it's nothing but garbage.
It's a big, beautiful place.
The other side is green and beautiful and has all these, you know, big farms and is successful.
And it's because of the difference of the Spanish government and the French colonial government and the evil of Haiti and the Satanism of Haiti and everything that basically has come out of it what's happened.
And the globalists want festering feces and injection needles and fentanyl on our streets.
They want the collapse so they're importing for the cloud pivot strategy to collapse the country.
Just like Afghanistan.
It's like everything else.
It's all done by design.
And now Mexico's freaking out.
The Mexican president's a liberal socialist.
He loved Trump.
He said, yeah, let's shut our southern border and shut yours because it's hurting all our economies.
Mexico's the richest third world country in the world.
You think they want to be flooded with people with no skills from all over the world that are indoctrinated for months before they come here at a UN training center?
They brainwash these people, they give them phones, they give them debit cards with $1,000 to $3,000 on them, and they bring them here pissed, believing they're all about to get everything free.
It's like all the mussels being brought into Europe being told you're going to get all the women you want.
They show up and start raping and saying, I want my women!
90% never get off welfare or brought into Europe.
It's the same thing here.
This is what's going on.
Bringing the third world here, not to empower these people, but to bring us down to their level, while the globalists fly around on private jets and live in 100,000 acre private ranches, guarded by robots.
You know, coming up in the last segment of this hour, we're going to have some fun for radio listeners, but especially TV viewers.
There's a video that popped up last night that now has millions of views on Instagram and hundreds of thousands on Twitter.
People sent me, a bunch of people did.
And they're like, my God, Alex Jones in 1995.
Now, I was like 21 years old then.
I was not a teenager, as they say in the video.
So that's not the, but that is, that is me.
Ladies and gentlemen.
And my teeth are a little bit longer, the front teeth, because I've grinded them off grinding my teeth.
So yes, people say, my God, Alex Jones has made quite the transformation.
So I see some of the joke tweets out there.
But yeah, over the years, that's me at 180 pounds.
And I ran six miles every other day and lifted weights for about two hours a day.
I could bench press 400 pounds then and squat 600.
And I was quite the specimen.
As I now am more a toad-like creature.
But the truth is, is that I intend to go down to 200.
I'm gonna do it.
Takes six months, but I've already lost 15 pounds just via not guzzling alcohol and also making sure I take the supplements.
And so look for that to happen.
Hell, maybe I should go to 180, ladies and gentlemen, because I don't look like Orson Welles anymore at that weight.
That's why I always said I had no problems with the ladies back, back... Why do I talk about it?
You know, I said I would have some fun in the last segment, but I'm already kind of doing it.
And see, that makes me be in a good mood.
Just have some fun and show some tweets where people make fun of me because I like stuff like that.
I don't want to talk about how there's...
I don't know, let's put the show, the live show headline up, because I wrote it, and it really is accurate.
You see, that's what I do.
I don't just go with what the rest of the media is saying.
Oh, there's 10,000 plus migrants smashed over the border.
No, our crew's been there, up and down the Rio Grande River for miles in all directions.
It looks like an NFL football game let out.
It's 50,000 people at least, and it's just the beginning.
It was 900 last week.
And now it's 50,000 this week.
What do you think's going to happen?
They're opening the borders.
I just showed you articles with the United Nations officially saying that they want no borders.
But they all live behind armored walls.
They all fly around by helicopter and use keeping people poor As their tool of control.
You know, the UN runs child kidnapping rings all over the world.
They've been caught over and over again.
Just type in United Nations sex trafficking, United Nations snuff films, United Nations sex slave children.
This is what they do.
They dissolve borders, they dissolve nation-states, and then they have city-states run by the globalists.
The Vatican.
The City of London within London.
The District of Columbia, when our founders set that up, they knew what they were doing.
They were setting up their own command base like they knew London had done, like they knew the Vatican had done, and other city-states.
They were setting up a city-state within the larger republic.
They were setting up an empire base for the new Atlantis.
So we're bringing in all these wonderful third world people.
A lot of them aren't nice, but that's not what the globalists want.
But a lot of them are thugs that have a chip on their shoulder.
I mean, look, you saw it at Bagram Air Base, where most of the first flights were like 99% men.
In these other cultures, it's not women and children first.
It's women and children what?
It's survival of the thuggish.
And then that men breed that are like that, and you get people that'll slit your throat for nothing and don't care about you.
Now, are there some nice folks that sometimes come out of these groups?
But that's what's happening.
This is caveman stuff.
And there are cavemen that come out of every group.
But, you know, you had to look at Christian ideas and trying to get people to love their neighbors and build better societies.
And that's what's built our world, was the Christian ethos.
And that's why the globalists who don't want that, they want depopulation.
They want to play God.
They want emergent machines.
They want life-essential technology.
They don't want To have to deal with chivalry and private property and the right to self-defense and women and children?
Children are for medical experiments and having sex with.
They're for suicide bombing.
They're for selling off to somebody.
You know, to Klaus Schwab, babies are to be skinned alive and, you know, their flesh and hair grafted onto rats.
That's Fauci as well.
They do that.
And to the Islamists, I mean, children are to be raped and then sold off, or they'll do stuff like in Afghanistan, take a five-year-old, pour gasoline on him, burn him, call a medical chopper in, and then have explosives buried under where the kid's at to blow up the helicopter when it lands.
That's the kind of person Klaus Schwab is as well.
He just does it in a little bit more elegant fashion when he's not dressing up in Klingon outfits and getting awards for his globalism.
So, I'm gonna try to calm down.
I got mad again today.
Again, I'm not complaining.
Bald horses can't drag me away, but I've been up since... Let's not exaggerate.
I was saying 5.30 because that sounds more reasonable.
I've been up since like 3.27.
And I have been running around the house.
My wife got mad at me because at like 5 a.m.
I woke her up because I was yelling at people on the telephone.
And I mean, I'm normal though.
You see, watching your country collapse, watching an invasion, watching a takeover, watching the U.N.
say why they're bringing these people in to keep them on welfare, piss them off, and make them hate white people.
And to know it's all part of the plan and have all these news articles where they're saying officially in campuses whites are bad, whites can't come to these classes, whites can't be in the gym, and it's whites teaching this because it's total divide and conquer.
And we're watching them destroy our culture, destroy our unity, destroy everything Martin Luther King Jr.
talked about, and then they say they're the good guys.
They should be totally repudiated and totally rejected.
But instead, we've grown up in such a free, open, wealthy country, where even our poorest are amongst the richest in the world compared to third-world countries, that we don't appreciate what we had, and so we're losing it all right now.
So I'm sorry.
I'm not real happy about all that.
And so, yeah, I don't look like I used to.
I could look a lot better.
I've got family that looks great at 60, 70 years old.
But I took on all the stress.
I stood up, and I stayed up.
With nothing but coffee, probably two nights a week for the first four or five years I was on air.
I worked 20 hours a day.
I hand-edited all the films.
I went and had jobs on top of it.
I did the sales jobs at the radio stations and had all of it taken away from me.
I didn't care because I cared about the mission.
And so do I look like a war-hardened goblin?
Damn right I do, and proud of it!
Because I'm not trying to win pretty boy contests around here.
I'm here to take on the pain, and take on the attacks, and dedicate myself to bringing down the New World Order, because I will not spiritually, and I will not genetically, shine on to what Satan's doing.
So all you people like Brad Pitt and But other little globalists that sells tyranny over there.
I mean, there's so many of them.
Leonardo DiCaprio.
You just rub skin creams on your faces all day and try to stay young.
Because when you die, your soul and your energy is going to be sunken in the middle of a black hole with all the energy just like you.
Because like attracts like.
But as for me, I don't care about this body.
I just want it to last long enough to carry out my mission to bring down the New World Order.
And I know all of you agree with me in this quest.
So we're going to do it, ladies and gentlemen.
And we are going to accelerate in, through, and beyond.
But get ready, ladies and gentlemen, the false flags and more are coming.
All right, look, I want to state something that I say quite a bit in different ways, but I just want to be completely clear about.
And I'm trying to think of the best way to say this, because I consider and cover all this news all day, but you understand that the big corporations of the world Believe that they're going to develop super technologies so that the cells of the body never die and they're going to be able to live forever.
But they're worried that an overpopulated planet will hurt the planet and hurt their nest to live forever on.
And they go on in their own papers, their own statements.
I mean, I saw more of them on TV the other day, but admitting this, that they can be killed by wars though.
And so whether they're going to theoretically be able to live forever or not, they believe they're carrying out the depopulation so that they and their progeny can live forever and then have a planned evolution into the stars.
And so that is the big debate.
That's the big system.
That's what they write hundreds of books on.
It's what they win Nobel Prizes for.
It's been their quest since Francis Galton got hired by the King of England, and then the Queen of England in the 1850s, to develop a scientific way to take humans over and make them a produced commodity.
To basically make humans robots.
And then, you know, 60-something years later, seven years later, they had the famous film that's way ahead of its time, Metropolis.
Maybe we can find that on YouTube and play some of it.
So they're building that metropolis system where humans march into one door and then we march out as robots out of the other.
That's what Klaus Schwab says now.
It's a revolution where we take over your body.
And this is just the beginning.
Now they're like, oh, we're going to give you shots where you don't want meat anymore.
We're going to give you shots where you're not depressed anymore.
We're going to give you shots that go in and viruses then eat part of your brain.
They've been giving troops this for at least 20 years.
They go, oh, it's an anti-PTSD shot.
And then of course they have no emotions really anymore than they commit suicide.
That's a large part of the suicide out there.
You say, what's wrong with these troops?
Well, you've been given a live virus vaccine that goes underneath parts of your brain, so you don't have depression anymore, but you also don't have feelings of height and emotion and ecstasy and connections to God.
Because it's the same receptor sites that are connected to that.
And of course, that's live virus vaccines that eat part of the brain.
They just call it a vaccine.
It's a genetic modification.
Now, of course, they have the nanotech that you're seeing being rolled out with Pfizer and Moderna and the rest of it.
So their argument is if you can't talk to them at their level about this, Then you don't deserve to live.
And they've told me that.
They've said, Alex, you know about all this because you're a smart guy.
You have a lot of great ideas.
If you join us, you'll be able to bring your perspective to the table and we will listen.
But if you just oppose what we're doing, when you're going to grow up and find out it's the right thing, that the public is profane, they're evil, they'll tear you apart, they don't want to be empowered, and you'll want to join us later.
I'm 15, 20 years later, depending on the times, they gave me the same speech.
Are you going to be on a crusade that goes nowhere, or are you going to be a star?
A superstar that's protected and powerful and wealthy and goes into the future with us and all the future offers, Alex.
So that's what they teach, but oh, you got to feed on the other humans and you got to sacrifice the children through abortion and GMO.
You got to feed them to Moloch.
Got to bring them into the jaws of death.
You gotta give your soul over.
So Satan paints it all up as nice, makes it all look good.
It's a nice pink pillow, nice fancy soft bed that you're taken to hell on, but nevertheless you lose your soul.
So I feel empowered, I feel enraged at The Globalist, and when I'm not on air I feel very, very calm and focused, but once I get on air I just get angry.
And I really want to strive to start doing a show that's commercial-free, music-free, very small crew, I'll still have this great crew, because it's hectic, it's crazy, it's the way this show evolved for radio and TV, and I like it, but it's frenetic, and it's frustrating, and it's not really who I am.
I mean, I'm mad at these people, that's only one aspect.
I want to talk about the good in the world, and the beauty in the world, and the good part of humanity, and why we shouldn't be destroyed, but I'll tell you this.
If you allow yourself to be walked on, if you allow yourself to be usurped, if you allow yourself to be enslaved, if you allow the globalists to run your life, and you don't care!
Then you deserve to die.
And don't worry, they will oblige you in that.
But that doesn't mean they have the right to do it, and it doesn't mean they're good people.
They're the worst of people.
They know all of this truth, and they decide to go the easier path of destruction and evil, and now trying to inject newborn babies with gene therapy that erases their immune system, so they grow up sick their whole life and controlled by the medical system, so they need the new gene therapies to survive.
That is the seduction.
But even the cure they think they're going to get is a binary weapon.
So this has all been planned out and I see the comments all over the internet without even looking.
It's like, wow, it's Alex Jones's world now.
It's like they listen to Alex Jones and they do whatever he says.
No, I'm telling you what they're planning.
And that's why it all comes true, because it's an agenda.
May happen quicker, may happen slower in some ways, but it's a new world order takeover.
It's a system that we're not going to be in.
We're going to be tested on like guinea pigs, and then slowly killed while the people killing us pose as our saviors.
And so you can sit there and play games with this and deny it, but there are thousands of fake ideologies and thousands of fake gurus and thousands of false schools that the system doesn't block and the system doesn't care about.
Because it gives you part of the truth and part of lie and some weird little thing you do and it's gonna make it all okay.
There is a scientific global elite trying to take control of human development.
They've almost got control.
They want to kill everybody because they want to merge the machines and become God.
That's the dominant force on the planet.
That's what we're opposing.
That's what's happening.
And that's what's coming after all of us.
And I have no desire to join with it.
In fact, I have a revulsion and a repulsion of being part of it.
And if you don't have a revulsion of these people, you are not in God's orbit and you've got a serious problem.
And I don't say that like some holy man up here on a mountain telling you how good I am.
I am human.
And I am connected to everything at an intense level.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
And I'm connected to God, and I'm connected to Satan as well, and I can see these guys.
I've got the sunglasses on, and I want you to put the sunglasses on, and then we're not going to be fighting over what color we are and the rest of it.
And some will say, oh, then let the Haitians in.
The Haitians are a weapon that the globalists have controlled and dominated and enslaved as slaves for hundreds and hundreds of years, sold by slavers to us.
And some of them are great people, some of them are terribly evil people, just like everybody else, but the point is they're coming into the globalist hands to be controlled and used as a political weapon.
I'm all for water.
I need to drink it to live.
I love beautiful lakes and waterfalls, and I love to water ski, and I love to do all that stuff.
I love to ride around on a jet ski, but I don't want to be held underwater at 20 feet for five minutes till I die.
And so the Haitians are just like water.
Dirty, corrupted water being brought to our dirty, corrupted country to bring us down with their satanic energy.
And I don't blame them wanting to come here.
And I don't blame them wanting to get away from the devil.
And a lot of them are good people.
And I've tried to help Haiti and sent aid missions there and covered the UN kidnapping rings there.
But they're being brought here as a political weapon just like every other group is, because once the country goes down, there'll be no other example of America, and the whole world's gonna go down and fall to Antichrist control.
And we know that's foretold to happen, but we're gonna put on a hell of a fight before it does.
Antichrist only has a short period of rule, and then the real awakening happens, and Satan's defeat!
You see?
Satan taking over is only halftime, folks.
It's only the halftime.
This alien force is gonna win at halftime, but lose in the fourth quarter.
And that's what the globalists do.
They exploit the third world, they collapse it, they starve it.
They keep them poor to control them.
Put the UNs out all over the world for 60 years, 70 years.
Been around since 1947.
Except for the Rockefellers.
And then they organize those people to bring them here to vote, to take our guns, to open our borders further, to socialize everything.
So we have a permanent underclass and collapse.
They're not bringing these folks here to empower them.
They're bringing them here to enslave them and to teach the ethos that whites are inherently bad.
So whites are a tiny minority being basically hunted until We're exterminated.
I mean, that's what the left says.
Major universities teach, kill all the whites.
That's the globalist divide-and-conquer situation.
And then when things are so bad in 10, 20 years, well, what's left of the first world will be okay with a deadly virus wiping out most of the third world.
Well, I'm not happy with that.
I don't want to kill all the brown people.
But also, like, two pit bulls don't want to be put in a cage with them and made to kill each other.
And in my experience, The globalists have been successful using third world populations to bring down countries.
So I've got some huge news.
This is breaking.
It's on Infowars.com.
Dozens of Haitian caravans, numbering over 50,000, have literally invaded Mexico and are now surging over Texas border like a tidal wave.
Now, again, we've only got three reporters.
We've only got a couple of camera people.
We're trying to hire more, trying to get more in here.
Most people are scared to work here because it's InfoWars.
They don't want to get blackballed.
We're about to put out a new ad for extra IT people to help.
Probably announce it next week.
And more camera people, because that's why we got some great IT folks that are still here.
A few years ago, I was putting the ad out on air.
So don't send your resumes yet.
You need to follow the resume.
But we're going to hire a couple more camera people and a couple more IT people next week.
We're all in, spending all our funds so that we can get more done.
I already sponsor a lot of different reporters and people and already have them in the field and they're doing a great job.
It's just that we need hardcore camera people and folks that can get out there all over the country and the world and get these stories and because part of that problem is
you know I sent a crew down that I had a four people of the Texas border yesterday they're
already driving back they have hours of incredible bombshell footage we got a few editors to try to
put it all together get it out as reports or it has no effect there's that finishing up in
the final move to actually get the material on air so that we can warn people.
Because if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it make a sound, did it make a noise?
So let's put Bandot video up on screen for everybody, or the featured video at InfoWars.com.
Because that's really what all of this is about, is getting the video.
Exclusive drone capture, second huge Haitian caravan smashing across the Texas border.
But since I came up with that headline at 6 a.m.
this morning, it's fake news.
Because now we know it's dozens of caravans and probably the estimates over 50,000 smashing in all over just a 20-mile stretch of the Texas border with Mexico.
I mean folks, that's the estimates from our Border Patrol.
50,000 are now on the border or have crossed it.
They've got giant tit cities popping up and thousands and thousands of troops and Border Patrol running around catering to all these people.
Who we now all have to pay for and take care of, who you know are going to be voting for Gavin Newsom and voting against, of course, in Florida, Rick DeSantis.
Rick DeSantis.
I can't remember names anymore.
Ron DeSantis.
So, it's the total invasion, it's the total takedown, and if you think the 50,000 that are there now are bad, it's going to be 100,000 a day.
They did the same thing in Europe.
They hired the same guy that ran the whole Europe operation to do it.
And now we have the big CNN article.
Democrat lawmakers urged Biden administration to halt deportations to Haiti.
Well, this already happened eight days ago.
Unofficially, he said, we're halting deportations.
They've already done it.
And so they knew it would cause a new surge.
And the answer is, oh, just take the whole island of Haiti on.
Just have everybody here.
Many of whom are Haitian.
lawmakers urged by the administration Friday to halt deportations to Haiti as nearly 10,000 migrants have overwhelmed the del
Rio, Texas Many of whom are Haitian many of whom are Haitian. No, they're
basically all Haitian
Coming here With their cell phones and all the free money they've been
given and it goes on and on You know, I said I'd get to the fun Alex Jones thing, but we just won't get to that.
Because, you know, fun.
We've had enough fun, haven't we?
So make some jokes too. Maybe I'll do it next hour.
The medical doctor coming on who was in the hospital and watched him basically killing people.
He was in there with a marathon runner who they wouldn't give medication to.
And when he demanded they give him medication because he was a medical doctor,
they SWAT teamed him, even though he was happy to leave the hospital,
and tied him up and put him in a restraining chair for four hours.
And then threw him out of the hospital and we said, "Hey, let us know what happens."
Well, they wouldn't give the guy any aid until he got sicker.
And then, of course, you know what they do.
They intubate you and you die.
So the fella died a little while after he was in the hospital next to him, in the bed next to him.
And he was a long-term medical doctor.
He's retired.
He was telling them what the guy needed.
He's got pneumonia.
You can hear it.
And they just said, no.
He has COVID.
We don't give antibiotics for that.
And so bye-bye.
Gonna get that extra cold, hard cash.
Sorry, you're not getting any treatment.
We're gonna get $53,000 after we innovate ya.
That's the bounty.
And then if you die, an extra 15 to 20.
We're talking almost 80,000 clams.
Some of the most expensive hitmen in the world cost 80,000 clams.
That we just do it all?
Like an assembly line.
And you know, people don't stand up for themselves, so I guess they all just kind of deserve it, right?
I guess they all just kind of deserve to die if they didn't know the system was predatory.
But I don't really think these people deserve to die.
I don't think these people deserve to die at all.
Like the people that engineered this whole sick system and geared it to attack goodness and attack honor and attack strength and celebrate evil and lies and celebrate decadence to create this mess.
So civilization would fall and the globalists could then rule the rubble because they believe it's better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
As has been said many a time.
I'm going to go to break and I'm going to come back, but we're going to go through this together and it's going to get better on the other side, but it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
And just thank God you live in some of the states that are still quasi free because other parts of the world.
Already under a year and a half of lockdown, starvation, mass suicide, and death, and now the medical corps are coming from the UN with the contact tracers to take your children, to quote, put them in a facility, protect them, even if none of you have COVID, hold shielding in place.
And the CDC's preparing it here, but they don't think they can get away with it because enough people will resist.
So you're going to look back on today September 17th, in my view, in a few years, maybe even sooner as the good old days, even though things are very, very intense right now.
And remember, if you're a radio listener, I'm not joking about this.
This is the great crew, the amazing crew, the best crew I've ever had, who just puts up with this creature.
They have done an amazing job and they just pulled up the CDC document how they're preparing to come take your children out of your house.
They're not telling the school boards that around the country.
And put you all in camps for your safety even though you're not sick.
See how that works?
And they'll get enough weirdos to bow down and go along with it.
We're gonna go to break.
We need to fight back against the new lockdowns.
That's why we've made a new film, the first in a five-part series.
It's a full film called COVID Land with Robert Kennedy Jr., Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, myself, and everybody else, star-studded researchers and patriots.
Very, very proud of this film.
Our first produced film in nine years.
You get a free copy of Endgame with it.
You get a second copy for $9.95 and two Endgames.
So that's $29.95 for two Endgames and two COVID Lands.
So you can have one and share it.
By the way, zero country code.
Works anywhere in the world and it's copyright not protected so you can burn it in any machine.
So dig out your old DVD players, start making copies and explain it's the way to get around sensors.
DVDs are making a big comeback right now because people know about the censorship.
They want to have stuff in their library.
They understand that the TV watches you.
You don't watch it unless it's a DVD or a VHS tape.
So get yours today at InfoWarsTore.com or I'll tell you what's life and death.
I'll tell you what's life and death.
If you don't have freedom of speech, if you don't have the right to be able to communicate,
you don't have a future.
Always when governments take away speech, they then enslave the population, and then they finally start exterminating the population.
And America and the entire world is going down the tubes because of the UN Global's directed Great Reset.
That's why it's more important than ever that Infowars stay on the air, and that all of us stay healthy.
That's why I'm offering a bunch of our best-selling products at 50% off for a limited time, only until the end of the month of September.
That's only about 12-13 days as of the time we're taping this.
And that means all these amazing products.
We have Ultra 12, highest quality B12, taken out of the tongue.
We have Winter Sun, highest quality organic vitamin D3, taken out of the tongue.
We've got Knock Out the Sleep Aid.
We've got Hair and Beard Formula, that's got all the vitamins and minerals as well, not just for your hair and beard.
And we've got our great Liquid Turmeric Formula, Yeah, I'm barking at the moon with these globalists taking over.
Gregg Reese has completed a new, incredibly in-depth, shocking report on Fauci admitting he's mass-murdering people.
I'm not kidding.
This stuff is out in plain view.
We're under assault.
That's next segment.
Then I'm going to have that little bit of fun I talked about.
Just because it's interesting and we have a medical doctor joining us, but how big pharma uses Fauci and the media to murder Americans.
It just went live a few minutes ago.
We're going to play it coming up next segment.
Hope you share it.
Hope you fight back.
And it dovetails with this.
Alberta's health minister says unvaccinated with her GMO shot will not be permitted to attend indoor private gatherings.
Imagine if 20 years ago they said, oh, there's Franken-potato, there's Franken-tomato that has insect genes in it.
The study show makes you sick.
We're going to make you eat this or you can't have private gatherings.
You'd laugh at them.
But now through hysteria, like dominoes falling, Canada, Canadian health minister, says uninjected, not allowed to attend private meetings.
So this is North Korea.
We're gonna play the clip coming up next segment.
They are just introducing this to everyone.
Canada officially establishes martial law.
Canadian Health Minister, I mean, how do you say that?
It's so hard to even say.
Canadian Health Minister tells unvaccinated they are not allowed to have private meetings in their own homes.
I mean, there it is.
Canada says no private meetings.
Canada tells citizens they are not allowed to meet in their own homes.
You're not allowed to meet in your own home if you're unvaccinated, Canadian health minister says.
I mean, and of course it gets worse.
Italy makes COVID passport mandatory for all workers, which is what Biden's basically doing here, where workers are all going to have to have these apps, and then that's the global app that the UN designed, and now you're caught with their tracking and control.
It'll tell you, with carbon taxes, where you can go and what you can do.
That's the official plan.
When it comes true, it means they implement it.
It's already happening in Europe and Australia.
People go, Jones was right again!
How the hell does he know?
Because they told us so!
Florida landlord says he'll evict people who refuse COVID-19 vaccine.
The Epoch Times.
It's a big housing apartment complex, of course, in the communist hellhole of Broward, Miami-Dade.
And he says, you'll all have to show me the app, you've had the shot, or I'll throw you out on your ass, including all retirees and handicapped.
Isn't that just special?
So it all ties together, doesn't it?
We got all the footage out of New York where, oh, you think you're gonna eat a hamburger here?
No, let me see your app and your ID to make sure it's not, you know, I'm a policeman now, and I had to make sure that Pfizer put in you its experimental shot with Fauci that gave everybody the wrong drugs in the 1980s to kill people en masse, and it's now back doing it again.
MSNBC guest calls for drone strikes on Americans opposed to vaccine mandates.
Oh, guys, get ready.
Let's come back in with the, it's in Chinese, but the Stay Homer video game put out by Microsoft, where it shows teenagers dancing in the street, you machine gun them, shows people protesting against the lockdown, you kill them with an RPG, rocket-propelled grenade.
And so it's now everywhere.
Oh, you're a mass murderer.
Oh, you're a killer.
Oh, you're a drunk driver and you don't take the shot.
No, you are.
You're destroying your immune system.
You're an idiot.
It's destroyed your birthright and you're shedding and spreading on people.
Got it?
And the more you give in and the more you go along with them and the more you bow down to them, the worse it's going to get.
Is that clear?
There's another John Bowne report we're going to play before the show ends where he asked, I forget the exact headline, where he asked, when are the sheep going to get off the train?
When are the vaccinated sheep going to get off the train?
When are they going to stop putting up with it?
When are they going to stop mowing down?
So much gold in the fight.
Like if, you know, if the fight, you got a bow and arrow against the enemies, Well, InfoWars has got the bow and the arrows.
You just got to pull them and let them loose on them politically in the InfoWars to devastate them.
So go to the John Bowne section of Man.Video and get that new report as well.
It's incredible and it needs to be seen.
Stay with us.
15 days to flatten the curve now turns into 19 months.
Boy, it's sure horrible settling into the permanent New World Order they've now announced.
And remember, Canada and Australia and New Zealand and the EU are all models of this, and it's already coming to blue cities all over the U.S.
Alberta's health minister says unvaccinated will not be permitted to attend indoor private gatherings in their own homes.
So that's where they're going with that.
The videos in the article, Italy makes COVID passports mandatory for all workers.
That's what Biden's starting to set up.
Florida landlord says he'll evict people who refuse COVID-19 injections.
It's only going to get worse till you start resisting.
And then it's going to be, okay, it's 10 shots a year.
It's 20 shots a year.
We told you that.
And now already saying five, six, seven shots a year.
Israel said three shots two weeks ago.
The next week, four shots, five shots.
We're up to five shots now.
And they're the sickest in the world, and it's the vaccinated.
Because they're cutting off their immune systems, and they're victims.
And who knew the Jews would go back on the trains again, they would go back into the pits and be machine-gunned again, but this time by their globalist rulers in Israel.
Israel coronavirus czar is calling for preparations for fourth vaccine dose.
Yeah, now they're saying the fifth.
So, That's what's happening.
And they're saying, oh, you can't have a job, you can't go to the grocery store.
And now they're announcing that in blue cities here.
They're never going to stop.
These are horrible people who need to be pushed back on.
They're bullies.
They're tyrants.
Here is Jason Kinney.
Oh, and of course, they're having a snap election with their election fraud and their mail-in ballots, just like with Newsom, just like with the last election.
This is the globalist model.
This is how they do it.
And there are push-pulls and the rest of it.
So, oh, the martial law I did is a referendum.
Everybody loves the permanent lockdown.
Everybody loves.
And some idiots do want to sit around and watch Netflix all day.
They don't know it's collapsing the world economy.
But that's why they can't find the shoes or the roofing supplies or the food they want.
That's why portions are smaller and rents are higher and why things are falling apart.
But they don't care.
Their Netflix is still there till the cord gets cut.
But then they'll be able to watch Netflix in the camp, in the emergency shelter camp that all over the world they've announced, oh, we're going to hide the people who are healthy in camps from those that aren't sick because they're saying so many will be sick soon because the vaccine works so well.
Which is the vaccine actually causing the illness, which was always the plan.
If you're a new listener and you think I'm joking, that's not a joke.
Worldwide, the UN directs our health policy.
So that's why it's the same in Australia, the same in Canada, the same in the US.
And they now on the CDC side say, we're going to shelter all the healthy people in camps from the unhealthy.
There'll still be electricity there.
Oh, still be electricity there.
So you're getting ready for no electricity when no one's working and everything breaks down.
But the left hasn't figured that out because they're part of the ruling class, they think.
While the globalists all move to their armored fortresses, hundreds and hundreds of miles from any towns on mountaintops with giant robot-controlled gun emplacements.
They're bringing you into a dystopia.
They're introducing it to you and testing the Stockholm Syndrome.
So here they are announcing the next level of tyranny in Canada.
For unvaccinated people who are 12 and older, They will not be permitted to attend any private indoor social gatherings.
What is the level of tyranny that the tyrants will take us to, Thomas Jefferson was asked.
He was told the level you will accept.
Now let's have a little bit of fun here today.
I saw this getting millions of views online on different platforms.
This particular clip has 430,000 views as of last night, and it says, Teenage Content Creator Alex Jones.
They're going to say, there's an underlying story here.
Did he get a head injury at some point after this?
Because I was so nice and friendly and sweet.
And there's the tens of thousands of tweets of women saying, man, he seems like a really nice guy, not the mean guy he is now.
Well, you see, I already knew about all this stuff and I was fighting it, but then I lived it and went through 27, 28 years of it.
And so, yeah, it took a toll on me caring about myself and my family and everybody else.
So that's what this is.
But it's not about what I look like.
It's about the tyranny we're all under.
Here's another one.
I don't know where they got these photos, because one time I was working out and this guy says, I want to take some photos for a magazine I'm putting out.
These things years later popped up in the Austin Chronicle.
I never post for photos.
Sure, I'll take a few shots for you.
Now, that's me at 18, right there, OK?
That's me at 18 years old.
That guy's like 30.
No, that's me at 18.
This is me at 21 right here.
I was more of a runner then.
I wasn't lifting.
I mean, I was still lifting weights, but I wasn't trying to lift heavy weight at that point.
I was just, you know, doing basic workouts.
So there you go, folks.
I'm not Bill Hicks.
Hicks is a Welsh name.
He may look a little bit like me, but, you know, that's that's not the case, ladies and gentlemen.
And so let's go.
Here's a funny Nick Foyntes one where they found a similar background and similar hand motion.
So secretly, really, Nick Fuentes is a young Alex Jones who got in a time machine and came into the future.
Well, that's a joke too.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Here is a short clip of a report, I think from this is 1996 or 95, I'm not sure.
But Mike Hanson, who used to do some of my video work, he has found a bunch of these old tapes and is now uploading them, and he's uploading them to Bandot Video.
So people are having a lot of fun with these.
And they're just now trying to decide who I really am.
Am I Gosling's brother or something?
It's all funny.
So here is the blast from the past.
No, not home.
Here we are at a council member's house.
Down here in Austin.
I'm not going to tell you their address or who they are, but you ought to see how overgrown their house is.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
Very nice little neighborhood over there, I will tell you.
But, it's just crazy.
I think it makes me the maddest is how the paper countered with that story.
We came out and did a story about Mr. Ellingson being harassed by the Health Department and Environmental Services.
And two days later, there was a front page thing on the Health Department saying how wonderful they are stopping crime, sewage, and helping the children in East Austin.
Everything, Health Department did it.
Again, we're not going to tell you the address down here of this council member.
We're not going to tell you who she is.
But just for yourself, take a look at the hypocrisy.
Much worse than Mr. Ellingson.
And they're both in total disrepair and overgrown.
So that's the hypocrisy of America now here, folks.
And I think the council member needs to answer up why they're allowing the health department to go around terrorizing citizens in the name of environmentalism.
So $2,000 a day for non-compliance.
Yes, it is ridiculous that the health department is out terrorizing people.
And they did point out the incredible hypocrisy of So, I've been alive a lot longer since then than I was alive before then.
And people say, that sounds like Matthew McConaughey.
Well, we're both from basically East Texas, so that's how people talk.
And now, I never tried to talk like this.
27, 28 years later, I have screamed, I have yelled, I have been on air 5, 6, 7, 8 hours a day.
My larynx sounds like an 80-year-old man.
So that's why I sound like this.
And I've read Millions and tens of millions of words on air.
And so that's who I am.
And that's the whole process.
And I am sure as hell not Bill Hicks and all this other idiotic garbage.
People went back to my high school in Dallas and then went back to my high school in Austin.
I went to both and got the damn yearbooks and talked to people that knew me then.
So I'm not like the Q people and others that make up all these ridiculous stories.
I cover real stuff and show you the video like what you see happening at the border.
But there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
And yes, what happened is I stopped working out about a year after that and just committed myself fully to making films and putting up websites and building this operation, and then got, you know, gained 100 pounds.
I gained 100 pounds from 180 to 280, and then it was the supplements and the Iodine and the rest of it helped me get down to about 220, and then I stopped working out for a while and gained back part of it, but I'm now fully committed.
I'm gonna go down to 200 this time.
I'm gonna go down to 200 pounds.
Then they'll say I'm a whole nother person.
I'll go, that doesn't look anything like Alex Jones up there.
So I'm gonna go down to 200 pounds is my goal by, let's say, let's say July 4th of next, Summer.
Let's see if we can do that.
All right, so there you go.
Tomorrow's news today.
I want to just take this time here on the Alex Jones Show to thank the great crew, to thank all of our amazing listeners and viewers.
And to thank our amazing crew of reporters that just went down to the border yesterday and today and got the most incredible footage ever.
And I'm told in the war room today, Owen is collating all the new footage that came in that we haven't shown.
We've shown a lot.
Tens of thousands at different areas, over 50,000.
Dozens of caravans slamming into the South Texas border out of Haiti coming in through Guatemala at the UN zone.
This is just an unbelievable situation.
That is unfolding, all part of U.N.
replacement migration.
Now, Dr. Stephen Guffanti was on with us about three weeks ago.
And he is a retired medical doctor.
He also is a best-selling author.
And you can find out more about that and the great work he does at RocketPhonics.com.
He's also an education expert, RocketPhonics.com.
And he told some friends of mine that are very well known, I won't say their names, who had a family member that they tried to kill at a hospital.
by not giving him medical treatment.
And they didn't want to come on, but they said, you ought to talk to Steven Gifante, Dr. Gifante,
because he witnessed some of the same stuff at that hospital, and he's named it in Florida.
And so he was there, and he saw a fellow next to him in the room who had pneumonia, had been a marathon runner.
And I asked him to come on once we got an update.
So he's here and he had to tell them what medical treatment to give him.
They got very mad and restrained him and threw him out.
So I wanted to recap what happened and then break down the latest developments.
Then we'll talk about some of the news next segment that's come out that's just so draconian.
But Dr. Ghaffati, thanks for coming on with us.
And I know you have a sad update to give us about the man you tried to save that they weren't giving aid to in the hospital.
Yes, yes.
So, if you want the recap, I'm a trained emergency room doctor.
So, in the world of emergency, and an emergency is defined as A patient who's in danger of losing either life or limb, the most educated at the scene should be in charge.
You were in your lane, you were in your zone.
Exactly, exactly.
And my roommate, Keith, who's 20 years younger than me, Was getting worse, so I asked him if he wanted me to be a patient advocate.
He said yes.
We looked at his labs and it was clear that they had missed a pneumonia.
And so I presented that information to the nurse and said you should alert his doctor.
Six hours later, no 12 hours later, the doctor still hadn't shown up.
And when I alerted the night nurse, she decided that this was a HIPAA violation and basically called the security to tie me to my bed and move me out of the room.
At which point I said, you know, look, I'll just go home.
No, if you're not going to treat pneumonia, I need to be someplace safer.
But they Insisted on... They had to exercise their power, and for those that didn't hear it, you told the story, you used to work in the L.A.
jail medical area that was totally crazy.
You never had to restrain people, very rarely.
And this was just pure thuggish exercise of power.
Yes, absolutely.
They have turned our hospital into a jail.
And it's not just Sarasota Memorial.
The same thing happened.
Well, not exactly the same.
Similar things are happening in Chicago.
Oh, it's happening everywhere, sir.
So tell us what happened to the poor man that didn't get the medical care while you were there.
He died on Tuesday.
And, you know, a 50-year-old marathon runner and they couldn't get him off of the ventilator.
Um, I, it's, you know, he's now got, uh, well, there's his family.
His wife died.
So, um, the kids are orphans now.
Well, did his wife die of supposedly COVID?
No, she died of cancer about a year ago.
Maybe two.
So, I mean, these kids have been through a lot.
And, um, God bless them.
Yeah, yeah.
Wow, so now he was talking while he was there, and they didn't give him antibiotics, they didn't give him steroids, none of that, so I guess that's the plan.
You don't give him any treatment, then you got to intubate him, and then you get the $53,000 for doing it, and then you run up the insurance, and then they die.
Right, yes, that's called the protocol.
On page 237 or 9 on that protocol, it does say that you can give vitamin C. But they don't recommend you give vitamin C, but they say it's not dangerous.
But so far, and since being on your show, I've been getting a ton of calls asking me to treat them.
And all I can say is, I don't have access to the, you know, the Ivermectin.
I don't know if you've tried to get Ivermectin, but out here in Florida...
They either want to charge through the nose for it.
One guy had to spend $1,000 to get a core survivor mech.
Oh, yeah.
One of my crew members lives part of the time in North Carolina and he was Army Special Operations guy and all the rest of it.
And he got COVID and he tried to get the nebulizer and they told him it would be $1,000.
They said, no, you can rent it because they were all sold out.
So he goes to Fort Bragg and they go, yeah.
It's $1,000, and you gotta have a prescription for it.
So they wouldn't even give vets these things now, and they wouldn't give him the ivermectin, but he did get the inhalable steroids, even though he had a doctor call it in for him.
So Dr. Bartlett called it in for him, but then they wouldn't even give it to him, and he was as high level as you can get in a non-enlisted.
And so it has a great track record.
They're like, no, you don't get it.
So that's how evil the system is.
Yes, and just for your audience to know, a nebulizer cost me $35.
So, what has been going on here in Sarasota?
Oh, I of course filed a police report and they've subpoenaed the hospital.
We'll see if the hospital actually shows up with Um, with my records.
I want to talk about as a medical doctor, your view on all this and the stories, but just in the minute we have, we have left the segment.
What was it like?
Cause I know you weren't resisting.
You said, well, they're like tying you up in four point restraints and all this.
And you're just like, Hey, just let me go.
I mean, how were they behaving during this?
Were they enjoying themselves?
They were, they, well, they, they were laughing.
Uh, especially when, uh, they, I had to pee on the floor.
Uh, they thought that was funny.
And of course, I'm laying there calculating how long I can be left without water before I get delirious, and then they can prove that I'm a danger to myself.
I'm thinking, well, if they're really going to maintain this, I've got maybe a day.
And I'm not allowed to call anybody or talk to anybody.
You know, nobody really knew I was there, except for the... Yeah, you were in the clutches of Joseph Mengele's love child.
We'll be right back with Dr. Stephen Giffonte.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWars.
Stay with us.
You are the resistance.
Tomorrow's news today.
There's a new video out.
We're posting it to InfoWars.com.
The coroner in Grand County, Colorado, found no COVID deaths.
The coroner in Grand County, Colorado found non-COVID deaths reported as COVID-related on a state database.
We investigate Sunday on full measure.
And of course, we always do this.
It's just, it's just exploding.
And that's what Dr. Steven Gufonte said when he was in a hospital himself sick and was in a
room next to a man who was a marathon runner and had clearly bacterial pneumonia and he said, I'm not
paraphrasing, he was on with us a month ago, "Give him antibiotics, give him other stuff, what are
you doing?" They're like, "Arrest him."
Put him in chains.
You're not allowed to talk to other patients.
So what do you make of this whole power grab?
And we know it's concerted.
We know it's organized.
You hit the nail on the head last month.
You said it's the corporations have taken over medicine.
and they get their orders from the UN and Bill Gates now, and they've got people that follow
any evil order they're given. So they have one hospital doing a great job, another hospital
doing a terrible job. You've got India handing out ivermectin to every citizen. Their cases went down
to almost zero from exponential. You got fake news attacking ivermectin. Even the New York
Times and Wall Street Journal had to retract more articles lying about ivermectin.
There weren't deaths.
There weren't sicknesses.
There weren't poison control issues.
It was all made up.
So what type of group like this owns the media, controls everything, and is a concerted effort, doctor, to deny millions of people healthcare for pneumonia?
I mean, I call that a takeover of the medical system to test and see if you can kill off the baby boomers right when they're retiring.
I mean, I can put two and two together.
And then the guy that wrote Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel, Dr. Emanuel, said, We need to kill people at 75!
I mean, so to quote, save the social net system.
I mean, this socialism people are finding out is not the cakewalk they talk about.
This is beyond rationing care, isn't it?
This is like Logan's Run.
Yes, very much like Logan's Run.
And, you know, I was shocked when I went in for my hospital stay.
The first thing the doctor did was put me on Redemsovir.
And at the same time, he told me, oh, you no longer are shedding viruses.
So I'm like, if I'm not shedding viruses, why are you trying to prevent virus replication in my body if I'm not making them?
He just shrugged.
And then he wouldn't put me on the Budenzamide nebulizer, which is a steroid that goes right to the lungs, where the lungs are being attacked by its own immune system.
But he put me on a broad spectrum, dexamethasone and another broad spectrum Drug to suppress my immune system, which only sets me up for pneumonia.
Interestingly enough, I got pneumonia towards the end of my stay there, but fortunately I got out of the hospital in time to take my own antibiotic, prescribe my own antibiotics.
But if you hadn't, you'd have been right there intubated next to your friend that died.
No, no, I told them, let me die before you intubate me.
Just let me go.
And by the way, did you talk to the family?
Is that how you got photos of the man?
Would you like to say his name or do they want that to humanize him?
His name is Keith and his funeral is next Saturday.
And there's a GoFundMe page for his funeral.
The kids you're looking at are orphans now.
Well, I didn't know that, so I'm glad you're back on.
Can you, Doc, look that up or let us know?
And while I'd like to get his children on, guys, the producers, can we call and get his children on?
Their mother died of cancer.
You know, it was in the vaccine, folks.
The cancer viruses, the SV40, the rest of it.
And then now Dad's dead.
Wow, what a nightmare situation.
Well, I'm glad Doc you're telling us about that.
We wouldn't even know about his story if it wasn't for you next to him.
Have you had a chance to talk to the family?
They were not happy with me posting his hospital garb on Facebook.
But I'm afraid it was my Facebook post that got That got him antibiotics and you know a chance.
You know that's how young people are and I'm sure they're just emotional because at first they don't want the attention but then they got more attention.
You know you knew him when he was talking and you know you're begging for help right before they intubated him.
Yes yes and and you know after four or five days of an active pneumonia he could only move about 500 to 1000 ml of air, which is roughly a fifth of his lung capacity.
So, he desperately needed to be intubated.
He just didn't need to die from the pneumonia.
So, since we last spoke, people have been coming to me asking me if I will treat their COVID.
Telling people that I'm retired doesn't seem to make any, it doesn't influence them at all.
So I'm starting to find people that will actually treat the COVID.
I just got off the phone about an hour ago talking to a nurse who will bring IV vitamin C to your home.
Well listen, I'd like to help this family out.
Dr. Yofani, do you have that GoFundMe so we can put that up?
Do you have that in front of you?
No, I don't.
Do you want me to find it?
No, it's fine.
Give it to us after you're off.
We're going to add it in post so when this is posted and banned on video, it gets out.
But I'm sure the family appreciates you now trying to save their father.
Yeah, never, no.
Remember, doctors are the bringers of bad news.
So I don't know.
I'll find out.
If they, uh, appreciate me or not, uh, at the funeral.
Um, I owe Keith that much to go to his funeral and, and, you know, I mean... Hey, I saved a lady once that was choking.
And she was, she was obese.
And, and, and they were like, after I saved her, like, is she hurt?
Are you like, kind of looked to me like I might've been bad to save her.
She like, literally was like blue and falling on the table.
Cause I'd been in the bathroom before I came out and started dying.
And I just got out of there.
Cause like, Oh, I saved you.
It's like the old African saying no good D goes unpunished, but we still do what we have to.
Yes, absolutely.
Um, I just, you know, if I could tell your audience anything, I would say...
Contact all the home health care nurses in your area and find out if any of them will deliver IV vitamin C. That's right.
Don't wait till you're sick because this stuff's everywhere.
It's mutating out of the vaccinated.
You need to find good hospitals and support them.
And now, and I think it's a litmus test, if they're giving Ivermectin, if they're giving Budesonine, if they're doing these type of things, then we need to support them and break away from these corrupt systems.
Do you agree, Doctor?
I totally agree.
I only know of two hospitals that are willing to give ivermectin and their death rate is 5% rather than the 20% of the national protocol.
But if you can avoid the hospital, that's even better because The home health aids might give you the vitamin C. If you can't find ivermectin in your town for a reasonable cost.
I had a couple, they wanted $1,000, $500 each to treat them with ivermectin.
Doctor, I'm now hearing from other medical doctors that are going to run out of this too when people figure it out.
There's prescription glutathione taken in a nebulizer that's having really good effects as well.
Yes, and you can also get glutathione IV.
And you can get the ivermectin from Canada.
So, you know, I just recommend get it early.
Don't wait.
And we have two hospitals about, I don't know, 10 miles away from one another.
One had 32 COVID patients and the other one, Sarasota Memorial, had 280.
And the main difference between the two of them, the one that had 32 was giving the antibody shot, the Regeneron shot.
Tell us about Regeneron when we come back.
This is key information.
All right, we got retired Dr. Steven Gufonte on, bringing us incredible information.
And you hear about it, and you see the statistics, and I got a bunch of them right here, but to hear a doctor who was in the hospital who witnessed it, and now the man who he witnessed not being given the treatment is dead.
And then Mr. Gufonte tried to warn people, but this is happening all over the place.
I had a Mrs. Gunderson on a week ago.
And her husband died less than a day later.
He was denied all the things she wanted.
You see about judges demanding the ivermectin and the rest of it.
My father, again, and mother got sick with COVID like five weeks ago.
And I've told this story.
It's incredible.
My parents are tough.
They're in pretty good shape.
My mom used to be a triathlete.
And she still swims probably like five, six, seven miles a week and lift weights.
My dad does as well.
He didn't swim that far.
But they didn't tell me they were sick.
So I hear they're sick, and I go, well, this is serious.
I go over there, and my dad is laying there, not knowing who he is, naked in his bed.
And he's never like that.
And he looks like he's 90 years old, and he's 71.
And he looks blue, and he had like 82 oxygen.
So I called Dr. Bartlett.
He sends over medical doctors.
He knows the house.
They're listeners.
Great people.
That's one of the fringe benefits of being Alex Jones.
They're just like, they're like an hour.
They prescribe the stuff.
They say, go get it.
They go, got to use a small pharmacy.
I called a small one.
They had it.
The place won't give it to you.
Got the Ritazidine.
Got the Ivermectin.
Got the pill steroids, they said.
And then they said, get him up.
Make him do this and that.
Make him breathe it.
And I was literally having to like, not slap him, but like pinch him and say, breathe this, breathe this.
He's like, I'm fine.
I'm going back to sleep.
My mom was doing the same thing.
And he lost like 20-something pounds, and he's not fat like I am.
And by the next morning, again, they delivered a bunch of lawn chairs that he hadn't put together because his other ones fell apart.
And he was there putting them together.
Now, his mind had a fog for a week or so, and it still hadn't come back completely.
But as for his body and his oxygen, two days later, it was back at 97%.
And that was the ivermectin, that was the steroids.
And we know.
The doctor was getting into those numbers, those statistics, when the break cut him off, and also talking about Regeneron, which they had 500 million doses of that Trump ordered, and you get incredible results with it if you get people early.
He was talking about that.
Now Biden's rationing it, quote, so it doesn't run out.
There's 150 million extra doses of it on top of...
250 million Americans.
So this is pure evil.
They're not just blocking ivermectin.
They're not just blocking, you know, things like vitamin D and SWAT teaming medical firms that gave people intravenous vitamin C in Michigan.
They're now blocking unapproved drug for COVID and hoarding it.
So, Doctor, give us your take on that and give us those numbers of comparing with two hospitals.
OK, so one hospital, Sarasota Memorial, has 280 Patients in for COVID.
And during the same time period, 10 miles away, Manatee Memorial had 32.
And they're still doing the same stupid protocol, but Manatee Memorial will give Regeneron.
So what happens, of course, is you get the COVID, you go down and get the Regeneron.
A couple of days later, you're free of the COVID.
And so you don't go into the hospital, you don't get the, you know, you don't get the Redemsevir and all the other crazy things.
So that's really the only difference between the two hospitals.
But it's a huge difference.
And so Since I've been out, I've gone to multiple home health companies that are not owned by the giant corporations.
Because Alex, you're right on.
If you go to CVS or Walgreens or any of the major pharmacies, if they're being polite, they'll tell you it's backordered.
They'll let you know when it comes in.
If they're not being polite, they just tell you, we don't have it.
And that's right.
You got to go in and I never lie, but biblically, when you're in emergency, you can do it.
I'd say, I got worms.
I got them really bad.
Don't make any difference.
They won't give it to you.
You have to go to a private pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy, somebody that's, you know, really a pharmacist and not a corporate flunky.
And then, you know, they'll give you the, the ivermectin.
Some of them, want a huge amount of money for it.
And some of them will give it to you cheap.
But you know, but we're running out.
So get your find, you know, go through the home health companies in your area, find one that will deliver vitamins, vitamin C, and high doses.
And The next step is to find a pharmacy, one of those little compounding pharmacies that have vitamin C. And that's where you should be shopping anyways.
It's time to break with these big hospitals and big pharmacies that have shown that they're controlled by the globalists from the top down and to build our own economy again.
This is life and death.
We've got to go mom and pop right now.
Absolutely, because these big corporations seem to be in lockstep with one another.
Not only are the pharmacies not getting ivermectin, but the hospitals are not giving it.
In fact, I've gone through several hospitals and none of them know how to order a vitamin C. And doctor, I don't know if you know this, but did you know the whole plan to release COVID and have worldwide lockdown and deny us medical care is called Operation Lockstep?
Did you know that?
No, I didn't know that.
That's what it's called, sir.
Stephen Guffanti, doctor, you're amazing.
Give us an update after the funeral.
Rocketphonics.com for your great book for children and learning how to read.
God bless you, sir, and we look forward to speaking to you again soon.
All right, Greg Reese has produced something right in line with what Dr. DeFonte was just talking about, and that is the monster that Fauci is on record during the HIV pandemic denying good drugs, giving people poison drugs, and the same thing now with Rendezivir, which is not Regeneron.
So, here is this incredibly important report.
It's at band.video.
Share it like your life depends on it, because it does.
This is an info war of life and death.
The people perish for lack of knowledge. I'll be back next hour.
In February of 2020, a state-run Chinese research institute seeks a patent on the use of remdesivir
to treat coronavirus, based on the results of a single patient.
In April of 2020, Anthony Fauci cited a study which he said proved remdesivir could block coronavirus.
He claimed the study showed that remdesivir was safe and efficacious in the use against the Ebola virus in 2018 and 2019.
But this was a lie.
If one were to actually look at the study, which was testing four different drugs against Ebola virus, they will find that the safety board pulled Remdesivir out of the trial six months early because over 50% of patients who received it died.
Fauci quoted a second study in support of his mandating the use of Remdesivir.
A study conducted by the makers of Remdesivir, wherein 53 patients with COVID were administered the drug for 10 days.
23% of them suffered from multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, and acute kidney injury.
8% of them had to be taken off the drug after only 5 days because it was killing them.
After the CCP and Fauci recommended the use of remdesivir, the U.S.
secured the world's supply and began treating Americans with it.
COVID patients immediately began suffering kidney failure, which was then blamed on COVID, even though studies by the manufacturers show that remdesivir causes it in 23% after only a few days.
When the kidneys fail, the lungs fill with liquid, which is how thousands have died in the hospitals.
Being put on ventilators, and it's all being blamed on COVID.
But if we read the fine print, we see that this is to be expected with Remdesivir.
And this has happened before.
YouTuber Jamie Deluxe recently compared two patients from the past.
Freddie Mercury and Magic Johnson.
Both diagnosed with HIV around the same time.
Both advised by none other than Anthony Fauci to take the drug AZT.
As Freddie Mercury took heavy doses of the deadly drug, his health quickly deteriorated, until he died.
Magic Johnson started taking it, but it made him feel worse, and so he stopped.
The media storm surrounding Magic Johnson's condition immediately disappeared after he stopped taking AZT, and never mentioned it.
And Magic Johnson is alive and healthy today.
This is how they kill us.
They sow fear with mainstream media pop culture lies and kill us with deadly drugs in the hospital.
Just like the so-called vaccines, which the FDA was full aware of how deadly they were back in October of last year, where they published all the side effects we are seeing today in the vaccinated, while failing to include them in the vaccine inserts.
For copies of these documents and for healthy treatment, you can go to Dr. Artis' website.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Well that's a life-saving report.
One of the most powerful ever.
100% hole-in-one.
Out of the park.
Total proof.
Mass murder.
Now he wants our children.
Now he wants to put the shots on our kids.
He wants to kill them.
Got a new article.
Mexico officials bus thousands of migrants to border near Texas camp.
It's over 50,000 now.
20 miles in any direction, we've had our crew down there.
Giant camps of people spilling over going both directions, milling around, children just leapt in the bushes, just dumped over fences.
Total and complete insanity.
And I've got a Breitbart reporter I'm about to talk to right when I go off air.
But let's go back to, because I already knew all this, but the way Greg Reese puts it is so powerful.
That report.
That's now on Infowars.com that needs to go totally viral.
How big pharma used Fauci and the media to murder Americans?
Or you could say, proof Fauci has been murdering Americans since 1980.
And I remember this giant scandal.
I remember being around medical workers and doctors.
My dad wasn't just an oral surgeon and dentist.
He owned part of a hospital in Mesquite, Texas when I was a kid and a teenager.
And he sold out and we moved down here to Austin.
And I remember the doctor sitting around playing chess, my dad drinking scotch when I'm like 8 years old, and I couldn't turn the TV on in the living room until his friend left there playing chess.
I remember his friend smoked filterless camels.
They're sitting there, and they're talking about, yeah, they're killing everybody.
Yeah, that director up there, it's eugenics.
Yeah, they give them that AZT, that's what kills them.
Yeah, the virus actually doesn't kill hardly anybody.
Plus, it's a race-specific bioweapon.
Northern Europeans don't even have receptor sites for HIV.
Yeah, they cooked it up.
Fort Detrick, yeah.
Yeah, they injected into the homosexuals up in New York, 1977.
And I don't remember saying Fauci's name, but I mean, this is what I grew up around.
And my dad's sitting there with that guy that smoked a short cigarette.
He's like a big computer programmer, big mucky mucket, like it was IBM.
And the point is, this is what I grew up around hearing.
And then all these years later, it's all true.
And my dad wasn't saying that for me listening.
And so, there was a big scandal at the time.
My dad knew people involved in the Dallas Buyers Club, whenever that Matthew McConaughey movie came out.
He said, oh, I knew doctors that were actually, you know, giving people the drugs so they wouldn't die.
And how Fauci, when the government was giving drugs, the CDC, the FDA, that would kill you.
They did it in Africa as well.
They go, oh, the UN needs to pay for Africans to get AZT and these other drugs.
And then as soon as the Africans took it, they all started dying.
They said, let's stop taking this stuff.
So, they know what they're doing, ladies and gentlemen.
They know what they're doing.
And I sat there and witnessed all that when I was a child.
And I just grew up like, I guess it was God's plan to just see all this.
So I wasn't just reading about it later.
I experienced it and I watched it for myself.
And that's the world we live in.
And Fauci likes to kill people.
And we sit here and we take it.
You'll hear about a nurse from San Antonio who killed like 20 babies because she liked to kill babies.
They caught her injecting babies with poison.
Most doctors are good, but doctors will tell you some of the worst are doctors.
And there are psychos that get into the research area and get to the top, and ruthless corporations want to have somebody over the FDA.
He's been ahead of the FDA before, or ahead of the CDC.
He's been ahead of that.
Now he's in the National Institutes of Allergies, and they like to kill people!
Fauci's a little demonic sneaky monster.
Like he says in the big propaganda piece, National Geographic, he's like, I don't usually get even with people right at first.
I get them later when they don't know.
He actually says, when they don't see it coming, in your little white lab coat with your little poison shot.
It's so funny!
We're stupid, Fauci!
And we don't see what she's doing to us!
We see you, little monster.
We know who you are.
We know what you're doing.
Now listen, I didn't even plug last hour.
And if I don't plug, we're not gonna be here and I'm not bitchin'.
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I need to hire more people and expand on the globalist face, not contract.
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Well, we talked about this 19 months ago, and we talked about it two weeks ago,
and we talked about it last week.
And now it's in mainstream news, ladies and gentlemen.
Now it's in the Sun out of the UK.
China lab created coronavirus 10,000 times stronger than usual as fears rage over Wuhan leak.
Scientists warn a Wuhan lab created coronavirus strains.
We're up to 10,000 times stronger than usual amid fears a virus could have escaped when the technician was bitten by a mouse.
They put it out on purpose to counter Trump.
They said we were going to release something to counter Trump.
Fauci said that he's going to be faced with a big epidemic.
Bombshell documents have emerged which reveal that Chinese researchers funded by a U.S.
government agency involved Souping up the virus and then transmitting it to humanized mice.
That's right, the mice had been basically manipulated with human genetics, so now you know.
The documents released by U.S.
Right-to-Know show giant applications between 2017-2019, Peter Daszak, of the U.S.
non-profit group EcoHealth Alliance, which was lodged with White House advisor, Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Health.
The research was carried out in the Wuhan Lab of Virology in China, because Obama had it moved, because it was being exposed, he was behind it, in 2015.
And study coronavirus found that bats, which had been captured at the epicenter of a copper mine in Mojing, were 1,118 times...
Miles away from the lab, and it just goes on from there.
So more documents coming out, more information, just proving, and the little monster that blocked real HIV drugs and gave you poisonous ones to kill you, and pushed Rendesivir that they knew 50 plus percent of people die that take it, He's doing it again.
It's all a sick joke.
And now you look at Israel.
You look at all the other countries.
They're taking all the shots.
They've got all the new cases like we do.
And the places that don't take it don't have any problems, ladies and gentlemen.
Now I want to put back on screen Greg Reese's report again.
We're going to hand the baton to our amazing guest host, Dr. Ruby, that's about to take over.
All of Reece's reports are great, but this one is at man.video.
It's the featured video.
I want this to go viral.
You can't share man.video on Twitter, Facebook, and places.
They block them.
You can share the new URL that they haven't blocked so far in five months, freeworldnews.tv.
Freeworldnews.tv, it's one word.
Just go to freeworldnews.tv.
It's the same link, same video, same everything.
And share it and say, because he's got a good headline, okay?
And Reece does a better job than I do most of the time, but his headline's not strong enough.
And I can't think of a headline good enough for this video.
Smoking gun proof Dr. Fauci has been purposely murdering people since 1980?
Total proof Fauci is the greatest serial killer since Adolf Hitler?
I mean, I don't know, but that's who he is!
He runs the government!
He's attacking you!
He's killing people all over the U.S.
by denying them care because his standard's gone.
The two FDA scientists quit three weeks ago and said, don't give it to under-16s, don't give people these deadly booster shots, and we don't like you being political and having Fauci run things.
That's fine.
I do run things.
And now what he wants is happening.
So, I want that to go viral.
What else is going to go viral?
You've seen all this elusive footage of the Haitians by the tens of thousands pouring across the border.
Well, we've got footage inside their migrant camps that our guys went into on the Mexico side and the U.S.
side last night.
That's on Bandot Video halfway down the site.
So I want everybody to get it.
I want everybody to share it.
Let me show you some of the headlines, okay?
These are some of the headlines on Bandot Video that need to get out.
Exclusive footage inside giant Haitian migrant camp.
People need to see this.
Another one, InfoWars files lawsuit against Feds for violating First Amendment and blocking drone flights.
We're fighting!
You're fighting.
We're fighting together.
The big one, exclusive drone capture, second huge Haitian caravan smashing across Texas border.
You need to see that.
It needs to go mega viral.
This is a war.
The globalists are running the virus, the open borders, the replacement migration, all of it, and only standing up and being informed can stop them.
Now finally, The Feds have put a fence back up around the Capitol.
They threatened everybody.
They said it's evil and terrorist to come protest people held eight months in solitary confinement who weren't even violent.
But even mainline federal judges are saying it's a gulag and wrong, but the other judges don't care.
I'm getting on a plane in the morning, I'm going to be there to cover it as an observer.
They'll blow something up and say I did it, if I say I'm even part of it.
I'm just there as an observer, as media, to cover it, like I do.
And then I've got some other stuff I'm going to be doing in D.C.
and around the area that's going to be pretty big news, some big interviews.
So look for that, and please pray for us to stop for crazy times, and just pray for everybody that's fighting hard, and all the good doctors and scientists and Medical workers that are telling the truth and are taking action, we salute you all.
And please keep us on air, and please share the links and articles, because you're everything.
When you take action, it has a great effect.
When you don't, we're going to lose this fight.
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Dr. Jane Ruby takes over for the rest of the segment and the rest of the hour.
She's an amazing lady.
Without further ado, you already know who she is.
God bless you and thanks for being with us.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you, Alex.
It's incredible to be here again.
Thank you so much.
My question is, why isn't Dr. Fauci in some black ops site with his fingers missing?
Well, anyway, welcome to the fourth hour of Alex Jones.
This is your host, Dr. Jane Ruby, for today, and I'm really excited to be here.
Look, we're going to talk about a lot of different things today.
I'm going to clarify some things that maybe some other experts haven't dug as deeply into, like the fake or what I call the illegal Comirnaty Approval and why I feel it's illegal.
We're going to talk about the package insert.
I want to talk today about this new hospital protocol that seems to be sweeping the country.
It's actually what I call turning our hospitals into the new ovens.
And yes, that is a reference to Nazi Germany and the way they marched people into those gas chambers and other destructive places to kill them.
That's what our hospitals have become.
We have countless stories every day.
People reaching out, telling us that their loved ones are trapped in a hospital.
It's a nightmare of all nightmares.
Lastly, I'm going to talk about a couple of other things.
I'm going to look at doctors, because I don't know about all of you, but I am completely sick and tired of doctors refusing to prescribe life-saving drugs.
Pushing this death shot across their practices.
We're going to talk about what I've discovered as what the real reason is.
I couldn't figure out if it was that they were getting paid?
Was it money?
Was it threats?
Were they trying to hurt their families?
What was it that was creating a lockstep phenomenon of all doctors across the United States, and certainly as far as I can see, All across the world to simultaneously using the same kind of language, blocking, prescribing and letting governments tell them what to do, which to me is practicing medicine without a license.
And then with all that doom and gloom, I promise you that we're going to end on a little bit of a positive note today and wrap up the whole Alex Jones Show with some positive thoughts.
Some ideas for surviving what's about to happen, what's happening now.
People losing their jobs, people being threatened, people just in despair because they don't know what to do.
They've gotten a little too comfortable based on the corporate teat.
We're going to show them.
I'm going to talk about how to how to repurpose your life and survive what's happening.
And then I'm going to end with something really, really special.
About a month or two ago, I was contacted by Nashville singer-songwriter Sean Galloway.
He's an award-winning musician and lyricist.
He's an amazing human being.
He's been very concerned about children being jabbed, and he said, would you like to write a song?
I noticed you put together a hashtag, Just Wait.
What does that all mean?
So we wrote the song together.
It's been released, and we're going to share it with you at the very end of the show.
It's catchy, it's cute, and hopefully, Since music really appeals to people and communicates with them on a different vibrational level, maybe we'll be able to reach out to more people and get them to think twice about what they're doing, not trip over themselves to get these or any boosters, and for God's sake, protect the babies and the children.
I'll be right back.
No, they're not scared.
They're being murderous.
You're going to defend your license over people dying?
I didn't defend my license over people dying.
I chose to fight for our people.
We took an oath to protect life.
So all these things about doctors are scared.
No, they're not scared.
They're being murderous.
And there you go.
There you go.
That was Dr. Stella Emanuel, by the way, one of the pioneering frontline doctors, a mentor, a hero, an icon.
Telling the truth.
I thought that doctors were being complicit in blocking life-saving treatments and pushing these death jabs for one of two reasons.
And either of them I probably not necessarily would condone, but I get it.
The first was they probably were threatened and I understand that.
That's frightening.
They come after your family, your relatives, whatever.
Or I thought to myself, They're just not doing their due diligence.
They're blindly following the CDC, as they've all been taught to do in medical school.
But the reason was worse.
It's worse.
I'm hearing from more and more doctors, whistleblowers, those who have seen the truth and have come out of this despicable collusion.
America's doctors.
And you know what the reason is?
It's just what she said.
It's they're afraid.
I can almost not say it.
They're afraid to lose their license.
And I'm going to tell you how bad it is.
I was on the phone two nights ago with a very famous activist.
You would know this person.
And the person got me on the phone because that person has had a father.
Who was refusing to phone in a prescription for ivermectin, even though the person had just had a positive COVID test.
I was mortified.
I screamed into the phone.
After he got done with all of his excuses, I've got to be careful of my license, I have an obligation to the rest of my practice, I just don't think it's safe, I've heard it's not safe, I almost couldn't tolerate, I screamed into the phone, it's your blanking daughter, okay?
So he ended up prescribing hydroxychloroquine, I think we shamed him into it, but this is what we're facing.
They don't get it.
They're not going to have a license.
They're not going to have a job or a practice if all of this plays out.
And in addition to that, when they see the massive repercussions in the next year, two years, three years, from ADE, from the damage these boosters are going to cause, and all those other things, there's going to be a lot of suicide, a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth.
I just want to mention it because if you're one of those doctors, you better think twice.
It wasn't a defense in the Nuremberg trials to be doing something to protect yourself.
Now these people took an oath.
So I thank Dr. Stella for being bold enough to say it to her fellow physicians.
Okay, the other area I want to talk about is to warn you about something that's happening very quickly right now.
And that is that you all know that Joe Biden's patience is wearing thin, right?
My patience is wearing thin.
His patience is wearing thin.
But what he's doing, not so much behind the scenes, is he's weaponized a number of federal agencies to close down the vice on, well, first, red states, Republican states.
Let me tell you what's happening.
Because a lot of these federal agencies are acting like organized crime syndicates, in my estimation.
We now have, we do have a little bit of a resurgence around the country of COVID-19, COVID-whatever.
I personally feel, since I believe viruses burn down, not up, that they may have tweaked this thing, whatever this thing was last year, they may have dropped something new.
Anyway, so all of these monoclonal antibody centers have popped up.
This is like sending in an instant army.
You don't get to keep the antibodies, you don't have lifelong immunity, but when you're sick, these drugs, these monoclonal antibodies come in and they block the virus from replicating and you get better pretty quickly.
Well, what's happening is, as of yesterday, the health They're going to use control, apparently, of monoclonal antibody distribution.
They're just going to dictate who gets what, especially to the southern states, under the guise of, hey we're going to prevent a shortage.
Okay, right.
And so what they've done, they've started metering doses of Regeneron in Texas.
This is an illegal, in my opinion, an illegal use of the Defense Production Act.
In Alabama, the Department of Health and Human Services has notified them that they are limiting the number of doses of monoclonal antibodies.
Previously, they were just replenishing on a demand basis.
And of course, you know, I hope most of you caught Governor DeSantis firing back at Biden the other day for playing politics.
They've also notified Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana.
What do you think those have in common?
Those are southern states, right, that have really not followed the useless and disproven policies of masks, lockdowns, and forced injections.
And what we are now witnessing, and this is incredibly communist, is the Biden administration cutting off life-saving drugs to red states.
This is political retaliation for refusing to follow the party line.
It's incredible.
Look, I don't have anything against the monoclonal antibodies.
Most of them are a cocktail of two.
Regeneron is a company name.
Regencov is two monoclonal antibodies.
Eli Lilly is ramping up to a cocktail of their own, two different MAs.
These are about $2,100 a dose.
Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine which have been effectively You know, pretty much blocked, at least from regular access.
You know, doctors won't prescribe it.
Pharmacies are challenging people, even when doctors do phone it in.
And so it's those are pennies.
They're pennies per pill.
It's preposterous.
Not unless you figure out that the bottom line here is that the federal government is literally blocking inexpensive but more importantly life-saving FDA approved treatments and in favor of experimental unproven because let's face it monoclonal antibodies are also under an EUA emergency use authorization and they're not their trials have not completed yet and so basically they're attacking the southern states
And I think Governor DeSantis knows that.
It's reprehensible.
To me, it's practicing medicine across the 50 states without a license.
The Health and Human Services Agency, as well as other agencies.
And later on, we're going to get into the FDA's recent briefing meeting with Pfizer.
And you won't believe what's coming.
It's more than you think.
And it's not a pretty picture.
Stay with me.
Well, we've got a whole new hospital system in the United States, it seems.
We've got a whole protocol.
They're all walking in lockstep.
Anyway, I'm going to tell you a little bit about it.
I'm Dr. Jane Ruby.
I'm guest hosting in for Alex today and always thrilled to be here.
Look, if you have any kind of flu symptoms or you have a positive COVID test external to a hospital, And you go there because your symptoms are advancing.
You're going to find a similar protocol being implemented, and it's very dangerous.
You will be tested.
You will be probably found to be positive in the hospital, whether you are or not.
You'll be sequestered.
Your family will be out.
They will be literally out in the parking lot.
You will be forced on remdesivir, which is an experimental drug that is in now real world Evidence is showing damage to kidneys and lethal fatal renal failure and then you will be asked to be sedated or you will be sedated and you'll put on a mechanical vent intubated forcefully and on a mechanical ventilator which will probably finish you off since you're developing pneumonia and that's not the protocol for that.
Where is this coming from?
Where is the Joint Commission?
There's something I want you to be aware Jointcommission.org.
It's very important.
You as a U.S.
citizen can file a complaint against a hospital for safety reasons and you should.
Because I don't know if you all heard the or someone on the show talked about Veronica Wolsky's story.
She was a conservative activist in Chicago.
Got into that situation out in the parking lot to my understanding was her power of attorney.
Her medical, a medical doctor licensed who was willing to take over her care.
She was alert and still letting them know that she wanted to leave.
She would sign any paperwork to do that.
And there was an ambulance waiting to take her, fully supporting her medically.
And she was denied.
And then she died in the night after they forced her on a ventilator.
I hope the lawsuits never end against this hospital.
I believe it was called Amita Resurrection in Chicago.
But that's not a singled out hospital.
I get literally 50 or 60 messages.
It's really getting frightening.
On my ProtonMail, drjaneruby at ProtonMail, every day saying, please, Dr. Ruby, help me.
Please, my relative, my husband, my son is in a hospital.
They won't release him.
They want him to go on a ventilator or he's already on a ventilator.
This has got to stop.
It's, to me, it's premeditated murder and everyone involved in that hospital who doesn't come out or come forward or stop it in some way is a conspirator to murder.
I just can't, you know, it's just very dangerous.
Be very careful.
You don't want to go to a hospital for any particular thing right now.
In the last section, I want to wrap up a little bit by talking to people about repurposing your skills.
Think about creating other types of either emergency or health care, like an urgent care center, but a new kind with people who do not force the jab, who will take care of each other, who have skills, who are licensed.
We'll talk a little bit more about that before the end.
I wanted to share with you something I think is very important.
I'd like the producers to bring up this pictorial on the phases of clinical trials.
I'm going to go through it really quickly, but it's very important for you to understand something.
I spent 20 years in pharmaceutical drug development.
What I am seeing these companies get away with, I've never seen before in my entire professional life.
Take a look at this.
This is pictured in a stepwise fashion for a reason.
Now preclinical, I told you before, is animals in petri dishes.
This is where we get early danger signals.
If animals have problems or if they die, that's an early warning.
If you make it through those, then the FDA reviews your data and gives you permission to move to the next level.
Phase 1, very important, small number of people, very healthy, highly compensated because they're taking a chance, first time used in humans, and we also need to get basic information on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics.
What does the drug do when it goes through your body?
How long does it stay there?
What's the half-life?
How does your body get rid of it?
You know, where does it congregate?
What are the roads of elimination, right?
And so, when you get that information, each step allows you to go safely to the next step.
Then you go to Phase 2, which are larger numbers of people.
If you've established safety, then you move into more efficacy.
Safety never gets lost.
We are always studying safety, okay?
Always filing back to the FDA with our safety reports.
And then you get to Phase 3, which is essentially your pivotal, what we call the pivotal trial.
The Phase 3 trials, the results from those are what is submitted to the FDA for approval, And then your Phase 4 is where you, then you make your drug application to the FDA.
If you get approved, you get launched as a drug, and now you're into Phase 4 post-marketing surveillance.
But always feeding back data.
More and more and more.
Why is this important?
Because in the Phase 3 pivotal trials, in order to get data that is worthy of the FDA considering your product for approval, it has to be a certain type of trial.
It has to be a minimum duration.
It's all set forward in the FDA's guidance documents, which function like regulations.
Well, if you look at Pfizer's September 17th briefing, first of all, you're going to see That they are applying for approval.
I think they're going to jump right to approval.
We're not even going to do an EUA.
We want boosters and babies.
This is their plan.
They're shooting for babies, boosters and babies.
You can download the document on the web.
It's dated today.
I also want you to go to clinicaltrials.gov.
Very important.
I want you to look up this trial.
This is a Pfizer trial, which is still ongoing.
We told you these trials go until 2023.
All of you that have taken a jab, Are in this trial you're in this trial and it's a moving it's a moving target my friend.
It's a moving goalpost Okay, it's clinicaltrials.gov the identifier is because I want this to be imprinted you can always go back and watch it again NCT 0 4 3 6 8 7 2 8 if you go to that trial you will see the Pfizer has squashed in fact the protocol is entitled a phase 1 2 3 and No, no, no, no.
That's not how you do drug development.
That's not how you proceed in determining if something works and if it is safe.
You can see the stages here.
One stage builds on another.
You have to take the information from the preceding stage or phase and roll it into the next one.
You can't do them all at once.
But that's the sham.
That's the illegal part of this.
And if you look at the Comirnaty Package Insert, this is how we know it's approved.
Everybody's arguing.
Pay attention to the signal, not the noise.
If you look at the package insert, once something gets approved, you can find their package insert, that little thing you throw out when you buy your Advil.
Okay, well for a prescription drug, it's very, very important.
Everything in there helps maintain safety.
It tells doctors and nurse practitioners how to reconstitute it, how to give it, what to watch for, who should not get it.
Now, one of the groups that should never get it, Are people that weren't studied.
And if you look at the clinicaltrials.gov with the trial I just showed you, you'll come to a section called exclusion criteria.
It's a very common term in a human trial protocol.
It means none of those people can be in the study.
And guess what?
If none of those people are in the study, none of those people should get the drug.
But in the Pfizer Comirnaty package insert, instead of putting those groups into the contraindication section, which means do not give to those people, which people like with, you know, kidney failure, with liver, you know, there's no drug-drug interaction information.
How do we know if somebody's on eight other drugs that it's safe to give them this?
We don't.
If you look, I implore you to go to the website, download the package insert, Take a look at all the things that are missing.
Pregnant women, insufficient data to establish safety and efficacy.
Then why are we pushing it in those populations?
This is, this is a very dangerous operation.
And I, the public needs to know.
And you need to, you can look at it yourself.
There are boosters coming in this protocol on clinicaltrials.gov.
Up to three times the dose now, a hundred micrograms.
Guys, this is getting really dangerous.
The time to stop is now.
Stay with me, I'll be back shortly.
Thank you guys so much for being with me today.
This is Dr. Jane Ruby in for Alex for the last hour.
Just wanted to wrap up for a moment on this Pfizer trial that's listed.
You can find the protocol online as well, a phase 1, 2, 3 placebo-controlled.
Listen, when they say in their own package insert, That around February of this year, they broke the blind, which means they converted their randomized placebo-controlled trial into an open label, which means everybody knows what they're getting, observational study.
That is not adequate data for an FDA approval.
And furthermore, this report that just came out today from the Pfizer-FDA meeting, they're trying to get boosters in babies.
They basically did not bother to test the boosters at all, because you're going to be the test going forward.
They conducted a single phase one trial that covered 12 people over age 65.
The total N, meaning the total research population, was 300 people so far, and they're going to send this thing out.
And no one, no one over 55.
That's the trial design.
Of the 300 people who received the booster so far, and by the way, there are three formulations of boosters and God knows what's in there, one had a heart attack.
There's just insufficient data.
But the FDA made Pfizer go back and review its data from the pivotal trial from last year.
I mean, that isn't even relevant, right?
They said an additional analysis appears to indicate that incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participant with increasing time post-dose two.
But let's charge on and let's make sure we get this into everybody's arm.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
So you can check it out.
Gave you the study number, the NCT number on clinicaltrials.gov.
You can see the three doses.
You can see the 100 micrograms.
It's just going to be crazy.
Look, I wanted to just say before I bring in my guest, I wanted to say one word on repurposing of skills.
There's a lot of effort going on right now around the country.
For, you know, nurses, carpenters, electricians, all kinds of hard-working Americans repurposing their skills, coming together.
When you walk out of that corporation or that hospital, you know, corporate hospital system, you don't lose your skills, okay?
So pool them together.
Start where you are locally.
Build in your neighborhoods, your communities, and create new forms of medical, you know, mutual medical care, supportive care, and you'll survive until we get past this.
So I wanted to mention that.
We don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to mention to you that, as I said in the beginning of the show, of the hour rather, I was contacted by an amazing, talented artist, a singer-songwriter from Nashville, award-winning guy, just an amazing human being, who said to me, would you like to write a song?
To, you know, kind of get into, you know, like a more vibrational communication with people to let them know to, you know, to sort of celebrate this hashtag that I created called Just Wait.
I would tell people, just wait!
What do you have to lose?
Slow down and please with these boosters.
Because I'm going to tell you something.
There's evidence now that this is a priming mission.
They're going to prime you and prime you and prime you.
And that's where you're going to start seeing death and disability ramp up even faster.
So back to the positive stuff.
We worked together, we wrote a song, and it's called, of course, Just Wait.
I want to bring in Sean Galloway from, well, he's not in Nashville right now, but he's from Nashville.
Hey, Sean.
Hey, Dane.
How are you?
Good to be here.
I'm in Chicago.
Awesome, awesome.
Thank you so much for jumping on.
You know, I just thought it'd be kind of fun for everybody to hear the song on the Alex Jones Show, and also to kind of hear our story together.
Let's take a quick listen to the song.
We're going to get to, we're going to just cut the song off before it comes to my explanation, because you and I are going to take over that part.
So let's roll the song.
Just Wait.
This is just way.
Listen, sons.
No need to rush into that smoking gun.
Step on back.
Let this play through.
Until we know what they're injecting in you.
Just wait.
Take your time.
Just wait.
You'll be fine.
Nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
If it turns up toxic, you'll avoid the pain, so we say...
Just wait.
It's not a vaccine.
Keep this in mind.
This medical device alters your design.
Once you get it, you can't go back.
Take this to heart before you react.
Just wait.
Take your time.
Just wait.
You'll be fine.
With nothing to lose and everything to gain If it turns out toxic, you'll avoid the pain So we say Just wait With the love of God Think this through It could harm our children.
Do you want that on you?
Just wait, take your time Just wait, you'll be fine
With nothing to lose and everything to gain If it turns out toxic, you'll avoid the pain
So we say Just wait, take your time
Just wait, you'll be fine Just wait
♪ Just wait ♪ ♪ Take your time ♪
♪ Just wait ♪ ♪ You'll be fine ♪
♪ Just wait ♪ ♪ Respect your design ♪
♪ Just wait ♪ ♪ Thank you, please ♪
♪ Just wait ♪ - Awesome, awesome.
Sean, I'm just so proud of this work that we've done, and I wanna thank you so much
for everything you put into this and working together with you is a total dream.
It's an honor!
Yeah, listen, I want, it's really taking off, I understand, right?
Well, we've had, I think now total, we've had 150,000 views on the many different places that it's been.
Specifically on your channel, your fans are just eating it up, you know.
We've had over, I think it's now over like 97,000, 8,000, something like that.
That's great.
You know, it's an inspired message, and when I heard it come out of your hashtag, come out of your mouth, I said, I've got to write that with you.
We've got to get this.
Because this is what I'm good at, you know?
And it's like, this is the power of music, you know?
And we can do this joyfully and get a message across and give some people some, you know, some just clear wisdom, you know what I mean?
We don't know what is in this thing.
There's all kinds of, and it's politicized to the max, and it's like, you know what?
Let's pull back and let's, you know what I personally want to see, Jane, is I want to know what's in it.
I want to see the lettering in the box that these things come in and say, this is exactly what's in it.
You know, and it's like, I'm just tired of it.
Yeah, go ahead.
Go ahead.
I'm tired of it.
I'm just going to say, you know, I just wanted to stay with kind of the concept that, you know, we don't have enough culture, arts, you know, messaging on the right.
And I think that was one of your motivations as well.
And the other thing is I want to get in before, because we don't have much time left.
The time always goes by so fast.
But I wanted to also get in that you have actually, before Just Wait, you created another song to tell people to protect children and it's called Hands Off.
So just like 15 seconds on that before we wrap up.
Yeah, I did a little tour with the frontline doctors.
I opened up for them and they asked me, can you write something for the kids?
Because they're going after the kids.
And I said, absolutely.
We wrote it from Cincinnati down to Nashville, recorded it in three days, had the video done in another day, and it was up and it's a great one-two punch.
Just, you know, hands off, just wait.
Yeah, and what I love about Just Wait is that it just, everybody runs away.
You run away, the children run away, and that's the idea.
Just take a step back and, you know, and just run away from it.
So, Sean, I want to thank you for being with us today.
We're going to sign off soon, but I wanted to say thank you for jumping on and helping share this beautiful song and for everything you've done.
And thank you, and you know, cheers to you Jane and Dr. Ruby for all you're doing.
It's amazing.
Thank you.
Thanks for standing up.
Thanks, Sean.
All right, cheers.
You bet.
Thanks, Sean.
Have a great day.
So everybody, you just have 20 seconds left with you.
God, it goes by so fast.
Alex, thanks for having me today.
It was great, and thank you for the honor of introducing me today.
So guys, love working with the team.
This is Dr. Jane Ruby, just out there trying to save a few babies, and anybody else will listen.
I'll have my own show on Stu Peters soon, so watch out.
They are nothing but distractions.
You know, I can assure you, we have so much to do to protect the health and the welfare of the American people that I would just hope we just put those conspiracy stuff and let somebody write a book about it later on, but not now.
The problem is you got some people out there who are fanning these conspiracy claims from the planet Pluto.
And it's just disgusting what they're trying to say of all these crazy deep state malarkey.
Well, later on, when the records were made public, it was not a conspiracy theory from the planet of Pluto, actually.
There were inflated deaths.
They were even taking gunshot wounds and categorizing them as COVID deaths.
You're saying there is a massive pressure to artificially inflate the number of COVID-19 cases?
Yeah, I have directly been told to, if a patient has fever and cough or anything similar, to put this COVID-like diagnosis on the chart.
One of the big things the corporate media does to deceive the public is say, oh, there's all these crazies that don't believe a virus even exists, and they're saying nobody's dying.
That's not what we're saying.
COVID-19 is the greatest fraud ever pushed on mankind.
It is not about a virus.
I believe this is a psychological war upon society.
What are the history books going to say about you?
Do you stand up for common sense and critical thinking?
I think the answer is clear what I'm going to be doing.
What are you going to be doing?
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