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Name: 20210916_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 16, 2021
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses various topics including General Milley's actions, potential political motives behind them, and their implications. He also highlights recent arrests of Chinese spies, the ongoing debate about military involvement in civil society, senseless violence, and the need for increased understanding of white rage. The InfoWars host talks about how globalists have turned people into zombies through techniques like strobe lights, leftist ruling class being programmed by artificial friends and bots, and desensitization to violence through video games and movies. Jones encourages listeners to be prepared for emergencies with solar generators and heirloom beans as an inflation hedge while staying informed about globalist agendas. The speaker discusses self-sufficiency in fighting against the Great Reset, urging listeners to purchase storable food at a lower price, vitamins essential for immune system health from InfoWarStore.com, and products like Winter Sun which contain vitamin D3 with vitamin K. They criticize mainstream media for not informing people how to protect themselves against what's happening in the world. The speaker raises concerns about increased cancer rates since the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines and accuses China of attempting to kill Americans in order to take over their country. They encourage people to stay informed, be cautious, and stand up against these threats to freedom. The speaker also promotes products like Immune 10X from StrongerDefense.com, BioPros' bioremediation product Bioseptic Pro, and discounts available on various health-related products at InfoWarestore.com that help keep the show on air. In this episode, Alex Jones discusses suppression of freedom by globalist Deep State entities, potential solutions for those who want to push back against their oppressive control, evidence of FBI involvement in instigating violence during the Capitol riot, and concerns about vaccine side effects and censorship on social media platforms. He promotes independent media sources and highlights cases where individuals have been censored or banned for expressing concerns about the vaccine. Tucker Carlson discusses Nicki Minaj's experience with bullying on Twitter after expressing her desire to research COVID vaccines before getting one, advocating for individual decision making and research. He criticizes public health officials and the media for their response to Minaj's comments, which focused on her alleged anti-vaccine stance rather than her advocacy for personal choice. David Icke and Alex Jones discuss how the PCR test was exposed as fraudulent 19 months ago, the use of drugs like Remdesivir and Midazolam to kill people in nursing homes, and the vaccine as a form of bioweapon that attacks the body's messaging system. They urge people not to be in denial about the severity of the situation and continue fighting against globalism. The speaker accuses Chris Whitty of making predictable decisions favoring vaccines for children aged 12-15 years, arguing that this is part of a larger agenda involving everyone on the planet being infused with synthetic material. They provide information about vitamins D3 and B12 as essential for maintaining health and promote various products available at InfoWarsStore.com to support the platform and enhance personal health. David Icke discusses power structures with Alex Jones on his show. He predicts global pushback against the globalists in 2016 and further resistance in 2020-2021. The subconscious mind is manipulated through media, including ads for Pfizer vaccine, which influence people's decisions despite their initial reluctance. Some big corporate heads and politicians are exempt from taking the vaccine while pushing others to get vaccinated. The speaker praises Renegades who critically think and resist manipulation. People can see inversion for themselves and no longer fall for cult-like control. To break the spell, one must understand that it is a psychological conspiracy as the few can only control the many if the many have a perception leading to behavior advancing the agenda. The speaker criticizes corporations like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft for running slave camps in Africa and China while undermining basic liberties in America. They discuss potential consequences of not resisting the current agenda, including a world under total control, loss of basic freedoms, and health problems caused by experimental injections."

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We have to reach a point now, if not now when, when people start to grow a pair and grow a backbone, those that haven't already.
Lots of people are pushing back on this, but there's vast, vast numbers that are not.
And realise that this is not a game.
It's not a phase.
It's not something that's going to go away eventually.
This is the cult running for home.
And we've got to now stand up to this and say here and no further and start rolling it back.
And the first thing we can do is to stop our kids being infused with this material designed to do anything but protect their health by these psychopaths.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Do not take an oath.
To an individual.
We take an oath to the Constitution.
Washington Post team Woodward and Costa's allegations regarding General Milley revealed the violation of several uniform codes of military law.
A court-martial would appear to be imminent.
In retrospect, treason and betrayal were hovering around every corner of the Trump administration.
General Milley, Trump's Joint Chief of Staff's contact with his Chinese counterpart, assuring him of a warning of attack and organizing a mutiny in lieu of a nuclear war, actually gave China a window of opportunity if they had acted on it.
Our national security was in extreme danger.
General Mark Milley had shown his sycophantic toe-licking of the left and exposed just how political the career top brass of the military are expected to be as they ignore the U.S.
And violent extremism remains a generational, transregional struggle requiring sustained political, fiscal, and military solutions.
I am outraged.
by the senseless and brutal killing of George Floyd.
What we are seeing is the long shadow of our original sin in Jamestown 401 years ago.
Liberated by the Civil War, but not equal in the eyes of the law until 100 years later in 1965.
We are still struggling with racism, and we have much work to do.
And I want to understand white rage, and I'm white.
As many of you saw the result of the photograph of me at Lafayette Square last week, that sparked a national debate about the role of the military in civil society.
I should not have been there.
My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.
China is not an enemy.
China is a rising power.
The Chinese seem to feel, why build it if you can just steal it?
These are the faces of five Chinese government spies, indicted today by the Justice Department, accused of spying on American companies, costing them millions of dollars and causing thousands of Americans to lose their jobs.
Officer Batimajang Wang, a member of that community affairs unit at the NYPD, is accused of spying for the Chinese government, of trying, the FBI says he worked alongside two officials at the Chinese consulate in New York.
He's also accused of offering those Chinese officials access to senior NYPD personnel.
Investigators at the Lexington home of 60-year-old Dr. Charles Lieber today, moments after his arrest at his Harvard office.
The complaint alleges that Dr. Lieber signed a contract with the Chinese University in Wuhan
and was paid up to $50,000 per month plus up to $158,000 in living expenses.
The chair of Harvard's chemistry department, he also allegedly received more than one and a half
million dollars to set up a research lab in China, all while working at Harvard and receiving multiple
research grants from the U.S. Department of Defense and National Institutes of Health.
House Republicans requesting an FBI briefing on California Congressman Eric Swalwell's past ties
to an alleged Chinese spy. Eric Swalwell's collusion with a Chinese spy had already set
the table for a compromise threat to national security.
Well I don't have any concern about Mr. Swalwell.
And the generational family corruption of Nancy Pelosi's behind-the-scenes insurrection of the United States were basically ignored by the media and the government.
Pelosi saying, I spoke to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike.
The situation of this unhinged president could not be more dangerous,
and we must do everything that we can to protect the American people from his
unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy.
Bob Woodward's book, filled with anonymous sources, will do nothing
to imperil globalist tool Mark Milley, other than rub our faces in the overt
coup infiltrating the powers of the executive office of the President of the
United States and the will of the American people.
That Woodward Burke peril is not about Milley.
It's about Trump and his enablers.
Specifically, confirming that Trump was as bad as reported and suspected.
The former president was fomenting an insurrection and there was broad concern from a range of members of his national security team about his behavior and fitness for office.
We have been occupied.
The true insurrection has succeeded.
John Bowne reporting.
As you alluded to in the previous question, China's not an enemy.
I think that's important for people to clearly understand.
China is a rising power.
China has been a rising power since Deng Xiaoping in 1979.
And they've been clicking off at 10% growth for almost 30 years and they dropped down about 7% last year or two.
And they'll probably drop again and come into the range of normalcy in 3-5% growth.
But that's still significant economic growth.
And there's been a really large historic change from a North Atlantic based global economy to now it's proceeding to be a North Pacific based global economy.
So with respect to China, what normally happens historically, it's not in all cases but in most cases, Where you have economic growth of that magnitude typically follows military power.
And that's what we're seeing.
We're seeing a significant increase in Chinese military capabilities over the last 10 to 20 years.
And they are going to develop themselves, and are developing themselves, into a great power.
That is not to say, however, that they are an enemy.
So that is a classic Harvard Council on Foreign Relations China file spiel that you just got from the traitor General Milley before he was elevated by Trump.
And that's one of Trump's biggest failings is he wouldn't check the pedigree of these generals.
Just whoever the Pentagon told him to put in, he would just fall down and worship them.
And I'm not bashing Trump to bash Trump.
That's really where he didn't Have any really deep understanding.
It was quite naive.
Of course, people talk about, oh, Trump's going to announce he's running for president the next year and he'll save us.
The globalists aren't going to give us two and a half, three years to save the country.
They just stole the election from Larry Elder.
Of course, the majority of Californians voted to recall him.
But they put out their fake polls, they announced there's no way he'd lose, and almost every Republican that was on the Republican voting rolls that went to try to vote was told, oh sorry, somebody already voted for you.
And they had countless videos and admissions and all the proof of that.
So I'm not being a negative person here with everybody.
I'm simply being honest about where we are and what we're dealing with.
So again, thank you so much for joining us here today on the Alex Jones Transmission.
We have got one hell of a transmission for you, and the information we've got is just completely over the top.
The psychological warfare going on, and the gaslighting, and the brainwashing, and the willingness of people who have been raised since birth in front of television sets, and the flicker rate designed to put people into a dreamlike state is incredible.
So when we get mad, At the leftist and the liberals and the mainline conservatives and mainline churchgoers that are buying into the whole system, we have to understand that they are in a trance.
And once they're in that trance, it's a near daydreaming, near sleep trance.
They're hypnotized, literally.
This is in the mainline literature.
The United States particularly chose a frequency in the 60s.
They changed the frequency.
This is in mainline history books.
You can look it up.
To the flicker rate of the United States is the exact flicker rate to put people into a deeply suggestible state.
There are several others that do it as well, but they came to the conclusion, this flicker rate, because your conscious eye can't see it, but your brain, your optic nerve does, that strobe light puts people into a trance.
And it's the same thing with the film projectors, and different countries do different things, but Europe had another flicker rate, and Russia had another flicker rate, but all for highly suggestible control.
This morning I went to the grocery store because I'm trying to just, you know, eat healthier here at the office instead of working food out all the time.
And I was looking at people in the grocery store and all of the blue haired, I don't mean old people, you know, blue and pink and green haired liberals.
They weren't just obese, they didn't just walk like jellyfish, they weren't just staring down at the floor.
They looked like they were dying.
And they were all white, by the way.
And they are the leftist ruling class that live according to bots, that live basically programmed by bots, by artificial friends, that aren't real people, that are basically avatars online.
And I went out in the parking lot and I was putting a little bag of groceries in the trunk.
And I was looking at these people and I got a tear in my eye because that's what the globalists have done to us.
They took our laziness, they took our proclivity towards sin, and they just greased the skids to turn these people into monsters.
And if you try to talk to them, they go from being a total trans looking down at the ground to Basically like a body snatcher hissing at you or saying F you.
And you just see the deep pain in their eyes.
Now that's the process before they become programmed to what ancients would call demonic.
Where they're so base level, so lower brain, that whether you think it's metaphysical or just a function of the brain, they are like zombie-like creatures.
The undead.
And that's the allegory that the Pentagon, the Army and the Marines have been training for a decade to kill zombies.
And the CDC talks about it and all the...
MSM talks about it and they say we're preparing to mow down zombies in mass zombie wave attacks.
And how are zombies dressed?
Torn shirts, bloody, black eyes, cuts, torn pants.
There's even children that are zombies and you mow them down and your subconscious brain is seeing your fellow humans As worthless, as zombies, as garbage, including children that have just got to be killed and killed and killed and killed.
And you're simulating that you're desperately under attack and you're fighting for your life.
And if you don't kill all of these zombies, then you're going to die.
And that's the corporate program, whether it's the new cartoons you see on Netflix, or whether it's movies, is like a dream world now.
They're introducing the zombie movies, like you're on DMT, or you're on LSD, and nothing's real, and nothing makes sense.
All of this is behavioral psychologists putting everyone deeper into a trance, and a nightmare trance, where you see thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of violent events every year that aren't real on television, That are dehumanizing until your subconscious mind just thinks about it as like looking at a sunset and actually associates it with your cup of coffee, your cup of tea, your beer, your vodka, the pizza you're eating in front of the big screen television.
And then to you, it's just something that you basically accept.
So it goes on and on and on.
And this is a program that they are carrying out against us.
And I'm not attacking people who put out zombie movies.
Just like when I say video games habituate you to be a cold stone killer, people always respond with the pre-programmed, oh, you want to ban my video games?
I'm like, no, the Pentagon in Vietnam had about half their soldiers refusing to shoot enemy soldiers up close so they could see them.
They would hesitate not wanting to kill a human.
And so they would try to train him to have a killer instinct, and they learned with the Doom video game was the first game developed, but it was done in a projection system inside a building.
And then later, by the late 70s, early 80s, the Pentagon had classified versions that were shoot them up going through a building, but it was still projected.
And, you know, now you know the official doom that's been on, I guess, since the early 1990s.
That was made so that they would get 100% kill rates, and they got the Marines and Army up, the men they put on the simulators, to about a 99% instinct to kill somebody up close.
That's why they found people from the South or rural areas were better at war, just because they'd already shot so many animals and done so much and habituated their mind, the fun of the hunt, that it became like a game for the people that had grown up with guns and hunting, where they would have killed people no problem, because they already had done it in a simulation of killing animals.
But you took people out of high-rise buildings out of New York City or wherever, and up close, I mean, it didn't matter if Viet Cong jumped over their position with a bayonet about to stab you, they'd just go, ugh, and let you kill them.
Same thing with the Northern soldiers, you know, three to one against the South were getting their ass kicked.
That's why they created the NRA after the Civil War was to get Northerners to learn how to shoot.
It wasn't that Northerners were wimps in a fistfight or something.
No, it was that they'd never been around guns or never been around actual killing with them.
Alright, so that's what's going on with the whole zombification.
They're turning us into zombies before they kill us.
And they've done that with the left, and it's very, very sad.
We'll come back with all the big news.
Very dangerous, very exciting times to be alive, but great opportunity to push back against tyranny.
It's jumped the shark, it's made its move, and if humanity stands up, the globalists will fail.
If we fail, they will depopulate us with soft-kill, incremental, Operation Lockstep assaults.
Now we've got unbelievable, the biggest yet, it just keeps getting bigger by the week.
Developments of a whole global government, COVID, World ID, poison rollout, that's next segment.
Moderna says, oh, if you've taken our shot, you're twice as likely to get COVID.
Their answer, more shots.
That's coming up.
But let's get back to Millie.
Millie confirmed, just like I told everybody a couple days ago, people are like, this isn't real.
Even Trump said, this can't be real.
He said, I don't believe it's real on Newsmax.
That's what he said two nights ago when it first broke.
He said, I don't believe Milley called up and said, if we're going to attack, we'll tell you first.
And Trump tried to overthrow the government, but we stopped him and we've got the nukes and we're your friends and I've got a five-year rapport with you and you can trust me.
And the Chinese general thought that he was being set up.
He almost launched nuclear weapons because nobody acts like this except these evil globalist sycophants.
That again, are just so blinded by their own narcissism and corruption, they have no idea what they're doing.
Well, Milley came out yesterday, like I told you, and said, no, it's real.
It's a transcript.
Bob Woodward was given the transcript by the NSA because they leak whatever they want.
The globalists wanted this out.
They wanted you to know that Pelosi and Schumer took control of the nuclear weapons weeks before Trump left office.
They want you to know there was a bureaucratic coup.
They want to set the precedent for that.
To set the precedent for all other forms of authoritarianism, you're in a globalist coup.
That's the headline the name of the day show.
Is that America awakens to the fact that we live under a globalist coup.
And if we start getting senators and governors and house members to talk like that and realize that, because the globalists are all saying it, then it's game over.
Or are they really paid off too?
Or are they just acting like they're the opposition?
Is Josh Hawley and Rand Paul and all of them just opposition, loyal opposition?
Because Trump actually went after China.
Say what you want, and I'm going to explain that here in just a moment.
And I'm not saying Rand Paul's bad, I'm not saying Josh Hawley's bad, I'm not saying anything.
No, they're good.
They know all this, though.
They're just as smart as I am or smarter.
And they know you don't want to go there or you'll get targeted.
Well, we're already getting targeted.
They already broke your ribs, Senator Paul.
They already tried to kill you and shot Scalise at the baseball game.
And CNN said, well, the guy wasn't a monster, he was fighting tyranny.
So what happens if somebody shoots Wolf Blitzer?
And I'm not saying do that.
I'll turn him into a little martyr.
I'm just saying you're drawing the blood.
You're launching the attacks.
So what did Milley really say?
He said the CFR spiel that was launched really in the last administration of Reagan And you heard Milley say since 1979 is really when China fully opened up.
The CIA put Mao in in 49, but after Mao dominated in the next 30 years, his own people and slaughtered him and killed him and killed 100 million of them, then he stepped down and in came the globalist agent after the killing feels after the culling was done.
That was the big debate back in 49 and 1950 and 51-52 when this happened when our own military and generals spoke up and MacArthur spoke up about what was done and the betrayal of China.
This was all on TV and in the newspapers back then that elements of our government put Mao Zedong into power.
That's mainline history.
John Birch decided how about that in the 1980s in magazines I read, and then I saw the former CIA section chief for Southeast Asia and China on Discovery Channel, it was History Channel, and he was admitting that they put Mao into power, which we already knew, and betrayed Chiang Kai-shek, because they thought he'd be a better stabilizing force.
On the same show, it was, they were interviewing Kermit Roosevelt as well, who overthrew Iran and Mosaddegh and Operation Ajax and put the Mullahs in, in 79.
But they said, we thought it would be more of a stabilizing group, the communists.
And then betrayed Chiang Kai-shek, who went to Hong Kong and Taiwan.
So all that's going on.
And here's Milley saying, well, they've risen 10% growth rates in the last 40 years.
But it was one-sided trade deals where China wouldn't let our goods in, but then the government created laws and regulations where you couldn't operate here with all the laws and all the insurance and all the regulations, but then it all had to go to China, and now Trump tried to end our surrender to the trade war we've been under via the globalists orchestrating it with China, and well, you saw what happened.
They stole the election from him, and the rest is history.
So listen to him very, very carefully.
Listen to Milley, what he's really saying.
He's just laying out that they're the new power.
They're the superpower.
They'll be the power in the world.
America won't be, but it doesn't mean they're our enemy.
They sold us out to it.
Of course, China will be double-crossed by the globalists at the end as well.
Here it is.
As you alluded to in the previous question, China's not an enemy.
And I think that's important for people to clearly understand.
China is a rising power.
China has been a rising power since Deng Xiaoping in 1979.
And they've been clicking off at 10% growth for almost 30 years, and they dropped down to about 7% last year or two.
And they'll probably drop again and come into the range of normalcy and 3% to 5% growth.
But that's still significant economic growth.
And there's been a really large historic change from a North Atlantic based global economy to now it's proceeding to be a North Pacific based global economy.
So with respect to China, what normally happens historically, it's not in all cases but in most cases, where you have economic growth of that magnitude typically
follows military power.
And that's what we're seeing. We're seeing a significant increase in Chinese military
capabilities over the last 10 to 20 years. And they are going to develop themselves
and are developing themselves into a great power. That is not to say, however, that they are an enemy.
No, they just ship in fentanyl and kill millions of people and undercut us and threaten to attack
us and say they're going to nuke us and say we're weak on their national television and
officially talk trash about us.
But you're on their payroll, you traitor.
You're not even a traitor.
You were never an American.
You're a sack of garbage.
And that's why they had to do the lockdowns all over the world, China's on under them, to make sure they end up being the global power.
A million others are holding us and our children underwater while injecting us with deadly poison shots that destroy our immune systems and kill us and spread new mutants.
And none of the rest of the world actually takes it, because Milley, you know, is brief.
They're running a bio-attack on us through the Carney endowment that runs the CIA.
It doesn't matter if you work for the CIA or the FBI, they're going to shoot you up too, and you're going to get sick and die.
Except now folks are waking up, so they're saying, oh, the Congress is exempt, the FBI is going to be exempt, the postal workers are exempt.
See, it's all just us that have got to take it.
They're supposed to be the new managerial class.
But here's Joe Biden on national television just a few years ago saying, China owns America.
They own us.
He's a Chinese agent.
Here it is.
I do know a lot about foreign policy, as much as anybody in this room, including if you're Henry Kissinger, who I love.
Folks, we have mortgaged our foreign policy.
Everyone's out there going, oh my God, how in God's name?
You know, the Chinese came here and the President didn't get anything.
Guess what?
They own us.
That's on C-SPAN.
They own us, and they own your body, and they own Hollywood, and you're going to get cancer and die.
20-fold increase in cancers at cancer diagnosis institutes around the country since the shots started in February.
I mean, we're being killed right now.
We just love it because we're the Americans and we can't lose.
But you heard the traitor.
They own us, and now they want to kill us to make room for them to take over.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this live September 16th Thursday transmission.
Now I noticed that the crew found that clip of Joe Biden a few years ago saying China owns America.
They found another clip we'll get to next hour with David Icke and the transcript where he says they'll own us in the next 15 years from just a few months ago.
So it's not just Biden in a clip, looks like from about five, six years ago when he was vice president.
I remember him saying that.
We're trying to find the date.
To him now saying it again.
Yeah, there it is, Daily Mail.
Joe Biden says, China wants to own America by 2035 after previously insisting they're not in competition for us amid growing tension over COVID.
Lab leak claim.
Wow, print me that, please.
And see, here's what's crazy.
I came on air Monday towards the end of the show, and I went on Owen's War Room at three o'clock, because we had more info then.
And people in the crew smart, they asked me, hey, how do you know this is true?
Bob Woodward, you know, lies sometimes.
And Trump came out and said, I don't even believe this.
I said, no, it's true.
And right then one of the crew members goes, yeah!
Look at this, Pelosi said it January 8th, CNN.
So that's the simpatico around here, how we're synced up.
And I'm like, that's right.
Look up all the times they said, we've got the nukes, Milley protected the nukes, they'll take Trump out if need be.
I found like 15 articles, they were all over the damn TV in January.
Remember, on January 6th, saying the worst things is Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-11, worst attack ever, oh my God, a terror attack, Trump's going to use the military for a coup, but the military says they won't be part of it, and they had the troops do an allegiance to Biden before he even got in?
They were still in the election?
That's how a coup happens, but of course it was real.
They said it, he bragged about it.
Now they just gave us the actual transcript, and Milley came out yesterday, And said, it's on Infowars.com, General Milley confirmed secret phone call to China, defends treasonous act as part of his duties.
And the Secretary of State came out and defended it.
And the Secretary of Defense came out and said, oh, it's completely normal to call people and say, I've taken the nukes away.
And Trump tried to overthrow the government?
Trump is the president.
He was the president.
He still is the president.
Love him or hate him.
President Trump doesn't get to use taxpayer money to pay for his rallies.
He has to get campaign money, and they were out of money then, and so I and others organized.
I wasn't bragging when I told the story.
You remember back before the January 6th rally, back in December, I said, listen, none of the Republicans will give him money.
Republican establishment wants him out.
They're all saying he lost, even though he didn't.
No one will step up.
Everyone is scared because the Deep State will come after you.
So I'm putting the first 80-something thousand dollars down.
And when people heard that, Republican donors called me and said, who do we give it to?
And I said, here, I'll get you in touch with the White House campaign staff.
You give them the money.
Don't give it to me.
And then they had headlines.
Arrest Jones.
He admitted he attacked the Capitol.
He admitted he financed it.
No, I financed the other big rallies in D.C.
That Trump didn't come to, he drove by him saying it was a fraud.
Remember the one in November and the one in December?
And it wasn't because I'm Daddy Warbucks and got a bunch of money around here.
I saw the fraud.
I had to go.
I had to make myself a target because it was my duty.
And we had a million people at that rally.
And then Trump said, peacefully go and march around the Capitol.
We did too.
And there were no police there to speak of.
And there were provocateurs that attacked him from Antifa, and then manipulated a couple hundred of conservatives, most of them led by operatives we now know.
Tucker Carlson's got the documents, so have we, that tripled the number that we saw in Michigan, where it was 10 FBI agents setting up that militia to try to kidnap the governor, and that same group went and got at least 30.
FBI agents and confidential informants to lead the groups and tell them we're with Q. Trump's ordered us to take the building.
Delta Force is inside.
And it just so happened that a bunch of Army veterans, people I was with, showed up and tried to stop it.
So no, the military was outside, not inside, and tried to stop it.
But that's the Q thing. None of it's real, it's fake.
You're in a fantasy, you're talking to the President, you're under his command.
No, you were under the Deep State's command. You were under Milley's command.
We now know that Milley and Honore were running the entire operation.
That's come out, even in Time Magazine, that the military knew and they were coordinating and the Democrats bragged in that Time article about how they stood down that day and didn't come out to confront us because they knew that we'd get out of hand.
No, we never get out of hand.
You did and set us up.
And now it's coming out.
Half of Americans agree January 6th suspects are political prisoners.
And now a federal judge has said Capitol riot charges might be unconstitutional.
They've got 600 people in jail.
Close to 600.
And most of them didn't lay a hand or break anything.
In solitary confinement until they break and say that they're never going to be political again.
Never going to watch Alex Jones or Mike Lindell again.
This is actually in the news.
Never going to question an election again.
And then the police, the feds, come to their houses and check.
And so they came to a guy's house.
He was in the garage working on a car.
Had Mike Lindell's conference on.
They said, you're not supposed to be watching anything about the election.
And the guy said, well, I am.
I'm an American.
And they took him to jail and he's in solitary confinement.
And they have articles in The Hill and CNN like, how great!
We should start arresting everybody that questions the election!
This is beyond the Soviet Union now.
They would arrest you and send you to a gulag for less, but it wasn't so overt.
They claimed it wasn't going on.
So ladies and gentlemen, I mean, this is just over-the-top craziness.
And when a group run by a bunch of congressional staffers and others is going to have a protest this weekend on Saturday, a peaceful protest, simply calling for fair treatment of prisoners, where's Amnesty International?
Where are the liberals?
They're nowhere.
They're like, keep them in jail forever.
And they're everywhere with petitions saying, arrest Alex Jones.
And he's a ringleader because this is the mental illness.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Long segment coming up.
I want to talk about solutions when we return.
And we've got some damn good ones and we can win this if we push.
This tyranny is really out of control and it counts on our weakness to succeed.
And there's a lot of weak people, a lot of jellyfish, a lot of people in a trance.
Look, the globalists know they don't really count.
They do what they're told.
But if even 10% of us halfway don't comply, this thing goes down.
So, if you're ever going to march, or rally, or protest, or file lawsuits, or spread the word, or pray for an awakening, or do whatever it is to not comply, or quit your job as a nurse, or whatever it is, to show the system you're not going along with this, do it now.
Now, they want to go ahead and just have a violent revolution, which they'll then use to collapse the country.
And Klaus Schwab admits, and the UN admits they want that, they're pushing that.
But, They'll get the second thing they want when we pull ourselves out of the system.
They don't want people to drive school buses, to be school teachers.
So many teachers are sick from the shots.
That's the main reason why others are quitting over the shots, not taking them.
And so now they're saying, oh, the hospitals are full because of COVID.
No, they're mainly full because everybody's left and is quitting.
Up to half in France and Germany and here, Australia, up to half the people have quit.
And they're going and setting up their own companies, their own businesses now.
And the regulators say they're going to target them.
Oh, really?
You're going to target millions of people?
You can't get that many.
If we don't comply now up front, their system fails.
But yes, it'll make the economy for a while fall apart.
They were already going to do that with new lockdowns.
So they want the economy to fall apart?
Don't shop with the big stores.
Don't support the system.
Don't support Chinese-owned Hollywood, communist-owned Hollywood.
Support independent media.
Spread the word like your life depends on it, because it does.
Go to the city council.
Go to the school board.
Go to the state house.
Go bullhorn.
Go bullhorn out CVS about how deadly the shots are.
Go bullhorn outside schools.
Get your skin in the game or it's all over.
And it's a majority of one.
One person does it, more see it.
It'll be a chain reaction.
It's already happened.
But let me explain something.
Things only get worse until we say no.
All you've got to do is stand up.
You're going to figure it out soon.
You don't want to wait till stuff's really bad.
They got a plan to collapse things and kill billions by 2030.
That's official.
That's why Biden says the world ends in 2030.
For us, it does.
We're going to be dead according to their plan.
It's their plan, not mine.
I didn't say it.
They did.
They're coming to kill you within eight and a half years.
They're coming.
They're murdering you now and normalizing it.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as we pierce the night.
Yes, it's broad daylight as we broadcast live, but somewhere in the world it's night, but I'm talking about the night, the darkness that the globalists try to bring down upon us so we can't see what's happening in front of us.
They can only succeed if we're in the dark, and Infowars and all of you out there that spread the word about the transmission and that share the articles and the videos, you are bringing the light, you are bringing the truth, and you are the resistance.
We salute you and thank you.
I want to remind you how damn important you are.
And to have you realize that you've got to quadruple your efforts and then do it again and again, because this is the struggle.
This is the authoritarian takeover.
This was foretold of 2000 plus years.
And this is the time to wake people up.
This is the time to reach out to others.
This is the time to get people to take action.
And Christians 200 years ago had a big problem.
People would read Revelation about the Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast taking over and killing a bunch of people, and then the greatest revival ever, and that's the time for us to tell the truth.
And then the rapture comes after Christ's return.
Well, that was scaring Christians.
And so they came out with a pre-tribulation rapture.
You can believe that all you want.
But there wasn't a rapture for Christians in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.
There wasn't a rapture for them in China.
The ones in death camps right now.
There wasn't one for Jesus.
There wasn't one for his disciples.
God is going to test you.
So the churches have lied to you.
And don't get mad at me.
You go ahead and take your chip, take your world government, take your shots.
The churches tell you to do it.
The Pope says it's a sacrament.
To take the genome of dead babies into your body, and jellyfish, and everything else.
Okay, you go ahead and watch Revelation unfold, and then go ahead and submit to the evil.
Because your church is not a church, it's a den of devils.
Christ said in the end days, let no man deceive you, because they're gonna control the church.
So that's what's going on.
This is the big test, ladies and gentlemen.
And you're gonna see Christians bow down to the Antichrist.
You're gonna see them sacrifice their children in order to be...
Because I'm getting raptured.
Well, there's the man of sin, the world government.
He'll be nuking countries.
He'll be killing billions.
And they'll say, he is Jesus.
He is Jesus.
Because they're not of God.
They are deceived.
They have taken on the Great Deception.
And I'm sad for them.
But no.
Nobody raptured those billions of babies aborted.
You will face the test.
You will be put to the grindstone.
You go ahead and believe your fantasy land all you want.
It's just like the people that take all the shots and go, I want more.
It protects me when it doesn't.
Moderna has come out and admitted you're twice as likely to get COVID if you took their vaccine, which is three times stronger than Pfizer and even more deadly than evidence shows.
And their answer to all of that, their answer is you need to take more shots now.
Where's the logic there?
Oh, it lowers your immune system, makes you get sicker.
Israel now reports that you're 2 to 1 more likely.
It's not just per capita that more got the injection, so most in the hospital that are sick have had the injection.
It's that you're twice as likely to have COVID and be seriously ill or die if you've had the shot.
That's on national Israeli television.
We talked about it and showed you the article yesterday, but it's in Hebrew.
And look at these headlines.
Look at the solutions.
Fox News.
Moderna analysis.
Those vaccinated last year twice more likely to get COVID than those jabbed recently.
What does that even mean?
The View.
Co-host clash.
People who received Moderna's vaccine early are twice as likely to get breakthrough infection.
Point is, it doesn't work.
FDA scientists strike skeptical tone on need for COVID-19 boosters at this time.
Likely fueling debates, but Fauci's the boss.
He says it goes forward and for children.
Pfizer and Moderna say COVID vaccine production wanes over time and lowers your immune system to every other virus.
Oh yeah!
Health Ministry Chief says coronavirus spreading... Health Ministry and Israel's Chief says coronavirus spread reaching record highs even though they're record vaccinated.
Record illnesses, record deaths.
Countries right next door that didn't take it, they're just fine.
Same headline, state sounds alarm over COVID-19 outbreaks among school kids.
To stop COVID, there's only one way.
Let's all get vaccinated.
And it's all lies.
There's another fake article put up by the Health and Human Services on Twitter.
And force fed or vice feeds, COVID vaccines are highly effective against the Delta variant and everyone 12 and up is eligible.
So let's see those alarms load up those backpacks and get off to a great start.
So let's set those alarms, load up those backpacks, and get off to a great start.
Part of school is getting the shot.
Look at this.
Oh, it's highly effective.
Yeah, 39% effective.
And it lowers your immune system and everything else.
Oh, that's highly effective.
Oh, you get on this airplane, it's highly safe.
You live 39% of the time.
Oh, this car is very safe.
Every time you drive it, it doesn't blow up 39% of the time.
Older than it was for Jacob Kleinick.
13 years old, took the second shot.
Died within three days of taking it.
He had an enlarged heart, just like Ernest Ramirez, Jr.
That we personally know as father.
But it's okay, stop Kelder's only way, on one way, get vaccinated.
Says Team Pfizer, the same guy.
I guess works for Pfizer, or claims he does, or implies he does, and says I need to be arrested.
There you go, what a good person.
Vaccinated woman's family, who died of COVID, blames unvaccinated for the obituary, even though they were vaccinated.
Wow, not a lot of common sense with her.
But let me give you the good news.
We're going to talk about this next hour with David Icke.
Standing up.
Taking action.
Waking people up.
Standing up to the bullies.
Nicki Minaj comes out three days ago.
Talks about a friend of hers, someone she knows, who got the shot and their testicles swell up and they were impotent after.
And that's in some of the bad reactions.
Uteruses swell up, get bloody, they've got to have hysterectomies.
That's all over the news.
They admit it.
That's a side effect.
It's just uncontrolled bleeding for weeks.
They just do hysterectomy because your whole body just eats itself.
The endometrium.
You get endometriosis and other things.
This is real science.
And they just go, oh, they attack her and then they blocked her on Twitter.
They said she's not allowed to criticize the shots or tell people what's happening.
Just like Ernest Ramirez was on Facebook and he got Suspended?
Because he talked about his dead son.
You're not allowed to talk about your dead son.
Okay, they had an autopsy.
Oh, the other kid had an autopsy.
Okay, they had a swollen heart.
Big deal.
He's dead.
Get used to it, Mr. Ramirez.
You can't go out.
You can't fly on a plane.
You won't be able to get groceries soon.
If you haven't had it, you're hurting other people.
Hey, your shot doesn't work.
It makes people sick.
You say, I gotta get more all the time.
Shut up, Mr. Ramirez.
Roll over and die.
So I'm going to get into those solutions and talk about how if Nicki Minaj can go public, and if Tucker Carlson can wake up, and if you wake up, and if others wake up, and if Eric Clapton, who was here in town last night, refused to play a show at the Frank Irwin Center unless there was no forced mass policy or forced injection policy, he almost died from it.
He has enough clout to fight back.
That Boublier idiot cancelled because they wouldn't make everybody take the shot.
He said he doesn't care if they have immunity.
He wants them to take it.
It doesn't matter if it hurts them because the corporations are telling that little whore what to do.
This is a fight.
You got to decide which side you're on.
Now listen, speaking of COVID.
We have an amazing new film.
The first film InfoWars has put out in nine years.
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Two Covidlands.
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And this is going to obviously get banned everywhere.
So you want to have it.
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Hour 2 with David Icke coming up.
All right, David Icke is going to join us for two hours.
We're going to cover the waterfront, play a lot of clips with him, ask him about a lot of topical news to get his take on it.
But first, we're going to talk about Perceptions of a Renegade Mind.
It's an amazing book.
I'm going to order a bunch of these from him and sell them at Infowars store.
But right now, you get them at DavidIcke.com.
I want to talk about solutions, too, with David and what Nicki Minaj and others are doing, realizing their freedom is everything.
This is a deep tyranny we're already into and what David thinks is coming up next.
But look at this photo first.
We'll show you a video coming up.
We're gonna post this on Infowars.com.
Our drone is back over the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas.
Per source, the number of migrants waiting to be processed has now swelled to approximately 8,200.
It was 4,000 yesterday.
It's like a football stadium, folks.
This is just one border crossing under the bridge.
Remember when they were trying to hide it when there was like a thousand people under it every day?
Now it's 8,000.
And it's just, it's all, I mean this is just, they've collapsed the border just like they collapsed it on the Europe, all by design.
Here's Tucker Carlson last night talking about the bullying of Nicki Minaj and how she's standing up, and Nicki put it out, that's when they blocked her on Twitter.
They don't want solidarity in having us come together.
Welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight.
Who knew, who could have guessed that rapper Nicki Minaj would turn out to be one of the bravest people in the United States?
A couple of days ago, we would guess.
Most people who watch this show may not have heard of Nicki Minaj.
And then she tweeted about the COVID vaccine.
She didn't come out against the vaccines.
She merely said that as an adult and an American, she should decide whether or not to take the vaccine.
Pray about it, she said.
Don't be bullied.
Things blew up from there.
No praying about it.
You must submit to being bullied.
Those are the new rules.
Nicki Minaj wasn't aware of that, and she resisted.
And she's still resisting.
It's a long and interesting story that has implications for all of us, and Trace Gallagher has agreed tonight to frame it for us, to set it up, to tell us what's going on.
And here he is.
Hey, Trace.
Hey Tucker, the controversy stems from Nicki Minaj telling her fans she would only get the COVID vaccine once she did enough research and she recommended her fans do the same.
And here's the tweet most people focused on, quoting here, my cousin in Trinidad won't get the vaccine because his friend got it and became impotent.
His testicles became swollen.
His friend was weeks away from getting married.
Now the girl called off the wedding.
So just prey on it and make sure you're comfortable with your decision, not bullied.
Well, Tucker then talked about that tweet last night, and today, Nicki Minaj retweeted this clip.
It's Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's testicles who are swollen from taking the vax.
That's the claim.
But it's not anything to do with the physical effect of the vaccine that makes our political class mad.
It's the last part of Nicki Minaj's tweet that enrages them.
The part where she says you should prey on it, make the decision yourself, like a free human being, and quote, don't be bullied.
So our media and public health officials didn't like this because they make their livings bullying people.
So they couldn't let it stand.
Of course the haters came out of the woodwork attacking Minaj, Tucker, and this show.
Minaj was also criticized by MSNBC's Joy Reid.
Watch that.
You have 22 million followers on Twitter!
For you to use your platform to encourage our community to not protect themselves and save their lives?
My God, sister, you could do better than that!
Minaj responded to Reid saying quote this is what happens when you're so thirsty to down another black woman by the
Request of the white man that you didn't bother to read all of my tweets
Minaj went on to say she never told anyone not to get the shot just to learn more about it, and she's right
She told her fans to wear a mask and to get the shot if they had to for work.
But now she says she's in Twitter jail, writing in part, quoting again, I'm in Twitter jail, y'all.
They didn't like what I was saying over there on that block.
Asking questions is OK.
I like being effing dumb.
Then boom, can't tweet.
She also went on Instagram Live.
People will turn their back on you.
Not agreeing.
But people will isolate you if you simply speak and ask a question.
Folks, you notice how even when she grobbled at them a little bit, they came after her.
This is tyranny.
They're organizing their people into persecuting us and not letting us go to the grocery store or have a job or fly on a plane.
And that's just the beginning.
And there's never going to be an end to the shots.
This is it.
This is the global government with forced injections.
I told you it was coming.
We're already halfway through September 2021.
It's just incredible.
And now the world is waking up that InfoWars was the tip of the spear and was dead on.
That's why it's more important than ever to keep us on air.
And I thank you all for your support, your prayers, and your word of mouth that is key.
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I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Plus, these are great products.
Please take action.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we've got him for the next two hours,
and I can't wait to read this book.
I just got it.
Perceptions of a Renegade Mind, David Icke.
David Icke really doesn't need any introduction.
I put on the side today, we're going to be joined by the Oracle of England, David Icke.
But this is a much bigger fight than just what the UK is seeing, though.
It's the center, or one of the main centers, of the spider's web.
The people aren't bad, but the evil force definitely abides there in London.
Probably, you could argue, the greatest power center of evil on the planet.
But he's on an island out of the Atlantic, off of the UK.
And David Icke joins us for the next two hours.
I want to talk about the waterfront.
I've got a lot of questions.
I'll let David go wherever he wants.
I want to put the big picture, the book, China, General Milley, Moderna saying, oh, you're twice as likely to get COVID if you have our shots, so take more shots.
The confirmation that millions are dying from the injection, that it's causing the illness, that clearly they've hit Texas and Florida with some type of simulant.
Poison they've released, they're calling a virus.
That's what former heads of U.S.
intelligence agencies agree is going on.
It wasn't real last year.
Now they've launched something this year and people are not testing positive for the COVID on the fake PCR test, but they're getting the same type of symptoms.
So to decode all this from his deep research and how to push back is David Icke of DavidIcke.com.
David, great to have you here with us and congratulations on another great book.
Thanks, mate.
Well, I threw out a lot of stuff there and we don't do pre-interviews.
Where do you want to start going down the rabbit hole today?
Well, I think we've got two very clear stages of this.
The punchline is the fake vaccine, but they had to have a reason to impose the fake vaccine.
And, you know, I differ from much of the alternative media In that I think that all this stuff about a virus being released from the Wuhan lab is a massive diversion.
There is no evidence that there is a virus, if you look at the foundations of it all.
And the creation of the illusion of it allowed A number of things to happen and they happened because they don't have an infectious agent.
They do now.
It's called the fake vaccine.
But I'm talking about before that rolled out.
First of all, you need the illusion of cases.
So you have the RT-PCR test, which is well documented now, is not testing for a virus and an infectious disease.
But you say it is, with no supporting evidence whatsoever.
You have The FDA admitting that the PCR test protocols that it gave permission for use, for their use, did not come from a natural virus, but came from a synthetic mock-up, which is what this virus is.
You know, people are saying, Alex, you know, they've looked at this code and they say, well, this is definitely man-made.
It is man-made!
It's a computer program!
And therefore, that's why it looks man-made, the code.
The code, not the virus.
And then you have this ludicrous 28 days system, where if you test positive with a test not testing for the virus and die of any other cause, you've died of the virus, COVID-19.
Then, you know, you ask, OK, if you've got a real infectious agent, why do you need that subterfuge?
And it goes further.
We've done an enormous amount of research now into the creation of the COVID first wave in the United Kingdom and it was the mass murder of old people through a drug, a sedative end-of-life drug called midazolam.
Midazolam is actually used as part in some US states of the execution process and the psychopathic health secretary in Britain Who more recently has been replaced, called Matt Hancock.
He ordered years of supply of midazolam in the spring of 2020.
At the same time, they were moving thousands and thousands and thousands of old people, just as they did in places like New York and other states, out of the hospitals because they said, oh, this great wave of COVID's coming, we've got to clear the beds.
And they moved these old people into the care homes.
And the first wave, if you look at the numbers in Britain, were old people in care homes.
Because they were, not only did they order and secure this massive supply of this drug, midazolam, much of it from France, they then, and the data is there to show that very clearly, They then used it on old people in unprecedented amounts and at the same time they were issuing not only to the elderly in care homes but to people with disabilities pure Nazism.
They issued do not resuscitate orders.
So any one of these resuscitation was not going to get it.
So David, what you're really saying is this was public euthanasia going on.
Same thing here in all the Democrat states.
They would block families from coming to see old people.
They would put them on drugs and intubate them and kill them.
That's why it was only certain hospitals and old folks homes where the majority of deaths happened.
They'd be right next door to one run by good people.
Nobody would die because this was an active test at the population.
Totally sick.
And you know, you talk about euthanasia.
There was an exchange.
It was a kind of Zoom exchange because the Houses of Parliament weren't open at the time between a Member of Parliament who's a doctor and this Matt Hancock.
And the Member of Parliament, the Doctor, asked Hancock if he had enough drugs to give people a good death.
This is in the same period that all this midazolam was being ordered.
Now, a good death is a direct translation of the word euthanasia.
And that's exactly what happened.
And so enormous numbers of old people died.
They were murdered.
I mean, I've seen unrefutable evidence, documented evidence of levels of doses of midazolam that will kill a bloody elephant.
And then in America, you've had this Remdesivir scandal, this drug that's given so many people respiratory problems. In fact, just before I finish on midazolam,
one of the things about midazolam, and this is all in the literature, the official
literature, is that it causes respiratory distress, respiratory problems, particularly in
old people. So they say, you know, you should be very careful about giving midazolam to
old people because of the respiratory distress and malfunction.
Absolutely. So you got people that you put on this drug, then they can't breathe, they
die, you say it's COVID, use a fake PCR test turned up to 40 to say they had COVID when
you just euthanized somebody and murdered them, then you pay the hospital, the same
all around the world, the equivalent of $53,000 for the murder, and now you've corrupted the
health care system and you control them with your future.
So when you put all this together, the test giving you the cases that's not testing for the virus, the fake death certificates from a test not testing for the virus, this mass murder of old people and not only old people in terms of Remdesivir in America, Which causes organ malfunction, particularly the kidneys, which makes fluid increase in the... David, stay there.
You're gonna have the floor when we come back.
You're absolutely right.
Massively 56% increase in death if somebody takes Brandesivir, makes the kidneys fail, doesn't help you with what they said was COVID, and so it's the same thing.
They use these drugs, they make money while they murder you, and funny, Fauci goes to depopulation conferences with Bill Gates and admits he wants that.
So a guy that says he wants to kill you is trying to kill you.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to this Thursday, September 16th edition of the Alex Jones Show.
The iconic David Icke of DavidIcke.com is our guest until 2 o'clock today, and we'll go into the fourth hour after he leaves us with a lot of news and information and other special guest hosts ahead of the War Room, 3 p.m.
today with Owen Schroyer.
And David, I love the fact when I get you on that you always go in a different direction than what you covered previously.
That's a whole nother area of you saying 19 months ago, the PCR test is fake.
We now know 100% they withdrawn it and admitted it was a fraud.
And then there's the drugs they use and the drugs they withhold.
And as you pointed out, this drug that's beyond giving somebody morphine at hospice to kill them.
This is something that makes old folks where they can't breathe, hey, kick the families out.
So they can't see what's going on, and then murder them, and then it was globalist-controlled areas where this happened.
I noticed in the Bible Belt and very Christian areas where the nurses wouldn't do this, almost no deaths.
But in the key leftist areas, mass deaths.
Sometimes 20% of nursing homes on the East Coast of the U.S.
and I noticed in the U.K.
were being killed.
This is incredible.
So you were talking about Rendezivir that Fauci was pushing.
Yeah, I mean, Fauci was saying this has to be the protocol used in hospitals for anyone that tests positive for Covid with a test not testing for it.
I mean, you'll see if you go into a hospital and you're accepted to have regular pneumonia, in other words, you don't test positive with a test not testing for the virus, that you go on a certain protocol.
But if you test positive, you go on another protocol, which almost certainly leads you into the ventilator period.
And people are being murdered by these protocols.
And the point that I would make is that if you have, in that first period before the fake vaccine started getting rolled out, A genuine, infectious, deadly agent.
You don't need to use a test not testing for it to scam the test.
You don't need to scam the death certificates.
You don't need to kill vast numbers of people with midazolam and remdesivir and call it the first wave.
And you don't need to give hospitals massive financial incentives to take a set of symptoms and say it's COVID-19.
But what changed was that that scam And now they don't need the fake PCR tests and other things.
started now we're having genuine health problems genuine life-threatening
situation. And now they don't need the fake PCR tests and other things so so let me
tell you what's happening here and I want your view on this I look the
statistics gunshot wounds cancer heart attacks the flu people with three or
four comorbidities It was a made-up lie.
And I've talked to a lot of people that are high up U.S.
They agree that in Italy, in China, and in the East Coast, they sprayed some type of simulant poison out that makes people where they can't breathe.
Because you'd have a whole group of people in a restaurant get it, but then nobody else in their family.
That was then.
Now, I've had scientists on, medical doctors, they agree, it's sloughing something, but they admit, and it's in the mainline science, what you said 18, 19 months ago, that it's a digital code, completely synthetic, toxic spike protein, a synthetic HIV spike protein, that they're spraying or they're putting out somehow, but then people that have taken the vaccine, they admit it generates it, this isn't debated, and then it infects others.
So it almost killed my dad.
Hurt my mother.
Almost killed some of the crew.
I mean, tough people that ride, you know, 20 miles on a bike every day.
And it, I mean, it almost killed them.
So that all just happened the last three months.
It's been hell.
And it only hit Texas and Florida.
And now they're hitting Missouri.
And so it's only hitting very localized areas.
And I talked to the former head of a major U.S.
intelligence agency months ago, and I talked to medical doctors that talked to him as well.
And they said, David, what you're saying is that they think it's being synthetically sprayed somehow at target populations.
Go ahead.
I'm ranting.
Well, it's all been synthetic from the start.
It's all been a computer program mock-up.
I mean, you've got Christian Drosten, this deeply corrupt psychopath out of Germany, who laughingly calls himself a virologist, who was the one that came up right on cue in January 2020 with the protocol for the PCR test for so-called SARS-CoV-2.
It was not peer-reviewed in 24 hours or not much more.
It was being recommended by the World Health Organization right across the world that this is the protocol that should be used.
And they have admitted, just like the FDA in America, that the version of the quote virus that they used for that protocol was a synthetic mock-up.
It was not a natural virus.
No one's come up with a natural virus.
And so what we have now is this whole spike protein story.
When you mock up the fake virus, you introduce the idea that it contains a spike protein.
And these are these spikes sticking up from the little ball that you see on the COVID images, all of which are computer generated, by the way.
And you introduce that because you want the spike protein in the fake vaccine to do all the damage to the body.
And so you say, actually, because there's a spike protein in the virus, and that's causing this, that and the other, we have put this mRNA synthetic material together to get the body to produce
this spike protein to basically trigger the immune system to resist the spike protein. It's
a scam. There is not a spike protein in a virus. The spike protein is in the vaccine
justified by the claim that it's in the virus. And by the way, David, you'll have the floor next
segment, but you said that almost a year and six, seven months ago and you've been dead on.
But obviously, you know, explain to listeners, it's now admitted that the so-called vaccine creates the spike protein that's poisonous and causes cancer and does all this and you slough it and you shed it.
So in plain view, they are giving people this and then they're infecting others.
And then people that take the vaccine on average get twice as ill as everybody else.
And they turn around and then blame us, the uninjected, for making them sick.
Yeah, but of course the opposite is the case.
This is the situation I would suggest.
They have injected this synthetic genetic material and it's messenger RNA.
It impacts upon the messaging of the body.
And the body is healthy or not healthy depending on the nature of the messaging communications around the body from the brain to the the cells and the cells to the brain etc etc.
So if you have a computer and the messaging system in it is working then your computer is fine and healthy and does what you want it to do.
Once that messaging, say with what they call a computer virus, that messaging is disturbed, then the function of the computer is disturbed and you start bashing the keys and bashing the mouse and nothing's happening because the computer's been taken over by something else.
Now, once you start messing with the messaging communication system of the body, that means that however that manifests itself is going to create a dis-ease, a disharmony, what we call an illness or an health condition.
And therefore, these fake vaccines have the potential And we're seeing it in the VAERS and Yellow Card reporting systems, which are a fraction of the real story, that enormous range of different health problems are manifesting as a result of people who've had dysphagia.
Stay there.
You're absolutely right.
You predicted it has come true.
Stay with us.
All right, well, David Ickes here with us on the Alex Jones Show.
I know later this is cut up and put into podcasts and shared across the internet and people say, why are you going to break?
Why are you interrupting him?
Well, we're still on 200 plus radio stations and a bunch of TV stations.
That's why when they tried to kick us off the internet, we're still big.
And then you, the listeners, come get the clips and share them and help us get out to folks.
And that's why we're still on air, is thanks to the radio and TV stations, so be sure and support those if you're listening to them and spread the word.
Okay, Debbie, you got caught off by the break.
So recap the process of give people a bunch of drugs, use fake PCR tests, kill people, which they admittedly did, hype up everybody else that died in skydiving accidents, boating accidents, cancer, you name it, they admittedly did that.
Lock up old people in nursing homes.
Don't let their families see them.
Put them on ventilators.
Kill them.
Nine out of ten people that were put on them died.
Move forward with that, test your control of the medical system, implement your mass censorship, then roll out your so-called vaccine that erases the immune system.
What you said again on this show 19 months ago is now admitted.
I could play all the clips of even the head of the British government's own main bioweapon lab saying, oh, you're gonna have to need more Pfizer and Moderna shots for life because they get rid of your immune system.
They turn off your killer T cells.
So absolutely, that's what's going on.
And now they've got the graphs The more vaccinated a country is, the more sick and dying they are, whether you're looking at Europe or whether you're looking at Israel or whether you're looking at Singapore.
I mean, this is just an exercise in madness.
So please continue.
And what I was going to say is because of the, again, this material self-replicating, so its impact gathers on the body with the passage of time.
It means that a lot of people are going to be dying, a lot of people are going to be very ill, and they need to cover that as much as they can to hide the fact that the vaccine's causing it, the fake vaccine's causing it.
So what they're saying at the moment, for instance, is, where they admit it, Is a high percentage of people who are quote fully vaccinated, which is a movable feast as they come in with the next one, the next one, the next one, you'll have to have them to be fully vaccinated.
They are saying that they're going into hospital and into infection with COVID, so-called breakthrough infections as they call them, but actually what they're calling COVID again is the effect of the fake vaccine.
That's why they're in hospital, that's why they're getting ill, because of that.
With neurological problems, heart problems, and many, many, many other problems, because of the messaging system, as I say, being totally distorted and disrupted, it can manifest as endless different health situations.
They've got to hide that.
So they're going to hide it by saying it's COVID.
They're going to hide it by saying we've got more virulent variants that are more deadly and And they're going to say maybe that, you know, the flu's come back or whatever.
They're going to have to hide this.
And we need to hold in our minds this thought.
It's the fake vaccines that are causing this.
And because the whole agenda is nothing to do with health, but to do with, A, mass depopulation, and for those who survive, genetic transformation to a different kind of human, some more synthetic human.
They have to get to every man, woman and child on the planet because that's their agenda, to do that.
And so what we're seeing now, and my God, if this doesn't wake people up, what will?
They're now going for the kids.
We've had a situation this very week.
Lots of things have happened in regard to this in Britain this week.
And they, for the first time, The British government got from its Vaccine Advisory Committee the wrong advice from its point of view.
Because this advisory committee has gone with the agenda all the way through.
This time it said, well we can't really justify giving these vaccines, fake vaccines as I would call them, to healthy 12 to 15 year olds.
So now a, you know, panic time.
So what the British government has done ...has said, well, okay, uh, right, well what we're going to do, we've taken your advice all the way through this Covid era, because you've been giving it the advice we wanted, now you're not, what we're going to do is we're going to give the decision to a utter psychopath, a deeply dark and sinister man.
called Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer of England, to not look at the health situation, whether we should give them to 12 and 15 year olds, but whether there are other non-health reasons to do it.
And he came up with the most predictable decision in human history this week and said, oh yeah, well, to help with their education and stop their education being disrupted, they should have it.
And now I'm seeing Pfizer talking about having a vaccine looking for approval this winter for babies.
And what you're seeing is this whole script, this whole plan to infuse With this deadly and genetically transforming synthetic material.
Every man, woman and child on the planet.
And we have to reach a point now, if not now, when?
When people start to grow a pair and grow a backbone.
Those that haven't already.
Lots of people are pushing back on this, but there's vast, vast numbers that are not.
And realize that this is not a game.
It's not a phase.
It's not something that's going to go away eventually.
This is the cult running for home.
And we've got to now stand up to this and say here and no further and start rolling it back.
And the first thing we can do is to stop our kids.
Being infused with this material, designed to do anything but protect their health, by these psychopaths!
If we're not going to stand up and protect the kids, then what's the point?
What self-respect is left?
What dignity is left if you're not going to stand up and protect your kids from these psychopaths?
And David, I totally agree with you to infinity.
As a father, and you're a father as well, I feel an urge to stop them.
I know they want violence because that ends debate.
The truth is getting action out.
But I mean, civil disobedience, whatever you got to do to get on TV, radio, whatever you got to do, folks, this is war.
They admit I've got the top, I've played the clips, even from the UK TV and Canada and the US, where they have the chief scientist of these companies saying, this erases your immune system and turns off your white blood cells.
And if you've taken three Pfizer shots, they've already done tests, it lowers it to one-sixth of what it was, and they say they don't know if it ever turns back on.
They're gonna erase children's immune system?
And then the shot doesn't even protect them and actually makes them a factory?
This is Joseph Mengele level.
And they are salivating over the children.
That is their endgame.
Why is that, David Icke?
It absolutely is, Joseph Mengele.
And, you know, again, here's another point.
They're now saying that, you know, the younger and younger people now into teenagers, going into 12 to 15 year olds in Britain now, and then to babies.
They're saying, oh, this COVID, it's starting to affect young people.
Well, why didn't it affect them before?
Well, it didn't affect them before because there was nothing to affect them.
The people that died in the whole pre-fake vaccine era of Covid were extremely old people.
In England, you have an average age expectancy of 80 for men and 83 for women.
The average age of Covid, quote Covid deaths on the death certificate, is 82-83.
And when you are old, very old, you have enormous other reasons to die, what they call comorbidities.
So the potential for redesignation of diagnosis to COVID-19 is limitless.
Therefore, oh, it's all the old people that are dying of Covid, not touching the young people.
Why is it not touching the young people in that pre-fake vaccine era?
Because young people don't tend to die of anything.
So the re-designation potential to COVID-19 is fractional compared with old people.
But once they start introducing the fake vaccines, they're now infusing ill health and damaged bodies And by the way, David, you're not just saying that now.
We've got to have our archivists go back to you 19 months ago and get all that and put those out because that's really what's having the big effect.
That's what's waking up sheeple is seeing you and I and others predicted early.
And I got to say, you were even ahead of me on this.
Just amazing discernment that David Icke has, DavidIcke.com.
Well, I don't mean to keep interrupting David, just to point out when he says, Something that he said it 20 years ago or two years ago.
I mean, he really did.
I remember David on my show.
I've been interviewing for at least 18 years.
I've been lucky enough to have him on probably 20.
He's been on probably 22 years.
I forget.
It took me a few years to get him on.
I've been on air 27 years now.
And I remember him always saying, they want to make us synthetic.
They want to take over our bodies.
They want to take over our genes.
That's their plans.
That's what they're doing.
And now everything he said is coming out of the mouth of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Ted Turner, but they're saying it's positive.
So it's everything David says, but that it's good.
You'll own nothing.
You'll have nothing.
We'll take over your bodies.
We're going to get rid of people.
You're going to love it.
We'll give you a good death.
It'll feel good.
And it's just wild.
So let's continue with now we're up to where we are now.
You've given the backstory.
And I want to go where they're going to take us unless we say no.
And now is the time to stand up because now they're not just coming for our children.
They're targeting them.
France is injecting people even under 12 without parole consent.
Canada has announced the same thing.
So has Germany.
Australia is just doing it.
I see the local newscast.
Well, it's for your own good.
Yeah, we gave all the five-year-olds the shot.
So, and the kids, some are dying and they just cover it up.
So it's really all a big exercise in bullying people and covering up that they're killing us ahead of even stronger bioweapons and chemical weapons that they want to release in the future.
This is all the preparatory phase for forced depopulation.
I think people are going to start waking up to that.
I already see a global awakening happening.
So please continue, David.
Well, you know, some of us have been pointing out for a long time that the control of the world is centralised, that there are networks of the global network in each country, and their job is to impose the will of the centre of the network, the spider as I call it, on their particular country.
And, you know, as I've travelled around the world constantly before the Covid era, I've been seeing the same things being introduced in different countries, different cultures, basically in the same period, and some of the legislation even being worded the same.
It's because it's centrally controlled, and the Covid era has made that so blatantly obvious.
If you just take the example you brought up, and I mentioned a few minutes ago, and that's, or I've mentioned many times before, and that's the parental consent.
What has also happened in this week in Britain is it was announced that as well as introducing these fake vaccines to healthy 12 to 15 year olds, that age group will also be allowed to make the decision about whether to have the fake vaccine or not if it's at odds with the parental opinion.
So they're saying, well, if the child wants the fake vaccine and the parent doesn't want them to have it, well, what we'll do is we'll get them together and we'll try to have a bit of mediation.
This is supposed to be the family!
This is the state, and they also want to lower the age of sexual consent.
They want to lower it for abortion.
California's already done it.
So what they're doing is having the state come in and get in the middle of your family, which is really the main target, they've said.
And now they want to have contact tracers, just like Australia, to come into your houses, to take people away, to quote, protect them and shield them before they get COVID.
And the CDC is developing that plan for the US.
That's really their endgame.
Yeah, so what you got in this one instance alone, is the blatantly obvious proof.
Well, I mean, the global lockdown response is another.
But with this going beyond parental consent, it's centrally dictated globally.
And so I know someone quite locally here, and they were asked, are you going to let your 12 year old son have this vaccine?
And they replied, I'll leave it up to him.
I mean, this is apparent.
And the reason is, coming back to this, they, because of their agenda, their endgame, their next stage of all this, they have to get this material, this synthetic genetic material, Into everybody.
So all the checks and balances are being taken off to allow that to happen.
So you go back to the lack of trials, the lack of the trials still going on.
Oh, forget all that.
We need to get this into people quick.
Oh, well, the parents might stop their children having it.
All right.
Well, we'll stop parental consent then.
All these things have been taken off to create this This mass infusion of this material.
And the globalists are pulling back to private islands and mountaintops and admitting they're trying to make us angry.
What are they pushing for?
Where do they want to take us?
Well, they want to divide and rule us.
Because this is a simple case of mathematics.
If you go to the core of the core of the core of this global cult, you get them into a single room.
And the vast majority of people that are imposing this fascism on the world have no idea it's being coordinated.
They're just doing what they're told without question.
I mean, look at the doctors and the nurses all over the world that are carrying out Mengele-type operations.
And believing somehow that it's justified.
It's mass murder, ladies and gentlemen.
You are psychopaths when you take part in this.
And so you can look at the way, and this is the answer really, you can look at the way that this few, ultimately one room, ...can impose its will on the entirety of the population.
David, you said this on my show 20-plus years ago, but now they were denying Bilderberg Group existed, then Klaus Schwab ran it, now he runs the Nabos Group.
Let's explain to people, now it's out in the open.
This is all UN, corporate-directed, they decide, Fauci speaks, doesn't matter what the FDA scientists say, doesn't matter what your scientists in the UK say, they've all said don't do this.
They just go forward and Fauci's like the boss.
Yeah, the point is, there is an agenda.
And there's an agenda.
I have this phrase, know the outcome and you'll see the journey.
If you don't know what the outcome is planned to be, which is why it's so important to get the outcome plan out there, then everything seems to be random, seems to be reactory.
Oh, well, they're reacting to a rise in cases.
Yeah, well, they're test not testing for the virus.
Oh, that's what they're doing.
Oh, now they're reacting to this and they're reacting to that.
No, no, no, no, no.
They're not reacting to anything at the core.
At the Fauci level and the Gates level and the Schwab level, they're following a script.
And it's very simple.
The script happens and anything that pushes back or gets in the way of the script is either targeted or ignored.
So when this committee in Britain, this Vaccine Advisory Committee, said, well, no, no, we can't support Uh, this fake vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds, that was a problem for the, for the script, for the agenda.
So it was ignored.
And this is why people like Fauci say things and ignore logic, scientific obviousness.
Because they're following an agenda.
Know the outcome and you'll see the journey.
And here's a great example, David.
We have the Surgeon General who works for George Soros on record.
He brought him over here, put him in college, runs him, they brag.
And you have Fauci saying learned immunity is not good.
And everybody got on their case about it.
So he goes, OK, I'm not going to comment about natural immunity.
So they said natural immunity is no good when we know it's the real thing.
I mean, they're just out in the open assaulting reality.
Anthony Fauci is a mass-murdering psychopath.
Let's not beat about, you know, any bushes.
That's what he is.
On the Remdesivir front alone, never mind all the other death and destruction his policies have created.
And I say his policies, he's a gopher.
He is just a gopher for the script, just as Gates is a gopher for the script.
It's coming out of the real, real shadows.
That's where it's being generated from.
And so if people think that somehow this is going to right itself without any response and intervention, well, I'm afraid, you know, they are dreaming.
This is an agenda that's unfolding and is meant to get far more extreme than it is now.
And we need to stop it now through non-cooperation.
And I was going to mention the sequence, this very simple sequence that allows these few people To dictate to billions the best part of eight billion now.
And that is this sequence of imposition and acquiescence.
You've got the tiny few at the top of the pyramid, the hierarchical pyramid of human society.
David, this is the key.
Stay there.
We've got a whole other hour coming up.
We'll get into solutions.
You'll have the floor.
Keep annihilating the enemy.
This is so powerful.
His new book available at davidike.com, Perceptions of a Renegade Mind.
Find all his books there.
And find our films, like the new one, COVID Land, part one in the miniseries.
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Now at InfoWarsTore.com.
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And Perceptions of a Renegade Mind at DavidIke.com.
We'll be right back.
Who would have ever thought we'd be inside a world government trying to force deadly shots on us that lower our immunity, give us cancer, and then infect others?
Well, David Ike did.
He's been talking about forced inoculations and world government.
For 30 years, I've been talking about it 27, because it was in their own documents.
And some stations don't carry this segment, but David still wanted to be here, and that's great, we appreciate it.
So he'll get into Real Solutions next segment, but he wanted to play a clip, because he knows we have it, of a Nicki Minaj, and just an example of the dominoes falling if humanity just wakes up and says, I have a right to my speech and to my body.
Here it is.
Good evening, and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Who knew, who could have guessed that rapper Nicki Minaj would turn out to be one of the bravest people in the United States?
A couple of days ago, we would guess.
Most people who watch this show may not have heard of Nicki Minaj.
And then she tweeted about the COVID vaccine.
She didn't come out against the vaccines.
She merely said that as an adult and an American, she should decide whether or not to take the vaccine.
Pray about it, she said.
Don't be bullied.
Things blew up from there.
No praying about it.
You must submit to being bullied.
Those are the new rules.
Nicki Minaj wasn't aware of that, and she resisted.
And she's still resisting.
It's a long and interesting story that has implications for all of us, and Trace Gallagher has agreed tonight to frame it for us, to set it up, to tell us what's going on.
And here he is.
Hey, Trace.
All right, so Tiger Carlson woke up and he said this show helped wake him up.
Nicki Minaj is waking up.
So isn't this really the light at the end of the tunnel?
People finally waking up and becoming human again.
This really scared the power structure, David.
Yeah, I mean, you know, they don't censor with the hysteria that they do for a laugh and a bit of fun.
And they don't even do it to posture their own illusory power.
Illusory power, which is that which we give to them.
They do it because they've got no choice.
Their narrative is ludicrous.
What they're asking us to believe and what they're asking us to do, telling us to do, is ludicrous.
It's nothing to do with health, it's everything to do with control, and that's becoming more obvious to more and more people all the time.
And therefore, they have to protect their ludicrous narrative in the only way they can, by preventing its exposure to the greatest audience that they can.
But it can't be stopped if people are willing not to bow to their illusory power and not to bow to their intimidation.
You know, you get these celebrities, oh God, save us from celebrities, who are pushing the agenda, virtue signaling, because they know their careers are over if they don't.
They're the people that came out against Nicki Minaj.
They, uh, if they say anything even mildly critical, back comes the backlash, all organized, and they're all there, sackcloth and ashes, all, I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean it.
And what's great about Nicki Minaj is she set up yours, darling.
This is my right to have this view, and if you don't like it, well, you can do the other thing.
And by the way, I'm going to call you out, like this moron Joy Reid at MSNBC.
How she remembers to breathe every few seconds has been a constant mystery to me all the time I've seen her in action.
But she's called her out, and she won't bow to it.
And that's fantastic, and that's a power.
That you can have if you refuse to be intimidated and you refuse to be silenced.
Just refuse to do it.
Have some dignity.
Have some self-respect.
That's right.
A moron like Joy Reid is not going to shut me up, Nicki Minaj said, and she won't be.
And that's a real example of where the power is if you're prepared to stand in it yourself.
David, you're always on fire, but you are in fuego, in fuego today.
We're going to come back in 60 seconds.
I've got that joy reclip if you ask for it.
We can play it.
But I want you to just, I'm going to try to just turn my mic off and let you get into the position they put us, how they control us, and how the dominoes can fall so quickly if we just wake up.
And the fact they're doing all of this, not out of strength, but out of weakness, because they've been doing this a long time.
They're really showing us how alien they are.
I'll tell you what's life and death.
If you don't have freedom of speech, if you don't have the right to be able to communicate, then you don't have a future.
and our connection to the universe.
David Icke is our guest, DavidIcke.com.
His new book is out, "Perceptions of a Renegade Mind."
Get it at DavidIcke.com.
I'll tell you what's life and death.
If you don't have freedom of speech, if you don't have the right to be able to communicate,
then you don't have a future.
Always when governments take away speech, they then enslave the population,
and then they finally start exterminating the population.
And America and the entire world is going down the tubes because the UN Global's directed Great Reset.
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Take action and I thank you.
David, we're getting into Nicki Minaj, the dominoes falling, the mass awakening, how they want to bully us, why they're so hysterical, how this anti-human system is actually weak and is in a desperate situation right now.
As we entered the last hour, you were beginning to get into this artificial relationship they create and how to be conscious of that and get out of it.
Please give us the key solution.
Well, you know, you can look for a solution or you can remove the cause of the problem.
And if you remove the cause of the problem, the problem must disappear, because its cause is gone.
And look through the entirety of known human history anyway, and you see the same recurring sequence.
The few controlling the many, by the many acquiescing to the few.
And if you look at, as I was getting into earlier, if you look at this Symbolic, or it's not even symbolic, it's very accurate, pyramidal hierarchy of human society.
You've got the tiny few at the top, the inner core of this cult, which have this agenda for the constant centralization of power and the constant centralization of everything And the more you centralize power, the more power the few have over the many at each point of centralization.
That's why things like globalization are all being generated by this cult.
So they impose their will, their agenda, on the level of the pyramid below them.
And that level acquiesces to that imposition and imposes it on the level below them.
And so it goes on.
And it's very soon After you leave the peak of the pyramid that you are meeting levels of the hierarchy that have no idea there is a cult, they have no idea there is a peak of the pyramid.
All they're doing is taking impositions from the levels above them and acquiescing to them and imposing them on the level below them.
And then you come all the way down this pyramid in imposition-acquiescence, imposition-acquiescence, and you meet the mass of the population at the bottom of the pyramid.
And if we, at that point, and this is the key, this is the answer, staring us in the bloody face, if we as a population then acquiesce to the impositions of the level of the pyramid, ultimately being dictated to by the single room at the top, And we acquiesce to the impositions of government and authority and law enforcement, CDC, FDA, Fauci, all these people.
If we acquiesce to them, we create or complete a circuit.
A circuit between the tiny few at the top of the pyramid and the mass of the population.
And that circuit of imposition-acquiescence, imposition-acquiescence means that those few people in that room have imposed their will on the entirety of the global population.
And my goodness have we seen that in the Covid era so blatantly and so obviously.
So the answer is we break the circuit.
We break the circuit by not acquiescing with authority simply because it's authority.
What is it telling us to do?
What is it asking us to do?
Does it make sense?
Then I'm not doing it.
Is it designed to impose control on my life and my family's life?
No, I'm not doing it then.
And it's this reflex action response to authority of obeying that is the cause of the few controlling the many and it starts very early.
You get people, young kids, you put them into school at the earliest possible age and from that moment on they are faced with an authority.
An authority which, if you obey, well, life is kind of okay.
I mean, you've not got a mind of your own, but, you know, they leave you alone.
But if you don't obey, well, there's a problem.
There's a problem with your disruptive influence in the classroom, you're asking questions, you won't accept what you're being told.
And very early on, right at the start of the school life, That you've got an authority figure who's telling you when you can, when you have to be there, when you can leave, when you can eat, when you can talk, when you can go to the toilet, and there are sanctions if you don't obey.
And so the whole process has started to get you into a state of reflex, action, acquiescence to authority, which they want you to take through your life.
And David, let me just back you up briefly, because I talked about this before you came on today.
This is on record for new listeners and viewers.
This is my opinion.
They found in Vietnam that the Marines and Army would not kill somebody up close.
About half the troops wouldn't shoot somebody.
They could see the whites of their eyes.
They could make out their face.
They saw it as another human they wouldn't kill.
And the Vietnamese were trained to.
They would.
So they invented shooter games where things would pop up of different images of paper.
Then they came out with Doom.
It was first a Pentagon game, you know, after Vietnam, but it was first like with projectors inside buildings, but then it became a video game to reflexively shoot so you wouldn't think, and they got about 99% Well, yeah.
I mean, the target is the human subconscious.
The subconscious is responsible.
yards kind of miss people because they just didn't want to kill another human.
So it's a great example of the reflex system they're trying to program into us on everything.
Well yeah, I mean the target is the human subconscious.
The subconscious is responsible, it's alleged in studies, to be responsible for 95% of human
behavior and response.
And if you can get to the subconscious, you can get people into reflex action mode.
So authority says something, and I do it.
It's a reflex action.
It's not a conscious mind intervention that says, I'm being asked to do this.
Does it make sense?
And if it doesn't, I'm not doing it.
It's dog training.
They're literally turning us into dogs.
Well, it's exactly that, yeah.
And the thing is that if they can get into your subconscious mind and they can put in subconscious perceptions into your subconscious mind, as they filter through to your conscious mind, you think that you're having your thoughts and you're making your own decisions and you're having your own opinions.
I mean, how many of us, Alex, around the world I have heard people who bought the Covid hoax narrative, who say, I'll tell you, I'll tell you what I think is going on.
This is my opinion.
And what comes out of their mouth is the official narrative, virtually word for word.
They're still running ads saying the Pfizer shot is safe and effective and will stop Covid.
That is a damn lie.
Even in their narrative, it's 39 percent effective.
Of course, and it's a fraud on top of that.
But I mean, my Lord.
Yeah, and there's a lot of stuff going on to get into the subconscious mind, a lot of subliminal stuff going on.
I did a video last week, because I've come across quite a few people now who are very anti having the fake facts.
But I've had this experience of suddenly deciding they're going to get it.
I mean, those that are really aware, I've realized this is not coming from them.
It's external in some way.
And some, I know, have actually had it and then wondered why the hell they did, because they didn't want it.
And there was one example of a guy who was saying he was watching an ad on television to, you know, promote the fake vaccine.
I mean, they're endless.
And suddenly he had this feeling, kind of overwhelming, that I need to get this.
And then he kind of got his mind back and said, well, obviously, what am I doing?
What am I thinking?
So we hear voice to ear communication.
Which is talking to the conscious mind, okay?
That's one level of it.
But there's this subliminal stuff that is speaking to the subconscious mind.
David Icke, stay there again, my friend.
Go into break.
Hard satellite breaks.
Perceptions of a renegade mind.
Get the book.
Get all those books.
We'll be right back on Alex Jones.
All right, David Icke is laying out the mind control.
and how to get out of it and he was getting earlier some say she's okay that
first segment in the Nicki Minaj and how seismic that is and how they went hysterical
because for older folks that don't know, for people under 20 she's
one of the she's like the Rolling Stones were back in the seventies or
something in the late sixties the Beatles
I mean she's triple quadruple platinum All the young people listen to her.
Black, white, Hispanic, it doesn't matter.
And she is very talented.
She's also very, very worldly.
She's a beautiful woman.
But she has come out and just said, screw you.
I'm gonna do what I want.
The media spends like, oh, she says she's gonna get vaccinated.
That's not even true.
They're like trying to like act like she's now buckled under because it's a chain reaction.
Of course you should be able to say what you want.
Of course you should be able to not take this thing.
But again, then they lie and say we've always had mandatory shots.
No, we haven't.
No, they haven't.
That's all lies, ladies and gentlemen.
So, David, I continue with how seismic this is.
An example of the tipping point, because you predicted major awakening in the year 2016, 10 years before.
You said 2016, I believe there'll be a global awakening to the globalists and pushback all over the world.
It happened with Trump, Bolsonaro, some of the double agents turned out to be bad, but the Brexit, Boris Johnson, And then you said, but then they're really going to push back 2020-2021.
I mean, there's videos of this.
We need somebody to find them.
I've heard you say this probably 30 times.
I've seen your video.
You can tell us what books it's in, hell.
Because I've read some of your books and read them in there, but I don't remember which ones.
Because you've written so many and I've read so many.
And then you said by the year, what, 2025-2026, it's basically they're going to be in deep trouble.
And then what comes after that.
But it's kind of like we choose the severity of how bad it's going to be until then.
Did I nutshell paraphrase your position accurately?
Well, yeah, I mean, I think from, you know, there'll be very clear signs in 2024 and then into 2025 onwards that the power of this cult is waning, is waning.
But they're going to throw everything at us now because it's basically a cornered rat.
And to go into why, this cult has been operating from the shadows all the way, basically all the way through human history.
And what are the shadows?
The shadows are the subconscious mind, because the shadows are operating outside the perception of the conscious mind.
So they're manipulating in the peripheral vision, in the subconscious, out of the awareness of the conscious mind, and they've been pushing this agenda forward step by step.
And, you know, we've been exposing this and being called crazy because it was operating in the subconscious, in the shadows.
What's happened in the Covid era is they've had to enter the room, they've had to enter the realm of the conscious mind.
Staggeringly, still great numbers of people can't see it even then, but enormous numbers of people compared with before can see it.
And it's a very dangerous time for them because this is not some time over the rainbow, this is coming.
This is here and people can see it's here.
There's no denying it.
If you're in Australia now, it's very difficult to deny that you live in a fascist country.
So it's a dangerous time for them too.
And what people in the alternative media have been doing basically over these years, is taking what's happening in the subconscious and presenting it to the conscious mind and saying this is what is happening which you can't see.
And when, in this Covid era, that's happened more and more because people have been able to see it because of the events that have been happening.
And what this has done is made people far more streetwise.
You will have noticed, like I have and anyone in the alternative media has, who's been doing this for a very long time and knows that the number of people that can see it now are vastly, vastly in excess that they were before.
Once you take it out of the subconscious and you present it to the conscious mind, the conscious mind can see it, now it gets it.
Now it can start to see how the pieces fit, because it's not in the subconscious anymore, it's in the conscious.
And there's a... this is an absolute parallel with the process of subliminal inserts into images and videos.
If you show... I've tried this, I've done this, I've done this many times, I know this is true.
You take an image that has a subliminal insert in it and you say to someone, can you see the subliminal?
And they look at it and they go, no, can't see, no, can't see anything.
And then you point out where it is.
There it is.
Oh yeah!
I couldn't see that.
What happens then is every time, every time, 20 years hence, That person who couldn't see the subliminal sees that
picture again.
The subliminal is the first thing they see because the subliminal has been brought out of the subconscious,
which is where it is. Subliminal means below threshold, below the threshold of the conscious mind,
and it's been shown to the conscious mind. And the conscious mind can now see it so clearly.
In other words, the subliminal stops impacting on the perception of that person because they're consciously aware of it.
That's right.
And what you said is so key.
One of the most profound things ever that you've said here.
We have been taking their subconscious programming, because we had already seen the subliminal, and warning people so they now see it.
And now I don't know how they're going to stop us because you and myself and so many others Pre-warned everyone so much that now so many people know the truth, and they're remembering that we warned them, and now they're seeing the next phase come true, and the next phase come true, and the more it happens, the more people listen to us, and so we go from kind of interesting, well-spoken oddities that were popular with some, but overall just a curiosity, to now, David, I mean, you're not on a power trip, I'm not either, it's very humbling, but my lord now,
You are as hot as white hot metal and so am I. I mean, we're in the zeitgeist.
What a responsibility.
Yeah, well, it is a responsibility, but everyone's got a responsibility.
With the responsibility of seeing comes the responsibility of doing.
Not the responsibility of seeing and then saying, oh, I know what's coming next.
Oh, see, I was right.
It's actually engaging.
And that book is called Perceptions of a Renegade Mind.
And a renegade mind is different to a questioning mind and an inquiring mind.
A questioning mind can critically think and can see what is happening, but a critically thinking mind that can see, but then does nothing about it, might as well not have the knowledge in the first place.
You know, they say knowledge is power.
No, it's not.
The use of knowledge is power.
Knowledge unused is knowledge worth having.
And so, what you have with a renegade mind, as I define it, is not only that you critically think and you see it, but then you cease to cooperate with it.
You will not acquiesce to it.
This is the next stage from the inquiring seeing mind to the renegade mind, the one that can see and will not freaking have it either.
And what the great thing about bringing this stuff to the conscious mind is that people then start working it out themselves.
You know, I meet people in the street and they say, you know, I would have met not that long ago.
And then they've gone, oh, well, you know, I can't see what you're saying.
And now they're pointing it out to you.
Stay there.
That's the key.
It's like give a man fish, teach him how to fish.
Once people see it, they don't need us anymore.
They're seeing the exact same thing.
Like as soon as Tucker Carlson woke up 10 years ago, he started seeing it.
Now he sees everything I see and more.
Same thing with you.
It's like once you see, oh my gosh, now I see it.
We'll be right back.
There are leaders all over the world fighting this.
There are David Ikes in Nigeria and David Ikes in Japan and Alex Jones is in Mexico and everywhere.
And it's a beautiful time to be alive, though it's a very painful time.
But they're targeting our children, so that makes it war.
And it's on us metaphysically if we let them target the future and the innocence that we're meant to guard.
So David Ike, you were getting into You were telling that story, we had to go to break, about people coming up to you on the street, and now they're not asking you what's going on, they're telling you what's going on, and they're right.
Which shows again, we're not following some cult, we're not following something Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson or you said, people are seeing the inversion for themselves.
Yeah, it's taking the manipulation out of the shadows and putting it into the perceptions of the conscious mind.
Because once you know how it works, then you can see it.
And again, know the outcome and you'll see the journey.
Knowing where we're planned to be taken, now apparently random events, if you don't know that, become very clear stepping stones to that planned outcome.
So basically, you are taking it out of the... you're taking the mist from people's eyes.
And people can then work it out for themselves in ways they never could before.
Just like they see a subliminal every time they see a picture that they couldn't see the first time they looked at it.
The spell is broken.
So how do we help others break the spell?
That's the point.
That's the point.
I mean, I've used that phrase, the title of some chapters in my books, casting the spell and breaking the spell.
What's happened throughout human history is a spell is being cast on the human mind, particularly the subconscious mind, which becomes the behavior of the conscious mind.
And what we're in a situation of now is because it's putting itself more than ever before On public display, we have the opportunity to break the spell, because that's what it is.
You know, when you look at people who've bought the COVID narrative and people who haven't put their hands on their head and say, why can't they see it?
It's so obvious.
But that's like saying that some stooges on a hypnotist stage show Shouldn't act as they do.
They should see what the situation is.
But they're not in control of their mind, so they can't see.
It's the spell.
This is the point.
This is why they can't see it.
And this is why those that can see, can see it.
Because they've broken the spell.
And it's all, in the end, a psychological conspiracy.
Because the few can only control the many if the many have a perception that will lead to behavior that will advance the agenda.
If people don't have that perception, therefore will behave differently,
then the few can't control the many. You can't do it physically. You can do it
physically in small areas and what have you, but to control billions you
have to control their minds, their perception, which becomes their behavior.
That's the whole foundation it always has.
So it's about breaking the spell.
And, you know, we're at this pivotal point, Alex, now, where they are wanting to take us into this next phase of lockdown and shutdown and physicistic control.
If you want to see the future, look at Australia.
Because, you know, There's some fantastic people in Australia who are pushing back against tremendous odds and taking the consequences.
They are great, great, great people.
But there's not enough of them.
And what you take, you will get.
What you take, this cult will give you.
And so the more that we acquiesce and just sit there and let it happen, the more they'll give us.
And I'll give you an example.
At the start of the week, I mean, they're going to come back again in ways I'll explain, but at the start of the week, there was a total psychopath in Britain.
He's the vaccine minister.
He's just been moved to somewhere else now.
But he was the vaccine minister when he made this statement.
And he said that Vaccine passports are coming in in Britain at the end of September.
So you can't go to sporting events or a nightclub, whatever, unless you have been vaccinated and you have this vaccine passport.
Two days later, the Health Secretary said, actually, we're not going ahead with that at the end of the month.
And all the headlines were, well, the vaccine passports have been dropped.
No, they haven't.
But what they've made the decision on in Britain, where there's a lot of pushback, is we can't get away with it now.
So there's this agenda I talked about earlier, step by step, but they want to make the next step.
They absolutely want vaccine passports in Britain at the end of September, but they've made the decision we can't get away with it at this point.
So what they're planning to do It's created more fear and I want to get to that real quick but that's why I wanted to try to get you on last week and now you just reminded me because I forgot once you got here, I had so many questions on other subjects.
What do you make of the announcement?
Okay, we were going to have the vaccine passports everywhere but now we're backing off for the winter.
Oh, but we might have to have another lockdown now because that's because you won't accept the vaccine.
Is that what they're going to do?
Well, this is what's happened this week.
So he, the Health Secretary, a guy called Javid, He makes this announcement at complete odds with his vaccine minister from a couple of days before.
The vaccine passports are not going ahead at the end of September.
Then Johnson comes out, I want to stop lockdowns and we don't want this, we don't want to go back to Covid restrictions.
And then the next day he makes this announcement and Javid makes it too, that actually there is a plan B In case the cases go up, and the plan B is masks by law again, social distancing, blah blah blah, vaccine passports, that's plan B. Here are those that were dropped.
And then, oh, there's another plan which if it gets really bad, lockdown.
And it's all behavioral psychology.
It's always, don't worry, we're not going to do it, we're just going to do it.
So as soon as you go, ah, it's meant to kill opposition, they roll forward.
Yeah, exactly.
And the thing is that they know the cases are going to go up, or the alleged cases, because they know this fake vaccine is going to cause health bloody mayhem.
Particularly with these boosters they're rolling out to people now over 50, and they're very old.
Well, that's my next question.
You predicted everything with basic total precision.
It's insane.
That's just true.
What's coming next?
A few minutes till break, but I mean, what's going to come next?
Well, they are going to use the effects of the fake vaccine.
which they're going to cause called COVID and new variants and anything else they can make up,
which will both be designed to hide the real reason for ill health and people dying,
which is the fake vaccine, and then to use that to justify the plan B. And oh no, oh no,
we need to have more lockdowns, we need to have all these things, we have to have vaccine passports.
Because you didn't take the shot, it's your fault.
Yeah, that's going to be the key.
And the fact, the irony is, because what this cult does, and I've documented this forever, it's an inversion cult.
It turns everything on its head.
So, for instance, the Covid measures are about protecting health when actually they're about destroying it.
The fake vaccines are about protecting health when they're actually about destroying it.
It's a complete inversion.
And so this inversion is that the fake vaccines, those who have had them, is going to cause the health problems, but we're going to blame those who haven't had them.
That's right, stay there.
We'll be right back with David Icke.
Wow, two hours goes by really quick with David Icke of DavidIcke.com.
And so you were going to tell us what's coming next.
I mean, I know you don't want to scare people.
We're here to empower folks, but they need to know there's a fire lit under their ass.
I think people get that now that we weren't making it up 30 years ago when you were trailblazing.
And quite frankly, I'd read your books and think, well, this is all true, but this stuff I don't know about.
This sounds wild.
Maybe 70% of what was in your books was documented, but people didn't know about it.
30% was your analysis, and like, of that 30% now, 28% of it's happened.
So people better listen and better understand, we're not up here saying all this to shock people.
When you talk about subliminals, people can type in subliminals in TV.
They admit it's everywhere.
Kers commercials, everything.
Back in the 1950s, they found, they just flashed a shot of a Meryl Monroe style body of a woman
with Coca-Cola ad behind it saying, "You want Coke and popcorn."
It massively increased people getting up and going and getting Coke and popcorn
because the naked eye couldn't see it, but for just a few frames, they saw it,
the subconscious saw it.
So everything you're talking about is actually on record.
From 70% on the record to 30% opinion to now 98% is all admitted.
Now it's 2% of your opinion.
Will that come true?
I think it will, unfortunately.
I hope you're right about us stopping them in the next five years or so, because if you look at Agenda 2030, as you know, we've now completed it into 21, they want to start massive
depopulation by 2030. That's their goal.
That's why Biden and AOC and all of them say the world ends in 2030. They mean the world as we
know it. So David, tell people the real horror of what's coming if they don't take action.
Yeah, well, 2030 is a number, a date, a year that comes up and seems to bring together
all these different subjects.
If you look, for instance, at the last time they said the world has so many years to save the planet, then you'll hit 2030.
Look at Kurzweil, he wants the process of the human brain being connected to AI by 2030, for that to be underway by 2030.
Then you look at Agenda 2030, of course the UN, which is basically the Great Reset in one form.
So 2030 is a year where they want this to be really moving to a point where they believe it will be unstoppable.
And that's why we have the period between now and then to bring an end to this.
And that means that we have to put aside everything else and make this the absolute priority of our lives.
If people say, oh, my kids are more important, well, actually, your kids are more important, but they are the targets of this whole conspiracy.
So by standing up to this and refusing to acquiesce with this first, you're putting your kids first, you're putting your family first.
You're putting the future first, putting everything first.
So, you know, we've got to move in far greater numbers.
It's happening, but far greater numbers from seeing it to ceasing to cooperate with it.
You don't have to scream no, you just have to mean it.
No, I'm not doing it.
No, not doing it.
And let's realize that whatever they want to throw at us in terms of intimidation, You know, you can't do this, you can't do that if you don't do what we say.
What they want us to do is to take these fake life-ending, life-changing vaccines.
It's far, far worse and more sinister than anything else they can come up with in terms of intimidation.
Well, you won't be able to travel.
I won't travel then.
You won't be able to do this?
Well, do it then!
Do that!
Don't do that either!
I'm just not doing it!
Whatever you try to intimidate me with, I'm not having this jab because I know that's the end when I do.
It's vital now that people put this first and put not cooperating with it first, because if enough people do that, the game is ours.
David, I totally agree.
But 30 years ago, you said what they were going to do, and it came true.
Tell us what it'll look like if we don't resist, because I think that's extremely important.
Let me add one more little thing I want you to comment on.
We should say no to the injection and it's causing major health problems and causing cancer 20 times increase at the diagnostic clinics in the US alone.
I mean this is this is Armageddon level stuff.
But one of the biggest groups now joining us and waking up is people that took the shots and got sick or took the shots and are now told you got to take three, four, five shots as they're now rolling out.
So how do we reach out to those that have already been poisoned or is it too late for them is what you're saying?
Well, I mean, you know, it's hard to call whether it's too late for anybody, but it's going to be too late for some, that's for sure.
But it's already been too late for many.
I mean, you know, you look at the VAERS reporting system and the Yellow Card system in Britain, and you have to multiply that by anything between 100 and 10.
To find the real figures.
I mean, the Harvard study said that the VAERS system only counts about 1% or less of vaccine adverse reactions and deaths, etc.
And the Yellow Card system is something similar.
And they admit no more than 10% do.
So when they have, as we have in this country, well, well in excess, getting on towards Two million adverse reactions reported to the yellow card system and well, well in excess of a thousand deaths.
You've got to multiply them by at least ten and actually probably a very lot more.
So it's already showing itself and unfortunately it's too late for those people.
But the point is that the more this moves on, The more people are going to see it, because it becomes undeniable.
And what you're talking about is very interesting and very important.
I've noticed, when we do these marches in London, that more and more people who've had the fake vax, either two or one, are now coming on the marches because of this process.
You see, this is how it's worked, Alex.
You tell them a lie to get to this stage, And then they realise it's a lie.
But then you tell them another lie to get them to this stage.
And they realise it's a lie, and it goes on.
So they say, get tested, everyone get tested, and then we'll go back to normal.
But the more you test with a test not testing for it, the more fake cases, the more justification not to go back to normal.
Then they say, wear a mask and we'll go back to normal, and you don't.
Then they say, and this is the big one, Get these fake vaccines and you go back to normal.
Get two and you're fully vaxxed and then you'll be fine and everything will be okay.
And then suddenly the people have done that and they realize well actually it's not fine because I can't do things that I normally would even though I've been vaxxed.
And now they're saying look what's happening in Israel and other countries.
They're saying well actually to be fully vaxxed is not two anymore it's three.
And in Israel they're saying actually there's a fourth on the way.
And so more and more people who've gone this far down that road of just believing what they're told are saying, hold on a minute.
What do you mean?
I've got to have a third to get me vaccine passport or a fourth.
So more and more people are going to be moving over.
And, you know, everyone is welcome.
You know, it doesn't matter what's gone before, everyone is welcome because we're in this together
as a human race. All colors, creeds, cultures, the entirety of the human race.
One human race, one goal, one heart and one...
I have never felt more unified behind it.
I've never loved humanity more.
I've never seen through it all more than I am now.
I think everybody who's already somewhat awake is getting more awake as evil comes into the world and makes its move.
Newtonian physics, I think, is just one measurement of it, but clearly good rises at the same time, and I think rises faster.
David, what do you think?
Well, yeah.
Well, what we call good, positivity, love, is far more powerful than hatred and psychopathy.
And the only way that this cult... I mean, this is one thing, Alex, that people need to appreciate.
This cult is not all-powerful.
That's a bloody myth.
It's not all-powerful.
The only way that it's got to this position of apparent power is by hoarding knowledge, not least the knowledge of how reality works, how we interact with it, and how our perceptions become our experienced reality, which I explain in the book.
David, I've been here two hours.
Do five more minutes.
I just want you to finish this thought and talk about the book.
And I want to just plug the book here at the end, because some stations are going to leave us.
Perceptions of a Renegade Mind.
David Icke, davidicke.com, separately.
We have the new film that we produced that I voiced with Robert Kennedy Jr.
and Dr. Tim Penney and just dozens of others.
It's amazing.
COVID Land film now available.
Get a free copy of Endgame.
So that's two films for 1995 and it helps fund the filmmakers.
A major donor basically funded the film, but the filmmakers need to make their money back
from just, 'cause they've not been paid and they need to feed their families.
So this is really an important film, infowarestore.com, and once they've made their money back
in a month or so, we're gonna put it out for free on the internet, but this is very well produced,
infowarestore.com, zero country code, meaning it works anywhere in the world
and we want you to make copies of it.
So get COVIDLAND at infowarestore.com and fight back.
All right, we'll be back with five more minutes of the icon, David Icke.
I'm Alex Jones.
All right, final segment with David Icke.
I asked him, hey, plug your book, talk about what you're doing.
We're gonna have another big live event.
He said, well, November 6th, I'm doing a six-hour webcast for everybody there at iconic.com.
You'll find it at davidicke.com.
And he was also talking about some other key issues, but I want to show him this real quick.
I know he's seen all these, but this is from world data, from the UN, from the major governments.
Israel with deaths, hospitalizations, illnesses off the chart.
And Palestine, almost no deaths, almost no illnesses.
The difference is they're not being vaccinated with the poison.
Israel is.
Same numbers out of Norway, same numbers out of everywhere.
Vaccinated countries, the exact line.
We have graphs where it shows the lines in Israel on the vaccination meeting with the exact death rates.
Here's another one.
This is out of Israel and Sweden, another comparison.
We've got more of these.
I mean, it's just absolutely insane.
David, how can they ignore numbers like this?
How can this?
Because like you said, the people perish a lack of knowledge.
The only way the elite does this is keeping us from the truth.
Yeah, well, the thing is, like I said a few minutes ago, they lie to get to the next stage and then they lie to get to the next stage.
So the next stage or one of the next stages is new fake vaccines for variants.
So, they will sell the idea that the original fake vaccines are not working for the variants, hence people who are fake vaccinated are getting, quote, Covid, and therefore we need new fake vaccines for the variants, which people will then be demanded to have.
And these fake, so-called variant vaccines, they're already sitting there waiting to play out.
And what we need to do is to hold the thought immovably But when they say vaccinated people are getting COVID, it's a nonsense.
It's an absolute lie.
They are getting ill from the effects of the fake vaccine.
That's why there's so many people who are so-called fully vaxxed who are getting health problems and it's called COVID.
Because one of the expressions, one of the The consequences of these fake vaccines is respiratory problems which is so easy to say it's COVID-19 and of course what they've been doing all the way through this is adding more and more and more symptoms to the COVID list so that they can then say more and more they've got this which is not respiratory oh it's COVID-19.
Because they have to hide all these consequences of these fake vaccines.
That's a classic, that's a classic soft kill operation where you have the fake virus, excuse to get them a thing that makes them sick, now you claim it's the variants, now you've got them captured and then there you are.
Yeah, and if you look at Israel, you know, I've been going on for a long, long time about the fact that Israel's not actually controlled by Jewish people, it's controlled by a cult called Sabbateans, Sabbatean cult, and they have contempt for Jewish people, and they are using Israel, this Sabbatean cult, which is a big, big influential part of the global cult, as a laboratory, and we've seen this Breaking story in the last few days of a FISA executive saying that Israel is their laboratory in terms of these.
And he said it on a hot mic and they also admit that they're doing it to coerce and control everybody in a big test and that it basically doesn't work.
Yeah and so you know I would say to Jewish people if you're being ruled by Jewish people that care about you Why are they doing this to you?
Why have they introduced a fake vaccine which is damaging your health on a scale that was never happening before?
Because they don't have your best interests at heart.
They hate you.
It's eugenics.
They want to get rid of anybody that's competition to them.
Yeah, and you know, they don't care if you're Jewish or Arabic or middle-class white American.
They want control of all of you and they want rid of loads of you.
And here are the Jews trusting globalists that are literally killing them.
David Icke, davidicke.com, perceptions of a renegade mind.
Thank you so much for spending so much time with us.
Cheers, mate.
Great job.
All right.
Stay with us.
I'll introduce our next guest.
Stay with us.
We got big news breaking on the other side.
Thank you, David.
We're already halfway through September 2021.
It's just incredible.
And now the world is waking up that InfoWars was the tip of the spear and was dead on.
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Well, it's Thursday, September 16th, the fourth hour.
That means Kate Daly, Syndicated Talk Show, is about to take over, katedalyshow.com.
And then I'm gonna be back, 'cause I'm in the war room today,
and I'm gonna be back tonight and tomorrow because we got so much big breaking news.
We got a team going down to the Texas border right now, they'll be there soon, covering this.
Please show them the drone footage and the up-close footage.
This isn't just one bridge, this is going on over 200 miles of the very populated area of Texas from the coast there in Corpus Christi with Mexico on the other side, right all the way into the
desert where the people can't get across.
There's still a lot of crossing going on at the National Park Big Bend.
Again, that is like a 400 mile long border. 200 miles of it.
200 miles of the Texas border every five miles or so is that.
Because there are bridges every four or five miles in the cities and then every 10 miles or so in the countryside.
And we have people on the ground there, our law enforcement sources, they say this is going on everywhere.
This is one Del Rio crossing where they estimate 8,200 people, and it's mainly Haitians who got here from collapsed Haiti and the earthquakes and the rest of it, and the Clintons stealing all the aid money.
And again, that's key.
The globalists collapsed these countries.
They then organize the people into aid groups that give them $2,000, $3,000 debit cards with no name on them.
That's in Reuters.
And then they flood us.
And Jordan Soros gets the State Department money.
He keeps part of it.
Trump killed this program four years ago.
He was about a year in office.
They were so pissed.
Lou Dobbs talked about it, showed the Reuters article, and almost got fired.
He literally did get fired for other things.
Questioning the election.
And they said, Fox News said, it's not true, George Soros is not involved giving debit cards to people.
He posed, type in NBC News guys, George Soros helps migrants with debit cards.
And it shows him sitting there with it.
I mean, this is incredible.
They're organizing it not to help these people, but to bring them here after they spend a month or six months in a refugee camp being brainwashed against America, being given cards, and then they take their cell phones away if they have them, and give them new Democrat-controlled phones they own and run with only contacts to Democrats, then they send them in, they sign them up for welfare, and they milk about half the check off of them, and then make them work in sweatshops.
So they are importing slaves from all over the world, all over the Caribbean, all over Latin America, all over everywhere.
You cannot make this up, ladies and gentlemen.
There it is.
George Soros' MasterCard to partner to aid migrants refugees.
Now that's five years ago.
We talk about it, it's like, it's not true!
It's not happening!
Think about The magnitude of this show.
Incredible footage already.
The war room's coming up in about 50 minutes.
The next 50 minutes is State Valley.
I just want to say again, we won't be here if it isn't for you.
I'm trying to hire more camera people, more reporters.
We're fighting as hard as we can here.
We've got the Democrat Party suing me, the same folks that bankrupted Remington, our oldest manufacturer, same law firm, same Democrats.
But it's okay.
We are fighting.
We're expanding.
We've got a lot of stuff going on.
And for everything you see on the table, there's a lot more going on you don't know about, but you see out there.
So we need your prayers.
We need your support.
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All right, taking over is Kate Daly, syndicated talk show host and a great patron, katedalyshow.com.
Kate, thank you for being with us.
Thank you, Alex.
I really appreciate it.
I really appreciate this.
Hey, everybody.
How are you doing today?
And boy, I have a guest for you.
In fact, Chrisanne Hall.
She is our constitutional expert and attorney.
She tours the nation.
What an amazing gal.
You're going to love what she has to say, and you're really going to learn something today about the Constitution, because last time I checked, we still have that document in play.
Last time I checked.
So Chris-Anne Hall joins me and I am so happy to have you with me, Chris-Anne, because so many people have so many questions about this, I don't know, expanding federal power in the name of liberty?
And so people are trying to understand what's going on.
So the federal mandate and welcome to you.
Thank you for coming on with me.
Thank you, Kate.
It's always a pleasure to be with you.
I love being with you on your show, and we always end up having lots of fun together, so... Yeah, we laugh a lot.
I love it.
I, you know, you're just, you're just a stellar, you have just such stellar knowledge when it comes to explaining the Constitution and the bounds of which they are supposed to operate in and what limited government looks like.
So, you heard the federal mandate.
Tell us what your thoughts are on this and what they can actually get away with, what they can't, what they think they can.
I want to hear all about it.
You know, Kate, as I always say on your show, what I always say on my show, my thoughts and my opinions are irrelevant and we should be holding opinions and thoughts as irrelevant.
What really is relevant is what the Constitution says, what the law says, what the facts say.
And what was really interesting to me, Kate, from the first second after Biden's little press release about, and his little speech about how we're going to get tougher on those who do not want the jab.
Was that the very next second, the mainstream media starts publishing out there false headlines that Biden said that there will be mandates of this vaccination for federal employees, for employers with 100 more employees with no exemptions available.
You can look at his speech.
Nothing in his speech says that, and nothing in the Department of Labor says that either.
So, fact checker number one, there will be exemptions available, both medical and religious exemptions.
Religious exemptions are required by the Constitution of the United States, required by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
And not only that, Kate, When you actually look at Biden's speech, Biden actually says mandate vaccinations or engage in the proactive, the alternative measures, right?
Which is increased testing or mask wearing or six feet social distancing.
No business out there, no government agency out there has to mandate the vaccination.
They can, number one, choose to give exemptions, or number two, they can choose to just forego the whole mandate to begin with and engage in testing, masks, and all this other stuff.
What about the fines?
Everybody's worried about the fines.
I'm going to get a fine, I'm going to get a fine.
What about the fines?
Well, you know, that's where our governors, our sheriffs, our local governments have to come into play.
First off, let's just be clear.
I always have to be that person.
There is no authorization in the Constitution of the United States for OSHA.
There is no Authorization in the Constitution for a federal Department of Labor.
If you want to have an Occupational Safety and Hazards Division, if you want to have a Division of Labor, these things must exist at the state level.
There is no federal authorization for them.
I've issued a challenge with a reward.
Show me article, section, and clause that authorizes the federal government to have an OSHA and a Department of Labor that dictates the internal operations of the states.
So now you know why I love Chrisanne Hall.
I'll be right back with constitutional expert Chrisanne Hall, attorney, expert.
You're going to love this.
Stay with us.
You're going to learn so much.
I welcome back.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host for the hour.
Thank you, Alex and InfoWars.
You know, I have such a wonderful guest.
She has been on my show periodically.
I mean, every week for five years, and I've gotten to know her well.
And she tours the country talking about the Constitution.
She informs sheriff's departments all across the country.
She is informing the public all across the country about how to understand the Constitution and what people can do about it in today's terms, too.
And I absolutely love this.
Because this is what we're lacking.
This is the disconnect in our nation, for sure.
And we have a highly uneducated populace.
And you know, Chrisanne Hall, my guest, I'm so glad that you're here because we need instruction on powers.
What can the president do?
And why and how and how are we going to fight it?
So we're going to get into that.
But I also wanted to tell you, go over to katedallyradio.com, listen to all the podcasts, share those.
My gosh, there's like 7,000 hours of podcasts and education and we could start really informing and Chrisanne Hall has wonderful, wonderful podcasts there as well on katedallyradio.com, but her website is libertyfirstsociety.com or Chrisanne Hall from the Chrisanne Hall Show, chrisannehall.com.
Chrisanne, tell me about Article 2 and powers.
Let's talk presidential powers.
You know, Kate, you hit the nail on the head when you started off there talking about how the American people simply don't know.
I mean, I have a really good friend in New York who just laid it down on the line for me.
He said, look, Chrisanne, the problem in America is that people don't know what they don't know.
And we have been deliberately denied proper constitutional education in America for a very, very long time.
And so when people look at the President of the United States standing behind the presidential seal and giving these official speeches, and then you have the media all running in like little minions doing the bidding, and then you've got Psaki back there talking, you know, with authority about all the power of the President.
American people really lack the educational discernment to understand, and that's by design, mind you.
They lack the educational discernment to understand that Article 2 is the source of power for the President, and the President does not have the authority to issue mandates upon the American people or American businesses, even if the federal government had this authority through the Constitution, which they do not!
The President of the United States, through Article 2, does not possess this power, and it's time for the American people to embrace the Constitution, get educated on the Constitution, and start standing up and pointing their finger at the President, and I don't care who the President is, frankly, pointing at the President and saying, no, you don't have this authority, and we will not comply.
You're exactly right.
And they are depending on the illusion of their power based on what the states do.
So the states are the ones that have to go and put all this in motion, right?
And employers.
And they want the illusion, don't they?
They want the illusion of power.
As individuals, we are the creators of government, right?
That's what the Declaration of Independence says.
The governments are instituted among men deriving their just power from the consent of the governed.
So our ultimate power is through peaceful non-compliance.
That's why, Kate, we have the documentary that we just recently released called Non-Compliant that you can watch at noncompliantmovie.com.
But the real source of protection of our powers, once again as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, is the creation of our state governments with the sole purpose to secure our rights.
And so our governors have to say, no, we're not going to allow the federal government to exercise this power in our states.
Many are.
We need counties.
We need municipalities.
We need sheriffs.
And this is what we teach in our sheriff program.
Not just simply, what is the power of the sheriff?
What is the origin of the sheriff?
What is the duty of the sheriff to secure the civil rights of the people?
So we have to get these things in motion, these protections that our founders put in place as a guard and a security of our rights.
And the states need to let go of their servitude to federal government paid and bought for by federal money in order to protect the rights of the people.
Absolutely, absolutely.
What if you have a bought and sold governor?
There's plenty of those to go around.
What if your governor is just so in the pocket and taking the dollar train from the feds?
Then what do we do?
You know, that's why we're a constitutional republic and not a democracy.
Because we have the power as the people to come together, even in minority groups, to control government.
Which means our counties, if our governor is sold out on an individual basis, everyone who is in county government took the same oath.
I do solemnly swear I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States.
And the Constitution of my state.
The sheriff takes that oath.
The counties must then refuse to comply with the governors.
The sheriffs must then refuse to enforce the laws and even stand guard when those outside the county want to enforce unconstitutional decrees on the people of their county.
This is the multi-level check and balance.
The brilliance of our founders designed.
Multi-level checks, not just the people versus government, but the people in their counties, the people in their cities, the people through their sheriff, who is the greatest guard to their liberties, right there.
We don't have to stand alone, Kate.
We have unity in liberty and power through our constitutional republic.
Amen, sister!
So, what were you thinking when the President gave all of these powers to the Department of Labor and basically OSHA to fulfill these roles of policemen, fining, and all of the different things that they can do to a business, supposedly?
You know, what I did, my first thought was, I really wish the American people knew that the President did not even have that power to give.
The President does not have the authority.
I challenge anybody, you search Article 2 of the Constitution, which is the complete sum and total of presidential power.
You will not find one OSHA power.
You will not find one Department of Labor power.
You will not find one emergency authorization of power in the hands of the President.
And when you study out why our founders made the President of the United States so limited in authority, you understand that they recognized that kind of authority resting in one person in the office of the President.
will inevitably transform our government into what Madison called a mixed monarchy at best.
They specifically and on purpose denied this power to the President of the United States.
And let me just tell you, there's more.
We'll talk about more when we come back.
But there's so many things that we need to understand in our fight.
And when somebody grants themselves power, this is one of the most sickening things to watch.
I call him King Fraud-a-Lot.
But King Fraud-a-Lot stands up there and tells you he has all this power and wants you to believe it.
And this is the sad The sad part is that Americans think whatever he says goes.
We're going to come right back with Chris Ann Hall.
Her website, by the way, is libertyfirstsociety.com, chrisannhall.com, the movie Noncompliant.
You must see this movie.
If you're going to see any movie this year, see that one.
We're going to get informed.
Be right back.
I'm Kate Dally.
Hi, back here with you, Kate Dally here, katedallyradio.com, the Kate Dally Show, live every day.
You can go to my website, you can click live from any device and listen.
We do take call-ins and we cover just about every subject you can imagine.
My guest today is, of course, the great Chrisanne Hall.
She is the constitutional attorney and expert that goes around the nation.
She's been doing this for, my gosh, over a decade, going around and teaching sheriffs, teaching the public.
The movie Noncompliant, you must see this movie.
We have to get a whole generation right now, several generations, educated in the Constitution so that we know how to back up the God-given, what's supposed to be government protected rights.
So here we are with Chrisanne Hall.
And so I want to talk about exemptions.
I want people to understand their rights as their employers right now are handing down this mandate for this experimental jab.
What can somebody do?
What can somebody do in this position?
You know, exemptions are your right by the exercise clause, the freedom of exercise clause of the First Amendment.
And what we need to understand, because people are always asking me, Chrisanne, because my law firm, Liberty First Legal, non-profit law firm, has been helping people across the country try to navigate through these things.
And what people are always asking me is, Chrisanne, what is it, if I'm not a Christian, can I apply for an exemption?
Well, according to the Constitution of the United States, you absolutely have the right to an exemption regardless of what your ideology, what your conscience is doing.
Called, for example.
You do not have to be a member of an organized religion.
You don't even have to be in line with the organized religion that you claim to be a part of.
Because I just saw a, for example, a Southern Baptist theological ethicist Try to come and write this paper and say, it's okay for Baptists to get the vaccination that's made from aborted babies because it happened so long ago, the sin has been washed out of that over time.
So you have no, I know, right, Kay?
This theological ethicist for the Southern Baptist Convention is trying to convince Christians that sin is, you know, laundered out over time.
And so, even if you identify as a Baptist, if everyone else thinks differently in your named religion, the Freedom of Religion Clause of the First Amendment says you have the right to believe that, and you have the right to be protected in that, and you can't be mandated outside your conscience of that.
So, Seek the Exemptions, what about Sincerely Held Belief?
You can write your own without a church signing off on it, correct?
Oh, absolutely!
That's the whole point.
If I wanted to say, you know, I'm a Christian, everybody knows that, who is on our show and on your show and who does any work with me, but if I were to say, I believe in the magic princess who lives on the Orion Belt, and I was having Coffee the other day and the magic princess in the Orion belt said to me, don't take that vaccine.
That's all I need.
I don't need proof.
I don't need anybody else to believe what I believe because freedom of religion is a foundational principle of American constitutional republic.
And it's not for government or anyone to define religion.
It's for me to define my conscience.
That's the liberty.
And we should not have to prove that to anyone.
Now, does it substantiate it when you're doing an exemption?
Does it say, yes, you have the power and I'm exempting out of it?
I mean, is that solidifying their stance in any way to do the exemption?
Ideally, if we were operating under true constitutional principles, then the question would never come up, because we would be fully aware that the government doesn't have the authority to mandate us to put things into our body, in the same respect that the government doesn't have the authority to tell us what we can put in our body.
So all these regulations that outlawed this drug, that drug, this natural remedy, that natural remedy are completely unconstitutional because these are the things that the people are supposed to have the liberty to engage in based on their own conscience.
And so we're dealing now with two different realms.
Under the Constitution, I shouldn't have to ask for an exemption.
But in the lack of constitutional justification that our government operates in today, we are now in a situation where we must seek exemptions.
But let me be very clear, Kate.
The time for making a stand is here.
There's no more time to sit on the fence because we have an administration who is not caring about your religious beliefs and in my humble opinion wants to purge everyone with a moral standing from government office, from government employment, from employment forever.
They're trying to Kill small business with over-regulation and increased costs and consolidate everything into the big corporations that are in bed with government.
And so we're going to have to be the people, Kate, who did what our founders did in 1770 and 1775 and say, we're not going to be slaves to this system and we need employers We need doctors, lawyers.
We need nurses.
We need farmers, ranchers, businessmen, pilots, planes.
We need people in every avenue of commerce to step outside and say, we're going to have our own business.
We're not going to give in to your medical bullying.
We're not going to mandate this on our people.
We could even have doctors, nurses set up their own clinics and hospitals and never have to mandate this stuff.
Oh, I love this.
I love this.
And so, you know, we did.
We fought a bloody revolution to get these documents, and these documents still stand the last time I checked.
So, are we at the point where we fill the courts?
We sue?
We start coming up with thousands and tens of thousands of court cases on this?
You know Kate, there's not really one answer.
This is a multi-faceted dynamic that has to take place.
And that's part of what we address in our non-compliant movie at noncompliantmovie.com.
So we have to, on an individual level, be willing to say we will not comply.
We have to, as business owners, pull ourselves out of that system, like Ian Smith did, like the hairstylist did in Shelly Luther in Texas, and say, I'm not complying and I don't care what kind of bully tactics you use, but I'm going to keep my business.
And then we need sheriffs, like the sheriffs all over America are saying, I'm not going to enforce these vaccinations.
I'm not going to let any government shut down our businesses.
I'm actually going to physically stand in defense of our businesses and my people.
So this has to be multifaceted.
First, not peaceful noncompliance.
is the most powerful tool that we have.
Second, file the lawsuits.
Exhaust every legal measure possible.
Third, no matter the fraud you see, no matter how discouraged you are, you must remain actively involved and vigilant in the political process.
The enemy wants you to check out.
They want you to feel defeated.
They want you to feel discouraged.
They want you to quit.
Do not quit.
The more people who are active, the more people who are voting, the more people who show up to meetings, does nothing but actually expose this wicked platform and protocol that they have.
You're absolutely right.
We don't need another bloody revolution.
We need to exhaust all of the things that we have now.
And you know what?
We actually have it fairly easy right now, don't we?
We all have these luxuries and these comforts right now, and we all have ways with social media to get a hold of each other, to gather together, and we need to use all of those things right now while we still can, right?
Harvard did a study over a hundred years of history.
Peaceful non-compliance is twice as likely to succeed as violent rebellion.
This is why I have Chris Anne Hall.
ChrisAnneHall.com, LibertyForSociety.com, NoncompliantTheMovie.
Chris Anne Hall is amazing, and she's going around the country teaching.
Book her in your city, in your state, because I'll tell you what, you walk away feeling like, we got this, and we're gonna do this.
Hi there, I'm Kate Daly, your guest host for this hour, and so happy to be with you.
I want to tell you about something that is so explosive about the FDA.
And what they did with this so-called approval of theirs.
Let me just tell you, these are the things that we all need to know.
These are the things that happen that go under the radar.
And this is why it is so important to understand and be educated in what's going on.
On October, I'm sorry, August 23rd, the media went out in this media blitz and pretty much granted this fact, right?
That the FDA gave a full approval to Pfizer.
Did that actually happen?
Well, it's word wrangling, you know, if you're at a rodeo and it's wordplay.
It was referred to as this decision as the final stamp of approval.
Did that actually happen?
Well, it's word wrangling, you know, if you're at a rodeo and it's a it's wordplay.
Well, this was obviously politically motivated.
My friend William Engdahl writes on this a lot and let me just tell you there are so many things to understand.
So hat tip to him too on some of this information.
But number one, there was no control group after Pfizer offered the product to placebo participants before the trials were completed.
Yeah, they destroyed their own control group.
Halfway through the process.
And it's six-month rollout of the mRNA jab worldwide has resulted in catastrophic side effects, which we all know about.
And I'm reading about these daily.
I'm getting letters daily.
It's just pathetic.
It's sickening what's going on.
Stillborn deaths.
I mean, you name it.
All kinds of heart, you know, heart attacks, blood clots.
Well, it seems that the FDA executed this very, very clever trick.
And what it did was it issued separate rulings for Pfizer, Inc., BioNTech vaccine, which is widely used in the USA, and another ruling for the very similar vaccine, or Pfizer's German-based partner, Papers, Please, and developer of the mRNA platform BioNTech, Mainz, Germany.
And so it is only BioNTech that got FDA approval, if you will, And then it was conditioned, so people don't realize this, it was conditioned on completion of a series of further tests on select groups, including infants, pregnant women, and youth.
Oh my gosh, I hope they don't do that.
By 2027.
That U.S.
vaccine, Pfizer's BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, only got extension of its emergency use authorization.
It did not get full approval.
That's very, very important to know.
And especially when your employer is saying, oh, hey, you need to get this.
It was FDA approved even.
That's not true.
It was an extension of the emergency order and then buried into a footnote.
No, that's all differences, honey.
The FDA admits there are two legally separate entities and vaccines.
Little bait and switch.
And the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 and the BioNTech one of the maize.
The FDA writes that the products are legally distinct with certain differences.
No, that's all differences, honey.
Give me a break.
Oh my gosh, the wordplay.
It's confusing because it's supposed to be confusing.
And the FDA refused to convene their advisory committee.
They refused to put together that group of people for the Pfizer decision.
It's even more astonishing because they did not want to have to discuss all the adverse reactions.
To this and the deaths, of course, which are growing in number every single day.
So in two separate letters, one to BioNTech and another to Pfizer, the FDA repeatedly deleted the location of the vaccine manufacturing.
Well, yeah, there's a, you know, little China involved.
It's a little China around these parts where BioNTech has a joint agreement with Fosun Pharma of Shanghai to jointly produce and market the Comirnaty vaccine for COVID-19.
So why did they need to hide the location?
Oh, I can come up with a lot of reasons.
Anybody speak Chinese?
Anyway, so, did you know that Pfizer employees are exempt?
That Congress is exempt?
That their staff is exempt?
That federal judges are exempt?
I got into the wrong line of work here.
Give me a break.
Just because of your job, you're exempt?
I'm sorry, do COVID cooties not come to you if you're a judge?
I didn't know this.
I should have been a judge.
Or a member of Congress.
No wonder they're so quiet.
Quiet like crickets.
Yeah, crickets.
Anyway, not hearing much from them.
So, there's a couple of people, Susan Desmond-Hellman, who headed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2020, also behind this because she's on Pfizer's Board of Directors.
There's also Holly Janes, who worked for, of course, Bill and Melinda, good old Billy, and then also was in charge of how they track the vaccine.
Isn't that wonderful?
Like how they actually put all their information together.
That's fun.
And so, by the way, I just wanted to mention once again, I remember tracking this from the very beginning from day one, and there it landed in Seattle.
How perfect for the Gates Foundation.
I mean, my gosh, if you could pick a state, well, I'd pick Seattle.
I mean, my gosh, it's right there.
But that's where it landed first.
Remember the nursing home with the nine deaths?
Yeah, I remember that.
Also, it's worth noting, too, that as of August, well, as of August 14, they don't, Pfizer does not make its employees get this jab.
I should have been a Pfizer employee.
So I also wanted to mention that researchers back in October were worried about the vaccine because of what's called vaccine associated disease enhancement.
And this is really, really important to know.
Fauci turned to his little friend from the 1980s, little buddy, and what he did was he hired his little buddy Larry, Larry Corey, who heads the HVTN.
You don't know what that is?
Well, the HVTN is the HIV Vaccine Trials Network.
So what he did was these two little chums got together and designated HVTN as the entity that would run all of those rigorous tests on the COVID vaccine.
Isn't that nice?
And since 1999, HVTN, well, they haven't been very successful.
I mean, they've been working.
But as they've been showing up, they've worked on 75 different types of vaccines, never ever successful in the HIV arena.
So obviously they were the perfect pick for COVID-19 vaccine testing, weren't they?
Anyway, so this flop of a company that got lots of dollars along the way was designated because they were friends.
I like that.
And then the team built into this equation real-time analysis.
They said, we're going to go with real-time analysis for testing.
And they also concluded that, yep, we found nothing.
No problems here.
Well, real-time testing for cancer, for oncology, means that the endpoints are easily interpreted, that the chemistry, manufacturing, control, formulation changes are excluded.
Those are important things, right?
I wonder if they had the same kind of protocol for this.
So they very, very quickly went to the, you know, went through the vaccine and really determined that nothing to see here, folks.
But the problem is, look at the RSV vaccine, the clinical trial from 1965.
This has been going for 50 years.
And guess what, folks?
Later on, What happened to the people?
Well, what happened to the infants?
Enhanced inflammatory response.
Enhanced inflammatory response.
Trick is, it didn't show up right away.
So when they said, oh, real-time analysis, yeah, nothing to see here.
Well, that's because some of this shows up later.
And so they don't know.
They've even admitted with COVID.
And I will put all these links on the Kate Daly Show show notes so that you can see all these links.
They don't know what features of an antigen will exacerbate disease.
They admit that.
They admit that with COVID.
They say, you know, we still don't know after 50 years of this.
What will be the catalyst?
How this will affect people?
Will it enhance disease?
I have a pretty good feeling based on all the illness coming off of vaccinated people and vaccinated people themselves getting sick.
I'm going to say that there's a very curious nod to the fact that yeah, yeah, I can see that we're exasperating disease quite handily right now.
And so they have known this.
They knew that if they just changed up the way that they studied this and tested this, they could come up with a way to shoot this out of the gate very, very quickly and say nothing to see here, folks.
Well, I have a problem with that because there's a lot of adverse reactions and deaths going on right now that they will not talk about.
in the media. Those really pretty talking heads, they won't say a word about it.
And I just wanted you guys to know the FDA, of course, and you've probably heard this,
I'm sure, I'm preaching to the choir, but the FDA did not fully approve this. It was
an extension based on conditions for the emergency, the emergency issuance of it. And you know
what? The testing done by a company that hasn't succeeded in much are the ones that are telling
you it's safe and effective, just like all the doctors and nurses are telling you it's
safe and effective. I don't believe that for a hot minute.
Go to katedallyradio.com.
Love to see you there.
You can listen live.
My show's on daily.
I thank Alex and InfoWars.
And I love guest hosting this.
It's been a lot of fun.
And of course, you guys have a great day.
And make sure you realize your rights.
That's the most important thing.
Your God-given rights.
I'm Kate Dally, Kate Dally Show.
You will always have conspiracy theories when you have very challenging public health crises.
They are nothing but distractions.
You know, I can assure you, we have so much to do to protect the health and the welfare of the American people that I would just hope we just put those conspiracy stuff and let somebody write a book about it later on, but not now.
The problem is you got some people out there who are fanning these conspiracy claims from the planet Pluto.
And it's just disgusting what they're trying to say of all these crazy deep state malarkey.
Well, later on, when the records were made public, it was not a conspiracy theory from the planet of Pluto, actually.
There were inflated deaths.
They were even taking gunshot wounds and categorizing them as COVID deaths.
You're saying there is a massive pressure to artificially inflate the number of COVID-19 cases?
Yeah, I have directly been told to, if a patient has fever and cough or anything similar, to put this COVID-like diagnosis on the chart.
One of the big things the corporate media does to deceive the public is say, oh, there's all these crazies that don't believe a virus even exists.
And they're saying nobody's dying.
That's not what we're saying.
COVID-19 is the greatest fraud ever pushed on mankind.
It is not about A virus.
I believe this is a psychological war upon society.
What are the history books gonna say about you?
Do you stand up for common sense and critical thinking?
I think the answer is clear what I'm gonna be doing.
What are you gonna be doing?
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