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Name: 20210906_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 6, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics including COVID-19, eugenics theories, technology in society, vaccine mandates, and globalist agendas. The speaker criticizes the manipulation of perception by certain individuals or groups and urges people to work together to break free from control systems. They promote high-quality products available at their store such as vitamin mineral fusion, storable food, and hair and beard formula for immune system support. The show also discusses the lack of study on the planet's ruling class and the need to expose and stop them in order to protect liberty worldwide. Furthermore, the show criticizes China for its oppressive regime and attempts at colonization, as well as politicians and the media for not addressing key documents. The speaker promotes MyPillow products and discusses InfoWars store items, emphasizing the importance of having storable food due to potential globalist-caused food shortages and price increases. The show interviews Rocko, the owner of Rocko's Pastry Shop who is against the vaccine mandate, and criticizes Jim Acosta for supporting the agenda pushing for control over society. They encourage listeners to share news alerts and spread information, warning that the Republic has fallen."

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And so I'm gonna explain how they're trying to recreate, we can put the full show headline up in a moment, how they're trying to recreate a global French Revolution on a mass scale.
And that was primitive psychologists, the Jacobins, the Illuminati, that's in the history books by the way, that's a real group, Adam Weishaupt out of Germany, weren't trying to overthrow the royals of the church to get rid of a hierarchy they wanted to be.
The hierarchy they wanted to be in full and total absolute control and actually overturn reality and turning the public into a giant subclass.
There it is!
Monday Live Globalist Behavioral Psychologists are purposely invoking mass psychosis.
Mass psychosis.
Social engineers of the Great Reset are purposely destabilizing the planet to launch a worldwide French Revolution 2.0 to collapse civilization, which was the plan of the French Revolution.
They don't want the general public to have civilization.
They said, we're going to build little sub-castle cities that have all the technology, and then no one else will have it outside.
So we're going to explain the world they're building.
They are the offspring.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
All those scientists, they're all alike.
They say they're working for us, but what they really want is to rule the world!
In the words of England's Prince of Paradox, G.K.
Chesterton, the whole point of the eugenic pseudo-scientific theories is that they are to be applied wholesale by some more sweeping and generalizing money power than the individual husband or wife or household.
Eugenics asserts that all men must be so stupid that they cannot manage their own affairs, and also so clever that they can manage each other's.
Tyranny was merely unleashed by the jab of a syringe, extinguishing the natural rights of a now crippled and disenfranchised populace.
We certainly are aware of the Mu variant.
We're keeping a very close eye on it.
Dr. Fauci should be seen for who he truly is, a tyrannical eugenicist twisting your own free will against you.
You don't think Americans' liberties have been threatened last year, Dr. Fauci?
They've been assaulted.
Their liberties have.
I don't look at this as a liberty thing, Congressman Jordan.
Well, that's obvious!
But it is only those liberties that will deliver us from the clutches of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as CRISPR gene modification technology, AI, and technocracy intend on slowly rendering all of humanity a slave population, utilizing silent weapons for quiet wars circumventing the laws of governments worldwide.
If you take
It's genetic editing, just as an example.
It's you who are changed, and of course this has a big impact on your identity.
There is a fear that technology, robots, just to take one, will never end.
from machines.
The populace feels the weight of suicide rates rising among teenagers.
A rate that has increased by 51%.
No matter how many children the police tear gas for merely holding a sign up complaining that they want to play outside.
No matter how hard the medical overlords demonize how the unvaccinated choose to treat themselves with small doses of ivermectin for instance.
And as early treatment medications and therapies become the norm with exponential victories, the public actually gets healthier, stronger, and becomes acutely aware of their own freedoms rather than the mandates of despots.
If you do it early, I mean you just talk to some of the people going through these sites across the state, they will say 24-48 hours, a lot of their symptoms have been resolved.
Can the antibodies from llamas help the fight against COVID?
The answer may be yes.
Llamas have a particular kind of second kind of antibody as compared to humans for example.
They're called heavy chain only antibodies so they're much more simple.
The researchers also say that their early studies have shown effectiveness against several variants of the disease, including the highly infectious Delta variant.
A spin-off of the Biotech Center, called ExoVir, says it could be a game-changer if successful.
A study from June 2020 showed effectiveness in the lab in the reduction of SARS-CoV-2 virus in ivermectin-treated cells compared to control samples, indicating that ivermectin treatment resulted in the elimination of all evidence of SARS-CoV-2 virus by 48 hours.
I demand an apology!
From the media, I'm talking about CNN, CNBC and all the like, New York Times and all those people that called me crazy.
From Hollywood, I mean, from people that sat there and made videos calling me crazy when I said hydroxychloroquine worked and we should not allow people to die.
Now you have all these studies that are saying it works.
What about the 500,000 plus people that have died?
Who is going to be responsible?
All has been revealed.
The sun is already setting on the socialist insurgence of medical tyranny of all the free people of planet Earth.
All you need to do is to stop complying.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live September 6, 2021 worldwide transmission.
We're only here because of your support and your prayers.
Thank you so much.
All right, to say that today's broadcast is going to be an absolute overload is, again, not being strong enough.
I mean, this is just going to be one hell
of a broadcast.
The news and information we've got is just over the top.
And Dr. Peter McCullough will also be joining us in studio.
Well-known doctor and academic from Dallas has been very critical of the whole COVID tyranny rollout, the McCullough report.
He will be in studio with us for an hour and a half today, in the third hour and halfway into the fourth hour.
Now I could sit here
And talk about all the U.S.
citizens still stranded in Afghanistan.
And how Trump was right last week when he said that Biden wasn't letting him leave.
That has now been confirmed.
And I can talk about the largest satanic organization in the U.S., the Satanic Temple, that lobbies in all 50 states, puts out major movies.
Saying yes, when we abort babies, it's a human sacrifice, and it's our religious right.
This violates the First Amendment.
And I told you, I've been around these people in person.
I've protested at abortuaries, and the Satanists come out.
The doctors come out, and they tell you they're Satanists.
And their private lives, a lot of them are Satanists.
So that's coming out.
And I will cover.
All of that today.
We also have Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers says the audit is coming, guys.
I promise you this is real.
Keep the faith.
Or Jim Acosta saying that conservatives and nationalists are Taliban.
I can talk about all of that.
I can talk about a really huge story I will be getting to today.
China goes to war with the liberal world order.
And this is a huge story and it's seismic to the very core of humanity.
So we're going to be hitting that as well.
That's an incredibly important area.
And I can talk about the Rolling Stone picking up the story out of Oklahoma that was planted in the national news and put in every major newspaper in the world that we've looked at.
From Japan to England, the London Guardian, New York Times.
Hospitals filled with thousands of people poisoned with liver failure from ivermectin from horse dewormer.
And it was a totally fake story.
The doctor didn't work there.
Not one person had come into that hospital chain that he mentioned.
Sick with ivermectin, the hospital put a press release out.
And the biggest news to deal with this is that I said last night on air, I said, let's see if USA Today, let's see if the London Guardian, let's see if Rachel Maddow, let's see if Business Insider, let's see if The Hill, let's see if any of them retract.
Rolling Stone did because they were the first to run it in print.
They ran the hospital's press release.
Saying he doesn't work here, and no one's ever come in sick with that, and there's no lines, and there's plenty of ambulances.
Now scroll down a little bit, and we'll show the retraction on the article for TV viewers.
So all that's going on, but the bigger story is the others aren't even retracting.
Now there's the retraction.
So what does that say?
It means they're a foreign, multinational, globalist group engaged in war with you.
Engaged in trying to deceive you.
They're on the deceiver's team.
We'll go over all of that today.
I'll give you the news behind the news.
The rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say, or as I would say, InfoWars.
Tomorrow's news today.
Or the history of the future now.
But what do I want to hit first, right up front, in the next segment?
I was sent by a family friend, an old family friend, an extraordinary story from an extraordinary organization on mass psychosis.
And I watched the 21-minute report and I have to say this is the best work in totality of what we face that I've ever seen in one piece.
And I just really am blown away by the group called After School, S-K-O-O-L.
I've seen some of their other reports as well.
But then I thought I'd pull some of the history of this.
Is mass psychosis the greatest threat to humanity?
Mass psychosis is the most visible explanation for what we're seeing in America today and the world.
But I want to explain that it was even in the WikiLeaks that Hillary said, we are going to trigger mass psychosis.
So they're doing it and that's why the statistics, in fact it was in a couple days ago, stacked.
Will you read, pull me a bunch of articles about the left being the most mentally ill in all the studies?
Because they've bought into a false reality and they're involved in a mass psychosis.
And that's why they are lying, because they believe they're the elite and it's for our own good.
But when you tell lies, you start believing in yourself.
And so I'm going to explain how they're trying to recreate, we can put the full show headline up in a moment, how they're trying to recreate a global French revolution on a mass scale.
And that was primitive psychologist,
The Jacobins, the Illuminati, that's in the history books by the way, that's a real group, Adam Weishaupt out of Germany, weren't trying to overthrow the royals of the church to get rid of a hierarchy.
They wanted to be the hierarchy.
They wanted to be in full and total absolute control and actually overturn reality and turn the public into a giant subclass.
There it is.
Monday live, globalist behavioral psychologists are purposely invoking mass psychosis.
Mass psychosis.
Social engineers of the Great Reset are purposely destabilizing the planet to launch a worldwide French Revolution 2.0 to collapse civilization.
Which was the plan of the French Revolution.
They didn't want the general public to have civilization.
They said, we're going to build little sub-castle cities that have all the technology, and then no one else will have it outside.
So we're going to explain the world they're building.
They are the offspring, the physical, genetic offspring, and also the spiritual offspring.
They are of the lineage of the satanic Great Reset.
And we're going to also hit the fact that the Taliban's always worked for the U.S.
government, the criminals, the U.S.
government, that's coming up as well.
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You jump through the hoops.
So thank you so much.
We wouldn't be here without you.
So please remember, now it's more important than ever.
Everything we said is coming true.
Our credibility is super high right now.
We're doing our most important work right now.
So please help keep us in the fight.
We can't do it without you.
So again, from the bottom of my heart, for the whole crew, we thank you for all your support out there, viewers and listeners.
And I also thank the crew for the amazing job they do.
All right, InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
We'll be back with the heart of the matter.
Well, I always knew the globalists were going to use the threat of a virus to collapse the world economy, to make us all carry smartphones to track our every movement, and then bring in a carbon tax calorie counting system.
That doesn't just track everywhere you go, it tells you when you can get in a car, when you can drive, where you can go, who you can visit, what type of job you can have.
I mean, just hellish level of control.
And then they're going to organize the people that do opt into it into a mob of people that hate those of us that aren't part of it, claiming that because we didn't join the authoritarianism, that's why they're sick, that's why they're starving, that's why they're dying.
I don't
Operatives that betray the nation are always the first people either executed or sent to slave labor.
This is an extremely formulaic system that the globalists are carrying out.
And if you read the WikiLeaks and you see what they're doing and you look at the Yale and Harvard reports, how years ago they studied how to use a pandemic to create fear and to create a post-industrial world.
And I actually have a stack of news here where the Journal of Nature has come out, and I'll be covering this next hour, and said, yes, we are gonna use the COVID lockdowns now to bring in, not climate lockdowns every two years, but every month.
See, they always announce something that is horrible, but sounds not as bad.
Oh, climate lockdowns every two years, I'll sit at home and watch Netflix.
All production goes down.
But now they're like, oh, actually, it'll be every month.
And then, oh, actually, it's going to be what the smartphone says you can do.
That's all officially been announced by Australia, by Canada, by the UN.
Next segment I've got clips of them announcing it.
I've played for you children's cartoons from 11 years ago in the UK, saying in the future your smartphone will say what job you have, when you can go outside you'll get meat once a year.
And people would look at that and think, this is a joke, Alex, back when I aired it 11 years ago.
The Plandopolis isn't real, put out by the UN and the Rockefeller Foundation.
Because back then, I mean, come on, we're not going to stay in our houses and have smartphones tell us what to do.
But Australia is now implementing it, they're the beta test, and New York has already implemented the apps on phones that are now saying, oh, your paper cards aren't good enough, you gotta have the Excelsior Pass.
England's announced it's in, starting this month, in a few days.
So, it isn't coming, it's here now.
You don't need me to tell you 20 years ago or 10 years ago, and you've seen those videos where I say word for word what's coming, because it's a plan.
It's a program.
So here it is, an excellent piece, mass psychosis at the end of the broadcast today.
It's 20 minutes long.
I'm going to air it.
We're going to have it posted under the live show feed today at infowars.com.
The masses have never thirsted after truth.
They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to defer error, to defy error, if error seduces them.
We're going to play some of that report coming up, but the issue here is that they said, stay at home, watch Netflix for 15 days to flatten the curve.
Come on, it's a vacation.
Be lazy.
And as soon as you accepted that, boom, the mask of the symbol of slavery, then the shots come in.
I said, hey, they plan to give you 10 shots a year.
Here's the Rockefeller document.
That's ridiculous!
It's only two!
Now they announced, this week, ten shots.
Israel said five shots last week, ten shots today.
I have the articles.
It's all a blueprint, it's all a plan.
And again, do you set a bear trap up just to hurt a bear's foot?
No, you set it up so it clamps down, you're in a cabin, you know, a quarter mile away, you hear the bell dinging, because you also put a big cowbell on it,
You hear the banging, and oh, the bear's caught.
You then walk up and shoot the bear with a rifle from 50 yards away.
We're now in the bear trap.
And if you think sticking your foot in another bear trap's gonna help you, you're wrong.
We're gonna have to collectively get our foot out of the bear trap.
And if we don't do it, God help us.
So, behavioral psychologists and psychiatrists admittedly run this whole thing.
And they brag about it.
And so, during the French Revolution, the Jacobin group, which was run by the Illuminati, this is in mainline history books, they went to a nine-day work week.
They were going to abolish the family.
They were going to go back to primitive times.
They themselves were going to live in castles with high technology, but keep everybody at a dumbed-down surf level.
They had a plan that the general public would be reduced to animals and not be allowed to learn how to speak, or you would be killed.
You know, you see Pol Pot killing folks that had a first-grade education or were wearing glasses.
If you had glasses, that was a sign that you were an elitist.
This is all an extension of the Jacobins, the French Revolution that grew into the Red Terror with Lenin, Stalin, then Mao Zedong, then Pol Pot, Fidel Castro.
You know, the rest is history.
They destroy civilization for you.
They live on a hill with electricity and caviar.
You live in a mud hut.
And so there's some articles you can read about this.
Is a mass psychosis the greatest threat to humanity?
Carl Jung on mass psychosis.
Mass psychosis is the most visible explanation for what we're seeing in America today.
Mass psychogenic illness is the technical name for it.
Mass psychosis.
New York Times confirms a liberal mass called us here to stay, and it's part of the mass psychosis.
Mass madness and the death of science.
And so, if you get enough followers to get in the habit of being lied to, and reward them for lying, and reward them for going along with fantasies, perception becomes reality.
Now again, if you
Have the perception you can fly an airplane, but you've never even flown a simulator, and you go and push the throttle down, and you're going 100 miles an hour on the tarmac, you're probably gonna die.
The perception you can fly a plane is not real.
The perception that you know how to climb a mountain, but you've never actually rock climbed, so you climb up a face 50 feet and fall off and kill yourself, that's... Your perception you're a rock climber is not true.
Your perception you're a heavyweight boxer, so you can get in the ring with a current heavyweight champion is not true.
You're gonna get your ass kicked.
If you're on five hits of LSD and think you're a butterfly and jump off a 20-story building, you're gonna die.
Even if your perception is you're flying.
But they've created this perception and now people are disconnected from reality and they think they can argue or create their own psychotic break to believe whatever they want to believe that a man
You know that's not true, but a lot of people that aren't leaders, you do that to them, they have mass psychosis, then they organize the mass psychosis group, like the French Revolution, to go kill the middle class.
And that's what the megabanks offshore in Fiji and places, like Larry Page, are preparing for us, a mass culling and collapse of society.
Welcome back to the most attacked Lineabout broadcast in the world, because we're on the enemy's tail.
And we know their game, we know how to stop them.
And there's a lot of other great people out there that think just like we do, and they aren't crawling into our graves and giving the planet over to Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Prince Charles.
If they want it, they're going to have to fight for it.
I tell you, Prince Charles and his long history with Jimmy Savelle and Jeffrey Epstein, not just his brother, it leaked last week.
They're planning to make him the King of England when Queen Elizabeth dies and not Prince Charles' son.
And Prince Charles wants to be the ruler of the Earth.
Prince Charles wants carbon taxes for us.
He agrees with his father that he wants 80% of the world's population reduced.
How about the people of the UK and the world discover that and realize what a monster that individual is?
How about we do that?
Okay, I'm going to get into the Great Reset, and the global lockdown, and Israel announcing, oh, actually, you're going to get five shots a year, and maybe 10.
And then now they're announcing that here, and now they're announcing it in Australia.
We have all the videos, all the clips, all the articles.
The head of the Australian Medical Board,
Dr. Chant, COVID will be with us forever.
People will have to get used to it and endless booster shots up to every month.
That's all coming up.
This is not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy that literally removes your immune system.
And so now you have to rely on the synthetic injections that are obviously very poisonous and very toxic.
And the people that have given up their immune system, they're not going to admit this.
They like being amused.
They like being deceived.
And so they're going to come after those of us saying they're sick because of us.
I told you that almost two years ago when this all started.
What, 19 months ago, and now it's happening because we know their blueprint.
But first, let's hit this.
Everybody wants me to talk about Afghanistan.
People on the street, everywhere I go, the grocery store, a restaurant, a pool supply store, a hike and bike trail.
Hey, man, are you pissed about Afghanistan?
What do you make of Biden?
What do you make of this?
How long is he gonna be in there?
And I just sit back and I say, you know,
Under Jimmy Carter and then Ronald Reagan, the CIA set up the Taliban.
They're a very small group in Afghanistan.
And they never had control over the maybe 10% of the country.
But now, 45 years later, 45 years!
That's how long the relationship's been strong with the quote, US government, whatever that thing is.
They have the entire country under their control now.
Absolutely under
Their total control.
Right now.
And do you remember back in 2001?
Right after 9-11, the Green Berets and the Navy SEALs in just a few weeks totally kicked the Taliban and Al Qaeda out of the country.
But suddenly they've defeated us when we had hundreds of thousands of troops.
300,000 from the Afghan Army, tens of thousands of
Why did that happen?
Wouldn't you like to know why that happened?
Because, overhead shot please.
He had all the articles about while hostages are held in Afghanistan, Kamala Harris planned a campaign for Gavin Newsom.
Everybody gets so upset.
Well, let's just cut right to the heart of the matter.
Instead of just focusing on the poison fruit, let's look at the roots.
Here's a smart article out of the Gateway Pundit.
Biden effect.
Taliban now controls more territory in Afghanistan today than they did on 9-11 20 years ago.
You can look at the map here and see
That they have now taken full and absolute control of the whole country.
Something they never had in their entire history.
You know, back in the 1970s, they only had the South.
They only had this area.
But now they've got it all, and that's what they had on 9-11.
They didn't control this zone, this zone, and this area up here.
Always got to remember we're simulcast on hundreds of stations.
You're a TV viewer.
I've got to remember that.
A Taliban claim they have seized the last resistance point in Afghanistan in the north.
Now let's look at the facts.
There's even a Wikipedia on this.
I don't just always remember or believe Wikipedia, but you can follow the links to London Guardian and other places that did reports on it at the time.
The Kunduz Airlift, more than 30,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders, who were bottled up in the north, were flown out into Pakistan.
Out into Pakistan.
Our military.
You see, the Taliban made, on average, 14-year-olds and younger, and older, but on average 14 was the number,
Around Kabul and other areas, go out in lines of defenses while they evacuated.
So one group of the U.S.
government, the CIA, flew them out to safety, and then the Green Berets needed somebody to kill, and they actually thought they were taking out Al Qaeda and ISIS.
ISIS came along later out of Al Qaeda.
They thought they were taking out the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and really they were just killing cat and fodder 14-year-old
Sex toys of the pedophile army that is the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
And I'm serious, they actually left their sex toys with weapons in five foot deep trenches.
And then they all got killed.
And then later, this is a long relationship with Saudi Arabia and the criminal US government.
It's not our government, it's a criminal group, running it.
They've always been with them.
They protected them on 9-11.
They protected them after.
They protected them ever since.
And now they've turned the country back over to them now that they've given them a big infrastructure and invested $2 trillion plus and $80 billion in weapons.
Now the Taliban said, we work with China.
And we're now going to put in all the Chinese businesses and they can have all the rare earth minerals worth $7 trillion.
So all we were doing was building the Belt and Road Initiative for the Chinese.
And now it's supposed to be the end of the American century.
We hand the keys for the Chinese century over to them.
And you notice now that that's happened, China double-crossed the left and said, we're not going to work with you.
We're going to have three children while you kill your children.
And we're not going to have the feminization of men.
And we're going to basically ban video games.
We're going to basically ban porn.
And we're going to become 1950s America.
And we're going to be quasi-free market, but fascist, and just kill Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists in slave camps.
But for the rest of our people, we're going to colonize you and take over the world.
That's actually in the news today.
And so you've got the leftist academics here in their shrinking empire that they believe they were going to have worldwide.
But the whole time, that was always meant to just weaken the U.S.
and collapse it.
It wasn't supposed to be an ideology that actually took the planet over.
And so Europe has been taught to be very passive.
The men have been taught to be very, very weak-kneed.
The women have been taught to not trust their men of their families or not even have families.
And so we've been set up like an old rotting structure.
When a tornado comes by, it blows over.
You can hear it creaking and part of it's already fallen down and
Then in that process of collapse, they want to claim the collapse is because of race war, but really it's been prepared to be economic collapse, and then they're going to tell the middle class and the new Irish, invest in globalism, invest in the Great Reset, sign over most of your wealth to these consortiums, do what we say, become leaders in the new transformation, and you'll be able to keep part of your position in the middle class, but it'll be a fascist
Alliance, and then everybody else will be cut out of it.
And that'll go for about 10 years, and then it'll go completely Soviet-style, while all the bankers and the big tech people own private islands in the Pacific Ocean and other areas, and they're just going to sit back while we all kill each other and laugh about it.
And they can just punch into millions of cameras they've got and just watch it burn and watch it happen, they believe, for the safety of their armored fortresses.
So we need a lot of fire under their ass so they're not safe.
Battling Tyranny at Point Blank Range, I am your host Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
And so I don't want to be violent to David Rockefeller's project.
I don't want to be violent to Ted Turner or Prince Charles or Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab until they've been arrested and indicted and tried like the Nazis at Nuremberg.
And that's not my job.
My job is to expose them.
When I say a lot of fire under their ass,
We need protests at their houses.
We need protests at their corporations.
We need to go to Fiji and protest.
We need to expose how they're hiding out in Kauai.
We need to go protest at Mark Zuckerberg's house.
Because these people are out of control.
You know, I went and confronted Sundar Pichai about selling out to Communist China to his face.
So I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk.
And it's exhilarating.
But that said, let me address something.
Last week,
I said, where is Senator Paul?
Where is Senator Hawley?
Where is Senator Cruz?
Where is Senator Cotton?
Where is Ron DeSantis?
Where is Trump?
They need to address Operation Lockstep.
That is the policy of the U.S.
government and the COVID tyranny rollout.
They need to address Event 201.
They need to address Crimson Contagion.
They need to address SPARS 2325.
They need to address
The Great Reset documents.
I mean, you got Trudeau and you got all these other world leaders saying, build back better.
You got Nancy Pelosi saying, build back better.
That's the Great Reset to shut down the regular economy and force you onto their new economy and starve the third world and then organize the third world to invade us.
Hitler wrote Mein Kampf when he was in prison.
In what, like 1929 or something?
I forget.
Look it up.
And he came to power in Germany in 1933.
And people didn't really pay attention to him saying, I'm gonna invade and attack the Russians and attack everybody in his book.
But once he invaded people in 1940, people paid attention.
So it's one thing to ignore the great reset and Operation Lockstep from the UN and the globalists when it was theoretical.
But the big mega banks and the Fortune 100 are on TV.
I played all the clips last month saying, this is a post-industrial world.
We're cutting off your resources.
We're involved in a hostile takeover of democracies and we're capturing countries and we're in control.
I mean, that's on the Davos Group's website.
That's on Klaus Schwab's Wikipedia.
So they're declaring we've seized control of big tech.
We've got control of big pharma.
We're taking over with a medical ID that'll be a carbon ID that will tax everywhere you go and track what you do.
And then now it's being implemented and you could hear a pin drop.
Mark Moreno over at Climate Depot pointed out, maybe we can pull the document up.
On Friday, the Journal of Nature and the U.S.
government came out and called for your smartphones to track everywhere you go and have carbon taxes, and Trudeau announced it last week, but there's almost no resistance to completely illegal world corporate government allied with Communist China, but Communist China's got nuclear weapons and they bitch-slapped
The Anglo-American leftist arm.
I got the article right here, China goes to war with the liberal world order.
I'll cover that next hour.
And they're saying, you know, we're going to have three or five kids.
We're going to, uh, we're going to basically stop being communists.
We're going to be totally fascist and just kill Christians, Buddhists, and Westerners.
We're going to take the world over.
We got the people get out of the way.
You got a bunch of China files like Gates and others that are invested with them.
So this whole leftist thing is poison in Europe and America and Australia to make us a bunch of, the word's not effeminate because men acting like women is not effeminate.
They're just, they're acting like punks.
And so this is a joke and the people pretending on the left, like they're part of the ruling class and they're in on the lying and they plant the fake stories and they put out the disinfo because they're the good guys and it's for a greater good.
Most of them are delusional, but a lot of them actually know they're just taking a paycheck.
I mean, I've seen numbers that the Biden administration has given money to more than 200,000 influencers.
The average payment, $5,000.
Over 200,000 people have been paid.
$5,000 on average.
Some are paying hundreds of thousands.
NBA stars, people like that.
And NBA stars have gone public and said, hey, I was offered $200,000.
Same number that actually bought off of people.
And that's just the federal government.
Imagine what Merck and Pfizer are doing.
It's come out they're paying people.
Some folks are paid more than $200,000 to go out and say, I took it, it's great, you should take it.
Wonder how much Run-D.M.C.
got paid to make all those rap songs about, fight the racists, fight the white racists, fight the eugenics, take the shot!
And it's coming literally from the King Daddy, eugenicist Bill Gates.
Now there's another report, social media influencer admits being offered money for remote vaccines.
Now they've had thousands of them have gone public.
Good for them.
So let me read you some of these headlines, I'm gonna play some clips.
Israel planning to administer fourth COVID jab.
They just said last week third, now it's fourth.
And they went, hey, it could be up to five, it's in a year.
That's out of the Daily Mail.
Dr. Chant, health minister, one of the major provinces of Australia.
COVID will be with us forever.
People will have to get used to it.
She also says, don't go outside, don't talk to your neighbors.
And others there say, don't look at the sun.
And by the way, you'll have no life if you don't take the shot, shots.
For scientists, path to COVID in-game remains uncertain.
Yahoo News!
Oh my God!
Now they're like, oh, five shots a year.
Oh, two pills a day.
You've got to take it on your app with a face scan.
They've actually announced in Spain and Australia that you have to take the shots now on an app.
They don't even trust the people giving you the shot because they know folks are squirting it off to the side.
They're pulling out, you could say.
And so, oh, you gotta now do it on video.
See, talk about dystopia, but all these little soft people that grew up in a free country are now submitting.
And yes, in Australia, in Canada, in the EU, they just announced.
We showed you clips of people reporting it happening two weeks ago in France.
They said, we're setting up 7,000 clinics in schools, including elementary, and we're giving it without parental consent.
And if you don't let us, we'll come arrest you, even though it's not even authorized for children.
They're just doing it.
And look at this dystopic video if you're a radio listener.
Go to InfoWars.com.
There's a Zero Hedge article about it.
Robocop is here.
Singapore deploys robots to detect undesirable behavior, including groups of more than five people.
No more than five people in your backyard or your home.
Notice it's permanent.
It's Xavier the Robot.
It's like a Dalek from Doctor Who.
Exterminate, exterminate.
That's where we are.
And now New York's doing it, and now London's doing it, and now Paris is doing it.
Watchdog Blast BBC ever declares vaccine passports to start this month, even though it's not the law.
Canada's Conservative government says if they win the election, they will have vaccine passports.
Now competing with the left.
Dear white people, National Health Service says whites are inherently evil and bad officially.
That's Marxist-Leninist division of the country while they flood it with foreigners.
We'll be getting to that.
That's just some of the stories up on InfoWars.com.
Oregon police and firefighters suing governor in resistance of vaccine mandate.
Unhinged teacher wearing a mask under their nose, screams at a student wearing a mask under their nose, calls student a piece of for not wearing the mask over the nose.
That's just some of the news, but when I start the next hour, I'm going to play you.
Leaders saying, don't look at the sunset, don't talk to your neighbors, and there's going to be endless shots all over the world.
Who's running these countries?
Who's preparing it?
Well, we know the Rockefeller Foundation, the UN and Pfizer,
It's all the same group.
I'm going to go to break.
I just want to remind listeners that Mike Lindell is one of our biggest sponsors.
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Thanks for keeping us on air.
All right, we're going to have one hell of a broadcast coming up in the next three hours left.
All right, coming up, I'm going to just cover the waterfront, the incredible globalist takeover, how to counter it.
Jim Acosta on the left saying that Trump supporters are Taliban terrorists, while they actually back the Taliban.
That's coming up, start of the next segment.
But Harrison Smith and the crew have always done a good show, great show, but it's just fabulous, the great guests they get every day.
I'm watching almost every day or at night, if I've missed it, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
Here's part of a great interview they did with a manager at Rocco's in New York, who's been fighting back against the ongoing COVID lockdowns and the so-called Excelsior Pass.
New York is because this is the biggest city on the planet.
If it takes hold here, it will take hold everywhere.
So I think that the reason why there's such a big push for this to happen on the West Coast in LA and the East Coast of New York City is because once it happens here,
They will make sure that they will push it to the center of the country.
No, this is not a fight for me.
I mean, I'm very uncomfortable to even have a GiveZen go or, you know, a Zelle that's up there on Instagram for people to donate to.
They have to understand that I'm not fighting for me.
I'm fighting for them.
I'm fighting for their children.
I'm fighting for the United States of America.
I'm fighting to make sure that we keep our country.
You need to defend your civilization against the onslaught of this cancer of progressivism, liberalism, and globalist brainwashing.
This is a life-or-death situation.
No messing around.
The prescription is two doses of InfoWars taken daily.
You're watching the American Journal with your host, Harrison Smith.
Watch live right now at band.video.
Welcome back, folks, to American Journal, I guess.
I'm very happy to have.
Mary Josephine Generoso is the manager of Rakos, a fine dining establishment that's been making headlines for refusing to discriminate against unvaccinated patrons.
Mary's taking a stand for your civil liberties and freedoms and needs your support.
On September 13th, the city will begin issuing fines starting at $1,000 for the first offense, $2,000 for the second time to indoor businesses that fail to ensure their venues are off-limits to those who remain unvaccinated.
It's imperative to call New York businesses and tell them you will not give them your business if they enforce this policy.
Rocco's has a donation page to help them in the fight against tyranny at givesendgo.com slash Rocco's, R-O-C-C-O-S.
Their Instagram is at Rocco's Pastry and the website Rocco's.nyc, again R-O-C-C-O-S.
Very happy to have the manager of Rocco's, Mary Josephine Generoso, on with me today.
Thanks so much for coming on, Mary.
Oh, thanks for having me.
Well, I'm very happy to have you, and I love this picture from the New York Post that has this sign that you posted.
It says, We do not discriminate against any customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinated or unvaccinated.
All customers who wish to patronize are welcome in our establishment.
What inspired you to do this and to stand up against this mandate?
Honestly, the mayor inspired me.
I mean, the second he came out and
Said that we were now going to be checking people based on a vaccine.
I immediately was just like, no, absolutely not.
I mean, my first reaction, I think, was a little bit of despair.
And then immediately, I think five to 10 minutes after hearing him speak, that, you know, sign was conceived in my mind.
I sent a text to my husband who was sitting right next to me.
And I'm like, what do you think?
Can we make a sign that we can put up?
And he was all for it.
And here we are today.
I mean, Bill de Blasio is probably the most unliked man in the city.
I don't know anybody, even if they voted for him, who actually likes him.
So we have one man telling restaurants
What they can and cannot do.
You know, New York, the reason why this is happening in New York is because this is the biggest city on the planet.
If it takes hold here, it will take hold everywhere.
So I think that the reason why there's such a big push for this to happen on the West Coast in LA and the East Coast in New York City is because once it happens here, they will make sure that they will push it to the center of the country.
You are a very powerful voice against this, and I so appreciate you coming on and speaking your mind, because you've said some really powerful stuff here today.
And I hope that our audience supports you by going to GiveSendGo.com slash Rocko's, or goes to your Instagram, Rocko's Pastry, or the website Rocko's.nyc, and people can reach out to you there and support you there.
Is there anything else people can do for you?
Because, you know, we need people like you, and so whatever we can do to support you, I'm all in favor of it.
Anything else they can do to support Rocko's?
I just need the audience to know that this is not a fight for me.
I mean, I'm very uncomfortable to even have a GiveZen go or, you know, a Zelle that's up there on Instagram for people to donate to.
They have to understand that I'm not fighting for me.
I'm fighting for their children.
I'm fighting for them.
I'm fighting for the United States of America.
This is the technocracy.
This is the globalist creating all this fear.
There's all these articles out now saying we must replace humans with robots because humans are dirty.
They don't have restaurants in Austin that robots serve you.
But of course, humans cook the food.
It's all just ridiculous theater.
And coming up at the bottom of the hour, I'm going to get to the globalist master plan and all these new stories admitting
That they're going to use COVID to train you for lockdowns and apps on your phone that the UN runs through a Global Energy Council, Global Carbon Council, Global Food Council, this has all been announced, that will tell you how many calories and credits you get in a global social score.
It is absolutely insane.
That is coming up.
But first, I wanted to hit this.
Jim Acosta has come out many times and said that Trump and his supporters are liars.
That CNN is not an enemy of the American people.
No, they just support the end of the country, they support Antifa, they support lies, they support sending sick people to nursing homes to kill them en masse.
They defended Cuomo doing that.
You know the crimes of CNN run by Ted Turner, the depopulationist, globalist that actually runs this whole thing with
The late David Rockefeller's foundation, along with Bill Gates.
And so here he is with the Communist News Network.
We have the clip.
Saying, leading figures on the far right have been sounding the alarm on Afghanistan and Iraqies all week.
The refugees are coming.
Refugees are coming, Acosta said.
Yeah, a bunch of them are terrorists.
Over on Fox, human manure spreader Tucker Carlson
Has floated yet another race-baiting conspiracy theory that tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are being sent over to this country in order to change the outcomes of the elections.
Yeah, they're sending them all to battleground states.
Look at the Somalis.
Acosta claimed Trump supporters operated on a combination of theocracy and thugocracy.
That's the Democrats.
Pointing to Texas-based law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.
Some members of the far right in this country have apparently decided they will resort to intimidation and in some cases even violence to get what they want.
No, that's the Democrats burning down cities.
They could sweep into power faster than experts thought possible.
Yeah, over your election fraud.
Sounds familiar, sort of like American Taliban Acosta said.
It's starting to look like a combination of theocracy and thugocracy.
He wanted to say these people are the new Taliban.
No, you guys are funding the Taliban.
You're the ones shipping them into the country.
You're the ones protecting them and censoring people that criticize orthodox and radical Islam.
So here's Acosta, here's Michael Moore saying, bring our troops home, he said two weeks ago, because we need them for the January 6th people and the insurrectionists and the terrorists and all the rest of it.
They burned down all these cities, billions of dollars in damage.
I think so.
We're good to go.
And we have to recognize that they're the globalists, they're the anti-Americans, they're the outside globalist group with the UN, with the big corporations, in the Great Reset, in Klaus Schwab's own words, that is, quote, capturing the former democracies of Europe and North America, Australia and Canada.
They say they've captured us, and the corporations now call the shots.
They call for the lockdowns.
They call for the shutdowns.
And they admit it's to collapse small businesses and consolidate control.
So Jim Acosta now says that we are the new Taliban because we're resisting their takeover.
And you know, maybe in the end they're right, because they're an outside globalist force.
At least the Taliban is from their country.
I don't defend the Taliban, they're the ones working with the Taliban, but facts are facts.
So let's go ahead and go to a, this has got to be like three years old, little promo we did of Mars Attacks.
With Jim Acosta in it, and then of course there's another one with Wolf Blitzer saying we're not the enemy of the American people as well with his talking point.
But yeah, they are the enemies of the American people.
That's why they lied to us with the fake Rolling Stone story that went everywhere that hasn't been retracted by all the other newspapers.
Rachel Maddow, New York Times, London Guardian still haven't retracted.
Saying, oh, thousands in the hospital.
People are dying.
Gunshot wound.
Pregnant women can't get in.
There's no ambulances.
All of it a lie.
Hospital group came out and said, no one has been here with this poisoning.
They've had nine phone calls.
Nobody's sick.
Asking to see if it was safe for them to take it.
At the whole poison control system in Oklahoma.
All a lie.
Why I took the Ivermectin paste, the type I took actually has two type of dewormers in it last night, but one of them is Ivermectin, on air to show you.
Consult your physician before you do it, but these people are lying to you because they see you as the enemy.
Here's Jim Acosta.
What will we tell the Afghan refugees who just fled those schools for girls back in their home country?
I guess the girls here will have to fill them in.
Unfortunately what we will tell them is that some members of the far right in this country have apparently decided they will resort to intimidation and in some cases even violence to get what they want.
And they could sweep into power faster than the experts thought possible.
Sound familiar?
Sort of like an American Taliban.
It is starting to look like a combination of theocracy and thugocracy.
The leaders of this MAGA ban movement, people like Marjorie, Madison, and Tucker, they're not counting on an intelligence failure or a lack of planning on your part.
They're counting on a lack of courage to stand up for your rights in this country.
Does that ring a bell?
The anti-immigration, anti-democratic, anti-women's rights forces have all sought these kinds of changes for years, even decades, in this country.
Their operation to change America forever is well underway.
It's just changing in a way they don't want you to see.
I'm standing in this briefing room right now.
There is no government official here, but I'll say that the press is not the enemy of the people.
But I'll say that the press is not the enemy of the people.
The press is not the enemy of the people.
The press is not the enemy of the people.
They came in peace.
Maybe we should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue like these folks who chant CNN sucks and fake news.
Maybe we should go out, all journalists should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and chant we're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
This is CNN.
So, there you go.
Meanwhile, the satanic temple that has millions of members, they brag, of Democrats, attacks Texas abortion law, saying it is our sacrament to abort babies and kill them in a satanic ritual.
Which they're serious about, and I told you they do, at the abortion clinics.
I've told you, it's come out in the news.
They've arrested them, what, in like Missouri and Texas.
Not this particular group, but others.
A lot of these satanists actually have sex with the dead babies, or while they're still alive.
That's part of their sacrament.
Told you that, now it's in the news.
We'll be right back.
We are back live in Defiance of Tyranny.
Welcome to a very special guest medical doctor, academic in studio.
Next hour, into the fourth hour, I'm hosting today because it's a holiday and a lot of folks are taking off.
The great Gerald Celente, a well-deserved not hosting the fourth hour on Monday today in the War Room coming up 3 p.m.
Central with Owen Schroer.
I, of course, am your host Alex Jones.
So, here it is.
Daily Mail!
Times of Israel!
Israel planning to administer a fourth COVID vaccine, which could be adjusted to fight new variants.
Oh, a new shot!
And of course, the booster they always said a year and a half ago you would have to take.
Then they said in their academic papers it'll be 10 shots a year just for the cold virus, and you're going to take two pills a day, Pfizer has now announced.
And government apps will watch you and make sure you do it.
Boy, couldn't come up with a more dystopic movie or film than that.
But it's the real world.
Or book, could you?
Truth is worse than fiction.
Truth is scarier than fiction.
And we now have Trudeau in Canada, we now have the Democrats here in the U.S., in New York, and in California, and it's all coming here, wherever you're at.
They're all announcing the vaccine passport, which again is the COVID control system, the medical ID for the carbon trading system, in the Journal of Nature, Klaus Schwab,
Trudeau last week, they all announced it, and I'm going to say this again.
Do I need to go protest at Senator Rand Paul's office?
Do I need to go protest at Josh Hawley's office?
Do I need to go protest at Ted Cruz's office?
Not that they're bad men, but we know Pelosi was here in Austin promoting the Great Reset and Build Back Better.
She used both those terms and said shut down all other business.
She was in Austin, didn't tell anybody she was coming, but she was here and had a press conference, what was it, Thursday.
We're on our stupid mask.
So, she's out pushing their agenda.
I mean, they've announced a UN World Carbon Tax Agenda saying that COVID was just the beginning.
In the words of Klaus Schwab, it is just the cut, the groove.
Now we add the carbon, we add the app for your carbon calorie, where you then get permission to leave home, we have captured your governments, you own nothing, you have nothing.
I mean, these are, folks, those are real quotes.
You own nothing.
You live in a 250 square foot apartment.
You have nothing.
Every 10 apartments share one bathroom.
You are in communal areas.
You own nothing.
You have nothing.
You eat bugs.
You drink swamp water and sewage water.
These are real quotes.
Oh, do not look at the sun.
Do not go to the sunset.
Do not talk to your neighbors.
Oh, sorry, get used to it.
There'll be lots of shots.
You'll have no freedom unless you take them.
I mean, these are frickin' hostage takers!
Trying to get us to go into mass psychosis, mass Stockholm Syndrome, and have psychotic breaks, because we can't handle the stress, and just accept it!
And then say those of us that don't take all the shots, we're the reason the people that took the shots are sick!
Even though, with the antibody dependency enhancement,
The scientists warned this would cause!
The people perish for lack of knowledge.
So here's a few of these clips.
And the end one is new.
It's the premiere.
New South Wales premiere, most populous area of Australia.
Says, when the state opens up, only the vaccinated will be allowed to interact with each other.
The police will beat everyone else.
Run them over with cars, with horses.
I mean, this ain't North Korea, baby!
Here it is.
And I had a whole bunch of people down the right back beach last night who thought the best thing to do is to go and watch the sunset.
I'm sure it was a beautiful sunset.
But that's not in the spirit or in the letter of these rules.
We're now watching countries like Israel see their cases surge despite high vaccination rates.
How important are boosters to maintaining this no lockdown plan and how soon we need to get them so that we can maintain these freedoms we're being promised?
We need to get used to being vaccinated with COVID vaccines for
The future.
I can't see that COVID is not going to be with us forever.
Maybe in the future we can have even better vaccines and coverage across the world to achieve that.
I mean, as a public health doctor, we always want to have diseases go, get totally eliminated, but that's not on the horizon in the near future.
So booster doses, repeat doses will be part of it.
You know, there'll be different advice about different schedules, which doses you get.
But at the moment, our priority has to be getting first and second doses into people.
And there will be recommendations about booster doses in the future.
And I can assure you that the Commonwealth Government
Has purchased large quantities of vaccine into 2022 and this will be a regular cycle of vaccination and revaccination as we learn more about when immunity wanes.
Whilst it is in human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately this is not the time to do that.
So even if you run into your next door neighbour
In the shopping centre, in the Coles, whilst you're at Coles, Woolworths or Aldi or any other grocery shop.
Don't start up a conversation.
Now is the time for minimising your interactions with others.
Even if you've got a mask, do not think that affords total protection.
We want to be absolutely sure that as we go about our daily lives, we do not come into contact with anyone else that would pose a risk.
I'm wondering, at what point does the pandemic end and COVID-19 becomes endemic?
I think that's the reality that most of the world has been confronting.
What we're really pleased to say is we've got great vaccines and I think I've indicated before that, you know, we will be getting vaccinated regularly.
There will be new strains that emerge potentially and we'll have boosters, a bit like seasonal flu.
So over a year in seasonal flu,
They try and predict which strains are the predominating strains and we have a vaccine.
What's really useful is some of the technology.
We've made vaccines quicker than we've ever made them before.
Because they're not vaccines you witch.
The mRNA technology gives us hope that we'll be able to rapidly accommodate to any changes in the virus.
But that's where we're going to be.
And the key message is we need to get that second dose protection.
So whilst I'm very pleased we are at 60% first dose, as you know, I've previously said, I want to see the sky's the limit.
I think Australia can be the most vaccinated country in the world because we believe in science and we believe in vaccines.
But what I also need to do is get that second dose.
When we do open up at 70% double dose, anyone who interacts with each other will be completely vaccinated.
So that massively reduces the chance of anybody requiring hospitalisation.
But they're going to have to surveil you and watch you with an app to make sure you're only close to someone that is doing that.
And they're saying it's the law to have the Now apps on your phones.
That's the future.
A hell on earth.
Big article about it on InfoWars.com.
Fight back.
Spread it.
Get ahead of it.
Don't just take each new phase of the power grab.
Call the whole thing out and get our leaders to stand up and say no and fight this U.N.
Come on, Senator Paul!
There's Eric Clapton.
Who barely survived his Pfizer shot, and is fighting back against the tyranny.
Everything Klepton does is great work.
And that's gonna be their big problem, is covering up all the damage these shots are causing, and the fact that they're not vaccines, they're gene therapies.
They were always planning to do this, because it gets rid of your immune system, and addicts you to the shots, where they only work for about two months.
But they also make you super, super sick.
Unbelievable that they would do something like this, but it's also unbelievable, isn't it, ladies and gentlemen, that the current head of the FDA was the head regulator, what was it, 20 years ago and respectively 10 years ago, and she authorized OxyContin and then OxyContin for children, which is heroin, synthetic heroin, and then fentanyl.
Which is 50 to 100 times, depending on the type they make, stronger than heroin.
She got that authorized.
The Chinese just cloned it.
Now what type of monsters, people like Janet Woodcock, would do that?
Well, evil eugenicist depopulationist.
Remember Pfizer put out the
Gardasil shot that was a live virus vaccine and killed a bunch of people and sterilized them.
So Pfizer even pulled out of this vaccine operation last year and said, this doesn't work in our trials.
This is killing lab animals.
Because even though they said, you don't have to do tests, they still did them.
They said, we're getting antibody dependent enhancement.
And they said, we don't want to kill a bunch of people, but you know who does like to kill people?
You know, you know him for aspirin and the rest of it.
That's really just a plant.
But Bayer Pharmaceuticals worked for the Nazis.
They still have that attitude.
And in the 90s, for over a decade, they know only got blood from one state that didn't do any screening.
That was Arkansas with a certain governors there.
And then when they were president,
This is all mainline news.
Hell, back when MSNBC wasn't totally evil, they covered it.
And they knowingly shipped it around the world and millions got hepatitis and HIV from it.
And they reached a $10 billion settlement just recently in Roundup.
So that's the type of stuff that they're involved in.
And so now they've done something a hundred times worse than Roundup, which is hard to say.
Probably a
200 times bigger than bear with the HIV?
I mean, this is... Hundreds of millions of people in the West have been given something that in the lab studies kills rats and mice within about six months.
So they estimate two to five years with humans and now people are getting blood clots, they're dying even quicker than scientists thought and the hospitals are full of people that took the two shots.
Whether it's
Rock stars that take it, or whether it's Oscar De La Hoya, who takes the second shot is in the hospital, they tell him, oh, you've got COVID.
And if you die of COVID, the feds have said, CDC, and we're vaccinated, they don't call it COVID.
So the fact that the majority of people dying worldwide have had the shot, they're just suppressing
That information here.
So folks, nobody's going to come to your aid.
They've got liability protection when they inject you with this.
So it's a life and death situation.
Get the word out.
So why am I on Rand Paul's butt?
He's the best.
He calls Fauci out for getting a function, being a liar.
Fauci sponsored the conferences.
He sponsored the Wuhan lab.
He directed it all.
He directed the cover-up.
And Paula said you need to be criminally investigated.
Okay, that's great.
But bring in Operation Lockstep.
Bring in...
Quote Klaus Schwab running the agenda with Bill Gates and saying, we're capturing and taking countries over using the virus fear.
I mean, my God, they don't even deny their battle plans.
You know, at least Cruz and Paul and Holly and Cotton stand up to China, which should be stood up against.
But let me tell you, China's the biggest outside threat.
But the satanic gorilla on our backs is Bill Gates and Ted Turner and all these globalists, and it's just insane.
And their plan is racial division, cultural division, division of the sexes, creating mass psychosis, dividing the people further, it's in all their documents, and then claiming society falls because of racial issues.
Look at this out of the NIH.
They teach the same stuff in Europe, same stuff in Australia, same stuff in Canada, same stuff here, in all the public schools.
Both primary and secondary.
Dear white people, NHS lectures Brits about their privilege.
That's the National Health Service.
Has published a blog on its official website called Dear White People in the UK, which lectures Brits about their white quote privilege and says they should be uncomfortable about their whiteness.
Those are quotes.
As they invade the country and as they bring in the foreigners and don't say adopt our culture, which you're obviously moving here, you think it's superior or you want to be part of it.
The culture of free market and self-defense and all this is bad.
Get rid of it all.
And your back is your white and the NIH is there preying on you.
The article written by Ashini Benjamin
Equality, diversity, and inclusion lead at the Nursing and Midwife Council.
Not a real job.
It orders white people to read numerous far-left screeds about intersexuality and why white people should feel guilty about the color of their skin.
This is why the globals are killing everybody and invading.
And listen to what black and minority ethnic people are saying.
You mean the black and ethnic people the globalists have hired as their spokespersons as the corporations hide behind them.
Don't say I'm not political to excuse yourself from this conversation.
This is classic Marxist takeover.
The text marks.
Right now, ignorance isn't an excuse.
You can't unsee what you've seen.
What, the UN killing a million Africans in Rwanda for their land?
No, I can't unsee what I've seen.
Or cutting off the world economy and starving 20 million people extra to death in the last year and a half?
Most of them African?
No, I can't unsee what I've seen.
So while you murder the Africans, while you build abortuaries in their communities, the ones that live, you try to fill full of racial hatred, so they'll go out and beat and stab and murder innocent white people.
You leftists are sick scum.
You know, I am just totally overwhelmed here.
But I'll tell you what I'm going to cover.
I said I'd get into the public announcement of the U.S.
government and others about the carbon taxes on your app as part of the vaccine app.
We'll get to that.
Got to dig it out of the stack here.
I don't have it here.
Part of the reason I'm not covering it yet, but I'll find it during the break and get to it.
But the first thing I want to hit are these two big juicy nuggets because they tie together.
And that is China goes to war with the liberal world order.
We'll cover that next and how that ties into satanic temple attacks.
Texas abortion law argues that it violates religious freedom.
To abortion rituals and the killing babies is a ritual, which by the way, the Satanists tell you they are.
They get pregnant on purpose to kill the baby and they've got fetishes online.
They have ceremonies.
And a lot of these groups, I've told you, it's come out.
There's been arrest.
It gets whitewashed.
They have sex with a little baby after they pull it out.
That's why the prize is like a eight and a half month partial birth.
And they take the baby out and have their way with it and then dismember it.
Now this group is just saying it's a ritual and they want to kill the baby and they've already told you enough but I mean it's a fact that some of these groups do that and there's just no end to what they do.
They believe they get dark power from their God.
We're gonna go to break.
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And I want to thank you all for keeping us on the air.
Without you, we cannot do this.
And we are toe-to-toe with the Democratic Party and the Satanists.
So we need your prayers as well.
Please keep praying and whatever you do, spread the word.
Your word of mouth is king and it's free to do so.
We'll be right back.
If you'll come back to America.
Come back to America.
Stop throwing your birthright out the window.
Stop selling out to the heartless globalists that want to kill you and your family.
Stop bowing down to these weak, pathetic people.
Stop being a follower.
Even if you've been serving the Satanists, break with them.
All right, let's get into it right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's talk about the cold, hard facts.
What we face comes out of the French Revolution and Adam Weishaupt and a group of professors from universities across Europe and England, Scotland and Ireland.
They wanted to overthrow the church and they wanted to overthrow the nobility and in its place replace themselves in those positions and their writings are public.
George Washington
Actually confronted them and blocked them.
We launched our own revolution.
There's more than 16 letters, 16 or 17 letters from the president on that.
This is all real history.
The public thinks it's something in movies or, you know, something in just fiction books.
And so out of the Jacobins of the French Revolution, that was just a mass psychosis, kind of like the witch hunts that happened in Switzerland and
Salem, Massachusetts here in the United States that killed tens of thousands of innocent women.
They sought to bring in their own hysteria.
They wanted a nine-day work week.
They wanted to get rid of Christianity.
It was a satanic religion.
Yeah, there's George Washington.
All Freemasonry should be disbanded in America because our organization has been infiltrated by the Illuminati and they have bad intention for America and the world.
That's in his letters to the National Archive.
That's not fake.
So you debate whether Masons are good or not.
Oh, Jones is secretly a Mason.
He said he had a family that were Masons.
What does that even mean?
You judge a tree by its fruits.
I'm a Christian that loves God.
I have a relationship with God and I believe in life.
But you always got the Pharisees that are always claiming this person's not pure, that person's not pure.
Well, I just asked those Pharisees, what are you doing to fight evil?
But moving on.
Oh, George Washington wasn't good.
He was a Mason.
Yeah, well, so was King Solomon.
What do you mean?
Masons were the secret colleges.
You didn't just let anybody go to college back then.
So it was the mystery schools of mathematics and science and astronomy.
And yes, it had lots of different ancient secrets of occult groups in it as well.
The secrets of Greece and Egypt and Babylon, all of that.
But yeah, by the time of George Washington's time, the Satanists had taken over most of the Masonic lodges around the world, according to George Washington.
So it became not just a mystery school, it became a Luciferian school.
So, China goes to war with the liberal world order.
China's announcing they're going to incentivize having three children, not only having one.
They are going to put anyone who is a homosexual in prison.
Anyone acting girly or feminine who's a man will be banned from TV, have their social credit score lowered.
Anyone telling children to rebel on their parents will be dealt with.
They don't allow any of the race-baiting garbage, but they finance owning four of the big six production firms, movie houses.
Movie studios here in the United States.
So China is bombarding us with things that will break us up and that will destroy us.
But at the same time, they've outlawed it all there and that has totally pissed off George Soros.
Here he is right here.
Soros' dream to turn China into a neoliberal
Globalization opportunity of nobodies who won't stand up for themselves and are atomized, basically cultural satanists who don't even know they're satanists.
And so President Xi Jinping is cracking down on every element of liberal world order.
He's going to subvert our societies and forming the most intensely nationalistic country in the world.
There's a reason George Soros just weeks ago once again labeled Xi the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world.
So the globalists put
Because, you know, I really respect some of my guests that I've had on.
And we need to get some of those guests back on, but... I had one of those Alzheimer's moments.
Who's the guy that puts out the Christian comic books?
We've had him on a lot.
He's bald.
He lives in Italy.
He's a great guy.
He's reporting out that G's totally broken with the New World Order.
He said it like on my show like four or five years ago.
What's his name?
Fox Day.
We need to get Fox Day back on this week or next week because he's been down.
He was the first guy on the show like four years ago going, G.G.
Ping will betray the New World Order and be a nationalist and then stop them and actually secretly is opposing them and they hate him.
I'm like, dude, come on.
Ping and he does the bad stuff.
I don't like G.G.
But he is definitely breaking with them.
So is Putin.
Our media doesn't want to lay out the common sense reforms that Xi has initiated over the past few years because they don't want us to get any ideas.
Anti-white wokeism is our only state ideology.
That's the religion.
And all that goes against it must be silenced or destroyed.
Nonetheless, some anon in 4chan laid it out in a thread Friday.
It's a really good article.
Going after the video games.
I just printed it wrong, dammit.
Guys, reprint this for me.
Ending the 996 culture.
Making people have weekends.
Promoting families.
Paying people to have children.
It just goes on and on.
Maybe you guys will scroll through the article itself.
I read this at home this morning.
I didn't know it printed wrong.
Please reprint it for me.
Thank you.
But now let's go ahead and segue into what we've become.
And this is on the local news and awesome, by the way.
Satanic Temple attacks Texas abortion law, argues that it violates their religious freedom to abortion rituals.
The Satanic Temple is trying to fight the new abortion law in Texas by arguing it violates their religious freedom to abortion rituals.
And that's not a gimmick.
That's what they really do.
Lucian Greaves, the Temple spokesperson and co-founder, argued in a letter to the Food and Drug Administration that access to abortion
Drugs and must be allowed under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to be used for their abortion rituals.
He goes on to say this is part of our religion to kill babies.
And it just goes on from there.
And, you know, they always do it tongue-in-cheek.
They have a movie called Hell's Satan about this group.
It's really popular with Democrats all over the country.
And I sat there in the movie theater in Austin while everybody got really excited about it.
And then I saw the rituals.
I saw the groups.
I saw the really unhappy people that were involved.
And these are real Satanists.
They're like, oh, we just do this to freak out the Christians.
No, ladies and gentlemen, this is very serious.
I don't know if they themselves in this group take part in the rituals killing babies, but it's come out and they're saying that they support that.
But they've busted people having sex with the dead babies, the living babies, keeping them alive, selling body parts, and doing rituals.
And they've had nurses go public, and they've arrested them in what, Missouri, Texas, Illinois?
And there's been a lot of cases of this, but this stuff gets buried in the local news.
So I've been around it, folks.
It's Satanism.
Here's another one.
Satanists admit they are making child sacrifice for abortion, an official ritual by the Satanic Temple.
In 2015, Satanists raised cash to support the Democrat abortion on-demand policy.
In 2017, Planned Parenthood teamed up with Satanists to expand the Missouri abortion business.
And it just goes on.
And they go out in front of the abortion clinics and hump each other and dress like babies and simulate raping each other.
And it's just all a bunch of degenerates.
They're all alone and super unhappy and pathetic.
And at the end of the day, they can make excuses about, oh, raper ancestor, oh, deformed baby.
Doctors say it's a medical issue when that's going on and wink, wink, then they do a procedure.
That's the way it's always been.
And that's still not good because the end of this is Satanism.
You can have all the excuses and all the things all day, but it's about killing babies, it's about making humans a commodity, and now it's about killing everybody because we're all worthless except the globalist, the human extinction program.
Portland demand Texas travel and trade to protest new heartbeat abortion law.
Well, who wants to go to Portland with all the feces and devil worshippers?
We're going to go to break.
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The upcoming anniversary of the horrible events of 9-11, and not just the ones the media sold you, is nigh.
One of the ironies of these last several years, for so many years, Al Qaeda and ISIS, the number one terror threat to the United States, now the number one terror threat homegrown.
That is exactly right.
They're more concerned about far-right radicals.
They've killed more people in this country since 9-11 than foreign-based terrorists.
They're more concerned about the fact that ISIS and al-Qaeda through social media can basically brainwash people thousands of miles away to act independently without command and control from them.
That is the concern this week, and I can tell you, combined with the domestic terror threat and that threat, law enforcement is as antsy as I've seen them in quite some time.
What many of us labeled as conspiracy theorists were screaming from the rooftops has now become accepted ancient history.
What I didn't know in that morning is the secret decisions that were made at the highest levels of the government and what the government was willing to do.
Under the blanket of national security, what they were willing to do in going way outside the law.
Immediately, I mean within days and weeks, verbal authorization was being granted for a program called Stellar Wind, in which they're turning the extraordinary power of NSA
And pointing it, not just foreign, but also domestic.
Parts of it are still classified.
I'd just call it a warrantless wiretapping program that involved large metadata collection and also collection of content.
Much of it happening in the homeland.
Will we avenge their deaths and reclaim what was stolen from us following the new Pearl Harbor, as was outlined by the neocons in their project for a new American century?
There are many theories surrounding the events of 9-11, and they will be continued to be debated ad nauseum.
But what can't be denied is that Americans continued to be attacked from within, as their liberties were discarded for a creeping New World Order surveillance state.
And we get different views now on just what these spying powers mean and what might happen if they expire.
And as the elitist social engineers gathered over two decades to formulate humanity's demise at Davos and Bilderberg, that system has evolved into a medical tyranny United Nations cloward and piven great reset.
There is a small bump in the road.
Joe Biden has actually managed to sign an executive order instructing the U.S.
Attorney General to personally examine the merits of all cases.
Where the government had invoked state secrets, privilege, and to err on the side of disclosure in cases where the events in question occurred two decades ago or longer.
Biden finally caved after the families of 9-11 victims requested Biden not attend any anniversary events until he honored his campaign promise to release the documents.
It's time for the truth to come out, and we would have signed this letter regardless of who it was in the Oval Office.
It's the 20-year anniversary.
We need help.
We need a president that's going to, once and for all, take our side and not the side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The only salve we can apply is to never forget the lives of those lost on that day and honoring them by reclaiming our birthright.
Post Haste, John Bowne reporting.
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
Well, you've seen him all over Fox News.
I've seen him all over other national media.
He's very well spoken.
Dr. Peter McCullough, academic physician from Dallas, my hometown, and he drove down here to graciously be with us in studio.
He'll be with us 30 minutes into the next hour.
Then I'm gonna get into a special report on the left and how they are under mass psychosis and some of the studies and documentation of that in the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central today.
Dr. Peter McCullough is here.
He wants to get into vaccine failure.
He wants to get into now we know what these supposed shots are doing and where he thinks it's all going.
But also, he wants to get into some censorship.
First, you've seen big tech go around and block Senator Rand Paul when he says things they don't like, even though it's true that natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity.
Donald Trump censored off Twitter.
I mean, this is so dangerous, and the big group they're trying to silence is doctors and scientists and nurses.
So, Dr. Peter McCullough, thank you so much.
AmericaOutloud.com, and you do your great McCullough Report as well.
Thanks for coming in, sir.
Thanks for having me.
Well, I'm going to try to give you the floor, because you're a very well-spoken guy, and you're on a lot of other shows, a lot of other guests, usually have five minutes or whatever.
Where do you want to start first?
Well, by introduction, I'm an academic internist and cardiologist in Dallas, Texas.
I see patients every week.
I'm the editor of two major journals that are cited by the National Library of Medicine.
I'm the senior associate editor of the longest-standing journal in cardiology.
And as many of your listeners know, I've dedicated the last year and a half to COVID-19.
In a sense, I've done a self-directed fellowship in infectious disease and in COVID-19 and
As you implied, I've been subject to censorship, as many other academic physicians have, largely because we are publicly participating in a topic of national importance.
And this is very, very critical.
In a time like this, we need many
Doctors, and we need many scientists to put their ideas together to help guide America forward.
And that's one of the reasons why myself and others are frequent commentators on national media programs like this one.
And unfortunately, my health care system in Dallas is suing me personally related to issues in a separation agreement, but I am declaring no
I have no opinions on behalf of any affiliation or organization.
My opinions are only those of myself, as they are with any doctor in any scientific discourse.
And again, the group you're with, My Family's Use, really respected, but you don't even want their name said.
You've never brought them in, and the idea that you as a family man, as a doctor, as a respected academic, the fact that you're not supposed to have speech in America, that's preposterous.
Since when?
It's not like you're in the CIA and you violated some nondisclosure.
It's not like you told them what's going on.
It's Scott and White.
All we're doing is discussing the data, and one of the things that I want your fact-checkers who watch your show, and they follow me carefully, have them fact-check every single citation I'm going to give today over the next few minutes, because all we're going to do is talk about scientific data and apply the results to the path forward in the pandemic.
Give us a prelude, and then please get into it.
You're gracious to be here, sir.
As millions are watching right now, millions will watch later when it's archived, of what you want to lay out in the next hour and 25 minutes.
I think one of the biggest topics, and it's really of public health importance, is that the COVID-19 vaccines that were so heavily leveraged and relied upon in our federal response to the pandemic are failing.
And patients who are fully and partially vaccinated are contracting COVID-19, and we've got to talk about them.
What are some of the other areas you want to get into?
I think we really should cover the issue of what's called early sequence multidrug therapy because it applies to both those vaccinated and unvaccinated who are high risk and develop COVID-19.
All right, you'll have the floor when we come back.
We've got five, six minutes to break.
Let me ask you a few questions.
What do you make of Australia saying up to five shots a year, Israel now saying a fourth shot, maybe a fifth or sixth every year, Pfizer's talking about therapeutic pills you've got to take, and now they're saying they want smartphones to document you're taking your pills daily.
It sounds like the drug companies are literally involved in a hostile takeover.
Trump said last week on national TV that, yeah, Pfizer basically had more power when he was president than he did.
There's a real clear theme of progressive loss of medical freedom tied to progressively reduced personal freedom.
And we know from these vaccine platforms, there were 24 of them, messenger RNA and adenoviral DNA platforms, none of them were actually designed to be vaccines.
They were designed to be genetic transfer technology programs with intermittent injections.
Wow, it's just amazing.
And I remember reading, I'm no doctor like you, and I remember 18 months ago, Gates was like, well, you'll need a lot of boosters.
And then I went and looked it up, and they go, yeah.
The chief scientist in England over there, big government lab there, he goes, well, these are really gene therapies.
He's for it.
And he's saying, you'll need one every five or six months.
I mean, they're admitting it and then playing dumb like it's a new thing.
Well, gene transfer technology for what for most individuals is a form of the common cold is certainly not justified.
I can tell you this much, that a definition of a successful vaccine is it would at least have to last a year.
At least a year.
And it would have to have 50% protection.
And what we know now is that the Israeli Health Minister has Pfizer fully vaccinated at 39% protection.
Piranek and colleagues from the Mayo Clinic large study has Pfizer at 42% protective.
And then the Imperial College of London
With the REACT study group has Pfizer at 44% protection and so there's no secret why Pfizer basically is a non-viable failing vaccine and is first up for now boosters into a failing commercial product.
And we've still got four minutes to break, so Dr. McCullough, please start now.
You wanted to get into vaccine failure first.
Well, the CDC is telling us, and I think this is really important for Americans to know, the CDC has on its website a total of thousands of cases of fully vaccinated Americans who are failed and they're in the hospital.
They have
A paper out by Havers and colleagues from the CDC in the month of June, they had of those hospitalized in America with COVID-19, 23.4% were partially or fully vaccinated.
We know from a posting on the CDC website in late August that 70 to 80% of those who died with COVID-19
And people can say, well, if you look at Israel, if 90% are vaccinated, of course, most people in the hospital are going to be vaccinated.
But in the old days, most vaccines pretty much worked.
Since when does the immunity go away?
In just a few months?
Well, in Israel, we had a pre-vaccination curve to look at.
So that was very clear.
You can see the height of the curve.
Anybody can go to Worldometer or any one of these COVID tracker websites and look at the pre-vaccination curve.
Now look at the post-vaccination curve with essentially all eligible adults vaccinated in Israel.
The post-vaccination curve, the delta curve, is larger than the pre-vaccination curve.
So there in many ways the vaccine has made the outbreak worse and this is predicted by many experts in the field.
Wow, we're gonna go to break in a minute and a half, but please continue.
We know more that a paper that just hit New England Journal of Medicine by Keener and colleagues from the University of California at San Diego, where they had 83% of healthcare workers fully vaccinated, they now have more vaccinated cases, 94, compared to unvaccinated cases of healthcare workers getting COVID-19.
An example, we're here in the healthcare arena where there's
Vaccine mandates across health systems in the United States is actually making it worse that we were better off before mass vaccination.
And again, I'm not a respected doctor and academic like you, but I can look at the curves here.
All over the world, as they get the first shot, the second shot, suddenly mass hospitalizations, mass deaths, illnesses trailing right after.
So it's like I pull a trigger with a .308, shoot a deer at 100 yards, I watch the deer fall over.
I watch them take the shot, I watch them fall over.
I mean, I'm not a rocket scientist, but
This looks bad, Doctor.
Sure, we have Israel, we have Gibraltar, Singapore, Iceland, United Kingdom.
United Kingdom does some of the best data analyses that we have.
We have the technical briefing September 3rd.
492,528 cases of Delta.
55.4% are vaccinated.
Doc, stay there.
This is huge.
Start over on this.
When we come back and I've got some of the graphs.
Out of Israel, out of Gibraltar, out of Singapore that you mentioned.
When we come back.
And he is the host of the McCullough Report.
M-C-C-U-L-L-O-U-G-H Report.
Find it at americaoutloud.com.
And he's fighting hard for all of us.
I'll tell you, I don't like going to break with this guy because he's saying amazing stuff.
Dr. Peter McCullough, AmericanOutlaw.com.
He is with us and I've got all the graphs out of Israel showing right after they get the shots.
First, second, third exploding.
He's got all the statistics and he was telling me how really serious Delta is.
Now, last year I said, hey, this is overblown.
There's people that die of car wrecks.
They're saying have it.
This mutation, which I think came from the vaccinated, is super deadly and super bad, and he was just telling me how bad it is, and I don't need him to tell me.
I believe him.
I experienced it in my family and my crew and around Austin, so please continue, Doctor, and repeat what you said.
I agree.
I underestimated Delta as well.
I was on national TV a couple times mentioning that it was going to be more mild.
And it is true.
It has a lower case fatality rate than the other versions.
And this is shown in the UK variant report even up to September 3rd.
But it's largely because younger people get it.
But the younger people who get it
It's a difficult illness.
But it's way more contagious, right?
It's way more contagious.
And let me tell you, we've always had Delta.
We've always had about a dozen different variants.
And what happened was, during the pre-vaccinated era, there was an ecological diversity.
And when we started vaccinating, we basically allowed a dominant variant to come forward.
And this actually started in Indiana, where they started using the Sinovac vaccine in a couple of spots there.
And once we get a dominant mutant to go forward, it finds a way of walking on the vaccines.
Take your time and start over.
Take your time and explain.
It's in all the literature that these live vaccines or whatever, you're the doctor, create these dominant mutants, just like in chickens, and you get this Merrick disease.
Yes, that's exactly right.
So what happened is, with using the Coronavac or Sinovac vaccine, which is a whole virus killed vaccine, that it creates an environment where the diversity of the different strains reduces.
In a paper from Mayo Clinic in
We're good to go.
Explain how that works.
It turns out that in a paper by Fahrenholt, another one by Venkata Krishnan, and then actually by our CDC director getting on TV, Americans learned that the Delta variant, which has seven mutations in the spike protein, several in the nucleocapsid, it has basically achieved antigenic escape.
What that means is that the antibodies that are raised by the vaccines cannot hit the virus and can't hit it well enough to stop it.
And that's the reason why, for instance, Delta is having such an easy time with Pfizer.
Now Pfizer's 30 micrograms per shot.
It's the weakest of all the vaccines.
Moderna is a hundred micrograms of messenger RNA per shot.
Moderna is holding up a bit better in the Pyrenex study from Mayo Clinic at 72% protection with Delta.
Johnson & Johnson, we don't know.
But I can tell you it's clear at 99.1% Delta, it is all about Delta.
Delta appears to be beating the vaccines.
The vaccines are not being adjusted to cover Delta.
And if we have any type of booster that comes in
Now, how did you and so many other doctors a year ago, year and a half ago, predict it would fail, predict it would cause all these problems, and then why do you think, I know you don't like to speculate, would the establishment go forward with something they knew would be a fiasco?
Linus Pauling predicted it a long time ago.
Linus Pauling said, listen, don't try to vaccinate for the common cold.
Because we have a respiratory virus.
It is going to use the nasal and oropharyngeal air passages for its initial
I think?
Cold viruses and prior attempts at trying to vaccinate against them have failed.
To make matters worse, it wasn't that it shows a live attenuated or a killed vaccine, which has been tried and failed, or a pure protein vaccine, which is still on the way.
Instead, the decision was a genetic vaccine, and the genetic vaccines have a dangerous mechanism of action.
They trick the body cells into producing the dangerous
The Wuhan spike protein, the original wild-type spike protein.
This spike protein is the product of gain-of-function research out of the Wuhan lab, and now the human body is tricked into producing it by synthetic messenger RNA, which has very strong nucleoside analog caps, which don't allow the messenger RNA to be broken down very easily, or the adenoviral DNA, which comes in in billions and billions of particles through the J&J vaccine.
What you need to know is we've never had a vaccine before that distributed to the brain, that distributed to the heart and the other vital organs, and then set up shop in producing a dangerous foreign protein in our own body.
And that was my next question, because again, I use layman terms.
I just knew that like the polio vaccine they're using is the number one cause of polio because it's a live virus vaccine.
And I talked to other scientists and I read the reports.
This genetic system understands the genetic vaccine.
So it's like synthetic or
I'm just saying that sounds closer to a live virus vaccine because it does go into your body and produce a synthetic copy, so it sounds similar to that.
So I'm trying to understand how it's creating variants or how it's shedding if it's not a live virus.
Because in a live attenuated, let's say even a replication incompetent, you're getting exposed to the entire virus.
That would be like the inactivated flu.
But the point is, here we actually have the genetic code for the worst part of the virus going into our cells.
Our cells produce this protein in an uncontrolled fashion for an uncontrolled duration of time.
It's expressed on the cell surface, which is wrong.
And then the body attacks its own cells because it recognizes a spike protein in
And you and others warned of that over a year ago, so why the hell did the system do this?
I published an op-ed in The Hill this summer before all this took off, and the title of the paper was The Great Gamble of the COVID-19 Vaccine Development Program.
And I didn't predict all of it, but I said, you know what, this looks
Very, very much to be a gamble.
We are putting all of our eggs in one basket.
There was a defocus on early and late treatment.
We were hyper-focusing on fear, isolation, lockdowns, wearing a mask, and waiting to be saved by a vaccine.
There was almost this vaccine prep that was going on from a psychological perspective.
And then when these vaccines were rolled out, there really weren't too many questions asked.
Like, what is this stuff?
How long does it last in the human body?
And so we learned everything after the fact.
For instance, a paper from Ogata and colleagues from Harvard shows the spike protein circulates in the human body for two weeks afterwards.
We know this spike protein damages blood cells.
It damages blood vessels, cells, endothelial cells, and causes thrombosis and blood clots.
So is it true that it can
Shed and infect others?
It's true that the Chinese have shown the whole virus gets into sweat, it gets into oropharyngeal and urogenital secretions and it makes sense the spike protein, a subunit of the virus, clearly would be in these body secretions and shedding probably does occur.
I can tell you clinically the most significant shedding I've ever seen clinically is a recipient of the shedding event that the young person expressed shingles.
As an example.
Or can change menstrual periods or feel somewhat ill.
That's what we've seen in the news is people that have partners that took it are getting rashes.
And so in fact it was basically close contact, sexual contact.
So it's reasonable advice based on what's known.
No close contact for about four weeks with a vaccinated individual.
Doctors stay there.
This is incredible.
I want you to go wherever you want.
We come back back into the vaccine failure, where you think this goes and what you think is going to happen now that this is all coming out.
I mean, the world's learning about this.
This thing's falling apart.
Dr. Peter McCullough is in studio.
We were asking him to come on via Skype.
He said, hey, I'll just jump in my car and drive down from my old hometown, Dallas.
So here he is with us in the InfoWars News Studio.
So, Doc, you wanted to continue with the vaccines not working, why they thought you'd send in something that makes your body create a spike protein.
Explain what they thought this would do, because I looked at
All these other studies where they tried to make vaccines for the cold or for SARS in animals and it killed most of them.
And so what do we expect now these vaccines to do over time that we've seen so much bad reactions?
I mean that's a whole other subject.
Tackle whatever you want.
What we've learned is lipid nanoparticles go everywhere.
There have been papers from China years ago showing these lipid nanoparticles go everywhere.
They go into the brain.
They go into the heart.
They're designed to pierce things.
They go in to reproduce.
They're taken up because they're lipids.
They're taken up by reproductive organs that are producing steroid-based hormones.
And what we've learned is, A, they go everywhere.
The Japanese knew this.
When Pfizer came with their application, the Japanese said, you know, we don't believe you.
It doesn't stay in the arm.
Show us where it goes.
The Pfizer had to do a biodistribution study in animals.
Go back and show them where the lipid nanoparticles go.
They hyperconcentrate in the animal ovaries.
We assume the same thing is true in humans.
That's not good news for women.
By the way, I saw the data sheet from the chemical companies.
They say not for human ingestion, that type of lipid oil particle.
It's been modified with polyethylene glycol, which makes it a little bit more stable in the human body.
So antifreeze makes it better?
Antifreeze, well, you know, polyethylene glycol is used in other cosmetic products, but what the listeners need to know is these are brand new technologies, and unfortunately, everything we've learned about them since the time they've been released has been bad.
A, they're distributed everywhere.
And you're a heart doctor so you can really speak to
And I've seen cases of this.
It's basically, the heart basically goes on fire.
It becomes inflamed as it's expressing spike protein locally and having spike protein delivered to heart muscle cells.
It's not supposed to be there.
The heart does not like it.
The heart, you need it to beat all the beats of your life.
It doesn't like it.
I'll tell you another organ that doesn't like it is the brain.
And so when we have local spike production, spike protein production in the brain, we're asking for trouble.
And the FDA agrees.
So now the FDA has warnings on Pfizer-Moderna for myocarditis, broad warnings.
J&J has warnings regarding the neurologic system for Guillain-Barre as well as blood clots.
And in fact, all of them through the spike protein production cause blood clots.
The final common pathway in terms of death in COVID-19 is actually due to micro blood clots in the lungs.
The last thing we need is a vaccine that causes blood clots.
And I say the final
The final thing that is really disturbing is that a recent paper shows an interaction between the spike protein and two cancer producing genes.
One is BRCA, well known for breast cancer and other female cancers, and the other one, P53, which is the tumor suppressor gene.
We're good to go.
If the spike protein occurs over a prolonged period of time, based on the basic science data, it could be cancer-promoting.
And why is this concerning?
Because we have shot one, shot two, now it's being proposed, shot three and four.
If these continue to... Those are called insults!
Yeah, well, it's just, it's more induction of spike protein, which is going to cause trouble in the human body.
It doesn't look good.
Why did they say a year ago in England when the shot started, eight months ago when I started here, oh don't worry if your uterus swells up or you have bleeding or if you get lymph nodes that swell up, and just tell your doctor it's no big deal if it looks like cancer.
But then they rush them in and it's like stage four, Roger Stone's wife got the Pfizer, huge thing swell up two weeks later under her arm, lymphoma.
I mean right there it's doing a bunch of weird stuff.
What's happening?
It's clinically apparent.
What about the bleeding, like 80-year-old women getting menstrual bleeding after the shots?
Well, it makes sense that the idea is the spike protein is distributed to the uterus as well as the ovaries.
Invariably, there's going to be some changes in female hormones.
All we need is a little relative estrogen withdrawal, progesterone dominance, and then we have uterine bleeding.
In layman's terms?
Well, the bottom line is the vaccine is causally related to these menstrual abnormalities.
Please continue.
I'm going to ask questions, but you've got so much to say.
Well, the big news is if the vaccines are failing, and they clearly are, and we're getting calls every day, more and more people who are either partially, fully vaccinated and getting COVID-19.
We need to reduce the risks of hospitalization and death.
We've been through two administrations.
We have not seen a team of qualified doctors running the show who have experience in treating COVID-19 and reducing these events.
If we can actually have this illness survivable in the home, it's going to be rough.
But if we survive in the home and don't require hospitalization and don't die, we actually have a victory.
And that takes what's called sequence multidrug therapy for COVID-19.
That's what I published.
In the American Journal of Medicine in August of 2020, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine in December 2020, that is the basis of the Home Treatment Guide that is fully supported by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the Truth for Health Organization, very similar to the Frontline Critical Care Consortium, they have additional protocols, and the American Frontline Doctors.
What America needs to know is we have four major organizations, one of them which has chapters in every state in America, supporting early treatment.
And America should look to these treatment organizations and not be chilled by the messaging that's coming down through major media, as well as some of our government agencies, which basically imply don't treat the illness.
I can tell you, it is a giant mistake in a high-risk person to not treat the illness.
Yeah, why would they say last year and this year, oh, just stay at home so you can't breathe, and their answer is put a tube down your throat.
When my parents were deathly ill, and as soon as we got them on the oral steroids, the inhalable steroids, the ivermectin, and the quercetin, and aspirin, and my dad was on oxygen, he was like in the low 80s, the next day he was putting chairs together that got delivered, and he was like 80% better the next day, 90% the next day.
I mean, it was miraculous.
Well, that's what it takes.
You know, I just provided commentary on the National TV about Joe Rogan.
Joe Rogan got on and said, listen, I got the sequence combination.
And I said, listen, that's how I drew it up for America.
And it wasn't just me.
I had 57 authors.
And we said, listen, we've got to treat this problem.
We use a combination.
That's right.
For folks who don't know, you were one of the original folks that brought up that protocol that's been adopted by a lot of people.
I mean, I'm the first author of the two major peer-reviewed publications that brought this to the world, the most widely used protocols in the world.
And it involves drugs that reduce the replication of the virus early.
It involves drugs that influence and reduce inflammation called cytokine storm.
And then lastly, thrombosis or blood clotting.
When people die, every autopsy that's ever been done on someone with COVID-19, in the end, the lungs are filled with blood clots.
And what people need to know is we need
Drugs to influence all three phases of the illness.
Not a single drug is a cure.
And so many hospitals are doing it and having great success.
They're having it all over the world.
The Japanese scientists, the head of their union in Tokyo says 100% success.
Give early.
They have all the African numbers.
But then you and others all get demonized.
I guess because Big Pharma doesn't want any competition.
Well there's a variety of stakeholders and the thing that's most disturbing is we've had National Institutes of Health staffers, FDA staffers, and major media basically say that there's no evidence for ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.
Uh, and that there's no support for early treatment.
And it's just the opposite.
Hydroxychloroquine, 280 supportive studies, dozens of clinical trials, clearly works when it's used.
Stay there.
Hold on, Doc.
This is amazing.
This is so incredibly important.
Check out his website, American Out Loud, americaoutloud.com, v-mccullough-report.
We'll be right back.
Hey, you know who that is, Dr. Peter McCullough?
It's somebody that I, our little bird told me is a big fan of you, Eric Clapton.
Well, what do you think of what happened to him?
Well, you know, Eric's a terrific guy, and he is making the point that medical freedom really matters.
And we need medical freedom, not only in terms of choosing a vaccine or not understanding the risks and benefits, but also early treatment.
And as I was mentioning, hydroxychloroquine, well supported and still a mainstay and frontline in so many countries.
Huge surge in hydroxychloroquine last spring in 2020, and then there was a giant effort to suppress hydroxychloroquine.
Guess what we're seeing this year?
Ivermectin, a drug that's very useful in treating COVID-19.
61 supportive studies, 31... Talk about... because if you go to the NIH website, they say you're not a horse, don't take it, but then you type in studies Ivermectin, they're almost all positive as antivirals.
So explain what it is, why they're suppressing, and what it does.
This is really important.
It works to reduce the entry of the virus into the nucleus of the human cell, but it's the only drug we also have that antagonizes the effect of the spike protein, the dangerous spine on the ball of the virus.
And ivermectin is versatile in terms of almost all the outpatient and inpatient studies are positive in terms of reducing mortality.
And the courts agree.
There are so many cases in America
Where there's a loved one in the hospital suffering with COVID-19.
They're not getting a good treatment.
They're not getting ivermectin.
The families go to the courts and demand ivermectin.
Ralph Lorigo is the lead attorney on most of these cases.
And the judges give an order to tell the doctors to give ivermectin.
That's just amazing.
There's no evidence in using treatment for COVID-19.
They claimed that there was an overrun of calls to the National Poison Control Center on this.
In fact, there was even false claims of hospitals coming in with safety events.
Well, Trial Site News, led by Daniel O'Connor, recently broke the story.
They went to the National Poison Control Center and said, what's going on?
Turns out they had over a thousand calls, zero deaths.
There was a few issues of concern that the Poison Control Center helped out on.
The vast majority of calls were simply dose or administrative-related calls because Ivermectin... And it turns out that that story and the Rolling Stone, they had to retract it.
Nobody in the hospital is sick with Ivermectin.
None of it was true.
No backlogs.
No gunshot victims not getting help.
It was all a giant lie.
And even Rachel Maddow and the London Guardian and others have not retracted yet, though Rolling Stone has.
And those media individuals and the government representatives, in my view, are costing American lives.
I mean costing, this isn't a joke.
They're costing American lives.
The Ivermectin is part of our approved protocol supported by four major societies.
In fact, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons fired off a letter to the AMA basically saying, listen, shut
I found this messaging because you're hurting Americans, we're costing lives and unneeded hospitalizations.
Japan and so many first world countries use ivermectin frontline in sequence multi-drug therapy.
I just can't believe Rolling Stone retracted it and said, okay, nobody was sick, it was all made up.
But Rachel Maddow and others, as of Showtime, hundreds of publications will not retract it.
They're still saying this.
This is going to kill people!
Well, misinformation put out by government officials, NIH and FDA staffers, and then parroted by major media, is hurting Americans and hurting Americans worldwide.
You know, this idea that we have high-quality, sequenced multi-drug therapy, we talked about the antivirals, we actually have
Monoclonal antibodies.
We use Regeneron antibodies.
We've seen former President Trump, Joe Rogan, Governor Abbott.
Everyone received these antibodies.
We had staff members that were super sick, couldn't breathe.
Instead of going to the hospital, they got Regeneron.
Five to six hours later, 100% better.
That sounds like a miracle!
Well listen, when I came down here and testified in the Texas Senate, I fried the Department of Health and Human Services.
I said, where are these antibodies?
Where's the 1-800 number?
As you're saying, there's 500 million doses.
There's 500 million pre-purchased doses.
Now Lilly, the Bamlivimab is no longer effective, but we have Regeneron and other products.
And the bottom line is, Americans need to demand this.
And if it's given earlier, patients do better.
And don't play around with this, folks.
I mean, I've had experience with the Delta.
It's not fun.
And I guess I'll tell you what, the antibodies, we follow it up with a sequence of other drugs.
Really important is steroids.
We can use Inhalbudesonide.
Innovator Richard Bartlett, the West Texas Maverick, he was the first one to show this.
He was on national TV.
They later on called him a snake oil salesman.
Two randomized trials support his idea.
Richard Bartlett was right all along about Inhalbudesonide.
Yeah, terrific guy.
We have oral steroids and prednisone works fine.
Dexamethasone is probably a bad choice by the British.
We use prednisone in our protocols.
And the bottom line is Colchicine, shown by the Canadians.
The largest clinical trial in all of COVID-19, the CO-Corona trial, showed Colchicine, given for 30 days, reduces the risk.
Colchicine, a gout drug, in combination with his other drugs work.
Nobody gives a word to this.
This is a 4,000 patient, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.
The highest quality science that we have in COVID-19 is with colchicine, and our government staffers will make no mention of it.
All right, let's talk about this.
You're right, the vaccine failure is the biggest news, and I think they knew all along, and now they're going to just trap people in endless shots in robodope.
But what about
Having the number one and number two head virologist, head vaccine experts at the FDA quit last week.
The UK scientists didn't quit.
They said, we're not giving this to under 16s.
And Europe's saying we're not going to give the booster shot.
It's not going to work.
That is all the regulatory people in the EU, the UK and the US turning against the governments.
But now Boris Johnson and the EU head and also I guess Legrand's her name and
Biden is saying we don't care.
We're going ahead.
Whatever happened to trust the science?
So what does it say when the pro-vaccine vaccine experts over the government agencies say this is political and this is wrong?
Oh, and by the way, we didn't really authorize these vaccines.
We did another emergency authorization.
That sounds like some serious covering the ass.
Well, we've actually got malfeasance, and that's wrongdoing by those in position of authority.
We have leading scientists say, listen, shut this down.
Dr. Tess Lowry, who leads the evidence-based consulting group in the UK, the lead consultant group to the WHO in May, put forward her recommendation based on the yellow card system to the MHRA, shut down the program.
Not appropriate for human use, not safe for human use.
And then we move forward, when August 23rd, what happened is the FDA, with the Pfizer-BioNTech meeting, there was no briefing booklet.
Where's the briefing booklet?
There's normally a briefing booklet from the sponsor, one done by the FDA, no advisory panel, no public citizen comment, basically behind closed doors.
Pfizer does not get approved.
It actually gets continuation of the EUA.
There is a switch in bait where now BioNTech gets conditional approval of Comirnaty, but it's a legally distinct, maybe medicinally distinct entity, yet doesn't exist in the United States.
It gets conditional approval with a whole litany of myocarditis studies that have to be done post-marketing.
Wow, and?
Again, a talking point now becomes the lie that it's approved and they order the military to take it.
That is beyond, beyond sensational.
That is just so crazy.
And beyond that, Dr. Gruber, one of the two senior FDA officials who resigned, the one who signed the letter to Comirnaty for the conditional approval to BioNTech, she's one of the ones who resigned seven days later.
What do you make of those resignations?
I think in a busy regulatory cycle where there's briefing booklets, where there are applications, a lot of data.
Listen, I do this.
I've testified for the FDA.
I've been on day safety monitoring boards.
I've been the lead consultant for companies.
I can tell you in a big regulatory cycle like this, the last thing you need is people leaving.
And when they do, it's a sign of things going bad.
That's right.
I mean, they said that we were not consulted and it shouldn't be politicians making this decision.
They also said, why is the CDC making the decisions?
We are the cabinet level agency, which is true.
There's going to be a lot of shame and a lot of guilt on people's shoulders when they look back in history.
And I think that's what these regulatory regulators are thinking of.
We're going to do 30 more minutes for the next hour.
You're so gracious to be here, Doctor.
What are we going to cover next hour?
We're going to pick up on the issue of how to move forward in the pandemic.
I think it's really important because this has to end at some point in time, and I can help you guide things forward.
Tell people the best place to find your show.
All right.
Go to America Out Loud Talk Radio and look for the McCullough Report.
I put out a weekly podcast with a write-up.
And importantly, I'm going outside the United States to talk to experts all over the world regarding the pandemic because one thing you'll never see on mainstream media is no window to the outside world on how they're handling COVID-19.
All right, amazing.
We'll be right back.
Remember, InfoWars.com and our hundreds of radio stations and all of this cannot be on air without your support.
We also pay for satellites to hit a lot of the world for free, even though people aren't buying stuff in Asia and Africa and Eastern Europe.
That's fine.
All right, Dr. Peter McCullough is here.
He helped write the first big protocol that saved millions of lives around the world, and he's here with us right now.
America out loud dot com forward slash the dash McCullough dash report forward slash.
You wanted to finish up with what it means, I guess, when the captain abandoned ship, the U.S.
regulators, the head people over the vaccine program, number one, number two, 40 plus years, 45 years together, leaving and saying.
We disagree with the boosters, we don't want to give it to under-16s, and you overrode us, and we're out of here.
I mean, that is a sign the wheels came off, right?
Yeah, the wheels definitely came off at the FDA Division of Virology and Vaccine Products Division.
But importantly, I think it's really a telltale of
Well, what's going on there in terms of regulatory malfeasance, and what I mean by that is that even the conditional approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech, the 30-microgram shot of messenger RNA, was all based on legacy data.
Meaning the old variants, the original Wuhan variant, the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma variant, there was no Delta variant data.
And I told you,
We are at 99.1% Delta, which Pfizer and the new Camaradi vaccine don't cover or certainly don't cover adequately enough.
So how in the world can they possibly approve boosters?
And that probably was the reason why they're walking off is they had a legacy data approval, which is really no longer applicable.
It's just a conditional approval for BioNTech, which doesn't exist in the United States.
And now boosters, which are just at this point in time, not feasible.
Doctor, what do you expect to come out of this scandal?
I mean, we think OxyContin's big, we think FinFin's big, we think Bayer and the blood scandal's big.
This looks like a hundred times bigger than all those combined to me.
Well, I'm told that a blockbuster drug is a billion dollars a year in its first year of revenue.
Pfizer right now is at, I think, from Fortune and another major business magazine, $33 billion.
So this is the biggest blockbuster ever?
And everything you've been saying for a year and a half has been vindicated, it's been proven, it's come true.
I know you don't want to talk about it, you said that's a condition of the interview and I'm not going to break comments on that, but you work for a major healthcare provider and they're suing you because in your own private life you're speaking up and going on Tucker Carlson?
That's preposterous!
You know, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, you and others, reach out to me for my opinions.
And the U.S.
Senate did.
Multiple individuals, both in the House and the Senate.
I can tell you stakeholders all over the world reach out to me and people in my circles.
Because they want a second opinion.
What goes on in medicine?
We get second opinions all the time.
Doctors work in teams.
What we're not seeing on national TV and we're not seeing from our agencies is we're not seeing teamwork.
You're supposed to have a science question, question, debate, and that's how you get better answers.
In fact, in one of the newspapers after this lawsuit was levered at me, one of the local newspapers in Dallas, they accused me of being a vaccine skeptic.
That's right.
A vaccine skeptic?
Well, I gotta tell ya, as a scientist and a doctor, I'm a skeptic on everything!
And I think it's good to be a skeptic on a new- Well, if I was gonna have heart surgery, I'm gonna talk to people and go get ratings!
And I'm gonna go to the top guy like you or somebody!
I mean, that's being skeptical is normal!
Being skeptical is normal.
I'm not gonna go down to, you know, South America and, you know, do it in the back of a van!
And it's very important to be fair balance.
And what I said in the most recent post on the McCullough Report is this.
The vaccine program has been out for eight months, and the report card on the vaccines is overdue.
And what I mean by that is, come on, we've had half of America take one of these vaccines.
Our agencies have not told us which vaccine is the winner, which one's the loser, which one's holding up the best, which one's the safest.
How can we actually give a vaccine and have a good outcome?
In fact, now they've got articles everywhere
Like this one out of Yahoo News.
For scientists, path to COVID endgame remains uncertain.
They're just not telling us anything.
It's all just a big mess.
They're saying, just give us more power.
Give us more control.
Have a vaccine passport.
Let us control you.
We'll be back with two more segments with our amazing guests.
Stay with us.
All right, we have Dr. Peter McCullough in studio with us, one of the main leaders in the last year and a half, exposing this whole fraud, completely vindicated.
And you wanted to get into boosting our body's natural defenses, but also early treatment with this situation.
I don't want to get your predictions.
We've already seen mutations and escaped mutants.
The media makes jokes.
Jones says it's going to turn us into mutants.
Mutant viruses, mutant stuff being released by these vaccines.
I just read the science, you can explain it to us.
What can we expect of new variants or what's coming next?
And what can we expect from the studies I've seen of the Pfizer shot particularly lowering immunity?
Is it true that it's turning off killer Ts?
And then we have this spin that the hospitals are full of unvaccinated.
But when I go look at the real numbers, that's not what's happening.
There's a new article on InfoWars.com, whistleblower nurses expose media's false pandemic of the unvaccinated.
They say, no, we're seeing the hospitals filled with the vaccinated.
Like we see in Israel, that's true.
What's causing it, doctor?
Yeah, well, on the way down here, you know, driving from Dallas to Austin, there was a billboard saying 91% of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated.
Now, why in the world would hospitals blow money on a billboard for that?
Don't they have better things to spend their money on?
I can tell you the CDC in its own data from June by Havers and colleagues,
And again, you're saying in India, I know they've admitted that, that Delta came from a group of vaccinated people.
So we always have variants.
Explain the mechanism.
I want people to understand this.
So Delta has always been there, as well as Eta and Alpha Beta.
And they basically picked the Greek alphabet.
So they've always been there.
But when we apply a non-lethal pressure, an evolutionary pressure, the virus that can best survive in the vaccinated people is going to move forward.
And that's Delta.
And what we know now from two studies, one from Chow and then one from Liu from Guizhou.
Chow was from Ho Chi Minh City.
Liu was from Guizhou, China, and then also from Fahrenholt in Houston.
They've all showed that fully vaccinated individuals can carry in their nose and mouth
Wow, that is so amazing.
People are going to know more about this.
You explained it, but just a little bit more how that works because
I don't know.
Over time.
Is that apples and oranges or is that kind of what you're talking about?
Well, it's partly interwoven and supportive.
You know, I did a seminar with Dr. Geert Vanden Bosch on Covexit on the platform.
You can go find it.
And, you know, he used to work for Gates Foundation.
He warned of this.
This is before the vaccines.
He said, listen, the vaccines are going to, in a sense, promote a little mini Petri plate.
And that the antibodies, the weak antibodies that are raised by the vaccines are going to allow a resistant virus to be held in the nose and mouth and then have a vaccinated person become a spreader.
And that's exactly what we're seeing with Delta.
It's interesting that Delta is hitting the younger people.
All the seniors, you know, we have 75% of people over 65 in America took the vaccine.
So it's the seniors who, in a sense, are passing Delta to the younger individuals.
We have, you know, several studies now.
So when Mitt Romney says it's the unvaccinated or hurting him and assaulting him, that's not what the science shows.
It's Mitt Romney.
In fact, it's just the opposite.
I mentioned a paper from Keener and colleagues from University of California in San Diego.
In the health system, you're better off being unvaccinated.
If you were a patient and you look at that New England Journal of Medicine paper, you'd rather have an unvaccinated nurse than a vaccinated nurse.
Alright, I asked you this, you're a little bit into solutions and immunity and early treatment right now, but before you go here in about 15 minutes, again, where do you expect this to go now that it's clearly failed, it's falling apart, they're trying to cover it up, they're saying 3 shots, 4 shots, 5 shots, 7 shots, I mean it's just, it's crazy how this is falling apart in front of our eyes and their answer is just keep doubling down.
We have to follow leading organizations.
You know, Cleveland Clinic published a paper, Shretha and colleagues, that looked at unvaccinated, naturally immune people, people who had COVID-19 and recovered, and they went back into the workplace, they had plenty of COVID ambiently in the Cleveland Clinic, 2,500 or so workers, zero infections.
You can't get COVID-19 twice.
There hasn't been a bona fide case of someone who had
We're good to go!
Natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable, and the path forward is to recognize they're naturally immune, like they're doing in the city-state of Monaco and probably elsewhere, like the Cleveland Clinic.
The Cleveland Clinic is not having vaccine mandates.
Well, that's my next question.
How crazy is it to have the Surgeon General, sure you've seen the clip, say natural immunity is not as good as the vaccine immunity when all the studies show the opposite?
I mean, he knows that's not true.
He must know it's not true, and also our head of the National Allergy and Immunology Division has said that.
So, Surgeon General, we've had two high-ranking officials who probably have never seen a COVID-19 patient themselves.
They're not probably licensed and capable of taking care of a COVID-19 patient.
But having said that, they should be looking at the data.
There's 15 studies showing natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable.
Far superior, infinitely superior to vaccine immunity.
If the CDC has thousands of vaccine failures on the website, they don't have a single failure of natural immunity.
Any American is going to know that the vaccine immunity is simply not durable.
Well, I knew by biology class in seventh grade that natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity.
I don't know how they get up on TV and say that.
Yeah, I think they're going to be embarrassed when historians look back on this.
And there's going to be plenty of documentaries on it.
There's going to be a load of embarrassment.
One of the reasons why I'm so careful when I come on TV with you, Alex, and others, is I cite the literature because I don't want historians to go back and say McCullough said something that was absolutely crazy.
Everything I'm saying is grounded in the science.
I'm personally COVID recovered, OK?
I had the alpha variant.
I was in an FDA-approved research protocol.
I took hydroxychloroquine as part of FDA-approved research.
I got through COVID-19.
I had pulmonary involvement.
I recovered.
That was back in October.
I can tell you now, in the Delta pandemic, I have come face-to-face with red-hot Delta patients.
No mask or personal protective equipment.
I'm at the point, I'm doing house calls, okay?
And I can tell you, I didn't get Delta.
So the good news is, people telling me that you can keep getting reinfected, you think that's wrong?
You can't.
In fact, I helped the Sri Lankans organize... So that shoots down their move to make us take new vaccines from Iran?
Yeah, well, absolutely not.
Once somebody gets through COVID-19, the vaccine has no role.
And I've told America, I've been on with Laura Ingraham on Ingraham Angle saying, listen, there's three studies showing if you've already had COVID-19, you take the vaccine, all you do is get side effects at a higher rate.
So the vaccine is absolutely contraindicated in someone who is COVID-recovered.
It can only harm them and can't help them.
And obviously the scientists and Bill Gates and Fauci know all this, so why are they up there saying the opposite?
And the FDA knew it.
The FDA excluded COVID-recovered, even suspected COVID-recovered, even people who actually missed the original infection, who are antibody or T-detect positive.
They should not get the COVID-19 vaccine.
And according to state and federal law, there's no way they can be considered a public health threat.
The vaccine mandates cannot apply to a COVID-recovered patient.
Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest.
Final segment with him, American.
AmericaOutloud.com forward slash D dash McCullough dash report or just search host of the McCullough report and you will find that and everybody should get that weekly show they should share it everybody should take this interview after it's archived we're live right now this afternoon when it's at band on video and freeworldnews.tv and share it like people's lives depend on it because it does
That's why they're putting out fake news that thousands are in the hospitals and gunshot wounds and pregnant women can't get in.
It's a total hoax because this is part of a larger World ID control system.
It's all U.N.
It's all come out of Bill Gates and it's got to be stopped.
Final segment, I'm going to really shut up for this and let you get into what you can take to boost your immune system and what the regimens are for people once they know they've gotten sick with this.
You don't want to play around with this.
Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest.
Tomorrow's news today.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Wow, I haven't seen R.C.
Rapper just say no.
My buddy Chris Sky on there.
You're kind of a, you know, a cool dude there, Dr. Peter McCullough, bringing that up.
Well, he's a good guy.
I tell you, R.C.
Rapper and Chris Sky, they're making a point about medical freedom and how, to a young person, none of this makes sense.
All right, the time we've got left, you're going to be on Owen Schroyer and the War Room today.
Do you know what hour?
Five o'clock.
It's the last hour of the show.
Okay, we got eight minutes left.
You've got the floor.
What to do to boost your immune system?
What to do when you're sick?
Do you even wait or do you go on the regimen?
Okay, boosting the immune system.
If everybody could lose a few pounds, get in shape, and get ready for COVID.
I know I did last year.
I was taking a lot of risks.
I was one of the leading doctors treating COVID.
I knew I was going to take a hit.
In fact, I did.
I survived it.
No hospitalization.
Everybody, physical fitness is survival of the fittest.
Now, deficient in anything puts you at risk.
So why be deficient?
Zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, quercetin.
These form a base of nutrition supplements that can help boost your immune system.
Now, prophylaxis, very important.
Singapore's been doing this.
Asia, we recently put into the guidelines oral and nasal hygiene every day.
Either dilute
Povidone iodine, very dilute, a few drops in a glass of water, swish and gargle and spit, nose spray or Q-tips twice a day reduces the viral contamination in the nose and mouth that can happen.
If iodine allergic, we can use dilute hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite or even regular Listerine.
So that's prophylaxis.
There are some medical prophylactic regimens.
You do that every day, you got a chance when it first starts replicating to knock it out.
Right, and so I learned that from anti-infective dentist, Dr. Paul Gossett, and is supported by the American Dental Association for other viruses, and it makes perfect sense.
They've been using it in Asia, elsewhere.
Povidone iodine, the best, very inexpensive to get, just very dilute, just enough to be brown water, and that kills the virus.
By the way, we talked about poison control.
Another thing I learned about, we talked about ivermectin, hydroxy poison control.
There's actually been more calls to poison control about hand sanitizer than ivermectin.
So just as a talking point, just like a variety of different hand sanitizers work, and it doesn't take much to kill the virus, once a week hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis or twice a week ivermectin prophylaxis also are partially effective.
But I want everyone to know, vaccinated or not, high risk senior, over age 65, early severe symptoms, get a monoclonal antibody infusion.
Call ahead of time.
Find out what local hospital or urgent care center sucks them, and be ready to get the infusion.
You come in, it's a one hour infusion, one hour observation, go home, and then start the other.
I noticed Delta kind of, everybody I know, kind of hit them slow, feel tired, allergies about a day, and then your chest starts hurting, then you get a headache, a fever, and then you can't get out of bed.
Don't wait to that level.
I'm telling you, it's so deceptive.
Everybody starts out early with mild symptoms.
My patients tell me, Dr. McCullough, I just have a mild case.
And I said, no you don't.
It's mild on the first day.
You're going to be flat on your back by day three.
Let's get the antibodies.
So what I've experienced is what's happened.
Day three, hit by a truck.
That's the reason why it's called Sudden Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.
So the bottom line is then we move into these after the monoclonal antibodies for high risk we move into hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin plus doxycycline or azithromycin then into inhaled budesonide, oral prednisone, oral colchicine and very importantly
Full-dose aspirin, 325 milligrams for 90 days, like the Japanese do, because there's a late risk of stroke and heart attack.
That's to keep the stuff open.
Yeah, keep the blood from clotting.
And high-risk seniors, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, prior blood disorders, cancer, lovinox.
Lovinox injections, a milligram per kilogram, or oral anticoagulants.
When people die of this illness, and the autopsies show, it's micro blood clots in the lungs.
When the oxygen saturation goes down, that's not time for remdesivir, that's time for blood thinners.
Why did Fauci recommend Remdesivir when I saw it only had like an 8% effective rate?
Remdesivir is a fairly toxic polymerase inhibitor, and maybe it could have been a good idea for day one, but the bottom line is the average person comes in the hospital on day 14 to 28.
It's too late for Remdesivir.
It's too toxic.
It has liver and kidney toxicity.
I've rarely seen a patient get through five days of treatment.
The bottom line is Remdesivir has mixed data.
We're much better off treating early at home and not getting into...
Also, what about usually when you're sick, they say stay in bed.
I know that Dr. Bartlett and others said, get people up.
And as soon as I made my folks get up and got them on treatment, they were like almost better than in a day or two.
Get fresh air, open the windows.
If able to, get outside, away from others, take the mask off.
Exercise outside.
Yvette Lozano in Dallas.
I give her a lot of credit.
She ran one of the biggest COVID treatment units outpatient.
She actually has an exercise machine in her office and actually helps blood flow.
Even in those who have low oxygen saturation, if you can do that with supplemental oxygen, get some blood flow through the lungs, you can have sustained improvement.
So it's key, or even if you feel like total crap, you gotta get up and walk around.
If you lay there like the hospitals say, what happens?
Well, what happens there is we have sluggish blood flow through the pulmonary circulation and the impairment of oxygen exchange worsens.
And we get to the point where some people, they can only lay on their stomachs because they otherwise can't maintain oxygen saturation.
Let me say one other thing now.
We're very comfortable now with oxygen concentrators at home, through medical supply, or even ordering through Amazon, giving oxygen support at home.
So the only real need for the hospital is high flow oxygen or mechanical ventilation.
Hopefully it never comes.
In closing, you're amazing, doctor.
What about...
The situation with the new booster shot and now Israel saying they're going to give a new shot for Delta.
Will that cause new mutations?
I think the booster shot is going to be progressive side effects and we haven't really covered this from shot one to shot two.
There's an 80 fold increased risk of side effects in America.
Now we've only had 13,000 Americans lose their life with these vaccines.
We've had 545,000 Americans injured certified by the CDC and each
Each successive shot I anticipate will be more and more complications.
We got a minute and a half left.
Well, I tell you, the decision on taking a vaccine needs to be a free decision.
The decision on a doctor and a patient choosing treatment needs to be a free decision.
We are seeing a loss of freedoms occur through a series of events that's happened worldwide.
We think things are bad in America.
I tell you, go to Australia, go to Europe, and we see a linkage between the loss of medical freedom
A series of events that's promoting fear, suffering, hospitalization, death, and forced vaccination.
That's a clear theme tied to now restrictions, limitations, and loss of personal and financial and economic freedoms.
Sounds like a plan.
Sounds like a great reset.
Sounds like a depopulation medical tyranny operation.
Sounds like a dark cloud over the earth right now.
Now's the time for Americans to show backbone.
Now's the time for people who love freedom, who want freedom, to fight for it.
That's right.
Outloud.com forward slash the dash McCullough report or just type in dr. Peter McCullough and one of the first things that pops up there's a lot of attack pieces a lot of pieces because you're articulate you're a research doctor you've you've done a great job we appreciate your courage and no wonder they want to shut you up well I say bring it on
And folks, you can fight back by sharing the archive of this interview.
It's live now.
In a few hours, it'll be up at freeworldnews.tv and Bandai Video.
All right, I'm going to come back and talk about the psychological war and air something very special.
And The Doctor will be on at 5 o'clock today on The War Room, so please tune in and share that link.
That's how we win the InfoWars.
That's how we save lives.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
Thank you.
Well, I tell you, it's crazy to be inside the New World Order takeover.
But it's even more crazy to see humanity waking up and fighting back, and the tide's starting to turn.
I want to air most of this.
We'll be able to air 90% of it.
It's 21 minutes long in this segment and the next.
The masses have never had real freedom.
America has never been perfect.
We've just been starting to reach for it and just starting to imagine it.
So in this segment, the next, and then in the first five minutes,
I guess if they won on the war room, or maybe tomorrow, I'll air all of it.
We're going to play this, Mass Psychosis, How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill.
This is one of the most important videos I've ever seen.
I sent it to Tucker Carlson.
I sent it to Joe Rogan.
I sent it to Trump.
I sent it to everybody yesterday.
And I just said in all caps, you need to watch this.
It's very, very important.
I'm going to have it posted, if it hasn't already been posted, in the live show feed under our live show today on InfoWars.com.
We're going to post it under my live feed.
If somebody hadn't done that, please have somebody do that.
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That's Living Defense Plus, Pollen Block, Ultimate Krill Oil, the highest grade of krill oil, Bazzo Beets, and so much more.
But I'd like to get these guys on, and the artists that are involved are just amazing.
And I'm really a big fan of After School, S-K-O-O-L, on YouTube.
Don't want to give them trouble saying that.
But this is really intellectual, really powerful.
The masses have never really been freed, and that's what this is all about.
Because ruling elites use mass psychology to manipulate them, and now the globalists just want to collapse society and get rid of us.
So we're going to air
Report here, go to break, and come back and air most the rest of it, but see the full thing at InfoWars.com.
Here it is.
This after-school presentation was written and narrated by Academy of Ideas.
Check out their YouTube channel for more of their videos.
The masses have never thirsted after truth.
They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error if error seduced them.
Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master.
Whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.
According to the psychologist Carl Jung, the greatest threat to civilization lies not with the forces of nature, nor with any physical disease, but with our inability to deal with the forces of our own psyche.
We are our own worst enemies, or as the Latin proverb puts it, man is a wolf to man.
In Civilization in Transition, Jung states that this proverb is a sad yet eternal truism, and our wolf-like tendencies come most prominently into play at those times of history when mental illness becomes the norm rather than the exception in a society, a situation which Jung termed a psychic epidemic.
Indeed, it is becoming ever more obvious, he writes, that it is not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer, but man himself, who is man's greatest danger to man, for the simple reason that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes.
In this video we are going to explore the most dangerous of all psychic epidemics, the mass psychosis.
A mass psychosis is an epidemic of madness and it occurs when a large portion of a society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions.
Such a phenomenon is not a thing of fiction.
Two examples of mass psychoses are the American and European witch hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries, and the rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century.
During the witch hunts, thousands of individuals, mostly women, were killed, not for any crimes they committed, but because they became the scapegoats of societies gone mad.
In some Swiss villages, writes Frances Hill, there were scarcely any women left alive after the frenzy had finally burned itself out.
When a mass psychosis occurs, the results are devastating.
Jung studied this phenomenon and wrote that the individuals who make up the infected society become morally and spiritually inferior.
They sink unconsciously to an inferior intellectual level.
They become more unreasonable, irresponsible, emotional, erratic, and unreliable.
And worst of all, crimes the individual alone could never stand are freely committed by the group smitten by madness.
What makes matters worse is that those suffering from a mass psychosis are unaware of what is occurring.
For just as an individual gone mad cannot step out of his mind to observe the errors in his ways, so too there is no Archimedean point from which those living through a mass psychosis can observe their collective madness.
But what causes a mass psychosis?
To answer this question we must first explore what drives an individual mad.
While there are many potential triggers of madness, such as an excessive use of drugs or alcohol, brain injuries and other illnesses, these physical causes will not concern us here.
Our concern is with psychological, or what are called psychogenic triggers, as these are the most common culprits of the mass psychosis.
The most prevalent psychogenic cause of a psychosis is a flood of negative emotions, such as fear or anxiety, that drives an individual into a state of panic.
When in a state of panic, an individual will naturally seek relief, as it is too mentally and physically draining to subsist in this hyper-emotional state.
While escaping from the state of panic can be accomplished through adaptive means, such as facing up to and defeating the fear-generating threat, another way to escape is to undergo a psychotic break.
A psychotic break is not a descent into a state of greater disorder, as many believe, but a reordering of one's experiential world, which blends fact and fiction, or delusions and reality, in a way that helps end the feelings of panic.
Silvano Arietti, one of the 20th century's foremost authorities on schizophrenia, explains the psychogenic steps that lead to madness.
Firstly, there is the phase of panic, when the patient starts to perceive things in a different way, is frightened on account of it, appears confused, and does not know how to explain the strange things that are happening.
The next step is what Ariadne calls a phase of psychotic insight, whereby an individual succeeds in putting things together by devising a pathological way of seeing reality which allows him to explain his abnormal experiences.
The phenomenon is called insight because the patient finally sees meaning and relations in his experiences.
But the insight is psychotic because it is based on delusions, not on adaptive and life-promoting ways of relating to whatever threats precipitated the panic.
The delusions, in other words, allow the panic-stricken individual to escape from the flood of negative emotions.
But at the cost of losing touch with reality, and for this reason, Arrietty says that a psychotic break can be viewed as an abnormal way of dealing with an extreme state of anxiety.
If a panic-triggering flood of negative emotions in a weak and vulnerable individual can trigger a psychotic break, then a mass psychosis can result when a population of weak and vulnerable individuals is driven into a state of panic by threats real, imagined, or fabricated.
But as delusions can take many forms, and as madness can manifest in countless ways, the specific manner in which a mass psychosis unfolds will differ based on the historical and cultural context of the infected society.
But in the modern era, it is the mass psychosis of totalitarianism that appears to be the greatest threat.
Totalitarianism, writes Arthur Versluis, is the modern phenomenon of total centralized state power, coupled with the obliteration of individual human rights.
In the totalized state, there are those in power, and there are the objectified masses, the victims.
In a totalitarian society, the population is divided into two groups, the rulers and the ruled, and both groups undergo a pathological transformation.
The rulers are elevated to an almost god-like status, which is diametrically opposed to our nature as imperfect beings who are easily corrupted by power.
The masses, on the other hand, are transformed into the dependent subjects of these pathological rulers and take on a psychologically regressed and child-like status.
Hannah Arendt, one of the 20th century's preeminent scholars of this form of rule, called totalitarianism an attempted transformation of human nature itself.
But this attempted transformation only turns sound minds into sick minds.
For as the Dutch medical doctor who studied the mental effects of living under totalitarianism wrote, There is in fact much that is comparable between the strange reactions of the citizens of totalitarianism and their culture as a whole, on the one hand, and the reactions of the sick schizophrenic on the other.
The social transformation that unfolds under totalitarianism is built upon and sustained by delusions.
For only deluded men and women regress to the childlike status of obedient and submissive subjects and hand over complete control of their lives to politicians and bureaucrats.
Only a deluded ruling class will believe that they possess the knowledge, wisdom, and acumen to completely control society in a top-down manner.
And only when under the spell of delusions would anyone believe that a society composed of power-hungry rulers, on the one hand, and a psychologically regressed population, on the other, will lead to anything other than mass suffering and social ruin.
But what triggers the psychosis of totalitarianism?
As was explored in the previous video of this series, the mass psychosis of totalitarianism begins in a society's ruling class.
The individuals that make up this class, be it politicians, bureaucrats, or crony capitalists,
are very prone to delusions that augment their power.
And no delusion is more attractive to the power-hungry than the delusion that they can and should control and dominate a society.
When a ruling elite becomes possessed by a political ideology of this sort, be it communism, fascism or technocracy, the next step is to induce a population into accepting their rule by infecting them with the mass psychosis of totalitarianism.
This psychosis has been induced many times throughout history, and as Mirloo explains, it is simply a question of reorganizing and manipulating collective feelings in the proper way.
The general method by which the members of a ruling elite can accomplish this end is called menticide, with the etymology of this word being a killing of the mind, and as Mirloo further explains,
Menticide is an old crime against the human mind and spirit, but systematized anew.
It is an organized system of psychological intervention and judicial perversion through which a ruling class can imprint their own opportunistic thoughts upon the minds of those they plan to use and destroy.
Priming a population for the crime of menticide begins with the sowing of fear.
When an individual is flooded with negative emotions, such as fear or anxiety, he or she is very susceptible to a descent into the delusions of madness.
Threats, real, imagined, or fabricated, can be used to sow fear.
But a particularly effective technique is to use waves of terror.
Under this technique, the sowing of fear is staggered with periods of calm.
But each of these periods of calm is followed by the manufacturing of an even more intense spell of fear.
And on and on, the process goes.
Or as Mirloo writes,
Each wave of terrorizing creates its effects more easily after a breathing spell than the one that preceded it, because people are still disturbed by their previous experience.
Morality becomes lower and lower, and the psychological effects of each new propaganda campaign become stronger.
It reaches a public already softened up.
While fear primes a population for menticide, the use of propaganda to spread misinformation and to promote confusion with respect to the source of the threats and the nature of the crisis helps to break down the minds of the masses.
Government officials, and their lackeys in the media, can use contradictory reports, nonsensical information, and even blatant lies, as the more they confuse, the less capable will a population be to cope with the crisis and diminish their fear in a rational and adaptive manner.
Confusion, in other words, heightens the susceptibility of a dissent into the delusions of totalitarianism, or as Mirloo explains,
Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot.
It confuses those who think straight.
The big lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more emotional appeal than logic and reason.
While the people are still searching for a reasonable counter-argument to the first lie, the totalitarians can assault them with another.
Never before in history have such effective means existed to manipulate a society into the psychosis of totalitarianism.
Smart phones and social media, television and the internet, all in conjunction with algorithms that quickly censor the flow of unwanted information, allow those in power to easily assault the minds of the masses.
What is more, the addictive nature of these technologies means that many people voluntarily subject themselves to the ruling elite's propaganda with a remarkable frequency.
Modern technology, explains Mirloo, teaches man to take for granted the world he is looking at.
He takes no time to retreat and reflect.
Technology lures him on, dropping him into its wheels and movements.
No rest, no meditation, no reflection, no conversation.
The senses are continually overloaded with stimuli.
Man doesn't learn to question his world anymore.
The screen offers him answers, ready-made.
But there is a further step the would-be totalitarian rulers can take to increase the chance of a totalitarian psychosis.
And this is to isolate the victims and to disrupt normal social interactions.
When alone and lacking normal interactions with friends, family and co-workers, an individual becomes far more susceptible to delusions for several reasons.
Firstly, they lose contact with the corrective force of the positive example.
For not everyone is tricked by the machinations of the ruling elite.
And the individuals who see through the propaganda can help free others from the menticidal assault.
If, however, isolation is enforced, the power of these positive examples greatly diminishes.
But another reason that isolation increases the efficacy of menticide is because, like many other species, human beings are more easily conditioned into new patterns of thought and behavior when isolated.
Or, as Mirlu explains with regards to the physiologist Ivan Pavlov's work on behavioral conditioning,
Pavlov made another significant discovery.
The conditioned reflex could be developed most easily in a quiet laboratory with a minimum of disturbing stimuli.
Every trainer of animals knows this from his own experience.
Isolation and the patient repetition of stimuli are required to tame wild animals.
The totalitarians have followed this rule.
They know that they can condition their political victims most quickly if they are kept in isolation.
Alone, confused, and battered by waves of terror, a population under an attack of menticide descends into a hopeless and vulnerable state.
The never-ending stream of propaganda turns minds once capable of rational thought into playhouses of irrational forces.
And with chaos swirling around them, and within them, the masses crave a return to a more ordered world.
The would-be totalitarians can now take the decisive step.
They can offer a way out and a return to order in a world that seems to be moving rapidly in the opposite direction.
But all this comes at a price.
The masses must give up their freedom and cede control of all aspects of life to the ruling elite.
They must relinquish their capacity to be self-reliant individuals who are responsible for their own lives and become submissive and obedient subjects.
The masses, in other words, must descend into the delusions of the totalitarian psychosis.
The totalitarian systems of the 20th century represent a kind of collective psychosis.
Whether gradually or suddenly, reason and common human decency are no longer possible in such a system.
There is only a pervasive atmosphere of terror and a projection of the enemy, imagined to be in our midst.
Thus society turns on itself, urged on by the ruling authorities.
But the order of a totalitarian world is a pathological order.
By enforcing a strict conformity and requiring a blind obedience from the citizenry, totalitarianism rids the world of the spontaneity that produces many of life's joys and the creativity that drives society forward.
The total control of this form of rule, no matter under what name it is branded, be it rule by scientists and doctors, politicians and bureaucrats, or a dictator, breeds stagnation, destruction, and death on a mass scale.
And so perhaps the most important question facing the world is how can totalitarianism be prevented?
And if a society has been induced into the early stages of this mass psychosis, can the effects be reversed?
While one can never be sure of the prognosis of a collective madness, there are steps that can be taken to help effectuate a cure.
This task, however, necessitates many different approaches from many different people.
For just as the menticidal attack is multi-pronged, so too must be the counter-attack.
According to Carl Jung, for those of us who wish to help return sanity to an insane world, the first step is to bring order to our own minds and to live in a way that provides inspiration for others to follow.
It is not for nothing that our age cries out for the Redeemer personality, for the one who can emancipate himself from the grip of the collective psychosis and save at least his own soul, who lights a beacon of hope for others, proclaiming that here is at least one man who has succeeded in extricating himself from the fatal identity with the group psyche.
But assuming one is living in a manner free of the grip of the psychosis, there are further steps that can be taken.
Information that counters the propaganda should be spread as far and as wide as possible.
For the truth is more powerful than the fiction and falsities peddled by the would-be totalitarian rulers.
And so their success is in part contingent on their ability to censor the free flow of information.
Another tactic is to use humor and ridicule to delegitimize the ruling elite, or as Mirloo explains,
A tactic recommended by Václav Havel, a political dissident under Soviet communist rule, who later became president of Czechoslovakia, is the construction of what are called parallel structures.
A parallel structure is any form of organization, business, institution, technology, or creative pursuit that exists physically within a totalitarian society, yet morally outside of it.
In Communist Czechoslovakia, Havel noted that these parallel structures were more effective at combating totalitarianism than political action.
Furthermore, when enough parallel structures are created, a second culture, or parallel society, spontaneously forms and functions as an enclave of freedom and sanity within a totalitarian world.
Or as Havel explains in his book, The Power of the Powerless.
What else are parallel structures than an area where a different life can be lived?
A life that is in harmony with its own aims, and which in turn structures itself in harmony with those aims?
What else are those initial attempts at social self-organization than the efforts of a certain part of society to rid itself of the self-sustaining aspects of totalitarianism, and thus, to extricate itself radically from its involvement in the totalitarian system?
But above all else, what is required to prevent a full descent into the madness of totalitarianism is action by as many people as possible.
For just as the ruling elite do not sit around passively, but instead take deliberate steps to increase their power, so too an active and concerted effort must be made to move the world back in the direction of freedom.
This can be an immense challenge in a world falling prey to the delusions of totalitarianism.
But as Thomas Paine noted,
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