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Air Date: Sept. 5, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses the global resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine and highlights various countries banning under-16s from receiving shots, as well as protests against forced vaccination. He mentions a study by Pfizer that shows three doses of the vaccine lower one's immune system, arguing that this pandemic is being used for control over the public and erosion of individual freedoms. Israel, with the highest vaccination rate, also has the highest death rates and issues related to COVID-19, but those who die after vaccination are not counted as deaths due to COVID-19. Rolling Stone had to retract a story about people overdosing on ivermectin in Oklahoma after it was revealed that no such thing happened. Regulators in various countries advise against giving under-16s Pfizer or Moderna shots, and the CEO of Pfizer states that three booster shots per year will be required. COVID vaccine passports are set to start in England this month. The UN and Journal of Nature call for carbon lockdowns, involving control over people's movements through apps on their phones. The speaker discusses how liberals, corporatists, and leftists claim they are anti-establishment but ultimately work for large corporations to create a dystopia in a post-human world. They criticize Big Tech for censoring free speech and working with Legacy Media to control local and federal governments. The speaker believes there is a United Nations global corporate takeover happening, involving control over policy and speech. The speaker discusses an Israeli study showing that natural immunity to COVID-19 is 13 times better than vaccine-induced immunity and criticizes the idea of living a completely sterile life. The speaker also mentions a Rockefeller study envisioning the future under dictatorship controlled by an elite, where millions of people are killed, mandatory quarantines and checkpoints are implemented, families cease to exist, and everything is in line with other documents discussing GMO food to sterilize the population and forced vaccinations. Alex Jones discusses how the media has been pushing false narratives about ivermectin, claiming that it is not an antiviral and can cause serious harm when used as a treatment for COVID-19. He provides evidence from medical doctors who have successfully treated patients with ivermectin. The video discusses the controversy around the use of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19, with some individuals taking inappropriate dosages resulting in severe side effects such as vision loss. The manufacturer states that there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that Ivermectin is effective against the virus. Many store shelves are empty due to high demand. Alex Jones, host of InfoWars, advocates for the use of Ivermectin and claims that it has been proven to be antiviral in various studies. He criticizes the media and government for suppressing information about the drug. In this segment, Alex Jones discusses the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 and criticizes mainstream media outlets for spreading misinformation about it. He provides evidence from peer- reviewed studies and challenges the corporate media to show proof of their claims. Jones shares his personal experience with taking ivermectin prescribed by his doctor and refutes accusations that he is vaccinated, arguing that COVID-19 injections are not vaccines but gene therapies. He also addresses criticism about him supposedly drinking beer on air, clarifying that it was a non- alcoholic lime Tapa Chico. Jones concludes by highlighting the importance of alternative treatments and researching antivirals like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, quercetin, zinc, and vitamin D, which he believes the corporate media wants to keep hidden from the public. This segment on the Alex Jones Show discusses a news story about ivermectin, an antiviral drug. The host believes that the media's portrayal of ivermectin as horse medication is a lie and presents studies showing its effectiveness against viruses such as Zika, Ebola, and COVID-19. He criticizes mainstream media outlets like KFOR, Rolling Stone, MSN, and Yahoo News for reporting on the drug based on a single source without verifying the information. The host also highlights inconsistencies in the story, such as hospitals denying that they have treated patients due to ivermectin complications or overdoses. He argues that this demonstrates the decline of mainstream media and calls for better journalism practices. A news station reported on a doctor's claims of an overload of cases due to ivermectin poisoning, which was later found to be untrue. The reporter, Christy Lee from KLIM.news, questioned why the story wasn't updated or corrected and criticized the lack of vetting in the report. She explained that news stations like KFOR benefit financially from misleading stories, as they receive increased web traffic and ad revenue. Additionally, the false claims spread across multiple stations owned by the same media group, further amplifying the misinformation. In this segment, Alex Jones discusses how mainstream media outlets have spread false information about ivermectin being ineffective against COVID-19, leading to potential harm and loss of life by suppressing potentially life-saving treatment options. He criticizes Rolling Stone for changing an article that originally contained misleading information about a story from KFOR News in Oklahoma, and highlights the hypocrisy of mainstream media outlets claiming to combat disinformation while spreading their own false narratives. Jones also mentions how local news affiliates and national networks have been counting on big tech platforms like Google to suppress accurate information about ivermectin, citing studies from the NIH website that show positive results for its antiviral properties. He emphasizes the importance of independent media outlets like Infowars in providing truthful information amidst widespread censorship and manipulation by legacy media organizations and big tech companies.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is Sunday Night Live!
And I've got some final key news I want to hit, and then an in-depth censored interview.
Straight ahead, I love Sunday Live.
Only six minutes of ads an hour.
Just the local ads for local stations, no ads for us.
That's what it's all about.
But first, an amazing Greg Reese report from Band.Video.
Corey Diggs recently published a comprehensive report on the business behind the vaccine passport.
It includes every facet of banking and big tech, including IBM, who did virtually the same thing during World War II, and Entrust, a company run by the prominent Nazi Quant family.
Her extensive research spells out the plan very clearly.
The QR code will be the so-called Mark of the Beast.
Marked like livestock and no longer free.
The QR code has already become the standard for DNA data storage.
We can now scan a specimen's QR code and extract the entire genomic map.
And we can create a creature from this data.
George Church of Nebula Genomics explains how his company has the ability to read ancient DNA, write, and edit it with CRISPR.
We can read the woolly mammoth genome, which is pretty amazing.
These things have been extinct for a long time.
We can read this ancient DNA, and we can now write it.
We can edit the elephant genomes with CRISPR again.
And we've done this.
We've made 15 edits so far of bringing back extinct DNA.
He said in a 2013 interview with Der Spiegel that DNA can be assembled into an embryo and planted inside of a human woman.
Church's Nebula Genomics wants to give people the opportunity to sell their genetic information for digital tokens.
And he has Hollywood's Morgan Freeman to help promote and normalize his radical modern-day Frankenstein work.
Stamping a human's DNA genome onto their mark is one thing.
But in order to store a person's entire life onto a single QR code and have it utilized efficiently across the entire web, they are using the blockchain.
Blockchain technology allows information to be stored by a tamper-proof ledger that others on the chain can monitor and validate in real time.
And it is being adopted in nearly every major industry.
With the help of Big Pharma and the media, the bankers are corralling everyone inside their rentals, wired up to the Internet of Things, with a QR digital ID that holds their entire DNA genome.
On the blockchain, and managed by artificial intelligence.
Just as the Rockefeller Foundation announced in their 2020 publication, Mapping an AI Future, and the UK Ministry of Defence in their 2021 publication, Human Augmentation, the dawn of a new paradigm.
Marked like livestock, and no longer free.
Unless of course, we all say no.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright, the great Owen Schreier is taking the night off via my request.
Because I did a pretty good interview, I think, with Jake Ducey.
I'll tell you about it in a few minutes.
And people really liked it.
It was exploding, going viral, and YouTube took it down.
And didn't give a reason.
When he asked, what's the reason?
They said, here's another strike on another one of your videos.
There's the reason.
So, uh, it just got posted to Band.Video this morning and has 61,000 views.
And it's also on Rumble right now and needs to go viral.
So share it.
Infowars.com and override the censors.
Before we go to this, though, I really want to hit some other news and just really go through it as fast as I can here.
I won't be able to get to all this tonight, but
I'll definitely be able to get to most of this tomorrow, but I'm about to hit a lot of it right now.
But if you just even go to the John Hopkins' own website, which runs this whole Rockefeller program for Bill Gates and the UN, it's just incredible.
Because it's not just Israel side by side with India, it's Singapore, it's Gibraltar, it's the UK versus Sweden and other areas, where when you're less than 10% vaccinated,
Again, it's not a vaccine for these GMO garbage shots.
When you do that, you have a lowered immune system and massive more cases and the people that have taken the injections
Shed the virus, and so you get tons of people that haven't had the shot that get sick, and tons of people that have had the shot that get sick, and the numbers actually track the same in Israel, and the same everywhere else.
And in places where they stopped taking the injections, and started taking ivermectin, and or hydroxychloroquine or quercetin, but it looks like ivermectin's the best, that it works incredibly well.
And they've got studies on ivermectin being anti-cancer, and a lot of things.
They got studies on
A lot of poison pits of different plants, too, that people take that's anti-cancer.
There's a lot of poisons that are anti-cancer, anti-viral, so I'm not saying take ivermectin all the time and it's all the physician, but the studies are out there that it's amazing as an anti-viral and an anti-cancer.
Now there's another study right there.
So they don't want you knowing about this.
They just want to use stupid stuff like it'll turn into a horse or there's thousands of people in the hospital in one area of Oklahoma.
And it was obviously one guy says it.
They don't show any proof.
Why is it only in Oklahoma?
That's when you know stuff's fake.
And again, last year, they were like, oh, this hospital's full.
That's hospital's full.
We went to them.
People went to them.
I would swear I went to them.
They were empty.
And we caught them.
They were using people that died of car wrecks and gunshot wounds and cancer and
Pneumonia and things that weren't COVID.
But this year, I told you three months ago before it was all over the news, I said, this is huge!
And we had the studies.
It's the vaccinated sloughing this stuff off because it's a live virus vaccine.
The J&J is as well.
The Moderna and Pfizer is just a synthetic virus, but it replicates.
So this is nanotech, folks.
We've been hit with nanotech.
So this is out of Israel's own numbers and John Hopkins has the same numbers.
Again, here are side-by-sides of India and Israel and new COVID cases.
India has a 10% vaccination rate and Israel has a 65% vaccination rate.
India uses ivermectin, vitamin D, and zinc.
Israel uses COVID.
Vaccinations and booster shots.
Any questions?
And you see Israel just exploding.
India exploded.
Took the first shots, the 10%.
People figured it out.
The national spokesperson, 51 years old, in great shape, took the shot live on TV, was dead two days later.
The Indians said, screw this!
And the same numbers are for Sweden.
The same numbers are comparable with Israel.
And guys, thanks for showing that graph.
Print that for me.
The crew's amazing.
So here it is.
You need to go do a presentation at your children's school.
You need to go do a presentation at your church.
And if your church doesn't want you to get up on the stage and do it, you need to leave that church.
And here's the deal.
I don't care if you're a little old lady or a young man, black or white, I don't give a rat's ass.
You need to get past your fear of speaking and you need to do it.
You need to get up there and warn people and get up there and talk about what's going on.
Because this is an information war against us that then tricks people to physically do this and then it's going to kill them.
And then they're bringing out world IDs and control systems for carbon taxes and carbon tracking.
That's all been officially announced.
I'm going to hit that in a moment.
This is another thing I want to say.
I realized with Christy Lee in here earlier, she's a great reporter, great lady, that I'm super hyper and I'm talking fast and I'm jumping all over her.
She's making great points.
It's because she's exciting me that she's smart and is bringing up all these points that I hadn't even thought of.
And I noticed I was trending pretty much every day on Twitter and everywhere else.
And the crew, you know, showed me that Lucifer was trending above me.
And then I was trending around under Lucifer.
Really weird that Lucifer, stupid Lucifer TV show up, seemed like once or twice.
You know, Lucifer's not glamorous, folks.
It's about death and destruction and failure and betrayal and starving children and feces all over the street and needles.
That's what Lucifer gives you.
And I noticed it was all over the place.
Jones is on cocaine.
Jones is on drugs.
Jones is on meth.
You know, I had one cup of coffee this morning and I took my four-year-old daughter fishing at 8 a.m., got back about noon, had another small cup of coffee.
So I have had stimulants today, but that's it.
Nothing to drink, no alcohol, nothing.
I am bouncing off the walls and I could work for the next 10 hours because the globalists are coming... Coffee does sound good though.
The globalists are... Somebody get me one, thanks.
The globalists are coming down on us like a ton of bricks.
I have all the documents, I have all the proof, I literally have 40 plus studies on Ivermectin being antiviral, going back decades, and new ones on COVID-19 that have caught early, it's like 100% effective, and I have the main Japanese medical union, and all the rest of it, and African medical unions, and British medical unions, I mean, it's working!
A major medical doctor prescribed it to my family when they got COVID.
It knocked it out.
And so, man, I'm pissed having my birthright taken.
I'm pissed watching the depopulation.
I'm pissed knowing a lot of people are dying because they go to the hospital and in America they won't give you zinc or vitamin D or C or ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or quercetin.
And then I see the left all over the internet.
They go, I bet Jones is getting paid.
To say, quercetin and stuff like that, or ivermectin.
No, I'm not getting paid zero.
It's real!
They go, oh, he's a snake oil salesman.
Jones promotes vitamin D!
Guys, type in vitamin studies on vitamin D and cancer.
It cuts cancer by 40 to 60 percent!
Why in the frickin' world would I not?
I've been selling vitamin D for eight years!
I give it to my children!
I take it!
I'll never forget David Hawk was on
C-SPAN, the anti-gun guy.
There's a bunch of study, vitamin D and cancer prevention.
NIH website.
Oh, Forbes!
Vitamin D may help prevent cancer in young people.
It goes on and on.
It just goes on and on.
So, I'm sitting there watching them try to suppress us, and it pisses me off!
I mean, yeah!
I grew up in Dallas and it was rough in the 80s and early 90s and man, I mean, somebody punched me in the face, I punched him right back.
Somebody hit me in the head with a club, I'm gonna ram their head in the concrete.
And it's the same thing politically.
I mean, I'm not gonna sit here and take this crap.
I am, I'm pissed!
And the pen is mightier than the sword.
The microphone is mightier than the sword.
This is an info war.
And so I'm assaulting these people with the truth, and they want to pick a few things we might have done that weren't perfectly accurate.
Maybe they were.
I'm starting to think maybe the stuff I've said that I was wrong about, I was right about.
I'll change course on that soon.
I rarely change course, but when I'm wrong, I'll tell you.
It's just these people lie to us and we know that.
And we understand that.
And yeah, now Biden's quote science advisor wants 60 plus billion dollars to fight COVID.
No, that's to buy everybody off and bring the martial law back in you see all over the world.
This is serious business.
And so I'm fired up, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm absolutely fired up.
And they're not my sponsor.
If I am on anything, it's Topo Chico.
I probably drink eight of these a day.
People argue about which ones are better.
Who cares?
Drink what you want.
Came this huge thing online.
What type of beer is that?
I don't really drink beer.
I either drink a lot or I don't drink anything.
I've not been drinking for a while.
Who cares?
The point is, is that we're in a war for the future, and the globalists think we're dumb, and they want this revolution of genetic engineering to play God, and they want to test it all on us, and they want to depopulate us, and the very people that say they want to depopulate us are the ones that are then telling us they want to save us.
I mean, this is a nightmare.
And the argument is, well, if the public doesn't wake up, and if the public doesn't say no,
The public then deserves what happens to them.
What about the children, though?
Because, I mean, here's the deal.
When I drive around town and most people say, hey, I love you, hey, I appreciate you shaking my hand, but sometimes people go, F you and F your family, you're a Russian spy.
Or something like that, or they'll go, Sandy Hook, Sandy Hook!
And I'll go, I question all big events and anomalies, just like Jussie Smollett, and just like WMDs in Iraq.
I didn't lie about WMDs in Iraq with the New York Times on purpose.
They'll just say, shut up and don't talk to me!
And a lot of times, you've seen me do it in videos before, you know, when I happen to have a camera person, I get in their face and I say, hey, you just told me F off, you're gonna listen to me.
You're gonna listen to me.
And then they'll videotape it and edit it to make it look like I came to them first.
Like when I was at that chicken place, they come to my table and say, F you, I hope you die.
You're gonna die.
The third time I go follow them to their table, they film it and go, oh, he attacked us.
They're scum!
They're lying trash!
The second time they said, you're gonna die, we're gonna kill you, I told the manager.
That's why the statesman, to their credit, I think they fired the reporter over this actually, he's gone now, last time I checked.
He called down to the Duluthy Chicken and said, did Alex Jones really get threatened?
And they said, yeah, they came over to his table three times.
He told us the second time.
But see, and the statesman went, oh, at the bottom line, well, we did call and they confronted Jones first.
Oh, you no longer work here.
You see, that's the level of the evil.
If you don't lie in corporate media, you're gone.
If you lie here, and I catch you one time lying, you're fired.
Just like that.
Just like that.
Only thing I've got, as Tony Montana said, is my word and my balls, and I don't break them for anybody.
Now does that mean sometimes in my life I can't deliver something I said?
Yeah, but I sure as hell try to deliver it.
I don't talk about myself anymore, it's just that I'm under major attack because I'm real.
And everybody frickin' knows it.
Anybody that's got discernment knows Alex Jones means what he says and does what he says.
And I walk the walk, I talk the talk, I do it all.
Because I'm under attack.
And these people don't understand why I've got energy and they don't.
Well, my crew's got energy and my listeners have got energy.
They've got light in their eyes.
They can be black, they can be white, they can be old, they can be young.
They've got the light of God in their eyes because they're conscious and they're awake and they're informed and they're involved.
Because they're not zombies just going through life, believing whatever the system tells them.
They've got a connection to the Holy Spirit.
Okay, let me just run through this all, or I'll never get to it all.
Let's just hit this first.
The head of Pfizer's announced it.
Fauci's now announced it.
The Israeli virus czar.
And all this is, is governments everywhere want power, they want control.
They're all run by the same banks.
He now says, get ready for the fourth vaccine dose.
And they always in the white paper said, it's not going to work.
It gets rid of the immune system.
We're going to make them be addicted to these shots.
And then they've done it!
I told you 18 months ago they do it and now here it is!
And Tim Pool makes a great job.
Two years, two shots every year.
A booster every five months.
A twice daily pill they've announced.
And a quarantine camp for suspected cases to slow the spread.
And there's people attacking Tim Pool for pointing out they're building emergency COVID camps all over the world right now.
He originally said concentration camp.
This isn't China.
This is the Howard Springs COVID quarantine camp in Australia for the dangerous people.
Don't even test positive, they just put you there.
If you ever wonder, and this person Clara Liam says, the rest of the world isn't pointing at America and comparing its 650,000 COVID deaths, most of which were not COVID, to the Holocaust, even though it could, it might behave, behoove some of the American right to have a bit more circumscription when making inflammatory remarks such as this.
And Tim Pool says, if you ever wonder how Nazi Germany or how Germany got to the point it did, look at Australia.
Insane authoritarianism, rising identitarianism, and apologists terrified of the state, pretending to offer some opposition, but defending camps for the unclean.
And right here, the CEO of Pfizer has now stated, you can link through and find it, you will now require three booster shots per year.
Wonder how people feel after being told, be a hero, take two.
Now they're told they're not fully vaxxed.
And it's going to be on your little ID system.
COVID-19 vaccine passports to start in England this month.
They go, oh, to save the economy and reopen things.
No, you're holding them hostage saying they got to do that.
It's not to save it.
COVID-19 vaccine passports will be introduced at big venues to avoid winter closures.
Minister says, oh, they're running the blockade.
They're shutting it down.
But, oh, the double thing.
Oh, we've got to do this so you can be open.
Even though the average pub or venue makes about 15% profit, it's about 25% saying already they won't go.
And it's about demonizing those that haven't been injected and saying we're causing all the sickness, but we weren't.
Now it's all the vaccinated.
That's why you get vaccinated and boom, or you get injected with this gene therapy and then it explodes.
That's a fact.
Here's another one.
COVID cases in the U.S.
are four times higher than they were Labor Day last year.
Yeah, because of people being injected.
They're shedding it.
That's in all the studies.
There's the actual article right there for you.
Robert Barnes makes a great point in a tweet.
All the rules and restrictions address the risk of asymptomatic deadly spread.
That means you're not sick.
Since self-quarantine addresses the risk of symptomatic spread, by my stats, the odds of asymptomatic spread killing someone in an entire year is about 1 million to 1.
How can you risk justifying these mandates?
It's not about that.
It's about permanent martial law and total control.
What did Bertrand Russell win a Nobel Prize for his evil saying?
Collective fear stimulates herd instinct and tends to produce ferocity towards those who are not regarded as members of the herd.
And that's what they're doing with the vaxxed unvaxxed.
But if they can't get 90% injected, then they won't be able to get that big gang up thing they need where they pick a minority to persecute the unvaccinated.
So see, they're gonna tell people, oh, you took five shots, oh, you're dying, because they didn't take a shot.
Not, oh, you took the shot, that's why you're dying.
They always had the plan to kill people, but they need to blame the uninjected.
That's the holy grail.
But we're on air, we're exposing it.
See, this is life and death.
This thing gets more power, it's more control, it takes over.
It creates World ID medical systems.
It creates carbon medical systems.
It tracks everything you do.
It's a black hole.
It's a giant squid sucking you into hell.
That's why you gotta fight it.
That's why they go, oh, we have lockdowns, we take them off.
But then all the real controls come in, so you think, oh, next time they clamp down, they'll back off again.
Next time they clamp down like Australia and Europe did, it never ends.
That's in their own white papers.
Understand, this only gets worse submitting.
And when you take the shots, you get cancer, you get sterilized, you start dying.
So submission is death.
You've got to warn all the sheeple of that.
I have someone close to me in my family whose mother has had all the shots, she's gonna get the boosters, and she's now blaming people that are unvaccinated for her vaccine not working.
If your vaccine worked, it would work, dumbass!
It's not a vaccine!
There's a great little meme, it's totally true.
A man with an injector and it says, the vaccine wasn't brought in for COVID.
COVID was brought in for the vaccine.
Once you realize this, everything else makes sense.
Look at this Politico article.
The dangerous legal illusion of parental rights.
They go on to say the state owns the children.
God, they're indoctrinating the hell out of them, too.
And the left's also celebrating, out of thousands of conservative talk show hosts, Manning, Farrell, Berner, Apley, Stutz, Walsh, Wallace, and Valentine.
All local talk show hosts.
Coming soon to a red state near you.
They're all saying, we can't wait till Alex dies.
People are fools, the left.
What a bunch of sad people.
You're the ones rolling your sleeves up and becoming incubators for a live virus, you fools.
You won't search it's a live virus vaccine.
You won't search that most polio cases are caused by vaccines.
You just can't figure it out.
Because you pretend you're part of the power structure because you're delusional.
And I've got a bunch of studies that prove that.
We have time to get to, but let's get to this.
Mark Moreno talks about it.
Journal Nature, COVID lockdown are the key to begin personal carbon allowances.
That's a quote.
Restrictions on individuals that were unthinkable only one year before have us more prepared to accept tracking and limitations to achieve a safer climate.
That's from this document.
Just had it in my stack.
I must have moved it.
Ah, here it is.
I found it.
Here it is, let me actually show it to you.
Here's the Climate Depot article right here, and then there on screen is the document, Personal Carbon Allowances Revisited.
It's in Klaus Schwab's book, it's been announced by the UN, it's been announced by Trudeau in Canada, it's been announced by Biden.
It's an app on your phone that tracks and taxes and controls you and gives you how many calories, meaning fuel, food, everything you get.
It's in the official Rockefeller Foundation plans from 20 years ago and 10 years ago.
I played children's cartoons for you Friday from the UK where they tell you, oh, do you have your smartphone?
It'll tell you when you can leave the house, when you can talk to neighbors, or when you get meat once a year.
I mean, why would anybody put up with such a nightmare?
You'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll live in a gulag prison cell.
But it's all right there, and I'm going to start the show tomorrow unless there's some huge news with that.
I don't know.
From 11 years ago, the Rockefeller Foundation, just like SPARS and Event 201, mirrors exactly what later happened, including a year plus into the pandemic, Afghanistan falling, and the Taliban taking back over.
And it's all wargamed out, how they'll make you wear masks, how they'll control you, and then how they'll have lockdowns, and then they'll have a world ID on your smartphone.
Go ahead and give people a shot of that, please.
That's in the hack attack section.
They also are going to bring down the grid and claim terrorists did it.
It's all right there.
Also, the New York Times has an article out.
Ian Coulter wrote about it.
And I went and read the article.
I couldn't believe it.
It says, New York Times disappointed U.S.
censorship, not as thorough as China's.
Alex Jones, quote, who's been banned from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, took out a box of ivermectin pills during one of his trademark rants and popped two tablets live on the show.
He still manages to stream.
Man, shut up that dirty, stinking American.
Okay, you see all this?
All this I didn't get to.
But I'm gonna get to it tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central Standard Time.
Really, good job for Christy Lee.
We're going to be posting.
She mirrors her stuff with us, but she's independent at KLIM.
That stands for Christy Lee Independent Media dot news.
And she's countering KFOR and their whole fake thing about the thousands in the hospitals and the ambulances can't get in and gunshot wounds and all the rest of it.
She also has a special report where she goes further than anybody else, actually calling up the hospitals and calling up the source of the fake news.
Oklahoma hospitals expose Ivor Maxson.
Poisoning hoax.
She's doing a great job, but you just might say, you know, investigative report.
She really did a good job and people need to know that she did that.
And it deserves to go viral.
It deserves to go to all your friends and all your family.
And the great thing is she has a website that's not been banned, KLIM, on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere yet.
And so you can also send out the links to what she's doing from KLIM.news.
We're working with lots of journalists and sponsoring them.
We do sponsor her.
And we'd like to sponsor, we've got about five or six other reporters, this will happen to all be female, that we'd like to have the budget to be able to fund so they have a camera person that can go out and...
We're good to go.
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It's the strongest beet extract you're going to find out there.
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So, the term that is often used when we talk about these subjects is conspiracy theorists.
So, before we get into the subject of the Great Reset, where did the term conspiracy theorist originally come from and who coined it?
Well, first off, thanks for having me here.
It's a nice to come on your show.
I'm familiar with it.
And congratulations on all your great books and works.
So, I don't want to get you in too much trouble saying that I'm somewhat of a follower of your work, so it's good to be here.
The term conspiracy theory came out of the CIA and it was all admitted in the mid 1960s when the general public did not believe the official story about the assassination of Kennedy in Dallas.
And so they put the term out and said instead of engaging the public when they bring up facts and information,
Just simply use the term conspiracy theory to say it's not worth it to even respond to the questions or points that have been raised.
So definitely the deep state was willing to cover up what they had a hand in in 1963 in Dealey Plaza and so they brought up that term to basically gaslight the public.
So let's talk about a couple of the things that are conspiracy theories that turned out to be facts.
I think before we get into the Great Reset, one of the important ones that we learned from you is Project Mockingbird.
So for someone that doesn't know, what is Project Mockingbird and why is it relevant today with the fake news?
Sure, things like Project Mockingbird are important because it's one of the few times
Any of the shadow government or deep state CIA operations came out.
That was in the Senator Frank Church committee hearings in the 70s.
And things came out in those hearings like conspiracy theory term was given to all the media to use against the public when they asked questions about the CIA.
That came out in the Frank Church Committee hearings.
And that Operation Mockingbird had gone on in the 50s, 60s, up into the 70s, where again, that was part of Operation Mockingbird, sending out messages to national media, ABC, CBS, NBC.
Do you have any
People being paid by the CIA who are contributing to a major circulation, American Journal.
We do have people who submit pieces to American Journals.
Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for
Television networks.
This, I think, gets into the kind of, uh, getting into the details, Mr. Chairman, that I'd like to get into an executive session.
The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.
More alarming than some media outlets, politicians say stories that are true without checking facts first.
Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control exactly what people think.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
Thousands of media outlets
Telling them through a CIA liaison or an operative that would be over each publication, and then they would send them a message to repeat the information, and that was called Operation Mockingbird, and that's declassified.
Now, that was quite a while ago.
Where do you think Project Mockingbird is at today?
We know under other names it radically expanded, and in 2000 and
Twelve, Obama got Congress to change the law so that billions could be spent, which goes to the Defense Department, on propaganda and disinformation through the Defense Department and the CIA overseas, that that now can be turned inward.
And you can pull up the headlines out there, but Congress legalizes CIA propaganda in America, Obama legalizes propaganda in America, and you can find The Washington Post.
We're good to go.
You're not the U.N.
and you're not Fauci, so you may not speak in America.
That's now in America that we now live with and we now accept, and that is an extension of what grew out of Operation Mockingbird.
So Operation Mockingbird in the 1960s and 70s, let's say, weighed an ounce.
So it was a little tiny creature.
I would call this a 10,000 pound gorilla now, conservatively.
That's how much bigger and broader.
This could only be dreamed of by the East German Stasi or by the Russian KGB or NKVD.
It could only be dreamed of by people like the Communist Chinese.
That model first started
Three years ago, when I got deplatformed, or now almost four years ago, and then a few years ago, they put out a new report.
Facebook said, you are even allowed to call for violence against Alex Jones and a list of other people.
And then there was such an uproar that they removed that part and said, fine, but you may only make disparaging remarks about him.
Anyone saying something positive will be suspended or expelled.
And so, you're literally seeing the externalization of a digital gulag into the third dimension, where if you say nice things about people, you're going to be penalized.
I mean, is that really what America's turned into?
But it could never have happened without this big tech AI control system.
Yeah, I think Project Mockingbird's, and when we talk about conspiracy theories, I just think Project Mockingbird's a good place to start to grasp
How we've gotten to this point.
Now, another one I want to discuss before we get on to the Great Reset that's really alarming is Operation Paperclip.
Tell me what that is for someone that doesn't know.
Well, technically at the end of World War II in 1945 they called it the Rat Line.
And that's where over 30,000 Nazis who were seen as having good intelligence value or industrial value in the new upcoming war, or Cold War with the Soviet Union, were snuck into the United States or Canada.
And over 30,000 of them were.
And a lot of this was public at the Goddard Space Center.
And then you have NASA being run by Wernher von Braun, who was the head of the Nazi rocket program.
We also had Klaus Barbie come over and help set up the CIA because he's one of the top Gestapo people.
That's all declassified.
And that also only came out because we had some of the only, up until that time and still, oversight of the Deep State by Senator Frank Church.
So that also came out in the Church Committee hearings about Operation Pepper Club and the 30 plus thousand Nazis brought over to the United States.
There was a whole brain war going on.
They have a famous line in that movie, The Right Stuff, where they say, we've got, you know, more German scientists than you and the Russians say.
And they go, well, ours are better than yours.
So there really was those real fights going on.
And pieces like that in that movie are actually from the congressional record.
That was actually said in the congressional record.
So a lot of this wasn't even hidden from the public.
It's just something that wasn't officially put down until it was declassified in the 1970s.
So we could go on and on and on.
We've got Operation Northwoods.
We have Epstein MKUltra.
We should talk about those because usually people don't even ask me questions about real stuff.
They just challenge me with what the mainstream media has made up about me.
Like gay frogs or things out of context.
They're just very small parts of what I said or what I did.
I'm glad you're actually asking these questions because this is actually real stuff.
Yeah, so what do you think?
I mean, we could go on and on and on.
Well, let's talk about Northwoods.
So tell me, tell us what Northwoods is.
Let's talk about it.
I want to paint the picture to someone that is unfamiliar with a lot of this and maybe their idea of you is, oh, it's just a conspiracy theorist.
So I want to point to some of these actual things that have truly happened.
So what's Northwoods?
And then we can roll from there.
Well, Operation Northwoods is a official U.S.
government document plan that got declassified in April of 2000.
And it's from 1961, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, L.L.
Lehmanser, and the head of the Air Force, Curtis LeMay, who they then made the movie Dr. Strangelove about.
That's a composite of General Ripper that wants to launch a secret nuclear attack and start a nuclear war with the Russians.
That's a composite of Curtis LeMay, and that's a composite of L.L.
So Jack T. Ripper is a composite.
The maker and writer of that film, Stanley Kubrick, actually wrote about that and talked about that.
So that's historical fact.
So when you see Dr. Strangelove, that was a 1964 warning of what could have happened if Operation Northwoods would have been carried out.
Now Operation Northwoods
We're good to go.
State here in the United States that would really come out of Operation Paperclip so to fight one evil They were trying to basically create a permanent emergency out of a nuclear war Where they were ready to survive for a hundred years underground After that nuclear war to quote save the American way of life So it was quite quite psychotic and so to trigger that to get into nuclear war with the Russians Operation Northwoods
Was a plan greenlit all the way up to Kennedy, but then he killed the plan, and of course was assassinated soon thereafter.
He fired Limitzer and others.
And it was to shoot up people at movie theaters in the United States, bomb people at shopping malls, attack U.S.
military bases, and even shoot people in the U.S.
Yes, we are!
Flying to Central America, and then they were going to have another plane take off that matched that plane, blow it up, and then claim that all aboard were killed, and then change the names of the people that were on board the CIA aircraft, including children, the children of CIA and other deep state operatives.
And then they would launch a full-out attack on Cuba.
It was believed that Cuba would then retaliate with nuclear missiles that they had there, and then using that pretext,
The U.S.
would already have B-52s on the edge of Russia ready to go in and preemptively strike them first so that Russia would have a limited response back and only kill 20 or 30 million Americans instead of the estimated 160 million that would have died.
So what's some other important... And they even wrote a whole plan up on it.
Northwoods talks about the plan, and then that's why Dr. Strangelove, they go, Plan R, and they're playing all the plans and all that.
So that's actually... Kubrick was given a bunch of the secret stuff by folks to tell the story.
What are some other important ones that, you know, if we're talking about real, whether they're declassified things... Was that too long on Northwoods?
I think it's a super big piece of history, you know, and that's just kind of a quick snapshot too.
No, it's fantastic.
Yeah, you know, I want to paint the picture so people can understand when a conspiracy theorist says something like a false flag.
These are actual Northwoods.
This is a real-life example of what a false flag is.
So I wanted to just paint some of these conspiracy theories that we now... Well, here's one that happened.
Gulf of Tonkin 64.
That was declassified in 2004.
So explain what that is.
It was called Indochina before it was called Vietnam.
The French were losing their war there against the independence group after World War II.
And so the United States secretly stepped in in 1959 and escalated troop numbers up to over 100,000 by 1964.
And so LBJ needed an excuse to basically go into full war against them.
And so they made up that some of our aircraft carriers and ships were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin.
And then
The official Vietnam War launched out of that false flag and they released in 2004 the actual LBJ tapes with McNamara where they're on the phone talking about how they staged it.
Yeah, these are just really powerful because then you start to grasp it.
Is there any other important... We've got Epstein, and then we go on and on.
We've got MKUltra, and there's probably dozens more, but I wanted to just... you to give an overview of some things that seem like conspiracy theories or things people don't even know about that have ended up being real.
Obviously, the Epstein one is something you were talking about for a very, very, very long time.
That's a whole other area.
I've got plenty of time when we get into that, but take MKUltra.
Because Epstein comes out of something like MKUltra.
And all this is interconnected.
So the British were doing massive funding in mine wars since really the 1850s.
The United States has been doing massive funding since the 1870s in mine war and then the Rockefeller Foundation
Funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute that set up eugenics in Germany and in the rest of Europe.
So eugenics comes out of England, becomes super popular in the United States.
The U.S.
Robert Barron has adopted the U.S.
as the leader in eugenics worldwide.
And then those eugenics ideas are passed on to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, and then those are passed on to Hitler.
And so when we say the Nazis came over here and we got eugenics from them,
No, it's England and the United States intelligence.
You give it to the Germans, they produce the Nazis.
Then that bad son, that Frankenstein they created, gets taken out.
And then it migrates back over here, but because they were purists in it, they then get put in a lot of the positions of these secret projects, like MKUltra, MKNaomi, and a bunch of others, that we only know stuff from the 1950s.
That's as high up as it goes, which was just massive industrial-scale mind-control testing.
Then in Canada some more documents came out in the 80s, and up to the 80s they had 10,000 children at a time under Dr. Ewing Cameron, and then his adjunct was Julian West, and they were actually getting children from all over the United States, including kidnapping, well-to-do children, poor children.
They didn't care and tried to totally erase their minds with LSD, PCP, peyote, years of audio recordings, program terms, and
Actually were able to produce programmable basically mind control assassins.
But they were still basically behaving like a vegetable that you could just tell to go kill somebody and then show them where they were and drill it into them.
Kind of almost like creating artificially autistic people or artificial Asperger's where they're just totally compelled once they're told to do something they have to do it.
But it would take five to ten years to produce those, and that was declassified out of a CIA program in Canada that came out in the 1980s.
They used to have History Channel shows about these.
Back in the History Channel and Discovery Channel were more free.
You don't see any of that now, but this is all admitted.
And so, out of that now you have all the other programs, but they basically externalize the mind control to cultural and digital and then mass chemical, to where they are now using flicker rates and a lot of other sophisticated systems
Electromagnetic, you name it, in the general public to basically be able to create mass mind control.
It is the real goal, not just individual mind control, but there's been just incredible hundreds of billions of dollars, conservatively, spent on mind wars.
And it was the CIA in the 1950s that decided to bring out LSD, decided to put it on college campuses, and they hired operatives who would be like hippie and yippie,
And beatnik leaders to not just Charles Manson, but Timothy Leary and so many other people.
They finance the rock and roll movement, the whole peace movement, the whole anti-war movement as a dialectic of you've got this war over here, then you control the opposition to the war, which then moves the United States more into a communist type system, while you also then build the right-wing opposition to it.
And that's a Galean dialectic where you control both sides.
Now, you said MKUltra ties into Epstein a few minutes ago.
Did you say that or were you saying MKUltra?
Oh, absolutely.
Okay, so explain.
Jeffrey Epstein was celebrated by royalty around the world and by Hollywood and by all the big banks, all the big fashion designers.
And why was it?
Well, when you go to a big famous resort, people celebrate the maitre d' of the resort or they celebrate the manager of the resort, the person that takes care of everything.
But he was just a
Gorefied, Pimp, and Frontman liaison between the Robber Barons, their eugenics operations, and all these different sex rings they were running, so that it was basically like a cult where the higher level initiates
Could use the classic intelligence agency operation of a honeypot, but it's not enough in the modern world to just get somebody to cheat on their wife, and then you have that dirt on them so they do what you say.
You would want somebody to have sex with, say, a 14-year-old girl to start off with, and even younger, so that you know you're going to be destroyed, and no one's going to put up with it if it ever comes out.
So it's a gang initiation, and so it's a form of mind control.
And so Epstein was basically just a front man for a multinational CIA, Mossad, MI6, MI5 entrapment ring.
But most of the scientists and most of the bankers and most the academic heads getting involved
Wanted to get inducted and wanted to go through the gang initiation of being part of that.
And so Epstein was basically the butler or the front man for one of the largest pedophiles, occultic, black knoll rings in the world.
And when you got to the bottom of it, it was about compromising scientists and other key academics.
And they had
All sorts of secret breeding programs, and the best information we have is cloning programs where they're producing clones in vitro, and then they have to implant them in a woman, and then they tell the women at Zorro Ranch and other places that you're being impregnated with Jeffrey Epstein's child to save the world, but it's not Jeffrey Epstein's child.
Then when the child's born, it's taken, and obviously that's what people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and Ted Turner and people want, is they want it cloned.
Are clones.
And so whether it's for body parts or whether it's they think down the road they're going to implant a new digital brain in it.
I'm not sure.
We haven't broken through that level of information.
But Jeffrey Epstein was the leading edge of, as far as we know, of above ground secret government corporate operations.
And that's why I told people many years ago, they're involved in breeding programs.
They're involved in occultism.
They're involved even in human sacrifice.
They're involved in massive industrial-level 14, 15-year-old girls just to get first-level people compromised, down to the police chief, down to the local dean of the college, just so they got them where they want them, so they have control in all the major cities.
That's why Epstein, they were estimating, was recruiting up to 100 new girls a month just in one town in Florida.
And then recruiting them to recruit other women.
And sometimes they'd be in the organization five, ten years.
You know, Epstein would go to Eastern Europe, like Croatia and places, and he would hand-buy from families six, seven, eight-year-old girls who knew they were selling them to him for up to a million dollars.
And then he would take them and train them, and then they were some of his top sex operatives that would then go out and manage all of this around the world for control.
And so if you ever wonder why the globalists have such control,
And so, essentially, if you get away from the metaphysical, one of the primary motives
As we wrap up, kind of here on this conspiracy facts section, the purpose of Epstein is to compromise individuals that will then go along with whatever the agenda is because they've been compromised to essentially have sex with children.
So that's what his role was.
Yes, and as you get higher up, they say, hey, I got this 8-year-old causing a problem.
Go down in that dungeon and kill him.
And then you go down there and you strangle a little boy or a little girl.
You've been talking about this for, I mean, this isn't like you talked about this for two years.
You've been talking about this specific, you know, there's many things you've been talking about for a long time, but you've been talking about this kind of Epstein and the theme behind it for quite some time.
Well, sure.
I mean, here's an example in Hollywood for people.
Everybody knows Mario Puzo wrote the Godfather series.
And he talked about these are all real people.
These are real things that happen.
They just change the names.
So that's, it's basically a true story.
And you notice the senator in Godfather 2 wants him to pay him an outrageous amount of money and they say we're not going to pay him anything.
And then six months later he's found with a dead hooker in the hotel room.
And then now they're drunk because they killed the hooker and they drugged him and they killed the hooker, caught her up, and said now you're going to go to jail, you don't do what we say.
That's 101.
Okay, you didn't do what you want.
We're going to kill the hooker that belongs to us and we're going to put her in the bed with you.
And that's something based on what was really going on in the 1950s.
Really cutting horses' heads off, putting people's beds, that really happened.
All that stuff.
That's all about Frank Sinatra as the singer and they won't give him the job in the World War II movie.
That all really happened.
You know, the band leader and the gun to the head.
And that's what the good Mafia chief was doing.
He was the good guy.
He was the moral one.
You understand?
And so take that out five or six levels worse and that's what you've got going on.
It's just absolutely playing God.
And that's why we knew from all the lawsuits by pro-life groups that came out in court 20 years ago that they were keeping babies alive while they got bids on their bodies and then harvesting them.
And then of course it comes out now that that happened.
Alex Jones, how'd he know?
It was right there.
That's just like this week.
It just broke.
If you protest lockdowns, they're going to call you a terrorist.
Everybody's freaking out going, it was on NBC News last night.
It's all over the news that anti-lockdown people are terrorists.
It was on ABC News.
How did you know?
In June, Biden put out the new terrorism directive and it said, if you question elections, you're a terrorist.
If you question lockdowns, you're a terrorist.
I mean, period.
So, I mean, it's all there.
That's what I'm telling people.
This is all there.
The keeping babies alive and harvesting them.
The preparing to say we're all terrorists.
All these plans are just right there.
And the public always responds to each part of the plan that's hitting them as if it's just a one-dimensional thing.
It just happens.
It just happens.
It's like Legos.
You take a set of Legos.
You can see what the vehicle's going to be or what the ship is or what the toy is.
And I can tell you what it's going to be.
How do you know all these parts do this?
Well, now we've put 90% of it together.
Got the owner's manual right here.
Got the box right here.
I'm like, hey, see what it is, folks?
There ain't more pieces put.
Only a few more pieces left, and we are in crap.
Right, so I wanted to set the scene because I think when we take that step back with looking at some of those declassified documents, everything else starts to make more sense now.
So I want to move into the Great Reset, right?
Now that's become a popular term.
Everyone's seen Klaus Schwab now, even people that never heard of this before.
You know, we've seen his videos talking about you'll own nothing and be happy, but you've been talking about this.
I told you I watched your documentary Endgame as a freshman in college, and that's when I decided to drop out, go on my journey, and do all that.
Now, essentially, you were able to piece a lot of these things together for a long time, but let's start here.
What is the Great Reset in your estimation?
And of course, let's make this YouTube appropriate.
What's a great reset?
What's YouTube appropriate?
You know, we've talked about it before.
I think Klaus Schwab's a wonderful person.
Just a couple of things.
No, we can go.
Let me get really serious about this.
No, no.
Yeah, please.
If the globalists weren't pedophiles, a bunch of them, and if they weren't into such harm, and they weren't so evil, because I've been around some of their high-level ones when they're trying to recruit me,
But you just literally feel God being sucked out of the room.
Like, it's just, whoa!
I feel weak.
I feel alone.
I feel, for the first time in my life, powerless.
I don't want to join with this.
No thank you.
This is no Holy Spirit.
It's not in this room.
And so, it's total selfishness.
It's total evil.
It's neo-feudalism.
If they even decide to keep any of us around.
The Great Reset, in their own words, is a post-industrial, post-human world.
It's a post-human era.
I've read all four of Klaus Schwab's books.
And it's the same thing I read in Club in Rome documents that were declassified in the 80s that I read in the 90s.
It's the same thing that's in David Rockefeller's book.
It's the same thing that was in the Davos group's press releases the last 20 years.
It's the same thing that was in Wall Street Journal, looking forward to the end of humanity.
Big Wall Street Journal article about, we're imperfect, we've got to give up our bodies and merge with silicon.
And it's just a transhumanist revolution against humanity.
Say, we're dirty, we're bad, we're evil.
And Klaus Schwab says, we're going to take over your body, take over your cells, and we're going to reprogram you.
And we're going to put a microchip under your skin to buy and sell.
He said it on TV.
And you say, well, who cares what this crazy German dude is saying?
Well, he used to run all the UN programs.
And so now he runs the Davos Group that has the Fortune 500 behind them.
And then they all have committee meetings and agree to an agenda.
Then they're given battle plans and then they carry it out.
And so he's a major field marshal in this.
David Rockefeller was the head guy until he died, what, four or five years ago?
Henry Kissinger's protégé, David Rockefeller.
And what's very sickening is they describe all this in their books.
I didn't have to piece this together when I made Endgame.
It's got the quotes, it's got them talking about what they're going to do, how they're going to lock us down in compact cities, how they're going to make all the rural areas off-limits, then how they're going to start cutting the resources off through carbon taxes and give us a digital system through our phones and through face scans and hand scans, and then implantable chips, and then how they're going to totally make us live in
200 square foot apartments, you'll have to get a license to have children, forced inoculations.
So before you get into that too, when you say, when you're talking about carbon taxes, facial recognition, we've seen in the new infrastructure bill, right?
We've seen that, which you've talked about for 10, at least 10 years, that eventually they're going to... Well, I get no credit.
They all, it's all their plan.
But you talk about for a long time mileage taxes and I remember 10 years ago when I would say, hey they're going to do this thing.
It was insane but now it's actually in the infrastructure is a mileage tax and the facial recognition things that they say are going to be for monitoring drunk driving.
This is what you're talking about from the actual infrastructure bill.
Yes and even before they put that out, Allie and others said 10 years ago,
Soon we're going to have AI that watches you if you're tired or you're drinking, live time reporting back to the Threat Fusion Centers.
So now in the bill it's saying we're going to make all new cars have this.
So yes, just like home assistants are watching and listening to you, that we take these Trojan horses into our houses, or the cell phones are tracking and listening to us, and now Apple says, oh, we're all about privacy, but every photo on your phone we're going to scan just in case it's not child porn.
It's not about child porn.
It's about them setting the precedent to say, we're the privacy company.
Apple equals privacy.
And we're going to read everything you do.
And then starting ten years ago or so, under federal programs, and it's all over the world, all the major English classes in public schools... Did I keep going?
Yes, go ahead.
All the major English classes, going down to like fifth grade, they have an anti-plagiarism program that databases and reads everything you write that goes up to a database.
Really, it's everything kids are writing going to a database.
The name of fighting plagiarism.
So, the name of fighting pedophilia.
We're going to look at all your photos on your phone without asking you to scan it.
That was announced last week.
Oh, and we're going to read everything your kids write.
And this is just a panopticonic, total AI system where, oh, you can't leave your house.
You've got to work from home over Zoom and over Skype.
And all of that's being databased.
All that's being recorded.
And so it's just a total surveillance grid, not to make sure you don't do something bad, but to incrementally, with a social credit score, with that surveillance, force you to conform to the way they want you to.
And people think, well, I'll just conform and wear a mask, or I'll just conform and take a shot.
And it's always more, more, more.
Oh, sorry, that shot didn't work.
Now it's a monthly shot.
So, you said social credit score, and that's a component that you've been talking about for a long time.
I remember I was a freshman in college, and you would talk about this stuff, and it seemed so far out, no one would take it seriously, when I would say, hey, check this out, but now we're here today, and obviously, for those that aren't familiar, we've seen this, we'll play a clip, maybe, of the Chinese social credit score, which shows you that you can essentially be blocked out of society.
So, picture your life in a place where everything you do, what you buy, how you behave, is tracked.
The government gives you a score, and the score is a measure of how trustworthy you are as a citizen, and determines what you're allowed to do, like, ever.
Boarding a train, getting a mortgage, all goes back to this score.
It's called social credit.
It sounds like that show Black Mirror, but it's actually happening in China.
So how does that change you?
Does it change you?
What does your life look like when your every move is watched?
And so this movement for the Great Reset, an important component to it, we talk about central bank digital currencies on this channel, but an important component
Is this, when you tie the surveillance system all together with this social credit score system, central bank, digital currencies, talk a little bit about how this all ties in together, the social credit score in greater detail, and how that will work in real time.
What's the endgame with all of that?
Essentially digitizing everything into a surveillance system that is, obviously we already have that, but in a more organized manner where it ties into the CBDC
Social credit score, etc.
And you're going to have to have it to take, quote, one half step outside your house.
That's the Chinese statement on how this is supposed to work.
And of course, the stuff the Chinese have put in was all designed here.
So the globalists have designed it for us, but they've been beta testing in China and now they're going operational.
And I'm glad you bring that up as your definition of it.
It's excellent, better than I would do.
The Great Reset is a corporate private world government where you have a world ID through your phone and or through a face scan or hand scan and or chip.
And then everything you do, everywhere you go, is tracked and controlled.
So they use the pretext of a medical ID and a COVID vaccination passport as the reason you've got this new global ID.
But then they admit in all the UN literature, all the NAWO's literature,
All the Microsoft, all the IBM literature that they're going to then have a global social credit score that operates off of carbon taxes.
And so everything you eat, everything you drink, everywhere you go, what you do, you'll be taxed.
According to that, but they also say it's not just taxed.
You will be allotted where you get to travel.
You will be allotted what you get to do.
You will get told how much meat you can eat.
You will get told where you can go, what type of job you can have, and everything will be basically decided by the quote computer.
It'll sound great and sound wonderful and people got a great opportunity and oh I get to go to Hawaii and while I'm there I'm gonna help plant you know whatever endangered trees.
But everything you get to do has strings attached to serving the greater good that's directed by this big corporate global government.
So it's total surveillance.
It's absolute slavery.
And at the end of the day, it slowly keeps turning off resources to which people behave more and jump through more hoops and do what they're told more to compete for those limited resources instead of expanding the resources.
And, you know, just for someone that this is a lot to grasp, I mean, we have Klaus Schwab on video saying, you referenced the interview where he says with the guy, and the guy goes, what about implantable chips?
And he said, not yet, but maybe five years down the road.
We have- That was five years ago.
That was five years ago.
So we're talking about here soon.
We've got a Bill Gates patent that talks about a cryptocurrency that is,
Inserted into you and it rewards you or takes away cryptocurrency based off of your body movements.
So all of these things are tied together.
The central bank digital currency.
We know that China, almost every mainstream publication has reported on China's central bank digital currency.
That was programmable money that would disappear in certain allotments of time.
So all of this, and then we've had Klaus Schwab talk about how we need an internet global ID so we can monitor misinformation.
So if you don't behave the way they want, they can make your money disappear.
They're already tracking everywhere your money goes.
You have no privacy.
I mean, this is a nightmare scenario.
And so the social credit score is tied into this whole central bank digital currency?
The social credit score is the shock collar.
For carbon taxes, for social behavior, for everything you do, if you don't do what they want, then they devalue the value of the universal basic income they're going to be given.
And even if you quote, had money in the bank, they're not going to let you spend it or let you use it or they're going to take it away unless you have engaged in the
Activities and behaviors that they want you to.
It's a new global religion based around the environment, but it has nothing to do with the environment.
It's where they say humans are dirty, humans are bad, humans are disease spreaders, humans are killing the earth, and so now you've got to pay pittance to the new global corporate church that, like God, AI monitors you with a little digital phone that's your angel, that's your prison guard, that tracks and traces everything you do, that now nudges you and manipulates you in a giant open-air
We're good to go.
They're going to make life so miserable and so hellish that people will then opt for a limited increase in their credit score and more credits for say a year or two to then be given the privilege of opting into the euthanasia program.
And then the next level is claiming, but you upload yourself to a computer and then the top law under their system, the cardinal sin will be denying that these digital uploads are real.
And so, again, the whole mission is give up our carbon-based bodies, upload ourselves to this carbon-neutral system, and the AI will be monitoring you, watching you, have your face print, your voice print, know all your secrets, everything about you.
It'll be able to fool your family members.
And so then,
They will say you're being sentenced to having your body taken, you're going to be uploaded to a machine.
Or, oh, you get to, you're dying of cancer, but you're being uploaded.
Everybody then sees you in the computer screen or in a physical robot avatar.
And in the future, then even biomechanical replicant bodies they're going to produce.
And this is where they want to go.
This is where they say they're going.
And it goes back really to their religious beliefs, their Luciferians.
And really one of their high priests was Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote 2001 Space Odyssey.
He also wrote Childhood's End.
That was the first big book that the globalists put him on the map for and made him a superstar for.
And if you read the book Childhood's End, a big spaceship shows up with nine foot tall, big red devils with big black horns.
And they explain that they were actually the good guys.
That then they have to take all the children of the planet to be raised by the big red devils and then the adults don't understand so they get blown up on Earth and all killed and the children give up their bodies and upload into the Evermind computer that the red devils just guard.
Yeah, and so this all sounds completely insane.
It's like I'm talking about all the stuff that's already happened, all the things that have been proven, and all the things that are going on.
I'm not saying I believe in 9-foot, 12-foot Red Devils.
I'm not saying I believe they're going to be able to upload the machines up forever.
NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times all say, looking forward to the end of humanity, by the year 2047, they want to force people to give up their carbon-based bodies and upload to machines.
Of course, really, that's just a way of saying, even those that are allowed to still be alive, that's the 90% depopulation.
Then the final con is, no, no, no, now you've got to give up your body too.
But you're not really giving your body up.
You're dying, you're being killed, and then just a
A recording of you, like a photo.
A photo of you is not you.
A photo of a Bengal tiger is not a Bengal tiger.
A photo of a blue whale is not a blue whale.
And thousands of recordings of it and its brainwaves aren't the blue whale.
It's not all the blue whale's ancestors.
It's not the blue whale in the ocean and its experiences.
It's not its connection to, you know, the universe and God that made the universe.
And so what these people aren't saying
Their in-game religion is making us give up our bodies because they make life on Earth so hellish and so poisonous and so biomechanical that people will opt in to believing that they've been given transcendence and eternal life through the silicon matrix, which again is the ultimate con.
So, um... I mean, is that too much for you guys?
It sounds totally insane.
Let's go here though.
What's the next iteration of that?
We've started to see with lockdowns, they planted the seeds on climate lockdowns.
We've had many of these mainstream publications say, we need these climate lockdowns to meet the emission goals with the Paris Agreement.
So is the next iteration to get, you know, we've seen this mileage tax, which is the most insane dystopian thing you could ever imagine.
It's in the one trillion dollar infrastructure bill that just passed.
And so is the next iteration of this to move towards climate lockdowns?
Or what's the next iteration to get to that level?
Are climate lockdowns going to be a real thing?
Well, you just said it much better than I did.
I'm serious.
You just got right to the chase.
So that long 10-minute babble.
That's exactly what they're saying.
They say, Klaus Schwab says in that French interview, he says in his book, we're going to create the global medical ID.
Then it'll be wearable.
And then it'll be implantable.
And based on that, we're going to bring in the carbon taxes and the carbon regulations.
And now they're saying, isn't it great, the lockdowns?
The tens of millions that starve to death.
The total shutdown of all these major cities.
Half the small business in the world going bankrupt.
A doubling in overall suicides.
I mean, no, this isn't great what they've done.
But Klaus Schwab is saying, isn't it wonderful?
Now we need climate lockdowns to cut the carbon.
And they ran headlines like that all over the world.
So they're even admitting to people
That they're inducting us into this world and that they are bringing us into this system where if our social credit score goes low, if we don't behave the way that the slave masters want us to,
And if they're saying it's time for a carbon lockdown, we're not going to be allowed to leave our houses.
Then after they've done that, then they'll go, I'll tell you what, just do what your phone says, and it'll tell you the best time to go to the store.
It'll tell you the best time to go to the grocery store.
You'll get discounts when you do.
So at first they incentivize everybody, like it's a great thing, they're heroes for doing it, and then over time it becomes something that's mandatory.
And how far away from climate change would you suggest that we are?
These are lockdowns.
I'm sorry.
These are climate change lockdowns.
I mean, they admit, hey, we really do this for the earth.
Hey, COVID-19 really wasn't that big of a problem.
Then Bill Gates said on a bunch of shows last year, he loves to esoterically say what he's going to do.
He goes, terrorists are about to release next year, a really bad bioweapon, and it's going to be much worse than the COVID-19.
He started smiling.
And then Fareed Zarkaria and all the other shows he was on just giggled and laughed and said, that's right.
Things aren't ever going back to normal, are they?
And Gates starts laughing.
He goes, no, they're not.
Because you have to understand the definitions of these people.
Homo sapien sapien is the disease.
We're the virus.
And so they're saying, oh, if you think COVID-19 was bad, wait until the bioweapon the terrorists are going to release very, very soon.
He told Stephen Colbert this.
He told them all.
And they go, what do you mean terrorists?
He goes, oh, the terrorists are going to release it.
Well, you take the shot, which you can't put in this, but you guys can have this somewhere else later.
And then you produce the spike protein.
Now the terrorists have released the weapon.
See, we're the virus, we're the disease.
It's beautiful how they give us the bioweapon.
Yeah, we're with you on that.
Ty, put a note right there because we'll have to cut that.
Right, that's what we're going to do.
So, um, let's talk... I mean, have you seen all the mainline studies and science now admitting that?
Dude, we're with you on everything.
My dad and I have watched every episode... It all sounds crazy.
I want you to listen through.
No, we're with you.
There's not one thing that you sound... My dad and I have been watching you every day for... Well, you can fire it all.
I believe you.
It sounds crazy.
Here we go.
So, um... I'll stop babbling.
I'm just... No, we're with my... We're with you 100% on every single thing.
So, let's talk about... Let's talk about China.
Can I say something about Great Reset?
Just better than I said earlier?
The Great Reset is a total revolution.
It is the next level of humanity's evolution.
If we allow the globalists to take control of our development.
They believe humans are aimless.
They believe that we're just a bunch of consumers that are getting soft, that are getting weak, that are getting decadent.
And in many ways, David Rockefeller was right.
In many ways, Prince Philip was right.
But the very people targeting us for depopulation, so they have more resources, because quote, we've become decadent, well look at themselves.
They are projecting their own hatred of themselves onto us.
The big question for everybody is, are you really going to put up with Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and others, who've all been very, very honest about what they're doing to the public?
Because if you don't speak out against them, if you do comply with them, really their argument that you are a dumb animal becomes true.
And so I morally cannot join with them and do the types of things to people what they're doing.
But if this information is public, and if people can't logically look through all this themselves and figure out what's happening to them, and this whole medical tyranny,
Then they really do deserve what happens to them.
And so I think that's why historically, metaphysically, people like myself and others are there to make sure everybody does have a clear choice and does get to hear the truth and does get to have the conscience and their intellect warn them so they can be a participant in their own destiny instead of letting the globalists take control of it.
Because if humanity really doesn't resist this, if humanity really lets something this obvious and this evil go on,
Then they almost deserve what's happening to them.
But here's why even if 99% of the people went along with this, which they're not.
Only 27% of Australia is going along with it right now.
About half of America is going along with it right now.
What about the children?
They aren't of age.
And just because their parents mislead them and are in a trance doesn't mean that they deserve to be enslaved and destroyed.
So that's why we have to continue to persevere and do the right thing because God's watching.
So what about China?
There's been a, you know, I think in the mass consciousness when Trump was in, China kind of came to a head and more people are kind of aware of the Chinese Communist infiltration of American politics on the right and the left.
What role does China play in this whole Great Reset, China Communist Party play in this whole Great Reset?
The corrupt CIA, the freshly minted CIA, in 1947-48 put Mao Zedong into power in 1949.
And 95% of China didn't even have running water.
Most of it didn't have any electricity.
Smart, hard-working folks, but they were a medieval society.
And the West came in and built the Communist up, built them up as an enemy, gave them nuclear weapons, and basically by the 1970s signed a deal with them to have them replace the United States as the production superpower into the future.
And so Communist China is a client of the globalists.
Sometimes it gets a little bit out of line, and so the globalists pivoted in the 1950s.
90s, early 2000s and started putting more military pressure on them.
But Communist China really is the laboratory of control and the model of what the new world order wants to do all over the planet.
So the organ harvesting and the slave camps, the social credit scores, the total surveillance, that is where we're going.
As you can see, that's pretty much where we're at.
We've arrived and very, very quickly the digital chains are going on to us.
How did China get the control that they have?
Is it China that has the control, or is it, as you call them, the globalists?
Or did China do it by using fiat currency to buy everyone out?
How did it get to this position where China's the one rolling out these social credit scores, these central bank digital currencies that have the programmable money?
Now we have Jerome Powell talking about how we're going to get these digital dollars.
How did it get to this position, and how bad is the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party?
There's a major alliance between the globalists and the communist Chinese.
And the communist Chinese have gotten a little big for their britches some, and bucked the globalists at certain points.
So there is some tension there.
But overall, the strategic elites are basically one.
And so the globalists are in charge of communist China, and are basically using it as a corporate and financial and military
Engine to take over the planet, but the way they got there was starting in the 1970s accelerating in the early 1990s They were given the World Trade Organization status you name it and never had to play by our rules So they always had internal tariffs on everybody else's goods so that we couldn't sell goods there but whereas they sold their goods all the world
And because they had a billion plus people operating as slaves, the giant sucking sound that Ross Perot talked about basically ends.
The end of the black hole is Communist China.
And so that's basically gotten rid of middle classes worldwide.
It shut down manufacturing and the know-how for manufacturing the last 30 years around the world, not just in the United States and Europe.
They were given 99% or 98% of rare earth minerals.
Western countries aren't allowed to go after rare earth minerals.
The last rare earth mineral mines in the United States were shut down by Obama.
And so strategically, it's all a one sided trade policy, not just for us, but everybody else.
So the people of China can be exploited to lower the standard of living worldwide, and to transform the world into a service
economy because the service economy is an economy that you can totally control and that has people that work in the service economy who can be made obsolete with robots or automation whenever you want.
And that's the you'll own nothing and be happy and then when the service, the aspects of the service economy that are there are ultimately controlled by the social credit score and the central bank digital currencies.
That's right and you see in Europe and you see in the United States and you see in the new overreach areas of Latin America
They're like, hey, we've already had a year and a half of no rent.
We've already had a year and a half of paychecks.
Joe Biden just gave them six more months outside of law.
CDC said so.
They don't have that power, but they do because it's dictatorial.
And so the average liberal trendy is like, I'm just going to sit here in my tiny apartment and watch Netflix and eat GMO food.
And I'm free, and I love this, and they hear Klaus Schwab says, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, and you'll like it, you'll rent everything, and they're not thinking five, six, seven years down the road that if you don't take the injections we tell you, if you don't take the medicines we tell you, if you don't go where we say and do what we say, we're not going to give you that money.
And under other plans, the UN and others have, is that once the main society collapses, it's a cloud and pit strategy, once that happens,
Then they're actually going to organize all these people into boot camps and basically force labor, calling it a boot camp, and then militarize them and kick them in the ass, but then have a group that only knows how to work in a cohesive domestic military security force.
And that's basically what Mao did in his takeover in 1949.
They had the Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, and all those programs, and they took all the rural people off the farms, they crammed everybody in the cities, they killed off a lot of the old elders and people that had know-how.
So then a large part of the population starved to death, others killed each other, then they told 10, 11, 12, 13-year-olds, here's machine guns, you're in charge now.
Go into the town and kill anybody else we tell you to, you're going to be in charge.
And that's basically the program they're going to have here when the Netflix isn't working and people aren't getting all the food delivered to them.
Once that interim period of domestication is over, then we go into the period of slaughter.
You fatten the pig up for the Christmas feast while the Christmas feast is coming.
So a lot of people hear about you and you know they hear about, we talked earlier about conspiracy theories or conspiracy facts.
Some of these things are quite scary and if you're
Only originally introduced to you, you may think that you're just this guy that talks about the news.
But you're actually a very, very, very deep spiritual, philosophical type of person.
So let's start here.
What is really the nature of reality itself?
Well, what I know is you see this throughout history in every culture and it repeats.
And civilizations go through these processes of
Go through their founding moments of stress and conflict and then people find honor and goodness in God and then they have a golden age and produce all these ideas and science and wealth.
Then they start getting decadent, they start becoming corrupt.
Evil creeps in and begins to take over and then you fall off a cliff and always in every culture human sacrifice, pedophilia,
Basically, Satan worship ensues.
The pagans are always, oh, that's a Christian thing.
It's in every culture.
No, it's not.
That in the decline of a civilization, these certain bad things begin to happen.
And from researching even what the quantum physicists and quantum mechanics experts have looked at, and what the spectrometers have found in the dark matter of the universe, and just what the science is showing, is actually what the Bible really says, and what a lot of other ancient
I don't know.
And infinite in that and really hard for us as being in the third dimension to be able to even imagine or comprehend even though mainline science will tell you that our minds when we do complex thinking or dream or do mathematics are fourth, fifth, sixth dimension.
So we know that we're operating up that high theoretically.
And so time and time again groups of humans get together
Who believe in conquest, not in renaissance.
And they're driven, almost always, by a desire to exterminate humanity, to destroy and to kill, not just for conquest, not just for domination, but to serve an entity or a god they believe wants human blood.
We're good to go.
Countless collapsed African civilizations, collapsed Asian civilizations.
They'll see hundreds of years and civilization build up and temples are built and all of a sudden an evil group takes control of those temples.
And you're back to human sacrifice, you're back to death.
And then you see those civilizations collapse.
Generally not even because of an environmental reason, they just spiritually, a sickness comes upon them and they fall apart.
And so you have to recognize whether you're a Christian or not, because none of these mainline churches aren't Christian, so I don't even want to identify as a Christian, though I know Jesus is real.
He's my Lord and Savior.
I follow spiritually Christ, not through these corrupt systems and churches.
And if you know that, there is great strength in that.
And the world attacks that and recognizes that that's real.
And that as soon as you start understanding that you have a
Spiritual, metaphysical, multi-dimensional choice about where your will goes and what you want to do.
And when you reach out to God and say, please help me be good, help me be strong, help me be loving, give me discernment, I ask you into my heart that that process will begin and start to happen.
On the other side, the system doesn't want you to know there's a spiritual battle or that there's good and evil in the universe, whatever you want to call it, wherever it's coming from.
Really, different dimensional forces come against each other.
They want you blind and unaware of this so they can trick you and manipulate you and get you captured into their system, then believe in you, do more things against your own nature, against your creation, against how God programmed you, that that's actually how you're empowering yourself.
That's how you're getting deeper into the dark side.
And I use the cheesy Star Wars analogy of Episode 3, Star Wars, written by George Lucas.
I think it's the best writing of the movies.
I'm not even really a fan, but I'm a fan of that episode because when Anakin Skywalker
I'm good.
They are getting power interdimensionally, they believe, from their God and are able to resonate closer to their God of destruction and betrayal and death and humiliation and failure.
That's why they try to get their adherents to do bad things so that it pushes God's spirit or that dimension, the real Alpha Omega main dimension, away so that the satanic force can create its own little artificial kingdom and bubble with its minions that it takes with it.
And so
That's really what this is, is this entity, Lucifer, Satan, whatever you want to call it.
That's not just going off of Christian cosmology.
From studying the Globalist, how the world really works, that fits in exactly.
That's the closest of any religion or any group or any system.
The way they describe it is actually how it is.
And so Satan knows that we're made in the image of God and are able to build all these amazing things.
Satan's older and has free will and has decided to go against God, but we're made in the image of God and if we make the right choices, are way more powerful and more creative than Satan is because we have a divine spark.
And so this whole satanic world government system is about humans combining their energy with this dark force.
And then trying to build their own heaven, their own civilization, their own technological system that can rival God's.
And it's all about rebellion against God's system and God's plan for us and this breakaway civilization that the Satanists have basically set up in this alliance with the fallen.
And so that's basically how I see it operating.
And there's amazing power in reaching out to God for discernment and saying, I need your help.
And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to stand up against this.
In my experience, God will then put a little more weight on you, see if he can handle it, a little more weight, and won't usually put you in a fight you can't handle until you've spiritually gone through enough.
I like it, the weightlifting, until you can take that massive weight when it actually gets put on you.
And then each time that you take on that massive weight and survive it, then God comes back to the Holy Spirit and says, you sure you want more?
Because if you really want to do this, I want to fight these people, you've got to do this,
Then, your discernment expands, your awareness expands, and it's like being taken up, it is being taken up, a whole other level.
And it's pretty amazing.
And then, the only issue you're going to have is,
If you really start getting wise on how things work, then it's like you don't want to commit suicide.
I love life.
I want to be with my children.
But you're almost like, man, take me home, Lord.
I understand I'm going to be with you forever.
This is all just a big test.
My God, I can't believe they're all failing the test.
This is so sad.
It's actually like the Bible says, the beginning of wisdom is sorrow.
It gets really crazy.
Once you can see thousands of steps and everything that's going on, and then with words, it's almost indescribable to try to explain to people.
That's why it's just wisdom.
It's spiritual wisdom.
And it's not your wisdom.
You're given that wisdom because you're up against something really powerful and evil.
And then God has given you that wisdom to do good with it.
Because you don't get that wisdom to do bad with it.
And so that's why the enemy seems really smart, but also is almost like mechanical in that it doesn't understand things.
It's always trying to watch what we do and figure out how we operate so they can try to create a counterfeit of what God's done.
So we've got the heavy weapons, the spirits.
We've got the victory.
We've got everything.
It's just that we're babies, you know, basically drooling in our car seat in the back of the car, not realizing our real potential.
And so the biggest thing is reach out to God, make that spiritual electrical connection, interdimensional connection.
And then like a stream, it'll open up bigger and bigger.
Uh, and then you just have to be humble about it, because a lot of people go crazy, and then, you know, start thinking they're God or something, and then they get twisted and go over to Satan that way, because a lot of people start getting some discernment, and they can't handle it.
So it's definitely a balancing process.
I just know that the occultists think they're doing all these horrible things to get advanced knowledge.
If they would just be good, they'd be given all the knowledge.
So it's a total con game that they've bought into.
And that's why the Satanists are always trying to con people and manipulate other people.
It's because they're only doing to others what's been done to them.
Because nothing good can come out of their system.
Knowing all of this stuff, have you ever went through a phase where you did feel suicidal or so depressed by everything happening in the world?
You know, right now, obviously we're at these incredible levels of bumps and suicide.
There's a lot of people that are depressed and overwhelmed by what's happening in the world.
And when you hear this macro picture you paint, for many people it can be depressing.
So first, have you ever felt like that?
And second of all, what's your advice to someone that feels like that?
No, I've never felt suicidal.
I've felt homicidal.
I love life.
I would never hurt myself on purpose.
I eat too much red meat and drink too much sometimes.
Other than that, I'm not self-destructive, and I like life.
I don't want to be here for my children.
And I would never commit suicide.
You know, they kill a lot of people who they say committed suicide.
And I'm not violent.
I'm not going to go out and attack people either.
It's just that as a man, and with my programming that God gave me, watching evil carry out all this horrible stuff,
And get away with it because they control the system and they're protected.
I have felt very aggressive and violent towards them, but I realize they're already set up for that and want us to be violent and get on their level.
I realize that that's a trick and I don't need to be offensively violent, even though we're really being attacked.
And so it wouldn't be offensive because they would twist that around against us.
And so the teaching of Christ, which Mahatma Gandhi and people like Martin Luther King Jr.
were absolutely right to emulate.
That's the real power.
That's the real strength.
We're good to go!
To help others you care about to wake them and others up and put that into the energy of being a strong example against the dark system so that then, even when the dark system puts you in prison or kills you, they have no excuse for doing it and then that example of what happens to you really wakes up a lot of people and causes a chain reaction.
So, for someone that feels overwhelmed, angry, what you're saying is, instead of staying on the vibratory plane of fear, you're saying, essentially, redirecting that energy is an important component that's worked for you, that you think is important for someone.
Well, absolutely!
And it's not some hero complex.
They are abusing children.
They are stealing people's dreams.
They are dumbing people down.
They are coming after everybody's innocence.
This is a truly demonic force.
And so, it's an honor to fight this, and it's a good thing to be able to fight this, and it's the right thing to do to go after it.
I mean, I've found that when I'm able to actually reach out to people who've been captured by this system, who aren't consciously part of it, if I actually am loving towards them, and just talk about understanding how they got captured by it, I have a higher success rate in getting them to wake up than
Well then what if you screw you and I'm like bullhorning some leftist thing.
When I do that back it feels good and the internet likes to see that but it would have been more powerful to bring them literature and really talk to them and let them yell at me, let them spit on me and then try to inform them and then more of them will wake up later and everybody watching on the internet will wake up more and really have a greater moment than if I'm just sitting there screaming cuss words back at them.
Which I've done plenty.
I'm certainly not like, you know, some priestly high and mighty guy up here.
But it's all just a process of learning of how to engage these people and just explain to them.
Doesn't matter if you work at Google or Twitter or Facebook or IBM or Microsoft and you're compartmentalized but you know the company's doing wrong.
You can't pretend to yourself that that isn't going to reflect back on you and you can't pretend too that, you know, just because you laugh at what I'm saying doesn't make it true.
It is true.
We've taken a very evil turn.
The global corporations of the system are just breaking every convention of liberty and freedom.
They're disregarding every emergency red light on the dashboard of the way we're going is pure enslavement and destruction.
Civilization is in deep, deep trouble.
Humanity is in deep, deep trouble.
And no one, including the top globalists, are going to escape the trajectory we're on.
And so it's the understanding of you're going to end up losing this body one way or the other.
So you better realize you do have a soul and understand that the decision of getting that soul aligned with God is the most important thing you can do.
So, one of the issues that I think a lot of people have is when you kind of wake up to what's taking place in the world, it causes a lot of people to feel depressed, or they just say, what's the point of any of this?
And one of the websites he had for a long time was called Prison Planet, right?
So, if this is in essence a prison planet, where we are moving towards some form of a quasi-technocratic communist system,
What do you believe the purpose of life is?
What do you believe the reason is that we incarnated here?
I think the purpose of life is to decide spiritually what dimension we want to go to.
I mean, the third dimension, even the physicists will tell you, is like the jumping off point to go down or go up.
And that's an oversimplification because it's all around.
And so it really is like everything in the universe.
It's a choice.
And that's what procreation is about.
Everything is about choices we make.
And this is about a test of
We have incredible power as humans.
We can do amazing things.
And will you sell out to evil because you joined with it, because you liked it, because it was easier, because it was quicker, because you were scared?
Well, okay, you're now going to have the experience of what selling out ends up doing for you.
And you're going to have a chance before you die
To turn back.
Unless you've done stuff like torture children to death or stolen children's innocence on purpose for dark power.
That's the ultimate sin.
I mean, if you consciously try to drive God away from you and consciously want to do evil to get close to Satan, God will cut your arm off right there.
You can't ever come back from that.
But if you've done bad things that didn't mean it, right now, the last second you're dying, you can be forgiven.
What do you think people don't understand most about who you are?
Who Alex Jones is?
You're an average person that either says he's a loon or he's just this angry guy spouting these conspiracies.
What do you think people really don't understand about you?
Well, I don't blame them.
It's a busy world and I am pretty bombastic and I do funny things and things out of context.
But I think it was God working through me the whole time.
It was funny enough to make it popular with young people and silly enough where the globalists didn't take me serious for a long time.
So I got to get big enough to reach billions of people before they clamped down.
But none of that was done consciously.
That was all just done by trying to do the right thing.
It was also a process of learning.
So, really I'm just somebody who grew up and my parents had a lot of history books around and knew a lot of people that had been involved in clandestine stuff.
And so I just grew up hearing about how the world really worked.
And I took it for granted.
I thought everybody knew this kind of stuff.
And because my uncles and I ran Contra and another family did a bunch of stuff.
And so I remember just growing up and people were coming over the house talking about this stuff.
Like, you know, the police captain would come over and the FBI agent would come over and, you know, these people would come over and they'd sit around and, you know, drink beer and play chess and talk about the New World Order when I was a little kid.
I mean, I'm talking three, four, five, six years old.
And so I just remember that.
And then my parents didn't put pressure on me to go fight the New World Order and didn't even make an issue out of it.
And then I was in high school and saw the brainwashing and then I was in college and saw the anti-American stuff.
Then I started watching local access TV in Austin.
They had guys on there showing all these books by Carl Quigley.
And they didn't have those books at the bookstore.
So I would go to the library and I would get them.
Or they'd order them for me.
Like, what do you want this book for?
I'll never forget, I walked into a bookstore and bought Mein Kampf.
And I walked over there and it had a picture of Hitler on the front of it.
And I wanted to read what Hitler had said.
It was actually a hardly written book.
And I guess it was translated from German and I hands the lady.
And she looks at me and she goes, oh my god, you're a Nazi!
And I said, you're the one that's selling books written by a Nazi lady?
And then she says, I don't know who the public is.
But I read hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of history books and really wanted to get a grasp when I was in high school of what was going on.
All because I'd already read some books by the time I was about 12 or so by Zbigniew Brzezinski and by others just to see if this stuff was really real.
And then by the time I was 20 I'd read hundreds of books
By the globalists themselves.
So I'd turn on the news and they'd say, there's crazy people who believe there's a plan for world government.
They're insane, they need to be arrested.
And Bill Clinton would give them press conferences.
I tell you these people that believe in black helicopters.
I think so.
Worried about the Globalists, worried about their World Government Plan, knowing that they already ran big corporations, and already had put Mao in power, and already had put the Soviet Union in power, and already saw their propaganda happening, so I thought, well this will be easy.
We'll just start exposing this, and America will wake up and we'll defeat it.
Well now, 27 years later, that's how long I've been on air, here we are, and we are in the midst of the martial law takeover as we speak.
I mean, if we don't turn things around,
I don't think I'll be on air in a year.
This is moving very quickly.
See, that's how tyrants do.
They hit you normalized, acclimated, learned helplessness, Stockholm Syndrome, where you just think, oh, Senator Paul can't talk.
Oh, you know, Trump can't talk.
Oh, Alex Jones can't talk.
Well, now this person can't talk.
And then it's just boom.
They've got this whole program announced by the CDC about sheltering individuals.
And they're now saying we're going to have to lock up everyone who isn't sick in the future.
And they're now announcing that in Australia.
Australia is a year ahead of us.
Australia and Victoria is now announcing Operation Shield.
And they said we're going to lock everybody in basically emergency camps who's healthy.
So what was the hardest part of your life so far?
What's been the most challenging part of the last 27 years doing this?
Well, it's not been getting ridiculed and attacked because I knew that was the secret to success to actually stop these people because I really wasn't thinking about myself because I was thinking about myself.
I mean, we're all caught up in this.
So we have to defeat this.
This is a civilization depopulation, 90% of the world depopulated plan, if it succeeds.
So you have to realize that it doesn't matter what happens to you in this, they're going to get you regardless if you don't stop them.
Does that make sense?
So there's a certain
Empowerment about not caring what people say, not caring what they do, because you know you're right.
You've seen the documents.
You've seen them carry the documents out.
You've seen them building it in orderly progression.
You have the architecture plans.
And so you know it's going somewhere really bad.
And so if you skip ahead and warn people this is all coming, because they're at B and C and D. Well, if you just skip ahead to the last five, six, seven letters, they're going to hear you all these years talk about it.
And then when they get to those letters, they're going to have a real chance of saying no to it because they've already been warned it's bad.
They've already been told specifically what's going to happen and what's going to unfold next.
And so, maybe there's seven letters to the end.
50-year plan at least.
I'm with you, but what's been the hardest part of last week for you?
You, Alex Jones.
Has it been growing the business?
Dealing with the ins and outs?
Is it depression?
Dealing with everything happening?
What's been one of the hardest parts of last week?
You know, I don't really get depressed.
I mean, the word's frustration.
That I wish we could lay this out and then skip all this.
So what's your advice to someone who does feel depressed by what's taking place in the world?
Well, you've got a chance at the crossroads in human development to make a difference.
And so instead of being mad that you can't just worry about going out on the boat or fishing or hiking or with your girlfriend, that you're going to have to man up or woman up and actually get involved and do something
For your future and everybody else's future.
Plus, what's everybody go play video games for?
Why do they go play Risk for?
Why do they go play all these games of intrigue, and assassins, and war, and there's snipers and all this stuff?
Because they want adventure, but they want simulated adventure with none of the danger.
This is the real adventure.
This is the real world.
This is the real challenge.
And guess what?
Even if you choose to live in denial about the New World Order and world government and the depopulation plan, you're not a spectator.
You're in the arena whether you like it or not.
And so you better decide to get involved and get engaged in this and realize you do have a spirit.
You do have a soul.
And this is a game.
You don't have a choice.
You've got to play.
And so
If somebody's in incredible pain and got cancer and everything else and just can't handle it anymore and shoves a gun in their mouth and blows their head off, I've had a lot of folks I know do that.
I'm not judging them.
I hope I've never got to do that.
I get people kill themselves over physical pain.
Okay, but killing yourself because your girlfriend left you or killing yourself because you're mad about being locked in your house.
Don't be locked in your house!
You know, go find the Globalist Party on the hill and show how they're not
Stay inside.
Fight them.
You are depressed because you're not going out and engaging evil and doing what you're supposed to do.
You're going to become absolutely energized if you start going out and confronting corrupt people.
If you start going out and saying no.
If you go out and start exercising your will and God's spirit through you, then all the doors will start opening.
And that's what we need.
I mean, so many
I know so many people that have successful businesses, and are well-to-do, and they've got great wives, and great kids, and everything else, and they're just as smart as I am, and they even go, yeah, I know you're right about all this.
We're glad you're there, Alex, to do this.
As if it's some compartmentalized thing that, oh, Alex Jones is gonna go do this.
I need all those smart men, all those strong men, all those guys that know how to work just right at the insurance company, and know how to go kiss ass and play a great game of golf so they get the promotion.
None of that's going to matter.
We're going to lose all of that if men don't start understanding that they have to be engaged in the world and to make the world a better place instead of just pretending they're making it a better place.
Because that's how the globalists took over.
They got control of almost all the major institutions, almost all the major churches.
How do you explain the world to your children?
You know, my children know that I research all this stuff.
And so they know it's real.
And they have heard me predict all this.
So they basically understand what's going on.
And so I really don't have to explain much to them.
I mean, I think they've just grown up around it.
And I mean, that's a good question.
I mean, my son is super informed.
The middle daughter is kind of in a phase of saying, oh dad, that's not true.
I think that's pretty normal when you're 13.
And the four-year-old is next level, so I don't think she's going to be having any problems, but it's all just wild.
So what do they think dad does?
Wow, these are good questions.
What do they think dad does?
Well, they think dad fights the big corporate global takeover.
I mean, they understand stuff.
I noticed your facial expression shifted a little bit.
Oh, my kids?
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, children are great.
I'm just trying, this second half here, I'm trying to peel you back a little bit.
Well, let's take a break and get to those questions.
I mean, I'll tell people this.
We've been living in denial while this globalist octopus has gotten its suckers into us.
And now it really intends to bend humanity's will towards its purposes, which is beyond slavery.
So for all the viewers out there, you can live in denial all day, you can pretend to work with the system, but that's what I call mass Stockholm Syndrome, where people are with abusers, they're being oppressed, they're being controlled, and they can't handle it, and so they decide to make excuses to join with it.
And that's the clone world we've been seeing.
And people have to get out of clone world, because it's only going to hurt them worse.
So explain a little bit more what Stockholm Syndrome is.
Well again, none of these psychological terms that have been developed invented it.
Modern psychology is only 200 years old, but I guess back in the 50s or 60s there were some cases studied in Stockholm, Sweden.
We're good to go.
We're good to go!
Just killed their mothers.
And so, they then gave the name Stockholm Syndrome in Stockholm, where they found that people, when they feel like the state or the government particularly is doing evil, a lot of people, particularly women, but now men as well, will go into Stockholm Syndrome and then just believe that it's really for their own good and a good thing.
If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what's the most important things you'd want to leave with your children from a philosophical, spiritual message?
Important things you'd want to reiterate?
Wow, that's another super heavy question.
Just that I'm almost guilty having them in this world at this time because it's such a quickening, but that I love them so much and I wanted to be able to
Commune with them and so that I'm still glad I did it and that don't ever fear those that kill their body fear those that kill their soul and that I Expect to see him on the other side.
I want to be good people so we can see each other again So You've accomplished some incredible things.
I mean we're here in your studio and I look at it I mean if you didn't know I mean you'd think this was a
Maybe they lost their job during this, so now they're trying to figure out, how do I build an additional income source?
Maybe they're finally starting to confront their fear about being an entrepreneur, trying to build something.
What's some of the most important things that you've learned from a business, entrepreneurial perspective over the last 27 years?
Well, sure, I just want to be clear.
I started out on AXS TV, was on that about a year, got a local show.
Within two years, got a weekday show.
Within about three years, got syndicated on a little syndicator.
And I was just always wanting to reach more people.
And then as more money came in, I didn't get a private plane or a bigger house.
I said, hey, I want to build bigger studios and I want to hire people and I want to do stuff.
And so then as more money came in, we would just expand and try to figure out more ways to reach people.
And so before they deplatformed me four years ago, we had on our own channels about 6 billion views, on other channels about 10 billion views, just on YouTube alone, and billions of views on Facebook and other places.
And so I just literally didn't care about demographics, I didn't care about
I mean, when the Democrats sue me all the time, they go, where is the demographics?
Where's the PR?
Where's the training manuals?
Where's the corporate targeting maps?
Where's the demographic maps?
We don't do that.
We just try to tell the truth and then believe in everybody.
We want to... I mean, I pay for 100,000 watt shortwaves that blast Asia and Europe and Africa.
And I pay for satellites that blast Asia and Europe and stuff.
We get no money back from that.
But I want those people to know what's going on.
I don't want to beat the globalists.
I'm not like... I'm not saying it's bad.
I just want to make money.
You didn't overthink it.
I didn't go into every detail of the marketings like this and this is just you were inspired you had a vision that came through you and you're saying you didn't overthink the details of it.
Sure I mean I mean I look at numbers about well okay this is how many places in the world they'll probably pick this up on these dishes and it's not that much money and we're not going to make money on it but I want to I feel like I need to have somebody put that message out there because our target audience is everybody
And then I think money then follows the fact that you're just trying to reach out to people.
And I would tell folks, don't feel discouraged because you lost your job.
The globalists want you to be discouraged.
They want you to be depressed.
They want you to be alone.
If you start your own YouTube channel, your own Twitter channel, your own Rumble channel, your own whatever it is, you just need to have your own vision, your own idea, and say, I'm reaching out to others.
I appreciate you and I want you to reach out to me and please help me get these ideas out.
We need to do something that is alternative to the main system.
And I think the biggest thing is people just reaching out to build a new world together.
And people understand you build a new world by not having an exact plan.
You've just got to say,
There's more land over there and the king isn't running things.
Let's go over here and see what we're going to do.
And then once you get there, you go through a bunch of hell and a bunch of crazy stuff, but then you get more competent once you're there.
And then you need to not become like the king was over here, though, once you've set up your new thing.
And of course, those are all oversimplified things.
I just think if you're trying to immediately start a website to just make money, or immediately judging it off of that, you're not going to be putting your passion into the message.
I don't
He's looking for leaders.
And so you'll go see an auto mechanic, or a veteran, or a school teacher, or a doctor.
Go speak at a small town, a big city, in just the last few years against the globalists, against the lockdowns, against this.
And you'll turn around, there's a city council member a year later.
And they're changing things.
Or you turn around, they're doing talk show interviews everywhere.
Now they suddenly got a show.
The people are hungry.
for that.
And one thing the censorship has done is it's encouraged other people to get involved because they're mad about the censorship.
And as a lot of the big names and big people got taken out, that created a vacuum where all these new people came in and started getting game time and got better.
And then as they get censored, more people just come forward like shark teeth.
And so I think the answer is realize you're part of something big.
And so you don't have to even try to achieve something huge yourself.
You just need to achieve something small.
Hand out bumper stickers.
Hand out business cards.
Start a simple little website where you just post basic things of the town.
And then tell folks about it.
And then when they reach out to you with an email or a tip, post it.
That makes them feel empowered.
Because they are empowered.
And just make human connections that are outside of the big system.
Use the big system to make those connections.
But then build alternative little
Areas of humanity, that's what the globals fear.
One of my friends wanted me to ask you, what are you most optimistic about?
I am very optimistic about the fact that only 23% of Australia has taken the experimental injections.
I am very, very optimistic over the fact that all over the world, they have major studies out that the more highly educated you are, and the more well-read you are, the more apt you are to not take these experimental injections.
And so despite the fact that Big Tech is trying to suppress that information because Big Tech has basically merged with Big Pharma and has created a cartel.
Despite that, the truth is really getting out.
And I think Big Tech's bitten off more than it can chew.
And I think its attempts to even censor medical doctors like Rand Paul is going to backfire.
And that tyrants always win.
Anything you think we've missed?
Well, I mean, I think you've asked a lot of good questions.
I mean, I think the big frustration is, and this is the self-censorship, and I hope you're able to leave this in there, but you know the folks are going to go flag it and say, take it down.
And then I say, shame on YouTube joining with the Communist Chinese in this cover-up if they do do that.
But we knew 18 months ago
That the Wuhan lab was working with Fauci and Bill Gates on weaponized coronaviruses, specifically COVID-19.
And I had medical doctors and scientists on, and the author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, and the main former U.N.
war crimes tribunal head.
You can't get more prestigious.
With the Harvard Ph.D., they only give out one a year.
It's called the Kissinger Ph.D., privately, where you actually get the full overview of how it all works.
Dr. Francis Boyle and
He said 18, 19 months ago, everything that happened exactly as it happened.
And then until just four months ago, if you said investigate the Wuhan lab, Chapel Hill sent them a bunch of the ingredients of the bioweapon, it looks like it probably came out of the lab, you would get censored.
You could be a U.S.
Senator and say that.
Because they said, the U.N.
The WHO, the World Health Organization, says you're not an authoritative source.
They say that Wuhan lab is.
So the group that's suspect is the only name that can talk.
And then now the WHO came out last week and said, yes, we were pressured by the Communist Chinese to put out a whitewash.
And we basically wrote a false report on their word.
So I was purged again off of a bunch of platforms.
And I was taking off Google Play early last year, and there was Wired Magazine articles about this, and it said, Jones taking off his last stronghold Google podcast because he gave out disinfo.
And then you read the disinfo, and it's me talking about the Wuhan lab.
They now basically admit that's the case.
The UN says that the Chinese lied to them.
And Peter Daszak, running the program for Fauci with the Chinese, has bragged that they were merging five viruses together to develop a vaccine.
Because you make the weapon first and the vaccine the counter.
And it's just total vindication.
But do they give me my Google app back?
Google podcast thing back?
No, they don't.
So, there's that Wired Magazine article and Forbes and everywhere else.
That one more thing he had.
And we had millions of people a day still clicking on that.
And it's just how they operate.
I'm not complaining.
It's just a joke.
It's how they took me off of one of those internet PlayStation deals that we still have like two million people a day tuning in off of it.
And they did the same thing.
They said, oh my gosh, Alex Jones is putting out this info on COVID-19.
And they're like, oh, he's gone.
And then you go back and look at what they say I said, it's now been admitted.
And so I can't have the former
Chief Prosecutor for the U.N.
on, I can't have the World Biological Weapons Expert Lawyer on, who has all sources.
I mean, they've censored Nobel Prize winners in virology because they don't like what they said.
If I say what they said, they'll take this down.
I mean, really?
Because the WHO, who admits the Chinese Communists, told them what to say, says that you're not allowed to?
I mean, we woke up and the U.N.
is in charge of our speech.
Just like that.
I don't blame people not wanting to go there or get into that.
So I want to say, masks are 100% safe and effective.
There is no other treatment but the vaccines that are 100% effective for COVID.
Take all your shots.
There's too many people.
We need you to die.
So what are the globalists and what's the endgame?
We've all heard about the international man and passports work all over the world.
You can live wherever you want, travel wherever you want.
That sounds great.
Libertarian open society.
That is not what George Soros means when he says open society.
There's this globalist group, it's called the Open Society, and what they want is global corporations can be tax-exempt above the law, and they can then come in and take control of nation-states, buy off the politicians from the local to the federal level, and then have them transfer or evolve the power up to supranational international organizations like the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO.
That's what they've done.
And so basically, it is corporate global governance rule.
And the globalists want a global government.
That's what they call themselves, themselves globalists.
People say, okay, well, that's like Star Trek, a one world government.
No, need to know what the ends are, what the plans are of the one world government.
And the one world government is a carbon neutral, anti-human,
90% world population reduction model.
That is the stated goal of every top globalist in their own writings, from Prince Philip to Prince Charles' son, to Ted Turner, to David Rockefeller, to Brzezinski, to Bill Gates, to Oprah Winfrey.
They are even part of a club they call the Good Club that's building a quote alternative world government of corporations
To carry out depopulation.
So when you hear globalist, think of the exterminator and you're the cockroach.
That's really what it means is a very predatory, very scientific, global elite that doesn't want to build prosperity, that's broken the social contract with humanity, and that is using high-tech behavioral psychology to come in and take control of your life, to get you to love your servitude and to hate yourself,
And to basically hand the keys of destiny over to them.
So, Chinese endgame.
Is it just to be a sample of how to rule this out?
What's the Chinese endgame?
The Chinese were captured by the globalists in 1949 at the end of World War II.
The CIA went in and propped them out.
Took them four years to get control.
And they've used them as a laboratory of surveillance, a laboratory of communism.
And then they, once they got under their full control, they gave them one-sided trade deals to build China up so they could take over all the rare earth minerals, so they could take over all the main manufacturing, and because they've got such a giant surplus of men, because they killed 50 plus million consumers with their own girls, they then are colonizing the world with Chinese money and Chinese military men to go in and take over and
Basically have a new form of colonialism around the planet, but because of white colonialism or Christian colonialism not being favorable to the globalists, they have done it as a Chinese globalism, a Chinese colonialism, because, you know, then it's politically correct and it's okay that a foreign country is coming in and exploiting and taking over.
And so Communist China is basically a economic, cultural, and military
Weapon system being exploited by the globalists for world domination.
Okay, so, um, anything else you think that we missed that you want to say in conclusion?
You're asking, I see on the paper, what is the endgame?
The endgame is becoming God.
Ray Kurzweil is the chief science advisor, or future advisor, for Google.
At least he was last time I checked.
And he says, I don't believe in God yet.
I'm going to become a god.
And he said, are we going to kill people that aren't gods?
We might step on you like a bug.
We might have you like a house plant.
And so Elon Musk says, beware those that worship AI gods.
Well, they're worshiping themselves.
And they're not going to pay taxes, they're not going to have regulations on themselves, but they're going to put through governments all those regulations on you.
You're not essential.
You've got to stay home.
You've got to starve to death to make way for their beautiful mind and their singularity and this incredible thing they're building.
He goes back to the serpent and back to Eve and back to the tree.
Whether you believe that was real or not, it's an excellent allegory of the fact that you're going to be a god, eat of this tree, and you will never die.
And then what is the symbol of apple foams?
It's the apple with a bite out of it.
Talking about a satanic symbol, much more powerful than a pentagram or an upside down cross, and much more nuanced, it's the apple with a bite out of it.
So again, these are the anointed ones.
These are the leaders.
These are the powerful people.
They've got a vision and you've got to conform to it.
Well, they're bringing in the global straitjacket, the World Social Credit Score, the surveillance system to make sure that you comply with it.
Everything they've said has been a lie.
They told us that this was a vaccine.
It's not a vaccine, it's a gene therapy.
They told us it was 95% effective.
Now they say it's not.
They claim some Delta variant.
But in their own literature they said you'll always need booster shots.
This is a gene therapy.
They admit it lowers your immunity, so you've got to have it once you've taken it.
And then they want to surveil that you've had it, which is the basis of the World ID.
And then they're saying now, as of today, as we take this, that officially, NBC News, ABC News, that those that protest lockdowns are terrorists.
I mean, this is over the top, over the edge of the cliff.
Anything goes now.
Commitment to tyranny because Joe Biden is a doddering, senile person.
He's not even the president.
He's a puppet, obviously.
He doesn't even know where he is, and so how do you politically fight that?
How do you politically fight when global government's here and just everything's falling apart, the border's wide open, but you've got to stay in your house, you've got to stay on lockdown.
Because the big banks and because big tech is not held accountable, because it's a sophisticated system where these puppet politicians are like cannon fodder out there front to take the heat, the global establishment
are not aristocrats who say, we're the elite, it's up to us to educate the public and build museums and take care of people and empower them.
They said, no, screw that!
Humanity's a scourge, a disease!
We need to dumb them down and get them ready to be phased out and processed out so we can build with all this AI and all this super technology this new beautiful future for us, the gods!
So, Hitler said, we are the ubermensch, the supermen, and then you are the subhumans.
Well, that's crazy.
Well, it is crazy.
But now they're saying we are going to become gods.
Not just supermen, but the god-men.
And there's no place for you in that.
So, this is the power trip, the megalomania of these people.
And it's what they've done.
It's what they've established.
And it's what's happening.
And I saw this article
I went to fullmores.com and I clicked it to local NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, they all had reports on it out of San Antonio.
And this woman's, I mean the headline was, daughter glad she got her dad the shot, made his death less painful.
And then I go read the articles and it's like, well her mom took the shot and died three months later, and then he took it and died a few months later too.
And she says the shot made him die more comfortably.
And you're sitting there reading that and she goes, yeah, he never left the house.
He was so scared of COVID.
He always wore a mask.
And I just don't know how he got COVID and died.
Oh, that was the thing.
He died of COVID.
He died of COVID, was so scared he never left his house.
They turn the machines up to whatever they want and just say it's COVID.
PCR test admits a fraud.
But it's all right there.
She can't admit, hey, it was probably this injection.
Hey, that's in the literature.
She can't admit, I'm a hero.
See, she's a hero.
She took mom and dad, both dead now.
She got them those shots.
William Shakespeare, not the famous playwright, that was his name.
William Shakespeare in England, first man to take it.
He died a few months later.
Hank Aaron, died right after.
You know, MDX, dead, dead, dead, dead, and the numbers are in.
More VAERS reporting dead than any other time all vaccines combined, ever!
But don't you try to talk about it.
Fauci gets up and says masks don't work.
The damn box says this does not work.
Rand Paul as a medical doctor gets up and says it doesn't work.
He's taken down because the power's the U.N.
The power's the Wuhan lab.
The power is the big banks, not your elected officials.
Globalism is about we're in charge now.
Sit down and shut your ass up through corporate control, Rand Paul.
That's new world order.
America under U.N.
control, harvesting already born babies' organs.
Sky's the limit now, isn't it?
So give us an outro for Rumble and then we're going to film a clean outro for YouTube instead of me saying it.
Why don't you give us the outro?
Well listen, I appreciate you having me on and I totally get there's ground rules.
You can't talk about
Election fraud in this free country.
You can't talk about how these aren't vaccines and how deadly they are in all these platforms because we're not in a free country.
You can't get into, oh my God, it came from the Wuhan lab.
Oh, now you're allowed to say that.
And so I'm really glad that you have decided to put the full interview, unedited,
Unscripted, on Rumble, and I'm so excited to see Tim Pool talk about the biggest video he ever did, 2 plus million views, is on Rumble, not on YouTube.
That's innovation.
That's what I like to see happen.
That's why M4 Wars is moving what we're doing to Rumble as well.
We have a Band-Op video, it's excellent.
We have InfoWars.com.
We live.
I'm on every day.
11 a.m.
at other shows.
to 3 p.m.
But I just want to encourage everybody to innovate yourselves, to magnify what you're doing, to take my show, cut it up however you want, share the clips all over the world, share them on Twitter, Facebook, everywhere, but also go to places like Rumble and Gab.
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