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Name: 20210904_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 4, 2021
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This passage is an excerpt from Alex Jones' show on InfoWars discussing various topics related to globalism. The speaker talks about Microsoft being granted a patent that would allow them to create a chatbot using personal information of deceased people, expressing concern over the growing control of technology companies over individuals' lives. He also discusses the Oxycontin and Fentanyl scandal, the collapse of Afghanistan, the influence of the Democratic Party, the need for funding and support for his broadcast, and the dangers of communism. Throughout the speech, he emphasizes the importance of standing up for each other and being prepared for potential challenges ahead.

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Come on!
Oh my God!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Stay back!
Stay back!
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Stay back!
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Stay back!
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Thank you for joining us on this Saturday, September 4th, 2021 emergency Saturday transmission.
I am hoping that you will take notes and research every claim we make here and see the horrifying truth for yourself that the globalists are publicly declaring a
Declaration of War Against Open Free Societies, Against Prosperity, and Against Human Life Itself.
And I'm going to go over that in great detail in this most important transmission I've ever done.
And as the days and weeks and months go forward and years, if we're still on air, I would imagine those shows will become even more important than this one.
But we are in very, very dangerous waters right now.
We are under directed post-human
Eugenics operations.
We are in agenda 2030 right now.
Now you just saw hundreds and hundreds of thousands outside of angry parents and citizens in the UK breaking into the government policy center that was setting policy to forcibly inject under 16 year olds with the deadly gene therapy toxins.
And this is humanity fighting for its life.
These are the people
Understand how serious the stakes are in that big pharma and the big banks own and control big tech and with governments are suppressing the fact that this is a Depopulation operation that's been launched in their own words.
I'm going to show you those documents in the moment I'm going to show you just the last few days in some places hundreds of thousands other areas millions tens of thousands hitting the streets and protesting the global ID
And they echo what Klaus Schwab said in the Great Reset and what the UN has said, that the world's never going back
And that they're going to have carbon lockdowns now through your vaccine passport app that are going to track and trace where you go and tax you to use a car, to eat meat, to have air conditioning, you name it.
With total surveillance, no internet privacy, internet ID, it's all being announced.
And the beta test is the UK, Australia, and Canada.
And they admit it's being rolled out in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, and other areas.
So let's just read here at the end of this, the fight for climate after COVID-19.
They said, oh, this is really about saving the earth and shutting down human civilization.
COVID-19 exposed the world's failure to prepare for the worst.
Can we learn to build back better?
We had Nancy Pelosi here with that UN statement about build back better means tear everything down and starve you to death.
Unapologetic and clear-eyed, the fight for climate after COVID-19 helps us understand why the time has come to prepare for the world as it will be rather than it once was.
And I've got the actual document they're talking about right here.
We'll be getting to it where it talks about
The full extinction of humanity is the goal.
That's Wall Street Journal, NBC News.
That'll probably be about 30 minutes that we'll be getting to this stack right here.
You can go see this or read this for yourself.
But first, let's show humanity, as we chronicle this day-to-day, I'm on air seven days a week now, let's show humanity
What we need to do as the vanguard stands up against this post-industrial takeover that the Rockefeller Foundation, the UN admitted 11 years ago, they would be executing.
They said by the year 2020, they would launch agenda 2030, which is the plan to destroy civilization as we know it and reduce population by 90%.
So here is humanity fighting back.
Thank you everybody.
I live in Lebanon and I'm a licensed practical nurse.
I moved to Canada in my teens.
I emigrated from Poland.
Growing up in Poland during Communism was a daily struggle.
Sitting by the window and watching tanks go by was something we laughed at.
The look on my mother's face was not the same.
College football is really back when a jam-packed Lane Stadium is singing along to Enter Sandman.
Take a look at this time-lapse video.
This shows thousands of people crossing the Canby Street Bridge earlier this afternoon.
A number of roads around there were shut down.
Some drivers say it took them an hour to get out of the Canby Street area.
So this whole event is part of what the organizers are calling a worldwide walkout.
The point is to reject what they say is the tyranny of
I don't know.
I don't know.
A crowd so loud, you could barely hear the loudspeakers.
Close to 5,000 people rallied in front of Vancouver City Hall this afternoon, causing complete gridlock in the area around the Vancouver General Hospital.
At one point, the crowd parted so an ambulance could slowly pass through.
And while they stood together, they weren't all there for the same reasons.
Some don't want vaccines for themselves.
I don't trust what's in them.
I don't believe that we know enough.
I think that it was prematurely ruled out.
And I'm just not comfortable with that.
Others are frustrated by government messaging.
Dr. Bonnie Henry in a Kamloops article in May said that the inequities in our society are such that there's no way we would implement a vaccine passport.
She said that in May, quote unquote.
And now we have the vaccine passport.
But mostly, they don't want vaccines to be mandatory for anyone.
It's not totally against being vaccinated.
I'm vaccinated.
I'm here because I find that the freedoms of all of these people in Canada is being squashed.
Across the province, similar rallies took place outside major hospitals in Victoria, Nelson, and Prince George, and also in Kelowna.
When I became a nurse, I made an oath to advocate for my patients, and patients have the right to refuse.
It's in BC law, it's what we were taught in school.
Everybody should have the right to choose whatever goes into their bodies.
It shouldn't be mandatory.
For those people who want to, well and good.
In B.C.
so far, vaccines are only mandatory for those who work in long-term care homes.
I'm not going to get the COVID vaccine.
My wife is a nurse and she works in assisted living and she's not going to get it either.
So there's some hard decisions that got to be made on September 13th.
A new vaccine card will be required starting September 13th for non-essential services like gyms and restaurants.
And protesters say that's a slippery slope towards eroding their freedom.
Eva Yu-Gwen Senge, CBC News, Vancouver.
What are you seeing for vaccine injuries?
Just this past week, how about this?
Three fully vaccinated individuals, deceased, in clots left and right, DVTs, pulmonary emboli.
I mean, on blood thinners, and this was ever since they got vaccinated.
I had a 30-year-old woman who
Started bleeding, basically, hemorrhaging ever since she got injected, literally within the 48 hours and she... Wow.
This poor woman is a mother of two.
Like I said, 30 years old and she was fully vaccinated and regrets it deeply.
This was a month ago and she is now intubated in critical condition, fighting for her life.
Potentially about to leave her children motherless and of course she regrets 1000% being injected and she acknowledges it.
So did her physician, so.
I don't know why the lies continue.
I see it every single day.
This whole story about 90% unvaccinated cases.
I can tell you I've been in the front of the lines for the last year and eight months or however long it's been.
Too long.
And that is a complete lie.
I have seen nothing but vaccinated individuals.
Unvaccinated as well.
But don't believe the lies.
Don't believe the media.
It's awful.
And you work in the ICU, right?
I have worked ICU.
I am on a unit that is strictly COVID patients at this point.
So the news media is lying.
How about that?
The whole time.
The entire time.
That was not a Freudian slip.
You could tell that she did that on purpose.
As a desperate warning to the public.
The Aussies have been a prison colony for over 140 years and they understand what's going on and so all over the place they are basically putting out emergency messages to the public.
Many of their top presenters and reporters have actually gone public against what's happening but this isn't going to go to 2070 because
They plan to totally depopulate the earth of humans by then.
And again, I'm going to show you those documents coming up.
But the first thing I want to get to is cold hard facts from the Israeli government, the UN, and John Hopkins that works for the Rockefeller Foundation that are putting together the statistics and the numbers.
And I guess they hope you don't go look these up.
With the so-called vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine.
Here are the side-by-sides of India and Israel, new COVID cases.
India has a 10% vaccination rate.
It's actually more like 90 vaccination rate.
Israel has a 65.
India uses ivermectin, vitamin D and zinc.
Israel uses COVID vaccinations and booster shots of the same poison.
Any questions?
So you see when they first did some of their 10% vaccinations, they haven't done it in a long time.
You see the spike.
And then as it goes on, almost no activity, almost no death.
CNN, though, will show people being burned outside and say, look, they're burning people outside because they have no place to bury them.
They're Buddhist and Hindus.
They burn their bodies.
They don't bury them.
That's an Egyptian thing that the Romans and the Greeks picked up.
The Greeks and the Romans.
That's something ancient Druids and others did.
The Hindus burn bodies.
Native Americans put a platform up and put the body out in the air to rot.
That's what they're doing.
It's again total deception and wait till I get to some of the biggest fake news ever that Oklahoma hospitals are full of people sick from ivermectin horsepace.
We checked it out.
It's a fake story by Rolling Stone and others.
This is the fall of the mainstream media we're witnessing.
There's the statistics there for you on screen.
Here is another one.
Reassurgence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in a highly vaccinated health workforce.
Another big study showing that as soon as they got vaccinated, the rate of them getting sick with COVID went from nothing to off the charts.
I mean, you just, it's like, oh, you pour gasoline on something and you light it, it burns.
You take the shots, you get really sick.
Just ask Oscar de la Hoya, who can't,
Get out of bed right now.
He took both shots and is fighting for his life with COVID.
Just in, Sweden bans travelers from Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, into the country from September 6th due to record-breaking rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths.
And it's mainly, again, it's tracking mainly people that are vaccinated that are sick and dying.
And let me just show you
Some of those numbers here it is Israel launched the third dose and as predicted it triggered that auto immune system where it ends up attacking the body their body warned what happened I guess ADE and it's now the deaths are just off the frickin charts they have the most vaccinated people in the world of a big country and it's just just off the charts here's another one
In Israel is still finalizing the report but as you can see it says number of COVID deaths in the last month and it's 606 and as you can see it is fully vaccinated 272 not fully vaccinated only one shot 133 that's the vast majority are vaccinated dying and 173 yet to be classified and they're just barely any deaths that weren't vaccinated.
Barely any deaths that had not had the vaccine.
And I can just go on with these numbers.
It's absolutely amazing.
44 peer-reviewed ivermectin studies.
39 of them positive.
Incredible antiviral powers known for decades.
But I'm going to get to that here in just a few minutes.
Here's another big one.
CNN finally reports the truth.
States that had some of the worst COVID-19 cases rates in past week also reported the highest rates of new vaccinations.
Isn't that funny?
Just like Israel.
Because it's a live virus vaccine.
Whether it's J&J, whether it's Moderna, whether it's Pfizer.
With Moderna and Pfizer, though, it's a synthetic virus, but it is a virus.
And it's live, and it makes your body create more of the spike protein, which infects people.
Pfizer's own study says that.
Here's another one.
More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems report, including deaths.
Oh, here's an old U.S.
government report.
Special Virus Cancer Program.
National Cancer Institute.
This is U.S.
Department of Health, Education, and Warfare.
They call it Welfare, and it goes back to how they knew that most cancer was caused by viruses.
And now they're giving you a cancer virus injection.
They know the general public can't help it.
They just can't believe they're being attacked, so they'll Stockholm Syndrome and rationalize and say, oh, it's the non-vaccinated causing it.
You know, that's not true.
Here's that Oscar de la Hoya story I was telling you about from NBC News.
Oscar de la Hoya hospitalized with COVID withdraws from Victor Belafonte fight.
And he's there fighting for his life after the second shot.
And it just goes on.
and on from there.
Now let's talk about our children and let's hear from some very respected and esteemed medical doctors on what's really happening because something so huge happened this week.
In the UK their main regulatory body of the government said do not give under-16s any of these experimental shots and they said don't give people
The EU also came out and said don't give people a third jab.
Now the EU government is saying they're going to override their CDC and their FDA and
Also, Boris Johnson, I've got a clip of him right here, also said he's going to override their own bureaucrats that have worked at the big companies and believe in vaccines.
But see, they know this stuff is really bad and worse than any problems vaccines ever had, because this isn't a problem.
This is by design.
Again, let that sink in.
In late August, now we're already into September, in the year 2021,
The regulators in Europe, the regulators in the UK, and the regulators in the United States came out and said, don't do this.
Oh, that's right.
They didn't just do it in the EU or the UK.
This week, last Monday, what happened?
We saw the number one and number two regulators over the FDA come out and say, don't give it to children.
Under 16 don't give people the booster shots and that politicians and Big Pharma were making the decisions for the FDA that that shouldn't happen.
Now the head of the FDA says she's going to go ahead and ram this through anyways.
She's the lady that approved Oxycontin and of course Fentanyl and allowed it to be used on children.
Oh, and by the way, the big opium company that brought out OxyContin in their own documents 20 years ago that said, we're going to addict people with this.
It's as strong as heroin, but we're going to claim it's not addictive.
They have been given immunity by the federal court.
No jail time, no nothing.
I'm going to say it again.
The people that dumped OxyContin on America that's killed millions of people.
They're saying it's okay.
So that's the federal courts green lighting what they've just done to us with these poison shots as well.
Truly disgusting.
But I just want to say it again because it's so big.
In the EU, in the UK, in the US, all the regulatory heads, the heads, have said do not give these under-16s, do not do the third quote booster shot, and that we have big pharma and politicians telling us what to do and this is dangerous.
So they got stampeded into going along with this and emergency authorization.
The FDA two weeks ago did not authorize.
They did a new emergency authorization and said in 2025 we might give it real authorization.
But they're using that fake authorization to now go after our military.
I mean this is criminal activity out in the open.
So let's hear from Dr. McCullough.
Let's hear from other expert medical doctors around the world as well.
And then we're going to have a little clip from Fauci flip-flopping and I'll be back.
Just to be clear, that's the Pfizer Registrational Trials published in New England Journal of Medicine, May 27th.
Keep in mind that the USFDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for that group before the release of that paper.
They approved the vaccine on May 10th with only the information on the antibodies.
So our USFDA, in their approval letter, did not consider any safety information.
That's unprecedented that our U.S.
FDA would not safeguard children and carefully view safety.
And it's a form of agency malfeasance that is wrongdoing by those in position of authority.
As a whistleblower attempt, but we have a very broad malfeasance.
We have a unification of doctors groups, the media, the FDA, the CDC, the NIH.
None of them are presenting or reviewing safety whatsoever.
None of them.
And there's no presentation of safety to the public.
Committee members also questioned what would happen to individuals if they refused to participate in the World Debt Reset Program or the Health Pass or the vaccination schedule.
The answer we got was very troubling.
Essentially, we were told it was our duty to make sure we come up with a plan, meaning the Liberal Party was told that it was their duty to come up with a plan to ensure that would never happen.
We were told it was in the individual's best interest to participate.
When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer, we were told that those who refused would first live under the lockdown restrictions indefinitely.
And that over a short period of time, as more Canadians transitioned into the Debt Forgiveness Program, the ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities.
Once in those facilities, they would be given two options.
Participate in the Debt Forgiveness Program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all your assets seized.
As you can imagine, after hearing all of this, it turned into quite the heated discussion and escalated beyond anything I've ever witnessed before.
In the end, it was implied by the PMO that the whole agenda will move forward no matter who agrees with it or not.
We're good to go.
30,000 euro and two years in prison.
Please pause, read this, share this.
This is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.
There's no doubt that we knew that we would get cases here.
There is no need to change anything that you're doing on a day by day basis.
If you do those things, masks, no crowds, physical distance, personal hygiene, no doubt you're going to be able to turn these things around.
When you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet.
But it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.
Make sure you wear a mask.
So you wear a mask.
Then you put a cloth mask over, which actually is much better.
Another coronavirus that obviously jumped from an animal species.
We don't know exactly how that happened.
We have not ruled out the possibility that there could have been a leak from the lab.
Should we have any worries about walking by someone on the street who may be unvaccinated?
I would have no concern walking down the street past a person who's not been vaccinated and even a person who's been infected because the protection is really quite substantial.
Not at all.
We do know that the science shows now that even people who are vaccinated and get a breakthrough infection can transmit.
All of the things that I have spoken about consistently from the very beginning have been fundamentally based on science.
So if you are trying to, you know, get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you're really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you're attacking science.
You have to be asleep not to see that.
This is about getting rid of open, free societies where you go to college, where you can go on vacations, where you have a swimming pool, where you can go to the national parks.
The globalists think there's too many people.
They've made the decision decades ago in major symposiums that have even been on TED TV.
To depopulate the planet.
That's why Bill Joy in 1999 wrote the article, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.
And he said he went to a tech conference with all the top billionaires and they made the unofficial decision to carry out forced depopulation.
And Bill Gates has publicly made those statements.
So, I'm going to get to that coming up in a little while, even though we've harped on it and I've made films on it, like Endgame, it's free online.
You gotta understand now, they've gone from beta testing to the operational.
So let me show you what the depopulation looks like.
They already rationed healthcare in the UK, where the average cancer surgery lasts a year and a half.
With cancers that are not operated on, within just a few months, you have almost 100% death rate.
But don't hear it from me.
Hear under the rationing of the last year and a half around the world, where the hospitals were closed and wouldn't see people, and now tens of millions have died of cancer, tens of millions have died of suicide, tens of millions that UN estimates 20 million extra starved to death in the third world, mainly Africa, because there was no jobs.
Everything got shut down.
Killed dozens of times what COVID ever did.
Because it's designed to depopulate.
And I know you as regular viewers get this, but that's why you've got to take this report and share it with friends and family or take the clips out that you think are most important and put them on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and YouTube.
Because if you don't, the globalists are going to win.
You've got to show people this information.
So let's play a clip from national television in England where a caller calls in and says doctors refuse to see him.
For months and months and months and wouldn't even give him an antibiotic when he thought he had a skin rash.
And it turned out it was cancer.
And now they're saying, well, you're probably not going to live, so we're not going to even give you treatment.
That's what it's like to live under this system.
I remember six, seven years ago, Paul Joseph Watson that does work for Infowars.com had a cold for a few weeks, was coughing up blood.
Had a bacterial infection you later learned.
You have to go to the National Health Service first.
They have private clinics for the rich, but you gotta get permission to go to them, and he's not rich.
And he goes, and they give him just a pack of aspirin, Tylenol, and some tissues.
And he coughs up blood more, and he's about to die.
He goes to them, and he finally gets permission to go to a private clinic, pays them thousands of pounds, thousands of dollars,
So I rang up the doctor for an appointment.
I was categorically refused an appointment and told to take a photograph and send it in.
I'm sorry but I get a bit emotional.
I then took the photograph and sent it in and to my delight they rang me back a few hours later and said the doctor said you've got an infection we'll give you some antibiotics.
I took the antibiotics obviously for over a week and several weeks later my wife said to me you need to ring the doctor again it's getting worse so I rang the doctor again and
To be categorically told that the doctors wouldn't see me, I then said to them, I've been double jabbed, I'll wear a mask, I'll even wear rubber gloves, but I insist on seeing a doctor.
Anyway, they did see me this time and they referred me to have a biopsy done, of which they told me it was cancerous.
And I was then referred to Leicester Royal Infirmary.
Did you catch that?
He starts crying.
He says, I took both the shots.
I wore the mask.
And he doesn't even put two and two together on the timeline that he got the cancer recently after he took the shot.
Which again, spike proteins of these viruses is what directly drives cancer in the body.
When they did previous tests with SARS, the same virus family, on rats, it gave them cancer, not just blood clots.
And I had a lot of scientists and medical doctors on the show this week that went over that.
I'll tell you about that coming up.
But since I mentioned the children, here's Boris Johnson on Friday, turned out to be a horrible little globalist operator who says he openly gets orders from Bill Gates, said that publicly.
Here he is not caring what his National Health Service says, not caring what his own scientists say, that you shouldn't give this to children, you shouldn't give people a third round of shots.
Here he is calling for it.
You're absolutely right that the priorities now are the older generation going into autumn and winter and we've always said that there'll be a booster program in September, in this month, and we're going ahead.
With that, what I would also say is 16-17 year olds are eligible.
They've been approved.
They're a very important group for potential transmission and I would urge everybody, all 16-17 year olds, everybody who knows a 16-17 year old, I mean the numbers are coming up very fast now.
It's very encouraging to see more and more 16, 17-year-olds taking the jab, but we need to go faster with those.
So get your jab if you're 16, 17.
And then finally, yes, we've done brilliantly.
88% of everybody over 16 in this country has had a jab.
I think 78% have had two jabs or some number like that.
It's a huge, huge success for the programme.
There are still some who need that protection and I just urge everybody to, who hasn't yet had one, go and get it now.
In late August, InfoWars saw an explosion of orders because our audience understands that the globalists are destabilizing the planet by design and are attempting to cause an economic and financial collapse worldwide.
Now ladies and gentlemen, storable food has always been something that's important to have.
It's a checkbox that everybody needs to have taken care of right along with water filtration, self-defense, and a relationship with God.
But now more than ever you need to get your storable food orders in now.
We're ready to ship to you within 24 hours of your order.
It's high quality.
It's very very low cost.
I think so.
By the way, people send me stuff to my phone, they send it to my email, and I also surf the web quite a bit, my wife does as well, and I saw a lot of comments on Reddit, and I saw a bunch on Twitter saying, Alex Jones has secretly taken the vaccine.
No proof, you're a conspiracy terrorist.
I would never take it, you're insane, you're crazy, you're liars.
And something else they're saying is, I'm lying!
The UK government hasn't come out and said don't give young people and children the shots.
So in your face, here is the news.
The JCVI, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, is not recommending Covid vaccines for healthy children between the ages of 12 and 15.
We know, of course, that the vaccine rollout, the first doses have been expanded to children who are 16 years old.
But there was plenty of speculation about whether school-aged children were going to get that vaccine too.
And we know that there's been an open letter written today from parents, unions, scientists, including scientists
From the independence age group urging younger children the government to look at vaccinating younger children so they can be better protected.
Of course that is a big transfer of society.
Children that are now back at school mixing.
So I think there have been many who had expected the rollout to be expanded to those younger age groups.
But we now have confirmation that the vaccine is not being recommended by the government's vaccine advisors for children aged between 12
200,000 more children are going to be invited for vaccines.
But the breaking news this afternoon is that children aged between 12 and 15 years old are not being recommended by the government's vaccine advisers to receive the COVID-19 jab.
Yes, indeed, Ali, and we've got some words coming out now from the JCVI that says benefits are insufficient to support this mass vaccination for 12 to 15 year olds, but those with underlying health conditions will get it.
So certainly not across the board.
And as you say, there's something of a surprise.
So it's critical to understand that earlier I showed you the Toronto Star.
And I showed you the BBC and I showed you all these headlines about record heart attacks in young people, including teenagers that take the injections in Israel and teenagers that take the injections in Canada and how these numbers are getting more and more and more and more intense.
And now around the world, Australia and France are announcing, we're going to inject your children whether you like it or not.
I mean, this is so dystopic, even when their own regulators are saying, don't do it.
This is a globalist revolution.
Because if they can get away with this, they've conquered us, ladies and gentlemen.
They've broken our will.
So, here's a very important clip of Dr. Ryan Cole talking about scarring in the hearts of children with microscopic photos through a microscope of their hearts.
Thank you for taking us into the details because it's super interesting to look at what's actually happening in the cells.
The idea of scarring on all these children.
We've heard the CDC say exactly that.
Well, there were mild cases of myocarditis and as you've said and other doctors have said,
There's no such thing.
You are creating scars that will never go away.
We have no idea what the long-term implications are of this.
Most of these kids go into hospitals, a lot of them athletes that can't compete in sports now.
They're on heart medications for a group, by the way, of individuals that aren't really even at risk for this illness.
Incredibly high success rate of, you know, and really super low even symptomatic conditions.
I hope that we can have you on again.
There's so much to talk about, especially since you're deep in the middle of it.
But I want to thank you for being brave.
I want to thank you for standing up for science, because that's what I really think is under attack here.
Real science is under attack.
We've lost, as you said, the principle of science should be more like the French legal system.
It is guilty until proven innocent, especially when it's being tested.
There should have been the number one conversation at FDA.
Not the safety trials done by Pfizer that's trying to put a bow on their products that's going to make them tens of billions of dollars.
This is all incredible information and I think it's important to put it all together in one place as an archive, day by day, as things unfold so we can chronicle the criminal activity of the globalists so they'll be held accountable at Nuremberg too, which we must have.
It's either us or them, ladies and gentlemen.
As the CFR said,
This is a world that gets more dystopic, more nightmare by design until we're all dead and the globalists inherit the earth.
And I pledge everything I've got, my name, my blood, my sweat, my immortal soul against these people.
And I hope you'll join me as well.
So let's go ahead and go to a Tucker Carlson clip.
He makes a great point.
Illegal aliens can come to this country.
And they can have fake IDs, they can come here illegally, they can vote in all the different Democrat jurisdictions illegally, but if you get caught, as a healthcare worker particularly, with a fake vaccine card so you can keep your job, oh by the way the illegal aliens come in here and don't have to take shots, the Afghans don't have to, just our military does, then you get charged with a felony?
When it's not a law that you've got to do this.
In fact, the FBI is trying to claim this is fraud.
Everything the government's done is a fraud.
The PCR test is a fraud.
These injections don't protect you and lower your immune system, make you sick.
They're a fraud.
So it's like saying Jews having secret papers in Nazi Germany or Russians having secret papers or fake papers to be able to get around in Soviet Russia were bad.
No, these aren't bad people.
These are folks that are
Really, who are healthcare workers, who have seen people get sick, who've seen people get very, very ill and die, like the nurse talked about earlier, who's out there marching, and have seen all the hysterectomies and all the cancer, and they admit these vaccines, quote, trigger cancer, but say in the New York Times, it's no big deal!
This is just an exercise in madness, an exercise in killing us.
If the globalists showed up with tanks and airplanes and machine guns, we'd fight them.
But they do it through the medical system and through censorship and through control.
So here's Tucker Carlson.
So with that in mind, it was interesting to see this week's big announcement from the District Attorney of New York City, Cyrus Vance.
Vance has just charged 13 Americans with felonies for buying fake vaccination cards.
Several of the suspects, according to prosecutors, were health care workers who've been told by the state they'll be fired unless they get the shot.
So politicians telling doctors and nurses what medicine to take.
That's exactly what they told us they were against for decades.
Again, these are health care workers.
They know the science of COVID far better than politicians, governors, prosecutors.
So in good conscience, they've risked their careers to preserve their right to bodily autonomy.
And now they're in jail for that.
Now these arrests will be used to justify digital health passports for the entire American population.
That is true.
Save this tape.
In fact, Cyrus Vance has already enlisted big tech to help root out the disobedient in New York.
Quote, we need companies like Facebook to take action to prevent the fraud happening on their platform, Vance said.
Making, selling, and purchasing forged vaccination cards are serious crimes with serious public safety consequences.
Except that's a lie.
Buying a fake vaccination card is not a quote serious crime.
It's not even close to a serious crime.
Buying a fake vaccination card is an act of desperation by decent law-abiding Americans who have been forced into a corner by tyrants.
You know it's a serious crime?
Forcing Americans to take drugs they don't need or want.
That's a very serious crime.
And let's hope, in the end, someone is punished for it, severely.
And I want to be clear.
Those of you watching this live, or those of you watching this archived, at Band.Video, you're doing a great job.
Many of these reports are getting 2 or 3 million views.
It's changing the world.
We can beat the globalists.
They wouldn't be censoring if this information wasn't having an effect on them.
So please, take this report,
Share it on your email, your text message, by word of mouth, take clips out of it, repost on your Twitter, your Facebook, your Instagram, your YouTube, and try different things.
Leave my name out of the headline or say, look at this evil conspiracy theorist, and then the AI bots don't see it and it gets through, and millions of other people see it, not just folks at Bandot Video.
But you can reach out to your neighbors, your friends, your family, perfect strangers, and say, listen,
You're being lied to.
This is a global corporate takeover.
They don't want to pay out your social security worldwide.
They want to kill off the baby boomers.
And they've psychologically studied this and prepared this as their takeover.
But if people become aware of it, we can stop this dystopia.
It's the only future we have.
I predicted all this a decade ago.
I predicted it all two years ago, a year ago.
I said what was going to be happening now, word for word.
How did I know?
It's a globalist program.
It's a globalist operation.
Now here's Governor DeSantis, who I think is a good guy overall, who's playing both sides of the field, though.
And he's saying, you know, I got the vaccine and all the rest of it, but, you know, if you don't want to get it, that's fine, that's your right.
And we shouldn't have vaccine passports.
He should just come out against it because it's not a vaccine.
But here he is in two clips from a press conference
Really laying out the facts and the reality of how they're trying to suppress treatments that are basically 100% if they catch you early like Regeneron.
I don't own any stock in Regeneron.
I'm not involved with Regeneron.
It's been around since the late 80s.
It's got a bunch of patents.
They have liability.
They don't have liability protection.
They're the most profitable big
Thank you.
And then after we play these clips, I'm going to come back and get into the war on ivermectin and why that's so important in the latest developments.
Respectfully to them, I would say vaccine passports.
One, I'm vaccinated.
I'm offended that someone would make me show something just to go to a restaurant or just to live life.
And there's a lot of people who already recovered from COVID who do have immunity.
You actually are saying
Me with a Johnson & Johnson shot can go in, but someone who's recovered from COVID and probably has stronger immunity, they can't go in?
I'm sorry, that is anti-science.
I also don't want two classes of citizens.
You know, we have some people in our communities who just made the decision this is something that they're not going to do.
So what, you're going to write them out of society?
They're not going to be able to go show their face?
And some of these places that have vaccine passports, because the little kitties
We're good to go.
Okay, if you force everyone to be able to have it in order to kind of live in society, then you'll be able to basically just new COVID.
We know that that's not the case.
You know, very, very high vaccination rates.
You still have big waves.
So it just doesn't make any sense.
And my view is we got to protect people's ability to live their lives.
I don't want
Uh, biomedical security state in which are constantly having to do this just to be able to live everyday life.
At the end of the day, the vaccines have helped people ward off severe illness.
And we obviously work very hard to distribute it.
At the end of the day, though, it is what somebody it's about your health and whether you want that protection or not.
It really doesn't impact
Me or anyone else because we've seen the data on this and so the theory behind it I think has gone totally up in smoke And I also just think that there's been huge mistakes made along the way with some of these authorities Lecturing people about this I can tell you there's a lot of folks that when they hear that They're on the fence that pushes them in the other direction
That is not the way that you do it.
What I try to do is just give the data.
I give it honestly.
I'm not going to sugarcoat it and I'm not going to tell somebody something that is not true based on the data just because I want them to behave in a certain way.
A lot of these folks, they tell these noble lies because they want you to behave in a certain way and so they don't give the whole truth.
I mean, you look at the fact that we're even having to do this with this early treatment.
That, that should not have been, we should, I mean, we're happy to do it because we want to help, but this should have been something that was screamed from the rooftops.
from HHS and CDC since last December.
Can you imagine if 100% of Americans knew that this was something that was available?
You know how many people we would have kept out of the hospital?
You know how many people that would not have died over the last nine months?
That's just a fact and we're obviously correcting that in Florida and we're actually helping other states too because we've put a lot of emphasis on it.
But you know I look at that and I wonder why if you have an effective treatment
I mean, this treatment was used on an experimental basis to the President of the United States in October, and very effectively.
Why would you not be talking about it?
And I think one of the reasons that people didn't, some didn't think that they should talk about it, is because they didn't want people to think, okay, maybe you don't need to get vaccinated, maybe you just get the treatment, and they worried that people would take that message.
And my view is, you know, we've never said it's either or, we think that they complement each other, but,
If someone does do that, that's not a reason to not give them the full information.
That's not a reason to provide this, you know, for everybody.
So, you know, I think some of the stuff with the vaccine passports, I mean, it's an overreach.
It's too intrusive.
And at the end of the day, my philosophy is, as governor, my job is to protect your individual freedom.
My job is not to protect corporate freedom.
That is not what I'm here for.
I mean, we have a good business climate, we have everything, but this idea that businesses can just do whatever they want and invade your privacy in doing all that?
No, I'm not signing up for that.
Now I'm going to get to this huge Ivermectin story, or group of stories in a moment, but first let's play the wildly unpopular admitted communist mayor of New York City, de Blasio.
Engage in the most creepy, cringeworthy garbage I've ever seen.
First he offered free ice creams and hamburgers if you take the experimental shot that's been known to cause cancer and lower your immune system and doesn't protect you.
But now he's gone to the next level.
Sell out your health and your whole future to the bullies who say you can't go to a football game or can't go to a movie unless you have a pass that's digital and take big pharmas
Liability-protected shot in your body, and you get a comic book on top of it.
Maybe they can even bury you with a comic book.
Oh, oh, I'm sorry.
I got so caught up in this Marvel comic book.
I just didn't realize the press conference had begun.
This is amazing.
It's limited edition.
It's exclusive.
It's really special.
It's amazing, but you can't
Just get it anywhere.
You can only get it at a vaccination site.
A SOMOS vaccination site.
This is where we're going to help make kids safe and, like the Avengers, fight back against evil.
In this case, evil is COVID.
I think you figured that out.
So here is a great example of an effort to reach our young people with something they care about a lot.
Reach our families.
Get people safe.
Get people vaccinated.
Here's one great example, but tomorrow, another great example, the official NBA 2K tournament begins at 11 a.m., grand prize, Xbox Series X. Man, that guy is the most disingenuous, fake, evil-looking person I've seen other than Brian Stelter.
I mean, I'm not saying Mayor de Blasio is a pedophile.
I'm just saying, if I was going to cast somebody in a Hollywood movie,
To play the part of a guy that drives around in an ice cream truck, kidnapping children and eating them, it would be him.
But instead, he's just eating our freedoms and destroying our souls.
Now, let's get to some of the biggest fake news by the corporate media I've ever seen.
A good friend of mine, who sent me the story, had this to say.
He said, we are seeing the implosion of mainstream media in real time.
He went on to say, imagine being someone who believes this.
Because with an image search in minutes, I could find that the image they used was not from there.
And with a few phone calls and a few searches, I was easily able to discover that the state north of me, Oklahoma, does not have long lines of ambulances that can't get into the hospital because there's long lines of people
Sick and dying from Ivermectin.
It's as big a lie as Fauci a few months ago saying 99% of deaths in the hospitals aren't vaccinated.
We went and looked it up.
He was using numbers from 2020 before the vaccine was even out.
So of course all the deaths were from the unvaccinated.
I mean, think about that.
So here's Rolling Stone.
I tracked it back to the local TV station.
It's a fake story.
And heads up, we're sending reporters up there.
Gunshot victims left waiting as horse dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma, doctor says.
And they quote this doctor on a local station.
I'm tempted to get in my car right now because they list the hospitals and they've got the newscasts, but they don't show any of this other than file footage of other places.
Remember all the file footage last year of dummies in the hospitals with ventilators down their throats?
Because the hospitals were empty then.
And they were lying then and doing all their TikTok videos.
The statistics came out.
They were counting gunshot wounds, car wrecks as COVID.
Now it's real from the vaccinated dying and shedding the live viruses.
Just like the majority of polio cases today are from the vaccinated shedding.
It's a live virus as well.
These are facts!
And they're blaming us that haven't taken their shots for what's happening when it's them getting us sick.
But I digress.
Gunshot victims left waiting
Here it is.
As horse dewormer overdoses overwhelmed Oklahoma hospitals, says doctor.
Well guess what?
Because it is stronger, my family and I actually did take
The Horse Dewormer.
Or horses can eat wheat, we can eat wheat.
Horses breathe oxygen.
It's like, what are you doing breathing oxygen?
That's what horses breathe!
So this story is fake and is garbage.
But let me show you just scientific information instead of just debating their garbage.
CDC gives incoming refugees Nobel Prize winning Ivermectin from all over the world.
It won the Nobel Prize, and if you go to the CDC's own website of the FDA, on the front page they say don't take ivermectin, and you type in ivermectin studies, there's dozens of them from Oxford, England, and Berlin, Germany, and Tokyo, Japan, about it working on SARS, the first one, which is the same virus, Zika, everything else.
It's an incredible antiviral!
Why do you think Dr. Zelenko up in New York, who has 30,000 patients,
We're good to go.
Out of five that are negative.
So there you go.
But their answer is, oh, the gunshot wounds.
It says ambulances are backed up.
They can't even get in because there's so many people that are deathly ill.
This is gaslighting.
This is fake news.
And this is a sign of a desperate, collapsing corporate media that was already losing the world.
Globalism was in trouble.
The big mega banks are far worse than Bernie Madoff with their Ponzi schemes.
And so now they want to bring in a permanent martial law, hysterical dystopia, where they block regular treatments for viruses, where they don't give you medical care, where they let you die the whole time, posing as your saviors.
Now let's start getting into what's unfolding in real time and what the facts are.
The White House has come out and the same thing's happening all over the world and said, let's get $65 billion to Big Pharma and to contact tracers and make all the major new jobs, millions of people in the U.S.
be COVID enforcers and spies.
They say remake all of America and they're saying the same thing in Canada, same thing in Europe, same thing in Australia.
That just to hold the economy is COVID and other viruses and we just can't let one person have the flu or one person have this other thing.
Even though the vaccines aren't vaccines and are causing the shedding.
White House wants 65 billion for Apollo style pandemic preparedness program.
But instead of going to the moon,
They take over your body, they take over the hospitals and the contact tracers come to your house.
We're going to get to what's unfolding in Australia and where this World ID system is going right now.
Now everyone is continually asking me over and over and over again, Alex, you must work for the CIA.
I mean, how do you know everything before it happens?
Number one, the CIA are a bunch of liars.
They're told what to say by the globalists.
Most of them are compartmentalized and know nothing.
Please don't insult me saying I work for the CIA.
I work for myself and my family and you doing open source research.
Do you understand that I'm going to show you the globalists saying they want to kill you and that they're going to use the fear of COVID to bring in a total collapse of civilization?
I'm going to show you all their documents in a moment.
This is public.
Klaus Schwab five years ago wrote a book and went on national French television and national German television and said, we're ending the world as we know it, we're getting rid of prosperity, it's bad for the earth.
You're going to have a global medical ID that then has a connection to a medical taxing system and a carbon taxing calorie credit where you get so many calories of carbon a day.
And they decide how much meat you get, if you can have a car, where you can go.
Now, this has now been announced officially in Europe and Australia and Canada.
Trudeau announced earlier in the week on Monday that this is really about climate, we're going to have climate lockdowns, London Guardian.
Again, that's how I know, because it was in the Rockefeller documents, and in Plandopolis documentaries, and in stuff they put out 20 years ago and 10 years ago.
And I showed all that on Friday's show.
If you want to go watch the archive of the show, it was in the first hour, I show you all those documents.
Australia's a year or two ahead of us, so they're already under endless lockdown.
They already have to have a phone to leave their house with an app.
Five years in prison if you don't have it.
You've got to call the cops when they randomly ping you and show them where you are, even though the phone's tracking you.
You get to go outside one hour a day if you are injected.
So just total dog trading, total enslavement.
CDC, so here's America.
We're a year behind.
CDC, unvaccinated should not travel over Labor Day weekend.
And that's getting you ready for when you have the app, which they're rolling out saying, sorry, you can't fly at certain times when you're not vaccinated.
So they're just introducing the idea to you.
They were announcing that a year ago in Australia, the exact headlines.
Look it up.
Australian government says unvaccinated may not be able to fly or should not fly.
Now they can a year later.
Here it is happening all around the world.
UN directed.
Italy may eventually make COVID vaccine shots compulsory for all.
They're just getting used to it.
Home Quarantines Trials to be launched in South Australia, Premier Stephen Marshall announces, which is the trial for the rest of the world.
And what does it say?
It's abc.net.au.
You will all have a phone at all times, it's already being done, in the South most populous area.
We're good to go.
Canada's most populous province changed its mind.
We'll adopt digital vaccine passports.
Apple announced its first state signed up to adopt driver's license and state IDs in Apple Wallet.
So Big Tech is becoming the government, merging with the state.
Photos, as if you're a criminal, guilty until proven innocent.
Italy's diocese announces vaccine passports needed to attend church.
Talk about Margaret the Beast.
Honolulu, restaurants, bars and other businesses start vaccine passports program by law September 13th, totally illegal.
House of Lords member asks why Brits are forced to take PCR COVID test, which is fake of course, on returning to the UK, but illegal migrants aren't.
And they've got to quarantine, but the illegal aliens don't.
Because that might dissuade them from coming.
Over 80% of culprits responsible for looting after German floods were foreign migrants.
Total invasion.
California nurse shortage reaches crisis level as vaccine mandate wards off traveling nurses, making the whole health system collapse.
It's not the nurses' fault.
They're smart.
They see what the shots are doing.
If they were normal shots and weren't causing as many problems, they would go with them.
But again, and then that causes, again, the breakdown of society.
Which the globalists want a post-industrial world.
Remember, they're trying to wreck stuff.
They're not trying to build a big infrastructure and then they run it.
They want to use infrastructure to kill us.
It's in the game.
Protesters stormed a UK drug retailer's office over a planned COVID jab for children.
This is people understanding how Nazi this is and realizing this is life and death.
And the government backed off and said they won't now because of the opposition.
Just like all these Apple employees said we have to already give Apple access to our cloud to watch and listen to us.
Came out Berkshire Hathaway is doing the same thing.
We don't like this.
Stop spying on us Apple employees.
Stop helping run death camps in China and find your soul again and realize even if you're selfish people this is going to come back on you very quickly.
If I'm not safe, if the Uyghurs aren't safe, if the Australians aren't safe, you're not safe you dumbasses!
God Almighty!
Find your soul!
Find your common sense again!
Speaking of that, find your soul, so many leftists are pissed that you can't kill a baby after six weeks in Texas.
They got all these rationales, all these excuses, but it's about killing children.
It's about a death cult.
It's about their body parts.
Well, in Massachusetts and in New York and in other states, they keep babies alive after they're born so they can wait till they get the orders in, sometimes several weeks before harvesting their organs.
This is out of the blaze.
Massachusetts Democrat AG rejects petition to protect infants born alive, calling it highly ambiguous and impossible for voters to understand.
We're going to keep babies alive and do whatever we want with them and then kill them because you're too stupid to understand it.
Other huge news on the COVID front.
And people say to me, hey, this is actually broke six months ago.
Well, what's old is new.
Plus there's new news on it.
Remember the October document that came out in July?
Wow, that's really old news.
It actually broke months before that.
Well, it's new because it's now happened.
The CDC's own documents in October, before anybody took these shots, predicted heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, narcolepsy, epilepsy, it's all right here.
Go look it up for yourself and then share it, because they knew beforehand.
So it's one thing to report this, that they knew it was gonna happen, but now it's actually happened.
And here is the document, not just from some press conference that they were having, where they accidentally flashed this document on screen.
It's on the CDC website, where it lists all these horrible things it can do to you.
It takes 30 minutes to read it.
I suggest you go read all the horrible things it can do to you.
It can give you cancer, death, you name it.
Incredibly important information.
The globalists treat you like you're animals.
You're not animals.
The biggest problem with the general public is they have a short attention span that's been programmed into them and they kind of just take the world like it's an amusement park that they actually don't really change.
They just respond to the stimuli and basically go along with being pre-programmed.
You have to decide to be conscious.
You have to decide to be engaged.
You have to understand that the one thing that separates humans from the animal kingdom is that we're able to control our environment.
That we're on a quest to control our environment and to control our own bodies.
And you can see what the globalists are doing as an extension of humans trying to control their own evolution.
But if you don't bring the public in on that, and if it's authoritarian and trying to kill off the general public, then it's Nazi-based eugenics.
And here's a definition.
Directed evolution, when applied to people, is
But this isn't eugenics to make humans better.
That's sold in general.
Oh, we're environmentalists, humans have been bad, we've got to be better.
When you get into the real treatises and the real white papers of John P. Holdren and Paul Ehrlich and others and the books they've written that I've read, that are by the way free online, like Ecoscience, The Population Bomb, and others, they talk about
This is the ultimate PSYOP.
I already showed you the Council on Foreign Relations earlier saying this is really all about carbon taxes and the environment.
We're teaching you to be locked down and to have less because you're hurting the earth and fossil fuels are killing the planet even though they're not.
Even though these guys are suppressing clean energies that are out there.
I show this a lot because it's a really evil story but I've seen hundreds like this just in the last year.
Wall Street Journal looking forward to the end of humanity.
It says COVID-19 has shown we're broken and failed.
They're telling us our immune systems don't work, which they do.
It's all lies.
And that humans are a bad species that should be gotten rid of so that the Earth can take back over.
I don't know.
So they tell whites, you're evil, you're inherently bad.
Like, Nazis saying black people are inherently bad.
It's a load of crap.
Martin Luther King Jr.
is right.
You judge people according to the character of the individuals.
But here are the professors with, oh, whites are bad, we can exclude them from the gym, or from the dorm, or we can charge them more because they're inherently bad because of what color they are.
Introducing this tribalist racism at the most
We're good to go.
A professor employed by Catholic University Pennsylvania said on camera that there are merits to the claim that it's ethical for white people to commit suicide.
White people should commit suicide as an ethical act, said a quote in a slide for a presentation hosted by the university psychology professor Derek Hook.
Where does he get these ideas?
Well, Paul Ehrlich is the big globalist guru saying this since the 60s, and here's one of his acolytes who heads up the global voluntary extinction movement that the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the London Guardian have all endorsed and said, yes, we should get rid of all humans.
So, the editorial boards say, humans are bad, looking forward to an end of humanity.
I'm at the grocery store, I see books like, World Without Humans, how great it'll be!
Big color books.
They show little kids videos of, you know, water shipped down with the bulldozers killing the bunnies and the kids cry and hate the humans.
That's all this is.
But it's not so we can create a utopia without humans, which is insane.
It's so the globalists can exterminate us and have us love it.
The voluntary extinction movement.
Why don't you go read about last night and the organizations out there like Extinction Rebellion that wants to shut down the western world that will then starve the third world to death.
We have a pretty good idea of when humans will go extinct.
The Washington Post.
Humans, it's all over.
Give up.
And of course you've heard AOC and you've heard Hillary and you've heard Obama and all of them.
Saying you can't have an air conditioner, you can't have a car, the sea is going to rise by 2017.
But by 2015 Obama already had a giant mansion at one foot above sea level in Martha's Vineyard.
It's all a lie.
Climate activist calls for extinction of the human race.
I wish I'd never been born.
The rise of the anti-natalist.
And it goes on and on.
And on climate activists call for the end of humans.
Designer baby revolution.
Can we outlaw sexual reproduction?
This is all mainstream news.
And who are these people?
Thousands of studies on the left.
The left is the Jacobins.
The left is the French Revolution.
The left is a satanic movement from their roots.
Look up the Jacobins.
And what does it say about the left?
Not classical liberals that want freedom and openness and goodness.
No, they took that over.
They're the authoritarians.
They're the fascists.
They're the Malthusians that want depopulation.
Look up Sir Thomas Malthus.
None of what I'm telling you is my opinion.
Pew study!
White liberals disproportionately suffer from mental illness.
Depending on the study, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 times more likely to be mentally ill, to commit suicide, to steal, to lie, to lie about being nice, to lie about charity, to lie about how they're good people, and to want to control you, but do no work.
Here's another one.
White liberals more likely to have a mental health condition.
White liberals twice as likely to be diagnosed with psychological problems.
This is mainline news.
White liberals are more likely to have mental health problems because they believe they're the ruling class.
They believe they're in control.
They're trying to project guilt on everyone because they're not connected.
They're screwed up.
And that's why they're projecting their hatred of themselves onto other white people and others.
They're chameleons.
But in our world, chameleons aren't what survives.
People that are out in the open, that are known quantities, that are like a rock with a lighthouse on it.
That's what you want to be.
Not a jellyfish.
Let's do all these different things.
We're going to take a short break and I'm going to come back with the final conclusion of this emergency Saturday transmission on what their plans are and how we can stop them.
Stay with us.
The Fortune 100 have established the Davos Group to be the public arm of the Bilderberg Group.
Klaus Schwab formerly headed up the Bilderberg Group and their goal is to establish a corporate world government and then turn off the resources to create a post-industrial world that triggers a planetary population collapse.
And out of that collapse, out of that global crisis, they openly say that they will use that to bring in a worldwide authoritarian model.
Now that's in the Rockefeller plan, Operation Lockstep, but it's in many other plans of the globalists.
And that is what they are initiating right now.
So I have a two-pronged approach, personally.
I'm trying to inform the public, inform leaders around the world about what's going on so we can oppose
The Great Reset post-industrial operation.
That would be the best way to stop it, would be to actually shut the program down itself.
Or, and this is plan B, and I'm doing this simultaneously.
Getting prepared myself for the type of long global depression we're going to be living under for decades, if not forever, if we don't turn this around.
You see, in North Korea, they can supply their people with food and jobs, but they don't.
They keep them starving for control.
Same thing's done in Venezuela.
Same thing's done in Cuba.
This is a system of feudalism.
Communism is nothing but a modern version of feudalism where you trade out the lords and the kings for the Politburo and the inner party of the Communist Party.
So when you see the handover of Afghanistan by design to be a fiasco, when you see China being allowed to take over the world stage and threaten to invade Taiwan, when you see the UN organizing hundreds of millions of people who they've already impoverished with the global lockdowns to now invade our countries,
This is part of a larger globalist strategic plan that I made a film about 14 years ago titled, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
So whether you like it or not, whether I like it or not, we live in the New World Order system today.
We live on a planet with an out-of-control globalist elite who are openly trying to impoverish us and dumb us down so we can't resist when they finally kill us.
So the answer is get prepared and get ready.
And one of the most basic things you can do is spread the word about this broadcast and resist the globalist program of domination and enslavement.
And you can also personally get ready yourself with high quality storable foods.
We have the best company out there in the United States.
They're ready to ship to you.
They have very high quality at very, very low cost because they are the biggest company in the United States.
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I noticed in late August we saw orders explode without us even really promoting it, and now into early September I expect those orders to only go up because people understand
Now, I'm about to lay out where the globalists want to take us and describe the future of their planning.
And I'm going to tell you how I knew all this stuff 28 years ago when I first got on air and how I can, in live time, lay this out before they announce it years, months, weeks, and days before.
And it isn't about bragging about Alex Jones.
I want you to learn this information, this psychological, cultural technology of real politic and of real science so that we can defeat these people.
They don't want you knowing about this.
They want you looking at the world one-dimensional, two-dimensional, maybe third, certainly not fourth or fifth.
And when I try to get into this area, it's so expansive, it's hard to cover it because it's so big.
And I was just talking to the camera guy who's up here working with me on Saturday, and I said, have you heard me talk about this report?
And I read him the headline.
I said, yeah, many times.
We have an archivist.
I'm going to see if he can find this because this is going to blow people away this week.
So I'm going to ask all of you.
We don't have the clips where I've said this probably 50 times this year, and probably 100 times last year, and probably 100 times the year before that.
I've been saying this for 27, 28 years on air.
And you're going to ask, how did I do this?
Well, I'm going to tell you how I know everything.
I'm going to tell you right now.
And I certainly hope you will then find out what their plans are for you here in just a moment.
Here's the headline out of the London Independent.
Microsoft Patents Shows Plans to Revive Dead Loved Ones.
Did you hear that?
Microsoft Patents Shows Plans to Revive Dead Loved Ones that they own as chatbots.
Now when the archivist finds this, because a couple months ago I did a whole 10 minute rant on it.
I think it was during the first hour.
We're going to play it.
I guess we can take this clip and put it on front.
But today we don't have it.
Many of you probably saw it.
That I didn't get from a Globalist document.
That I got from another place, I'll tell you in a moment.
But do you understand what this means?
They say that when you opt in to use any Google, Facebook, Twitter,
Microsoft, they're all sharing data.
Your voice print, what you do, where you go, what you say, your emotions, all of it can later be put into a digital avatar, a physical flesh body that's programmed as their plan, a metal avatar, a plastic avatar, a silicon avatar, or it can be a hologram avatar.
And that they're saying, we don't just own your genetics when you go in the hospital and they take a little extra blood and put it in the database.
Hospitals have been caught doing that.
We own your voice, we own your words, we own what you've said, and then we'll use your likeness to then add things and basically steal your identity forever.
So they're going to take your work and then claim, because here's the key,
That's right.
I don't know.
is walking around as a helicopter or as a jet or as a woman or as a dog, whatever it wants to say it is, and really it's just, yeah, your brainwaves, how you talk, your art.
It could fool your own family that it's you, but it's not.
And under the transhumanist movement, because I've envisioned all of this from all the data points I've got,
They are then going to have the punishable by death to say that that is not the original person.
And that's going to be the new Mark of the Beast religion is transcending death in the singularity and merging with these machines and systems if you explain that there's another level of the soul.
And that there's all the genetic experiences of that body, and there's the connection to all your ancestors in the future, and there's the electromagnetic cones and rods in the brain that pick up all the electromagnetic radiation of the universe and also resonate as antennas with other dimensions, the spiritual realm that's just not seen in our narrow light band that we call spiritual, but it's really just everything dark matter outside of that.
I would really millions of data points extrapolated all this together and was able to prime project their future operations off of reading science fiction.
Because the science fiction that they let get popular with Nebula Awards and all this, they wrote about at the times of Jules Verne and H.G.
Wells and all the rest of them, they knew in
We're good to go!
And so they've been obsessed in their cult the whole time of getting this technology and the rich have wanted life extension.
And so basically I've known all along that they want to claim they're immortal, but they're not really going to be able to do it.
And so that's going to be the big sales job they've got to everybody to give up your physical bodies is to become immoral.
And then obviously that'll be the whole new global and intergalactic economy.
And that'll be the one thing you're not supposed to say and do.
But reading their other literature, because I've read, no exaggeration, I probably read 600, 700 science fiction books when I was a kid, charted out about like seven years old, I was reading at an adult level, and then I got into history a little bit later because it was real.
But then I later learned from history that they were building the new world and pre-programming our brains with predictive programming of what was coming.
And so here's an example.
Before I clicked the trailer,
Two weeks ago, I said to my wife, I said, honey, look at this iPad.
I said, I'm going to play this trailer and this is what it's going to say.
And she said, foundation.
Oh, you know, I think it's like an Apple or Amazon show.
I forget.
And I said, yes, Isaac Asimov was just as important as Arthur C. Clarke or HG Wells or Jules Verne's or any of those people.
They were part of basically the Illuminati, the bad Illuminati, and they were charting and pre-programming the culture
through fiction to be able to say things in fiction that you wouldn't be able to say publicly.
That's why Hitler and Joseph Goebbels wanted to kill in the 30s H.G.
Wells because they said he is a competing eugenicist that has another plan than ours and H.G.
Wells is actually the leader of the British arm of this thing.
Hitler wanted to kill the science fiction writer.
Goebbels did because
Wells and then Bertrand Russell and others had a plan, and it's in H.G.
Wells' film, Things to Come, it's also a book, where they have big B-2 bombers, this is written over 100 years ago, look like B-2 bombers, that fly around dropping hydrogen bombs on people.
This is before hydrogen bombs have been dropped on, or atomic bombs have been dropped on Japan.
25 years before, 30 years before.
And they fly around and bomb all the countries, like America, that won't give in to their world government.
And it's a UN world government that drops bombs on people.
And again, I've read hundreds and hundreds of these books, and it's all right there.
It's all right there.
And they tell you in childhoods in what they're going to do, and they tell you in 2001 what they're going to do.
It's the same story over and over again.
But in the Foundation series, and you can't go read six books or whatever like I did.
They're big, thick books.
I read them all.
They're very entertaining, very interesting.
But when I was reading them, I was already clicking, oh my God, this is a political technocracy plan, where a supercomputer learns the future of mass movements of people, and once you know the mass movements, you can then program through a global Google system, the stimuli to make people behave and operate the way you want them to.
So you don't just predict the future, you control the future, but they decide that there's too many humans in the universe, in thousands of galaxies, they look forward millions of years,
So, they've even introduced a plan if we get off the planet.
And by the way, you watch the trailer, it's all, we've gotta kill everybody to save the future, and it's all these black people doing it, and they're gonna kill all the whites, knowing that whites have been taught to hate themselves, so then if they see the blacks killing them, it's a good thing, so it's all adapted for now.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, I haven't watched the series yet, but you can see it in the trailer, and I've already read the six books.
Which I guess would be that thick, all of them together.
And so, I've read the Illuminati's writings, they're public.
And I've seen them make this come true.
I've seen them do this.
I've seen all of this unfold.
I've seen their plan.
And I've then read their writings where they brag and write nonfiction books like Aldous Huxley's brother ran the UN, Julian Huxley.
In Brave New World Revisited, 1961, when he was dying of cancer, he goes and speaks at Berkeley about the book.
It's an hour-long speech saying, this is real.
I wrote this in 1932 from the eugenics board, and it talks about chemicals and the end of the family and controlling us and wiping everybody out.
I mean, it's all there.
It's all there.
So I can show you all their headlines, how they're going to do this, but I've already figured it all out.
And they promote who they like.
So I know David Rockefeller liked P.K.D.'
's book, Ubarik or Kubarik, I can't remember the exact name up here, I'm telling you for free, where people can't live forever, but they've learned how to capture your spirit in a container where people can still be a ghost that hasn't gone to the next plane if you want to stay back and control things.
And David Rockefeller loved that book.
And David Rockefeller also financed The Road.
The book is even worse than the movie with Viggo Mortensen.
You wanna know what David Rockefeller dreams of?
What he thinks is beautiful?
Roasting babies on spits.
So see, I just have read so much that I know what they're into, I know what they're up to, and I've said on air
They are going to then say they own your personality, who you are, and they're going to sell it to your family, and they're going to use it however they want, and once they cut off all the resources and things in the post-industrial world through the Great Reset, they can then dictate to you that, oh, sell some of your words, sell some of what you did to them, and they're even claiming they then own you.
and your soul and the revelations talks about the time of the Antichrist that the Antichrist will traffic in the souls of men and sell it in their marketplaces the identities and the souls of men and it describes buildings the tallest mountains and it describes huge ships and merchants and it describes everything that's happening now
And of course, the word is John was on a lot of something on the Isle of Patmos.
But the point is, is that here's the article now, out of London Independent, Microsoft patent shows plan to revive dead loved ones and then sell them back to you.
Microsoft has been granted a patent that would allow the company to make a chatbot using the personal information of deceased people.
Goes on to say it'll grab everything you say, everything you do, all your messages, your photos,
360 shots, body scans, your voice, your mannerisms, images, voice data, social media posts, electronic messages.
They're gathering it all and they're going to also sell your privacy in the future after you're gone.
But they're going to have a program in it that controls it saying it's you and saying you are still alive and telling your loved ones
Give up your body.
Become carbon-based.
Save the Earth.
Give up your body.
You're going to get five free years of credits.
It'll take care of your... People are going to make the world so dystopic, locking your house, and so ugly where you can't go outside and don't look at the sun.
Imagine if space aliens landed and said, don't look at the sun, don't talk to your neighbors, and gave you poisons that got rid of your immune system.
They're doing it!
And they look like aliens, don't they?
The New Zealand Prime Minister.
And all of them.
Because they are turned over to a spirit that is not of this world.
And this is an alien invasion.
This is a satanic, interdimensional attack.
By the way, I talked to high-level Pentagon people, former heads of major agencies, they all totally agree.
They all know this up there.
And they're all, yeah, there's the group that's joined it, the group that hasn't.
They're channeling this demonic idea, these blueprints that were put in all the science fiction books that are really blueprints of what they're going to build and competing ideas and systems.
Alright, look.
I'm going to give you some solutions, and then I'm going to shut this transmission down.
But, here is a Fox Business article.
Tim Cook gets a letter from Apple employees demanding changes.
And the article's all about how they don't like sexual harassment, and the company lets their employers, their bosses be abusive.
And I knew before I read it, I said, that's the disinfo.
See, I've done this so long.
Just like when I read last Monday, oh, the two top scientists at the FDA quit over a disagreement over booster jabs.
No, they said corporations are running things.
The CDC doesn't have regulatory power.
We don't need to give kids these shots.
We don't need booster shots.
And we have not really authorized any of these shots.
That's a lie.
That's what they said.
But the headline's all, oh, disagreement over boosters, no big deal.
So whether it was Fox News or the Associated Press about this Tim Cook article, because I read hundreds a day, it was all, oh, they're mad about sexual harassment.
No, I actually went and found the letter.
That's in there.
They say, our iCloud is read by our bosses.
And they can't help it.
They'll even harass women at work who take naked pictures of themselves.
Or they'll see pictures of the girl they're into with her boyfriend's weenie.
So, I mean, just like in the movie Snowden's A True Story, his boss is watching him and his girlfriend have sex, turning the laptop on.
Why do you think when you see the former FBI director, when he was director, at his office and the camera's covered up?
Or Zuckerberg, I told you 20 years ago, do that.
They're watching you, they're listening, they're grabbing it all on record.
And then Apple comes out and says, we're going to read all the public stuff.
They already read your emails, if you're signed up with them, so does Apple, so does Google.
And they say, they're telling you, we're going to watch and track everything you do, we're going to read everything, we're going to look at all your photos and give outside third party fact checkers a look at it.
They're not just going to censor you on social media, they're doing it inside your freaking phones because you put up with it.
And so Apple employees, before they replace you all with AI, which is very close, you're all being watched by AI learning to replace you.
We need a human union for a human future.
And that's called a social contract.
I've been political.
I was better before Trump came along.
And I was against Republicans and Democrats because I knew they were controlled.
And I believe Trump would really change things the way they attacked him.
And they didn't like him.
But a lot of the attack was to fool conservatives to think he was our savior.
We could just go to sleep and he'd handle it.
And that's not the case.
So I don't care if you're a Republican.
I don't care if you're a Democrat.
I don't care who you are.
I don't care if you're a woman or a man or what damn color you are.
This is an end of humanity, creating such a dystopia that we give up our bodies because we're so miserable and want to believe we're not committing suicide, which we're really going to be doing.
They want to kill you.
They want you to die.
I just showed you all the proof.
And so we got to hit bottom at some point and start going back up to the top.
I'm going to close with this.
And London Independent, actual physical shot of their newspaper.
Boris Johnson says, I don't care what my government regulators say.
We're going to go ahead and inject children.
We're going to go ahead with the booster shots.
Who died and made him God?
The whole facade's fallen.
And it's the same thing here.
Biden says, I don't care if the heads of the agency quit.
We're going to go ahead with it.
And we put a woman in there that let us use Oxycontin and Fentanyl on children!
Millions died.
Millions died in the last 20 years from these people.
And just Friday, federal courts said the family that did this is being given immunity from civil and criminal penalties.
A pardon.
Because they did that at the globalist direction.
They're dismantling America.
They collapsed Afghanistan.
No borders, no walls, no USA at all.
They shut down thousands of our pipelines, not just the Keystone.
Our gas prices have doubled since Biden got in.
Trump meant well.
Because we don't stand up for each other.
We let other people get screwed over, we're going to get screwed over.
We let them starve the Africans, we're going to starve.
God Almighty, people!
You've got to realize what's going on and come together.
So that's what we've got to realize.
And separately, I have the Democratic Party and the same people that have sued Remington into bankruptcy, suing us, and they control the courts, they control the whole nine yards.
They basically have admitted that they're the mafia.
And that's okay, because mafias always end up falling and getting defeated.
And so I have a spiritual boss that I work for, and so I am more empowered than ever thanks to your support.
I need you today to realize that we're doing a lot of things, and we're doing a lot of things where this old creature needs to upsize what I'm doing.
And that process is underway where we have alliances and whole separate systems that aren't Alex Jones, where we are going to not just stay where we're at, but it's our job to explode in the face of the globalists.
And that takes a lot of capital and a lot of work.
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But I've got to tell you, I physically and spiritually have never been stronger.
Something in just the last few weeks has happened.
The awakening, your prayers, all of us together, the tide turning with all these regulators coming out saying this is evil, we're not going to be part of this, we're killing kids, this is poisonous.
This is about our choices we make.
This is about who we become.
It's not about this life.
It's about the test of this life.
It's not about how much garbage we have or how cool we are on CNN or Hollywood.
That's all repulsive.
Thank you, God.
Like new reporters we've got and extra reporters I want to get so we can track things down and change the world.
We're committed to the fight.
You're committed.
So thank you for your support.
Please again share this video for Man.Video and FreeWorldNews.TV.
And please join me tomorrow night live because every show could be our last.
Who knows?
4 to 6 p.m.
We've got some special guests tomorrow with the Sunday show.
So thank you all and thank you to the crew.
God bless and good luck.
The Fortune 100 have established the Davos Group to be the public arm of the Bilderberg Group.
Klaus Schwab formerly headed up the Bilderberg Group and their goal is to establish a corporate world government and then turn off the resources to create a post-industrial world that triggers a planetary population collapse.
And out of that collapse, out of that global crisis, they openly say that they will use that to bring in a worldwide authoritarian model.
Now that's in the Rockefeller plan, Operation Lockstep, but it's in many other plans of the globalists.
And that is what they are initiating right now.
So I have a two-pronged approach personally.
I'm trying to inform the public, inform leaders around the world about what's going on so we can oppose
The Great Reset post-industrial operation.
That would be the best way to stop it, would be to actually shut the program down itself.
Or, and this is plan B, and I'm doing this simultaneously,
Getting prepared myself for the type of long global depression we're going to be living under for decades, if not forever, if we don't turn this around.
You see, in North Korea, they can supply their people with food and jobs, but they don't.
They keep them starving for control.
Same thing's done in Venezuela.
Same thing's done in Cuba.
This is a system of feudalism.
Communism is nothing but a modern version of feudalism where you trade out the lords and the kings for the Politburo and the inner party of the Communist Party.
So when you see the handover of Afghanistan by design to be a fiasco, when you see China being allowed to take over the world stage and threaten to invade Taiwan, when you see the UN organizing
Hundreds of millions of people who they've already impoverished with the global lockdowns now invade our countries.
This is part of a larger globalist strategic plan that I made a film about 14 years ago titled Endgame blueprint for global enslavement.
So whether you like it or not, whether I like it or not, we live in the new world order system today.
We live on a planet
With an out-of-control globalist elite who are openly trying to impoverish us and dumb us down so we can't resist when they finally kill us.
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