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Name: 20210903_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 3, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show discusses recent developments in the fight against corruption, including decisions by the European Union and UK advisory boards not to approve COVID-19 vaccines for children under 15 due to serious dangers. It also highlights how the United Nations is directing a planetary corporate government with a World Medical ID app that tracks individuals' movements, charges carbon taxes on their actions, and surveils them in real-time. Jones emphasizes the spiritual consequences of targeting youth and causing harm, citing examples of abortionists proudly proclaiming their love for the devil. The show also covers topics such as the importance of having storable food, supporting Mike Lindell's investigation into the 2020 election, globalism, censorship, and conspiracy theories. It mentions how people are allowed only three trips outside their country in their lifetime while borders are wide open, women run everything in TV programs where they say that Muslim men are the best, encouraging young girls to marry a 25-year-old Muslim man, the British government questioning why Muslims coming into their country don't have to take PCR tests while citizens do, and an incident where a man was sent to prison in solitary confinement for watching conspiracy theory videos related to Mike Lindell's voter fraud symposium. The show also plays a segment from Plandopolis, which shows a vision of the future where everything is controlled by a global government through urban transport and rationed food. Finally, it encourages listeners to stock up on food and high-quality vitamins and minerals while criticizing control measures being implemented by governments. In summary, this episode of The Alex Jones Show covers various topics related to COVID-19, corruption, globalism, censorship, and conspiracy theories, highlighting the dangers posed by vaccines and other control measures being implemented by governments and organizations such as the United Nations.

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Other people stick their tail between their legs and they run.
Listen, you cut and run, they just have their way with you on their time.
I'm not going to do that.
I'm going to face them head on.
Head on.
Like in a game of chicken, I got the accelerator down at 200 miles an hour and I am not even thinking about changing course.
And I hope the globalists don't turn off.
I hope to disintegrate right into their ass like Captain Ahab with Moby Dick going down with that baby.
I can't wait till I'm all tied up in the lines with that carpoon.
Because I'm going to get your ass!
Come on, let's go!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I come to you with incredibly good news on multiple fronts and I have the equation for victory over the global pedophile Satanist armies.
Ladies and gentlemen, in the European Union and now in the UK on the same day with almost no news coverage,
The major regulatory agencies of the governments have banned under 15 year olds having the deadly gene therapy injections.
This is incredible.
You just saw, three days ago, the chief scientist and his deputy, 40 plus years of running the FDA vaccine program, coming out and saying, children under 12 shouldn't take it,
Coming out and saying the UN is basically running our policy through the CDC, this is wrong, and the booster shots are a fraud.
Now that didn't get much coverage.
The media just tried to hide it.
They argued about who would announce the boosters, it's just a turf war.
But in the regulatory level of the world, it was huge.
And those people all talked to each other.
And so now UK's vaccine advisory body refuses to approve COVID jabs for healthy 12 to 15 year olds.
So they're saying don't give it to them.
Same thing in the European Union.
JCVI rule out vaccines in Europe.
And in the UK, it goes on and on, but it doesn't matter.
Italy may eventually make COVID vaccine shots compulsory for all.
That's right.
They're just shots.
They're not vaccines.
CDC and vaccinated should not travel over Labor Day weekend.
Oh, getting you ready for travel bans if you don't have the travel pass.
They're already introducing it.
And I have all the documents, all the incredible admissions.
We're going to cover it coming up.
Start of the next segment.
But man, what a time to be alive.
What an incredible time.
We also have the Red Cross officially coming out and saying, if you've had the COVID shot ever, you can't ever give blood again.
See, they don't want their whole industry wrecked by this.
There's different competing interests.
Because your blood is never the same once the metal nanoparticles have been introduced that then use your own body's systems to replicate.
It's nanotech.
Designed to replicate.
They don't give you a little shot and suddenly you're magnetic.
It begins replicating and taking over every cell in your body, creating a metallic surface.
Just turns out we now have UN, MIT, and Bill Gates patents on it all.
And the Japanese government has confirmed Moderna, which is DARPA, has purposely put metal in every damn shot in Japan, and you know it's here as well.
And they now are having problems all over Europe with Moderna.
So Moderna is the plug-in shot that turns you into Cyborg, basically.
And it looks like the Pfizer's got the metal in it as well.
I mean, they hit us and hit us hard.
Can you imagine if aliens landed and ran around and gave you injections that took your body over?
You'd all fight back.
But because it's Fauci, it looks like a little Martian.
Because it's Fauci, it just rolls forward.
I said I'd hit it yesterday.
I didn't hit it.
I barely hit it.
But now it's gigantor news everywhere.
Even mainline media is like, whoa!
If North Korea is the benchmark of tyranny, I read one line in the town hall, then
Australia has passed that line and then done backflips back and forth over it.
I mean, they have officially announced you will all have to have a phone, then they're saying it's shipped, officially, to leave your house.
We have video.
You'll be authorized only when they say to leave your house under carbon restrictions.
So it was always going to be official.
Now it is official.
Just hell on earth level.
And it's all coming here.
They're already making announcements in Europe as well.
I mean, this is just the most savage, balls-to-the-walls power grab the planet has ever seen.
Get the Plantlopolis video ready.
Get the Plantlopolis video.
I want to show that.
We'll be right back.
Okay, wow, you talk about total and complete absolute vindication.
The United Nations is directing a planetary corporate government with a world medical ID app on your phone that is then used to track everywhere you go, what you do to charge you carbon taxes for everything you eat, everywhere you travel, and it also surveils you in live time.
Yesterday, I talked about how I was going to get into the World ID and looking at Australia, and I mentioned it some, but I want to lead with that now today, because even the New York Times is like, wow, this is beyond North Korea, but we guess it's needed.
Everyone by law will have a phone, and they say, if you don't want a phone, they're going to come out with chips.
This is being announced on TV.
And or they're going to biometrically scan your hand or your retina and it's going to track you in live time.
And if you don't either wear a bracelet or have a hand scan or the chip or the phone, you will be arrested and you will spend five years in a labor camp.
They're also announcing that you will, quote, do labor.
You're not gonna just be in this camp and do no work.
Also, the CDC has announced its shielding program to, quote, shield children during an outbreak to take them from their families who aren't even sick and put them in government camps for their safety.
The Holy Grail is getting you to hand your children over.
If you'll do that, they've spiritually won, it's over.
But here's the giant good news I'll get to after we get to the bad news.
Two huge victories.
The EU and the UK advisory boards have come out and said, do not give to under 15s or 15 and younger, I guess.
So 16 is the mark, I guess, of extermination.
Do not target 15 and below.
This is not a needed injection.
Because they know about the serious dangers.
They finally have some soul know they're spiritually crossing a Rubicon.
Because you can trick adults under metaphysical rules of the universe and get them to hurt themselves, but if you hurt children, and the metaphysical level is about 15-16 in history and culture, with the Jews it's 13, if you target youth,
Before they're of age to make decisions, and you lead them into destruction, you are absolutely cursed while you're still alive.
Bad stuff happens immediately to you.
That's why we have so many videos of abortionists, white, black, hispanic, asian, doesn't matter.
People walk over and go, why are you killing babies?
And they go, I like this, I enjoy killing a child, and I will keep doing it.
You love the devil?
I do love the devil!
How many videos have we played like that?
Oh, sweet Lucifer!
Oh, sweet Lucifer!
They are dialed into that, and they are slaves.
And they have green teeth and horrible breath, and it's like... They are like these gremlin-like creatures.
And you get totally possessed and taken over when you do it.
And they do it because, again, they get taken over by it.
The Africans done it, the Europeans done it, the Asians did it, the Mesoamericans did it.
Everybody turns into this.
And then civilization collapses.
It is a spiritual rot.
It is a spiritual blight.
It is an intergalactic, interdimensional invasion force, as the Bible tells us.
Now, get ready for this.
This is just one clip off the news in Australia.
Then I have a bunch of clips of the emergency camps.
And a lot of them, you're completely locked up.
Some, you're allowed to go to your front door and open it to get food.
And that's all the models coming here.
It's already being announced in Canada.
Blue Cities are announcing, CDC saying, don't travel if you're not vaccinated, and saying we're going to have apps soon, which the UN has approved, where you can't.
Do that, and can't get on planes or trains or have a job.
And oh, Fauci did say, sorry, you gotta take the third jab officially today, and every five months a new shot, or you're not gonna be able to have a job.
You see how that works?
And he says we will approve it for children.
That's why the FDA chief scientist quit.
He goes, absolutely, children need these.
They need them every five months.
Even though they admit three shots of the Pfizer shot, you have one-sixth of your immune system.
It's gone.
Turns your white blood cells off.
They have a name for white blood cells being turned off.
Something that showed up in 79 that Fauci was overseeing called HIV.
Oh, and this does have HIV delivery system?
I mean, are you beginning to realize?
I mean, this is, this is on like Donkey Kong.
I mean, it's all happened.
They're doing it all.
It's all confirmed.
I mean, this is, but the good news is at least regulators are like, holy hell, we've always believed in vaccines.
We know they're contaminated.
We know they've got problems, but the end justifies the means.
It helps more people than it hurts.
That was the old conversation.
I had a talk on the green belt six, seven years ago with the head vaccine person in Texas at the health department.
I had a head.
He said, don't say my name.
By the end, kind of got paranoid.
And I said, well, you just didn't tell me this was off record.
And I said, I won't say your name, but I can figure out who you are.
I got in my car, searched his name on my phone.
He was the head of the state vaccine program.
And he said, Alex, we know there's problems, but it saves a lot more than it hurts.
And, you know, we just decided to triage.
And I said, but those are lying numbers and the VAERS doesn't report at all.
And he got pretty upset that I actually knew that.
But it was this power trip, like, Alex, you're right, it does cause some problems, and it does hurt some children, and it does, they have given people cancer through the shots, but overall, it's a better, you know, we save more than we lose.
And he just was like, mmm, mmm, just said, mmm, no, and I'm like, I would be convinced by that, because he was so reasonable and so nice.
It was at the Hill of Life, it's like a half mile tall hill, people go up and down it, and he was at the top of it when I came back up, and we had a little conversation.
So let's start getting to these videos.
This is Australia.
Just part of this whole Mark of the Beast rollout.
Here it is.
A radical plan to crack down on social media abuse is being considered by the federal government.
For more nines, Oliver Haig joins us live in Adelaide.
Ollie, how will it work?
Laila, good morning.
Essentially it will work the same as a passport.
Australians forced to submit 100 points of identification like their driver's license or passport when using social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.
Now police would have access to those social media accounts.
And it's all part of a crackdown on online abuse.
Now, users could be liable for defamation suits or even criminal prosecution.
And it's all part of a plan hoping to deter people from engaging in bad behaviour.
Now, the recommendations were handed down by a Federal Parliamentary Inquiry.
There are reforms that are being considered by the Morrison Government, with the Chairman saying there is merit to remove the veil of being anonymous.
Okay, so Internet ID, worse than Communist China, and then I've got the news articles coming up.
They then go into it and admit that it's going to be used in the social credits or on your phone, and that if you're bad, they're just going to ban you from the Internet.
And that's the holy grail of control.
And it also says the police will have access to everyone's stuff without a warrant, live time, and that they'll be able to, quote, impersonate you, to, quote, infiltrate anti-vax groups and disrupt them.
It's called the, I covered it three days ago when it first broke, the National Disruption of Internet Crime Operation.
Disrupt, deter, shut down.
It's got all those terms in it.
You can look it up yourself.
And I'm gonna show all that to you
Coming up, and I'm going to tie it all in together with the Planned Opelous, so that's next segment.
The good news, all over the world, regulatory bodies are like, okay, this vaccine is not a vaccine.
It's really deadly.
We got stampeded into fear, emergency authorization.
Now the FDA saying it's been tested and authorized.
It's not.
The head FDA scientist quit and said, that's a lie, which is officially true.
And said, don't target children, my God.
And they're still just going forward.
And Fauci is licking those satanic lips.
He is full demon, full Satanist.
He wants to kill your children.
He wants to disease them.
He wants to erase their immune system.
He wants to own them for the next 20 years or so before they die and suck all the money out of the family.
Because they know you're going to fight to keep your children alive.
You're going to Stockholm Syndrome when he injects them, when they get cancer, when they lose their uterus, when they're 15 from bleedouts, when they get the glaucoma, when they get all the diseases, and then they know in their actuaries you'll sell your houses
You'll get loans to save them and they'll still kill them after they cut them up for five, ten years.
And they just want to sacrifice your children so slow.
You know, in the days of Moloch, they would just go up to a big fiery god, a bull, with his hands out with a big oven.
With a big grill on it.
You just throw your year old baby onto the grill and at least the baby would pop and scream and die but about 30 seconds pass out.
This way they can torture your children for a long, delicious period of time and chemotherapy and brain surgeries and chop them up and Fauci can just really satanically draw that energy off because he is a satanist, high priest satanist guaranteed.
He's a blood drinker.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And I don't say this as a power trip, because the enemy already knows it.
I don't say this as boastful.
I say this to ask God for discernment and strength and clarity and will and sanctity.
But M4 Wars is the main global resistance to the satanic New World Order.
The main temporal resistance on this planet is this audience, is this operation, is this little crew.
But what we've done has been amazing with your help and God's providence and God's direction.
So I want you all to remember that.
That's not talk.
That's not brag.
That's fact.
We influence Victor Orban.
We influence all the major people.
Tucker Carlson.
The Ted Nugent's of the world, the Rush Limbaugh before he died, even the Sean Hannity's.
We influence the Joe Rogans massively.
And yes, it's true when the media has headlines every day, Joe Rogan's turning into Alex Jones!
Well, he's turning into something even better.
Turning into Joe Rogan, really telling you who he is and taking the gloves off.
As I told you he would over a year ago, people said, that's bull.
Joe was just smart about it and getting in a position as much good as he could.
Joe knew all this when I knew him 22, 23 years ago.
Known Joe since 1998.
Friends with him since 99.
I mean, good friends.
Hung out with him a lot all over the place.
Stayed with him the whole nine yards.
And I've known Joe forever.
And he projected his own goodness onto the world.
He really is a good, nice guy.
And I called him out a few years ago, and I sent him all the documentation.
I said, you know this is all real.
I know you know it's real.
And you've seen him now get in a position where he can do what he wants and fight back against somebody who's having a huge effect and kicking ass.
Coming out against the New World Order.
Coming out against their injections.
Coming out against Ivermectin.
Coming out for Ivermectin.
Does it mean he's gonna be perfect at every level?
But this is the power of this broadcast and what we've done is I don't even go on air and tell you everybody we're influencing.
Everybody we woke up.
I mean who do you think woke up
Major heads of U.S.
intelligence agencies that actually tried to defeat the globalists in the last round and why they got so scared and why the globalists have been trying to shut me down.
Why do you think the Democratic Party and the same Democratic Party law firms that have sued Remington, the oldest gun manufacturer in America, into bankruptcy?
The same folks going after the NRA?
I mean, do you know who we're up against?
We've not declared bankruptcy.
We've not shut down.
We didn't shut down our TV network like the NRA did.
Because they told the NRA, you keep doing this, we're going to kill your ass.
I'm talking about the globalists, not those law firms.
And other people stick their tail between their legs and they run.
Listen, you cut and run, they just have their way with you on their time.
I'm not going to do that.
I'm going to face them head on.
Head on.
Like in a game of chicken, I got the accelerator down at 200 miles an hour, and I am not even thinking about changing course.
And I hope the globalists don't turn off.
I hope to disintegrate right into their ass, like Captain Ahab with Moby Dick going down with that baby.
I can't wait till I'm all tied up in the lines with that carpoon.
Because I'm going to get your ass!
Come on!
Let's go!
People need to stop living in fear of these devil worshippers.
Look at the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
If they ain't a vampire witch, there ain't nothing.
These people all even look like demons.
They don't just act like demons.
These are serious authoritarians that are Stalin, Lenin, Mao Zedong level.
They mean to take you and your family over.
I'm going to settle down.
We have plenty of time in this segment, but I'm going to hit it next time.
This is an even longer segment.
Look at these headlines.
The Orwellian vaccine passport agenda relies on the lie of the social contract.
Australia can force citizens to report their location on demand via government tracking app.
They've already announced it.
I have the videos.
Home Quarantine Trial, that's the app, to be launched in South Australia, Premier Stephen Marshall announces.
First they lock you up in little prison cells, then they go, oh, you'll carry your phone now, now you're allowed to go home, but we gotta track you like an ankle bracelet.
Israel's done this too.
And then it's, oh, everybody gets it.
Canada's most populous province announces the same thing, basically, ankle bracelets.
Italian diocese announces vaccine passports needed to go to church.
Honolulu announces the same thing.
Hawaii announces the same thing.
Apple's merged with it to carry it out.
We're going to cover all that coming up next segment, but the victory is right here.
UKEU regulatory agencies say don't give kids the shot.
They ban it.
And Apple was telling you, oh, we're going to read everything on your phone.
We're going to scan all your photos.
It wasn't just scan the photos, looking for child porn.
Like, oh, I'm going to sell you a camera.
And we're just going to, because I don't know what a phone is, we're going to come by your house and check your Polaroids to make sure you're not taking photos of yourself screwing the neighbor's kid.
I mean, guilty until proven innocent by a company that literally runs the worst death camps in the world in China.
Well, now they've delayed it.
That's what they always do.
When we form opposition, they pull back.
Then as soon as our opposition goes, they roll forward.
Google and Apple are the same company behind the scenes.
They're all run by the NSA, CIA, and globalist banks, Rothschild, Rockefeller Money.
They are competing only on the surface to be the world ID, but they made an agreement a year and a half ago, secretly, but it leaked, to have a secret app embedded on all phones that they jointly control together.
That came out in the news, that they have a secret built-in app.
Headline was Apple and Google
Make secret agreement to track all users for contact tracing and you read all the data.
Hell, that's in the 96 Telecommunications Act by 2000.
It was already there.
It's done in all the phones by 2000, but they're just announcing it to the slaves now.
So this is the total absolute control group.
We're going to go to break, come back with all that.
But first, let me just get into this.
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All right, here I am, your host Alex Jones, in October, late October, like five days before the election, on Joe Rogan's podcast for three and a half hours here in Austin.
And you ought to go watch the whole show because I said Trump's going to win in a landslide, but they're going to say he
They're going to say it looks like he won that night.
They're going to close the polls.
They're going to stuff the machines with all the ballots they've been holding back because they had them already printed and ready.
And then, of course, that did happen.
And then I also talked about the agenda is a world ID based on a medical system that then becomes a social credit score that then is the carbon tax that tracks and traces your every movement.
Now, I knew this from Agenda 2030, Agenda 21, MIT, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab.
They all wrote books many years ago saying it.
But more importantly, I saw TV programs in Canada and in Australia and in the UK, and they have similar ones in Germany, but I don't watch those because they're in German and French, that say a computer will tell you where you can go and what you do.
You'll get meat once a year.
You will not have a car.
You will work from home.
And the UN and the Rockefeller Foundation paid for those commercials and those TV promos and children's cartoons that are shown in school and air on BBC and public television.
And if you look at it, it shows you Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and how everything happens and how the UN runs what food you do, what food you get, and where you go.
And you're allowed three trips in your life outside of your country.
But your borders are wide open.
And women run everything, by the way, in these TV programs.
And in the same shows, they say, are you a German girl 14?
Muslim men are the best.
Marry a 25-year-old Muslim man.
I've played these clips.
I'm not joking.
And the police don't enforce.
They go, Muslim men are allowed to have sex with underage girls, but Germans will be arrested if they are.
Just like Afghans don't have to take the vaccines, but the troops do.
And even the British government's asking
Why the Muslims coming in don't have to take PCR tests, but the citizens do.
Because citizens, we submit, we're quote civilized.
So this is a total takeover.
And they're bringing the Muslims in to then be made the police officers and the judges to rule over us.
I saw a judge's ruling I haven't gotten to.
I'll cover it last segment of this hour, next segment.
Headlines on Infowars.com.
It went up last night.
I'm going to ask the crew to post it back to the front page, please.
And the headline is, judge sends man to prison, solitary confinement by the way, for looking at conspiracy theory videos.
And you read the article and you think it's 1984.
It's like police came to his home for a security check.
A compliance check was the quote.
I'll read it to you next segment.
They came to the man's home and caught him in the garage watching Mike Lindell's voter fraud symposium.
So the judge ordered him in D.C.
to solitary confinement.
I'll cover it next segment.
There it is.
Capitol riot defendant.
Doug Jensen jailed after watching MyPillow CEO's conspiracy.
He was released and told, don't watch any conspiracy videos.
And so the judge said, Rumble is conspiracy and Mike Lindell is.
You're going to solitary confinement.
That's next segment.
Let's show them the InfoWars article.
It's even more powerful.
So, let me get back to where I was.
Let's go ahead and play Plandopolis first, and then we'll play my prediction last year, which was not a prediction.
I mean, they're following a program.
But there is media outlet Mox.
Well, that's a different one.
Conspiracy theorist that admits they might be right about the YouTube bans.
Yeah, that's banning people protesting the COVID deal.
I'll show you the headline.
No, that's not it.
No problemo, I will pull it up.
I will pull it up right now.
Watch how fast I did it, though.
I pulled it up, too, even faster.
I'm even quicker.
court sends man to jail for watching conspiracy theory videos online.
This is full communism, folks.
You're like, but that's illegal.
That's un-American.
Oh, exactly.
And between the judges and the media,
I've been involved in court cases where what you read in the newspaper is 100% lies.
And the judges are actually laughing and cackling and saying, I'm on your side.
We're going to defeat Jones on the stand.
Any time else, an appeals court would see that and say, you can't do that.
But I have witnessed it, and it's gone to appeals courts.
Appeals courts say, we don't care.
Judges on the stand going, I know Alex Jones has free speech rights.
I know that what he did, he's allowed to do, but I don't care.
He needs to be silenced.
And appeals court goes, that's right.
Our job is to silence Americans.
They don't want judgments against us to get money.
They want judgments, they said, to shut us down.
To come and put padlocks on the doors, to fire my crew.
You understand, this is a criminal conscious takeover.
They're making a move.
International banks and the UN have recruited their people, put them into office everywhere.
George Soros has elected 800 plus district attorneys.
Over a thousand county attorneys.
Over 20 state attorney generals were put in by him.
And they are hard core communists.
They will release a rapist from jail.
After spending a week and dropped charges.
A murderer!
The Travis County District Attorney.
He's famous now.
But they'll indict Rick Perry, the governor, when he vetoes a bill vetoing their corruption.
I don't even like Rick Perry, by the way, compared to them.
I mean, remember, they indicted him.
That's Travis County, where I live.
People are like, why don't you move out?
Yeah, my family's been here since before it was a state.
And I do plan to get out of here, but my whole infrastructure's here.
But I mean, it is a cult, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's play part of Plandopolis right now.
This is 10 years old, shown to UK children.
Here it is.
When you see who funds it, it's the Forum for the Future.
Rockefeller, you run it.
How will people travel in the cities of the future?
MegaCities on the move.
Your guide to the future of sustainable urban mobility, 2040.
Plandopolis, one of our four possible scenarios.
In a world of fossil fuels and expensive energy, the only solution is tightly planned and controlled urban transport.
Global climate change, deal imminent.
That's 2020.
Talks about world government, cities, World Food Council, UN takes control, rations food, all the Plandopolis.
Oh, hi!
I'm so glad you're on time.
I'm Vee.
I'm looking forward to showing you around Plandopolis today.
My husband works from home.
He's a virtual engineer working on one of the city's desalination plants.
He controls the robots who do all the important maintenance.
I think he basically plays computer games for a living.
Are you ready to go?
Have you got your calorie card open on your smartphone?
I registered your visit with Slick Travel Corp the other day, so they've allotted you a journey time to match mine.
It makes so much sense, doesn't it?
Switch off brain and go to work.
With this many people around, I'm glad there's a mega-computer in charge.
We're so lucky.
Our kids were allocated a school quite near my practice so I can drop them off on the way.
It saves on our calorie ration.
Well, it won't be long until the little darlings get their career announcements.
They've been working so hard, so I'm sure they'll get something good.
Not that there's anything wrong with fixing carbon scrubbers for a living or anything.
Are you hungry?
Let's pop to the market as we're passing.
Right, what's on the menu this month?
No, not meat.
It's not your birthday.
The Global Food Council are doing a really good job of keeping food production going.
I mean, you don't get the choice you used to, but we're better off than most.
Alright, that's enough of it.
It gets even worse.
So here's the deal.
And in fact, in post when we're not live, have them add the whole episode on here.
At the end, show it.
Rockefeller Foundation, UN, who runs the whole global government, who runs the vaccine rollout, who runs the program to kill you.
By the way, they're never going to get to that.
They're just telling their minions, oh, you'll be in charge of everybody else.
And they fantasize about all their allotments and everything.
We'll all be dead by then.
They'll all be dead.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And some of them want to join you in eternity with God to do unimaginably incredible, beautiful things.
Some of them want to kill you.
And their names are Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Ted Turner and Anthony Fauci.
And they are enemies.
And they will pay.
Dr. Dan Stock is probably the most articulate doctor I've seen at a city council meeting in Mount Vernon.
And I've been wanting to get him on for three weeks since we played his clip.
Next little short segment, I want to play part of his six-minute speech.
Then he joins us for a full hour on his lunch hour.
He runs Pure Health Functional Family Medicine.
He's going to expose what's really going on with COVID.
Get ready.
Next hour, that is going to be powerful.
Again, COVID is the takeover system for everything.
You just saw me air a program, I guess, 11 years ago.
It's from 2011.
Almost a year's gone by, ten and a half years ago.
And there's a whole bunch more of these.
This was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and by the United Nations.
If you look at the groups that funded it, that's who funds them.
And it says your smartphone gives you a calorie card.
And that's a carbon calorie card.
That's the official plan.
And now Trudeau announced it Monday in Canada.
Australia announced it yesterday.
And that's what it is.
They go, oh, you've all got to quarantine at home.
You've got to have an app.
And it's going to track your calories, everything you buy and do.
I mean, folks, this is
This is not a movie.
It's not a science fiction book.
It's not Brave New World.
This is what you're living in.
Even Paul Joseph Watson, you know, dials it back.
Australia announced you're going to have an app to buy and sell and travel.
They've already announced it.
And Paul's like, oh, they could be doing it.
Like Hitler could invade France.
No, we already did it.
That's where we are.
Stalin might be a communist.
So let's play just a little clip of Plandopolis again from almost 11 years ago.
This is not a dystopic joke.
This is them pushing this.
Remember I told you that then and now it's here.
This is an actual plan.
Here it is.
Are you ready to go?
Have you got your calorie card open on your smartphone?
I registered your visit with Slick Travel Corp the other day, so they've allotted you a journey time to match mine.
It makes so much sense, doesn't it?
Switch off brain and go to work.
With this many people around, I'm glad there's a mega-computer in charge.
We're so lucky.
Our kids were allocated a school quite near my practice so I can drop them off on the way.
Saves on our calorie ration.
Well, it won't be long until the little darlings get their career announcements.
They've been working so hard... So you're told what you're going to be?
Not that there's anything wrong with fixing carbon scrubbers for a living or anything.
Are you hungry?
Let's pop to the market as we're passing.
Right, what's on the menu this month?
No, not meat.
It's not your birthday.
No, not meat.
The Global Food Council are doing a really good job of keeping food production going.
I mean, you don't get the choice you used to, but we're better off than most.
I think it's probably easiest to walk from here.
You barely see a car in the city center nowadays, unless you're rich.
Oh, the state knows.
They just aren't practical anymore.
We're all trying to meet our global carbon deal.
Electric bikes are so much better for getting around our neighbourhood.
And why waste valuable space on car parks when you can use them to grow food?
I don't care what you say, Alex.
They don't deserve to live in that ghetto.
They are completely disconnected.
No high-speed transport system, no new internet.
They miss out on jobs and many essential services, too.
Oh, she cares about people put in the ghetto because they won't take the chip.
And they get into that and how it's virtual.
She never sees her friends or family anymore, but it's just good for the earth.
And now you see the Great Reset and Klaus Schwab's written four books saying this is the plan, except.
They poison you and kill you slowly and almost everyone dies.
That's the part they leave out.
But you heard her.
She's better than most.
You learn later that she's actually a manager high level because she's a woman and she's married to the state.
Smart cities are slave cities.
President Obama.
There's the White House announcement from 2015.
Well, let's continue a little bit more.
I had to make an emergency visit to the Cry Freedom Ghettos.
What a day.
I mean, I miss my sister like mad, but I'm glad they went when they moved to New Amsterdam.
They're safe from climate change on the floating city.
That must be her now.
It's much easier to meet up with friends virtually now.
So many cities have banned cars in central areas.
Ooh, looks like she's got some juicy gossip.
Okay, and then it goes on to the next episode.
So, in another episode they teach us that we're parasites that need to die and we need to voluntarily sterilize ourselves.
You understand?
And remember, they want to get rid of Western groups with high incomes and from eating better diets over the last few centuries, higher IQs.
They want to get rid of the West and then just bring in a third world group that can then poison and kill more quickly.
But it's so fun, it's so cool to not have any checkout stands and have robots do everything, and just walk in with your food and walk out because you're all being scanned, face scanned, retina scanned, your phone's scanning you.
Except they're gonna make you do this, you understand?
And then humans are obsolete.
But you don't care, because you have Stockholm Syndrome.
All right, we've got this huge doctor coming up, and he's gonna cover the waterfront as a medical doctor and why it's all a fraud and just absolutely, you know, kill it and knock it out of the park.
I'm way behind as usual, but
I'm not going to take calls today.
Third hour after he leaves us, I am loaded for bear.
I've got the secret to the solutions, not to defeat him.
I want to finish up with where they're really going to take us with the cashless society and the global ID and how they're going to break society down and destroy things and what it's going to look like.
I told you what was going to happen 25 years ago, now it's here.
I'm going to tell you what's going to be here in 10 years or less.
They have a very aggressive program right now, and I'm going to explain what it means and how they're going to spend it, what they're going to do when our guest leaves us.
And then the solutions, people finding their souls, understanding this is authoritarian, and having the bureaucrats and people wake up and understand they're building their own coffin.
By the way, all over the world they're now announcing hospital beds are going to be coffins that double as plastic coffins so you can just be put in the hospital bed coffin.
In fact, reprint me that.
I forgot to cover that article yesterday.
They're just announcing how great it is.
You'll be sent to a central city area, ground up, turned into fertilizer to then grow crops.
It's all about dehumanization.
Dead babies, heating the hospitals, keeping babies alive.
Massachusetts just refused to
Pass a law to not keep babies alive and harvest their organs after they're born.
So, you know, that should make Democrats happy.
They're so mad at Texas saying you can't kill babies after six weeks.
So we've got that and so much more in the third hour.
We got a lot of Afghanistan news, a lot of Biden news.
The fact is he's really got like a 20% approval rating, but they don't care.
They'll just engage in election fraud.
That's the fun part about stuffing ballot boxes with hundreds of millions of fake ballots and the rest of it.
So we're going to be getting into all of that next hour.
And we just have so much huge news as well.
But the good news is when you push back, the globalists back off.
Here's an example.
Spanish study finds Pfizer vaccine contaminated with high levels of toxic graphene oxide just like the Moderna made in Spain for us here and folks in Japan.
The Chinese, the Indians, the North Koreans, they will not take U.S.
I wouldn't either because it's meant to exterminate us.
We're meant to be gotten rid of and sterilized and poisoned and soft killed.
That's all coming up as well.
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Some very exciting stuff coming very, very soon, but you must energize our operation.
And it's Dr. Dan Stock, who I think is probably the most articulate person of thousands of doctors we've played close to.
Literally, it's thousands.
We've probably played five, ten doctors a day in the last 20 months or so, exposing this whole globalist takeover.
It's about a six and a half minute video.
We posted the whole thing to InfoWars, but here's part of what he had to say when he was speaking a few weeks ago in Mount Vernon, and he's going to be joining us next segment.
Oh, I can't read that.
Here it is.
Looks like a doctor's signature to me.
Well, that's why I can't read it.
Guilty as charged.
Dr. Dan Stock, 5777 West Seminole, North McCordsville, Indiana.
To address your comment about, gee, it's hard to believe we're 18 months into this and still having a problem, and I would suggest the reason we still have a problem is because we're doing things that are not useful, and we're getting our sources of information from the Interstate Board of Health and the CDC, who actually don't bother to read science before they do this.
I'm actually a functional family medicine physician.
That means I am specially trained in immunology and inflammation regulation.
And everything being recommended by the CDC and the State Board of Health is actually contrary to all the rules of science.
So things you should know about coronavirus and all other respiratory viruses, they are spread by aerosol particles which are small enough to go through every mask.
By the way, the literature that supports all of that is in a flash drive that we presented to you.
It's been given to the Secretary.
As a matter of fact, it quotes at least three studies sponsored by the NIH to that exact fact, even though the CDC and the NIH have chosen to ignore the very science that they paid to have done.
That is why you keep struggling with this, is because you cannot make these viruses go away.
The natural history of all respiratory viruses is that they circulate all year long, waiting for the immune system to get sick through the winter or become deranged, as has happened recently with these vaccines, and then they cause symptomatic disease.
Because they cannot be filtered out, and they have animal reservoirs, and this is a very important point, no one can make this virus go away.
The CDC has managed to convince everybody that we can handle this like we did smallpox, where we could make a virus go away.
Smallpox had no animal reservoirs.
The only thing it learned to infect was humans.
That's why we were able to make that virus go away.
That will not happen with this any more than it will with influenza, the common cold respiratory syncytial virus, adenoviral respiratory syndromes, or anything else that has animal reservoirs.
So the reason you can't do this is because you're trying to do something which has already been tried and can't be done.
Equally important is that vaccination changes none of this, especially with this vaccine.
And I would hope this board would start asking itself, before it considers taking the advice of the CDC, the NIH, and the State Board of Health, why we are doing things about this that we didn't do for the common cold, influenza, or respiratory syncytial virus.
And then ask yourself, why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of the summer when respiratory viral syndromes don't do that?
And to help you understand that, you need to know the condition that is called Antibody-Mediated Viral Enhancement.
That is a condition done when vaccines work wrong, as they did in every coronavirus study done in animals on coronaviruses after the SARS outbreak and done in respiratory syncytial virus, where a vaccine used in a vulnerable individual
Done the wrong way, which why it cannot be done right for a respiratory virus, which has a very low pathogenicity rate, causes the immune system to actually fight the virus wrong and let the virus become worse than it would with native infection.
And that is why you are seeing an outbreak right now.
And in fact, in that flash drive you're going to have coming to you and in the emails with six extra will be a study showing a 75% of people who had COVID-19 positive symptom cases in Barnstable, Massachusetts outbreak were fully vaccinated.
Therefore, there is no reason for treating any person vaccinated any differently than any person unvaccinated.
You should also know that no vaccine, even the ones I support and would give to myself and my children, ever stops infection.
In 2014, there was outbreak of mumps in the National Hockey League.
The only people who came down with symptoms were the people who were unvaccinated or unknown vaccine status.
Boy, that sounds like a great argument for vaccines.
But a question you should ask yourself.
Knowing that half of the people who came down with symptomatic disease had no contact with an unvaccinated or unknown vaccine status individual, where did they get the disease?
And the answer was, from the vaccinated individuals.
We'll be right back.
Natural immunity is better than a vaccine immunity, that the virus says you can't create a vaccine for a cold virus because there's too many of them, just on and on and on.
He gets up there and he explains it to them, and if that got seen by 100 million Americans or a billion people worldwide, they could then educate the world and stop it.
There's the headline, Watch Doctor Educate School Board on COVID Vaccine and Mask, Slam CDC and NIH.
That's again an article that I just got reposted today to make sure that everybody follows that.
We're also going to post the video under the live show feed at InfoWars.com with again the bombshell headline, the UK and the EU main regulators have come out.
I don't know.
You shouldn't give people boosters.
It's not going to work.
And you shouldn't give it to children.
That's hardly in the news though.
That is huge.
So really people are waking up to the hysteria and the lies and what's been pushed here.
And the censorship of thousands of prominent doctors in the US alone and all over Europe and Europe and Australia trying to pass laws that doctors can't criticize official UN statements on all this that lied about the Wuhan origin.
And that told us that Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine doesn't work, even though it won a Nobel Prize?
This is crazy.
So Dr. Dan Stock of Pure Health...
Functional Family Medicine is a passionate practitioner of functional family medicine, providing both prescription and non-prescription treatments without bias.
He is an accomplished and highly respected medical doctor with a long track record of success in the delivery of family medicine, functional medicine, and primary care.
He has educated a variety of medical disciplines with academic achievements from top colleges and universities.
Dr. Stock is a recent founder of Cheryl Ann Dorothy's Foundation for Medical Freedom.
He also is the head of the grassroots movement, which is spread globally, Medical Freedom For All, puremedicalmed.com.
And we've got him for the next 50 minutes.
Sir, thank you so much.
And I'm going to try to just give you the floor to go back to what you said to the school board or city council or go back to whatever you want to say.
We were blessed to have you.
And we'll have to go to break here in about seven minutes, but we'll come back.
So you've got the floor, sir.
Thank you, doctor.
Well, thank you.
And by the way, that's the first I've heard of the UK's decision on the children and the booster shots.
And I have to tell you, that's the best news I've heard probably since this thing came out is that somebody is finally starting to realize that this is not a rational approach to this particular disease.
And I'd like everybody to know that there are diseases you can make good vaccines against.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.
I give my own kid MMR vaccine.
Glad my mom and dad gave it to me.
But there are pathogens that because of the nature of the way they infect cells, just make a really bad subject for vaccination.
Coronavirus has already displayed that in the animal models.
I think anybody who was looking at that and understood the pathophysiology of how this works would have said, hey, vaccinating against this, especially in the middle of a pandemic, when there are alternatives that are cheaper, very well demonstrated to be effective,
It was like having four fives on the table and trying to draw an ace to get under 21.
And I would say it's even worse now that they're showing you the corner of the card that doesn't have an A in it to still say hit me.
Well, that's perfectly said, and I said I wasn't going to interrupt, but they're now admitting that it has like 39% efficacy.
They say it's dropping even faster, probably never even worked.
Now they say they want a booster shot.
Fauci says that'll give you, he said, basically 100% protection.
That's another lie.
So they're saying they have an Ace of Spades, but it's actually not even a head card.
Well, as a matter of fact, if in fact what's developing is antibody dependent enhancement, and I would tell everybody right now, look,
We don't have a 95% certain study and we're not going to because nobody's going to pay for one.
Nobody's going to do it.
I don't know that you could recruit the people to join it right now.
I wouldn't because the data that's on the table for ADE looks so bad.
If ADE is what's developing, then the worst thing you can do is give somebody a booster.
Because of the way it deranges the immune system, what you would expect is maybe they'll get a couple of weeks or a month of extra protection as long as they're exposed.
And then you would expect them to slide further and further into the making of these harmful antibodies we call enhancing antibodies that further make the infection get worse.
And in fact, why we would even take an experimental vaccine, which has been so horribly researched, all of the safety steps skipped.
And trying to convince the public that just because we did a very large trial badly, that somehow or other that means we've proven safely.
Why we would do this to a group of children who have a survival rate that is so high, I cannot fathom.
Why we would expose them to the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis and thrombocytopenic thrombosis, I cannot fathom.
I am glad to see the UK is finally starting to show some sense about this and recognize that if we had used augmented natural immunity, meaning we go with things like vitamin D, zinc, ivermectin, quercetin, hydroxychloroquine, if we had done these things from the get-go,
We would have probably had a population that handled this virus very well and I might add would have had protection from other diseases as well.
These are the same things that make influenza and the common cold problematic.
Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer by at least 60%, probably more like 80% and the best on trial.
And I tell people that we've doubled down and spent enormous amounts of money on a vaccine and suppressed the very fundamentals of augmented natural immunity
I can't explain this on the basis of a compassionate use of science to help humanity.
Doctor, again, please continue to lay this out.
Go back into the antibody dependency situation because that's what Dr. Wolfgang Wudarg, top advisor to the EU, said back in December in an emergency filing with Dr. Yidan, the former head of science at Pfizer.
And they said, we've looked at this, we've tried these vaccines before, doesn't matter if it's a classic vaccine or if it's this mRNA, it's going to create a spike protein, it's going to attack the brain, the lungs, the heart, it's going to cause heart attacks, all the things that now happened.
And then we got the CDC document from October this year, where they internally were saying, we think it'll do this list of things.
So this is not uncharted territory.
So you talk about how they wanted an ace card.
But it seems even worse than that.
I mean, they knew what this was going to do.
Well, like I say, the best you can characterize it is trying to draw an ace when you've got four fives on the table.
The way antibody-dependent enhancement, it has several mechanisms by which it deranges immune system function.
And one of the things people need to know first is that antibodies actually don't fight viral infected cells.
When a cell gets infected by a virus, antibodies don't get rid of it.
What gets rid of it is something called a cytotoxic T cell.
Which is made by the T-helper cells in response to the antigen they're presented if the innate immune system can't fix the problem on its own.
And that antibodies are only made after that infection is taken care of or if that infection can rapidly spread through the bloodstream.
But because the immune system's response, it always has to choose between making cytotoxic T-cells and antibodies.
It can't just make as much of either as it wants.
The resources are forced it to choose.
So, when you present somebody with an antigen that goes systemically from the beginning, and these vaccines for coronavirus disseminate through the body more than any other vaccine that I've ever seen used.
What they effectively tell the immune system is, it's not localized in the lung, it's all over the body.
Make less cytotoxic T-cells, make a lot more antibodies.
But now when you finally get infected in the lungs, you really are not primed to fight the right way.
Then there's the problem of what's called enhancing antibodies.
Whenever your immune system makes a response, the antibody comes out and it binds to this protein somewhere.
But many of these viral proteins, they actually, when they get to their receptor, have to change shape and force the virus through the cell.
And you can make an antibody that actually forces that shape change to occur, so that now you have something that can even infect cells without its receptor, or can infect cells more easily with its receptor.
That's been demonstrated in one molecular modeling study already for the Delta variant, which probably explains why it's worse.
So, your body actually shows...
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
We're going to go right back to Dr. Dan Stock, who has a big successful practice, and he gave a powerful six and a half minute speech.
It's the best out there in a concise nutshell.
I want you to have the floor for the rest of the hour, sir.
You're bringing up amazing points.
You're getting out incredible information.
But I have one question, because you alluded to having four fives in a poker game and hoping you can pull an ace to beat it.
You have a very low probability of that.
You're saying, wow, they really just rolled the dice here.
But they didn't.
I mean, I'm not a doctor like you, but they did all these studies.
Fauci did UT studies.
National Initiative Obama in 2008 through 2012 at UT.
With seven other universities and they found that they tried to create similar vaccines for SARS and COVID and it would kill most of the rats.
And so UT said don't try this with humans.
We've shown the study many times.
Fauci was on the study.
So I don't understand.
I've seen other doctors testify to Congress.
And they go, yeah, we've abandoned, you know, cold virus and coronavirus projects, because even in human trials, they would rattle off examples of it killing people.
So I mean, you're smart.
These guys are smart.
And so I know you're a doctor.
You're a scientist.
You go with what you can prove.
But as a citizen, why are they so reckless?
Why would they roll something out that doesn't work?
And now say, oh, boosters will work.
But then that's not going to work.
I mean, what do you think's going on here?
Well, you know,
Until you're in another man's mind, you can only speculate, but when I can't explain something on the basis of biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy, I usually fall back on the rule that you can only get so stupid for free, and then you have to pay for ignorance.
So I don't know who's paying for what, but when I start to see suppression of data, which is the mark of scoundrels and cowards, when I see censorship
When I see a government that is actually taking away from its population the ability to get its hands on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.
When I see them paying hospitals in such a way that makes a hospital fight back when a family member wants to give a patient these agents.
When I see the FDA actually contacting compounding pharmacists and threatening them with $50,000 fines and loss of their license if they compound up 25-hydroxyvitamin D.
I can only assume that there is either power or money or both at the bottom of this, and I think that's human nature to assume that, because it can't be explained as a compassionate use of science to help humanity.
And you're right, there is no way that this is just simple naivete.
Naivete learns.
It recognizes that what it's doing isn't working.
It recognizes the recommendations about trying to contain a respiratory virus that has a long latency period in animal reservoirs.
It's going to be futile from the get-go.
I can only assume that someone has an agenda which is not in the best interest of the human population.
Please continue, Doctor, laying out what's really happening and what you think we can do about this.
Well, I think people need to understand that because a normal respiratory viral response to something which infects locally in the respiratory system is not very good at getting into the bloodstream early, that it responds with cytotoxic T-cells and only late with antibodies and very low antibody responses, that if you instead torture that immune system into responding heavily with antibodies, first of all, the chance that you're going to make that enhancing antibody, which actually makes the virus more dangerous, becomes greater and greater.
And in fact, that's what these vaccines do.
When they first came out, the people from the CDC were bragging about the fact that it had a greater antibody response than natural infection did.
And apparently somebody advised them, you might want to keep that under your... shut up about that!
That's not actually a good advertisement for your vaccine.
And they were touting this before they had any data that even had a cytotoxic T cell stimulation.
Since then, the data has come out and said that it has a lower cytotoxic T cell stimulation than natural infection does.
This explains the Israeli experience right now, where if you've recovered from COVID-19, and you compare those people to people who have been vaccinated, vaccinated people have 13 times the risk of having a positive test, 27 times the risk of having symptoms, 6.7 times the chance of being hospitalized,
And that's all true.
If you were infected within the last seven months, if they look back to a year and a half ago and said, hey, you got your first infection a year and a half ago, you still have six times the protection of somebody who's been vaccinated.
So the immune system response to natural infection, if augmented, is more physiologic.
It works much better.
It can be done just as safely because there are many, many side effects of these vaccines.
Here in the United States, we're actually watching the suppression of this.
As cases of adverse events are being deleted from the VAERS system, the number of deaths and side effects recorded for these vaccines in about nine months exceeds every other death and side effect recorded for every other vaccine in the history of VAERS.
And I've heard many people say, well, VAERS isn't designed to prove causality.
And I would say, look, it's not the best proof of causality that can be gotten, but it's the best proof of causality we're going to have because nobody is doing the proper studies.
I think it'd be useful for Americans to know how vaccine testing has evolved over time and why it evolved there.
Back in the 1960s, we tried to make a vaccine for a virus called respiratory syncytial virus.
And at that time, the FDA didn't require any animal trials before human trials.
So they took a group of kids, divided them in half, gave some placebo and some of the vaccine, followed them out, and over time, we saw the exact same thing that we see with COVID-19.
Initial small protection was developed, and then suddenly the line started to cross and the people who had been vaccinated started to get more disease.
And in fact, at the end of that trial, they actually had more children dying from RSV in the vaccinated group than in the placebo group.
So after that, the FDA required that if you're going to take a vaccine out, you have to have animal trials before you go to humans.
Although they didn't require long-term animal trials at first.
That's what led us to have the swine influenza vaccine, which caused Guillain-Barre syndrome and developed other autoimmune diseases and led to it being sacrificed.
And after that, they said, look, here's the new rules.
If you're going to bring a vaccine out to humans, you have to have at least two years of animal trials and you have to multiply expose the animals to the pathogens so that we don't see this ADE developing, which gets worse with each exposure to the pathogen.
Then after you've got two years, three years of animal trials that show that these guys can survive subsequent infections without having this ADE develop, you're allowed to do some trials in humans of small numbers where you give your vaccine.
We see what all tissues it goes in.
We're going to follow those people out to see what happens to their individual organs.
And after two or three years, if their organs don't suffer any damage compared to people getting placebo, then you can do a large trial that's placebo controlled and randomized.
And that trial has to be representative of the population.
Or we're going to exclude everybody that you exclude from the trial.
And that trial has to go on two or three years so that we can have multiple exposures to the pathogen to see whether or not ADE is going to develop.
And probably the biggest lie I've seen told by my federal government is to say that no safety steps were cut.
So people need to know that all of them were cut.
Animal trials for this, if they were done, have not been published.
Instead, they ran right out and they got a group of human beings
And screen them to make sure they were healthier than the average population.
And I want people to understand how important that is to trying to interpret the research from the studies we have.
So if you count the COVID-19 death and disease the same way that we counted for influenza, which the CDC has chosen not to do, then the death rate from COVID-19 is about 0.2 percent.
About the same as a bad influenza or moderate influenza year.
So if you took this trial of people that they did with the Pfizer vaccine, approximately 21,500 people, and you apply that to a 0.2% death rate, you would have expected to have about four people die in the placebo group.
If you use the CDC's numbers, which is about 2%, you would expect about 40 people to die in the placebo group.
And instead they had zero die from COVID-19 in the placebo group.
And the reason they had so little death in that is because they took out anybody who had possibly been previously infected to begin with.
Even if you had symptoms of COVID-19 without a test, you were taken out of the trial.
Stay there, Dr. Dan Stock, PureHealthMed.com.
Incredible information.
We've got so many questions and so much for him to say.
Straight ahead, please stay with us.
Share that link.
Okay, after our guest leaves us in about 30 minutes, I have the London Guardian promoting voluntary extinction of the human race.
I'm not joking.
They want to teach us all to hate ourselves.
We have no future in dystopia, so we roll over and don't have a life force and just give our power over to the Great Reset and Klaus Schwab.
This is in the London Telegraph.
You can't make this up.
This is also Fox News.
Pennsylvania professor teaches white people committing suicide can be an ethical act if you're white.
This white is pure evil.
Again, this is all just leftist death cult stuff.
This is what happens when civilizations are in big trouble.
I'm going to be covering all of that and more in the World ID and now they're bringing out a World Medical ID.
It'll also be your Carbon Credit ID.
I'm going to show you the videos, the statements of Klaus Schwab.
I mean, this is dystopia on steroids and PCP with a cherry on top of Satanism.
So that's all coming up.
Let me just mention some of this because the doctor was getting into this.
He was also getting into the science.
I want to go back and finish what he was saying.
You see Fauci and I've also seen the Surgeon General say natural immunity is not as good for COVID.
Now that's like saying a gold medal at the Olympics is not good.
You don't want one of those.
Because, I mean, this vaccine isn't even a bronze medal.
Like the doctor said, vaccines are real technology.
It actually works, but it's not contaminated.
This isn't even a vaccine in my view.
So, they're telling you it's a gold medal when it doesn't even qualify for the Olympics.
I mean, I would kind of use that as the analogy here, but here it is.
This ends the debate.
Israeli study shows natural immunity 13 times more effective than vaccines at stopping Delta.
There's another one.
Study, 13 times.
There's another one.
Delta variant, natural immunity, 700 times greater protection.
And this is all admitted, but then I have the Surgeon General saying, oh, it's, learn, I mean, your natural immunity's not good.
You need the shot.
For you as a medical doctor, can you explain to listeners and viewers, or tell me if I'm wrong, that that completely is 180 degrees from known medical science and facts, and then what do you think's going on when they make statements like that, doctor?
You know, what's going on inside their heads, I don't know, but it's not biology and chemistry and physiology.
It just doesn't explain it.
The data that's coming out, I think the reason that video got so many hits isn't because I'm the best-looking doctor in the world and just the smartest man in medicine.
It got hits because everybody's beginning to realize it just doesn't add up.
To make a statement like that without a placebo-controlled, randomized, blinded trial,
That's right, you left off.
Start over.
You left off on how they skipped the trials and how no research was done when they say safe and effective.
That's another lie.
Well, you know, safe and effective are just nebulous terms, and so it gives somebody a way to actually mislead without lying.
I'm not sure there's a big difference between misleading and lying, but there is a technical one.
So, you know, one of the things I've heard them say is, oh, these are the best research vaccines, and they've justified that by saying that
The number of people studied was huge.
But I would want Americans and everyone in the world to know that if I do a really, really large study very, very badly, that doesn't make it a good study.
And in fact, the Pfizer vaccine... Yeah, that's like having tens of millions of extra votes that showed up after Trump won on election night that magically got introduced.
Just because you... In fact, if you want to fake a study, right, doctor?
You want a bigger study group to be able to manipulate it.
Well, in fact, the way you do it is you control who's going to get into the trial, which is exactly what was done with the COVID-19 vaccines.
The exclusion of pregnant women, and the reason that's important is twofold.
First of all, you got the risk of the fetus you have to analyze.
And second of all, pregnant women actually have an increased risk of autoimmune diseases that comes on with pregnancy, and they're right after pregnancy.
And then to exclude people with autoimmune diseases, where these are already people whose immune system is not regulating normally, to take them out of the trial along with everybody who's been previously infected, where you might start seeing the signs of antibody-dependent enhancement show up early, is a very selective study.
And so when you come out with this study, and then you even look at the results of the study, and even with the data they have, I tell people, look, we already know it did not reduce death because they had no deaths in the placebo group.
And then you should ask yourself, well, what did it do with symptoms?
And then again, they say a very misleading symptom or reduce the risk of having symptomatic COVID-19 disease.
But what they don't tell you is what did it do to symptoms in general?
So for instance, to prevent a little bit less than 170 symptomatic cases of a disease that causes pain, fatigue, and fever, they caused about 2000 cases of painful arms, about 11,500 cases of fatigue, and about 6,750 cases of fever.
To prevent 160 some odd cases of a febrile, painful, fatiguing disease.
Therefore, you should have seen from the very get-go that this thing obviously doesn't do what you want it to do.
Now, to their credit, they were able to show a slight reduction in the risk of having a severe infection or a hospitalization.
But again, after three months, all of these studies, they vaccinated the placebo group.
I actually know somebody who works for Moderna who confirms that 90% plus of the people who were in the placebo group have now been vaccinated.
So remember that the natural history of somebody who's developing ADE is the vaccine looks good at first and then it starts to get bad later on.
Partly because... Sure, so that ruins the study because now they vaccinated people, you don't have the control group.
Is that correct?
Yes, it's a great way to bury the data.
It's the best I can say is if you're trying to make sure nobody can prove ADE, it's the way to do it.
And that's why they want to get everybody injected because they don't want a natural control group out there.
The background rate is the only other way that you can prove something's having a problem.
That's correct.
It's how they were able to prove it causes Guillain-Barre syndrome.
It's how they've been able to show it causes Bell's palsy, acute transverse myelitis, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.
I'm hoping to get rid of the rest of it.
If you want my personal opinion, I'm sure it's causing a heart attack and stroke, because that's what this spike protein does.
Well, that's my next question.
I mean, they're even saying antibody-dependent enhancement now, that everybody warned about, who were experts when this all started, or even before it started.
So, what do you make of Israel?
The most vaccinated, populous country in the world.
Highest death rate, highest hospitalization.
And if you look at the graphs, doctors, I'm sure you know, the deaths and illnesses and hospitalization, all of it, directly follow after each round of shots.
I mean, this is insane.
Well, again, you know, if the only thing you will let make you believe is the placebo-controlled, randomized, blinded trial, carve out for two to three years, then do one.
But what we have right now suggests exactly what you would expect from ADE, that eventually some variant comes up which is able to highly bound to an antibody and become enhanced.
And then you'll start to see that disease become even worse because now it can infect cells without its receptor or infect cells with its receptor more easily.
What about causing, so you're saying this is like a live virus vaccine, this is causing shedding, this is causing mutants, because again I'm not a scientist like you're a doctor, I know a lot of scientists warned that this wouldn't just cause this antibody issue, but it would also create a lot of really crazy mutants, and then we're starting to see that, and I also saw statistically, and I've talked to doctors at big hospitals here in Texas and New York, they say they and the nurses are pressured
When somebody's sick to not say it was the vaccine, so that's why they're claiming, oh, you have a less adverse COVID response if you've been inoculated.
They're telling me that it looks like actually people that have actually taken the vaccine are the ones that are in the hospitals.
That's what they're anecdotally saying.
You know, even Israel, about a month ago, they were announcing that half the people in the hospitals were fully vaccinated.
Last I saw, just about 10 days ago, that's now up to three quarters are fully vaccinated.
And of course, you understand how ADE works.
Eventually, some mutant develops that binds to an antibody and makes it enhance.
And then it runs wild.
Not only does it give the people who've been vaccinated illness that they weren't getting before, but it also makes them shedding factories.
And now you'll start to see the unvaccinated, unrecovered around them getting sick.
And this is the most important statistic that the Israeli study showed.
The Great Britain data where they're actually counting cases the right way and keeping the right data showed is that those people who have recovered are not suffering from Delta.
They are maintaining their immunity, which indicates that you must have trained the immune system to do something wrong.
And what you've probably trained it to do is make an enormous amount of antibodies, which can enhance.
And I can tell you, I have one of my patients who was forced by her company to get a vaccine
We agreed to have her antibody levels measured because she's had migraines ever since she took the vaccine, and her antibody levels are 100 times the level of a recovered individual.
And I tell you, this is exactly what you would expect in ADE, exactly what the animal trials predicted.
Exactly what you would expect from a virus that has a protein that has to change conformation to push it through a cell.
Billions of people worldwide, ADE.
Now we know why China and others won't take these Moderna and Pfizer shots.
Well, we'll be right back with the final segment with our amazing guest.
Please stay with us.
Final segment with our amazing guest, Dr. Dan Stock.
We're going to archive this at FreeWorldNews.tv and I hope you share it with everyone.
Doc, you were finishing up with the whole antibody problem and clearly the experts warned this would happen.
And now it's happening.
How does that tie into things like this National Geographic headline from six years ago?
Leaky vaccines enhance spread of deadlier chicken viruses.
And this Marek's disease, and I've seen scientists liken this to that, where they keep giving them vaccines for the cold, for the bird flu, and then it finally creates a super virus that kills 100% of them, and they give them another virus, but then they always are still infected and grow tumors all over themselves, and they have to kill the whole flocks, and scientists warn this could happen in humans.
Are you aware of Marek's disease, and what's your take on that?
I'm not, and I don't want to comment on a study because I don't like to comment on things I haven't read.
Although, people need to understand that you can take a vaccine and make an immune system do the wrong thing.
When a cell gets infected with a virus, the infected cell actually talks to the immune system, tells it the nature of its injury, and tells it where it's at and how it needs it to respond.
Well, when you start, you know, when a virus enters through the respiratory system, the immune system learns, that's where I go, oh, I make cytotoxic T-cells.
When you start doing manipulation, you don't actually lead to an infection.
Things like killed virus vaccines, these mRNA vaccines, which I think scare me the most because they take a healthy cell and make it make an unhealthy protein.
You start misinforming the immune system what it's supposed to be doing about this.
And so I could easily see where you keep vaccinating a group of birds with a vaccine that doesn't really mimic infection very naturally and eventually you have an immune system so perverted in this response.
It's been trained wrong and immune systems have memories.
They learn and they keep learning.
And then eventually you have an immune system which just doesn't do what an immune system was designed by evolution to do.
And not all pathogens are amenable to vaccination.
Um, and this vaccine, good idea.
You know, we've had a number of vaccines.
Rotavirus vaccine caused people's intestines to have intussusception and children were having problems with it from there.
Dengue vaccine caused ADE.
We already spoke about the respiratory syncytial vaccine.
There's a fair number of vaccines which have actually died on animal trials before they got to humans and then showed problems when they got to humans after a long time.
You see it covered up.
It's even in Reuters and AP where they gave, what, a hundred homeless people in a European country, I remember, the shot and most of them died.
I mean, it's crazy what goes on and they try to act like there's no problem.
So let me ask you this.
How good of news is it
That the European CDC just said no booster shots for adults, and they're recommending no shots under 12.
I've got the articles, we put them on screen.
We also have the EU, I mean the UN pushing this, but now the UK has come out.
And said, no, anybody under 16 should not take the shot.
I mean, that is a big deal.
Obviously, that's tied to the big expert virologist, number one and number two, at the FDA quitting over what's happening.
How big a deal is that?
I mean, that looks like some light at the tunnel for me, Doctor.
The brightest, happiest light I have seen in months now, to be honest with you, Alex.
My hope is that we will no longer force our military to force this choice.
There's no reason we should be putting nurses and doctors through this.
We've already taken over the health care system.
We have guns to every doctor's head.
If he doesn't do what he wants, what the insurance companies and the governments and the FDA and the NIH and the CDC tell them to do, they bankrupt them and blacklist them.
And I can go into another show about how they do this, because I was elected to the physician board of a local health network, and I've seen all the interior workings of how this goes.
I know how insurance companies keep doctors from studying.
I know how they keep them from thinking deeply.
Um, but this light at the end of the tunnel is, um, it's the best news I have seen in a year that somebody is finally recognizing this vaccine has limitations and hopefully we'll eventually get to the point we recognize this vaccine is not as good as the alternatives we have at hand.
And then people can stand up and go to their FDA and say, I'm not going to let you take ivermectin away from me.
Um, frankly, the fact that they're doing this, I should hope that somebody in my Congress would actually strip the FDA of the power to control the medicine supply again.
The fact that they're willing to actually take away ivermectin for people reminds me of just letting the Tuskegee syphilis men die from syphilis.
I can't think of anything better as a correlator or anything more reprehensible, incompassionate, and thoughtless in the world.
Wow, just incredible.
And please come back and talk about health boards.
My dad is a physician.
He was on health boards.
He witnessed it for himself as well, the takeover of medicine.
And I think that's what this is, is a global corporate takeover.
I don't
There's a lot of people who like to think of Hitler as an evil man, and I tell people what I most think of him is, like all tyrants, he's an idiot.
All of his generals told him, if you attack Russia, we're toast.
And the man was so drunk with his own self-absorption,
That he attacked them anyway, and bombed Germany back to the Stone Age.
And I hope everybody realizes that tyrants are idiots, and please don't take advice from idiots.
I have it in my contract with all of my patients that I'll make no profit on anything I give them advice about, whether it's a test, a medicine, a supplement, an imaging study, a referral.
On all of this, I sell nothing but advice.
And I tell them, guys, you need to know that's not how the healthcare system in the United States works right now.
Every doctor in the United States has a financial gun to his head.
I can speak like this because I take direct payment only from my patients.
Your money, if you buy from me, is not controlled by an insurance company or the government.
And probably 85% of doctors, 95% of doctors in the country can't say that.
So don't hate the doctor.
Please don't hate the doctor.
But hate the system that he's in.
He doesn't want this system either.
We have a few loud ones who think the system is good, who believe that they're being led the right way, who probably don't read anything but the research that they're handed, and the studies, and the conferences they're allowed to spend their continued meds on.
Let me bring this up in closing.
That's a great example.
You go to the NIH website, or you go to the CDC website, or the FDA, it says, don't take ivermectin.
It's horrible.
It doesn't help you.
The one Nobel Prize for virology, for being antiviral in the Japanese, and all the rest of it, it's mainly a human drug.
And then you go to the NIH or CDC side or FDA and search it, and there's hundreds of studies how great it is.
So on the front page it says, oh, don't be an idiot, don't take it, but then the actual studies say the opposite.
That is such an example of how flimsy the propaganda is.
Well, I would tell people, look, get your advice from a doctor who doesn't have a financial conflict of interest.
There's been lots of reports that people at the CDC and the NIH, and I know people at the FDA, have financial conflicts of interest when they get into this.
The research that I've seen for ivermectin and what I've seen it do to my own patients, anybody who wants to claim this thing has no good data, what they're saying is I've chosen not to pay attention to any good data.
You won't be convinced of anything if you don't want to be.
And I think people should recognize that the healthcare system right now is under duress.
It's not under duress from its doctors, it's under duress, its doctors are under duress as well.
And then, like I said, don't hate your doctor, free him.
Fight with your state and local representatives to get this federal government... And support independent doctors like yourself.
I know a lot of doctors and nurses are leaving the system and starting their own clinics and own hospitals, and that's a natural exodus, isn't it?
Just like America was founded trying to get away from a tyranny.
We weren't perfect, but then we became the Mecca of freedom.
We have to simply, like the Jews left Egypt with Moses, and just like, you know, the Christians, you know, left England or whatever.
We're gonna have to do it again.
Yeah, I suspect, my hope is this happens without violent revolution.
The Convention of States, I think, is our only long-term way out of this, is the long-term solution.
But right now, we need a short-term solution that the state legislatures for COVID-19.
We're not going to get this solved by our federal government.
They're clearly for sale.
Well, doctor, I appreciate your time.
As soon as you can, come back with your expertise on solutions at the legislative level and at the local level.
Dr. Dan Stock, please come back as soon as you can on that subject.
I would love, Alex.
I'd love to.
All right.
Great guy.
Totally on target.
Millions are watching right now.
Probably 2 million and listening, but we need to share this now.
It needs 20 million views.
We can win the war.
If you'll simply share this with everybody you know and then tell them to share it and tell them to share it.
I'm going to break.
I've got so much news on where they're going to take us if we don't stop them.
And if we take the World ID and the global app, how it's a carbon app, and where that's going to go, and then I've got so much other news that we're going to be hitting in the next hour.
Took a lot of calls this week, not taking calls today, because I've got to cover all this news and information.
But the War Room, 3 p.m.
We'll be taking calls at 3 p.m.
And of course, Harrison Smith's always done a good job since he started American Journals six, eight months ago.
But he's really kicking ass now.
That crew and that show and that host, it just looks great, sounds great.
It's really damn good.
I try not to tune in.
I'm so busy in the morning getting ready, but then I'm also getting ready watching that.
I'm like, gosh, an hour just went by.
I gotta take my daughter to school.
All right, folks, we're gonna go to break.
Come back.
Don't forget, Vitamin Mineral Fusion, so great for your immune system.
33% off selling out.
Funds the InfoWar.
And we'll keep the show on the air to fight the tyrants.
Who are they exactly?
Who are the people hitting the flippers on the walk-away Joe pinball machine?
Most of Biden's cabinet is essentially just as useless as bumbling Joe.
Have any Americans gotten out since that last flight?
I don't have data to provide on that front.
But there are some notable exceptions.
Is it Obama's former Ebola White House response coordinator and Fannie Mae and asbestos lobbyist now White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain?
Is it Obama's minion-in-chief and former U.N.
Ambassador Susan Rice, who is now Biden's Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council?
President Biden on his first day in office implemented an executive order that will embed racial justice and equity in everything the federal government does.
Is it DNI Director Avril Haines who oversaw hundreds or possibly thousands of civilian drone murders under Obama and is currently overseeing them in Afghanistan?
The intelligence community has the capacity to understand, warn, protect, and defend the United States against the threats we face.
This includes threats from traditional state actors, as well as evolving and critical transnational threats, including climate change, cyber attacks, terrorism, global organized crime, and corruption.
Disinformation campaigns and more.
Yeah, those people may be responsible for cutting the mic on Biden.
Whatever you want me to do.
Or instructing him not to take questions.
But who is turning the Biden wind-up toy besides a steady diet of goading from the Obama camp?
The history of the Biden family's compromise treachery has to find a way into the administration's globalist UN think-tank policy objectives.
The email is saying, look, I need a set of keys for Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jim Biden, my uncle, and the chairman of CEFC, Gong Wen Dong.
So all of these people are sharing an office together?
It's very troubling and it speaks to the fact of how cozy the Biden's have been with the Chinese.
And who better to funnel the onslaught of the 21st Communist Chinese Century than U.S.
Ambassador to China, Nicholas Burns?
And if you think of trafficking of human beings, drug and crime cartels, all the transnational issues, pandemics, we can't do much without China.
I think that balancing these two imperatives is going to be vital.
Burns has been a staunch defender of George Soros since the mid-90s when he served as a spokesman for the State Department in the Bill Clinton administration
And now sit side-by-side with Soros heir apparent, Jonathan Soros, as a member of the Intelligence Council for Intelligence Squared, a group that claims to be, quote, a non-partisan, non-profit debate series working to restore civility, reasoned analysis, and constructive public discourse to today's media landscape.
We're looking for a social and political revolution, and in the end, revolutions have losers as well as winners.
A scorched earth media landscape that polls reveal is affecting Americans to the point of unity born of the chaotic withdrawal of Afghanistan.
As Rasmussen polls now say 52% of voters think Biden should resign over Afghanistan withdrawal.
While the liberal stronghold of New Hampshire Institute of Politics poll found Mr. Biden's approval rating slipped to 44% approve and 55% disapprove.
And an NBC Wall Street Journal poll shows that 63% of Americans polled over the direction of the country
Say we're heading in the wrong direction.
The real question is, isn't that what Biden's handlers wanted in the first place?
John Bowne reporting.
All right, folks, start your engines.
I am loaded for bear.
We've got the fourth hour ready, spreading its wings, and it's taking off.
I'm about to cover the London Guardian, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times,
And so many other publications saying, you need to kill yourself for planet Earth.
You need to extinct yourself.
You need to bare minimum have a hysterectomy or even a vasectomy is not enough for them.
They want you physically dead.
They want you gone.
I'm going to cover where they're taking us and how the death cult's operating next segment.
Here's a Fox News headline where the college is teaching how it's ethical to commit suicide and how all humans must be exterminated.
What an alien force is amongst us that's pushing this.
But I want to talk about
The globalists that run this situation and what their global ID, their global digital ID, vaccine passport being the excuse for it, but in their own words, whether it's the leader of Australia or the leader of Canada or the EU bureaucrats or the UN officially on Monday putting out their big report saying here's the world standardization for the world ID for the medical system and it'll be used for your global carbon tax.
Your smartphone will allot what kind of job you have when you're allowed to leave your house, what you're allowed to do, every action will be controlled.
First hour I planned, I played a TV clip called Plannedopolis out of the UK and there's similar films funded by the UN, the Rockefeller Foundation.
Telling you that you'll get meat once a year, you're not allowed to meet your family, you stay in your house, and you talk to people virtually, and that is the plan by 2030.
Well, that was 2020, and I would, you know, just point out that we now see everything they talked about in 2010 being launched in 2020 for the year 2030.
And when we talked about this in 2010,
People are like, come on, they'll never be able to pull that.
They'll never get that done.
And I told folks, I said, it's in operation lockstep.
They're gonna use the fear of a virus to do it.
So people, again, keep saying all over Facebook, all over Twitter, in emails we get, in calls we get.
I had two people this morning, when I was hiking on the Greenbelt, come over and say hi to me.
But I had one guy say, I really want to believe you're a good guy, but are you for real?
And I said, what do you mean?
And he said, how do you know all this?
How do you keep predicting what's going to happen?
And I looked at the guy and I said, you must not listen to the show.
He goes, yeah, I listen sometimes.
I said, so you don't know every day I explain this.
And it's not about me.
I'm not explaining this because this hurts me.
I'm not explaining this because, oh, you said I'm a fed or I'm an insider because I know what's going to happen next.
You need to understand this is public information so that it's not magical and you don't get it from
A fairy with pixie dust.
You don't get it from a leprechaun.
You don't get it from Alex Jones.
They've written damn books and white papers and battle plans and children's cartoons produced by the UN and the Rockefeller Foundation that say, we'll tell you where you work, where you do, how long you live.
You won't have a car.
You're a prisoner in your house.
You'll have nothing.
And coming up last segment this hour, I've got five videos
Out of Australia, where people are locked up in their houses under martial law.
So, for heaven's sake, I was out at dinner, not name-dropping, it's just true, with a very famous MIT AI scientist in Joe Rogan, and the guy was asking me, how do you know all this?
I was like, well, I know about all the secret tunnels, underground bases under MIT.
He's like, well, you know about those?
Yeah, they're there.
This is not really a big deal.
I mean, yeah, it's just DARPA programs.
Yeah, yeah.
I said, this stuff's all open source, man.
I know all this stuff.
The best intel in the military is troops are massing on the border, and you can look through the binoculars and see the troops are really upset and look like they're agitated.
You've been watching them for months, and you know, okay, the attack's coming.
Doesn't matter they're on the radio saying they're not going to attack.
You can see what they're doing with your eyeballs, and you can read where they brag.
I mean, criminals love to brag, so they brag about all this stuff all over the place.
I mean, I know about the underground bases under Austin and under the Austin-Bergstrom Airport because my grandfather lived here and he knew people that were involved in construction that built the damn thing.
Later it came out there's secret bunkers and secret railroads out to Fort Hood, the nuclear weapon arsenal, but I was 10 years old and learned, driving around by the airport back when it was still an Air Force base, that it was a secret nuclear weapons base.
I don't need to know that out of some congressional declassification.
See, that's called street smarts versus being book smarts, but I also have the book smarts.
So that's all just extremely frustrating to me that...
The only reason this is going to get really bad before it gets better is the media precondition people that if you talk about world government, if you talk about eugenics, if you talk about depopulation, if you talk about all this stuff, you're a conspiracy theorist and you get attacked for it.
So then when they finally announce world government, world ID, total control, people don't want to go there because they don't want the New York Times to say globalism doesn't exist.
The globalists call it globalism!
They have congressional hearings where Fiona Hill goes, I don't know what globalists are.
I'm not even a liberal.
Alex Jones attacked me and said I want world government.
She was on 60 Minutes.
She was the main writer at theglobalist.com where she calls for global government.
But that's their disdain for you.
That's their hatred for you.
That's how they lie to you.
So I'm going to get into all this when we come back.
I'm going to cover what the world's going to look like, what it's going to be like.
But just look at the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the snake woman.
And look at her with this child-trafficking, devil-worshipping husk of a human that is literally a meat bag for a demon to exercise its anti-human operations.
And look at her right here.
They think they're on the winning team.
These people are not on the winning team.
They're on the losing team.
They're all on Adderall.
They're all on blood transfusions.
They're all on drugs.
They're all losers because they're not connected to God.
They don't know what's going on.
Now the left, all big leftists, came out against Ruth Bader Ginsburg because she didn't step down under Obama.
And they said, thanks, you old dead white bitch.
Critics blame Ginsburg when Texas abortion law survives Supreme Court challenge.
They worshipped her, but they didn't.
And now she's dead, and they're calling her names.
Every statistic, hundreds of different studies show leftists are more apt to commit suicide.
They're seven, eight times, nine times more often to steal, to lie, to virtue signal, to say they're giving to charity, but they're not giving to charity because they're fakes.
They're empty.
They're frauds.
And none of them are following their own advice.
They're just trying to get you in line because they know you have a conscience.
And that's why they go virtue signal to women and virtue signal to sheiks and sheiks and go and always or how they're your friend and how they're with you because they're sociopaths and psychotics.
And the minute you start
Disassociating with them.
They always want to bully you and take your human association away and put you in a cage until you submit to them because they're already in a cage.
And we don't wish any harm upon them, we just want them in their own hell.
You go be damned with yourselves.
You go, oh but vampires can't feed on vampires.
So I'm going to come back and I'm going to hit this.
And talk about the rollout and how they're rolling it out and how we got to stop it and what it's going to look like if you submit.
Now I know this general audience knows they shouldn't submit.
They know it gets worse the more you go along with it.
I get that.
But you better, and I better, talk to people.
Because you know what I did when I was on the hiking bike trail at least 10 times a day?
When I saw people with children, I said,
Europe and the EU, the UK just banned booster shots and under-16s taking the shots.
And a lot of them say, oh really?
And I'd say yes.
And I'd say, and there's cancer viruses in there too.
And I'd just do it.
Please protect yourselves.
The UK just banned under-16s and the EU just banned the booster shots.
Please protect yourselves.
Please protect yourselves.
Please protect yourselves.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We have two very important special reports I'm going to air before a very special guest takes over in the fourth hour, Stu Peters.
And next segment, I'm going to get into the
Public rollout of the depopulation extermination program.
Major universities now teaching that white people should all commit suicide.
It's part of a larger plan for everyone to commit suicide, but they first try to use reverse racism as an excuse to get people to buy into the idea and then to have whites to believe it's a new virtue signal to kill themselves.
I campaign for the extinction of the human race.
London Guardian promotes that.
And I've got all the headlines where they're pushing and saying, kill your baby, they're parasites on the earth.
But of course, they just want you to die because they're selfish monsters.
They don't have any intent on themselves dying.
So, I played this twice in the first hour.
I'm not gonna play it again, but you can type into YouTube, Plandopolis.
Maybe you guys can pull it up for folks, the exact search term.
And you can see,
Four different scenarios put out by the Rockefeller Foundation that founded and runs the UN.
But the groups that produced it, you can look at them, they're funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the UN.
Just like the World ID is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the UN.
And so, Monday the UN came out officially.
There it is, mega cities on the move, Plantopolis.
It's got 10,000 views, their stuff's not very popular.
And so, they say you're going to be a prisoner in your house, you'll have to telecommute, you're only allowed out of your house once a week, you're allowed to travel outside your city once a year, you're allowed to travel outside your country three times in your lifetime.
It starts that way.
In the last segment of this hour, I'm going to show you the Australian news where they're just saying it.
But let's get into that right now.
So I'm going to show you the foreshadowing.
This is what they were announcing a year ago in Australia.
Oh, hey, I'm vaccinated.
You're not going to be able to travel.
Now it's here.
Now it's in Australia.
Now, where were they were a year ago?
In the exact same formula, exact same announcements.
They're just beta testing it.
They're on their formal penal colony.
CDC, unvaccinated, should not travel over Labor Day weekend.
They're just announcing that.
They also tell you learned immunity or natural immunity is no good.
It's like saying white clouds are black.
Total lie.
Or, again, Superman wears a green uniform.
Or the Dallas Cowboys or the Dallas Ding Dongs.
I mean, none of it's true on its face.
A criminal, savage lie by these scum.
There's another one.
Italy may eventually make COVID vaccine shots compulsory.
Even as the EU finally under pressure says no booster shots and you shouldn't inject under 12s and the UK says don't inject under 16s.
Huge victories but the government, who's the bureaucrats, move forward.
Australia's next authoritarian move is so insane that it would make Orwell blush.
Big article out of Red State.
And we've already played some of the newscasts.
Folks, you can't make this up.
Canada is now adopting as well.
You have to have a cell phone on you at all times or you get five years in prison.
Don't worry, the government has a program just like the Obama phone.
They're going to give you one and it's going to watch you and listen to you and the police are going to be logged into it at all times, monitoring what you say and what you do.
I already played that newscast first hour.
I'm not kidding.
And the police under the law
That's an advisory, but the Crown is authorizing it.
We'll also impersonate you online, in your phone, and on your computer.
This is to shut down all dissent and all organizing.
I mean, this is just North Korea on PCP.
At what point does an ostensibly free country cease to be a liberal democracy?
How about a Republic of the People?
Whenever you choose to draw the line, we can rest assured that Australia has not just passed it, but done a double backflip over it while shooting double birds in the air.
That's a great way of saying that, Bonacci.
See, so many folks have to use pen names now because you get persecuted.
Perfectly said.
If North Korea is the line, they did double backflips over it shooting the bird.
I mean, it is like running people over with cars, with horses, beating children, just, I mean, decking women in the face, I mean.
And now Canada's announced it all.
That weird hedgehog premiere they've got up there.
I've written previously about some of the wildly authoritarian scenes emanating from Down Under, including police abuse and the government keeping people essentially locked in their homes for all but one hour a day if you're vaccinated.
But if you challenge tyranny to one-up itself, it usually delivers.
Yeah, because no one's stopping it.
Thomas Jefferson was asked, what's the level tyrants will go to?
He said, the level you will accept.
That's the case in South Australia as they prepare a new COVID mitigation app.
This is the test for the whole country and the whole world.
That is so insane it would make Orwell blush.
Read this from the Atlantic and understand that the following is not satire.
And the Atlantic is promoting this.
The Atlantic is all the globalist.
Interstate travel in Australia is also severely restricted, and the government of South Australia, one of the country's six states, developed and is now testing an app as Orwellian as any free world to enforce its quarantine rules.
It's just like, oh, but it's free!
It's a free world.
People in South Australia will be forced to download an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation.
The state will test them in random times and therefore there will be 15 minutes to take a picture of their face in the location where they're supposed to be.
Should they fail, the local police department will be sent to follow up in person.
We don't tell them how often or when or random basis.
They have to reply every 15 minutes.
Premier Stephen Marshall explained, I think every South Australian should feel pretty proud that we are the national pilot for the home-based quarantine app.
We're good to go.
I'm going to put together a quick video for Joe about this and for everybody too, but explaining it's a carbon app.
It's a carbon credit app.
It's a carbon calorie app.
It's going to track and tax everywhere you go.
That's official from the UN and the Rockefeller Foundation.
We have all the documents.
I've showed it to you first hour.
I showed you the cartoons for kids telling them, get ready, then leave your house.
You've got to have a phone.
That's 10 years ago.
So it's here, and we need to oppose this and realize this transcends vaccines and shots and immunity.
This is a global ID system to lock your ass in your house when they want, and it's going to be all the time.
And it's meant to implode the world economy, get everybody scared not having a job, and then there's not going to be enough resources and people subconsciously will then support forced depopulation.
And I love how the media spends it.
Oh, they traded too much liberty.
The Atlantic has articles about wanting a medical ID and a medical passport to travel or have a job, but then they have a good cop, bad cop.
Oh, they traded too much liberty.
As if you trade liberty against security, you get North Korea.
Benjamin Franklin, those that give up liberty for supposed security deserve and will get neither.
It's disgusting.
It's the new North Korea.
It's a joke.
It's an example of the world.
So is New Zealand.
So is Spain.
So is the U.K.
It's a global U.N.
plan, officially.
But where is Ted Cruz?
Where is Rand Paul?
Where's Trump saying this is a U.N.
world government takeover?
It officially is.
Hell, they admit it is.
It's all happening.
They've all been censored, and they won't even stand up.
Because I think they're paid off!
I think they're in on it!
I think Trump, and I think Rand Paul, and Josh Hawley, and Ted Cruz are working for the New World Order!
They better get up!
Ron Paul better get up off his ass and do something too, or he's on their payroll!
She's a cool, cool black.
Moves like a cat.
And as she gets your name... Well, you might not make it back!
She's got the looks that kill tyrants.
That kill.
She's got the look.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as we broadcast worldwide on this Friday, September 3rd global transmission.
We gotta start moving through, my friends.
We gotta start exposing the whole thing and bringing it down.
Look, I don't think Trump's an evil person and a bad person.
I don't think Rand Paul's an evil person.
I don't think Ron Paul's an evil person.
I don't think Ted Cruz is an evil person.
I don't think Josh Hawley's an evil person.
I don't think Senator Cotton's a bad person.
But they must be naive then.
You know, I said, what, is Trump a dumbass that he's saying the Pfizer and Moderna shots are safe and effective and that they work?
Because they don't.
They're down to 39% effectiveness if you believe their BS.
Now Fauci says, you need the third shot, then you will be 100% protected.
And then in six months, they'll say, oh, it doesn't even work.
Take more.
I mean, they're damn liars, Trump.
Don't crap on me and tell me that it's chocolate ice cream.
Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining.
And so, look, the corporations have bought off these people.
I don't know if their aides are controlling them.
I don't know what's going on.
Senator Paul's the best at calling out Fauci for being a war criminal and saying he should be criminally investigated.
I love Senator Paul.
I think he ought to be the next president.
I think he's better than DeSantis.
I'll say it.
It was, oh, DeSantis, DeSantis, DeSantis.
Went to Yale, all the rest of it.
Didn't support Trump early on.
I like a lot of stuff he's doing.
I don't think he's evil, but I don't trust him.
And I'd like to see him maybe VP with Senator Paul.
But listen, the whole project of world government and world IDs being run by the UN, Klaus Schwab, and the corporations, they're bragging that they're implementing a world government.
They're bragging they're de-industrializing to start a third world and organize them to invade.
We've got to have leaders that address what this is.
It's not just in their white papers.
It's not just in their battle plans.
They're doing it now.
And I watch Senate hearings and I watch House hearings and Jim Jordan and people like him who are good guys
Are still talking about Russiagate and still talking about Hunter Biden's laptop.
That's all distractions.
It's important.
It shows they're above the law.
Afghanistan's important because they did it on purpose.
Of course they did.
It's part of putting China in a power position.
But if you do not address the world government, new world order takeover, if you do not address who's running it and the power, then we're never going to stop it.
And I know why they don't.
It's not because they're paid off.
Donald Trump knows all this.
Senator Paul knows all this.
They're just as smart as I am, maybe smarter.
They're just as smart as we are.
They are scared.
Yeah, there's Trump with Klaus Schwab.
On the screen.
And you know, if Trump read what Schwab said the first year at Davos, he said, Xi Jinping will help us defeat America and Trump.
And Herman Van Rompuy, the head of the EU at the time, said, the heir to the entire Nazi fortune, the king of Luxembourg.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
Running around drunk on the streets like, he was quoted as saying, China with the Davos group in Europe will defeat the Americans economically.
We have tricks.
We have tricks.
We have tricks for them.
And then Schwab runs around going, yes master, I have tricks for them!
We scare them with a virus!
Ha ha ha!
And we're like, our intel, our military knows what's going on.
They'll activate Kraken operation with Q. They'll all be at Guantanamo.
And I'm like, that's a PSYOP.
We're about to lose.
Mayday, mayday!
Shut up, Jones!
You're not a patriot!
You don't talk to the president like Q does, and I'm just like, ah, blow my hair out.
This audience built the entire platform over which Trump took off.
It ain't about credit, but you understand, I know as much as anybody in the world about this stuff.
I know the enemy's plans.
I've studied it backwards and forwards.
It's not about, oh, I'm a big shot.
It's about, we are the resistance.
We know what's going on.
There's no magic Q fairy.
There's the Rockefellers and the New World Order, and there's us and Jesus Christ.
There's God and the devil.
Our enemy's out in the open.
There's none of this secretive, oh, I'm gonna go to 8chan and find out the double Q, new, blah, blah.
It's, pedophiles are coming for your kids, world IDs to leave your house, total tracking, total control, New World Order.
Cutting your resources off, starving the third world, organizing them as weapons to come take over.
Flooding the streets with fentanyl.
Setting up 5G to give you cancer everywhere.
And everyone loves to imagine there's this magical place up there with all the magical truth and oh and the power and the good and... You got a bunch of globalists that are into the occult and Satanism.
Who got life-extension technology, but it doesn't work perfect.
They've got a bunch of incredible weapons.
Yes, they have antimatter weapons.
They even leaked it to scare the Chinese, but I know from the equations they've got them.
The equations for atomic bombs are 127 years old.
The equations for hydrogen bombs are 99 years old.
And the equations for antimatter bombs are about 70 years old.
And in the last 20 years, the United States purified and prepared antimatter warheads.
They've only simulated, but they believe will probably destroy
Large parts of the solar system have detonated here, probably would take the sun out if they detonate it.
So, so what?
I mean, so what?
Okay, so you got antimatter bombs.
What does that even mean?
Doomsday bombs?
Well, it means these people are out of control.
Like, no one should even make a weapon like that.
Well, what if the aliens show up?
Oh yeah, right.
As if things God already made that can get here aren't way more advanced and are really scared.
I love that Mars Attacks is an allegory.
Very sophisticated movie.
When they finally fire the ICBM at the alien mothership, they send out a little toy that sucks up the blast and then the head alien huffs it like huffing paint.
That is, that's really art.
That's really smart.
That's exactly what advanced aliens would probably do, something just like that.
And they just came here because they're totally satanic and Mars Attacks just want to kill people.
So they're just out killing people, having fun with their robot toys and stuff.
They already had weapons to blow the whole planet up.
And that gives you a window into the globalists.
That's an allegory.
The Martians is like a H.G.
Wells War of the Worlds.
Where you think of them because they're far in advance as loving and good, they're actually horrible and evil and destructive.
They're just more advanced with their weapons.
And so you think they're coming to come in peace.
They're studying you because they just want to torture you and chop your dog's head off and sew it on to you.
They're mad scientists.
In Mars attacks, they're mad scientists, just like Fauci and Bill Gates are.
They just want to poison you and kill you and piss on you.
That's what they're telling you in Mars attacks.
And they want to dress up like women and run around in their underwear having bizarre sex.
That's what the globalists are actually like.
And they don't want peace and they don't want love.
And as soon as you figure that out, we can start kicking their ass.
But people don't want to figure that out.
They want to play along, how it's all peaceful and it's all fun, but you let them put their world ID in, you accept the world ID, then it's the carbon ID, and they've now announced Trudeau in Canada and Australia and the UN, that they're going to lock you in your house and say when you can leave and go, and if you violate that, they'll turn your phone off where you can't get food, and they've already done it all over the world!
They've said it!
And now judges are arresting people for watching Mike Lindell's thing.
I'll read that when we come back.
Man sent to solitary confinement, arrested at his home after a compliance check at his home.
That's what it says, a compliance check.
He was caught looking at Rumble.
And the judge said, you're not allowed
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, the computer crashed when they were downloading the new reports I shot.
So those will have to air on The War Room or something.
They're pretty good reports.
They'll be a banned-on video.
Stay with us.
Trust me, baby!
Just put your arms around me.
All you gotta do is let yourself go.
All right, we are back live.
The computer rebooted!
We have the two reports that are going up on Mandovideo.
They're not up there yet.
AJ exposes electric car chargers in Austin.
It's a very important report.
Only three and a half minutes.
And then Love Rules the Universe, something I shot while hiking with my son on Monday early morning, right when the sun came up.
And I'm like at 7 o'clock in the morning and I forgot to ever give this to the guys to upload it.
But we're going to play that report here in a second as well.
I'm going to do a whole report on what's going to happen if they put this in place in their own words and what's already happened.
But imagine being locked in your house and a phone tells you when you can go out, when you can't.
That's now happening in Australia.
That's now happening in Spain.
That's now happening in the UK.
And they're just going for broke because they know there was a global wake-up, a populism.
People don't want the megabanks ruling.
The globalists are all going to go to jail like Bernie Madoff.
They're thousands of times worse.
And so they had a virus scare and a lockdown and are teaching you to live under martial law and to have an app like you're a prisoner when you can go out when you can't go out to dog train you and totally control you.
But the good news is the headlines, the boil downs are on InfoWars.com.
Major, top health advisors from the EU, the UK, and the US are saying, no booster shots and don't give this to under-16s.
And it's just beautiful.
So thank God for that.
You saw the doctor we had on last hour who was so amazing, Dr. Dan Stock, saying this is the best news he's seen since this crap started almost two years ago.
So thank you, Lord.
Thank you, everybody, for the prayers.
Let's repent.
Let's be good.
Let's say no.
Let's not comply.
We can do this together.
Keep going to city council.
Keep going to the school boards.
Go to every event.
Go to your private school and get in their face.
Or start a new one.
And say no to these masks.
And no to the forced injections.
And that's why they're so scared.
Because they know we're on to them.
They launched their attack, folks.
And they didn't shut us.
They didn't shut you down.
So they're not getting what they want.
Forbes deletes article by education expert asserting that forcing children to wear masks causes psychological trauma.
They're scared of that coming out.
Get it out!
They're scared because if they were invincible, they wouldn't care.
If our resistance didn't matter, they wouldn't be so upset.
They are doing this out of desperation.
They're gonna fall.
They're gonna be defeated.
History shows that.
The question is, how bad is it gonna get before we turn it around?
I'm all in to stop these people because I don't want to be a slave and I want to survive.
I'm not doing this out of being Mr. Cool.
I know what's going on.
My head's screwed on straight.
They're attacking us!
What the hell do you think we're supposed to do?
Get scared that the FBI might come set me up as a threat to do if I don't stop attacking Fauci and Gates?
I don't want to die.
I'm not suicidal.
But I'm not stopping.
I don't want to go to prison.
I'm not signing on to mass murder and death.
And like dominoes, you're going to see everything come out, folks.
I mean, because they're going to start shooting the kids up.
They're starting to die already in the trials.
And these scientists know they're signing on to killing kids.
They may convince the parents to kill their kids or maim their kids, but the scientists know what this is.
And they're finally going, what the hell am I doing?
Like Darth Vader throwing Emperor Palpatine down the reactor shaft.
I mean, how far will you at the government, the FBI, go when you go to people's houses to see if they're watching Mike Lindell's TV show and you put them in solitary confinement?
I mean, is that the country you want your kids to live in?
When are you going to wake up, folks?
When are you going to come back up for air?
Here's a little clip from the Joe Rogan thing.
Just one.
I didn't predict this last year.
They were already setting it up.
But here I am talking about the world ID, the medical ID.
The entire Democratic Party strategy is to say Trump is to blame for COVID and to say the economy shut down until you get them elected.
I don't think that's what she's saying.
They're all saying, Joe Biden's like, we're going to end this COVID by endless lockdowns once Trump's out.
If you want to go back to normal, do this.
And their own, listen, this is a end of civilization event.
The Rockefellers and others put out Operation Lockstep.
They're never going to stop this.
They're going to have COVID tracking.
They're going to have checkpoints.
They're going to have apps on your phone.
And it just goes on from there.
I didn't just imagine it, then it came true.
And I know most of the audience gets that, but a lot of people don't.
And they're like, how do you know this?
You must be the head of the CIA.
It's like they're freaking telling you what they're doing.
I got a lot more I want to hit, but let's talk about something positive here.
Let's go ahead and roll this special report.
Love rules the universe, not the little rat-like Satanist like Fauci.
As negative as this world is, and as bad as the globalists are,
Throughout history, there's always evil groups that try to take over and want to dominate.
And there's always good people that organize against it.
That's the nature of the universe.
Good versus evil.
It's all spiritual.
So remember, the sun is always going to be rising on a new day.
And if we simply value freedom and stand up for it and realize we have a right to be independent and a right to say no to medical tyranny and a right to say no to Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Fauci, they will end up going to prison.
They will end up being an example in Nuremberg too for evil for generations to come.
And this time we can say never again.
But we know it will happen again.
Because that's the cycle of humans.
We go through rebirth and have incredible wealth and renaissance.
Then we become decadent, corrupt, evil again.
We go into bondage again.
The tyrants always push too far and humanity wakes up again.
Then we rediscover freedom and become wealthy and powerful again.
This is the cycle, and just because they don't understand that cycle and believe they've created the end of history with scientific evil that they believe will override us, that will only push us to even higher, better levels of liberty and freedom.
And that's what InfoWars is about.
We've made mistakes, but we don't lie on purpose.
We have about a 98% accuracy rate, and we believe in humanity, and we believe in God, and we believe in family and justice and a pro-human future.
Think about all the good in the world, and that's why we're standing up.
That's why we're fighting back.
Don't let the globalists make you depressed.
Don't let them make you angry.
And listen, I'm telling myself that more than you.
I have my own issues.
Klaus Schwab wants to make you angry.
He wants to make you riot.
He wants to make you burn and kill.
He wants to destroy the world economy.
Be aware of his activities, and say no to him and his anti-human agenda, and then warn others that this is a modern attack, this is a great reset, this is a globalist takeover, this is a 21st century war, and being aware of that war, and aware of the fact that this is all predatory, and that the vaccine is a trap, and that now they want shots every six months, which they always planned, once people figure that out, it's game over.
So the sun is rising on a new day.
God is in control of this incredible universe.
The globalists are tiny nobodies.
We're trying to play God, but they're not.
All right, I'm Alex Jones signing off.
I'll see you on the front lines of the InfoWars.
InfoWars.com and FreeWorldNews.tv.
We are back live.
I didn't turn my microphone on.
I meant to cover this yesterday and I ran out of time.
I don't do this on purpose.
And then I was just doing it again, and now I can't find my Extinction Rebellion, and the Voluntary Extinction Group, and the Fox News reporting that white people are being taught to kill themselves.
I'll have to find it during the break.
You know, this is just out of control.
I found it.
Oh, there, I found it.
My goodness.
So that's very important.
What I'm going to do is this.
I'm going to come in tomorrow and I'm going to tape with just one or two crew members.
We're going to do the big production.
I'm going to tape like a 30-40 minute report just on their master plan.
They did a pretty good job and I want to really walk through it all and then look at why they want to exterminate you and how they're telling you they want you to kill yourself and your family.
And I've got all the documents and all the admissions, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, everything saying we want you to kill yourself.
Oh, but they want you to take a shot because they love you so much.
We're going to be talking about that tomorrow, and it should be up on InfoWars.com and Band.Video by 4 o'clock or so.
So the crew's tired.
A lot of stuff's going on this week.
I always do Sunday 4 to 6.
Owen comes in 6 to 8 for the weekend shows that are great and very informative because so much happens over the weekend.
But the Saturday shows are just hotter than a white hot metal.
And so I'm going to come in tomorrow and I'm going to shoot in the morning a detailed report on all this and kind of integrate everything in together because this has been one hell of a week.
All I can tell you is thanks for keeping us on the air.
We would not have gotten this far as a race of humans against the globalists and their off-world controller who's fallen on the planet if we wouldn't have had InfoWars.
So praise God for this.
I thank you all for this.
And I ask you to redouble your efforts and really contemplate InfoWars.
And how far we've come and where we're going.
And just go get a book, get a film, get a t-shirt.
Get storable foods that are ready to ship to you right now before the food prices and shortages come, which is already happening with inflation.
And I would get your immune system boosting things like vitamin, mineral fusion, and natural defense, and bodies, and vasobeads, and pollen block.
And of course, I think it's just the best.
It's the highest grade of krill you're going to find.
Ultimate krill oil.
40% off, and Vitamineral Fusion's selling out, so we won't have that for months when it sells out, but I'm still keeping it 33% off at InfoWarsTour.com, and we need that capital.
I am a busy beaver.
Doing a lot of stuff, a lot of new exciting things, a lot of new exciting folks we're gonna be working with.
Got a bunch of big projects that, this is a big project, we got stuff just as big.
I'm gonna expend every day, I've never had this much energy.
God has just energized me.
But I need funds, and then that's the equation.
Holy Spirit, the money, the action, we win.
All right, Stu Peters is always really informative and always has amazing guests.
He's coming up here as he hosts each Friday's 4th Hour in the War Room with Owen Schroyer.
All right, I told you I went to the Hike and Bike Trail in close to downtown Austin today.
I don't normally go there, but I decided to do something different.
I usually walk somewhere else than Greenbelt by my house, and I noticed that they have the charging stations everywhere I go are empty, but they get first-class treatment.
You know, they're the boss.
And the statistics are out there.
And I remember I was on Joe Rogan's show last year and told him this.
He looked it up and he didn't even know that.
A lot of folks don't know that.
You got to inform others that the amount of carbon it takes to build an electric car is way more than a normal car.
And then the amount of electricity normally from carbon, natural gas, coal, whatever, that it takes to then transmit electricity down the lines, you usually lose, depending on where you're at in the world, half the electricity in the transmission from the plant down there.
And so everywhere you see these things happening.
So now they're trying to force everybody to get electric cars.
And it's all because they want to centralize things, not decentralize it.
And the oil companies are actually the ones behind these whole energy scams and the windmills and the rest of it.
Most people do not know that.
Well, you can look it up.
ExxonMobil, BP, they're the main funders of the whole climate deal, because they're part of the big megabanks that want to track and trace everything we do and create artificial scarcity of energy, not have this big renaissance of energy.
The global sea is wasteful.
It's a post-industrial world they're building, so they're forcing technologies on us that do not work.
So, here is the report.
And I went to a little, like, full videos on Bandai videos.
You'll find it there.
Share it.
AJ exposes electric car chargers.
The most banned network in the world.
Take a look at this.
Cars everywhere.
Gas cars everywhere.
And then... Boom.
The electric charging stations for the elite, like you're handicapped.
You're right up front here.
This is Austin High, my Lake Austin.
There are literally hundreds and hundreds of cars, but no one here using the charging station.
But with the social conditioning, they try to nudge us into that position.
Now, if this was a good technology at all before, but electric cars blow up, they're toxic, and it takes more carbon, about three times more carbon to build one,
It's a regular car and most of the power comes from electricity.
We're going to lose about half the electricity from the generating station to this point.
From the power lines at the power plant to the point.
So overall they use on average more carbon.
Which by the way I think is great.
Carbon is good.
We're carbon based life forms.
That's how the planet operates.
If we go back hundreds of millions of years the planet had much higher carbon levels, carbon dioxide, you name it.
Carbon dioxide of course is tied to oxygen production on the planet.
And so, electric vehicle only.
This is all the social credit score.
In the future, once they have the world medical ID, the global vaccine passport, then it'll be tied to all your activities.
You'll get a higher credit score for your political activities, for getting your son, say, sterilized.
That'll get you, like, five free years of rent.
If you get sterilized, a couple free years of rent.
That's a whole voluntary extinction program.
Paul Ehrlich.
And so here we go, folks.
It's a whole religion.
It's a cult of power and control.
It has nothing to do with the environment, but it's like you used to pay the Pope to get your family out of purgatory.
Indulgences, you pay the Rothschilds and the globalists all this money for the carbon tax that's already being set up around the world.
And the corporations are implementing the carbon tax whether you like it or not.
Everybody feels like they're all great and wonderful, but they're not.
The good news is people understand, instinctively, it's a fraud.
It's like they always tell us tap water is the best thing to drink, but people knew it had fluoride and chemicals in it, so in the 80s, filtered water became huge, so people instinctively know they're being poisoned.
So humans know what to adopt at a subconscious level.
It's the same thing.
They have like a hive mind.
We're individuals, but also we have a group collective.
All right, here we are at Austin High, folks.
People do not want the electric cars.
People see through it.
They know it's a fraud.
But they don't care.
Europe's already mandated no gas cars by 2030.
We'll be back with our special guest host.
It's Friday, September 3rd, 2021, and that means Stu Peters is visiting InfoWars.
He's the host of the wildly popular, exploding, patriotically correct show, The Stu Peters Show at StuPeters.TV.
And now, your host, Stu Peters.
I wasn't expecting all of that.
I like it.
I really enjoy being here every Friday, honestly.
The information war is 100% on.
We've never experienced anything like this before.
I mean, obviously, wars have happened in our past.
World War II was completely different.
You know, we encouraged, we rallied around the troops, making bombs.
This has been something completely different.
This war has been going on for decades.
And the war is the psychological war that is meant to, over these decades, infiltrate your schools with this Marxist ideology.
And now, a virus, a virus that literally, virtually kills nobody, unless you have serious underlying pre-diagnosis or conditions.
Kills no kids, but yet we're having debates, legitimate, heated debates,
In our schools.
And it's becoming increasingly obvious that the powers that be are looking for ways to make sure that the COVID-19 panic never ends.
This summer it was all about the Delta variant.
Well, now there's another one.
The Mu variant.
And it's coming fast.
It's coming out of Colombia.
But don't worry, Dr. Fauci says this is not an immediate threat to the United States.
So given his track record, you can assume that it'll be the biggest threat that we have seen, and it'll be the biggest thing, most important thing blowing up worldwide by next week.
Apparently the Mu variant is resistant, by the way, to the vaccines that you've been ordered to take for the last six months.
Go figure.
So I guess everybody will need to wear masks for another six months or six years or 60.
But here's something that you should seriously think about.
Last year, an analyst for CNN described Australia
As the model for America to follow in fighting coronavirus, because there, they were far stricter than here or anywhere else in enforcing lockdowns, travel restrictions, and the like.
Well, here's what's happening in Australia right now.
None of this is made up.
In the state of South Australia, citizens are going to be forced to download an app to their phones with facial recognition and geolocation features.
With this app, the government will message citizens random times.
They'll have 15 minutes to then take a photo of their face in the location where they were ordered to be.
And if they don't, the police will be sent to check on them in person.
How about in the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is?
There, the entire state has a curfew, and the Premier dismissed the state parliament.
No need for elected government during a COVID crisis.
In Sydney,
Anti-coronavirus protests, those are illegal.
So the public has been in lockdown for two months, and the lockdowns are being enforced by the military.
Absolutely none of this is made up.
All of this, in Australia, a country that until a year ago was an English-speaking democracy, just like us.
Everybody's really concerned about this vaccine rhetoric.
Forced inoculations, tracking devices, like what they're doing, what we just told you about.
Coming after you, knocking on your door.
They've been doing it here in the United States, despite what the mainstream media wants to tell you.
I've been fact-checked for saying it, but it is a fact.
It's true.
And a lot of people, a lot of the Trump base specifically, are becoming increasingly concerned about the vaccine rhetoric surrounding the President.
All the speeches.
He was booed in Alabama when he started talking about vaccines.
That is encouraging to me.
President Trump being booed is actually encouraging to me, not because I disagree with the president.
I think he was indisputably the best president that, in my lifetime, probably since Lincoln, or even better than Lincoln.
That's open for speculation.
But I don't agree with him on everything, and that's okay.
That's what makes us different.
That's what makes every person different.
I don't agree with the vaccine rhetoric.
Now, with all of that going on, it begs the question.
From the beginning of this thing, Mike Pence's coronavirus task force, Tony Fauci, Dr. Birx, did they mislead the president in any way?
I figured nobody better to talk to than Dr. Paul E. Alexander.
He's the former COVID advisor to Health and Human Services under President Trump and a COVID consultant on evidence-based medicine with the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization.
Dr. Paul E. Alexander joins us now.
So, Dr. Alexander, you earned your evidence-based medicine degree from Oxford.
You've published op-eds, peer-reviewed on early treatment of COVID.
You're a PhD with expertise.
You have teaching experience, clinical epidemiology.
I mean, you've got the resume.
You were there.
PAHO, the WHO, and the coronavirus advisor under Trump at HHS.
Was Trump misled?
In any way, by this Pence-led, Tony Fauci, Dr. Birx coronavirus task force.
Stu, thanks for having me on the show again.
Thank you very much.
I want to be on record by saying I like you.
I may not use the exact words, but I was a huge supporter of President Trump.
I still am.
I think he did great things for the nation, and I think he would go down in history as one of the best presidents ever.
I am against the vaccines, particularly for children.
I think I articulated this before.
And thank you for the open.
Here's my view.
My view is, when you look at it from a 30,000 foot level, and let's pretend I'm not, I don't bring science to the table.
Let's pretend that I'm even like a lay person talking here.
I think from the beginning, and President Trump told the nation this, that Fauci and Birx came into his office,
And told him that he has to shut it down.
I think from that moment, they greatly misled President Trump.
Because people like myself who were in the science, because at that point, when they were shutting down America, I was actually providing the consultation to WHO power office on all things COVID.
So I had a very, very good idea of what was going on coming out of China, etc.
I wasn't with Trump administration yet.
When I was looking on, I too was concerned too, like you probably, for the first two weeks.
But after the third to fourth week, from the beginning of April, we grew to understand the parameters of the pandemic and this pathogen well.
We knew much better who the risk group was, the elderly high risk,
Thank you so much.
This disconnect and this battle between President Trump and you saw it play out.
You saw it daily on the podium with President Trump.
He battled that task force and I mean they misled him because we did not have to close down and particularly we did not have to maintain the lockdowns for so long.
They hardened the lockdowns and they prolonged them with the school closures.
The school closures were a catastrophic failure.
We hurt children disastrously.
And I think, in hindsight now, when I look at it, President Trump, when you get, you know, I was at HHS most of the time, but you understood that this guy really cared for the nation and he was really trying his best to fix this.
But he was not acting alone.
Remember, he depended on these experts.
To foolish him with information on the evidence for him to make decisions.
He's not a scientist.
So he assumed that this task force assembled around him, below him, were giving him the best evidence.
But we were quickly seeing that the lockdowns were failing across the world, yet Fauci and Brooks and they were fighting him on the podium to keep the lockdowns in place and to not open.
Every time he said open, they would fight him.
Every time he begged to open the schools, those states would keep the
Dr. Alexander, every single one of those things has one thing in common.
And that is that they are all connected to and controlled and sold out to China.
The CCP controlled all of these people.
We only have about 20 seconds left here and I'm going to hold you over.
I want you more on the other side of the break.
But I want to get your input on something.
You can think about it during the break.
Was Trump just fighting Fauci and Birx and Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force, or was he fighting a much more concerted and global effort with a much bigger enemy at the helm of this entire ship?
More with Dr. Paul E. Alexander, former HHS senior advisor to Trump, right after the break.
Stick around.
That's where you'll find me, StuPeters.tv.
StuPeters.tv, please come and check me out.
Full of truth, exposure, and accountability.
Every single day, that's what this is all about.
Holding people accountable for the atrocities that we're seeing in this country.
I'm joined now by Dr. Paul E. Alexander.
He's the former COVID advisor to Health and Human Services, the HHS.
Well, Stu, thanks for having me back.
I mean, it's easy to answer this question.
If you look at the beginning,
When this first started, you saw that China had come out of the gate saying that there was no human-to-human transmission, and that was a categorical lie by China.
They were deceiving the world at that point.
You had WHO coming out quickly after that, running cover for China, and WHO claimed also there's no human-to-human transmission.
But at the same time, you had Dr. Fauci going on different stations, media, claiming that this was not a problem for America, nothing to really see here, etc.
So you had President Trump fighting against China,
WHO and Fauci at the same time and the decisions that he was making were very difficult at that time when you look on because remember he's depending on them to give him advice and if he went by what they were saying at that moment he would have never closed the borders to China.
He would have never.
It didn't matter what corner he looked to, it didn't matter where.
It was a global concerted effort.
Communism is everywhere in this country and that's what we're looking at here.
This is a communist takeover and a Marxist coup occurred in this country and they needed coronavirus, they needed COVID-19 and all the lies surrounding it.
From taxpayer-funded gain-of-function research by Anthony Fauci, $8 billion has gone across this guy's desk.
And he's been completely unchecked.
He has more authority than anybody in our government.
And by the way, unelected.
The highest paid, unelected bureaucrat with unilateral, unchecked authority in the world!
And he was fighting against Trump the entire time.
So, with that being said, coronavirus, it's been exposed, the whole thing is a lie.
There is something out there.
I'm not saying the virus is fake.
I'm just saying that the narrative around this thing was used for political gain and a communist takeover.
But I want to pivot to the vaccines.
You said that you're concerned about kids taking these vaccines.
I'm concerned with anybody taking these vaccines.
These vaccines alone, which by definition are not vaccines, and by definition are not FDA approved, have caused more adverse events, more death than the rollout of any previous vaccine, all of them combined.
In the United States, the media completely ignores it.
These things are clearly poisonous, clearly toxic.
So yes, kids are a huge concern, but why do you only go to them?
Why aren't you concerned that everybody avoid taking this inoculation?
Well, Stu, first of all, I have to say again, President Trump depended on these pharmaceuticals.
He depended on the FDA and the NIH and that task force to guide him.
And they failed him.
They worked against him with these vaccines.
I believe he was completely, completely snored.
And it was a failure.
And I think this is one area that he has to come back around and say something.
And I'm going to say it this way.
I was on record there and I'm being on record here again.
I've written this and I'm gonna say it.
I believe no one
No one in America should have been in receipt of these vaccines.
These vaccines are contraindicated for the entire population.
These vaccines should have never, ever been brought.
We had what we needed.
We had early outpatient treatment.
We knew how to manage it from a public health point of view.
Donald Henderson, who eradicated smallpox, Dr. Henderson, he said in these sorts of circumstances, and he's passed now, what we needed improved hand hygiene and you only isolate
Symptomatic persons, you only test symptomatic persons, sick people, that's it.
You do not shut the society down.
You do not put those controls in place because it will destroy the society.
No lockdowns, no school closures, etc.
Now, I'm trying to tell you zero vaccines.
And as time has gone by, I've said, look,
If you brought the vaccines and an elderly person over 70, and I've been clear with this, who has grave underlying medical conditions, and you are properly, ethically, informed, consented, and you decide when you weigh the balance between the benefits and the harms, you decide that you want it, we live in a free society, then that's up to you.
But no one under 70 should have been touched with these vaccines.
Absolutely not.
I've been clear with this and I remain this way.
Definitely 100%.
Listen, the proper animal studies, the neurotoxicity studies, the reproductive toxicity studies, the pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic studies, these were not done.
The safety studies that we needed by the vaccine developers to properly assess the safety medium and long term
We're good to go.
If your child, we know from the data, over 15-18 months now, the children are at such low risk of being infected to begin with, of spreading it, of becoming severely ill or of dying from this emergency.
Thank you so much.
This is where I'm calling on President Trump again to come
Alright, I got about a minute left here and I gotta ask you.
Do you think that these vaccines, these shots, these inoculations, this substance, this top-secret Bill Gates invention, do you think that this was purposefully designed as a weapon of destruction?
So, I'll answer it this way.
I do have background proficiency in bioterrorism.
I did some work at Johns Hopkins in the past.
I remained in contact with Dr. Henderson over time, and I developed a love for bioterrorism research, so I educated myself well, together with my epidemiology background.
I would have to say, in my view today, if I look at everything completely, what has happened,
I believe that these vaccines, this technology, whatever was in the works of a long time now, and I believe in some way, I don't know exactly how yet, I don't know who is involved yet fully, but I think
This was used to damage the United States and particularly to damage President Trump, this entire matter.
And I think this vaccine was part of a longer, broader strategy.
And I mean, the frightening thing about it is that it has the potential to render Americans almost helpless and damage people long term.
I don't believe we've seen yet
The scourge from these vaccines.
And I don't believe we really understand the poison pills.
I will say... I think you're right about that.
Hold on, Paul.
Dr. Alexander, one second.
We'll be right back.
Well, we certainly live in extraordinary times.
We are learning a whole lot as the Great Awakening continues.
Millions of people are being red-pilled.
We're living in the best times, really, to be alive.
Think about the power play that we have here, the ability to take our government back to what it is supposed to be, of the people, by the people, and for the people.
These people work for us.
They don't act.
Unless we allow them to act.
We don't wait for Washington to tell us what to do.
They work for us.
So I'd encourage you to ask your elected representative, why are you running around taking poolside selfies with each other, flying around on private jets?
When in the world do you ever have time to do the people's work?
Why are you filing fake articles of impeachment against Biden?
Are you now admitting that Biden was legitimately elected?
You know that you're not going to have the votes for said impeachment.
So what are you doing?
Why are you doing it?
Why did you back a communist?
These are all questions that we need to be asking and demanding the answers to.
There should be no debate.
You give the direction to your elected representatives, period.
That is the way that our founding fathers set this country up.
That is the way that we do things here.
And until we have the testicular fortitude to step up and actually make that happen,
We're going to continue to get run over by this tyrannical communist, fascist, Marxist coup and this overtaking of our country.
Look to Australia.
Is that what you want here?
If I'm asking you a serious question, look down under and look at these people in the UK, look at these people in Canada.
Martial law being enacted, people are being forced inoculated, they're herding 24,000 kids into a stadium and injecting them with the very thing that Paul E. Alexander, a doctor, a PhD with expertise in teaching of clinical epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, and research methodology, is here telling us right now, under no circumstances should anybody take this, especially kids.
Is that what you want in America?
And I know the answer.
So the question is, what are you going to do about it?
What are you going to do about it?
We are the plan.
Don't wait on the plan.
Be the plan.
The plan is us.
Dr. Pauli Alexander is still joining us here, and I have one more question that I have to get to.
Before I do, I just want to recap everything that we've talked about.
You're 100% against the vaccines, yes or no?
You think Trump should come out now and warn against people taking the vaccine?
You think Trump should come out and say, don't take the vaccine?
I think 100% don't allow these vaccines in children or any young person.
And the reality about it is so much money have already been spent, but that can't be a rate limiting step.
If I were President Trump, and he's on top of the news, which I think he is, if I'm looking at what's happening in the CDC's VAERS data, if I'm looking at all of these reports happening across America and Europe, etc., I can't come to any other conclusion but to say, put a pause and a stop on this until you go back to the lab and you figure out the safety issues because there's clearly something wrong with these vaccines.
You cannot
It is contraindicated.
I cannot support it right now.
Me personally and President Trump has to come to that conclusion based on what's on there.
Okay, so, and I agree with that assessment, and I agree with your advice.
Just based on the experts that I talk to in the various platforms where I host shows, we have access to a lot of experts.
We take advantage of your information and your wealth of knowledge, and we appreciate that.
Now, Forbes tried to nail you.
In December of last year, they published a damning article about you and your advice to the President.
And this says, this is your quote, infants, kids, teens, young people, young adults, middle-aged with no conditions, etc.
have zero to little risk.
It's what you wrote in a July 4 message to your boss, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Michael Caputo.
You said, quote, we want them infected.
We want to help, quote, develop herd.
Do you still stand by that advice?
Do you still stand by that position?
And right now, if people understood the mechanics of what we're dealing with, you are better off allowing your children, infants, young people, healthy people, middle aged people, you are better off living within your society, unfettered by the government, naturally and harmlessly, whilst we protect the high risk elderly.
Remember, the high-risk elderly must be protected first.
Nothing I've ever stated or written was not under the condition that we had granny protected in the nursing homes.
It is the governments who fail to protect the elderly and cause killing fields in our nursing homes.
The United States government, the Canadian government, the British government, hundreds of thousands of our elderly and our parents and grandparents died because of the failures that they did not protect them.
My position is just like the Great Barrington Declaration, just like Dr Atlas, we have said simply, you protect the elderly, double lung, triple lung protections first.
While you do that, you make available early treatment.
If they are infected in nursing homes, you treat them so they get a natural immunity.
And whilst doing that, you hands off the rest of society.
You let the children, you let the young people, you let the healthy and well in society live free.
This is a free society and a free world.
And you let them develop immunity naturally and harmlessly.
And that population level immunity will turn around and protect the elderly.
That is how we've always done it.
But what did we do in the end here?
We failed.
We actually failed to protect the elderly.
And we locked down the well in society.
So the well and healthy did not go any further to developing natural immunity.
That is the failure.
And I know what the media wrote.
The media are despicable.
They take what you say and twist it.
I have always said, protect the elderly first, and then you allow the well in society to live.
Because there's no immunity better than naturally acquired immunity.
No vaccine.
Definitely not these very narrow, spike-specific immunity conferred by these vaccines.
Look, these vaccines have failed.
They've shown you, 90% of the people vaccinated in Israel have gotten infected again with the Delta.
They've tried third booster shots in Israel.
People are getting infected.
Same in the UK.
70% of the people vaccinated... People have taken this vaccine.
If you look to Israel, potentially the highest inoculated rate on the entire planet.
They also have what appears to be virtually the highest infection rate of COVID.
The Delta variant, the Lambda variant, the Mu variant, all this nonsense, scary Doomsday variant, all of these other things that we're trying to convince the world can exist, although we have never isolated the original SARS-CoV-2 virus other than in a lab and on some computer somewhere.
So the variant thing, that confuses me and we don't have enough time to get into all of that.
But these people, Dr. Paul Alexander, that have subjected themselves to this inoculation, which I refuse to call a vaccine because by definition it is not,
These people have signed themselves up for a lifetime subscription of boosters because they have a failed and compromised, now dangerously compromised immune system that is going to cause antibody-dependent enhancement, which is what I hear repeated over and over again, as real treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and vitamin D and quercetin and zinc are taken off the shelves at pharmacies as the media that you talked about
They're damn communists themselves, and you're right, it's a travesty, but I had to ask you the question or it wouldn't have been an interview.
These people are, it appears, trying as hard as they can to kill us by removing every viable treatment and forcing us to an inoculation that has caused unprecedented death.
I've got about a minute left here.
Final words from you.
Yes, and the 650,000 people who died in America, quote unquote, with a COVID diagnosis attached to them.
We could have had 540,000, 550,000 alive today.
The decisions by the governments in the United States, the FDA, in Canada, Health Canada, in Britain, etc.
to restrict and tie the hands of doctors and sanction them with taking away their licenses and firing them, etc.
and smearing them and slandering them.
They have contributed to the death of hundreds of thousands of people who could have been treated early in the disease sequentially.
Once we get in there in the first 10 to 14 days, these antivirals do the trick.
They prevent hospitalization and death by as much as 90%.
They don't want to prevent death.
They want to encourage more death, which is exactly why they're forcing this inoculation on our military.
They're forcing it on our healthcare workers, who we were supposed to revere as frontline workers just 15 months ago.
You know, oh, I don't know, about 485 days ago when we were told 15 days to flatten the curve.
It's all been a lie.
It's all been a bunch of BS.
This is premeditated mass genocide, is what it is.
And I agree with Dr. Zev Zelenko on that.
Dr. Paul E. Alexander, thank you so much for being here.
We really appreciate it.
More of this push for these inoculations in all of these areas.
We mentioned the military and healthcare workers, but also in our airline pilots, and it is leading to breaking news of more disaster in the air.
You are in danger if you're flying.
Dr. Jane Ruby up with that report next.
Don't go anywhere.
Hey, it's Stu Peters.
Find me at StuPeters.tv.
Boy, was I attacked!
USA Today, Newsweek,
They came after me for warning you about the dangers of flying post-jab.
Airline industry was out here saying, don't fly if you're jabbed.
Increased risk of blood clots.
Well, that raised a lot of questions about pilots.
We started looking into it.
Four British Airways pilots dead in a week.
Three Delta pilots reported dead.
Some guy in Canada on the runway, or on the tarmac in a cargo plane, was pulled out of the aircraft.
I mean, this creates a genuine concern, and being that I'm concerned about my fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, and my fellow brother-sisters-Americans and global citizens, this is about humanity!
This doesn't have anything to do with politics.
But that should tell you everything that you need to know about these globalists.
Everything that you need to know about communism.
There's an elite ruling class, and then there's a subservient class, and me and you, my friends, are not in the first, we are in the latter.
That is how these people intend to make the system.
A top-heavy system, and a bottom-heavy system.
I don't know, you can't have the both.
The bottom-heavy system.
The few that rule all of us.
They want you dead.
That's why they're okay with you flying in airplanes at 40,000 feet that is a fuselage of death.
I'm worked up here because I'm coming to the realization every single day as part of this Great Awakening, as part of the red-pilling, the constant talking about this nonsense over and over again with these people, they are psychopathic serial killers.
And everybody in the media, those people over at USA Today, they are complicit.
Mass genocide.
They want planes falling from the sky.
They want you dying in a fiery blaze of death.
That's what they want.
Dr. Jean Ruby is here.
She's here because that talk, that rhetoric,
Those pilots, how upset we were when we were talking about it originally, and then we were fact-checked and told we're crazy, lunatic, tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists, far-right, lunatic radicals, Trump-supporting, QAnon, crazy conspiracy theorists.
But now, not that we're proud of it, not that we're happy about it, but we are vindicated as you are now reporting more tragedy in the air.
Here we go, Stu.
You know, pilots are starting to struggle in the air.
I wanted to report that on August 27th, Captain Nashad Qayyam, a captain with Bangladesh Airlines, became ill and incapacitated while he was steering a Dhaka-bound flight from Oman.
The plane had to make an emergency landing in a city called Nagpur.
No one will confirm his injection status, but this fully certified 45-year-old commercial pilot was reported to be in perfect health prior to this flight.
Now, Flight BG22 was carrying 122 passengers, 5 crew, when Captain Quiam collapsed in the cockpit.
His co-pilot luckily landed the aircraft at the city's Ombedcar International Airport
Now, passengers were rebooked later in the day to fly back to Dhaka, but Captain Quiam was rushed to the Kingsway Hospital, where he was reportedly in a coma, and he died at the hospital this past Monday, August 30th.
Now, a hospital source was quoted as saying he had lapsed into a coma following a stroke.
Stu, healthy 45-year-old men who are checked every six months by the airline physicians don't just collapse of a stroke out of nowhere.
And like you said, we have BA pilots, four of them dead, three at Delta, Air India, and a Canadian pilot who was saved on the runway when he passed out.
And then we have a post in social media from a young woman who
There is no correction.
This is what they want.
This is exactly what they want.
That's why I'm so upset and I apologize.
I'm usually much more organized when I come in.
When you have a breaking segment like this and you have news like this, it just pisses me off.
That this is happening, and every single expert that I have talked to on my program, I work very hard every day to find the most qualified people who are brave enough to come forward and talk about what we're really looking at.
Dr. Pauli Alexander, I just talked to him, I want to ask you a question about that.
You, Dr. Sherry Tentoni, Dr. Kerry Medea, the list goes on and on and on.
Peter McCullough, Zev Zelenko, I know that I'm missing several, Dr. Brian Artis, there are, but you notice that none of them are from these
These corporate healthcare big systems because they're all owned by the globalists.
And they are getting their narrative from the American Medical Association, this leftist organization that walks and arms them with propaganda handbooks that specifically teaches them how to post, what to say, how to dodge and box out an interviewer.
I mean, our entire healthcare system has been hijacked right before our face.
And now talking about being concerned about planes falling from the sky makes me a conspiracy theorist.
Who are these people?
Well, we know who they are, but how can they actually be taken seriously as little 20-year-old somethings in their mom's basement playing video games, spilling Cheetos on themselves, writing for places like the Daily Mail, writing for places like the USA Today, this Daniel Funke a-hole that tried to fact check me on these pilots to begin with.
It's absolutely insane and thank you for bringing that report.
So I just had Paul E. Alexander on and we were talking about herd immunity.
We were talking about the vaccines.
I asked him about Forbes, another woke institution of communist sellouts, writing about him and trying to slander him about herd immunity.
My kids go to school every fall.
They're set to go again here shortly.
I get sick every fall because they bring home this nasty crud, this nonsense.
That's how it works.
We don't vaccinate everybody for every little virus or bacterial infection that they can come into contact with.
Kids are germ factories.
And doesn't that bolster their immune system?
Isn't that what we are supposed to do?
You heard the interview with Pauly Alexander.
Your thoughts?
Yeah, I'm so glad that we have yet another expert and someone who's particularly close to President Trump.
Look, he's a fast learner.
He's got a lot of saboteurs around him.
I knew that when I was in D.C.
for 10 years.
I saw during his presidency, up close and front, some of the saboteurs.
But without getting into that, I think President Trump knows better than we do that he had some snakes around him.
And I think he's probably fast seeing that he was taken down the wrong road.
It's not just the children.
It is more than that.
And I think Dr. Alexander confirmed that.
And your questions, your line of questions, Stu, I don't hear anybody else asking those kinds of questions.
I was really grateful for it.
Because if the president is watching, he's got a much broader picture by now.
This is really unbelievable.
Every time I watch the president in these press conferences with that filthy snake Fauci and that other snake behind him with the scarf, I call her Dr. Scarf.
Deborah Birx.
I knew that they were sabotaging it because nothing made sense medically.
Nothing made sense from a scientific standpoint.
And so I, you know, now we are where we are.
It's not just about the children.
No human, no living thing should be injected with this.
And now, right now, we have our military.
I just participated in an affidavit to try to communicate that this recent approval is really illegal.
It should be null and void.
It's based on no data.
If you compare the package insert to the packages of any other drug legitimately that followed through all the steps of
It's all big, it's all phony, it's all a big psyop.
It's all a big massive amount of confusion and paper pushing that boils down to mass genocide.
That's what it is.
And I want to talk about Trump.
Yeah, sure.
I want to address something on Trump.
You worked in the Office of Correspondence at the White House under Trump.
And I'm not saying that you were his best friend.
But you know, I get the sense that Trump is a good person.
Trump is a person who said that he wanted to be known as the president that prayed the most in the White House.
That wasn't the Trump that took office.
That was a Trump that I really believe got close to Jesus while he was in office.
We all know Melania is very close to Jesus.
She loves Jesus.
And I don't think that President Donald J. Trump wants anybody to be hurt.
And all of this narrative that you see in these social chat rooms and all this nonsense about, oh, he's part of the problem.
He's a deep state globalist.
He sold out to big pharma.
I'm not buying into that.
I don't buy into that Donald Trump is
Just another head on the same snake.
I really don't believe that.
When Donald Trump stands up in front of the masses and he says, I'm not the one that's trying to sabotage democracy.
I'm the one that is trying to save it.
I think what he means by that is he's trying to wake us up so that we realize what a true democracy is in our constitutional republic, which is a government that is by the people, of the people, and for the people.
And he needs us to wake up and come back to that.
Dr. Jane Ruby, thank you so much for being here.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
Those are my thoughts.
Of course.
And those will remain my thoughts unless somebody can prove to me otherwise.
This guy is not trying to kill you.
That's my opinion.
If you can prove otherwise, I'm all ears.
The War Room is up next.
I will be back next Friday.
Thank you so much for having me.
My name is Stu Peters.
I hope you come and find me at StuPeters.TV.
Until then, I'm praying for you.
God bless.
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