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Name: 20210902_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 2, 2021
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InfoWars published a report on vaccine passports, warning that QR codes could be the Mark of the Beast and lead to enslavement. Alex Jones discusses the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines, claiming they remove immune systems and create deadly spike proteins. He urges listeners to preserve their health and resist globalist agendas. The segment also mentions graphene-based micro-monitors in vaccines, the genetic rewrite of the planet, and the need to support Mike Lindell's investigation into the 2020 election.

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The show headline today is, Absolute Global Bombshell.
FDA, top FDA scientists have now come out and admitted that the COVID-19 vaccines are poisoning adults and children.
Yes, there's the headline, breaking, mega bombshell.
Top FDA scientists warn COVID vaccines are poisoning adults and children.
Here's what's amazing.
I've got all this new news and all the statistics and the graphs of all the most vaccinated countries with the most death, with the most illness, and it's in the vaccinated.
And then they're on the news going, well, it's not as effective.
First, it's 100% effective to stop COVID.
But their own internal documents a year and a half ago, they said it's not going to work.
It's a gene therapy.
You'll have to have basically shots every few months, 10 shots a year.
But like, how did Jones know it's 10 shots a year?
That's how I knew this was coming.
That's what they originally were saying.
Well, it'll be about 10 shots a year.
Within three shots, you basically have one-sixth of the immune system you had previously.
And when you keep doing it, it just turns your immune system completely off, which is the same thing HIV does.
And by the way, this virus has HIV delivery system in it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Cory Diggs recently published a comprehensive report on the business behind the vaccine
It includes every facet of banking and big tech, including IBM, who did virtually the same thing during World War II, and Entrust, a company run by the prominent Nazi Quant family.
Her extensive research spells out the plan very clearly.
The QR code will be the so-called Mark of the Beast.
Marked like livestock and no longer free, the QR code has already become the standard for DNA data storage.
We can now scan a specimen's QR code and extract the entire genomic map.
And we can create a creature from this data.
George Church of Nebula Genomics explains how his company has the ability to read ancient DNA, write and edit it with CRISPR.
We can read the Woolly Mammoth genome, which is pretty amazing.
These things have been extinct for a long time.
We can read this ancient DNA and we can now write it, can edit the elephant genomes with CRISPR again.
And we've done this.
We've made 15 edits so far of bringing back the extinct DNA.
He said in a 2013 interview with Der Spiegel that DNA can be assembled into an embryo and planted inside of a human woman.
Church's Nebula Genomics wants to give people the opportunity to sell their genetic information for digital tokens.
And he has Hollywood's Morgan Freeman to help promote and normalize his radical modern-day Frankenstein work.
Stamping a human's DNA genome onto their mark is one thing.
But in order to store a person's entire life onto a single QR code and have it utilized efficiently across the entire web, they are using the blockchain.
Blockchain technology allows information to be stored by a tamper-proof ledger that others on the chain can monitor and validate in real time.
And it is being adopted in nearly every major industry.
With the help of Big Pharma and the media, the bankers are corralling everyone inside their rentals, wired up to the Internet of Things, with a QR digital ID that holds their entire DNA genome.
On the blockchain.
And managed by artificial intelligence.
Just as the Rockefeller Foundation announced in their 2020 publication, Mapping an AI Future.
And the UK Ministry of Defence in their 2021 publication, Human Augmentation, The Dawn of a New Paradigm.
Marked like livestock.
And no longer free.
Unless of course, we all say no.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reis.
The Mark of the Beast has arrived in the United States and Canada as well as Europe,
They are announcing that you must have the QR code, that you've had all the injections.
They're now saying every five to six months.
Now they're saying every month.
And they're saying you have to take two pills per day, Pfizer has announced.
They're in charge of the planet.
Even have a clip of Trump I forgot to play this weekend.
We'll pull it up, where he was on national TV and said, yeah, you know, Pfizer, they really run the FDA now.
He said it very cryptically.
He said, you ought to look into that to the reporter.
So we're going to cue that up and play that next segment.
But this is it.
So I hope you'll fight back.
I hope you'll share with your sheeple friends out there before it's too late.
Because I know you're awake, but a lot of your friends and family may not be.
Just like we all have those folks in our circle of people we know.
Hope you'll go to band.video.
I hope you'll get the Gregory's Report.
It just went live five minutes ago.
It's now the feature video.
I hope you'll share the living daylights out of it.
The Mark of the Beast is here.
It has arrived.
And will you roll over to it?
And I want to explain when we come back what happens once you accept the Mark of the Beast.
Oh, well, with that comes death and hell and just absolute enslavement.
Well, now, evil is out in the open.
It has reared its stinking Fetid head.
And humanity has a real shot at opposing it and fighting it.
Before I play a clip today of President Trump coming out a few days ago and saying, you know, Pfizer really runs.
The FDA and the governments of the world and people want to look at Pfizer and the booster shots.
So he's starting to edge up towards taking on the fraud.
He knows he's been set up and he needs to do it.
That will take Trump from being a figure pushed off to the side, still getting some good Republicans elected, still has incredible power, to being the populist he was meant to be.
People will forgive him in a moment.
We're being conned by Fauci and others and lying to them about the vaccine's efficacy.
It's now admitted it doesn't work.
In fact, the majority of sick, I have new articles from around the world, have taken the injections.
It's just amazing.
He has to do that.
We've got to recruit Trump over to our side again.
And that's why I took him to the woodshed last week.
And I'm told directly, folks that talked to the president, former president, now that the election's stolen from him, that it got to him, you know, hearing that I Blow up at him.
Because I like Trump.
I think Trump's a good man.
I love Trump.
But I care about people not dying a lot more.
And let me explain something to you.
I stayed up till 2 in the morning last night with this stack of news and information that's right here.
2 in the morning.
My wife went to bed about nine o'clock.
Children went to bed about nine o'clock.
Went to bed early last night.
And I stayed up till 2 a.m.
And then I got in here about an hour before the show, and I haven't even had time to go back through all of this.
I mean, I tried the last hour.
I'm gonna have to, during breaks and things, go back through it because it's so bombshell.
And this is directly from the Singaporean government, the Israeli government, And more than eight other governments that I went to their own government websites, and usually they're run by John Hopkins, that works for Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation.
And I want to explain, when they show the number of deaths after you take a vaccine, or they show the number of hospitalizations or heart attacks or blood clots, that's like crosshairs on a rifle when the sniper pulls the trigger and then uses the optics to see if he shot you or not.
Or it's like the gun camera on a F-16 recording of its Sidewinder missile hits the other aircraft.
To John Hopkins, they know about the deaths, they know about the heart attacks.
To them, that's a targeting computer.
And so they're watching, just like a B-17 pilot would have a bomb site on their aircraft, and then they're, you know, releasing bombs as they go over different targets.
And then seeing if they hit their targets.
I mean, that's what they're doing.
These are targeting systems.
Imagine the movie Predator.
When it aims its laser gun, it goes vzzzzzzzzz.
Rehit that target or don't rehit that target. I mean, that's what they're doing. These are targeting systems
Imagine the movie predator when it aims its laser gun. It goes
You see that vectors spot going on people and that's what that is
So, John Hopkins is the targeting crosshairs on you and your family.
And you go to their numbers and you're like, oh my God, they run the world numbers for the UN.
Israel has the most deaths and the most illnesses and they're the most vaccinated in the world of any large country.
And it's heart attacks in 12-year-olds that are taking the shot.
It's heart attacks in 25-year-olds, totally healthy.
I mean, people are dying.
People are just excruciating pain.
Their hearts just swell up and bust open.
And I have, when we put the headline up for today's show, CDC documents that the CDC put out themselves that have been hiding in plain view where they admit heart attacks And microcardiitis and all the rest of this in their own admission.
So the show headline today is Absolute Global Bombshell.
FDA, top FDA scientists have now come out and admitted that the COVID-19 vaccines are poisoning adults and children.
Yes, there's the headline, Breaking Mega Bombshell.
Top FDA scientists warn COVID vaccines are poisoning adults and children.
Here's what's amazing.
I've got all this new news and all the statistics and the graphs of all the most vaccinated countries with the most death, with the most illness, and it's in the vaccinated.
And then they're on the news going, well, it's not as effective.
First, it's 100% effective to stop COVID.
But their own internal documents a year and a half ago, they said it's not going to work.
It's a gene therapy.
You'll have to have basically shots every few months, 10 shots a year.
That's how I knew this was coming.
But like, how did Jones know it's 10 shots a year?
That's what they originally were saying.
Well, it'll be about 10 shots a year.
Within three shots, you basically have one-sixth of the immune system you had previously.
And when you keep doing it, it just turns your immune system completely off, which is the same thing HIV does.
And by the way, this virus has HIV delivery system in it.
So the wild virus did what this does, but at a much lower scale.
The virus they released, man-made chimera, But into the wild.
But now the vaccine, all the scientists that weren't on their payroll went, top virologists, Nobel Prize winners went, this will cause the spike protein to grow all over the body.
The spike protein's what drive cancer.
You'll get cancer in the lymph nodes, in the heart, in the liver, in the uterus, in the testicles, and a bunch of other places.
You'll get expansion, you'll get blood clots in the lungs, and all of that happened.
And so now Israel started giving the quote, booster shots first, and now they've got, again, massive new deaths and illnesses in those that did it.
Now remember, this is the other gigantic issue.
I'm gonna go over all this today.
Two days ago, the number one and number two scientists at the FDA over vaccines, the head of the vaccine program and his deputy, one's been there 35 years, one's been there 12 years.
They're the head guys.
They're pro-vaccine people.
They said, hey, you can't have the CDC and the White House running this.
You shouldn't give it to under 12.
And we're against these booster shots.
It's not going to work.
That's going to discredit us.
And they said, we don't care.
And the head of the FDA, who approved OxyContin previously and Fentanyl.
Talk about a monstrous woman.
By the way, four children.
I forgot that part.
Just always gets worse.
She overrode them and said, we're going to say it's an authorized shot when they never did the trials and it's not authorized.
So they just discredited the whole FDA system further with a fake, it's approved certification.
And the two top scientists have gone public saying, In their resignation, we are mad about the authorization.
It's not a real authorization.
We're mad about the boosters, and we're mad about children.
We said don't do this, and they did.
That's hidden in the fine print.
Instead, it's like, oh, they're just mad about the booster schedule and when that was going to happen.
No, that's the distraction.
And everybody took the bait and just went with the booster issue.
That is not as big as we've been bypassed They shouldn't have done the emergency authorization saying that's an authorization and it's attacking children.
They've done trials now, experimentally, on children.
And it hurts them.
It kills them.
These babies are having convulsions.
Babies are dying with their freakazoid liberal parents all getting off on it being on the national news.
This is child sacrifice.
This is Munchausen by proxy.
This is sick.
This is a demonic spirit, ladies and gentlemen.
And I've seen a clip of a priest making a really good point, he makes that point.
We're going to play that clip along with Trump and more when we come back.
But I have right here these CDC documents from the CDC website that list more than a dozen things that they said that the Moderna and Pfizer and J&J, they all do the same thing, that make you produce spike protein would do.
They say blood clots, strokes, microcarditis or cardiotis or however you say it, all right here.
They predict lymphoma cancer.
They predict uterine problems.
Because they know this is one of the most studied areas is vaccines for colds.
And every time they try it, it kills the animals and kills humans in trials.
And they finally found out why.
Because it's the spike protein that is poisonous.
So what did they do?
They souped up the spike protein and said it was good for you.
They didn't just give you a regular cold shot.
They had the regular spike.
They created a giant rhinoceros spike with HIV delivery system and did that.
I mean, folks, this is open and shut bio-warfare.
And finally, the folks found their soul at the FDA.
Ladies and gentlemen, every day, I have five or six videos that fall on my lap that I don't even look for of mothers and fathers and sons and daughters talking about how their daughter or their son or their mother or their father or their sister or their brother took the vaccine that's not a vaccine, that is a gene therapy, a genomic injection, and then they die of blood clots in the brain or heart attacks or liver failure.
And the ones we really pay attention to is we're genetically designed to deal with old people dying.
It's not fun, but we understand it.
But when your 25-year-old daughter or son dies, a day after they take the shot, you wake up.
And by the way, even when it's the people's official Facebook or Twitter or Instagram accounts, and they go speak at a Capitol, and they say, my mother died, my son died, my brother died, they take it down, because you're the victims.
You've got to be suppressed and ball gagged while you're being murdered.
Here's just one of the latest videos, man's son dies of enlarged heart right after the shot, which they admit it does.
And they wouldn't give it a VAERS report, though, a VAERS report.
So remember, it's about 100 times what they're telling you.
Probably a million dead in the U.S.
And we've had whistleblowers come forward and expose that, and they're just getting started.
I love the hell out of my country, but I don't trust my government anymore.
Here it is.
My son received a vaccine, and he died a few days later.
The only explanation that was given to me was an enlarged heart.
So if I have anything to say to anybody, look down at your child.
It's not worth the risk.
I mean, you see your baby right now, you might not see your baby tomorrow.
I have to live with that the rest of my life.
And that's Ernest Ramirez in Austin, Texas, in front of the Texas Capitol.
By the way, if you guys can find Ernest Ramirez, I'd like to get that man in studio and bring in pictures of his son and talk about him and humanize another person taken out.
Now remember, these things are so deadly.
That the death is a side effect.
It's meant to kill you in three to five years.
Spaced out, soft kill.
They're going to claim unvaccinated are going to cause all the death.
That's what the scientists said a year and a half ago.
It's what's happening.
But some people, it just, your body's so good, it takes the order of the injection and produces so much spike protein that it eats holes in your arteries and veins and you die.
And reportedly it is excruciating.
Your heart just swells up, swells up, all of it blocks.
It seizes up and it's one of the most painful deaths they say you can imagine.
Takes usually a day or two and it is, they usually put you in a coma.
I mean, it is like...
Like, usually you're 60, 70, you have a heart attack, happens for about an hour, part of your heart freezes up, locks up, it's incredibly painful, you fall down, you pass out.
That's not what this does, it just swells up slowly, gets bigger and bigger, usually takes a day till you pass out, then you die.
I mean, you're talking about hell on earth.
I've talked to folks that have had the vaccine, this has happened to them, and they just say it's indescribable.
Like somebody ripping your heart out of your chest for a day or two.
And they usually know how to give you anti-inflammatories if you're getting quick enough, you don't die.
His son, arteries started blowing, guaranteed.
That's supposed to happen when you're 70 or 80, folks.
That's when your aorta's supposed to go, the widowmaker, not when you're 25.
All right, let's go now to a priest talking about the devil is overplaying his hand.
I totally agree.
Here it is.
The devil is overplaying his hand.
What I mean by that is he's making himself more and more obvious in his activities in government, in his activities in the technocracy, in education, in the entertainment industry, and in culture at large.
I even believe, you don't have to believe this, but I believe it, That there's a demonic dimension to the pandemic.
You know why I say that?
Because I look at the fruit of the pandemic in the lives of people in our country and around the world.
What is the most obvious fruit of the pandemic?
I don't mean the people who get sick and die.
What I'm talking about is something more widespread than that.
There are many, many more people than those who get sick and die who are gripped with what?
Fear, right?
And fear is one of the primary strategies and tactics of the evil one.
Trying to keep people in fear, which is the antithesis of faith.
Maybe you guys can pull it up.
What's the Bible verse?
The devil goes around like a wild beast, roaring, seeing who he may devour.
Because a patriot is either going to get to a place of safety, or is going to take on the wolf.
Take on the beast.
But a satanist, a leftist, will grovel or fall down on their back and beg.
So it reeeeeeeeeeeeakes!
Ah, COVID will get you, take the shot!
When you take the shot, it kills you, it makes you sick.
And in the statistics, it's there, but they don't want to admit that.
They don't want to admit that to themselves, and they will see you as the bad person, even though you're trying to save them.
Because they have Stockholm Syndrome.
They don't oppose the beast.
They don't oppose the monster.
They get on their knees to it and then say, I'll help you get those others to eat me last.
So here's President Trump very tellingly.
In a big interview a few days ago, I meant to get to it, but I saw it again this morning.
I thought we had to play this.
Saying, oh, Pfizer, they're really powerful.
They really run things.
People want to look into them in the booster shots.
That's him edging up to the edge of this.
Well, he's probably lost half his support over the vaccine.
Sure, he said you shouldn't have to take it, but we want you to come out against the vaccine mandate.
We want you to actually charge against the Big Brother system and you can help defeat this, Trump.
And so that's what we need.
And you can say, hey, I thought it was a good vaccine.
They told me it would work.
But he's too scared.
He thinks they'll turn on him.
If he does that, well, your supporters are turning on you, so you better decide which way you want it.
Because this is gonna come out.
I mean, the two head scientists at the FDA quit saying, don't give it to children, don't do boosters, and we did not really authorize this.
That's a lie.
Because they understand they're not going to get away with this.
They're rats leaving a sinking ship like the inventor of mRNA technology.
I don't think he's a bad guy, but he's backed away from it because he knows.
He's not stupid.
And they're asking themselves, how are they going to get away with this?
That's what everybody should be asking.
Does the globalists have a plan?
I know what it is.
We'll talk about it next segment, but here's Trump.
Oh, that's a different clip the guys found.
The FDA is virtually controlled by Pfizer.
Pfizer has control.
Not Johnson & Johnson, not Moderna, but Pfizer has control over the FDA.
Oh, that's a different clip the guys found.
I think I sent it to Scott this morning.
Oh, we have the other one.
Go ahead and roll the other one.
Here it is.
They paused.
You know, Johnson & Johnson is a great company, but it doesn't do as well as Pfizer with government.
The people running Pfizer have a great relationship, let me put it that way, with government.
Do you notice now they're coming in with boosters and this and that?
Pfizer, what they did.
Yeah, Pfizer runs the whole thing worldwide, ladies and gentlemen.
Pfizer runs the whole Globalist program.
It's the key one.
It's the Mac Daddy.
It's the pimp supreme.
And they're the ones bringing in the worldwide program.
They've announced two pills you'll have to take a day to be able to leave your house.
We'll tell you about that when we come back.
So the plan has always been to addict you to gene therapies that completely remove your immune system.
By the third booster shot, Pfizer's chief scientist spokesperson has come out and said, and the head of the British main laboratory that works for Pfizer, they've also released the same studies, and I've played the clips here on air probably 10 times apiece.
If you'd like, I'll pull them back up.
And all the medical doctors I've talked to know this.
All the virologists know this.
We've had them all on.
And I'll be sitting there talking to lawyers I know, or accountants, and they just go, really, Alex?
Most of the polio is caused by the polio vaccine.
I go, yeah, here's AP.
Most of the polio in the world is caused by the polio vaccine.
And I'll go, here's Pfizer admitting that their vaccine's a live virus, and then it sheds it and spreads it.
I don't want to see it!
People just want to wear a mask, they just want to get scared, they want to run around like idiots.
It was a real virus they released.
Did not spread very easily.
If you were run down and seriously sick and old, you could die if you had three or four pre-existing conditions.
That was an overblown garbage.
We predicted that once you got the injections, it would do deadly variants.
They'd already tested it in animals and knew it would.
And they turned us all into factories to then release deadly spike protein that creates cancer in every mammal that comes in contact with it long term.
And this is going to chronically infect everybody.
And there are things that mitigate it like ivermectin and high vitamin doses and things like that.
So people are either going to get super healthy and get their act together or everybody's going to start dying.
And even a lot of folks that are super healthy, it's still going to get you.
You've been hit by a biological weapon, ladies and gentlemen.
You've been hit by a biological weapon that the globalists cooked up and pre-tested, and I'm sorry.
They wanted to depopulate you.
They said they would depopulate you.
And while they depopulate you, they're going to use the fear of the intensifying depopulation as, oh God, we're trying to save you during this cataclysm.
Just three years ago, the UN says disease X is coming in the next two years, and it's caused by climate change, and it's humans' fault, and it's gonna change society, and we're gonna lock you up in your houses and give you forced injections, but that's not gonna work, and even more super deadly stuff's coming, and the population will be reduced by 90% soon, but that's for the betterment of the Earth.
And that's why you saw two years ago AOC and other Democrats like Beto saying, nobody's going to be here in 12 years.
That was two, three years ago, remember?
Why were they, and the Extinction Rebellion or their high priest calling for the end of humans and the end of industrial world and blocking roads and attacking blue collar workers.
This is a death cult.
This is a eugenics cult.
Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, they all say they want to kill you.
They all say the cut is there.
You will never reverse the Great Reset.
The end of industrial society is here.
We will cleanse the earth and end the poverty and war and hunger by 2030.
Because they plan to kill the vast majority of everybody by then.
They've written books, I've shown you the quotes.
How much.
Are in.
You are under.
And you look at the left, how pale they are and how green-skinned they are and how zombie-like they are because they have turned their spirit over to the spirit of death.
Their sacrament is abortion.
Their sacrament is human-animal cloning.
Their sacrament is degradation of their bodies.
Their sacrament is turning themselves over to just hating themselves and hating you.
So let me explain this.
I have stacks of news here I'm gonna go over.
And we're gonna open the phones up today.
I've cleared the board of guests.
This is a systematic plan.
So I told you a year and a half ago or more, I said they want 10 shots a year.
Next they'll announce a booster by the fall.
I was wrong, it was the summer of 2021.
Then I said they'll announce that didn't work, they'll want shots every three months, and then every month and a half or so.
How did I know?
It was in the public papers we showed you.
You can type in, top academics recommend 10 COVID shots a year.
And now we have the health minister in Australia saying, actually it's going to be every six months, it'll be every two months.
You'll just get used to it.
I mean, it's, it's, it's happening.
And they look like a mad scientist out of a movie because they are, these are killers.
These frickin' people look like Emperor Palpatine or something!
They talk like him because they're damn evil!
And you better get that through your head!
These people ain't playing games!
They're a death cult.
They all know what they're in on.
They believe there's an overpopulation of humans.
We're doing an emergency culling operation.
It's a very sad way to do it, but we will inherit the Earth afterwards.
Playing God.
And so now I've got the article overhead shot, please.
Pfizer is now developing, InfoWars.com has a story posted, a twice per day COVID pill that must be taken alongside vaccines.
And they're saying your app will show, you'll have to videotape yourself, scan with the phone, proving you've taken it.
And you better not have any drug avoidance.
So THX 1138 is here.
Abriel Keane article from National File.
Pharmaceutical megacorporation Pfizer is now developing a COVID pill that is meant to be taken alongside the COVID vaccines that may have already made the company a staggering amount of money.
That's only part of it.
It's the global ID to control and track you, then have the carbon taxes attached to.
That's the holy grail and no one's talking about it, except the globalists are now saying, oh, we're going to attach it to environmental reasons, have environmental lockdowns and tell you when you can have meat or when you can drive a car, where you can go.
It'll authorize your trip.
The new pill is expected to be released by the end of the year and will be required to be taken twice per day.
And notice the people adopting this are women worldwide, because they think the government, the media, and big tech are their friends.
And so the media says men shouldn't be assertive, men shouldn't be the leader of the household.
And so you see the women hopping around, ordering their husbands around, who step and fetch it.
But then when the app from the big tech tells them when they can go out and how much meat they can have, or if they can have a child, or allots them a trip, they're like... And, oh, my uterus is being cut out next week.
I'm bleeding out.
I'm 25, but it's liberal.
Oh, I took my shot.
Oh, I had a heart attack.
I'm so liberal.
That's how sick this is.
Success against COVID-19 will likely require both vaccines and treatments.
But see, that's what the shots are, is genetic treatments.
Pfizer CEO said Wednesday, "We're pleased to share we've started phase 2/3 study on our oral
antiviral candidate specifically designed to combat SARS-CoV-2 in unhospitalized low-risk adults."
And guess what?
It's the same thing as ivermectin, but they don't want you to know that.
And they say you have a twice-a-day pill just to make sure you don't get the COVID because there's an ill.
I figured it all out, folks, from the scientists.
I knew this a year and a half ago, but now it's confirmed.
I'm going to explain it very slowly for everyone, the bad news.
The good news is we know what they've done.
You will be chronically infected.
That's why we have people in the office and people all over the country I know that got COVID a year ago, got it six months ago, got it a month ago, and got it again!
And you go take tests and a lot of times it doesn't say you're positive because it's different spike proteins.
They inject people with the Pfizer, with the Mernaderna, with the J&J and others.
It was all ordered by Fauci.
They all do the same thing.
They already had pre-tested it.
You produce, as a suicide bomber, Massive amounts of spike protein synthetic virus, just the shell, it's super poisonous and deadly, and you just colonize everyone.
And your body overreacts, you take steroids, you beat it, your body gets over it.
But it's like a poison, it's not really a, it's a virus that acts as a poison.
And then you just reinfect, reinfect, reinfect, reinfect, reinfect, reinfect, reinfect, and then you're getting monthly shots, daily pills, and they had it all planned, they cooked it up and released it on you and your family.
And until we stop taking the vaccines, it won't stop.
But you understand, they're gonna keep taking more shots, there'll be factories, they'll get sick, they'll die, they'll make you sick, and then they'll turn around and blame you, the unvaccinated, for everybody dying, even though statistics show it's the vaccinated.
I fell out of my country, but I don't trust my government anymore.
My son received a vaccine, and he died a few days later.
The only explanation that was given to me was an enlarged heart.
So if I have anything to say to anybody, look down at your child.
It's not worth the risk.
I mean, you see your baby right now, you might not see your baby tomorrow.
I have to live with that the rest of my life.
I love you all, my friends.
We are living in such an incredible time right now.
Please put the headline for the full show back up.
Each day has its own headline, its own main theme, its own story.
There it is.
Mega bombshell!
Top FDA scientists warn COVID vaccines are poisoning adults and children.
CDC documents confirm that agency leaders knew as early as October 2020, experimental COVID-19 gene therapy injections would cause blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, and more.
Now, I'm gonna open the phones up at 15 after the next hour, but I'm gonna hit this really big story that I've mentioned in the first two segments of the next hour.
The actual CDC document from October of last year, where they list heart swelling, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, death, liquefaction of the uterus, off of what their scientists were telling them would happen.
Now you know why the two-head virologist quit.
Two days ago.
Now, you understand the media spends that.
Oh, they quit.
They were arguing over whether booster shots were needed or not.
No, they said.
We're leaving.
It's buried in the news.
Read it yesterday on the air.
Because this was not given FDA approval and did not go through the process.
They just reauthorized emergency use and called it approved.
And we don't like the White House and CDC making those decisions in our name.
And we don't like the booster shot.
We don't think it's needed.
And we disagree on the rollout on under 12s.
But if you go on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, I go look at it.
It's literally, these idiots want to take horse medicine.
Oh, they won't listen to all the scientists.
These things, these vaccines totally work and they're great.
When I have, and I'll show you this next hour, out of Israel and all these other places.
I already showed you yesterday out of Greece and Israel, but there's new numbers out.
Explosions in death.
Explosions in illness.
The majority of the hospitalized, the majority of the dying, took the shots.
I think you'll see the mainstream media spin it.
Oh, well, I guess the shots don't work as well as they used to.
Don't worry.
Won't worry.
We've got boosters for you and pills you take every day that are antivirals.
You're not a horse, FDA tells Americans!
Stop taking!
Dewormer for COVID.
It's not dewormer.
It's a Nobel Prize winning drug used for hundreds of things called Ivermectin.
Invented by the Japanese.
But notice the FDA.
You go to the FDA's website and type in Ivermectin and studies and you'll get dozens of big studies around the world from Cambridge, England, you name it, saying how great it is and the Nobel Prize.
But the Google puts it up front, the statement about, you're not a horse!
Well, Wilbur, a horse is a horse, of course, of course.
That is a horse, unless the horse, the famous Mr. Ed.
Look at that, I've remixed an award-winning drug with exceptional antiviral on and on.
Study after study, Nobel Prize as antiviral.
So scientists go, gee, it's won a Nobel Prize, let's try it on our patients.
How do we counter that?
Just say they drink cow paste.
Don't take that stuff cows take, no!
I was talking to a family member about this, who's been in farming and ranching, and they said, yeah, it works great on cows and horses, why are they freaking out?
I said, well, it's like black-eyed peas.
Until the 20s, people only fed black-eyed peas, or great-tasting peas, by the way, one of the tastiest out there, in my opinion.
But it was cattle feed.
And especially people in the North thought that was a funny thing because some Southerners would eat black-eyed peas.
But then a Texas Growers Association ran ads, I think it was the New York Times in the 20s, just a few ads saying, you look this up, black-eyed peas are good luck on New Year's.
It was just an ad pitch they came up with.
And people started eating them on New Year's and said, God, they taste good, I'll eat them all the time.
See how that works?
You say, where are you going with this?
My point is, well, cows eat black-eyed peas.
I ain't gonna eat those.
Well, a cow can get better with ivermectin.
I ain't gonna take nothing that a cow takes.
I'm getting hungry on those black-eyed peas with that jambalaya or whatever that is, exactly.
Mixed with some crawdads and some sausage, oh, and some chicken.
I'm not eating in black eyed peas.
So again, it's just a mindlessness that they use on the public that, well, I mean a cow breathes oxygen.
I don't, I don't.
Cows and horses breathe oxygen.
You sure as hell don't need it.
Tie this rope around your neck, get up on a chair and jump off of it.
You don't need that oxygen.
Cows, cows breathe oxygen.
It gets worse.
You know what else cows and horses do?
They drink water.
You're not gonna drink water!
That's what a cow drinks!
And the left all freaked out.
Joe Rogan, I talked to him a couple days ago.
He says, hey, don't tell anybody yet.
I'm gonna make the announcement.
He said, man, I went to Florida.
Went to a show.
Thought I was hungover.
And man, then I had these sweats and fever and I sure as hell went and got tested and had COVID.
But then I took Ivermectin and all the rest of it.
And man, I felt a lot better the next day.
Two days later, basically, totally better.
He was waiting to see what the treatment would do until he talked about it.
But, you know, I talked to him after he'd already been on it for a day and was already feeling a lot better.
He said, yeah, we talked about Ivermectin, how great it works.
And I know some people very close to me that had it again.
They said it felt like a gorilla was sitting on their chest.
And as soon as they took ivermectin within like five hours, they felt better.
I mean, even closer to me than my parents, I know someone that had COVID.
But I deprived the media of that announcement.
I don't know why.
Yeah, I mean, of course, I had it too and I took it and knocked it out in like a day.
But I felt like a gorilla was on my chest.
I woke up and was like, "Whoa."
And I went and got tested, said I didn't have it, but that's because it's a new spike protein.
See, that's another big thing.
This is mutating.
And so it doesn't say it's the same virus.
They just call it COVID.
So, I've remitted, ladies and gentlemen, and that's why I've been so pissed off about this, is they're trying to suppress this information.
And they don't want people to know about these treatments.
And it's just absolutely disgusting.
And I had COVID a year and a half ago as well.
And again, it was very, very mild then.
This was stronger.
This was more intense this time.
And that's why I looked at the statistics and the numbers, and I knew last year was way overblown.
They have schools, like I said, in East Texas, it's in the news, where they've got 2,000 students and 600 were out one day.
I checked today, 300, 400 more are out.
So the idea that you're going to quarantine, the idea that you're going to escape this, you're not, no one's escaping this, unless you're a genetic freak.
No one is escaping this.
I hadn't been sick for five years before I got COVID last year.
And then sure as hell, this is a new one.
And so, again, I got that.
Again, woke up with a fever, chills, like a gorilla was sitting on my chest.
Called in the meds, and we're talking five, six hours, gone.
But that is early response.
That's when that type of stuff happens.
And I got a lot of enemies that always make stuff up and add things and things, so I never got into it.
It was a while back that this even happened.
And so I've explained to the crew, and I've explained to everybody else, you're not gonna escape it, and you're gonna get sick again unless you just overload yourself with vitamins and minerals.
And I'm taking ivermectin prophylactically now, because you can basically take this stuff all the time, and it's anti-cancer.
And I get it from a doctor.
In fact, guys, when you go in my office, there's a big brown paper bag, and bring it to me, please.
This is a big brown paper bag and just bring it to me.
I got a whole bag of it.
You want to see it?
So, remember, these murdering criminals don't want you to know that.
All right, we can't stay on air without your support.
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We'll be back second hour.
We are back, and I'm going to lay some heavy knowledge on you next segment that's going to be a major lifesaver.
Let me get it out to everybody you know.
But first, yeah, I started telling people about three months ago that The vaccinated with the deadly mRNA injections were off-gassing incredible amounts of these spike proteins that are synthetic viruses.
We've got all the medical literature, all the facts, it's a fact.
If you go to Infowars.com, there's a Harrison Smith report, it's about 10 minutes long, that you should watch, titled, This Graph Will Get You Banned.
And it is the CDC's own graph, and John Hopkins' own graph, Showing right at the points of the inoculations in Israel, in England, and in the U.S.
per country, that then all these hundreds of new variants pop up and new viruses, and then you look at other graphs, it corresponds with illnesses and death in the hospitals, and I'll show you that coming up next segment.
But they do not want that out.
So, everybody's got it, everybody's gonna get it.
You're being colonized by spike proteins, it's basically the same thing that causes mad cow disease.
And if you lay those time dates over, we've done this.
We shoot another video separately.
Greg Reese does a great job.
You ought to do it.
You can lay it over all the other graphs in Israel and other places, showing when the variants pop up, when you get the death, and you get all the hospitalizations and the illnesses, right along with the vaccination points.
So, this is powerful information.
And they just make jokes and go, oh, Joe Rogan took horse paste!
Joe Rogan's an idiot!
No, Joe Rogan knows more doctors than anybody I know.
Joe Rogan's obsessed with science.
If it's in science and it's approved, he'll use it.
And he's had a bunch of medical doctors on about ivermectin.
The Japanese government has endorsed it.
African governments endorsed it.
It's won Nobel Prizes.
But they hope you just don't know.
Wanna see my ivermectin?
Oh, what's all this?
What's going on here?
Let's just open it up for you.
Didn't get this at a tractor supply.
Cause I've been like Santa Claus taking care of everybody.
Hours a day for months.
Taking care of people.
Overhead shot please.
You know what this is?
This is ivermectin for humans that won a Nobel Prize as an antiviral.
And this is inhalable, or these are the tablets, steroids.
So let me show you.
I was going to do this anyways earlier.
See this?
See this, Fauci?
You see this, Bill Gates?
I'm gonna kill those prions, you bastard murderers.
Gonna hit me with a bioweapon, you monster.
You wanna suppress me?
You wanna kill me, you son of a bitch?
You goddamn demon.
You think I'm easy to kill?
Think I'm gonna roll over to your crap?
And Joe Rogan kicked your murdering ass, too.
You'd love to bury him, too, you little monster maggot.
He's in this National Geographic piece about, oh, I don't usually deal with my enemies right away, I get them later.
Yeah, you creep up on with a poison injection, dressed up in a lab coat, you little Joseph Mingala, Nuremberg Code violating monster.
You damn monster.
See, they're little cancer proteins like that.
Nobel Prize winning for humans!
Nobel Prize winning for humans!
Nobel Prize winning for humans!
What, 2005?
Nobel Prize winning for humans!
Oh, Joe Rogan!
Joe Rogan!
He went and drank the horse piss!
He's stupid!
I bet he got it from Alex Jones!
They're both so dumb!
They're both gonna be dead!
Yeah, that's why Joe's worth like $300 million.
Yeah, he's real stupid.
That's why he lives in a $60 million house on the river.
You left this taking all the shots and dying are the dumbasses.
He's the one that headlines with Dave Chappelle.
Not you.
You're stupid.
And I sure wish you'd wake up.
But you sit there calling me stupid, an independent media person that built the biggest independent media operation in the world, that changed the whole paradigm of my badass listeners, and you sit around and laugh at us?
Medical doctors gave that to me!
It is incredible!
It helped my family!
It helped me!
It helped everybody!
And it's approved for humans for all sorts of viral stuff, but that murderer Fauci doesn't want you to know, because he wants the planet for himself, and he wants you dead!
Well, guess what, Fauci?
We ain't rolling over and dying!
So easily, you little murdering maggot!
You know, I'm not trying to build suspense here, but I'm so fired up and so angry right now.
Before I hit this news, this news is so ginormous.
It's so beyond critical.
And I did like six, seven hours of research last night.
And quite frankly, in between the breaks, I've been so busy.
There's a few other documents I'm digging around for that I want to show you out of the most vaccinated countries in the world, like Israel, where they had the highest death rates and the highest hospitalization rates.
And the majority of those are the vaccinated.
They're sicker than those that aren't vaccinated, but the vaccinated are making people sick.
And I want to show you from the CDCs, Own website.
Adverse reactions that they knew the vaccine would cause and the VAERS reporting system shows more adverse reactions in death than all vaccines ever put on the system since 1986.
I mean, this is incredible.
This is an exercise in murder, an exercise to see if they can get away with it.
But Gregg Reese has been knocking it out of the park.
And he's done two reports back-to-back that need to go megaviral.
Yeah, of course, half a million views is great on what he did yesterday, but it needs to get two million views.
The new one is The Mark of the Beast has arrived, went up right at the start of the show an hour and...
Seven minutes ago, it's got 37,000 views.
It needs 37 million views if you want to win this fight.
So it's the featured video at Band.Video, but you can't really share Band.Video on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or Instagram, but you can share FreeWorldNews.TV here on the Alex Jones Show.
FreeWorldNews.TV, and I'm begging you to support those local radio stations as well.
Tell folks about them and become a sponsor.
Or support their sponsors.
But the mark of the beast has arrived.
I'm gonna get into all of that at the bottom of the hour.
And major U.S.
states and Democrat control announcing official vaccine passports and more.
And there's just so much to get to.
CDC admits vaccine effectiveness against hospitalizations continues to fall.
It was never going to work, folks.
Now they want you to take a daily pill to be able to leave your house.
Told you that was coming.
Federal judge bars Western Michigan University for mandating COVID vaccines for athletes.
That's good news.
Liberals freak out after COVID positive Joe Rogan announced he treated himself with ivermectin successfully.
An end of the bizarre CDC rent moratorium.
We're going to get into all that power grab and just so much more that is in my stack.
But I want to hit this when we come back because this has been hiding in plain view.
It's got almost no coverage.
And when it first broke, we got new documents as well.
It really freaked out the system at a next level.
So, oops, FDA accidentally reveals a list of COVID vaccine side effects, including heart attacks, autoimmune disease, and death.
I want to actually go through this list for you and tie it in with now what's happening around the world in the quote, vaccinated.
But first, here's Greg Reese's Mark of the Beast report, and then one more key report.
These are so important.
It's some of the best work we do and I hope you'll share them because that is how we're
going to win the battle.
It includes every facet of banking and big tech, including IBM, who did virtually the same thing during World War II, and Entrust, a company run by the prominent Nazi Quant family.
Her extensive research spells out the plan very clearly.
The QR code will be the so-called Mark of the Beast.
Marked like livestock and no longer free.
The QR code has already become the standard for DNA data storage.
We can now scan a specimen's QR code and extract the entire genomic map.
And we can create a creature from this data.
George Church of Nebula Genomics explains how his company has the ability to read ancient DNA, write, and edit it with CRISPR.
We can read the woolly mammoth genome, which is pretty amazing.
These things have been extinct for a long time.
We can read this ancient DNA, and we can now write it, can edit the elephant genomes with CRISPR again.
We've made 15 edits so far of bringing back the extinct DNA.
And we've done this.
He said in a 2013 interview with Der Spiegel that DNA can be assembled into an embryo and planted inside of a human woman.
Church's Nebula Genomics wants to give people the opportunity to sell their genetic information for digital tokens.
And he has Hollywood's Morgan Freeman to help promote and normalize his radical modern-day Frankenstein work.
Stamping a human's DNA genome onto their mark is one thing.
But in order to store a person's entire life onto a single QR code and have it utilized efficiently across the entire web, they are using the blockchain.
Blockchain technology allows information to be stored by a tamper-proof ledger that others on the chain can monitor and validate in real time.
And it is being adopted in nearly every major industry.
With the help of Big Pharma and the media, the bankers are corralling everyone inside their rentals, wired up to the Internet of Things, with a QR digital ID that holds their entire DNA genome.
On the blockchain, and managed by artificial intelligence.
Just as the Rockefeller Foundation announced in their 2020 publication, Mapping an AI Future, and the UK Ministry of Defence in their 2021 publication, Human Augmentation, the dawn of a new paradigm.
Marked like livestock, and no longer free.
Unless of course, we all say no.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
A story from this spring is re-emerging of why Argentina and Brazil never made a deal with Pfizer for the
experimental jab.
In Argentina, Pfizer requested that the government pay all compensation for any lawsuits that successfully win against Pfizer vaccine damages.
Argentina's parliament responded by passing a new law stating that Pfizer needs to at least pay for its own negligence.
Pfizer rejected this, after which Argentina offered to amend the law to define negligence more clearly, to include only vaccine distribution and delivery under negligence.
But Pfizer still wasn't happy and demanded the law be changed.
Argentina refused, but later agreed to buy an international insurance policy to pay for future vaccine lawsuits.
This was not specific enough for Pfizer.
They asked for an additional indemnity from civil cases, specifically that the company would not be held liable for rare adverse effects or for its own acts of negligence, fraud, or malice.
Pfizer then demanded the nation's bank reserves, military bases, and embassy buildings as some sort of collateral against future vaccine damages.
In Brazil, Pfizer asked for vast money reserves to be put in a foreign bank account, that Pfizer be exempt from the law of the land, and exempt from any side effects and all civil liability.
In the United States, the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, or PREP Act, gives total immunity to Pfizer and all manufacturers of experimental jabs.
So there's no reason to threaten any government agency in the U.S.
They always knew how dangerous and deadly the radical experimental mRNA jabs actually are.
It's what the science says.
The only ones who say otherwise are the bureaucrats and pop culture media agents working for Big Pharma.
By every measure, this is the greatest crime committed by Big Pharma.
Out of a long list, They're magnum opus for the dark arts, death and depopulation.
And they were setting up governments to take the fall so that the bankers can have their great reset without any resistance.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
All right, folks.
When we come back, I'm going to show you the Smoking Guns CDC document where they knew in October, before any of the shots began, exactly what happened.
And it's just total premeditated evil, then we'll tie it into the global vaccine passport now officially announced by the UN.
Well, there's an old saying, no one really knows who first said it, but if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it make a sound, did it make a sound?
It's another old saying that you can not tell the forest from the trees.
So we have earth-shattering level events taking place.
We know exactly what happened, how they cooked up a spike protein, how they released it to create fear, to create a vaccine that the scientists said would turn our bodies into factories of it with a live virus, which they've now done.
And they've got so many lawyers and politicians and doctors and media people on board that are heroes, that even as they and their families die, as our civilization collapses, they're gonna just follow that course towards the Great Reset.
Not because they're even in on the depopulation plan that the top globalists are, but because they love to follow the narrative that they're the good guys.
Shallow, stupid, spiritually dead people.
So here's some of the giant developments that tie together.
This is on Infowars.com, it's a Zero Hedge story.
Europe's CDC breaks with Biden administration, says no urgent need for COVID boosters.
Five European countries have now suddenly said they're ending all COVID restrictions after Sweden has the lowest numbers in the world and the lowest vaccinated and just says it's all a fraud.
Now it's other European countries who have joined that.
But if you turn on CNN, everyone loves the shot.
Everyone's taking it worldwide.
There's no side effects.
It's totally great.
And that ties into FDA in rebellion over White House rushed booster plans.
It's not about the booster.
That was one issue.
It was about the FDA doing whatever it wants at the leadership level instead of listening to the scientists, the head of the virology program, and saying that there is an authorization of these frankenshots, these genetic therapies, when it was never authorized and they've just re-extended the emergency authorization.
That level of fraud makes the Theranos lady look like a choir boy.
It makes Bernie Madoff look like an angel cake.
I mean, folks, this is what I'm saying.
The level of this attack and this fraud and the transparency of it is mind-blowing to me.
And of course they said, "Don't give it to children,"
and Biden's saying, "No, we're gonna do it."
So now the two scientists over it said, "Well, we're outta here,
"and we're gonna speak out when you do it."
And now that's the stalemate.
And finally, courage, just a little bit of courage, is contagious.
And now the EU goes, yeah, we're not going to do that because their chief advisor of the chief EU independent regulatory board, Wolfgang Wudarg, Who's been the chief guy for like 18 years, said last year with Dr. Yedon, the former head of Pfizer Science Division, Vaccine Division, this shot is going to kill everybody and give them blood clots and microcarditis and heart attacks.
I've got the damn reports!
And what did it do?
It did that.
Great job, crew.
There's the report.
December 1st, 2020.
So, we have all the facts.
We have the Japanese scientist.
We have all the evidence.
But what does the Young Turks have?
Alex Jones and Joe Rogan are eating horse paste.
And horses drink water, so I don't drink water either.
Just the level.
Because they're being paid, folks.
They're giving scripts.
That's come out.
Top basketball players have come out.
Football players have said, yeah, I was offered $200,000.
I was offered $100,000.
I was offered $80,000.
They've all gone public.
To tell you how great it is and how I took it and how I feel fine.
Think about it.
So here's the giant news, and I'll give the number out and take your calls.
This story came out.
Adon Salazar reported it in July.
He got a little bit of attention, but not the attention it needed.
And now it ties in with all the Israeli numbers and other numbers I'll show you.
Record hospitalizations, record infections, record deaths.
We'll just show you one of the graphs from John Hopkins.
Israel has the highest cases per million in the world.
If the vaccine's a success, it looks like it's the opposite.
Israel has the most cases in the world.
Azerbaijan, one of the lowest, because of course they're not vaccinating.
Look it up, Azerbaijan's like, we're not crazy, we're not taking that.
China won't take it.
India won't take the Pfizer shots.
Everybody's like, oh, we'll pass on that.
You guys enjoy it.
Again, the main target is the West.
The globalists don't want free countries.
They're taking us down and building all the new houses and stuff for the third world populations they're going to bring in.
FDA accidentally reveals list of COVID vaccine side effects, including microcarditis, autoimmune disease, and death.
And we're going to go to break.
I'm going to spend the whole next segment with the actual CDC document.
Oh, don't listen to evil Alex Jones.
Oh, you know, Reuters fact-checked this and said, does an FDA document say it can cause problems?
Well, it said that might, not that they would.
So we say it's false.
We believe this will cause heart attacks, blood clots, and other foreign... and then it happens.
And they're like, well, we fact-checked it.
They didn't say it would happen, they said it could happen.
Like, hey, you inject that heroin, you might have an overdose and die.
We didn't say you'd die, we just said you might die.
Don't play in traffic, you might get run over.
Well, we didn't say planted traffic is dangerous.
We said you might get run over.
See, just the stretching, the bending, the twisting.
So I want to show you, looky here, overhead shot please, this is from the CDC's website.
See this?
That's from the CDC, Food and Drug Administration, from their damn website.
In October, I'm going to show you this.
When we come back, then I'm going to give the number and I'm going to go to your phone calls right through into the fourth hour here today.
But this is just unbelievable because we have the new information.
Not just them saying this ten months ago, nine, I guess, eleven months ago now, but no, we actually have it now around the world happening with the live time real numbers saying just what they said.
That's crazy!
Again, I mean, I'm going to go to break.
I want to thank you for supporting us.
We have built the only true big independent media operation that swings for the fences and tells the truth and isn't scared.
And you see all the stuff in the news attacking us and all the rig courts and all the foaming at the mouth Democrats and the lies and the things they're doing trying to shut us down.
But because of your support, we are still on air and we have major plans to expand In the face of this tyranny, because I was quite frankly going to cut back a few years ago and pull back because I think I'd already done my work.
I've already done it.
I've already kind of got people to wait until the new order works.
I was going to kind of just remove myself, maybe write a book a year.
But because of the enemy attacks and their attempts to shut us down, I've committed to 14 hours a day, seven days a week, and I'm going to start seven day a week podcasts, special reports, different news bureaus all over the country.
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It's the secret ingredient.
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God bless them!
They're gonna break the chains!
You can't stop them!
We now take you live to the heart of the resistance.
I can feel humanity's strength rising.
They're gonna break!
You can't stop us.
And we're gonna put the balls to the walls!
Full power!
Balls to the walls.
I remember growing up, listen, I was like 10 years old.
My grandma goes, that's a horrible song about sex.
And I said, Grandma, balls to the walls means shoving the lever down in an airplane in World War II to full power.
That's what it means!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
You may mortify their flesh!
You can't stop us!
Alright, that's enough of the hymns.
Let's get into it right now.
I'm fired up.
I can just feel the energy of humanity rising to the enemy.
I can feel the awakening.
It's seismic.
I can feel our incredible influence here.
We've built together contending with the evil on the space-time continuum.
You can feel it too, can't you?
We are the tip of the spear.
That means you are the tip of the spear.
Okay, so let's settle down now and get into science time, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, look, U.S.
Food and Drug Administration, October 22nd, 2020.
It's an eight-hour, 20-plus minute video that is on YouTube.
You can type that in and you'll be able to pull it up.
S-B-E-R plans for monitoring COVID-19 vaccine safety and effectiveness.
Food and Drug Administration.
Remember, the top two scientists just left and said basically this isn't safe.
And the EU just said we need to stop the shots.
No more.
Yep, there it is.
An 8 hour 50 minute video.
Sorry, my brain dialed down.
It was a whole day, so there's the video.
So, People always accuse me of exaggerating.
It's usually the opposite.
It's usually worse than I'm telling you.
There's another example of that.
And so let's go over the slide they put up that freaked everybody else out.
Then the media tried to say it wasn't real, but then the CDC had it on their website, and they go, no, it's real.
So let's go ahead, ladies and gentlemen, and let's actually go to the document.
And here's the page, FDA Safety Surveillance and COVID Vaccines, Working List of Possible Adverse Outcomes.
And boy, did they get it just right.
Let's go ahead and I'm going to butcher these names.
I don't have, you know, I'm not too good at Latin and things like that, but I know this is named after the guy that discovered it, but the point is, Guillain-Barré Syndrome Acute Dismentated Encephalopathy Physis.
I mean, it just goes on.
I've got it boiled down here in a list that's Easier for me to read here, and there's a full article, has it?
FDA actually reveals a list of COVID vaccine side effects, including microcardias, autoimmune disease, and death.
But let me, let me just read to you the definitions of what these do.
This acute, dismented encephalophilus ADEM, or acute Stimulating encephalopathy is a rare, but not rare now, autoimmune disease marked by sudden widespread attack of inflammation in the brain and spinal cord.
Oh goody!
Kind of like polio they say is popping up everywhere.
As well as causing the brain and spinal cord to become inflamed, ADEM also attacks the nerves of the central nervous system and damages The myelin insertions, which as a result destroys white matter in the nerves in the brain.
That's not too fun!
Transverse myelitis, TM, is a rare, but not now, neurological condition in which the spinal cord is inflamed.
All the, oh, the polio-like disease that the FDA a few months ago said, oh, look for lots of the polio-like disease.
We don't know what's doing it.
It's in the vaccinated, though, and in their children, because they're infecting them.
Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain.
Oh, a lot of folks die with the brain swelling up.
That's always fun.
Here's... Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death.
It typically causes more than one of the following.
An itchy rash, throat, tongue swelling, shortness of breath, vomiting, lightheadedness, low blood pressure.
These symptoms typically come on Over minutes to hours.
Kind of sounds like what the virus does.
Oh, the vaccine is the virus.
A mitochondrial infraction, commonly known, or a mitocardial infraction, commonly known as a heart attack.
Said Oprah Winfrey, like, you get a car, and you get a car, you get a stroke, and you get a tumor, and you get a cancer, and you get a heart attack, and you get lung blood clots, and you get your uterus cut out, and you get Lymphoma cancer.
Isn't that fun?
Inflammation of the heart muscle.
Oh, that's the one killing so many and maiming others and ruining them for life.
Oh, they survive.
Throm- again folks, I'm sorry.
Thrombocotopenia is a condition characterized by abnormally low levels of platelets.
Oh fun!
Bleeding out.
Also known as thrombokites in the blood.
Here's another one.
Disminted intravascular coagulation.
Oh, this is a condition in which blood clots form throughout the body, blocking small blood vessels.
Gee, what do all the experts predict?
Turns out the CDC knew.
Wow, there's the big one.
You get a heart attack.
You get a blood clot.
You get to die.
You get to have convulsions.
You get an autoimmune disease.
You go blind.
Kill your baby, kill grandma too!
Take the shot and you'll die too!
I mean, this is just sick!
How much you gonna take, folks?
How much?
I mean, because they made a run at you.
They think you're stupid.
They keep babies alive whenever they're born and harvest their organs.
Pedophilia is all over the news, saying it's great.
Fox News and Step Down and Hughes is like, convicted pedophiles of the kids?
Well, hell, gotta get them while they're young.
That's an actual joke.
Oh, parents don't like evicted pedophiles with their children?
Ha ha ha ha!
They are coming at us!
They are coming at us.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, I'm sorry, there's more.
There's more.
I didn't read all the side effects, sorry.
Venous...venous thrombolism.
When a blood clot forms in the deep veins.
Oh, those are fun!
Kawasaki disease is a syndrome of unknown cause that results in a fever and main effects of children five to six.
It is a form of vasculitis where blood vessels become inflamed throughout the body.
Oh, wonderful!
Okay, and you see all the people online getting the same thing.
You get a Kawasaki!
Like, I get a motorcycle?
Blood bleeding out your ass!
How's that in your mouth?
How's that sound?
I want that!
I like Fauci!
So, you've seen Bill Gates and the UN, all these publications and articles.
You'll be in the grocery store, you'll see a magazine saying, The World Without Humans.
An incredible place.
You pick it up and it's how there's too many people and what the earth would look like when we were gone.
The trees would all grow back and be so romantic.
You'll just crawl in a hole and die and give the world over to Bill Gates.
He really cares about you.
But I just covered for you the incredible news of what's happening.
Here's the drug adverse event.
Data from the FDA and the CDC.
Ivermectin has had 1,517 events since the VAERS reporting system started decades ago.
HCQ has had 4,966.
And guess how many the COVID vaccines have had?
384,000 adverse events and many, many deaths.
the COVID vaccines have had 384,000 adverse events and many many deaths and
that's an old low number because they go to VAERS and cut out like 90% of the
deaths don't count them.
It's just 4,812 deaths.
So... But oh, it's horse paste.
Nobel Prize as an antiviral for humans.
Horse paste!
Oh yeah, it works on horses too.
Just like water, it's good for horses.
Again, we shouldn't drink water.
Horses drink water.
You drink water like horses drink?
You're going to take ivermectin like horses do?
I mean, man, this is weird.
By the way, if you talk to any farmer or rancher that's got horses and it's got cows, they want, if they've got a big group, if they have a small group of cows or horses, they don't have a vet do it, they do it themselves.
But, I mean, I remember getting to the vet's office at 6.30 in the morning, before it was even light, and he'd say, go over to the warehouse and get four boxes of the Horse paste or whatever.
I remember going, oh God, this is going to be a long day.
We must be doing a lot of cows or a lot of horses.
And people didn't even have worms.
They knew just give it every year to your animals because they're healthier and they're better.
It's an antiviral and it's an anti-cancer.
And that's a fact.
It won the Nobel Prize.
But again, it just, there's such enemies of humanity trying to suppress this.
They're real jerks.
So I've got a lot of news I haven't hit.
I've only scratched the surface, quite frankly, today.
But that last news we covered is just so ultra-massive.
I want to get into the whole police state global rollout, the worldwide ID card systems that are being expanded as well, and how that's all being announced.
In fact, I just had that in my stack, and did I just move it?
I've just got too many articles here.
It's totally insane.
But I also want to give the number out and take your phone calls.
Now we had some folks left on hold, four or five callers yesterday.
So let's call those folks back first, get them on the line.
And then I want to hear from listeners on any subject you want to discuss, but I would certainly like to hear about your take on the CDC's own October documents, predicting everything that indeed happened, just like the head EU advisor predicted it, but he said, don't do it.
That was the difference with their regulator advisors.
So again, the prestige The prestige of the scientists that said don't do this and then everything they said happened is incredible.
So we have a lot of moral good scientists.
Again, former head of the science division, actually ran the science division of Pfizer.
Dr. Yedon with Woodard said, do not do this.
It's going to cause all the things that happened.
The blood clots, the heart attacks.
But the CDC knew too.
Before they wrote that December emergency injunction to the EU, which they didn't follow, it was a lawsuit by their own top advisor and the former head of Pfizer science.
They went ahead with it.
And the CDC, it turns out, in October, said the exact same stuff in their own secret report that they leaked later and later published, and now their own scientists have left.
How big a deal is that?
We're not just gonna let that fall by the wayside.
We're not just gonna have that be a blip on the radar screen.
This is a huge, huge deal.
Well, yesterday I did an hour on this.
We posted, it's got like 200,000 views.
It needs 10 million views.
What I'm gonna do for you, for myself, for our own future, I'm going to do a short report on this that's just three or four minutes, very concise, all the documents.
I'm also going to do one on, and I'm going to do it later next hour because I've already shuffled through my papers and can't find the ones I was about to hit.
The World ID that's been announced, that's been rolled out by the UN, now being adopted in Europe, Australia, and in states in the United States and in Canada.
What it means if you accept it, because they're going to start saying where you can go, what you can do, what you can buy according to, quote, carbon footprint.
And they've said that.
This is not my opinion, but these idiots thinking, oh, I get my freedom back if I just accept this.
OK, I take a shot.
I get a QR code.
OK, I can go where I want.
I do what I want.
What fools.
Once you do that, you are literally taking something that lowers your immune system, where you gotta have this stuff for the rest of your life, you get sicker and sicker, they admit, and when you take daily pills, you gotta videotape yourself taking with a phone to go out.
This is a dystopia!
This is a nightmare plan and it's been announced.
And then they're going to say, oh, you get this much meat allotment.
You get, you get to go, they call it carbon rations.
This is all the official plan in Klaus Schwab's own documents, the UN.
And now the EU's announced it.
And now last week and this week, I played the clips, Trudeau said, we're going to apply these lockdowns for the climate.
It's already been announced.
And we'll be sitting here in six months when they start it.
Oh, and how did Alex Jones, it's like, he's gotta be one of them.
How did he know?
Uh, Trudeau got up on TV and said it.
I mean, and again, I'm not trying to take away from the fact that I'm smart, I'm ahead of the curve, I care.
But I mean, this, I'm so angry at our political establishment that's not pure evil.
Like Senator Paul and Senator Cruz and Holly?
I mean, this is world government, corporate governance, world ID in their own words, to track and trace with social credit score and put carbon taxes through the corporations and through all the systems whether governments pass it or not.
It is a total takeover with children's cartoons in the UK and Canada and Australia saying a global UN Food Council will control your smartphone and tell you when you get meat, where you can go, what jobs you have, you'll get meat once a year, all of this!
No cars allowed, on and on and on, and I'm sitting there watching the damn plan unfold in real time!
And our leaders are light years behind on this, and you know what?
I think they know, and I think they know it's too dangerous to come all the way out.
And so, they're just gonna go along with it.
And so it's up to us to do it, they're not gonna do it.
Brian Paul knows all this, Holly knows all this, Cotton knows all this, they all know.
They all know.
Top bioethicist who works for the Rockefeller Foundation says we're gonna engineer humanity with a vaccine so you can't eat meat.
By the way, one of the side effects of the COVID vaccine is that a meat allergy.
I mean, they put everything into this baby.
And it's just the opening salvo.
And now they'll have the precedent to put in your body what they want, when they want, how they want.
So it's very, very frustrating.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
And we will go to your phone calls.
And like I said, I've got all the World ID stuff I'm gonna get to at the bottom of the hour.
How we counter it, what it's gonna look like, how we stop it.
And for folks that want news on Afghanistan, This is part of a global destabilization program.
It was always the plan.
The globalists always ran the Taliban since the 70s.
They always turned them loose.
They flew them to safety after 9-11, the airlift of evil.
30,000 of them.
They allowed them to attack all those countries like Egypt and Syria and Libya before that.
Obama was just helping them a few years ago and then Trump said he wouldn't do it.
The Russians said, okay, we'll come in and kill them.
And they did.
And so that's really what went on.
So of course they're going to give them aid.
Of course they're going to give them weapons.
You've got to prop up these pedophiles.
The Taliban are... all of them are into pedophilia, basically.
When I said 90%, that's an understatement.
The religion of that form of Islam is sex with little boys down to age two.
And the CIA likes that too, so they supply them.
They all go in there and screw little kids together.
That's what you do when you're in the New World Order.
And so I keep explaining this to everybody and now it's all over the news.
Remember like five years ago I talked about, yeah, you know, the Taliban all keep like five-year-old boys as sex toys.
They're like, how dare you?
Islam doesn't allow that.
No, Islam hypocritically kills men that have sex with each other.
Adult men above the age 15, you have sex with another man, they kill you.
They throw you off a cliff.
But they screw kids.
It's what they do.
In fact, it's in the Quran.
It says, uh, if you are a shepherd and there are no women, then why with a boy?
That's their religion, is screwing little boys.
I'm gonna say it again.
Their religion is raping boys.
Their religion is raping boys.
Boy rape, boy rape, boy rape, and Muhammad married a nine-year-old.
Okay, that's what it is!
So, oh, Muhammad, oh, we worship you.
Burn in hell, all of you, burn!
Burn in hell, Fauci!
Burn, Gates, burn!
You and your pedophile armies will burn!
You will burn in hell!
I'll get you, don't you worry.
We'll be back with the next hour, scum!
Alright, I want to play a few key clips here that are very important.
Then I'm going to come back from break and go write your phone calls.
And then I did find all my articles about the Global ID and the rest of it.
And how they're implementing it.
And how to stop it.
So I want to let you know what's going to happen if you do put up with it.
If you let them put the chains on, things don't get better.
But here's a few people fighting back.
Here's a clip where a mother explains that they're not going to mask their children anymore, clip nine.
And then we also have folks fighting back and getting their exemption because they have natural immunity, which is 13 times better on average.
And it's totally criminal to try to make somebody do something on top of when they already have natural immunity.
Here it is.
My name is Keri Buller.
You see my shirt?
It says Mama.
And I'm a mama bear.
I know there's a lot of mamas here tonight.
And no one's going to mess with our cubs.
That's right.
Just so you know.
I'm a resident of Encinitas, born and raised San Diegan.
And tonight, I'm simply here to tell you to unmask our children.
We're done begging.
In fact, we're done asking for permission.
That's right.
We are going to be unmasking our children today.
That's right.
The pandemic is over.
The parents are done.
We're done asking you, public servants, for permission.
We are done.
You can all wear your masks.
In fact, you can wear two masks and three masks.
You can wear gloves.
You can have plexiglass.
You can do whatever you need to do to keep you safe.
But we, the parents, believe we have a choice for our children.
And I don't know who you think you are, that you think that you have more of a say than us, the parents, and our doctors.
I don't know who any of you think you are.
I really don't.
It ends today.
We are declaring our freedom tonight.
We do not consent to the lies, fear-mongering, and abuse.
You all know it's abuse.
This is tyrannical leadership.
Poor leadership.
None of you are willing to stand up for our children.
This is why we are all here tonight.
Because we're fed up.
We're done asking permission.
We're done playing games.
The pandemic is over.
We are done.
Andre, we're done.
See the chairs that you're sitting in?
We own those chairs.
See these lights?
We pay for the lights.
Not you.
And I'm going to let you know.
Emily, you're up in 2022.
Greg, you're up in 2022.
Marla, you're up in 2022.
And Jodi, you're up in 2024.
I know that myself, I would love to run for school.
And I know many, many others will come and replace all of you.
So I am going to promise you tonight that I will campaign against you.
I will fundraise against you.
And I will make sure that none of you ever serve in a public space ever again.
That's right.
The time is now.
Todd, along those lines, dissenters say the jury's still out.
You just mentioned that Israelis study a number of studies are touting natural immunity.
What do you believe that means for calls supporting vaccine passports and vaccine credentials?
It's completely ridiculous.
There have now been 15 studies to compare natural immunity with vaccines, and all 15 have shown that in the range of 90 to 95% protection, which is what the mRNA vaccines are at their peak, and now as we know, they wane very quickly.
Another study from Israel found that vaccine protection wanes 40% a month.
Natural immunity wanes 5% a month.
And we know that it's much better than the more mediocre vaccines like Johnson & Johnson, which even in the clinical trials was only about 66% protection.
There is literally no doubt about this anymore.
It's also very clear that natural immunity, as we saw in the Israeli study, is very resistant to variants such as the Delta variant because it recognizes the entire protein.
Whereas the vaccine is only used to target this narrow spike protein.
And now we're actually vaccinating people against a spike protein that is now extinct.
And not only now extinct, it's been extinct for several generations of variants.
And so natural immunity has proven itself on this.
And as we see more and more breakthrough infections throughout the country, there are more breakthrough infections in a month.
There are 35,000 breakthrough infections a week is what the CDC estimated.
There have been more breakthrough infections just this spring than natural.
Did you hear the guy go, the jury's still out.
Total horse crap.
The jury's not out.
This is such a beautiful song.
You know, I can't help but get fired up in the face of this attack.
I'm just like a dog when I see somebody approaching my territory and attacking me.
I get my hackles up and I start snapping.
It's time, though, to get down on our knees to God and begin to pray and really seek repentance, seek that quiet place, the Most High that King David talked about.
And I get in that quiet place, the Most High, and see things so clearly, but when I get up here on air and just cover all this news, I get angry.
Because I know this stuff backwards and forwards, up one side, down the side, just like a lot of you do.
And I see all these lazy people in the system just following scripts they're given for money.
But they're taking part in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which is the public goal of the megabanks who took the world over through fraud and now don't want us around.
They've got automation, they've got computers, and they've got their argument, there's too many people, and they've got their argument that we don't care and we're stupid.
And if we don't stand up to them, we do kind of deserve what happens.
I don't, you don't, but the sheeple do, but it still doesn't matter.
If we're going to save ourselves, we've got to save them.
And the children don't deserve this happening to them.
And God's watching us.
All right, I want to go to your phone calls, James and Riley and Laura and Jordan and Alan and Kyle and Sonny and Josh and Emmanuel and many, many others here today.
And then, as I said, there are large quadrants of news that I have not Gotten two on critical race theory and on China.
Male girly behavior banned.
China cracks down on sissy men.
Says it's CIA propaganda to destroy the family and their country, which it is.
If you want to be a sissy man, that's up to you, but they're doing it to undermine the culture and undermine the society.
And China funds Hollywood, owns four of the six production houses, and that's why they fund race war and sissification.
By the way, you saw the little comedy thing with Saki, Jen Saki, and that weird guy with the long fingernails?
I mean, that guy looks scary as hell.
He doesn't look effeminate, doesn't look like a woman.
I wouldn't turn my back on that guy.
Would you like that guy to be your accountant?
How about your kid's babysitter?
He's a deranged lunatic.
I'm not saying ban it.
I'm saying that when it's being pushed, it should destroy civilization, and that's why it's there.
And we have Hillary's own emails with the head of a major university psychology department, and she's losing the election.
It's about six months to the election, and they go, what are we going to do?
Increase the culture war.
And she says, well, we've already increased it to like, as high as we go.
He goes, no, we can do it much higher.
Attack all the foundations.
That means your jobs, women's spaces, men's spaces, children's spaces.
It's all about you don't get any space, you don't get any rest, you don't get any dignity, you don't get your own area, you don't get your own autonomy.
Psychology today, feminizing boys as we masculinize girls.
But the girls really aren't masculine.
They are worker bees of the system.
It's a scientific plan.
I mean, wow, you talk about a magic trick, turning everybody into this guy.
Let's go ahead.
I mean, the Taliban won't have fun with him.
Let's go ahead and take some calls here.
Talk to Jordan in New Jersey, a pharma scientist, wants to talk about vaccines.
Wife took the vaccine.
Tell us what happened.
Thanks for calling, Jordan.
Thank you, Alex.
I'll try to be as brief as possible.
Well, I took it back in March.
I had been out of the pharmaceutical industry for a number of years.
I became an attorney, but I saw immediately some neurocognitive issues.
I don't know how best to describe it.
She also had the irregular menstrual cycle as well, and she'd been in an IED for, I forget how long, you know, not even having her period.
Total Stockholm Syndrome.
Anything Man, what is going on with our phone system?
This happened yesterday at the end of the show, and it just happened again.
Well, at least he got part of it in.
We may have to go back to analog phone lines.
Who knows?
Make sure nobody's messing with the phone system on the other side, please, for God's sakes.
Okay, let's go to Josh in Florida.
Sir, call back.
We'll get you back on air.
I apologize.
Josh in Florida.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to...
Make a comment, um, on the state of the internet and how this all ties in to everything with the COVID pandemic.
So in the past, um, they would do death by a thousand cuts.
Now we're in, um, a modern siege where it's more like death by a thousand stabs where each stab can mean the end.
Um, This is all tie-in.
Okay, there's definitely something wrong with our phone system.
So, this is two days in a row.
I'm going to put the order in to have an engineering crew come in here and put seven analog phone lines in.
Because I don't know what's going on around this haunted house.
And I'm not mad.
We've been having a lot of technical stuff.
And I want to just explain this to listeners here.
We have to build our own infrastructure.
Satellite uplinks, encoders, servers, systems.
We have to hide what companies we've got, where we put them up, because we're hunted, we're attacked, we're sued to shut us down.
Remember, your iPhone has a trillion dollars of investment in it.
Google has trillions of investment in it.
We have tens of millions of investment that you've supported us with to build our own infrastructure, our own TV, radio, network system, to have our own crew, our own people, and I'm very, very, very, very thankful.
And we're trying to upgrade our equipment.
We've upgraded a bunch of it in the last month.
And we have a lot of systems that network things, and I think that may be it.
So, we may have to go back to analog phone lines.
Because I'm not going to accept a thing where we can't take calls.
That's just not going to happen.
I want to take your calls.
The caller was making incredible points.
And obviously, we've got an issue.
So, I'm going to try as best I can.
Let me Let me just go ahead and hit some of this other news here quickly, okay?
Male girly behavior banned.
China crackdown kicks sissy men off TV.
Former House Committee votes to require women to register for the military draft.
Total slavery.
You have a right now, women, to be a slave.
All-inclusive university cultural center host barbecue intended for everyone but white people.
That happens at every major university now, teaching you racism and that whites are bad.
DHS fears Taliban takeover could inspire uprising by U.S.
insurrectionist and white supremacist CNN claims.
CNN claims.
They had one anonymous post somewhere saying, man, look at that Taliban.
Boy, they sure kicked the U.S.
government's ass, so can we.
That turns into the main new threat projection is veterans, gun owners, and conservatives.
They say, we are now the Taliban, even though it's the globalists funding and running and arming the Taliban.
See the inversion of reality?
And of course, the Taliban are pedophiles like the Democrats.
Wow, can't make this up.
Biden had meant to help build new border facilities on Tajikistan and Afghan border to respond to security threats, but we don't get a border.
Of course, they're going to use that border to actually bring the Afghans in to Europe.
The UN sets those up as the invasion point.
Biden administration sending Afghans to swing states where they will be housed and fed.
And of course, Democrats in the New York Times says, let anybody, including someone that just got here a day ago, vote.
Whoever said you need to be a citizen to vote?
And boy, they're going to.
One of these Afghans just shot up a police station and killed a lady and a bunch of stuff in Dallas.
But you didn't ever hear about it on the news.
This happened two days ago.
DHS fears Taliban takeover could inspire.
Yeah, right.
A new survey of Biden's job approval rating is out.
It's not looking good in swing states.
But it doesn't matter.
He has electronic voting fraud and ballot stuffing with all.
They're going to have all those mail-in ballots again.
They're going to shut us down next year for sure during the whole election.
So get ready for that.
They're going to run the same play.
Because it worked.
And Republican leaders just sit there like a bunch of dumb monkeys doing nothing.
I think somebody's hacked into the digital phone system.
We've had stuff like this before and they're hanging up on people when we go to them.
So we're rebooting the system and changing the passcode.
We should change the passcodes around here on a more routine basis.
But people get attached to passcodes.
That's okay.
It's Tim Cook's K. He runs death camps, too.
That's all that matters.
He's liberal.
And he's got a special shot for you and your family.
I'm gonna get to Tim Cook and Apple.
They're helping organize with Google all the phone apps with the UN and the Rockefeller Foundation, where you won't be able to leave your house or start a car or buy food unless you are in good steds with them.
We're gonna be talking about how liberal it all is in just a minute.
And speaking of liberal, WeSpa transgender, hold on, you guessed it, turns out to be a registered sex offender facing multiple indecent exposure felonies.
Yeah, he went to a gym, spa, into the women's bathroom where they have a hot tub in front of, what, an eight-year-old girl and her mother and grandmother.
And I guess the mother, you know, you bathe naked in there.
And he came in there with his ding-a-ling and just said, he started telling him, you like my ding-a-ling?
He talked to him about his Johnson and showed it to him and freaked him out.
And then the Antifa came and beat people with lead pipes and stabbed people because they protested.
The Antifa with all their big Baphomet tattoos and all the rest of it.
And they just came and, you know, stabbed and beat with lead pipes their heroes.
Oh, those evil Asian women in an Asian spa.
They thought they'd go steam in a hot tub with their family and sit around and bond as women.
But guess what?
A registered sex offender that likes to expose himself.
You know, the old perverts with the trench coats.
Those are heroes now.
And in California, you can give people HIV and hepatitis so you don't get in trouble on purpose.
It's so progressive.
Yes, the transgender individual who sparked massive protest and public debate after they flaunted their male genitals.
Oh, but they're women.
They're women, so it's okay.
In front of women and underage girls in Los Angeles, we SPA have been found to be registered sex offenders.
And guess what's happening all over California and other states?
That's what's happening in California and all those other states.
They're Democrat.
They're having, per prison, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14 babies born!
And it says in the news, a woman got a woman pregnant!
Because if you'll accept that, you'll drink Kool-Aid with cyanide in it, you'll do whatever you're told.
You'll take vaccines that don't protect you, that kill you, and demand more!
And so, when I got arrested for DWI, which they dropped, because I blew under, like I told the police, It's legal to be in a restaurant and drink maybe a glass and a half of sake.
I mean, it was a little bottle between me and my wife.
Tiny little bottle.
Hours before and I said, officer, I had half a bottle of sake, small sake.
But that's not the story.
When I get down to downtown jail, I'm sitting there, back then, shaved head, beard, I'm built like a gorilla, and the woman looks right at me and says, are you a man or a woman, or what sex are you?
And I said, I'm a man, and started giggling, and she goes, don't giggle, it's not funny.
Are you transgender?
And I said, actually, I am transgender.
She goes, don't mess with me if you really are.
We're going to put you in with the women.
I said, yeah, of course I'm joking.
So you guys are a bunch of weirdos, man.
So I'm not saying they're all bad.
The point is, is that it's a freak show.
And she said later, she goes, well, after I blew under and all of it, she goes, well, I understand.
I just have to ask those questions.
It's horrible.
The men that say they're women and we got to put them in with the women and they set and they sexually assault them and stuff.
And I'm not supposed to talk about it.
No kidding.
I mean, cause I was in there.
With a bunch of pretty mean dudes.
I mean, there was meth heads, drug addicts, and guys in there for armed robbery and stuff.
And, you know, it was not fun, but I was only in there overnight.
And I wish I'd have got drunk before I got out there.
It was super boring just sitting there all night.
No TVs, no nothing.
You're just locked up.
And it's a side issue.
It's just totally insane that that's the freak show of virtue signaling.
What gender are you?
All right, let's continue here and I'm gonna hit the big news when we come back.
And they rebooted the phones, we'll see if they work when I go back.
I apologize to the listeners.
Reddit bans vaccine skeptic subreddit just days after CEO promised To defend dissent.
Yeah, you can't tell your stories of death or show even the foreign statistics or national numbers or even CDC documents.
You gotta just sit there and let us bully you into submission into death.
After all, I mean, Leonardo DiCaprio needs to be able to go to a national park and not have any people there.
You know, Leonardo DiCaprio's into eugenics, into world government, into Klaus Schwab, personally vacations with him.
He'll be an enemy in the future.
Long after Schwab's gone, we'll be fighting him.
Be real nice to him if you see him in person.
Let him kill you, okay?
He's better than you.
He's a Hollywood star.
Because he's a little kid.
Probably got passed around back then, back in Titanic time.
James Cameron wants world government and eugenics in the population.
Oh, yeah.
He's involved.
I guess that's probably who turned old Leonardo onto the club.
The club we ain't in.
the club where we all die. Now, let me come back because I still got some time here but
I need some time on this and I'll go to your calls.
The Orwellian vaccine passport agenda relies on the lie of the social contract.
Very important article by Brandon Smith, alt.market.us.
We're going to cover that.
North Korea rejects offer of nearly three million Sinovac COVID-19 shots.
So China's refused all of ours.
And now North Korea won't trust China.
I wonder what they know that we don't know.
Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il's little darling son.
But when we come back, the vaccine passport nightmare system and more.
The information I don't want you to know.
Separately, ladies and gentlemen.
I just want to stay in the fight.
It's all I care about.
I am more committed now than ever because now I know I was right about everything.
And now I know the Globals are as bad as we thought they were.
They're worse.
And I know that we've had a big effect.
I know the Globals are in trouble.
I know their agenda is not going well.
That's why they went ahead and went all out with this bum rush.
And I know I've already paid quite a bit and I'm going to pay more for what I've done.
So I want to make sure we win.
And this is really personal for me.
I know it's personal for you.
They're coming after you and your family.
So there isn't a place you can spend money to get better products that make your life better.
And at the same time, funding an organization dedicated to taking on the globalist.
And I'd love to be way out in the black and have a whole bunch of extra money.
Let's try to do that.
But what happens is when I bring sponsors on, that just brings down how much we sell on the shopping cart.
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We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Okay, we got the phone system back up, and I think I'm just going to open the phones up again tomorrow, but the whole four hours.
Seriously, I want to take a lot of your calls, and I'm sorry we didn't get to you.
Things have glitches, things have issues, but Jordan was able to get back in.
The pharma scientist called back, and I believe, from memory, you were talking about a girlfriend or somebody close to you.
She has had major health problems since she took the vax, brain fog, uterine problems, and then the phone system kicked you off.
Go ahead, Jordan.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm glad I got back through.
So, in any event, you know, she had all of it.
She had the false positive on the breast cancer screen.
She had the kidney re-examination.
You name it.
The only thing she didn't have, thank God, was a cardiac arrest or anything of that nature, or a stroke, although she is now having some strange effects there.
But it led me to do a lot of research and put on my old Information Scientist Pharmaceutical hat.
And I just want to share this with everybody. I talked to Owen Troyer on The War Room about this
in the past. And I want everybody to be alerted to the N3 program. That's N is in Nancy 3 program
by DARPA, who heavily funded these Moderna shots. Okay?
There's a whole team of people, one of whom was Charles Lieber, who Dr. Merritt has pointed
out on numerous occasions on various platforms. Are you still there, Alex?
I am, brother.
Okay. So this whole Lieber thing is part of the talent. The Chinese have a program
that Lieber was a part of, as well as other notable scientists in nanotechnology.
Now the N3 program is part of, it flows out of the BRAIN Initiative started by Obama, during the Obama administration.
I urge everybody to look into all of this.
Now there's multiple different projects.
It all has to do with the singularity, by and large, and the Internet of Things, and all the rest of it.
Sure, and how big is it?
I know you're going that the Japanese have now confirmed and canceled the Moderna shot because it has liquid nano metal in it and it's killing people.
It looks like they put too much of the metal in, but what scientists have told me is they're basically putting a trackable digital plug into all of us.
And I verified the research and I'm going to launch my own website and I'll try to get through to your own and announce it so that it's a resource of published papers of these people.
Now it's the Thousand Talents program by China and all this stuff is also involved with Dasik and the rest of it.
Now the key to the N3 is that they plan, in their plan, and this is, you can go look this up if you search this on the internet, because they just... I remember Obama!
Obama puts tens of billions into the brain and advanced interfaces and nanotech for the brain.
I remember Obama launches the brain program with MIT.
Yes, and this is part of what they're doing, and this ties into the transhuman aspect of it.
You're right about it killing people, but the people that survive, they want them to be fully integrated.
And to do testing on them.
Oh, they're using us as guinea pigs.
That's exactly what they're doing.
This is a transhumanist revolution.
Schwab said, we are going to take over your body and your very sails.
This is a rape.
And what they did with these... It's the Brain Research Through Advanced Innovative Neurotechnologies or the Brain Initiative.
And N3 is the DARPA program and they dump, and it's a public fact, they dump hundreds of thousands if not millions or hundreds of millions of dollars into Moderna who never released a product to market.
Until this.
And then Moderna releases it and Japan bans it because it's got liquid nanometal in it.
Yes, and what they stated in their own research, in their own public documents, they do news reports.
Patel is a big company in this.
Everybody look up B-A-T-E-L-L-E, okay?
They're taking over the next phase of this because of what happened with Lieber.
So they had to cut out part of Harvard and MIT because it was compromised by the Chinese because there's two different factions here of these global establishments, or multiple ones, right?
So, what the plan was to insert DNA in a specific neuron, right?
Or, in this case, mRNA, right?
And have them make proteins.
So the protein spikes are not just to kill people.
They have cytotoxic effects.
You're right.
Everybody's right about that.
But the proteins themselves set up what's called a PPI.
It's a protein-to-protein interface system.
So, and this is so that the first type of protein absorbs light when the neurons fire.
To detect neural activity.
And this is the looser phase thing.
This is all being injected in everybody to track neural activity and to also manipulate it.
So, this is very important.
Everybody knows that this is part of this program and this whole Japanese disclosure is hugely important.
And this is a weakness, and this has to be exploited by every info warrior out there.
And I just wanted to get that through to you, Alex, and I'm glad I was able to get a hold of you today.
I'm glad you called, brother.
You should come on as a guest sometime.
Send us your information.
Get his information.
Because everything you're saying, I've already read the report.
You're a scientist, so you can come on and explain it to us.
But people, this is the year 2021.
They're really making this move.
And so Moderna, obviously, is the most magnetic injection.
Same stuff's in the Pfizer.
And the best we can tell is it's some kind of metal ring structure protein that grows in the body.
So it doesn't just travel around.
You notice they give you a big injection.
Most vaccines are a tiny bit.
This is a lot.
Because they are loading you up and then it replicates in your body.
And those it doesn't take to, or those that overproduce, die.
Those that underproduce have the cell matrix grow in you.
This is unbelievable, folks.
This is real.
This is the total takeover.
Graphene-based micro-monitors constructed by micro-scales.
Yep, and that's what DARPA's been up to.
So, I mean, they don't want to just rape your children.
They don't want to just rape your privacy.
They are raping you.
And there they are producing the black material, the little nanoparticles to track you.
Put it in your body.
And I remember back with the H1N1, the year before they put H1N1 out, quote, as a simulant virus in the flu, and then it created the flu the next year.
That came out in the news!
Yeah, there they are with the graphite, the graphene oxide, creating the black metal substance they put in your injections.
In fact, guys, remind me at the end of the show to shoot a special report on this and give this to Gregory's.
Spanish study finds Pfizer vaccine contains high levels of toxic graphene oxide, which is where they're making the Moderna shot is in Madrid.
And that's what you take here, which is what you take in Japan.
I mean, folks, they just think you're an idiot and they can kill you.
I mean, it's just pure evil.
Okay, they want to merge with machine.
They said they're going to merge with silicon.
They're testing it on us.
They're gonna find out who can survive, who can do it, then they're gonna basically kidnap you, suck your blood out, create an immortal cell line that is able to merge with machine, and then give it to themselves.
That's just one of the little side things.
I didn't say that to scare you, that's the truth.
They will murder you and your family, that's their main goal.
But become God in the process, in the sacrifice of you and your family.
All right, Michael got cut off yesterday when the phone system failed.
He's back on, I'm glad he got on.
Michael and Matt's about genetic rewrite, that's exactly where we are.
You had a question and you got cut off, go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for getting me back on again.
I, uh, I knew you didn't hang up on me because I had you on my TV.
But anyways, so yeah, can you hear me?
I can.
But yeah, thanks Alex.
Anyway, so like, yeah, when you say like a genetic rewrite of the planet, like, and I remember you just like reposted that like alien covenant special you did like a couple years ago, but you reposted it and you referred to it in there too.
So like, I was just wondering if you could like tie that together.
Like what, like, What do you mean by that?
Like, what's the connection that they were really telling us in Alien Covenant and Prometheus?
And how does that tie into, like, the vaccine, like, this vaccine now?
Can you, like, kind of explain that?
Yeah, no, that was, that was, uh, I did that Alien Covenant report eight years ago, nine years ago, and it, of course, got banned off YouTube, but it's posted at, um...
Oh, so they're banned on video now.
And in that movie, they tell you what they really think, and they think we came from aliens, from Sirius.
That's in all the Babylonian and Egyptian carvings.
And before the director came out and said it, I said that this is their religion, is transpermia and all this other stuff.
And so they believe aliens made us, and that the aliens are us, and that they had to depopulate the Earth before the aliens will come and give them advanced life.
So that's why in the next episode of the Prometheus movie, you know, it's the extermination of that planet of humanoids by their own species.
And so it's all about... Is it like modifying our DNA, like with this first?
Like with this vaccine?
They're marking us for death.
I mean, it's a binary weapon.
They're also testing to see who they can merge it with.
And they're just, they believe that playing God means you build worlds, you destroy worlds.
I'm going to hold you over.
You have to understand, every culture gets taken over by this group and then they do human sacrifice.
And then finally they want to kill themselves as well to then merge with the new silicon planet they're building.
And so all of that is basically an allegory in these films.
We'll come back and explain it all.
Look, their main mission is murder you and your family.
Murder you and your family.
Final segment of this hour.
I'm going to host someone in the next hour, then Jay Dyer takes over the last 45 minutes.
The War Room, 3 p.m.
today with Owen Schroyer.
Every day we're on air is a blessing.
Every day that you realize you are the InfoWar and tell folks how you're listening and how they can tune in is amazing.
Okay, briefly next hour, I'm going to get into some of the world ID and how it's rolling out and how to stop it, in my view.
And what will happen if we don't stop it?
Because it's the big enchilada.
It's the big issue.
And Greg Reese's amazing report that's posted DeadInfoWars.com, or it should be if it's not.
The Mark of the Beast has arrived, it's so incredibly important.
But let's go back to Michael and Mass.
Michael, they believe that depopulating us, again, is an act of God.
And Ray Kurzweil and all of them say, we will depopulate you, we must do this to become the gods.
He says, I don't believe in God, I will become a god.
He goes, and I will step on you like a bug.
Or maybe I'll keep you like a house plant.
And so, if we roll over to these psychos, then we deserve what we get.
But yeah, you've heard me talk about a genetic reroute of the planet.
They say, oh, we're saving the Earth, get rid of humans.
They don't care about toxic waste or death.
They say they're going to build any worlds they want.
They talk about it in their transhumanist literature, that they're going to be gods.
But they all say we must first transcend humanity.
The carbon life form is horrible.
That's why they have Wall Street Journal articles about looking forward to the end of humanity.
COVID has showed us we're failed.
We're never going to rise again.
We must give up our bodies.
That's what they're up to.
Anything else, Michael?
Real quick.
Yeah, I was just going to say, like, I think your analysis about, because, you know, all the most of the papers for like COVID, it seems like it's like a two to a five year plan.
So what I think is going to happen is this winter, when everyone's immune system's down from no sunlight, vitamin D, and then the vaccine lowering their immune system, they're going to spike the death rate this winter, just like they did in like spring 2020.
You know how like it was like coronavirus death in spring 2020?
And then the next day it was like 10,000.
Like they just spiked it.
But sir, let me just tell you.
I mean, I'll just tell you.
The life expectancy of the U.S.
just went down in the last six months, two years.
It didn't go down last year.
It just went down two years just from the amount of death from the vaccines and the shedding.
I mean, a January 6th lawyer is now on a ventilator.
I have a Zero Hedge article I'll cover next segment.
Schools everywhere are closing.
People are deathly ill all over.
They have a gorilla on their chest.
This is real.
And it's mainly vaccinated people, people who have been around vaccinated people.
So you're going to see way more death this winter and this fall than you saw last year.
I totally agree with you, and it's all engineered.
They're going to blame the unvaccinated when it's them, people like Mitt Romney, the shedders that have taken the aborted fetal tissue, grown, cloned human genomes, and are now the cancer factories.
I mean, Mitt Romney is a demonic being now that's taken on the body of dead children and producing cancer.
He's literally like a big black smokestack just belching satanic evil while that satanist tells you that you are the devil and tells you that you're bad and you're infecting people when he is nothing but an Antichrist puppet.
I appreciate your call.
All right, let's go to Frank in South Africa.
Frank, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, how are you?
Man, I'm just watching the depopulation begin, brother.
Everything they foretold, it's happening.
Okay, so let me just say this.
I just want to say first things first, I honestly believe that you truly are God sent.
Second of all, I do want to tell all the people out there, please, if you can, you have to support Alex, Mike Lindell, all of these guys, because everything that's happening around us, This was ordained by God.
So that's the first thing.
Next thing I want to say, Alex, is I've been following the Illuminati now probably for about 21 years.
I've been following you for 20.
And I've been trying to convert people for two decades now.
And unfortunately, over the last six months, I have lost every single friend I've ever had.
I've had fights with family because everybody's just going for the vaccine.
They're just falling in line with the system because... It's spiritual.
It's spiritual.
They're locked in a spiritual bondage.
Well, look, here's the thing, though.
I've been studying the Bible, and I've been comparing the Bible to world events my entire life.
Everybody thinks I'm crazy.
Nobody understands what's going on, except for literally, like, five people.
My dad, unfortunately, he's one of them.
Me and him have never been close in our lives.
And the truth is, let me say it like this.
What's really happening is, this all started in 2020.
2030 is the end of the line for these guys, or for us, depending on what happens.
But look, we do know what happens then.
Jesus is going to come back.
No, you're right!
Globalists all say by 2047 they must have defeated us.
All humans must be exterminated and merged with Lucifer's machine, or they're going to be destroyed.
They say they must kill everyone by... They say, they say, we will be complete.
Humans will be eradicated by 2047.
Let me say it like this.
I do want to have a lot more of a conversation with you.
Like, I can speak for hundreds of hours about this topic, but there's just too many things to cover in such short space of time, so I just want to make it short.
My question to you is, like, what would you want me to tell you about the future?
Because I'll tell you... Well, brother, I'm glad.
I think, I mean, if you say tell you about the future, I think we also determine the future.
We're on a path.
Satan has his plan, God has his plan.
And we worked through that, and it's a test, but I really appreciate you calling and listening for 20 years.
You want to comment on the mark of the beast and this whole system?
So, look, obviously the system started a long time ago.
Computers were basically the birth of AI, because the beast that we read of in the Bible is actually AI.
And what's happening is this black matte that they've been farming at CERN for the last few years
is now actually alive because that's how demons come from into dimensional, into our physical reality.
Now they're fusing it with human DNA.
So what the Vax project is all about is they're vaccing as many as they can.
And I promise you, let's start following up.
Where are all the corpses going and happening?
'Cause I believe they're gonna use those corpses to examine what happened to the DNA
because they are looking for compatibility.
They're dying.
Their genes and their race is dying.
They've been interbreeding for too long through the bloodline.
They are dead and dying, and now they want fresh meat.
You know, this is how... And that's why all the royals and Rothschilds all say, we want to get rid of all humans.
I just heard a London Guardian headline saying, we want all humans exterminated.
That's the headline.
We are going... I mean, and they're doing it!
Because they don't see themselves as human.
There it is.
I campaign for the extinction of the human race.
With us gone, other species will have a chance to recover.
That's just making you feel guilty so you die.
They want to take everything over.
You think a psycho that wants to kill all humans cares about the earth?
Not at all.
Look, actually, what they're doing to the earth is called terraforming.
So what they're doing is they're spraying chemicals.
Actually, what they're doing is they're loading it with lead, and I'll tell you why.
Alex, David Icke mentioned something many years ago and he talked about how they're basically copper blood, so they can live in a much thinner oxygen atmosphere than humans can.
So that's why they're polluting the air, because they're acclimatizing, first of all, our genetics.
Well, there's no doubt they want lower oxygen levels.
The Earth's never had this low oxygen levels or this low carbon dioxide.
I mean, it's gone up the last hundred years, but before that, carbon dioxide was hundreds of times higher.
Oxygen was way higher.
We lived longer.
You're absolutely right.
God bless you, Frank.
I got to get to everybody, okay?
There's so many big new articles at InfoWars.com.
Outraged parents address school board after Project Veritas expose a Marxist teacher indoctrinating them.
And here's the big article here saying, kill all humans on earth, Leningradian.
And of course, that's right before they released the bioweapon.
Or right after they started it, January 10th last year.
Thank you, sir, for the call.
Great points.
Okay, who's up next here?
That would be Justin in California.
Justin, go ahead.
Hey, sir.
Thank you.
I'm calling from San Diego, and I first wanted to talk about the County Commissioner meeting that we just had, where they were discussing the misinformation about COVID, and then I wanted to run an idea by you after that.
Go ahead, sir.
Cool, so I have a couple bullet points here.
First of all, Nathan Fletcher is the chairman of our County Commissioner Board, and he actually has a profile page on the World Economic Forum.
So I'm not sure how many people know about that, but it's kind of interesting to check that out.
There's also known campaign contributions from George Soros to this man.
And when we were all down there, you could just tell that he wasn't listening to anything that any of us were saying.
We had hundreds of speakers that signed up, waited all morning, all day to speak to this man, to this board.
And you could tell it was just, you know, going right through him.
He didn't care what we had to say.
And, uh, I wanted to point out that out of all those people that were there to speak, there was no pro speakers for the agenda item, uh, that he was proposing.
There was no pro speakers in person.
They only called in and every one of them, I listened to every one of these calls from home.
I was down there in the morning.
I went home, listen to every one of them on the live stream with my AirPods in.
Not one.
The only people that called in to voice their support, they were all medical professionals.
They were all representing some sort of medical establishment, some sort of critical care center or something, a doctor's Association they were they were all obviously paid by or by by Big Pharma and even they showed video they had these video segments that they showed and it was just junk it was pure propaganda and anyone that has eyes to see can tell that it was propaganda it was so obvious um and the against this is the other thing I want to point out there are several that called in against that that would have been on our side
Basically saying, and for anyone who doesn't know what this was about, it was basically saying that the County Commissioner Board, or the county, can now determine what is misinformation.
So, if we say Ivermectin... That's right, they've now officially come out and want to make it illegal to have free speech.
Thank you for the call.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome into the fourth hour.
Jay Dyer's come up about 15 minutes.
I'm finishing up with your amazing phone calls right now.
I'm sorry this is so dystopic.
I'm sorry it's so scary.
I hadn't even read this article about Paul Ehrlich, who wrote Ecoscience is the textbook for fluoride in the water and poison vaccines, co-written with John P. Holdren, the White House Science Czar of Obama.
This is just as humans are a horrible species, kill everyone, kill all the children, kill, kill, kill, and how beautiful that is.
Don't go to space, don't have new technologies, kill everybody.
Because humans are, I mean, they want you to believe that and take that on so they can just brush you aside.
And you wonder why, oh, but the very same people love you so much and want you to take a shot because they care about you.
And I guess paradoxically, if we let Les Knight, who's like drooling over, you know, all of us dying, He's like, I got a vasectomy.
This is like a pervert to me.
These people are all a bunch of sick freaks who get off on death and now they're going to control everything.
Hey, how about you just blow your head off, buddy?
How about you just take a shotgun and blow your own head off?
I'm not going to hurt you.
I don't want to arm against you.
I'm just saying, if we all need to die, how about you die?
Yeah, the voluntary human extinction movement, he runs that.
And the media praises him, and he praises Extinction Rebellion.
Yeah, but none of you guys want to go extinct, do you, you frickin' vampire?
Let's talk to Laura in the great state of Texas.
Laura, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, my brother today is going up against the Board of Commanders in the Air Force.
He's an officer, and he objects.
Through the COVID vaccine and based on religious reasons.
And I'm very upset because.
You know, the Afghan Taliban.
In the PG media, a commander was talking about how they.
Are given a choice.
Is the vaccine 7000 of them were brought over here in Washington.
Yeah, I saw that.
They get a choice, which they should.
They shouldn't be brought here, by the way.
But yeah, they don't have to take it, but our military that's captive slaves do, yeah.
Because it's not our military, it's run by globalists.
Yes, exactly.
And my brother, he refuses.
And there's a lot of military that are refusing and resigning.
There's even military doctors coming out.
saying like 80% of our military are coming back with tumors.
Well, here's what's going on. After you win a war, you usually spike the cannons
you get there spiking your brother. And so they give them special shots that
are even more deadly. And you understand this isn't our government anymore. It's
long gone. And that the arguments is the laws there.
They just don't let them know about the proper exemption law.
This is still an experimental shot.
You can't give troops an experimental shot.
That's why they did the quote announcement that it's authorized.
Because it's not an authorized shot, they just created a new designation, re-extending the emergency authorization, that it's not an approved drug.
That's why the two heads of the FDA virology quit.
So your brother needs to know that information, he needs to do it, he needs to do a written order and a written response back to them, and he needs to go up the chain of command.
They're going to trick him to refuse his direct officer.
I mean, he should know all that if he's an officer.
He actually is a security officer in the Air Force and he got a Bachelor in Law so he knows.
Well, that's great, Laura.
Well, listen, we're all under attack, you know, not just your brothers.
Pray for him, pray for the world, but yeah, this is it.
This is the takedown of America.
This is a soft kill of our country.
The breakdown of supply chains.
I mean, this is it.
We're under attack.
This is World War IV.
And guys, here on the Alex Jones Show, all of our wonderful listeners, every race, color, and creed, male, female, you name it, who love God and love justice, we're all brothers and sisters together, but I want to be 100 trillion percent clear.
I don't say any of this stuff to be shocking.
I don't say any of this to be a shock jock.
I'm about 98% accurate.
I've made a few mistakes over the years.
I've been sucked into honey traps, political honey traps.
I've been sucked into fake stories to kill other real stories, and I've learned how the tricks work.
And I've got a lot of knowledge now, and I'm learning more all the time.
It's a process.
And I'm just very thankful to all of you over the years being supportive and keeping us on air.
I know it's hard to deal with this, and I know it's hard to come to grips with it.
I've only just now, in the last year and a half, almost two years now, this globalist attack, come to grips with what we're facing, and I just gave it to God and prayed to God.
And God's really energized me.
I've been given a lot more strength and I think it's your prayers out there too.
So thank you.
Cause this has been rough and a lot, I don't give the enemy attention.
I don't talk about what they do to me behind the scenes.
It's, it's been substantive.
Um, but I just take it now.
I'm not a masochist, a sadomasochist.
I don't like pain, but I just take the attacks and the, and the pain now as I'm over the target and That's just what this comes down to, is that I've now passed the threshold where the pain has become actually pleasure.
And it's God's miracle, it's amazing, and I'm getting stronger all the time.
I'm not all the way there yet, but I'm basically, and it's God, 100%, it's your prayers, like a force field.
I mean, I'm ten times stronger than I was five years ago.
And it's exponential.
And quite frankly, I can't even handle the level of discernment.
I know you're feeling it, too.
You're experiencing it.
And the enemy knows we've got that relationship with God, the creator of the universe.
That we're resonating with all the good that God created, and that we're getting closer to God.
And that's why they're panicking and wanting to kill everybody.
And so, we cannot let them get us down, we cannot let them get us depressed.
It's very sad they're killing people, it's very sad they're attacking, it's very sad all this is happening, but we became decadent, we forgot God, and God is gonna let the dust be judged.
And out of that, we're gonna be much stronger.
They put a graph up that I've seen many times, it's a meme over the last few years, about hard times make strong men, strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make hard times.
And it just, it's true.
It's true.
And when you see the spirit of laziness and the spirit of selfishness in people, they just don't, they don't understand it because they've been raised in front of a television set.
It's not their fault.
And it's so important to forgive our minion level enemies.
I don't mean the globalists that know what they're doing, but the average leftist is a sad, desperate prisoner.
Who is imagining through reflected glory, with their two or three worthless degrees and all the shots they're getting and everything that's happening to them, that they're part of the system and they're winners.
They just don't understand it.
So, we've got to reach out to those that want to hear the truth, but also not be hateful towards the demon-possessed, you know, minions, because they're gone, folks.
They're people we lost.
They were spiritually aborted.
And it's a loss.
God's not happy about it.
And we shouldn't sit there and look at the horrible state they're in and feel good about ourselves.
We could be like that at any time if we don't have the Holy Spirit.
It's got to be constantly entering us, constantly blocking the enemy, just constant.
That's what you've got to constantly just have it like, it's like water, just like a big imaginer.
When you see a big floodgate open, the water's like, that's the Spirit of God you want to feel.
If you don't feel that, you need to really get to praying, folks, because the enemy's coming in like a flood, but the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
I'm not talking about your little devil church, your Glitterberg Church, or any of that stuff.
I'm talking about the God of the universe, and you better get under those wings, and you better do it fast, because this is it.
I mean, it's on, and they're not going to back off now.
The extermination is just going to accelerate.
The Bible says Satan will kill one-fourth of the earth conservatively.
With pestilence.
And that's about where this is going right now.
And we're the main target as Christian nations, the remnant.
Because this was a Christian country and Europe was Christian, the devil is trying to destroy those areas because of the ideas.
All right, let's go to your phone calls.
Who's been on the longest here?
That would be Tyson in Kansas.
Go ahead, Tyson.
Yes, sir.
Hi, Alex.
I'm calling because it's actually been several weeks.
I wanted to call sooner, but I just hadn't had the time off during the day.
I got a phone call from somebody who was claiming to be working with some sort of sub-organization under Planned Parenthood.
And I asked them several questions and they said that they were also working in conjunction with something I believe it was called, it's been a few weeks since I've seen the website, so forgive me if I get the name wrong, I think it was called Knock on Every Door, which was some sort of anti-Trump Yeah, yeah, that's contact tracers.
It's all the Democratic Party.
It's all the Clinton Global Initiative and Google.
And they've got all those different names and they're targeting red areas and swing states.
Then the same people put on a different ball cap and they go on their contact tracers.
It's kind of like in the movie, Romancing the Stone, where the evil colonel is a police officer.
He's also a general.
He's also a businessman.
They just put different hats on, and then they're just there getting Intel for a laptop computer in their car or an iPad, but they load Intel in on you.
I would not open your door.
I would not talk to them.
Yeah, I was wondering where they got the information from, because somehow they knew that I would be somebody who was not vaccinated, and I asked them where they got my number and everything, and they said it was in the public domain, and I'm just thinking, is my mother... Well, don't you think it's funny?
I mean, Planned Parenthood's former head is the CNN anchor that says, take people's children away, forcibly... I mean, they didn't get to abort you, and your mom and bro, they're coming to abort you now, you understand that?
Yeah, I do understand that.
And they asked me and they asked if I was vaccinated, if I needed information on areas where... And I would just hang up on them.
I would give those enemies no information.
I gave them false information.
I told them that we were all vaccinated.
But, uh, which I don't know what they'll do with that now that that's out on the airwaves.
But, um, Yeah, it was pretty disturbing, and when I tried to call the number back, even, it was just a little recorded voice that said, thank you for calling Planned Parenthood.
Sure, you know what lazing a target is, right?
That's when they send the military and the advance guys, the scouts, to mark where targets are so they can drop bombs.
Those are just average $20 an hour people that go out and then put data in a database for later real contact tracers to come drag you and your family out.
Yeah, it's pretty disturbing.
I can't believe they contacted me.
I don't want to be traced or anything.
Hey brother, I love you and I appreciate your call.
I'm going to get one more in here and I'm sorry.
I've got time for Katherine.
I've got time for Daniel.
I've got time for Liberty Dog.
Whoever I don't get to, we'll call you back tomorrow to answer.
Let's go to Daniel's been holding the longest.
Go ahead Daniel in Texas.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to let you know I was in Sam's Club about a month ago now, and there was a robot, an autonomous robot, scrubbing the floor.
Oh yeah.
And I said to one of the workers there, I said, hey, that's going to take your job, because I know, huh?
And then when I was leaving, and then, you know, those little checkout people that check your receipt, I said, hey, are you guys unionized?
And he said, I don't know.
And I said, well, you need to do something about these robots.
They're going to take your job.
I'll find another job, bro.
Like, okay!
Yeah, none of them have any life force or survival instinct.
And the other thing is, I ordered some Pollen Block today.
I never have ever suffered from allergies.
I'm going to give that a try.
I've heard a lot of good things about it.
And the last thing is, I've been listening to you since you were on the cover of Texas Monthly, was that 2008?
And now, suddenly, in the last 18 months, I don't seem so crazy to a lot of people.
Well, God bless you, brother, and I love you, and I appreciate you holding us to say that.
All right, Catherine and Liberty Dog, I'll call you back tomorrow.
I didn't want to take any more time from Jay Dyer.
He really does his research on the Great Reset and the globalist depopulation operations he takes over right now.
But like the caller said earlier, think of how big it is that Japan has withdrawn the entire Moderna deal because it's all got liquid nanometal in it, and then DARPA builds that vaccine and has the patent to do that to you.
I mean, it's just...
Like Bill Gates' wife on TV.
We're not putting microchips in you.
No, sure you're not, lady.
I mean, these people, they know you're good.
They're psychotic killers.
They're inbred psychotic killers.
They just hate your guts.
And they know you're naive.
Remember, when you see them, they are your number one enemy sworn to kill you and your family.
All right, Jay Dyer takes over.
All right, welcome to the final hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And today I want to cover the totality of the lockstep document.
We've heard it mentioned many, many, many times, at least probably 100 times or more in the last year because of its predictive accuracy and power.
We've covered the SPARS document extensively, but I want to take you through each section of the lockstep document, which actually, if you want to know, is called Scenarios for the Future of Technology International Development.
So it's not actually called Lockstep.
What Lockstep is, is one of the four future potential scenarios that they see likely playing out.
So this was a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document about a plan, it's a planning exercise.
And if you don't know what that is, that's basically in the corporate world or in military, they do these kind of actuaries or they do war games, they do future potential scenarios to give their stakeholders Right, and the people invested in their, say, corporation or in their philanthropy in this case, so called, a way to plan for these different scenarios.
Now, another mistake that we don't need to make is to think that Lockstep is just simply the one that they chose, right?
Oh, there's no others.
It's just that they chose Lockstep amongst the four there.
Actually, there's elements in each of these scenarios that can be also integrated into the phase that we're living in now, or perhaps in the future they might use smart scramble or they might use hack attack, if in fact these are war game scenarios.
And I think that they are.
So even though they're called planning exercises or fictional future scenarios, We know that that's precisely what the purpose of a war game is, of a planning exercise, is to have a prepared response for those scenarios.
And in fact, if you can control the scenarios, how much better will your response be?
And so they even say that our goal here is to help out philanthropic stakeholders.
What has Klaus been talking about so much lately?
Klaus Schwab, of course, he talks about stakeholder capitalism.
And that really is moving away from the idea of the individual and rather that everyone has a duty to everyone else, you see.
Oh, you're not just a stakeholder in some company or some bank or whatever.
See, now because you're connected to everyone else, you have a duty to everyone else.
So it's another way to basically engineer this system into a kind of collectivism.
And so the document begins by saying, not only are we pro-poor here, we're going to make the world better by helping the poor.
And I guess it does make sense because one way to help the poor is to get rid of poor people and to get rid of people.
I mean, there won't be any suffering if there's no people, right?
I mean, that's literally the argumentation that they're kind of presenting here is that we're going to fix poverty by removing the people.
Then there won't be poor people, you see.
And so they go through the introduction talking about how this is really geared towards world government.
In fact, there's a recommendation of several books that they tell you to read at the beginning to help further illuminate this document, and one of those is from the World Bank, one of those is from the Rand Corporation, and one of them is called the New Invisible College, which is odd because, you know, this brings to mind the Royal Society, the original Invisible College of where we get modern scientism.
The first thing they outline in the document before they get into the first scenario, which is lockstep, is that the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network want to, number one, combat population growth.
Right there on page 13.
We're overpopulated.
That's the number one problem.
And as we've seen, as you guys know, this is, I think, about the 50th Global Elite document that I worked through, including many other books and texts.
And that's always present.
There's always crisis.
There's always evolution.
There's always disruptive shocks.
And how to solve those problems.
In many cases, the elite themselves promote the scenarios that lead to the problems, right?
Problem, reaction, solution.
So that's necessary for managing the world in terms of managed and controlled crises.
So the document begins by talking about disruptive shocks.
What kind of things can occur to be disruptive shocks to the existing system?
And really, it's Lockstep, the first scenario, that's going to have the most important disruptive shock that we're all really familiar with now.
Our best friend, Mr. Cufid19, the last year plus of what we dealt with.
So let's get into Lockstep, the first and most important of these scenarios.
But let's remember that the other scenarios are not mutually exclusive.
There's elements that can be used in these other scenarios, and as we'll see, some of what's mentioned, including things like potentially cyber-polygon or the recent ransomware attacks, they're actually mentioned in the hack attack scenario.
And so the first descriptor that they give of what the lockstep scenario is, is a top-down tight control by governments everywhere.
So this is the key feature.
Lockstep will give an outline for 2010 to 2025 and then 2025 to 2030.
Agenda 2030.
It fits in perfectly with many other white paper documents that we've seen, especially the plans like Agenda 2030.
So, you're going to notice that what you hear here is no different than the Club of Rome's document, right?
The first global revolution.
Limits to growth.
Those are key documents that dealt with how to move away from a growth-based system to an expansionary system to an austerity system.
And they say in that document that the excuse that we'll come up with literally is the excuse we will use is pollution overpopulation.
They're talking about humans being the pollutants, right?
Not trash.
Humans are the trash, right?
The trash of the planet is what the document is saying.
So they're saying we're going to Literally have to bring this in at least by 2030.
If things don't get on point, we may have to see some disruptive shocks.
Now, they don't say, oh, we're going to leak this from Wuhan.
We are going to then introduce the global biometric ID.
Now, they don't say it that way.
There's plausible deniability in that this is just simply a war game.
Yes, exactly.
Extinction Rebellion plays into this perfectly.
But what is amazing about Lockstep and what really raises eyebrows is on the very first page, We see a bio leak out of China.
Wasn't that interesting?
How do they know that a bio leak would come out of China?
And not only that, it says this pandemic that will set off the domino scenario of lockstep will, first of all, disrupt supply chains.
So in other words, they knew that there would be these disruptive shocks, as the document calls it, to supply chains.
It says then as a result, flights will be shut down.
China is key to this scenario, and the most amazing thing in all of this document, I think, is the next page.
Okay, so if we come over to the very next page, we see that there's a mandated global face mask, there are mandated temperature checks everywhere, and all this does is hype up the hypochondria and everybody getting scared, right?
Freaking out, this is the whole of 2020.
There's mandates, pandemic mandates, and The crazy, crazy, crazy part is this.
As a result of this, biometric IDs will be necessary for all.
So out of the controlled chaos of lockstep, the mandated global IDs, what did we just see?
August 27th, right?
The World Health Organization moving towards digital documentation Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
said vaccine certificates are nothing new.
They try to give this applause.
Well, we've done this kind of thing before.
And here it is literally what's written in this this 2010 document
global biometric ID is tracking your health status medical tyranny
literally three or four days ago.
What the 27th saying this very thing are welcome back to the oxygen show.
I'm your guest host Jade.
I are Jason.
I'll sis I'm going to support my word.
You can subscribe to my website to get part two access of all the archives that last several years of interviews, last several years of lectures on documents just like what we're seeing today with Lockstep.
Now what I was saying at the end of that break was The digital certificate, it says, should never be required in regard to a smartphone or a computer.
In other words, don't make people have to have a phone or a computer to have this World ID health card, because that would exclude a large portion of the planet still who don't have phones, right?
So, in other words, it needs to be integrated in multiple ways.
Perhaps the Gil Bates Foundation's Gavi tattoo, right?
Perhaps nanotech.
Perhaps the recent News from DARPA that we can put nanotech into the blood and the nanotech can tell you your health status and what diseases you have, right?
I'm sure everybody saw that recent news story.
So the World Health Organization's stipulations want it to be open to the possibility of integrating any of these things in ways to track and control everyone through their health ID.
So make no mistake about it, it's not just about the CUFID, it's also about the global ID.
Yes, this is Bill Gates, this is Rockefeller, and remember what did we see last year on the Gavi website?
It will be linked probably to a tattoo.
Okay, so there's a lot of different ways that this biometric ID mentioned in the 2010 lockstep document could play out.
Now, another interesting element that is on this very page here, page 19, is that They recognize that when these mandates are put in place, governments will not ease up.
They will keep those controls that they have.
So the elite know that when you give over this power to the government, to the state, to the private corporate state, they don't let you have it back.
Oh, we promise, right?
Two weeks to flatten the curve.
Remember this?
Oh, they're going to give it back up.
If we just keep, if we, the 50th vaccine that we get, they're going to give us one hour outside, right?
That's what they're doing now in Australia.
They're saying, if you get your, you know, monthly savvy, we'll let you have an hour outside.
Like kids on the playground, right?
We're rewarded like a kid on a playground to get a, what, an hour outside.
I mean, this is, this is madness.
This is crazy.
And when you talked about this a year ago, as most of us in this sphere of things, this audience did.
Everybody, oh that's crazy, they'll never do that.
They wrote a whole white paper saying they're going to do it.
What do you mean they'll never do it?
They're doing it right now.
And so people have just given up.
They've given it, they've gone into an apathetic catatonic state of fear.
And a lot of times that's what fear does, right?
It's almost like a PTSD thing where it puts you in a catatonic state of people just giving up.
Okay, whatever, I'm gonna do the monthly vaccines that Bill Gates tells me to, right?
And he said last year, we have to go to 10 a year, we have to go to every month, we're gonna have to have a new vaccine about every month to get the numbers down, get those numbers down.
The numbers getting down are not the sick.
It's not the dead.
It's you.
You're the numbers and we got to get one of these numbers about down to zero.
I wonder what he's talking about, right?
So, amazingly, not, and this is an element that I've never heard anybody talk about, which is that in lockstep, it actually says they know that when the government has these strict top-down controls in place that everybody's going to be really mad about it.
And they know that everyone will clamor to get rid of their public corrupt officials.
That brings to mind what's in SPARS.
Remember the SPARS document says something exactly, you know, almost exactly the same as that, that the public health officials will take the fall, right?
In that one, it's the CDC heads and people like that.
In this document, it's the corrupt government leaders who don't want to let go of their, you know, 1984 technocratic control.
The people will rebel and the document actually says that's a good thing because when the people are furious, We know you're angry.
We know you want to be free.
We will have the saviors for you.
We will provide the salvations for you.
We know you're angry.
That's what we wanted to do.
We wanted to provoke you.
And when you're provoked, and you clamor against our national governments, we will provide the global solutions.
It's right here.
This almost reads like Klaus wrote this.
I mean, I don't, he didn't write it, but I'm saying it's, it's literally like you're reading what Klaus says, right?
It's, it's, it's amazing the degree to which these things harmonize.
And it's almost like Cobra commander, right?
I mean, when I hear Klaus talking, it's literally like Cobra commander level plants.
We live in a GI Joe episode, right?
Except the good guys are actually, you know, What we think are the good guys, right?
They basically work for Cobra, right?
Just like James Bond.
You think he's the good guy?
No, actually, MI6 runs Spectre, right?
That's the real world, right?
And so, in reality, you know, G.I.
Joe, right?
Joe Biden.
Joe Biden is actually run by Cobra.
He's run by Klaus and these figures, right?
I'm being silly here, but they mentioned that as a result of The anger at the top-down control.
People will move towards nationalist movements, and they will clamor for a solution, and the global elite will provide the global governance solution.
In fact, they even said that there will be the terrorist movements amongst the nationalists.
We will say that everyone who is a nationalist is a terrorist.
That's precisely what we see now.
Oh, if you're pro-nation-state, if you're pro-local government, oh, you're a terrorist, you're a terrorist.
If you don't follow the UN, you're a terrorist.
And then they even proposed a scenario where when the world was locked down, people noticed less climate emissions.
It even hints at climate lockdowns.
It doesn't say climate lockdowns, but it hints at that because they say, India realized that as a result of lockdowns and no cars traveling, that there were no CO2 emissions, blah, blah, blah.
So they banned cars.
So the Great Reset is piggybacking on The pandemic!
Oh, yeah, he wrote a whole book on that.
When we see the pandemic providing a break for the Muslim nature, then we can bring in this justification of austerity and climate lockdown.
So get ready, because it's going to transition out of Cufid stuff, probably, And it'll transition into global health, bio-health, Mother Nature health.
Oh, see, we gave Mother Nature a rest.
And if we really want to give her a rest, then we need to get rid of all of the people on her back who are going to make her tip over, right?
Like the Greeks used to say.
Too many humans on the back of Gaia, right?
We're going to make her tip over or something, right?
And so Lockstep ends by saying that potentially you could have a collapse of governments in the national sense by 2025, 2026.
And again, as a result, we can roll in as this avials.
Next, I want to move to the technology because this is an interesting element, too, that a lot of people don't bring up in the Lockstep section is that we know that there's social distancing and all this stuff that was kind of a psyop to get us all atomized and, you know, to Separate us from loved ones and all that.
But what Lockstep hints at in their headlines section is that this will allow for the rollout of the bots.
Ah, you see, social distancing was about the bots.
Yes, it had a deleterious effect on our psychology as humans needing human-to-human contact.
But the real solution was the AI bots.
So if you look there, it says Italy, right?
Rolls out bots.
They combat the immigrant scenarios with immigrant caregivers using robots.
I don't know if you guys saw it, but the other day, Jason Burmiss, shout out to Jason Burmiss, the other day did a whole video on this very thing about how they're rolling out AI bots as caregivers in hospices.
In hospitals for elderly that are dying because, oh, you can't touch your loved ones.
You might contract the CUFID.
So, uh, Johnny Five will be your, uh, your, your minister at death, right?
So confess your sins to Father Johnny Five.
And I hope you've been good because, uh, you know, that's all you get.
You're going to have to confess to your bitch bot who will make you his bitch.
This is Jadar of Jason Ellis's Don't Go Anywhere.
We'll cover the last two sections.
There you go.
Of the last couple of sections in lockstep when we get back.
Don't Go Anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Be sure and support Alex and all those in alt media in the InfoWars store.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show in this final segment.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We probably won't get through the whole document, but we'll get through most of the important sections.
If you want the full breakdown, you can go over to my YouTube channel or to my website where I'll be doing a full analysis in the next couple days of this document.
We did the first half on my YouTube channel.
The tech control section, so as we move through Lockstep, we have the notion of the main thing that will come into play through the Lockstep scenario will be the total tech control and surveillance of all areas of life.
That will include the anti-social behavior policing at public venues, at airports, the control of all goods, Through pandemic scares, which lead to a reorientation of the logistics of all supply chains.
So they even talked about all the disruptive shocks and the change to supply chains.
And they don't say this, but I mean, this could suggest, Oh, you're only going to get your food now from Amazon and Walmart.
I mean, it doesn't say what, but it says it's limiting now where you get your goods.
Uh, and this will be controlled via basically DARPA chips and this kind of stuff.
And then it even predicted the rise of.
Uh, teleconferencing, Zoom, Skype type things are all business now.
Business meetings are conducted via Zoom and Skype.
We saw that happen last year.
And then lastly, they consider the possibility of a fractured Internet, which they don't go into a lot of detail about.
However, the later scenario of the hacking As if global cyberpolygon hacking becomes a major problem.
That is about a future where everybody's now so online that our lives are disrupted via backdoor hacking.
Now they don't say backdoor hacking, but I'm sorry, I happen to think that if you know about, you know, the history of the PROMIS software and this kind of stuff, the NSA building back doors into the chips for decades, then most likely that's what's going to be going on is that, you know, we know who the number one culprit is when we see the key infrastructure so-called hacked, right?
And it says at the end of lockstep that the main achievement here will be that a mass global pandemic will allow for a global reorganization of society.
Reset of society.
Reorganization of all areas of life and all of society.
Now, the next scenario, which they call Clever Together, which is really a laughable kind of social justice dominant world scenario, it's really fake and grave, you know what I mean?
But all the companies here Not just the CEO, every corporation in this scenario has a carbon officer.
So there's the CEO and then right next to him is the carbon officer who controls and limits every company's green violations, basically.
And in order to have this, the whole society will require a total surveillance, total information awareness network.
And it will all be linked via the UN, it says at the bottom of this document.
So, the nightmare here, they say, is that in this future scenario, giant pharmaceutical companies will play a key role.
They will be focused on implementing effective vaccination strategies for the whole world.
And basically, it will be an NWO run by NGO.
Non-Governmental Organization, New World Order.
Literally, an NGO of NWO.
It will be a world focused on the Green Agenda and the Green Gospel.
There will be total carbon controls and limits.
The privatized corporate government will be the real government and they will bypass the older ideas of a democratic elected structure.
So, we've heard, right, Klaus famously in that quote that's on his Wikipedia page, we will subvert the democracies and take over!
That's literally what this section is talking about.
A private, corporate, unelected Global government.
That will bypass anything to do with you or your interests or your decisions.
And it will all be run through non-governmental organizations.
That's the role of philanthropy.
The role of philanthropy is really just a cloak for global government.
That's it.
That's all it is.
It's the wealthiest people on the planet creating socialist smart cities.
That's my note on this page.
What is the green carbon agenda scenario like?
Oh, it's going to be great.
You're all going to live in a giant pod smart city.
Yes, your services will be rationed.
So if you're bad, you don't get water and food.
By the way, the food that you get is fake meat.
I forgot to mention that.
The food here is literally that they've invented a fake meat, which Gil Bates and, you know, Richard Branson, all these people working towards Cargill, Tyson, making fake meat.
It will be rationed.
Remember the Planopolis videos that Alex has played for the last 15 years, right?
Planopolis literally telling you that in the smart city, because everything in your life is tracked and traced, your energy is controlled.
Remember that control of energy is not just about gasoline or nuclear energy or electricity.
Control of energy is all energy, all biological life.
And that's why Klaus is saying that When we take over, we're going to take over biology.
We will get in your body.
It will be a synthetic rewrite of all of reality, including your biology, to control your energy.
And yes, the smart cities are socialist AI smart cities.
And then they give these goofy scenarios of, you know, what's a fictional scenario of a scientist, right?
Who lives in Africa, a scientist in Africa invents, you know, fake meat and it goes global.
By 2023, all meat is fake meat.
Nobody eats cows anymore, right?
No more beef jerky.
You just eat fake meat.
And then they invent a fake fuel.
Which supplants fossil fuels, which, by the way, I don't think oil is ground up dinosaurs.
Oil is not dinosaur juice.
It's kind of ridiculous, right?
I don't know what oil is, but I don't think it's dinosaur juice.
Then it goes on, briefly I'll touch on the hacker scenario.
They say, okay, well, what about a world where hackers run everything?
Now we're starting to sound like maybe the scenario that they've been using more recently, right?
The cyber polygon ransomware hacking scenario.
Where, like 9-11, we see a world in which there's an economic collapse, and then, isn't this interesting?
The U.S.
pulling out of Afghanistan.
I thought that was odd that they threw that one in there.
pulls out of Afghanistan.
Isn't that interesting?
And then what happens?
Oh, the Taliban come back.
This is 2010, remember?
So, realize then, the scenarios are not mutually exclusive.
They can have, you know, different types of cards that they play, right?
Makes me think of the Illuminati card deck, and I'm only being, you know, tongue-in-cheek, not totally serious here, but it kind of is like that, right?
I mean, couldn't you see, you know, Klaus and, I don't know, Gil Bates, you know, playing cards?
It's like they're playing cards and they've got the Illuminati card deck.
Oh, yes, I would play the Necronomicon card, right?
So then he proposed occultism or something like that.
I'm being silly, but you get the idea, right?
Which is, you know, about the Illuminati card deck.
They have all these different scenarios where it's like that you can play the scenario.
Now, I'm being silly, but in a way, that's kind of how this stuff operates.
I see the scenarios in lockstep like that.
Like, let's roll out, you know, the next thing in this scenario.
Like, let's roll out some fake Republicans, right?
Oh, yes.
Those will be great.
We will have the rhinos that we control.
And then, uh, Then we can use the Vatican.
Let's roll out the Vatican, right?
Roll out the Vatican!
The Pope will promote the Great Reset and the Stabies in your arms!
Anyway, back to this document.
I'm being silly, but quite literally, this scenario is about, as a result of the hacking, there's global crises, global collapses, food shortages, etc.
And so once again, what does it lead to?
It leads to total control, total top-down surveillance, everybody being tracked and traced.
As a solution, again, two problems that they initiate.
They promote consumerism, and then you're bad for consuming.
But what was most interesting about the hack attack section was, guess what pops up here?
Synthetic biology.
The very thing that Klaus talks about all the time.
Synthetic biology.
Now, when they talk about synthetic biology, it's everything from GMOs to fake meat.
To synthetic silicon humans going in your body to make you synthetic.
That's literally it encompasses all of that.
So, in other words, synthetic biology, which the next page mentions as GMOs, as biology, is also listed as a potential bioweapon.
Oh, they say the terrorists get a hold of the synthetic biology and it becomes a bioweapon.
And they even mention vaccines.
I didn't think vaccines could be that kind of a thing, but actually in this scenario, they say terrorists might get a hold of vaccines.
And then it's tainted.
And now, no, no one trusts vaccines because of the terrorists.
They even give a minority report scenario where everybody's retinas are tracked and traced.
There's a global database on everybody's retinas.
Literally what's in minority report.
So, you get the idea, right?
That's the essence of what's in Lockstep.
There's a couple more scenarios of virtual worlds that they propose, but this is, again, a key document that shows it's not just a plan, but it's a Wargamed exercise that is also a plan, as well as these other exercises that I think they're using now.
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