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Name: 20210830_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 30, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics such as Afghanistan, the pandemic, open debate to find solutions, potential power grid attacks, geopolitical issues, vaccine mandates, and the Great Reset agenda. Mike Lindell promotes MyPillow products while discussing geopolitical issues like forced vaccinations and vaccine mandates. The podcast also covers topics like immune system health, self-sufficiency, resistance against globalists, and living defense products. Dr. Li Ming Yan criticizes current COVID-19 vaccines as unsafe and inefficient, accusing Fauci and Gates of spreading misinformation about the virus's origins. She suggests that the Chinese Communist Party has designed many functions into the virus to cause more disease symptoms and deflect blame onto nature for its emergence. The show promotes various products available on InfowarsStore.com, including MyPillows at discounted prices, books aimed at helping with addiction, and a new bed featuring patented foam technology. The host encourages listeners to share their experiences and concerns about COVID-19 vaccines and potential long-term effects. Listeners are encouraged to support InfoWars by purchasing products from their online store as this would help fund research and development of supplements designed to address health concerns related to COVID-19. The show highlights Immune 10X, a little-known but shocking immune system research product that can be claimed for free with no payment required. Alex Jones criticizes the idea of herd immunity, stating that it has changed from 70% to almost impossible due to vaccination rates. He also discusses how China managed to stop the Hong Kong protests during the COVID outbreak by locking down Hong Kong and making it the end of the year of the rat. The speaker encourages people to unite against tyrannical measures imposed by government officials during the pandemic and warns about the possibility of a great depression and World War III if these issues are not addressed."

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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Please stand by for further details.
We return you now to your regularly scheduled program.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
As Biden sleeps.
The friendship between our two nations, the United States of America.
How can you be sure any list you share of Afghans who helped Americans won't be used for horrendous reasons by the Haqqani Network or others?
The idea that we've done anything to put at further risk those that we're trying to help leave the country is simply wrong.
And the idea that we shared lists of Americans or others with the Taliban is simply wrong.
When you're trying to get a bus or a group of people through and you need to show a manifest to do that, because particularly in cases where people don't have the necessary credentials on them or documents on them, then
She said your son did not die in vain, but guess what?
My son did die in vain.
This was an unnecessary
When I came into office, I inherited a deal that President Trump negotiated with the Taliban.
Under his agreement, U.S.
forces would be out of Afghanistan by May 1, 2021.
The choice I had to make as your president
Was either to follow through on that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting the Taliban in the middle of the spring fighting season.
As much as the left wants to blame Trump, it is abundantly clear that the Trump administration would have never bungled the evacuation as Biden has.
Conditions on the ground, not arbitrary timetables, will guide our strategy from now on.
Mike Pompeo and President Trump have been very clear about this.
Even the former Secretary of Defense has been very clear about this.
There were requirements that had to be met.
You watch time and again, whenever the Taliban did not meet the requirement, there was ramifications for that.
Quick, swift, and very difficult.
As the U.S.
completes evacuation, defensive drone strikes involving questionable level targets were all the Biden administration could muster.
Following the strike, CNN confirmed that nine members of one family, including six children, were killed in this drone strike.
The real rescue teams were privately funded and courageously manned by veterans.
The week-long secret operation, dubbed Pineapple Express, has been carried out by a group of special ops veterans, including retired Green Berets and SEAL team commanders.
Are people being turned away and do you believe that those people who can get out and have the paperwork to get out will be able to get out after American forces leave on Tuesday?
I don't know if they're going to be able to get out.
I have hope that they will and I think that just seeing the way that our community flexed and was just learning on the fly and getting these people out from a situation that none of us had ever seen before.
I think that the change in the operating environment of that airport being closed is not going to slow us down.
I think we're going to find ways to continue to get people out.
And this is very much not over on the 31st.
Back at Dover Air Force Base, Joe Biden continued his role as corruptor-in-chief, clearly signaling that there is someplace he would rather be.
After Biden's historic, massive foreign policy failure, Hurricane Ida provides Biden with a platform to attempt to pivot into some semblance of responsibility.
But he managed to botch that too.
I'm not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead.
I'm not going to answer gas stand now.
John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, get ready.
It's Monday, August 30th.
Well, here we are my friends.
Another live broadcast.
And I'm not up here crowing like a rooster.
On the roof, I'm just saying, we know what we're talking about.
And man, did it not come true just like we said it would.
I thought knowing the globalist battle plans, we'd be able to turn this back.
But you know, history shows, and God's explained it to us over and over again, that when we do evil long-term and become corrupt, that God removes his protection and that we get judged really hard.
And isn't that really justice?
So as mad as we get at Bill Gates, and as mad as we get at Hillary Clinton, and these wicked implements of the New World Order, at the end of the day, it's all part of God's larger plan to get us back on the straight and narrow.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live, original Monday transmission.
It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, it is such an incredible time to be alive here and I am just blessed and thankful to be on the air and I'm blessed and thankful to have this amazing crew and to be able to speak uncensored and unfiltered and unfettered
All of you out there.
And I just want to say up front, I'm thankful for my family, and I'm thankful for all the blessings in my life, and I'm thankful for the gift of consciousness.
And God's really placed it on my heart to be more joyous and more positive in these dark times and to celebrate what's good and understand this is gonna bring us together like nothing ever could have.
No matter what damn color you are, where you came from, if you got red blood and you love liberty and you love justice, we are brothers and sisters in this fight against Satan.
And believe me, Satan is extremely real.
And we're all starting to get a front row seat to that.
And it's going to get only more intense from here on out.
We're going to look back on these days as the good old days.
With what's coming in the future, because it always gets darkest before the dawn.
And the dawn, when it comes, is going to be spectacular, and the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, the mind has not imagined what we're going to be witnessing, because there will be new things under the sun at that point.
There's been nothing new under the sun.
Ancient old Egyptians saying, ancient Greeks saying, ancient Romans saying, they all said it.
Nobody knows who said it first, probably the Egyptians.
But there will be new things under the sun, ladies and gentlemen, but not until Christ returns.
Let me give you the big enchilada.
I'm going to open the phones up throughout the next four hours here today, and I'm going to take calls on two subjects.
What are you witnessing in the hospitals you work in?
All these new mystery illnesses, all these weird polio diseases hitting children, all these new respiratory problems we know are coming from the sloughing of the vaccine.
What are you witnessing in the hospitals?
What have you witnessed?
If you did take the inoculations, if you did take the frankenshots or your friends or your family have, we're going to debate.
The whole global awakening, we're going to debate what steps to take against the globalists, their forced inoculations.
And it gives you a chance to call in and speak to millions.
There are several million people listening each hour to hear your story, something the globalists don't want heard.
I mean, you have a funeral for your daughter that dies of the shot or a funeral for your dad or a funeral for your brother.
You try to talk about it on Facebook and even show that the doctor said the vaccine killed him.
Facebook is invested in the vaccines with Mark Zuckerberg.
They'll suppress you.
Just like Twitter, just like all the other major sites.
So it's important to realize that they are colluding and that Big Pharma has merged with Big Tech and this is true criminal activity.
So I wanna open the phones up so you have a chance to call in on that subject.
And there's a huge area there.
You can see the live show feed today of the broadcast, Global Nightmare.
announces plan to forcibly inject the world population every six months forever.
And I have the WHO saying it.
I have the Australian health minister saying it.
I have the Spanish health minister saying it.
I have the Israeli prime minister saying it.
I have the British health minister saying it.
I have the Canadian health minister saying it.
We knew a year and a half ago that was the plan.
I'm like, it's right here in the battle plans.
People are all over Twitter and Instagram going, Jones, look, here's a video of him in March of last year saying they'll claim there's variants and you've got to have booster shots every six months.
This guy's, he's one of them.
How the hell does he?
Bill Gates went on TV and said it.
It's in the documents.
You can know everything I know.
That's how we're going to win this, is people are going to understand.
The globalists act like we're animals.
And they write all these textbooks and white papers and battle plans and lockstep and Crimson Contagion and Spars 2023 and it's all right there!
And then Bill Gates even says there's too many people, and Peter Daszak says there's too many people, and Fauci says it, and they ran the Wuhan lab and did interviews in 2019 saying we're merging five viruses with the SARS virus to create a vaccine.
And we have the email of Fauci in December of 2019, months before this stuff got in the news, saying, all right, roll out the vaccine for COVID-19.
We have them!
And whether it's Rand Paul, or whether it's other people, even Tucker Carlson, who I love, they eat around the edges of this.
Yeah, we've got videos with millions of views on Bandot Video.
Smoking Gun, head of Wuhan Project, head of Fauci's Project, admits to creating COVID-19.
I mean, that's the name of the video.
I'm going from memory.
Pull it up.
It's an hour-long video with clips of him saying it.
But everybody has to like slowly, oh, Intel agency say probable it came from a lab.
Oh, Intel, the damn thing is a chimera.
They spliced five viruses.
It was not very communicable.
It was very hard to kill you because it was the first gen.
Normal viruses become less lethal as they mutate.
Not this.
They already tested it in the lab in pigs.
It becomes more communicable.
And more lethal as it mutates in the bodies of the injected who take a live virus vaccine.
That's what the mRNA is.
It's a live virus.
It's synthetic.
That's what the Johnson & Johnson and the AstraZeneca and Moderna, it's all live virus.
Live viruses shed.
You want me to show you the Pfizer study they put out on this vaccine?
I'm sitting there talking to my mom, who's a smart person, last night.
And she goes, Alex, really?
They really admit that this is all happening because it's shedding?
And I got on her computer and I pulled it up and I'm going to show you today the damn studies.
Germany passed a law last year that they could shed on you with vaccines.
The majority of polio is caused by shedding from the vaccine.
And now it's shedding viruses that eat people's nerves.
I know multiple people that got this and didn't test positive for COVID, because it's not COVID.
It's a new virus.
And both of them have basically Alzheimer's now and don't know who they are a month later.
And now the media is spinning it.
Oh, look, they said it wasn't real.
And now the hospitals are full.
Yeah, like we predicted, like the top scientists did.
You took the shots, it created super mutants, and now you're killing us.
And Mitt Romney is running around saying, you're making me sick!
You need to take... No, you're making us sick, you dirty corporate monster!
And you are gonna go to hell!
You're a satanist that want to implant me with the genetics of dead babies!
And so are all these other devils.
The Israeli Prime Minister's a devil.
The Australian Prime Minister's a devil.
They're all devils!
They're raping you with a bioweapon!
So we're gonna lay it all out coming up, but here's the announcements.
This is the New York Post.
We have the video of this.
Biden, Fauci, discuss requiring COVID booster shots every five months.
Oh, sorry.
They said every six, so that's what I said a year and a half ago.
It's every five.
Terry Chant, the medical spokesperson for New South Wales, one that says, don't talk to your neighbors, you know, don't look at the sunset.
This kook has now rolled out and said, and so has one of the premieres of New South Wales as well, came out and said, get used to it.
You're going to get shots every six months.
I got that clip coming up.
So we're going to talk about
That situation.
And we're going to open the phones up on Biden and Afghanistan and I think they're going to probably assassinate him and blame the patriots.
What do you think about that?
We'll give the number out next segment.
We're going to take your calls all day long on this special, live, Monday, uncensored transmission.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now.
Share the word, Paul Reveres.
Walk into this room.
In the year 2021, there's a world government run by ruthless corporations whose public policy is to build a post-human world based on forced depopulation.
Everything they've told you is a lie.
Everything they've done has been criminal.
They've given themselves liability.
They've got paramilitary police surveilling and physically attacking men, women, and children all over the world.
Now telling them they've got to take secretive shots every six months for the right to even leave their house and have the privilege of one hour outside a day.
No, this isn't a Rod Serling episode of the Twilight Zone.
This is Planet Earth at the end of August 2021.
Okay, so let me give the number out.
We do have a very special guest popping in who is a major Chinese whistleblower who first exposed Dr. Peter Daszak in the lab and all the rest of it.
So we'll tell you about that coming up.
She's going to be joining us in the third hour today.
But she'll be with us 30 minutes.
We'll continue on with calls after that.
But I want to give the number out.
I don't want to give you a chance on geopolitical issues.
The fact that I believe the next card they'll play is an attempted assassination or assassination of Biden, to be blamed on someone that thinks he stole the election, who they'll also call a white supremacist, so they can roll out martial law and general honor race plan.
And the military is being trained for martial law and gun confiscation.
That's why you've seen these viral videos of SJWs saying, we're preparing for martial law.
We catch you outside your house, we're going to kill you.
They actually did that in New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana, Mississippi under Honoré.
And Honoré is forming the cadres to try to lead this civil war.
It will go terribly for them if you think the North Vietnamese were tough or the Taliban were tough.
You see this military woman saying, I'm going to take on the rednecks.
I'm going to shoot you on your front step.
I mean, you talk about a death wish.
Remember Biden just a few months ago mocked gun rights advocates who say they need assault weapons to fight the government.
You need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.
So he's turned into Eric Swallowswell, who thinks if he bombs all the blue cities that he's already destroyed, that'll make us turn our guns in.
No, that's not how that would work.
Then we would just be invaded by outside enemies, which is your plan.
But it shows they're a ruling outside group that has nothing but disdain for us and has sold the country out.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
And in the first round of calls, first-time callers please.
Tell us your vaccine story.
Did you love it?
Did you hate it?
Tell us your medical story about the hospitals.
There's all these new mystery illnesses popping up.
They admit that they're calling COVID, but then it's not.
When the nurses complain, they get fired.
They always had this planned.
They said this would happen.
The top experts warned it would give rise to super viruses once you gave people live virus injections that turn the body into spike protein producers.
Hundreds of thousands of children now coming down with these polio-like diseases, which the government just says, look out for it, won't say where it's coming from, but they're downplaying it.
So anything real they downplay, anything fake they play up.
So a year ago was a hoax, a fraud, overblown, a real virus that they owned and controlled, where they knew in studies they'd already done that the vaccine for that virus
Would then create the autoimmune diseases and all the rest of it and the blood clots we're now seeing.
We didn't just say that now.
We said that 17, 18, 19 months ago.
We said the vaccine wouldn't work.
We said it would make you sick.
They would then call for more vaccines.
Then you would get something like Marek's disease in humans.
They already have in chickens where they vaccinate for the common cold and then create super viruses that kill 100% of the chickens until they give them a final shot that turns them into a giant living tumor.
I'm not joking.
This is not a science fiction movie.
A giant tumor.
Lives in excruciating pain.
All the nerves triple in size, the joints double in size, they go blind, but they do swell up into giant blobs of meat, which they then ship to your dinner table.
That's why so much of the chicken you taste is all bubbly and has like tumors and things in it as you're eating Marek's disease.
So, this is all part of their globalist attack.
Just like Klaus Schwab says, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
Bill Gates says, you'll drink sewage, you'll eat bugs.
Now it's all over the news, drink sewage, eat bugs.
You're like, that sounds super dystopic.
Their followers are in a trance and will do anything they're told.
Like, don't look at the sunset.
Don't talk to your neighbors.
The unvaccinated are making you sick.
Even though the statistics show the opposite.
They've got their cult members ready to
Jump off a cliff if they're told.
They can say, come to me my child, come to me.
And Alexis would say, you can fly, you're a bird.
As long as Obama said it, the little girl would jump off like in Falls of Doom and Conan the Barbarian and fall 500 feet smashing to the floor.
Believe me, if Biden came out and told his followers to go to 50-story buildings and jump off, millions would run and begin jumping off.
Right now.
Do not look at the sunset.
Do not talk to your neighbors.
Teach children pedophilia is good.
Teach children world government is good.
We'll also have the phones up about Biden and clearly they want to try to assassinate him or stage that event.
I think that's the ace of spades card they've got with the fact that he's being so politically destroyed and so prepared right now.
What is your take on that?
I'd love to hear from you.
Alright, let me do this.
I'm going to come back and I'm going to hit the huge news with the U.N.
and everybody announcing permanent shots every five to six months.
That's just the way it is.
And Fauci announces, as soon as the U.N.
said it, he clicked his heels and said, yes, now is the time.
You will always have to take the shots.
You'll have to have, and of course, which lower your immunity.
Three shots lower you to one sixth of your previous immunity.
And turn off your white blood cells, your killer T's.
That's in mainline studies.
I mean,
HIV kills the T lymphocytes that train the cells, the white blood cells.
This just turns off your killer T's, the one that actually go around eating viruses and bacteria.
Looks just like the movie The Blob.
It's like a hundred times bigger than normal bacteria, and thousands of times bigger than viruses, and it just comes up and goes, The Blob, The Blob, here comes The Blob.
It eats it.
And then craps it out, and that's the pus that you get in a cut or a wound or that you cough up, is all the poop from the killer teas gobbling, gobbling.
They're like amoebas.
Like, they're close to the size of an amoeba.
And they're your body's amoebas, and they're literally like King Kong or Godzilla, just... Well, this new thing doesn't... The Pfizer shots and Moderna shots don't kill them.
They just make them stop moving.
They just go to sleep.
And stop operating.
Isn't that liberal?
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Listeners are now finally getting it.
Leaders around the world are getting it.
Prominent talk show hosts are now getting it.
I'm not making any of this up.
I'm sorry it's so shocking.
I'm sorry it's so scary.
I'm sorry these people are such criminals.
And as soon as we wake up to the fact that this is a planetary, world government takeover, this ideology is a scientific dictatorship that wants to carry out forced depopulation.
The minute everybody gets, it doesn't matter if you're old, young, gay, straight, black, white, Hispanic, Chinese, it doesn't matter.
The globalists are coming after you and want to depopulate you.
They've made the decision.
They're totally ruthless.
They believe they're about to merge the machines and become gods.
They are megalomaniacs.
You either get that or you don't.
This is transhumanism, the post-human world.
It's their revolution against you.
And you can sell out to them and maybe live a few years longer than everybody else.
But they're going to get everybody in the end.
This is a very alien operation.
And I don't speculate on flying saucers in Cydonia, Mars bases, and all that stuff.
This is interdimensional.
This is the Bible.
This is Satan.
This is a fallen interdimensional entity that wants to rob us of our godlike intellect, little g, and basically build his escape system.
Satan's older than us, but we are way more advanced and are able to actually build all this.
Satan is not giving us all this technology.
Satan is twisting it and using it for control.
So this isn't a science fiction movie, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the real world.
I've analyzed this in depth and I've studied the globalists.
The reason they're into the occult, the reason they do horrible things is to resonate with their God and to get under its control to be able to mesh with it and interface with it.
And that's why they do so many horrible things and child sacrifice and wars is to prove themselves and to align themselves with this entity.
And their mission is to get rid of their human bodies and merge with machines and they believe become gods.
And that's now Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, NBC News, looking forward to the end of humanity and how we're a bad species and how we've got to be gotten rid of.
Now they want to force us into these virtual reality hells that Facebook is pushing.
This is all incredibly destructive.
That's why Apple came out and said, we're going to read everything you do on your phone and scan all your photos to make sure you're not a criminal.
Again, the allegory is excellent of Bill Maher.
It's like having a safe company.
You go buy a safe at the local safe shop or at Walmart or wherever, and they say, oh, we're going to drop by once a month and look at what's in your safe just to make sure there's no child porn.
It's guilty until proven innocent.
Or it's like saying you got to live in a glass house and never turn your lights off like your own suicide watch because you might commit suicide or you might rape your kids.
This system doesn't give you more empowerment.
It gives you less empowerment.
And so
We knew from the Pfizer prospectuses they put out 18, 19 months ago, they said, we're going to make trillions.
We'll be the dominant company.
We will have vaccine passports.
The public will accept Operation Lockstep.
Everyone will have to have shots every six to eight months.
And then you can see their executives
On television saying, oh, it's incredible.
The first shot lowers your immunity by 30%.
The second shot lowers it by about 70%.
And the third shot, you have one-sixth your previous immunity.
And they start smiling and saying, so you're gonna need boosters for life.
Remember, I played those clips just three months ago, and people said, oh, they must be misspeaking.
They're not gonna do that.
I'm like, it's the battle plan!
It's the battle plan!
And see if we admit to the battle plan ahead of time we can stop it.
But no, that's not how we do it.
We always wait until it's on top of us.
We always wait until they're knocking down our doors.
Till they're dragging us away.
Till they're shutting us down.
Till they're telling us we're not essential.
Or till we're dying from the new mutated viruses.
And from Germany to Australia, now to Canada and the U.S., they are beating people who are outside during the lockdowns.
They are stomping on their heads because they're being rewarded and told to do so.
And so let me go over this for you, ladies and gentlemen.
Biden, Fauci discuss requiring COVID booster shots every five months.
Imagine the dictatorial level of that power.
By the way, Vladimir Putin came out and said, no one should be forced to take inoculations.
And here's Carrie Chant, the same one that says, don't talk to your neighbors and don't go in your backyard.
She says, are you paying attention?
Dr. Chant, we need to get used to being vaccinated with COVID vaccines for the future.
You see?
And now, the head of Queensland, their premiere came out, I have a video clip, and said, oh, it doesn't matter if a whole sports stadium's inoculated, you still have to keep taking more shots, you still gotta wear a mask, and you still probably can't go outside.
We're never gonna let anybody ever die of a cold again!
We're gonna give you shots, though, that suddenly make everybody sick.
And that's why now Australia's got all these weird illnesses and polio-style illnesses and weird viruses, and they're saying, well, it's not COVID, it's not testing as COVID, because it's a whole new mutated virus.
They knew in the laboratory it would do this.
Thousands of new mutations.
And these creepy, weird authoritarians, almost all of them Communist Party members,
Are coming out and doing this and we just sit here with these maniac criminals doing this under mass Stockholm syndrome and can't call for their arrest.
Or we let the Prime Minister of Australia play good cop.
Oh, I'm sorry the local regions are doing this.
I can't help you.
Here she is.
We're now watching countries like Israel see their cases surge despite high vaccination rates.
How important are boosters to maintaining this no lockdown plan and how soon will we need to get them so that we can maintain these freedoms we've been promised?
We need to get used to being vaccinated with COVID vaccines for the future.
I can't see that COVID is not going to be with us forever.
Maybe in the future we can have even better vaccines and coverage across the world to achieve that.
I mean, as a public health doctor, we always want to have diseases go, get totally eliminated, but that's not on the horizon in the near future.
So booster doses, repeat doses will be part of it.
You know, there'll be different advice about different schedules, which doses you get.
But at the moment, our priority has to be getting first and second doses into people.
And there will be recommendations about booster doses in the future.
And I can assure you that the Commonwealth Government has purchased a
As we learn more.
So you can go back to Bill Gates in March of last year saying, I'm going to take boosters every six months.
And you can go back to us saying it and their own documents and then bragging about it.
Because it doesn't work.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy that destroys your immune system.
And then some Frankenstein-looking kook lady is put in there because she'll do this.
They're like, hey, when do we get our freedoms back to go back to normal if we've taken the shots?
And she just looks at him and says, it doesn't go back to normal.
You got to get used to a cycle.
We'll tell you what's going in your body when.
And then you die or you get sick and she just sits there and laughs because they're cult leaders.
Oh, but the head of Pfizer, he says he doesn't need the shot.
He goes, I'm 51 years old and I don't have any health problems, so I don't need it.
See, the ruling class fly around on private jets, live on giant palatial islands.
You will take all the shots they say to have a job or leave your house.
And they're putting it all in place right now.
The chains are going on now.
All the big apps for OpenTable and for Airbnb and everything are saying, oh, you're gonna have to put vaccine status in this app to use our functions.
And the more you give in, the tighter the grip goes.
And then when the vaccinated take the deadly shots and they're dying, they're gonna blame us because they can't admit they got conned.
Just like the Nigerian email scam.
You pay the $1,000 thinking you'll get 10,000.
Then they don't give you the money, now they want $10,000, you give them the $10,000.
These people never admit they're scammed, they'll end up selling their house for the Nigerians, and if you tell them they got scammed, they'll physically attack you.
It's the same deal.
So, Bill Gates came out and told you over a year and a half ago, in all the documents, that it's a plan to take over all human biological activity.
And to destroy your immune system, where you have to get vaccines every week or so, is their endgame plan of gene therapies even live, because everything on the outside environment will then kill you.
So first it's two shots, then it's every six months, then it's every five months, then it's every four months.
They're now having the think tanks say you need 10 shots a year just for COVID.
And now you see the trap.
And I really feel sorry for folks that just wanted to get out there, get ahead of this.
They thought they were protecting people.
They believed the social contract was still in place.
So we have the UN announcing it.
We have all these health ministers around the world announcing it.
We have Fauci announcing it.
Here's Tedros, who is an admitted Marxist-Leninist who works directly for Xi Jinping.
Who helped spread cholera around his own Ethiopia and kill over a million people and cover it up.
That's why he was given the job as the head of the WHO.
Here he is talking about Marburg virus, a new scary thing that, don't worry, we've got a new mandatory shot for you as well!
And then just like all the UN vaccine programs, it's a live virus, just like the polio, just like the mRNA, just like the virus vector, just like the Moderna, just like the Pfizer, just like the J&J.
And now it's going to give rise to even more viruses and then more illness and more sickness.
And this is their plan.
Humanity rose up against them.
Humanity said no.
And the ruling elite said, let's just depopulate their ass.
Let's go ahead and pull the trigger.
The time has come.
The time is now.
General public, you must die now.
So here he is.
Who have been identified as high-risk close contacts.
Marburg is a very different virus to the one that caused COVID-19.
But many of the elements of the response are the same.
Isolating and caring for those infected, tracing and quarantining their contacts, and engaging local communities in the response.
There is no licensed vaccine for Marburg, although there are vaccines under development.
And WHO is working with our partners to seek opportunities to assist them during this outbreak through the R&D blueprint for epidemics.
And of course, if you go back to March of last year, they rolled out the first vaccine cards to show them to you.
They had six.
In the UK, 5 in the US, 6 in Canada, and 10 in France and Germany.
And they're now announcing 10 shots a year in the White Papers.
They're only announcing shots every 5 months now.
And of course it'll just destroy you, but that's okay because there's too many people, right?
So I want to go to your phone calls, but I want to go over these headlines again.
Biden and Fauci discuss requiring COVID booster shots every 5 months.
Oh, see how the trap works?
The head of New South Wales says, Oh, get used to it.
You'll always have shots and we're never going back to normal.
And you're just going to have all these new shots all the time.
That's just the way it is.
Get used to it.
And she looks like some kind of like satanic demon while she says it because she's a stone cold killer.
She knows what she's part of.
Meanwhile, Putin opposes mandatory jabs, says people should get vaccinated without coercion if they want to.
So there's your evil authoritarian.
The video's on InfoWars.com.
Joe Rogan says he won't force fans to get vaccinated to see stupid effing comedy show.
I love it, Joe.
More and more of a champion every day.
And here's the bad news.
Restaurant reservation app OpenTable to integrate vaccine status into service.
Don't use OpenTable.
Do not go to restaurants that segregate you or do that.
Right here in Travis County where my children live.
And my oldest daughter said, I want to go to public school a few years ago.
She's 17 now, about to graduate soon.
And I said, okay, honey, you want to go, you can go.
Well, now she doesn't want to go because they put them in a detention hall.
If they don't wear a mask, even though the governor signed an executive order, even though the Supreme Court said, don't do it, they don't care because they're all about persecuting people and bringing in anti-American totalitarianism.
So I told her, let's sue them.
And she goes, no, I just want to change schools.
But that's where we are right now.
You gotta stand against this now.
Oh look, Israel warns COVID Green Pass will expire if residents don't get the third jab and now they're announcing there'll be a fourth.
It's not about the medicine.
It's not about science.
It's all pre-programmed.
Because it is about the science.
These shots get rid of your immune system.
I can show you the studies.
I can show you the head of the main British lab that works for Pfizer giggling about it.
And it gets worse.
Up to 62% of mRNA vaccinated show evidence of blood clotting in a new major study finding the exact number other scientists found in Canada.
They do the D-dimer test.
Within days of them taking it, 62% say they have blood clots.
New Zealand reports deaths for the first time.
They've been covering them up from Pfizer COVID injection.
Chaotic scenes in Athens as close to a million people protest COVID tyranny.
And imagine if they start getting aggressive towards the bureaucrats.
What's going to happen?
And the police again are trying to disperse them because it's a globalist takeover training us to stay at home, go bankrupt, go on welfare so they can dictate
Total control of our lives.
Switzerland's vaccination centers could be targeted by terrorists, nation's intel agencies say.
That means globalist intel agencies are going to attack vaccine centers to try to say people that protest against vaccines are terrorists.
And then that'll just make everybody terrorists at that point.
You make protesting illegal, well, you know what happens next.
Tens of thousands dying from COVID vaccines in Mexico as well.
That's being covered up.
Now let me tell you about this.
Chinese virologist says Fauci's emails verify her Wuhan lab leak claims.
She's joining us in the third hour today, Li Ming Yang.
She's been dead on the whole time, but when she gets on the show, she only has five minutes to try to explain Peter Daszak and the admissions and, you know, she worked in these labs.
She's an expert on it.
She's joining us.
That's going to be invaluable information coming up today.
There's so much more I want to get to, but I want to go to break here in a few minutes and come back and go directly to your phone calls.
And we've got so much other tyranny.
I love how these judges aren't doctors, but act like they are.
A judge asked a mother if she got the coronavirus vaccine.
She said no, and he revoked custody of her son.
So they're now taking your children, something the U.N.
We will take your children.
What have all the Democrats said on the news?
Kathleen Sebelius said you shouldn't be able to have your kids.
Obama's former head of Health and Human Services.
Shouldn't be able to have your children have a job or go to the grocery store.
And now what have they done in Europe?
That exact thing and now it's here!
Take your child away!
Because you won't take an experimental shot!
See how we're all here?
I was reading globalist documents 30 years ago.
Where Bertrand Russell said, we will give everybody forced injections to lower their IQ and control them, and to make them sick with binary weapons.
He wrote that in the 40s.
I was reading it 30 years ago.
He wanted to have a nuclear war to take out the general population of the world if bioweapons wouldn't work.
He won a Nobel Prize.
Here it is, Eves ISD to separate massed unmasked students, KVUE.
Look at that discrimination.
Look at what these criminals are testing.
And they're also segregating black from white students all over the country just to see what they can get away with.
What will you put up with?
That's what they're testing right now.
Meanwhile, we've got more on the hurricane and the power outages in Mississippi, Louisiana.
Pray for those folks.
That's all coming up.
Let me talk about this now.
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Alright, we'll be right back on the other side.
Please take action.
We'll be back with your phone calls.
From Nazareth, they came.
From Nazareth, they came.
Another ragtag.
A ragtag band.
To bring a revolution.
Someone making king.
Others wouldn't stand for that.
And he rose again!
Wise men follow him!
Thank you so much for joining us on this August 30th transmission as we go in through and beyond the storm.
Wow, it's all happening.
And it is scary as hell.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have experienced it.
All the smart money and the people I trust that are as smart as I am or smarter have noticed that it's Florida and Texas and other conservative states that have off the chart illnesses and problems.
But when they're tested, they don't have COVID.
It is a prion probably being sprayed in the air.
Just like they first hit an area of Italy, an area of China, and an area of the U.S.
to create fear beforehand.
This is a bioweapon attack.
You have the same globalists that ran the Tuskegee experiment, some of the other criminal activities now in charge of this.
So all I can tell you is get as healthy as you can and also get right with God because the New World Order is making its move and has released a soft kill weapon to break down the U.S.
for its eventual
Controlled collapse and their main enemies are voting blocks where we still have some integrity in voting and can block their political will.
So those are the areas that are now going to be targeted to bring us down like the Blue Cities.
And the answer to counter them is what's happened with Larry Elder.
Larry Elder's been a guest for 20 years on my show.
Larry Elder came up through the trenches, a great lawyer, a great patriot.
He's not some fly-by-night conservative.
I mean, he'd make a great president.
The policy probably will end up being president if he gets elected in California.
The problem is they are sending out all these ballots.
They put a hole on purpose in the envelope where you can see if you're voting for the recall.
They're running all sorts of scams.
They've caught a bunch of Democrats and criminals with their vehicles full of ballots, obviously for the recall that they're throwing away.
And so there's no doubt Larry Elder will win.
The question is, will they steal it?
We'll find out in the next 14 days.
But I'm all for electing people that have black skin if they're qualified, or white skin, or whatever color skin they've got.
But with the left, the folks they're getting, whether they're women or black people or whoever, are communist, and that's why they're not qualified.
Larry Elder would make a great governor, and we need people like him to be president, quite frankly, to shut down the race baiters.
But that's why they're coming after him so damn bad.
So pray for Larry Elder, because if he wins, they're going to try to kill him, just like Bolsonaro or anybody else.
So pray for Larry Elder.
I want to go to your phone calls, Bill, Seth, Josh, Corey, Jennifer, Thomas, Daniel, Nirando, Josh, and others.
And we'll take calls right through into the third hour today.
Then Gerald Cilente is coming up in the War Room, Owen Troyer, 3 p.m.
No need to thank me.
I just want to get to as many of your phone calls as we possibly can here.
I really appreciate you all for calling in.
Let's go ahead and take a call from
Thomas in North Carolina.
Thomas, go ahead.
How you doing today, Alex?
I'm alright, brother.
What's on your mind?
Tell us.
Oh, quite a bit.
Quite a bit.
I'll be quick.
I've got a lot of people waiting to call in.
My mother-in-law, she's in the hospital right now.
She tested positive for COVID about nine days ago.
And I've listened to Dr. Sean Brooks and Lee Merritt and Dr. Francis Bull and several of them.
I've heard them talk about remdesivir and ivermectin and things.
She's to the point now where they're saying that even intubating her is not really going to help.
The doctor wasn't even out there to try and ivermectin or randesivir or anything.
I didn't know if there was any other... Well, I mean, that's the thing is, randesivir is recommended by Fauci and it doesn't work but about 8% of the time.
All over the world, people are rising up against the UN World Government lockdowns.
And they understand that the Globalist launched the bioweapon out of Wuhan, and that the vaccine then triggers the next phase of the illnesses.
Humanity is coming together, and humanity is waking up.
All right, I just started going to calls, but I wasn't looking at the clock, so we went to break.
And I apologize for that here on the Alex Jones Show.
We're talking to Thomas in North Carolina, whose mother-in-law is in the hospital.
They didn't give her Regeneron, which works great, by the way.
They didn't give her ivermectin, which works amazing, by the way.
They didn't give her hydroxychloroquine, that works incredible.
They gave her nothing.
Just like when Rob Dewey went to the hospital, because the family was concerned about him, and he had, you know, low oxygen.
He's in there for a couple days, no medicine, no nothing.
They were just watching him and waiting, till he failed to give him the intubation.
He went home, got on,
We're good to go.
Japan's main medical board in Tokyo, where they invented ivermectin for humans, by the way, not horses like they tell you.
Yes, works on horses too.
It's antiviral, anti-parasite.
They found 100% of over 10,000 people that got on ivermectin right when they got the chest cold, right when they couldn't breathe, right when it feels like a 300-pound gorilla sitting on your chest.
That's what it feels like.
100% and then the very same scientist on national Japanese TV put up the graphs in Africa where they hand out ivermectin twice a year, almost no deaths from COVID, and thousands of times higher deaths in the African countries that don't take ivermectin.
And everybody knows around the world, it's incredible, for antiviral, for anti-worms, for anti-everything, people didn't just go, oh let's try ivermectin for no reason.
So it's totally safe, they know that, they've tried to suppress Dr. Zelenko, and everybody yells, and just make fun of it!
They go, I ain't no horse!
So, we just took the guy's call.
Recap what you were saying, Thomas, and I'm so sorry to hear this.
Gave her nothing, never did anything for her.
Now, I also love this thing online I've seen the left do, because I get sent these emails, and people flag this stuff, and I see it at the top of Instagram and Twitter.
Oh, Jones is promoting Rendesivir.
No, I'm not.
Rendesivir is something being pushed by Fauci.
What I have promoted is Regeneron.
I have no stock in Regeneron.
I have no stock, period.
Regeneron, the company has been around, that produces it since the 80s.
They've got a bunch of patented stuff, and it is a therapy that they create, cloned white blood cells of mice, and they train them in a vat of COVID, how to only defeat COVID.
And then they put it in your body.
It's what Trump took last year.
I know members of the crew that had COVID that thought they were going to die.
They went and did Rendez-Vivir when it was still being charged.
The governor of Texas pays for it.
Not Rendez-Vivir.
And so the governor of Texas is doing a good thing.
It's paid for at these clinics.
But you've got to do it early and it's 100%.
Regeneron, not Rendesivir.
Even I mixed the two up.
One is a drug Fauci pushes that has 8% efficacy.
Regeneron has 99 plus percent efficacy.
Just like hydroxychloroquine that pushes zinc into the cells.
So again, they are suppressing these for the general public.
They don't want you to know about vitamin D3 or vitamin zinc deficiencies.
How the majority of people dying had vitamin D deficiencies.
And even if the average person is getting 30 minutes of sun a day, you're not producing enough vitamin D. And if you're black, if you're African, you need four times the sun.
I mean, if you are a, if your background, wherever you live in the world, is from a equatorial African,
Folks that are black-black, you better be on vitamin D3 and a lot of it.
Because you can be out in the sun all day long in Northern Clines and not get enough sun for yourself because the melanin blocks it getting in your body.
That's how important the sun is.
White people are white because we live up north.
We need to get more sun.
Black people are black because they're getting too much sun.
But then when you live up towards the north, it's going to kill you.
And that's why black people are twice as likely to die of these COVID diseases is because you do not have enough vitamin D3.
I said I'd go to your phone calls.
I'm ranting.
It just makes me so angry that this is happening.
There it is.
African Americans at greater risk of vitamin D deficiency.
It's a fact.
And they sit on the news and go, we don't know why the black people are dying twice as much from COVID.
Because they live in urban jungles and live inside.
The average black person lives in a city now, and they're unhealthy.
And the cities are full of particulates.
It's bad for anybody.
But if you're black, and you're not on vitamin D3 year-round, you are crazy!
Anyways, I'm ranting.
It just pisses me off to hear this from this man talking about his mother-in-law fighting for her life.
And they're saying it's too late, and the doctor, he said, never offered any of this, because most hospitals won't, because they get made fun of.
Oh, you ain't gonna, you know, give us the horse stuff, are you?
How many drugs do humans take that animals take, too?
A lot.
It's the same stuff.
And they play that game, ladies and gentlemen.
They play that game, and they kill people, because they want your ass dead.
This is a depopulation operation.
Thomas in North Carolina, thanks for holding over.
Tell us the story.
We've begged and pleaded for them to try anything from hydroxychloroquine to, you know, ivermectin to anything.
Yes, sir.
And they just, they look at you like you're crazy.
It's almost like they're incentivized to kill them.
I mean, I used to listen to his show and at first I was like, man, this guy's crazy.
But then over the years, the more things I've heard you say, it's like it just comes true one thing after another, man.
Well, sir, my people perish for lack of knowledge, and I don't just have my crew and friends and stuff that got sick that got better with all this.
Their friends and others got sick, and so we gave them an online pharmacy, a bunch of different online pharmacies.
You can just go, talk to a doctor online, pay him 30 bucks, and then pay for the stuff.
And so you can't trust these hospitals.
These are kill zones.
You've got to learn how to get the hydroxychloroquine, how to
Get the Ivermectin.
How to get all of this online.
Do you understand?
And don't... Everybody should be stockpiling it now, in my view.
Is there any way you could help me or like your call screener guy help direct me to somewhere like that online?
Because I'd be willing to do anything.
Her oxygen's at like 82 right now.
She's pretty much just holding on for her life, man.
Guys, get his name and number.
Here's the problem.
We're going to get a thousand of these calls.
Put them on hold.
I'm happy to do it.
Give them to Rob Dew.
You walk through it, and you tell them what your symptoms are, and you tell them what you want in an email, they call you back in a couple hours, and you tell them, and then it's just, so guys, everybody, go to online pharmacies, that's why the media confuses you and says don't get...
Horse stuff, it's the exact same molecule.
They'd rather her die than, you know, you go to a tractor supply and get Ivermectin for horses and then give her a pea-sized amount of it twice a day.
And I'm not giving medical treatment to your mother-in-law.
I'm not telling you what to do.
I'm saying the people perish for lack of knowledge.
And so, if you live on the Mexico border, you can walk across the border and go get Ivermectin right now for humans.
Hydroxychloroquine for humans is like $10.
There are pharmacies all over online.
It's not controlled substances.
They don't really have side effects.
It's not like it's Oxycontin.
It's not like, I mean, it's oral steroids and then people go, you're giving people steroids like Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Anti-inflammatory on anabolic!
God, the public's ignorant!
I can't handle it anymore!
Come on, we're just gonna go- I'm just so sick of them killing everybody.
I'm gonna settle down and take calls.
Get the guy's name and number and give it to do.
It's just- it's unbelievable.
We'll be right back.
Yeah, I can barely do the show at this point, because you have a nice man like that that just called.
I can't do the show anymore!
Ohhhh boy!
Okay, go to rebroadcast.
Go to rebroadcast.
I'm going to try to take your calls here in a minute.
Let me explain what's going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me explain what's going on here.
They're murdering everyone at the hospitals, they know exactly what they're doing, and I hear this helpless guy calling in, saying, please help me, please help me, her oxygen's at 82.
They should have gotten her up and walked her around, they should have put her on inhalable steroids, they should have put her on ivermectin, they know all this.
And I just can't sit here and take this anymore while this is going on.
I cannot take it!
And I will not take it anymore!
Is that clear?
I'm gonna go to your phone calls and I just don't thank me any of that.
I just want to talk to you and I want to move on to the next person, okay?
That's all I want to do!
But our country is run by satanic demons and you've got all these yes-men throughout the power structure that do it!
God, they're gonna kill everybody.
The good news is at least they're gonna kill all the healthcare workers that are going along with it too.
They're all gonna die as well.
Good, good, good.
We're a selfish, demonic country and we're over.
It's over.
Hope you all enjoy it.
Frickin' people, man.
They're all so politically correct.
They'll do whatever they're told.
If they're told, don't give somebody medicine that helps them, they won't do it, because they want to be patted on the head by the hospital administration, who are a bunch of murderers.
These hospitals, half of them keep babies alive and sell their body parts.
All right, I'm going to settle down now, and I'm going to try to do the best I can.
All right?
Let's go ahead.
I'm just going to go to your calls.
Each person gets a minute.
We're going to the next person, okay?
I'm going to get control of myself right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jennifer in Illinois.
Jennifer, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I do work in a hospital.
I am not a frontline worker, but just the stuff that I see going on here is just despicable.
So I am not vaccinated, refuse to get vaccinated.
So we are segregated by the vaccinated have these nice little pretty stickers they wear on their ID badges, and the unvaccinated don't, so they can tell the difference between us, which is just whatever.
But anyways,
So they, and I know for a fact that there are, they lie to us and tell us that, you know, the unvaccinated are giving the vaccinated sick.
They say that there's not very many vaccinated patients actually in health, in the hospital sick, which is a lie.
It's an absolute lie.
They, I can tell you like last weekend in a four hour span that one of the people, four out of five patients that had a CAT scan were already COVID positive.
Or I mean, already vaccinated, I'm sorry.
They're already vaccinated and they just lie and try to keep it from us.
Yeah, that's exactly what a bunch of medical doctors have told me.
And medical doctors my parents were just talking to said, there's all these vaccinated people that are sick there, and then they're told cover it up and don't tell anybody.
And people, the vaccinated are going blind, they're having blood clots.
I mean, this is just an Armageddon.
And just like they helped cover up the autistic or the Gulf War syndrome.
The nurses and the doctors did well in those beta tests, so now the mass extermination's here.
And when they get sick and die, it'll be covered up as well.
And we'll all just keep quiet and do what we're told, and be politically correct.
Oh, the sheeple are deep here.
Let me tell you, my boss was sick.
He's been vaccinated.
His son got sick.
He was vaccinated.
So his wife and his daughter and all, they all were vaccinated.
And they all got COVID.
And they all just running around thinking, oh, well, I guess it wasn't that bad because, you know, I got the vaccine.
It's just disgusting.
I mean, I'm trying to get out of here because I cannot work with these people anymore.
It's just...
Obnoxiously ridiculous.
Well, Jennifer, I don't know how you don't go into a rage because I legitimately was in a decent mood today.
I'm trying to be positive.
But I watch all these videos of paralyzed and dying people.
I know all these people personally that took the vaccines who are going blind now.
I mean, I know all the literature.
I see them suppressing treatments and killing people.
And I'm just ashamed that there are so many people in the world that will follow these orders and do this.
It's just incredible.
Do you?
God bless you, ma'am.
Just keep trying to warn people.
Let me guess, though, like you said earlier, they're trying to cover up that it's the vaccinated that are sick.
Are they telling you not to warn patients when they come in and are sick?
To even ask them if they've been vaccinated?
Because that's what a doctor was telling me is, they're told, don't tell them it's the vaccine that made them sick.
She's gone.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Josh in North Carolina.
Josh, thanks for calling.
Hey brother, how you doing?
Man, I'm just watching America divide into two groups, the whole world divide into those that are going to follow the evil plan and those that are going to say no.
And it just physically made me mad to hear that guy begging for help.
Of course, I want to help him.
It's just to know there's millions of people we can't even reach or warn, and that they're going to just sit there and put people in the hospital and kill them.
They'd have killed Rob Dew.
They gave him no medicine, no IV, no drugs of any type.
They just sat there and watched him, waiting for him to have his lungs fill up and die, knowing that COVID is an autoimmune response above all else.
They know full well steroids work 100% if early.
They know full well ivermectin works 100%.
They know it and they want to murder you!
Because they're murderers!
And they get away with it!
It's satanic.
These people are satanic.
What's on your mind?
I agree, brother.
Well, I was just calling in, and I know four people that died last week that were vaccinated.
One lady was vaccinated.
A month later, she got COVID, and she died.
She had both.
I don't know which shot it was, but she had both doses.
And they put her on a ventilator, and she passed away.
That's one of our best friends' aunt.
And I know another girl.
She was about 30 years old, perfectly healthy.
Three days after she got the second shot, she's dead.
I know another man, he was perfectly healthy.
Three days after he got the shot, he's dead.
I mean, it's just everywhere I turn, I know, you know, I hear these stories.
It's just, it's incredible.
Well, you know, they say whenever you get COVID, the people that are vaccinated, they have milder symptoms.
But what happened to the people that were asymptomatic last year that they got COVID and they were transmitted, but they didn't show signs or the symptoms?
I mean, I mean, you know, what happened to those people?
You don't hear about asymptomatic people, the unvaccinated people.
They're just saying it's because of the vaccine they didn't have as bad of symptoms.
That make sense?
Absolutely, and that's all a lie.
First, oh, it totally protects you, you'll be totally protected.
Their own literature, they knew it was a gene therapy, it wouldn't protect you.
And now they're like, oh, well, it makes you less sick when you've had it.
That's not how it works.
A vaccine either works so you don't get it because your body defeats it, or it doesn't.
But these aren't vaccines.
It's all a lie.
It's all a plan to trap us, to get rid of our immune systems and take over.
Keep warning people, Josh.
God bless you and thanks for calling.
Bill, Seth, Corey, Joe, Daniel,
Hernando and Josh and others, your calls are coming up.
All right.
Taking your phone calls, and I'm not sorry I got mad earlier.
It had nothing to do with you guys or people listening or watching.
I just, I'm a human being that just can't take the globalist and their criminal activity anymore, and I've studied too much.
I know too much about all of this, and I know what their agenda is, and I know what they're doing to us, and I know it's got to stop.
And we've got to get angry and know they're hurting us into a world ID, a social credit score, a medical tracking app.
And they've announced now at the UN and at the US level and at the Australian level that, oh, we're going to give you shots every few months.
You're never going to have freedom again.
Things never go back to normal.
And they start laughing.
These damn bureaucrats controlling us through medical fear.
So they want to bankrupt local businesses.
They want to go after the local businesses.
They want to bankrupt the economies and bring in a universal income to control people.
So now they're saying, oh, we forgive everybody's mortgages.
Or, you know, we forgive everybody's rents.
And then that causes a collapse in the housing market so they can consolidate control.
And who says that?
The CDC.
Who made them God?
Who made them God?
And now the CDC wants your guns.
They say, oh, it's not about, um,
Gun control, it's about taking the guns away to keep you safe.
It's a medical thing we're doing.
The globalists are coming with medical tyranny.
And in the mainstream pop news, it's like, oh, Biden says you should take a booster one time.
But in the policy reports, they say it's going to be every five months for the rest of your life.
You better get used to it, they say.
I already played it last hour.
Let's go to Fernando in Arizona.
Thank you for holding, Fernando.
Good morning, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thank you, sir.
I created a decentralized, sensor-proof, open vaccine injury reporting system using InfoWars domain at VaxAction.com.
Well, I'm glad you're reporting it, sir.
What do you think's going on here?
Well, I think that they are crushing the opportunity for the public
To develop or formulate or form informed consent.
The predicate for informed consent is the information that we need based on clinical trials, which we all know don't exist at this point.
So I think it's imperative that people report any kind of adverse reaction or injury in a manner that can be
They can be retained and reviewed and analyzed in posterity.
Absolutely, and I love how they have opinion pieces at CNN saying you don't have the constitutional right to refuse a COVID vaccine.
A, it's not a vaccine.
I have total rights under law to refuse any medical treatment I want.
You don't have an authorization to give me something that lowers my immunity to try to take control of my life.
This is big pharma merged with big media, and big tech is one big business.
To literally have a corporate medicine model that takes over the planet and makes us take whatever they want into our bodies on a routine basis for the right to commerce and to travel and to live.
I mean, this is as nightmarish as it can get.
What does your mother think after she got shingles, which they admit the so-called COVID vaccine does by creating these spike proteins in your body that it basically creates the same thing as herpes all over the body.
Alex, she refuses to acknowledge the correlation or the causation.
She's just completely Stockholm, completely disconnected, and probably more than willing to go in for a booster round.
We've identified this as a depopulation maneuver by the global corporate cabal, correct?
In order to prosecute at some point in the future, which I think is something that we all want, all of your listeners, anybody engaged in this issue, there's going to need to be evidence.
And they're systematically memory-holing every case or manipulating it.
That's right, this is all an exercise in depopulation to see if they can get away with it.
First the autistic, you know, the troops being tested, all the experimental shots covering up their deaths, and they got away with that, so now they're going for the big one.
So what do we do, Fernando?
We create a living record at VaxAction.com.
If you or somebody that you know, if you're a next of kin or somebody that you love has been injured by a vaccination,
Report it.
File a report.
You don't even have to include your real name.
Just give us an email that works.
All right, beautifully said.
We're going to take what you said and put it out as one of the videos that airs during the breaks to inform people.
Briefly, I'm aware of that site.
Tell folks what their mission is and why it's important.
I would also encourage, go to city council, go to school committee, go to the county commissioner's meetings, go to the school boards, and use every public venue to speak out and put it on record there, and post it on Twitter, Facebook, you name it.
Everybody's got to go and speak out against this.
Thank you, Alex.
Yeah, our mission is simply to create a decentralized, sensor-proof, open vaccine injury reporting system that works for the public welfare.
And give people the URL again.
It's VaxAction.com.
That's V-A-X-A-C-T-I-O-N.com.
Alright, I want to get the head folks on from that, and if you're that person, we'll put you on hold.
We'd love to have you on as a guest, Fernando.
God bless you.
Absolutely, we got to take action.
And listen, if you got sick at a clinic because you took a shot, go bullhorn their ass!
Go make a stink!
You're not going to save the world by yourself, but together we are.
Many hands make light work.
Okay, let's go to another caller here.
Who's been holding the longest now?
That would be... Daniel in Virginia.
Daniel, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thank you Alex and good afternoon to every you and your staff are and and I just want to say kudos to Rob do for recovering his little symptom are and.
And my prayers and to those who are adversely affected from the so-called hurricane down South there.
It's heading up this way toward where we're at.
Thank you for taking my call though, Alex.
Yeah, I was wanting to talk about the particular FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, first of all.
Well, there's an article by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog.com, stipulating about how the FDA lied, and it's titled, FDA Lied, Vaccine Not Approved, Still Experimental.
They did not approve the Pfizer.
It's all a giant hoax.
I've had lawyers on about it, Robert Barnes and others.
It is a new class where they just extended the emergency authorization and said that they'll announce the trials in 2025.
Absolutely a total fraud.
As usual, nothing but lies because these are globalists.
They are bombarding us literally with lies and bioweapons.
We are their enemies.
And what they approved is called Comerity.
Two countries exercise in this particular one.
One is Europe and one is Australia.
Comerity is what they approved, not the Pfizer.
Also, Dr. Robert Malone, he can also stipulate the following.
I think Greg Hunter has his video on there where he states that there are
Two things that they approved of.
All they did is extend it.
So, what my point of the matter is, with them just extending it, see, that don't throw out the no liability clause.
See, if they approve this vaccine, the no liability clause will be thrown out the window.
That's right.
So now they're doing a no man's land where it's really experimental with no liability, but then they claim it's not, which is total fraud.
Great point, sir.
Thank you so much for bringing that up.
Everybody should find that article real quick.
What was the title of the article again?
He dropped.
More calls straight ahead.
Stay with us.
All right.
We're going to go to Seth.
And Corey and Josh and others right now here on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Monday transmission.
We're taking calls to hear from the people, something the establishment doesn't want.
They want you silenced.
So I really appreciate you listening and tuning in and calling and holding to be on air.
You are the tip of the spear.
Seth in Oregon.
Go ahead.
Appreciate it, man.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, this weekend I went grocery shopping with my mom.
We had a guy that was creeping up behind us as we were going through the doors and he bombarded me and blocked me from going in the store with this card.
He goes, your mask isn't good enough.
You can't have that on.
I got a face shield.
That's not good enough.
I got to wear a cloth mask.
That's going to scar my nose the longer I keep wearing it.
So I got a video.
I'm worked up and I wanted to send it to you guys.
You guys could look at it.
And, uh, it's pretty... Did he work there or was he just some little do-gooder?
He didn't, he's some little good dooder, a good doer.
He didn't even work there.
These are all these weird low IQ people are empowered now to do this.
The masks cause bacterial pneumonia.
They don't work.
Uh, yes, sir.
I want you to send us the video.
I can put you on the phone with Harmon.
He can give you his email.
Send it to me.
I'll play it next hour.
Tell us what else happened.
Yeah, so we're sitting there and I'm trying to prevent a conflict because, I mean, honestly, I wanted to punch him in his little purple shirt, you know, having, you know, whatever.
But long story short, you know, my mom's behind me.
She's, you know, looking like, what's going on?
This guy's harassing my son.
And so she's like, you know, customer service, you'll come over here in the video.
And so they come, they come walking over and the guy's trying to explain, oh, well, that's not an effective mask.
He can't wear that.
I'm a doctor.
It makes us produce real viruses.
So when Mitt Romney says, you're hurting my health not having a shot, he took it.
He supposedly protected.
But see, it's all a fraud.
He is now an engine releasing it and producing it.
And I bet money Mitt Romney has not taken the poison vaccine.
Okay, they want us to take it.
They want to depopulate us.
Seth, I want to see the video.
I'll put you on hold.
You can give it to us or you can email it to us.
Anything else?
Yeah, I just wanted to say I also lost a family member because they told them that they need to take the vaccine to get the job.
So that vaccine is not guaranteed.
And I heard about the last viewer or last talker on the phone.
I want to submit that name on that list of people that are dying from that vaccine.
It's not a joke.
Well, we'll go to that site and file it right there.
God bless you, Seth.
We'll put him on hold.
If he wants to send us that video, we'll play it.
Send all your videos to ShowTipsAtInfoWars.com.
Okay, let's go to another caller here.
Let's talk to Corey in Iowa.
Go ahead, Corey.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
How you doing today?
I'm all right.
I'm actually hearing that guy talk about his mother-in-law dying and how they wouldn't help her.
It just pissed me off.
Well, I'm going to get your steam rolling a little more.
Uh, so, I went into, uh, I'm a truck driver, trucking America, you know, and, uh, I just want to start off with tomorrow, get the word out, you know, tomorrow starts the day of, uh, American truck drivers are joining, uh, Australia and New Zealand and shutting down the country.
Tell me about that first.
That's exciting.
It's time to take action.
Yes, sir.
Uh, my main, my main thing I was calling about was, um, was about the match, but, uh, we're, we're shutting down tomorrow.
There's already thousands and thousands.
The Department of Transportation is trying to enforce a vaccine against the American trucker, and we're not going to have it.
We're not going to fall for it, and we're not going to allow the government to go against our own free will.
Wow, so the Department of Transportation is trying to claim it's not mandatory, but they're trying to make you do it for your license?
Wow, I didn't even know it had gone that far.
That's outrageous.
Yes, sir.
Alright, so on the form of... I'm glad you asked about that first, because now we're going to continue on to the mask part.
By the way, they want to trick you into taking the shot before they tell you, hey, by the way, you've got to take these forever, but by then your immune system's gone.
So, are the truckers getting the word out that the fact that this is a trap?
Well, step away.
Yeah, in fact, I've heard about it.
August 31st, 2021, Truckers Unite in solidarity with Australia and the USA and around the world.
Now, are you going to strike or are you going to go to blue cities and block the highways?
Well, it all depends on what everybody else decides to do, I guess.
You know, we're going to join hands and hell, we might just shut down the interstate travel system.
I'd love to see you shut D.C.
There once before, we did it before, we'll do it again.
We were there last year.
Now's the time to push back against these criminals.
Okay, tell us your COVID story.
Alright, so I went in, this was Friday, I went in to go get my Department of Transportation regulated, ordered federally, you know, federal rules and law states.
I have to have a DOT physical every year or two, depending on what the last doctor ordered.
So I'm due today.
I was due for a physical and so I went in there to go get my physical done.
I walk inside, no mask.
I refuse to wear a mask.
I'm not going to be forced into doing something I don't feel free of doing anyways.
Long story short, they wouldn't let me go to see a doctor.
So, and I was causing this, I was causing an argument.
So I, they called, they told me to get out of the building.
I left.
I went outside.
Uh, they called the cops, cops got there.
Uh, first one was just some private or something.
I don't know.
Uh, he's new on the job or something.
I had to teach him, uh, what he missed in school.
However, uh, he, he starts off, well, uh, it's a private business and I told them, uh, well, actually let's go ahead and, uh,
Let's go ahead and get this clear.
It's not a private organization that's federally funded.
They've received at least one penny from the federal government, which makes them a federally funded organization, so on and so forth.
That's right.
They're trying to make you go through this licensure, and now they're trying to make you jump through more hoops.
They're holding everyone hostage.
And people better figure out, paying terrorists only makes them behave worse.
We've got to all stop complying.
So, I got the officer, he got his supervisor out there.
Supervisor shows up, they're both wearing body cams the whole time, so let's make that known.
I got them both to admit under, so first the supervisor comes in, and he's like, well, you know, I made the case that I was being denied emergency medical services, alright?
And he's like, well,
I don't see a medical emergency with you.
I said, well, have you examined me yet?
So let me ask this.
How did it all end?
Well, uh, they agreed that the, that my civil rights were that, uh, with their dash cam, uh, their words were that my civil rights were imposed, uh, that they were infringed upon.
Uh, also, um, it was, it could be a form of discrimination and, uh,
They wouldn't treat me due to, they can't tell me if, I couldn't go before a doctor to get examined.
And so how did it all end?
How did it all end?
Long story short, I got in there and I didn't wear a mask.
Beautiful job, and everybody's got to push back.
Thank you for the call.
All these good people, like myself, like you, we never want to push.
We never want to cause problems.
This is a global takeover through bureaucracy.
Your submission only makes it worse.
We must say no to the crap now.
Even Spain's Supreme Court ruled against using vaccine passports for strict access to public spaces.
It's tyranny.
And Spain is a tyranny, and they're saying that's wrong.
All right, Joe.
In London, Tim in Pennsylvania, Josh is up first when we come back, then our special guest joins us, but I'm gonna get to all of you.
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Hour number three, your call to the special guest.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
Central, I'm live.
to 3 p.m.
We had a very special guest joining us next segment, but we're going back to your calls.
Right now, the order they were received.
Let's talk to Josh in Missouri.
Josh, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
First time caller, long time listener.
Thanks again for checking my call.
Thank you.
What's on your mind, Josh?
It's the fact that I work in an ER, and I'm not medical staff, but I work right alongside doctors and nurses.
And they are never wearing gowns.
They are never wearing masks.
We all know this COVID is a joke.
They don't bother.
With wearing gowns, they don't bother with wearing gloves, they don't put on the mask when they go in these patients' rooms.
The doctors, one of the first things they ask whenever older, 60, 65-ish patients come in with signs of seizure or blood clots, if they get the shot, do they have the shot?
It's like the first thing on their mind.
And that was my main point I wanted to get to.
Wow, so you work at a hospital and they just know right up front when people come in with blood clots now to ask if they have the shot.
That's one of the first things that they ask the nurse that's assigned to that room.
Is that why we see all the nurses and doctors not wanting to take it?
It's about a 50-50 split where I am.
I'm in Missouri, so a little more conservative side, but I do hear doctors saying that they will be walked out of the hospital before they take the shot.
Well, I know this, brother.
Last year, we had the same number of people die that year that died the year before, which means less people died because the population went up.
This year, the population's plunging.
And in Florida and Texas, they're stacking dead bodies up like cordwood.
And I've talked to former heads of U.S.
intelligence agencies.
I've talked to doctors on the ground.
They believe there's some type of prion simulant because it doesn't test positive for COVID that's been sprayed out on us to get us in line with Biden.
That's because I'm glad to hear most areas of the country are not dealing with this.
But let me tell you, it's not fun in Texas or Florida.
They know that we opened up.
They knew we bucked them and they released something down there, brother.
My thought on this is that they're trying to get so many people vaccinated so quickly that within two or two and a half years that it takes people to start actually dying, then it's going to be too late.
All of our frontline workers are going to be gone.
Truckers, everybody getting forced to take this is going to be gone.
And then what's left, the real enemy, the unvaccinated.
They want to soften us up for a race war, global collapse, and they know whatever the crisis is they're going to have going in a few years.
As all these top scientists say, they believe within three years you'll start seeing mass death.
We're already seeing mass death, but they looked at the rat studies.
It took a few months, so they spaced that out to a few years.
Whatever it is they've got planned is so bad in the future, they think we'll be so distracted we won't even ask why half the population's dying.
I know a lot of cases are failing based on the Nuremberg Code and things of that nature, but I'm wondering if a Supreme Court case that could set the percent of mortality that there would have to be before these things can be mandated.
I mean, this is a 99% recoverable disease or virus, even if it's a real thing, so I just don't understand how we're going along with 99% recovery rate and being mandated to take these shots.
Well, it's because it's not a vaccine, it's a genetic takeover.
And if you look at...
The Supreme Court ruling they had over 100 years ago that said they could do forced inoculations, that was the same Supreme Court that said you could sterilize black people and poor white people.
And so that was overturned later.
And we had not just the Nuremberg Code, but we have federal and state laws as well against making people take experimental injections.
That's why they've announced that it's approved now.
But again, as the earlier caller said, it was not actually approved.
And so there is just a lot
I don't
Of having these injections every five to six months that again lower your immune system down to nothing and now you're controlled by the system.
This is a genetic medical takeover.
All right, we have her, Dr. Li Ming Yan, joining us.
She's one of the biggest guests you can get out there.
She's written a special report on proving that it came out of the Wuhan lab, and she's been totally vindicated on all fronts.
We're going to be talking to her right on the other side of this break in 60 seconds, and then after she leaves us, we will continue to go to all the callers that want to hold.
Please stay with us.
Welcome back!
We are now into hour number three of this August 30th.
Monday broadcast and we are joined by a leading Chinese virologist who has been totally and completely vindicated.
She's come out in the latest article in New York Post as Fauci emails verify her Wuhan lab leak claim.
Li Ming Yan is the doctor and she's written a detailed report that has been proven to be a blueprint of what really happened.
She's on Twitter at DrLiMingYan1.
People should be sure and follow her there at Dr. Lee Eli Ming Yan 1 and we can put that up on screen there.
That is for you.
She also has linked up there her report SARS-CoV-2 is an unrestricted
Bioweapon, a truth revealed through uncovering a large-scale organized scientific fraud.
And it would take me an hour to go over her whole bio, but let me just read part of it.
Dr. Li Ming Yan is a medical doctor, PhD virologist, independent coronavirus expert.
She was educated at two top medical schools in China, Southern Medical University and Central South University.
She was also a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Public Health, the University of Hong Kong.
Because of her extensive
Professional network and scientific evidence, Dr. Yan has the distinction of being the only Chinese insider in the West with first-hand knowledge about the true nature of the virus as well as the CCP's deceptive methods used to disguise their international bioweapons research.
Since escaping from Hong Kong on April 28, 2021, she has been interviewed many, many times, four times by the FBI, including FBI virologist, and each time she has been deemed credible.
Dr. Yan has spent five years researching influenza vaccines when in January 2020, she was asked to investigate the Wuhan pneumonia that was sweeping the city.
And then it goes on from there.
She can tell you the rest of the story about the CCP and what she witnessed and what unfolded.
So, Dr. Yan, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Thank you for having me.
Thank you, Alex.
Every time I see you on Fox or Newsmax, you get about five minutes.
You've got the rest of the hour.
You're gracious to be here.
We got like eight minutes to break.
Start at the beginning or give us a summation.
Whatever you'd like to tell us, we want to get it on record.
We really appreciate you coming on because we know that you've been right from the very, very beginning and we appreciate your courage.
Thank you, Alex.
Then how about we start to talk about the intellectual report from Biden's administration, which was released last Friday on origin of COVID-19.
How about we start talk from that?
Absolutely, please.
Okay, so according to that report, Biden administration said they judged that this COVID-19 virus was not designed as a bioweapon, and also the intelligence agencies all think there is a
Confidence that it is not bioengineered lab products.
So actually I think there are many media, I mean almost all the media try to explain this report.
But they actually made some misunderstanding.
Because although they claim that this is not designed as a bioweapon, it is not wrong.
Because the recent evidence verified my report and my evidence that the COVID-19 virus is not designed as traditional bioweapon.
It is designed as unrestricted bioweapon.
This term is beyond bioweapon.
And this is because unlimited means that CCP won't do anything without limitations, without constraints, and without considering of humanity to make the novel, non-traditional bioweapon.
I don't think so.
So this is what we should let more people know because the long-term of bioweapons has its limitations and the China government learned how to take advantage of the weakness from the laws and from the surveillance and then to get avoid of the surveillance and the biodefense system all over the world to conduct this bio-attack.
Wow, that is powerful information.
So, obviously they work with collaborators in the West.
I think that's very clear.
You go off what you know about China, what you know about the weapon, but I have clips we'll play later of Dr. Peter Daszak that ran the program with Fauci and with the Chinese government.
And he was bragging in December of 2019 that they were merging five viruses, they were going to make a vaccine for it, and he describes COVID-19.
So, they weren't even hiding a lot of this, it looks like.
Yes, from last February, since Peter Daszak started to publish his Lancet statement claiming that COVID-19 is from nature and also that China has done a great job in anti-COVID-19, he already exposed
At that time, I also had the first-hand information that he tried to organize the scientists all over the world to help China.
Peter Daszak is not a nonsense.
Dr. Fauci is not a nonsense.
Ralph Baric, Christine Anderson, all these people are not a nonsense.
But sadly, they are used by the Chinese government as a tool.
The Chinese Communist Party spent decades, which is proved by my recent document, from 1990s they started to study the novel things in bioweapons and the biowar program.
And these people from America, they are used by China to get money and technology and also support from the international scientific world to spread misinformation.
They are not allowed to touch the core intelligence in China because Chinese Communist Party don't trust these foreigners.
But they are used and they enjoy it and they see the benefits.
So they are waiting to do that with China to undermine America, to undermine all the world.
And they're certainly working with the UN and Tedros and working with leftists here who want to keep us locked down, who want to bring in a communist revolution, who want to create a universal income.
I mean, the Democrats now admit most of the health department leaders are avowed communists, not just Tedros, but others that run London and run all these other big cities.
They say, we're communists.
We don't want the lockdown to ever end in the West.
So clearly they're using it as a smoke screen for martial law.
Yes, you are right because from the recent evidence I want to explain to your audience today, they clearly told that the mandate is very useful because compared to America,
China has the power to mandate everything, and they predict that once such novel biowarfare or bioterrorism happens, people in America cannot get enough help, I mean, in time, because this is a democratic country, and in China they can control it because that is centralized.
And also, to use mandate as a tool to divide Americans, divide Republicans, Democratic people, divide races, divide your policy, is what China spent decades to work on.
Dr. Li Mingyan, stay right there.
It's the best place for people to find you on Twitter at DrLiMingYan1.
Yes, and there are hundreds of fake accounts established by the CCP, so please notice that over 100k accounts are the only right ones.
Alright, wow.
I've got a lot I want to cover, but when we come back, what do you want to get into next?
We want to tell people that about how China's plan to undermine America and also control the organizations like WHO, UN for years and then makes a whole misinformation helping COVID-19 pandemic.
All right, you're an amazing lady.
Totally vindicated.
The Pentagon and others came out and said, yes, her report was correct.
It came out of the Wuhan lab with a high probability.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us on the other side.
Dr. Li Ming Yan is our guest.
She is completely vindicated.
She was one of the first voices to come out early last year and say it's a bioweapon out of Wuhan.
The ChaiKoms have co-opted
People inside the U.S.
government, inside the U.N., and now she's been vindicated.
The U.S.
intelligence agencies have come out.
And even John Hopkins that came up with the SPARS event four years ago, wargaming what's currently happening now, heavily involved in all this as well.
This is a global government project.
China is at the heart of it, obviously.
They've come out and attacked her and said, oh, it didn't come out of a lab.
We've had Peter Daszak, who helped secretly write the Lancet report saying it didn't come out of the lab, but told people in emails, don't tell people I'm involved writing this.
He's finally been fired off of the latest whitewash.
So they have worked around the clock to try to stop Dr. Yan, but she is with us now and going over why this happened, where this is going.
And I also want to ask you, because you've been on top of this like nobody else, how do you counter something?
We're good to go.
And as Americans and others got censored, and as you got censored, I saw communist Chinese propaganda force-fed by big tech.
Oh hi Alex, this is a good question.
Unrestricted means, as what I said, no constraints, no consideration of humanity.
So China's unrestricted strategies not only applied on bioweapons.
COVID-19 is their unrestricted bioweapon.
But as I defend in my Yan reports, there are also unrestricted scientific misinformation.
And also there are unrestricted informative walls as we say we were censored and also misinformation spreading everywhere.
Let me tell you, you just talked about John Hopkins and also Dr. Fauci.
So my evidence actually based on my first-hand intelligence from China military and civil network
Involve hospital, CDC, and also research labs.
Also involve my knowledge about the WHO experts who worked with me in the WHO reference lab in Hong Kong for five years.
And also there are other evidence like the People's Liberation Army's document, scientific evidence they published from military and also civilian scientist network working with China.
All together combined with my expertise, like NIAID conducted by Fauci and also John Hopkins, as you mentioned, why do they attack me and why do they help China to promote the nature origin theory of COVID-19, is also verified in the new evidence I want to tell you.
In the new evidence, it is a document from People's Liberation Army from end of 2014.
That one is written by the leading bio-expert.
In the military of Medical Science Academy in China, that team work with General Wei Chen, who take in charge of Wuhan lab last February.
I think definitely people know them.
So this team actually focus on establishing the theory of the unrestricted bioweapons strategies for CCP, especially for Chairman Xi.
And in that book, they claim that to divide America is very important because in their strategy, America is a primary enemy for them because America doesn't allow the dictatorship or communism and there is freedom in America.
So they point out that they need to understand the policies, politicals, and think tanks from America.
And for example, they take the example that NIH, especially NIAID and the Johns Hopkins, they are the organizations in the U.S.
to help surveillance the bioweapon-related risks.
That's why China knows if they can manipulate the top experts in these organizations, then they can manipulate the information and American policymakers.
And now you see what happened now.
Well, and at least the FBI did arrest the head of Harvard Science, who was basically on the payroll of the Chinese, giving him a lot of this technology.
So clearly you've got Bill Gates that helped open up China, you've got Fauci that's a communist Chinese supporter.
They're getting all this power, they're getting all this control, and Fauci bragged in 2017, Trump will be challenged by a novel virus.
And then, of course, we'll play it next segment.
Dazic bragging about how they were preparing it and getting it ready, I think, to cover his butt later when he knew it would come out.
They aren't very happy with you, though, are they?
I don't think they expected all this to come out.
They are not happy with me, and the China government isn't happy with me.
That's why they're hunting me, and they're using propaganda to smear me, just to describe me as some hamster keeper or some liar, which is very hilarious.
But I have evidence.
I have shown the scientific and intelligence evidence here.
Since I started to tell people that there would be a pandemic if you don't control it in time on 19th January last year.
At that time, I'm the only person to tell it to the world.
And China knows I'm the insider because I tell the world human-to-human transmission exists and also this is not from the seafood market.
There is no animal intermediate host.
I told people that WHO is covering up with China.
There will be strong variants in the future if not controlled.
And also that day, 19th January last year, I told people that this is a product from Chinese military lab by Game of Functions Engineering.
It's not from some bad cave somewhere in China.
It is patched by the PLA, People's Liberation Army,
And then Modify did a lot of gain-of-function modification, which still needs to be studied, because we don't know how many functions are hidden in this virus.
So these are all verified.
That's why they don't want me to talk about it.
And that's why they want to censor all the people that are talking about that.
Wow, Dr. Lee Ming-Yun is our guest.
Again, you can follow her on her real Twitter.
We'll put it on screen for TV viewers.
I'll give it to you next segment.
But while we come back, let's look, I want you to get some time to talk about your research, what's in your paper, and how you can look at the virus and know it was man-made, which is now confirmed.
All these viruses combined, how they did it.
I don't know.
The dictator of China.
I mean, I see it all.
It was clearly premeditated and they told us 15 days to flatten the curve.
And now here we are still under lockdown around the world.
It is incredible.
We'll be right back.
Everybody listening on AM and FM.
Tell folks to tune in.
Everybody watching on TV or the Internet, you're how we expand the audience and people get the truth.
Tell them.
Whistleblower scientist who went to Wuhan and researched it and first exposed it and risked her life is on now telling us what's really happening.
This is so important.
Stay with us.
Well, authoritarians all over the world love using this virus and the fear of it to lock down society.
And then to bring us these vaccines, I'm going to ask her view on those as well.
But the great part here on the Alex Jones Show about my job is that I don't care about Hollywood stars.
I don't care about sports icons.
I care about trailblazers and interesting people and people that tell the truth and stand up and do what's right.
I think so.
Was there, was an expert, went and investigated it for a university, came back, documented it, and has now been vindicated.
That's a hero.
And I know she doesn't see herself as a hero, but it's people like her that are going to turn the tide against this evil.
So we've got another 25 minutes left.
I'd love you to be able to go anywhere you want.
But it's probably important for you to go back to the time of you're sent to investigate, and then how you know this was staged, how you know it was chimeric, which they now admit.
It's like saying a Swiss watch puts itself together in the desert from sand, and the idea that from reading your paper that's now been proven right, it's preposterous to claim five different species of animal jumped millions of years of, quote, evolution or whatever, and then magically made this chimera, that after your report came out,
The Indians and the Australians and others scanned the virus and said you could see the insertion genes and how it had been made.
So you're the virologist, you're the renowned doctor that first broke this.
Walk us through how you knew it was man-made.
Okay, actually, Alex, this is a long story.
Let me try to briefly tell our audience that I was pointed
I think so.
So my access to China CDC, to the doctors and researchers all over China gave me the quick intelligence collection and that tells us that China knows there is an outbreak and China was hiding this information.
And you were the first to say that when it was called the Wuhan pneumonia.
And just to be clear, it's all been proven that you're right, the UN did actively cover it up.
Yes, they actually covered up and more than covered up, they're drawn into this kind of plan, although they cannot touch the real secret, but they actually deliver the technology and also help China to escape from the punishment.
And also these are well planned by the Chinese Communist Party since 20 years ago.
And then what I want to tell people is my research from last January shows that
China actually tried to frame some animal, for example, raccoon dog.
They tried to frame a pangolin.
They tried to make people thought these are the wild animals which carry this kind of virus and transmit to humans from the seafood market, which is totally lying.
You see, until now, they cannot find the animal.
And actually, from mid-January, when I was in Hong Kong, I had started email
From some expert to my lab that you'd better focus on the Raccoon Dog and it implies that you find the Raccoon Dog from Wuhan, you will identify that as an intermediate host and the other people will help you to make RFA.
But at that time, I revealed it through all this media in Chinese on YouTube, which actually triggered the Chinese Communist Party and Chairman Xi's office.
That's why they have to change their strategies and get rid of more deaths and also more damage.
Somehow they still do that.
Well, I agree with you that Communist China quarterbacked this and is the heart of the New World Order, but clearly worked with Western criminals.
You can see the scripting.
But what do you make of Obama when the media made a big deal of this in 2015 at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and when Fauci had it moved to Wuhan?
I mean, clearly there's major involvement with Obama and the globalists here as well.
Because China, the communists as you know have threatened back and said, if you blame us, we'll blame you.
So I think that's why they did a joint operation so they could blame each other.
Because China has infiltrated America for many years.
In your military labs, in your civil labs, and especially the science and academic research field, they have their military-civil fusion infiltration, and that's why they can compromise and manipulate and concussion some of your, many of your scientists or the officers to work with them.
So you're saying many of them are in collusion?
Yes, exactly, and that also has explained in the evidence I obtained.
For example, they talked about that from 2005, Bioweapon Convention Conference in Geneva told that WHO will be the surveillance organization for bioweapons.
Sure, so China working through them with Gates set up how to respond so they could release it and then cover it up.
What do you make of event 201 and all this?
Frantic governments and John Hopkins and the Chinese government frantically drilling for this happening in the months right before it happened.
I see that as them preparing and getting ready and getting their people all trained.
These people, they bring the Chinese, those kind of academic spies, came here, and also many innocent Chinese people are blackmailed by our government to deliver the technology back to China.
And the American scientists like John Hawkins, or in Ralph Baric's lab, or New York Blood Center, which is very important because people can
Access American people's gene data, genetic data from there, are all helping.
I mean, many of them are helping China government to work on these things.
They deliver these things back to China, and then they exchange for benefits, like they get promotion, they are sent into the international organization, like Food and Agriculture Organization, World Animal Organization, WHO.
Sure, look at the head Harvard scientist.
The Chinese government gave him millions of secret money.
Yes, yes.
I mean, that is just a piece of the iceberg.
The amount of China's massive infiltration in America.
How do we counter this?
How do we respond to this?
Tell your policymakers that it is an unrestricted bioweapon.
They need to update the law terms and also they need to understand that misinformation is another arm for this novel, non-traditional bioweapon.
Together, this is CCP's unrestricted strategies to change America, to control America, and also control the world.
You don't have much time.
You have to understand how evil CCP is and not listen to them, not trust them, and you have to defend to protect America and your next generations.
Powerfully said.
Please continue, Doctor.
I mean, we can talk more in the next section, right?
Because I say only one minute left.
And I really want to tell people this is not only a lab accident.
This is because of their reckless operation, their trial in the neighborhood using Chinese people
Then get out of control and make the local outbreak and then they take the advantage of that outbreak to spread it all over the world because this unrestricted bioweapon is designed to spread the pandemic all over the world.
You're 100% right, because I can see all the pre-scripting.
It's like a new Chevy truck's coming out, or a new Coca-Cola.
It's just, oh, the biotech's coming, give your rights up when it does, and all the drills, and all the preparation, and then Obama working with Xi Jinping, and then it all happens, and then China's good, and we're bad, and then, oh, just 14 days, and then it's forever.
We're going to talk about how to counter this, and Dr. Peter Daszak, and the smoking gun, with our amazing guests.
And I'm going to host some into the next hour to take your calls, folks.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, final segment with our incredible guest.
I hope that all listeners realize that this interview's already got a couple million people watching live, but it'll be archived at man.video and freeworldnews.tv, and I'm just begging you for all our own futures to get the interview and to share it everywhere you can, especially your email and text message, some of the final places not being
Totally censored.
Dr. Li Ming Yan is on with us.
Hopefully she'll join us again to get even into more.
But she wanted to get into the Communist Chinese Party surveillance system.
Then I wanted to hit this latest article where she says Fauci's emails vindicate her.
Well, she's already been vindicated.
I've read the emails where he's like telling them in December of 2019, get the vaccine ready.
So clearly this whole thing's been a plan.
It's sick.
So, doctor, please continue.
Oh yeah, since you talk about the vaccine, I really want to tell people I work in the WHO lab and I have my influenza universal vaccine patent pending.
I'm not anti-vaccine, but I'm anti-vaccine mandate and also I'm anti the unsafe and inefficient vaccine because this is Chinese Communist Party's unrestricted bioweapon.
And especially in their spike protein of this virus.
CCP has designed many functions, which they learned from like Dengue, Zika, and Ebola, and the high pathogen, even influenza, all these things, and put them in to the coronavirus.
It's like playing Lego, and then make you have more disease.
That's why we still have a lot of symptoms, like hunger, like the brain fog, like you start to get
And by the way, some people say it's not real, but we know it's a 5-virus chimera.
And it seems to me, what I've seen is, since it mutated, it's much worse this year.
Because I talked to doctors, I got my ear on the ground.
Last year they were overblowing it, at least here.
But now they're not overblowing it.
I mean, I know people personally who have basically Alzheimer's since they got it.
Totally sharp three weeks ago, don't know who they are now, can't taste, can't smell, and are basically half dead.
I mean, so I definitely know this is real.
Yeah, like the blood clot, and also antibody-dependent enhancement, and also neurotoxicity, and also autoimmune disorder.
All these are, I mean, well-studied by those military and civil scientists in China.
So how many viruses is it combined, doctor?
Is it not correct to say five?
Some say six.
Oh, I won't say like that.
I will tell you that China studies bioterrorism reagent list from America, Europe, and also Russia.
And they focus on studying of this bioreagent which can lead the bioterrorism.
But they won't directly use it like direct copy-paste to the coronavirus.
So you're saying they created a Frankenstein monster and regardless they created it and it got out of the lab and is now terrorizing the countryside.
So let me ask you this.
Obviously, I know vaccines are a real science.
They get contaminated, they have side effects, there's problems.
I don't even see these mRNA as a vaccine because it's a lie that it makes the body create the spike protein.
So you are a virologist, you study this.
What do you make of the reports of deaths and problems and people not being protected by this vaccine?
First, I want to say that, yeah, we encourage the new technology, but we also need data, very strict scientific data, to prove it is safe and it is efficient.
Let me tell you, coronavirus from SARS-CoV-2
To now, that's true.
We don't have the real efficient vaccines for over almost 20 years.
And suddenly, within several months, they put it to market.
And then again, they start to mandate people to use that.
And the very hilarious thing is, the vaccine cannot stop transmission.
Then why do you mandate people?
Because as they claim, if this vaccine can really reduce the severity and the death
Amen to that, doctor.
You're amazing.
Let me play a clip from Dr. Peter Daszak in December of 2019, when you had been dispatched, one of the first to investigate this.
Here he is, covering his butt, doing an interview, saying, oh, we combined five viruses to make a vaccine, admitting basically gain of function.
Here it is.
But if you're saying these are diverse coronaviruses and you can't vaccinate against them, they're no antivirals, what do we do?
Well, I think that coronaviruses are pretty good.
I mean, you're a virologist, you know all this stuff, but you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily.
It's just spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus, zoonotic risk.
So you can get the sequence, you can build the protein, and we work with Ralph Baric at UNC to do this, insert it into the backbone of another
And do some work in the lab.
So you can get more predictive when you find a sequence.
You've got this diversity.
Now, the logical progression for vaccines is if you're going to develop a vaccine for SARS, people are going to use, you know, pandemic SARS.
Yeah, sure.
But let's try and insert some of these other related and get a better vaccine.
And I guess also knowledge of what's there.
If you see something emerging, give it a head start on making a vaccine or a therapeutic.
That's true.
And, you know, better knowledge of where they are as well, so you can put your money into the clinics that matter.
And that's one of the big things that we've been trying to push.
There's a lot of, the word predict, or the word, you know, the anticipating, forecasting pandemics.
It doesn't mean you can stop them.
That's the problem.
So what we're trying to say, on a global scale, if we can show where they most like to come from, the species they most like to originate in, the people most like to get affected,
A global actor like WHO or a national government can better allocate resources to the highest risk.
Okay, so he just admitted, doctor, that they are merging the viruses together, exactly what they did.
I have another clip of him admitting Chinese colleagues developed killer coronaviruses at Wuhan.
What do you make of those admissions?
And then his boss, Fauci, tells Congress no such thing was done.
Peter Daszak is more about politicians and has dishonest politicians than scientists.
And this virus is not only designed in Wuhan, it is released in Wuhan, but it is designed and worked within the military lab network from Beijing to Hong Kong to China.
We're good to go.
So his description is very simple, but China has made it more comprehensive because the unrestricted bioweapon
According to CCP's definition, it has to look like from nature, and that's why they can tell people, oh, it's from nature, it's mysterious, and we have to get money from America, get help to look for another 10 years to find why it happened, and then people will forget the origin.
I think so.
We're hit with a bioweapon.
China is now superior, taking over the world economy.
We're still partially shut down.
They've given us leaky, bad vaccines.
We are literally under attack.
And do you agree that we should see Fauci criminally investigated and Bill Gates and others?
Because we can't get Xi Jinping right now, but couldn't we start with his minions here in America?
Yeah, of course, because these people are in America, they are American citizens, so your mouth applies to them and they have to listen to that.
But China, they can try to get rid of that.
That's why the policymakers, the legislators, need to understand China's unrestricted evil tactics and fix this problem.
And Xi Jinping is the one dominant
By himself and the whole Chinese Communist Party need to be held accountable.
That was powerful.
Great job the producers getting her.
What an amazing lady.
And not just hearing five minutes of her, but getting to hear 45 minutes of her on air.
Please get her back as soon as you can, crew.
I'm going to come back, take some of your phone calls.
Those have been holding.
And then Gerald Cilente takes over.
Welcome back.
Hour number four.
Gerald Cilente taking over in 15 minutes.
I want to get to all the great callers that are holding.
Joe in London's been holding.
Want to talk about the madness in Europe.
Looks like footage I've seen out of Tiananmen Square.
Cops beating men, women, and children, running over them with horses, kneeing men held down by police in the face, knocking their teeth out, all because they try to go out on the street and say that they're essential.
Yep, it's the globalist power grab.
Joe, you guys are fighting back harder than we are here in America, though, over in London.
I've seen millions march and we salute you.
Tell us what's happening.
Hey big fella, how are ya?
I'm alright, brother, welcome.
You've got a weary, a weary, weary heart that I'm making the effort to call you on this day.
Fantastic guest, by the way, you just had on.
Brilliant piece of information.
I know you can't say half the stuff you'd love to say, so with your permission, perhaps I'll be able to say a few things and not get anyone into trouble.
So this is a message primarily to the American audience that you have, okay?
Everything that this guy, folks, has been saying is legit.
I'm in London.
The United Kingdom, although we do have a resistance, is gone.
It is gone.
The Middle East?
Oh my goodness me.
Your place?
Your place is the only place that still has constitution.
I'd like to ask every single American listening to this right now, and it's not even a rhetorical, is your second amendment there just to take up some space on a parchment?
Because it certainly feels like it from over here.
We don't have that.
We don't have that.
You guys need to wake up!
You see Mr. Jones lose his shit.
Time and time again.
Because he is just frustrated.
So frustrated.
Every day.
Probably every night.
He's gotta go through all of the research he goes through.
And his team.
To bring absolutely critical information to the forefront.
Because they're banned from everywhere.
What are you doing, guys?
Because this tsunami is heading to you.
If it's not already there, it's knocking on your door.
And you, unfortunately, the view from over here, you guys, you're not listening.
You need to get up, wake up.
What are you?
Are you sick?
Well, let me say it this way.
Let me say it this way.
They're going to start a war with us because they want a physical one to crack down like they've done in Europe.
Americans aren't protesting 1-100 like they should, and people better get politically aggressive in a civil disobedience way before things get so bad that it does become a Second Amendment issue.
Yeah, but you're right.
But I will say this to Europe, and I don't want this to happen at this point.
But you guys have gasoline.
And you guys have a lot of clubs.
You can get any guns you want with a club.
I don't want to go to that point.
I'm not calling for it.
But they are assaulting you with deadly shots.
They are beating you up.
They are locking you up.
Because the globalists were losing politically, so this is their revenge.
So my question to you is...
What do you think we can all do short of violence to turn this back?
Because I see the police running over women with horses, pepper-spraying babies, beating up men, and yeah, it makes my blood boil.
They are assaulting us, so it is in the threat continuum right for us to fight back.
I'm just saying they've got a trap set up once that happens, and I don't think that's the way to go.
That's why they're telling cops, run people over with cars, kick their heads in, because they know they've politically lost the people.
Take Australia.
Only 25% have taken the shots, brother.
So again, yeah, they're under martial law because they're not doing what they're supposed to.
Does that make sense?
I totally agree with you.
And just to reiterate, I'm not calling for violence.
You have your Second Amendment.
Yeah, it talks about guns, obviously, but no one's saying that you need to use them.
You look at civil disobedience, which you have called for time and time again.
Be peaceful.
I agree.
We need to go to Mitt Romney's house.
We need to go to Fauci's house.
We need to say, you're the ones that are contaminating us by being injected.
You're the tyrants.
I mean, these people are out of control and they need legal, lawful pushback.
Thanks for the call, Joe.
All right.
When we come back, Samantha and others.
I'm going right to you, Samantha, Lisa, Scott, Paul, Steve.
We'll be right back in 60.
And we are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us here on another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And we are taking your phone calls right now ahead of Gerald Cilente, the great trends forecaster who is about to take over in the next 45 minutes of transmission.
Let's go to Samantha in Mississippi.
Samantha, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to give you a sliver of hope.
My son and his father landed in the hospital, both with what they labeled as COVID pneumonia.
They are not vaccinated.
But they were giving them vitamin C, B3, zinc.
They were giving them aspirin, Robitussin.
They were taking Ivermectin and Azithromycin a week prior because they were both sick at home.
And the doctor, of course, had sent them home.
But when they landed in the hospital, they tested them for COVID.
They did the PCR test, and they also did a blood test to confirm.
So there are good things happening.
Yes, there are hospitals that know the truth and are having basically 100% success rates with the cocktail that you just mentioned, if they catch it early.
Yes, and they were treating themselves earlier with the azithromycin and ivermectin at home.
Before they landed in the hospital.
About a week.
My son's father comes into his room.
He's purple with blue lips.
And so they called the ambulance to pick both of them up.
Oh, absolutely.
And the media is going, oh look, everybody's sick now.
The Patriot idiots were wrong.
No, we said last year, statistically, there was the same number of deaths and was overblown.
I was saying three months ago, folks, I'm seeing illness.
I'm talking to doctors.
This is serious.
And all the evidence we're getting is, is it's the mutated version from the inoculator.
We have Pfizer documents.
I didn't get to them today, but I'm going to shoot a special report on that today, or I'll go in the war room with Owen.
But it's incredible.
But I'm glad to hear that, that they pulled through.
My son got out of the hospital Monday.
His father has already been in for two and a half weeks.
My son was in for about six or seven days.
But his father, he suffered a collapsed lung while he was in there.
Thank God they got to it and they drained it.
He's getting better.
It's just going to take him a little more time.
They both have asthma, like I said, but they were treating it at home early.
They still had a long stay in the hospital, but they are recovering, and I think they're going to pull out of this.
My son was back to himself two days after being out of the hospital.
It was wonderful.
That's good news, Samantha.
Thanks for calling.
Please spread the word about the show.
It's how we're going to reach new people.
Thank you so much.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Lisa in Maine.
Lisa, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm so glad.
I was turned on to your site several years ago by a dear, dear friend, and the stuff that you put out is just amazing, and I can't believe more people aren't listening.
The reason I called is I live right across the street from a church, and the services have been very low for a long time, mostly very old people, and there is a child care center there with a playground.
And the child care taker received her vaccine probably about three to four months ago and then she started getting blood clots and had to go into the hospital to have a hysterectomy.
Oh yeah.
Now she's back out and she's taking care of the children and these babies are like from three to eight and I'm wondering isn't she
Possibly causing them some harm?
Yes ma'am, I've got my stack.
I covered it yesterday on the Sunday Show, but I'm going to do an hour on it.
I meant to today, but I just got behind because the calls are so interesting and the guests.
But we weren't sure we were going to get that lady today, and then she was able to come on today.
I was going to cover it in the third hour.
I have Pfizer's own study on their vaccine, admitting it's not a vaccine and that it makes you release spike proteins.
So absolutely, it is the vaccinated that are infecting everyone, and that's where all the sickness is coming from.
We have the studies.
So how do I fix this problem?
Or do I just leave it alone?
You know, it's so bad now with half the public took it.
I mean, it's just, unless you live out on a farm and stay away from folks, you're going to get these spike proteins.
And children are stronger, but my God, it's hurting them bad.
And look, the long-term effects.
We know it killed rats and mice in two to six months.
87% of them.
Some were just able to live with it, but it made them go blind, everything else, and they would then infect the other rats with spike proteins.
Yeah, there's a study on screen.
On Pfizer, and it's a shedding.
So, we're in the middle of a biological attack, and that poor lady, you know, they told her, go do it.
And of course, it's got the same protein in the lining of the uterus, the endometriosis, or the endometri.
And it causes endometriosis, once you take the shot.
Isn't it incredible that you can just see it happen to the lady across the street, and it's still, they just move forward with this attack?
And I also have a question on how long do the prions last on surfaces, like shopping carts and door handles?
We don't know, but it's highly contagious.
It's highly contagious.
They say the Delta variant, which is really the prions growing, that's what it is, it's a spike protein, is a thousand times more viral, and I believe it.
I mean, it's just incredible.
God bless you, ma'am.
Thank you for listening.
Please spread the word.
Again, that's how we're going to reach new people.
You guys are awesome.
Let's go ahead and go to the person holding the next longest.
Let's go to Paul in New Jersey.
Thanks for calling, Paul.
Hello, Alex.
Alex, a few years ago, I read Ray Kurzweil's book, The Singularity Is Near.
And in that book, Kurzweil talks about how in 2045,
Uh, the life extension technology should be coming into existence.
And Alex, I think that with all the, you know, random vaccinations and the mix of the vaccination shots, I think the elite are doing life extension research through the vaccinations.
Well, don't think, sir.
We're all being tested on for them with all this nanotech.
These guys are getting older, and they're very, very rich men, and the one thing they don't want to do is die if their research can come up with life extension technologies to extend their lives.
And so I could see this as a big rush, and that's why I think they put the tracker chips in there.
I think that's why some of the shots have the graphene, some don't.
I think this is a way to experiment on the cheap.
And that's why the tracking chip, I think, is to track certain individuals who get certain shots that may specialize in only one aspect.
I'm good to go.
And this should bring decades of life extension technology and get a lot of that done if they have to do it the slow way with volunteers.
And this way they can get it done quickly without volunteers.
And depopulate us at the same time.
The problem is if people can live to 500, there's going to be too many people.
Perfect points.
God bless you, Paul.
All right, Steve and Tim and others.
And Scott, I'm going to call you back at 1130 tomorrow.
You'll be guest on the show.
You'll get more time.
I'm out of time, so Lindy's got to take over.
I did not get to a lot of the research and news.
I mean, I'm going to shoot a special report or something, or I'll start the show with this tomorrow because this is big stuff I didn't get to.
I didn't get to a lot of it.
Please keep us on the air.
I'll just be, I'll just share with you what's going on.
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I'm going to leave it at that.
I got a lot of plans.
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Thank you all.
Great job, crew.
Amazing last hour interview.
Gerald Cilente takes over now.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, Alex said, you know, you got to support him.
Support Infowars.
And this is out of line.
You know, I'm listening to the people calling up and saying, you know, what happened to this person and that person.
I mean, we all know the facts already.
I mean, how much more of this do we have to keep hearing?
This thing is killing people.
The implications, the long-term and short-term implications of these gene therapy shots, you know, they're unknown.
These are drug dealers.
Morons and imbeciles call them big pharma.
They're drug dealers.
And they're destroying life.
And our lives have been destroyed.
They suck the spirit out of us.
To think that we're even talking about this.
2020, the virus broke out, you know where it broke out.
You're on China.
On Chinese Lunar New Year.
They couldn't stop the protests and rallies that were going on in Hong Kong.
I was on Hong Kong TV many times during the protests.
And I'd be talking to the reporters, you know,
There I am in a rally over there up in Columbus Circle on Saturday in New York City.
And it was a People's Choice rally.
About 2,000 to 3,000 people showed up.
This is New York City with a population of what, over 8 million?
And that's all that turned up.
It was a great crowd.
You know, wonderful people.
The cops were hands off.
They didn't bother anybody.
And then from there, we marched down to, um, Bryant Park.
And, you know, going down, you know, main avenues and they blocked everything off.
And they were cool about it.
Nobody was bothering anybody.
A couple of little imbeciles on the side over there, you know, giving you the finger and telling you to get the vax, to which I clearly gave it back to them and told them to shove it up your you-know-what.
And I called out de Blasio, Warren Willingham Jr.
I said, this is a rally, this is a protest about New York.
It breaks my heart.
See what's happened.
It's not the New York that I grew up in.
Yeah, I was born in the Bronx.
You know, Napolitano, born in the Bronx, born to be free.
And now, you're not allowed to believe anything that I don't tell you to believe.
I got some little piece of crap, so I use proper Bronx language to call out Warren Wilhelm Jr.
Who created the name de Blasio, his mother's maiden name, to get the Italian-American votes in New York.
This isn't mine, New York.
These are a bunch of little freaks with gutless little clowns that are living there now.
You know, these people were great to put on that rally and, you know, Mark Crispin Miller was a speaker.
They were great, great talks.
Look at this little jerk.
Yeah, he was born in New York.
His family moved him right up to Cambridge, Massachusetts.
This little freak.
A little piece of skunk.
And I had everybody chanting, shove your mandate up your you-know-what.
Three words that begin, three letters that begin with an A and end with an S. Shove your mandate up your yeah.
This isn't my New York.
How dare this little Hitler give us a mandate as they're doing in city after city.
It's one after another.
And I pulled out some back articles from the Trends Journal, our weekly magazine.
Last week was what?
162 pages, no ads.
There's a printout.
Americans get cold feet over COVID-19 vaccination.
This was September.
29th, 2020.
The polls showed only 13% of Americans would be willing to take a vaccine upon rollout.
Look how they change the people.
Krispy Kreme spending hundreds of millions of our dollars promoting the vaccination.
That's making the drug dealers richer.
And then they told us you'd have a herd immunity at 70%.
The lying little piece of crap, the little piece of scum.
Fraud Fauci.
That's what he said.
Now they're saying herd immunity is almost impossible.
And you know again, I don't want to keep talking about the facts.
39 efficacy rate according to the Health Ministry of Israel.
Most of the people that are going back into the hospital of a 50 years old in Israel have been vaccinated.
At least once.
They don't know what this thing is going to do.
But that we're even fighting it.
So going back to what I was saying before.
There we go.
Not making this stuff up.
It began in Chinese Lunar New Year.
They couldn't stop the Hong Kong protests.
They stopped them immediately when the COVID virus broke out.
They locked down Hong Kong and that was the end.
And do you know what 2020 was?
It began on Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of the rat.
That's right.
And we got a bunch of rats running and ruining our lot.
Look at the people.
How could we look up to these little low-life clowns?
Gutless little creatures.
Why are the people doing?
When we come back, I want to talk about what we have to do.
United we stand, divided we fall.
If we don't unite,
We're finished.
Again, 3,000 people on a perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect Saturday afternoon in New York City turned out for that protest rally.
It should have been a half million.
There we are marching down.
I'm telling you, my heart is truly broken
I'm a visionary.
I see the future.
This isn't my country.
And there's no place in the world that is.
If we don't take it back, we lose it.
The COVID war.
Dumb enough to believe Bush's wars.
Dumb enough to believe the COVID war.
And that's what's happened.
So support InfoWars.
We're going to be right back and we're going to talk about where the economy is going as well.
Stay tuned, InfoWarsStores.com.
Put your money where your heart is.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
As I said, do everything you can to support InfoWars.
We got the little freaky geeks.
Look at these little meek little geeks that control the internet.
You can't make this crap up.
They're little nothing.
Little nothing.
Look at the banksters.
Arrogant little nothing.
One low life after another.
Look at the heads of big pharma.
Big freaks.
And we the people of the United States are being dictated by these, them,
And the little clowns that they pay off to do their dirty work, or politicians, is a disgrace to our founding fathers, and disgrace to my father and ancestors, who came to America, the land of opportunity, and now it's gone.
It's gone.
The bigs control everything.
And in New York, as I said, it breaks my heart to see what happened to that place.
They're not liberals.
And people keep misusing that word.
A liberal is willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own, open to new ideas.
These are libtards.
They're arrogant little freaks.
Again, no fight in them.
Woke, dead.
Dead woke.
That's who they are.
I announced to the police, as they were all over the place out there, and again, they didn't bother anybody in the city.
I said, I may get locked up for reading this.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.
That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.
That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The Declaration of Independence.
Pursuit of happiness?
You never hear the word happiness from any of these little slimy freaks.
These fascist little commie dictator pieces of scum.
You will have no happiness.
You will stay in your house.
I'm the little piece of scum governor, mayor of your city, state, and country around the world telling you what to do.
You will have no happiness.
No one ever talks about the pursuit of happiness.
It's gone.
It's gone.
Look at this.
Look at this guy.
You think this guy could fight man to man?
He wouldn't know what to do.
He'd cry.
He'd call the cops to help him.
You want to give me that mandate?
I'll take that mandate and tell you where to shove it.
You little sloppy, low-life boy.
Look, Warren Wilhelm Jr.
The Nazis would have loved you.
That's who you are!
You are a Wilhelm Nazi!
Like those other people over there in New York that buy and swallow your crap.
One after another.
That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
You got that, fat boy?
You got that, blubber face?
The consent of the governed.
The consent of the governed.
That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.
And that's what we have to do.
We have to live to the new Declaration of Independence, which is the old Declaration of Independence, and abolish this.
Abolish the mandates that are being forced upon us.
Abolish what they're telling us to do that they have no right to do.
This is not America.
This is tyrannical government.
It is dictatorships.
Little low-life pieces of crap telling us what to do.
From the toilet paper record.
Delta cripples fall recovery for New York.
The New York City and its trillion-dollar economy, September was supposed to mark a return to normal.
A moment when Broadway theaters reopened, stores and restaurants hummed.
And tourists and office workers again fill the streets.
But that long-awaited milestone has been upended by the Delta variant of the coronavirus.
One big company after another has postponed plans to come back to Manhattan's soaring towers.
Trade shows have been cancelled.
Small businesses have had orders evaporate.
This is a total lie.
It's not the Delta variant that crippled the fall recovery.
It's a little low-life piece of scum that should be brought to trial.
Warren Wilhelm Jr., the governors of New York, the governors of Michigan, the governors of California,
One after another.
It's not the Delta variant and the low life media that's selling it.
And by the way, ABC News was there.
The interview loads of people didn't want one second.
Of the protest rally.
Not one.
And these are intelligent people that they were talking to.
If we don't fight for liberty, freedom, peace, and justice, it's over.
We have to unite.
We have to come under one umbrella.
If we don't, we're finished.
This is New York City.
Columbus Circle, right in the heart of it.
57th Street.
Two, three thousand people, tops.
Out of what?
8.3 million.
We're with a .3.
And we have to stop this and we can't start.
We can't not finish.
It has to be day after day.
Night after night, week after week until we win.
We don't go home until freedom is restored to America.
I read you that article about the economy going down in New York.
It's going down globally.
Get ready for the greatest depression like nothing we've ever seen, followed by World War III.
Unless we stop it.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, and Alex keeps saying, you know, we're all in this together.
And united we stand, divided we fall.
And yeah, you need to support InfoWars.
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So in today's Wall Street Journal, we got a big story down here.
Concerts change as pandemic lingers.
Not pandemic lingers as the dictators keep telling us what to do.
Live Nation Entertainment, the world's largest concert promoter, will require proof of vaccination.
Oh, he got a negative test.
Ann Schwartz Entertainment Group, AAG Presents, will require proof of vaccination for entry into its owned and operated clubs, theaters, and festivals starting in, I didn't say tests, just vaccinations, starting in October.
How about Auschwitz?
How about Vaxchwitz?
How about go screw yourself and shove that vaccination needle up your, you know what?
And by the way, telling people to F off or shove it, and of course I can't use that language, that's not profanity.
That is proper language to use in this kind of situation.
They tell you it's not proper language as they take the fight out of you when you're a little kid.
It's perfectly proper language when somebody's screwing with your life.
Then you read the front of the Wall Street Journal today.
That's what I told the people at that thing, too.
Because I used the F word plenty of times.
See it?
And they're talking a lot about, you know, Nashville and other places.
Searching how, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And, um,
Ex-urban areas, which include 240 counties and defined by Brookings Institute, grew at almost twice the national rate.
A shift or signs that accelerating going on and on.
All right.
I want to do some economics here.
What's going to happen to commercial real estate?
What's going to happen to commuters?
What's going to happen to all the businesses that depend on them?
What's going to happen?
They're going down big, hard, and fast.
They will not be able to withstand this.
Your office occupancy rate, again,
is crumbling.
In New York City, it's about under 20%.
Nationally, it's under 50%.
It's a whole new world.
And what they do, and they're going to keep doing, is what they did this past summer.
Remember the CDC comes out in May, and so you don't have to wear your mask if you're vaccinated.
Yep, then you gotta wear them.
Then they put more restrictions on.
And then they'll let them up again.
And then they put another level on.
And that's what they're gonna keep doing.
You ready for this?
Wanna see where the economy's going?
Just broke today.
European Union recommended Monday
That it's 27 nations reinstate restrictions on tourists from the United States because of rising coronavirus infections there.
What's that going to do to tourism?
Tourism all around.
It's dead.
You went to the Wall Street Journal.
One place after another.
Where did I see?
I think it was this one.
I saw it.
Was it Guam or somewhere?
The hell was it?
People aren't traveling.
It's over.
Places are empty.
Hospitality sector is going under.
And totally forgotten again is the Declaration of Independence.
When a long train of abuses and usurptions pursuing invariably the same object convinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right of we the people, it is their duty of we the people,
To throw off such governments.
It is our right to do this.
Liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.
Words that these little clown boys and girls have no idea what they are.
Our inalienable rights of life
Liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been stolen from us.
And as I read last week, and I'll keep mentioning it, I don't think I did actually on this show, two judges tell defendants to be vaccinated, giving legal expert, right?
Two New York judges, Judge Jed Rakoff, actually
I think they spelt it wrong.
I think there's a jerk that comes before the off.
Said... Can't make this up.
The unvaccinated pose the danger given their enhanced risk of infecting other innocent people and even potentially causing self-deaths.
Could you believe this?
All aboard, next train to Auschwitz.
They would have loved you over there.
Hey, if you're vaccinated, you're safe.
No, you're killing people.
Take them away.
Take them away.
So again, thank you for tuning in.
And remember to keep following me.
You can go to Gerald Cilenti at Twitter and TrendsJournal.com to read history before it happens.
And support InfoWars.
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