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Name: 20210828_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 28, 2021
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This episode of InfoWars covers a wide range of topics related to recent news, including arrests of protestors against martial law, medical doctor Dr. Peter Breggin's perspective on vaccine mandates, updates on Operation Lockstep and SPARS programs, Mitt Romney's stance on vaccines, Japan's successful use of ivermectin in treating COVID-19 patients, Denmark's decision to remove all COVID-19 restrictions, and Australia's newfound freedoms for vaccinated citizens. The host also shares clips from Chris Sky discussing the concept of united non-compliance as a solution to tyranny. The globalist agenda is discussed in depth, with a focus on vaccine passports as a means of control by implementing restrictions and limiting individual freedoms and rights. Businesses and police unions are starting to oppose these measures, indicating growing resistance against the globalist agenda. The host emphasizes the importance of fighting back against these measures and not giving in to government demands for vaccination. Chris Sky discusses how Justin Trudeau wants Canada to be like communist China and how people are getting sick despite being vaccinated. He also mentions the Red Deer trial where Pat King attempted to subpoena Dr. Hinshaw, head of public health in Alberta, to prove the existence of SARS-CoV-2 virus and justify draconian laws enforced by public officials. Chris Sky urges people to defund corporations that push the globalist agenda and supports non-profit alternatives like www.justsayswitch.com. Dr. Peter Brigham discusses his journey into psychiatry and how he became a major voice critical of Big Pharma, sharing experiences in mental hospitals that inspired him to help patients and realize they are people suffering from their life. He also talks about the influence of drug companies on psychiatry which has changed since the introduction of anti-psychotic drugs that made patients docile. The speaker discusses how Harvard and John Hopkins are major players in shaping the world's medical practices, mentioning Anthony Fauci from the Harvard School of Public Health predicting a global pandemic three times in 2017, and John Hopkins publishing a booklet in 2017 predicting a coronavirus pandemic. The speaker believes that these institutions knew about the pandemic and worked together to deceive the world. The guest discusses how some people lack empathy and compassion towards others and often use their power to manipulate situations in their favor. They argue that these individuals are more likely to rise up the ranks quickly, especially when it comes to powerful institutions like governments and pharmaceutical companies. This behavior can be seen throughout history in various forms of government and power structures. The speaker discusses the globalist agenda, focusing on how they divide and control people through media propaganda and manipulation. They mention how powerful individuals create an echo chamber or "cult" where they cover for one another, allowing them to commit crimes and control society without facing consequences. The speaker discusses the dangers of transhumanism and connects it to the COVID-19 vaccine, stating that it manipulates the body and puts poisonous substances into the body, changing its genetic functioning and making it produce the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. The speaker expresses disbelief at the cold-blooded actions taken by those behind the vaccine, warning about animal research conducted without FDA approval. The speakers discuss the development of Operation Warp Speed, which aimed to create vaccines rapidly. Some scientists argued that it was not wise to experiment with RNA and DNA viruses in humans due to their danger in animals. Despite these warnings, the operation went ahead. The speakers suggest that there was a premeditated plan and that those involved knew the risks. People have been convinced by fear, guilt and shame to participate in the vaccines, even when they do not work as intended. Doctors who do not promote the CDC viewpoint are threatened with having their licenses taken away. The speakers believe that people need to overcome their

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InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
My friends, it is Saturday, August 28th.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We have two very special guests joining us on the Saturday transmission that are on the front lines of human liberty against this globalist Great Reset tyranny.
Activist from Canada, Chris Sky, recently arrested again for the crime of protesting against martial law.
We'll be joining us coming up here in just a few minutes.
We have him on the line via Zoom on the road right now.
And then I had him on my Friday show and I was very impressed with him.
I was already aware of his work and I wanted to get him on to talk more about solutions and more about how to fight back against the globalists.
He's a medical doctor and psychiatrist.
Dr. Peter Bregan will be coming up as well today, basically commercial free.
By that we'll have a few breaks, but we're not following the regular radio slash TV clock.
So I want to thank you all again for joining us.
I was on the fence about coming in today because I've been working seven days a week for a long time, but I know that you really like these Saturday transmissions and millions of people end up watching them and there's so much news breaking that I'm really thankful for the crew coming in today.
So let me tell you what's coming up after Chris Sky leaves us with Dr. Bregan.
And then we also have one of our investigative journalists that works here in the crew and does a great job joining us afterwards.
So we're going to have Mike Halperin in here with us in studio after that.
Give everybody an update on SPARS and on Operation Lockstep.
Five months after we put out that first viral report that got six million views at Man.Video, thanks to all of you spreading the word.
So a major update on SPARS and the globalist program of depopulation coming up.
Okay, look at some of these headlines.
Mitt Romney done vaccinated.
Your liberty affects my health.
He says, you're getting me sick because you're not vaccinated.
Funny, I actually have the studies and statistics that it's the vaccinated for these live virus vaccines that are actually causing the variants and making people sick.
So we're going to expose the globalist corporate minion, Mitt Romney, coming up today.
You see, globalist puppets like Romney talk down to you like you're a dumb animal.
And he hopes you don't look at the statistics or the numbers or the scientific reports like this one right here.
The world in data from John Hopkins University, which is the establishment mouthpiece.
Israel has the highest vaccination rate in the world of any major country.
You can see their infection and death rates off the chart.
You can then see it right next to other countries like India that have the lowest vaccination rates and they have the lowest death rate and hospitalization.
That is the wages of big pharma sin.
And the literal biological rape that Romney wants to carry out over your body, he actually says in the article, you must give in to his authority.
Hey, listen, you pervert, genetic rapist, burn in hell!
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to be looking at all the facts on that subject today.
And then the huge news, absolutely giant news out of
Japan, where their main medical doctor union in Tokyo, who have had tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19, had a 100% recovery rate with ivermectin, something again the criminal globalists are trying to suppress around the world.
But I know people personally who are ready to go to the hospital and couldn't breathe with COVID, and within hours of ivermectin,
They were a lot better within a day, almost completely better within two days, completely better.
And these criminals are trying to suppress it.
Meanwhile, coroner rules BBC presenter's death from blood clots directly linked to vaccine.
Reporter hospitalized with a heart attack after Pfizer jab caused heart inflammation.
Still urges Australians to get vaccinated.
Breaking update, fire material containing metal and magnetic found in the Moderna shots now pulled in Japan.
Japan suspects contamination in Moderna vaccines as metallic reacts to magnets.
Here's the head of the Japanese Medical Union laying out thousands and thousands treated, 100% cure rate.
And then he points out African countries that hand out Ivermectin have almost no death rate.
Those that don't, giant death rate.
We're going to look at all the statistics.
Here's another big Japanese doctor on national TV saying he treated 500 COVID cases, 100% success rate with Ivermectin.
It stops the prions from
It's one of the most popular drugs in the world, not just for horses.
That is all coming up.
And then this really exciting good news.
Denmark to scrap all COVID-19 restrictions, basically saying it's all been a giant fraud the whole time.
So the House of Cards is coming down.
Meanwhile, Texas Supreme Court rules mandatory mask orders here in Austin implemented by school districts are illegal.
Israeli study finds natural immunity 13 times better than the inoculation immunity, which they now admit doesn't even work.
That is all coming up today.
And so much more.
We'll show you our future, and we don't turn this around, of what's happening in Canada, and in Australia, the UK, and the continental area of Europe as well.
Again, that is all coming up today.
Vaccinated Australians to be granted new freedom.
Government-sanctioned hour of recreation allowed to go outside one hour a day.
How gracious!
That's what you get at a medium-security prison.
So from a maximum security to a medium security.
They're also cooking up new COVID variants in labs and admitting it on the news.
So serious crimes against humanity still going on by the CDC under Fauci's control.
That is breaking.
I want to play a clip of Chris Sky a few days ago before he got arrested on a false warrant and then they had to release him.
But first they had their photo op of him being arrested and why he was arrested, speaking to a crowd of close to 100,000 people about peaceful non-compliance.
Here's what Chris Sky had to say, then we'll talk to the great activist patriot himself in two minutes.
You like all that?
I call that united, non-compliant!
And it is the only solution to this problem.
There is no political solution to this problem.
I don't care what you want to believe.
If you believe there is, look me in the eye and maybe one time in human history where the people have voted their way out of tyranny.
It doesn't exist.
So I'm going to call Maxime Bernier right now, and he's really for the people.
I invite you.
Come up on stage, stand beside me, and say you support united non-compliance.
That's the equivalent of giving power back to the people.
And that's what a real leader needs to do.
A real leader doesn't want to manage the takeover of society while giving you lip service.
A real leader will tell you the truth.
I can't save you.
That's the reality.
If I'm up here telling you I'm going to save you, vote for me, I'm lying to you.
You cannot vote your freedom back.
I'm going to tell you the truth.
I can lead by example and show you how to save yourselves.
That's what we gotta do!
And how do we do it?
We just say no!
Everyone's like, what do I do with this mandate?
What do I do with this vax pass?
It's very simple!
If you have a vax card, you burn it!
If you have it on your phone, you delete it!
If you have an appointment for a job, you just say no!
And if they want to mandate it at work, if they want to mandate it at school, they think we're going to shove it down your throat.
It's very simple.
You go on strike, teachers, lawyers, doctors, police, firefighters, paramedics, frontline workers, students, why don't you just stay home for a couple of days?
What do you think they're going to do, let it go for months?
That's right, United Non-Compliance, just like Gandhi, just like...
Martin Luther King Jr.
You have to understand, I know that the audience understands, but you've got to tell your friends and family and neighbors and perfect strangers.
Once they get the global ID and once they get you with a QR code, once they get you to submit to this, then they put the carbon tax on top of it and control everything you do.
Klaus Schwab and Oliver on record saying they're going to put more restrictions on over time, not less.
And the more you submit, the more they're going to tighten down.
Just like Australia in the last year and a half, or Europe.
We got big developments in Canada.
Endless shots.
Canada just ordered seven doses of COVID vaccine for every man, woman and child.
Says they will put in your body whatever Pfizer says.
And we have a new video coming up later where Trump admits that Pfizer basically runs the FDA.
Video Canadian PM Trudeau's campaign rally axed for quote safety reasons after irate protesters descend on event.
When you see people fighting back peacefully in Australia or the UK or in Canada or anywhere in the world, they are doing it for us and we're doing it for them.
We need these globalists to not be able to go anywhere without people getting in their face and exposing these criminals.
For what they've done.
They cooked it up in a lab, they released it, they blocked vitamins and things so they could get higher death rates, they sent sick people to nursing homes, then they suppressed hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, the rest of it, and now they have African government studies, Japanese government studies, all these studies confirming ivermectin is incredible.
Because it costs $10 for a regimen, they don't want you to have it because they want the death rate.
They want you captured under their control.
So to talk about how to fight back and where all this is going...
And of course, the great news out of Denmark as well.
He'll want to speak to that.
He's been to Europe covering this.
He is, I mean, undoubtedly on the ground, seen now worldwide as the number one activist against this tyranny who predicted it all with great accuracy.
It's not about who's the leader or not.
It's about how you can come from the grassroots yourself and people are ready to listen to you.
So we need Chris Skyes of every race, color, and creed, and every sexual orientation, and every shape and size, saying no to the globalists, and getting in their face, and calling them out on how we know it's a post-industrial world, giant prison planet system.
Chris, thanks for joining us on this Saturday evening, my friend.
Pleasure as always.
How are you, Alex?
We've got 40 minutes of commercial free time.
You're really gracious to pull over as you crisscross Canada.
Start wherever you want.
Predict what's coming next.
Give us a report.
You've got the floor here.
Alright, so I'll start with the prediction because everybody needs to know this and we got to get everybody on board with this and I mean the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated because we need everybody to fight against this vaccine passport which is their main agenda that they're going to foist on us over the next few weeks.
What are they trying to do?
This is what everybody needs to know.
Especially in Canada.
It's basically the same in the States.
The only difference is in Canada we have an election and Justin Trudeau is going to win.
Yes, he's getting heckled everywhere he goes.
Yes, they're having to cancel events everywhere he goes because the people do not like him.
But our elections are just as corrupt as the United States were going to be.
And we're still using Dominion voting.
And we still have no voter ID.
And his people wouldn't have called an election if they didn't think he was going to win.
So, in Canada, we're going to have an election.
Justin Trudeau is going to win.
Everywhere in the U.S.
and Canada, the next things that are going to happen are this.
And you need to tell everybody that took the jab, because they're the ones that have been complying, and if you tell them what's going to happen before it does, then it'll finally wake them up to the idea that this has never been about their safety, it's been about control.
So, we're going to see rising cases.
We're going to see the vaccinated getting sick.
We're going to see that getting blamed on a new variant.
We're going to see the new variant getting blamed on the unvaccinated.
And that's going to set the stage for another global lockdown.
Only this time, they're going to install the vaccine passport all across Canada, States, Europe, everywhere else they can, with the excuse that the unvaccinated are a danger to society and a danger to the vaccinated.
Which obviously makes no sense if the vaccine works.
But that's what they're trying to do.
And Trudeau has been acting very tyrannical.
His rhetoric has totally changed.
We've gone from bribing people with donuts, ice creams, lottery tickets, to getting the jab, to now threatening people every which way.
They are so scared that the people have realized what's going on.
They are so scared that the people are going to stand up against the vaccine passport.
As you saw, we had hundreds of thousands of people ready to fight back in Montreal.
But that's just for starters.
Everyone around the country is against this idea.
The Toronto Police Union, which is the biggest union of police officers in Canada, went public yesterday and said they oppose the vaccine mandates and the vaccine passport.
So who the hell is going to be the ones to try to, like,
Enforce this.
We had businesses, we put together groups in BC already.
We have over 80,000 businesses that signed a pledge that they will not enforce this vaccine passport.
The vaccine passport is everything to them people.
When they put that on you, that is the nullification of your rights and freedoms.
Rights and freedoms that millions of people fought, bled, and died for.
That you're literally going to give up for nothing without a fight because the government said you have to take a vaccine.
And Chris, let's just be clear.
All over the UK, all over France, all over Australia, they're fighting back, where they try to block them going in the grocery stores and the rest of it, and the people are just forcing their way through, and the police are standing down.
This is the answer.
This is everything.
This is their entire world government, world ID program.
This is the only fight.
This is everything.
This is everything.
This is the only thing that matters right now.
Everything else doesn't matter.
And now they're trying to mandate the vaccine federally, privately, to students, to teachers, to virtually every industry everywhere.
They even showed their cards.
Ontario Public Health.
Ontario is the province where I'm from.
It's basically exactly like New York.
Ontario Public Health's new vaccination target for herd immunity is 100% of the adult population and 90% of the total population, meaning they now want to vaccinate children under 12 with these experimental jabs.
And by the way, you said a year ago when this started they would do that.
Same thing in Australia.
First they said 70, then they said 80, now they're saying 100%.
So they're never going to say it.
And then of course, once you do 100%, there's always a new variant, so there's always a new booster.
And then going to people's houses as the U.N.
said with the snatch and grab teams we now see in Australia, the U.K.
and other areas where they come in literally in hazmat suits and drag you and drag you away.
That's the end game is disappearing who they want, when they want.
Yep, and they're actually televising that because they want to normalize it and they want people to think it's okay.
Because if they keep showing it every day on TV, a random person having people come to their house and say, oh, sorry, you tested positive for COVID, we got to bring you to an involuntary isolation center.
And they have all these people just willingly going along with it to show you it's normal.
And it's 100% about being able to target individuals that they like.
And speaking of targeting, what happened to me in the last three days?
I got arrested not once, but twice, Alex, twice.
The first time was in Winnipeg.
And why did that happen?
We all know that Winnipeg, Manitoba gave the first pre-crime arrest warrant in the history of Canada for me way back in May, when they said that I was planning on coming to speak, so they showed a flyer with my picture on it and the date that I was supposed to be there, and they asked the judge to give them an arrest warrant in advance for something they said I was going to do.
And they got it!
So I went to the press conference, I told them I wasn't going to show up there, and I didn't.
So we didn't know if the warrant was still standing.
And I was driving through Winnipeg, the Manitoba province, just a few days ago.
So I wanted to do a rally there, I wanted to find out if I had a warrant, and I wanted to see how corrupt our police really were.
So I had a plan, and it was a smart plan.
While I was in Manitoba on August 23rd driving through, I had my lawyer call both Manitoba Police and Ontario Police Departments and verify and document with multiple officers that I had no active warrants anywhere in Canada and specifically anywhere in Manitoba or Winnipeg.
I did that the day of August 23rd.
That night, I told people in Winnipeg, I was in Winnipeg and I was going to spend the night.
They organized a flash rally for August 24th.
Literally overnight!
Hundreds of people showed up.
I spoke in the street.
Sure enough, the cops came and they arrested me.
Everyone saw the video.
I asked them right on the video, what am I being arrested for?
And they said, a warrant.
And I said, did the warrant just come today?
And they said, no, it's an old warrant.
And I said, well, that's funny because I just had my lawyer checked yesterday and I had no warrants.
And they thought I was bluffing, so they took me in.
Sure enough, and they treated me like a political prisoner, by the way.
They even took my socks, left me barefoot.
When I refused to wear a mask, they handcuffed me behind my back, and when they tried to put it on me, I took it off even while handcuffed.
So they put one of those Hannibal Lecter-style spit hoods on me, then tried to force me to take a COVID test where they were going to take my blood so they could give me a false positive and lock me up for two weeks.
So I had to decline that.
When I declined that and tried to exercise my rights, I was thrown in a holding cell.
Other people had holding cells with blankets, mattresses.
I had a cold floor, a tank top, and nothing else.
And no shoes or socks.
And then when they actually had my lawyer on the phone, and my lawyer showed them which officers had documented that I had no warrants the day before, and a warrant just magically appeared on their computer, the exact moment when I was speaking,
They had to let me out of jail.
And they thought I was going to keep my mouth shut, but obviously I don't.
So I made a video explaining their corruption, and it went viral.
And now I'm going to be suing them and hosting a professional standards investigation against them.
So what did they do?
I was driving back from Manitoba to Ontario.
We had about a 30-hour drive.
We were about halfway.
I was with my wife and my traveling companion, Z, who's a Muslim.
So we had to pull over at an Esso so he could pray.
While he was praying,
Four police cruisers pull in with eight cops and they come over to me and tell me that I'm under arrest again.
I say, what am I under arrest for?
This time I was under arrest for apparently pushing my wife.
My wife who is right beside me, who vehemently denies that she was pushed, I said she wasn't pushed, my best friend was right there and said she wasn't pushed, the security camera shows she wasn't pushed, but apparently, somebody called 911, an anonymous person called 911, and said as they were driving by on the highway, they saw me push my wife into a car, and then slam the door on her legs.
And that was enough for officers to arrest me on the scene, and guess what?
We were in the middle of nowhere, and these officers showed up to an alleged pushing call within less than three minutes of when the 911 call was made.
So they're really hunting you down now, but it's only making you bigger.
You said hundreds of people at the rally.
It looked like 50,000 people at the rally you were at.
The big one, the rally that you showed a clip from was from Montreal, and that was August 14th, and I spent about two, three weeks promoting that rally, and we had about 300,000 people show up.
If you see the drone footage, it was ridiculous the amount of people.
More people than I've ever seen anywhere.
Oh yeah, I saw that.
That was huge.
So they're really acting like classic thugs towards you.
Complete thugs.
As you said, they're going to try lockdown 4 now.
What should the people's response be?
Just absolutely come out in the streets?
Trucks block the highways?
You name it.
We got a strike.
September 1st is the worldwide strike.
Students, teachers, airline workers, federal employees, private employees, frontline workers, police officers, firefighters, everybody has to walk out on their job, on their school, on everything, and let them know, vaccinated or not, we do not accept a vaccine passport.
That's all we have to do.
And if they try it, then we strike again.
And we keep striking, and we keep everything shut down.
We're already in lockdown anyway, what's the big deal?
We keep it shut down until they give in.
And the truckers are the biggest threat in Australia right now.
They have the ability to literally shut down the highways and shut down everything, and they should.
I don't know.
Separate bail releases, each one of them with their own specific conditions to limit my freedom and limit my movement and limit my effectiveness.
When they arrested me for the assault, they tried to make me sign a Form 10 release form saying I wouldn't be allowed to communicate or live with my wife.
They already made it so I can't drive, I can't fly, I can't speak anywhere there's a stay-at-home order, I have to be with my bail surety, Zeeshan, the Muslim.
Well, they better be concerned.
This whole thing is about making them
Chris, you're really good at understanding the globalist paradigm and boiling it down.
For listeners and viewers around the world, where will we be in three years if we don't resist and say no to this?
Explain to them what the post-industrial Great Reset, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, world means.
People better be scared of complying.
You better be scared of complying and you better stop thinking that compliance is the way out of this.
If you comply, within three years, you're going to have a digital currency, your digital ID, and your digital vaccine passport, all rolled into one big thing online.
And if you're not up to date on your vaccines, you're not going to be able to work, you're not going to be able to travel, you're not going to be able to do anything.
On top of that, your digital currency is going to have a social credit score attached to it.
So if you do shows like this, or you talk to people like me, or even take pictures with people like me, your social credit score drops.
And you lose your privileges like international travel.
Then you lose your privileges like domestic travel.
Then you lose your privileges like being able to work.
So you can't literally won't even be able to think the wrong things in the post-industrial world.
You will not own a home.
You will not own a car.
You will live in a 150 square foot box that may or may not have its own bathroom depending on your social status.
The entire life you live is going to be designed so everything you need do and work with is within a 15 minute walk of your own home because they don't want you going anywhere.
They don't want you doing anything.
After they get you used to these lockdowns, which they've already done, they're going to lock you down for whatever reason they want.
And the newest reason is going to be climate lockdowns.
They're going to release these wonderful studies that showed how our lockdowns with the lack of human activity actually healed the earth and saved us from global warming.
And the only way we're going to be able to stave off you for catastrophe is if we do roving lockdowns and we have all these new environmental regulations.
When you start hearing the term build back
That's cold word for we're taking your wealth, we're taking your property, and we're going to use all different types of restrictions to destroy your freedom and have complete... All right, Chris Sky, hold on.
Your Zoom broke up for just a moment.
We're going to go right back to you.
But I want to respond to your would-be dictator.
Trudeau, for those that don't know, goes on TV and says he wants Canada to be like communist China.
And again, Canada is a model for the rest of the world.
That's why it's so important.
And then expanding on that, we'll play a clipping of Chris Guy's take on it.
Here's Trudeau just last week saying, in his little letter jacket, oh, you cannot take the so-called vaccine, but you're not going to get on an airplane next to us and make us not safe.
But that's what Mitt Romney's saying.
I thought your vaccine protected you, A. B, I've got all the studies right here.
After our guest leaves, we're going to cover them.
That the majority of people getting people sick are the vaccinated because it's a live virus, live mRNA system.
So I want him to respond to what it's like living under the pretty boy dictator.
I mean, this step aside, Kim Jong Un, here's Trudeau.
You deserve better.
You deserve a government that's going to continue to say, get vaccinated.
And you know what?
If you don't want to get vaccinated, that's your choice.
But don't think you can get on a plane or a train besides vaccinated people and put them at risk.
We need to be strong in the decisions we're taking going forward.
And we need to put people first, which we have always done.
And I'll be honest, you know, like I do, there's lots of people out there who don't agree with that.
And the reality is,
That's okay.
We're in a democracy.
People can make themselves heard.
And that's part of why we need to have this moment for people to make that choice for the future!
And he's saying, oh, we're about people, we're about individuals, that's why we're going to make you take an experimental shot, which they now admit, which Chris Sky and I told you over a year ago, was not going to work, and they would demand boosters, because it was in their own documents.
And then now he's ordered seven more of these injections, and I've got a whole stack of news here, and China reports that when you take the third one, it basically lowers your immune system down to nothing, and then allows your body to be taken over to be a giant prion factory.
So as bad as it's been, let's connect the dots here with all these different New World Order puppets, Mitt Romney, Trudeau, all of them, saying that it's our fault that people are still getting sick when the elephant in the room, Chris, as you know, is they gave us an experimental shot that did not work.
How do we get back in their faces and change the narrative back to reality?
Well, I have a huge thing coming up that's going to blow this wide open.
I don't know if you heard about three weeks ago in Red Deer, Alberta, there was a court case with Pat King where he tried to subpoena Dina Hinshaw, the head of public health for Alberta, and tried to get her to come in and prove, A, the existence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, and then all the evidence to justify the draconian laws that our public health officials put their name on.
Yeah, tell folks about that.
A lot of folks know about it, a lot of folks don't.
It's very powerful info.
Well yeah, and it was a great idea, but he failed in the end because the trial was already underway.
So they used the excuse that because the trial was underway, she didn't have to honor the subpoena.
But they did admit in court that she didn't have the evidence they were asking for.
But then they said that she didn't have to bring it in anyway.
However, I'm in Ontario, different province, Eileen Davila is our head of public health, and she's just as guilty and just as fraudulent, and her husband was already arrested for ties to two vaccine companies, so they have a huge conflict of interest.
And I'm charged criminally, first person in Canada, under the Quarantine Act.
And I've been waiting for my trial forever.
And they won't give it to me because they know if I go to trial, I'm going to win and blow this wide open.
Now they won't give me a trial because they know the day they set a trial date, I already have the subpoena written and ready to deliver to Eileen Davila.
And she will not be able to say that the trial is underway so she doesn't have to come in.
They will not be able to shield her from this.
She will have to
I don't know.
All right, Chris, stay there.
I know you're on the road.
Your Zoom's breaking up again.
Give it a minute just to come back, but let's talk about this.
We know they cooked up a real virus at Wuhan, but we know the PCR tests were 94% false positives.
But I do agree that with most of the, quote, tests they have, it's for viral material and people are sick with something else.
And a lot of medical doctors and top scientists I've been interviewing
Believe that they released a bioweapon system, a synthetic virus that's the spike protein in New York, New Jersey, one city in Italy.
And in Wuhan, to create the first fear, and that it's now the vaccine, and we have all the statistics right here, that is actually making people sick and making people spread these prions.
But you're absolutely right.
Major universities have gone and tried to get the genome of the virus, and governments will not release it.
Instead, all these tests, including antigen tests, not just PCR, are simply set for
Pieces of viruses when everybody's got pieces of viruses in them at all time.
What do you think's really going on Chris Guy?
It's what it's waiting for the vote to start.
They're using all these... The testing methods are just ways to get people into the idea there's a pandemic.
Everybody knows every test they use is completely inaccurate.
They don't even have a way to test for a so-called Delta variant.
But they're telling you that the Delta variant's what's getting everybody sick.
Yet they have no way of testing for it.
It's like you said, the vaccines are what's getting everybody sick.
And when they take their third jab, that's when everyone's gonna get really sick.
And that's when they're going to try to use that to turn society against each other, the unvaccinated and the vaccinated, because they're going to blame the unvaccinated for the vaccinated getting sick.
And that's why we have to warn them all.
So when we tell them in advance, rather than turning us against each other, it puts us together.
It galvanizes us and it makes us stand up together against the idea of the vaccine passport and these jab band-aids.
Because once we beat the vaccine passport, and we will, mark my words, that means we got our freedoms back.
That means we got our rights back.
That's phase two of United Non-Compliance taking action completed.
Then we can move on to phase three, holding these people accountable and making examples of them that reverberate throughout the entire world.
To make sure that they don't try anything like this again for generations.
That's where this has to go.
That's the only logical, rational solution to this problem.
You have to have the people stand up for themselves, the people draw a line in the sand, the people declare that our freedom, our bodily autonomy, our rights are essential and will not be tampered with by any type of tyrant.
That's it and that's how this ends.
I totally agree with you and let's focus on those three phases again and recap those because that's very important.
I totally agree with the historic plan you've got.
We have to win.
We don't have a question of this.
And the police, the firefighters, the school teachers, the bureaucrats, most of them are figuring out that this is a trap, that this is a globalist takeover.
And if we just expose the fact that it is a premeditated Big Pharma Great Reset takeover and start talking about arresting Fauci and Bill Gates and Trudeau, that puts it back on them.
And that's why I love the fact that Trudeau
He's scared of these crowds that are peaceful but that are exposing him everywhere he goes and he can't even be in public now because people realize what a tyrant he is.
That's good.
That's people power.
Challenging their gaslighting narrative and letting these monsters know our bodies belong to us.
Isn't it funny that Trudeau and I were going to a lot of the same places on tour, and when he's going there, his security has to go there first and make sure it's safe, and if it's not, they cancel the event?
How come everywhere I go, the people are happy to see me?
I don't need security.
I can walk around with hundreds of thousands of people, and I'm not worried about anyone trying to hurt me.
Why is Trudeau, if he's such a great leader?
It's because he's not a great leader, he's a fraud, and he's trying to be a little wannabe dictator puppet, and everybody can see through him.
And his time is numbered.
And that's what United Non-Compliance is.
There were three phases.
The first phase was the global awakening.
And that's because of people like you, people like me, and everybody else with a big mouth that went around the world and said, this has nothing to do with our health and safety, this is about control.
As soon as we got that fact through people's heads,
And that's the reality.
They woke up.
And look at little Trudeau in that clip.
He had his mic drop moment.
And then not one person cheered for him.
Because nobody agrees with it.
And he's reading a script that he doesn't even agree with.
So, screw you Trudeau.
You're done.
Even when you win.
He's gonna win, but he's gonna be gone after that.
I promise you.
Everyone's gonna stand up for themselves.
We're gonna reject the Vax Pass.
When I went to Niagara Falls yesterday, I had the firefighters, active duty, on duty.
Absolutely, and I want to expand on this, Chris.
For folks that don't understand, the whole Globalist Project was in trouble, the New World Order was in trouble, the UN's head vaccine program...
Doctor came out in December of 2019 and said, the whole world's turning against us.
Nobody believes in these shots.
All our frontline doctors are wobbly.
They're poisonous.
So they created this new big crisis on purpose, obviously, as a pretext to basically dominate us.
This was done out of weakness.
And I want listeners to realize as bad as things are, the globalists did this out of weakness.
They definitely did it out of weakness.
And because of us waking up the world, phase one of United Non-Compliance, we now have tens of millions, billions of people around the world now that are awake.
The majority of the population understands this is about control.
And that's why we are now at the end stages of phase two, which is taking action.
We've already had groups that got mass reshopping.
We've already had businesses that defied the closings.
We've already had parents stand up against the school boards.
Now we're going to be
We're going to culminate that with the vaccine passport.
That's going to be the thing that unites everybody together, regardless of their political affiliations, regardless of their beliefs on vaccine, regardless of their beliefs on COVID.
That's going to be what unites us all to finish off phase two of United Non-Compliance, which is taking action.
And the end of us taking action is to get our rights and freedoms back.
Then how do we make sure this never happens again?
I started an initiative called A Free Canada.
And it brings up the fact that we have 338 ridings in Canada.
All 338 ridings are occupied by politician, public sector parasites from whatever political party it happened to be.
None of those people had anything to lose from lockdown.
They had everything to gain from lockdown.
So every time there was a vote to extend lockdown or end lockdown, lockdown was extended.
What if there was a new anti-political party and what if we removed public sector parasites and all 338 ridings we put in people, private sector business workers, people that have skin in the game, people that actually lost out during lockdown, people that actually know how to run their district without a budget deficit annually, people that would never vote for another lockdown ever again.
That's how we take our
You're absolutely right.
And Chris, the global bureaucracy and corporations knew people were waking up, so they organized, put all their power together under Operation Lockstep and did this.
And if we just hold out and don't comply and sue them and protest them and then politically start exposing them, they will end up getting indicted.
We will see Bill Gates indicted.
We will see Trudeau indicted.
We will see these criminals indicted.
It's either us or them.
They must be brought to justice.
They definitely must be brought to justice.
And I want to plug something else that I started real quick because another part of taking action is to try to defund these massive corporations like Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble.
These corporations spend like $7 billion a year in advertising and billions more lobbying these politicians to make these vaccine mandates.
And what are we doing?
We're the ones giving them their money.
When you go shop for your essential items, like your soaps,
Your toothpaste, everything you lose to clean your house.
You're going in and you're buying Don, you're buying Walgreens, you're giving money to Walmart, Amazon, all these big corporations that are then using that money that you're spending every single week and using it to either brainwash you with advertising to buy more of their products or using it to bribe your government officials to enslave you.
So there's another company where you can choose to spend your money where it doesn't go to these globalist corporations and it's a website I set up called www.justsayswitch.com www.justsayswitch.com and it's a buying club for Canadians and Americans that you can buy all your essential products from these non-profit
We're good to go.
It's another way we're taking action for Canadians and Americans to defund these globalists and to spend smarter with our dollar.
And it's especially important now that they're going to have a vaccine passport and they're going to try to prevent all of us from being able to go shop anyway because this buying club actually delivers everything to your house.
Remember, these big corporations literally want to control and dominate every facet of your life.
That's right.
And also, your website, RealChrisSky.com, you're still a few places on the internet, but they're trying to take you down.
So it's important for folks to save that URL as well, RealChrisSky.com.
Your Zoom has been in and out, but the information has been powerful.
Closing comment, Chris, we really appreciate you spending time with us.
What's coming next?
Listen, your Zoom is cutting out too much.
So let's just wait.
It'll come back in a moment.
I want you to be able to have a closing comment here.
Chris Sky is doing a great job for all of us.
We really, really do appreciate him.
And let's go ahead and see if
If Chris Guy's video was able to come back, go ahead.
Let's cut right there.
From the time she came in, whole nine yards.
Put a note, let's just stop, go back about a minute, cut all this out, okay?
This is all, this is out of control.
Yeah, well, we're just going to finish up with him as soon as he comes back for a minute.
We'll have him finish up there, okay?
Just make sure Drew puts a note that going back about a minute and Daria bringing me the papers.
I'm not mad.
I didn't need all these to be cut out, okay?
Just all this stuff.
Okay, or 153 or whatever.
Okay, is his video back now?
Am I okay?
Yeah, it's good now.
Okay, here we go.
All right, Chris, your Zoom's been in and out, but it's clear right now.
Closing information for viewers.
What's coming next?
Closing information.
Everybody, you have to stand up to the vaccine passport.
I don't care if your job's at risk.
I don't care if your school's at risk.
I don't care if you think your life's at risk.
Your future is at risk.
Your country is at risk.
Your children are at risk.
Think about what you love the most in this world, and think about how much you would do to protect them, and think about what you would sacrifice for their future.
And that's the conviction you have to use for this vaccine passport.
If I can get arrested dozens of times, if they can try to take my wife away and my freedom away, and I'm still fighting for you, you can risk your job, you can risk your school for the good of the country, for the good of our future.
Please go to my website, RealChrisSky.com.
I'm going to be making a new censorship-free social media platform there soon, and you can get my book, Just Say No.
It's the most relevant book of this year, and it explains everything we're trying to tell you in extreme detail in a way you can understand, and then help wake up others.
Please tell everybody what's going to happen.
We are going to get locked down.
They're going to do the Vax Pass.
Whether you're vaccinated or not, you've got to stand up for freedom and stand up for your country and stand up for your future.
I love you guys.
Thank you very much.
I 100% agree with you, Chris Sky.
Thank you so much for spending time with us.
And I just can't wait to shake your hand in person sometime once we've backed this thing down or defeated it.
But we'll never get to meet if we don't stop this.
You're going to be a political prisoner.
I'm going to be a political prisoner.
But that's okay because we're all going to be prisoners until we realize this is a globalist takeover.
Look at Australia.
Look at New Zealand saying, don't talk to your neighbors.
Don't look at the sunset.
I mean, that's beyond Jim Jones.
That is beyond anything we ever heard out of any cult.
Hey, you're doing great.
We'll talk soon.
God bless you.
Well, Dr. Peter Brigham joins us again today.
We had him on the Friday show.
Very popular.
People were asking him back even before the show had ended.
And well, here we are on this special Saturday broadcast because we can basically go commercial free and not have a lot of interruptions.
These are very popular Saturday shows.
And remember, viewers, we're in an information war.
So if you're watching this streamed live or you're watching it and it's a recording at Bandot Video, the only way we reach new people and warn them is when you share it.
You've been sharing these interviews.
They've been getting millions of views.
So we're saving a lot of people.
This is an information war.
Now, I'm not going to go over his whole bio.
We went over part of it yesterday.
He's got a new book coming out dealing with the fact that we are the prey being targeted by these predators.
She'll tell you about that as well.
But the best way to have this Harvard-trained psychiatrist is just have him tell us about himself and how he woke up and how he became a major voice, basically, that was critical of Big Pharma and so much more.
How he became the conscience of psychiatry.
And then we're going to get into
Topics he wants to cover that are near and dear to my heart as well.
Transhumanism, understanding this ideology behind the globalists, behind the Great Reset.
He also wants to talk about some of the things that Michael Bloomberg's been up to, some of the meetings and so much more.
So Dr. Peter Brigham, thank you so much for coming on with us today, sir.
Alex, the hour I spent with you yesterday was for me one of the most fulfilling times I've ever been interviewed.
I've known about your work for a long time, and my wife has been just a deep admirer of your work before I ever listened to you.
And yesterday, just being with you really brought out the best in me.
After that interview, my family was shaking their heads.
My wife, my mother-in-law, like, whoa, that was a really good interview.
And I just appreciate being with you and being on your platform.
Well, it's something you said yesterday about as bad as things are, it's bringing out the best in good people and the worst in bad people, and we're meeting so many amazing people.
So everything you said right back at you, all of these hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, I mean, I know who you were before.
All these calamities because you're well known, but most of the folks I've gotten to know, all these other medical doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists and virologists and scientists, I never knew about.
And they're just great souls, great people, men, women, every race, color and creed.
It's a very historic moment.
So you're right.
And it's also a very positive time to be alive, regardless of some of the evil underpinnings.
So I'm sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to say back at you.
Thank you.
Please, please interrupt.
I mean, I'm really happy to just have conversation or we'll go wherever we go.
But I got started, Alex, when I was only 18 years old.
I was a freshman at Harvard and I was in an honors program in American history and literature.
I thought I'd be a professor of American history and literature or maybe a lawyer, but I didn't have much sense of where I was going.
And a friend asked me to come volunteer with him at the local state mental hospital.
And when I walked in a hospital, which was this big old brick buildings, two, three stories high, heavy wire on the windows.
And we went up to the quote, women's violent ward.
And I walked in into this scene from hell of people languishing on the floor, people speaking at nothing at the wall.
We had a woman walked over to another lady who was just sitting and socked her in the mouth and walked away.
And the A's were doing nothing.
And then one of the A's told me, and that girl over there, over there by the radiator, she was a Radcliffe student, which was the sister school.
Now it's more combined to Harvard.
And I looked around and I don't know what struck me, but I just said to myself, I mean, I, at that point I was probably an agnostic.
I said to myself there, but for the grace of God go I.
And to be in this place, this is not a hospital.
This is like my uncle, oh my God, you've got my picture from Harvard.
That is me at exactly the age I'm telling you about.
I don't know how you did that out.
I didn't send it to you.
And there I am and you can see, you know, I'm just a kid and I'm looking around and, you know, I don't understand how this could happen.
So I started working.
I spent more time in that state mental hospital than I did in class by far.
I ended up running the program and we showed that we could actually individually working with patients.
We had a big program of 200 people or so, but we, I set up a program of just 15 folks and we each got our own patient, which was just dramatic and radical.
And I, you know, I had to really work on that one.
And instead of hurting the patients, which is what all the psychiatrists were saying, well, you'll hurt the patients.
I knew there was no way to hurt these people anymore, really.
And we got almost all of them out of the hospital.
We got some home with their families.
My patient went out to a decent old age home.
That was really a nice place off of his back ward.
And I realized that it's people that mattered.
By the way, that's my Sheltie.
That's our little Sheltie who just entered in the background of the picture.
That's awesome!
He's looking for my wife who's in there with me in the background, Ginger.
And pretty soon there'll be a 65 pound collie following if the Sheltie got loose.
Ginger's butchering him out.
But anyhow, I ended up spending tons of time and I found that the most disturbed people were people.
There was no non-people there.
There were no schizophrenics, manic depressives.
They were human beings.
They obviously were suffering from their life and I knew life was tough.
I said, this is what I'm going to do.
At that time, psychiatry had more opportunity than now to be decent because the drug companies had not totally taken over psychiatry.
It was in those years, 1954 to 58, that they got these anti-psychotic drugs, which lobotomized all the patients on the wards, made them docile.
And if they didn't get docile from that, they gave them electroshock.
But at that point, there was like a Marxist psychiatry, there was a social psychiatry, psychoanalytic psychiatry.
And I viewed myself as a psychosocial psychiatrist.
I was going to do psychology.
And social issues and helping people.
But by the time I got went through my Harvard, I knew all the Harvard professors already, interestingly enough, as a kid working in a volunteer program.
And I even went on trips with them and talked about the program.
But when I got to Harvard for my first year of residency training, it was like a bait and switch.
They had had a lot of therapists there.
When I was a student there as a freshman and now it's eight years later, I've been to medical school at Case Western Reserve and I'm back at Harvard.
And they'd been bought by the drug companies.
I sat down and they said, you know, Peter, things are different now.
I knew the director of research.
Now we're going to be doing diagnoses by computer and drugs.
I said, oh my God.
And I stayed there a year.
And then I went back to where I'd had some earlier training.
So even then, they were turning medical professionals not into multi-thousand year professions.
They were turning you into corporate cogs.
Perfectly put.
And the year was 1962.
And the reason it was happening at Harvard is because in psychiatry, the best is worst.
That is the more powerful you are.
Johns Hopkins, another place that sold its soul of the devil.
I was about to say, I didn't go to Harvard or like you, but when I'm reading documents, 90% of the time it's Harvard and John Hopkins seem to run the world.
I mean, it's just, it's so many times you find out who's calling the shots.
It's these guys.
Yeah, it's absolutely true.
I'll give you two examples and I think we should just, just talk as it goes.
I think this is lovely to do.
So I'm going to let go of me now and just say that we talked about transhumanism today.
I'll tell you some more about my background.
But one of the things about Harvard, for example, the Harvard School of Public Health, they co-sponsored a meeting 10 days, 10 days before Trump went into office.
And it was at Georgetown University, another big name, and their public health school.
And in the meeting, Anthony Fauci,
Actually said three or four times in the keynote speech to all these worldwide globalists who were meeting to promote globalism, that there was definitely going to be a pandemic.
He actually said something like, and I am certain of it, two or three times.
That's right.
He says Trump will be challenged by a new global pandemic.
That's in 2017.
It's mind blowing.
And the other person who voiced the same thing was a guy from the Harvard School of Public Health.
So this got me interested in a Harvard School of Public Health.
And it, you know, it becomes so bizarrely easy once you wonder what's going on.
So I looked up the Harvard School of Public Health and I just went to their Who Are We page.
What do they say on their Who Are We page?
Oh, we originated in cooperation with the Chinese government doing projects in China, helping them with this or that.
And they were sending their professors over here.
And that's the origin of the Harvard School of Public Health, the Chang School of Public Health at Harvard.
It's like, oh my Lord, they never call them communist Chinese.
They never say we were working with the communist party years ago.
And that's how we got started.
You know, no, we work with the,
You know, the Chinese government and so on and so forth.
And it's just an appalling group of people.
I love the folks who just flash up there.
And this, this is how it is.
Johns Hopkins, another one.
I mean, I didn't know any of this stuff to begin with, but 2017, we're talking about four years earlier, three years earlier, Johns Hopkins is predicting in a book
A booklet that's been endorsed by all these other universities who've read it over that we're going to have a coronavirus pandemic.
And they call it the SPARS virus.
It's a clear play on SARS, S-P-A-R-S.
And they've even got a play on a
Coronavirus for the virus that they're going to have.
This is years earlier.
And they even war game the same tweets years before that they then use exact same tweets years later.
It's mind blowing.
It is.
And it was so hard for me and Ginger looking at all this to realize that there's just no way that they didn't know they were going to have a pandemic because they were spending so much money.
And they were just shocked when Trump came into office.
They weren't planning.
I don't think the communists were planning to release this thing.
Maybe at that point in time, maybe they were hoping just for a leak.
Maybe it was a leak.
It didn't matter because once they had the leak of the SARS-CoV-2, which they clearly made in cooperation with the United States government funded by Fauci, once
All these SARS-CoVs they made and they finally leaked one, SARS-CoV-2, either purposely or not.
But it doesn't even almost matter whether it was purposeful.
Clearly they had it in mind.
And once it was released, they worked with the World Health Organization, which is under communist control, to lie to the world, say it wasn't dangerous, say it wasn't even contagious in the beginning, and then to allow all their airplanes with hundreds of thousands of people
To fly out of Wuhan and Beijing and all the big cities in China.
Hundreds of thousands of people actually flew into the United States from China until Trump stopped it.
And when Trump stopped it, which was about January 1st, somewhere, I forget the exact date.
He was opposed by his entire council led by Fauci.
And, you know, one of my previous interviews with you, I talked about
I thought she was just the front man for everybody.
But Ginger really reminded me we can't overlook just how evil that man is and how important he is because he is very close to
To the World Health Organization and to the Chinese Communists.
Well, I think you're right.
I mean, he's a minion like a waiter D or a maitre d or a butler at this whole operation.
But he is a bagman.
Bagman is the best word because he's the he's a little intermediary that the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and these other groups that are in control use.
Yeah, and one thing Ginger pointed out to me is that he actually and we have this in the book, we've got a
A list of crimes by Fauci in the book, a whole chapter devoted to what the charges would look like brought against him.
I think we have like 50 or 60 items of subtypes of charges against him.
So he's a very serious person.
We have a bill of particulars.
And I don't do that lightly because I've actually done that kind of work against drug companies and doctors my whole life.
In fact, I meant to bring that up out of your bio.
I knew that.
You have successfully gone after a lot of big drug companies.
And that's what shocks me is Pfizer has a really bad history.
In fact, the highest rate of having to pay out and criminal charges and all sorts of fines.
And then now they're doing it on a much, much bigger scale.
And we've got Fauci on video admitting that the vaccine can cause this whole antibody
Well, first of all, it's incredible wealth.
Imagine planning ahead of time with Pfizer, with Moderna, with Johnson & Johnson, which they did through their organization called CEPI.
2017 and in that same year that's when Johns Hopkins announces it's going to be a coronavirus basically.
And Doc, I know you don't want to diagnose them from afar, but obviously the study of psychopaths in leadership or control freaks in leadership, they're very compulsive people.
Just as a gestalt, studying these people historically
I mean, is it that they have a God complex, that they have so much money, that they're separate from people?
Because clearly they're seeking God-like power, and they're seeking to hurt people on a mass scale, even though it's probably going to be their downfall.
If we're going to survive, it's got to be their downfall.
Why do they start these wars with humanity?
Why do they have a compulsion to do stuff like this?
And then those of us that don't have a compulsion to do that, we kind of have a blind side, and
We have a blind side that really can't seem to ever stop them until it gets too out of control, because we just can't believe that other people would act like this.
It is often very, I mean, this is, this is such an important question Alex, because everybody puzzles over it who doesn't face reality.
And the reality is that there are many human beings who are extremely predatory, usually
And I have, I do have a chapter about this in the book.
So I don't, I don't use psychiatric jargon because that's just assassination.
My whole profession starves at assassination of people who come, you come for help and they tell you you're a schizophrenic, that kind of business.
And I'm like, I'm not going to do that.
But these people lack a certain kind of sense of love of other human beings that due to their own choices or due to the injuries in childhood or
Do to anything, not genetics though.
They don't connect to other people in this caring manner.
And you look at Bill Gates.
I was just reading about, you know, his connections with that awful pedophile who was murdered in jail.
And then you look at, you know, that he was basically, you know, so unfaithful to his wife and so on and so forth.
Typical of this human beings, they are into a predatory state as they grow up.
And if you are a predator without much of a conscience or care for other people, it gives you an enormous advantage in going for power.
Because if you actually have concerns for people, if you actually don't want to hurt other human beings, you very quickly run into situations that you find uncomfortable as you rise in power.
I remember literally, I was talking to my family about this today, that I would take the limousine when we lived in DC.
They'd send a limousine, I'd go down to one of the big TV stations and give a talk.
And then I was talking about things like Prozac causes violence and suicide, psychiatric drugs causing more harm than good and stuff like that.
And the cab driver or the limo driver, you know, would be in a suit and all.
He'd say, you know, Doc, it's so obvious.
I used to do cocaine, Doc.
Turned me into a mad idiot.
And I've seen people on Prozac, Doc, even in the cab sometimes.
You can just tell they're all agitated, jittery.
And drugs are drugs, Doc, right?
I said, yes.
And you know what?
I'm not going to be able to get that across to the famous person I'm about to be interviewed on on TV.
In fact, he's probably going to get mad at me.
That what happens is if that person, instead of being a limo driver, had started, say, to be a radio disc jockey or a radio news reporter, he would quickly find that that critical thinking did not allow him to rise up.
What would allow him to rise up would be how to suck up so hard to the visiting drug company rep that that drug company rep would do something for him.
And then maybe he'd rise up somewhere in the company.
And that's, of course, what happened with tobacco.
For example, you had 60 Minutes backing down on going after the tobacco industry because they're so powerful.
And now with the direct to consumer advertising from the drug company, they have so much power.
It's one of the reasons the drug companies are more powerful than ever now is the direct to consumer advertising.
You know, and the same companies I went up against on Prozac and Zoloft and Paxil are the same companies making the vaccines.
I mean, I've been looking inside at documents under court order where they had to produce documents for me from Eli Lilly.
And by the way, that's a whole other show we should do, but let's spend some time on that now if you'd like.
And then I interrupted you, you were getting into them premeditatedly, obviously with Spars and Event 201, preparing the virus, preparing the response, preparing to be the heroes, preparing the hysteria.
You have then the head of Fauci's program there at Wuhan.
Well, it's so naked because they are all in their environment with themselves.
It's sort of like if you try to get published now, if I would try to publish anything in the New York book industry, I had bestsellers and then one day none.
Literally, I went from having a $100,000 advance canceled in 1994 on a moment's notice to that was it for me with anything big in New York City.
And they know each other.
They have like-mindedness.
They're all going to the top together.
And that top involves
Doing anything for each other's power and glory, minimizing the infighting, rising to the top.
It's no different than, say, the way Stalin rose up through the bureaucracy in the USSR and eventually had his bureaucracy behind him and then just took over.
That's a perfect historical allegory because he was really just a bureaucrat, but because he had all those connections, that's how he was able in all those power plays to actually get in that incredibly dangerous environment.
End up being dominant.
So expanding on that, the way you crystallize it is they're in their own echo chamber, they're in their own little cult, and they know as long as they cover each other's asses for each other, they can basically commit any crime they want.
And so now they're setting up a world government with a world ID, with a digital tracker, and literally giving us poison injections.
I mean, just the sky's the limit now.
These megalomaniacs basically have a
Well, this has actually been the way of the world, and you and I have chatted about this a little bit in my earlier show with you.
The predators tend to rise to the top, and the only time that that was actually reversed, I mean,
You know, folks, this is not conspiracy theory.
This is it.
Go take a trip to Great Britain and let them tell you the story of one of the castles, you know, or one of the kings or one of the queens.
People plot together to get power, to destroy other people, to take over and to keep down the rest of the community with fake ideology like the king is divine.
Fauci is divine.
Science is divine.
Fauci represents science.
It's kind of all blends together in fooling the folks about the sources of truth and about individual reason and critical intelligence.
And that's what these people do.
And it's deeply invested in anti-Americanism.
I published a book about 10 years ago or so.
called Wow, I'm an American.
And it was the first of my two self-published 25 books, because it was called Wow, I'm an American.
And my agent, whom I'd known since childhood, and who, you know, worked hard for me, said to me, I can't agent a book called Wow, I'm an American.
I get up and I'm ashamed of being an American.
And I was like, way before this was just openly said, but he was just directly involved in that whole progressive movement.
And that's the move.
Oh my gosh, you got the book.
Probably the first time it's ever been shown on TV.
This beautiful book was made by my wife, Ginger, that gorgeous cover.
She designed the whole book.
And she is the designer of our new book.
The Global Predators, COVID-19 and the Global Predators.
And she's again, there it is.
I can't wait to read the book.
It's on pre-order right now.
What's the best website for people to order it right now?
You can order it right now by going to wearetheprey.com www.wearetheprey.com.
And if you order it in the United States,
I think so.
We're good to go.
No, it's fine.
I love it.
Well, I think you've nailed it perfectly in your summary, and we've got probably 1,500 or more citations in the book to document all this.
We've got at least, I don't know, 1,200 end notes, and many of them have three or four scientific or newspaper articles in them.
This is all documented.
I've been documenting my whole life, or I wouldn't have been able to qualify in 100 courts going up against the drug companies.
Going up against the big hospitals, going up against Johns Hopkins.
Boy, that was fun.
So, I mean, I've been doing this for a long, long time, documenting, documenting.
I wanted to pick up on one thing that you said, because you really, you understood this long before I did.
It's such a pleasure to be with you.
And you described how they get together and they grow and they develop their predatory powers, just like the kings did, just like that.
Like Caesar did, just like Alexander did, and so on and on and on.
I mean, this is old stuff.
But they do it now with the new technology.
But they also must control the masses.
What they see is the masses.
And in America, this is being done in a few different ways.
And I'd just like to pick up on what you said about that, because it really, it puts the final touch on it.
They must divide America.
Because, and they've said this publicly, and they've written books,
Because America, if it's patriotic and democratic, so we have a patriotic voice in the world, this big country, we are not going to go for globalism.
Because what is globalism going to do?
It opens the borders like now.
That means that the African Americans and Hispanics who have immigrated here or living here and working here and haven't gotten enough education yet, these folks, their jobs are going to go down worse and worse and worse.
Whereas Trump closes the border and the African-American community has the highest employment rate in history.
That's not a coincidence.
He closes the border.
The competition is kept out.
We develop our own nation.
He brings back industries into the country.
Car companies threaten to go to Mexico.
And he says, you'll never recover from what I'm going to do to you if you try to go to Mexico.
Koch stands up and say, we have to have open borders.
We have to have an open market of labor throughout the world.
Trump says, I'm not going to destroy the American labor force.
So they must divide this group of people that consists of the, of the, uh, the Christians and Jews who believe in God and know that this is all wrong.
They must divide those folks from the other middle class who aren't religious.
So they say there's this awful religious right.
And then they call the other people, they're the deplorables.
And then they have to create something like Black Lives Matter, which is a creation of a globalist.
There's no question about it.
Soros and those other folks fund these, the Black Lives Matter.
And of course, Black Lives Matter, but the organization called Black Lives Matter is a tool of globalism.
In fact, one of its functions in part, uh, Catherine Fitz taught me, Catherine Fitz taught me.
Is that they want to destroy the inner cities, the globalists, because then they buy up the inner cities cheap.
So that's why, that's why they, they turn the black community on itself in this bizarre fashion.
So they don't want the blacks even knowing that their employment was the highest ever under Trump.
So it's a very systematic thing that's going on.
And again, Alex, you knew about this, that's why you're so eloquent about it, long before I did.
And it is literally going on folks.
And of course, African-American lives matter.
And of course, standing up for, but you know, the main murderers of African-American young people are African-American young people.
And that's not because that's how they were born.
And it's not because of American racism.
Yeah, there's racism in America.
We're still the least racist country, probably in a whole world.
Well, at least we're not, you know.
Thank you.
Every country's got racist problems.
We're seeing a lot of racism against whites.
Now, it's human nature.
But we have to bring each other together.
Exactly, because the globalists are trying to have us at each other's throats via tribalism.
It doesn't mean there's not tribalism going on.
And of course, you have your expertise.
I have mine.
That's why I love hearing you talk.
But just going back to what you just said about Catherine Austin Fitz, a great lady, been an interviewer for 20 years.
It's in the IMF and World Bank documents that Greg Palast of the BBC, a liberal, got 20 years ago, and in the documents they said, we want to destabilize cultures, play groups off against each other using sociology.
We don't care what group it is.
In Ukraine, it'll be Catholic against Orthodox.
In Africa, it'll be Hutu against Tutsi.
In Rwanda, in the Middle East, it'll be Shiite against
Sooni or, you know, Palestinian against Jew.
It's all the same.
They look at the divisions, they play them up to divert from the big global corporations that are the real threat, that are the real super predators, and that's how they control us.
And so it was a 20-point plan of the IMF and World Bank that got leaked to Greg Palast.
They later confirmed it was real.
And in the 20 points, they called it the IMF riot.
And so one of the last things they do is try to collapse the society for a couple of years to drive everybody basically out of business.
That's the big lockdowns to then come in and consolidate and buy stuff up for pennies on the dollar.
Alex, I know you want to hear me talk, but I would, I'd love to know how long have you understood this?
I mean, this is like, was a mystery to me.
Until I discovered it on my own and then realized, my God, there are other people who knew this all along.
Yeah, my mom's brother was in the Army and then he was in Iran-Contra in a senior position down in Central and South America.
And so growing up, because he got out of it, he said he wasn't going to be part of it.
And it wasn't until he was older and almost died, well he did die, before he died he actually told me more.
About what was going on and why he got out of it.
And he said, you know, obviously Ronald Reagan didn't know what was going on.
But it was child trafficking and stuff out of Guatemala going on under the cover of Iran-Contra.
And so all the stuff we see today with Jeffrey Epstein, the rest of it was actually going on then.
And, you know, the government narcotics trafficking into the black neighborhoods, what you were just alluding to.
And just all this ongoing destabilization that's being done to everybody.
And so I grew up going about that.
And also, my dad was a big historian, still is, and so was my mom.
So I kind of had a, not a hatred of America, I loved America, but a cynical view, just because I knew about the Frank Church Committee hearings and MKUltra and, you know, some of the stuff that had gone on.
And then I wasn't really a bookworm, but I got into history books, they were so interesting.
Well, I think the first thing is we have to accept that we need alternative institutions.
Um, I'm never going to have a voice on ABC or NBC.
Um, I'll be lucky if, uh, I used to be on Fox News a lot.
I was on, uh, Hannity a few times, Hannity and Coombs, going way back to Hannity and Coombs.
I remember watching you on there.
Oh my God.
Um, and I'm not going to probably be on there either.
I know people, very good people who have been on, uh, the big shows now.
And they said, well, the one who actually knows the stuff that's going on all has the concepts is Bregan.
And they've actually said he's not coming on here on Fox anymore.
So we need alternative.
I love these early photos of me.
I can't wait for Ginger to see the show.
She's so kind of just keeping me company in the background waving at me.
And maybe she loves you so much, you may be the first TV I can ever get her to join.
Enough about me, Doc.
Seriously, how do we counter this, though?
You're just saying use every venue we can.
All right, we start with you, Alex.
We need alternative TV.
And you are the best right now.
You are the best.
You're the only non-BSing major voice.
I have never had
Well, you're right.
These venues are key.
So, listeners, getting your book, sharing this video, that's key.
So, let's get more into it then, because I cut you off where you were getting into the premeditation of this, their mindset, where you see them going, and just other key points, Doc, about transhumanism.
We haven't gotten into that yet.
Well, transhumanism is very, very interesting.
Transhumanism, folks, if you haven't heard about it, is changing the human brain and body in order to, quote, perfect it, in order to make it better.
And I think they probably have two separate ideas about that.
One is because they're such miserable creatures, they'd like to find some artificial way of being happy.
A lot of them, for example, turn to drugs.
A lot of them turn to psychiatric drugs, a lot of them believe in conventional psychiatry because they don't have religion, so they're desperate for some sort of artificial mechanical meaning.
So they want to empower themselves.
Elon Musk wants to connect his brain ultimately to supercomputers.
He'll experiment with other people first, but I'm sure the ideal is for himself too.
He wants to be just as smart as himself plus a supercomputer.
He wants to be God.
He wants to get there.
He wants to be Icarus flying up to the sun to be God, and his wings are going to melt.
So you have that for themselves, but then they also want to use it the way the lobotomists.
I spent a lot of years stopping lobotomy from coming back, which is brain surgery by psychiatry and neurology combined.
To literally mutilate the human brain with vigilee scalpels now.
With electrodes, they still do a little bit of it, I think, at Harvard and Brown, but they do it... By the way, I know you did that, so let me interrupt again.
Let's spend some time on that, because for folks that don't know, I guess in the beginning they would just stick an ice pick in the frontal lobe of the brain.
So if we can help reverse that, which you helped reverse and help stop coming back, we can help stop this new barbarity, which again we just see continuing to surface.
So that's really important for folks that don't know about lobotomies.
Obviously, the one who flew over the cuckoo's nest with Jack Nicholson, that's a...
You know, Academy Award winning, a fictitious example of it, but I guess based on some real stuff.
Oh, it's based on very real stuff.
Ginger and not long ago and sometime in the past year and a half for the first time said to me, do you know, Peter, that your work and this is before we were together, we had met briefly, but I was too scared of her.
She was too amazing.
That's another story.
Ginger said to me recently, when you were fighting the psychosurgeons, we stopped almost all their projects.
I personally organized this thing.
We stopped mutilation of little black children down in Mississippi.
We stopped the chief neurosurgery at Harvard who was saying, again, this hatred of people
That black ghetto leaders had brain disease and it was just this racist because... For folks that don't know, explain that.
It wasn't just Tuskegee.
They were slicing on black people's brains.
Well, they were doing a lot of children down at the University of Mississippi in Jackson.
And the only other psychiatrist that I ever saw during my whole fight against them who took an action was actually the department chair at the University of Mississippi.
Here I call him, I'm a stranger, I'm young, it's 1972 or three, and I say to him, did you know that the neurosurgeon, I think he's with your department, O.J.
Andy, is mutilating brains of little children with electrodes at a local, we now are certain, segregated institution for African-American children.
He's done dozens of these operations.
The kids are walking around the wards with electrodes hanging outside their heads.
And he said, Oh God, I did not know that.
And OJ's office is down a hall from me.
And, and he went after OJ and they set up a committee to review his work.
So he stopped.
That was one of the, I stopped basically all the big projects.
And, but Ginger said, this is the transhumanism.
I thought to myself, oh my God, it's the epitome of transhumanism.
I never realized it.
I probably never heard the word until a few years ago.
This is going into people's brains to mutilate them and change them to fit into society, to make the black kids docile on the wards, and that'll make them docile in the community.
And then the most powerful doctor in the country, maybe, William Sweet, head of the Mass General Harvard Neurosurgery, is saying he can do it to ghetto riot leaders.
You know, that's in the days when there were huge grievances and it was genuine about being expressed in the inner cities and we've changed a lot since then.
We've changed a great deal since then in America.
So transhumanism is just this awful thing.
Now, here's what I want to connect it directly to.
And again, I thank Ginger for, you know, we talk every night for a few hours for these connections that I'm making right now.
And if you think about what is this so-called vaccine doing?
It is not a vaccine.
Vaccines use killed viruses or deadened viruses.
To put in your body and then the body attacks them and develops immunity to the live virus when it comes around.
So you put the enemy virus in a weakened form into the body, whether it's measles or mumps or influenza, and then it gets attacked by the body and the body's warmed up and says, I'm ready to go.
I'm ready to go.
And it attacks.
The measles or the mumps and keeps it from multiplying in your body.
So that's what a vaccine is.
Now, what is transhumanism?
Transhumanism is when you go in and you manipulate the body to do things it never planned on doing, was never intended by evolution or God or the combination of evolution and God.
It changes your body and in the
Process it puts in a very poisonous substance.
It puts in all of these, all these substances.
They put in material of the protein spike of the virus, of the spear of the virus.
They're essentially putting in material that is genetic that will make you make in your own body the spearhead of the virus.
So let me, it's so complicated.
Let me go over it again.
They put in genetic material to change your genetic functioning so your genes will tell your mitochondria and your other devices in your body, the other organelles in your body, to make the exact same spike protein, the protein spike of SARS-CoV-2, the Chinese version.
Now the problems with this are infinite because the spike goes
It's made throughout your body.
It's made in your ovaries.
Made in your brain.
Protein spike goes in billions, maybe trillions throughout your body.
They lied and said it would stay in your arm.
I knew that was impossible.
These are nanotype particles.
It's killing almost all the rats.
And again, those were vaccines that also created spike proteins.
And so they knew.
So when they said skip animal trials, they'd already done animal trials under other names.
And they already knew about stuff like Marek's disease and chickens.
And I mean, wow, this is just so, so cold-blooded that they did this to us.
I just can't believe it.
It is beyond belief.
A lot of people, and I'm so glad you're on top of all this Alex, a lot of people believe that we haven't done animal research.
They say, well, we can't use these vaccines because we haven't done animal research.
Well, we've done a lot of animal research, but it was more independent.
It wasn't FDA.
FDA is an arm of the drug companies, folks.
I could give you without notes a full day seminar on that.
So what they did
They started exploring doing these mRNA and DNA viruses years ago.
We have studies going back to 2002 now that begin these kinds of studies and what they found universally and I wrote about this in April of a year ago and warned not to do these things.
What they found was that if you give the vaccine to animals,
It gives very minimal protection and it probably won't give any after the mutation start because the coronavirus mutates like crazy.
So it's not going to work.
But also if your animal, most of these were mice, is old or compromised immunologically because they have old mice, they have compromised mice, genetically harmed mice.
So they're killed because if you give them the disease,
Uh, if you give them the vaccine and expose them to the disease, they have a very bad reaction.
It's like a double, triple inflammatory reaction.
This terrible cytokine storm hits them.
Um, cytokine storm.
So you, they knew, and I actually have in the book a whole trail folks and a huge chronology.
The chronology, uh, in the book is, is, uh, is nothing like it.
And we track this whole thing.
And even in 2020, while they were putting Operation Warp Speed into full action, a scientific article in a major journal, serious authors said, we shouldn't be experimenting with RNA, DNA viruses in humans.
They're too dangerous in animals.
We can't control the clotting and we can't control these overstimulated
We're good to go.
This was done very well to really get people to commit to the lie, and now they're caught in the lie, and they don't want to admit that they have now been part of something bad.
I think that's a lot of people, but I'm even more cynical than you.
I'd be maybe your first guess who's got a little areas more skeptical than you are.
I don't think there was a lot of innocence going on.
There's too much knowledge.
They had to know.
They had to know when they did Operation Warp Speed that all the animal research indicated don't do this because, in fact, a lot of it was even paid for by Fauci's NIH.
Stuff that had been in the lines a long time.
They couldn't stop it, I guess.
Well, Dr. Breggin, let me be 100% clear.
I totally agree at the NIH and the CDC and Fauci and level 100% all premeditated Rockefeller Foundation.
The general public went out and is taking this and now they're going to give it to their children and I found people don't want to admit when they're wrong.
And so they're going to continue to take more boosters no matter how sick they get.
I mean, people have heart attacks all the time.
This woman in San Antonio gave it to both her parents.
They both died within a month and she said, well, they died better because I gave it to them and I'd do it again.
And it's like this guy had a heart attack, this broadcaster in Australia, he said, I'll do it again.
I mean, they said you had a heart attack from this.
So one tenth of 1% chance of dying of the virus.
He'd rather have the risk of a heart attack.
So he can be, I just don't get where the common sense is being turned off in these people.
Well, I agree with you that once they participated, they have guilt, they have shame, they have anxiety.
And they also have fear.
Because you know, if you even bring up something like this with as
I did briefly on a visit to a dermatologist with a family member.
And I brought up that, you know, we have drugs that do help with COVID-19.
This very sweet dermatologist turned into a maniac.
I mean, practically, his eyes blew up and he stared at me and he said, they don't work.
There are controlled clinical trials showing these things don't work and they're just no good.
And so on and on.
And then he stopped.
Oh, same thing.
I mean, I have a lawyer friend who I've known for seven, eight years.
He's a nice guy, good guy.
He took the shots.
They're not working.
Now he's talking about taking the booster.
And he's lecturing me that I need to take this injection.
And I said, listen, I said, I'm all into science.
If something's tested and works great, I will take it.
OK, but but this isn't even a vaccine.
He goes, I don't want to hear it.
Shut up and leave.
And I said, you're the one telling me to take the shots.
So what's crazy is they get in your face.
And then when you politely talk to them and here, let me show you on your computer.
I don't want to see it!
What I can show are literally thousands of studies.
This is all planned.
I mean, for example, there's an organization that is created by all of the state departments of licensure.
So they have a super organization that sort of teaches and monitors them, but it's their own creation.
And it is told them that they should take the licenses away from doctors.
Who don't promote the CDC viewpoint.
Just take their licenses away.
So they're terrified.
A lot of this is fear.
We talked about fear before in our earlier show.
It can't be exaggerated.
The fear that's been put into good people about all this.
They fear for their jobs.
They fear for their futures.
They fear for whether they can travel.
And as a doctor of the brain, a smart guy, obviously, not just psychiatrist and author,
How do people get past that fear?
Because to me, I do this because I actually care about my family and I have fear for them and fear for myself where we know this train is taking us, where this road goes.
So for people that are scared, they need to know submitting to a tyranny is what you ought to be scared of.
Fighting back is how I feel like I'm not going to have a panic attack and go jump out a window.
I mean, I don't know how.
People could know this because a lot of people do know this, like you said, but they choose because of fear of ridicule to not even say anything.
They need to get past that fear and get into action.
Gosh, you and I could probably talk about this for an hour, but I'll give you a couple of the basics.
What they want us to feel is helplessness.
They don't even care about the fear.
That's the tool
To create helplessness.
They want us to give up.
They want us to give up.
They want us to surrender.
They want us to be like the serfs of the Middle Ages who surrendered and for hundreds of years, they took care of the manor and they took care of the lands and they didn't get enough to eat.
They weren't allowed to hunt on the lands.
They had little patches that they couldn't even extend their patch onto the forest or anything to cultivate food.
I mean, this is a lot of humanity since really
Since we got into villages and cities so they want us to feel helpless and helplessness is the underlying common denominator of everything we even call mental illness when somebody is collapsing or getting horribly confused or horribly rageful or horribly depressed underneath is a giving up on life.
So we have to know that's just what they want.
So when you get negative about your life and negative about being able to do anything and you feel COVID-19 is destroying you, let yourself remember this is what they want.
And they want this because they hate America.
They fear America.
They're frightened by us because America stands for God.
It stands for liberty.
It stands for the Judeo-Christian.
Concepts, but it also stands for freedom of religion.
It's not only Judeo-Christian in origin, but it's freedom of religion in origin.
No government interference with religion, no government institution of religion.
And people don't know this anymore, but that's what America is.
We are Americans.
And if you are a solid American who understands the founding of the country, you know that who you are is a free person endowed by nature and by nature's God with the ability, the need, the willingness, the desire for life, liberty, property, the pursuit of happiness, that this is what you are for.
You are to develop yourself into cooperation with other human beings freely
To help each other grow and develop.
This was the guiding principle of America.
No other country, just the one you live in, just the one folks that you live in right now, no other country has ever been founded on those principles.
Because we were so strong and powerful on these principles, not because we were bigger or taller.
A lot of us were pretty short.
Not because we didn't have accents because, you know, my father was first generation and many, I mean, he came over here, excuse me, I'm first generation from my dad.
You know, not because we were one particular nationality or color, but because we were born into a country based on freedom, on liberty,
On beliefs and higher principles, not transhumanism, only trans God, not trans people.
You know, the most important thing about God functionally is that we know we're not God.
That's one of the great things about believing in God.
You then know you're not God.
We're free individual people who do not have the right to control and trample on each other.
And we need to refound this country now.
That's what this is all about.
I can't say that enough, and we need to realize we are given now by God, or say chance if you want, but I think by God.
We have a destiny laying out before us.
We're going to stand up against evil and build a new, better world, or submit to the very worst people on the planet and commit our children to a fate worse than death.
A fate that humanity has endured until America.
You need to understand this, folks.
Feudalism serfdom has been the norm.
You're right.
The American experiment has been the exception.
The extreme exception.
We talk about American exceptionalism, folks.
Very few of us have grasped how exceptional we are.
We are the first country made by people to serve the people and protect their freedom.
That's what it is.
And that's why we should be proud of it.
That's why we should be proud of it.
Tell people again, the best URL for folks to find your new book.
And as soon as it comes out, I want to order four or 5,000 of them and sell them at infowarestore.com.
But they start shipping in a couple of weeks.
How do people find the new book?
God bless you, Alex.
You're looking at an author and telling him you're going to sell four or five, you want four or 5,000 of his books.
The publisher is sitting to my right, Ginger.
Ginger, we're going to have to make an order for Alex.
Oh, absolutely.
We sell a lot of books at M4 Store, and I got a feeling we can probably sell 4,000 or 5,000 of your book.
People need to get it.
But tell folks how they order it from you, Doc.
And we are selling thousands, and in good part due to you, we had our biggest day ever, Alex.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We're in this war together, brother.
So the way to get the book is to go to WeAreThePrey.com.
All right, Doc, I'm very impressed with you.
I've watched you for years, saw you battle the big drug companies.
I saw clips of you a few months ago.
I said, I know that guy.
Oh, yeah, I've seen him.
I've read some of his stuff.
So it's great to have you.
And I really appreciate you and Ginger.
And we just can't wait to have you back with us again.
Thanks for spending some of Saturday evening with us, my friends.
Thank you for being here, Alex, and thank you for having me on.
You bet.
God bless you.
All right, folks, we're going to go to break, and we've got one of our researchers coming in to get in the latest on the SPARS document and where the globalists are going and the confirmation that this is a depopulation operation.
That's scary, but it's good to know the truth we can set about stopping these people one way or another.
We'll be right back on the Saturday evening.
Be sure and share this video and this live feed.
It's the only way this information gets out, and this is life and death.
The Fortune 100 have established the Davos Group to be the public arm of the Bilderberg Group.
Klaus Schwab formerly headed up the Bilderberg Group and their goal is to establish a corporate world government and then turn off the resources to create a post-industrial world that triggers a planetary population collapse.
And out of that collapse, out of that global crisis, they openly say that they will use that to bring in a worldwide authoritarian model.
Now that's in the Rockefeller plan, Operation Lockstep, but it's in many other plans of the globalists.
And that is what they are initiating right now.
So I have a two-pronged approach personally.
I'm trying to inform the public, inform leaders around the world about what's going on so we can oppose
The Great Reset post-industrial operation.
That would be the best way to stop it, would be to actually shut the program down itself.
Or, and this is plan B, and I'm doing this simultaneously,
Getting prepared myself for the type of long global depression we're going to be living under for decades, if not forever, if we don't turn this around.
You see, in North Korea, they can supply their people with food and jobs, but they don't.
They keep them starving for control.
Same thing's done in Venezuela.
Same thing's done in Cuba.
This is a system of feudalism.
Communism is nothing but a modern version of feudalism where you trade out the lords and the kings for the Politburo and the inner party of the Communist Party.
So when you see the handover of Afghanistan by design to be a fiasco, when you see China being allowed to take over the world stage and threaten to invade Taiwan, when you see the UN organizing
Hundreds of millions of people who they've already impoverished with the global lockdowns now invade our countries.
This is part of a larger globalist strategic plan that I've made a film about 14 years ago titled Endgame blueprint for global enslavement.
So whether you like it or not whether I like it or not.
We live in the New World Order system today.
We live on a planet with an out-of-control globalist elite who are openly trying to impoverish us and dumb us down so we can't resist when they finally kill us.
So the answer is get prepared and get ready.
And one of the most basic things you can do is spread the word about this broadcast and resist the globalist program of domination and enslavement.
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Yes, sir!
Thank you.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
And we are joined by one of our great researchers, Mike Halperin.
It was Mike, I guess five months ago or so, said, hey, you need to cover this SPARS document.
It's a key operation with the different globalist think tanks and foundations, the Rockefeller Foundation and John Hopkins and others, as a current blueprint for what's going on.
I know it totally blew away General Flynn, who was a big war gamer.
He used to head up the army and former head of national security, a former head of national security under Trump.
And of course, before that, former head of defense intelligence, he watched that hour-long presentation we did with Rob Doom and yourself.
And it was a parallel war game that they were using as their real operation in real time, and General Flynn concurred with his gravitas that that is indeed what that was.
So there it is with three and a half million views total, about six million because there's another version on Band.Video.
It got over 10 million views on Twitter before they took it down.
Same thing on Facebook.
And just imagine, this thing had 20-something million views online.
That we knew of, simply reading from the document, and they took it down.
Which shows these criminals are not invincible.
They've put out their white papers.
They put out their battle plans.
This is like the Death Star plans.
It's fallen at our hands, but we have to value this and realize we have the Death Star plans and use it against them or it does nothing.
It's like having the keys to destiny, but not using it.
So we're going to go to Mike here in a moment on top of this huge, very powerful Saturday evening transmission.
I want to thank the crew for coming in on Saturday evening.
And I want to just ask the listeners and viewers right now again to realize this is a war.
And every person you email this feed to, every person you share this video once we're out live tonight with, every person that you reach out to is one step closer to bringing these globalists to justice because they're not going to stop until we stop them.
There's no equilibrium here of like, oh, there's the middle of the road and we're all just going to leave each other alone.
The globalists are going to win or we're going to win.
Hitler's going to win or we're going to win.
Stalin's going to win or we're going to win.
I mean, it really comes down to we're going to have civil rights in this country or we're not going to have them.
Or we're going to have health in our lives or we're not going to have it.
There is no middle of the road here where you can just hide out.
You've got to decide which side you're on.
Separately, the biggest problem I've got is funding.
We've been attacked, we've been banned, we've been demonized, but in ways we're stronger than ever when it comes to who we influence.
And I'm not bragging about it.
It's just a fact that InfoWars is incredibly, incredibly influential now.
And I'm not trying to drop names or anything, but everybody knows that we've really woken up, Joe Rogan, we've really woken up.
People like Tucker Carlson, and I'm just going to leave it at that.
And I told you to expect incredible things from Joe.
A year ago, people said, we don't believe that.
Now you've seen that all glory goes to God.
And, and, and, and then the, at the spiritual level, the glory goes to you, the listeners and the crew and everybody that has been part of this magic thing that's been info wars.
And yeah, the democratic party filed.
More than 50 lawsuits against me when Trump won five years ago, and we knocked out over 40 of them this next summer.
They've got both the Sandy Hook ones that they say are designed to shut us up and take us off air coming up, and they've got
Uh, the situation from Charlottesville suit, which they all admit is their mission to quote, take us off air.
And you've seen what we've gone through.
I'm not a victim.
I'm an overcomer.
It's okay.
But we need major funds to continue this operation and to also expand what we're doing, uh, in different ways.
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Now, Mike Halperin is a great researcher here at InfoWars.
He helps get the documents and articles together.
He is so quick.
Every day when I'm live on air and I'm asking for something, he just magically can find it in like 30 seconds.
He is here witnessing this for himself.
He was part of that super viral first SPARS report we did five, six months ago.
So he's in studio today because I asked him Friday to give us an update on the SPARS document.
Why it's so important.
To understand that the globalists did this in live time and that this is the war game they use as the cover and then we'll tie it into all the huge developments taking place around the world like Japan recalling the Moderna shot because of magnetic metal in it.
Wow, that's the government doing that and the main Japanese doctor's union
Saying we treated tens of thousands of Ivermectin, 100% cure rate, and our own media putting out articles on Twitter trying to block it.
You talk about criminal activity.
The Japanese have some of the highest IQs out there.
They have some of the best doctors in the world.
Shame on the left now saying, oh, don't listen to the head of the Tokyo Doctors Association.
I mean, it's just, it's all coming out.
How criminal you mass murderers are in big tech, working with big pharma, trying to suppress real treatments and cures.
Just shame on you.
And your damn vaccine isn't a vaccine.
It doesn't work.
So Mike Halperin, good to have you here.
You've got so much to cover here.
Lay it out for folks, the new developments with the SPARS document.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, brother.
Good to have you here.
So where I want to start is the previous SPARS report.
This is going to tie into that.
So if you have not watched the SPARS pandemic report, which is on screen, please watch the full thing.
Rob Duke was also in studio.
I thought we did an incredible job of breaking down, which is an 80 page document, which we have right here.
So everything that we talk about going forward is not fake.
This thing is 80 pages long.
This is drafted based on the Ogilvy standards for public health risk communicators.
What does that mean?
Imagine you're the CEO of a big huge pharmaceutical company.
You have to be sure that whatever you do, you're going to be able to sell a certain amount of product.
So what they do is they have
Trump was elected in 2016.
Right away, they were trying to impeach him.
They were doing so many different things to derail Trump.
We have many articles... And let's be clear, the scenario is set in the near future, but they came out with it in 2017, right when Fauci says, we gotta curveball for Trump with a pandemic.
There's a couple articles you guys can pull up.
Huffington Post, 2017.
Fauci predicts that Trump will face a pandemic in the near future.
What does he mean?
He's in the SPARS meeting.
He's in the Rockefeller meeting.
He's in all these different meetings.
And when you have a lot of money, you want to be friends with other people who have a lot of money so that you can just own the industry.
And that's what Bill Gates... Sure, so they're battle planning.
Their big takeover's coming.
Get into it.
That's right.
So this is the packet.
Please go read this packet.
One of the newest updates that I found I thought was actually kind of funny.
In the last couple days we talked about Japan and this is on page 49.
Japan is going to reject the vaccine.
They already know that Japan is going to reject the vaccine.
That's in SPARS!
It says it right here.
It's in SPARS.
We didn't talk about it last time.
But it shows how war game this is.
In fact, recap that, Mike, because this is too important.
It's all in live time.
The exact same tweets in 2017 they did in 2020 and 2021.
It's all so they just, as a manual, they just follow this exactly.
They know exactly what's going to happen.
Obviously, they can't predict the future, but they have data.
They're obsessed with data.
Melinda Gates, Bill, they say, we love data.
Well, Google admits they can predict the future.
Yeah, for sure.
So they have all this data.
They know the blacks are going to be doing different things than the Muslims.
It says it in the Spars document.
They know the Japanese are going to say, wait, why are we going to import in this vaccine?
Let's just make our own.
That's what this one says.
And in this last week, it said that Japan is recalling all the Moderna vaccine.
They found a foreign material inside of it.
So what we're trying to do with Alex and I is let's get ahead of what they're going to do next week.
A lot of times we talk about something and then it just happens.
So in general, what I think is the most important thing is you have a certain amount of knowledge.
Do not let go of all the people that you care about that you know.
If they're going to go get the vaccine next week, you have a chance to save their life still.
Just because they got one vaccine doesn't mean they got the second jab or the third jab.
And now with this FDA approval, the third jab is coming within 30 days.
The FDA approval document says that they can now roll out a booster within 30 days.
This is never going to end unless we stop it, Alex.
That's right.
It's a perpetual crisis they create.
We're going to keep going here.
Keep going.
So that's just the Japan part.
I want to play this clip if we can, because it becomes comical after you read enough of these documents.
If you guys can play up that intro that I made, it's two minutes long and it's basically targeting the African-American people with the vaccine, which I'll get into after we play the clip.
If you guys have that.
All right, here's the clip.
You're finna online date chat, find a mate chat.
Open up the OK app, it's OK app.
Profile picture lookin' tight chat.
Nice chat, got your bioreadin' right chat.
Precise chat, but before you find a date chat, you gotta wait chat.
Gotta go back to Nate chat, get it straight chat.
Girl, you look good, won't you vax that thing up?
Music handsome young brother, won't you vax that thing up?
Date in real life, you need to vax that thing up.
Feelin' freak out online, you need to vax that thing up.
Girl, you look good, won't you vax that thing up?
You's a handsome young brother, won't you vax that thing up?
Ain't no real life, you need to vax that thing up.
Feeling freaky all night, you need to vax that thing up.
Herd immunity, won't you vax that thing up?
I got the vaccine, you got the vaccine.
They got the vaccine, we got the vaccine.
We gotta make this pandemic stop.
We on the clock.
Folks are not trying to get the shot.
Why we wary of these variants?
Cause there's already a lot.
Alpha, beta, gamma.
Tricky variants like Delta.
Others trying to break down our barriers.
They spread to different areas across our nation.
We'll never see the end if we keep on waiting.
Let's get it straight.
If people don't vaccinate, we know that COVID will continue to spread and mutate.
There's no debate when we gotta keep on
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.
Okay, so, and again, it's in the SPARS document, how they hire the RAP groups, and they even use almost the same acronym as Run DMC.
So this has all been pre-planned, pre-programmed, and again, this so-called vaccine doesn't work, lowers your immunity.
But now they're already telling folks, oh, sorry, you already took other jabs.
You got to take more now.
You got to hurry up or this is never going to end.
What the whole plan is, it's never going to end.
It never ends.
And if you guys just want to dot cam for me here, this is some of Rob Deuce's slides.
This is one of the most compelling parts that we did on the last BARS presentation.
Rob did a good job of taking the different content
From SPARS and matching up in real time.
This is inside of SPARS.
This is BZ, a popular hip-hop star that they created in the fictional pandemic scenario.
And this is real life, them creating different content for different subgroups, different ethnic groups.
Now, Melinda Gates said, we're going to give the vaccine to blacks first.
They are targeting black people, whether you're friends with black people or not.
They want blacks.
They want Muslims.
They want very specific targeted groups.
I don't know why they just keep going after these groups.
Here's some more of the slides.
It just matches up perfectly, and that's why people kind of freaked out in the last spars.
They're like, wait, how can they say something in 2017, and then it just happens perfectly?
That's crazy.
Because you can't go around with a plan to launch this.
You'd go to prison.
But if it's a drill, oh, you have your operational manual, your attack plan.
But then if you get caught, you go, oh, it's just part of a drill.
It's just part of a drill, and they have drills in all these different areas.
That's why the CIA did a drill of blowing up Building 7 on 9-11.
That's right.
And it came out because they blew it up.
So just part of being here at InfoWars, and I just appreciate Alex for the opportunity, is to be able to look at all the different sources.
And even the doctor that we had on previously today was talking about that they in 2017 also launched CEPI.
And so they actually ran different drills in different organizations.
I just try to make it my job to combine all of them because somehow we just kind of predict the future.
But you're right, going off SPARS and how it's set in the year 2023-2025, that's 2020-2023, right now it's running about 98% accurate.
What comes next then?
Okay, so we did talk about it a little bit last time.
I'm going to read just a couple of the quotes and then I'm going to go through a couple articles that we've had over the last couple weeks.
So after showing no adverse side effects for nearly a year, vaccine recipients slowly began to experience symptoms.
As time passed and more people across the United States were vaccinated, claims of adverse side effects began to emerge.
And then it talks about people stepping down.
Nearing the end of 2027, reports of new neurological symptoms began to emerge.
Now, let's just talk about neurological symptoms.
Obviously, we've had a lot of different symptoms.
We can roll some of that B-roll.
But in general, in SPARS, they talk about the neurological symptoms.
So, even if you just read this document and just looked in the headlines, FDA adds warning to Johnson & Johnson vaccine for possible link to rare neurological disorder.
Woman claims husband got neurological damage from COVID vaccine.
Biden, Alzheimer's patients will take every hospital bed in America in the next 15 years.
This was recent.
The Australian Member of Parliament, Victor Dominello, diagnosed with Bell's palsy after AstraZeneca vaccine on live press conference.
So here's the thing.
In 2017, they already know what the COVID vaccine will do.
And they've already war-gamed how they're going to respond.
They already know.
And so here's just a picture that I found off of the World Economic Forum's website.
This is in January of 2017.
They begin to gather all the health ministers.
I have an article here about how the World Bank planned four events in 2017
For all the health ministers for the different countries to meet over time.
This is when Gates rolled out CEPI.
Gates, Fauci were all at these meetings.
Because they think the medical system is more trusted.
They can take over that.
That's an overhead shot of this.
This is important.
Yeah, this is huge because
One of the most important things and one of the reasons why people tune into InfoWars, I think, is we want to have a good grasp of history.
We have to get our history right, and that's what they're really trying to do with the statues being taken down by BLM and changing all the textbooks.
They want to take us away from who we are.
They want to take us away from our history.
Well, let's be clear.
They want the precedent to control history, yeah.
They want the present to be able to control history.
So we've got to get this right with what actually happened in the last four years.
So I'm just in the beginning phases of learning what actually did happen.
Here's January of 2017.
Health ministers want to fight pandemics.
First meeting of G20 health ministers in Berlin.
This is in May.
These people look familiar.
This is Merkel.
They got them all lined up already.
They were drilling frantically before this, before they released it.
Yes, and a lot of it was in secret because these articles that I've been finding, they're just describing the meetings.
They actually don't even have press at these meetings.
This is one of the drills that came out of one of the meetings.
Look familiar?
Virus out of control.
Global spread causes panic and fear.
First meeting of G20 health ministers.
Another thing that they talked about in the SPARS document is post-SPARS pneumonia.
So they know that the vaccine is going to create different health effects.
They're just getting their messengers ready to have that data come in and not not know what to do.
Saki on TV knows what you're going to say.
We even caught her a couple days ago in that press conference saying this is a plandemic.
Also, another thing we really have to begin to think about is that in these articles that I'm reading every day, they talk about long COVID.
They're trying to merge COVID with the vaccine patients.
So when you say, oh, I have COVID, they don't even want you to think about, did you even get the vaccine?
That's why they're so aggressive to get so many people with these vaccines, because if they can get 80% of the population, and then when you get COVID.
They won't know that it's the vaccine doing it because you won't have an outside control group that didn't take it.
Yeah, so this article right here is just an example.
One in three COVID survivors suffer neurological or mental disorders.
Oh, so you got COVID and you have a mental disorder or a neurological disorder and we just went through all those articles.
So if you think you have COVID and you just got the vaccine, you'll begin to normalize what they're talking about.
Also, we have to talk about the World Bank because they're lending all this money.
It's part of the 2017
That's why they want to bankrupt people, universal incomes, get rid of small businesses.
This is all about them forcing everybody on the universal basic income.
That's right, and this is one article and example, but we've had multiple examples of this where the World Bank has been caught
They all go meet at the same lavish meetings for weeks on end and war game it under drills that match exactly what then happens in real time.
That's right.
So when they get the loans, part of the loan agreement say, hey, if you're going to take this loan, we want to make sure that when we roll out our vaccines, you're going to have to take them.
So that's just the beginning phase of all this.
Another document that I found.
Is it from the doctor that we just had on?
He actually sent it to one of our producers and I thought it was really, really important.
So I just want to briefly go over this.
It's Dr. Peter Brigham.
That's right.
So he's talking about CEPI.
I found this.
The producer got this document from him and this is from March 2021.
I don't think this is a public document.
This is a working document.
He said it just came out.
It just came out.
And so we have to begin to transition how we think a little bit.
We have to think more like a business, less like a consumer, mindless person.
Because they're all in the... Sure, and globalism is about a corporate business model.
of war to take over.
That's right.
So this is the new war.
Not guys in camo and tanks and Tom Cruise with Goose.
That's the old war.
That's all old.
The new war is corporate, biological manipulation, psychological.
That's right.
And so if you owned a business or you were in these meetings, you need to project out.
And so this document actually projects out in the next couple of years.
CEPI 2022 to 2026.
So it's similar to... The corporate consortium with government is saying, here's the business model boys.
That's right.
And so they said, oh wait, this was phase one, CEPI 1.0.
Here's CEPI 2.0.
And so CEPI 2.0 is a couple of different viruses.
So hey, maybe we'll predict the future again.
It's in our documents.
I don't know.
Here's the next phase, which is LASA.
MERS, Nipah, Rift Valley Fever, and Chikungunya.
If you hear... And notice they're suddenly going, oh, there's a new thing like polio that's going to be killing people in four months.
Oh, and there's all this new stuff.
That's right.
You don't know where it came from.
So in the next couple months, if you hear Elassa, MERS, Nipah, Rift Valley Fever, or Chikungunya, you know you found it here first because it's already in their business plan.
It says, hey, we need to create vaccines for these new upcoming viruses that miraculously appeared.
Where'd they appear from?
I don't know.
Maybe they released it.
Who knows?
They have a long history of it, yeah.
That's right.
So I just found a couple more articles about how they've been planning this since 2016 and 2017.
But this has been a pretty sad, you know, last couple months.
And look at all the folks getting cancer now.
They got vaccinated.
This was the story a couple weeks ago.
Roger Stonewife takes the vaccine against lymphoma cancer.
Directly linked to it, this lady does the same thing.
I keep bringing up this article on screen because Kathy Griffin never smoked a cigarette in her entire life.
How can you not smoke a cigarette your entire life and then get lung cancer?
That's crazy.
And she says, I'm fully vaccinated.
That's crazy.
So another thing that they talked about in SPARS was they're going to enact the PREP Act.
A lot of what has happened to us, it caught us off guard.
We haven't really seen a pandemic here in the United States like they rolled out.
I have a feeling because they've been waiting and planning and getting ready for this.
The closest thing that we've seen is like an Ebola thing or a swine flu thing, but they had the PREP Act ready.
And that's where a lot of the legal things come in.
Is this a vaccine?
I don't know.
Is this gene therapy?
They just kind of throw these acts and throw these laws out and then just say, oh, we're immune now.
And so here's this article off CNBC.
You can't sue Pfizer and Moderna if you have severe COVID vaccine side effects.
And the government likely won't compensate you.
But everything's safe, you should take it.
That's right.
So you got two more stacks there, but I want to hit this now.
That's right.
This is the Pfizer study, and they even got Germany to pass a law saying, yes, our live vaccine, mRNA, does spread this spike protein.
You can infect people.
So overhead shot, please.
Show this to Mitt Romney.
Because Mitt Romney says, your liberty affects my health.
He says we're infecting him, and the vaccine doesn't work.
So he says, if you don't take the shot, you infect me.
But I have Pfizer admitting that he's actually spreading it because he took it.
So he's the dirty one.
He's the bad one.
He's the one infecting people.
You see that article?
Yeah, right here.
I'll show him.
So here you go, Mitt Romney.
You're the spreader.
You're the dirty one that took the big pharma with all the dead baby immortal cell lines.
You're the one that served Satan.
You're the one that defiled your soul.
You're the one that's damned to hell now, Mitt Romney.
You're the one, Mitt Romney.
And here it is, right here, admitting you can spread it to us.
It's Mitt Romney spreading it to us.
It's Mitt Romney infecting us.
And look, Mitt.
Look, Mitt.
Daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases per million people.
India, almost zero.
Israel, almost everyone inoculated.
Off the charts!
And it's the same number everywhere.
Mike, tell them about it.
Here's just a couple more that we've been going over the last couple days.
But more polio cases now caused by the vaccine than by wild virus.
COVID-19 vaccines could add fuel to evolution of coronavirus mutations.
says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine.
And I've already found the same stuff in the UN documents.
They've made it vaccine-derived polio viruses.
It's in the Lancet.
It's everywhere.
So, Mitt Romney's the super spreader.
Mitt Romney's the problem.
People need to confront him at the airport, or go to his house.
Don't break into his house, but go to his house and say, you're the super spreader!
You're the one sloughing it!
Here's the documents, you monster!
Don't you blame me for what you did!
Having sex with Pfizer, and that satanic needle becoming overwritten, and you become a colony creature of satanic spike proteins!
You're an abomination, Mitt Romney!
You're a desolation!
You have had sex with Satan, Mitt Romney!
And so one of the things that I think is good to be able to pass on to people... And we will not fornicate with your poison needle!
That's right.
With dead baby tissue!
God, you're a devil!
Jesus, please deliver us from Mitt Romney!
It's crazy.
And so, if you've ever met a psychopath before, and I...
It's so important to think about this because the psychopath lies about everything.
So when they say, oh, it's the unvaccinated that are the source of the pandemic.
No, it's actually the vaccinated.
And so we have to know that every single thing that they say is a lie.
They're going to keep lying to us all the way to the COVID concentration camp.
We have
And by the way, they're now announcing all over the world there's SWAT teaming people that won't take the shots.
To make sure.
So they're just getting us ready for that.
That Ireland clip that we played a couple days ago is so insane about how they just came in, they took someone who had some kind of COVID or whatever, and they removed her from the home.
But Dr. Michael Ryan from the UN says, we want to remove the infected from their homes.
That was always the plan.
All right, in closing, we got a lot more here to cover.
Hit the rest of it.
No, that's pretty much it.
I just have some good quotes from the previous
I'll show you.
We're live on air, but it's cool.
Look at this right here.
Here we go.
Which one?
My document.
Oh, this one, the shedding.
And then I need my... There he is.
Oh, there it is.
I mean, this is just outrageous, ladies and gentlemen, that they're literally telling us that we are the super spreaders when all the science shows the opposite.
And then if we can, let's play... Can we play Fauci, the one-minute clip of him admitting that the vaccines can... Sure, they got the clip.
What clip is it?
It's in the folder.
It's Fauci, that the vaccines may cause illness.
Go ahead and roll it.
I want my clip here though.
I want to make sure the American public understand.
It's not only safety when you inject somebody and they get maybe an idiosyncratic reaction, they get a little allergic reaction, they get pain.
There's safety associated.
Does the vaccine make you worse?
And there are diseases in which you vaccinate someone, they get infected with what you're trying to protect them with, and you actually enhance the infection.
You can get a good feel for that in animal models.
So that's going to be interspersed at the same time that we're testing.
We're going to try and make sure we don't have enhancement.
It's the worst possible thing you could do is vaccinate somebody to prevent infection and actually make them worse.
So that was last year and now it's happened, Mike.
So here's the thing, we have to all get better with our education, our history, our facts, even just printing off these articles and giving them out.
It makes such a huge difference because when you say something, they don't want to believe it.
People do not want to believe what you say, they'll only believe what you show them.
Well exactly, but Mitt Romney, I'm not even trying to attack Mitt Romney, he goes around
We're good to go.
They just keep growing them, they keep making them.
There's a dead black lady from 51, there's a white kid from 66, and that's what's in here.
And so he says he's a Christian, and he's over here lecturing us about all this crap, and then he's blaming us.
I'm mad at him!
He's literally blaming us, saying that we didn't take the shot, so we're making him sick.
You're making us sick!
We just showed you the proof!
That's right.
And they're just getting started.
We have to keep reminding ourselves.
Their documents say, UN no one left behind.
If they're bold enough to go after
Every single human being on Earth.
Every human's dirty.
Everybody's got a virus.
Everyone's got to have more shots that don't work all the time.
This is a corporate takeover of our bodies.
Mitt Romney and Bill Gates literally want to rape us genetically.
If they're bold enough.
This is the mark of the beast.
They call whatever you want.
They want to genetically change us and mark us.
We're seeing 666 everywhere.
These people look like demons that already got the vaccine.
The whole thing is so weird and freaky.
It's like a simulation.
But we have to keep reminding ourselves with the UN, it's no one left behind.
So as much as whatever we've done so far to get to this point has worked, we cannot let anybody get involved with these people.
We have to go and save everybody.
If you ever had anyone help you before in your life,
You thank God every day that that person has saved you.
We can't sit on the bench.
Everybody's going to take this feed from band.video and freeworldnews.tv and share it like your life depends on it.
Anything else you want to add?
Great job to the crew, this is already a three hour transmission.
Yes, the word we need to use is distribution by proxy.
When James O'Keefe came on that one time, because we're so censored and banned and this information gets so banned, we rely on you to get this information out.
Take the links, take the articles that I'm showing you.
I can easily just talk.
Take clips out of it.
People always send us emails like, do we have permission to promote this?
You don't have permission, I'm begging you to.
Cut it up, share it, free to air, use it every way you can.
Mike, great job.
Appreciate you.
Thank you.
All right, let me hit a few final news stories here, and then that's it for this transmission, and then I'll be back, Lord willing, tomorrow, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, with the Sunday Show.
Wow, I mean, there's so much I got to, so much I didn't get to.
I pretty much got to 90% of it.
I'm actually proud of the show today.
I'm proud of the crew.
The whole Japan thing, recalling the vaccines, finding magnetic metal in them, and them suppressing ivermectin and all these deaths being caused by the so-called vaccines.
We'll cover it tomorrow, 4 p.m.
Central, but I don't take this show for granted being here tomorrow.
So just take this feed and share it on your email, on your text message.
As Mike was saying, take clips out of it, put it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
I put it on the AI.
If you say like, Jones is a crazy man.
If you put the clip out, they'll let it go out because the AI still isn't human.
It's not that smart.
And so that's how we're reaching new people.
This is a total war and we're so close to defeating them.
We will defeat them.
These psychos aren't going to stop.
We have no choice.
It's their nature to try to dominate, destroy.
So let's try to fix it before things really, really get crazy.
All right, so I want to thank Dr. Peter Bregan for coming on.
I want to thank Chris Skye for coming on.
I want to thank Mike Halpern for coming on.
I want to thank all the viewers and listeners for supporting us.
And like I said, get a historical t-shirt.
InfoWars is historical.
Get a Save the Frog shirt.
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Support the broadcast because that's how we stay on air and all the great work we've done.
It's thanks to you and your support.
So I really, really, again, appreciate all the listeners.
I will talk more on the Sunday show about Marek's disease as well, and what the multiple injections of this do when they've done it to other animals like chickens, how it turns the chickens into living tumors, who are basically undead chickens.
You can't make this up.
Who get a final vaccine that keeps them alive, but they're tortured and all their joints swell and all their nerves swell and they're one giant slave tumor.
I'm not making this up.
That's what Bill Gates has been up to is undead slave chickens.
The media will make jokes about it, like the gay frogs and the child kidnapping and the baby parts being sold.
And, you know, we had Dr. Reagan on.
I forgot.
I know how famous he is.
He's the guy that stopped them doing lobotomies on black five-year-olds.
I mean, you know, I mean, just give me a break, folks.
If you understand how crazy these mad scientists are, then you understand everything.
And so we better wake up to this and admit this to ourselves.
So again, InfoWarsTore.com, InfoWarsTore.com, get the products.
And we're going to, again, end this transmission.
Thank you all for tuning in.
Now the rest is up to you.
The ball's in your court.
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