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Name: 20210822_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 22, 2021
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In this passage from Alex Jones' radio show, he discusses various topics related to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, globalism, landlords going out of business due to changes in policies by the Democrats, corporations like BlackRock buying up neighborhoods and suburban areas, influence of Netflix, China, World Economic Forum, arrest warrant against Owen Shroyer, child trafficking and pedophile rings run by the CIA, and promotion of Kava Kava Root Supplement.

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Have you been a good little Nazi?
Heil Fauci!
Heil Fauci!
Heil Fauci!
Are the petty tyrants who have recklessly mandated vaccines while refusing non-vaccinated people food, employment, and basic freedom of choice, violating the internationally recognized Nuremberg Code which is punishable by death?
Yes, they are.
I will not bow!
I will not surrender to this tyrant over this issue!
I am not a slave!
I am a free American!
I have the Nuremberg Code and the Constitution behind me!
In fact, they are violating the set of research ethics principles for human experimentation created by the USA vs. Brandt Court as one result of the Nuremberg Trials at the end of the Second World War with abandon.
Dr. Fauci, as you are aware, it is a crime to lie to Congress.
Section 1001 of the U.S.
Criminal Code creates a felony and a five-year penalty for lying to Congress.
You stated that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
And yet,
Gain-of-function research was done entirely in the Wuhan Institute by Dr. Xi and was funded by the NIH.
Senator Paul, I have never lied before the Congress.
Now they want you to show a vaccine card.
And if you got caught with someone eating at your restaurant without a vaccine card, $1,000.
Two times $2,000.
How do you feel about that?
I feel that my liberties have been taken away from me.
Nurses from Dignity Health took to the streets Friday to protest the California COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
The mandate, announced August 5th, requires all health care workers in California to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by September 30th.
Otherwise, they will lose their jobs.
Any establishment that serves food or drinks like restaurants, bars, and clubs, theaters, as well as entertainment venues will require that vaccination.
And gyms like this one, as well as dance studios, also included those large events at those indoor venues.
The beginning of the Nuremberg Code reads, the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.
This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent, should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching,
We're good to go.
237 candidate vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 are in development worldwide, of which 63 have been approved for clinical trials and 27 are evaluated in Phase 3 clinical trials.
Six candidate vaccines have been authorized for emergency use based on their efficacy data in Phase 3 trials.
The FDA's Emergency Authorization of the Ineffective Vaccine describes emergency approval as a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, and an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases when certain statutory criteria have been met.
Including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.
There are a myriad of early treatment alternatives that could have already saved thousands of lives had the doctors promoting them not been censored by Silicon Valley, which allowed politicians to pretend they were licensed in the Hippocratic Oath.
You had a first shot and got away with it.
Thank God, thank the Lord, but don't take the second shot.
Because when you take the second shot, you are going to be asking for big trouble.
Because now, out come the spikes.
Now the antibodies are there, as we know.
All right, there's the full video.
It's about two more minutes left.
It's very important.
It's life-saving.
It just went live minutes ago at Bandot Video.
It's Nuremberg Code, punishable by death.
Get it out if you want to save lives.
Bandot Video, Jon Bowne's section.
Stay with us.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, we are extremely honored to be here live on this Sunday, August 22nd, worldwide transmission.
Who knows how long we will be here?
Globalist imperial troops?
Could enter the base at any time.
The way the world's working right now.
Wow, who would think you'd tune in to Tucker Carlson on Friday night and hear about Owen Schroyer with an arrest warrant issued for him for quote, assaulting and attacking and breaking into the Capitol.
Actually say he broke into the Capitol.
He never went in the Capitol.
And you just see the level of lying and it hurts.
To see the left then, oh, celebrating in hundreds of newspapers.
And CNN celebrating, and oh, he's, Alex is next.
Now Owen will sing like a canary on Jones.
Sing like a canary.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
It's bad comedy.
Owen will be in studio second hour.
He's hosting, of course.
The next show we do on Sundays for the last year or so is very popular.
That's Sunday live 6 to 8 p.m.
with Owen Schroer.
But Owen won't be able to be hosting tomorrow because he's reporting to jail.
That's right, and we're not asking for folks to go down to the federal courthouse.
We're not trying to have a demonstration or anything at this point.
I'll deliver him down there tomorrow in the morning, and then that's that.
Deliver him into the jaws of this thing.
When you read the federal, it's not an indictment, it's just a federal arrest warrant.
You can read it for yourself, it's linked in all the news articles.
It really blows your mind.
Because they have images saying, here's the evidence he physically broke through the barriers and went in the Capitol, and it shows an image of me and him on top of a stack of chairs, on the grassy lawn, up from the Capitol, 300 yards or so, saying, don't go into the Capitol.
And then that turns into, oh, it encouraged people to break in and attack.
And you're reading this, and there's video of all of it not happening.
You know, we had body cams.
We had 10 security guys with 10 body cams.
And, oh, we also have a body cam.
We went and reviewed it again yesterday.
I never put all of it out because there's so many versions of it and different ones.
I think we've uploaded to Bandot Video at least one or two versions.
But when you've got 10 body cams, we didn't upload all 10.
So we spent hours yesterday reviewing it.
We have Owen.
On video, and myself on video, talking to the police, saying, let us get on your speaker PA system and tell people get out of the building.
We know you have a PA system, which they activated that night, by the way.
You need to tell people get out of the building.
You have it for fires, emergencies, why aren't you using it?
It's a stand down.
Then we said, where can we help?
And they said, over on that side, that's where they breached again.
If you want to go try to stop them, go there.
Then I asked the police, I said, can I have permission to go up, try to take them down off the steps?
They say, yes, use your voice to try to
Stop this.
We have it on video.
We posted more of it yesterday to InfoWars.com.
We have it for angle after angle.
And then they still are trying to put him in jail for years, saying he assaulted and broke through into the Capitol.
They don't just say it was in unauthorized areas.
They also say he broke in.
By the way, because he was on misdemeanor probation for getting arrested twice, once silently protesting, once saying something to Nadler during the first impeachment of Trump, Owen would not get on the bullhorn once we got to the Capitol.
I'm like, hey, help me get people off the building.
He's like, hey, I'm not talking on the bullhorn.
I can't be here.
I can't protest.
And by that he said, I can be here, I just can't be protesting.
That's the rule.
Don't protest at the Capitol.
Don't not come to the Capitol.
But he didn't go in the Capitol either.
So that's another reason they say they're charging him and trying to charge him with all this other garbage.
So it's just crazy.
But I've got such huge news before he joins us.
But it's bigger than just Owen, obviously.
We all know what this is really about.
It's about Nancy Pelosi and it's about Maxine Waters saying go attack people, go after folks.
Whoever said protesters are peaceful, Andrew Cuomo.
All these people calling for violence.
I mean, burning down federal courthouses, burning down churches, attacking people.
All of them basically had their charges dropped against them.
I mean, Ante was out stalking, shooting people, and the media on CNN is defending him.
And then Owen has not ever touched anybody, has no criminal record previous to that, and they are trying to put him under the jail and had it all over the news.
In fact, we are not litigious because we're under such attack.
We're not trying to get offensive with lawsuits, but
Some of the publications need to be sued.
We're looking at it right now.
Like, there's a bunch of them, but the worst is the Huffington Post.
They're like, Owen, who's praised the attack on the Capitol, says it needs to happen more.
Owen, who led the attack.
Remember the Wall Street Journal said Jones, from a distance, out of range of police tear gas and rubber bullets, commanded everyone to attack and destroy the Capitol.
And they'd seen the video of me saying, don't go in, stop, from the moment I got there.
But they don't care.
Because these are evil liars, ladies and gentlemen.
They're backed by Soros and all that money.
And they think they can do whatever they want, however they want, whenever they want.
It's incredible.
But let me tell you the really big news.
That's coming up.
Checking in with Owen.
I'm going to do a good job here today because it needs to be covered getting into the COVID-19 globalist power grab news and what's really happening with the Delta variant.
We've cracked the code on the situation.
We know what's really going on.
We're going to lay it all out today.
We have a bunch of countries coming in.
Guys, I think I sent it to you, but I don't see it in the stack.
Maybe I missed it.
But recheck the hundreds of things I sent you.
You're doing a great job.
I sent you guys a graph on Hawaii showing how the most vaccinated
In the U.S.
and have the highest level of COVID and COVID illnesses, and the majority of folks hospitalized have been inoculated.
Because I want to show that graph, but I've got graphs from around the world, official UN graphs, showing the least countries vaccinated, the lower level of illness and sickness they have.
We've got that incredible news, and a big federal government study just came out and confirmed that of course,
Well, the system doesn't want you to know about NanoSilver and what it does.
So I'll be reading from that federal document as well.
That is all coming up here on the transmission today.
But since we talked about it, there's a bunch of other news too.
Apple says they're going to read everything on your phone and scan all your photos.
They've always been doing it, but now they know they're about to be caught.
So now they're saying, oh, it's for child porn, when they run giant death camps and helped China actually run its death camps.
And even liberals are saying this is wrong.
Don't, don't, don't read my messages.
I mean, they actually have fact checkers in your phone looking at your photos.
I always told you that.
Now it's come out.
So they're really in damage control right now.
I've got stacks of news where the CIA and the left are running giant pedophile rings, and big tech's protecting that news.
So, they claim they're trying to stop pedophilia?
I mean, if there was one tech company that thinks the most evil is probably Apple.
I mean, that is just, they run the worst death camps, the worst factories in the world, suicide nets around their facilities.
I mean, it's just, the idea that we're gonna, we're gonna spy on everything you do in lifetime to keep you safe from pedophiles, yeah right, sure.
But here's Tucker Carlson.
Friday night, talking about soon-to-be political president, Owen Schreier.
None of this means the DOJ is going to stop prosecuting political dissidents, however.
They're full speed ahead on that.
Just today, the DOJ, the Biden administration, announced it's charging a host at Infowars, a man called Owen Schroer, with several federal crimes, including, quote, entering a restricted area on January 6th.
Well, that sounds bad.
What did Owen Schroer do?
He didn't go inside the Capitol building on January 6th.
He stood on the Capitol steps with hundreds of other people.
He didn't even loot Macy's.
Like Black Lives Matter.
He just stood there on the Capitol steps, a building he thought he owned as an American citizen.
What's going on here exactly?
Well, Owen Shore's real crime appeared to have occurred in December of 2019 when he shouted mean things to Jerry Nadler during a congressional hearing.
The DOJ accused him of disorderly conduct and told him never to go near the Capitol again.
You don't want to hurt Jerry Nadler's feelings.
He disobeyed.
Now he's going to jail on Monday.
Are you cool with this Dick Cheney's daughter?
Is that all right with you?
Is this the country you want to live in?
How about that Adam Kinzinger?
Is this the democracy you fought for?
So the ringleaders of the riots go free, especially if they're working for the FBI, but the people who offend Joe Biden's friends, they're in jail.
And by the way, all of Tucker Carlson Friday was incredible.
I watched it yesterday.
He did the best job yet exposing how criminal elements of the FBI ran the real attack on the Capitol on January 6th.
So we're going to cover that in the second hour as well.
Please stay with us.
Oh, and there's a lot more.
Sorry, I forgot to tell you.
I hadn't read some of the writings of Klaus Schwab in a while, so I decided to refresh my memory.
Wait till I read this.
He admits to all his crimes.
There's a big spin machine going on right now across the country.
The talk show host, Mr. Valentine, up in Tennessee, I've been a guest on the show over the years a few times, was against the lockdowns, against all the mandates, like I am, and he just died of COVID-19 Delta variant.
And people are out there saying, well, look, he died.
Now everybody has to take vaccines.
I'm going to explain something very slowly and very clearly.
The so-called vaccines are gene therapies.
They are not vaccines.
They are experimental shots, unauthorized, violating the Nuremberg Code.
And I have stacks of mainline literature and actual studies and literally hundreds of clips of top doctors explaining that
It would not work when they came out with these injections for the coronavirus, and then it would cause a bunch of deadly variants, which it's now done.
You can pull up the NIH's own computer models, and it shows when the inoculation starts eight months ago, all these variants start.
That's a fact, because these are live vaccines.
One is synthetic mRNA.
The others are viral vector vaccines.
Very frickin' dangerous.
Just like the old Gardasil shot from 15 years ago that killed so many people and sterilized so many people.
So it's not a game!
What does a live virus mean?
It replicates, and then it spreads, and so...
I've personally talked to more than 10 medical doctors just the last few days that run major hospitals, you name it, they've all concurred that 100% it is the so-called inoculation that's spreading.
And yeah, the crew pulls it up.
There's the Associated Press last year.
UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine because it is a live vaccine.
And Gates has been caught in over 30 countries doing it.
It was made illegal back in the 70s.
He still does it.
Why do you think?
Now, let's look right here.
This is right out of the federal government's own numbers.
Daily report trends.
How do we explain this situation in Romania?
25% of the population vaccinated.
Cases and deaths plummeting to basically zero.
Or the lowest in the world.
Same thing in Australia.
They got 27% taking the vaccine.
No one is in the hospital now that
It's unvaccinated.
That's even on the Australian news.
But they say, but we're not going to allow one person to ever get sick.
Now what's happening in the most vaccinated state in the United States?
Current hospitalizations, Hawaii.
You can see the mask mandate and the inoculations all starting right here.
And what happens right when they start the shots?
Hospitalization spike, but it takes a while for mutations to grow and to get out into the population.
And then suddenly, look at that spike.
Now, this numbers were not out from the CDC and the NIH until two days ago.
What did you hear me say the last two months, three months here on air?
It's not as deadly as the original COVID, but it's a mutation, obviously, out of the people that have been vaccinated, who become the super-shedders and spreaders.
That's what the studies say.
And so it is absolutely communicable and super easy to get, and the most communicable thing I've ever heard of.
I mean, I know for a fact, if you're in the room with somebody that has the Delta variant, you're going to get it.
I mean, almost everybody I know in Austin literally has been sick with this crap.
I started telling you two and a half months ago,
People like calling in going, well Alex you were first saying it's a hoax and it's BS and now you're saying it's real.
I just tell you what's going on.
And we predicted it, the science predicted it, all the experts predicted it.
You give hundreds of millions of people, billions worldwide, an experimental live virus vaccine, what's it going to do?
Whether you're in Pakistan, or whether you're in India, or whether you're in Nigeria, or wherever they've done this all over the world,
The vast majority, in fact, almost all polio cases are from the inoculation because it's a live polio vaccine.
This is the same thing.
This is a medical, I think there's articles before the inoculations even started, or right when they did.
Vaccines can drive the evolution of more Corona-19 mutants.
And I've got clip after clip of Nobel Prize winners and former heads of Pfizer and the top people.
Did you know the CEO of Pfizer just said he's not taking it?
I'll play that clip in a moment.
So all I do is immerse myself in this.
I'm not the expert.
I read the reports and what's going on and we predicted all this and it's come true.
So Hawaii is off the chart.
If you're a radio listener, we'll archive this later in InfoWars.
You gotta go look at it.
Hospitalizations in Hawaii are up 854% in two months, despite one of the longest mask mandates and highest vaccination rates in the country.
But the good news is that experts and the media are squarely focused on ignoring this and forcing another mask mandate on two-year-olds.
That's sarcasm, folks.
And then meanwhile, in places where they're not inoculating with the poison, they basically have no cases.
Look at this.
Out of Romania.
Which is, again, right in the middle of Europe.
All the people coming through it.
From all over the world.
Not an island.
And look at this.
Almost zero new cases.
Zero in the hospitals.
And that's the same everywhere.
Israel is the most inoculated in the world of any large nation.
Highest COVID rate.
Highest death rate.
Highest mutation rate.
Highest rate period in the world.
Over 90%.
Highest, high, high rate.
I don't want to cut these clips short.
Got a bunch of medical doctors I want to play for you on this when we come back.
But first, let's take President Trump, who I believe is a good person, and who I really care about, and who I want to see get a lot of good Republicans elected in the midterms, and who I would love to see run again.
We got to take him to the woodshed, though, because he came out last week on Fox and Friends and said,
All right.
And now they've got you signed up to it.
Now the left's saying you better get out there and push it, and you are.
CNN comes out and says, we need to see Trump come out and take the shots.
And within weeks of them saying it over and over again, CNN snaps their fingers.
Jeff Zucker snaps his fingers and Trump clicks his heels and hops up there at attention and says, how high do you want me to jump, boss?
There's Trump in Alabama yesterday.
I believe totally in your freedoms, I do.
You gotta do what you have to do.
But, I recommend take the vaccines!
I did it, it's good, take the vaccines.
But, you got, no, that's okay, that's alright.
You got your freedoms, but I happen to take the vaccine.
If it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know, okay?
I'll call up Alabama, I'll say, hey, you know what?
But it is working.
Trump, that's a lie, you're not stupid.
Just two weeks ago they said it was 65%, then 40%.
Saw a number put out by about Pfizer shots, 30-something percent.
Because they just want to tell you it doesn't work, so you're running with a new damn shot.
Then they'll tell you in six months that one doesn't work.
It's called rope-a-dope.
Shame on you, Trump.
Hey, if you don't have the good sense to save yourself and your political career, that's okay.
At least you're going to get some good Republicans elected.
And, you know, we like you.
But my God, maybe you're not that bright.
Maybe Trump's actually a dumbass.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Live and uncensored.
Live, raw and unfiltered.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Very honored to be here.
And listen, I like President Trump.
He's in battle.
He's been targeted.
He stood up against the globals.
He stood up against China.
He did a lot of good things, but...
I would defend him when CNN had like 50 containers of gumballs up there, saying each gumball is a lie.
And Trump did not get a lot wrong.
And he was dead on and very pragmatic.
And I agree with about 95% of what he did.
Trump's not stupid.
I know a lot of folks have briefed him directly that the vaccines were a fraud.
They're not vaccines.
They're not working.
They're now saying, again, Pfizer and others are down to less than 40% efficacy.
So listen.
Trump, we like you because you don't lie to us.
Don't lie to us.
We don't care if you got conned.
You believed in science and they lied to you because this wasn't a cure, it was a disease.
Of course they could have given us a real vaccine for it.
That's the whole point, is these are mad scientist globalists that give us Trojan horses.
I love cell phones.
I love the cameras.
I love the GPS.
I love all the stuff it does.
Except they're using it to control us and track us and censor us.
And spy on us.
So I take these vaccines like I have a big old slice of pumpkin pie and ice cream on Thanksgiving after I have turkey.
But they don't give us good drugs.
They try to suppress the good ones.
They try to suppress the treatments.
What came out over 10 years ago?
That in the EU and in the UK and in China, elites get, quote, clean vaccines made by secret government labs.
Oh yeah, they got all sorts of great stuff.
We ain't getting it.
But they're like, oh, you're just against science.
You're scared of science.
You're scared of innovation.
Innovation, that's all we do here at InfoWars.
I love technology.
I love guns.
I don't want somebody shooting me with one.
I like a vodka martini.
Does that mean I want to drink three gallons of it and die of alcohol poisoning?
You can't trust the stuff these people are producing because they're eugenicists, depopulationists, who've been caught doing it thousands of times.
Hey, I found it, Time Magazine.
Better vaccine for politicians.
And let me tell you, what came out this year, they caught all these shots that said, not for use in Europe, not for use in America or Canada.
And where were they slated for?
Oh, we got something real special for you.
Just like I was told by a major doctor that ran a major Texas organization, that I was correct.
And that decades after they banned the live polio vaccine,
That he was part of a state clinic supplying across the state and working on it.
And he said that they delivered to the black neighborhoods, including East Austin, live virus, cancer virus vaccine with SV40 cancer virus in it.
And that to all the other neighborhoods, the white neighborhoods, they did not deliver one with a cancer virus in it.
And then the guy got mad at me and he got scared, grabbed me by the arm and said, don't tell anybody.
But I already knew about all that.
I don't need him to tell me about it.
And he said he stopped that program, but he caught them dumping... I'm trying to explain this again.
Hitler got all his ideas from the United States and the UK, not the general public, but from the eugenicist.
And then after Hitler, World War II, they went underground and they simply trained apprentices
Like Fauci and Gates and others who keep carrying it out.
So, I'm all for a polio vaccine, except they were targeting East Austin with the ones that had live virus in it and cancer viruses in it.
And I could go all over that because I'm an expert on it, because my grandmother was paralyzed by a vaccine for polio and they told her that.
So I've read a lot about it, I know all about it!
And I won't sit here and have Trump sit up there and tell me, oh, I took it and I'm fine.
You took it and you're fine.
You haven't gotten sick yet because you already had all those fancy treatments and all the rest of it last year.
But they admit it doesn't work.
In fact, here's a great example.
Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Jackson, is in a Chicago hospital with his wife, both sick with the Delta variant, right now, despite the fact they're both vaccinated.
Where do you think the Delta variant came from?
The damn mRNA shot, he says he took the Pfizer shot, so did his wife, started replicating in him, and now he might die.
And his wife might die.
See, even Jesse Jackson doesn't have any sense.
He believes in this stuff.
He believes in the system.
After everything they've done to black people, he's globalist.
Jesse Jackson took the Pfizer shot with his wife and is now fighting for his life from a mutation from the damn injection.
But again, I don't want to be mad at Jesse Jackson.
I just want him to wake up and then warn people later.
I guarantee he'll just, if he survives, he'll defend it and won't even know that it was the injection that did this to him.
But he won't.
He'll probably say, boy, good thing I had that vaccine or, you know, I'd have been dead.
Because there's no numbers and no studies that, quote, when you have the vaccine, it protects you.
I mean, you see the Surgeon General in his clown outfit up there, looking right at the camera saying, natural immunity is not as good as the Pfizer or Moderna immunity.
It's three times better.
All epidemiology 101, virology 101, all the sciences, natural immunity is five, 10, 20 times better.
And these shots lower your immunity once you take it to other variants.
That's what all the scientists say.
I got a whole list of them saying it.
It's like saying gasoline burns when you light it.
That's how dumb they think we are.
That's how idiotic they think we are.
That we have no memory, but that creepy Surgeon General looks like a psycho, like Fauci.
Everything's fine.
You'll be fine.
And Biden's out there, oh, you just take the shot.
That's why I'm pissed at Trump.
You guys fined it two weeks ago.
He gave a bunch of speeches, said it over and over again.
Biden says, take the vaccine, you can't get COVID.
Remember that?
Even though they admit it doesn't even work.
And now, forget Biden lined us, we've got President Trump doing it.
Here it is.
You know what?
I believe totally in your freedoms.
I do.
You gotta do what you have to do.
But, I recommend take the vaccines!
I did it, it's good.
Take the vaccines.
But, you got- no, that's okay.
That's alright.
You got your freedoms.
But I happen to take the vaccine.
If it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know.
I'll call up Alabama, I'll say, hey, you know what?
But it is working.
No, it's not working.
Yeah, it's working to grow variants and create mass disease and death, and then let them legitimize even more shots to counter the last variant they made.
There it is, fully vaccinated.
Jesse Jackson hospitalized with COVID.
There you go.
Here is Dr. Roger Hodgkinson to Dems' lack of ethics around lockdowns.
Here it is.
Politicians, the media, and physicians.
Particularly MDs, who by their cowardly silence have decided to put income ahead of ethics.
The ethics we physicians are supposed to hold dear.
First, do no harm and inform consent.
Fear, in turn, became the excuse for politicians and unelected bureaucrats to enforce the ludicrous, totally arbitrary mandates that have no consensus for effectiveness in the medical literature.
I'm talking here about masks, social distancing, travel bans and lockdowns.
They couldn't work, haven't worked and will not work.
So my third message is simply this.
Read my lips.
Nothing works except effective prophylaxis with vitamin D and early treatment with Dr. McCullough's protocol.
It's just politics playing medicine, and that's a very dangerous game.
They've dressed themselves in the flag, demanding that only they can protect you from all of life's risks.
It can't be done.
I can tell you with categorical certainty as a pathologist, death happens.
Life is risky.
Get used to it.
Just like you did with the past flu epidemics, and every day when you drive your car.
Governments must get used to the fact that modern medicine is totally impotent at controlling the spread of respiratory viruses.
We must simply accommodate to them in ways we have done most effectively in past flu epidemics.
Let's hit pause right here.
We're going to come back to this clip when we come back.
But let's just go out to break with President Trump's sidekick now that agrees with him that the vaccine works.
Here is President Trump's buddy.
They now agree that the vaccine works.
Trump now agrees with the liar Biden.
Here it is.
The various shots that people are getting now cover that.
You're okay.
You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
No, you're just going to get another one and die.
By the way, if you go to the full show headline of the broadcast that I write each day before we go live on air, it says, Sunday live, massive protests explode worldwide against UN Great Reset tyranny.
And that really is the big news.
We're talking millions in France, millions in Australia, overrunning the police, overrunning the shopping malls, the grocery stores, saying no to the COVID checkpoints, saying they know it's the Great Reset, they're chanting,
Jail Fauci, jail Schwab, all over the world.
And so this is really exciting and positive, and I should just be focusing on the human spring against the globalists.
But it is, it is very, very exciting to see people standing up to these thugs.
You know, the police buy the idea in these countries that, oh, they're protecting people from the virus.
I know you're not.
The globalists have launched this.
It's in all the Rockefeller documents, and that's why it's critical to get that information out.
They're trying to get people five years in prison
That organized a protest in Australia.
All that's gonna do is have people start burning stuff down and getting really lawless, which I'm not calling for.
I'm just saying, you act like Nazis, you're gonna get a French resistance, a literal one.
And so, okay, start killing us, start beating people up, start burning things down.
See how it goes for you.
Because you've taken our restraint for weakness, and it is the opposite.
So, yeah, just roll some of the video and audio, like the one guy,
Because they're saying you can't leave from one state, one province of Australia to the other for over a year and a half.
There's been like 10 deaths in the last 8-9 months.
They're building emergency camps.
They're saying we're going to forcibly inoculate you.
They're saying we're going to keep the lockdown going until you accept all the injections.
And then I love this guy on a horse riding around saying, let's cross the border and then tens of thousands cross the border in the next state and just overrun the police.
Again, who are absolutely shameful and evil people, but nothing compared to the politicians and the leadership that know exactly what they're doing.
So all over the world, history's taking place.
And then in the former
Eastern Bloc, they just don't do any of it and basically have no cover cases.
And their shopping malls are totally open, their stores are open, no one's wearing masks in Romania or Hungary or wherever.
Express their frustration.
This is all an exercise of power.
Oh, they didn't try, they did it.
Just keep pushing.
But I'm going to air this later in the next hour when Owen Shore is with me.
I'm going to get into Klaus Schwab and the clip where he says, you're very angry soon the Great Reset.
They're making you angry.
They're shutting you down.
They're saying you can't have a job until they fully enslave you.
That's the operation.
I got a bunch of clips of Australians talking about what it's like to live there, to be actual prisoners now.
Folks, I have real videos of three different government ministers of three different states.
You say, well, who cares about Australia?
Well, that's the model of the world.
They admit it's coming here.
They're building the same FEMA camps here.
Same stuff in Canada, same stuff in Europe.
And they say that you cannot look at the sunset.
I'll play that clip next hour.
Government ministers say do not look at the sunset and do not even talk to your neighbors and do not look at people in the eye even from a distance.
Now that's gaslighting.
That's beyond Jim Jones a cult leader.
That's to see what they can get you to do because they are bringing in an authoritarian regime and building death camps.
You say why?
Because it's an authoritarian takeover.
You understand that I have here in my hand Wikipedia.
The only reason this matters is, when I show you Klaus Schwab's book, or I show you a clip of him on TV running things, people don't care.
This is Wikipedia, and then transcripts in mainstream news saying it's good, saying, quote, Our goal is to capture democratic structures and institutions so that the people have no choice and no control of their lives, and so the United Nations and corporate stakeholders can control the entire direction of humanity's future.
Gotta read that.
That's called total North Korea slavery.
That's in his bio on Wikipedia.
I mean, give me a break!
And he's the former head of the Bilderberg Group.
Remember when that didn't exist and we exposed it?
They've been hiding in the shadows forever.
Now they brought their agenda out in the open.
So let's go ahead, I've got a new term though, because it looks like Trump's turning into this.
If Trump's merging with Biden, and both he and Biden are lying to us saying the vaccine works and is effective and is a vaccine, when they admit it has like 30% efficacy now, is it Tri-Biden?
Trump and Biden?
Is it Tri-Biden?
Or is it Brump?
Or Bump?
You should probably have one of the writers create a poll.
What should the merger of Trump and Biden be called?
Should it be called Tri-Biden?
Or Dump?
I don't know.
And I'm just trying to take Trump to the damn woodshed because he's close to flipping back to reality, but my God.
I'm not going to sit here and be fed a bunch of BS.
So here's Biden just a month ago or a couple weeks ago telling you the vaccine works when it's not a vaccine doesn't work.
Then Trump said the same thing being booed last night.
Maybe a little hint, Trump, here it is.
The various shots that people are getting now cover that.
You're OK.
You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
You know what?
I believe totally in your freedoms.
I do.
You got to do what you have to do.
But I recommend take the vaccines.
I did it.
Take the vaccines.
It's good.
But you got... No, that's OK.
That's all right.
You got your freedoms.
But I happen to take the vaccine.
If it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know.
We don't need you to tell us.
We are the first to know.
That's why we put you in office.
So if you want to sit there and not admit you got conned, that's fine.
Trump has now officially merged as a Chimera clone with Joe Biden.
Okay, let's go ahead now and finish up with that medical doctor who we cut off because of the break.
Clip 21.
Getting into what's really happening, here is Dr. Roger Hodgkinson.
I can tell you with categorical certainty as a pathologist, death happens.
Life is risky.
Get used to it.
Just like you did with the past flu epidemics, and every day when you drive your car.
Governments must get used to the fact that modern medicine is totally impotent at controlling the spread of respiratory viruses.
We must simply accommodate to them in ways we have done most effectively in past flu epidemics, with liberal doses of the cheapest, most effective medicine there is.
Common sense.
Flip-flop Fauci created Covid-19 when his gain-of-function research escaped from the lab in Wuhan.
You shouldn't be forced to put your life and your child's life on the line by getting vaxxed just to solve the problem he created.
That is government tyranny and indescribably offensive.
So for God's sake, don't let them scare you into getting vaxxed.
Tell them to stop the shot.
Thank you.
The whole world is going into captivity until we're on a world ID and the system can put what they want in our bodies when they want.
We've got incredible footage next hour of Ireland, them coming to people's houses, beating them up.
Somebody said they might have COVID.
It's all ridiculous, but the borders, again, are wide open.
Here's an important clip from an Australian captive who speaks out on the horrors of currently living in the police state.
We're not allowed to travel more than five kilometres from our house even to get groceries.
We try to order groceries online, particularly Western Sydney here, which is facing the worst lockdowns where people can't go to work unless they've had the jab.
And you try to order groceries online and they don't, they're inundated.
So we're in a really difficult situation.
We previously had a rule where there was what's called a singles bubble where you can go and see your friend if you don't have a partner.
Now that's changed as well where you have to actually register one person only that you're allowed to visit and that person needs to be no more than five kilometres from your house.
It is
Wasn't there a day when they said it was... wasn't it supposed to end like last week or like or did they extend it?
What happened with that?
It never does.
No, so as of last night they've announced that it's going to get even harsher and our Premier actually used the word war on television yesterday.
She said this is literally a war.
She's the same one that said, don't talk to your neighbors.
And I'm not joking.
Don't look at the sunset.
Don't even leave your house.
They see you on your porch, they come after you now.
Because you put up with it, so now it's more, more, more.
But it's a paradox with the Aussies.
Now they're up about 25% that have accepted the deadly injection.
So the leaders are saying, well, you have to go to 70% before we let you out of your houses.
But you know once it hits 70, they're going to want 100.
These are criminals.
Oh, by the way, there's big press conferences this week.
It's in all the studies.
More studies just came out.
These Moderna and Pfizer shots are attacking the ovaries and uterus.
And I've got clips on that coming up as well.
But Owen Schroer is going to be joining us in studio.
He reports to jail tomorrow.
Or his thought crimes.
He was at the Capitol and didn't even bullhorn anybody, but he was there and tried to stop what happened, and so they lied about him and created a false charge.
This is the criminal activity of the government.
Be right back.
So here's Dr. Christine Northup talking about infertility attacks on the uterus, and then Dr. Elizabeth Villet, MD, talks about it as well.
Then we are also going to get to some more medical doctors and what they're saying and what's happening and what's going on.
But first off, let's go ahead and play those two female doctors back-to-back.
Thousands of reports of menstrual irregularities and reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines.
So the media has focused on blood clots, but then we had suddenly all of these women and a friend of mine today literally sent me
Yes, absolutely.
Many of whom have not been vaccinated but have been around those who have, we begin to wonder.
Now we already know that polysorbate 80, which is included in these shots, can adversely affect ovarian function.
It has shut down ovarian function in rats.
There are things called pheromones that are secreted by the apocrine sweat glands in the pubic area and under the armpits.
Those regulate women's menstrual cycles.
The pheromones are why, we think, women have periods at the same time when they're all living together in close proximity.
There are so many things that affect the menstrual cycle, but the reports that we are getting are not only
Thank you.
But we don't have any database right at this very moment, formal database, for these abnormalities that are occurring when you're simply around someone who's had this shot.
I would like to urge the young people listening to you.
Please, you are not at risk of COVID dying or going into the hospital.
Young people get over COVID quickly.
The vaccines don't protect you against the variants, and we have data we're bringing out in the press conference next week about the damage to the ovaries and the testicles in young people.
Please don't jump into getting a vaccine until you get the data from the risk, and we have that posted on our website.
It's just so important for your long-range health.
Don't rush into a pressure decision.
Take time to find out what the risks really are and the fact that there are treatment options.
You don't need to rush into something experimental.
So, please join us at truthforhealth.org.
We are crusading to help all of the voiceless patients have a place of helpful, truthful, balanced, medically sound approaches.
And I literally have hundreds of these clips every day I can play of prominent science doctors, Nobel Prize winners, all saying the same thing.
And I've got all these different studies showing that they did previous trials on animals, Fauci did, they actually know what this does.
And it basically eats the uterus, eats the ovaries, eats the testicles.
They've done it!
This is their depopulation plan.
It's incredible.
All right, Owen Schroyer, soon to be a political president.
He's right here next to me when we come back on this Sunday transmission.
Pray for him.
And he'll host with me, and he'll co-host Sunday Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
For who knows how long we'll get back.
Hopefully very, very soon.
But we'll see.
A lot of folks disappear forever.
August 22nd.
A live Sunday broadcast.
With soon-to-be political prisoner, Owen Schroyer.
Tucker Carlson knocked it out of the park Friday night doing most of his hour-long transmission on all the evidence of the FBI and Deep State provocateuring January 6.
But there was a big Reuters article with senior FBI officials off-record saying that Trump, myself, Roger Stone, and all the investigators that we did not premeditatedly order folks to attack the Capitol show to scapegoat that story and to change the subject.
They had an investigation waiting in the wings of a totally innocent man.
Owens Troyer, InfoWars co-host.
So here's Tucker Carlson's coverage of that.
As a rule, federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI are not in the business of exonerating people.
That is definitely not their job.
Their job is to investigate crimes, gather evidence, and provide that evidence to prosecutors.
That's how our criminal justice system works.
You are innocent until proven guilty.
That's the whole point.
So the FBI doesn't declare you innocent.
That's the assumption we all get from the beginning.
The Constitution makes that very clear.
Again, it's the whole point of our justice system.
So it's worth paying attention when the FBI makes a point of exonerating large groups of people, no matter who those people are.
And that happened today, when several FBI sources told Reuters that, in fact, January 6th was not an insurrection after all.
According to Reuters, there won't be, quote, any charges alleging that any individual or group played a central role in organizing or leading the riot.
So there was no plan to overturn the election.
There was no coordination at all.
As one law enforcement source told Reuters, quote, 90 to 95 percent of these are one-off cases.
Then you have 5 percent, maybe, of these militia groups that were more closely organized.
But there was no grand scheme with Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all of these people to storm the Capitol and take hostages.
Therefore, don't expect any more charges for conspiracy or sedition or anything like that.
What is this?
Since when does the FBI go out of its way to leak information exonerating Roger Stone and Alex Jones?
What is going on here?
As a threshold matter, it's worth remembering what the FBI was claiming for the last eight months.
On January 30th of this year, the FBI planted this story in the Washington Post, one of many, quote, FBI probe of U.S.
Capitol riot finds evidence detailing coordination of an assault.
Meanwhile, every national security expert, including the former FBI director, repeated that line verbatim on television for the entire year.
What we're learning about how the insurrection was planned, and new warnings about the threat we still face.
You really don't end up with a crowd of that size, of that direction, of that cohesiveness, without a significant degree of pre-planning.
Every law enforcement leader has said that this was coordinated and planned.
All the witnesses agreeing, this was planned.
This was a planned, coordinated attack.
These were not toilets.
These were not misfits.
This was an organized insurrection, and all the images that you're showing
There's no doubt there were at least some conspiracies.
People wandering around exercising their First Amendment rights don't bring ropes and ladders and sledgehammers to a spontaneous event.
This was a planned assault as if going after a castle.
These people are so dishonest.
What they don't want to admit is that the people who were there that day thought the election was stolen from them.
Why did they think that?
Because the way that we vote was changed at the last minute using COVID as a pretext.
Because the tech companies working at the behest of the Democratic National Committee shut down opposition online to the Democratic candidate.
Is that a fair election if that were happening in Hungary?
Would we say that's totally fine?
That's cool?
That's democracy?
And every American knew that, and some of them were mad enough to go to Washington, and some misbehaved and broke the law.
We're not defending that.
But the idea that this was coordinated by white supremacists?
It was Americans who believed in democracy until they saw it thwarted by the people you just saw on TV.
So now the FBI admits there was no insurrection.
Every normal person knew that at the time.
Chewbacca guy wasn't leading a plot to overthrow the U.S.
What a lie!
So what is going on here?
Well, keep in mind this.
The FBI has never stated, publicly or otherwise, how many of its agents or proxies were involved that day.
It's pretty clear if there was organization going on, some of it came from the feds.
That's true.
We were attacked for saying it, but it's true.
Court filings from the DOJ show the government identified many alleged ringleaders of the insurrection, but weirdly, those people were never charged.
Those ringleaders appear to have been working for the FBI.
And there were a lot of them.
In all, Revolver News has reported that there are, quote, upwards of 20 unindicted co-conspirators on the January 6th indictments, all playing various roles in the conspiracy, who have not been charged for virtually the same activities, and in some cases, much, much more severe activities, as those named alongside them in the indictments, end quote.
That's not some whack job right-wing opinion.
You can check the indictments for yourself if you want, and you should.
So the question is, how many of those unindicted co-conspirators were working for the DOJ?
That's a good question.
One that nobody seems interested in answering.
Dick Cheney's daughter's out there every day demanding that we have this investigation.
Adam Kinzinger cried about it on TV.
But they don't want to answer that question.
Why is that exactly?
Well, today's announcement from the FBI guarantees that none of those ringleaders will ever be charged.
That means if they were working for the FBI, if they were agents or informants, like the leaders of the plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan, for example, there's now a very good chance we will never know.
Maybe that's the point.
None of this means the DOJ is going to stop prosecuting political dissidents, however.
They're full speed ahead on that.
Just today, the DOJ, the Biden administration, announced it's charging a host at Infowars, a man called Owen Schroer, with several federal crimes, including, quote, entering a restricted area on January 6th.
Well, that sounds bad.
What did Owen Schroer do?
He didn't go inside the Capitol building on January 6th.
He stood on the Capitol steps with hundreds of other people.
He didn't even loot Macy's.
Like Black Lives Matter.
He just stood there on the Capitol steps, a building he thought he owned as an American citizen.
What's going on here exactly?
Well, Owen Shore's real crime appeared to have occurred in December of 2019, when he shouted mean things to Jerry Nadler during a congressional hearing.
The DOJ accused him of disorderly conduct and told him, never go near the Capitol again.
You don't want to hurt Jerry Nadler's feelings.
He disobeyed.
Now he's going to jail on Monday.
Are you cool with this Dick Cheney's daughter?
Is that alright with you?
Is this the country you want to live in?
How about that Adam Kinzinger?
Is this the democracy you fought for?
So the ringleaders of the riots go free, especially if they're working for the FBI, but the people who offend Joe Biden's friends, they're in jail.
And the left burning down cities, well they're mostly peaceful.
Owen, what is this like for you to be witnessing all this happen?
You know, the whole experience since January 6th has just been surreal overall.
And you know, Alex, we've always had a sense of urgency here at InfoWars.
I think that's what separates our news coverage and live transmissions and reports and exclusive reports.
We're desperate Americans trying to save the country.
And you know, so we've kind of seen this coming.
And then they ran the big lie of January 6th and the Nazi Reichstag-style event 2021.
And then we watched them round up political dissidents.
We watched the media push it.
They have, I think, now 600 political prisoners in D.C.
and some in other... Many of which just walked in with a flag and are in solitary confinement.
We're talking about veterans.
We're talking about pastors.
We're talking about women, you know, and these are all innocent people.
And on their face innocent, but even more innocent when you look in comparison.
You know, Alex, I guess I should have been in D.C.
at the Capitol in June of 2020, you know, assaulting police officers and damaging property.
Attacking people, breaking windows.
Burning churches to the ground.
You know, then I probably would have been okay.
And, you know, I sent some of the crew footage of just some of the violence from the inauguration in 2016.
We're going to be covering it tonight, Sunday Night Live.
And it's the same thing.
And these people at the time, they're all on video.
They never got harassed by the FBI.
People don't understand.
If you read the arrest warrant and the charging paper, it literally is like Looney Tunes lies saying he entered the Capitol, he assaulted people, he called for attacking the Capitol.
And then the videos they use as their evidence is him trying to stop people going in.
I mean, I don't even know what the FBI is actually freaking me out.
I'm actually scared.
I mean, I mean, like, why?
These are crazy people.
I don't even know what to say at this point.
Their exhibits is you being good, and then they lie?
Like, what is this?
I'm telling you, it's the collapse of civilization.
It's not just the FBI.
Everything's incompetent now.
That's what it is.
It's just incompetent, lunatic asylum.
We are living in a lunatic asylum.
Look at the fall of Afghanistan.
This is crazy!
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, I gotta say it, if there's a most valuable player in our team, America, against the Globalists in the last three years, it's Tucker Carlson.
And I say that with real pleasure.
I don't want to be the alpha dog of this fight.
He's slick, he's smart, he's getting better by the minute since he woke up and shifted his paradigm.
He absolutely gets it now.
He doesn't have to listen to me.
He sees it now.
And he got out there and exposed the criminal elements of the Southern Poverty Law Center, FBI operation, provocateuring through the groups.
He got it out there.
And then that did trigger the FBI to have to come out and then say, okay, it wasn't organized by these other patriot groups because they want to kill the fake narrative that it was an organized event because they don't want it to come out.
I'm not exonerating even the FBI.
Everybody talks about the FBI all day like it's the only thing out there.
You've got the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, the Democratic Party.
They wrote that big-time magazine article saying, how a secret cabal got together and won the election.
And they admit, oh, on January 6th we were ready and we stood down and then we knew what they would, and then they sent in their people.
And so it was a consortium of leftist groups.
This was a great defeat of us to trick us to get a million people there and let them commandeer a small group to break in.
This was a major coup.
Biggest defeat of my life.
This is the biggest defeat of my life.
Not something I cooked up like all these neurotic leftists keep saying.
So, I mean, I'm in the arena, it's okay, but I got my ass kicked that day.
That day was the Super Bowl of Super Bowls, and yes,
Yes, I lost big time.
But it's okay, because the games keep going, baby.
And I know what happened now, and we're winning this Super Bowl.
This is a big deal.
So, you were just in hors d'oeuvre, because that's embarrassing to just burn you and send a little message, hey, we can get you next.
And now, my family's being threatened.
I'm not at liberty to talk about it at this point, but they're letting us know, hey, we can get your family, too.
And I'm not going to go there yet, but it's bad, Owen.
Well, and think about, you talk about if January 6th is the loss, what was our goal?
The victory for us was having the investigation, getting to look at all the techniques that were used to change the rules before the 2020 election, because of, as Tucker Carlson said, the COVID, but they had all other kinds of excuses.
And now, if you read the Time Magazine article today,
With all the information that we have now, you can almost reverse-engineer exactly what they did.
Because we know when they're double-counting, triple-counting ballots in Fulton County, Georgia—that's Atlanta—they sent out Zuckerberg's group with his billions of dollars to just see, hmm, okay, what areas have a higher margin of Democrat voters?
What areas are going to have the highest margin for Biden?
And then you just triple-count, you know, double-count those areas, and you know you're just— Oh, they ran an actuary demographic analysis on record and said
Don't worry, it'll look like a red mirage, but we'll have the votes once the polls close.
I mean, they even telegraphed it.
Bragging about the censorship, bragging about changing the rules, bragging about the mail-in ballots.
I mean, it couldn't be clearer.
Oh, this article doesn't get enough attention.
Put it back on screen.
That article on Time Magazine where they brag how all the corporations and media with Republicans got together to screw over voters and how they went in and bought everybody off and took control of the machine.
I mean, they admit their crime.
Criminals love to brag.
See, they think we're, like, scheming and stuff.
They're the ones scheming.
Yeah, we're, like, on a rocket ship without a helmet or, like, a buckle or anything, just, like, grabbing it for dear life over here.
But a victory for us on January 6th would have been having that investigation, getting Congress... That was the goal, not having that fiasco.
And again, for us to be down there that day and kind of witness it as it was happening, but we tried to stop it.
It was too late.
We have all the footage.
I mean, really, it's a sick thing, actually.
They lie about you.
Again, like you were saying, to say...
Whatever lie they want, but then with the video evidence?
Like, when you have the exact video... Hang on, here's the video of Schroyer assaulting and breaking into the Capitol.
And then it's you standing behind me while I say, don't invade the Capitol.
And the caption says, Alex Jones tries to stop people entering Capitol.
And we have all the footage, obviously.
And we never had to break through any barriers, or there were never police trying to stop us.
We worked with the police, we tried to talk to the police, we tried to get the crowd to stop.
And all that raw footage is on InfoWars.com.
That's right, and I put up a video today, which is the body cam footage compilation, because yesterday we had launched a GoFundMe account.
Well that's a whole other story.
You get a law firm, you launch a deal.
We're not made out of money.
This is going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
They ban him on GoFundMe.
So you're not allowed to raise for your own defense, but the Vice President gave hundreds of thousands of dollars herself to anti-for-rioters that attacked federal buildings.
Yeah, which by the way, I mean, just if you wanted that juxtaposition, I sent the crew video, whether it's 2016 inauguration Trump protests, where they're burning and smashing and breaking and looting, and you had a couple hundred arrests that day, but not near as much as a, you know, two hour long out of control situation at the DC Capitol.
So here's the news.
You put out a GoFundMe and it raised $10,000 in like an hour.
They got pissed, banned it.
You've got a new place that says they won't ban us.
How do people go make a donation so you get a great defense?
And so InfoWars doesn't go bankrupt with more legal stuff.
We appreciate folks' support.
DefendOwen.com is the website.
Wow, $45,000 already raised!
Yeah, and that was after, actually, so yesterday it was up on GoFundMe for about five hours.
It got $23,000 and this is on a weekend.
And then today, I relaunched this this morning when GoFundMe said, nope, you're permanently, you're done.
You're not going to be able to raise funds with us.
That's when I launched the Give, Send, Go just as quickly as I could to try to get back on top of it.
And so, yeah, we're there.
And here's the thing, too.
We want to, we don't just want to take, because let me tell you, having Alex Jones go to bat for you is a big thing.
Having this audience go to bat for you is a good thing, but
We want to just have a massive victory here, and then we also want to think, hey, how do we take the legal system into our hands and say, wait a second, you're committing crimes.
You're lying about what's going on.
We're not litigious, but let's just say we are going to file suit on Levin and Post and others, because they say Owen led an attack on the Capitol and Owen supported the attack.
Let's be clear.
They just say that.
And that got picked up everywhere.
They just made that up.
And then what they'll do is what they always do, they like to do this to you, is they'll try to put clips together out of context and cut things up and edit them deceptively to try to make a case against me, because that's what these people do.
And so this is who I'm dealing with, folks.
We are going toe-to-toe with the deep state, as they say it.
And if you look at how liberals and Democrats and progressives are treated when they're in D.C.
and they get arrested and they have to deal with police, and then you look at how
Republicans, or conservatives, or Trump supporters, or Christians.
It's not even close.
Let's talk about this right now.
We were in the red most of this year, and my pillow came along, promo code Alex, 66% off up to that, and then that got us a little bit out of the
Out of the red, but we're still not doing great.
I want to expand.
I need more camera people.
I need more reporters.
We need money.
And so, yeah, I've had to defend so many lawsuits, so many criminal deals.
I paid a defendant stuff where he got arrested for a silent protest at the Capitol, where the left can like throw paint on people and do whatever.
So I'm not complaining.
I'm saying money gives us the war chest to fight.
So go to Infowarsstore.com and
Get VitaMineral Fusion for your immune system.
It's now back in stock.
33% off with all the vitamins, all the minerals, the amino acids.
It's back in stock.
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Oh yeah, we never do this, we need funding.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, again, very blessed to be here on all these radio stations and simulcast at band on video and free world news dot TV on Troyers.
We hosting from 6 to 8 p.m.
tonight with, of course, the vaunted Sunday Live, which only has six minutes of ads an hour.
Those ads are only for the local stations.
We skip all of our ads and only have network ads for folks on Sunday Live.
Something I'm planning to do.
I don't know.
Apple's announcement, they're going to read everything on your phone and scan it.
We already knew what's happening.
They're just now announcing it, saying they want to fight pedophilia while they're actually involved in death camps, suicide nets, forced abortions, pedophilia, you name it.
I'm going to tie that into the CIA.
I want to hit so much more.
And I'm not trying to go on some jag to attack Trump, because I've already been persecuted for supporting Trump.
And I think Trump means well overall and is a good guy.
But when it comes to
Him saying, okay, I want to restart the economy.
They say they got a vaccine that'll work.
I get he's not a scientist.
So we got lied to about that.
It wasn't really a vaccine.
It had problems.
We now know it's a scam.
But they're now admitting the Pfizer and Moderna are down to less than 40% efficacy, even with their fake numbers.
So they're saying booster shot.
So Trump comes out on Fox and Friends Thursday and says, I don't trust this booster shot.
The head of Pfizer, it'll make $10 billion.
Oh, they get that clip of the CEO of Pfizer ready saying he won't take the shot.
Play that in a minute.
What do you make of that?
And then him echoing Biden's statements that we've seen so many clubs have, saying, take the shot, you're protected from COVID.
No, you're not.
So to then hear Trump at that rally in Alabama, that for me is crossing the Rubicon.
That's a little too much.
Well, I think that at its very lowest, you know, the very lowest of an issue here is Trump is now doing political speak.
He's speaking like a politician.
He's either going along with the vaccine, at least rhetorically, to try to bury any negative headlines about vaccines and Trump or, you know, it's his fault that people don't get vaccinated and die or something like that.
Or he's wanting to cuddle up to the big pharmaceutical lobby for potential campaign donations or
I agree with you overall, but I think it's him being pig-headed and saying, I did it to reopen things, I'm the guy that launched the vaccine, you're not going to say it's bad, it did work.
I see it as pure pig-headedness.
And you know, if it's an ego thing like that and a stubbornness thing like that, maybe it's not so bad.
You could debate what would be worse, Trump turning into a politician or Trump just being too egotistical to admit that he'd been fooled on something.
I don't know.
So what does it do to him?
Because as you were saying during the break, 80% of his base doesn't like it.
Highly educated liberals don't like it.
The higher educated you are, the more you're against it.
Guys, cue that up again of Biden and then Trump.
Because I'm saying we're going to have a vote on Infowars either today or tomorrow for people.
What is Trump's new name?
Is it Tri-Biden?
Is it Brump?
Or Dump?
Or do you have a name?
If you combine Trump and Biden, is it Bi-Trumpin?
Or... I mean, what is it?
I don't know.
There's not really a good... Tra-Biden?
Well, I mean, at least he doesn't want to shut off our energy and do all that other stuff, so when you make the comparison.
But I, you know, I don't understand how Trump couldn't go into his rally knowing that 80% of the people probably at that rally don't like the vaccine, maybe 50%.
I don't know what number, but it's definitely 50%.
Oh, we're trying to save lives.
I'm trying to put pressure on him because I've been told by Tucker and others it's true.
Even Rogers used to say, hey, don't kiss Trump's ass in those conversations.
You know, push him around a little bit.
He should have made the brilliant move when it was presented to him when Biden and Kamala Harris start owning these vaccines after hating it, you know, when it was when he was the one that actually launched the whole thing.
They hated it then.
Then Biden takes office and it's the greatest thing ever.
They gave him a window of opportunity to step out of the pro-vaccine stance.
They literally opened the door and said, all right, we'll take the entire heat of these vaccines, killing people and giving people cancer and everything.
We'll take it all.
We'll own it.
All Trump had to do was let him do it and then kung fu him.
And he could have been like, yeah, you know what?
I was told this about the vaccine, but now they're making it mandatory and people getting sick.
But then he comes out and says, oh, I took it.
It was a bad move for the rally.
I don't understand why he even included it.
Well, we just put the poll live, it's already got a lot of votes.
It's on InfoWars.com, the front page.
What should the rhetorical merger of Trump and Biden be called?
True Biden?
Or Dump?
And even though dump's the joke, it has nothing to do with reality, the name of the combined, people think 60%, I'm gonna call the combination, of Trump becoming Biden a dump.
I think it's dump.
I think I agree with dump.
Because it is a dump.
It's a dump of communism.
It's a dump of America's energy.
It's a dump of our freedom.
Well, it's Trump going from a Trump to a dump.
Well, who knows?
I mean, he seems to appear he's going to be running in 2024.
He hasn't made an official announcement.
I don't think the Republican Party will scuttle him this time around like they did in 2016.
He'll be too powerful.
Look, I like Trump, and I want him to secure the borders.
The trade energy, I love all that, but, I mean, why lie and say, oh, it totally works?
It doesn't work!
It's a fraud, man!
And just admit they lied to you!
Blame Fauci and Gates!
Jesus, stop them!
He had the perfect opportunity to do it, too.
He had the perfect opportunity, and then he starts bragging about his vaccine, which who knows if he even got it.
And they just updated the VAERS numbers the other day, and you know, the number for dead from vaccines in the year 2021 just continues to shatter.
It's more than all the previous years.
We know a fraction get reported, Owen.
Yeah, and even that's a small percentage of the actual numbers.
I mean, conservatively, it's probably four times that.
I'd say, conservatively, maybe ten times.
Hey, let's shift gears, because I want to finish up.
On the other side, with what's happening in Afghanistan and the giant pedophile rings the CIA set up to control that country.
That's mainstream news.
Oh, just another giant underground pedophile ring around with the CIA.
Oh my gosh, we're proving wrong again.
And I want to hit some of the latest poll numbers on Biden with you.
But separately, you have a little tear in your eye.
You actually said, I got a tear in my eye.
You were on your phone reading comments on the donation page for folks supporting you.
And you got a report to jail tomorrow.
Pure defense.
They'll put you in jail for five years.
And you were just saying it brings tears to your eyes.
Well I can't really say thank you enough to the audience.
I can't say I love you enough.
I can't reach my arms out big enough to give you a hug.
And reading your comments, I mean honestly I wish, I mean obviously I hope for the best, but I wish I could just like print out all of the comments that you share when you make your donation.
I wish I could just print it out and just have that to read if I'm in a bad situation, you know, in the near future.
And I could just sit there and read that and just feel my soul.
Fill my heart.
Oh, I just love going and reading YouTube comments from Patreons.
My wife's like, what are you doing?
That's what I do.
And I'll go to other people's videos.
I don't care.
Or they're talking about freedom, and I just read for hours.
Like, these great people, man.
And I love clicking, like, oh, that's a black guy, that's a Hispanic, that's a white guy, that's an Asian, that's a guy in Eastern Europe, that's a guy in Africa.
And I just love these people, man.
I like look at them, and it brings us together, you know?
That's what it's all about.
I, and I believe, you know, you're the same way, Alex, probably this whole crew, everybody in this audience.
I love life!
I love what God has made for us, probably a little too much sometimes.
I mean, damn!
I mean, I just enjoy this planet and all the emotions and experiences that we can have together like we were meant to.
And I just see Satan just destroying all of it.
I see Satan deceiving humans.
Try to put us as prisoners and say, don't look at the sunset.
We'll put it back when we come back.
The government minister saying, don't look at the sunset!
Don't talk to your neighbor!
Don't even- what's next?
Don't even think about going outside!
Don't even think!
No, they said that!
Don't even think!
No, I have a clip saying, don't look at the sun!
Don't go outside!
So where does it go next?
Don't think!
Don't even think!
And by the way, if you don't look at the sun, if you don't go outside, you commit suicide.
They literally are a cult!
They're going to the maximum craziness!
I'm surprised they don't say, kill yourself so you don't spread COVID.
Well, that's coming next.
You know, they just shot a bunch of dogs in Australia to stop COVID from spreading.
You know, they didn't even have COVID.
Just shot the dogs.
Just shot them.
It's all about what can we do.
It was government safety dogs.
It was working dogs.
It really is like a class.
It's like a weird... It's a Milgram study, or a Stanford Prison Research Facility study, where they would see what you could be able to do.
But I think it's like American Psycho, but it's like American Psycho-Liberal.
But worldwide, it's like, see how far we can push humans, see how many people we can kill.
That's right, give them the URL real quick.
We are back live, and if you're a new listener, I've got clips so insane that I say I have these clips that I feel like a liar even though I have the clips.
I mean, I've been watching Australian TV, I've been watching Spanish TV, French TV, UK TV, and I got Paul Watson works with us over in the UK.
He tells me it's worse than you see on TV.
I mean, we're talking, they'll run women over with horses if they try to go outside or whatever, not wear a mask.
I mean, you've seen the footage.
It's just road warrior level.
This isn't some horror movie.
This isn't some dystopic movie.
This is happening.
This isn't Songbird, the movie they put out six months ago about an endless lockdown.
This is really going on.
So, when I say I have all this footage, we've got footage of people in
The UK, people in Germany, government ministers, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which shows it's all unified propaganda, saying, do not talk to your neighbor even over the fence.
Do not look at people in the eye.
And now they've got billboards up in the UK and Australia saying don't look at people in the eye.
That is just pure crazy leftist behavioral psychology to see what you'll put up with.
Because they don't want you talking because you'll realize it's all a fraud.
Not even 10 deaths this year in Australia from COVID.
All just a giant insane exercise.
What's coming?
Is an asteroid hitting the world?
What's going on?
And then the U.N.
admits, oh, Australia is the model for the rest of the world building its emergency camps, where they're now saying the unvaccinated will be forced into them.
And they're planning that in the future here.
Because they're going to have so many deaths from the variants, from the vaccines, that they're going to say it's the unvaccinated that are going to cause the mass death.
We didn't have a bunch of extra deaths last year.
Same number of deaths last year as we had the previous year.
First time in many years that the numbers stayed the same year to year, because the population is increasing because of immigration, migration, invasion.
But this year, I told you two, three months ago, I said, the real illness is here.
It's exploding.
People are really sick, whatever it is.
And now you see the graphs.
I'm correct.
I don't need graphs.
I talk to people.
I see things.
So this is all a giant globalist exercise of power.
And next hour, I'm going to co-host for 20 minutes or so, the next hour with Owen, and then he takes over.
I'm going to read you some of Klaus Schwab's admissions about how he's doing this.
Now it's all an exercise of power to quote end
The power of the people.
I'm going to show you from Wikipedia and then links to his own statements where he says his job is making sure you have no power.
Then he says, you'll have nothing and you'll own nothing.
We have his official videos he put out saying that.
People go, what?
You will not ever have meat again.
You won't be able to have children.
He's gaslighting you.
It's good.
And his minions now are saying, don't look at the sun.
Because they've had people they catch out in their backyard.
They go, oh, you're not allowed to have sun.
Go in your house.
It's always more, more.
You're like, I mean, Jim Jones wasn't this bad.
So, play the clip of the Australian Health Minister saying, don't look at the sun, and then we've got, also in Australia, the National Government saying, do not talk to your neighbours.
The National Health Minister.
And I had a whole bunch of people down the Ryback Beach last night who thought the best thing to do is to go and watch the sunset.
I'm sure it was a beautiful sunset.
But that's not in the spirit or in the letter of these rules.
Whilst it is in human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately this is not the time to do that.
So even if you run into your next-door neighbour in the shopping centre, in the Coles, whilst you're at Coles or Woolworths or Aldi or any other grocery shop, don't start up a conversation.
Now is the time for minimising your interactions with others.
Even if you've got a mask,
Do not think that affords total protection.
We want to be absolutely sure that as we go about our daily lives, we do not come into contact with anyone else that would pose a risk.
Meanwhile, they've got articles in Australia confirming thousand percent more people committed suicide than have died of COVID, conservatively.
Local and do not congregate.
Don't talk to your neighbors.
Please keep to your bubbles.
It comes down again to those very simple principles.
We know from overseas cases of the Delta variant.
This is the cult leader globalist that runs New Zealand who lets a special blue pass they also have in Fiji where the elites can fly on private jets no one checks them no one questions they all know it's a fraud the airports are closed no one can come in and out of Australia or New Zealand but if you're part of the special secret blue lane pass
That almost no one knows about.
You fly in, no one's there, no one questions, no guards check you, you drive around in your limo and everyone bows to you.
So, think of the level of that.
Here is the Prime Minister of New Zealand, again, as a total cult leader.
Stay in your bubbles where big tech and the globalists can program you and prepare you for what's next.
Signing you up for the digital IDs, injecting you with the steroids.
Here it is.
Stay local and do not congregate.
Don't talk to your neighbours.
Please keep to your bubbles.
It comes down again to those very simple principles.
We know from overseas cases of the Delta variant that it can be spread by people simply walking past one another.
So keep those movements outside to the bare minimum, wear a mask and make sure you keep up that physical distancing.
What a cult of sickos.
I mean, Owen, it's in operation lockstep.
They said corporations should use the fear of a virus and the fear with masks and all this to bring in fear and bring in a global ID and then Schwab brags, I'll show it next hour, and admits it's all just a pretext.
He says this is a pretext to get what I want.
Tell me you're Satan without telling me you're Satan.
Why do you think he brags about it so much?
Why does he say that?
Don't watch the sunset.
You can go to the World Economic Zone page, Alex.
They brag.
They say you're not going to own anything.
You won't own any property.
You won't eat meat.
You'll live in a little pod.
You know, you'll get your little tiny amount of energy every day.
Your little calorie bar every day.
And maybe you'll get a little light.
Maybe you'll get a little electricity.
Or maybe some Netflix.
And you sign on and sterilize your children.
And so the whole point is to collapse the world down into a prison state and then say, oh, we're going to free you, but you just have to live in our stuff because we now own everything.
And it came out that the top financial advisor at BlackRock,
Is actually a Chinese woman and she is now encouraging BlackRock to divest all of its financial holdings into China as they're buying up all the property here in America.
So now that the Democrats have made it so that you don't even have to pay rent, all the landlords are going out of business.
So now it's not just BlackRock buying up all these major neighborhoods and suburban areas and just any house they can pick up off the market.
Oh, now they're going to get the apartment complexes and condominium complexes and now they're going to own everything.
And everybody sits there, oh I get Netflix, oh I got this free for a few more months, when in the future there'll be no job, nothing, and China owns it all.
And that is the entire purpose of why Klaus Schwab, I guess, is the spokesman.
Because, you know, they gotta have a nice guy who's bald, and he can speak English to tell the good Americans that you will be slaves, but you will like it.
Remember four years ago, when Trump was in for about six months, they had the Davos Group, and there was that headline in the Washington Post, everywhere, and they said,
That's a great point.
Xi Jinping will defeat Trump with the Davos Group, and it was like Klaus Schwab saying, we will defeat Trump in America.
We will use economic power, they will see.
And other surprises.
And then even Fauci said the next month, oh, we've got a novel virus for Trump, he's done.
I mean, this, they even, that's the thing, we live this, Owen and I, we're here all the time.
We watch these enemies, we study them.
And they're just out in the open.
What's crazy is, Owen, I don't know when you get out of jail.
You deliver yourself to the federal courthouse in downtown Austin tomorrow morning, and just disappear into some black hole, and then you're like, well, America's still America.
The arrest warrant says you attacked and entered the Capitol when you didn't.
I mean, it's like, like, like, like, it's just, it's frightening how criminal the system is.
When an innocent man, you know, when an innocent man is persecuted and goes to jail, justice suffers.
And that's what's going on in this country right now.
Well, it's better that a thousand guilty men go free than one innocent man go to jail.
But I mean, again, why would they put in the exhibits video of you doing nothing outside, trying to stop, saying don't go into the building?
How would they use that as evidence you assaulted the building?
I don't even get it.
I mean, they put a red circle over my head, so maybe that's it.
Oh, there's a red circle over his head.
It's red, too, so that must be bad because it's red, and so there he is.
Yeah, guys, get that ready next hour.
If you guys, you send me the link, which article has the actual link to the indictment.
I know that BuzzFeed 1 does.
Yeah, the BuzzFeed right up front says, read the criminal complaint, read the deal.
And it actually shows screenshots, and then it says, look at the video.
In the video, and the video's captured, Jones tries to stop people entering the building, and he goes, look, Owen's with him!
He goes, look, he attacked the Capitol!
Yeah, there's the article.
Now scroll down.
It's one of the first links, guys, in the article, is to the complaint.
Right there, see?
Second paragraph, new complaint.
Pretty please, sugar on top, triple cupcakes.
When we come back, we'll show you this next hour.
There you go.
But first, I gotta hit the CIA running giant pedophile rings.
It's all mainstream news.
With the German government, thousands of children being gang raped.
It's all mainstream news.
They don't want you to hear this stuff.
It's insane.
And meanwhile, Apple says it's gonna scan everything on your phone and watch you for pedophilia.
Everybody knows Apple's run by a bunch of pedophile devil worshippers.
Hell, the former Steve Jobs is
So for a lot of years, like I could not take your company seriously.
I never bought the product.
Finally, one day I tried it out.
I've been taking supplements for over 20 years, and I'm telling you, you guys have the best supplements.
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You guys are doing really good.
Tell the whole crew, you've got an awesome production that you're doing that rivals any
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I mean, you guys are doing really good and I want you to know that.
I appreciate that, Aaron.
What are your products?
What do you like?
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Do it.
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