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Air Date: Aug. 22, 2021
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In this passage from Alex Jones' radio show, he discusses various topics related to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, globalism, landlords going out of business due to changes in policies by the Democrats, corporations like BlackRock buying up neighborhoods and suburban areas, influence of Netflix, China, World Economic Forum, arrest warrant against Owen Shroyer, child trafficking and pedophile rings run by the CIA, and promotion of Kava Kava Root Supplement.

InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
None of this means the DOJ is going to stop prosecuting political dissidents, however.
They're full speed ahead on that.
Just today, the DOJ, the Biden administration, announced it's charging a host at InfoWars, a man called Owen Schroer, with several federal crimes, including, quote, entering a restricted area on January 6th.
What did Owen Shroyer do?
Well, that sounds bad.
He didn't go inside the Capitol building on January 6th.
He stood on the Capitol steps with hundreds of other people.
He didn't even loot Macy's.
Like Black Lives Matter.
He just stood there on the Capitol steps, a building he thought he owned as an American citizen.
What's going on here exactly?
Well, Owen Shroyer's real crime appeared to have occurred in December of 2019, when he shouted mean things to Jerry Nadler during a congressional hearing.
The DOJ accused him of disorderly conduct and told him never to go near the Capitol again.
You don't want to hurt Jerry Nadler's feelings.
He disobeyed.
Now he's going to jail on Monday.
Are you cool with this Dick Cheney's daughter?
Is that all right with you?
Is this the country you want to live in?
How about that Adam Kinzinger?
Is this the democracy you fought for?
Good evening.
Thank you for joining us on this emergency Saturday transmission.
I've been on air 27 years.
And if you go back a decade ago, I might have done one emergency broadcast a year.
And then the last few years, I started doing emergency broadcasts every few months.
Now we're doing them almost every day.
And that's because our world is in crisis.
You don't need me to tell you that.
And everything I'm about to lay out here is documented and is incredibly illegal and unbelievably dangerous.
And so we're about to lay it out.
Right now.
And this is only a small portion of what's going on.
But in the interest of really drilling down into all of it and fleshing it out, we're going to just cover four different topics here in this important news briefing.
And then we've got two big exclusive interviews with Dr. Francis Boyle, top lawyer, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, the man that first exposed the Wuhan lab.
There's been vindicated and proven completely right.
A hero.
The guy that stopped experimental shots two separate times at the Pentagon.
They were giving our troops deadly anthrax shots.
He's going to join us and lay out the Nuremberg Code violations that are taking place with this forced vaccine rollout and how to counter it legally.
So this is important for our military, for our police, for our citizens, for everybody, because it's the first responders that are being targeted first, so they'll then
Be happy to target us.
So we've got to stand with that front line as best we can.
Speaking of standing with that front line, when someone working for the federal government or state government or local government follows the Constitution and does a good job, they're our brethren and we should defend them when Black Lives Matter and others try to defund them.
But we have to also be honest with ourselves about the fact that at the federal level, most of the major institutions have been seized
By a multinational criminal cabal, the Globalist, the Davos Group UN system that the Rockefellers set up.
And that's our first big piece of news here tonight before I get to all the other news.
And that's Owen Schroer.
Owen Schroer is a good friend of mine.
He's been here five years now or more.
He of course was given the horrible news just yesterday that they have an arrest warrant out for him for attacking and breaching the Capitol and a bunch of other garbage on January 6th.
And what's incredible about this, and we're going to be putting reports out that document all that, we're going to play some of that evidence here in a moment, is that in their very filing they lie throughout it and even source videos
From the person's desk right next to you.
I mean, why would they lie like this and then put exhibits that just on their face show that they're lying?
So this is really criminal activity and I don't have some pointless hard-on for the FBI to just run them down.
I want to live in a good free country.
I am really freaked out by this.
So he's supposed to report to jail on Monday.
They're trying to put him in prison for more than five years.
And again, they say he attacked and physically breached the Capitol.
Didn't go in the Capitol.
They then just tell a whole bunch of other really bizarre lies, like he didn't finish his community service for when he was at a demonstration years ago and protesting, he got arrested peacefully protesting.
He completed his community hours.
That's all done.
That was discharged.
So that's what I'm saying is the whole thing is a lie and it's shocking and they source as the proof of him attacking and going in the building footage of him with me when we show up in the middle of it and try to turn the crowds back so they don't go in and don't get set up and so there's not a new Kent State.
Now you're about to see body cam footage from just a few minutes after I got up on a pile of chairs on the lawn of the Capitol and tried to get some of the crowd going in the building to turn back and not go in because they didn't know.
They hadn't seen people up front breaching.
We're being told that the police had opened up the Capitol and to go in.
So I was trying to stop them.
We then went around the other side of the Capitol to try to stop things.
And I talked to the police on body cam footage and said, get on your loudspeakers that you have set up.
Tell people to leave the building.
Let me get on the loudspeakers.
And they said, no.
But then they said, but you can go up and use your voice to try to get people to come back down off of the Capitol steps.
And so Owen, who works for me, who's a journalist and a reporter,
With my security team and other reporters went up to the top.
It was so loud, so much music, so many bullhorns.
Most people couldn't hear us, but we did get several thousand people to actually leave and to not go into the Capitol.
And that was our job.
And all those people that heard us, I've gotten so many compliments and so many thank yous from their families and them saying, Alex, we didn't know we were going to go in and they would have been charged and put in solitary confinement as well.
So now here's Owen Schroer.
being charged has to turn himself in on Monday for assaulting the Capitol when in their own exhibit they say he's with Alex Jones trying to stop people going in and then we have the body cam footage of the police saying you can go up there and use your voice to try to get people to come down.
I even got permission and they know this and they purposely misrepresented to the judge and the court and I am just shocked
by this level of criminal activity.
For a long time I thought it was just ineptitude or something by the FBI, but not anymore, man.
These are SJW liberal lawyers now at the Justice Department, and they would indict Mother Teresa, ladies and gentlemen, for saving a starving child.
I mean, I'm just flabbergasted that America is this bankrupt of a country morally.
We need to not have the confrontation with the police.
We're going to make that the story.
I'm going to march to the other side where we have a stage where we can speak and occupy peacefully.
Tell everybody behind you, march to the other side!
March to the other side!
You guys have done it!
You guys are great!
But the police provocateurs have caused a problem, and the police are throwing first things.
We don't want to have a Kent State here!
Tell people behind you, come off the stage!
We're not stealing the stage like the Democrats did!
You've done a great job!
Come down off of there!
Let's peacefully go over here!
Let everyone know!
Do not be part of this!
Tell everybody to come down to this side!
Provocateurs are setting us up!
Let's talk to them and see if we can get you on the platform.
And de-escalate it.
Hey guys, let's take a break right here.
Let me talk to this cop and see if I can get Alex up there and de-escalate the situation.
Bubble up, take a pause.
No hand, nothing.
I'm with Alex Jones, man.
I'm telling you right now, he just tried to de-escalate this stuff.
If we can talk to someone and get him up there, we can get them to back off.
Take him to the East Front.
The East Front's the problem now.
This is the problem?
The East Front is the problem now.
Okay, so we need to get him up there to tell people to... The East Front's the problem now.
Is there a way that we can get him to a position?
Through the hole you guys breached right there.
We didn't breach anything.
Well, the whole group did it with you guys.
We just showed up.
We just tried to come down here.
We're trying to help.
Up through there.
All they are up there, take them up there.
Alright, let's go.
Alright, so we need somebody to run and coordinate that wrecking if that's where we're going.
I think we go talk to them and get him on these steps if we can.
You never know that.
They're not going to let us.
You don't know that.
There's a problem that they can't handle.
One DC cop just went down.
One DC cop, they just had to carry him off, walk him off.
That's not good.
Alright, hold on.
Let's go over here and regroup, Tim.
I want to talk to them.
Be careful.
I want to talk to them and see if we can get you on these steps.
Alright, whatever.
Hold tight.
I believe there's a problem out there.
I don't know.
There may be a fight going on over there.
There's some shit.
Tim, I'm going to talk to him real quick.
Can I talk to you?
I'm with Alex Jones, man.
He's a big, big, like, populist movement guy.
He will de-escalate this situation, but we gotta put him somewhere to speak to them.
We just did it on that side to pull people off the scaffolds.
If not, the mob's the mob.
But I'm telling you, this entire crowd will listen to him.
It's a fact.
So where can we take him and talk to the people so that this doesn't turn into something it doesn't need to be?
Who can we coordinate with?
We got tons of law enforcement with us.
Is there somebody you can speak to?
I get it.
And we're trying to help, dude.
And I'm telling you, you will see a miracle happen if it happens.
That guy right there with the vest?
I'm in front of the police.
I'm not authorized to do that.
I'm not authorized to do that.
I'm not authorized to do that.
I'm not authorized to do that.
See what you can do.
I promise you he can make it happen.
We don't want to be rebellious.
He can fix this.
He can de-escalate the whole thing.
I'm telling you.
I would try it for 30 seconds and you'll see.
If not, we'll bounce.
I'm telling you it'll work, dude.
We're on your side.
He can move this whole populace.
They all follow him.
We do.
We do.
I just want to put him in a place where they'll hear him and see him, and he'll tell everyone, we're not here to be violent.
You're letting the provocateurs turn this into some shit it don't need to be.
And it's only going to get worse.
We all know that.
We're all on the same team.
So you've got to diffuse it before the other 100,000 people make it here.
Nah, it's not good, dude.
It's not good.
It's fucked.
It's fucked.
No way.
No fucking way.
No way.
I'm telling you, man, we can stop this shit right now, dude.
It's not gonna be good.
I know, I know.
He was talking to his hires to try to get him up here.
Well, they're gonna go to jail.
Alright, man.
Slow and steady, dude!
We can get you a couple steps up if you need to.
Let's see what happens.
They're telling him to hold the line.
Right here.
Guys, I don't know who's in charge.
We tried to get him to call.
If we can get Alex up there, we can de-escalate this whole thing.
They all follow him.
It'll all turn peaceful.
He just has to speak.
I'm telling you, dude.
We're all on the same team.
This shit is not going to be good.
But I don't want to break the law.
I'm on your team.
That doesn't make it okay!
We got all retired special ops guys, law enforcement.
We're not trying to be wrong.
So, who do we talk to to make this happen the right way?
I think it was too late.
I think they're going to take it down.
Well, we could de-escalate things.
They don't have enough numbers to do that.
I'm going to tell you right now.
Yeah, I hear you.
I hear you.
It's not going to be good, dude.
It's not going to be good.
Do what?
What's up?
What we don't want is it spun.
Alex Jones takes Capitol flooding grounds!
That's not good, dude.
I could probably get those people off there before they storm the whole Capitol.
I'd already talked to one.
He was talking to somebody, but... Just get him up there?
Just get him up there?
Just do it?
But we know we might catch a bang or two.
How big is the stage?
So let that sink in that in America we have massive persecution and literal prosecution of innocent journalists and the FBI uses
As the evidence of the fact that they need to go to jail, footage of them trying to stop the commission of a crime.
I mean, is this really what we have become?
Is this really what we...
Have turned into?
Now I just showed you a short clip of Tucker Carlson from Friday night.
The whole show was extremely powerful and he nailed it with the documents and the proof that Biden and Pelosi are suppressing those thousands of hours of footage and the witnesses and the federal documents that have come out showing that the FBI had provocateurs inside that actually did lead the original group that actually helped break in so that then the hundreds of thousands of people outside
We're good.
They're announcing that the new main threat is Trump supporters and people that question elections or lockdowns, and they're rolling it all out based on the January 6th lie.
And Owen Schroer is a witness to this.
He's on weekdays, 3 p.m., reaches millions of people.
And if they can target a journalist like him and punish someone who heroically went and tried to stop that disaster that the FBI clearly greased the skids for, just like they did in the kidnapping plot,
I think?
We all have our free speech in this country, and the press needs to be protected.
And speech needs to be protected, because if you don't have speech, you live in a tyranny.
And let's just face it, we are now living in a very serious tyranny.
Owen's fight is all of our fight.
InfoWars' fight is your fight, and it's my fight.
We are in this together, and InfoWars is maxed out on our spending in the fight against the globalists.
That's why when you buy the products at InfoWarsStore.com, the books, the films, the t-shirts, all of it, it makes all this possible.
But that's also why we're a target, because we are effective exposing the globalist agenda.
And the globalists are starting to fail, not just here, but around the world.
So we need to raise a lot of money to get a top-flight lawyer for Owen Schroer.
We also need to file some defamation suits.
We're finally going to have to do it, because the mainstream media is saying
He led the attack and did break in and praised people that broke in.
I mean, this is open and shut defamation.
And at a certain point, we have to start fighting back, and that's going to cost money as well.
That's what Owen set up himself with his lawyer, criminal lawyer, Norm Pattis.
And if you go to DefendOwen.com and make a $5, $100, $20 donation, it doesn't matter, it will go towards fighting the globalists and letting them know we're not going to roll over to this type of out-of-control tyranny.
Now again, coming up in just a few minutes, we're going to interview Dr. Francis Boyle, and then we're going to be interviewing Owen Schroyer in the other studio as well.
He'll exclusively break down what really happened and where he's planning to go from here.
So that is all coming up.
But right now,
Before we get into the incredible information coming out on these so-called vaccines from even major governments admitting that they're killing record numbers of people, before we do that, let's look at these articles because this goes to the psychology and the motive of this soulless ruling class that are running things that have set the precedent to get away with whatever they want, whenever they want.
Now, you notice that
The media makes jokes about pedophilia and basically says it doesn't exist.
While mainstream news and children's programs sexualize children, and while we see record numbers of busts around the world, not just here, of elites and Hollywood scum and others trafficking in children, and the Clintons have been caught smuggling children out of Haiti, and so has the UN.
The list goes on and on.
But now it's finally all over the news, even in the New York Times.
The CIA, starting around the time that Obama got into office, began, wait for this, to supply little boys to the Afghan warlords, because that's part of the culture in Afghanistan, is pedophilia.
Different institutions like the Catholic Church, like Penn State, the list goes on and on.
It is pedophilia that binds these people together in their corruption.
And look at this report.
CIA officers tipped Afghan warlords dependent on the agency by giving them Viagra to rape young boys.
That's an interesting headline, but that to me is a sub angle of this.
In the government reports, this is now confirmed.
They're not denying it.
They chose to place pedophiles in charge and told tribal councils that they wanted pedophiles in charge and they would even supply them with the boys, not the Viagra.
You've got to go see this for yourself.
In 2015 in Afghanistan, soldiers and marines were troubled that instead of weeding out pedophiles, the American military was arming them and in some cases placing them with the commanders of villages.
That's the New York Times.
So, remember that that's what they admit they're doing, and ask yourselves, do these people have any soul at all?
And the answer is, yes, they have a soul of evil.
The people running the CIA now, probably always was this way, but the ones at the top, and the ones doing this, are absolutely corrupt, and are using the abuse of children, and using this psychic vampire behavior
To basically create a network of pedophiles that they control.
And it's the ultimate sin.
And I told you this decades ago, and now it's out in the open.
Just like it came out in Germany last year, and it was finally in New Yorker Magazine of all places last month, that 30 plus thousand children in just one city, it turned out it was all over Germany, after the US took over Germany, after World War II, sent in psychologists and psychiatrists
Who said pedophilia is good for children and gave tens of thousands of children as young as three years old to convicted pedophiles and they said we're creating a new form of love, Nambla, and that this is the new family.
They would then hire the children out once they were trained
About six, seven, eight, nine, ten years of age to go to satanic rituals and orgies inside major churches and other facilities.
And this is how they blackmailed and got control.
So when you wonder why these politicians look so evil, when you wonder why they look so satanic and fake, why they're into such weird stuff, because many of the top politicians you see, particularly Democrats, major governors of West Coast states, are heavily into this.
And the type of stuff that Ed Buck was doing,
Murdering black men in satanic rituals and then calling it drug overdoses is just the tip of the iceberg.
So there you have it.
Ladies and gentlemen, go research it and look at it for yourself and then you'll understand why the FBI is so satanic now and that they would invert reality.
And that they would then say that we attacked the Capitol when we tried to stop it, and even use our own video that shows we tried to stop it, and tell a judge that we did the opposite on the video, as if the judge is too dumb to even look at it.
But I guess that means they've got these judges in their pockets.
I mean, why even put out fake evidence then?
It's just crazy, like, why would you put pedophiles in charge?
Why would you rape little kids?
Why would you cover it up?
And I'm not saying the FBI is as bad as the CIA when it comes to this, but this group is taking over.
This group is kicking the good people out of every system in America and every culture around the world and putting their evil people in.
Now, let's tie this into big tech, because you've seen some of the lawsuits now dealing with Twitter, knowingly let pedophilia and exploitation of children
I don't
Access into your text messages into your photos into everything without a warrant Reviewing and tracking everything you do that's that's pre-crime.
That's the essence of tyranny and of course Apple is doing this in the name of stopping and fighting pedophilia and Bill Maher had an excellent angle on just how asinine this is
And finally, new rule, Apple needs to think different about our privacy.
Apple, the company that made it possible for men to show their women their dicks from thousands of miles away, is releasing an update that will allow them to hack into your phone without your consent to snoop through all your pictures just in case you're a pedophile.
Or as Matt Gaetz put it, I'm switching to Samsung.
Now, let me be clear.
I'm against pedophilia.
That's why I joined QAnon.
But nosing through everybody's private photo stash is casting an awfully wide intrusive net.
It's like if the company that sold you a safe said, oh, and we're going to stop by sometimes when you're not home to make sure you're not keeping naked pictures of kids in it.
Our phones should be like our wallets or purses.
Again, that is such a great analogy.
But the truth is it is a globalist window or a tentacle into our lives, into our homes, and it's run by ruthless evil predatory groups like Tim Cook and Apple that run giant slave camps in China, the worst in the world, and put up suicide nets around their factories and have forced abortions and have their components made with millions of people in death camps like the Uyghurs.
Oh, but if you try to break into Tim Cook's house and surveil him, you get life in prison.
But when he tells you, hey, I'm going to scan your photos and I'm going to read what you're writing and I'm going to listen to you, it's just one more level of Orwellian control that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.
So the German government in every major city in Germany for decades placed
Tens of thousands of children per town and city with convicted child rapists to raise them into the pedophilia lifestyle and to use them to procure other children.
And the CIA is doing the same thing, not just in Afghanistan, but around the world.
It did similar things in its MK Naomi and MK Ultra projects that have been partially declassified.
This is nothing but an excuse for evil satanic groups to operate under the cover of national security.
The CIA should be abolished and the National Security Act of 1947 should be abolished and it's these groups that should be brought out into the light of day with a spotlight of investigation a hundred times stronger than what we saw with Senator Frank Church's committee.
It is this shadow government, it is this bureaucracy that interfaces with the corporations of the world that has become a breakaway civilization.
And it's above the law and it's now telling us under the Great Reset we're not essential.
They're going to lock us in our houses and make us communicate with each other via virtual reality while they starve the third world to death and bring us forced inoculations.
You see, the tyranny isn't coming.
The tyranny's here and it's only going to get worse until we start saying no to these people.
And at the rock bottom of this is the abuse of children and innocents.
That's what the Satanists want.
In every wives tale, in every culture, they warn about it.
And in reality, it's there.
And now it's out in the open and the mask is off because we haven't stood up to it.
They think it's their right to come after us.
I had a very prominent doctor who's an acidic Jew on my show yesterday.
And he has treated over 40,000 patients and saved them all when he's been able to get access to them.
He saw many of his patients taken forcibly and put in quarantine and then
Intubated and killed and he said this is this is a genocide that is taking place and that it is a cultic and that it is pagan and that that's basically who Klaus Schwab is and he's a renowned medical doctor and he studied the history and he understands it and he basically talked about how this is modern child sacrifice now that they're coming at our children with these experimental shots that have already killed so many people.
It's one thing to pressure and push adults into doing something
That still violates the Nuremberg Code.
But what they're doing is so much even more intense.
So here's a couple big articles.
Here's one out of RT quoting the London Spectator magazine.
Off the UK government's own reporting system, 30,000 plus women are having horrible menstrual cycles, sloughing, all sorts of bleeding.
They basically can't have children right now because their uteruses are in total turmoil and basically they're having their periods around the clock so they can't get pregnant.
Surprise, surprise.
A lot of top scientists warned that looking at these vaccines when they first came out,
So far so good.
And I want to thank Dr. Boyle for coming on, and I also want to thank Owen for coming on the air and talking to us.
Again, we taped it earlier.
You're about to see it.
It was in the other studio.
But understand this.
We can beat these globalists.
We have responsibility to and we also just from a pragmatic perspective need to because going along with the system up until now has gotten a lot of people ahead.
But now that we're going into the real collapse cycle of tyranny going along with it will get you basically destroyed and and they are purposely collapsing civilization with a great reset right now.
They are creating a very dystopian system that they sell us as necessary to save the earth.
And if we don't say no to this and if we don't start not complying, all the incredible oppression and tyranny and contact tracers and emergency FEMA centers being built and drag queen story time and all the racial division and all the devaluation of the currencies and the open borders and the diseases and all of it is just the tip of the iceberg.
It is their plan by the year 2030
We're good.
And they had this plan set for further out in the future, but because of nationalism and populism, and their agenda not going well, and because of the shadow government being exposed, they are now trying to accelerate this plan.
Not out of strength, but out of weakness.
So, we're going to have a better world by fighting back.
We're going to have a better world by saying no.
We're going to have a better world by not being intimidated and not submitting.
The reason the FBI is openly doing corrupt things right now is to intimidate everybody.
They want to be the bad guys.
They want you to be scared of them.
They want you to be horrified and hide under the table, basically.
But if we do that, we then sign on the CIA, run by all these pedophiles and all these globalist organizations.
I don't
It's contagious, it's unstoppable, but somebody's got to carry the truth.
Somebody's got to get that truth out to people.
So, if you choose to take action, share this information, tell others to share it, and tell them to tell others to share it, and that creates the chain reaction.
Again, thank you so much for watching.
Now, please start sharing this critical report.
And thank you for joining us on this very important Emergency Saturday Bulletin.
I have gotten hundreds of calls on air in the last few months and massive emails.
People on the street have said that Dr. Francis Boyle, can you please get him back on about the Nuremberg Code, about trying to make the military take experimental shots?
What is the military's rights?
How does the military challenge unlawful orders?
How do you exercise the
Law, what do we do?
And so he's the author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Treaty.
He contributed to the World Treaties.
He's been a big UN head prosecutor that prosecuted Slobodan Milošević and others.
So he's a lawyer's lawyer on this with multiple degrees from Harvard, you name it, to be able to lay all this out.
And so I'm going to try to shut up here on the Saturday show and give him the floor to just walk through
The Nuremberg Code, what's going on with these shots, but also, I know that Dr. Boyle doesn't like to digress, but for folks that didn't see the dozen or so interviews he did in the last 18 months here, he predicted everything that would happen.
They'd come out with a vaccine that wouldn't work.
They'd have, quote, booster shots that didn't work.
He predicted it would cause everything that we've seen so far.
So, wow, wherever he wants to begin, it's great to have him here, and we really, really appreciate his time.
Dr. Boyle, thank you.
Well, thank you very much for having me on, Alex, and my best to your viewing audience.
You just heard my preface, but you're the expert here.
Where should we start with this fiasco that you predicted?
Alex, right now, I want to sketch out a strategy for resistance that all of your viewers can undertake if they want to, a resistance to this
All right.
Is that the Biden administration is working in cahoots with Fauci and all the rest of them, imposing these Franken shots on the American people.
And you can just see the deaths and disabilities rising up.
So I want to point out then that there is a way we can fight back.
And the way we can fight back is the beauty of the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution that says, the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.
Um, so I don't think we're going to get anywhere or much help from the federal government because the federal government is after us on the Franken shots.
What I'm suggesting here then is that we exercise our rights under the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
And try to get Fauci, Collins, Barrack, the Bat Queen, Menachery, and everyone else involved in this indicted for murder and conspiracy to commit murder at the state and local levels of the United States government.
Likewise, I will go through a strategy here that the exact same thing be done over the Frankenschutz.
So let me explain the first strategy to try to get Fauci, Collins, Menachery, the Bat Queen, and Barrick indicted, and also Daszak.
Indicted for murder and conspiracy to commit murder over the COVID-19 pandemic.
Now, I was originally hired here to teach criminal law and I taught it for seven or eight years before I moved over to teach international human rights law.
But I still do criminal cases, both prosecution and defense on matters of principle.
Murder is defined at common law.
And here I can't speak for all 50 states of the union, but we are a national law school here and we train lawyers to practice law all over the country.
So what I am doing here is explaining to you general principles of criminal law that apply in all 50 states of the union.
And here again, we have to focus on the state and local level because the federal government, the Department of Justice is now all working in cahoots with Biden and Fauci and Collins and the rest of these people.
So at common law, the common law of most states of the union,
Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought.
Okay, so let's go through those elements on the pandemic first.
On the unlawful killing of a human being,
We have a violation of my Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989.
That is a federal crime punishable by life imprisonment.
So we have that element established.
Killing of a human being.
Yes, large numbers of people here in America have been killed by the coronavirus pandemic.
The probable estimate is well over now a million people, a million Americans in excess debts.
All right.
Then we come malice of forethought.
Malice of forethought is a legal term of art.
And I'm not going to spend a lot of time here, you know, lecturing you and your audience.
On all the elements of malice of forethought, that would take me four or five days.
But my plan to come down on your house at 2am and hope to burn you and your family out, does it mean premeditated plan to hurt somebody?
I'm going to get into that and let me explain it here.
There are different types, but in this case, with respect to the pandemic, one element of malice of forethought
a contract article that we went through before.
SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronavirus pose threat for human emergence.
We went through that.
It is clear that Fauci, Menachery, the Bat Queen, Barak, Daszak, Collins,
They were manifesting grave indifference to human life.
Indeed, they had been told and they knew that this was extremely dangerous and hazardous.
There is no question at all about it.
Indeed, that is why the Obama administration put a pause letter on this very dangerous, existentially dangerous type of gain of function work.
Whereupon Fauci and Collins then tried to whitewash it through Menachery by running it through the Wuhan BSL-4.
So they knew
That they were manifesting a grave indifference to human life.
So, yes, we have the elements for murder there.
The unlawful killing of human beings manifesting, with malice aforethought, a grave indifference to human life.
And that is clear.
Again, that would be the case for Menachery and Barrick and their team.
Everyone signed on to that article we discussed before, SARS-like cluster.
And by the way, I'm glad you raised that, but just interject here.
You're going back to the last few exchanges.
That's exactly correct, Alex.
That is correct.
So all of them, on the basis of just this article, and the history of it and rate is in there, in my opinion, could be indicted for murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
Now, this is not going to happen by the federal government because the feds are all in on this with Biden and he controls the Department of Justice.
So what do you have to do?
Well, if you have lost a loved one as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, you have to go to your local state's attorney, district attorney, county prosecutor, or attorney general and demand that they convene a grand jury and present this evidence before a grand jury.
And seek an indictment for murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
Now, these local officials are accountable to you.
They are elected by the people of the community and they are paid for by the people of the community and they can be reelected or diselected by the people of the community.
And so they are going to listen to you.
So my advice here is that everyone in this country, in the United States of America, who has lost a loved one, a million of them, as a result of this pandemic, go in personally to their state's attorney, district attorney, county prosecutor, attorney general,
Bring in that article and all the other evidence that has accumulated in the public record.
And demand that those local prosecutors convene a grand jury and present the case to a grand jury for indictments for murder and conspiracy to commit murder against Menachery, Barrick, the Bat Queen, Fauci, Daszak,
And Collins and everyone else that was involved in that project at the UNC BSL-3.
Uh, this can be done.
You have the power to do it.
You will have to get organized, uh, to do it.
Emails are not enough.
My experience, you know, lawyers, uh, I hate to say, uh, don't pay all that much attention to emails.
Uh, but they do pay attention to personal appearances by the people of the community who elect them and pay for them and reelect them.
With solid evidence and get them to convene those grand juries and indict them for murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
Now, you asked this other question about premeditation and deliberation.
I want to make it clear.
I do not support the death penalty.
I'm a lifelong abolitionist myself and have worked against the death penalty.
But that being said, since we are a national law school here, we train lawyers for all over the country.
I also have to lecture my students, my law students, I have had to lecture them on capital offenses.
A capital offense, a death penalty, in addition to what I have discussed with you so far,
Also requires, on top of unlawful killing of human beings with malice aforethought, premeditation and deliberation.
That is the additional element for a capital offense.
And clearly, what we have here with Menachery, Barrick, the Bat Queen, everyone else on that UNC team, this person from Harvard Medical School, this person from the Food and Drug Administration, which is why you can't believe anything the FDA tells you, and Fauci and Collins, I believe we have more than enough evidence here of premeditation and deliberation.
So if your state's attorney, district attorney, county prosecutor, attorney general, believes there is enough evidence there, sure, they could go for a capital offense as well.
Fortunately, I live here in the state of Illinois,
We do not have the death penalty, and I oppose the death penalty.
But as you know, other states in the Union do have the death penalty.
That would be how you would proceed to make a capital offense
Against these individuals.
Uh, and from your experience, because you helped get some of it stopped in the anthrax shot, how they would proceed.
But I think you're right.
Striking at the root of the leak and what happened.
And now that you've been vindicated, you were here 18 months ago were the first to report it.
And then now it's happened.
And then now you said on the show 18 months ago, 17 months ago, you said that the shot won't work and then it's going to cause all these problems.
And now that's happened.
There's a whole waterfront to cover here, Dr. Boylan.
I've got your letter we're going to repost on InfoWars.com.
You're noticed by authority of the Nuremberg Code, the National Nuremberg Code, which I see at city council meetings, your letters are being brought up.
And so people are rediscovering this.
There's a whole spectrum out there and people really want to hear what you have to say.
So where do you want to start next?
Well, now I want to deal with the frankenshots, Alex.
How we can fight back on the frankenshots.
And the legal analysis is pretty much the same with the frankenshots.
Unlawful killing of a human being with malice of forethought.
Let's start with that on the frankenshots.
Clearly, we have a violation of the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation.
And that is a Nuremberg crime.
And it is also a Nuremberg crime against humanity.
And this is the exact same statute we use to not prosecute Nazis at Nuremberg.
And let me read for you the appropriate passage here from the Nuremberg Charter, Crimes Against Humanity, namely murder, extermination, and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population.
Clearly, that's what's going on here with the Franken-Shots.
We have a Nuremberg crime and a Nuremberg crime against humanity.
Second, the killing of a human being from the Franken-Shots.
Well, we don't have the exact number here right now.
There have been estimates in the tens of thousands.
Now, of Americans who have been killed by means of these frankenshots.
There are different, I guess a lawsuit was just filed out there in California, a lawyer estimating 40,000.
I haven't seen the complaint there, the basis for his estimate.
Killing of human beings with malice aforethought.
All right, here we get into
Uh, two other variants of Malice of Hortha, namely an intention to kill or an intention to cause grievous bodily harm.
Now, maybe the manufacturers of the Frankenshots are saying, well, you know, we didn't really intend to kill anyone.
But they clearly intended to cause grievous bodily harm.
That is very clear from the adverse incidents that reactions now that are piling up that have been documented in the VAERS reports and also the European Health Agency.
And yet, despite that, they are continuing to inflict frankenshots on the American people, despite this grave harm
I think this legal action would be after the SLOWI, the Operation Warp Speed, and then the Chief Executive Officers for Pfizer, BioNTech, and also Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.
Those are the three frankenshots administered here in the United States.
And again, you would go into your state's attorney, district attorney, county prosecutor, attorney general, and say, look here, we have had in your jurisdiction, my loved ones who were killed as a result of these franken shots.
And you would have to produce this evidence.
Uh, a coroner's report or an autopsy or something like that.
And therefore, uh, I want you to convene a grand jury and, uh, request the indictment of the chief executive office, Flowey, as well as the chief executive officers, uh, for Pfizer.
Because they can give themselves into the 1986 Reagan act.
That's right.
That was terrible liability protection, but that's from civil.
They don't have criminal protection.
That is correct.
I'm dealing here with criminal accountability, Alex.
The civil protection is not going to help these people and Moderna and Johnson & Johnson for murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
And the state's attorney, county prosecutor, district attorney, attorney general would assemble the case, convene a grand jury, you know, under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
They have a right.
It's a serious offense.
All right.
Predict they'd bring out shots that didn't work.
Predict they'd have boosters.
Predict it would cause all these health problems.
And predict this breakdown.
I mean, you were the first.
So, we always want to know what's coming next.
So, if you told us what was going to happen 18 months ago and it came true,
I want to focus on how we stop them, and I get that, but if we don't stop them, or we don't take action, or if legislatures and prosecutors don't, what comes next?
I mean, what is, what is, and I know as a prosecutor, you don't get into the mindset of the killer.
We know they did it, so go after them.
But for the public, they have to understand why somebody would do something like this.
That's why so much of the public just can't believe this is happening.
Just like half the Germans live right next to death camps.
They didn't believe that Hitler was killing people until they took them in Eisenhower and made them look at the dead bodies.
I mean, people just can't believe this is happening.
Excuse me.
I mean, I'm writing here.
No, I understand.
So just what is the big picture?
Because I know you want to focus on as a respected top lawyer and a guy that wrote the U.S.
weapons law and former top U.N.
You want to focus on what you can prove court of law.
People are listening.
But just as a father, I've got four children as a person.
I still can't wrap my mind around how you predicted all this.
And I had other scientists on it as well.
It's all coming true like a nightmare.
And then you're getting censored and I'm getting censored.
And what does Google think it's doing?
What is the Democratic Party or Trump who hasn't come out against this?
What do they think they're involved in?
Because this is serious.
This isn't like old fashioned vaccines that had some side effects.
This is devastating.
This is premeditated.
Well, now Biden is going to recommend and they'll soon require a third round of Franken shots for everyone.
So if if the first two didn't kill you, the third will get you for sure.
But Alex, what I've just outlined here is what I believe common, ordinary, everyday American citizens can do to fight back now.
Go to your state's attorney, district attorney, county prosecutor, attorney general, and demand they convene grand juries for both the Frankenshots and the pandemic itself.
I think this can be done.
It should be done.
And if we start doing it now, we will be fighting back.
We will be resisting and we will be going after the perpetrators for sure.
You're right.
So go right at the fact that it violates the Nuremberg Code.
They skipped all the trials up front.
This is insanity.
Just attack it right at its base is how to stop them.
And that's why I'm appearing here for you today to outline this dual legal strategy to go after the people behind the pandemic, to hold them legally accountable on a state and local basis.
And also the frankenshots to hold those people legally accountable on a state and local basis.
And despite whatever civil immunity they might have, this is not going to protect them from criminal indictments for murder and conspiracy.
Sure, and I get the fact you're only as a legal scholar going on what legally is happening.
I get it.
I'm asking you as an American.
Because we haven't fought back yet.
I'm here to explain how I think common, ordinary, everyday Americans can start to fight back.
Indeed, there are some states in the Union, I know Massachusetts is one, where people can go into court and file their own criminal complaints as well.
So if you have loved ones who have been killed, murdered,
By either the pandemic or the frankenshots, you have a standing to go into the state's attorney, district attorney, county attorney, and say, my loved one died in your jurisdiction.
Your jurisdiction here, it was murder.
I want you to convene a grand jury and present the evidence to the grand jury.
Now, of course, maybe the grand jury will not agree, but I think both you and I conclude the evidence is out there.
Oh, it certainly is.
Spend as much time as you want, Dr. Boyle, on that two-pronged approach to stop this with the criminal investigations, criminal indictments.
But then separately, the military has been begging for you to come on.
I pointed them at previous interviews, and I pointed them towards your letter and the Nuremberg Code, and it's being brought up at city council meetings.
In Texas and in California and other areas, your letter, but specifically to the military, you helped twice get this infract shot suspended and expose the Gulf War illness, what was really going on.
So the military is calling me and I'm not a lawyer.
And I just point them at your interview and I know nothing's perfect, but the Pentagon is saying, oh, well, if you have a exemption, but they make it very hard to get the exemption.
What is the real legal position for those of the military when they're trying to make them take this experimental injection?
My advice is that under military law, you do not have any obligation to obey an illegal order.
I've been involved myself over the years, Alex, in defending pro bono publico, five GI resistors against war or torture or war crimes.
And you have no obligation to obey an illegal order, which in this case would be a violation of the Nuremberg Code of Medical Experimentation, to take these frankenshots.
So, of course, you need to get yourself a lawyer.
Uh, and we've discussed this before.
I, you know, I've dealt with JAG lawyers.
I mean, no disrespect to JAG lawyers, but at the end of the day, they are in the chain of command.
There's only so much they can do for you.
So you'll need to get a lawyer.
You could get a retired JAG lawyer or JAG judge or civilian counsel.
I'm willing to push the envelope for you and just invoke your rights in my Nuremberg Notice and say I am not going to follow this order because it's an illegal order.
Now, then what would happen is if they want to introduce court martial proceedings, you have enormous protections under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Now, I'm just speaking my own personal experience.
Obviously, it's not what we would expect as civilians.
But I think our UCMJ is pretty good if you're a member of U.S.
Armed Forces.
But you're going to need a lawyer to assert all of your rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Now, the last I've read, there are at least 30% or more of members of U.S.
Armed Forces who have so far not taken these frankenshots.
Well, imagine if 30% of U.S.
Armed Forces assert their right to disobey an illegal order, a violation of the Nuremberg Code of Medical Experimentation, and say, I'm very sorry, but under military law, I have no obligation to obey an illegal order.
Then what is the military going to do?
Are they going to court-martial 30% of U.S.
Armed Forces?
I don't know, but that would be the dilemma that the military would be in today.
Are they going to court-martial 30% of U.S.
Armed Forces or not?
And Dr. Boyle, I think you've hit the heart of the matter.
They wanted to get 80-90% of the public to do this, but because they've got about half the U.S.
public, 70% of the military to do it, they've got a real problem bullying a giant minority that also has the law on their side.
That's correct.
And so, again, if you want, I wrote a book, Protesting Power, Law, Resistance, and War, Rauman and Littlefield Inc., that has a case in there on failure to obey an illegal order.
I want it.
So, this can be done.
Well, let me stop you, because you don't ever tell the stories that toot your horn.
Go back for me, because you were on over 15 years ago.
I remember reading the news articles, how we first got you on.
You helped stop the experimental anthrax shot that killed tens of thousands of people.
They admit that.
This is not your first rodeo here.
Now, if you read my book, Protesting Power, War, Resistance, and Law, I wrote that for lawyers.
To explain to them, to lawyers, how to use international law, the laws of war, U.S.
constitutional law, and human rights law to defend G.I.
resistors as a matter of principle.
Uh, GI resistors who have opposed, uh, illegal criminal wars or war crimes or torture or things of this nature or illegal orders.
It's all there in my book.
And so all your lawyers have to do is get a copy of that book and read through it, and they'll know how to make out this type of defense.
I helped defend U.S.
Marine Corps Corporal Jeff Patterson, who was the first military resistor to Bush Sr.'
's war against Iraq.
And Corporal Patterson refused to go to Saudi Arabia in August, right after the Bush senior was ordering U.S.
armed forces to Saudi Arabia on the grounds that he believed this was just another U.S.
war for oil, which was of course correct.
But in any event, we defended him
On the grounds that the Bush Sr.
order to ship off to Saudi Arabia was not authorized by law because it violated the War Powers Clause of the Constitution and Congress' 1973 War Powers Resolution.
I was out there at Kanahoe Bay in Hawaii for the court-martial.
It took about three hours, and the judge took the matter under advisement.
And Corporal Patterson was dismissed from the Marine Corps.
They did not want to go to the final court-martial, to the formal court-martial with the posture of that case.
So your experience is if people have decent counsel and they're on the right, usually they're able to exercise their freedom.
Right, so I'm just saying these are very complicated issues.
Sure, you can't sit up here in generalities and give people the one-size-fits-all, back-of-the-envelope thing to do.
You're just saying, here's the history of it, here's what I've done in the past, and here's what you might want to look at.
Right, but I think the grounds are for military personnel to say, you know, I'm exercising my right under military law not to obey an illegal order that would clearly violate here the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation to take these
And isn't the Nuremberg Code, that's storied in one of the most respected laws in the world.
That's so well known, even the general public knows that.
That's a pretty strong international agreement, and I know U.S.
law then follows that to explain how that works, but that's a very strong thing to hang your hat on, isn't it?
Yes, of course.
And you know, if it were to come to a court martial, I think we do quite well arguing that point.
But the point is, we're talking about mass civil resistance here by 30% of the U.S.
Armed Forces who don't want to take these frankenshots.
Exercising their rights under U.S.
military law and say, I'm not going to do it.
And then if they are court-martialed, they get civilian counsel and make these types of arguments that, you know, have successfully been made in military court-martial.
Sure, sure.
Let me just digress, doctor, because this is an important professor.
It's just so interesting as you've been on my show probably 50, 60 times in the last 15 years.
You never like to repeat yourself, but you did predict that the vaccine wouldn't work because you couldn't make one for a coronavirus, which they now admit.
You did predict these attempts at the passports, the controls.
I mean,
So it's rare to get you to make predictions, but you were here over a year and a half ago and predicted the world we live in now.
You can go wherever you want right now, but the listeners want to hear what you think is coming next if we don't oppose this.
Because I know 99% of the time you want to do legalese and the actual facts of the cases so you can talk about them, but what do you see as an American, as a citizen, about the world we live in right now?
Well, we're going to be living under a medical dictatorship, a totalitarian dictatorship, for sure.
So we have to fight back.
And that's why I'm appearing here on your show today, to give a strategy.
I've given three different strategies here.
Two for civilians on the pandemic and the frankenshots, and one for the military on the frankenshots that they can use to fight back and resist the frankenshots.
Wow, okay.
Well, amazing.
So we've been talking here about 35 minutes.
We've got about 30 minutes left with you and your time on the special Saturday show.
Please continue, Dr. Boyle, wherever you want to go next dealing with this medical tyranny you just talked about and how we oppose it and what we can do.
I think you're saying it's time for the public to get informed and to start saying no.
It's really up to us.
Well, I'm not just saying no, but to fight back legally, as I'm saying.
I'm not saying, you know, take up arms here or anything like that.
Uh, but based on my experience, uh, legally, this can be done.
It should be done.
I think we can succeed and we can fight back.
Well, please continue then.
Well, that, that's the strategy I had here.
Uh, those three points, uh, I had one for the military, two for civilians.
And we can control this resistance at a state and local government.
We do not have to rely on the federal government that is under the control of Biden.
And he's working in cahoots with Fauci.
He's made that very clear.
And I myself have been up against Biden twice.
In my professional career, in his capacity as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the first time I beat him out, the second time I stopped what he was doing and protected the interests of my people.
You can't believe anything Biden's telling you.
In my experience, he's a very ruthless, cunning, despite the Uncle Joe type image, he's very ruthless, cunning, unprincipled, and typical machine politician.
And we now see that in the tyranny of Biden imposing the frankenshots to whatever extent he can, and then also
Uh, basically, uh, hijacking those in the private sector to impose these Franken shots.
So again, uh, for our future, the future of our, our children, we have to resist the Franken shots and we have to fight back against the, uh, instigators of the pandemic.
Now, Dr. Boyle, I know because you don't have all the facts.
I don't have all the facts.
You, you don't want to go there before we start this interview.
And I respect that.
But we've learned it's in the news.
Owen Schroer has been indicted, they say, for being on the steps of the Capitol.
He was with me on January 6th.
We went up to try to stop it.
We bullhorned it.
It's on record we did that.
But that's so chilling.
I wanted to raise the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism of Joe Biden from June, two and a half months ago.
And it says in here, we can put up NBC graphics that are out of this, protesting COVID measures, any claims of election fraud, you are
Have the full weight.
It says the Pentagon and CIA see you as the main terror threat.
You wrote books on this.
You warned of this.
You were put on a no-fly list yourself.
Now we see other people that are totally peaceful, Republicans and others, and liberal anti-war activists being put on a no-fly list again.
This is all going on.
What do you just as a citizen looking at this
Make of this, because I mean, I don't even know what to say about this.
I wake up, there's a top Reuters story.
FBI finds scant evidence U.S.
Capitol attack was coordinated.
Says Alex Jones and Roger Stone did not coordinate.
They've investigated me for six months.
They know that.
They subpoenaed us.
And then they indict Owen hours after this.
I know you can't speak to that specifically, but what do you make in general of this move to declare protesting and the American people terrorism?
To me, this sounds like the pages of 1984 have come true in the real world.
It's the next step, as I said, of establishing a totalitarian dictatorship here in the United States.
We do not need any type of domestic terrorism statute.
We have already enough
Statutes on the books to deal with whatever acts might be the case.
You're correct to point out this concept of domestic terrorism here in the United States would simply be used by the United States federal government to repress and persecute any type of dissent against United States government federal policies.
I listened to Attorney General Garland's speech on this, and he was completely disingenuous.
He tried to cover up the fact that the Levy Guidelines still apply to the FBI.
They do not.
I think we've discussed this before on one of the many interviews we gave years ago.
The Levy Guidelines were established by Attorney General Edward Hersh Levy to try to stop
FBI COINTEL operations, which is, you know, is basically infiltration of what otherwise might be peaceful law-abiding groups exercising their First Amendments and encourage them to commit illegal activities, agent provocateurs.
And that's what COINTELPRO was all about.
That came out in the Watergate hearings, the church hearings, and all the scandals related to that.
So President Ford appointed Levy.
Levy had been Dean of the University of Chicago Law School when I was an undergrad there, so I followed this quite closely.
And Levy adopted the Levy Guidelines.
That we're supposed to eliminate COINTELPRO.
I don't know if they did or they didn't because I suspect the FBI was still out there in any event.
But they did reign them in seriously.
Now everyone knows after 9-11-2001,
The Attorney General Ashcroft, who went to the University of Chicago Law School, probably when Levy was Dean, revoked the Levy Guidelines.
Everyone knows that.
And the FBI was back into COINTELPRO operations officially.
Okay, and they've been involved in COINTELPRO operations.
And for those that don't know, COINTELPRO means harassing and setting up citizens.
You're the legal scholar, but how would you define COINTELPRO in one line?
Spying, agent provocateur, entrapment.
It's basically war on domestic political opposition.
That's correct.
All right, so Garland in his speech covered for the FBI and said, well, as we all know, the FBI has been adhering to the Levy Guidelines since they were promulgated.
That's a total lie.
Everyone knows that Ashcroft repudiated the Levy Guidelines and the FBI has been involved in COINTELPRO operations
Ever since Ashcroft after 9-11 repudiated them.
They've inflicted massive COINTELPRO operations on Muslims all over the United States.
And this is not to excuse any type of
No, violent activity here.
100% I'm all against it.
It's just that I'm experiencing them setting me up and my friends and family in lifetime, but I had nothing to do with it.
So I'm not placing myself as a victim, but I'm really starting to enjoy a little bit of what Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy and others, I guess, were enjoying because to have this agency literally up my rear end constantly hovering over me trying to set me up, it's just outrageous.
Right, well, as I told you before, they put me on all the U.S.
government's terrorist watch list because I refused to become an informant for the FBI and the CIA and my Arab and Muslim clients in violation of their constitutional rights.
For those that don't know, they came and visited, didn't they?
You never like to repeat something you said once, but they came and visited you and you wouldn't do it, so they came after you.
Well, they came right to my office in the law school, right?
I mean, can you believe that?
Agents of the FBI and the CIA come to the office of a law professor in a law school?
No, they've come to this office off record before.
Yeah, they did the same thing here.
Right, so, but the point is, domestic terrorism is being used to oppose any resistance to what the United States federal government might want to do.
We don't need any domestic terrorism statute.
This is just, as you said, Orwellian.
Even after the
Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act as a result of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building.
There was more than enough on the books there to deal with domestic terrorism.
And then after 9-11, 2001, they adopted the USA Patriot Act, which basically set up an American police state, which is what we live under today.
There's no question about it.
Indeed, I've lectured to lawyers
on the USA Patriot Act.
And so this will be the next step.
Domestic terrorism to use to go after peaceful, non-violent American citizens, left, right, middle, exercising their First Amendment rights to oppose whatever policies the United States federal government is engaged in, like today the Frankenshots.
This is domestic terrorism.
And we will have to prosecute them.
We've got you here on this emergency broadcast.
All right.
Millions are going to watch it.
And I just want to shut up then for 10 minutes, Dr. Boyle, just in the main, what you want to say about America, the world.
Afghanistan, China, geopolitics, just anything that you want to impart to viewers and listeners.
People really respect you.
They want to hear from you on that.
And just to answer my question, I don't like to speculate, but sometimes you do do it.
It's been very accurate.
You said this was a very deadly virus, and I thought it was real as well, but I looked at the statistics and the numbers weren't that high.
Now I can tell you that I personally have people that I know that have died.
Everybody I know knows people that have died.
My mother and father right now are literally fighting for their lives.
Almost everybody else I know is sick.
The hospitals are all completely full, and it's all variants, and the scientists I talk to, the experts I talk to,
Have been very, very clear that it's sloughing and mutants out of this GMO live virus, just like with the polio vaccine, it causes shedding.
And so that's the best numbers we've got is that this is, you're right, it was a real virus, very bad out of Wuhan when you said that 18 months ago.
Now it's just, I've talked to hospitals, I've talked to medical doctors, I was just talking to one while you were talking.
This is a real bio-attack.
I've talked to my Pentagon sources, they've all confirmed it.
And this year is, it looks like five times worse than where we were last summer at this time.
As we're about to go into the fall, I mean, I'm a guy that's a tough guy.
But I'm scared.
I mean, I'm really shook up right now.
I know how serious this is.
Almost everyone I know in the last two months has been sick.
Some people, like I said, I'm not getting better in two, three weeks.
So that's, I know you're a lawyer and a scholar, but just in general, looking at this and what they've done and Fauci, and we know it was made in a lab and we know they, let's start there.
What is it like to be vindicated?
And everything you said 17, 18, 19 months ago has come true.
Peter Daszak on video saying, yeah, we were developing a vaccine.
We can bind five viruses.
You already have their documents.
They didn't hide it.
And then the lying to Congress and then they get away with it because I'm not, I'm not a homicidal person.
I'm a loving guy and I'm not going to kill anybody.
I'm just saying, I'd like the courts to arrest these people.
I'd like to see them on death row.
They are assaulting us, and I feel like a coward and a pathetic worm sitting here taking it.
So I feel better getting you on to talk about the legal parameters here.
So that's a lot I just threw out there.
Where do you want to take that?
Well, Alex, I remember at the very beginning of our conversations, I did mention how lethal I thought
The Wuhan coronavirus was, I said it was about in the area of 15%.
I noticed that in his last interchange with Dr. Fauci, Senator Ron Paul also said 15%.
I know he's definitely listening to you because you've got the best info, so continue.
Well I don't know if Senator Paul is listening to me or not.
As you know, Senator Paul is a medical doctor.
He's an eye ophthalmologist that's a highly specialized area of medicine, board certified.
So he explains in that last confrontation that he was first going to be basically a pathologist and then went into eye surgery for money.
So his original training is in all that.
So Senator Paul said 15%.
And that's what I said originally.
And I know one of your colleagues there said, well, he thought that was an exaggeration.
But this is extremely dangerous.
And we have to treat it that way.
And again, that's why I appeared here on your show today to come up with three different strategies for fighting back here.
One, the indictment state and local basis against Fauci and Collins and Barak and the rest of them for murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
Second, a separate indictment against Slaoui and the chief executive officers there at Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson for murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
And then the third legal strategy for the members of our U.S.
Armed Forces, now the 30% or so, who don't want to take the franken-shots.
So we're all in this together.
We have to fight back together.
Yes, we also have to resist this whole concept of domestic terrorism that is going to be turned against all of us.
I mean, as far as the U.S.
government is concerned, I'm a domestic terrorist.
When I applied to get out my Social Security benefits, I filled out the
Uh, form, uh, online, no problem.
Uh, and what happened?
I got a call from the, uh, social security agency up there in Chicago saying, well, you're on the, uh, computer alert system here and you are going to have to go into a personal interview to social security down here in Champaign.
So I had to go in there to a personal interview for about an hour.
And convince the social security agent that I was not a terrorist.
I kid you not.
This is what is going on in this country.
If they've done this to me, you can imagine what they're going to do to you.
We have to fight back.
We have to stop the pandemic.
We have to stop the Franken shots.
We must stop the further development of a totalitarian police state.
That is clearly coming under the guise of this medical tyranny.
I mean, you can just listen to Fauci.
He always speaks up out of both sides of his mouth.
I mean, Senator Paul... And I want to go back to that, but you said here a year ago, over a year ago, you said we're in a two-front war.
Now I think we're in a three-front war.
What was the two fronts you said, like, 15 months ago?
The two-front war was the pandemic and the franken-shots.
And now I'd say it's this whole notion of domestic terrorism.
As I said, we don't need any concept of domestic terrorism here in the United States.
We do not need a law.
There are more than enough laws on the books.
My guess is that
Under the currently operative COINTELPRO, the FBI has everyone infiltrated up the kazoo in any way.
Oh, listen, listen.
I wake up this morning at 5.30.
And I go to Google Alerts, and there's my name, and it says, Jones cleared.
And then I get a call by one of my crew members going, hey, they went and visited a lady I know, who I don't even know, and they were asking her about me three days ago.
So I know you as a lawyer don't want to get into it because you don't know the facts.
I don't either.
It's just bizarre to be like, top news story, Jones cleared, and then, oh, and no criminal record, former sports broadcaster, Mr. America.
Is he indicted for being there with me?
I mean, he was there with me.
We didn't do anything.
We tried to stop it on video.
So I'm not even scared because I'm innocent.
It's a very weird feeling.
Like when I'm going 70 in a 60, oh God, there's a cop, I'm gonna get a ticket.
I'm sorry, I take the ticket.
It's a weird feeling, Dr. Boyle, in law, as a human, to have not done anything wrong and actually not have fear.
It's more of just like,
Sadness for the country, like, really?
You've indicted Owen for being a journalist outside the Capitol?
I'm just freaked out.
I can't believe America's turned into this.
Well, to give an example, when the FBI and the CIA came to interrogate me in my own office, the first question was, why are you giving all these interviews all over the world?
So much for the First Amendment, right?
They couldn't care less.
They were letting you know their problem was your positions.
Let me just tell you the story, because with you they were at least up front.
This is happening like seven or eight times where it's a national TV host or an international newspaper editor.
They want to interview.
They go, let's go to dinner.
And I don't do this anymore after the last time this happened was like eight years ago and I quit doing it.
And you're at dinner.
They make sure your phone's not on.
They go, listen.
I'm really here with the CIA and we just want you to stop this right now and we can really work with you.
Another time it was a Mossad agent.
Another time it was the FBI.
And later, like, they had people contact me about, hey, you gonna do what we said?
And then when I didn't do what they said, bad things happened.
But I mean, it's like the mafia.
And so I just, I just, it's like, I guess most people, Dr. Boyle, will put ourselves in the club that doesn't.
We get those visits and don't roll over.
Can you imagine how many Americans, and I don't blame them, don't know how to deal with stuff like that.
Well, that's correct.
You should never meet with any of these people without having a lawyer with you.
That's correct.
Because... Well, they don't tell you.
They tell you they're the editor of The Atlantic.
Or they... There you go.
Or they tell you they're with, you know, Vanity Fair or whatever.
And they're really inoperative.
After 9-11-2001, there had been before then a presidential order that covert agents should not be members of the press or working with the press or things of that nature.
And after 9-11-2001, Bush Jr.
lifted that order.
So, yeah, you have to understand you're dealing with media.
You could be dealing with some type of covert agent.
That's correct.
And the weird thing is they're playing spy, harassing a prominent, respected lawyer, or a talk show host.
We're just normal people.
I mean, you've got a PhD that hardly anybody else has.
But it's like they think just because they're in the CIA or the FBI, we're supposed to be a doormat to them, like we don't have any rights.
You're a special guy.
And I've even saw Psaki say, oh, U.S.
citizens don't get priority out of Kabul.
They've got to pay money, but others don't.
Where is this pissing on Americans, too?
Why do they do that?
Well, I guess they just don't care, Alex.
They have all the power and they figure they can get away with it.
And that's what's happening.
But the real dangers here are the Franken shots.
Biden's now going to, they will recommend and soon they're going to require a third round of Franken shots for everyone.
That's going to kill a lot of people off.
Oh, that they haven't killed off already.
And remember, based on my experience, having defended Pro Bono Publico, Captain Dr. Yolanda Hewitt Vaughn, who refused to give the Franken shots in Go 4-1,
Out of 500,000, and these are ballpark figures because the Pentagon still lies about them because they know they committed a Nuremberg crime on our own troops, but out of 500,000 troops inoculated, 11,000 were killed, 100,000 were disabled.
And those were healthy young men and women in U.S.
Armed Forces.
So you can extrapolate from there what a third round of these frankenshots are going to do to people.
The Gulf War sickness produced the first set of frankenshots.
We're already seeing massive adverse reactions to the current COVID frankenshots.
And it's just begun.
Indeed, as I said before,
It took me two years to figure out that the Gophor Frankenshots had produced this humanitarian catastrophe known as the Gophor Syndrome, the Gophor Sickness.
And those Frankenshots also, they infected healthcare workers and next of kin, and members of the family.
And that indicated there was a biological warfare agent at work, probably going back to those first Gulf War Frankenshots.
So I'm afraid, certainly in the next two years, if we don't stop these Frankenshots now, who knows how many will die and how many will be disabled.
I'm about to say closing here on a Saturday, and I appreciate your time, Brent Boyle.
Thank God you and others were able to stop the experimental anthrax shots before, so we should be able to do it now.
The numbers vary from the swine flu vaccine that killed 20 or 30 people they debated, but they suspended that over a few deaths.
But already the deaths in the VAERS reporting system is in the tens of thousands.
And so I just, again, wonder why they're doing this exercise of power.
I think it is...
They're going for broke, Alex.
I think that's all we can say that's going on here.
This is a massive push by the financial elite, the power elite, and they're going for all the power.
This is it.
You plugged one of your books finally, and I've read three or four of them, but how do people find your books?
You've written so many.
People really should read them, especially lawyers out there.
Well, you can just hit my name on Google or Amazon and all the books will come out.
But for the members of U.S.
Armed Forces and their lawyers, the important book is Protesting Power, War, Resistance and Law.
And it explains how to make these arguments in U.S.
military court-martial proceedings.
It's basically written for lawyers, but you can read it on your own.
And certainly, if 30% of U.S.
armed forces just say, I'm not taking the frankenshots, I have a right under U.S.
military law to resist an illegal order,
And, you know, if you're going to court-martial me, so be it.
And then you proceed to exercise all the rights you have under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Well, if 30% of U.S.
Armed Forces do that, the whole system will break down.
Yeah, even if 10% did, all right.
And again, we're going to post this interview, it's going out Saturday evening, we're going to post an archive of this at Infowars.com and FreeWorldNews.tv.
We'll put the Nuremberg Code up there and the short, very simple and sweet letter also that Dr. Boyle has put out for folks because that is very, very important, letting people know the basics of their right.
As usual, thank you for joining us.
I hope you had a great vacation.
It's good to have you back, Dr. Boyle, and to have
Restless weekend.
Thank you so much.
Well, thanks for having me on Alex and to get the message out to all of my fellow American citizens who are in dire danger now from these Franken shots.
We must resist and also the members of our military who also are in great danger here.
They have to resist too.
Thank you, Dr. Boyle.
We salute you.
God bless.
Thank you, you too Alex, bye.
Alright, so here I am, and I'm not a drama queen, but I am somebody that's theatrical because I really care about what I'm saying, I believe what I'm saying.
I am literally surrounded at this point, and that's okay, because they're coming after our veterans, they're coming after our troops, they're coming after our children with these deadly frankenshots that Dr. Boyle just eloquently laid out.
I mean, Owen has been indicted for being at the Capitol with me on January 6th.
And you have a separate huge announcement by the FBI that, oh, Owen Schroyer or Alex Jones and Roger Stone, didn't say Owen, and Trump weren't involved planning that.
Of course we weren't.
It totally destroyed us wanting to have an investigation of the election.
So we're going to come back in a moment and I'm going to get Owen in here with us in studio because he's reporting to jail on Monday.
And they've indicted him.
And so, that's where we are in this country.
That's where this world is.
And I'm a tough guy.
I can handle this.
I'm sad for America.
That I know Owen was with me in D.C.
and had no plan to attack the Capitol and was with us, with me the whole time and did nothing wrong.
And they have indicted him.
And absolutely that is a message to me.
And I don't know what the message is.
Are governments run by criminals?
I already know that.
I mean, I don't know what you're supposed to like.
I'm not giving up.
I'm not going away.
What am I supposed to do?
Join your war crimes?
Join your poison shots?
Join Fauci and kill a bunch of kids?
I mean, at a certain point, you people are crazy.
I'm talking to the system, but they're not going to stop.
I get it.
They're a hierarchical system that follows orders just like the damn Nazis did.
And it's a shame.
It is a shame.
So, I'm going to drag Owen in here.
We're going to get his take on this before we have to put him in jail.
And they'll probably throw him under the D.C.
They'll probably diesel him around the country.
He'll probably die in there.
They've already got people in there for seven damn months that didn't even raise a hand to the police.
Sure, the people that beat up a few cops, give them five years in prison.
They don't even give them a trial.
Their trial dates have now been cancelled.
So I'm getting ready to send Owen Schroer, my good personal friend of five years, to a damn gulag.
And I feel dirty as an American.
I love our country, but I tell you, I am disgusted right now.
I appreciate Dr. Bull coming on with us.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to drag on in here.
I appreciate the crew.
And this could be our last show any day.
I don't know how long we're going to be on air.
This country, this is, this is historical stuff happening, folks.
All right.
Thank you so much.
We'll be right back after the break.
The purpose of fear is to call us into action, and there is plenty to be afraid of today.
Half the population has lined up for an untested, deadly, and debilitating experimental injection because they were told to be afraid of an invisible asymptomatic disease.
The perpetrators of all this have clearly stated their goal of having 80% of the population hooked up to an artificial intelligence hive mind in less than nine years.
For those of us who have awoken from the spell, we know this is all really happening, and it's unbelievably unsettling to see.
But there's only two things to do.
We continue sounding the alarm because it's a numbers game.
If enough people awaken from the cult spell, then we win.
But even when we win, and we eventually will, the days of convenience are soon coming to an end.
And so, we must prepare.
Get up to a year's worth of storable foods, water filtration, survival gear, seeds, shortwave radios, and life-saving knowledge at InfoWareStore.com.
So here we are on this special Saturday evening transmission with a thought criminal, Owen Schroer, who's supposed to report to jail for his federal prison on Monday, just a few days away, for being with us peacefully for Trump's speech on January 6th and going to the Capitol and trying to stop what happened there.
I'm so blown away.
So many people are blown away.
We had a big article on InfoWars.com breaking InfoWars host Owen Stroyer charged for peacefully standing on steps near Capitol Building.
Owen, you know, we can all laugh at this, but this is not a joking matter.
I know you can't get into too many details, but you were there with me that day.
You did nothing wrong.
What do you make of this?
Well, let me just first say this, because I know millions of people are going to be watching this anytime you do a special report.
You know, Alex is doing this with a heavy heart and teary eyes today, folks, and we won't get into why, but we're in the heart of this war.
I mean, we're in the throes of this war right now.
I mean, it's getting really too real, quite frankly.
But to digress from that...
It's kind of hard to sit here, you know, seven months after this event and think that we're still supposed to be panicked over all the lies we're being told about January 6th, but Biden does a television interview and he says, oh, that was four days ago in Afghanistan.
Don't worry about that.
That was four days ago.
Just discount that.
But they're still focused.
People falling off airplanes four days ago.
They have almost 600 people in jail right now that were in D.C.
on January 6th, being held as political prisoners, being tortured, some of them.
They're still planning on going after more.
I think that that's very indicative that this move was made against me so late in the game.
I think that they're just going through, getting more people lined up.
I was about to ask.
I mean, obviously, it's totally... Why would they announce, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, didn't premeditate an attack on Capitol, which we all know, you're with me, totally peaceful, doing nothing wrong, they indict you.
I mean, what is that?
I don't know.
I don't know.
There's obviously something else.
There's obviously some other nefarious stuff going on that I could point out.
I won't do it today, but I think that there's some other stuff going on that is kind of odd that I think this is the way it's happening.
And you know, it's the same story every time when stuff like this happens to us and we bring in lawyers to handle it.
And every time they look at a case and they're like, okay, they take it at face value with all their experience of being lawyers and, you know, cases they've researched and cases that they've settled and they think, okay, it's going to go like this.
And it never goes like that.
It's always a different story when we're involved.
There's always crooks and crannies and crevices and back doors and chutes and ladders.
And, you know, it's always some way, you know, just handled differently.
And so lawyers getting involved in this stuff and they're like, wow, this is odd.
Why is it happening this way?
This case with you.
Why is this happening?
Why is that happening?
How could this be?
This doesn't make sense.
And so I think that this is going to be a lot of the same.
But, you know, that day, Alex,
I mean, it's a blessing.
It's a blessing because, and I mean, I don't, it'd be impossible to find the police that we talked to that day, but from the minute that we- We have all the, we have all the, we had body cams.
From the minute we got on the Capitol, uh, the Capitol area, you started telling people to stand down.
The second we got on there, you got up on stacks of chairs.
You said, we can't do this.
Stand down.
Don't go in.
And then- In the indictment that says,
Jones tries to stop Attack of Capital, you're behind me, and they go, look, it's Owen!
And as you were pointing out, I'm silent during all of this.
I'm just going with you because we have a security detail.
DC is insane, and so I can't break out of the security detail.
There's millions of people everywhere, so I'm sticking with the security detail.
I'm sticking with you.
You're getting up on steps.
You're telling people to stand down, leave the building.
At one point in time, we tried to actually, multiple times, but there's one point in time where we tried to work with the Capitol Police and the Capitol Police said, look, why don't you go up onto these steps with the bullhorn and see if you can't shout people down.
And we have that footage.
That's what you're indicted for is going on steps.
And again, it's just a picture of me standing there.
Just literally just standing there.
And that's what they're claiming my offense is.
And then again, there's some other stuff that's boiled into this that is very kind of odd as well.
Well, we haven't shown that footage.
I don't know if the crew has it, but you went when they said nobody could demonstrate except that there were like Black Lives Matter.
You wore a tape over your mouth.
You got arrested and that type of stuff.
They're like using that as the excuse.
Here's the footage.
That, well, he was ordered not to be on the Capitol.
You weren't in the Capitol.
They say you were in the Capitol disrupting.
No, you were not in the Capitol.
You were standing there with me.
And by the way, that's just more weirdness of old cases that are still lingering against me that you can't even get through the system.
That, if it wasn't for all the COVID crap, would already be off the system anyway.
All this would have been off the docket years ago if it wasn't for COVID.
And again, right here in this footage from, give us the date, this is literally when they let Code Pink throw paint on people and block elevators.
This is you arrested for no reason.
Oh, there's all kinds of videos of the arrest Trump people and impeach 45 people and everything from inside Capitol buildings and inside...
Government buildings, and they're allowed to stage their massive protests, but one guy with a piece of tape over his mouth, and let me just say, this is- So they're using that though, they say that in the indictment.
Like, well, he was here before, so now he's out on the grass, well we gotta like, you know.
Well, and here's the thing, and I won't go too much into the new developments, but they tried to ban me from D.C.
entirely, and they couldn't get a judge to do that, so they wrote this weird language up basically saying, well, you can't be on the Capitol, but you can be on the Capitol.
So it's kind of like an entrapment type of thing, it looks like, because I'm a journalist.
And so you can't tell a journalist that he can't do his job, but to insinuate
Whether Alex Jones or Owen Schroer was in D.C.
or whether Alex Jones or Owen Schroer ever said anything about January 6th, it all would have gone the same way.
Everybody still would have been there.
Trump still would have been there.
The millions of people still would have been there.
And so that's what they're also trying to do here is say, oh look, it was actually Infowars.
They couldn't pin it on Trump.
They wanted to pin it on Trump.
They still are.
They couldn't do it.
So now it just looks like they're moving down the ladder, moving down to find other people.
Who can we blame this on?
But why would they put out a statement
Alex Jones, Trump, and Roger Stone did not pre-plan it, which we know is true.
My God, that just destroyed our plan to have a peaceful investigation by the Senate.
And then they go, but oh, the same day, let's indict Owen Stroyer.
I don't know.
It certainly seems like an odd coincidence.
If you could even believe that it's a coincidence, I don't think that many people would.
But the timing of this is very odd.
Again, not just the eight months later factor of it, but yeah, the fact that they just come out.
Well, let's talk about this.
It's intimidating the crew up here.
They think at an animal level like this makes the crew want to cut and run.
Does the crew want to cut and run after this?
You guys want to like roll over now?
And I don't think you do.
I think you're like me.
This pisses you off more.
But oh, and talk about what you're facing.
You're supposed to turn yourself in on Monday.
Yes, so Monday is I think that the time they said was if I don't turn myself in by 11 a.m.
Monday that I guess that would result in the warrant being given to I don't know whoever if they wanted to come SWAT.
Okay, well turn yourself in at like 6 or 7 because Tucker Carlson is going to want to interview you before then.
Get that interview in first.
Well, hopefully.
Already you're on show tonight.
But yeah, hopefully.
I don't know what I don't know what's really looming here.
There's a lot of there's a lot of questions still.
This all came down today.
Obviously, we've been busy.
I've been on the show.
By the way, I've kind of bashed on you a little bit.
You were like, let's wait till Trump drives the Capitol.
I'm like, no, no, it's already going on.
Let's go to the Capitol.
And once we got there, the provocateurs had already attacked and gone in.
But you, you were like wanting to wait back for Trump and go with Trump.
Well, we were, because, I mean, we've talked about this a little bit on air.
After we left the ellipsis, we were standing outside the area around these barricades for maybe five or ten minutes, and we were debating, okay, how do we want to do this?
Do we want to go up this street?
Do we want to go up this street?
When do we want to go?
And, um, I mean, my, my, my point of view at the time was, hey, let's wait for Trump.
Let's get behind Trump and have him lead this.
And, and you, I think at your time, the instincts, your spidey senses were going off like, Hey, we need to be there to try to stop anything bad from happening.
Uh, you know, stop, stop from any setup from happening.
And so that's what I said too.
Yeah, you did.
And so we kind of ended up in kind of this middle ground position and then we stopped just outside.
Yeah, that's the footage right there.
And by the way, there's also, we'll, we'll see how this all goes, but.
There's footage that I think may be brought up here where it's, we're not even on Capitol grounds.
There's certain areas called considered Capitol grounds or the Capitol buildings and it's, you know, it's all up for interpretation, I suppose.
But we're talking about, we're like a half a mile or a mile down.
Before we even march, and they're saying, oh look, this is, this is them, this is Owen Schroyer up here leading the march on Capitol ground.
Not on Capitol ground, again, there were already hundreds of thousands of people at the Capitol.
Sure, everyone knows it's asinine.
So the fact that they would say we did not purposely attack the Capitol today, and then indict you, I think that's a civil war in the system.
I think that's the no-brainer answer.
Well, I hope that there are good people inside the system that are fighting.
I hope there's... No, there are, but they're going to serve you up to a D.C.
judge, and we're going to support you.
Full, best lawyers, everything.
Because, you know, they're feeding you and right in the same place I'm going, brother.
Yeah, and Roger Stone... But it just shows their arrogance, man.
Like, you literally didn't do anything and tried to stop the riot, and now they've indicted you.
I mean, that is like chutzpah, man.
That's where we're at though, Alex.
I mean, at the end of the day, that's really where we're at.
When we talk about being in an info war, we talk about being- When freedom fells, the best men rot in filthy jails.
And those that cried appease appeased, are hung by those that tried to please.
And you can take a look at, you know, whether it's a legal case here at InfoWars or whether it's what's going on with all the medical tyranny that's totally illegal.
I mean, I guess my biggest mistake, Alex, was I shouldn't have been in D.C.
I should have been in D.C.
on January 6th.
on June 2020 burning buildings and assaulting Capitol officers.
If I came on air and I said, hey, I was in Washington, D.C.
on June 21st, 2020, and I burned a statue, and I attacked five Capitol Police officers, and I assaulted five other people.
Soros would bail you out tomorrow.
Oh, I wouldn't even have to worry about that.
And that's the thing.
If we did call for war, people would be there, but we didn't, because we understand it's all a trap.
Well, and that's what's so frustrating about this, too.
It's almost as if, if we could have foreseen this better, and we have the best foresight here at InfoWars, I would say, and we didn't even see this setup coming, but if we could have foreseen it better, we could have laid it out much better and said, hey, look,
It's already out there.
It's just a matter of the breadcrumbs.
It's like, the whole purpose was that they were going to launch a congressional investigation, and they were going to do a congressional review of the election.
That's what we were there for.
We literally wanted that process.
That was the entire purpose.
So to insinuate that I didn't want that process to happen, when that's exactly what we were there to do, was to support Congress in the review of the election, and to make a decision about how they're going to go about certifying it or not,
Why would I want to stop that?
And then it ends up scuttling that and doing the exact opposite of what we desired.
It doesn't make any sense on its face.
People see through that.
People know that.
And the truth of the matter is, these headlines today, like the one at Reuters, and you know what, fine, they put the story out.
To insinuate that there was ever a coordinated plan by anyone on January 6th for violence is an outright lie.
If we had a coordinated plan, we would have had weapons.
We would have taken over, you would have been beaten.
There would have been a hundred different factors.
But then, in that civil war, the Chi-Coms and others would have invaded, which was a plan.
We didn't do that.
I mean, think about it.
Here's the thing.
We could already military defeat you.
We understand, though, they're having enemies.
Alex, we are politically trying to defeat you, you godless pieces of crap.
They're trying to build, and what it is, is they're building the case.
They manufactured the event.
They had the National Guard stand down.
They had the Capitol Police wave us in.
I mean, it's all on record.
Pelosi and Marial Bowser didn't want added security.
And now they have indicted you.
For peacefully standing with me.
I mean, it's a pissing in the face.
But again, so the stories come out today like, oh wow, they did not... I don't want to give a Jesus... You're not Jesus, but we're all trying to be Christ-like.
But imagine, Jesus has done nothing wrong, and it's on the Jewish holiday, and there's Pontius Pilate, and they say, it's the holiday, we'll let you have someone go free.
And the murderer, and the rapist, and the killer, they go, give us Barabbas.
Literally, you've done nothing wrong, and the left says, give us...
Owen Schroer, kill him!
I mean, it's literally where these people want innocence.
They want innocence, put on trial, and destroyed.
And this notion that there was ever any coordination or pre-planning for January 6th is so ludicrous, and they know it, and that should be the headline, is that it's the Feds, it's the Democrats... Well, the pre-planning was by them.
They're the ones that manufactured it with the security stand down.
That's what I'm saying.
I mean, we have the Capitol Police on video waving people into the building, removing the barricades.
None of this should even be... And now these chicken shits
Literally go, let's just indict their number two host.
He'll maybe roll over.
But imagine, Alex, we're sitting... I mean, it's just like, it's like roll over to death?
I mean, we... Like what?
I mean, what is it you're offering?
You're like Marilyn Monroe.
We don't want you.
We reject you.
They said, when the guy died from the COVID vaccine, they said, well, it was a better way to go.
It could have been worse.
He gets the vaccine, he dies.
Oh, it could have been worse.
No, the woman in San Antonio gave her mother and father the shot.
They both died.
She said, well, it was good.
It was a better death.
I mean, that's the insanity level.
But imagine, Alex, and we can go back and find the footage, I'm sure if we wanted to go through hundreds of hours where we've talked about this before.
Alex and I are literally outside of the ellipsis debating what we're gonna do.
I mean, that's how little coordination, there was no coordination.
It was okay, we're gonna be here, and then we're gonna be here.
And that was it!
And so we're sitting there outside of the ellipsis,
And we're like, hey, should we go now?
Should we go, should we go this way?
Should we go that way?
Should we wait for Trump?
So it's like literally right before the thing that they're alleging happens, we still were coordinating.
Like we still didn't even know where we were going to do.
We still didn't even know where we were going to walk or what stage, where the stage even was at the Capitol that we had set up to speak at.
I mean, we had a stage that we had paid for at the U.S.
Capitol on the, on the far side away from, from, from where the ellipsis was.
And that's where we were trying to go.
That just shows the insane psychology.
Of where we're at, where obviously we didn't do that.
Everybody knows that.
And the system knows that.
So the FBI comes out and says, well, Alex Jones and Roger Stone were not part of a conspiracy.
And then another group says, oh yeah, we're ready to pounce.
We're going to indict Owen.
They've got over 500 people in solitary confinement, many of which did not attack anybody.
They admit that.
I don't believe they're going to try that, but we're going to back you 110%.
That means you'll have to move to D.C.
when you're in that solitary confinement.
I'll be there every day broadcasting from the front lines of that.
I don't think they're going to try that.
I think they think we're like cowards like them.
We're like, oh god, Owen's in trouble.
I better roll over.
They don't get like that.
It makes me ten times more aggressive.
I want you to know, brother, it does not make me want to... I've seen it.
Alex shouldn't even be here doing this broadcast right now, folks.
There's some other stuff going on he should be handling, but he is here.
Let me just say... This is the most important thing.
Let me just say this, too.
You know, the support that I've gotten with people reaching out since this came out, and the people saying they're praying for me, and the people saying that they love me, it really fills my heart.
It fills my soul.
And, you know, thank you for the prayers.
Thank you for the words of support.
And, you know, at the end of the day, Alex, it's like what you said.
This is bigger than Infowars.
This is bigger than Owen Schroyer.
This is a war for humanity.
Just be honest, Owen.
Don't you feel more powerful than ever?
I'm almost numb, Alex.
I can't.
It's almost like when you're in the heart of battle and you just go into autonomous mode.
Everything's blowing up around you and you don't even notice it, like in that scene from Full Metal Jacket.
You're so used to the warfare, it's almost like you have tunnel vision.
And it's just all you can see is the end.
All you can see is that this is a war for humanity.
This is a war for truth.
This is a war for planet Earth.
I mean, that's really what this is.
We're in a great world war right now.
And it's tyrants and elitists against... This is the greatest war in human history.
This is the great war, brother.
This is the true end war.
This is everything.
Exactly, that's what I'm saying.
People need to get rid of that.
Hey, the movies are over, the football games are over.
I told everybody that works here.
You think I like this?
No, this is what it is.
It's over.
This is the takeover.
This is the fight.
And as soon as people... Let me tell you, Humana's going to win.
I already know this.
But when do we wake up?
When do we realize that there's nothing left to do but fight?
That's the point we're going to get to.
And it's like, you know, in a video game or something where you have, you know, okay, let's say there's a hundred levels of this game.
I mean, we're on level 98, 99, like we're going on from level 98 to level 99, and there's only one level after we face the boss.
And that's it.
And so, look.
When they can force you to take an experimental vaccine against your will, and then they have the videos, you couldn't even ask for more.
Beating up children?
Beating up people going to grocery stores?
I mean, dude, exactly!
It's the final level!
Dude, this is it!
This ain't a joke!
They released a goddamn bioweapon on us!
Think about it, Alex.
A nurse takes the vaccine, goes on TV, passes out on live TV.
That should have been enough right there.
A health minister takes the vaccine, goes live on TV, passes out on live TV.
That wasn't enough.
People sit in the after-vaccine room, passing out.
You have to have an after-vax room because people just faint and have seizures.
We have videos of that.
That wasn't enough.
The Australian minister takes it, his face is paralyzed.
Not enough.
Still not enough!
And then there was a video where they had a vaccine clinic, and we played it earlier on the War Room today, and they had a vaccine clinic, and someone has a vaccine, starts seizing up immediately, and someone films it, and all these doctors rush over, and they put a cover and a curtain over the person, because you're not allowed to see.
Because they're already normalizing the death.
You're not allowed to see.
They're getting us to adapt to the killing.
I mean, imagine that, covering it up.
Covering up the vaccine side effects.
So that's what I'm saying is... Big tech is covering it up.
Doctors are covering it up.
That's all the system knows is the attempt to intimidate you.
So I know you got mad at me earlier.
It was the last in part of your show.
On Friday, and we're sitting there, and I'm like, listen, Owen, this is as bad as it is.
This is a big deal that came after you.
This is a sign of victory.
You're like, yeah, whatever.
I don't care about that.
But in the larger spectrum, I had all these people texting me, famous talk show hosts.
Saying, wow, they've really misstepped.
Wow, this is a good thing for Owen.
I know you don't want to go to prison.
I know you've done nothing wrong.
But I'm saying, do you realize this is a real badge of honor to have the enemy do this?
They didn't do this out of weakness.
They did this out of desperation.
They had to do this.
Well, and I think what it is is that, aside from whatever selfish notions I have, I just realize that
Like when I see what's happening in Australia, or I see what happens to Alex Jones being censored, all this stuff, I just realized that my fate is the fate of everyone.
Alex Jones' fate is the fate of everyone.
Australia's fate is the fate of everyone.
I agree, but I'm the same way, I don't care about Hollywood or movies being famous, but to the people we still matter.
We're not like a globalist Hollywood star.
We're now an example to others.
So you're like, I don't care if I'm being destroyed, being built up.
You understand the fact that they had to do that is an example that they think you're going to bow to this and you not bowing to this is going to be a strong weapon against them.
This is desperation, Owen.
The fact that they indicted you.
They're not ready to get me yet, which don't worry, they will.
Don't worry.
I'll stand up when the time comes.
But the fact is, this is a big deal, man.
This is a success.
This is, this is like... I mean, yeah, if you want to... The enemy of humanity wants to put you in prison for nothing?
This is a big deal.
I mean, if you want to talk about, you know, the Mount Rushmore of fighting for America, I guess this is just another, another star on my resume for it.
But like you said, I never wanted this.
I just wanted to tell the truth.
I just wanted people to wake up and be healthy and live better lives.
But the country's being taken over by satanic communists.
And they want to destroy you and silence you and scare other people.
Look what happened to Owen Schroeder.
Because they're satanic.
They think if someone's crushed, they're weak.
They think Christ is weak because Christ was destroyed.
They don't even get it, Owen.
That's because they're satanic.
They're blind.
Whereas you're being risen up right now.
Alex, they have on TV now, they cut away on an ABC News show to a live satanic ritual.
They have celebrities on TV doing like promos for live TV.
Because they're calling out to their God because they're losing.
Literally though, I mean, like, it's one thing for the Satanists in the underbelly of society to be running things, but now they're like, I mean, they're coming out in public!
I mean, they're coming out in public, man!
They're doing drag queen story time!
They're telling you they want to chop your kid's testicles off!
They're saying they're going to take parents from kids and force them to take experimental interventions!
And so Owen, this message to you,
It's a message to this whole crew.
They think this crew is made out of cowards.
They think these men and women in here, on this special broadcast, are scared.
They think doing this, they go, we can't get Jones, he won't back down, get his people.
Indict Leanne McAdoo.
Indict Owen Troyer.
Sue them all.
Attack them.
Go after people.
But do you think you're going to be safe once you bow down to these people?
I don't think they intimidated this crew.
I don't think these people, I'm serious, I know who they are.
Because they already understand you'll lose everything with that attitude.
America, for all it's said...
Believe in the individual.
And Americans aren't cowards.
And their great moment of attempted intimidation is going to be our greatest moment, Owen.
That's why this is our greatest moment right now, where we go through the flame together and let them know that we're committed to this fight.
As it all comes out, as the wheels come off the enemy, all these servants of evil are about to lose everything they've got, Owen.
I think the biggest thing is going to be asking God for guidance, that he can guide us through this great war.
Praying for his solace in it as well, because it's going to be a tormentous experience.
But in the end, God will win, and if we are willing,
And we ask God to use us as his tools to defeat this satanic new world order, then we will.
And these regimes don't typically last too long.
And so hopefully we can stop this satanic pedophile cult from dominating and conquering the planet so that future generations of humans, Americans, worldwide humans, don't have to live under this tyranny.
But regardless, we ourselves are going to give them a good run.
We have no option.
There's no other option.
All right.
Well, we already had your co-host indicted, set up.
He got to get a presidential pardon.
You're the lone survivor on the war room.
I guess you're supposed to turn yourself in on Monday.
We'll see what happens with that.
I hope you wait till you get on Tucker Carlson.
Uh, before that happens and before you disappear into the fucking black sea of death.
Uh, they're coming for me too, brother.
And I know, I just think no weapon formed against us is going to prosper.
Everybody should pray for you and pray for him for us right now.
But you've been here five plus years.
I knew way before that.
We love you, brother.
Thank you, Alex.
It's all good.
All right.
It's all going to be good.
It's all in God's plan.
I appreciate the crew.
I appreciate Dr. Francis Boyle earlier for that critical intel.
Now it's up to you, the viewers, to decide whether you want to share this in your email, your text message, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else.
It's up to you whether this dog hunts.
It's up to you whether our sacrifice counts.
We're counting on you right now.
Share this video and please give everybody a prayer and prayer for Owen and prayer for everybody that are political prisoners of this satanic system.
Thank you.
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