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Name: 20210820_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 20, 2021
2507 lines.

In this episode, Alex Jones discusses various conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 vaccines, globalist agenda, and January 6th. He mentions InfoWars' previous predictions about the pandemic and flu vaccines. He also promotes alternative health products and discusses recent news related to vaccine passports and forced vaccinations. Furthermore, he talks about the need for patriots to gather and fight against deception perpetrated by shadowy elite. Finally, he interviews Jarome Bell, who is running for Congress, discussing election fraud and suppression of dissenting voices.

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They're issuing a final report that they've already got copies of, saying, no, this was not premeditated, and it wasn't the greatest attacks as Pearl Harbor or 9-11, and we're not gonna walk up to the American people and slap them across the face a couple more times and try to start a fight with them.
This is good.
This is healthy, this is sanity, and this is what we need to see a lot more of.
It's not framing patriots, not framing people that actually want to save the country, but actually going after the weak, pathetic, evil political system with creatures like Obama and Hillary and Psaki running it?
Who want to run us in the ground?
There was no grand scheme with Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all these people to storm the Capitol and take hostages.
Uh, yeah, exactly.
We'd add guns if that was our plan, and that's not our plan.
My plan is not to commit suicide tomorrow and be the villain for the rest of the year.
Why would I have my whole career be about peace, and then I would go and do this to us in a fiasco form?
But it isn't about me.
It's not about, oh, I'm proven right.
Oh, I'm vindicated.
That doesn't matter.
Because if I don't have a country or a planet, who cares if I'm vindicated?
The bigger question is, why is the FBI doing this?
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
They have never guessed the right flu virus for the mutation of what the main flu is the next year, and it's always a whole bunch of flus, dozens and dozens of them.
And that it does nothing to protect you from the next flu if it's not the exact flu!
That's why they never ask why they don't have a vaccine for the common cold.
Because it's too varied.
Because there's thousands of them.
And because you have to get it exactly right.
And viruses are always mutating.
But you notice they're telling you they've got a vaccine.
They want you willingly to go take whatever it is that's gonna be in there.
Now Fauci has come out of you, just joined us, we're gonna play the clip again first here in a moment, and said, hey, we're gonna surveil people, we're gonna cycle into other seasons, next year you won't be able to go out either.
So they'll run into the middle of summer, and then let you have a month or two, and then clamp it back down, but there'll be special apps they're announcing, you'll be tracked, China was the model.
They're gonna roll it out like they just got these ideas, but it's all pre-planned.
By the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, the tabletop exercises, predicting COVID-19 in November when it was already launched in China.
I think all of you already instinctively know this is the big one, and if we fail this test, we're gonna be ruled by the threat
of unending invisible bio weapons.
They're gonna tighten down the restrictions, loosen them by the summer, and then release new strains immediately that aren't even as bad as the current strain.
They'll say they're worse, fear monger, and then clamp down even stronger.
That's what they've done in Italy.
It's what they've done in other areas where they've been beta testing, like Spain, and now moving towards Australia.
So this is all formulaic.
It's all heavily scripted, and we know their plan.
So, those are clips from a year and a half ago, right through to about a year ago, predicting exactly with precision what then unfolded.
How do we do it?
Because it's all scripted.
The mainstream media, the enemies of humanity, are rubbing their hands together with all these lethal articles about all the deaths in the hospitals, and all the incredible pneumonias and illnesses, and all these new diseases that are rising up, and all these strange new viruses that are killing young people, and saying, oh, you said COVID wasn't real, huh?
Oh no, it was a real virus they made in the lab where the vaccine response then causes massive mutations and all these new variants, which I predicted with top scientists on my show 18 months ago, 17 months ago, 16 months ago, 15 months ago, 14 months ago, would by this fall, we said eight months or so after the first inoculations, cause a massive plague.
So we have all the clips.
Well, we predicted that, and that's coming up today.
The crew's been giving me all these clips that folks are digging up and freaking out over.
But I want you to know, again, it wasn't that Alex Jones had a supercomputer brain, even though all our brains are more powerful than a supercomputer.
My point is, not a supercomputer of supercomputers, not a mighty mouse brain, just the brain God gave me.
And we laid out exactly what's gonna happen.
So I can tell you right now, all over the country,
My contacts tell me, I talked to very high-level scientists, very high-level doctors today, two different ones.
One of them is in Michigan speaking at a big event with General Flynn.
He runs a hospital, and he was saying this is a Chinese bio-weapon for sure, and he just can't believe that Fauci and Gates and all them that helped set up the lab, run the drills, have not been put in prison.
That really is what all this comes down to, with a perfect plan,
To create an injection that supposedly counters the virus, but then makes your body produce new variants of it in mass.
And by this winter, there's just gonna be millions of dead, probably.
And we always knew that, and that was in the literature.
That's what all the top scientists said.
You know, the good news is most of the doctors and scientists are on our side, and they knew all this and warned everybody, and I thought it was a little extreme 16, 17 months ago, when every scientist we had on, and every scientist we played clips of,
All the former chief scientist at Pfizer and the head EU advisor, and so many others, and Dr. Francis Boyle that wrote the U.S.
biological weapons law and was a chief U.N.
prosecutor, said everything would come true like this, and it did!
It did!
I mean, they really did it to us, and now we're in hell.
And we have a puppet president that just signed over Afghanistan to China.
China's threatening to invade Taiwan.
This is the end of America, folks.
They did it.
The country's under assault.
Well, this is it!
The end of America, the fall of the Republic, and the birth of the new Second Dark Age under the cyclotronic control of the technocracy.
And the good part is all the leftists and all the scum are going to be judged.
They'll be the first to die, the first to be incinerated.
But everybody that didn't like America, didn't like freedom, and didn't like Jesus, didn't like free market, and didn't like
Self-defense, you're about to get front row seats to your own destruction.
This is the very twilight, the final minutes, soon to be the final seconds in the death of the Republic and the takeover of the planet by the globalists, the EU and the Chai Koms, and Hollywood and its satanic minions are going to take their time with us.
Slowly breaking the country down and slicing into little chunks.
And we are going to go into bondage, just like those little babies who never got to suckle at their mother's breasts, never got to learn their first word, never got to learn about puppy dogs and kittens or goldfish.
They just got their brains sucked out.
On the operating table at nine months old, they were lucky.
They weren't lucky.
They got taken delivered live to a university facility where
The medical staff did unbelievable things to them.
They weren't just ordering live fetuses for live intersection.
They weren't just cutting their hearts and livers off.
You know they were doing more, don't you?
That's why on national Canadian television, suddenly they just cut in with a satanic ritual on live TV.
It's all about letting you know that it's game time!
Game time!
Ladies and gentlemen,
On Canadian TV and Australian TV and everywhere, this stuff is just cutting in.
We've got some more news on that coming up.
So let me give you the big news.
I've talked to a lot of medical doctors around the country, talked to one today, a very prestigious one, you know, guy you see on Fox News.
He's going to be coming on our show and studio soon.
Fellow Texan.
And I've talked to a lot of people in the military that are left, that aren't part of the system.
They're part of the old system.
And this is definitely a communist Chinese globalist attack, but directed by the globalist CFR, Trilateral Commission, Davos Group, through the Obama Combine.
And they set Biden up, told him that there would be a safe withdrawal, so they could then burn him to obviously then invoke 25th Amendment and bring in Kamala, who's a total and complete puppet, even more so than Biden.
That the fact that we allowed the Chinese Communist, with traitors inside our own government, to launch this bio-attack on us, that Big Tech helps censor all the info and even block treatments at every level, and the fact that we failed to stop the criminal combine of the big banks, Big Tech, the media, the chat coms, and traitors in our government, to launch this has emboldened them, and they went ahead with the inoculation program of the gene therapy,
That then turned 150 million Americans that took the deadly injections into vaccine-shedding factories, which is confirmed.
Any live vaccine, whether it's virus vector or mRNA, those are all live operations, sloughs new mutants.
That's confirmed, not debated.
That's the big story.
And now there is true illness and true death all over the place.
And when you call the doctor, they're not given any information by the big pharmacies or by their medical boards.
They just say, oh, the hospitals are full.
You just stay at home, stay in bed.
And when you stay in bed with COVID-19, with the Delta variant, your lungs slowly collapse.
And then right when you're ready, and you go to the hospital, they intubate you and you die within 48 hours.
They don't tell you about the steroids you can take.
They don't tell you about ivermectin.
They don't tell you about Zika or hydroxychloroquine.
They just wait like demonic spiders to kill you.
And the death toll is just incredible.
Most of the people I know have friends and family that are now dead just recently.
But notice, it's not a big deal in the news yet.
When the real attack comes, they don't tell you.
When it was the fake attack last year, they were getting you ready for the vaccine that would ensure it got in your body to make sure they could do it to you.
Well, they hyped up every car wreck, every gunshot wound, every person that died of cancer or heart failure as COVID.
But it was a real virus, so they could own it, a chimera, to then have the so-called vaccine be the response that turns you into an incubator.
And then right at the key point, the oldest people, the sickest people that have already had their immune systems lowered almost to nothing by the last two so-called vaccines, then you take the booster, which Bill Gates said a year and a half ago, there'll be a booster that you'll need to take within the first year.
But they said they never knew that.
They never knew the vaccine would fail, but of course they did.
It's not a vaccine.
So what is the third shot going to do that they've specially made right now?
Well, that's going to be the super weapon.
That the people that are already primed have their immune systems lowered.
They're going to take the third booster shot like they're already doing in England, and they're already doing in Israel, and the vast majority of those that take it get deathly ill and go to the hospital, and many of them die.
And that's because they are a factory weapon.
The third injection fully takes over your body.
You have no immune system, no nothing.
It gets in, it replicates, it takes you over, and you're like a suicide bomber.
And then yes, the evidence shows once they shed and infect others, they infect others, they infect others, they infect others.
So this isn't normal virology, where people get a virus and then they have variants that are almost always weaker.
No, no, these are, these are stronger.
Because it was already cooked up, and the different generations of how it would mutate was already prepared and studied on human subjects in China and on animals.
So this is decades in the making, developed by globalists in the Pentagon under Obama, developed and then deployed in 2015 to China, and then there was a national uprising worldwide, the globalists were in trouble, and so they implemented Operation Lockstep.
As Biden has now said, we have implemented Operation Lockstep.
He told you about that years before he ever talked about it, 10 years before.
Hell, he was vice president when he first told you about lockstep.
But now he's the president, the puppet.
He says, I've implemented this all in lockstep.
That was loaded into his teleprompter.
So this is a bio attack on the world.
And the Chinese always said, they said, we're happy to have a nuclear war.
We got too many people.
So they made a deal with the globalists to let their own people get hit.
Let us get hit.
But notice the Chinese, here's the key, and the Indians, and all those other countries, they refused the Moderna, the Pfizer, the J&J, the AstraZeneca, and all of it.
They all refused it.
And remember, not even 10% of India has taken even their own government shot.
Only 27% in Australia.
Remember, the rest of the world's not taking this, and they're only targeting the Western world with these weapons, because you can't have a New World Order into the future with a bunch of uppity Americans that want motorboats and swimming pools and casinos and their Seinfeld episodes.
You're dead.
This is it.
They're removing you.
They're killing you right now.
This is a bio-attack.
You live to see it.
You're in World War IV, folks.
The CIA called Cold War, World War III.
I agree with that.
This is World War IV.
And it is a corporate war against humanity itself.
A depopulation war.
But the main group, not under globalist control, is areas of Latin America.
A few areas of Africa, the United States, and some areas of Europe and the UK.
And those are all the places where they're saying, you've got to take your shot 100% because they need to go ahead and kill as many of us as we can.
And by the time we figure it out again, they'll say, oh, it's a new variant.
Like I said a year ago, when I said, you take the vaccine, it's going to kill you.
It's going to kill others.
They're going to say, oh, it's a variant, did it?
And they've done it.
So they've launched the attack.
And just remember that no matter who you are or who you work for, you're going to have to face this now.
Remember the man that wrote and sang this incredible song almost died from the Pfizer shot.
And he says it's part of a depopulation plan.
That's right.
Let's listen to him for a second.
He's still alive, but barely.
Turn it up.
How many people gotta get sick and die from these shots before we can bring Fauci and Bill Gates to justice?
You know, psychos always launch attacks, and the smarter ones do it covertly like these guys have done, but we've exposed them.
And I want Fauci, and I want Gates to know, at a metaphysical, spiritual level, I know you're going to pay for what you've done in this life, and after you're dead.
I know that at a spiritual, Holy Spirit level.
Today, I was very upset this morning going through a lot of stuff, and God just said, don't worry.
They're going to pay and they're going to pay very soon.
And not by my hands and not by your hands.
God is going to destroy these people that are trying to destroy our country and the world.
But let's be honest.
We got here because we become a backslidden evil nation.
And the whole world is now really getting upset watching what the United States has turned into.
Ladies and gentlemen, they 100% told the Taliban to take over that way.
They 100% set Joe Biden up.
As much as I hate his guts, this is Obama and this is Kamala Harris and this is their plan.
Doesn't mean Biden doesn't get in trouble.
Doesn't mean he's not terrible.
My point is we need to put the blame on the bureaucracy that put him in and the media that said he could be a president and that helped him steal the election.
They all want to turn on him now so they can bring in the next Obama puppet.
Because Joe Biden, as senile as he is, is not a complete Obama puppet.
They want another puppet in there so they can carry out their globalist operations and then they don't get the blame.
And then America gets the blame through the puppet president, instead of it being their puppet.
This is a globalist project.
Afghanistan was a globalist project.
We should have left Afghanistan.
But the way Biden was told in his briefings, oh, with 300,000 persons, it's fine.
It's going to be great.
Then he flip-flops and goes, oh, we always knew it was going to fail.
That's just him arrogantly doubling down, because normally he's got media support to do that.
This is all a setup and a green light to China.
Go ahead and take Taiwan.
Go ahead and do whatever you want.
Move in with the Taliban and take over the $2.2 trillion in infrastructure.
That place has three-lane highways now and shopping malls and grocery stores and infrastructure everywhere to get the tens of trillions of dollars of rare earth minerals.
I mean, Afghanistan just has all sorts of
Incredible rarest minerals just laying around the ground.
It's like areas of Africa just have diamonds laying around.
Well, in Afghanistan, it's just everything you need for a modern society.
Everything that goes into computers and switches and chips is all there, everywhere.
And so they don't even care with him to even have the clocks right.
To even, you know, not show secret CIA stuff when he does a briefing, because it's all about projecting weakness.
Because what did the CFR say going back 30 years?
We're going to have the end of America by 2020, and the rise of Communist China and the New World Order and the technocracy by 2030.
You can go read this in the books they write.
All the CFR articles.
I go to classical bookstores that still sell books every few months, and I'll go to the magazine section.
They have a book.
It's a bi-monthly book called Foreign Affairs by the CFR.
It's like a magazine.
And I usually buy it.
I've shown it to you here on air and read excerpts of it.
But a good third of the time that I pick one up, a few times a year, it's half the articles are America sucks, China's taking over, the Dragon Century, on and on and on.
That's what this is.
Because the parasites that took over America hate Christianity.
And they fundamentally have always wanted to basically defeat America, and so they don't even care about losing their own power.
As long as they can really persecute Christians and really bring Satanism to America and really bring pedophilia to America, they can do it.
And that all sounds fantastical, it sounds terrible, but you see the news, you see the culture, you see the television, you see what it is.
And so it's religious.
It's like, why would a jihadi blow himself up for no reason?
Well, he thinks he gets seven virgins instantly.
He's dialed into that satanic force.
That's why Islam is allied with the globalists, because at the end of the day, they are the satanic force who take the symbol of the pentacle, which is the symbol of man,
Like a Rush album.
It's not a satanic... to have a man standing in a pinnacle.
That's the ancient symbol of a human.
That's why they say, you're a star.
The symbol of a human.
The head, the two arms, the legs.
You invert that, it's humanity going down.
That's what the Satanists are wearing a symbol of, is the destruction of humanity.
Same thing with a cross.
A cross is really a sun symbol.
It's a swastika.
All cultures have it.
And the most simple form is
Two arms and a head and a leg, and it's rotating, but it's the symbol of life.
Across with the arms straight out, or up, is the symbol of life.
Now what's the symbol of death?
What's the Democrats' main symbol?
What's the left symbol?
Across with the arms down.
That's the rune of death.
Whether you're British, or whether you were Germanic, or whether you were an ancient person in India, or an ancient Aryan in Iran.
Nothing to do with Hitler's Aryans, it was actually called the Aryan Empire.
That was a symbol.
Arms up, a tree.
Guys, type in the Rune of Life.
The Rune of Life is arms up on a tree.
What's a tree?
When a tree's alive, is its branches up, or when it dies, is its branches down?
So see, our symbol is a cross, arms out, arms up.
What is a satanic symbol?
Arms down.
Dead tree.
Just type in Rune of Death.
Germanic rune of death.
It's in every other culture.
So, they're telling you, the cross is upside down, the star is upside down, the tree is upside down, it's death, death, death.
Here, I'll show you.
Yeah, that's a rune of life right there.
Show people, oh that's a rune of death right there.
Absolutely, anybody can test it for yourself.
And again, they'll probably have an ADL story, Jones flashing swastikas on screen.
Yeah, like in Hindu temples, all it is is a sun symbol.
People, what's good?
The sun, it turns, it rolls, it goes up, it goes down, it rolls across the horizon, it brings life.
Bring your sick out and put them under the sun, the sun will heal them.
When a tree has life, its arms are up.
When a tree has death, its arms are down.
There's the rune of death.
With a circle around it, it means a ritual of worldwide death.
Worldwide death.
The liberals, the Democratic Party, the peace movement, they are not what they say they are.
Does that mean peace is bad?
No, no, no.
They claim they're the environmental movement as they kill the Earth.
They claim they're the peace movement as they kill humanity.
They claim they're guardians of the galaxy when they come to destroy it.
Now I'm going to stop ranting about this, but I just can't lie to you and I can't come on air and not tell you that we are in grave trouble.
And they've initiated the total collapse of the United States.
Only a total awakening and people in government waking up to how much trouble we're in and refusing to comply with these orders is going to stop this.
And maybe that's not supposed to happen.
Maybe we're all supposed to be judged.
But remember, what comes next is a lot worse if we don't turn it around now.
Now we have some huge January 6 news straight ahead that will break live on air.
Stay with us.
That's how old my dad's grandmother loved to be.
They called her Ma Jones.
I got to know her good.
But that wasn't her real name.
Her name was Moon Jones.
And she came from a Native American tribe you had to keep secret.
Interesting stuff.
Texas is a cool place.
All right!
A little bit of factoid there.
My dad comes from a county like one over from where Willie Nelson's from.
There's a lot of Willie Nelson-looking old weirdos out there that are good guys, though.
And old Willie, I don't blame him too much for being a leftist.
He doesn't know any better.
He's brainwashed and controlled.
He's way, way past his prime and barely alive.
Every time I hear him sing that song, it makes me think about it.
All right, let's get into it right now.
You know, it's hard to tell a Willie Nelson story and then get into something like this.
Because this is really, really a big deal.
And I don't want to say things about this that are wrong.
And a lot of times when I get ready to say something on air, during the break I had it all crystallized and I had the perfect explanation to put the English spin on it.
I don't mean spin like in politics, but spin like in pool billiards to take so many different pieces of information and put it together so that it's really clear and people get the nuance of it.
Does that make sense?
And then I take a phone call and forget what I was going to say, and then I say, hey, I'll cover it next segment, which is what I'm going to do now.
But just as soon as I try to grasp that fire again, it flickers away from me and disappears.
But I tell ya, I'm really surprised at the establishment.
I mean, it's one thing to plan this New World Order.
It's one thing to plan the end of America.
It's one thing to plan a bioweapon release.
It's one thing to plan injecting people with a program that's gonna grow prions in them until they die.
And then suppress treatments.
But it's a whole other enchilada, baby, to do it.
So I'll give it to Schwab, and I'll give it to Gates, and I'll give it to Fauci.
Man, you guys are some bad motherfuckers.
You guys are some bad, bad hombres.
Hitler ain't got nothing on you.
You vampire bat creature.
But you know what?
If we take what Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates dish out, and Fauci pisses on us with, then we deserve what we get.
I actually get what they're saying about survival of the fittest.
And social Darwinism.
If I let them kill my family without retribution, then I deserve to die.
But I do think they've really outstayed their welcome on this planet, and I do think that they have, like psychos always do, take our sleeping and our kindness for weakness, and I don't think that's the case.
Those of us that aren't seeking power and aren't seeking blood just for blood's sake, quite frankly, don't want to spill your blood.
We don't want to touch you.
We wish you'd go scurry off into some dark hole and just disappear.
But you know, just like all the other evils in this world and history, you're not going to go away without a fight, are you?
And I think that's really the bottom line of what we've come down to here.
Next segment, I'll cover the news that is interesting.
And you know, it's not because I'm at the center of this news and I'm going to cover it.
In fact, it's because I am at the center of this news that I would have led with this story today.
I woke up at 5 a.m.
like waiting for another punch in the stomach.
I put my name in Google News to prepare to see the new lie, the new attack.
99% of the time, it's some horrible, vicious thing.
I sat there on the toilet at 5.30 a.m., hit the button, waiting for the punch in the stomach, and there was the FBI exonerates Alex Jones and Roger Stone for January 6th.
And so ever since 5.30 a.m., I've been thinking about what does that mean?
And I think I know what that means.
And it's actually a positive thing, not for me.
I mean, let me explain something.
I signed my life over a long time ago.
I made a deal with God.
For God to save me if I did the right thing.
So the globalists can't threaten me, they can't threaten my family, they can't do anything to get me to sell out.
Because I already have a deal.
So I'm not worried about myself.
I really wanted to think and know what this meant, so I called a lot of people I respect, and they had different ideas and different views on it, but I know what it is.
And it's something smart.
It's the FBI being smart.
Whatever's left of it.
And I think even in the establishment that's not anti-American, the small vestigial group that's left, there's got to be a question of like, is the New World Order really a suicide pact?
I mean, is screwing America over and your power and taking over really, really going to be good if you're destroying the process?
And so that's what this is about.
I'll talk about it and go over it next segment because it is an important big story.
I mean, they had the dogs out wanting me arrested for January 6th and they subpoenaed us and the FBI told me you're under criminal investigation and you know, all the rest of it.
And I never really worried about any of that because I didn't do anything they were saying I did.
I understood it was part of something larger about starting a war with the American people.
And I don't want a war with the American people.
I don't want a war with the FBI.
I don't want a war with the U.S.
Not just because they're a bunch of killers, but because it's stupid!
And it's not for anybody's interest.
But there is the
Chicken crap dimension I talk about and these weird globalists that want to see America burn because they don't want the idea of prosperity there when this new dark age of tyranny begins and that's really what this is.
And so we have to transcend this and not be emotional and really realize what's going on and de-escalate all of this crap right now because there's a large contingent
Of the federal government that's allied with Satan, not even the Chinese, that's just allied with pedophilia, just anything.
Hollywood, it's Hollywood.
It's the spirit of Hollywood that literally wants a war with the Christians, but they want the military and police that they already hate to go out and have that war with us.
I choose not to participate.
And that's all I'm saying, and I've said that on air, and I hope that stuff like this from the FBI is the beginning of sanity so this can be stopped.
Because I'm not scared of the FBI.
I'm scared of me.
I'm scared of people like me.
And I'm just saying, please stop, please.
The globalists are going to win if this war starts.
We do not want a domestic war.
We do not want this insanity.
So a bunch of bankers can have their Chinese century.
Let's just stop complying together and just not kill each other.
And we can save the world.
I'm going to go to break and come back.
I said I wouldn't start hitting it, but I did start hitting it right there.
But there's a this is a big deal.
All this is a big deal.
We just need to stop it now.
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Isn't consciousness amazing?
Welcome back to this August 20th Friday transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
So, what are the smartest minds out there, people I respect, what do they think about the big announcement that reverses the national security policy of the President, the puppet?
National Security Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism says Islamic threat doesn't even exist.
With 5 million Islamic refugees from Afghanistan coming to Europe and the U.S.
right now.
People hanging off airplane wheels.
No, they say opposition to COVID measures, questioning the election, that's the main terror threat.
So then the FBI comes out with a big article to Reuters, and reverses that, and says we're giving a final report to Congress, they've already seen it, it'll be public soon, and the Democrats agree with it!
That there's scant evidence.
Not zero.
What is... definition of scant means maybe like a shadow of evidence?
That anybody planned an attack on the Capitol.
That it was premeditated.
And they specifically say that Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and Donald Trump coordinated.
Hell, they've admitted to us.
They got all our phone records.
They checked Trump's phone records.
They went over everything.
They sent police to my hotel.
Roger Stone literally said, get out of D.C.
or we're going to arrest you.
I mean, it was that illegal, that police state.
The cops literally believed we launched the attack on the Capitol.
And with a long group of police, we were like, hey, here I am on video saying, please don't.
They're like, wow, we didn't know that.
We're told it's you.
You attacked us.
I mean, this is the level of BS going on, how they manipulate Americans against each other and how stupid this is.
Why would I get a million people in D.C.
for a 10-day investigation and a pause on the election to prove fraud, to have us act like idiots and go in there in Berzerker outfits and defecate Nancy Pelosi's office, making us look like idiots?
That is the last thing I would do.
But it doesn't matter, I'm on video trying to stop it.
But this isn't about Alex Jones or Roger Stone or even President Trump.
This is about, you saw thousands, that's a conservative number.
Of articles saying arrest Roger Stone, arrest Alex Jones, arrest Trump.
They premeditatedly did this.
Their million people attacked the Capitol.
No, they didn't.
Look at that crowd.
It goes for miles and miles and miles.
They were told Trump was going to speak there.
Before he even finished his speech, provocateurs in the crowd started fights with the cops.
And the rest is history.
So we know we were set up.
We know what happened.
What does it mean?
Here's the Reuters exclusive.
FBI finds scant evidence.
Capitol attack was coordinated, sources.
And I can't believe how accurate these FBI statements are.
I mean, I'm reading this.
It's like very nuanced.
It's extremely true.
Because it's like, yeah, there was about 5% that were provocateur militia groups.
We're not sure who was commanding them, but looks like they just did it kind of on their own and that they did think they were going into the Capitol to take over.
But then they had no plan once they got there.
That's exactly what we've researched.
That's true.
Because it was Q stuff.
And you said, be there, something magic's going to happen.
So it was Q stuff.
Is that the Democrats?
Is that a foreign agency?
I don't know.
I just know that you get a million people there and a couple hundred fight the cops, and then 600 or so go in, and then we're all terrorists.
And so you read it, the FBI goes on to say,
90 to 95% of these are one-off cases, said a former senior law enforcement official with knowledge about the investigation.
Then you have a 5% maybe of these militia groups that were closely organized, but there was no grand scheme with Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all these people to storm the Capitol and take hostages.
Yeah, exactly.
We'd add guns if that was our plan and that's not our plan.
My plan is not to commit suicide tomorrow and be the villain for the rest of the year.
This is insane that I would do that.
And it just goes on from there.
So the bigger question isn't, hey, I'm right and hey, I'm going to sue ABC and NBC and all these other people that lied about me and said, I mean, the Wall Street Journal said Jones was there leading the attack as a coward out of range of police tear gas saying attack, attack, attack.
Obviously, I didn't do that.
That's not true.
Why would I have my whole career be about peace, and then I would go and do this to us in a fiasco form?
But it isn't about me.
It's not about, oh, I'm proven right.
Oh, I'm vindicated.
That doesn't matter.
Because if I don't have a country or a planet, who cares if I'm vindicated?
The bigger question is, why is the FBI doing this?
Well, a lot of people that are on the tail of this, like Tucker Carlson and other investigators, believe that this is because the FBI does not want an investigation of the leadership of the militias, just like Michigan.
And because the head FBI guy there was so spiritually evil or dumb or whatever he was,
The Lord works mysterious ways.
He leaked to the opposition, to the defense team, and that group that wanted to kidnap the governor, that they had set them up and provacateured it and gave his own internal recordings laughing how he was setting them up.
And then the FBI still covered that up for him.
Then he beats his wife up because she wouldn't have sex with a bunch of dudes at a sex party.
I mean, like, beats are bloody.
We're talking contusions, cuts all over her face.
Beat the living... I mean, he's like a big gym rat gorilla.
Beats his wife up because she won't gangbang dudes or whatever.
And I'm like, look, this is what's happening January 6th.
So because of this, it's unraveling.
Because, by the way, the whole Michigan group, they were involved, by the way, trying to set folks up on January 6th.
So the system's worried about all of that coming out, and it's this particular subgroup of the FBI, I wouldn't say the whole FBI, is running operations, you know, like this, that are just flagrantly like something out of the hallucinations of the love child of Mao Tse-Tung and Adolf Hitler.
So there's that, but I think it's bigger than that.
I think it's bigger than just
The FBI not wanting an investigation of the provocateur groups.
No, it's about this.
It's about the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.
Listing gun owners and veterans and people that question elections or lockdowns as terrorists and saying they're going to have a war.
If the FBI had any self-preservation, any common sense, the FBI would not be led
Into a war with the American remnant.
I mean, you think we couldn't win a war against the Vietnamese or the Afghans.
Can you imagine?
The left isn't going to fight this war.
They want FBI agents.
They want federal marshals.
They want ATF.
They want bureaucrats.
Do bureaucrats want soldiers?
To go out and fight other men for their domination.
And the simple thought is, if you're not under mind control, is I don't want to fight with the FBI or the U.S.
That wouldn't help America anyways.
And I'm an American.
I'd rather reach out and wake them up.
And they're like, hmm.
We see criminals running down America, selling us out to China, and now the left wants us to go start a war with gun owners and veterans and declare them this.
Maybe we should start saying no.
And that is what this is.
And bucking the Democrats and saying they're issuing a final report that they've already got copies of.
Saying, no, this was not premeditated, and it wasn't the greatest attacks at Pearl Harbor or 9-11, and we're not going to walk up to the American people and slap them across the face a couple more times and try to start a fight with them.
This is good!
This is healthy, this is sanity, and this is what we need to see a lot more of.
It's not framing patriots, not framing people that actually want to save the country, but actually going after the weak, pathetic, evil political system with creatures like Obama and Hillary and Psaki running it?
Who want to run us in the ground?
So it's a very positive thing.
It doesn't mean I trust the FBI, it's its own bureaucracy.
It doesn't mean, you know, America's out of the woods, but
The fact that they've had to come out and say, here's the headline, FBI shoots down dim conspiracy theory, the January 6th Capitol riot was pre-planned, that is a big blow to Biden and Obama's narrative to start the American Civil War.
And I'm all for stopping the Civil War that'll get us all killed.
You know, ladies and gentlemen, I said this again yesterday, I've got stacks of articles, so much incredible news, so many clips, but I'd be a liar if I had to just keep repeating the same emergency.
We got hit by a bioweapon by our own establishment with the Chinese.
And it's already killing so many people.
And last year was fake.
It's in the inoculation.
And we just can't sit here and take this from these people.
And we can't have a civil war and kill each other.
We have to realize it's a tiny group of technocrats that are in control of this.
And either they go to prison, either they get stopped, or billions die.
And that's just an honest statement.
Of course it's incendiary, and it's incredibly dangerous, and I just said it.
I mean, I can't lie to you, and I think anybody that makes a serious assessment of where we're at knows that.
Well, everybody said, my God, this guy sounds like Alex Jones 2.0, and it turned out I didn't even know he's been on The War Room twice.
I knew he looked familiar.
He's on at the bottom of the hour and 30 minutes, Matt Baker.
Alex Jones with dreadlocks?
He's joining us behind the hour.
And that's the spirit.
Because he's not up there threatening them.
He's saying, you're assaulting us.
Stop assaulting us.
And he is getting people fired up to take action if they don't stop.
And we really, really don't want this to start.
Because the world's a complex place.
And it's the globalists that are crazy enough to launch an extermination operation.
We're just trying to stop it.
And we understand we're already halfway into it, but the quicker we reverse this, the better, and then we can bring those that did this to justice.
And here's the good news.
This is something really important I want to say.
The globalists would never launch something like this unless they had an effective treatment or cure.
So, we've got great scientists, we've got great sources, and yeah, we don't know the whole plan, we've re-engineered, reverse-engineered most of it, that's our job, but there's got to be treatments or cures for what they've done to people.
So, instead of talking about how we're going to shoot the blue helmets and have a civil war, which is what the globalists want, they're going to sit back while this country burns, let's be Christ-like
And try to figure out the big plan, educate everybody, and try to convince people in the system, they're compartmentalized, in the corporate system, governmental, you name it, to be sane for their own families and their own futures, and let's figure this out.
Because as long as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and all them can sit back in the distance and do all this and watch us kill each other like we're morons, they're going to keep doing it.
But they've already had to withdraw a lot of their people.
And they're already in a lot of disarray.
And they're already getting a lot of heat from their own minions.
But that's why we're in so much danger.
They didn't launch this big attack on everybody because they were in a position of power.
They had this stuff on the shelf, but they're cowards.
So they only did it once they were more afraid of us than what would happen if they got caught.
And I think now, I don't think I know, they know they made a mistake.
This is not going well for them.
As bad as it looks for everybody out there,
And believe me, it's rough, I know it is.
I haven't told you the half of it.
These guys put on their confidence acts all day.
Let me tell you something, at 3 a.m.
these guys are crawling around on the ground crying for money.
The devil's got a big ol' long black bullwhip, just like... You get in there and you kill these humans, or I'll destroy you!
You see what I just did to this person?
You see what I did to that person?
Get it in gear now, Sonny Boy!
Pedal to the metal, Sonny Boy!
You carry out my operations or I'll destroy you right now!
Because these people do the things they've done to get cut off from God so they can get that satanic influence.
We're gonna come back from break.
And I'm gonna hit all the rest of the news.
Got a big transmission lined up for you today.
Because the whole galaxy's just a city.
And we're gonna get off this planet together.
It's God's plan.
You belong in the city.
You belong.
And those that are trying to block the development of our species are already destined to fail.
They already signed on to the wrong spirit.
They already signed on to the wrong energy.
They know they're cut off and that's why they're so angry.
All right, he's coming up at the bottom of the hour talking about the resistance.
And I meant to do more of this because, you know, just in San Diego where he was speaking, there were six or seven clubs I saw of amazing people, only played a few.
And then it's in Texas and Michigan and just everywhere.
I mean, we need to magnify the citizens that are going out and speaking up and saying no and having victories.
And we need to get others then to realize how important that role is and it's game over.
And I've got a big stack of news here that I need to hit that's on the whole forced inoculations.
The rest of it will hit after this clip.
You're on the Alex Jones Show today because human action and human resistance is key to this.
And it's already happening.
They make all these huge announcements to see if you'll do it.
Then they got to back off because people aren't complying.
So this is a big moment.
And I haven't played you the clip yet out of
And when I watch these videos, I see the entire chain of events, the dominoes, the plan.
And it is very disgusting.
That's coming up next segment.
But right now, he's joining us at the bottom of the hour.
But here is Matt Baker in San Diego.
We got a better HD clip of it.
Here it is.
That's the wind.
That's the wind of time.
That's the wind of history.
That's the wind blowing through your ancestors' bones, begging you to do the right thing.
Sir, can you please state your name for the audio record?
That is the wind that Matt Baker is calling upon from Ocean Beach.
The wind that is blowing through the black people, through the white people, through the Chinese people, through the Mexican-Americans, through the people that built this building with their bare hands to raise up this nation, they are begging you and they are blowing through your
You know as the population who's in control, you know that the people or the politicians, once you get a power, you will never relinquish it.
Do you think that the four feet of marble that holds you above, high in this chamber, will help you from the fate of humanity which you are unleashing?
It won't!
Your children and your children's children will be subjugated!
They will be asked, how many vaccines have you had?
Have you been a good little Nazi?
Hey, Alfonsi!
Hey, Alfonsi!
Hey, Alfonsi!
Hey, Alfonsi!
There's been a lot of talk about the Nuremberg Code!
Well, I brought you a copy!
You are all in violation of Section 1!
Yes, you, Dr. Wilton!
You are in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which is international law!
I'm so honored this fellow is a longtime listener, of course you knew he was.
Video shows angry French shoppers being blocked from entering the supermarket because they don't have COVID passports.
This is the future.
I'm going to air this clip in others next segment.
Meanwhile, report Fox is asking employees to upload their vaccination results.
Notice they're asking because their lawyers know this is lawsuit hell.
It's like a pedophile ask a kid to get in the back of the ice cream truck.
Just say no.
Flight attendant suggested mom glue daughter's face with super glue to her face after she refused to put it on.
Oh, your two-year-old won't mind.
It's a mammal.
It doesn't want to have its breathing tubes covered.
Oh, just glue it on its face.
North Texas Doctors Group retreats on policy, not a law, saying vaccination status to be part of care decisions.
Oh, you're not going to get a surgery here.
You didn't take an experimental shot.
Even if it was an authorized shot, that's a Nuremberg violator.
I mean, this is just insane.
64-year-old heart patient removed from transplant list for refusing COVID vaccine.
Even the COVID vaccine attacks your heart.
Oh, gee, I've got a heart problem.
I don't want to take something they say if you have heart problems, don't take.
But they're like, we don't care what even the literature says!
Dang it!
It's all about giving up common sense, submitting to these lies.
And it gets worse.
Five-month pregnant, I face losing my job and healthcare for choosing not to get a COVID injection.
Even though it's not authorized for children under 12 to take, they say, oh, we'll give it to pregnant women, even though 82%, 83% in the first trimester lose the baby when they take it.
It's all about human sacrifice.
All about what will you put up with?
British man in Singapore given six weeks in prison for not wearing face mask.
A psychiatric assessment.
You're insane because you don't like a fraud.
Even mainstream news though, in Slate, reports on the noble lies of COVID-19 and how they lied on purpose.
For our own good, of course.
Their neighbors called COVID-19 a hoax.
Can these ICU nurses forgive them?
No, the original COVID-19 was fake numbers and fake PCR tests.
Now your variants are being sloughed out of people on record because it's a live virus vaccine.
So we've got all of that in another big article by Jamie White.
Bombshell study finds mRNA vaccine may cause tragic and even catastrophic side effects.
But those aren't side effects.
We're going to go to break here and I'm going to come back with what's happening in France and now coming here with guards not letting you in the grocery store if you haven't had your
Vaccine passport.
And in France, I sent you guys a tweet.
I'm sure it's here, but I missed it in my stack.
They have 10 spaces for the new shots you'll get.
Here we have five.
They're like, oh, we just now need a new booster.
We only figured this out today.
Well, it was always part of the plan.
It's not a booster.
It's a new bioweapon to be introduced now that everybody's immune system's lowered.
So the people that already have no immune system can be used as carriers to produce the next virus already tested in animals and humans in China illegally.
So this is it, and boy, I doubt the booster shots are starting, but we'll talk about it coming up.
Separately, we can only stay on air because of you, and I thank you all for your support.
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All right, we'll be right back with the future.
Stay with us.
Better turn me loose!
Better set me free!
Little bit better than I used to be, because I'm alive!
I'm a live wire!
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we got incredible footage that is the gateway to the future.
We have footage in Australia.
We have footage in the UK.
We have footage in France, that's where we're going first, of the UN-directed martial law slave training.
Now, I want to be clear about this footage, because I've got a bunch of these clips, and it's designed to enrage the French.
Remember Macron a month ago said, to go to the grocery store, you're going to have to have the injection, you're going to have to have the pass on your phone.
At first it was train stations and cafes, you saw all that footage.
So the French then try to go to the grocery store, and in the full footage they're throwing them out the exit.
They found people that are coming in one door, they're throwing them out another.
And it's big, giant, NFL-sized black guy, and black guys literally attacking white people.
Now imagine the image of that, but think about it.
They say, bring in tens of millions out of Africa, don't give them jobs, then set them up as the enforcers against the French to make it racial.
The reason I raise that is take Tiananmen Square.
Happened back in the late 1980s.
The first day it was pro-democracy protesters.
They weren't violent.
They were peaceful.
The local military was from that area.
They wouldn't attack them.
So from 800 miles away, because the Chinese, there's like nine different dialects and they're all just as territorial as the North versus the South or the Crips versus the Bloods, they had to bring in a group of Chinese from the North known that hate that area.
Because the regular troops would not run over their own people.
But don't worry.
A day later, they brought in 50,000 troops that were not that group of Chinese.
So that's what globalism is.
Is you bring in groups from outside that country who will then oppress people who they're not part of.
And then it only creates more division.
So, let's go ahead and play these clips.
Video shows angry French shoppers.
Got the French police.
Being blocked from entering the supermarket because they don't have COVID passports.
And then again, later it'll be because you haven't followed all the other rules, you're not politically correct.
And then we've got the footage of the black security guards, again, assaulting white people.
But just imagine if that was white security guards doing that to a group of black people.
It's bad either way, but this is the racial division system.
Yeah, go ahead and play it with audio please.
In fairness, there's some other Africans saying don't do this.
This is like insane.
This is the division.
They bring in a client group they can control to then be the outside enforcer.
And this goes on for hours.
There's hours of this footage.
It gets a lot worse.
More people get involved.
They attack more people.
Fights break out.
The guy's showing him, I've got my vaccine passport.
Can I come in?
I mean, this is like, this isn't a scale of like 1 to 10.
On a scale of 1 to a trillion, this is a trillion.
Can't go in a grocery store unless you've taken an experimental shot.
And this is the French again.
And again, I guess you guys saw a different clip I sent you on Twitter.
The one I have is like a minute and a half mashup of like them beating people up and attacking a bunch of other people.
This is a different clip that I sent.
But here's another.
Go ahead and turn the audio up on this please.
The police keep people out of the supermarket because they didn't take an experimental shot.
So again, this is real tyranny.
This on a scale of one to ten, this is a ten and a half, this is an eleven.
And it goes on, it gets worse from here.
Now let's go to just one of the clips from Australia while we have time because I've got too many of these.
I went and looked this up and I found a local news article about it.
This is a father and daughter, it's a five-year-old girl and her dad, caught out on the street
More than three miles past or three kilometers, excuse me, less than three miles from their house.
So the police take them to a COVID facility.
And the dad is trying to get his little girl to let them stick the swab up her nose, but she fights back.
So they deck him and knock him down and then grab her and then drag her off to the back room.
This isn't Grand Theft Auto, folks.
This isn't a video game.
This is the real world.
The dad is literally trying to get his daughter, and she's got good instincts.
She sees her dad grabbed off the street by police.
She knows her daddy's a good person.
Taken to this facility.
They're the ones that cooked it up at Wuhan, all of it.
It's all big BS.
No way to stop it.
It's out there.
Everybody's gonna face it.
That's what these guys do.
They play on our fear.
They control us with fear.
And then they start beating her.
They're like, hmm.
Because you watch video.
Dad did nothing.
He's trying to make her do it.
But he didn't submit enough.
So in case he resisted, take him out and drag her off to God knows where.
If you'll do this, she'll do anything.
Here's the shocking footage.
Radio listeners.
He's patting his daughter.
Tell her everything's okay, honey.
Let her do it.
He's trying to get her to do it.
Surrounded by these hyenas, these demons.
These Chai Khan agents.
And now, they just go ahead and beat him up, just as an act of power.
She scrabbles, she runs, from the wolves.
Of the hyenas.
Now they hogtie him.
And drag her into a back room to do God knows what to her.
And that's what this is.
You go to a grocery store, you ain't coming in.
We grab you off the street, you're not supposed to be out.
They're now in Australia arresting you if you leave your house in many of the states.
The provinces or whatever the hell they call it.
You're like, well hey, good thing I'm not in Australia.
Yeah, same damn stuff's happening in California and other areas.
And it was always the UN's plan a year and a half ago, and I told you, that piece of garbage, Dr. Ryan at the UN, that piece of filth, look at him!
He thinks, just like Fauci, that pervert doctor, that he'll go on screwing us and effing us over forever and never paying for what he's done.
I swear, on the altar of God, you will pay!
You garbage!
I mean, we have, we, it's all our fault.
It's my fault.
We let this filth take control.
But as our next guest said...
I can feel the energy and the breath of my ancestors so strong that survived all those other conflicts to dominate this planet.
And they are now at this point going to give me unlimited will and discernment and strength as long as I'm aligned with God to defeat this.
But we just must take the challenge in our hands and say, I accept the power of my ancestors!
We are back, and I am very excited about having Matt Baker on.
I thought, this guy looks familiar.
He's been on The War Room before.
He's a longtime InfoWorks listener.
And he's organized rallies, speak to council meetings, written songs, and protesting businesses trying to infringe on human rights.
Mass activism has just begun to gain more traction through viral videos, and that's the real power of the people being unleashed, the real power.
And so I started getting a few days ago clips like, this is Alex Jones with dreadlocks.
I'm like, no, this guy knows he's under assault.
And I noticed Twitter only allows like two two-minute clips so they had to cut off the first part he talked about about our ancestors and our human destiny and we're all one human species and our will and
Feeling that strength and dialing into that.
It's just incredible though because if you really just give into it and submit to your human destiny, then you're fulfilled right there.
There's no more class warfare.
There's no more racism.
There's no more anything because we already have the destiny.
We already have the birthright.
So brother, beautiful what you said.
I want to shut up the next 30 minutes.
And give you the floor to talk about San Diego and what's happening and what you said and tens of millions of views across the internet really resonating with people that righteous rage.
So good to have you here with us, Matt.
Well, it's fantastic to be on the show, Alex.
And you know, I am a massive fan.
And what people don't realize is I might not always be screaming and yelling, but when I do, it's for freedom.
Well, let me say, I'm a massive fan of you, brother.
So we're all team, team humanity.
We're not submitting to Fauci!
We're not submitting to Klaus Schwab!
We've only begun to fight!
It's we the sequel, baby.
We the sequel.
We're back.
What people don't realize is here in San Diego, I mean, we get a lot of crap out here.
You know, everyone tells us like we should flee the state and move to Texas or whatever.
Well, we're on the front lines out here, you know.
We're trying to stop the domino effect over here.
If anything, we need more Patriots to move here to give us some backup to stop the collapse which is going on, which is actually...
Pressuring all of us into becoming, as some people say, diamonds.
You know, I'm just an artist.
I'm just a freedom-loving guy.
I like to go out.
I like to have fun.
You know, I have an art page.
And ever since the insanity started, I just started going off on this whole pandemic since day one.
I blow glass.
I mean, since
You gotta ask yourself, when they first started showing people dropping in China, like, where did that go?
I mean, the whole thing is based, it's like a hologram.
It's a fractional reserve lying, fractional reserve fraud.
They start a fraud with people falling over in the streets and make everybody scared.
Then people go, oh my God, what are we gonna do?
Well, we better start getting some tests out.
We'll get some tests, then we get some cases.
Then the cases are fake.
So on that, then they build, we need a vaccine.
So then they create something that isn't a vaccine.
They say, don't worry about that.
We'll just change the definition in the dictionary to make a vaccine that isn't an mRNA gene therapy, a vaccine.
So boom, there's another fraud.
So people are following fraud.
People are being tested with fake things.
That's fraud.
Then they start the vaccine, which is another fraud.
Then they say, oh, well, there's no other possible things that we can do for it.
There's no Ivermectin, there's no HCQ, we can't use anything else, so therefore we must need emergency authorization.
When everyone's sitting there screaming and yelling, going, no, actually we can, they just said, you're deleted, you're deleted, and you're deleted, and you're deleted, and so that's more fraud.
They stopped the whole, I lost my YouTube channel just because I said the word hydroxychloroquine.
Exactly, it was a premeditation to suppress us and kill us and block the treatments.
I mean, this is 100% criminal and planned.
And, you know, we try to be nice, you know, trying to wake people up.
Yeah, man.
I'm using art, I'm sending out memes, I'm going to these council meetings, you know, and I'm sitting down there.
I actually had a pre-written speech, but that was supposed to be given two weeks ago and that was before the show.
But you called on your ancestors and they spoke, didn't they?
They did, actually.
That was a freestyle.
I freestyled that speech.
I really don't know where it came from.
I would actually think it was, you know, it just came through me, really.
People might think that's silly, but it's not.
Oh, it's not.
We all find that place, we instantly win.
We've got to find that centered place to our ancestors, to the present, to the future generations.
That's the Zen timelessness right there you talked about.
Yeah, I mean, people think, you know, I was almost not going to speak because there was 90, I showed up and I was hanging out outside.
There was this big, like, there was food trucks and stuff.
One of the, there was another guy went viral, forget his name, a little while ago from San Diego.
And he had set up these food trucks and everything.
There were so many people there.
And I was like, I'm just going to kick back outside of here.
And then eventually one of the people that was inside there, like, I thought you were going to speak.
We really need you.
I'm like, man, we got 90 patriots here.
What am I going to say?
They're not going to say.
So they actually stopped me at the front door.
They're like, sorry, there's nobody more allowed in here because there's too many people in the auditorium.
So I lied.
I just said, well, I'm going to go get a passport because it's in the same building.
And so I got past that guard.
And then I went up and I thought, well, they're not going to allow me to turn in my slip now because it's too late.
But I managed to get my slip in.
And I sat there all day, and it was 90 people speaking, just running a train on this council.
One after another, amazing speeches by everyone, and props to every human being that showed up to that.
I mean, there was some very, very well put together speeches.
So you were charged up by the time you got up to the podium?
Oh my God.
And what was really charging me the whole time was the fact that this nation, Nathan Fletcher scumbag that he's apparently part of the World Economic Forum.
He's like a plant from the World Economic Forum.
He has a he has a profile on their page.
And this guy is sitting there on his phone the whole time.
There's mothers up there crying like, my child, I can't speak.
His voice impediment.
And the nurses coming up like, we're treating these vaccinated people.
And the guy is sitting there on his phone.
One of the Patriots actually found out that he was live on Twitter hating on everybody in the thing while we were there pouring our guts out.
And so every single point I had in my speech that I already had set up,
Was like over grilled and grilled and grilled and grilled.
And by the time I got up there, I'm just like, these people, and you know what I want to call them, but for the children at home, these MFers are going to have to listen at some point.
And I just, I just, I did.
I called, I called upon the ancestral flame and I just, I just, for some reason, the whole idea of this wind
I don't know.
I just thought about that, and then I just went with it, and the whole thing just flowed downhill, and apparently people liked it and listened.
No, but I think you're right.
They use the Japanese term kamikaze.
It wasn't just the airplanes.
They were desperate flying aircraft carriers or battleships.
It's the divine wind is the kamikaze.
And it is our breath.
They're trying to suppress our breath.
It's like, it's a continued God created the earth with his breath.
It's very archetypal what you said that came out of you.
It's true.
We need the breath of truth to blow down their lies.
Our breath of humanity to say no to what they're doing.
Yeah, they are building this insane, like hologram of lies in front of us.
And they managed to build their next hologram off the last holograms through some weird satanic magic that they do.
Even though we've defeated the last hologram, they're building the new hologram on top of the old one, so we're like, almost like Neo, like feeding these holograms, and we're knocking each one down.
Oh, what you said is totally it.
We keep defeating them, but they keep creating new ones as fast as we go.
Yeah, it's insanity, and at a certain point, you know, I'm glad there's a First Amendment, and that's what they don't realize what they're doing by suppressing us online.
It's like, we could have had these conversations, we could have expressed ourselves, and now they're like, well, this guy's getting all worked up.
Well, I'm sorry, you're taking away all our freedoms!
And you're coming at us with a deadly poison, which they admit doesn't even work.
Yeah, which is mega horrific, but really for me the absolute line is these vaccine passports.
That is full on the Mark of the Beast, and once they get that thing enacted, they're never going to relinquish it, like I said.
He's on Rumble at Slave 2, the number 2 Liberty.
Slaved Liberty on Instagram, Matt Baker.
We'll come right back to him on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Then we got that amazing New York doctor that first exposed all this.
He's joining us.
And Matt Baker.
He's been a guest before on InfoWars.
Didn't even remember that or know that, but he's here with us.
We got a long segment, one more segment before the amazing Dr. Vladimir Zvinenko joins us.
He's that doctor that first exposed all these treatments that they were hiding, like hydroxychloroquine.
He is joining us.
I'm very excited about the next hour, but I want to give you the floor, Matt.
Getting into where we're going, what's happening, what's unfolding, and they were trying to talk over you in the two and a half minutes you had.
They were trying to cut you off.
So I want you, I know you're a humble guy.
I understand you don't want to get up here and get angry and everything, but I understand you're under threat and we're under threat.
You wanted them to know that, hey, we're awake and you wanted them to hear your war growl, see your war face.
So, but, so just, I'm not trying to get you to get upset or angry out here, but just whatever it was you wanted to say without them trying to block you.
This is a free place right now for you with millions of people watching right now to magnify your pro-human message, brother.
All right, I'm going to wind up.
Before I get carried away, there's an idea we have to possibly have the unvaccinated people of us take a day off.
Let's make it Friday.
Freedom Fridays.
Let them feel what it's like to have us not there.
And now, okay, I'm going to talk to the rest of the people and the rest of the tyrants out there.
We have been
We've been talking to you.
We've been telling you.
We've been screaming at you.
We've been yelling at you.
We've been pleading at you.
We are on the very edge of the end of the First Amendment.
You go any further than this, this is the line in the frickin' sand.
You need to stop what you're doing now before it's too late.
Your whole world is going to be destroyed.
What do you think it's going to be like from here on out when you have to go to the store and you have a vaccine passport every five seconds you're being checked?
That doesn't seem a little bit Nazi to you?
Do you really want to live in that world?
Wake up!
Your children are at stake!
We're at stake!
If you want to take your damn vaccine, take it!
There's a thing in this world, it's called freedom!
We have the freedom to choose what goes in our bodies!
And you are not going to force us to do it!
Do you understand?
Back me up here, Alex.
No, I'm listening to you, brother.
I want to give you the floor, because you're a great speaker, and you're absolutely right.
Look, the guys at the top know it's about depopulation.
They know it's about a takeover.
We rebelled against them.
We didn't buy their New World Order, so they started killing us.
That's what this is, and it's hard for you and I to admit that to ourselves.
I don't want to admit that, but that's where we're at right now.
I mean, the majority of hospitalized have had the shot.
The majority spreading all these viruses have had the shot.
It was a hoax before.
Now the vaccine is causing the shedding.
We know they did it.
So I just think it's important to understand we're in a war.
We didn't ask for it, but crazy tyrants tried it again.
I'm going to ask all the nurses out there.
Now, some people are talking bad about you guys because now you're like, oh, we don't want to get forced to get the vaccine.
Personally, I embrace you.
I embrace the police.
I embrace the tyrants.
Join Team Humanity.
I will not hold it against you.
Maybe you're fooled under mind control.
Maybe you thought you were on the winning side and you just wanted to be on the winning team.
You're not on the winning team.
There is no win the path you're going down.
It's only satanic hell and death for humanity.
You must join us on Team Humanity or there will be no future.
To the nurses out there, if you want to put an end to this, we need some serious whistleblowing going on.
I want data.
I want to see how many people that are in the hospitals are vaccinated.
Me personally, I know
Groups of three, probably 10 different groups of three people that were, were fully vaccinated.
We went out the other night and we all got COVID.
We're fully vaccinated.
Our whole, our whole band got vaccinated.
We got COVID.
Our whole restaurant got vaccinated and we got COVID.
It's happening over and over and over again.
These people are, are getting COVID.
The governor of Texas got it.
They admit 95% of people in the hospital in Israel took the shot.
Yeah, and then they come on TV and then they say, it's 99.9% effective.
Like just the other day, you know the stats.
74% of people, what state was that?
Was it Michigan or wherever it was?
I'm forgetting.
74% of the people that got COVID had the vaccine, double-vaxxed.
That's three-quarters of the population.
Then they say, oh, but they don't get as sick.
Well, let's look at that.
That same study then said four out of five of the people that went to the hospital were double-vaxxed.
So that's four-fifths as opposed to three-quarters.
Yeah, they're lying.
They're totally lying.
They're totally lying.
It goes, flash flooding as the drought continues.
Like for real, I'm seeing this every day where they'll say like, you know, they'll say the absolute opposite thing from beginning to the end of the sentence.
Flash flooding as the drought continues.
It's like they're just trying to drive us crazy.
And you know what?
It's working!
No, I agree.
They know their system's insane.
It's run by behavioral psychologists who are more insane than anybody.
And you're right, though.
This is being done by design, but I don't think their program's going well.
And I think what you did going to City Council, what others are doing, whether it's on local TV or a local radio show is doing a live show, go there and say something, call in to talk radio.
All of us being heard will overwhelm this system.
You're going to find your best friends.
You go to these meetings, you'll meet real patriots, not just right-wingers.
You'll meet guys with dreads.
You'll meet black people, Asian people, plenty of girls too.
Owen's always talking about, you know, I have a saying, it's called ball coin.
It's like Bitcoin.
There's a supply and demand in this world.
No, I mean, I'm not saying I'm famous, but before that, exactly.
I can't, I'm married.
I can't go to Patriot events.
The women rip your clothes off and people don't even know this.
And it's black women, white women, they want freedom.
They just want somebody to stand up for them.
They're like, why are we living in a world full of cucks?
Won't somebody do something, please?
Why are we doing this?
We as men are like, oh, God, this is lame.
They're like, do something, you freaking pussies.
It's not their job.
You know what I mean?
But meanwhile, they're out there on the front lines.
Mostly you've got Alice in Wonderland up there.
She's she's always out there.
And and Venice.
Oh, she's amazing.
Talk about a movie star.
She she's quite something in person, too, I must say.
Oh, yeah.
Lots of love to her and uh, you know, I gotta say there's a there's a group here, Weber's Way Films.
I really think you should have them have a channel on on InfoWars.
You get a channel.
Listen, Rob New's been biting COVID for two weeks.
He's the guy that sets up the channels.
I want to give you a channel right now today and I want to give Alison Wonderland the super beauty, but she's also super well spoken.
I want her to have a channel.
I want, that's what we built it for.
We're just so small getting people signed up and stuff.
We need to get it all done.
Well, you know, I can help with things, too.
You know, I don't mind picking up some load.
Like, if you guys have videos you need to search through, you can send me some, see what I can do to find edited clips or whatever.
We don't even do that.
We just want to give people the sign-up deal.
Who knows?
Hey, maybe I should hire you right now, Matt Baker.
You should be the new Band.Video liaison to make sure we get all these new people on there immediately.
Because Band.Video is exploding, man.
It's exploding.
All of these West Coast people that are getting no love and we're getting nothing but hate from all these other people.
You guys need to come out here and start helping us.
What's going on?
If you had a war in Korea, like, oh, we're going to go over there and stop communism.
You need to come to California and stop communism.
Oh, that's a great point.
We've got to be in Afghanistan to stop it over there before it comes over here.
How about, I agree with you, how about California?
Yeah, come here and help us.
Move over here and bring us some help.
You know, you're out on your farm.
No offense.
I love you guys.
I wish I was there with you on a 10-acre plot with a giant, you know, RV and a lifted truck and a trout line and the whole bit, bro.
But I ain't.
And you know what?
We're over here.
Like, I'm literally on a street in a communist town.
I love this town.
It's great.
And there's a lot of patriots here.
But these sick people have nothing better to do than hate on... You're right, it's still American soil but it's occupied globalist territory.
We're 100% occupied right now.
And what we need to do is we need to let them know.
And everybody, when you go to these meetings, you really start seeing how many people have been, like the COVID mind control.
I wouldn't be surprised.
And I really think we're going to see when, of course, they're going to steal the election again.
But I really feel from the people you talk to that California, if it already wasn't, is turning to a right wing state.
What about Larry Elder?
What do you think about that?
I don't know about Larry Elder.
I don't really want to talk bad about him because he might be our guy.
Well, I wish I was paying more attention to who the real candidates are, and I'd like to put out, like, find who the absolute real patriot is and stop with this, well, Larry's the only one who can win theory.
I mean, if Larry is the only one who can win, God bless him.
He's way better than frickin' Newsom.
And I mean, we just can't do worse than him.
But at the same time, I don't want to just get like buffaloed into some like, oh, we're going with Larry Elder.
It's like, you know, I've never listened to his show.
To be honest, just annoys me the way he's always in his bathrobe.
It's like, what's the deal with that?
I just don't get it.
I've been having him over 20 years.
Let me give you him.
I think he's the real deal.
Oh, so we should back Larry then?
You're in California.
Well, no, no.
I get the whole point that it's like, you know, who knows?
But hey, listen, we're going to come back.
Five more minutes, brother.
I'm asking you for real.
You would give your endorsement to Larry Elder from what you know about him as a patron?
Yeah, I would vote for Larry Elder.
Hold on.
Don't hang up.
One more segment.
All right.
Matt Baker is in Fuego.
You can find him at slave2liberty on Instagram and Rumble.
We got five minutes left.
All right, brother.
What else do you want to impart to the listeners and viewers of the amazing job you and others did there in San Diego?
I mean, I think the answer is every venue we've got, the public power America has, we let the politicians say, you know, we're not going to put up with this.
And we take back control of our government.
We do recalls like we're seeing with Governor Newsom.
All right, real quick.
Last night, I said one comment to Stephen Old Gitt, the Old Burt Report, whatever his name is.
I called him some name and my Instagram account was deleted instantly.
So you need to now follow me.
I just decided to go with it.
Matt Baker Unhinged.
It's Matt Baker underscore unhinged.
I just said I'll own it.
But yeah, Slave 2 Liberty is my brand and these are the shirts that I've been putting out everywhere.
What I call on everybody to do is just see how fun it is and just how amazing it is.
And we are actually, we're being inoculated against tyranny right now.
And what's happening, I wanted the New World Order to know this too, is what you've done is you've introduced this, this tyranny into the bloodstream of the planet and the killer T's and all the lymphocytes and we're all starting to gather together and we're starting to analyze the enemy.
We're like, enemy, enemy, and we're spreading around and we're starting to gather together and we're building networks.
And, uh,
We're really aware of who's who now, and we're just getting stronger and stronger by the second.
And when you unite with us, we could care less.
In fact, we love you even more if you're black.
We love you even more if you're a woman.
If you're gay, you're straight.
We have people of every stripe.
People love me because I'm dreads.
They're like, whoa, a right-wing guy that gets it, and he's got dreads.
They just embrace you.
All they want to know is that you love freedom.
You love humanity.
We're all on the same team.
That's cute.
I see what you said.
How do we get people that serve the power structure to realize, we forgive you for being conned.
We're not perfect either.
Just stop now.
Join humanity.
Well, I called in actually a long time ago, and it was right before Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself, funnily enough.
And I said to you guys, there's so much corruption.
We have to give some form of amnesty to these people.
There's going to have to be somewhere where you guys can come forward
And we're going to say, look, if you come to Team Humanity and you give us your, you know, you give us your resignation to the New World Order, basically, and you say, look, here's what we've been doing, here's who we're working with, and here's our network, we're going to absolutely embrace you.
We're going to, we'll frickin' build statues to you.
We love you.
Please join Humanity now before it's too late.
You have no future in this.
Your money is going to be absolutely worthless.
Your houses, you think you're going to keep these buildings?
Like I said to the people, the four feet of marble, they're in there elevated, they think they're somehow separated from the fate of humanity.
You are not separate from humanity!
We are all in the same frickin' boat here, pink boat!
Now wake up and join this team and let's save the modicum of self-respect we have as humans on this planet before it's too late!
The Globalist is a post-industrial anti-human world.
They're going to overwrite the entire genetic code of the planet.
They're actually destroying the planet.
There's no reason to join this except cowardice.
And greed.
People think they're getting up, they're getting money, they think they're getting ahead.
And there's a certain evil, I guess, in certain men's hearts where they just want to be, they just want to do bad, like you said, Alex.
And I gotta tell people, when they get this vaccine passport in, if they do over my dead body, and like they say, you know, pull this from my cold dead hands, well you can put your vaccine in my cold dead arm.
How's that?
So when they get this supposed, which they actually have enacted in other places, and once they get that, I'm just telling you, these people are sick, sick people, okay?
They're doing this as a form of sexual fetish bonding.
I totally agree.
It's all about dominance.
It's about spiritual rape.
It's about genetic rape.
It's about hating God.
And to the children.
And once they get everybody doing that, it's like porn.
They're going to get bored of it.
They're going to want something more.
They're going to need kicks.
They'll have you crawling to get into a store by the end of this.
And when they get you done crawling, they're like, well, you have to cut off your balls.
Well, you have to give us your first.
Matt Baker, join us again.
We love you.
Our next big guest coming up.
Stay with us.
Well, historically, we know it's true.
Evil builds its power secretly and then makes its move, each time with a new operation.
And we're witnessing it right now.
Dr. Vladimir Zevzalenko was the first medical doctor I saw saying hydroxychloroquine, zinc, ivermectin, vitamin D, 18, 19 months ago.
At the very beginning, he treated thousands and thousands of people in New York.
And I've just seen him do an amazing job.
We've played many clips of him here.
I feel like I know him.
We've got him for the rest of the hour.
I'm going to try to shut up and let him talk because he's on these other great medical shows, but like five or six other doctors.
I want to give him a chance.
He's on Fox for five minutes.
He's on something else real quick.
I want to give him, in the 45 minutes we'll have of airtime in this hour, a lot of time here.
But he's a doctor who recommended that President Trump take a dracocloroquine.
His protocol results in 99% for survival of high-risk COVID patients.
Dr. Zelenko has nominated for the Presidential Medical Freedom and for the Nobel Prize.
He's recognized as a hero of the U.S.
Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing.
He's published in top peer-reviewed journals with world-renowned physicians.
Dr. Zelenko provided counsel to the White House, personal, multiple governments, hospitals, physicians, and public figures.
So he's a real trailblazer, and we've got his website on screen for you, zstacklife.com, zstacklife.com, or just search his name, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.
Sir, thank you so much for joining us.
Wow, what a time historically to be alive.
You can do big picture, 35,000 view, or the microscope view, wherever you want to start.
Please, with your research, your background, you talk about these deadly killer shots, what we're facing.
We really appreciate you, Doctor.
Thanks, Alex.
Thanks so much for having me.
I'm a family physician, board certified, and the last 20 years I've taken care of a community in upstate New York, in Monroe, New York.
And in March of last year, but the community is 35,000 people that live within a square mile.
And last March, the first week of March, COVID arrived and spread to almost everyone.
And we had thousands of sick patients.
And if you remember at that time, there was no treatment available.
All we were telling patients is go home, take Tylenol.
If you get sick or go to the hospital, you'll end up on a respirator.
And in Manhattan, 80 to 90% of the patients on the respirators were dying.
But that was the treatment model that we had wasn't very satisfying.
These patients were family to me and they were looking at me asking me for help and I had nothing to offer them.
It's a terrible feeling.
I hope no one has to feel that way ever again.
And so what I what I've learned throughout my life is that if there's no answer you have to find an answer.
And so I started innovating and I just
Use common sense.
It's pretty pathetic that in this world, common sense is considered genius.
But here's the common sense ideas that I decided to apply.
That the sooner you treat someone, the better the outcome, right?
That's just life.
And then I needed to know who are the patients at risk.
So I called up my colleagues, my friends at the local hospitals that work in the ICU.
And I asked them, who's dying?
They told me, well, the elderly people and those with medical problems.
And I said, what about the younger people?
They said, we're not seeing them.
So I realized that this virus doesn't kill people equally.
It picks on the vulnerable.
That was important information because my office, instead of seeing 50 patients a day, which was the average, we were seeing 250.
Half my staff was sick.
The outpatient resources like radiology and blood work were shut down.
The hospitals were near capacity, so we didn't have enough resources to take care of everyone.
So I triaged.
I sent home the low-risk patients and devoted my limited resources to the high-risk patients.
And what did I do?
So I looked around what other countries have been doing in treating COVID.
I looked at South Korea, and I looked at France, and I put together their protocols and modified the dosing.
And I started using it in my patients, and here's the key.
When they presented to my office, I did not wait for the results of the flawed PCR test, because it would take a week to get back the results.
By the time I got the results, they were half dead.
Did it make sense to me?
So if I thought the patient had COVID, I used my clinical judgment.
I would do the testing also, but I would not delay treatment.
And what I noticed was that
Within 12 to 24 hours of giving patients this three-drug approach, they all started getting better.
I didn't believe it myself, but I kept on doing it and I realized that after around 50 patients, that this is not a fluke, this is not a mistake, that God had given me some brilliant gift that
Really saving people's lives.
And I realized what this could mean.
So I made a video, a YouTube video with the help of my son, because I didn't know how to make videos.
And it was addressed to the President of the United States.
And 16 hours later, I get a phone call myself from Mark Meadows, the President's Chief of Staff.
And he said, Dr. Zlenko, you're looking for the president?
And I said, yes.
I explained to him what I was seeing.
They were very interested.
And I had his contact information now, Mark Meadows, I mean, cell and email.
And every other day or so, I would give them updates.
Then Stephen Hahn, Dr. Hahn, who was the commissioner of the FDA, he called me on my cell phone.
He wanted to know what I was doing and I told him.
And then he connected me with the head people at the NIH.
And I started speaking to them and that was a dead end because
First of all, they weren't interested.
Second, they didn't even know what to do with real-world evidence.
See, I wasn't doing research.
I was just trying to keep my patients alive.
But by doing so, I generated very important information that I was hoping that people with resources would look into.
But that didn't go anywhere.
But what really changed things was Rudy Giuliani called me
And we did a podcast together, and that went completely viral.
Millions of people saw it, and since then my life has never really been the same.
Well, it really is amazing that you did the first original research of anybody I saw on this doctor.
And wow, if this information hadn't got out, that's a whole nother subject.
I want to talk about currently what the disease has morphed into and what's happened.
But what about big tech?
What about big pharma actively trying to suppress you and so many other prominent scientists and doctors?
To me, this is a crime against humanity.
I don't use those words lightly.
I mean, this has really been a premeditated attempted suppression of what you and other real doctors found on the ground.
You know, I'm a Pacific Jew, and my family lost 40 or so relatives in the Holocaust, buried alive in Babi Yar, outside of Kiev.
So I won't use the word genocide loosely.
This is a genocide against the innocent and the vulnerable.
This is a carefully coordinated, brilliantly orchestrated and executed evil plan to damage and hurt
Billions of people and it took me 18 months to reverse engineer this crime, but it is a crime against humanity.
I really agree with you and actually I was the first in the world to actually call it that in the third week of March when I did an interview.
I know you did doctor and you're absolutely right and it shocks me to see this attempted
Take care!
Well, I'm going to leave your audience with very practical information that should empower them to be able to protect themselves and their families.
You know, there are two risk factors to die from COVID.
It's the doctor you choose and the government you live under.
Because the government's tyranny is making it difficult to gain access to life-saving medication, and physician malfeasance and malpractice is delaying crucial treatment in the right time frame, and that's why people are dying.
So the key here, there are over-the-counter options that people could buy and use for prophylaxis and for treatment that can reduce hospitalization and death by more than 80%.
My data showed a reduction in hospitalization
By 84%, hospitalization and death, by 84%.
Subsequently, dozens of studies around the world, peer-reviewed studies, corroborated the same observation.
What that means is out of 600,000 dead Americans, we could have prevented 510,000 from even going to the hospital.
Incredible Dr. Vladimir Zenzelinko.
Zenzelinko, stay right there.
Absolute trailblazer.
I'm so honored to have him on.
I don't care about Hollywood, I don't care about movies, I don't care about power, but I care about real people.
So I got chills having this guy on.
Without him, we'd be in a lot worse shape right now.
Stay with us and tell folks how to tune in right now.
And we are back live here on the Alex Jones Show on this Friday edition with Dr. Vladimir Zevzalenko, the original trailblazing doctor, it's true, who first exposed all this back in, I guess, February, or he should direct me, of 2020.
And so he was the first doctor we heard all this from.
Now it's all well known, but still big tech tries to suppress it.
He was getting into the fact that this is basically a depopulation operation.
So he's got the floor now to continue with the history of it or how to counter it now.
I mean, I know before it targeted the old people that were sick.
Now I'm seeing the Delta variant ravage my family, so many others.
And I see a lot of evidence from other scientists that it is mutating from the so-called vaccine, which is a live virus vaccine, but he's the medical doctor.
So, doctor, please continue.
Thanks again for having me.
So, actually it was in March, that's when I started, but I sent a letter to the President of the United States documenting my experience.
This is March of 2020?
And I sent the letter, it was last week in March.
And when the President made an announcement that he's taking hydroxychloroquine, he referenced my letter as the reason why he was doing it, that he got a letter from an upstate doctor telling him about his experiences.
So, that began my relationship with the Trump administration, and what happened was, after the President came out in support of hydroxychloroquine, it began to be vilified viciously, and any doctor who was using it
was persecuted.
They were brought up before medical boards.
They were losing their jobs.
It didn't make any sense.
And when the president announced that he wants hydroxychloroquine made available to every single American, he tasked Secretary Azar with that job from Health and Human Services.
Secretary Azar gave it to Larry Kudlow, who was the head counsel for them.
And Larry Kudlow called Dr. Rick Bright from BARDA.
Now what I'm about to tell you is the mechanics of genocide.
And the basis of what I'm about to tell you is Dr. Rick Bright's own words in a documentary called Totally Under Control.
And what he describes is the following.
When he got the president's order to make hydroxychloroquine available to every American, he says he felt that that was a terrible idea, and him and his team were against it.
So they crafted, together with Janet Woodcock, who's now currently the acting head of the FDA, a strategy to limit access to hydroxychloroquine.
And how did they do that?
Well, first, they were supposed to use the right to try legislation.
To which enabled every single American to have access to certain drugs outside of clinical trials.
They were supposed to use that pathway to make hydroxychloroquine available to every single American.
To open the national stockpile of medication to every single American.
Instead what they did was they crafted an emergency use authorization that opened the national stockpile of medication to only hospitalized patients.
What that did effectively and
It sent a message to every single doctor in America and employer that the government is only in support of hydroxychloroquine usage in the hospital setting.
And certain employers set policies that if a doctor uses hydroxychloroquine in the outpatient setting, they would lose their job.
So effectively, what that emergency use authorization did... It's like telling a fire department you can't use fire hydrants and water to put out fires.
And so the data shows that the early use, pre-hospital use of hydroxychloroquine together with zinc and azithromycin reduced hospitalization and death by 84%.
That means 84% of Americans who ended up in the hospital could have been saved.
We're talking about over a half a million people.
In America alone, and everyone knows what the FDA does and what the rest of the world follows.
We could have, by the way, I treated President Bolsonaro also.
But, digressing, but everyone knows that whatever the American FDA does, everyone else follows.
We could have ended this thing globally, except for people like Rick Bright and whoever the stakeholders are that he serves.
It definitely doesn't serve the American people, that's for sure.
Well, you're right, Doctor.
It's very clear.
They want a corporate response, only their so-called vaccines, because they can't get correct, they can't get emergency use of these gene therapies they call vaccines, if there's stuff out there that has any efficacy.
Is that correct?
That is correct.
I got my hands on internal FDA documents which show the following criteria.
Who can get an emergency use authorization?
And the answer is only if there is no other option available, if there's no other therapeutic,
Then a drug may be given emergency use authorization if it shows potential promise.
Otherwise, it has to go through the 10-year process and millions of dollars to get the drug through different trials.
So what happened was that the emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine obstructed other drugs from getting it.
And so there was a study that came out by Lancet
The most respected journal, peer-reviewed journal in medicine, that concluded, it was a 96,000 meta-analysis, patient meta-analysis, that hydroxychloroquine kills people.
And what happened was the WHO took that information and you made a global moratorium against the use of hydroxychloroquine.
The only problem with that study was it was fraud.
That data didn't exist.
Those patients didn't exist.
And Lancet had to retract that study.
Which is the biggest scandal in the history of medicine.
Why am I telling you this?
Because when the FDA revoked the Emergency Use Authorization for hydroxychloroquine, in the document that explains why they did it, they quote this fraudulent study from Lancet, after it's been already retracted, it has as much value as toilet paper, our government, our wonderful FDA, still used a fraudulent document to destroy access to
These are actions of a government that does not want you to live.
I saw that last year when you were covering it.
It's incredible that they would do this.
So what do you think, doctor, the endgame is here?
So you have to look, let's look at the facts and reverse engineer.
So access to life-saving medication is being suppressed.
Information about life-saving medication is being suppressed.
Any doctor who dares say something that is against the narrative of the government, it could be the world leader in mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone.
If he says something that is not consistent with the narrative, he gets deplatformed.
So, information and voices are being suppressed.
I personally have been thrown off of Twitter,
Facebook puts me in jail all the time.
LinkedIn threw me off.
YouTube takes down all my videos.
So, it's horrific.
Now, we're going to get to the vaccine in a minute, but I want to explain to your listeners the following.
There are four important components to any pandemic response.
The first is spread prevention.
Then it's pre-hospital care.
Then it's hospital care.
And then there's safe and effective use of vaccines.
I'm not against vaccines.
I have vaccinated tens of thousands of patients in my area.
Welcome back to the Censored Attacked broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, Dr. Vladimir Zevzalenko, an American patriot in New York, has over 30,000 patients.
He was the first person to talk about how they were suppressing treatments.
Well, he brought out treatments that were working, then they tried to suppress him.
So he's getting into the big picture right now of what's happening, what he thinks is coming next, and just so much more.
You got cut off by the break.
Doctor, please continue.
Yeah, I was talking about vaccinations.
I look at each vaccine and judge it on its merits.
There are three components when it comes to any therapeutic that we need to assess when we're making a risk versus benefit analysis whether or not it's worth using.
Number one is medical necessity.
Just because we have a capability doesn't mean we need to actually use it.
There has to be a need for it.
So for example, a surgeon that operates on every patient is not a surgeon, he's a butcher.
He's not using medical judgment.
So just because we may have an ability doesn't mean that we need it.
So we have to look through the different demographics and see, is there an actual need for these vaccines?
Number one.
Number two, efficacy.
You want to make sure this stuff actually works.
By the way, when you got cut off, just to interrupt you, because I remember now, you were going through the four types of medical response, and then start over.
Yeah, I mentioned that there is spread prevention, pre-hospital care, hospital care, and vaccinations.
But the vaccinations have to be safe and effective, and medically necessary.
So we'll go through the analysis, whether or not these vaccines, you actually need them.
Then we'll see if they work, and then we'll analyze if they're safe.
But I want to tell you, before we go in there, what Governor Cuomo did to my patients.
So Governor Cuomo, who, ex-Governor Cuomo, was directly responsible for 20,000 nursing home deaths.
I have friends who lost their parents in nursing homes.
Some nursing homes lost 50 to 60 percent of their census.
So this same governor
Yeah, I agree.
And so what I was forced to do
I was forced to innovate again.
You know, there's a saying, you don't go to war with the army you wish you had.
You go to war with the army you do have.
So I lost my hydroxychloroquine, which is nothing more than a zinc delivery system, and I had to find something else.
So I was looking on the NIH servers of all places, and I came across something called quercetin.
And apparently it did the same thing.
It got zinc inside the cell.
And I never heard of quercetin, so I googled it, and I see it's over the counter.
So what I realized, I took a step back, and it was one of those moments in my life, but I realized I just stumbled across the cure for tyranny.
Because now, like I mentioned earlier, I can just tell you, Alex, go buy this stuff in the vitamin shop and you'll be protected.
So it was amazing.
So I started using quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc for all my patients, and I had the same exact outcomes.
So it was remarkable.
I should thank Governor Cuomo for sending flowers.
But anyway, getting back to these vaccines, if we go through each demographic, if we go through the demographic of 18 or younger, basically healthy kids,
The CDC says their survival rate is 99.998% without treatment from COVID-19.
It's safer than influenza virus.
Why would I vaccinate a demographic that has a near 100% recovery rate without treatment with something that is not even FDA approved and was brought to human use after a year of development when historically it takes 10 years to bring a vaccine to market?
Why would I?
The answer is not for medical reasons.
Perhaps if I believed in child sacrifice.
If you look at another demographic, from 18 to 45, and healthy adults, the survival rate without treatment is 99.95%.
With treatment, it's under 100%.
So the same question.
Why would I vaccinate with an experimental liquid that was only used
It took a year to develop.
Why would I vaccinate that demographic with something like that?
The answer is not for medical reasons.
Or if someone has COVID and they have antibodies, they have natural immunity.
Everyone knows that natural immunity is much more protective.
Why would I inject them with something to make inferior antibodies?
That doesn't make sense.
And then you get to the last group, and this is really important.
The high-risk group, which is 45 and older, are those with medical problems.
They are at risk.
They have a death rate of 7.5%.
Completely unacceptable.
I agree.
However, with proper treatment, we can reduce that risk to less than 1%.
So now comes the risk versus benefit analysis.
That is, with proper treatment, I could have a death rate of less than 1%.
What am I going to see if I use these vaccines?
But that's going to segue into its safety issues.
So, if you look at the three time periods we need to analyze, from the moment of injection to around three months, from three months to three years, and then long term, more than three years.
In the acute setting, what we're seeing is people dying from blood clots, from inflammation of the heart, and from miscarriages in the first trimester.
According to the VAERS system, which is
It's a terrible system, but that's all we have.
VAR stands for Vaccine Under Risk Event Reporting System.
There are 11,000 dead Americans.
So my question is, what is the threshold of death?
In 1976, with the swine flu vaccines, 26 deaths happened.
They scrubbed the entire system.
The government is actually admitting to 11,000 deaths.
That's not enough?
CDC whistleblower saying the number's not 11,000 but it's 45,000.
It's a whistleblower!
Or how about the 2009 Harvard study that said only 1% of actual events are being reported on theirs.
Okay, I can make an argument that death is reported at a higher rate.
So what's that rate?
So you have to then scale whatever numbers that you're seeing by a factor of 5.
And also I have colleagues that want to file reports, and their reports are being rejected.
Their patients die.
So doctor, we have censorship, we have suppressive knowledge, we have suppression of treatments, we have all of this.
How do we respond to this?
I guess speaking out like you're doing, I mean, this is just, this is horrible.
I'm a big advocate of looking into biblical sources to find answers for modern problems.
So King David in the Psalms of David writes,
Turn away from bad, do good, and live.
So it's a very good prescription.
So in this context, turn away from bad means do not submit to the fear, do not agree to the isolation, and stay away from the poison death shots.
It's very simple.
Just turn away from the fear and the lie and live.
I think that's simple.
The problem is that we're witnessing a very sophisticated psychological manipulation of humanity.
Everyone knows, who studied psychological warfare, that prolonged anxiety, coupled together with social isolation, leads to a psychological decompensation.
And what happens to the person is they become very gullible and very easy to manipulate.
If you look at 2015, Bill Gates said that the world population needs to be reduced by 15%.
It's a TED lecture.
In 2020, the same Bill Gates said that 7 billion people need to be vaccinated.
So the first question, why would I want to take a vaccine sponsored by someone who believes that the world population should be reduced?
A vaccine for my health, I mean.
Does that make sense?
That's very simple logic.
It's just logic.
So here's the issue.
I really feel that we are living through an attempt to enslave humanity.
This is a war against God.
Because there are two systems of thought that can no longer coexist.
The first system is that we're made in God's image.
Doc, final segment.
If you can hold over, it's fine.
But do one more segment.
The War Against God with Dr. Straight Ahead.
This is so powerful.
It's so true.
Dr. Vladimir Zevzalenko, ZStackLive.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
Everybody, you know, tune in now.
This is key.
And then share the video once it's posted.
The Band Off video and FreeWorldNews.tv.
We've done everything we can.
All right, Dr. Vladimir.
Zev Zelenko, one of the most prominent doctors out there exposing the whole COVID situation, the first guy to expose alternative treatments that were proven to be right and that were suppressed by major medical journals, which had to reverse themselves later, is here in this final long segment.
Maybe he can hold a little bit longer, but whatever.
We've got another hour coming up, but he's at least here for another 10 minutes.
You're getting into the war on God.
Which, if anybody's studying this, it just, the enemies of freedom just go around common sense, their own future, their own personal lives to do evil.
It is a war against God.
So start over, sir.
There are two systems of thought that cannot coexist.
The first is a divine system, divine consciousness, with the belief that every human being is made in the image of God.
If we're made in the image of God, that means our lives are sanctity.
If our lives are sanctity, that means we have human rights.
If we have human rights, it's not in the realm of another person's prerogative to decide how long a person should live and how many of us should be on the planet.
The other system is this survival of the fittest eugenic system, where it's a hierarchy of genetics.
The people that have the highest adaptability
I'm good.
Eighty years ago, it killed 200 million people.
Because the Aryans believed they were descendants of some Nordic gods, and that that entitled them to decide who should live and die.
So they wanted to enslave the Anglo-Saxons, the Europeans, and eliminate, exterminate the subhumans, which I belong to, right?
The Jews, the Gypsies, the Slavs, the Handicapped, political prisoners, anyone who didn't agree with them.
So, what we're seeing now is the same exact thing, except it's not anti-Semitic.
What it is, is there's a group of people, a small group, that believe that they've evolved intellectually into a higher level of consciousness, which gives them the power and the right to dictate what happens to others.
In my opinion, they didn't evolve.
They're devolved pagans!
There's nothing new under the sun.
This has been historically and biblically the narrative.
They're sociopaths.
I have a joke.
The whole world is suffering because Bill Gates couldn't find a girlfriend in high school.
Such a hatred for others.
And such a narcissistic need to destroy and crush others to make themselves feel powerful.
It's absolutely horrific.
Ungodly, pagan approach to life.
But I totally agree.
It's those of us that love God and the human destiny and believe in the divinity of humanity through God, and those that believe, no, they're God because they're going to dominate us.
That's how they prove they're God.
And their social Darwinism is dominating.
They believe that's the proof they're God.
So how do we counter something like that?
Look, I just found out two hours ago that I have cancer again.
My doctor called me.
I'm going to
Potentially, it's very close to meeting God.
I'm telling you, it's not about my ego, it's not about my reputation, it's not about money.
I want this world to be a better place for my children and for everyone's children.
And we're now slowly going into a world of depravity, a world of where sociopaths will rule.
Listen, there's many more of us than that.
Their biggest fear is an educated, informed public.
And so we have to open our eyes and live on a higher level of consciousness and realize that we are God's children and no putrid maggot psychopath has the right to dictate how long you're going to live.
If you look at the side effects of these vaccines, that's the real play.
You see, COVID-19 is extremely treatable.
But the psychological use of fear and isolation has created a false motivation or justification to immunize... Dr. Zelinko, I know you're a smart guy, so I know you already see this.
They project their own hatred of themselves on us.
They want to genetically ruin us and poison us to make us the subhuman they claim.
They're breaking us so that we're broken so we will be what they claim we are.
Well that's how, the vaccine is how it's doing it.
I was going to explain to you that... Now please, please explain it.
In the first three months, there's going to be a group of people that die from blood clots, there's going to be a group of people that die from heart damage, and there's going to be an increased rate of miscarriages.
Then there's this period where world experts are screaming genocide.
Dr. Luke Montagu, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for finding HIV in 2008, is saying this is the biggest risk
of genocide in the history of humanity.
Dr. Robert Malone, who invented this stuff, is saying, don't take it, the government's lying to you.
Dr. Dolores Cahill from Ireland says she believes that in two years, 90% of the people vaccinated will be dead.
Dr. Michael Ginton, the former vice president of Pfizer and the head of their vaccine development program, said for every one child that dies naturally from COVID, 100 will die from the vaccine.
This is child sacrifice.
So, the mechanism of death is your own immune system gets pathologically primed, and when it comes into contact with a similar virus, the antibodies produced by these vaccines destroy, it's like a bomb going off.
By the way, there is a way around it, by the way.
I just want to help people realize that.
Oh, yes, please.
Everybody's asking, is there a way to counter it if you've taken the shot or someone has been shedding on you?
Listen, there's room for repentance.
You know, if you realize you made a mistake and you want to go back to a more rational way of thinking, that's fine.
We all make mistakes.
But the key is, if you understand the trigger of the bomb, you can prevent it from going off.
And the trigger is another similar viral infection
That it matches the antibodies that these vaccines produce.
And so the only way you're going to avoid the detonation of your bombs is by preventing yourself from getting these infections.
And the way you're going to prevent yourself is not taking another vaccine and making more bombs.
It's by taking antiviral, cheap, safe, effective medications, whether it's hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin or quercetin or EGCG.
So are you about to tie this to cervical viruses and
And her piece, I was seeing studies that the two are linked.
Well, these are RNA viruses, and all RNA viruses use the same pathway.
I'm sorry, most RNA viruses use the same pathway for replication.
So there's an enzyme called RNA-independent RNA polymerase, but it's an important enzyme because all the strains of COVID use this one enzyme to make copies of its genetic material.
So if you could shut down this enzyme, you could shut down the replication of all the strains of COVID.
That's why I don't care if it's Delta, Lambda, South African, or whatever.
They all are treated the same way.
We can shut down their viral replication.
The body's immune system will take care of the job.
So what do we do?
What do we do prophylactically, doctor?
What do we do preemptively?
Well, you need a bullet and that's zinc.
Zinc stops, inhibits this enzyme.
Zinc does not get into the cell on its own.
So you need a zinc delivery system.
It's like a gun and a bullet.
So there are four zinc delivery systems.
One is hydroxychloroquine, another is ivermectin, then there's quercetin and EGCG, which is a green tea extract.
When you use that together with zinc, you have a functioning unit, a synergy of gun and bullet or zinc delivery system, a zinc ionopore with zinc, it gets the zinc into the cell in the right concentrations, inhibits RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, and what happens is you shut down viral replication.
If a virus cannot make copies of its genetic material, it will not spread.
So that's the key.
It's so simple.
And if you prime your immune system by having enough zinc already on board and enough vitamin D and enough C, then most likely you will not get these infections.
And if you do get this infection, you have to treat much more aggressively in day one or two and not allow for your immune system to explode and kill you.
The long-term consequences here are completely unknown.
There's papers showing increased risk of cancer, increased risk of... Well, Dr., that was my next point, and I know you've got to go.
Can you do five more minutes, a little short segment with us?
Because I'm not a rocket scientist like you, but I read a lot of stuff, and I see where people take these Pfizer and Moderna shots and they get, like Roger Stone's wife,
A week later, she had this big thing under her arm.
She went and they said, oh, it's stage four cancer.
And they admit, oh, it's going to make you get cancers, but don't worry about it.
It's probably not cancer.
But then all these people I know, including family, 47-year-old woman had to have her uterus removed.
She got cancer a month after the Moderna shot.
So to me, it's just, it's so crazy.
to watch this happening.
Back in two minutes, Dr. Vladimir Zevzalenko, ZStackLife.com, here on this Friday edition.
Wow, what a powerful interview.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
All right, final segment with Dr. Vladimir Zevzalenko, the pioneering doctor exposing all this over a year and a half ago.
He was on fire in that two-minute break talking about he believes there's a global awakening happening and other key points about how we counter this.
So, please, sir, please continue with the closing comments.
So I think God is testing every single individual.
And here's the following test.
I know you're afraid.
I know you're scared.
You've been destabilized.
Question is, who are you going to seek energy from?
Who are you going to seek reassurance?
Are you going to bow down to me, God?
And ask me to help you with your fears, ask me for your protection, ask me to cover you with clouds of security and glory, or are you going to run to the false gods and the golden calf of this vaccine of sociopathic oligarchs or corrupt governments?
Because if that's the case,
Let's see how that works out for you.
I really believe that that's the question that every single individual is living through.
Right now, the world has become, in a very ironic way, like the Garden of Eden.
What I mean by that is that in the Garden of Eden, before the sin, there was good, there was bad, because there was a tree of knowledge of good and bad, but they were separate.
Then for 6,000 years or whatever, it got really mixed up.
You couldn't tell where was good and where was bad.
Right now, you can tell with absolute clarity
Where is God's consciousness, God-centered living, compared to true idol worship and paganism?
I agree, Dr. So what would you call this time where finally it's all been confused, now it's clear?
I call it a wonderful opportunity to choose good over bad.
I'm calling it a wonderful opportunity as a prophet to say that the
The spirit of iniquity will be removed from the world forever, and death will be swallowed up forever.
And all that depends on the separation of good and bad.
You know, fear, I mentioned this multiple times, is the tool of the enemy.
It turns out that fear lives in the psychological space where God is absent.
Happy birthday, everyone.
Happy birthday, Alex.
I didn't lose my mind.
What I'm trying to point out is that every second is a creation ex nihilo.
Every second of life is an act of recreation.
So the fact that me and you are talking means that God is actually creating us and giving us the opportunity He wills us to be.
Now, if you really believe that, if you really walk around with that type of thinking, you're never alone.
And if you're never alone, there's no space, there's no emptiness where fear could set in.
And what these animals are doing, what these sociopathic, putrid pagans are doing, is trying to cause fear everywhere so that you would become psychologically enslaved and codependent on them.
They want to turn us into beasts like they are.
And you know, Elon Musk just put out, it's unbelievable, I saw a video this morning, the new Tesla humanoid robot, and he said the following, that these robots will remove the needs for any type of manual labor, that's the first thing he said, this will usher in an era of universal income.
What I'm seeing is, they're ready to eliminate us useless eaters.
The group of people of the subhumans.
You know, 80 years ago, they came after the Jews.
Now, I want to wake everyone up.
We're all Jews from that perspective.
They're not discriminating by religion.
They're coming after those people that are vulnerable, that are weak, that they could destroy easily.
So wake up and say no to BAG.
Don't listen to them.
Don't give in to the fear.
Put your faith in God.
Fill that void with the faith that God loves you and that he's creating you every second.
Happy birthday!
That's the only way I could think of how to navigate this
Chaotic turbulency of uncertainty.
Well, Doctor, I loved it when I saw you over a year and a half ago, and having you here has been such a great thing.
I know you're going to transcend no matter what happens with the heart problems, the cancer, whether you're going to live forever here or live forever after that.
We're going to be together in eternity.
You're absolutely right.
They're selling us a post-human nightmare, telling us to step aside to make these machines become our gods so they can play God.
It is so satanic.
Please join us again next week to get more into treatments and more into so much more.
We're really blessed to have you, sir, and we're really glad this interview happened.
God bless you and God bless America.
All right.
Stay with us.
All right.
Boy, Dr. Zev Zelenko is just, he's such an amazing wealth of information.
We are so lucky to have brave, educated, responsible, intelligent, I mean,
Really just no-nonsense people like Dr. Vladimir Zevzalenko educating us.
I mean, this PSYOP that has taken us over is just, I'm seeing things that, you know, just personal experience.
I was kicked off Twitter, for example, which, no big deal.
That's fine.
I was going to leave them anyways.
But the reason why, for pointing out that two kids died in the aftermath of a mass inoculation of some 24,000 youth,
Without the presence of any adults.
Parents were not allowed into that Australian sports arena turned into a mini Auschwitz.
And now it's been confirmed three dead.
Two boys and a girl.
As just today, I interviewed a 45-year veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force.
I mean, we are really living in a place where 24,000 kids are being herded, ushered into
But think about that.
A basketball arena or some kind of a sporting arena and jabbed with this thing.
That Australian Air Force veteran, Brave Soul, coming forward out of a continent that seems to be the prototype for the New World Order.
I don't know, it's devastating.
And it could have been that tweet, or maybe it was the factual statement that I made about the so-called vaccine mandates in the workplace.
I simply pointed out that if you're a crazy, lunatic, tyrannical overlord called a boss who's acting like an authoritarian dictator requiring that you get poked, you might consider working for some place that's not currently mandating the job.
And a few of those places you could work and still have medical freedom.
A few of the most notable places to work that are not currently mandating the job are the White House, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, the World Health Organization, the CDC, and the FDA.
That tweet went nuts!
Totally viral, and then boom!
I was gone.
The tweet remained, however.
Because it's true.
And now I'm watching comments on social media.
Specifically on my Telegram channel, which I love being there, because I read literally almost every single comment, and I interact.
I love Telegram.
And I'm there and I'm reading these comments and I'm telling you that I'm really starting to see the extremely apparent side effects of this psychological hell that these globalist elitist ruling class have begun to put us through.
And I say begun because this is only the beginning.
And there are a lot of you that are failing this test.
People are deciding on what man to follow.
What man to worship, what man to wait for to come riding in on some white horse with a sash and save the world.
You've read the book, you know how this story ends.
And people are still failing the test because they're failing to put their faith in God.
People are going into complete mental breakdown mode.
So we have to back off the rhetoric.
We have to back off the theories.
We have to back off the plans.
We have to back off the speculation.
We have to bring it back to facts.
Ben Shapiro, one of the biggest
Phony grifters, I can imagine.
One of the most disgusting, self-absorbed, neocon, almost sociopathic, the way he handles himself.
Conservative Inc., Media Industrial Complex, Trump fundraising, Dingleberry, just hanging on to whatever he can.
He likes to say, facts don't care about your feelings, which factually is wrong, Ben, because caring is a feeling.
But we have to do better.
When I say we, I don't necessarily mean we as a population, although I agree that we as a population have to do better globally.
But when I say we have to do better, I mean we who have been blessed to have a platform.
We meaning me.
People in a position with a microphone, with a platform, to be the bullhorn, screaming what everybody else is thinking, asking the questions,
Of people who are objective, fact-based people, experts, people who are trained to deal with these things, although we are being told that there's only one acceptable science in the world, and that is the science of Dr. Tony Fauci.
It's complete nonsense!
And so we have to get back to being strong and objective.
We have to be responsible.
We have to deal with the facts that we have in front of us.
We have to rely on these experts to bring them to us.
We have to then use our own discernment to arrive at a place.
And that place will dictate where we are.
How do we feel?
What does it look like here?
Where do we go from there?
One of those experts is Dr. Ben Edwards.
He is the founder and medical director of Veritas Medical in Lubbock, Texas.
He did his undergrad at Baylor, medical degree from UT Houston, residency at McLennan County Medical and Education Center of Research Foundation where he was a chief resident, fellowship in integrative medicine.
He now oversees a team of seven nurse practitioners at a set of three different clinics across West Texas and he joins us now.
Dr. Edwards, you come from a long line of physicians, nurses in your family, many who have worked for Baylor Scott White.
We have seen what
Scott White has done to Peter McCullough, treated him very badly.
People coming forward are being oppressed by these huge conglomerate medical systems and we have to back away from all of these theories and just talk sensical about what is happening with these injections, with this so-called virus in the medical world.
How do you see it?
Stu, the way I see it is we're at the culmination of 110 years of a deception and we're at a point now I would say the healthcare system has finally broken.
And let me just say real quick for listeners, because I'm going to say some stuff that's going to be controversial and sound crazy.
Like you said, I come from a long line of allopathic doctors.
And I was conventional as could be.
For seven years, I was practicing as only doctor in the county out in West Texas in a tiny rural health clinic.
And they put me on the front page of the Washington Post because we were so successful, meaning financially successful.
And then I met a doctor who told me, you know, before 100 years ago, prior to 100 years ago, all healing modalities for thousands of years, all worked with the body's ability to fix itself, to heal itself.
And now, or in 1910, John D. Rockefeller
In conglomeration with the Carnegie Foundation, hired Abraham Flexner.
The Flexner Report was published in 1910, and what it said was, there are too many, a wide variety of medical education curriculum out there.
We need to standardize this to the allopathic model, meaning pharmaceutical, which happened to be a derivative from John D. Rockefeller's petroleum products, from coal tar in particular, that's where all these pharmaceuticals came from.
Pharmaceutical and surgery.
That's what we need to standardize everything to.
That was 1910.
Pre-World War II, we're the healthiest people group in the world.
Since then, we've gone nothing but downhill.
Now we're the sickest group of people in the world, of the industrialized world.
54% of our kids are sick.
The majority of Americans have two chronic diseases or more.
Five pharmaceuticals is your average number of pharmaceuticals for adults over 50.
The first heart attack ever reported in the American medical literatures in 1912 when there was one.
Now it's the number one leading cause of death at 650,000 deaths a year from heart disease.
Cancer's number two and I was just reading a book that said in the early 1900s lung cancer was so rare that every single case got published.
There were just a handful.
And now there's 550,000 cases a year of cancer.
Those are your top two killers.
So people need to understand, for the past 100 years, this pharmaceutical-based approach to medicine and symptomatic treatment only has led us to where we are now.
And our consistently trained doctors don't even have a clue that there's another way.
It just seems to be that there is a medicine to cover
The symptoms from another medicine that is then stacked on top of another medicine.
And as you look at the stock of pharmaceutical companies, when they dip, they come out with a new drug.
And then later you'll watch and you'll see an increase, a spike in the number of deaths that were associated with that group of people that that medicine was prescribed for, almost like they're sitting back and laughing.
I got to go to break.
We're going to come back with Dr. Ben Edwards right after this.
My name is Stu Peters.
You can find me at StuPeters.TV.
We'll be back with more of the Alex Jones Show.
Stick tight.
StuPeters.tv, there's my site right there.
And yes, the military jab is a definite imminent risk to national security.
We're lucky to be joined right now by Dr. Ben Edwards, founder and medical director of Veritas Medical in Texas.
So you explained a little bit about your family history.
I've talked about your undergrad at Baylor, your medical degree from UT Houston, your residency, all of your education and research and all of the things that are happening in our country right now surrounding this so-called COVID-19 virus that seems to almost have become a brand now as heavily as it's been advertised and the push towards this inoculation.
We don't have a whole lot of time so I just want to get right to that.
You've no doubt
Noticed the push, and you've no doubt looked into these shots being called vaccines.
Tell us what you know about them.
Well, we know one thing.
They're not as effective and safe.
I mean, people can say it's a catchphrase, safe and effective.
Anybody can say that.
Where's the data?
The data doesn't support it, period.
The most they're going to be able to say is, maybe it decreases your chance of getting severe disease.
Well, guess what?
Go to c19early.com and you'll see 24 different therapies on there.
For early outpatient treatment and they all show positive benefit and I can almost guarantee you all 24 of those and many of those are over-the-counter all natural summer prescription, but they will have a safer and a well-proven track record of safety profile compared to this shot and what's difficult about from a doctor standpoint to give informed consent.
I need the data.
The data is so hard to find, the true data.
When we have a whistleblower from the CDC telling Tom Rents, we've got 45,000 deaths within three days of the shot.
There's an autopsy, a pathologist out of Germany, he did 40 autopsies on patients that died within two weeks of the shot.
And he said 40% of those, he would say, were from the vaccine specifically.
And he called for a whole lot more autopsies to prove this out.
And that's the whole point.
This is so new, never been done before.
We are.
It's hard to give informed consent on something that's new and unknown.
We don't know the long term anything.
So, I mean, it just blows my mind that we're putting bills
Texas Tech giving out free parking and food vouchers, etc.
For a population kids that have zero risk, definitely more risk.
Dr. Eden said 50 times more risk of dying from the shot if you're a kid than dying from COVID.
You have more chance of dying from influenza than COVID.
It just makes no sense at all.
And it seems clear to me when you have so many different early outpatient treatments that are being completely ignored.
I mean, I've got ICU.
I've talked to more ICU doctors in the past 10 days.
And they tell me the same thing.
These patients come in super sick.
They were sick at home for two weeks.
Nobody treated them.
So they show up in the ER and there's nothing we can do but throw them in the unit and put them on remdesivir and throw them on a vent and they die.
That's what she told me.
And I hear it over and over and over.
It's unbelievable.
I said, well, why don't you and me team up and let's do a press conference and let's get a billboard.
Early outpatient treatment.
Let's keep them out of your ICU.
We're not hearing it from anybody.
Pull my hair out.
It's so clear.
So I've talked with so many experts, so many doctors.
Listen, you guys are the unsung vault of super important information right now.
I mean, in times past, I will admit a doctor's a doctor.
You go see him when you're sick, blah, blah, blah, whatever.
And I've always appreciated what you guys do.
You have a tremendous amount of schooling that you have to do and you know, whatever.
But I mean, you guys are like, boom, all of a sudden, celebrities, you guys are on the scene here and we're talking to all kinds of
Dr. Brian Ardis says that this remdesivir actually will shut down your kidneys, it drowns patients, the vent.
I mean this is a cocktail for murder and that doctors know this but that these epic systems and other systems being used by hospitals are essentially being controlled by AI where doctors aren't really making traditional decisions on their own anymore.
They're being told what to do, practitioners and so on and so forth.
Now you oversee a team of seven practitioners at three clinics across West Texas.
I've talked with
Respiratory specialists and doctors who are saying that they're seeing a huge influx of inoculated patients coming in, presenting symptoms that are consistent with this antibody-dependent enhancement, ADE.
Is that what this Delta variant really is, do you think?
Is that what we're seeing, all these sick people?
I think that's definitely the concern, Stu.
And again, it'd be nice if we would have had some studies, long-term studies, that could have proven this out because in all the animal models, that's exactly what happened.
So why all of a sudden do we think it's not going to happen?
So yeah, we're seeing some vaccinated patients coming in with a much exaggerated inflammatory response, much more difficult to treat.
And yeah, so I think until proven otherwise, we have to say, of course, it's probably that because historically speaking, that's what the study showed.
And so we've got to be concerned about that for sure.
Are you concerned about kids taking this thing?
I mean, you mentioned that, you know, kids are not, you know, being impacted by the virus itself.
They were never at risk.
We're ushering in Australia, 24,000 kids into an arena.
As you can see, there's schools here in California.
If you're not vaccinated, you can't come to school.
They're pushing this thing on our kids.
It's unbelievable, Stu.
I can't tell you why.
I mean, there's no logical explanation to this at all.
If you have no risk from the actual virus, and there's substantial risk, and I'll have people tell me substantial, it's only like 0.01% or whatever it is, percentage-wise.
I don't care if it's 5 kids or 15 kids or 20 kids or 100 kids, percentage-wise it might not be anything.
Zero kids died from COVID who didn't have a pre-existing condition.
And I imagine even the pre-existing condition kids that did die, unfortunately, and God bless them.
But I imagine that
They probably weren't treated with Budesonide and Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and IV Vitamin C. So there's absolutely no reason, in my opinion, you would ever subject a kid.
I mean, why are we even talking about it?
It blows my mind we're even discussing this.
Pregnant women and kids are going to be subjected to something that we have no idea, acute or long-term.
We have a better idea now on acute side effects because we've got VAERS, which obviously we've talked about under reports.
It's just, it's unbelievable, Stu.
I mean, we're in a state of deception.
I mean, I was reading in Revelation the other day, and sorcery, the word sorcery in Revelation can be translated as pharmakia.
And we've got to be careful.
We've put our hope, our faith, our trust in this savior called pharmakia, and it's a demonic deception, in my opinion.
We've got to get back to the very root of this, which is spiritual.
It's a delusion and a deception, in my opinion.
Dr. Ben Edwards, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you coming on, and you did it on short notice, but we have to get back to a point.
Where we are dealing with facts.
And people have to start really understanding that these are the things, whether they hurt your feelings or not, whether it's what you want to hear or not.
The facts are the facts.
The truth is the truth.
You can call it what you want to.
Is it a bioweapon?
Was it predetermined?
Did it come out of Wuhan?
What's in the injections?
Graphene oxide, this, poison, that, euthanasia, new world order, the Great Reset, all of it.
The speculations are what they are, but the facts that we have to deal with is that these things are causing unprecedented amount of adverse events that, as you mentioned, you know, the VAERS system only is one system.
It's the least comprehensive, the most unreliable, it's completely underreported.
The Harvard study says that only about 1% are actually in there, and that means that we are looking at potentially
Death at monumental proportions, unlike anything that we have ever seen.
Dr. Edwards, I really appreciate you being here.
Thank you.
You're welcome, Stu.
Thanks for having me.
When we come back on the Alex Jones Show, we are going to be talking with Jerome Bell.
And we're talking about this injection being forced on military personnel as an existential threat to national security.
This Lloyd Austin, a complete joke.
You see this guy wearing these welder's visors and these gloves and like 35,000 masks on his face?
This is the guy in charge of leading the most brave men and women on the face of the planet?
Our United States military?
Our soldiers?
We'll talk to a Chief Petty Officer from the Navy when we return to the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
My name is Stu Peters.
Military jab, national security risk.
Yeah, I mean, that is the fact.
That is 100% true that you inoculate any group of people with something that is proven to be dangerous, more than likely deadly, for anybody that takes it,
Depending on how your body reacts to it.
Call it an experimental vaccine if you want to.
That's fine.
It's not the truth.
But that's what you... Call it whatever you want to.
It's hurting people and killing people.
It's killing kids.
It's killing adults.
It's going to kill a large mass of people.
And now the military is saying that they're going to inoculate every single person in the military.
Active duty, National Guard, reservists, contractors, all of them.
All military personnel, regardless of religious belief, regardless of pre-existing medical conditions, none of that matters because there's only one science that we are allowed to follow, and that is the science of one Tony Fauci.
And if that doesn't piss off every single person globally, that holds on to any kind of core values, medical freedom, faith in God, any of that, then we're not on the same page.
And it is because we've become shifted so far off of the page from one another.
So polarized, so divided on every single issue in this country, whether it's election integrity, was the election stolen?
Is Trump a Trojan horse?
Is that the real Biden in the White House?
Did he even really win?
When is Q coming?
Blah, blah, blah.
I mean, none of that really matters.
If we can't be united on one thing, and that one thing that should be non-partisan, is that you have the choice, you should be able to make the decision for yourself as to what substance goes into your body via a needle or an injection intravenously into your bloodstream, and into the bloodstream of your kids!
It is past time that we stand up for our medical freedom!
And the reason that we are afforded that freedom is because brave men and women sacrifice, sign on the line, knowing that they are risking everything.
Their families kiss them goodbye, say goodbye to them when they go on deployments to these hellhole countries halfway across the world willing to die in piles of spent shell casings to defend that freedom, to give us that freedom.
And then to thank those brave men and women that honorably serve in that military to provide that very freedom to us, you are going to strip that freedom from them.
Jab them.
What has this come to?
Not only that, but then you're going to execute a plan, or a lack thereof, to pull them out of Afghanistan,
Leave that place in ruins.
We now have Americans that are stuck there.
The place is upside down.
The Taliban is ruling everywhere over in Afghanistan right now.
There are people coming in terrorist cells from Pakistan.
ISIS is growing up.
It's a terrorist breeding ground again.
And the likelihood of a full military scale redeployment to Afghanistan is increasingly becoming more probable every single day.
Here to talk to us about it.
Yeah, I'm really upset about this.
You know, not only we spoke about the jab,
On your show and what I felt about that.
I was very, very public on that.
And hopefully I think because I came out public and told the military people that it was illegal to get this jab, that they pulled back a little bit.
So I'm hoping they're going to still walk that back.
But what's going on right now in Afghanistan is a travesty.
We have over 15,000 Americans left behind enemy lines.
We don't leave people behind.
Brain cell, do you have left to even imagine that?
It is, you know, very, very infuriating and frustrating, you know, but that's what's happening right now.
And Joe Biden needs to resign.
Kamala Harris needs to resign.
This hapless General Milley needs to resign.
He needs to be fired.
He needs to be jailed.
He lied to the American people, and they've been lying.
They've known about this, that this was coming since June.
They've known about it.
The documents are coming out.
You have people, whistleblowers coming out.
They've known about this since June.
They were talking about it at the embassy.
Millie is more concerned with promoting transgenderism in the military and introducing reading racist writings of Ibram X. Kendi with this woke indoctrination of every military soldier trying to root out racism.
Systemic racism is the greatest threat to our military.
We're good to go.
A terrorist organization, the Taliban, the most violent people on the face of the planet are going to say, oh yeah, yeah, there's your passport.
Proceed to the next gate.
And I'm now hearing that Americans who are left there are being told, well, if you're looking for the exit plan, follow us on Twitter, follow the State Department on Twitter to get your latest updates on your exit plan.
Well, what if there's a conservative over there?
I bet they're banned from Twitter.
So now Jack Dorsey's Twitter bans are going to lead people right to their death.
I don't know how far his impunity goes.
I mean, this whole thing is just a complete mess.
Yes, total mess.
Not only that, they don't even have a way to get these people to the airport.
They don't even have an exit plan for them.
Like, if you make it to the airport, then guess what?
You can pay $2,000 and you can be evacuated.
They are charging Americans up to $2,000 or more to be evacuated if they make it to the airport where they are putting these Afghans on.
These planes for free, unvetted, you know, tested for COVID or whatever.
They're putting these people on planes and flying them back to the United States.
When the UAE said that they would take them.
When you have Qatar, they said that they would take them.
When you have Dubai, you have all these other places over there that would take these refugees from Afghanistan.
You can drop them off there and they can stay in their Muslim countries.
But yet they want to bring them here.
We have over 4,000 right now in Fort Lee, Virginia, where our hapless blackface governor went and actually
Congratulate them for coming over here and, you know, say that, you know, welcome them for coming over here.
We don't want them over here.
These people, we don't know who these people are and now we're bringing them in.
These people want to destroy America and I'm sure they're being unvetted.
So we're bringing in Trojan horses, we're bringing in some jihadis that want to cause Americans harm, you know, and I just feel for these families, you know, and I really wish I had a team, you know, that could go over there, you know, and rescue these Americans because it is heartbreaking right now.
Is it possible that amid all of these election audits, I mean we're watching Arizona very closely, we're just days away from these results, I got about two minutes left here, but is it possible that this, mistakes like this just don't happen?
Could this be intentional as a distraction?
I'm too busy dealing with this crisis in Afghanistan, we're pausing on this election deal right now, I don't want to hear about your forensic audits.
Could this be on purpose?
Everything that you see is and has always been about the 2020 elections, Stu.
You can rap COVID, you can rap the artists, you can rap this Afghanistan.
And Biden says that, well, you know, he was handed over this from President Trump in May, May 1st.
Trump gave a date, May 1st.
Well, if you know anything about President Trump, he doesn't give exact dates.
If he said May 1st, it probably wasn't going to happen on May 1st.
He doesn't give OPSEC away like Joe Biden did.
President Trump understood OPSEC.
And President Trump did have a plan.
You bring out American citizens first.
You bring out all of our equipment second, and then you bring out our military.
That's how it should have happened.
Joe Biden did it, ass backers.
He shut down Bagram Air Base, just turned over the air base to looters.
To looters, they're on our air base.
And that was the one air base that we actually had secured, that we actually could have evacuated Americans out of.
And now we don't have that.
Now we have Kandahar.
You know, we have, really, they're surrounded right now.
And now he wants to send back in 6,000 troops and basically a suicide mission because now we have to go back in undercover, under fire, basically, to try to rescue these people if they can make it back to the airport.
You have Britain rescuing their people.
You have France going in and rescuing their people.
Britain is sending paratroopers rescuing their people.
Why can't we do that?
Why can't we go get our Americans?
And yeah, I believe it's totally by design, all of it.
Totally by design.
It's a complete takeover and a demographic population transformation in key battleground strategic areas for Democrats.
That's what they're doing here.
We know that and we're going to talk about the furtherance of that attack on Americans when we return with Chief Bell, Jerome Bell.
He's an America First congressional candidate out of Virginia.
We'll be back on the Alex Jones Show more with Chief Bell right after this.
Stick around.
We've talked about the military jabs.
We know that they're a national security threat.
We know it's unlawful.
We know that it's completely against every single protocol that you've ever seen in ever.
I mean, we understand that when people sign up to go into the military, that they surrender a certain right, that they subject themselves to FDA approved medicines.
That's not to experimental jabs that are causing unprecedented deaths.
I mean, and that's only in one of the 12 systems that we have happens to be the most unreliable.
Happens to be the least comprehensive.
Happens to only report 1% according to a Harvard study.
But yet, we ignore that.
Based on one man's science and some rogue dictator, Administrator Biden, up here who's being controlled and moved around and used as a puppet for these globalists at the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, all of the billionaires in the good old boy club there with George Soros.
And we know what it is.
We've called out their names.
We've talked about the Great Reset.
We've talked about the New World Order.
The prototype is Australia.
These kids, everybody's being locked down.
You can only exercise one hour a day there.
You have to wear a mask everywhere you go.
Police are making arrests if you go more than one kilometer, that's a half a mile away from your house.
There's a video on TikTok that's going around all over the place from one of these kids that was force-jabbed, was passed out.
He's dead.
We've never seen so much tyranny happen in this world, completely unchecked.
We are a country of 350 million people.
We are a world of about 7 billion people.
Where are all of the men in this country?
That, I think, is what confuses me the most.
The absolute acceptance of all of this.
The stolen election.
I mean, there were people in France and Italy, people in Hungary, protesting our stolen election more fervently than we were here on the ground.
This tyranny is completely unchecked.
We're joined by an America First candidate for U.S.
His name is Jerome Bell out of Virginia.
He's a retired Chief Petty Officer from the Navy.
Jerome, listen, how much further is this going to go, do you anticipate, before we see some real action, grassroots, people in the streets, or is this just, are we just looking at the end times?
You know, I don't know where that red line is going to be drawn in the sand.
My red line has been drawn a year ago.
You know, I never wore a mask, I would never take the jab, you know, and so...
These people have to wake up.
We have too many complacent people in the United States.
What's going on in Australia right now should be a wake-up call to everybody, and thank God that we have not given up our right to guns yet, because this would definitely be a shooting battle if this was what's going on, if they started to try to do what's happening in Australia.
They are physically taking people's kids away from them and giving them an experimental, deadly vaccine.
And there's nothing those people can do about it.
That there is the most remarkable thing I've ever seen in my lifetime.
I never thought that I would see anything
Like this in our lifetime, especially here in the United States.
But when this mask came out, I came out against the mask.
I said, the mask is going to lead to the jab.
The jab is going to lead to the vaccine passports.
You're going to have to show your passports or proof, whatever, to eat, to buy anything.
Yeah, it's coming.
And it's here, Stu.
And I said it a year ago that when you capitulate and when you comply to one thing, the government and the globalists will not give you your rights back.
They're going to add on to it.
And so you see what's happening.
So, Stu, at some point,
And I don't know when that's going to be, but at some point, Americans have to take to the streets because they're not coming to get our kids like that.
These people are not going to come to our homes and to our neighborhoods to come and get our kids without being a war.
And if they want a war, that's going to be the red line when you start coming after our children.
They're already coming after the minds of our children, but when you start to come physically at them to give them the jab, I think that's going to be the ignition point.
The propaganda behind
The whole plan to put that patriotism on ice, to chill that resistance, started with, well, I mean, obviously it's been going on for decades, but out in the wide open with January 6th.
And now we know that Roger Stone, Alex Jones, a lot of these people have been vindicated as the FBI is now coming out and saying, no, we couldn't find that there was really any plan here.
Well, yeah.
We said that.
We've been saying that, that there was no plan here.
That the only plan was by the Deep State and by Nancy Pelosi's Gestapo, and the only violence that was committed there was at her direction.
This was orchestrated by the FBI.
The FBI infiltrated inside of here and turned us around.
But the point is, is that this was used to scare Americans into inaction.
To put the fear of God into them where they're not going to say anything.
They're not going to oppose anything.
They're not going to raise any flags anymore.
They're certainly not going to go gather in large groups.
They're not going to be out in the street because God, they could be jailed and they could be left in some solitary confinement with misdemeanor charges for God knows how long.
And now we see this DHS bulletin coming out to law enforcement agencies advertised all over the place that if you question the response to COVID or if you question the 2020 election, you could be considered to be a terrorist.
I mean,
Where does it stop?
You have to believe that this is fixable because you're running for Congress.
So, how is it fixed?
I mean, where do we start?
We're just gonna start with the people, you know.
And January 6th was definitely not an insurrection, you know, and that is coming out.
And what they're doing, they're backtracking because they're covering their asses, to be honest, because it's coming out that the FBI, they had infiltrators.
They ran that operation on January 6th.
The Revolver News has done an excellent job, and they're bringing that out.
There's one of the news outlets that's bringing that out.
So these, and they had infiltrators, and they had operators on the ground.
The FBI and these other
I think so.
And what was that, 2014 or before that, 2012, 2014?
I said then, I said this was going to be used against the American people.
They called it the Patriot Act for a reason, not the Patriot Act to go after terrorists.
They called it the Patriot Act because it's going to be used against patriots here in the United States.
And once again, we're here.
You know, and I said that years ago.
I don't know.
Our bets are off.
Our bets are off after 2022.
You know, we have these people need to look past, you know, President Trump on to 2024.
No, we need to find out what happened in the elections 2020.
We know what happened.
We've been talking about it.
It needs to be brought out to the American people and these people that committed treason in the United States.
They need to be tried.
They need to be arrested, tried and fried.
You know, there are so many people with platforms that tiptoe around this.
And I don't know why.
But if President Trump had called for an armed insurrection, they would have got it.
They would have seen what a real election looks like.
There would have been no doubt they would have got it because there are 150 million gun owners that would have been there and there would have been some problems.
I said it.
That was not an insurrection.
You're seeing an insurrection happening in Afghanistan right now.
The Taliban is doing what we could call an insurrection right now.
And the only insurrection that I can think of in recent times that has happened here in this country happened overnight between November 3rd and November 4th when a successful coup d'etat was implemented.
The political assassination of a sitting president after multiple failed and false phony lies and a charade called an impeachment
We know exactly what happened, and the fact that these media conglomerates out here won't talk about that makes them complicit as well.
All of them.
Every single one of them.
And there is not a gatekeeper that's going to be safe from me.
I will come after all of them, and I bet you will too.
Final minute.
You're running for Congress.
Make your plea.
Yeah, I'm running for Congress of the United States.
I'm going after all of them too, whether they're Democrats, whether they're RINOs.
I'm going after all of them because what happened definitely was a coup d'etat.
And you're only going to find a handful of people like you and myself, Stu, that's going to call it the way it really is and the way it really happened.
You know, so if people want to join my fight, you know, I'm calling it the new conservative revolution, not this old conservatism, not this old Republican Party.
I'm calling for a new conservative revolution of black conservatives, white conservatives, Asians, that's going to come together and take this country back because we have these feckless rhinos.
And these feckless Democrats that's only hungry for power, and they're controlled by the CCP, they're controlled by the globalists, and they think that they're going to be safe.
They're not safe either.
They're not going to be safe.
We're going to come after you.
We're going to get you out of office.
And if it comes down to, you know, what they really want, then, you know, they're going to get that too, whatever that is.
And I'm not going to say, because I don't want people to say I'm trying to cause an insurrection.
We're good.
Thank you for talking real talk and for speaking plain USDA choice, dyed-in-the-wool, thoroughbred patriotism.
You bleed it, and I can tell, brother, you have my support.
Jerome Bell, thank you very much.
The War Room is up next with Owen Schroyer.
Do not be blackpilled.
Do not let this get you down.
Remember, this is a big country and you are the majority.
Find me at StuPeters.TV.
My name is Stu Peters.
I was happy to be with you this Friday and hope to see you next.
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