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Name: 20210819_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 19, 2021
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The speaker discusses Afghanistan's current situation and criticizes Biden's administration for potentially leaving military equipment in the hands of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They emphasize the importance of defending American values, including gun ownership as protection for the First Amendment. In another report, investigators seal off the Election Department in Mason County where nine unidentified individuals were found inside. The Secretary of State Democrat Jenna Griswold issued a statement about supervising Mason County elections, and the speaker claims that before and after pictures will be shown to reveal a massive cover-up of a huge crime in history related to Dominion removing election machines for maintenance.

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I still come back to the idea of a booster shot.
I mean, yes, you're right.
The vaccines work.
We've seen that.
You know what?
That sounds to me like a money-making operation for Pfizer.
Think of the money involved.
An extra shot, that's tens of billions of dollars.
How good a business is that?
If you're a pure businessman, you'll say, you know what?
Let's give them another shot.
That's another $10 billion of Are you not excited about what you just saw?
It doesn't, you wouldn't think you would need a booster.
You know, when these first came out, they were good for life.
Then they were good for a year or two.
And I could see the writing on the wall.
I could see the dollar signs in their eyes of that guy that runs Pfizer.
You know, the guy that announced the day after the election that he had the vaccine.
Are you not excited about what you just saw?
Cuz I know people personally who have pestered him about this and
it looks like he's starting to get it.
I agree.
And I think the key thing is, is that no matter how far you're down a wrong road, you turn back.
And Trump acted based upon the old adage of Mediocre plan now is worth a perfect plan in a week, and he acted because he wanted to help people.
We've got a lot more information now, and he's in a much better position to make the best decisions.
But if he can step in front of the freight train that's about to hit young people, he will be a savior who will be remembered for doing that.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
All over the United States, all over the world, citizens are taking every chance they've got to speak up to the power structure and say no to this worldwide medical tyranny, especially as the system attempts to suppress the numbers of deaths and illnesses caused by the experimental shot that we've now confirmed is the depopulation weapon that has been launched.
This is for all you clowns out there saying you guys gotta take the shot.
Don't take it!
I'll tell you what.
As a grieving mother, I'm gonna tell you why my daughter took that shot yesterday in Las Vegas and she's dead!
She took the Pfizer vaccine and she's dead!
They couldn't even revive her!
I'm begging you people!
Don't take it!
They're killing us!
They're killing you and they're killing me!
They killed her!
Five hours from that Pfizer shot and she's dead!
How do you like that call as a parent?
Your child is dead!
On the number of calls to MADA, to the Israeli EMS, for events classified retrospectively by the teams that went and took care of the patient as cardiac arrests and heart attacks.
So two different classes of calls.
And what we've observed from the data is that there is an unexplained dramatic increase in the number of these calls in 2021.
Specifically, 25% when you look on the entire population, but for some subgroups, for example, women ages 20 to 29, the increase is 83%.
This is something really dramatic.
And to make things more concerning, When we look on the weekly number of calls throughout this entire period of time and I just want to remind you 2019 is a period of time when we don't have COVID-19 and we don't have vaccines.
2020 is a time where we have two waves of the COVID-19 pandemics and we don't have vaccines and 2021 we have the third wave of pandemic and vaccines.
And when we look and analyze it statistically, there is a significant statistical correlation between the vaccine rollout in this specific age group.
So we don't look on the number of doses given to the population.
number of doses given to the specific age population and the number of calls in the
specific age population, EMS calls, emergency calls, and we see very, very striking statistical
correlation between the two, where basically we see an increase once the second dose,
the number of second dose of the vaccine are going up, then we see a decrease
in the number of second doses and in the number of cases.
And then we see another increase that can be associated with the decision of Israel to give a single dose to people that recovered from COVID.
I still come back to the idea of a booster shot.
I mean, yes, you're right.
The vaccines work.
We've seen that.
You know what?
That sounds to me like a money making operation for Pfizer.
Think of the money involved.
That's tens of billions of dollars.
How good a business is that?
If you're a pure businessman, you say, you know what, let's give them another shot.
That's another $10 billion of money coming in.
The whole thing is just crazy.
It doesn't, you wouldn't think you would need a booster.
You know, when these first came out, they were good for life.
Then they were good for a year or two, and I could see the writing on the wall.
I could see the dollar signs in their eyes of that guy that runs Pfizer.
You know, the guy that announced the day after the election that he had the vaccine.
But we knew that, and I knew that.
Yeah, he announced it November 9th.
You're right.
A few days after the election.
Well, that's a big deal.
Finally, Trump started to turn the corner.
And word is he's going to soon start exposing that the vaccine was wrong all along, and that he was misled and set up.
Remember, my friends, this is a spiritual battle.
Struggle not against flesh and blood, but satanic forces, as the Bible tells us.
And now we see the evil out in the open like never before.
We see the entire world incredibly diseased right now.
The people incredibly sick for weeks or even months after the general population took the deadly vaccines.
Upwards of 95% of the new hospitalizations in the most vaccinated countries in the world are the inoculated with the deadly COVID shots.
But they are then incubating in their bodies and producing and sloughing off live mutation viruses.
That's absolute admitted scientific fact.
But even when I'm talking to very smart people that own companies and are very successful, I've even been talking to very successful lawyers and people, and I explain to them That all the top experts warned that when you give somebody a live virus vaccine, it always causes sloughing.
It always causes shedding.
And they'll sit there and say, really?
They wouldn't give us something that spread it.
So I pull up NPR, I pull up the New York Times, and then I pull up AP and Reuters.
Let's do it together.
Number one cause of polio worldwide Is the live polio vaccine shedding?
Now, in the 1960s, that live vaccine was banned in Europe and the United States because of all the lawsuits and people getting really pissed because it was killing so many people, giving them polio.
But they still give it to everybody in Central Asia and the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
So I'm showing you the Washington Post, I'm showing you the Associated Press.
I understand for the average person, you're not researching medicine, you're not researching virology.
I've been forced to because the globalists going back almost 30 years ago when I really got awake, were obsessed with vaccines to sterilize the public, to get rid of our immunity, and to depopulate us.
The thing they've really been obsessed with is getting rid of our immunity.
So that a regular cold or a regular flu or a cancer, they say a young person estimate probably has a couple cancers a day.
And the killer T's, white blood cells, take them out.
And of course you've got triple the immune system when you're 5 years old, 10 years old, 15 years old.
As you get older you get less and less killer T's.
That's why you tend to get cancer is one of the main reasons.
Also, cells keep replicating, and at a certain point, the telemeters get short, there's more malfunctions, and then your cells start creating more mutants.
So more mutants, more mutant cells, less killer Ts to say you're dead.
Well, we now have six major studies that I've seen in the last five months.
We've played a bunch of clubs of top scientists and doctors laying out, it's even in mainstream newspapers, that, well, when you take the Pfizer or Moderna shot, it lowers your killer T's.
One study says a third, another study says over a third.
The spokesperson for the UK government that runs the main lab in the world, said on international television a month ago, we probably played the clip 10 times, that, oh, it actually lowers it six times.
And so that you'll permanently need injections of this gene therapy because you're not going to have an immune system anymore.
And people see these clips and they say, well, they must be misspeaking.
No, I went and actually read the UK government studies that The doctor's name was on.
It's gonna pop my head in a minute.
He's the one in the white lab coat in a lab.
He's from the U.S., but he heads up the British operation.
Name starts with a B. Point is, it doesn't matter.
You've all seen it.
You've all heard it.
Dr. Bauer, yes.
You've seen us all lay it out.
It's in the damn literature.
You don't just think when I was sent that clip and asked what I thought about it by a very well-known talk show host, which just shows how people are researching the reason I'm namedrop, without name dropping, Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan.
Maybe both of them sent me the clip the same day.
The point is, is that people are asking, what is this?
What do you think?
So I said, well, let me go look at who this guy is.
I go, oh my God, he's the head scientist of the main bioweapons lab in the world in the UK, the undisputed most powerful evil lab in the world.
Yeah, let's put that dot back on screen if we can.
And he says it takes your immune system down six times what it was to almost nothing.
It turns your white blood cells off.
No, that's not the doctor.
Gosh, that's the doctor exposing the white blood cell counts lowering.
All right, let's go to rebroadcast.
No big deal.
It's not the crew's fault.
I've reached a level of being upset now where I just have too much knowledge, too much information.
Can we get Greg Reese's report ready from yesterday, please?
I'm just going to take a little break now.
A little breakie for me.
And then we're going to come back and I'm going to start the show over.
I'm going to start the show over at that point.
And I'm going to have all the information for you and it's going to be beautiful.
Trump has come out against the booster shots.
That's a big starting plus.
But here's the Gregory's report.
Anomaly recently had an Instagram live with several Aussies speaking out about the tyrannical lockdowns in Australia.
People aren't allowed to travel more than five kilometers from their home.
People who live alone were once allowed further to briefly visit a friend, but no longer.
Now, they can only register a single person within five kilometers of their home.
Within that five kilometers, They are only allowed outside of their home for two hours a day.
And when they are out, they need permission.
They are required to scan QR codes with their phones to show where they've been.
There are only three permissible reasons to leave your home.
To exercise or to go shopping, if there is a shop within your 5k bubble, or go to work, that is, if you still have a job.
Most shops have been shut down in Australia for over 200 days and in many areas people cannot go to work unless they get the shot.
If you are caught outside without an excuse, you are arrested.
If you are not wearing a mask while alone in your car, you are pulled over by the police.
The Premier of Australia recently said that this is literally a war.
But it's really, really important for us to acknowledge and accept that we need vaccination as a key tool in fighting this.
This is literally a war, and we've known we've been in a war for some time, but never to this extent.
And seeing that only 0.032% have been infected, we know that the Premier isn't declaring war against COVID.
That would be insane.
She is declaring war against the people.
And she isn't joking.
Girls as young as 12 years old are getting pepper sprayed and arrested by the police for not wearing masks.
In 2020, Australian citizens were being arrested for questioning the government online.
Now, they are being arrested for questioning the government in their own homes.
After being reported to the police by his wife for questioning the government, an Australian man was taken against his will in an ambulance to a prison-like facility, where he was questioned, told he has had a nervous breakdown, and diagnosed as having a problem trusting authority.
They are building concentration camps.
Melbourne's Centre for National Resilience is set to open by the end of the year.
They call them quarantine camps, but this makes no sense considering only 0.032% of the population is infected.
By definition, these are concentration camps.
And they're coming to America next.
Australia lost their guns because they never had the Bill of Rights to protect them.
America does.
But for how long?
What do you think people need to know?
Anything that you think hasn't been said or that people really need to know?
In America?
In America, yeah.
We need you guys.
It doesn't matter if Joe Biden's in the White House at this point in time.
You guys are the leader of the free world and everyone is looking to you, you know?
Australia, it's do or die.
We've got China on our doorstep.
We are back live with a totally jam-packed broadcast coming up for you today.
Got a very exciting guest that we've almost got ready to come on, bottom of the next hour.
If not, he's coming on tomorrow.
But he is...
Matt Baker, they're calling him the dreadlocked Alex Jones.
I think he ran it better than I do.
He got me to the next level, telling that city council that they have declared war on humanity, and we're declaring war on them.
Because this is an assault that's taking place, and this is the spirit we need to defeat it.
That's come up in a moment, but first, it's not the crew's fault.
It's my own neuroses, and I'm very upset about what's happening in the world, so I've gotten more OCD than normal.
I'm like, who's the name of that scientist that is the head of the British facility that says the Pfizer vaccine actually lowers your immunity massively, so you've got to keep taking booster shots, and then they can't find it in 30 seconds, so I get mad.
That's not their fault.
They did find His name, David Bauer.
But the point is, here's another study on the same subject.
We don't need this from Mr. Bauer.
We have this from the studies.
But he actually conducted studies himself confirming it.
Killer T-cells boosts immunity to coronavirus variants, study finds.
The vaccine turns off the killer T's.
Doesn't kill them like HIV.
HIV kills the T lymphocytes.
Those are the ones that actually go and identify what the enemy is and tell the killer T's to kill it.
This just turns them off where they do nothing.
So they basically buy off the jail guards.
Or they buy off the warriors.
There's amazing footage of electron microscopes of killer T's eating things.
Eating threats the body.
That's what pus is, is the white blood cells.
There's different types of them, but the killer T is key.
And that's in at least, again, as I said, six studies that are out right now on, okay, these so-called shots, these live virus shots is what they are.
They're not regular vaccines.
They are turning the immune system off.
You get cancer when that happens.
And that's why so many people are getting cancer right after they take the shot, and they even say, well, it does grow tumors, but that's just a side effect, no big deal.
Don't have any operations for six months.
What does that mean?
How are they diagnosing from afar?
They also have all these CDC announcements of, you don't need to talk to your doctor if you're pregnant, just go ahead and get a shot.
Experts agree, it's probably safe.
That's unprecedented.
Look how cool our bodies are.
We have these little amoebas inside of us that eat our enemies.
Oh, but don't worry, Bill Gates gave you something that turns it off.
Oh, and Dr. Fauci was heavily involved in the whole HIV rollout that turned off the immune system as well.
He's bragging about it, okay?
So, let's go ahead now and play Dr. David Bauer at the big UK research facility.
He heads up, admitting what's in the literature.
The message from our finding is that we found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, those who've had two doses, have about five to six fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies.
Now these are the sort of gold standard private security antibodies of your immune system, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place.
So we found that that's less for people with two doses.
We've also found that for people with only one dose of the Pfizer jab, that they are less likely to have high levels of these antibodies in their blood.
And perhaps most importantly for all of us going forward is that we see that the older you are, The lower your levels are likely to be, and the time since you've had your second jab, as that time goes on, the lower your levels are also likely to be.
So that's telling us that we're probably going to be needing to prioritize boosters for older and more vulnerable people coming up soon, especially if this new variant spreads.
So that's the doublespeak.
This gets rid of your immune system, so you'll need more boosters.
We played that months ago.
People said, oh, he must be misspeaking.
No, it's in the studies.
I just showed you another one.
That it's your killer T's that stop variants.
Oh, but it's the shots that turn it off.
So it's not just that the people that take these injections are factories, little bioweapon engines now to attack us.
They then turn around and say the unvaccinated are to blame when they all know it's them in the literature.
But it gets worse.
It then turns off the killer T's in all these people, so they become even bigger factories, and the viruses win, they get sick, they're the majority of the hospitalized, but then they also get us sick.
Understand that.
Spike protein factories.
The mRNA...
Vaccines and Moderna and Pfizer create an artificial HIV spike protein that's on record.
The other two viral vectors create a real one.
It doesn't matter, it's the same thing.
This is incredible level assault on humanity.
It's just, the facts are in, it's overwhelming, it's mind-blowing that they actually did this.
And now the numbers of death and disease is just exploding.
They have hit us so hard.
By this winter, you'll probably be needing to stay home and not go out.
There'll be that much death.
And then they'll say, see, we told you, we're the ones that are behind it all.
They killed us.
They killed us.
We stood up to them.
We said, we don't want your world government.
We don't want to teach five-year-olds how to have sex with pedophiles.
They said, screw you, bioweapon.
You go take the vaccine, you become the bioweapon factory.
The people are fighting back.
Here's Matt Baker out in San Diego.
We're out in California letting them have it.
And the whole damn event there was like, this is happening in Texas, all over the country.
We have so many of these clips, I'm going to try to get to more and more of them in the next few days, but here's some of what he had to say.
You're back, and they should be begging you to do the right thing!
You're about to open a pit of hell!
You do not get a vaccine passport put on us!
You know, as the population who's in control, you know that the people or the politicians, once you get a power, you will never relinquish it.
Do you think that the four feet of marble that holds you above, high in this chamber, will help you from the fate of humanity which you are unleashing?
It won't!
Your children and your children's children will be subjugated!
They will be asked How many vaccines have you had?
Have you been a good little Nazi?
Hey, Alfonsi!
Hey, Alfonsi!
There's been a lot of talk about the Nuremberg Code.
Well, I brought you a copy.
You are all in violation of Section 1.
Yes, you, Dr. Wilton.
You are in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which is international law, and the definition is... Thank you, sir.
Your time has expired.
The definition is we shall not be...
By the way, people go, that's like professional wrestling.
Professional wrestling does an art type of people getting fired up to go to war.
And so that's a copy, that's art imitating life.
Now you see life coming back.
They're assaulting us, people are warning them, like you do to a grizzly bear, you yell at it, you scream at it, you say, stop what you're doing.
We're trying to give them a chance to stop.
We're warning them again to turn back, but these control freaks have gotten away with aborting our children and giving tens of millions, all the other neurological disorders to the autism and giving the troops deadly experimental shots and killing over 40,000 of them in the Gulf War Syndrome.
And so they just can't help themselves.
They want this power.
It's Tuskegee Experiment on steroids 2.0.
And we've reached quite a Rubicon moment.
Now you talk about the Nuremberg Code.
I'm going to be interviewing Dr. Francis Boyle, unedited, no breaks, on Saturday.
And that's going to be airing at 4 p.m.
Central for probably two hours, he's agreed to do.
And he'll lay out the law.
Yeah, he'll lay out how it's all illegal, but under the Nuremberg Code, to intimidate or threaten somebody to do a medical experiment or to take an experimental injection is punishable by death.
And when we come back, that's the new thing, where they're going to deny you not just getting on an airplane or having a job, but a liver transplant.
I still come back to the idea of a booster shot.
I mean, yes, you're right.
The vaccines work.
We've seen that.
You know what?
That sounds to me like a money-making operation for Pfizer.
Think of the money involved.
An extra shot.
That's tens of billions of dollars.
How good a business is that?
If you're a pure businessman, you'll say, you know what?
Let's give them another shot.
That's another $10 billion of Money coming in.
The whole thing is just crazy.
It doesn't.
You wouldn't think you would need a booster.
You know, when these first came out, they were good for life.
Then they were good for a year or two.
And I could see the writing on the wall.
I could see the dollar signs in their eyes of that guy that runs Pfizer.
You know, the guy that announced the day after the election that he had the vaccine.
But we knew that.
And I knew that.
He announced it November 9th.
You're right.
A few days after the election.
Headlines up at InfoWars.com.
You might want to share it if you want to defeat this takeover.
Stop the medical tyranny.
Stop the New World Order.
Stop the Great Reset.
Trump vaccine booster shots.
Money-making operation for Pfizer.
I have begged for people that I know that still talk to Trump on a routine basis.
It's been a long time since he called me.
I missed a few phone calls that I think was him in the past, but it doesn't really matter.
In these conversations, it's one way Trump talks to you.
But I have talked to folks, several people that have talked to Trump at length.
And they've told him, hey, these vaccines don't work.
People are really mad at you about supporting it.
They hate Fauci.
They hate Gates.
You need to get ahead of this and say, look, they were holding America hostage.
They weren't going to open the economy.
They were saying everybody had to live in fear until there was a vaccine.
They said three years.
I talked to scientists.
They said it could be quicker because they set Trump up.
They were the ones already had it ready.
And they said, no, we can do Operation Warp Speed because Gates and Fauci actually already had it already.
The Peter Daszak documents have come out.
The Wuhan lab documents have come out.
So they set him up.
And I said, Trump, you're going to get hung on this.
You're going to get set up on this.
Unless you come out now and say, listen, I'm all for regular vaccines.
I don't think anybody should be forced to take them.
I didn't understand that this was a gene therapy and that they knew in their own secret
trials under other names it didn't work because I can give them all those documents. And so I call
for a criminal investigation of the CDC and of Fauci and of Bill Gates and of this group.
And then he's the hero who admits he got set up like so many others and then all the heat's on
them and their whole house of cards If not, that same criminal group's gonna continue to come after him and America and try to keep us locked down in indefinite lockdowns like Australia while China takes over the planet.
And make no mistake, that is the plan.
That is what is unfolding here.
Now here's an unattributed video It looks very, very real to me, and I've seen countless real news articles of 12-year-olds, 15-year-olds, 18-year-olds taking the Pfizer shot or the Moderna shot and having a giant heart attack.
That's in the mainstream news that Israel has seen a five-time increase in cardiac problems of people below 30.
Basically didn't exist before, now it's quite common.
A lot of folks are dying.
So that's there.
But here's a mother who doesn't look that old herself, so it looks like her daughter was probably 25 or so, maybe younger, took the shot and died within just a few hours.
Well, this is anecdotal.
It's just a video online, which we're trying to censor, but the real literature shows this is indeed happening.
But nobody cares about the scientific documents and studies.
They care about the real emotion, and here it is.
This is for all you clowns out there saying you guys gotta take the shot.
Don't take it!
I tell you what, as a grieving mother, I'm gonna tell you why my daughter took that shot yesterday in Las Vegas and she's dead!
She took the Pfizer vaccine and she's dead!
They couldn't even revive her!
I'm begging you people!
YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT- And on all these major video platforms, grieving mothers, you name it, are removed for complaining.
You're not the UN.
You're not allowed to give comments about what happened to you and your family.
Keep your mouth shut while we kill you and your family.
And it's all about power.
If they can get away with this, and the clear hundreds of thousands of deaths already from these shots, they're going to get away with anything.
And as I said a year and a half ago, once they have enough people that have signed on to the law, enough lawyers, enough bureaucrats, enough doctors, and Nurses, and they've expelled the good people out of the military that won't do it.
They've expelled the good nurses and doctors who won't be part of it.
They'll have that true medical tyranny cohort they need to take over the planet.
And that's what this is.
This is a scientific takeover where universities don't care if you have a medical letter that you had an autoimmune response to a vaccine and if you take another you'll die.
You're kicked out.
They don't care if you have the antibody test, that you have natural immunity, that is the best immunity you can have, and then if you take another shot, that could kill you.
Doesn't matter what your doctor says.
The university, the public school, the job says you're fired because it's about you doing what they say, even though it goes against your own health and your own common sense.
And now, they want our children, and they're coming for our children.
They want total Stockholm Syndrome, Subservience.
Just like the Taliban once.
Taliban now confirms they've been executing people en masse at sports stadiums like they always did.
But we have those weird liberal statements from the State Department going, oh, but they promised to be nice to women, so everything's okay.
It's always that leftist mental illness.
This is a great point put out on Twitter.
Now the Taliban control Afghanistan.
They'll close the churches, the pubs and the cinemas.
They'll violently suppress live music and public protest.
They'll even ban people from traveling from one town to another.
They'll even take the guns, I would add.
Wait, wait, wait, sorry.
I'm getting confused.
That was the UK the last two years.
And the same thing for Australia, Canada, and blue cities in the United States.
Meanwhile, Instagram blocks critical comments of Biden Through its disrespectful content filter.
Now you can't be disrespectful of your installed puppet.
You've got to continue to bow down.
Coming up next segment, I've got a lot of news on that front and what Julian Assange had to say about it from the information vault.
That's coming up.
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Alright, we'll come back with tomorrow's news today and a lot of huge news.
The latest on Afghanistan, straight ahead.
So, our federal government has been hijacked by globalist forces, and it's put in official policy reports, signed by the President, that the main threat is people that question the election or coming lockdowns, which they're basically already implementing incrementally.
Biden's been in so much trouble in Afghanistan, he hasn't gotten to announcing that yet, though our sources tell us they've got it all prepared, and he's even said they've got it prepared.
So how are you going to counter that?
Well, remember our good friends with the Q folks, who sucked in so many well-meaning people believing Trump's invincible, and we're in secret contact with Trump, and they're going to get everybody, and even after you saw the fraud of January 6th, people still didn't believe it.
They thought, oh, on the 20th, Biden will be arrested and I told you it was a setup.
Trying to provocateur other people to believe that and to go there and do that.
And the people that put the Q stuff out are the same ones that have put out other disinformation the last 10 years that have set us up over and over again.
And I would talk to people that I've known a long time who believe the Q thing, and they'd say, Alex, I used to think you were good, you woke me up, but I'm with Q now and the president.
And I'm like, I talked to the president.
This is not what you think it is.
You're being set up.
So I've been expecting them to trigger something.
So they've been saying online that by the 15th to the 20th, that Trump would be reinstated.
And sure enough, now we put the photo on screen, please.
A man in a big black truck pulls up onto the edge of the Capitol sidewalk and then just starts yelling and screaming and expecting that he's there for the insurrection.
Just like we got a million people out there on January 6th to have a peaceful event at the Eclipse.
And then hundreds of thousands of us march to Capitol peacefully.
All Trump events have always been peaceful.
A few hundred start fighting with cops.
They open the gates.
Six hundred go in.
And then we're all terrorists.
We're all criminals after that.
All because a few hundred people believed they were under Q command.
And they were under Q command.
The Democratic Party, the Deep State, the Globalist.
And so now there is a man in a standoff On the Capitol grounds, we've watched the video.
I'm not going to air it all.
You can post the full thing at DemPollWars.com.
Standoff's ongoing.
I hope he doesn't get shot.
And the Capitol Police said that he's basically threatening them, but now he's saying he's not.
And we're just going to watch this as it unfolds.
Here's some of the headlines.
Capitol on lockdown.
Police negotiating with man in pickup truck claiming to have explosive device.
And he's like, look, I'm just here to meet the people for the overthrow.
I mean, you know.
Because he got sucked in by the Q-Tard stuff.
Man threatening Capitol Obama is throwing dollar bills and communicating with police using a whiteboard.
Well, let's actually hear what he has to say.
This is the derangement of the Q brainwashing.
Here it is.
Fucking people think it's a joke, but they cleared the block.
I done called 9-1-1 three times.
I need to get Joe Biden on here because this baby is awful.
I'm not hurting nobody, Joe.
I'm not pulling the trigger on this thing.
I can't.
There's no way for me to blow this up.
Only you can by shooting a bullet through my window.
You're the only one that can do it, Joe.
I love this land.
(car engine roaring)
We got a few options here, Joe.
You shoot me?
Two and a half blocks going with me.
And then you're talking about a revolution?
The revolution's on.
It's here.
It's today.
Told my wife I'd be home by Sunday.
And I'm looking for all my other patriots to come out and help me.
Because I got it standing.
I got the foundation built, people.
I'm here.
They know I'm here.
And I done told them to clear the blocks.
We cut off health care.
I can't even get damn shots for my back no more.
But yeah, they're giving them superstar athletes one thing.
They're giving them them.
David Hanson, I'm up here in Washington, D.C.
There's a Capitol or something.
There's another Capitol.
And I've done got the police coming and I'm trying to get Joe Biden on the phone.
I'm parked up here on the sidewalk right beside all this pretty stuff.
So they're manipulating a lot of desperate people and they're shutting the country down and they're injecting us with deadly poison to try to cause an armed revolt so that we all kill each other and the police, which is pointless.
And you're going to see more and more of this because this country has fallen.
This country is in great crisis.
I have to remind you that they admit that we sell the body parts of living babies.
They say that they want the fetuses delivered whole, with beating hearts, In Planned Parenthood and other contracts to universities across the United States.
That was in the damn documents that came out six, seven years ago.
Everybody's like, Jones is psychic, he's a sage.
No, I'm not a sage.
Three months ago, Congress would not pass a law banning human-animal hybrid clones and admitted that's going on across the U.S.
for decades.
They said, hey, it's not human, it's not animal, it doesn't have rights.
Oh, got animal cruelty laws, got human laws, don't have it for something new.
See how they work, folks.
Get your mind outside their normal paradigm they want to keep you in and see the big one.
All right, you know, I said I'd get to this Assange stuff and I said I'd get to the whole Afghan situation, which is so much more evil than I even thought.
I mean, I knew they wanted it to be a disaster.
I knew they wanted to fall apart.
And I know Biden is senile and doesn't know what planet he's on.
And he's drugged up out of his mind, but my God, it's now confirmed.
They are setting this up with the Taliban for a 1980 hostage crisis like they had in 1979-1980
with Jimmy Carter where they won't even let the U.S.
troops go and get citizens that are there.
And I didn't even send U.S.
citizens a warning in the weeks before, you should start to leave.
They just told the Taliban, take over.
And then, I mean, this was all done on purpose.
You go, why would Biden destroy himself?
Cause he doesn't know who he is, but his handlers have set it up.
We're phase two.
It's going to be the biggest hostage situation in world history.
They are now confirming that at least 10,000 us citizens that live in Kabul alone are unaccounted for.
And some of which they think may have been already grabbed or killed.
The Taliban is conducting executions all over the city at soccer stadiums, cricket stadiums.
You name it.
So I've got a stack on that.
I mean, this is just insane.
This was perfectly done to hurt America, to hurt Afghanistan, to cause a refugee surge, to stabilize the world, to encourage China to invade Taiwan.
I mean, it's so bad, it's perfect.
It's like if you perfectly execute a pullout, slowly over six months, and have the troops there, and train their Air Force, and kept advisors behind, and did a perfect job handing it over, and the government stood up, and everything worked good.
That's 100.
This is a perfect zero.
I mean, it's just masterfully done.
But that's why they did this.
And now the media is turning against Biden, who still is arrogantly saying, hey, I did a great job, not knowing they're preparing the 25th Amendment against him right now.
So that's coming up as well.
But we pray for this gentleman who I don't think is a bad guy and has been manipulated to be part of the revolution he thinks is happening.
I smell Q filth, Q stench all over this.
I don't know how many times I gotta be right till folks start listening to me.
Well, Q tells a lot of things are true.
Well, rat poison is 98% good food.
Hell, my grandma used to stick rat poison, that's itself 98% real food, only like 2% strychnine or whatever, in little dabs of peanut butter.
Those mice couldn't help but eat that peanut butter and they always ate the poison and died.
You know, we're living out in the country, you gotta do that.
But the point is, is that...
I don't need to sit up here and debate who's real and who's not.
You gotta go off track records.
And I'm not in competition with Tucker Carlson.
I'm not in competition with Glenn Beck.
I'm not in competition with anybody but the New World Order.
And I want Glenn Beck to do a great job and be hardcore, which he's not really been over the years.
I want Tucker Carlson to be hardcore.
He's become that.
He's become incredible.
So I just am thankful he's there.
I'm sad Rush Limbaugh's dead.
He really was getting good at the end there, wasn't he?
That seems to be how it works.
I'm just glad you kept me on air to this point because InfoWars is just now hitting its stride and I was born and you were born for this moment to fight evil together and God's watching.
It's all a big test.
All right, we're going to come back with our number two and a ton of news information.
We got a special guest coming up.
And I'll open the phones up.
Here's a very important special report, clip 23, by John Bowne.
We'll play part of it here on the medical tyranny and then we'll come back with all the news and information.
I used the term six months ago of a bio medical tyranny.
Now, that's because I went and looked up the legal terms that should be used for a biomedical technocracy takeover.
Attorney General of Missouri, Eric Schmidt, came out and was asked by a reporter, is it not time to use fear to get people to take this vaccine?
And his answer was absolutely truthful and powerful.
What we can say to somebody is it's a very sane thing to do.
We need to use the pressure of someone's fear of losing their job to force them to be vaccinated
for the good of the community.
Yeah, if someone says that using fear is good.
That is what every tyrant in the history of the world and every dictator in the history of the world has ever said to accumulate, aggregate and maintain power.
This is America, the freest country in the history of the world.
And I don't think that we should be allowing individual Politicians who want to grab power and never let go of it gain it in the first place.
People can make their decisions.
I believe in freedom.
I believe in responsibility.
But people can make these very important decisions themselves.
And I don't want to live in some futuristic, dystopian, biomedical security state.
And I'm going to do everything I can as Attorney General to protect the rights of individuals in the state.
That's the type of president this country needs.
If people want to live in communist China or North Korea or other police states, they can.
But in America, we don't live in a bio-medical tyranny.
A lot of people that are accepting these deadly shots and accepting the internet passports and the social credit scores and the vaccine passports really believe it's about stopping COVID.
They really believe it's about, hey, just do this.
Just comply, and you'll get your freedom back.
But you notice, when you do take the vaccine, they suddenly say it doesn't work and you need more.
You still gotta wear a mask, still gotta show a vaccine pass.
Because once they get you trapped in their system, you are a slave.
This is simple history.
And for those of us that understand that, we can't get mad at people that are dumbed down.
They're domesticated.
They've lived in freedom so long, they've never experienced tyranny, so they don't understand what's happening.
And that's why this Attorney General, Eric Schmidt, is so important.
People are tired of being lied to by these bureaucrats in the ruling class.
They're told, look, you get vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask.
Well, in St.
Louis now, if you're vaccinated, you have to wear a mask.
We know kids are at very low risk.
Kids now have to wear masks all day long.
We're told Republicans are to blame for, you know, vaccine hesitation when it was Kamala Harris on the campaign trail saying that she wouldn't take it because it was President Trump's warp speed.
We're told in St.
Louis that they care about safety.
Meanwhile, they had a 50-year high in murders.
Last year and their solution to that is defunding the police.
People have had it.
So we're filing a lawsuit because it's arbitrary and capricious.
It's not based on facts.
It's not based on science.
In fact, St.
Louis City and St.
Louis County had the most restrictive regimes in the whole state and their numbers were worse than counties that didn't have any restrictions at all.
They're making this up as they go along and we got to stop them.
Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt is challenging Kansas City's mask mandate.
Schmidt filed that lawsuit this afternoon asking to halt the mask mandate.
Schmidt says he filed the lawsuit because he believes Kansas City's mask mandate is unconstitutional and unreasonable government overreach.
Earlier today, a judge issued a temporary restraining order halting a mask mandate in St.
Louis County.
Not only is this bad policy, right, because it's going to affect jobs and our economy, but it's also unconstitutional.
It's illegal.
There's no act of Congress that authorizes the president to go do this.
All right, the full report is at Bandot Video.
What I like about Eric Schmidt is, unlike DeSantis, or unlike Abbott, who say they're opposing mask mandates, he goes out and destroys the fraud of them.
You don't just oppose them, you've got to explain how it's a scam.
Give me $10,000 to that guy for office.
So they could be a woman, they could be black, they could be... They could have polka dots on them, man.
Just leave my freedom alone.
Please give me more Attorney Generals like Missouri has.
Just leave me alone!
With your deadly shots that don't even work.
Well, he's been in solitary confinement for almost a decade.
They say he's like the man behind the iron mask.
He's a madman now, but in court he's still eloquent.
Julian Assange.
And Julian Assange exposed Republicans and Democrats.
He exposed war crimes.
I think the man was a hero.
He was Daniel Ellsberg to the next level.
Daniel Ellsberg got lauded for exposing that the Pentagon knew they were losing Vietnam but covered up from the American people.
That victory was not even the option.
It was all a big laboratory.
And a big endless war For special interests to be able to launder money, just for every million dollars you can put into a war zone, you can launder 10 million.
Because it disappears, there's no accountability.
So if 2.2 trillion in mostly no-bid contracts was spent on Afghanistan in the last 20 years, And if you look at the different studies out there that laundering that much money, you could have 10 times the amount of money with the opium and other things going on.
We're talking about 25 trillion or more.
In fact, I don't have a calculator in front of me.
Can somebody in the control room put in 22 times Oh, it's only 21 years.
20, let's just round it down.
Right at 20, about to be 20.
20 times 2.2 trillion.
How much is that?
And now you know why we were in Afghanistan.
Because it's a caveman, black hole, Another world, right in the middle of the planet, the grand chess board, where the globalists can do whatever they want.
So the number is 44 trillion.
4 trillion.
40 4
But let's just go with the 2.2 trillion.
That's why we were there.
And there's Julian Assange speaking in 2011 about what's happening in Afghanistan 11 years into the war.
Here it is.
Because the goal is not to completely subjugate Afghanistan.
The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the United States, out of the tax bases of European countries, through Afghanistan, and back into the hands of a transnational security alliance.
That is the goal, i.e.
the goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war.
The globalists want failed civilizations which they can then control.
Failed families.
Failed countries.
Failed states.
Failed cities.
Failed neighborhoods.
Failed individuals.
And Julian Assange deserves a medal, but what did our founders write on the wall of a prison ship scratched in wood?
No one knows who's attributed to the poem, but it's from the Revolutionary War.
50 plus years ago.
When freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails.
And those that cried, appease, appease, are hung by those they tried to please.
Notice that's a very astute statement.
When freedom fails, The best men rot in filthy jails.
And those that cried, appease, appease, are hung by those they tried to please.
Notice the appeasers are in a worse position than those that resisted.
And that's historically how it works.
The globalists respect those of us that fight them.
They fear us.
They absolutely hate their minions.
Because they know those minions will open the drawbridge on them.
You know, the enemy knows if I say something, that's where I stand, that's who I am.
They want to make me like they are, double-dealing liars that engage in all these big schemes and scams and all these fake Democrat lawsuits against us.
The judges sanction me and they go, I don't believe you don't have marketing on how you deceive your audience to make money.
We don't have marketing material, period, about what we cover on air.
We have products we sell.
Those market themselves, then the news is separate.
I'm sanctioning you.
You have marketing of how you lie.
Imagine judges teeing you up.
For failure.
But that's where America is.
And what's going to happen to the country with an atmosphere like that?
Well, it's going to fall apart.
But they can't even see what they're doing.
They can't even see what they're part of because they have been brought up in the corruption.
They just think this is completely normal.
And they fill the space they're in and carry out the mode that they're in and that that's the end of it.
But let me explain to the left, particularly, who now supports war, surveillance, censorship, total control, and who wants to make the public, the left, take experimental injections that on record are tied to blood clots, strokes, aneurysms, that are sloughing off all these deadly viruses.
I can play this clip a hundred times.
I've got a bunch of riveting clips here.
I want to play this again.
This is a mother, her daughter just died in Vegas, who took the Pfizer shot.
You can say, oh, how do we know this is real?
Well, I have all the virus reporting, I have all the admissions, but those are just numbers.
This is a real person talking.
This is what happened.
And this is what the left is signing on to.
You know, the Democrats said, we're not going to take these inoculations.
Because Trump's pushing him.
And I said Trump was being set up.
Trump's finally starting to get that right.
It doesn't matter.
I don't care about Trump.
One, one trillionth as much as I care about one child or one person not being damaged by experimental shots.
All I got was persecution for supporting Trump.
I wish Trump was better.
I wish Trump saw through all this.
But he's gone now, folks.
The only way he comes back And redeems himself as coming out against the poison shots and admitting he was set up and calling for the prosecution of Fauci and Bill Gates.
He does that, he will be George Washington material.
It's part of being a real leader is admitting you were conned.
If he doesn't, well, we have no hope for Trump.
But we will continue to fight on because God helps those that help themselves.
Here's the poor mother after losing her daughter five hours after she took the deadly injection.
This is for all you clowns out there saying you guys gotta take the shot.
Don't take it!
I tell you what, as a grieving mother, I'm gonna tell you why my daughter took that shot yesterday in Las Vegas and she's dead!
She took the Pfizer vaccine and she's dead!
They couldn't even revive her!
I'm begging you people!
Don't take it!
They're killing us!
They're killing you and they're killing me!
They killed her!
Five hours from that Pfizer shot and she's dead!
How do you like that call as a parent?
You tell me that!
And of course, that woman would be a greater actor than Al Pacino and Marlon Brando.
If she was fake.
She's not.
She's 100% real.
She's wearing the filthy diaper on her face.
She doesn't know what hit her.
She just tried to comply.
Her daughter tried to comply.
Now her daughter's dead!
And she's wearing that clown mask.
That mask of death.
That mask that you're marked for death.
Look at it.
That's the most horrifying image I think I've ever seen.
It's the grief of that mother.
And she's still got the sign of slavery across her face.
I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, for justice against Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and all of Satan's minions.
Please God, bring justice upon them.
Please give us the discernment to awaken ourselves and others against this threat and to give us the strength through your Holy Spirit to transcend this evil so that we might be willing, truthful vessels to carry on the fight against these people.
Please God, please.
For the children.
All right, we have a Middle East expert, a very famous female journalist who was actually imprisoned over in Egypt.
She's an expert on what's happening with Obama being behind all this to turn the Middle East and Central Asia over to the Islamicists, and she'll be joining us Coming up in the next hour, Cynthia Farratt.
So, looking forward to that.
She's been on with us before.
You've seen her on Fox News, a lot of other places.
She has a lot of courage.
People, these leftist journalists, wish they were.
But first, I want to open the phones up, but only 10 calls, because I want to get to all of you.
I don't want you to have to hold the next hour.
We're going to take the first 10 calls that come in.
Specifically on what you think about a subject, because I really respect you.
It's a little mini focus group.
I literally, you bring up issues I wouldn't think of.
You bring up angles I wouldn't think of.
You just add so much to the show.
So I'm asking you to humor me and call in on this one subject next segment.
And what is that subject?
Well, here's President Trump yesterday on Fox News.
I still come back to the idea of a booster shot.
I mean, yes, you're right.
The vaccines work.
We've seen that.
You know what?
That sounds to me like a money-making operation for Pfizer.
Think of the money involved.
An extra shot.
That's tens of billions of dollars.
How good a business is that?
If you're a pure businessman, you say, you know what?
Let's give them another shot.
That's another $10 billion of Money coming in.
The whole thing is just crazy.
It doesn't, you wouldn't think you would need a booster.
You know, when these first came out, they were good for life.
Then they were good for a year or two.
And I could see the writing on the wall.
I could see the dollar signs in their eyes of that guy that runs Pfizer.
You know, the guy that announced the day after the election that he had the vaccine.
But we knew that.
And I knew that.
He announced it November 9th.
You're right.
A few days after the election.
And all they had to do was buy off the health services in the world for very cheap.
We're talking a million bucks or so per health leader.
All they had to do was buy off the big tech, who's now basically merged with big pharma, and then they can censor everyone while they kill us.
So this is a big deal.
He also made similar comments on some other shows yesterday.
And I know for a fact, he's been pressed on this just last week by a good friend of the show's, and I'll leave it at that, that you need to get ahead of this.
You're saying 40% efficacy of these vaccines, that's bull.
By next month, it'll be 20%.
It was all a hoax.
You got set up.
Your constituents are turning against you.
Just admit you got held hostage.
You thought it was a regular vaccine and that it's all Fauci and Gates' fault.
And you'll be a hero and we'll stop what's happening and reverse it.
And Trump was even advised on how to start saying, the booster shots are BS, it's a moneymaker, and it's a scam.
And point out how Fauci's invested in the vaccines, and how Bill Gates is, and how a bunch of folks at the NIH are.
Because Trump's not invested in it.
We don't have a poor Rand Paul's wife who invested in like some gene therapy deal, what was it, like $12,000 or something.
Fine. They thought it was a good treatment. They invested in it. What does that have to do? They didn't invest in the
Even though Paul got suckered into supporting it just like Trump did
because they wanted to reopen the economy.
This is not a normal vaccine and I get why Trump and Paul went along with this.
They're not psychotics that want to poison people with a system that makes you have blood clots that attacks your body.
They're not Bill Gates or Fauci.
So they keep projecting onto the government and corporations normalcy and goodness.
That's not what's going on.
The head of Theranos Working with all these big top globalists, and Henry Kissinger knew their test was fake, and they were already deploying it on people, telling them they had cancer when they didn't, and it was triggering cancer surgeries that were not... They murdered people!
People couldn't believe it!
They said, how would she do something?
Because they're monsters!
And they used a young woman as their front person, George Shultz, and Henry Kissinger.
She didn't come up with all this.
They told her what to do.
Now she's standing trial.
I hope they execute her ass.
I'm not giving her any, any, any, any, any clearance for what she did.
But George Soltis, beyond justice now, he's dead.
Former Secretary of State.
But that's what they do.
What do you think the PCR test is?
What do you think all this is?
The experts all said when you take this shot, it'll turn your body into a factory of mutant viruses.
And now they're all over the damn place.
We got all the studies showing because it's a live vaccine, live vaccine.
It's a bioweapon.
The vaccine is the bioweapon delivered right into your body.
And I want Fauci and Gates and all of them to pay for what they've done.
But these murdering criminals learn.
When they hide behind the white lab coat, they can get away with murder.
So I want to take your calls at 877-789-2539, specifically on Trump making that statement
and putting pressure on him to turn the corner and really do a great job,
because he could turn this around himself right now.
This is a big move in the right direction.
This is a big move.
The right direction, 877-789-2539.
Let's go out to break with Tucker Carlson and the true violation of the Nuremberg Code.
When they start denying you healthcare, when they start denying you basic rights, when they start denying you access to things like businesses, remember black folks couldn't eat at a lunch counter or use the bathroom, when they won't let you in a hospital because you haven't taken some experimental shot and you won't give them your medical record right up front, they are violating the Nuremberg Code and here's Tucker Carlson talking about now denying liver transplants that are already ready because you haven't taken the deadly shot that actually attacks your liver.
If you refuse to get the COVID shot in New York, you're now banned from eating.
You can't go to grocery stores or restaurants, bars, anywhere indoors, actually.
Meanwhile, in the state of Washington, one hospital has decided to stop treating sick people who've refused to take the shot.
According to reporting from Jason Rantz, that hospital, the University of Washington Medical Center, is refusing to allow unvaccinated patients to get organ transplants.
Let them die!
One of those patients is 41-year-old Derek Kovic.
He joins us tonight.
Mr. Kovic, thank you very much for coming on.
First of all, I couldn't be sorrier to hear the situation that you're in.
It's beyond belief.
Tell us what the hospital said to you.
Well thanks, Tucker.
Yeah, I've been on the transplant list for my third liver transplant since last fall, and I've got some bile duct issues.
So this past week, I needed to go to the University of Washington Seattle to have a procedure done, and before I came up, A nurse called me and said that the infectious disease has met as a team and have decided that all of us transplant patients now have to have a vaccine.
Otherwise, you'll be placed status 7, which means you aren't going to be on the transplant list.
You don't have to re-qualify, but you have to basically adhere to the rules, which is have a COVID vaccine.
So that was just sprung on me last minute.
I didn't get a whole lot of time to really think or give them an answer.
I just, can you give me a deadline?
They said you need to be working on it real soon.
And so the state of affairs, you know, obviously changed because the issues that I have with my liver, a high fever, and other side effects that are blatantly what some of my peers have experienced I've having a side effect from any of the COVID shots, the
So I thought it was putting me more in jeopardy because that's already the symptoms that I'm
having as we speak.
And then to throw a COVID vaccine on top of that, which could experience, you know, even
more severe.
I thought that, you know, maybe my, the medical freedom was starting to be challenged a little
bit, you know, for myself.
I've seen it happen all around the United States in the last few months, but now here
it is, you know, in my kitchen.
That's right.
By the way, my step-grandfather that married my grandmother, my dad's mom, after my grandfather died, he had a liver transplant and they remember telling him, you can't take vaccines anymore or you may reject your liver.
So many people.
Welcome back to the Vaunted Info Wars.
Vaunted, thanks to our great crew and thanks to your support and your prayers and God's good graces.
Okay, I want to go to your phone calls right now.
But I just want to say this up front again because it needs to be stated every millisecond.
This planet is not even a mote of dust, as a great philosopher once said.
It is just a tiny speck of a speck of dust in the great compendium of the universe that is only a thought of God's.
And so when we look at the corrupt tyrants trying to play God, It's because they're not humble, and they don't know God, and so they're cut off from God, and they're scared of the universe, and so they think they need to behave like God.
It's an act of insecurity.
So as negative and as horrible as all this is, it's part of God's plan.
We're on a planet orbiting an incredible sun and an amazing...
Solar system, an incredible galaxy amongst trillions of galaxies, and we have consciousness, though, that allows us to see it, understand it, and commune with it, and interface with God's creation.
And that's just the first level of the third dimension.
But as the Bible says, you can see God's signature in the stars, in the firmament.
And I have to remember that every day when I get mad at the globalists.
I have to remember that every day when I don't understand why the public isn't awake and why they can't understand.
It's because they were born into sleep.
They were born into bondage.
And it's up to us to get them out of it.
That's the big challenge.
And here's the good news.
And it's the bad news.
Things are going to get worse and worse and worse and worse until even people in the greatest denial are going to have to admit they've been lied to.
And they're going to finally wake up.
The question is how bad will it get before then?
I don't know.
I'm not God.
I just know that this audience, when I say this, I mean this.
I'm not scared of death.
I'm scared of failure.
And I dream every night about how to stay on the air and reach more people and be better and tell the truth better and be closer to God, and I get mad at myself because I get angry, but then I just have to realize I'm only human, and I'm a vessel of God, and I have to say, God, help me.
I'm turning myself over to you.
Sanctify me.
Purify me.
Make me good.
As holy as you can make me so that I can transcend this and do what you want because you've got to be transcendent to even be able to connect to God at a certain point.
Doesn't mean your whole soul, your whole body, but you've got to have one point of view that reaches out and connects to that and then it can begin to displace the evil.
And boy, have I had my able displaced.
I've become a much better person over the last 40-something years, but I'm gonna stop pontificating.
I wanna go to CD, and Michael, and Pete, and Rick, and Bob, and Al Killer, and Rick, and Casey, and many others.
We're talking about Trump, if you just tuned in, saying, yeah, the booster shot looks like a moneymaker scam, and it looks like the immunity from the shot's a fraud.
So, wow.
You say, well, that's not far enough.
That's a huge move by Trump into telling the truth, and if he would just go all the way and expose Fauci and Gates and say he was set up, they could all go to prison.
Klaus Schwab would probably fall down and hit his head.
Don't want any harm against him.
I'm just saying, you know, he might fall down or something.
I'm just saying we can take our government back, turn all this around, and punish these war criminals for what they've done.
I don't want Klaus Schwab to hit his head.
I want him to be indicted and tried in front of a jury of his peers.
These guys have all the secrets, so that's why that'll ever happen.
That's how they hold us hostage.
So we need to discuss who's murdering us, who's killing us, who's bringing in this new world order.
Okay, holding the longest here would be Pete in Washington.
Go ahead, Pete.
I just want to say amen to your earlier prayer.
And I always remember myself, God doesn't require a win.
He judges your fight.
It's almost set up against us here on earth.
If we fight the good fight, God will judge us accordingly.
Well, that's way better than anything else.
You're totally right.
God judges the fight and our choices, not the outcome.
You just said it.
I think the number one thing Trump can do is I agree with him opposing the third shot.
He should oppose mandates on young people, teenagers and children immediately.
The disease has never been a risk to them.
The side effects pervers demonstrate that it has been a risk to them.
Well, he's an extremely pig-headed person.
That's good for us when we fight the globalists, but on this, it's not going to.
If he figures out that he was conned, he was wrong, he could be the champion, exactly.
Opposing it for young people, opposing masks, and opposing booster shots, and then begin the discussion of targeting Fauci and Gates.
Even if he's just a megalomaniac who cares about himself, I don't think that's who Trump is.
I'm just saying it is good for Trump.
It's good for America.
It's good for the world.
And are you not excited about what you just saw?
Because I know people personally who have pestered him about this and it looks like he's starting to get it.
I agree.
And I think the key thing is, is that no matter how far you're down a wrong road, you turn back.
And Trump acted based upon the old adage of Mediocre plan now is worth a perfect plan in a week, and he acted because he wanted to help people.
We've got a lot more information now, and he's in a much better position to make the best decisions.
But if he can step in front of the freight train that's about to hit young people, he will be a savior who will be remembered for doing that.
Oh my God.
Guys, take what he just said and put it on the front of the whole show today once it's archived.
Please continue, sir.
The way you put things is so... Please continue, because you're absolutely right.
The way you're crystallizing it right now.
Well, I got a child and children on the line myself.
This is very personal.
And I just think he's been in a position to help never like before.
Children haven't been at risk.
They're the key to herd immunity.
This will disable your child's T-cells for life.
You're going to expose your child to all forms of hellacious disease and suffering, autoimmune disorders, for a disease that poses them no danger.
Balance the risk to the benefit.
The benefit to a young person is nearly zero.
The risk perverse, which grotesquely underestimates harm, demonstrates it's a real risk.
Seeing your son laying in a bed with myocarditis, with his heart permanently damaged, scar tissue which will never pump his blood again the way it should, he'll never be able to run, he'll never be able to play with his kids, for a damn disease that never caused him a risk in the first place.
Sir, you just let it all out in two minutes better than I could in 100 hours.
God bless you, that's why the calls are so incredible.
This is a life and death situation.
Thank you so much for the call.
Well, I said I'd take 10 calls for the hour and I just took one, but man, that guy was on fricking fire.
And that's why I'm tempted.
I'm thinking about doing not just a Saturday show live, because we're all for AM and FM stations.
They're great.
When they de-platformed us, we were able to stay on air just because of the hundreds of affiliates.
We still have listeners there that still bought products.
We stayed on air.
And the stations need 14 minutes of ads an hour, because we get half, they get half, and they barely stay on air with the seven minutes of ads they get an hour.
But I do want to just do podcasts with open phones.
Because so many podcasts don't do the talk radio format.
I want to do like three hours a day with just callers, because these are incredible people.
Speaking of incredible people, Rick in Louisiana.
Casey, Rick, Al Killer, Rob, Michael, CD.
We'll be back in just a few minutes, going right to your calls.
Tomorrow's news today, Only Way Dawg Hunts.
You share URL.
All right, welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Very honored to be here with you.
We have a special guest the next hour.
For part of that hour, I'll continue with calls after that.
Then, we have Founder of MyPillow joining us to really flesh out what happened last week and where he's going now with the whole election fraud investigation.
So Mike Lindell will be here with us in the fourth hour.
I'm hosting four hours today.
So look for that.
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Let's get back to your phone calls.
Rick in Louisiana.
Go ahead.
Hey, thanks for having me, Alex.
I sure appreciate y'all taking my call.
I appreciate you.
So I wanted to say, uh, first off, uh, I'm a hundred percent, uh, disabled veteran and, uh, anyway, it's, it's really good to hear president Trump come out.
And stand up for the truth at this point.
We really need to hear that.
We need the leadership at this point.
I mean, I totally agree, because I know, again, I'm not trying to brag.
It shows how influenceable Trump is.
He's not a bad guy.
He's also very pig-headed, which is good when the U.N.
is trying to tell him what to do, or China is.
Not good when we're trying to tell him what to do.
I know people have been warning him, and I think he's getting enough heat now, that I don't just say this.
I'm tempted to call for a demonstration at Mar-a-Lago.
Say in two weeks and get 10,000 of us outside Mar-a-Lago and bring a bunch of vaccine victims demanding he come out and talk to them.
And I think he's the type of guy that might actually come out and do it.
And we're not blaming him.
We understand how he got, like the earlier caller said, take a OK plan.
That you know you got rather than some perfect plan you don't have.
I get why he did it.
They were holding his hostage.
He got set up.
And the fact that we know he wasn't involved.
He killed the Fauci stuff and the stuff that Obama was doing that was done in China.
They did this to set us all up.
So Trump, again, needs to get ahead of this.
What do you think?
I think so.
I think this is a beginning.
I think Trump's going to come out and this is his time to really shine as a competent leader compared to what we have at the moment.
And people's going to listen.
They're going to perk up and listen.
But you know, I find that my father's 100% disabled veteran as well.
And he got the jab.
And right after he got the jab, he had pneumonia.
And then a heart attack and he is actually having surgery tomorrow and it just really just goes all over me that the VA is pushing this on me and on all us veterans.
And if we don't comply, they're going to just discontinue our benefits altogether.
Well, that's better than you having a heart attack and dying, because here's the deal.
I'm going to have Dr. Francis Boyle on.
He's ready to do two hours Saturday.
He's the top professor, wrote the U.S.
bioweapons law, top U.N.
He says, and we'll show all the documents, this 100% is illegal, brother.
Okay, so they're violating the Nuremberg Code, they're violating informed consent, and so obviously you've got to say no.
You've got to say no, and then my mother-in-law and father-in-law both had the jab, and both of them had pneumonia within two weeks, and in the hospital.
Well, you know why?
It lowers... Did you see me play the head British scientist?
He's American, but he heads at the British lab.
He said it lowers your T-cells six... to one-sixth of what they were.
Six times.
Well, if you don't have those, what happens?
What eats cancer?
Killer Ts.
What kills bacteria and viruses?
Killer Ts.
Yes it does.
I have been a nurse for 30 years actually and I'm retired now.
Sometimes white blood cells, you have autoimmune response, start eating your ass.
Cops can be bad too.
But imagine you get, they wanna defund the cops.
This injection defunds your white blood cells, brother.
Yes, it does.
I have been a nurse for 30 years, actually, and I'm retired now.
And I have said it 100,000 times that this is a hoax.
And this new strain that's come out, I'm saying it's probably from the ones that did receive the jab and they're passing it along.
Sir, it's a live virus.
That's what it says it does.
God bless you.
Keep warning people.
I'm sorry about your dad.
Man, I tell you.
And again, a caller like that's a good person.
He can't believe it.
I can't believe it either.
I mean, I get guilty of I've.
I'm rude to my wife or my crew members, or I'm greedy or something.
I just don't have a conscience.
These people don't have any conscience.
Imagine loving doing bad, and now you're in Fauci's brain.
Loving making people sick, loving the power you've got.
He's just, he's a demon that can't help hitting buttons.
Imagine bringing like a crazy monkey into a nuclear reactor that has all these buttons and all these levers, and you just turn a chimpanzee loose, and it's just flipping switches and, you know, that's what they are, folks.
You and I walk into a nuclear reactor like, well, I don't know how to run this.
I'm not going to try that.
Even if you're competent, you're still careful.
These people do not give a damn.
All they care about is going crazy and exercising their power.
Casey in Alaska.
Casey, thank you for holding in the beautiful, probably the prettiest state there is is Alaska.
Go ahead, Casey.
Thank the Lord that Trump is finally You know, being critical of this vaccine, I was starting to lose all hope in him.
I think that he knows that he's not a medical expert, and so if he were to be critical of the medical science of it, maybe he knew that they would come at him, but he is a businessman.
And we all know him to be an amazing businessman, so maybe he was waiting to be critical of it in a business way.
Man, that's why I take calls.
That's a great point.
He's waiting to make it about money, proving it's about money.
That's a great point, because he was the one that said they could put light in your lungs, which was Cedars-Sinai, proving that he was right.
But they made him look dumb, saying he's not a doctor.
And then Stu Peters interviewed someone.
About the contract that these vaccine companies were signing with a whole country, pretty much saying that they can send however many doses they want and you're going to pay for it.
And if you don't sell them, I don't care.
If they go bad, I don't care.
We're going to send you more and we're going to choose how much we send you.
So the business side of it is totally corrupt.
He's a business expert.
Maybe he knew.
All right, people start listening.
This is my expertise now.
That's a great point.
Look, I've only studied the enemy from my own human organic level.
And so I don't go off textbooks and definitions and documents.
I go off what I call it.
But I realize I need to like write a book with my own definition so people can kind of get where I'm coming from.
But I call this too evil to fail.
Too bad to admit.
When they wanted, they rolled out an actual shot that makes you sick because once they got the public on board, they would think the public would never want to admit they got conned because that's too scary.
And other people that went along with it would cover it up.
That's how corruption works.
Once you get somebody to do something corrupt once, now you've got them every time.
And so that's how corruption works.
I appreciate you, Casey.
So put it on screen, please.
A major Australian minister Has now been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.
We'll play it next hour, but just put the tweet back up for me.
Bell's Palsy, paralyzed face and part of the body after they took the injection.
And that's how fast these are coming in.
Australian Minister Victor Dominello diagnosed with Bell's Palsy After he took the shot.
ABC News.
Australian official develops Bell's palsy live on TV during press conference since he recently got vaccinated.
I mean, this is how God works.
He literally becomes paralyzed a few days after he takes the shot while he's on TV.
Starts losing control.
Hold on.
And I took the shot, it was quite nice.
It's like the woman, I love the shot, falls over, you know.
I mean, I took the shot, you have a heart attack and die.
This is so insane.
All right, Al Killer, you're up next, then Rick, Rob, and CD.
Then we've got a special guest joining us.
She's an amazing journalist who's lived in the Middle East, has been grabbed by the secret police and more.
She predicted what was gonna happen in Afghanistan a year ago on our show.
She joins us again coming up next segment.
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So however you can, with your ingenuity, promote freeworldnews.tv.
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And support their sponsors.
We'll be back with hour number three, then Mike Lindell will join me in the fourth hour.
and we shall never surrender going right back to your phone calls
our owl killer in Virginia you're on the air go ahead so Alex um before I get to the point um so I'm pulled over
right now and three people have approached me a black kid and two
hispanic teen and they both say I love your stickers I'm like, well, tune in right now because I'm about to be on the show and their eyes lit up.
So you're reaching everybody.
It's not about race.
It's not about creed.
We're all in this together.
It's about the human future and the human family.
And these are anti-human psychopaths.
So also in that Maria Bartiromo interview, Trump mentions a cabal that's running Biden and she presses him on it and he's like, I don't want to answer that right now.
He gave a speech in Davos where he called out the Malthusians and that predicted an overpopulation crisis that predicted an end of gas and predicted mass starvation.
He knows what's going on.
The people that are writing his speeches knows what's going on.
But if he doesn't come out 100% against this group, we're going to be chasing our tails between Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat.
I agree.
He's got to destroy them now.
So, it always goes back to the same thing.
The scientific technological elite and banking.
When the founders of this country wrote the Declaration of Independence at the end, We pledge our fortunes and our lives.
They put everything on the line.
We've got to be willing.
They're going.
It's going to be much easier to submit.
That's why people are like, I'm just going to get the shot so I can keep working.
So if we're not willing to start over, meaning, hey, it may hurt for a decade, maybe two decades, but we'll have the freedom.
We'll be able to innovate our way out of it.
We've got to be willing to put everything on the line.
If not, the fiat money is just going to It funds the people that are in the positions to make decisions.
If you don't come out against that, we're not going anywhere.
Well, Al Killer, I totally agree with you.
And listen, the death rate from these injections is so high, they're meant to kill you later.
They're just so strong that the crystals take hold and some people grow so fast, they die of heart attacks and strokes in hours in many cases, if not in days or weeks.
So it's so obvious, it's really a sin of chain reaction.
You have nothing to lose.
And so I really think they've jumped the gun.
I think they've gone too fast.
I think they cooked up a weapon too strong.
They were smart.
They would have done a weaker weapon or even a placebo.
But no, they've already really executed something totally insane, which is what evil always does.
People always think evil must be invincible.
It doesn't care.
No, it doesn't have any bounds on it.
And so we're going to wake up at one point and defeat them.
The question is, can we wake up early so it's not too bad and billions die?
Or do we have to wait till tens, you know, the majority of people are dead before we, you know, stop these people?
And we do.
I wanted to try to give them amnesty, abstentia, like Napoleon.
They're not going to stop.
These people are tools of Satan.
They're frothing demons.
They cannot stop Al Killer.
30 second final comment.
Just everything in a whole.
It almost feels like, rather than having a big nuclear war, that this was the whole COVID... Oh, that's Carnegie Foundation that runs the CIA said, we need controlled bioweapon releases, it's in their own public documents, to simulate nuclear war to stop it.
It's like the Star Trek episode from the 60s, where they go to the planet where they have simulated nuclear war, and the people go to the disintegrators.
That's what this is, brother.
Seems like a soft turnover of power to the Chinese guy.
No, that's it.
But it's still very real if your daughter dies, like this lady just learned in Las Vegas.
For all you clowns out there saying you guys gotta take the shot, don't take it!
I tell you what, as a grieving mother, I'm gonna tell you why my daughter took that shot yesterday in Las Vegas and she's dead!
She took a Pfizer vaccine and she's dead!
They couldn't even revive her!
I'm begging you people!
Don't take it!
They're killing us!
They're killing you and they're killing me!
They killed her!
Five hours from that Pfizer shot and she's dead!
How do you like that call as a parent?
Your child is dead!
We are now into hour number three on this August 19th Thursday transmission.
Michael Lindell joins us for the entire next hour to lay out what's really happening in his investigation into election fraud versus what the mainstream media has been saying.
Well, Cynthia Burhat has been on with us over the years several times, and she wrote an article a year ago predicting U.S.-Afghan policy as a second path to another 9-11.
She's an Egyptian author, columnist, political analyst, writer, researcher, and I'm not going to go over all the things she's been through or what's happened to her or witnessing the Arab Spring and Obama and what he funded and so much more.
I'm going to let her reintroduce herself to the audience, what she thinks is most important And then if somebody targeted for execution, targeted for arrest in Egypt, I guess barely got out of there, and she can tell you the whole story accurately, she can really speak to this.
Meanwhile, we've got this that came out last week.
Potential terror threats.
Opposition to COVID measures.
Claims of election fraud.
Belief Trump can be reinstated.
Islamic terror is not even on the list.
Meanwhile, the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, now two and a half months old, put out by Biden, says the American people are the main threat.
And now they're saying the same thing today.
and New York hit with bomb scares within a week of DHS threat bulletin, saying right-wing white supremacists are going to attack.
And then now, magically, it's starting to happen.
This has false flag written all over it.
Again, she wrote, for American thinker, U.S.
Afghan policy is a second path to 9-11.
Cynthia Burhat joins us, and I really appreciate her coming on.
Cynthia, F-A-R-A-H-A-T dot com.
Cynthia Burhat dot com.
Wow, great to have you back after over a year.
So much has happened, crazy times.
Where do you want to get into this first?
First of all, thank you for having me, Alex.
And yes, I am Egyptian, but two months ago I became an American citizen.
Thank you.
It's my greatest honor.
And now when I say us and we, I speak as an American.
Proud American.
What is happening in Afghanistan has been deeply, deeply disturbing because I have been following this path since 2011.
If you would allow me, I will tell you ten things that happened over the past ten years.
Well, that's right.
History repeats itself, so I figured you might start at the beginning, please.
So, in 2011, The first time the Obama regime tried to negotiate with the Taliban.
That's how it started.
In 2012, the Obama regime released five high-ranking Taliban militants.
Some of them were co-founders of the terrorist group themselves.
2013, the third thing that he did, he, along with the Muslim Brotherhood allied Qatari regime, they co-founded with the Taliban an office which the Taliban called the Political Office of the Emirate of Afghanistan.
I want you to remember the name of this office.
The Political Office of the Emirate of Afghanistan.
And then, The fourth thing that he did in 2015 was, under his nose, al-Qaeda's leader Ayman al-Zawahiri gave bay'ah, which is the Islamic oath of allegiance, to the chief of the Taliban, Mansoor.
In 2016, Mansoor was killed by a U.S.
drone strike.
And then who took his place?
Hebatollah Ikhwanzadeh, which is now the chief leader of the Taliban.
Ayman al-Zawahiri, the head of al-Qaeda, pledged allegiance to the current leader of the Taliban, who is a de facto head of the state.
The Taliban and al-Qaeda are the same exact entity.
Officially, Now, let's keep this in mind.
And then they continued the same path.
In 2017, reports came out to the Middle East that Iran started intensifying its military training of Taliban officials.
In 2018, Pakistan released Mullah Baradar, mass murderer Mullah Baradar, killed hundreds of Americans and hundreds of Afghanis.
And that was upon the request of the United States government and Qatar.
And the person who was in charge of this atrocity was Ambassador Khalilzad.
He was in charge of this atrocity of releasing Mullah Baradar, the mass murderer.
After he was released from prison, there were 3,500 terrorist attacks that year.
After he was directly released from prison.
And then, in 2020, U.S.
Ambassador Khalilzad shook hands with the mass murderer Mullah Baradar, in one of the most disgraceful moments in the history of the United States.
And listen, it's great you're going over the history of this, and that's all wonderful, and you have your own history.
But I think we know that Obama supported the Arab Spring and the Taliban takeover, and that Biden continued that.
What do you think the endgame here is?
And why would they do such a disgraceful handover to make it look so destabilized and out of control?
What's the big picture?
The big picture is they want to return to the pre 9-11 policy and they want to return Afghanistan into a terrorist playground where the hounds of hell from every terrorist group go and train over there to spread mayhem and destruction across the world and specifically the main target the United States of America and the second target Israel and now Most Middle Eastern countries that have ousted the Brotherhood officials.
So right now, you have a country that is run by terrorists for terrorists.
That's exactly what happened and led to 9-11.
And that's where we're heading.
So as you experienced, you barely made it out of the Arab Spring.
For people that don't know, give people a nutshell what happened in the Arab Spring, funded again by Obama and Biden and Google and The Globalist.
Isn't this just an extension of the Arab Spring Part 2?
That's an extension of the Arab Spring.
It's an extension of the failed policy that led to 9-11.
And 20 years later, they are repeating the same mistakes ritualistically, and the most disappointing.
In a few weeks, we will have The 20th anniversary of 9-11.
That is a slap on the face of the victims of 9-11 and their families.
This is a slap on the face of the Afghani allies.
I don't know if you know who my husband is.
He's a retired supervisory special agent who works in Afghanistan and risked his life for the Afghani people and for the security of this country.
We have been getting calls from Afghanistan.
The Taliban started raping, torturing and murdering everybody who worked With Americans.
Now what does this message send to your allies across the world?
It means don't work with the U.S.
So clearly this was done to discredit the U.S.
and allow China to invade Taiwan.
I see that as the first big mission here.
That's why Biden was put in, was just to make the U.S.
look as bad as possible.
And I don't even think that President Biden is all there.
I think that former President Barack Obama is the one who is moving things right now.
These are his policies.
This is his ideology.
This is his mission.
And I do not think that Biden is mentally capable of governing this country.
Well, there's no doubt about that.
And with your sources from your husband and others inside Afghanistan, we come back.
Let's talk about what's happening.
They said they're going to empower women, totally enslaving them.
Biden says he's not worried about evacuating 10,000 Americans.
He says he's worried about enacting gender studies to teach Afghans that men can be women.
I'm not joking.
That's in the news.
Today, we have a State Department saying, "Don't worry.
They say they're going to do gender studies."
That's like saying to a shark it's going to stop biting people.
It's just total insane leftist Star Trek level delusion talking to these guys saying this.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And that's what this war was about.
2.2 trillion dollars was special interest getting all the money.
They didn't want it to end in a new government or any type of peace.
They wanted the new crisis, the new next threat, the next 9-11, just like Julian Assange said.
That's what Cynthia Burrhat has been saying, a journalist who grew up in the Middle East, now an American citizen.
So, talking to your sources and what's really happening over there, where do you see this going?
Who is in control when President Trump was just on Fox News yesterday saying, a cabal's in control?
I think we know who that cabal is, but studying that cabal of globalists, why are they allied with the Wahhabis, and what do you expect them to do next with this embarrassing handover by design?
Is that to remove Biden and put in Harris?
What's the big picture?
What are your sources saying?
What's your best thinking?
Well, there was a lot of things, very important stuff that you mentioned, and it's all entwined, because I think the endgame is to have a second 9-11.
I do not think, it's not necessarily that they are conspiring for this to happen, but the sheer incompetence It will almost guarantee that this is exactly what happens.
Whether there is treason or not, maybe the pattern can reveal the intent and that is something for Congress to investigate.
There has to be congressional hearings and impeachment hearings for President Biden because they have left a lot of arms, the White House, has admitted that they have left a lot of military
equipment for al-Qaeda's leaders, the Taliban.
So, 20 years after 9/11, now the Biden regime is arming the Taliban and they are providing
them with political legitimacy as well as al-Qaeda because Taliban is their de facto
I blew the whistle in 2013, when the Obama regime established the political office of the Emirate of Afghanistan.
And guess what Afghanistan is called now, as of this week?
It's called the Emirate of Afghanistan, and that's an Islamic term for Caliphate.
So, right now, leftists and communists feed our crisis.
They justify their existence with crisis.
That's why they have been allying with the Iranians and Helping them get nukes.
That's why they are funding the Pakistani intelligence, the ISI, that played a huge role in harboring Osama bin Laden and creating al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
That's why they're allied with the Muslim Brotherhoods, who founded all these groups.
And again, we know that, and those are really great points.
Why is the West doing that?
I want to play a clip that's really important of Biden just last night with the Democratic Party Clinton operative Stephanopoulos.
And I'll introduce the clip here.
He says, what about the horrible images of people hanging off airplanes and falling off?
He says, well, that was four or five days ago.
So they act like this debacle, all these dead, trillions lost, all this is not a problem, but oh, January 6th was the greatest terror attack in U.S.
history, worse than 9-11.
So four U.S.
citizens died, no cops died until later of a heart attack.
One guy.
They call this the worst day for the federal government.
Americans are terrorists.
The main mission is that.
And then meanwhile, he's like, well, that happened four days ago, so that doesn't matter.
So next time he brings up January 6th, well, that happened eight months ago or seven months ago.
Here is the puppet Biden.
We've all seen the pictures.
We've seen those hundreds of people packed into a C-17.
We've seen Afghans falling.
That was four days ago, five days ago.
What did you think when you first saw those pictures?
So that's his what difference does it make moment, isn't it, Cynthia?
And when you look at communists that are running, they're nihilistic and they're communists that are running the Democratic Party, this is how they behave consistently.
Their enemies are the values of America.
Their enemies are the Constitution, is the Constitution and its amendments.
And people like you and people like myself and all patriots in this country that believe in its greatness and exceptionalism.
These are their enemies.
Their enemies are not those who commit atrocities.
Their enemies are not those in the Taliban who are boiling people alive and currently raping them.
My husband has been getting phone calls for the past two days, the past three days.
Just horrific things are happening to our allies in Afghanistan.
They are getting raped, tortured and murdered in the most heinous and horrific ways possible.
And this is the message that the Biden regime is sending to allies of the United States of America everywhere.
This is what's happening to you if you champion American values.
If you are an enemy, you are going to get it passed.
You are going to operate with impunity.
And that's the way it's always been.
Because it's not that America's that perfect, it's that the ideals compete with authoritarianism.
And the globalists, the Islamists, they don't have any future if the world chooses the real American ideals.
Not that we live up to them, but the idea of God and country and private property and due process and religious freedom and the right to self-defense.
Look at the Taliban immediately confiscating guns, saying, we're your friend, amnesty.
And then as soon as they got the guns, they start murdering people.
They confirmed taking him to the local cricket stadium and soccer stadium and executing him.
That's what happens every single time.
That's why I always tell Americans the only reason you have a First Amendment is because you have a second.
That's the only... I've been saying this since I was a teenager.
That's what happened in my country.
Egypt was almost as free as America now.
Actually more free.
And then in 1952, guess what happened?
They confiscated my family's guns.
And after they got the guns, they banned free speech.
And then they took over the property.
And it has been the same thing over and over and over again.
Nazi Germany, Soviet countries under the Soviet Union.
It's the same thing over and over again.
So, next time someone talks to you about the Second Amendment, remember that that's your protection for the first.
The minute they get the guns, all hell breaks loose.
That's why they couldn't attack us with upfront troops.
It had to be with the poison vaccine.
It had to be with the GMO food.
It had to be with the 5G.
One more segment with Cynthia for Hot, and then I'm going to finish up with calls with CD, Rob.
Bob and Rick and others.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
Specifically after she leaves us on Trump coming out and saying, hey, this booster shot's a scam and it's all about money.
That's Trump starting to turn the corner.
That's very exciting.
Cynthia Verhat is our guest.
We'll come back and talk to her more about what she sees coming next and how America should respond.
Stay with us.
A hundred people or less that chair it and run it all.
And they put the communist Chinese in power.
They're working with radical Islam.
They create the crises and then offer the solution, which is giving them more power.
They're the ones behind the medical tyranny.
They're the ones behind the forced inoculations.
They're the ones behind saying that gun owners and veterans and People that question elections or future lockdowns are terrorists.
And now they're out in the open and they just turned over Afghanistan to the Taliban.
The Taliban have been told, come on in, take over.
Obviously, the military we trained was told to stand down as well.
This was a designed collapse, a designed fall.
And recapping this with Cynthia Farhat, who is a author, researcher, famous journalist, a survivor of the whole Egyptian revolution and barely got out of that.
Now an American citizen living and working here in the United States with amazing contacts there in not just the Middle East, but Central Asia as well.
We got nine minutes left.
What else do you want to impart to the viewers and listeners about where we're going, what you think is going to happen next, and what you think the American people should do?
So, where we are going is exactly where we went prior to 9-11.
We are going exactly the same direction that led to 9-11, but this time it's going to be 10 times worse, in my prediction, because they have tried it in 9-11, 2001, and they saw that America lost trillions of dollars.
tens of thousands of lives and in return they came out victorious. Al Qaeda and the Taliban came out victorious
because through subversive officials in the United States, they allowed them to rebuild the Emirate of Afghanistan
from Qatar from 2013.
They say what the plan is, that's not a conspiracy theory, that's the stated goal of the political office of the
Taliban from 2013. But nobody seems to listen.
And I think the solution is we do not need to reinvent the wheel.
The founding fathers of this great nation dealt with Islamic terrorism, which you call the Barbary Wars in America.
These are jihadist wars against America.
They would attack American ships, take them hostages, and then ask for a tribute to be paid so they can facilitate safe passage to the American infidel demies.
And the Founding Fathers responded By destroying them.
So you're talking about Thomas Jefferson and our first foreign war, absolutely.
And for those who don't know, the Muslims ran these big slave galleons and slave ships as well.
So that was, instead of paying the tribute like other countries, we sent the Marines in.
Yeah, so we send the Marines in and then President James Patterson said that it is a stated policy of the United States of America that peace is better than war.
War is better than tribute.
While America wishes war with no nation, it will buy peace with none.
That's what we should be doing.
Destroy the Taliban.
Destroy Al-Qaeda.
Let's be clear, if the U.S.
government wanted We know they blocked Trump on this.
If they wanted to kill the Taliban, they could have done it.
They've left them in power, they've been protected the whole time.
Of course!
They were operating with impunity.
Obama released five major Taliban founders from Gitmo in 2013.
Sorry, in 2012.
founders from Gitmo in 2013, sorry in 2012.
And then they...
It's just like Vietnam again, it's a war we're not allowed to win.
Yes, that was the intent, that not to be, it's not a winnable war.
It's actually a castrated response to 9-11 that only encourages more aggression and war against the United States.
The Muslim Brotherhood also, the timing is very important because they lost I do not believe in coincidence and there is a reason why this happened in such a hasty manner is to facilitate a haven for Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who are operating a terrorism secret apparatus in Tunisia.
They are now facing legal challenges and they will start fleeing to Afghanistan and strengthen Al-Qaeda just as they did in the 1980s.
Well, I think what you said is key here, that Biden doesn't know what planet he's on.
This is Obama in full control.
We know that.
So when we see Obama and his minions putting Biden down, I'm not defending Biden, but he's not the guy that did this.
This is all Obama's third term.
If you remember, Alex, Obama once gave an interview where he said that he would love to serve a third term from his basement wearing sweatpants and putting an earpiece in a puppet president where he actually dictates the policies.
And Obama's third term is this one.
Well, you're right.
And the name of the game is discredit the United States and have China move in with that infrastructure we built, $2.2 trillion, and get it for rare earth minerals.
And now China's openly threatening to invade Taiwan.
I don't think this is Western elites suckering China into a war.
They've already invested in China.
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, CFR say America's done.
They really intend to just have America fall apart.
China, by the way, has succeeded in Afghanistan and Pakistan in what the Soviet Union failed to do.
Actually, China has colonies in Pakistan right now where they have even Chinese police operating in Pakistan.
So they have successfully invaded Pakistan and Afghanistan under the guise of helping them rebuild their infrastructure.
So history is repeating itself and everybody learns from it except for The leaders in the United States of America.
I'm in awe of these failures.
Well, it's done by design.
That's why they stole the election from Trump and put in this puppet.
And I'm sure you see the news.
They're saying the new terror threat is white people.
The new terror threat is gun owners and Republicans.
And the new terror threat is just imminent.
You can't question elections or lockdowns and then forget all the Islamic threat.
And now the whole apparatus Of the anti-terrorist system turned on the American people.
I mean, this is so dystopic.
And the old liberals were at least somewhat concerned about civil liberties.
Now they love it.
They fetishize, you know, let's purge the military of pro-Americans.
And then they ally with Islam as if the Taliban wouldn't cut the left's heads off in a second.
Oh, they will.
They will.
And they say that.
They have not learned from what happened in 1979 in the Iranian Islamic Revolution, where they put the heads of leftists on sticks.
The Iranian socialists and communists.
They put their heads on sticks.
Yeah, for those that don't know, it was mainly the communists that helped overthrow in 79.
Then the jihadis came in, or the Shiites came in and took over.
And then the first group they knocked out was the left.
Absolutely, absolutely.
These are the first people to go because they're ideological and they create more hassle.
So the first people to go is the left.
Not actually, we're, someone like me would be the last.
The first would be the leftist, their ally, because that's how they have always operated.
And right now what we need to do is go back to the American founding values and go back to the rule of law and hold everyone responsible for the atrocity and the war crimes that are taking place in Afghanistan right now accountable.
Well, you're right.
I mean, the left has a fetish for hating everything Christian, everything Western, but they're always so stupid.
Once they get into slavery, they sure want out of it quickly.
Cynthia Farhat, thank you so much for spending time with you today.
People can find your books and your writings and more material at CynthiaFarhat.com.
Thank you and join us again soon.
Thank you very much for having me, Alex.
Thank you.
All right, I've got a few more phone calls I'm going to get in that I've been holding before Mike Lindell finally joins us.
He only popped in briefly yesterday for a full hour to unpack what happened at that seminar event, Cyber Symposium, last week.
Because it had a lot of great things happen and it had some bad things.
He'll be answering all our questions coming up in the fourth hour today.
You know, God's in control of the universe, and there's no doubt about that fact, and I Wanted to tell this story a couple years ago, but then I lost the piece of paper.
And then, last night, I was up here working late, over there in the corner of the studio, and suddenly, this little piece of paper, if you're a TV viewer, you can see it, was laying on top of the desk.
And I had just talked about this last week to my wife, saying, you know, I found this amazing note from my mother when she was like five, six years old, When her mother had been in Dallas for almost a year in an iron lung from polio and had just come home and was in a wheelchair.
And my mother did this little card for her.
And the reason this card is so important is my grandmother was off and on sick and in the hospital and in nursing care the last few years of her life.
And she died 15 years or so after my grandfather.
And she, of course, got polio from the second polio inoculation they gave her back in the mid-1950s when my mother, I guess it would be about 1954, my mother was four years old.
And so, I had not been back to their house, which I guess my parents still haven't sold, even though she died three years ago.
I had not been back to her house since she'd been in the hospital.
And one day my dad said, y'all take a key over there and anything you want, she'd want you to have it.
Here's a list of things she wants you to have with some paintings and things he gave me in a box.
He said, "But you should go there and take anything you want."
And I walked in the house, this little house, South Austin.
And I looked around in there for only about a minute.
And I was just led to go in the little bitty Back area by the back door that was like a little, that area where the washing machine, the rest of it, it was like a garage.
The house was so small to even have a garage.
It was like the little utility area.
There were all these boxes piled up.
And I just said, I'm going to open this one box and I'm going to stick my hand down in it.
And I'm going to pull out one thing out of it.
And that's what I'm going to take.
Swear to God, this happened.
And it was this.
And then I took this here to the office a couple of years ago.
And I lost it, and I was thinking about it last week.
And then John, the boom operator, found it under that desk over there when he was cleaning stuff up.
And this is the one thing I took out of that house.
And it's the very expression of everything this broadcast is about, and what I am, and what I stand for, and what you stand for.
And here it is.
It's a manila paper, classic 1950s manila paper.
And it's two little pretty flowers.
And it says, Happy Mother's Day.
And you open it up, and it says, Dear Mother, I love you.
I want to help you.
Love, Carol.
Did you see her mother?
She's been gone for a year and an hour long, almost died.
Because Dr. Salk thought it was funny to do it on purpose.
He bragged about it.
I've got the video.
It's out there of him bragging.
There's too many people.
It made him feel powerful, like Fauci.
They love killing people.
They love diseasing them.
And there's my mother, when she's like, I guess five, six years old by then, her grandmother's out of the hospital, her mother's out of the hospital, saying, I want to help you.
And how many people are going to be hurt?
How many people are going to be attacked until we stop these globalists?
But think about how amazing that is.
Because this was two years ago, this was before the lockdown, before the vaccine death.
Before the mass extermination began on a huge scale.
And God didn't want this read two years ago on air.
God wanted it read now, in the middle of the attack.
That's a true story.
I was in that house a minute, said I'm not taking anything out of here.
I'm walking in that room, I'm reaching a hand in here, and I'm taking one thing out.
And it's this one thing from my mother in 1954, with her mother attacked by these bastards, by the grandfathers of the very people doing this now!
What did she say to her mother?
I love you.
I want to help you.
We have to fight the globalists.
We have to defeat them.
We have to stop them.
We can't sit there and let them do this generation over generation on a bigger scale each time.
We have to wake up and face what they've done and say no to them.
But imagine this little piece of paper, all the way from 1954, now with a million people watching or more.
So that message should go out and that's how God works.
You know what?
My mother's little note is helping today, isn't it?
And your notes, the things you do, you don't know how they're going to touch people.
You don't know what's going to happen with the little pebbles you throw in the pond, how those ripples are going to affect others, but they will.
So you don't worry about fixing the world yourself.
You just do the right thing, and in the end, Satan's going to fall.
Speaking of that, I remember three years ago, four years ago, seeing this 2018 piece about Mark Zuckerberg and internet censorship.
I never aired it.
And then I was sent it by a friend today, saw it on Twitter, so I thought it's good to air now.
I'm going to go to some of your phone calls.
This 2017 meme I did of Zuckerberg mouthing Alex Jones is absolutely prophetic.
That's from John and Jane Skulgit.
Here it is.
It's an incredibly big deal that Facebook is completely overhauling its mission and has a new mission.
So what is the new mission of Facebook?
Yeah, we're gonna start censoring pro-Trump news or news we don't like.
Not even fake stuff, we're just gonna censor.
So how exactly do you do that?
So I guess the message is to you, hey it don't matter what's true, you keep your mouth shut or we're gonna call you Hitler.
Take me inside Mark Zuckerberg's head to like the moment that you decided you needed to change Facebook's core mission.
Was there an event that happened or was there just a moment that you said, we gotta change something?
Obama put an internet kill switch in place in 2010 and then signed a bill right before he left office saying that the CIA would be over the media and over the Board of Governors of the FCC.
I mean this is crazy stuff and it's in the news.
It's not like I'm saying it.
What have you had to kind of learn from the spread of misinformation or what have you learned to make sure that people can really connect?
It's not in the news, but corporations send each other communications, and they send stockholders information.
And everything's there!
Everything's there!
I mean, you read the white papers today, it's like, we're preparing for a post-human world, looking at the best way.
Do we just kill everybody right away with the virus, or do we entertain them and then have them opt in to get more money up front, to then have the government euthanize them later?
You keep hearing, we've never been more divided, we've never been more polarized.
Was it the political climate that led to kind of this awakening?
Let me give you the big news right now.
Let me tell everybody the big news right now.
If you think 14-year-old and 12-year-old news about cameras and microphones, watching and listening to you, you're like, oh, there's nothing about me that's interesting.
Just like, oh, let the government know what I've got.
I'm none of that high.
As if the government's full of angels.
Samsung and all these companies for a decade have been telling you they're doing this because they're selling the data on you and the intel on you into big algorithm systems.
Well, that's a good piece.
I hope it goes viral.
All right, here's one more piece.
I'm going to break, take a few calls.
I'm going to Mike Lindell and back your calls.
Here is Trump getting it right again, saying, why is he off Twitter?
But the Taliban, they're now executing men, women, and children.
I have the photos and videos.
We haven't shown it because it's so shocking.
Looks like three-year-old boys and stuff piled up dead with bullet holes in them.
The Taliban dancing around like demons.
They get to be on Twitter, but I don't, and neither does Trump.
Here it is.
Right now, Mr. President, you are off social media.
The Taliban is on social media.
They have a valid, active Twitter account.
These horrible, hateful people who gave solace and refuge to Al-Qaeda, and you are not on social media.
Well, I have Save America, and we put it out, and we're doing great with it, and people are picking it up, and people hear my voice.
That's why I'm speaking to you, and you're a very important Source I will tell you that you are a very important voice in this country, and you've done an incredible job I'm just you know because I knew you wouldn't you when you were local channel 5 right local channel 5 I watch you in the morning with Rosanna But you've done a great job, and you know being on here speaking to you now.
It's a lot of people Speaking to other shows that do a very good job It's people we get what we have a big voice, but to save America we issue releases and and It's under Save America and they get picked up.
But it's disgraceful when you think that you have killers and muggers and dictators and horrible, some horrible dictators and countries.
And they're all on.
But the president of the United States, who had hundreds of millions of people, by the way, he gets taken off.
And as you know, we have a major lawsuit going.
We filed it in Florida.
And why does that happen?
Because we put up with it and because you put up with it, Trump.
We only have ourselves to blame.
Mike Lindell coming up.
Stay with us.
All right, Mike Lindell's coming up next segment when some stations join us.
Let's jam in some of your calls now.
Thanks for holding.
Rick in Missouri, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, good afternoon and welcome, or thanks for having me on.
It's a real honor.
Welcome from the great state of Missouri, FEMA Region 7.
Yes, sir.
Hey, how's everything going there in Austin?
Total communist takeover.
I like your Attorney General up there against the forced inoculations.
What do you make of Trump starting to come out against the vaccines?
That's good news.
That was the reason I was calling today.
I hope he gets louder about it and more aggressive with it.
And I think that's a positive thing because the mainstream media and the system can silence a lot of people.
It's hard to silence Trump.
It's really hard to silence a billionaire.
He's getting blamed for these shots, so he got set up.
He better come out against them.
And he's starting to do it.
And I tell you what, Americans had better stand up and stand up for their rights and stand up for their families because it's coming like a freight train.
Beautifully said.
Anything else, Rick?
That's all for today.
Just keep the faith, brother, and we're praying for you and Mike Lindell.
You've got a lot of support out here.
And long-time listener.
I've been listening for a long time.
Use your products and all that.
I would ask that people support you by buying products or donating.
Keep you on the air, whatever it takes.
Just keep doing the same job and Godspeed.
Well, thank you so much.
Yeah, the same Democratic Party that's suing Lindell is suing me.
They demonize us.
They're trying to shut us down.
But we're just going to fight harder than ever.
And thanks to you, we're still on Earth.
We salute you all.
Let's go to another caller here.
Let's go to Stacey in Michigan.
Stacey, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Thank you so much for taking my call.
I appreciate you calling.
Go ahead.
Beautiful northern Michigan here.
Big time for me to talk to you.
I really appreciate it.
First time caller.
I'm just trying to wrap my head around everything going on in the world.
I just can't figure out how they can push the boosters when we're having catastrophe with the first jab.
That's the whole bravado.
That's the chutzpah.
That's the hubris, is that they're just... They said in the literature it's not going to work.
We had scientists on that said it wouldn't.
So they go more, more, more.
Because they know a lot of people that get conned What do they do?
They keep buying into the con.
They don't admit they're wrong because they won't admit they're wrong.
Does that make sense?
Yes, it does.
Yes, it does.
And I've got another quick question for you.
Thank you for that.
I've got a best friend.
Works for a large hospital.
Works out of her home.
Has been out of the office for 18 months.
Her office is not even adjacent to the hospital.
And they are making these employees, even off campus, get the jab or lose your job.
It's absolutely just like human sacrifice.
Every declining culture announces human sacrifice.
That's historic fact.
And they're just announcing human sacrifice to Big Pharma now.
There's an ingrained human programming that when they think there's too many people, the elites do this.
I just say it's time for them to all die then.
I've got to try to get her to get in front of the board to plead her case or have her walk away.
So I appreciate your friend Robert Barnes's information.
Your attorney and everything you do.
Stacey, we appreciate you.
Please don't thank me.
We're in this together.
God bless you, Stacey.
All right, we got CD, Patriot, and Rob, and I've gotten to Bob.
I've gotten as many as I can.
We got Lindell for almost a whole hour.
So probably get those guys' names and numbers and call them back during the Friday show tomorrow.
But I love you callers and want to thank you.
We're going to go to break for 60 seconds.
Come back with Mike Lindell.
Some of the stations join us in.
Because I watched a lot of that conference.
I thought it was amazing.
And none of what I saw covered there ever made it on the news anywhere.
It was all just a few hiccups and weirdnesses that happened.
So I almost just want to focus on the positive stuff nobody really heard about that wasn't watching.
Or maybe Lindell can do another...
Special show or something where they just have the highlights of it, but I thought it was really good to mount opposition to the election fraud.
I thought it was really good to mount an organization demanding reforms and we have to build our army.
And so I see that as what's happening.
So I'm kind of in a catch-22.
I want to know about him being assaulted.
I want to know about other stuff that's interesting, but does it really matter at the end of the day?
We'll see what Lindell's ready to talk about.
I'm gonna try to give him the floor.
We've not talked since, you know, he was on, so I don't know where he's gonna go, but he's definitely, as I've said, the man of the arena, so we really appreciate the founder and CEO of MyPillow.com, who also sponsors us with promo code Alex, for being on with us today.
And he's under attack by the very same people we are, so you can't support freedom any way better than MyPillow.com, promo code Alex.
We'll be right back.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we got him!
The real ball of energy.
The Patriot, Mike Lindell of My Pillow.
With this big three-day cyber symposium that was attacked by the international media, the national media was infiltrated, you name it.
But still, a lot of really important information came out.
And it's important to build opposition of the globalists and to build movements against this intimidation.
Regardless, we can debate what's accurate, what's not.
We can debate, was the fraud here, was it there?
But we saw the graphs in Michigan everywhere.
Trump's way up here.
They close the voting area.
They say the counting stops.
It continues in Georgia.
It continues in Michigan, and it continues in other states, and shoots straight up in that famous line, stealing it from the president.
And now we see Biden falling flat on his face, a total puppet, and it's just an amazing time to be alive.
So Mike Lindell, we got plenty of time now here today, so I want you to start wherever you want, about what really happened at the conference, what you think is most important, wherever you want to go, there's so much to cover.
Thanks for spending time with us.
Yeah, thanks.
Well, I'm going to cover what I just heard you guys talking about before I get on here.
And that's the president's take on the vaccine.
You know, I myself would never take it ever in history.
That's my, that's my deal.
But one of the things people didn't know, I've heard the president many times.
I mean, our real president, Donald Trump.
He said, you know, whatever he feels about the vaccine, the one thing he's very strong on
is our choice to take it or not.
And they are freedoms.
And that's what's been attacking, seeing him talk about that more and more,
because that's the biggest problem that people are coming to me for, going, what do I do?
I've got, they even came to my pillow and said, do you guys have any place we could put a homeschooling in
because they're making here in Minnesota, little kids, four or five years old.
My little grandson was just here and they took him out of home daycare
because they're making him wear masks at two to three years old.
So, it's disgusting and then they're making... This is total Democratic Party sharia law, cult-level takeover, absolutely.
Last thing I want to say about that is it's affecting every business too because we have my pillow.
One of my VPs came in and said, Mike, we had a show to do in Orlando.
I believe it's an Ace Hardware show or something.
And at that show, if you're going to mark you, if you're not vaccinated, You have to wear a mask and you have to take a test two days prior.
You have to wear a mask the whole show, wherever you are in the building.
Even though they admit the vaccine has a 40% right now, by next week it'll be 20%.
It's a total fraud.
Right, right.
Well, exactly.
And then plus if the vaccine was so good, good for you, then go ahead and take it.
Don't worry about us that don't take it because we're all, we'll all weigh our own risk.
Do I want to take it or not take it?
That's the dumbest argument in history is if you take the mask, if you take, I mean, if you, if you take the vaccine, why are you worried about me?
I mean, that is the craziest thing I've ever heard, is why are you worried about me then?
I got in an argument, one of the guys actually was Swin from the Daily Beast, and he goes, well, more people will die.
And I go, well, I think more people will die taking the vaccine.
I said, that's subjective.
You like the vaccine?
Take it, Swin.
But over here, if I don't take it, you don't need to worry about me.
I'll be okay.
By the way, that's why I really like you.
I've always liked you, Mike.
I like your courage.
But I also like your instincts.
You've totally been dead on about these injections.
They're not even really vaccines.
And they now admit that Australia is only 20%, 25% vaccinated now, but 99% of their cases are from the vaccinated.
That's their own government.
I played the clips by the Prime Minister.
Israel's 85% vaccinated, 95% of their sick or dying have had the shot.
Same thing with Gibraltar, Singapore, and now Singapore is basically stopping the Pfizer shot saying it's causing heart attack.
So, we're vindicated yet again.
It is the so-called vaccinated that are sick and dying.
Well, you know what?
And also, Alex, I want everybody to know, it's been over a year ago now, in fact, Anderson Cooper just bragged the other night when he was bad-mouthing me and said, I wonder if Lindell's still suing me.
I went on a show for 18 minutes last summer for a therapeutic that worked.
That's what we all did here on MyPillow.
We never had to shut down.
We took it as a prophylactic.
They had other stuff that worked.
That was seratamidin, hydroxychloroquine.
All of these things were shut down.
You know why?
Because the FDA and the CDC, in order to put that vaccine out there as an emergency use, there couldn't be anything else out there.
Or at least that's what they were saying.
There can't be any therapeutic that even has any success, or then they're not allowed to have emergency use of the shot.
Yeah, right.
They shut it down.
But anyway, that's just, I just want to get that out there.
No, you're dead on on those.
So let's, give us, we're only going to break in five minutes, but give us a prelude of what you're going to cover for us today, what really happened to the conference, and then where you're going next.
Yeah, I want to, you know, I want to, when I decided to have the conference, this symposium was about a month and a half ago, because what I did ever since January 9th, when I got this evidence of this cyber attack, you know, this on all the machines in every single state, And when I got this, I spent the next four or five months validating it with white hat hackers, both that work in the government, for the government, outside the government, different ones.
So I got it all validated.
The source came in from four sources, actually kind of five.
But I saw all of this evidence of the whole election, 37 terabytes of information.
They captured the packets, they streamed, they got it all.
But I went and validated it.
Now it takes a long time to validate everything.
And we extrapolated what that meant to every state.
So by the way, you can go to frankspeech.com right now and you can see what happened in your state.
I'll give you a hint, New Hampshire and Minnesota, both of you, Donald Trump won.
You know, Donald Trump won eight states, the six states that we talk about all the time, and New Hampshire and Minnesota.
But it affected every single state.
So as you know, Alex, I kept getting attacked every day for months on end.
And I'm going, what we need now, I use kind of use the left wing media, those that you know, Fox never talked.
So, you know, in the only way I could get my word out that I had something was to keep getting attacked by the left.
Well, you know, that ship sailed.
No, I don't mean to be mean.
And by the way, you were, with Jimmy Kimmel and everywhere, you came out on top.
They admitted that's why they suddenly wouldn't talk to you a few months ago because they realized you were beating them.
Yes, absolutely.
When I went on Jimmy Kimmel, I think that was their last crush because I had set up my own platform, frankspeech.com, bought my own servers, put millions of dollars into that to have like a network broadcasting platform for such a time as this right now.
Now, when I was on Jimmy Kimmel, I went on there and he had a whole hit list to attack me.
They didn't want me on there.
People from my friends and stuff said, don't go on there, you're gonna get attacked.
Well, I knew that going in.
And I'll tell you what, I just felt I had to go on because you know, and it worked out great.
20 million people have seen that episode.
And it's the only, I believe it's the only thing up on YouTube and Vimeo where a person actually says
China attacked our country.
And they say the word dominion, dominion, dominion.
I, you know.
And Jimmy, he was kind of torn.
He had read my book, and halfway through the interview, he says, Mike, If it was on the other foot, and your friend Donald Trump would have won, or she didn't put him in power, would you still be sounding the alarm?
And I said, absolutely.
Yeah, it's funny because the Washington Post came to Minnesota after that episode to check with all these people that knew me.
Would Mike really do it if it was on the other foot?
Every one of them said yes.
You didn't see that headline out there.
Mike Lindell, it's true, he would do it no matter what because this is about our country.
It's not about any party right now.
It's about we never get to vote again.
These machines, these Dominion machines, Smartmatic, all of them, the age we're in now, you do this attack, you lose.
You know, you can do a cyber attack on Credit card companies, businesses.
I get hit all the time.
Every business does.
They get hacked.
Stay there.
We're going to come back and give you the floor to lay out what really happened at the symposium, what you think the key information was, and so much more.
But I know folks that know Jimmy Kimmel behind the scenes.
He's made some jokes at me and stuff.
That's fine.
I hear he's a good guy behind the scenes.
Who's not good is Stephen Colbert.
He is a nasty insider.
Hangs out with the Podestas and others.
They got the other late night host, he's just a total alcoholic.
So, people need to know that these guys are just puppets.
But we're not puppets, and Mike Lindell's not a puppet.
Stay there, Mike, we're coming right back to you in just a few minutes.
Mike Lindell is our guest.
But I do know that a lot of elections get stolen.
It was Stalin, the dictator of Russia, that held elections that said, I don't care who casts the ballots, I care about who counts them.
So I can play compilations here while we have Mike Lindell.
Everybody's seen him.
10-minute, 5-minute, 20-minute compilations of Democrats just a year ago saying they don't trust the voting machine companies, enlisting the very companies coming after Mike Lindell.
Now, I don't know the information Mike Lindell has that absolutely at the top this particular company, whatever, I know what I saw at the ground.
I know I saw the vehicles driving in with the ballots at 2 a.m.
Everything was shut down.
That's what I've been focused on.
But I still respect Mike.
He has a right as a citizen to show this information, and so do other networks to air it and play it.
But again, Mike, what you've said about this particular voting machine company, I could play, I'm sure you've seen it, the compilations of Democrats saying just as much as you've said or more.
Isn't that a big problem they've got?
Yeah, well, the Democrats warned us of this, of a cyber attack on the machines.
Now, remember, the machines are a tool.
When you, you know, cyber attacks that we show, we actually had a mock election at the symposium, which is posted on Frank Speech, where we show how you can do an attack at different entry points.
And I want to say this, you guys, anybody that thinks that there wasn't machines involved, I know you keep talking, Alex, about what we all see in ballots brought in and people in suitcases and doing all these things.
You guys, that's organic theft.
That was a reaction that Donald Trump was going to win anyway in spite of the machines.
I want to explain something to everybody, which I had a lot of experts on the stage at that symposium.
There was Dr. Shiva, Dr. Frank, Jaja, there was MyData, there was all these, Seth was on there.
All of these stuff they were showing you was not what you're seeing right there with suitcases and stuff.
This was all about the cyber attack.
This was all about done by computers.
And I'll give everybody an example.
If you look in your state and you actually got the voter rolls in this election, Dead people and non-residents voted in your state, every single state, in big numbers.
And you're going, Mike, how can that be?
Well, we know in Georgia, in Georgia, we got, they had, the president had the list from Rasenberger.
You had, I don't know, 10, 20,000 non-residents, 8,000 dead people, all these people, and then you had, we know that was in Nevada and Arizona.
These were the states that were under watch.
If you checked your own state, Pick any state.
You're going to find all, this is the only election where all these non-residents voted and all these dead people.
Now they did, I said to myself, there is no way this many people are ill, you know, are going to go commit a crime and vote in another state they're not in just to, you know, it, wouldn't it be much easier just to stay, you know, go put extra ballots in or whatever, or put them in these boxes you're showing there.
Now, let me, let me tell you, The reason for that is, and we showed it during the symposium, if you go to frankspeech.com, we have two things you can watch on that.
Watch any of the Dr. Frank, Dr. Shiva, or I think it's Draza, or you can watch Scientific Proof.
We did that.
What that is, let me tell you, All of these, they used the 2010 voter rolls, everybody, to registrate the census in 2010.
This is proven.
This is 100% proven.
So here's the thing.
So since they used that to set all these algorithms for this hack, this attack, What happened is people that, let's say the state of Georgia, those people really don't live there anymore.
They moved out of state since 2010.
Those people really did die.
And so I just want everybody to grab that.
It's so simple here.
This answers all those questions because every state has something they never had before.
And everyone said, oh, we better update our voter rolls.
Well, somebody used the voter rolls.
Do you get it?
You can update them all you want, but they used it in this election in the biggest step in history.
So when you have all these states, it explains every state.
You can take my home state of Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, it didn't matter.
You would have all these non-residents.
I thought the strongest evidence was day two, whenever your experts were laying out the numbers of Florida and Texas.
And the analogy of the cruise control, it doesn't matter when you hit that giant hill and you can't go 150.
I mean, they tried to totally do that.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
And what we had there, everybody, remember I have all the data that we've extrapolated from the data.
All the intrusions, all the flips from Trump to Biden, and we extrapolate all that.
And we showed every state how many of the votes that manifested to.
And on that thing you were showing there that you're talking about, Alex, I think it was Draja that was up there and maybe Dr. Frank too.
But in the biggest two states, Texas and Florida each had one million votes each.
One million votes each, you know, and everyone's going, because they had us convinced, oh, Texas might turn blue.
They tried, but there were so many votes for Donald Trump, they didn't have enough people to keep filling in, to filling in because they used the 2010 voter roll.
Now, when you have all that, so we had different experts on the stage at the symposium, and then in another space there, remember, we brought in all these cyber forensic experts.
All they had to do, because they only had three days to do it, was try and show me to prove that the data I have is not from the 2020 November election.
All of them said it is.
Every one of them.
So we accomplished that.
There's Dr. Frank you're seeing on the screen.
Now remember, all of these guys, these are some of the smartest people in our country.
Doctor, they lay out how many states were basically at different precincts and areas were like a hundred percent.
This is impossible.
It's just amazing.
No, it was more.
It was more.
Alex, you bring up a good thing.
There are many, many, if you went, if you went to precincts and some counties throughout Iowa, like Colorado, my state of Minnesota, since 2010, people have moved from urban From rural to urban, to the cities.
Like farmers, small farms have been eliminated since 2010.
People have died, but people moved out of the community.
What you had then, you had more people that voted than lived there.
That's across our whole country.
And Dr. Frank's been going out there and showing everyone that.
And you used to be able to go about a couple months ago before he went out and started doing it.
You could do it yourself, Alex.
You could go to your Secretary of State, get the registration for this election, get the people that voted, the numbers that voted in each place, and now they shut that down because you could just go get it yourself.
You know why they shut it down?
Everybody out there, if you can still get this, everybody, go to pick any town or any county in your state.
Let's say you're Minnesota.
I could go to Carver County, and I could pick an age, pick an age.
I'll go 26.
And you look at the percentage of 26-year-olds that voted in that county, it'll be the same throughout the whole state of Minnesota.
That's why you see these patterns that could only be done by machines or IE computers.
And that's what happened in this election.
Every state was hacked.
I said it before, Alex, I said to a friend of mine, I said, what have you seen?
Minnesota was 3,000 or 3 million votes for Biden and 100,000 for Donald Trump.
When everybody go, hey, there's something wrong.
Well, you can't do it.
So what you do is you do the heck through the whole country, all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, every single one.
And we have we have evidence in every state and they all come together.
They're all the same thing.
All right, well, let's talk about where you go from here versus the media spin that that the event didn't show any proof, which I agree with you.
That was very powerful, showed incredible information.
We'll be right back.
Mike Lindell, here on the Alex Jones Show, on this Thursday edition, taking the Globalist on at point-blank range, questioning the voting machine companies and things.
Democrats have done the exact same thing, but that's okay, they're allowed to.
He's not supposed to.
So we were talking during the break, I said, man, we've got you for two more segments.
Let us know everything.
What's the most key evidence you guys got from not just the main data dumps, but new ones that came out and things in Colorado and other areas and where are you going with it?
He said, absolutely.
That's next on my list was what happened in Colorado and more.
And we want to know how you were assaulted.
We want to know about the threats and all that super interesting.
I know it's a distraction from the main investigation, but still folks want to know, Mike.
Right, well let's just go through the attacks on the Symposium and then I'm going to tell everyone where we're going with it and then I'll tell them the updated on what's happening in Colorado.
So we get to the Symposium and I had a team for five months.
We validated all the evidence.
I didn't need anyone to It's ready to go to the Supreme Court.
I don't need that.
What I need is states to get on board, the attorney generals.
So this is where I'm kind of getting ahead of myself, but I'll tell you that in a minute.
But I will tell you this.
From the time I got off that plane in Sioux Falls, I hired a red team.
We found out there was a very bad guy on the red team named Josh Merritt.
He was on plant, or whatever he was, to disrupt the whole thing.
He went to the Washington Times.
He was going around telling them the information was bad.
He fed them information when he was not supposed to be feeding them information.
He compromised a couple different investigations we're doing.
But when I first got him, I kind of sensed that right away I was in the room.
That was one of the few times I was in the room that he got his.
We gave it to the red team Saturday night at 9 o'clock on the 7th.
Now, as the two days unfolded then, up until we launched Tuesday morning, We had, you know, I was scrambling to get everything in place.
We had speakers, everything that I had flown in.
And remember, I covered this whole event.
That's what they can't say.
Oh, Mike, you did it to make money.
That was one hit job to sell pills.
I didn't run any ads and I spent millions on this.
Our country is too important to us.
I mean, this is it.
This is the last chance we have.
Let me interrupt you.
Obviously, I'm under attack telling the truth.
You're under attack telling the truth.
You already had a hit product that was huge once you waded into this.
You're doing this to me because you believe it's the right thing to do.
Same thing with me.
People don't know when we run our own independent networks, the millions in bandwidth, the millions in servers and infrastructure, it takes a lot to do this.
So thank God you're doing it.
Keep going.
Yeah, and you know, so what happened was, the morning, now remember, I spent money on an ad that I would put out everywhere for this symposium and for my new, for the platform frankspeech.com.
Remember everybody, this is very key, Fox is the only one that turned down that ad.
Fox is the only one, ABC, CBS, NBC, Newsmax, OAN, they all ran this ad.
But now, now, now, Fox, I canceled all my MyPillow ads on Fox then because they are a part of what's ruining our country because they won't talk about the real problem, the 2020 election.
And so now when I pulled those, MyPillow, that cost us $1 million a week.
I'll never be able, I'll never make up because those are direct sale, direct response ads.
But you know what?
Once again, our country is too important.
Now this is key.
Everyone else accepted it, from your CNNs, ABCs, CBSes, NBCs.
It was run all over the country.
But who do they sue on the morning of the first day of the symposium?
Newsmax and OAN.
Dominion comes out and sues them for airing those ads, okay?
Now, That was the first thing that happened.
Then we got there, and right away I had four different streaming services in case they attacked one.
They attacked one, it went down.
Second one went down.
Third one went down.
The fourth one stuck, but we were 50 minutes late opening that symposium because of this.
We had 1.162 million attacks.
162 million attacks that first morning.
I guess that was for the first couple days.
So I get on stage, we start running this amazing event.
Remember we had all 50 states showed up.
What a blessing everybody.
All 50 states, the politicians, and we start putting Evidence.
Speakers on stage.
And this wasn't raw, raw speakers.
This was evidence.
We showed stuff that I had, all those, from all the 37 terabytes of data that we had.
We showed evidence of what that manifested to.
We had speakers like Dr. Sheba, Dr. Frank.
Amdraja, these guys are some of the smartest people in the world.
I mean, their IQ is off the chart.
They had other things they were doing.
One's a professor, one's a physicist, one's got four, Dr. Shiva, he's got like four degrees or four majors, I don't know.
But they all came from different angles and showed us how this election was taken by a cyber attack, by an attack.
It was done with computers.
What happened on the second day?
After the first day we started, all of a sudden the second day really got crazy.
This Josh Merritt went out to Washington Times and discredited the symposium.
And he started telling people, hey, the data's wrong, the data's wrong.
We've got him on recording, everybody.
If you go to frankspeech.com, He trusted a friend of mine, actually a news radio host, Pete Santilli, and Pete recorded him saying all these things.
And we've got that on frankspeech.com, because once again, remember, what I'm going to do every time the media lies, we're going to call them out.
We're going to call them out.
You know, it's just disgusting.
Well, we had all these great speakers, and then the second day, everybody, they kept attacking, and then they imported data, which that Josh did, that wasn't from my data.
He put that into the rooms.
We had a, one interesting thing, we had a mock election, because I wanted to show everybody, it's up on Frank now, what a hack it captures, and how things get hacked through the internet.
A guy hacked it before we had the mock election, before we let the people go in there and vote.
A guy hacked it from his cell phone in about five minutes.
It took us 15 minutes to reset.
I mean, that's how easy it was to hack into this stuff.
Well, anyway, so then that day, then it really got crazy.
I heard I was flying in Tina Peters from Colorado.
We're going to hear, I don't know if you've heard about her everybody, you need to look it up.
She is a whistleblower now.
All the stuff the Secretary of State and Dominion have done to her, I'm going to cover that in a minute.
But they rated, she's the head of all the election in Mesa County.
She got voted, I mean they voted her in, and the new clerk and the top lady that takes care of everything for the election.
Well, that transition didn't go well in November because they had a lot of stuff hid, but anyway.
So Tina, I'm flying her in, and her office gets raided as she's in the air on my plane.
Her office gets completely raided, and then another guy the same day now, or no, the next day, it gets to be the night of the second night of the symposium, and I get wind that another house was raided with four little kids.
They raided this guy's house.
I don't know if he's a friend of Tina's or just in that office.
Raided his house.
No, he's scared.
He doesn't want to go public.
He doesn't want his name out there.
And then I went out to eat with two couples, me and Kendra.
And we get back to the hotel, to the Sheraton in South Dakota.
It's about 1130 at night.
And I get in there and two guys come up from the one side.
We were all by ourselves going to get on the elevator.
They wanted a picture.
And the two guys take, you know, they take this picture.
Another guy comes up from out of nowhere.
It's about 6'3".
He comes around.
He puts his arm around me for a picture.
He's got this yellow thing in his hand and sticks it in my side.
And just with the pressure, I've never, probably the three, top three scariest, there's the guy in the picture I've ever had.
It was, I knew if I did something, it was going to get worse.
I didn't know why they were doing this.
I didn't know if these guys were together.
And so I stood there and took this pain and it's like he either I didn't react so it's kind of you know
Why isn't he not reacting?
Well, he let go the other guy moves that I'm running interference and I jumped in the hotel or in the
The hotel or the elevator with Kendra we got up to one five or six floors up. I guess it was
And I get out and I go I go that guy just did so she said it's something wrong
She said he's seen your eyes. She's seen it wasn't like a normal picture
I said, yeah, it's horrible. Horrible horrific. I'm doubled over my arm and
We're looking down to see who if we can see who did it.
Anyway, it's basically a rib separator [BLANK_AUDIO]
Yeah, yeah, it was terrible.
It's still, today's the first day it's kind of back to normal.
And it was just spooky because, not even so much the piggy Alex- Listen, I think you need to spaz out on video on that crazy.
It's clear psy-op.
The guy's got that little piggy liberal look to him.
He needs to be brought in for questioning.
Stay there.
Mike Lindell's our guest.
He'll tell us what's coming next straight ahead.
All right, it's our final segment of the show.
Mike Lindell of MyPillow.com is here with us.
I'm going to say something right up front here.
One disappointment I had about his three-day conference was he never ran ads or really talked about his products that fund his independence.
Made in America, hiring thousands of people, allowing true independence.
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He's like, well, let me get to all this first, you know, maybe.
And he's not ashamed of it, but we shouldn't be ashamed.
The globalists have devalued our currency, they're selling deadly vaccines, trying to make us take them, they're proud of that, but then he's bad if he sells towels and pillows and Tennis shoes and slippers and American flags made in America.
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Plus you got great products.
So when you finish up with the conference and what's coming next, spend a few minutes on the great products you've got at MyPillow.com.
You want me to do the products first?
Yeah, let's do that.
I'm going to make you talk about it.
You never want to.
You know what?
I was just looking at that today.
You know, I haven't had to lay anybody off.
You know, this has been a battle, a cancel culture battle.
Just looking with Fox a week and a half ago, we lost a million dollars a week at MyPillow.
We've lost all our box stores, except for a few.
We've lost all our shopping channels.
Shame on them.
They've all part of this.
And my money, all I do, I just put it out there because I'm so worried about our country
because we're not gonna have, I wouldn't have a company anyway.
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MyPillow.com, promo code Alex, huge deals on the beds.
You've got so many great products, and we're just really proud of the work you're doing, Mike.
Yeah, well, thanks for helping, you know, and thanks for helping, Alex.
And that's where we've made it, is great shows like yours and other shows around the country that have stepped up and sold my bill of products.
Listen, all the other companies, they turn and run at the first sign of trouble, and we just... America isn't about cutting and running, and so somebody's got to stand up.
That's why I'm just glad you're there doing it.
Well, thank you.
But to finish now, what happened that night and on the second night, then right after I got attacked, I get a call from the head of the red team, Colonel Phil Waldron.
He said, Mike, we've got a big problem.
We think there's going to be a poison pill.
We have intel that there's going to be a poison pill in the data.
So you advise me not to drop any more data?
which was going to be the next day, was going to be basically the China data.
So I told my guys that were running, I had three people from my team that had been there
the last six months, I said, "Stay over here, don't even go over to the building."
I said, "Do they have enough to look at?"
He goes, "They could be two weeks looking at stuff."
So I stopped it.
Now, we get through the symposium and we look back, they had all kinds of things.
Now we just got a report that the media was giving badges away to different people.
All these bad things were going on.
But, what came out of there, you guys, is great, is great things.
What we have now, we have awareness.
Everybody, every state that was there, they went back to their states.
And Alex, we're setting up on PrankSpeech.com, we have two things we're setting up.
We're setting up all 50 states to show all the stuff, the evidence and the whistleblowers and stuff in November and December.
Now, we're going to put all that stuff there, post that, but more importantly, we're going to tell you where you can get involved because every state can go right down, say, hey, we want to do an audit on these Dominion machines and these routers.
Just because you're a red state, that one, all of you are hacked, everyone, and we have that up there.
I want to say something here.
You can go to frankspeech.com.
You can put crime.frankspeech.com.
You go there and you can put a, fill a form out.
Like I'm going to tell you, like right now, I'm going to tell you about Tina Peters, who's a hero.
And I know there's a lot of you forward and you know, something over 40 Dominion employees have been let go.
And we know that you're out there.
We have a few of you that are turning now.
I'm going to say what they did and be a whistleblower.
Come here.
I will protect you.
I got Tina in a safe place.
You've got all the protection.
We're all in this together to save our country.
And I'm going to give a little report here on Tina, what's going on in Colorado just this week.
And you guys, I'm going to be at 6 o'clock tonight on frankspeech.com, N-O-A-N, live, and I'm going to have Tina on there.
We're going to be going live to the country.
We'll be watching.
Tell us about the report.
Okay, so on Monday of this week, the District Attorney's investigators sealed off the Election Department.
Approximately nine unidentified individuals were inside.
When the staff began to take pictures and videos, they completely covered the windows and stuff.
You ever hear of that before, everybody?
The people worked inside the Election Department past 8.30 p.m.
Also Monday, the Secretary of State, Democrat Jenna Griswold, issued a statement that she was determining who was going to appoint to supervise Mason County elections.
Now that's an election position.
She can't do this.
But it goes on and on here.
Yesterday, contrary to the official action of the Mesa County Commissioners, Sheila Reiner and others took over the elections department in Mesa County.
Now, she's the election county official that's out of office and excluded some of the existing staff from access to the election department.
The stuff that's going on there... You got the election official, on record, elected at the time, being removed outside of law and the old one brought in.
Yeah, and the old one, they're bringing in and it's just what's going on.
I want to tell everyone before we go here, what they're doing in Colorado, they're going to be doing around the country.
What they did is called trusted build.
Remember that if it comes to your state or town, it's over.
Dominion's going in and deleting and taking stuff out.
They're saying they're doing maintenance.
And they're taking out the stuff they're supposed to hold for 22 months.
We have the beginning and the end.
So we have before Dominion came in and the Secretary of State to do this and after.
Now remember, the Secretary of State and Dominion, they're the only ones that have passwords and all this stuff.
It's so corrupt.
So they're removing stuff, but by the grace of God, before and after.
This is the biggest smoking gun of what they're doing to our country, you can imagine.
Now we're going to show at 6 o'clock tonight, we're going to show what they removed.
And you want to know what they added, Alex?
This is allegedly, now my lawyer said to say this, it looks like they're adding an antivirus for the internet.
Why would you need that for Dominion Machines if you're not on the internet?
Isn't that kind of puzzling?
Yeah, that's like saying, why do you need a life jacket if you're not in the water?
That's right.
But it's going to be, it's so corrupt and now we say that we heard that Wisconsin voted 4-2 to also do that thing called Trusted Bill.
You guys, this is the biggest cover-up in history for the biggest crime in history.
So in answer, I'm going to be watching tonight at 6.
Join us again soon with updates at MyPillow.com.
Promo Code Alex, got a minute left.
You're marching forward, you're moving forward, you're getting your Supreme Court case ready, and you're having symposiums every night at 6.
Yep, yep.
I'm going to be on every single night, 6 p.m.
on FrankSpeech.com, or five days a week anyway.
I'm also 11 a.m.
on FrankSpeech.com.
These are central time.
What we do, one thing that came out of that symposium is we've got a bigger voice now, and we've got to just keep putting out there.
All of us, from your show, Alex, to FrankSpeech.com, the great OAN, even Newsmax has started talking somewhat.
So, you know.
John Paul Jones, you've only begun to fight, and if we don't have an election in the midterms, we could lose the whole thing.
So, what you're doing is so critical.
Join us again next week if you can, or we'll be watching as well to find out where this is all going next.
We say bye to you.
Right now in the sense, I've got a few things to talk to you.
You're a busy guy I already talked to.
There goes Mike Lindell.
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