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Name: 20210818_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 18, 2021
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses various topics including ongoing lockdowns worldwide, the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, and how this shows that when a people refuse to submit, they cannot be conquered. He criticizes those in power for their actions during the pandemic, encouraging listeners to speak up against the lockdowns and tell the truth. Jones promotes his activated charcoal toothpaste and mouthwash which is currently back in stock after being unavailable for over six months due to COVID-19 lockdowns and supply chain issues. Alex Jones discusses Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his response to questions about people dying from the COVID-19 vaccine. He criticizes the forced inoculations for children and urges for a "civil disobedience" movement. He also talks about the risks associated with the experimental vaccines and how they violate the Nuremberg Code. Furthermore, he mentions his own health issues and the extended sale on certain products at his store, InfoWarpStore.com. The speaker discusses potential risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccine. They claim that the vaccine produces a protein which is similar to prions, and that it may cause blood clotting, leading to various health issues such as brain inflammation and heart damage. They also mention that individuals who receive the vaccine can potentially become carriers of crystals that could harm others. The speaker promotes vitamins and supplements to counteract these potential negative effects of the vaccine. Alex Jones discusses how corporations are creating a new dark age by erasing scientific facts and promoting false narratives as truth. He urges listeners to support InfoWars by shopping at InfoWarsStore.com and MyPillow.com, using promo code ALEX for discounts. Jones then takes calls from listeners discussing topics such as the Afghan situation, the China threat, and the 25th Amendment. He emphasizes the importance of staying focused, dedicated, and spiritually grounded in the face of adversity and the need to expose and block the globalists' agenda through civil disobedience. In this passage, Alex Jones discusses various topics including election fraud, Covid-19 vaccines, Afghanistan withdrawal, and globalist control. He mentions speaking with Mike Lindell about election fraud claims and the proof of "organic cheating" through machines influenced by China using the Democratic Party. The speaker shares a story of someone who took the Moderna vaccine and fell ill, comparing it to Theranos and PCR tests. Jones also acknowledges listeners who have shared their experiences, expressing gratitude for the impact his work has had on their lives. The discussion moves to Covid-19 vaccines and potential impeachment of Biden by Republicans. Jones defends Trump regarding the vaccine rollout and criticizes those blaming him for the current situation with COVID-19 vaccines. He talks about extreme lockdown measures in Australia, warning America that they are next. Jones discusses a partnership between Bill Gates and China, cooperation memorandum to promote pragmatic cooperation in charity, public health, and international development, which involves censorship of Americans as they focus on promoting official lines without coming from Wuhan. He also mentions the U.S. government terror watch list being hosted by a foreign IP address with no protections and national security concerns. In response to January 6th, DHS is considering mass social media surveillance of citizens. Public meetings, city council meetings, and school board meetings are being recorded in Texas and other states. Jones mentions an Australian restaurant defying mayor's order by welcoming both vaccinated and unvaccinated customers. He talks about Afghan refugees and the potential new refugee crisis impacting the West due to the Taliban retaking control of Afghanistan. The hypocrisy of the US government leaving Americans trapped in Afghanistan while providing funds for Afghan refugees is also discussed, along with the danger of a new wave of refugees coming into Europe. The podcast episode covers how the Biden administration is providing $500 million for Afghan refugees who may come to the United States unchecked and possibly with jihadist sympathies. The Department of Homeland Security focuses on Americans opposing COVID lockdown measures as the real terror threat. Jones also discusses a recent incident involving Tennessee vaccine official Dr. Michelle Fiscus, who claimed she received a muzzle in the mail as a threat but had purchased it herself. The speaker highlights how France's vaccine passport system is proving to be a failure and comments on inconsistent enforcement of vaccine passport rules. He also mentions the reintroduction of vaccine passports in Israel as vaccines have proven to be a failure.

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And there could be $5,000 Aussie dollar fines if you don't let them inject your seven-year-old.
It's not even an authorized shot worldwide.
It's experimental.
It's not even a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy.
And again, it's all done through fraud.
Your children will be well looked after inside when they arrive.
They'll be literally ushered.
We'll have nurses, we'll have some of the youth command, we'll have some of the young police from the various operations within police there, just to guide them through as to where they go.
They'll be looked after every moment inside the stadium.
And they'll be well cared for, so mums and dads feel secure.
It's experimental, it's killing people, they admit that.
And now they're going to try to force the children of Australia to do it.
The same thing's coming here.
This has got to be our line in the sand.
We've got to have a peaceful uprising to this.
And I mean civil disobedience.
Because what the system's doing, they know, has nothing to do with health.
It's about power and control.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
The answer to the ongoing lockdowns being announced worldwide is people to speak up and say no, and to tell the truth.
You're back, and they should be begging you to do the right thing!
You're about to open a pit of hell!
You do not get a vaccine passport put on us!
You know, as the population who's in control, you know that the people or the politicians, once you get a power, you will never relinquish it!
Do you think that the four feet of marble that holds you above, high in this chamber, will help you from the fate of humanity which you are unleashing?
It won't!
Your children and your children's children will be subjugated!
They will be asked, how many vaccines have you had?
Have you been a good little Nazi?
Hail Fauci!
Hail Fauci!
There's been a lot of talk about the Nuremberg Code.
Well, I brought you a copy.
You are all in violation of Section 1.
Yes, you, Dr. Wilcox.
You are in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which is international law!
And the definition is...
Thank you, sir. Your time has expired.
The definition is "we shall not be..."
Well, that's definitely my brother from another mother.
I want to get that gentleman on the show.
This is from the San Diego board meeting there.
And there are a lot of other great clubs we're going to be playing from that meeting coming up here.
In fact, let's just get to one right now.
Here's a gym owner saying, I will never submit.
People understand the chains are going on.
Here it is.
My name is Lou Yerdel.
I'm the owner of Metro Flux Gym in Oceanside.
It's been 18 months since people have been so scared of dying that they gave up on living.
I'm here today to talk about recent recommendations to ask employers to do your dirty work.
Asking them to mandate vaccines is another misstep in a parade of failures of our government.
You want to know why there's so much kickback on this?
We simply don't trust you.
And what would we?
It's gone from two weeks to flatten the curve to show me your papers if you want to work here.
It went from stemming the flow of the ICU overflow to eradicating a virus that'll never go away.
The proof is in Israel with the highest rates of vaccines and many more breakthrough cases than ever seen.
Masks didn't work, stay-at-home orders didn't work, and lockdowns will go down in history as one of the greatest blunders of our time.
We talk about personal responsibility in getting the vaccine.
Dr. Wilma Wooten, not once have I heard you or any other health officer talk about the importance of the fact that 78% of the people admitted to the ICU were overweight or obese.
You nor our elected officials, minus Jim Desmond, have ever mentioned the effectiveness of maintaining healthy weight, exercise, proper nutrition, vitamin supplementation.
Not a peep.
We are talking about health?
We talking about health?
Instead we get wear a mask, stay home, close your business and take this shot.
None of which boosts your immune system.
Don't talk to me about personal responsibility until every employer is held responsible for injury resulting from this shot when they require it.
Or big pharma companies are held liable.
I'm gonna make this real simple for y'all.
I will never, and I mean ever, submit to any request or requirement to wear masks or vaccine mandates.
I will never submit to rules that segregate or dismantle people and put them against each other.
Thank you.
Well, once folks get it, they understand and see all.
The reason I found that is I was on Twitter and people said, oh, these are the new Alex Joneses.
No, they're not.
They're humans that see the same takeover and recognize the lies that are going to fight back.
We're going to win, but it's going to be rough, folks.
Stay with us.
The main broadcast starts now.
Why couldn't a ragtag group, who is a small minority of the Afghan population, beat the Russians and now beat the biggest empire the world's ever seen?
And it's because they are willing to die And because they have the resistance of will to never give up.
In fact, I saw a nine-month-old piece with the Taliban leader speaking, and then I saw him from about six months ago, once Biden had been installed.
He just said that.
He said, resistance is victory.
We'll never stop fighting.
You'll never defeat us because we'll never give up.
Now, I don't like a lot of things about the Taliban, but compared to the satanic New World Order, compared to the globalists, compared to what they want to do to our children, Well, the Taliban pale in significance because they're doing what they do from a Stone Age, caveman-like perspective, facing this modern globalist scourge that literally wants to dumb humans down so much and divide us away from our friends and family and isolate us so much that we're no longer even human.
That's the globalist project is to dehumanize us.
So we can learn a lot from the Taliban.
And the fact that they haven't submitted.
Same thing for the North Vietnamese.
I didn't like Ho Chi Minh and I don't like communism, but you notice today, they're one of our biggest trading partners and they're enemies with China and they're becoming more free market than the United States is in many ways.
That's because other than bombs, it would have been better to be diplomatic with business and commerce.
But the lesson from Vietnam The lesson from the Vietnam War, and the lesson from the Afghanistan situation, where empires have been going for 2,600 years to die, is that if you don't submit as a people, you cannot be conquered.
And the reason we live under so much tyranny in Australia, in New Zealand, in the United Kingdom, in Europe, in Canada, and now to a great extent in the US, is because we've forgotten the Anglo-Saxon ethos of the Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur, who was
a real person, though became legend, the son of Uther Pendragon, and the Round Table of the
Lords and the Magna Carta, being able to have a vote against the king. And then that
evolved or devolved down to the common people having basic rights and things.
That idea did not exist anywhere else in the world except for a very short time in one area of Greece and that again was only the nobility that was allowed to vote.
And so that system is under globalist attack because it does not want to have that type of system.
The rest of the third world, to not want to become American-like, and have due process, and have private property, and to be making society a better society, and a more successful society, and a more secure society, and a more wealthy society, the globalists want a post-industrial world.
So they're everywhere saying, thank God the whites are a minority on the news.
America is a terrible, evil, white supremacist place.
Let's get rid of its basic tenets.
And then they're replacing it.
Or something more akin to the Communist Chinese.
Now, if you want to know what's happening in Afghanistan, you want to know what's happening over in China and Hong Kong and Taiwan, it's very simple.
If you've read the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the top globalist in the United States, hooked in with British intelligence and the UN and the rest of it, they've been saying for 50 years, we're going to build up China and replace the United States.
And they've been saying now for 20 years, there's going to be a moment Where the United States has a president that basically stands down at bases all around the world, and then China will come into the vacuum and take over.
I'm not arguing to be an empire.
I'm not arguing to stay in all these places.
But I'm saying the way Joe Biden did it was the perfect way to embolden and green light China to openly threaten to invade Taiwan and Hong Kong yesterday in the National People's Daily newspaper.
And when you read the article, I might read the whole thing.
It's just stunning.
There's an English translation of it.
It's all over the news.
And they said, America's a joke.
America's over.
It will not help you, Taiwan.
The Taliban has crushed America.
Joe Biden is an idiot.
And that's his position.
He is a Chinese spy.
He's a globalist minion.
And he is designed to come in and demoralize and destroy this country.
That's why Saki yesterday in a press conference, they said, what about Americans?
There's thousands of Americans.
They can't get out.
He said, oh, that's not our main thing.
We care about Afghans and people that are targeted persons or whatever.
Of course, they mean the boyfriends and stuff of the ambassadors.
So, it's all about training you that you're crap because you're an American.
All about training you that you're garbage.
You've got to wear a mask over your face because you're an Australian.
You've got to have the government announce, oh, we're going to take 20-something thousand of your children without asking and inoculate them, and if you don't let us do it, there might be fines.
Meaning if you don't fill out the waiver form, there might be fines.
There is no law in Australia to make young people take shots.
There is no law, there is no mandate to force you to take them.
And in public schools and private schools, under law, they have to let you have a waiver for your children, but they don't want you to know about that.
It's all color of law.
So what you see in Australia is all an exercise in fraud.
Watch the Australian Health Minister announce 24,000 students will be injected in stadium Without parental consent.
You just take them to the school, and they're going to take your children, and Australia already got caught a month ago doing this, and the same health minister said, get over it, big deal.
He's committing a serious crime.
He needs to be locked up.
Giving an experimental injection to the children.
That guy's pulling up from a couple weeks ago, the Australian leader, the Australian Prime Minister, he came out, And was questioned and said, "What about these side effects?"
And he said, "Well, you don't have to take the shot.
That's why there is medical consent."
Australian leader asked about side effects, says, "Well, you don't have to take the shot."
Oh, but then their underlings go out and say, "You do, and there could be $5,000 Aussie
dollar fines if you don't let them inject your seven-year-old."
It's not even an authorized shot worldwide.
It's experimental.
It's not even a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy.
And again, it's all done through fraud.
And then they say, oh, we're going to take your children to the sports stadium and you parents won't be allowed in.
You can drop them off there if you want.
We're going to take them in and give them these shots.
So it's all color of law, fraudulent, intimidation.
It's very, very, very dangerous for them to be able to force something like this into your body, especially when there's so many medical issues.
So I'm going to hit the huge Afghanistan-China geopolitical developments, the 25th Amendment talk on Joe Biden coming up, bottom of the hour.
The first thing I want to hit is the forced inoculation of children already being done in the UK, already being done in Canada and Australia, and you know it's come out in the news.
They're doing it in some schools here without asking the parents.
Totally criminal.
And when it happens, they just cover it up because, oh, it's for the greater good.
That's how tyranny operates.
Look at these headlines.
Without Health Canada approval, provincial governments are illegally vaccinating 11-year-olds now without parental consent.
Then this huge study out of Israel, there's also another study out of the United States where all the variants came from right after the inoculation began.
Of course, these are live virus vaccines.
That's why they spread.
That's why they're causing variants.
That's why you've seen that massive spike in actual ill people now because of the vaccine, which is a poison.
That is all coming up.
But around the world, millions are hitting the streets.
Look at that shot of France.
They say it was over a million people in Paris demonstrating against the vaccine pass and the whole control system so people understand what's going on.
Then I've got stacks!
Of articles about young people having heart attacks, people dying after they're injected with the Pfizer or Moderna GMO shots that cause inflammation in the heart, lungs and brain.
Singapore teen who suffered heart attacks in the hospital six days following first Pfizer jab awarded $166,000 by the Singaporean government that when they confirmed it caused the heart attack.
There you go.
No wonder these vaccines are banned in India and China.
Oh, you didn't know that?
No, it's only for those of us in the West.
They have to take this deadly poison.
Everywhere else, they're being banned.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
So, Australia's so-called Conservative Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, supposedly, you know, lets the other regions, the other premiers, decide what they're going to do, has basically let the country go under UN control.
And I mentioned this earlier.
I'm not just going to talk about it and not show it.
It's pretty amazing footage.
Here he is being asked by people that have died from the so-called vaccines.
His response is, well, you don't have to take it.
It's experimental.
It's killing people.
They admit that.
And now they're going to try to force the children of Australia to do it.
The same thing's coming here.
This has got to be our line in the sand.
We've got to have a peaceful uprising to this.
And I mean civil disobedience.
Because what the system's doing, they know, has nothing to do with health.
It's about power and control.
In the next segment, I'm going to play you a bunch of clips of medical doctors talking about the spike proteins and the studies and what it's doing to your body and how it eats holes in your capillaries and causes blood clots.
This is on purpose, folks.
If they can get away with this, they can get away with anything.
And I've explained this before.
They were able to use Agent Orange and the troops, knowing it was going to cause a bunch of cancer in Vietnam.
They were able to give anthrax shots to our troops, knowing it was going to cause Gulf War illness.
They got away with that.
And the millions of autistic children with what the vaccines have done.
So now they're going even bigger.
All over the world, millions of children have gotten polio from Bill Gates's program.
That's even in Reuters and Associated Press.
They got away with that, too.
He has been kicked out of over 30 countries.
So this is their big launch.
This is their big move.
And you talk to people that have gotten sick or a family that have died, they just go, well, that's just the way it is.
Or the woman in San Antonio, both their parents died after the vaccine.
She said, well, it's worth it.
It's Stockholm syndrome.
So let's go ahead and go to the leader of Australia.
This is the model of the world.
Back on lock now.
They're now saying you can't leave your house to get fresh air or you'll be given a $5,000 fine and jail time.
And now they're announcing forced inoculations of the children outside of law.
Australia is now run by a terrorist government.
Here it is.
in your pharmacist as opposed to seeing a GP.
And secondly, can you talk about the two people who've sadly died taking AstraZeneca?
And would you be worried if one of those people, as I understand it, had, or the family claims,
didn't get, wasn't fully informed of the symptoms to look out for?
Well, we're all responsible for our own health.
And when it comes to informed consent and giving consent to whatever treatment or procedure
you may have, or I may have, then I'm ultimately responsible for what people do
in their health treatment to me.
And there has been the opportunity for people to visit their GP, to have that consultation.
The Government has provided that and funded that.
And the informed consent process provides the decision to the individual.
That's the sort of country we live in.
People make their own decisions about their own health and their own bodies.
That's why we don't have mandatory vaccination in relation to the general population here.
Because people make their own decisions.
And we encourage people to make those decisions.
We make as much information available to them as is possible.
The vaccines, like any vaccine, with any vaccine there are risks associated and I won't go into each of the individual ones because I don't want to particularly draw attention to anyone.
But we all understand That with any vaccine there are risk factors and they're enumerated and they're made available to people and people make decisions about that.
Well, I'll let the Chief Medical Officer and others speak to those because they have the details.
I've been informed of those cases and there have been other cases and they're terribly tragic cases, like all of these are.
And I feel for their families in those situations and this is the terrible impact that pandemics have when you're responding to pandemics.
But I do know that if vaccination rates, as we see, particularly for those who are older, It's not a vaccine, it's experimental.
The literature is blank on these, and that's a fact.
And it's the exact same program Australia is under that we're under.
So he's a lot slicker than these other politicians over there, but he is a liar.
When he says that we've told you the risk and you've been let to know the risk and it's up to you, you've had informed consent.
That's Nuremberg Code talk he's putting out.
He knows what he's doing.
In fact, guys, get the clip from Sunday I never played with the medical doctors explaining that the Nuremberg Code is being violated.
They give the code sections to the author of the U.S.
biological weapons law and the co-author of the U.N.
world law explaining how it's illegal.
But, I mean, this is just insane.
Yeah, so here is the announcements in one of their regions that they're taking 24,000 children Outside of parental consent, that's what's in the fine print of the news, attempting this Buffalo movement just to make everybody get in line and go over the edge of the cliff.
Here it is.
I want to stress that to the mums and dads, your children will be well looked after inside when they arrive.
They'll be literally ushered.
We'll have nurses, we'll have some of the youth command, we'll have some of the young police from the various operations within police there just to guide them through as to where they go.
They'll be looked after every moment inside the stadium and they'll be well cared for.
So mums and dads feel secure.
We've got about 24,000 students we're aiming to get through next week.
The messages will come out this week and the opportunity is there that really you've got to take it, grasp it with both hands.
I know if you talk to any of our Olympians I'll tell you, you've just got to grasp opportunity and this is an opportunity so don't waste it.
All right, when we start the next segment, I'm going to play five or six doctor clips, however much time I have.
Prestigious doctors, one of them as the top virologist in France, explaining that this is deadly poison and not a vaccine and causing prion disease and turning off your White blood cells, your killer T's.
Very similar to HIV.
You're going to hear that when we come back.
This is real.
And they're really trying this on us because they've been ordered by the big banks and the globalists, you do this or you'll be destroyed.
Now five presidents have been murdered, all of them black by the way, in Africa and Haiti.
Some of them tortured to death because they said we're not taking this experimental shot.
And you saw what happened to them.
So this is a big, big, big deal.
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One of the top trends on Twitter last night and this morning was questions swirl over why
Twitter gives Taliban a platform while banning American dissidents like Alex Jones,
President Trump, and so many others. And the Taliban actually responded to this. I guess
that's why it was one of the top things on Twitter this morning was why is Alex Jones banned?
Why is President Trump banned, but why is the Taliban not banned?
And it turned out the Taliban spokesperson actually brought up the subject.
So, I'll play that at the start of the next segment.
But let me do this.
I've got so many of these clips, I could fill the whole four-hour show with them.
But this is just the last few days.
Prominent, prestigious scientists and doctors.
So, let me just play these back-to-back.
I'll introduce them right now.
This is Dr. Ryan Cole.
Owns a huge clinic.
Bunch of genetic stuff.
Highly respected.
And he's linking to all the major studies.
It's a whole hour-long thing he did on this.
And it's in mainline studies that these so-called vaccines lower one of your key immune cells, not the T lymphocyte, but the killer T. It actually basically turns off about a third of them.
So we're going to play clip 10.
Then Stephanie Seneff, one of the top research scientists at MIT and an expert on mRNA.
We've got Dr. Charles Hoff talking about spike proteins in the blood, and then Dr. Richard Fleming.
And then I've got more clips after that, but we'll see if we have time to get to all of them.
Just play those four clips back-to-back.
Here's what I'm seeing in the laboratory already, and this is very, very concerning.
When we give these shots, We can look at the types of white blood cells in the body.
We can look at your T cells, your B cells, the ratios.
And you have a broad array of immune cells that work together to fight off viruses,
to keep cancers in check.
We're already seeing the signals in the laboratory of decreases of certain critically
important T cells that you need, your innate immune system.
It's your marines of your body, the first ones in, fighting off viruses, fighting off cancers.
It's why kids have done phenomenally well and survived this virus at 100% rate statistically
this year, because they have an innate T cell immune response that has two to three times
the activity of an adult T cell immune response.
They have two to three times the enzymes that throw the little hand grenades in the cells and blow up the infected cells compared to adults.
And that's why kids have done so wonderfully against this virus.
But what we're seeing in the laboratory after people get these shots, we're seeing a very concerning, locked-in, low profile of these important killer T-cells that you want in your body.
It's almost a reverse HIV.
In HIV, you lose your helper T-cells, your CD4 cells.
In this virus post-vaccine, what we're seeing is a drop in your killer T cells, your CD8 cells.
And what do CD8 cells do?
They keep all other viruses in check.
What am I seeing in the laboratory?
I'm seeing an uptick of herpes family viruses.
I'm seeing herpes.
I'm seeing shingles.
I'm seeing mono.
I'm seeing a huge uptick in human papillomavirus in the cervical biopsies and the cervical pap smears in women.
In addition to that, there's a little infectious bump that kids get called molluscum contagiosum.
What do you need to keep that in check?
You need CD8 killer T-cells.
I am seeing a 20 times increase in individuals over the age of 50 of this little bump and rash.
Um, you know, that's innocuous, but what it tells me is the immune status of these individuals who have gotten the shot.
We're literally weakening the immune system of these individuals.
So, and of course, this vaccine, I don't like calling it that, but I guess... Yeah, I know, I always hesitate on that too.
Injection, maybe?
I call it, well, I think I'm starting to think in terms of magnetic goo.
I know, there's that issue as well.
Maybe we can go on that in a minute.
So, in essence, we have turned the body into a factory for making a protein, which for all intents and purposes is a prion.
Right, and worse than that, they actually re-engineered the protein to make it more prion-like than it normally is.
Because they have milked with the protein structure to give it a pair of prolines that are next door to each other, two prolines.
They've modified the prion, they've modified the spike protein in the design for the vaccine such that, and they did that so that it couldn't go into the membrane.
So, they wanted it to stay.
So, basically the protein is made by these cells under instruction from the vaccine and then it's released and exposed on their membrane.
It attaches to ACE2 receptors.
And then it needs to be exposed to the immune cells so they can make their antibodies.
The whole point is to have these cells collaborate with each other and one cell exposes them, another one makes the antibodies and they thought it was really a good idea not to let it go into the membrane because then it would sort of expose itself.
There's like a critical part it wants the antibodies to be able to see and they've mucked with the protein so that it can't snap into place and go into the membrane.
So it stays stuck to the H2 receptors, which I think is really, really bad because it suppresses them.
Many papers have shown that the spike protein suppresses the H2 receptors and that's causing a lot of these other symptoms that we're seeing.
Heart problems and blood problems, you know, thrombosis and loss of platelets.
All these things are happening in response to this shutdown of the H2 receptor.
Because firstly the COVID spikes end up in the blood and the nanoparticles are absorbed into the vascular endothelium and so the vascular endothelium is going to end up covered with spike proteins because that's where these little capsules of messenger RNA are absorbed.
And so I set out to then investigate that theory by doing a blood test called a D-dimer, which is a blood test that detects blood clots.
It detects recent blood clots.
And so the test has to be done between four and seven days after the injection to see whether clotting had occurred.
Because it seemed to me that the blood clots that that were occurring in my patients were most likely microvascular,
which meant they were very small, too small to be detected on any CT scan or MRI
or any medical imaging.
They were too small and too scattered.
And this made sense because we know these things get absorbed into the capillary networks
in very small vessels.
So I then managed to find a group of people in my practice who had had their injection
the week before, and in some I was able to get them to do a blood test even before their
injection to get a baseline, but in some of them I was just only able to catch them and
find two because I didn't know who was getting these shots.
I haven't been involved in giving them to them.
Anyway, the bottom line is I found approximately 62% of people have an elevated D-dimer test, which means that 62% of people are getting microvascular blood clots directly following this shot.
So the alarming Part about this is that these people had no idea that they had blood clots because these blood clots are so scattered and so small, their symptoms were very non-specific.
But if you think of some of the frequent side effects from the shot, people often get headache, they get fatigue, they get nausea, they get dizziness.
All of those would be symptoms of tiny blood clots in your brain.
The spike protein is well known to cross the blood-brain barrier.
It causes the brain to look like a sponge or a spongiform encephalopathy, which is frequently called mad cow disease.
It causes Alzheimer's disease with what's called Lewy body formation, these prions in the brain.
It causes damage to the heart because it's inflammation and blood clotting is occurring all over the body.
It's not going to be consistent that everybody's going to have the same bad outcome.
I've got like five more of these and that's just the clips I got today.
I've got the head virologist in France, the most respected, saying the same thing.
He speaks English.
You'll hear from him.
And I've got all these other top scientists.
So, again, it's not about hearing Alex Jones say it.
It's about what they're saying, and this is in the medical literature, and I want to explain something.
That's what happened to the mice.
The blood clots began to grow immediately and usually killed them in six months to a year.
A mouse or mice or rats only live a few years, so their lifespan is accelerated.
With humans, it's a guesstimation by Sherry Timpani and other doctors, but they said generally rats, it's like rat years versus dog years versus horse years versus human years, but if it's killing a rat in six months, it's gonna kill a human in five years.
I mean, depending on how it hits your body and what it does.
So, it might kill you in a year, it might kill you right away, it might kill you in 10 years.
The point is, it starts growing the crystals and blocking your smaller vessels, then it gets bigger and bigger, and then it starts creating lesions on the lungs, the brain, and that's why people bleed out and die so quickly.
So, it's how fast will these crystals grow in you?
And the worst part is, once the inoculated take this, they then shed prions on us, we start producing them.
The people that take the shots are now walking bioweapons.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen, broadcasting worldwide on this Wednesday, August 18th, transmission.
All right, I'm behind as usual.
We have covered a lot.
I'm going to get into China, Biden, the larger global geopolitical system of why they're setting the U.S.
up like this and where I think this is going to go.
And then I did open the phones up as well.
And then Mike Lindell is going to be joining us in the third hour to talk about what really happened at his big conference last week, which had incredible information and algorithms and proof of fraud in multiple states.
And that all overshadowed by that one poison pill of, oh, we have all the proof that China hacked it and took control when it was the Democrats doing it with stuffed ballot boxes at point blank range.
And I've been involved with Trump and Robert Barnes and everybody during the whole debacle, actually trying to prove the real fraud, trying to get the signatures, all of it.
And everybody went off down the rabbit trail of the machines.
And that's been proven now to be a distraction.
It was.
Remember the U.S.
Postal Service driver?
He was driving from one state to another and the whole vehicle was full of giant boxes of ballots.
So he opened it up.
That's their prerogative, you know, that they think something's wrong.
And what was it?
All printed by a computer, not written with a pen, perfect flat ballots, already filled out for Joe Biden.
That's how they did it.
That's how they did it.
With the vans pulling up in Michigan and Pennsylvania in the middle of the night.
That's how they did it.
And I love Lindell.
He's doing more than anybody, exposing the fraud.
He has all this courage.
So we'll get his take on that and where he's going from there.
Don't forget, he's a huge sponsor of ours.
He's been a big supporter of ours.
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Okay, let me shut up and finish up with this.
We only played part of it.
Let's go to Medical Doctor.
Dr. Richard Fleming talking about the spike proteins, and then we'll go to another top scientist.
Spike protein is well known to cross the blood-brain barrier.
It causes the brain to look like a sponge or a spongiform encephalopathy which is frequently called mad cow disease.
It causes Alzheimer's disease with what's called Lewy body formation, these prions in the brain.
It causes damage to the heart because it's inflammation and blood clotting is occurring all over the body.
It's not going to be consistent that everybody's going to have the same bad outcome and it's going to slowly but surely take place over time.
I remember raising the question back in March that there was no way in the world that these vaccines, these drug vaccines that they were coming out with, could have the immune response they were doing unless there was something else beside the genetic code for the spike protein.
And it looks like there is.
They're actually called self-amplifying mRNAs, which means it also carries the genetic code to make more and more and more of the spike protein.
If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that then these instructions can themselves self-replicate, which means this may be an ongoing transformation of people's bodies into spike protein factories.
Am I hearing you correctly?
Right, so for a variety of reasons, that's right.
First off, there's now two published papers that show that the genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2, even if it's just for the spike protein, can get into your DNA.
That's called reverse transcription and that's something that we've known about in science since HIV.
So we know it gets back into your DNA.
We know it gets into all but three of the human chromosomes.
We know that it keeps replicating itself.
We know that the injections don't stay at the Since 2017.
This is not brand new to the world.
Moderna had a lipid nanoparticle influenza vaccine that they did studies on in the animals.
And when they injected in the animals, that spread to the brain, the heart, the liver, the spleen, the bone marrow, all throughout the animal.
So to pretend that they thought that this was going to stay right where it was, was just, it's, they're lying.
And by the way, we have congressional hearings saying the exact same thing last year and this year.
This is all fact!
And now they're rolling it out against our children.
Are we going to put up with this?
I mean, Jeffrey Dahmer injected bleach in people's brains to make them slaves.
They're doing basically the same thing with prions here.
Mad cow disease.
I mean, they are really going for broke here.
Now, I want to play this doctor.
This is Dr. Suchart.
Now, the terrible thing is this.
that right very prestigious scientist the whole bios online you look it up who
does a visual so this is not good for radio listeners but it's still important
TV viewers can see it where he explains what the spike proteins do in the
studies when you take the second shot here it is now the terrible thing is
this if you have the first shot these spike proteins are going to protrude out
into the bloodstream and they will meet a killer lymphocytes But in the first five to seven days, there will still not be any antibodies.
However, after that, when the antibodies come, these antibodies are going to bind.
These spikes and compliment is going to be activated and compliment is going to riddle this vessel wall with its bullets.
It is known, by the way, and this has also been published, that if the vaccination is repeated, this is the second shot.
The IgG immediately rises further, all right, and I think you will remember that Michael showed you that this mRNA circulates for many days.
So what happens then after the session?
I'm trying to give you a piece of advice, everyone.
If you had a first shot and got away with it, Thank God.
Thank the Lord.
But don't take the second shot.
Because when you take the second shot, you are going to be asking for big trouble.
Because now, out come the spikes.
Now the antibodies are there, as we know.
Then, the complement system has no other way.
It has no choice.
It has no brain.
It's going to riddle this vessel with holes.
And this vessel is going to leak, all right?
Now, this is a leak.
And if the mRNA is still in the blood circuit here, and it is, then it's going to leak out.
Maybe this is the liver, so a liver cell would take this up.
Very bad thought.
Or the pancreas.
Or the heart.
Or the brain.
These are terrible, terrible thoughts.
And that's why all these top scientists went on TV before it even launched the vaccine and said it's gonna kill a bunch of people.
Even on Fox News they had prestigious scientists on.
And now they went ahead with it.
And see, they think when people get poisoned, they'll live in denial and say, well, there's no way they did that to me, so it's okay that I had a stroke or a heart attack, or my mom died, my brother died, my daughter died, my son died.
This is it.
I mean, this is the attack.
And so yeah, China's important.
Yeah, Afghanistan's important.
But all of its window dressing to worldwide martial law run by the UN with deadly clotting shots they're putting in us.
And that's just the beginning.
We know these shots also cause cancer on record.
I mean, within weeks, the cancers are exploding.
These are kill shots.
We'll be right back with our number two.
Stay with us.
In the interest of time, I'm not going to play the so-called Surgeon General in the clip I have.
It's right here.
Maybe I should play it.
Oh, learned immunity, natural immunity is not as good as this Pfizer shot, when on record all the literature shows this is terrible, lowers your immunity long term, doesn't protect you, is a fraud, and that learned immunity is the gold standard.
And that now these Pfizer shots and Moderna shots actually attack your white blood cells, your killer white blood cells.
I mean, this is just amazing.
And what happens when they turn those off?
White blood cells, killer white blood cells go around eating cancer.
And what do your lymph nodes do?
They grab cancer, they take it to it, they get rid of it.
That's like an execution depot.
You turn those off, suddenly there's a jailbreak, the cancer takes over.
That's a layman's term of putting it.
And then, you know, then your Roger Stone's wife takes the Pfizer shot and you get cancer two weeks later.
It's very sad.
So here's Dr. Harvey Reich talking about natural immunity.
Yeah, I had to bring you guys on for this because I think I had five or six emails in the course of an hour, one hour, I don't know what was going on this weekend, about the Lambda variant.
So I had to get your take on that.
All right.
I want Dr. Risch, you to respond to what we heard from Biden's Surgeon General today on my favorite topic, natural immunity.
We are seeing more and more data that tells us that while you get some protection from natural infection, it's not nearly as strong as what you get from the vaccine, especially with the Delta variant, which is the hardiest and most contagious variant we've seen to date.
We need all the protection that we can get.
That's why the vaccines are so effective.
Dr. Risch, really?
Well, really not.
This is contrary to 50 years of virology and vaccinology.
The vaccines, of course, if you give a strong enough vaccine, you can make antibodies at almost any level you want.
But that's not immunity.
Immunity is how the person responds to an infection.
And natural immunity is much stronger and much broader and much deeper and much longer lasting than vaccine immunity.
And we have over and over now data showing how long natural immunity, having had COVID immunity, survives and lasts compared to the three to five or six months of vaccine immunity before you need booster after booster after booster.
And that's a Yale epidemiology professor, one of the most respected in the world.
Here's another respected doctor, Dr. Taryn Clark, on the biggest false flag, the biggest red flag you see from Big Pharma.
I want to show you a couple of these and tell you that your biggest red flag for propaganda from public health is experts say.
They're not saying the data shows.
They're not saying this study shows.
They say experts say.
And so as we read this, this is a tweet from the CDC.
You may discuss COVID-19 vaccines with your doctor, but it's not required before vaccination.
While studies have not yet been done, Experts believe mRNA vaccines, like COVID-19 vaccines, are unlikely to pose a risk for hashtag pregnant people.
If I recommend that a pregnant woman takes vitamin D, I have her ask her obstetrician.
We don't put anything in a pregnant woman's body without asking their obstetrician.
And here you have the CDC basically saying, you don't really need to talk to your doctor.
And some mysterious expert says, no studies, but we say it's okay.
I wonder if I were a pregnant woman, I would be thinking, can I talk to this expert?
Can I ask them my questions about this vaccine?
Should I sue them if I have a side effect?
It's on and on.
Here's another one.
I've already had COVID-19, so I don't need to be vaccinated.
This is a myth, according to Public Health.
Doctors know this is a fact.
We have a broad and durable immune response to COVID, and there are multiple studies that document that we do not need to be vaccinated.
And yet we have these statements.
You should still get vaccinated, health experts say.
This is corporations creating a new dark age, erasing all the science, saying they're science.
When somebody says, hey, don't talk about your doctor, just take this.
Even though all the literature says pregnant women shouldn't take any of this stuff.
Oh, hey!
You can trust us.
Even though you've got immunity, you need to take another shot.
Even though all the literature says, all the science shows, all the studies show, if you've had COVID and you take a vaccine, it can kill you in anaphylactic shock.
All right, we are back live thanks to you!
You are the gravity that holds us in the sky.
It is your will which empowers InfoWars, and that's why from the bottom of my heart, I salute all of you of every race, color, and creed that have red blood, that love liberty and justice, and love God.
I stand with you now, tomorrow, and forever.
Thank you again for joining us on this live.
August 18th, transmission.
We have Mike Lindell joining us coming up in the third hour.
I want to open the phones up again some this hour, but I only want to take about 10 calls because I don't want to leave people on hold next hour when Mike Lindell's on.
So we're going to put 10 calls on the board, and then we're going to go to your calls before this hour ends and cover a lot of news.
It's all free number. I want to get your take on the Afghan situation the China situation China threatening to invade
Taiwan saying America's weak Why the globalists have done this where you see it going 25th
Uh the targeting of our children with these poisonous injections
What is your line in the sand? What are you doing to fight these tyrants?
There's also all these amazing videos of people waking up and confronting
the globalist a lot Of exciting things happening a lot of scary things but man
We are here in the middle of it I know why a lot of people see this stuff going on beside
live in denial I kind of want to myself.
I mean, I've known this was coming forever, but I personally am the type of person that will just be honest with listeners.
And I know you're going through a lot because I'm going through a lot too.
I mean the processing this.
Processing what we're up against is something that we gotta reach out to God, give it to God, talk to God, and just make it through it.
And realize the enemy is counting on us, getting depressed.
The enemy's counting on us, getting angry.
They're counting on us, lashing out stupidly or giving up.
And we're not gonna do that for the children.
We're gonna get even more hardcore, more focused, more dedicated.
We're gonna speak out and expose their agenda and block their agenda through civil disobedience every damn way we can.
When I'm pointing my finger at you telling you that, I got three more pointed back at me because At a gut level, watching them do this, physically, physically, I'm ready to fight.
But we have to understand that we are an advanced species and advanced creatures, and the enemy has set this up where they want a physical conflict in the paradigm they're in right now.
They could definitely use that in the United States to accelerate China's takeover of the planet, and that's exactly what China is planning as a civil war here in America.
So even though every indicator is we need that physical civil war, you have to understand it's part of a larger plan where, yeah, once the idiot leadership of the military has been rolled up, and once the corrupt people at the top of the Justice Department have been dealt with, the country will be so badly damaged and in such a bad position that it will take decades to reconstitute the Republic And by then, the globalists would have fully taken over the planet with economic warfare and other things.
So, we're in a Hobson's Choice, we're in a Catch-22, we're in a real paradox here, and we've got to figure the way out of this.
The only way to do it is discernment, getting on our knees to God.
You know, I've been playing this clip the last few weeks on air quite a bit.
Don Jr.
put out a video that's only a minute long.
Call it worse than Saigon, that just illustrates what's happening, but why would it be done so perfectly bad?
Well, we know why.
We're going to talk about it in a moment, but here it is.
Do you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what happened in Vietnam with some people feeling- None whatsoever.
There's going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.
Helicopters and black smoke visible.
American diplomats, including the ambassador, evacuated to the airport.
At least 500 staff leaving the country so far.
The embassy shuttered.
The flag coming down.
The evacuation of Americans is continuing tonight, but it has been interrupted by sporadic gunfire.
the embassy telling Americans to shelter in place.
The toll free number to join us is 877-933-9337.
seven seven seven eight nine two five three nine eight seven seven seven eight
nine Alex eight seven seven seven eight nine Alex eight seven seven seven eight
nine two five three nine your calls are coming up bottom of the hour and I don't
want to gonzo journalism write ourself in the story but we are all of us part
of the story aren't we Questions swirl over why Twitter gives Taliban a platform while banning American dissidents.
Paul Joseph Watson wrote the article and it's got tweets in here by a lot of folks like Mike Cernovich and others asking why is Alex Jones, who's an American, banned And why is Joe Rogan called a traitor for having a quote insurrectionist on the interviews Alex Jones, but meanwhile real terrorists officially have their Twitter account.
And I don't think Mike Cernovich or myself are calling for censoring the Taliban.
I want to actually hear what they have to say.
I want to dialogue with anybody.
I think speech is there.
The devil has his speech.
God's people have theirs.
And the real author of censorship is anything satanic.
And the Taliban responded to all the challenges and said, well, why is President Trump banned?
And why is Alex Jones banned off Twitter?
But you're not.
And of course, then they were also being criticized in another press release, clip will play.
They were being criticized.
They were saying, why are you censoring?
And they said, well, you censor too.
And Senator Carl said a great point a few nights ago.
The left's toppling statues.
The left's making us all wear hijabs over our face.
We know they've had a love affair with radical Islam.
We know they helped put the Arab Spring in power all over the world, Libya, Syria.
They tried to take over Iraq, Egypt, areas of Africa.
And so we know Obama and the left and the Muslim Brotherhood are double-teaming the West, basically.
And that they didn't want, once the U.S.
pulled out and the $2.2 trillion had been spent, to actually hand it over to a legitimate government.
They wanted destabilization.
Just like the West and Zbigniew Brzezinski set up the Taliban in the 1970s.
for the Mujahideen war and just like they were protected in 2001 and 30 something thousand
were flown out in the air lift of evil by the US military to Pakistan. It's the same story over and
over again. It's not that the Taliban works for the US government, it works for the globalists and
they know it. That's why they're so arrogant. So here is the spokesperson of the Taliban
talking about western censorship legitimizing his censorship.
I can ask Facebook company.
This question should be asked to those people who are claiming to be promoters of freedom
of speech who do not allow publication of all information.
I can ask Facebook company.
This question should be asked to them.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
The left loves authoritarianism.
And Tucker Carlson had an excellent piece.
I don't know if it was two nights ago or last night, because I was just watching it online this morning when I was up at like 5 a.m.
He made the point about the left's religion and trillions spent in Afghanistan to try to teach the Afghan villages that men can have babies.
And it was internal CIA reports saying this makes them rebel more.
Why are we doing this?
They know it's not true.
But it was all the leftist attempt to make them mentally ill like us and break them down.
They don't teach all the transgenderism and all this because they really believe it.
They're doing it as a poison to sabotage the culture.
That's why Communist China bans all the Jordan Soros stuff in their country.
They want men and women together.
They put homosexuals in prison in China.
And I'm not defending that.
My point is, is that they say that's not allowed here.
We're strong.
They want to be like the 1950s United States, because they know that's a strong system.
Not all the things we're taught here are to implode us and destroy us, because multinational banks own our government, and they want to consolidate and implode the government and take full control of it.
They want the political class that's offshore to get rid of the middle class, and so now they're branding a middle class as white and racist.
Even though the richest people in the world, according to the average income, are Asians.
In the United States, the top nine groups with the most money are Asian.
It doesn't matter.
Everybody has a right to try to develop wealth.
But the ultra super rich are offshore and they're at war with the free market economy.
They want a vertical integration.
All right.
I see the phones loading up.
Your call's coming up.
I'll get more into China's threat to invade Taiwan on the back of what Biden just did in Afghanistan and more.
I'm Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
All right, so this is a fight between good and evil.
It's about global domination.
And the controllers of the planet, the dominant corporations, they don't want a powerful nation state.
They don't want one that has private property in the Second Amendment.
So the United States is being maneuvered towards collapse.
We're being told by our leaders we shouldn't even exist.
We're a shameful place.
Our borders are wide open.
We're supposed to pay for the whole world.
We're supposed to have all these Afghan refugees come here.
They don't care if Biden's approval rating falls because he's just a puppet they can replace anytime they want.
Biden approval falls below 50% for first time in poll averages amid Afghanistan chaos.
The polls are all fake to begin with.
He's been hated the whole time.
He's something they installed.
Taliban tells Joe Biden to withdraw all U.S.
troops from Afghanistan by September 11th, the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.
Again, putting it in our face.
After Kabul, China exploits preparations of American weakness, or perceptions of American weakness.
China urges U.S.
to cut official contact and military connection to Taiwan, even though we have a treaty with them.
And then I've got the article put out by the People's Daily.
Chinese state media outlet says U.S.
will abandon Taiwan, too, once a war breaks out.
And they say in the article, a war is going to be breaking out.
Here it is in English from the Global Times of China, the official Communist Party spokesperson.
And you gotta read this article for yourself.
I mean, it is bad how America's done.
America's over.
It's gonna abandon Taiwan and Hong Kong.
The Chinese are getting ready to invade, they say, and everybody better just give up.
And basically threatens Japan as well.
haven't seen stuff like this since World War II, and they've got nuclear weapons and say they're willing
to use it, continuing back with Afghanistan that signaled US weakness.
They could have controlled the roads, they could have held the Taliban back,
they could have put them on a timetable that Trump had.
All that was thrown out the window, they were told just do what you want.
They wouldn't have got on those highways and driven in there in five mile, 10 mile long convoys,
unless they knew they were gonna be allowed to take over.
This was a deal set up, just like we saw the Arab Spring funded by Biden
and Obama then, to overthrow our allies, to overthrow people that were pro-Christian,
to kill people, to blow up churches and mass It's the same operation.
Diplomats, not even tanks can stop a large wave of Afghan refugees heading to Europe, 4 to 5 million.
UNICEF, that's the UN, is taking the Taliban at face value on promise of a program to educate women and girls.
Oh yeah, they're really going to educate them, alright.
At least they won't let men in their bathrooms, though, or say that men can have babies.
I mean, I don't know what's worse.
If you look at who they're flying over here, though, it's almost all military-age men.
I'll say this about the old Islamics.
When you look at who's fleeing the country, it's not, they're not even letting the women on the planes.
It's men first, screw the women and children.
Quite literally over in Afghanistan, I mean, pedophilia is a national pastime over there.
That's why the left likes them so much.
Taliban troll Biden on Twitter by posing with ice cream.
That's right, they've got ice cream stands now that $2.2 trillion was dumped into the country.
They'll loot it back to the Stone Age quicker enough.
But there they are with their ice creams, saying, look, we're nice too.
We've got ice cream.
That's the whole message.
If you've got ice cream, well, you're not a bad person.
So you got to be nice to Taliban now.
After all, they've got ice cream.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden takes nine vacations the last few months.
So that's where we are on that front.
I want to take your phone calls from Zach and Carlos and Jose and Corey and Matthew and Sue and Brian and Kim and Robert and John.
We'll get to every one of you before this hour ends and Mike Lindell joins us.
Let's go ahead and talk to Carlos in Texas.
Carlos, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'd like to start by saying I love Secret 12.
I still got some blue bottles that you used to sell back in the day that you had to stop selling about a year ago, but I bought about a lifetime supply of it to support you in full war.
Thank you, brother.
We couldn't fund our operation without you.
Yes, sir.
Well, Alex, After everything I've heard on your show, I had to put my mom in the hospital.
She needed oxygen and I was afraid to take her to the hospital.
I didn't know what to do.
I took her to the first hospital and they wanted to push the vaccine on her right off the bat.
Are you vaccinated?
Why aren't you vaccinated?
You need to get vaccinated.
And my mom didn't feel comfortable being there.
So I had to take her to another hospital where they wouldn't push the vaccine on her anymore.
So it was very difficult.
Well, first off, brother, you know that's not a vaccine.
It's an experimental drug, and they've run off all the nurses and doctors that said no to it, so they've got a bunch of cult members.
How is your mother doing now?
Well, we were able to get her to one of the good hospitals.
I don't want to say the name, but there's only two hospitals where people make it out alive in Houston.
There's only two.
And as you know, there's a whole bunch of them.
She's on oxygen.
She's having pulmonary treatments right now.
The one thing that they didn't tell us is they gave her remdesivir and I've read all the papers on remdesivir and I'm gonna have to find a way to detox her from all that crap they put in her.
I was about to say that's what Fauci recommends when remdesivir has like an 8% success rate compared to hydroxychloroquine and all the other things that have like 98% success.
Yeah, that's just amazing.
Yeah, these hospitals are really dangerous, scary places now because they're corporate Basically, meat factories.
They're like meat packing facilities.
Yes, sir.
Now, the one thing that came out good is I was back home, just like the way you're doing with your parents.
I tried to nurse my mom back to health.
I couldn't because I didn't have everything that they have at the hospital.
But my dad, after seven days of ivermectin, bedazonide, azithromycin, and clarithromycin, COVID-free in seven days.
I didn't need anything else.
Um, he was taking zinc.
I made him take vitamin D3.
Um, and you need to make a quinine supplement too.
I totally agree.
I totally agree.
Carlos, God bless you.
And look, the moral of the story here is the system is corporate run.
They're going to send a message down that is going to cause as much death as possible because that's their mission.
The average nurse, the average doctor just follows orders now.
And it's a scary thing to realize that we've gotten to this point, but it's because we've been asleep at the switch here.
We've been absolutely asleep at the switch.
And that's why you've got to be the people that wake folks up.
If you're listening right now, you realize the responsibility you've got, I mean, in a respectful way.
I realize my responsibility.
You think I want to talk at a checkout counter when I see a bunch of little kids with double masks on?
No, I got stuff to do.
But I say, hey, I care about you and your family.
Double masking, that's causing pneumonia.
Look up the studies.
Look up other diseases spiking in children because of the mask.
And I just do it everywhere because I have a responsibility.
So, you have a responsibility and it's going to change the world to tell folks about, hey, that forbidden show Alex Jones, you've heard he's been demonized?
You ought to hear what he's talking about.
You ought to hear the guests he's got.
You ought to hear the callers he's got.
Wow, freeworldnews.tv.
Maybe write it down on a piece of paper for him or tell him, you know, infowars.com.
And that's the chain reaction and say, listen, if you get helped by the information there, Share the URL with others and tell them to share it.
And then if we do that simple human thing of human intelligence, we can override the entire globalist operation.
All right, we're gonna come right back and go to Zack in Colorado and many others.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com, Tomorrow's News Today, our backup site, newswars.com, and of course the big video site, band.video.
All right, folks, we're taking your phone calls.
Want to race through your calls right now.
Let's go ahead and go to Zach in Colorado.
Zach, welcome.
Hey Alex, you there?
Yeah, sure am.
Hey Alex, good calling in.
We spoke once before, probably about a year ago or so, talking about vaccines.
I'm completely unvaccinated, but just also wanted to give Quick plug, if I could, love all your products.
Probably the two favorites that I got right now that I'm using almost every day is the B12 and also the X2.
And kind of the best thing I could say about the X2 is if you look on the label that, I mean, I don't know if I'm letting the secret out of the bag, but serving size is one drop, not a drop or one drop, and there's 600 servings in a bottle.
So, I don't know anything that's that good for you and that good of a deal that you can get $600 of anything for that price.
No, I appreciate your support.
I'm really enjoying that.
But hey, while I called in, I think it was Harrison just yesterday or two days ago that said, what's your guys' predictions for the end of the Biden administration?
And honestly, I see it ending as a false flag assassination.
He has so much egg on his face with everything going on, especially Afghanistan now.
And he's just on vacation.
I mean, what's stopping them from one day, the news headlines are Biden was poisoned.
We hadn't even seen him in over a week.
No, I agree with you.
Things are so crazy, and they want to discredit and collapse America on the world scene so China can take over.
I think anything's in the cards.
Great point, Zach.
Thank you for the call.
Moving quick to get to everybody.
Let's go to Corey in Florida.
Corey, you're on the air.
How are you?
I'm good, brother.
Go ahead.
Afghanistan is a distraction.
We have to ask ourselves, who benefits from this the most?
Well, we're not talking about the global forced inoculations.
We're not talking about China trying to take over the planet.
bad. This is going to clog the news cycles for weeks and what does that
distract us from? What are we not talking about then?
Well we're not talking about the global forced inoculations, we're not talking
about China trying to take over the planet, I mean what else?
No we're just not talking about forced inoculations.
We're not talking about all of that.
We're not talking about election fraud.
We're not talking about, you know, again, you're having Mr. Lindell come on again.
This man is a saint.
He has done a lot for this country and the world.
and I hope that he is recognized.
They're going to try to get rid of Biden.
They need to get rid of him.
That's also part of this.
It's a multifaceted issue.
China is going to get involved in this.
This will escalate in order to make Biden look bad and to get us into a large
distraction from the main issues.
Let China take Taiwan, blame it on Biden, then a 25th Amendment Biden, and then
Kamala Harris comes in.
Let China take the deep earth minerals from Afghanistan.
They've already been speaking with them, making works.
They want to put a highway in there.
This is, it's all part of their plan.
This is all contrived.
It's all been planned.
It's not inadvertent.
The use of patience and intimidations are not a mistake.
They are deliberate.
All right.
Another amazing point.
Anything else?
There goes Corey.
All right.
Let's keep going with these amazing callers.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to Robert in Texas.
Go ahead, Robert.
Yes, sir?
Georgetown, Texas.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
They voted for Biden.
You guys do this thing.
When you get on air, you go, hello.
I'm here, man.
No, no, I'm doing it.
I got a phone call coming in from a student that just got pulled out.
It's OK.
We love you.
We want to talk, Robert.
We want to talk to you.
In school district, Westlake, they're having problems on the fake mask thing.
You can look it up.
A couple, they're French.
A libtard went and made it like it was an assault.
It's what they did.
They've known each other for years.
And she pulled the person's mask down to give him the kiss on the cheeks.
No big deal.
Yeah, I saw that.
So they're French.
They knew the lady.
They kissed her on the cheek as a joke.
And she libtarded out and turned on them just to say she was assaulted.
I saw that.
No, I just got done talking with the people.
But anyway.
Well, tell me about it.
That's big news, Robert.
Are you a lawyer or something?
No, I got a 7th grade education.
I'm only doing... I'm trying to figure out why you're talking to the people that are in legal trouble for pulling the mask down.
Just go ahead.
Oh, I'm not... I just heard about the story today talking to somebody that knows them.
But Gateway College Prep up here in Georgetown, you know how conservative that is?
My son's math teacher in 7th grade is going to segregate.
All heck is breaking loose right now.
Oh yeah, the left is creating total racial division all over the country.
They're separating black from white.
This is just, this is just incredible.
These people, it's a total psychological war and we just grovel.
They go, oh, we're anti-racist.
We're going to segregate blacks and teach you how bad whites are and then segregate whites and teach you how bad you are.
Screw these people.
No, I wish I could put you on speaker and read what I sent off the email, but I asked the principal because I pinned them all down today.
Because my son's second day of school over here at Gateway.
And I said, what are you going to do with Seth?
He's a freaking mutt.
He's black, Hispanic, and white.
Are we going to... Which superior race is he right now?
So you're saying Georgetown schools, North Austin, are segregating people according to race.
Thanks for the call.
And nothing surprises me anymore.
It's happening all over the country.
But folks, they're castrating seven-year-old boys in America.
I mean, this is just a cult.
We must fight racism, not segregate people.
And we just keep growling to the left, so that's why this keeps getting worse.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Matthew in California.
Matthew, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I was calling in.
You've been talking a lot about the cryon shedding, and that's kind of been waving like a big red flag to me.
You seem to kind of brush over it to a small extent, but it seems like Without getting the vaccine, then it seems that we may be at risk of inherently getting what the people from the vaccine are getting.
And I wanted to hear what, you know, your sources are saying of the serious implications of that.
Well, my sources are the actual thousands of studies and scientific documents I've read.
The so-called shot you're given, whether it's Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca, or any of the others, Johnson & Johnson, they don't protect you.
Has nothing to do with that never did that's what they tell you doesn't protect you now
They go oh the variant is why you're getting sick, but then the variant has been created in the body of the people that
took it So this is not even a vaccine. This is a mRNA
Gene therapy program which then lowers your normal body's immune system your white blood cells so that you become an
invalid So the the gene therapy people are getting this is
It's incubating in the body.
And then your sources, of course, like well respected doctors across the world are saying that it's incubating in the body and then shedding out of the body and then coming to other people.
So I was curious.
What are the implications of those that are shedding coming into the body of... Yeah, sure.
Can we get an inoculation to stop from the viral shedding?
And that's what they're doing.
No, they're saying, we're going to inject people, they're going to create new viruses, then we're going to give you new injections to stop those viruses, and then that will cause more mutations, because these aren't regular attenuated vaccines.
Attenuated tetanus, attenuated bacteria, attenuated viruses.
Where your body learns what it is and learns to defeat it without it replicating.
That's not what this is, sir.
This is a program that goes in and has your body create this spike protein forevermore.
Does that make sense?
Makes perfect sense.
So I'm just curious, should we be concerned on a high level of being around people who are shedding these?
Yeah, but half the public took it.
That horse left the barn a long time ago.
That's exactly what we're talking about, Matthew.
I appreciate your call.
That is exactly what we're talking about, Matthew.
This is a big trap.
That's why they put out the vaccine cards a year ago with five vaccines on them.
That's why Bill Gates said a year and a half ago, you will, or more than that, he said, you will have boosters.
This has all been planned.
It's all been planned out.
And it's not just about poisoning the population.
It's also about controlling us, tracking us, dividing us.
It's just a nightmare plan.
And now we're all distracted from globalism.
And now they're raping us and our borders are wide open.
We're going bankrupt because we're busy trying to just be able to be an essential business
or have a special pass on our phones.
We go to a restaurant or go to the mall.
I mean, this is we're off a cliff right now.
We're in to the tyranny now and it only gets worse submitting to it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, Jose in Florida.
Thanks for holding your online from the Alex Jones show.
Thanks for joining us.
Alex Jones, man.
I'm not even about to ask how you doing?
Because I'm pretty sure you're frustrated right now.
I'm not even going to ask how you doing.
I'm pretty sure you're frustrated right now.
I'm not even going to ask how you doing.
I'm pretty sure you're frustrated right now.
how you doing because I'm pretty sure you're frustrated right now and annoyed.
But, um, the reason why I'm calling in is because I wanted you to explain to me a little more so I could understand.
Why are so many people right now, and it seems like it's the right, going after Joe Biden now, and I'm not defending that man, but they're going after Joe Biden now for doing what?
They were begging Trump to do back then to withdraw the troops.
No, I totally agree.
Ron Paul wrote an article about it.
We posted.
They're doing cheap shots on Biden because that's the military industrial complex that didn't like Trump either.
They've gotten rid of Trump.
Biden got set up by his advisors and believed that the withdrawal was all going to be handled.
That's why he said that back in July.
Everything's handled.
It's going to be great.
And then basically his own people set him up.
I don't like Joe Biden, but you're absolutely right.
He was set up.
And so to just blame Joe Biden is not good.
And I hope tuning into the show, sir, you've picked up on the fact I've made that point.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
One more thing before you let me go.
You need to go back on Joe Rogan, man.
You and Eddie Brown need to go back on Joe Rogan.
That was the best podcast I've ever seen in my life.
Hey, Joe knows that.
You know, I had dinner with Joe like a month ago.
I brought up, I said, you gotta have me back on.
He goes, oh Alex, you're just, you know.
I've had so many new people interview.
And so most people have only been on his show, unless it's like Joey Diaz has been on it 50 times, three times.
So I would love to go back on with Joe.
He gets lobbied to do it all the time.
It'd probably get 50 million views.
So I hear you, brother.
Thank you, Jose.
Yeah, that's a very complex issue about It's fun to bash Joe Biden.
And he was a puppet.
He did steal the election.
But he was put there because he's weak by the real enemy behind the scenes.
So anytime you're bashing Biden, you're like basically beating up a geriatric person in a nursing home.
I mean, that's why they put him in there so they could have him take the blame.
That's been the point the whole time.
All right.
Take another call here.
Let's go ahead and go to Kim in Vegas.
Hey, good morning, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thanks for calling.
So, I have two vaccine-injured grandchildren from normal vaccines.
And now from the COVID vaccines, we've lost two family members.
We've got one that, If he makes it to Christmas, I would actually be surprised, because I'm sure that his doctors are going to convince him to take that third booster.
And, you know, he's already had heart problems, blood clot problems, so, you know.
But my question is, we know, actually, my daughter, my mother-in-law, And her husband have not taken the vaccine, but now they've gotten the new variant.
So, my question is that if you could do some research, the people who are getting sick from the vaccinated, are they going to start producing the spike protein as well?
That's a great question.
We're going to get some scientists and medical doctors on to look at that.
But I think the preliminary evidence says yes.
And again, even Drudge Report.
I hope Matt Drudge is back running Drudge Report.
Whatever's been going on over there, it's a little bit better lately.
Has a proper headline, a reality-based headline.
Boosters in September.
Vaccines declining effectiveness against infection.
Is it ever going to end?
No, because the vaccines create new variants and that's in the major studies.
And so it's not designed to end, it's a takeover plan.
Kim, anything else?
I have another question for you, because I'm having a hard time finding some research on it.
I was sent a TikTok video yesterday from a gentleman named Combine Brian, and it sounds like the government is taking over his combining business.
To mow over people's crops, and information I got from somebody else saying that they've been told to destroy part of their crops, and if they don't do it, then somebody's spraying their field with Agent Orange to destroy their crops.
Have you heard anything about that?
No, I haven't, but there's a demoralization project happening to shut the country down.
I know the federal government has paid farmers not to produce before, but send all that to ShowTips and InfoWars.com.
Thank you so much.
Who knows?
Things are so crazy now.
It might be true.
I'll look into it.
Haven't heard of that.
Great questions.
Thank you so much.
All right.
Let's go to Sue in Florida.
Sue's up next.
Welcome, Sue.
Hi, Alex.
Pleasure to speak with you.
First, I want to plug your X2.
Excellent, excellent product.
All of your supplements are good, but your X2 is fabulous.
The reason I'm calling is I recently resigned from my job because we were told that we needed to have the vaccine and if we didn't have the vaccine, we would have to get tested weekly at our own expense.
And I'm like, well, You know, that's not happening.
So, no big deal.
You know, I go for a job interview, and of course they asked me why I left my previous job, and I told them, I said, well, we're considering mandating it here also.
Now, we'll pay for the test, but I'm thinking, you know, this is Florida.
And you know, I didn't really think we were going to have this much problem in Florida.
It's everywhere.
There's nowhere to run.
We've got to face it.
And again, the PCR test that they're still using is 100% fraudulent.
It's all a scam.
It's all lawyers and companies virtue signaling.
And because the lawyers and the companies don't want to get sued, we're going to lose everything anyways to a societal collapse.
That's what people have to understand.
This is designed to collapse industry and collapse small business that is the heart of the engine of our economy.
And so people have to start saying no to the conflict avoidance and the liability avoidance of lawyers because they're using that to walk everyone into this.
You understand?
Yeah, that's all I had.
It's just very discouraging.
But, you know, I know you're right.
We do.
We have to say no.
Well, here's the deal.
I'm sorry you left one job because of this.
Now the next one wants it.
A lot of it is get the job there and just try to educate the boss about it.
And then let them fire you over it and then sue them.
Because the idea that it's one thing to mandate a regular vaccine that's approved that already has problems.
This is an experimental gene therapy that they skipped animal trials on.
So they can get away with what they're doing now.
I mean, this was all premeditated.
And it's a big thing that Trump got suckered into.
One of the only big weak parts of Trump is that he bought into this, but I get why he did.
They were holding the economy hostage.
He wanted to get the vaccine out, get us going, but it's not a vaccine, Sue.
Thank you, Sue, for the call.
All right.
That's why I'm not mad at the crew.
They're doing a great job.
But I said only take 10 calls so that I will just go to 10 calls this hour and not leave people hanging out there not getting on air.
But that got lost in translation.
And so I've got Charlie and Randy and Brian and Barry and John.
And I've got Mike Lindell coming up to talk about election fraud and what they've discovered and what's coming up next.
I'm really excited about this interview.
So we're gonna go to break.
We're going to come back for a few minutes and take a few more of these calls, and then I guess if you're still there after Lyndell leaves, we'll finish up with you.
I really want to hear from you.
I just don't want to disrespect callers.
We have 20 phone lines.
That's why I want to start limiting to 10, so we break the cycle of making folks sit on hold, but I guess karmically, that is not going to be broken.
Separately, today is the last day.
Yesterday was going to be the last day, but today is the last day because we haven't gotten new sales up yet.
For Deep Earth Crystal, Iodine X2, we're 50% off.
And for the Privacy Pouches, 50% off with 11 free bumper stickers with it at InfoWareStore.com.
And we have InfoWarsPhone.com.
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Cell phones are always tracking and logging everywhere you go and everything you say.
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Satellite phones work in the extreme remote location.
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No extra charge for those.
Car antennas and home antennas are also available to work inside your car or home with a satellite phone.
Stay in touch with loved ones and don't get tracked and traced during any national emergency or globalist takeover, like the U.N.
takeover we're having now.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to say thank you.
Infowarsphone.com does, that's where you go exclusively, or 941-955-1020 and ask for the Alex Jones special,
Welcome back, Mike Lindell, on the latest on his big symposium last week, joins us next segment.
But right now, let's go to John in Kentucky.
John, welcome.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to say thank you.
First time I heard you was on the Joe Rogan podcast and I think everyone inherently has,
is waiting for someone to tap into that void that God has for us.
Um, and you definitely did that for me.
So I thank you for that.
Um, I don't want to take up too much time, but I just wanted to ask, I really trust what you're saying about these vaccines and it just, I can't like figure out why.
These people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, why have they not taken you off the air yet?
Well, they have tried.
The Democratic Party sued me almost 50 times.
They've deplatformed us all over the place.
And so we built our own systems, and it costs a lot of money to do it, and you guys supported us to do it.
And so that's why people you know, InfoWars is alive at Band.Video and InfoWars.com, but we're censored and blocked.
almost everywhere else and then talk radio is used to censorship.
So on the left, tried to threaten our radio stations.
I actually got us more affiliates.
I mean, so America still has a lot of freedom.
I mean, Bill Gates isn't God.
Bill Gates has been kicked out of 30 plus countries.
Did you know that?
I heard you talking about that with the shots and that situation.
So what I'm trying to tell you is that there's not just evil in the world, John.
There's also good.
Yeah, yeah.
And that's definitely really important because I would say I took the black pill
at one time and definitely kind of was in despair at.
How much evil?
I mean, I'm pretty young.
Well, here's the good news, John.
You know you're real.
You know you love justice and freedom, so you are speaking out on the air.
You're taking action.
I can tell you I'm 100% real.
Doesn't mean I'm a perfect vessel, though.
And I ask myself the same question.
Let me ask that question.
Why am I still on air?
I think it's because of John from Kentucky and all these other people supporting us.
Does that make sense?
Yes, sir.
Think about that.
That's all very, very real.
Like, why has Joe Rogan supported me during all the censorship when nobody else would?
Well, that's because he figured out it was the right thing to do.
And so there are good people, and there are bad people.
And when good people do the right thing, we have a great society.
When good people bow down to the system, we have hell on earth.
I appreciate your call.
All right, we got our guests coming up.
So if Randy and Brian want to hold, I'll try to get to you after Mike Lindell leaves.
I'm going to come back with Mike Lindell.
Can't wait to talk to him about the symposium last week that had so much gold.
So many algorithms and proof and all these states and his experts up there.
And then it all got distracted.
By the whole China thing, which I have no doubt China's bought off our government, the CFR and the rest of it.
But Mike Lindell is coming up on the other side because he's the man in the arena.
And that's what matters to me, is they want to intimidate everybody and not have us ask questions.
But 87% of Republicans question the election, believe it was fraudulent.
And we've got over 40% of Democrats thinking that.
That's almost the majority of Democrats too.
So, this is very legitimate and other people aren't willing to stick their head up above the grass and do this, but Mike Lindell is.
So, as I said, man in the arena.
You have a big open event like that?
I was really worried about the event.
And then we were going to fly up there and the plane we were going to fly on broke down, so I took that as an omen not to go.
But I wish I would have been there.
But a big event like that, wide open, the way he had it open to everybody, I'm surprised that it didn't have more problems.
I see it overall as about a B+.
But an A-plus for action and effort, a B-plus for the information, because a few poison pills got thrown in.
But I've been through the poison pills myself.
I've experienced it myself.
And I've been doing this.
I'm not going to tell Mike Lindell how to set up a huge American company and hire thousands of people and do what he's doing.
I've been in the media dealing with these people forever.
I've already been down the road.
Mike Lindell's been down.
So I've experienced some of the snafus he's experienced.
But he's a guy Just now getting in the arena and kicking ass.
We'll talk to him in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
To 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time, I'm here, your host, Alex Jones.
And I am so excited about the guest we've got with us for the next few segments, Mike Lindell of MyPillow.com.
A big American entrepreneur, thousands of American employees, making all these great products here in America, and sponsoring integrity in elections, and sponsoring nationalism and patriotism.
And so, he had that big conference last week for three days, Wednesday, Thursday, I guess it was Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
And I watched it and had all these scientists and engineers showing the algorithm, showing the proof, showing all this.
And then the media focused on one issue with one file he was given that turned out was not an accurate file.
But that's how they do it.
But what I love is our listeners love Mike Lindell now more than ever.
They get That he's a man in the arena.
They get that he's somebody trying to figure it all out.
We all saw the anomalies.
We all saw the problems.
We all saw in Michigan, everywhere, where Trump's way up here, and then right when they close things, boom, Biden comes up over it.
We all saw that.
And so when we investigate, we're going to go into all different areas.
So Mike Lindell of MyPillow.com joins us right now.
He's also supporting the show.
So promo code Alex at MyPillow.com.
Great products made in America.
That supports all the work we're doing.
Mike, again, I think you did a great job at the conference overall.
You're a man in the arena, as I said five times already.
But describe the good, the bad, the ugly of the conference.
And I'd like to get into all the big discoveries that were made and proven that got overshadowed by the media distracting onto a few
things that weren't 100% basically manifest.
I don't know what you're talking about as far as they focused on a bad file.
There was no file focused on that I seen, but let's do the good, the bad, and the ugly
and maybe that'll come up of what you're talking about there because here's what happened.
And I'm going to go do a timeline here.
For five months, spent millions of dollars.
This is people that White Hat hackers from all different walks of life.
I mean, they didn't know each other.
I got my information.
I got all these terabytes from four different sources, by the way, including Dennis Montgomery.
Everybody keeps attacking this Dennis Montgomery.
I have validated.
His stuff's valid.
Everybody, data is data.
If you get it from the same place, PCAPS, just like the routers in Arizona, if they open them up, they would match.
Everything matches.
Like Alex says there, the experts I had on the stage, these guys now are scientists, physicists.
One of them has four degrees.
These guys didn't know each other either before this election.
They're just doing their other job.
They came together and showed the algorithms All of this stuff matches.
It's all the same.
This was a massive cyber attack.
It affected every single state.
And so when I went to have this symposium, all I wanted was to take Politicians from every state, all 50 states were represented.
I wanted to have cyber forensic experts there and breakout rooms.
The challenge was to prove that this is not valid data from the 2020 election.
That's all they had.
They didn't have time.
It would take them months if I gave them all the info, which I would never do.
I found out later it's a good thing I didn't do that.
Well, anyway, here's how it manifested out.
So then you have that, and then I have all the experts on the stage.
Alex, I wanted to make, break through the media.
Finally call out the media.
You know, for seven months now, I have been have to listen to, to get my voice out there was all the left-wing media that attacks me daily.
Well, that ship sailed now.
Now we have voices like your show, frankspeech.com, all these voices out there that now we can just keep putting out the evidence and stuff.
I have a show daily now at 6 p.m.
Central Time on FrankSpeech.com.
And anyway, here's what happened at the Cyber Symposium.
So, a couple days before, I hired a red team.
And I didn't know what a red team was.
So this red team comes in, and I give them a piece of the, just one terabyte of the data, on 9 p.m.
on Saturday night.
This is the 7th.
Now, all of a sudden I'm getting feedback from one guy on that red team.
His name is Jason, or Josh Merritt.
Now, Josh Merritt turned out to be, he's a bad guy, okay?
I think it's all over the news right now.
He's the guy that went to the Washington Times and said the data is false, or whatever.
He's also a guy that put a terabyte, or I mean, he put a PCAP into those rooms that was from Mesa County.
So what you might be talking about there, Alex, is this guy.
Yes, that's what I was getting into.
Yep, yep, he put a PCAP in there.
Now this all, let me tell you how the timeline, how we've found all this out.
So, we get to go, and I'm going in that election room.
Now my guy on my team, this guy, his first name is Conan.
This is one of my guys I've had for seven, eight months.
He was one of the guys that validated all the data, packet captures I have.
And so I had him and another guy named Todd.
Those were the only two I had on my team from before that.
The rest was this red team.
Well, this guy in the red team kept saying, he's saying these things that didn't quite make sense
in that room on Saturday of the ninth.
I'm going, what do you mean?
I've got this validated by everybody.
Or I mean, by many, many people who spent millions of dollars.
Now, we go to go to the symposium on the morning it started, the morning, on Tuesday morning.
The first thing Dominion did is they sued Newsmax and OAN because they were going to air Frank's speech or run it live for the three days.
So they sued them.
Then we get there and there was an attack on our software, our servers and stuff, for FrankSpeech.com.
The livestream service, I had four backups.
So they attacked this one, this one, this one.
On the fourth backup, it held.
Oh, this was 162 million attacks.
I got that number from the cyber guys.
Now we go through the first day and we did a mock election, by the way.
We did a mock election.
A guy hacked into that with his cell phone.
into the machines. He hacked into there in five minutes from this, so we had to restart
the mock election. I was about to say, that's what I'm saying. That was all really powerful.
So much of it was really groundbreaking and amazing, but then the guy you mentioned was
the one all over the news that was basically saying you had a fake packet of info and it
was you. You're saying it's him. So here's what happened.
So the next day, now it's Tuesday or Wednesday morning, I'm going, I'm hearing all this stuff, now he hadn't released that packet yet, but all of a sudden, there's a, I get up, there's an article released to the Washington Times with this Josh Merritt on there, who doesn't, he says he's leading my team.
He's not leading a one car parade.
I mean, this guy was brought in, I just met the guy.
And so he was putting all this stuff out into these cyber break rooms.
Well, then I told CNN, I said, you know what?
There's some bad stuff going on here.
I said, I'm not giving all this stuff to all you guys to bring out and make it, um, alter it or make it look bad.
In the press, I said, we're releasing stuff.
And no, everyone there said, yes, this is valid data from the 2020 election.
Now, Alex, here's what started happening.
I flew a gal in, Tina Peters.
We have 100% evidence now.
And you might've seen this on the news.
This was in Colorado.
Dominion and the Secretary of State went in her office, and we have the before and after.
They took all this stuff, and they're doing it throughout Colorado.
So, they found out that we had this.
Now, when she came to the symposium, her office was raided, and they started putting all these false allegations about her out there.
It was horrific.
Then, so we got her to the symposium.
Well, then the next day, this is when it started happening.
Another guy, I flew in from Colorado.
His house got raided with four little kids.
They took all his electronics.
Then I got physically attacked in the Sheridan Hotel, 1130 at night.
I get to my room.
That attack's been on the news.
They said, oh, this didn't happen.
This didn't happen.
Trust me, it happened.
I just got off the phone with the investigator.
There were so many bad actors there.
Then at one o'clock in the morning, I got a call from the head of the red team.
And the red team, and he said, Mike, we've got a guy that someone's here that's bad.
We found out it was that Josh Merritt, but we didn't know if he was the one that planned it.
Sure, stay there, Mike Lindell.
Hopefully you can do the whole hour.
I want to hear all this.
I want to go through the Colorado thing.
I want to go through you being assaulted.
I want to give you time.
You're not in a rush here, unless you are, to tell people.
Everyone wants to hear specifically how you got assaulted and more.
Stay there.
We've got to go to break.
Waging war on corruption.
Crashes, the lies, and disinformation.
Well, you talk about a spy movie.
We were just talking to Mike Lindell at MyPillow.com during the break.
He was describing it, and I know how he feels, because I've snuck into Bohemian Grove, I've covered the black helicopters, I've been in all the big RNC, DNC events, and you try to tell people in just a few segments what's going on, and you can't do it because it's so real.
And Mike Lindell's a lot like me.
He's got a stream of consciousness.
He, like, remembers what he saw, he starts telling you, he's going to come back tomorrow in the fourth hour for a full hour.
But he's got, like, dozens of lawyers right outside.
He's got to go to an emergency meeting.
He did get assaulted.
They have the hotel footage.
The Washington Post said it didn't happen.
They have the proof.
So he's just got to go through this.
He's fighting back.
That's good.
I expected him to get attacked doing what he did.
So in the eight minutes we have left of this segment, Mike Lindell, you wanted to go back to Wednesday, the second night of the symposium.
The second night.
So after I got attacked, then I get a call at 1 a.m.
by Colonel Phil Waldron, he was leading the red team.
And he said, we have a report there's going to be a poison pill.
And he's giving me information.
Now I had to make a decision at that time.
So I went back to my guy, which was Conan and said, you know what?
Um, I don't want you to release any more stuff to that, uh, to those breakout rooms.
Because this is, I got to take this information with everything that's went on.
And plus this Josh Merritt had went public with all this disinformation that the data was wrong and all this stuff.
Well, I don't know about Josh Merritt, but my concern was you're going to give everybody data.
That's a classic thing is somebody to put BS in the middle of it.
And then what they thought is they would do that, then they would come in just like they did that guy, the house just got raided with four little kids.
They took all his electronics.
So I made a call, don't give them anymore.
That's when we were going to really drop the China stuff.
We had all these captures of where are the data where China did the attacks.
And then I asked him, I said, do they have enough in those breakout rooms?
He said, Mike, they could look at that stuff for two weeks.
We've given them all this data from the 2020 election.
That's what I wanted.
And you know what?
So we did that.
We get through the third day and it was so successful 'cause all my things were accomplished.
And then there was a bonus that it revealed all of this bad stuff.
All the bad people have revealed themselves.
We're rewriting tapes.
All the people that were there that have tried to suppress this,
tried to...
that tried to do these attacks, both on the supposed...
You're saying the suppression of your event is the evidence of even more fraud, because
in a lot of time it's a war game.
Yeah, 100%.
And anyway, here's where we come out of this, where we leave this.
A, all 50 states ended up being represented.
All 50!
So they were all there, and they're all bringing it back to their states.
And they're going, you know what?
The data that I have, now remember everybody, I have all the cyber data from the 2020 election in my possession.
Okay, I'm not going to go give it.
This is just a good example.
I'm not going to give it to the, oh, go validate this.
It took me, I don't know, six to eight people didn't know each other.
Validating data and validating it took them three to four months.
And I said, so these guys, there's no sense.
I already know it's real.
I'm putting that over here for the Supreme Court when we need to get, when we're going to get there.
And here's what we, here's what right now, what everybody learned.
All of that data, I spent two months, Alex, with experts, cyber experts saying, what does this, all these packet captures and data, what did that manifest to?
So we put up states.
We put up all the states, I don't know if you watch that, it's on PrankSpeech.com right now, shows what it did, that cyber attack, what it did to every state.
Every single state was affected, so now every state has standing.
Okay, eight states were flipped from Biden to Donald Trump.
My home state of Minnesota, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.
But every other state, there was one million votes just in Georgia, I mean in Texas, and one million votes in Florida.
Those were the two most attacked states where they flipped.
That's one million votes in each one of them states.
Now we had experts on there that are scientists and physicists.
I saw them lay it out that that was impossible, and as they described, it's like going uphill on cruise control.
They ran out in Florida, they ran out in Texas.
That's right, and they showed how they used the 2010 voter rolls.
That explains why.
It always bothered me, like, 27,000 non-residents that voted.
Well, you know what, Alex?
People are generally good people.
27,000 people didn't jump across out of Georgia or Nevada and say, let's go commit a crime.
And I'm going, well the reason, since they used the 2010 voter rolls, which we 100% shown there Dr. Frank did, what happened was those people don't live in Georgia anymore.
Or all these dead people that voted.
That always bothered me.
They just used their names.
Listen, tomorrow, what are you going to cover tomorrow when you do a full hour?
Because I'm looking forward to that.
We're going to talk about Tina Peters, all the stuff we have in Colorado that happened there, the cover-up of Dominion, what they're doing now, they're going town to town, state to state, they're deleting stuff.
This is the absolute biggest historical cover-up to the biggest crime in history.
And one of the things I need to say before I get off here one of the things there that we had counterintelligence there that went through the place and and they're still working on a report as is the Sioux Falls Police Department the detectives on what happened to me physically but one of the things they did And true news, I put out a report and you know, I'm calling out all bad media.
I'm calling out bad media.
I even gave this guy that put out the report with the Associated Press to the Washington Post.
I gave his phone number out, Alex, because I'm not gonna take these guys doing this bad journalists anymore.
But one of the things that happened is, true news, I went out there and went after truenews.com.
Now, I find out they're a great ministry.
And I called up Rick Wiles, and here we both find out we prayed together this morning.
We were both set up.
These guys, they're not just going over here, they're trying to divide us over here and put us against each other.
Sure, they're running major, they're running major, major PSYOPs.
So let me just say this in closing.
I'm not defending Dominion.
I'm just saying, just say the proof that they didn't send it from the top.
What I do see is Democrats loading machines with briefcases and suitcases, running ballots over and over again.
We have them.
We have the Postal Service workers saying they had to hold trucks full of ballots just for Joe Biden being delivered across state lines into Pennsylvania.
To me, that's the smoking gun evidence.
And I saw that in your symposium where they were showing the proof.
Yeah, but you know what?
That's organic cheating.
That's organic cheating.
I am talking about machines and that's what happened.
Our country was taken.
We have 100% evidence that China used the Democratic Party and the Democrats warned us of these machines.
Alex, they warned us.
Oh, that's another great point.
In fact, after you leave, guys, find that two-minute compilation of Democrats attacking the machines.
That's your biggest defense, Mike, is you have Democrats saying exactly what you said.
Right, 100% they're saying what I said, but now we have proof, 100% proof of machines in Colorado, or machine or machines, and we can say that, I'll bring it all out on your show tomorrow, where this hero, Tina Peters, we have before and after of what they took.
I totally agree, I thought that was the most compelling thing and I watched almost all of the three days.
Let me tell you what we're doing before we go to the break.
If you go to crime.frankspeech.com, everybody, crime.frankspeech.com, and you're out there and you've been threatened or you had evidence back in November and December of these machines or whatever, of this cyber attack, go there, fill out the form.
We will get told you, my direct team, I will get your attorney.
I will cover you.
I will cover you.
I will, just like I got Tina.
Wow, Michael Nell's fighting hard.
So, Paul Joseph Watson, from Herbritannic Majesties, England, will be hosting the fourth hour today ahead of the War Room at 3 p.m.
And we, Mike Lindell, is gone so we can get to your calls.
I appreciate Randy and Barry and a few others that are patiently holding, but I've got some other breaking news.
Oh yeah.
I've got a couple.
I want to hit, we've got a new Greg Reese report that we'll be playing here in just a moment
that is so important.
Lockdown Aussies, War in America, you're next.
But right now let's go to Randy in Pennsylvania.
Welcome Randy.
Oh yeah.
Good brother, go ahead.
Good, I've got, so my girlfriend recently took the vaccine
and she's been in the hospital twice now and for cancer tests and the doctor she had was a new one
But she actually said it was the vaccine that caused it.
And the last time in, they were talking about running her blood through a machine.
And I mean, that's bad stuff, right?
Yes, sir.
I mean, repeat what you said, because I missed the first word.
Okay, so my girlfriend has taken the vaccine.
She was forced into it at work.
She thought she was going to lose her job.
She, maybe it was a month, two, three weeks later, she was in the hospital.
They were, she was coming up positive for cancer.
So she went and had her studies and the new doctor down at Pittsburgh, she was, she told her that the vaccine caused this.
And she could not guarantee what was going to happen to her down the road.
Three weeks later, she's back in the hospital again.
And same thing's happening.
You know?
Sounds like she got a good doctor and a good hospital.
I actually had it in my stack and I'm having trouble finding it.
But Theranos is back in the news because the trial of that lady is about to begin.
Remember her blood test?
It would do hundreds of tests at once.
It was always a fraud, just like PCR.
The whole thing's a fraud.
And so they were going to give everybody cancer.
And so they said, when they started the shots eight months ago, they go, say that a cancer diagnosis isn't real.
Just ignore it.
But the doctors don't do that.
And so that's what this does.
It turns your killer white blood cells off.
They eat cancer.
They eat other stuff, mainly cancer.
They eat bad parts of your body.
Cells start misbehaving.
They kill them.
And this thing turns those off.
Well, what's that going to do?
It's going to kill you.
And so, man, that is really scary.
Did she take the Pfizer or the Moderna?
The Moderna.
And then I got one more thing I want to say.
I've been listening to you about seven years now.
You changed my life, but I've had a lot of new friends who listen to you, but we bought some military trucks.
And we drive around and we try to, you know, we will print some of your stuff out and we'll spread the news to people.
And right now I'm working on a truck that has like a TV set on it that'll play during the day.
And we're going to play your show 24-7.
Brother, stuff like that and a cool truck gets total attention.
Every mind you free is so key.
And every person that sees you out there doing that, it lets them know people are waking up.
I'm sorry to hear this happen to your girlfriend.
Is she pretty much awake now, though?
She was awake.
She's a conservative.
She does a local show down at Pittsburgh.
And like I said, she was in a bad place.
She was going to lose her job if she didn't get the shot.
So she actually got the vaccine.
It's not a vaccine.
It's poison.
And she found out a month later no one in the office had had the shot done either.
She was the only one.
Well, that's what I'm finding is all the politicians, they all say do it, but the cops don't do it.
Nobody does it.
And so just, again, that's conservatives.
We're like, well, we'll, we'll do it since nobody, you know, I'm going to follow the rules.
And I, no, don't do it.
Then they say dandelion root.
I got a good friend who says that might help, you know, these people.
Dandelion root.
I've got a whole list of things.
All right.
Well, I'm praying for your girlfriend.
And wow, what a story, man.
She's got to warn people now.
Let's just get one more call and we'll come back next segment and play the Gregg Race Report.
Barry in Arizona.
Go ahead.
Afghanistan withdraw.
Republicans impeachment of Biden.
Go ahead.
Hey, thanks for taking my call.
So first thing I want to address is a lot of people are wondering why the Republicans are not calling for impeachment right now.
And what I can tell you is that they're resisting that because they do not want to raise the specter of Kamala Harris being the first female president.
So that's a big priority for them right now.
No, I think they just don't want to set the precedent of having somebody like her, you know, sitting at the helm.
And I tend to kind of agree with that.
I mean, Joe Biden's basically Like a trash can at a dumpster fire at this point.
Yeah, he's a basket case.
So it's kind of a rock and a hard place, but that's just my feeling about that.
So I kind of want to defend Trump a little bit on the whole vaccine thing.
And a lot of people kind of get stuck in this thing like, you know, there's a third option or more options or whatever, but sometimes it's just a binary option.
You got a bad solution and a worse solution.
You know, Trump had to get the vaccine out because he knew that we were not going to get out of this COVID thing without any pain.
Just an impossible situation.
You know, so, I mean, he did what he could and lifted regulations, got warp speed going and the vaccines out.
You know, trusting that the people developing them would, you know, do the best they could or Yeah, there's no doubt that that's what happened.
There's no doubt.
But we've moved on from that.
Trump needs to come out and say, I didn't realize what they did.
They set me up.
He's going to get burned by this one way or the other.
He's already saying, oh, you shouldn't be made to take it.
That's not enough.
We need him to come out and really point things out.
But getting back to that binary option thing, it's like there was no third option with Afghanistan.
That's why you disagreed with me the other night, but when I suggested that Afghanistan should have been made a permanent colony or territory of the United States, It was either going to be us doing that or China getting in there and exploiting it for their purpose.
There's no third option there, Alec.
Instead, we're put into loser positions by the big foundations, where we predict and pretend like Americans that we're out running the world for a greater good.
We're there to build evil.
We're there to build corruption.
And I don't blame troops that were sent for the wrong reasons and all the rest of it.
I'm telling you in the end game, they'll take 20 years of work and thousands of dead and 2.2 trillion and flush it down the toilet because the globalists don't want stability and they don't want wealth and they don't want success.
They want collapse and failure.
All right.
Paul Joseph Watson's coming up in T-minus 19 minutes, but we've got several key reports that have just come out.
We haven't aired yet.
And one of them is Lockdown Aussies warn America, you're next.
That is coming up next segment.
Separately, if I don't plug, I'm not here on air.
And I appreciate you guys supporting us.
If I could plug once a month and fund our whole operation, I'd do it.
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Because you doing that has gotten us from being on late at night in most stations, to on prime time.
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50% off that sell-ins today and X2 that will end today by tomorrow because we've got to come up with a new special.
The X2 is selling out.
Deep Earth Crystal High Quality Ionine.
It's so essential to your immune system, your body and everything else that goes on metabolically in your system.
We'll be right back with these key reports.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live on this live Wednesday, August 18th transmission.
Here's a great new Gregg Reese report.
It's posted front and center on InfoWars.com.
I hope that you will share it.
I hope you'll get it out to everyone you know because it's very informative.
Aussies warn America.
Okay, you're next.
(upbeat music)
Anomaly recently had an Instagram live with several Aussies speaking out
about the tyrannical lockdowns in Australia.
(dramatic music)
People aren't allowed to travel more than five kilometers from their home.
People who live alone were once allowed further to briefly visit a friend, but no longer.
Now, they can only register a single person within five kilometers of their home.
Within that five kilometers, they are only allowed outside of their home for two hours a day.
And when they are out, they need permission.
They are required to scan QR codes with their phones to show where they've been.
There are only three permissible reasons to leave your home.
To exercise or to go shopping.
If there is a shop within your 5k bubble.
Or go to work.
That is, if you still have a job.
Most shops have been shut down in Australia for over 200 days.
And in many areas, people cannot go to work unless they get the shot.
If you are caught outside without an excuse, you are arrested.
If you are not wearing a mask while alone in your car, you are pulled over by the police.
The Premier of Australia recently said that this is literally a war.
But it's really, really important for us to acknowledge and accept that we need vaccination as a key tool in fighting this.
This is literally a war, and we've known we've been in a war for some time, but never to this extent.
And seeing that only 0.032% have been infected, we know that the Premier isn't declaring war against COVID.
That would be insane.
She is declaring war against the people.
And she isn't joking.
Girls as young as 12 years old are getting pepper sprayed and arrested by the police for not wearing masks.
In 2020, Australian citizens were being arrested for questioning the government online.
Now, they are being arrested for questioning the government in their own homes.
After being reported to the police by his wife for questioning the government, an Australian man was taken against his will in an ambulance to a prison-like facility.
Where he was questioned, told he has had a nervous breakdown, and diagnosed as having a problem trusting authority.
They are building concentration camps.
Melbourne's Centre for National Resilience is set to open by the end of the year.
They call them quarantine camps.
But this makes no sense, considering only 0.032% of the population is infected.
By definition, these are concentration camps.
And they're coming to America next.
Australia lost their guns because they never had the Bill of Rights to protect them.
America does.
But for how long?
What do you think people need to know?
Anything that you think hasn't been said or that people really need to know?
In America?
In America, yeah.
We need you guys.
It doesn't matter if Joe Biden's in the White House at this point in time.
You guys are the leader of the free world, and everyone is looking to you.
You know, Australia, it's do or die.
We've got China on our doorstep.
And the thing is, if you guys don't find out who you are, if you don't remember what made America great, we're all screwed.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Very powerful report.
Great job, Rick Rees.
Locked down under.
Aussies won America, you're next.
Please, for your own future, share it.
Australia, just like Spain and the UK, are the test model.
They've had 10 deaths this year.
They're totally locking down.
New Zealand's locked down 100% for one person that's sick.
I mean, this is a total joke, ladies and gentlemen.
They cooked it up.
They released it to take over.
Now their vaccines are causing illnesses and death.
It's insane.
Now, I dropped the ball.
I've been on the air two hours and 52 minutes, and I was printing articles up and looking at articles right before I went live, but I didn't think to go check InfoWars.com during the breaks and stuff.
My fault.
I dropped the ball.
Look at this.
A Jamie White article on InfoWars.com.
It's so huge.
I could spend hours on this.
Gates Foundation partnered with, quote, socialist internet group running China's COVID propaganda campaign.
I told you, Bill Gates is a CHICOM sympathizer.
He said China did a great job, we did a bad job.
I mean, he is an authoritarian.
He's the one that got China opened up, Internet-wise.
To his company.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is partnered with the Communist Chinese Party's Socialist Propaganda Apparatus, now tasked with running the China's COVID-19 propaganda campaign, according to documents.
And that's why they run the major fact-checkers.
They're the sponsors of almost all the major fact-checkers in the U.S.
You heard me right.
China funds Gates, and he runs that.
According to a 2015 memo, the China Internet Development Foundation, the CIDF, and Gates Foundation agreed to form a cooperatized partner On the basis of equality, mutual benefit, and complementary advantage.
According to the cooperation memorandum, an understanding of the two parties will rely on new technologies such as the internet to promote pragmatic cooperation in the fields of charity, public health, and international development.
It goes on.
Then they mention what they actually do.
That's censor Americans.
So let's boil that down.
They partnered with Communist China, Bill Gates did, to put out official lines that didn't come out of Wuhan, blah blah blah, so you'd be censored if you challenged that.
A pretty big deal.
Let's continue.
1.9 million Americans listed on secret terror watch lists found on unsecure foreign server.
That's right.
Now they're saying the code keys were left open just like during the Office of Personnel Management hack.
Obama transferred that to China.
Tens of millions of American citizens on it.
Over 2 million spies and government agents.
1.9 million Americans listed on secret terror watch lists found on unsecure foreign server.
The head of the security research at a firm focused on cybersecurity and privacy online recently discovered a U.S.
government terror watch list being hosted by a foreign IP address with no protections.
The researcher explains that in July of 2021, he found the list of 1.9 million Americans online without a password, protection, or another form of authentication.
The watchlist came from the Terrorist Screening Center, a multi-agency group administered by the FBI, the TSC, and maintains the country's no-fly list, which is a subset of the larger watchlist.
And who's on that?
Well, you know his name.
He's Nick Fuentes.
And that all ties into this.
So, the government isn't worried about jihadis.
Hell, they can come here without passports.
They're worried about you.
And here's the headline from Reclaim the Net at InfoWars.com.
DHS considers using January 6th to justify mass social media surveillance of citizens.
Which they're already doing.
Stephen Colbert and Michael Moore compare Republicans to the Taliban.
Say we should be arrested.
Mob rule.
Twitter rolls out new tools for speedy reporting of COVID misinformation.
Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin.
Whites must accept the demographic tide is washing over them.
Admit America was never theirs.
What does that mean?
Oh, you mean Second Amendment right to due process?
That's what she wants to get rid of, saying it's white.
And again, that all ties into the 1.9 million Americans listed publicly on a watch list that the government just puts out there for everybody.
And even after he reported to the government, they wouldn't remove it because they don't care.
They're a bunch of incompetents, robbing and stealing and raping and doing whatever they want.
But people are fighting back.
I started the show with this today.
There's so many new videos of city council meetings and public school meetings, school board meetings in Texas and all over the country, people fighting back and exposing the fraud.
It's beautiful.
And the footage we aired at the start of the show from San Diego was amazing as well.
People are really getting it.
So it's we the people.
You out there that are speaking up and standing up and saying no, they're going to change the world.
And the fight is now.
And the fight is intense.
Let's free our children.
Let's free ourselves.
Let's arrest Fauci and Bill Gates.
Here's one of the other articles by Don Salazar.
We do not discriminate.
New York City restaurant defies mayor's order.
Welcomes both vaccinated and unvaccinated.
It's not your job to work for the government and verify somebody's had some experimental shot in their body.
That's Rocco's in New York.
If I was in New York, I'd go there.
You know they'll get attacked.
But what happens when more people stand up?
Courage is contagious.
All right, fabulous job to the crew.
Paul Joseph Watson is set to take over right now.
As I said, great job as well to Greg Reese and that new report out of Australia.
That is where we're going to be next.
If we don't say no, many blue states are already the same.
And yes, please do not forget You can continue to support the work we're all doing here in the fight against the globalists at MyPillow.com.
Up to 66% off with promo code Alex.
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Promo code Alex.
And yes, this is the final day.
The final day.
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And we are live!
Welcome to the Summit News Hour.
We've got a raft of headlines coming up over the course of the next 60 minutes, including what's going to happen with the fallout from the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, and particularly as it relates to Europe, of course, we've got people talking about up to three million Afghan refugees heading to Europe.
We already have boatloads of migrants arriving on the south coast of England in dinghies, in many cases just running off into the nearest town.
Amongst them, a great percentage of them are already Afghan migrants and have been for the past six months plus already arriving in the UK.
Macron, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel are scrambling Presuming or pretending that Europe's borders have been fortified since the last crisis and that will be enough to keep them at bay.
But if you talk to other experts, if you listen to other experts, doesn't seem to be the case.
But I'm going to save that for a little bit later in the show.
We've got a couple of videos.
We've also got a video coming up later with the World Economic Forum's latest proposal on how they're going to identify the plebs, the serfs, because of course now Because they've introduced these indefinite face masks rules, which they expect everyone to abide by for the next God knows how many years, because they're always going to have new viruses, new flu seasons, new infections.
They can't identify people via biometric face scanning technology, just as the US Army did at the start of the occupation of Afghanistan, because they're literally treating us now like Enslaved prisoners in an occupied country.
So the World Economic Forum's got a novel new way to identify people and it's not creepy at all.
It's not concerning at all.
But we're going to get into that later in the show.
Australia As you know, he's no longer a democratic country.
They're pursuing this disastrous, harebrained, absurd, zero-Covid policy, which is never going to end because this virus is going to still be circulating amongst the population with its various variants and scarients for the next God knows how many years too.
And so we see videos like this on a daily basis.
Another one out today, headline, which just went up on Summit News about 45 minutes ago.
Australian police pepper spray children for not wearing face masks.
Yes, they're now actually targeting children who go to shopping malls and are caught, maybe snitched on by suspecting members of the public, for not wearing their face diapers.
Yet another chilling video out of Lockdown Australia shows police pepper spraying pre-teen children For the egregious crime of not wearing face masks, even though, as we know from Dr Fauci's own emails from back in February 2020...
The face masks are completely pointless.
The SAGE advisors to the UK government came out and admitted last month that the holes in the masks are 1,000 times larger than the COVID-19 virus particle, so they're completely pointless.
And it was all an exercise in experimenting on systems of mask conformity.
And now that compliance regime is being meted out on 12-year-old kids, as you can see here in the video.
And it shows a group of children who were apparently, as I said, spotted in a shopping mall, daring to not wear a face mask.
There's a physical escalation.
It ends up with one of the kids being tackled to the ground by these brave police officers, half of whom aren't even wearing masks themselves.
And then the police officers choose to pepper spray one of the children because, of course, it's for their safety, it's for their protection that they are manhandled, dragged to the ground and pepper sprayed in the face.
That's to protect them.
That's to ensure their health and their security.
As we highlighted earlier this month, another clip showed an elderly man suffering a suspected heart attack after he was arrested by police for not wearing a mask outside while exercising.
He was literally walking in a local botanical gardens.
They spotted him without a face mask, again tackled him to the ground.
He suffered a cardiac arrest.
Could have killed him.
This is what's unfolding in Australia as the authorities threaten now to go door-to-door and perform Covid tests.
We'll be back with more Summit.News.
Don't go away.
So of course we've been tracking this situation in Australia because it is the model for the UK, for Canada, for the United States of America.
Six months down the line.
People tried to go out in the streets and protest this over the course of several weekends in Australia.
Then the government came out and threatened to hit them with fines of up to $11,500 merely for protesting against these measures because Australia is no longer a free country.
So now we have a similar situation to what we saw right at the start of the first lockdowns across the developed nations of the world where police And also military in Sydney and other areas of Australia are literally out hunting in packs, looking for people not wearing face masks.
Of course, they deployed surveillance drones to detect people not wearing face masks.
They said people couldn't travel more than three kilometers outside their own homes.
They fed people's license plates into databases to track if they'd left the allotted, allowed area.
And it only gets worse on a day-to-day basis.
We have another headline.
After they pepper sprayed 12-year-old girls, because apparently that's necessary to protect their health and safety now in Australia, brave police officers dragging 12-year-old kids to the ground for their safety, Another headline here, Australian police chastise man who went outside to get some fresh air!
How dare he!
Footage from a news conference and they're very proud about this, like the New South Wales top public health official a couple of weeks ago who staged a news conference and ordered people not to talk to their friends and neighbours even if they were wearing a face mask.
They're very proud about this and they announce it in press conferences on a routine basis.
The officer in this case said that the incident had been detected as a result of the military, because it's medical martial law right now in Australia, and New South Wales Police undertaking home checks on people who are supposed to be self-isolating under the country's draconian lockdown regime.
And not just people who are supposed to be self-isolating, by the way, because in this video, He brags about how police and military had checked on no fewer than 2,300 houses in that one region on, I don't know, whether it's a weekly or a daily basis, more than the cases that they're even having for coronavirus in these regions.
So they're checking on houses where people aren't even registered in their little government pinged app database as being infected with COVID because they've already come out and said, as we had the article last week, That they, quote, won't hesitate to go door-to-door to carry out COVID tests whether people comply with them or not.
And of course, the next step beyond that is mandatory vaccines door-to-door.
So the cop in the video said that officers visited a home in southwest Sydney and, quote, found a person that should be there but wasn't there.
They made a number of inquiries and not that long after, he was snitched on by his neighbours most likely, the person returned to the front of the house in a motor vehicle.
We've had cases out of the UK where 11-year-old girls get pinged in this pingdemic Covid app situation in our country where police literally turned up in riot vans and started shouting at this little girl through a letterbox to check that she was self-isolating.
Well, they turned up at this guy's house in Australia, found that he wasn't there, then tracked him down with their surveillance technology, gave the man a penalty infringement notice which stated that he had hopped in his car and went out for some fresh air, and hadn't been anywhere else.
Yes, he probably went to his local park, maybe his local hiking trail, to breathe fresh air!
And not only is he facing a fine, and if he does it again, potential prison time, The police, the authorities there, felt the need to publicly shame him during a live press conference for seeking out fresh air.
The cop said, if you're going to behave like this, if you're going to step outside the health orders, you will be checked on.
And you will get an infringement notice and that person will continue to be checked on to make sure they comply.
So this guy's basically imprisoned in his home now for the next, what, ten days, two weeks minimum, with daily police visits after they publicly shamed him on the mainstream media via a live press conference.
As we highlighted last week, with police already paying aggressively enforced home visits to anyone suspected of being infected, the Premier of Victoria also said authorities wouldn't hesitate to perform door-to-door Covid tests on citizens.
And again, I had the video last week where there was a guy whose wife snitched on him because he questioned COVID.
He actually questioned the lockdowns, whether they were reasonable.
He ended up getting carted to a mental asylum by the government.
And in fact, I've received another email from an Australian who said the same thing happened to him.
And we're developing a story on that too.
But it could have been so much different for Australia It could have been so much different for all of these countries, because the few countries in the West, or in Europe at least, that refuse to impose these draconian lockdowns, their death rate, their infection rate is exactly the same to all the other developed nations that impose these draconian lockdowns.
A prime example being Belarus.
Headline, no lockdown Belarus reports Covid mortality rate similar To neighbouring countries that imposed draconian lockdowns.
We have the graphs here in the video proving this.
The country of Belarus, which imposed no legal lockdown at all, just like Sweden, throughout the entire pandemic has released Covid mortality figures which are broadly in line with other nearby countries which did impose draconian lockdowns.
After authorities in Belarus refused to put their citizens under lockdown, the global media had a collective hissy fit.
They said this would be the pandemic central of Europe, like they did with Sweden, with one headline declaring, quote, one leader looks hell-bent on turning COVID-19 into a catastrophe for his country.
Well, what actually happened?
Months and months later, while managing to avoid all the negative impacts of lockdown, Of course, mass unemployment, economic stagnation, people missing vital hospital treatments, depression, suicide.
They avoided all that.
And their response to it and the consequences of that was far from a catastrophe.
Newly released overall death statistics from the start of the pandemic up to March 2021 in Belarus, which didn't lockdown, show that the death rate is similar to neighbouring countries such as Latvia, Russia and Ukraine, which imposed full lockdowns.
Indeed, when compared to Poland, which imposed a particularly harsh lockdown, Belarus' mortality rate in March 2021 was significantly lower.
And these are the latest statistics that we have.
They did the exact same thing as Sweden.
Sweden has a lower death rate than the UK.
And they don't have all the attendant problems of people dying from not receiving hospital treatment, people dying from being mired in poverty.
Of course, we know 150 million people were pushed into extreme poverty across the world as a result of lockdowns.
And Belarus is similar to Sweden, which suffered fewer than 15,000 COVID deaths despite refusing to impose a lockdown.
Figures show that cases of death tend to fall in waves, whether a lockdown is imposed or not, proving that lockdowns are completely pointless.
Will Jones wrote about this for lockdownsceptics.org.
He said, alongside places like South Dakota, Florida, Sweden and Tanzania, Belarus is an important illustration of what can be expected from COVID-19 when restrictions aren't imposed.
Like those places, we see that the outcome is basically the same as similar places where restrictions are imposed.
Don't expect any of this to be highlighted by the mainstream media.
The same mainstream media which chastised this Belarus leader, said that it would be a catastrophe for not locking down.
Didn't happen.
Which has parroted the provable falsehood that repeated lockdowns were to thank for ending each wave of Covid.
If you actually look at the figures, across numerous European countries, the cases were already going down before the lockdowns were imposed, then they imposed the lockdowns, and they say, oh look, the lockdowns worked!
They worked so well, we need to continue having them every six months until eternity.
Absolutely incredible.
Meanwhile, lockdown forever, Scotland's leftist government wants to make emergency coronavirus laws permanent.
So these laws run up until March of next year, 2022, because they're expecting to have another wave during the winter.
But even months and months before that, the Scottish government is saying that they want to make these laws permanent so they don't have to keep renewing them.
Of course, as we know, government works by imposing laws with sunset clauses, then they remove the sunset clauses, and this continues forever.
We'll be back.
Well, we're going to see a lot of atrocities in Afghanistan with the Taliban retaking control of the country, the Biden administration's disastrous pullout, And those atrocities are going to be hyped.
We have at least 10,000 Americans still trapped in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, the Biden administration seems more concerned about rescuing the, quote, refugees.
But as ever, everything is not as it seems.
We're going to go to this video.
I'm going to talk about a potential new refugee crisis impacting the West as a result of what happened in Afghanistan.
But first, Here's the video.
Europe prepares for more cultural enrichment.
Let's roll it.
How it started, how it ended.
This has brought the hashtag refugees welcome crowd out in full force once again.
Because it went so well the first time.
Hmm, seems to be overwhelmingly young men.
Don't see many women or children.
But I suppose they're all doctors or lawyers in waiting, so why should we concern ourselves?
Humanitarian development worker Sybill Schnehager told German WDR television on Sunday, quote, We can assume that up to 3 million Afghans will make their way to Europe in the foreseeable future.
Well, what's another 3 million?
Get ready to see European cities put up more.
Refugees welcome posters are stones thrown away from diversity barriers.
Get ready to be culturally enriched.
But once again, the facts contradict.
It's the narrative.
Afghanistan will probably be more stable under the Taliban than it has during any time in the past 20 years.
Most of the Afghan population welcomes the Taliban takeover.
And it's over.
The war's over.
This situation isn't comparable to Syria.
And yeah, there are a relatively small number of people who worked for the US in Afghanistan whose lives are under threat.
They're genuine refugees.
But 3 million people They're not refugees, they're economic migrants.
As Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told Sky News, most of the people who are leaving Afghanistan are not doing so because they feel unsafe.
They're doing it because Afghanistan is a poor country.
Everyone wants to leave Afghanistan because Afghanistan is a poor country.
Up to 70% of the people are living under poverty line.
The vast majority of people fleeing Afghanistan are not refugees, they're economic migrants.
That's why they want to go to Germany and the UK and not Saudi Arabia, despite Saudi Arabia being the first safe haven.
Again going back to the works of the humanitarian worker Sibel Schnaharger.
I always ask people, why don't you go to Saudi Arabia?
They are Muslims, this is your culture.
The answer is always no.
Germany is better.
Gee, I wonder why.
Saudi Arabia puts them up in remote, rudimentary refugee tent cities with one communal toilet.
The UK and Germany put them up in four-star hotels and give them free money.
That's why they want to come here.
And personally, I don't blame them for wanting to come here, but that's not the issue.
The issue is we tried this already back in 2015, and it was an unmitigated disaster, with a likely runoff election against anti-mass migration populist Marine Le Pen coming up next year.
Even globalist stooge Emmanuel Macron is worried.
The French president is calling for a robust plan to quote protect against significant irregular migratory flows from Afghanistan.
The vast majority of migrants aren't violent criminals or terrorists.
But too many of them are for Europe to put its people at risk again.
Polls show 39% of Afghans support suicide bombings in defense of Islam.
ISIS bragged about how it exploited the refugee wave to insert terror cells into Europe.
There were then a multitude of terror attacks in Europe carried out by ISIS adherents who were either refugees or asylum seekers.
The majority of the Paris Massacre terrorists entered Europe via the refugee wave.
I think of 11-year-old Eber Akerlund.
Torn limb from limb by the Stockholm truck terrorist, a failed asylum seeker.
I think of French school teacher Samuel Paty, beheaded by an Islamist who was given refugee status.
I think of the woman beheaded near a church in Nice, by a Tunisian who arrived in Italy as a boat migrant.
I think of the 1,200 women who were viciously sexually assaulted in one night in Cologne on New Year's Eve 2015.
The culprits were almost entirely North African or Middle Eastern men.
The majority were either asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, Or refugees.
I think of the Afghan asylum seeker who raped and murdered a teenage girl in Germany before dumping her body in a river.
I think of the mentally disabled 11-year-old girl who was raped by an Afghan refugee.
And this isn't even to mention the societal dislocation caused by the mass influx of foreign populations who have no desire to integrate or contribute.
The UK government has announced that Afghan refugees will be allowed to enter the country without even needing to show a passport.
What could possibly go wrong?
The previous time the UK began rescuing asylum seekers from war-torn countries, the Royal Navy picked up a refugee in Libya called Salman Abadi.
He repaid them by blowing up a bunch of kids at the Manchester Arena.
Yeah, you'd have thought we'd learned our lesson by now.
Polls show that 99% of Afghans support Sharia law.
Well, send them to other Middle Eastern countries where they'll fit in.
Europe is full.
The UK is full.
We already have record numbers of boat migrants arriving anyway.
Some of whom just rock up on beaches in dinghies and run into the nearest town.
We don't even know who these people are!
And now we're just gonna let in thousands more without even checking their identity.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna have to show my ID and vaccine passport to go to a football match in my own country.
Enough is enough.
If these people are genuine refugees, send them to other Middle Eastern countries.
Because Europe has already tried experimenting with mass economic migration from these areas of the world.
And the consequences were horrendous.
So there you have it, we have numerous previous examples.
Basically every major terror attack, and many of the smaller ones in Europe throughout the past five years, were committed, were carried out by asylum seekers, refugees, illegal immigrants.
And again, It's not to say that everyone who wants to come over, if I was them, I'd want to get out of those asshole countries as well.
Doesn't mean to say every one of them is a terrorist or a violent criminal.
But the fact is, we already tried that experiment in 2015.
It was an unmitigated disaster.
Why are we doing it again?
As I said, you're going to see these Taliban atrocities, some of them real, some of them hyped up by the media, over the course of the next few weeks, to grease the skids for a new invasion of the West, invasion of Europe, with these refugees who aren't refugees, they're economic migrants.
We saw this in Syria for years and years and years, where they would stage the fake chemical attacks and blame them on Assad, to get more Syrian migrant refugees crossing into Europe.
They didn't care about the fact that a quarter of these migrants coming over literally supported ISIS according to the polls carried out by Pew in the region.
The polls, as I mentioned, huge numbers of Afghans support suicide bombings in defense of Islam.
Just because those people don't support the Taliban or don't support ISIS doesn't mean they're not potential jihadists.
And we've learned that lesson to our cost.
Multiple times in Europe.
It's a great tragedy over the past six years.
I have to show my ID to go to a football match from September to go to a nightclub.
The ID is linked with the vaccine passport.
But if I'm an Afghan migrant, I can just show up on a boat, not even present any documents whatsoever, and waltz right into the country and be put up by the government in a four-star hotel.
It's ridiculous and it has to stop.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
So the Biden administration has made it clear that they're going to leave up to 10,000 Americans who are trapped in Afghanistan, potentially their lives at threat.
High and dry.
Meanwhile, they've authorised $500 million for Afghan refugees.
There was an advisory put out by the US government just about an hour ago, which says the United States government cannot ensure safe passage to the airport in Kabul for evacuation, even for US citizens.
But there's plenty of money, plenty of transport, plenty of media narrative available, plenty of sympathy for, quote, Afghan refugees coming to the West.
Apparently Now they're more important than actual American citizens, British citizens who are trapped in Afghanistan.
Jack Posobiec just tweeted, not one refugee should be settled while there are Americans trapped behind enemy lines.
And yeah, that's exactly what's happening.
And now we see in Europe, the skids being greased for the influx, for the invasion.
of up to three million Afghan refugees.
This after we had a crisis from 2015 to 16 where over a million refugees, some of them from Syria, the majority weren't even from Syria, crossing into Europe.
What happened in the years that followed?
Massive rise in violent crime, massive rise in sexual assaults in major cities across Europe, massive spike in ISIS-inspired terror attacks Many of which were carried out by terrorists who exploited the refugee wave to slip into Europe unnoticed, including the Paris massacre terrorists who killed over 100 people, including the Manchester Arena bomber who was literally rescued as a refugee by the Royal Navy two years before he carried out that disgusting atrocity, killing over 20 people, injuring a thousand people at the Manchester Arena bombing.
Now we have this headline, again on this refugee problem which they're hyping up.
And again, they're going to have atrocities carried out by the Taliban.
There are already atrocities being carried out.
The media is going to take the worst of those, hype them up to grease the skids for more refugees to be sent to the West.
Diplomat, not even tanks, those are his words, not even tanks can stop large wave of Afghan refugees heading to Europe.
Despite Europe heavily fortifying its borders since the 2015 crisis, a top diplomat warns that not even tanks can stop a potentially large wave of Afghan refugees heading to the continent.
30,000 people a week were already fleeing that country even before the Taliban took full control.
I mentioned the comments of the humanitarian worker, the pro-refugee humanitarian worker on German television just a couple of days ago.
Who said not only are there 3 million Afghan refugees set to flee the country, but when you ask them where they want to go, they don't want to go to Saudi Arabia, they don't want to go to Turkey, even though those countries are more in line with their religion and their culture.
99% of Afghans support Sharia law, but they don't want to go to countries which have pockets of Sharia law, or a full Sharia law.
They want to come to the West and impose it here.
She said, quote, I always ask people, why don't you go to Saudi Arabia?
They're Muslims.
This is your culture.
The answer is always no.
Germany is better.
And as I mentioned in the video, the reason they don't want to go to Saudi Arabia is because they put them up in these tent cities in remote areas.
Life is hard.
Life is a struggle, as you would expect for a refugee.
They have like one communal toilet between a hundred of them.
They get to Europe, they get benefits, they get welfare havens, they get free money, they get put up in literal four-star hotels at taxpayer expense by our government.
So again, I don't even blame them, that's exactly what I'd do in their situation, but I blame our leaders because the consequences as we've seen in Europe over the past six years are completely catastrophic and we can't repeat that again.
Two people who don't want to repeat it again, at least in the short term, despite one of them being the primary person to blame for it happening in the first place, Angela Merkel.
They're very concerned about it, Merkel and French President Macron, because Merkel's party is up for re-election.
Next year I believe, and of course we have the French presidential election next year as well, where Macron again is likely to run off against Marine Le Pen, the anti-mass migration populist, so at least for the moment they've got to pose as if they don't want another influx of potentially three million refugees into Europe because they want to win those elections.
If this was post those elections they probably wouldn't care about it because they're both globalist stooges.
But Armin Laschet, the head of the Christian Democratic Union in Germany, and the man most likely to replace Chancellor Angela Merkel, said 2015 should not be repeated, even though his party and his leader were directly to blame for 2015.
They don't want it to happen again on their watch, at least before the election, because it's going to impact their re-election chances.
And Macron himself has called for a, quote, robust, coordinated and united response in order to protect the continent from major irregular migratory flows from Afghanistan.
However, two countries that bore the brunt of the previous refugee crisis, Greece and Turkey, have indicated they will put up stern resistance to absorbing large numbers of migrants fleeing Afghanistan.
Of course, Greece was completely overrun back in 2015, so was Hungary.
Now, Greece's Minister for Migration told Reuters that his country, quote, will not and cannot become a gateway for migrants and refugees trying to reach the EU.
Now, they did a Hobson's Choice deal back in, I think it was 2016-17, with Turkey.
Well, the EU gave Turkey 6 billion euros to house all these refugees.
The problem with that is now Turkey's basically full.
They're home to 4 million refugees, which is the largest concentrated population of refugees in the entire world.
And now their government is under pressure from their people.
Because Turks are being impacted through job losses, through the economic impact of these migrants, through the social dislocation that these migrants bring, even though they're mainly Syrian, so they should fit in better than even the ones coming from Afghanistan.
But Turkish public opinion is dead against this.
They don't want any more refugees, so they're putting their government under pressure to not accept more.
And so what do we do?
Well, as I mentioned in the video, the UK government is now literally not only saying that they're going to take in 20,000 minimum to begin with, Refugees who held to the UK government or held to the international forces.
They've outright come and said you don't need any identity documents, any passport to get into the country.
What is that going to do?
It's going to incentivize the ones who are coming in boats already from France, a huge proportion of which are Afghans and have been for years and years and years.
So again, they're openly incentivising it.
Look at what Salvini did in Italy back in 2018 when he came to power, before he lost power.
He basically said, we're not accepting you, we're not sending out boats to collect you as a taxi service.
If you come, you put your own lives at risk and we're not having it anymore.
That saved, it cut the number of migrant deaths, travelling to Italy in boats, in half.
It was actually the humanitarian policy Of course, as soon as Salvini lost power and the socialist government got back in in Italy, that was completely reversed.
More migrants are dying, but they don't really care about that.
More are coming into Europe post-Salvini because he actually managed to put a lid on it.
So we've got Macron and Merkel saying that they don't want these migrants, they're going to put up a strong defense against this happening again just because they want to win the election.
It's a very cynical ploy.
But then in the UK, where our own government isn't going to be up for re-election for two or three years now, and it's supposedly a conservative government that believes in strong borders despite the fact we have record numbers of migrants being rescued and given taxi services and four-star hotels by that same government, The Home Secretary, Preeti Patel, has not only called on other European countries to follow suit, but she says the UK should provide support to the most vulnerable, fleeing Afghanistan so they can start a new life in safety in the UK, away from the tyranny and oppression they face in Afghanistan.
And as we mentioned and covered in the video, basically the new qualification for being a refugee is not being under direct threat of death or persecution, it's merely not liking the government, not liking the new regime that has taken charge.
Which is not to deny the fact that Taliban atrocities are going to take place.
They're already taking place today.
But the media is hyping them up.
You have Sky News.
Desperate Afghan women throw babies over razor wire.
At least one killed and several injured as Taliban violently disperse protests.
They're going to amplify these stories.
to grease the skids for another migrant influx into Europe, despite it being a complete disaster.
Well, as the Biden administration puts out $500 million for Afghan refugees to come to the United
States, many of whom will come unchecked, some of whom will come with jihadist sympathies,
the Department of Homeland Security is concentrating on the real terror threat,
which is Americans who oppose Covid lockdown measures.
We saw that advisory last week, where the DHS came out and said that those who oppose vaccines, mask mandates, lockdown measures are a potential violent domestic extremist terror threat.
We had an article where Baylor College of Medicine professor Peter Hottets published a paper Suggesting it should be a hate crime to criticise Dr Anthony Fauci and other scientists who are promoting mass vaccination.
They're literally trying to create a new privileged class.
A special protected identity that you're not allowed to criticise unless you'll be placed on a list as a domestic extremist.
Maybe you'll be put on a no-fly list.
So we have this narrative of Americans who question Covid being placed in the domestic extremist category.
And then we have grievance grifters in America allegedly faking crimes against them or faking threats, intimidation against them to bolster their own profile.
We had this headline a few days ago.
Muzzle vaccine official claimed was mailed to her as a threat, revealed to have been purchased on her credit card.
This was Tennessee vaccine official Dr. Michelle Fiscus who asserted that someone had mailed her a muzzle in an attempt to intimidate her.
It subsequently emerged that the item was purchased with a credit card in Fiscus's name.
So they had a big Department of Safety and Homeland Security investigation about this and it turned out that It was purchased on an Amazon account and the credit card linked to that Amazon account was this same doctor who claimed that she was the subject, the victim of a bullying intimidation campaign.
She came out and said and claimed that someone had created a fake Amazon account and had somehow stolen her credit card details and added them to that account to frame her.
And make it seem as if that she purchased the muzzle.
And obviously, as we know, she'd never do that.
She'd never purchase the muzzle to smother herself in fake victimhood.
Even though she's literally out on the news previously blaming quote white male rural conservatives for not taking the vaccine so she had a grievance against them and then mysteriously this intimidation bullying quote hate crime happens against her.
Turns out the item was purchased on her credit card but I'm sure we can trust her we can believe her that she was framed.
On the subject of masks though The globalists are having a big problem now.
They've made masks the norm, the new norm.
People are still wearing them and will continue to wear them beyond the pandemic.
I'm sure they've got more pandemics planned that will necessitate permanent mask mandates for an elongated time.
Problem is their facial recognition software is having trouble Producing people's identities if they're wearing those face masks.
But the World Economic Forum has come up with a solution and it's really not creepy at all.
Let's go to this clip and I'll come back and talk about it after.
The World Economic Forum has released another video about our changing world, and it's totally not creepy at all.
You see, the Davos globalists have a problem.
Now that they've normalised the wearing of face masks under never-ending Covid rules, their facial recognition software is having trouble identifying all the serfs.
And I mean, how else is this totally beneficent, altruistic, loving group of global billionaires going to track your every movement?
For the greater good!
Well, and this totally doesn't sound like a nefarious, nightmarish Philip K. Dick novel at all.
They're going to use technology developed by NASA and the Pentagon that fires lasers at your body to detect your unique cardiac signature, which is then matched against a medical database to reveal your personal identity.
See, I told you it wasn't creepy!
From the World Economic Forum's official website.
Security in a heartbeat.
Digital acceleration has also put the limelight back onto security issues.
Much of the world's move to online, whether for work or for your weekly shop, involves sharing personal or business information remotely with an ever wider number of entities.
Not only that, but when people started wearing masks, Facial recognition security systems were stumped!
Oh no!
One solution to this conundrum may be the unique pattern of your heartbeat.
Developed by the Pentagon and NASA, CardioID devices can detect an individual's unique cardiac signature using an infrared laser.
The technology is already available for licensing and security is only one possible use.
Another application could be identifying opted-in shoppers as they enter a store, for example, to personalize their visit.
Identifying shoppers as they enter a store?
I think I remember seeing that somewhere else before.
Oh yeah!
Minority report!
Good evening.
You can look at the old-fashioned way.
John Anderton!
You can use a Guinness right about now.
Get away, John Anderton.
You're doing it all, Harrison.
Get away, John Landerden. Forget your friends.
I will. Stop, John Landerden.
Hello, Mr. Yakimoto.
Welcome back to The Gap.
How'd those assorted tank tops work out for you?
The movie, set in 2054, presents a fictionalized hellscape vision of the future, where people are pinged everywhere they go via implants that broadcast their personal identity.
Where shoppers are swamped by a deluge of ads that scan their retinas and call them by name as they walk by.
Surely the World Economic Forum doesn't want that!
I mean, it's not like their founder, Klaus Schwab, literally wrote an entire book about authorities forcing people to undergo brain scans to pick up signs of discontent before they're allowed to travel.
It's not like he wrote that law enforcement agencies will use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt, or even possibly retrieve memory directly from people's brains, which just happens to be the plot of the minority report.
Not like he said that active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies will change how we interface with the world and force us to question what it means to be human.
And it's not like he wrote that such technology will allow authorities to intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.
You'd have to be a paranoid nutbag to believe any of that.
Even though he literally wrote it in his own book.
All of this just makes me even more thankful to the New York Times, which dismissed the World Economic Forum's Great Reset as a baseless conspiracy theory.
I'm just so grateful that none of this is actually happening.
Even as they publicly announced that it is.
Well, there you have it.
They're going to keep you muzzled, but they're also going to track you, trace you via the Pingdemic, via the mandated government app, and eventually, as we explain in the video, via this system where they literally identify you via the trend, the pattern of your heartbeat, and it's not creepy at all.
It's just a conspiracy theory.
The New York Times told me it was a conspiracy theory, even though Klaus Enelschwab writes about it in his own book, and he's very proud about it.
It's really just fake news.
Of course, if you say it's a good thing, then it suddenly becomes real and it's not fake.
But we're not on that side.
Meanwhile, some good news.
Believe it or not, in France, their vaccine passport system is proving to be a complete failure.
Businesses are refusing to enforce France's vaccine passport.
Anecdotal evidence detailed by former Google software engineer Mike Hearn strongly suggests that most restaurants, cafes and other businesses in France are not enforcing the country's controversial vaccine passport system.
We highlighted the videos last week where you had police on the first day that this was introduced for people visiting bars, cafes, cinemas, public venues, patrolling them, making people show their medical papers just to use services, just to buy a cup of coffee.
That was an intimidation campaign.
It seems that in the days following, it became very lax indeed.
And then because of the fact that a lot of these cafes, restaurants were half empty, the business owners were struggling because people were avoiding them.
They just stopped enforcing this system altogether, even under the threat of massive fines.
He says the test certificate is being checked once and then swapped for a token that doesn't expire.
Expired tests being accepted, so basically they accept fake tests.
People accepting paper test certificates without scanning them, accepting QR codes that fail to scan.
And that's the big headline today of RT.
France's repeated health pass system fails while leaving citizens without the QR codes needed for daily life.
So this QR pingdemic code that they've premised this digital medical ID around continues to fail people on enforcing it, and that's very good news.
Israel, by the way, has brought it back in.
They rolled it out as an intimidation campaign to threaten young people into getting the vaccine.
Now the vaccines have proven to be a complete failure, so they're bringing the vaccine passports back.
How far along the road will this get in other European countries, including my own country, remains to be seen.
But those Afghan refugees will be let in without any ID whatsoever.
War Room's coming up next.
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