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Name: 20210817_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 17, 2021
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses government treatment of protesters as "thugs" and "terrorists," mentioning Biden's administration deeming opposition to COVID measures and claims of election fraud as acts of terrorism. He also talks about globalist agenda attempting to control the world through medical tyranny and QR codes for vaccination proof, and criticizes President Biden's handling of the situation in Afghanistan. Kate Dally discusses a toothpaste product available at InfoWarsTore.com and DrJonesNaturals.com due to COVID-19 lockdowns affecting supply chains. She shares her research on historical pandemics, expressing concern about the use of military personnel's rights and body autonomy when they enlist. Dally criticizes people's trust in the government and media despite past lies and manipulations, highlighting the case scenario of the swine flu vaccine. The speaker discusses the importance of knowing history and not becoming complacent in the face of tyranny.

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They started a civil war.
Right now, it's just not hot.
They're waiting for us.
And what is going to happen, like you've said before, and I'm not, you know, I'm not saying that you are instigating this by any means, but the phrase that you always said, they wanted to fight.
You better believe they're going to get one.
If they, when this starts happening and the loved ones start falling and we start watching our families fall, then you're going to have to change the InfoWars bumper from If you're listening to this transmission, you are the resistance?
Hell no!
If you're listening to this transmission, you are the reckoning!
Well, non-compliance has to be a part of the program going forward.
This is behavior modification training.
They're pounding you into submission, and I'm sorry, power cannot be negotiated with and power cannot be reasoned with.
Power only recognizes and respects a greater power.
So the more you submit, and they're testing your resolve, when he talks about this as a great opportunity, He's saying this is a great opportunity for them to advance the needle by getting your children.
They know that if they come for your children and you don't put up a fight, you don't get any kind of motivation to get off your butt and fight this, that they're just going to roll right over you.
But real leaders that want to empower their people in the West has had both bad and good, but why is there such a blooming of evil leaders?
The whole globalist construct?
The whole globalist project?
Because that's their end goal.
Their end goal is to get rid of you.
You're the carbon footprint.
You're the person that they want to get rid of.
This is a psy-op, plain and simple.
They want your children because they want to have access into your family, into your home, set the precedent for taking control of your children, taking control of your progeny.
That is taking control of your future.
By doing that, they're dominating you mentally, they're dominating you physically, and they know if you won't fight for your children, you won't fight for anyone else.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Remember, we're busy watching Afghanistan fall.
Biden's preparing concentration camps in America.
Tomorrow's news, today.
They should be treated as they're a bunch of thugs, insurrectionists, white supremacists, anti-Semites.
6N is not enough.
I mean, come on.
You know, these shirts they're wearing?
These are a bunch of thugs.
And they're terrorists.
Domestic terrorists.
In the FBI's view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race.
The other thing they want to do is to better share and coordinate all the vast trove of data they already collect on Americans.
Because let's not forget, DHS includes the Transportation Security Administration, ICE, Customs and Border Protection.
So every time people travel, they encounter DHS.
And there's a lot of travel information and other information that they already have.
They want to do a better job of analyzing it to hunt for domestic terrorists.
We can declare Al-Qaeda or ISIS.
Foreign terror groups and, you know, take investigative action against them because they have no First Amendment rights.
They're not in the U.S.
We can't do that with the Three Percenters or the Proud Boys or the Boogaloo Boys.
And that's the challenge for the government.
Now let's go ahead and put on screen for everybody something that came from an NBC news program on NBC National.
People were pretty shocked because it is an extremely authoritarian statement.
Potential terror threats, opposition to COVID measures, claims of election fraud, belief Trump can be reinstated, 9-11 anniversary and religious holidays.
Now where is there evidence that people that want to reinstate Trump or question the election are going to blow stuff up?
And where is there evidence that people protesting masks that don't work and experimental vaccines that don't work and make people sick?
Where is there evidence that we're terrorists, much less that we're the number one terror threat?
I learned about it two months ago when they issued the new official policy of the Biden administration, the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.
But that's really what they're doing, is conducting terrorism against us with the Chinese bioweapon that their controllers released to take control of the United States.
But see, the average person online thinks it's voodoo to know anything.
So they thought I must have magically just thought this up on my own, or I'm in the CIA, as if people in the CIA know anything.
That's a low-level criminal organization.
So here it is.
Opposition to COVID measures is terrorism.
Claims of election fraud is terrorism.
Beliefs that Trump can be reinstated is terrorism.
As soon as Biden got his way in through fraud in January of this year, now six and a half months ago, the first press conferences they had with General Milley and with Jen Psaki and with all these people and the Justice Department was Protesting the election is terror.
And then on page 10 of the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism came out two months ago.
They made it official policy.
They said any narratives of fraud in the recent general election, the emboldening impact of the violent breach of the US Capitol, conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and conspiracy theories promoting violence will almost certainly spur some One, to try to engage in violence.
So, who tried to engage in violence last year and this year?
They claim things only got serious when the informants planted by the FBI got involved.
The defense also portrayed online posts involving violent rhetoric about the governor as satire, and their activities only escalating once an FBI confidential informant got involved.
He told his group he wants Governor Whitmer's head on a platter.
And that could be satire as well.
I guess I don't think that's funny.
Me neither.
I mean, I feel like, haven't you heard similar things about President Trump on late night TV?
There's one plot to kidnap a governor because of the lockdown, and that was the FBI creating the whole thing.
And so just remember, that's who they're hiring, that's who they're preparing for total war with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, they really got us.
They got us in the jaws of a scientific takeover, a medical tyranny, where the hospitals and clinics are turned into prisons, and where all of us are evil suspects that must be hunted down by the contact tracers.
This isn't some dystopic science fiction book written 50 years ago.
This is the reality of where we are today.
I know everybody's marveling at Afghanistan and people holding onto jet aircraft and falling from thousands of feet to their deaths.
And just the incredible carnage and the Taliban confiscating the guns, which is what tyrants always do.
And Biden's incredibly horrible 15-minute speech where he looked like he was actually falling asleep from moment to moment and becoming psychologically incontinent.
This just all spells doom and disaster, doesn't it?
And that's what happens when you turn away from God.
I wasn't looking at Russian news this morning, but it popped up in a feed on YouTube, and it was Vladimir Putin, I guess a few weeks ago, pointing out that America is no longer a Christian nation, and that Europe and Russia need to become Christian again and get back to their Christian values, or they will fall like we're falling.
And Putin, genuinely, It does not want the United States to fall because it's an ideological issue.
They've gone through 87 years of the very same Bolshevik communists that run Hollywood running them.
And they understand it's fulfilling to become Christian and free market and family again after the horrible boot of the left was on their throat for 87 years.
But the Russians never got one-tenth as pedophilic And as satanic as we've gotten.
I mean, we have really gone to see.
They were under communism, but men were men, women were women.
And if you tried to screw a kid, you'd get killed.
Now it's all happening out in the open and we are a giant virtue signaling clown show.
Of shallow people that don't have any true grit or any actual mooring or directive in them.
And that's how we've been programmed by the television, by the smartphones, by the culture.
And that's in the medical and scientific and psychological and psychiatric reports that the average American particularly, but also Canadians, also Australians, we're all from the same type culture, have become mesmerized and are in a trance.
And are walking headlong over the edge of a cliff.
Whether you're in Germany, or whether you're in New Zealand, or whether you're in Australia, or whether you're in the United States, whether you're in the UK, it's the exact same global government, the exact same projects, the exact same programs, with the QR codes, and getting rid of the menus a year and a half ago, and then, oh, now you gotta have a QR code to come in the restaurant to prove that you've been, quote, vaccinated, but it's not even a vaccine.
And now, really, the big news.
Explosive amounts of people being sick.
Last year it was fake numbers.
People with cancer, it was people with pneumonia, it was people with all sorts of other diseases and issues being called COVID.
And that all came out, the PCR test was fake and we were proven right.
All the scientists we had on and the hundreds that we covered were proven correct.
And now we have all the literature On record, and scientists warning, that this live virus vaccine, all four of the approved in the West vaccines are not vaccines.
Two of them are live virus vector systems that use live virus to deliver it, and the mRNA basically sends the same type of RNA message like a virus would do to the surface of the cell, then takes it in and changes its programming.
It then orders the cell to recognize that and to produce that, which is a toxic substance, the spike protein.
The spike protein of the lab made COVID-19 is the HIV spike protein delivery system.
That is a incontrovertible fact now totally confirmed by multiple Nobel Prize winners and the different scanning systems they have.
So it's not a virus in the classical sense.
It is the shell of the virus.
That's why they only find the shell of the virus because that's actually what they produced and what they've deployed against us.
And they did countless tests to develop this plan directed by Fauci and by Bill Gates, and it is sickening and very painful.
When you read all the UT studies and the John Hopkins studies and the Baylor Medical School studies and all of them, the New England Medical Journal studies, the congressional hearings where they say, you can never create a vaccine for a cold virus Because they're too common and you'll cause an autoimmune response or a group of responses in the body that'll kill you.
So again, I got hundreds of articles, hundreds of clips, incredible guests coming up.
I've got so much news, I could talk for hours.
You're like, Alex, we know this.
Well, you already are awake and you've warned people.
We gotta warn other people.
And we have a new Lister shooting in every minute.
So, the central issue Is that this is a program that makes us sicker, not better, not healthier.
This is a program that, like a woodchipper, sucks you into it.
And the more you give into it, the worse it gets.
And all of this was formulaically developed by MI6 psychological warfare brigade.
And Princeton and Harvard psychology departments, and it's in the news that in the last decade they developed this plan under Operation Lockstep and are now crafting the messages worldwide through the UN and then through big tech that censors anybody challenging their bull so that they can block real treatments, say people died of COVID that didn't, kill whoever they want, not let you in to see your family, turning the hospitals into prisons.
Where if a medical doctor politely argues with them, who's in the hospital, they put them in four-point restraints.
This is a tyrannical revolution of low IQ people being put in positions of power by the globalists to rule over the rest of us.
It's a very dangerous situation.
I've seen this tweet all over the place, not even looking for it.
You people can listen to Alex Jones.
He's an idiot.
I listen to the scientists.
All the scientists say the vaccine's 100% approved and affected and works great, and none of that's true.
Almost all the scientists and doctors are saying what I'm saying.
Almost all of them.
But they're all gaslit and shut down and censored.
I mean, it is just absolutely incredible.
To the point of, even if you have a doctor's note saying, I can't take these shots, I've had an autoimmune immune response, or I've got a disease where I can't.
They say, we don't care, you're still fired.
It's all about doing what we say and letting us hurt you.
And so, yes, there are people sick all over the place with a variety of respiratory diseases.
They're reporting the highest level of other respiratory diseases in children.
Bacterial, viral pneumonias, these other viruses I'll be getting into today.
And that's really what's hurting and killing the kids.
And why is that?
Because the masks grow all of that in them on record.
Even Bill Maher knows that.
He talked about the study on his show, you know.
How these things are just little germ factories.
But see, these people don't care.
They're wearing a diaper over their face.
If you were designed to have a diaper over your face, you would have evolved, if you believe in that, with that system, or God would have put one on you.
So we're literally mugged.
We're literally kidnapped.
We're literally being gaslit at a level never before seen.
But I want the crew to pull something up for the next segment.
Just type in the man who cannot be named.
And it's an image from three years ago, in a big Wired Magazine article, how great it is that Alex Jones is being silenced, and now they need to silence everybody else.
And it shows a black hand over my mouth, pulling me into the darkness.
But look how much that hand looks like a mask.
That's what that is.
You're literally being muzzled.
You're being told you're dirty.
You're a suspect.
You're a patient.
You're bad now.
When we come back, all over the world, from the UK, we have the footage, and from Australia and from the United States, they're building COVID emergency centers with the military.
They've announced this in Oregon and other states.
We've got clips of that.
And they're announcing they will come to your house.
If not this fall, next year they're going to be ready.
It's already happening around the world, but we're about a year behind.
And forcibly taking you away.
That will then cause shootouts, and they will then say we're all terrorists, even though they're coming at us with an unapproved, deadly poison.
This is Tuskegee Experiment 2.0.
This is Joseph Mingla.
I mean, this is a classic takeover.
We're going to look at all that, but the really big news is the fact that they are building this permanent martial law police state in and around COVID all over the world.
And so what you see in Australia and Spain and England and Scotland and Ireland is coming here and is already being set up.
We have all that news.
And then we have the big enchilada that I'll cover first.
Yes, they're getting ready to make the third injection mandatory.
We'll tell you about that.
The man who must not be named.
What Alex Jones and Voldemort have in common.
And Facebook said, you can only speak of him badly.
Do not speak of him good.
And I warned Trump.
I said, they're coming for you next.
They're going to ban you off Twitter.
I told him that over the phone one time.
He didn't like hearing it.
Oh, we got to do something about that, Alex.
Oh, we're working on the situation.
We're monitoring the situation.
That's what Biden said yesterday in this 15-minute flop of a speech.
So let me show you the big news here, and this is a window into everything.
You understand this, you understand everything, and hopefully you can talk to your friends and family and get them to not be emotional and actually know what's happening.
Overhead shot, please.
This is the standard COVID-19 vaccination record card.
They're like this in Japan.
They're like this in France.
They're like this in Canada.
They're like this everywhere.
They just have the National Health Service seal of the particular country.
And if you notice, it's got a space here for four shots over every year.
Now these cards started coming out eight months ago here in the US, about 10 months ago in the UK, remember?
And remember I pointed out then, I said, hey, do you notice that they have a shot every year?
Because if you read the Pfizer plan and you read the Moderna plan and what the prospectuses they put out, and that's what we covered last year was the patents on all this.
They talk about vaccines for the new variants of COVID every year, because they knew it would create all these new variants.
And of course, the shot they make will never have any effect on that new variant, just like the flu shot never works, because they never picked the right mutation of the flu.
So then why do they do it?
Because they want the precedent to track and trace and control you and put in your body what they want and to quarantine and disappear people because then there's no due process and they've moved all the way down the field and scored a major touchdown for tyranny.
So again, it was all premeditated.
Do you want me to play Bill Gates over a year ago?
Do you want me to play 14, 15 months ago, 16 months ago?
Gosh, March of last year.
How long ago was that?
16 months ago.
Would you like me to play him saying, oh, you'll need yearly boosters?
Because they had this all tested on rats, and they know the booster doesn't work either.
It makes you sicker.
And I can play you the head scientist of the main UK laboratory that's the most powerful in the world that sets all the precedents, Dr. Bauer.
I played the clip probably 10 times in the last month, and he says, it's really quite remarkable.
Yes, you'll need shots every year from now on.
It's really a therapeutic gene therapy.
It's not a vaccine.
Real vaccines, like for tetanus or polio, work for 10, 20, 30, 40 years.
If you survive the side effects.
Or if it's not contaminated with SV40 cancer virus, like over 100 million doses were.
And even the federal government estimates that more than 20 million people died.
I'm gonna say that again.
20 million cancers are tracked that cause death directly to simian virus 40.
But by the way, they never even denied any of that.
My dear, sweet grandmother, my last one to go, 92.
Makes my heart actually beat.
I think about it.
It was a beautiful, smart woman.
It was crippled from the time my mother was four years old, her brother was nine.
Refused to be in a wheelchair, so could barely walk on crutches.
Ate most of the nerves in her body.
She was in excruciating pain her whole life after that happened.
And the doctor told her, Benny, Benny Grace, Hammond.
Benny, yeah, it was the, it was, it was, it was the polio vaccine gave it to you.
And I have AP saying the main cause of polio is the vaccine.
And that it's a live virus.
Let me explain this again.
These are all live, Virus vaccines, if you want to call them a vaccine.
The Moderna, the J&J, the AstraZeneca, they're all virus vectors.
They do the same damn thing the MRA ones do.
They just use a virus to actually shoot it into the cell.
Whereas the MRA comes up and programs the cell to do it itself.
As far as we know, they're probably even worse.
But the point is, is that they know that.
They know it doesn't protect you.
They know it screws you up.
And my dear sweet grandmother had her life basically wrecked because of that.
And I'm getting tired of this crap.
Salk was a horrible eugenicist, too.
There's famous quotes of him in major newspapers.
He was like, oh, well, it's a big deal.
We put cancer virus in the vaccines.
There's too many people anyways.
Oh, but if you went to Salk's office when he said that and shot him, which I'm not saying do, oh, you'd go to prison.
Oh, you can't shoot him.
He's just going to kill you with cancer viruses, and you're going to kiss his white lab coat's ass.
We just put up with these monsters.
They think there's too many of us.
They're diseasing us to call us off.
And now you think the stuff they did in the 50s and 60s and 70s was bad?
Shooting black people up with syphilis.
The list goes on and on.
I just use that because people actually know about Tuskegee.
You know there's thousands of declassified studies done to every group you can imagine.
Always poor.
Always couldn't stand up for themselves.
Where they would take little kids and radiate them to death.
And of course have sex with them.
Because if you can get scientists to radiate kids to death or inject black people with syphilis, what do you think those scientists are doing on their off hours?
They're screwing kids and stuff.
They're psychotic, megalomaniac lunatics that make the guy in American Psycho look like a choir boy.
And until you figure that out, we don't have any hope.
So, they had this all pre-planned.
They admit they have it all pre-planned.
But you can't get the public to go read documents or pre-filings where a month before they announced COVID-19, Peter Daszak and all of Bill Gates' people under Fauci said, okay, here's the order, make the vaccine for this sequence, for this virus, which they already had in the lab, which Daszak admits they created in an interview he did months before they even announced that.
I mean, it's all there, just the public's so ignorant and so scientifically illiterate that people don't understand.
But here it all is.
COVID-19 vaccine cards.
And once you're done, we've got Trudeau up in Canada.
I played you this clip a few weeks ago.
He says, yeah, we've bought vaccines out through 2025.
And he goes, in 2025, you get two.
How the hell would he know that whatever they're planning, it's all prescripted that in 2025, you go back to getting two a year.
He says, we partnered with Pfizer.
What has Israel just announced?
The same thing.
What is Australia announcing?
The same thing.
Do you understand?
And when Australia tried to make its own vaccine, which was a attenuated real vaccine, they went, oh my God, it tests positive for HIV because it was an attenuated COVID.
And what is the COVID virus?
COVID-19 is a souped up cold virus with an HIV Delivery system.
Not the HIV, RNA, the HIV delivery system.
And I said back in March of last year, I said, I bet that regular attenuated vaccines come up false positive for HIV, because you're not really false positive.
You have the protein of HIV in you.
And that's all there, that's a fact.
So what's sloughing on everybody from the vaccinated, who are saying we're bad because we don't take all these shots, they're walking around sloughing HIV protein on everybody.
They're basically giving us all a form of HIV.
The Taliban is not the North Vietnamese Army.
They're not remotely comparable in terms of capability.
There's going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.
All right, folks.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
And we can sit here all day long.
And we can make fun of Biden being a dementia patient.
We can sit there and say, oh, look what an idiot he is.
Look at the withdrawal, how pathetic it is.
It embarrasses America.
You have to understand, this is all being done by design.
And if you expand on that, and if you pull back from that, everything is about humiliating and bankrupting America.
Everything is about us building the global empire at our expense.
And now we're getting down to the point where the American empire is supposed to be phased out.
And a lot of people make the comment that, man, Alex Jones looks really old for 47.
And you're damn right I do.
Because I've taken the weight of the world on my shoulders.
All I do is study what these evil people are doing so we can stop them.
And I'm not like everybody else that's just all happy-go-lucky and just everything's wonderful.
I'm not a domesticated dodo bird that doesn't understand that I'm under attack.
And people are going to find out real quick how much danger you're in because things are going to deteriorate very quickly.
They are officially building FEMA camps and emergency camps all over the world and admitting it.
And they're going to phase us into these.
You're not going to recognize the world in just a year or two.
You already don't, right?
I mean, you understand that they are implanting us with an injection that killed almost all the mice and other animals they gave this to.
I mean, you understand.
Hell, they already gave a hundred million plus people injections knowing that it had cancer virus in it back in the 50s.
I mean, they do this on purpose and they just are escalating what they're doing to us.
We're just going to sit here and take it, I guess.
Here's the Gregory's Report.
Stay with us.
But the past century has been a whirlwind assault against the human spirit.
In just a hundred years, we went from being practically media-free to having a screen in front of our face the majority of our waking lives.
We are being herded into a virtual AI-run illusion that is now influencing our perception of what is real.
Which then creates our perceived reality.
We know this to be true.
Our senses give us the false impression that we are living in a material world when we are not.
99.9% of all matter is empty space.
The only thing keeping us from walking through walls are the outer valence electrons electrostatically repelling against one another.
Physical solidity is an illusion.
What we are feeling with our touch is not solid matter.
It is electrostatic repulsion.
We do not see with our eyes.
We see within our mind.
The cones and rods in our eyes are exposed to a very limited band of information, which is then translated electronically to our brain's visual cortex, which then creates a visual map within our mind that allows us to see the world around us, just as we see the world around us as we sleep and dream.
It's being perceived in our mind.
This applies to all of our five senses.
The world we inhabit is much more like a hologram than anything solid.
And more importantly, so is our body and our brain.
And if we are not of our bodies, then where are we?
Who are we?
These questions can lead us to liberation, which is why tyrants have toiled to keep us from ever asking them.
For centuries, they used religion to make us feel small and dictate reality.
And today, they use science and pop culture.
Actual, repeatable science has shown that our awareness has sway over the holographic reality that we inhabit.
We can continue to fight each other, and some may win the battle.
But the war against consciousness will forever continue, until we unplug from the system.
The deeper into tyranny we are herded, the more of us awaken to the truth.
It's gonna force.
The people that can still think for themselves, and have common sense, and are able to take the median needle out of their veins, whether it's your baseball team, or the football team, and the stats, and the thing, and the Democrat, and Republican, and left-wing, right-wing, this, that, then the Magihad, Black Lives Matter, and gender, and LGBTQ2, and everything, and homophobia, and this, and blah, blah, blah.
If you can get that needle out of you, And then eventually clear your mind and let the real soul start to live again.
And once the soul of humanity begins to live again, the tyranny will end and humanity will evolve.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
And by the way, The globalists took over the churches the last 200 years.
So if you use the term evolve, people didn't think you're saying you believe in evolution.
No, like evolve, like the automobile has evolved, or communications has evolved, or medicine has evolved.
It means humans changing, humans getting better.
Because humans either get better or we get worse.
We either get more enlightened, more informed, closer to God, or further away from God.
And that's what Vladimir Putin came out and said just a few weeks ago.
I'm going to play the clip next hour.
He said, America is no longer a Christian nation.
And he said, Europe isn't, and Russia to a great extent isn't.
And we need to decide to have those values or we're doomed.
And that is just a fact.
If we don't have a culture, we're going to have George Soros' culture.
We're going to have a Southern poverty loss culture, which is no culture at all.
It's a bunch of stunted, weird, brainwashed, divided and conquered people.
Now, I've done a lot of preparation for this show today, and I have temper problems.
So I'm really working towards not blowing up on air.
Because if I do blow up on air, it's entertaining, people like it, but then I get exhausted later in the afternoon and can't keep working for six, seven more hours.
So that's why now I just go off the air and I'm about to blow up.
Because it's not healthy.
But this does piss me off.
The news I'm going to cover when we come back is so horrible.
That's the paradox.
I want to focus on God and on my wonderful children and on the beautiful creation God gave us and on good things.
But the globalists are coming for us and they never leave us alone.
So I have to focus on them.
And it makes me sick.
And I understand you tune in to find out what they're doing because you care too.
Because you love your family.
You don't tune in because you hate Hillary Clinton.
But at the end of the day...
These are power-mad control freaks who really are serving evil forces.
And this is a spiritual battle, and people just better get that straight and get that through their heads.
That's a great report Gregory's did.
So the Gregory's section at Banned.Video, the only way that article or video gets out is when you share it, and you've been doing that.
So Banned.Video, also FreeWorldNews.TV will take you there, has been exploding.
And that's the URL to share, because that's not banned yet.
Monday through Friday.
I'm here from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central and I was thinking about the listeners and viewers this morning how much I appreciate you because you understand that I don't like getting up here and telling you they keep babies alive and sell their organs.
I don't want to get up here and tell you that Probably half the Democrats are pedophiles, probably 10% of the Republicans at the top.
It's a very conservative number.
It's true, and it's all coming out as you see.
And only admitting how much trouble we're in do we have any chance of turning this around.
So that's why I bet my name, my fortune, my blood, my family on this.
And I do care.
That's why it's such BS when the media runs stories that I don't care, and you don't care, and we're haters, and all the rest of it.
And you know, I do dislike the globalists, but I do what I do because I love innocent people.
And I don't like bullies.
And I don't like seeing the left bully everybody and get away with what they do, and just how they support evil out of hand.
And I believe in you, and I believe we can beat them.
Let me go back to what I started the show with, because it's a really important point.
I hope God will just give me the simplicity and the clarity to say it simply and not spend 30 minutes explaining it.
But a smoking gun of COVID being made in the lab is the fact that it was made in the lab and we have all the documents and all the proof that they cooked it up with Fauci and the rest of it.
So they would own this virus going forward and create a vaccine for the spike protein.
And we have all the documents, all the admissions.
It's just insane.
It's open and shut.
18 months ago, it was open and shut.
Hell, it was a big controversy in 2015.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Fauci and Obama transferred the program that was illegal in the U.S.
when they got caught to China.
But the general public can't grasp that.
But they can grasp this.
And that's the COVID cards, which again, they plan by 2026 to have everybody by law With a digital passport, it's already going in in Europe and other areas, but the training wheels for the rest of the country and the world are by 2025.
And that's in the Pfizer documents, that's in the plan.
They've laid out a whole blueprint and governments are ordering these so-called vaccines years out in advance now.
But then when it's time to have the injections, they'll have all the latest reasons for you
and all the PR and all the BS, complete with just fake numbers,
whatever they want to put out.
And they've been caught doing that.
And so they didn't get in trouble.
So now it's even worse.
Remember the whole basis of this was the PCR test, which is admittedly a total fraud.
They've withdrawn it.
But now they've moved on with new tests that are fraudulent.
But I'll tell you right now, they are suppressing the real numbers of sick people.
and it's not what you'd call COVID.
It is the spike protein.
And again, I saw them this morning saying, we'll have 200,000 people a day getting COVID by November.
And we need to go ahead and just have another lockdown.
Have another lockdown.
This stuff's already spread everywhere.
You're not getting away from this.
Feel like there was a nuclear war.
You're not escaping the fallout unless you've got a bunker underneath a mountain.
Unless you go lock yourself in a bunker for five years, you're not getting away from this.
And before, it was just the souped-up cold that they own and control.
Now, they've turned our bodies into factories.
See, people hear this thing, oh, that's Jones's opinion, that this vaccine creates sloughing, creates shedding.
No, no.
All live virus vaccines Create mutants and spread them.
I've played dozens of doctors explaining it, neurologists.
It's in the damn literature.
They passed a law in the EU that Pfizer and Moderna are allowed to shed and spread to people.
They have fricking liability protection.
So, do you understand that when these people get in your face, they have all these polls, and Stephen Colbert was talking about it last night, Why 56% of Americans are angry at those that aren't vaccinated and think they're criminals?
They're the equivalent of murderers!
And you've got these arrogant, dumbed-down people that took a shot that didn't protect them, now being told they've got to have their third injection, rope-a-dope, never admitting they got conned, never admitting they're wrong, and now 50-plus percent think we're criminals and want to put us in jail.
We need to get in their faces.
Not in a mean way, but say, listen!
I'm not wearing your mask and getting bacterial pneumonia.
The masks don't do anything except make you sick.
And the damn thing came out of Wuhan, and they made a vaccine for it that's meant to make you sick, and that's the frickin' literature!
You won't admit you've been conned, but remember when you're taking your fifth and sixth shot a few years from now and dying, you'll remember.
And look, I like Roger Stone a lot, he's a great guy.
He got pissed off at me yesterday, and I don't apologize for it.
I learned from people close to his family, in his family, that right after his wife took the second shot of the Pfizer, she had her lymph nodes swell up with what they said was stage 4 cancer within one damn month.
That's in the literature!
Now, that's somebody we know, that's Roger Stone's wife, got the damn cancer from the vaccine, and they're all over the news saying, well, you'll think it's cancer, but doctors don't operate for six months, because we don't want to say it gives you cancer.
How the hell do they spend that?
Do you understand they're not just giving you a deadly spike protein that you then shed and share?
These things are giving people uterine cancer?
Lymphoma cancer, lung cancer, you name it, and it's all on record.
And by the way, I apologize to Roger.
I like Roger.
I said, I apologize for breaking confidence.
And then later, I was thinking later, I never break confidence unless something's illegal and then I have to wear my journalistic hat.
I was told by somebody else about his wife.
So he never even told me.
He just said, yeah, that's true, but don't, you know, I'm not going to talk about it on air.
So there you go.
And it's not criticizing his wife or anybody, but we've got to save lives here.
Because this is a serious issue.
So, that's why I did that.
That's why I brought it up on air.
He didn't really want it brought up, and I'm sorry that it hurt Roger's feelings, and I guess they're super proud about medical stuff and everything, but that's just the way it is.
Because this is killing a lot of people, and I'm not going to sit here and sit on it.
And I'm not mad at them wanting their privacy, but that's a big deal, folks.
And then it's not like, oh, we just guessed that happened to her.
It's in the damn literature, and then they spin it and go, oh, if you get big lumps in your breast or your lymph nodes, especially under your arm, on the side you take the shots where it's happening, don't worry about that.
That's ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, New York Times.
Don't worry when you get a bunch of lumps in your breast.
Just wait six months, because it's probably not really cancer.
That's how you gaslight.
They give you something that Wolfgang Wudar, the top scientist, and Dr. Yidan, the top scientist, former head of Pfizer science division, that's the guy that runs things, said, this is going to grow cancers.
I can't believe they are literally killing us.
And then everybody's always, we'll probably let my grandmother.
When I was, you know, a teenager, I said, so they told you that they gave you the polio, the polio vaccine?
She goes, yes, but I wasn't mad.
They meant well and it was all right.
And later when I got informed, I remember when I was in college and stuff, I said, did you know Dr. Salk knew that that was in there?
She goes, that's not very Christian.
I don't speak bad of Dr. Salk.
He was a hero.
They crippled my grandmother for 60, 70 frickin' years, whatever, 1954, until she died a few years ago.
They crippled her, they told her, and then she's defending them!
Stockholm Syndrome!
Stockholm Syndrome!
Say no!
To me, bigger than the spike protein is the ERs are full Of people with the blood clots and all the rest of it.
What about the cancer?
You go and you get diagnosed, and the vaccine never went through trials, so they go, well, we don't know if there's cancers from that, but they admit it's a side effect and it makes you grow cancers.
The side effect is cancer?
Stage 4 lymphoma cancer.
ABC News.
And people go in, That's cancer.
Swelling after COVID-19 shots may cause cancer false alarms.
We're going to go to break, then I'll play the Trudeau clip.
Hell, just play the Trudeau clip now.
Here he is salivating over the plan that you're going to get boosters for the rest of your life.
Here it is.
While more and more Canadians are getting vaccinated right now, it's also important to plan ahead for the future.
We've reached an agreement with Pfizer for 35 million booster doses for next year, and 30 million in the year after.
This deal includes options to add 30 million doses in both 2022 and 2023, and an option for 60 million doses in 2024.
Pfizer has been a solid partner for Canada in this fight against COVID-19.
Okay, that's enough.
I'm behind now.
I'm going to show you the videos and all the news articles all over the world.
They now admit we're building emergency camps to keep you in, and we're going to keep people that are healthy in the camps.
And it's all the UN.
You wake up, the UN's in control.
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So, we are definitely living in a time of depopulation.
We are definitely living in a time of world government.
Christy Lee, who is a great independent reporter and follows a lot of our stuff with Infowars, we air it, has moved to Austin.
Okay, I have only covered maybe five articles today, and I don't want to say I've dropped the ball because it's really a big deal.
Some of our crew are getting ready to file lawsuits in Travis County against them.
There's a state order, they can't do it, but they're trying to bully our children
into wearing these face diapers.
She'll be joining us at the bottom of the hour today.
Okay, I have only covered maybe five articles today, and I don't want to say I've dropped the ball
because it's really a big deal.
The premeditated plan for yearly genetic engineering gene therapy injections that,
They've got stuff that'll do incredible things with mRNA.
Cure cancer, you name it.
But a small part of the time, it ends up killing you when you take it.
They're trying to figure that out.
What they cooked up for us is designed to give people horrible blood clots in their lungs, brain, heart, and the rest of the body, and to attack the ovaries, attack the testicles, attack everything.
And then I see Stephen Colbert last night making jokes going, there are no scientific studies saying that any of these vaccines ever affect the reproductive tract.
Well, similar ones in animals do.
They didn't do any studies in this.
They waived all that.
So they had all the animal studies and human studies in China on the same type of viruses.
I believe probably COVID-19 was tested as well.
We know it was on animals.
That's come out with Peter Daszak, where they had the name COVID-19 in the year before and we're testing it.
I mean, it's on video, but now they've just rolled this out against us and it's all pre-planned.
It's all there.
It's all pre-packaged.
It's all pure bull.
And so, some stations don't carry this first five minutes, so I'm going to come back and I'm going to judiciously cover these three stacks of news.
And I know everybody wants me to talk about Afghanistan.
It's pretty amazing stuff.
It's a lot more riveting than Netflix, but it's real people dying and I've got my take on it, and I've already talked about it, and I haven't seen many people that have gotten it.
Of all people, Charlie Kirk, I saw a video, gets it.
This is on purpose to destabilize the region.
That's all the globalists want.
They funded the Arab Spring.
They did the same thing under Obama.
And this is what they're doing, is turning the world over to Islamists.
I don't think we should have stayed there.
I think the way Trump was getting out was good, but Biden ordered the Afghan Air Force to stand down.
That was the big question I kept asking.
It's now confirmed.
The Pentagon has said that they were told by the Biden administration to basically have the Afghan force stand down.
So whoever did that did this.
And I really do think they should be Brought upon charges of war crimes.
So, we can argue about it all day and show the footage and say, who's to blame?
Who's to blame as us letting this happen?
But more importantly, it's George W. Bush, it's Barack Obama, and it is... Bill Clinton.
Because these are all guys that supported that war.
These are all little globalist peas in a pod.
And they're all just a bunch of sick, evil, selfish individuals that think everything they're doing is hilarious and the joke's on us.
Well, the joke's not on us, but I'll tell you this.
I am deeply, deeply shaken.
Deeply shaken.
And I am going through intense sorrow for our country and our world right now.
And for our children, your children, our children together, humanity's children.
And I just know that we can't put up with these globalists anymore.
We cannot be intimidated by them.
We cannot lay down to them.
We cannot mince words.
We cannot hold back on what we're going to say or do because that's what's paved the road of perdition and the road of oppression and the road to serfdom that we are very, very far down right now.
I mean, I'm surprised that the globalists are this evil and are doing this much stuff, because it's going to blow back on them.
But you realize they're in a frenzy.
So they just, they love it.
To them, the journey is the destination.
They're as happy as a pig, and you know what?
So, God help us, ladies and gentlemen.
God help us.
All right, I'm going to hit a ton of news in 60 seconds when we start the next segment.
Please tell your friends and family and neighbors, tune in, because this is the turning point.
This is the crossroads.
This is the point of no return.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
Okay, so all of the Australian newspapers are reporting on giant 3,000-person camps being built all over the country.
And they're now saying, if you don't take a COVID shot, we're going to come and take you and make you live in a camp for a few months, just to see if that changes your mind.
We also have different premieres of different regions.
Running around saying that they're going to force tens of thousands of children without asking, taking them from the school, outside of law, it's not even approved over there, and inject the children.
The same spokesperson from the government that we're about to play the clip of also said months ago, okay, yeah, some schools have given children as young as five shots without parental consent, big deal.
So it's not even approved and they're doing it.
I mean, this is just the old prison colony of Australia is really showing everybody exactly who they are.
But let's run through some of these articles because remember just last week, I showed you the new CDC document.
And it says we're preparing to shelter people from COVID who don't have it, and we're going to turn every neighborhood and every rural area and every city into captains.
And the military is going to be there, and they're going to make sure that you're protected and that you don't leave your house or leave your neighborhood, and they're going to bring you food.
Although the food supplies are going to run out.
That's cloward and pivot.
It's going to collapse the country.
That was just last week we were covering that, and now it's in the news.
And they're showing it in the UK and Germany and France and Australia.
Oh, look, we're building the big, giant facilities.
So let's go over some of these articles.
Biden administration will advise most Americans to get a booster jab eight months after the vaccination.
When you hear advise, that means they're going to enforce that.
And of course, that was always the plan.
That is on the vaccine cards.
Then continuing.
Oh, you heard this in England?
Then you heard it in Australia, now in New Zealand.
New Zealand's Prime Minister orders citizens, do not talk to your neighbours, only listen to me.
Remember the clip she said a few months ago?
The only voice you should hear is mine.
Wow, she's not Jim Jones or anything.
They had one COVID case, probably made up, and so the entire country's locked back down, unless you're Larry Page, who lives next door.
He bought basically an island in Fiji, a couple islands, and then he flies in whenever he needs anything, but he's like God, so he's allowed to.
So continuing, and guys, I can't find it in my stack.
I fumbled around during that break.
I sent you the articles out of Australia about how they're building, quote, COVID camps.
It's the Australians, one of the others.
Can we put those on screen?
Thanks, because I just had it in my stack, but it somehow got diverted.
Or I can pull it up myself.
I just, I really need that.
Thank you.
It's my fault.
I can't find it, but I did send it to you this morning.
US to advise boosters for most Americans.
Again, so you know about that.
I mean, they're building camps, and everybody's just totally calm about it.
And then they announce they're going to start grabbing us and putting us in, and I have it out of Australia, and I have it out of the United States of America.
There it is.
Construction of Mickelham quarantine camp starts.
You gotta see these newscasts.
You gotta see all this stuff.
Free print me that, guys.
Hawaii Governor David Ige's emergency order to limit occupancy in restaurants and bars to 50% or less was merely a popular stepping stone amongst the Democratic Party to impose a slippery slope of tyrannical control.
We are seeing more community spread.
We are seeing more gatherings.
Governor David Ige is asking Hawai'i residents to refrain from those gatherings.
When will you allow fully vaccinated travelers to travel more freely, whether that be inter-island or back and forth from the mainland?
It's really about whether the science says that when you're vaccinated, you can't get the virus, right?
And that you can't infect others.
Once they can get access to the vaccination records, I'm pretty certain that we would be able to incorporate the vaccination record with the Safe Travel Program relatively quickly.
The totalitarian emergency mandates have caused nearly 1,200 members from Hawaii's first responders unions to sue the state over unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccination mandates.
The attorneys announced that they plan to file the lawsuit on Friday in order to try to stop the mandate which takes effect on Monday.
This one is on behalf of police officers, firefighters, and other first responders.
They're just asking for the chance to choose.
Everyone, it's a personal, autonomous health care decision.
And everyone should make their own choice whether or not they want to take a vaccine or not.
Governor David Ige as well as four county mayors developed a unified statewide plan so hastily that the unions were not given the chance to collectively bargain before the order was issued.
When the governor announced the mandate last week, he said unvaccinated workers had the option of getting tested weekly, but the attorneys say that runs into a whole set of problems for the workers.
If they can't prove the testing because they're waiting for their free tests, then they're going to be home without pay.
So it's almost the same result as being fired is you're having a large majority of our first responders off the street and home without pay and being punished.
The case in Hawaii spotlights how first responders' first, fourth, fifth, and fourteenth amendment rights have all been violated.
I'm a fire captain with the Honolulu Fire Department.
I've been a fireman for twenty years.
My father was a fireman for thirty-seven.
Governor Ige's mandate was interpreted by our mayor to mean if you didn't put an experimental drug in your body that you don't have enough information about to make an informed decision or you didn't get an approved religious or medical exemption in the next 10 days it literally said you could be fired I spent the last 20 years of my life and 37 years watching my dad do this job
Because I didn't want to put an experimental drug in my body.
I gotta give that all up.
But at the heart of the findings is the claim that 45,000 people have received the vaccines and have died within 72 hours of taking them.
When they found 53 deaths as a result of the vaccine, they suspended the vaccine.
We can show 45,000 deaths in 72 hours from this vaccine.
Hawaii's overreach may prove fatal to the totalitarian vaccine movement as the legal discovery of facts will serve as a double-edged sword.
John Bowne reporting.
That's right.
They don't have liability protection from a criminal conspiracy when they waive the normal laws.
And they're not going to escape people coming after them either.
So again, that's not theatrics.
When I get so mad, I have to go off air now.
I've reached my limit.
I mean, we are witnessing the mass murder of humanity.
We are witnessing the total psychotic takeover of everything.
And the numbers are so horrible.
I mean, almost everyone I know has gotten cancer that took the shots.
I mean, Roger Stone's wife.
You just get cancer when you take it, too.
These people... The balls on Fauci, man.
I mean, these people.
What they've done.
Do you understand this is real?
Do you understand that half the damn country's gonna be dead in a couple years?
Seriously, watch!
I mean, this is not a game.
Okay, so let me just say this very succinctly and then I'll get into the meat and potatoes of it and walk through it all here.
The globalists know that we were waking up to their operations.
There was populist movements exploding in Mexico and the U.S.
and Brazil and Australia and New Zealand and all over Europe, especially Eastern Europe, and the U.K.
and Brexit.
And people were saying no to the New World Order and no to the Casual Society and no to the Davos Group.
And so they went to the shelf and they said, what do we do during a populist uprising?
Well, we have a virus scare and we use that to bring in worldwide authoritarianism and a worldwide police state.
We make people wear masks because it's a symbol of fear, and then we have a global ID for forced inoculation, and then we... And it's all in Operation Lockstep, and in Crimson Contagion, and in SPARS, and in all the documents, and you're sitting there reading it, and it's a war game.
You know when the United States trains to attack Russia with B-52s and, you know, atomic bombs or whatever, nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs, they don't call it a Attack Russia drill.
They call it a war game.
And when you read these damn plans that former top generals have read and said, yes, this is a war game for what's happening in live time.
Spars 20, 23, 2025.
It's live time, what's happening now, and it's basically word for word what they're doing.
Because they got to have an operations manual where they're walking around with this in their briefcase.
This is the play.
This is the script.
This is the blueprint.
And, oh, it's just a drill set in the future.
And that's what I'm saying is, everybody's finally getting that I'm not making this up.
Because I get you too, and it says, okay, this sounds fabulous, this sounds insane.
Yeah, it is fabulously insane.
These people are crazy.
They set up a world government to do this, and they said they want to depopulate us, and they've gotten around to it.
And listen, one area I was wrong.
Let me explain this to you right now.
This is very important.
I thought they would release a vaccine or an injection that was really not bad for you so they wouldn't get a big backlash and set the precedent to have forced inoculation and have their world ID and have their program in place.
They think so little of us that they went directly Just something that's the equivalent of a nuclear war.
I mean, a limited nuclear war with Russia would probably kill 200 to 300 million people.
Or China.
If they just hit military bases in main cities.
And we hit them.
This thing, where you've got, guys, search engine, and it's probably a fake number, no one really knows, but the number of, quote, vaccinated for COVID-19 worldwide.
But the number is in the several billions last time I saw it.
Now, in China and in India, they give attenuated virus to people.
They don't give them these virus vector things and all the rest of it.
And so those folks aren't gonna die.
And then you gotta ask yourself, why the hell, what is the plan to hit Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the United States, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, What is the point of trying to force those countries to take this injection?
Why do they want the Western world dead?
Because this is where people have two-car garages, and swimming pools, and due process.
And the globalists want to take down, they want to kill everybody in Africa, they want to kill everybody in Latin America.
They already got them financially where they want them.
They're busy getting us under control, bankrupting us, getting us real sick, to get all our money and all our energy sucked up by them.
Hospitals become prisons that train just to live in a big open-air FEMA camp.
And then they're going to take their time killing the Latin Americans and the Africans.
But they are targeting Europe, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.
I mean, I've seen the Prime Minister who says he's a conservative.
I've seen the leader of Australia say, we're not going to have the lockdowns in until 70% take the shots.
And then of course, once that happened in the UK, they said, sorry, lockdown continues.
We just call it Freedom Day now.
So here's footage of folks in England and the local news confirmed these are giant COVID camps.
This one holds in England, 3000 people.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see this.
Let me show you the one in Australia.
There are buildings in every state.
In every province.
Construction of Mickelham Quarantine Camp starts.
Now listen how sycophantic this Tom Coey article is.
Construction is underway at Melbourne Centre for National Resilience.
Oh, don't you love that name?
The unwieldy name given the new quarantine facility in Mickelham, with the camp set to open by the end of the year.
So Australians started off in camps in forced labour, when they used it as a prison colony, and now they go right back to it.
The community engagement session, oh the community engagement session, was held earlier this week on progress of the fast-tracked 1,000 bed accommodation site for returning travelers.
However, residents were told that builders would not be delayed by any construction process.
Oh no.
Everything's waived for this.
Earthworks have begun at an emptied paddock in Melbourne's north, which sits next to the
federal government's pet quarantine facility.
See, that's how it starts.
And it's about 300 meters from homes.
Oh, but don't worry, it's safe.
It won't get you sick.
It's all about fetishizing that.
The project is being modeled by the Howard Springs Center in Northern Territory, which
has proven to be highly effective at preventing leaks of COVID-19 compared to hotel quarantine.
Oh, you can't have the leaks.
Then they give you the vaccine, it makes you grow it, and it goes right back.
I mean, this is so sick.
The total excuse for martial law.
They've had like 10 deaths this year.
Multiplex has been engaged in the construction of the facility, with 80% of the buildings to be prefabricated off-site.
The center can be expected to be 3,000 beds, but still be operational soon with 500.
Among the issues raised by the public at the information session Thursday were questions about the impact of the real estate prices.
Yes, sure.
Not about how you want to leave the country on business or come back because they want to make you commute digitally, folks.
That's the takeover.
And then it's, oh, you can't leave your neighborhood.
Oh, you can't go three miles outside your home.
It's about being a prisoner.
And if you accept it, that's how you'll live.
Among the issues raised by the public at the information session on Thursday were questions about the impact on real estate prices and the threat of the virus escaping in the community.
Oh no!
And why residents were only receiving information about the project now.
That's right, you're just now and it goes on to show the beds.
The beds are half the size.
of a twin that's smaller than a prison bed you'll have to sleep on your side but it's wonderful
they'll have a television though to tell you what to do and you'll all be monitored and
controlled and that's being built here it's being built all over the world and it's just
this new thing where oh the contact tracers are here oh Oh, they're testing.
Oh, I'm being taken away.
Oh, where'd Bob go?
Oh, he died at a COVID center.
They put him on a ventilator.
And Big Tech gets billions of dollars out of this per country.
It is all just an orgy of control, surveillance coming in.
You ever wondered how they'd get all the home assistants spying on us and how they get all the Big Tech out in the open?
And now they're just Apple saying, now we're going to read everything you do on your phone and track you.
It's just, it's all happening.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Okay, so what you see happening in Europe and Australia and the UK is coming here.
Endless lockdowns, checkpoints, tyranny, everything you see with these FEMA camps being built, federal emergency camps all over the world, that's happening here now.
Well, now there's new breaking news at InfoWars.com, and this is a pretty powerful video.
It's four minutes long.
I don't know how to play it all, plus there's a little bit of cussing by the police.
Australian police Pepper spray group of teenage girls for shopping without masks.
And when you look at the hate in the eyes of these goon police, some of which themselves aren't wearing masks, and how they beat people up and how they attack people, I mean, this is just such a shame.
This is so out of control.
Look at all of this!
Look at this!
They just killed my brother on the floor for nothing.
Look at this.
Look at this.
And my sister on the floor for nothing.
Of course, the cops, a lot of them don't wear masks, but they're gone.
Look at this.
Stalled bull, man.
They love it.
They robbed up to my sister's house for nothing.
Look at this.
No, I don't have to.
Yes, you do.
Look at this.
You notice the first thing the Taliban did was take the guns.
And what's happened to Australia since they took the guns?
This is 12-year-old girls and others being pepper sprayed and manhandled and sat on by these thug police because they wouldn't wear their face diapers and get their pneumonia and be good little slaves.
And again, the same thing's been said by the national government in Australia and now by the leader of New Zealand.
New Zealand's Prime Minister orders citizens, don't talk to your neighbours.
That's an actual quote.
New Zealand's Prime Minister Has mimicked Australia's top public health official by telling citizens, do not talk to your neighbors after the country went into a full lockdown as a result of just a single COVID case being detected, if you even believe that.
So this is martial law.
They claim there's one thing that isn't even as bad as the flu and everybody's shut down, and they give you deadly shots that give you cancer and kill you.
They've made their move.
And now they're censoring everybody and taking over.
The entire country of New Zealand put under lockdown over just one single case.
Let's play a clip out of Australia with one of the health leaders, ministers.
It's an oxymoron.
They're coming for your life.
They're one of the eugenicists.
Talk about all the fines if you're caught with a fake pass or if you stray too far from your home.
They check, oh, you're only allowed three kilometers from your house, you know, once a week to get food.
I mean, how about we stand in our head for you people?
And again, you're like, well, that's Australia.
No, that's all coming here if they get away with it.
They admit it and I've got clips coming up next segment in Oregon and other areas where it's now being announced.
The camps, the roundups, the plans.
They're gonna try it.
They can't help it.
Because they want that power.
They want that control to arrest normal people.
Because we have criminal governments run by the globalists.
Here's the Australian announcement.
$5,000 for on-the-spot breach of home quarantine.
$5,000 on-the-spot for lying on a permit.
$5,000 on-the-spot fine for lying to a contact tracer.
$3,000 on-the-spot fine for breaching the two-person exercise rule.
$3,000 on-the-spot fine for breaching rules going into regional New South Wales.
There is your nanny state.
And now Biden came out today.
He's your medical doctor.
And he said, You need to take your third booster shot.
It's recommended by him.
So now, it'll be, oh, sorry, can't come to this business, didn't have your third shot, and your fourth shot, and your fifth shot, which destroys your immune system and your body.
Then we had this powerful interview yesterday with a medical doctor, well-known author.
He went to the hospital, and medical doctor illegally imprisoned in Florida Hospital dungeon in four-point restraints for helping get a doctor for a marathon runner who was dying in the bed next to him, and then refusing to even give him antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia.
Their answer was chain him up for four hours, five hours.
That's America.
That's the corporate takeover.
That's us not standing up for ourselves.
The good news is all over the world, businesses are refusing to enforce France's vaccine passports.
It's happening in New York.
It's happening in LA as well.
Screw them!
Do not comply and don't go to the big box stores and the big chains.
This is all pre-crime, ladies and gentlemen.
This is all training us that we're criminals.
Clown world!
Australian Prime Minister declares citizens must wear masks while drinking outside.
Or even alone in their homes.
It's all a gaslighting operation to see what you'll put up with.
He also said last week, we're going to be coming into the suburbs soon and taking you to the shield centers.
When you're healthy to protect you.
That's in the CDC document that they're building SHIELD centers.
Well, who's against SHIELD centers?
Why is it a SHIELD center in France?
Why is it a SHIELD center in the UK?
Why is it a SHIELD center in Australia?
Why is it a SHIELD center because it's a global government?
I know I've said this a thousand times.
Who decides what can be said about COVID-19?
The UN.
You wake up and you're inside world government.
Up until four months ago, if you said that it came out of the Wuhan lab, you'd be banned off the internet.
Hell, they even did more banning of us last year.
I found the Wired Magazine article, Jones banned for COVID disinfo, saying that it probably came from a lab.
Hell, I didn't say probably, I showed the funding documents.
Oh, but now they'll probably give a Pulitzer Prize to the Wall Street Journal for saying it.
Wall Street Journal op-ed, COVID-19 most likely worked on in lab, then escaped.
It wasn't escaped, it was released.
And it just goes on and on and on.
I see these articles all day long.
Fully vaccinated Southwest Airlines flight attendant dies from COVID-19.
Oh yeah, when you die from the vaccine, you died of COVID-19.
And boy, a lot of folks are going to start dying of COVID-19, the vaccine.
Because in the rat studies, it took two to six months for the rats to get really sick.
And rats, again, have a much shorter lifespan than us, and so they're able to dead reckon with that, that if something kills a rat in a few months, it'll probably kill you in a few years.
That's why most medical doctors say two to three to five years, we'll see similar things in humans that have happened to rats.
But we've already got at least 45,000 dead people in the U.S.
from the shot, admittedly.
So, I mean, it's already just devastating.
And then there's all the doubling of suicide, doubling of alcoholism, children losing IQ points during the lockdowns.
I mean, this is a very sick psychological attack.
Absolutely vicious.
Absolutely horrible.
Now we're going to go to break, and I started the show talking about this, and the next hour I'm going to open the phones up again and talk about Afghanistan.
We've got not a really good idea.
We know exactly what's happening.
This is Obama and the Kamala Harris wing.
Getting ready to throw Biden overboard, something they've been planning the whole time.
They set him up with the briefings.
They know he's senile.
And so Kamala is now talking about 25th Amendment against Biden.
She wouldn't stand with him on the stage.
So you're going to really see there's no honor amongst these thieves as they prepare to try to install her.
We'll talk about how they plan to do that and also take calls again from veterans.
And then after I get a full board of veterans on the line, we'll open the phones up to everybody to give us your take on where you see all this going.
So that's coming up next hour.
But first, when we come back...
It's getting a lot of attention now.
DHS Bulletin says opposition to COVID mandates is potential domestic terrorism threat, close quote.
It's finally getting a lot of attention.
It's in the official U.S.
government policy.
Well, now the talking point is not just on CNN and ABC News that American gun owners and veterans are terrorists and Christians are terrorists and those that question lockdowns are terrorists.
Now Stephen Colbert says, yay, let's get our troops back from Afghanistan to wage war with the Tea Party, with the gun owners.
So, I mean, they're really trying this.
They're really trying this, and I don't want to fight with the FBI, I don't want to fight with the U.S.
Army, any of these, and they don't want to fight with us either.
But they've gotten their weird communist in place at the top, and they're going to try to create an atmosphere, and they're going to try to create a situation where this civil war starts and America ends.
So if you're wondering why it's going to be so messy and why it's so crazy, this is a takeover.
They're willing to kill, in fact they want to kill, the majority of the people and just get rid of us.
What did Zbigniew Brzezinski say before he died?
That the time has come to just start killing people.
He goes, we can't control the West, they're too spoiled, kill them.
That's the guy that set Khmer Rouge up and Pol Pot killed a third of Cambodians, so that was a mass murderer saying that.
I'm sorry folks, I'm completely freaked out myself.
I'm sorry this is what happened.
This really is happening.
And only a full awakening to this is going to stop it.
You better get together and say no.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I want to open the phones up for veterans of the Afghanistan War to give us your expertise and your take on what's happening and what's unfolding.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
is 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539, and we'll get you up and on the air.
Everything Stephen Colbert says, along with other late night comedy shows,
it's come out in the news, is scripted by think tanks and prepared.
And then his comedy writers, he's got more than 50 of them, are given that material to put into a joke.
Because they learned over a decade ago, no one believes the news, the big official nightly news.
Sure, your local paper's saying a school bus had a wreck or something, or there was a flood here, or lightning struck this, and that's a real article, but big national official things people have learned is total spin.
I mean, the way they can edit a film, the way they can edit a movie, the way they can do any of this is just wild.
And so the directives go down, and then the media just basically repeats all of it.
And so when you see Stephen Colbert saying, we have domestic terrorists, they're the Republican Party, they're the people that attacked the Capitol.
Out of a million people in D.C., 600, 700 were waved into the Capitol, maybe 20 or 30 fought cops, and should be charged with that, but not held in solitary confinement.
There's people that shoot and kill people in Chicago that are out on bail in a week.
You walk to the Capitol, velvet robes, you're still under the jail.
And they want to set that precedent to arrest us for any reason.
And if, you know, a militia in Michigan jokes and says, man, I'd like that governor's head on a platter.
Well, then you get SWAT teaming rated and thrown in jail with no bond because you're planning to cut her head off.
But meanwhile, all these comedians and people They can talk about how they want to kill Trump.
They can have plays about killing Trump.
That's all fine and dandy.
So it's very, very dangerous.
DHS Bulletin says opposition to COVID mandates is potential domestic terrorism.
And I've been harping on this because I know Afghanistan's a big distraction.
I know it's very interesting.
I know all this stuff's important.
But this is really what's happening.
And so you have to ask yourself, how are they going to get to the point of arresting anti-COVID measure protesters. They're gonna blow up a testing center
or shoot some people or do something violent or get some mentally ill person to do it and then say, "Okay,
anybody protesting this is a terrorist."
I mean, they've already done it. So clearly the false flag is the next card they're going to try
to pull. And we'll talk about that too next hour. And I'm glad that the boom operator, who's just as
smart as I am or smarter, reminded me about Kamala Harris because that's the rest of the equation
that I meant to get to at the start of the show today.
And that is that this is Kamala Harris and others getting rid of Biden.
This is the Obama faction that's come out and attacked Biden.
And this is Kamala that's come out and attacked Biden.
This is Kamala that refused to be on the stage with Biden.
And so everybody wants to blame Biden.
I'm not defending Biden.
He's a puppet who has Alzheimer's and dementia.
So it's the same corrupt globalist that 100% engineered this where the Afghan Air Force was ordered to stand down, all of it, because Biden is out to lunch.
And that's perfect.
How are they ever going to get rid of Biden?
You're seeing how they operate.
You're seeing what they do.
And it's just totally despicable.
And they're going to end up throwing Kamala under the bus as well.
They want to denigrate the presidency.
They want to denigrate all of these institutions.
This is about demoralizing us.
So here is the guy that went to the Martha's Vineyard party with a thousand plus people where there was no vaccine testing and no vaccine passports.
He was on the show last night.
So I watched part of it this morning and he said, Oh, you got to have a COVID pass.
You got to have the vaccine to be here at this venue, at this famous theater.
But then he's at Martha's Vineyard.
He doesn't need a passport.
Because he's a globalist.
He flies around on private jets.
While he tells you, you can't have an air conditioner.
Obama went to Africa and said, you can't have cars or air conditions.
The earth will burn up.
Notice he talked to the Africans like they were stupid.
You don't get air conditioner or car.
Earth burn up if you do, he said.
It's all sick.
It's all just a bunch of corrupt con men and pedophiles ruling over us and we just put up with more and more and more and more.
And when they couldn't suck 2.2 trillion dollars out of Afghanistan anymore because the troops wanted to come home.
And now it's time for China.
We've modernized the country.
They can come in and get all the rare earth minerals now.
It's time for us to go, so of course it's done in a big, humiliating way.
Everything they do is to do that.
My God!
The CIA runs Antifa, runs the universities.
And what do they say?
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
Their whole thing is America sucks, and white people are bad, and George Washington's evil.
This is a takeover by globalists.
And it'll enslave everybody, no matter what color you are.
So we need governors and legislatures and others and pastors and anybody that's prominent, but also just grassroots people to push hard for an awakening, to go speak at your city council, your county commissioners, your school board, to go speak at your legislature, to go knock on doors, to get aggressive in a legal, lawful way to say this is BS and call out the gaslighting.
Our will will be next year, we're already going to have lockdowns again under other names.
All the countries are already locking down, but they're going to do it full bore for the election next year.
It'll be called a civil emergency, but it's going to be martial law.
And again, those of us that are in opposition to it, we're being labeled officially under U.S.
policy as the terrorists, and the army's being brought home for us, as I said on Sunday, and as I said yesterday, I said as the empire, that was the headline for the show, as the American empire collapses, the military's brought home to oppress us, just like the Taliban's going and taking all the guns from everybody in the country for control.
Same story happening again.
Here it is.
We've had troops there for 20 years.
They fought.
They sacrificed.
Their families sacrificed so that we wouldn't have a terrorist attack in America planned in a foreign country.
Why should our soldiers be fighting radicals in a civil war in Afghanistan?
We've got our own on Capitol Hill!
Then Biden pointed out...
Then Biden pointed out the U.S.
did everything we could for the Afghans.
We gave them every tool they could need.
We paid their salaries, provided for the maintenance of their Air Force.
We gave them every chance to determine their own future.
We could not provide them was the will to fight for that future.
Just a thought.
Maybe we should have checked with the Afghan army if they had the will before we gave them the tools and the weapons.
Because now the Taliban has the will and the weapons.
And the former Afghan army soldiers are at home rubbing Miracle-Gro on their face trying to squeeze out a beard by dawn.
In the end, Biden argued that whenever we pulled out, the Taliban would have taken over.
Yeah, the Taliban's mostly peaceful.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
Toll-free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
Zach, Mike, Clarence, Tim, Boogeyman, we're going to all of you on the other side of this break.
Separately, I want to thank listeners for keeping us in the fight.
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And there was a bunch of disinfo on Instagram and on Facebook and everywhere of them trying to create infighting and stuff that Alex Jones didn't go to the Cyber Symposium conference because it was such a disaster.
Well, A, I didn't think it was a disaster.
I actually watched a lot of it.
I didn't watch most of it live, but I watched a lot of it taped.
I taped it, recorded it, and B, the flight got canceled.
The engine had a problem and then we were having trouble getting more flights because I only had time to go there on the Wednesday and then be there Thursday and come back.
It was only Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, so I was going to go for Wednesday and Thursday but only be there at night on Wednesday and then be there Thursday then come back on Friday.
I had a flight at like 5 30 in the morning to try to fly back as well and the plane broke and then they couldn't get us another plane except one was gonna you know go to like some other town in Illinois and then go here and I'd be there like 10 o'clock at night and as much stuff's breaking down and things going on I just said that's it I'm not going.
But oh, Jones cancelled.
He cut and run because the thing was a disaster.
It was not a disaster.
It was very, very successful.
And it has been noted by some leftists out there, finally they said something true, that oh, Jones didn't point out to Lindell that the same guy that conned him conned Alex.
And that's actually true.
Me and Arpaio.
And I said, I know this is bad.
I know he's being set up.
I told him on air, I told him off air, and he would not listen to me.
And that's okay.
Because I get it.
I've been conned by the same person.
You live, you learn, ladies and gentlemen.
The evidence of the algorithms and the numbers and the stuffed ballot boxes and how the Democrats knew they had a red mirage for Trump.
They were going to supply whatever number they needed later into the machines at the point and his engineers were great people and told Lindell all of that.
Lindell fixated on the Q people, and they beat us again, folks.
I mean, those damn Q folks are serious psychological warfare experts, and they are working for the other side, and they come to you with BS, like, oh, here's the file.
Here's the total file that is going to show all the proof of all the files that they stole it, and the Dominion ran it from the top.
And then it's just a computer gif of some random numbers.
It wasn't even real.
And then, oh, the guy that gave it to him had a stroke and couldn't be there.
And it's just the same story.
People want news that's too good to be true.
Instead of, the Democrats told us what they were going to do.
They said, it'll look like Trump wins, but the next few days we'll win because we've got the mail-in ballots.
And they were going to produce whatever fraud they wanted and then feed them into the machines at the retail level.
And I saw the media immediately try to make it about machines, and I saw groups try to get me on the machines, and I did a little bit, and then I went, wait a minute, listen.
4chan, 8chan, all of it, ladies and gentlemen, is the equivalent of black magic.
It's voodoo.
It always ends bad.
Are there folks on there that are nice?
Does some good come out of it?
But at the end of the day, the real operatives running those things have set us up over and over again.
I mean, we have the WikiLeaks proof of pedophile rings and Aleister Crowley rituals.
100% proof.
They diverted from New York to D.C.
to a pizza place to distract us onto that.
We took the bait, they set us up again.
They do it over and over again.
Where do you think the original Sandy Hook stuff came from?
These people.
And so I've just, I've learned who they are.
The Q thing, all of it.
And so that's what's happening, is anything esoteric you can't trust.
You know who people are, what's going on, they have a track record.
If not, they're going to burn you.
But Wendell is a man in the arena, that's okay, he's going to learn now.
The globalists can only take over if you let them take over, if you follow their illegal orders.
And so I'm going to go to your phone calls right now from veterans of the Afghan war to give their take on the situation and what they witnessed and where they see all this going.
But it's right here in the news.
It's not even hidden that Obama has been bashing Biden.
Also, Kamala Harris wouldn't be seen on stage with him.
She's been bashing him.
She's talked, it's in the news, about 25th Amendment for Joe.
They did all this on purpose to maneuver him and have another constitutional crisis and just get you used to lockdowns and crises and new presidents and weird elections and mail-in ballots just to, again, condition you to accept all the craziness that they are now carrying out.
This is all psychological operations.
Shade war.
Big Jamie White article.
Kamala Harris reportedly discussed 20th Amendment after refusing to stand with Biden during Afghanistan speech.
That is up on InfoWars.com.
And then I've got the articles here about what's happening there.
The big takeaway is...
They got all the biometric databases of the Afghan government, so now they know where everybody's at, where they are, who to go round up.
They're face scanning people at checkpoints now, using the same IDs that were used to, quote, fight Al-Qaeda and ISIS against everybody, which shows how dangerous these technologies are.
Taliban immediately moves to confiscate firearms from civilians, saying, we will protect you now.
No one is allowed to have guns but us.
The Democratic Party agrees with the Taliban big time.
Biden authorizes $500 million for Afghan refugees while Macron worries about 3 million people flooding Europe.
He worries?
Because he wants replacement migration.
Unbelievable photo shows hundreds of Afghans escape Taliban aboard a USC-17.
Nightmare images.
And people hanging off the wheels as they take off and then falling to their deaths thousands of feet.
But don't worry, the Pentagon's got a new enemy, it's the American people.
They're all over the news and they're prepared for war with us.
And you know why they can beat us?
Because we are compliant and we bow down to authority and we bow down to clown outfits.
I respect veterans and I respect the military.
You gotta have uniforms to know who's who, but these generals and their outfits and you've got this idiot defense secretary that wears these Darth Vader outfits now, with these big face masks on.
I mean, it's all a virtue signaling joke.
These people are a joke to demoralize and destroy our military and destroy our country.
And if we just wake up and refuse the new world order and refuse the UN and refuse the WTO and the IMF and refuse all their fear, Hey, how's it going?
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate you guys' time.
Save the country and lead the world out of the collapse into evil.
But right now that's not happening.
America's got to be taken down so the new world order can take over.
Remember, this is a spiritual battle.
All right.
Thank you for holding.
Thank you for calling.
Zach in Missouri, Army on Afghanistan.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going?
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate you guys this time.
Thank you, brother.
Yeah, I was active Army machine gunner in 2011 in Afghanistan on the Pakistan border.
Yeah, medically slash honorably discharged, still trying to adjust fire back at home.
But what's going on in our country is it's pretty crazy.
Thank you for covering it.
Everybody needs to really wake up and understand what's really going on.
And if you may not agree with the war in Afghanistan, it did keep the fight over there.
What the Taliban are doing right now, taking civilian guns and doing things like that, that's exactly what we stopped them whenever we were there.
As we would clear khalats, go into villages, conduct KLEs, Key Leader Engagements with the elders, trying to figure out what they needed.
We let them have their weapons.
We let them have their gun with some ammunition.
It wasn't... What we're seeing now is the same thing we're seeing over here.
They've been taking our guns for a long time.
They're doing it over there a lot quicker.
But the administration's doing now, it's sad.
You know, we all know that he won and everything changing from their turn to try to ruin the country with the term that they have.
Biden's not running anything.
We all know that.
It's a joke.
And the way they're making people sick with all this stuff, with these lockdowns, it's coming here.
And the biggest slap in the face that us veterans don't want to see is Americans not standing up for themselves.
In the ways they should, banding together in the right kind of ways, peacefully, putting information out there that's irrefutable, and everybody needs to do it.
I mean, that's classic communist propaganda to turn black against white and vice versa.
And what do you make of the official terrorism directive of the White House, now the Pentagon and CIA, FBI, all of it, that it's basically people that question the election and people that question future lockdowns, which we know are coming.
And they actually are wanting to use the military at emergency camps.
They're already establishing them as we speak.
I mean, this is very dangerous.
That's why they're having the litmus test of the military, asking people if they're loyal to the globalists.
They're trying to see who's actually a patriot or who's going to be a sheep and follow along and get their little crumbs and go to their cage nice and quietly.
You know, it's that without the cage.
They're already making the lockdowns mandatory, like you're talking about.
People can't even talk to their neighbors in other countries.
The Gestapo's here.
It's just in a completely different form.
And it's really scary, you know?
You know, for a gentleman like me in my 30s, that is, I went to war, couldn't serve anymore because, you know, my body was just, it was used up.
You know, hips, neck, back, over 100% disabled after I got out, after it was all said and done.
I'm still able to do more here, you know.
You're right, brother.
This is the main assault.
And overall, Obama funded the Arab Spring and Al-Qaeda and ISIS to take over Syria, Libya, and Egypt.
That's why they're doing this.
Instead of having a good drawdown and an air force and then not letting the Taliban take over immediately, they did this to embarrass Biden in a spectacular feat.
This is all, this is all Obama and the Globalists 100%.
I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
All right, up next, let's go ahead and go to the next person in the order they were received.
Let's go to Clarence in Wisconsin.
Yeah, can you hear me, Alex?
I can, brother.
Thank you.
Well, my phone's going dead here.
My battery's low and I'm going to try to get to my talking point as quick as I can, Alex.
Say, I misunderstood you when I was listening to you that it was Iraq Afghan veterans, but I'm a Vietnam War veteran.
My brothers and my sisters and my warriors, Keep your heads up high.
Trust me, we are with you.
All of us warriors are with you.
And I want to say this also.
It is time for veterans.
It is time for us veterans.
We've got to be heard.
And I believe we need a march to Washington, D.C.
and let them know where we stand.
We need to be heard.
I am so sick and tired of this Estrada and Austin and Honore and Millie and this Blanken.
These guys are nothing but a bunch of clowns.
And as far as these conservatives in Washington, D.C.
and these Republicans or the There comes a newness, and McCarthy, and McConnell, and Graham, and Cotton, and Chavis, and Kennedy, and Collins.
You guys better get your act together too, because I'm sick and tired of you.
You better get this country together.
I've had it.
So I do want, I absolutely want to see us veterans.
We need to go to Washington.
We need to do a march and let them know that we are sick and tired of this and we need to be heard.
Thank you Alex for getting me on air.
Absolutely, brother.
Let me just say this.
We had a million people in D.C.
A few hundred got provocateur-ed to break into the building to make us all look bad.
I agree that we need to start demonstrating again and not be intimidated by the fact that they're going to try to lead us into violence.
We just have to expose it each time they do it and not get suckered in the next time.
But yes, General Honore, who ran the gun confiscation in Mississippi and Louisiana, is running the national plan for civil war and gun confiscation.
They admit And so just imagine this guy is literally quarterbacking this attack, and he's supposedly an African-American.
Looks like he's about 90% white.
But they have him so when he's running martial law, if you fight back, you see you're attacking a black man.
See how the globalists hide behind this stuff?
It's ridiculous.
I appreciate your call, sir.
All right, we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back with Boogeyman.
Then we're going to go to Tom and Mark and Devin and many, many others, 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX on this live Tuesday, August 17th, worldwide broadcast.
Very honored to take your calls and get your take on the situation, but we know what's happening.
All part of destabilization.
Now they'll make trillions more countering the Taliban problem.
They just reinstalled again.
They did it in the 80s.
They did it in the 90s.
They did it in the 2000s.
They did it in Syria a few years ago.
Now they're doing it again.
This is like the fifth time.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm going to write back to your phone calls.
The next segment I'm going to pop into these articles.
Another leftist do-gooder has been caught in a COVID false flag.
Another Jussie Smollett has been discovered.
This lady is a white woman.
And another lady, Belgian poet, people must accept that pedophilia resides in each of us.
No, lady, it doesn't reside in me.
I'm not attracted to children.
And I'm not attracted to you either.
You're like a damn space alien.
I'm attracted to women that look like Marilyn Monroe.
I like them real big and juicy.
To quote Sir Mix-A-Lot.
That is my song.
Baby got back.
No, we're not like you.
I don't want to have sex with kids.
I have zero attraction to children other than wanting to teach them and educate them and think they're cute and hug them.
You damn pervs.
That's coming up.
All right now, who's up first here?
That'll be Boogeyman in FEMA Region 7.
Hey, Alex.
Pleasure to talk to you, brother.
Good to talk to you.
So you were Army.
You want to talk about on Afghanistan.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was an infantryman in the Army for 10 years, served in Pactica Province, Gosney Province, I've been all over that place.
This fiasco right now, it's simply meant to demoralize the vets.
Because they know that we are the most dangerous people in the country right now to the globalists.
They know that.
And it's just to continue to break us down mentally, and try to make us give up more hope.
You know, we already know what we've lost over there, we already know The demons we all came back with, that we fight with every day since we've come home, they know that's already a mental battle we struggle with.
And anything they can do to further that mental demoralization, they're going to do it.
And it's just a long, you know, you mentioned in the previous segment, you said they stated they're prepared for war with the American people.
No, they've started a war with the American people.
They've already started it.
They're not prepared.
They're starting it.
They've already started it.
They're waiting for us.
They're trying to force our hand to doing something violent.
That's why... How do you get the most dangerous population to fall?
You vaccine... The first government organization to be mandated for vaccine was the VA.
So all of the doctors and all the nurses and everything in the VA start dying off and then you've got more than 22 plus a day that's going to kill themselves because those are the guys that rely on that organization for that treatment.
That's how you, that's how you, and then on top of mandating vaccines for all of the people around us, when we start watching our loved ones die and the people that we care about die, that's what the mentality of a soldier, Marine, I don't care what you are.
A warrior's mentality, the reason we went to Afghanistan is we don't like seeing people oppressed.
We're not bullies.
We want to help people that can't.
I agree, and what you're saying is genius, and I'll hold you over to me because I want you to have some time here to say this, Boogeyman, you're laying it out.
I normally know how their psyops works so I can trick my mind and not let it get me down, but watching them do this, it's even getting me down now.
I can't believe they're so evil, and I can't believe they're getting away with it, and I can't believe the bullying and oppression, and then I get mad at myself, and I'm not calling for violence, but as a man, I mean, I'm dreaming about it, I'm having real problems, like I'm a bad person.
I feel like I'm bad for the first time in my life that I'm not doing enough.
Does that make sense?
That's why they're so good at this.
This is why I worked with Stuyopson when I was deployed.
I know what they're good at.
I know how they... The government is perfect.
This is their nom de plombe.
This is their bread and butter.
If they can't get us physically, they can easily, easily hit us mentally, especially those of us that have already taken a mental hit, that are already questioning... You know, there was always a phrase that said, you know, about when we talk about the stuff that we had to do over there and the stuff that we saw over there and, you know, all that.
The response is, when a lot of us, I'm not a religious person myself, but when preachers and stuff would say, hey, you just got to talk to God, you got to ask God, talk to God, our response is, God can't forgive everything.
Because the stuff that we did, the stuff that we had to do, the stuff that we went through, is some stuff that you can't forgive yourself for, and you... I'm trying not to cut, sorry, I'm getting really emotional.
You know That a higher power is going to, you know, in itself look down on you on that.
But to get back to what I was saying about our mentality, the anti-bully, the protector mentality that we have, this was our mentality of what made us go in the first place to a country we've never been to, people we don't know.
When you start injecting the people around us and our loved ones start falling from it, That's when you really, really start awakening the beast.
I have to go first thing in the morning.
I told your call screener this.
First thing in the morning, I took off work because I have to take my beautiful 39-year-old wife and the mother of my children, and I got to take her to get a hysterectomy tomorrow morning because she's been bleeding since the hospital that she works for mandated that she get that stupid clot shot.
See now, here's the thing, brother.
It's come home to you.
They knew in the studies, they did it on purpose.
They've now assaulted your wife.
What do you think the PSYOP is?
Are they trying to start a civil war with us?
What are they doing?
They started a civil war.
Right now it's just not hot.
They're waiting for us.
And what is going to happen, like you said before, and I'm not, you know, I'm not saying that you are instigating this by any means, But the phrase that you always said, they wanted to fight, you better believe they're going to get one.
If they, when this starts happening and the loved ones start falling and we start watching our families fall, then you're going to have to change the InfoWars bumper from, if you're listening to this transmission, you are the resistance.
Hell no.
If you're listening to this transmission, you are the reckoning.
And that's what we're going to become.
I just know this, in all the studies, it attacked the uteruses of rats.
And they study rats because we're similar to them, and they knew this, and yeah, hysterectomies, they say, are off the chart.
Women, did your wife take the Pfizer or the Moderna?
Her, her parents, all of them.
They used to be, I fought with them all the time.
All the time.
It was a constant fight, and I warned them, I warned them, I warned them, they didn't listen.
They followed, they thought the medical gods that were leading them, They followed their advice.
They did all of the stuff that they were supposed to do like good little sheep.
And now she's paying a price for it.
She's constantly coughing.
I really like Roger Stone, but I learned about his wife literally swole up a week after she got the second Pfizer shot.
And then they said, that's cancer.
And they admit the vaccine caused it.
And we're not supposed to talk about this.
I mean, I wasn't told that in confidence.
I learned about it from somebody else.
I'm going to talk about it.
And I'm sorry if she doesn't want that out.
But I mean, it's like this Stockholm syndrome.
So wait, now your wife's coughing all the time?
Yeah, she's also coughing on Smoker.
Coughing all the time.
And I keep telling her, she's like, oh, it's just allergies.
I'm like, it's not allergies.
You've been doing it all the time.
It's growing prions.
And I'm going to get a bunch of doctors on this week and next week.
There's a lot of things that are known to counter prions that we're going to be talking about.
For everything they hit us with, there's things that respond, unless it's like radiation.
You know, if you inhale particles of plutonium, you know, you're going to die.
But when it comes to the spike protein, there's going to be ways to stop it.
But wow.
So is your wife awake now?
Yeah, she's awake now.
And before they mocked me, they joked about me, you know, saying I was, you know, all the name your term.
And now, all of her hospitals, and she even will tell you this, the hospitals are not overrun, because there's too many patients, the hospitals overrun because the nurses and doctors are leaving in mass.
When she said she sent me a text a couple weeks ago, while I was at work, she sent me a text and said, Do you still have access to that Dr. Francis Boyle statement to give the employer?
Hold on, don't hang up.
Let's talk about that when we'll go to everybody else.
To Mark and Casey and Tom and Rick and Darren and Honey and everybody else.
Stay with us.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
we're here live.
Wow, incredible times.
They wanted us off the air a long time ago, but thanks to you and all your support, we're still here.
Punished and definitely scarred, but stronger than ever, thanks to your prayers.
All right, I'm going to go back to this caller and then I'm going to hit a couple news articles and go right back to your calls after that.
But this Tennessee head official that was over the vaccine rollout and wants endless masks, she said somebody mailed her a dog muzzle.
It turned out she had Tennessee Homeland Security investigate.
And they subpoenaed Amazon, and it was her credit card, and her card, and her order, and her cookies, and she got it delivered to her house.
Probe Finds Evidence Fired Tennessee Vaccine Official Bought Dog Muzzle Sent to Her, but why is it a perfected version?
She wants a dog muzzle on your kid.
She wants a face diaper on you.
She wants you to take a deadly experimental shot.
And then she stages a false flag on herself.
And is dumb enough to then call the state police to investigate it, and they went and investigated it, and it was her.
These people never stop, man.
And, you know, she's white, so I can say she did a false flag.
When the black folks do it, liberals, oh, you're being racist.
No, everybody does false flags if they're leftist.
They do it over and over and over again.
So I guess I kind of already covered that.
But let's go back to Boogie Man in FEMA Region 7.
Boogie Man, finish up your point.
You were getting into your wife's got to have a hysterectomy now.
She was a nurse forced to take the deadly clot shot, as you call it.
And then you were going to finish up with something.
Yeah, what I was saying is before she before she started realizing
that I was actually telling her the truth, I wasn't just being ridiculous.
A lot of the doctors.
We're getting having issues with the mandating thing that they were going to have to take this vaccine or quote
unquote vaccine.
So I get a text from her a couple weeks ago saying all the doctors are getting ready to leave.
Do you still have access?
Because I told her before about Dr. Francis Boyle's statement that he had made and prepared for people to take to their employer.
About the you know, violation of the Nuremberg Code and everything else.
And she just kind of rolled her eyes when I first told her about it.
Well, she texted me a couple weeks ago saying, these doctors, which all of them I know, these are all friends of mine, these doctors want to know if you can send them that link for the, uh, for Dr. Francis Boyle's, uh, violation of, uh, Nuremberg Code statement that he can give, that they can give to the hospital administrators.
So they are all waking up now.
They're all starting to realize, there are good doctors still out there that all realize that this is absolute crap.
And now I'm having to do this same fight for my daughter, who works at the same place, at the same hospital.
They're trying to mandate it to her who has already had COVID and who also has a blockage in her lung.
A pulmonary blockage.
Oh my God.
And if she dies, they won't care.
I mean, these people are like mindless zombies.
But again, they're not making the White House take it.
They're not taking the CDC officials take it.
No doctors I know would dare take it.
This is just total insanity.
Well, God bless you, brother.
And I'm sorry to hear about your wife.
And man, that's just terrible.
There he goes.
Yeah, that's what I'm seeing everywhere.
And I know people.
That are like 80 years old and get the shot and they start having a menstrual cycle, or young women just keep bleeding and bleeding and bleeding, and now they want to give this to our children?
Because you know what the virus shell, it's a very fast growing protein, is the same chemical compound as, and that is the endometrium.
And so I didn't, I'm not a doctor, but I've studied all this.
I was going to ask him, so your wife has really advanced endometriosis or what is it?
And what happens is you take these shots and your body just goes completely crazy and starts attacking itself and having autoimmune responses and other things inside the lining of the uterus.
And again, for folks that don't know, that's not blood when a woman has her menstrual strackle that comes out.
It's a blood product, but it's basically like fertilizer.
So that the, so the egg that's been fertilized by the sperm can nest and get enough Nutrients right out of that, right out of that protein crystal structure, that's vitamins basically, supercharged vitamins, to then grow a tentacle into the side of the uterus and start the placenta.
That's how this works.
And so we looked at it early on and Wolfgang Woodard, the top scientist in Germany, all of them, the top scientist, top advisor of the EU, he's ignoring, said this is going to attack the zygote attaching To the side of the uterus wall, because the way this vaccine looks like, it's going to attack that product.
So, remember, they picked a virus that's got the same protein as a woman's menstrual cycle.
What's fast-growing?
A woman's menstrual cycle.
What's fast-growing?
A virus.
It's the same protein.
So a woman grows that every month so that then she can release eggs, and if she gets pregnant, I know everybody knows this, but folks, this is just so damn evil.
And when you look at this weapon, it just hits everything.
It reminds me of Bill Gates and the UN project in the mid-90s where they added a female hormone that's released in the second trimester only.
Without that hormone being released, the baby will be miscarried.
They added that female hormone to the tetanus shot so the body then became an autoimmune response to that hormone and would attack the baby.
And we're talking violent, bloody miscarriages.
Babies just eaten alive.
The body would just eat the baby.
And the reports were just hideous.
And a lot of times it would kill the women.
It was so violent.
And it would end up attacking, again, the lining of the uterus.
Just a real mess, folks.
A real mess.
And that's another gift from the U.N.
So, you just can't make this up.
Can't make this up.
The same damn proteins in your arteries, it's in your lungs, it's all over your damn body.
Oh, God, I'm in.
All right, who's been holding the longest?
Let's go ahead and talk to Tom in Texas.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
My fellow gladiator in the arena.
Good to be with you again.
Listen, this Afghanistan situation, of which I'm still an active duty member, having served in Afghanistan during Operation My Want, This is really meant to destroy the image of the United States projection of power on a world stage, demoralize the United States in front of every other country in the world.
That's right, and then NATO, I'm going to say it now, NATO's going to rush back in in a year or so and be the savior.
Well, Taiwan is going to be the next domino to fall, so keep your eye on that.
Now, as it relates to everything else that's happening, this demoralization combined with the 24-hour-a-day psychological operation for COVID is meant to demoralize the country.
This is right out of Yuri Bezmenov's playbook, and it's happening.
To the entire country at the same time.
Their war game is to use that psychological operation combined with a form of counterinsurgency so that they can have an action already in place for our anticipated reaction and their heavy artillery is being moved into place.
Their heavy artillery is going to be vaccine mandates and vaccine passports and mandatory shots.
Once that moves into place, They are literally going to carve this country up and pound it into submission.
And I will tell you, information does not win wars.
Action on information Wins wars.
And until the general public decides to action a lot of this information, and I know you keep asking, what can we do?
If you cannot develop the motivation to cancel your Netflix membership, to stop shopping in these big box stores, and stop feeding this beast your money and your economic production, this is not going to stop.
It is going to continue, and they're going to be emboldened, and they're going to put a knife to your throat, and they're coming for your kids, and they're not going to stop until they get them.
Well, Tom, your amazing calls.
Don't hang up.
I'm going to come back to you.
I'm going to get the KC and everybody else that's holding.
But you're dead right.
This is a foreign, outside, multinational behavioral psychology operation.
And because none of the globalists feel any heat like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, they're going to continue on.
That's why my main mission has been to expose them, and they've had some heat.
That's why Gates has been pulled back.
But I want to get your ideas on how we peacefully counter this now while we still can.
But they are coming at us with violence.
They're saying we're terrorists.
They're preparing to false flag and blame us so they can literally declare war on those of us that don't take their deadly shots.
But they've got a big problem in that Around the world and here so many people are waking up to how bad these injections are.
They got a real problem.
I mean, Australia is still at 24% injected.
Think about that.
That's why they're still under lockdown.
Welcome back.
Alex Jones Show, going right back to your phone calls.
I have a special guest that's coming up in about 15 minutes to the next hour, but I'll continue with your calls until then.
And we had Lieutenant Colonel Schaefer got interviewed by a great reporter, and that's going to be, we're going to air about four minutes of that, but it's the full interview, 20 minutes long, on what happened in Afghanistan.
It's very, very informative.
That's up on InfoWars.com, like I just said.
But I meant to play this at the very start of the broadcast today, but I didn't get around to it.
But I'm glad that I waited until towards the end to do it, because now we've got an article on InfoWars.com about it.
Watch Australian health minister announce 24,000 students will be injected in stadium without parental supervision.
Now I went and did some studying this morning when I saw this like 6 a.m.
when I first saw it.
This guy, a month ago, remember we played the clip where he goes, okay, big deal, get over it.
We injected a bunch of kids at schools without parental consent.
So now they're just going to take them from schools and do it and say if the child wants it, it's okay.
So they're getting in between parental consent, just like the pedophiles are doing.
And I've got a whole article on that with this, you know, big European liberal poet saying pedophilia is basically not a bad thing.
I mean, these people want to wreck innocence, ladies and gentlemen.
They are the scum of the earth.
So here is the clip.
Australian politician told parents that 24,000 children would be ushered into a stadium and receive an experimental shot.
This is New South Wales Minister for Health and Medical Research, Brad Hazard.
Perfect name.
The guy's a hazard to freedom.
Here he is.
I want to stress that to the mums and dads, your children will be well looked after inside when they arrive.
They'll be literally ushered.
We'll have nurses, we'll have some of the youth command, we'll have some of the young police from the various operations within police there, just to guide them through.
as to where they go, they'll be looked after every moment inside the stadium
and they'll be well cared for, so mums and dads feel secure.
We've got about 24,000 students we're aiming to get through next week.
The messages will come out this week and the opportunity is there, but really you've got to take
it, grasp it with both hands.
I know if you talk to any of our Olympians, I'll tell you, you've just got to grasp opportunity
and this is an opportunity, so don't waste it.
This is wonderful.
The Youth Command.
Now they've got like a Hitler Youth over in Australia.
And they're the model, folks.
That's all already coming here.
Canada's still under lockdown.
Good God, these people are criminals.
And then remember, every year you get a new shot, it doesn't work, it kills you, but it's so much fun.
Ask our Olympians, they love it.
Oh, like Craig Jones, number two grappler in the world, probably number one grappler now, because his partner is retiring.
He took the Pfizer and almost killed him.
He's Australian, by the way.
He can't even go home and see his family or he'll be locked up when he gets there in a COVID quarantine camp.
Even though he took the shot, they don't care.
Tom in Texas on Foreign Psy-Op at the Globalist, you're a smart guy.
How do we counter this?
Just your ideas for victory.
I mean, I think we just come out and recognize it's a foreign takeover and the government's been seized and just tell everybody and stop complying.
Well, noncompliance has to be a part of the program going forward.
This is behavior modification training.
They are pounding you into submission, and I'm sorry, power cannot be negotiated with and power cannot be reasoned with.
Power only recognizes and respects a greater power.
So, the more you submit, and they're testing your resolve, when he talks about this as a great opportunity, He's saying this is a great opportunity for them to advance the needle by getting your children.
They know that if they come for your children and you don't put up a fight, you don't get any kind of motivation to get off your butt and fight this, that they're just going to roll right over you.
But real leaders that want to empower their people in the West has had both bad and good, but why is there such a blooming of evil leaders?
The whole globalist construct?
The whole globalist project?
Because that's their end goal.
Their end goal is to get rid of you.
You're the carbon footprint.
You're the person that they want to get rid of.
This is...
Very, very diabolical.
It is in lockstep throughout the world.
They've documented it.
You don't need any further proof.
You can type in three random numbers in the Google search engine and after those numbers put new cases and you're going to get a litany of new stories.
It doesn't matter what numbers you choose.
You can try it and you'll see that it's happening.
This is a psy-op, plain and simple.
They want your children because they want To have access into your family, into your home, set the precedent for taking control of your children, taking control of your progeny, that is taking control of your future.
By doing that, they're dominating you mentally, they're dominating you physically, and they know if you won't fight for your children, you won't fight for anyone else.
Absolutely, and I can hear you former Army PsyOps guys understand this.
Who are using truth to try to counter, you know, lies.
Now seeing what they call black propaganda being used.
And this is just monstrous.
And they're in on it.
Even now the mid-level people, they know this is a depopulation operation.
I found a lot of people join this just because they're so scared of it.
They've got to realize the only hope is not going along with this and saying no.
So I want to call this whole hour of calls I'm going to put your call, one of the earlier callers up front, I want to, like, former Army PSYOPs lays out the war on humanity, or what should we call this hour where this really is a biological war that's been declared on us by the globalists?
What should we call this hour?
So this is a path to action.
Folks have to boycott.
You have to take your money out of the system and stop feeding this beast.
You don't understand that.
What do we call, because, you know, a headline's half the battle.
What do we call all these calls?
What's the essence of what you're saying is, awaken, awaken to the globalist bio-war, or die?
I mean, or army psyops experts lay out the COVID takeover plan, or how to stop the COVID takeover plan.
What should the headline, I'm asking you, be for this hour?
So, PSYOP detail COVID action plan.
So, Army, former Army PSYOPs or your current Army PSYOPs details globalist COVID plan?
Their action plan.
This is their action plan.
And it's also our action plan going forward.
Because if we don't come together and we don't get, we don't come together with like-minded individuals, put our differences aside, and attack a common enemy, we're all done.
I totally agree.
God bless you, brother.
Let me just say this.
That's why I'm so freaked out.
Because, I mean, I'm a tough guy.
I can handle this stuff.
I knew it was coming.
But there's so many people getting cancer from these injections immediately that I know.
And they're all the same. None of them want to talk about it.
They took the shot and they're like, "Well, yeah, I got cancer right after, but..."
And it's in the literature too. And then the spike protein, I mean, this is just...
They actually did this. I mean, this is like...
Bigger... This is nuclear war.
But nuclear war would hurt globalists, so they did it through injections.
I mean, they did it.
They did it.
And they don't care if you're a cop or a firefighter or a sheet metal person or a farmer.
Who you are, they're doing it to everyone.
All these big globalist CEOs and people have been dying after the shots.
I mean, this is just a mass exercise in obedience.
All right, I want to jam in all these calls before the next guest host takes over, and I really appreciate them coming on.
We got Honey, he's been holding a long time.
We got Mark's up next.
I'm going to go to Mark in just a second.
I'm going to say this real fast.
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They planted a few setups on him to try to discredit it.
We just move forward.
He's on the show tomorrow.
Promo code Alex.
Up to 66% off.
We're going to keep fighting here.
We get stronger.
We keep fighting instead of giving up.
All right, let's go to...
Who is up next here?
That would be Mark in Tennessee.
Go ahead, Mark.
Hey, sir.
How's it going?
You're a former Army on Afghanistan.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I'm actually active duty.
I would like to start off, though, with what do you believe will happen to us, the soldiers in the Armed Forces, when we say no to the death vaccine and also the It's amazing, aren't they great people?
Let's talk about this.
I think that will probably lead to.
I also gotta point out, I'm really happy to hear all these other people talking out today,
or fellow military as well.
It's amazing, aren't they great people?
Let's talk about this.
I'm not a doctor, and so I'm not gonna try to sit there, and I'm not a lawyer, but I've got Dr. Francis Boyle,
who sued and got the last two anthrax rounds stopped in the '90s and in 2000.
And that's why the current law says they can't do this to you.
They're trying to trick you and say you violated a order.
So the order's got to be written and you've got to respond to the order back is what I've been told.
Boyle's either coming on Thursday or Friday.
He just got back from vacation in Illinois.
So we're going to get him on just about legality and the Nuremberg Code and stuff.
But you know, they want to trick you and they also want to trick Uh, the JAG officers, and they're going to try to find somebody who doesn't know what they're doing to burn them to scare the rest into it.
But if you know you're right, so this isn't a vaccine, this is experimental, then how is it applicable that you can take an approved vaccine?
You can force troops to take an approved vaccine.
That's the only group you can do it to.
There's been big problems with it, but that's there.
But it's been held that you can't do that.
With an experimental shot.
So this is not a vaccine.
So when they're using these definitions, it's like saying, you know, ABC, but this is XYZ.
It's a totally different thing.
And so it's going to be probably pretty easy to defeat if large cohorts keep refusing, which is critical.
We don't need you guys out of the fight.
Stay there.
I'm going to come right back and finish up with you, Mark.
And then more callers straight ahead.
Yeah, it's good to hear our people, isn't it?
There's a big article up on InfoWars.com.
It begins!
Pregnant mom complains doctor won't see her because she's unvaccinated.
Well, good.
Go have your baby at home.
Statistically, your child survives more often with a midwife than at the hospital.
I mean, that's just where this whole world is going.
Mark, finish up on the medical tyranny, your active duty army.
Other points you'd like to finish up with?
Yeah, I just want to add to what you just said about the anthrax shot.
How do you feel about... I read an article saying about how the FDA kind of fudged some things to try to push through the anthrax vaccine.
How do you feel like if they try to do that with this vaccine, say that it's not an unlawful order?
Well, I'm going from memory, but I don't think the anthrax ever got approval.
It got experimental approval.
Which again, you cannot force someone under the Nuremberg Code or common sense to take something that is experimental and not been tested.
So it's extremely immoral.
God bless you, brother.
Great point.
And we're going to get Dr. Boyle on about that very soon.
We're working on it right now.
Okay, up next.
Let's go ahead.
And who's been holding longest now here?
Let's go to Tim.
Tim in Canada.
Go ahead.
General caller on vaccine passports.
Go ahead.
I'm calling from the great up north.
Yes, sir.
I'm calling about the vaccine passports in Nova Scotia.
It's called the Scotia Pass, and the Liberals have proposed to get that through, and they obviously want it through because, oh, we're going to consult with Dr. Strang, which is our top doctor in Nova Scotia, but we're going to put it through.
We're going to put it through, and it's like, yeah, okay.
So, basically, if you don't have the pass, well, if you have the pass, it's used for restaurants, it's used for shopping.
That's absolute 1984 crazy.
An experimental shot that doesn't protect you, that causes it to slough off and make you sick, and does all this crap with liability protection that you've got to have this app to go in there.
I mean, this is maximum tyranny.
The end game goal, you've got to have a phone to leave your house or go anywhere.
What a sick joke.
The thing that's so messed up, even I went to see my doctor and he's like, you know, there's doctors here that are not going to be really seeing patients that are on their vaccine.
He's an MD.
And he said, I'll take you because you've been with me for a long time.
And I asked him, I talked to him about it.
He said, yeah, he said there's a two page waiver to take the vaccine.
And this is my doctor's word.
He's like, okay, I can't say the F bomb, but he's like, I'm not going to die from F and COVID.
Like he literally was like, like, like brainwashed by this.
And it was so sad.
He signed a two page waiver.
Can you imagine a liability waiver?
And he took the two doses and Well that's right, a lot of hospital groups make people sign a waiver, even though it's been given emergency authorization as liable protection, they still are worried because they know this is bad.
Did you hear all the people getting cancer after they take the shots?
I haven't really heard about cancer, but... Well that's what we're going to be talking about because, let me tell you, it's even in the news.
People are getting lethal cancer in like weeks after taking the Moderna or Pfizer shot.
I've heard of miscarriages from my best friend's fiance and they're having fertility problems.
I've heard my grandmother got a blood clot in two weeks in her leg after she got the vaccine.
Um, one of my aunts got it, and she doesn't stop coughing like the other caller said.
She always has this cough, and she won't admit that, you know, it's the vaccine.
Absolutely, growing prion crystals in her lungs.
Growing, growing, growing.
Again, what are they going to do when everybody that took the shots is dying?
Well, that's why they have them slough and create the protein for us, so we get sick as well.
But it looks like it's way worse when you have the shots.
The majority of the deaths and most of the hospitalizations around the world are the vaccinated.
So, folks, it's a war.
They came for us.
They want to exterminate us.
It's here.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
I'm going to go to break.
We've got a special guest host coming up, so I want to jam in.
Honey, and Casey, and Zach, when we come back in 60 seconds.
You have to understand, this isn't all the medical literature.
I saw a bunch of tweets.
People saying, oh, how does Jones think all these doctors would lie?
The majority of doctors you see out speaking out are saying this is all deadly and doesn't protect you.
We have the doctors and scientists.
You heard the callers earlier where like half the hospital quit over this.
That's in the news as well.
So this is not going well for the globalist folks.
They're just gaslighting us because the media is not reporting the fact that 20-some percent of Australia took the shot.
That's why they're under martial law.
Great job Aussies.
By the way, CNN concussed, all the mainstream media concussed.
That's right, all the major channels concussed because they're liberal.
And the CDC's put up billboards and signs in New York saying, take the effing shot.
And wear your effing mask.
I mean, you talk about Twilight Zone.
There's an article on Infowars.com about that, that, again, you should really, really, really go check out.
But right now, we're going to your phone calls, and then I'm going to cover that article.
Can we put that article on screen?
Because you guys, I saw it during the break.
There it is.
Get the effing vaccine.
Wear an effing mask.
No, no, we are going to show it.
The city of New York shows this.
We can't show the pedophile events that they have at public schools with five-year-olds in the laps of men with only glitter on their penises.
But then we're not supposed to show this on TV to people that they're showing on the sides of New York.
It's called documentary.
That's the same reason that when you tune into NPR they'll have cuss words on the tapes.
It's because it's for documentary reasons.
We have no rights in this country.
This is a perfect example of how Christians and conservatives are hamstrung by all the fake rules that are for us but not for them.
Leave it on screen right now.
So, that's what I'm talking about.
The article is on InfoWars.com.
That's what the government puts up in your face with a CDC symbol on it, trying to demand you do this, and then you're so Stockholm Syndrome, you're not even supposed to show it because it's got a cuss word on it.
But the government can do it.
See how that works?
Take that down now and pull up the article.
I'm taking over the whole hour, that's it.
I'm gonna listen to the whole thing.
Listen, I mean, here we are, ladies and gentlemen, dealing with the total takeover of civilization.
Total satanic takeover, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's just like in the great film and the great writers, Millis and others that wrote Apocalypse Now, that's based on a composite of true stories but also Heart of Darkness as the fiction component.
Where Colonel Kurtz is talking about, we drop napalm on villages of men, women, and children, but then the generals won't let them write the F word on the sides of the airplanes.
We can't write fuck on the side of the airplane, but we're going to drop napalm on children.
It's the same thing.
The CDC puts up gangster signs saying, you hear me?
You wear your effing mask.
You wear your effing, you take your effing shot.
But then on broadcast TV we're not supposed to show it.
But as I said earlier, CNN can show it.
Because they're the liberals!
They get to do whatever they want!
They get to boss you around!
They get to cuss!
Can we pull up the article please?
Of the big UN-supported liberal top laureate, you know, saying pedophilia is not bad and we're all pedophiles.
I mean, that's who these people are.
No, we're not all pedophiles like you.
I don't want to screw kids.
I'm not sexually attracted to children.
You are.
You're screwed up.
You need to kill yourself.
Seriously, you want to kill us?
You think there's too many of us?
How about you walk the plank, bitch?
How about that?
I'm not gonna hurt you.
You're a sack of garbage.
I would stomp on you if you're on fire.
Put the fire out.
The point is, is that you are a disease, you are a cancer, and you need to be stood up against.
All of these people.
Honey in Canada, I appreciate you holding.
Honey, go ahead.
Where are you, Alex?
Welcome, go ahead.
So Afghanistan, I do believe, would lead to stabilization in the area against Russia.
So Biden doesn't care if Taliban takes over because, you know, the more issues in the area, the better.
Russia is going to have to respond now.
Obviously, the Taliban is going to go for resources, probably in the Caspian Sea.
They want to get out of the mountains.
They're going to go for areas that are low population and then obviously instigate more violence
against the Russians, which will lead to more funding needed for NATO.
It's a good money scam.
There's disputed boundaries to Pakistan as well.
So by pulling out, the US pulled out of Afghanistan.
I'm pretty sure that's why the Pakistanis probably hacked, because they're good at that,
hacked all the US infrastructure and they probably will continue to because they're
pissed off.
There's a lot of resources over there as well.
Yeah, there's trillions and trillions in rare earth minerals.
So we just built the infrastructure for the CHICOMS to roll in and get it all.
Yeah, yeah.
So there's going to be lots of things in the area.
We're going to have to see.
The war is not over.
Afghanistan is bordering on Russia, basically.
They're going to take territory.
It's going to be World War III if that happens.
Well, you've got, you've got, I appreciate your call, thank you for holding.
Yeah, China's got attack ships and airplanes off Taiwan or Hong Kong threatening to invade because it's all signaling America is weak, America is weak, to try to get China to attack.
And this is just the total saw of the country and we've been overrun by Chinese agents and we're in so much trouble
But don't worry Stephen Colbert says thank God the troops came back from Afghanistan
Because they can fight the Tea Party and the insurrectionists now the left actually wants a war with the American people
They don't want prosperity. They want nothing Casey in Oregon that our guest house takes over and then Zach Casey
go ahead and Oregon Hey Alex you info warlord. It's a pleasure good to talk to
you You were a Marine, served in Afghanistan twice.
What's your take on this?
I just want all my brothers out there to know, like, this has been planned since at least 2011, that Trump was never supposed to win and get into office, and that this pullout in Afghanistan would have happened in 2017, under the first year of the Clinton administration.
My first deployment was Really gun-ho, lots of patrols, vehicle patrols, foot patrols, really taking the fight to the enemy.
And now I realize that that was just a regime change.
And on my second deployment, I was a dog handler, and my job in southern Afghanistan was just to search any vehicles that were coming into the base to drop off supplies.
And I was just a corporal in E4, so You know, I wouldn't have even seen this if I wasn't a dog handler searching at the gates for all the vehicles coming in.
And it struck me as odd.
Our chain of command came out, and the Connix Fox never made it to our side of the base.
It made it to the Afghan National Army's side of the base.
And they were passing out brand new factory-wrapped M16s and M4s to the ANA Army, which I just thought they were stupid, because Well, I had Marines in my unit that had M16s and M4s that were silver because all the bluing was worn off of them.
And it made sense to me that we were giving them, you know, up-armored Humvees and stuff like that because we had phased those out.
They were no longer effective.
They can't stop IEDs.
So it made sense to me.
But why give them the brand new rifles while we have rifles that are falling apart?
And now looking back and with the Fast and the Furious and the gunrunning in Syria, now I see that the chain of command was actually gunrunning to the enemy.
This was planned way back, I mean, that was in 2003.
That's right, they've been running, the criminals inside our government have been running radical Islamic groups in Saudi Arabia for over a hundred years.
It goes back to British intelligence.
Great points, thank you so much Casey.
Final call that our great guest host takes over, can't wait to hear from her.
Zach in Texas, you got a minute and a half, go ahead.
Yes, welcome.
All right, perfect.
So here's the deal, Alex.
20 years they've trained us over there to be experts in urban warfare.
And now, like you said last caller, Trump wasn't supposed to win.
But what they didn't count on is Trump winning, obviously reigniting patriotism.
Nobody's talking about the Chinese over there mining mass amounts of silver out of those mountains to go along with the opium trade and all that goodness.
And my biggest point today is for the caller that called in talking about his sins were too great to be forgiven.
That's not true.
The blood of Christ will wash away any sin.
No sin is too great.
The Father says that I will remember not your sin if you're washed in the blood of the Lamb.
And all of my brothers and sisters in arms need to know that.
And they need to remember that.
But here we are.
To me, I see the book of Revelation playing out in front of our very eyes.
So we just have to stay strong.
Stay faithful, protect ourselves, protect our family, and just do the best that we can to make it through, because the judgment of God is at hand.
And that's it.
And also, I'd like to plug a little bit.
I work for a company called Come and Plumb It!, and I would love to be your plumber, homie.
Love it, brother.
All right, Kate Daly is taking over katedalyshow.com.
She's ready the next 45 minutes.
Really appreciate her.
Then the War Room today, 3 p.m.
Central with the great Owen Schroer.
And then weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
Harrison Smith kicking butt.
8 a.m.
Central Standard Time to 11 a.m.
Three hours of live call-in as well with American Journal.
We'll be right back.
Hi there.
I'm Kate Daly from The Kate Daly Show.
Thank you, Alex.
And wow, how do I follow that?
Wonderful callers.
And we have chaos abroad.
We have chaos here.
I don't even know which one to focus on, to tell you the truth, folks.
And on my show today, I'm going to have to focus on both because both are so insane right now.
As far as Afghanistan goes, let me just say this.
These were my thoughts right out of the gate for Afghanistan.
And by the way, you can go to katedallyradio.com for more on all these subjects.
But I'll tell you what, these are the first things.
Number one, it dropped in the very week Mike Lindell did his symposium for the voting fraud.
So of course it has to drop in the very same week, so none of the media that was there, all the fake media, is not going to talk about it.
Secondly, is this theater chaos planned?
Of course it is.
They know exactly what they're doing.
I heard a sound clip earlier that said, oh, I don't know what, you know, we didn't know, we couldn't have, we couldn't have even foreseen this.
It's a joke.
It's a total joke.
So that's not the case either.
Also, planned chaos, what does that mean?
Well, are we trying to get a bigger presence there now to justify it?
Who knows?
Are they making more money off of the vaccines than they do the poppy fields?
That's a good question.
And, of course, it's changing the conversation.
So when it changes the conversation, we're not talking about why we were there for 20 years that felt like 50 years for no reason.
Now we're talking about how we're leaving.
And so it's chaos.
It's chaos.
And also I had this thought too.
Are they throwing Biden under the bus a little bit on this?
And the media is kind of jumping on a little bit, which never happens.
He's a bag of sand with eyeballs.
Never happens.
But are they doing this because when Kamala takes over, no one will miss him.
No one will miss him now.
But the media won't admit that.
So we have a lot going on overseas right now and the chaos and without without ISIS around to terrorize us that you know with their matching tennis shoes and their matching white outfits and Toyota trucks well now we're looking at a situation where they're building up the Taliban, right?
General Mark Milley was right on, I think it was CBS, talking about the fact that, oh hey, now that this is happening, we're going to have terrorists now from Afghanistan coming over here, providing us with terror attacks.
So are we going to get a whole bunch of false flags?
Well, it's a question.
It's a question.
I was on Alex's show for my husband.
He is doing great.
We had a situation in which we were in the hospital and had to absolutely change their protocol and refuse the ventilator.
And a lot of people are emailing me from all across the world with these same kinds of issues, but mostly doctors and nurses are telling me to keep talking about what happened to us in the hospital.
I almost feel like it was meant to be for the very reason that I can speak out about it, right?
And tell the truth about it.
And so, you know what?
Get that video and share it.
It will save a life and I'm getting a lot of videos or a lot of messages in my inbox that are all about, hey, my wife is saved and she's sitting on the bed 12 hours after changing the protocol and she's doing great and they're moving her out of ICU.
So, I love that.
Also, I want to give you a little bit of food for thought before I dive into a little bit of research for you that I think you're going to find a little shocking.
And when I say that, what I mean is this.
Let me give you some research I've done over the last 19 months.
What didn't happen last year that they never talk about?
Usually the media really kind of bypasses this subject and they don't mention the very things that usually pop out into the obvious, right?
So ask yourself this, why did they not build one single cemetery in the year 2020?
They didn't.
I know, see you get crickets when you say that because there was no cemetery added on to, no cemetery for the 500,000 extra dead.
Did they just pull from all the other categories and call it COVID?
All right.
And also, they spent less money than they did in 2019 on burial.
I looked into this.
I did the research.
I'm telling you, this is just, it's almost astonishing when you start thinking about this because we actually spent a million dollars less in 2020 than we did in 2019.
Also, Did you ever see the casket makers on TV asking for help because they could not build enough caskets because they couldn't get to everything?
No shortages there.
No homeless populations dying off.
No pets dying off.
All of them unmasked, obviously.
Not having access to breathing the same air we do.
No Amazon workers dying in large numbers or post office employees or Walmart workers, the only people that could.
Well, they were essential the whole time.
The reason I say these things is we're about to go into another lockdown.
I'll bet you.
And they're going to base it on this fake Delta variant that has no symptom list.
It has absolutely no test.
They have diagnosed the world with a Delta variant.
With absolutely no explanation at all.
And you're supposed to believe that.
You're supposed to believe that.
I don't believe it for a hot minute.
I know you don't either.
So, based on this, we do have people with pneumonia.
My other question was, is it Legionnaires?
Legionnaires is like an extreme pneumonia.
It doesn't have the crackling in the lungs.
It's just all the other problems.
There was an instance when swine flu came around in 1976, where all of a sudden, Legionnaires popped up at the same time.
Kind of interesting, right?
So I'm going to talk about a little bit of research with you, and I'm going to bring you into, because I just saw a headline on MSN, again, just pulling the 1918 flu out of the cobwebs to convince you that this COVID thing is 1918 all over again.
Well, I'm going to blow a hole right through that.
I looked into the newspaper archives.
I actually went back into the archives of 1918.
I looked at the numbers.
I went into the archives of 1940.
I went back to 1976.
I went back to the swine flu and I looked at the numbers that were being kind of heralded on CNN and how the numbers have changed.
And I want to share this with you because I think this is so fascinating.
Do they lie?
Of course they lie.
You know this, I know this.
Of course they do.
So I'm going to tell you exactly how they do it.
And it's actually really easy for them to do it, surprisingly.
That's what's so phenomenal about this whole thing.
We have been drug into a worldwide lie and we're not noticing this.
We're not seeing it.
COVID cannot be all things.
It can't be all flu, all cold, all respiratory, all pneumonia.
And when I was in the hospital with my husband who had pneumonia, if they would have just treated simple pneumonia, He would have been out just fine, right?
And he was.
That's what we did.
We undertreated rather than overtreated.
They have created a circus.
The CDC spends a lot of dollars giving them a big cushy paychecks for having people in the ICU that long.
So all I'm telling you is, look, we have, we have to go back into history a little bit, uncover the lies so that people can understand out there what we're facing right now.
They've done it before and now it's on steroids.
And I don't think the world is really getting it.
The reason I talk so much about COVID too on my show and have for 19 months is because you and I both know if they don't see through this, what else?
What's next?
What are we going to do to save this country?
They're still stuck on all of these lies and they think that they're selling them.
Well, let's blow some holes through the research, shall we?
I think we should.
And you know what?
This might be pretty surprising to you, too.
But this is how they did it.
You'll love it.
And we'll be right back, of course, after the break.
Again, thank you, Alex, for letting me guest host.
What a thrill, right?
And I'm Kate Dally from The Kate Dally Show, katedallyradio.com.
Hi there, I'm Kate Dally from The Kate Dally Show, your guest host today.
Happy to be here with you.
We have so much to talk about, don't we?
Chaos abroad, chaos at home, and something we've never seen before.
In fact, I've been doing radio for about a decade, and this last 19 months has been the hardest, most exhausting, It's the craziest, most insane part of this career, if you want to call it a career.
I was kind of dropped onto a station and had to kind of figure it out and I was a little bit of a neocon and then all of a sudden I had to start researching and researching and researching.
I still stay up to three in the morning researching.
All the time now.
So it's a little crazy.
But I want to share some things that I found with you that I think will be very beneficial for you.
There were two more things I wanted to mention that people don't ever talk about when it comes to the whole COVID narrative.
And that is a plague, an airborne plague, really is when 30 to 40 of your closest friends die around you and just drop dead.
That is an airborne plague.
It is not when you just know somebody that is sick in the hospital or you know somebody that has an issue going on.
That does not mean it's a plague.
But people out there have been trained by the mainstream fake news to think that they're in the middle of a plague all the time.
And with this 19 months, right?
19 months later!
Can you believe this?
Anyway, I thought we'd figure it out by now, but I guess not.
So, as a whole, I know you guys get it, but as a whole.
And so, I just wanted to say that just because I know somebody with cancer doesn't mean everyone who's got cancer is going to get it.
So, just knowing somebody is not a plague.
The other thing I wanted to mention is in the back of the CDC protocol that they give the hospitals, they name about four different vitamins and minerals.
This is really important because there are thousands and thousands of minerals and vitamins out there, right?
But they get to the very end of this report in the 341 pages of directive that they give the hospital.
And what's really interesting is they only name the four that really help in these situations.
For respiratory, right?
That really help with inflammation.
Vitamin C, zinc, and you know, you've got NAC, you've got vitamin D. They mention these things and they say, oh yeah, and they don't work, by the way.
Well, I went back into some research and back in 1948, doctors were discussing the fact that vitamin C
was actually one of the most powerful things you could give somebody with pneumonia
because it cleared up the inflammation quickly, right?
It really helped the body's own immune system.
And by the way, we don't have an immune system anymore, do we, according to everybody?
But we do, we do have an immune system.
So I just wanted to say that because it's like, they only picked out the ones that would work
and then they said insufficient data.
And then they said, and yeah, and don't look here, they don't work, crickets, yeah, they don't work.
So yeah, bypass these.
But why didn't they mention all the other thousands?
Just the ones that worked, right?
Anyway, so, I just, it was like, uh, I stole a cookie from the cookie jar.
No, I didn't steal it, but it's in my room.
You know, that kind of thing.
It's ridiculous, isn't it?
So, just, we have to call them on this kind of stuff.
So, I went back and I know that they always pull out 1918 flu every single time they want to scare us to death and promote fear porn in this country.
Well, I started doing some homework going back into the newspaper articles and you might find this pretty interesting.
I went back because right now, what is the narrative?
It is 50 to 100 million people died, okay, in 1918 and we can't have that again.
And then I thought, wow, 50 to 100 million.
That's a really broad number.
And also, where are they getting that number from?
So I started going back into the archives and each newspaper in the country, they weren't like, you know, mafia owned by back then.
So each newspaper would print, this is how many people died of influenza.
It wasn't even front page news.
It wasn't.
It was like second page news.
I mean, it wasn't like the biggest story in the world, like what we do to news right now.
But what's interesting about it was the numbers were much different.
One state said in the crux of it, which is just the fall of 1918, in the highest point, the entire state had 7,000 deaths.
Illinois had 22,000 deaths, okay?
They were at an all-time high in that.
And I'm not saying the deaths didn't happen, I'm saying the numbers have changed.
So, back in 1918, they were saying, oh hey, yeah, this was really prevalent in the fall, and then it started to disappear by that winter and spring.
Well, even with 46 cities reporting and counting overseas cases in the Buckland Herald in Missouri back in the day, back in 1918 in November, they said we had, you know, 82,000 out of all of it, okay?
So I think the numbers were much, much less.
And what's interesting about this is that if you jump ahead 13 years, let's go to a newspaper in 1940, 1941.
Right, you know, World War II.
They cited, they actually cited back to this era, to 1918 flu, and they upped the number.
To 10 million.
To 10 million people.
So I think we were actually around 200,000 deaths here in the United States, and that would be a high, high number.
That would be overestimating at 200,000, probably about 150,000.
But they said 10 million worldwide.
150,000 but they said 10 million worldwide. Then if you jump to let's say
1975 in 1975 Ford is president right and he was on a clip saying that the number
all of a sudden doubled to 20 million people that died in the 1918 flu.
20 million.
Wait a minute.
How did it go from pretty low numbers?
Each state reporting exact numbers to a 10 million estimate in the 1940s to 1975.
And President Ford is on the news with swine flu saying, or 76, on the news with swine flu saying 20 million people died in 1918.
in 1918.
...deaths in the United States. This virus was the cause of a pandemic in 1918 and 1919
that resulted in over half a million deaths in the United States, as well as 20 million
Oh, wait a minute.
Okay, I'm sorry.
All of a sudden, now we're at half a million deaths in the United States?
How did that even happen?
They had exact numbers back then.
And I'm talking exact.
So how did they jump to 500,000 deaths?
Well, Mike Leavitt, under Bush, in 2005, wrote for Department of Health and Human Services.
He upped the number.
Get this.
He upped the number.
To 38 million total.
38 million people?
Wait a minute!
In 1940 it was 10 million people!
In 1975 it was 20 million people!
And now it's 38 million?
Do you want to know what the reason was?
The reason they gave was they couldn't count back then.
I'm sorry, they counted just fine.
Yeah, they didn't have Common Core math to screw it all up.
No, they actually counted the deaths and then reported them in the individual newspapers.
So all of a sudden it was 38 million.
That was in 2005.
million. That was in 2005. In 2010, they started promoting the number 50 to 100 million people.
50 to 100 million.
That is a large, large number, right?
Huge estimation.
They still stick with the story.
They didn't know how to count back then.
And from new data, new data, a hundred years old.
Wait, what?
So it went from probably about in the United States, about less, I would say about 150,000 would be my guesstimate after, after looking at numerous newspapers.
About 150,000 people.
We had about 23, 103 million people.
We had about 103 million people at the time.
We had about 200, 150,000 deaths.
Let's go with that.
Because I would say that's pretty close to the estimate.
Then it went to 10 million in the 40s.
It went to 20 million in the 70s.
Then it went to 38 million.
And now we're at 50 to 100 million.
Go look, go do some research.
All you will see is that it's 50 to 100 million and they never say how they got to that number.
They never disclose it.
They're lying.
They're lying all the time.
And you know what?
Even back when it was in the newspapers, they were saying, yeah, take quinine, take all these different remedies.
You'll get out of this in a heartbeat.
It's no problem.
My gosh, but we had bad sanitation back then.
We had, we didn't have the things that we do now as far as, uh, you know, Well, basic sanitation.
That's usually why a lot of people would spread things quickly.
Can you believe the lies?
When we go back into history, we're lied to a lot, and it's really disconcerting.
It's mind-boggling to tell you the truth, that they get away with it, that nobody is fact-checking.
I'll be right back.
Kate Dally.
Kate Dally Show.
Hi there.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host today.
Alex was nice enough to let me guest host.
Really appreciate that.
And I do the Kate Dally Show.
You can actually go to katedallyradio.com, hit listen live and listen to me every day.
The show is on every single day from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock Mountain Time.
And I'll be out.
Actually, I'll be on right after this.
So we'll start our show.
So I'll tell you what.
There was a lot of research that I did that was really incredible.
And I've got the screenshots of the articles where they say all of these things and the numbers changed
so much that it was it it was just sad to me to see that and I think one of the
other things people don't you know quite understand about 1918 or even the swine
flu or whatever they want to come up with in 1918 that was a product of the
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and used the military as guinea
pigs In fact, that started at Fort Riley in Kansas.
And I think it's kind of interesting because they were giving kind of this new vaccine, right?
The meningitis vaccine.
And they had an outbreak there that started it.
And a lot of people don't know that.
They don't realize that.
Well, I find it kind of strange to tell you the truth.
And then, of course, swine flu was at Fort Dixon, New Jersey.
That's where that broke out.
Why are they happening at military bases?
I don't want to see our good guys.
I come from a Navy family.
You know, my whole family, years back, always in the Navy, and I don't want to see anyone used this way.
And why is it that they lose all of their constitutional rights and body autonomy when they go in the military?
That just cannot be right.
And something's very, very wrong with that.
And so, when they did this, when they used them as guinea pigs, Um, and then all of a sudden they said, oh yeah, we've got this, we've got this outbreak and, and, and the outbreak came.
In fact, the CDC even says today that this started with the U.S.
They even admit it.
I think that's kind of, well, they don't mind saying it, do they?
They don't mind telling us exactly what's happening.
And that's the scary part.
I think that's really scary because when we realize and we look back, you know, when Alex Jones is bringing all of these topics to the forefront, has he been wrong?
Has he been wrong about any of the things he's broken?
I mean, it usually takes a little bit of time for the things to play out.
Because why?
We're in America.
We have a Constitution.
We have a Constitution we already fought a bloody revolution over.
We don't need that.
We need to use the Constitution to get our country back.
But has he been wrong?
And so when I'm looking at these case scenarios, the case scenario with the swine flu, what a debacle that was.
They really wanted to get people that shot.
And when people started getting Guillain-Barre syndrome and they started getting really ill, they had 450 cases of that, they took it down off the market.
Mike Wallace actually, who still bought and paid for it, but Mike Wallace actually did a video on this and they actually played it on TV where he
was interviewing the CDC director and said, "You knew, you knew the problems with this
And of course, nothing, right?
Of course, the guy just sat there and looked at him like this.
So that alone, I mean, I just can't believe people saw that.
I would never trust the government again.
But then, we're under this neuroses of crazy, now we love the government, we love the media, everything they say has the golden touch, all of a sudden, isn't that amazing?
That's amazing to me.
What happened?
They have lied continuously.
When were they not using us as guinea pigs in their little experimentation that they've been doing?
Another thing that I like to let people know about is the big, big lie of Jacobson versus Massachusetts.
Now, one of the most interesting parts of this is if you look this up, people are going to cite this and they're going to say, for the greater good.
That's how communist revolutions start, by the way.
For the greater good, you'll do this for everyone else and you'll sacrifice for everyone else.
Well, you should be doing that voluntarily.
But no, this is by force, right?
It's force for the greater good.
And so, back in the day, in 1905, this went to trial because back in Massachusetts, Jacobson was offered a shot or a fine.
And the fine back then was five bucks.
Well, that was an excessive fine.
So it went all the way up to the Supreme Court.
He didn't want the shot, and he did for smallpox, and he did not want to have to pay the $5.
Well, right now today, if you look this up, this is what it will say.
Supreme Court upheld authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccine.
They're going to keep using this and using this, and this is why I want to arm you with the truth today.
I actually read that case.
I'm that much of a nerd.
I read it.
And let me just tell you, it was not about compulsory vaccination as much as it was about the five bucks.
He did not want to be forced to pay $5 and have to make that choice.
So when this went to court, to the Supreme Court, it was whether he was going to have to pay the $5 or not.
Jacobson, back in 1905, was never vaccinated for smallpox.
He refused.
He refused!
But what do they do now?
They go back and they've even rewritten Google.
Can you imagine that?
Yeah, Google.
Government-owned Google.
And they go back and they change the language to say, yes, this is what happened and it meant compulsory vaccine and we did it for the greater good so that we all didn't come down with smallpox.
That's a full-on lie!
Are you kidding me?
It's a lie!
So, just so you know, when anyone mentions this to you, and I even had an attorney on for a school board that had no idea, had never even read it, he just repeated what he saw on Google and said, oh yeah, see, we can force vaccines because they did back in 1905.
Well, folks, they're rewriting history.
That's what they're doing.
You need to know that.
Because actually, it was about the $5 he was forced to pay.
And so, That's what that was about, and I hope that you share that with other people, because we've never lost body autonomy.
Now, the $5 was wrong, and the Supreme Court, they made an error in their opinion.
And, I mean, that's just point-blank, right?
So, they made an error.
But right now, as history's being rewritten, in 1918, the flu now is 50 to 100 million people.
What a lie!
What a farce!
It wasn't close to that.
It wasn't even in the same ballpark.
My gosh.
And then in 1905, they're rewriting the vaccine case, right?
The smallpox case in 1905.
They're rewriting history to tell you that, hey, back in the day we forced vaccines and you all had to deal with it.
Well, it's just simply not true.
I mean, I asked G. Edward Griffin once in an interview, I said, how much, this was just recently, I said, how much do you think is truthful that comes out of the government?
And he said 3%.
He said 97% of everything they tell us is a big fat lie.
You know what?
In order to fix things, we're going to have to defund the mainstream media because they are the protectors of the swamp.
I know everyone says, drain the swamp.
No, you know what?
It's not ever going to happen.
It's too swampy in the swamp.
We're going to have to go after, we're going to have to defund the media, mainstream media, not the truth tellers.
And we're going to have to start really researching and reading our own history because ladies and gentlemen, it has been Changed.
And it's been changed since about 1908.
Absolutely just gone.
And our kids are not learning any of this.
They'll learn when anyone can, you know, Google foo up and discuss that's on Google that's been changed.
But let me just tell you, if we knew our history, if we knew the lies, if we knew what exactly we were dealing with in this country over the last 120 years, just even that alone, okay?
We'd be a different country right now.
We would be absolutely fighting against this tyranny.
We cannot become complacent in this.
And as far as the Afghanistan thing goes, you know what?
We always have to have a boogeyman.
You know, Trump just shredded the North Korea boogeyman, and then of course shredded the ISIS boogeyman.
They don't have anything, you guys!
They couldn't even drum up Russia as the boogeyman!
So, is it the Taliban now?
Are they trying to grow that Taliban by leaving equipment for them and leaving all of our stuff there and leaving in chaos?
This whole chaos was absolutely planned.
It was absolutely planned.
And if we just look back in history, we're going to notice that the playbook never changes.
And ever since that UN came in, we've had nothing but chaos in this country.
Ever since the CIA came in, nothing but chaos in this country.
Who do you think's doing it?
Isn't it obvious by now?
It always strikes me that people still have even a shred of belief in the swampy swamp of D.C.
Or at this stage in the game, I'm kind of questioning medical people too, just because everyone's got the string of the dollar, right?
Everyone's got a little string that's tugging them in that direction to get that cash.
And that's our biggest problem.
We've got a money machine printing out money and we've got a lot of people benefiting from it.
Go to katedallyradio.com, hit listen live.
We talk about these things every single day, two to five mountain time, and I would absolutely love to see you there and listening.
You can message me at kate at katedallyradio.com.
Thanks, you guys.
It's been a pleasure.
Thank you, Alex.
I've loved guest hosting and would love to do it again.
Thanks, you guys.
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