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Name: 20210816_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 16, 2021
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InfoWars reports on the collapse of Afghanistan and claims it is part of a deliberate globalist plan to burn everything down like retreating empires. The show connects the same forces promoting the Arab Spring and Wahhabism, arguing that the decision to destabilize has been made globally with the Great Reset as a catalyst. They accuse the CIA of orchestrating this collapse while China takes over economically. InfoWars encourages viewers to support patriot causes and buy products from trusted sources like InfowarStore.com and MyPillow.com. During the pandemic, InfoWarsTore.com offers discounts on activated charcoal toothpaste and mouthwash products. A medical doctor shares his experience of being admitted to a hospital for COVID-19 and witnessing ineffective protocols that led to patient suffering and death. The speaker expresses pride in having enemies and takes calls from listeners who share their perspectives on current events and geopolitical issues, including the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban's alliances, and the Silk Road Initiative. The pineal gland connects us to higher levels of consciousness, and fluoride-free water is essential for maintaining its health. Gerald Solente discusses the importance of unity and supporting InfoWars during difficult times by purchasing products from InfowarsStore.com or donating funds.

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Infowars has exclusively learned that Joe Biden is purposely collapsing Afghanistan.
Tune in to learn why.
All this is part of the larger Great Reset Global Destabilization Operation.
The most censored man in the world delivers critical intel globalists do not want you to hear or share.
And again, I'm not up here saying, oh, I'm so smart, you better listen to me.
We've proven we know the enemy battle plan.
It's all right there in front of you.
It's historical and it's happening now.
Burn down the cities, call it mostly peaceful.
Defund the police, murder rate triples nationwide, call it mostly peaceful.
Have our military be forced to take deadly shots so the good people are kicked out and then put generals in that say white people are inherently bad.
To further discredit the U.S.
It's not America that did this, it's them!
If you want to blame America, it's the fact that we let them do it!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The scenes you're witnessing in Afghanistan are about to prelude to what is coming to the civilization near you.
It's Monday, August 16th.
The year is 2021.
And as usual, InfoWars will exclusively reveal to the world exactly what's happening, and why it's happening, and the fact that the collapse of Afghanistan is a deliberate globalist plan.
We have all the evidence, we have all the admissions, and we also have history.
What did Retreating empires always do when they pulled out of an area.
They would burn everything to the ground.
It's called Scorched Earth.
And after 20 years of so-called nation building, the decision has been made across the planet, with the Great Reset, to destabilize the world.
And that's why the exact same forces during the Arab Spring, promoted by CNN and Google and the rest of the criminals, promoted the Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahhabist majority sect of Islam, to launch offensive operations all over Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.
Central Asia, Southeast Asia, you name it.
They launched them everywhere.
From the Philippines to New York City.
From the capital of California to the capital of Afghanistan, this group has been protected by the Saudi Arabians and others forever.
It was set up by British intelligence over 100 years ago.
Go back to Lawrence of Arabia, that's a true story, not just a Hollywood movie.
And so just like there was the airlift of evil after 9-11, where over 100,000 Afghan troops were airlifted out of Kabul and the other main cities of Afghanistan by the U.S.
military under orders, they've basically now been allowed back in with the spectacle of the collapsing Civilization so that in the very near future U.S.
forces will be forced to go back in yet again and you will see the ongoing 2.2 trillion that has already been transferred to the globalist military-industrial complex look tame in comparison the decision Has been made to have a post-industrial world.
But the globalists, while they implode something, always transfer the wealth and technology to themselves.
This is also being done in the sick minds of the globalists that then blamed Trump and wanted to pull out, but had a totally different plan of how to do that.
And of course, now communist China that controls the puppet Biden, and much of the globalist system, is moving in to take over, but not with force, but with economic deals.
The United States is designed to be bankrupted.
The same CIA that orchestrated this collapse is the same CIA that funds transgenderism and men and women's bathrooms and drag queen story time and Antifa, no borders, no wall, no USA at all.
That's why everybody watches Jimmy Fallon and they say, yay, white people aren't the majority anymore!
And they flash the applause and the white people clap.
That's CIA.
That's race-based politics.
That's divide and conquer.
So everyone's saying Biden's an idiot.
Biden's a moron.
Biden should resign.
Biden is an idiot.
Biden is a moron.
Biden was not elected president.
He should resign.
But he's not running anything.
This has all been done by design.
Just like he didn't have to campaign.
He just sits there at Camp David down at the swimming pool.
The planned collapse of civilization has now been initiated.
while the globalists discredit and bankrupt America.
This is all designed to destroy confidence in America while bankrupting us,
while they then turn the security forces inward against the American people declaring us terrorists.
The planned collapse of civilization has now been initiated.
The globalists are consolidating control while they destroy the borders
of what's left of the Western world.
The collapse of Afghanistan will now send its estimated 5 million Afghan refugees into Europe.
And the traitorous Pentagon leadership has already sent out an order to prepare for hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees to be brought to Texas!
All of this is completely and absolutely engineered.
Biden was chosen because he was senile.
He was chosen because he was doddering.
He was chosen because he was corrupt.
He was chosen because his son was a crackhead.
He was chosen because he's a double agent of the Communist Chinese.
So they have full control worldwide, the globalists, to rub our noses in it and to let the world know America's gone and the power of the globalists is all there is now.
This is the post-industrial world.
This is the plan.
When you see all the major foundations, and all the major universities, and the CIA TV commercials, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Secretary of Defense say, white people are bad, and people that question lockdowns are terrorists, and people that question elections are terrorists, and we're going to get you.
That is what you do to turn the people against the military and the police.
Now, of course, morons like Austin and Milley were put there because they're unpatriotic, self-aggrandizing cowards and don't even know what they're doing.
They actually believe this is some utopian communist takeover they're heading up, when really it's designed to destroy the country forever and rip us into pieces so we collapse.
This is sabotage, it's the entire global government project, and America must go down and fall before the world will then be forced to embrace the technocracy of the New World Order global government.
Remember Milley just a couple months ago, he goes, I want to know about white rage, I want to know why white people, because they hate black people.
That's the talking point.
I want to know why they attacked that Capitol.
Jimmy Fallon came out and said, hey, white people aren't the majority anymore.
And they flashed the applause sign, everybody went, whee!
Mainly white people.
Actually taught that being white is bad.
You thought that was just at the universities?
Who runs the universities?
Who enforces what the big foundations want?
Who set up the CIA, the big foundations?
Who heads up the CIA?
The former head of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace.
And boy, there'll be peace when you're all dead.
The CIA is a vestigial British Empire system designed to destabilize and enslave everyone and annihilate culture and civilization.
The reverse of what the British Empire was until the globalists got control of it about 150 years ago.
And this is the plan, and I'm very frustrated.
We put the live show headline up for folks.
I'm very frustrated that, again, I'm talking to all these very smart military people, I'm talking to all these other folks, I'm reading all the opinions and all the ideas out there, and almost no one gets, almost no one understands that This is a tried and true plan that is being carried out.
So there's your headline.
InfoWars has exclusively learned that Joe Biden is purposely collapsing Afghanistan.
Tune in to learn why.
All this is part of the larger Great Reset Global Destabilization Operation.
The most censored man in the world delivers Critical Intel, globalists do not want you to hear or share.
And again, I'm not up here saying, oh, I'm so smart, you better listen to me.
We've proven we know the enemy battle plan.
It's all right there in front of you.
It's historical and it's happening now.
Burn down the cities, call it mostly peaceful.
Defund the police, murder rate triples nationwide, call it mostly peaceful.
Have our military be forced to take deadly shots so the good people are kicked out and then put generals in that say white people are inherently bad to further discredit the U.S.
All of this is done scientifically.
They tell you one thing one day, another thing the next day to make you lose faith because you're going to believe it's the U.S.
That's not the U.S.
That's not the descendant of George Washington.
That is a political minion of the New World Order and of David Rockefeller and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
That is a literal enemy to demoralize you.
It's not America that did this, it's them!
If you want to blame America, it's the fact that we let them do it.
But they're the conscious ones of it.
So here's Biden back in July.
They made similar comments just last week that there's not going to be any Hanoi moment.
There's not going to be any helicopters on the roofs.
There's not going to be any scenes of hysteria.
And I'm telling you, I'm somewhat a scholar of history.
It's so interesting.
I've studied, read a few books, and watched a lot of documentaries about the fall of Saigon, saying Hanoi.
Having a Freudian slip, I wish it was the fall of Hanoi.
And We see all this unfolding.
So here is Biden saying we're not going to have a Vietnam moment.
Like we saw in 1975, in 2021, and he said it a month ago, and he said it a week ago, knowing full damn well that when they did what they're doing now, that indeed this would happen.
And when the Taliban loaded the highways up, just like Saddam did in 1991, and got all their armored vehicles they captured that have been given to them, just like Obama gave them all weapons in the Arab Spring, That they could all be killed on those highways and their entire Taliban force wiped out.
But they knew it wasn't a setup.
So they drove in from all over the country in big, long, five, ten mile long convoys that could have all been easily destroyed.
But no, that didn't happen because they had to be given the victory.
When we come back, I'm going to play you that clip of Biden, that they're trying to disappear everywhere, that's so important.
Where he says, no way they're going to take the country over.
But just remember, There's thousands of data points that I know 100% this was done on purpose, but let me just explain this.
Remember the Arab Spring?
Turns out 10 years ago when I covered Bilderberg Group, north of London, at a bizarre transhumanist hotel where they were meeting, and all these sculptures of skeletons merging with machines, that they planned at that event how to launch the Arab Spring a year later.
And how to fund Al Qaeda to take over Syria, Libya, and other areas, overthrew our allies in Egypt, blew up hundreds of churches.
That was done by big tech and the globalists and the criminal cabal that's basically like Spectre from a James Bond movie.
That's what it is.
That's where Ian Fleming created these secret corporate groups manipulating countries against each other for chaos, power, and control, and destabilization.
That's because that's really who this group is.
It's literally Klaus Schwab with the cat in his lap.
His grandfather, one of the top Nazis.
That's art imitating life, not life imitating art.
And so they funded the Arab Spring that killed millions of people and destabilized all of Africa once North Africa fell, and destabilized the Middle East.
And now what's happening?
Again, ladies and gentlemen, the same thing.
They took $2.2 trillion out of the taxpayer money.
They built up the infrastructure, which they're now handing over to the communist Chinese.
The bridges, the highways, the roads, the communications, the weapons.
And they left it all there on purpose for the Taliban, so they can now organize new land routes into Russia and into Eastern Europe, and the globalist invasion can accelerate.
That's why they did the Arab Spring to begin with, was to take out the borders of Western and Southern Europe.
Now they're taking out the rest of the borders.
They're using the Afghans as a weapon system, like they've done since the 70s.
Welcome back, my friends.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and we're witnessing the destruction of civilization in real time.
And every time you watch them collapse society by design, or release a virus by design, or give you poison vaccines by design, you ask, why would they do that?
Well, you have to go read why they do that.
They say they're depopulating you.
They say it's survival of the fittest.
They say they are acting as the predator, like the Bengal tiger, and you are the little deer that is stupid and doesn't protect itself, so you deserve to die.
And so we see the shocking images of particularly young people, looks like teenagers, probably sex slaves, trying to escape, you know, Afghanistan.
They estimate roughly 90% of the men have sex with boys.
And if you have sex with an adult man, that's punishable by death.
They shoot you or stone you or hang you.
But if you have it with a child, it's good.
So it's a bunch of 12, 13-year-olds hanging on to the engines of the plane, not knowing that when the Galaxy Transport takes off and is going 300, 400 miles an hour, 500 miles an
hour, they're going to fall off. And then there's the images of
them falling off and smacking the concrete and falling through houses.
We're not going to show you any of the actual video and photos of them hitting the ground,
but we will show you the video of them falling out of the side of the airplane to their deaths.
And of course we have the Taliban al-Qaeda leader declaring their wondrous victory.
There'll be lots of boys to rape tonight in Kabul.
and in Kandahar. But right now, let's go ahead and go to that Saigon moment, 1975. Here is,
there's actually five or six of these clips from July and early August. But here's just a
smattering of some of the clips from July 8th at the press conference with the aviator wearing
puppet in chief telling you that everything's going to be absolutely wonderful in Afghanistan.
Is a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan now inevitable?
No, it is not.
Because you have the Afghan troops have 300,000 well-equipped, as well-equipped as any army in the world, and an air force against something like 75,000 Taliban.
75,000 Taliban. It is not inevitable.
Do you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what happened in Vietnam with some people feeling... None whatsoever.
What you had is you had entire brigades breaking through the gates of our embassy.
Six, if I'm not mistaken.
The Taliban is not the North Vietnamese Army.
They're not remotely comparable in terms of capability.
There's going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the United States from Afghanistan.
It is not at all comfortable.
Mr. President, how serious was the corruption among the Afghanistan government to this mission failing there?
Well, first of all, the mission hasn't failed yet.
There is In Afghanistan, in all parties, there's been corruption.
The question is, can there be an agreement on unity of purpose?
What is the objective?
For example, it started off, there were going to be negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces and the Afghan government.
That didn't come to fruition.
So the question now is, where do they go from here?
That, the jury is still out.
But the likelihood there's going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country... Wow, ladies and gentlemen, just simply, simply insane to witness that.
And to know that he's a puppet, he doesn't know what's going on.
But the handlers are now going to slowly destroy him, and CNN is now putting out images, so is the New York Times.
Owen Schroeder pointed this out last night.
I hadn't noticed it, then I noticed it once he pointed it out everywhere, of like, real close where he cut himself shaving, and a booger hanging out of his nose, and him looking all crazy.
Before, they were trying to basically filter all that out.
Now, he's terrible.
Now, he's a bad guy.
Now, it's all his fault.
Because they're gonna then maneuver in the next few months.
To try to bring somebody else in and you're like, well, that'll discredit the country.
That'll, that'll hurt the stock market.
That'll, uh, yeah.
Now you get the idea.
We're being maneuvered towards the final collapse, but they're going to blame a whole host of other reasons for it.
COVID and terror attacks and oh, people questioning the election and Joe Biden, but it'll never be the big mega banks.
It'll never be people that make Bernie Madoff look like a saint.
And how do I know all this?
Because they telegraph all this in their white papers and their books.
I mean, it's all in Klaus Schwab's books.
It's all in Bill Gates' statements.
I said, 15 months ago, when Bill Gates was on three different shows I saw, we played the clips here, and I said, mark my word, hopefully the archives can find this, 14, 15 months ago, he was on Colbert, he was on CNN as well, on Fareed Zarkaria, and one other show, NBC.
And he said, listen, COVID's just a drill.
It's not really a threat.
Schwab said this too the next week.
They all follow talking points.
They love to tell their own people what they're doing.
It's all like a joke on us.
He goes, but soon terrorists are going to get a bioweapon.
And he slipped up in one interview and he said, and they're going to incubate it.
And he went, he loves to brag, little psycho demon.
And he goes, and then it's going to be much, much worse.
It could kill hundreds of millions of people.
Remember that?
And Colbert got really excited and was squirming around because he hangs out with Podesta and them as well.
He's a real sicko.
Colbert's really a sicko.
He's right up there with them.
And so I went on air and I said, oh my God, that's in all the literature that once you take this vaccine, it'll make you slough and shed the virus and give it to people.
That's a scientific fact.
I have a stack of news articles right here admitting it.
And so, see, we're the terrorist, we're the disease.
And so, we are going to incubate the virus that then actually kills a bunch of people.
And now, half the people I know are currently sick with COVID.
And they go get tested and they're COVID positive.
Can you imagine what the winter is going to be like when it was fake before?
It's a real virus they made, gain of function, so you test positive.
Hurt some people that didn't have vitamin D or C or any virus will.
But see, they had to own the virus so they could create the vaccine, knowing that they'd already tested it, that that vaccine is what will then devastate those that take it and then turns them into a bioweapon lab to then release that on everybody else.
We're going to get back into Afghanistan and take your calls and so much more.
Stay with us.
Roger Stone joins us for the next two segments.
I appreciate him coming on.
He's been very busy taking care of his wife, amazing lady, who's got lymphoma cancer stage four, but she's fighting hard.
I wanted to get him on a week ago about Cuomo, but he was just too busy with her, and I respect that and understand it.
And then I wanted to get him on, obviously, about the Afghanistan thing.
I called him yesterday.
He said sure we can get into that as well.
He's had a lot of conversations with Trump but can't say much about that.
But we'll see what he can say about the big guy.
And then of course we've also got the Mike Lindell thing last week where I watched a lot of it.
Great info came out, algorithms, proof of a lot of stuff around the world.
That all got ignored by one poison pill, the same 8chan people that have set me up before.
I feel like I'm home, but we've got a lot to go over.
I tried to warn Lindell on air and off air, but I'm not mad at him.
He just got into this.
He's bringing attention.
So we're gonna get Roger Stone's autopsy report on that situation and so much more.
Roger, thank you for joining us.
Alex, it's great to be back here on InfoWars.
I feel like I'm home, but we got a lot to go over.
There's a lot happening in the country.
So let's have at it.
What do you wanna tackle first, Afghanistan?
That's a good enough place to start because of course it's dominating the news.
The notion that we should be withdrawing our troops from the endless foreign wars around the globe where the neocons placed them was one of the central tenets that got Donald Trump elected.
However, Donald Trump strategically Covered our retreat with a tactical precision bombing of Al Qaeda, pardon me, of the Taliban.
Biden has not done that.
So in other words, he has just withdrawn.
And I think he increased the chances of the Taliban overrunning the country because the method in which he withdrew.
This is incompetence.
I can go back and figure out how many tons of bombage the President Trump delivered against the Taliban when we were in the process of withdrawing.
The fundamental problem here, I think, is pretty clear.
You and I and most of the folks watching are not neocons.
So we never should have gone to Afghanistan to begin with.
While there, while we may have provided a stabilizing force, the problem was always the same.
Whether we withdrew tomorrow or whether we withdrew 20 years from now, it was highly unlikely to collapse into chaos.
Tribal warfare and so on.
So at what point do you pull the plug?
At what point do you say enough American treasure, enough American blood, enough American dollars and withdraw?
So in this case, Biden's instincts were solid.
But the way in which he did this was a major, major blunder.
Well, I was about to say, the military industrial complex wanted to stay there.
And so, you said it perfectly, because I've talked to people that were deployed high level there, CIA and Army and other groups just in the last 48 hours, talked to a lot of folks, made a lot of phone calls.
And they all said what you said.
They said, look at 1991, Saddam is racing back out of Kuwait into Iraq, tens of thousands of troops,
hundreds of tanks, thousands of tanks and vehicles, and just a few dozen A-10 Warthogs
destroyed all of them right there.
So the Taliban wouldn't have come out on all those roads the same way and filled them up
with five, 10 mile long convoys to take the main cities if they knew there was gonna be US air,
air support guarding the controlled build-down, as they call it, or retreat, and if U.S.
air power was going to back up, at least for a while, the Afghan Freedom Force, as they call it, or fighting force.
So this was perfectly done to destroy the region, give it to the Taliban.
You didn't misspeak.
They are al-Qaeda.
That's what it came out of.
It's kind of the mother of al-Qaeda.
And so the people above Biden, the controllers of Biden, have done this by design.
They want to go back in in the future.
They want to destabilize that area of the world.
But tell me if you agree with that statement, A, and then B, Roger Stone, what does this do to the puppet Biden?
I mean, this has just destroyed him, in my view.
Well, I think this is harmful overall.
First of all, we don't seem to ever listen or learn from the rules of history.
One of the reasons that Reagan was able to essentially facilitate the collapse of Soviet Russia as a military force was the fact that they had gotten themselves mired in Afghanistan and they were being bled to death by the Taliban.
We were sitting back and watching.
That was a key factor in Reagan's ability to squeeze the Russians.
Then, immediately upon the election of George Bush, we turned around and put our foot in the exact same bear trap we had just seen the Russians grapple with.
Never made any sense.
You have to look, I think, across the foreign policy landscape.
The North Koreans are threatening us with more vigor than ever before.
The red Chinese are harassing our ships in the South China Sea.
The Russians have troops massed on the border of Crimea, making it very clear what their intentions are, and now the manner in which this Afghanistan withdrawal was staged just underlies the fundamental weakness Of the Biden foreign policy.
I'm not a big fan of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, but he called this one exactly right.
The manner in which we did this was a disaster.
Clearly there are forces that wanted to stay there.
Do you think they misadvised Biden to then be able to have a fiasco where we've got to go back in later?
It's certainly conceivable.
Let's recognize that during the entire time of the Trump presidency, every time he wanted to withdraw our troops from Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria, there were vigorous objections from the Pentagon.
And of course, Lindsey Graham and others went out of their minds.
They can't argue with the fundamental premise.
That the only thing right now maintaining stability is our presence, but how long do we have to pay for this?
And how much of what we send there is essentially just being looted, being stolen.
I saw pictures of the president's palace.
Looks pretty nice.
I think the American taxpayers paid for that.
Well, we certainly did.
And now cavemen have taken over when they could have all been destroyed on the highway.
That's the real proof here.
As you said, no air cover, total stand down, let them take over.
This is just incredible.
It really is.
But I think it will also have the effect of reminding the American people about the dangers of Islamic terrorism.
This is something Laura Loomer has been particularly effective on.
So this is not, what did they tell us?
We had the Taliban on the run, the Bush administration told us.
They were virtually destroyed.
Clearly that is not the case.
We're going to go to break and we're going to come back and get into Cuomo and what that signifies to the Democrats,
why they throw him under the bus, what's coming next.
And we'll also get an update on your wife.
And I know that this is a sticky subject with Roger, but I heard she took the Pfizer shot before she got cancer, lymphoma
cancer, which they say Pfizer flares up that.
It's a hard subject and we'll see if he'll talk about it.
On the other side, Roger Stone is our guest.
We'll also tell you about his podcast and his show and more.
Remember, he's just like me.
The Taliban, which is Al Qaeda basically, has its Twitter and made its official announcement on Twitter.
But Roger and I and the President, we're not allowed because we're evil, dirty Americans.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen.
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Now, Roger did not solicit this, but we had a long talk yesterday, and I know you guys out there want to support patriots and keep them in the fight.
And we sent Roger the equipment so he could do his podcast.
We want to try to get it on with us.
He posted it, banned out video.
It's very popular.
The average report, it's about 50,000 views.
But go check that out at band out video.
He's also doing well with his podcast, but I, I have a dog in the fight here.
A dog in the hunt, as they say, when it comes to his wife, she's a great lady.
I care about her.
And if I can use an example of something that's happened to somebody to warn others.
I will do it.
And so I brought this up because I heard about this from a family friend of the Stones about a week ago.
And so I called Roger yesterday and I said, did your lovely, beautiful, awesome wife take a vaccine?
And he said, yes, but I don't want to get into it.
And I really pinned him down.
I said, just tell me.
And he said, Pfizer.
And he said, but that's her business.
And I said, she's got lymphoma cancer.
I said, are you aware in the literature and put it on screen that those swell up and it's been triggering cancer in the lymph nodes.
They've just swept it under the rug also in the uterus.
Uh, and, uh, he was not aware of that, but I found the articles during the break guys, we put them on screen place.
So again, I don't want to get in his business.
I don't want to get in his life, but we care about her and we care about everybody.
Again, it's attacking the breast, the uterus, and it's also going after the lymph nodes.
And they're saying, oh, don't worry about a cancer designation the first six months after you had a shot.
Except they're going in and saying it is malignant.
There it is.
That's ABC News on screen.
So, to me, this is a huge issue, Roger.
And I just wanted to say, I want to see your wife beat this.
She's a tough lady.
So tell us about as much as you can.
I heard this from somebody.
Please don't get mad.
You got mad yesterday.
I never violate your wishes.
But this time I kind of halfway did and I apologize.
But I just I care about her.
And just please tell us what happened.
Well, Alex, I'm not going to count.
I'm not going to comment on the specifics of my wife's health situation, other than to say she's a strong, independent woman.
She makes her own decisions.
I will confirm she has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
It has started in her armpit and spread to her lungs.
She is waging a very broad battle against cancer, both medicinally using a substantial number of homeopathic and holistic remedies that I have researched extensively.
And of course, there is the spiritual battle.
So I'm not going to comment on what you said.
I'm going to let it sit because I do think she's entitled to her privacy.
The fact that I'm a vaccination skeptic, you know my views, but every individual person must make a decision for themselves whether to have the vaccination or not.
I'm aware of the growing bank of data that demonstrates that the vaccination does not appear to be safe.
If there were any FDA approved vaccination or improved injection on the market today with 45,000 deaths, it would have been pulled by now.
So I'm opposed to the designation by the FDA for permanent status of a vaccination that did not go through clinical trials.
And I think it is kind of obvious to everyone that if the big manufacturers have no legal liability for the side effects of that which they produce, They bear no responsibility.
There's no downside to them if in fact we learn in the long term that these vaccinations are extraordinarily dangerous.
Perfectly well said.
Let me just say this respectfully, 'cause I wanna save lives and I understand people's privacy
and people's issues and I totally get it, sir.
And we're good friends.
I was told this by somebody pretty close to you and they were saying I ought to try to.
You know, get you or her on to to warn people.
But it's a pretty big deal that Roger Stone's wife took the Pfizer.
You confirm that.
And then what, three, four months later, got diagnosed with lymphoma cancer when that's one of the main things.
And they say, oh, don't worry, it's not really cancer.
But it is that that is such a bombshell thing.
That is that is.
And of course, we don't blame her.
People trust their doctors.
Normal vaccines actually do work a lot of the time.
This isn't really a vaccine.
So I'm sorry to get into your business.
It's just that.
And I apologize for it, but then I still do it because this is a big deal.
Well, let me put it this way.
Back in February, my wife, who, as you know, was my absolute rock during my trial, who was absolutely adamant that I not even consider the efforts by Robert Mueller to make me flip and testify falsely against the president, which they wanted to use as an article of impeachment against him.
I can't imagine life without her.
She's always been there for me.
Back in February, however, she had a full physical with blood work, chest x-rays and so on, and she was in perfect health.
So this has come quickly.
I'm neither going to confirm nor deny Okay, but Roger, the point is, because this is important for the news, because I want to save lives here by people learning about this.
this kind of aggressive stage four cancer this quickly is extraordinarily rare.
Okay, but Roger, the point is, because this is important for the news, because I want
to save lives here by people learning about this. I'm not making this up though.
I'm not claiming that you did.
All I'm saying is that I would neither confirm it or deny it.
But I think I've made my position here very clear.
No, no, you have.
You have.
Well, thank you for doing that.
Let's go to break.
Come back again to Cuomo.
But you didn't ask for this, but I want to do it.
Let's make sure she gets the treatment she needs, including all the natural stuff she's doing on top of it.
You said she's a trooper.
Tell us how your wife's doing and how do people, because they want to hurt you.
They want to hurt her.
We want to keep you in the fight.
You're like a standard of patriotism they want to bring down.
The left hates you.
How do we support Roger Stone?
How do we find your show?
How do we get your book?
How do we buy your T-shirts?
Well, the key here is that I was forced to become kind of an expert on cancer, studying every single therapy I could that was both all natural and non-toxic.
For example, Intravenous infusions at megadose levels of certain vitamins, C, D, B17, and certain other peptides, THC and CBD therapy.
These things are extraordinarily expensive.
Mueller wiped us out financially.
I think people know that.
The Biden Justice Department is suing me today in a civil action against back taxes, which they will lose.
So people who want to help us, Pay for the alternative therapies to help my wife can go to StoneFamilyFund.com.
Alex, I've got to be honest with you.
I've had to put finishing my book aside.
My podcast, Get Stoned, now on the Excluded.com network, has taken a bit of a backseat.
Formal launch is in September.
My main focus right now is my wife's health and making sure she has everything she needs to wage this incredible battle.
Well, that's right.
And again, listeners have kept us on air.
I'm really proud of the listeners, by the way.
Since they tried to set up Lindell and planted that fake info on him, most of his information was accurate.
He did a great job.
We've actually seen sales at MyPillow.com with promo code Alex increase.
And so I want to just salute and thank all the listeners for keeping us all on air.
We're not perfect, we stumble, we fall, but we mean well and we're fighting back and that's why we need your support and we love you.
Please support our local AM and FM affiliates, TV affiliates.
Call them, spread the word, become a sponsor, make a donation.
That's how you keep us on air.
Roger, again...
How do people who are listening on the radio, they can see it on screen, make a donation to really fight for your wife's life?
After all you've done, after what she's been through, you really are a bulldog for freedom that we need to keep in the fight and support and celebrate.
Folks can go to StoneFamilyFund.com, that's StoneFamilyFund.com, to support my wife in this epic struggle with cancer.
People can go to the revamped StoneColdTruth.com, where we will be airing a weekly video podcast.
People can go to my Band TV channel, because I'm continuing to load some terrific content there.
All right, stay there.
We're gonna come back and do five more minutes on Cuomo, then let you go.
Then I'm gonna open the phones up on Afghanistan, on the deadly vaccines, on the fact that, is it the same for you around the country?
Everybody I know, like half people I know, are sick with COVID right now.
I mean, it's just exploding everywhere.
I was just talking to Roger Stone here on the Alex Jones Show during the break, and he was talking about the fact that Homeland Security has officially come out and said protesting lockdowns is an act of terror and just craziness.
We'll briefly talk about that at the start of the next segment, then I'm going to air a special report on it, then give the number out and take your calls.
But let's get in to Cuomo right now.
Obviously, corrupt New York politician, a globalist, but they would have protected him unless they had a larger message they wanted to send.
I mean, they certainly don't want to indict him for killing 20,000 people with COVID-infected patients by design.
So he's in a stopgap measure just to get rid of him because he's such an embarrassment?
What's the inside baseball?
Because I know you've got one foot in New York.
I think people need to understand that Cuomo was taken down not by conservatives, not by Republicans, not by the media, but by the progressive left.
Because essentially they recognize that he's a master politician.
He's also a thug.
He knows how to wield power and he's someone you don't cross.
They know that he was late coming to the progressive agenda of marriage equality, legalization of cannabis, even abortion.
That's exactly what I thought you'd say.
He wanted to reopen New York and tried to.
They know he's not.
He's a thug, but he's an old-fashioned Democrat.
He's not a Klaus Schwab guy.
And here's the real irony.
There is no prospect whatsoever for any white male Democrat to win a statewide office in New York going forward.
That wing of the Democratic Party, as represented by Joe Crowley, the congressman who got beat by OAC, is a dying breed.
And therefore, the Democratic Party will continue, particularly in New York, but nationally, to be controlled by its special interest groups.
Unions, minorities, and so on.
Andrew Cuomo is a tough, wily, resilient combatant who understood power and how to use it.
But he's kind of like the lion tamer who keeps three different lions up on the stand simultaneously.
If he slips, All four lions attack him.
And that's exactly what has happened here.
And the irony that he's being removed on a Me Too issue, as opposed to being removed because of the fudging of COVID numbers in New York and his inserting people who are extraordinarily vulnerable into nursing homes, resulting in many, many deaths.
The death specifically of one good friend of mine.
whose father passed away under those circumstances. I don't see him staging a comeback,
although today's New York Post is all about it. He does continue to have an enormous
multi-million dollar war chest, and he is resilient. He should never be counted out.
That was very poetic, the way you, Tennessee Williams, the way you described
the lion tamer with four, three or four lions in front of him.
I mean, the Democratic Party is a psychotic race-based group of loons who literally have taught people to hate white people.
And they openly say, Congresswomen, you name it, I'm going to have security for $2 million a year, but we're getting rid of the police.
I mean, it's like a death of logic.
What the hell?
What is the Democrat Party going to be?
I mean, they are, they are degenerating by the minute.
Cuomo was an anachronism.
I mean, for a long period of time, while the Democrats in New York controlled the Assembly, Cuomo supported a coalition of Republicans and a handful of renegade moderate Democrats who had temporary control of the Senate.
He did this as a stopgap on the far-left assembly.
So he is a realist, a political realist, and people don't recognize that in the Democratic Party in 2014, when he was opposed by a schoolteacher with no name ID and no resources, she got 40%, 45% of the vote.
Against a guy spending millions of dollars.
So the progressive left has had its revenge.
Andrew Cuomo, who they hate, is now out of the way.
But let's point out that within the last 10 years, two Democratic governors of New York have resigned in sex scandals, both Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer, as well as the State Attorney General Eric Schneider.
Back in 60 seconds, stay with us.
50,000 unstoppable lots!
Well, as soon as we saw the first press conferences by General Milley and by Psaki and others six, seven months ago, in the Biden administration, we were like, whoa!
They were saying protesting the elections terrorists, protesting other lockdowns terrorists.
We said, well, obviously another lockdown's coming.
Well, then NBC News and others reported this on Friday and Saturday.
Opposition to COVID measures, the number one terror threat.
Claims of election fraud, believe Trump can be reinstated, the number two terror threat.
And the 9-11 anniversary, not Islamic.
And religious holidays.
So the Islamic threat attacking Christians on Christian holidays or Jews on Jewish holidays?
That's threat number three.
And yes, how do we know this was coming?
Well, it was in the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism put out in June, where it says, and I showed you this again yesterday, that it's an act of thought crime, and that the CIA and FBI will frustrate your operation and stop you if you challenge the election or question the vaccines.
I don't see this as a sign of strength, Roger Stone, former top political advisor to President Trump.
I see this as a real sign of weakness.
What do you make of this?
Tucker Carlson very effectively made that exact case.
I mean, let's be clear.
First of all, the idea that any American Believes that the results of the 2020 election were not accurate, were not honest.
You have a constitutional right to both think that and to say it.
That doesn't make you violent, doesn't mean you're advocating the overthrow of the government.
It doesn't mean that you are advocating any illegal act.
It is merely an opinion.
An opinion based on an enormous amount of evidence of both anomalies and irregularities in the election.
Then there's the separate question of believing that Donald Trump will be reinstated.
I've never believed that.
There is no constitutional or legal precedent for that.
I never believed once Joe Biden was certified by the electoral college, I thought he would fill out the remainder of his term, assuming that his health continues to be sufficient to do that.
So those are two different questions, but the most important thing is, People who share these views are not advocating violence against the government, the violent overthrow of the government.
They are not dangerous.
They are merely formulating and expressing their own opinion as allowed by the First Amendment.
Well, exactly.
I can play hours of compilations of Democrats attacking Dominion, Democrats saying the voting machines were a fraud right up until the election.
Now they're saying it's an act of terror to question it.
That's just outrageous.
Well, I think there's a legal purpose for this, you see.
If they qualify, if they identify an individual, any individual, as a domestic terrorist, they no longer have to go to a judge to get warrants to surveil their email, text messages, phone calls, movements, and so on.
These are part of the post 9-11 reforms that were passed.
They're now taking the whole Homeland Security, Patriot Act, Enemy Combatant that they used on myself and you and the President, and they're now openly declaring 80 million plus voters terrorists.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
This is so historical, Roger.
And let's remember the Republicans in both houses voted to reinstate or renew these policies with the exception of my favorite Senator Rand Paul.
Let me say it again.
We do not advocate violence.
We do not advocate the violent overthrow of the government.
We do not advocate harming any other person.
I would like to see us work within the democratic process for real reform.
You can go to my plan, Roger Stone's plan to save America dot com.
Roger Stone's plan to save America dot com.
We'll send you a copy of the plan.
There's a brief video there.
Nowhere do we advocate violence.
I have spent 40 years in the vineyards of the democratic system working on elections.
Well that's right, Roger.
Aren't they doing this because they know they're losing even though they're trying to flood us with illegal aliens and trying to collapse the country and trying to cloud and pivot us?
Humanity and America and people of all race, colors, and creeds are coming together and realizing the Democratic Party are a group of miscreant crazy people.
Well, or alternatively, they now have the power, the power that Donald Trump had for four years, and they intend to use it to make fundamental changes in our political system, and particularly in the makeup of the electorate.
That's what Bill H.R.
1 is all about.
That's right.
They're making their move on us now.
Roger Stone, thank you so much and God bless.
And don't forget, our big sponsor is MyPillow.com with promo code ALEX.
Up to 66% off and you can support Roger.
Go there and get big discounts as well with promo code STONE.
Alright, here's a key report on how you've all been declared terrorists.
We should be treated as they're a bunch of thugs, insurrectionists, white supremacists, anti-Semites.
6N is not enough.
I mean, come on.
You know, these shirts they're wearing?
These are a bunch of thugs.
And they're terrorists.
Domestic terrorists.
In the FBI's view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race.
The other thing they want to do is to better share and coordinate all the vast trove of data they already collect on Americans.
Because let's not forget, DHS includes the Transportation Security Administration, ICE, Customs and Border Protection.
So every time people travel, they encounter DHS.
And there's a lot of travel information and other information that they already have.
They want to do a better job of analyzing it to hunt for domestic terrorists.
We can declare Al-Qaeda or ISIS.
foreign terror groups and and and uh... you know take investigative action against them because they have no first amendment rights they're not in the u s we can't do that with the three percenters of the proud boys of the boogaloo boys uh... and that's the challenge for the government Now, let's go ahead and put on screen for everybody something that came from an NBC news program on NBC National.
People were pretty shocked because it is an extremely authoritarian statement.
Potential terror threats, opposition to COVID measures, claims of election fraud, belief Trump can be reinstated, 9-11 anniversary and religious holidays.
Now, where is there evidence that people that want to reinstate Trump or question the election are going to blow stuff up?
And where is there evidence that people protesting masks that don't work and experimental vaccines that don't work and make people sick?
Where is there evidence that we're terrorists, much less that we're the number one terror threat?
I learned about it two months ago when they issued the new official policy of the Biden administration, the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.
But that's really what they're doing, is conducting terrorism against us with the Chinese bioweapon that their controllers released to take control of the United States.
But see, the average person online thinks it's voodoo to know anything.
So they thought I must have magically just thought this up on my own, or I'm in the CIA, as if people in the CIA know anything.
That's a low-level criminal organization.
So here it is.
Opposition to COVID measures is terrorism.
Claims of election fraud is terrorism.
Belief that Trump can be reinstated is terrorism.
As soon as Biden got his way in through fraud in January of this year, now six and a half months ago, the first press conferences they had with General Milley and with Jen Psaki and with all these people and the Justice Department was Protesting the election is terror.
And then on page 10 of the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism came out two months ago, they made it official policy.
They said, any narratives of fraud in the recent general election, the emboldening impact of the violent breach of the U.S.
Capitol, conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and conspiracy theories promoting violence will almost certainly spur some One, to try to engage in violence.
So, who tried to engage in violence last year and this year?
They claim things only got serious when the informants planted by the FBI got involved.
The defense also portrayed online posts involving violent rhetoric about the governor as satire, and their activities only escalating once an FBI confidential informant got involved.
He told his group he wants Governor Whitmer's head on a platter.
And that could be satire as well.
I guess I don't think that's funny.
I mean, I feel like, haven't you heard similar things about President Trump on late night TV?
There's one plot to kidnap a governor because of the lockdown, and that was the FBI creating the whole thing.
And so just remember, that's who they're hiring, that's who they're preparing for total war with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Remember that great 1990s movie or whenever it came out, Mars Attacks?
It's a comedy.
But when the aliens are running around with their ray guns, killing everybody across the world, they say, don't run, we are your friends.
And then you stop and they kill you and they laugh about it.
Because it always just keeps working.
Well, we actually have a Mars Attacks level clip.
This just came in.
It's on Infowars.com.
It's a Jamie White article.
Hajib-clad CNN reporter praises friendly Taliban chanting death to America.
So, we've just topped mostly peaceful protest with an eight-story building on fire behind it.
It looks like Armageddon.
It looks like end of the world, mostly peaceful.
And in the article, Jamie White points out that earlier this year, Babylon Bee, the great satire site, ran a satire piece where it says, CNN praises Taliban for wearing masks during attack.
It was saying it's for the lockdown, it's for COVID.
Look at this right here.
So this is just absolute gold.
Except it's real.
That is the total incompetence, the absolute complete takeover of society.
Maybe we can just show you the actual article itself, but the article's up on Infowars.com.
I hope you'll share it.
But here is the hijab-wearing woman, the CNN reporter.
Hell, she's less covered than we are in America now.
One of the Muslims more afraid than us.
A hijab-clad reporter praises friendly Taliban chanting death to America.
Then let's scroll down for TV viewers, radio listeners, or read the article at Infowars.com.
In an unbelievable clip, only CNN could pull off a reporter wearing a hijab in Afghanistan praises the Taliban for being friendly while chanting death to America!
She actually says it!
The clip's not even edited!
I'm sorry, this is getting too good.
CNN's chief international correspondent, Clarissa Ward, clad in a hijab, mingled with the Taliban during their takeover of Afghanistan in the signature anti-American style CNN is known for.
Remember, they supported the whole Arab Spring taking over and killing millions.
They're just chanting, they're just chanting death to America, but they seem friendly at the same time.
Ward told the audience Monday, it's utterly bizarre.
All of this is bizarre, because leftists are chameleons.
And they have Stockholm Syndrome.
They just adopt whatever...
As long as it's not Christian, as long as it's not successful, see, because they're threatened by American power, they're threatened by Western prowlish, and it's a bunch of weird social engineer white people that look at the world being 90% brown and say, let's organize them and bring them in and take over.
You take over by writing a great book, or being a great football player, or being a great musician, or cooking great food, or being a loving person, but you're a creepy weirdo that works at CNN that wants to lie to people.
Well, galaxy aircraft fly above with people falling off the engines.
I mean, this is what you build.
It's what you do.
You're monsters.
I saw the most unintentional comedy over the weekend and I meant to get it.
I didn't know last week that Brian Stelter had gone on Stephen Colbert.
And I watched the whole 14-minute interview while Colbert grovels to him and while Stelter describes how he controls reality and they decide what can be on TV.
I mean, it is just...
Like worshiping and exalting a bucket of vomit or something.
But again, it's this ruling class that stole the power, that are in control, that just hate themselves and are basically in a fever dream going after society.
And so instead of replacing Stelter with somebody better, they prop him up, just like Hillary.
They never stop propping up their gods.
They're ugly little gods.
So, sorry, here is the CNN clip, and in case you missed it, let's just run it three or four times back-to-back.
This is unedited.
She said this back-to-back.
This is real.
Here it is.
They're just chanting death to America, but they seem friendly at the same time.
It's utterly bizarre.
At the president- They're just chanting death to America, but they seem friendly at the same time.
It's utterly bizarre.
At the president- They're just chanting death to America, but they seem friendly at the same time.
It's utterly bizarre.
It's utterly bizarre.
Alright, let's move on before I give the number out and take your calls.
This is Jimmy Fallon.
And people are in the news saying, you know, it doesn't make sense.
He weirdly celebrates the end of white people.
While everyone tries to get into countries that white people designed.
White people are the worst thing the world's ever seen.
You know, the medicine and the science and the literature and the architecture and all of it, except there is the bad side.
There's a Klaus Schwab side of white people, which is actually trying to destroy what was good about Western civilization and bring in tyranny because he wants to just rule over everybody.
But imagine, hey, open the borders up, bring everybody in, everybody's gonna kumbaya, then the Democrats teach people coming in to hate America, to hate white people, and then you've got the nice little white leader, Jimmy Fallon up there on his national show with the applause sign, because there's video going on saying, applaud the end of white people, like it's the end of syphilis, or the end of gonorrhea, or the end of herpes.
I mean, imagine him saying, yay, we've almost gotten rid of all the black people.
This is on national television, but this is what's taught in the colleges.
This is what's taught in the media.
This is them externalizing this.
The Washington Post had a big headline about, thank God the whites are a minority.
There's a white woman writing it, but she goes, but we can't allow white minority rule.
That means white people can't have anything, except for Jeff Bezos and the billionaires offshore.
They can have everything.
They're the ones funding class warfare.
Because, see, they're worried about the idea of Western civilization wanting property, wanting a Second Amendment, wanting a middle class.
So they're saying, oh, the middle class is white!
Get rid of that thing called the middle class!
So they're saying American values, what people come here to get, they're saying, well, that's white!
And I guess it did come out of Magna Carta, and it did come out of the Anglo-Saxon tradition.
So, I mean, it's true!
So it's like, oh, well, I mean, if medicine and cars and electricity is white, I want to get rid of it!
Klaus Schwab goes, exactly.
You are post-industrial.
You die.
But see, everybody still wants to get here.
It's unbelievable.
So it's the elite class waging war on the underclass with racial division, which will destroy society.
This is the opposite of what Christ taught, the opposite of what Martin Luther King taught, Jr.
All the common sense stuff.
Just completely out the window, the most racist, vile stuff ever, but it's on the nightly comedy show, so it's okay.
But it's not comedy, it's their actual mission.
Here it is.
The results of the 2020 census just came out, and for the first time in American history, the number of white people went down.
Here's the results of the 2020 census just came out, and for the first time in American
history the number of white people went down.
Of course, the truth is, around half the abortions in this country are black babies, and blacks
are 13% of the population.
So they're really, Margaret Sanger said, we've got to get the blacks for Subhuman.
That's her saying it.
She's liberal.
I get it.
It's like, it's like George Soros is like, I love Hitler.
I love killing people.
It's the best time of my life, rounding up Jews.
ADL's like.
But if you actually oppose Hitler, they come after you.
Schwarzenegger sold Rolling Stone, he loved Hitler.
So the ADL gives him awards.
You see, you figure this out yet?
Because the ADL is run by the same folks whose grandfathers made Jews pay the equivalent of trillions of dollars to get out of Germany.
That's who the ADL is, is the folks that sold the Jews out to Hitler.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
All right, we got a doctor on the last 30 minutes of the next hour who says they tried to kill him in the hospital.
We had a very prominent person set to come on because they were trying to kill her dad, and they did kill him.
That's why she can't come on right now.
In a few days, she may be ready.
So he said, oh, just talk to this other doctor that was in the same hospital they were trying to kill.
And if you think we're just exaggerating about that, this is really going on.
So that's coming up.
I wanna give the number out specifically on Afghanistan.
I wanna hear from Afghanistan vets particularly.
So please don't call if you're not an Afghanistan vet.
Or if you've worked over there as a contractor, I would like to get your quick takes.
You don't have to hold on where you see this going.
If you disagree with me that, obviously Biden didn't do this.
And it's fun to say he's an app because he is, but they knew exactly what was happening.
They gave him briefings on what was going to go on, and this has been done to basically discredit peace and being able to pull out another way using air power so that we could have a pullout that wouldn't be as embarrassing.
And the whole thing was wrong to begin with.
You can't go to Stone Age cave people And get them to accept your leftist Star Trek vision of the world.
So, we've got all that information to lay out, but I want to explain something.
When I get up here and I shave, the goal is to collapse civilization.
The goal is to break the social contract.
The goal is to bankrupt the social safety net.
All I do is read what Cloward and Piven wrote in the 60s that was adopted as policy by the Democrats by the 70s.
All I do is read Klaus Schwab.
It's all like, I'm real smart.
I read.
These people run stuff, folks.
What they write down, they do.
It'd be like if I found a piece of paper on the ground, and it was a neighbor planning to kill his neighbor, you know, next week.
Maybe you think it's a joke, maybe you don't say anything, you feel weird, and then the next week the neighbor gets killed.
Then you're like, whoa, I better call the police, he was serious.
I've been watching them write these books and give these speeches for 30 years.
And I've watched them basically do everything they said they'd do and more.
So, I mean, it's unbelievable.
And look, as much as I'm covering Afghanistan, I'm going to have to come up here tonight and do a special report, or I'm going to have to just not take calls tomorrow and not have guests tomorrow, because I've got to really get you to wrap your mind around this.
I've wrapped my brain around it real hard, and I'm pretty sure I'm dead on.
I mean, I'm right about 95% of it.
I'm not sure it'll last 5%, but let me just say something.
I go off real numbers and real facts and real people.
And COVID-19 last year was made up crap.
The virus was real so they could own it and have a vaccine.
Again, that when you make a vaccine for that virus, it creates a deadly poison.
They studied it massively.
They've had congressional hearings on it.
That's why all the top scientists up front said, don't do this.
This is crazy.
Because it's a known thing.
They did a known poison.
But they could call it a vaccine so these people who are trusting went out and followed it.
But let me tell you something.
When I say half of Infowars has COVID, that's conservative.
When I say half of my parents' friends, and my parents, and my wife, and the nanny, and she went and visited family in the Midwest, half of them are sick, and then everybody they know is sick, and then I had a film crew here from Utah, and a film crew from California, and they said half their people were sick, and then they were telling me all the stories about, yeah, my aunt and my uncle, This guy's pretty young.
Both took the Pfizer shot and both had detached retinas within two weeks of each other.
And that's in the literature, it attacks your eyeballs.
Like Roger Stone.
I heard from people very close to the family that she got sick right after she took the shot and had all sorts of tumors pop up on her.
And she went to the doctor and they said, yeah, this is cancer right in the lymph node under where she got the shot.
I call Roger up, he tells me, and then says, but I'm not getting in my wife's business, don't talk about it.
And I always keep confidence on everything else.
As a journalist, as long as something isn't criminal, you tell me it, I'm gonna keep confidence.
But, and I love Roger, he got pissed off today, by the way, on and off air, I'm gonna leave it at that.
But I said, hey, I'm breaking confidence right now.
I'm doing it, I'm doing it!
Which I rarely do, because It's almost a crime not to tell people she took the Pfizer shot and got lymphatic cancer.
Once in the literature, that's what it does.
I mean, this is hitting everybody, folks.
So I apologize to Roger, but I did what I did consciously.
And I'm sorry if he gets in trouble with his family.
It's like, the guy says, and... He goes, frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
I mean, I went to Central Market today because my parents are both super sick with COVID, and I went in there to get them a bunch of food.
They've been sick for a week.
They wouldn't even tell me they were sick.
I went over there.
They had no food left, and they're all just laying there like fish out of water, gulping for air.
I gave them some steroid inhalers and stuff I got.
And I was just thinking about Fauci and Bill Gates.
You see, that's why they're saying anti-vaxxers are terrorists, because they're going to keep killing us with these shots and with the people shedding the shots, shedding the vaccine, shedding the virus, until we finally do something.
And I'm not calling for violence because they'll use that against us.
I'm just saying.
We're getting punched in the face over and over and over again.
So I'm in Central Market.
That's the H-E-B ripoff of Whole Foods.
I think it is better than Whole Foods, he asked me.
Even though I don't even like H-E-B.
My grandmother dated the founder of it.
What a horrible person.
But the point is, is that... Baylor.
But the point is, is that... I just saw people throughout the store with little kids in double masks.
I'd walk right over and I'd say, all sorts of new pneumonias and lung diseases are hitting kids that never happened before.
Kids are dying from it.
It's in the news and it's the mask causing it.
Please, for your children's sake.
And I talked to five groups of parents with children that were just full at like 8 a.m.
this morning at Central Market.
The checkout line when I was getting, you know, fruit and vegetables for my parents and One time the guy goes, I used to live by you on one oak.
That was like 15 years ago.
And another guy goes, hey, keep it to yourself.
And another guy just looked at me.
I said, do you love your children?
I mean, I'm telling them facts here.
Those masks don't do a damn thing except give you bacterial pneumonia.
And you'd think that you'd stab these people, talking to them.
And the lady checking me out had two damn masks on.
And then they take the shot, and then they slough live spike protein on your ass.
I mean, I've got a stack of studies on it.
You think I'm just saying that because it feels good to say that?
I mean, look at this stack right here.
Look at this, vaccines create variants.
Look at this.
This is a small stack right here.
Okay, here's your precious AP.
I even said this in the chat counter.
I said, you know, almost all polio worldwide from the vaccine.
And they started laughing at me.
Because you know, knowing how to read AP is like, kooky.
More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus, by shedding.
It's all designed like that.
But see, when it first happened, Bill Gates would just call it, oh, another virus.
It wasn't our shot.
COVID-19 vaccines could add fuel to evolution of coronavirus.
It happened.
UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine.
And it goes on.
And it lands at studies and all of it about SARS, COVID, the exact same type of virus.
It caused massive shedding, and it caused autoimmune responses and eating of the lungs.
But they don't care.
They will give their children the deadly shot as fast as they can.
And if their children die, in fact that was in my stack and I can't find it.
You guys re-pulled me the Clown World article.
I think Don Salazar wrote it.
Maybe it was Kellan McBrain.
Last Friday.
Where a woman in San Antonio got her mother and father to both take the Pfizer shot.
They both died within a month of each other when they took it.
First, her mother took it and died.
Then the dad took it and died.
And she said, well, he'd have died more painful.
This made him die more comfortably.
That's Stockholm Syndrome.
She can't admit that that happened to her family.
That the vaccine killed her.
And that's all over the news.
Like, this guy got the vaccine.
This person got the vaccine.
Then they die.
They never called the vaccine.
They go, man, COVID still killed me, but I'm sure glad I got the vaccine.
It made them kill me a lot less.
Stay with us, I'll get the number out.
It's all clown world, all people in dress-up, people in uniforms, women strutting around with their commander-in-chief, the puppet installed by the globalists, lots of Secret Service with shaved heads and black sunglasses, acting powerful.
But everybody knows they're a joke.
Everybody knows America kills its unborn babies and keeps them alive and sells their organs, and has convicted pedophiles teach drag queen story time to them.
Everybody knows that we're a fallen republic.
We have to admit it to ever get our country back.
So he's set at 245 Central, 345 Eastern.
That'll be Gerald Salente hosting them, and I'm sure he'll want to go to that.
If not, it'll be covered on The War Room today, 3 p.m.
Central, about what he's going to say about Afghanistan.
but they're setting him up, they're manipulating him to have a failed country there,
to have a whole nother invasion and a reset down the road.
And to flood the US with their estimating four to five million Afghans, Europe tens of millions.
It's just insane.
And the 2.2 trillion pumped into Afghanistan made the capital city go from half a million
four and a half million they were saying.
Well, where's all that food going to come from?
Where's all the money going to come from?
It's not going to be there.
The Chinese are very cheap, and so are the Russians, and the Russians aren't planning to move back into that area.
So this is going to be a disaster zone.
They're talking about 30,000 the Defense Department's going to bring to the United States.
It's a lot more than that.
But look at this meme that of course Twitter's blocking.
200 days of Biden.
Border crisis.
Gas crisis.
Middle East in crisis.
Afghanistan in crisis.
That's Central Asia.
Inflation crisis.
And the mainstream corporate media everywhere saying white people are bad and are inherently evil.
Just what type of bizarro land is this?
Well, here is Mayorkas, the DHS chief, in the leaked audio from this weekend, coming out and saying that this is unsustainable.
Tens of thousands a day turning themselves in, in one town in Texas alone.
And when they have COVID, they just drop them off at Whataburger.
We broke that a month ago.
Months ago we went and showed you the level of this, and then now they just take them and dump them all over the U.S.
But you need to wear a mask, and you need to not have your kids go to school, and you need to shut your business down.
So Amazon and Walmart and Target can take over.
So here's the head of DHS privately about what's happened.
It's unsustainable.
These numbers cannot continue.
We cannot get to a point where we were a couple weeks ago.
And we're going to make sure that doesn't happen.
We're looking at the policy options.
It can't continue like this.
Our people in the field can't continue and our system isn't built for it.
I know very well, hearing from Chief Hastings, Chief Ortiz, and others, how close we came to breaking, how close you came to breaking here in this sector.
And it's our responsibility to make sure that never happens again.
We don't get that close again.
Now the media spins that like, oh, he's a good guy.
No, he's a globalist.
And he's a Metro La Raza Hispanic supremacist who they put in there as if it's helping Hispanics to do this to them.
But it's all racial division, all racial control.
The way a ward would control a prison, you've got each racial leader over their racial group.
And they're saying, because I said Border Patrol walk off, show people the millions, show them the collapse, instead of you delivering them in buses and you taking them and spreading them all out and covering it up and loading them on unmarked airplanes.
The little kidnapped kids.
Don't aid and abet the criminality.
Walk off the job.
Let the Democrats try to take these millions of people and say where they are.
Because they're all showing up as if they're supposed to be given red carpet.
He said, oh, let's make sure this never happens again.
Let's beef it up.
Let's expand it.
But let's not rush it so fast that it becomes obvious this is an invasion.
All right, I want to give the number out for individuals that served in Afghanistan or Iraq, for that matter, or in Syria, because clearly this is the Program of Obama and the Globalists for the Arab Spring.
This is putting Taliban and Al-Qaeda in charge.
This is letting them take the planet over and take over the soft underbelly of Europe to further break the borders.
That's the plan.
That's what Klaus Schwab and the UN are doing with their refugee-migrant centers as a little Islamification of Europe.
They are building a failed planet.
They are making sure there are more failed states.
They could have pulled out Bombed any of the Taliban trying to come in on the roads, but that wasn't done because the globalists want to embarrass Biden.
They want to embarrass America.
They want to make the country look like an absolute total joke so that China and others rise as the United States falls, because that's the global Great Reset, the end of the dollar.
That's why they say China did a great job on COVID.
We did a terrible job.
Because it's all about maneuvering us in the world to a collapse position.
But maybe you disagree with me.
Maybe you've got your take on it.
I'd like to hear from you.
First-time callers that have served in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria on this whole nation.
Maybe you served in AFRICON.
Maybe you watched them build up the Islamic groups there.
I'd like to hear from you.
If you're outside the U.S.
country code, 512-646-1776.
Again, 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
If you're outside of the U.S. country code, 512-646-1776.
Again, 877-789-2539 will get you up and on the air.
But, I mean, I have no doubt that I'm right in the main about what I'm saying, but I'd
like to hear if you think I'm wrong or you've got things to add and expertise to this.
But this is clearly a destabilization campaign.
In fact, a lot of smart people that have served in a lot of different levels of the government, that's their thought when they give me their take is basically my take before I've even told them what my take is.
But it doesn't mean that Biden knows he's being set up.
That's why he's so senile and so out of it.
He'll take the blame while the globalists do this.
See, that's why he's so dangerous.
Well, they commit all these crimes.
They can flush him later.
Remember, he even said during the campaign trail, like a year ago, he said, well, if I ever do something that I'm not supposed to, I'll just feign an illness and resign.
I'll do what I'm told.
He's so senile.
He's always like, am I allowed to do this?
Am I allowed to take questions?
I'm going to get in trouble with my bosses.
He's not joking.
He said on the campaign trail, I am servile.
I'll do whatever I'm told.
Folks, if you're a new listener, I'm not making this up.
You can pull that up.
They found the article, but it has the video in it.
I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign.
As if he doesn't have a bunch of diseases.
This is crazy.
They said, we've got you.
You're a Chinese spy.
Do what we say or it's over.
And now it's his job to play Mario Kart while the world burns.
Nero Fiddle is Fiddle, while Rome burned, Biden plays Mario Kart while it happens.
And to watch all the Twitter brigades try to defend him, even as CNN turns on him, is disgusting.
Another big question is who are they going to replace Biden with and what's the timetable?
Because you better believe he's not long for that administration.
I can tell you with no uncertainty right now.
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That is incorrect.
But it's nobody's fault.
You know, I had a stack of articles in here.
And I just don't know how my main plug sheet got taken off the top because I laid it right over here.
I'm becoming senile like Joe Biden.
Actually, what I'm really sick of is this earpiece.
That's this high-tech HD earpiece, and it's like a microchip.
You basically put in your ear, and it just drives me crazy because the wire is always popping out.
And if I don't have the wire in my ear, I can't get all my orders from the Russians.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, I'm being sarcastic.
I'm going to go to break, and I'm going to come back and take your calls.
But just looking at Joe Biden makes me feel like I'm dying, makes me feel like I'm senile.
Just to watch this fifth-generational warfare of discrediting us, of bankrupting us, of annihilating us, is just too much.
But we're going to make it through this.
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We'll be right back with our number three.
Your phone call straight ahead.
All right, we are now into our number three.
And we are going to take your phone calls from Jacob and Nicholas and Edward and James and John and Ryan and Luke and John and Alex and many, many others.
We're asking for soldiers, Marines, airmen, G.I.
James, all of you to call in and tell us your experience in Afghanistan and what you make of what's happening now and the incredible footage of people hanging off the landing gear of large transport jets, galaxies, as they fall to their deaths.
And Joe Biden says there is no crisis.
So let's go ahead and start with who's been holding the longest.
Let's go to Alex in Michigan, was in the Army, serving Afghanistan on Biden and the situation.
What do you make of what's happening?
How you doing, sir?
Good to talk to you.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
I'm actually very grateful I got through.
I'm not usually one to call, but this is something near and dear to my heart.
I actually, I was there in 2010, Cav Scout, and I left work early.
Just because I'm a proud man, I'm not going to be seen not full on sobbing, but tearing up.
I don't want to be seen like that at work.
This breaks my heart.
What breaks your heart?
Watching those people so desperate as they know those Islamic enslavers are coming?
That, but more than that for, obviously I'm a proud patriot.
My brain keeps, it won't shut up.
It keeps asking why.
I agree with you, so let me ask you this, we're going to move through a lot of calls here.
Why do you think Biden did this?
Because they knew this would happen.
For China.
From what I understand, there is a ton of mineable resources.
Very expensive, lucrative resources.
Rare earth minerals, and they're always given the rare earth minerals.
We're not even allowed to have them.
Right, they're always, Afghanistan's flooding within itself.
Too much to ever actually start excavating those to bring the money into their country.
So China can walk in and take it.
Look at all those folks trying to get to America to be enslaved by evil white men.
And if you're a radio listener, there's people hanging off the jets and saying, God bless you, Alex.
I'm glad you called to give us your two cents.
We're going to move quick to these calls.
Let's talk to folks in Pennsylvania.
Let's talk to Jeremy.
He was a Marine on Afghanistan situation.
Give us your take.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
It's pretty sad, actually.
How do you think it's going?
Absolutely the same.
I feel the exact same way.
I actually feel like this is psychological warfare against any veteran, active duty, and civilian who care about innocent people in Afghanistan.
And they want us to retaliate.
They want the new January 6th event to come out.
I agree.
Flesh that out.
Tell me more.
I mean, they're attacking our emotions right now, and it's just...
I haven't cried in over a decade.
I cried for a solid hour last night and I just couldn't.
I can barely talk about it right now.
I put so many friends in coffins in their caskets for their final flight home and this is how they get treated.
It's terrible.
It's haunting.
And by the way, it's a fact he was briefed this was specifically happening.
They knew this.
Think of wanting to moralize America so bad they would do this even at the chance of destroying their puppet Biden.
Exactly, exactly.
It's disgusting on every level.
It's just horrible.
I mean, that's all I really got, Alex.
Talk about a lost opportunity.
Can you imagine if The first time they shot at somebody or blew something up when they were in those convoys coming into those capital towns and main cities, they could have wiped the entire Taliban out in a matter of hours.
But instead, they just let a mass and drive in and take over.
You need to remember that we cannot attack first.
This is 2021 psychological warfare against all of us.
It's horrible.
They need to attack first.
God bless you, sir.
60 seconds, and we're going right to Nicholas, Ryan, James, John, Luke, John, others.
And great job to the crew getting all those callers online in just a few minutes, because, you know, the calls load up and you've got to go through and get each person's name.
I see all the other lines are loaded, but as soon as you hear a caller, hang up 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex.
I want to talk to you.
789-253-9877, 789-Alex, I want to talk to you, we want to write to you in 60 seconds.
This is about global destabilization.
It's about discrediting America.
And it's about trillions in stolen war funds.
I can play the clip over and over again of Biden in July and then again in August.
Saying, we'll never have a Saigon moment.
We'll never have a 1975 moment.
We have a giant 300,000 person military.
They're unstoppable.
They will crush the Taliban.
And then they all turned and instantly ran, starting two weeks ago.
And the Pentagon could have easily, then when the Taliban was attacking those retreating troops, that's an act of aggression, and they could have killed them all.
That's what Trump was going to do and then withdraw.
But that didn't happen.
And it was done by design.
And so now total Insanity is unfolding there.
And that's the same thing here with the mostly peaceful protests, the burning down the cities, and the antifa, and the fentanyl, and the, you know, the tents everywhere, and the devaluation of the dollar, and the no countries, no walls, no USA at all, and late-night comedy saying officially white people are bad and evil, and it's weird white people trying to teach the new minority majority to be like this.
I mean, it's just absolutely a rearguard action by a bunch of Companies worth trillions of dollars that are tax-exempt and are in bed with China and have just made a deal to take the world over.
And white people at giant revivals praying to George Floyd and apologizing for being white.
And the globalists just see this as, alright, these are schmucks!
Double their gas prices, devalue their currency, pay them to stay home.
Then they wonder why suddenly there's inflation and why there's no goods or medicine because no one's producing.
And then you look at what the left's created.
It's a bunch of babies that drank fluoride water and that sat there and drank the formula that makes their brain about a third smaller.
And they're just low-level and programmed and stupid and evil.
And then all over the country, people protest Drag Queen Storytime, or they protest new lockdowns.
And then Antifa comes out by the hundreds and stabs and beats and burns and shoots people.
And the local news says they're the good guys.
And then they say we're here for black people when 95% of them are white.
And I don't say that to defend black people like they're perfect.
I'm just saying Antifa is a joke.
Bunch of meth-head devil worshippers.
Attacking Americans.
All because they want to have a country.
And they call themselves anti-fascist when they work for George Soros.
The most evil living fascist who actually worked for Hitler.
That's what blows me away, man.
Like, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Rolling Stone.
I made a documentary called Martial Law.
And in it, I did like 10 minutes on Schwarzenegger.
He wanted to be president then and was a thug.
I said, I'll just expose him.
And we mailed off and got the copies.
We made sure it was all correct.
But Schwarzenegger in the gay porn.
And again, I'm not attacking him because he sold his body for sex.
The point is, that's how he's blackmailed.
And then he would like wear Hitler outfits at parties and he said, I love Hitler.
Everyone needs to do what the government says.
I mean, now he says we're all bad people and screw your freedom.
No, screw you, buddy.
Screw you.
I can only take so much of the ADL giving awards to all the real Nazis.
To Schwarzenegger.
To Soros.
It's disgusting.
It's an evil organization.
Alright, I'm ranting.
I'm going to go to your calls.
Let's talk to Luke, who's in the Air Force, served three rounds in Afghanistan on the situation.
Give us your take, Luke.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
Man, it's an honor to talk to you.
I just really wanted to be quick.
I'm not one to call in, but obviously, I served in Afghanistan in 2015-2016 under the previous administration of, you know, obviously Obama.
The things that we saw, I mean, was just ridiculous.
We came, we went in and reopened a base up at a NASA base, Camp Leatherneck in Helmand Province.
After they had shut it down about eight months before, the amount of, you know, materials left behind, we're literally, we're rolling in, you know, my Air Force division, Of Engineers and the Army, 10th Mountain Division, and guys like that that came in.
We were literally rolling around in pickup trucks while these people, you know, the ANA and all those people have up-armored vehicles and things like that.
So, the dichotomy between that, and I volunteered to go again in 2019, and the difference between the two administrations, we were absolutely taking care of business in 2019.
The reason I volunteered Was to actually have a peaceful transition to get us out of there the right way.
I believed in Trump.
I actually did not vote for Trump the first time.
I didn't trust him.
But what I saw over there alone was enough to make me crawl across a bed of glass to vote for him.
Just on that alone.
So we truly believed in that.
We thought we were doing such great work.
Obviously, you know, we wiped out most of the resistance in the north that Taliban They couldn't breach.
And all the years after we set them up, they were never able to take this country.
Now we have literally set them up.
This was done on purpose.
Done on purpose to, like you said, tarnish the possibility of peace.
And everything that we fought for literally has just gone straight down the drain.
And it's so disheartening to see that.
2.2 trillion, hundreds of billions in infrastructure.
Well, I mean, look at what we're dealing with now.
and the globalists didn't actually ever want to stabilize the area.
They just flushed it all down the toilet and all the American lives and other lives lost
and the Afghan lives that tried to build a better country, all of it flushed instantly
in a matter of days by the globalists on purpose.
Talk about evil.
Well, I mean, look at what we're dealing with now.
I come home and literally like two months ago, we go through extremism training where
and the definitions are so vague and I spoke up.
And it's time for all of us as military personnel to speak up and stand up for what we believe in, because if we don't, it's gone.
If we lose freedom, we are the last bastion of freedom.
If we lose freedom in the U.S., it's gone from the face of the planet.
That's right.
Communist China will then be the model, and the whole world will fall to it, including us.
What do you make, now, of them giving you the anti-terror training, while General Milley's saying, worry about white people and people that question the election, and worry about white supremacists in the military, and the stand-down for all those weeks to find the evil people?
and then now it's the National Strategy Countering Domestic Terrorism plan
that questioning the election or COVID measures is terror.
I mean that is crazy that they're leaving Afghanistan and now trying to have the military get
in a posture against the American people. Why would the globalists think that's even
going to be successful?
I mean because they've not faced any backlash.
Politically correctness even in our military.
When you turn to a career military, when you turn the military into a career, people begin to fear losing their jobs.
They fear standing up.
And the good people like me who refuse to stand by and watch it happen, we're the ones that they're going to try to force out.
Because I spoke up in the extremism training.
I said literally by this definition, me as a Gun Owners of America or an NRA member, this is literally setting this up.
You don't have the language now, but this is exactly what you're setting up.
Literally, you're going to change the definition at some point to include anyone that supports a gun rights organization or someone who practices.
Literally, the definition goes down, down, down from there.
And then a day later, the next day, we literally have our staffer training, sexual assault response coordinator, all that stuff that we go through.
And the first 30 minutes was this lady, the staffer coordinator, going over, showing like 30 minutes worth of video about toxic masculinity.
And again, what did I do?
To the chagrin of my leadership, I stood up and I challenged the lady.
This is not toxic masculinity.
Masculinity has nothing to do with this.
This is toxic people.
Yeah, you should have been learning about radical Islam or about your enemies or about
the globalists exactly or about communists.
Thank you so much.
Powerful call, folks.
That's what's going on.
They're going to the military and finding out who doesn't like this and who does like it.
They're promoting the people that like the communism and they're running out the folks that are good Americans.
And they're making the military, the army, wear red high heels and just every other form of leftist fetish.
This is all a sick joke, ladies and gentlemen.
We need to stop complying, and now they want to inject our troops with an experimental shot, and then our children.
This is not our military.
The military is not the enemy.
It's the globalists that have hijacked control of it that have done it, and it's the people in the military going along with this type of crap.
If you're a new listener, by the way, I'm not joking.
I'm showing video of U.S.
Army marching in red high heels.
Okay, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us with your phone calls.
All right, let's move quick through your calls because I want to get to everybody.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Georgia.
He was in the Army, served in Iraq, giving us his take on this accelerated pullout, obviously designed to create this effect.
Give us your take, sir.
Hey, Alex.
It's a pleasure being on once again.
Just want to just go over real quick.
Let's not forget Pat Tillman.
Let's not forget Operation Red Wing.
We all seen them.
A lot of people have seen the movie Lone Survivor.
You know, this here is just another psychological operation to demoralize.
I think during the press conference the other day, they mentioned humiliation of American troops.
This is what this is.
This is to humiliate us and to make us seem weak.
That's right.
Having troops march in red high heels, having troops say they're racist is all about demoralizing because we have an enemy force in control of the government.
I mean, this is just another move by the globalists.
I mean, Joe Biden is nothing.
He's just a figurehead.
This has been going on for decades.
I mean, this is nothing new.
In my opinion, you know, it's time for America to stand up and start fighting back.
I mean, we can't wait.
You know, I heard one guy speak one time that, you know, we'll never be stronger than we are today.
Every day that goes by that we don't remove this tyranny, this evil, we're only getting weaker.
And they're chipping away at us piece by piece.
Remember Obama, you know, he did the purge of the upper brass.
It's all this is.
We got critical race theory.
Who could even imagine we'd even be talking about this kind of stuff to our service members?
Who would even imagine, like the last caller, would we even be talking about toxic masculinity?
I was an infantry soldier.
Charlie 216 Infantry Rangers.
Let me tell you something.
You want masculine men.
You don't want high heels on a front line.
You want men.
And you got a job to do.
And, you know, this whole If we push to demoralize, to humiliate, to weaken us, we gotta shed that off.
It's time for America to understand that we are at war.
And now we're at war on our home front.
It's time.
We're almost about to that point where the broken arrow event where we must utilize all resources to get this off our back.
If we don't, there's no coming back.
Well, you're right, but we have to navigate where they want to push us into a violent confrontation so they can then even have more martial law.
But at the same time, they are assaulting us with poison shots.
They are shutting down the economy.
They're just doing it all.
And so at the end of the day, We're up against a very sophisticated enemy.
The only way to beat it is to get right with God, is to get right with God and disregard everything CNN says, everything Obama says, everything Hillary says, everything Biden says, and just go back to what America is and just totally pull out of the corporate system.
All of it, because this is literally a globalist takeover.
God bless you, and I appreciate your call.
That's one of the best memes for a TV viewer right there.
Taliban in Afghanistan.
They wait while Trump's in, and then as soon as Biden gets sworn in, they say, now, and they launch their attack.
And that's a perfect example of how this has been operating.
They took the great thing Trump was doing and just totally ruined it, but then tried to blame Trump for it, even though Biden promised this wouldn't happen, showing he's a total fraud.
He's being set up, though.
He's no mastermind.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to John in Florida.
He's an Army, served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Give us your view, please.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Yes, I served in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Basically, I think I saw this coming from a couple miles out.
You know, they're trying to shake up the situation so that things can move in the country.
And I don't think everybody needs to get so discouraged.
It is a bad thing.
A lot of bad people are going to take over.
But I mean, that's the story of this world right now.
If it's not them, it's us.
It's everybody.
Well, I'm glad we're, quote, out of Afghanistan.
I'm worried they're going to use this fiasco as a pretext to try to get us to go back in.
That we'll probably be back in there in the next 10, 20 years.
But right now, I think everybody needs to just calm down and don't get angry and sad so much because we don't know what's going on behind the curtains.
We don't know what the next move is yet.
We just have to be patient.
And be still and wait for our opportunities to make moves.
God bless you, and I appreciate your call.
Scroll back up, guys, to this article that's on Infowars.com about brutal memes against Biden, and it shows a little old lady, insurrectionist, worst terrorist, worse than 9-11, Schumer and others said.
Republicans agree.
They said she deserves to stay in jail in solitary confinement.
But Jack Masovic says, if you look closely, you can spot the difference.
There's the Taliban in the How's it going, Mr. Alex?
First off, it's an honor and a privilege to be able to speak with you.
I've got a couple of things I want to line out here for you real quick.
Oklahoma Army served in Afghanistan.
Welcome and thanks for calling.
How's it going Mr. Alex?
First off, it's an honor and a privilege to be able to speak with you.
I got a couple of things I wanna line out here for you real quick.
I know you got a lot of callers.
So the first thing is, is I served in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
I was there at Kandahar Airfield, served 2010 to 2011.
Uh, one of your previous callers mentioned Camp Leatherneck.
I carried the HESCOs on the back of my 915 to that camp.
I helped set it up.
Bob Waltz, I carried the HESCO barriers to it and helped set it up.
I fought for all this land.
I put people in boxes and sent them home with this land.
Number one, I'm absolutely devastated.
My heart, my soul, my spirit is crushed.
It hurts so bad.
Second off, I still have brothers in arms.
I have a very good friend of mine.
He was called to deploy to the embassy.
He got the phone call Friday night.
Saturday afternoon was the last time we heard from him.
We have not heard from him since.
When I talked to him Saturday afternoon, he was telling me some very disgruntled things.
One of which was, The whole reason why this has been such a quote-unquote peaceful takeover is as we're pulling out, they're just walking in, is because a lot of the soldiers that went over there to support the withdrawal from the embassy, they're under the belief that the Taliban is being reinforced by a foreign entity.
However... You're talking about Iran!
That's what I was told!
Yes, sir.
I was told... I mean, my contact, my person said that Uh, people are saying Iran.
Some people are saying China.
So there's, there's, it's China and Iran.
You're absolutely right.
That's what's going on.
And again, Biden, Biden made that deal and then said, Trump cut that deal.
No, Trump didn't cut that deal.
So this is incredible treason and listen, brother.
Don't let it get you down.
America didn't do this.
We got hijacked by a very sophisticated takeover system.
The most sophisticated the world's ever seen.
And we're half the country's awake.
So we haven't lost this thing yet.
But yeah, the numbers are coming in.
We've got articles next segment.
Taliban's going door-to-door killing the people that worked with US personnel in their houses.
So if you work for an American or you work at the embassy, they've got a list. They're going around door-to-door
killing people.
So, everybody hates America all day. All these leftists hate it,
but wait till the thin veneer of civilization peels back.
All I can say is, Nicholas, thank God we've still got our second amendment, brother.
I absolutely agree with that. Speaking of the second amendment,
to my fellow veterans calling in, number one, thank you to all who served this country,
past, present, and future.
And the last thing I got to say is I think what's going on in Afghanistan is a distraction to keep us away from a possible road closures and COVID shutdowns going on here in the states while everybody's looking over here.
That's where I was going next.
Thank you so much.
That's where I was going next.
I'm glad you reminded me.
Your mouth to God's ears.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
After our special guest leaves us here in about 25 minutes, we are going to go right back to all the callers that are patiently holding like Ryan.
And others.
So please stay with us, Jesse, and Barry, and Joe, and Jeremy.
We'll get to all of you that are patiently holding like Kyle in Mississippi, ahead of Gerald Cilente.
And then towards the end of the next hour, Biden's set to have his press conference.
We'll have live coverage of that in the War Room, 3 p.m.
The best way to tell the story is with what happened.
A very prominent medical doctor discovered with one of their People that works with them, that a hospital in Florida was basically doing protocols that would kill people.
And they're getting ready to come on the show the next few days, but they said, why don't you talk to Steven DeFonte, who is a medical doctor, and I actually even know who he is, because he's got a lot of very well-known, best-selling books and programs that I even personally, years ago, used with one of my children.
So he's got Rocket Phonics and so much more, but he's also a medical doctor.
And so, I thought I would have this other medical doctor on today, but they're not ready right now.
They're really pissed off.
They want to get their ducks in a row before they come on.
They said, no, you ought to interview this doctor.
So he's on with us, and he was put into the hospital.
They almost killed him.
Rob Dew at a big hospital in Austin said, you're not giving me anything?
You're not giving me steroids?
You're not giving me vitamin C?
You're not giving me IVs?
I get nothing?
They were like talking about Intubating him.
So he got up and left.
He's fine now.
He's coming back in a few days.
But back a year ago, I told you the hospitals weren't more full than usual.
Now I told you a month ago, they're full.
And now it's all over the news.
I mean, half the people I know have COVID and they're sick right now.
My parents are both like fish out of water, gulping for air at the house right now.
I'm going, but as soon as I get off air, I'm going to take care of them.
And I'm working with a great physician who will help get Rob and others better.
So, Dr. Stephen Gafonte comes on with us, rocketphonics.com.
I've covered his whole bio.
It would take, you know, the time we have.
I want to invite him back when we have more time for a full hour just to give us an overall view of this.
But please, because you're the expert, you're a medical doctor, tell us what you experienced, what you saw on the red flags that concerned you so much, sir, and thanks for coming on.
Oh, you're welcome.
So, August 1st, I was admitted to our local hospital for COVID, and they put me on a protocol.
The protocol doesn't actually make sense, but the doctor doesn't seem to care that there are holes in the protocol because it's the protocol.
This is not real medicine.
At any rate, I'm getting better on the protocol.
The next day they put in a man 20 years younger than me and he's getting worse.
So, Thursday I decide, you know, I'm getting ready to leave and I'm listening to him breathe because I'm a doctor.
I'm in the bed next to him and we listen to patients breathe, especially if they're breathing rapidly and it looks like they're going south.
So, I ask him, why are you getting worse?
He says, I don't know.
I say, do you want me to be your patient advocate?
He says, yes.
I say, fine.
Let's call the nurse and take a look at your labs.
So we do that.
We look at his labs and they missed an infection.
So I say to him, you have a pneumonia.
You need to let your doctor know you have a pneumonia so he can put you on antibiotics.
For any doctors out there, his white count was spiking and his x-ray showed a worsening pneumonia.
So, this is two o'clock in the afternoon.
Six hours later.
No doctor shows up.
So now, it's two in the morning.
This poor guy is struggling to breathe.
He's working on roughly a fourth of a lung.
You just can't breathe through pus.
I'm sorry to offend anybody.
But at any rate, so I then ask for his doctor.
And they take the name of his doctor off the board.
They walk out of the room and abandon the patient.
They call security and have the patient's, the patient advocate, which is me, forcibly removed from the room.
And I say to him, you don't have to do that.
I'll leave AMA.
No, I mean, it is clearly, I mean, I had infectious disease on the phone and they wouldn't talk to him.
There's nothing I can do.
I might as well go home.
They put me in four point restraints and put me in solitary confinement for four hours.
You talk about, and by the way, doctor, this story's coming out everywhere around the world just because this new corporate protocol is this.
So they, so they literally chain you up.
Two guards take my arms, uh, and, uh, two nurses take my legs and they tie me down to the bed and I'm 70 years old.
All I want to do is go home.
So, um, So then, they leave me without any water, any food.
I have to pee on the floor.
And they're watching by camera and laughing.
Eventually, some doctor decides maybe I could go home.
And so, four or five hours later, I got to go home.
As I understand it, they eventually put him on antibiotics and put him on a ventilator.
The guy is a marathon runner.
He's got tremendous lung capacity when it's not filled with pus.
So, if he lives, we should know in a day or two.
So, we got to put in touch with you by another major medical doctor, a well-known name, who's not ready to talk about this yet, but this is happening to their people, to their family, the exact same thing, but they know what they're doing.
And when they say, hey, I want antibiotics, or hey, I want this, the same thing, they're muscling in and threatening them and chaining people down and things.
I mean, is this something you ever heard about in medical school?
What does this sound like to you, doctor?
Ah, this is, this is, here's the foundational problem.
The doctor is being paid by the hospital, and so the doctor does what the hospital tells him to do.
That's your problem.
None of these patients in these hospitals have a doctor.
The doctors are all owned.
And so, you know, you get a patient with pneumonia.
If the CEO says, we don't treat pneumonia with antibiotics anymore, and the doctor wants to work at that hospital, He doesn't treat with antibiotics.
That's your problem.
Which I always thought doctors, when I was dumb, were weird to give antibiotics even if it was viral.
But now I've learned that viruses are carried in by bacteria and you want to give them an antiviral antibiotic unless you know it's viral.
But you were saying it's white blood count.
You could see this on his chart, I guess you were saying.
He definitely had an infection.
He needed antibiotics.
So Alex, the protocol for COVID includes suppressing the immune system.
The complication of a suppressed immune system is that you get a bacterial pneumonia, not just a viral one.
So my white count, for instance, was 3.7.
I was viral.
His went from 11 to 16 to 20.
to 16 to 20. He was bacterial. Just that simple.
And of course... Absolutely, sir.
So let me ask you this.
How is this happening everywhere, where they just follow the computer-generated order of the, what, hospital's bioethics board?
And then they don't render care?
I mean, that's murder.
Yes, it's murder.
And if this guy didn't have a doctor sitting next to him, sitting on the bed next to him, he'd be dead by now.
A 50-year-old marathon runner died from bacterial pneumonia that's been treated with antibiotics for the last 80 years.
That is disgusting.
And it's all a change in policy.
And then when he dies, they call it COVID, and the hospital gets $53,000.
You know, the problem is the doctors work for the CEO of the hospital.
So if the CEO says, make it COVID, the doctors write COVID.
And then they treat it as COVID, not as bacterial pneumonia.
This is what's happened.
Stay there.
Explain as a medical doctor, 70-year-old doctor, well-respected, best well-known author.
I mean, I've bought his book before.
This happened to him.
This is just insane.
This is the corporate takeover of medicine, the equivalent of the Deepwater Horizon BP situation.
Stephen Glifanti is a medical doctor and a best-selling author.
I want to invite him back for a full hour to take your phone calls and talk more in the near future, but in the 10 minutes we have left with you, sir...
What you're saying is on record.
I mean, we know from the literature, the documents, the admissions, this is happening.
And then you as a medical doctor experience it.
From my experience with my dad being a physician, people are always really nice to me at the hospital or wherever because my dad was a physician.
I mean, the fact that they would do this to you shows a change in the culture completely.
And medicine's never been perfect, but the Hippocratic Oath, as we know, has been out the window for decades.
And as you said, In the past, hospitals and other things were supposed to be managed by doctors, but more and more we know they're not.
And I use the Deepwater Horizon analogy where they order the engineers to not pour in concrete on top of the hole, and they said it will explode.
They said, no, we're going to save a billion dollars.
Don't do it.
It blew up.
And it seems like the same thing like these big corporate owners are so detached that they came out with this UN policy says everything is COVID and we don't treat bacterial pneumonia or we don't treat the flu anymore.
We treat COVID and then the COVID treatment kills you.
Is that what you're saying, sir?
I think the CEO of that hospital has created a culture of A prison culture rather than a hospital culture.
You know, there were six nurses out in the hallway discussing how to put me in four-point restraints rather than let me go home when all I wanted to do was sign out AMA.
Now Alex, I'm an ER doc.
I started out at LA County Jail.
You don't get much worse than LA County Jail's emergency room.
And every once in a while, you meet a patient who's just obnoxious.
And if that patient ever said, I want to leave the hospital, we would rush the AMA paper to him, say, sign here, the door's there.
At no time did we say, oh no, let's put him in four point restraints and solitary for four hours.
That is crazy.
And I was telling the doctors, this is crazy, just let me go home!
I'm sorry.
No doctor was available.
At no time did they ever let the doctor come into that room.
In fact... And by the way, doctor, I agree with you that it's a prison planet culture.
I have a website called PrisonPlanet.com.
I keep updating it.
I'm just saying, you're talking about what you saw on the ground, the prison behavior.
I'm saying we're seeing this from hospitals all over the world now with the way they, quote, treat COVID.
And I'm saying, do you have any view on where that's coming from?
I think it's coming from the CEO of the hospitals and I think they're taking their orders from some law or government, you know.
WHO is where it's coming from.
So please continue, this is just amazing.
Where do you think this should go?
What should happen next?
I think the CEO, the head of security, and the head of nursing need to be removed from that hospital.
And they need to put in somebody that understands the difference between a jail and a hospital.
And those people need to create a new culture in that hospital.
And if this is happening in other hospitals, which it probably is, the same thing.
The fundamental problem is the doctors work for the hospital, not the patient.
That's the problem.
If you continue to allow CEOs to hire doctors rather than let the doctors work at the hospitals for the patient, you're going to have this problem.
You can cover up this one, you can cover up another one, but this problem is a simple conflict of interest.
So you're saying the tyranny in medicine is because it's become corporate?
Beautiful summary.
That's exactly what's going on.
And the government should get out of medicine.
Well, I mean, I know Ron Paul very well, and people thought it was crazy when it came out that he would do a third of his practice for free.
My dad always did that.
He's recently retired.
And you seem like you're an old-fashioned real doctor.
I mean, have they eradicated this culture of the doctor everybody respected and liked that, you know, that really cared about people?
Because don't they want to be the nice, sweet hospital?
Why do they want to be a prison?
I don't get that.
You know, I think it's because The CEO isn't a patient.
If the CEO got tied down to four-point restraints, they would rapidly change the culture.
Well, let me ask you this, because usually nurses know when it's a doctor in the hospital, they respect you.
I mean, doctors have a lot of power still.
People still respect you, even though we've lost a lot of credibility with the corporate takeover.
They had no fear of you?
They had no fear doing this to you?
No, none.
And yes, they had Dr. Ghaffanti on the board, so they knew I was a doctor.
Heck, I diagnosed the pneumonia in the patient next to me, so of course they knew I was a doctor.
I had an infectious disease doctor on the phone at 2 o'clock in the morning.
All they had to do was take the phone out of my hand, talk to the specialist who had privileges at that hospital, and- So they don't even respect doctors that have privileges at the hospital?
They wouldn't even tell the patient his doctor's name.
It was- It was the worst medicine I have ever experienced.
And it was uniform.
It wasn't like it was one nurse.
There were six of them.
It wasn't like there was one security guard.
There were two or three of them.
And none of them thought, hey, maybe we should save the patient's life.
Maybe we should get a doctor involved.
None of them.
I was shocked.
Well, that happened to my main news manager.
He's never sick.
He plays basketball.
He rides 20 miles every other day on his bike.
Had a college scholarship.
He's in great shape.
He's the same age as me, but he's in a lot better shape than I am.
And he went to the hospital because he was concerned with COVID, and no one for two days even saw him.
Nothing happened.
He just went home.
That's so sad.
Let me ask you this.
I didn't see a lot of sickness last year.
There's always sickness, but I saw a bunch of hyping up full hospitals.
Some were full, we know.
I'm seeing massive illness.
Everybody, half the people I know are sick right now.
I mean, I have friends around the country, they say the same thing.
What are you hearing, doctor?
Well, most of us, yeah, I hang out with retired doctors.
They do not take the vaccine, they do not go near the hospital, and they're all fine.
I just happen to teach little kids to read and little kids have lots of bugs and maybe I got it from them.
Absolutely so.
I've got the papers here.
You're a medical doctor.
What about the sloughing?
Because in the research of these vaccines, it says there'd be a big problem with shedding.
And then even Germany passed a law these vaccines are allowed to shed.
Everybody I know that's getting sick was around a vaccinated person.
Yes, well, 95% of the doctors at the hospital are vaccinated.
So they're shedding to their patients.
Well, I would love to get you back for a full hour soon, doctor.
Any other points you'd like to make about what happened?
I mean, I guess we should list the hospital.
I'm more than happy.
Do you want to list the hospital you're in so people can steer clear of it?
Yeah, absolutely.
Sarasota Memorial Hospital.
Here's the problem.
We need that hospital as a hospital, not a jail.
You know, I don't know what's going on, but I do know that I had an infectious disease specialist on the phone ready to help, and they would not listen to him.
I do know that the patient next to me had this pneumonia, had the bacterial pneumonia for four days, and they didn't bother treating it.
And I do know that they had every ability To inform the doctor that this patient had a bacterial pneumonia and needed to have a different protocol added.
Let me ask you this.
How do we fight back against this?
Because I know you just report on what you saw.
Well, let me tell you, this is happening all over the world.
And it's corporately run, just like it's a battle plan that's gone out.
How do we counter that?
I guess with good doctors like you and others having facts and speaking up?
I mean, I'm not a litigious person, but if that guy dies that you were in there with, we've got to get in touch with his family and sue their ass.
Um, here's what I would do.
Take over the hospital boards with some, with docs that are not, um, contracted with the hospital.
You need independent doctors.
Take over the hospital boards, and, uh, the CEO will call a different tune.
And by the way, I know you know this, but for those that don't know, they've changed state laws, but used to until recently, you had to have real doctors on the board.
Oh, I didn't know that.
At least in Texas, yeah.
Yeah, it's an awful job.
I wouldn't want to volunteer for my own time to spend talking to these bureaucrats.
It needs to be done.
We have half a million people here in Sarasota.
A third of them are old.
And they can't have a hospital that's treated, that thinks they're a prisoner.
Stephen Gafonte, an amazing doctor, God bless you.
Alright, Ryan is held very patiently from California.
It's all Army and Air Force, a few Marines calling in, we appreciate you all.
Nobody from the Navy, but I guess the Navy really weren't many in the Navy there in Afghanistan.
But boy, what a fiasco.
So much coming out on that.
I'm gonna definitely shoot a special emergency report tonight that's commercial-free, because there's just so much here.
Wild horses can't drag me away right now.
But thank you, Ryan, ahead of Gerald Celente coming on.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
It's an honor to talk to you.
Honor to talk to you, brother.
Hey, I just, thanks for Linking up with BioPro.
I just bought the BioPro for my RV.
So thank you in advance!
Well, thank you, brother.
We're in one hell of a fight against the globalists, so your financial support is... I mean, I'm sorry to say, can you imagine without Infowars being here?
Because the audience is great, and you're great, and everybody's great, and I'm not even that good of a person, you know?
I mean, I mean well, but I'm a train wreck.
But you know we write the talking points for the resistance now, and I'm not trying to brag about that, but it really is true.
That's why they want us all fair, so don't thank me, Ryan.
I want to thank you, brother.
Go ahead.
Well, I just appreciate you make products that are, you know, beneficial.
I would like to tell a story about the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan, if I can.
Tell us.
Well, this is a very strange place in Afghanistan.
They're very localized and very closed off people.
And it's the border there with China, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, right there in Hindu Kush.
These people, they speak in parables, so it's very hard to understand them, but they just don't want you there.
Anyway, the Chinese are out there, they're trying to exploit these people and steal their natural resources.
Their resources are so abundant out there that literally where the bombs have been placed and it's now jagged rocks and stuff, Sometimes you'll see rubies, raw rubies, just sticking out of the mountainside or veins of gold.
And they don't know it.
These people are just goat farmers.
They don't really understand what they have.
But if you say, oh, I like your rock, they say, don't touch my rock.
I don't know, it's just a very strange, different culture out there.
These people, They just want to be left alone.
And it's sad to know that all of our efforts have fallen in vain.
I know this, brother, and I appreciate your call, Ryan.
Thanks for calling.
They set this up as still $2.2 trillion, and now they want to wreck it so there's no progress out of it.
It's all done by design, in my view.
Thank you for the call.
Let's talk to Jesse in Missouri.
Jesse, welcome.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
It's great to be on your show.
Thanks for speaking the truth all the time.
Thank you.
Hey, I just wanted to say that there was a, I've echoed your sentiments for a very long time.
I did two tours in Afghanistan and it's been, the control and takeover has been happening for a long time against the military as you know.
We started off with the Bush administration, the Obama administration had a design plan to destabilize that area and So basically, there was a lot of people like me, 17, 18, 19 years old after 9-11.
We weren't thinking about false flags.
We weren't thinking about anything except the patriotism and love we have for this country.
So we signed right up and we volunteered to go fight for this country.
When the higher echelon and the higher ranks get in charge, they no longer become soldiers.
When you put a star on, you're a politician.
When you have to be approved by Congress, you're a politician.
These politicians bow down to whatever administration is in charge at the time.
The Obama administration definitely took aim, and so did the Bush administration with no child left behind.
The Obama administration brainwashed these young service members that are in now to be exactly who they are right now.
Also, another thing that's devastating to our country is when we stopped doing force-on-force training, when we stopped making sure that we're capable of taking on another military, another army, And we stopped doing that.
We went straight to counter-terrorism training.
We went to counter-insurgency.
So we've left ourselves depleted in the ability to be able to fight a big country like China or Iran or North Korea.
And brother, that's been the plan all along.
Thank you, Jesse.
Amazing points.
Kyle, Barry, and Joe.
Then, Gerald Celente takes over.
Stay with us.
All right, Gerald Cilente, the Trends Forecaster, is about to take over.
And as soon as Biden comes out to give a short press conference, supposedly about 45 after, I'm sure that Gerald will pop in and give some of his analysis over that if Gerald chooses to go to that.
But regardless, we'll be covering it live at 3 p.m.
Central after the press conference with The War Room.
I promise to go to all your calls.
So Kyle, Barry, and Joe, I'm going to jam you in right now.
But briefly, several things.
Mike Lindell had his big three-day conference, 90% of it was accurate info, really powerful algorithms, proof of fraud, all sorts of election fraud came out, and then they had the classic 8chan, 4chan group that sets everybody up, set him up with fake data, and the guy that gave it to him had a stroke, and you know, it couldn't be seen, and I mean, that's how they do this, folks.
And I've been set up before, so I don't blame Mike Lindell.
He's a great guy.
He's going to stay in the arena and fight for election integrity.
We've got 20 states to pass laws against democratic fraud.
We are fighting hard.
So it's important to keep supporting Mike Lindell, a man in the arena, and InfoWars.
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And I haven't talked about this because I don't want to give many attention, but The Democrat party law firm run by Senator Blumenthal, on record, that owns the judges, owns everything, they are the ones that have sued us all over the place and run all these things.
They're the ones that bankrupted the oldest U.S.
firearms company, Remington.
They're the ones that Remington's trying to settle for $35 million.
They don't even take it.
They say, we want a billion.
Even though Remington's closed, it's done.
It's over.
That's who we're up against.
And it's okay.
Because we're going to continue on and we're not a firearms manufacturing operation.
They may want to kill the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, but they're not going to stop us because we're not a firearms manufacturing facility.
But you notice Mexico's now suing a bunch of gun manufacturers.
When it was Obama under Fast and Furious, shipped over a million of them to Mexico and then to Syria for the Civil War.
So, it's the same group, it's the same organization, and they want your speech and they want your guns.
So, when you support us and you spread the word and you share our articles and videos, you're putting your thumb in the eye of the worst Democrat Party Mafia organizations there are.
I'm proud to have those enemies.
But, let me tell you, they got us tied up like a billy goat and it's Absolutely a fake trial, fake garbage, all of it.
That's okay.
That's all going to come out.
We're going to stay on air and we're going to continue on in many other ways and not be stopped.
And this will be a great example to everyone.
We've got a lot of tricks up our sleeve.
I'll just leave it at that.
And so let's just say this.
Walking right into their trap that's for us that will end up being a trap for them.
In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
All right, real fast.
Kyle in Mississippi, then Barry and Joe.
Go ahead.
Give you each about two minutes.
Go ahead, Kyle.
Hey, Alex.
It's great to talk to a long-time listener, first-time caller.
I'm a 20-year Air Force veteran.
I did seven different tours to Afghanistan between the summer of 09 and the spring of 14.
And I was an aerial gunner over there, um, so I had a lot of experience dealing with what was going on with the ground, with the Taliban and the enemy.
And I was telling guys back then, we all knew just talking amongst each other away from leadership, that the way the rules of engagement were established under Obama, that we knew that whenever we did pull out of Afghanistan, that place was going to fall within a couple months.
We had no faith in the Afghan army or the, the, um, whoever else was going to take over Afghan police and stuff, just because They've had all these years to do something, and they can't do anything.
They just turn around, they run away, they defect, you got it.
Blue on green incidences all the time, so this shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody, but as a veteran who served over there, I'm absolutely disgusted with what I've seen and what this has turned into.
And it is a slap in the face to the veterans and the people that served over there, all the blood, sweat, tears, everything else that went into that, to see it come to this after 20 years, and to hear that there's still U.S.
citizens that are over there trying to get out, and that Kirby comes out, the spokesman that says that They're not going to take priority to get them out of there
It's just absolutely disgusting, Alex.
I just can't believe what it's come to.
Do you agree it's designed to demoralize us?
Yes, in a certain way I think that is the case.
I've got a couple buddies that I talk to on a regular basis that are still active duty
that are getting close to the end of their careers and they can't wait to retire.
I mean, they don't want to throw away a pension when you're at the 18, 19 year mark, but they're
absolutely disgusted by what's going on.
The woke-ism in the military, the pushing of transgenderism and all this other kind
of stuff that's going on in the bases and the weakening of our military.
I mean, I agree with them.
Hey, thanks for taking my call.
even longer because of this is an attempt to run them out.
They ought to sit there and agree with it and then leak all the information.
God bless you, Kyle. I appreciate you.
This is a foreign globalist takeover.
Gerald Cilenti will respond to it on the other side when he takes over.
I can't wait to hear what he has to say.
Real fast. Barry in Arizona.
Then Joe, go ahead.
Hey, thanks for taking my call.
I don't know if you saw this from Chicago.
Sometimes reporting the Associated Press, a statement from the Taliban
spokesperson that says that they're going to create an inclusive Islamic
regime. So it looks like the Taliban are going woke.
So that tells I did see that.
Yeah, all over this.
That means the Chinese are all over us.
But what I know is.
Is that as soon as the 2020 election debacle happened, the Chinese had negotiators and advisors on the, you know, on the ground.
And those are all intelligence agents.
But they were on the ground in Afghanistan to go to China with the Taliban.
So this is one of Trump's blind spots.
and they have Afghan security forces sold out to the Taliban.
So they're going to have some bloodshed, but it's going to be kind of on the
light side because this is going to attract back to China and they're
playing a propaganda war.
I totally agree.
Just like the VC French had already sold out to Hitler.
He kind of did a play invasion of France.
The, the, everything's already been sold out to Taliban and the Chinese.
I agree.
So this is one of Trump's blind spots.
He should have really pushed for not only not withdrawing from Afghanistan,
but turning Afghanistan into a permanent territory of the United States.
Cause all that, I don't know if I agree with that statement, but
Barry, I appreciate your call.
No, I got a job.
Call me back tomorrow.
I want to take a lot of calls on this and the war room's coming up in 45 minutes,
but Joe in Oklahoma, go ahead.
Last caller.
Yes, sir.
Just to echo what everyone else is saying and to echo what Jack Bersobik was saying this morning.
Basically, the refugees are being brought here instead of UAE, Qatar, or whatever.
That sounds like replacement theory to me.
And then the other thing, too, is putting a name to the initiative.
It's called the Silk Road Initiative.
People need to do their research and be educated on all the intelligence and all that stuff and what China is doing.
That's what it's called.
It's to bring Eurasia together.
So that's my two cents.
Everyone gets a little more educated.
I totally agree.
It's about Qaikom power and about Biden delivering that Qaikom power.
It's the Silk Road.
It doesn't mean I want to be in Afghanistan.
It doesn't mean I support.
I like Trump's planning it out.
I'm saying the way this was done, they knew it would be spectacularly embarrassing.
Why do you think they did it?
Well, probably just what everyone else is saying to basically weaken us.
But again, it goes back to that Silk Road initiative.
All roads lead back to the CCP in the sense of economic power, military power.
Yes, there's probably going to be bloodshed between the Chinese and Taliban, but the Chinese aren't going to play like we are.
They will be ruthless.
All right.
I hear you.
Thank you so much.
All right.
Gerald Celente takes over.
Let us out of this break.
Stay with us.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, this is very sad times, you know, the COVID war, and of course now the Afghan war.
This is old news, what's going on.
This is from a trends journal back in 2014.
I launched Occupy Peace, as you can see.
And there's an article down here at the bottom from USA Today.
I used to run my top trends every year.
And this is from December 12th, 2000.
We come out with our trends for the new year in December for January.
2000 will not be our year, Trendseer says.
A wave of anti-Americanism will sweep the globe.
And I warned that Americans wouldn't be safe at home or abroad.
I knew this was going to happen, whether it was 9-11 or something else.
People forget the murderous acts of America throughout the 1990s, especially with George Bush Sr.' 's war, the first Iraq war, the Gulf War.
And then Bill Clinton, every time he got caught with his pants down, bombs away over Baghdad.
And you could go and you could look it up yourself, Madeleine Albright.
Well, Madeleine not all that bright.
Madeleine arrogant bright.
There's a whole nother story.
I was on the QE2 with her as keynote speakers back in 2002, but that's a whole nother story.
It was like being with the Queen of Tarts, big chooch.
Anyway, she's asked by Leslie Stahl on CBS if Bill Clinton's sanctions on Iraq Remember, this is before the Iraq War was officially launched by George W. Bush Jr., the daddy's boy, born on Third Basin, thought he had a home run.
Little arrogant, nothing of a clown that people listen to.
He put sanctions on Iraq that killed over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five.
And Madeleine Albright asked, is the price Of the sanctions worth it by Leslie Stahl and Madeleine Albright said yes it is.
And then of course there is the what's going on in Israel with the Palestinians.
And Bill Clinton's wars against Kosovo that started it.
Serbia didn't want to join the EU.
And Madeleine not all that bright.
Look at her.
What a chooch.
I'll tell you another story sometime.
So I saw this coming.
So now all the media's calling me up and saying, how'd you know this was going to happen?
I said, what are you kidding?
I said, payback's a bitch.
And people are forgetting who was behind this.
Allegedly, again, if the 9-11 story is true, and I'm not saying it is, allegedly if it is, what were 15 of the so-called terrorists, Saudis?
And who was the slime ball that brought in and Finance, Al Qaeda, Jimmy Carter, to bring them into Afghanistan so they would get the Russians out of there in the 90s.
You forget about that?
Excuse me, in the, not 90s, in the 1970s and into the 80s.
Jimmy Carter was the guy that did it.
Osama Bin Laden, they're all Saudis.
So now, I got blackball from everybody.
I used to be on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, on and on.
When I said, they asked me, well, what will happen with the Afghan war?
I said, listen, if Alexander the Great couldn't pull it off, if into the valley of death, throw the 600, the British couldn't pull it off at the height of the British Empire, The Americans aren't going to pull it off.
They lost the Vietnam War.
Oh, yeah, but if we killed more than 3 million people, we would have won.
If we sprayed more Agent Orange, we would have killed them.
No, you wouldn't.
People don't like being occupied.
No, you don't call them terrorists.
You call them freedom fighters if you're in that country.
We were writing about the Taliban, how they took over the country on and on before this ever happened.
In detail.
When the United States and Saudi Arabia and the Allies wanted the Russians out of there.
Afghanistan was becoming a very advanced place before this happened.
So now going back, I launched Occupy Peace because we had no business being there.
One of the Trends Journal covers Back in 2020, when everybody was signing up for the COVID war, was dumb enough to believe Bush's wars dumb enough to believe the COVID war?
How could anybody with a brain bigger than a pea listen to a little piece of crap, a little arrogant nobody boy, if daddy wasn't Georgie Bush and Prescott Bush before him?
Sending the Americans to war.
We're gonna get that guy Osama Bin Laden dead or alive!
I'm not making that up.
88% of the Americans swallow the crap spewing out of that crap head's mouth.
Just like they buy the COVID war.
Just like they bought the Vietnam.
Hey, those commies, they're going to take over.
They're going to take over the world if we don't stop them.
Dominoes are going to be falling.
Oh yeah, now they're one of our biggest trading partners and they're still commies, like Communist China.
But that's okay.
It's the military-industrial complexes Dwight D. Eisenhower, five-star General Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, warned us about.
That they would rob us of our genius of the scientists, sweat of the laborers, and future of the children.
Here we are.
Look at that little piece of crap.
I call him that to his face.
Oh, and how about this?
Being dumb enough to believe Dick Cheney.
Oh, I have to be proper.
I can't be censored.
Penis Cheney.
How can you be so stupid to listen to these people?
It doesn't change.
You got B.S.
Biden one after another.
Crappy Cuomo out of here, and you know on InfoWars, I was the first to call that little slime around.
Dumb enough to believe Bush's wars, dumb enough to believe the COVID war.
Just like they hired Hitler, saluted Stalin, and marched off to Mussolini.
We have no business being there.
We're going to get that guy Osama.
And again, I wrote about this in detail.
The Taliban wanted to talk with America.
Bush said we have no time to talk.
We're not talking.
We're taking action.
Killing our men, killing innocent people, destroying the place.
Oh no, callers about refugees, bring them into here.
You haven't seen anything.
They've been flooding into Europe for a long time from Afghanistan and now more.
And coming in from Africa as the COVID war goes down, the economies go down.
That refugee crisis is going to be monumental because of the COVID war.
You always see the numbers coming from South America.
So going back to Afghanistan.
All the facts are here in your Trends Journal.
I called it and I got banned from TV for doing it.
I'm an American.
I believe in George Washington.
No foreign entanglements.
We're going to be right back.
Stay tuned.
Great being back on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, these are these are very difficult times we're living in.
And it's so sad to see where this country is gone and how low it's going.
You know, going back to the Afghan war, you know, America hasn't won a war since World War II.
And again, Dwight D. Eisenhower, five-star general, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, two-term president, warned the American people.
Warned us.
You could look it up.
January 17th, 1961.
That the military-industrial complex is robbing the nation of the genius of the scientists, sweat of the laborers, and the future of the children.
There's not a war that they don't love.
And I love the thing they call it when they're pulling out the troops and contractors.
How about mercenary?
So, going back to the war.
Again, this is from the magazine, the Trends Journal.
They made a movie on my book.
An independent movie, What Zidzee Gave Honey Boy.
A true story about love, wisdom, and the soul of America.
And the woman that played my aunt, may she rest in peace, Zidzee.
Zidzee is the Neapolitan dialect for auntie.
Z is your aunt, and Zidzee is your auntie.
Anyway, I'm heartbroken because I'm a visionary and I see the future.
That's what I do for a living.
I see where this country is going.
Doris Roberts, who used to play the mother in that TV series, Everyone Loves Raymond.
That was the last starring role playing in my book.
That she played in my book.
She died 15 minutes into the movie.
You can get it on Amazon.
And it goes, this is how the story begins.
George W. Bush swiftly sends the U.S.
military to invade and occupy Afghanistan, and then nation rallies around him, with some 90% of the people hailed to the chief, with American flags flying everywhere and yellow ribbons tied to everything.
I refused to join the masses in the march to war.
I knew it would be disastrous.
For the nation and the world.
But for the mindset of the nation, it was in a different place.
I was blackballed by the media and at the time when President Bush warned anyone who would not support his war that, quote, you are with us or you are with the terrorists.
Can you imagine this little piece of crap speaking that to my face?
This stupid, moronic, low-down piece of crap!
This disgusting, warmongering slimeball!
Calling me a person that supports the terrorists!
And boy did I pay for it.
I was also accused of being anti-American.
Because I predicted the Afghan war would end in defeat.
Hey, remember the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner?
Barack Obama?
That all those ignorant, stupid people believed his folks?
Yo, folks, yeah!
Believed him folking us all the time?
That, uh, everything was gonna change?
The peace candidate?
Remember his troop surge in Afghanistan?
33,000 troops?
Great job!
Look at the losers!
Look at the losers!
Hope and change you can believe in.
Change of a penny.
And how the people love that warmonger.
Look what he did to Libya.
I want that guy Qaddafi out of there so I'll destroy the richest country in Africa.
I want the oil.
I want that guy Assad out of there.
Great tourist destination.
Syria gone.
Going back to this.
Now, 12 years later, again, this was 2014.
Having further deteriorated economically, military, and morally, America has gone from bad to worse.
Republican or Democrat, whoever is in charge makes little difference.
America put a dunce in the White House who launched a war on terror that has killed millions and destroyed entire nations, then replaced him with a fraud who has bombed seven countries in six years and just launched Crusades 2000.
The war against the Islamic State, that's Obama.
A dunce or a fraud, an empty mind or an empty suit, be they male, female, gay, straight, whatever creed or color, it doesn't matter.
Psychologists have a name for them and psychiatrists have a diagnosis for their mental illness that infects these political parasites.
Yet despite their unbroken track records of monumental failures, outright lies, acts of murder, high crimes, and ongoing misdemeanors, the majority still swallows the cheap lines, applauds their bad acts, and defends their criminal actions.
How many more wars does Washington have to start?
And how much more money will they let Wall Street steal before Americans have the courage to call A spade is spade, and look down upon those who rule them.
So again, this is old news.
And now you're hearing these generals say, we're gonna, we need more military, and we need more money to fight China.
Hey, you couldn't beat Afghanistan.
You lost Vietnam.
He just turned Libya into a hellhole.
Oh, you're going to defend China when they go to take back Taiwan?
No way, no how.
The only way it'll happen is if all-out war happens.
And that will be the war that Einstein, who knew a little thing about weapons when they asked him, what kind of weaponry will be used to fight the Third World War?
And he said, I don't know.
But they'll be using sticks and stones to fight the 4th.
I am an American.
I believe in the Founding Fathers, George Washington, a real man.
Hey, remember crossing the Delaware fighting for our independence?
Not like these little clown boys, like a B.S.
Biden, like a ball-less Obama, like a piece-of-crap Bush, like a slimy Clinton, like a nobody Nixon.
A cowardly Carter?
A real man.
Warning us.
No foreign entanglements from the Founding Fathers.
And now I got these same pieces of presidential crap from the Founding Fathers who fought for our freedom and gave us this country, destroying the Constitution, destroying the Bill of Rights, and telling us we have to follow them?
Follow your leader?
In what country are you talking about?
It's a global freak show.
Right in front of our eyes.
If we don't stand up, united we stand, divided we fall.
We occupy peace.
Bring home all the troops from the 800 bases.
Secure the homeland.
Nobody coming in without being invited in.
Use the troops for that.
Use them to rebuild our rotted infrastructure.
And you want to go to war?
Let the people vote.
I don't need some little piece of garbage crap like a McConnell, like a Pelosi, like a Feinstein.
Like a little Lindsay, you come out of the closet, you had Graham voting to go to war for me.
We the people of the United States decide that's occupied peace.
Put your money where your heart is, because it's going to get worse if you don't.
It's going to get worse if you don't.
Because with all those sales, they take you to war, just like Bush took us to war on 9-11 when the dot-com bust happened.
It's going to happen again.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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We are all in this together.
United we stand, divided we fall.
And again, we put out the magazine, the Trends Journal, I just read to you, that's what it used to be, a quarterly.
I wrote that back then, in 2014, and now history is right here.
History before it happens, now it's a weekly.
140-something pages on average every week, no ads.
Anyway, going back to George W. Bush calling the war against Afghanistan.
It followed the dot-com bust.
People forget this.
Oh, and this is a fact.
Trends Journal, the first only to identify the almost exact date of the dot-com bust in our October 1999 issue.
October, November, December, January, February, March.
In October 2000, in 1999, we forecast the dot-com bust by the second quarter of 2000.
It busted in March.
The nation was going into a severe recession.
People couldn't stand Bush.
He had just got elected.
His popularity was going below 50 percent.
When he launched the war, it went over to 90 percent.
That's right.
80, excuse me, 80 to 90 percent.
How could anybody believe this stupid moronic little piece of crap and they did?
When all else fails they take you to war.
And that's what's going to happen next.
Because the markets are going to fail big time and we're forecasting get ready for a bouncy October.
This October could be the crash.
Again, they've been doing it forever.
There was a thing called the Great Depression.
Oh, what followed?
A World War, uh, what?
Same thing was going on in the early 1900s, a banking bust.
And that murderous lowlife, may he rot in hell.
What's his name there?
Woodrow Wilson.
Who brought us the Federal Reserve, got America into World War I. I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy.
We have freaks running the show in a country near you.
Let's take a look around the world.
They're locking down Australia again.
You have under a thousand deaths.
A thousand deaths.
It's like nine hundred and something.
In 17 months.
And who's running the show over there?
Premier Danny Andrews.
You look at this little clown, this little Danny Andrews.
A nothing of a boy.
You look at the other premier over there.
Gladys been jerking around.
A clown.
You look at who's the governors in this state of America.
Jerk they got down there and Maryland.
Big round guy.
Witless Whitmere.
Gruesome Gavin Newsom.
DeWine in Ohio.
Just got rid of Cuomo.
You got that little boy Macron over there in France, a nothing of a clown.
Look at the people.
Look at their faces.
How can you take orders from these people?
Heil Hitler.
March to Mussolini.
Salute Stalin.
Look at them.
Arrogant little nothing.
The clown they got up there in Canada.
True dope.
Another daddy's boy born on third base and thought he had a home run.
Got a lot here.
This is from CNBC.
Didn't make the news.
He came out last week.
Maybe this isn't from CNBC.
It's another one.
Oh, this is CNBC.
Uncertainty is back on Main Street as Delta variant rattles reopening.
The economy is going down big.
Where I am, I don't like being here anymore.
You got to wear masks in a lot of places.
People are freaking out.
The streets are empty at night.
Nine o'clock, hardly a car on the road.
A lot of offices are telling people they have to be vaccinated.
Others are saying you don't have to come to work, you can work at home.
That's going to destroy the commercial real estate sector.
They're locking down in places around the world.
The economy is going to go down big this time.
People aren't going to spend like they did the last time when they were locked up for the first time.
Again, they're empty the streets.
And they're going to get worse.
Look at Down Under over there.
Melbourne lockdown extended.
As mystery case spikes state of emergency.
Mystery case?
A mystery case?
How many people died?
Oh, a couple of people died and they were over, one was 90, another one over 70.
And they're saying that if we don't get vaccinated, then we have no right having freedom.
As we heard from Schwarzenegger.
He said, screw your freedom.
I guess he was listening to his Nazi father.
This is, we're going down big and hard.
Screw your freedom.
Yeah, heil Hitler.
Who's this guy to tell me what to do?
That's how stupid the people are.
They voted for this clown to be governor of California.
All right?
Screw your freedom!
You got this little clown boy over there in Australia, Danny Andrews.
It's very challenging.
This is after you lock it down.
I know for every single Victorian who would like to be going about their business, They would like to be open and have a degree of freedom that is simply not possible.
Could you imagine this little clown, nothing, this little Danny Andrews, saying that to me face to face, that freedom is not possible?
Why, Salenti, calm down.
Look at this little clown.
How could anybody with a pair of you know what?
Look at this little jerk.
Look at the other one been jerking around.
The other premier over there.
They got over there in New South Wales.
It's one clown show after another.
Same thing with Macron over there in France telling people no freedom.
No freedom.
So, support InfoWars.
It's up to you.
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