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Name: 20210813_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 13, 2021
2229 lines.

In his show, Alex Jones discusses various issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. He expresses concern over what he believes to be a globalist program of world depopulation and control using COVID-19 as an excuse for vaccination efforts. He urges people to share information on Infowars.com to break through censorship and appreciates Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt's stance against coercion and fear-mongering tactics regarding vaccinations. Jones criticizes Anthony Fauci, eugenicists, and the HIV research that led to countless deaths, accusing them of seeking to roll out viruses targeting T lymphocytes in the human body. He expresses concern about the COVID-19 vaccine's potential to weaken the immune system and the loss of individual freedoms, including firearms, due to globalist agendas. Jones highlights the cognitive impairment experienced by children born during lockdown and attributes it to the lack of in-person learning and chemicals like fluoride present in water supplies. He criticizes Joe Biden's claims about prioritizing children's safety during the pandemic and encourages viewers and listeners to support self-funded media platforms like InfoWars and MyPillow, which promote truth and patriotism.

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I don't want to believe this.
I don't want to be right.
I want to be wrong.
But I'm sorry, David Rockefeller and the globalists wrote books and white papers and founded the UN to carry out world depopulation.
And for a hundred years, they've been preparing the program.
And now they've launched their program against you and your family.
So on this Friday the 13th broadcast, I'm here to tell you, the globalists have declared war on us.
It's time to declare war on them.
Or get on our knees and die!
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Friday, August 13th, 2021.
Friday the 13th.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I want to thank you all for joining us on this live transmission.
I'll be co-hosting with Owen Schroeder and others throughout the next four hours.
Now, I want to just get this out there up front.
Even I am super freaked out by what's happening.
I knew theoretically the globalists were planning this.
I knew they were planning world government, depopulation, forced inoculations, lockdowns, all of it.
We are on target, more than anybody else, in films, in articles, in videos, hundreds of them, specifically and exactly laying out what happened, because the Rockefeller Foundation and others said they would do it.
And I've seen them do a lot of stuff they said they'd do before, so I took them serious, and I really thought we could stop them.
I thought that this was so diabolical, so out of control, that if we just exposed the globalists, there would be new countervailing systems that would develop that would challenge it and stop it.
That has not happened.
Sure, the world's waking up.
Sure, there's a lot of opposition to it.
But because they control the big corporations, because they control the United Nations and the regulatory systems, they are going ahead.
With this planned planetary depopulation.
Because they've gotten rid of most war.
They can't have a nuclear war.
They believe they've got to be the artificial system in nature that comes in to cull the population.
And really that's just an excuse for them to take over and totally dominate culture and all the major systems.
So, you're fighting for your life.
I'm fighting for my life.
And there's no denial about how dangerous and serious all of this is.
So whether you want to believe InfoWars or not, it doesn't matter now because it's out in the open.
And I get, as a regular viewer and listener, you're awesome, you understand that.
A lot of you are more informed than I am.
I'm just asking you again to realize how important you are and to spread the word about this live transmission because you're the only way we break the back of the sensors and get past them.
When you share the live feeds from Bandai Video or InfoWars.com forward slash show,
It changes the whole damn world.
So I salute you and I encourage you again, however you do it, tell folks about the verboten information at InfoWars.com and share it via email, via text message.
Those are some of the last frontiers where things aren't as censored.
And keep doing it at Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and everywhere else because that's how this dog hunts.
And separately, because I did a bad job yesterday, didn't plug basically in four hours, and every day I do that we see the capital go down and we're barely running in the black right now.
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So, we're in this fight together.
Thank you all for your support.
Please visit InfoWarsStore.com right now and commit to the fight against the globalists while getting great products at the same time.
We'll be right back with incredibly important information.
Now spread the word.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Friday the 13th.
August 13th.
2021 to be exact.
I'm your host Alex Jones coming to you from our studios in Austin, Texas.
I'll be riding shotgun today with Owen Schroer and other special guests.
Then I will return tomorrow on Saturday with another special emergency report because we're in emergency times and then Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
I'll return as well.
Then of course we have Sunday live from 6 and 8 p.m.
that comes on after me as well with Owen Schroer.
All right.
Here we are on this Friday and there's so much news breaking and so much happening and we'll go to the other studio at the next segment and lay it all out.
But right now, I wanted to hit a piece of news that came out last night.
Because I'm all about victory and I'm all about waking up and I'm all about leadership in government, in corporations, in our neighborhoods, in our homes, in our churches, and in our hearts.
I used the term six months ago of a biomedical tyranny.
Now, that's because I went and looked up the legal terms that should be used for a biomedical technocracy takeover.
And I've seen that term picked up by others.
I don't know if I coined it.
I don't care.
The point is, the Attorney General
Of Missouri, Eric Schmidt came out and was asked by a reporter, is it not time to use fear to get people to take this vaccine?
And his answer was absolutely truthful and powerful.
What we can say to somebody is it's a very sane thing to do.
We need to use the pressure of someone's fear of losing their job to force them to be vaccinated.
Yeah, if someone says that using fear is good, that is what every tyrant in the history of the world and every dictator in the history of the world has ever said, to accumulate, aggregate, and maintain power.
This is America, the freest country in the history of the world.
And I don't think that we should be allowing individual politicians who want to grab power and never let go of it.
Gain it in the first place.
People can make their decisions.
I believe in freedom.
I believe in responsibility.
But people can make these very important decisions themselves.
And I don't want to live in some futuristic, dystopian, biomedical security state.
And I'm going to do everything I can as Attorney General to protect the rights of individuals in the state.
That's the type of president this country needs.
If people want to live in communist China or North Korea or other police states, they can.
But in America, we don't live in a bio-medical tyranny.
Plus, the vaccine isn't a vaccine and is dangerous.
It doesn't protect our bodies.
Now they're saying we need more and more shots.
Now they're saying we've got to have, all over the United States in weapons control areas like New York City and all of California,
I think?
Forbes and 60 Minutes and KTLA and hundreds of channels are, oh there are microchips and they're going to track you for your COVID and you won't have to have a phone anymore to prove you're not diseased.
And all of this, again, is based on the fraudulent PCR test.
So we are in an amazing moment right now in world history, where you have mega corporations that created the United Nations, pushing a world ID, a world tracking system beyond any dystopic movie.
You know, all the old science fiction movies, you have to scan your hand or scan a chip or scan a phone to buy and sell.
This is here.
To be able to reach out to others and mobilize them to understand what we're facing, because a lot of people that are accepting these deadly shots and accepting the internet passports and the social credit scores and the vaccine passports really believe it's about stopping COVID.
They really believe it's about, hey, just do this, just comply and you'll get your freedom back.
But you notice
When you do take the vaccine, they suddenly say it doesn't work and you need more.
You still gotta wear a mask, still gotta show a vaccine pass.
Because once they get you trapped in their system, you are a slave.
This is simple history.
And for those of us that understand that, we can't get mad at people that are dumbed down.
They're domesticated.
They've lived in freedom so long, they've never experienced tyranny, so they don't understand what's happening.
And that's why this Attorney General, Eric Schmidt, is so important.
He's even more hardcore than the governor of Florida, who's become a major leader.
And the governor of Texas is finally standing up and fighting back.
And we need to see more of this from everyone.
But before governors and attorney generals and others are going to lead, we're going to have to lead in our homes, in our businesses, in our churches, in our lives.
When we see things that are wrong, we're going to have to speak up and say no.
Because it's been our passive stance.
That has allowed these tyrants to bring in these systems of total control.
And so our silence is really a complicit green light for these tyrants to bring in this nightmare system.
If you wonder why things have gotten so Orwellian, so Twilight Zone, it's because good people haven't been standing up and saying no.
And so the left and all the weird cults and organizations that have signed on to it, the pedophiles, the rest of it,
Are like a fish that's taken a line and taken a hook and are just running with it, dragging us along with them.
So it's not until we stand up and pull back and say no that things are going to get better.
But we're seeing more good things happening.
Here's an article from Kellan McBrain on InfoWars.com.
Underage sex changes label child abuse in Texas.
The Texas Department of Family Health and Human Services that runs the CPS and sets the policy said, trying to convince someone under 18
To cut their genitals off or take chemicals to block their normal human processing is the delinquency of minors.
It is like trying to be a pedophile and have sex with them or trying to give them liquor or drugs.
It's the exact same thing, probably even worse than trying to give them drugs that just get them high.
That's still bad.
This is drugs that irrevocably change their body and stunt their development.
So, major, huge victory there.
And there's so many other big victories as well we're going to be covering here on the show today.
Owen's coming up next segment, but I'm going to be back with more victories, a whole raft of them later.
So, it's been said by Mark Twain that a lie goes halfway around the world.
Before the truth puts its pants on.
But that once the truth puts its pants on, it kicks the lie in the ass.
Here's another big one.
Child cries in Latin America as she's held down, injected with COVID vax against her will.
And that's the same system now coming here to America.
So get that video and share it with others.
So much more is coming up today, and Owen Schroyer, later in the hour, is going to play a KXAN local TV report that's as hardcore as we are, which is great!
More good news, showing the illegals all stacked up like cordwood in cages, who are COVID positive, being shipped to places like Austin, Texas, where InfoWars is based.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the head of ICE are saying illegals cannot carry COVID.
They actually said that.
They said there is no COVID problem with the illegals.
There's only a COVID problem with you.
Freedom is not a spectator sport.
We're going to break, but I'm asking.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Banned.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarsStore.com
And never give up the fight!
What's going on?
Can I help you with something?
Ladies and gentlemen, again, thank you for joining us on this live original Friday the 13th broadcast.
The globalists are seizing control of every major nation on Earth that is under United Nations control with the fear of the COVID virus, which again is a problem they can never defeat because you cannot defeat the common cold.
They engineered a more fancy variant of it so they could have corporate ownership of a new chimeric
Virus based as a major foundational platform on the coronavirus, but it's now the vaccine itself.
This is in the in mainline scientific journals that is causing the vast majority of illnesses and illnesses that are COVID like serious.
Pneumonias are exploding across the planet.
Almost everyone.
I know has either been sick or has family that's sick and again, they're calling it COVID but really it is cryon crystals.
And now they were attempting to place major roadblocks with internal checkpoints inside the United States just as they're doing in the UK and Europe.
4980 to direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives in an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated
Against COVID-19 and for other purposes.
So again, it's always about a global medical ID.
On the back of that, they're going to have the global carbon tax system through the smartphones that track everything you do.
This is all on record from Klaus Schwab.
And you can rightly say, who died and made Klaus Schwab God?
Well, he was the former director of the United Nations Sustainability Project and a Bilderberg group minion.
And so he is the spokesperson for the corporate arm of global governance that works through the United Nations.
And so imagine this system where everything they say is a lie.
This is not a vaccination.
This is not the classic 500-year-old technology of giving you a small part of something so you learn how to defeat it.
This is a gene therapy
Which they said was 100% to stop COVID.
Now they say, well, it's 80%, 60%, 40%, 30%.
You've got to take new shots every few months for the rest of your lives.
That was always in the corporate perspectives.
That's in the patents.
That's in the Bill Gates documents.
We covered this all 18 and 19 months ago.
And now, thank God, America and the world's waking up because everybody is... I mean, I've been sent this a hundred times the last few days.
We've covered it, but still people aren't aware of it.
And when they do learn about it, they freak out.
And you should freak out.
It's the Holy Grail of Control, HR 4980.
Homeland Security setting up roadblocks.
I want to show you some footage here that a man shot in the United States a few years ago.
He was driving through the road at night.
And came across people that were trying to carjack him that had set up cones in the middle of the road.
When he saw that they were obviously going for a weapon to try to stop him, he drove through the illegal checkpoint.
And this whole UN globalist big pharma power grab, through the mainstream media, through big tech censoring, is the same thing as people setting up an illegal checkpoint on the side of the highway.
Here's that footage.
What's going on?
Can I help you with something?
So when you start seeing all of this for what it is...
Just an old-fashioned hijacking of the media, of big tech, through the big banks, through academia, and through blue state cities, and blue state states, and other globalist-controlled countries around the world.
You see it for what it is.
An absolute total power grab, classical siege.
And remember, the Texas border is completely wide open.
Border Patrol estimated to us that by fiscal year end, October 31st, there will be up to 10 million illegals that have crossed
One in four, and then being ordered to release them without even having COVID tested, which again shows this is all a fraud.
The globalists know they're not going to stop people getting sick.
That's the whole point.
The vaccine is not a vaccine.
It makes your body grow prions inside of it.
To illustrate this with a real life example of how this is a high tech checkpoint, here's some more footage out of Europe, out of France, namely, from a few years ago.
They've now brought in an estimated 8 million, quote, migrants, who are really Islamic invaders, into Europe, 90 plus percent of them military-age men, and here they are, cutting down a tree and placing it on a highway to get into a truck and to rob it.
And then here's some footage, also in France, of individuals hijacking trucks and jumping on them to go into the underground tunnel, or the chunnel, into the UK, where the UK government also does not deport them.
So remember that this is all replacement migration by the United Nations and by the globalists.
In your face, in a major takeover.
If you don't wake up to it and say no to the pincer attack, where they shut down the third world, collapse the third world, the people start starving to death, the United Nations organizes them into refugee camps, gives them the debit cards, gives them the airplane tickets, gives them the Zodiac boat rides, and then literally brings them in as a client group to set up no-go zone Islamic ghettos where prostitution, drug dealing, and everything else takes place.
To, again, collapse Western civilization.
Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, being run by Klaus Schwab, is an admitted planetary collapse plan to collapse the third world, the first world, and then to only let high-tech city-state reservations operate above the law, tax-free, with all the life-essential technologies and more, as we live as slaves, either outside of those controlled high-tech zones or within them as digital biometric slaves.
You're probably saying, I saw that in the Hunger Games movie or the Hunger Games book.
Yes, that is people imitating the Globeless Plan in a fictional book.
That is not the UN imitating Hunger Games.
Those plans have been put down by the United Nations since the 60s, and we are now actually living in the operational phase of them launching this system.
They developed the computers and all the technology on record to bring in this world government control system and to make sure that handheld computers, they said this back in the 60s, the inventor of the internet did, would then be directed by the internet watching you in live time or giving them a type of omnipresence control.
And that's why you've got to get upset.
You've got to get fired up.
You've got to say no and reject this entire project of the COVID-19 fear mongering because it's an endless emergency, a permanent emergency that is never meant to end.
And until you realize it's all a giant fraud and a problem they created that now can never be fixed.
They will continue to pose as the saviors and take over society and civilization.
Only a full understanding of the New World Order global government paradigm project and the fact that this is 21st century war can free us.
What did he just say?
He said there's a storm coming in.
I know.
We told you what was going to happen, and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
And, Dot Video.
Alright my friends, thank you again so much for joining us on this live original Friday the 13th.
It is 11.33 Central Standard Time.
I'm about to hand the baton over to the rest of the broadcast, the great Owen Schroer.
We have a bunch of very important guests coming up today as well.
I just wanted to reiterate to everyone out there listening, you are the core
Of the brain trust and the resistance worldwide to this anti-human, post-industrial world.
And I salute you, and I thank you for your support.
And I beg you, for your sake, my sake, and our children's sake, and humanity's sake, and because it's God's will, that you spread the word about what's really happening like never before.
Because the enemy is out in the open, and they're just getting started.
As I've said a thousand times, submission to tyranny is eternal destruction and death and humiliation and betrayal.
Resistance is obedience to God.
Thomas Jefferson.
So resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
And this is not our government.
This is an illegitimate world corporate UN takeover.
And we need to rally behind people like the Attorney General of Missouri and our governor in Texas is getting better again.
And the governor of Florida and others.
And say no, and get them, like Senator Paul, to come out and expose that it's a UN, corporate, world government power grab.
Notice they, for decades, said that doesn't exist, don't talk about it, you're a kook if you do.
So when they rolled it out, people wouldn't respond to the attack.
It's very simple.
But the gaslighting isn't working.
This is all Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Agenda 2030.
It's out in the open, their quotes are there, their admissions are there.
This is a crisis that's engineered that never goes away until they go to prison.
Australia is literally under martial law.
So is many areas of Europe.
But then Sweden has zero COVID deaths and is totally fine because they're not taking the vaccine in high levels.
It's incredible, folks.
It's now confirmed that the vaccine isn't a vaccine.
It's causing almost all the illness and death and is now causing real shedding and real sickness everywhere.
And there's no way to escape it except through good health and sunshine and clean water.
And there's a lot of scientists we have coming on the show.
We had one on yesterday.
Top scientist on ways to cleanse your body and detoxify.
We're going to be talking more about that because for anything the enemy throws at us, God has given us things to fight back.
All right, Owen Schroyer takes over.
Please, now, go to freeworldnews.tv, band.video, infowars.com, however you want to share the link, and share that link on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube.
Word of mouth, your email, your text message, and tell folks about those local stations and support those local stations you're listening to.
They are precious.
Now, Owen Schroyer, on the special Friday the 13th Global Transmission from deep in the heart of Texas takes over.
Thank you, Alex.
And we are now live inside the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
And I'm Owen Schroer with you till 2 o'clock.
And then who is hosting the fourth hour today, guys?
Stu Peters with Breakthrough News will be hosting the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
And then I'll be back with a ton of other news that I'm just holding off on till I host the War Room 3 to 6 p.m.
And I've got great guests coming up then as well.
Before I do get into this news that I have here on my desk, and Robert Barnes joins me in the next hour, I want to, well let's start with more of the kind of comical spectrum of this, and then get to the serious side of it.
One of the crew members handed me, I've never heard of Stephen King's book called The Stand,
But it was first published in 1978 and the plot centers on a pandemic of weaponized, a weaponized strain of influenza that kills the entire world population.
A few survivors united in groups establish a new social system and engage in confrontation with one another and it goes on.
Comes out of a laboratory, it's a biological weapon.
Everybody has to go into lockdown and so
The plot that the globalist plot, the secret, elite, criminal, cabal, secret society, Illuminati, whatever you want to call it, plot, that at its foundation is a population control eugenics program.
I mean, do they steal the idea from Stephen King?
Or did Stephen King take the idea from them back in the 70s?
Maybe a little bit of both.
Here is a public service announcement.
I want you to watch this and listen to this.
This is from 1976.
And if you have the historical knowledge of this time period, it's even more shocking.
But I'll tell you that when the clip finishes.
A public service announcement from 1976, coercing the American people into getting a vaccine.
I don't need another flu shot.
I had a flu shot last year.
A swine flu epidemic may be coming.
Swine flu shot?
Well, I don't know.
I've been thinking about it.
It could make you very sick.
Man, I'm too fast for them to catch me.
Swine flu?
You'll want to be protected.
I'm the healthiest 55-year-old you've ever seen.
Hey, I play golf every weekend.
Get a shot of protection.
The Swine Flu Shot.
So there it is, the same fear-mongering, oh, you better get the shot or you're gonna be really sick.
And if you know anything about that swine flu shot, it was a complete disaster.
All kinds of bad side effects, all kinds of injuries, wasn't effective.
It was a disaster.
And it's the same thing where
The big pharmaceutical companies control the politicians, control the media, so they have all of this influence to run the fear campaigns, get you to take a shot.
Now it's beyond fear campaigns.
They still run the fear campaigns.
Now they have the actual tyranny campaigns, and they force you to take a vaccine, or you can't travel, you can't go to a restaurant, you can't have a job, and this is being introduced all over the planet now.
There is pushback, but it's happening.
But again, did we not learn our lesson from the swine flu shot?
All kinds of legal settlements.
We didn't learn our lesson.
Same fear-mongering campaign, same peer pressure, media pressure to getting the vaccine, fear pressure to getting the vaccine, and then all the side effects, total disaster, and we didn't learn anything and now we're doing the exact same thing again.
Except it's much worse this time.
Much, much worse.
So it's just the same, it's just the same plot, the same simulation, the same mission.
This is from the, yeah, the crew is just pulling up all these cases of the swine flu vaccines and all the settlements and everything.
So, I mean, at the time the swine flu vaccines were the biggest settlements ever for vaccines.
It was such a disaster.
Then they had to make
The manufacturers of the vaccines legally exempt from lawsuits.
So total disaster.
And then big pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines had so much power and influence over our government and media, they were able to make it so they can make a vaccine.
And if you die taking it, they cannot be held accountable or have any injury.
You cannot sue them.
They cannot be held liable.
So then they got the secret vaccine courts, they got the legal immunity, and now here they are, worse than ever, pushing a much more dangerous shot for their fear-mongered fake pandemic.
And just like in the 70s, the media is controlled by Big Pharma, and our politicians are controlled by Big Pharma,
And we just have to sit here like guinea pigs in an experiment, sit here like cattle on a ranch, and get branded and get herded and pushed around and told what to do, and then they go on television and they say, screw your freedoms.
They go on television and say, you're not free.
They go on television and they say, freedom is too costly now.
And I hope that we as Americans
Are not going to be this stupid.
I really hope.
So I'm going to get into the news with all these developments coming up, but just don't forget.
This is not the first time they've faked a pandemic, and this is not the first time they've tried to force you to take a deadly vaccine because of it.
Remember the swine flu scare of 1976?
That was the year the U.S.
government told us all that swine flu could turn out to be a killer that could spread across the nation.
And Washington decided that every man, woman, and child in the nation should get a shot to prevent a nationwide outbreak, a pandemic.
I don't need another flu shot.
I had a flu shot last year.
A swine flu epidemic may be coming.
Swine flu?
Man, I'm too fast for them to catch me.
You'll want to be protected.
Especially if you're elderly or chronically ill.
Get a shot of protection.
The Swine Flu Shot.
Well, 46 million of us obediently took the shot.
And now 4,000 Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to $3.5 billion.
Because of what happened when they took that shot, by far the greatest number of the claims, two-thirds of them, are for neurological damage or even death.
This virus was the cause of a pandemic in 1918 and 1919.
That resulted in over half a million deaths in the United States, as well as 20 million deaths around the world.
See how easy it is to... Thus, the U.S.
government's publicity machine was cranked into action to urge all America to protect itself against the swine flu menace.
Influenza is serious business.
During major flu epidemics, millions of people are sick and thousands die.
Well, this year you can get protection.
The vaccines are safe, easy to take, and they can protect you against flu.
So roll up your sleeve.
Protect yourself.
One of those who did roll up her sleeve was Judy Roberts.
She was perfectly healthy, an active woman, when in November of 1976, she took her shot.
Two weeks later, she says, she began to feel a numbness starting up her legs.
By the following week, I was totally paralyzed.
So completely paralyzed, in fact, that they had to operate on her to enable her to breathe.
And for six months, Judy Roberts was a quadriplegic.
The diagnosis?
A neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome.
This disease can even kill.
Indeed, there are 300 claims now pending from the families of GBS victims who died, allegedly as a result of the swine flu shot.
Judy, why did you take the flu shot?
I'd never taken any other flu shots, but I felt like this was going to be a major epidemic.
And the only way to prevent a major epidemic of a really deadly variety of flu was for everybody to be immunized.
As part of informing Americans about the swine flu threat, Dr. Sensor's CDC also helped create the advertising to get the public to take the shot.
There's only one thing I can think of that hits harder than us.
What can that be?
You gotta hit it before it hits you.
You mean a shot?
You got yours?
You better believe it.
If swine flu wants to challenge me, I'm ready.
Oh, me too, brother.
Me too.
Get the swine flu shot.
Time is running out.
Let me read to you from one of your own agency's memos planning the campaign to urge Americans to take the shot.
The swine flu vaccine has been taken by many important persons, you wrote.
President Ford, Henry Kissinger, Elton John, Muhammad Ali, Mary Palamore, Rudolph Nureyev, Walter Cronkite, Ralph Nader, Edward Kennedy, etc.
Did you talk to these people beforehand to find out if they planned to take the shot?
I did not know.
Did anybody?
I do not know.
Did you get permission to use their names in your campaign?
I do not know.
Mary, did you take a swine flu shot?
No, I did not.
Did you give them permission to use your name saying that you had or were going to?
Absolutely not.
Never did.
Did you ask your own doctor about taking the swine flu shot?
Yes, and at the time he thought it might be a good idea.
But I resisted it because I was leery of having the symptoms that sometimes go with that kind of inoculation.
A man with my government, because they knew the facts, but they didn't release those facts because if they had released them, the people wouldn't have taken them.
And they can come out tomorrow and tell me there's going to be an epidemic and they can drop off like flies next to me.
I will not take another shot that my government tells me to take.
Meantime, Judy Roberts and some 4,000 others like her are still waiting for their day in court.
So roll up your sleeves.
Protect yourself.
That's a powerful report from Darren McBreen.
It only has 63,000 views on Bandai Video.
That needs to have 63 million views.
Roll up your sleeves.
Roll up your sleeve, America.
The swine flu fraud of 76.
Go to Darren McBreen's channel on Bandai Video.
Share that far and wide.
And... I decided to play that just for more brevity of what I've talked about in the last segment.
And I've got all this news.
I can get into it, but...
Here's what people just need to understand, and I think that they're starting to get it.
You're starting to see doctors go on TV and do interviews on radio and such and they're just following the pandemic and, you know, they're good people and they're open-minded and at first they're like, okay, you know, maybe this is a serious thing, this coronavirus, let's kind of go with the flow here and now we're a year into it and now they're seeing the vaccines roll out and now they're going on TV and radio shows and they're saying, you know, if I didn't know any better, I'd think that they were trying to kill us.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think somebody wants us dead.
Well, yeah, I mean, the math is pretty simple.
They make a biological weapon, the Chinese Communist military, in a lab in Wuhan, China.
Fauci and Bill Gates overseeing and funding the whole thing.
It gets released.
They cover it up.
It kills millions of people.
Then they come out with the deadly vaccines and force you to take it that cause another mutation of the virus that then they use to fearmonger and control you even more.
So, I mean, again, just anybody, neutral observer,
Thinking logically, reasonably, honestly about this, is beginning to ask themselves, does my government want me dead?
Does my healthcare system want me dead?
Is there some sort of secret plot to exterminate me?
And so here's the thing, and most of this audience probably understands it,
But the InfoWars Alex Jones audience is growing every day and new people are tuning in and influential people are tuning in.
And it's just time to be real about what's going on here.
It's time to just bite the bullet, swallow the pill, and just, as bad as it may be, like getting a terminal disease or whatever, but you gotta admit it, the controllers of this planet
People that believe they control humanity are eugenicists, and you are in the middle of a population control operation.
And you can look at old government documents like silent weapons for quiet wars, and yeah, that's where you're at too, but it's beyond all that.
They ran the same operation in the 70s.
They ran the same operation in the 1910s.
The same power brokers have controlled this planet for centuries, lying to humans for centuries, propagandizing humans for centuries, controlling wars and monetary systems for centuries, rigging the whole planet for centuries, and finally, in the information age now, people are starting to wake up, and this is the final straw.
So they're either going to get away with this again, and it's going to be worse than ever on planet Earth,
And you're going to wonder, hey, how come I'm in the year 2021 and 2022 and 2025 and 2030 and everything gets worse?
It's supposed to be better.
I'm supposed to have new technology.
I'm supposed to be more prosperous.
I'm supposed to have better things.
No, you'll have nothing.
So people are finally starting to wake up and get it.
And it's a fork in the road.
Where you're either falling into deeper Stockholm Syndrome, falling into deeper brainwashing and propagandizing and going along with all of this, the masks, the vaccines, the pandemic, or you're being honest with yourself, you're being a fair observer, and you're sitting here a year and a half into this fake pandemic, 15 days to slow the spread, and you're finally starting to ask the real questions.
You're finally starting to think the real thoughts.
So I get it.
That's an extreme thing to say.
There's a secret shadow government controlling the planet, running a population control agenda on planet Earth.
This is not the first time.
And if they get away with it again, it won't be the last time.
And it gets worse and worse every time.
So that's what people need to understand, and that's why you can't trust the establishment, that's why you can't trust the system.
Because at its very core, is eugenics.
At its very core, that everything else flows from, is that there's too many humans, and the population of Earth needs to be controlled, and if you listen to Bill Gates, and some of these other people, they even tell you,
You want to know what the carbon is that they want to get rid of?
You want to know what the carbon footprint is that they want to eliminate?
It's you.
You're the carbon footprint.
You're the carbon-based life form.
You're what they want to exterminate.
It's time to be real about this.
I know it's tough to swallow.
That's the reality.
What a time to be alive!
We have the opportunity
To be the human beings that save the planet from a global eugenics prison program that we are currently entering, and we're entering the phase of it in which you can never get out.
And that's why it's so important to fight back against it right now.
We're going to be joined by Robert Barnes coming up here shortly.
The news is so big and I just haven't even been able to get to it yet and I will cover it before the end of the broadcast.
But here's an example of a victory.
So you had a couple restaurants here in Austin, Texas that said they were going to do mandated vaccine passports.
And by the way, this is going on in other states now, obviously, too.
In fact, I got kind of a personal story about some friends of mine in St.
Louis that run a restaurant and are doing this, and let's just say it's not going so well.
But it's time for other
Politicians, and I do believe Missouri probably has the right ones to fight back against this and follow Florida's lead and follow Texas's lead and follow South Dakota's lead.
If you have a Republican governor, you've got a chance.
If you have a Democrat governor, you're pretty much screwed.
But these two restaurants, I believe it was just two, there could have been some others in Austin, said you can't come in without showing your vaccine passport.
And so this was the response from the Texas
The Supreme Court, I think, is who it was, but the Senate.
Texas warns Austin restaurants that their liquor licenses could be revoked for requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.
Really, they should go farther than that and say, you'll be shut down.
Because, now look, here's the thing.
On a weird level,
I could even see the argument being made that, yeah, okay, they have the right to do that.
This is an experimental vaccine, and it's just out of control.
Now, they don't.
They should naturally be out of business.
But there's even a certain level of me where it's like, hey, the government's stepping in here and trying to shut your business down for whatever reason I don't like.
But hey, the government's already destroying freedom in all these different ways.
I guess, should I celebrate a victory when the government intervenes, but it's actually for a good reason, for once?
So, really, it should just be, there shouldn't even be a liquor license.
That's what I'm saying.
I'm so anti-government, I want them out of everything.
Government shouldn't be able to give you a liquor license or revoke a liquor license.
Want to sell liquor?
Go for it.
Why does the government need to be involved?
But that's not even the point here.
The point is to understand that the times we're in and to stop this medical tyranny from conquering America.
So, the free market should be able to solve this.
A restaurant that you go to says, hey, I need to see a vaccine passport for you to eat here.
You don't go there anymore.
You tell your friends and family not to go there anymore.
You stand outside the restaurant and protest.
That's the free market.
That's free speech.
That's America.
But here the government intervenes.
So, is this going to be the way that state governments fight back against restaurants that want to do forced vaccines?
And here they are saying they're still going to make you wear a mask
But they can't make you show proof of vaccination.
Wow, that's too bad.
The Nazis can't know whether you're a Jew wanting to go eat at their restaurant anymore.
And if you're a Jew, aka unvaccinated, well then you're just not allowed.
And they're upset because they can't behave like Nazis.
It must really be tragic for them.
Robert Barnes is about to join us on a plethora of topics, but you know, I'm gonna ask Robert Barnes a question that I got asked last night at dinner, and that I have people ask me all the time, and I've given my response, but let's get the lawyer's response on the other side.
What can you do, what should you do, if your boss, where you work, isn't requiring you to get a vaccine?
Alright, so the leftist, death cult, pedophile cult, communist cult is just wide out in the open now.
Not even hiding anymore.
Not even trying to disguise themselves anymore.
They go on TV and say you're not free anymore.
They have their restaurants as businesses and they make you take an experimental vaccine to work there or go in and have a coffee or a donut.
And by the way, just like Robert Barnes said before Amy Coney Barrett was put on the Supreme Court,
That she would be for forced vaccines and for medical tyranny.
And it turns out that that is the case.
Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett turns down requests from Indiana University students to block its vaccine mandate.
An experimental vaccine, a violation of the Nuremberg Code, and Amy Coney Barrett stabbed you in the back again, just like the swamp creature that she is.
What a shame.
What a shame Trump couldn't get one
Supreme Court justice that was actually a hardcore American patriot or a true conservative.
We can talk about that with Bob Barnes.
He's going to be with us for this hour.
And so Robert Barnes joins me now.
But I want to start by asking you this, Robert, because I'm having a lot of people ask me this.
I mean, people just come up at the gym, I'm at dinner, and they're asking me the same thing.
So it shows that this is a real issue in America right now.
Oh, and what should I do if my job requires me to get the vaccine?
And my response is always the same.
Don't quit, don't get the vaccine, make them fire you, but ultimately you're going to have to make the choice.
You're a lawyer though, you have the legal background, you've been kind of putting out some advice for this, not legal advice, but just general advice.
You've been posting it to your website on how people can respond to this, very detailed stuff by the way.
People can just copy and paste it and send it to their employers if they want on your website.
But so I'll ask you the question.
Robert Barnes,
Renowned attorney, legal expert.
What should I do if my employer, my boss, the company I work for, is going to force me to take the COVID vaccine against my will to stay employed?
The first thing to find out is to get the actual policy, because a lot of these employers are trying to imply that there's been a vaccine mandate by their employee, by the by the company.
And you dig in and finds out they haven't actually haven't mandated it at all.
So that's the first thing is find out whether or not there's an actual policy in place to mandate, to mandate it, and then find out what's in that policy.
Because often there's a religious exemption, often there's a medical
Yes, we are.
They'll see there's people that are identified that they say should not take the vaccine.
Particularly if you have any kind of allergy to any of the ingredients of these vaccines or have previously had allergic reactions to physical shots, because that's how these are done, or allergic reactions to prior vaccines.
You may be one of those people that even the vaccine companies acknowledge and the FDA admits shouldn't take it.
So you may have a medical exemption from the vaccine.
There may be other people that have contraindicate.
You may have heart issues, neurological issues, other issues that
Make it unwise for you to take the vaccine and one of the biggest ones many doctors are signing medical exemption documents for anyone who has previously had COVID or has the antibodies already in their system because many doctors who including those who have already attested to this under oath under penalty of perjury they have said it is a bad idea to
To get the vaccine if you've already had COVID-19, and many people don't know they had it before because so much of COVID-19 spread asymptomatically.
So all of those are the potential medical exemptions you may have.
Then on top of that, you may have religious exemptions.
It's important to note, and there's been a lot of misrepresentations by the companies and employers out there,
The way they developed all of the vaccines currently on the market for the United States is they developed them by confirming the vaccine in aborted fetus cell culture.
And that's how they used aborted fetus cells to confirm the vitality of the vaccine.
To many people that is a religious objection because they don't want to be part of medical experimentation that used and benefited and profited from aborted fetus cells as part of that process.
Now some people like Tyson Foods for example,
Is telling their own employees that they have no right to religiously object on pro-life grounds, and that's just illegal what they're doing.
And they're also lying to their employees at Tyson Foods and some other employers by saying, well, there is no aborted fetus cells inside the vaccine itself.
That's because they're confusing the issue of how aborted fetus cells were used in this process.
They're not inside the vaccine.
They were used to develop the vaccine, used to test the vaccine, and thus were just as integral and are just as much a grounds for religious objection to this vaccine as any other.
There's additional religious objections that people have.
People have objections to vaccine mandates because it reminds people of the mark of the beast.
It reminds people that they're attempting to control physical populations against their will using medical experimentation, using gene therapies, which is what many doctors call these.
They say they're really more like gene therapies than they are vaccines because these are non-sterilizing.
These are vaccines that do not sterilize against the disease.
They do not have the disease to help you protect you against the disease.
They are an experimental technology that they hope might limit the infectiousness of the disease, and they hope might limit the severity of the disease.
And it's all hope.
If you read the fact sheet from the government itself, it says they have no idea how effective this is.
They say, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.
Well, actually, they're putting out reports now in MedPage and other
I don't know.
Anybody that studied the vaccine industry could have predicted this.
Alex Berenson in his book about vaccines on COVID-19 predicted this.
That the history of mRNA vaccines, the history of influenza vaccines, the history of the vaccine industry writ large.
Is that in this particular context, what was likely to happen, and this is why in the fact sheets, even the FDA, the FDA requires recipients of the vaccine get, that requires doctors give to their recipients, and a lot of people are not getting these, say that they have no idea what the duration of immunity the vaccine can even provide.
And in this, and why is that?
It's because, first of all, this is the first time mRNA has ever been used in any drug or vaccine.
And the reason why is because in all the prior tests,
The more you used mRNA, the less effective it became and the more side effects got worse.
And so the prediction was that what would happen with this vaccine, these mRNA vaccines especially, is that the effectiveness would, they would quit creating antibodies, and that's all really a vaccine is medically, it just creates antibodies to respond to an infection, that the antibodies would decline over time.
And the problem with mRNA is the more shots you get, the reason why there aren't a bunch of mRNA drugs running around is because the more shots you get, the more you take it, the worse the side effects get.
And so you get declining effectiveness and worse side effects.
So it's a perfectly written disaster movie script.
And that's what we're already seeing in Israel, Iceland, UK, the data that was coming out, the vaccine effect.
Remember, they predicted 95% effective.
Well, it started going down right away.
Then it was 84%.
And then it was 73%.
And now the most recent Pfizer data, written by pro-Pfizer people who have connections to Pfizer, the medical report you just mentioned, it's all the way down to 42%.
And that's of the Delta variant only being at 70% in the state of Florida.
Like, I can sit here and I know everything that Robert Barnes is saying is true, because I've done it.
I mean, I remember months ago, the crew printed out, like, all these different fact sheets and gave them to me, from all the different vaccines, and it says, on it, it literally says, we don't know if the vaccine works!
It's on the sheet!
And then I tell people that, and they're like, oh, you're a conspiracy theorist.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Robert Barnes is with us.
We were cut off by the break, and myself just providing some context to what Robert Barnes was saying, but I think this is a very important thing, and when I have all these people asking me this question...
That means I know that the audience is asking this question to other people, and they want to hear from legal experts as well.
And the question I keep getting asked is, what should I do?
What can I do if my employer, my boss, the company I work for, is going to mandate the COVID vaccine?
And we're seeing this come.
And it's coming down the track fast, and so a lot of people are wondering what to do.
Robert Barnes went through the medical exemptions in the last segment, started getting into the religious exemptions, cut off by the break.
So, Robert, pick it back up where you left off with the religious exemptions.
And again, folks, the question for legal expert, renowned attorney Robert Barnes, what should I do, what can I do if my employer or the company I work for, my boss, mandates the COVID vaccine?
Robert Barnes, pick it up where you left off with the religious exemption.
So first, you'll get the policy.
Second, see if you have medical exemptions.
Third, look at religious exemptions.
Because aborted fetus cells were used in this, there's a lot of people that have religious objections to that.
There's additional people that have religious objections to what feels like Mark of the Beast kind of revelations kind of policies that are coming out, particularly with the
Talk of later on, you know, making this a chip and a quantum tattoo.
There's people who oppose the forced aspect of these vaccines and the way it is being used to mark people and segregate people because of certain religious overtones that that has.
There can be additional religious grounds to object to this particular vaccine that depends on your own religious beliefs.
And there's letters out there, examples of it.
There's examples up on my site, which is the VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com site, that includes exemption letter examples from employees, exemption letter examples from people on religious grounds, legal grounds.
There's people who get anxiety in response to the risk of this vaccine.
That can be a medical exemption.
There's some states that have a philosophical exemption, an ethical exemption that can be asserted.
For example, in the United Kingdom, they're allowing people to fill out their own exemptions, and in certain cases, being a vegetarian turns out to be an exemption.
So there can be a wide range of exemptions.
And then the next step is even if you have no religious exemptions, no medical exemptions, and your employer is actually mandating it, not just kind of suggesting it, you can look at reasonable accommodations.
Your employer should be making accommodations for this, and that includes maybe there's the alternative to take temperature checks before you go in.
Maybe there's other, maybe there's COVID antibody testing that can be done instead of the vaccine.
Maybe there can be COVID testing that can be done.
And so for some, and I understand some people don't like those tests.
I don't like those tests.
But for many people, that is a preferred alternative to either losing their job or taking the vaccine.
So what it come and maybe you can work remotely.
Maybe you can work in a part of the building that has low risk.
So the look at that's all the things your employer should be doing.
Religious exemptions, medical exemptions.
Provide, in some cases, philosophical and ethical exemptions.
They should not be inquiring.
You don't have to have a priest or a pastor sign off on it.
Your religious exemption is, I just object on religious grounds, period.
And they're really not supposed to inquire beyond that.
Well, yeah, I mean, you can be a man with, you know, your male genitals exposed in a female bathroom, and that's OK.
So, yeah, I don't think they should ask you about that.
And this is coming down the pike.
If it's not already there, folks, it's already happening.
Alex Jones has called into the broadcast.
He wants to ask Robert Barnes a question.
Guys, cue up Alex here live on the air.
Yeah, guys, I'm just walking around in a store.
And here's an example of demanding stuff, just like with vaccines.
I'm at a Target getting some stuff for my kids.
And there's literally full of people.
There's not one human checker.
It's all people checking themselves out.
And I went over and I said, I want a human checker.
And then half the line I was in of 20 people said, we want human checkers.
And all these lazy people get out the back.
We're good to go.
I heard Boris talking about exemptions and getting around it.
Everybody should do that in the areas that are under blue control, under global control.
I think that's all great.
But, Robert, what about up front just defeating us because it's not even a vaccine, it's experimental, and it violates the Nuremberg Code?
What about just stopping the whole thing worldwide instead of just letting them put us in these ghettos of unvaccinated?
I mean, I agree it's a two-pronged approach.
Religious exemptions, conscientious exemptions, medical exemptions, all that are key.
But what about the two-pronged approach of stopping this at the international and national level by putting liability back onto the companies, the media, that bully people to do this?
Because there's obviously liability protection.
They've given anything they call a vaccine.
There's a lot of other ways and places they have liability when they're doing this.
So what about putting liability back onto the institutions, the companies, and schools to try to force this by demanding that they sign a form that they're going to be held liable for whatever happens?
I just want to hear what you had to say, Robert.
Well, exactly.
So, as I say, one additional component everybody should do after reasonable accommodations is ask your employer, have they clarified with their insurer that they will cover and compensate for any injury that the vaccine inflicts.
And Robert, this is on the document on your website, right, about the OSHA decision that it's going to be the employer that forces the mandate that's going to be held liable?
I mean, they can be held liable under their health insurance coverage.
They can be held liable under their workers' compensation coverage.
They can be held liable under their liability coverage.
Because really, this is kind of a conspiracy to commit battery against individuals.
So they have major risk, and they don't understand this risk.
And they don't understand the risk because they don't understand the riskiness of this particular vaccine.
That its worst effects may be over time.
Because we have no idea how this mRNA vaccine will ultimately work.
So those are all the ways you can approach your employer to try to negotiate a way out of being put into the situation of either your job or the vaccine.
But as to Alex's point, the other two areas to fight back in are the court of public opinion and the courts of law.
In the court of public opinion, it matters.
Even Fox News, when they try to sort of rig the poll results to get as many people for mandates as possible, they couldn't get more than half the country to be for any kind of mandate.
And if that's where we're at now, we keep hammering away in the court of public opinion, and we're going to get a lot more people on our side, and that will be a major restraint on the ability of any of these employers or governments to do any of this nonsense with mandating it in the first place.
In terms of the courts of law, there's multiple challenges.
While this is an emergency use authorized vaccine, I believe it violates the federal statute to mandate it, period.
Secondly, I believe it violates the Nuremberg Code of 1947 that Alex mentioned, which required informed consent for any form of medical experimentation.
And clearly this is medical experimentation.
That's a Jess Coggins norm of international law as recognized as the right to sue against piracy.
I believe it violates in the state and government act or context your constitutional rights under the first, fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth amendments to the United States Constitution and we'll be bringing claims and claims are being brought all across the country today and next week and the week after on this precise issue.
I believe the FDA's approval violated the FDA's process.
Bobby Kennedy and I will be suing next week to try to enjoin the FDA from licensing this period so that it can't go forward.
And we're bringing suits for employees and others against public accommodations because, in my view, this violates the Americans with Disabilities Act because this is perceiving that you have a physical limitation that you really don't have.
They think your immunity is deficient when it's not.
All right, and I do want to focus in on, I think, what is the overarching issue here, and what we've discussed in the last two segments is the most real-world approach to this.
Because, I mean, yeah, we can talk about how it's experimental, and I want to talk about how it's in violation of the Nuremberg Code, but it's this weird thing where it's like it doesn't even matter.
It's just this weird acceptance that we just have to say, okay, it's an experimental vaccine, and it's potentially deadly, and there's all these side effects, but no, you just have to take it even though it's not effective.
It's a really Twilight Zone-level thing, and that's kind of the long shot, but to me, that's the home run.
That's the Grand Slam.
Alright, final segment with Bob Barnes here.
And it's just so funny to me, this story just got published at the Mises Institute.
Yet again, the media's COVID narrative doesn't add up.
It never has added up.
Fauci's narratives have never added up.
The CDC's narratives have never added up.
The media's narratives never added up.
And it's just the frustration of anybody who actually follows the news knowing it's never added up versus the people that just take the loving spoonful that the propaganda agents on television give them.
That's why they're so duped into believing all of it.
We can go on and on about that.
So, Robert, you got into the, which to me is just more of a real world application for people that don't want to be forced to take a vaccine to have a job, the religious exemption, the medical exemption, and just how maybe, I mean, quite frankly, they can kind of play their hand against the employer and say, OK, are you ready to be held liable?
Do you know this is what it says about the vaccine?
Get a little tit for tat there.
But to me, the long shot here, the swinging for the fences, the
You know, 50-yard hook around the tree to get to the green.
I mean, to me, that's the Nuremberg Code.
The Nuremberg Code's already been written.
It's already been decided.
It's one of the biggest, you know, legal events of all time, you know, from war crimes and crimes against humanity.
It still exists.
We've never said, oh, the Nuremberg Code isn't good anymore.
We've never said that we're not gonna, you know, go to that for advice now.
What about that level of it, that this is an experimental vaccine?
Fauci is out saying now you're going to have to take booster vaccines for the rest of your life.
Yeah, Fauci saying that today.
So what about the long shot here?
What about the swinging for the fences?
What about playing the 70-yard hook to get to the green and win the Masters?
The Nuremberg Code presenting that this is a experimental vaccine and you making me take this as a violation of the Nuremberg Code.
And then if you want, even go a step further and say, do you know what punishment for violating the Nuremberg Code is?
So what about that aspect of this issue?
Oh, definitely.
It was my view is the Nuremberg Code of 1947 provided what's called a just Cogan's norm of international law that is enforceable in every court in the world.
Uh, based on the acceptance of this universal human value, which is the right of informed consent, and both of those parts have to exist.
And the notably when the Biden Justice Department interpreted the statute, the Emergency Use Authorization Statute, which codified the Nuremberg Code explicitly in the original discussions about it,
They didn't discuss it when they said, oh, the informed consent just means you're informed before you get raped.
That's not what the Nuremberg Code provides for.
The Nuremberg Code requires informed and consent.
And that means you have to, that means there has to be no coercion.
That means there has to be no adverse consequences.
And to give examples of the other organizations, including government organizations who agreed
That this is what the Nuremberg Code required.
The FDA has previously said it.
The CDC has previously said it.
The Defense Department has previously said it.
Various labor government organizations have previously said it.
They all acknowledge that in particular they often said you could not have an employer mandate this or you could not have a school mandate this because it would be a violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947 because this is an experimental vaccine using experimental technology.
So, my view, and we're going to be litigating that all across the country.
Can governments do this?
Can employers do this?
Can places of public accommodation do it?
Because if they can, then the Nuremberg Code of 1947 is dead, and we're back to the eugenics era of 19- of Korematsu and of Buck and of Jacobson, decisions that were morally horrendous decisions that took us down the path of the Nazis that said the government owned your body.
And that's why we have to fight back at every single level, court of public opinion, court of law, by every means attainable to us.
Well, that's the crazy thing about this is I'm not somebody who sits here and just for...
Political debate points or you know some sort of influence like calls everybody a Nazi like the left has done and by the way They've been doing that for years.
You can go back watch they called Bush a Nazi for eight years So it's really just an old tactic.
I mean, I'll use it for historical reference, but it's like this is a real thing This is actually what Nazis did.
This is actually what dr. Mangalov was on trial for like this is a real thing the propaganda of Goebbels all of it and
And that's just a historical context, and now it's all back, and the people that want to point their finger and call everybody a Nazi are the ones enforcing this Nazi rule!
But it's like, I don't even want to obsess over the Nazis, they've almost made us numb to it, even though, you know, I guess everybody would say historically, maybe you could argue the Nazis were the worst ever, maybe it's the Chinese Communists.
But let's get back to what's happening now.
The Biden administration and the Democrats are now proposing
You have to have a vaccine passport to even travel domestically.
They want it on interstates.
They want it on airports to travel domestically.
Where do you see this going, Bob Barnes?
Well note the irony.
I worked with some pilots who pushed back against the airlines and the airlines capitulated this week and recognized that they were not going to require any of their pilots to get vaccinated because a bunch of them are ready to walk off the job, a bunch of them are ready to sue, a bunch of them are ready to quit, a bunch of them are willing to protest it by any means possible.
And yet we're going to require all the travelers on the airlines that airlines agreed that the pilots can't be forced to be vaccinated to be forced to be vaccinated.
And by the way, airlines are not a vector of spreading COVID anyway, because their air filtration system gets down to such a low level.
COVID-19 does not travel on airlines.
It has never been a super spreader event.
It does not travel at any great degree at all.
So they're not a risk factory in the first place.
And so the idea that we're going to compel this, it's going to be a Papers, Please environment.
It's going to be Papers, Please to cross the border of a state, Papers, Please to get on a plane, Papers, Please to get on a train, Papers, Please to get on a boat, Papers, Please to travel anywhere, and ultimately they're talking about Papers, Please before you can get your coffee at the coffee shop, before you can go to the grocery store to buy essential groceries, before you can even get medical treatment, emergency medical treatment at a hospital.
California's saying you can't even go visit a loved one in the hospital unless you're vaccinated.
And so it's amazing.
Now, you know, apparently you can party with Barack Obama, with as many people as you want, regardless of whether you're vaccinated, but you can't go see your grandmother in the hospital or your child in the hospital unless you're vaccinated.
And vaccinated from what?
For what?
A vaccination that, according to the Pfizer's own reports, increasingly does not work?
According to, I mean, if vaccines work, why is Israel, why is Gibraltar, why is Iceland, three countries with very high, sky high vaccination levels, talking about locking down?
So we have all the data that this doesn't work to the degree they said it does.
We have all this data that it has dangerous and perilous side effects.
They're tracking excess mortality going up in proportion to countries and states around the world in direct proportion to the amount of vaccination taking place.
Why are there excess deaths being reported by historical numbers precisely when and after vaccination rates go up?
Why is that?
So, I mean, there's reasons to have doubts about this vaccine.
There's reasons to have doubts about the lethality of COVID.
But more importantly, this is about the right to control your own body and your own destiny.
And if the government owns your body, and the government can put whatever they want into your body, whenever they want, directly or indirectly, by the coercion of the government itself, or by the coercion of your employer or public accommodation, then you don't have any rights at all.
If you don't control your own body, you control nothing.
And that's why this is the legal fight of the century, and all of us must do whatever we can to push back in the court of law and the court of public opinion.
And, you know, if I'm going all the way to the bottom of this pit or the end of this tunnel, this is a eugenics population control program.
But I mean, at a surface level, this is a mafia shakedown.
I mean, that's the craziest thing about it.
This is nothing more at the surface level than a mafia shakedown.
You can't do anything until you take my vaccine that's not effective, doesn't stop COVID and could kill you.
And then big pharmaceuticals make out with billions of dollars.
And so, I mean, I guess my final question is, when is this COVID vaccine going to be the record biggest
Healthcare fraud lawsuit in American history.
We already know Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, they already have the records with tens of billions of dollars.
I mean, what's this one going to be?
50 billion?
100 billion?
Well, this is actually the most profitable drug in history.
The COVID vaccine is the most single.
They will make more money on this single vaccine in a single year than all of the profits from all of the vaccines around the entire world this year.
So this is the most profitable drug ever?
They have no ins- and they can't be sued!
They have immunity from suit.
The manufacturer, the producer, the distributor, the marketer, the advertiser, the designer, the developer, the doctor, the applier, all of them are completely immune, no matter how bad this vaccine turns out to be.
So they have no skin in the game in terms of risk.
And they have lots of skin in the game in terms of reward.
And that's why we have to fight back.
And if people want examples of the letters, they can go to vivabarneslaw.locals.com and see examples of how they can help fight back too.
Robert Barnes!
Thank you so much, brother.
God bless.
And you have a great weekend.
All right, when we come back, I'm going to get into the news headlines.
And we're gonna come full circle on all of this, may even open up the phone lines.
The big pharmaceutical mafia has a license to kill.
And you have to understand the paradigm here.
Like if you have an invasive species in your garden or in your house or like the wild boars in the plains, well what do you do?
You terminate that invasive species.
You kill it.
You kill it.
And so the globalists and the world elite believe they own the planet.
It's their planet.
And they see you as an invasive parasite.
So they kill you.
And they have a license to kill you.
This is the reality of our planet, ladies and gentlemen.
And I know it's a tough pill to swallow.
And hey, you can get away from it for a certain period of time.
But you cannot let evil exist and metastasize like this, or it eventually finds you.
No matter how secluded of a life you try to live, no matter how off-grid you try to live.
And we shouldn't be forced to live like that.
And we may have to for a year or two, but I mean, this is about to get real ugly.
But hey!
The big pharmaceutical mafia has a license to kill you.
And they're legally exempt.
And now...
People want to mandate that death.
They want to mandate that potential legal injection.
It's a license to kill.
Coming straight for your heart with blood clots and myocarditis and stroke and everything.
Because the owners of this planet look at you as an invasive parasitic existence.
So they're going to exterminate you.
You better wake up.
Before it's too late.
By the way, hey guys, you know what?
I sent you that.
I'll come back to that.
I'll come back to that.
But this is actually pretty wild.
Something I found during the break.
And if we can find this scientific study, this is like, whoa level stuff.
And it just goes back to the whole thing of, why are we so unhealthy?
We have all this access to information and technology and supplements.
Why are we so unhealthy?
By design, ladies and gentlemen.
But let me just do this here.
Let me just crank out these headlines right now.
Let me just focus and do this.
Biden's energy idiocracy.
Kneecap U.S.
oil but beg OPEC to pump more.
Biden asked Saudi Arabia and OPEC to produce more oil as prices at the pumps rise.
So Biden, as an enemy of the United States of America,
Blackmailed by China and Russia and other countries.
Shuts down our energy.
Shuts down our oil production.
But now he sees that it's hurting his ratings and so he wants more oil here.
But he's not going to free America to produce more oil which would bring down our oil prices.
No, no, no, no, no.
He's going to blame OPEC and Saudi Arabia when it's him, Joe.
And he knows it.
But see, he's blackmailed with all the weird sex stuff and crimes that his family have committed and that all these foreign countries have access to.
So he's not even in control.
He's not even in control of his own bowels.
He's not even in control of his own mouth.
And he's not even in control of his own White House.
So... Yeah, and also...
You just had the Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index reach record levels of increase.
So you have inflation happening, and then you have all the prices going up, so your dollar's value is decreasing, and the price at the store is going up, the price at the pump is going up, all the prices are going up.
It's all by design!
It's all an act of war by an enemy of the United States of America, Joe Biden.
I mean, that's incredible stuff.
And that's what's going on.
And understand this.
When you see the story about, like this headline, Biden's eviction moratorium is a rare act of presidential civil disobedience.
No, it's an act of war against America, is what it is.
The Supreme Court will almost certainly strike down the moratorium, but the president's decision to heed the call of Cori Bush was the right and righteous thing to do.
Oh, really?
These dumbass
Fake liberals that are the dumbest people in the world and don't understand how they're being suckered and duped.
And are you really so sure the Supreme Court is going to strike this down with the likes of Amy Coney Barrett, who wants you to have a medical experimental vaccine injected into you?
I'm not so sure.
Here's what this is about.
This is all very measured stuff, folks.
You're in a war.
And it's not the typical war of one country or one nation-state against the other or whatever.
It's a war of the global criminal cabal mafia that wants to conquer the planet.
It's globalists versus nation-states.
It's global mafias versus individual freedoms.
So, what's really going on with this eviction moratorium
They're going to price out and destroy all the landlords that they can.
And it's really happening in New York, the worst in California, the worst right now.
So the landlords are broke.
Nobody's paying rent.
And the Democrats say, yeah, you don't have to pay rent.
Okay, fine.
Well, I'm never paying taxes.
I'm never making another mortgage payment.
I'm never paying for this.
I'm going to go to the grocery store and just steal everything.
I mean, I guess that's already happening now.
So that's the universal application of this precedent, but you'll never see that because this is the real agenda.
Once all these landlords go out of business, once all these independent, private, whether it's homeowners or apartment complex owners or development owners, whatever, once they're broken out of business because people don't have to pay rent anymore, guess what?
Well, they have to either sell their company, sell their business, go out of business, whatever, and guess what's going to happen?
Firms like BlackRock, Big Globalist Hedge Funds and Soros and the like and Bill Gates and the like are going to come in and buy up all of that property and they're going to own everything.
So the people that tell you you're not going to have any private property by the year 2030 are putting all private ownership out of business.
And this eviction moratorium is the perfect example.
And again, the fake liberals in this country are such suckers, they don't understand how they're being duped.
They just think they're getting something for free.
You fools!
I guess, yeah, you are getting something for free.
It's called slavery.
You're getting free slavery.
Free imprisonment.
Good job.
So yeah, you don't want to pay rent?
Your landlord's going to go out of business, and a big firm like BlackRock, that's just buying up all these properties, is going to come in and buy up all these properties that you're not paying rent on, and then guess what?
Well guess what?
It's all going to be vaccines every month just to get into your own building.
Temperature checks, all of it.
Chemical castration.
Physical castration.
Oh, you want to live here?
Chop your balls off!
Oh, you want to live here?
Be a part of our experimental medical procedures!
Whereas the landlord now is just like, alright, here's your place, sign the lease, you're good to go, don't violate it, pay your rent on time.
Yeah, it's not going to be that.
They're going to be spying on you.
They're going to have cameras in your bathroom.
They're going to have cameras in your bedroom.
They're going to be watching you 24-7, measuring your stool samples, making sure, cutting off your energy.
That's where this is going.
That's the agenda.
So all of these dumbasses thinking, oh, I'm getting free rent, I'm beating the system.
No, the system is conquering you.
The landlord that you're not paying rent to right now is a good person.
Not out to screw you, just out to run a business.
Well, guess what?
They're going to be long gone, and Bill Gates and the rest, and they're going to buy up all these places, and they're going to be in your life every day.
Oh, and you'll pay rent.
Yeah, it's called You'll Be a Slave.
And they admit it all!
And they say by the year 2030 you have no private property.
And they have Operation 2030.
Because all these big events have all the globalist propaganda in them.
So you had at the opening ceremony for the Olympics this year, you had the 2030 agenda logo in the opening Olympics.
They don't even hide it!
Kind of like how in the London Olympics they had Boris Johnson and all the
Visual subliminal messaging and propaganda that they were about to do a pandemic!
And you had all the people in the hospital beds and Boris Johnson walking over it at the London Olympics.
They knew it was all coming.
And now they're doing the same thing.
So, yeah.
Oh, you don't have to pay rent!
And then the landlords go out of business, and then BlackRock and the globalists buy all the properties, and then you become a slave of these people.
And you think you've won.
You think you got over on the system by not paying rent, you fools.
You're being crushed.
You're being enslaved.
By the way, they have all these new capital gains taxes so that you can't make any money in cryptocurrency?
How come if I lose money, the government doesn't pay me?
Well, what about that?
During the break, the cameraman points out in studio, he says, you know, this is also going to be used to keep you from having a firearm in your apartment.
It's like, oh, how did I miss that obvious one?
Oh, you still have a Second Amendment, but BlackRock that owns every apartment, every house, and everything now, the globalists that own everything, you'll have no private property.
They're telling you this is their plan, and then they show you their propaganda at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.
The exact logo of Operation 2030, which is no individual freedoms, no individual ownership anymore.
Yeah, so, you know.
Oh, you can't have a gun in your apartment.
Oh, now they've just disarmed you through fiat.
See how that works?
See how that works?
It's really just incredible to be witnessing all of this.
And how people can be so suckered into it.
But yeah, I guess we're just getting dumber with time.
Kind of like this study that just came out.
Study finds children born during lockdown have lost IQ points, impaired cognitive functioning.
Well, of course, they're not going to school anymore.
They're living in a fake pandemic, a big lie.
Of course they're going to be dumber.
And they get the fluoride in the water, and the chemicals in the food, and yeah, it's all to make you dumb, so that when the globalist, the global mafia leads you to the slaughterhouse, you don't question anything.
And it's also like this weird creation of a justification to kill you.
Hey, you're a dumb parasite.
You don't even realize you're being murdered, so you know what?
You deserve to die.
Or, you know what, we need to dumb humanity down so when we kill them it's not so brutal, it's not so bloody.
By the way, just found out, Michael Graves, a frequent guest with me on The War Room, who's actually already scheduled to be on The War Room with me today, launched a founding member of the Misfits, they kicked him out for his politics, a fabulous musician by the way, and he just launched a tour, it's been tough for him to get back on the road with, you know,
All the politicization of everything, and he announces a tour, and he's already having venues cancel his shows because he's a conservative.
And by the way, Michael Graves is not going to back down.
He doesn't have to come on Infowars every month or, you know, do segments with me all the time, knowing that it could hurt his career.
He doesn't care.
He cares more about freedom and truth.
So, Michael Graves having shows canceled because he's a conservative.
And they don't even hide it.
They just say, oh, you're a conservative.
And that's what they'll do.
Once the globalists own all the property, they won't even let you rent because of your politics.
Or they'll make you go to re-education camps just to live in their apartments that they own.
So, Michael Graves will be on The War Room today at 5 o'clock, and I'll obviously be discussing that with him.
Yeah, you know, hey, there's no such thing as freedom anymore.
The left is telling you, you're not free.
So, I mean, we shouldn't be surprised by all this.
They've told us that you're not free anymore.
They've been telling us for a year and a half you're not free anymore.
Now they just go on TV, they go on CNN, they go on MSNBC, Hollywood people, and they say, you're not free.
Screw your freedoms.
You're our property now.
Man, oh man.
Let me just continue on with these headlines.
Joe Biden during a press conference says, this isn't about politics, this is about keeping our kids safe.
Biden condemns anti-mask protests and praises doctors, teachers, and mayors who are battling governors over school mask mandates.
Even though all the studies that have come out about schools mandating masks for children actually show that the mask is bad.
All the studies!
Every single one.
And now you're having outbreaks of, I think it's RSV?
I think what it is, guys, plug in RSV, Louisiana, I forget what the story was, but basically there's this new, well it's not new, but there's a infection that can get into your lungs that's very rare, it used to be rare, but it's all of a sudden, you're seeing all these kids that have this viral lung infection that you never used to see before, and it's completely because of the masks.
100% because of the masks.
Yeah, there it is right there.
Hey guys, give me a date on that headline.
Oh, this is from today!
COVID-19 and RSV form wicked one-two punch bringing children's hospitals to the brink.
Yeah, the one-two punch of the fake pandemic of COVID making your kids wear a mask and causing them to get RSV.
RSV infections on the rise in children across Baton Rouge area.
And the reason it's in the south is because it's more humid, so breathing in the humidity in the mask is even worse down there than it is in, you know, drier areas like Colorado or something.
They're murdering kids, man!
These people are sick!
And they say they love the kids!
So imagine an entire political movement, an entire social cultural movement, that celebrates baby sacrifice, that celebrates baby murder.
Promotes and celebrates and funds abortion.
These same people are forcing your kids to wear a mask that spreads disease, makes them breathe in carbon dioxide, can cause hypoxia and RSV and all these other bacterial and viral diseases and infections.
And then they have the nerve to come out and say, we love the kids, we're doing this for the kids, as they're murdering children.
I just can't even believe this satanic, dystopian reality I'm in right now.
I mean, these people are such demonic liars.
It's just... How does it get worse?
So again, Biden's out saying, this is about children.
The Democrats are saying, this is about children.
The teachers that want to indoctrinate your kids, this is about children.
They all love baby murder.
They all love baby sacrifice.
And they love getting your kids sick.
Again, there have been five studies, minimum, done on the effects of children wearing masks.
And all of the studies show how bad it is for kids to be wearing masks.
Which, of course, is bad for anybody to wear masks!
It's bondage!
You're breathing in your own bacteria, carbon dioxide.
I mean, it's a joke!
It's a ritual torture.
It's ritualistic bondage and torture to make you wear a face mask.
Hey, you want to wear a mask?
Go ahead.
You want to walk around all day with a, you know, a butt plug in your butt?
Go ahead.
That's you, bud.
Not me.
And that's what they're doing.
Giving you
Bondage and human torture to kids in the form of a face mask.
And saying, oh it's because we love the kids.
You really want to take advice from someone that says they love the kids as they murder millions of babies?
Again, I covered it last segment.
You have a breakout of RSV in the South, where it's humid, and it's even worse to be wearing the mask all day, because it's humid, and you're getting more sweaty, and there's more bacteria buildup.
And you have a mass breakout of RSV in kids, unprecedented, never-before-seen, and it's all because they're making them wear masks, and they're torturing them!
It's like, oh, why is there an uptick in suicide?
Because people are being tortured!
Oh, why is there an outbreak of RSV in the South?
Because kids are being forced to wear masks!
That's what's so frustrating about this, man.
To just sit here and do 10 hours of research every day, and then just see the media lie.
Just see politicians lie.
And just know it's a huge lie, and that these people are out to get you, and it's just like... It should be so obvious!
I shouldn't have to convince anybody!
Like, this absolute nonsense.
Our mayor in Austin, Steve Adler, one of the biggest dirtbags you'll ever hear of, one of the smallest, weakest men you're ever gonna hear of.
Is still driving up the fear mongering here in Austin, telling everyone to wear a mask and get vaccinated.
Nobody's listening, thank God.
Says the hospitals are overwhelmed.
I played videos yesterday on the war room.
People at hospitals, literally a ghost town.
Empty, ladies and gentlemen, empty.
And it's hospital workers and they film and they're like, hey, I keep seeing in the news that the hospitals are overwhelmed.
Here it is.
Hasn't been all day.
There's nobody here.
It's all a lie.
But oh, he wants to fearmonger us to go into bondage and take an experimental vaccine and wear masks everywhere.
But oh, what does he have to say about this?
Three buses of migrants never tested for COVID dropped off in Austin.
And 40% of migrants released in Texas
Border city of Laredo, test positive for COVID.
So, I mean, Adler, where's your fear over that?
Adler, where's your fear over the migrants bringing in COVID?
Adler, where's your fear of the migrants coming in here with COVID and spreading it?
Oh, no, that's okay.
It's only for the American citizens.
Because it's all a political agenda.
I got it.
It's all a political agenda.
And you know, I hope if we, oh boy, I mean, I pray to God
That all of you fake news, globalist, mafia henchmen end up in the cage that you're building for us.
And you will.
And it's called hell.
But hey, they just deny all of it.
Democrat Cindy Axne says illegals are not spreading COVID.
No, of course not!
COVID is smart.
And it knows if an illegal immigrant crosses the U.S.
border with COVID, not to spread.
This is a political virus.
It's very well trained, very smart.
It's a smart virus.
So it knows, oh, I'm inside an illegal immigrant that just crossed the southern border, so I'm not going to spread to anybody else.
That's the logic.
That's what they're telling you.
Why anybody takes these people seriously is beyond me.
Dems try to require vaccine to fly inside of the United States.
Oh, no.
Oh, yeah.
If they get this, man, if they get this across and they get this forced vaccines, it's gonna be microchips next and it's game over, man.
It's game over.
Look at how far we've fallen in a year, a year and a half from this fake pandemic and now seven months of this Biden administration, this criminal administration.
Look at how far we've fallen, folks.
In case you haven't noticed, this ship is going down fast.
And you know why that is?
Because it's by design.
It's like you watch a controlled demolition, okay?
They hit the button, and the building, completely down in seconds.
Took months, maybe years to build, one button, seconds, completely destroyed.
That's what we're witnessing right now.
The freedom, the prosperity, the infrastructure, the innovation, all of it in America took years to build, centuries to build, and the Democrats are pulling the lever, the politicians and the media are pulling the lever and bringing it all to the ground, and you stupid suckers falling for all of it!
Ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
And then they get caught lying about everything.
Texas Tribune issues huge correction after mistakenly reporting 5,800 children hospitalized with COVID in one week.
This is all an operation, folks.
And here's how I know that, because there's trends, there's patterns.
When the Texas Tribune
Put out that story.
It got picked up by every major media outlet and retweeted and rewritten by every major liberal commentator, like Jennifer Rubin.
And by the way, most of them have actually deleted their tweets now, like Jennifer Rubin.
She deleted her tweet sharing that fake news story.
But they got caught doing the same thing in Florida.
They had to change the numbers.
They got caught doing the whole thing in the United States.
They had to change their numbers.
That never makes big news.
It's the fake numbers for the fear-mongering that becomes the big story.
And then when they have to correct the numbers, and it's like 10% of what they said, they never report on it then.
The numbers are only important to report on when it fits their narrative.
When it destroys their narrative, then they don't want to report on the numbers.
But here's that Jennifer Rubin that put out that fake news and deleted her tweet.
Here's her today.
Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin celebrates demographic decline of white Americans as fabulous news.
I mean, I guess she's white.
I don't even know what it means to be white anymore.
Is it really about skin color?
Is it hair color?
Is it eye color?
Is it politics?
I guess really it's politics more than anything.
You're black, you're white now if you're a conservative Trump supporter, so that's a thing.
But is Jennifer Rubin white or not?
I mean, I don't know.
If she's white, maybe she should just kill herself.
Seriously, like, I don't want anybody to die.
I'm a lover of life.
I'm a lover of all things.
But hey, I mean, if you think that white people are bad, and you think humans are bad, I'll fire up a woodchipper for you.
Fire it up right now.
Hop on in.
You never would.
Or maybe you would.
Maybe if you killed all of us first, maybe then you actually would.
I don't know.
Maybe you would.
You're taking the vaccine, so, I guess it's the same difference.
Oh, and then what do you know?
Head of World Health Organization origin investigation team admits Communist China told them what to write in the report.
China creates the virus with their military.
China releases the virus with their military.
China does the investigation and then tells you there's nothing to see here.
And now the World Health Organization admits all of it.
What a shocker.
We're back here live.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
And I'm going to get back into this news here, but I want to tell you something, because it actually ties into the news with all the COVID, flu, Wuhan flu, Chinese flu, Fauci flu going around.
Part of the reason why
Whether it's the flu or anything else is such a problem is because Americans are deficient, extremely deficient in vitamin D. Now vitamin D is essential already.
You need vitamin D. Big for your immune system.
And so, I'm seeing these graphs of vitamin D deficiency in mostly the elderly and in the youth.
And you have to understand, when you're vitamin D deficient, you're way more susceptible to pick up a flu or COVID or whatever you want to call it, and get sick.
So think about how corrupt the system is that doesn't tell you about vitamin D. I've never heard Fauci mention vitamin D, except I think he said don't take vitamin D. I think Fauci wanted to ban vitamin D. I'm not even kidding.
And they tried to do it in the past and Mel Gibson is famous, he did an ad because the government tried to ban vitamins and minerals decades ago, vitamin D and other things.
So yeah, when you're deficient in vitamin D, you're way more susceptible to get sick.
And so all this COVID breakout and the numbers that they inflate are mostly obese people and people who are already sick and people who are deficient in vitamins and minerals because they're not getting them in their daily diets.
I could sit here and show you all the graphs, but we found a good resource here from Mercola, the vitamin D research page.
The role of vitamin D in disease prevention.
There are about 30,000 genes in your body and vitamin D affects nearly 3,000 of them, as well as vitamin D receptors located throughout your body.
Optimal vitamin D levels can slash your risk of cancer by as much as 60%.
Imagine what it would do to the flu or anything like that, too.
Today, many Americans are found to be in a serious deficiency state when it comes to vitamin D. Over 95% of senior citizens in the U.S.
may be possibly deficient, along with 85% of Americans in general.
The late winter average vitamin D level was found to be about 15 to 18 NGML, which is far below optimal levels.
Now, I could continue to go through this document from Mercola talking about how important vitamin D is and how America is severely deficient in it and how it's causing disease outbreaks and all of this stuff, but there it is.
You know it's there.
This is why we sell vitamin D at Infowarsstore.com.
And you see it.
Adults, kids, vitamin D deficient, you're more prone to get disease or even cancer.
But nobody's telling you about vitamin D. Nobody's promoting vitamin D use.
We are!
In fact, we even came out with the vitamin D3 gummies with calcium.
And this is great, I mean, adults can eat this too.
This is perfect for your kids, folks.
This is perfect for your kids right here.
The Vitamin D3 gummies, they're on sale at InfoWarsTore.com, 50% off.
Boost your natural immune system with Vitamin D3 gummies from InfoWarsTore.com.
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Build their immune system, keep them from getting sick, give them the vitamin D3 gummies from Infowarsstore.com.
And we didn't even come out with this thing as like, hey, it's for kids, or do a marketing campaign for kids, but I mean, this is perfect for your kids!
Again, I showed you the numbers, you can go look it up for yourself.
American youth, very deficient in vitamin D. Don't let that be your child.
Boost your child's immune system.
Vitamin D3 gummies from Infowarsstore.com.
They're going to love the taste.
Just say every morning, hey, I got a new, you don't even have to tell them it's vitamins.
Just say, hey, I got a new gummy.
You can have it every morning.
You can have two of these gummies every morning.
They're going to love it.
They're going to eat it.
And your child's not going to be deficient in vitamin D. Now, if you're an adult and you don't want to take the gummies or you don't like gummies or you don't like, you know, the flavor or whatever,
Which the flavor is fine, the kids will like it, but maybe you're not into that.
So we have Winter Sun Plus Ultra Vitamin D3.
Liquid tincture, under the tongue, and you're good.
Same deal.
Don't be a victim of the corrupt medical establishment.
Don't be a victim of Anthony Fauci and his health lies.
Take control of your immune system, take control of your own health, and this is just one of the foundational building block ways to do it right here.
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So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
And of course, it's your support there that keeps us on air so we can tell you these things that nobody else wants to report on.
All right.
Got about 90 seconds left here.
Let me just go through some of these headlines.
I was going to get into this with Robert Barnes, but it was just so great what he was talking about.
But Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett turns down requests from Indiana University students to block its vaccine mandate.
Ooh, she stabbed you in the back.
And Bob Barnes predicted all this, too, by the way.
Amy Coney Barrett, just another swamp hack that doesn't believe in freedom.
I was never really a fan of her.
I had hope, but all hope is lost.
Law professor who survived COVID-19 sues George Mason University over vaccine mandate.
See, this is how sick it is.
This is how you know this is an authoritarian, totalitarian takeover.
Because there's no fairness here.
There's no science.
There's just follow the orders.
There's just totalitarianism, where it's well known, even in all the studies that they, the minimal studies that they have done about these vaccines,
And other vaccines where if you have the antibodies or you've already recovered from COVID, this vaccine is actually bad for you.
And they know that, but that doesn't matter.
You don't get an exemption.
Oh, you've already had COVID?
You have the antibodies?
Well, you're going to have to take this lethal injection anyway, because we own you.
And this is a big pharmaceutical experiment that you have to be in.
So we'll see what this law professor who sues over the vaccine mandate.
Just hope he doesn't end up with Amy Coney Barrett as the judge.
Richard Grenell.
Made this statement this morning.
Biden and Harris have made total disasters of the U.S.
border, Afghanistan, gas prices, and inflation in just seven months.
And I'm about to cover some of that here coming up in this segment and the next.
And that's all completely true.
And you know, I wasn't planning on doing a plug here this segment, but let me just say this.
If you aren't, if you don't have a plan, a contingency plan for the temporary collapse of America or worse, just a total collapse state in the West, you're nuts.
Look at how short of a time span you have seen so much of our society and our country destroyed.
You can even go back last year, Trump, when he fell for the fake pandemic and went along with all of it.
To the Biden administration.
You're seeing the inflation is here, consumer price index going up, production price index going up, things getting more expensive, your value, the value of your dollar going down, your freedoms going away.
So, I mean, seriously, if you don't have some contingency plan for a temporary or permanent collapse of America, you are insane.
So again, I'm not gonna do a deep plug here, but I'm telling you, man, you need to get some storable foods.
Get them from Infowarsstore.com.
Don't be caught with your pants down.
This country is at war right now.
Not a war that we're used to, a physical kinetic war with China or Russia or something like that, no.
It's a global criminal cabal mafia going for world domination in a corporate government, world government,
And it's all happening right now, and they're in the process of destroying America right now.
And Biden is the guy, with the gun and the knife, coming to kill us, coming to kill Lady Liberty.
So, I mean, seriously, if you don't have a contingency plan, you don't have emergency food, we got it at Infowarshort.com, we have a whole section of our website for emergency and preparedness gear, so I'm not gonna do a deep plug here, but seriously, man, like, if you can't see what's coming, if you don't see what's going on, I mean, can you imagine, you're watching the Super Bowl,
And I guess last year's Super Bowl was the Buccaneers and the Chiefs.
And imagine, you turn the Super Bowl on, or you're sitting in the front row at the Super Bowl, and the Kansas City Chiefs are on defense,
And they're standing around on the field, and they're like, talking to one another, and like, just laughing and having a good time.
And then the Buccaneers snap the ball, and Tom Brady drops back and throws a pass for a touchdown, and the Chiefs are just standing around, and the coach is like, hey, there's a game going on!
And the fans are like, hey, there's a game going on, what are you doing?
They're like, there's no game going on here.
That's what this is.
We're at war.
America's at war.
War for our freedoms, war for our sovereignty, war for truth, war for reality, war for our children, all of it, and a global criminal cabal is at our necks with a knife and a gun to our head, and average Americans have no idea what's going on.
Or imagine even worse,
Instead of the defense not even realizing that there's a game going on, they start playing for the offense!
Imagine that!
That's where it's at, too, with all these people promoting the deadly vaccine, promoting the medical tyranny, promoting the destruction of America.
They're defensive players helping the offense in a football game.
So it's one thing to not even realize that the game's going on or that the war's going on.
It's a whole other thing to actually play for the opposition!
Stockholm Syndrome.
Let me get to the rest of this news.
Data shows massive spike in COVID deaths in highly vaccinated Israel.
Opposite happening in sparsely vaxxed Palestine.
Isn't that something?
And I'm funny, do you guys think, as the Taliban is just taking over Afghanistan, I'm wondering, does the Taliban have vaccine mandates for their troops?
Do you think the Taliban is mandating a vaccine for their troops?
Do you think the Taliban makes their troops run around in red high heels?
Do you think the Taliban promotes sex changes in their troops?
Do you think the Taliban is all about woke in their troops and skin color and everything?
No, I don't think so.
I don't think they care about that.
And they just are taking over Afghanistan right now!
Thanks, Biden!
And you know what?
I'll get into that later, actually.
Let me just move on here.
Israel sees concerning surge in cardiac arrest and heart attack emergency calls among young people.
Yeah, it's called the vaccine side effect.
It's called the vaccine side effect.
Israel made all their people get vaccinated, and now they're having heart attacks and blood clots and dying.
And still getting COVID.
Folks, I cannot stress this enough.
And you know, here's the thing.
People are starting to realize it.
I was going to talk about this more in the War Room, as I'm seeing other radio hosts and talk show hosts go to their city councils now, go to their school boards now, and have these viral videos.
Something InfoWars has been doing for decades, something I've been doing for years.
So, InfoWars truly is the cutting edge, and the people will follow.
Whether they like InfoWars or even know about InfoWars or whatever, it's almost irrelevant, because they're finally getting it.
So like, I'm sitting up here telling you today there's a massive eugenics program going on.
I'm sitting up here and telling you today, just like you, let's say you have a house, and you find a bunch of cockroaches in your house.
And you don't want them there.
So you call an exterminator and they come exterminate the cockroaches.
That's how Bill Gates looks at planet Earth and you.
That's how Klaus Schwab looks at planet Earth and you.
That's how Anthony Fauci looks at planet Earth and you.
You're a cockroach in their house and they're going to exterminate you.
And you can try to hide but they're gonna come for you.
And that's what it is.
That's the analogy.
That's what you need to understand.
The globalists look at you like a cockroach and they want you dead.
They want you off the planet that they believe they own.
So hey, eventually everybody's gonna catch up and everybody's gonna get it.
So I'm glad that I see Matt Walsh and Clay Travis and all these other people finally taking leadership roles in their local community, going to city council meetings, understanding the tyranny that's coming, going and doing activism.
That's what we need!
And you know what it is?
Again, it's not about InfoWars, it's just about the truth!
It's just about the proper response!
Like, you know, Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers said, hey, look, we have to write these documents.
We have to put out these news slips because we have to explain to people why we need freedom.
We have to convince these people that, hey, look, you're not going to have anything under this, the tyranny of the king.
They're going to take everything from you.
So they had the Continental Congress.
And they had the Declaration of Independence and everything, because it was like, no, look, you need to know this is why we're going to fight this war, whether you like it or not.
And so now it's the same thing.
It's like, hey, look, you need to know they're coming to destroy freedom.
They're coming to put you in a medical tyranny.
They're coming to tax you to death.
You got to fight these people.
Seriously, let me tell you something.
The capital gains tax, I think, is the most egregious thing and the perfect example of why taxes, we shouldn't even pay them.
You don't have to pay rent anymore, so why should we pay taxes?
They print trillions of dollars, so why should we pay taxes?
In fact, the ink isn't even dry on the $1.2 fake infrastructure bill that they just signed, and the Democrats have already proposed a $3.5 trillion bill.
Ink's not even dry on $1.2 trillion, not even a pothole filled, and they're already pushing for $3.5 trillion now.
And all that money is going to get stolen, just like all the other money.
And you're not going to see better infrastructure, you're not going to see better schools, you're not going to see better roads and bridges and airports, no, no.
You're going to see more rich politicians is what you're going to see.
You're going to see the establishment get more power and influence.
It's really just incredible, isn't it?
Oh, and it's like a story just came out where they say, uh, health experts say that Lollapalooza in Chicago was not a super spreader event.
Yeah, because there are no super spreader events.
It's all political.
Oh, you're at a Trump rally?
That's a super spreader event.
Oh, you're at a Democrat?
That's not a super spreader event.
No lockdowns and Belarus reports COVID mortality rates similar to neighboring countries that have imposed lockdowns.
Imagine how corrupt the healthcare industry is in America.
Run by big pharma.
It says, oh, we need you to take this experimental vaccine, emergency use.
But, oh, no emergency use for hydroxychloroquine proven to work.
No emergency use for ivermectin proven to work.
And now they're using ivermectin in India?
They've been using ivermectin in Mexico?
Guess what?
It cures COVID!
Oh, I can't say that.
I'm sorry.
I'll get sued.
Oh, no, no.
The vaccine works, even though it doesn't work.
Think about how corrupt our media and our politicians are.
Where they have a massive event in Chicago, Lollapalooza, and they say, no, that's not a super spreader event, but a bunch of conservatives go to a biker festival in Sturgis.
Oh, that's a super spreader event.
It's all political.
No lockdowns in Belarus, reports COVID mortality rate similar to neighboring countries that impose draconian lockdowns, because it's all a lie.
It's all a lie.
By the way, how is the Hunter Biden laptop story taken by the Russians not a huge media story?
Broke two days ago?
Three days ago?
We headlined it on The War Room I think three days ago.
Here's the story in The Gateway Pundit.
No media coverage.
So remember they said that the Russians had the dirt on Trump?
Was it always Hunter Biden?
Is it Hunter Biden in the PP tape?
So no proof, nothing, a made-up story about Donald Trump and a pee-pee tape.
Here's the actual Biden family with tons of anecdotal evidence of a pee-pee tape with the Russians and the media doesn't even mention it.
Shows you how corrupt the media is.
Oh, but here's more COVID tyranny for you.
Man forcibly imprisoned in mental asylum for different opinion in COVID.
Paul Joseph Watson's latest, that's in Australia.
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm getting orders from Alex right now.
It's happening.
No jab, no job.
Program introduced in Sydney forces workers to vaccinate if they want to make a living.
There's no medical tyranny coming.
Just lockdown for a couple weeks.
We'll fix it.
Shippers frantic after China's busiest port shuts container terminal due to single COVID case.
Ah, and you see, now COVID is the lever of control.
COVID is the lever of control.
Some people are above COVID.
Others aren't.
Now they get to pick and choose.
Oh, we want to shut these things down.
Oh, we want to keep these things running.
Don't talk about COVID.
Pretty nice, isn't it?
Pretty, pretty nice.
And so Australia has it the worst, the worst right now.
And they're now bragging about how they're going to go door to door.
You guys, I'm sorry, I just got, you said there's a video on this?
All right, let's go ahead and play this report.
Alex Jones here with an emergency news bulletin.
This is a red alert.
The Loveless have moved to their next phase of martial law.
Australia is the main testing zone where all of this is beta tested.
It is then moved to Europe, then to the UK, then to Canada, then to the United States.
Prepare yourself for this.
We're not at a point where we need to be going door to door.
We're not at a point where we need entire suburbs to come out and get tested.
If we get to that stage, then we won't hesitate.
I think we've shown, in fact I know we've shown, that we're prepared to do what has to be done, popular or otherwise.
Daniel Andrews.
They're all following global heat.
It's based on PCR tests.
They've had 10 deaths in Australia this year.
Probably not a year from COVID.
But the vaccine now is causing deaths.
But only 23% of Australia has been stupid enough to take the shot.
I'm so proud of the Aussies.
That's why they're under martial law.
In fact, their leaders have said the lockdowns will continue until you all take your shot.
We'll burn in hell, globalists.
We stand with the Aussies.
Half of Americans have taken the shot, at least.
Saudi Arabia, 20%.
But if you look at where they've taken, 99% in places like Gibraltar, they have massive illness from so-called COVID and death.
Same thing in the other areas that are above 90%, like Israel, Singapore, the list goes on and on.
This is the most criminal hoax in history.
And then again, as soon as they give you the injections, they say, oh, now these people have COVID and then
It is so ridiculous.
It's out in the open and it's up to us to reject it.
Paul Watson's article continues.
Given that members of the military are enforcing lockdown and quarantines in some areas of the country, one wonders how those who don't want to get tested will be treated.
Well, we know again with Dr. Ryan at the United Nations said that is the end goal is to go into the homes and then take people
And at the moment, in most parts of the world, due to lockdown, most of the transmission that's actually happening in many countries now is happening in the household, at family level.
In some senses, transmission has been taken off the streets and pushed back into family units.
Now we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and isolate them in a safe and dignified manner.
This is simply a way to eradicate and remove in the West all due process and put us in a permanent form of permanent emergency like North Korea that is literal martial law.
See the article for yourself at InfoWars.com and share it.
Remember a year ago they were talking about not letting you get on planes.
In Australia we didn't take the injections.
I told you you'd be coming here next and now Biden is promoting it and pushing it.
They've got bills and orders to do it.
This nightmare doesn't end until we wake up.
Until we say no, but again, here they are saying they won't hesitate to go door-to-door to find this phantom menace, to find this thing that they're witch-hunting that came out of the Wuhan lab with Fauci and Bill Gates and others, which they said would be used for total world government, which they've now done.
It's time again to expose those who are guilty, to elect leaders that will block these criminal activities, and to bring those who've engaged in these attacks to justice.
Australia today, tomorrow the world.
Back to the live transmission with Owens Royer.
So, there you go, folks.
You know, I gotta be honest, too, and this may resonate with people.
Trust me, I'm not a fighter, man.
I don't mind, like, the sport of combat or boxing, but I'm a lover, man.
I'm really not.
I love life.
I like kicking back and chilling and talking and laughing and, you know,
But, I mean, this globalist criminal cabal mafia really wants a fight.
You know, I mean, you can tell the guy at the bar coming up who wants to start a fight.
You can tell the bully at the school jungle gym who wants to fight.
I mean, that's what this is.
It's typical criminal psychology.
You reach a certain point where you want to get caught.
You reach a certain point where you want to boast of your criminal activity.
And it's almost getting to that point.
And so I guess they just figured that they're either going to get the fight that they're brewing that they want so bad, or they're going to get the medical tyranny and total extermination of humanity, which is their agenda.
So... Ah, man.
I don't know.
I mean, we'll see if this comes to America.
We'll see.
They'll try.
But, you know, they've reinstituted mask mandates, and I talk to people in Dallas, and they're like, nobody cares.
There's all these businesses in Austin that have, oh, mask mandatory on the front door.
Nobody's wearing a mask inside.
It's all show.
It's all games.
And, you know, America just needs to lead the world right now.
And I know we have the most corrupt administration maybe in the world, at least in American history with the Spider Administration.
But, you know, we still have
Our muscles to flex of freedom.
And we can still flex our muscles and still push back against this and be an example for the world and just not tolerate any of this tyranny.
And just say no more.
And just laugh in their face.
And prank them and joke them and make them feel like the idiots that they are.
Hey, go ahead and live your life in fear.
Hey, go ahead and believe everything you see on TV.
Go ahead and believe everything the government tells you.
Good luck with that.
I'm gonna be free.
Stu Peter's coming up, hosting the fourth hour.
I'll be hosting the war room coming up in an hour.
There are absolutely things that we can do amid all of this pressure, this globalist takeover that we talk about ad nauseam every single day.
Black pill after black pill after black pill.
It just seems like it has been hitting us
And some of us have had eyes on this really since, you know, January, when this COVID-19 rumor mill began.
We're tracking a virus coming out of China.
And immediately, those of us who are skeptics or cynics, or don the tinfoil hats of the day, immediately pointed this out, knowing that this was at minimum going to be politicized.
But now coming to the realization that it was used to completely
Hijack an entire Western civilization.
And I gotta tell you that the conversations that I have with experts, with scientists, with doctors, with researchers, with pioneers, with developers of protocol, with whistleblowers, with former employees of places like Pfizer.
These people are vindicating every single thing that is being said by people like me,
At StuPeters.TV, by people like Alex Jones, here on InfoWars.
I mean, this vindication feels good, but is not the focus.
And the focus has to be the fight.
And the fight has to be accountability.
See, there are three measures of success to truth-telling.
And that is, A, the exposure and the telling of the truth.
B, the mass spreading and sharing of that truth, and then three, what to do with it.
In other words, demanding the accountability.
I have recently come on very strong against people in this conservative ink media establishment who claim to be conservatives but are anything but conservative because the only thing that they want to conserve is their ability to latch on to the Trump fundraising machine.
And they will stay as close as they can to President Donald Trump until it is time to make a move, but they will never really talk about any of this.
In a conversation that I just got done having right before Owen threw it to me here for this final hour, I just got done talking to Dr. Zev Zelenko.
I'm sure that you've heard him talk.
And this, it's just, I mean, it's confirmed every time I talk to somebody with this infinite knowledge, this guy's a
A Presidential Medal of Freedom nominee.
A Nobel Prize nominee.
I mean, the guy was the first person to recommend that President Trump take hydroxychloroquine.
I mean, there's just infinite wisdom there.
He has treated, what, 600,000-some-odd patients in upstate New York that could have not died.
99.9% treating.
But for these people all to say that 100% unequivocally this is a bioweapon designed to kill you,
Should absolutely wake you up.
But all of this goes away in this government.
All of this goes away in our country.
If we bring election integrity back to the country, we have to focus on that as the only thing to worry about.
And so if you are an elected representative.
And you are not actively fighting actively right now fighting to rid of every electronic voting machine.
In your state, you are a traitor.
If you are not actively fighting for a forensic audit in your state of the 2020 election, from the presidential all the way through the down ballot, you are a traitor.
I don't care what your name is, what shows you appear on, or where you take your selfies, you are a traitor.
I don't care if you claim to be America First or a Trump MAGA conservative.
No, you are not.
You are a traitor!
And every single person in this country who cares about the future that we are going to leave for our children needs to stand now and demand that every single one of these election machines get melted down and turned into bars with which behind we will place every single tyrant that is trying to take our country.
They are taking our military and coming up next I will have internment details as Patrick Howley will join us in the fourth hour here on the Alex Jones Show.
The military is being targeted by the globalists that want you dead.
In turn, then, the military will be weaponized against itself within its own rank and file, and then weaponized against you.
And this is not hyperbole.
There is proof of this.
Patrick Howley is a senior reporter at National File, and he joins us now.
He's breaking some documents that are clearly available, publicly sourced documents,
Patrick, thank you for being here.
I mean, break this all down.
Stu, it's great to be here.
You know, the Sleepy Joe regime is trying to mandate that our armed men and women in uniform have to get the vaccine, the RonaJab, by September 15th.
Now, if you look at the massive amounts of reports of health complications, health problems, deaths,
We're good.
Must be stopped, and I know that, you know, we talked prior to the show, Stu, you just got a text about a meeting that is occurring as we speak where some people in the military are trying to stand up to this at the Pentagon and stop Sleepy Joe from doing this.
And I did just hear back, by the way, on that, and I should interject here because I did just hear back from that officer in the Army who basically told me, I asked him, is there any chance of this thing being rolled back?
And his answer was, no, I really don't think so.
You've seen the packet.
The packet is pretty airtight.
There aren't any mistakes in it, and he believes that it's going to be signed by the Secretary of the Army.
You know, what this is about is not only about potentially the physical deterioration of our troops, but also the demoralization of any conservatives, any freedom lovers who are in the military, and it's still majority freedom lovers,
Patriots, people who would identify as right-wing, as conservative, and what the military is trying to do right now under subverted Chi-Com influence leadership is create an ideological conformity whereby only leftists, only globalists, only vaccine takers, don't shed on me bro, are the ones who are going to be left in the military.
Why is that so important for them?
You know, I just broke these documents
By the way, we reported that every West Point cadet who doesn't get the vaccine gets held in solitary confinement, okay?
That's what some of those young men are going through when you see them at the Army-Navy football game.
I have a document here.
Biden's office and the Secretary of Defense put out a 13-page document, okay?
I got it.
It's guidance for their stand-downs.
Every branch of the military had to stand down.
So this is the guidance that they were giving to everybody.
It stressed that people in the military don't have First Amendment guarantees the way that civilians do.
Speech, quote, may be restricted.
Some speech, quote, will have consequences.
This is very similar to the UN racism inspectors that Sleepy Joe has invited here.
They talk about white supremacists.
This is the Secretary of Defense.
They're talking about domestic protests referring to January 6th.
Of course, and let me just say that when the Viking Shaman went in there and tried to shamanically clear the demonic energy from the Capitol, that was the nicest thing that anyone in government has done for me in months.
So thank you Viking Shaman.
But of course they are using January 6th as a pretext to try to weaponize the military state against the civilians who actually love this country and who actually support the military.
And the most amazing thing is they encourage and in fact threaten
Soldiers to report on other soldiers if they have any kind of suspicious behavior, okay?
Okay, so what we're seeing down under right now Patrick, what we're seeing in Australia, down under, we're seeing decontamination tents set up in people's front yards.
Their health chief there is saying you're going to be arrested if you talk to your neighbor.
Don't spark up any unwarranted, any unnecessary conversation at all.
It is not permissible.
It will not be tolerated.
You will be jailed.
These things are happening in Australia, which by every sense of the imaginable word is really the prototype for the New World Order.
That seems to be what's happening there.
What is stopping this from happening here right now?
I mean, anything?
It looks like the military's all set.
They're ready to go.
It's happening here right now.
I mean, just today it was reported that the Sleepy Joe regime is considering banning the unvaccinated people like me from moving from one state to another, going over state lines.
You know, the question is, why do they need leftist ideological conformity in the military?
Why do they only want these communist apparatchiks who are going to take orders?
Because what kind of abominable orders are they going to start giving against the civilians when you start hearing these idiots on MSNBC?
These box wine, mad owl, cat ants, you know, talking about the wonderful grandparents, Trump supporters, MAGA people who went into the Capitol as Al Qaeda.
Well, if they were Al Qaeda, we would be giving them weapons and funding their regime changes all over the world.
But no, they want to treat us like domestic terrorists.
The Army National Guard, the National Guard here in the United States of America, is currently advertising recruiting for the position of internment resettlement specialist.
Based in Washington, D.C.
Quote, civilian internees may lawfully be detained until the reasons that necessitated the civilian's internment no longer exist.
Quote, biometric identification information will be collected from all detainees.
BII collected on detainees who are U.S.
citizens or U.S.
resident aliens will be conducted in accordance with U.S.
Of course, they're rewriting the law as we speak.
Quote, civilian internees interned for imperative reasons of security or for their own protection!
Ooh, that's very important.
Or for their own protection.
Maybe they just need to protect all of their Democrats from these unvaccinated people, or maybe the unvaccinated people are the ones who they say need to be protected from the super-shedders who got all their Pfizer jabs, these walking little petri dishes with their disgusting germ-filled face masks on, okay?
They can do basically anything when it comes to internment, including of US citizens, according to their own justifications, their own top secret documents.
And now they're advertising for people to intern people.
So you want to ask,
Why are they throwing out?
Why are they doing all of these new background checks on enlistees to get rid of right-wingers?
Why are they throwing out anybody who posted Pepe the Frog on social media?
Because when it comes time to take unlawful orders, they don't want any Oath Keepers around.
They don't want any people saying, no, I'm about the Constitution, not about your orders.
They want people who are going to take orders directly from Chairman Xi and the damn CHICOMS!
So this has been you said this was during the Obama administration that all this was rolled out we got about a minute and a half left here but I just want to know so this by all intents and purposes we're looking at Obama's third term I mean he's probably in the White House God knows that sleepy Joe has no idea even where he is you saw a clip the Secret Service was actually perplexed and concerned that
You know, Biden didn't really know his way around the White House grounds.
He appeared to be lost the other day.
So do you see this?
I mean, this is a 2010 document that we're looking at here.
Here we are 11 years later, almost 12.
Do you see this thing actually being implemented?
What has slowed this from happening?
And when will it happen?
The freedom-loving patriots in this country like you and me, Stu, and all of the great viewers of InfoWars need to stand our ground and make sure that we are monitoring these people in real time, that we are getting this information out to the whole world.
Finally, the paradigm has changed.
People realize what's happening.
Obama's back in there for a third term.
They got Susan Rice.
They got Valerie Jarrett running this administration.
In alliance with the Chinese Communists in the Deep State.
So I'll tell you right now, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who is trying to subvert the military, she's going to be disgraced next week when I report on her links to human trafficking in California, the same links as Nancy Pelosi.
We need to decertify the phony Sleepy Joe election results.
The tainted ballots in Arizona are waived many more times than Sleepy Joe's supposed lead.
Go look at what happened in Wisconsin with the lost thumb drive.
Go look at Sherpie Gate in Arizona.
Look at what they were doing.
Time to recall the electors.
Bring Sleepy Joe down under 270.
You can read all about it at nationalfile.com.
We're on it every single day.
All right, and I want to talk to you.
So stick around for a second.
Don't go anywhere.
I got more with Patrick Holley.
This is going to blow your mind on these CDC phone calls that you might be getting.
All of the evidence that we have presented with all of the experts that we have talked to, all of the doctors, everybody that I've aforementioned, concludes just one thing, that this is a bioweapon.
We know that.
When you're talking about COVID as in the virus, bioweapon, intentionally released, intentionally chimerically engineered and released,
And when you come to the understanding that the vaccines were not meant to combat the virus, but that the virus was rolled out to introduce the vaccines, then you will have a better understanding.
We're talking about massive die-off.
And this is not for hyperbole.
This is not for shock value.
I'm telling you that Americans and world global citizens need to start preparing themselves for the reality of watching their loved ones, their family members, their friends,
Stacked up dead in huge mounds of bodies and pushed by heavy equipment like bulldozers into super deep holes right here on our soil.
I have just found out that the thing will not be walked back.
The mandate is going to apply in the military.
It's over 2 million people, because that includes contractors, reservists, National Guard, active duty.
They're going to be required to take this.
And so a lot of military personnel are saying, well, I'm just going to walk.
According to Patrick Howley, that basically is exactly what they want to do, because they are going to purge the military, get rid of anybody who stands on the Constitution.
The military is not supposed to be politicized or pick sides, and they don't serve a president.
They serve and protect the Constitution of the United States.
Which is why, well, did they capture the vote?
How can the military let this stand?
Why isn't anybody really focused on these forensic audits?
Why are all of these elected representatives running around at pool parties taking pictures of themselves and then grifting for fundraisers on social media rather than doing everything they can to fight to rid of these electronic voting machines that connect to the internet and demanding a forensic audit in their state?
The line is clear in the sand.
You do those things, you are a patriot.
You don't do those two things, you are a traitor.
This outrageously horrific infrastructure bill is going to absolutely do everything except infrastructure.
The only infrastructure it's going to give is to the government that wants you dead.
And in order to effectively kill you, they have to be able to track you, which is why I think it's 2026, every new vehicle manufactured according to this bill will have retina scanners in it.
They will scan your eyes.
Have you been a good boy?
Have you been a bad boy?
What was your social credit score?
Did you post something in opposition to the regime on social media?
Have you had your vaccination?
You may not be qualified to drive today, Stu.
You might not be able to go from point A to point B. So tracking you is very important.
What are they going to implant inside of you?
As we talked about, I think it was yesterday, I was on the war room with Owen.
What are they going to do?
Are they going to implant something in you to confirm whether or not you've had this amid all of the hesitancy and people saying, you know, I'm not going to get this thing.
I'll just get my fake papers and that'll be my passport.
But no, no, no, no.
We've anticipated that.
We've got that covered as well.
So they are already collecting a database of people, specifically your kids, to find out whether or not they have been inoculated.
And we don't have that phone recording here, but I have heard it.
Patrick Howley has also heard it.
He's back with us now.
Patrick, the CDC is calling houses, homes.
We've sourced the phone numbers.
We've seen the documents that go along with this.
They're calling you in your home and asking you if you have kids who have been vaccinated.
What's this all about?
I mean, is this a tracking registry?
The Sleepy Joe regime is absolutely determined to try to vaccinate your children.
You're seeing school districts promoting these Pfizer vaccination events, giving away free backpacks and school supplies to kids, okay?
Making it very clear that they don't need parental consent if they're over the age of 12 to get the vaccination.
They're obsessed with this.
And, you know, since the census is in the news, you know what the Biden people did with their census data?
They created a map, county by county, color coded,
I think so.
And Kamala Harris is encouraging people to go door-to-door.
And she was talking to some of these door-to-door activists.
And she even went through every single possible reason why somebody at a front door would say, no, I don't want to get a vaccine.
And she already had, oh, here's your talking point that you give it back to them.
Well, the thing she was saying was very similar to this document that just leaked out of the National Health Service in the UK, which we got.
Where they are trying to figure out how to psychologically manipulate people in different categories in order to get them to vote for, to get the vaccine to boost the rates.
So for over 65s, this is their line.
The virus isn't getting weaker.
Over 65s are over three times more likely to die if you get COVID.
Think about how you will feel if you do not get vaccinated and end up with COVID-19.
All right, so they're doing the hard sell on the old people.
Then with the young people, they go,
We understand the restrictions have caused you anxiety, depression, loneliness, and isolation.
You are invited later during the COVID rollout because you are unlikely to get it and have complications.
They even admit that.
However, your vaccination is vital.
You are key to achieving community immunity because we need about 80% coverage.
You have a very important part to play in the national effort.
Normality can only return for you and others with your vaccination.
Oh, hey, young people are depressed because they can't go to bars, they can't go outside, they're trapped in their houses.
You want your normality back?
This is like the Mafia.
Hey, some good normality you got here.
It would be a shame if something happened to it, right?
But we know that Dr. Tony Fauci funded this whole thing for, you know, as you know.
Yeah, but don't people see, I mean, these people, the same people that are coming up with all these counter-talking points, are the same people that are on television right out in front of everybody with a wide open saying, no, no, no, now the vaccinated people are spreading this Delta variant around.
I mean, this was on Yahoo on the 26th of last month.
And this is, I mean, Yahoo by no sense of the word is a conservative or honest reporting entity.
And they're admitting that.
In other words,
Why can the government...
Tell you, no, your vaccine, your injection is really not going to restore any rights.
You're still going to have to mask.
Your kid's still going to have to mask.
You're still going to have to social distance.
You may not be able to go out in public.
You're going to have to limit your crowd gathering sizes, despite the fact that you've been vaccinated.
Because, no, it does not guarantee that you will not contract the deadly world-ending plague.
And it doesn't protect anybody else against transmission from you.
And even if you're vaccinated and they're vaccinated, you're still at very high risk.
This thing is not going away.
So, really, doesn't that just completely obliterate all of the countermeasures that Kamala Harris seemingly has armed her doorknockers with?
Well, look, they just need to keep this thing going, and they realize they had a problem if they vaccinate too many people, and then it's like, oh, let's go back to normal.
It's like, oh, we can't do that, because obviously they need to keep their mechanism of control going.
Their mechanism of control is coronavirus lockdown and tyranny.
But make no mistake, we know where this came from.
Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the bat coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump, I'll take their word for it when they say that's where it leaked out of.
Okay, and meanwhile you had people testing positive for this ridiculous thing with the common cold.
The CDC has now implicitly admitted that people with the flu were getting this.
How come flu deaths went down astronomically?
Did we cure the flu?
Give me a break!
If you don't see what's going on right now, we're in the middle of a communist takeover.
We are in the middle of a globalist, communist, authoritarian, corporate
Bankster, Intel, Deep State takeover, but we're not going to stand for it, ladies and gentlemen.
Go look at the parents who are protesting at school boards around the country.
Sleepy Joe's getting nervous about that.
Go look at all the protests outside hospitals among doctors and nurses who don't want to take this vaccine.
We're doing as well as France now, and getting out there into the streets and protesting, that's what we gotta do.
I love you all.
That's right.
Patrick Hawley, find him at nationalfile.com.
Dr. Ruby, coming up next.
StuPeters.TV, that is where you find me.
I appreciate you having me here, the fourth hour here of the Alex Jones Show.
Of course, Owen Schroer coming up next with The War Room.
We have Dr. Jane Ruby standing by to tell us about something.
You know, if you're thinking you're going to get your freedoms back by taking the inoculation, just wake up.
I mean, you have to understand that that is absolutely just not happening.
And Patrick Howley hit the nail right on the head, because if we just go ahead and inoculate everybody, a couple of things will happen.
You know, Howley's
Take on that was, well we have to maintain our globalist control, our takeover, so we have to have something to hold over their heads.
The flip side of that is if we vaccinate too many people or inject or inoculate too many people with these shots being falsely referred to as vaccines, we know that they're a bioweapon, they're poisonous, people are dying in mass numbers.
I talked to Zelenko
I've talked to Attorney Thomas Renz.
You've heard from all these people.
Listen, there are a dozen devices for tracking the adverse events that are being reported, and we only have access to one, and that one happens to be the most unreliable source, which is the Vaccine Event Adverse Reporting System, or however it's called.
The VAERS system.
Well, because if you inoculate everybody, everybody's gonna die all at once, and then we've been had.
But the very person responsible
For devising this whole plan, is the one who stood up in front of the world and said, we need to depopulate the globe by 15%.
Now here we are years later, and the guy behind the entire inoculation program, is the guy who said that.
I'm not taking an injection from him, but you are, you're taking both of them.
And now, not only that, but Dr. Jane Ruby is joining us.
It's getting even worse.
It's not just one jab that is authorized for emergency use.
It's not two jabs that is authorized for emergency use.
But Dr. Ruby says now there are more jabs coming down the pipe.
Dr. Ruby, thank you for being here.
How many times are they going to try to stick us just incessantly over and over again?
This is not just about one vaccine, is it?
No, not Stu.
And the insanity grows.
I want everyone to know that the CDC advisory panel advised that the shot as a third booster should be made readily available immediately to people who they called immunocompromised.
Now, in the medical world, immunocompromised can mean several things.
You could be a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy that has your body suppressed.
You could be taking immunosuppressive drugs to protect you from organ rejection if you had an organ transplant, for example.
You could have certain types of infections that render you more vulnerable.
But here's the thing.
We predicted this.
I predicted this on your show, the Stu Peters Show, weeks ago.
Because in the Pfizer protocol that is listed on clinicaltrials.gov, they literally spell out that they have a plan for booster 3 and booster 4.
And they even have timing referenced in there, Stu, about every 6 months.
Well, in this CDC advisory that just came out, where the panel recommends immediate availability for the booster, or what we're calling the third shot as well, is recommended as early as 28 days after you completed your second injection for Pfizer or Moderna.
This insanity has no end, Stu.
No end this week.
They're psychopathic serial killers.
They are psychopathic serial killers.
That's what they are.
The same people that laugh in the lab about sticking primates who haven't been sedated yet, making them scream.
These people are absolutely psychopathic serial killers.
That is who we are dealing with.
And this has been a concerted global effort.
And I will tell you that I think the theory behind this far-reaching effect, this stranglehold that these psychopaths have been able to implement on the globe,
Because if you notice, lockstep from every single country, I mean, other than a few who have since been assassinated, nobody has really stepped up against this, and that is why.
Because the people who are, are ending up dead.
So here's a Swiss bank account with 500 million dollars in it, with more to come, or I got a bullet for every one of your kids.
I mean, that's the only theory that I can come up with, and I just had a conversation with Dr. Zev Zelenko, who tends to agree that that's exactly what's going on here.
Yes, I've spoken with Dr. Zelenko recently a couple of times and he makes no bones about it.
This highly esteemed physician is saying that this is a death shot, this is mass murder, this is genocide.
And Stu, the side effect profile, you know, I've said all along, where's the threshold?
Where's the cutoff point before this will be shut down?
And we are now looking at the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that just came out a week ago.
With exploding numbers of myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes in 12 to 17 year olds.
This is, this is, it's unfathomable.
It's nothing I've ever seen or any of us has ever seen in our lifetimes or careers.
There is no one of, you know, at the wheel at the FDA or if they are, they're in on this mass genocide.
There's no other explanation for this.
I don't
I'm not sure if the audience has seen this yet, but I wanted to share some of that with you because he talks about the injected as basically three groups.
And so he says only a small amount of people produce the spike protein.
You know there's variability in how each human body is going to react.
We've said this as well and how they're going to respond to the mRNA direction to make the spike proteins.
And so he says some people will make only a small amount of the spike protein and in places in their body that won't be able to injure them that much.
I don't know if that's a static thing or if
He expects that to change and those people will have no side effects.
Then you have the second group where other people who make more of the spike protein and in places which your body cannot easily cope with and this is where the mini clots come in.
Lots of doctors are saying along with Dr. Philip Van Welbergen in the UK, remember who had the blood smears of injected patients with those really horrific blood cells compared to normal red blood cells.
And he said all the blood tests were normal, Jane.
And the imaging was normal.
And this is what Dr. Hoff is talking about.
But when Dr. Felipe put the blood under the microscope, there's where he saw the pathology.
And Dr. Hoff is saying people are making these microclots, you can't see them, but they're getting into the lungs and that's why people are having trouble breathing.
They get into the cardiac tissue, their hearts, they get chest pain, pressure, they have permanent damage.
I think?
Oxygen starvation and other tissues and organs.
They know what's happening and they don't care.
Stu, these are the letters I'm getting every day.
I am just imploring everyone.
Where does this stop?
It's us.
It's just the American people.
We've got to stop it.
Yeah, and it's global citizens, our brothers and sisters in faith, our brothers and sisters in humanity.
So it's not exclusive to here.
And as a matter of fact, the only reason why it hasn't taken over by 100% grip here is because 450 million guns in the hands of 150 some odd million patriots who are just not going to stand for the decontamination tent in the front yard or not being permitted to talk to your neighbor.
But now the military, as Holly described, is being purged so that it's only filled with woke people who will obey unlawful orders and then turn on the people of the United States of America.
So we have seen all of these global leaders, Trudeau and, you know, down in Australia and UK leaders that have been kind of, you know, basically their lives and the lives of their families, we can assume have been threatened by these psychopaths.
I don't think so.
But a federal agency is now coming forward.
Can you believe it?
So a federal agency, all of the things that we're talking about here, all of the dangers that are associated with this, all of the heart swelling that we're talking about, the blood cell damage that you just showed there, the myocarditis, the tremors, all of these things, and guess what?
The one person who we've been naming here saying they're never going to help us are now forced to do something to warn the public, and we're going to be with that.
We're going to show it to you coming up right after the break.
Stick around.
Let's go back in time, say to the mid-1990s, and then imagine a science fiction movie set in the year 2020, where a world government's being established, where members of Congress and former presidents are censored by big tech, and where if you don't take an experimental injection that grows blood clots and prions all over your body, then you're not allowed to fly.
On an airplane.
Think about that because that's where we are.
Imagine just 20, 30 years ago, hell just five years ago, if somebody told you this would be happening.
But it is happening now.
And then they tell you, oh sorry, it's not a vaccine, it's a gene therapy, and it doesn't really work, so you gotta take it every few months.
And the people that have submitted say, great!
I want to take it all the time so I can go outside and not get sick from COVID.
Even though it gets you sick from COVID.
And now there's record numbers of really sick people from the sloughing, the shedding of the virus.
And that's in mainline studies.
Bill Gates and Fauci did this.
Need to go to prison for it right now.
Need to go to prison.
Yeah, and a lot worse.
I've been quoted in the, what is this called, the USA Today and Newsweek.
Stu Peters calls for the execution of Tony Fauci.
Well, crimes against humanity.
If he's guilty of it, I wouldn't argue.
I wouldn't argue.
Joining us is Dr. Jane Ruby.
So the CDC, the NIH,
These two agencies have written the gospel for every single doctor in the United States who, if they act outside of this authority, the one science, the Fauci science, the murderous premeditated death sentence for every quote-unquote COVID patient, because there is a virus out there and it is killing people.
There's no question about that, and if you don't treat yourself or use some sort of a prophylactic, you know, regiment, this thing could hit you pretty hard.
This bioweapon is designed to hurt, maim, and capacitate, handicap, and kill.
So, with that being said, we have reported on this morning a doctor in Florida who was retired after 49 years as a physician in the emergency department, was next to a fellow COVID patient in the COVID ward,
And was this guy's, uh, what do you call that?
His, uh, advocate, his patient advocate.
And they wouldn't give him the proper things that he needed.
They just wanted to throw him on a vent.
This guy's advocating for him.
As a result of that, they take this doctor and they put him into solitary confinement in a hospital, not in a prison, in a hospital.
They take this 70 year old, 49 year emergency room physician in a four point restraints into solitary confinement.
And then discharge him against medical advice.
Send him home with this COVID and he's dealing with it on his own.
I interviewed him.
Doctors are being threatened by hospital administrators in the hallways with their jobs while they're on their way to administer a nutrition, vitamin C, ivermectin, that will not be tolerated, that will not be allowed to happen here in the United States.
So, with that being said,
Down in Florida, we see all over the news, huge, huge influx of COVID patients because there's a lot of vaccine hesitancy there.
The mask mandates will not be tolerated by Governor Ron DeSantis.
And so we are seeing huge numbers of hospitalizations happening there.
You're in Florida.
Tell me this isn't true.
First of all, Stu, I want to say as a licensed medical professional myself that what you described and what your interviewee talked about in the Sarasota Hospital is really medical assault and it's worse than that.
It's premeditated murder.
When you withhold, as a licensed medical person, when you knowingly, or you're withholding a knowingly helpful treatment,
Or basic nutrition without the patient's like, you know, in a proxy, a healthcare proxy without their, you know, informed knowledge and requests for that.
You are committing medical assault at the very least, if not murder.
And I wanted to say that that is not only grounds for removal of your license,
It should be criminal.
There should be a criminal proceeding.
But we are apparently deviating from the rule of law.
But to your question on what's going on down here in Florida, I broke a story last weekend when I saw something come over the national newswire very close to where I was in South Florida at the time that there were two hospitals, specifically Boca Regional and Bethesda East.
These are very large medical centers with a campus.
This is not like a tiny little rural hospital.
And they were saying over this national news wire that both hospitals were just, you know, overflowing.
Their morgues were so overwhelmed with COVID patients that were dying that they had to have refrigerated trucks to store them outside and that the hospitals were in total chaos.
So I put an all call out on my social media, and then I thought, you know what?
I'm less than an hour away.
I'm going to drive down there.
Went down there.
I got to tell you, Stu, it was just unbelievable to behold.
Both hospital campuses, one was on Saturday, one was on Sunday.
They looked like Zen gardens.
When I tell you that the ambulance
Yeah, the ambulance bay, which is this large area where many multiple ambulances can pull in, pull in, back out, take out patients, move them, you know, if they have to go to the center more, you know, downtown or something.
These bays were empty.
The front doors were empty.
It just looked like a resort.
I almost sat down and just had a cold one.
And then found that the refrigerated truck, there was only one of them, if you want to call an air-conditioned mobile MRI unit, was really the only truck in the back of the hospital because we drove all around both hospitals and we saw just one
I spoke to a couple of the police officers that were standing outside of Boca Regional, again very large, and I asked them if they were aware of this.
They said absolutely not.
That's a totally bogus story.
Also caught some ambulance driver coming out of just another parking lot and flagged him from our car and rolled down the window and asked them if they had heard of the morgues overflowing and they started to laugh.
The two ambulance EMTs looked at each other like, I didn't see that.
The police officer said, that's why you came down here?
And I said, yeah, because it sounded like you're in dire straits.
I'm going to tell you, I want everybody to know where this all came from, okay?
Because these people need to be mocked and held accountable for this.
This guy, this joker, his name is Andrew Colton.
Andrew Colton is a writer for a publication called Boca News Now.
So if you want to reach out to Andrew Colton, he's with Boca News Now.
These people, Dr. Jane Ruby, are complicit in murder, genocide, the plot to take over our country.
Andrew Colton, this low-life turd that plays video games in his mommy's basement, he has no idea what the whole plan is here behind this thing.
He's not getting paid.
He's not getting a Swiss bank account with $500 million in it.
Nobody's holding a gun to his, you know, to his kids' heads to report this stuff.
He's going along with this narrative.
But this guy's a low-level POS that's just regurgitating the mainstream talking point nonsense, and that is so dangerous.
It is so dangerous for everybody who's unsuspecting.
Florida is by far away, but one of the most elderly populations in our union is Florida.
These people are easily manipulated by shocking headlines like that, and this guy, Andrew Colton, is no different than Andrew Cuomo leading people into their certain death.
I've got to wrap this up.
By the way, the War Room is coming up next with Owen Schroyer, but I want to wrap up with something else before we go.
I've got about two minutes and I want to make sure that we get to this.
The FDA has added a black box warning.
A black box warning to the shots.
Tell us what this is.
Well, this is a big admission, Stu, that the rates of myocarditis and pericarditis, the pericardium, the sac around the heart, the numbers are so huge and exploding that the CDC had to admit it.
The FDA actually got ahead of the MMR, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that came out July 30th.
On June 25th, the FDA actually came out with this black box warning
That goes on the fact sheet since there is no package insert.
It's calling attention to the risks that are much higher than previously thought, no kidding, of myocarditis in, watch this, 12 to 17 year olds.
And so, if there was a package insert, which I've explained on the show before, when you get a black box warning, it's the very first thing under the name of the drug.
And it's usually reserved for severe risk factors, high levels of serious adverse events.
This is an admission of the CDC and the FDA, but they're not stopping it, Stu!
Yeah, and I gotta be curious as well as to why all of a sudden this thing would be added.
I mean, there's certainly some sort of an ulterior motive.
You have to take a step back and look at these globalist freak shows, these psychopath murderers, these serial killing narcissistic members of this cabal, and you have to wonder,
Why would they start putting warnings out there?
Maybe we need to slow this down.
Maybe we need to take a step back.
Maybe too many people are going to suffer from this antibody-dependent enhancement.
We don't want the bodies stacking up too high.
All stuff to think about, Dr. Jean Ruby.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much for being here.
Really appreciate it.
Owen Schroer is coming up next.
The War Room, right here.
Don't go anywhere.
I want to talk about Infowars philosophy, because it didn't come out of a book.
It didn't come off the back of a cereal box or out of a fortune cookie.
I didn't go to seminars on leadership or any of that.
I'm not blaming folks that did.
I truly got involved in my quest and my operation because I didn't like them trying to disarm Americans 30 years ago.
I didn't like watching Austin take property from farmers outside town with eminent domain for five cents on the dollar and then handing it over to big corporations later to build neighborhoods.
I saw a lot of things that made me angry.
I didn't know that my ancestors had been just like I was.
My parents had tried to tell me about it, but I thought that was a bunch of weird Texas Pride stuff.
I didn't want to hear about it.
I wasn't trying to be a hero.
I wasn't trying to be engaged.
But just like my ancestors lived in times where they were being oppressed and had to fight back, I was living in those same times.
And so I decided to fight back, and I met other people like you who also thought the same way.
Now back then, 20-something years ago, the Globalists were arrogant.
They controlled all the big media.
They thought they were invincible.
But the last five, six years, as we changed the world, and as Infowars woke up Eastern Europe, and woke up South America, and woke up Asia, and woke up North America, and Europe, and the Middle East, they got really, really pissed and angry.
And so my philosophy has never been, I'm jealous of my neighbor because his wife is beautiful, or I'm jealous of somebody I work with because they've got a cool car.
I love seeing everybody do well.
So I've never had really a competition against success, but the globalists have a competition against success, and they want monopolies of government, communist power, with big offshore banks controlling it, so they can dominate and run every facet of your life.
And so, I know most men out there and most women out there watching are like me.
You want to be left alone, you don't want to grandstand, you don't want to dominate, you don't want to start a fight.
But if somebody starts a fight with you,
If somebody's hell-bent on dominating you and raping your freedom, you're ready to stand up.
And I have no doubt that if these globalists came right out and tried to physically take over your life, you'd fight back.
But they're doing it through vaccines that are poisonous.
They're doing it through brainwashing.
They're doing it through all this fake COVID testing that's proven to be a fraud.
They're doing it through the new World ID.
They're doing it through bureaucracy.
And by beating you over the head to be guilty and feel bad about yourself.
So I'm just simply telling you right now more than ever.
You've got to say no to the New World Order.
And you've got to realize they're not going to go away until you say no to the New World Order.
And you've got to realize that complying with them is literally cultural and financial and spiritual death.
And I know you obviously know that because you're too thin.
I also understand you don't want to talk to the dumbed down general public.
I'm the same way.
But we have to reach out to these people because they're being captured and stolen from and robbed and murdered by the globalists.
And those that survive are going to be used as a force against us to dominate and control us.
So we're no longer talking about theoretical world government takeovers.
And medical tyranny, I predicted 20 years ago.
Hundreds of times.
We're now living it.
So now, more than ever, is the time to choose whether you're going to live on your knees as a slave, or whether you're going to stand up and say no.
And you don't have to kill anybody.
You don't got to burn anything down.
I don't want that.
We don't want violence.
We're trying to stop the violence.
But all you got to do is start being civil disobedient, and speaking out, and saying no, and not making it easy for these people.
Because these globalists are scum.
And you should promote InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and BandOffVideo and InfoWarsTour.com because it's your word of mouth, it's your prayer, and it's your financial support that makes this dog hunt.
So thank you for making InfoWars possible, and now more than ever, redouble your efforts because you know this is it and the globals are making their move on all of us.
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Mike Lindell, Godspeed.