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Name: 20210808_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 8, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show discusses how various globalist organizations are attempting to control humanity through coercive vaccination policies and eugenics-based agendas. He highlights the hypocrisy of wealthy elites who impose strict lockdown measures on society while attending extravagant parties during the pandemic. The show also encourages listeners to support independent media outlets like InfoWars and purchase discounted products from their online store. Throughout the broadcast, Jones emphasizes the importance of staying informed, standing up against evil forces, and not submitting to tyranny.

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I'm actually quite proud of the medical services from Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia.
The vast majority of the people speaking up who are doctors and scientists and epidemiologists and nurses are saying the vaccines don't work and are killing most people and the statistics show that.
But I was sitting here just minutes ago as I was writing the headline to post for today's show, and I was looking at one of the largest newspapers in Germany, the largest regional newspaper over three German states, with their headline that the largest medical union in Germany, the pathologist union, the coroner union,
The guys that, the gals that know what kills people that say that, say that 30 to 40 percent of the dead people that they're seeing have been killed by the vaccine and that it's eating their bodies, which all the studies show it would do, which we predicted it would, which it did.
And then guess who came out?
Guess who came out?
And said don't listen to them in Germany.
The Paul R. Ehrlich Institution.
Do you know who Paul R. Ehrlich is?
And his wife, Annie H. Ehrlich, and John P. Holdren, the White House Science Czar for Obama.
Well, in 1974, 47 years ago, the year I was born, they wrote this book for depopulation world government.
How to use fluoride and vaccines that attack us.
It's all in here.
I've shown you this book probably 500 times here on air in the last 20 years.
Sits right on my desk.
It's a battle plan for everything.
Rockefeller Foundation adopted it as global law in 1992.
They updated it.
Ehrlich's institution came out to try to debunk the pathology union, which has already written letters, it turns out, four months ago saying, we're seeing a bunch of dead, whatever this is, is growing crystals and people eating them alive.
I mean, they're cutting these folks open.
The vast minority, by the way, ever get cut open.
Families ask for it, it happens.
30 to 40% of the dead in Germany
In just one spot check by THE top pathologist.
He's like THE spokesperson.
He's been conducting the review in one German city alone.
He got the same numbers.
And it just, it piles on top of itself.
And then Joe Rogan comes out in a Thursday podcast that went supernova and got tens of millions of views on Friday.
I called him up and congratulated him.
God bless him.
And all he said was he showed studies that show that the vaccine is sloughing and causing variants, and now they're freaking out everywhere saying take him off air.
I've got a stack of mainline science and even the Associated Press admitting what he said is true.
That's coming up.
But just imagine, you say, where are the scientists?
Wouldn't they speak up?
They all speak up, and they get silenced, or the head?
Three scientists came up with the world government plan that we're now under.
One of them's Paul Ehrlich and his organization, his society that wants depopulation, is saying, don't worry about all those dead people.
It'd be like if somebody said, there's been Nazi murders in Germany, and they went, well, Hitler says it's not happening.
I'm gonna cover that next hour.
Next hour.
I'm gonna read the whole damn thing to you and show you the quotes and all the rest of it.
Get ready and start your engines, though.
Because we got a lot more.
When I saw what was in the bill Friday evening, I had promised my wife and family I was not going to come to work on Saturday.
I'd even given the Saturday crew the day off.
That didn't happen, did it?
Now we put out a four-hour report.
When I saw this on Friday, I had to come in.
I mean, you couldn't.
I had a responsibility.
I mean, I'm a necessity to murder.
And total tyranny if I don't do this.
People gotta start thinking like that.
Like, you don't fight this, you're an accomplice.
Well, I came in, and the crew came in, and wait till I cover this in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
Hold on, my friends.
Evil will fail.
It always creeps around in the shadows and slowly builds its power.
Then it explodes on humanity for only a season.
Then it rallies the faithful.
There is a great clash.
And evil is crushed and destroyed yet again.
But then its fragments always hide to grow like poison prions to rise against us once again.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Sunday, August 8th.
The year is 2021.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and there's no other way to start the broadcast than just to say it up front.
Every day gets more intense.
Every day gets more insane as we go towards this evil singularity.
And I don't mean that as a total type singularity where everything becomes instant, everything's connected.
That's Satan's false singularity of God's coming singularity.
But I mean a singularity of evil.
Where evil has taken completely over and is operating on all cylinders, assaulting and attacking everything in creation and trying to overturn logic and just common sense because that is at odds with its carcinogenic spirit and program.
So let me tell you what's coming up tonight on this live Sunday transmission.
First off, the largest German pathology union, that's coroners and people that study disease,
Wide-ranging largest field and doctors have come out and said months ago the vaccines aren't vaccines that are killing people.
It's growing crystals in their bodies and blood clots.
Need to stop it right now.
Now the head spokesman who's running a program studying dead bodies of people has said 30 to 40 percent of the deaths that he's seeing and being reported around the country, this is one of the largest papers in Germany reporting this, has been caused by the vaccine.
Just like you have national reports of 95 to 99% Israel, it's 95 and Australia, it's 99 and in other countries, it's 90% or so of the vaccinated are the ones dying.
And Australia is only at 27% which I'm like, well, everybody's vaccinated.
So it's the variant doing it.
No, no, no, no, no.
You got 23% of Australia as of this morning, they say has been injected and you got
There's one person in the Australian National News reporting in a hospital that's tested positive for COVID that hadn't been shot up.
And what are the COVID...
It's blood clots.
So, it's here.
And what did the scientists say?
Over a year ago, top scientists, they looked up, they said, this is going to cause blood clots.
They said, we've tried to make vaccines for common cold.
You copy the protein shell to stop it.
You can't stop the RNA.
It's too wide.
You can only target the shell, the spike protein.
You do that, it's all over the damn body.
You can't do that.
Kills all the animals in the studies.
It's like, you can't shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun and not die!
You can't stab yourself in the eye with an ice pick and not lose your eyeball!
You can't drink Drano and not die!
That's what's crazy is this isn't rocket science.
And they, on purpose, got the world to agree to this so that now the lawyers and the hospitals and the doctors are all signed on.
And instead of admitting they're wrong, like Trump got behind this with Warp Speed, he won't admit he's wrong and is being pig-headed.
And DeSantis is doing it.
And you see the globalists or behavioral psychologists, they understand they had to have something that would hurt a bunch of people, so everybody that signed on to it won't say, I was wrong, I got conned, let's get the bad guys.
No, now you'll all cover it up.
And it goes on and on.
See how the psychology works?
See how it works?
That's coming up next hour.
I'm going to read you the whole article out of Germany.
One of the largest papers, highly respected.
The scientists' names, the unions, all of them, what they're finding.
I mean, it's just open and shut.
30 to 40 percent, that's an average around the country, of the people they autopsy have died from the vaccine.
After they got it, their body's eaten by it.
Which is exactly what the chief EU scientist Wolfgang Wudark said would happen.
And Dr. Edon, the former head of Pfizer, and all of them said, and the Nobel Prize discoverer of HIV said, this is gonna eat holes in people.
You give somebody a vaccine that attacks the protein in your body, your body's gonna start eating holes in your ass.
It's not rocket science.
That's all coming up.
But let me tell you what we're hitting for the rest of this first hour.
I'm usually tomorrow's news today, and everything in this piece of legislation we've covered before, but I had no idea.
I thought it would just be more transgenderism and more gun control, more open borders, which it is.
The trillion dollar stimulus infrastructure plan
Has in it stuff that when I read it in the bill, I couldn't believe it.
I mean, I knew they were going to do it, but my God, they're... All cars will have retina scanners and breathalyzers in them.
By law, you'll be watched by AI assistants, by law, in your car, because that's the holy grail.
All your cell phones are going to contact trace you, by law, no way to turn it off or it's a felony.
Criticizing Fauci or anybody else in the CDC is five years in prison, totally illegal, end of the First Amendment.
Transgenders can go in any bathroom they want with children, you name it.
Men can say they're women, it doesn't matter.
They can be in all the sports, everything else.
And it just gets more insane from there.
And I've got the bill.
It's a 2,700-page bill.
I've got pages of the bill printed out here.
And you need to go read them for yourself because, I mean, you know, I knew all this was coming, but holy smokes!
Oh, by the way, they're going to track you by the mile and tax you while the robot watches to see if you're tired or angry or yell at your kids.
And it's all put in a file and reported back.
Oh, and Apple announced everything on your phone is going to be watched in live time, including all your photos will be scanned in live time.
You won't be able to opt out of the cloud.
And they're going to look for, quote, child porn and, quote, other illegal things.
So, hey, we're against child porn.
OK, do it.
Then it's everything.
Like, oh, we're against Nazis.
Okay, take their rights.
Okay, now you can't criticize the election.
Or you can't question lockdowns.
That's terrorism.
Oh, and see, that's in the two-month-old plan.
I put out, this has it in the bill to make it illegal to criticize the lockdowns.
I mean, wow, ladies and gentlemen.
So now if a family takes a photo of, say, their two-year-old daughter in the bathtub playing with a rubber ducky, you'll get SWAT teamed while Apple runs giant death camps with five million people on them.
And, you know, just absolutely involved in all forms of evil you can imagine.
That's how they're going to work.
That's how they're going to persecute everybody, so that then all these governors and senators and FBI agents that are pedophiles, they get caught raping little kids.
This Democrat senator just got caught.
They have the recordings of everything, raping a 12-year-old.
Oh, well, then you're like, well, just leave them alone, too, because I got arrested for a photo of my two-year-old, you know, in the bathtub.
These people are sick, and they know what they're doing.
That's coming up.
And then I'm going to defend Joe Rogan.
He came out and read a mainline study, the media edited that out, that vaccines like this are seriously problems for creating poisonous variants.
The media just said he made it up, he's insane.
I've got Lancet Journal, I've got Associated Press, I've got it all for you to back up what Rogan said.
And then, Obama dressed in a baby blue outfit with a big platinum chain around his neck.
That's coming up.
He's not a warmonger.
He's not starving Africa to death.
He's not a globalist puppet.
No, no, no.
He's an African god.
He has his super spreader event when nobody else should be able to have an event.
With Emperor Palpatine lightning bolt shooting out.
In the video they released.
If you're a radio listener, we've got it up on screen.
I'm not joking.
But that's okay when he does it, and the left is on Twitter defending it, saying they want to stay locked down, and you should stay locked down, and your kids should all wear masks, but these are special people and they don't have to.
True North Korean-style worship.
True Jim Jones-style worship.
Just absolutely insane.
So none of the Democrats, whether it's Newsom or Pelosi or Obama, none of them got to follow all their crap rules, but you do.
Truly sick.
So, they're there celebrating the theft of the election at Martha's Vineyard.
Oh, which is, it's basically five feet at sea level, private jets, all of it.
But see, you don't get a car, you don't get to go outside your house, you're not essential, but they get to live in a 500 acre place with a huge mansion and everything else.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, so I just mentioned it.
Before I get to all this other news, let's drill into it.
It is the Infrastructure Revitalization Act.
It's 2,700 pages long.
You can go to Infowars.com, link directly through these articles and read it for yourself.
This is not being denied, by the way.
The Democrats are defending this, saying we need everyone watched by cameras in your car and microphones and breathalyzers in case you do something illegal.
This is the nanny state.
I mean, it's not just you need an experimental deadly shot that wasn't even authorized by the FDA.
It's not just, hey, we want drag queen story time with convicted pedophiles.
It's not just we want open borders while you're locked down in your house.
It's hey, we want to watch you with all new cars under law with cameras and microphones dialed into the police department.
What do you think?
You've already accepted home assistance into your house with Facebook and Google and Amazon and all the rest of it.
I mean, that's the nature of the future.
You're already putting a ring up around your neighborhood.
Now we're going to make you take it in your car.
And if you turn it off, you're in trouble.
Full part of the smart city.
This is big tech eating the regular economy.
Same big tech that ran the Wuhan release and ran the lockdowns and doubled and tripled their profits and made $500 billion just last year.
Another $500 billion set to make this year off of you.
Because you take it.
Thomas Jefferson was famously asked by a French reporter, what is the level of tyranny in which humans will accept?
And he said, the level at which you will accept.
What is the level that tyrants will take us to?
And he said, the level you will accept.
Very simple.
And so, this is happening.
Let's continue.
Republican crisis.
Tucker Carlson did a great job on Friday exposing it.
The article's on Infowars.com.
And it goes through the infrastructure bill that is set to pass
They're debating it this weekend and has 17 Republican co-sponsors.
I bet you can guess who.
Everybody who's globalist or compromise because they're blackmailed.
We got Lindsey Graham.
We got Mitt Romney.
What a good man.
Trump blasts nightmare infrastructure bill.
Gift to the Democratic Party.
Compliments of Rich McConnell and the RINOs.
He criticizes the cameras and microphones that track you by law.
You see, it's just, it's just here now.
How many times did I tell you the holy grail is cameras and microphones all over everything watching you?
You're like, well, I don't have to hide them, let it watch me.
No, no, that's to control you and know how to screw you over.
All this is predatory, so the AI has eyes on you at all times.
Oh, it's got its good uses.
But at the end of the day, it's about total
And absolute control.
And remember how many times I told you in the last, hell, 20-something years, but in the last year and a half, they're going to say, oh, the unvaccinated created variants, now you've got to take it by law.
We're not going to let you fly on airplanes or have a job or go in grocery stores.
And then they announce that all over the world.
Because I've been studying them.
I've been reading their documents, like lockstep from the Rockefellers.
Who are now in control.
People like, a year ago, were like, well, lockstep, you know, the Rockefellers called for this plan for global authoritarianism and implantable microchips and can't leave your house unless you have an iPhone with a tracker thing and gotta take forced inoculations and, you know, they'd wipe out the opposition by starving them to death.
But, you know, the Rockefellers aren't in control.
And who did they put in charge a month ago of all U.S.
COVID response and the U.N., the Rockefeller Foundation?
Fauci's like, we're partnered with them, they call the shots.
They always did.
They built the UN.
They built it all, baby.
They didn't do all this to play games, and now they've sprung.
The monster has sprung out of the bushes.
Now it's assaulting you.
Now it's attacking you.
So, the mandates are coming.
That's a nice word for forced.
The forced inoculations are coming, Fauci says, in full FDA approval.
We'll inspire a flood of vaccine requirements.
You know, I didn't see that on my list.
There's such a deluge of clips.
Do we have that clip, guys?
Somebody get that for me.
I want to play that next segment because it's not enough to just read the quote.
I want you to hear it for yourself next segment.
So the mandates are coming.
Fauci says full FDA approval will inspire a flood of vaccine requirements.
Something unapproved they're trying to make you take that's already killed people, which they then suppress, and they suppress treatments for regular viral infections and bacterial to get death numbers up, and they send sick people to nursing homes that cause high death rates.
Man, these are some monsters.
And now he says, once it's approved, then we'll make you take it.
Isn't that interesting?
Here's another one.
This is out of the Telegraph.
UK travelers with Indian-made AstraZeneca vaccine barred from the holidays.
Oh, you thought the vaccine passport was coming?
Oh, no.
If you don't have the right one, you don't travel now.
Oh, you want to leave England?
You don't have the right vaccine?
They have a database on what you took?
Sorry, you can't travel.
Oh, that's never coming.
Never going to happen.
That's Alex Jones stuff.
That's lies.
Oh, and then they say the vaccine doesn't work, so you gotta take more, and you're still locked down, but it's okay.
Meanwhile, teachers union president calls for vaccine mandates in schools.
Got a clip of her coming up next segment saying that.
Who died and made the corrupt, evil teachers unions a bunch of communist and lazy asses?
Who died and put them in charge?
He just says, you will do it.
Okay, you're the boss, I guess.
Another stinking union.
They've now come out with national TV ads where you've got shirts that have little plastic pockets in them so you can have your vaccine passport to travel.
This is not a joke.
This is not dystopia.
This is real dystopia.
This is not theoretical dystopia, this is the real deal.
Government to defend federal transportation mass mandate in legal filing Monday.
Yes, gotta keep those gags on the public so the globalists, and just in case they're in an airport, don't have to look at your dirty face.
Shut your pile.
PhD student says he was purged by university for criticizing communist China.
That's coming up.
Oh, and report Nancy Pelosi told White House to consult Lawrence Tribe, the big liberal communist, on the CDC power grab where the CDC says no one has to pay their rent anymore, which is meant to destroy the economy and small renters.
So the big mega renters come in and give you your universal income, but with all the strings attached to it.
Oh, you're going to get free income.
Don't worry, but you're not going to be alive very long.
They figured it all out.
Behavioral psychologists, you wake up, it's the only way to stop it.
We've got a lot more coming up today, my friends, but the first thing I want to do before we go to break is
Implore you to realize how important this is.
This is the big globalist move.
This is a hundred years of Robert Barron planning.
This is everything launched now.
And it's not going as well as they wanted.
They're just going to pour on more steam though.
So this is going to get very destructive, very reckless, very, very dangerous.
But where they're taking us is so horrible.
And so dystopic, we don't have a choice but to do whatever it takes to stop them.
And that's where we are right now.
So, folks, you're going to look back on these days as a piece of cake.
They're going to be claiming in a year, two, three years that half the population's dying from variants because we didn't take the shots.
Of course, it'll be all the people that took the shots that are dying, but because of the death of logic, even those being killed won't admit it because that's too scary.
They have Stockholm Syndrome.
So I tend to get a little excited.
I tend to get a little manic like a play-by-play guy at the Super Bowl on the last 30 seconds of the game when both teams are tied and somebody's about to do a 45-yard field goal.
Because this isn't just for some game.
This is for our futures and who we are.
And the globalists are so arrogant.
They admit it's about world government and depopulation and just a super anti-Christian evil that drives it.
And it's real.
I mean, we're living in this.
And we have all the admissions.
But the system knows.
The system knows what it's doing.
You know, I just talked about, last segment, how the CDC announced two weeks ago now, oh hey, we've signed an order, everyone can stay in their houses rent-free, but the owners still have to pay their taxes and pay their mortgages.
That means if you rented the garage, you know, or a cottage or something to somebody, and you're still paying property taxes, you're still paying for maintenance, you're still paying for everything, you're still paying the mortgage, and you're like, nope, sorry, a year's gone by, they live there free.
What is that designed to do?
I'll explain that next hour as well, but it's very simple.
Bankrupt everybody, so they bring in the universal basic income, including to the small renters who they've bankrupted, but with the universal income comes all the strings that are attached.
They shut the economy down, they put you into a crisis, and then they pose as the savior and they've got all the bills.
Introduce guaranteed income, paid rent, paid college, paid transportation, just like North Korea.
The answer is none of you get any of it.
But there's a sucker born every minute, as P.T.
Barnum said.
But let me play this clip.
This is Bill Gates.
He's on with the other globalist heir to a giant robber baron fortune, the Vanderbilt heir.
Anderson Cooper.
And Anderson Cooper is saying, well, we should just deny Social Security benefits to people.
Oh, because it's a privilege too, right?
You paid into it.
It's a Ponzi scheme.
But if you don't take the deadly experimental shot that violates the Nuremberg Code saying you've got to do something, which they admit now doesn't even work and the majority of the dying have taken it.
Well, then you'll just and then Bill Gates starts smiling like a pig.
And you know what?
Here it is.
They are saying you have to be vaccinated in order to work at our corporation.
Is that something you support?
And do you think the federal government or state governments or the very least federal government should mandate?
If you want to get on an airplane, you have to be vaccinated.
If you want to get social security, you need to be vaccinated.
If you want to get whatever whatever benefits they give, you need to be vaccinated for.
Is that something that the US can and should do?
And he went on to say, yes, but if you just back that up, maybe without audio for people, I mean, Gates looks like he had a spontaneous ejaculation.
And I'm not meaning that to be gross.
It looks like he's just, he just, I can't even make the face.
He's like, he looks like Judge Smails.
And he pulls out that special putter, Billy Baru.
He goes, Oh, Billy, this is a big one, Billy.
And just has an orgasm.
Remember whenever
He had Vareed Zakaria, another globalist on CNN, do an interview with him a year and a half ago, and he said, you know, the lockdowns never really end, and Gates did the same thing.
He had an orgasm on air.
I mean, a picture tells a thousand words.
What does a live video do?
Oh, we'll deny him Social Security!
Oh, it's so good!
We could joke about this all day, but this is the guy that cooked it up, created it, had vouchers of studies that if you give people a vaccine that attacks a spike protein, spike proteins all over your body, it's going to really maim and kill a large percentage of people.
Kills almost all the rats, all the ferrets, and now you see what's happening.
You know, I'm not going to play the head of the U.S.
Teachers Union saying force everybody to have a shot.
Everybody knows they're doing this now.
Why am I proving they're calling for it?
Why am I saying, oh look at England, we'll let you leave the country unless you've had it.
It's here.
It's now.
Let's get into the rest of the story.
And there is a lot of it there.
About where this is going.
And next hour I'm going to read to you out of the translation, one of the major German newspapers, highly respected, with the largest medical union of doctors in the country, pathologists, that's coroners, that's a lot of your top doctors.
There's a lot of fields, over a hundred fields, just the term pathologist.
Their union came out, it turns out, in March and said,
Looks like these vaccines are killing a lot of people.
Now they've been doing spot checks and they're finding 30 to 40 percent, depending on where they look, 30's the low, 40's the high.
So 35 percent of the death in Germany of people they're giving autopsies to died of those shots.
Bombshell does not even describe that.
But don't worry, a eugenics organization that calls for world depopulation
The Paul Ehrlich Society has come out and tried to debunk it with no proof.
And the coroners just said, will you please come see the bodies that have been eaten by this?
You're not an epidemiologist.
How dare your environmental organization come out and say, oh, nobody's dying because they're not environmentalists.
They want us dead.
They say there's too many people everywhere.
Who do you think trained Bill Gates?
Who do I tell you about every day?
Almost every week, I tell you about Ehrlich.
Because they wrote the battle plan.
I'll never forget, like, 15 years ago, Senator Jay Rockefeller was having a Senate hearing on C-SPAN, and I was just dialing through the channels at my house with a pizza in front of me and a cold beer, and Rex was like, you know,
We're good to go.
And Jay Rockefeller, I gotta find this clip on C-SPAN, you can find it on the archive search system.
He literally goes, Sir, to have you in our presence is incredible.
I cannot believe your plan has been adopted for the planet.
Tell us about overpopulation.
And they're literally worshipping him because he was
Years later it's going to be Obama's Science Czar, and they're the ones that took all the plans and put them together.
I mean, John P. Holdren and Paul R. Ehrlich literally are the ones that wrote the plan you're under right now.
And these people kiss their asses.
More important than presidents, more important than anything else.
So I'm reading an article with a German epidemiologist.
Pathologists, they're all coming out.
And they're saying how bad it is and look who counters them.
These damn demons climb out from under a rock to try to suppress this information.
All right, let me control myself.
Yeah, there's Holdren.
Now, what should I do first?
Should I prove Joe Rogan's right?
In the mainline science that a vaccine like this is known to cause super viruses, they're saying Joe's full of crap.
Or should I show you Obama at his 500 plus acre farm on the ocean at five feet above sea level that he claimed when he bought it would already be underwater in private jets with 700 people with no masks, no checks, which I say is fine.
You own that without stolen money.
But you're
The racepayer, living in a 99% white area.
You're the guy calling for depopulation.
You're the guy saying don't fly in private jets.
You're the one saying the sea level's gonna rise.
You're the one saying keep a lockdown going.
But oh, I get it, that's for us slaves, not you, the great Obama, with creeps like Stephen Colbert at this dumb party.
We're gonna show you a video straight ahead.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
Well, we're to believe we gotta go back on lockdown and all wear masks and we gotta have vaccine passports and take shots.
Be able to go anywhere.
And the very people pushing this, Obama and his third administration with Biden,
They just had a big, giant party at the Danger Zone at this huge 500-acre farm right on the ocean at five feet above sea level the house is built.
The rest of the farm is at about two feet of sea level.
Hell, it sticks right out to the beach.
And he's got, you know, his $40 million house and $100 million property.
And everybody flew in on private jets.
And oh my gosh, Jay-Z and Stephen Colbert, they were all there.
And the photos are out there.
The New York Post has some of the best ones.
And because it was put out by party goers.
Oh, it was thousands of people.
They were just not wearing masks and hugging and partying and being human.
But for all those folks that have committed suicide,
All the folks that lost their jobs, all the small bars and businesses and gyms.
They're closed.
And then you've got some weird woman in an Egyptian outfit, licking her tongue like a snake.
And then you've got Barack Obama and his black family surrounded by a bunch of rich billionaire white people using him as the token front for the extermination of Africa.
Africa has borne the brunt of the, the UN admits, of the 20 plus million people that starved to death last year.
New numbers have been released under the lockdown.
14 million were Africans.
That's on top of the 10 million Africans that died the year before.
Well, no.
24 million Africans starved to death, begging mommy for dinner.
Even the New York Times admits, oh, better send money to the UN.
Why, in Africa, if you don't work, you don't eat.
If you don't farm, you don't eat.
But the IMF and World Bank paid off all the big armies and all the leaders to starve them, except four African countries said no.
And just like Gaddafi said no, they went in and they murdered four African presidents.
That's why Africa can't ever get up on its feet.
It's not allowed to.
And in 2002, we got the documents.
Greg Pallas got them.
IMF World Bank leak, where they said, what we've done to Africa and Latin America, we're now going to do to Europe and America and Canada and Australia.
And they did it.
Yeah, there's the New York Times headline.
They'll cut your legs off and give you crutches.
No work, no food.
Pandemic deepens global hunger.
And they wouldn't even let the Africans go out in a bunch of countries, especially the communist ones.
All the ones that liberals worship.
And grow food.
They just got to starve to death.
But it's okay, cause play it again with audio.
Barack Obama's in a baby blue outfit with a big platinum wrapper chain.
Man, woo!
There's a bunch of weird-ass and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein pedophiles around them.
Literally, look at the list of who's there.
It's a bunch of pedophiles and scum.
They're like, yeah, we got a black guy as our front man.
He worked real good for us.
Now we've got all these black spokespersons for what we're doing.
People are all going straight to hell.
I mean, can you think of something more disgusting than this?
And it just goes on and on.
And what are they celebrating?
We overthrew the election.
We overthrew Trump.
We chomped Trump into a deadly vaccine.
Africa won't take the shot.
They've already been down this road.
Australia was a penal colony.
They won't take it.
But Americans, well, they're at 50%.
What about the Israelis?
What about prisoners forever?
Thousands of years under the control of that evil group.
They got it up at 90% now, right?
And almost everybody died and took the shot.
But in Australia, 20%, 23% have taken it, and 99% of those sick took the shot.
Those are real numbers, but it's okay, because Barack Obama, his dad was a quarter black.
His dad was not from Kenya, ladies and gentlemen.
His dad was from Chicago.
We know his name.
Frank Marshall Davis.
Look it up.
He even admits he stayed with Frank Marshall Davis when he was a kid.
And there's all the footage of his mother in Betty Page-style porn that his dad shot right there on the couch and all of it.
Open and shut.
There's his real daddy.
So I don't even hate Obama.
This is a guy from birth, born into the CIA.
He had a transgender nanny when he was five years old.
I mean, he's been probably sexually abused his whole life.
He is a mind control operative.
But when you look at Obama now, he toddles out on stage in a baby blue outfit with a big platinum chain.
Stealing fake corporate gangster culture that they inflicted on black people in this country, and everybody else, to sit there and put some filter over the video of him like Emperor Palpatine with electricity shooting off with the guest list has come out of over a thousand people, 98% white.
I mean, what type of weirdness is this?
You got some black dude living on a hundred million dollar piece of property right by the ocean when he says the seawater is going to rise.
We're all going to die in just a few years.
When he bought it six, seven years ago, they said it would be underwater by now.
Of course, it's not.
Private jets are bad.
Private jets come.
Oh, we've all got a contact trace.
We've all got to lock down, but not the royalty.
Happy 60th birthday, President Obama, who is currently the president.
It's not Joe Biden.
And there's his dad, Frank Marshall Davis.
Famous pornographer, famous communist.
Who on record put out the porno movies with mommy and a lot of other people.
And the point is,
Is that Obama said when he was the Harvard Law Journal editor, you can find these, that he was born in Kenya and who his dad was as a distraction from where he was really from.
Then later he changed it back.
But we all bought that Arthur thing, that was put out by Hillary Clinton.
So there you go, liberal elites are laughing at us!
Obama scaled back 60th birthday, party draws celeb guests, and ire from conservatives and communist China.
As patriots, as pro-human people, as nationalists, as pro-humans, we shouldn't play their game like, oh look, you didn't have a COVID lockdown, or oh look, you didn't wear a mask.
We should just point out the whole things of fraud.
By the way, I sent this to you, Scott.
The whole thing's a lie.
You probably gave it to me, but I didn't see it.
Jack Posobiec has been given a warning by Twitter that he may be suspended because the German government has complained about him.
And wait till you see the letter from Germany, because Twitter now under law complies, and it says you talked about pro-human.
That's not allowed.
I'm not joking.
That's coming up next hour.
Here's the articles.
No work, no food.
Pandemic deepens global hunger in Africa.
So he's dancing up there.
The Africans are under lockdown, too.
Starving to death.
Another 350,000 Ethiopians are dying right now during the lockdown, but that's okay.
Because, you know, Barack Obama, I mean, he's a little African, so as long as he kills all the black people, it's liberal.
This is the extermination operation, my friends.
I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to start the second hour.
And as I promised you, I'm going to hit the huge German medical news of their main pathologist union coming out and saying it's the vaccines killing people.
But first, I'm going to hit Joe Rogan.
I told you once he got free and clear and could do what he wanted was the Patriot Night.
Everybody's seeing that.
He's wearing 1776 shirts and he's hitting on all cylinders, kicking ass, and they're totally flipping out.
We're really proud of Joe going all the way, as the evidence mounts.
And so, Joe came out and read a study about how the majority of people out there that are spreading the viruses have been vaccinated.
The evidence is that that is viral sloughing.
Well, they just said he's insane, but I'll actually show you the studies that he showed and more coming up separately.
The New World Order and Bloomberg and all the globalists are trying to shut us down and doing horrible things to us behind the scenes, which I love.
That means I'm over the target.
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Hour number two with critical intel straight ahead.
All right, we are now into hour number two on this Sunday edition.
I've actually got good cheer about all this.
That's why I kind of laugh and giggle about it all.
I don't think this is funny, folks, but I'm not going to start crying here on television and the radio in front of millions of people.
Okay, here's just an example.
And I notice that this is how the left operates.
When I was getting deplatformed three years ago, they would go, you're not being deplatformed, no one's censoring you.
Because back then, censorship was on American and nobody does that.
I'm like, I'm told I'm being de-platformed.
We actually got documents from Google, leaked by Google, high-level folks who thought it was wrong.
That Mike Cernovich gave us.
And they're like, Jones claims he's being called a thing called de-platformed.
That was three and a half years ago.
Now everybody knows that term.
Well, I noticed they passed laws in Germany that they could prosecute people three months ago.
It passed if
Germans complained and the German thought police, whoever that is, say it's bad.
So I'm like, gee, I wonder how they're going to enforce that.
Well, we covered the story.
Then, pop, it pops up.
Just like they've got a piece in the bill, in the infrastructure bill.
Oh, it's the infrastructure, all right, of evil.
That says if you lie about a health official, you can be arrested.
Probably had libel laws.
No, no, no, it's like, they say it's a lie, you get arrested.
Well, Germany's basically where we're going, or Australia, where they come, you've seen the footage in Australia where you criticize these people, they come arrest you.
And it's pure intimidation.
They think you're like they are.
And so, they think you'll bow to this.
I know you're not gonna do it.
I know your heart's just like mine.
That's what scumbags,
Haven't figured out.
But Jack Posobiec, Navy veteran, great guy, great sources, and he put a tweet out that he got notified today by Twitter that the German government's looking at.
Now, again, average Americans will hear this and think, that's insane.
No, this is, they've got the U.N.
investigating our border policy right now.
They've got the U.N.
investigating our police.
That's what this is.
That's what globalism is.
Is your government opening you up to outside authoritarian attack?
So, here he says, at the top of the tweet, he says, Jack Posobiec, OK, Germany.
OK, Germany, I hear your calling.
I get your message.
I better bow.
Twitter, it says, hello, Twitter is required by German law to provide notice to users who are reported by people from Germany via the Network Enforcement Act reporting flow.
Sounds like a space alien wrote it.
We have received a complaint regarding your account at Jack Posobiec.
For the following content, tweet 1423673983082418177.
Now here's the offending text.
I mean, this is like 2 plus 2 equals 4, so Winston's being tortured to death because he secretly said it in his sleep.
You know, Winston said freedom is 2 plus 2 equals 4 in his sleep.
He wakes up in 1984 and says, did I just say that?
Did the telescreen hear?
And a month later, he's being tortured to death, and they go, yeah, we heard it.
So what did they see that he said?
Drumroll, please.
Here is the tweet.
Is that good?
We are tearing down the conditioning of the anti-human agenda and we will win.
Oh, I might have heard that before.
We are tearing down the conditioning of the anti-human agenda and we will win.
I almost just want to just replay that forever.
Just quit the show.
That's what we say.
Imagine in the future we're defeating them and there'll probably be a conflict.
Our tanks are moving in on their final headquarters like Hitler in the bunker.
And it's like, we're going to hear like, we are tearing down the conditioning of the anti-human agenda and we will win!
This is our creed!
And the German police say, no!
It's like the New York Times said.
They were shouting, we want freedom and other terrorist slogans.
Remember that last week?
Says they have investigated the reported content and have found that it is not subject to removal under the Twitter rules or German law.
Accordingly, we have not taken any action as a result of the report.
Sincerely, we're just threatening your ass.
That's the level!
You can't say, I am pro-human, I got a heart, I got red blood, I love life!
Discover trends and global developments years before they happen right here on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
We're now into our number two.
Evil is always going to make a run at good.
And it always builds up in secret and prepares all its spies and minions and then sends out its probes and if it doesn't find the opposition, it escalates the attack.
And then if you push it back, it will launch a full assault and try to take over, which it's doing right now.
It'd rather take over all sneakily, but globally you see a big ham fisted out in the open, pedophilia is good, world government's good, unapproved inoculations are good, censorship's good.
Mass starvation in the third world from the lockdowns is good.
This is real desperation death row stuff.
I'd use the analogy of Blade Runner, the original Harrison Ford, when he shoots Pris.
And when she realizes she's dying, she's like... I mean, that's what's going on right now.
Question is, how many of us are they going to drag in the hole with them with all these nuclear weapons and bioweapons?
These globalists may release them just to take us down with them.
So we're not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination.
We're in some deep crap.
But they are getting their ass handed to them.
We're just too powerful.
The lust for freedom, and lust isn't a good word in the Bible, but it's a good word to me.
I'm just saying, there's a desire for freedom.
I just, I desire freedom more than I desire the most beautiful woman you can imagine.
It's first and foremost, it's...
It's my goddess.
And I'm not some occultic goddess worshipper.
I do like the things God's created, but you get what I'm saying.
I mean, there's a North Star I'm following.
It's freedom.
And it sure as hell isn't subserving my will over a bunch of degenerate nobodies.
I'll burn in hell before I do that.
See, there's my flesh saying that.
No, Lord, please help me.
No, I don't want to burn in hell before I do that.
Help me.
I love you, Jesus.
The point is, I will not bow to these people.
I bow to God immediately because God is incredible and I've seen it.
I will not bow to these lesser people.
Never gonna happen!
So, let's get into the big news here.
Joe Rogan is a smart guy, and he overthinks things.
I've known Joe Rogan 23 years.
Met him in 1998, was friends with him by 1999.
Spent a lot of time with Joe.
And Joe has a big heart, and he's been a world champion at everything he's done.
Commentating, and at taekwondo, and at comedy, and at broadcasting.
He's been number one at everything.
And I spent a lot of time trying to wake Joe up, and he's a good guy, but he had to wake up on his own.
And I told you he'd start hitting on all cylinders.
And he has.
And not because I told him stuff or showed him stuff.
He projects his own decency, because Joe's a good guy, onto the world.
And now the evidence is completely overwhelming, and Joe Rogan is a microcosm of every person out there that knows what's going on, but just can't believe it's this crazy.
And so let's get into it right now.
Joe came out on, what, Thursday and did a big hit podcast where he simply reported the scientific facts, we'll play a clip in a moment, that the majority of people around the world getting sick have been inoculated.
That's in the mainstream news, not debated.
Hell, it's 95% of those in Israel, 99% in Australia, 90 plus percent in places like Gibraltar and the list goes on and on, Iceland.
And he said, look at this study that shows that you can have people that have been inoculated with a vaccine that then slough a more deadly virus.
And the media didn't attack what Joe said.
I noticed they created straw men off of something else and said he was wrong.
But I want to play the clip and then I want to show you just a small snapshot.
This is a small snapshot.
I've got like 50 articles.
I'm gonna show you 10.
From prestigious organizations saying exactly what Jeff said, but the system knows what he said is true.
They are simply hoping you don't look at the information.
So here's what he had to say a few days ago on his podcast.
Here's an important quote.
Vaccines that keep the host alive but still allow transmission can thus allow virulent strains to circulate in a population.
So vaccines that don't kill the virus, vaccines that allow people, like this is one of the things we're finding out about what they're calling breakthrough cases.
So people who are vaccinated can still get COVID and they can still transmit COVID.
This recently happened at the Comedy Store.
A vaccinated comedian gave COVID to like 12 different fucking people at the Comedy Store.
Some of them vaccinated, some of them not.
That situation where the vaccine just kind of protects you from serious damage, but protects you from really being like badly hospitalized or death, but doesn't stop you from getting the virus can possibly lead to more potent viruses.
So these
People that are saying, oh, it's these unvaccinated people that are responsible for the variants.
Well, there's actually scientific papers that point to the very sort of environment that we're creating by having so many people vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn't kill off the virus.
It actually can lead to more potent viruses.
Try finding that story anywhere.
Other than doctors, I'm getting PhDs sending me these things.
Guys who won't speak about it publicly because they're worried about the blowback.
People who are physicians, people who are even epidemiologists, even people that deal with diseases and viruses.
They're concerned.
And they don't want to talk about it publicly.
Because people call them anti-vaxxers.
It's really wild out there.
So Joe's really good at going along with their language, but getting this stuff front and center.
And encountering the lies.
You notice he said the part about, well, you know, you take the shot, it protects you from really serious illness.
He's even going along with that current BS.
In a month, he'll be exposing it, I would imagine.
He didn't tell me that.
I can just see the train of thought here.
But it just doesn't.
The evidence shows it makes it worse.
The most people in hospital have taken the shot.
Most of the folks dying have taken the shot.
That's a faulty lie that it, well, it doesn't work, but it keeps you from getting really sick.
That doesn't matter.
Here are the actual documents, okay?
So here's Joe Rogan, blasts racist vaccine passports, because the majority of the folks not taking it are black, and exposes breakthrough cases.
COVID-19 vaccines could add fuel to evolution of coronavirus mutations.
NPR, and that's from months ago.
And it's everything Joe said and more.
They're not even hiding this.
Joe's vindicated right there.
More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus, Associated Press says the Bill and Melinda Gates vaccine caused massive polio outbreaks worldwide.
It goes in the body, it mutates, and then it goes even more deadly.
says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine.
ABC News.
Here's the U.N.
report right here.
Immunization Agenda 2030 from a global strategy to leave no one behind from the U.N.
and it admits right here, vaccine-delivered polio viruses are the majority of the illnesses worldwide.
It's all right here, right there.
Vaccine-delivered polio outbreaks.
There it is.
That's the damn report.
One of the most prestigious in the world.
SARS-CoV-2 evolution and vaccines cause for concern.
And it says, yes, they're the main cause.
And they predicted this would happen.
The secret ingredient for stronger vaccines.
Gets into all that from Gabby.
Another big study.
Nobel Prize winner reveals COVID vaccines creating variants.
Predicted that back in May.
And now it's all happened.
Vaccinated people with breakthrough infections can spread the Delta variant, CDC says, NPR.
Let's just get this out in the open.
They're not even hiding it.
They give you the fine print, they admit it's all going on, and then they go, oh, but it's not true, when you actually point out the fine print.
COVID-19 vaccines could add fuel to evolution of coronavirus, NPR.
So, Joe Rogan's right.
Stick it up your globalist ass.
We're gonna come back.
Joe's courage can be contagious.
That's how we beat the New World Order.
It's saying, I'm done with you people.
Just like the main medical union in Germany just came out and said the vaccines are killing 30 to 40 percent of the people in Germany.
Stay with us.
You know, my brain is storming so fast.
I can hardly do this show.
It's like I should be sitting down writing all this down, but I know you're all going through this too.
This is getting so clear what's happening.
So crazy.
The globalists released a bioweapon
From the Wuhan lab that they controlled that simply showed up in their machines so they could then give us a vaccine that was poison.
And we figured that out back then, that they'd done the similar test before and knew that if you created a vaccine for this basically harmless thing, that vaccine would kill you.
And then they got the whole medical system to basically sign on to it, but they didn't sign on to it.
The vast majority of scientists came out and said, this doesn't make sense.
This has been tried before.
What are you doing?
But see, when it causes all the deaths, they then say the unvaccinated did it, which we said a year and a half ago.
It's not like I'm just saying this now.
Plus the data shows that now.
We said it a year and a half ago.
We predicted it 20 years ago.
Then it happens.
It's exactly what we predicted.
And they just think you're ignorant.
And what did Christ say?
My people perish for lack of knowledge.
And I'm gonna butcher this verse out of the Bible.
Maybe the crew can pull it up.
These are the times for Bible verses.
If my people humble themselves and seek my face and repent,
I will heal them, I will heal their land.
But you gotta say, hey, I'm wrong, I wanna change.
Believe me, I'm just as bad as all of you folks.
I mean, I've gotta constantly control myself not to attack people.
Because I know it's God's plan to do that, and God's gonna carry that out.
There's the quote, if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves,
And pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Now, how powerful is 2 Chronicles 7, 14?
Because if you understand that, you understand everything in the universe.
Put it back up for me, please.
If my people, the people that love justice and goodness, who want to be good, which are called by my name,
Shall humble themselves and stop playing God, and pray, make a connection to me, and seek me, it says it right there, pray, seek me, connect, and turn from their wicked ways.
God knows you're not perfect, God made you.
Said King Dave was a man of his own heart.
That's what God's like?
Killing his best buddy to have sex with his wife?
Damn, God made us, God's got passion.
Look, if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways,
Then will I hear from heaven, because there's an open channel, and will forgive their sin.
Now here's the most important part.
And will heal their land.
God, when you repent, God begins to shut down these devils and destroy them.
Just like that.
But you've gotta recognize you're not in charge, recognize you're failed, call out, make the connection, and then God wipes these people out.
You wanna call in the air cover?
You wanna call down the fire like Elijah?
You've gotta do it!
And there's one thing God hates, and that's cowards.
You gotta stop caring what people think about you, and you gotta stop caring what the globalists do to you, because you better be worried about the fact that they're gonna get your soul.
And if you think this life means anything, it means nothing.
This is 10 seconds in the rest of eternity.
This isn't a fly on the ass of the universe.
This is nothing!
So all these people that cheated God, and cheated themselves, and did all this evil stuff, I mean, they're malfunctioning cancers.
These people don't even rate!
I remember when I got invited to Hollywood and all the talk, they tried to seduce me, and I was like, this don't feel good.
You couldn't pay me to be part of this.
But imagine going to a Barack Obama party, or going to a Chuck Schumer party, or going to any of these, a Bill Clinton party, and those are the most empty nobodies in the world.
But you just pull off the side of the highway at some old black church, some old white church, some old Hispanic church, where real people are, and you just feel like you're on fire.
You feel satisfied.
You feel real.
Everything they claim they are, they don't have nothing!
These people have no power!
They're the failures.
They weren't connected to God.
That's why they'd go against God's plan.
I say stop worshiping these damn people and stop bowing down to them and stop worrying what happens to this stupid-ass body.
You're gonna lose this thing.
Stop loving this damn flesh and giving it all your power and worrying about it and dumping potions on it and petting it all day.
You should take care of your bodies as God's temple.
But if you lose your body in the service against evil, that is a blessing.
I mean, look at these people, bowing down because they love black people, when those very Democrats set up the whole system to take over the black church and the black community and put their ass in prison.
Alright, I said I'd cover the news, and I said I'd cover this big German news, and I will cover it when we come back in the next segment.
Then I got a bunch of clips the guys were telling me about.
We got the CDC director saying the vaccine doesn't protect you just today.
Talk about a rope-a-dope.
We knew that was coming.
Now they just point-blank said it because this is a war on logic.
And then we've got Fauci I mentioned earlier.
They found the clip.
It wasn't in the tweet, but they found the clip where he said, yeah, the forced inoculations are coming.
That's coming up.
And we'll hit a lot of other stuff.
And I'll just say this right now.
If I had two or three times the funding we've got, I could have done a lot more.
And I'm not bitching.
I know our audience is amazing.
You've done great things supporting us.
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It's all in.
All in.
All in, ladies and gentlemen.
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My God.
I mean, the great thing about this is the globalists have trillions of dollars they can't beat us.
And then I scrounge around to get millions and we're giving them a real defense.
We're fighting them super hard.
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So thank you for your support.
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There's not one damn place you can do it.
You got me!
Du hast... Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Du... Du... Du hast... Du hast mich... Du... Du hast... Du hast mich...
What are they gonna do when all the scientists and all the experts come out and admit it was mass murder?
Where are Bill Gates and the Globals gonna go?
They think when they abuse us this big, this bad, this evil, too evil to fail, that somehow we'll rationalize it and they'll be protected.
They wanted to hurt us, they wanted to rape us, they wanted to depopulate us, they wanted to poison us.
And they've done it just like the secret Tuskegee experiments that weren't just the poor black people in Alabama, 20,000 of them injected with syphilis, but people all over the world and the same groups done it on a mass scale they think too satanic to fail.
Well, it will fail.
So that's the name of the full show today.
The full show broadcast, Germans Top Medical Society.
Thumbs out.
And says 30 to 40 percent of the dead are from the vaccinated.
Sunday Live, Germany's largest pathology union warns COVID vaccines are accounting for 30 or 40 percent of Germany's dead.
Who are pathologists?
People that know what kills you, whether it's lung cancer, or heart attacks, or whether it's other cancer, or whether you were stabbed to death, or run over, or whether you were poisoned, that's what pathology is.
The path of the human body.
And it's in a major, major scientific reports.
It's in major journals.
Yeah, put that back on screen.
It's one of the biggest newspapers in Germany.
There it is, pathology, the study of causes of effects of disease and injury.
So, and the police want to know
What did he get poisoned with?
What did she get shot with?
What happened to him?
They send it to a pathologist!
So if you want to know what's killing people, you go to a pathologist!
Who would know if the vaccines were killing people?
It would be a pathologist!
A coroner!
A medical examiner.
Those are names we have for people by law that work for the county or the city or the state or the federal government who we want to know what happened because it's important if somebody's running around poisoning people to death.
It was important back in Shakespeare or Julius Caesar's day.
Before him, it was important back in Christ's day.
It was important in Genghis Khan's day.
And it's important in our day right now.
One of the major regional German newspapers, and you start reading the article because people don't want to get in trouble.
When you start reading the English translation, it's like, okay, we're doctors, we're scientists, we're not attacking anything, we just want to ask this question and we're allowed to.
And then you read deeper, because there's a bunch of German articles.
And I went and made sure and translated it out of German back into English on the sites.
And I already know all this, but it's scarier than hell to have one of the leading pathologists in Germany, who's done his own study of a bunch of dead bodies, found the same number, 30 to 40% dead.
Of the dead bodies, 30, 40% of the bodies they're now autopsying died of the vaccine, they believe.
But then, oh, don't worry though.
Where's my book at?
What did I do with mine?
Oh, here it is.
Where'd my eco-science book go?
Did I remove it?
Oh, it's right here!
Look at this!
But don't worry, who's in the article?
They've got the John P. Holdren Institution saying, with no evidence it's not true, when he wrote the science book on depopulation, poison vaccines, poison fluoride, and everything else.
Paul Ehrlich's the famous eugenicist that's killed most of the people.
His plan finally got adopted.
Paul Ehrlich, John P. Holden.
So, let's go over it.
German chief pathologist sounds alarm on fatal vaccine injuries.
The Regional Daily, Ausberger Allgemeine reported,
Schrimmascher assumed that the 30-40% of them died from the vaccination.
In his opinion, the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccinations is underestimated.
A politically explosive statement in times when the vaccination campaign is losing momentum, the Delta variant is spreading rapidly, and restrictions on non-vaccinated people are being discussed.
The Merkel administration quickly moved to respond to the politically explosive statement from Heidelberg, according to the German press agency, DBA.
The Paul Ehrlich Institute announced that the scientists' statements were incomprehensible.
The Chancellor's lackey, senior German immunologist, Thomas Mertens, dismissed the findings right away.
I don't know of any data that would allow a justifiable statement, well guess you didn't know about your ass, your hands then, to be made where I'm not assuming an unreported number.
So what does that mean?
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
Gotta be in Hogan's Heroes.
The pathologist, however,
Received support from his own ranks.
The Federal Association of German Pathologists stated that more autopsies of vaccinated people who die within a certain time frame and after vaccination should be performed.
They went on to say they're seeing higher death rates from the vaccinated.
The head of the autopsy working group in the association wanted to make general practitioners and health authorities aware of this.
Oh, don't do that.
In other words, the doctors and the patients who die within a few days or weeks of the vaccination should apply for an autopsy in case of doubt.
They don't want surveillance of the death.
Hell, we've had reporters on that were told, don't cover the death.
And the health authorities, they want to say, should take action.
The Federal Association of Pathologists has already requested this in March in a letter to the health ministry, Jens Spahn of the CDU, but it went unanswered.
So they were in March saying, hey, we got a lot of deaths here.
It looks like it's caused by this.
We need to really look at this.
Oh, meet silence, because they don't want to admit their guilt.
Schumacher's warning.
Could be, of course, ruin a multi-digit, long-term, billion-dollar business for various pharmaceutical companies.
The scientist himself is already leading an autopsy project on people who have died from COVID-19, which is subsidized by the state.
He himself has expended and expanded the focus and also autopsied more than 40 deceased vaccinated people.
Even if his results are only a snapshot, it is a dramatic one of the 30 to 40 percent died from the vaccination itself.
The pathologist cited rare severe side effects of the vaccination, such as cerebral vein thrombosis, which everyone else is saying, or autoimmune diseases, which is in the literature what everyone is saying.
It's like if I hold up this phone and say, what color is it?
You know, it's black.
Everyone looks at it and goes, yeah, that's black.
Or what colors?
It's like, what color is this cup?
I mean, this is happening.
And it just goes on to say, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, though, says there's no evidence.
They don't give any evidence.
Oh, Paul Ehrlich?
Let me show you evidence.
He wrote a book on how we should kill everybody.
See right there?
With John B. Holder.
So it's like, you know, somebody writes a book saying, let's go kill all the black people, and then black people are being killed, and then the group goes, no blacks are being killed, and it's like the very group saying it.
See, I mean, this is ridiculous.
But the average person doesn't know that.
And it goes on to other reporting agencies showing similar death numbers.
Like, the autopsies they're doing, they're like, what happened?
The organs have been eaten.
It's them!
It's these jerks!
They came up with this!
Look at Erlich!
Look at your enemy!
Know who they are!
It's funny to them!
Nazis 2.0!
We'll be back with the final segment ahead of Sunday Live!
New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Welcome back to the final segment of the Alex Jones Show.
We got a special Sunday Live coming up with the widower, the husband of Ashley Babbitt.
So look for that coming up here in about 13 minutes when this hour ends.
It's going to be Sunday Live tonight.
You'll want to definitely tune in for that.
And hopefully spread that link to your friends and family and neighbors because that's how we have victory.
All right.
I'm glad that the boom operator mentioned this to me, because it's something I'd forgotten to cover today.
When I said last week, I'm not hedging my bets, because I was clear then, that Obama, also known as O'Biden, which is Biden's puppet, so that Freudian slip was actually real, but I don't say Biden, I say Obama, that when the president, who's stolen by fraud, has his way
They are fully intending to never have real elections in this country again.
Now they're a domestic security force of spies and contact tracers.
And they do have an emergency alert system thing for the 11th when Mike Lindell starts putting out his evidence of election fraud.
I'm not saying that's why they're doing it, and I'm not saying for sure Biden will do it then, but maybe they're trying to find out who the leakers are, but they're in the White House meetings drawing up the plans.
And I do just believe Jack Posobiec, who's got great sources, I made some calls and said, yeah, we're being told big national emergency announcement on the 11th or near to that.
And I said when I announced it last week, they may not do it, but definitely they're gearing up for it, and they have this FEMA emergency alert.
So, I'm going to be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the Mike Lindell event, broadcasting live from there, because it is very important.
And he has a $5 million prize, and they do have a lot of evidence.
So we're going to be there, so be sure to tune in this week for all of that.
But let's talk about this.
I got sent this by Eddie Bravo and I went and checked it.
It's a true video.
And it's a lady asking, why are there dozens of websites?
I probably can't play the whole long video.
She shows dozens of websites saying that there's 233 hospitalized from COVID in this country, in that country, in this country, in that country.
And it came out actually more than a decade ago.
The CIA and private corporations have computer bots
That you load in the info you once said, that it rewrites it, puts a fake name on it, and then repeats it.
The only problem is then it has trouble portioning the name out to each country.
So somebody's got to hand load that in.
But they don't care.
Because they think you're dumb.
They don't think you're in Indonesia, you're in Mexico, you're gonna be reading the same newspaper.
But whether you're in Russia or whether you're in the U.S.
or wherever, they've got millions of fake news websites.
I mean, it came out four years ago, five years ago in the last election, that Paramount Pictures and others spent hundreds of millions on fake sites.
And you see how you'll see the exact same tweet with different people's names on it thousands of times.
Or you'll see the videos with dozens of nightly news reports all saying the exact same thing.
That's just an example of this.
So, people are thinking it's some Masonic, you know, 2-3-3 thing, 3-2-2, whatever.
That's not what it is, in my view.
It's that it's a bot putting out the fake news, which you can check it's not true, on all these big sites because they don't want to hire humans anymore.
Does humans have to be managed?
Does humans ask questions?
So, 2-3-3, is it a Masonic?
No, I'm not defending any corrupt masons.
I'm saying it's a bot that's loaded, that doesn't care and thinks you're stupid and doesn't think you're looking at Australia versus Germany.
Here it is.
Can someone explain to me why this number is showing up in like 17 different articles from around the world?
This is from Sheparton News, Australia.
This is from Kentucky.
See, you can gaslight this all day, it's not gonna work.
People see this stuff.
Let's see.
This is fake BS, sweetheart.
From the Gazette, California News.
Good job though, lady.
We got an R as a reporter.
Tell me.
2-3-3 in Idaho.
Too lazy to even load a new number.
See, the machines get that part wrong.
They'll work that out, don't worry.
Trinidad and Tobago?
Two, three, three.
And she asked, is this a Masonic code word to attack?
We're all cleared.
That's the Chawan?
They do do that, too.
Not Chawan?
Not Chawan.
No, this is a robot.
This is fake news.
You look it up.
I looked up the country.
It's not even true.
They just say that.
They just load a machine.
And then they know you trust local news, so they've already bought them all off.
They just hit them with this.
So you can see where the news is coming from?
West Virginia?
This is in West Virginia.
Channel 5 WDTV with that nice eye right there.
Hit pause again.
See, I'm not saying it's the CIA.
The first time I saw this like 10-15 years ago was CIA has programs that write articles where you think humans are doing it but they put it out and then it's distributed around the world by the CIA's information warfare system and then
But they're having problems with numbers, and that's the thing, is people see it.
So a lot of articles I see now that are put on local news, they're just told, take your news feed.
Well, the globalists don't want to have to tailor that, so they just say, oh, there's 233 cases, and then it's all over the world, everybody's told, that's in your town, that's in your city.
That's just the number they put in when they wrote it, and then it just repeats it out.
It's very simple.
Go ahead and finish up.
This is from there.
Asia Plus.
All right.
News break.
In North Dakota.
Alright, so we're out of time.
She just goes on and on, showing this all over the world.
This is the globalist fraud.
You see it, I see it.
But let's just pull back.
Fauci said two weeks ago, 99% of those ill and dying took the shot.
All the real numbers came out.
Israel, 95% dead and dying, took the shot.
Australia, same news.
That's the real number.
For real doctors reported, it just gets one newspaper.
How do they counter that?
They go, let's hit 10,000 newspapers with the BS.
And that's what they do.
I mean, I've got family that was in South Africa on a cruise last year.
They got delivered at their door an article saying I was bad and fake news.
That's the level of this global information network attacking those of us who tell the truth.
It's put out everywhere.
Their answer to our truth is overwhelming us with just thousands of times the firepower
But if you learn, if you don't recognize the person, and you don't recognize the info, and you don't know that source, don't believe a damn thing you hear.
Don't believe a word they say.
Alright, I got to about half the news I wanted to tonight.
We got a guest host coming up.
We got the lady murdered at the Capitol's husband on, we're really...
Sorry for what happened to her.
Ashley Babbitt, we're glad he's coming on.
If your local station doesn't carry it, it should.
Infowars.com forward slash show, band on video.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Absolutely ready to go 110%.
I didn't get to all the clips of the
CDC admitting.
You know what?
Let's play the CDC admitting.
CDC had suddenly says vaccines don't protect you.
So again, you took it for no reason.
They go, oh, it makes you a little safer, but the number shows it actually makes you sicker.
Let's play that clip going out.
Then tomorrow I'll get to all the clips I didn't cover at 11 a.m.
Central, but here it is.
Yes, they can with the Delta variant and that was the reason that we changed our guidance last Tuesday.
Our vaccines are working exceptionally well.
They continue to work well for Delta.
With regard to severe illness and death, they prevent it.
But what they can't do anymore is prevent transmission.
So if you're going home to somebody who has not been vaccinated, to somebody who can't get vaccinated, somebody who might be immunosuppressed,
That's enough.
So you're always dirty, you're always bad, you always got to have more shots.
We're in control.
We promised you this would make you free, but it doesn't.
I mean, this is just, you're seeing evil people.
And our weakness and our compliance and our submission has manifested the worst people on earth that'll do whatever some dirty corporation wants for power and control.
But you can overpower him, and remember, resistance is victory, resistance is life, resistance is prosperity and joy.
Submission is death, and enslavement, and shame, and we've got to stop complying.
They're trying to bring in the world government, and the world ID, and the forced inoculation, and the depopulation, and the people running it admit they want to kill you, and the main German doctor group says it's killing people.
So let's not just stop these shots.
Let's take our countries back and let's prosecute Bill Gates and Fauci and all the other criminals.
And Trump backing these shots?
He was ignorant then, he's not ignorant now.
He better get on the right side of history or Donald Trump is going to become our enemy.
All right, that's it for this hour.
Sunday Live coming up now at Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
Whatever you do, share those links.
It's a revolutionary act.
Thank you all and God bless you.
Thanks to the crew as well.
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