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Name: 20210806_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 6, 2021
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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell appeared on The Alex Jones Show where he accused mainstream media outlets of refusing to air his ads and censoring his message. He announced a $5 million challenge to anyone who can prove that evidence he presented regarding alleged election tampering is invalid. Lindell also criticized the ongoing censorship as a threat to democracy and promoted his company's products while inviting media outlets to attend his upcoming symposium in Cisco, Texas where he will share more information about alleged election fraud.

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Let me show you again some more of these critical reports that are beyond critical to expose this criminal takeover, that are coffin nails to the fraud.
Hey, did you know 95% of the hospitalizations in Israel are people vaccinated?
Hey, did you know 99.9% of the people hospitalized in Australia are injected?
That's not a Delta variant.
That's what they were injected with.
Means you don't have those numbers of those that weren't injected.
Israel, Australia report 90 to 99 percent hospitalized, fully vaccinated, big article, InfoWars.com.
Get it, change the headline, do whatever you want, put your name on it, I don't care.
Just get it out.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Friday.
August 6th.
The year is 2021.
And across the planet, permanent martial law is being established.
The chains are going on.
Lockdown, too, is being incrementally activated in the United States and in many areas of the world was never removed.
And I've said this many times, each new broadcast we engage in is going to be more important and more extreme than the last because those are the times we live in.
But this information now in front of us is 100% documented, completely clear, and is very paradoxical.
Very paradoxical because it is actually the National Health Services that are reporting the data.
And then it's completely being ignored by the media, and they continue to move forward with it.
And what am I talking about?
It's just dumb founding.
It'd be like if they were on national TV saying, 2 plus 2 equals 7.
And then tomorrow it equals 10.
The next day it equals 1.
You're like, no, it equals 4.
And we knew this months ago.
And we got data here, data there.
But now it's confirmed.
Remember Israel three weeks ago said,
We're getting new breakthrough cases in people that are vaccinated.
Then they said, yeah, the majority of people that are really sick have had the inoculation.
And then other countries reported the same thing all over the world, same numbers.
First, 75% of our new cases are vaccinated.
Then it's 85, then 90.
It's now 100% in major countries.
I've got it right here.
Hospitalized and dying.
Now remember what did Fauci say three weeks ago?
100% or 99% of the people sick or dying didn't have the shot.
And you just heard that lie and Congress said, where's the numbers on that?
You don't get them!
Put your mask back on, take your shot!
It's like, Chucky, I got my shot.
I got my shot for you.
FDA approved!
Kevin Saki says, like, no, it's not.
Yeah, it is!
Dang it!
This is out of National Australian News, WSAU.
And look at these headlines.
Sydney, Australia.
All new COVID hospitalizations involve vaccinated individuals.
Except one.
And that came out weeks ago.
New numbers are out.
It's now 100%.
They've had 10 deaths in the last eight months.
They still keep the country logged down.
Now, here's the new one out of Israel that I'm going to play right now.
It's clip 13.
This is their national news.
Dr. Kobi Havi announcing that they are opening more COVID wards, not COVID wards, for the inoculated.
And he says 95% of the severe patients are vaccinated.
And they spin that to go, oh, it's the Delta variant.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that Delta variant sure seems to target people who took the shot.
Pull that out of your rear end.
Oh, yeah, the Delta variant only gets you if you takes the shot.
It's called spike protein.
Oh, you're very sick now.
Let me go back to my laboratory where we torture dogs to death, or babies.
Oh, came out yesterday.
We keep babies alive.
Fauci does, while we get the organs.
Ugh, I'm Fauci.
We're gonna come back and play all that for you.
I mean, it's just all a freak show.
Oh, it's the Delta variant.
We got another shot for you.
And they admit in the literature, a year and a half ago, Gates was like, oh, there'll be need for more shots and there'll be a special booster.
Because they can get away with killing you en masse with the shots.
Well, they've got even more for yous.
Got more for youses.
I love my laboratories where we torture beagles to death, though.
Well, all over the world, in the most vaccinated countries,
In fact, if you look at all the big travel advisories of where the U.S.
citizens shouldn't go for the highest, quote, COVID levels and illnesses, why, it's the people that have had the injections.
All COVID cases with hospitalization in Australia have had the inoculation.
Except one.
Israel is reporting officially 95% of those in the hospital with serious cases
I've had the shot.
Gee, this snake bit me and I got sick.
The snake must have poison in its fangs.
If I walked over to you and hit you in the head with a baseball bat, and you got a subdermal hematoma and a concussion, you wouldn't go, gee, wonder what gave me that.
When the police got there, you'd say, he hit me in the head with a baseball bat.
I'm dying.
I need brain surgery.
But we sit here and go, oh, oh, it's the Delta variant.
Oh, yes.
So then the Delta variant only attacks those that are inoculated, right?
No, it's the vaccine doing it.
That's not even two plus two equals four, ladies and gentlemen.
A lobotomized three-year-old could understand that.
But we as a culture,
Including even Rand Paul, supposedly hardcore against these guys, or DeSantis.
Where are they?
They still just go along with the vaccine.
So they vaccinate Florida, they got a bunch of sick people now, almost all vaccinated.
And I saw DeSantis last night going, the numbers are clear!
It's the unvaccinated that are getting sick.
Bull crap!
Yes, there are some people getting sick from the vaccinated, because it's shedding, and Pfizer and Moderna admit it sheds.
That's all admitted in their own studies.
But the really, really, really, really sick people, 95% of them Israel say, of the serious hospitalizations, which again, 95%.
Oh, what's the numbers I talked about last week out of Gibraltar, out of Singapore, out of Iceland?
75 to 98% inoculation rates.
And 75 to 90 plus percent of the hospitalized people took the damn shot.
Country after country after country.
You know, again, we got John the boom operator over here.
He does a great job, the camera guy.
I would not do this, but you know, it's an analogy, but again, if we got John out here in the middle of the floor and poured gasoline over him like a Buddhist monk protesting the Vietnam War, and he lit himself on fire, he's going to really get hurt bad, probably die.
We're going to wish he was dead.
Now, did the gasoline light him on fire?
Can we show the famous Buddhist monk sets himself on fire in Vietnam?
Famous photo, Buddhist monk, Vietnam will pull it up.
Yes, he took about a pint of gasoline, put it on himself, and lit himself on fire, and he died.
Meditated for about three minutes while he burned to death.
Now, did the gasoline kill the Buddhist monk, or did the Easter Bunny?
Because they're telling you, this Delta variant is putting almost everybody in the hospital
That's an even higher percentage in Australia.
There's one person in the hospital in Australia that didn't have the injection.
Now, did the gasoline kill the monk?
Put the photo back up there, because I've seen the pre-photos.
They get a smaller little picture of it out of the bigger container.
Was it the gasoline out of that white pitcher?
Out of that white container?
Or was it, again, Santa Claus did that?
What was it?
Casper the Friendly Ghost lit that guy on fire?
Because look, there it is, the Delta variant lit that guy on fire.
Did you know that?
Yeah, that's not gasoline.
It's not what we know he took.
So again, 95% of the big surge in the hospital beds are actually full in Israel now.
They don't have to make it up this time.
And then they're gonna gaslight us?
Talk about gaslighting.
So here's one of the government spokespersons, Dr. Kobi Havi, on 95%
Of the severe patients are vaccinated.
Here it is.
Hello, Dr. Kobi Khabiv.
He's the Director of the Medical Center Herzog.
And just to remember, I understand that most of the patients are vaccinated, even the difficult patients.
Hello, Sivan.
Listen, naturally, most of the adults are vaccinated, most of them are vaccinated, and therefore about 90%, 85-90% of the patients in our center are fully vaccinated.
So their answer is...
You know, they're the doctors, they couldn't be doing anything wrong with the National Health Service with their freedom bracelets and the rest of it, GPS tracking everybody.
No, it must be the vaccine doesn't work.
Yeah, that's why all over the world, in the old and the young, in the middle age, that almost everyone in the hospital took the shot.
That's either one of two things, the injections doing it, or it makes you super
Susceptible to other viruses, which the literature also shows it can do and make you have a horrible autoimmune response to any coronavirus, which are the most common you ever come in contact with.
There's 30 plus horrible things these things can do.
But what did it say in all the literature?
What did the head scientist, the former chief scientist, the Nobel Prize winners, and what did they all say about this?
Last year, when they looked at the vaccine, most of the vaccine was secret, but they said, it's going to block this spike protein by producing it in the body.
And then that'll make your body then attack that.
And they said, well, that's going to cause people to get blood clots and die and have autoimmune responses and have seizures and Guillain-Barre.
And now they admit all that.
And so, wow, I was driving into work today and I saw a school bus, I guess, getting ready for school to start.
It had like images of turtles and frogs on the side.
I guess it was like a private school.
And it made me feel physically angry that now they're moving against our children 12 and under with these deadly injections.
So, here we are, my friends, in the year 2021.
It's like, again, watching somebody on a train track when a train's coming at 60 miles an hour, and you know the train can't stop in that limited amount of time.
If you jump out in front of a train going 60 miles an hour, and that train's even 100 yards away, it can't stop.
And we've all seen, I guess, the footage online of people committing suicide jumping in front of trains, at least I have.
And you can watch people jump in front of trains.
And so they jump in front of the train, there's about 10 seconds, they try to slam the brakes on, and they still hit them going 50 miles an hour.
60 miles an hour.
And that was last year.
Except Fauci and Bill Gates put us on the tracks, we knew what the shots would do, all the top scientists told us,
We told you it won't protect you, it'll lower your immunity, it'll cause autoimmune problems, it'll make your body attack itself, it'll cause Guillain-Barré, narcolepsy, epilepsy, brain fog, prion disease, which will cause heart attacks, lung collapse, destruction of the brain, Alzheimer's, and now it's all confirmed, and it's just like a footnote.
Okay, yeah, yeah, there's all that, but it's not the vaccine.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's a Delta variant, and then they say, but it might have come from the vaccine.
The point is they had the literature and they did this because they know it causes a shotgun effect.
But they also figured out about eight months ago, when they had really high death numbers in England, there was a little too much for even the military to carry this out.
The military came out and said, don't take this if you're over 75, under 16 or pregnant.
Even they put that alert out.
But then the media hit it.
Oh, Google and Facebook and Twitter, don't listen to the military's own warning.
So then suddenly, saline started getting passed out everywhere.
And that was the scientists and doctors and military going, screw this and say, let's agree to destroy this.
Let's give them saline.
That's why all over the world it's sailing.
It's not like some people thought, oh, the government didn't want too high a death numbers.
That was the argument.
A little too obvious.
They see basically their patients dying, so they do the right thing because they're humans.
Okay, it's simple.
The vaccine's to kill us.
Bill Gates says he wants to kill us.
He's been kicked out of 30 plus countries.
He's doing it to us now.
His vaccine's banned in China and India.
Arrest him and Fauci now!
I want them arrested now!
Ladies and gentlemen, I don't want this to be true.
But it is true.
And I'm completely freaked out and I'm so sad and a lot of people we know and a lot of people we care about are already dead and are already dying.
Last year, it was all people that were dying of other illnesses, cancer, heart attacks.
They were counting it as COVID to create the fear to get the vaccine in people.
Then, literally, 90 plus percent of all the top scientists, which is just an ocean of them, said, this won't protect you, it'll kill people, it'll cause heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune disease.
I just keep repeating the same thing, that's what they all said.
That's what's in the studies, they knew, they said, what are you doing?
This is crazy.
And now they've gone ahead with it.
And I said last year, they're going to claim it's a variant because the unvaccinated didn't vaccinate.
Because I just know how they operate.
I know how these criminals are.
So I was thinking, how will they get away with this?
Well, they'll say all the dying people are because of the unvaccinated.
And then I said, but it'll be the vaccinated that are dying.
But it doesn't matter because they've murdered logic.
Are we not exactly where I said we'd be 16, 17 months ago, 10 months ago, five months ago?
We're here.
And I don't just go off the news.
I've got all my contacts and sources.
The hospitals across the world are full of vaccinated people dead and dying.
And they're just gauging right now how they're going to announce this to the public.
Biden is going to announce his emergency probably next week.
I know that they're preparing it.
They've got the speech written.
That's confirmed.
He may not pull the trigger on August 11th.
But then there's other dates that we're seeing into early next year for the national emergency he's planning to announce.
That's why I keep saying January.
I'll talk about August, but...
The next move is the internet kill switch and is the FEMA takeover of communications.
And that's why Apple announced, OK, we're scanning and reading everything you say and do in lifetime.
Notice Apple has all these billboards and TV ads.
We're the privacy company.
You have total privacy with us.
Four years ago, they gave all the code keys to everybody with Apple devices in the world to the communist Chinese.
Tim Cook moved to China.
He said he supports Xi Jinping and supports dictatorship.
You've seen all these other leaders pledge themselves to Xi Jinping and say they want to be dictators.
You've seen Bill Gates' lawyer, Berkshire Hathaway co-owner say he pledges himself to Xi Jinping.
You've seen Trudeau pledge himself to Xi Jinping.
Apple has revealed plans to spy on everyone's iPhone.
But oh, it's to stop child porn.
Sure it is.
Oh, we're going to read everything you do for your safety, but, but, oh, we're the privacy company.
You're like, but that's the opposite.
Well, exactly.
And when we come back, I've still got a lot of time in this segment, when we come back, I'm going to talk about what was trending number one on many of the charts on Twitter, but in the top 10 total, Alex Jones was right.
And Alex Jones were trending yesterday and today at the top.
I don't
Get all the buyers ready, get it prepared.
Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes it takes a week.
I've been told they don't like to keep them around the ward more than a week or so, because even the special nurses they've hired to work in these very secretive wards get a little freaked out.
And we always use this graphic from five years ago, but it's way higher than that.
They get the $300,000 or more from what's in a baby, a seven pound baby.
So, Ella Hart's like 100 grand, so that's an inaccurate graph.
Not mad the crew put it up there, just wanted to let you know that.
And you ask, well, why would Governor Northam, who used to run Harvesting of Babies, when he was not in a KKK outfit, why would Governor Northam four years ago go on a show and say, well, we don't involve the authorities, we don't involve the police or the courts, it's between the mother and the doctor, and she make a decision, seven-month-old,
Whether we gonna resuscitate or whether we gonna, you know, get rid of it.
And if she makes the decision not to resuscitate, we take the baby and we keep it comfortable.
Well, I don't need to know and to defer from what he said what that means.
I do know.
And I've talked to the nurses and I've confirmed it.
When they say you've died and are brain dead in a car accident, and your family's told you're dead, and you make the decision to not, quote, keep you alive, they then shuffle you out, you're still alive, and they keep you a lot of times for a week.
They put an oxygen tent over you, even though you don't need it, just so it's like a symbol of this person's dead, this has been going on for 50 years, and then when they get all the stuff lined up, then they do the surgery and get all the stuff.
Well, then they try to go on 20 years ago, well, why are we gonna waste the seven pounds of meat?
And so, they then convince poor women, oh, your baby's deformed, or your baby's got a sickness.
Oh, you know, oh, you're in labor, you're a homeless woman.
We just, the baby didn't make it.
Sign the form, sweetheart.
She signs the form, she's all drugged up.
And they get that baby.
And I mean, why not?
It's all a commodity.
We're all commodities now.
You know, it's come out, nobody cared that Fauci got a lot of these babies that were still alive.
They would actually deliver them, living, that's in the documents, to the universities.
And it turns out Fauci was over most of those, of course he is.
Everybody's really mad about beagles.
And it's just one thing they did to beagles, hundreds of thousands of dollars per program, 300,000 here, 500,000 there, it's all coming out.
They would take beagles, puppies of course, they like to really hurt young things, and they would implant in them African and Latin American boring maggot flies and all sorts of other diseases, and then watch them eaten by the maggots.
And you ask, why would they do that in other burrowing flies?
And they said, well,
They also got flies that burrow into the brain.
Because Fauci in the program was trying to figure out how to give those to humans.
That's admitted.
The grants are for how to transmit things previously not transmitted to humans so that he can learn, God knows why, how to implant these things in your body.
So, just thought you might want to know.
But he's a great man, right?
Running the Wuhan lab and data function and all the rest of it.
And of course, he also used scalps from boarded babies to create human mice.
And they would put the hair on the mice.
That's just part of it.
They would also keep the babies alive and put mice brains inside their brains and connect their brains together.
And oh, here's a little secret, a little extra for you.
If they make the baby 1% bovine or porcine or pinniped,
They do all that.
That's porcines, pigs, pinnipeds, you know those aren't, that's seals, bovines, cow.
When they make you just a small percentage of an animal, you no longer have rights.
That's why they're huge in the cloning chimera.
Remember two months ago Congress tried to pass a law saying stop all the cloning farms?
And they said, oh we're not.
It fell by nine votes, remember?
Nine votes in the U.S.
Yeah, Republicans voted with Democrats to keep the animal-human clones going, so they don't have any rights.
And by the way, I mean, I've talked to three-star generals who were in the bases with the human-animal clones.
General Stubblebine saw that kind of stuff.
He was the head of all special forces, head of all the secret programs.
He wasn't in those programs, but I know he saw some of that.
He's dead now.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
In a recent video, Polly St.
George talks us through her recent investigation of the company Entrust, a company who just recently signed a contract with the United Kingdom to provide digital passports for COVID-19 vaccine tracking.
What she discovered was that the family who owns Entrust not only has Nazi roots, but they are in fact a very prominent Nazi family.
The family in question is the Quant family.
In 1929, Gunther Quandt took over one of the largest arms manufacturers in Germany.
He then divorced his second wife Magda, who then married Joseph Goebbels, just two years later in 1931.
The Goebbels family then became heavily involved in the Quandt family business.
Maybe this was one of those instances of marriage to cement a business relationship.
Sort of like royalty does.
But this is the new royalty.
This is the industrialist royalty.
This is the globalist regime being born.
That's just a guess.
Here's some photos from the wedding.
Their marriage took place on a grand property owned by Gunther Quandt, where Adolf Hitler served as the best man.
In 1933, Gunther officially joined the Nazi party and was granted special privileges to use slave labor.
Gunther and his sons, Herbert and Harold, staffed their factories with over 50,000 prisoners of war and concentration camp workers.
One of their factories even had its own concentration camp, an execution area.
The end of World War II had little effect on the Quant family.
A former prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials claims that there was plenty of evidence to prosecute the Quants, and regrets how they were allowed to evade punishment.
Not only did the Quants evade punishment at Nuremberg, Herbert went on as a director of Deutsche Bank, became an honorary citizen, and a czar of the whole German economy.
He married Johanna Brun in 1960.
They had two children, Stefan Quant and Suzanne Klatten, Germany's richest woman.
Who recently told reporters how difficult it is being a billionaire.
Entrust was bought by the Quant family in 1987, has went on to gain contracts in banking and government, including just about every level of the U.S.
federal government.
and has just signed a contract to provide digital passports for the UK.
The Quant family weren't the only Nazi industrialists to go on after the war and thrive.
IG Farben-Baer is the father of Big Pharma.
And this ideology wasn't born with the Nazis.
It comes from the Sabbatean Frankist Rockefeller Rothschild banking empire.
The ones who mysteriously create money and loan it to us with interest as if they own it all.
We know who they are.
Many of them are coming out of the shadows and offering us tyranny.
And many of us are accepting the offer.
And all we have to do to save our lives is say no to this criminal gang of psychotic vampires.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
You know, when I used to be a little kid, I would see movies like Friday the 13th, and I would wonder why in the movies, when Jason's chasing him with a butcher knife through the forest, why they run and fall down and like back away on their butts.
Oh, please don't kill me, please!
Because I would just keep running like a million miles an hour or I'd fight back.
But then I grew up and learned how the world really worked and I actually learned that a lot of people actually, if somebody pulled a knife on them, would just start falling down to the ground and begging and pleading and wouldn't even run.
I've experienced that particularly in women.
That's why the globalists target women with all their propaganda and their attacks, but
I never thought people were really like that.
My instincts were like, this isn't real.
No one would just beg and plead while the killer comes over with a knife.
Somebody walks in here with a knife, I'm going to pick this marble table over and smash him over the head.
I'm going to kill him.
I'm going to die trying.
I'm not Mr. Tough Guy.
It's like flipping a damn switch.
But now you see it.
These people are killing us en masse.
And we're not just groveling on the ground saying, please don't hurt me.
Please don't stab me.
Instead, people are like, oh, I want more shots.
It's like, but almost everyone dying is taking the shot.
I want more shots, I want more shots, I want more shots.
And you can't even admit to themselves that they're being attacked and they're being targeted.
Instead, they turn around and go, it's you that didn't take the shot.
You're the reason this is happening, and now you've got to do it.
I started saying this a month ago, and it's now borne out.
The hospitals were totally empty last year.
That was a total fraud.
Hospitals are full of people.
And the vaccinated are now growing spike proteins that are jumping into people and making them sick as well.
But if you look at the statistics out of Australia and the statistics out of Gibraltar and out of Singapore, out of Israel,
There's one right there.
Jerusalem Hospital, 85 to 90% of cases are people who are vaccinated.
And that's old news.
That's from yesterday.
Now it's 95% the National Health Service says.
So think about that.
And again, they're spinning it.
Well, it's because of the Delta variant.
And then Congress goes, give us a scan of that Delta variant, show us that virus.
Because normally when they find a new virus, they publish it in an international database.
There's also a national database.
No one will put it on the database!
The Indians and the Australians claim they got a copy of it and said it was man-made.
Remember that?
So people say, well, the virus doesn't exist.
That's why they won't put it on database.
No, the damn thing looks like Frankenstein.
It's got five viruses hammered together.
It's real.
But it killed people with a spike protein, not with its replication.
That's what the medical stuff shows.
The research, the white papers, the studies.
But now, just what the actual Nobel Prize winners predicted, and what the actual former head of Pfizer said, it will then make what happened from the virus look like a cakewalk and be much worse.
And it is.
And you gotta really hand it to Bill Gates and the globalists that came up with this.
This is something where you go voluntarily take it and then you grow the shell of the virus in you and infect everybody, including yourself.
And that doesn't matter, you see.
There's all these patents from Bill Gates and all these Fauci patents and you and patents on
Vaccines that vaccinate others.
Like, oh, we've just got to vaccinate one part of the village, and then the live virus will vaccinate the rest.
And it's like, oh, how wonderful.
Bill Gates came up with that.
He funded that.
Self-replicating vaccines.
Self-spreading vaccines.
Look it up.
Look up vaccines for birth control.
Look up the UN.
And they did it to us, folks.
Look it all up.
They didn't spend trillions of dollars.
They didn't take over the world.
They didn't do all of this for no reason.
They did it because they want total power and control over the genetic future of humanity.
They want to alter our DNA when they want, they want to decide who can have children and who can't, and they want to depopulate the vast majority of people, and they're doing it.
And I just sit here in absolute horror watching this all unfold.
God help us.
All right, I'm going to go to break and come back with what is one of the top stories in the world right now.
Thanks to Jack Posobiec and people sharing it.
It was number one for a while on Twitter yesterday.
Millions of people saw it.
A lot of articles got written about it.
And that's good.
And I know it sounded macabre when I came out and said they're keeping babies alive.
But I mean, it's in the literature.
They're doing it.
It's just that, oh, that's not acceptable to say, because that obviously can't happen in America, right?
I mean, obviously.
Obviously, 95% of those in the hospitals don't have the vaccine, but they do.
I mean, it's like, it's the vaccine.
It's the vaccine.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a farming agent.
It's a protein crystal that grows in you and kills you.
By the way, when I start the next hour, I'm going to tell you about Ghislaine Maxwell's buddies.
Over at the Atlantic Magazine, quite the party over there.
And we got the editor of it who used to work at a torture base in Israel.
Wants to set up internal checkpoints in America and make us take poison vaccines, be able to get on airplanes, have a national database.
We're going to tell you about Lawrence Powell, Jobs, owner of the Atlantic Magazine and Ghislaine Maxwell, got some new
Fun stuff coming out with the girls in bikinis.
Let's just say it's a lot of fun when you're a psychotic.
I think it's time to really start spotlighting these people, isn't it?
It's time to take the gloves off, like they say.
Since folks keep looking for a confrontation, sometimes they find it, don't they?
Sometimes people get what they want.
Sometimes they just push, push a little too hard.
When I got visited by Goldberg to do their little assessment, I played dumb to buy time under the radar while I built the program to take them down.
What a scared little man.
And they did buy it.
That was the good point.
At the end of the day, everyone will be judged.
And not everybody will be treated the same as they say.
Okay, so let's look at the little darling of the Rockefellers and the New World Order.
Dr. Fauci funds organ trafficking from aborted babies, helping researchers craft baby scalps onto rodents.
Now that came out in May, seems like a hundred years ago, from government documents that Judicial Watch and a bunch of other pro-life groups, life sites, went all over it, got out.
But that's only the tip of the iceberg.
They're not just funny experiments with aborted fetal scalp scraps on the rats.
They're keeping babies alive.
But, you know, no one seems to be really upset about that.
That's just a human.
Screw them.
But they are upset about Fauci and the dogs.
And I'm a dog lover myself.
It's a big article on Infowars.com by Steve Watson.
Fauci oversaw dangerous, torturous experiments on dogs.
So, why should I tell you about kidnapped babies in snuff films, or kids spliced with animals so they have no rights and can be harvested, or babies taken at birth and kept alive while they get auctions going for their body parts?
Who cares about that?
Screw humans, they're bad, right?
Planned Parenthood told me so.
CNN told me there's too many people.
But the doggies!
In addition to overseeing funding of gain-of-function coronavirus experiments in Wuhan and then lying about it...
It has now emerged that Dr. Fauci was in charge of funding horrid experimental research on dogs, including purposely infecting animals with parasites, known to be contagious to humans, because they were studying how to give humans this.
The report from the White Coat Waste Project draws on information gained by a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch.
$400,000 was pumped into the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease experiments
To infect beagles with parasites from biting flies.
The report outlines how the dogs endured months of pain, and once researchers had eaten them alive with maggots, when they were done with them, they were killed.
The maggot, the maggot lust, yes, that's part of the, the maggoting is one of the religious rites.
I've told you about maggoting.
Guys, Google, find Alex Jones on maggoting years ago.
I'm serious, they actually maggot troops in rituals at, um,
military bases at the VA.
They just put the flies in their nostrils, up in the sinus to lay eggs, and then they just like veterans having maggots eat their brains.
I'm not kidding, but here it is right here, maggots eating dogs.
So, let me continue.
The report outlines how dogs endured months of pain, and once researchers were done with them, they were killed.
Task order states that 28 beagles were to be allowed to develop infections for three months before being euthanized for blood collection.
The records obtained during the FOI request show the dogs vocalized pain during experiments.
You didn't like maggots?
Special screw worms eating you?
Who had been eradicated in the U.S.
but thought she was bringing back screw worms.
Torturing and killing dogs, the most loving and innocent creatures on Earth,
I disagree with Steve Watts.
I think children are more loving, but I love dogs.
With deadly parasites that are extremely dangerous to people, can this guy get more evil?
What's next?
Funding for research on the temperature it's best to roast newborn babies?
Well, we already saw their organs.
Why not?
Breaking down the report, Fox News host Ben Domenech noted that if Dr. Fauci thought Rand Paul was mad at him, wait until the animal activists see this.
Actually, PETA
It's controlled by Eugenicist and Dr. Peter Singer and actually likes all of this.
And I told you before it ever came out on the news that PETA pressures its members to go adopt dogs and cats so the leadership of PETA can sacrifice them.
By the way, I'm not saying any of this for effect.
This is all true.
See, the people that tell you they care about dogs and cats don't.
They just want you to see them as the leader.
Like, oh, we're guarding the earth from carbon that plants breathe.
Oh, while they engage in the destruction of earth.
So this went viral.
Alex Jones was right.
Goes viral on Twitter for exposing fetal organ harvesting.
And it became a really, really big, you know, top story out there and got picked up by a lot of large publications.
And, you know, I've just run out of time on this subject, and I really need to get back into it.
Plus, there's this new Ghislaine Maxwell Atlantic Monthly Atlantic Council News, the Jeffrey Epstein Council.
And I mean, these are gods up above us.
These are lords.
Oh, my gosh.
But we're going to talk about these lofty
These lofty individuals, they're just so powerful that we can't even imagine the visions of their mind.
Even though I'm so sad for them, I think they're going to end up in fates far worse than Jeffrey in that jail cell, or Ghislaine in that jail cell.
Something tells me that they don't have to wait until they die to suffer payment for what they've done in retribution.
Something tells me it's going to happen over and over again.
That's the way the universe works.
Goodness, victory, and love, and passion, and honor just happens over and over again where it happens.
But where dishonor and evil happens, it so grows there.
So let us not hate these people.
Let us turn from their stench and just thank God and the stars he created that we are not with those people.
And their abomination, desolation.
And their system of Satan.
Their church of destruction.
Their church of failure.
Their temple of weakness.
Separately, there isn't a place in the world that you can find that's more aggressive in the fight against tyranny, and I'm just blessed every day, every minute we're here is just all cake, as they say.
We've definitely gone in through and beyond, and now we're on the other side of the new order takeover, and I never thought I'd actually make it into the takeover period, but it just shows how weak they are, and we're still contending, even in their main assault.
They would probably fail if they had total air superiority.
They don't.
So, they're in a lot of trouble.
So I do take some pleasure in that.
I just hope that listeners will understand that Mike Lindell is also fighting hard under incredible demonization attacks when you go to MyPillow.com or FrankSpeech.com and use promo code ALEX.
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And so much more.
And so, listen, we're fighting.
You want people to fight on the field for freedom?
We're doing it.
So it's a chance to support what he's doing, exposing election scams and fraud, and to help what we're doing.
So MyPillow.com and promo code Alex.
Oh, and by the way, Mike Lindell's got big breaking news.
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Hour number two is straight ahead.
Please stay with us, InfoWars.com.
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Thank you and God bless!
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
One of the biggest developments the last year and a half of this insane COVID saga has now taken place.
As most of you know, we've been down to the border six, seven times with our crew in the last year and a half.
It is wide open on the Texas-Mexico border.
We were just there a month ago, and they reported that over a thousand people a week are dumped off at one Catholic charity, many of which are COVID positive.
And when they're COVID positive, because they test them right there, they don't send them back to Mexico.
They don't send them to the hospital.
They don't send them to quarantine.
They dump them out on the street.
Well, now today, McAllen has announced an emergency.
Just since they started counting a few weeks ago, 7,000 positive COVID individuals who've been tested at the facility have been dumped down the street.
So remember that when you're supposed to wear a mask in your house, your kids are supposed to wear a mask, you've had the vaccine, you're supposed to still wear a mask because the vaccine doesn't work.
When you hear that, oh, you can't go in a store and New York has passed a law that you've got to have it to
Gentlemen, train or leave your house or go to a grocery store.
Remember that while all this is happening, one border crossing in South Texas alone, 7,000 plus people, 1,000 in the last week alone who are COVID positive.
And remember, we sent a crew down there just a week ago.
It was reported that people that are actually sick, coughing and have trouble breathing, men, women, and children are dumped off at Whataburgers.
So, according to Biden, this is a serious crime.
According to Biden, this is a serious threat.
But because this is part of his larger agenda to collapse our borders, they're doing it.
This proves the whole COVID thing is a power grab.
It's not about keeping us safe.
It's not about keeping us from dying.
It's about the control they could use against citizens who they just claim, oh, the contact tracing app on your phone says you came close to somebody.
We need you to go to quarantine.
But when you've actually got COVID and you're actually sick, not asymptomatic, you're then dumped down the street.
This is the smoking gun of smoking guns.
And again, it just shows the U.N.
has done a worldwide lockdown for over a year and a half.
It's caused millions to starve to death.
It's caused the third world to collapse.
Eight out of 10 migrants who are asked, why are you flood the U.S.
from Latin America, from Africa, from Asia, from the Middle East, say, after a lockdown, there's no jobs, no farming, no business.
So I don't blame these people trying to come here.
But most of them are coming here without any money, without any
I don't see how Biden can do anything other than be impeached for what he's been doing because
For months and months and months, we have pointed out that open border is allowing a lot of serious disease in, including bubonic plague that's now spread in California, Nevada, and Colorado.
They're closing down major parts of the country because of the black plague that's killed hundreds of millions of people before.
And again, that's part of the open border, and it's the same thing with COVID.
I'll be covering this tomorrow on my syndicated radio show, 11 to 3 p.m.
The Daily Caller article is very, very important.
I suggest you share this report with everyone you know, because this just proves they're not trying to shut things down to protect us from COVID.
They're shutting things down selectively to bankrupt the economy, put us onto a social credit score, put us on a universal basic income, and bankrupt the mainstream economy by saying that small businesses are not essential.
This is a corporate consolidation of power and control, nothing to do with safety, and what
Biden's done with months of notice about the COVID surging across the border, proves it a hundred percent, and he should be impeached right now for it.
But regardless, the open border and Biden saying immediately surge the border.
If I'm elected, this was all done premeditatedly and Congress must act to rein in this rogue president and secure our border.
Now it's in the constitution that one of the few actions the federal government has jurisdiction over is our border.
That's one of the few areas that they are completely derelict in right now.
So, people ask me, why didn't you cover Bill Gates a few days ago when he was on with the Vanderbilt Anderson Cooper, probably richer than him, real wealth has their money hidden, talking about he's sorry for meeting with Jeffrey Epstein and his relationship with him.
Because we already exposed that years ago, over a decade ago, and the fact that Bill Gates lied about all of that.
Bill Gates used to live with him when he was in Paris, London, and New York, and Zorro Ranch, and of course, the pervert pedophile island.
Little St.
Little St.
So that's what they do.
And that's who they are.
And so now his wife knows that's all coming out, so she's left him.
But let's talk about the latest before I get back into Bill Gates and how it ties into the Atlantic Monthly and those people.
Democrat State Senator Tony Navarrete arrested on suspicion with sex with a minor.
And we've also got photos of him with Pelosi, with all the top Democrats.
I mean, they're like arresting one of these guys every day, it seems.
State Senator Tony Navarrete, a Phoenix Democrat, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor.
Navarrete was arrested on 27th Avenue and Bethany Home Road and booked into the Maricopa County Jail.
Police records show, in addition to being booked on suspicion of four counts of sexual conduct with a minor, there are other charges police said without elaborating.
Police said they received a report
of at least one alleged incident that occurred in 2019.
This arrest whipped through the political circles Thursday night.
The statement Thursday, Senator Democrats said, we are aware of our members have been arrested and are awaiting further details and law enforcement to do its job.
We will not have further comment about that.
Navarrete 35, Nosferatu, was elected to the House in 2016 to serve one term before being elected to the State Senate.
And there he is with guys in the ceremonial garb.
We could show you the videos of the folks saying, we are groomers, we're coming for your children.
It's always that similar garb.
Maybe they're just magically wearing it by accident.
But they're pirates and they're coming for our liberty.
They're coming for control of our lives, in my view.
But I don't think it's my opinion that this country is in the clutches of serious
Serious, serious evil.
In fact, we've got a three-minute compilation, a five-minute compilation, an eight-minute compilation.
Why don't you guys get one of the compilations together on, we're grooming your kids, we're coming for them, we're going to get them, they belong to us.
You know, we had that compilation long before they had the San Francisco Choir.
We're going to corrupt your kids, we're going to get them, you're never going to stop us, they belong to us now, we're coming for them, we're going to recruit them.
I mean, that's what this is.
This is an assault of all these weaklings.
And all these people that have been recruited into this evil.
Now, speaking of weaklings, look at this headline.
The Atlantic!
Unvaccinated people belong on a no-fly list!
Senator Paul has come out and said these are nightmare authoritarians, but what they're telling you is what Biden's getting ready to do.
Now we need to back Biden off.
They'll say, oh, Jones finally was wrong about something.
No, I want to put pressure on him to the governors of the states and say, no, you're not putting us on no-fly list.
We haven't taken your experimental shot that almost everyone sick and dying has taken.
All over the world, they admit 95% of the people in the hospitals who are seriously ill had the shot.
Most of those dying had the shot, the opposite of what Fauci said.
The Atlantic says unvaccinated people belong on a no-fly list.
Now let's look at some of these folks.
You've got the editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, publishing this article.
He's the same guy that said that we should attack Iraq and made up WMDs.
You've got the Obama Homeland Security official, Juliette Kayyem, calling for unvaccinated people to be put on no-fly lists.
Remember what they're calling for is an ID and a medical system with them in your life.
Well, let's look at who owns the Atlantic.
Let's look at that.
Here it is.
This is a photo.
We can put the actual digital copy up, please, on screen.
This is Ms.
Jobs, the former wife of Steve Jobs.
Lauren Powell Jobs.
Owner of the Atlantic Magazine and Ghislaine Maxwell.
And she spends as much money or more as George Soros funding all the sexualization of kids, and all the transgenderism, and all the open borders, and all the gun control, and all the media censorship.
She spends billions of dollars a year.
And there she is with Ghislaine in their tropical retreat.
Having a great time.
These are powerful, empowered women showing the world they rule us.
And after all, they're women, so they're allowed to.
They're having fun.
They're learning how to dominate everybody.
Yeah, there's another photo of them together.
Aren't they sweet?
You'll soon pay for what you've done, monsters.
Lauren Powell Jobs and Ghislaine Maxwell, what darling little friends, flying around the Lita Express together.
Doing whatever they want, however they want.
Everything they do is about hurting children.
Everything they do is about destroying innocents.
Everything they do is about raping us with a deadly GMO shot that grows blood clots in us and now they want our children.
They're just like, give us the children.
Give us the children, let us give them shots.
Don't question, don't, when kids die or people get sick, don't talk about it.
Just shut up like Bill Gates.
It's always taught us.
But where is Jeffrey Epstein?
He's... He's where you guys are gonna be.
Soon enough, ladies.
You're gonna face God.
You're evil, bad people.
And you're monsters.
Just like Juliette Kayyum.
Who's all the big, fancy-pants lady.
She's like the witch in Snow White.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most disgusting of them all?
They're all super evil, creepy women that have been brought up and raised and trained by their fathers, like Ghislaine Maxwell's father, an Israeli slash MI6 agent who ran sex operations across England and is credited with basically creating pedophilia systems to control all the British Isles.
These are some sick, sick, sick puppies.
And they found it's much more successful having a woman
I guess a woman that would consider herself attractive to seduce everyone into this culture and into these systems.
Oh, I'm not saying this woman, Juliette Kayyem, working with these other women and hanging out with these women is like they are.
I mean, undoubtedly, these guys, their whole agenda and what they do is who they are.
No one of them is locked up for it right now.
I'm just saying that if I was going to cast somebody as a witch that feeds on children, I'd hire Juliette Kayyem.
And there she is with Daddy.
Daddy and his little girlfriend.
He trained her real early as a sex operative.
Probably three.
There she is with Daddy.
How'd Daddy end up falling off that boat in the Atlantic Ocean?
That didn't go too well, did it?
And where are you now?
Where's Daddy's world put you now, sweetheart?
In that jail cell, huh?
And then there's Lawrence Powell Jobs, who they think we're so stupid doesn't know finances the attacks on this operation.
I'm glad you guys reminded me about her.
What a nice person.
I wonder what God is going to do to these people.
I wonder.
So, they're just trying to claw us down into hell with them.
That's all they're doing.
But all we got to do is persevere and hold fast and hold tight.
We're going to win in the end.
We got Mike Lindell joining us with big news.
Starting the next hour as we fight back against these monsters.
I think they're so cool and so powerful.
And I'm going to finish up on the organ harvesting of babies after they're born and kept in facilities where they're being murdered around the U.S.
I'll just tell you about that.
Of course, you know, you don't want to talk about that or you don't want to save them either.
I mean, you might get arrested, right?
Yeah, exactly.
The FBI probably gets you if you try to save a baby that's about to have its organs taken at 10 months old.
Australia has 21% of their population vaccinated and 99 plus percent of the hospitalized.
This is in the news of Australia.
This is in ABC News.
Which is separate than our ABC.
It's the Australian Broadcasting System Company.
Are reporting that thousands of people are in the hospital from COVID and one person wasn't vaccinated.
So when I say 99, I mean what is about 3,000 plus are in the hospital they're saying and you've got one person wasn't vaccinated.
That's like 99.999.
I don't know what the math is on that.
And then it's the same all over the world.
So you can't say, oh, well, it's because these other countries have higher vaccine rates, so the new variant is just affecting that.
No, it's a bunch of countries with super low vaccination rate.
By the way, in India, they don't even take the same vaccines we do.
The majority of their sick took the damn shot.
Because they never created a vaccine for a cold virus because the cold virus is in a protein jacket that is the same as our body.
Very simple.
I could play you hundreds of doctors saying it, we already know it.
Why did we never have a cold virus vaccine?
Because it causes autoimmune responses and makes your body eat holes in itself and then you have strokes and heart attacks and your lungs fail.
And so, these people have taken a shot that does this and then they can shed it, that's confirmed, and give it to people.
So every minute I'm on air just feels surreal right now.
Every second I'm on air, I just cannot believe they actually did it, and an idiot could see they did it.
And I try to explain this to lawyers I know, I try to explain this to people I know that have degrees, insurance salesmen, you know, and they're just like, but it's a variant.
And I go, do you understand that that means the vaccine doesn't work?
Even if you believe it's a variant and not the vaccine doing it, then that means it doesn't work.
Why is it the majority of the vaccinated?
Because it's a variant.
It's like an idiocracy.
They go, hey, I made the crops grow.
Well, they put Gatorade on the crops called Brondo.
He goes, you know, I think maybe you put water on it.
That might make it.
I mean, water like out of the toilet?
I mean, it's like, maybe Bill Gates is right.
Maybe we do have to kill all these people.
Maybe I'm on the wrong team.
But I look at Ghislaine Maxwell and Steve Jobs' ex-wife, and I just think, you know, I don't want to hang around with them and, you know, molest little kids or whatever.
I mean, you got the idiot public that doesn't even know they're being murdered.
You got a bunch of vampire pedophiles.
God Almighty, look at this demon on screen.
UK transport minister says vaccines will be needed for travel forevermore.
Looks like a frickin' barracuda.
I mean, that person's obviously a psychotic moron.
And so you've got the predators.
And then you've got the prey.
And then you've got those of us that just don't even know what to do.
Because, let me tell you, they're already telling the sheep that they're dying because we didn't take the shot.
And the sheep are like, I took the shot, but I'm sick because you didn't take the shot.
But almost everyone that took the shot is sick, not us.
I don't care.
You are bad.
You need to burn your house down.
That's right.
That's what I need to do.
Yep, Biden just came out.
Remember he said that 200 million Americans died of COVID when it was less than 600,000?
Well, now he's done some new math.
We got that video next segment.
He's out again in his brown suit.
Biden says 350 million Americans are vaccinated, which of course is 20 million more than the entire population.
That's funny.
Hey, but that's better, Matt, than, hey, Snopes is going to have a fact check and say that's correct.
Come on.
You know, and last week, Biden said, or two weeks ago, he said, yeah, I just got my ass wiped.
Snopes said he didn't say that.
You saw him say it.
Doesn't matter.
Snopes is God.
Snopes is king.
And again, remember,
You get millions and millions of people that take these shots that aren't vaccines for the majority of the sick and dying, and that's being reported by the health services.
But just disregard all that.
It's the variant.
So again, that means the vaccine doesn't work, even if you buy their official crap.
But oh, they got a booster for that, which they said a year ago they were going to have a booster.
This has all been pre-programmed.
So I should open the phones up ahead of Michael and Dell and MyPillow joining us.
You know, it's the big top thing on Twitter.
Everybody wants me to talk about it.
Everybody wants to want to go there.
Do people really want me to go into the babies held all over the world right now in facilities with their organs taken?
Because they like to jack the prices up when they harvest those little guys.
So they keep my wife sometimes a month, usually about a week.
They tell Mommy, okay, baby, gone.
Take him to a special ward.
Send him to special nurses.
And those nurses, to make an extra hundred grand a year, they're special nurses.
They sent all the nondisclosures, everything else, because all it would take would be one video showing the little babies in there being harvested.
Viable, born baby, and it'd all be over.
Healthy babies.
But see, that's why evil's moving.
It's like, man, we've got people running facilities all over the country and the world, keeping babies alive and murdering them for their organs.
You don't want to kill them right when the mom has a car wreck, it's eight months old.
Oh ma'am, you lost your baby.
Lost your baby over here.
Or, oh, this woman's on drugs.
We're going to take your baby, but your baby's sick.
We're going to not resuscitate the pregnancy.
Sign this form.
Or, oh, your baby, your baby, you know.
Oh, you're coming in for a nine month abortion.
Yeah, come on in.
And that's what this all is, is the medical tyranny.
Just all of us clapping at each other.
Oh, murder me, murder me.
Yes, let me ignore the facts.
Let me be a mindless idiot.
Marching to your death.
All led by a bunch of domesticated chicken-neck men and a bunch of women.
But all of the corporations patting them on the head.
Here's your lollipop.
You get your surprise, your gold star.
You did good.
Good, good, good, good, good.
Good for you.
You're like, why would Governor Northam go on TV and admit they keep babies alive?
I mean, I had it in all the literature, I had it in all the documents, because he had to normalize it in front of medical workers.
Like, can we take the baby and keep it comfortable and then get the organs and, you know?
Because you've got to normalize something like that.
You can't just, it's kind of like, well, of course pedophilia is good.
I mean, of course we're going to teach your three-year-old how to have anal sex.
I mean, you know, that's all over the news now.
I mean, Steve Jobs' ex-wife is going to teach us how.
She's a good lady.
So, I mean, that's who they are.
That's what they do.
And we're animals to them, and we put up with them, and we don't stand up for ourselves, so we are lower than animals.
Now, there might get some traction with Fauci giving dogs maggots and letting them eat them alive.
Now, he might go to jail for that.
You're implanting beagles with maggots so they can be eaten alive?
Because he sees that as an art form.
He likes to watch that.
Sorry, it took me 45 seconds to get back in the chair here.
My headset had gone out.
That's what feeds me the audio back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show here.
Again, I don't do this for dramatic effect.
I'm really having trouble even doing this show.
And that's a paradox.
It's like, this stuff's so horrible that sitting around and talking about it almost is like we're part of it.
I mean, they knew these vaccines weren't vaccines.
They knew it was going to make people's bodies attack themselves and their lungs and hearts and brains.
They knew it was going to attack the ovaries.
They had all the damn studies.
Trying to create a vaccine for the cold, which is what this is, is been the holy grail.
And it's well known.
I mean, this is like very tried and true, very known what they did.
So why would they pick an attack on everybody that's well known?
They just have no respect for us.
And so I'm trying to wrap my mind around this, this whole normalization process, and then I'm suddenly seeing articles all over the news about Kathy Griffin, the one that said killed Trump and all that.
Oh, she's got lung cancer, never smoked in her life.
She doesn't know what's happening.
Well, I mean, you live in Los Angeles.
It's a big, giant mountain bowl of 10 million people, and it's super toxic.
I feel sick anytime I'm there.
I mean, you know, that's one thing for you.
But she said, also, I'm fully vaccinated.
She added that with her little cancer deal.
Well, you know, will you guys give me the folder?
Here it is, actually.
This is just a small folder right here.
Of all the admissions of people getting cancer after the shot, they say, oh, that's normal in your uterus or your breast or your lymph nodes or other organs like your lungs to grow tumors.
Just tell the doctors, don't worry about it for six months.
That's actually the CDC recommendation.
Not is it malignant, isn't benign, which would be science, just, oh, you notice that tumor grew in about two weeks?
Well, just don't worry about that tumor, sweetheart.
But then the doctors don't, they cut out your uterus, they cut out your lung, they cut out your lymph nodes, they cut out your... cut off your testicles.
They cut off your breasts.
Oh, it may cause cancer false alarms, says ABC News.
Well, then I guess Kathy Griffin's gonna be just fine.
And now, Andrew Dice Clay,
Dealing with Bell's palsy by continuing to perform untouchable.
And have we looked it up?
Did we search Andrew Dice Clay?
Has he genuflected?
Has he told us that he took the shot?
Because, you know, Bell's palsy is one of the main things the COVID shot causes, that and Guillain-Barre.
I mean, they admit it does that.
But if you try to talk about it like evil Dr. Mercola, they come to your house, they come to your business, they threaten you like, I saw the CNN piece, they go, he puts out disinfo that vitamin D and zinc and C are good to stop viral infections.
Hell, you just die without them.
And he puts out the disinfo that vaccines can be dangerous.
Wow, that's why they got a multi-billion dollar fund they pay out every year?
Dr. Mercola!
And then, I love how they pick a guy like him who's very introverted.
Great guy for his age, incredible shape, you know, runs marathons, you name it.
Knows exactly what he's talking about.
Very moral guy.
But they knew he's an introvert and already said no to interviews, so he'll run away so they can act like, oh, he's scared.
You don't see CNN ambushing me, do you?
No, they're scared of me.
I'll talk to CNN.
Here, get your ugly asses out here right now, CNN, let's go.
But I'm gonna videotape what you do so you can't edit it out of context.
Oh, no, you don't come after me, you little slime bags.
And let me tell you something, CNN, I don't get happy about this.
Let me tell you how the universe works.
You're all gonna get cancer and so are your kids.
I mean, the level of suicide and death and failure by evil people, I mean, when you get God out of your life, the evil energy just takes you over and kills you.
I mean, look at Mercola, he looks like, he's like 30 years old and a football player, and the guy's old.
And then, and I'm sure I've heard it myself, but life force wise, I'm very strong.
But just look at him on the bike.
And then show the CNN skexy wraith chasing him around.
Now, he knew they were going to edit it and take it out of context.
He didn't have a camera on him, so that's why he wisely went.
I'm not saying he's bad for leaving.
In fact, if I was riding around on a bicycle and they came up, I'd probably leave too because I didn't have a crew there.
But I'm telling CNN, you want to come to Papa just like Piers Morgan did?
Let's go.
Oh, the doctor's a super spreader.
Not only is the virus bad, but oh, information's a virus.
Yeah, that's what CNN calls me, is a virus.
Of course, what's Mercola know?
He says, what do you do?
You go out and get sun.
You're like a plant.
Is he stupid?
You gotta have it to live.
Who lives the longest in the world?
People in Italy and people in Japan that are farmers who culturally till the fields and work the fields with their shirts off.
That's why in Japan, the ruling class wraps themselves in all that.
That's how it started in the Muslim world, or before that, the Arabic world, because royalty had to have real white skin.
Those that had red skin or brown skin were associated with the lower classes.
That's what Schwarzenegger means.
Black farmer.
Not because Arnold Schwarzenegger comes from black people, but in the old German,
In that old Visigoth, you know, type language.
That's what they called the lower classes, was the black people.
And the higher classes, the white people.
Because the kings didn't go out and patrol the fields.
Well, I want to be black.
And I don't mean copy Africans.
I got red skin, baby.
I need the sun.
I get depressed without it.
I get jealous looking at Mercola all baked in that Florida sun.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
And I'm not bashing white people that can't tan.
And I've got a daughter that's got porcelain, beautiful skin.
She can't tan.
Hell, my son can't tan.
So nothing against folks that can't tan.
I'm just telling you that that's what you need, baby.
Look at him, almost 70 years old.
Look what he looks like, he's a freaking football player in college.
And then look at this idiot running along behind him like, like, like, like he's done something wrong and he's the bad guy.
Meanwhile, I got this whole stack here of people going in after the shot, cancers grow within weeks and they cut them out because they're malignant.
And it goes on and on and on, and they want to shut us down.
But you know what?
That's why I love these listeners.
You haven't shut us down.
That's why I appreciate these listeners, because this is a serious war.
And we knew.
We knew.
I mean, I said it.
Chris Sky said it from the documents.
Anybody who looks at these as smart can tell you.
We said by the fall, there'll be a new lockdown this year, last year.
And it'll be worse this time because these vaccines shed the literature, the studies show.
I mean, they had to pass a law in the EU last year before they approved these vaccines saying you can viral shed from an mRNA shot and that people can infect others and have no liability.
They're not just giving the vaccine makers liability now protection.
They're doing it for shedding.
What's that tell you?
And that's why Biden said you're gonna have more restrictions, more guidelines.
They've already got them written up, but they're getting all the stores and the shops.
One of my crew members tried to go to Popeye's Chicken yesterday and go in, it's already shut down in Austin.
Because the health department said so outside of law.
And their answer?
You're gonna stay shut in till you take our new shot.
When almost everyone's sick, 95% in Israel,
99.99999% in Australia.
All the others are the same thing.
The vaccine is the plague, but people can't admit they're being assaulted.
They can't admit they're being attacked.
They can't believe that Bill Gates wants to hurt them, even though Bill Gates says, I want to kill you.
I want to kill you.
I want to kill you.
Now take my shot.
All right, Mike Lindell, embattled, a true American, is going to be joining us coming up at 6 after.
Next hour, let me show you again some more of these critical reports that are beyond critical to expose this criminal takeover, that are coffin nails to the fraud.
Hey, did you know 95% of the hospitalizations in Israel are people vaccinated?
Hey, did you know 99.9% of people hospitalized in Australia are injected?
That's not a Delta variant.
That's what they were injected with.
Because you don't have those numbers of those that weren't injected.
Israel, Australia report 90 to 99 percent hospitalized, fully vaccinated, big article, InfoWars.com.
Get it, change the headline, do whatever you want, put your name on it, I don't care.
Just get it out.
Meanwhile, knowingly exposing others to HIV is no longer a felony in California.
They changed that four years ago.
They've also basically legalized pedophilia, giving kids inoculations under age 12 without parental consent.
It's all about raping innocents.
You see, Germany and the EU passed a law this year allowing viral spread from vaccines because that's what these mRNA vaccines do is they make you become a factory of that.
So that's what's going on.
That's what's happening.
And here is the White House on August 2nd.
Biden health official says it's time to impose requirements, that's mandates, to get vaccinated against COVID-19 with Fauci and the head of the CDC looking on.
They had their minion do it and announce the crime.
The Nuremberg Code violating crime.
And now they're getting ready to do lockdown too.
Because they've got to act like there's an emergency going on, because there is, because there's all these people sick and dying who've taken the vaccine.
And then those getting sick and dying now that are getting the virus protein sloughed off onto them.
They admit.
And what type of people would do this?
Well, the type of people that have thousands of studies going in the U.S.
God, China, they say, is even more horrific.
With beagle puppies, where they implant them with flesh-eating screwworms.
See, the average maggot, the average larva of a fly doesn't eat live meat.
But screwworms do.
And they've got a lot of varieties of screwworms that were eradicated in the U.S., but Fauci wants to bring screwworms back.
Oh, this isn't satire, this isn't me writing a Clive Barker Hellraisers prequel.
This is, this is, this is, on Fauci's screensaver, I'm serious, he punches up laboratories.
I've been around these guys, not him, but others.
Like, oh, there's the monkey lab, there's the dog lab.
They enjoy watching a dog with maggots implanted throughout its body dying.
Like I told you, the VA got caught.
By the way, this is not a joke if you're a listener.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Fauci implanted beagle puppies with pleasure with maggots to eat their bodies and then finally kill them.
Nobody cares about humans, but he of course scalped babies alive and put their skin onto rats, but that was just part of what he did.
That's all come out too, but he's the good man that works for Bill Gates.
He's the good man that did the
An inoculation program for different supposed pathogens in the New York gay community in the late 1970s where HIV popped up.
He's a nice, nice man like Ghislaine Maxwell and Steve Jobs, widow, running all this.
Continuing, Alex Jones was right, goes viral on Twitter for exposing fetal organ harvesting.
And I mentioned this, but let me just go over it.
I appreciate Jack Posobiec, when a bunch of documents came out confirming this is going on at major universities.
And that they are keeping babies alive, sometimes for weeks, so that they can auction off their livers and kidneys.
See, these organs only live a few hours maximum.
If they're not hooked to the blood supply, but if you can keep the baby alive when it's in the third trimester of partial birth abortion, and then violate federal law, because you're supposed to kill it inside the womb, well, then you can do that.
But the universities bragging here how they were delivered whole babies, hearts still beating.
In fact, I don't have a way with words, do I?
I should have just said up front.
Government documents four-year confirms Fauci programs, Fauci-driven run programs, many of which he has his name on.
Didn't just scalp babies and put their hair on rats and mice.
No, no, it's more liberal, more loving than that.
They delivered whole babies' hearts beating to the universities.
And I'll just tell you, we know what they do.
They also rape the babies.
And I'm sorry I have to tell you that.
They also have sex with the dead babies, okay?
That came out, because they're still living, sorry, they have sex with them before they kill them.
That's a religion to them.
That came out, I told you this 20 years ago, it came out in documents in Texas and in Missouri, other areas, where they do rituals and have sex with the babies.
They go, oh, ma'am, your baby's been aborted.
Then the doctor goes and has sex with it, with the nurses behind the scenes, they rub blood all over each other.
I mean, why would you want to be in a place that killed nine-month-old babies?
Because you want to have sex with them.
Now remember, you're a new viewer, you're tuning in, you're like, see, there's a lot of stuff I haven't told you yet, but let's just start telling you everything.
These are people that want to have sex with living babies before they kill them.
And then after they're done raping the baby, and it screams and cries, then they go and
Take its heart, first the liver, the kidneys, all the different organs, and then they take the heart, and then they suck all the blood out, and then they take all the fat and all the tissue and all the bones, and they sell every bit of it in a ritual of hate and greed and pure Satanism.
And that's who Fauci is when he's not implanting baby dogs with maggots.
They are taking babies and scalping them and implanting it on rats and his little vampire servants are in there hunched over the babies while they cry for mommy raping them.
So there you go.
Now you wonder why they'd put protein crystals and vaccines to kill you and your family.
Because they're Satan worshippers that have gone to the ends of the universe.
They've gone straight to hell, down a black hole, and anything you can imagine they do.
And that's it.
From implanting maggots in dogs to eat them alive so Fauci can watch it on his screen.
He just loves knowing those dogs are in pain, itching and bleeding with maggots eating their flesh, gobbling them whole.
He loves knowing they keep those babies alive and take those organs.
And he loves knowing he's implanted you with that deadly prion crystal and now it's spreading to everyone else and he's gonna murder you.
He's got power over you.
He's been given power by Satan over you.
And he is a servant of Satan who is so proud of what he's doing.
And he's gonna get your children.
You can look it up, where they do satanic rituals with the baby's bodies.
But that's just child's play.
That's low-level stuff for Fauci.
He likes to kill hundreds of millions of billions.
But his minions, they, you know, they get to, you know, it's like when Count Dracula gives the baby to his women.
Oh, you go have fun with this little baby here.
They're like, oh.
That's all just little examples.
Of what they do and how they operate and what they've got planned for you and your family.
Okay, so there you go.
There's Fauci.
Thought you might want to know what he's up to today.
And by the way, everything but the raping babies is documented on record.
The maggots in the dogs, keeping babies alive, taking their organs, which is all just as evil as having sex with them.
But you have to understand, the Satanists like to have sex in churches at night.
That's called a blasphemy.
That's the high holy thing they do.
And they want to defile children.
And the highest order is to rape a child, that's Black Sabbath, and then kill them.
And so these people are carrying out Black Sabbaths at an industrial level.
The poor little kids grabbed out of Mexico and Latin America, they're being fed, they're being handed over, they're being tortured, they're being raped, they're being beaten, they're being enslaved.
And it's all an affront to God to drive God's spirit out of the land so they can have full power and kill everybody.
So there you go, there's the rest of the story.
Of course, the zinc that's so essential.
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And we have Ultimate Krill Oil, Ultimate Fish Oil.
It's all on InfoWarsTore.com.
And I'm sorry to have to tell you all this stuff.
I know it all sounds insane, it all sounds crazy, but it's all real.
And just understand that these are people that have very, very demonic directions for us.
Their whole world is about our children.
And I mean, I like to go to a restaurant and order a piece of veal because the meat tastes good.
I kind of feel a little guilty like this is a baby cow.
These people don't want the flavor of the meat.
They want the soul.
They want to hear the baby screaming and crying.
They want to affront God.
Hello, I'm Mike Lindell, and I'm coming to you with the most important commercial that I've ever done.
All of you know what my pillow and myself have gone through in the last five months in my efforts to bring the truth forward.
Well, it's all come down to this.
I'm having a cyber symposium on August 10th, 11th, and 12th.
This historical event will be live streamed 72 hours straight on my new platform, FrankSpeech.com.
You can help by getting everybody you know to go to FrankSpeech.com now.
To help support this cyber symposium event, I am offering some of the best prices ever on my pillow products, but they're only offered at FrankSpeech.com.
Go to FrankSpeech.com now and use the promo code on your screen or call the 1-800 number below to receive these exclusive MyPillow offers.
Thank you and God bless.
More evidence tonight that it's always the people you most suspect.
Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, is every bit the creep you thought he was and more.
He talks like a mafia leader and he acts like one.
Eleven sexual harassment claims against him public today.
If you're interested, go over to CNN right now and watch Jeffrey Toobin, of all people, talk about how creepy Governor Cuomo is.
Because this country just couldn't get better.
We're going to have a lot more on that in just a minute.
But first tonight, welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight, coming to you from Budapest, Hungary.
Last summer, as the COVID pandemic raged throughout the United States, people who still read the New York Times began to notice something very strange happening at the paper.
Hundreds of articles that had appeared there going back nearly a decade suddenly vanished.
They disappeared.
There's no way to find them.
Nothing like this had ever happened.
The New York Times considers itself, very self-consciously, a living historical record.
The paper maintains meticulous, searchable archives going back to before the Civil War, to 1851.
Yet last August, a huge number of articles just disappeared.
So what was in those articles?
We know the answer because a handful of history-minded readers preserved them when they first appeared.
Every one of them was a propaganda piece paid for by the Chinese Communist Party, all designed to look like news articles.
You're seeing one of them on your screen right now.
It reads, China Watch!
islands belong to China!
That's the headline.
Now why would the New York Times, America's paper of record, print propaganda from a totalitarian regime and pretend it was a news article?
Well, for money.
Financial filings show the New York Times made more than $100,000 a month from this garbage.
Those payments were not disclosed at the time.
They were hidden from New York Times readers.
They were only uncovered after the fact by the Washington Free Beacon.
And the Times wasn't the only news organization that did this, that took money from the Chinese Communist Party.
Since 2016, the Chinese Communist Party paid $20 million to outlets like the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Washington Post.
Twitter, which now operates as a publisher, also received checks from the Chinese government totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Now these arrangements, as we said, continued for years.
And then last summer, they stopped abruptly.
The New York Times tried to hide the evidence that any of it ever happened.
But why?
The New York Times won't say when we ask.
We do not discuss revenue beyond what is in our quarterly earnings report, a spokesman told us this morning.
So we kept looking.
But first, here's some context for what the New York Times did.
This is what mainstream news coverage in the United States looked like for most of last year.
As you watch it, see if you can tell the difference between this and what you might see on Chinese state television.
The president referred to the coronavirus as a, quote, foreign virus.
And I think it's going to come across to a lot of Americans as spacking of xenophobia.
Xenophobic wartime Trump, where he thinks the only path now is to basically declare the virus public enemy number one, to paint it in somewhat racist terms.
The xenophobia and the racism in outbreak is such a common thing.
And it is incredibly dangerous.
It is problematic.
And it is scary.
And I just really want to call that out.
Why do you keep calling this the Chinese virus?
Why do you keep using this?
A lot of people say it's racist.
It's not racist at all, no.
Not at all.
It comes from China.
That's why.
So as this virus emerged from central China to kill Americans in huge numbers and people throughout the West, news organizations in this country made the same aggressively pro-China noises.
Almost all of them.
Politico, for example, hired a full-time China shill called David Wertheim to write articles with headlines like this, quote, The verdict is in.
China has outperformed while the once respected American system has disastrously faltered.
Now, as you read that, once again, you wonder, how is that different from what the Chinese would write about themselves?
Well, it's not different.
The American media were especially hysterical on the question of where the coronavirus came from.
Alright, we'll be back with Mike Lindell, but yeah, the whole mainstream media is Chai Com.
Remember that.
Well, he's definitely a rider on the storm.
Mike Lindell is a hero.
He's standing up for our American Republic, for integrity in our election system.
I could play you hours of videos from just a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, of Democrats saying they don't trust the very companies that Mike Lindell has brought out and talked about.
We've played those clips, you've all seen them.
And then he says things milder than that, and he gets sued.
And that's because these organizations are scared of what's coming out.
But I know at the retail level, what's come out in Georgia and Arizona, other states with them sending the same ballots through over and over again, we caught that on tape.
That's all coming out.
And now the Justice Department, run by this puppet president, says they want us to try to stop
Those audits and those findings, so that vindicates what Mike Lindell has done.
He's been demonized.
He's been attacked.
He's got a big symposium coming up next week that's going to be sent out on his huge site.
We'll be telling you the URL for it in a minute.
Putting this evidence on, and boy is the system scared.
Mike Lindell, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule at MyPillow.com.
Yeah, thanks for having me on.
And we're very busy, not so much with MyPillow.com, but with this symposium.
We are just a couple days away, and 10th, 11th, and 12th, you watch it, it's over.
And you get anyone that doesn't believe that this election was stolen by China to watch it, and they're 100%.
We're going to dump all the evidence the PAC had captured for the whole election.
We've got over, Alex, we have over 75 now cyber forensic experts coming.
We have over 300 politicians and there are delegates coming and it's going to be absolutely amazing.
We just need everybody out there to get people to watch it.
I'm going to be there for at least two of the days as well.
Let's get into the panic mode they're in.
I want to play a clip here and get your full context of CNN where they're trying to say, you've been conned, you've been manipulated.
You say, hey, let me give you a hug.
Here it is.
You could possibly be the victim of a scam here.
Well then, why don't you come to the symposium and make five million dollars?
Are you worried about me?
We should give a hug.
You're worried about old Mike?
Oh, God bless you!
I love how you kill them with kindness, just like we've been on some of the other national comedy shows.
Tell us more about that interview and how the media is attacking you.
Well, that was a two and a half hour interview, everybody.
There's a lady, they came, we did it in Minneapolis, and we had to go down, they were adamant they wanted me to come down there, they wouldn't come out here.
And I said, you know what, once again, it's like, Mike, why would you do that for CNN?
Well, because
Where's Fox?
Shame on Fox, right?
So anyway, I go down there.
Two and a half hours, there's someone holding a thing up behind me.
Ask him this.
Ask him this.
Attack this.
But we recorded the whole thing.
I had two of my guys.
We recorded the whole thing.
And I'll tell you, they tried to, you know, they took the combined things, tried to, like here, this data that I gave them.
That was just a data from the 2020 election.
And it's basically, here, come to the symposium.
It's kind of like a preliminary, here you go, show them what you're going to see.
And CNN, I mean, I'm going, why don't you guys come and get, you know, like I say, I've offered $5 million to anyone there that can prove it's not valid data from the 2020 November election.
Instead, they try and do a hit job ahead of time.
But once again, it sure got the word out because that's all we need, everybody.
I have all the, I have it all.
I have all the evidence.
100% all the states, all 50 states, is going to show what happened in not just the swing states, but every single state.
We're going to have like, behind us, we'll have these five
We're going to have like a table of five there, a podium, and it's going to be like election night, kind of.
We're going to go back and forth to the mock election room, the cyber center, and then we'll be up front.
Hey, this just in, the state of New Hampshire goes to Donald Trump.
And then, you know, we'll have this backed up.
By the way, the state of New Hampshire, remember, went for Biden, they say.
No, it didn't.
Donald Trump won.
And so we're going to do all 50 states.
We've got the cyber forensic experts that have looked at all this.
They're going to speak, tell you here it is.
This is 100% valid.
And then we're going to break out all the cyber experts that have come from around the country.
And remember, we even have lead stories, the factbook fake checkers that
Facebook that are coming with their own cyber guy and some other fact checkers so to speak bring in their cyber guys so we have a lot of naysayers there and they're gonna break out into into our rooms and then we'll hit we'll pull them out about every three hours and say well what have you found so far and it's gonna be amazing by the time this is done by the time it gets to our closing because we're gonna go 72 hours
It goes 9 to 9.
We're going to live stream it at FrankSpeech.com continually at 9 to 9.
We're going to flip it on ahead because everyone overseas wants to see this too.
By the way, we're going to have a speaker from another country.
I'm going to surprise you.
Very high up in government, really high up.
And because all the other countries are worried too, the ones that have these machines and they're trying to take over this.
So it's going to be, uh, this has all come down to this.
Just like that commercial says that, uh, that Fox was the only one that didn't run it.
Well, shame on Fox.
I mean, it's disgusting that they Alex, I'm sorry.
I'm still a little sore with Fox.
They should be there telling everybody about this.
This is news.
Well especially after you spent so much money with them, an American company, and all your ad says is join me for a symposium on cyber security.
Well who's against a cyber security symposium?
That shows they've got a lot of pressure put on them and the system is scared of this.
I think.
You know, they wouldn't run this ad.
Where is it coming to when they, all of a sudden, they're not going to run ads?
They're going to, maybe this is an ad for a concert.
Oh yeah, let's see who's playing.
And then decide, well, we don't want them to play that.
This is our First Amendment right of free speech.
And I said it before, Alex, I said, last week, I said Fox should become a weather channel.
And then I changed it the next day and I said, you know what?
Probably not, because they probably wouldn't report an oncoming storm.
Exactly, that's a great point.
Let's talk about CNN's claim of no evidence.
Whether, say, have you been conned?
Have you been manipulated?
Speak to that and how do you know?
I'm sure you've had other cybersecurity experts look at what you were brought or how have you verified this information?
I have spent the last five months, since the day I got the first piece of evidence on January 9th,
I don't know.
I've hired white hat hackers.
They protect our country and different ones.
They don't know each other.
These are cyber forensic experts, the best in the world.
They've looked at it, validated, and it's all there from the start of the election to the end.
Cyber packet captures and data.
It shows every state.
And it's one thing, it's great to have a complete set, too, because otherwise, let's say you're in Wisconsin.
Well, how do we know in northern Wisconsin they didn't flip votes from Biden to Trump?
Well, because we had the whole election, everybody.
So CNN, when they tried to say there that
Oh yeah, Mike Lindell, he's gonna, we're worried about Mike, you know, he might lose his reputation and he might hurt his company.
You know, I mean, the guy Drew interviewed me, I go, really?
Oh, now you really came out here because you care about me?
No, you came out here to do some big hit job on me.
And say the evidence isn't valid.
What more can I say to the people?
Come to the Symposium.
Watch the Cyber Symposium.
CNN was invited.
And if you can prove that I'm wrong, that it's from the 2020 election, you get five million dollars.
Come there.
Why are they trying to stop?
Because the mainstream media has been trying to stop and others have been trying to stop you even having this event and not running your ad.
That doesn't look good.
You're putting your money up, your energy, and it's put up or shut up time.
You're the one putting it all on the line here.
You know why they're scared of, Alex?
They're scared of... We want to get a billion people to watch this, and I mean that.
You know, I said that they gave fun of last week, or when I said I wanted to be bigger than Elvis Presley.
Hello from Hawaii in 1973.
Elvis seen worldwide by over a billion people.
Stay there, Mike Lindell.
Stay there.
All right, Mike Lindell, one more segment.
He promises to come back next week.
I'm going to be going to the symposium.
Mike Lindell, ladies and gentlemen, is about to get on a plane and fly to Cisco, Texas, where he'll be the Keystone keynote speaker tonight.
And I can tell you, everybody I know is moving that whole area up by Cisco.
A lot of the folks have left Austin and some of the prominent families, friends of mine, because the city is falling to the left.
Everybody's moving up by Cisco.
It's crazy.
Point blank, I'm looking to keep in this office, but I may move up by Cisco.
It's funny, Cisco, the whole area keeps popping up.
Super patriotic.
Mike Lindell, get into the word you're getting around the country.
Not just your big hack data proof, but other things coming out of Wisconsin, other things coming out of Arizona, other things just proving what you've been saying coming out of Georgia.
So much more, Mike Lindell.
Right on.
And yeah, I am speaking tonight too at 8.15.
You can see that at frankspeech.com live.
It'll be an hour and a half speech.
I'm going to be telling a lot more than I can tell you right now, but there are great things coming out of Georgia.
There are great things coming out of Wisconsin.
You might have heard an announcement today.
I guess they subpoenaed.
I'm just hearing it right now, because I've been so busy today, but they're subpoenaed.
Well, they subpoenaed all the folks who were grabbing the briefcases out when they shut things down with the water main.
Okay, but yeah, they're doing some more subpoenas in Wisconsin, too, to do audits there.
You guys, after, when we do this symposium on the 10th, 11th, and 12th, once you get to the 9th and 12th, just everybody remember, we're going to bring all of this to the Supreme Court, but all these states are, it's just all separate.
Every state's going to want to do an audit, not just the six in question.
Let me show you what we're going to tell you at this symposium.
Do you know New Hampshire went to Donald Trump?
Minnesota went to Donald Trump.
Of course all those other five, we talked about Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, I mean all these.
But we're going to have stuff on there.
You're going to get real data that, let's say it's Ohio.
What did Donald Trump really win Ohio by?
Almost double.
Florida, every single thing.
We're going to talk about North Carolina, how they tried to take North Carolina too.
You know, so this is going to be absolutely amazing.
But you've got this, this main thing that we have, all the packet captures and the data.
And then you've got all these things you talk about, Alex, with all these states.
They're just, it's all going to come down.
We're going to, I'm telling you, everybody, this election is getting pulled down, just like I said months ago, and our real president is going to be back in.
Well, Mike, I know you're working around the clock and the six minutes we have left with you, and hell, I might just drive up to Cisco myself, as I mentioned before, but I really love what you're doing.
I've given you my advice.
You're as smart as I am, we're smarter.
We're both entrepreneurs and American patriots.
And you're not putting all your eggs in one basket with a symposium and then the Supreme Court.
You've been talking about the states, the other audits.
I'm just saying, in general, we got to keep fighting because we know there was fraud all over the place for the midterms coming up.
So regardless, so Trump can run again if need be or whoever, because we don't fix this.
And now 20 plus states have passed laws to stop a lot of the fraud this time.
And so one way or another, the media is trying to act like if we don't reinstate Trump by the end of August, we're liars or we're losers.
We're battling them.
They're scared.
This Attorney General is trying to shut down the states investigating.
What are they scared of?
I'm just saying, I don't like putting dates on things, and no one is hard-charging like you, not even President Trump.
And we appreciate him coming out and saying, well, the election was stolen.
These are communists.
These are bad.
You know, I should be reinstated.
That's great.
I'm just simply saying, we're going to fight this war like George Washington and persevere, and you're out there leading it.
Well, what I'm saying is this, Al.
You know, you say all these states are passing laws.
Here's the bottom line, everybody.
If these machines aren't gone, there is no 2022.
You know, garbage like this.
This is from Brian Kemp.
I got it in the mail today.
From Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia, you know how corrupt he is.
Oh, yeah.
Urgent, urgent, urgent.
Election integrity is under attack.
And then he wanted money from me.
You know, he wanted money for him.
And remember, Brian Kemp bought $107 million worth of Dominion machines in 2019 on taxpayers' money.
If the machines aren't gone, which they will be, and at the symposium we're going to also unveil a whole new way to do elections,
And it's, we're gonna give the technology out there.
We're just gonna give it away because we want, this has to change.
Alex, I got a good plan for the machines.
We melt them all down into prison bars, and then the ones that helped China do this, we have a good place, good use for them.
And this is serious, everybody.
You can have all the election things and talk about all that you want.
It's done, unless we, that's why it's so important.
This was a cyber attack by China.
And this was, I'm pretty sure you had all these, you know, let me tell, I want to say something real quick about, you know, when we talk about, you hear stories like 20-some thousand people in Georgia were non-residents have voted or 20-some thousand in Nevada.
That's not true, everybody.
These people, people are genuinely, there's good people.
20-some thousand people didn't go vote that were non-residents.
They used the 2010 voter rolls and it was done.
They needed to use names.
So they hack in and use them names.
That's why you have dead people.
Oh, exactly.
The Democrats are on record creating a list of people that have moved out of state to then steal their identity, basically.
No, this was an attack.
They used the 2010 voter rolls.
What we're saying is they steal their voter roll name and use it.
Right, but this was done by the time the tax came out of China.
Now what part of the Democrat Party they used, or if they used some of the Republican Party, we're going to show you all that, what actually happened and how they used those voter rolls.
You had to pull things.
That's why Alex, you have a lot of states where
In the rural areas, you had more people voted that live in the county.
That's because a lot of them died or they moved out of that county since 2010.
We're going to show this, and this is going to be by Dr. Frank, where you can do it in your own county, the mathematics.
And you'll see exactly, this is what they used to set that algorithm.
And then you see what you're showing here?
They had to cover, in order to cover up this, because Donald Trump was going to win anyway, then you have these things in the middle of the night, like in Michigan, 100,000 votes went for Biden.
Well, you had to bring in votes, bring in ballots, and everyone's going, well, you know what?
Those Democrats, everybody votes Democrat, and then those mail-in votes, the mail-in votes were counted on the morning of the 3rd, not in the middle of the night on the 4th.
So we're going to take a lot of these lies out of the picture, and we're going to make it all make sense, everybody.
Mike, I believe you.
You're on fire.
It's amazing.
You're crisscrossing the country.
You promised to either be interviewed again this weekend or next week as this builds up towards the symposium.
But let's spend two minutes on what allows you to do this, what allows me to be on air under all the Democratic attacks, under all the globalist garbage, and that's money.
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Everyone wants to know what to do, but you got to spread it far and wide to
That's right, beautiful, beautiful.
We are back live.
Mike Lindell is swinging for the fences, fighting hard for America.
A true Americana, a businessman, a patriot taking action.
And that break, man, I wish you could hear during the break what he was saying, even more powerful than what he's saying on air.
Try to recap that in the few minutes you've got left before you jump on that jet and fly down to Texas to be with us here tonight.
But recapping behind the scenes, two and a half hours boiled down to eight minutes on Anderson Cooper.
They're up in Cisco.
I think so.
Past voting or past free speech, that's all very important as well.
And past self-defense is shopping with each other and creating our own market and not giving money to the globalists.
That's exactly right, and I'll say that again right off the bat there before I tell the CNN.
You go to frankspeech.com, you go there now, you're going to get all ready to watch, to tell your friends, share it, to watch this symposium.
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And then you also get to watch FrankSpeech.com and for the CyberSuppose, I'm going to share that everywhere.
By the way, tonight that will be, when I speak tonight, that will be at FrankSpeech.com.
It'll be live-streamed at 8.15 Central Time.
I'll have a great message for the world.
And it gets to be what I was saying now when we were up here.
CNN interviewed me for two and a half hours, everybody.
They got this lady behind me going, ask him this, attack him here, attack him here.
We went back and forth and I've battled those people and all these guys since November 4th, every day, especially after I got all the evidence on January 9th.
Now we went back and forth.
They couldn't get anything out of the best they could do was eight minutes on Anderson Cooper.
Eight minutes worth, and the guy's trying to discredit me, and I'm going, you guys, I put up a $5 million prize.
Why don't you, CNN, bring your cyber guy to the symposium and make $5 million?
I mean, it doesn't hold water when a guy puts up $5 million, and I've already put up probably $12 million I've spent on my own money investigating, hiring white hat hackers, doing everything I can for the last six months to get this ready for the cyber symposium.
You guys, one of the things on the first day, my head lawyer, he's going to do, he's going to talk about our pathway after this symposium.
And we're going to be, it's called a Quo Warranto.
We're going to bring it all to the Supreme Court.
All the states will be the plaintiffs.
And when it gets there, they're going to vote 9-0.
I've been saying this for five months because this is non-subjective evidence, everybody, that you're all going to see.
And everyone says the Supreme Court will never do that.
Yes, they will, because you know what?
They're Americans and they grew up the American dream.
They have families, they have children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends, family.
And this was an attack by China on our election.
And the Democrats warned us about this attack.
They warned us.
Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, they warned us.
But, you know, they didn't capture these packets like these heroes did.
But the Supreme Court then is going to pull this down and it's going to be 9-0 because it can't be like 7-2 because you can't argue with what we're going to show on the 10th, 11th and 12th.
It's unchangeable, irrefutable, non-subjective.
So when they do that,
Now, there are going to be a lot of options.
Well, Mike, will they put Donald Trump in right away?
Well, they should, because there's precedence.
Every elected official in United States history, where they found out that a crime was committed, i.e.
election fraud, and they say, hey, because of this, the other guy really won, they put the other guy back in.
There's no statute of limitations, and it doesn't matter if there's a month left for that guy to serve, or that gal.
They put him back in immediately.
Let me say this, let me say this.
They did steal the election.
It is a fraud.
Biden's telling people he had his butt wiped on TV.
He doesn't know what planet he's on.
All this evil's coming out.
I agree they're going to have to replace Biden regardless.
So we are going into the waters where the Supreme Court, if there's enough public pressure and a court of public opinion and the evidence is out there, because the Supreme Court
Are political and they're also scared.
They're being blackmailed by CNN and threatened.
And if they see momentum, they would do the right thing.
I agree with you.
But regardless, we're exposing the machines and we're fighting to change that.
And so that's why, regardless of what you're doing, you're winning, brother.
You're the man in the arena that Teddy Roosevelt talked about.
That's all I'm saying is I appreciate a man that puts everything on one number.
I'm just saying, brother, what you're doing is wonderful.
And regardless of what happens in the next few months, we're moving in the right direction.
That's all I'm saying.
Oh, absolutely.
And, you know, you bring up a point there.
Everyone says, well, the Supreme Court, one of them's compromised.
They're always saying there's three liberals and all this stuff.
Well, let me tell you, back when they voted 7-2 not to look at it, number one, they didn't have this evidence.
But let me tell you something, Alex, if you're back then, if I was a Democrat, and I'm not talking about the party, but if I was a Democrat, I would go, wow, those lawyers that, I mean, those justices that Donald Trump put in, they're fair, because these guys really thought they won that.
But now over 30% of Democrats don't believe it was an attack and that they didn't win, a cyber attack, and over 90% of Republicans.
So this time, the evidence that I'm putting out there, that you're going to see on the 10th, 11th, and 12th, it gives them, it makes the Supreme Court, they will be off the hook.
They can look over and say, hey, I can't say this isn't what it is, because with this evidence, it is what it is.
It's non-subjective.
That's what the beauty of it, and that's why everybody needs to tune in.
What you said there, Alex, about having pressure, that's why we want a billion people to watch this, and I mean that.
We're going to have people from other countries speaking, and two, because they're worried about this 2020 election and getting rid of these machines.
If we get enough people to watch,
I'm talking a billion.
If everybody watches, there's no argument about what's going to unfold there.
And by the way, let me stop you because I'm not trying to toot my horn, but the reason all the Democrats sued me and came after me in 2016, we had 87 million different IP addresses on our streams in a five-day period of the election alone, not to mention our affiliates and then YouTube and Google.
We had
We had a half a million views that week.
And so, absolutely, if people get excited, if they take action, if I had, in my whole history on YouTube, seven, eight million views, and then I got half a billion in less than a week, just, I mean, that happened.
This can happen on our own platforms as long as we're willing to pay for the bandwidth, which is what I know, brother, what it's costing you, because I know Frank's Speech has taken off on average 200,000 viewers at any time, millions a day.
You are the future.
Our listeners supporting us.
I am the future.
Because I know we talked off air.
You're 100% in.
I've got a big nice house.
The new property values are going up.
I'm selling it right now to fund my operation.
I put my money in it.
Freedom is what matters.
I'm all in.
You're all in.
MyPillow.com promo code Alex or FrankSpeech.com promo code Alex.
And I want to support that great new marketplace you created with all those great new entrepreneurs because that's going to be the future as us coming together.
And that's MyStore.com.
So explain it all to them, because I know there's a lot of great sites, but all of them can use promo code Alex.
Explain that one more time to me.
Yeah, you can use them on all, all can use promo code Alex.
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Myself, I need this for the Cyber Symposium.
I just lost a million-dollar-a-week revenue by telling Fox, you know what?
I'm not going to succumb to your cancel culture.
We're going to bring the word out on our own.
You can use that MyPillow.com.
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You guys, I set it up.
Your best specials use the promo code Alex and you're supporting us getting the word out.
With Alex's great show, InfoWars, and you're supporting MyPillow, 2,500 employees that I haven't had to lay anybody off in spite of trying and being attacked on campus.
You're an example of resistance.
Mike Lindell, Godspeed.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide in the final segment of what I'm about to host.
We have our great guest host coming up here today.
Harrison Smith is going to be knocking it out of the park.
I really appreciate the listeners and the viewers, and I just want you to, I ask all of you to pray for America, to pray for the world, to pray for a global awakening, because I told you a month ago, I said the hospitals are really full now, and most of the folks dead and dying have taken the shot, that's now in the national statistics, international statistics, and I said it's also hitting a lot of good people.
And I know when there's a real plague going on, you don't see it on the news.
I had my uncle and my cousin and my dad's older cousin, that was like his uncle, all die in a month of pneumonia seven years ago in 2014.
So I know how real it is.
They all died in the month of January.
And I mean, I can just tell you that this is very, very serious.
And I have family that didn't listen to me and took the vaccine and got very, very sick.
And I also have other people that I consider family that are in bad trouble right now.
And so I just want you to know this is not just me.
I tell you, I don't just go off intelligence or mainstream news.
I go off the ground.
I'm very observant.
And this is real bad.
This is real bad.
And I want Fauci and I want Bill Gates and all you to know something.
I'm going to hold you all personally responsible.
You understand that?
That makes you come after me quick or good.
Let's just get this going here.
Because I've had enough of your crap.
And I'm sick of your crap.
You murdering, bloodthirsty garbage.
And I just, you know, I'm a humble person.
I don't like to pray in public.
I pray privately, but I just pray to God that the chains of these evil people be broken.
But if that's going to be done, we first have to repent for the fact that we have killed 65 million innocent babies in this country and treated them like crap.
And treated them like they were lower than a worm you'd pull out of some packet of dirt and put on a hook.
I mean, I feel bad for a worm when I'm sticking it on the end of a hook, but I know I'm gonna catch fish on it, so I do it.
My need to hunt and my need to catch a fish, it gets me past the point of I feel bad sticking a worm on the end of that hook while it's alive.
But the fish bite on that, they don't bite on a rubber worm.
That's where my conscience is at.
I think about Fauci, for no reason other than evil, just to have six scientists in there.
It's a cult to, like, implant baby dogs, puppies with worms that eat their bodies.
I mean, and I know you're a new listener, you hear that, you think, this is crazy, he's making it up.
I get you think I'm making it up.
I'm not making any of it up.
They have sex with the babies, then they partial birth abort before they kill them.
I mean, it's come out in court cases.
I mean, I'm not making any of this up.
I'm not making any of it up, and I wish to God it wasn't true, and I wish to God every day that we weren't under attack by these people, but I don't need to read the news or even call up a local medical facility to find out they're full of people right now.
I already see it.
And people better get right with God, and you better get healthy, and I'm telling myself that, and you better get your body juiced up with all the natural things God's given us because
Man, when you look at the scum, and you look at the trash, and you look at Steve Jobs' ex-wife, and you look at Jelena Maxwell, and you look at all these guys, to them, it's all about what they're doing to us and how they have this power over us.
They enjoy that power, just like Ed Buck liked to lure homeless black men into his house and drug them up and then kill them.
And he'd hang over on the ones that survived and say, I'm sucking your soul.
You're all alone now.
God can't help you.
With a huge red skull poster on the ceiling.
The whole ceiling was this giant skull with red light behind it with this demon saying, I'm sucking your energy.
I'm going to get you.
That's them!
That's Joe Biden!
That's Bill Gates!
That spirit!
That's the enemy right there!
And why we sit there and let them be the authority over us and do this to us, I will never figure out.
But Joe Biden is Ed Buck.
And some like to... I haven't figured it all out, I've just studied him.
And I'm not saying women don't get attacked.
But I've studied these Satanists.
Women are not even what they're into because women procreate and are powerful in this engine of life.
They just want to dumb them down and control them.
They want little boys.
They want men.
They want to screw men over.
And they like to get little boys they can hurt and abuse.
And they like to get strong men they can have power over and dominate and break.
And that's what these guys are into.
And so what better than a big strong black man that they can do that to?
It's disgusting, it's pathetic, it's satanic, but really it's of their father the devil because what does Satan want?
He wants to get God's creation and screw with it and dominate it so Satan can feel powerful.
And the minute you wake up to the fact that these people are devil worshippers is the minute we can start beating them.
It's just that simple.
They are the scum of the earth.
And these little girls have come in public, and they get shut down on the news.
People sued Biden over it.
They get shut down by the corrupt courts.
And Joe Biden pinches their ass.
You see the dads grabbing their daughters away when he does it.
He pinches little girls on the butt, and then tells them, you're making me really horny right now.
And see, he gets off on the little girl's first sexual experience is a demonic pedophile leaning over him.
And then his son is in photos with the niece naked after they've had sex, smoking crack, with 12-year-old.
That's just the beginning!
And now they want a relationship with your children.
Now they want to...
Put a GMO system made out of cloned cells of a dead white kid from 1966 and a dead black lady from 1951 and then a jellyfish gene?
And you say, what's that for?
They say, you don't worry about that.
But it's because they know those cells never die and keep replicating.
The jellyfish is a hive organism.
It's a composite organism.
The jellyfish is not one creature.
A jellyfish is a... a hive is the wrong term.
It is a... what's the term?
It's coming to me in a minute.
It's like a hive, but it's not.
It's a... doesn't matter, you can look it up for yourself.
It's all a bunch of cells that work in unison together, but it's not one group.
It's a colony organism.
It's a colony organism.
They're injecting a colony organism's genome with this white kid and this black woman's genes that never die, which means they just keep replicating in you.
Well, whatever these cells are mixed with makes them powerful.
And they are putting that into you.
God knows what they've done.
I mean, we're like, hey, the studies show it gives you cancer and eats your body alive and causes blood clots.
That's just a side effect.
It does something far more evil.
Makes you magnetic, takes over your body.
We're going to talk about the documents, the science of it.
I've already taped an hour and a half long interview with David Icke that was the best ever.
I've got a bunch of other huge guests I'm interviewing today.
I'll be here until six, seven to nine interviewing them.
We're going to air it five o'clock tomorrow.
Five o'clock tomorrow, it will stream out and it will also be posted to Banned.Video.
It's probably going to be four hour long with just a few breaks in it.
And look for that tomorrow, and I don't know how long we'll be here, but every day I can work, I'm going to be here.
I mean, you think I want to get on an airplane and go to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and be there with being mobbed by people three days, but I've got to go to that.
It's too important.
I mean, I know you'd rather not be tuned into this hearing, that you'd rather be out fishing or out doing something normal, right?
I get it, believe me.
They're not going to leave us alone, folks.
We can't hide from this, all right?
And I can't hold back and hope they don't destroy me.
Just, no, I got to just full-on go 110%.
It was the best advice I ever got by a football coach when I was in eighth grade.
He said, Alex, you do some great plays.
You do good.
You're really strong.
But notice when you get hurt is when you don't go 100% every time.
And I learned, like, you better go 100% every time or you're going to lose.
You're going to get hurt.
But it's when you go 100%, it's almost like you can't get hurt.
But if I do, that's the way it is.
Because I'm not going to be signed up with you pedophiles and you devil worshippers that pull a baby out of a woman and take it in the back room and rape it because it's the most twisted thing you can think of.
Or you cut its scalp off and put it on a rat.
Or you inject puppy dogs with maggots.
So, I know these people are scary folks, but they gotta be faced.
We gotta expose them, and my job is to laze them.
My job is to light them up with a spotlight for you, politically, so that we can culturally say no to them and resist them.
And so when you magnify what we do here, you are literally turning up the spotlight on the cockroaches that Ted Nugent talks about so much.
So, we've got Harrison Smith.
Coming in here on the other side today.
And I really, really appreciate Harrison Smith and all the great work he does.
And then we've got the War Room coming up.
Owen Shore had a really well-deserved week off to go see his family in St.
Louis, Missouri.
And he'll be back next week as well.
That's good because I got to go.
I got to go to the symposium and so much more.
So thanks to the crew and the great job they've done.
Please pray for InfoWars.
Please pray for all our crew, all our people that work here.
They really need your prayers, your support.
So please think about each of the people that work here and pray for them.
All right, that's it for my part of the transmission.
Coming up... Harrison Smith.
Hello, I'm Mike Lindell, and I'm coming to you with the most important commercial that I've ever done.
All of you know what my pillow and myself have gone through in the last five months in my efforts to bring the truth forward.
Well, it's all come down to this.
I'm having a cyber symposium on August 10th, 11th, and 12th.
This historical event will be live streamed 72 hours straight on my new platform, FrankSpeech.com.
You can help by getting everybody you know to go to FrankSpeech.com now.
To help support this cyber symposium event, I am offering some of the best prices ever on my pillow products, but they're only offered at FrankSpeech.com.
Go to FrankSpeech.com now and use the promo code on your screen or call the 1-800 number below to receive these exclusive MyPillow offers.
Thank you and God bless.
All right, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Harrison Smith.
I am the morning host here at InfoWars.
I host a show called American Journal 8 to 11 a.m.
Central Standard Time each and every morning.
It's a call-in show where we take a lot of your calls, and boy, do we get some interesting calls.
We had a very fun one today.
If you didn't have a chance to watch today's episode while we were interviewing Ivory Hecker, we had a caller call in and ask about interdimensional demons, and boy, was I not expecting Ivory Hecker's answer.
To be the one that she gave.
Very, very interesting stuff.
So you're gonna have to go to InfoWars.com and check out the American Journal to catch that, because it is very exciting and fun.
Now, there's a lot to talk about today, but I was sort of inspired by a headline on InfoWars.com, using a term that I've used quite a bit, actually, recently.
Neo-feudalism, as we know, the so-called Great Reset being promoted by everybody from the UN to the Royal Family to Joe Biden to Klaus Schwab, you know what it is, but do you know what it really is?
What it really is is the Great Merger, the Great Combining of the most powerful forces in our entire world coming together in one singular, monolithic control mechanism in order to
Well, destroy human liberty worldwide and install themselves as the ruling elite over a planet of serfs.
And so, what I've done is compiled this giant stack of stories while I was watching the Alex Jones Show.
And this is a stack of what I like to call your new dystopia, where I'm laying out exactly what the world will look like if these people get their way.
And trust me,
Yeah, it's not pretty.
It's not pretty at all.
Actually, it's quite horrific.
Rather horrific.
So we're going to be taking a look at what Facebook and Amazon and Google and BlackRock and all of the other massive corporations that are now walking in lockstep towards a grim and disturbing future.
What they have in mind for you and for all of humanity.
But first I want to go to this video, clip number five.
InfoWars superfan, really, DataBattleZ.
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Folks, if you want to go,
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Harrison Smith.
Excuse me while I pinch myself since I still
I have a hard time believing that I actually work at InfoWars!
My God, I've been a fan for InfoWars since I was probably 12 or 13 years old, and here to be hosting the Alex Jones Show, I can tell you, is an honor beyond my meager comprehension.
So I'll do my best to live up to this incredible platform that
The info warriors out there have been kind enough to give to me.
So I'd like to talk about what our coming dystopia will look like when the big tech companies have their way and have total control of every system of our lives.
But first I want to talk about how we're going to get there.
And I'll show you a couple videos.
One you may have seen.
If you've been watching InfoWars the past six months ago, we've played it a few times.
It's the Milgram Experiment, but I'm going to show you another experiment, the video of which has been going around on Twitter today, called the Ash Experiment.
These experiments highlight very important aspects of human psychology that are now at work worldwide through the human population and being exploited, utilized, and really maximized in order to
Bring about total subjugation, willingly, in the American people, or in, really, the people of Earth!
Everybody, worldwide, because this is not just an American problem.
So let's begin, first, with the Milgram Experiment.
Again, you've probably heard of it, you probably know it.
The Ash Experiment.
Maybe new to you, and it'll really shock you, but let's refresh our memories, shall we, with this classic experiment from 1963, the Milgram Experiment, showing just how easy it is to get people to do things they never would have done before, really brutal things, up to and including murder, as long as, well, a scientist says so.
Trust the science.
It's a doctor.
He's wearing a white coat.
Do what he says.
Kill your friend.
It's absolutely incredible, but it is simple psychology that can be and has been exploited all over the world.
And they do.
Not just in singular individuals, but even easier to do on a wider population.
So here it is.
Enjoy it if you can.
Milgram Experiment 1963.
A decade earlier, psychologist Stanley Milgram had also looked at how we respond to authority.
In order to understand how people were induced to obey unjust regimes and participate in atrocities such as the Holocaust, he set up an experiment.
Volunteers were told they were taking part in scientific research to improve memory.
Could you open those and tell me which of you is which, please?
Who's the teacher?
I separated by a screen.
The teacher would ask the learner questions in a word game and administer an electric shock when the answer was incorrect.
He was told to increase the voltage with each wrong answer.
150 volts.
That's all!
Get me out of here!
Get me out of here, please!
Continue, please.
Go right ahead.
I refuse to go in!
Let me out!
You refuse to go in?
The experiment requires you continue, teacher.
Please continue.
Participants didn't know that the learner was really an actor, and the so-called shocks, harmless.
You're gonna get a shock.
180 volts.
I'm not gonna kill that man, eh?
I mean, who's gonna take the responsibility if anything happens to that gentleman?
I'm responsible for anything that happens here.
Continue, please.
Alright, next one.
Walk, dance, trot, music!
Two-thirds of volunteers were prepared to administer a potentially fatal electric shock when encouraged to do so by what they perceived as a legitimate authority figure.
In this case, a man in a white coat.
375 volts.
I think something's happened to that ball in there.
I don't get no answer.
He was hollering with less voltage.
Can't you check in and see if he's alright, please?
Milgram's findings horrified America.
They showed that decent American citizens were as capable of committing acts against their conscience as the Germans had been under the Nazis.
There it is, the Milgram experiment.
A couple of important things to notice from this experiment that once again simply illustrates a fundamental aspect of human psychology, which is that you can sort of offset your own guilt on somebody else if you think you are just doing something on behalf of a larger organization or it's not really your fault that you're the one doing the thing that you're doing.
Again, basic
We're good to go.
Okay, now you can kind of justify this if it's like, well, you gotta question this guy to get information about an upcoming terrorist attack.
You're saving lives here, so you gotta hurt this guy.
Then maybe you can justify it in your head.
There's nothing to justify this action.
It's an experiment to improve memory, right?
It's a simple test, no stakes, nothing that would justify this level of literal physical torture these people think that they're actually engaged in.
And that shows you just how low the stakes have to be for people to be engaged in this.
Just a memory experiment.
There's no reason to be hurting anybody over a memory experiment.
These people will not just hurt people, they'll have people crying out in pain and then thinking that they're dead and still delivering the jolts.
Two-thirds of people.
Participated in this and refused to stop the test.
Truly incredible.
But the real most important line in that entire video is the line that the doctor says.
He says, I'm responsible for anything that happens here.
And that's it.
And that's all it takes.
And you can look at everything from the FBI to the army to scientists and doctors.
When you give people incredible amounts of power, like say you give people the ability to press a button and send an electric shock to somebody that they can't even see.
There's something in us that sort of rebels at having that power.
It's a lot of responsibility to have a lot of power.
To be an FBI agent?
I mean, imagine.
Just picture for yourself what it would be like to be able to walk up to any police officer, walk in the beat, or in his car,
And to hold up your wallet and go, I'm in charge here, and have the cops say, yes sir, and walk away.
You know, like, FBI agents can do whatever they want, right?
That's a lot of power to have.
Psychologically, you either got to be an insane narcissist to handle that much power that you've been given, or you have to offload that responsibility onto your superiors.
So yes, I do have ultimate power if I'm an FBI agent in America.
I can do basically whatever I want.
But it's okay and I can handle it psychologically because I'm just doing what I'm told.
I'm just following orders.
It's not actually me, I'm just a vessel for the orders from the people above me.
It's their fault if I do anything wrong.
That is the psychological mechanism that's at work here.
But let's look at another very important scientific study.
This one's called the ASH experiment.
It took place in Britain and has to do more with group conformity.
I don't even think this needs an intro.
Just watch this and come to your own conclusions.
Here it is.
The ASH experiment is one of psychology's oldest and most popular pieces of research.
A volunteer is told that he's taking part in a visual perception test.
What he doesn't know is that the other participants are actors, and he's the only person taking part in the real test, which is actually about group conformity.
Please begin.
The experiment you'll be taking part in today involves the perception of line length.
Your task will be simply to look at the line here on the left and indicate which of the three lines on the right is equal to it in length.
So, for example... The actors have been told to match the wrong lines.
The volunteer will be monitored to see if he gives the correct answer or if he goes along with the opinion of the group and gives the wrong answer.
In the first test, the correct answer is two.
Uh, one.
Once again, the correct answer is two.
The Ash Experiment has been repeated many times, and the results have been supported again and again.
We will conform to the group.
Again, we're very social creatures.
We're very much aware of what the people around us think.
We want to be liked.
We don't want to be seen to rock the boat, so we will go along with the group.
Even if we don't believe what people are saying, we'll still go along.
Group dynamics is one of the most powerful forces in human psychology.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.com.
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Now, on to the topic of Neo-Feudalism and what exactly that looks like.
Got a couple videos here to illustrate exactly what that looks like.
First, let's hear from a man who I hadn't seen before, but I'm a big fan of now.
He calls himself the Hard Hat Intellectual.
He made this video, posted on Twitter.
Says, now you see why they had essential and non-essential.
Take it away, Hard Hat Intellectual.
So now, in case nobody figured it out, I mean, I'm pretty sure everybody probably should have figured it out, but in case, you know, there's people that didn't.
Now you see why you were allowed to go to
A Walmart or any of these big other corporations that were deemed essential to get your groceries or whatever it is that you needed to get.
And why you couldn't go to a mom and pop shop that sold essentially the same things and get what you needed to get.
Because they wanted to squeeze out all of these little places to basically remain the only options that people had left to go to.
So that way they could implement these rules such as COVID passports and vaccination only for their employees.
Because if they didn't do this first, mom and pop shops could have blew up.
Because they could have counted it and been like, you can come work here, you don't have to be vaccinated.
You can come shop here, you don't need to wear a mask.
They could have did all of that.
So how did they make sure that that didn't happen?
Yeah, literally as simple as that.
And the thing is, it's not even speculation, I should say, because...
If you look at who actually planned the lockdown and the response to coronavirus, it was Larry Fink of BlackRock, mostly, working with the federal government and advising them on exactly how to do this.
If you look at Amazon and the unbelievably massive gains they've made over the last year while simultaneously lobbying for the lockdowns.
I mean, this is the plan.
And again, it's not speculation.
We don't have to assume what these people want.
They've actually come out and told us at this point.
You know it as well as I do.
I'm sure if you're watching the Alex Jones Show, you know that you will own nothing, you will have no privacy, and you will be happy.
That's not just idle words.
That's a promise.
That's what they're actually implementing.
So what does that actually look like?
Well first, let's step back and understand.
When they say, you will own nothing, you will have no privacy, and you will be happy, they mean you.
They don't mean them.
They will still own everything.
They'll still have all the privacy in the world.
You won't.
Oh, but they certainly will.
See, they're not even subtle about it anymore.
They are literally now explicitly exempting themselves from the rules that they are saddling on everybody else.
And I have a few examples for you here.
From the UK, business travelers from big multinationals get English quarantine waiver.
That's right folks, executives at large multinational companies will be allowed to skip quarantine in England if they're deemed to be bringing significant economic benefit, according to government rules laid out Tuesday.
And this was back on June 29th, 2021.
The announcement prompted anger from opposition MPs and business groups that represent excluded smaller companies, coming amid a backlash about sponsors and officials from football's governing bodies, FIFA and UEFA.
Being allowed to enter the country for Euro 2020 without having to quarantine.
So, in other words, if you come from some small company, if you don't represent a company and you just want to come to the UK, you've got to stay in a hotel, you've got to spend thousands of dollars to pay for that stay in the hotel, you've got to stay there for two weeks to quarantine before you're allowed to enter into the country.
Unless, of course, you are of the elected class.
Unless you are of the new, neo-feudal, noble elite.
In which case, these laws literally just do not apply to you.
And it's actually as simple as that.
What about this story from just a few days ago?
Google founder Larry Page gets New Zealand residency under new special visa for uber wealthy.
New Zealand totally locked down.
You cannot visit New Zealand.
You cannot go to New Zealand.
New Zealand is off limits 100% unless...
You're an executive for Google, in which case the laws don't apply to you.
You're an elite.
You're a noble.
You're not a serf or a slave that must be restricted in your movement.
You have all the movement you could possibly want because you're the elite.
You're the elect.
You are the chosen.
Google co-founder Larry Page has gained New Zealand residency.
Officials confirmed Friday, stoking debate over whether extremely wealthy people can essentially buy access to the South Pacific country.
Well, they can buy access to absolutely anywhere.
The laws don't apply to them.
They're literally written that way.
What about this video from earlier today?
Representative Cori Bush says she deserves private security, but you need to suck it up and defund the police.
We've said it a million times here.
Defund the police means two things.
Privatize the police.
Federalize the police.
Those are the goals of the defund the police movement.
To have federal police that are not able to easily have oversight over them.
Where you don't actually have control over them, you can't elect them like you elect a sheriff or a constable.
They're controlled from Washington, D.C., and they carry out the orders of the federal government completely outside of the realm of control of the local powers.
That's one option.
The other option is to privatize the police.
That means the poor, the middle class, you won't have police because you can't afford it.
But the gated communities, oh, they'll have police.
The politicians?
They'll have taxpayer-funded police.
They won't even have to pay for it.
It'll be funded by you.
Cori Bush is literally saying that.
Again, none of this is speculation.
None of this is like, ah, doomsday.
I'm just telling you what's happening.
I'm just telling you what's actually going on right now.
And Representative Cori Bush is actively and telling you that she's doing this.
She is defunding your police.
She is taking the security away from your neighborhood.
And she's surrounding herself with men with guns.
That's just what they're doing.
They want you to eat bugs.
They want you to no longer have a car.
They don't want you to own a home.
John Kerry, however, and his family have taken 16 trips this year alone in their private jet.
Again, he's the climate czar.
He's the one going around literally telling us that we're not allowed to drive, that we shouldn't be able to buy gasoline vehicles or, you know, eat meat, right?
Eat bugs, eat the chemical stew that, you know, we pretend looks like meat.
Meanwhile, 17 trips in his family's private jet, one of which was to go pick up an award
His work with climate change.
Truly incredible.
And then of course you have Jeff Bezos who is telling you to eat cockroaches for the sake of climate change while he takes a vanity spaceship ride above the atmosphere for an Instagram selfie using 100 times the gasoline for a cross-country trip.
The thing, I won't let them get that off.
You can't get that off.
I'm going to make sure I have security because I know I have had attempts on my life and I have too much work to do.
There are too many people
That's neo-feudalism in a nutshell, right?
You only get security.
You only get privacy.
You only get property if you can pay for it.
And you can only pay for it if you serve the system.
Because the system is total.
The system is everything.
The system decides what you do and don't deserve.
Really incredible.
So that's what neo-feudalism looks like.
Let's just take a trip down memory lane, shall we, and take a quick little jaunt through dystopian hell world that's being built up for us.
Here's the story from earlier today.
Apple to scan US iPhones for images of child sexual abuse.
Apple unveiled plans to scan US iPhones for images of child sexual abuse, drawing applause from child protection groups, but raising concern among some security researchers that their system could be misused, including by governments looking to surveil their citizens.
Well, you don't say.
I guess that is what it could be used for, isn't it?
The tool designed to detect known images of child sex abuse, called Neuralmatch, will scan images before they're uploaded to the iCloud.
Before they're uploaded to the iCloud.
If it finds a match, the image will be reviewed by a human.
If child pornography is confirmed, the user's account will be disabled and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children notified.
Separately, Apple plans to scan users' encrypted messages for sexually explicit content as a child safety measure, which has also alarmed privacy advocates.
Should alarm every human being that they would, uh...
Actually implement this like not just talk about it They're implementing it now and you are not gonna be able to opt out of it as far as I understand it'll be automatically Uploaded to your phone whether you like it or not remember you don't own anything.
This is the world They're creating you're gonna rent your car.
You're gonna rent your house.
You're gonna rent your phone What does that mean that means what they want to come into your house?
They don't need your permission.
They need your Landlord's permission if they want to break into your phone.
They don't need your permission they need the corporation who owns the phones permission if they want to
Have your self-driving car?
Go ahead and turn yourself in to the police station for a wrong thing.
Well, there's nothing you can do about that because it's not your car.
You're renting that car.
You're paying for that car piece by piece.
So what are you going to do?
There's nothing you can do.
Matthew Green, a top cryptology research at John Hopkins University.
I'm sorry, cryptography research.
Warned that the system could be used to frame innocent people by sending them seemingly innocuous images designed to trigger matches for child pornography.
That could fool Apple's algorithm and alert law enforcement.
Researchers have been able to do this pretty easily, he said, of the ability to trick such systems.
Such systems, so far, utterly unreliable.
Just as I was compiling these stories for today's program, I ran across the old story about Google's AI system that, just like this one from Apple, was scanning photos in order to try to determine what was pictured in the images, and they had to make big changes to it because it kept calling black people gorillas.
Like, these things are not as good as they would need to be for this actually to be effective.
Now, what they say is that they're only going to be scanning phones for
Uh, already uploaded images of child pornography.
So apparently they have a giant database somewhere that has every photo of known child pornography on it already right now.
Okay, so that alone maybe is worth some talking about, but we'll just assume that it's all
Being done right.
So they have the world's largest child pornography database there at Apple or whatever that they're going to basically scan and try to match images from that known database with images in your phone.
Now, I'm not a technical expert.
I'm not an engineer.
I got to think there's a better way to do this.
Like this is so extreme.
It's pretty outrageous.
And look, just because it's on your phone doesn't mean the laws change at all.
If just Apple just does this and nobody does anything about it.
They do.
And they're just like, yeah, we own your phone.
We own all of your information.
We'll look at it.
We'll search it.
We'll copy.
We'll show it to people that work for us.
Like if they just do that, nobody stops.
And then I guess that is legal because nobody's preventing them from doing so.
That's sort of the reality of of laws.
It is.
But what if they wanted to come into your house and look through your photo albums?
Is this any different?
No, it's not.
Just because it's on a phone doesn't mean suddenly anybody who works at Apple has access to this.
This is a total violation, a total overreach.
Other abuses could include government surveillance of dissidents or protesters.
What happens, this article asks, when the Chinese government says, here's a list of files that we want you to scan for?
Green asks, does Apple say no?
I hope they say no, but their technology won't say no.
Well, the technology is there.
Apple has already given all of its encryption keys over to China in exchange for being able to build their
I think so.
I don't know.
Tim Cook of Apple gave a speech where he talked about kicking off people like Alex Jones off of their devices.
Off of the internet entirely.
And he said it's a sin.
It's a sin to let these people on our platform.
It's a sin to let people like Alex Jones speak freely because he tells people what we're up to.
But no, no, it's just a sin.
It's a sin to allow this type of material.
He didn't say it was a sin to allow child pornography.
He didn't say it was a sin to allow hardcore pornography.
He didn't say it was a sin to allow
You know, drug culture or any other incredibly damaging, you know, aspects of our culture.
No, no, it was about Alex Jones.
It was about people speaking up for freedom and liberty.
See, they could have done a lot of things to solve these little issues of child pornography being shared on all of these sites to a massive degree, but they're not that interested in that.
No, no, but they're very, very interested, very concerned about shutting down your freedom of speech, right?
You can post whatever you want to Twitter.
It goes right through.
I mean, there's been some awful stuff on Twitter that is actually illegal.
It stays up there for days and days and days.
That's just up there.
I mean, the porno sites are even worse, right?
But they're all supported by...
Big tech.
You can still download their apps at the App Store, right?
Even though they've been caught and sued and had people actually reach out and say, hey, this is an image of, this is a video of me from when I was underage that was taken illegally.
Please take it down.
And they don't take it down.
They just leave it up.
Now they're being sued for that.
So they're still allowed on the App Store, right?
They're still allowed to be present in all these.
It's not a sin to kick them off or to keep them on rather.
But no, they can be doing, doing anything.
Meanwhile, Netflix is like,
Making the movie Cuties, which is just like pretty much literally child pornography.
So this is the way it's going, right?
Many companies made record profits during COVID-19 pandemic and an advocacy group is calling on many of them to stop allowing child exploitation to be part of their bottom line.
Well, here's the deal.
They don't want to.
They're going to keep doing this, but they do know that if they want to massively encroach on your privacy,
If they want to spy in real time on your photos before it even gets uploaded to the cloud, then they've got to have something that they know the public will actually allow them to justify this insane behavior with.
So of course they choose child pornography as that particular topic.
Folks, I want you to really understand where this is headed and what it means that big tech is now
Intimately involved with our government from the federal to the local level that they not only essentially hold veto power over anybody running for our government if they don't like you they'll delete your account they'll delete your ability to reach out over Twitter or Facebook or any other social media platform which is the primary way people communicate these days
Meaning they can completely neuter, completely destroy your entire campaign before it even leaves the barn.
They can do that.
They essentially have veto power over who we have representing us.
But it's not just that.
The number of people that intermingle between big tech and the government is truly astonishing.
People moving back and forth between the FBI and Facebook or Twitter and the Biden administration.
They're all intimately intertwined.
An incestuous cabal.
of psychopath control freaks with their finger on the nuclear trigger and on your phone.
What that looks like and where that's headed is all in this stack, and I'll get to that in the final segment on the other side.
Don't go anywhere, folks.
We'll be right back.
All right, welcome back, folks.
Final segment of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith.
I'm the host of the American Journal 8 to 11 a.m.
every day here on InfoWars.com.
So let's talk about what a world designed by big tech really looks like.
First of all, this story from August 3rd, just a few days ago.
Want a $10 credit from Amazon?
Well, yeah, sure.
Well, just let it scan your palm.
Oh, never mind.
No thank you.
No, I'd rather not have you scan my palm for a pittance.
You weirdos.
Amazon is offering store credit in exchange for customers submitting a digital scan of their palm.
According to reports, the e-commerce company in 2020 introduced biometric palm print scanners in some of its brick-and-mortar stores, allowing registered shoppers to pay for goods by waving their hand over the devices.
I gotta say, that kind of makes sense, actually.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
Just imagine what it would look like paying for something like that.
See, when corporations and the government combine together, it's what we call fascism.
So when I reach out to scan my palm print, I think you get an image of what it might look like.
Like a salute, sort of, in a way.
So this is one step towards this all-encompassing total control grid of Amazon.
But let's expand a little bit farther out as we go to the Washington Post.
I'm sorry, let's go on to the insider.
Facebook and Amazon are so big they're creating their own company towns.
So Facebook and Amazon are actually building towns.
So this is the vision of the future.
The vision of the future is you'll work at a company that owns your town.
That means they own your home.
That means you're renting your home from your company.
They own the store that you go to, meaning the wages that you're paid are then returned directly to the company to pay for the goods that you need to buy.
The car that you drive will likely also be rented from that company.
With Amazon,
I think so.
That you actually learn about the world for, the car that you drive, the phone that you have in your pocket, all of your information, your computer, your house, everything will be owned by the company that you work for, making you essentially an indentured servant, a member of a company town.
That's literally what it is.
And let's just understand real quick how big Amazon is.
Amazon now employs more than 1 million people.
They added 400,000 jobs in 2020 alone.
Now this article is from October of 2020.
Since then, they've grown even more.
One out of every 153 American workers is an Amazon employee.
In other words, if this trajectory continues, by the end of this year, about 1% of all of America will be employed by Amazon.
Now, what is it like to be employed by Amazon?
I don't think you need me to answer this.
I think you know what it's like to be employed by Amazon.
I think it's a heck of a lot like slavery.
Let's read some stories about how Amazon treats their workers and understand that if the cancer continues to grow,
More and more percentage of America will be under Amazon.
Amazon will own more and more of the things that it then rents back to you for the wages that it pays you.
But only if you're lucky enough to work for Amazon because, as this headline points out, you might get fired by a robot.
Amazon employee fired by robot.
It's you versus the machine's algorithm.
As a 63-year-old Army veteran was fired by a machine for having not done his job properly despite the fact that
The reason he couldn't deliver the packages he was slated to deliver were out of his control.
It was things like locked apartment complexes and traffic that he couldn't control.
And yet, now he's been fired by a machine.
No one to appeal to, no human involved in the decision process, just an algorithm firing you from your job.
And of course, the opposite is also true.
I saw a post on Twitter a little while ago that was a legit post where somebody like, I was blessed by the algorithm today.
They're like, you know, I got up and there's a really good song playing on my Spotify list.
And then I got in my car and it led me around the traffic.
And then I, you know, I'm an Uber driver, so it gave me really good and profitable rides to give to people.
And then this, this, you know, and so, I mean, when you talk about an AI God, if you're living in a company town,
And you're working off an app on your phone, and your hours and your pay is all determined by robots, and they can actually slightly tweak it to where the more they approve of you, the better job you have, the easier, you know, the gigs that you have to work are, the less work you have to do, the more money you get paid.
I mean, literally, you worship the algorithm.
And that's what this Twitter post was like, you know, praise the algorithm, they blessed me today.
It's real, it's serious, and this is really where we're going.
Moving away from Amazon, what about Facebook?
Inside Facebook's cult-like workplace where dissent is discouraged and employees pretend to be happy all the time.
Welcome to your new dystopia.
Welcome to Facebook Town.
Smile or you're fired, right?
More than a dozen former Facebook employees detailed how the company's leadership and performance review system created a culture where any dissent is discouraged.
Employees say Facebook's stack-ranking performance review system drives employees to push out products and features that drive user engagement without fully considering potential long-term negative impacts on user experience or privacy.
Reliance on peer review creates an underlying pressure for Facebook employees to forge friendships with colleagues for the sake of career advancement.
Sounds like dystopian hell to me, quite frankly.
To be honest with you, just horrific.
Pretend to be happy all the time, right?
Like if you're sad, then you're being mean to the company, so you'll be punished.
It's just communism.
It's, I mean, this is, you recognize this mentality around the entire country right now.
I don't know.
Agitate for better pay, better benefits, whatever it is.
Well, Amazon spends a lot of money and a lot of AI on how to prevent that from happening.
One of the things they discovered is that the more diverse your workforce is, the less likely it is to unionize.
So they'll push diversity for the explicit purpose of causing lower social cohesion, which means there's a less likely chance that the SERFs, the little people down below, get together, team up, and actually apply pressure to the people above them.
So, you can expect Facebook Town and Amazon Town to be very diverse.
It'll be a very diverse massive surveillance system scanning you and watching you all the time with thermal cameras.
You know, because the more diverse you are, the less you get along, the less you cooperate, and the less threat you pose to your over-rulers.
Amazon wants a key to your business and your garage.
What about this?
Why security experts urge caution.
Oh, I can tell you why.
It's because they want you to give them a key to your house and their garage.
Gee, what's wrong with that?
Okay, it's pretty obvious, but again, they wouldn't even have to ask if you don't own your house, right?
And BlackRock is involved in buying up massive swaths of houses in order to rent them back to people, meaning you don't own it, meaning you don't have a right to say who does and does not enter into your abode.
Now, they'll enter, whether you like it or not.
Former FBI officials tapped for Amazon's growing security apparatus, so...
You know, they'll have the most high-tech security surveillance and everything.
Amazon delivery drivers forced to sign biometric consent form or lose their job.
We can always just get another job, you know, unless Amazon has a total monopoly over the entire economy, in which case you're signing the damn form, right?
Amazon warehouse organizers allege a year of retaliation.
See, they wanted to unionize.
They wanted slightly better pay.
They wanted not to be fired by robots.
They wanted to not have to pee in bottles while they were out doing deliveries.
They wanted to not have a situation where instead of buying air conditioning so that people did not pass out while working on the warehouse floor, Amazon decided it was more cost effective to just park an ambulance outside and wait for people to pass out and then treat them afterwards.
Anti-human, totally brutal, and if you try to organize, then the entire company will crush you, come down on you, and try to destroy your life.
These companies are not good.
Like, I don't know how many more stories I have to read.
I'll read more, but just, bottom line, bottom story, these big tech companies that are now, you know, imposing themselves, putting themselves, usurping the government's power, usurping your own power, saying, we're in charge, we will dictate how you live your life, what you're allowed to say, who you're allowed to vote for, are awful people.
Who, when they have an iota of power, use it to destroy anybody that stands up against them, and we see it time and time again.
What about this?
Amazon enables Sidewalk Network on millions of devices.
You thought it was your device?
No, it's Amazon's device.
It's Amazon's network.
You're just on it.
Doorbell camera firm Ring has partnered with 2,000 police firms across the United States.
Again, just solidifying the great merger.
And of course, you have all of the stories of listening in to devices even when it's not, you know, even when they're not allowed to or you don't say, okay, Google or, you know, Alexa or whatever.
They have all the medical records by the way.
I don't know if you know that.
Project Nightingale with Google got all your medical records.
AWS also has what they call a lake of medical records.
And it goes on and on and on.
What if this Google Drive takes down user's personal copy of Plandemic?
So even your files, if they're stored on the cloud, they'll be deleted.
So just total surveillance, total control, total subjugation, and yet
In this cult-like atmosphere, you have to pretend like you're happy or you'll be fired.
It's dystopia and it's coming.
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Well, it happened last week, right after July 4th.
World leaders across the planet and the UN announced a new world order.
Global government to stop the spread of COVID.
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That's because
These criminals are going to go to prison.
They released the virus.
They have used the whole program to starve the third world.
And they're now bringing in a worldwide ID, in Klaus Schwab's own words, with an implantable microchip as the next phase to be able to buy and sell or travel.
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