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Air Date: Aug. 4, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses the current state of COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine mandates. He raises concerns about possible long-term effects and side effects such as cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. He criticizes mandatory vaccinations, particularly targeting children, and promotes his own products to combat vaccine negatives. Jones discusses Pfizer's clinical trial data for its COVID-19 vaccine, arguing that its methodology was flawed due to PCR tests being done one week after administration instead of the recommended two weeks. He claims Pfizer knew about potential serious adverse events but excluded them from their analysis, raising concerns about corporate interests over public health.

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When they started saying they wanted to go and inject children whose natural immune system is far superior than any vaccine or product could be, I mean just their natural immune response, you couldn't make something statistically or clinically superior to that.
That was when a red flag went off and I thought I would just start investigating more of the data that I could find online from the FDA filings as well as
You know, some of the studies that were done to just prove that it wasn't necessary for children to get injected.
And when I found the patents, I was very alarmed because they didn't read as a vaccine.
They read as a bioweapon, basically.
And then I went back and I found some of the original studies where they used bat coronaviruses and spiked them, if you will.
They created these chimeric super viruses
Using HIV glycoproteins and the GAG protein, and it was very alarming and upsetting.
And when I realized what Americans were making themselves susceptible to, it was an anchor around my heart.
So I put together a
Two-page email with all the references and the studies and the patents and I sent it out to about 30 or so media outlets and influencers.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, August 4th, 2021.
We're live.
You stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The President called on states and local governments to use funding they have received, including from the American Rescue Plan, to give $100 to anyone who gets fully vaccinated.
If financial incentives like these help us get more shots in arms, we should use them.
Do you want to see those entities pass vaccine mandates?
Well, I'd like to see them continue to move in that direction.
And that's why I pointed out.
I had asked the Justice Department to determine whether that is they're able to do that legally.
And they can.
Local communities can do that.
Local businesses can do that.
It's still a question whether the federal government can mandate the whole country.
I don't know that yet.
The British government officially warns
That 2.6 billion people may die as a result of the mutations coming from the so-called COVID-19 vaccines that are really just genetically modified injections.
Everybody from the Washington Post to CNN to Fox News to the Wall Street Journal
To Bill Maher saying the vaccines don't work and the majority of people sick and majority of people in hospital, majority of people dying have had their COVID injections and I've got the government statistics from Israel, from Singapore, from the UK, from Canada, from the United States, from all the countries around the world.
Remember Crimson Contagion that we covered four or five months ago that got millions, 10 million views or so?
General Flynn said it was the best working scene on COVID.
Here's the thing, in this whole thing, this whole document, they have their disclaimer.
And at the end they go, the infectious pathogens, medical countermeasures, characters, new media experts, blah blah blah, are hereby described as entirely fictional.
They say it's entirely fictional, but when we show you
How it relates in the real world scenario, you're going to be blown away.
Conspiracy theories also profiled across social media suggesting the virus had been purposely created and introduced to the population by drug companies or that it escaped from a government lab secretly testing bioweapons.
This is in 2000.
And 17, right after Fauci says a virus will be released, it's going to happen, it's going to challenge Trump, it's going to be a surprise operation.
The war game from three and a half years ago, put out by the Rockefellers and others, saying they would inject people with this vaccine, everybody would get sick, and then out of that would collapse civilization.
We discover that almost all of the different types of mammals that they injected with similar vaccines that target spike proteins on coronaviruses, that in almost every case, the animals die within a few months of being given the injection.
And it can be extrapolated out that humans in the physiological differences would die in a few years.
That's how Dr. Sherry Tinpenny and so many other respected medical doctors came on this show and said, you will see antibody
Dependent enhancement.
By the first fall and winter after the injections, and now it's already beginning.
The antibodies to the spike proteins, which will probably be around forever, the antibodies themselves can attack your lungs, your kidneys, and your livers and cause autoimmune disease.
And it turns out they knew from hundreds of prestigious studies and government initiatives.
The University of Texas wasn't studies.
It was a four-year initiative of seven universities led by the University of Texas, where they gave all sorts
of spike protein vaccines for coronaviruses to rats, ferrets, other animals.
And some rats lived, none of the ferrets lived.
This is all a test to see what they can do to you.
Just like they said six months ago, oh, it's a rare heart condition, a rare blood clot in the brain, a rare stroke.
No, it's in the majority of people.
Because it starts growing protein crystals.
You don't have a virus, you get given protein crystals, that's what the spike protein is, and your body starts growing it.
And in every case they've done this, it kills the lab animals, the vast majority.
They knew what they did.
Like, if you poured a gallon of gasoline on yourself, let it soaked in and then struck a match, what's gonna happen?
You're gonna burn to death.
First night though, we're continuing to follow the bizarre and very fast-changing guidance on COVID from the White House.
Remember when they told you the last administration was incompetent?
We've never seen anything like this.
It's beyond belief.
It was just a week ago that Rochelle Walensky of the CDC did her best to terrify all of us.
over the new Indian strain of COVID.
Walensky described the so-called Delta variant as, quote, one of the most infectious respiratory diseases we know of and that I have seen in my 20-year career.
An internal CDC document summed it up in martial terms, quote, the war has changed, wrote the CDC.
In response to those horrifying developments, the administration immediately re-implemented indoor mask mandates, even for people who've been fully vaccinated.
That was enough to get even the deeply incurious American news media asking questions.
Wait a second.
If the vaccines work, why the masks?
So they started digging, and they didn't have to dig much.
On Friday morning, the Washington Post ran this headline, quote, Vaccinated people made up three-quarters of those infected in a massive Massachusetts COVID-19 outbreak.
Pivotal CDC study finds, end quote.
The New York Times ran a similar piece.
Again, it was based on numbers from the CDC.
And yet just minutes after those articles appeared, the White House panicked.
A senior member of its COVID-19 response team, a man who is not a doctor, but instead a career flak called Ben Wanaka, jumped on social media to attack the media, and in fact attack the administration's own scientists.
Here was Winaka's message to the New York Times on Twitter over the weekend.
He wrote it in all caps, as if he was shouting, quote, vaccinated people do not transmit the virus at the same rate as unvaccinated people.
And if you fail to include that context, you're doing it wrong.
He barked.
He went on to call the Washington Post coverage of it irresponsible, and he added this, quote, let's be clear.
If 10 vaccinated people walk into a room full of COVID, about nine of them would walk out of the room with no COVID.
Nine of them.
But is that true?
Ben Wanaka, the one who was not a doctor but instead a flak, did not provide a citation for that statistic.
And in fact, judging by the CDC's own numbers, it appears to be wrong.
In other words, it is classic misinformation.
Possibly Russian in origin.
And yet, strangely, Ben Wanaka, who knows much less about science than, say, Alex Jones, was not banned from the internet.
He just kept tweeting.
And then a few hours later, he got backup support from Rochelle Walensky herself.
The vaccine works, Walensky shouted.
In fact, it works so well, you may soon be forced to get it.
Are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level?
You know, that's something that I think the administration is looking into.
It's something that I think we're looking to see approval of from the vaccine.
Overall, I think in general, I am all for more vaccination.
But, you know, I have nothing further to say on that except that we're looking into those policies.
And quite honestly, as people are doing that locally, those are individual, local decisions as well.
So we're looking into a federal vaccine mandate.
But then just minutes after she said that, Rochelle Walensky went on Twitter to take it back.
Quote, to clarify, there will be no nationwide mandate.
I was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the federal government.
End quote.
But of course, that's not at all what she said.
She said we're looking into a federal mandate nationwide.
And that's how the psychology works of these people.
As they say, we're going to phase it in and then bring in a mandate and have a world ID card system.
And then when you say, I don't want to do it, well, then it doesn't exist and you're crazy.
So they announce it.
You say, we don't want it.
I don't want that.
They go, you're crazy.
No one's doing that.
It's like, hey,
Countries with 95, 99% vaccination rate have the highest rates of dead from COVID and almost everyone in the hospital has had the shot.
The shot's doing it.
And they just take you off Twitter or Facebook or YouTube if you show the foreign newspaper headlines, which then weeks later end up being here, but it's still bizarre because you talk to friends and family that don't believe you.
It's happened to me.
I'm talking about cousins, people like that.
And they just go, Alex.
Alex, they wouldn't be pushing this if it was really gonna hurt people, come on.
And I'm like, let me just show you, no, I don't wanna look at it, okay?
I even had one family member who got very ill off the first shot, and I said, don't take the second one, and they said, don't get in my business and won't talk to me now.
You talk about like the Civil War where you'd have brother against brother back in the 1860s here.
Well, that's the same story here now.
Or this is a spiritual choice people are making.
Let me raise something here that we've talked quite a bit about but hasn't gotten any attention.
And then I think could bring this whole house of cards down.
And it's this right here.
This is a small stack.
COVID vaccines causing cancer.
And it's all mainstream news.
I don't know.
And they may tell you that they're malignant, but just don't go to the doctor for six months, or if the doctor says it's cancer, wait six months.
Now, I'm going to show you official CDC guidance that when your doctor says you've got tumors, malignant, you know, the ones that eat you alive, not benign, just don't worry about it.
I mean, it's all just a test of how many of us they can kill.
And can they come squat at your dinner table and take a dump in front of you and tell you it's chocolate ice cream?
And then piss in your face and tell you it's lemonade.
I mean, sorry to use a gross analogy, but this is ridiculous.
And I can open the phones up and say, just call in if you're 80 and you started having menstrual cycles again, or just call in if you had emergency surgery because a huge tumor grew in your uterus a month after you took the shot.
We'll load the phones.
Just tune in if you got breast cancer, they did emergency surgery on you and it was malignant.
We'll have full phone lines.
Because I know people personally
Whose wives had to have emergency surgery after they took the shot.
I know people personally whose testicles swole up so big they had to have emergency surgery.
I know people personally that were told they had lymphatic cancer two weeks after they took the shot and they told them the shot didn't!
I know people personally that have had big fat heart attacks who were only 40-something years old and had no heart problems after they took it and they admit it doesn't!
That, ladies and gentlemen, is gaslighting.
And I have a whole stack of young people dead and dying and heart attacks, 15-year-old boys, you name it, after they take the shot.
And they admit, oh, it can cause that.
So the main effect is growing protein crystals that'll kill you over the next five years or so, maybe less.
We're going to find out.
That's what all the scientists say.
See, that's the thing.
It's like all the scientists.
They go, oh, trust the science, like all the major scientists go, don't do this, it's gonna grow protein crystals, and it's gonna attack the body, and it's gonna cause heart attacks, and it's gonna cause strokes, and it's gonna grow tumors.
I mean, what do you think happens when they put a program in your body to have your cells all start producing a spike protein?
It's the spike protein makes you sick!
I mean, what do you think?
And I guess it grows cancer like sunshine and rain and good soil grows plants.
And we've got all these scientists and all these doctors on explaining it to you and they predicted it all and now it's here.
So I've got this stack of news.
I'll hit a bunch of other news first, but anybody can research this or anybody can just talk to your neighbors, people that have gotten the shots.
89 year old women having menstrual cycles.
And now they want to give it to all our children and it turns out they're spending hundreds of millions of dollars with the White House directing it with state, local, and federal international money to target now teenagers and below 12 getting ready for authorization for that under emergency use.
So now it's not enough to kill all the old people and people dumb enough to use it.
Now it's not up to coerce everybody and say you got to take it or you can't go in the restaurant or have a job or grocery store.
Now they're going to target people below the age of consent and California passed a law they can give 12 year olds the vaccine without even getting authorization.
Which isn't a vaccine, it's a gene modification system.
Yep, the future's here.
The Kim Trails over the country club.
Now the top rated music talks about the chemtrails.
Now the top rated podcasts sound like the Alex Jones Show.
Now Tucker Carlson says Alex Jones knows science better than the White House.
What's that really about?
It's about people signaling they know the truth.
It's about people signaling they want to live.
It's about people signaling they're not going to be part of the big lie.
It's about coming together.
It's not about following Alex Jones.
It's about awakening.
It's about using our minds together in a family of truth, in a family of understanding, in a family of love for our species and for the truth.
A family that loves truth.
Let me show you who doesn't love truth.
Overhead shot, please.
There are few people that have as evil a countenance as this woman.
And everything that comes out of her mouth is calculated gaslighting to enslave and oppress and overturn every hard-fought liberty that humans have.
CNN media analysts, they don't tell you.
Globalist, eugenicist, former head of Planned Parenthood, Bill Gates' acolyte, post-humanist.
CNN medical analysts, we can't trust the unvaccinated.
Lena Wynn.
And just look at her.
She's like a coiled snake.
A viper.
A true monster.
I wouldn't want to be her when she faces the Creator.
Here's another one.
Australian MP says unvaccinated people need to be controlled and restricted.
Same all over the world.
Oh, nobody's going to restrict anybody.
Jennifer Aniston rips anti-vaxxers, says they have moral duty to identify themselves.
Yes, so maybe wear a yellow star on ourselves.
Identify that we didn't take the experimental Nuremberg violating injection that the majority of people sick and dying have taken the shot.
I mean, that's, but see, she does what she's told.
Jennifer Aniston, you know, when she's not starring in Leprechaun,
Or Don on Friends, because nobody has real friends, they sit and watch simulated friends.
She's going to tell us all about our medical world and our personal life.
Hey, how about it's my body, Bimbo?
How about you shut up?
How about we come protest at your house?
You want to identify us?
Stop stalking us, Hollywood!
Get out of our lives!
Look at this monster.
Everything we see in Australia is coming here.
The same health minister last week that said, don't talk to your neighbors?
Remember the Canadian minister said, we're going to keep lockdown in forever.
We don't want anybody talking to each other unauthorized.
You might spread disinfo.
I mean, the cult's out in the open.
Australian health official tells grandparents, don't go anywhere near your grandkids.
They've had 10 deaths this year, they claim, of COVID.
And they say if there's ever one, they'll shut down.
No matter how many people that starves to death or commit suicide, it's all martial law.
Australia has just gone back to being a total prison colony.
But you know, when it was a prison colony, if you worked hard all week in the fields, they'd let you walk around in the woods or go to the beach a little bit on Saturday before Sunday.
Of course, you got locked up at night at the penal camps just because you were poor and from Ireland or Scotland or England.
But they're just right back to the penal colony they were.
Great people in Australia.
In fact, let's do this.
We ought to open the phones up.
I'm going to do this.
Let's open the phones up because we've got a bunch of big activists.
We've got a big activist helping lead the fight.
Well-known actor and activist that ran for mayor in London.
Friends of Paul Joseph Watson, we've got a special guest joining us next hour as part of these big giant rallies.
And we've got Chris Sky leading the fight, rallying against the lockdowns.
Also joining us, leaving more of his predictions that have come true.
But let's intersperse throughout all this.
Your calls.
Let's start out with the first round.
Callers from Australia, please, no one else call.
I know it's the middle of the night in Australia, but a lot of you are still up.
How are you liking the second endless lockdown?
The helicopter's telling you you can't go to the beach.
People being beat up and arrested at their houses because they're trying to organize criticism against the lockdown, which is a political move.
How dare you want to get out of prison?
At least in prison, you can petition the Congress or petition the courts, petition the warden.
You don't even allow them to petition.
Just shut up and stay in your house while we put you on welfare and then all the resources dry up.
Almost all these people are communist leaders.
Australian health official tells grandparents, don't go anywhere near your grandkids.
Video clips, planfulwars.com.
New state of segregation.
Vaccine cards are just the beginning.
And in New York, they particularly target black people.
Oh, because you're more at risk, they say.
So they're going to be even meaner to you.
Tough love.
Rand Paul says NIH director's stupid after he called to wear a mask at home.
Well, the cult's always got to expand the power.
Senator introduces legislation to mandate voter ID for states that mandate vaccine passports.
Oh, the left says that can't happen.
Texas judge blocks governor's order halting transport of COVID-positive illegals to be let go onto the streets, saying not letting them go on streets spreads COVID.
You're like, that's not true.
No, read the ruling.
It says not letting them go spreads COVID.
Just like, remember, they said Black Lives Matter marching stopped COVID.
Anyone else marching spreads COVID.
Associated Press reports.
You're like, that's not logical.
They want to murder logic.
They want to get you used to not having logic.
Video Biden confronted allowing untested and unvaccinated illegals into the U.S.
And it goes on and on.
But first, let's get to the admitted Marxist-Leninist Mayor de Blasio.
And here he is saying, oh yes, it is a mandate.
So again, there was never going to be a vaccine mandate, even though it's going in all the world.
There's never going to be a tracker pass, even though Klaus Schwab said five years ago, we're going to use the threat of a virus to bring in a world government ID card.
It'll be standardized under the UN.
You'll then wear on your clothes.
Then it'll be a face scanner, a hand scan, and then it'll be an implantable chip.
And they're running the show.
But when we say, hey, we don't want that, we're, oh, the ADL, Southern Provincial Law Center says, oh, no, no, no, no, no, that's code word for racism.
And in the new terrorism policy, it says, protesting lockdowns is terrorism, it's white supremacy, and protesting election is, you're not allowed to do it because they're liberals and you're free.
So I think we should all shut up and do what they say and let them put handcuffs on us and put us in the back of the van and put us in that dungeon.
We'll be much safer if we don't fight back.
Here is the mayor saying the first-in-the-nation policy, not a law, requiring COVID vaccination.
So today I announce a new approach, which we're calling the Key to NYC Pass.
The key to New York City.
When you hear those words, I want you to imagine the notion that because someone's vaccinated, they can do all the amazing things that are available in this city.
Let's stop there, it gets a lot worse.
So in Israel, wearing a bracelet that tracks you with GPS is called a Freedom Pass.
It was going to be called the Excelsior Pass.
But people don't want the Excelsior Pass.
No, that's not Stan Lee's Excelsior.
Now it's the key to the city.
With him smiling like a demon, like the Joker is the mayor of New York.
Ha ha, kids, you drink this, you'll feel great.
Take this shot.
I'm a commie!
America's mine!
I'm gonna explain something really important when we come back.
Stay with us.
Evil always launches its attack and it always looks like it's winning in the beginning.
But soon the tide turns and good comes out on top.
If we take action and cry out to God to lead God and direct us, we are unstoppable.
All right, my friends.
Let me get back to the creature, the admitted Marxist-Leninists.
In fact, there's now mainline articles going, have you noticed all the people running the lockdowns worldwide are Marxist?
They all are.
And why suddenly are they in power everywhere?
And why are megabanks funding them?
Well, megabanks funded the Bolshevik Revolution.
It's an elite attack on the people, telling the people it's grassroots.
It's the opposite.
And you ask, well, what's it gonna do to New York?
And what's it gonna do to LA and San Francisco and all these cities that are already collapsing?
When they're jacking up taxes even more, regulations even more, I couldn't afford to live in New York.
And I'm not that rich, but I got some money.
And I've been there and seen what like tiny apartments I couldn't pay for.
How do people live there?
And now they're just stacking all of this stuff up on top of it and saying, if you want to have a business, if you want to go in a grocery store, if you want to go at the mall, if you want to get on a bus, you've got to show a New York City pass that's a part of this global UN slash Bill Gates system.
This affiliated program with a QR code of your medical record and then they're going to always say more shots, more shots.
And you don't see that database as a danger when they admit it's about a world ID and a world social credit score and the backbone of the entire control system.
On a scale of 1 to 10, when you're carrying a little computer around to be able to go in stores or get on a bus and you've got to show an ID to do it.
With your medical records and you've got to take an experimental shot in their own literature massively contributing to health issues?
I mean this ain't like smoking a few packs of cigarettes.
This is like smoking cigarettes for 30 years when you take a shot.
I mean this is like getting hit by a truck.
We know it's premeditated and these people are going to line up because metaphysically they need you to at least agree to it even if it's coerced.
So, again, I'm somebody that knew this was coming.
I'm somebody that is not easy to push around.
I'm pretty pig-headed.
Pretty donkey-like.
And I'll be honest with you, I'm pretty scared.
And by scared, I mean I'm freaked out.
For my family, for you, for everybody.
I'm not scared of the enemy and I'm not gonna back down, but I am scared for humanity.
I mean, I am legitimately shook up bad.
And I don't know how anybody on the enemy side carrying the crime out would feel, because that's why I'm scared.
I'm scared of God.
I'm scared of separation from God, and I look in the mirror a lot, and I think, you're not doing enough, Jones.
Even though I'm doing everything I can do, my conscience tells me I should be doing more, because there is no words that can describe how evil this is.
This is bad.
And we need to see what Tucker Carlson's doing duplicated.
And I don't tell this story, before I play this clip, to look how great Alex Jones is.
But even if they kill me or put me in prison, this is a big satisfaction point in success and completion of the mission.
If I could wake up Tucker Carlson,
And Tucker's told me face to face, and credited with me with helping wake him up to a great extent.
He's a super smart guy.
Once he shifted his awareness and became cynical, then he sees even more than I do, you understand?
And he's more eloquent in many ways.
But I've woke up countless others, ladies and gentlemen.
This show has, and that means you have by supporting us.
And that means you can go out and wake others up who will be powerful forces for good against this evil, and then my job will be complete.
In fact, we're very close to converting even more major thought leaders, and even if I disappeared at this point, I think I can say my main mission, and I know God's other missions for me, and I intend to keep going on, but I do feel a great feeling of completion.
There's so many people that get it now that it's kind of like a three-stage rocket booster, and the third stage broke away, we made it into orbit, and we made the orbit where we wanted to make the orbit.
And I just want to look back at the last 27 years and salute the listeners, salute all the supporters, salute my parents and my family and all of you that made this possible, because I think it's important in all this negativity and all these bad things happening to pause for a moment
And to really take stock of the fact that InfoWars delivered the goods.
And that means everybody that's worked here, everybody that's supported, that means the crew, the host, everybody putting up with me.
You guys did this, and I just think you should know that the enemy did not hit us flat-footed.
And because we did this, they're in a lot of trouble right now.
And I have no doubt they're going to make me pay severely for this.
That's okay.
Because I didn't want to live a life of serving evil.
I didn't want to live a life of being another man's minion.
I didn't want to live a life on my knees, but on my feet.
And I can just tell you, though, that I can metaphysically feel a major disturbance in the force, as they would say, and things are about to get very, very dangerous and very, very bad, because the enemy is losing badly right now.
And I feel very, very sad, actually, for a lot of the little scared minions that wanted power, not because they were evil, a lot of them, but because they were scared little men.
And I think now they realize they've signed on to something very evil.
I mean, for all of you that push the forced inoculations and all the lies, I mean, you are mass murderers now.
I mean, you have really killed a lot of people.
And what do you think's gonna happen when you metaphysically already cross one big flaming line on your road to perdition?
There's one more line that when you cross it and you target people that are not of the age of consent,
With drugs, or sex, or corruption, evil, that God really, and in every other culture, you know, the Greeks said the worst thing you could do was corrupt the young.
Humans have this written on our heart.
You're now going after two-year-olds.
These liberal parents are signing waivers and giving experimental shots to their two-year-olds and one-year-olds, and many are dying.
I have that right here in the articles.
And the families say it's worth it for science when their kids die.
This is the same as sacrificing your children to an idol.
And so history is repeating itself and now they want to bully and come in and bully the children and bully the parents to target children with this.
It's one thing if you pressure somebody with their job and do that, that violates the Nuremberg Code, that's evil, that's wrong.
But it's something entirely different.
When you target young children.
And that's the final line, the ultimate sin.
And I just, all I am is a sign on the way to hell.
Flipping here in the wind, imagine I'm like a tree with a tree branch with a sign hanging off, saying this way is your damnation.
And there's the sign just swinging in the wind.
Turn back now.
It's creaking in the wind.
Turn back now.
You need to turn back right now.
Doom is down that road.
Stop now!
But when you look at de Blasio, and you look at these other people, you look at Governor Newsom, and Governor of, oh she's so demonically possessed, of Michigan, just totally demoned out, just, I can't make the faces, I can't even let flow of that energy through me to show it to you, but you know what I'm talking about, like a jack-o-lantern lit up on Halloween.
When you look at them, and they start talking about, you're gonna have the key to the city,
They know it's evil.
They know it's bad.
They know they're giving up their humanity.
They know they're self-harming.
And they're harming you, and they are getting off.
I mean, Fauci is on all these children's TV shows.
I was watching it this morning, and I had to stop.
I was getting so upset.
I mean, I don't need that level of hate in my heart, you know.
Look at it, that little garden gnome, that little demon.
And he's just sitting there.
Yes, children will take it.
Good for you.
It's nice.
It's all safe.
Take it.
Oh, nice.
Oh, it's so nice.
And they've got these beautiful supermodel women.
They're targeting little girls and little boys to take it.
I mean, this is so sick to watch these demons put a beautiful goddess on the end of a hook to lure children in because children trust women.
Because historically, children can trust women.
We are back live at the Alex Jones Show.
I've never been to Australia, but they wanted me to go there and give speeches.
I know per capita.
We're good to go.
And I really love Aussies, but man, do they have an evil government out of control.
And they are the model of lockdown, the model of oppression.
They're telling Aussies all sorts of horrible things.
A year ago, Aussies called in and said they're secretly arresting people and taking them to facilities if they criticize the lockdown.
I even had trouble believing it.
We had like five calls in a row one day saying it.
They sounded very credible.
Months later, they were arresting people on TV for protesting online.
They come to their houses, arrest them.
So it's true.
And now that model's coming here.
They're saying, arrest people.
They quote, put out this info and criticize the lockdowns.
It's happening in Germany.
I mean, just a year ago, I was having trouble believing it.
And then it happened and was confirmed.
So I want to open the phones up as we have Lawrence Fox, who is a very successful actor.
He's also a very successful leader against the lockdowns and is a big part of those giant protests you've been seeing with hundreds of thousands of people marching each time.
He's going to be joining us and while he's on with us, I'm going to take some calls from Australia.
And then I'm going to segue to calls from Europe and the UK and Canada when Chris Sky is on in the third hour.
It's all about activism.
It's all about standing up.
It's all about calling the fraud out, calling for the rest of the globalists.
So start giving the number out right now.
And sometimes when I give the number out, it's the middle of the night right now in Australia, you know, two, three, four in the morning, depending which time zone.
Sometimes we load the phones up.
Sometimes we get one or two calls, but regardless, we'll go to you.
Give us your take on what you're witnessing and what you're seeing.
The toll free number is 877-789-2539.
Dial your country code and 877-789-2539.
Now, obviously some folks can't call a 1-800 because they're on a digital phone line or whatever.
That's fine.
And I'd love to hear what you think about the ongoing lockdowns and being the epicenter of the globalist tyranny.
10 deaths this year in seven months from COVID, they claim.
Country completely locked back down.
New Zealand says, we won't allow one case.
And it's all based on a fraudulent PCR test.
The question is, why are they doing this?
Well, because the public is putting up with it.
It's like Hawaii was overthrown and taken over by the U.S.
It's not really a free state.
They do stuff there.
They don't do it anywhere else because the public never learned their rights of U.S.
And I don't get in people's business, native groups.
I like the Hawaiians.
They love me when I'm out there.
They don't really like a lot of other people from outside.
They love me because they know I'm against the system.
And I've been invited to meet with some of their top actual chiefs and stuff.
I was blown away when I found out who it was they wanted me to meet with.
But I mean, I'd love to come help lead a rebellion there and establish America in America.
Because it's not the U.S.
government that's enslaving people in Hawaii.
It's the globalists that are enslaving us all.
But I want to see everybody free.
I want to see the Aussies free.
I want to see the Hawaiians free.
I'd love the Hawaiians to take back their islands and they can run it.
And then we can have a free country.
I mean, I just...
I want to save America, but man, the footage we've got all over the U.S., all over Europe of just beating women and children up, riding people over with Clydesdale horses.
I mean, it is just absolutely out of control.
This is just maximum tyranny, and now they say they want to arrest us.
Beat up a little girl.
Look at that.
Hitting like a 12-year-old girl.
I'm going to take that down.
I can't even look at it.
That's Germany.
Here's France.
So we're going to cover all of that here today.
877-789-2539 if you live in Australia or we'll throw New Zealand in it too.
I know it's really bad.
But then Canada and Europe in the third hour today.
Now before I go any further, let's finish up with de Blasio.
Here's the admitted communist going, you're going to get the key to the city when you take the shot.
But with 70% of New York already injected, 47% of the U.S., notice they said, oh, sorry, you still got to wear a mask.
You got to take more shots now.
Once they get you with that pass, that's not a key to the city.
That's a ball and chain around your neck, around your body.
Them putting what in your body, what they want.
I mean, think about that in context while this creepy looking dude
That again, if I was gonna cast for a horror movie, where a guy runs a bed and breakfast and he really eats the people and kills them that come to the bed and breakfast, I would hire him.
I mean, he just comes off as ultra-evil.
So first, we're gonna give you a hamburger, we're gonna give you some fries, a donut.
Now, we're gonna let you go outside.
We're gonna let you go in businesses.
We're gonna track where you go, too, buddy.
Think about that.
Just like that.
The Holy Grail of the New World Order, here it is.
So today I announce a new approach, which we're calling the Key to NYC Pass.
The key to New York City.
When you hear those words, I want you to imagine the notion that because someone's vaccinated, they can do all the amazing things that are available in the city.
All the amazing things that a legal alien can do crossing the border.
All this.
I'm going to start it over.
It is imagining.
Imagine you can do all these wondrous things once you let big pharma put something in your body.
Just imagine.
Start it over.
So today I announce a new approach, which we're calling the Key to NYC Pass.
The Key to New York City.
When you hear those words, I want you to imagine the notion that because someone's vaccinated, they can do all the amazing things that are available in this city.
This is a miraculous place, literally full of wonders.
This is a miraculous place full of wonders, kids.
Just let us put an experimental secret thing in your body from Depopulationist, and it's gonna be so much fun!
Sorry, go ahead.
All that's gonna open up to you.
You'll have the key.
You can open the door.
But if you're unvaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in anything.
This is so biblical.
This is Mark of the Beast.
If you don't, you can't open the door, you're a prisoner.
So get out of the door, stick your arm out and let us shoot you up.
And look else who runs it.
Former head of Planned Parenthood says you can't trust the unvaccinated.
Lock them up.
Don't let them have food.
How would you trust anybody like this maniac?
And now they confirm the majority of sick took the shot.
The majority of the dying took the shot and they're trying to suppress that desperately.
He thinks he's so powerful he can kill you.
And he'll get away with it, continue.
That's the point we're trying to get across.
It's time for people to see vaccination as literally necessary to living a good and full and healthy life.
You know, everything they say to you is a lie.
So listen, you need to see it as essential to leading a good and full and healthy life.
You understand, even though it destroys your immune system, can hurt you, can kill you.
You need to see it as that and imagine that.
Imagine you're gonna be free, just take the shot.
Even though all these idiots took the shot and they're not.
NYC Pass will be a first in the nation approach.
It will require vaccination for workers and customers in indoor dining, in indoor fitness facilities, indoor entertainment facilities.
Then pause again.
And that means tracking and control and database has expanded everything.
I mean this is the holy grail of evil.
The only way to patronize these establishments indoors will be if you're vaccinated.
At least one dose.
Stopping in.
They're also saying...
That even if you've already had the disease or whatever, and that can kill you to take a shot, you need to do it.
They don't care about science or anything.
So this is the violation of the Nuremberg Code, and he is proud to announce he's the first one to do it.
He's the top Nazi.
...for folks in terms of work.
They'll need at least one dose.
This is crucial because we know that this will encourage a lot more vaccination.
We've seen it already.
We've seen the impact of the mandate we've put in place for city workers already... Alright, that's enough.
These are the people that sent folks with the flu and with pneumonia into nursing homes to get high death rates.
This is a mass murderer.
This man is a communist.
This man is the enemy of humanity.
And there goes New York.
These are globalist enclaves, globalist colonized zones.
They're going to run all the Americans out of them, no matter what color you are, if you still believe in freedom, and then bring in new third world slaves to then expand the colonization of the rest of the country.
This is a scientific plan, and these are just ultra evil people.
I saw him three years ago when he first got in, brag at the UN how they were going under UN control in New York, and they had a big celebration, had tears in their eyes.
This is insane.
All right, we're going to go
We're good to go.
I think so.
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InfoWars privacy pouches with 10 stickers and the door sticker.
Say no to contact tracers.
50% off.
That ends this week.
We are the resistance.
Thank you all for your support.
We'll be back with our number two with your calls and a special guest.
Hello, I'm Mike Lindell, and I'm coming to you with the most important commercial that I've ever done.
All of you know what my pillow and myself have gone through in the last five months in my efforts to bring the truth forward.
Well, it's all come down to this.
I'm having a cyber symposium on August 10th, 11th, and 12th.
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Go to FrankSpeech.com now and use the promo code on your screen or call the 1-800 number below to receive these exclusive MyPillow offers.
Thank you and God bless.
We are now into our number two, and I want to take calls from Australia and New Zealand.
I know it's the middle of the night over there on your incredible police state once unfolded there.
We had the phone lines load up with other people that aren't from Australia calling in.
It's kind of hard to get the folks from Australia.
The folks do that.
We're leaving the phones open for Australia and New Zealand next hour, Canada and Europe.
If you tried to call in and couldn't get through, call in again.
We're trying to get to your call.
And we have a guest on who's leading some of the opposition against the 1984 come-to-real-life lockdowns in the UK joining us.
And again, as I said, we'll take some phone calls from other activists and other people to give your views while we do that interview.
But this is just an amazing time to be alive, folks.
Open world government, open vaccine passports, open total control, pedophilia out in the open, world government out in the open, and a world government that's anti-human.
I mean, this is, and the weirdos and the crazy people that work for the system who all violate their own rules.
It is simply staggering.
But here's a very important report that I wanted to get to.
And let's go ahead and roll that report, and we'll be right back.
Just like we need to be a unified nation in response to COVID-19, we need a unified national response to climate change.
Now I know the infrastructure deal that they're talking about, and Manchin said they're going to introduce it today, they're going to bring out the language, is obviously a lot smaller than you wanted, a lot smaller than a lot of your fellow progressives wanted.
It still does include things that you like, including funding for electric vehicle charging stations, public transit, clean water systems, broadband, more.
When it comes before the House, as it looks like will happen, will you vote for it?
We have to hold on to that bargain.
If there is not a reconciliation bill in the House, and if the Senate does not pass the reconciliation bill, we will uphold our end of the bargain and not pass the bipartisan bill until we get all of these investments in.
You ask her, who's going to pay for all this?
It's a fantasy.
We're in a situation right now where we're on the edge, I think, of significant inflation because the government's spending far more than it's taking in.
It is putting dramatic inflationary pressure on the economy and every American will end up being poorer because of the policies of the left-wing Democrats.
Democrats infrastructure deal is merely the Green New Deal with another name.
As the Washington Times reports, a slew of liberal priorities including health care, climate change and anti-poverty initiatives.
Democrats also plan to push for amnesty for illegal immigrants and new mandates phasing out fossil fuels,
We're good to go.
There are parties within our government that are well aware that advanced technologies exist, yet the United Nations Climate Change Initiatives and Klaus Schwab's foreseeable cyber attacks will plummet humanity back into the Stone Age.
It may look like business as usual,
But the Democrats are preparing yet another dagger to plunge into the heart of America.
But the biggest problem is Nancy Pelosi has said she's going to handcuff the two together.
The real infrastructure with this spending monstrosity which is reckless tax and spending.
So just to be clear, this is a bill almost 3,000 pages long and you haven't seen much of it.
You don't really know what's in there.
Well, we're still looking for the details of it.
The parts I've seen that are concerning to me, and I'm from Wyoming, an energy state.
Again, this is a bipartisan bill.
I have concerns about the energy component, where the Democrats have insisted that the model for energy ought to be the California model.
Well, Maria, in California, electricity prices are the highest in the country.
They have their ongoing blackouts.
They have this
But in the end, the Democrats failed yet again, as the New York Times reported.
The infrastructure package is far from the transformational package that President Biden had sought.
The bill includes no mechanisms to immediately mandate the reduction of fossil fuel emissions.
So Biden has predictably failed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, which will not please his handlers who are eagerly implementing the United Nations Agenda 2030 plan.
You know, I tell the great producers of this show who I'd like to get on, and then sometimes it just works out where a theme of a particular show kind of forms itself.
Without us even trying, and that's what today's broadcast is about, is about waking up to the prison being built around us and resisting it, not giving in to it, not submitting.
So we've got Lawrence Fox, who's helping lead with a lot of other great folks, a movement against the permanent emergency lockdown in the United Kingdom and Europe.
And then, of course, we have Chris Sky, who's doing an amazing job coming up in the third hour in Canada and all over the world as well, really exposing the global plan.
for watching.
Adam, James, Jamal, Brad, and others that have already called in from Australia, middle of the night, so I will intersperse your calls with our guest.
But Lawrence Fox is a well-known, successful actor.
Not going to get into all the things he's done, but he's been an outspoken critic of political correctness and cancel culture, both on national TV and social media, although he may be best known for playing James Hathaway in the British TV drama series Lewis from 2006-2015.
He's also the founder and leader of the Reclaim Party in the UK.
You can keep up with everything Lawrence is doing at the Reclaim Party by visiting reclaimparty.co.uk or by following him on Twitter at L-O-Z-Z-A FOX.
And the Reclaim Party at Twitter as well, reclaimparty.co.uk.
We've seen some of the amazing big rallies they've had in Trafalgar Square and the hundreds of thousands.
We've seen millions in Germany, millions in France, hundreds of thousands going out in Australia.
Then they face-scan them, come back to their houses and beat them.
I mean, this is Germany beating little kids, running over women with Clydesdale horses.
I don't hate the police.
I don't hate the military.
But when it's not in our hands and it's unconstitutional, it becomes like North Korean military evil.
And as a man, I'm not going to, like the IRA, go blow anything up or anything.
I'm just saying they're really crossing a Rubicon of violence here.
So we should up the civil disobedience and the love and really get more aggressive, but not play the violence game.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I want to get your take on this, Lawrence Fox, during this amazing period in human history.
Thanks so much for having me, Alex.
Actually, yes, today has been a particularly dark day in England because what happens is the way the authoritarians play the game is that they release a poll from a company called YouGov, which was formed by the vaccines minister, ironic that, saying that everyone wants more vaccines, more lockdowns, more masks.
And the government have now announced today that they're going to start jabbing children.
And it's just utterly horrific.
And I think the times of evil are coming upon us, actually.
I have no other way of looking at this.
Experimenting on children, for me, is utterly, utterly disgusting.
Yeah, that for me is Joseph Mengele territory and really crosses a final line.
Absolutely it does.
And we're watching, the horribleness of it is we're watching it take place slowly.
So we're slowly being strangled by this government.
We don't have an opposition in the United Kingdom.
Our opposition in the UK says whatever the government do, yes let's do that and more.
So we live in a one party state which is essentially we're living under a regime, an authoritarian regime.
Any semblance of democracy in the UK is finished.
And now we're experimenting on our children.
It's appalling.
Boy, didn't Boris Johnson turn out to be a Trojan horse?
Boris Johnson, the only thing Boris Johnson has is self-serving.
When Britain voted for Brexit, Boris Johnson wrote two letters, one in support of remaining in the European Union and one in support of leaving.
The man has no backbones, no principles and no leadership skills whatsoever.
So we're being led by a baby and a massively adulterous baby as well.
He operates his country in the same way that he operates his private life, which is a shambles and an immoral disaster area.
Where to start, because these are amazing rallies, these speeches are so historical, but the mainstream media blocks them out.
For folks that don't know, I would say Europe, the UK, Australia is the epicenter of this tyranny, announcing COVID passports, pushing all this.
What's happening on the ground, and what can you report to the world?
Because what is happening in your country is obviously coming here next.
Well, the UK's biggest advertiser in the mainstream media, to the tune of 180 million last year, was the mainstream media.
The government were the biggest advertiser on the mainstream media, so we have no reporting of the hundreds of thousands of people that stand against tyranny and for freedom.
I think so.
Maintain their wealth and we're watching our currency is about to fall apart as well.
So we're going to, we're looking at, the government are trying to, thinking of trying to rush in a CBDC into the UK and that's going to fail as well because the government couldn't even organize a test and trace app where we've got millions of people being told that they cannot go to work.
So you expect them to rebuild the currency?
Rishi Sunak, our Chancellor of the Exchequer, spent 400 billion pounds
Trying to pay everybody off with a furlough scheme in the UK and when that stops, something else will start.
And it's not going to be good.
Well, let's think big picture.
You're a smart guy and I don't think I'm that stupid.
The powers that be, the multinational corporations know this destabilization is going to do what the Great Reset wants.
Collapse things, bring in universal income.
So the politicians are following orders thinking, oh, we're just going to make people take shots, create an ID, track and control the public.
But really, like you said, they're starting a division in society
It's going to form a giant black market economy and make people not follow any of the laws.
I mean, if I wanted to end civilization, I would do what the UK government is doing right now.
They're making it impossible to... the only people that don't consent usually within any population are the working people.
They don't want to be told what to do.
So whenever they get a chance to vote, like Brexit, like Trump, they vote what they want to see.
And the establishment spend their time stamping that out and trying to tell us all what to think.
I think people have just had enough now.
We're just
The temperature is febrile in London.
London is a dead city.
I mean the cities across England are dead now.
There's, you know, people, you barely see people walking around.
The rural areas are much more lively and the mainstream media just ignore this.
They think we're so stupid that they keep shoveling us this propaganda paid for by the government.
The government's own polling station paid for, a polling company is paid for, that we'll somehow buy it.
But people won't.
The people now need to stand up.
And resist this, because we're being overtaken by this power-hungry, greedy, spineless regime.
Well, you know, I say the UK and places are the epicenter.
What about Pakistan, where whole regions are told, we're going to turn your phone off if you don't come take the shot.
So hundreds of thousands in one town fled, hundreds of thousands lined up this weekend to take the injections.
I mean, it's so obvious that the more we accept the phone and the digital ID and the social credit score and the vaccine passport, that that's when we're trapped.
It's not like the mayor of New York says, you'll have the key to the city, you'll be free.
No, once I accept this, I won't be free.
Well, exactly.
In the north of England and in areas outside the lost parts of Britain, like London, they say cash is king and they live with paper money and that's how they operate and it is the way that they do it.
It is inevitable.
The only way that they can get a digital ID is via the vaccine passport.
They're not going to stop.
And they won't stop even until they've started jabbing young children.
And that, unfortunately, I think for many, many, many, many people will be a red line.
And the government will find out that you can't suppress freedom.
You can't do it.
It doesn't work after a while.
Well, that's right.
I mean, I physically am not looking for trouble, Lawrence, but when they start coming after little kids and I read about them dying in the test trials, I physically get mad at myself not doing more.
So when we come back, tell us what they've announced in the UK concerning children.
I'll tell folks what's happening here and around the world, where they're spending hundreds of millions of dollars out of the gate with the White House coordinating it.
To hire influencers that your children subscribe to, to tell them to demand the shot from your parents.
So this is the internet, just like a pervert online, but it's a corporate bureaucrat that your kid has signed up with, suddenly going to start pushing them with an experimental shot that doesn't even protect them.
And that news, that the majority of the people sick have taken the vaccine, we'll cover it all with Lawrence Fox helping lead the way with the Reclaim Freedom Party over in the UK.
Stay with us, your calls from Australia as well.
So Boris Johnson, after locking down the country for more than a year, said, oh, you'll be free on this day, and announced digital passports, controls, ongoing lockdowns, all of it on Freedom Day.
So Lawrence Fox and others, by the hundreds of thousands in London, millions total in the country, and all over Europe as well, went out and have been protesting basically ever since.
Here's just a small sampling of that activism.
I think it's quite clear that those that make the rules aren't following them and enough is enough and I want to be open for all.
Everybody is here today because they've had enough of the government hypocrisy and double standards and the precedents that have been set for the conditions on our freedom.
We are all utterly sick to death of the lies and the hoax, and particularly the government corruption.
And even if all of this ends tomorrow, which some people might think it will, the most important thing is that we establish that it can never happen again.
Because I don't want my children growing up with the threat of these restrictions looming over them.
It's time for change, it's time for us the people to stand up and say enough is enough.
We're not tolerating this nanny state anymore and the people's voices to be heard.
That's what's happening in London today and it should be happening all across the UK including Wales.
We are free!
We are free!
On the tiny little march in London.
You see, the rules don't apply to the elites, apparently.
That's the thing.
The rules don't apply to Matt Hancock, while he tracks and traces little ladies' tonsils.
But the rules still apply to us, apparently.
Well, I'm sorry, but enough is enough.
Today is Freedom Day, Boris.
All right, Lawrence is our guest, Lawrence Fox.
You can go to the website reclaimparty.co.uk.
I want to get to some calls from Australia, and we'll go to those in a moment.
Brad and Adam and Jamel and Grant and others.
I know it's the middle of the night over there, and we appreciate them holding.
But just getting back to this, a lot of folks keep mentioning their children, the children.
Influencers are being paid by the government to shill COVID vaccines to children.
New York Times reveals and brags they're targeting children as young as five, telling them demand you get the vaccine.
So this is the government and corporations literally trying to contact your children with an experimental dangerous injection.
This is war.
Even one of the doctors said today, he said, children want to choose to have this jab.
It's like, that's not true.
Parents are there to look after their children and protect their freedoms and their rights for them.
They're not there to be coerced by a government.
It's appalling.
They started off last week, they do the same thing every time.
They go,
16, 17-year-old vulnerable children can be considered for the vaccine.
That's changed today to any 16 and 17-year-old.
And then that's changed today to now 12 to 16, 17-year-olds who are vulnerable.
And that will change to every single child until we've jabbed a lot of you and we have proved to you that this mass failed
Government public health experiment is that we can win and we will demand your compliance otherwise we will destroy your lives.
I've been speaking to doctors about that there's a huge risk of myocarditis in young people.
And why would you put that?
Why would you ever even risk a child's health on that?
And I look at that march, Alex, and I remember that and the footage of that march.
And these are good people.
These are the good people in this country, the freedom loving people, the people that keep fabrics of society held together.
And these people are being demonized and destroyed by our press and our government.
And they are the people that are marching for others' freedom.
By the way, I'm not putting down football hoodlums because they get the bad end of the stick a lot of times.
At least they'll fight when Islamic extremists are stabbing people.
But I've looked at these crowds.
These are not football hoodlums.
These are a black, white, old, young, British, very, you can tell, middle class, upper middle class, hard working, working class.
But these are normal people that do not go out and look for fights that are in the streets right now and are really angry.
These, mainly they're not, you know, the people that were interviewed were middle class people, but the vast proportion of these people are working people and they are desperate.
You know, they've been abandoned by this government.
They have nothing and they will come out and they come out with such love and the atmosphere is what you would expect in some of these sort of crappy lefty festivals like Woodstock and Glasgow.
Exactly, the real unity is there in this populism that they're calling right-wing and racist and everything else.
What do you make of
Other parts of the world and the demonstrations you're seeing there, that's got to be heartening to you.
It's heartening, but it's very worrying what you're seeing there.
The disproportionality of the behaviour of the police, beating people, beating women, beating children around the head for non-compliance.
And as we push further and further against these measures, they're going to be equal and opposite reactions to that.
And the thing is, I don't think the states are going to stop.
What's next?
You know, you have to have a jab.
Also, then now when you're 25, you don't need two kidneys.
You can have one kidney.
Does the state need that kidney for somebody else?
Where do we stop with this?
It's a medical term.
That was my next question.
We see the police in Italy and France joining with the protesters.
We see them attacking, particularly in Germany and Spain and the UK.
Yeah, just shocking behavior.
What's wrong with these police?
Well, I feel for the police in the UK.
This particular process, which you're witnessing now, was actually attended by some pretty hardcore, crazy people.
That was pretty bad.
But a lot of the police who I speak to privately are on our side, you know?
But they also have jobs, and they want to keep their jobs.
Well, that was my question.
We see the police joining a lot of people around the world.
That's got to scare the establishment.
Yeah, the establishment should be scared.
Because as they ramp up the pressure, we will ramp up our pressure in return.
And they will need to know we're not the ones that are going to be violent.
But if you come anywhere near my child with a jab, you'll meet me with a giant shovel and you'll have to get past me first.
And I think that I speak for many, many families across this country.
Ireland's not known for being compliant, but they're particularly compliant.
What's going on there?
I mean, it's really bad.
Ireland is having the same peculiar problem as Australia almost.
You know, you thought Australia was the land of the sort of reckless rascal, but look at them.
They are basically under martial law in Australia now.
It's horrendous.
It's a lie though, you know.
It's a lie that we're all being told.
And at some point, someone is going to say the Emperor is not wearing any clothes.
And that's going to be the moment.
And then we have to think about what comes next.
But this is horrendous what's being done to the people of this country.
We're going to break in 30 seconds.
We'll come back with calls from Australia.
But why do you, Mr Fox, think the establishment is at war with the people all over the world?
What is the point of them starting this war?
So they can keep their money and they can turn us all into their slaves and their plebs and they can give us our free universal basic income and we can be grateful for it and we learn no skills and we have no jobs and we never have any ambition.
We do what we're told.
They send our kibble to us to eat every day and we shut up and we do as we're told.
That's what they want.
That was a perfect 20 seconds.
I want to come back and ask you the way out of this and how you see us trying to fix this non-violently when they're physically attacking us and putting a poisonous jab in us.
And that's not begging a question.
I don't want to be violent.
They're going to win if we do that.
I'm simply saying, how do we respond to violence in a non-violent way and still keep our humanity and stop this?
We'll be right back with your phone calls from Australia.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I know who Lawrence Fox is.
He's been in some big movies and TV shows, but I really don't care about that.
I like Lawrence Fox because he's engaged in fighting for my freedom and his freedom and his family's freedom.
And that to me is what's important.
I don't care if you're a movie star or whether you're an auto mechanic or a farmer.
I don't care if your skin's brown or black or white or pink or red.
If you want human justice and you want freedom, we're brothers and sisters together in this epic fight.
And so it's the middle of the night in Australia.
But the Aussies have come through.
We have a huge audience in Australia.
And I've been told don't even try to come to Australia over a year ago when a group wanted to bring me there because I'm a troublemaker.
So we need to see Australia free.
We need to see the UK free.
We need to see blue cities and states and the US free.
Canada is still under a lockdown.
They admit for political control.
We need to see them freed.
We're all in solidarity.
We got Logan and Brad and
Adam and Jamal and Grant, I'm going to go to you all in 60 seconds and we're going to keep Lawrence Fox with us here but I thought it was important today while we had somebody on from the UK and somebody on from Canada and I'm here in Texas to show we're all facing the exact same attack because it's all directed by multinational corporations posing as our doctors, posing as our saviors, trying to bring in a world medical ID that they admit will be the social credit score.
And so when the Mayor of New York says, this is your key to freedom, how creepy is that when it's not the key to freedom, he will hold the key to your chains?
I've just been on the break actually, someone just sent me a message from a media publication in England that said Lawrence Fox holds reprehensible pro-freedom views.
You know, now where are we?
North Korea?
When did Great Britain suddenly decided we wanted to be like China?
Say that again.
When did this happen?
Say what you just said again because there was a tweet two weeks ago by the New York Times.
The New York Times headline said, groups chanting freedom and other anti-government slogans.
Same thing.
So say that again.
This is what it said, so this is the thing.
It said, Lawrence Fox says Neil Oliver, who's an absolute, a speaker of great truth in this country and speaks for many, many of the disaffected freedom lovers.
Lawrence Fox says Neil Oliver speaks for us all with reprehensible pro-freedom views.
I mean, that's, when did that happen?
When did the love of freedom and the love of personal autonomy and the desire and ability to look after your own life and the people you love and make your own decisions about your life become reprehensible to these authoritarian bastards?
When did that happen?
When was that acceptable?
It's not acceptable to me.
Wow, the crew just found that in 30 seconds.
There it is, New York Times.
Shouting freedom and other anti-government slogans.
Hundreds of Cubans, the Cubans are bad now, took to the streets in cities around the country.
So even the New York Times is against Cubans that don't want to live under communism.
They're against anybody who loves freedom.
And this man, Neil, who you've got on your screen at the moment, has spent the last 48 hours being attacked for saying, I will sacrifice everything for your freedom.
And he's being attacked by people.
By the way, for those that don't know, I'm sure most people know, Lawrence, I know you know this.
When you're willing to sacrifice everything, you get everything.
When you're willing to sell out, we lose everything.
The attitude of bowing down is what makes slaves.
And I don't want to live in North Korea.
No, I don't want to live in North Korea either.
But unfortunately, they're bringing it in by proxy and by stealth in this country.
And we need an organised, very organised political opposition to this because we don't have one.
We live in a one party state where we're told what to do.
And as much as I love the citizens coming together, I mean, well, we're now just organs of the state, essentially, aren't we?
But what we need is a very
Organized political opposition, which essentially is me at the moment.
And I'm walking up and down the country and I'm driving up and down the country and I'm finding the best people in those areas.
I should have said that up front because I've been following all the different groups.
I know you're one of the main leaders of it.
We should have pointed out one of the main leaders of the UK on the ground opposition.
What type of harassment have any of you gone through?
There's a lot of other people I know that stick their heads up.
They really come after them.
Oh, I mean, in the street, people come up to me.
I've had people come up to me in tears saying, thank you.
The street is a very different place from the social media platforms that represent, you know, this is where cowards go to hide in their mother's... Exactly, so you're in the alternate universe of social media where you're a bad guy, but on the street everybody loves you.
Well, it's not love, but they're grateful that someone is saying it, you know, and I'm not... Well, when I say love, they love themselves.
I mean, there's a love of freedom.
They're the best in every society, and they keep every society upheld.
The people that fight to defend your freedom, that's the people that you... Absolutely.
All right, let's go to calls here.
Ride Shotgun with us, Lawrence Fox.
Let's talk to Logan, and then we'll talk to Jamal, Brad, Adam, and Grant.
Appreciate you all from the great land down under, now fallen to tyranny.
Logan, tell us what it's like in the endless lockdown.
Let you know that people's spirits down here are broken.
We've got a city that's absolutely destroyed.
Now we've got the northern part of the country being completely taken apart.
All the businesses are shut.
I mean, they're not showing none of that on the TV.
Even harder and harder.
Even here in Austin, and we had a limited lockdown, half the businesses never reopened.
It's like a ghost town.
Please continue.
Tell us where you are and what's happening.
Well I'm in Victoria and tonight we found out that we've got one case that might be in a school and we're in the midst of going back into a lockdown in Victoria again.
One day after coming out of a lockdown.
People are absolutely at their ends whipped down here.
But no one's listening to us in the government.
No one, every day, all we hear is, oh, 30% increase in their wages, 40% increase in their wages.
But nothing changes for the people.
Now the people in Sydney, they've shut the businesses down.
They're putting $750 in people's accounts every week.
They're not going to protest.
But again, there won't be any businesses or goods to buy with that.
They're purposely collapsing society to bring in a universal income.
You've got to get that message out to folks that once the universal income's in, they've got you.
People not to speak to people anymore.
I mean, I'm sure you've seen that.
It's absolutely out of control.
Yeah, what do you make of your health minister saying don't talk to your neighbours, don't talk to your grandchildren?
Well, that gives us every indication that there's a medical tyranny going on.
We hear that, not just that, we hear that our vaccines are getting, our Prime Minister's getting advice from CEOs from vaccine companies.
Makes no sense.
Big Pharma now runs things.
They tell the government what to do.
And what happened to your quote, conservative prime minister?
This is insane.
I saw him on TV two days ago.
He said, I was watching OAN.
He goes, we've only got 20% inoculated, so we're going to stay locked down until 70% take it.
Look, he's very confusing at the moment, Alex.
He is conservative.
My heart's behind him.
Other than him, you're about the only other person we can listen to and get advice from.
It's getting very hard now.
There's a lot of things like carbon taxes he said no, to China he said no, but why is he like a gun to his head going along with the lockdowns?
He needs to stop that.
To me, it feels like that's where the medical part of it comes in.
Keep hearing about Pfizer giving recommendations here.
And I don't know if they're running the country, or if the Prime Minister's running the country, but every time they make a recommendation, it goes through.
Twelve-year-olds aren't going to get that.
That's right.
Logan, thank you for the call.
Take Bolsonaro.
He can't even run his own country because medical corporate tyranny.
That's what globalism is, is corporate fascism.
We're going to go to break and come back with Brad, Adam, Jamal, Grant.
We'll get to all of you.
But real quick, talking to Lawrence Fox here, one of the main leaders of the lockdown opposition in the UK.
What do you make of this, where it seems like presidents, prime ministers don't have power, it's now the corporations?
Yeah, well, what did Mussolini say?
It's fascism is a combination of corporatism and, you know, he mentioned corporatism in it.
It's a merger of the corporations and the state, yeah.
There you go, exactly.
Sorry, that was the quote.
It's encouraging listening to him talking, Jamal was that, from Australia because it's confusing and the idea is to destroy small businesses and to destroy anybody's opportunity to be hopeful about their own life and make them utterly dependent on the state.
That's the job that they want to achieve and they're succeeding in it.
They're bribing us in the UK with furlough and it sounds like they're bribing them in Australia as well.
That's what's happening.
Back in four minutes, I'm going directly to Brad and then Jamal and then Adam and then Grant.
Your calls are straight ahead with our special guest Lawrence Fox of reclaimparty.co.uk.
He's helping lead the charge of these big demonstrations.
And believe me, folks, what's happening in the UK is coming here next.
And then coming up in about 15 minutes, Chris Sky.
Chris Sky from Canada.
Undoubtedly the number one anti-lockdown activist in the world.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
Well, my friends, look at these three headlines from today.
Influencers are being paid by the government to shill COVID vaccines to children.
Experimental, deadly, incredible.
And look at this.
You saw major U.S.
newspapers call for porn for children delivered by the state to keep them safe.
BBC asked, is there a place for porn for children?
That's the new talking point.
And if you protest the BBC, they call the police on you.
Then, of course, this woman helped run Planned Parenthood.
She did run it.
Now she's in charge of pushing vaccines for CNN.
It's all about aborting your children one way or another, getting their soul.
True evil.
Talking about Australia, got the headline right here.
Australian Prime Minister says that vaccinated people need to be controlled and restricted.
So, we've got our special guest leading the charge in the UK with us, Mr. Fox.
We're taking calls.
Let's talk to Jamal in Australia and then Brad.
Go ahead, Jamal, you're on the air.
G'day Alex, how you going?
We spoke about an hour, about a year ago with our first lockdown.
Yes sir, I remember.
So give us your take on what it's like, what's happening, what's unfolding.
My name is Jamel Bookaboo, the only one on Google, bookaboo.com.
I'm a singer-songwriter and I work with Dr. Wallach with the InfoWars Health Team with Ted Anderson.
And I am in New South Wales, which is the most popular state,
I'm not in Sydney at the moment but Sydney's in lockdown where you can't go out five kilometres from your house which is like three miles and it's pretty bad Alex.
Another important fact that I'd need to put out is that in Australia a very low percentage of the population have been vaccinated.
I think it's about 28%.
So that could be a reason why they got such a hard lockdown.
Oh, I saw the Prime Minister on TV two days ago saying, because you haven't taken your shot, the lockdown continues.
So he admits he's holding you hostage.
Yeah, I'd say great job Aussies not buying this crap.
Why do you think the folks in Australia aren't buying this bull?
I'm a bit pessimistic because I know a lot of people that
That I thought wouldn't get the shot.
They've just lined up and got it and posted it on Facebook like they're great citizens.
But I do think there is an element in Australian culture that we are a bit hesitant with the whole agenda of everything.
But I would like to say that I can see plenty of sheep in this country as well.
No, no, I hear you, but the U.S.
is 50 percent, areas of Europe even higher, like Gibraltar is 98 percent.
They have the highest COVID outbreaks.
You know, it's the truth that's going to expose this.
Let me get the take of Lawrence Fox, our guest, hearing this from Australia.
It's just amazing to know that as bad as the U.K.
is, Australia is even worse.
I don't understand why you would have thought Australia was a once freedom-loving country as descended into this.
But can I quickly say, Alex, that thing that you showed, the BBC porn thing, the British Broadcasting Corporation, who are meant to uphold the culture of this country, are meant to
Celebrate the good parts about it and question the less good parts about it have spent the last two decades trying to destroy our culture in this country and they are one of the institutions that should have been absolutely resolute in the questioning of the government and have absolutely just taken a knee to whatever the government has said and they should be finished and ended and I think Australia's got the same problem because they've shut down Sky News Australia off YouTube as well.
So, any dissenting views, it's finished.
And they're talking about child porn now.
You know, I mean, for God's sake.
And that's a talking point all over the world now.
Thank you so much, Jamal.
You're absolutely right.
Okay, let's go to Brad in Australia, currently in New Jersey visiting folks, but has family in Australia.
Brad, what's your take on the situation?
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, it's just crazy to see the last year and a half you've had celebrities go to Australia to kind of escape the lockdowns from the US as kind of like a resort with less restrictions.
And then you've seen this quick downward spiral into tyrannical control.
And you've got Sydney, people can't even go 10 kilometres from their house.
And you've got
One hour of exercise, and I'm not sure if you've seen that video, but people are going to that beach, to the beach.
Oh yeah, the helicopter says you can't be at the beach, when the best place you want to be for health is the beach.
Yeah, saltwater, you're far from people.
They were just saying you will be fine if you don't leave the beach.
It's $500 fines if you don't have a mask.
It's just getting really crazy, and it's especially worse in the eastern states.
Why do you think worldwide there's a concerted UN effort to do this?
Just to test their power?
I think it's because they're getting ready to pop the Ponzi scheme and bring in a new world currency, and they don't want to go to jail for what they've done, so they want to do the virus, so they're in charge and claim all the new digital money and digital passports and digital social credit scores because of the virus and not the collapse.
Yeah, it's crazy to see.
You see all of them have the exact same talking points.
It's like they've just put them in at the perfect time, or got the corrupt people at the perfect time.
But you've had, I think it was the Mayor of Sydney even dropped, this is the New World Order about a year ago.
He said that on live TV.
He said this is the New World Order, get used to it, yeah?
Yeah, and just other things, just got a friend in the army who's being forced to take the vaccine, otherwise he wouldn't be allowed on deployment.
We've got those massive quarantine camps being built in Sydney.
And then just saying we'll have perpetual lockdowns if we have one case of this virus, which I don't know how people are not seeing how this
You just said the key.
They're building quarantine camps all over the world.
The U.N.
said the end goal is taking people out of their homes.
So now, oh, contact tracing app said you might have it.
Now you got to go to this camp.
It's used to you disappear, you come back.
It's total end of due process, end of Magna Carta.
This is it, folks.
This is the FEMA camp takeover.
We've got to resist it.
Thank you, Brad.
Thank you, sir.
I got a bunch of other calls from Australia.
Any other points from that last caller, Lawrence?
Yeah, I think people have a voice and they need to use that voice and they need to, those that don't agree with this, they need to take that voice into their workplace and they need to take that voice out socially and they need to be around the people that wouldn't necessarily agree with them and they need to say there's a problem here.
Because unless people feel emboldened and empowered to speak the truth, which is that we're being driven into authoritarianism under the excuse of some very, very
We should fear the tyranny, not the virus.
In the order the calls have come in, I really appreciate Adam and then Grant.
Adam in Australia, you're on the air.
Thank you.
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm a first-time caller, so just bear with me.
But look, the reaction that this country, Australia, has had to the COVID and everything
It's just insane.
I mean, I live in South Australia.
We've had four deaths from COVID in what now it's been around for 36 months and we've gone through three or four lockdowns where you can't leave your house for like about two kilometre radius and all of these crazy things.
Everything gets closed down and we've been in a state that's actually been pretty lucky.
I mean, most of the footage that you see of the cops arresting people for protesting and all that kind of stuff, that comes from Victoria.
I mean, you look at the COVID numbers in Australia all around, we haven't even had a thousand deaths, like 35,000 cases.
A majority of those cases all come from the one state in Victoria.
Oh, it's a total pretext for control.
And it just blows my mind how we react like this to those sorts of numbers.
Our biggest problem, I think, is because you've got three groups of people.
You have the people who are awake, they're aware of what's going on, they're spreading the information.
You have people who are fully in lockstep with the COVID, they're pro the COVID, they're pro vaccine, they'll tell you all the numbers, where all the hotspots are, all these things.
They probably won't have their minds changed, they're probably lost.
And they're not even the majority.
The majority of people are the people who, they sit on the fence,
They'll tell you all the numbers and they'll give you this and the stats and they'll keep track of all this stuff and then you sit there and you tell them about the numbers like that or you tell them, you know, like across the world in 36 months you've had not even four and a half million deaths and cancer and starvation combined in that same period.
Oh absolutely, it's all a fraud.
And I see the cops beating men, women and children with billy clubs.
My God.
What criminal activity.
Shame on them.
Adam, do you think the police are ashamed of themselves?
Or are they proud of themselves in Australia?
I mean, it's tough to tell.
It's probably a split, but I mean, a lot of them seem to just be power-hungry people who just like to exercise their power.
But it's these people that you tell all of these things, and they, you know, they open their eyes and they go, oh, okay.
And then the next day, they're back telling you about it.
Yeah, it's the sheep that are raising the skins.
Thank you.
Next hour, more calls coming up.
Final comments from Lawrence Fox.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
Lawrence Fox is our guest.
He's been leading the protest in the UK against the ongoing lockdown, where we're all non-essential.
Lawrence Fox.
We've got a bunch of calls from Australia.
We'll get to you with Chris Sky.
We've got calls from the UK now coming in.
If you're in Canada, if you're in the UK, if you're in Europe now, under lockdowns, we want to take your calls at 877-789-2539.
We're going to cram in Grant in Australia here in a moment, but in the few minutes we've got left, I want to thank you, Lawrence Fox, for coming on.
Any other key points you'd like to add to the viewers?
No, thank you Alex so much for having me on and for expressing and using your absolute fundamental human rights freedom of speech because that prevents violence and I suppose the only last thing I want to say is what John Adams said in 1777, you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom.
I hope you will make good use of it.
And that's what we should do for each other.
Well, that's beautifully said, but just you're there, you're helping lead this, taking the temperature.
I'm not the enemy of the police.
I don't want war.
I don't need that to prove I'm a man.
They're waging war against us.
It's like the political system wants to be our savior, but we don't want them to be our savior, so now they're going to be our dominator.
This is not going to end well.
It's like a man trying to keep a woman from leaving.
It's not going to end well.
Well, yeah, it's actually a good analogy.
It's an abusive relationship, isn't it?
It's a coercive relationship.
It's like, no, no, this is fine.
I won't do anything more.
Just this little extra bit.
Just a bit of vaccine for your children.
Just this, just that.
It's not ethical.
It's immoral.
It's coercive.
It's totally in contravention of the Nuremberg Code.
And we have rewritten and redrawn society in 16, 17 months and changed us from citizens with rights
To organs of the state who are asking for their rights as privileges.
And it is an appalling readjustment of society.
And we must, each and every one of us who believes in freedom, we must stand up and we must resist it with every single thing we have in our hearts.
Final question, Lawrence.
Gut level, what do you think is going to happen?
Because I don't see this going well for the tyrants, but how far do you think they'll push?
They seem to just be totally committed to acting like monsters.
I think every action has an equal and opposite reaction, doesn't it, as Isaac Newton taught us.
So I think what they'll find is that it is like trying to break a wild horse, you know, at some point.
You can break that wild horse and you can stick a saddle on it, but that wild horse, the minute you turn around, it'll kick you in the face.
And I think that's what will happen.
That is a perfect analogy, because my uncle used to try to buy really good horses from Mexico, but they were genetically great, but they'd never been broken.
And that horse would let you break it until you're riding along one day and it rolls over and kills you.
You want a horse to love you, not hate you, is the point.
Well, you do, but also what the government is doing is it's breaking us slowly.
So, you know, we need to know that and be aware of the fact that every time they lie to you, every time they change the goalposts, they move them around, every time it's... we never do that.
To remind ourselves that the people are called spreaders of misinformation, as I was called on national television the other day, and, you know, anti-vaxxers or whatever we're called, day after day after day, every single thing that we have predicted has come true.
Every single one.
And we need an opposition to this government.
And that's a badge of courage.
That's a good thing, exactly.
All right.
Thank you so much, Lawrence Fox, reclaimparty.co.uk.
Thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
And I really appreciate Grant and Australia holding.
And I really appreciate it.
Now we got all these calls from the UK and other calls from Australia.
So we've got Chris Sky coming on for a full hour or almost a full hour.
We're going to go to him, but I'm going to get your calls in this first segment coming back because it's so important.
And we got a clip too.
We come out of break.
Let's play that new Chris Sky clip.
It's a year old.
It's not new.
We even made more predictions.
It's a Chris Sky clip.
So let's come in with an intro and then play that straight ahead here.
He's in a car.
I can see Chris right there.
Always on the move is Chris Sky.
We love him.
We appreciate him.
And I tell you, I mean, here's the deal.
I'm not glad all this is happening, but it's like you're in a, like you're in a, somebody punches you and you're like, well, I'm not worried about getting, I'm going to beat your ass now.
Like you just popped me upside the head.
You're about to find out.
And like, we're already in that point where they're like, you're like, whoa, you actually want to, you want to fight?
And then, so they're going to get what they want is the point.
They're going to get it.
The point is we want to take the high road and not let them trick us.
We want to be very calculated about this because we are about to skin us a new world order operation.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hello, I'm Mike Lindell, and I'm coming to you with the most important commercial that I've ever done.
All of you know what my pillow and myself have gone through in the last five months in my efforts to bring the truth forward.
Well, it's all come down to this.
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Thank you and God bless.
So, we're into the third hour here, taking your phone calls from Australia, the UK, Canada, about the ongoing globalist lockdown and war on humanity.
Here's Chris Sky, again, a year ago on Canadian TV, explaining how he was able to predict the lockdowns that then began to unfold off their own document.
Here it is.
A lot of people saw it.
It was a UN document.
This is common knowledge.
And it basically outlined the lockdowns.
And they just gave it to each country and allowed each country to tweak it for their own people.
To make it more palpable for their people.
And to give the impression that it wasn't an international document disseminated to all countries.
To make people think that every country made up their own rules.
No, no, no, no, no.
The five levels of lockdown were in there.
In a place like Ireland, they went level one to five.
In a place like Canada, where we like colors, now we got green to grey.
It's still five levels of lockdown.
All the five levels are identical.
They used Australia as the model for the fifth level of lockdown, where you can't leave your house, you can't literally do anything.
And that's what they really want to do here.
Well I heard about the mandatory quarantine hotels and I knew right away it's a complete violation of our rights and the only reason they're doing it is because they want to convince you to accept the vaccine passport.
I want to stress that everything that they're doing, closing your business, closing your gym, forcing you to wear a mask, all the stuff they're doing is to try to convince you that
It's a good idea for you to go along with this idea of a vaccine passport, so they can vaccinate you multiple times a year, every year, and then use that as an excuse to prevent you from travel, work, congregating, etc, etc, etc.
And if you think it's a conspiracy theory, they already have it in place in Israel, and they've already made it quite clear that if you don't get vaccinated, you're gonna be relegated to small shops and grocery stores, and you're basically shunned from the rest of society.
And that's what they want.
They want a complete medical tyranny on you.
Once you give in to medical tyranny and you do not have bodily autonomy and they can literally forcibly inject you with whatever they want as a pretense for you to live your life, are you free?
Absolutely not!
That's the most invasive violation of our rights thus far.
And that's why they waited an entire year of demoralizing you and destroying your life and making you as hopeless as possible
So you will not just accept it, you will beg for it.
That's what they're doing.
They're doing psychological warfare on you to weaken you to the point where you will not only accept defeat, you will accept perpetual defeat for the rest of your life.
Well, Chris Sky is a leader.
That's what we need is leaders.
And he joins us from some unknown location driving around Canada like a 21st century version of Paul Revere.
Now suddenly it's all over the news that pedophilia is good, the BBC, the New York Times, time to show porn to children.
I mean, what the hell is going on?
New York's announcing you can't go into any business or anything without a tracker system.
The city gives you an app to do it, but the borders are wide open.
This is crazy.
Chris Sky, what moment in history are we right now?
We're in a very pivotal moment in history.
We're at a moment in history where we can either stand up for ourselves, and we can have a crystal age, a golden age, where truth reigns free, freedom reigns free, and there's prosperity for all, or we can submit to the tyranny that's closing in all around us, and we can be relegated from individuals with freedom to literal little blips on a screen that they can eliminate with the flick of a switch.
Tell me more about the Crystal Age.
I agree with you.
We're literally at the crossroads of Dark Age versus Human Empowerment.
They're trying to take us down the rattle.
Well, if everybody actually heeds our warning and listens to the things we've been saying and sees how everything we've been saying has been coming true and listens to the solution, which is united non-compliance,
Everybody coming together and realizing, number one, this is not about our safety.
This is about control.
Once you realize that, you've woken up.
That was the global awakening.
That's what 2020 was.
The evolution of consciousness to know that this was not about our health and safety.
This is about control.
Phase two is taking action, and that's mobilizing all the people that we know we've woken up.
And we get the small business owners to stay open.
We get concerned parents to attack the school boards and demand the masks off their children.
We get employees to band together and reject mandatory masks.
And we get the people as a whole to take off their masks.
That's all it takes to end this.
That's it.
And they want you to, they want you to look at political solutions.
They want you to follow candidates.
They want you to follow their rules and comply, but it's all bull.
It's all a way.
Don't count on Trump.
No, you got to do it.
If I was running as a president or prime minister, my campaign slogan would be don't count on me.
Ladies and gentlemen, you have to save yourself.
I lead by example.
I show you what to do for yourself and your family to secure yourself.
I agree.
Don't count on me.
You are the leader.
You are the resistance.
That's right, and I like that quote you just put from Malcolm X. It's very similar to what I like to say.
Freedom is never given, it's always taken.
And we literally gave our freedom away.
I agree, and I'm telling the globalists, you ain't taking my freedom, it's mine.
That's right, that's all you gotta do.
Billions of people fought and died for those freedoms that you just gave up on a silver platter.
And now we're wallowing in tyranny, and the people want to vote their way out of it.
Name one time in history where people have voted their way out of tyranny.
It just doesn't happen.
And of course, he's quoting Frederick Douglass there.
Freedom is not given, it's taken.
That's right.
We gave our freedom away, but now we gotta take it back.
And that's the thing, folks.
They don't give it to you.
By us laying down, we invited wolves.
Back when this country stood up for itself, nobody tried to take somebody's freedom.
They'd die before they gave up their freedom.
And that's
The whole reason I'm on this tour in the first place is to warn Canadians that even though they let you take off your mask and open your business for right now, it's not over.
That's to kill opposition.
They admit it's to kill opposition.
Explain that.
It's to pacify you, it's to lower your guard, it's to lull you into submission, it's to destroy the momentum and the organization of the freedom movement in general, and it's to try to pacify the whole movement so when September comes around, we don't even see it coming, they pull the rug out from under our feet, we're back on lockdown and we're back to square one.
Reorganizing, trying to get everybody to come back.
A year ago you predicted this summer they'd take it off in Canada for a month or two, bring it right back, and now they even admit that's their plan.
Of course!
I even went to Kelowna, British Columbia, one of the stops on my tour, July 28th.
And the day that I got there, they re-instituted the mandatory mask mandate.
Like, they couldn't have done it at a better time.
Literally, the day I went there to give my speech and warn everybody restrictions are coming back, midnight that night they put the masks back.
And now yesterday, what did the CDC say?
Mandatory masks indoors all over Canada and the U.S.
regardless of your vaccination status.
It's almost like I made a video over a year ago saying exactly that.
These cold-blooded bastards.
Look, we know that we've rejected their politics while they're doing this, but it's hurting them.
Why do they keep pushing this agenda no matter what?
Because how is it hurting them?
It's hurting them a little bit financially?
No, it's not.
We've seen the largest transfer of wealth in the last year that we've ever seen.
We're seeing small businesses go broke.
We have almost 30% of all our small businesses broke in Canada, while the big boys like Walmart and all the pharmaceutical companies are going through the roof.
So what have they sacrificed?
They haven't sacrificed anything, except maybe the little integrity they might have had.
Other than that, they're doing well.
They're gaining control every day.
They're lowering our resistance every day.
They're gaining wealth every day.
And every day, more and more people seem to be complying, but it's not really the case.
And I'll tell everybody, I had somebody walk up to me just two days ago on the street and they were masked up and he walked over and I was expecting him to say something derogatory.
And you know what he said?
He said, I know who you are.
I'm double jabbed.
And I wear a mask, but I still appreciate everything you do, and I agree with everything you say.
So it goes to show you that even if someone's jet, even if someone wears the mask, that doesn't mean that they agree in vaccine passports.
That doesn't mean- That's right, stay there, stay there.
We'll be right back.
We could not be in a more epic time right now.
World corporate government
Big tech mad scientist trying to put genetically engineered deadly compounds into our body.
We got Chris Sky with us, the leading on-the-ground activist in the world, fighting back David versus Goliath, but imagine just how insane this is that they've actually made their move.
I've got callers, John in Australia been holding one to go to you.
Grant in Australia holding over an hour to go to you first.
Callers from Canada.
Denmark, the UK.
I want to talk to Chris Sky at 877-789-2539.
I want to start going to those now so you don't have to hold.
But I mean, Chris, how epic is it that you got the UN document, I got it, we predicted it because it's there, it happened, and just now it's all coming out.
Where do you expect this to go?
How do you see this unfolding?
...their winter season ahead of us, and they're already on lockdown.
And there was reports from Australia that the army actually came to a town, surrounded it, and vowed that they were going to forcibly vaccinate everybody.
And the town stood up for themselves and just said no.
Like I tell everybody to do, and the army left but said they'll be back.
So this is what they have planned for us.
Australia, the Commonwealth Island, is the model.
And then they do that there, for their winter, and then they do it in Canada next, because we're coming next.
And I'm sorry, I gotta apologize to everybody for the bad video quality and everything.
We're on the road, we've been driving over... No, you're coming through great, brother.
So yeah, Australia's the model.
Keep going.
Australia is the model.
They want to lock us down in a way where we can't leave our house.
They want to forcibly vaccinate us with the military if required.
The narrative is going to be this, and this is very important, that everybody hears this, everybody understands this, and everybody disseminates this information.
In the fall, and even earlier, cases will rise.
The vaccinated will be getting sick.
They will blame it on a new variant and say it's resistant to the vaccine.
In reality, the vaccine is going to be causing the people to get sick.
But the government is going to say the variant was caused by the unvaccinated.
That's going to set the stage for massive division in society, way worse than mask wearers versus non mask wearers.
And it's going to provide the 75% of the population that got vaccinated.
And again, they've all proposed that.
They're trying it.
This is like, it's here.
Used to, I would speculate, now it's here.
It's already in France.
It is here.
In France, you can't even go to the grocery store unless you show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.
And that's disgusting.
And that's why there's riots.
That's why there's tear gas.
And most recently, that's why you saw officers marching with civilians in the streets.
And that's what we need.
That's what united non-compliance really is.
And by the way, they still have churches shut down right now in Canada.
I mean, this is so obviously evil.
My God, they made their move.
I want to go to some phone calls.
We've got time to talk next segment.
But Chris Sky, why the system make their move now?
I mean, this is not going to go well for them.
It's because they have a financial collapse coming.
Their Ponzi scheme is coming down.
They need martial law in place before that happens.
It's kind of like they needed to do it now because of what you said.
With inflation and the debt and everything going on, the international banking system based on fractional debt reserve is going to crash.
They know that.
And now what they want to do is
It gets rid of our businesses, it gets rid of our jobs, it gets rid of our financial independence, and it helps them allocate all the money, resources, and property to themselves and puts them in a perpetual state of control over a once sort of free population.
We thought we were free.
We were never really free.
But now they're taking us.
I totally agree.
Excellent analysis.
Grant in Australia, you're on the air with Chris Sky from Canada.
Go ahead.
Alex, great to talk.
We love you, brother.
Go ahead, give us your take.
So, I'm just ringing to tell you what I'm seeing in Australia, where I live.
They've come in with a QR code in the shops, so they want you to scan in every time.
Some shops have the real, they're enforcing, like they're, oh, have you checked in?
Wanting to know if you've checked in.
Everyone who works in the shops has to wear a mask.
They want everyone to wear masks.
Every now and then you'll see someone who doesn't but they've got like a big rash on their face.
I'm trying to inform people to not wear the microplastic masks.
But some people are not wearing the masks as much.
Some people are wearing the mask in their car, like Owen gets upset about.
So that's what I'm seeing.
Yeah, the medical appointments, when you go for a medical appointment, they're totally all about the mask.
You've got to have the mask, you've got to, you know, they're really, the police are running around with their masks on in the cars, the ambulances too.
I'm rural, so I haven't seen, like, heavy track down.
It's a symbol of total submission.
Yeah, yeah, and some people are just, they're just all about the signal submit.
Uh, you go to Aldi and they've got the clever together, you know, the planet with the hands holding the planet up.
They have that on the way into Aldi next to the sign in spot.
Oh, yeah.
It's a corporate evil authoritarian acting like it's for the people.
How sick.
I've called into like David Knight and, uh,
Harrison on the American Journal and I write to the politicians and I reckon if everyone writes to them, that puts the pressure on them.
Be careful not to write threatening things.
If you get upset, don't let that
That's right, the globalists are pressuring them, threatening to tell them about their mistress, threatening to put them in jail for something they didn't do.
Exactly, great point.
Thank you, Grant.
I can...
And you know what?
Sorry, I want to say something real quick because in multiple airports in Canada, after they said they're not going to try to do a two-tier society or segregate Vax and non-Vax, they actually made two separate lineups in the airports for vaccinated and non-vaccinated Canadians when you re-enter the country.
And because people freaked out, called, emailed, and went nuts, within 24 hours all those lineups were taken away.
So it does work when you do put enough pressure on them.
I want to talk about that.
Stay there.
When we resist, we win.
When we submit, we die.
Thank you, caller from Australia.
Let's talk about that.
John in Australia, you're up next.
Then callers in Denmark, Canada, Canada, UK, Canada.
Stay with us.
Back in three minutes.
Well, I was blessed.
I had family and my uncle and so many people tell me everything that was going to come 40 years ago, 30 years ago.
And then I got to know General Benton K. Parton, the former head of Air Force Weapons.
And I got to know Ted Gunderson and countless others that told me everything.
And they said, you will face the assault.
You will face the world government.
You will face the forced inoculation.
You will face the mark of the beast.
You will win.
And now at 47 years old, we'll have about 60.
There's a stress.
I am now here, and all the enemy's preparation is over.
The beta's over.
Now their full assault is here.
Chris Sky, the leading on-the-ground activist in the world.
Joins us in this fight.
I want to go to John in Australia, Johnny, Matt, Stuart, Fullmetal, Charlie and Dav and Angela before we end this broadcast today or have the next guest host coming up and taking over.
But what a moment to be alive.
I mean, this is epic.
This is if you had a science fiction movie where they're trying to make you take a deadly experimental shot and it's it's killing people and it doesn't protect you.
They wouldn't believe a movie like this.
Chris Sky, we're living this now.
We are.
And it's really scary.
And I take it so seriously that I had to pull over on my ride back home.
And if I gave you away my location right now, I could probably be arrested.
You don't talk about that.
You're a hunted man for your speech.
Just like Australia arrests people that criticize lockdowns.
Yeah, I have a warrant in Manitoba for my arrest for something they said I was going to do, which was speak, and then I never even ended up speaking, but they kept the warrant out just so they could grab me whenever they see me.
Because that's how our government in Canada works now.
They use the emergency and the pandemic as a way to basically do whatever they want, and not even just bend the rule of law, but completely circumvent it altogether for their own interests.
And we're seeing a collusion between
Government, the court system, and the police, when they're all supposed to be separate entities, but they're working together at the highest levels to try to subjugate us and to try to put this tyranny on us.
Well, tyrants always try the power grab.
Don't they get it always fails Newtonian physics?
Well yeah, it always fails in the end, because we're the good, we're the light, and we always win.
The only problem is, the longer we take to stand up for ourselves, the bigger the price everyone's going to pay, and the bigger the sacrifice.
And we're talking about sacrificing the children's future and their children's potential.
Because what they're going to do in the schools in the fall, and what they're going to do in society... Oh, you're right, the whole target was found, they're licking their lips over the kids.
They want to sterilize them so bad, they want to steal their future.
They love getting their hands on the children because they're even easier to mold than the adults.
And look how easy the adults were.
So, if they can get their hands on this generation of children and make them like the rest of the parents were, it's game over.
They've won.
And that's why it's imperative for people like us to not only sound the alarm, but to get people to actually take action against this.
That's what we need to do.
And I believe in the fall, we're going to see that happen because even the most compliant, even the most trusting was told.
Take your vaccine and everything will go back to normal.
Now they're going to tell them take a third vaccine, maybe even a fourth vaccine, and they're still going to mask them.
They're still going to lock them down.
So nobody in their right mind is going to believe that a fifth or sixth shot is going to get them their freedom back.
So the gig is going to be up.
And at that point, we already have the silent majority on our side.
At that point, they're not going to be silent anymore.
They're just going to be the majority.
And how do I know this is true?
I've seen a massive shift in society the last couple of months.
Before, I could go to a freedom rally and everybody would know who I am and everybody would appreciate what I do.
Obviously, they're at a freedom rally.
Now, I can't go anywhere in Canada.
I can't walk down a street for 50 feet without people coming up and knowing who I am, knowing what's going on, and understanding that the government is up to something.
And that's exactly what I've experienced.
So now we have to tell them, don't look for Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson or Chris Scott to do it.
They have to be leaders and say no.
They have to go to city council.
They have to go to the school district.
They have to lead now.
Go and destroy the lies.
Expose it.
That's it.
And if you don't, if you're not going to stand up for your children, if you're a parent, that should be your driving force.
If you're not a parent, stand up for your family.
If you don't have a family, stand up for yourself.
Stand up for your country.
Your only responsibility as a citizen of your country is to lead your party.
This is a medical tyranny that cooked it up at Wuhan with a forced inoculation coming after.
So jamming some calls.
Chris Sky arrived in a shotgun.
Well, this is an amazing job.
All right, John in Australia.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thank you for having me on, Alex.
I'm actually in Salt Lake City.
I lived in Australia for 20 years.
I just returned a couple years ago.
I was the creator and producer of the once well-known Ghost Radio Network, and I watched Australia descend into a police state following the 9-11 thing, and we tried to warn a lot of people.
We've had David Icke on our show, and I recently just republished the
Uh, interview that we did in March, um, because he was dead accurate.
And the stuff that you have said years ago on Prison Planet was dead accurate.
And, um, I didn't realize how bad it was until 2010.
And when they sent me to jail, um, for, you know, fake crimes, but they told me over and over, you have no rights in Australia.
I got the consulate, I got the ambassador, and they both told me, I'm sorry, you have no rights in Australia.
And the reason for this is that we see everything going on now is because Australia is the only democracy that doesn't have a written Bill of Rights for its people.
Well you're right, they never got out from under the penal system and they're trying to reinstate that, it's just damn true.
Absolutely, and even back in those days of ghost radio, we tried to warn that Australia is an indicator nation.
Chris Guy said that, you've said that a hundred times.
What's going on in Australia is going to come here.
They pick on Australia, the UK, Canada, and they basically surround us.
They've taken all of our allies, compromised them, and moving in for the kill on the United States.
And one of the things that
I pointed out down in Australia is, look, Australians get bombarded with America news and media, but in the United States, we don't hear a whimper from Australia, except very rarely.
Very rarely.
And I think the answer, and that's why all the phones up to Australians, we need to hear Australians, whether they reach one person or a million, every Australian should say no and use every platform they've got to say no.
And they're going to need the United States people.
The people of America have to realize what's going on there, because... No, no, I agree, John.
They should take what Australians do, and they should magnify it.
Thank you for the call.
But Shannon, one more Aussie here, because we've got to get these calls in.
Let's go ahead and... I guess they hung up?
We had one more call from Australia.
I guess they're gone.
So we've got Johnny in Denmark, Matt in Canada, Stuart in Canada, FullmetalCharlie in Canada, Dave in the UK, and Angela in Canada.
We're going to break in a minute and a half, but Chris Sky,
How exciting is this fight to be able to be on the good side?
As negative as this is, at least the enemy's out in the open, right?
Well, I've known about this plan like you for many, many years.
So to me, it's actually refreshing that they finally showed their cards and played their hand because I've been waiting for this fight and I'm ready for this fight.
They're not ready for me.
And they've shown it.
They've demonstrated it many ways.
They're scared of me.
They're scared of us.
And they should be.
Because we're coming for them.
And we are bringing an army.
We're bringing an army of good.
And the army of good always wins.
And your Skype just broke up.
It'll come back to you as soon as it reconnects.
I don't want to use a cheesy Star Wars analogy in like episode 4 with Han Solo.
And they're like, oh my God, they're coming to attack us.
He goes, well, it's a lot better than all this sneaking around.
I mean, seriously, I'm not scared of these globalists, man.
And now they're like, we want to F your kids.
We want to rule you.
We want to inject.
Well, OK, good.
All you fat ass pedophiles, get ready for war.
We'll come back with Chris Sky on the other side of this break.
We're gonna jam in all these calls.
Skype came in, came out, he just disconnected.
But I tell ya, once they get the internet ID in place, then we'll have no free speech.
But we've got communications now.
And we've got truth now.
And so now, use the communications now while you can.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, FreeWorldNews.tv, Band.Video.
Share those links.
We are the resistance.
But I got wise.
You're the devil in disguise.
Oh, yes, you are.
Devil in disguise.
Ooh, yeah.
All right.
InfoWars definitely needs your prayers.
It's kind of like it's Empire Strikes Back, Imperial Troops are in the base.
I mean, we are.
I knew this was all coming.
It's okay.
But I mean, my God, it's gotten insane.
The stuff they're doing to us right now is not fun.
And I've gotten so used to attacks, like people are stabbing me.
I'm like, well, that's all right.
Missed the heart again, or they hit my heart, but it rebuilds.
It's like, I'm a little too confident is the problem.
Because I've been sitting here getting punched and attacked and spit on and crapped on so long that I've gotten pretty tough.
But then I don't want to whine and bitch about it, so let's just think, oh, that's Alex.
He can take it.
He can take it.
No, folks.
I need you to get on your knees and pray for God, for strength.
I need that spiritual transfusion right now.
And you need to pray for our crew and pray for people right now.
I'm going to leave it at that because...
During this break, I got some more horrible news.
But that's the way it is.
So, as long as we just get right with God.
Chris Scott, we got four or five more calls to make.
And I love these folks.
They're holding from Canada and Canada and Canada and the UK and Canada.
And I know you want to respond to these listeners, but just...
Let me guess.
You were a regular guy, a business owner, a manager.
They messed with you.
You took action.
You kicked ass.
Are you not more empowered now at the end of the day?
And I guess you wouldn't have it any other way.
Or are you glad you fought this evil or do you wish you would have submitted to it?
Oh, my God.
If I had to do it all again, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.
This is the most important fight, not only of our generation, but many generations past.
In a heartbeat.
And to be a part of it, and to be, as you said, referred to as the leading global activist on the ground, that's an honor that I wouldn't give up for anything.
And I'm ready for them.
Like you said, they come, they hit us every single day.
It's gotten to the point that if they don't do something to me, I'm almost disappointed.
But they're not going to stop me from getting to where I got to go.
We got a lot of things coming that's going to try to win this fight and put it in our favor.
I'm going to be starting my own social media platform and it's going to be very similar to a Facebook style without the censorship.
I'm going to be back in Calgary on the 19th for the Freedom Awards because I'm nominated for an award.
And then on the 20th or 21st, we're going to be having a very special event in Edmonton, a private event for all entrepreneurs, business owners, anybody who is connected and does not want this to carry on.
And part of the business world is going to be at this party.
And we're going to start the revolution from a little warehouse in Edmonton.
Because enough is enough.
And everybody knows what's coming.
And now, not only are the people aligned, the people are ready to work together.
The people are ready to fight back.
And that's why they're coming for you harder than ever.
Even my own website, it gets attacked daily by entire teams of hackers from around the world.
They are so scared of us, they see us as the only threat to them winning.
And we're not the only threat.
There's a lot of threats.
But we are the threat that's going to make the difference.
You just said something deep there.
I realize that I'm supposed to take the heat so they don't see all the real threats.
That's right.
That's right.
We're in the spotlight so they have to focus on us.
Just like their main goals with me right now is to try to distract me.
Try to bombard me with people that push me off my goals.
We're doing that to them tenfold.
They got everything focused on us.
For instance, to fly to Calgary, I had a freedom fighter pick us up with his airplane in Ontario.
We had to refuel in another part of Ontario so we wouldn't have to land in Manitoba where they would be able to arrest me.
When we refueled at the airport in Kenora, Ontario, I had forgot that I went live, and I posted the tail fin of the plane.
Well, we refueled, and as we were getting on the runway, it was like a scene from Con Air.
You saw all these cops coming up the airport, and we literally just took off.
So this is the kind of stuff we do.
All because you're promoting freedom.
All because I'm trying to inform Canadians of their rights and freedoms.
Here's how it works.
I bet that pilot didn't feel intimidated.
He felt empowered by that.
That pilot has been a business owner in Canada since he's 19 years old.
He's almost 60 and he's ready to pick up and move out of the country.
He sees me and people like me as the last hope for this country.
And a lot of people see that.
A lot of people.
To the point where people are begging me, begging me to run for Prime Minister of Canada.
And to me, it's like a joke.
But at the same time, it's not the thing I would want to do.
There's a thousand other jobs I could say I'd rather do than that.
But to be honest, I told everybody that I would do anything I need to do to win this fight.
And if it came down to it and I had to, I would do it.
Well, Chris, I hear you because evil is taking over.
I have tears in my eyes because if more people just did what you're doing, we would win.
We got calls to get to here.
So who's up first here?
Who's been home the longest?
That would be, yep, Dave in the UK, Dov in the UK.
Go ahead, you're on the air with Chris Sky.
Can you hear me Alex?
Yes sir, go ahead.
It means a lot to me that you're taking my call.
I've been listening to you for years.
It means a lot to me brother, I love you.
Go ahead.
The info war keeps me strong.
Before I tell you about my reaction to the vaccine and situation in the UK, I want to make a kind of quick plug because the benefit system and job market is a mess here.
So, I've little money, so what I do is guerrilla-style awakenings, I make my own stickers, I've got an old-school CD burner to share Endgame, recordings of your broadcast, you name it, I do it.
Because if I can just wake up one person with a sticker or sharing a burnt DVD... Waking up one person is waking up the universe.
But yeah, so, so far I've had my first Pfizer shot.
And at first I thought, yeah, all right, bits are on the arm.
48 hours after my shot, my entire left arm, apart from my fingertips, goes numb, completely paralyzed for another 48 hours.
I was like the police inspector from Young Frankenstein, the one who has to move his arm with his other arm.
Oh, that doesn't sound like it's working.
It's working now.
I was that close to calling, you know, the ER or something going, yeah, this isn't right.
And obviously I'm hesitant about my second shot, but the only way I can get out of the UK is to get my second shot and then bomb out to Norway so I can live in the woods with my friends.
Well, that sounds good, brother.
I wish I was in Norway with you and your friends.
So you took the shot and had a problem?
Yeah, yeah.
And all my other friends that have had reactions and stuff, they've kept it so shush, so shtum, you know, they don't want to talk about it.
Spread their truth, you know, it's not like I just want to be heard.
We just want to be heard, but we get dismissed by even our own friends and family and.
It's people like us, they'll blame us, and we'll be the reason to tighten the leash over and over, as you keep saying.
Well, Dav, we love you and keep calling back.
Let's talk to another caller here.
We'll, Chris got on the line with us.
Let's talk to Matt Canada.
Go ahead.
You want to say something?
Go ahead.
But he said about the vaccine.
If I'm talking to a group of 3,000 people, I'll ask them, how many of you know someone who got killed or was severely injured by COVID?
And you'll literally be able to count the number of hands in the air.
Then I'll ask the same audience, how many of you know someone who was killed or severely injured by the vaccine?
And every single time, at least 60 to 70 percent of the hands in the audience, regardless of the size of the audience, go up.
And that should tell you everything you need to know about that lethal injection.
All right.
Matt in Canada, lockdowns.
Give us your view on it.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for having me on your show.
Well, I don't know what to say about what's going on up here in Canada.
I had a friend named Derek Sorbel, head of Occupy Canada.
He passed away in a mysterious way back in February when COVID started.
He told me about how the police were tracking him for a long time, chasing him around, searching his laptop.
Anyways, these Canadians up here need to wake up.
We need to stand up.
We need to fight.
Verbally fight, get out there on the streets.
I agree, it's time for pushback.
Time for action.
Keep going, Matt.
What else happened?
I never committed any of the crimes they said I committed up here in Canada.
But I have a criminal record now.
So I'm hindered now.
I'm hindered by these Canadians.
And these Canadians right now need to wake up because we're not strong enough in this fight right now.
He's 100% right.
What the government does to you, if they see you as a threat, they use the emergency orders to arrest you on some innocuous charge, and then they give you a whole bunch of conditions that are now criminal charges if you breach them, which were just normal freedoms.
For instance,
My conditions include not being able to drive, not being able to fly, not being able to speak anywhere in Ontario with a certain amount of people, having to be on bail, and needing permission from the man who bailed me out to even stay at home with my wife.
That's how strict my conditions of release are.
Because I'm such a threat to the government, not the people.
Let's be clear.
I'm not a threat to the people at all.
I'm a threat to the government's agenda.
Then we've got our guest host that is coming up today.
But yes, these are incredible times to be alive.
These are the globalists preparing for the Great Reset, the collapse of their financial system.
They want to blame us for it.
So just get ready.
Tomorrow's news today.
All right, Chris Sky here with us.
Demonized, attacked.
Living in an ongoing police state lockdown in Canada.
The globalists want war with us.
They want us to stay in our houses while they party.
Where do you see all this going?
In closing, Chris Sky.
...is the people listening to us, the people waking up, the globalists losing, the globalists being held accountable, the globalists being made an example of, and it's never happening again for generations.
That's what I see happening.
Do I have a timeline for that?
It depends how good we are at doing our job.
Yeah, my phone system was just shut down.
I agree with you that
This is their big move.
This is their big angle.
This is their big power play.
If we defeat this, they can never play it again.
That's why they're never going to turn loose now.
They're never going to end the lockdown now until we expose them.
If we don't defeat the lockdown now, it's going to turn into climate lockdowns after this.
And they're going to just keep going.
And then they're going to use environmental regulations to finish off the last transfer of wealth and property that we have left.
And then they're going to get their great reset.
They're going to get their world in 2035, where the average person can't buy a car.
The average person lives in 150 square feet.
The average person lives from home.
The average person never travels to other countries.
That's not a life we want.
And I know that millions, not even millions, billions of people are willing to fight for their freedom.
And I'm going to make sure, because I'm going to put a fire under their ass, and I'm not going to stop until we win.
And they're not going to be able to stop me.
They haven't stopped me yet.
They only made me stronger, and they're only going to keep making me stronger.
Oh, you're an example of the future, my friend.
And it shows how greedy and evil they are that they are trying this.
I mean, this is outrageously obvious.
But they keep doing it because they never get held accountable.
In closing, how do we hold them accountable?
How do we hold your Prime Minister that says, I want to be a Chinese dictator?
Or Biden, a Chinese agent?
How do we hold them accountable?
That's phase three of United Non-Compliance, Alex.
And we do it by phase two, taking action.
Everybody needs to take off their mask.
Everybody needs to open their business.
Everybody needs to just say no to the vaccine and all the other restrictions.
And then if you really want to be able to hold them accountable,
You can get your freedom back without an election.
With an election, we can hold them accountable.
You elect the right person, we can hold them accountable.
Am I the right person?
Maybe I am.
Let's jam in a caller from Canada.
Let's talk to Full Metal Charlie in Canada.
Go ahead, you're on the air with Chris Sky.
Hey Alex, how you doing brother?
Good brother.
Yeah, I fully support Chris Sky.
I've been following this movement from the beginning, and I knew a year ago that it was the bologna virus.
That's exactly what it was.
Bologna virus?
Yeah, yeah, totally.
And I know Canada sent out an SOS to the U.S.
Well, I'm an American living in southern Ontario, and I'm known as the Big Mouth American.
So if you want my advice, Canadians need
Get rid of the word fear and accept the word no.
And start using it.
Because they are about to lose.
Yeah, a lot.
What we have up here right now is the army of the afraid and the confused.
I have people who got the vaccine agreed with me.
And they're having problems.
You know, they took their boot off our neck a little bit.
And everybody's walking around in La La Land going, oh, this is what it's like.
Some kind of freedom.
This isn't freedom.
They're going to put the boot back on real soon.
And it is coming.
So, Canada, if you really want to have this fight, all you have to do is say no.
It's very, very simple.
And honor?
I'm honored to be alive right now to look the devil in the eye.
Up here I'm known as Big Mouth American, because I don't care.
I say what I want.
Attack me.
Go ahead.
Because we've got so much to lose.
Canada was once known as the country where everybody was cool.
I agree with Joe Rogan.
80%, or I'm sorry, 20% less of a jerk up here.
But it's that Canadian sense of politeness and not upsetting the apple cart that's got Canadians by the throat.
It's been used against you.
All right, Chris Sky, Full Metal Charlie, thank you so much.
We'll be right back.
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Thank you and God bless.
All right.
Welcome, everyone.
I'm Dr. Andrew Kaufman, your guest host once again for the Alex Jones Show.
And thank you so much, Alex and Chris Sky for that last segment.
It's great to see Chris's
A consultant from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry who has recently decided to go public with some very important information, not only about the ingredients in the so-called COVID vaccines, but also some inside information about the clinical trials and some of the obfuscation of data and outcome information that we have seen in the recent past.
So Karen, are you with us?
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
Can you guys see me, hear me?
I am.
Yes, we do.
So Karen, you've been very courageous in the past couple of weeks.
Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you decided to speak publicly about these issues?
I've been in the pharma med device industry for just over 25 years now and
I had my own full-service consulting agency for a number of years and I've been an independent consultant for the past 10 years.
Sometimes I'm an interim CMO or marketing director for international companies, but basically I'm an analyst.
So, COBIT has hired me to take a look at all the clinical data, the IP landscape, med legal regulatory guidelines, and
Legislation, case law, and I basically come up with strategies and messaging to best move forward to, you know, continue to grow their market share and also take a look at potential IP extensions for products.
Wow, that's quite a broad category of expertise.
So this includes like the patent landscape, the intellectual property.
It includes regulatory issues as well as marketing and business strategies.
Am I summing it up correctly?
Yeah, because there's strategic business units within companies.
So there's portfolios of products.
So you have to decide what you're going to focus on, where you have the greatest opportunity for growth and what you need to discontinue.
So you have to understand the
Yes, absolutely.
So this must give you a lot of exposure to various inside conversations, correspondence, and back and forth with regulatory agencies that would kind of inform your expertise to the current situation.
No, I work directly with the lawyers of the companies or the C-level executives and also their clinical staff, their MDs and PhDs.
So I don't present my own information, I give my information to those individuals and then they present it to the FDA or investors or whatnot, not me.
Right, but I mean you see some of the correspondence and you talk to these people, right?
So you kind of know a little bit about the workings of the company and the regulation and the industry in general.
Oh yeah, I see the warning letters and things like that.
So what led you to come and speak out with the information that you're currently talking about?
Well, I think everyone who works in the industry and understands viruses and pandemics, from the get-go, we probably saw back in March of last year that it seemed like we were getting set up for a vaccine rollout.
And that was suspicious, but nothing too alarming.
It's kind of like, well, this is big pharma doing their thing again.
And when I looked at the data, I was like, okay, it's a palliative treatment, which isn't a vaccine, and that is what it is.
But when they started saying they wanted to go and inject children whose natural immune system is far superior than any vaccine or product could be, I mean just their natural immune response, you couldn't make something statistically or clinically superior to that.
That was when a red flag went off and I thought I would just start investigating more of the data that I could find online from the FDA filings as well as, you know, some of the studies that were done.
To just prove that it wasn't necessary for children to get injected.
And when I found the patents, I was very alarmed because they didn't read as a vaccine.
They read as a bioweapon, basically.
And then I went back and I found some of the original studies where they used bat coronaviruses and spiked them, if you will.
They created these chimeric super viruses.
Using HIV glycoproteins and the GAG protein and it was very alarming and upsetting and when I realized what Americans were making themselves susceptible to, it was an anchor around my heart so I put together a
Two page email with all the references and the studies and the patents and I sent it out to about 30 or so media outlets and influencers.
Well, that's fantastic and I'm so glad that you decided to make this important contribution.
So let's get right into the vaccine technology.
And if you could bring up the first slide, please.
So this is a representation of the ingredients.
In the vaccines, and I know that, Karen, you expressed some serious concern about one particular ingredient.
And if you look at the slide here, it's the longest names.
It has crazy names, these chemicals.
But if you could go to slide two, Karen, why don't you tell us a little bit about the so-called lipid nanoparticles?
Sure, and if you're looking at the ingredients slide, it's that, you know, 80 or so alphanumeric that ends in the 2000, the PEG 2000, that stands for
Polyethylene glycol 2000.
You can find that listed in the Moderna patent.
I think it's on page 29 or 30 of the Moderna patent.
And so basically the lipid nanoparticles are made up of four lipids.
So keep in mind that mRNA or RNA viruses, single helix viruses, are very unstable.
80 degree weather kills them, sunlight kills them.
Even the inventors of the mRNA vaccine say
If you look at it wrong, it falls apart.
So, they needed to create a biosphere to protect it.
So, the biosphere contains four lipids.
One is cholesterol.
Our blood loves cholesterol.
The second is a phospholipid.
The phospholipid enables the lipid nanoparticle to adhere to the cell membrane for penetration.
There's an ionizable lipid, so that gives it a positive ionic charge for penetration.
And then there's a pegylated lipid.
Which is the polyethylene glycol lipid and all, you know, evidence shows, you know, if you take a look at where it's being manufactured and what's in it, it has graphene oxide in it as well.
And graphene oxide, it can withstand 1,700 degree Fahrenheit temperature.
It's 4,000 times more than titanium.
So basically, the inventors took a very unstable molecule, a single helix RNA or synthetic RNA molecule,
I think so.
To the cells and the people that are vaccinated.
And of course, we know that mRNA as a just a standalone molecule.
And by the way, the mRNA that's in these injections is actually made synthetically, not by a natural organism.
But it's it's very unstable, right?
So it needs two things.
It needs protection, right?
And so these spherical nanoparticles made of these lipids, which are is another name for fats, right?
Protects it so that it's it's stable.
And then also it is like a delivery vehicle, right?
Kind of like it has the address for a cell written on it and those lipids help it fuse with the cell membrane and deliver that mRNA.
And another name for these lipid nanoparticles is hydrogels.
And that's going to be important to see, look at some of the research that we're going to examine with respect to graphene oxide.
Once again, we have Karen Kingston, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Insider on the Alex Jones Show.
And I'm your host, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, filling in this week for the fourth hour.
And when we come back, we'll be talking more about the ingredients of vaccines with a special focus on graphene oxide and the toxicity of the hydrogel lipid nanoparticles.
Hello and welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Once again, I'm your guest host for this fourth hour, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and I have with me today, pharmaceutical and medical device industry consultant and insider, Karen Kingston.
And we had just begun talking about some of the ingredients in the vaccine, specifically the lipid nanoparticles,
And if we could have slide number three, this is just a representation to see that these particles actually are distributed very, very widely throughout the body and seem to be concentrated in the, sorry, in the genital and reproductive
So that's something to be important of and if we go to the next slide after that.
So Karen has uncovered a sort of chain of custody or supply chain of custody of the vaccine manufacturers using graphene oxide in these hydrogel lipid nanoparticles.
So Karen, you want to tell us a little bit about what you've uncovered?
Andy, I can't.
My screen is completely frozen.
I'm not sure what you're sharing right now.
I'm so sorry.
That's okay.
You don't have to worry about what's being shown, but you were talking about uncovering that there's a Chinese manufacturer that makes many of the excipient ingredients for the vaccines.
I didn't know it was on the screen.
So, if you take a look at the ingredients that are listed in the FDA Phase 3 filings and the initial new drug application for the mRNA vaccines, that's Pfizer and Moderna,
You'll see that they have seven-digit alphanumeric names.
I believe the Pfizer one you're probably showing is ALC0159.
That is the material safety data sheet CAS number.
If you go to a company called Cinepeg.com, you can search by those CAS numbers, the category numbers, and it'll pull up that 80
It's 80 alphanumeric name of the lipid nanoparticle.
And what you'll find is there's a whole tab on COVID-19 excipients for these mRNA LNP vaccines.
And those are not just for the United States vaccines, but for other vaccines that require this encapsulation.
And on the site, they also do talk about how these are polyethylene glycol graphene oxide
Thank you.
Vaccine and what you'll find is those link back to other studies that talk about how these LNPs are used as a theranostic which is also listed in the Moderna vaccine because the graphene oxide is an excellent conductor of electromagnetic fields for diagnostic purposes.
Theranostic stands for therapeutic and diagnostic.
So without seeing this stuff and walking you guys through it, it sounds
You know, there's many documents that tie together, and they have the same exact alphanumeric code, they have the same diagrams, and they all go back to the patent for this company in China, and peer-reviewed publications, and also chemical and engineering news, which is the non-peer-reviewed journal for this industry.
Right now, Karen, so, you know, it sounds like you've done some real detective work here, and what you're describing is essentially if you track down where the drug companies that make these so-called vaccines actually buy the various ingredients,
Thank you.
After graphene oxide was invented which led or graphene which led to a Nobel Prize being awarded, the European Union established the graphene flagship which was a 10 billion euro sorry a 1 billion euro enterprise to fund all research related to graphene and much of it was in the biomedical space.
So if we look for example at slide 4 we find a
That graphene-based hydrogels because that's what we're talking about.
Graphene oxide being essentially intermingled with the lipid nanoparticle shell that we see that it is successful for gene delivery, which is exactly what the Moderna and Pfizer products are alleged to do.
And if we go to the slide after that,
Then we'll see that actually graphene oxide has been tested in a flu vaccine before.
And one more slide, we can find a coronavirus vaccine patent from China that also uses graphene oxide.
And graphene is, you know, talked about as a miracle material because it has some very unusual properties and it can add that functionality that Karen was alluding to for therapeutic like drug delivery, gene delivery, as well as potentially diagnostic purposes.
We could be injected with nanoparticles to tell us that we are sick.
Sorry, can I ask what you're saying in regards to graphene oxide?
I think it's important for people to know that Moderna was an oncology, a cancer therapy company.
It was not a vaccine company.
So there's about, I found over two dozen articles on graphene oxide for ovarian cancer treatment.
So I just want to read a couple titles to you to just solidify that.
Moderna has been researching graphene oxide for various reasons, in all of oncology using gene therapy.
So, graphene oxide silver nanocomposites enhance cytotoxic and apoptotic potential in human ovarian cancer cells.
Cytotoxic means it kills cells and apoptotic means cell death.
So, that's what that means.
Sorry if I mispronounced.
Reduce graphene oxide silver nanoparticle
Nanocomposites, a potential anti-cancer nanotherapy.
This is the International Journal of Nanomedicine.
Lipid nanoparticles for nucleic acid delivery, current perspectives.
This is a great one because this actually specifically goes over the mRNA vaccines.
This is published in, where is this published?
It's at Elsevier.
Sorry, I don't see the publication name on here.
Anyway, there's dozens of studies with graphene oxide used in lipid nanoparticle delivery and in ovarian cancer treatment specifically to annihilate or wipe out those ovarian cancer cells and it's just coincidental that the data from Japan under the Freedom of Information Act showed that the lipid nanoparticles go through the blood and then end up in the ovaries and then as well as in bone marrow.
Absolutely, and we also know from the study of graphene specifically that it tends to accumulate in organs and tissues over time because the body doesn't have a ready-made mechanism to get rid of it.
And Karen, I'm so glad you brought up those cancer research, but really
It's just the tip of the iceberg.
If you start searching in the medical and scientific literature for biomedical applications of graphene, you're going to be overwhelmed with dozens and dozens, probably hundreds of articles because there are books published and over a thousand peer-reviewed publications on this topic.
So it is highly prominent in the developing
Technology and you know we we talked about this also specifically in terms of a gene therapy because that's really what Moderna's research and product development has been all about and that is the real technology that is being used for these vaccines and interestingly though
This has been exploited.
Special guest, Karen Kingston, pharmaceutical and medical device industry consultant and insider.
Welcome back.
So Karen, before the break, we were just about to get into the regulatory aspects of the so-called vaccine products.
And we have been talking about them as gene therapy, but that's not exactly how they were dealt with by the FDA.
Is that correct?
That's correct.
That was just an intentional misnomer so that they could get the...
Laissez-faire, no liability under all the vaccine regulatory that allows them to not be held liable for any deaths or injuries due to the vaccine.
There's nothing about them that makes them a vaccine.
Dr. Martin went over the U.S.
Patent Office's definition of a vaccine, which is that it must prevent infection, and this does not prevent infection.
And they actually sent a letter to Dr. Fauci, I believe 2006, saying,
Just because you elicit a immune response doesn't mean it's a immune response that merits a vaccine.
So, I mean, if you take a look at the FDA trials, specifically, I went through a lot of detail in the Pfizer-BioNTech trials, they don't prevent infection.
As a matter of fact, more patients were presenting with COVID-19 in the vaccine group than in the placebo group.
Wow, yes and I want to get into the details of that but isn't it true that there is actually a regulatory guidance document from the FDA and Health and Human Services and if we could bring up slide 7 which is a guidance for gene therapy products.
And in this guidance, right, by their own definition, they say a gene therapy product is a product that mediates its effects by translation of transferred genetic material, which is exactly how we've described this vaccine technology, is it not, Karen?
Yes, it is.
And this is another one of the documents I found on the FDA website.
So the mRNA vaccines are, as you said here, they are a synthetic ribonucleic acid that through translation produces a virion, which is the spike protein in RNA.
Let's just be clear, it produces the spike protein.
A virion would be a complete virus particle with the envelope, the proteins in the envelope, as well as the genetic material.
But here, we don't have a complete genome of a virus organism.
We just have, actually, I don't even believe it's a complete spike protein gene.
I believe it's just a subunit of the spike protein.
But we have essentially one gene,
That is transcribed into a messenger RNA or in the Johnson & Johnson, it's a DNA product, but it's supposed to basically make a protein, but not a whole virus.
It doesn't create the whole virus.
Yeah, that's correct.
It's a particle of the virus.
And so if we look at the next slide in this regulatory document, it talks about shedding.
So you want to tell us what that is?
Yeah, this is not, according to the FDA, what they talk about is that when you use gene therapies and your body produces, you know, part of a virus, in this case it would be the spike protein, there is a high risk that those who are injected can then infect the uninjected with that production, that biological production of the spike protein.
That's basically what shedding is.
So whatever product basically the gene that they're using in the gene therapy encodes for, right, in this case it's the spike protein, but like in a cancer patient it may be related to an oncogene or something like that, right, for a different gene therapy.
But that product is a foreign protein, right, to us and it can be, since it's produced by our body or at least that's what they tell us, right, it can actually be then
Yeah, it can be transmitted through different ways, respiratory, through your saliva, through your breath.
There can be dermal transmission as well and then they talk about
Semen and feces.
There was an incident in Bears where a mother was vaccinated after her second Pfizer vaccine.
She was breastfeeding a five-month-old baby boy, and he died from that vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia and thrombosis.
He was obviously unvaccinated, but from the breast milk, there was transmission.
Wow and I'll tell you that I've actually been also part of a survey research that we haven't released fully publicly yet but we have 5,000 subjects who were interviewed who had various symptoms that are
The types of symptoms that people experience from the vaccine and we did find that people who are intimate partners, right?
In other words, they exchange body fluids just like you discussed.
Now, you discussed a parent-child with nursing, of course, which is a slightly different relationship, but we found in a significantly increased risk of these symptoms when a intimate partner or family member that there's an exchange of body fluids
Thank you for having me.
Yeah, they require for it to be looked at in the animal studies, you know, for shedding to then determine whether or not it even merits to move on to human studies.
And then in human studies, in the Phase 1 trial, if there is risk to those men and women of childbearing age or transmission to one another, they're supposed to stop the trial.
But if you take a look at the Phase 1 protocol in the IND for Pfizer,
What they did was they had men who were intimate with women of childbearing age to use two forms of protection.
Also, those men were not allowed to be near or around a pregnant woman.
If they breathed near one, they had to report it to the safety board.
And women were not allowed to participate if they were trying to get pregnant.
And that's completely normal.
That's a normal protocol for most studies.
But what's not normal is that the male participant
Isn't even allowed to be around a pregnant woman.
And he, you know, if he does, if he is intimate with a woman, not even getting pregnant, but just intimate with a woman who wasn't participating, they had to report that to the safety board.
So the FDA was full aware of the fact that this was high risk of transmission and shedding with the vaccines.
But if they excluded those groups from the phase one trial, these studies could have never moved forward to phase two or three.
Or now this open, just free-for-all experiment.
So that's what happened.
It's quite... They did a lot of just dubious and honestly illegal, blatantly illegal things and got away with it.
Right, so what we can really see here, as you've described, is that there are these requirements to look at this issue.
It's a known risk, and we know that the FDA knows about this, and we know that Pfizer and Moderna know about this, because if we look in their protocols, we see that they're actually taking steps to prevent against this, but they did not do the required
Clinical studies and in fact I'll tell you this is one of the most astounding things that I've discovered about these so-called gene therapy based vaccines is that they're all supposed to make the vaccinated produce right by this recombinant genetic technology the spike protein in one form or another.
But none of these companies before they put their products on the market even tested anyone
To see if there's actually spike protein in people they gave the vaccine to.
There's only one study available that even looks at this at all and it was done by independent researchers in Canada months after these products were on the market and it only looks at about a dozen people and it is not very conclusive.
But it's just astonishing that we don't even know if people getting these products actually make the spike protein.
Well, I have a study, an autopsy report that shows that there is spike protein throughout the different systems and organs of a person who died from being vaccinated.
So, I think there's probably evidence we need to continue to look at to prove that.
My strong inclination is that they are producing spike protein that is harmful and potentially deadly to people.
Great, and we'll be back after the break.
I'm your guest host, Dr. Andrew Kaufman here in this fourth hour with my special guest, Karen Kingston, a pharmaceutical and medical device industry insider and consultant.
Karen, I thought for this segment we could review some of the clinical trial data for the vaccines because you have some unique insights about some trickery and playing with numbers here that suggests
They're far less effective than they're touted to be.
Sure, if you want to pull up those slides for people to see them.
If we could have slide 11, please.
Are you starting with the IND?
Well, why don't you just tell us, tell the viewers what an IND is so they understand.
Yeah, so normally you would finish preclinical trials and show safety and efficacy in animals, which they sketch most of and sign letters of intent.
And then you file an initial new drug application with your preclinical data and you map out what you're going to be doing for your Phase 1 and 2 trials and Phase 3 and the safety and efficacy endpoints.
And Phase 1 typically includes healthy patients.
But this is
This is the Phase 3 endpoints.
So in the IND, what they talked about was that they would have 44,000 patients enrolled or subjects enrolled for the Phase 3 trial.
22,000 would be injected.
22,000 would be placebo and get saline.
And they assumed a 1.6% infection rate over a period of six months, which would give them about 165 to 169 infected people in the placebo group.
And I believe they got less, 10 or less,
In the vaccine group, then that would give them a 95% confidence interval of reducing your risk of getting infected by 1% over six months.
So it's not very effective in and of itself.
But what's very odd is that their primary outcome, they had 169 patients who tested positive via the PCR test one week after the second injection.
These people were not injected in the placebo group.
And only nine in the injection group, one week after the second injection.
And what they concluded was that, hey, this is 95% effective in reducing your risk of getting COVID-19 by 1% for one week after the second injection from the Pfizer group.
So it's bogus data.
And as you go on to the next slide, you'll see at that same one week time point, if you want to pull it up, there was
It's the one before, before that.
There's another slide.
I don't know why it's not here.
In the placebo group, there was something like 400 and, or sorry, in the placebo group, there's something like 289 people that presented with symptoms at the one week mark.
And there was, I believe, 407 in the treatment group.
And so what that showed was they were presenting at the same time point with COVID-19 symptoms.
But gosh darn it, they didn't have enough time to test those people, even though more people were presenting with symptoms in the treatment group than the placebo group.
I'm not sure why that's not up, but that's in the phase three trial, the FDA trial.
It's in this document here.
So what you're saying here is that they kind of picked which time points they looked at
You don't produce monoclonal antibodies until two weeks after the second dose, okay?
They tested at one week because too many people were getting sick in the treatment group.
But worse than that, they had more people in the treatment group presenting with COVID-19 symptoms than in the placebo group, but they decided they ran out of time to test the people in the placebo group or sort of test the people in the treatment group.
So they just tested the people in the placebo group and said, hey, look, more people are getting sick in the placebo group.
So it's horrible what they did.
Does that make sense?
So they just neglected to do the testing?
Yes, they just neglected to test people that were examined in the treatment group.
They just, they only tested nine of them, not all 400 of them that were sick.
So basically they just omitted the data that would have showed that more people got sick from their vaccine than got sick from any natural cause.
And this is really not surprising to any of us who have been following the devastating side effects, mortality and serious illness that has occurred in people who have been vaccinated.
So essentially what we're saying here is that Pfizer knew about this up front.
Um, and covered it up in order to make sure that their authorization went through.
So how did they, uh, regulators at the FDA not pick up on these discrepancies?
They did.
They ignored it.
I don't understand.
On October 20th or 22nd of 2020, they had a meeting where they went over all of the serious adverse events that they needed to keep an eye out on for these vaccines.
Prior to authorization, it included Gill's Bark, it included inflammation of the brain, inflammation of the spine, it included myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombocytopenia, thrombosis.
I mean, the list goes on and on and on.
They knew these things were not only harmful, but potentially lethal.
And they just ignored the fraudulent and erroneous analysis that was done on the data.
They just chose to turn a blind eye to it.
There's an 8 hour recording.
When they started asking questions about can we go into more detail about how you measure these outcomes, they just said nothing to see here, move on to the next page.
It's recorded.
So what, you know, I mean, what do you think could have been going, you know, is what's going on behind the scenes that they're just ignoring this?
Are they, are they feeling pressure or are they, you know, in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry?
I mean, we certainly know there is a revolving door between, you know, various federal regulatory agencies and the industry, but you know, do you have a kind of theory on why they would just let this slide by and gloss over it the way that they did?
No, I've never seen anything like this in my entire career and just historical review of any over-the-counter or pharmaceutical or medical device therapy.
It's just, this is, you know, when Posicor came out, a few people got pacemakers and they recalled it.
Rezulin was recalled for liver function test increase.
You know, I mean, there's all these different recalls.
Many drugs don't get to me.
You need two-year safety data to put a stent in your eye, you know, and before you can roll it out to thousands of people.
And now we've injected over 150 million Americans.
I think it's 164 or more, 168 now.
So, there's no explanation from a person with a sound mind and conscience to explain how this happened.
So, you know, I think that kind of leaves us to speculate that there is
Some outside influence here that is very, very strong.
You know try to speak out a little bit about what's going on like for example saying that their hospitals are empty and what happens is that the administrators of the hospital you basically censure them give them a stern talking to because as has been reported there are all kinds of financial incentives for the hospitals they get paid more
Um, based on diagnosis using certain procedures like ventilators, right?
So there could be very similar types of bribery or reimbursement schemes going on here.
But, you know, it shows that there is the ability of whoever is running the show
To not just influence one person here or there, but systematically to take over the not only the industry, the private corporations in the industry, but the government agencies involved to essentially turn a blind eye and let the corporate interests reign supreme with respect to all products COVID.
Yeah, to your point, I mean,
There's definitely some monetary incentives for all parties involved here.
There's no question about that.
But even being silenced, if you speak out, I mean, if people speak out, whether they're scientists or physicians, or if they were on the FDA, they were going to be ostracized, mocked, ridiculed and kicked out of the industry.
So there's that aspect to that, you know, of being shamed and ridiculed on top of
You know, not being able to financially make an income.
So there's a lot of terrible influences that are going on that unfortunately people, instead of doing what was right and in good conscience, they did what was, you know, the easiest thing for them to do.
Well, Karen, I really so much appreciate you taking the time to enlighten us about these aspects and giving us this insider perspective.
Your bravery and courage really makes you stand out.
And we'll be back on the Alex Jones Show again after the break.
Looking forward to seeing you then.
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Well, it happened last week, right after July 4th.
World leaders across the planet and the UN announced a new world order.
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