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Name: 20210804_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 4, 2021
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
One of the biggest developments in the last year and a half of this insane COVID saga has now taken place.
As most of you know, we've been down to the border six, seven times with our crew in the last year and a half.
It is wide open on the Texas-Mexico border.
We were just there a month ago, and they reported that over a thousand people a week are dumped off at one Catholic charity, many of which are COVID positive.
And when they're COVID positive, because they test them right there, they don't send them back to Mexico, they don't send them to the hospital, they don't send them to quarantine, they dump them out on the street.
Well now, today, McAllen has announced an emergency.
Just since they started counting a few weeks ago, 7,000 positive COVID individuals
We're good to go.
One border crossing in South Texas alone, 7,000 plus people, 1,000 in the last week alone, who are COVID positive.
And remember, we sent a crew down there just a week ago.
It was reported that people that are actually sick, coughing, and have trouble breathing, men, women, and children are dumped off at Whataburgers.
So according to Biden, this is a serious crime.
According to Biden, this is a serious threat.
But because this is part of his larger agenda to collapse our borders, they're doing it.
This proves the whole COVID thing is a power grab.
It's not about keeping us safe.
It's not about keeping us from dying.
It's about the control they can use against citizens who they just claim, oh, the contact tracing app on your phone says you came close to somebody.
We need you to go to quarantine.
But when you've actually got COVID and you're actually sick, not asymptomatic, you're then dumped down the street.
This is the smoking gun of smoking guns.
And again, it just shows the UN has done a worldwide lockdown.
For over a year and a half, it's caused millions to starve to death.
It's caused the third world to collapse.
Eight out of 10 migrants who are asked, why are you flooding the US from Latin America, from Africa, from Asia, from the Middle East, say, after a lockdown, there's no jobs, no farming, no business.
So I don't blame these people trying to come here.
But most of them are coming here without any money, without any
We're good to go.
For months and months and months, we have pointed out that open border is allowing a lot of serious disease in, including bubonic plague that's now spread in California, Nevada, and Colorado.
They're closing down major parts of the country because of the black plague that's killed hundreds of millions of people before.
And again, that's part of the open border, and it's the same thing with COVID.
I'll be covering this tomorrow on my syndicated radio show, 11 to 3 p.m.
The Daily Caller article is very, very important.
I suggest you share this report with everyone you know because this just proves they're not trying to shut things down to protect us from COVID.
They're shutting things down selectively to bankrupt the economy, put us onto a social credit score, put us onto universal basic income, and bankrupt the mainstream economy
By saying that small businesses are not essential.
This is a corporate consolidation of power and control, nothing to do with safety, and what Biden's done with months of notice about the COVID surging across the border proves it 100% and he should be impeached right now for it.
But regardless,
I'm Alex Jones.
Please spread the word about this report and hopefully we'll be able to stop this incredible crisis.
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