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Name: 20210803_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 3, 2021
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The article discusses the hypocrisy of Obama and his friends not adhering to mask-wearing or social distancing protocols despite being vaccinated. It also covers ScienceWriter and Alex Berenson's suspension from Twitter for sharing Pfizer clinical trial results contradicting the medical establishment narrative, Tinder banning unvaccinated individuals, PayPal co-founder David Sachs warning about de facto no-buy lists being created by banning dissidents, and promotes InfoWars products for dealing with allergies and soothing throat issues during these challenging times.

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Well, my friends, it's now official, not just in Europe, not just in Australia, not just in the UK, but here in the United States, in blue city, blue state, globalist enclaves.
They are announcing mandatory vaccines to go to the grocery store, mandatory vaccines to go into a restaurant, mandatory vaccines to get an Uber, and it's all the big corporations linking up with the big banks and corrupt governments to force this World ID on we the people.
This is extreme, extreme tyranny, and it's not just the skeleton of an oppressive, cashless society, it is the full body of it.
And so we see this great leap suddenly into the authoritarian world government.
Quite a time to be alive.
And everything that we see being pushed is based in fraud.
Anyone that's logical, anyone that's informed, anyone that's researched knows everything we're being told is a lie.
But then big tech links up and punishes and censors those, and then banks kick people out of their bank accounts or lower their credit score, literally, now, if you are not putting out the party line.
So you wake up, and all those decades of globalist preparation to bring us into tyranny are now here.
I'm gonna lay out what Agenda 2050 looks like.
They're really carrying out
The beginning of the planetary depopulation.
They really already started it.
You're going to see such carnage and death.
You already see it very soon.
And the media is going to manage it to a certain point, but then say the unvaccinated caused it.
Alex Jones will expose the secrets of Agenda 2050 and beyond.
Tune in to this broadcast if you want to live.
That's not a joke.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got it!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
This is being called a pandemic among the unvaccinated.
This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
A pandemic of the unvaccinated.
This is an epidemic that's occurring in the unvaccinated.
We're seeing a pandemic among the unvaccinated.
This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
Pandemic of the unvaccinated.
This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
We have a pandemic among the non-vaccinated.
We have a pandemic because of the unvaccinated.
We could have had this under control.
We were well on our way.
And the only people that you can blame, the only people you can blame, this isn't shaming, this is the truth, maybe they should be shamed, are the unvaccinated.
We've got to shun folks.
We've got to shun people into getting vaccinated.
We need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated.
Unvaccinated people have put us in the position that we're in now, and it is not a good place.
The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.
And they're killing people.
Just 36% of the people in this county are vaccinated.
Every seat is full.
No social distancing or masks.
It's stupid.
Dangerous and stupid.
You gotta start telling people if you don't get vaccinated, you can't come into this office or this place of business.
If you don't get vaccinated, you can't come to work.
If you don't get vaccinated, you can't come into this gym.
If you don't get vaccinated, you can't come into this, get onto this airplane.
If you don't
If you choose to get vaccinated, you may not come to work.
You may not have access to a situation where you're going to put my grandchildren in jeopardy, where you might kill them.
We're going to do a major vaccination drive for kids 12 years old and up.
Grandparents, call your grandkids.
Tell them they are vaccinated.
Put them on a bus and bring them to a mass vaccination center.
It has nothing to do with freedom.
This doesn't do with liberty.
You don't have the freedom and the liberty to put other people in jeopardy.
You really need to get vaccinated.
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.
Take the vaccine.
Put some rules in place that will demand that people get vaccinated.
We try voluntary.
The voluntary phase is over.
It's time for mandates because it's the only way to protect our people.
Every day, more businesses are implementing their own vaccine mandates.
The Justice Department has made it clear that it is legal to require COVID-19 vaccines.
And then I think a lot of people are going to expect that businesses will be mandating vaccines.
It's time for us to reinstate some of these masking mandates while in the meantime ideally aiming for proof of vaccination so that we can really boost our vaccination numbers.
If you want to do business with the federal government,
Get your workers vaccinated.
You have to have certain rules in society if we all are going to continue to live and keep each other alive.
You cannot be that selfish and, quite frankly, that ignorant.
You have no right not to be vaccinated.
You have no right not to wear a mask.
You have no right to open up your business.
Wait, can I stop you?
No right not to be vaccinated?
Meaning, if they decide you have to be vaccinated, we have to be vaccinated?
Absolutely, and if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm.
Well, my friends, it's now official, not just in Europe, not just in Australia, not just in the UK, but here in the United States in blue city, blue state globalist enclaves.
They are announcing mandatory vaccines to go to the grocery store, mandatory vaccines to go to a restaurant, mandatory vaccines to get an Uber.
And it's all the big corporations linking up with the big banks and corrupt governments to force this World ID on we the people.
This is extreme, extreme tyranny.
And it's not just the skeleton of an oppressive, cashless society.
It is the full body of it.
And so we see this great leap suddenly into the authoritarian world government.
Quite a time to be alive.
And everything that we see being pushed is based in fraud.
Anyone that's logical, anyone that's informed, anyone that's researched knows everything we're being told is a lie.
But then big tech links up and punishes and censors those, and then banks kick people out of their bank accounts or lower their credit score, literally, now, if you are not putting out the party line.
So you wake up, and all those decades of globalist preparation to bring us into tyranny are now here.
So let me go ahead and do this.
I'm going to hit a lot of the headlines in the first two segments, and then at the bottom of the hour, at 33 after, I'm going to lay out what Agenda 2050 looks like.
Now, there's no document out called Agenda 2050.
There's Agenda 21 from 1992 at the Rio de Janeiro Summit, where they called for world government, the post-industrial world, and that that operation be launched in the year 2020, and that it be complete by 2030.
And then the year 2020, they released Agenda 2030.
But if you read into their documents and their statements, they have out there the final end of humanity at 2047 to 2050.
So I'm dubbing it Agenda 2050 and getting out ahead of it today.
And I'm going to give you Agenda 2050.
Obviously, not many of us that are alive today will be alive then.
That includes most children.
If they are successful, almost all of us will be dead long before 2050.
So this is one hell of a war that's been declared against us.
And finally, we've got a fighting chance because I knew
That almost no one else would say what was coming because it would be discrediting.
It would sound insane.
But I knew that if we set it long enough, then when it launched, we would have great credibility and a very narrow window to have an intellectual global debate about this and put the brakes on this project of the New World Order depopulation plan.
And we've got a very narrow window of five years maximum until
Only concerted armed uprisings targeting the globalists will be able to stop at that point, and that's not the road we want to go down, because that actually could be a judo move used by them to bring in more tyranny.
So we don't want to be violent offensively, but this is violence saying you are non-essential, you can't have food, you can't have a house, you can't have children, you can't fly on an airplane, if you don't take these deadly experimental shots violates the Nuremberg Code.
Absolutely 100%.
At every level.
And with, of course, the deadly shots themselves are a very serious medical tyranny assault.
And things are just getting more and more unstable by design because the globalists built a giant Ponzi scheme that they want to collapse and then take full control instead of all of them going to prison.
So just imagine Bernie Madoff on steroids and with a lot of Satan mixed into it, you've got their main game plan.
So let me go ahead and just show you these headlines here for you.
White House COVID response coordinator says it's time to impose vaccine requirements.
That's the White House saying that it's official.
We are going to make you have COVID passports.
Then of course, that injection is not going to work.
It's going to remove your immune system, make you ill.
They're gonna then call it COVID and say, oh, people that didn't take the shot, they're the reason you're sick.
Not the shot you took!
That's why the majority of people in the hospital, they now admit, Fauci lied, of course, the majority dying have had the vaccine.
And they're calling it COVID.
And the Stockholm Syndrome public just cannot admit they're being murdered, so they just roll up their sleeves and say, thank you, sir, may I have another?
We've got that video clip coming up.
And then, of course, vaccine passports.
New York now requires proof of vaccination to go inside buildings.
Totally illegal.
We have Cuomo saying he wants the businesses to enforce it.
And then the mayor says, oh, it is a law, even though it's not a law.
Totally illegal.
Totally criminal.
New York City orders restaurants and gyms to demand proof of vaccination from all customers.
That's called indentured servitude, or the essence of authoritarianism, fascism, communism, you name it.
Empowered and energized.
The blood of authoritarianism is enforced edicts carried out by the general public.
Mob rule through the state.
Oh, and notice right when they announce all this, the Attorney General of New York, run by George Soros, keeping Cuomo on a short leash, comes out and says in a press conference, still going on right now, Cuomo harassed women, sending old people to
We're good to go.
And so, they're using that as a distraction away from the tyranny he's carrying out.
Put that back on screen, please.
There's his Red Report headline.
Kinky Cuomo harassed women.
Groped, kissing, verbal abuse.
He would retaliate.
Violated federal and state law.
Read it all.
Yeah, print that for me, guys.
So they just came out with that in the last hour.
And it's, again, a total distraction with all the anger in the state.
Over the vaccine passports and over killing the old people.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
The reason he's in trouble is not for the crime connected to the globalists and Biden and the New World Order and all the rest of it.
No, it's hitting on women.
When, of course, it gets a lot worse than that with the Cuomo and the nipple rings and all the rest of it, and they're letting the political class know we put
All these movie directors in prison for raping women.
We can put governors in prison.
We can get anybody we want, including our own people.
So you better do what we say when we say it.
Remember, Cuomo just six months ago was like, okay, maybe we should reopen New York.
We're killing the state.
And they went, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, sexual harassment.
And he clucked his heels and said, yes, sir.
So we've got all that.
Meanwhile, Treasury Department taking extraordinary measures to avoid default.
After Congress failed to raise the debt ceiling, this country is being maneuvered into economic collapse.
We should all come together and reject the globalists.
But oh, it's okay, you can take the vaccine, you'll be safe.
Senator Lindsey Graham tests positive for China virus, still praises the vaccine.
And it's now even in the Wall Street Journal, it's now even in the precious
Jerusalem Post and the Darling New York Times that the majority of hospitalizations for COVID have had the shot and the majority of the deaths have had the shot.
And the statistics are actually out instead of, again, Fauci lying to you as a demonic criminal that he is.
That's all coming up today.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and get more into it and how we stop it.
And then we're going to get into Agenda 2050 at the bottom of the hour.
I'm going to tell you what the future looks like.
You better write this down or record it, because if they start winning the next few major battles over the next few years, politically, culturally, economically, you'll never be seeing Alex Jones again.
You won't be seeing anybody that questions anymore.
Because once they take the resources away and start starving the public, they'll do anything they're told to, quote, get their EBT cards to work again.
And so the true end is here, my friends.
We did it to the unborn babies.
We did it to the old people.
We didn't take care of ourselves.
We didn't value human life.
And so now we have become what we treated others like, garbage.
But I'll assure you in the end, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and the globalists will pay.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The killer awoke before dawn, put his boots on, and he made his way
The Ancient Gallery.
And he walked on down the hall!
They're really carrying out the beginning of the planetary depopulation.
They really already started it.
You're gonna see such carnage and death.
You already see it very soon.
And the media's gonna manage it to a certain point, but then say the unvaccinated caused it.
Let's put that screen back up there for TV viewers, please.
Radio listeners, I'll read it to you.
Alex Jones exposed the secrets of Agenda 2050 and beyond.
Tune in to this broadcast if you want to live.
That's not a joke.
Yes, I know we talk about horrifying things, but if you go back to my film, Endgame, if you go back to what I said 20 years ago, 25 years ago, what's the most well-known thing we're known for here on air?
With hardcore audiences.
It's talking about a global virus and a lockdown and forced inoculations with steroids.
Because the UN talked about doing that.
I thought they'd only do the steroid.
No, no, they just said, why just sterilize?
Start killing!
So it's a cocktail of things it does to you.
I've played you all of these top scientists.
I mean, the latest one's the head of the medical system at Baylor University.
That's all over the state of Texas.
Very respected.
Saying every one of these viruses has failed.
Every one of these vaccines based on a protein jacket of a virus has failed and has killed the lab animals.
You can't do it.
And we've done human trials, and he lists the human trials of other vaccines where it killed the children, particularly.
And then he says in the congressional hearing, he says, every project failed over the last 50 years, but then Bill Gates picked it back up.
And that's what he did.
And I told you it's Bill Gates.
Gee, we've got all these studies that when you do this, it kills the lab animals.
Almost all of them.
In some cases, all of them.
Blood clots.
Let's do it to everybody.
Again, this is just open and shut, as if I walked over to you with a gallon of gasoline, poured it on you, and lit you on fire.
I'm killing you when I do that.
Or if I walked up with a butcher knife, and I had you tied up, and I slit your damn throat, I'd be murdering you.
Murder one.
And we're, I mean, we're sitting here, look, I know Bill Gates and the globalists said they were going to do this.
I know they tested a bunch of stuff in other third world countries.
I know in some cases they'd kill, half a village would die when they give them an inoculation.
For smallpox or for polio or for tetanus.
I mean, sometimes they'd kill half the village would die in like a week.
This is on record!
All over the world!
In Burma, and in Nigeria, and in Guatemala, and in everywhere!
And you know, those villagers aren't rocket scientists, but...
Back when the old doctors would come 56 years ago, they ran up and wanted it because those were nice doctors.
But now when Big Pharma comes the last 30, 40 years, they run to the hills and they have to have armies come who get paid in these countries all over the world to hold people in the villages.
They'll just show up announced with a hundred troops, try to circle the village with machine guns and say, you're going to take this.
And you see, they've gotten away with that so long around the world.
Bill Gates is banned in over 30 countries.
He's completely banned in 20-something, and another 30 or so he's partially banned in.
But it's kind of average in, say, 30-plus countries, and it's changing all the time.
But it's a lot of them.
And when they show up at the villages, the villagers literally attack men with machine guns with clubs, because they've seen the death.
You don't act like that.
You know, Indians aren't just known for starting fights with people for no reason.
Why are the Indians so vicious to their own government?
Because they saw their family members killed before.
So we better get the same common sense they've got or we're done.
It's not rocket science, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go ahead and play the clip.
This should have gotten more attention.
It's on Zero Hedge.
It's on InfoWars.
Watch White House COVID Response Coordinator.
Says it's time to impose vaccine requirements.
And Fauci is looking totally sinister.
They've got the head of the CDC up there as well.
And here he is announcing from the White House it's time to impose mandates.
Forced inoculation.
Declaration of war.
Violation of the Nuremberg Code.
Talk about martial law.
Imagine if President Trump was on TV saying you gotta take shots.
Cities would burn.
And they should.
I'm not calling for violence at this point, because they'll use it against us, but, I mean, this type of behavior?
One person gets injected forcibly and dies.
All the globalists go to prison.
And their houses burn.
I mean, that's justice.
I'm not saying do that.
But they are waging war against us, and trying to do it with this authority, because they're in a White House lectern.
And they're trying to have the corporations and companies make us do this.
This is beyond Nazi Germany already.
But I do not want violence, ladies and gentlemen, because they will use that against us and spin it.
We have to keep our independent media going.
We have to expose it.
We have to warn people.
We have to get the victims and the survivors on air to tell their story of what happened when they took this poison and have an endless list of doctors and scientists coming out.
Because the globalists did all this because their whole system was collapsing three years ago, two years ago.
The U.N.
admitted their doctors were all turning against the vaccines because they, quote, were hurting people.
And so they did this giant fail forward, this giant too big to fail operation.
So here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Jeff resents with Fauci.
Listen to it.
So working with states to encourage vaccinations through incentives, which have made a difference throughout the vaccination effort.
Last week, the president called on states and local governments to use funding they have received, including from the American Rescue Plan, to give $100 to anyone who gets fully vaccinated.
Minnesota and New Mexico have already stepped up to answer the president's call.
If financial incentives like these help us get more shots in arms, we should use them.
But in addition to incentives, it's time to impose some requirements based on the realities of different risks unvaccinated individuals pose versus those who have been vaccinated.
Last week, the Department of Veteran Affairs announced it will require doctors and nurses and other health care workers who provide medical care to our veterans to get vaccinated.
This is in lockstep with many health care employers around the country who are requiring vaccinations and will protect our veterans when they get medical care.
At the President's direction, the Department of Defense
Is looking into how and when they will add COVID-19 vaccination.
All right, let's stop right there.
Fauci looks like he's up in front of a firing squad while this is happening, because he knows this is, this is totally illegal.
It's experimental injection and they're going for it.
And they know that the public now knows it's the vaccines killing people, not the unvaccinated.
So, but they're still going ahead with it because they've set the machine in motion and now they can't stop it.
I mean, they've already killed 50, 60, 100 million Americans.
I mean, they're already walking dead right now.
Who knows?
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Transmission.
Thank you for joining us today on this August 3rd, Tuesday broadcast.
Let me just give you my 35,000 foot view on this, and then we can give you some contemporary examples and talk about how to stop it.
I don't want to put Infowars at the center of the chess board, but that's really where all of you are.
We are the Infowar.
We are citizens and humans that love God and justice and want a pro-human future and believe in humanity and believe in God and believe in a human future.
But the globalists know that whatever humans can envision, because we're made in the image of God, we're able to build.
And they are very jealous and envious of the incredible mind of humanity.
And they want to steal it and basically chain it down and confuse it and gaslight it so they can control it as an engine of their power.
They don't want the bird to fly.
And if you study all of history, you see corrupt regimes that come to power that do just that.
But then in the end, they destroy themselves in the process because they are projecting their own hatred of themselves onto the general public.
They've decided that it's so ugly and so bad that it's got to be rounded up and exterminated.
Because that's their subconscious mind wanting to kill themselves.
On the surface, they love themselves, but they definitely hate themselves.
So let's talk about it right now.
What is Agenda 2050?
Well, that's the term I'm using, and you better believe they've got it, and that's what it's called, but I've never seen that document.
I've seen Agenda 21, I've seen Agenda 2030, and we're living it.
But they don't release their new agenda reports until they're right in the middle of it.
So I would imagine they'll release their Agenda 2050 in 2040.
Again, these timelines, these goalposts can be moved back and forth because they're always calibrating, but it's still always the same plan going in the same direction.
And so in all of their priests, and it is a religion, transhumanist, satanic religion, in all of their admissions, and in all their statements, and you see it everywhere now in the Wall Street Journal, looking forward to the end of humanity.
You see it in the New York Times, a world without humans would be wonderful, and families are bad, the nuclear family's bad, and humans are parasites and must be gotten rid of, and NBC talks to the top bioethics scientists and says we must merge the machine and get rid of carbon-based lifeforms.
Carbon itself is bad.
And then you learn, when you read deeper in their literature, their religious text, that they want to overwrite the whole planet and believe all life here is bad.
So the supposed guardians of the earth, who get a lot of humans to sign onto their agenda, in this cult, they're in the outer room.
They're not in the temple.
They're not in the inner sanctum or the tabernacle.
We're good to go.
We'll build a trillion worlds, and it won't matter, and we'll be able to recreate butterflies on a thousand galaxies if we choose to.
And they talk about how they'll all upload their consciousness to rockets, to spaceships that then blast off into space, and they'll start competing with each other in the wider universe as gods.
Kind of like Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2.
And that's really what they're telling you when they do all of this.
But then you study the people running it,
They've just hijacked all the intelligent people, stolen the technology, and they themselves are into pedophilia.
They themselves have high suicide rates, their children do.
They're horrible people.
Just a low-level example.
None of these globalists even give tips to waitresses or anybody, or to a person that gives them a massage, anything.
They skip out on bills, you name it, because they don't just dislike people, they hate people.
So they're not the type of folks that built this system, they're not the type of folks that have creativity, they're just the type of people that want to control it and run it all and turn us into a commodity where we devalue ourselves to the point where we don't stand up for ourselves so we can be like potter's clay in their hands.
And so let's talk about Agenda 2050.
Agenda 2050, if you look at all the religious transhumanist texts, which are now official UN law and official corporate governance at the Davos Group, World Economic Forum, they say by the year 2047, there really won't be any humans left.
Or if there are, we'll be in museums.
They're gonna tolerate us like a bug or like a houseplant is the most common megalomaniacal delusion that they put out.
And they talk about how then there'll be a singularity and an acceleration and that then the people that have become gods are gonna need to leave the planet
Or they might contend with each other and destroy each other.
Or a lot of them say, well, they'll end up just being one super being.
And so we'll just absorb everyone into one super being, and then basically make everybody give up their bodies.
And you see that in the Illuminati religious piece, Childhood's End, put out in the 1950s by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, who was one of their high priests.
So that's where all this comes from.
And part of the entrance into it is giving up your humanity, and not having children, and promising to hurt children.
And really what it is, is a total religion of selfishness.
So, now that I've talked about their philosophy some, let's talk about what they're planning to do right now.
The name of the game is conduct covert war against independence, against health, against sanity, against goodness, because the system they're bringing in can't compete with that.
Destroy all islands of sanity.
Wreck economies.
Engage in economic, cultural, and biological, radiological war while posing as the saviors.
Kill the planet as you absorb it
And use it as the energy and the engine for what you're building because the main mission is kill all life on Earth in a ritual of planetary sacrifice so that the new creature can emerge from the husk of the once beautiful living world.
So the main mission is absorb the planet as you kill it.
And then blow the planet up when you're done.
That's in Clarke's writings, it's in all Asimov's writings, it's in the religious high holy moment will be once humanity is destroyed, fully absorbed, then the planet will be destroyed.
That is the high ritual.
It will be blown up into a space rubble, into a new asteroid belt.
And no competing civilization may be allowed to escape.
No ARC must be able to get away.
They must suppress all technology, dominate it, poison the people, dumb them down, in a process
To where even the globalists are so sick and so decrepit from 5G, 6G, 8G, all the poisons that they themselves will have to give up their bodies.
They intend, you say, well, how do they not poison themselves while we're poisoned?
Well, some of them avoid it and stuff, but the real acolytes don't avoid it.
They embrace it in their transhumanist movement and want to merge with it.
Because they want to give up their humanity and they want to show their God that they are truly ready to be faithful and to merge with it before it moves on to the next planet.
And they want to understand it, it's all a love letter from Satan in Childhood's End.
And let's just say Clark, well, you know Clark, definitely fit in the club.
Progressive Clark, OSS, MI6, inventor of the communications satellite, and of course, a major perv.
All right, we're going to come back and I'm going to give you the rest of the story, what it's going to look like, how the controlled collapse is going to look.
Now they're coming to murder you and your family slowly, but first they want to suck your soul.
There is a transmission.
And we know what the priesthood of the Illuminati believe.
They believe they are gods, but must first take control of the planet, the survival of the fittest, and exterminate every life form in a sacrifice to their god.
Only then will they become gods.
The question is, are you going to submit to that and go along with that?
Or are you going to stand up
And resist it.
The choice is yours whether you want to go interstellar, intergalactic, interdimensional.
We've got all the tools.
Atlantis 2.
Will this project succeed?
America is Atlantis 2.
This broadcast is Atlantis 2.
Will this project succeed?
Or are we going to let these things blow us up?
Teach us to hate ourselves, teach us to fight with each other, teach us to be idiots, suppress our technology?
Let's hit it right now.
They control the resources.
They start cutting them off while posing as a savior.
Always blaming their opposition.
Those that won't take the special injections.
Those that won't turn their children over for programming.
Those that still want to have a family.
Those that still want to own their own property.
Those that want to be independent.
Those that want to go to a real church.
Where the frequency is not Lucifer's channel.
All about what you tune your channel to.
Now, can you handle tuning to that channel?
Scares you.
You certainly don't want to be tuned into both channels.
That's why to read their own writings and do this.
I can just dial into the channel and it's, it's, it's, it's, and I would advise folks not to dial into the Satan's channel.
I don't even need to do that.
I've, I've done it.
And, uh, that's how I know what they're up to.
But more often than not, I don't dial into it.
I just can read their own writings and I can see more and more.
They're telling you what they're, what they're, what they're tuned into.
It's that simple.
I was at a big grappling championship in Austin a few months ago with Joe Rogan and I didn't even notice the giant thunderstorms and tornadoes had blown in and nobody was telling me.
And I was inside the big Marriott hotel, JW Marriott downtown, this giant ballroom, like chandeliers with dudes fighting under it.
It was very, very surreal.
I just felt excitement and felt energy and I said, what's going on?
And I just felt compelled to get up and I went outside and there was black, purple clouds and green clouds and tornadoes and lightning and like 60 mile an hour wind and trees falling down.
You couldn't hear it.
You couldn't see it down deep under the hotel, giant hotel, just humongous.
But I could feel it, and feel the barometer in my mind, my guts, and I went outside and just saw it.
Right as it was getting dark, at like 8 o'clock at night, just boiling green clouds out of a movie.
In between the buildings, just, what the hell?
I couldn't open the door to go outside.
And everybody's dialed into that.
Everybody knows.
Well, that's just the frequency of nature.
That's the frequency of our bodies, the third dimension, that are picking up on that frequency of just life.
You can be in a room, totally blacked out windows, but you know when the sun comes up, you feel it, you open your eyes, and if you go check your watch, that's sunrise.
You may make yourself go back to sleep.
And they want you to divorce yourself from all those feelings and all those instincts God gave you that are a connection to God's creation that itself is a connection to God.
I don't worship the creation.
The creation, though, is a hem of God's garment.
And just like the woman reaches out to touch Christ's garment, to just touch the sun, to touch the trees, to touch the water, to touch your wife, to touch your husband, to take care of your children, to cook your friends a meal, to have love, is to commune with God and is a form of energetic worship that connects you to God.
And the more the connections there, the more it accelerates and the enemy seeks around the clock to try to stop that.
And that's the whole plan.
So they want to artificially cut the resources off while they pose as the saviors and then make things so poisonous and so toxic and remove our immune systems and have all the babies be born by cesarean and then by the year 2045 they estimate all men will be sterile with the chemicals in the water.
This is all official.
Until you have to totally give up your physical body they will tell you to stay alive and that you'll be uploaded into a synthetic silicon system.
And they say that will be the final religious move is your new body being born again into the matrix, born again into the Borg, born again into their system.
And everything you see out of science fiction they admit is the Nebula Awards and others were given by the Illuminati to
The futurists, they wanted so that humans would envision this future and accept this future and build this future because we are master builders.
And so the year 2050 is the goal at which no independent human life will be allowed on the planet Earth unless, quote, it is in a zoo or it is in a museum.
And so this is a total revolution, and the globalists are smart in a very cold-blooded way.
They know that empires rise and fall, they're based on human systems.
They know that human activity always is going to challenge other human and people don't want to be under somebody's thumb.
The only way to conquer humanity is to end humanity.
But you've got to give humanity a way out and tell it, oh, you're going to evolve in this way, give yourself over to control this, and it's more like a
Sexual operation where you're being raped by the AI for your thoughts, your mind, your genetics, and raped by a system that isn't just going to kill you.
Again, it's going to absorb you, but take your free will away.
It's going to rape you to death.
And so that's all this is, is a complete takeover.
But again, it wants to extract our knowledge first,
And chronicle us and save us like you go out and find a butterfly in the field and put it under glass and with alcohol and kill it and put a pin on it in your wall.
It wants us to be part of its collection.
Because it doesn't just want our knowledge, it hates us because we're made in the image of the thing that kicked its ass.
Of the thing that's defeated it over and over again.
And so it's this process, it's this thing that haunts humans.
It's this thing that hates humans.
It's this thing that wants to kill you.
That is agenda 2050.
Compliance with anything the globalists push is death.
Resistance is life and victory.
We have a special guest coming in studio in the next hour.
He's one of the prominent members of the Nation of Islam.
Message to the Millennials.
Bro RZA Islam.
And he's a well-spoken individual, wants to get into eugenics and the targeting of everybody, particularly people of African descent, for extermination and why he thinks that's the case.
And I guess he's super banned everywhere and so am I. So we're all about having people on that are thought-provoking.
So that is coming up in the next hour, separately, briefly.
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Border Patrol is overwhelmed with all the processing and now we're seeing COVID cases increase especially amongst detainees that are coming across the river and that are being in custody with Border Patrol.
We're seeing Border Patrol agents that are being affected by COVID because of this.
McAllen, Texas has always been ground zero for the
We keep on
Asking, requesting, almost demanding to our President, Congress, and the Senate, look, open up and take care of our borders, take care of the immigration issue.
Because we, as a municipality, should not be burning some of the costs associated, and currently we are.
Hoof and mouth disease is on the horizon.
A lot of these people are coming from countries that have hoof and mouth disease and that would be devastating for the United States livestock industry if hoof and mouth disease shows up in the United States.
And it's a big concern because a lot of these people that are sneaking in here could have that virus on their tennis shoes.
That's a huge concern for us.
It would be absolutely devastating to the United States agriculture industry if that disease shows up.
Many of these people are alone, like this little boy right here.
And they're just disappearing.
There's this little kid.
That's a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little boy with a Hispanic lady and a baby.
But now the warnings from the authorities in the area have finally reached a breaking point that not only threatens the southern region of Texas, but the entire country, as the microcosm of McAllen, Texas will soon be the macrocosm of the United States.
They're putting their political party over the public safety of our entire country.
Look, in 2006, the Secure Fence Act was passed.
80% of the Senate voted for it, both Republican and Democrat.
It clearly stated in there that they mandated and directed DHS to do what?
To build a wall.
In 2006, they went into great detail of how effective the wall is.
And since then, you've had prominent senators like
Senator Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Schumer, and then Senator Biden all bragged about how they voted for the wall and how effective it was.
We use phrases like undocumented workers.
We convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration.
Now they like to use the word undocumented because it's more political.
I don't use that word.
They're illegal immigrants.
It's us, it's the humanitarian crisis, and it's an OTM crisis.
Just take out the factor of the women and children.
It's an other-than-Mexican crisis right now.
We're, you know, being invaded by third-world country people, and in those third-world country people are the special-interest aliens.
McAllen, Texas Mayor, Javier Hueloboches, warned
That the situation is getting worse.
He said the positivity rate has gone up so they can't be transported.
The hotels are getting filled up.
They're being transported and at the very end we cannot hold them in one place unless they want to be.
What just could be the nation's current COVID epicenter, the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas, dealing with a surge of hospitalizations and death, leaving families in anguish and doctors overwhelmed.
More than 1,000 dead there and those numbers only continue to rise.
There are 12 hospitals serving three counties here.
About one and a half million people and doctors have said that they have been almost overwhelmed
We're talking about cases where patients have had to be transferred to other hospitals as far as 700 miles away, Lindsay, to get treatment for various illnesses, including COVID-19.
In the coming year, the border chaos will reign supreme as Americans continue to be locked down and the economy plummets.
John Bowne reporting.
From Freedom Command Central.
Well, who was warning over a year ago these poison vaccines, and who's warning again?
And who are they saying is a terrorist?
Well, anybody that doesn't take the shot.
I don't care what color you are or where you're from, it has the same effect.
It's deadly, and we've got the science.
Now you are telling my poor black brothers and sisters that they should hurry!
And you laugh
At Reverend Jim Jones with Kool-Aid.
This is the biggest dose of Kool-Aid that the enemy has ever offered.
It is death itself.
Then there's history.
In 1932, the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment took 600 black men, hundreds without syphilis, who were told they were being treated for, quote, bad blood.
In truth, they did not receive the proper treatment to cure their illness.
The experiments were originally designed to last six months, but stretched on for 40 years.
Even then, each participant was only given lifetime medical benefits and burial services.
Um, Bill Gates said what he said.
Matter of fact, that's why that collage that was put together, that multiple clip collage of multiple interviews that he had, he said the same thing in different areas at different times, the same thing.
He said it.
So if you don't want to get it by now, maybe, you know, maybe listen to the fact that he mentioned that his father was a part of Planned Parenthood.
He said that in a part of the interview right there.
Listen to the other part.
If his father was a part of Planned Parenthood, what was the objective of Planned Parenthood?
He said his father.
Now you're talking about in the 30s now.
You're talking about someone by the name of Margaret Sanger, who was the founder of Planned Parenthood.
What did she say the purpose was?
Margaret Sanger, who was an honorary Klanswoman.
Margaret Sanger, who used to give lectures at Klans rallies talking about the population of Negroes and particularly has to be lessened.
Margaret Sanger, who said that, quote,
Negroes are like human weeds and should be exterminated, end quote.
Margaret Sanger, who in a black and white interview that everyone can go look up on YouTube right now with Mike Wallace, sat there and said that I believe, quote, I believe that bringing a child, I believe the greatest sin is to bring a child into the world, end quote.
You can go watch that on YouTube right now.
Margaret Sanger strived for a society that limited births to only those she deemed fit to have children.
I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world.
Many pro-choice advocates see her as a hero, but critics call her a racist eugenics promoter who targeted black communities with her Planned Parenthood clinics.
Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, once said, colored people are like weeds, they need to be exterminated.
People don't understand that 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics are located in minority communities.
When it comes to vaccinations, shots, when it comes to water, when it comes to reproductive services.
So all of these areas and arenas were ways to look at how can we reduce the population strategically.
Planned Parenthood is one, vaccinations is another, fluoridated water is another.
The manipulation of nature, herbs, and food.
Hence the medical marijuana.
Hence the GMOs in the food.
The cloning of the food.
Roughly 78-80% of the food is genetically modified.
Destroying the ovaries.
Destroying the sperm.
Shrinking the testicles.
Shrinking the ovaries.
Creating tumors.
Creating an inability for people to reproduce.
Making men sterile.
Making women infertile.
All right, well, very well spoken, very smart guy, and I tell you, I don't disagree with anything he just said.
Talk about fighting Nazis, this is beyond the Nazis, that's what he's doing.
Message to the millennials, bro RZA Islam, one of the big up-and-coming prominent leaders in the largest black organization in really the world, the Nation of Islam.
Say what you want about Louis Farrakhan, I agree with about 95% of what he has to say.
He's definitely a very smart person and deserves to be heard.
And he's one of the most vampable internet like I am.
And of course, we've got RZA Islam here, who you just heard speaking for this hour, a little bit of the next hour, if he can stay here.
And it's great to have him here because we're all under attack and we need to come together.
Good to have you here, sir.
Well, you just blew us away with that earlier.
It's all out in the open now.
They admit these vaccines aren't vaccines.
They're targeting the ovaries.
They're killing people.
And the most of the sick people have taken the vaccine.
That's now confirmed.
They have it hiding in plain view.
No, that's a fact.
That's a fact.
And it's something that we actually are highly aware of now, not only within the black community, but in the younger black generation in particular, which is something that people need to understand.
Tell me about your awakening and just how you see the world right now and who the players are.
Because I don't see it as black versus white.
I see it as globalist against humanity.
But definitely they're trying to make it black against white.
That is more so, you can say, a universal language.
Which is something that is the ultimate truth, of course, but when it comes to us in this community, we first have had to look at our humanity, which has always been an issue, which is us being declared as human beings.
That's something we have had to continue to fight to do, to be established as a human family or as a part of the human family, but first being the original people.
But the world that we see is Satan is losing
And so because he is losing, he has now pushed for the obliteration of all of those whom he cannot control.
That includes poor white people, that includes brown, that includes yellow, that includes red, and of course black.
So that's really the understanding that we are on now.
The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has stated that Satan is not only losing this battle, but because they believe the globalists, and particularly
We're good to go.
And I totally agree with what Mr. Farrakhan says and what you say, because it's true.
And I need to make the point more.
They are losing.
This is a desperate loser move they're pulling.
No, it's obvious.
I mean, the playbook is the same.
We are telling the Nation of Islam to
We're good to go.
I agree.
The vampire, metaphysically, why is that?
Because I know you're a theologian.
Why does the vampire need you to agree to it?
Because it can't live without a host.
It has to have someone to latch on to.
They do not have the ability to live alone.
That's not how they operate.
That's why a vampire is what a vampire is.
It has to continue to be replenished with free living cells.
Living life.
God life.
The source of life.
Because it itself is opposite of life itself.
It is completely evil.
So that's why they have to feed off of us.
And what's the strongest point of life is the child is like wheatgrass.
That tiny seed has all that energy.
That's what they're targeting our children.
Yes, absolutely.
The adrenochrome, the mixture of blood and adrenaline, etc.
Not only, of course, all the way down when it comes to from the abortion clinics and they take the body parts, etc.
from that, but then all the way up to the sex trafficking, child trafficking, etc.
It is a part, essentially, of what they are doing because if they cannot control the adults, which they know they have lost control
Of them they go down to the teenagers but we are highly awake and highly aware we have too much access information so they have to go after the children.
And we see, and we come back and want to talk about this, as humanity awakens collectively, they're trying to preemptively make it a racial war instead of a war against the globalists.
But at a certain level, they make it racial enough, people do divide into those groups.
Or is it just going to happen?
How do we stop that?
Or how do you see that unfolding?
Because they're desperately trying to divide people while they target everybody, but they do have a sweet tooth for targeting black people.
Let's not deny that.
That's definitely, they're really out to get black people.
I know you're banned all over the internet just like we are, so they can then misrepresent what you're saying and lie about you.
What's the best place to find what you're actually saying?
Where do people find URLs?
Yes, well right now it's RezaIslam.com.
That website is currently being updated.
So that's the main area and that's where you can find our product.
So what you're saying is historic fact, it's real.
And right here live.
Any empire corrupt group that gets in trouble starts trying to kill the slaves.
They're targeting everybody indiscriminately, but they particularly, again, are hiring Run DMC, you name it, everybody's saying, get the shot, and then you see the shot doesn't work, it doesn't protect you from COVID, and these people are dying.
Total vindication of what I and Louis Farrakhan and you and others have been saying.
Here's the interesting part about this.
We'll see.
When it comes to us as a people, we look up to our entertainers.
We look up to our athletes.
We look up to those who give us the rhythm and the inspiration.
That is actually how it is in every civilization, every group of people.
When it comes to us in particularly, we have looked up to them so blindly because we have trusted them to entertain.
But we don't understand the politics of the globalists nor this dominant society system and how they manipulate the people whom we look up to, to go towards their agenda, which of course we know is depopulation.
So when I started watching and seeing them, certain ones come out, left and right, rappers, singers, actors, dancers, athletes, who I know for a fact know nothing about these topics, it angered me more so because of how the enemy used them.
That's the main thing.
Of course, they have some responsibility in it as well.
But it's the ignorance that they were using because they were paid one.
Then they were given all the skewed statistics, the lies, the so-called science, etc.
They were told, don't you want to help your people, etc.
They come in a name of help.
You're going to be a hero.
Come on.
I mean, that's what it is.
Those of us who have this understanding have to speak up at this time.
And it's not hating our people, it's speaking the truth against a system that hates us all.
Oh, I'm not bashing white folks, black folks, anybody for being sucked into propaganda.
I'm saying you turn on the TV, 80% of the pitch people for the vaccine period are black because they think the general public actually trusts black people's anti-establishment.
Big Pharma is literally put on blackface.
Is the way I would put it.
Yes, that's a fact.
That's a fact.
And they've done it beautifully again because the whole world looks up to our entertainers and that's just a fact.
That's just a fact.
And they said, okay, well seeing how the politicians are no longer going to be the ones to really work because they've lost control, they lost the trust of the people.
And so they know that.
Let's see.
Well, exactly.
And let's just say it.
Black folks are very popular and doing great in everything.
Because of your own energy, they're just hijacking that and using it as a front.
Well, the spiritual leaders are no longer, as Minister Farrakhan said, the spiritual leaders have sold out.
So the pastors are not listening to them.
So they say, okay, the politicians, well, they're not really listening to them.
Well, who else?
The actors, entertainers, singers, rappers.
It's just like all the propagandists now for the news are the late night comedy people, because nobody listens to the news.
So they've gotten everybody.
Yes, absolutely.
They covered all bases, you know, in their mind.
But the problem is in this, and I'll tell you, here's the main fault line that they don't understand.
Because they pushed it so quickly, so heavily, in so many ways, over and over and over again, had so many people come out and say, hey, I got the shot, you should take it.
Hey, get the shot.
Hey, look at this.
It became eerie to us.
That's a perfect word, eerie.
Very eerie, creepy.
We operate along vibration and energy.
So we feel when we see, but we feel more than anything else.
So when we see certain people who say certain things about against the government or speak up, stand against the system, etc., and then turn around and say, hey, get the shot.
No, no, no, no, no.
That doesn't feel right.
There's no God in that.
But now you're vindicated.
What is it like?
Minister Farrakhan came out a year plus, like 14 months ago, and said, do not take the poison shot.
Do not take it from their doctors.
We need our own doctors, which I agree.
Community doctors.
Uh, and notice they killed four African presidents when they wouldn't do it, and the Haitian president, and now they're threatening to basically kill the Mexican president because he sees through it.
So there is a beautiful awakening, but how vindicating, because I know you were prominent in criticizing the shot, not a vaccine.
It's now admitted it doesn't work, and it's killing people, and most of the cases are caused by it, and most of the deaths, that's admitted.
I mean, this thing blew up in their face.
And what I love about it, the Honorable Nusrat Farrakhan has been warning this government and the governments of the world for over 40 years.
He has been doing this work actually for over 60 years.
And prior to him, his teacher, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, has been warning the governments of the world since the 1960s and prior, and particularly where the shots are concerned.
So the vindication feels amazing and wonderful, but it was inevitable because we stand on the side of God.
We stand on the side of truth.
And ask why people are demonized that have been right.
That's right.
I don't care.
Judge a tree by its fruits.
That's fact.
That's what you do.
And again, it's a beautiful thing.
And of course, you know, people have asked, well, you know, this is dangerous.
Aren't you afraid?
I mean, this is well, no, we are standing up for a cause that deals with the masses of humanity.
I'm more scared of God than I am of these people.
That's it.
And that's exactly who we're afraid of.
We fear nothing and no one but Allah, God, the Most High, whatever you wish to call God.
That is who we fear.
And because of that, we can speak truth regardless to whom.
And look how crazy these people, we didn't cherry pick these.
There's thousands of pages of leftists on Instagram.
You can't find one that looks normal.
I mean, look at these people.
They all look like they're dead.
Yeah, there is definitely a correlation.
And that's the other thing that people have to really look at because there has never been something like this.
This campaign is beyond unique, eerie, creepy, but it is absolutely targeted, of course, highly funded.
And that's the other reason why we started to notice things.
It's too, it rolled out too well.
It hit too many areas.
It was coordinated worldwide.
Oh, worldwide.
It was wonderfully, um, you know, I would say choreographed, and choreographed how they did it, but the people started to notice too many things.
It became too obvious, especially within the black community, because people who literally spoke against the system were now speaking up for the system, and that is exactly what it was.
It was the blatant hypocrisy.
And when you say the people are awake, you travel all over the country, all over the world, what are you seeing on the ground?
On the ground, the people are not in agreement with any of this.
The people are blatantly saying, no, they're saying the opposite to all of this.
But of course, the only ones that they put up on this tell lie vision programming or programming people visually by telling us lies, that stupid box is they are putting the people up there whom they know are going to speak on behalf of the system.
But the people in the real world on the ground are not standing for this.
They're not.
And I'm talking about parents.
I'm talking about medical professionals, legal professionals, etc.
I agree with you.
That's really what's hurting them, is all these doctors and scientists all over the world.
And the president in Tanzania is sending in the goat sample and the papaya sample and coming back.
And now everybody's done that.
People send in their lizard test and it comes back.
I mean, it's a fraud.
Yeah, the Germans sent in a cap full of alcohol and that came back as positive.
Let's talk about that now and then a longer segment is coming up.
What does a cornered Lucifer, a fallen alien creature that hates us, what does it do when it's cornered?
Because yeah, you're right, the devil's gonna lose.
He knows he's losing.
He sends the beast with wrath because he knows his time is short.
We're about to see Satan's temper tantrum.
Yes, definitely.
Well, as Zbigniew Brzezinski has stated earlier, he said in earlier times it was easier to control a million people than it was to physically kill a million people, but now it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than it is to control.
And that is exactly what Satan's option is.
Because he can no longer control the masses of the people, because this is a battle for the hearts and the minds of the people, as we are taught in the Nation of Islam, and as the world is taught, and those who are the righteous, because of that, they can't control the minds anymore, they can't control the people, so they must kill.
That is the only option in order to maintain their system of control.
And they're doing it.
Yes, they are.
And that's what everyone has to pay attention to.
Look up and understand and fight against.
What would you call this time we're living in right now?
We're on a break here, but what would you call this time?
This is the war of Armageddon.
This is the war of the righteous versus the unrighteous.
This is the battle of good and evil, the great battle in the sky.
All the scriptures have classified in different ways, but this is the final stand.
This is the fourth quarter.
This is overtime.
I mean, however you want to... And we know when there's a world war, it's going to be in the sky.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
It's mainly in the minds of the people, spiritually, but then, of course, it's going to go down from there, physically.
Bombs, guns, etc.
It's going to go in every single way.
For every mental area, there is a spiritual counterpart as well.
Powerful information, RZA Islam is our guest.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide, I'm Alex Jones.
We have the author of A Message to the Millennials, bro RZA Islam, activist, speaker and humanitarian, also does a lot of big online work for the Nation of Islam, a really smart guy, and we were talking earlier, he just joined us, about
The big picture and the awakening was taking place.
But I forgot why a month or two ago I said, will you please get him on?
I remember pointing at the page saying, I know I've seen him.
He's a smart guy.
He was in the disinformation dozen that now Biden has declared terrorist.
They have press conferences saying, anyone on this list, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, these are prestigious medical doctors, and this man, for daring, they say he's effective, he discredited the vaccines to black people, he's to blame.
Well, they don't work other than killing you.
They now admit most people dying in the hospital have taken the shot, so he doesn't get a Pulitzer Prize or a pat on the back, no.
The Center for Digital Hate, funded by George Soros and Bill Gates and this whole group, they say he's the bad man.
So Bill Gates says you're the bad man, I say you're the good guy then.
So, wow, I'm a little jealous here, because I didn't get on this hit list of 12.
I'm a little bit upset here.
In fact, Louis Farrakhan didn't either.
You got on there.
Well, that's because both of you were taken off of social media before they got that list out.
So both of you, you are on your own list.
The minister, of course, has his own major chapter.
We got targeted together.
Absolutely, at the same time.
Yeah, yeah.
And you both were announced that was two years ago.
Ahead of this push, but ahead of that because they knew what we would do.
No, no, they know they, you know, again, they're very targeted with everything and each every year they made sure to take out certain voices at certain times.
But when they placed me on that list, of course, I knew absolutely it was in large part
Didn't you feel good without having it?
Oh, of course!
Of course, you know, to be hated by Satan is definitely to be loved by God.
So, that's a badge of honor for us.
As we saw, I definitely do not want to be praised by this system for doing the work that goes against this system.
So, it's a beautiful thing.
I'm very honored.
Well, keep going then, because they don't want you to speak.
Tell them, tell the giant audience listening what they don't, what the system doesn't want them to hear.
Well, the first thing is, in this generation mainly, they want us to kill ourselves, and they want us to get rid of each other in multiple ways.
Of course, they want us to get rid of each other by killing each other over color, killing each other over religion, killing each other over political party, killing each other over all these different areas, whether you live in the North, the South, the East, the West, etc.
Whatever these areas are, divide and conquer is the ultimate goal, and depopulation is the ultimate, ultimate goal.
That's the major point that we have to understand that we get through our head.
Again, it's the war of Satan versus God, the righteous against the unrighteous.
That is the overall understanding.
So again, this is why we don't push a religious thing.
You don't hear us going and saying, join the nation.
You know, I'm, I'm a Muslim.
No, no, no.
You need to be a Muslim.
This is a war that is above any and all labels.
The Honorable Minnesota Farrakhan said we can argue, or we should argue over religion after we are free.
I agree.
We're not free.
But we're getting there.
And that's why they're trying to kill us.
Because like Brzezinski, it's easier to kill a million than control a million.
And they know, again, that's why now, you know, with targeting us, you know, again, when they put 12, see, again, Satan is losing in so many ways.
So when you put the numbers back to last supper, he's
The Last Supper, 12 Disciples, 12 Constellations, 12 Systems in the Body.
12 is a very specifically scriptural, spiritual, powerful number.
So when they put 12, I said that, I mean, that was beautiful.
The whole spiritual community said, oh, you're part of the 12.
And that's good, you're blessed by God.
They don't really understand that they are just giving us alley-oops all day long.
And I'm not trying to like go, hey, I'm in Portland with Lewis Farrakhan too, but you notice it was
It was WikiLeaks, Louis Farrakhan, and Alex Jones, the three they really came after, and they said if we can ban them, we can beat them.
That's a fact.
Which is what they're scared of.
They're scared of whistleblowers, they're scared of truthful religious leaders, and they're scared of independent media.
So they see those as archetypes of everybody else.
And you, you inspiring... I'm not trying to bring myself into it.
I'm just saying, you're absolutely right.
They see this as numbers.
And you, of course, inspiring the demographic that you inspire directly, then the minister inspiring the demographic that he inspires directly, then the truth that both of you speak and all of us universally understand, inspiring all collectively.
They cannot have that because, of course, the ultimate divisive maneuver was color.
So that's the main thing.
They want to keep the color divide, keep the color divide.
And what's weird, don't they get when they single you out for destruction that only, they're so discredited, that only
I don't
And by the way, like I say, never apologize for standing up for who you are and your people.
They don't want us having any identity under globalism.
And as long as people have their identity, they don't hate the other group, but they have their identity, they're proud of who they are, that's strength.
And resistance and identity is strength.
We all need our identities.
We need identities.
The enemy wants to give us their identity, which is death.
Our uniqueness is what inspires each other.
Absolutely not.
It's the differences that help us to learn about each other.
If we all were the same, there'd be nothing really to learn.
But because there's something different about me inspires me to teach you and you to teach me so that we can learn to understand each other so that we can have that universal government where all can live in peace together.
Instead they want us locked up saying we're non-essential.
What a statement of slavery that you're all non-essential, you're small business, no matter what color you are, you go home and die, we're going to pay you to stay home, there won't be an economy once it's all over.
What a statement of big tech is essential, big banks are essential, Hollywood's essential, but you're not essential.
That is sick.
Listen, listen to, it's like an anteater going to an anthill saying, we're trying to help you.
It's like a chicken hawk flying down to a chicken saying, I want to help you.
It's like all of these demons going to these people saying, we are here on behalf of God to help you.
Again, Satan always comes as an angel dressed of light, dressed as an angel of light, saying he's coming to help when he is coming to deceive and kill.
And it is very plain and simple.
Again, the people see it more and more now.
So that's why they had to use television, Hollywood movies, et cetera.
I agree.
So you would agree this giant offensive they launched is failing, well then what do they do next then?
Well again, take out the people.
That's it.
But mainly, it goes on levels.
They have to go after the food.
They have to go after the agriculture.
They have to go after the living spaces and living quarters.
They have to go after the means of transportation.
They have to go after the means of medicine.
They have to go after all of the necessities and the essential areas of life to control those in order to gain compliance.
You can't eat here.
You can't be transported here.
You can't shop here.
You can't get on a plane.
You can't do this.
And I knew they were gonna do this and I predicted it, but I gotta say, I'm freaked out watching New York say, you don't go in a restaurant or on a train or on a bus unless you've taken this experimental shot.
I mean, if I told somebody that, which I did 10 years ago, they wouldn't believe it.
It's here now.
Yes, it is.
That's specifically under Title 18, Subsection 5 of the United States Code, dealing with domestic terrorism coercion in particular.
And it's interesting because Andrew Cuomo... Oh, you're right.
It's terrorism.
It's terrorism.
And Andrew Cuomo, interestingly enough, was found to have, I believe, sexually assaulted a number of women.
That just broke a few minutes ago.
So this individual saying that you are the ones who have to take this, take that, is an individual who doesn't live his life in a way that... He's raping people.
And basically he's raping us with shots, regardless.
And exactly, he's the guy that ordered COVID patients sent to nursing homes to get high death numbers.
I mean, it's a joke!
But see how serving Satan's working out for him?
Well, absolutely.
And the other thing is that we have to be mindful that a lot of the people, because we understand that the minister, when he interviewed, or when you interviewed the minister about 2016, I believe, he said there is a war.
It's dealing with the 85%, 10% and 5%.
The 85% of the masses do not understand the law of cause and effect.
They are the ones easily led in the wrong direction, hard to lead into the right direction.
These are the ones who trust their doctors beyond any reasonable doubt.
They trust them.
And because of that, they listen to certain people who are given information because they don't believe that anyone would just simply do blatant evil.
They don't believe that someone will literally just lie to them, to their faces, when it's actually happening on a consistent basis.
That's why we have to continue to speak this truth to wake up more people so that we can actually understand what is really going on.
The globalists say they want to kill everybody, but Bill Gates admits particularly.
Well, I know this.
He wants to quote depopulate Africa and the liberals love that.
And so they really don't want what you're saying getting out.
That's why what you're saying needs to get out.
And he, of course, his family is a part of the American Eugenics Society.
That's another thing people have to understand.
A man who is literally a part of a family of people who want to get rid of and particularly black and brown and everyone else.
The American Eugenics Society, eugenics itself, was founded to get rid of those who are not blonde haired, blue eyed,
Why is the system particularly after black people?
One, because of course, being the original people, we are the ones who can create any and all human beings, number one.
Number two, we believe that under God's authority and God's rule, we will be able to usher in a universal government wherein all can live in peace together.
We are not rulers of evil.
We don't rule with wickedness.
We rule with righteousness.
We rule with love.
We rule with compassion, et cetera.
But because there is a ruler who does not like that, they know that if we are the ones who have a level of authority, a level of guidance, those who can usher in that type of government,
It will not be a government where they can rule, where they can have control, because we will be able to bring balance to all of humanity as we have done at the beginning of humanity, and that is something that we do not want.
All right, we're going to go on a break.
We'll come back and talk about that.
We just showed a photo of Bill Gates on record delivering live polio to a child that died.
All right, we have a prominent author and researcher with us here, with the Nation of Islam, and I thought you might as well just hear from these folks for yourself, instead of what the media cherry-picks and talks about them all day, actually hear what they have to say.
Message to the millennials, bro.
Resa Islam and he's here with us in studio.
So I was asked the question about depopulation.
Now it's out in the open and I could ask a lot of questions here, but and I got a bunch of questions, but what is front and center for you into the future?
How do you think the system?
He's gonna strike back because I don't think it's a white against black system or a Asian against white system or a Russian against American system or a Mexican against Spanish system or I think it's an anti-human system that wants us to be robots and slaves.
But it definitely hypes up differences and plays us off against each other.
What do you expect the enemy to do next?
Because obviously they are losing, they're acting desperate, they're doubling down, announcing medical apartheid and announcing forced injections of things that don't work.
Why wouldn't they give us a vaccine that works?
Because they hate us.
So where do you see all this going?
Well, as of right now, what I can absolutely see is because this generation is the generation, as the Honorable Niswas Farrakhan, who has stated, that will answer the prayers of all of our ancestors.
Meaning, he said, we are the most powerful generation that has ever been produced.
We simply have lacked guidance.
And because of that, they know this generation is not going to go for anything.
And that's why they're so scared, because they do act very scared.
Yes, absolutely.
They are really scared of the new generation.
Yeah, we don't bow down, we don't scratch, we don't itch, we don't comply with wicked leadership.
I mean, we buck and we question and we don't sit there and just listen to what you say.
By the way, they're saying the new generations in China, everywhere are the same.
Because they gave us something that they didn't like, which is something I talk about in the book in Chapter 2 dealing with social media.
They did not give us social media in order for us to find our cousin over in Africa or in Texas, etc.
That's not why they did it.
It came about as a result of 9-11 as a way to invade the privacy of the human beings and the people in America in a way where we would accept it through the Patriot Act itself.
But it backfired.
And it backfired.
So we now can have access to information.
We can gain documentation.
We can gain certain knowledge that they did not want us to know.
And because of that, that has helped this generation to evolve in a way that they did not foresee.
And because of that, now it is we have to control.
We have to grab the people as quickly as possible, but of course we have to kill off those who will guide the people, control the food, and where it is now evolving into is a form of what is called transhumanism, mixing human beings with computer technology because that is the only way they can actually control us in their mind, which is to put technology inside of us to know our thoughts, to know our actions, to know exactly what we are thinking.
Literal digital ball and chain.
I got a few clips I want to play back-to-back here.
Let's play clip 10.
Well, let's just start with 10.
Here's Dr. Wren.
Used to run Planned Parenthood.
Main target is black people.
Saying we can't trust the unvaccinated.
And then, guys, cue up the Louis Farrakhan Club.
Not the one we play that's the new one about.
This is Jim Jones Kool-Aid.
But the one from a year...
Don't take the shot.
Yeah, because that's really powerful.
So play that back to back.
Here is Dr. Ren, a Planned Parenthood former director, saying we can't trust people who won't take an experimental shot.
Here it is.
That when vaccinated and unvaccinated people are mixing, unless there is proof of vaccination, everybody should still be wearing masks.
And so I actually support what the CDC is now doing, which is going back to this indoor mask requirement, because frankly, we know that we can't trust the unvaccinated.
They have been walking around without masks, and in fact, that's what led to the surge that we're seeing.
What an authoritarian... Sorry, sorry, stop that for a minute, then we'll play Farrakhan.
I mean, just what an authoritarian pig.
And this woman was on TV last week saying, don't let us go to grocery stores, along with Don Lemon, don't... along with the French president.
I mean, that's war.
Don't go to the grocery store because you won't take an experimental shot that they admit doesn't protect you?
It's insane.
Don't let a person go to the store because they want to take an experimental shot that you can't sue them for, that violates all 10 of the Nuremberg codes, that would change my genetics, that is gene therapy, is under the Emergency Use Authorization, not FDA approved.
It literally is causing deaths, it is causing immunoscape, it is causing viruses to become evolved, and then literally is creating more viruses than they have vaccines to rectify.
It is insane.
But that's all true what you said, but Psaki said it's approved.
Under the Emergency Use Authorization.
That's what I'm saying, the level of lying.
It's legalese.
It's a forked tongue way of talking.
It's how the devil talks.
They talk with a forked tongue.
They say one thing here, but they have another meaning over here.
And you can only do that to a people who don't pay attention, who don't understand.
But the people are starting to pay attention more now.
We know when we're being, I'll say in a black community, we call it being pimped.
We're good.
They're trying to turn the mob loose on people that don't take an experimental shot, which they now admit doesn't protect you.
Majority of hospitalized and dying have had the shot.
And remember, Fauci lied and said the opposite.
He said 99% of those dying haven't had the shot.
Totally made up!
Totally made up, a liar, from the beginning.
So here is Farrakhan, 14 months ago, predicting this.
I say to the African presidents, do not take their medications.
Here it is.
Oh, hit pause on this.
Started from the beginning again.
He said this 14 months ago.
Four African presidents have now been killed, including the Tanzanian scientist president who first exposed it, and everybody else started doing the tests around the world showing the PCR is fake.
So, they did what Farrakhan said.
I'm not saying Farrakhan's bad.
They're dead now.
Think about that.
I'm going to get your take on it, but here's Louis Farrakhan again.
Say to the African presidents, do not take their medications.
I say to those of us in America, we need to call a meeting of our skilled virologists, epidemiologists, students of biology and chemistry.
And we need to look at not only what they give us,
We need to give ourselves something better.
That's great advice, Frank.
So my teacher told me, don't speak for some, speak for the whole!
And now I'm speaking for Black America, for Hispanic America, for the Native American,
And for those who are desirous of life, they're making money now, plotting to give 7,500,000,000 people a vaccination.
Bill Gates and Melinda?
Dr. Fauci?
You want to depopulate the earth?
What the hell gives you that right?
Who are you to sit down with your billions and talk about who can live and who should die?
That's why your world is coming to an end quickly, because you have sentenced billions to death, but God is now sentencing you to the death that you are sentencing to others.
So, very prophetic.
That's from 14 months ago.
That's right.
And I get when a group's under attack being impressed by one group.
You've got to have identity and I'm not against all that.
I support it.
But what I'm saying is now the very corporations are creating black versus white at this moment when it's the globalists attacking everybody.
I think people should see that and understand that because that's what they want us to do at this point.
And that's the fact, which is why I said we must now speak for the whole, because you have to recognize that your enemy sees you as one people.
For example, with black people, we have been fragmented, but they see us all as black people.
And then when it comes to those who speak the truth and who want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as a human family, they see all of us as a human.
All of us who want to lie for the bad guys.
Yes, they see it.
So they know now we have to go against them, the unvaccinated, which is, I don't know, the masses of the human family.
Those of us that are white.
Yeah, the majority of the human planet.
In a way, it's good they've made us divide.
And they've woken us up and they've said, OK, they force it to unite, actually.
So this is where it is.
They're forcing unity among the people, because as of right now, that is the only ultimate solution and the agenda.
We can respectfully have our own groups and have our own demographics of people while coming together for a common cause.
That is perfectly fine.
You think the devil would be smart enough, but he can't help it.
No, he can't.
Because he literally is the tester.
He's making us come together.
Yes, he's a murderer and a liar from the beginning, and he's always had to force the righteous against him.
That's how it goes.
And that's, again, it's scriptural, and it's now very... Impressive.
Give your website out again.
And we're InfoWars.com, for a pro-human future to the stars.
Hour number three.
A few more segments with our special guest, and then a ton of news in your calls.
And then, Paul Joseph Watson from London, England.
Stay with us.
Time is on God's side, and we've got a very prominent, he's a shy guy, I don't want to say he's a leader, but he is a leader in the nation of Islam, and he's with us, Riza Islam, the book, Message to Millennials.
How do people get your book?
Yes, RizaIslam.com, that's where you can get it.
All right, we've got five minutes here, ten minutes after that, and you're welcome back as soon as you want to come back, and I'd love to talk to you guys sometime.
You've got the floor, not questions I'm going to ask, because I've got 100 of them, but where do you want to go in the last 15 minutes we've got?
The first thing I definitely want to look at, which is understanding now the position that we are in as a people, the realizing of the mortality of this system and where we have to go now, which is if we want true freedom, justice and equality, we have to return back to God, whatever you call that.
Great Spirit, the Most High, etc.
Go back to the laws and the tenets and the principles of that.
We have to look at each other as a human family.
We have to look at each other and see what is the need that we must fulfill.
We have to buy land.
We have to learn how to go back to fishing.
We have to go back to growing our own food.
We have to own property, etc.
We have to get back to the basics and the foundational principles of what it truly means to be a human family.
Religion is not
The thing that is going to save us at this moment, the Honorable Zul Farrakhan said, all religion has failed.
It has to operate along the guise of truth, the guise of the original way of being, which is, I treat you the way I want to be treated.
The greatest religion, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, is to treat others as you want to be treated.
So we have to get back to the basics of what it truly means to be a human being.
We have to look at ourselves through the eyes of love.
We have to look at the fact that there is an enemy that is coming against us.
We cannot pretend as if there is no system of pure evil who wants to get rid of the masses of the human family.
We cannot pretend as if it doesn't exist.
We cannot pretend as if this is some movie.
Too many of us are desensitized.
Too many of us have been watching movies the way that they have made them to where once things hit reality, we will not be able to mentally
Actually realize it because we are still we're stuck in this fictionalized way of behavior.
It's blurred.
It's blurred completely.
And that's exactly how they manipulated.
That's why they've been doing it for so long.
We have to realize it is real.
It is something that has to be addressed.
We have to stop playing around as if someone is going to save us.
And that's the key is people got to get it gets worse.
Given in it gets better fighting back.
And you have to stand for something.
You have to stand for something as of right now.
We can have our own, you know, situations, our careers, etc.
All that is fine, well and good.
But if we don't stand up and do something now, then humanity... Well, this whole system's going down.
Yeah, it is.
So we better start building the new system.
That's it.
I don't know.
Well, like Hitler came out of the eugenicists and that was a white thing.
And so this superiority, kill these people, that was the counter to Christianity, was to say, no, no, let's not lift people up, let's kill them.
That was predominantly white.
But then whites got upset about it, repented of that.
So now the globalists pose and say, okay, now we represent the black people.
Do we say for global government, take this shot of your racist?
You see how they've now flipped it?
Oh yes, it has infected all members of the human family.
Absolutely, flipped the script all day long.
Flipped the script.
So they have infected, that mentality, that mentality of evil and wickedness has infected all members of humanity.
There are black devils now, there are Asian devils now, there are brown devils, red devils now, because devil is simply one who devalues any human being who gives himself over to the doing of evil.
That's the best definition I ever heard.
We're going to come back in 60 seconds.
How do you quantify evil?
Devaluing yourself, cheapening yourself, making yourself disposable.
I don't care what damn color you are, you're made by God with red blood and you have value.
And I will not devalue other humans because of what color they are.
I think that's the key.
It's a fact.
Reza Islam is the author and researcher and prominent speaker for the Nation of Islam.
I thought you ought to hear from him yourself instead of what mainstream media says about these folks.
You can take anything I say out of context, too.
But I think in the main, you're going to find out these are pro-human folks.
They do it.
So, ten minutes left here, sir.
It's been amazing having you.
So glad you came to town.
I forgot why I first invited you because it took a few months to get you here.
Disinfo-dozen that they say are the most evil people on earth.
You said the vaccine didn't work.
You said it was poisonous.
You've been vindicated.
But you were getting into the last segment of folks just joined us.
The fact that devaluing ourselves, devaluing anybody else, and making humans commodities is Satanism.
Absolutely, absolutely.
The Honorable Ms.
Farrakhan said that any human who gives himself over to the doing of evil can be considered a devil.
So if I am going around here, I can't say, well this white man is killing my people, he's the only devil when some of my own people are killing each other.
And yes, though we're doing it out of ignorance, out of self-hatred that was put in us, it's still something that is being done and we have to take accountability for it.
So there are devils in every culture now because we have all been infected with that hateful system of supremacy.
And now we're being told we're all dirty and have a virus.
We're being told we're all, none of us that won't take this shot, we're all the devil now, but really that's the devil saying that.
Of course, I mean, he comes dressed as an angel of light and so as that devil they have to come before the people making it seem as though they care about the people.
And my question is, if you care so much about the people, why are you still putting poison in the air?
Why are you still putting poison in the food?
Why are you still putting poison in the water?
Why are you still putting poison specifically in all the inner-city communities where black and poor people live that create these pre-existing conditions that then this virus then helps to exacerbate and then helps people to die and kill over if you truly care about us?
Why don't you put organic food?
Why don't you remove the chemicals from the air?
Why don't you remove the chemicals from the water if you truly care about human beings?
They are damnable liars and their lies have not been told.
Well that's the thing, the UN, the Globalist Planned Parenthood all say there's too many people get rid of them and then oh please take this shot I love you!
It's really insane.
It's actually insulting now because they believe that we don't understand and that we are too stupid to pay attention.
That was my next question.
Even the dumbest person ought to be able to see that it doesn't work and it makes you sick and the majority of people sick in the hospital took the shot.
I mean, that's admitted now.
Yes, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, which most people know nothing about, has been reported to with less than 1% of the actual effects that are happening.
There are over 11,000 deaths reported to that system, but that is less than 1% that are reported, so it's really upwards of over 100,000, possibly 200,000, 300,000, 400,000 deaths that have been connected to it.
Doctors are seeing this, scientists in the UK, scientists in the United States.
There is a lawsuit happening with over 10,000 medical professionals and over 1,000 lawyers.
What do you make of the footage from Spain to Australia to the UK to Canada of police brutally beating men, women and children, horses running people over.
I thought that was horrible back in the 50s and 60s happened to black folks.
You see this here.
The media is like, oh, good.
It's good.
They deserve it.
They're doing this.
I mean, this is a sick joke.
No, this is what Satan is doing, making it seem as though we are getting rid of the problem.
We are controlling the problem, the unvaccinated.
These are the sick people.
These are useless eaters, is what Satan says.
These are those who have to be gotten rid of.
This is something that is going to happen in every
I don't
Well, I've seen the footage out of New York of particularly black people that dare go out in the street without masks last year were being beat up.
I don't know.
It's just sick.
Yeah, no, it's going back to how it was, but with now a new justification, a new justifiable reason.
We are beating them to help you.
We're beating these unvaccinated disease people.
It's eugenics all over again, but with a new label now.
Now it's unvaccinated rather than it used to be feeble minded.
Now it's you're unvaccinated.
You're a disease.
You're perpetuating this.
You're spreading the new virus strains when actually the people who are taking the shots and it has been documentedly found that they are the ones helping to evolve these new strains and they are spreading it.
It's all confirmed.
So you agree with me, because we said this earlier, I'm going to put words in your mouth.
They're losing, and I go back to this question then, every time I see a start and a win, I get nervous.
Like, what is the evil side going to do now?
They're going to pull something big.
Yeah, no, they're going to try.
Right now, they're going to try to come after, as they're doing now, the door-to-door now, is what they're pushing for.
They're first in phase one now where they're gathering information, where they have someone come to the door, knock on the door, a person next to them has a checklist where they are checking each thing, how many people in the house, have you been vaccinated, unvaccinated, et cetera, do you need more information, et cetera.
The next phase is for them to bring the mobile units, which is what Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, stated.
They have an entire budget for that, to bring these mobile units to the home.
And as you said, what's happening in England and Australia is a year ahead.
There are people that criticize lockdowns are being arrested by the army there.
On a scale of one to ten, that's a ten.
Yes, very much so.
And we don't believe it'll happen in America because we believe we're so free when we don't realize Satan is ruling all of these areas.
And they're just getting us used to the military.
And I'm not against our military, but come on, folks.
I'm against these orders.
I mean, this is evil.
Yes, you have the right to stand against a tyrannical order that goes against the freedoms that you have sworn an oath to uphold as a military officer.
And look at the intimidation here.
They literally intimidate this guy.
And just to be very clear, a large percentage of military workers are not with this.
They don't agree.
I agree.
Same thing with medical professionals.
No, that's true.
A large amount of medical professionals... Yeah, we're not blaming the individual military, but the order is illegal.
It is illegal, definitely.
No, that's the point.
And they have to recognize that.
They have to stand up and look at it and say, I have the right to refuse an order that... Well, notice they abuse the military and the medical workers and make them take it first.
So then they abuse us.
It's like child molesters abuse kids and they make them recruiters.
Yes, and interestingly enough, remember this is one of the only shots in history that was not made mandatory for the military.
This was made optional.
When every shot, to my knowledge, in the history of shots and vaccinations, military was primarily number one to take it and they had to do it mandatorily.
Now this one was not made mandatory.
And that's a great point.
Why do you think that is?
Well, one, their government property, and I thought about it and said, well, maybe they don't want to damage government property.
And because they know it's experimental, they can't run the risk of manipulating their soldiers or killing their soldiers off because they need them to control them.
I agree.
They bid off more than that.
They don't want them all sick up front.
They're going to get them later.
They don't want to bite off more than they chew.
And they're now trying to make it mandatory for the military now because they have given it to over half a million people, pardon me, over half of the population in America.
So now they're thinking, well, maybe we have enough people who took it and now we're going to make them.
And look at Canada where they arrest preachers.
So the topless bars are open, Walmart's open, this preacher has 30 people at his church, he's arrested.
Yeah, give people strip dances, give people donuts, give people cigarettes, fried chicken and lobster dinners, all the things that will add to the destroying of your health, but tell a person who is speaking on behalf of God that he's wrong.
This is the end times that we're living in, but it is again the time where God is coming in and this is the time where the people must stand up.
Well, you really empower me, and I can't wait to read your book.
I saw the clip of you, and I knew about your work, and then I saw you in the Disinfo Dozen, which I'm jealous that you're in that, and I'm not in that.
Message to millennials, bro.
Riza Islam.
Thank you so much.
We've got a minute and a half left here.
Any other closing comments?
Yes, again, one, I'm truly honored, one, to be a guest on your show.
Number one, I admire all the work you've been doing.
And as a follower of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, a member of the Nation of Islam, a young youth leader, as the minister has said, and just a brother doing our best to help our people.
This is the type of work that is fulfilling.
I can't see anything else being primary.
We have to make a world that is better for the future of our children, for the future of our people.
I can't pretend as if this is all just going to go away at some point, because we have seen how blatantly they are putting it in our face to let us know, if you don't stand up against me now, I am going to do my job.
There is nothing else.
Satan does his job.
And the difference is with us as a people, we have to, what is called, walk our post in a perfect manner, keeping always on track.
If we just take action, we'll win.
But we've got to understand that Satan's going to attack.
That's what Satan does.
I mean, yes.
And the Honorable Zul's Farrakhan said that if they force this on us, we will take that as a declaration of war and we have to fight like hell to protect the life that God has given us.
I mean, I agree.
I'm not looking for a war, but I'm going to join you in civil defense.
Spiritually and all the way down.
If they try to make us take shots, that's war.
So we're not going to let them do that, brother.
We're together on that.
All right.
Message to the millennials.
Where do they find the book again?
All right, Reza.
We appreciate you.
I got a bunch of news coming up to finish up.
And again, really appreciate the crew setting you up for the show.
Another one of the Disinfo Dozen.
Gosh, I love all these people on this list.
These are all amazing people.
Hello, I'm Mike Lindell, and I'm coming to you with the most important commercial that I've ever done.
All of you know what my pillow and myself have gone through in the last five months in my efforts to bring the truth forward.
Well, it's all come down to this.
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Go to FrankSpeech.com now and use the promo code on your screen or call the 1-800 number below to receive these exclusive MyPillow offers.
Thank you and God bless!
Giving in to having these chains put on you only makes them put the chains on tighter later.
So that's why they squeeze and then release.
Squeeze again, release again, but each time getting tighter.
So by the time they've squeezed us down two or three times, we'll be at a level we'll never be able to get out of and won't be resisting at the key moment when they finally break our neck.
And we're entering that neck-breaking area in the next year or two when they finally enforce these world IDs, when people are starving en masse, the borders are totally collapsed, and they're going to hold us hostage and say now, it's your fault you didn't take these IDs.
It's your fault you didn't take these shots.
And even when you finally give in, there's no food at the store, and you go and you take the shots.
It's only going to get worse after that.
Just like all these people that took the shots because they were, quote, heroes, that was going to make them invincible, and now they learn they're actually the super spreaders.
They're the ones causing it.
The countries that have the highest rates of inoculation.
Have the highest rates of death and disease because it's all a trap.
It's all a spiritual delusion.
What you have to do is go back into the 1970s when swine flu was an issue and they came up with the swine flu vaccine and I was I was working in a hospital as an orderly at that time taking care of patients that had developed this neurologic problem called Guillain-Barre syndrome in response to the swine flu and we lost I think it was somewhere around 25 people and the United States which
Didn't have a campaign of we're in this together and we care.
25 people was enough for the U.S.
population to get involved and for mainstream media 60 minutes to do a story on the swine flu vaccine.
Now here we are in 2021 and we're a great loving society and we're all in this together and mainstream media doesn't seem to have an interest in covering a story about tens of you know
8, 9, 10,000 people in the U.S., 12,000 in Europe.
I don't just say this stuff.
It sounds shocking.
When I say they want to kill you and your family, that's their goal.
This equation has four factors, a little bit of multiplication.
So you've got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero.
And that's going to be based on the number of people.
The services each person's using on average, the energy on average for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
Now that's back from high school algebra, but let's take a look.
First we've got population.
We have a hundred million people in this country, John, who are eligible to be vaccinated, who are not vaccinated.
We've really got to get those people to change their minds, make it easy for them, convince them, do something to get them to be vaccinated, because they are the ones that are propagating this outbreak.
I hear Fauci, and I see these other liars on TV.
99% of people dying have not taken a COVID shot.
And notice, now even Congress said, give us those statistics.
That was a week ago.
They won't do it.
It does not exist.
So I'll put numbers where they counted from the beginning of the fake pandemic in January of last year into January of this year when the inoculations began.
And for the first month, they did not ask someone
There is no way for physicians to enter into the computer system when patients come into the hospital or clinic that they're having an adverse event to a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, although there is for MMR.
There is for influenza, but there's no code to enter in for the patient has an adverse event to any of these vaccines.
So there's not going to be any computer record.
When physicians try to log on and enter the code on computers, many of my colleagues tell me they're getting their information just kicked back out.
There's more than 40 countries, but there's about 22 that are really the most important.
Island nations, you name it.
But all of them are very isolated, very authoritarian, very controlled areas.
But many of them are physical islands.
Gibraltar is 98% inoculated.
Talk about a police state.
And they have the highest COVID rate, number two in the world.
Let's continue.
Israel has some of the highest COVID rates in the world, and they are, what, 8 out of 10 vaccinated, 80%.
The vaccine is what will kill you, and then they will say that it is the unvaccinated.
So this is a master plan, world genocide, bigger than Hitler right now.
This has already killed more people than Hitler did.
We are literally facing Hitler on PCP and steroids.
All right, I got a bunch of breaking news that's coming out of InfoWars.com right now, and look, I'm just completely freaked out like all you are.
We've gone out of beta into operational.
We're facing the globalists right now, and it's just time to get close to Jesus and get ready.
I've got a ton of stuff I want to hit next segment, but I'm kind of reeling right now because this is just so out of control.
Let me do this, because we won't be on air if you don't support us, and I'm not bitching at you.
You've been supporting us.
You've done an incredible job.
You've kept us on air, and you've gotten decent products and great products at the same time.
It's just that with all that's going on, I realize that we need to get as much capital in as we can right now.
To really fight as hard as we can on a lot of fronts.
We've got a lot of initiatives that I can't talk about on air or that gives the enemy a way to block us.
But I've got a lot of stuff you don't know about behind the scenes.
A lot of things going on that we're doing.
This show is our main attack.
I'd say 80% of our work is this show and the InfoWars operation.
But there's another 20% and those are seeds and little trees.
We've grown a little, some are big, big trees now.
And initiatives I have and I just follow the Holy Ghost.
But it takes money, like electricity is a connection to do this.
And so, someday if we beat this, in my lifetime I'll tell you, but this is not the time to brag or tell big tales.
I don't know.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
This is Alex Jones Show live August 3rd on this Tuesday edition, 1.33, 16 seconds transmitting.
All right, we are back ladies and gentlemen.
And we've got a lot of big developments happening right now in live time.
As I've said thousands of times on air in the last year and a half, they're going to burn Cuomo for sexual harassment instead of following the orders to kill 20,000 people by sending patients sick with flu, pneumonia, and COVID into nursing homes while locking the family out to kill them.
Did I say a year and a half ago?
That's being done to compromise all these Democrat governors and further control them.
So they'll do even more insane stuff.
And now you've got the Soros Attorney General going after Cuomo to show everybody who's in charge.
And you've got a puppet-in-chief, Joe Biden, coming out and saying he should resign.
That article's on Infowars.com with the video.
So Letitia James and George Soros are now above the elected governor.
And I hate that governor.
And I hate his brother.
And I hate his dad.
I hate that whole damn family.
And I'd be happy to see him hauled up on murder one charges for what happened to those nursing homes.
And then after a jury convicts him, I'll flip the switch at an electric chair.
Fry that son of a bitch like a big old chicken fried steak.
But he's nothing compared to Soros and nothing compared to the globalists above him.
And they're burning him for sexual harassment to send a message to everybody, you carry out the killing of old people and these lockdowns will get you, because Cuomo a year ago and six months ago tried to end the lockdown.
He didn't want to see New York bankrupt.
He's a thug.
He's a pimp.
But he still likes restaurants and businesses and money.
And, you know, he's still a little bit normal compared to these globalists.
As crazy as he is.
So they're burning him to scare everybody else because he's not as bad as they are.
So you're seeing a major move get made.
Cuomo violated federal law, state laws as he sexually harassed multiple women, New York Attorney General says.
Doesn't matter you killed 20,000 people, that's not a crime.
Oh, but you told a woman, I'll fire you if you don't date me, which is wrong, but how is that the big story?
Cuomo report, investigation finds governor sexually harassed 11 women.
And again, he's followed all their orders, but now they're going to burn him for fear.
And that scares everybody else.
I say fry Cuomo, like a chicken fried steak, like I said, but what about the bosses?
He's just a capo.
And I've got the whole report right here.
Oh my goodness.
This is, uh, what about the State of New York Office of the Attorney General, Leticia James, George Soros' girl, getting ready to run for governor.
George Soros is in command, baby!
So, you're going to celebrate Cuomo's fall?
Look at what you get.
Because you get something even worse.
So, harassing women, which I say is wrong, is much worse than killing 21,000 people knowingly.
And who gave him those orders?
Well, we know.
Fauci, the CDC, and all of them.
Soros makes his move.
Maybe Cuomo didn't bow down enough.
Maybe Cuomo didn't get on his knees to Daddy Soros.
But now he's learning, isn't he?
Let's move on to the next one here.
See, we don't just sit here like popcorn and go, oh look, Cuomo's getting burned up.
Oh, isn't that great?
We like to pull back and give you the rest of the story.
Oh, the main money manager, the right-hand man of Soros, it's coming out in court, brutally raping women, saying, I rape you like I rape your daughter.
The liberals are like, oh, that's raping women.
That's all.
It's good.
I mean, please.
I mean, come on.
It was a happy time rounding up Jews.
We said, best time of my life.
Well, that's, that's, ADL says that's good.
New York City will require approval of vaccination for indoor dining and fitness.
There's no law, but that big ol' Marxist mayor and governor said you better do it.
Oh, but look!
More like Epstein Island 2.0.
Obama expecting 700 to attend his birthday party in Martha's Vineyard despite COVID.
Oh, and guess who's now criticized him?
Obama slammed for organizing birthday party for 700 people.
See how they build their own prison?
Oh, China chides Obama, InfoWars.com, Paul Joseph Watson, China chides Obama for holding super spreader event, close, close.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
The Chinese Communist Party has accused Barack Obama of creating a super spreader event by hosting a party in his Martha's Vineyard mansion that will be attended by hundreds of people.
Wow, don't you learn that short leash you're on, Obama.
Because I know behind the scenes Obama's not quite letting the Chinese run him like Biden does.
And Obama is the third term president right now.
So they're addressing the real president saying, hey bitch, you work for us now.
And he won't step up and say, this is all a fraud or it came from your lab or blah, no.
Because again, they know who their boss is.
The Chinese Communist Party has accused Barack Hussein Obama of creating a super-spreader event by hosting a party at his Martha's Vineyard mansion that will be attended by hundreds of people.
You know, I've decided I think I want to go on an airplane and go protest that.
What do you think?
Do you think Alex Jones should swing into action?
As we highlighted earlier, Obama will stage the mass gathering despite a nearly huge nearby outbreak of COVID-19 with 75% of the people that got it being vaccinated.
In Providencetown.
Yes, we'll include Oprah Winfrey, oh my goodness, that wants eugenics, George Clooney, and Steven Spielberg, along with around 200 staff to service the privileged attendees.
Mark Stein summoned up the hypocrisy of the occasion when he told Tucker Carlson, I couldn't go to Granny's 90th birthday, but it's perfectly fine for Barack Obama to have 500 people because our rulers are so much better than us.
Plus that house is like at 10 feet above sea level.
That was already supposed to be underwater in 2017.
I guess he bought it like in 2016.
Oh, I guess it's not underwater though.
Now Chinese party official mouthpiece the Global Times has got in on the act questioning why Americans are being told to mask up and social distance again.
Obama and his rich friends can gather with huge numbers.
But that's okay.
White House COVID Response Coordinator says time to impose vaccine requirements and force inoculations, but not on White House staff.
Oh, no.
Oh, good for thee, not for me.
And so many people think, oh, I'll just toady up, and I'll go along with this, and I'll bow down, and I'll be the good guy.
And all you do is signal, rape me, rape me, pimp me, screw me, destroy me, annihilate me, while they try to make us fight over what color we are, while our dollar's being devalued, while extraordinary measures are being taken to avoid a default on the U.S.
debt right now.
I mean, the damn Titanic ain't sinking, baby!
It's on fire!
And I'm a tough guy, folks.
I got nerves of steel.
And I'm freaked out like nothing in my life.
I've had some moments where I get on my damn knees and start crying.
Because this is big, and this is bad, and this is evil.
And everybody else better get their ass in line with God and get ready.
Because we're not in Kansas anymore.
Now I asked my crew to do some research, and they did it.
And I said, you know, this doctor, this guy's really good.
And I could have had him on a few weeks ago, but I had a family thing and had to cancel the interview.
But I said, it doesn't matter.
He won't come on.
We'll just play his clips there on air, which is good.
So I just want to magnify what he's doing.
So we've got a clip that lays out the financial proof and how they created COVID, how they cooked it up with the patents.
And sure, I covered this a lot last year, but this guy does a great job boiling it all down.
We'll cover it when we come back.
On the other side of this live Tuesday transmission.
And then, Paul Joseph Watson is always informative, always riveting.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour today from London, England.
And I ask you all to promote those local radio stations.
And I ask you all to pray for this broadcast.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
All right, we got a very important interview from the documentary, Pandemic II film.
With Dr. David Martin, who does a great job as he's got one of the top 100 funds listed by CNBC, and going into the actual patents and the actual documentation and the actual companies that premeditatedly set up what they were doing.
And yes, we have the film also posted at band.video.
Let's put that back on screen for TV viewers.
Very important film, Indoctrination.
See it for yourself.
It's got a half million views.
It needs 50 million views.
And he lays it all out.
But I thought I'd air just eight and a half minutes of this, because this is the financial documentation.
I mean, hell, I've got articles right here on my stack today where the news is like, hey, they were talking about three years ago, a thing called COVID-19 and funding vaccines for it.
They had this ready.
They had it prepared.
They had the whole rollout.
They knew it was a virus spike.
They knew that the vaccine would hurt you.
They made their move, folks.
They did it because you were trying to get free from them.
So we're going to air this special report, this analysis.
We're going to come back.
We'll do five more minutes before Paul Watson takes over.
But here's this video.
Please share it.
In 2003, the Center for Disease Control saw the possibility of a gold strike.
And that was the coronavirus outbreak that happened in Asia.
They saw that a virus they knew could be easily manipulated was something that was very valuable.
And in 2003, they sought to patent it.
And they made sure that they controlled the proprietary rights to the disease, to the virus, and to its detection, and all of the measurement of it.
We know that Anthony Fauci, that Ralph Baric, that the Center for Disease Control, and the laundry list of people who wanted to take credit for inventing coronavirus
We're at the hub of this story.
From 2003 to 2018, they controlled 100% of the cash flow that built the empire around the industrial complex of coronavirus.
The World Health Organization has officially named the new coronavirus as sweeping the coronavirus outbreak.
The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus a global pandemic.
Well, we know that the coronavirus manipulation started with Dr. Ralph Baric in 1999.
The major characteristics of SARS, MERS, and SARS-Coronavirus-2, it's a good way for you... Ralph Baric is the researcher at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, who's famous for his chimeric coronavirus research.
In 2002, there was a recognition that the coronavirus was seen as an exploitable mechanism for both good and ill.
On April the 25th, 2003, the U.S.
Center for Disease Control filed a patent on the coronavirus transmitted to humans.
Under 35 U.S.
Code Section 101, nature is prohibited from being patented.
Either SARS coronavirus was manufactured, therefore making a patent on it legal, or it was natural.
Therefore making a patent on it illegal.
If it was manufactured, it was a violation of biological and chemical weapons, treaties, and laws.
If it was natural, filing a patent on it was illegal.
In either outcome, both are illegal.
In the spring of 2007, the CDC filed a petition with the Patent Office to keep their application confidential and private.
They actually filed patents on not only the virus, but they also filed patents on its detection and a kit to measure it.
Because of that CDC patent, they had the ability to control who was authorized and who was not authorized to make independent inquiries into coronavirus.
You cannot look at the virus.
You cannot measure it.
You cannot develop a test kit for it.
And by ultimately receiving the patents that constrained anyone from using it, they had the means, they had the motive, and most of all, they had the monetary gain.
From turning coronavirus from a pathogen to profit.
Developing and owning a coronavirus vaccine has become a biotech arms race with political overtones.
This vaccine gold rush is starting to bother me.
Gold rush?
Let's keep that in mind.
And so somewhere between 2012 and 2013, something happened.
It's the federal funding for research that was feeding into places like Harvard, Emory, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
That funding suddenly became impaired by something that happened at the NIH, where the NIH got this little tiny moment of clarity and said, I think something we're doing is wrong.
And in 2013, the NIH said, gain-of-function research on coronavirus should be suspended.
The National Institutes of Health had a moral and social and potentially legal reason to object to research.
But the letters that were sent to the researchers essentially said, you are receiving notice that we're telling you to stop.
And now on the bottom of the page we're going to clarify what stop means.
Keep going.
But when the heat gets hot in 2014 and 15, what do you do?
You offshore the research.
You fund the Wuhan Institute of Virology to do the stuff that sounds like it's getting a little edgy with respect to its morality and legality.
But do you do it straight away?
You run the money through a series of cover organizations to make it look like you're funding a U.S.
operation, which then subcontracts with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
The U.S.
could say, China did it.
China could say, the U.S.
did it.
And the cool thing is, both of them are almost telling the truth.
My systems flagged anomalies when I started seeing nonprofits and corporates and cover financing for coronavirus programs in the late summer and fall of 2019.
Our first red flag came out when we read the World at Risk scenario.
Now there is an organization called the Global Monitoring Preparedness Board.
This organization is a part of the World Health Organization and this board includes Dr. Elias from the Gates Foundation and Anthony Fauci from NIAID.
These two individuals, plus the director of the Center for Disease Control in China,
Come out with a recommendation that says that by September 2020, two global pandemic preparedness exercises have to be completed.
And one of them has to be done on the release of a respiratory pathogen.
You cannot find a person promoting this scenario that's not part of the interlocking directorates of the World Health Organization, the CDC, the NIAID, or the organizations that are the philanthropic cover organizations that fund them.
We now know that there are over 1,300 patents currently issued and held by organizations that are multiply recipients of funding
Through the Gates Foundation, through EcoHealth Alliance, through the Sherlock Biosciences connection back into Open Philanthropy, and all of them also have links directly to NIAID Anthony Fauci's funding sources.
If you have conflicts of interest in the funding and in the decision making and in the inside knowledge that you have between competing or competitor organizations, that is a violation of the antitrust laws of the United States.
These are federal crimes.
This is not a time for us to go in a mob frenzy, find the perpetrators and haul them into the town square and pillory them.
This is a moment for us to recognize that every decision that is being made today by any of the conspiring parties made perfect sense in each increment when each one of those decisions was made.
The sum of those incremental steps has led to devastation because they lost touch with their fellow humanity.
But that's an invitation for each one of us to examine how we're living, and how not a single decision we make, not one, in any moment, is without consequence.
This is our moment to reclaim our humanity.
Wow, that is powerful.
Pandemic at Band.Video.
Pandemic 2.
All right, folks, Alex Jones here in defiance of tyranny.
I am so blessed and I'm so honored to be here with you.
And you just saw nine minutes out of a documentary film that's free at Man.Video.
Put it back on screen, please.
That just blows it all away.
And again, the way that that doctor lays it all out, Dr. David Martin,
And we've gone and looked at the patents, it's all true.
This was premeditated.
It needs to get out, Pandemic II indoctrination.
And they're gonna plan more pandemics, more control.
They're fully committed.
And that gives Fauci and Bill Gates a power.
That they launched this attack, they did this, and now they think they can just get away with anything.
And the whole media signed on, and the lawyers signed on, and most of the hospitals signed on, so they're committed now.
That's how corruption works for the crime they got tricked into being part of.
So that's coming up right now at full film, and I'm going to shoot some more special reports on that film and other films.
With all the censorship going on, thank God we started man.video.
That URL itself is banned on most places, like Twitter and Facebook, but freeworldnews.tv is not, because so many people
Who've made films that have been seen 20, 30, 40, 50 million times, can't even be on Facebook or Twitter anymore.
They've got to come to Mandot Video.
I don't like that.
It's scary to me that Mandot Video is such an oasis for free thinkers and people and then I just ask all of you
To think about that and to take those videos and to take those links and to take that information and to share it with everyone you know, because that's the real power in the universe.
And I cannot accentuate that.
I cannot highlight that.
I cannot put a bigger exclamation point on the fact that when you take action and you care and you spread the word, it changes the world.
In fact, let's take that documentary
Pandemic 2.
And let's repost the featured spot on Bandai Video.
Because half a million views is not enough for that.
Pandemic indoctrination.
It needs way more than 456,000 views.
It needs to have billions of views.
And I guarantee you, if that film got a billion views, it'd be game over for the New World Order.
If you shared it and told others to share it, and then they shared it, we would win.
It's literally up to you.
And again, it's not about who gets the credit or who saw it first.
I'm just saying, we already, a year and a half ago and a year ago, had Dr. Francis Boyle on and others over the patents, over the funding, how they created the virus, how faulty the gain of function.
But Dr. David Martin does a great job laying it all out.
In a great, easy-to-watch film, with his expertise in finances, it goes even further than we've gone, and that's why it's so important.
The enemy is desperate to suppress communications because it's like sunlight to vampires.
It's like holy water to Count Dracula.
And so, again, I tell you, banned.video.
That's, you can share via email, via text messages, or word of mouth.
You can't share it via most platforms, it's banned.
And it's so Pavlovian that those of us that tell the truth, people are scared to expose it.
They're scared to share because you might get manned.
You're going to get manned anyways.
Big tech, the censorship, it's all going for broke right now.
So I ask you, are you going to just sit there idly by and let them win?
Or are you going to take action?
All right, we're out of time for my part of the transmission.
Paul Watson is coming up in literally a minute and a half.
Separately, we have the M4's limited supply.
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That is so important.
All right.
Great job, crew.
Great job, listeners.
Amazing broadcast.
Paul Watson takes over now.
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We are live, it is the Summit News Hour with me, Paul Joseph Watson.
We've got a ton of massive, breaking news ahead of us.
The vast majority of it, of course, relating to the global psycho crap takeover, coronavirus scientific establishment dictatorship, which continues to spread its ugly wings across all continents on Earth, including over in Europe.
Where we have the top German newspaper, it's actually the best-selling German news, best-selling newspaper in Europe, period, Bild, now coming out and offering Amir Kulper an apology for its fear-mongering coronavirus coverage over the past year.
Plus, and in fact, openly apologizing to children for traumatizing them, giving them PTSD.
And basically accusing them of killing Granny if they wanted to see their relatives.
That is a massive news story.
It's not getting nearly as much coverage as it should.
I want to start with this though, and we've got the clip here in a second because this broke just about an hour ago.
They're now telling people in America, as Biden presumably prepares for another lockdown, that's been in the offing now for a couple of weeks, rumours of that bumbling below the surface.
You're not just going to have to wear masks in restaurants and gyms as we saw with New York today, but even the prospect of people forcing parents to wear masks inside their own homes if they have kids under the age of 12 who are not vaccinated, which of course is basically all of them.
Headline up on summit.news.
NIH director says parents should wear masks inside their own homes.
This is Dr Francis Collins who appeared on CNN New Day just a few hours ago to make this new proclamation.
We have the clip.
Let's roll it.
Here it is.
It's clear that this variant is capable of causing serious illness in children.
You have heard those stories coming out of Louisiana pediatric ICUs where there are kids as young as a few months old who are sick from this.
That is rare.
Certainly younger people are less likely to fall ill.
But anybody who tries to tell you, you don't have to worry about it if you're a young healthy person.
There's many counter examples all around us now.
So yeah, you do need to think about it.
And that's the reason why the recommendations are for kids under 12, that they avoid being in places where they might get infected, which means recommendations.
So he said, I know it seems weird.
Yeah, it is weird.
Wearing masks, how terrorized do you need to be?
How much of a jellyfish with a complete lack of spine do you need to be?
To be so conformist that you wear a mask inside your own home, even beside the fact that, as we know now, the masks are completely useless.
We had the Danmask study in Denmark, the only peer-reviewed study of its type.
6,000 participants studied
Covid infections between those who wore masks and those didn't.
There was no statistical, no significant statistical difference between those two control groups when it came to wearing masks or not wearing masks.
We had Dr Colin Axon, a SAGE advisor for the UK government, come out and admit last week that these face masks are nothing but comfort blankets.
In his own words, they do virtually nothing.
The COVID-19 virus particle, depending on which mask you wear, is up to 5,000 times smaller than the frigging mask!
How many more times do we need to make this argument?
If you are in the cloth mask, not the blue surgical mask, it's only a thousand times smaller than the holes in that mask.
The cloth mask, the virus particle, is 5,000 times smaller, yet this idiot is telling parents to wear them inside their own houses, despite the fact that we know the risk of a child getting seriously ill from Covid, whatever scarient they dream up, is virtually non-existent.
There are still people walking outside in London.
There's no mandate in London, in the UK, that says you have to wear a mask.
There was someone in the park today who was literally a 25-year-old guy with one of those, what are they called, NH95?
The actual full professional face mask, walking in a park with no one else around him, completely on his own.
What the hell is wrong with you?
It's over.
Take off the mask.
Let it go.
You know what's interesting, though?
I was at a protest last weekend, anti-lockdown protest, and I was with people, my friends amongst them, who were literally yelling at people who walked past, or when we went past in the taxi, we were politely informing them out of the window, take off your mask!
Take off your mask!
Not in a mean, intimidating way, just in a quite forceful way.
What's interesting is that
Numerous people, when you tell them to take off the mask, they take it off!
It's like any chance to conform, the latest opportunity to conform, whether it's the government telling them that, whether it's the television telling them that, or whether it's someone on the street telling them something.
They've got such a bizarre kind of kink to want to conform at every moment of their lives.
They'll take the mask off if you ask them to.
Not in every case.
Obviously, some will get in your face and call you every name under the sun.
But some of them, they're so desperate to conform to whatever the latest edict is, whether it comes from the television, the government or people on the street, they will do it.
Now this idiot is saying you need to wear a mask inside your own home.
How is that going to be enforced?
How is that going to be patrolled?
We're going to have COVID visits.
We're going to have special COVID marshals like we do here in the UK to check if you're not self-isolating.
Are they going to come round your house and check whether or not you're wearing a mask inside?
Absolutely incredible.
I'm going to get into the Germany thing after the break because I want a full run at it because it's the biggest story of the day and it's got no coverage whatsoever.
But also today the broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson came out and said the communist government advisors in the United Kingdom want to lock us down forever.
There was a big fallout about this.
Oh my God, how dare he say the word communist.
Even though there's literally an extremist hardliner communist called Susan Michie, who is so hardcore her nickname is Stalin's Nanny, who is advising the UK government on lockdown coronavirus, who has repeatedly said she wants mask mandates and social distancing to continue forever.
Why is somebody with an extremist political belief, one that in the 20th century led to the deaths of tens of millions of people, why is someone like that advising the government?
Are we going to hire neo-Nazis to advise the government now?
Oh no, because communism is just nice, isn't it?
It was just wrongly practiced, right?
60 million dead.
They just got it wrong.
Well now British broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson has blasted communist government advisors who want to keep the population under lockdown forever.
He made the comments during an interview with the Radio Times.
He said, I think the politicians should sometimes tell those communists at SAGE to get back in their box.
Remember, these are the people who admittedly use totalitarian, unethical, mind-control tactics.
They weaponized behavioral psychology at the start of the pandemic to terrify everyone into complete obedience.
These are not good people.
But Clarkson's come out to his credit and he's basically asking,
When's it going to end?
He said it could be 40 years.
We could still be in some form of lockdown.
He said, well, if it's going to be forever, let's open it up.
And if you die, you die.
He clarified those comments by saying, you know, we can't have empty hospital beds.
We can't have nobody dying.
At some point, we have to open everything up and get over it and live with it, just as we did with every other virus in human history.
And he's calling out communists within the British government, at least the advisory branch of that.
And of course, there is mass fallout, of course.
When this Susan Michie, lifetime member of the Communist Party, was challenged on her beliefs a couple of months ago, the Twitter mob railed to her defence and they said that it was, quote, a misogynistic attack to merely ask this commie scum why she's commie scum and why she's got a position of informing the government on the SAGE committee.
We'll come back and get into what's happening in Germany because it's absolutely huge.
So we know for a fact, it's all documented, that in the United Kingdom the behavioural psychologists that were working with the government weaponised behavioural psychology.
They deliberately went out to terrorise the British public way beyond the actual threat level that coronavirus represented in the early weeks of the pandemic because they were afraid that people wouldn't conform to the government mandates and so
They grossly exaggerated the threat of COVID.
They failed to educate and inform people that for the healthy portion of the population, the fatality rate of COVID was literally 99.95% under the age of 50.
They terrorized the public with propaganda advertising campaigns via the media.
The media was completely complicit in it.
And it's left a trail of destruction to the point that
Childhood depression specifically is way up.
Suicides, childhood suicides are way up.
We also saw that in Australia, they literally doubled as a result of the lockdown.
Basically, a situation where this is going to reverberate in terms of PTSD and psychological trauma, probably for a generation or more.
And will there be any walkbacks?
Will there be any apologies?
Will there be any mea culpas from the media who are completely complicit in facilitating this psychological attack on the world?
Well, there's one
Ray of light in the context of that today.
Germany's top newspaper, and this is the biggest selling newspaper in Europe throughout the entire continent, their editor-in-chief has come out and apologized for billed newspaper coverage of the coronavirus pandemic over the past 16, 17 months.
Headline, editor-in-chief of Germany's top newspaper apologizes for fear-driven COVID coverage.
This story, last time I checked, has got literally no media coverage whatsoever.
Somebody tweeted the video of this guy's comments, and this is the editor-in-chief.
This is quite a prominent individual in the world of media, in the world of journalism, and I've literally just googled his name and gone on news.
And there's not one news outlet in the entire world, apart from Summit.News, that has covered this story, which to my mind is the biggest story of the day.
The editor-in-chief of Europe's top-selling newspaper has come out publicly and apologised profusely to his readership, to Germans in general, and specifically to children, for their fear-driven coverage of Covid.
This is Julian Reichelt who delivered a speech to camera and he said he was sorry for Bill's coverage which was, quote, like poison.
Can you imagine the BBC?
Can you imagine Sky News?
Can you imagine CNN coming out and admitting any of this?
It's never going to happen.
This is why this is so big.
So he said their coverage was, quote, like poison.
And he said it, quote, made you feel like you were a mortal danger to society.
Again, making humans the enemy of themselves, as the Club of Rome stated was its ultimate intention in that document, that founding document, decades ago now.
Rykel went on to direct his main sentiment towards children who have been terrorized by fear-mongering media coverage, which has caused child depression and suicides to soar across the world.
He said, quote, to the millions of children in this country for whom our society is responsible, I want to express here what neither our government nor our Chancellor, he's talking about Angela Merkel, dares to tell you.
We ask you to forgive us.
Forgive us for this policy, which for a year and a half has made you victims of violence, neglect, isolation and loneliness.
He's talking about lockdown.
He goes on to say, quote, we persuaded our children that they were going to murder their grandma if they dared to be what they are, children.
Or if they met their friends.
None of this has been scientifically proven.
He went on to say, when a state steals the rights of a child, it must prove that by doing so it protects him against concrete and imminent danger.
This proof has never been provided.
It's been replaced by propaganda presenting the child as a vector of the pandemic, which is precisely what the NIH Directorate is doing today in America, telling parents they need to wear masks inside their own homes because their kids are vectors for the pandemic.
Again, demonizing children as an enemy to their own relatives, to their own grandmas, traumatizing them for life, in some cases.
Rykel, the editor-in-chief of Build, went on to note how moderate voices who attempted to offer calmer perspectives on the pandemic were quote never invited to the expert table and urged viewers quote don't believe this lie when encountering alarmist proclamations from the government.
This is literally
Like Rupert Murdoch or somebody like that coming out and apologising for his media empire's coverage of coronavirus.
This is the top guy at Build.
The top newspaper in Europe.
You'd think this would be a big story.
It isn't even a story anywhere.
Why is no media outlet reporting on this?
This is one of the biggest stories of the year so far.
He went on to state that authorities should open schools and sports halls instead of polling stations
Warning that those who impose brutal lockdown measures, quote, will have on their conscience and will leave in the history books a multitude of innocent souls.
So this is obviously weighed on his conscience for the best part of the past 18 months.
He's getting out ahead of time because he sees which way the winds are blowing.
He sees the absolute devastation across the board that these lockdown policies have caused in terms of domestic abuse, suicide, depression, delayed cancer treatments, all kinds of delayed health treatments.
The devastation to the economy, which causes further wealth inequality, which causes poverty, which causes death.
The actual number of years lost in terms of lives will greatly outnumber the years lost of COVID victims, as we've proven time and time again with all these analyses and breakdowns.
From major institutions, including the one in South Africa that we prominently highlighted back last year.
Lockdowns will kill more people than the virus.
In fact, I think it was Germany's own foreign minister or their interior minister that came out and admitted that last year that the lockdown is going to kill way more people than the virus.
Where are the apologies?
Where are the mea culpas?
They're never going to happen.
This guy's got it out early, he's come out early, because it's obviously weighing on his conscience, and he's basically said, sorry to all the innocent souls that we've traumatised with PTSD with our fear-mongering coverage.
This newspaper has a circulation of 1.24 million copies a day, and it's the biggest newspaper in Europe.
You'd think that'd be a story.
It isn't.
And we know why.
Meanwhile, UN Special Rapporteur on torture requests info on German police brutalising anti-lockdown protesters.
We had the footage yesterday.
Numerous anti-lockdown protests in Berlin across the weekend.
The riot police went out and were basically ordered to brutalise them, shoving down old ladies to the floor by the throat, punching children in the face.
This kind of behaviour wouldn't look out of place in 1930s Germany, never mind Germany 2021.
If this had happened during an LGBT march in somewhere like Russia, there'd be global condemnation.
There's nothing of the kind.
Because anti-lockdown protesters have been dehumanised and vilified by the same media that's covered up the true origin and source of this pandemic from the very start.
We are back and we're going to get into the situation in Australia because they've imposed what is probably the most brutal lockdown in the developed world and it continues to get worse with more video footage coming out of
Police arresting people for not wearing masks outside and in this case literally inducing a man to have a heart attack.
Because they're really there to protect and serve.
Gonna get to that in a second.
And in fact I made a video about Australia which will play before I get into that story.
But first I wanted to cover this.
Came out a few days ago.
NHS nurses demand to Covid test newborn baby.
Claim it's not mother's property once outside the womb.
Literally, as due course now in UK hospitals under the wonderful, sanctified, deified NHS, which everyone applauds and worships because it's so great and not terrible in every instance whatsoever, they record COVID cases from newborn babies as soon as they're born.
Gee, I wonder if they're really trying to bump up those COVID cases.
Of course, we had some relaxing of restrictions here a couple of weeks ago,
And all the panjandrums, all the government advisors came out and said, no, don't do it.
Don't do it.
It's going to cause 200,000 COVID cases a day.
As it happens, they've been sliding down.
They've been falling for the past two weeks.
They're now
Hovering around 20,000 a day.
They said there'd be 200,000 a day by this point and that we couldn't open up anything because of that.
The same models that have proven disastrously wrong time and time again.
But they're literally testing newborn babies as soon as they pop out the womb for COVID in UK hospitals.
And we wonder why we're getting all these test results that are positive.
Well, one couple resisted that
And the video shows this.
If Twitter hasn't deleted it, imagine my shock they haven't deleted it yet.
Shocking video which is posted to Twitter shows a heavily pregnant mother in a hospital bed being lectured by nurses about how it's mandatory for the baby to be given a COVID test.
She says, it's my property, referring to the baby.
And the nurses respond,
Basically, it is, quote, while the baby's in your abdomen.
So they're basically telling her as soon as that baby comes out, it's the property of the state and they're going to COVID test it.
Maybe they'll jab it with some other nice little cocktail of vaccines.
And basically, she has no choice in the matter whatsoever.
So they complain.
And basically, they get up and just leave the hospital.
But not before the deified, sanctified TikTok dancing angels of the NHS.
Tell her that they're going to report the situation, the case, to social services, which basically means the government is going to investigate and try and take a newborn baby away because the mother didn't want it to get a COVID test the minute it popped out of her womb because she's such a terrible person.
And these NHS nurses who literally tried to get the state to seize her baby because it won't take a COVID test.
They're the good guys.
They're the guys who get applauded.
They're the people who get statues made of them, sanctified and deified, the wonderful NHS.
Let's go to Australia now, though, because the Communist Chinese government has literally expressed surprise at how much of an iron fist the Australian authorities are using against their own population to subjugate their own people with this coronavirus lockdown.
I made a video about this yesterday.
It is called Australia has
Fallen, and here is the video.
Guess who's criticising Australia for imposing one of the most brutal lockdowns in the developed world?
Piers Corbyn?
Amnesty International?
Human rights campaigners?
It's literally the communist Chinese government.
The Global Times, the official mouthpiece for the CCP, published a scathing editorial describing Australia's decision to send members of the military to occupy Sydney and enforce lockdown as a move that seemed, quote, draconian among nations.
Chances are if even Beijing is taken aback by your level of authoritarianism, that's a pretty draconian brand of authoritarianism.
Now obviously on the one hand China is just clapping back at Australia for the Morrison government's earlier criticism of China's atrocious disregard for human rights when it came to imposing its own lockdown, but the fact remains
He who fought with monsters has become the monster.
Australia gazed into the abyss and now the abyss gazes back at Australia.
Because just like communist China, Australia is now officially a biosecurity police state.
Australia is a post-democratic country.
How else could you describe a country where protest is outlawed?
Where under a newly proposed law, those who risk arrest by even daring to attend a demonstration are subject to onerous fines of up to $5,500.
Where those who merely post anti-lockdown information online could face fines of up to $11,000.
Where protest organisers face fines of $20,000.
Where pregnant women who promote such protests on Facebook are arrested in front of their kids in their own homes.
How else could you describe a country where people face $500 fines for failing to wear a face mask?
Where surveillance drones are deployed to catch the unmasked.
They're the eyes and voices in the sky.
Where grandmas sitting on park benches are arrested for not wearing masks.
Where the public is ordered by top health officials not to speak to each other, even if they're wearing masks.
Whilst it is in human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately this is not the time to do that.
So even if you run into your next door neighbour,
How else could you describe a country where police have the power to enter homes without a warrant?
To ensure compliance with coronavirus rules.
Where authorities gave themselves the power to remove children from the custody of their parents to ensure compliance with coronavirus rules.
Where people are prevented from travelling further than three kilometres from their homes.
Where surveillance choppers are used to track down people who camp in remote locations.
Where senior government ministers refuse to rule out Australians being forced to wear electronic ankle bracelets
Even if they're fully vaccinated to make sure they're complying with home quarantine orders.
Where laws are under consideration giving authorities the power to arrest quote conspiracy theorists if it's thought they may commit a crime in the future.
Australia continues to pursue a disastrous zero Covid policy.
China has seen towns 800 miles from the nearest city locked down after just one single COVID case.
The country also continues to impose medical martial law measures that are so despotic even China is jealous.
When the world's leading communist dictatorship expresses surprise at the lengths you're prepared to go to to subjugate your own population, you know for sure that something's rotten down under.
Well there you have it.
Australia started off as a penal colony and it seems to have returned to that status very quickly.
More people die from the sun in Australia than die from coronavirus.
In fact, total deaths in Australia for the entire period from coronavirus, and this is even with their inflated numbers, 925 over 18 months.
And yet, they basically enforce measures more draconian than communist China at this point.
Another example of that occurred yesterday.
Headline, Australian man suffers suspected heart attack while under arrest for not wearing a mask.
This was an elderly gentleman with a medical condition that made it hard for him to breathe.
He was exercising outside in a botanical gardens in Brisbane.
Four police officers came up to him, started interrogating him for not wearing a mask, despite the fact that he's exempt.
And even so, even the draconian law in Australia says you don't have to wear a mask while you're exercising, but I'm sure they'll mandate that soon.
They'll literally want people to choke to death.
Well, I do it in physical exercise.
So, four police gather round him.
Then, shortly afterwards, he falls to the ground.
He has a violent seizure.
The police officers then proceed to make a joke out of it and say that he's just pretending, despite the fact that he's literally screaming and gagging for his medicine, which he has in a bag, and he tries to reach out and grab it.
Whether he died or not, I don't think he died.
His son is out on Instagram saying he could have suffered brain damage, permanent injury or death.
The police were joking about it.
They literally did all this and induced cardiac arrest in the guy because he was outside in a park exercising without a mask on and they claim they're there to protect and serve.
Who are you protecting?
You're literally inducing heart attacks in old men.
Well done.
We'll be back.
On the other side, don't go away.
Well, Larry Page and other billionaire elitists are buying up private islands in Fiji and other areas while tourists aren't even allowed to enter those countries.
You have, of course, John Kerry waltzing through airports without a mask while everyone else is forced to wear one.
You have Governor Newsom attending fancy restaurant dinners in posh, expensive French restaurants while telling Californians that they can't meet each other for Thanksgiving.
You have the French elite having underground secret parties while the rest of the country was under the most draconian lockdown ever.
Now you have Barack Obama organising a birthday party with 700 people.
While Americans are told to wear masks, while Americans are told to avoid each other, while other people, for example in Australia, are literally told that they shouldn't even be talking to each other, Barack Obama is planning a party involving some 700 people.
They include 475 guests, including Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and Steven Spielberg.
Pearl Jam are playing there.
That will do their anti-establishment streak red the world of good, I presume.
And there'll be 200 staff to serve the privileged elitists.
During this jamboree, because we had the G7 a few weeks ago doing the same thing, having their little staged socially distanced photo ops, their little elbow bumps while literally then embracing, hugging, almost slobbering over each other at one point with Macron and Biden, and having their giant barbecue parties, no social distancing whatsoever.
One rule for them, another rule for us.
It's happening again with Obama.
He's being slammed for this.
Tucker Carlson talked about this on his show last night.
We have the clip with Mark Stein.
Here is the video.
No one's more oppressed than Michelle Obama, she's told you that many times.
She can barely go outside.
But when she's at home, she goes big.
For she and her husband, the king of the Democratic Party, he's turning 60.
So naturally, they're celebrating in Martha's Vineyard with 200 servants.
Will there be elephants?
Will he be brought in on a litter?
And what will Rochelle Walensky have to say about it?
Talk about a super spreader event.
We don't have the answers, but we believe Mark Stein might.
He's a high society...
So do you think 200 servants seems like a lot even for Barack Obama?
What do you think they'll be doing?
Well, actually, in fairness, I think all these underbutlers and Deputy Footman are actually going to be the only diversity, because the 500 guests seem to be the same guests who go to every... We're basically back to medieval Europe, where it's the same 500 people who go to all the parties.
As you know, Barack Obama's got Oprah and George Clooney, just as Oprah and George Clooney went to Harry and Meghan's wedding, even though they'd never met either of them.
I mean, you have to feel sorry for George and Oprah.
Just going to the parties of people you don't know is a pretty sad and miserable existence.
But I have to say that when you look at this, 500 guests, 200 fawning footmen and underbutlers, what's interesting to me is the way people are actually perfectly happy with this.
You've been talking about citizenship on this show.
But actually, a disturbing number of people are quite happy to be subjects.
They say,
Oh yes, I couldn't go to Granny's 90th birthday, but it's perfectly fine for Barack Obama to have 500 people because our rulers are so much better than us.
The last 18 months has actually clarified this.
The governor of California eating at the French Laundry, oh well, that's different.
He's a great man.
Obama is a great man.
Flying George Clooney and Oprah in, that's appropriate.
Oh, I'm just gonna put my mask back on and go back in the house for another 18 months.
God, that's the saddest observation I've heard.
The fierce egalitarian spirit of American society dying, and that's our fault.
I agree with you completely.
Mark Stein, sometimes it takes a foreign eye to see the truth about our country.
Great to see you.
Well, sometimes you have to be in Budapest to see America clearly.
I envy you that, Tucker.
Safe, clean Budapest.
The great Mark Stein.
So there you have it, folks.
Some mass gatherings are more equal than others.
Of course, they chided Trump for having the rallies during when he was president, saying that was a super-spreader event.
Meanwhile, you had literally hundreds of thousands of people on Black Lives Matter rallies, but that was fine.
And in fact, they put out fake studies in the aftermath, saying that Black Lives Matter rallies actually helped reduce coronavirus infections.
Oh, well, those Trump rallies, though, they exacerbated it wildly.
Well now even China, which I guess a broken clock is right twice a day, is chiding Obama for holding what they're calling a super spreader event.
Now I acknowledge in this article that it's somewhat rich of China, the country literally responsible for deliberately leaking the coronavirus from the Wuhan lab, to chide anyone about any kind of behavior when it comes to social distancing, but in this case they're right.
The Chinese Communist Party has accused Barack Obama of creating a super spreader event.
By hosting a party at Martha's Vineyard.
They go on to say in this editorial from the Global Times, which is basically the mouthpiece of the CCP, it's word for word what they want to get out into the world.
Pointing out the double standard of Obama and his rich friends gathering in huge numbers, they write, it's generally agreed among experts that vaccinated people should also wear masks and respect social distancing to minimise the risks.
Don't think Obama and his friends will be wearing masks, but they go on to say,
Therefore, the highly infectious Delta variant brings the question of whether Obama's upcoming party will become a super-spreader event that overshadows the US's already wretched fight against the pandemic.
But again, doesn't matter because they're the elite, they can do whatever they want.
They can literally buy private islands while banning tourists from entering the countries in which they ensconce themselves and hide themselves away.
Meanwhile, Information Liberation reports
ScienceWriter suspended from Twitter for quoting results of Pfizer clinical trial.
You can't even quote the results of the vaccine company's trials without getting suspended by Twitter now.
This is where we're at.
Twitter suspended the account of ScienceWriter and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson for sharing the newly released results of the, quote, pivotal Pfizer clinical trial, which completely undermined the narrative of our medical establishment.
Oh, gee, I wonder why.
That's why he got suspended, isn't it?
Despite literally word-for-word quoting the results from their trial.
Berenson said on a Friday, blocked again, this time for a week.
But this tweet, which is completely accurate, does nothing but quote Pfizer's own clinical trial data.
This was the tweet.
Quote, the pivotal clinical trial for the Pfizer COVID vaccine shows it does nothing to reduce the overall risk of death.
Fifteen patients who received the vaccine died.
14 who received the placebo died.
The end.
Literally lifted from Pfizer's study.
And then we wonder why all these vaccinated people are still getting the virus.
They're still getting hospitalised.
Yeah, because they admit in their own clinical trial it doesn't work.
Meanwhile, Apple bans Tinder for unvaxxed after media snitches on company.
So this entrepreneurial outreach had the foresight to create a dating app in response to the likes of Tinder and Bumble coming out and saying they'll give people the right to discriminate on their app against people who haven't been vaccinated by creating a dating app solely for unvaccinated people.
No, we can't have that, can we?
Launched by two women in Hawaii, the service sought to appeal to like-minded people that support medical autonomy and free speech, and guess what happened?
The snitch, grass media found out about it, and immediately tattletaled to Apple, and within hours, it was gone from the App Store.
The monopoly that should be abolished.
Because Bloomberg News grassed them up, basically.
They contacted Apple, and published a hit piece.
Apple responded soon after.
Apple removed the app from its App Store after being contacted by Bloomberg News.
Again proving de-platforming is an activist outreach by the mainstream media.
It's not just enforcing terms of service.
They only ever react when news outlets like Bloomberg snitch on creators who are simply trying to create a platform for people who want bodily medical autonomy to meet each other.
The vaccinated cult members don't need to get involved.
It doesn't affect them.
No, we can't have that.
We can't have unvaccinated people talking to each other on the internet.
Ban it!
Ban it immediately.
Meanwhile, PayPal co-founder warns financial giant is creating de facto no-buy list by banning dissidents.
This is PayPal co-founder David Sachs.
You'd think this would have got more media attention.
Newsflash, it didn't.
Warning that the financial giant is creating a de facto no-buy list by banning people for their opinions, a move that will actually increase extremism in the long term.
He points out that PayPal's original mission was to create a platform so that ordinary people would not be dependent on large financial institutions to start a business.
Now that PayPal has become a large financial institution, it's completely beholden to the woke jihadists, to the likes of the ADL and the SPLC, who pose as hate groups while raking in vast amounts of money for the sole purpose of censoring and banning their ideological adversaries.
So Sachs has basically come out and said, this is like the no-fly list, but it's a no-buy list.
You're literally going to have people, because of their opinions in the near future, not being able to buy groceries.
That's how bad it's got.
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Well, it happened last week, right after July 4th.
World leaders across the planet and the UN announced a new world order.
Global government to stop the spread of COVID.
Oh, and they're going to have to surveil all your text messages on your private phone and censor them if you question Fauci and the UN.
That's because
These criminals are going to go to prison.
They released the virus.
They have used the whole program to starve the third world.
And they're now bringing in a worldwide ID in Klaus Schwab's own words with an implantable microchip as the next phase to be able to buy and sell or travel.
So whether you believe the Bible or not, the Mark of the Beast is here.
And our mission is now more important than ever.
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