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Name: 20210731_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: July 31, 2021
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I told you, man, you better stop what you're doing!
But you know what?
It's already too late, isn't it?
They already set this thing in motion.
Infowars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Saturday, July 31st.
And this is an emergency Saturday evening broadcast.
And I'm asking every viewer and every listener that sees this to take notes, check out what I'm claiming.
And then once you find out it's true, share it because this is a life and death situation.
Now I'm about to show you
The most incredible information we've ever covered in the last year and a half with this whole COVID situation and the martial law and the medical IDs and the fake PCR tests and the deaths and everything.
But I always go with the science, deep research, a political understanding, and also my spirit or my gut.
And doing on the ground research with the actual first responders.
So I've got some really, really, really good news for you.
I've also got some super bad news for you.
Let's just get that out of the way right now and I'll go on to the evidence.
A year and a half ago when they said the hospitals were full in Texas, in New York, and everywhere else, and in London, England, and Germany, reporters went in and showed they were empty.
And they were doing TikTok videos, the nurses were.
And they were counting people that died in car wrecks or who had cancer or gunshot wounds as COVID.
It was BS.
It was exaggerated.
It was basically made up.
That's not the case now.
I know a lot of doctors and a lot of nurses around the country.
I have talked to more than 30 of them in the last few days, including one of the people that's worked here for years, wife that works at a major hospital in Austin.
They are full of people who can't breathe and who are dying.
And the media hasn't even hyped this up yet.
And here's the rest of the story.
They were almost all vaccinated, or their family members are vaccinated.
It's shedding.
And the CDC now admits it's shedding.
So I made phone calls to doctors and nurses last year.
I went and checked the numbers.
I went down to local hospitals, so did Owen.
And we had guests on all over the country, live feeds in New York and New Jersey and California, that went where they said it was full of people and it wasn't.
And later the numbers came out and we were telling the truth.
But what did the expert scientist, I'm getting chills right now, say when they were on my show last year?
They said, they have tried, the inventor of mRNA technology, said when you try to create one that stops a cold virus, it basically takes over the body and starts manufacturing
Spike Proteins.
With Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and others.
Seven universities total.
And they found it killed almost all the mice and rats that they gave similar vaccines to that attack the spike protein.
Because you can't ever guess the RNA of a cold virus.
It's too widespread.
But they thought, let's just attack the shell of it.
And they found out it kills almost all the rats.
It kills all the ferrets.
So let me get into the new news here.
The point is, they knew this.
They didn't make a mistake.
This was done on purpose, and it turns our bodies into factories of spike protein viruses.
It turns our bodies into engines of death.
And our expert guest predicted this over a year ago, and now I've got all the clips, all the mainline literature about it all right here.
Let me just show you some of the headlines, and I'll get into it.
Countdown to the next lockdown.
Biden says, in all possibility, U.S.
will see more restrictions.
We've got White House sources, plus we can see the programming going on.
We predicted it.
It's here.
Two months ago, they put out a report saying if you question lockdowns, you're a terrorist.
They're getting ready for new lockdowns.
They're already doing it in blue states and blue cities.
It's here.
And by the way, it's going to be extended through to 15 months to next year's midterm elections, the same way they stole the last election.
CDC released a study.
Now this is the biggest news of everything today.
It's linked on InfoWars.com to the CDC study.
This is all the news now.
CDC released a study showing three-fourths of Delta cases are among the vaccinated, says masks are the answer.
So they go on and say they've been studying it in Martha's Vineyard and other places, and when they do the test, 70 plus percent
of the people that are vaccinated are the ones that have COVID and they're the ones spreading the Delta variant.
You gotta go read this for yourself.
This is exactly what Sherry Tinpenny said on my show a year ago.
It's what Wolfgang Wudar, the head UN advisor and EU advisor said.
It's what Dr. Yidan, the former chief science officer at Pfizer said.
It turns out this is all mainline science.
I'm not a biology guy.
I just know all the top biology people are actually good.
They're telling the truth.
And it's coming out.
So there's that.
Here's another one out of the Washington Post.
Most people infected in Providencetown outbreak were vaccinated, CDC study confirms.
Your God, Jeff Bezos' Washington Post.
And it goes on to say, first they spun this, remember Israel three weeks ago said, we've got the biggest outbreak ever, it's killing more people than ever, it's the vaccinated are creating viruses.
And we go, oh that's ridiculous!
They had six million people in the Israeli study.
Biggest study ever on coronavirus in the last year.
Mass deaths, mass illness, mass problems, and they come out and they spin it.
Oh, that's not the case.
Now they admit Israel was right.
It's the exact same thing in Gibraltar, in Singapore, in Iceland.
The list goes on and on.
In Israel.
In Gibraltar, 98% are vaccinated and they've got record illnesses and record deaths of the vaccinated.
That's all confirmed.
So I want that to sink in for you.
For just a minute.
I mean, did you hear what I just said?
And you know what makes me even more concerned?
You know why I'm really freaked out?
I'll be covering this on the Sunday show tomorrow.
4 to 6 p.m.
with the document.
Crimson contagion from four years ago?
Three years ago?
They say in there that they're going to roll out a vaccine for a coronavirus, and a year later it's going to turn out it kills a bunch of people.
And they even say public health officials will step down and apologize, and they're going to have new vaccines that'll protect you from the variants that the mistaken failed vaccine creates.
And then I've got the New York Times, the Financial Times of London, the Daily Mail, all today
Saying, okay, looks like the vaccine caused mutations and it's killing a bunch of people.
We've got a new vaccine to counter that.
And this is a document Crimson Contagion from years ago, Rockefeller Foundation again, and John Hopkins.
I mean, I'm a tough guy.
I mean, I'm not a coward.
I want to just run to a log cabin somewhere.
I love my kids.
I mean, I'm this close.
And I'm not going to do it because I swore I won't, but I'm just telling you, I'm not up here trying to scare you for no reason.
I don't know what to do.
These are crazy people running this and they're way ahead of us.
I don't know why they put in a document everything that actually came true.
They said it in 2023, 2025, 2026, but it's real time for us now.
They wrote it years ago.
I mean, the CDC says vaccinated or what's making everybody sick, so we've got to wear a mask again and take a third shot?
That a year, 14 months ago, Bill Gates was on TV and said there'll be a third vaccine you've got to take coming up next year?
It's all planned out.
These people brag about it.
So don't think I've got all the answers.
People think I've got like some crystal ball.
I don't.
I just know they've told us what they're going to do to us, and they're doing it.
I mean, look at this.
Countdown to the next lockdown.
Biden's getting a new lockdown ready.
It's already in play.
CDC released a study showing three-fourths of Delta cases are among the vaccinated.
It says mask or the answer, and it's in the study that the majority of deaths are vaccinated.
But you see Fauci going, 99% of the deaths are the unvaccinated.
People go, where's the document?
It's made up.
That's, that's, I know he's a super villain, but my God, the balls of all of this.
I mean, these people are crazy.
And then, the big one.
The Daily Mail has a link to the British government that's basically quarterbacking this whole damn thing.
And they say, next COVID variant could kill one in three people.
Now, whether that's true or not, they're telling you
Two and a half, three billion people could die.
The next COVID variant could kill up to one in three people.
Sage warns, that's the government advisory girl, doomsday scenarios, realistic possibility, close quote, and UK vaccine rollout may even speed up the mutant strain emergence.
Do you want to read that for you again?
Cause I got skin in the game.
I got four kids.
And I'm really not trying to threaten people, but I mean Fauci and Bill Gates and all you, I told you man, you better stop what you're doing.
But you know what?
It's already too late.
They already set this thing in motion.
All right.
But here's the thing.
You're not going to get away with it.
And the crazy part is they don't care.
They're like the guy in 12 Monkeys that releases the bioweapon.
He's killing himself while he does it.
They're like suicide bombers.
That's why they laugh at me.
They go, Jones, you think we care?
We're going to die in the midst of this!
Like Dr. Eric Pionka, the head of UT Biology Department, when he gave a standing ovation speech about how we're going to release airborne Ebola and kill 90% of the world.
And they all clapped and cried.
It was in the newspaper.
And I talked to folks that were there, and they threatened me.
Of course, Pionka's a great man.
He's too liberal.
We should get rid of all humans, not just 90%.
So, you've seen that information.
You can read this for yourself.
And what is totally insane about this article out of the Daily Mail is it's the same thing the New York Times and Washington Post say.
You gotta go read it.
They say, don't worry, to stop the new super deadly variant that's going to kill one out of three people, you've got to start taking booster shots we've got to stop it.
The next COVID variant could kill up to 1 in 3 people, says the government.
A doomsday new COVID variant could kill up to 1 in 3 people is a realistic possibility, according to government top scientists.
Documents published by the Scientific Advisory Group of Emergency SAGE today warned a future strain could be as deadly as MERS, which has a case fatality of 35%.
Could be on the way.
N.O.10's expert panel claimed that the likelihood of the virus mutating its highest was when it was most prevalent, as is currently the case in Britain.
Now get ready for this.
And in a downside of Britain's hugely successful vaccination drive, the team warned that the country's greater level of immunity may help speed up the virus's evolutionary process, creating this predicted virus they say will kill 30 plus percent of people.
This has all been pre-planned.
They've already mutated the viruses in the lab.
They've already run generations of the viruses.
They've already convinced you this isn't actually occurring, a virus, and not from a government, so when they release it, no government gets blamed, and then the world government can wage war on the population of the Earth and depopulate us.
Do I need to refresh you?
Do I need to mention what we already covered?
That 70 plus percent of the people that are sick and dying have had the shot, and that they're the ones infecting people.
A total reversal of what they were saying.
But you still need to take your shots.
And that they're going to cause mutants, they're going to be super deadly and kill one-third of us, so they've got a new shot for us.
But Bill Gates was on all the TV shows a year and a half ago saying exactly that.
I mean, these guys are out of control, and thank God criminals like to brag.
Then we've got this huge story by Don Salazar on Infowars.com.
FDA accidentally reveals list of COVID vaccine side effects including
Microcardiasis, autoimmune disease, and death.
Microcardiasis is your heart basically failing and the muscle walls under attack from a virus.
What does this do?
Strokes, death, read it all.
And they're up there at a big state level symposium with the FDA showing them FDA documents and they left one in on accident that shows that they'd already pre-studied these viruses before.
And these vaccines before and that they knew it would cause this.
I don't need to know why that document was in the FDA stack.
I already had those documents.
We already had the studies, but there it is yet again.
So God is working through all of us and this information is coming out.
And there's leaders around the world saying no.
Four African presidents died after they refused the deadly shots.
First the Tanzanian president that sent the papaya and who sent the goat and it tested positive.
He proved the PCR was a fraud a year ago.
He got killed.
Four dead.
Also the Haitian president said no injections.
We don't trust you.
He got tortured and murdered.
And now the Mexican President rejects jabs for kids, says he won't be held hostage by profiting pharma companies, and his own health minister basically thinks it's depopulation taking place, and he says, we're not going to give it to our kids, you've not shown us the proof, you've not shown us the evidence.
So, humanity's really waking up and saying no right now.
Now that leads us next to, talk about an awakening, Bill Maher coming out and showing he's done his research.
Say what you want about Bill Maher.
He does a lot of scientific research.
He reads a lot of financial papers, a lot of medical papers.
I know people that know Bill well.
He is a smart guy.
I don't agree with his political views in many cases, but I do on this.
And he said, listen, it's those of you wearing the mask that are getting everybody sick.
You're the ones growing the mutations, not just viral, but also bacterial.
And so he calls out the CDC on the fraud, on the garbage.
Two weeks ago, he called out the CDC, working with Google to censor people about ivermectin.
And so folks are really getting now, this isn't about Republican, it isn't about Democrat, it's not about gay, it's not about straight, it's not about black, it's not about white.
It's about medical freedom versus medical tyranny.
So here's Bill Maher just last night.
Thank you so much.
Great to see more people, more people, and I missed your partial faces.
We've been off for a month.
Have you been okay?
I was hoping that when we came back here we'd be done talking about the pandemic, but of course now the Delta variant has everyone crazy.
I am not worried.
I live in California.
The coronavirus in the air is killed by the smoke from the fires.
But the CDC put out new mask guidelines now, which is, you know, it's all just so fucking confusing.
Indoors, outdoors, vaccinated, vaccinated, mask, not mask.
The Walmart shoppers don't know who to punch anymore.
So... So now we're back to wearing the mask from the front of the restaurant until the waiter brings the breadsticks.
It's called science, people.
Sometimes... Sometimes I think we have to cover our faces so other people can cover their ass.
And by the way... And by the way, wash the mask.
I see people with very filthy masks out there.
I don't wanna... I don't wanna get the Delta variant.
Your mask grew the Delta variant.
Also, last night, Tucker Carlson came out and knocked it out of the park and said, thank God we asked questions, because now the CDC admits that the majority of the new cases are from people that have taken the shot.
And the media tries to spin it and say, oh, it's less bad than the last one.
It's all garbage, ladies and gentlemen.
From the beginning to the end, they are suckering us into a program where we're scared of our own shadow, where we're scared of the common cold, and where we think we have to wear masks on our faces because we're dirty and bad.
America's racist, and America's got disease, and the West has to shut down, and the third world's got to starve to death, and business as usual has to stop because
Klaus Schwab of the UN came up with this plan to shut down our industrial society.
It's called the Great Reset.
So here's part of Tucker Carlson's powerful monologue last night.
The reason I'm playing these clips is it shows the truth's coming out and it shows that
Even the top talk show hosts in the country have their own independence and are not going along with this because the public is waking up and not going along with it as well.
So you got the COVID vaccine because they told you to get it or they forced you to get it.
Because as Joe Biden himself explained, it was your patriotic duty to get it, to protect yourself and protect others.
Good people do that.
And the only way we can stop the spread of this virus and return to normal life is by taking the vaccines.
If you get the shot, you can have hot dogs on the 4th of July.
Remember when he told you that?
So you got the shot.
And now, surprise surprise, they're demanding that even after you got the shot, you wear a mask again, even when you're outside.
What's going on here?
Why are they saying this?
There's got to be some reason for it.
We've been wondering all week.
So yesterday we asked the CDC to explain the reasoning behind it.
They couldn't tell us.
Today they did.
What an explanation.
It turns out that the COVID vaccines, those wonder drugs that were absolutely perfect, that were more impressive than the moon landing, the drugs you were not allowed to question in any way,
Don't actually work in the way they told us they did.
The science is more complicated than we thought.
There's still an awful lot we don't know.
These are, after all, experimental drugs, and they're behaving like it.
The bottom line is that a huge number of vaccinated people are getting COVID, and some of them are getting very sick, even dying.
That's true around the world.
It's true in Iceland, Gibraltar, Israel, in small countries with high vaccination rates that have seen big spikes in COVID cases.
And it's every bit as true here in the United States.
According to the CDC today, fully three quarters of the people infected in a recent outbreak, for example in Massachusetts, had already been vaccinated.
The CDC announced that vaccinated people can carry the virus with them and they can easily spread the virus to others.
As the CDC conceded, quote, breakthrough infections may be as transmissible as unvaccinated cases.
So now we learn that virtually everything they told us about the COVID vaccine was wrong.
Looks like we were right to keep asking questions.
Keep in mind that if you had written any of what we just said on Facebook yesterday, you would have been censored immediately from misinformation, if not for a hate crime.
And yet now, that's the official finding of the U.S.
You shouldn't be surprised, because science can be like that.
It changes quickly.
It is never really settled, despite what they tell you.
If the Biden administration had just admitted that from the very beginning, we'd be a lot better off right now.
Most Americans understand that medicine is complicated.
Even great medicines, chemotherapy for example, don't always work.
And you don't know when they're not going to work because there's a lot that you don't know.
Most people can live with that honest uncertainty.
They can handle the truth.
What they can't handle is being lied to relentlessly by their leaders and then shamed if they ask questions.
And that's exactly what's been happening.
You remember just a few weeks ago, it was July 8th, that Tony Fauci was asked directly by a reporter whether this vaccine would work against the new Indian variant, the Delta variant of COVID.
Now, the honest answer would have been, we're not sure, or we hope it does.
But Fauci is a liar, so that's not what he said.
Instead, as usual, Fauci pretended to know what he does not know and could not know.
The answer, Fauci replied, is yes, it does.
Fauci said that on the record, and he said it more than once.
They all said that.
Again and again and again.
Every day.
And they shouted at you if you asked a follow-up question.
So you'd think with this new CDC announcement today, they'd be apologizing.
At the very least, they'd be explaining how they got it so completely wrong.
But they're not doing that, not even close, because that would require humility.
It would force them perhaps to relinquish some of the immense power they have gathered to themselves over the past 18 months, and there's no chance of that.
So what they're doing instead is blaming you for the whole thing.
They're punishing the country for the disaster that they made.
It's your fault.
Here's the White House today announcing that a new round of crushing lockdowns could be on the way.
If scientists come to you at some point down the line and say, it is our opinion that there should be shutdowns and there should be school closures, you would do that?
Well, we listen to, like I said, we listen to the CDC and the expert and their guidance.
The CDC is a body that is very well respected and we follow their guidance.
Joe Biden leaving in the helicopter from the White House lawn tonight said exactly the same.
Yep, new lockdowns could be coming.
But you just heard this.
The question is, respected by whom?
How many times do you have to get it completely wrong before people stop respecting you or believing you?
Is there any limit on that?
And while we're at it, why are lockdowns the obvious response to a failing vaccine?
Who thought that up and what's the justification for it?
Doesn't seem to be much.
Look at the data from the UK.
That's a country that has vaccination rates similar to ours here in the U.S.
In Britain, authorities saw a big spike in cases of the so-called Delta variant about a month ago.
But the British government did not reinstitute lockdowns.
They did not force a new mask mandate.
So what happened next?
Well, COVID cases and deaths in the UK plummeted.
Now look, this is good news.
People are waking up, people are getting involved, and that's positive.
The problem is the globalists are Machiavellian geniuses, though they're soulless.
And if you read Crimson Contagion, if you read Event 201, if you read Operation Lockstep from the Rockefellers, and the Rockefeller Foundation is now in complete control of world policy, Gates has been removed partially.
They talk about how it's all going to come out they did this and how they're going to spin that through fear to then make you want to take even more vaccines they've created.
But the saviors are going to come to you who are against all of this, who have the new vaccine that will protect you from the last vaccine.
Now that was in Crimson Contagion three, four years ago.
Now it's in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Daily Mail.
So they just want you to murder your own logic in the name
of being protected when it's going to be all these off-the-shelf drugs that are $10, $15 a piece that are no longer under patent like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which only mimic what zinc and vitamin D3 and vitamin C already do in the body.
Sunshine, clean water, exercise.
All that's what we need, but oh, no, no, no, okay, the vaccine caused a deadly variant.
We got a new vaccine for you.
And they already bragged about that just two weeks ago.
Trudeau said, oh, we're going to buy new vaccines every year for COVID, forever.
Up to two a year, we're going to make you take.
And it doesn't even protect you.
So what is it?
And here's some more evidence.
Mask-free Sweden nears zero daily COVID deaths as chief epidemiologist warns against far-reaching conclusions about Delta strain.
So the place where they didn't do any of this has no deaths and no problems.
But here they cook the numbers.
Here they pay you $53,000 as a clinic or a hospital if you intubate somebody.
And that's the last big thing I want to hit.
I went to Lake Tahoe for almost a week, went fishing, spent some time with friends and family, did a lot of research.
And in grocery stores and on the street, three times I was approached by people that said their family members died after being intubated.
That they went to the local clinic, had a sore throat, were told, hey, it might be COVID, go to the doctor, go to the hospital.
They'd go to the hospital.
They would test them.
They'd say, oh, you got COVID, sign a form.
They'd put an IV in their arm.
They would put them under, into a medical coma, and then they would die from the ventilator.
Even though we knew over a year ago, ventilators kill people that have COVID.
Then I go fishing.
And this guy was 33 years old, his first cousin, good best friend of his, 35 in Phoenix.
He says, Alex, my cousin just died two weeks ago.
He went into the clinic, had a sore throat.
They didn't give him antibiotics.
They didn't offer him anything.
They just said, better go to the hospital.
And they had him sign a form and he was dead two days later.
I saw an article in the Hill newspaper yesterday that I knew was propaganda.
Oh, this father went into a hospital and he died.
And he said before he died, he wished he would have took COVID.
So people actually went to their Facebook, to their Instagram of the family and found what actually happened.
They went out to the beach one day, then to the zoo.
He got super sunburned, was dehydrated, throwing up, purple skin, normally a white guy, purple skin, bleeding.
They tried to go to two hospitals.
They go, don't worry about it, just put cream on him.
He finally goes into a coma, they take him to the hospital, and they snake a tube down his throat and kill him with a ventilator.
Saw a story on CNN last week.
Oh, seven-year-old dies!
Turns out he had meningitis and staph.
But then they say he died of COVID.
Father of five dies from medical malpractice.
Media exploits death for COVID fear porn.
I mean, you know, you see CNN, you know it's bull, you go look it up and there it is.
But here's the deal.
They're taking people that didn't have the vaccine that died of other things and hyping it up.
But then they're covering up people dying from their organs shutting down, their lungs shutting down, their brains shutting down, their hearts shutting down with blood clots when they've taken the shot.
So the hospitals are full of dying people.
I don't need to read the news.
I call around to doctors and people.
And I get the same story.
Yeah, there was nobody here last year.
We're full now.
And the fall hadn't even hit yet.
People aren't getting their vitamin D from the sun.
There's that incredible article.
You can go to the FDA's own website, CDC's own website.
Basically having a heart attack from the vaccines.
They admit it's a side effect.
But you try to promote that on Twitter or Facebook, they take it down.
And that's what's really evil here, is the censorship of this information by big tech.
Because they go, oh, the UN's the only authority when it's the UN and Fauci that cooked all this up with the Davos Group and Klaus Schwab that rolled all of this out.
So yes, this isn't going as well as they wanted it to.
And yes, they war-gamed some of the truth coming out and how they try to handle that.
So just because they war-gamed how to handle the truth came out didn't mean that they had all the answers.
It just meant they were thinking way ahead.
But this is going way worse than they hoped.
People are really waking up, and I believe this is going to blow up in their face and arty ass.
But they've got some other major tricks up their sleeves.
Economic collapse, cyber attacks, wars, race wars.
That's why we've all got to come together.
I don't give a damn what color you are.
I'm on Team Humanity.
We've all got red blood and I want to beat this together and I don't want to be de-industrialized.
I don't want to be dehumanized.
I don't want to be shut down.
But what a crazy time to be vindicated.
I mean, Infowars just keeps getting vindicated and vindicated and vindicated.
Because all I do all day is read the information.
And I see their own denials.
But thank God we still have real science where the majority of scientists and doctors have been telling the truth and proven right.
But big tech took over the major medical institutions who are now just big corporations.
And so they're saying one thing and the doctors are saying another.
And it turns out what the doctors and the scientists on the ground are saying, what the mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters are saying on the ground is thousands of times more accurate than what they're saying over here.
My four-year-old daughter's never been sick, really.
Maybe had one fever before.
She spent two weeks in bed with a fever, coughing up green garbage.
We took her to get her COVID tested.
Oh, not COVID positive.
I said, that's a PCR test.
It's fake.
How many cycles are you running it at?
And I had to twist their arm.
They finally told me they had it at 30 cycles where you get almost totally false.
Thank you.
I just want to come together and realize this is a big medical tyranny takeover that wants to create a medical ID and a medical world government system to track if you've been vaccinated or not and that that's the endgame of the cashless society and is just as evil as these poisonous injections masquerading as vaccines.
Again, thank you all for watching.
Please take this critical report and share it from Bandot Video.
You can't share the URL Bandot Video on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, but you can share the new backup URL that has the very same links at FreeWorldNews.com.
We're good to go.
And submitting only makes you more of a slave.
Fighting back makes you more free.
And Lord willing, I'll be back tomorrow 4 to 6 p.m.
live with the Sunday Show at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Incredible developments.
Things are moving so fast.
I can't imagine what's to be happening by tomorrow.
This is just an amazing time to be alive.
And I'm very thankful for all you for keeping us on air so we'd still be here despite the enemy's attacks at this critical junction in history.
So you are the InfoWar.
You are the resistance.
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