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Name: 20210731_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: July 31, 2021
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
The world as you know it is ending.
The Great Reset is the plan to establish a planetary world government to carry out the end of the industrial age and the end of the human era.
We are looking at the post-Homo sapien sapien era.
And it all began with the launch of the COVID virus as the pretext to bring in a medical worldwide dictatorship controlled by the United Nations.
They have no intention of allowing the American people to take the Republic back after their coup of 2020 and the stolen election.
That's why they plan to launch a new lockdown that will stretch all the way through
Next year and the midterm elections in 15 months so they can use mail-in ballots again to steal it.
They can be stopped, but there's not much time.
In all of recorded history, it is documented that elites routinely decide to call the general population because they don't want to look at us.
They want to go to the lake.
They want to go to the mountains.
They want to go where they want and not look at the lower classes.
And that's all this is.
The globals are buying up all the private islands.
They're getting nation-states to shut out general tourism.
All of these carbon taxes are about shutting the general public down while the globalists live like kings.
It's parasitic, it's evil, but if we lie down and let them dominate us, and let them teach us that we're bad and dirty and we have to wear these face masks and all the rest of it, we deserve what we get.
These people are psychotics, they're beyond selfish, and they are your mortal enemies.
And the Great Reset is the end of our world and the beginning of theirs.
Are we going to let them have our planet and have our children's future?
Look in the mirror and ask yourselves a question.
I come to you with extremely grave tidings, and I'm going to have to lay out some really, really, really sad, frightening, disgusting things here, but that's got to be done because it's our main chance at stopping the globalists.
That said, everything I'm going to lay out here is on record.
Our enemies are extremely arrogant.
And they have bragged about every facet and point of their operation.
It is truly the globalist world now, and we're just living in it.
And if they have their way, we won't be living in it for long.
This entire controlled collapse is not to just get control of humanity.
It is to get full control over humanity to carry out an orderly forced depopulation that includes not just sterilization through chemicals, the food and water and the destruction of the family and the chemical, chemical castration of boys, but physically being taken to work camps and work to death and or shot in the back of the head.
So I'm going to lay this out for you right now as best I can.
And I just beg that you get this information, every member of Congress you can, every legislator you can, every mayor, every city council person, every decision maker, because we have a very good chance of stopping this if people realize that I've been right 99% before, because I'm going off their own battle plans, their own war games, and that I'm not just right about what their plans are, I'm right about how to stop them.
I've made it my life's work to study these people.
First off, let's cover this.
This is an endless global lockdown that is designed to, over time, only get tighter.
They have the illusion of loosening it from time to time, but that will be for just a few weeks or a few months maximum.
Australia, Canada, places like Germany and France, they are ahead of us in the game because they're under deeper authoritarian control.
And so they are, again, a year or so ahead of us.
Everything you see there is now coming here.
As I told you a year and a half ago, what you see happening in Europe now will be here in a year to two years.
And it's here.
Biden is set within two weeks to announce a new nationwide lockdown, just as they did a year and a half ago.
The big corporations are already leading it.
With Big Tech and others already saying don't come into work and already basically locking down and saying no one who hasn't taken the experimental shot can come into work.
You see all the major sports franchises, the NFL, they're all doing it.
That's what globalism is.
It's corporate world governance being enforced.
And so within two weeks, this is from sources inside the government, but I don't need to have those sources.
You can see all the preconditioning, all the chatter everywhere.
They will then start announcing another lockdown and the lockdown of non-essential small businesses to further bankrupt those that consolidate power for the Fortune 100, who've doubled and tripled their profits in the last year and a half, and who have been directing, again, the planetary lockdowns that are also causing massive deaths in the tens of millions across the world.
So never forget that a collapse here means total death in the third world.
And then, of course, those giant masses of people are then organized
by the UN into refugee camps and then brought into the first world as a new political permanent underclass they control, but I digress.
The big takeaway here is that they're going to bring the lockdown back this fall and they're going to extend it through the winter, blaming the unvaccinated, even though none of the facts show that.
I'll cover that in a moment.
They will then quasi-remove the controls for people that accept internet passports, medical passports, tracker systems on their phones.
People that accept to be enrolled in a face scan hand print program that quote has more security will be given the highest rating in the new social credit score rollout that is already taking place.
Now, why is all this being done?
Well, there's a lot of reasons.
Consolidate power, more control, put the UN in charge, set up the censorship bureaus to block anybody telling the truth about what's happening or anybody pointing out the dangers and deaths and illnesses caused by the vaccines.
This is all just the first phases of going operational.
So they went from beta to operational, but this is operational beta.
They went from pure beta into the first operational phase, where they're just gauging and testing different systems of control around the world.
They admit this with top think tanks.
We're good to go.
So that as the midterms approach, in only 15 months, they will have the pretext yet again to have the fake millions of mail-in ballots.
And Biden, who's declared the climate emergency, and Biden, who's declared this COVID emergency, will be able to circumvent federal and state laws.
They believe, and stop the giant populist Republican landslide that every metric shows is about to happen.
That's why the New York Times is saying, what's wrong with illegal aliens voting?
Whoever said only citizens can vote?
That was the cover page two days ago.
So this is their move.
And then if you read in the two month old now new official U.S.
government policy on terrorism by Biden, it says questioning elections, questioning lockdowns is white supremism and white supremism equals terrorism.
He's now a subsidiary of that, officially taking orders from the United Nations.
Our medical policy is set by them.
Who can speak, who can talk, who can be online, whether the head of a university or a major scientist is up to them.
The point is, is this is not all approaching.
This is, this is here now.
And so Republicans need to understand that this is all about the final takedown of this country.
And this really is America and the world's last shot to fix this peacefully.
Because they're already coming aggressively with these dangerous, unapproved genetic engineering drugs is what they are.
They're already surveilling everybody.
They're already censoring everybody.
They're already setting up their contact tracing groups and their new medical inquisition army.
And so on a scale of 1 to 100, medical tyranny wise, this is a 100.
I mean, when they're on every channel saying, if you don't take these shots, you can't have a job, you can't keep your children, you can't go to the store and buy food, whether it's MSNBC, ABC, CNN, or the British leaders, or the French leaders, it's all the same.
This is the corrupt ruling class's pretext, their move to take control of all of society, and it's happening now.
And if people don't wake up to the full horror, there again is no hope of defeating it.
The psychology is very, very simple.
Give up your rights, take the injections, let us track everything you do, let us control your life, and the emergency will blow over like a bad storm, like a bad nightmare.
Oh, sorry, enough people didn't do what we said, and so now we've got to bring the control back.
Gee, we hate all this power and control we're getting.
We hate how the big tech companies have doubled and tripled profits, and how Walmart and Target have doubled.
We're good to go.
And I teach people that they just can't have vacations or fly on airplanes or have cars.
And the symbol of it is permanently wearing a mask.
And just like seatbelts became ubiquitous, you will submit and mask will never come off.
And I'm like, hey, look, they're admitting that's the plan.
They're admitting it's for carbon taxes.
Once they get the world ID, it's the Extinction Rebellion movement.
You know, that once the trains and the cars all have to stop, that's their brown shirts, their foot shoulders.
Are you kidding?
And we have to stop putting them up there like they're the moral authority lecturing us on how they're guardians of the earth.
It has nothing to do with guarding the earth.
It has everything to do with total, absolute power and control over every calorie, over every ounce of energy that all of us use, and the excuse and pretext to surveil what we do and what we use, and the capability to massively ration that.
This is a political, cultural, economic, spiritual revolution.
We're good to go.
Act of pittance that they're supposedly going to have to indulge this new church.
They will, of course, have to give over their culture, their mind, their bodies to the GMO big pharma cartels.
This is a permanent emergency that the planet is being put into, whereby increment we are taught to go under its control.
And it's interesting to notice whether it's the UK or Australia or the US, it's Communist Party members
Who are pushing this and supporting it.
This is not a communist conspiracy, but the globalists are using communist networks of authoritarianism to bring this in.
And they understand it's about social control.
And that just like the Bolsheviks took 10 years to get control of Russia starting in 1917, they are getting control of us the same way.
Just as Mao did as well, taking 20 years to get the farmers off the land so he controlled them.
This is unrestricted total warfare.
And again, the post-industrial world is not to just get control of everybody.
It is then to set up a world where it's impossible, via this controlled collapse, to have a family, to have children, and to have a meaningful life.
And that will force people more and more into compact cities and the whole VR, AI system of false reality.
And this is their plan.
That's how I know each step of what's going to happen, because it's all been stated by them, and that's what's so frustrating.
So we see the domesticated population like lambs to the slaughter, really believing that the social contract is still in place and that the system really cares about them and they're all just working together because we've been taught for generations that that's supposedly what's happening, but that's, that's not what's happening.
And we are now facing the globalist main move right now.
That's why it's up to all of us to raise the alarm about how criminal this system is and continue, like our lives depend on it, because they do, to expose how every facet and every face of this COVID-19 hysteria takeover has been a lie and a fraud from the very beginning.
Have you sat back and thought about how you were lied to?
Have you sat back and chronicled it, written it down, and then showed it to others?
Because these people have to be discredited.
And these people have to be sued and indicted and opposed.
And we're going to have to engage in civil disobedience that you already see around the world.
To bring this to a stop and shut down globalist events.
Because they've never paid the price for anything they've done to us.
They shut us down.
They declare us non-essential.
They wage war and siege upon us.
And then tell us, oh, the football games are over, the Olympics are over.
So we beg for those very events when it's those events that they own and control that we should boycott and shun and protest and block the highways to.
We have to realize their psychology.
We have to protest at their homes.
We have to protest their buildings.
We have to boycott their companies.
When we see a globalist, we have to get in their face, legally and lawfully.
Because these people are getting in our faces with poisonous injections they're trying to force us, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, to accept.
Think about how they run these headlines, cherry-picking on CNN and everywhere else, the Hill, every day, saying, oh, this man didn't believe in the shots, so he died of COVID.
And almost every time you check the local news, it has a different story that the man had underlying cancer, or the little boy already had heart problems, or the fact that they just said it was a COVID test, but it wasn't a COVID test.
We know all of that.
But then they suppress and they hide the VAERS reporting system they've now taken offline.
And they suppress people that
Post a video of the funeral of their 25-year-old daughter who was in total health and a nurse and took the second shot and died.
So never forget that, that they're suppressing treatments for normal viral infections and engaging in mass murder and telling people to have pneumonia, stay home till they die, then calling it COVID.
And refusing people medical treatment that have heart attacks and cancer in the last year and a half.
And all the hundreds of billions of dollars extra the insurance companies made by not rendering aid.
And now the new numbers out of Israel, out of all these other places, like Iceland, like Singapore, like Gibraltar, where they have up to 98% vaccination rates.
The countries I just listed, between 80 and 98, the countries vary.
Israel's 80, Singapore's 80, Gibraltar's 98, Iceland's over 90.
They all have the highest rates of death and illness in people with COVID.
Because it's not COVID, it's the spike protein, and that's all coming out of studies.
As they suppress what Texas doctors have discovered, that just aerosolized inhaled steroids has a 100% rate of recovery with COVID, if you get it early.
But again, most doctors are told you can't even prescribe that, because the UN said so.
This is a full attack against civilization, a full attack against knowledge.
This is a new dark age being imposed, where if you challenge the orthodoxy, you literally get put in an electronic gulag.
And now they have attorney generals put in power by Soros across the country, trying to arrest people that expose the COVID-19 fallacies and lies.
In Australia, they're passing laws.
In Europe, they're passing laws to put people in jail that even organize and protest or speak out against the lockdowns.
And that takes us full circle to Biden, two months ago issuing the new National Terrorism Directive, saying people that question lockdowns are terrorists.
Well, of course we knew new lockdowns were coming when they did that.
It had always been their plan.
They said it's a permanent emergency.
They tighten it down, loosen it up, tighten it down, loosen it up.
But each time they retighten, it just gets tighter.
And each time they loosen, it doesn't get as loose as it did the time before.
Successive approximation.
And of course, it's coming out in places like Massachusetts that the vast majority of people sick.
Are they vaccinated?
It's coming out everywhere.
So many stories a day.
And then the big one.
On a Don Salazar article about an FDA PowerPoint presentation they were giving to a state government.
And they had erased some slides they didn't want seen by the public.
But a digital copy got put in and they flash it on screen.
This is a year ago about what they knew the vaccine would do because they'd already pre-tested vaccines under other names for coronaviruses.
And there it was.
Heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, Guillain-Barre, narcolepsy, epilepsy, cancer, death.
It's all there.
Think about that long and hard.
And realize the premeditated evil of how these agencies knew this and did this.
And they said, my God, we're not going to give approval to this.
We're going to get the blame.
So instead, they said it has emergency approval.
And they tricked President Trump.
They were holding the economy hostage on to do warp speed.
And Trump has now committed himself to it.
And it's just a terrible thing.
And I hold Trump and I hold others responsible.
But I know that Trump did not consciously do this.
And now he's coming out saying you shouldn't be made to take the vaccine.
So that's a good thing.
He needs to be more vocal.
But with the globalists, it was all premeditated, all known, University of Texas, major government initiative, 2012, studying coronaviruses with the protein and the fact that it killed the rats with the blood clots just the same way.
It's killing humans and there it is in the FDA slideshow.
You understand?
So, it's up to you.
You can resist.
You can speak out.
You can say no.
You can go speak at your church.
You can call in to talk radio.
You can support InfoWars and Folks Who Are Telling the Truth.
But whatever you do,
Redouble your effort.
I want to commend all the listeners that are taking my show and taking these special reports and edit them however you want.
I don't care.
Just get them out to everybody.
Keep sharing them on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube, and show them to your school.
Show them to your employees.
Show them to your church.
Do it now, ladies and gentlemen.
You have to be the leaders in the world.
You have to be the change you want to see in the world, to quote Gandhi.
And you have to understand that things only get worse by submitting.
They're only going to get better.
By resisting and the message to the Republicans who are patriots of some of them, not all of them who are fighting back against this tyranny is to get even more hardcore, come out with the truth.
People are ready for the truth and understand that Biden is planning to have another lockdown that they ease up next summer that they bring back in in the winter and the fall to steal the election again and say, Hey, we did this last year too.
So we're not just doing this for the midterms in 2022.
We did 2021.
That's why they've got to bring the lockdown back.
You understand?
And also they're trying to cover up the fact that it's the vaccines making people sick, so they have to just continue pushing this thing.
Once you trigger something like this, they can only push harder or they're all gonna go to prison.
They're committed.
And so we better get committed.
So what's the big point?
What's the big thing?
What do we gotta get out to the Republicans?
That they're gonna have another lockdown to set the precedent to do it again next year.
And be able to say, hey, we didn't just do this for the election,
We've done it the last two years in a row.
And to then demonize the unvaccinated and say we've got to basically be arrested or put in emergency centers, which is already happening other parts of the world.
And which is the UN directive.
So this is very disturbing.
This is very dark.
This is very dangerous.
Until we wake up and say no to it.
Okay, God bless you all.
I'll be back Sunday, Lord willing.
Please pray for us.
4 to 6 p.m.
with a regular Sunday show.
Thank you.
God bless.
Now please take action.
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