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Name: 20210729_Thu_Alex
Air Date: July 29, 2021
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A caller on Infowars shares how Living Defense saved his life with antibiotics two years ago, and warns everyone about a new lockdown planned by globalists that will cause more suffering and death. He advises buying high-quality storable food from Infowarsstore.com before it's too late. The caller believes Americans are starting to see through the New World Order agenda and criticizes the media for portraying other countries as having better success with COVID vaccinations than America. He argues that the goal of globalists is depopulation, claiming that COVID vaccines reduce fertility and grow protein crystals in the body. Alex Jones discusses the dangers of specific vaccines and how the globalist agenda is becoming more apparent, mentioning attempts to hide adverse vaccine effects on VAERS website and Israel health ministry's tables, as well as Fauci-funded studies and people in power waking up to the truth about the globalist agenda. Jones encourages listeners to stay informed and support InfoWars in fighting against tyranny and deception.

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It's all psychology of submission.
It's all psychology of dominance to say, we're all sick.
We're all patients.
We're the virus.
And until the virus is under control, that's what the globalists call humanity.
That's what Klaus Schwab and Ted Turner call us.
And George Soros.
They all go to depopulation events with Bill Gates.
And they openly say, we're going to get the virus under control.
Every year they have films that get awards.
Where it's cartoons of like humans are a virus that take over the earth and invade the universe and must be exterminated.
So they talk about the virus, they're talking about you.
When CNN says we need to starve people to death and take their jobs and take their children, that's what Kathleen Sebelius said just last week.
Now Don Lemon's saying it.
Now Brian Williams is saying it.
All these people that are criminal liars.
Brian Williams saying he shot down in a helicopter, now he's the head fact checker at MSNBC News.
It's all a joke.
Again, it'd be like having Jeffrey Dahmer run a council against human cannibalism.
So that's where we are, and I'm sorry to have to tell people this.
The bigger question is, when are we going to get angry and shout them down and say they're a fraud?
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
The globalist COVID takeover is reaching new levels of insanity, and it's causing even the dumbest of the dumb, the most brainwashed of the brainwashed, and even Hollywood liberals to open their eyes and wonder, what the hell is going on?
You told me I was good for being vaccinated.
Now you're telling me I'm the reason for the spread?
You have doctors saying it's time to put kids on ventilators.
They gotta get those numbers up, especially in the kids, because, you know, the kids aren't at risk of COVID, so they gotta kill them somehow.
And now they're doing autopsies of COVID-vaccinated patient deaths, and they're finding spike proteins infesting every organ of the body, just like we told you and our great guests.
And now the VAERS website is so overwhelmed
With deadly reports from vaccinated people that it's currently offline.
Alex Jones is on the line with us right now.
Alex, it's hard to even ingest and digest all of this.
It's coming in so fast now.
Well, that's right.
Every time I try to take a work occasion, the most intense things happen.
I've been listening and watching to you and the other hosts.
You've been really doing a great job chronicling this.
But I've also just been glued to seeing what's happening
I don't think so.
I took the vaccine, and now you're saying, I'm a super spreader, screw you.
You said, I'm a hero.
I'm a hero.
So all these virtue stakeholders are finding out that this was all basically planned.
And what's incredible, Owen, is all the real testing was done by Fauci and by Bill Gates.
In literally thousands.
Now we know thousands of studies.
Hundreds of big ones.
Several directed by the U.S.
government itself as large initiatives.
Not just studies or projects.
Initiatives of the U.S.
You know, like the Manhattan Project was an initiative.
Fauci had an initiative from about 2005 right through to 2019 funding giant level 4 bioweapons research into vaccines that attack spike proteins.
He got all these studies
How it killed the rats and ferrets and other animals.
And then we have Peter Daszak, the leader of Fauci's project at the Wuhan lab, giving an interview in 2019, saying we got five of these viruses, we put them together from China and the U.S., out of Chapel Hill and Wuhan.
We put them together to create one mega vaccine for all of these viruses, even though there was no threat.
No one ever merged them.
And then we have the internal documents that in December,
Of 2019.
The orders went from Fauci saying, prepare the COVID vaccine.
It says it.
And so I sit here and I see all these medical doctors finally figuring this out.
All these scientists finally figuring it out.
And you're still having debates about whether it came out of Wuhan.
But that's all old news.
It's all open and shut.
It's all right there for everybody to see.
You have all the financial documents that people are now exposing with Bill Gates and these foundations saying, we're going to make the biggest profits ever off of this.
It's all a media driven thing.
Could I just make money?
That's how they get the hospitals and the systems to go along with the ventilators, murdering people for $53,000.
That's the incentive for the grassroots to go along with it, the investors.
But at the top, it's about eugenics, it's about world government, it's about world ID, it's about a social credit score.
And they now admit all that.
So this is a true war.
I'm sick to my stomach all the time now, because I have a responsibility to fight this, and I'm not planning anything violent.
I'm just saying, everybody's saying this now, these are violent people assaulting us.
It's going to come out, they're assaulting us.
And so, we have to understand, we need to war game this now, because we're tomorrow's this today.
They're going to stage false flags against themselves to make pro-vaxxers look like victims, and or launch a new war, and or a cyber attack on the bloke economy, and or a massive white supremacist attack they stage.
That's all the pre-programming in the media, so you know what's coming.
Like you said, excellent analogy.
Yesterday, for people that were obsessed with football, how, you know, when I was sitting there with my grandfather watching the Dallas Cowboys on Sundays, we didn't actually, you know, go to the game sometimes, as we're, you know, here in Dallas, Texas.
He would sit there and he'd go, okay, watch they're about to do this play because he played football at UT.
He was obsessed with football.
You know, it was roommates with Tom Landry, all that stuff.
He was obsessed with football.
He always knew the play that the teams were going to run.
Well, I didn't know that because I wasn't really into football.
I still watched it.
We know the damn plays.
It's the same thing.
And Alex on the road, but dialed in with us, Owen Troyer in studio here.
The Alex Jones Show is live on this Thursday, July 29th, 2021.
InfoWars still on air, thanks to God's grace and thanks to you supporting us at InfoWarsStore.com.
And boy, oh boy, is it a good thing InfoWars is on air to bring you all this news because
Even though I'm seeing some conservatives, and even though I'm seeing some other people involved in talk shows and television news and other things getting more hardcore, nobody still quite does it like InfoWars does.
A lot of these subjects of discussion, most people are still afraid to broach, but not here, ladies and gentlemen.
Not Alex Jones, not our crew, and so it's our honor to be here with you.
And Alex, as we said in the opening segment, there's really just so much
To digest right now.
I'm not even sure what the biggest thing is.
Is it doctors announcing they want to put kids on ventilators and blow their lungs out?
Is it the autopsies of the COVID deaths finding spike proteins all over their bodies like we said?
Is it the VAERS website being offline because of all the deaths being reported it was shut down?
Is it Pelosi threatening to arrest Republicans that don't want to wear a mask inside a Congress and now Republicans finally fighting back?
I mean took long enough.
I mean it's just all over the map right now Alex.
Well, it absolutely is.
And again, when we point out that InfoWars is the most accurate, the most hardcore, it's obvious we're in competition with all these other great shows and other great programs.
In fact, we want more of them.
We love Tucker Carlson.
You know, despite some of his problems, he does a great show of the same name as yours, Steve Bannon, The War Room.
I love all these people.
I love all these scientists.
I love all these doctors.
But behind the scenes, I talk to a lot of these people, these scientists particularly, and they'll go, you're the trailblazer.
You woke us up.
But you're just too controversial to even come on your show.
Which is fine, but it's actually great to be that radioactive black sheep that's so far out ahead of everybody that even though we've woken them up, we've got them engaged, we've got them informed, they can't dare touch, you know, that Zeitgeist.
And it's not about the credit.
I mean, even, you know, Steve Bannon a month ago gave his credit and said Alex Jones is a genius when it comes to understanding this stuff before it happens.
That's not what's going on.
I realize that I've got to say the things that are true from the Globalist on Admissions, despite the fact it's dangerous, and despite the fact that it's horrible, and despite the fact that it really sounds rude to say these type of things, but I'm sorry, reality is reality.
So let me just, since you mentioned that, here's what I'm going to do.
I know you've got a lot of clips and a lot of news, a lot of things to cover.
I'm going to be here with you until the bottom of the hour, and then I've got a bunch of clips and things I want to cover with you.
You've already mentioned quite a few of them, so go ahead and cover those now, but I'm going to come back at the bottom.
But the next hour and just go over all of this, but this is some of the things I have here.
I have 10 different clips, and I haven't sent all of them to the crew yet, so that's why I'm not ready.
I've already sent them a couple of them.
I'm sure going in they probably already have most of what I'm about to ask for.
But I have 10 clips, 10 clips that I saw just yesterday and this morning of MSNBC, CNN, ABC News, congressional hearings, NPR, everything saying
Don't let them have jobs.
Don't let them go to the grocery store.
Don't let them have food.
Take their children from them.
Deny them medical care.
This is being said by members of Congress.
So you talk about siege.
You talk about violence.
You pay into the system.
You pay your taxes.
You live your life.
You pay for insurance.
The last year and a half, they'll tell you it's not essential.
So you can't get all these, you know, things taken care of that you pay for.
They steal all that money.
And then they hold us hostage.
And they say to the world,
Your kids are gonna wear masks forever.
CNN says we want her to be permanent.
This is a cult takeover.
And their talking points are what they really intend to do.
Now we have Don Lemon, again, just one of the clips that I had time to send you guys, we'll play it here in a moment, saying that I don't want people to be able to eat.
I don't want people to have a job.
He means he wants you to starve to death.
So that's the violence of CNN, of this cult.
They don't just want to censor you now.
They don't want to just get rid of your country.
They don't want you to just dissolve your borders and pay for a third world invasion, people they control.
Now they come out in the open and say, this is about you not being able to get food or live or have a house or your children, which is the end game once they get this world ID, medical ID, social credit score system in their own words.
If you don't do what we say, you can't leave one half foot outside your house.
Or have food, we're going to starve you to death.
So now CNN is literally saying, we're coming to force inject you, we're going to take your food away, we're going to take your children away.
This is W-A-R.
These are globalists.
They are conquering us.
This is premeditated.
They knew the spike proteins were going to make millions sick and die.
They knew in all the studies.
The whole thing is a plan.
So people say it makes no sense.
It's confusing.
They flip-flop.
They lie every day.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's because they're following a war script.
This is unconventional, unrestricted warfare.
This is the takedown of the world.
Tens of millions are now starving to death on top of already died.
The UN is organizing a third world that collapses to invade us.
So I've got hundreds of important points, but
That's the central fact.
It's their play.
Klaus Schwab has written four books that are the playbook of the fourth industrial revolution on this whole situation with COVID-19 and the Great Reset.
This is their plan.
They're laughing at us.
They think we're stupid because we're so naive.
And then I see all these people out there that are totally confused because I'm a hero.
I took the shot and now I'm sicker.
Now I'm a super spreader.
Now I'm worse than people that don't take it.
Yes, because you're the compliant group.
So the fact that you keep submitting means the pimp keeps breaking your arm and putting cigarettes out on you.
Submission is what?
Resistance is what?
So the first thing I want to play for TV viewers is last night.
Biden goes to a huge gala with over a thousand Democrat fundraisers in it.
Over a thousand Democrat Party contributors.
And he glad hands and shakes their hands and breathes in their face, which is totally normal and what you should be able to do.
But this is after they announce the day after everybody's got to wear a mask again or we're all dead.
Again, they don't even care.
There's not even a pretense of any of this going on because they've captured
We're good to go.
People sick with the flu and sick with COVID.
COVID's a real thing, folks.
And other things to the nursing homes while they lock the families out so they can then say, oh, you've got a cough.
We're going to intubate you and kill you with a ventilator.
I've got huge developments on ventilators coming up next segment.
I'm glad Owen raised that because I have unbelievable information.
But here is Don Lemon declaring war on America, war on the world, war on those that don't take an experimental shot, unauthorized, that is a gene therapy.
I don't know, I'm sure a lot of people are not going to agree with this, but don't get the vaccine, you can't go to the supermarket.
Don't have the vaccine, you can't go to the ballgame.
Don't have the vaccine, can't go to work.
You don't have a vaccine?
Can't come here.
No shirt, no shoes, no service.
That's where I think we should be right now.
Because we continue to waste our breath on people who are just not going to change.
They're, you know, circular logic.
They just keep going back and saying, well, it's my freedom.
It's whatever.
I'm free.
Well, your kid's not free to give other kids meningitis in schools.
You gotta take a vaccine to do that.
You gotta take vaccines in order to be employed.
So, what is the big deal?
And all these people were saying, I don't want to put this stuff in my body.
Oh yeah, that's enough of Don Lemon.
So remember folks, everything that Don Lemon says is an inversion, once they get you with the medical ID, that's even bigger than the injections.
Now they can actually turn it off so you can't get in the grocery store or get in your car or go to a job.
That's the social credit score.
That's the world ID.
Klaus Schwab admits that's the endgame.
And they now admit this is really a world ID in Europe, in the UK, in Australia.
So he's trying to get the chains on you, just like a kidnapper wants to put handcuffs on you and put a gag in your mouth before he puts you in the back of the van to take you to the torture dungeon.
So Don Lemon's like, just put the ball gag in.
And look, it's Google.
It's Facebook.
It's all the Fortune 100 that are first implementing no injection, no job.
Of course, they're all not.
They're going to give each other waivers on that.
But just like they executed the lockdowns first a year and a half ago, they're all leading this.
So, Owen Schroer, quite the declaration of war we just saw.
And that talking point isn't just what Macron said two weeks ago.
And then just to come out and say on his show on live TV, just declare Americans aren't free anymore.
Wow, what a bold statement.
Being so confused as Michael Rapoport is now, that you really thought you were a hero, you really thought you were a winner, you really believed all the mainstream media propaganda, you took your vaccine, you probably had a little adverse reaction, maybe your arm went numb, maybe you were in bed for a couple days, but you know what?
You were told you would be a hero and you stopped a pandemic that you fell for.
And then it comes out that actually the vaccinated people are the ones getting sick, the vaccinated people are the ones now spreading the disease, and the vaccinated people are the ones creating the mutations of the disease.
And I've got stories from all across the world.
Every country where they're hospitalizing COVID patients again, the majority of them are vaccinated.
But hey!
Listen to CNN.
Listen to the Democrat Party.
They'll tell you, you don't have freedom anymore.
Yeah, the vaccine doesn't work.
Yeah, the mask doesn't work.
Doesn't matter.
You're our slave now, and we want you to die unless you take this vaccine.
I mean, Alex, the messaging here is now so aggressive, it's almost unbelievable.
It's almost unbelievable that they've become so aggressive with their messaging that they think it'll work to just say, yeah.
You're not free anymore.
You must take this vaccine.
You're all slaves to Big Pharma.
You're going to do exactly what we tell you.
There's no such thing as freedom anymore.
Freedom is now bad, according to CNN.
And that's because we're at war.
These are groups that have signed on and incrementally engaged in lying, engaged in censorship, and engaged in deception.
Remember, the last year and a half, the big five tech companies
Have aggressively suppressed tens of thousands of prominent doctors, scientists, members of Congress, presidents, you name it.
And remember, 23andMe, it's now being confirmed.
Folks are sending in dog saliva, cat saliva.
They're sending in juice out of lawn grass.
They're sending in lizard saliva.
And 23andMe is coming back as human.
It's all a fraud.
23andMe is similar to a PCR test.
The Theranos company ran their own similar system.
It was a total fraud.
Bill Gates was heavily involved in that.
Now he and
Of course, the guy that's always involved in everything, Abel George Soros, are buying up all the major companies that are doing testing that are suddenly now authorized.
And it's just PCR by another name.
And then we have the blood testing done by top scientists around the world, the D-dyers.
It's an old-fashioned test, works great.
And almost everyone that takes the vaccines that are really, again, deadly poison, now have D-dyer, highly positive, meaning blood clots, all over the body.
And here's the bad news.
Those are prion crystals, folks.
They're now growing in you.
And it's funny.
I've been talking to a lot of doctors and scientists about research.
This stuff is definitely shedding.
It's definitely getting people.
I'm going to break that down at the bottom of the next hour.
But definitely, this is what women already noticed eight months ago when it started, or a year ago when it started in the UK, I guess, ten months ago, was that a lady's daughter would get it, and then the mother would get sick, or a lady's husband would get it, and then she would get sick.
And now you see this everywhere.
Now they confirm, oh yeah, it's shedding new mutant viruses that are actually real onto you, turning the humans into these factories of death and assaulting us.
And then you look at
Michael Rappaport has viciously attacked me, viciously attacked anybody that questions these so-called vaccines, and now I've seen his clips all the time.
He looks 20 years older.
He's got a big sore on his mouth.
He looks like he's dying.
He looks like Eric Clapton.
Eric Clapton looked 20 years older after he got the shot and almost killed him.
He says it's definitely a bioweapon.
At least he'll come out now and try to warn people to do the right thing.
So that's what we're at.
So here's John Rappaport.
Literally, finally being genuine for the first time, he's actually listenable, saying, hey, I'm supposedly the hero here, screw you, get this straight.
See, he believes the social contract is still in place.
He believes that the system actually wants to help it.
He doesn't know it's ruthless megacorporations who don't just want money, they want to set the precedent to depopulate us.
And you got to finally do it.
When you launch a war, you got to finally launch it.
Folks, they're out of beta.
They're operational.
Klaus Schwab is dead.
It is never going back to normal.
We are depopulating it.
It's for Earth.
They're on record.
They're telling you, I'm sorry I'm right.
I don't want to be right.
But unless we have a full awakening to the assault, it's over.
Now we're just going to normalize that, OK, it's like I said a year ago, oh, a new variant is what's killing everyone.
Oh, you won't take the shot to the new variant.
And then they think we're too dumb to notice it.
Everybody dying in the hospital is people that had the shots.
And then Fauci runs around lying.
Saying 99% of those dying haven't had the vaccine.
That's because they used the data from the beginning of February 2020 to the beginning of February 2021 with only one month of U.S.
And then they didn't ask vaccinated and didn't test vaccinated when they died for COVID.
So it's on record.
It's come out in Congress that that's a fraud number, folks.
Again, lying to you.
The PCR test, total fraud by design, saying 99% dying of another shot, total lie.
But now, because there's still regular medical doctors and still regular scientists that are doing tests at the hospitals that are real, they're saying, no, most of the people dying had the vaccine, but they're going, oh, it's the Delta, the Delta variant.
No, ladies and gentlemen, it's a spike.
I, uh, I just watched
Tony Fauci and CNN and Fox tell me that people with the vaccine, vaccinated people, are now spreading the coronavirus.
A couple of weeks ago, a couple of days ago, I was a, yes, I'm vaccinated, yay, a little sticker, yay, I'm vaccinated.
Be a hero, be vaccinated.
I went from being a hero because I'm vaccinated, and now you motherf***ers are calling me a super spreader?
I ain't no f***ing super spreader.
Figure this s*** out.
So there you go.
Oh, hey, Mr. Rappaport, they did figure it out.
It's called Operation Lockstep.
It's called Crimson Contagion.
It's a plan for world government and a controlled collapse of civilization, the post-industrial world, and you and your family's death, Mr. Rappaport.
I love you, Mr. Rappaport.
I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
If we can wake you up, we can save the world.
He is patient zero for people under my control, Owen.
And I want to reach out to Mr. Rappaport.
I think so.
Because I don't think he's a bad guy.
I think he really believes the BS of the system's good.
And that's why he hates me.
He thinks I'm a monster.
And I get why he thinks I'm a monster.
Because I'm telling you what monsters are doing.
And I don't like what they're doing.
But I've got to tell people the truth so he can beat them.
Do you understand that, Mr. Rappaport?
So I'll give him $100,000, his charity of his choice, buy him first class in Austin, Texas.
Or I'll go see his ass in New York.
Or Boston, or wherever he lives.
I will bring him the information.
I'll bring him medical doctors.
I will sit him down.
I want $5 in Rappaport.
And then I want to ask you, will you please try to save people?
Or has Rappaport taken money to take the vaccine?
I'm not saying he's done that.
They've reached out to hundreds of thousands of paid-off influencers to do it.
They paid out billions of dollars to influencers.
I'm just saying, do you have a soul, Mr. Rappaport?
Owen, what do you think about that?
Well, like you said, if you can have a sea change from even the most brainwashed of the brainwashed, then maybe there is hope for us to save this country.
You know, I've got to say, perhaps the most incredible part of all of this, and I'm not even sure how to properly lay this out because I was thinking about it all night.
Folks, you have to understand, when they run their January 6th hearing the other day, they know everything they're saying is a lie.
They don't believe what they're saying.
They know it.
They know it's all a lie.
When they run their fake pandemic, they all know it's a lie.
That's part of the propaganda.
That's part of the psychological warfare, is to gaslight you, tell you 2 plus 2 equals 5, and then have you so confused
You don't even know what you're dealing with.
You're like, how am I dealing with such liars?
And then you fight back against those lies, not even realizing that the lie is the propaganda.
They know they're lying about it.
They always knew they were lying about it.
That's part of the psychological warfare that we are enduring here.
I just can't even believe, I guess people are finally waking up to it, but I can't even believe that we're still dealing with a nation of people where millions of Americans are still falling for the lies that they tell every day, and they're laughing behind the scenes after all the big lies they tell, thinking, ha, we've tricked the American people again.
Oh, and what you just said is everything.
People say, why do they change their tune every day?
Why are they destroying confidence?
Why are they lying?
Why are they not wearing masks and saying we have to?
Why are they saying now people that are vaccinated are super spreaders, which is actually true?
Because it was always planned and they want to destroy confidence in the regular local economy.
So we close our businesses and never reopen.
And then they have all the fiat currency and can take over everything and then dictate to us how to live our lives.
They keep third-world countries, the IMF, the World Bank, they do it to their own documents.
Or, on purpose, to control the people and dumb them down.
And that is the process now happening in America for the last 60 years.
And it's in the Carnegie Endowment, the Ford Endowment, the Rockefeller Endowment.
They all admit they had to take us from the most knowledgeable, the most literate, the most incredible people in the world, who are self-educated.
Try to read a newspaper from 200 years ago, I can't even read it.
From 100 years ago, it's amazingly written.
You read it today, it's like a five-year-old wrote it.
They have put in garbage into the computer to dumb us down.
We know that.
And then now they're in the final process of flooding us with deadly prescription drugs and illegal drugs and alcohol and deadly culture and pedophilia.
And they are just bombing the culture with this.
But we have to say, wait a minute, what's the antidote?
It's loving God.
It's being strong.
It's not caring what they say about us.
It's about educating others.
And it's about every place you can,
Supporting local businesses.
Supporting independent media.
Supporting real local churches.
They're in a real local church?
You're a businessman.
You're a businesswoman.
You've got the Holy Spirit.
You've been reading the Bible your whole life.
You know this is satanic.
Go rent a local warehouse, put a sign on it, say it's the People's Church, and get up there and start leading.
Just because they've taken over 95% of the churches and all they care about is 501c3 and money, that doesn't matter.
I mean, look, everybody knows I'm a preacher, and I didn't go to a seminary, and I don't claim to be all holy, and I don't claim to have all the answers, and if you go back to the Bible, most of God's real prophets
We're like killers and people and badasses and really tough people.
I mean, Moses like killed people.
I mean, look at the other people like John the Baptist.
I mean, he was meaner than hell.
He certainly was using a lot of cuss words.
I'm saying, when things get bad, it's not going to be these candy-ass preachers that are going to save us, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got to get up there and say, this is Satan taking over, and if people don't get the Holy Spirit in them and start saying no to this, we're going to lose this thing.
And look, we're going to go through the process.
They're going to bring in world government.
They're going to tell us we can't buy and sell.
They're going to put us in camps.
It's our job now.
It'll probably take them five years to get to that, in my estimation.
Maybe we'll get a reprieve like none of that it's 50 years or 100 years, because the Bible is a mirror of everything that happens over and over again.
And it's a blueprint of how to understand this, and I'm not trying to scare people.
Submitting to this will get you killed the quickest.
They're showing you that.
Taking their shots, they will then target you because they know that you're under their thumb and you've taken their mark.
You literally lose God's protection when you submit to them, okay?
And so understand, those of us that actually resist them will end up having our own communities in our own areas.
And then the enemy is going to march on us with the military at a certain point and kill us.
But that's what's going to happen.
But that example is going to cause the biggest revival the world's ever seen.
And the Antichrist is going to kill one-fourth of the planet.
And he's not going to be loved anymore, folks.
And then China is going to end up... There's going to be a giant war, and there's going to be a nuclear war, folks.
Okay, this is Satan.
This is real, okay?
And I'm just saying you got to get ready.
Your candy-ass churches don't want you to know that.
They want you to go in there
It's like a rock concert.
We all feel good, and we're the good guys, and everything's fine, and oh, show your COVID pass to get in the church.
Those aren't churches.
Those are devil dents.
Again, I'm not up here on some high horse telling you that I'm perfect and I've got everything, and you better do what I say.
I'm just telling you better you're right with God, and you better understand this is a satanic, one-world government takeover.
Now, just during the break, one of the producers, Matt, said, are you serious about John Rappaport?
And paying him $100,000 to come to town.
And I'm one trillion percent serious.
I don't have a bunch of extra money.
I'm selling my house to get money to run the operation.
But $100,000 like that, if he did it, would become a huge internet story.
It would save millions of people.
Just for folks to see somebody like him wake up and to have him come and be on air.
And have us show him the facts and explain to him.
And if we could get somebody like that, not for $100,000, that's going to charity just for him to come.
If you can get somebody like that on air to finally have the blinders come off, it can cause a chain reaction.
So that $100,000 will be worth $50 million in advertising to the world and everybody else.
That's just one small example.
If I had more money, Money Talks, BS Walks, I could do all sorts of stuff like that on a daily basis.
We've got so many great submissions.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The percentage we get is not that big, because there's not much profit in it, because they sell it at such a low price.
We have to sell a ton of food to fund our operation.
That's okay, because people need high-quality, storable food, so they're not dependent on the system.
That's just one of the checkboxes that you've got to check off.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That has allowed us to launch several covert projects that you see on the news and that are having a big effect, but because of how we've been attacked, we have our public operations, then we have our stealth operations, but the enemy have been trying to penetrate, but that's okay, they haven't done it.
And so by the time they get me, we'll already have 10 other projects going, and we've already got a lot of them launched.
Again, I need as much capital as possible in this war, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a life-and-death situation.
I'm not doing this to play games.
I'm not doing this to, uh, you know, to kill for myself.
The bigger I get, the more the crosshairs are on me, the more I am set to be destroyed.
But that's okay, because we're all going to be destroyed physically in this.
We're all going to die.
What matters is our spirit.
Guard your spirit.
Don't fear who can kill your body.
Fear who can kill your soul.
And just do not go with the devil, ladies and gentlemen.
So I want to thank him for the great job he's doing.
We've got so many clips and so much we're going to do at the bottom of the next hour.
I'll be back with you all.
And again, I just want to thank you all for your prayers and your action.
We've all been totally vindicated.
This is totally insane.
But the big question I'll leave you with is, as I said a year ago, when the vaccines start killing people, when the prions start growing, when they claim it's a variant, everything I told you exactly has come true, then they're going to launch something even bigger to cover up this phase.
I don't know what that's gonna be, but it's gonna be bad.
And that's why I start stuttering on air because I'm just talking so fast because I'm so upset in my spirit.
I mean, my spirit is telling me, emergency, emergency.
Every day I feel like it'd be our last show, folks.
Okay, I mean, I don't know, you can all feel it too.
We are in grave danger.
We are in grave danger.
They're murdering our countrymen.
They're slaughtering the world.
They're starving everyone to death.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm gonna get into this stack of news now.
And we've got all kinds of video clips coming up as well.
Some stunning developments.
Well, I guess not so stunning.
They're stunning.
When you realize that, wow, a lot of these mainline leftist liberals that promote the LGBTQ plus movement and, you know, they like to dye their hair and everything and wear the BLM shirts.
Yet another one turns out to be a pedophile.
But we'll have that coming up later.
Let me just pile drive through this stack of news here with all the latest updates when it comes to COVID and the vaccines and where this tyranny is heading now.
And again, I could do this all day long.
We've been doing it all week.
I'm sure this trend is not going to stop.
This is from the Washington Post covering coronavirus outbreak in Singapore.
The Singapore Ministry of Health recently found that three-fourths of coronavirus cases in the past four weeks were people who were fully or partially vaccinated.
And there you go.
But remember, Fauci said, if you get vaccinated, you're not going to get COVID, you're going to be fine.
Joe Biden says, the vaccines are 100% effective, you're not going to get COVID if you get them.
They lied.
Because that's what liars do.
And then some journalists are confused about what's going on in Sweden, like Josh Steinle.
How is Sweden going on two weeks of zero COVID deaths despite an only 37% vaccination rate and the lowest mass compliance on the continent, while the U.S.
is now discouraging travel to Israel because of COVID when they had one of the strictest vaccination policies in the world?
Because the mask spreads disease, weakens your immune system, and because the vaccine spreads disease and weakens your immune system.
It's by design, it's a biological weapon, you're getting hit with right now.
So it's really not a mystery, but I suppose for those who don't want to live in reality, it is a mystery.
No, that's the case.
The vaccine and the masks are essentially working as bioweapons.
That's why places that wear masks and take the vaccines have the biggest outbreaks.
In Texas, they now want to put kids on ventilators that test positive for COVID because, you see, that age group right now is having no COVID problems at all.
They have never had COVID problems.
Demonic individuals know that they have to get those numbers up of COVID deaths in the youth so that then they can justify forced vaccinations on the youth as well, where there has been a major standoff.
So you figure, ah, put the kids on the ventilators, blow their lungs out, murder them.
Now you'll have some COVID deaths in the kids, just like they did last year with the elderly.
And in Europe, they have just released autopsy results of people who died from the COVID vaccine and they found every organ of the body infested with spike proteins.
Once again, that's what it's designed to do.
The VAERS website is currently offline as the numbers of vaccine-related deaths are skyrocketing.
It's off the charts.
I mean, boy oh boy, you wish the stock market looked like this if you were in that, but no, no, this is the vaccine death chart.
And again, I went out on the streets of Austin with this exact chart, what was that, maybe two weekends ago, and the number was just at 10,000 then, now it's encroaching 12,000.
And the website is so overwhelmed with people filing their adverse reactions and the deaths from the vaccines that now the website is offline as of this morning.
Now, I will say this before I get into the rest of this news here.
According to the Google COVID-19 vaccine numbers, and I'm not saying you have to believe this, but I'm sure it's somewhat accurate.
They claim that 49% of the U.S.
population has been fully vaccinated.
Now, think about that for a second.
Considering all the propaganda that we've seen around the clock, the fear-mongering from COVID, all of the punishments,
That they'll have for you if you don't get the vaccine and trying to withhold freedom from you if you don't get the vaccine, all the promotion of the vaccine and everything.
And we only have 50% vaccinated.
You know, I think that that's a very telling number.
And maybe that should give us hope that half of America is not totally brainwashed and propagandized into complete delusionment.
And half of America knows better than to trust Big Pharma and trust our government.
But, on the flip side, you're thinking, wow, they just ran this propaganda, this psychological warfare, and they just injected half of our country with a potentially deadly vaccine that's still not approved by the FDA.
So, you can look at it both ways, but I think it really shows the dichotomy and the polarization of everything right now, and America just split in half with it.
But hey, half of the country didn't buy the propaganda.
Half of the country didn't fall for the BS.
Half of the country...
Is still thinking for themselves.
And so maybe that's a good sign.
And when you have people like Michael Rapoport coming out and saying, hey, I thought I was good for getting the vaccine.
Now I'm a super spreader.
Maybe this can be a big moment of awakening.
Problem is you can't take the vaccine out of you once it gets in.
That's the big crime.
Google and Facebook announced mandatory vaccines for employees.
That's against the Nuremberg Code.
They should all be sued.
And arrested and tried, just like Biden saying the federal government employees need to get vaccinated, just like the state of California saying that the state employees need to get vaccinated.
It's all in violation of the Nuremberg Code.
And every person mandating this experimental vaccine needs to be tried in court.
And if found guilty of violation of the Nuremberg Code, the punishment is death.
So I don't know if we still believe that or not, but that is the case.
And how convenient is this?
So again, they wanted to have at least 80% of the population vaccinated by now.
They're not getting anywhere near those numbers.
This is frustrating for them.
Big Pharma, that is.
And it's Stooges.
FDA extends shelf life of Johnson & Johnson vaccine to six months after states remain flooded with millions of nearly expired doses.
How illegal is that?
So it's already a crime to force somebody to take this experimental vaccine.
But now they just say, actually, we're just going to extend the expiration date.
So again, it shows you they're not getting the vaccine rate that they want, but they just say, so as the vaccines are about to expire, they just say, hey, you know what?
No, we're just going to extend the expiration date now.
Not for any scientific reason or health reason or anything like that, but because they haven't gotten rid of them yet, so they're just going to say, yeah, we're extending them.
I mean, can you imagine if a grocery store had
A bunch of cartons of milk that were about to expire and they just said, well, we're just going to extend that expiration date.
And they just took a little sharpie and wrote through the expiration date and then said, uh, actually this milk expires next, next month.
And then they sold a bunch of milk to people and a bunch of people got sick and it was, you know, it was curdled or whatever.
Well, that would be a crime.
You wouldn't be able to get away with that.
People would be arrested for that.
But the vaccine manufacturers, they can do whatever they want.
So, that's nice.
That's nice.
Representative Andy Biggs, you gotta like this.
The CDC has lost its credibility and is now just a joke.
Well, he got that right.
Minnesota woman and Christian missionary, who took the vaccine so she could go to Christian missionary work, has legs amputated after taking Pfizer jab, and the doctors told her it was a bad reaction from the vaccine, and now they're probably also going to have to amputate her hands.
So, uh, that's the nice Pfizer vaccine.
Causes her legs and arms to fall off.
You got to like that.
That's good.
Good job, Pfizer.
Way to go.
And, uh, hey, I mean, she's lucky at least she survived it.
Leaked documents.
Nations contractually obligated to defend and hold harmless Pfizer against any lawsuits.
And we have the leaked documents.
They're featured at InfoWars.com.
The story's from Kellan McBreen.
And so again, oh, they just extend the shelf life on their expired vaccines, and oh, you can't sue them or take them to court.
They have secret vaccine courts.
And now it comes out that they are so diabolical, these vaccine manufacturers, and they know what they're doing is what this proves.
They knew how deadly these vaccines were, and they're so diabolical that they put it in the contracts.
They put it in the contracts.
That they can't be sued when there's all the negative side effects and the Guillain-Barre and the death and everything else.
They put it in their contracts.
That's because they knew it was coming, folks.
That's totally illegal.
You can't do that.
You can't say, I'm giving you this vaccine and it may kill you, but you can't sue me if it does.
You know, this image right here, I think sums it up.
And this is just kind of a different thread of the same energy.
The same frequency of the Michael Rapoport video, who's, you know, big Trump hater, big establishment hack.
And then he comes out and realizes that he's been duped.
He's been deceived by the vaccine pushers.
And you have this image here of these nurses that were fired from their jobs because they didn't want to take the experimental deadly vaccine.
And so here they are standing outside where they used to work with their signs.
One says, last year's heroes, this year's unemployed.
The other one's sign says, we worked through the pandemic with no vaccine, now they want to fire us.
And so here's the lesson to be learned from this, and there's no mystery here, but any sort of oppressor or criminal or somebody who takes advantage of you will always tell you how much they love you and pat you on the head as long as you're part of their convenience and a part of their agenda.
But as soon as you're not, they throw you to the side and you ain't worth a dang.
And so that's what sadly Michael Rapoport is learning.
Like, hey, I shilled for the establishment.
Hey, I went after Trump.
Hey, I took the vaccine.
Now you're telling me I'm the super spreader?
Yeah, bro, that's the whole point.
That's what tyrants do.
That's what abusers do.
You've been abused, bro.
And so it's the same story with these nurses.
They're like, hey, we were the heroes last year.
Remember us?
Remember us, the frontline workers?
Remember us, the nurses?
You said we were the greatest of all time?
Oh, but now we don't want to take a vaccine and we're worthless to you, huh?
Yeah, that's how it works.
This is all a diabolical agenda.
And as soon as the establishment loses use for you, they throw you aside into the garbage heap.
They don't care about you.
The establishment doesn't love you.
They hate you.
They use you.
So I wanted to show that because that's exactly the example right there, illustrated with those two nurses or even Michael Rapoport.
Yeah, the establishment pretends to love you until it's exhausted its use for you, then it casts you aside to die.
Here's Meghan McCain responding to, you know, because again, she's a big establishment hack.
And so, again, she's confused.
She's like, what?
I was promoting the vaccine.
I was telling people how good the vaccine is.
Now I find out the vaccine is killing people?
And it's not even effective against COVID?
And it's actually making it worse?
So she tweets this out.
Vaccinated people are spreading this more than the unvaccinated now?
Oh, but see, Meghan McCain is a real true establishment hack, just like her father, so she deleted that tweet.
But, we have the receipts, Meghan.
I mean, for one second, Meghan McCain was a good person, but she wanted to erase that one second from history.
Here's another example.
Yeah, you think you have a free country.
Louis County votes 5-2 to rescind mask order, and then a county executive rejects the vote and says the mandates stay in place.
Stories at Infowars.com from Adan Salazar.
Oh, oh, you voted to be free?
You think you live in a democracy?
Not so fast.
Sure, if you vote your way into slavery.
Sure, if you vote for what we want you to vote for, then you can have a democracy.
But as soon as you vote the way we don't like you, nope.
No vote for you.
And this just shows how the mask mandates are just totally unpopular.
And when you boil it down to just counties or cities or people that actually want to live free, they'll always vote against it.
But then the county executive comes in or, you know, big tech comes in and censors it or something.
And then you're like, what?
We voted against the mask mandate!
And you say, oh no, no, no.
No, no, no.
You don't get a vote.
And now Nancy Pelosi is threatening to arrest Republicans who don't wear a mask in the Capitol.
I'm not even kidding.
She released this bulletin today.
Wearing a mask mandatory at all times.
And she says you will be subject to arrest if you don't.
Thomas Massie responds, this is insane.
Might as well come into my office and arrest my entire staff.
We are not wearing masks.
Well, this is about to get interesting, isn't it?
Alright, I want to show you an example here of the absolute state of the left in this country and the Democrat in this country, where
Again, you just have to understand, they know they're lying, they know they're deceiving, they know they're evil people.
These are demons.
These are damn demons we're dealing with.
These are liars and criminals and demons.
Eric Swalwell is a demon.
He is a damn demon.
And so, I want to use this as an example of the absolute state of the Democrat Party and their voters right now, just to show you how demonic they are.
But they don't even live in reality, folks.
Here's a statement from Eric Swalwell.
Yeah, there's a demon right there.
Nancy Pelosi.
There's one of the top demons.
One of the biggest demons in American history, Nancy Pelosi.
The devil lives inside her.
So, here's a statement from Eric Swalwell.
And whenever Eric Swalwell tells you that you have to believe something, you know it's a lie.
This must be made clear and cemented as the ground truth.
Okay, so right there you already know it's a total lie.
It's total deception.
The officer who defended hundreds of people from Ashley Babbitt and the armed mob.
No arms.
No, there was no armed mob.
They didn't have any weapons, so that's a lie.
They did an investigation, so Swalwell caught lying about that.
And what hundreds of people?
What hundreds of people were defended by the officer that killed Ashley Babbitt?
What hundreds of people, Eric?
Just can't stop lying, can you?
The officer who defended hundreds of people from Ashley Babbitt, who had no weapon, and the armed mob, who had no arms, behind her is an American hero.
So when police officers kill people in the United States, and you can make a big fuss of it in the media, and then...
Make riots happen across the nation, killing even dozens of more people, hospitalizing thousands of police, and causing billions of dollars of property damage.
Those cops are bad, but when the cop murders a conservative Trump supporter, then the cop is good.
Got it.
Glad to know where Eric Swalwell stands on the issue.
And then he says, don't take his word for it.
Oh, believe me, we won't.
We know you're a liar.
The DOJ investigated and justified his actions.
I didn't see those investigations.
I'm not doubting that they happened.
They obviously did.
But it was a sham.
It was a cover-up.
Everybody knows it.
I think we know what Eric Swalwell's into, folks.
Let's just... I think we know how they got Eric Swalwell.
And we'll just leave it at that.
My family is grateful for his bravery.
So again, cops are bad whenever they want the cops to be bad, and whenever they can foment riots and hatred, but cops are good when the cops murder their political opposition.
That's where Eric Swalwell stands on the issue.
Good to know, Eric.
Glad to know where you stand on the issue.
Thank you for coming out and once again proving you're an absolute demonic, bold-faced liar.
But here's some of the responses to his statement.
Sean Dorkin, this is a guy who goes on MSNBC and constantly lies, lies about Trump, lies about America, wants you dead and enslaved.
And he responds, he says, the mob wasn't there to give hugs and kisses.
They were there to kill.
Anyone saying differently is a liar and an accomplice.
So here's Sean Dorkin, who goes on MSNBC, another demon possessed devil.
And, but I would ask Scott this, Scott Dorkin, if they were there to kill, why didn't they kill anyone?
If they were there to kill, why didn't they kill anyone?
And then of course they would tell you the big lie that they killed Brian Sicknick, but he was admitted to a hospital days later because of a stroke.
And of course it turned out the fire extinguisher story that they all ran with was a complete lie.
Just like everything else that they do is a lie.
So now we know Eric Swalwell is a demonic liar.
And we know Scott Dorkin is a demonic liar.
And then there's this.
So those are the leaders, those are the demonic leaders of this big lie.
Scott Dorkin, who goes on TV, he's a demonic liar.
Eric Swalwell, who sits in Congress, he's a demonic liar.
And, you know, they're both probably into very sordid activities with minors too, but we'll just leave it at that.
But so here is the people that they deceive.
Listen to this, now again,
Who knows what's really going on with all these bots and stuff on Twitter?
Who knows if any of these people are even real?
And then we see how they put out their propaganda with tens of thousands of Twitter bots putting out the exact same tweets just to force a narrative home.
But listen to this response, another one, this is just some leftist on Twitter responding.
Ashley Babbitt was driven mad by Q. She was running in circles shrieking when the gun warning was called out multiple times.
Seriously, these people don't live in reality, folks.
There's video of the whole thing.
There was no warning of a gun shot.
There was no warning.
Ashley Babbitt wasn't running in circles, shrieking.
Where do these people come up with this stuff?
Where do these people come up with this stuff?
They just make it up, that's all.
Because that's what they see their leaders doing.
They see their leaders telling lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie.
So they just figure, hey, I'll just lie.
I'll just make something up and lie.
It's par for the course.
Yeah, here's the video of Ashley Babbitt, according to this lying liberal, probably also possessed by the devil, running around in circles, shrieking.
No, that never happened.
Just another lie from the left.
Only God can save us from these demons.
These demons are not going to go away.
These demons are not going to stop trying to enslave you.
These demons are not going to stop trying to deceive you.
These demons are not going to stop lying to you.
They're not going to stop.
They should be arrested, but we don't have the will to do that yet in this country, sadly.
So they just continue to lie.
Just like the
Black Lives Matter activists, Democrat Party activists, police officers that they had testifying.
About January 6th the other day.
Just lying, lying, lying, lying, lying.
And they all know they're lying.
They all know it's an agenda.
They've all been trained on this.
They've all been taught how to do this.
And they really think they're going to win.
They really think that they're going to have a victory in this.
And even if... See, that's the thing.
Even if they had their way and they destroyed America and destroyed human freedom, like they're fighting for it to do right now, that's not a victory, you fools.
That's not a victory.
That's a loss.
You haven't figured it out yet, have you?
You haven't figured it out yet, have you?
That as soon as the devil is done with you, he's gonna throw you into the ash heap of history.
You lay in bed with your father, the devil, and you trust that demonic spirit is going to give you anything?
You trust that demon is going to fulfill any promise it's made to you?
You fools!
You will learn how much you've been deceived.
And when that day comes, it's going to be a rude awakening.
It's going to be a rude awakening for those police officers that lied to America.
For you.
It's going to be a rude awakening for Eric Swalwell, who lies to America and his family.
It's going to be a rude awakening for Scott Dorkin, who lies to America.
It's going to be a rude awakening for all of you falling under the spell of this demon, this demonic possession that you're in.
As soon as the devil's done with you, he's going to throw you in the ash heap of history and you're going to burn forever.
And you're going to be tormented for the rest of your existence.
Your sad, pathetic, measly existence.
And we have identified the Chinese Communist agent at the New York Times.
New York Times reporter deletes tweet calling Trump supporters enemies of the state.
Well, she obviously meant that they're enemies of the Chinese Communist State.
That wants to destroy America.
And she has since deleted the tweet.
New York Times reporter Kate Brenner is almost undoubtedly a Chinese Communist agent.
Just like the human blobfish, Dr. Lena Wynn, that goes on CNN telling you you're not free anymore unless you take a vaccine.
Which, of course, once again, what are they learning?
Hey, I took the vaccine and I'm still not free.
Hey, I took the vaccine and I'm sick.
Hey, I took the vaccine, now I have COVID.
Hey, I took the vaccine and now I'm told I'm a super spreader and have to wear the mask.
When will all of you brainwashed minions wake up and realize you are just a toy of Satan, and as soon as he's done with you, you're dead?
Well, Thomas Massey, making fun of Nancy Pelosi, trolling her, standing in the middle of the Capitol Rotunda without a mask, saying, what are you gonna do, Nancy?
You gonna come arrest me?
Of course, Nancy Pelosi released a statement saying anybody who's in the House side of Congress without a mask on is going to be arrested.
That's Nancy Pelosi launching a police state inside the Capitol.
Nancy Pelosi, a woman who belongs in jail yesterday.
Man oh man oh man, I'll tell you what.
We know we're dealing with millions of brainwashed Americans that fall for the lies of mainstream media and the Democrat Party.
But you know, I could actually, we could actually dramatically improve America overnight and probably even save this country if we arrested
Almost all members of the Democrat Party.
And see, the thing is, I'm not for a police state.
I'm not for political prisoners.
That's not really my thing.
That's not what we do.
But I mean, that's their plan for us.
That's what they do.
So we might as well get out ahead of it and let's just be honest.
If we didn't have to deal with Nancy Pelosi in this country anymore, if we didn't have to deal with Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff and the Biden crime family and the rest of them,
This country would be better off and it wouldn't even be close and everybody knows it.
We would be free again.
We wouldn't have near as many politicians stealing our money and lying to us all day long.
We would be much better off and everybody knows it.
Everybody damn well knows it.
That if the Democrats were all arrested and thrown in jail tomorrow and the key was lost, this country would be back to some semblance of normal.
They wouldn't be stealing our tax dollars as much as they normally do.
They wouldn't be lying to us and gaslighting us and dividing us like they normally do.
And we could actually save this country if we just got these damn dirtbag demon Democrats out of the way.
But we're not like that, are we?
We're actually freedom-loving individuals that don't like tyranny and government oppression.
So sadly, these demonic forces continue to exist and try to destroy us.
Now, speaking of demonic possession,
Here's another perfect example of it, and it's always a liberal, isn't it?
It's always one of these acronym rainbow flag liberals that are pedophiles!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
Fortnite streamer Raul Zito has been arrested over allegations that he's raped two children ages 10 and 14.
And so you get a little bit of an idea of who this guy is.
And then here's another image of him.
He's got his bright blue hair and his bright pink beard.
And he's got his shirt.
Love has no gender, religion, sexuality, body type, or color.
That's why you were arrested with the allegations of raping little kids?
Yeah, I guess so.
And he even boasted about it during his live streams about how he likes to play with young talents.
So he was telling the world that he was a child abuser, as far as the eye could see.
And so you have to understand, the whole reason why these leftists do the LGBTQ plus rainbow stuff and dye their hair and wear the t-shirts and wave the flag, it's a disguise.
It's a cover.
So that you look at them like, oh look, they're good people, they're loving, they're gay, they're this.
And really inside, they're just thinking about raping your kids.
That's why all these drag queen story time incidents where you had men showing up to schools dressed as women, and it turned out many of them were convicted pedophiles.
That's why you had the gay San Francisco choir do an entire song about how they were coming for your kids.
Folks, the whole LGBTQ front for many of these individuals, the whole drag queen story time front for many of these individuals is just a cover for their real true desire to rape your children.
That's what this is.
So when you see this guy wearing the LGBTQ plus stuff and waving the pride flag and dyeing his beard pink, it's all a cover.
It's all a disguise so that you don't realize that what he's really thinking about is raping your kids.
It's all a front.
It's all a front, ladies and gentlemen.
So you've been warned.
Yep, there he is with all the kiddos.
But look, he's got a pink beard and he's got blue hair.
So he must be good.
He's just gay.
You know, he's just an activist.
And the whole system teaches you to just embrace this behavior.
And the whole system teaches you that that's just totally innocent.
When deep down behind that pink beard and underneath that bright blue hair is a guy who's thinking about raping your kids.
I can't sit here on all the news stories I've covered to just be redundant, but it's like, do I have to go back to all the Vice headlines, dozens of Vice headlines talking about how great pedophilia is?
Do we have to show you the pedophiles that brought the world Desmond the Amazing?
Do we have to show you all the pedophiles that infiltrated Drag Queen story time?
Convicted pedophiles?
Do we have to show you the drag queens showing up with their penises out and bouncing little kids on their laps?
Do you really want to see all this again?
Or can I just continue to cover the news and just move on until the world finally realizes what's going on?
These are pedophiles that want to rape your children.
And they disguise themselves as LGBTQ+, they disguise themselves as liberals, that's just a mask, that's just a disguise, so that they can get access to your kids and rape them.
Here's another liberal reporter out of Europe.
This is an actual tweet.
She actually tweeted this.
Someone needs to create porn for children.
I mean, stop right there, find a rope and a tree.
But no, she goes on.
Someone needs to create porn for children.
Young teens are already watching porn, but they're finding hardcore aggressive videos that give a terrible view of sex.
They need entry-level porn.
A softcore site where everyone asks for consent and no one gets choked, etc.
So here's an individual who's admitting how bad porn is for your psychological makeup, how bad porn is for your brain, and how it distorts love and sex and everything good.
But instead of saying, hey, maybe we should stop watching porn, maybe we should stop promoting porn, maybe kids shouldn't be watching porn, instead this demented psychotic says we should have porn for kids.
And I'm sure she would be more than willing to run that enterprise, wouldn't she?
This is like the Democrat Party with Jocelyn Elder saying, we need to teach your kid how to masturbate.
We need to reach down your kid's pants and grab their genitals and show them how to masturbate.
That's called rape.
That's called rape.
But they don't word it that way, see?
Oh, we just need to teach our kids how to watch porn.
No, you want to rape my kid.
Oh, we just need to teach our kid how to masturbate.
No, you want to rape my kid!
It's time to quit playing games with these pieces of shit!
It's time to quit playing games with these damn demons!
Hey, I get it though.
Believe me, I get it.
It's kind of like that story that came out of New York City with that dead guy who showed up on the street that said, I touch little girls.
Because see, here's the thing.
Most humans still have an instinct in them that you find out someone's molesting little boys and little girls, you know, natural law is beat that person to death immediately.
And so they still know that there's that little, there's that instinct out there.
So they have to deceive that and do an end around on that and they say, oh, we're just teaching your kids how to watch porn and masturbate.
No, you damn demons are raping kids and you know what you deserve.
What are the Democrats so afraid of?
What are they hiding?
Why don't they want the election audits to continue?
Alright, it's a rhetorical question.
We all know why.
They stole the election as clear as the sun in the sky on a cloudless day.
And this is just amazing here.
Wow, this is actually a new development.
This is not what I was referring to, but the crew just pulled it up.
We'll pivot briefly here.
Matt Gaetz goes to the D.C.
Department of Corrections to go see the conditions of the January 6th Democrat Party prisoners, and they locked them out!
So folks, the Democrats are literally torturing Americans right now inside prison cells.
They have political prisoners that they're torturing inside of prison cells right now.
They're all American heroes being tortured by Democrats right now.
And they locked the facility and they won't let Republicans in to see the conditions.
Okay, wow, I was going to talk about how they're covering up their election theft from 2020, and then the crew... Alright, so guys, let's just go ahead and roll this video from the top.
Matt Gaetz shows up at the D.C.
prison where the Democrats have political prisoners and they're torturing them right now.
Here's Matt Gaetz being locked out, Marjorie Taylor Greene and others being locked out of the building.
You come to the door, and a bunch of security comes and stands in front of the door to block people from even seeing inside.
I'm an attorney here to see a client.
Oh, they don't like the cameras being there.
They don't like politicians being there showing what the Democrats are doing.
The scum of the earth.
The Democrat Party.
The scum of the earth!
We're just here to ask questions, and now they've walked the door and have not given us access.
This was apparently a bait and switch.
We're here just to speak to a supervisor, and when the supervisor came out... You've got One American News there, you've got Right Side Broadcasting there, you've got Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Reid, you've got attorneys of the political prisoners.
And the cops come in, and they lock the door, and they stand by the door.
Louie Goldman is there.
You know, the Democrat Party has declared war on America.
The Democrat Party has declared war on the American citizens.
Boy, oh boy.
I wonder when America is going to declare war on them.
And you know, we don't live in a free country anymore.
We don't have free speech.
So, you know, you got to be careful what you say.
The FBI may come knock your door down and send you to a Democrat gulag.
You wonder, don't you?
You wonder when America's going to rise up and declare war on the Democrat Party.
You wonder when America's going to rise up and declare war on the media.
You wonder when America's going to rise up, stand tall, stand firm, and just start kicking communist, globalist ass.
This is getting out of control, man.
From the COVID tyranny, to political prisoners, to lying through their teeth 24-7.
I mean, seriously, we can't take much more of this, man.
This is just ridiculous.
And we're still in peace mode, and that's fine, but it might not be fine much longer.
And that's not a call to violence, that's not a threat.
I'm just sitting here as a commentator doing play-by-play, and let me tell you, Democrats,
How far do you really think you can push the American people before the lies that you tell about January 6th are actually true?
I mean, how long do you think you can continue to destroy this country and arrest political prisoners until there is an actual rise up of the American people and they actually do want to do bad things to you?
Again, I'm not calling for violence.
I'm a peaceful revolutionary, but let me tell you,
You guys are biting off way more than you can chew.
And you're going to kill a lot of people.
And you're going to arrest a lot of people.
And you're going to destroy a lot of people's lives.
And you're going to really destroy this country for a period of time.
But Satan never wins in the end.
Do you have any idea what you're asking for at this point?
I mean, this is just out of control, man.
And so I was going to get into how they're covering up the election fraud.
The Department of Justice has stepped in and said that states performing audits are illegal.
No it's not.
And you don't have the right to shut down state audits.
So, nice try Merrick Garland.
And we're identifying some of the illegal actors.
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers has close ties with China.
Is that why he's fighting so hard against the Senate's 2020 election audit in Maricopa County?
Absolutely it is!
Stories of the Gateway Pundit.
Twitter bans election 2020 audit accounts.
Yeah, you're not allowed to know about the audit.
You're not allowed to see how the Democrats stole it.
Jay Sekulow is asking all Arizona and Pennsylvania voters who were given Sharpies when voting to contact his law firm.
So if you're in Arizona and that happened to you, contact Jay Sekulow's law firm and he wants to hear your story.
And then I've got all of these videos, yeah, as if the Democrats blocking out the election, the polling centers, isn't enough evidence that they stole it.
We've got all the other evidence on the planet as well.
Oh yeah, they block you from watching them tally the votes, and then they block you from going into their prisons where they have their political prisoners.
I mean, seriously, this is out of control, man.
And I have to bite my tongue here, okay?
But, this is out of control.
Our lawmakers better get serious real quick.
And it's not going to happen out of the Biden administration.
That administration is corrupt as the day is long.
Every member of it.
You're leaving us no recourse, you bastards.
You're leaving us no recourse, you bastards.
You are going to release the devil dogs in this country, and it is not going to be pretty.
Because they're not nice guys like me that wear a jacket and a tie and comb their hair.
No, they're not.
They're hardened men and women that are sick and damn tired of being a fucking slave in their own country!
So, it won't be me calling for violence.
I'd like to do this peacefully and politically.
It won't be me that you see
Like all the fear-mongering lies you'd tell about January 6th.
Not gonna be Owen Schroyer.
No, no, no, no.
I'm a nice guy.
I'm a fun-loving guy.
I like playing golf and listening to music and going to concerts and ballgames and drinking a beer, but let me tell ya!
The men and women that you're pissing off to the point of no return are not nice-looking guys like me!
They're devil dogs!
They're warriors!
And they're fucking pissed!
And January 6th was nothing!
It was nothing!
It was nothing.
It was a little gnat.
It was a little gnat compared to the Tyrannosaurus Rex that you're begging to come eat your ass!
See, I can't help myself.
I get pissed and I get mad and I need to be controlled here and not say things.
But like, seriously man.
Anyway, you know, I got all these videos.
We got Alex Jones coming up in the next segment.
I got all these videos.
We got Trump, who was at Bedminster Golf Club.
Just a rousing, raucous applause.
Never do you see an event like that for Biden.
And then this nice lady.
On Twitter, at Salty underscore Sundays, has put together a thread of videos from every state leading up to the election.
Iowa, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Missouri, Hawaii, New York, California, of just all the grassroots Trump rallies.
Not actual Trump rallies, but the grassroots Trump rallies.
The grassroots Trump rallies were just tens of thousands of people show up.
Boats, parades, parades in the streets, and you never had a single one for Biden.
Oh, but he got 80 million votes.
You guys are such liars and criminal frauds, man.
It's unbelievable.
Yeah, the Democrats are in total panic right now.
They've been caught stealing the election.
They have hundreds of political prisoners, and the world and America is finally awaking to how evil they are.
And, you know, I lost my temper in that last segment.
And I apologized to the crew and they said stuff your stories in a sack.
And look, I'm not some big tough guy here.
I'm not trying to, you know, flex my muscles or anything.
Believe me.
I'm just the voice of reason.
I'm just the voice of America.
And this country is just screaming at the top of its lungs to be released from this hellish nightmare grip of the New World Order, of globalism, of fake liberalism, of BS LGBTQ and BS race-baiting and mainstream media Democrat Party lies.
And you sick bastards, you sick, sick, psychotic
Demonic bastards that are arresting innocent Americans and torturing them in jail cells, and that are stealing all of our money, and that are stealing our elections, and that are taking our freedoms with a pandemic that you caused.
Do you really think that you can get away with this?
Do you really think the world isn't going to eventually awaken to this and be pissed at you?
And they write stories in the Atlantic talking about how Mike Lindell is destroying American democracy.
Do you really think people buy your bullcrap?
Do you really think you're getting away with this?
You are just poking a sleeping giant incessantly.
You're torturing a sleeping giant incessantly.
Yeah, I lost my temper.
It's kind of inevitable when you're dealing with this stuff here every day.
Alex Jones joins us on the phone line.
It's just incredible here, Alex.
I don't know if you've seen, but the D.C.
police just blocked Republican
And if they can set the precedent for them, they can do it with everybody.
That's how it started with the Russians, with the Bolsheviks just holding a few hundred, then it was a few thousand, then it was a few million, then it was starved, 20 million.
Who lacks the death?
I know, yes, I've been listening to you, but I was sitting there sending clips of the crew, sending clips to the crew of all these talking heads on TV, not just Don Lemon, saying, don't let people have their kids, don't let them have food, don't let them go to the grocery store.
Same thing Macron said.
That's where they want to take you if you accept the vaccine passport.
And that's what these idiots don't get, is they think, oh, just get the vaccine.
Oh, just comply and everything will go back to normal.
The plan is it never goes back to normal.
It's like sticking your hand in a garbage disposal or feeding yourself feet first into a wood chipper.
The deeper you go into the wood chipper, the worse it gets.
This is a methodology.
This is a takeover.
This is a program.
This is an operation.
And again,
I'm screaming every five minutes, we have the plan so everyone listens, so the governors and the legislatures and others get it.
This is a real worldwide takeover using the fear of a virus as the pretext to set up a worldwide digital grid and paramilitary force to disappear wherever they want in their own words.
Everything I've said is in their own damn words.
Folks, Bill Gates said,
A year and a half ago, oh, you'll have to take shots every year for the variants.
They had all this planned out, even though that's not based in science.
So absolutely, I was listening to you talk about that.
There are 500-plus people in that D.C.
jail, many of which didn't even break a window or throw a rock or even hit a cop or even yell at a cop, and they are in there until they, one by one, in solitary confinement, turn on America and come out and say, yes, I'm a white supremacist.
If you say you're a white supremacist, they send Democrat lawyers in.
As your quote, a public defender has come out in the news and they literally tell them every day, you'll be out of here if you just say you're a white supremacist and Donald Trump is a white supremacist.
So literally, like when our airmen get shot down over northern Vietnam, they'd be tortured for a few years until they'd go on TV and say America's horrible and evil.
This is war crimes.
This is criminal.
And we always hear about our congressmen going to foreign countries and demanding to investigate their elections if there's evidence of fraud and if the government doesn't want an investigation.
And we always hear about
Congressmen and women going to other countries and demanding that people be released who are political prisoners.
It's big international incidents.
But now the UN Human Rights Board is run by people from Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Communist China.
It's all a sick joke.
Whether it's Charlie Munger or Bill Gates or Ted Turner or Justin Trudeau, they admire Xi Jinping.
The guy is a damn rock star to the left.
We have employees there right now who have family members that I knew 18 years ago who won't even talk
So one of my oldest employees, like he's our oldest employee, won't even talk to John.
What's his last name?
Great guy.
Won't even talk to John because she now worships Xi Jinping.
Oh, by the way, she's a public school teacher.
So, and by the way, the other teachers over there, they're all malice.
So normal people that I knew 18 years ago are now literal malice that hate America.
Do you understand, ladies and gentlemen, that we're not exaggerating here?
None of this is made up.
So, so getting back to the main point, the good news is finally Congress gets it.
And finally, Congress is demanding from the CDC, oh, show us your data to back up your mask stuff.
Show us your mask research.
Then all the studies say the opposite.
I can give you bacterial pneumonia.
Don't stop anything.
If you're sick with something and you wear a mask, it might protect people a few percentage points more because a big particulate might not get out if you use clean masks every couple of hours.
But it doesn't.
But it doesn't.
Do the reverse.
It might protect other people if you're sick.
Only if you were sick would you wear a mask if you're going to be out in public.
And it still does almost nothing.
So, it's all psychology of submission.
It's all psychology of dominance to say we're all sick.
We're all patient.
We're the virus.
And until the virus is under control, that's what the globalists call humanity.
That's what Klaus Schwab and Ted Turner call us.
And George Soros.
They all go to depopulation events with Bill Gates.
They openly say we're going to get the virus under control.
Every year they have films, they get awards, where it's cartoons of like humans are a virus that take over the earth and invade the universe and must be exterminated.
So they talk about the virus, they're talking about you.
When CNN says we need to starve people to death and take their jobs and take their children, that's what Kathleen Sebelius said just last week.
Now Don Lemon's saying it.
Now Brian Williams is saying it.
All these people that are criminal liars.
Brian Williams saying he's shot down in a helicopter now.
He's the head fact checker at MSNBC News.
It's all a joke.
Again, it'd be like having Jeffrey Dahmer run a council against human cannibalism.
So that's where we are, and I'm sorry to have to tell people this.
The bigger question is, when are we going to get angry and shout them down and say they're frauds?
I want to play a clip from Kip Roy, a congressman from Texas here in a moment.
It's clip eight with
The great Tucker Carlson introing it, but the first thing I want to say is this.
They're saying we're all backwards, we're all evil, we're all the most horrible thing on the planet.
I've been making the point for months, and I'm going to make it here again, because thank God finally Tucker Carlson picked up on it last night.
I'm not seeing anyone else do this, and if everyone will just listen to me.
Bigger than people learning that has prions that can kill.
Bigger than learning that it doesn't protect you and makes you actually a super spreader of mutated viruses.
That's in the literature, the FDA, the CDC, and you would admit it.
And Germany passed a law allowing big pharma to infect everybody just this year.
To cover their butt.
If everyone just grasped this, please listen to me.
If everyone gets their talking point out, it's game over.
You pull the numbers up.
Saudi Arabia is less than 20% injected.
I don't want to call it vaccinated.
They're only 20% marked.
They keep saying 10%.
In India.
The Indians aren't stupid.
They've had Bill Gates and others for decades, caught sterilizing them, killing them.
Whole villages get sick.
They're literally not just beating up people to try to inject them.
The word is they've been killing them.
That's just in the military, and the military's refusing to enforce.
Less than 10% of the Indians have even taken one shot, and that's their government's attenuated regular vaccine.
Because the national health spokesman took it and died three days later.
He was in total health at 55.
He's like a big movie star over there.
He died.
So, they're not stupid.
The Indians are at 6% as of last week, and they've been doing the injections now for 8 months.
The Saudi Arabians are at less than 20%.
If you go to all these other countries, they're not taking these so-called vaccines, they're not taking the mRNA vaccines, and the vast majority are not having issues.
What's starving people to death in India is the lockdown.
That's what's causing all the funeral pyres is the starvation and the malnutrition, which the UN even admits.
I don't know.
I was sitting here last hour and played this clip.
I got a bunch more clips of him saying it.
There's no reason to listen to them all.
It gives me a headache.
Everybody knows the talking point on every channel is.
On local TV, everybody gets all these blue check marks.
All the so-called local doctors that, you know, 500 doctors that are against the inoculation we all have.
Not one that says it's great.
He'll be all over the news saying, oh, it's quite normal.
Make people take the shot or take their job or fire them.
This is literal warfare.
Take a deadly shot or we're going to bankrupt you and not let you have a job and not let you have groceries and put you under a bridge while they won't control the border and while they're shipping in millions of people a month by the way it's a million a month now the real numbers coming out of the border patrol on taxpayer money airplanes landing every hour on the east coast from Africa being flown here by United Airlines and American Airlines a taxpayer-funded
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back here, third hour of the Alex Jones Show, and you know, it's just, it's overwhelming.
To deal with all of this heavy news and information, and so I do tend to lose my cool, but I can't just talk about this stuff calmly, and maybe that's a pitfall of mine, but I mean seriously, we're talking about the end of human freedom, we're talking about global slavery, we're talking about forced murderous injections, so yeah, you know what, I'm going to get a little emotional, and I mean the only reprieve that I can see is
At least we have Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, finally making a big fuss out of the Democrat Party prisoners in D.C.
and now they've finally gotten into that building.
There's a huge media scrum with them.
There's tons of people with them.
That's the answer.
See, that's the thing is, Infowars can't be leading these charges politically.
We're a news organization.
We're here to awake...
We're good to go.
Well, that's what it's going to take, and in fact, I'm not watching TV.
I didn't know that those developments were happening.
That's great news, so let's keep that on screen for TV viewers, but for radio listeners and everybody else, I was just about to come back and talk about Chip Roy from Texas.
You know, he just got pissed.
He said, this whole thing's a farce.
You're a fraud.
You're a scam.
And call him out.
Owen, you need to be angry.
We need to get people out of their slumber.
That's why, I mean, I legitimately aren't putting on an act when I start stuttering on air and yelling and getting upset, because
This is real warfare.
If we don't get upset by this covert warfare that they admit in their own documents is warfare, then they're going to keep doing it.
That's the reason they commit all these crimes, is they've gotten away with this for so long and the average American, again, believes the social contract is still there.
I'm going to tell you when we come back in the next segment, horrific stories while I've been on a work vacation the last four or five days of people that I've talked to that have come up to me and
Yesterday when a third person told me of a family member who was 35 years old in great health who was murdered by a ventilator.
And then I started literally having, I don't want to call it PTSD, but I mean my brain was going back to all these hundreds of examples of that nurse we had on from New York.
We should get her back on and others.
When she would see like them bring a homeless person in and say, oh you got a sore throat, they have the signed paperwork, put them in a coma,
And then take a week to kill him on a ventilator.
And I ran into three people that came up to me and told me they murdered their family members the same way.
And three separate people say, I'm thinking about taking action.
What do you think I should do?
And then I rented a boat here in the state to go fishing.
And the captain of the boat is, again, 33.
His best friend, cousin, first cousin, lives in Phoenix.
I'll tell the story when we come back.
We covered the other news, but I always say I'm going to cover something else.
We're getting to it then.
And they murdered him.
And he told me the story.
He said he had sore throat, was coughing up green.
He went to the regular doctor.
They didn't give him antibiotics.
They didn't check it.
They didn't see what it was.
They didn't do any of that.
They said, go to the hospital.
You might have COVID.
They get there.
They test him.
Again, we know those are fake tests.
They said, hey, we're just going to intubate you.
You'll be fine.
Sign here.
No family there.
Didn't know what he was doing.
Signs it.
They lay him down.
Put him to sleep, and then lethal injected his ass with the modern guillotine known as the ventilator.
And I'm sitting there, with a fishing line in the water, becoming physically angry, and I couldn't even enjoy myself anymore, so we just sat there on the boat for four hours, talking about, you know, what do we do?
I mean, that's the level this has reached, though, and because, here's the deal.
We better come up with a plan, and Congress better come up with a plan, these Doublers better well damn do something.
Or they're gonna be held accountable, too.
And I have no desire for physical war, but we're under attack.
Just like Patrick Henry said, you know, you guys cry peace, peace, but the war has already begun.
So may your chains sit lightly upon you.
And I'm not going to lead some military operation.
I don't want violence.
They're going to commit violence and blame it on us.
I'm just saying they're assaulting us.
They are killing us.
They are murdering us.
They know damn well what they're doing.
It's come out over a year and a half ago that the ventilators are what kill people.
They get $53,000 to take healthy people and murder their asses.
And almost all the deaths are in certain city-run hospital clusters.
I said, let me guess.
Do you go to a city-run hospital?
Is that where they send them?
I said, investigate a referral from the clinic he went to.
And I bet you that they get a referral when somebody has a sore throat to send them to be murdered.
They think they're going to get medical care, but instead they're going to get killed.
Owen Troyer in studio, Alex Jones on the line, and we've been highlighting this last week and beyond how in Italy, in France, in Tunisia, all across the planet
Humans are standing up saying we want to be free, we're sick of your COVID tyranny, we know this was a bioweapon launched against us, we know that the vaccine is killing people, you're not going to lock us down, you're not going to enslave us, and you're seeing mass demonstrations happening worldwide.
America's almost kind of behind on this one.
But maybe finally starting to grow its legs.
And Alex, we now have new footage out of the Parliament in Italy, apparently just descending into total chaos as they're discussing mandatory vaccines and vaccine passes.
And just the whole thing gets overwhelmed and overrun.
And this is just the inevitable future.
Humans are not designed to be governed or enslaved.
And ultimately that will not be our fate, Alex Jones.
All going under bondage.
Worldwide, these evil corporations have wrapped themselves in Black Lives Matter while they're the ones literally murdering Africa with a shutdown on what's happening.
And again, the UN and Klaus Schwab and the Davos Group and Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation all publicly are directing worldwide
We're good to go.
It's been said by all the top Democrats, it's been said all over the channels, and you sit there imagining a science fiction movie 30 years ago where in the future they use the fear of a virus to lock things down.
If you don't take the experimental shot, which I bet doesn't work, you then don't get food.
This is what the the cloistered
Uh, Ivory Tower leftists are doing and they've got their front man, Don Lemon, declaring serious siege.
The most ancient form of total war is siege.
This is siege.
And they're saying, take the shot and we will release the siege.
But then the morons that took the shot were, oh, guess what?
You're a super spreader now.
You got a special virus.
It's not a virus.
It's a protein crystal.
The studies are coming out, the autopsies are coming out, confirming everything.
And listen, I'm so sorry to folks that got bamboozled or got, you know, pushed into doing this, and I'm not judging you and I'm not blaming you.
And a lot of top scientists will come out and said, massive doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, a ton of water, sunlight, jacking up your immune system, purifying your body, and then hopefully the prion crystals won't keep growing.
The studies are clear now.
You take three of these shots, they never go away.
And that's really what Gates already had planned.
They knew this from the rodent studies.
They need that third shot to get an even higher kill rate.
Oh, and there's another huge article we'll cover next segment.
Something I meant to say.
Something I've mentioned only a few times.
It's so important.
Why they're so desperate.
With half the public in the United States not taking the deadly shot.
And that's because it's going to be so clear, because we know that these Pfizer and Moderna shots, it goes and basically destroys the ovaries.
That's confirmed.
But these women will never have children again.
What are they going to do when you have a giant control group of the other half of the women who can all have children still?
That's why you've got to then sterilize basically everybody.
Then they'll claim it's something else.
Like, oh, sperm counts are down 90% worldwide.
By 2045, everyone will be sterile.
That's official.
They don't tell you how they're doing it, but we do.
So it's the same thing.
These women are going to be sterilized.
They are sterilized.
Human fertility is an amazing thing, but it's being massively reduced.
And I mean, this is just total war, and they expect us to never wake up to the war.
But see, we're waking up up front early in the game, and that's why they're so panicked.
But here's Don Lemon again, folks.
This is the talking point, declaring war on you and your family, saying
Imagine growing up and hearing in Cuba, Cuba says if you don't take a shot you can't leave your house and go to the grocery store.
Or North Korea.
This is North Korea.
Level stuff.
And again, if you take the ID he's talking about, that's what the shot is, is a digital ID.
If you start using your ID pass, which is digital, then they've got you and can keep you from going to the grocery store.
So people think, oh, I'll submit so I get food.
No, no, no, no.
You submit, then you don't get the food.
You take the shot, then you die.
You get sick.
You see?
Oh, you take the shot, now you're a super spreader.
Because you're the fool.
You're the sucker.
This is a trap.
These people
Are the most wicked evil people the planet's ever seen.
They turn logic on its head.
They invert everything.
This is pure Satanism you're witnessing.
This is...
A pure satanic war.
In the past, you know, the wars were human, had satanic influences, but it was human wars.
That's why you saw passions and honor and betrayal and you saw chivalry and unchivalrous acts.
Those were human wars.
This is a modern satanic war out of the mind of Satan that can only be carried out through big-time media, through domesticated populations, and through brainwashing.
So you're seeing the leading edge of future war
Of alien warfare against the planet.
That's what this is, ladies and gentlemen.
This is alien.
Fallen One.
Alien attack.
Through people that work with it.
And they've been operating, again, in the fourth, third, and second dimension.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, they're operating fully physically through a new artificial silicon overlay that is an artificial omnipresence control system so that Satan can have a limited omnipresence and now carry out his final assault on humanity.
Let's go ahead and play the satanic announcement by CNN.
I don't know, I'm sure a lot of people are not going to agree with this, but don't get the vaccine, you can't go to the supermarket.
Don't have the vaccine, you can't go to the ballgame.
Don't have the vaccine, can't go to work.
You don't have the vaccine, can't come here.
No shirt, no shoes, no service.
That's where I think we should be right now, because we continue to waste our breath on people who are just
Not going to change.
They're, you know, circular logic.
They just keep going back and saying, well, it's my freedom, it's whatever.
I'm free.
Well, your kid's not free to give other kids... That's enough.
So notice, folks, he never gives any statistics or facts or studies or data points like we did.
He just lies, lies, lies like the CDC.
Oh, it's your fault that you didn't take the shots.
So now we've got vaccinated super spreaders who go, what's the logic?
Show us the data.
Oh, sorry.
You can't see that data.
Just like Fauci goes, oh, there's nasal titer test.
I go look that up.
None of it's true.
But what is true?
Scientists all over the world are doing D-dimer tests, one of the most respected tests ever.
62 percent.
Funny, the same number in Australia.
Same number in Europe.
Same number here.
Between 60 and 70 percent.
But usually about 60 percent have D-dimer.
Meaning they're positive.
Meaning they have blood clots.
And so now there are people doing their own private trials.
It's going to break in the news soon.
Where human volunteers who want to expose this are taking D-Dimers before and D-Dimers after.
And that's there.
So we got some committed people out there to stop this.
But I mean, Owen, this is total frickin' war.
So it's totally normal that you get upset.
I want to play another clip.
Owen, say the last segment.
It's time to get upset.
It's time to get angry.
It's time to call these criminals out everywhere they go at local TV stations, local radio stations.
A doctor goes on TV and lies and says a bunch of bull.
Go to their office peacefully.
Bullhorn them.
They try to make kids wear masks at the local school.
Go bullhorn.
Go to the PTA.
Get aggressive.
Expose these people.
But here's Congressman Chip Roy.
No one's pausing to ask questions at this moment, though.
That's not allowed.
Nancy Pelosi definitely won't allow it.
You're an anti-vaxxer if you ask those questions!
Do masks work?
She doesn't care.
Pelosi is threatening to punish any member of Congress who doesn't wear a mask on the House floor, and most obey.
Watch this.
Members are reminded that under House Resolution 38, the Sergeant-at-Arms is authorized and directed to impose a fine against any member acting in violation of this policy.
Ooh, Nancy Pelosi's gonna fine you if you don't pretend that it's science when it's clearly just a form of social control.
Most Republicans went along with this.
Not all of them did, though.
Chip Roy, a member of Congress from Texas, just delivered remarks against it.
Here's part of what Chip Roy said.
We have a crisis at our border, and we're playing footsie with mask mandates in the People's House.
I mean, it's absolutely absurd what this body is doing, the People's House.
It's an embarrassment.
It's a mockery.
And the American people are fed up.
They want to go back to life.
They want to go back to business.
They want to go back to school without their children being forced to wear masks, to be put in a corner, to have mental health issues.
And the Speaker comes down here at 10 o'clock in the morning saying we got to wear masks in the people's house while we've got thousands of people pouring across our border and Democrats don't do a darn thing about it.
We are absolutely sick and tired of it and so are the American people.
This sham of an institution is doing nothing for the American people.
Nothing for the betterment of the people that send their representatives here.
Why didn't they all say that?
Hard to know, but Chip Roy did.
Congressman Chip Roy joins us now.
Congressman, thanks so much.
That's good.
Owen, I know you've got one.
Yeah, yeah, we'll be right back, Alex.
Well, Americans are starting to connect the dots of the New World Order and the corrupt globalist empire.
And they're realizing, once they've connected the dots,
The image is total imprisonment worldwide, no more human freedom.
And, you know, there's a couple dots that are pretty obvious to be connected.
Some are a little less obvious.
For example, when they're bringing in
Five million, ten million illegal immigrants across the southern border, and then the New York Times publishes a story last night, there is no good reason why you should have to be a citizen to vote.
They're telling you, you don't get an election anymore, you don't get a country anymore.
And then Alex, maybe the more nuanced one that I haven't heard anybody talk about, and I just even realized it this morning, it seems so obvious now, but
We knew that the DC police were involved in January 6th because they stood down and they opened the doors to let people in.
How did we not see this before, though, when you have all those police officers come forward and lie about what happened on January 6th?
That's the final proof!
They were clearly in on it!
All those police officers working with Pelosi, wearing the BLM shirts, wearing the Pride shirts, hating Trump, celebrating the riots happening in Kenosha and Minneapolis, and then they get on the stand and they lie about January 6th?
Of course they were involved!
Of course they were involved in the stand-down!
Of course Pelosi and Mayor Muriel Bowser stood down so they could have this event!
It's all so obvious.
How did we miss it, Alex?
As soon as those officers sat down and testified against America, that should have been case closed.
They organized the whole thing.
And again, the rank-and-file, we know, as you know, you've been in that jail since it applies for literally peacefully protesting silently.
We know their entire background.
It's the few select people in charge were operatives.
Trump asked for the National Guard.
He was denied by D.C.
He could have overridden it, but didn't because Milley told him that would look like a police tape.
Remember that?
Milley and Honore ran the whole thing, as best I can understand.
Milley ran it from the White House.
Honore ran it from the outside.
Uh, and they need to be indicted.
I mean, it's that simple.
They provocateured.
They had provocateurs.
Out of a million people, they got maybe 100 to attack.
They got about 500 to go in.
And now they're branding us as terrorists.
But pulling back from this, I just want to reiterate this to listeners.
When you hear on the news
Americans are bad.
Americans are evil.
They're stupid.
They won't take the shots.
Saudi Arabia's done a great job.
India's done a great job.
All this crap.
It's not even true from their position.
India's less than 10%.
Saudi Arabia's less than 20%.
They're refusing.
And so, yeah, I'm glad that half of America has refused, okay?
The number's a little bit higher.
They've been lying on those numbers, too.
Numbers I've got is less than 40%.
That's why they're so pissed.
And so they're just totally panicking.
I can tell you, none of the Hollywood people are taking the shots.
I can tell you, none of those Democrats at the White House are taking it.
They're not stupid.
This is all... I mean, how many world leaders got the shot, and it was fake when they took it, and they think we're so dumb they even do a good job of giving them the fake shot to Benjamin Netanyahu and all this other stuff?
This is garbage.
They... The higher-ups, the globalists that control the planet,
We're good to go.
And yes, they're transmissible, and people that have taken the shots, their entire body, some it works on, some it doesn't.
Thank God humans are so powerful.
Humans aren't... I mean, they'll tell you.
They study chemicals and agents on rats and pigs because they're the closest.
For whatever reason, not even genetically, but closest in response, in most cases, to rats and pigs.
Rats are tough.
Pigs are tough.
Everybody knows that humans are tough.
You give rats a lot of poison, you give pigs a lot of poison, they won't die.
Same thing with humans.
I mean, we can take more poison and more stuff than most people, I mean, most animals and things can.
We are tough as snails, okay, folks?
That's how we can drink, you know, huge amounts of alcohol and take all these drugs and not die.
And so, they gotta come up with a super weapon here.
So yeah, it killed the rodents in most cases.
It killed all the ferrets, because they're all souped up and high end.
You know, stuff that'll kill a... I mean, a dog dies when he eats chocolate, folks.
We love it.
So again, we're tough, but the estimates are from... and scanning all this info is, it looks like
30% of the people within five years are going to be dead that have taken this.
And that's a conservative estimate.
So again, folks, if you think things are bad now, I'm not being pessimistic.
I'm not being negative.
It's like I've used this analogy.
You're 10 miles down the river from a huge dam and you learn terrorists just blew the dam up and the radio comes on and says the dam has broken.
Everyone get to high ground now.
You only have minutes if you're in the town of such and such.
It's the same deal.
They blew the dam.
It's broke, folks.
It's coming.
I mean, I've never lied to you.
I'm hardly ever wrong.
There's not much we can do to turn this back now.
They have put into motion devastation.
They have pulled the trigger on the level equivalent to nuclear war.
They are collapsing civilization.
Now, out of this collapse, we're going to end up probably being able to arrest these people, bring them to justice, and, you know, stop their whole government move.
And that's what the Bible says is going to happen.
But they're going to have power for a short period of time.
And so I'm not trying to scare people.
I'm just telling you,
Almost all the rats died, all the ferrets died.
They did specific studies Fauci paid for with these exact same vaccines under other names.
University of Texas.
I just keep hammering that.
I've got hundreds of news articles, hundreds of videos to cover.
It's all super interesting, but I'm just going to keep hammering the listeners.
Do you understand it kills almost all the rats, all the ferrets?
Do you understand it kills them?
Do you understand that they did it on purpose?
Do you understand they're trying to murder you?
Do you?
And I just keep hammering this because it's hard for me to believe too.
I can't, but it's real.
Bill Gates and all these people did not take over the planet and say they want to be populated for nothing.
They're doing it, and they're proud of it.
So I want everyone listening who's going to lose their job, their home, their children.
All of you that submit are going to be first in line for destruction, as you're now seeing with the vaccinated being treated like crap.
So I'm just telling you, you have nothing to gain by serving these people.
You have everything to gain by giving your life to Christ, waking up, and realizing you're living in the end times.
Well, and you watch the videos the crew is rolling of the vaccine injectors showing up in these Indian villages and they literally get attacked and they get beaten and bloodied with sticks.
That's the proper response.
Somebody shows up to murder you, you fight back.
You don't take it.
Somebody shows up to, you know, rape your wife or kidnap your kids.
No, you stand up, you beat the living hell out of them.
That's absolutely the proper response.
Somebody shows up to give you a deadly, forced injection, you fight back, you stand up for yourself.
Hey, I don't want to see the world turn into total chaos.
That's the last thing I want to see.
I like life.
I thank God for creating this incredible consciousness and experience.
But I mean, again, somebody shows up,
To rob you, or rape your wife, or kidnap your kids, or give you a deadly vaccine, damn right you're gonna be pissed!
Damn right you're gonna bludgeon the hell out of that individual!
And so, that's why you're seeing these images coming out of the Indian villages, because they've seen it too many times!
They've seen Bill Gates' people show up, inject a thousand people in an African village, and then half the village dies a week later.
So now, the same thing happens in African villages.
The Bill Gates white lab coat show up in African villages, and they get chased out with sticks and torches because they're like, you're not killing us again!
So we gotta learn from this history, Alex.
We have to have human instincts again.
Well, that's right.
When we come back, I want to play some clips.
Dr. David Martin, the inventor of mRNA, absolutely lays out the facts that this is the autoimmune response
After you've had the vaccine, it makes you get sick now and basically die.
And he talks about that.
He talks about how it was predicted.
And then I've got Dr. David Barner, the guy from Pfizer, who again said a few weeks ago the same thing.
He's the head of the UK program that is studying everyone that's been injected.
And he says, oh, it's incredible.
You lose your immunity to these viruses within just a few months and all the other viruses.
So again, they admit it removes your damn immunity from regular stuff.
I mean, that's what AIDS is, folks.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are traveling at high velocity towards a tyrannical, dystopian future, the likes of which 1984 would rival.
And so,
Earlier today, we covered that the VAERS website, Health and Human Services VAERS website, which is where you report vaccine adverse reactions and death, and that number was going over 12,000.
That's just the reported numbers.
And the website went down.
Oh, you can no longer see all the people dying from the COVID-19 vaccine.
You should be able to go download all the data and it would pop up on your computer in a spreadsheet and they had it all graphed out and it would show.
You open the spreadsheet and you just have tens of thousands of cases of Guillain-Barré and death and everything and it all said COVID-19 vaccine.
I've done it myself.
And you may remember a couple weeks ago
We were showing you from the Israel's health ministry, they had their own table, similar to the VAERS report, but it was more about COVID cases, and it showed how the majority of all of their COVID cases in Israel were fully vaccinated people.
And that chart is still going viral on the internet.
But just like they shut down the VAERS website, now the Israel Health Ministry has removed those tables from the website.
So you can no longer see that all of the new COVID cases are from fully vaccinated people.
So, they couldn't have that information out there, Alex!
That was too much!
So, the Ministry of Truth, right out of 1984, right out of Brave New World, has removed that data, has deleted that from the internet, because they can't have the people seeing that their deadly vaccines aren't stopping COVID.
That's right, and so let's start at the beginning on this, because this point is incredibly important, over-the-top important.
1986, they passed the Vaccine Damage Fund, and they give liability protection to vaccine makers.
With the six vaccines they were pushing at that time, now it's over 50.
So now you call any drug or any injection, anything, you call cyanide a vaccine and they'll probably give that approval.
Just inject kids with cyanide, just kill them right there.
And it's all legal, it's all lawful according to their fraud.
Of course, Hitler can say it was legal to kill people too, it's not the case.
They could pass law saying black people don't have rights, it's a bunch of bull.
But that's not even operating.
And so, there was bears, very credible,
By law, nurses and doctors are supposed to file things on that.
The truth is, most of the time they do it less than...
One out of a hundred times or so.
But most clinics don't want trouble, they don't want to say adverse reactions, because they can come back on them with a liability.
So they estimate it's about 1 in 40, 1 in 100, 1 in 10.
It varies by studies, but there's a lot more bad things happening that actually get reported.
But overall, it's a federal crime to report anything false on there.
The less gone on is jokes and, you know, said, oh, I took a shot and turned into the Incredible Hulk.
To discredit that, because they work for Big Tech and the globalists at Big Pharma.
They want to silence the slaves while they murder us.
And while they set up their World ID.
And while they tell us that we won't be able to go outside or have food or have our children, we don't take their deadly shots.
I mean, what a cult of sickos.
So, the leftist at Big Tech, all the rest of them, have been so upset about bears.
I remember you saying this a few weeks ago.
I said it too.
I said, how long until they take bears down?
Because they cannot have that vestigial thing there of, oh, how are you going to give liability protection
These companies, if there isn't some place for there to be reports for the public to see.
So they created bears in the 1980s and they got it online by the 1990s.
And now conveniently exactly in Israel and here it's been taken down.
And listen, when you read these John Hopkins white papers, these Rockefeller Financial Watch papers, they talk about once we implement this Operation Lockstep,
There's the whole Rockefeller plan.
Now the Rockefeller Foundation is in charge of U.S.
They were always in charge, you know, since the 90s or so, but now they're publicly in charge and they're the ones that gave the order to take that down, you better believe it, while they go in and change it or make it, you know, not as easy to get to or claim, oh, there were errors, we found fraud.
Definitely they want to get rid of that because they're in charge of depopulating us and giving us these diseases that'll take a long time to die and then they'll have the treatments to suck the money out of you while they kill you.
Uh, and so that's why that's so important, because they're not just suppressing you on Google and Apple and Twitter and everywhere else in Facebook and Instagram.
They're now doing it at the medical level.
And exactly what you said, they didn't know what to do with the Israelis.
Own doctors and own people aren't bad.
It's the people at the top that are bad.
Just like here.
They're just like doctors here.
They care about people.
They're average scientists, average doctors.
They reported the truth, and they said the majority of new cases are in the vaccinated.
They're very serious cases.
The majority of folks dying have been vaccinated.
And so our media said that can't be true, and Fauci said it can't be true.
Two weeks later, they now admit, okay, it's true.
The vaccinated have to wear masks, and you're the main spreaders now, because it was always their plan.
But they didn't want this out now.
They wanted this out in the fall and the winter.
Come out a little bit early, and they were going to blame it again on the unvaccinated.
But now, because of good doctors and scientists all over the world getting out ahead of them, they're having to respond to having their data challenged up front.
Instead of the last year and a half, never even giving us data.
The only data they gave us was PCR, which they said admitted was 94% false.
Now they admit 100% false again.
With a PCR test, you can turn it up, and it will say a brick has COVID.
It will say a goat has COVID.
It will say that a glass marble has COVID.
It will say thin air has COVID.
It's a fraud, just like 23andMe saying lizard spit is, you know, an Eastern European or something.
And I'm doing it myself.
We're sending off my cat's saliva, sending off my mom's dog's saliva.
Again, who started 23andMe?
The criminal, the anti-free speech monster pig that runs YouTube.
But it's a woman.
Oh, it's a woman.
These are monsters.
If Hitler would have been a woman, they would have won.
But they put women up as their fronts because we genetically don't think of a woman as a threat because 95% of violent crime is committed by men.
That's true.
But the psychologists use it against us and use women as the front because then we don't think it's a threat.
These are a new type of women.
So we have to understand, folks, these are satanically animated meatbags, alright, that are literally slaughtering you and your family.
All of it's fraud, they know it, they sit around their boardrooms and laugh.
Bare pharmaceuticals.
Came out 20 years ago.
Knowingly, for a decade, got blood from one place in the world, on purpose, that had hepatitis and HIV in it, and that was the prison system in Arkansas.
They would deliberately not test the blood.
They had it shipped to Canada for Bayer.
They had it mixed in the factory and shipped out worldwide, and it came out in the court cases.
That the CEOs of Bayer over the regions in France and in Australia said, you can read the quotes, in the board meetings, they recorded this with stenographers.
So imagine they've got like a court reporter in their board meetings saying, there's too many hemophiliacs, screw them.
When their own people said, hey, you know, there's hepatitis and HIV and all of these blood clotting drugs.
And they said, good, there's too many hemophiliacs.
These people want to murder you, murder you.
So the Clintons were involved.
You say, why would they do that?
They would let people with HIV give blood up to every week on purpose.
People said, why that's so satanic.
They wanted to do it.
That was a human sacrifice for the Clintons.
Their God gives them power.
Satan gives them power when they kill innocent people.
And killing, they estimate, over a million hemophiliac children.
Giving them hepatitis and HIV was a sacrament.
Just like Ed Buck, it turns out, it was a religion to him to inject black men and bring them to death and then give them shots to bring them back of the anti-drug.
But two black men still died.
And he fed it with skulls and candles and goat's heads.
He was extracting their energy.
And he loved the power of injecting them.
And that's what this is for this cult.
Making us wear masks, taking their poison shots.
They are doing satanic rituals.
And when you realize they're extracting power, that's why in Germany,
30,000 children just in one city given to pedophiles.
Then it turned out it was all over the country at an industrial level.
Millions and millions of people involved in it.
Hundreds of thousands of children raped, tortured.
And you read deeper in literature, most of the time it's described as satanic rituals in Catholic churches.
Because again, if you're a satanist, the highest thing to do is not to rape a child, but to do it in a church as part of blasphemy.
As that's what a black mass is, is you do it in the church at night.
And so when people, this doesn't make sense to you folks, because you're not devil worshippers.
You're not pedophiles.
But as soon as you realize the enemy is literally satanic devil worshippers, then it makes total sense.
And then you realize that's what they're doing.
Fauci is a high priest satanist, folks.
He is literally murdering you, lying to you.
He is a devil.
He is Satan incarnate.
And he is mega-killing, just like he ran the whole HIV situation.
He goes, I used to go in the bathhouses in 79 in New York where the HIV's died.
Yeah, he was involved in a program giving the gay men vaccinations, supposedly, for all these diseases so they wouldn't spread it.
And guess where the first vectors were?
In New York City, in the bathhouses.
And that's where Dr. Fauci was working.
He is literally the number one suspect of launching that bio attack.
Now we begin to realize the magnitude of the individuals we're dealing with.
And I know, folks, this sounds over the top.
I cannot describe to you how truly evil these folks are.
That's right.
And I'm on the road.
Owen Schroeder is doing a great job sitting in the main chair there in the ATX.
And Matt Bracken coming up next hour.
Then Owen and others will be hosting the War Room today.
3 to 6 p.m.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And Wild Wars is going to drag me away in this historic, historic time.
I just need to go ahead and just finish this up.
I keep going back to the Satanism because that's what these people are.
And they are extracting energy out of hurting humans.
And that's their goal.
They don't have a right to rule the Earth.
They can be easily defeated if we wake up to the evil and admit it's real.
But you have to admit the horror.
You have to admit the devil's real.
The devil's greatest trick, as they say, was getting the world to think he didn't exist.
And so, it's hard for me to admit this.
It's made my hair turn gray.
I have nightmares about it, but you know, God strengthens me.
And that's how we know exactly what's going to happen, because we're not naive folks.
We understand the battle plan, and those that serve evil are given over to great delusion.
These people serving Satan are not in charge.
They're slaves.
They actually believe some of their own BS.
A lot of them actually do know it's BS, but a lot of them are given over to great delusion.
When you are not deluded, and you really open yourself up to the truth and do the real research, you get great detail and understanding of how the world works, and then you get
Again, he's going to go to the clip here of Michael Rappaport.
Got the vaccine.
He's told he was a hero.
He did it.
He got the vaccine.
And I mean, to the guy's credit, at least he's being honest about this situation.
And he sees the CDC saying, yep, vaccinated people are causing the spread.
They're causing the mutation.
Maybe he even saw the data coming out of Israel and Singapore and other places where most of the cases of COVID, most of the new hospitalized cases of COVID are in fully vaccinated people.
So he's seeing this and he's saying, wait a second, I was lied to.
I was deceived.
I was tricked.
And that's an opening now.
That's an opening now for Michael Rapoport and any others in a similar situation as him to say, wait a second, if I was lied to about this, maybe I was lied to about everything else.
Maybe I was lied to about January 6th.
Maybe I was lied to about Trump.
Maybe I was lied to about the election.
You were!
You were!
You were duped!
You were fooled by all those big lies!
And maybe it's the big vaccine lie that finally gets him to wake up and see the truth.
We won't hold our breath, but this is an opportunity for awakening.
And if you can awake somebody who is as strong as a brainwashed leftist for the establishment, an establishment hack as Michael Rappaport, well, maybe there's hope for others.
And so that's why this story is such an interesting one.
You know that there's people out there who just didn't even think twice about it.
They just they figure, hey, the U.S.
government's good.
They're not going to try to hurt me.
They don't want to try to hurt me.
The media and people on television, they don't want to see me get hurt.
And, you know, this vaccine, this vaccine is not going to do anything other than just stop me from getting covid.
So they just lined up and got it.
Now they're seeing all the reports.
And now they're seeing all the reports that vaccinated people are causing mutations, vaccinated people are causing spread, and most of the new hospitalizations due to COVID are from vaccinated people.
So we are working on getting Alex Jones back on the line.
Guys, just let me know when he's ready to go.
But folks, it's a miracle.
We're not even supposed to be on air at this time bringing you this information.
And there's a reason why they got rid of the VAERS reports and the reports out of Israel is because they don't want you to see this.
So shop at Infowarsstore.com so we can keep bringing you this information.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, we're not supposed to be on the air to bring you this information right now.
That's why we were targeted first for censorship.
That's why they've done all kinds of things behind the scenes to have us taken off air and shut us down.
But thanks to God's graciousness, we're still with you and thanks to your support and your prayers and everything, we're still with you.
But we do need your financial support.
Infowarsstore.com, all the great supplements, the t-shirts, the privacy pouches for your phone so that you can't be tracked and traced.
You want the government to stop tracking, tracing you, listening to your calls, you put in that privacy pouch, it cuts it off.
You know, we're working on even expanding in the midst of all these attacks.
We've just hired a new reporter who's just started filing reports.
She's down at the border with a crew right now.
So this is what we're doing at InfoWars to awaken America and awaken the world.
And by the way, when you do order your privacy pouch, right now we are sending a big selection of stickers, including the sticker for your front door if you want to put it there, somewhere near your front door.
Door knockers, no solicitation.
This property charges $50 per minute to listen to any vaccine slash medical advice payment required in advance by knocking or ringing our doorbell.
You agree to the terms stated above.
And so you put that right there near your door, on your door, and the vaccine pushers that are going door-to-door for Joe Biden and big pharmaceutical companies, they will be turned away.
Or maybe it's just an interesting starting point to talk to these people.
Like, hey, why do you have this sign in your door?
Well, because I don't want to get that deadly vaccine.
Here, let me show you why.
Or the supplements, folks.
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That's our goal.
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Supplement, that's just so good.
It's all at InfoWarsStore.com and that's how everything we do here is possible.
Alright, we do have Alex on the phone now.
We've got three minutes left here in this segment.
Alex, go ahead.
Well, it's no big deal.
I'm just going to host the next hour now.
No problem.
I just got a weird feedback, and it's just part of the technical stuff that I couldn't get back in my line.
That's fine.
I'm going to host the first three segments that Matt Bracken wants to do the last half the hour.
You know, I love Matt, but I've got to cover the vaccine stuff.
I have to get this information out, and it's my fault.
I have a bunch of clips I haven't gotten to, so I'm mad at myself for not getting to those, and also have an example of a solution of the way to take the globalist on.
But while we're on the main show,
I'm going to just ask very politely and just lovingly, can we put the article from InfoWars.com with the Michael Rappaport up there showing the side-by-side photos of him a few months ago getting the shot and saying he just got the shot and now he looks like today.
Rappaport's attacked me a lot, so I see a lot of his videos and I routinely see his stuff.
He attacks me every month or so.
He looks 20 years older.
After he took the mRNA infection.
And I just want to show people what this looks like.
He's skinny.
His hair is totally gray.
He's lost a bunch of weight.
He looks 20 years older.
He's got a fever blister on his face.
Again, I'm on the phone.
Can people see that right now?
Yes, it's on the screen.
Okay, great.
So that's what goes on with this.
That's what happens with this.
And that's why this is so dangerous.
But I wanted to talk about solutions here.
A few weeks ago,
There was a Michigan fair, and we'll just go ahead and roll the video, please.
There was a Michigan fair, and they saw one of those rides where it's the ship that rocks back and forth and spins around in circles with all that on them.
They hadn't put the anchors down right for it, and so it starts to rock and it's about to jump over.
One man says, let's get over here and let's save it.
And a bunch of people, black, white, Hispanic, old, young,
We're good to go.
And he might have predicted his life, but he had that human instinct to help others.
They'll have the instinct to help him.
An authoritarian regime, they drive that out of you, where no one stands up for each other.
But Americans have always been known for that, and others around the world.
So I want to encourage everybody to come together and realize how important you are, and how special all this is.
And in fact, this is such an incredible moment.
The fact that you're awake, and you're involved, and you're informed, means you're literally an ambassador, a leader,
An emissary in this whole fight.
That's why I'm so proud of Owen and the great crew and just the great job everybody's doing, our affiliates, our sponsors, the great listeners, because I'm sorry we've got to cover all this negative news.
I'm sorry we have to go over all this really bad, scary stuff, but the globalists want us to be childlike and very naive and stupid so they can feed on us.
All right, fourth hour, coming up with Matt Bracken.
Great job, Owen Troyer.
We'll be back today, 3 p.m.
Central, with The War Room.
Please support us, infowarestore.com.
Okay, let me just go ahead and I've got some other news that we can cover here that has pretty much been uncovered in the media and while...
It's not necessarily as relevant as some of the other news we've been covering here today.
It is relevant as an illustration that Joe Biden is not in control of the White House, and this is very dangerous for U.S.
foreign policy, and that even the Democrat Party has panicked over something that has happened in the last couple of weeks that the media hasn't even reported on.
And so here are the headlines.
airstrike in Somalia is second this week against Al-Shabaab.
So were you aware that the U.S.
was striking Somalia?
Were you aware that the U.S.
has been launching multiple strikes in Somalia?
No, most people weren't, including Congress, maybe even including Joe Biden.
He might even not know what's going on.
Boy, how dangerous is that?
Who's running our military right now?
Who's launching airstrikes in Somalia?
And why?
Think about it.
Congress didn't even know it was going on.
The Democrat Party didn't even know it was going on.
I would bet you right now that Biden doesn't even know that it's going on.
Who's running the military?
Who's ordering the military to make these airstrikes?
In Somalia!
And so the Democrats are like, they find out about this and they're like, what the hell?
What is going on?
And so here's the story out of Politico.
A very dangerous precedent.
Democrats take aim at Biden's Somalia airstrikes.
You really think Biden's in control?
You really think Biden is making these orders?
Of course not.
So somebody's doing this.
Somebody needs to be arrested.
Somebody needs to be indicted for illegally striking Somalia.
But see, you may recall when Biden was Vice President, he might not remember this, Obama was launching drone strikes all over the Middle East and he lied about it and said that it wasn't going on.
There were no drone strikes.
Then you had a whistleblower, Daniel Hale,
Who released all of the documents of all the drone strikes that Obama had approved and then lied about.
He released that.
Well, he has now been charged and he faces 45 months in prison.
A whistleblower.
Who saw that our government was lying to us.
Who saw that Barack Obama was lying about airstrikes.
Barack Obama murdering people in the Middle East on the U.S.'
's name and dime.
And then lying about it.
Because he was the anti-war candidate.
No, he lied about that too.
He's a total fraud.
But the individual that leaked those documents and blew the whistle and told the world, no, we are doing these airstrikes, Obama did approve these airstrikes, he faces 45 months in prison.
So what the hell is going on?
So good members of the military and the intelligence department who blow the whistle on government corruption when it comes to war, they face 45 months in jail, but somebody's launching airstrikes in Somalia and nobody knows who and there's no questions asked.
Well, you know,
We have been hearing that National Anthem.
If you've been watching the Olympics, a lot of great Americans have taken gold medals.
And you know what?
They're not like the spoiled crybaby professional athletes that want to make a political statement during our National Anthem and take a knee or whatever else they'd want to do to protest America.
No, they stand up, they put their hand on their heart, they sing along, even though they're muzzled.
What an embarrassment that is.
And you know it's sad yet another situation with this Simone Biles debacle where a quitter and a wine bag spoiled athlete steals the show from all the true athletes that deserve our attention and our praise and our support.
Not the quitters, but the winners that love this country.
And so there have been a lot of great American athletes that you can tell are patriotic and you can tell love this country.
And it's sad that the liberals and the losers who want to spit on America and spit on our flag steal the attention away from the great American athletes that are still winning gold and love this country and whose family loves this country.
And so, you know, it's just the Simone Biles thing is another example.
And you know, I'm beginning to wonder about the whole Simone Biles debacle, because you don't forget the Colin Kaepernick Nike situation.
Simone Biles is a Nike athlete.
And so, I won't go too deep into that, but the crew played the national anthem.
I wasn't planning on talking about that today.
But, you know, it really makes me wonder.
Nike got to Kaepernick and made him quit, and then he became a political pundit.
And I've never seen Simone Biles say anything political, but it doesn't mean it might not happen in the future.
And how convenient that she just quits in the middle of the biggest event of her life, a Nike athlete.
And then gets all the attention for it and all the praise from the liberal media.
And then the other odd thing about this too is during the Olympics, they're running their propaganda pretty much 24-7.
The Olympics have just been turned into a propaganda machine now, sadly, with the face masks and everything else.
In between the lines, though, you can still see great Americans competing and winning.
But it really makes you wonder.
Simone Biles quits in the middle of her competition, gets all the praise in the media.
She's a Nike athlete, just like Colin Kaepernick.
It all seems really suspicious.
And then when you see the propaganda that they're running during the commercial breaks and how almost every messaging during the commercial breaks is either directly or subliminally about how you're depressed, you're having a mental disorder, and you need help.
And then you have Simone Biles, who's in all of these different ad campaigns as well.
So you have Simone Biles sandwiched in between ads telling you that you have a mental problem, that you're depressed.
And then you see Simone Biles, and then another ad following it says that winning isn't everything.
Really is suspicious.
What are the odds that all those stars align for a Nike athlete to quit in the middle of the Olympics and then get praised for it just like Colin Kaepernick did?
But I want to digress on that.
I wasn't even planning on talking about that, but the crew played the national anthem, so I just couldn't help myself.
It was on my mind.
Now, we are going to be rejoined by Alex coming up in the next segment.
We're getting all these video clips in order.
As you know, ladies and gentlemen, Alex on vacation this week.
I wish he would actually take a real vacation, but he can't do it.
It's just impossible.
And so we're getting all these clips aligned with Alex right now to make sure that when we come back, we can have it all correct.
Now, again, we covered this the other day, but I want to bring it up because I think it
Kind of dovetails with the fact that our military is launching airstrikes in Somalia and seemingly nobody even knows who's launching it.
Nobody has any idea what's going on.
We're bombing Somalia and the Biden administration has made no comments on it.
The Democrats in Congress said, what the hell is going on?
You didn't vote.
There's no congressional approval.
You're illegally striking Somalia and the media is silent on it as well.
That's kind of a big story.
Kind of a big deal.
Makes the Biden administration look really, really bad.
And so I guess that's why the media's not covering it, but...
As all this craziness is developing, Vladimir Putin is building two new doomsday planes as immobile command centers in the event of nuclear war.
Because Putin sees the tea leaves, and he sees that the globalist American empire is out of control, and he also sees that the world is waking up to all this corruption.
And he knows that the most dangerous animal is the one that's cornered with its fangs out and in desperation may do anything.
And that's kind of the situation that the globalist American empire is in right now.
Their deadly vaccines have been exposed, their lies about COVID have been exposed, their lies about January 6th have been exposed, their lies about Donald Trump have been exposed, they stole the election, that's been exposed.
So all of their massive crimes and lies
America is finally waking up to it, but in that process, in their mad scientist, corrupt government process, they look at that situation
And rather than just go out with dignity and admit that their plan for world domination failed, rather than just let the world go on and be free and live and not want to go under their tyranny, they would rather flip over the table or launch a nuclear war just to spite humanity not wanting to be enslaved by them.
Just to spite humanity that doesn't want to take their forced deadly injections.
And Putin knows that.
And that's why he now has doomsday planes to basically run Russia from the air in case of a nuclear war.
So, I mean, folks, you gotta understand.
When our military is striking Somalia and the White House doesn't even have a comment on it, and Congress didn't even know that it happened, I mean, you should be having serious red flags going off.
What the hell is going on?
Who's running our military?
I mean, that's some serious business right there.
And you know, we've barely even talked about the fact that our southern border is wide open.
But see, ABC News has this story today.
Earth Overshoot Day marks date planet has used up resources for the year.
So this is this new thing, and they're just saying, oh, there's no more resources for planet Earth in the year 2021.
And of course, they're not fully executing this yet.
They're just showing you that this is their plan for the future.
So in the future, you know, by 2030, that's their really endgame date here, is, oh, once the earth hits overshoot day, sorry, no more water for you, no more energy for you, you get shut off, and until the end of the year, you get nothing.
Good luck.
Now the irony here, obviously you can imagine what's in this story, it's all about man-made climate change.
Not just the irony of the fact that they now have man-made weather weapons and they're making weather in Dubai and in Russia and in China.
That doesn't count for man-made global warming.
Oh no, no, no.
That doesn't count for man-made climate change.
Even though it's literally man-made climate change.
No, they don't count that.
Just you, the human, wanting to heat your house.
Or you, the human, wanting to cool your house.
Or you, the human, wanting to drive a car.
You're the problem.
But in this story...
Where it talks about the Global Footprint Network and Earth Overshoot Day, where they just say, Earth only has this much resources for a year, and as soon as you cross that threshold, you have to shut everything down.
And they're even saying, well, we got 155 days left in the year, now you get nothing, so for the next 155 days, because you overshot the Earth's resources and energy resources, you get nothing for 155 days, now good luck, I guess you're just gonna die.
Which is, of course, what they want.
But yet in this story that demonizes CO2, says the US is bad for CO2 emissions, there's once again, I'm not talking about the actual man-made weather, but there's once again, there's once again something that's left out of this, that should never be left out, but once again conveniently is omitted, and that is China.
Really amazing, isn't it, how China doesn't have to curtail its carbon emissions, even though China emits more carbon into the atmosphere than every other industrialized nation combined.
But no mention of China.
No, no, no, no.
China's not the problem.
You, the dirty American.
You, the dirty Westerner.
You, the dirty human being who wants to drive a car or fly commercially.
Wants to heat your little apartment or family home.
You're the bad person.
You've just used up all the Earth's resources for the year, and so now for the next 155 days, it's death and desperation because of you, bad human!
But China?
Not China.
They don't have to stop doing anything, because they run the whole show.
Alright, we are going to be joined shortly by Alex Jones here.
Elon Musk put up an interesting tweet today, which it seems like it's not that interesting.
I'll explain why, though.
Tesla AI Day, August 19th.
Okay, seems kind of mundane, unimportant.
But I learned this yesterday, and Elon Musk obviously knows this.
Apparently, the number 19 is kind of a code word for AI.
Because A, first letter of the alphabet, I, ninth letter of the alphabet.
Elon Musk knows that, that's why he said Tesla AI Day is on August 19th.
So it's pretty incredible to think COVID-19 is actually an acronym
Guys, put yesterday's show from the War Room.
We had a great guest on, Clay Clark, who is breaking this down.
I'd never seen this before.
I'd seen it before, but I'd never had someone break it down before.
COVID-19 is actually an acronym, and 19 at the end of it is code for AI.
It's all about the vaccine ID, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, Alex Jones has joined us.
We've got the video clips ready to go.
Alex rejoins the Alex Jones Show.
Alex, take it away.
And the crew is doing a great job.
I want to turn a great job.
I'm the one that's caused a little bit of a cattywampus problem here because I thought Matt Bracken was hosting today.
So that's actually okay.
He wasn't.
So now I don't have time to cover everything, but I do want to hear the great information that Bracken always has to offer.
So we'll have more from him coming up in the days to follow.
And I had sent them some clips and had ripped the names down wrong on the clips, because again, I'm on the road and I'm doing this from the back porch.
I have a little condo here at a fishing village where I'm trying to get my mind cleared out, but next segment I'll tell the story in full about why I can't.
I literally cannot walk down the street or go out on a fishing boat without hearing about people's family members being murdered with ventilators.
And the people telling me this know their families were murdered.
I'll talk about that coming up later in the next segment, but I've got three clips I really, really want to get to.
The first is Dr. Robert Malone.
Uh, and he is the inventor of the mRNA technology.
He's launched billion-dollar companies.
He believes in clean, good vaccines.
In the studying of mRNA with an application like this for spike protein, he warned a year ago that this would probably have problems, and he's been very intense about it since then.
And he went on the War Room, not Owen's War Room, but, uh,
On the
Laying out what we all predicted, what medical doctors predicted here, what epidemiologists predicted here, what the medical literature showed of why the majority of people that have taken the vaccine within six months start to get sick.
That's under 10 penny.
They've all explained.
That's what's so scary here, folks.
This is known stuff in literature.
The common cold has been studied more than anything.
We always know you can't get a cure for the common cold because there's millions of them over time.
Thousands at any one time.
So, you can't ever get the RNA of that, because it's too varied.
But, you can attack the protein shell.
Except, again, I keep harping on this, folks, you gotta warn your friends and family, that protein's all over your body.
Oh, like your ovaries, and your testicles, and your brain, and your heart, and your lungs, anywhere you've got fast-growing cells.
And a bunch of other things.
So, here he is, then I'm gonna go back to the clip from Dr. David L.V.
Three weeks ago that we had harped on where he's giggling and laughing and he's in charge of the whole British government project.
He's not British.
Testing what's happened to vaccinated people with these mRNA and he says it destroys your immune system and that basically after six months you have no immune system.
I mean, this is incredible.
People said, oh, that's your interpretation of that.
No, we have the damn studies.
I spent hours reading Dr.
David L. B. Bowers, British government-backed, number one bioweapon lab in the world, report.
I got literally bloodshot eyes reading it.
Here's the matter.
That's why I get so frustrated, folks.
This is open and shut.
Like, if I walk up and shoot you in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun, your brains are all over the wall.
That's science.
That's kinetic energy.
This stuff is science.
They're growing damn protein crystals in us.
They're giving us artificial mad cow, and I am just beyond pissed here.
It's not normal to just sit here and calmly talk about this.
So stop apologizing when you get pissed.
I think we should be damn pissed.
In fact, I don't think we're pissed enough.
So, here's the inventor who they're trying to censor off the internet.
Who is only hurting his own technology.
He explained that he goes, I wish this wasn't being misused, but you could not get a more credible damn person.
Here's Dr. Robert Malone.
What you heard Fauci say is the nasal titers are the same in vaccine recipients and unvaccinated.
That's a, uh, that's selective disclosure.
Apparently, uh, nasal titers are a very poor indicator.
As opposed to blood-based titers of infectious virus.
What NBC News dropped yesterday was the statement sourced from an unnamed government official that the titers in the vaccinated are actually higher than in the unvaccinated.
What does this mean?
And why do you suddenly see this kind of frantic scramble?
This is precisely what one would see if antibody-dependent enhancement was happening.
What is antibody-dependent enhancement?
Briefly, it's that the vaccine causes the virus to become more infectious than would happen in the absence of vaccination, would cause the virus to replicate at higher levels than in the absence of infection.
This is the vaccinologist's worst nightmare.
It happened with the respiratory syncytial virus in the 60s and caused more child deaths in vaccine recipients than unvaccinated.
It happened with Dengvaxio, the dengue vaccine.
And it's happened with virtually every other coronavirus vaccine development program, certainly in humans, known in history.
And it's what the vaccinologists like myself have been warning about.
Okay, so, and the full clip's up on InfoWars.com.
It's like an hour-long interview, and I really want to get Robert Malone, at least on the war room.
My show's too hot to handle because we're such trailblazers way out ahead of everybody.
You notice what he just said?
He said, every other coronavirus vaccine has done this.
It's the holy grail, folks, to cure the common cold.
If they had a shot that would do it, I would take it.
They have studied it everywhere.
Fauci funded himself
I've read at least 20 of them, okay?
Till my eyes bleed.
But the UT one is a U.S.
government initiative.
government initiative project at more than seven universities based out of University of Texas at Austin.
And they found that University of Texas at Galveston, excuse me, they found... I know, folks, I've got hundreds of topics to cover.
I keep repeating this.
Because you understand, they knew.
That's what he just said.
He said every other coronavirus vaccine has done this.
That's the cold virus.
You cannot do it.
When you do it, this happens, and it causes the body to grow them.
So now, I told you last year the numbers were not up on death, and I told you I went and checked the numbers.
The numbers were not up.
Most of the people that they said were sick with COVID had something else, but let me give you the newsflash.
Everyone I know has COVID now.
When I say that, I mean everybody I talk to, people all around me, now actually have it.
All right, folks, Alex Jones here on the road.
I'm Troyer.
I'm shotgun.
He's got the war room coming up here in about 27 minutes, 3 to 6 p.m.
And I know he's doing a lot of powerful shows where he opens the phones up to doctors and to nurses and to victims of the COVID vaccine.
The lines just load up.
I've been doing the same thing.
It's just incredible.
When I get back to Austin, I'm planning to do some special nighttime shows that are commercial-free, where we just take three, four hours of phone calls from people so you can give your testimony and be heard, because this whole evil system is about suppressing you.
I got caught off by the break because I didn't hear the music and my technical issues.
I'm just over a phone out here in the middle of nowhere.
And I was finishing the point of everybody I know at COVID, what I meant to say is everybody I know knows people that have COVID-like symptoms, that are getting really, really sick, having all sorts of problems.
85-year-old women are having menstrual cycles again everywhere.
Women are losing their babies everywhere.
People are having all sorts of weird shingles, rashes all over them.
And it's everything the literature showed us what viral shedding will do.
And so I know people now that go into medical doctors, and they go, oh, we're not going to do a COVID test on you.
That's because right now, they don't want high numbers.
That in the fall, they're going to start testing again, but not with the PCR test, but with all these other tests, and then jack the numbers up.
But they want to say it's low right now because, quote, people are being vaccinated.
But the truth is, we know that actually the number of deaths of people that have COVID-like symptoms are skyrocketing.
But it's not COVID as you would think of it, the supposed virus.
It is what's been caused by the vaccine.
It's really a genetic engineering compound that reprograms your cells to make poisonous prions.
Now normally, what we know about spongiform encephalopathy, remember back in the 90s, they made them kill most of the cows and sheep in the UK.
They were feeding what they called awful to the sheep and cows.
You're not supposed to do that.
Sheep and cows have three stomachs.
They don't eat meat.
They are not omnivores.
They're not carnivores.
They are vegetarian.
I'm good to go.
And then, when humans would eat that, it would pass through the stomach wall, intestine wall, get into the blood, and then it would get through the blood-brain barrier and begin growing these crystal cultures in the brain.
Now, these protein crystals are almost identical to the spike protein.
So, this is a very toxic thing, and this is all on record, and it was predicted, and it was known.
So you just heard the inventor of mRNA technology.
He holds the major patents on it.
He's a vaccine advocate.
We're doing it cleanly and properly and heavily tested because it's a real science.
But he says mRNA is not good applied to this.
He says all the studies we did in rats killed them.
It killed them.
He said it causes the body to just start producing the protein of the virus and it kills.
He says in every study.
That's why he said a year plus ago, he goes, don't do this.
It doesn't work.
Everybody knows this.
This is like, again, don't jump off a cliff without a parachute.
You're gonna break your neck or you're gonna break your legs.
I mean, this is one-on-one, folks.
So, we have that.
Now we have Dr. David L. B. Bauer, who runs the big UK top weapons facility, number one bioweapons lab in the world, the biggest, the top one that we know of.
It's the biggest public one.
Here he is two weeks ago, going, oh yeah, once you take these vaccines for Pfizer shot,
You're going to have to keep taking them later because it stops working in a few months.
Well, that's exactly what Dr. Robert Malone just said.
And then your body starts producing.
So this is very, very, very serious.
I'm not the scientist.
These are the scientists.
The ones for this stuff are admitting it to you.
And this is 12 monkey type stuff.
So here's Dr. David L. V. Bauer.
So the key message from our finding is that we found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, those who've had two doses, have about five to six fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies.
Now these are the sort of gold standard private security antibodies of your immune system, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place.
So we found that that's less for people with two doses.
We've also found that for people with only one dose of the Pfizer jab, that they are less likely to have high levels of these antibodies in their blood.
And perhaps most importantly for all of us going forward is that we see that the older you are,
The lower your levels are likely to be, and the time since you've had your second jab, as that time goes on, the lower your levels are also likely to be.
So that's telling us that we're probably going to be needing to prioritize boosters for older and more vulnerable people coming up soon, especially if this new variant spreads.
And people said, oh, that can't be true, he misspoke, and then turned out, and I was like, oh, we're going to give you two shots a year for the rest of your life.
I started laughing at people.
It destroys your immune system.
Now, here's Dr. David Martin, who, by the way, a few weeks ago I had him scheduled on the show.
He's a great guy, really good at math, really good at corporate stuff, a huge author, one of the most important people out there fighting tyranny right now.
I had some family stuff going on, and I thought I wouldn't be able to do the second hour, and then that family thing cleared up, and I canceled the interview with him, and I really apologize.
I want to get him back on the air.
Here he is, and he's got all the math, all the background, all the medical
I don't know.
He goes into the documents how they pre-planned all this with the COVID rollout with the vaccines to make profit.
Now he has a smoking gun.
And so one way or the other, go find his interviews out there because they are absolutely critical.
And even if he can't come on the show, because I didn't have him on, I'm still going to put a compilation of the stuff he's saying together in air, because all I care about is getting the information out.
In fact, crew, just start for the next few days.
A big compilation of his latest information.
Let's do a whole hour even if he can't join us.
He's doing amazing work.
Here is just part of what Dr. David Martin just said recently.
That is not necessarily a bestseller, but we publish an intelligence briefing on every violation of the biological and chemical weapons treaties that people have signed around the world.
And it's a phone book that tells you where and who and who's funding.
And so for us, it wasn't hard to figure out that this was not a public health crisis.
This was an opportunistic marketing campaign to address a stated objective.
And that's why this is Occam's Razor.
It's the easiest thing to describe because they're the ones that said it.
And the Occam's Razor reality is they said they needed to get the public to accept a pan-coronavirus vaccine countermeasure.
And they needed the media to create the hype and investors would follow where they see profit.
You do not have anything else you need to rely on to explain the events of the last 20 months than the actual statement of the actual perpetrator.
And I don't do the navel-gazing exercise of going in to try to understand whether there were mommy issues behind a bank robber.
If they're holding a bag of money outside of a bank, I actually make the crazy assumption that maybe they're a bank robber.
Similarly, if I have somebody who says we need to use the media to hype a medical countermeasure, which is in fact the injection of a synthetic recombinant chimeric protein developed off of a computer simulation,
If I'm actually going to listen to the motivation for why that might be being done, I will listen to the person doing the manipulation, who says investors will follow where they see profit.
I don't need more explanation.
Me neither.
And the illusion that we continue to unfortunately see very well-meaning people get trapped in
It's conversations about whether we're having a vaccine for a virus.
The fact of the matter is we're not.
We are injecting a spike protein mRNA sequence which is a computer simulation.
It's not derived from nature.
It's a computer simulation of a sequence which has been known and patented for years.
And what we know is that that sequence, as reported, is reported across things like, you know, the very reliable phone conversations that took place between Moderna and the Vaccine Research Center by self-report.
Where, I don't know, if you were on a phone call and you heard ATTCCGGTTCCGABBB,
You know, is there any chance you might get a letter, a vowel, or a consonant dropped here or there?
The ludicrous nature.
We are back.
Rod Choglia with Otis Royer.
I'm Alex Jones.
You'll be taking over the War Room here in about 10 minutes.
But I want to finish up the clip with Dr. David Martin because what he gets into is Dr. Peter Daszak and these funding groups and Bill and Melinda Gates and Fauci and how they went and were developing vaccines
For these chimeric viruses at the Wuhan lab and gave the order to start producing basically the COVID-19 vaccine in December of 2019, months before it was even announced.
And you have Peter Daszak saying, oh, we, in 2019, saying, oh, you know, we're merging all these viruses to create a super vaccine.
Again, when they'd already studied all these and knew they didn't work, in fact, made people sick.
So this is all a big giant test with the media, the corporations and big tech to see
They can get away with killing a bunch of people, and I'm going to talk about the ventilators here in closing with Owen in just a moment, but finishing up with that short clip of Dr. David Martin.
mRNA sequence, which is a computer simulation.
It's not derived from nature.
It's a computer simulation of a sequence which has been known and patented for years.
And what we know is that that sequence, as reported, is reported across things like, you know, the very reliable phone conversations that took place between Moderna and the Vaccine Research Center by self-report.
Where, I don't know, if you were on a phone call and you heard ATTCCGGTTCCGABBB,
You know, is there any chance you might get a letter, a vowel or a consonant dropped here or there?
The ludicrous nature of the story that this is somehow prophylactic or preventative flies in the face of a hundred percent of the evidence because the evidence makes it abundantly clear that there has been no effort by any pharmaceutical company to combat the virus
This is about getting people injected with the known to be harmful S1 spike protein.
So the cover story is that if you get an expression of a spike protein, you're going to have some sort of general symptomatic relief.
But the fact of the matter is, there has never been an intent to vaccinate a population as defined by the vaccination universe.
And it's important.
I mean, let's review just for the record.
When Anthony Fauci tried desperately to get some of his, quote, synthetic RNA vaccines published, he had his own patents rejected by the Patent Office.
That's right.
So 20 years of attempts to roll out mRNA technology has now been basically forced through outside of law and outside of regulatory agencies.
That's why the FDA has still not come out and approved this as an authorized studied shot, because it hasn't been.
And they will fully destroy themselves and sign themselves onto this if they've done it.
So this is multinational corporations, through the UN, through big tech of the Chinese, scaring us and forcing us all through.
And I'm going to just tell the story briefly and then give Owen Schroer a take on it.
Since I've been on the road, and to try to take off some time and get a lot of phone calls done, and do a little bit of fishing, a little bit of hiking, and you know, being a good boy, not eating like a pig, not drinking, I have had three people on the street walk up to me and say, they took my brother, they took my sister, they took my mom, they took my dad.
You know, they took him, my cousin,
I don't think so.
We're falsely tested for it, or it was done after they were admitted, and it turns out it was fake.
I mean, they admit the PCR test is 94% fraudulent, and that's when it's set up right.
So again, this is just a giant exercise in fraud.
And then I'm out fishing yesterday, and I'm sitting there, and the guy looks at me and goes, so you are Alex Jones?
He goes, yeah.
He goes, yeah, I've seen some of your stuff.
He goes, my cousin's basically two years older than me.
He had a sore throat.
He goes into the clinic.
They don't even do a test.
I say, let me guess, instead of the city hospital, he goes, yeah.
And then he goes in, they signed the form, because he believes them, that they want to intubate him, even though he was just coughing up some green stuff.
Didn't offer antibiotics, didn't offer steroids, didn't offer any in a drain to pull it off the lung, nothing.
He was not having trouble breathing.
He signs a form, they put him in a coma, so he won't fight.
But he was dead two days later.
And again, I can't even go out on a lake and fish
Uh, because that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all around us.
And, again, there are all these mystery illnesses now.
Death rates are way up this year, as I predicted.
Last year, it was a normal level.
No, no, this fall, this winter, this, all this shedding, it's going to be devastating, I believe.
And they're going to blame the non-vaccinated, except now, because there's still real scientists that's coming out, that it's the unvaccinated who actually aren't sick, and it's the vaccinated that aren't sick, getting others sick.
So, and I don't see how they square this up.
I mean, now they're going to use the Australian military to enforce lockdowns, and now they're talking about forced inoculations there?
That's the beta test, Australia and the UK.
This is all globalist UK, British Empire, Cecil Rhodes eugenics crap, you know, Prince Philip.
Prince Charles says come back as a virus to kill the public.
Well, they've come back with a virus.
That's the pretext to kill us with the vaccines.
And if they can't get the majority to take the vaccines, what are they going to do when those that took it are dying and those that took it are sterilized and we're all healthy?
Well, that's when they develop something that sheds onto us.
But like you said, Owen, the wheels are coming off.
I don't know how they're going to cover this up or what they're going to do.
This is just insane, Owen.
Well, and perhaps the most insane part of it is you'd think that all humans would be in this together, and that's why we have to recognize and accept this crazy reality now, like you said earlier.
These are just meatbags possessed by Satan.
These are just demonically possessed meatbags hopping around, telling you to wear a mask, telling you to take the vaccine.
And you can't even sit here with basic common sense to say, hey, look, man, you've been vaccinated.
Why do I need to be vaccinated?
Hey, man, you're wearing your mask.
Why don't you feel it protects you?
Because because in that denial, they're admitting they know the vaccine doesn't work.
They're admitting they know the mask doesn't work.
They're admitting they know this is a giant social experiment.
You're absolutely right, and some of them are basically turned over to evil.
Others believe in virtue signaling because they believe emotion is reality.
They believe perception is reality, which it isn't.
So when they reflect that they're good and they're virtuous, they are believing the fantasy, just like Michael Rapaport.
The question is, how do we separate people from the demons, from those that are in the simulation, and believe virtue signaling is actually real?
You see what I'm saying?
Well, the challenge, I think, is just one that we have to give to God.
I don't think that our humanly flesh and soul can even do that.
I think that we have to give that to God and just ask for serenity and just go about our lives and realize that there's going to be people that can't be saved and don't want to be saved and maybe perhaps were never meant to be saved.
And you look at the situation like you said with Michael Rappaport, there's a guy who looked like he was amongst the worst of the establishment hacks, amongst the worst of the liberal leftist liars, but now even he's kind of having this realization like, wait a second, I was lied to about the vaccine, I was lied to about the notions with this vaccine, and in that process, can his mind be open
And for all the others that may be in a similar situation as Michael Rappaport, can their minds be open and then they realize, hey wait a second, if they lied to me about the vaccine, what else have they lied to me about?
Did they lie to me about COVID?
Did they lie to me about Trump?
Did they lie to me about the election?
Did they lie to me about this?
And maybe that's their awakening process if it's possible.
And the only way they can get away with this is gaslighting everybody and shutting us down and silencing us.
That's why the listeners are incredible.
But that has failed.
They are the tip of the spear.
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Great job, Owen.
Great job with the crew.
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That's because
These criminals are going to go to prison.
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