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Air Date: July 27, 2021
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The text covers conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 policies, politicians' hypocrisy regarding vaccines, mask mandates for vaccinated individuals, and vaccine mandates. The speaker criticizes CDC guidelines that require masks indoors even after vaccination. They also express skepticism about vaccine mandates while pointing out contradictions in statements from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on COVID-19 vaccines. Additionally, the text promotes MyPillow products alongside a discussion of criminal psychology and a sleep supplement from Dr. Jones Naturals at InfowarsStore.com.

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People better get ready, and they better pray to God, because this is the fabled takeover.
The UN using a bioweapon release.
I've told people thousands of times on air.
Many of you have been listening 25, 26, 27 years.
You've heard me thousands of times.
Say, they're not going to march around in UN blue helmets saying, turn in your guns, we're taking down America.
They're going to trigger race war.
They're going to call the UN to oversee, like South Africa, a new political system.
They're going to say you're a white supremacist if you don't submit.
And then they're going to release a virus to create fear as the pretext to lock people down and disappear people and shut down businesses they don't own.
It's a pincer attack.
Economic shutdown of the middle class, no matter what color you are.
And then another attack creating racial division to claim the takeover and the breakdown is because you're bad.
You're bad because you've got a virus or might have a virus.
You're bad because you're white, or you're bad because you're a Christian or a veteran.
This is just simple psychology, and the way you beat it is, you wake up to the psychology, you wake up to the enemy plan, and you don't let their manipulation manipulate you or others.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Food, and there's no one in the hospital.
What is going on in this country?
They discharge everybody?
So there's nobody even in there?
Nobody's in there.
Nobody's in the hospital?
How is that possible in a medical pandemic?
That's fake news, that's why.
Fake news?
It's all fake news, isn't it?
There's nobody in there.
Is there anybody in there?
There's a few.
But there's free food.
Ladies and gentlemen, that video comes from a hospital
I'm not sure where.
And as you can see, all the nurses, as they say, as the man is asking them, had been discharged and there wasn't a single person in the hospital.
Their words, not ours.
It's right there on the video.
And obviously the guy filming is saying, well what the heck's going on?
I was told that it's a medical pandemic.
Just COVID spiraling out of control, but nobody's in the hospital?
No patients?
No nurses?
They say, yeah, it's fake news.
Just, you know, because that's what we deal with in this country.
It's just fake news 24-7, dominating our lives, enslaving us.
And so look, you got two angles of this today, where I've got all the latest COVID tyranny developments.
Where the United States has said, well, we have to raise our travel notice for people from Israel because they're having a COVID outbreak.
Israel is the most vaccinated nation on earth.
And the CDC even makes a statement on the travel advisory from Israel and they say,
Israel is having a COVID outbreak, so we have to reconsider letting people in from Israel, but we also want to mimic their vaccination rates.
So Israel did such a good job with vaccines that you want to mimic that, yet you have a travel advisory from Israel because they have a COVID outbreak.
That makes sense.
And of course, the American media is so inept and pathetic, they're not even going to question any of that.
And I've got other developments like that.
For example, Iceland, 82% of their new COVID hospitalizations are vaccinated people.
And I could just go on and on with all of that.
But you know,
The Democrats have started their January 6th show hearings.
And you know, I gotta give them credit.
They really know how to go out and source out the biggest liars that they can find to testify for them as witnesses.
And so we've got multiple examples of that.
But again, I don't even know how to handle it at this point.
The Democrat Party is such
It's filled with liars.
I mean, there's no other way to put it.
They can't be honest about anything.
The American media can't be honest about anything.
They lie all day about COVID.
They lie all day about January 6th.
And we all just have to sit here and take it as their lies are used as the excuse to bring in total tyranny.
And to round up and arrest all of their political dissidents.
So whether it's rounding you up and arresting you because you don't want to take a vaccine, or rounding you up and arresting you because you posted something about January 6th, or even God forbid you were in D.C.
on January 6th, this is the new Democrat Party platform.
Everybody has to be afraid of COVID, or you will be arrested.
And nobody can ever support Trump, or you will be arrested.
And once again, the American media goes along with it, doesn't see a problem with it, and placates to it.
We're gonna get into that coming up here on the Alex Jones Show.
He'll be joining us as well in the first hour.
But, uh, I just don't even know how to respond to this anymore.
It's getting so redundant that, uh, and they're not gonna stop lying, so I don't know what to do, folks.
It's out of control.
Food, and there's no one in the hospital.
What is going on in this country?
They discharged everybody.
So there's nobody even in there.
Nobody's in there.
Nobody's in the hospital.
How is that possible in a medical pandemic?
That's why.
That's fake news.
Fake news.
It's all fake news, isn't it?
There's nobody in there.
Is there anybody in there?
There's a few.
But there's free food.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Tuesday, July 27th, 2021.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in.
Alex is going to be joining us in the first hour.
And, you know, I've got plenty of news here I can cover on my desk.
I've got plenty of video clips, much like the one I just played.
And, you know, I can sit here and show you, hey look, the CDC just said, uh,
You have to wear a mask all the time now, even if you're vaccinated.
I could sit here and say, look, the CDC is saying we need to stop people coming in from Israel because they're having a COVID outbreak, but the CDC also says they've done the best job with vaccines.
It's total clown world.
Then I've got, and look,
I'm watching all these clips before I come on air of just the select liars that the Democrats have chosen for their witnesses for their January 6th show hearings.
And you have police officers saying it's the worst riot they've ever seen.
They've never seen such violence in Washington, D.C.
again before.
It's like, oh my gosh, like, I guess they just spawned in January 2021.
They just magically appeared.
They weren't here for 2020 when
The left, the Democrats, were burning Washington D.C.
to the ground, burning, having bonfires in Lafayette Square, burning St.
John's Church, burning buildings, looting buildings.
How about the inauguration in January 2017 when leftists were running around lighting off bombs and fireworks and setting cars on fire and smashing windows and looting?
And savagely beating people in the streets.
I guess the police weren't around for that, were they?
I guess they must have missed that.
I guess all the witnesses for the Democrat Party weren't even alive in the year 2020.
They magically were born in the year 2021 to say that that was the worst event in American history.
And of course, they get people to go up there and say that Brian Sicknick died because he was bashed over the head with a fire extinguisher, which even the Washington Post had to admit was a lie.
So again, I could sit here and cover the news and play all the video clips, but I gotta tell you folks, I just don't even know what to do anymore at this point.
The line's been drawn.
People have already chosen their sides.
There's no more middle ground.
There's no more convincing anybody.
There's no more hedging.
There's no more playing both sides.
It's on.
Either you're fully bought in to the anti-American, anti-freedom, Democrat party that lies through its teeth 24-7 with the American media about every event, about everything that ever existed or happened.
Or, you're on the side of America and freedom and truth, you question things you see on TV, you know that the Democrat Party is lying to you, you know that the American media is lying to you, you don't want to live in fear, you don't want fear to take away your freedoms, and you just want to have a normal life again, and you know it's possible, but you know the entity is holding us back from it.
And you know why they're doing it.
So again, I almost can't even cover the news today.
It's so joke level.
Here's a headline from December of 2020.
Joe Biden says COVID vaccinations will not be mandatory in the United States.
Washington Post today.
It's time for vaccine entry passes.
Enough already.
And the Biden administration, by September, will announce mandatory vaccines for all Americans.
They already have for the VA.
California's already done it for all their state government workers.
Snopes does a fact check story today.
Did Kamala Harris and Joe Biden doubt the COVID vaccine?
And of course, we've played the clip.
People have put together the supercut.
Even the GOP put together a supercut.
We put our own supercut together.
People run it during ad breaks.
We have it running during our ad breaks.
And it's Kamala Harris and Joe Biden both saying the same thing over and over and over again.
I'm not going to get the vaccine.
I don't trust the vaccine.
I mean, the video's there, the audio's there, the clips are there.
And then Snopes just says, nope, they never said it, it doesn't exist, it didn't happen.
And again, it's the same thing.
I was alive during the summer of 2020.
I saw the Democrat riots burn down Minneapolis.
I saw the Democrat riots burn down Portland, Oregon.
I saw the Democrat riots destroy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
I saw the Democrat riots hospitalize thousands of police officers.
I saw the Democrat riots burn
Washington DC, burn churches, start fires in Lafayette Square, go building to building, smashing windows and looting.
I saw that.
We all saw that.
You saw that.
But hey, the Democrats have people testifying on Capitol Hill today saying it never happened.
No, it never happened, guys.
No, January 6th is the only riot that's ever happened in the United States of America.
Only riot ever.
In fact, January 6th is the only time humans have ever been violent, ever, in the whole world.
Never in world history have humans ever been violent except one day.
One fateful day, one dark cloud on the entire existence of humans on planet Earth, and that's January 6th.
There's never been any other riots.
There's never been any other violence.
It's never happened, folks.
It's just never happened.
That's what the American media tells you.
That's what the Democrat Party tells you.
So I mean, seriously, I can sit here and cover the news all day.
But it's really reaching a point of
You know the truth.
You know the news.
You know what's going on.
So how do you properly respond to this, even?
How do you... How do we move forward with this?
How do we move forward as a country when the American media is completely dishonest, disingenuous, and against us, and an entire political party
Has committed to fraud and lies and deception and propaganda.
What do you do?
There's no debate.
There's no debate.
You can't debate with these people.
They won't debate, but you can't debate with a liar.
They're still, they have, they have their goons, the Democrat Party, has their goons on Capitol Hill today saying that Officer Brian Sicknick died because he was bashed over the head with a fire extinguisher.
They don't even care it's been debunked!
They don't even care the family came out and said it was a lie!
They don't even care that the hospital records show that Brian Sicknick wasn't even entered into the hospital until days after January 6th!
The truth doesn't matter to these people!
The truth is irrelevant!
Reality is irrelevant!
So, they're lying about COVID, they're lying about the vaccines, they're lying about January 6th, they're lying about the violence.
And... Ah, jeez.
Again, folks, I could sit here and cover the news, but I'm just at a loss.
And so I'm getting a message from the crew,
Is that next segment, guys?
So we're going to be joined by Alex Jones at 1130.
And maybe I'll ask him the same question, because look, he puts me in this seat when he leaves town, and I don't take that lightly, and I want to be the best talk show host when I'm in this chair.
But there's just nothing to say about this anymore, folks.
We've said it all.
It's all here.
So, I mean, do we need to have, like, our own hearings?
Do we need to have, like, our own roundtables and our own consortiums to deal with this?
I mean, seriously, how are we, the American people, going to deal with liars and frauds that are totally committed to their propaganda in the face of reality?
Have you been vaccinated yet?
I think I'm going to wait a bit longer.
Why do you need to wait?
I'm just not in a rush.
Well, everybody's getting vaccinated.
I've been vaccinated.
Why are you being so selfish?
How am I being selfish?
Because if you get COVID, you could pass it on to me.
But you've been vaccinated.
Yes, yes, but I could still get it.
So if I get vaccinated, I can still get it?
But you should still get the vaccine.
You can catch it off me whether I've been vaccinated or not.
Yes, but you should still get vaccinated.
Because it's the right thing to do.
Says who?
Says me, Dr. Fauci, the guy who created the virus.
Roll up that sleeve!
That's a very loving portrayal of Anthony Fauci, I would say.
I think that's maybe even too nice.
By the way, I've got another clip of Fauci, just, you know, him arguing with himself over masks.
We'll play that coming up.
Alex Jones joins us as usual.
Can't get away from this on vacation, but I'm glad you do, Alex, because look,
I got all this news.
I could sit here and cover it.
We told you they were going to bring back the masks.
We told you they were going to bring back the lockdowns.
The most vaccinated country on earth is Israel, and now they've issued a travel warning from Israel.
Meanwhile, those southern borders are wide open, though.
Hey, don't worry.
If you want to come in from Israel, just come in over the southern border and you'll be fine.
But Alex, we've really reached a critical mass at this point, where how do you even address
Such bold-faced lies that the American media and the Democrat Party are telling us non-stop around the clock.
It's just all day long, everything they say is a lie.
And it's not even, I mean, it's not even close!
It's just obvious!
Well, Owen, first off, we have to realize that this is all a giant experiment, and that the globalists are behavioral psychologists, and that their whole form of warfare isn't about physical conquering right up front.
They then do physically conquer you.
I think?
That they are setting it up.
You made great points yesterday when you were a co-host of the show here, when you talked about how they use the Black Lives Matter and the anti-photo-attack American culture.
How they use the lockdowns to shut down the middle class and small businesses.
All of this has been war-gamed out.
All of this is in government documents.
It's in Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller documents.
The feminization of men.
Everything you witness is according to a plan.
And I myself get frustrated because there's a paradox.
There's a catch-22.
If we spend all our time just covering what they're doing and the current lies, the new lies for old, we get caught up in that.
It's still interesting.
It's informative.
It's good to know they're liars.
It's good to know that some people still believe these lies because they pretend to be part of the system.
But it's more important, I think, to just talk about who the globalist are and what their real goal is and what they really do during their day and where they're taking our planet and how they're currently in control instead of constantly responding
To the things they throw at us to keep us off balance.
And I myself, of course, try to have that balance.
And life is about a balance.
A lot of times I'm out of balance.
So I'm certainly not preaching at anybody.
But here's what's really going on.
And there's an article that's really finally broken through.
Tomorrow's News Today, we first reported on this 20 years ago.
And then it hit the major German news two years ago, and a lot of people got killed, a lot of people got murdered for the truth to come out.
That part was not at NDW.com, the largest TV station network in Germany, in Deutschland.
But now it's hit our news, and it's in the New Yorker magazine.
The German experiment that placed foster children with pedophiles.
When the approval of government, a renowned sexologist ran a dangerous program.
How could this happen?
Not an illegal program, not a criminal program, not a satanic program, a dangerous program.
And then they let you know, oh actually it was more than a hundred German cities and towns.
Oh, and it was 30,000 children.
Oh, and they were leased out for sex parties, children as young as three to be gang raped by men.
Now, when I reported that 20 years ago, people didn't want to believe it.
I reported it to you out of DW.com.
I had people on the street go, is that really true what you were saying about Germany today?
Ladies and gentlemen, this is done in every city and every town in America from Los Angeles, California to Omaha, Nebraska to Austin, Texas to New York City to places like Miami, Florida.
The currency is children.
It is spiritual, psychic vampirism to destroy their future, to suck their energy out of them, and then they become, quote, gay and lesbian men and women.
But really, they are then pedophiles themselves, and they go out and continue the cycle.
And now, the cycle's so big that I would say
I would say 20% of the men in the United States are pedophiles, and about 5% of the women.
But you have to understand, they're now converting and going to 40% within their goal.
This is a revolution.
They call it their New World Order.
And they're telling kids this in school, they're telling three-year-olds, you know, that... I remember Jocelyn Elders back in the 90s said, they need to masturbate four-year-olds, and the teachers need to do it, sexually abuse them.
She said, of course you reach down and help them, you touch it!
They tried the revolution, then it failed.
So here they are 25 years later, 30 years later, and they're launching.
And so you have to understand, when you see these people, they are first and foremost pedophiles.
And that's just the entry-level drug into the Satanism.
They torture them, they drink their blood, they dismember them.
Now if you're a new listener, this sounds shocking.
Mainline news, the New Yorker magazine reports 30,000 children as young as 2 and 3 years of age
If you actually read the government reports, it wasn't one sexologist.
It's just where they first got busted.
Well, then they found files that was in all the towns and all the cities and being managed by the liberal parties.
And so then they would go to these houses at their cocktail parties and rape small children.
And then by the time they were 10 years old, 15 years old, well, then pedophiles that were into older kids would get them.
Then they would use those kids to recruit more kids.
So you have to understand that this is a biological takeover.
Pedophilia is a biological weapon.
So you destroy families, people don't procreate properly, and then they're recruited into this.
And so that's why MKUltra was about sex with children and about programming children and erasing memories in children.
And if you look at Skinner, and if you look at all of the famous behavioral psychologists, Edward Bernays, look at his uncle, Sigmund Freud, if you look at all of them, it's all about sex and perversion with children.
So we have a pedophile cult.
When you see these governors, when you see these mayors, when you see these top generals, these are people that rape children, okay?
And I'll explain it again.
Every major town is run by pedophiles now, except for some small Christian towns here and there.
We all know the Catholic Church has been taken over and run by this.
We all know Penn State's run by it.
Almost every major institution is now run by pedophiles.
And so pedophiles gaslight, pedophiles lie, pedophiles want to screw you up and scramble your mind and get you so confused that you just give up and go into a catatonic state, a fetal position, figuratively, like they do small children that actually rape.
They want you to give up and decide to join them, just like they say in that song, we're coming for your children, you'll soon forget you ever fought us, you're going to love it, we're going to corrupt them, you'll love it too, you'll corrupt them with us.
So they're saying, we're going to get your kids, we're going to rape them,
And we're going to give him HIV and Hepatitis, that's legal in California.
And we're going to kill you!
So, the pedophile New World Order show trial is going on in D.C.
right now.
But you know what?
The good news is, most Americans see through this.
They saw Democrats burn this country to the ground for four years during Donald Trump.
Now all of a sudden they want to cry.
Now all of a sudden they want to honor fallen police officers after they chanted for police to die in the streets.
Oh, now they want to honor police officers.
Alex Jones here.
From the road on the Alex Jones Show, getting into the breaking story that we covered years ago, but is now mainstream news, how they call it an experiment, Alex.
I guess that's their excuse is, oh, we're just experimenting, giving these kids to pedophiles.
No, that's their, that's just an excuse for using children as a
For using children as their currency.
But yes, these are just some of the lies that are coming out of this hearing right now, Alex.
So, pick it off where you left off or, you know, get into the fact that the Democrat Party in Washington, D.C.
is really exposing itself as the corrupt cesspool that it is today.
Well, again, you have to understand, this is all behavioral psychologists.
If you look at the headline on CNN, Officer, they tortured me, they beat me.
And of course, it's all done collectively.
The million people that showed up to hear Trump's speech, they all tortured him, they all beat him.
Not the two or three people that did that and deserve to go to jail.
And then the hundreds of other peaceful people waved in by police who didn't touch anything or break anything, they deserve five, ten years in jail and to be locked up in solitary confinement the last six, seven months because, again, they beat him, they tortured him.
But really, we're all being tortured by the mainstream media and its race war.
We're all being tortured by our dollar being devalued.
We're all being tortured by all these illegal wars they've launched.
We've all been tortured by the fentanyl killing millions of people pumped onto our streets.
But they take what happened at the Capitol that day.
They definitely provocateured.
It's all coming out just like it came out.
What happened in Michigan with Governor Whitmer was totally staged.
The FBI demanded they do it.
They got them organized.
They got them there.
They threatened them if they wouldn't do it, and still they didn't ever even do anything because they couldn't get them to do it.
And now the head FBI guy is in jail for getting mad at his wife at an orgy, a sex orgy, because I guess she wasn't doing what she was supposed to, so they started beating her head in in front of them, so they called the police on him.
And that just shows the compromise folks were dealing with.
I mean, I would imagine it was a lot more than what we're hearing.
At this sex party, because that's what's going on here, and that's what's happening, and this is the tip of the iceberg, is they want to be able to compromise people.
I'm not up here on a moral high horse saying if you and your wife want to have sex with people, that that's not your right to do it.
I'm not even going after this guy for that.
The point is that if you're an FBI agent, they can compromise you with that type of stuff, and we've talked to Joel Scalza and others.
His uncle was high level FBI and they knew that there were groups coming in and getting the FBI involved in sex parties and swinger clubs to get them compromised.
And that's how this has been going since the 50s.
That's how communists would get people compromised.
Well, imagine what they do now with the pedophilia.
And that's how they're getting people compromised.
And it's very, very serious.
Oh, you don't know what you did to that party?
Oh, that woman didn't really want you to have sex with her, but we're not going to call the police and say you raped her.
You've just got to do what we want you to do now.
Well, the average person says, I don't remember doing that, but okay, I'll do what you say now.
And then they're under their control forever.
So just take what happened with this, this corrupt FBI agent and make it a hundred times worse than you've got that.
Because if you're a new listener, I'm gonna explain this to everybody very, very slowly here.
So there's not any confusion or any debates about this.
I had not read this article when it came out a week ago because I've been so busy and I've already knew all about it, knew all the details, and thought that it would just be a whitewash, and to a certain extent it is.
But they admit in New Yorker Magazine, in a cover story, ladies and gentlemen, a cover story,
That they supplied 30,000 children over 25 years to over 100 towns and cities to other top psychiatrists who would then place them, on average, at age 3 to 5, with a convicted brutal child rapist.
They would then pay for the child to live with a brutal child rapist to create a new family and a form of love.
Boys with men, it was 10 to 1 boys, because, you know, we're tough, we can take it.
And also some girls.
But they would place them, again, with a lesbian who would torture them.
And then it was their job to then manage them and hire them out to then be able to compromise.
And people want to join the globalist corporate ranks.
They would go and say, OK, I'm here.
Turn the cameras on.
I'm going to rape him.
Where's the kid?
And some like to rape kids.
Some don't.
And folks, this has come out in FBI documents.
This has come out what Ted Gunnarsson told me 25 years ago, 30 years ago, 27 years ago.
This is
30 men raping two-year-old boys until their intestines fall out of them.
Then they blow their heads off with .357 magnums and then basically wallow in their blood.
I really don't want to keep going here.
I can, folks, for you, but you understand this is industrial level.
There are children in cages by the thousands all over the U.S.
It's massive.
right now hanging upside down with people drinking their blood, okay?
And that's why Joe Biden makes such a big joke about it.
And look, some of them think they're vampires.
Some of them drink blood.
Others just like to rape them.
Others just like the power.
But it is wholesale
Torturing a child of these Satanists and the demons that are in them, they describe it like an accordion.
And they stretch them and they pull them until the light goes out of their eyes, and they call that when they're used up.
And so you have to understand, right now children are being murdered, their teeth are being pulled out with pliers, everything.
This is the main German news, confirmed, nobody's going to jail, 30,000 little boys and girls delivered to be gang raped.
It describes in these reports
I don't know.
Some make bread, you know, you go when you're in Europe and you go visit a place and eat dinner at the nunnery or whatever.
No, no, this is just the priest doing this.
The nuns are hired to then take the little boys in so they can be gang raped until they're bleeding, and that's the report here, again, until they're bleeding, viciously raped, and then they're sprayed off with fire hoses
I don't
We're good to go.
They're not all pedophiles.
The low-level ones are saying, we don't want lockdowns, we don't want checkpoints, we think the virus is a fraud.
But when you understand, wear a mask over your face, have three-year-olds wear a mask, that's because they want to be able to transport kids around and train kids that they're prisoners.
The TSA screening, top psychologists have admitted, is basically a pedophile training so kids get used to being touched.
All of this is about turning us into a commodity
Being able to say we're not essential, lock us down in our houses whenever they want, and do whatever they want with us, and give us unapproved, deadly vaccines, and then say we're murderers when we don't go along with it and agree to it.
And I've got even bigger news, Owen.
I've got a bunch of massive news I'm going to hit here today.
Let me just tell you what it is.
Everybody's freaking out about this for a solid week, saying Jones was right again, oh my God, it's so incredible.
No, it's not incredible.
I'm going to give you the rest of the story on weather control that is incredible.
Everybody's freaking out about Dubai making it rain and admitting they are.
I told you 20 years ago Dubai was doing that because it was in mainstream news then.
We've got huge breaking news from the South Texas border in McAllen where the Catholic Charities that now admits they've expanded to this whole road have all these buildings
They admit that one building alone processes 1,000 children a day.
They're processing thousands of children overall into the Catholic charity a day.
And they now admit they're asking the Border Patrol to stop, that it's too much for them.
They're having to build new buildings, but it's not stopping.
So even the leftists can't even handle the deluge that they've started and brought in.
Again, most of that is about child sex trafficking and trafficking, kidnapped children.
And that's even come out in the US Senate report that a large number of them do end up in sex trafficking, being abused and murdered.
Then we'll tie it all into how this is war and how this is a medical dictatorship.
And if you think it's bad now, once they get it cemented and locked into place, then it's only going to get 10 times worse.
The lockdown never ended.
Now it's about to get more intense right when they claim that it is ending.
That's the psychological...
Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is a spiritual battle.
And the devil wants to have his way with this country.
And we cannot allow that to happen.
And I understand people probably tune into this and hear Alex Jones speaking about these sorted topics, but this is the reality, ladies and gentlemen, and ignoring it is not going to make it go away.
And so...
You're going to see a lot of people responding to all the lies being told today on Capitol Hill, and that's a good thing.
And, you know, maybe this will finally be the awakening moment America needs to realize how corrupt the government is and the television media is.
But, Alex, it's quite a stunning thing to witness, even though we know it's all real.
Just like it's a stunning thing for you to read that story headlining the New Yorker, even though you knew that years ago, still, reading it, seeing it, hey, they put kids in the hands of pedophiles to be raped and tortured and murdered?
Yeah, that's a shocking thing, even though you already knew about it.
And it was done from the highest levels of the German government, working with the CIA and MKUltra.
And again, that's what MKUltra was all about, ladies and gentlemen, was manipulating the minds of children.
There was all different types of studies done.
Some were given DMT.
Some were given LSD.
We're talking thousands of hits of it.
Others were given electroshock.
Others were done, you know, all sorts of experiments.
And this even came out on the History Channel and Discovery Channel 25, 30 years ago.
They had some good documentaries on there.
Admitting Dr. Ewing Cameron and Dr. Jolion West ran facilities in the U.S.
and Canada with up to 10,000 little boys and girls in them at one time.
They later removed this, we made a big deal about it back in the late 1990s, but then it's in other U.S.
code, and I haven't memorized it, it's so powerful and so important, and people would really wake up when they saw this, because in one part of the code they outlawed, the next part of the code they legalized it.
Code Title 50, Chapter 32, 1520A, Paragraph B said,
Biological, chemical, radiological and other parts of lethal or deadly testing is illegal unless conducted for scientific or law enforcement purposes.
And so as long as you say something's research, you can torture children, murder people, you name it.
And again, it's about how many people can you in an industrial scale?
It wasn't just Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly was servicing out more than 500 people a week at facilities all over
I don't
I don't
Where they would take people and just do absolutely horrible stuff and get people super drugged up, super drugged up out of their minds, and then these rich guys would take their wives, and usually women aren't the ones wanting to torture kids, but they've got to where they got women that are into this now, and large, large portions of women, because that's what they really want.
People don't think of a woman as a person that will do this, but after a woman's raped little girls and little boys,
After a woman's done all these drugs and stuff, normally these are really suppressed women who are either super conservative or super liberal, never done anything really wild, and once they're seduced into this, they just go crazy.
Now they go, we need you to go to this party and poison this person's drink, and if you don't do it, we're going to kill you.
And they do it.
And so, they're being told they're being recruited into an international agency that's saving the Earth.
We've got to do horrible things to save the Earth, but we're the guardians of the Earth, the guardians of the galaxy, and we're just going to do beautiful things once we do this.
But to conquer evil, we've got to be more evil than the evil.
In justifies the means.
And once they teach them that Machiavelli precept, it's all over.
So understand,
They want to overwhelm you to where you get so used to lies, so used to corruption, so used to being gaslit that you just give up.
Well, at the same time as January 6 hearings are about the announcement by all the big tech companies that they're working with the CIA to spy on everyone in lifetime and saying anyone that is listed as a white supremacist is a terrorist and will be banned from commerce or having a job or life.
Now, the definition of a white supremacist is anyone that questions lockdowns,
Anyone that questions January 6th, anyone that questions the election, anyone that questions, actually say it in that report I keep showing from June of this year, the new national directive by the president, or so-called president.
And so now you see the rollout as we learn we're the terrorist, because we don't want to be locked down, because we don't want open borders, because we don't want all this happening.
And you have to understand,
It is ruthless people.
Think about the type of people that knowingly want to place children.
as well.
This is all over the U.S.
The U.S., through the CIA, had Germany do this because it was an occupied country in the West.
And don't worry, the Russians, you know, did similar things, but not quite to that level in the East.
But this is about mind control.
If you can get people to torture little kids and rape little kids, you can get them to do anything.
And so again, we've all heard of gangs that, okay, white supremacist gang, you've got to go shoot a black person to get in, or some of the Hispanic gangs, you've got to go shoot a rival gang to get in, or the black gangs, you've got to go shoot another rival gang to get into it.
Everybody knows to get even higher up, you've got to knock over a liquor store and kill somebody or something like that.
So we know we can trust you, you just murdered somebody.
Now you're in the club because we're murderers too.
That's low-level baby stuff.
You know, the Italian mafia, oh, you gotta, you know, kill at least three or four people and we gotta know who you killed, be able to destroy you anytime and come from the right family so we know going back four or five generations, you know, that you're not gonna screw us over or we'll kill your family.
Those are like, you hear about organized crime on those levels because that's baby stuff, ladies and gentlemen, that's child's play.
The real stuff is in movies like Godfather 2, where they've moved their operations out to Reno, Nevada, and out to Lake Tahoe, and the U.S.
Senator comes and says, I want millions of dollars, or I'm not going to let you have your gaming license out here, moving your family out here, Mr. Corleone, and they go, get out of here, we're not going to pay you.
And then they drug the Senator, put him in a room with a dead hooker.
That's exactly what goes on.
That's low level.
That scene is like lightweight baby stuff, okay?
Killing a hooker with heroin, drugging you with a drink, putting you in a hotel room with a dead hooker is entry-level stuff, okay?
That is just entry-level.
That's because that's all base Mario Puzo wrote that about real people.
Those are all real characters, real people.
That stuff really happened that you see in that book.
Frank Sinatra, all the characters that you see in that are real people.
The horse head getting cut off, put in the bed.
That really happened.
All that's real stuff.
Horse heads in beds, killing hookers, putting them in beds with senators.
That's the opening level salvo.
We got to go to break.
I'm going to come back and talk about how we defeat this, and talk about the big breaking border news, and get into weather control, and the rest of the story, since people now go, oh my god, it's on CBS News, they control the weather with antennas!
Antennas are how they do it now.
Everybody keeps thinking it's done with springs.
Springs, old school, going on since the 1920s, perfected by Vietnam.
By the 60s, they could control the weather.
That's all been declassified.
But I'm going to give you the rest of the story of what they're currently doing when we come back separately.
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Well, what better proof of the murdering psychopaths that want to run this planet is there?
Then the continued negative vaccine adverse reactions from the Western Journal headline, woman loses hands and legs to amputation after bad COVID vaccine reaction.
And so the bad reactions continue.
Alex, this is just another part of the globalist agenda to murder you with a smile on their face.
And let's be completely clear, and that's what blows me away.
I knew they'd done evil things around the planet, but I thought they would probably release some type of placebo just to get it set in precedent for forced inoculation to have that control over us and then have the medical ID that's the backbone of the world ID and the cashless society global social credit score, which they admit is their plan.
The fact that Fauci studies were done in University of Texas, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and others, specifically with these exact type of vaccines in 2010, 2012, 2014, huge, like government funded studies, giant initiatives is what they're called.
We're talking hundreds of millions apiece on these to absolutely prove what they already knew from other studies.
That if you inject somebody with something that tries to stop the protein shell of a very common type of protein, that your body is going to attack itself in a giant autoimmune response and create blood clots throughout the damn body.
And then now we don't just have the studies, we have the medical reports coming out currently.
Let that sink in, folks.
This is total warfare.
And now most of these people that have the brain fog, or they're 30 years old and they're having Alzheimer's, or the capillaries get filled in their feet and in their hands, they have to be amputated when they were totally healthy.
We have to take care of these people now.
So a lot of folks go, oh, screw all these idiots that believe it and take the shots.
No, no, no, no, no.
A, that's not Christ-like, and God doesn't like that.
But B, look at it from just a cold-blooded perspective.
These are soft-kill weapons.
It's going to take 3, 4, 5, 10 years to kill people now.
And they're not going to know what hit them.
And then it's going to sink the country.
It's going to end capitalism, end the wealth, end the prosperity, which the globalists have said, which the globalists have said that they want to do.
So this is here and it's happening.
But just get back to that report.
Medical doctors all over the country go, yeah, this lady was healthy.
She was 35 years old, took it, her liver liquefied, her lungs liquefied.
It all depends on where the prions go and where they start growing.
But they lie and say it doesn't leave the injection point.
They have all these studies knowing it migrates to the heart.
The lungs, the brain and the liver.
The heart, the lungs, the brain, the liver.
Some people are different.
It migrates into other tissues of the body.
And then you have serious problems there.
A lot of folks take the shot, have horrible headaches for a few weeks.
When they die, they open their brain up and there's just lesions everywhere where it just eats your brain.
They say that doctors have described it like gunshot wounds.
They say that they saw the top people's heads off.
Young women, young men.
This is in England and the U.S., Germany, the head reports.
And they open up a bloody mess.
And then when they try to say something, they go, you'll be fired if you investigate this.
So they're practicing not just raping our children en masse.
And yeah, we gave 30,000 children.
Just to begin with, to be right.
Yeah, big deal.
And yeah, we put poison in your vaccine.
You're going to take it because the sheep can't handle it.
They've been trained that the system's taking care of them.
They're smart scientists, you know, because they believe the science of Fauci and the average liberal just is in this daze of grand delusion.
And now they want to force us to do it.
We haven't put the reports out, but when I get off here about 15, 20 minutes, we have two big reports.
I ran into a man who was born in Europe.
And he has family in Denmark, and they're now putting people in camps in Denmark who refuse the vaccine.
You know, they're calling for that here as well.
Then I did a search this morning and found other areas of Europe where they admit in the news it's happening.
And then Laura Loomer sent me a video this morning.
It was like, I guess everybody synced up.
And it was a place in France where they're doing it, the actual video.
So this is the cover just to grab who you want, disappear who you want, get rid of checks and balances.
Oh Alex, I've got it right here in Australia too.
More than 200 Australians taken to quarantine facilities because they might have been in contact with the virus.
And all over Australia and in the UK, they're building giant city-style facilities for whole families that refuse.
And then they're going to, quote, re-educate people.
They're setting up re-education camps.
I mean, this is it, folks.
We've gone off the edge of a cliff.
We're in world government.
We have to resist and say no now.
And Owen Troyer is back in FEMA Region 6 in the ATX Austin.
I am in FEMA Region 10.
Again, we are under FEMA control.
America is going under global government systems.
Well, there's so much new breaking news I want to get to in a moment with Owen.
Massively important news.
But first, my phone's been ringing off the hook for a week.
And I've had the producer of the show, Scott, ask me why I haven't covered it.
And I got a bunch of phone calls from family in the last few days saying, Alex, you've been vindicated.
It's all over the news that Dubai is making it rain in the desert with weather control using drones that release particulate into the sky.
And I'm like, yeah, listen, this is not Alex Jones looking into a crystal ball.
It's very frustrating.
It was in academic papers and admitted reports 15 years ago that China and Dubai publicly were way more advanced.
I say we, the people that run us, think of America and the West with weather weapons and the rest of the story and why they're so important, why they're so dangerous.
But people then just think magically, I imagined all this and now it's come true.
No, this is a very old technology using the cloud seeding, but now with these antenna arrays on the ground that are
Developed out of the HARP program, that's how they really control things.
And I'm going to give you some inside baseball.
I was told 20 years ago or so that later I ended up seeing in schematics and patents and then now in admissions.
And so instead of learning what was going on 70 years ago, as they're now telling you, we'll talk about what's currently happening and what they're getting ready here in a moment.
But here's the former CIA director, Brennan, the monster, the admitted member of the Communist Party.
Before he left office, this is six years ago, admitting weather control systems and that there were international treaties and other agreements in the 70s, but that they would have some trouble with that because some people will complain that, hey, you're taking my water that's coming over to my side.
And what will we do?
We start manipulating the weather.
So they're worried about carbon dioxide.
That's very low level compared to historical.
That's all fraud to say it's higher.
It's actually hundreds of times higher 20 million years ago than it is now.
The Earth is starved of carbon dioxide, and of course plants then use that to produce oxygen.
That's the life cycle.
But they're telling you, oh, any manipulation of the weather is bad, but then they've got giant... Last time I checked, the U.S.
government was spending about $30 billion a year on different projects to control the weather.
So they went out of beta decades ago, in the early 1990s, into full operational, in their own documents.
They just don't call it chemtrailing.
They have a bunch of different scientific terms.
They have big conferences.
They admit they do it.
And then when we say, hey, don't do that, or hey, we want to talk about it, they go, shut up, animal.
Go watch your comic book shows, or go play with your army men, or just do whatever it is you're going to do.
And I say army men, because I know so many veterans that are good people.
And they say, hey, we're veterans.
We're the best.
We're tough.
We're kick ass.
And then they never go challenge the globalists.
They never go challenge the government.
They just kind of ramble around and go, man, we're veterans.
We're really tough.
And then kind of, oh, Alex Jones, you know, he's a kook over there talking about weather control, because the truth is they don't want to challenge the power structure.
And the power structure saying if you say the border is wide open, if you say the election was a fraud, if you don't want lockdowns, we're going to declare you terrorist.
Well, I mean, at that point, folks, we got to say no to this.
This is not our government.
It's a criminal takeover.
And of course, they're designating us all terrorists.
They're imploding the country.
They are terrorists.
And of course, they're trying to provocateur attacks.
You know, I told you guaranteed the FBI is loading up the info bombs.
We speak a few months ago.
It turned out they were trying to get plots around the country to make folks blow things up.
They haven't been able to.
It's all coming out in the news.
So, I mean, we're up against people following orders of evil people.
And because there's so much corruption and so many problems, they just want us to give up so the corrupt can rule over things and take full control.
Because they know that the big Ponzi scheme is coming down.
They know the trillions and quadrillions of fake money is hanging over our heads.
So that's why they want to bring in a world government, give everybody free money so they can blame the public for the currencies being devalued.
They want us to mesophysically sign on to what they've done so that we're committing these crimes against mathematics, crimes against nature with them.
This is a seduction.
This is good versus evil.
So here's a very evil man, Brennan, who said six months ago, we're going to declare gun owners terrorists, veterans terrorists, conservatives terrorists.
We're going to declare anybody that questions the election terrorist.
And that's because he's still calling the shots.
Here he is telling you about weather control.
Another example is the array of technologies, often referred to collectively as geoengineering, that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.
One that has gained my personal attention is Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels.
This process is also relatively inexpensive.
The National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.
As promising as it may be, moving forward on SAI would also raise a number of challenges for our government and for the international community.
On the technical side, greenhouse gas emission reductions would still have to accompany SAI to address other climate change effects, such as ocean acidification, because SAI alone would not remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
On the geopolitical side, the technology's potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions of the world at the expense of other regions could trigger sharp opposition by some nations.
Others might seize on SAI's benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions.
And, as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to guide the deployment and implementation of SAI and other geoengineering initiatives.
Okay, so imagine that's six years ago, or five and a half years ago, and I sit here like an adult talking to folks, and the mainstream media makes jokes about it, Stephen Colbert makes jokes about it, because they want you to laugh about it so you don't decide to want to be part of your world and what they've developed and what they've done.
Just like the 30,000 children, now they admit, oh, it's much bigger, knowingly given to convicted child rapists to help get rid of the nuclear family and create a new beautiful family.
These are quotes.
So this wasn't just an experiment, that's evil enough.
They call all this an experiment.
So when they're spraying your crops with aluminum dioxide, when they're blocking water to the U.S.
west coast, and turning off rivers over a fish that's not even endangered and isn't even indigenous, it's invasive, it's all a sick joke when they shut off our pipelines.
When they shut off everything.
This is about destroying America so that we learn to have a lower standard of living so the rest of the world doesn't aspire to American levels.
And it's not because it's about the environment.
It's about total control and power and having a poor mass of people that the establishment can control and dominate and rule over.
They're up in the castle on the hill and Count Dracula can have whoever he wants down below.
They don't want these uppity Americans with their guns and their ranches and their farms and their own little businesses and their own little restaurants.
They want us singing to their tune.
They want power and control over our lives.
So now, I was told by a major engineer in Austin
Was very rich.
And he ended up moving to another area in the United States.
But he would come down to some of the little events we had 20 years ago and he'd say, listen.
I'm involved in installing Doppler radar all over the state of Texas.
And my company is we're putting power cables in 10 times bigger than what you need to run a high-powered Doppler radar system.
And what I've been told is this is really part of a secret DARPA program where they can fire these arrays up and cook the atmosphere and either stop water condensing and stop nuclei from picking up water droplets and forming water and rain, clouds and rain, or we can actually
Uh, create it and, and resonate a frequency that creates the droplets and or we can steer the atmosphere.
And once these are in all over the country, uh, the federal government's paying quote, so everyone has radar and it looks great.
You can tell, you know, down to a few feet where the, where weather cell is or where a tornado is, but they're dual use through a computer program that DARPA and FEMA control is they just go in and control these.
Now he told me this about 1997.
And he ended up moving away in about 2005.
And I remember about 2007 or 8, it was in the Daily Mail, images of the same antennas saying, radar antennas are being used in Dubai to control the weather.
So Dubai likes to brag about this.
China brags about it too.
The US doesn't, because they don't want people debating whether they should be doing this or not.
So that's just an example of there's a giant underground pedophile system.
There's a giant underground weather control system.
It's all a real world around us.
So imagine a political establishment, an American media that says, you have to curtail your lifestyle because of man-made climate change, but then they don't even tell you about their own weather modification manipulation programs, obviously ran by man.
Because that would debunk and destroy their entire agenda to put you in a prison camp, eat bugs, live in a pod, never drive a car or travel because of, well, you have to save the planet.
And if you understand that dichotomy, you understand how evil this establishment is, Alex.
So it's really not even ironic.
That you have penitentiary Frase Brennan bragging about their weather modification programs, and then on the other side of his mouth, he'll say, hey, you need to live in a pod and eat bugs because you're causing the climate to change and you're a bad person, but I'm allowed to manipulate the weather.
And you just said in 45 seconds what I tried to say in 10 minutes.
Well, absolutely.
There's a whole breakaway civilization.
They admit it's going on.
They recruit the best and brightest and say, hey, you're part of the elite now.
The public are a bunch of idiots.
Come join us.
And then we reverse engineer their plans, their documents, their admissions and say, hey, your weather modification, you're using it as weapons to consolidate control while you blame us for weather issues.
So they can actually create the self-fulfilling prophecy they want.
Hey, you're calling.
Lethal experimentation with deadly injections, you know, this great social thing you're doing, this great positive thing you're doing, when it's not, and you're violating the Nuremberg Code, and, hey, look at all these medical doctors and scientists and prestigious groups that say that this is bad.
Oh, we're going to silence them.
In fact, you're terrorists.
That's official news if you try to stop these injections.
And they're telling people, you're a terrorist, you're like a drunk driver, Governor Newsom said, if you don't take these shots.
And others are saying, oh, you're worse than that, you're murderers.
When it's Fauci and Bill Gates are the ones that are part of the shadow government that rolled out the COVID-19, which is a real virus, does have a poisonous spike protein, so they can create a vaccine that's 20 times worse that creates a spike protein all over your body.
I mean, this is idiotic.
Thousands of prominent scientists.
I mean, I learn about like 50 of them a day, and they're always like, heads of hospitals, heads of universities, former head of Pfizer, chief EU advisor, you know, just, head of a whole hospital in Dallas, head of a, and it's just like, they're suppressing 100% treatments, if you catch it early, all of this, and then not letting people with flus or colds get treatment, so then they die, they call it COVID, and they're now admitting they didn't just fake the PCR test for 90 plus percent of everything, as we told you a year and a half ago, and as the inventor of it said,
They've got new fraud tests coming out that Bill Gates and, yes, you guessed it, George Soros own that are even more fraudulent.
So this is about a full on medical assault, a worldwide medical tyranny, a worldwide medical dictatorship in their white lab coats, globalist
Billionaires and think tanks and intelligence agencies hiding behind the white lab coat and then almost all the doctors agree with us and say this is evil and wrong and they're ready to go to war!
I see medical doctors everywhere now saying
We're being physically assaulted.
We're going to have to probably physically fight.
And they're saying, we need to start having a discussion on how to do this.
That's not an FBI provocateur saying, let's go car bomb a school.
That's the Feds.
These are real people saying, we're under attack.
This is meant to implode the economy.
This is world government.
This stuff is causing a drug-based disease.
This is on purpose.
We are being assaulted.
We need to raise the alarm and we need to come to a collective agreement.
Okay, what are the right responses to who's doing this?
And that's what I said last week.
I mean, look.
I'm already in the crosshairs enough of these people, but as a father and just as a human being, I have no fear of them.
I have fear of not doing the right thing.
Bill Gates and Fauci and all these people doing this, and Charlie Munger saying he wants to arrest any citizen he wants, that we need to be like China, and the Prime Minister of Canada saying he wants a dictatorship like China.
These are clear and present dangers who are putting us under permanent martial law, lying to us every step of the way.
I'll just say this in closing.
We went and got the definitive footage in the Texas towns and we estimated over a thousand a day, because I had the place staked out with former law enforcement, Owen was there for the stakeout, and we estimated it was about a thousand a day in April and several thousand a day just in McAllen, just at these Catholic Charities.
They've come out with a big article, I gave it to the crew, they can put it on screen.
With videos on the local TV station, the quote Catholic charities that's really, I mean if you ask me, they all have the tattoos, all the behavior, it's MS-13.
Here is the story right here.
Well, that's another one that just broke.
So, I mean, I've got the report.
I'm sure they're putting it on screen right there for you, where they admit over a thousand people a day are now coming in to that one facility alone.
And they're saying Biden, stop, don't let more in.
We're talking thousands of Haitians a day now showing up.
Border Patrol estimates eight to 10 million people fiscal year will come across into the United States.
Half of that just in the Texas sector.
These numbers are off the charts.
This is out of valleycentral.com, Humanitarian Respite Center, at capacity, ask Border Patrol to not drop off any more migrants.
Here it is.
So the place being given...
This one charity, the same guy who ran the Islamic invasion of Europe, he's been given the Soros contract now here in Texas, has been given over $900 million this year.
One contract was for $580-something million.
He's the one saying, stop, it's out of control.
So that is mainstream news right there for you saying, please stop.
I was just given another breaking news report here.
This is today.
La Jolla Police Department officer was waved down by a concerned citizen at the Whataburger.
The citizen explained to the officer that she had observed a family group who are now being observant of proper health guidelines.
She stated that the family was coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and were not wearing face masks.
But folks, you gotta understand, we're down there.
Documenting this in real time.
Just standing at the street corner, cameras rolling, and you've seen the footage.
It's just hundreds just marching down the street, marching down the street.
Pregnant women, children.
And so, yeah, you could sit here and if you want to talk about the whole COVID fear-mongering, say, well, this is hypocritical.
We're not allowed to be free.
government wants to limit travel from all these other countries, like Israel, that's the most vaccinated country on earth.
The U.S.
But then the southern border is wide open with tens of thousands of them pouring in every day.
Every day.
And we took the numbers just from that one facility, because they released the numbers about a month ago with an update, from that one facility.
Where it's at least a thousand going through that one facility every day.
And so, I mean, you don't have to be a mathematician genius to to escrapulate those numbers out and then realize that that's just one of those facilities.
Yeah, we're going to have more than two million illegal immigrants coming into this country.
And it doesn't matter if they bring COVID in here.
They're perfectly fine to do that.
But, oh, you're a bad citizen.
All right, Alex Jones here, back live on the road after a few technical difficulties, but we got that fixed on our end.
Owen Schroyer is in the ATX studio in Austin, Texas, and we've got some big breaking news on the border situation, which again illustrates the absurdity of saying, make three-year-olds wear two masks, take these inoculations, oh, but the shots don't protect you, but you need to take more shots.
All of this illogic.
is again proven and exacerbated by the completely open borders.
And Owen, you were saying 2 million this year.
I've got Tim Inlow here who interviewed the Border Patrol Agent Whistleblower about how many have really come across in the Texas sector, the Rio Grande sector alone, extrapolating that out at current numbers when it's only going up.
They used old numbers and just said, let's just use the numbers from, I guess that was June.
Extrapolating those forward, it was 8 to 10 million total coming in.
That's how bad this is.
So they're way, way, way, way, way downplaying this.
And so this is a whistleblower saying this.
We should probably do a whole report on this separately.
But now they're coming across with all sorts of diseases.
They have six counties under emergency declaration with people dying, including children, in Colorado from the bubonic plague.
That's the Black Plague.
By the way, you get bit by a flea, or you got a cut on your foot and you step on rat droppings that have it in it, it will eat your body up.
It will kill you.
It's something you really ought to be concerned about is the bubonic plague.
Nasty bacteria that eat your body, estimated to have killed about half the world's population during several giant plagues that took place, not just the Dark Ages, but before that.
With the term quarantine, it comes how they would make the ships
Off the coast of Italy, wait a month before they could come in just to make sure that nobody had the black plague out there, because it would make your skin have black spots all over it.
They'll say that's a racist term now, nothing to do with black people.
Just like you have, you know, all these other names like gray wells are gray and blue wells are blue.
And we call it the Spanish flu, as it first popped up in Spain we know of.
And this is the Chinese communist virus.
I call it the Fauci-Bill Gates virus.
Actually, you notice the Chinese have been threatening back saying, if you keep saying we released it,
We had a Pentagon program with Obama and with Gates.
So this came from you, which it did.
Those viruses were transferred to them, ladies and gentlemen.
So we're going to be breaking that down.
But Owen, your view, spending so much time there at the border on this whole situation?
Well, when I put out that two million number, that was obviously a conservative guess.
But, you know, I have to wonder.
I mean, what does Central America even look like?
I mean, we're absorbing, this year alone, we'll have absorbed probably like 10%, maybe more, of the entire Central American population.
I mean, this is population replacement, this is a mass exodus, I mean, this is biblical, this is historical.
And they don't even address the root cause.
They say, well, we need to get down to the root cause.
They never get down to the root cause.
The root cause is you have an open border and a welfare state.
The root cause is that socialism has failed Central America.
And the root cause is you have an agenda to destroy the United States of America economically, but they have more rights than we have.
And the globalist, the last part is the global lockdown.
Nine out of ten people asked, why is your main reason to be here?
They said, there's no jobs, the lockdowns, the lockdowns never ended, which the UN then runs and they run the refugee centers and the UN admits they would use climate change is going to collapse the third world will then use those giant migrant populations to take over the West.
So this is
Next-generation warfare.
And if the governors and the legislatures and the few Republicans that are good don't get this, it's game over.
This is a new type of war.
I've tried to explain it to everybody.
I've read their own documents, and I'm not that smart.
That's how I know about the weather weapons.
It's how I know about the pedophiles.
It's how I know about the refugee centers.
It's how I know about replacement migration.
It's all from the UN.
And again, oh, and I wasn't putting you down.
The numbers nationally are 2 million so far this year.
That's a good number you're giving.
This is whistleblower numbers from the Border Patrol in McAllen, and everybody knows Tim Inler, head of security, and he's been a cop and in the military and done federal stuff, so he's a smart guy, and so he is good at the numbers and not getting them wrong.
So Tim, spend a few minutes on...
The whistleblower and the real numbers so far this year that are, by the way, escalating.
So it's worse than what we are saying here, because we're using old numbers and projecting out.
It's getting worse.
And then also this new breaking stuff where confirming what the local news is reporting, they're now just dumping them on the streets everywhere because even the Democrats can't absorb them fast enough.
Tim Inlem.
Yeah, that's right.
So when we talked to the whistleblower in McAllen, a Border Patrol whistleblower, the numbers that they were giving us were staggering.
And they admitted, the whistleblower stated, that the upper management of Border Patrol has been absolutely fudging the numbers and it's not the Border Patrol agents that are doing it.
But they're turning in reports of migrants or illegal aliens getting away, and then what the upper management does is, instead of listing them as getaways, they list them as voluntary turnbacks.
As if the migrants had voluntarily turned around and gone back across the river back into Mexico.
And that's how they're fudging the numbers.
And he was telling us that because of that, the numbers are actually triple or more as high as what's being recurrently reported.
And he even named, he said, you know, once you get above the field level into the sector level of border patrol management, that's where these numbers are being absolutely manipulated.
And Owen, do you have anything you want to comment on there?
Well, how is this not considered a crisis, one of many crises that we're enduring right now, when you're talking about an invasion on the southern border?
But again, the Biden administration says, we're not taking anybody from Israel.
We're going to stop travel from Europe.
We're going to stop travel from all these states because they have COVID.
But the border is just wide open.
I mean, that's a great point.
Oh, we can't take people from Israel because they might have one COVID case and Australia has one COVID case, so they've got a lockdown forever.
We've got the rest of the story now of what's happening.
Tim, tell folks.
So on the La Jolla Police Department's Facebook page, I don't know if you can see that.
That's in South Texas.
That's in South Texas, on the border.
This is on the La Jolla Police Department's Facebook page, where they document that they were called to the Whataburger for a family of illegals that was coughing and sneezing all over the restaurant.
And other patrons and management became so concerned that they called the La Jolla Police Department to go there.
The officers made contact and the officer approached the family, and this is a quote from their Facebook page.
The officer approached the family and was told by them that they had been apprehended by Border Patrol days prior and were released because they were sick with COVID-19.
And, Owen, if you remember, when you and I were down in McAllen, Texas, and Mission, Texas, and San Juan, Texas, we went to some of these COVID hotels, and one of the first things we noticed was that all these positive COVID-positive illegal aliens that were put in these hotels, they were just released.
There were no guards there.
There was nothing to prevent them from going out of that hotel and walking around.
By the way, I lost it.
Find it again.
And while he's fine, let me explain something here, folks.
This is big news.
We packaged this as a news piece and put it out to be national news.
So we're just covering it live on air.
We're going to have to do pieces on this.
The local police department is admitting that the federal government and these so-called Catholic charities are dumping families out that test positive for COVID at the COVID center because they don't want them with the rest of the people.
Think about how illegal that is, where they run around panicking about COVID and then COVID positive people that are showing signs of being actually sick are being dumped out at restaurants.
I mean, arrest Biden!
We've asked you why things are so bad.
I mean, when local police departments release on their Facebook page something that says COVID-19 alert and then document how they've come in contact with illegals who were released by Border Patrol because they're COVID positive.
At this point, this is criminal.
This is criminal what the Biden administration is engaging in because they are literally importing COVID-19 into this country.
Oh, imagine.
And they say you're killing people if you're unvaccinated, even when you're not sick.
You're healthy as a horse.
You're unvaccinated, even though you're healthy.
Oh, but you're killing people.
But, oh, they release COVID patients all up and down the southern border of Texas by policy, and that's okay.
Well, Owen, that's why I call it the Murder of Logic Contest.
It was supposedly going to end today, but I'm going to extend it a couple days because I didn't realize when I did the one-week contest I was going to be out of town.
But don't worry, folks.
We're going to keep reposting all the great contest entries showing how asinine it is.
The contest is for $10,000, one winner.
And simply all you got to do is show the murder of logic, the murder of common sense, and the oxymoronic contradictions of Fauci and all them changing their stories on the vaccines working, not working.
If you're vaccinated, you're safe.
If you're not vaccinated, you're safe.
If you wear a mask, you're not safe.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here with a breaking news alert.
A major police department in South Texas
Has issued an emergency COVID alert and they are begging for help from the public, from the governor, from others.
There are millions of people, according to Border Patrol, coming across just the Texas sector.
Whistleblowers have said that they've been ordered to cover that up.
We're going to be talking more about that in just a moment.
But get this, in an official police department posting on Facebook,
They are confirming what is in the local ABC and NBC News affiliate, that all the giant warehouses and huge federal facilities they built that can hold 20,000 people now.
I mean, it's as big as a Cowboys stadium.
They are overwhelmed and are saying, please Biden, the Democrats are in McAllen.
The Catholic Charities Group is saying, you've got to stop them.
We have thousands a day.
It's overwhelming.
And they're not stopping.
They're now dumping whole families out at Whataburger.
And so you have illegals just all over Whataburger, outside in the parking lots.
Austin, Texas is the same way.
Tent cities everywhere.
And these aren't just people that are asymptomatic, but had a COVID test, because they have a COVID testing center right there in McAllen at the corner of 15th Street and Austin.
That's where we shot some of those videos.
That's one of the epicenters, where three buses at one time pull in, and then 10 minutes later, three more buses, and seven, eight vans, and kids being put in trunks of cars.
All that footage the left said was fake, later it was real.
Ladies and gentlemen, the breaking news.
The breaking news right now.
The feds and the quote Catholic charities really Democrat front group when they have COVID and test positive at the COVID center that's privately run right there at the corner of 15th and Austin in McAllen, Texas.
They then dump the families with no medical care.
So under Texas law.
If I'm driving down the road and I see a truck jackknife and flip, if I don't get out in good Samaritan and give them aid, it's a serious crime.
And it should be.
Other places like China, they don't care.
Some states, failure to render aid is fine.
People can say, well, that's a form of slavery.
No, I don't think it is.
I see somebody's house on fire and I don't call 911.
I mean, it's failure to render aid, folks.
Okay, this is failure to render aid.
There's so many laws being violated here.
And you've got the local news saying, we're overwhelmed.
We need help.
We're going to dump people on the street.
And then they dump the sick ones.
I thought you're loving liberals!
Take them to your house!
I thought you're loving liberals!
Oh no, instead you send them to Walmart, or you send them to Walgreens, or CVS, or to the local restaurant, or to Whataburger, and that's what happened, and they're calling the local police, who are totally overwhelmed, saying these people are sick, they're coughing, and they tell them in Spanish, we tested positive at that big warehouse that says Hollywood Fashion on the side.
And then they just dump them on the street.
This is crimes against humanity.
You know, you've been a federal cop, city cop, been in the Army, Marines, you've been in Blackwater, everything.
Have you ever heard of something like this on a humanitarian level?
Dumping people out that supposedly have this deadly virus out to spread it when they're not even asymptomatic.
They're obviously ill.
Absolutely not.
And there's no doubt that this is absolutely criminal negligence.
There is no other word for it.
If Americans die because illegal aliens were brought in by the Border Patrol and released by the Border Patrol, knowing that those illegal aliens are COVID positive and Americans die because of that, that is criminal negligence.
You are now- They're sick!
That's exactly right.
They're sick!
You are now culpable of manslaughter.
There is no other way about it.
And I've said this before and I'll say it again, okay?
Fake Russian collusion led to an impeachment of the President of the United States.
And here we have people engaged in criminal negligence, importing COVID-19 into the United States.
Open and shut.
The proof is there.
There is no doubt.
This is now police departments reporting it on the border and nothing is being done and no impeachment is being launched against Biden.
And the puppet president comes up and says, I wipe my butt today.
Yeah, this is, I mean, we have a man in office who is not playing with a full deck.
Everybody knows that.
Everybody knows he's suffering from dementia.
And in the meantime, Americans are being exposed to COVID-19, while at the same time, all these Democrats... We're being told not to go into lockdown!
Wear your mask, go into lockdown, do all these things, right?
And take away Americans' freedoms, while they're the ones bringing COVID in!
They're the ones bringing... Forget about
Forget about the moment that we funded, that the government funded the Wuhan lab, right?
Which is now, there's no doubt that they did that, okay?
But now we have proof, irrefutable proof, that the Border Patrol is releasing COVID-positive illegals onto the streets of America.
That is an excellent point.
We've got to get big articles out on this, we've got to get everybody, because I don't care about getting the credit.
But we need to see Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and all these other people that are good people, especially Carlson.
I'll call Carlson after the show here and just say, look at this.
Because again, nine times out of 10, these are good guys, but they've got producers and people that are good folks, but still don't get it all.
We are in the game all the time.
This is all we do.
It's all Owen does.
It's all Jim does.
It's all I do.
It's all you as listeners do.
It's all our producers do.
And we're here seeing the police department say they are releasing COVID positive people that are not asymptomatic, that are sick.
And these people are begging for help from the police.
And again, we don't even have the crew to send somebody down to the border.
I know we've been working with some other reporters trying to quietly finance them.
So we need to probably get some of the crew together and send that female reporter down to the border.
And you know, just we're trying to hire more people right now.
And let me get to that right now before we run out of time here.
I'm selling my house, which is fine.
I bought
An expensive fancy house.
I don't like big expensive fancy houses.
So I didn't trust banks a few years ago, and I wanted to have a little bit of backup money to fund Infowars.
And just like the widows might, if you don't know that story in the Bible, where they were about to starve to death, but they gave the profit with a little bit of food they had, and then magically each day it reappeared.
And you know, I'm here as a kid, I go, that's kind of a weird story.
But what I've experienced in our fight against the globalist is God always just gives us just enough.
And then when I act on faith and take action, the rest comes in.
And so
I've been selling my house, had to fix a few things at the house with the inspector, but it's about to go back on the market.
And that would give us money to actually operate like we are and with our shortfalls for another six months or so.
And I decided just to hire more reporters, which we're in the process of doing.
But infiltration is easy, so we've got to watch that.
But we've got a lot of stuff behind the scenes going on.
A lot of folks were funding and things we're doing, and I just decided I don't want to sit back later when we lose this country and the world and think, oh, but I've got a nice fancy house.
I did that because I knew the Austin market was ridiculous, and I basically doubled the amount of money in three years on the house, and we're selling it, and I'm going to use that because God gave that to us.
But that would still only run us for six months with the unridges we had.
Then, literally, the MyPillow thing falls in my lap.
I'm already a customer.
They've got great towels, great sheets, great human beds, great pillows, obviously.
I think so.
And almost all of it's made in America.
Some of the stuff, you know, you can't get geese or cotton except for Africa.
Africans are being starved to death under the globalist operation.
We need to help them as well.
I'm all for trade as long as it's not one-sided.
But they've got a lot of great products.
They employ thousands of Americans.
MyPillow.com, promo code Alex.
You get the very best deals they offer on already great deals.
And just in the last month, that has taken us out of the shortfall to be able to be where we need to be.
And so it's a blessing from God.
You're a blessing from God taking action.
And I've told you, if we get enough money, I'm trying to set a permanent bureau in South Texas.
They're going to have to move around.
It's very dangerous down there, but they're going to be in like those 20 towns traveling every week to a new town.
But I've got to have at least two security people, got to have a camera person and a reporter.
That's five people.
That's five, six people to have that done and have a reporter willing to go live at a very dangerous place.
We have people ready.
We don't have the money.
If you keep buying products at MyPillow.com, promo code Alex, literally, we'll be able to say our border watch program is sponsored by MyPillow.com.
So again, thank you, God, for coming through.
Thank you, listeners, for coming through.
And thank you, of course.
The founder and owner of MyPillow, Mike Lindell.
The liberal media have made fun of us.
They've attacked us.
They've made jokes.
Oh, it's dirty when I sell vitamin D3 or vitamin C. Oh, it's dirty when I sell high quality iodine.
It's dirty when I sell a t-shirt.
It's dirty when I sell a water filter.
Oh, those are bad.
Oh, they're the highest rated.
Oh, oh.
On and on and on.
And it's dirty now if we sell on established sheets and pillows and towels.
No, they want us to starve to death.
They don't want us to have our own media.
But we're building our own media and you've got our pledge to not back down and not give in.
And to be a platform to really launch massive operations.
So MyPillow.com, promo code Alex, and it literally will keep us on the air under all of these attacks and the dirty tricks.
But I expect attacks and dirty tricks.
I expect they'll put me in prison or kill me.
Don't want that to happen, but if it happens, so be it.
Because I'm not giving up.
I'm not a bad guy and I know we're going to win.
We've got to have that spirit of victory.
MyPillow.com, promo code Alex.
There's also a toll-free number we can put on screen where it's just for our listeners to call and get the very best deals there are.
Owen's actually got it in a sheet there where we can give it to him so you can give that number out next hour for folks that are online.
They've got great operators that take all your questions, all your comments, and, you know, take any orders you want to put in on that number as well.
And you can also call our number, 888-253-3139, order any of our products, or if you want them, I pull a number, our service reps have that number as well, 888-253-3139.
Thank God for all of you listeners, and thank God for Mike Lindell, and thank God for Owen Schroyer, who does a fabulous job while I'm out of town, and he's pulling double duty right now on the rest of the crew.
But Owen, we'll be right back.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, final segment here.
We have one of the dirty dozen, one of the people that they've called a terrorist, one of the people in the new national security threat memorandum that the puppet president who got his butt wiped today, Biden, said is a terrorist for being a medical doctor of great renown, who's been totally vindicated about the PCR tests, everything else.
Dr. Joseph Mercola,
Is coming up right now.
But again, ladies and gentlemen, we are extremely blessed to be here on air.
We were not supposed to be on air at this point, but thanks to you, we are.
But now the globalists have taken the gloves off and they have announced that with the Homeland Security and the CIA, the entire Internet's being watched with big tech.
Four white supremacists.
The definition of white supremacist is questioning the election, questioning open borders, questioning Biden, and questioning lockdowns, which is martial law.
So, yeah, they're getting real martial law ready.
The training wheels are about to come off.
They'll probably release some more real viruses, who knows, and clandestine variants.
People better get ready, and they better pray to God, because this is the fabled takeover.
The UN using a bioweapon release.
I've told people thousands of times on air.
Many of you have been listening 25, 26, 27 years.
You've heard me thousands of times.
Say, they're not going to march around in UN blue helmets saying, turn in your guns, we're taking down America.
They're going to trigger race war.
They're going to call the UN to oversee, like South Africa, a new political system.
They're going to say you're a white supremacist if you don't submit.
And then they're going to release a virus to create fear as the pretext to lock people down and disappear people and shut down businesses they don't own.
It's a pincer attack.
Economic shutdown of the middle class, no matter what color you are.
And then another attack creating racial division to claim the takeover and the breakdown is because you're bad.
You're bad because you've got a virus or might have a virus.
You're bad because you're white, or you're bad because you're a Christian or a veteran.
This is just simple psychology, and the way you beat it is you wake up to the psychology, you wake up to the enemy plan, and you don't let their manipulation manipulate you or others.
You become aware of the plan, you warn others of the plan, and then you start removing yourself from the plan and not supporting the enemy wherever you can, shopping with small businesses as much as you can, telling the truth, going to church, being a good dad, being a good mom, taking care of your neighbors, coming together,
You know, inviting the neighbors over, no matter what color they are, to have dinner, and get this out in the open and discuss the fact that we're being taken over.
This is serious war.
And that the more we submit, the worse things get.
The more we stand up, the better things get.
And stop getting into fear of viruses and fear of whatever.
And people say, what are you doing quoting Roosevelt?
He was a bad president.
The quote's true.
Okay, broken clocks are right twice a day.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
And so giving in to them is what you ought to be concerned of.
Submitting to tyranny is what you ought to be afraid of.
Not, oh, let me just kind of dodge this for a minute, maybe it'll go away.
That's not what built this country.
Rugged individualism did.
Territorialism did.
And so we got to start pushing back.
They fear men.
That's why they tried to turn us into a bunch of ninnies.
They fear the fact that men will finally commit and do something.
I don't want any violence at this point.
The enemy has that plan.
They'll probably do it to themselves and play victim.
We have to point out they're being violent to us.
They're assaulting us with these poison shots, with the breakdown of law and order, with all the things they're doing, and just expose their foreign outside criminal power and protest and demonstrate at their houses and sue them and get in their faces and run for office and support the local individuals.
I don't want to call them politicians, but
Statesmen and women who do understand what's happening and get them to take action and lead an offense against the globalist narrative of the new lockdowns and the fraud of the virus and call for Fauci's arrest and call for Bill Gates's arrest and point out what they're doing at the border.
I mean, that's incredible.
Releasing people that are COVID positive and sick to their whole narrative.
That's manslaughter.
That's criminal negligence.
That's everything.
So if we had the reporters and the crew, I'd be down there at that Whataburger in McAllen, Texas right now.
Listeners, you go document it.
You upload it to your Twitter or Facebook.
You don't need me to do it.
I can't do it all, okay?
Get down there.
Do it.
We're trying to hire reporters.
We just hired a couple of them.
We're getting them trained now.
We're trying as much as we can, but I just can't wait for orders from headquarters here.
I need you to take action.
All right, this is somebody being listed as a terrorist coming up for trying to give you life-saving information.
The globalists are criminals.
They have the blood of millions on their hands suppressing 100% treatments that are out there.
Just remember how serious this is.
And the submission is death.
Resistance is victory.
Owen Schroer, great job.
Take over with Dr. Mercola.
I know you're going to be hosting the war room today as well.
Okay, well, we have just heard from our guest who is supposed to be joining us.
Unfortunately, he had to cancel.
But that's okay because I've got plenty of news that I can cover here for this next hour and then Paul Joseph Watson is going to take over.
And, you know, it's really sad that, and I talked about this yesterday, we already know Democrats in media
That she looks good.
They're there to make sure the Biden administration looks good.
No tough questions are asked of her.
And then Peter Ducey is the only one that ever asks any real questions.
Well, the new phenomenon we're seeing is with health care professionals, whether it's nurses or doctors or people that run hospitals, and this is really even more dangerous, perhaps.
Because, you know, healthcare's not supposed to be politicized.
You shouldn't have to worry about what your doctor or healthcare provider's politics are when you go for treatment or whatever, but now liberal leftist progressives
Democrats in the health care industry are now letting their politics overwhelm truth when it comes to medicine, when it comes to health.
And so this is very dangerous.
And I'm sad to say that one of the worst examples now is Jerome Adams, who just lies through his teeth.
And it's just stunning to see this.
He puts out this statement today because here's the thing, folks, you got to understand.
See, Jerome Adams is smart enough
Or dumb enough, I guess you could say, to respond to the fact that, yeah, vaccinated people are getting sick.
So there's one level of this where the media and Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden just deny it.
They just say nobody who's gotten the vaccine has gotten COVID.
Nobody who's gotten the vaccine has gotten sick.
That's a known lie.
We have the hospital numbers in multiple different states and multiple different countries.
And yeah, most of the new COVID cases are actually vaccinated people.
Again, we have the numbers.
We have the data.
That's undeniable.
So Jerome Adams knows that, well, okay, I'm not going to be as big of a liar as Fauci or Biden and say that vaccinated people are not getting sick.
I know that that's going on.
I've seen the numbers.
The news is everywhere.
So what does he do?
Well, he just moves the goalpost.
He's a little bit more subtle in his propaganda.
So he says, vaccines do not prevent you from testing positive for COVID.
In other words, vaccines do not prevent you from getting COVID.
So he has his little word game there.
But that's what it really is, is vaccines do not prevent you from getting COVID.
Unless he's admitting that testing positive for COVID means, doesn't necessarily mean you have COVID.
So is this Dr. Jerome Adams admitting that the tests don't work?
Or is he just playing word games to avoid admitting, in so many words, that even if you've gotten the vaccine, you'll still get COVID?
So he says, vaccines do not prevent you from testing positive for COVID.
Again, what is that insinuating?
That the tests don't work?
Or that people are getting COVID that have been vaccinated?
Nice job with your little nuanced propaganda there, Dr. Adams.
But he goes on.
They prevent you from being hospitalized for or dealing with long-term symptoms from or dying due to COVID-19.
Okay, so there's about three new lies in that second sentence.
The COVID vaccine prevents you from being hospitalized from COVID.
That's a lie.
He knows that's a lie.
That's why he's putting this tweet out.
Because he knows that's a lie and that most of the COVID hospitalizations are vaccinated people.
He also says that the vaccines will stop you from having long-term symptoms.
Well, we don't know that.
We haven't had any long-term studies and it hasn't been a long-term rollout yet.
So he's just saying that.
That's just a made-up statement that he just makes.
Think about how dangerous that is from your doctor.
Think about how dangerous that is if a doctor just makes something up, just whole cloth.
You go to your doctor and you're expecting, this is an ethical person who's going to be honest with me
About the treatment I'm receiving or that I could potentially receive, and he just lies!
Yeah, the COVID-19 vaccine will make sure you have no long-term side effects.
You don't know that!
There's been no long-term studies.
We haven't been in this long-term.
That's dangerous to have a doctor that would boldly lie to you like that.
Of course, for the last five years or so, if you went to a doctor,
And said, I have a smoking addiction, I want to stop.
They were going to prescribe you Shantix.
I believe Shantix is a Pfizer product and turns out Shantix was causing cancer.
And now Pfizer is pulling Shantix and paying out billions of dollars in lawsuits for Shantix causing cancer.
But guess what?
It was doctor recommended.
And I'm sure those doctors assured the people that they recommended it to that it was safe, effective, and good.
Now they have cancer.
Now the doctors won't have to
Face any penalty or punishment for that.
I guess they're just doing their job as big pharmaceutical drug pushers.
And then, of course, the final lie in that sentence, that the vaccine will prevent you from dying from COVID.
Another lie.
Another total lie, because many people who have had the vaccine have died from COVID.
Now again, this is a doctor.
This is a doctor who, in two sentences, in two sentences in a statement he makes, has at least four lies in them, maybe five.
I mean, really, that's almost admirable that you can have two sentences with five lies in it.
You almost tip your cap to that, like, wow, you're a professional liar.
But that's a doctor.
That's a doctor.
How are we supposed to have any trust in our medical institutions, in our healthcare institutions, when leading doctors are lying to us like this?
How are we supposed to trust our medical industry that they want to be run by the government when they can't even be honest with us?
And I do have that story right here.
Jerome Adams also says the pandemic is spiraling out of control.
Well, how could that be?
With all these people being vaccinated, how could that be?
And where?
Where is the pandemic spiraling out of control?
Notice how they don't show you any data or point to any actual examples of how the pandemic is spiraling out of control.
They just say it.
So this guy can't stop lying.
This is a top doctor in the U.S.
who can't stop lying.
Now, how are we supposed to trust our medical institutions when the top doctors from them are lying to us about everything?
So, congratulations Dr. Jerome Adams, you have just disintegrated trust in our medical institutions, perhaps as much as Anthony Fauci now.
Congratulations Dr. Adams, are you proud of yourself?
You put politics ahead of health.
You put politics ahead of truth.
And now you're just another one of the activist doctors that will lie to the American people for a political agenda.
This is dangerous.
We know our media is corrupt.
We know our media lies to us.
We know that most of the media is Democrat activists.
But now, we're dealing with doctors and healthcare professionals that are now lying for political agendas.
And they want our trust in their institutions.
They want our trust in their health advice.
When I can sit here and look at these statements from one top doctor, supposedly, in the U.S., and it's nothing but lies,
That's scary stuff.
That's frightening stuff.
And it's really a damn shame now that in the United States of America, because of people like Jerome Adams and Anthony Fauci, the average American is never going to trust doctors again.
Think about that.
Think about that.
And they censor the actual good doctors out there like Simone Gold and Stella Emanuel and Jane Ruby so that the liars like Fauci and Jerome Adams can try to force you to take an experimental vaccine and lie all the way in the process.
People should not be walking around with masks.
Let me just state for the record that masks are not theater.
Wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better.
Masks are protective.
But it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.
There has not been any indication that putting a mask on and wearing a mask for a considerable period of time has any deleterious effects.
There are unintended consequences.
People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.
And can you get some schmutz sort of staying inside there?
Of course.
You do not need to wear a mask indoors if, in fact, you've been vaccinated.
Good that you're vaccinated, but in a situation where you have people indoors, particularly crowded, you should wear a mask.
So even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask.
If, in fact, you are vaccinated, fully vaccinated, you are protected, and you do not need to wear a mask outdoors or indoors.
When the children go out into the community, you want them to continue to wear masks.
You know, if you look at children outside, particularly when they're with the family, walking down the street, playing a game or what have you, don't have to wear a mask.
The pediatric, the Academy of Pediatric actually makes that recommendation that children should be wearing masks from two years old.
And you're asking now, if your child is a member of your household, can you walk outdoors with your child without a mask?
According to that chart, the answer is yes.
But the child can't, not to beat it to death?
Yes, yes.
Because now the CDC says, I mean, I think I've got this right.
One mask is better than zero masks.
Two masks is better than one mask.
But you don't have to have double masks.
Is that right?
You know, it became clear that cloth coverings, that you didn't have to buy in a store, that you could make yourself, were adequate.
And they wanted to fit better.
So one of the ways you could do it, if you would like to, is put a cloth mask over, which actually, here, and here, and here, where you could get leakage in, is much better contained.
Are you a double masker, Dr. Fauci?
You look like you are.
Food, and there's no one in the hospital.
What is going on in this country?
They discharged everybody.
So there's nobody even in there.
Nobody's in the hospital.
How is that possible in a medical pandemic?
That's fake news, that's why.
Fake news?
It's all fake news, isn't it?
There's nobody in there.
Is there anybody in there?
But there's free food.
Yeah, you're the devil in disguise, all right.
Anthony Fauci.
You know, this is a true reckoning for America right now that we're going through, ladies and gentlemen.
Because we shouldn't be taking this.
We shouldn't take this for another day, let alone another minute.
The liars in our government and in our media are so emboldened right now because they've gotten away with so much crime, they've gotten away with so much lies and misinformation and propaganda, they just don't even know how to take their foot off the gas at this point.
And so, you just saw the video, Anthony Fauci debating himself on masks.
You have a corrupt doctor, Jerome Adams, who's now been politicized.
He puts his politics over actual health advice.
Who says the pandemic is spiraling out of control, but then you go to your local hospital and there's nobody in it and the nurses say it's fake news.
But you're reaching a dangerous point in our civilization where
Doctors are putting politics over actual health advice.
That is scary, man.
And see, that's the problem is, again, hey, hey, you get sick, you're feeling ill, you're feeling down, you'd like to say, hey, I'm gonna go to a doctor, and, you know, I'll trust the doctor's gonna help me, no matter what my politics are, or skin color, or anything like that, but not anymore!
You go to a doctor, you're like clutching your pearls, like, boy, I hope this doctor's not a Democrat!
Might try to kill me!
Might try to kill me with a big pharmaceutical pill or drug!
Or, or, it doesn't even matter what their politics are at that point.
They're all run by big pharma.
But, I played it, or I covered it in the last segment.
Dr. Jerome Adams just lying about everything.
And it's all provable.
It's all provable lies.
Doesn't stop him.
Doesn't stop him.
Fauci arguing himself over masks?
He'll continue to debate himself over masks as long as he's still around.
Nothing will stop him.
Here's a clip, though.
Let's go to clip 10, where you have in Arkansas the health bureaucrats.
Well, let's just say when the health bureaucrats have public meetings, they are not met with much support.
Well, the answer is no, and that's been the data, but... Dr. Delahaye, do you want to answer that?
So at this point in time, there is no evidence that the COVID... There's over 20,000 women who shut down from telling their stories!
This is ridiculous!
All right, so go ahead, Dr. Delahaye.
This is our show, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the show.
Go ahead, Dr. Bailey.
So, there is no medical evidence at this time that the COVID vaccines impact fertility.
There is a great deal of evidence that the COVID illness itself causes problems with pregnancy.
That's not true.
And fetal demise.
So, I think it's important for people to have factual, accurate information.
I can't get from you.
So this is what's happened now.
The Democrat Party has destroyed the Americans' faith in every institution.
The media, healthcare, school.
And again, you'd think, you know, at least we can have education in this country not be politicized.
Nope, Democrats have destroyed that.
At least we can have healthcare in this country not be politicized.
Nope, Democrats have destroyed that.
At least we can have a media in this country that wants to get things right and accurate.
Nope, Democrats have destroyed that too.
No faith in any of these institutions anymore thanks to Democrats.
Thanks to liberals.
Thanks to progressives.
Now here's a mayor that gets it in Knox County, Tennessee.
This is what you want to hear from your leaders in clip 11.
A lot of talk now with the Delta variant of more restrictions and mandates and we're not going to do that in Knox County.
So I just want to make that very clear and be on record with that.
Good for you.
Good for you, Glenn Jacobs.
Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.
And it's going to reach a point where
People are going to start flocking.
If we can't correct this ship and get rid of these Democrat scoundrels from destroying our country and ruining our lives, it's going to reach a point where people are going to start flocking to cities and counties that have real leadership, like in Knox.
We're good to go.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, nothing to see here, but Twitter has just suspended every election audit count that existed on Twitter.
Every single one.
Because the audits aren't happening, right?
They're not.
No, no, no.
The audits aren't happening.
There's no, they're not finding any discrepancies.
They're not finding all the illegal votes, all the illegal mail-in votes.
All the double-counted votes.
No, no, no, no, no.
Nope, just not happening.
So Twitter just suspended them all.
Ha, ha.
How do you cover up a crime?
How do you cover up a crime?
Well, ask Twitter.
They're experts at it.
They're helping cover up the Democrat theft of the 2020 election because, drumroll please,
They were in on it!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Oh yes.
Before the, before any vote, well I guess that's not true with the millions of illegal votes and all the mail-in votes, but you know, before the election day even started, Twitter was helping Joe Biden win by
Censoring all the negative news about Joe Biden, all the negative news about Hunter Biden.
Really amazing, isn't it?
Really quite phenomenal.
Total criminality.
Boy, you know, a lot of people still have faith in Donald Trump and still obsessed with the man, kind of, quite frankly, but
You know, I hope he's right when he says the best is yet to come, because I'd like to think we've hit rock bottom with how bad things are right now.
And there's no doubt there is a Great Awakening happening, but... You know, when you've got what's going on today at Capitol Hill, and I'll just play this clip real quick, just to show the double standard, and I know you get it, but it needs to just be hammered home.
Because it was the Democrats that put a target on police officers back.
And then in the year 2020, thousands of police officers were injured.
Many were killed.
Many were paralyzed.
Many were blinded.
And the Democrat Party didn't shed a tear.
They celebrated that.
They said the police deserve that.
Oh, but on January 6th, now all of a sudden police are the good guys.
And so here you have one of the biggest liars I've ever seen in a police officer's uniform.
Never heard of this guy till today.
Now he'll forever go down as an American traitor and a liar.
Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn and the Democrats going along with the whole thing, celebrating all the fallen police officers.
Now the Democrats care.
Here's the clip 14.
Before I begin, before I begin, I'd like to take a moment of my time to ask for a moment of silence.
That's a lie.
So imagine that.
He comes out and he lies.
That is not what happened, and everybody knows it, but they all bow their heads like that's what happened and everybody knows it's a lie.
And again,
Where were all the crocodile tears for police officers for the entire year of 2020 when they were murdered and attacked and paralyzed and blinded and hospitalized and brutalized?
Where was the media?
Where was the Democrat Party?
Where were the hearings?
Where were the testimonies?
Where were the sob stories?
You didn't get them, did you?
No, you didn't.
And you know why.
Because it's all political.
They can politicize Brian Sicknick's death, even though he died of a health condition related to a stroke days later.
But hey, don't tell corrupt Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn that.
I guess he still believes the big lie that Brian Sicknick was hit over the head with a fire extinguisher.
That never happened.
Sicknick was declared dead two days later.
After strokes.
He had a family that cared about him and loved him.
Very sad.
That's a human being.
That's really sad.
But to say that he died from injuries sustained at the Capitol, and to go along with the big lie that he was hit with a fire extinguisher, and to do that during a fake January 6th hearing?
Boy, that's just despicable.
And again, what of the thousands of police officers that were brutalized and attacked and hospitalized and paralyzed and blinded from all the Democrat riots of 2020?
Where's their hearing?
Where's their moment in the media?
Where's their moment in the sun?
When do they get to tell their stories?
When do we get to shed tears for all of them?
When do we get to hold accountable all the individuals that beat them, shot them,
No, see, that doesn't work for the Democrat political agenda, so we don't, no no no, we're not doing that.
We're gonna lie about Brian Sicknick, and we're gonna politicize that, and then we're gonna use that lie to arrest all of our political dissonance and continue the big lie of January 6th.
Now, we've got Paul Joseph Watson coming up.
Let me just do a news blitz, because
I barely got into this news.
Let me just pound this news out in this segment in the next five minutes and then Paul Joseph Watson will take over.
CDC to reverse indoor mask policy.
Fully vaccinated people must wear masks indoors.
Yeah, good luck.
Here's Joe Biden in December of last year saying the COVID vaccination will not be mandatory in the U.S., but yet here are the Democrats today saying, yep, we're going to mandate the coronavirus vaccine, including Bill de Blasio, who says the voluntary phase is over, mandated vaccines are coming.
The Biden administration has already mandated vaccines on many government officials.
It's all illegal.
It's all Nuremberg Code.
And according to the Nuremberg Code, you deserve, you're supposed to be hung to death if you have, if you force people into medical experiments.
That's just the Nuremberg Code.
Maybe we're abandoning the Nuremberg Code and embracing Nazism.
They haven't announced that yet.
Maybe they will sometime soon.
But according to the Nuremberg Code, if you force somebody to be part of a medical experiment, you get hung to death.
That's not me saying that, that's just the Nuremberg Code.
I'm not sure if the Democrat Party's abandoned that yet and gone full Nazi.
Maybe they have, they just haven't gone public yet.
That's where we're at.
Here's the Washington Post.
Enough already.
It's time for vaccine entry passes.
Mandatory vaccines to come into America.
The CDC raises a travel advisory warning to level 3 for Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, because they're having a COVID outbreak.
And here's the official statement from CDC.
We need to emulate vaccine distribution in Israel, but it's too dangerous to travel there.
Oh my gosh, it's just unbelievable.
And then we covered it earlier, 200 Australians taken to quarantine facilities because they might have been exposed to virus.
And then here's PolitiFact, declares that Biden and Harris never distrusted COVID vaccines under Trump.
So, I mean, again, we just play the videos of Joe Biden saying, I don't trust this vaccine.
Nobody will trust the vaccine.
Kamala Harris saying, I wouldn't trust this vaccine.
Nobody should trust this vaccine.
I'll never get this vaccine.
And we just play the videos.
It's a compilation.
Everybody's seen it.
And then PolitiFact says, nope, that's false.
They never said that.
It's their own words.
It's their own mouths.
It's their own faces.
It's their own events.
And PolitiFact just says, no, it never happened.
What are you talking about?
That's not real!
You didn't build that!
I've never been to Europe!
God Almighty!
God Almighty!
And now...
You have all of these bot accounts putting out the exact same thing on Twitter.
Thousands of them.
We've covered this so many times.
Here's the latest.
I just left the ER.
We're officially crushed by COVID Delta variant.
It's much worse.
99% of the ICU beds are full.
None of these people have been vaccinated.
And there's thousands of these tweets, folks.
Thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of these tweets.
It's all propaganda.
And then the Chinese, the state-run Chinese media,
is putting out their own propaganda saying that the Lab League theory is black magic!
So I'll show you that when we come back.
I'm gonna do, I got one more segment coming up and we'll cover the rest of this news and then Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
So take a look at this from official Chinese-run state media.
They put this out a couple days ago.
Lab leak conspiracy is propagated by Drastic, a group of radical amateurs.
Now I would imagine that most people in this audience probably know about the Wuhan lab where this virus came out of.
But I would also bet that no one in this audience has ever heard of Drastic.
I've never heard of Drastic.
Have you ever heard of Drastic?
And yet the Chinese state-run media that's allowed to operate on Twitter, Americans aren't allowed to operate on Twitter, people running the vote audits aren't allowed to operate on Twitter, but the Chinese communists that have millions of people in forced labor camps and detention centers, they're allowed to operate on Twitter, and they're claiming that some
Group I've never heard of in my life called The Drastic Company made up the lab leak conspiracy.
No, actually, InfoWars broke that right here.
It was right here in this studio with Dr. Francis Boyle in February of 2020.
We broke that story.
And now it's pretty much widely accepted, even though we were called conspiracy theorists at the time.
Hey, that's fine.
I go on.
Now they quote Peter Daszak, who's the one that ran the Wuhan lab leak!
Who's the one that bragged about doing gain-of-function research?
Worked with Fauci doing gain-of-function research with bat viruses in Wuhan, China, where the virus came from.
And they quote him, some people talking about lab leak don't want an answer.
They want to amplify doubt because they can leverage that doubt in leaders and scientists to hold or build power.
That doesn't even make sense.
What power does an individual have against the government
To just say, hey, I think that came out of the Wuhan lab.
Well, I guess if it's our government that was making it, then maybe.
And that, of course, is the case.
And he knows it.
And they put up this graphic.
Who are they?
How do they research?
Where do they publish?
Lab leak theory.
And they have these cute little graphics put out by the Chinese media.
Peter Daszak.
So Peter Daszak knows he's been caught with Anthony Fauci.
They made the virus.
They're responsible for the pandemic.
And again, you get back to how corrupt our media is, where they make the biggest deal out of COVID.
It's now running our life and you need to be afraid of it.
And we have to shut down and wear masks and take 10 vaccines and everything.
And this is just for the rest of our lives because of COVID.
And they take it very seriously, but they never want to know where it came from.
They never want to hold the people responsible who made it.
Very convenient for them, isn't it?
And then here's another one from the Chinese state-run media.
The Black Magic of Lab Leak Conspiracy.
And it's like Uncle Sam in the dark working with a chemistry set with a bunch of things that say conspiracy on it and the lab leak theory.
So this Chinese-run propaganda account
Trump is allowed to operate on Twitter and cover up the fact that this virus came out of the Wuhan lab, but you an American aren't allowed to operate on Twitter and say there's an audit happening in Arizona.
Not even that you think that Trump won the election.
You can't even say there's an audit happening anymore.
They'll ban you just for mentioning that there's an audit happening.
Now, let's move on here to the rest of this news.
This is a very sad state of affairs.
The number of close friendships that Americans have has declined over the past several decades.
Percentage of Americans who say they have the following number of close friends, not counting their relatives.
In 1990, 3% of Americans said they had no close friends.
In 2021, 12% of Americans say they have no close friends.
In 1990, 33% of Americans said they had 10 or more close friends.
In 2021, 13% of Americans say they have 10 or more close friends.
Now I could go on with this data, but I think that you get the picture here.
Americans are more and more becoming isolated with less and less friendship, less and less camaraderie, less and less kinship.
And this is destroying the fabric of our society.
This is part of the problem right here.
People can't even get along anymore.
People aren't even socializing anymore.
They're burying their head in their phones, they're burying their head in all these different distractions, and they don't even have relationships anymore.
Well, that makes it a lot easier to control somebody, doesn't it?
Makes it a lot easier to control somebody that doesn't have a support group, doesn't have a social group, doesn't have a friend group.
Doesn't have anything.
And this is all by design, this is all part of the globalist agenda.
Make you alone, make you afraid, and then enslave you.
Here's some more data.
Net favorability of leading Republicans among Republican voters.
Don Jr.
Topping the charts on this deal.
Don Jr.
Topping the charts, followed by DeSantis.
Kevin McCarthy, I think he gets way too high of a mark there, but okay.
Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and then very low number for Mitch McConnell.
And then you have Liz Cheney, who is negative 43.
Off the charts.
Well, that's because Liz Cheney is a Democrat.
So, that's how you explain that.
It's not going so well for the U.S.
military, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm sad to report.
Well, when all of the military brass are liberal progressives more concerned with what is in their troops' pants and not how they're trained, yeah, this is going to happen.
It failed miserably.
After wargaming loss, Joint Chiefs are overhauling how the U.S.
military will fight.
They're destroying our military, folks.
Obama began the destruction of our military.
Trump tried to bring it back.
He was sabotaged.
Obama already put the brass in that were anti-American, pro-communist Chinese agents.
They've infiltrated the Navy.
They've infiltrated everything.
And now they're back with Biden in control, and they are just completely sabotaging our military.
Just totally sabotaging it.
10 years probation for boys and girls club worker who raped 14-year-old San Antonio girl.
That's right, no jail time.
No jail time.
You'll spend more time in jail.
If you went into the Capitol building for five seconds, if your foot touched the Capitol building and then left, you spent more time in jail than this individual that raped a 14-year-old girl.
And it turns out, apparently this Boys and Girls Club in San Antonio was like a hotbed for people to rape little boys and little girls, and most of them just get probation.
And they just bury it in the sand.
I wonder why.
I wonder why.
Why does Demetrius Keno Jr.
not have to go to jail for raping a 14-year-old girl?
Boy, imagine if he was in the Capitol building with a U.S.
flag saying USA for five minutes on January 6th.
He'd be in jail indefinitely.
But all he did was rape a 14-year-old girl!
So he should only have a little probation.
Come on, man.
Chicago's top cop blames wave of gun violence on courts letting out violent offenders from jail.
Oh, you don't say!
So when Demetrius Keno Jr.
rapes another girl, I guess we'll know why, won't we?
Former U.S.
Senator Barbara Boxer assaulted, robbed,
In Oakland's Jack London Square.
Hey, that's not good.
I'm not celebrating that a corrupt Democrat gets mugged in her own city.
It's very sad.
Even though I'm no fan of Barbara Boxer.
Pretty sad that she can't even walk around her own streets without getting mugged and robbed.
But, you know, the truth is the truth.
You did this to yourselves, Democrats.
And so you've destroyed your cities, you've made your cities crime-ridden hellholes, and now you're going to have to deal with it.
And then this is just really disgusting stuff.
Minnesota fourth grade student says class was told not to tell their parents about equity survey.
And I can get into this whole story here, but basically, leftist teachers are teaching your kids critical race theory and all kinds of other things, and they're specifically telling the students not to tell the parents, and you know why that is.
It's like a priest, you know, plays a little touch time with the little boy and says, don't tell your parents!
So now liberal professors and teachers are teaching your kids how to be racist bigots and hate America, and they're saying, don't tell your parents!
Same energy, folks.
All right, I sign off.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
Remember, folks, InfoWarsStore.com.
Keep us on the air.
Shop at InfoWarsStore.com.
And we are live.
It is the Summit News Hour.
Welcome back to another show.
And of course, the dreaded Delta variant of coronavirus is apparently sweeping through the United States, requiring the reintroduction of mask mandates, potentially new lockdown orders.
Well, we've already had that situation here in the UK for the past several months with the fear mongering over this Delta variant, providing yet another justification for authorities to lock down for government advisors.
To say that not locking down will basically result in 200,000 plus cases a day.
Once again, they've been proven spectacularly wrong.
The cases are dropping.
And the interesting phenomenon that you're seeing here in the UK from all the media outlets, from all the so-called government experts, from all the lockdown zealots, is that they're crestfallen.
They're really sad.
They're really in the mud about the fact that the coronavirus infection cases, the official record that they say, of course, when it goes up, that how could anyone doubt it?
Forget about false positives.
Forget about the fact that
Of course, as I've talked about before, when people do Freedom of Information Act requests, they find out that the people who go into hospital with no comorbidities, they account for far less of the actual total.
In fact, they said 10% of the official death toll was actually related to COVID alone, without any comorbidities.
So you can trust the official death tolls when they announce them on the media, the official daily infection rates.
But when they start going down, oh, suddenly you can't trust them.
So now that we've had seven straight days of cases dropping in the United Kingdom, the SAGE experts, the government advisors, the Arch Lockdown Advocates are saying, well, these numbers can't be accurate.
There must be something else going on here.
Again, it's like the weather.
It's like global warming.
When it gets hot in summer, they say, oh, this is proof of global warming.
But then also when it gets really cold in winter, they say that's also proof of global warming.
Whatever statistic is delivered up just miraculously underscores their entire case.
Well, they are in the mud because we've had today the announcement that COVID cases have fallen every day for a week.
This is out of the Daily Skeptic, dailyskeptic.org.
Covid cases across the UK have fallen for a seventh day in a row, reaching 23,511 on Tuesday.
This is the lowest number recorded in a single day in the whole of July, and boy are they mad about it!
They're all over Twitter saying, oh my God, we can't explain this!
What's going on?
We were promised 200,000 Covid infections a day,
We were promised that we could blame it on the lifting of lockdown restrictions and they're just not delivering the numbers to us.
As Michael Curzon writes, sage panjandrums, those are the UK government advisors that admitted using totalitarian tactics to brainwash the British public, have been trotting out excuses for why they got this so wrong.
According to Mail Online, the top contenders are the vaccine rollout, school holidays, the end of the Euros, warmer weather, the ping-demic.
So they're suddenly saying that because the kids have broken up for the school holidays, the summer half-term,
That there are way less tests and that's why there are way less coronavirus cases.
Because even if the kids are completely asymptomatic, they're not getting ill, they're not going to hospital, they need those positive tests so they can use these scaremongering numbers in the media to force the government back into lockdown.
But then when you look at the actual number of tests being carried out, they haven't changed.
They've barely changed over the past two weeks, even after the kids broke up from school.
So basically they're in a blind panic because they thought the narrative would be established.
that lifting lockdown restrictions leads to a massive spike in cases so they can lock down again and credit the lockdown for bringing those cases down once again.
It's not working, they're in a blind panic and it's hilarious and we'll talk about it on the other side.
So we've had a drop in cases for seven straight days in the United Kingdom and the people who actually want the cases to keep rising, they want more hospitalisations, more deaths, so they can continue the fear-mongering and lobby for more lockdown.
They're devastated!
They're absolutely devastated that less people are getting infected with Covid, that fewer people are dying.
And you've actually had scientists, government advisors, come out and say
That because we had the Euro Championships, which is the soccer tournament, which most Americans don't give a damn about, don't even barely know what it is.
But basically it was a soccer tournament over the past month or so, it ended about two weeks ago.
But what you had was large groups of mainly men congregating indoors, without masks, without social distancing, they were all hugging each other when the team scored.
During the period of a month,
Now, that seems to have the effect of an initial spike in coronavirus cases, but not a massive increase in hospitalisations.
And yet, a development now that coronavirus cases, even with the dreaded Delta variant, have been falling over the past week, seems to have had the effect of creating, whisper it in hushed tones, herd immunity.
Which of course was the foundation, the basis of how society reacted to any previous pandemic in history.
Suddenly back in March 2020 that went completely out of the window because the globalists wanted their Great Reset, they wanted endless lockdowns, they wanted endless mask mandates.
Herd immunity became a dirty phrase and yet that seems to have been exactly what happened over the past few weeks in England, in the United Kingdom, because you had large groups of mainly men congregating
To watch the football, they were hugging each other.
This is what Professor Paul Hunter said of the University of East Anglia, and you can tell in his quote that he's quite despondent about the fact that this happened, but ultimately is still acknowledging that it did happen.
He says,
As we've effectively immunised a lot more younger people who wouldn't otherwise have come or been available for a vaccine.
He says, but I would stress, I would never suggest that as a control strategy in advance.
So he's basically admitting that because all these young people got together, didn't wear masks, didn't social distance, were in very close proximity, that some of them got coronavirus.
They were not ill.
Most of them were asymptomatic.
The vast majority did not need to go to hospital.
There's basically nothing wrong with them.
But now they've got the antibodies and now they're immune.
That used to be called herd immunity.
That's exactly what we should have done at the start of the pandemic.
That's what Sweden, that's what Belarus did at the start of the pandemic.
They trusted their citizens.
They didn't impose mandatory legal lockdowns.
They didn't impose mandatory mask wearing.
They had lower death rates than the UK because herd immunity works.
And now it's being proven by these coronavirus infection rates dropping over the past week.
In the United Kingdom, after we had large groups of people congregating to watch the football, some of them got the virus, some of them, most of them got the antibodies, now we've got herd immunity and that's the reason why the cases are dropping and they are in desperation mode right now.
Headline again out of the Daily Skeptic here, because of course they're still pushing for vaccine passports,
Despite the fact that they say even people who have taken the vaccine can contract the virus and spread the virus.
This is why vaccine passports make absolutely no sense.
Because they've removed the option to enter venues such as nightclubs, cinemas, sporting events.
They've removed the option of providing a negative Covid test.
We saw the same situation in France.
That's completely out the window, yet they'll allow people to rock up to these nightclubs, these cinemas, prove they've been vaccinated, yet by the same token admit that vaccinated people can still be infected with COVID.
Which proves what?
It proves they're not bothered about people spreading COVID, they're bothered about people taking that shot.
What's the point in mandating vaccine passports and saying you can't have a negative test at the same time if you admit that these vaccinated people can still harbour and spread the virus?
It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Michael Gove says there's a strong case for the introduction of vaccine passports in appropriate locations such as Premier League football matches.
Again, they're trying to get young people to take this vaccine because 35% of 18 to 30-year-olds have not taken the vaccine thus far.
They're very paranoid about scooping up those final refuseniks.
Because again, they're very concerned about the virus spreading, despite at the same time acknowledging that people who have taken the vaccine can still spread the virus.
Makes zero sense whatsoever.
But he argued that everything we can do in order to reduce the risk of COVID transmission, we should.
Well, you've eliminated negative COVID tests, so you're literally doing the opposite of that.
He hopes that some form of certification will be introduced across all four nations in the UK.
This, he believes, is the right way to go.
Bear in mind,
This is the same person who, months ago, promised that vaccine passports were discriminatory, would never be introduced, that the government wasn't considering it, and they've been planning it all along.
In an interview with the BBC, Gove said that vaccine passports would make sure we can have greater confidence that big events are not likely to be super-spreader events.
None of them were super-spreader events.
In fact, they mentioned this in the article.
Gove appears to have forgotten the results from 10 recent government trial events.
These were run by the government.
These identified just 28 positive Covid test results among 58,000 participants without the use of vaccine passports.
So even without the use, there are very, very few positive Covid cases when they've had these test events of large numbers of people congregating.
Despite all this, Gove insists the case for certification overall is a strong one.
It's not a strong one, there's literally no evidence whatsoever for it and their own plan contradicts the supposed goal of what they're trying to achieve because they've eliminated the negative Covid test.
You can still take that vaccine and you can still have the virus.
So they've literally made it more likely that people are going to spread the virus because they've eliminated the negative test, the option of the negative test.
So are they really concerned about spreading the virus?
Continues, this is exactly the sort of nonsense that Hugh Osmond, founder of Punch Taverns, criticised on Sunday when he highlighted that under government plans, someone who is fully vaccinated but has COVID will be allowed into a large venue, but someone who is unvaccinated yet doesn't have COVID will be barred.
So even if you've got the antibodies, you've got the immunity to COVID, but you haven't taken the clock shot,
You won't be allowed in.
Eventually, you probably won't be allowed into pubs and restaurants if they get their way, as we've seen in France.
But again, the only proof they need is the proof that you submitted, that you caved in, that you took the jab.
You could still be infectious.
You could still be spreading it.
Doesn't matter.
That's not what they care about.
They care about you submitting to this vaccine.
Related story here out of Zero Hedge.
Majority of hospitalised Covid patients in UK only tested positive after admission.
Oh my god, proving us right once again.
Over half of those hospitalised with Covid-19 in the UK only tested positive after admission.
Suggesting that vast numbers are being classed as hospitalized by COVID when they were admitted with other ailments.
So they go into the hospital, they go into emergency care with other serious conditions.
Whatever happens with those conditions during their admission to hospital, which is mandatory now, they test them for COVID, they test positive for COVID, and even though they have no symptoms, they're not ill from COVID, they're ill from a completely different reason,
Those hospital admissions are treated as COVID cases so then they get to add that to the official government toll and they get to present that in the media and strike the fear of God into everyone with these rising numbers.
You'll note that even across the past week with declining COVID infection rates the hospitalisation figures are still going up because they're counting everyone who goes into hospital basically as a COVID case.
It says the takeaway.
Off-sited statistics published daily may far overstate Covid hospitalisations and consequently pressures on the National Health Service.
So they can then use this to grease the skids for yet another lockdown by claiming the NHS can't handle the pressure.
We'll get into more on the other side.
Don't go away.
So we have a majority of hospitalised Covid patients in the UK only testing positive after admission.
They're going into Hospital 4.
Treatment for ailments that are not related whatsoever to COVID-19 but they're getting recorded as COVID-19 cases so they can then add that official number onto the official daily toll of hospitalizations and ramp up the rhetoric, ramp up the fear-mongering for further lockdowns.
Again, I've spoken about it many times.
Someone did a Freedom of Information Act request to the UK government.
It's still on the ONS official government website.
They asked how many people the official death toll had died.
From COVID alone, with no other comorbidity listed on the death certificate, and the total was about 8.9%.
So 8.9% of the official COVID death toll is the actual COVID death toll.
So it's literally 10 times fewer people officially have died of COVID, and now they're doing a similar thing with the hospitalisation numbers.
And even so, the infections are falling and these lockdown zealots are big mad.
Big mad about it!
They want those deaths, they want those infections climbing higher and higher and higher because they've joined this cult where they want to remain under lockdown forever and state a symbol like they're some kind of part of the scientific elite so they can continue to virtue signal.
For example, by wearing masks
On empty trains and then tweeting about it.
We had this headline yesterday.
Labour councillor ridiculed for bragging about wearing a mask on an empty train.
Basically, there wasn't anybody there to justify her subservience, to reward her with a wink and a nod of the fellow compliant sheep.
And she was very disappointed about that, so she felt the need to take a picture of herself on a completely empty train carriage, with absolutely no other human in the vicinity, to show to everyone that she's a good person and she's still wearing a mask, even though there's literally, even if you believe that this mask is effective, no point whatsoever.
There's no one else there.
Who are you protecting?
We know from even safe government advisors that they've said the cloth masks, the blue surgical masks that people wear, the virus particle, COVID-19 virus particle, is 5,000 times smaller than the holes in that blue surgical mask.
The cloth mask that this idiot appears to be wearing, and this is a local government councillor, the Covid virus particle, according to the SAGE advisor, Dr Axon, is 500,000 times smaller than the holes in that mask.
So even if there were other people on the train, they go right through.
So she's a complete idiot in every single regard, but again, the virtue signal is more important.
She said, going to keep wearing my mask on public transport, even when it's just me on the tube.
Why are you doing that?
It's like that meme.
Here's the attention you ordered.
These people are in a cult.
When is this cult going to end?
Well, no time soon, given the polling.
Because we had the Freedom Day, well, on the day that they announced the vaccine passports.
Oh my God, feel so free.
Last Monday,
Where the legal restrictions on wearing masks indoors, apart from on Sadiq Khan's tube, were lifted across the board.
So if you're going to a restaurant, a pub or a shop, you don't have to do that ridiculous, absurd pantomime show where you have to wear the mask if you get up from the dinner table to go to the bathroom.
We have to wear the mask for the five yards that it takes you to walk from the door to the table, because apparently that's where the virus exists.
As soon as you sit down, it disappears.
So that was lifted on Monday.
What effect did it have?
Well, from anecdotal evidence, from what I saw, not very much.
The vast majority of people were still wearing masks in restaurants, in shops, because they'd been terrified and inducted into a cult.
It's very hard to reverse that brainwashing.
Headline survey finds most Brits still wearing face masks despite no legal requirement.
A new survey has found that Brits in most age groups are still wearing face masks at the same rate after July 19, despite there being no legal requirement to do so.
A YouGov poll finds that the only people in the youngest age group, 18 to 24 year olds, have significantly reduced the wearing of face coverings since Freedom Day, when all restrictions were supposedly lifted.
People aged 65 plus actually increased usage of wearing face masks.
So the government came out and said you don't have to wear them anymore and they started wearing them even more.
That's how deep this psychological behavioral manipulation has penetrated into their brainwashed psyche.
Those aged 50 to 64 and 25 to 49 use them at roughly the same rate so it had no impact on them whatsoever.
The only bright spark in this poll
Was that among 18 to 24 year olds following Freedom Day, 58% were using them beforehand.
Now it's only 46%.
So at least among young people, it starts to drop.
But again, from anecdotal evidence, you have this YouGov, which at every turn of the way in the lockdown has said that basically 80, 90% of the British public support lockdown.
Anecdotally, you don't seem to find that.
And in fact, when they asked people if they support self-isolation quarantine measures for people returning from foreign countries, you know, you'd get figures of 50, 60, 70% supporting that mandate.
But then when they actually asked them if they personally had followed through and complied and adhered with that mandate, it sunk down to 18% who had actually followed through and followed the law.
So they're telling these pollsters that they support all these lockdown measures, while their personal behaviour is basically the exact opposite.
But again, the government cites these polls, uses these polls to say, well, the public supports us, we need to lock down even more, despite the fact that the public isn't really adhering to the advice anymore.
In fact, I was in
Several pubs during the course of the day on Saturday during the anti-lockdown protest in central London, literally zero people in all the pubs that I went in were wearing masks at any point.
Not when they went in, not when they went to the bathroom, not when they went up to the bar to order their drinks.
Nobody was wearing a mask.
But I have seen in shops, and it depends on where you go, where the level of
Obedience is higher than others.
People still wearing masks.
So it seems that the great divide on that point is going to fracture to an even greater degree.
Now we have this.
Conservative MPs suggest government should consider mandating flu vaccination for young people to attend venues.
Yes, it's not going to stop at coronavirus.
Now we have the booster shots coming in in a few months' time.
For all the people who have apparently had a long-term immunity to coronavirus suppressed by taking the Pfizer vaccine.
Gee, I thought the vaccine was supposed to give you immunity against the virus.
No, you're going to need to get jabbed every six months.
Oh, and by the way,
Now they're calling for mandatory flu shots and they're calling for people who don't take a mandatory flu shot to be barred from restaurants, from cafes, from pubs, from cinemas, from shopping malls, from public transport, from education.
Conservative MP Andrew Morrison asked the UK Government's vaccine minister whether authorities ought to consider mandating the standard flu vaccine before allowing young people to enter crowded venues.
You said 22,000 people died from seasonal flu in 2017-18.
The modelling, the much reliable modelling that said we've had half a million people dead in 200,000 cases a day, that modelling, really reliable, suggests this year's season will start early, be severe and will affect younger people more than Covid.
But wait!
You told us that flu had disappeared.
I thought it had gone completely.
Or were you just including flu deaths within coronavirus deaths to boost the fear artificially?
We'll be back.
Gee, I wonder.
Don't go away.
So we're still listening to the same people here in the UK that have been proven spectacularly wrong time and time again.
Why these people are still given platforms by the mainstream media, God only knows.
Well, we do know.
We do know, because they are arch lockdown sceptics.
They want to keep us under lockdown forever.
Despite the fact that they're completely not credible in any way imaginable, you have Dr Professor Neil Ferguson.
This is the guy who took the first lockdown so seriously after he predicted half a million people would die in Britain as a result of the coronavirus in the initial few months, unless you did exactly what he said.
He took it so seriously that he had a married mistress travel back and forth across London, as did he, to meet him during that draconian first lockdown where people were only allowed to leave their own homes for exercise and to buy food.
This hypocrite had his married mistress traveling back and forth to service him because he treated the virus, the pandemic, so seriously.
This guy's still on BBC News, still on Sky News, fearmongering about the lockdown, about the pandemic.
He doesn't treat it seriously, so why should anyone listen to him?
This is the guy.
We have the headline here.
Government advisor who warned of 200,000 COVID cases a day faces scrutiny after dramatic fall in UK infections.
He said,
This is what he said the day before Freedom Day on the 18th of July.
He said it's very difficult to say for certain, but I think 100,000 cases a day is almost inevitable.
Adding the real question is do we get to double that or higher?
We could get to 200,000 cases a day.
Well, we're at about 23,000 today, and that's even with the manipulated numbers of the people who get tested when they go into hospital, when they've got other comorbidities way more serious, they test them for Covid.
He warned of major disruption to the NHS.
He said that Freedom Day, even though it's not freedom but it's a
He's been proven wrong yet again.
How many more times are we gonna listen to him?
A sign that they're getting desperate though is this headline which I put up about an hour ago.
So people don't trust the likes of Matt Hancock, who also got caught snogging his aid in total violation of social distancing rules that he imposed on everyone else, similar to Professor Neil Ferguson.
People no longer trusting those kind of people because they've violated their own rules multiple times.
So now they're having to go to radio hosts, to celebrities, to influencers, literally offering them cash.
To amplify government narratives on coronavirus because people are increasingly less inclined to listen to government advisors.
A podcaster says he was offered a significant amount of money by the UK government to push COVID information but refused, instead asserting that people should quote, speak to your doctor.
This is Tim Cocker, who has nothing to do with the medical profession whatsoever.
He presents sports events on Virgin Radio and on BT Sport, so has absolutely no medical expertise whatsoever, yet the UK government is going to him, offering large, significant sums of cash to talk about vaccines and coronavirus.
Smacks of desperation a little bit, doesn't it?
He said, he tweeted this earlier,
Been offered and declined significant amount of cash to give COVID information to my podcast listeners.
He said, one, if you want COVID information, speak to your doctor.
He said, two, how many podcasts got the same offer?
How much of our money is government spending on this?
And this is interesting because just two days ago, the media had a big flap, a big controversy over some YouTubers in Europe blowing the whistle on this shadowy PR agency out of Russia, the big boogeyman as ever,
There was apparently offering cash to influencers on social media on YouTube to discredit COVID vaccines.
Now that was a massive story over the past couple of days in the UK.
Will this be a massive story?
The fact that this sporting podcaster, who has nothing whatsoever to do with medical expertise,
Because presumably he's got quite a large audience, he's been offered cash by the government to promote Amplify narratives, state authority public health narratives on vaccines and on coronavirus.
Do you think the media will be as interested in that?
Don't hold your breath.
Meanwhile, the masks in America are coming back apparently.
CDC reverses guidance, will mandate wearing of masks indoors.
Despite the fact that the coronavirus particle is at least 5,000 times smaller than the holes in that stupid dumb mask.
But the New York Times has confirmed with its sources that the CDC is expected to recommend on Tuesday, and it's probably happened by now, that people vaccinated for the coronavirus resume wearing masks indoors under certain circumstances, reversing a decision made just two months ago.
And we know who they're going to end up blaming this on.
The unvaccinated who will become the great new minority group that gets discriminated against in every single major Western country.
There you see the Drudge Report, CDC masks back on in hotspots.
Of course they already had them in LA.
As of last week, reintroducing that, there's an interesting graph that Zero Hedge linked to in this article.
And it plots the mask usage over the course of the past 18 months in comparison with coronavirus cases.
And you'll note that, despite the fact that mask usage, after the initial period, when Fauci himself said that masks were completely useless in his own friggin' emails, yeah, we forgot about that one, didn't we?
The mask usage tracks almost vertically, or horizontally across the graph,
The cases, the infections, go up and down.
The masks have no impact on the infection rates whatsoever, but now they're reintroducing the masks.
And Fauci himself has flip-flopped on masks, of course, as we know, on numerous occasions.
And someone put together this great compilation of those flip-flops.
Let's go to this clip right now.
Here it is.
People should not be walking around with masks.
Let me just state for the record that masks are not theater.
Wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better.
Masks are protective.
But it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.
There has not been any indication that putting a mask on and wearing a mask for a considerable period of time has any deleterious effects.
There are unintended consequences.
People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.
And can you get some schmutz sort of staying inside there?
Of course.
You do not need to wear a mask indoors if, in fact, you've been vaccinated.
Good that you're vaccinated, but in a situation where you have people indoors, particularly crowded, you should wear a mask.
So even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask.
If, in fact, you are vaccinated, fully vaccinated, you are protected, and you do not need to wear a mask outdoors or indoors.
When the children go out into the community, you want them to continue to wear masks.
You know, if you look at children outside, particularly when they're with the family, walking down the street, playing a game or what have you, don't have to wear a mask.
The pediatric, the Academy of Pediatric actually makes that recommendation that children should be wearing masks from two years old.
And you're asking now, if your child is a member of your household, can you walk outdoors with your child without a mask?
According to that chart, the answer is yes.
But the child can't, not to beat it to death?
Yes, yes.
Because now the CDC says, I mean, I think I've got this right.
One mask is better than zero masks.
Two masks is better than one mask.
But you don't have to have double masks.
Is that right?
You know, it became clear that cloth coverings, that you didn't have to buy in a store, that you could make yourself, were adequate.
And then you wanted to fit better.
So one of the ways you could do it, if you would like to, is put a cloth mask over, which actually, here, and here, and here, where you could get leakage in, is much better contained.
Are you a double-masker, Dr. Fauci?
You look like you are!
So they had Fauci again, in his own emails in February.
2020 saying masks were completely useless and then I was writing articles up until a few months ago where they were literally saying you needed to wear five masks to have adequate protection despite the fact as I mentioned earlier there's now even government scientists in the UK saying
The virus particle with the surgical blue mask that most people are wearing is 5,000 times smaller than the holes in that frigging useless pathetic pantomime virtue signaling mask.
We'll be back in the next segment.
Don't go away.
So it's very much a case of us and them.
They don't want you talking to each other.
Literally, they don't want you talking to each other.
We had the Australian top public health official last week coming out and saying because they had one new case of coronavirus because they've chosen to pursue this disastrous zero Covid insanity.
That friends and neighbours shouldn't even talk to each other, even if they're wearing the precious, useless face masks in the supermarket.
You shouldn't have conversations.
Meanwhile, they're all not just rubbing shoulders, but literally hugging and slobbering all over each other.
At G7, of course, the Democrats on the plane flying without masks.
John Kerry walking through airports without masks.
Governor Cuomo going to restaurants, fancy posh restaurants, indoor, no masks.
Nancy Pelosi going to the hair salon, no masks.
They can do whatever they please, you can't even talk to your neighbour.
That's the situation that we have right now.
They want you atomized.
They want you alone.
They also want you to not laugh at them.
It's very important that us, the plebs, the great unwashed masses, don't have the facility to make fun of the global elite.
And on that subject, I put out a video earlier today
Well, the European Union is literally now, once again, after they failed in their first incarnation of trying to ban memes via ridiculous arbitrary copyright laws, are now trying to do so by claiming that people who make fun of both the elite
And quote, normies who believe everything they're fed by the mainstream media, people who try to laugh about that, try to make fun of that, try to build their own communities based around memes to provide solace, to provide company, to provide socialization, that those people are evil right-wing extremists engaging in humor and that they should be de-platformed and all their
Artwork, which is essentially what memes are, should be banned, censored from the internet.
Here is the video, let's roll it.
The unelected European Commission has released a strategy paper whining about the popularity and success of right-wing humour.
The document is called, wait for it... IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!
Okay Karen, EU bureaucrats are wetting the bed over the power of memes to quote influence how we see the world and quote shape our views.
Because God forbid anyone beside a bunch of despotic globalist empty suits in Brussels should be able to influence the world.
They're particularly worried about how the Wojak meme and others are being adapted to ridicule quote normies who do not question the information that comes from mainstream press and politics.
Oh my God, questioning the information that comes from mainstream press and politics?
The sheer horror.
They're pissing their pants at memes that help people to use humour to express condescension towards the elites.
Because saying the Emperor has no clothes must not be tolerated!
It's not funny anymore!
Er, yes it is.
The EU plans to infiltrate meme culture and align with social media influencers and progressives to lobby for even more censorship.
Oh no, sorry, it's not censorship.
They call it quarantining.
Talk about a massive cope.
Imagine being frightened of cartoon frogs.
Imagine being such joyless dullards that you're forced to wield the powers of a giant continent-controlling supranational entity to censor jokes.
The agenda here is painfully transparent.
Throughout history, authoritarian elites have sought to clamp down on anything that makes fun of them.
The power of ridicule and satire often outstrips the power of conventional activism.
In the Soviet Union, comedians had to submit punchlines for state approval.
But now, mainstream comedy in the West can be relied upon to amplify mainstream narratives to such a degree
That this isn't at all necessary.
Right-wing memes are so effective because in a world of sterile anodyne lecturing NPC drivel, they're genuinely subversive.
They're also effective because the left can't meme.
There's no opposing force.
Leftists are so transfixed with walking on sensitivity eggshells.
They literally have to explain their memes with essay-length descriptions.
That's not a meme!
And having to explain a joke automatically makes it not funny.
They can't compete with it, they can't replicate it, so they just have to eliminate it entirely.
A study undertaken by researchers at University College London found that the most effective memes in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election largely originated in two places.
The subreddit, or the Donald, a forum devoted to boosting President Donald Trump,
Facebook is building algorithms to identify and censor memes.
Instagram routinely fact-checks and removes memes.
Absurdly treating them like they're some kind of peer-reviewed study.
Twitter changed its rules to target memes.
The EU itself previously tried and failed to ban memes using copyright law.
Even the Pentagon has declared war on memes.
Because they're all crap at memes.
There's so little authentic meme culture on the left that giant transnational corporations like KFC are forced to appropriate right-wing Wojak meme culture to promote their chicken.
The left is still so utterly incapable of grasping the basic reality that they've established a monopoly on culture.
Therefore, have become the establishment.
You can't be subversive, you can't be punk, you can't be edgy, while simultaneously being the establishment.
They still think Orange Man bad is an edgy statement.
Orange Man.
They continuously assert that punching down is no longer a justifiable form of comedy while continually punching down.
Sacha Baron Cohen humiliating Hicks.
Stephen Colbert vilifying stupid Trump supporters.
Virtually every metropolitan middle-class comedian on the BBC laying into dumb working-class Brexit voters or lockdown sceptics.
It's all punching down.
It's okay when we do it!
In summary, the left can't meme, the establishment can't meme, the European Union certainly can't meme, but you know what they can do?
Ban all the memes!
And rest assured, that's precisely what they're working on.
There you have it.
And again, the point is that much of the meme culture on the right is very obscure.
It's not even intended to reach out to newbies, to normies.
It's intended to provide a kind of comfort blanket for people within those communities to socialise with each other.
And they're even coming for them.
You can't even socialise with each other.
You can't even build forums, private forums based around memes.
They just won't have you talking to each other, as I mentioned with the Australian public health official, who said you can't even talk to your own neighbours in the supermarket now.
Moving on though, London Mayor Sadiq Khan completely ignores Speaker's Corner stabbing at a woman wearing Charlie Hebdo t-shirt.
So we had a big protest on Saturday, an anti-lockdown protest,
Where a woman gave some spicy comments about NHS workers and the vaccine, and they were a bit spicy.
Sadiq Khan immediately came out and vilified her, said that he'd personally spoken to the Metropolitan Police in London in the hope that she would be hunted down and punished for her comments.
The very next day,
We had a shocking incident where a woman at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park wearing a Charlie Ebdo t-shirt was stabbed in the face in broad daylight by an assailant who still hasn't been caught.
I guess if the assailant had posted a spicy meme or talked bad about the NHS he would have been in prison within minutes.
But this guy who ran up to a woman, a 39 year old
A Christian preacher who left Turkey after renouncing Islam for Christianity slashed her across the face in broad daylight at 3.30pm on a Sunday afternoon and then just walked off with literal police cars 10 yards away.
They failed to stop him.
They failed to catch him.
Well, she's got no coverage whatsoever from at least the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who hasn't tweeted about this, the last time I checked at least, and has completely ignored the situation.
The woman fell to the floor, she had a big slash across her forehead.
Police ask people to, quote, not speculate on the motive for the attack.
Oh, gee, I wonder.
She's at Hyde Park Speaker's Corner, which has become notorious for mobs of Muslim men bullying and intimidating Christian preachers.
She gets a slash across the face.
She's wearing a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt.
Oh, but we don't know what the motive is.
Gee, I wonder.
I wonder.
Despite a knife being found and there being multiple witnesses to the attack,
Metropolitan Police have not yet caught the culprit, but if you posted a spicy meme about the NHS, they would have got him under lock and key within five minutes.
Zero Heads reported, as evidenced by the sirens blaring nearby the scene in the video, police appeared to be nearby.
They literally surround the entire area with, like, three police cars.
This guy walks up, slashes her across the face, runs off, and they can't catch him.
And they're saying, don't speculate on the motive.
London Mercedes can't fail to acknowledge the incident at all, something that undoubtedly wouldn't be the case if the roles had been reversed.
Meanwhile, he's literally in the media crucifying a woman at an anti-vaxxer protest because she said some spicy things about the NHS.
That apparently is the real crime.
That's going to wrap it up.
Summit.News, don't go away.
War Room with Owen Troyer is coming right up.
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Well, it happened last week, right after July 4th.
World leaders across the planet and the UN announced a new world order.
Global government to stop the spread of COVID.
Oh, and they're going to have to surveil all your text messages on your private phone.
And censor them if you question Fauci and the UN.
That's because these criminals are going to go to prison.
They released the virus.
They have used the whole program to starve the third world.
And they're now bringing in a worldwide ID, in Klaus Schwab's own words, with an implantable microchip as the next phase to be able to buy and sell or travel.
So whether you believe the Bible or not, the Mark of the Beast is here.
And our mission is now more important than ever.
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