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Name: 20210727_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: July 27, 2021
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The InfoWars host discusses grave news regarding the United Nations directing a program to arrest people who refuse to be inoculated with experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Detention camps have been established all over the world for this purpose, and there is a global medical dictatorship under UN directives. Lockdowns are causing mass starvation, and individuals in many countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, and France are being arrested by the thousands for having government or other apps on their smartphones that claim they may have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19. The potential consequences of not taking the vaccine include indefinite detention in facilities. People are urged to declare independence against medical apartheid and dictatorship, question the science behind mandated vaccines, and highlight the revolution of genetic engineering being imposed on humanity.

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I come to you with very grave news, but at least now the enemy's out in the open.
We've confirmed all over the world the United Nations is directing a program to arrest people who refuse to be inoculated with the experimental Nuremberg-violating COVID-19 so-called vaccines.
Yes, they're now coming to begin arresting us and taking us to giant emergency centers that have been built all over the world.
This is the New World Order out in the open.
You see behind me, through this car, Croix-Rouge Fran├žais, COVID center, COVID parking, COVID reception.
This is where we take a certain number of young people who are in contact, who are positive, and that we place here, in these centers of this establishment, which is an agricultural establishment, which has been reconverted for the occasion, a kind of golden prison, with, you see, delimitations absolutely everywhere, with young people who are not allowed to go out, You know, they're informed about the side effects of the vaccine.
A lot of people don't want it.
You know, a lot of people are getting it just because they feel forced to.
And people that do not want it, they're being put into detention camps.
The plan of tyrants is always simple.
Have complete power and control over the population.
And if you have the power, To target anybody you want the population and claim that somehow they're a criminal or somehow they're diseased, then you truly have set up a dictatorship.
And that's what's happening now, a worldwide medical dictatorship.
It's now being confirmed across the world under UN directives.
New lockdowns have begun that are starving to people in mass by the tens of millions.
The last lockdown already starved.
Over 20 million extra people, the UN admits, with an additional 280 plus million set to starve to death once this new lockdown gets going.
So in the first world, we just sit at home and watch Netflix and get deeper debt.
But that's just part of the new, huge breaking developments taking place across this planet.
Under, again, United Nations directives in Australia, in Canada, in the UK, in Germany, in France, and many other areas.
They are arresting people by the thousands and thousands and thousands because their smartphone had secret government and other apps on it that claims they came in contact or may have come in contact with someone with COVID-19.
And so the government shows up at your house, takes you in a van to a quarantine center.
for a week, two weeks, three weeks, sometimes longer, and in many cases, forces medical treatments on you.
This is what the UN said a year ago was the Holy Grail.
Dr. Ryan, the head of the UN Rapid Reaction Force, said, "We want to go in the houses where the COVID is
and take these families out."
-It is a more cost-effective intervention to separate some individuals from society
than separate everybody in society from each other.
However, where there is not a good handle, where there hasn't been a good understanding of disease transmission, where enough has not been invested in core public health interventions such as case finding and contact tracing, then social distancing measures may be your only option to create distance between individuals.
I'm also announcing the formation of Strike Force Seasoned, which will see 22 detectives work from now until whenever it concludes, identifying as many people as possible who attended today's incident and have them charged.
The President will outline five areas.
His team is focused on to get more Americans vaccinated.
One, targeted community by community door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is.
By partnering with local leaders, governors, mayors, doctors, school administrators, employers, faith leaders, and community organizers.
Leaders that people know and trust.
One shot at a time, one person at a time.
You need to react quickly.
You need to go after the virus.
You need to stop the chains of transmission.
You need to engage with communities very deeply.
Community acceptance is hugely important.
You need to be coordinated.
You need to be coherent.
You need to look at the other sectoral impacts, schools and security and economic.
That's one of the reasons we initiated these strike forces, to go into communities and work with them to determine what they need.
Localized, specific approach that works with elected officials and communities.
Meantime, cities and counties are staffing strike teams to help vaccinate people who cannot get to clinics and drive-through sites on their own.
King 5's Ted Lantanite followed a crew from the Seattle Fire Department.
He joins us live, and Ted, we're hearing that they're working seven days a week on this, right?
Yeah, Mark, that's what it takes to vaccinate the most at-risk patients as quickly as possible.
You have to go right to their homes.
Anyone who's involved in emergency response will know this.
If you need to be right before you move, you will never win.
Perfection is the enemy of the good when it comes to emergency management.
Speed trumps perfection.
Even though they know it's based on the PCR test, it's almost 100% false positives.
They can then again turn it up to any level they want to disappear whoever they want and then it gets worse.
This is then used as their entire contact tracing system.
As the basis of a worldwide surveillance system and a social credit score in Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates's own words to track and trace every purchase you make and everything you do and to charge you carbon credits on a carbon allotment.
So understand this.
They were arresting people all over the world because the computer or the contact tracing system with GPS claims you got near somebody while borders of the US and Europe are wide open to influxes of people who aren't even being tested.
Now all of that's huge news.
But here is the biggest news.
We have confirmed that in France, and we have confirmed that in areas of Northern Europe, they are telling the general population that if you do not take the so-called COVID inoculation, that is an experimental vaccine that violates the Nuremberg Code, you won't just be locked in your house.
You won't just have your kids taken.
You won't just not be able to go to your job.
This is what they're saying on CNN.
They want to do here in the United States, what Governor Newsom was saying.
They're saying they're going to take you and indefinitely lock you up in a facility because you're a dangerous spreader because you didn't let them take over your immune system and put this into your body when it's experimental and they've had to put advisories on it that it causes blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.
I mean, this is it.
Everything we always said, they'll release a virus, they'll create fear, they'll promote forced inoculations.
I'm here at Lake Tahoe on a workcation and doing a lot of research, meeting a lot of people, went out fishing and swimming yesterday, rented a boat with a captain, and He began to tell me about his family in Europe.
He was born in Northern Europe and lives here most of his life that is being told, you will go to a COVID facility if you do not take these injections.
And then of course the injections don't work because the tests are all fake.
People are still going to get cold, still going to get flu.
So it's an endless problem that can never be defeated.
And then I'll show you a clip out of France where again, they're beta testing on 20 somethings, locking them up as well, just because they claim that the tracker system on their phone claims they came in
contact with someone.
This is the perfect pretext for roundup, for control, and for total surveillance.
And it's not coming, it's here.
And the second lockdowns are being announced around the world
and being prepared here in the United States.
We never really left the main lockdown.
If they get us back into phase two, we will never leave it.
It will only get more intense.
That is the United Nations and the globalist's own plan.
So please, take this report, research it for yourself and understand.
We must declare independence against medical apartheid.
We must declare independence against medical dictatorship and tyranny and the Fortune 100 corporations that control the UN and the media that are selling this giant lie.
It is science to ask questions.
It is science to have medical choices.
It is science that it's my body, my choice.
And what they're doing Is a revolution of genetic engineering against humanity.
So please get this report out to everyone, you know, and understand lockdown two is here.
It's already starving the third world to death and impoverishing us.
And if we don't stand up and say no and declare independence against this, we get what we deserve.
I'm Alex Jones and this is the InfoWar.
Listeners and viewers know that I'm on vacation and believe me, I want to be on vacation, but I can't be.
Because even the nice boat we rented, the nice captain driving it, has incredible reports of people being put in detention centers who are refusing the vaccine.
He doesn't want to be on camera.
And I actually went online and looked up the fact that the government of this country was proposing this just two weeks ago.
Well, what they propose is what they're already doing.
And remember, the UN said a year and a half ago, we want to go in people's houses and take their children and others away.
They want that ultimate power of control.
These are not regular vaccines.
It violates the Nuremberg Code.
This is so insane.
And this gentleman He's from Scandinavia.
He's lived here in the United States most of his life.
His family in Denmark right now that are calling him, telling him this information.
So we're just going to shoot him from the side here and he's going to lay out the information that he is learning and what he's finding out.
So sir, please tell us what is unfolding in your home country.
So yeah, people that are refusing the vaccine are being put into camps.
It's unbelievable.
There's no sense or rhyme or reason to it.
I don't know what to say.
I'm happy I'm not over there.
Tell us about your family, what they're telling you is happening.
They're informed about the side effects of the vaccine.
A lot of people don't want it.
A lot of people are getting it just because they feel forced to.
And people that do not want it, They're being put into detention camps.
And when they call you up specifically, what do they say?
They're saying that they pretty much are being manipulated into getting the vaccine.
You know, there's a lot of alternate motivation, you know, behind getting it.
There's travel restrictions, travel bans, people that don't have it, certain areas you can go in, you can't go in.
What are the details?
They say people they know are being taken to camps?
Um, not currently, but that's just, that's kind of where it's going.
You know, that's, that's the, uh, the pressure that they're feeling.
So are they specifically being told you'll be sent to camps?
Cause I don't want to put words in your mouth.
Cause specifically you told me that's what they're saying is starting to happen.
Specifically, what are they saying?
Is this important?
People that are not vaccinated will be put into camps.
So that's what they're currently telling them.
Is this on the news?
I'm not sure.
Right now, it's just talk.
It's just hearsay.
And that's how authoritarianism works.
A year ago, it was when we might not let you go to stores.
Now it's, oh, we are going to basically lock you up.
We need mandates.
I mean, this is all over the world with the UN directing it.
Yeah, exactly.
What does your family think of this?
I mean, they're still not going to get vaccinated.
They're going to do everything they can to avoid Avoid all that you know it's to them it's a life or death a matter of life and death and you know.
Well my point is this is an assault on people this is experimental it violates international and national law and it's got all these side effects now they admit the PCR test is fake and all these side effects and then it turns out India is not even 10% vaccinated because they know what's going on.
Yeah, exactly.
There's no proof.
There's no proof that this is helping anyone.
A lot of people are dying.
You can't even really look up the death rate.
If you try to look up online how many people have died from the vaccine, it's hard to even find a straight answer.
Here's an example.
Last week, it's an official graph.
The mayor of Austin put a graph up saying 100% of Austin Yeah, people that are refusing the vaccine are being put into camps.
care. Well, I thought half Austin took the shot. Everybody else doesn't take it.
It's a way to terrorize and have total control and make us take in our bodies
what they want when they want and it's all based on giant lies.
Yeah, people that are refusing the vaccine are being put into camps. These
facilities that are, you know, trying to separate the people that
think for themselves and the people that are manipulated by their government, you
know, it's a crazy thing and I feel like it's not the not the last of it.
I feel like it's gonna spread.
Hopefully people catch on and start thinking for themselves.
But honestly, I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon.
I think media has complete control of everyone at this point.
And it's a wild world.
How surreal is it to get calls from your family like that?
I mean, it's hard to believe, honestly.
It's hard to believe that that's happening in Scandinavia.
I've been to Denmark, and it seems to be a pretty free state for the most part.
But to hear that that's happening in a place where I have friends and family living, It's hard to believe.
Well, the Rockefeller Foundation in the last 50 years studied things and figured out the way to
have an authoritarian takeover would be a virus or a medical tyranny and a big panic. And they
wrote a plan 11 years ago called Operation Lockstep that predicted all this. And now
the Rockefeller Foundation is in full control of the US COVID response and the UN. Bill Gates was
their front man, but they've removed him now and they're in direct command. Yeah, I buy that 100%.
Well, I just feel sorry for the average hardworking American
that's just out here trying to have a good time and has no idea what's creeping up on them.
That's why they put the lockdown on and took it off so that next time we think, "Oh,
the new lockdown's okay, it'll go away." But no, the next lockdown is going to be permanent,
ladies and gentlemen. In fact, in Canada and many other areas, it's already permanent.
I appreciate you taking time to talk to us. Anything else you'd like to add?
I think that's it. You know, I just...
Tell people to think for themselves, you know, look things up, just don't don't trust media.
And you know, don't don't put poison in your body if you don't, if you're not sure what it is.
That's damn good advice.
You were saying your family's really concerned about the side effects, which I think are the main effects.
Yeah, it's I mean, that's that's exactly why they're they're advising everybody to get it.
It's not if they cared about your health, they wouldn't motivate you with donuts and free tacos for getting vaccinated.
I mean, you see how beautiful everything is out here.
And folks have to understand, to protect all the freedom our forebears fought for, we've got to stand up now in my view.
Thanks for talking to us, sir.
The situation is absolutely tragic.
You can see behind me, through this car, Croix-Rouge-Fran├žaise, COVID center, COVID parking, COVID reception.
It is here that we take a number of young people who are in contact, who are positive, and that we place here, in this center of this establishment, which is an agricultural establishment, which has been converted for the occasion into a kind of golden prison.
With, as you can see, delimitations absolutely everywhere.
With young people who are not allowed to go out, who are completely isolated from the rest of the establishment.
There is, over there, on the other side, it seems, young people, very young people.
It's a holiday resort that would be on the right over there.
So it was so dangerous, why would we put young people next to Covid-19 cases and positives?
In any case, the positives here, the Covid-19 cases, are not allowed to go out, are not allowed to see their families.
So going out, it's to be taken with tweezers, but you'll see the report we did, and we're going right now.
I'll take you with me.
And so they're locked up here?
Covid is a quarantine zone.
It was designated by the state to be a quarantine zone for people who come back from vacation.
And is it free of charge or not?
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, not even the colony.
It's not free of charge.
No, it's... But why?
Because of Covid.
What Covid?
We see that there is a Covid.
Here, you have to follow the arrows.
Not good.
We're going in.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
Yes, I'm fine.
And you?
What exactly is going on with this COVID?
So, we are helping people who are in contact with COVID plus.
What does COVID plus mean?
COVID plus means that they are positive.
They are positive?
For example, if there are three COVID plus, they shouldn't get the virus.
And so they sleep here, in the rooms?
Yes, in the rooms, because there is an internet, so they sleep in separate rooms.
And then they can go out to do sports, but with the mask on.
So they're young for most of them, right?
How old are they?
Yes, yes, there we have one, I was between 1 and 25 years old.
[ Speaking in French ]
There haven't been any younger ones?
Because it seems that here there are young people who are also much younger.
And they have the right to see their parents and everything?
They don't have the right to see their parents?
So they are isolated from their parents, in fact?
And they are placed here by the prefecture?
Yes, exactly.
It is the prefecture that decides to take them and place them here?
Yes, exactly.
And how do they react?
Are they cut off from their parents?
They don't see their parents, they don't see their family?
When they're young, they don't know what to say.
How long do they stay here on average?
Well, a week.
They stay a week?
And then they go out again?
They go out again.
And then there are tests to do.
You have to do the tests and if... You have to do the tests and if they are negative, they can leave again.
And if they are still positive, they...
Because it seems that there are some who are there for a long time, we were told.
They stay there for quite a long time.
It all depends.
If the person arrives, she is only in contact, and after a week she is positive for COVID, she takes it for 10 more days.
But after that, we don't force them.
She takes it for 10 more days, that is to say... Yes, she is confined.
That is to say, it's a term, still, a bit of prison.
No, but that's my term.
And you, personally, how do you react to that?
Do you think that's normal?
We have to respect the protocol, we do our job.
But why do they stay here, not in their families?
That's what we have to ask the prefecture.
And what is the profile of the young people here, between 20 and 25 years old?
Are they students?
Are they people who are lost?
Are they people from the street?
No, not at all.
We had young people who worked in a camp.
It would seem that they could not see their families.
So that confirms that once they are here, they do not see their families.
Ah no, but they can call them.
Call them, but not see them of course.
No, not see them.
Ah yes.
I imagine that for them it must be a tragic situation, right?
These young people are doubly troubled today.
Troubled in the sense of pain.
Yes, yes, no, but absolutely.
After that, it's like that.
And at the entrance, they told you that it was going to accelerate, of course.
There will be a lot more at the entrance, a priori.
Do you still plan an additional organization?
I don't know.
Are they doing additional rooms and all that?
Or how is it going?
I can't tell you because I'm not in charge.
And what's the name of the person in charge?
The person in charge, his name is...
And what does he do at the prefecture?
No, he works at the Red Cross.
He works at the Red Cross?
Because it's the Red Cross that organized this?
It's the Red Cross, yes.
It's a center of the Red Cross here?
Okay, so it's the Red Cross that, under the orders of the prefecture, orchestrates the whole thing a bit.
That's it.
And manages the whole thing.
He goes to get the young people at home and brings them here.
That's it.
That's it, it's the Red Cross.
I'm curious about this.
I'm not going to lie to you, I'm a bit hungry.
Thank you very much for your testimony.
I'm just a new employee.
Did they have a hard time hiring people here or was it easy?
But how did it happen?
Did you present your application?
I applied on Tuesday morning and I got hired on Wednesday.
Ah, on Wednesday, right away?
And they immediately looked for... Did you know they were looking for people?
Yes, yes, maybe.
Are they going to recruit other people or not?
Are there recruitments underway?
No, I don't know.
You don't know, right?
And has this center been open for a long time?
Since last week?
Since last week, it's open.
Yes, because I started last week.
And before it was closed, it was a school high school.
It's a school high school here.
Yes, because it's a school high school that has been requisitioned.
Requisitioned, that's the word.
How much requisitioned?
Well, yes.
For COVID patients.
Infected with SARS, under the cover of the Red Cross, with the orders of the prefecture.
Very well, Madam. I thank you for your testimony.
Thank you for your testimony.
Listen, you've been gracious to come on in your car in a parking lot.
There in your minivan.
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