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Name: 20210726_Mon_Alex
Air Date: July 26, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses a variety of topics including Joe Biden's unscripted moments, criticism of Anthony Fauci, media promoting vaccines over personal health, promoting InfoWars products, warning about the criminal psychology behind HIV treatment and COVID-19 vaccine rollout, and introducing BioPros bioremediation product. The show also discusses lack of resistance in America compared to other countries like Australia and Italy, negative impact of lockdowns on tourism and businesses, supporting InfoWars, dangers of pathological criminals like Anthony Fauci and the globalist agenda behind COVID-19, importance of unity against the "biosecurity state" and its vaccine agenda, the need to support each other in fighting against the New World Order system, and warning about inflation, shrinkflation, rising commodity prices, negative effects of cheap money on everyday people, and commercial real estate being affected by reduced office occupancy rates.

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I mean, this should be devastating to the entire COVID fake pandemic that the PCR tests failed.
And so now in Europe and in the US, the main health organizations run by the government have both said that we're abandoning the PCR test because it was mostly false positives and it couldn't even differentiate between the flu and COVID.
So, oh!
And it just adds to the frustration because
Every news story I have on my desk today is a InfoWars told you a year ago.
But I don't want to get hung up on that right now because I need to finish explaining what's about to happen and why last night I took calls from healthcare workers to try to get ahead of this narrative that I'm assuming they're really going to start pushing.
Maybe the beginning of August.
It probably depends on when or if they think they're going to get FDA approval of one of these COVID vaccines.
But who knows?
I mean, maybe for the first time in decades, the FDA actually wants to do the right thing and protect the American people.
So maybe they won't approve it.
But I'm not going to hold hopes up for that.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, I think we should discuss that while you're there, yeah.
Okay, but why did you call me at 9 o'clock in the morning to tell me that?
On the morning that the Marine Dowd article comes out?
I guess... I didn't know about Marine Dowd, and I guess I thought that you were gonna attack me, that you would be a bit more humble.
But I was wrong, and it pissed me off.
I didn't attack you!
You said I'm gonna use against you.
No, I said to you, Hallie, I don't want to give you information about this program because I'm afraid that you'll use it against me as not being enough.
I can't keep talking.
We're going to go round and round.
I'm not arguing, Hallie.
I'm asking you.
I don't know.
I think we should schedule a visit and we'll talk with a therapist.
I'm not going to continue to argue and I don't want to talk and make things worse.
I must be what?
God bless you, we should discuss that word there again.
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
All right, ladies and gentlemen, that is the first family.
Joe Biden running around the White House grounds celebrating that he's wiped his ass for the first time in decades, bragging to the media that he just wiped his butt.
And a new Hunter Biden video comes out of him smoking a crack pipe at 9 in the morning!
Nothing like a good wake and bake with a nice fresh ball of crack.
Am I right, Hunter?
That's the family that is running the country right now?
And Hunter's Art is really selling like hotcakes to
Secret buyers you're not allowed to know who's buying it because you know, it's just an art sale.
There's no political influence being Sold or talked about no, no, no.
No, it's just a legitimate.
It's a legitimate art dealer.
It's Hunter Biden He's the greatest artist of all time his art sells for more than a Picasso original.
I Mean the guy's talented man
Everybody knows that artists sometimes like to dabble and, you know, maybe a little crack cocaine.
So yeah, Hunter Biden wakes up at 9 in the morning, hotel room, smokes a big crack pipe, and Joe Biden runs around D.C.
bragging to the media how his butt's been wiped.
Can you, I can't even believe, like,
We know this country is in a lot of trouble.
We know this government is corrupt.
We know this media is corrupt.
But this is... We've reached Twilight Zone levels.
I mean, I feel like I'm just in a comedy act at this point.
It's almost to the point where you can't even take anything seriously and you just have to look at your life as a comedy.
Because I don't know how else you can really even mentally survive this at this point.
Joe Biden can't think, can't talk, can't walk, didn't have any rallies, didn't have a debate, and Hunter Biden is selling art for half a million dollars to secret buyers and smoking crack cocaine and parmesan cheese in his hotel room at 9 a.m.
And the media is okay with it!
And I mean, just more evidence comes out that they totally stole the election from Trump.
But hey, the media likes Biden running around telling them how he wipes his ass.
So they're down with that.
That's cool, man.
We're good to go.
It's Monday, July 26th.
The year is 2021.
I'm Alex Jones in the field bringing you an emergency transmission on this live Monday broadcast.
We're about to hand the baton to Owen Schroer and this critical live transmission.
It's now out in the open.
The social contract has been broken.
Megacorporations masquerading behind science and the medical system are putting the United Nations in power of the world, in control of our speech, in control of our medicine, in control of what our medical professionals can say and do.
And now, they've already relaunched the second lockdowns in England, the second lockdowns in Australia, they never ended the lockdowns in Canada and many other areas, and they are saying it's everyone's fault who didn't take their experimental shot is the reason everybody else
Now has to have their rights taken and given more shots.
And that is, of course, just like they used to do in the military and still do with the blanket parties.
Once that happens, you see an example of that in Full Metal Jacket, once one of the cadets isn't hacking their weight, isn't doing their job, the others then come in and attack them.
And that's been their plan all along, is a Maoist-style takeover, where they enrage the general public.
I don't think so.
Just like you saw millions of people watch the Tucker Carlson video where the guy in front of his daughter says you're the worst person in the world and he's basically pushing into him and Tucker pushes back.
The left's all over the web saying you should have attacked Tucker Carlson, you should have beat him up, you should have done more.
He's killing people by simply saying we have medical rights to our own bodies to not be forced to take some experimental shot, especially when everything we've been told about the shot has been a lie.
So either the Nuremberg Code is good, and what the Nazis did was bad, or the Nazis were good now, and the Nuremberg Code was bad.
And so I was watching the Sunday show last night.
And Owen Troyer, he made a really good point, and I want him to repeat that right now to the full main audience, because the weekday show's about twice as big.
Not putting on a Sunday show, it's very important as well.
Every lister's key.
But Owen really laid out very well how they're going to launch the next lockdown, how they're already preparing all the mouthpieces, all the controlled doctors groups, all the mayors, all the legislators, and then they're all over CNN, MSNBC, everywhere, saying, in unison, if you don't take the shot, you're a murderer.
And now.
There's a new video game, that I'm going to shoot a report on later, that is put out by Microsoft.
We're going to write a story about this for Infowars.com, where the Communist Chinese military, working with the U.S.
Go ahead.
We have to start every week having demonstrations out front these empty hospitals where they claim that they are totally full again.
Remember that?
Oh, the hospitals are totally full.
Oh my God, you can't go see your grandmother when she's in the hospital, your grandfather.
Oh, you can't go to the nursing home.
Oh, you can't come to the hospital.
If you've had a heart attack, you've got to stay at home and die.
Or if you have pneumonia, you've got to stay and die, which then they would die and they'd say it was a COVID death by not giving them medical care.
They're going to send old people to nursing homes again that have COVID.
They're going to kill old people again.
They're going to do everything they did before yet again.
Joe Biden just killed the Justice Department investigation into Whitmer and into Cuomo and said, go ahead and just send sick people back to the nursing homes again, but don't let their families go see them.
This is all about testing to see how many of us they can kill.
And how much of it did he get away with?
The good news is people are really awake and they're really engaged.
We're seeing record traffic demand on video and free world news on TV.
We're seeing just regular reports we put out now getting a million, two million views and that's good.
The reports were medical doctors and mainline studies are showing a 60 plus percent chance of blood clots.
If you take any of these vaccines, the virus vector or the mRNA, the Johnson and Johnson, the AstraZeneca, the Moderna, the Pfizer, it's coming out.
And all these scientists are saying the globalists have broken the social contract.
They are waging war against us.
This is a takeover for a global medical ID, the backbone of a global
Cashless Society idea that Klaus Schwab's talked about for a global carbon tax where you're not gonna leave your house unless your phone says you're authorized to do so under the new carbon regime.
This is all official.
They're using the fear of a virus to get it in place.
They're using a fear of a virus to train a large part of the public that they've lost their rights not
Not because of a hoax, not because of a fraud, not because of a power grab.
And that they're sick, not from the poison vaccines they took, but from the people that didn't take more vaccines.
And so, quote, we incubated viruses and got them sick, even though that's not the real science.
The Nobel Prize winners and others have said it's people taking these dangerous shots that are causing that.
So this is war.
They're coming for all of us and we've got to start demonstrating and protesting and getting out front and aggressive now before the next lockdowns launch.
We have not done this justice.
This morning I was looking at photos out of Germany and out of England, out of France, out of Italy of millions of people filling huge squares and every other side road.
So we've got to do reports on that and also show that information.
And here in the United States, we've got to get out way ahead of this because we're only a few weeks to a month maximum away from them declaring the new lockdowns.
They're already doing it incrementally at corporations and at blue cities and blue state areas.
This is also, again, economic war, shutting down all the small businesses, making the third world starve to death.
Then the UN organizes them and brings them in to invade.
This is the new order takeover plan.
It's not a formal assault.
It's posing as a medical system, here to save us, and if you ask questions, you're going to get people killed.
That's ridiculous.
Science is about asking questions, and it's about engaging these criminals with the truth.
So, arrest Fauci, arrest Gates.
They now admit the PCR test was 100% fraud.
We told you that over a year ago.
Their whole house of cards is coming down, so they're tripling down.
They're either going to totally win and take over, or they're going to totally get defeated.
But we need to talk about arresting them, and them going to prison, and the crimes of Big Pharma finally being prosecuted.
They think they've got a blank check.
Biden's stumbling around, walking up to press cameras, saying, I got my ass wiped today.
I'm the groom of the stool.
He's out of his mind, but he's indicative and emblematic of what we've become and what's happening.
So again, share the live link.
Owen's going to break it down right now.
Pray for a great awakening, but don't just count on that.
Trust in God, but tie up your camel.
As the Bedouins say, go out and demonstrate now.
You can be one person with a sign saying, arrest Bill Gates, no forced shots.
You can be a thousand, doesn't matter.
Courage is contagious, so please share the live link, share the archive, share all the incredible emergency reports that are at Bandot Video, like the one we aired last night on the Sunday show with Owen, and that is...
Studies and scientists have found the evidence that 62% of people that take these shots are getting blood clots, deadly blood clots.
Alright, back to Owen Schroer in the live broadcast.
It's time to go on the offense, ladies and gentlemen, because the globalists are coming for all of us.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to get into the details of the news that Alex was just talking about and the next agenda, or it's really the old agenda, but they didn't get arrested, they didn't get stopped, so they're just going to roll it out again, bring in more tyranny, they want to get the forced vaccination, so I'm going to explain how that's coming.
Before we go to this break, though, and come back and get into this news, you know we're censored everywhere, but thanks to your support at InfoWarsStore.com, we've built the platforms, we've built the studios, and we're still here kicking ass every day.
And I gotta say, the InfoWars coffee is just hitting right this morning.
I don't know what it is about it, but boy oh boy, it is just hitting right this morning and it's got me feeling good.
So if you're a coffee drinker and you have not tried the Wake Up America Patriot Blend Coffee from InfoWarsStore.com, what are you waiting for?
It is my favorite coffee, it's the favorite coffee of the crew, and we've got the new Save the Frogs mug, limited, available at InfoWarsStore.com as well.
Ladies and gentlemen...
It is an act of God that America is still here and that we can still fight for our freedoms and have the potential to live free into the future and prosper.
And it's a true miracle that despite the criminal global government's attempts to shut this operation down, we are still on air here on this Monday, July 26, to bring you the news.
And quite frankly, I've got so much to cover.
And so much incoming and I'm going to get into some of it on the War Room.
I'm going to get into some of it today on the Jones Show.
I want to take calls and there's so much incoming.
Harrison breaking news that I'm not even going to cover.
So we're covering all the fronts today.
But if you take a look at my desk today.
If you're a normal follower of InfoWars or The War Room or myself, you know that usually when I get in to start a broadcast, my desk is very neat, very tidy, there's a rhyme, there's a reason to what I'm gonna do.
And today my desk is just totally scatterbrained.
And I've got a ton of news stories and everything, but it's just totally scatterbrained because it's just reached this point where nothing is logical, nothing makes sense, nothing adds up.
Unless you understand the bigger picture of how there's a agenda afoot, how there is a mission afoot right now for world domination, conquering the world with medical tyranny, and COVID-19 was a Trojan horse to bring that in.
Now, there's multiple Trojan horses bringing it in.
The two big Trojan horses that are
Opening the gates for the world government are COVID-19 with the medical tyranny, and then the left movement, which is the gay stuff, the racial stuff, all that stuff.
That's to defeat the culture of nation states, to bring in global government in the form of communism, saying, oh, we're fighting racism, or, you know, oh, we're fighting hatred, or we're fighting this, or we just want to be open and loving to everybody.
That's the cultural conquering of the world,
And the globalist image is really no identity, no individuality, so then when you're told that you can't own anything and you have to live in a pod and you have to eat bugs, well, you don't look at yourself as an individual, you look at yourself as a parasite, part of a larger parasitic organization known as humanity, and so it's good that you've now been imprisoned, plus you're afraid of COVID killing you, so you kind of even welcome it.
What is the safest place you can be?
A prison cell!
And so that's what the globalists are trying to sell you.
But, as Alex requested, let me explain what I covered yesterday.
Now, why is, say, a fish so good at swimming?
Because it lives in the water!
Why is InfoWars so good at covering news?
Because we live in the news cycle.
We live in the past.
We live in the present.
We live in the future.
So just like a fish is an expert at swimming because it lives in the water, InfoWars are the experts when it comes to full-spectrum news coverage with the historical context and the advanced foresight because that's what we live.
And so
As I'm sitting at home trying to get some rest Friday night and Saturday and I've got, I mean, you know, you've seen movies where people have like their, you're sitting at a desk and they've got all the monitors monitoring everything happening in a war or what have you or in a city and so that's basically what I do at home and so while I'm sitting there and normally I'll have four newscasts up or three newscasts and then my computer screen researching and but
This weekend I had a screen on the Olympics kind of monitoring that and the rest of the news going on and I noticed a trend.
And I also noticed the same trend on social media with some doctors coming out and saying the same thing.
I covered it last week how Mayor Adler put out a graph, which by the way when they were asked to produce the
Information or data or anything that led to this graph that Mayor Adler and Austin put out, they refused to comply.
They said, we're not going to show you how we got this information.
You just have to believe it.
And so again, I covered it yesterday, but let me just explain this again because the Monday audience is bigger than the Sunday night audience.
Mayor Adler and Austin put out a graph saying that by the end of July,
Every person in Austin, Texas is going to be in an ICU.
There's the graph right there.
That's not a joke.
Unless every person in Austin wears a mask and gets vaccinated, Mayor Adler says every person in the city of Austin is going to be in an ICU bed by the end of July.
Of course, that's ludicrous.
That's insane.
Nobody would take that seriously.
And nobody is.
He tried to reinstate the mask mandate, and I would say the city of Austin went from
One percent of people wearing masks to maybe two?
Nobody's going to enforce it.
Nobody listens to that little man anymore.
Nobody listens to that pipsqueak piece of trash Adler anymore.
He's a little punk.
But he wanted to do the mask mandate, so he tried to run the fear porn.
And it didn't work.
But that doesn't mean they're going to stop.
And it's not even about Mayor Adler.
He's just a willing stooge of the New World Order.
Hell, maybe even a Chi-Com agent.
It barely even went covered that Steve Adler was in China in December of 2019, right before the pandemic started.
Hmm, isn't that convenient for Steve?
But so here's what I noticed, monitoring the news and everything, the same narrative.
On local news, on national news, just random doctors that magically have a verification on social media, all saying the same thing.
The hospitals are overwhelmed.
If we don't all get vaccinated and wear masks, the hospitals will be so overwhelmed.
It'll be a disaster.
People are waiting for days.
They can't get in.
It's a catastrophe.
Look out.
And if you recall, if you have a memory, I guess most Americans don't, because of the chemicals and the food and water and the psychological attack via the television.
I guess maybe they have the memory of the goldfish so they forgot that they did the exact same thing last year to justify their lockdowns, justify their masks, justify everything.
They said the hospitals were overwhelmed.
So, for weeks here at InfoWars, we debunked that.
And it wasn't just InfoWars.
Other people were going out, going to their hospitals, going inside, filming.
Total ghost towns.
I went to three different hospitals in Austin.
As the mayor here was fear-mongering, saying the hospitals are overwhelmed, there's no room, that we don't know what to do.
I went to the three hospitals they claimed were overwhelmed.
All ghost towns.
You could hear a pin drop.
Nobody was in them.
They sent the naval ships to the east coast, to the west coast, to take COVID patients.
Not a single COVID patient went on board.
So I have a memory.
And I said, wait a second, this is what they did last year.
I'm not, you're not going to run this on me again.
It's like, again, to make a sports analogy, if you're playing a football game and you see the team line up in a certain formation and you know when they're in that formation, that means they're going to run this play.
So you say, hey, look, they're in the formation.
They're going to run that play.
Let's prepare for it.
So last night I opened up the phone lines to get out ahead of this and I said, let's hear from healthcare workers.
Are the hospitals overwhelmed?
And they said, no hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID.
They said, some people called in and said our hospitals are overwhelmed with vaccine side effects, but no, we're not getting COVID cases.
So again, so they're lying about the hospitals being overwhelmed.
And what is going to be the end game?
They're going to tell you the hospitals are overwhelmed.
They're going to tell you because it's not, it's because you're not wearing a mask, you're not getting vaccinated.
Then they're going to get FDA approval.
Then they're going to mandate the vaccine.
And this is most likely all going to happen in the next month or two.
And this is how they plan on mandating the vaccine.
It's all totally illegal.
It's all based off lies.
And so we have to get out ahead of this narrative.
All right, so let me try to conclude
This subject of discussion here in this segment, and we'll get into the breaking news right now.
Which is, I mean, this should be devastating to the entire COVID fake pandemic that the PCR tests failed.
And so now in Europe and in the US, the main health organizations run by the government have both said that we're abandoning the PCR test because it was mostly false positives and it couldn't even differentiate between the flu and COVID.
So, oh!
And it just adds to the frustration because
Every news story I have on my desk today is a Infowars told you a year ago.
But I don't want to get hung up on that right now because I need to finish explaining what's about to happen and why last night I took calls from healthcare workers to try to get ahead of this narrative that I'm assuming they're really going to start pushing
Maybe the beginning of August.
It probably depends on when or if they think they're going to get FDA approval of one of these COVID vaccines.
But who knows?
I mean, maybe for the first time in decades, the FDA actually wants to do the right thing and protect the American people.
So maybe they won't approve it.
But I'm not going to hold hopes up for that.
But again, if you wind back the clocks, and I've asked the crew to find this video, it's like finding a needle in a haystack with all the content we put out, but they're great, so they may be able to find it.
How last year, for a couple weeks, but we had full compilations, there was a viral trend on social media, hashtag film your hospital, because
They kind of had everybody in limbo and kind of curious about what was going on for a couple weeks with COVID, and they shut everything down, and they said two weeks to slow the spread, and, you know, we knew it came out of a Chinese military bioweapons lab, and so we were even kind of like, well, okay, this could be bad, and we had people saying it's going to be really bad, we had other people saying, no, there's nothing to worry about, and we had the debates, and now we know, okay, well,
Yeah, there was a virus going around, and it was deadly for people that had multiple comorbidities, and it was deadly for people that were obese, and it was deadly for old people, but still 99.99% survivable, and most people that, I guess, quote-unquote, get it, didn't even have a single symptom.
So then, okay, well, now we know that, and we go on, but
The response from the media, the response from the politicians was, well the hospitals are overwhelmed, you gotta take this seriously.
And that became the talking point.
Hospitals are overwhelmed, no ICU beds.
Hospitals overwhelmed, no ICU beds.
And so then it became a two-fold thing where the only videos you ever saw coming out of hospitals were nurses dancing.
So for the average
person out there that just has any curiosity and isn't a total brainwashed stooge, they'd see this and they'd say, wait a second, you said the hospitals were overwhelmed, but all I see, the only videos I see coming out of hospitals are nurses dancing, doing choreographed dance routines which probably take days to train for and film, and they were somehow able to do that while being so overwhelmed?
Wasting all the PPE gear that they said they were short on?
So this is incredible, man.
This crew, I'll tell you, just tip of the hat to this crew, man.
Just the most elite crew in the business.
Found it before the end of the segment.
I said, guys, go dig through our thousands and thousands and thousands of videos and see if you can find the Film Your Hospital compilation.
So then people said, okay, wait, you're telling me the hospitals are overwhelmed and you're telling me because of that I have to wear a mask and I have to shut down my business and I have to go broke and I have to torture myself, but the only videos I see coming out of hospitals are nurses and doctors dancing and having fun and laughing at us.
So then came the hashtag, film your hospital.
And for multiple weeks, we took calls and we did viral video pushes, and we said, and I went out and I filmed three hospitals in Austin, every single one a ghost town, you could hear a pin drop.
That was pretty much the case ever, I don't think, in fact, there was not a single video of an overwhelmed hospital.
Not one, not a single video.
And so, now they're running the exact same plan.
And you notice how right after the Department of Justice dropped the investigation into Governor Murphy, Governor Whitmer, Governor DeWine, Governor Cuomo for sending COVID into the nursing homes, killing tens of thousands of elderly people.
They dropped that investigation and then immediately following that began the false narrative of hospitals being overwhelmed.
So they could send COVID back into the nursing home and they could force you to wear a mask, force you to shut down.
And then ultimately, as soon as they get that FDA approval of the vaccine, that's when they're going to mandate the vaccine.
So it's all going to be used to justify the vaccine mandate, which I'll get into the news on.
We've got more news about the vaccine.
Yeah, it's basically causing everybody that gets it to have a blood clot, but hey, you know, whatever.
And a little blood clot's probably good for you.
If you're Anthony Fauci, I guess he wants to murder you.
But you'd have to ask him about that.
So, again, I see them running the exact same play.
Here they are in the media saying the hospitals are overwhelmed.
Here they are, again, health experts telling you to wear a mask.
And now, of course, they have the added element of the vaccine.
And they feel that they are just a couple weeks away from getting the FDA approval, which means they're gonna mandate the vaccine for all Americans.
They don't care religious exemption.
They don't care if you have an autoimmune disorder.
They don't care.
They don't give a damn.
These psychotic tyrants are gonna come with a needle for your arm that, well, okay, it's killing, say it's killing 0.01% of people that take it.
Okay, fine, we have the data, it's killing, it's killing, it's killing immediately, within a month after, it's killing 0.1% of people that take it.
That's not even the long-term effects.
Who knows what's happening long-term?
We haven't even been a year into this.
But we know that it's killing, it's killing, it's killing 0.01% of people that take it.
So, when you force that mandate, when you force that vaccine, you're attempting murder.
Oh, but the hospitals are overwhelmed.
We have to.
We don't have a choice.
So this is their agenda, again.
They're running the exact same play that they ran last year.
Tell everyone the hospitals are overwhelmed.
Make everybody wear masks.
Now they just have the added element of mandating the vaccines on the back end of it.
And so, without a doubt, that's what they're going to do.
And again, I wanted to get ahead of this last night, so I took the calls from the healthcare workers and they said, nope, none of our hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID.
In fact, some people called in that work in the hospital, they said, actually, we've completely shut down our COVID wing.
We haven't had a COVID patient in weeks.
So why would the media lie?
Well, I don't know.
They did it last year and got away with it.
They murdered a bunch of people in nursing homes and got away with it.
So what's stopping them?
Nobody was arrested, nobody was charged, so hell yeah, just run the same play, it worked!
They scored a touchdown with it, they got the tens of thousands dead, they got the medical tyranny, they got the shutdowns, they got you to wear a muzzle, so that's a success, that's a touchdown!
Run it again!
And so that is where we are at right now, in this global operation for global dominance,
One world government, medical tyranny.
Now, I'm gonna move on and get to some of the latest breaking news when we come back, but just understand, I mean, do we have to do another hashtag film your hospital phenomenon to show that they're lying about the hospitals being overwhelmed?
But see, the difference is,
Even though there was some curiosity and maybe even some legitimate fear last year of not really knowing what's going on, now we've been in this for over a year.
Now most Americans see through this.
Now most healthcare professionals see through this.
And so, they're not going to be able to run it with the exact same effectiveness as they did last year.
But, it's not going to matter if they get the forced vaccine.
Because that's what this is all about.
So understand, when you start seeing your local TV stations, and your local news, and all these doctors, everybody coming out telling you the hospitals are overwhelmed, it's a lie, it's the same propaganda they ran last year.
Don't believe them.
This is not going to be a subject of discussion today, but I want to at least put it out there.
And you know, there's really no other way to say this, so I apologize already, and crew have your finger on the dump switch, but I just gotta say it.
This Biden administration is so disingenuous and so full of shit that it reeks to the ceiling and to the heavens because, again, I'm just going to mention this and I'm going to back off and get back to the big news, but without a doubt, they're planning a major cyber attack or a false flag cyber attack.
It is as sure as I'm sitting at this desk and they'll probably launch it next year, right?
Maybe before the midterms.
And so, how do you have your cake and eat it too with this?
Well, you know they want to blame Russia, but they don't really want to blame Russia because they don't want to have a war with Russia or turn Russia into a stronger ally of China or Iran, which they know is what would happen.
So you have Anthony Blinken coming out saying, well,
We're seeing massive cyber attacks coming out of Russia, but we don't believe it's the Russian government.
Oh, oh, I see.
How perfect.
How perfect.
You get to blame Russia without actually blaming Russia.
What a disingenuous scumbag.
And that's the Biden administration in a nutshell right there.
So that's what they're going to do.
They're going to blame Russia, but they're not going to blame Russia.
They're going to say, well, it's coming out of Russia, but we don't believe it's actually Russia.
They can have their cake and eat it too.
Honestly, there is not a member of this Biden administration that has an ounce of credibility or integrity.
They're all disingenuous criminal scum.
All of them.
And everybody should be panicked that this is the most corrupt
Administration in the history of this country and it's not even close.
They're so bold that they just brag about how Hunter Biden is now the most top selling artist on earth.
Went from crackhead smoking parmesan cheese to the number one selling artist of all time.
Painting self for more than Pablo Picasso.
Can you believe that?
And they just say, yeah, we're keeping the buyer's identity secret.
Yeah, that's what we do.
We're criminals.
What do you think we're doing?
It's unbelievable, man.
But let me digress off of that because this is the big story for the day.
We've got the headline at Infowarsstore.com.
Deadly blood clots develop in 62% of people receiving COVID-19.
And we've also linked the documents in here.
Once again, Fauci knew about all this.
The fact Fauci is still not in jail is really concerning.
Documents prove Fauci knew in 2012 that vaccines targeting the spike protein were a slow death sentence.
That's right, they've been working on these vaccines for decades and they kill, kill, kill every animal they tested on.
That's why they couldn't actually roll it out with FDA approval.
They had to roll it out as emergency use.
So that when they started killing people, they could have that as a safety net.
And again, that story with the documents is at InfoWarstore.com.
And you see these type of stories every day.
Where, sad but true, slaves of the New World Order, brainwashed minions of the New World Order, celebrate their vaccines, brag about it to their friends and family on the internet,
And then they come back and have serious illness in the family.
Here's an example.
All my babies have been double vaxxed.
We are officially a double vaxxed household.
That was on July 21st from this lady.
And then on the 24th, three days later, my son got his second dose of the vaccine Wednesday and yesterday became the first case of myocarditis as a side effect in the Niagara region.
It's been an exhausting couple of days and still not sure when he'll get to come home.
Thank God for the great kids and bestest friends.
Congratulations, you just may have murdered your son.
I guess you wish you did it in the womb, so hey, might as well just come back and do it with the vaccine.
You regret having that kid?
We're gonna have a post-birth abortion.
It's called a COVID vaccine.
And you know, I can't believe nobody really pointed this out, even though it was right in front of our face the whole time, but here's Thomas Massey.
Once again, this guy is just... Thomas Massey is incredible.
One of the good ones in Congress.
If you're surprised that they're now saying you might need boosters, tell me what you thought the space to record the third and fourth doses was for.
And of course, right there on the COVID vaccine card that the CDC put out, they even have it.
First dose, second dose, and then other and other.
What do you think that other is?
Maybe it's for your death certificate, but
So of course they were going to have boosters.
There it is.
Of course it was never going to be ending.
And I love how they even say, I mean, they put the lot number on there because it's all a big test and they want to see what lot number messed up the most people.
So they probably have different, they probably have multiple different vaccines that they're running, multiple different lots to see which ones are effective, which ones aren't, which one kill, which ones kill which people, which ones don't.
It's all a gigantic experiment.
And the FDA's silence on this for the last year, but more importantly, the last seven months, the FDA's silence on this is really interesting, isn't it?
It's really interesting to me.
So, are they planning on approve it?
Has it already been in the works?
Or maybe for the first time in decades, the FDA actually wants to do its job and protect the American people from harmful drugs.
Only time will tell, but you know, as soon as they get that FDA approval, they're going to force you to take that vaccine.
And it doesn't matter that the odds are you'll survive COVID if you even catch it.
It doesn't matter that the odds are you're going to have a severe side effect if you take the COVID vaccine.
This is all about global tyranny, ladies and gentlemen.
And, you know, let me just say this.
Because again, I've got the news here.
The vaccines are killing people.
We told you that.
The PCR tests were bullcrap.
I've got the news here.
We told you that.
I've got news here.
More people were dying from suicide and heart disease and cancer and stroke than COVID.
We already told you that.
We told you the forced vaccines were coming.
We told you Anthony Fauci was a lying criminal.
We told you about the left plan to murder everybody.
Now we've got them on stage 8 of the 10 stages of genocide.
We told you they stole the elections from Trump.
Now new scientific studies are coming out of Michigan and Pennsylvania showing that, yeah, Trump won actually by a significant margin and Biden had millions of illegal votes.
We told you that they were going to start making lists just like the Nazis did for Jews using social media to do it.
Now Facebook and Twitter and the rest have announced that.
I'll get into that news later.
We told you that it came out of a Wuhan lab, and now that it's pretty much well-known knowledge that it came out of a lab, you have Chinese state-run news trying to cover it up.
But see, we've almost reached a point, ladies and gentlemen, where it's kind of like the Lord of the Rings analogy, where
I'll get into that.
InfoWars has taken the ball so far down the field and we're so ragged and torn apart and just bleeding out and just basically falling apart.
And it's just like InfoWars can really only take the ball so far.
And I think that, I really think that we've almost reached that critical mass.
I'm not really sure how much farther InfoWars can take this ball.
You're going to have to have, you're going to start having to have people in law enforcement, people in Congress, governors, mayors, they're going to have to pick up this ball and take it across the finish line.
And we know what that means.
There needs to be investigations into Fauci.
He should be arrested.
There needs to be investigations in the gates.
There needs to be investigations in everybody involved in that Wuhan lab.
There needs to be investigation into the people that sent the COVID into the nursing homes.
I mean, that's, that's what needs to happen.
But you notice how they shut all that down.
But see, InfoWars can't carry the ball there.
We can't make it there.
And look, there's great people out there.
Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, but as great as they are, they're still way, way behind us on the field.
And they're carrying the ball, and they may get to the point of where InfoWars is at with that ball.
Someone is going to have to pick that ball up, someone is going to have to take the ring and throw it into the lava pit.
So is it like in the Lord of the Rings where Frodo basically can't even walk, he's just like dead, and I forget the other guy's name, basically has to carry him for miles up the mountain.
Because that's what it's starting to feel like.
So, I mean, InfoWars can sit up here and tell you everything that's happening, tell you where it's going, and we can just do it till our eyes bleed.
But someone's going to have to put this information on their back that actually has the power of law enforcement and the power of prosecution and indictment and subpoenas and everything, and get these criminals and throw them into the lava pit so we never have to deal with this ever again.
We're getting incredible admissions from government officials in the UK and in Australia.
But they always have their back out plan, don't they?
They always have that trap door they can sneak out of when they get caught killing people with the vaccines.
And here is a perfect example in clip 6 of the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison when a media member brings up that the vaccine is killing people.
Listen to his convenient out.
We're all responsible for our own health.
And when it comes to informed consent and giving consent to whatever treatment or procedure you may have or I may have, then I'm ultimately responsible for what people do in their health treatment to me.
And there has been the opportunity for people to visit their GP, to have that consultation.
The Government has provided that and funded that.
And the informed consent process provides the decision to the individual.
That's the sort of country we live in.
People make their own decisions about their own health and their own bodies.
That's why we don't have mandatory vaccination in relation to the general population here.
Because people make their own decisions.
And we encourage people to make those decisions.
We make as much information available to them as is possible.
The vaccines, like any vaccine,
With any vaccine, there are risks associated, and I won't go into each of the individual ones, because I don't want to particularly draw attention to anyone, but we all understand that with any vaccine, there are risk factors, and they're enumerated, and they're made available to people, and people make decisions about that.
Think about what he just said.
What a perfect out.
Oh, the vaccines aren't mandatory.
Oh, you just put everybody in a prison cell until they get a vaccine.
But they're not mandatory.
And what is he really doing there?
He's essentially blaming people that get the vaccine.
He's blaming them.
He's saying, oh, you got the vaccine and you died?
That's your fault, bud.
And he says, we're making sure that all the information is available.
You're censoring all the information on the Internet.
You're telling people not to go outside and not to talk to one another so that people can't share information.
What a perfect out.
Oh, the vaccine isn't mandatory.
You have the choice to take it, except you really don't.
You can't go back to work.
You can't go out.
You can't leave your house.
You can't share information on the Internet.
But, oh, it's your fault.
You died.
You took it.
You should have made an informed decision.
That's your fault.
How despicable.
How disgusting.
By the way, there's like no COVID in Australia.
Never has been.
Doesn't matter, it's all about the tyranny.
The vaccines will kill more people in Australia than COVID ever did.
And who knows when this is all said and done what the final numbers will be, what the final tallies will be.
But that's just incredible.
So blaming the vaccinated for dying, even though they censor all the information and they coerce you into taking it with total tyranny.
And so then you have all of these rallies happening in Australia against the lockdown, against the forced vaccines.
And you can see here skirmishes breaking out between police and protesters in Australia.
And you know, let me just say this.
I don't want a war with the police.
I'd like to get along with police.
I'd like law reform in this country for many different reasons.
I don't want the police to be my enemy.
I don't want to sit here and deal with a situation where...
People and police are pitted against one another.
But let me tell you, if the police willingly decide that they're going to be the law enforcement for this medical tyranny, then at what point do we have to say that it's justified in attacking the police?
I mean, hell, BLM gets to attack the police.
Antifa get to attack the police for no reason whatsoever.
Reasons they make up in their own head.
Well, when do free people get to say, hey, you're the law enforcement of this tyranny.
We're not going to take it anymore.
I don't want to see it come.
I'm glad they're not doing that here in Texas.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are continuing here on the Alex Jones Show.
Piledriving through this news.
I want to play this Huffington Post video.
I'll have to read the commentary over it because there's no audio, but let me just kind of give a bit of a backdrop here.
The NFL has decided that they are essentially mandating the vaccines on their athletes.
There's obviously some pushback.
They're trying to cover it up as much as possible.
I don't know what happened with the DeAndre Hopkins situation.
He came out and made a statement that he didn't want to be vaccinated.
The NFL obviously got to him or maybe the football team he plays for, the Arizona Cardinals, got to him.
They made him delete the tweet.
So I'm not sure where he still stands on the issue.
Nobody has been as outspoken as Cole Beasley.
In fact, I think he's just announced he's going to retire now because he refuses to take the vaccine.
There's been others like Nick Williams, a defensive lineman, who's made some not as hardcore statements against the vaccine, but you know, he's
He's letting you know where he stands and there's a few others out there.
It's few and far between.
I think most people are just holding their tongues right now to see what happens.
Quite frankly, I mean, look, I know LeBron James sold this country out to China and he's got the slave camps and everything, but I mean, I'll give credit where credit is due.
LeBron James recognized that he was the only person in the NBA that could stop the forced mandates from coming to the NBA players.
So he stood up and said, nope, I'm not doing it.
We're not going to take this experimental vaccine.
The NBA backed off and the NBA players don't have to deal with that now.
So good for LeBron on that.
And I think the only person in the NFL that could stop this from happening is Tom Brady.
Now I don't see any signs that Tom Brady is planning on doing that.
Maybe Aaron Rodgers?
But, I'm not sure.
So, obviously it's a big story right now in the NFL.
Our players getting vaccinated.
And the NFL is talking about fines if you don't get vaccinated and and then they're gonna basically if you if you get COVID and you're unvaccinated they're gonna basically make your team forfeit games and again if you if you follow the NFL you know I mean every game is as valuable as any game so you can't even afford one loss on a schedule but so media is starting to ask players have you been vaccinated and
If there's an organization out there that wants to stand up to this, the Dallas Cowboys may be the only hope.
Again, I'm not seeing anything as far as statements from Jerry Jones or the front office or the players, but media members were asking Dak Prescott, who is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys,
If he took the vaccine and of course he responded that that's a violation of my HIPAA rights, but I want to show you this is a BuzzFeed video report and I'm just going to read the, excuse me, thank you, Huffington Post video report and I'm just going to read the bottom lines here and this is so ridiculous.
The people at Huffington Post are either dumber than we thought, or they're such criminal liars, it makes you sick.
So I'm going to read what they say in this report about Dak Prescott.
Here guys, roll the video.
NFL star invokes QAnon rep's vaccine defense.
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott got defensive when asked about his vaccination status during a news conference.
And took a page out of Marjorie Taylor Greene's playbook by saying the question was a HIPAA violation.
So, you know what?
That's enough.
We can just stop it right there.
Now, imagine the lunacy of this!
So, the HIPAA rights are now a QAnon conspiracy theory?
HIPAA rights are now a Marjorie Taylor Greene brainchild?
Do you at the Huffington Post even live in reality?
Do you even have any, any will to do any research and look into what HIPAA actually is for yourself?
In fact, I mean, hell, I'll do some of it right on air because I don't know all the answers.
Guys, when was the HIPAA law written?
Guys, let's do this live on air for Huffington Post since apparently they don't have the wherewithal to do this for themselves.
Guys, find out when the HIPAA laws and the HIPAA rights were actually introduced and written.
I don't even want to try to go off memory, but I'm pretty sure it was about 50 years ago.
But let's actually find out, because Huffington Post can't do this research for themselves.
They're too stupid.
Or they just are totally indoctrinated.
And so they say, oh yeah, HIPAA came out of QAnon.
HIPAA came out of Marjorie Taylor Greene.
I'm stupid!
Okay, so not that long ago, 1996, but either way.
Long before Marjorie Taylor Greene was ever in Congress.
Long before the federal government, FBI created QAnon.
So, imagine being BuzzFeed, excuse me, Huffington Post, they're one in the same, total garbage.
Imagine being Huffington Post and saying, look at Dak Prescott.
He said that a QAnon conspiracy theory about HIPAA rights is a thing that you can't ask about my medical history.
He must have stolen that from Marjorie Taylor Greene.
He must have been following QAnon.
Yeah, I work at the Huffington Post.
I've never heard of HIPAA before.
But I think I read about it on QAnon.
I think I heard about Marjorie Taylor Greene talk about that.
I'm the Huffington Post.
So I mean seriously though, first of all, what kind of a jerk, I mean that's what this is though, all of these liberals have reached new levels of just being total a-holes.
That they think they have some sort of a right to know about your medical history?
Seriously, are you liberals ever going to wake up to realize how big of jerks you've become?
How big of self-centered, narcissistic, psychotic a-holes you've become?
You think you have the right to know about anybody's medical history?
I won't even get started into My Body, My Choice.
I can't wait for your next pro-abortion rally when you're chanting, my body, my choice.
But, oh, make me wear a mask.
Oh, make me take the vaccine.
And they have the same cop-out every time as, yeah, but that's not affecting another body.
You're talking about murdering a human, you sick psychos.
I'm trying to hold my tongue right now.
But seriously,
You people at the Huffington Post, pull that story back up.
Let's call out that writer by name.
One of the dumbest people in media, clearly.
Rob- Ron Dicker.
Boy, that makes sense.
Dak Prescott uses Marjorie Taylor Greene's HIPAA response when asked if vaccinated.
Uh, yeah.
Does Dak Prescott not have privacy rights?
Are you going to ask Dak Prescott if he has any STDs, too?
Are you going to ask Dak Prescott if he's ever had a hemorrhoid?
What else do you want to know about Dak Prescott's medical history?
I mean, hell, I guess he doesn't have any HIPAA rights, right?
So, Dak Prescott, have you ever had AIDS?
Dak Prescott, have you ever had an STD?
Dak Prescott, uh... I mean, seriously, like, what else do you want to know?
Dak Prescott, have you ever had a vasectomy?
I mean, what other kind of invasive medical questions can we ask of Dak Prescott?
And then when he doesn't want to answer, just say, what are you, QAnon?
What are you, Marjorie Taylor Greene?
Guys, why do you do that to me?
Is that really Ron Dixon or whatever his name is?
The guy that wrote this story for the Huffington Post?
I've never heard of hip-hop before.
I'm just a stupid... No, put him back on the screen.
What is his name?
Ron Dicker.
I'm Ron Dicker.
I write for the Huffington Post.
I've never heard of hip-hop before.
But some reasons Dak Prescott thinks that he has medical privacy because he listens to QAnon and Marjorie Taylor Greene.
And so, Dak Prescott has no medical privacy at all!
There's no such thing as HIPAA!
It was a QAnon conspiracy theory!
It was a Marjorie Taylor Greene conspiracy theory!
I'm Ron Dicker from the Huffington Post, and I'm too stupid to know about HIPAA, and I don't believe in medical privacy!
Well, why don't we know about Ron Dicker's medical history?
So, Ron Dicker from the Huffington Post,
Says that Dak Prescott is a QAnon Marjorie Taylor Greene follower because he doesn't want to answer medical questions.
So I demand that Ron Dicker from the Huffington Post immediately comes out
I demand Ron Dicker answer this question.
When was the last time that Ron Dicker committed sodomy or was sodomized?
And has he transmitted any STDs in the process or does he have HIV or AIDS?
And if Ron Dicker refuses to answer that question, then he's obviously a QAnon follower and obviously taking a page out of Marjorie Taylor Greene's book because HIPAA laws don't exist according to him.
That's just a QAnon conspiracy theory.
So, so I want to ask Ron Dicker, when did he discover he was gay?
When was the last time he had gay anal sex?
How many, how many male partners has he had?
And does he have AIDS?
I demand he answer all those questions right now, or he's a QAnon conspiracy theorist.
Of course, that's his logic.
Doesn't matter, that's insane and ridiculous.
And Ron Dicker has the same health privacy rights as Dak Prescott.
Oh, but see,
They're in the middle of a global conquering agenda right now, and forcing you to take the vaccine is part of the agenda, so all of a sudden your medical privacy rights go out the window.
See how that works?
I don't think Ron Dicker would like to be put on a stand and asked about his medical history.
Yeah, hey Ron, do you take any medicine for AIDS?
Are you currently on any medication for AIDS, Ron Dicker?
What happens if you remove the R's from Ron Dicker's name?
Well, I'll let you figure that out for yourself.
But seriously, I mean, no, we don't have Hipporites anymore, Ron.
So I demand you need to answer these questions, Ron.
When was the last time you were sodomized?
And do you have AIDS?
Because if you don't answer the questions, you're just a QAnon conspiracy theorist, right?
You don't have Hipporites, right?
Oh, okay.
Just checking, Ron.
Just checking, Ronnie.
You psycho.
You know, it's honestly like almost reaching a point where, and I kind of mentioned this earlier, the problem is all of this news is so serious and it's obviously going to have a real world impact on us, but it's really beginning to reach a point where I almost have to like completely rewrite my own hardwiring about this.
And stop approaching it from such a serious mindset and just start looking at things like this is a giant comedy act.
Now, the problem is, hey, they're arresting people politically, they're torturing them in prison, they're censoring free speech, they really are trying to destroy freedom in the world.
So, I mean, it's kind of like, well, that's kind of a serious thing, I don't really want to joke about that, but
You know, taking these things so seriously hasn't really helped us.
And so maybe it's time we just start making this and just pretending that this is just some big comedy act.
And that people like Ron Dickard are just part of the show.
Because, I mean, that's hilarious, bro.
You're so stupid that you think QAnon came up with Hipporites?
You think Marjorie Taylor Greene came up with Hipporites?
Are you really that stupid?
Oh my gosh.
You know what?
I mean, guys, have I roasted this guy enough?
I mean, seriously, you guys just keep giving me ammo.
You know what?
I demand, I mean, he has to prove he doesn't have AIDS right now.
I want and I demand an AIDS test from Ron Dicker.
I mean, come on, look at the guy.
You're telling me that he's not dropping trowel?
Getting a little bit of that?
Guys, I can't.
It's just... Oh yeah, that... Ron Dicker has Gay Bath House written all over him, man.
It's like... Oh my gosh.
Ron Dicker walks into the gay bathhouse and says, Boys, I'm here!
And just bends right over, man.
Oh my gosh.
I gotta stop.
I gotta stop.
I'm not trying to be insensitive, folks.
I have nothing against gay people.
I have plenty of gay friends.
But Ron Dicker doesn't think that I have medical privacy rights.
And so neither does he.
So Ron Dicker needs to come out immediately, show the world his AIDS test, and he should let everybody know the last time he's been sodomized.
Uh, and so for him, that was probably just last night, though.
But hey, that's none of my business, bro!
Oh, wait!
I guess it is now, because you don't have medical privacy rights, huh?
That's funny how that works, isn't it, Ron?
I better stop.
This is a family show, and I'm starting to get off the rails here.
I mean, I could make jokes about this guy.
I mean, you know.
He looks like he's tossed a few salads in his day.
But I'm gonna stop.
I'm gonna stop, okay?
Guys, let's try to get serious here, okay?
I was gonna plug after that, and how do you even plug after something like that?
I know how!
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And, uh, you know, Ron Dicker may need a couple tubes of it, quite frankly.
But, okay, seriously, I'll stop.
I'll stop.
I promise.
I'm gonna stop.
That's enough.
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All right, when we come back, I should probably start getting into some of this news.
Maybe I'll get into the election news.
Maybe I'll get into the next level.
It's not just censorship, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, big tech social media companies have announced they're putting you on a list.
Boy, that sounds familiar.
I'm trying to...
I'm trying to put my finger on it, but there was some sort of dangerous group that put their enemies on a list.
Once again, you're seeing police and protesters clash in Australia.
Anti-lockdown protests and police just savagely beating people because they want to live free.
And again, the last thing that I want to see is some sort of Road Wario scenario like we've seen in
Venezuela is probably the worst example recently or maybe Hong Kong where the citizens are basically pit against the law enforcement and you have a choice because what are you going to do when you have a desire to be free and you've got jack-booted thugs
Telling you you don't have the right to be free, you don't have the right to assemble, you don't have the right to free speech, savagely beating people and arresting people in the streets for executing their freedoms.
Well then they become the bad guys.
And so at what point are you justified in deciding to get physically violent with those people?
Of course, the double standard in the U.S.
The left has already decided they're justified.
Oh, the police are racist, so they just savagely attack the police in New York and Chicago and Portland and everywhere else.
And the politicians say, yeah, well, that's OK.
You know, they're justified.
The police are bad.
But, oh,
If that was conservatives or Republicans doing it, like maybe the small examples you saw on January 6th.
Oh, that's the worst thing ever.
So the left gets to attack the police and beat the police and send the police to the hospital and murder the police and that's all fine and dandy.
They're justified.
But oh, no, you, the American patriot, you're not allowed to do that.
And again, I don't want that to be the case.
And I got to tell you, I am, uh,
I think that we're very lucky that here in Texas, and I'll just say in Austin, the police here are good, I would say, for the most part.
And you're going to have bad eggs, and there's been a couple of bad examples, and you know, when you have millions of interactions, you're going to have instances that don't go right, and you hope that you can have those things dealt with the right way and things don't get out of hand, but I don't think I'm ever going to see the Austin Police Department
Doing that to American citizens.
And, you know, we had a bunch of rallies last year during the lockdown and the police never really gave us a hard time.
There were some times where maybe we had a disagreement and they, you know, blocked our Capitol and everything, but, uh, you know what?
They never came after us.
They never tried to shut us down.
And even though that's kind of sad that we have to celebrate that, well, you know, given the current circumstances, I guess that's a good thing.
And, you know,
The mayor of Austin is calling for lockdowns again and mask mandates.
The police aren't going to enforce that.
In fact, you know, I don't want to get the Austin police in trouble here, but I don't want to speak for them either.
But let me just say, I don't think they like you very much, Mayor Adler.
No, no, I don't think so.
But why would the police like any Democrat at this point?
The Democrats hate the police.
They've put a target on the police's back.
They justify when police are wrongly persecuted.
They justify when police get attacked and brutalized.
They celebrate when thousands of police officers get hospitalized.
But, uh, I'm gonna digress off of that.
Let me just bear down here.
Take a deep breath and get into this stack of news that I haven't gotten into yet.
CDC signals change to PCR testing.
And so it turns out, and it's not just the CDC, you have health officials in Europe doing the same thing.
They have now come out and, you know, now they've determined it.
Everybody already knew it, but now they've officially announced it.
They've made official public statements saying that the PCR tests didn't work, they caused half-false positives, and they couldn't differentiate between influenza and COVID-19.
So they've abandoned the PCR test.
Oh, how convenient.
And you know what?
Now that I'm thinking about it, that just indicates that they really bank on this vaccine getting approval and mandating it.
And so it doesn't even matter if they can get all the false positives again.
They've already done enough of it.
They've already got enough case numbers with the false positives that they are
They are just going to mandate the vaccine.
And yeah, that is interesting.
Right after Gates and Soros buy the COVID-19 test manufacturer that they say the PCR tests never worked.
I mean, I guess that's a good sign.
And this should be huge.
This should be massive.
But the media is in on it.
But the media is in on it.
So, they went with the fake PCR test, they ran the numbers, and they did an entire year of news based off of that fear to get ratings, putting the numbers up on the screen, you know the whole kit and caboodle that they did, and so of course they don't want to come out and tell you this, they don't want to come out and admit that the PCR test was a sham, was a fraud, because they sold it, they bought it, and they sold it to you.
But there you go, kind of a big deal.
They admit the PCR test didn't work, half false positives, and couldn't differentiate between COVID and the flu.
So, but don't worry, the media is not going to tell you that because they went along for the ride.
Five times more children committed suicide than died of COVID-19 during lockdown, according to the latest study in the UK.
Same numbers in the United States.
In fact, I've got this chart right here from the CDC.
Daily deaths in the United States.
According to the latest data that the CDC put out that the Daily Wire decided to use for this graph, daily deaths in the United States, 1,800 from heart disease, 1,600 from cancer, 470 from accident, 410 from stroke, 330 for COVID.
Of course, the COVID data is from ever since they started doing the COVID data.
The other is from 2019.
But what about the heart disease?
What about the cancer?
You notice how we don't shut the economy down to figure out why everybody's getting cancer, right?
You notice we don't shut the economy down to figure out why everybody's getting a heart disease, right?
And they say, oh, but it's not contagious.
Well, why not the dedication in the media?
Okay, fine.
Why not the dedication to figure out what's going on with heart disease?
What's going on with cancer?
Why America is morbidly obese.
And now, of course, we found out that obesity was one of the leading causes of the COVID deaths.
And, of course, that's why people are getting heart disease.
That's why people are getting heart disease.
Because of the obesity.
And, wow, okay, great job, crew.
Actually, pull that up again.
The crew found the latest numbers.
This is even worse.
Put that back on screen, thank you.
2,100 heart disease deaths a day in June 2021.
Compared to 342 from COVID, which is still a lie.
Most of those are comorbidities.
Most of those are false positive PCR tests.
But even so, even with the rigged numbers, COVID-19 deaths are nowhere near heart disease.
But where is Anthony Fauci telling you to get exercise?
Where is Anthony Fauci telling you to eat better?
Where is Anthony Fauci trying to promote
Personal health and individual health and, you know, maybe running and exercising and eating healthy.
I don't think I've ever heard him say anything about that.
In fact, I don't even think I've ever heard him mention the immune system once either.
It's almost like he doesn't know it exists!
Maybe somebody should alert Anthony Fauci about the amount of heart disease death that we have and the amount of obesity that we have and that maybe he should start promoting health in this country instead of fear.
And instead of big pharmaceutical tyranny.
Oh my gosh, people warned not to exercise after getting Pfizer COVID jab following rare heart inflammation side effects.
My God.
I mean, this is just a mass murder campaign, man.
But get ready, they're gonna try to murder you with that vaccine.
Alright, I'll tell ya.
But I'll tell ya!
You gotta laugh every once in a while.
Here's what I wanna do.
Guys, just pull that music down real quick.
We're gonna have a little challenge right now.
And this goes to the crew, and I can see some of you, okay?
And I can see my cameraman right here.
He's already laughing, so he's already, there's no way.
So the challenge is, I want you to, you sitting at home, or the crew over there in the studio, or everybody around InfoWars today that's got the feed up on their screen in their computer,
Here's the challenge.
I want you to not laugh as I read this story at Infowars.com.
You just can't laugh.
I want you to hold that laugh in, okay?
So here we go.
That's the challenge for you at home.
Do not laugh at this.
Headline at Infowars.com.
Biden appears to yell, my butt's been wiped at a reporter.
As Joe Biden dotted up to a gaggle of reporters Sunday with all the grace of a reanimated corpse, he also seemed to yell, my butt's been wiped, right in the face of one reporter who was shouting questions about immigration above a whirring of a helicopter.
Did you make it?
We shouldn't be laughing!
This guy is supposedly the president!
Hit the clip!
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what?
I must be what
He can't control his bowels!
He can't control his mouth!
Oh my god!
I'm sorry.
It's just too much, man.
I mean, honestly.
It's just so ridiculous at this point.
Oh my gosh!
I mean, everything about it is, like, too good.
I mean, this is better than any comedy movie I've ever seen.
I mean, like, honestly.
Oh, man.
I can't wait till this meme really reaches its full peak.
And, uh, you know, we're showing you some of the memes, but I mean, this is going to be turned into a song.
People are going to like remix this to beats.
It's going to be brilliant.
I'm telling you, Joe Biden, Joe, my butt's been wiped Biden.
Too much information, Joe.
Oh my gosh, it's even better in slow motion.
I mean, think about it.
He's walking up to the media and he's got this like scowly look on his face.
And he's excited to tell this reporter how his butt's been wiped.
You know, it looks, I mean, the way he walks looks like his butt needs wiped 24-7.
You know, it looks like he's walking around with a dookie in his pants all the time.
Maybe that's why he's always walking around so stiff-legged.
Because nobody's ever wiping his butt!
I think we finally figured it out.
You know, Joe is a prideful man.
And so he never wanted to admit to the people around him that he can't control his bowels.
And he's been walking around into pens with dookie in his pants.
And that's why he walks around like he's got a stick up his butt.
And that's why he shuffles around because he's got a dirty butt.
And finally his butt's been wiped.
He's had to be open about it.
He's excited.
He's going to have some clean britches now.
Seriously, in 48 hours, in two days, Joe Biden walks up to a reporter and says, I don't drink children's blood.
And then the next day he walks up to a reporter and says, my butt's been wiped.
And again, the media has no problem with this at all!
The media won't even say that Biden is suffering from mental conditions.
Severe mental conditions.
Dementia, Alzheimer's, I don't know what's going on with a guy.
Seriously, like, if I came in studios one day, and Alex was like, hey Owen, how you doing?
My butt's been what?
He'd be like, are you okay?
Do you need to take a play off or two?
Do you need some help?
I don't drink children's blood!
Oh boy, oh boy.
Oh, look at that.
Look at that.
Oh yeah.
Ronny Jackson is controversial.
Ronny Jackson, former White House doctor, predicts Biden will resign.
Well yeah, he can't think or talk.
He brags to reporters that his butt's been wiped.
But I love how The Hill says, oh, Ronny Jackson, controversial.
He's controversial.
How is Ronny Jackson controversial?
A leading physician in the United States, I mean, top of his field, works in the White House?
Oh, he's controversial, yeah.
Because he doesn't praise Chairman Joe Biden, who can't even wipe his own ass.
Let's get into this news though.
New York City Mayor asks all private employers to impose vaccine mandates immediately.
Arrest that man!
Arrest that Nazi!
And I love how Alex Jones phrased it in the top of the show today.
So, the problem is the left is not even intellectually honest with themselves, so you can't even have a real conversation about who they are or what they stand for, because they're just liars and frauds.
But if they were honest, then they'd have to come out and make an intellectual decision.
Were the Nazis good?
Were the Nazis good for doing experimental
Medicine and experimental procedures on the Jews?
Was that a good thing that the Nazis did now?
Or was the Nuremberg Code a good thing, saying that you can't do experimental testing on people without their informed consent, and then wrote the Nuremberg Code to protect individuals from becoming human experimentation?
Because, I mean, that's what's going on here.
This is mass human experimentation.
This is not true informed consent.
These are not FDA-approved vaccines.
And here's yet another Democrat mandating vaccines.
Totally illegal.
Totally against the Nuremberg Code.
And I do believe the Nuremberg Code says if you mandate something experimental like this, you get hung by a rope.
That's the Nuremberg Code.
So, I mean, seriously, like, I think the left should come out after hating the Nazis for the last four years.
I think they should just come out and say, actually, we like the Nazis now.
And we think the Nuremberg Code was bad, but we think Hitler had it right.
And we think Mengele had it right.
And I think we should do experimental testing on humans.
I think that's something that the Nazis got right.
So, come on out and say it, Democrats!
Come on out, just say it, we're ready!
Give us the big reveal, de Blasio.
Give us the big reveal, Psaki.
Give us the big reveal, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden.
Give us the big reveal that you are now pro-Nazi.
That you are now pro-human experimentation.
But see, again, that's what's so frustrating.
We're not dealing with honest people.
We're not even dealing with real people.
These are not serious people.
These are the scum of the earth.
And that's why we have the video montage, the compilation that we run in the breaks.
I don't know if it's still running during the breaks, but we run during the breaks where you have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris multiple times in the year 2020 when Trump was president saying,
They're not going to take the vaccine.
It's not a good vaccine.
It's an experimental vaccine.
Why would anybody take the vaccine?
And then as soon as Biden gets into office, all of a sudden they're pro-vaccine and it was Biden's vaccine.
So, I mean, Trump, which I disagree with, is the one that launched Operation Warp Speed and got the vaccines out so quick, and Biden and Harris and the rest of the Democrats said, don't take it, it's bad, I'm not gonna take it, nobody should take it, and then as soon as Biden got in, boy did they change chorus real quick.
All of a sudden it was the greatest vaccine ever and everybody should take it.
And so if you don't understand how dangerous these people are, then you don't understand anything.
And again, that's why the Nuremberg Code was written, because we understood after World War II how dangerous somebody is that wants to force you to take an experimental vaccine.
So, they understood at the time, oh, we can use this against Trump, and we can make Trump look bad by making you take an experimental vaccine, but then when they're in power, they say it's a good thing.
These people need arrested.
Is it too much?
No, I don't think so either.
I think this is fair game.
Yeah, we're not gonna let this one, we're not gonna let this one go.
Joe Biden is really concerned about another toilet paper shortage.
He's hoarding it all.
He's got a whole entire wing of the White House dedicated to just mass quantities of toilet paper.
Oh my gosh.
Alright, we're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
And yeah, we're having a laugh at Joe Biden's expense because, well, his butt's been wiped.
So he's really excited about that and he's just, he can't help but share that information with the media for whatever reason.
He's just so excited and he just walks right up to the media and just shouts it right in their face.
I mean, talk about a psycho.
I mean, honestly, there's some wild stuff that happens in Austin these days with just some of the, you know, crackheads and stuff that walk around.
That's like crackhead behavior in downtown Austin.
Like some drugged-out vagrant, like, approaches you and yells how his butt's been wiped because he's got, like, you know, crap just plastered onto his underwear that he's been wearing for days.
Oh yeah, there's Hunter Biden smoking crack at 9 a.m.
on a phone call.
On a business phone call.
Hunter Biden smoking crack at 9 a.m.
on a business phone call.
And by the way, this was post dental surgery after he rotted his teeth out with crack and parmesan cheese smoking.
So this is post dental surgery.
He's still smoking the crack.
Can you imagine?
You are such a crackhead.
That, I mean, and everything in the world is given to you.
Why should you need crack?
You could just, you could just spend the rest of your life riding around on the ocean in a Sea-Doo or a yacht, and you decide to rot your teeth out with crack!
And even after that, he still can't put the pipe down.
Uh, yes, but don't worry.
He's going to be a self-made man now that he's selling his artwork to secret buyers.
Not political influence, though.
That's not what's going on, guys.
Come on, man.
Come on, man!
Come on!
I wonder if you actually did, like, a trace element, like, research into the paints in Hunter Biden's art.
Do you think you'd find crack in there?
Think there's maybe a little cocaine?
Look at the New York Times just sucking up to this criminal family.
There's a new artist in town.
The name is Biden.
Hunter Biden, his name forever linked to crack cocaine.
Oh, wait, no, I misread that.
I'm sorry.
This is the New York Times.
Hunter Biden, his name forever linked to President Trump's impeachment.
That doesn't even make sense.
Excuse me, when you think about the fake impeachment of Trump, how many times did they try it?
Three times and failed?
All for three?
Was that the one?
Do you think Hunter Biden, when you think Democrats failed impeachment of Trump?
Like, where do they even make that connection?
They're losing their minds!
Hunter Biden says, painting is literally keeping him sane after years of addictions and poor choices.
Painting is keeping him sane.
God, this criminal Biden family just cannot stop lying, can they?
They cannot stop lying.
And honestly, what the Bidens are doing to their father right now is disgusting and it's elderly abuse.
The Biden family should not even have let him run for president, but they know when he's in the White House that the money is coming in and they can sell political influence and only 10% for the big guy.
So they're like, hey, let Joe embarrass himself on the national stage.
At least we're going to get rich in the process.
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won!
I must be won
I must be won!
Criminal Joe Biden!
Alright, we'll give it a rest.
We'll give it a rest.
We'll give it a rest.
But, I mean, somebody's got to do this.
Somebody's got to play this clip over and over again because, I mean, it's just, it's reaching such a point with Biden.
And by the way, like, for example,
Last week, Biden had the town hall.
Nobody even watched it because it's totally worthless.
He doesn't say anything.
He doesn't even run the White House.
He can't even, he doesn't even run his own life.
And so nobody tunes in, but I mean.
You could sit here and you could go back and you could watch the last town hall and he's fumbling and bumbling and stuttering and stammering and saying things that literally don't even make sense.
Sentences that you couldn't even diagram.
He would fail an English lit class right now.
He would fail a speech class right now.
And then meanwhile, Trump came out and had a great speech
I guess it was, was it Saturday?
I believe it was Saturday, the headline at Infowars.com.
Radicals are seizing power.
Donald Trump warns of communism in the U.S.
Now, here's part of the problem.
And again, I mean, this is just the truth, ladies and gentlemen.
Donald Trump's speeches and moments don't have near the gravity they used to.
Because he let them steal the election from him.
And, you know, I explained this on The War Room, but I understand there's, you know, maybe not all of a crossover audience here.
And so I'll just briefly explain this again.
Donald Trump had a choice on, I mean really he probably made the decision on January 6th, or he consciously decided before January 6th, but he was threatened with the corrupt leaders of the military.
He was threatened by Pelosi.
They all threatened him.
The entire anti-American criminal cabal in Washington, D.C.
Everybody knew they stole the election, folks.
Give me a break.
You don't think Pelosi behind the scenes is bragging about how they stole it?
You don't think Milley and Honore are bragging behind the scenes about how they beat President Trump?
So Donald Trump had a choice.
He could have stayed in the White House.
He knows he won.
Everybody knows he won.
But the Democrats and the Democrats in the military threatened war.
And they told Donald Trump, if you don't leave, we're going to launch a war.
We'll launch a civil war.
We'll launch a world war.
We'll launch some sort of war, and we'll blame you.
So Trump had to make a decision.
Now, they could have been bluffing.
Maybe they could have pulled it off.
Who knows?
But basically, Trump had to make a decision.
Do I really want to stay in the White House to try to defeat this election theft at the risk of them starting a war?
Or should I just leave and hope that America sees how corrupt this is and hope that we can actually have a real election in the future so that this never happens again?
That's what went on between November, what was it, 3rd or 6th or whatever.
Basically, that's what went on from the time they stole the election to January 6th to January 21st.
The top generals all sold out this country.
All the top Democrats all sold out this country.
Some of the top Republicans all sold out this country.
And they all told Trump, you better leave this White House or there will be a war.
And we will blame you.
And he'd been through it enough.
You know, maybe four years ago, he would have called their bluff and said, you can't do that.
But he saw what the media did to him.
He saw what the media did to him for five years and he realized that, wow, they really can do whatever the hell they want.
Doesn't matter how big the lie, doesn't matter how big the, you know, false narrative, doesn't matter how obvious it all is.
They really can do it.
They can make up anything and they'll get people to go along with it and the entire media will go along with it.
So, so he learned like, you know, okay, well, it's like he said,
It's worse, he says, it's worse than I ever thought it would be.
And he knew it was bad, but worse than he ever thought it would be.
What does that mean?
Worse than he ever thought it would be.
What does that mean?
That means folks, our top military generals have sold us out.
Why do you think you had a Navy ship dock last summer for COVID
And then as soon as that Navy ship docked, the Chinese Navy moved into the South China Seas more than they ever had before.
Do you think that's a coincidence, folks?
Do you really think that's a coincidence?
And do you really think it was all about COVID when
After they docked and the media got a hold of the story, you had the thousands of members on the ship, all out on the deck, shoulder to shoulder, clapping and cheering that they were no longer at sea.
Do you really think that that's a coincidence, folks?
Our military has sold us out, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's sad to say that because some of the best Americans are in the military.
Some of the greatest among us are amongst the rank-and-file in the military.
But the leaders have sold us out.
And it reached a point under Obama where you weren't even going to be appointed to a head military position unless you were willing to sell out the United States of America.
And now they've reached another critical mass of
You have to be gay, you have to be woke, you have to be liberal, you have to be progressive, you have to hate America if you want to get into the top ranks of the military.
And they're going for an absolute purge of any Trump supporters or any patriots in the military.
And they've already got their database inside the military with Milley and Honore and the rest of them to start purging Trump supporters.
Or at least make sure they don't get any promotions.
And yeah, that's why you see the new propaganda marketing campaigns from the CIA and the military and everything where you're like, you think you just watched some sort of liberal woke cartoon, not a military ad, because that's what it is now.
It's all about bringing in the most radicalized leftists to be in the military so that they can turn the military gay,
And just basically stand down the military from an invasion at the southern border, from the Chinese building military bases in the South China Sea, and really from ever having a true, strong U.S.
military ever again.
So yeah, you gotta understand, the Democrat Party, which is probably mostly run by the Chinese Communists, has infiltrated everything.
The media,
The healthcare professions, the military, and they are doing everything in their ability and power to sabotage this country.
It's treason.
And I don't know how much more time we have left to save this thing before the Democrats completely destroy everything that keeps this country strong and surviving.
And there's one of the lead examples, there's one of the lead dogs right there, one of the biggest
Treasonous individuals of all time.
Barack Hussein Obama.
Corrupted our military and sold our military out to the highest bidder.
And put individuals like Honoré in there who were running the gun confiscation in New Orleans.
And people in the military know this is going on, folks.
And they don't know what to do.
Because they're forced to take all this indoctrination teachings.
I mean, what are you going to do?
You're on the Navy ship, and the corrupt admiral or whoever it is is like, we're docking, we're docking because of COVID.
And then as soon as they dock, whoop, here comes the Chinese military on the back end, moving right into the South China Seas, right on time.
Navy ships crashing into one another, Navy ships just being lit on fire.
Yeah, your military is under attack, ladies and gentlemen, and the top military brass are doing it.
And the Democrat Party is allied with the Chinese to destroy the United States of America.
It's all happening right now.
We're back here at InfoWars, live in the InfoWars World Headquarters.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer filling in this week.
Alex on vacation.
I'm sure we'll be hearing a little bit from Alex, but I hope he just enjoys his trip.
I want to let you know here before I get into the rest of this news, Gerald Cilenti taking over in the fourth hour today.
I'll be back on the war room, God willing.
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All right.
Let's get into some of these news headlines here.
InfoWars headline, Germany vaccinated will have more freedom as unvaxxed, banned from cinemas and restaurants.
Oh, but you know, it's not mandatory.
You just have to be a prisoner in your own house until you take the vaccine.
See, it's not mandatory.
We love you.
And then they came for the students.
Unvaccinated will not be able to attend lectures.
That's again in the UK.
But hey, come on man, we're not tyrants.
This isn't authoritarianism.
It's freedom.
You're just a prisoner until you take our experimental vaccine.
Yes, yes.
Nothing to see here.
Relax, good slave.
You have Fauci on CNN over the weekend.
Why is that rat not in jail yet?
I'm still trying to figure that out.
How is Anthony Fauci not in jail yet?
That's a question for the time, isn't it?
This is under active consideration.
I am part of the discussion.
Dr. Fauci says masks, mask mandates may come back, even for vaccinated Americans.
Oh, yes, because as I explained in the first hour, they're running the exact same playbook, the exact same play that they ran a year ago.
Drum up the fear, make you wear a mask, tell you hospitals are overwhelmed, except the conclusion to this is going to be mandated vaccines.
So again, the FDA has been completely silent on this issue as far as I can see, so I'm not going to be holding my breath hoping that the FDA finally actually wants to help Americans from deadly drugs, but
I guess there's still a chance of that.
But as soon as the FDA approves any of the vaccines, boom.
Biden will sign an executive order mandating them.
Fauci will be going back on every television station 24-7 telling you how great it is and to take it.
And, you know, I don't know what will really happen at that point.
I don't know how they plan on enforcing it.
I don't think they'll go door-to-door.
I really don't.
Because that would be, there's just no way they want to light that powder keg.
And I think it's going to become a private market issue at that point.
Because again, how are they actually going to enforce the mandated vaccines?
I don't think they're dumb enough to start going door-to-door.
Maybe they are.
I don't think the military will take place.
I don't think the military would like to do that.
Even with all the corrupt top brass that they have, the average rank and file military is going to say, F you, man.
I'm not forcing Americans to take a vaccine.
You shove it.
And then they'll probably be faced with punishment, but you watch, there'll be heroes that stand up, and then they're not going to have the police do it too.
The police don't want to do it either.
They don't have enough brainwashed leftist douchebags in the military or in the police to actually rule that tyranny out.
So yeah, they may send some
Some hapless, weak-minded American to your door in a vest to tell you to take a vaccine, but that's not going to go well.
And so maybe though that's what they want, is for one of them to get shot or something, and then they'll declare some sort of martial law, or then they'll send gun squads or the UN to your door with a vaccine, so be on the lookout for that.
That could be a really dangerous situation, but this is all pending the FDA approval.
Megalomaniac Anthony Fauci argues unvaccinated people are going to cause the virus to mutate into deadly new variant.
Boy, that might be the biggest lie he has ever told.
That might be the biggest lie he has ever told.
Again, why Anthony Fauci is not in a jail cell right now is the great question of our day.
Everybody knows vaccines cause the mutations.
I mean, look at that!
That's even NPR headline!
Vaccines could drive the evolution of more COVID-19 mutants.
That is such old science and such known fact in the medical community.
Again, the fact that Anthony Fauci comes out and says that unvaccinated are going to cause the mutations is such a whopper of a lie.
It just shows you this guy's in total panic.
It just shows you that this guy is doing anything he can right now to save face.
Or maybe he's just, he is in such, he is being such a puppet right now that he has to do anything he's told.
So they say, Fauci go on TV, big pharmaceutical companies that own Dr. Fauci, they own his ass.
They say, Fauci, go on TV and tell people that the unvaccinated are causing these mutations, even though every doctor knows it's the vaccinated people causing the mutations.
And the perfect case in point, for example, is Israel, where they had the leading vaccination rate in the world, and they had the highest rate of the quote-unquote Delta variant, which they still haven't even isolated.
So who knows even what type of lies they're making up about the Delta variant.
But again,
The fact that Anthony Fauci goes on TV and tells you that whopper of a lie says that this guy knows that he's in big trouble.
Look at this!
This is an official tweet from the World Economic Forum.
What kind of planning goes into ensuring that the yearly World Economic Forum event at Davos runs smoothly?
For one,
Thousands of young people are flown in to help cater to the attendees' needs behind the scenes.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laughing at this.
I mean, good God.
The world is run by pedophile creeps, man.
And they are coming for your kids, boy.
This is sick, sick stuff, my friends.
Sick, disgusting, despicable, twisted, sordid stuff.
I don't know, man.
I gotta be honest.
I'm beginning to spend some of my nights meditating, wondering if there really is no turning this around.
It was never meant to be turned around.
And we just have to try to keep our souls pure and just try to
Abstain from all this evil as much as we can and just pray that before it comes to our front door to enslave us and rape us and torture us, that Jesus comes back for final justice.
Because, I mean, for God's sakes, you've got Joe Biden for years running around the White House molesting children, okay?
And then he comes out and he can't even think anymore.
He's the President of the United States.
And I mean, I'm not going to play the joke again, but again, he, he, it, on one day he's, he comes out of nowhere and he runs up to a media gaggle and says, I don't drink children's blood.
And then the next day he runs up to a media gaggle and says, I wiped my butt.
But, um,
Ahead of all of this, and now I'm noticing a bunch of mainstream people that aren't banned everywhere, like we are, are starting to put this out there too.
No, Greg broke it first, Greg Reese did, but no.
It's the ten stages of genocide.
Greg Reiss filed an excellent report about a month or so ago, breaking down the 10 stages of genocide and where we're at right now.
And again, now I'm seeing kind of mainstream people or verified people on Twitter that haven't been banned are starting to put this out too.
And I'm not going to go through the whole breakdown like Greg Reiss did.
You can go watch his video if you want.
But what stage are we at?
Persecution, that's stage 8.
Beginning of murders.
They murdered Ashley Babbitt.
They've murdered police officers.
They've murdered people during their Black Lives Matter rallies.
So the murders are already happening.
A lot of charges get dropped.
Theft of property.
Yeah, they raid Roger Stone's house.
They raid Rudy Giuliani's house.
They raid Trump people's workers' houses.
Trial massacres.
Well, just look at what's going on with January 6th.
Total political persecution and they're not even allowed bail or let out of jail.
That's stage 8 of the 10 stages of genocide.
Do you want to know the 9th stage?
Do you want to know what comes next, folks?
Wholesale elimination of the group.
So, you know, back in the 1940s that was the Jews.
Now it's American patriots.
It is extermination and not murder because the people are not considered human.
Ah, and that's why in Stage 4 they dehumanize you, which is what they've been doing to American patriots and Trump supporters for years now.
So what are we really dealing with?
Are we dealing with humans at all?
Are we not wrestling with flesh and blood, but indeed demon spirits from another realm that aren't even human at all and never were?
Is this all just a big test, a big simulation by God to see who's ready to move on to the next level and who's not?
Because let me tell you, as extreme as this may seem to be talking about here, and as extreme as it may be to have to have this soak in and think about this,
This is real, folks.
And it's happened throughout human history.
And really, the biggest, most recent example is obviously the Nazis and the Jews.
But it's been going on longer than that, whether it's the Chinese communist in Mao Zedong, or whether it's Pol Pot in Cambodia, or Lenin or Stalin.
I mean, you can go on and on.
It's always the same 10 stages of genocide, and right now in America, it's the Democrat Party, and they are on stage 8, persecution, one stage away from extermination.
One stage away from total mass murder.
And really, they're already beginning that stage with the vaccines, but that's not going to be their real extermination.
That's just kind of the soft rollout of it to begin it.
As if that's not eye-opening and powerful enough, I want you to take a look at some Nazi propaganda from the 1940s compared to some Democrat propaganda from the modern day.
And if you guys want to do a doc cam or try to pull that up on the screen.
So here you have on the left is Nazi propaganda.
This is on the cover of magazines in Germany in the 1940s and it's a maggot.
And it says that that's the Jews, that the Jews are maggots, and they put the Jewish star on the maggot.
They say Jews are maggots, and that's stage four of the ten stages of genocide to dehumanize your enemy.
On the right, you see Democrat propaganda, where it shows that Trump supporters are maggots.
And folks, it's like the exact same artist drew it, or that the artist that drew the MAGA maggot
Copied right off the Nazis magazine from 1940.
I mean, it's the exact same maggot.
They just put a hat on it and changed the color because the other one's in black and white.
Pretty incredible, right?
Pretty eye-opening right there.
Here's another one.
Here's more Nazi propaganda from the 40s where it shows a Jewish rabbi covered in bugs and maggots like he's a disgusting person.
And then here is Democrat propaganda with the same thing saying the unvaccinated person is basically just a disease, a disgusting individual.
And it's the same thing.
So whether it's Trump supporters or unvaccinated people, it's the Democrat Party, it's the mainstream media dehumanizing you, labeling you a maggot, labeling you a disease, so that they can come in for stage 9 and exterminate you.
Well what do you do with the maggot outbreak?
You exterminate it.
What do you do with a
disease-riddled outbreak.
You exterminate it.
That's why the mainstream media propaganda and the Democrat Party are labeling you maggots, labeling you a disease, so they can come exterminate you and they will have the cultural modern-day clearance to do so because the mainstream media will support it, the Democrat Party will support it, and this is the build-up that they've been having
Four years to get to this point.
So I don't know when they'll get to stage nine.
I don't know when they'll start their mass extermination.
But if the story of Ashley Babbitt is not indicative of how easy they'll be able to get away with it, I don't know what is.
Remember, you had Black Lives Matter protesters kill Officer David Dorn.
Media didn't care.
You had Antifa kill an individual in Portland.
Media didn't care.
You had Antifa kill an individual in Denver.
Media didn't care.
You had a police officer murder Ashley Babbitt on camera in cold blood.
Media didn't care.
We still don't know officially the name of that officer.
People are reporting the name is Mike Bird.
And you did have an individual from the government say that he was on the scene, but they didn't confirm that he pulled the trigger.
But nonetheless, they got away with all that murder.
The media didn't raise an eyebrow.
The media didn't make a peep about it.
The media supported it and covered it up and said it was a good thing.
So, if you really think it's that far-fetched,
For this corrupt political party known as the Democrats, and their cohorts in the media, and their cohorts in the healthcare industry and the medical industry, if you really think it's that far-fetched for them to begin mass murdering people and get away with it, you better take a look at human history, and you better even take a look at recent history, because it's coming.
And now,
Joe Biden has just announced all doctors working in the Department of Veteran Affairs will be mandated to get the vaccine.
Violation of the Nuremberg Code?
Arrest him immediately!
But we don't live in a land of the law anymore, do we?
We don't live in a land of justice anymore, do we?
We live in a land of one-sided justice, Democrat Party rule.
Yet you don't think they're running an extermination campaign?
You're about to find out, my friends.
And it's going to be a bumpy, bumpy ride.
So, people will resist this.
The media will bury that.
But that's what's gonna happen.
Yes, you are on stage 8 and they are quickly moving to stage 9 in the 10 stages of genocide.
And the Democrat party and the left are in it for political purposes because they just want to murder their enemies.
But the globalists, the real power players on top of this, are eugenicists who are in it for population control and just want to get the human population on planet Earth down.
So, there's multiple different fronts to this, and that is where it's all going.
Mass genocide.
Don't worry, Dr. Fauci is here to kill you.
Because there's too many humans on Earth and we're causing global warming, don't you know?
Even though now most governments around the world admit that they manipulate the weather intentionally.
In fact, one of the crew members sent me an entire website in Texas that's dedicated to them explaining how they manipulate the weather.
Uh, yay!
They just spray lithium and barium and all these different things into the atmosphere and they call it cloud seeding.
But hey, you bring that up, you're called a conspiracy theorist, even though it's official government policy.
And in Russia, and in China, and in Dubai, they all brag about their man-made weather machines, but, oh, you know, there's no... man-made global warming is from you driving a car, don't you see?
Don't you see?
Alright, well this is my final segment before Gerald Cilenti takes over.
I'll be back hosting the war room.
I'll probably take a lot of calls.
Enough already.
Get the hook.
President Biden isn't fit to serve and everybody knows it.
In fact, polls have revealed that half of the country doesn't even think Biden is in charge.
Thank you.
Every time I hear that, I wonder when he's coming.
The first time I walked downstairs and they played Hail to the Chief, I wonder, where is he?
Sometimes you can't even make out what he's saying.
And what makes his wild claims and hopes, he now hopes we don't notice what he said or won't remember.
And when he does follow through, or doesn't do, would follow through the exact opposite.
We have a whole group of lawyers who are going out to every polling, every voter registration physician in the states.
The idea that the Democrats or the Biden is hiding people and sucking the blood of children and... I'm serious, that's... And it isn't just painful for Americans to watch, it is disturbing for people all over the world.
And then this incoherent rambling about men on the moon and aliens.
Listen to this embarrassing diatribe.
You got the vaccination?
Are you OK?
I mean, you seem... No, it works.
Or, you know, or the mom and dad, or the neighbor, or when you go to church, or whatever.
No, I really mean it.
There are trusted interlocutors.
Think of the people.
If your kid wanted to find out
Whether or not there were, there's a man on the moon, or whatever, you know, something, or you know, whether those aliens are here or not, you know, who are the people they talk to beyond the kids who love talking about it?
Man on the moon.
Even his lapdogs at CNN called him out on his lies.
President Joe Biden did a CNN town hall in Milwaukee and he kept busting out big stats to make his point.
Except some of those facts and figures just weren't true.
Ronny Jackson, the former White House doctor who served for both former President Obama and President Trump, said that he believes Biden is suffering a cognitive decline and won't serve his full term.
This is not a laughing matter anymore.
I've been saying this ever since he was candidate.
Candidate Biden
It is a nightmare scenario, but would a President Harris be worse than the half a year we have endured with Joe Biden?
I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws.
And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action.
Kamala wouldn't even know where to begin as president.
She would essentially be a lame duck and usher in a backlash of conservatism as Republicans overwhelmingly take the House and Senate in 2022.
White nationalist extremism.
From Pittsburgh to Charleston to Orlando is a threat to the country we love and should be considered a national security priority.
Black Lives Matter has been the most significant agent for change
Um, within the criminal justice system because it has been a counter force to the force within the system that is so grounded in, in, in status quo and in its own traditions.
Whoever Kamala chooses wouldn't stack up to the compromised, corrupt, dementia riddled national security threat occupying the Oval Office right now.
As the once thriving U.S.
economy is dismantled, our borders are overrun by COVID-infected refugees stagnating post-pandemic recovery, and our culture and future generations are poisoned by Marxist ideology.
We hold these truths to be self-evident.
All men and women created by God, you know the thing.
It is inevitable.
Joe Biden has to go.
John Bowne reporting.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, sorry for that interruption.
We just had a little issue here in the studio.
It's no problem.
So I'm just going to have to hold on to those news stories that are important to cover and I'll just cover them coming up on the War Room here in just over an hour.
Drill Salenti is about to take over here in the fourth hour and I'll be back.
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Gerald Salenti takes over on the Alex Jones Show.
Hello, this is Gerald Salenti.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And info was.
And we're in a very, very, very dangerous state right now.
This is unprecedented in world history.
You know, when the COVID war broke out, we were the first to call it what it is.
You go back to our January 28th, 2020, Trends Journal cover, and it read, Coronavirus, 106 dead in China.
Next line was 1.6, 1.4 billion still alive.
You know, what do you tell me?
106 people died in a place where, um,
About 1.5 million people die every year from air pollution.
That's why they wear these masks.
And the whole world changed like that.
Italy became the first Western nation to lock down.
And then one after another, one after another.
And then two months ago, we warned about COVID War 2.0.
The Delta variant is going to get you.
Well, all this was going on, by the way, going back to 2000, January.
People kept saying, oh, they're doing this to get rid of Trump.
And we kept saying, no, it's bigger than Trump.
It's not about Trump.
No, no, no.
They're doing it to get rid of Trump.
Listen, get it out of your head.
It has nothing to do with Trump.
They wouldn't believe us.
But we didn't change.
Now look what's happened.
Last week in France, they announced no vaccine.
Can't go to a restaurant.
Can't go to a concert.
It's happening everywhere.
There's a place over here called the Senate House.
I used to go there, listen to jazz.
It's right around the block next to the Senate.
It's called the Senate Garage, excuse me, next to the Senate House.
The Senate House is the oldest building in America open to the public.
You can't go there unless you
Have proof of two vaccines.
And they just showed you a little, um, Warren Wilhelm.
Yeah, Warren Wilhelm.
That's that slimy piece of arrogant crap's real name.
It's not Bill de Blasio.
Lying SOB.
Your name is Warren Wilhelm!
You changed it so you get the Italian votes in New York.
And of course, they're stupid everywhere, whether they're... And I could go on about the Italians.
I'm ashamed of them.
Look at them.
Fauci, Cuomo, Draghi over there in Italy, and the people bring them in.
So again, it has nothing to do with it.
But you go back and you see what's going on
And you see what's happening.
They're forcing everybody to get vaccinated.
Kids can't go back to college without getting vaccinated.
There's a group over here in New York that's fighting back.
And they're suing the colleges.
Suppose a kid
Went to college, you got three years of college, got all this student loan debt, doesn't want to get a vaccination, now you can't finish school?
It's one after another.
And it's in country after country.
And that's what people have to get in their minds.
It's not about Trump.
It's not about America.
It's about the world.
But there's one thing that's going on in America.
Where is the fight for freedom?
Why aren't the people taking to the streets?
Remember, do what you can to keep InfoWars alive and thriving.
Because freedom of speech is going to be, it's lost and it's going to get worse.
And we're going to be right back.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And as I said, you have to do everything you can to fight.
And I'm not talking about a physical fight, in the sense of, you know, violence.
I'm talking about a fight for freedom.
And these slimy little low-life politicians, they're saying that you get freedom with a vaccination.
That's, that's how demented this is.
You know, last week I talked about this, um, these are curse words.
Calling people premiers.
The woman that's the premier of, of, um, New South Wales.
Gladys been jerking.
Something like that.
She got caught by way of having an affair with a married man.
That cat must have been desperate, man.
You look at this facha bruta.
Holy Christ.
And now she's giving orders.
New South Wales reported another 141 cases on Sunday.
Including two deaths, including a woman in her 30s, who had no pre-existing condition.
So they say.
She goes on to say, if anybody thinks this is a disease just affecting older people, please think again.
So if you said this to me person to person, I say, how about you thinking again?
Who are you talking to?
Hey, I'm the Premier, calm down.
Those are curse words.
Calling these pieces of garbage scum craps Presidents, Premiers, Prime Ministers, Chancellors.
You're a public servant, so get your arrogant crap out of your head.
Because maybe you're too damn stupid, or arrogant, or ignorant, or just a damn liar, been jerking maybe off anywhere you want, to look at the facts.
Here are some facts from last week's Trends Journal.
As we've pointed out in previous issues, now, in Australia,
There are 25 million people, 25 million people in one year, seven months, 918 people died, allegedly, allegedly of the virus.
And fat mouth, that fat mouth, Gladys Bjerken, off over there in Australia,
Saying that, if anybody thinks this is a disease just affecting all the people, please think again.
Oh, you got one person under 30, at 30 years old, died?
Out of how many people live in New South Wales?
Oh, about 6 million?
6.8 million?
Something like that?
Here you go.
We've pointed out, this is when 911 recorded deaths
Only 55 of the 911, now it's 918, were under 70 years old.
Now remember, 918 deaths, you ready?
700 of them, out of 918, are over 80 years old.
And you're shooting this crap out of your mouth, been jerking off over there in Australia?
And they're locking down the place.
So what happened yesterday?
Over the weekend.
What happened in Ireland?
Demonstrations and going back to Australia.
And again, we're writing about it in this new Trends Journal.
More lockdown unrest down under.
And oh, they've been jerking.
Gladys been jerking.
She expressed her utter disgust at the illegal protests, whose selfish actions have compromised the safety of all of us.
Look what's going on!
They are robbing us of our freedom, unprecedented around the world.
Italy, Draghi, the bankster bandit that used to run the European Central Bank, worked for the World Bank, the Bank of Italy,
That droggy, who the clowns that were going to pull Italy out of the Euro and Eurozone, the Five Star Movement, and the Leg League, brought in his Prime Minister.
No vacs, can't go to a restaurant in Italy.
Gotta eat outside.
They're making this stuff up.
The Vax Wars is one of our covers of the Trends Journal back in February.
I've been warning about a Vax War now for over a year.
Protests in France.
Protests in England.
Protests in Ireland.
Protests in Australia.
Nada in America.
Tiny if anything!
Look at the COVID cops!
Look at these tough little pieces of scum!
Look at them!
Look at them!
It's gone!
I'm fighting for freedom!
Infowars, fighting for freedom!
But here's the story.
And everybody get this in your head.
And if you don't get it in your head, I don't want to hear it back from you.
We all have to unite under one umbrella.
I'm tired of these people.
You got to start local.
Grow the hell up.
You take it down from the top.
I'm a close combat guy.
If there's a couple of guys coming after me and I take out the top guy.
And the rest fall.
The followers fall.
One umbrella.
It was a thing called the American Revolution.
Where did they come from?
Oh, Virginia, Maryland.
Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York.
Look at them!
You don't see this in America!
They all got together!
Declaration of Independence!
A Constitution!
A Bill of Rights!
They joined together under one umbrella.
We need a universal umbrella of freedom, peace, and justice.
This just has just started.
And by the way, when we come back, we're going to talk about the economy.
Because this thing's going to bring down the economy.
Oh, it's tourist season over there in Europe, huh?
Oh, New York!
Tourism in New York City.
Oh, you need it there, yeah.
Ain't happening.
Not happening.
No, they just passed more laws in America.
Look at the police.
Look at these clowns.
These are good guys.
They're not fighting.
In America.
We got great police over here in Kingston, too.
They're men and women.
Not boys and girls.
COVID cops.
And you see what they're doing in Australia.
They got people riding everybody out.
Who is there?
Who is there?
Who is there?
And they're giving out hundreds of fines and locking people up.
And you got that.
Gladys been jerking off over there in Australia.
Calling this illegal.
I'm telling you, this thing is going down hard.
And we have to unite to fight.
And you do it by supporting InfoWars.
Because if we don't unite, we're finished.
We're finished.
We'll be right back in a couple of minutes.
My heart's broken.
I'm so sad.
But we could win.
And we will.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, my heart's broken.
I gotta tell you, it's dead up here in Kingston.
Nine o'clock at night, it's dead.
You can get a parking space out here during the day.
Everybody complained.
We need parking garages.
No parking.
You park anywhere you want now.
People are freaking out again.
They got their masks back on.
You know, I'm in Mascadona over here, boy, I'll tell you.
Everybody, I mean, this is liberal, libtard land.
They're not liberals.
Liberals are open-minded people.
I'm in Woodstock the other night, 9.30 at night.
Place is dead.
There was a couple of bars that were open up, a little going on.
Nothing going on.
My buddy Smokey Hormel plays down in Brooklyn.
You know what time they finish playing?
10.30 at night.
That's when you used to begin playing.
Anyway, it's going to get much worse.
Before we're talking about what's going on in New York.
This is what we wrote back in... Yeah, look, dead.
It is actually during the day a little bit.
At night, dead.
The office occupancy rate in New York?
Office occupancy rate, 22%.
Even in places like Dallas, where it's one of the higher ones, it's only around, you know, 50%.
So all the businesses, all the businesses that rely on commuters, it's not going to come back.
If it comes back, you're lucky to come back at 70, 80%.
So you lost 20% and you have all those commercial buildings.
Again, we're writing about this, have been writing about it.
I had forecast there's going to be a bust in the commercial real estate sector market, and now it's getting worse.
Here's what we wrote in the Trends Journal back, you ready?
December 2020.
That's not right, just turn 20 to 1.
No, it has to be 2020, yep.
That New York, that's right, December 2020, reported the New York legislators are calling for mandatory vaccine station statewide.
Vaccine could be made mandatory in New York State.
That was just when the COVID war began.
Began in January 2020, and this is December.
And now that Wilhelm, Warren Wilhelm, the lying little freak who changed his name to de Blasio, is ordering the city's workers to get the jab.
He said today, the Delta variant has thrown us a curveball and expanded the city's vaccination or test mandate to cover the entire city workforce.
Look at that!
Look at that piece of garbage!
How could people look up to this scum?
This arrogant little nothing of a clown in a country, a city,
And a state near you.
Again, look at that bin jerkin' over there.
With a mask last week we had on there.
Look at Macron, the little garcon, the little nothing of a boy in France.
This little clown did terrible in the elections they just had three weeks ago.
His party did crap because that's all he is, is a piece of crap.
And what does he do?
No vaccine, no freedom.
No vaccine, no freedom.
Can't go to that Eiffel Tower.
No, no, no.
Unless you show your vaccine passport.
This is getting worse.
It's going to get worse.
If you think it's bad now, you wait till the winter.
Oh, yeah.
That Delta variant will be back.
That Delta variant will be back.
Look at this little piece of garbage.
Look at that little piece of rotten crap in a country near you.
Again, nothing to do with Trump.
So, today, we just heard a report come out, too, where
56 health-related associations are telling people to get the shot.
Yeah, they don't put the Operation Warp Speed shot that has not, gene therapy shot, that has not been approved by the FDA.
Why would I take an Operation Warp Speed gene therapy shot that has not been approved by the FDA?
Oh, and now you're seeing, by the way, in out of Israel, and this isn't a conspiracy theory, what is the effectiveness of the shots showing?
There you go.
AMA and 56 other groups back mandatory COVID vax.
Get this in your head, everybody.
They're drug dealers.
Morons and imbeciles and brainwashed little boys and girls that go to school and believe the garbage they're shoving down your throat.
Call them big pharma.
They're drug lords.
And they'll do anything.
To sell your drugs and make money.
Hey, how about that Johnson and Johnson, huh?
Yeah, they just had to pay for that opiate deal.
Hey, you want to use that talcum powder?
Yeah, die on that one.
All right?
They're drug dealers.
And all the politicians are sellouts, 99% of them.
Hey, all you repulsive kids out there!
Oh, the repulsive kids are better than the dumbo-craps.
Hey, DeSantis just sold out.
Yeah, 26 billion in opiate settlements, nothing.
And you know who got a load of the dough?
The lawyers.
And going back, DeSantis just sold out.
Telling people to get vaccinated.
You're all you DeSantis lovers.
One after another.
Telling people to go get the shot.
Money talks and BS walks.
Morons and imbeciles call it campaign contributions.
Adults call it bribes and payoffs.
And that's what they're doing.
Yep, there you go.
DeSantis accused of taking bribe.
What did I say before that even came up?
I was in.
The assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
I used to run political campaigns.
I know what it looks like I've been there.
We must unite and fight for it.
And support InfoWars.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello, hello!
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
I want to talk a little bit about the economy.
Because the Biden bounces over.
And the Delta variant, as we call it, COVID war 2.0, is what's going to, it's stopped.
Sales of newly built homes dropped in June to the lowest level
Since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020, according to data released by the U.S.
Census Bureau, today sales of new single-family homes fell 6.6% below May's rate and 19.4% below June 2020 level.
Analysts were expecting home sales to increase by 3.4%.
The people that are buying homes are people with money.
If you don't have money, you can't afford a home.
You're looking at the average price of a home now.
It's up about $350,000 to the average price of a home.
You're working at Walmarts.
You're working at Amazon.
You're working at Target.
You're working at Kohl's.
You're working at Home Depot.
You're working at Lowe's.
You're working at Staples.
You're working for the multinationals that control our lives.
You can afford a house?
So it's going on, the big companies like the Blackstones and others who've been writing about this.
They're buying up single-family homes all over the place.
And they're renting them out because people can't afford to buy.
So now I'm going back to this, what's going on now in this market and where things are going to be going economically.
The European Central Bank came out last week and said they're going to keep the negative interest rates going and keep buying corporate junk bonds like they do in America and other bonds.
In America they're buying $120 billion worth of bonds and corporate bonds.
That's not capitalism.
That's fascism.
It's the merger of state and corporate power.
The ECB is doing it.
European Central Bank.
They're announcing they're going to keep buying the stuff up and they're going to also keep interest rates low because they know there's not going to be an economic rebound.
Only the rich will keep getting richer because they're borrowing money for nothing.
You have the Bankster Clan.
What do they borrow money at?
The Citigroups.
And then you got your credit card.
What do they charge you?
Up to 27%?
And you could thank little Jimmy Carter.
He had a peanut farmer.
Yeah, with Cojones, he's probably the size of a pea.
He's the one that began selling us out big time.
Big time.
He's the one that started changing the usury laws.
He's the one that started allowing interstate banking.
There was no such thing.
Bank of America was in California.
It wasn't everywhere.
Change the usury laws.
You couldn't recharge that kind of an interest before.
So the bigs love this cheap money.
We, the little people of Slavelandia, what do we do with our money?
Where do we put it when we need to put it in a savings account?
They don't exist anymore.
You don't get any interest.
I had money in a bank over here.
I pulled it out and put it somewhere else.
They asked me, why am I taking the money out?
I said, why should I leave it here?
You're not paying me anything, but yet you loan it out and you get all this interest on it when you loan it back to me?
Or a mortgage or anything else?
So now where's this going?
They're going to keep money cheap as they can to keep artificially propping this up.
And inflation is real.
It's real and big time.
Oh, Salenti, you know, although the price of lumber was up 300%, but it came way down.
Yeah, yeah.
Came down.
You're right.
Way down.
But it's still 75% above where it was back in 2019.
It got it.
It cost, on average,
$26,000 more to build a new home.
This is going to be terrible.
The bigs are going to get bigger.
And the rich are going to get richer.
You think I gave a damn that that Bezos clown took a trip up in the
In a rocket ship?
But what do I care?
Oh, and what did he do?
He gave prostitutes to CNN?
A hundred million dollars to two guys?
A hundred million dollars?
You know what that's like?
That's like... me... leaving... a nice tip.
That's the kind of money he has.
And what is he doing for society?
Nothing of any importance, other than destroying so many businesses.
You know, people forget Amazon was losing money for just 10 years.
It was all a scam until they put everybody out, then they got up there.
If we don't unite, we're finished.
And where you are Uniting?
I'm going to be a keynote speaker, by the way, at Ron Paul's conference.
Where at what?
In Washington, D.C.
on September 4th.
Along with RFK Jr.
and Judge Napolitano.
So make sure you sign up.
Oh, also I'm going to be in Phoenix on August 19th.
Phoenix, Arizona at Max Keiser's Bitcoin conference there.
Oh boy, Bitcoin really took a bounce up today, didn't it?
Getting back near that breakout point on the high end where we said we gave the low end and the high end.
It didn't hit the low end and it's that close to the high end.
And Max Keiser was the first cat out there, man.
One of the first.
The first that I know that really called this.
He called it long before I did.
So Max Keiser in D.C., check it out.
On August 19th and Ron Paul.
We're at war.
Washington, D.C.
and you better get your tickets now because that's going to sell out.
And we need your support.
We have to unite for freedom, peace and justice.
I didn't make this up.
United we stand.
Divided we fall.
We must unite.
And the COVID war can unite us.
The freedom, peace and justice brings in anti-vaxxers from the left to the right and everything in between.
Anti-vaxxers that don't want an Operation Warp Speed gene therapy, unapproved by FDA, injected into them.
People that want the freedom to be who they want to be.
Hey, if you got the vaccination, you're safe.
Leave me alone.
Want to wear a mask?
Knock yourself out.
And again, InfoWars.
It's part of that umbrella of freedom, peace, and justice.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said,
United we stand, divided we fall.
And how do we unite?
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What's going on, what it means, what's next, and what to do.
And again, think for yourself.
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And we're talking before about the where the equity markets are going, what to do, what you invest in, where you're going to go.
As I said, commercial real estate, it's going to take a big hit.
And inflation, you had that guy, the banks to come out that Jerome Powell and say it was only temporary.
And now they say, well, it's not so temporary.
How about this?
Kimberly Clark sales fall.
You know why?
Costs increase.
Well, that's only from the Wall Street Journal.
You mean inflation.
How about Unilever warns of price rises accelerating and bringing down their stock.
Costing you to buy more.
Buy more, get less.
And that's another one.
Not only inflation, shrinkflation.
You're making the packages smaller, giving you less of what you paid for, but charging you the same.
How about commodity prices are risk for EV battery?
How about western forest fires lift lumber prices?
And Russia raises interest rates to 6.5%.
You know why?
Not a conspiracy theory from the Financial Times to fight inflation.
You like that cup of coffee?
Chill in Brazil's coffee growing region pushes Arabica
The highest levels since 2014.
And 2014, that's Russia raised their interest rates to that high, and now you're seeing coffee prices go up.
The highest levels since 2014.
Thermal coal prices surge as China dries rebound.
I'm mentioning this for two reasons.
Coal prices are going way up.
And you talk about climate change and how they're going to go, you know, alternative energy.
No, they're not.
Not for a long time.
Your emerging markets are going to keep burning coal.
You know why?
It's a lot cheaper.
And it's the bottom line.
Good, bad, right or wrong.
We don't we don't decide that.
Think for yourself.
But that's the reality.
But people won't say what I'm saying.
And it's a fact.
Your emerging markets are going coal.
Investors bet on electric vehicle boost, lithium miners and battery makers.
In other words, cost more money.
Want to keep going?
How about this one?
Tin prices hit record.
Wall Street Journal.
You can see where this is going.
And again, the big one to start watching
Is what's going to happen with commercial real estate sector.
You're going to have less commuters.
It's been overbuilt already.
And now you're going to have less business travel.
The two reasons.
Number one.
You could zoom in meetings.
And you don't have to.
Spend all that dough sending somebody across the country around the world.
Number two, the Vax Restriction.
Then you go back to commercial real estate.
Say you got eight floors of a building in a downtown area.
You're a law firm or whatever.
And now, you've been
People have been working from home.
Again, New York City, San Francisco, you got like a 20-22% office occupancy rate.
In the entire nation, I believe it's only around 30-something percent.
So now you've been getting away with this all these years, over a year.
Man, I could cut way back on my rental properties.
Why should I take six floors when I only need two?
Oh, I could save $12 million a year.
Yeah, work from home.
Yeah, I'll get a little less than them.
Loot all the money I'm saving on the other end.
So what?
Now, you know who's forcing the workers to go back in New York?
That's right.
The Goldman Sachs gang.
JPMorgan Chase.
Morgan Stanley.
The big hedge funds.
You know why?
The banks are holding the loans in these big companies.
So they want to pretend like everything's going to be back to normal.
And again, they're looking for Labor Day for all this to change.
After Labor Day, it ain't going to change.
Number two, they're heavily invested in the markets.
So they want to BS people to make them think they're coming back.
They're not coming back.
Again, we're not telling you what to do.
Well, you can see where it's going.
And again, the motto of the magazine, The Trends Journalist, think for yourself.
They're going to keep interest rates low, even though inflation's going up.
They raised them in Russia.
They're not raising them in the United States.
How come?
Because the banksters are in charge.
You got
Four groups running our lives.
The Military-Industrial Complex, don't believe me, ask Dwight D. Eisenhower.
January 17th, 1961, his farewell address, warning that the Military-Industrial Complex is robbing your nation of the genius of scientists, sweat of labors, and the future of the children.
Number two, the banksters.
Too big to fail.
Federal Reserve, not federal, you got the JPMorgan Chasers, they own the gang.
And the banks, all the big banksters.
Number three, the drug lords.
The people called Big Pharma.
And number four, high tech.
Unless we fight for freedom to bring it back.
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Well, it happened last week, right after July 4th.
World leaders across the planet and the UN announced a new world order.
Global government to stop the spread of COVID.
Oh, and they're going to have to surveil all your text messages on your private phone.
And censor them if you question Fauci and the UN.
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