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Name: 20210724_Sat_Alex
Air Date: July 24, 2021
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The host of InfoWars discusses concerns about COVID-19 vaccines, criticizing the global response to the pandemic and accusing world leaders of using it as an excuse for more control. They mention concerns about lockdowns, travel restrictions, and potential side effects of the vaccine. They also discuss the unreliability of PCR tests and express skepticism about taking a COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Charles Hoff reports seeing patients die from blood clots after receiving vaccination, with 62% showing elevated D-dimer levels in a study. The speaker promotes atomic iodine as a way to improve overall health.

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It never occurred to me after three highly effective vaccines were developed in under a year that we'd have difficulty getting Americans to take the shots.
But that's obviously where we are.
I want to underscore in the strongest possible manner I can, and I say this with some authority, as you all know, as a result of being a polio victim myself and being very aware that it took seven decades to come up with two effective polio vaccines.
This was done in under one year.
These shots need to get in everybody's arm as rapidly as possible or we're going to be back in a situation in the fall that we don't yearn for that we went through last year.
The way to defeat getting back into the position we were last year is to get vaccinated.
This is not complicated.
97% of the people who are in the hospital now for COVID are unvaccinated.
So if there's anybody out there willing to listen, get vaccinated.
It's Saturday, July 24th, 2021.
I'm your host Alex Jones and this is an Emergency Saturday Breaking Bulletin.
It is critical that you stay with us throughout this transmission and check every piece of evidence we're going to show you and then warn others because we have the government documents directly from the Federal Reserve as well as the UN that they were always planning a second
How did I know a year and a half ago that the so-called 15-day shutdown
To quote,
When you can and can't leave your house, where you can go, what you can do, and how much red meat you can eat.
I'm going to get into that today because they've already officially launched this just three days ago in the UK, causing a panic.
And some of you may say, I don't care about the UK.
I don't live there.
This is global governance.
As I've told you a thousand times, what happens in Australia, what happens in South Africa, what happens in the UK, what happens in Canada is coming to your country.
I think?
And now the Rockefeller Foundation is publicly directing the United States of America's U.S.
domestic and international COVID response.
Just like that, the United Nations and the Fortune 100 corporations that founded it and control it are in control of what medicine you can get, what your doctor can treat you with, and what you're allowed to even say online.
And again, who creates the policy for the UN?
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, controlled by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment, and others.
Who's the new CIA director?
The former head of the Carnegie Endowment.
This is the robber barons.
This is the eugenics movement.
This is the planetary corporate world government being built in your face.
And if you submit to these seasonal lockdowns, and you submit to travel passes to leave your home,
You are committing yourself and your children to a nightmare hell where we don't get out of the lockdowns by submitting to them.
We ensure that more intense lockdowns are going to come.
Because in Klaus Schwab's own words, this is 21st century warfare against the industrial world.
This is the UN stated goal from Rio de Janeiro in 1992 of building
You've alluded a couple times to the problem of overpopulation.
Yet, at all the world conferences on global warming, this and that, we never hear about the problem of overpopulation.
Do you think it's a taboo subject?
And if so, why?
It's been politically incorrect for a very long time.
If you go to a global conference on those issues, and I'm there, you will hear me talking about the mushrooming human population growth that's led to deforestation that leads not just to harm for the animals and the environment, but the people living there too, no question.
Like what I described at Gombe.
And if you talk about overpopulation
Not population control.
That's really what got to people.
They don't want to be controlled.
And then, of course, there's the Catholic Church.
And that makes quite a major problem.
When you are trying to get balance between the people and their environment.
And that's what has to happen if we can take this world on through this millennium.
That has to happen.
I mean, don't you agree?
We have to get more balance.
Everything you've been told about COVID-19 has been a lie.
You were told millions and millions of Americans would die.
You were told it had a 4% death rate when it didn't have 1 tenth of 1% rate.
They used fake PCR tests that were totally fraudulent to say that all these people that were completely healthy were sick and they would say, oh, you're just asymptomatic.
And now they're bringing in global contact tracing run by the UN and Google with the Bill Gates Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative
To come to your door.
And now I've gotten text alerts on my phone and seen on the local news in Austin that I better comply when the contact tracers come to my house.
And Biden has launched his strike force teams to come to your door and try to intimidate you to take shots.
And Mitch McConnell is there holding America hostage and saying, we're going to have more lockdowns this fall if all of you don't take your shot.
But I thought if you took the shot, like Joe Biden said just last week at that town hall, you're supposedly completely safe and can't get COVID.
But I'll tell you what is going to remain open.
During the next lockdowns they bring in to shut down small businesses and bankrupt our families and force us onto a universal income so they can control our lives with that money.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the border.
Where the Border Patrol reports already millions of people have crossed in just the first seven months of this year from all over the world, including thousands of Africans from Africa and people as far south as Venezuela.
And what do they tell the Border Patrol when they show up here by the thousands a day per checkpoint?
Where Biden then orders them brought to the United States.
They say, we're under lockdown, we're starving to death, we don't have jobs.
And so now the big Catholic Diocese and the Catholic Bishop in D.C.
has actually told the truth.
He said, under lockdown they're dying and starving to death.
The West isn't buying food from them anymore.
The farmers have no one to sell their food to, and so we have to let them in because they're starving to death.
But what caused them to starve to death?
What destroyed Africa?
What destroyed Latin America?
What destroyed the Middle East?
What destroyed Asia?
The lockdowns.
What starved an extra 20 million people to death?
The lockdowns.
Popular podcaster Tim Pool made this point.
Mitch McConnell says we're going to be under lockdowns if we don't take their deadly shots.
But don't worry, the border's going to be wide open and nobody's making the illegals take the shots.
And by the way, I agree with that.
Nobody should.
This is bipartisan tyranny.
We have Mitch McConnell, and we have the puppet president, Joe Biden, working in concert together to violate the Nuremberg Code, to tell us that you could lose your job, or you could lose your children, or you could not be allowed to go outside.
You're going to be listed as non-essential, basically subhuman, if you don't take an experimental, unauthorized injection.
That is the essence of the Nuremberg Code passed and that our government signed onto and that we passed similar laws here in the United States after World War II because the Nazis would coerce people into dangerous experimentation as well.
And so what Mitch McConnell and what Joe Biden are doing is patently illegal, patently un-American, and it is our right and our duty to resist this assault.
Thank God the governor of Arkansas, excuse me, of Alabama
Had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country.
Is now, and I give her, I'm genuinely complimenting her.
That's okay, that's all right.
That's all right.
No, no, no, no.
Let him talk.
That's okay.
Look, it's not a Trump rally.
Let them holler.
No one's paying attention.
Here's the point.
Virtually all the COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations are today among the unvaccinated people.
People are really starting to wake up across the world.
In Spain, in France, in Germany, in countries in Africa, in Canada.
People are demonstrating in record numbers and saying, we're not accepting your forced inoculations and your tracking app.
With a social credit score to be able to go to the grocery store.
So a week after Macron announced that you couldn't leave your house without this special digital health passport, he's had to back down.
And that's the same thing needs to happen here in the United States as they attempt to roll this out.
And the same thing that needs to happen to Boris Johnson as well.
And that's the next big story we're gonna get to.
But first, I like to back up claims I make.
When I say that an additional 20 million people have died in the last 16 months of lockdown, because it never ended in most areas of Africa or in India, that's a very conservative number from the United Nations.
Now, this article is from over a year ago, April 22nd, 2020, and it has the headline, Instead of coronavirus, the hunger will kill us.
A global food crisis looms.
So here's the UN ordering the global shutdown.
Who made them boss?
I think?
Are between 20 and 30 million people did indeed starve to death.
But in most of those countries, they had to limit the lockdown because people pointed out we're dying by the hundreds of thousands per week.
We're dying by the millions every few months to stop a few hundred thousand dying from supposedly COVID, which in most cases was the flu or a cold that the PCR tests were fraudulently saying was something else.
Think about that.
And now, the big news.
What is unfolding in the United Kingdom?
So, last week, Boris Johnson very cynically announced Freedom Day and said that the lockdowns and small shops being non-essential, well, that all of that was over and that everybody could go back outside, nobody had to wear a mask.
And I had predicted that they would instantly bring the restrictions back in because I know their psychology.
Oh, you're in the new normal!
You're free!
First 500,000, then another million people within two days got pinged and they've been calling it the ping panic or ping again with all the major stores empty, major companies shutting down, total panic because instead of announcing the shutdown again on national TV, they just started pinging millions of people that, oh, you might've been close to somebody that had COVID.
No due process, no probable cause, just the technocracy, the phone.
And even if you don't have the government app they've been telling you to take, color of law, there's no law, they just say do it, still the phones are sending it to you as emergency alert messages, saying you need to quarantine at home for 10 days.
So it caused a chain reaction and a giant panic.
This is how you train people to lock themselves up.
This is how you train people to be non-essential.
But then all the big grocery stores and Walmart and Target
No, no, no.
That the head of YouTube helped found, where someone sent in the spit of their lizard, and we'll tell you what it came back with here in a moment.
So we're going to cover that, but here's another headline on Telegraph.
Limited number of critical workers to be allowed to avoid self-isolation.
Turns out the government workers and the media and other elites, they're all exempt from their phone telling them not to leave their house.
Told you that was always coming.
So that's Freedom Day is going under the Social Credit Score Black Mirror Nightmare app.
Now, let's expand on the fact that the New York Times even a year ago admitted
All sorts of raw materials from the third world.
They starve to death.
And again, what happens then?
Replacement migration.
The UN organizes the refugees and then brings them here and helps collapse our civilization and society as well with the Cloward and Piven strategy.
Here's some of the headlines.
Lockdowns kill more Canadians under 65 than COVID-19.
Massive suicide.
Massive people not getting medical care and dying.
That is the serious torture.
Here's another one.
Just a few days ago, the Prime Minister of Australia was asked, hey, there's a lot of side effects and problems with these vaccines.
Hell, the U.S.
vaccines, the Moderna and Pfizer, have been banned in a bunch of countries.
Oh, by the way, did you know India's only 10% vaccinated?
Did you know Japan's not even 10%?
Did you know China doesn't make their citizens take vaccines and isn't threatening them to take it?
Did you know that more than half of the CDC staff have refused it?
Oh, did you know Jen Psaki had to admit that most of the White House isn't taking the shots and nobody's being made to take them?
This is all being done to the working class.
And this is not a vaccine.
It is a dangerous mRNA concoction directly linked in major studies to what?
Infertility, blood clots, heart attacks, and more.
So here's a clip of the Australian Prime Minister being asked, he says, hey, we're not forcing this.
It's on you if you take it.
Again, an experimental secretive shot linked to all these problems.
He just previously in press conferences said we need to pressure people and make them do it.
We've seen Kathleen Sebelius here in the US, former head of Health and Human Services under Obama.
Can you talk about the two
We're all responsible for our own health.
And when it comes to informed consent and giving consent to whatever treatment or procedure you may have or I may have, then I'm ultimately responsible for what people do in their health treatment to me.
And there has been the opportunity for people to visit their GP, to have that consultation.
The Government has provided that and funded that.
And the informed consent process provides the decision to the individual.
That's the sort of country we live in.
People make their own decisions about their own health and their own bodies.
That's why we don't have mandatory vaccination in relation to the general population here, because people make their own decisions.
And we encourage people to make those decisions.
We make as much information available to them as possible.
The vaccines, like any vaccine, with any vaccine, there are risks associated.
And I won't go into each of the individual ones because I don't want to particularly draw attention to anyone.
But we all understand.
Another big lie we've been hearing from Biden isn't just that if you have the vaccine you're totally safe and you can't ever catch COVID again because they could never make a vaccine for the common cold.
There's thousands of variants of it.
So now they teach you to be scared of variants and say it's the unvaccinated, 99% in the hospital, 99% that are dying, haven't had the vaccine.
They never show the statistic, they never show the number.
But out of Canada, out of the UK, out of Singapore, out of all these countries, there's hundreds of these articles.
It's actually being reported by local health authorities that the vast majority of people sick and dying had taken the COVID vaccine, and now they're telling you that COVID killed you or made you sick, not the vaccine.
Just like the lady that does the big torch lighting and stuff in Tampa Bay.
It just turned out that, oh, she can't participate because she got sick and is in the hospital with COVID after she took the COVID vaccine.
Here's another example.
Vaccinated comprise 75% of coronavirus infections in Singapore that has one of the highest rates of vaccination in the world.
So it's having the opposite effect.
Now, let me get
To the
This is genocide and then the ragtag groups left are going to be organized and brought here as a permanent political underclass.
So we're going to get to that again in a moment.
But first I want to hit the giant fraud at the middle of this that is incontrovertible that you've absolutely got to get and share with everyone you know.
Everyone knows the PCR test is a fraud.
The inventor of the PCR test said if you turn it up past 30
Resolutions, or 30 cycles, that you basically get a 100% rate for whatever it is you're testing for.
So you could test for uranium in the air.
There's no uranium, but you turn it up high enough, it will find uranium.
You could test for beta carotene, but there's no beta carotene from a carrot.
You turn it up to 40 cycles, 45 cycles, it will tell you that this wooden table has beta carotene in it.
But it doesn't matter.
It'll tell you that the brick on the walls have beta carotene on it.
It's the same thing for COVID-19.
In most people, when they've actually done biopsies, there is no virus of any type in there.
They are just simply taking mucus out of the mucous membrane in the sinus and turning it up to 40 cycles as soon as Biden got into office on January 20th.
The CDC said we no longer recommend that you do it at 40 cycles, they said go to 30.
At 30 cycles, most people are negative, whether you have COVID or not, or any other type of viral or bacterial infection, because any of those will give you a false positive.
And that came out on the CDC's own website to little or no fanfare back in December.
So here's the bottom line.
Here's the fine print.
They can politically turn these PCR tests up whenever they want to say everybody's got COVID and cause a martial law shutdown that helps them consolidate money and power and control and forces to adopt this world social credit score and world social medical ID that Klaus Schwab and others openly admitted they were going to launch five years ago.
And then when they want to open things up again, then they just have the PCR test dialed back.
But the CDC itself has come out and said it is a fraudulent test.
It is not real.
It should not be taken seriously.
But still, at airports and all over the world, they are demanding people show proof of one of these tests to be able to board an aircraft, get on a train,
Or even, in some cases, leave your house.
So I know what you're thinking.
Wow, that's great.
The PCR test has been discredited.
Well, the PCR test was chosen because it's very easy to engage in fraud with it.
You can set it however you want.
The problem is, and the bad news is, there are hundreds of other companies and similar tests out there that have now been adopted, and it's become incredibly political.
We now have Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and many others, like, you guessed it, George Soros, heavily investing in similar PCR-style test systems so they can be in control of your medical records
In control of the companies themselves.
And remember, it was Bill Gates eight years ago that funded Theranos and used that young woman as his front to say another computerized test could find cancer and hundreds of other things.
And it was all a fraud.
It was all a lie.
And millions of people ended up having chemotherapy and having parts of their bodies chopped off due to that.
She's been indicted for years but never gone to trial.
So let's review the fraud again.
Here's the Tanzanian president.
By the way, he wouldn't do the forced inoculations.
He died, along with three other African presidents.
And the Haitian president did the same thing.
He got tortured and killed, but that's a side issue.
President queries Tanzania coronavirus kits after goat tests.
And he tested a goat and a papaya and several other things, had them sent off to the UN-funded system, and they all came back, the goat, the papaya, and other things, 100% coronavirus positive.
He thought so.
He noticed that almost every person in Tanzania being tested during the UN-pushed lockdown had COVID, but they were asymptomatic and totally healthy.
So he sent a papaya,
We sent a GOAT and other things, they were all 100% positive with the UN-run PCR test.
Now, I raise that because we've got a new example of this.
Not just Theranos with their scam, not just the PCR test with its fraud that's been used to shut down the world and kill tens of millions through starvation, but this has now been confirmed by major scientific reporters and journals.
And so everybody's starting to do it.
We're going to do it too.
I'm going to send off some of my cat saliva and my dog saliva and see what happens.
Next week I'm doing it.
Man sends lizard saliva to 23andMe for DNA testing, exposing total fraud of company's claims of human ancestry.
And of course, who started it?
The head of YouTube.
And that's why everyone, including people that have zero African in them, they just throw 5% African into it just to
Thank you.
I wanted to see what would happen if I sent my pet lizard DNA into 23andMe.
And so with the help of my wife, we extracted enough saliva to send off in the mail.
We were so excited to see the results.
After about three months, we were shocked.
My lizard was 51% Ashkenazi Jewish.
He was also 48% West Asian.
This was really interesting.
They also gave us a little bit of his background and his history.
What he liked to eat, etc.
Let us know which animal's DNA we should send in next.
They lied to us at every level of this.
And then they suppressed real medical treatments for the flu and for pneumonia and let millions of people around the world die because they would be told, don't come in until you can't breathe.
And then when people came in with regular pneumonia,
And water in their lungs, they would be intubated and would die when it was too late.
And then they would say, oh, you died of COVID.
That's all been confirmed.
And people that died of car wrecks, gunshot wounds, people that drowned, because the hospitals all got $53,000 in the US if you were a COVID patient.
Similar numbers around the world.
So this was all set up by the big corporations, all set up by Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, and John Hopkins was involved to actuary how this worked.
Everybody else that had real medical problems, don't go to the hospitals.
The hospitals were empty, except for the people they would take in and intubate and murder.
Except for the COVID patients they would send into nursing homes to actually kill people and jack up those numbers.
And just yesterday, Biden came out and killed the Trump investigation into Governor Whitmer, who sent people knowingly to nursing homes, even when doctors told him it'll kill those old people.
And of course, Governor Cuomo,
Even though the Nursing Home Association said, don't do it, you'll cause death.
People that they knew had COVID, that just meant the flu or a cold, and in some cases COVID, they could go and be by your mom or dad, but you, while they quietly killed your mom and dad, and the nursing home couldn't visit them.
See how it works?
All a depopulation psychological warfare system.
And don't forget Saki wouldn't answer the question about why they don't make people take shots in the White House.
Because they're not going to take the shots.
None of them are.
They're not stupid.
That's for us, not for them.
Throughout history, powerful elites get together and they decide to try to take over their neighbors.
And they also decide to try to dominate and control their own populations.
I think?
When this was all happening, they said, oh, don't let Trump come out with a vaccine because they wanted to be the heroes and they wanted to be the ones to politically control folks and they didn't want to open the economy up.
They wanted to keep it shut down to consolidate control.
Trump wrongly did warp speed.
He believed to get the economy going, but I understand why he did it.
I still don't agree with it.
But these guys were on record, whether it's Kamala Harris or whether it was Joe Biden, you name it, they said you can't trust this vaccine.
Because they knew the general public doesn't trust vaccines because the long history of them being tainted and having problems.
Would you get it?
Well, I think that's going to be an issue for all of us.
If and when the vaccine comes, it's not likely to go through all the tests and the trials that are needed to be done.
When we finally do, God willing, get a vaccine, who's going to take the shot?
Who's going to take the shot?
You're going to be the first one to say, put me, sign me up.
They now say it's OK.
And the question of whether it's real when it's there, that requires enormous transparency.
You got to make all of it available to other experts across the nation so they can look and see.
So there's consensus.
This is a safe vaccine.
If the president announced tomorrow we have a vaccine, would you take it?
Only if it was completely transparent that other experts in the country could look at it.
Only if we knew all of what went into it.
If Donald Trump can't give answers and the administration can't give answers to these three questions, the American people should not have confidence.
But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I'm not taking it.
One day Biden says if you have the vaccine you can't get sick.
The next day he says people are getting sick because they haven't had the vaccine and they're making those that have had the vaccine get sick.
None of that is based in science.
All of that is based in fraud.
The good news is the wheels are coming off this thing.
The world is awakening.
People are very, very angry.
And the globalists are cornered.
The bad news is, they are simply doubling down.
So it is your right, it is your duty, if you don't want to be a slave, and if you don't want to be bankrupted, and if you don't want to be non-essential, and if you don't want your children wearing masks and taking deadly shots for the rest of their lives, to protest and to demonstrate now.
Because they're bringing the lockdowns back in the fall, they've already brought them back around the rest of the world.
And we have to get out ahead of their narrative and let this corrupt system know we're awake
And we're going to hold them legally and lawfully responsible for what they've done.
Because it's violating federal and state law, and it's violating international law, and I've had the top lawyers on my show, like Dr. Francis Boyle, who wrote the U.S.
Bioweapons Law, who helped write the U.N.
Bioweapons Treaty, who helped get the death penalty into U.S.
law for what they're doing.
And he's come on my show many times and detailed all of this.
And exactly what he said on my show 16 months ago.
This is a life-and-death situation.
And when you see the Democrats introducing bills
To hold them liable if they don't muzzle us and keep us quiet while they basically kill us and carry out this bioweapon attack.
Here's a CNN headline.
Instagram blocked the hashtag vaccines kill hashtag two years ago.
Facebook only just now got around to doing it.
CNN isn't media.
CNN are attack dog bullies whose job is to attack and destroy and suppress the people while the globalists carry out depopulation.
I am legitimately freaked out for my family and for my friends and for humanity.
We know this is a fraud.
We know it's depopulation.
We know it's evil.
We know it's wrong.
I want to show you a clip that is extremely powerful of a medical doctor, Charles Hough, from British Columbia.
Who is now being disciplined and they may fire him simply because in his major medical practice at the hospital, at the ER, he is seeing people dying from blood clots, he is seeing people extremely sick, he's seeing people having strokes and heart attacks, including young people after they've had the Moderna, the Pfizer shots and others.
So, in closing, I want you to understand that we live in a world where you don't just get censored off the internet, but you can even lose your job when you have a medical degree.
And you are reporting what they admit on the inserts of these so-called vaccines it can cause.
Doctors are supposed to do no harm.
Hippocratic Oath.
And here he is doing his job like so many other prestigious scientists that came out and predicted what these shots would do and who are now warning the world again.
And how were they rewarded?
Dr. Yidan and Dr. Tenpenny and so many others?
They're rewarded by White House press conferences
Calling for them to be silenced and the Justice Department and State Attorney Generals have opened investigations up and are talking about trying to arrest them for disinformation.
Since when is disinformation illegal?
Plus, we're not the ones putting out disinformation.
We're putting out the truth under the First Amendment.
And it's you, the system, that's bit off more than you can chew.
And it's you, the system, that's depopulating us and that ran this test.
And it's you, the system, that came out in the year 2000 in CDC documents that the CDC knew that autism was caused by vaccines.
And the head of the U.N.
vaccine program in December of 2019 admitted that the front line was getting wobbly and that they knew vaccines didn't work and that the U.N.
wasn't testing them.
They were just told to do it by Big Pharma and Bill Gates and that they were murdering people.
And so instead of backing off, the response of Big Pharma is to push this giant attack and commit crimes that are even bigger, hoping they've gotten so many lawyers and scientists and doctors and people on board with the fraud that we'll all have mass Stockholm Syndrome and accept it.
So here is the clip.
You spoke to
A potential mechanism of action of the injury.
And you mentioned to me the use of a D-dimer test, which we all know what it's for, but we're going to have to explain a little bit.
Could you please speak to this a little bit and give the relevant context and introduction, please?
Because I think this is really groundbreaking and important.
So one of the
Thank you.
The key things that really bothered me when I started to see serious vaccine injuries in my own patients is that I had no idea what the mechanism of injury was and therefore, as their doctor, I had no idea how to treat it.
Because, you know, as their family doctor,
They would come to me for help and I needed to help them and I was clueless.
I mean, this was an experiment and I was aware that there was literally what we call iatrogenic disease, a medically induced disease being produced by this vaccine.
And so I had asked this in my open letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, our Provincial Health Officer, what is the mechanism of injury and how do I treat this as these people's doctor?
And of course, nobody knew.
And the vaccine manufacturers had told us that the COVID spike protein does not go intravenous.
It stays in the arm.
The antibodies to the spike protein are produced in the arm.
And that's what we have been found, but scientists now, and Dr. Brody has actually very clearly revealed this, that only 25% of the vaccine actually stays in the arm.
And the rest of it, so these vaccines are
There are a vast number of little messenger RNA strands.
The Moderna vaccine has 40 trillion messenger RNA molecules per vaccine dose.
40 trillion!
So these are wrapped in a little lipid capsule.
The lipid capsule is to enable them to be absorbed into the cells.
So this is injected into the person's arm and their deltoid muscle of the shoulder.
From there, as I mentioned, only 25% actually stays there.
The rest is taken up, collected through the lymphatic system and fed into the general circulation.
And so it circulates around the entire body.
So these little nano capsules containing these trillions of messenger RNA molecules are absorbed into the lining around the capillaries, what medically we call the vascular endothelium.
So these little packages are absorbed into the cells around the vessels, the package is open, the body recognizes these messenger RNA strands as
I think so.
So normally, the cells that surround your blood vessels have to be very, very smooth to enable good and unimpeded flow of blood.
But as soon as you've got all these little spike proteins that become part of the cell wall, it's now a rough surface.
It's going to be like a very coarse sandpaper.
It's now
That's right.
So clots are, because of this and because of the nature of this, clots are inevitable because of these spike proteins in the capillary networks.
So I set out to then try and prove this.
Could this theory be correct?
And so the problem is these little clots in the capillary networks are microscopic and they are scattered.
So they're not going to show on any scan.
They're just too small and too scattered.
It's not like the big clots that cause strokes or heart attacks.
They're too small and they're too scattered.
So how on earth can we know if the person clotted?
And the only way is with a blood test called a D-dimer.
So the D-dimer is a blood test that will show up a recent clot.
It won't show up an old clot, it shows up a new clot.
And it doesn't tell you where the clot is, it just tells you that the clotting mechanism has been activated.
So I have now been recruiting patients from my practice, people that have come into my office and others that have heard me speak about this, and I've asked people to do this D-dimer within one week of their COVID shot.
And so far, and this study is ongoing, these are preliminary results, so far I've got 62%
Positive elevated D-dimer, which means that the blood clots are not rare.
That's what the so-called experts keep telling us.
The clots are rare, the big ones are rare, but the small ones are clearly happening in the majority of people, 62%.
Now, I'll tell you what the real concern with this is.
is that a clotted vessel is permanently damaged.
That vessel never, ever goes back to normal.
So if this theory is correct, which it really looks like by these D-dimer results, and I'm told it has been done in Australia, and it's been done in the UK, and they also found elevated D-dimers.
And they sort of discarded the information because they said there's no clinical evidence of clots.
Well, the clinical reading is because they're microscopic and they're scattered.
And so you're not going to see clinical evidence.
But in fact, all of the frequent side effects of the shock, which are headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, could all be signs of cerebral thrombosis on a
On a capillary level.
I mean those literally, you could be having thousands and thousands of tiny, tiny little clots in your brain that won't show on a scan, but they will give you those exact symptoms.
So the concern is I have now got six people in my medical practice that cannot exert themselves the way they used to be.
What medically we call reduced effort tolerance.
Six people who now get out of breath doing things that they could previously do without any problem.
So I believe that these people locked up thousands and thousands of capillaries in their lungs, in these six people.
So I believe these people now have permanently damaged lungs because they have got, I mean, and that's why they get out of breath.
I have one fellow that used to walk two miles to my office every week for a shot for his arthritis.
And he says, after a quarter of a mile, he's done.
In other words, his effort tolerance is reduced to one eighth of what it used to be.
And so I've sent some of these people for chest x-rays and CT scans to see what it shows.
And all it shows is distorted architecture.
What the radiologists record is described as increased reticulation.
It's a very nonspecific thing.
And it's because it's microscopic.
It's just, but the concern is because these vessels are now permanently damaged in a person's lungs, when the heart tries to pump blood through all those damaged vessels, there's increased resistance trying to pump the blood through those lungs.
So those people are going to develop something called pulmonary artery hypertension, high blood pressure in their lungs.
And the concern with that is that those people will probably all develop
Right-sided heart failure within three years and die because they now have increased vascular resistance through their lungs and lung tissue and heart tissue and brain and spinal tissue and all of that does not regenerate.
In other tissues it can regenerate, liver and kidneys and muscle and other, but there's some tissues that cannot.
And so this absolutely explains what I've seen in my patients and that's what I'm doing to prove it and my study is ongoing.
What have I told you?
There's a substance that is invisible to the naked eye, but it is more valuable than anything else on earth.
More valuable than gold, more valuable than silver, more valuable than diamonds or rubies or emeralds or sapphires.
What would it be?
Well, it's not a riddle, my friends.
It's called oxygen.
And it's a trace gas that's getting lower and lower and lower on our planet.
But there's other things that we have scarcity in, like water.
That's becoming more and more scarce, fresh water.
But what else is essential, just as essential
It's clean water and oxygen to breathe.
Well, of course, my friends, it's iodine.
Iodine is one of the most important drivers in the body for fertility, for cellular function, for libido, for life.
If you don't have iodine, you die in a matter of months.
So if you don't have oxygen, you die in four minutes.
If you don't have water, you die in
A week or so.
If you don't have food, a month or so.
But what's in that food?
But if your food doesn't have that atomic pure iodine, it can't operate.
And the food itself is lacking.
That's why most people on Earth are deficient in iodine.
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