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Air Date: July 23, 2021
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The speakers on InfoWars and the Alex Jones Show are concerned about the globalist agenda, potential side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, and whistleblower lawsuits revealing manipulated data regarding vaccine injuries and adverse reactions. They debate the origins of COVID-19, suggesting it was intentionally released as part of an agenda to establish tyranny and implement a World ID system. The broadcasts promote various products from Infowars while discussing good sleep for overall health, recommended supplements to protect against diseases and viruses, and medical freedom. Criticism is directed towards politicians promoting vaccinations despite adverse effects and communists employing Marxist tactics in every sector of society. The fight for medical freedom is seen as part of a larger struggle for individual liberties such as free speech and the right to possess firearms. The discussion also covers an ongoing investigation into the January 6th Commission, accusing Nancy Pelosi of direct involvement in staged violence at the Capitol, and stories of pilots being forced to take vaccines despite potential health risks and children being required to wear oxygen inhibiting masks at school.


UK pandemics are nothing but frauds.
The worldwide pandemic is nothing but a fraud.
Never was a pandemic.
They changed the definition of pandemic.
And now in Australia, they have one death they claim from COVID.
So the country's going back under lockdown.
And you see Canada never left lockdown.
And you see the UK claim they had Freedom Day last week and went under deeper lockdown.
Now you see L.A.
announcing, oh, I have to wear a mask.
Oh, we're going to do lockdowns again.
And now Austin has the health department head doctor saying we've got to wear two masks and children can't go outside.
This is a cult.
It's all based on lies.
We're going to lay all that out today.
But put that headline back on screen for the viewers, please.
Let me just read you that headline.
For the live show feed that I hope you share, UK panics after second lockdown quietly declared.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
They have never guessed the right flu virus for the mutation of what the main flu is the next year, and it's always a whole bunch of flus, dozens and dozens of them.
And that it does nothing to protect you from the next flu if it's not the exact flu!
That's why they never ask why they don't have a vaccine for the common cold.
Because it's too varied.
Because there's thousands of them.
And because you have to get it exactly right.
And viruses are always mutating.
But you notice they're telling you they've got a vaccine.
They want you willingly to go take whatever it is that's gonna be in there.
Now Fauci has come out of you, just joined us, we're gonna play the clip again, first here in a moment, and said, hey, we're gonna surveil people, we're gonna cycle into other seasons, next year you won't be able to go out either.
So they'll run into the middle of summer, and then let you have a month or two, and then clamp it back down, but there'll be special apps they're announcing, you'll be tracked, China was the model.
They're gonna roll it out like they just got these ideas, but it's all pre-planned.
By the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, the tabletop exercises, predicting COVID-19 in November when it was already launched in China.
I think all of you already instinctively know this is the big one, and if we fail this test, we're gonna be ruled by the threat
Unending invisible bio weapons.
They're gonna tighten down the restrictions, loosen them by the summer, and then release new strains immediately that aren't even as bad as the current strain.
They'll say they're worse, fear monger, and then clamp down even stronger.
That's what they've done in Italy.
It's what they've done in other areas where they've been beta testing like Spain and now moving towards Australia.
So this is all formulaic.
It's all heavily scripted and we know their plan.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms glued to their televisions too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think... NBC, you are here to listen and not speak!
I think we should go with a good old-fashioned public health scare.
A new disease!
No one's immune!
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic!
And instead of summer, it's all the time!
Now, I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But, Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I... Oh.
Oh, yeah.
So, we've got our deadly disease.
Now, we just have to blame it on something that's in every household.
Something that people are a little bit afraid of already.
Thanks to you kids, we now know the virus is a hoax.
They included flu, pneumonia, and other infections to boost the numbers.
Let's find out who is really behind it all.
Like, President Trump is definitely behind one of these phantoms.
Gigi Ping?
Dr. Fauci?
Like I thought doctors were supposed to help people, not scare them.
Microsoft's Bill Gates?
Not only a computer guy, he's a notorious vaccine pusher who wants to reduce the world's population.
I get it.
So Bill Gates wanted to vaccinate everyone after Fauci convinced them there was a deadly disease outbreak.
That's diabolical.
Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.
Don't worry, kids.
These globalists won't get away with their pandemic hoax this time.
Where they're going, they'll be locked up for a long good while in the big house.
Better than a rock round at home!
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
Ladies and gentlemen, I know for a fact that we are in the middle of a forced depopulation operation.
And our enemies, people like Jane Goodall and people like Bill Gates and Ted Turner and thousands of others, all run their filthy, evil, dirty pig mouths.
Talking about how they want us to die.
And they're going to carry their operation out against us if they don't begin to understand there will be repercussions for what they've done.
So I could easily play ball with these people.
I could easily just kind of fade off into the oblivion and not stand up for humanity.
But my soul is not for sale.
If we were soulless and if there really was nothing after death and we are all just dumb animals, then I'd treat people like animals and I would go along with your extermination.
Hell, killing people is easy.
Watching folks die is easy.
Until you have the Holy Spirit in you and you know what's wrong.
It's like cleaning the dirt off your boots.
But everything's come into 2020 crystal clear focus, HD focus right now.
And the choice of good versus evil is going to get a lot quicker, a lot faster.
So I've got a lot of really profound, earth-shaking things I want to say today.
And I really hope you'll stay with us throughout the next three hours and into the fourth hour as well.
Because I'm going to really do my best, and I say this all the time,
I'm willing to do my best to just take each one of these important big pieces of news and unpack it and connect it to the larger situation.
We knew this was coming.
We knew this was happening, but it's moving very quickly.
And I had said when they launched this big phase a year and a half ago, I said they're going from beta
It's operational, but I said we'll find out very soon whether they're going to accelerate this operation or whether they are going to do this incrementally still.
And the answer is they are accelerating.
There's the live show headline of the feed of the broadcast that I hope you'll share.
And quite frankly, your entire future in life depends on it.
That's an understatement, by the way.
Your soul depends on it.
UK pandemics.
Are nothing but frauds.
The worldwide pandemic is nothing but a fraud.
Never was a pandemic.
They changed the definition of pandemic.
And now in Australia, they have one death they claim from COVID.
So the country's going back under lockdown.
And you see Canada never left lockdown.
And you see the UK claim they had Freedom Day last week and went under deeper lockdown.
And now you see LA announcing, oh, I have to wear a mask.
Oh, we're going to do lockdowns again.
And now Austin.
Has the health department head doctor saying we've got to wear two masks and children can't go outside.
This is a cult.
It's all based on lies.
We're going to lay all that out today.
But put that headline back on screen for the viewers, please.
Let me just read you that headline.
For the live show feed that I hope you share.
UK panics after second lockdown quietly declared.
You see, they had major rebellion in Greece and in Italy and in Spain and in France when their leaders came out and said, yeah, you can't go to the grocery store unless you have an app on your phone, the government issues saying that you have been injected.
And by the way, we're gonna give you yearly boosters.
And as evidence mounts that people are dead, dying, getting very, very sick.
And as now we've learned that they took 6,000 dead people off the VAERS reporting site recently.
So they're quietly at night going in at 2 a.m., 1 a.m.
Central and deleting thousands of deaths out a day.
I mean, this is just devastating.
I mean, they are devastating us.
We are being murdered.
I mean, they're going for broke now.
And it's coming out that the vaccine doesn't protect you, and it's coming out they knowingly lied, and it's coming out the vaccines are killing people, and they just don't care.
They're accelerating it.
I'll tell you what's really frightening.
I already knew this, but it reminded me
Of how these guys operate and just what the global lockdown really means.
It doesn't just mean millions of people commit suicide or 20 plus million extra people starve to death.
It doesn't just mean 280 million go on the verge of starvation.
Those are all official numbers, which I think are accurate.
Probably lowball.
It also means for the globalists something completely different.
That's entire island chains around the world
Where governments have closed them to tourism, and they're now staying permanently in places like Fiji, most of the islands, and fleets of yachts and jumbo jets have landed, and that's where they're all moving into.
Oh, Larry Page is on this island, and Sergey Brin's on that island, and Bill Gates has got this island, and then the Queen of England's got that island, and they're just, they used to be people's islands!
But see, the lockdown means none of those people that live on those islands have jobs anymore, so they're all being forced out, being made to move to the United States, and to Europe, and other areas where they can be quietly, forcibly ejected, and the rest of it, so... My...
Head is just spinning right now.
And so I'm gonna do my best telling you what's coming up and then just try to plow through each area of this before some very special guests join us.
Zero Hedge article on InfoWars.com.
It's getting almost no attention.
Mainstream media is acting like this is no big deal.
But without even announcing it, on Freedom Day last week, very Orwellian term,
That's what Israel called the tracker bands to track you via satellite.
You have to wear bracelets now to go outside your house in Israel.
They call those freedom bracelets.
Well, in the UK, it's called Freedom Day.
And then first a half million, then a million, then more.
Got messages saying you have been near someone that had COVID.
Total bull.
And you must have your phone with you at all times.
The police are coming by to check to make sure you're there.
And you may not leave your home for at least 10 days.
So see, that's the lockdown.
It's now AI where you must have a phone.
That's why you go to restaurants.
Who set that up?
The Davos Group.
They set world economic policy for corporations.
World Economic Forum.
They said, a year and a half ago, hey, put QR codes in all the restaurants.
No more paper menus.
Scan them.
They're bad.
And then now the restaurants are like, yeah, you got to have a cell phone to even come in.
Big corporations are saying that.
You go to the airports, most of the waiters and people are gone.
It's all robot service now.
McDonald's is going to robot service.
Everything's going to robot service.
So it doesn't matter you come in and you got money and you pay them under the table to get food.
You're not going to get it because it's all going to be robot controlled.
And so now they're like, yes, you've got to have
Your phone didn't even leave your house, and everything's being tracked, and even if you take the government app off, the government went, oh, guess what?
A year and a half ago, there was a global agreement between all the major digital telecoms and the two major phone makers and operating systems, Apple and Droid.
There is already a program you can't remove on all your phones tracking you in live time and sending the data back.
That's nothing to do with COVID.
It's a world ID for the social credit score to now be enforced.
So we're going to unpack this first because that's what's already rapidly coming here.
Pingdemic triggers widespread panic hoarding at UK supermarkets.
But notice how it was done without an announcement.
You know, Macron announced it in France.
Because they're all testing the response.
But in the UK, they just did it.
You wake up, boom, you can't leave your house without a cell phone.
If it says you can't leave, you can't leave.
That's the endgame.
This is the digital tyranny.
And then once they've done that, they're going to starve you to death.
And if you don't like it, they'll come by and kill you.
Let the good times roll.
Roll, roll.
You know where the good times are rolling?
Larry Page and his private islands in Fiji made a deal with the government not to let anybody into all the islands so a bunch of Google and Microsoft people can all have their own private islands with 30 servants apiece.
While they make sure your kids commit suicide and self-harm, locking them down worldwide.
And while they make sure that cures for
COVID-19 and other viral infections aren't allowed to go to the public.
While they even lobby to have hydroxychloroquine and Rendesivir and other drugs blocked from third world and first world populations to get those death numbers up.
Big article I'm going to cover in the last segment of this hour.
Billionaires segregate themselves to luxury private islands as ordinary people told they can't travel
But there's something much bigger.
Larry Page has been there for a year and a half.
And it's not to escape COVID, my friends.
It is to escape all the other things they're releasing onto the public right now.
And I'm going to give you the rest of the story that they don't want you to know coming up.
But first, let's get into this earth-shaking
And again, there's so many facets that I don't want you to lose the key facets here.
It's all run by the UN, all run by the Davos Group, all admittedly run by the British Ministry of Defense Psych Warfare Brigade, working with top psychiatrists and psychologists and pitch experts around the world.
Testing different ways of lockdown, different controls in New Zealand, in Australia, in Germany, in France, in Greece, in Spain, in the UK, and then areas of the U.S.
Tailoring and testing how to, quote, mind control you.
That's the headlines.
Mind control you.
So they tried the frontal assault.
You can't go to the store.
You can't go to a grocery store unless you have this app on your phone.
You've had the shot.
The people went crazy, the police said we're not gonna back, this is out of control.
That was France, that was Greece, that was places like that.
So they back off and say, okay, only sports stadiums, bars, pubs, and then a day later, and okay, grocery stores too.
Then they always back off when you push back, and then as soon as you don't push back, they come right back.
That's the tactic to wear you out.
But the UK waited, had their Freedom Day,
And said, you will have to have apps starting in September to go to a soccer game, to go to a pub, to go hear music.
You're bad if you're not injected.
And then they sent out 500,000 and then over a million, quote, pings to people's phones, including people that didn't download the quote, free government app.
But they, quote, encourage you to have it, and some shops would demand you just had the app before they let you in.
All color of law, all fraud.
So this is all being tested for you.
I don't care if you're in Canada, I don't care if you're in Mexico, I don't care if you're in Chile, I don't care if you're in Nigeria, I don't care if you're in Libya, I don't care if you're in Saudi Arabia, I don't care where you are.
Every country's on board with this except Russia.
And they're doing their own stuff that's bad, but they're the rogue country the globalists don't fully control.
They've got their own Soros problem there, but
It'd be like if Trump had won five terms or something.
You know, things would be a little bit better with Putin.
So, they've got giant rallies with millions of people in Italy chanting, No Vax Pass!
No Vax Pass!
No Vax Pass!
And you can hear it in Italian, No Vax Pass.
And you can hear it in French.
Arrest Macron.
Arrest Boris Johnson.
But Johnson, a little sneakier, a little more crafty, they just send out a message to your phone saying, oh, hey, you can't leave your house.
You might have come in contact with somebody who might have had a cold virus, all based on fraudulent PCR tests.
The statement is almost 100% fake.
All of it's a scam.
But see, now, oh, Freedom Day, you're free now.
Now your phones are telling you not to leave your house.
Or the police are going to come arrest you and forcibly quarantine you and see in the future, oh, where are you?
You don't have your phone.
Oh, you're not authorized.
You go to jail.
Australia was doing that a year ago.
And arresting people that tried to organize rallies against it.
You're not allowed to do that.
You've got to only do what the WHO says.
You wake up and the UN's in control of your local police, your governments, everything.
And it's all coming now to blue cities and blue states in the US.
They're announcing the same thing in New York.
The Excelsior Pass, they're announcing the same thing in California.
What do they call it, California?
Oh, it's got an Orwellian name, too.
So, it's all the same systems, all the same grid, and of course, once you get that, well, I'll get the shot.
Oh, sorry, it doesn't work, still gotta wear a mask, gotta take more shots.
Oh, okay, I'll get my app, and I'll, oh, sorry, it'll tell you you can't leave your house.
Every time you submit, every time you step in a bear trap, what happens?
It breaks your leg and bleeds, and it's really hard to get out of.
And so, when you're dragging a bear trap through the forest, if you've already got scammed, already took the shot, you're a cool liberal, you respect the science and all that BS,
And there's another bear trap and Fauci goes, stick your leg in it.
I don't want to.
Come on, trust the science.
Even though I'm going to unpack all their latest lies when we come back.
Fauci's like, no, of course you get infected still when you have a vaccine.
But Biden's like, oh, it's 100%.
Take the vaccine.
You'll be safe.
See, he's giving you propaganda six months ago.
Supposed to forget about that now.
So it's total panic.
I talked to Paul Watson this morning.
And he just said, store shelves are empty everywhere.
And that's the news reports we're getting.
And it's just, everybody's completely freaked out.
And it's way more than the million and a half people are getting this message saying, stay in your house.
And it's designed to do what it's doing.
Create panic, create uncertainty, make small businesses shut down.
And so, lockdown two is here.
Lockdown two is already starting in New York and California.
Lockdown never ended in Canada.
Lockdown never really ended in Australia.
I was talking to Craig Jones, number two grandporter in the world, he says he may never go back to Australia.
And I had to tell him, you know, having a beer with him after he won that big match a month ago, I had to tell him, I said, don't worry, I think he should come to the U.S.
We've got to say no to this, we've got to fight this, but the more you give in, the worse it gets.
And look, I know this audience gets that.
You better get that out to the public.
Because when we come back, I'm going to break down the next big move.
It's target people that don't take the deadly shots.
They're all saying we're criminals, everything's our fault.
And it is shut down any media, and I mean pull the plug on our satellites, take our URLs away.
They're having a congressional hearing saying, we want Robert F. Kennedy to have his URL taken.
Sign up, he's kicked off Facebook.
We want Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, we want her URL taken.
They've got Attorney Generals in a bunch of states sending subpoenas to people, that's in the news, for questioning the vaccines or the election.
You're like, well that's an American right.
They got goons, and if they order them to do it, these Attorney Generals and Soros put in, they'll come kill you.
I mean, you see this, you see this guy looks like a
Charlie Manson, FBI agent up in Michigan that got caught framing the militia on trying to kidnap Whitmer.
I mean, what's he doing?
Smashing his wife's head in at sex parties.
And the guy looks like a Satanist.
I mean, he looks like somebody that'd be on death row.
That's who the FBI hires now!
A legion of murdering criminals ready to burn your house down!
The various shots that people are getting now cover that.
You're okay.
You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
I know how to beat the globalists.
I know how to beat them.
And I'm going to cover it starting in the next segment into the next few segments.
And then we have those doctors joining us that have been involved in the lawsuit filed with the whistleblower about the internal reporting systems being many, many times more deaths than what has been in the VAERS.
And now we've got articles at Infowars.com confirming that they're going in and erasing, daily in some cases, thousands of VAERS death reports by medical doctors, who by law have to report it.
CDC deletes thousands of COVID vaccine deaths.
A lot of people have bet with the system, they've decided these shots are safe, and they've decided no matter what happens, defend their bad decisions to be part of this.
This is not a Republican issue, this is not a Democrat issue, this is a medical tyranny, Nuremberg Code issue.
The bad news is they've made their move.
They're accelerating everything.
The good news is that's going to get everybody off the fence.
And by the time things get really bad, even the dumbest people are going to wake up and realize what happened.
But first, this is very important, they need to scapegoat the non-injected.
We need to stop calling it vaccinated.
The non-genetically marked.
The non-genetically free-range humans that are left.
But notice it's metaphysical.
They can spray it on us, they can put it in the food, they've already done some of that.
But they want the precedent that we accept it, we go do it, and we're tracked by a computer we carry with ourselves to prove we've done it like lab rats out of this open experiment.
And so I have stacks of mainline news.
The Israelis came out a week ago and said, looks like more people are getting COVID who take the shots than didn't.
Prestigious Israeli universities, and immediately their funding is threatened.
And they said, we don't care.
This vaccine doesn't work.
In fact, it's making people sick.
Well, now today the Israeli government had to come out and say, uh, yeah, the vaccine doesn't work.
I'm going to show you those articles.
But everybody defending this will just move on and ignore that that ever happened.
So I'm going to say it again.
Makes you sick, doesn't protect you, and they want you to take more shots, and it's not a vaccine, and it destroys your immune system, and it causes blood clots in 80% of people that take it.
There's all these prestigious... I found last night, just going around,
No exaggeration, hundreds of other doctors and scientists, and I just watched videos of about 10 different ones, and it was like heads of universities, and my huge award-winning scientist, and I was watching this one, we're trying to get them on, they were explaining, showing studies that 80 plus percent of people that have taken Pfizer or Moderna already have blood clots, and that they are growing.
The people that are already dead just had a really fast reaction, and the prion crystals grew really quick.
For most people, it's slow growing.
And there's a lot of medical doctors now trying to look at ways to cleanse this, and there's some information coming out.
But this is all preliminary, because things are moving so fast, it takes time to find out.
But God always gives us things to counter this type of evil.
For anything the devil comes up with, God's got a counter.
God's got a cure.
Now, there is science-based medicine.
Major study came out months ago.
Now it's confirmed.
mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines cause prion disease.
Holy God!
And I'm not taking the Lord's name in vain.
I'm calling out to God, saying, help us.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
When I just blurt out, help me God, my grandma used to always say, don't you take the Lord's name in vain.
I'm not taking it in vain.
I'm calling out, God, help me.
Help us.
Jesus, help us.
If you're not calling Jesus' name out, there's something wrong with you.
Let me just stop.
Let me just get to these clips.
It's just so frustrating to watch the left everywhere go, science, we have the science, we're with the science, we have, we're with the, on and on and on, and now they're all the place, it's the unvaccinated that are causing all the problems and all the evidence is it's not.
Most of the people in the hospital, most dying, took the damn shot, that's in all the studies and the numbers I showed you yesterday.
From prestigious UK government bioweapons lab.
I spent an hour after the show yesterday reading just one of them.
And it's all right there.
But Fauci goes on TV and says, I never funded gain of function.
Even though he chaired conferences on gain of function and endorsed it.
We've played the videos.
And then he goes on and says 99% of the people dying didn't take a vaccine.
It's a lie!
They never show proof, they never say where, they just say it.
That's a little key tidbit there.
And what did the Australian Prime Minister say yesterday in a press conference?
They said to him, what about all these deaths and these injuries and people getting sick?
And you know, the reporter's like, I know family that's like in the hospital, almost dead.
And they're like, what are you going to do?
And he goes, well, that's up to you.
You didn't have to take this shot.
Even though they're trying to make it mandatory and bullying and intimidating and saying you can't have a job, you can't leave your house.
It's on every news channel around the world that you should lose your kids.
You shouldn't be able to have a job.
I mean, Kathleen Sebelius from the Obama administration, they're everywhere.
And then you wake up in 2021, and all over the world they're saying, you better have an app on your phone, and we're gonna tell you when to stay home and when to not.
If you might've been by somebody had this, this is all just training you like a prisoner, that of this tracking system, this devilish system, the phone, the little computer, it's a supercomputer that they communicate with you through, says you can't leave your house, you can't.
We already put up, ladies and gentlemen,
With home assistants in our houses, they admit we're listening to us.
And the cameras built into the TVs that were listening to us.
I was the first to tell you, 20 plus years ago, those things were turning on and watching you, and now they admit it all!
So you put up with 5G, you put up with pedophile story time, you put up with aborting babies, you put up with killing babies after they're born now, you put up with euthanizing old people, you put up with being surveilled and lied to,
And so of course they come out and say, we're going to read your text messages now and send you messages and block you from sharing this info, like COVID-19 came from the Chinese lab, or like hydroxychloroquine has 99% success rates in major studies, which it does, but we don't want you to know that because we want to kill you!
So you put up with all of that, and I put up with it, we all put up with it to a certain extent.
Even those that fought it should have fought harder.
And now they've pulled the trigger.
They've snapped the trap shut and they're going, uh, yeah.
Oh, you didn't put the app on your phone?
Guess what?
All your phones already have it.
It was in January of last year that Google and Apple had a quote, rare agreement, which is pure bull.
They're basically the same company.
A rare agreement to, to, to hardwire into their operating systems, a tracker app.
For COVID-19.
It was always there.
It's in the Telecommunications Act of 96 that by the year 2000, all phones would be hardwired to be satellite triangulated.
But they just announced it to you like you're idiot cavemen and said, we're now going to track you for your safety when they were doing it the whole damn time.
Remember just three years ago when I confronted Sundar Pichai, the head of Google, the front man?
He went in there after I was out there, talked about me, they lied about me, I didn't get to face my accusers, and he told Congress again, we do not track anyone.
We have never tracked anybody.
That's like Clapper saying, the NSA's never spied on one American citizen.
All of it's lies.
But you know the technical reason he said that?
They don't track a person, they track the phone.
And the Congress people are so ignorant and such troglodytes, they don't even know... I mean, arrest Sundar Pichai!
Arrest Larry Page!
Arrest... all of them!
They have created a global criminal takeover.
They have suppressed medical care.
They have caused millions to commit suicide.
They have destroyed trillions of people's money.
They said we're not essential.
I say Larry Page out there in Fiji is not essential.
And if you want to know how to beat these people, they need to be put on notice that we know where they are and what they've done, and they're going to swing from the end of a rope in Nuremberg too if they don't back off now.
It comes down to that.
You want to stop them?
I'll tell you how to stop them when we come back, or we can just sit here and let them kill us!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So, the only way the globalists are going to be able to carry this out, this unconventional high-tech stealth warfare, is if people aren't aware of it,
And if people don't hold them accountable.
So I'm not calling for any violence against Bill Gates or against Ted Turner or against any of these people.
I don't want to turn them into martyrs.
I want to identify that they're in a club of eugenicists that talk about how they want to depopulate everybody and how they've established world government to orderly carry out that depopulation.
And Jane Goodall was just at the World Economic Forum talking about how we need to get back to
The population we had 500 years ago, which is a 7 billion person reduction.
And so they all want to sit back at arm's length in their armored fortresses in the mountains of Eastern Europe and Transylvania, in the north of Canada, in Tasmania, in Australia, in New Zealand, in Kauai, Hawaii, in all the places that Larry Page is hanging out at the South Pacific.
I'll get to that at the start of the next hour because I'm behind here.
And talk about just identifying them and talking about what they're doing and talk about their project of world government, their project of AI, total surveillance over us that we're now inside of.
It's not me telling you 20 years ago they're going to give you apps on a phone that track where you are to quote stop a pandemic, which I did tell you.
It's now here.
And again, people are freaking out right now.
InfoWars is more popular than it's ever been.
Because people now have figured out, wow, this isn't a joke.
This isn't a game.
So one way or another, the truth's getting out.
But it isn't about Alex Jones being vindicated.
I don't care about that.
I care about stopping these people.
And so I'm not going to give you the news 20 years ago that's now come true.
I'm going to give you what's going to happen if we don't take action.
And I'm going to tell you near time what's going to happen and what's going to happen
In the median future and the long term.
And there's different paths we're going down, but...
I'm not trying to be theatrical here, but what I'm doing, you understand, is giving my life up basically to do this, because I actually want to beat these people.
I don't want to share power with them.
I don't want to play patty cake with them.
I don't want to be an aristocrat like they are, because they're not aristocrats.
They don't care about the human order.
They don't care about protecting people because they're more intelligent.
They have broken the social compact, and they've declared war on all of us, and on our very souls, and on our children.
They're greedy, horrible people, and are your sworn enemies.
And they need to stop now, not because they're moral, not because they're good people, but because they understand they have been identified.
And they're not going to get away.
I told you, they're all hiding.
They've already evacuated for what's going on.
We know where they're hiding.
We know what they're doing.
And they need to know one way or another.
They're not going to get to their robot utopia in time to take humans out of the equation before they've paid for their crimes against humanity.
So I'm telling them now, they can go into abstention and they can run around on their yachts and fly around on their jet airplanes and have all their women.
Just stop killing us.
Just stop suppressing the technologies, the clean technology.
Just stop attacking us, and you can live.
I have no desire to kill you.
But I guarantee you, Bill Gates, you are on the path to destruction, and you're taking us with you, and we don't like that.
So, stop attacking us now.
You have been warned.
Stop attacking now.
You have been warned.
Stop now.
And let's be completely clear, I expect to get destroyed in this process, that's okay.
And I tell you that so you understand if I get killed or set up or whatever, I'm not a loser, I'm a winner.
I chose to do this.
Believe me, I'm not looking forward to it.
But it is what it is.
They may beat this body, they're not beating this spirit, you understand?
And my spirit demands I take these people on.
My spirit gives me the direct order, you will do this now!
Or I don't know you.
So I don't fear these Satanists, I fear God.
And all of you better decide who you fear as well.
You better decide, like Bob Dylan said, who you serve.
He said, I serve Satan.
I'm a Satanist, I'm a devil worshipper, I worship Lucifer.
He's the Grand Commander of this Earth and I did it for power.
I respect Bob Dylan for that.
I do not serve Satan.
But you can't just say you don't serve Satan and then still serve Satan.
God hates cowards.
Don't forget that.
So I mentioned these clips.
Let's get to them.
Let's play it again.
Here's Biden again at the town hall saying, you get the vaccine, you're fine.
Total lie.
Wipes out your immune system, gives you blood clots.
They now admit it all.
Here it is.
The various shots that people are getting now cover that.
You're okay.
You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
Okay, so there you go.
Let's next go to another doddering person.
The Alabama governor saying it's time to blame the unvaccinated.
Even though I'm going to show you all the mainline news having to admit that it's the vaccinated that are getting sick and mainly dying.
You've got the real, what's crazy is you've got the real numbers and you've got Fauci and all them saying, oh, everybody that's got the shot's totally fine.
But now Fauci flip-flopped again, he says, of course you're gonna get sick if you have the shot.
And now they're admitting it's not a vaccine, it's quote, a therapeutic, so you gotta take it monthly.
Then it makes you sicker and sicker, and you never admit they're the ones making you sick.
And how did I know a year and a half ago they'd do that?
It's in their damn business plan!
Bill Gates ran his mouth!
That's why he's been relieved of command!
Bill Gates, you heard it here first four months ago, has been relieved of command.
He was in command of his operation.
Now the CIA and the Ford Foundation are in control of it.
Former head of the Carney Endowment and the Rockefeller Foundation are running this right now.
The CIA is run by these people, directing the destruction of humanity right now.
It's not even a human organization at this point.
It's just completely captained by the devil.
Alright, let's go ahead and...
Let's go to the Alabama governor and then the talking point everywhere that it's the unvaccinated, you're the problem, you're the enemy.
See, oh, the vaccines didn't work, they make you sick, told you over a year ago, then once everybody gets sick, it's our fault!
Does it matter the logic's not real?
Does it matter the vaccine was supposed to protect you?
Does it matter most of the deaths are the vaccinated?
Does it matter it's not a vaccine?
Because the public likes to be lied to!
And that's like having a rabbit with a broken back squealing, it makes wolves and coyotes come.
Acting like sheep makes these wolves come.
Let's play one of these wolves right now.
Here she is.
What is it going to take to get people to get shots in arms?
I don't know.
You tell me.
Folks supposed to have common sense.
But it's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks.
It's the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down.
But as a leader of the state, don't you think it's your responsibility to try and help get this situation under control?
I've done all I know how to do.
I can encourage you to do something, but I can't make you take care of yourself.
I can't make you take care of yourself, Bill Gates.
I ain't talking about normal people.
I mean the ones who had the GMO shot.
That woman's just a complete idiot.
And here's a clip, a supercut of a whole bunch of the news saying, it's the unvaccinated, it's the unvaccinated, all alive, but see the idiot sheep like to die, so they're gonna believe it.
Among the unvaccinated.
This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
A pandemic of the unvaccinated.
This is an epidemic that's occurring in the unvaccinated.
We're seeing a pandemic among the unvaccinated.
This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
The Centers for Disease Control says unvaccinated Americans are driving these numbers, accounting for nearly all deaths in almost all of the hospitalizations.
Virtually every person who is in the hospital right now sick with COVID-19 is unvaccinated.
We are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk.
So it's going to find those pockets in each community where people aren't vaccinated and it's going to do a lot of damage.
That's right!
Oh, the vaccine didn't work because we didn't take it.
Oh, and if the unvaccinated pockets and the contact tracers are coming, and oh, the app's on your phone, and now Americans are getting text.
Oh, you were by somebody.
The tracers are coming.
The tracers are coming.
And this is all the secret police, all the new medical tyranny.
They've built the emergency centers.
They've got it all set up.
Absolutely insane.
And it's meant to start a civil war.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and talk about how the globalists are moving their armored fortresses and how that's the key to letting them know that they better stop their assault.
If people wake up to the assault, they will stop.
If people go along with it, they will accelerate.
Very simple.
Bowing to them is what got us in this position.
We must have courage.
We must trust in God.
We must then take action and throw caution to the wind, because caution got us here.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
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You choose
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Next segment, I'm going to lay out the globalist covert war.
They're undeclared war against humanity, and now we've got to fight it, and we've got to identify those involved in it, let them know that they will pay for what they've done, and to give them, you know, a chance to stop, to have an armistice, to have a ceasefire with these people.
But if you can't address them straight up, they do not respect you.
And so we're going to be talking about that coming up next segment.
You know, I tried to do a plug earlier.
I barely plugged last hour.
I need to plug or we're not going to be here on air.
And plus everything that we're selling and promoting here is really excellent at countering the globalists.
Everything we have is something that is symbiotic and very, very good.
So now they've announced all over the world contact tracers are coming to your house.
I have friends and family that have got messages on their phones that you were near someone who may have had COVID-19.
They don't even have apps on their phones to do that.
It's just being sent to them as emergency alert systems.
Google got the contract in the state I live in, in Texas, for billions of dollars to administer it.
And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and, of course, the Clinton Global Initiative are involved in training the operatives that are going to be coming to your house looking for information to report you back to the health department and CPS.
So I would not let them in your house, but I would also not threaten them or be mean to them, or they will file, again, false reports on you.
These are the leading edge of getting used to a federal security force just as big and just as strong as our military, to quote Barack Obama.
Coming to your home.
And the doorway into all of this is the smartphone.
That's how they create the fake probable cause or the reasonable suspicion to claim someone that was near this nebulous virus was close to you, so now you've got to quarantine your home.
And already millions of people in the UK, with no announcement, got messages and said, stay in your home.
Even if they didn't have a government app, it's hardwired into all the phones, they're getting the messages.
I've been telling you for a year, and we've sold a lot of them because of it.
We've been selling them for a very long time, over a decade.
We have high quality Faraday cages that have about a 99% ability to block where you are and what you're doing.
If you're right under a cell phone tower, if you're right there underneath a cell phone tower,
It might go through the Faraday cage, but if you're not right under it, it's not going to happen.
So in live time, when you're driving down the road, or walking down the road, or bicycling down the road, the cell towers, doesn't have to be 5G, but they all do it, are pinging your GPS location and triangulating off of their tower locations, you down to about three feet.
That was put into federal law in 1996, that by 2000, all phones would have that, and all the world is the same system.
So you put the iPhone, you put the Droid, whatever it is inside there, you close it.
That makes you use the phone less.
But if you want to take photos, you want to call somebody, you want to do a voice memo, whatever.
Because even if you have all the apps turned off, they're still watching and listening to you.
So you take it out of its cage when you want to use it like a dangerous rattlesnake.
Or a bull you've got in the pen.
You don't just let the bull walk around your living room.
You don't just let the rattlesnake out in your bedroom or whatever, or your backyard.
You have it in a cage.
So you cage the beast to start weaning yourself off of it.
I'm going on vacation next week.
I'm not taking the damn thing.
I'm taking a flip phone.
Not that I've done anything wrong, I'm just training myself to get away from them.
Because they have a lot of great Trojan horse uses.
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So, every order of the Privacy Pouch gets all these stickers in it, so get yours right now.
So how do you get humanity under your thumb?
How do you get them to accept a world ID and have a phone to track everywhere you go and have to have deadly shots that are experimental to be able to have a job or go to the grocery store?
Well, you terrorize the public, you have a bunch of talking heads get up there and gaslight everyone they need to do it.
But then you learn that the media pundits and the government people aren't taking the shots.
You learn they're not social distancing, they're having parties, they're on private jets because they're exempt.
And that's the key to any successful tyranny is that the establishment has to be separate from the proletariat.
If they can be separate and divide and conquer the proletariat is part two.
If they can be separate from the way they make us live,
If they can even make us forget they even exist in their forbidden cities, and then they can divide and conquer us and make us fight with each other and be distracted with bread and circuses, like the Olympics, well then they can really carry out draconian activities against us if we don't have an ethos, if we don't have a sense of who we are, if we don't have a direction.
And if you look at America and the world, what's the best way to describe America or Europe?
We're anywhere else in the world right now.
We are lost.
And they have all these big globalists that have these big official eugenics meetings at the Wall Street Journal and the London Guardian.
They all tell you about it.
They come out and they say, we need to set up world government to depopulate the planet.
And then Klaus Schwab, who was the head of the UN Program for Biodiversity and Sustainability, he goes and sets up the working group for the Davos Group, which is like the corporate arm of the UN, and the World Economic Forum, where they get all the corporations on board for how they're supposed to behave, and then they'll get all the PR, and they'll get all the bank money, and they'll be the dominant force.
And that's how you get all the corporations pulling in the same direction.
Absolutely monstrous.
And so the UN is about corporate power transcending the nation-state and getting rid of the values of the individuals and the people and only having the values of the globalists.
And what is that?
They want depopulation.
They want us out of the way.
And so you see Klaus Schwab bragging, oh, it's been so wonderful to have no one out during the lockdowns.
It was so good for the earth, so good for the animals.
Then he's on other TV shows going, it's so sorry people are starving to death because of the lockdown.
Once you take an app and the vaccine, we will let you go out again.
But then as soon as that started, he went, oh, new variants.
As I predicted a year and a half ago, we can't let you.
And now a common cold or one death in Australia, the whole country goes under lockdown.
And it's all based on a fraud.
You say thousands of suicides, thousands dying from not getting medical treatment.
Shut up!
You'll be banned on every platform.
You won't have any free speech if you talk about that and logic.
Well fine, I'll use my text messages.
Oh no, we're going to control those now too.
So there's no end to this.
But there's a big article Paul Joseph Watson wrote that I asked him to put together this morning, he did a great job, that deals with this, that's on Infowars.com.
Billionaires segregate themselves on luxury private islands as ordinary people told they can't travel.
And why is this important?
They set up deals in the Caribbean, they set up deals in the Pacific, everywhere, where they don't let the general public in for the last year.
And now they're saying, oh, they're going to extend it again.
Oh, a new variant hit Fiji.
And it really turns out that thousands of billionaires have moved there
They set up camp with their jumbo jets and their 1,000-foot and 800-foot and 200-foot yachts, and that it's ghost towns in the islands that even have populations they've taken over because there were no jobs for those people.
They've all left and moved on.
They even bring their own staff.
They don't even hire anybody when they come.
And now they're buying up all the islands so they don't have to be around us while we collapse, while we riot, while we starve to death, and while they release bioweapons that they claim are because the unvaccinated didn't take their shots.
That's in the next phase.
Billionaires segregate themselves on luxury private islands as ordinary people told they can't travel.
And one of them, Larry Page, it turns out, got really upset when it was discovered that he lived on one of the islands in the last year and a half.
And that's why everything's on Zoom, because it's a Chinese company they work with to surveil us.
They built back doors in it.
So Larry Page is sitting there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean while you're locked up in your 200 square foot coffin apartment and you never even know where Larry Page is.
And he doesn't want all his people knowing he's out there living in luxury or that Ted Turner's living on his 100,000 acre ranch or Bill Gates is living on his, you know, millions of acres.
It's all in the article.
But they also have what they call Blue Lane.
That's the name of it in Fiji, but it's the same everywhere, where they come and buy off the local politicians, the big tech money, which is just the big banker money, the private intelligence money, and they come and they buy them off, and then they just keep the country locked down so that no one's there.
So they're already putting you in prison.
They're putting you in a digital prison.
They're telling you you're not essential.
They're not just making people commit suicide or cutting them off from regular medical care.
They're not just suppressing all the known 99% effective treatments for things like COVID-19.
They're suppressing where they live and where they are because you see, and it's known when world depopulation is happening and hundreds of millions are starving to death in the new lockdown they're announcing, not tens of millions extra, people are going to understand who did this and who killed them.
And then it was Big Tech got together with Klaus Schwab and the UN to come up with this plan to force us onto AI, to make us obsolete, to double and triple the profits of Big Tech that administers the shutdown.
So they get all the money, all the power, all the privacy, all the control, all the everything.
They get to guinea pig test all this mRNA technology on us en masse.
Well, telling us they're doing it all to save the Earth and saying, boy, this has worked so good, we need carbon shutdowns every year or so to save the Earth.
So they've appointed themselves as savers of the Earth.
So why is Larry Page and all the rest of these guys, I'm not singling him out, Eric Schmidt, all of them, why are they so upset?
Because it's in the articles.
They had state-run media come in and shut down local press that reported he lived there.
He gets his privacy.
Larry Page spies on you.
Mark Zuckerberg spies on you.
You don't get speech.
You get censored.
You don't get medical care.
You're not essential.
Your daughter or son commits suicide.
You die of fentanyl.
Your brother, your mother, in a nursing home, dies from lack of being, you know, your parents die in the hospital.
You can't come see them for a year and a half.
Seeing what you'll put up with, because you're a good person, being told by them, oh, you're saving the world by doing this, while they're out, like George Jetson, flying around on jet copters and spacesuits and hydrofoil surfboards.
Wall of Hawaii, there he is in Kauai.
Kauai's all shut down, but he's not shut down, he's got 10,000 acres.
He's Mark Zuckerberg.
And of course, World Bank coronavirus aid comes with conditions for imposing extreme lockdowns, reveals the President of Belarus.
And of course, you know what happened to him after he didn't go along with them?
And what happened to all those African leaders when they didn't go along with it?
Or what happened to the Haiti leader?
I mean, this is a brutal, aggressive, systematic evil, but they can't get away with carrying out this type of economic assault, and shutting down the world economy, and starving people who doesn't mask, if they're identified, if their program is understood.
You know what happened?
And so you see all the useful idiots, all the well-meaning people, all the left that went out and got their shots, wore their masks, and said, now can I come outside?
They said, no, you can't, because they don't respect you because you don't stand up for yourself.
So I would say anybody that's got money and got the time, I'm tempted to do it, should go to Fiji, and go to Kauai, and go to all these places, and don't do anything illegal.
But just set up shop, let folks know they're there, shoot reports about it, and say, hey, the folks killing everybody, the folks locking down the world, they're out on their yachts right now.
See their plane flyover?
That's the mansion they're in right now.
See their helicopter?
All you retirees, former military folks, former FBI agents that aren't bad guys, hey, let's see who you are!
Let's see you take your damn money out of the stupid bank, stop watching TV all day, and let's see you go to these places.
Because I snuck into Bohemian Grove, I snuck into Bilderberg, I'm not that smart and I've already hurt these people bad.
And you know what?
If I gotta do it, I'll do it.
But I'm just saying they need to know we're watching them because they don't like it.
And they need to know they better back off and stop killing us right now.
They're already gonna go to hell.
They're already dog crap.
I don't want any harm done to these people.
I've turned them into a victim.
But I want them identified.
I want them identified.
Because we're gonna have Nuremberg 2 if they keep pushing it.
All right, we've got one of the main doctors who's involved in the lawsuit that's been filed with whistleblowers showing much higher death rates than even the VAERS reporting system has shown.
Next hour, Dr. Brian Artis.
You do not want to miss this interview.
Even new information has just come out today.
Caught CDC deletes thousands of COVID vaccine deaths.
That's on InfoWars.com.
It's amazing.
Now, I'm a big fan of Tommy Robinson.
He was just a father and a husband and had a tanning salon, I don't know, was it 12, 13, 14 years ago and saw Muslims grooming 10, 11 year old girls.
The families would complain they'd get attacked.
He talked about it, became a national leader, got put in jail and tortured repeatedly.
I don't
I've been financing years ago him to make films.
He made a couple of them and I just give him the money.
I don't even get money back.
I just want to see that information come out.
That was back a few years ago when I had a little bit extra money around here.
I've told you I've financed hundreds of different organizations and groups.
Most of the time you don't even know about it.
That's where your support goes.
Where I'm going with this is, is that I'm not my brother's keeper.
I don't know all the details of this case.
I've just been following it.
You saw the headlines yesterday.
Tommy Robinson loses libel case.
And then I remembered a year ago the big case of evil English young man, call him a man because he's a teenager, water-boiled a baby boy.
It was like a, I guess, a 17-year-old Syrian refugee.
And so Robinson went and interviewed the locals, found out a different story, talked about it.
They had a rigged trial, they've gagged him now, but he's got a film coming out about it.
He asked me to take the trailer down yesterday that, you know, we'd already had and already had ready, and I said no, because I still live in a free country.
I'm not mad at Tommy.
I understand why.
The judge is threatening with prison again.
So he's a real political prisoner.
This is bigger than Tommy Robbins, though.
I want to be clear with all this huge news.
We're not just here because he lost a libel case.
That's how they're trying to shut me up.
They totally rigged these things.
But it did come out that what he was saying was basically true and then some.
And I mean, you see how when racist black guys attack people, they call it a white supremacist.
I mean, literally, you've seen the Asian attacks in New York.
They say that's white supremacism.
They have marches against it when it's all black on Asian.
And I'm not attacking blacks.
I mean, Tommy has made a lot of the white supremacists mad at him because he's made big friends with the Sikhs and the Indians and the nice Africans that aren't radical Muslims in the UK.
He's really been a unifier.
So I've seen some of the far right wing even mad at him.
I think Tommy's a great guy, but Tommy, instead of getting into this case, and we haven't talked since yesterday, but if there's a gag on you, I don't know what the point is, because I haven't talked to you since, I don't have any details, because I'm not under this gag, but where have you been for a year?
What has it been like?
And then I want to talk to you, because Paul Watson had a meeting he had to go to, so he couldn't come on, about getting all the millions of pings, where people are being told in ping
Thanks for joining us.
No, thanks Alex.
The last year, the last year, the last couple of years have been difficult for me.
Not just have I faced imprisonment twice, solitary confinement for months on end.
I was diagnosed when I came out of there with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
At the same time I was in prison, they went and gave intelligence that my wife was going to be attacked with acid.
Then I come out of prison.
Then to do with this case here,
This case here was about, as you've said, it was about a Syrian refugee in a school in the north of England.
When this case blew up, I stuck by the truth.
I was the only journalist in the country who told the truth.
Lots of people come up saying things, but then they deleted their comments.
Now, when this happened, I went to a Muslim lawyer called Mohammed Akunji,
Went and actively sought to hire a lead Antifa activist.
He then handed, on camera, my children's and my wife's home address to the Antifa activists.
They videoed it.
The solicitor, they agree you're going to live stream it.
I'm not even in the country.
So the plan is, you're going to live stream where Tommy's children and wife are, yeah?
Now this solicitor, when I've gone back through, it's all in the film, yeah?
I've gone back through, and at the Christmas, police come to me, they sat me down in the house with my family, and they said, there is intent by far-left extremists to kill you.
They have armed themselves, they even named the machine gun that they believe they've armed themselves with.
This was the police intelligence, I've got the video in the doc of the police giving me this.
When this goes online, the first person to comment on that is a solicitor called Mohammed Akundu.
So he knows there's a serious Osmond threat of murder against my family.
He, just six weeks later, actively searches out and hires an Antifa extremist to come to my house.
I'm in the country, that man goes to my house... Is that the guy on screen for TV viewers that says, I'm gonna get your kids?
That's him, I'm going to kill your kids, yeah?
I know you're a tough guy and I'm not a wimp either.
I would not have that guy come to my house and threaten my kids.
He'd be in some big trouble.
I think he's lucky you haven't run into him, isn't he?
No, Alex, when you hear this, and you'll see it in the film, when you get a chance... So that man comes to my house, he threatens to kill my kids, yeah?
I come home, and the way he done it, and how publicly done it, I'm not stupid, and I know how much they're out to get me.
It's a setup.
I go into my house, I'm raging, I find out where he lives, I find out his name, I find out everything about him.
Because every father wants to protect their kids, and every father wants to deal with someone who does that.
So then I find that out.
I then get a phone call from someone who had sort of built a security relationship with me, saying, Tommy, I know where he is.
Do you want me to serve him up?
Do you want me to go and light the place up?
And straight away, my head went, and I said, no, I don't.
No, I don't want you to do that, yeah?
And then my friends come around my house as well.
And the police will know the reaction people will have.
So my friends come around my house and said, you've got to do something about that, yeah?
You've got to do something about it.
And there's video footage of this.
The next day... So they were trying to set you up?
The next day I leave my house, yeah?
And I see round the side a Mercedes van.
So I pull up next to it, and this is all on camera.
I pull up next to it, and the bloke looks at me.
And I look at it, and I pull up next to it, and he's facing his friend.
So I don't move.
And I look, and he turns round, looks at me, looks back at his friend.
And then he undoes his window, and he goes, All right, Tommy.
He goes, Fucking hell, what are you- And I said, Oh, all right, Tommy, what are you doing here, mate?
He said, Oh, I'm just having my lunch break.
I said, Lunch break from what?
What's your job?
He said, I'm a plumber.
I said, Which house are you plumbing in, then?
And he just looked at his mate.
I said, you're not a plumber.
So I jumped out of my car.
As soon as he went to start the ignition.
And there's a video of this.
I stand in front of his van.
I say, what are you doing?
And who are you?
Because there's threats against my family.
I want to know who you are.
And he says, Tommy, put the phone down.
Put the phone down.
So I put the phone down and come out to the side of his van.
So I'm not filming his face.
He identifies himself as a police officer.
He says, we're not here for you.
We're not here for you.
I then go around and I rip open the back of his van.
I rip it open.
And it's a full set.
We're good to go.
It brings the unholy alliance, how they all work together.
And when you see what happened, he comes and threatens to kill my children, then I'm supposed to react.
I didn't react.
In fact, that night, I went round to one of their houses and knocked on his door.
I can see he's coming.
I knocked on his door on my own.
Six of them come to my house.
I knocked on my own, I videoed it and said, Mike, you think it's funny scaring my kids?
Come outside.
If you think it's funny scaring my kids.
That's just one part of the film that the court is trying to not release.
Let's stay there.
We've got it.
You say the word, we're going to release it.
But you're telling me not to.
Well, that's what the globalist minions want.
But the real ones in control want to depopulate the planet Earth.
We'll be covering that more after
Our guest leaves us.
Coming up in the third hour, we have Dr. Brian Artis involved with the International Doctors Group that's involved in the lawsuits exposing the fact that they're covering up the real numbers of deaths way above even what is on the VAERS reporting system.
This is life and death intel.
The globalists are fully committed to their depopulation operation.
We've got to expose and fight them now or roll over and die.
As for me, I'm accelerating
To attack speed, ladies and gentlemen.
I am not backing down one percent.
In fact, I am jamming the pedal down all the way.
Balls to the walls.
Okay, so, Tom, we covered that.
That was a year ago.
You have the video.
You've made the film.
What can you say?
What is the gag order?
I mean, I can pull the trigger right now and release the film.
You told me yesterday you don't do it.
What's going on?
I just said, Alex, if you give me four weeks, give me four weeks, I'm going to look at the injunction.
I've been given an injunction that prohibits me.
So basically, I produce the court with so much evidence, undercover recordings of the head teacher, undercover recordings of the head of the isolation unit, dinner ladies, all staff members at the school, all of them making lots of accusations against the Syrian refugee, OK, all of them.
Then I produced a court with five witnesses, children, who come to court.
I produced a court with
Evidence from emails, correspondence from council members.
I produce all of this evidence and what basically the injunction does is prevents the public seeing the evidence.
Because let me just say, I've seen the films since yesterday.
I knew it was sitting in our computer.
I'm so busy.
I'm just waiting to release it.
So I see stuff once it's released.
I trust people that do work for us.
I'm so busy.
I went last night and watched it.
Blew me away.
You talk about proving what you said.
This is going to so discredit that court and the whole system.
I mean, they're saying like a little kid got waterboarded and that you got all the video and the witnesses of him beating the living hell out of people.
Mate, I said, so when I, so I have a camera watching me.
Obviously I've sent you the video.
I'll send it straight away.
So at 10 o'clock, I received my verdict at 10 a.m.
in the morning.
When I received it, I went, right.
We've done it, yeah?
And I said, you may be thinking, I've lost, I should be sad.
I said, but no.
We have the evidence that the council paid teachers not to tell the truth.
We have it on recordings from multiple teachers, okay?
That's what we have.
Specifically, they mention hush money to prevent them telling the truth about Jamal.
That's what they say.
All because of political correctness, they got a cover-up for the precious Muslims.
Yeah, they closed the school down, they shut their... all the teachers lost their jobs.
But we have that.
We then have the chair of governors and we have a teacher, the head teacher, on camera telling us that they sat down with the media and they told the media the truth but they would not report it.
That's what we have.
So we prove in the film.
Originally, if I'd have won the court case, we wouldn't prove what we were about to prove.
If I won the court case, we'd prove corruption of the media, corruption of the council.
Now, when I lost the case, I said,
And now, and the start of the documentary, as you've seen, is me saying, what you're about to watch, there's no grey area here, you're going to see what the judge saw, yeah?
And you will make your mind up on who has told the truth.
You will see evidence, you will see proof, you will see evidence, you will see witnesses, you will see everything.
And then now, because he's ruled against me, now I will prove to you, the British public, the only court, the only court I'm really bothered about is the court of public opinion.
And the core of public opinion will watch this film and categorically know that our highest court in the land, our judicial system, is corrupt as well.
If it wasn't proven in my last previous case.
When I got the result, I look at the camera.
So I was happy.
You've seen it.
The start of my documentary is, here we go, press play, you're going to witness it all, yeah?
I mean, let me tell you why I admire you.
You're the first major guy that exposed the Muslim grooming gangs they call Asian grooming gangs.
They literally let Muslims rape, torture, kill women, little girls, because they're Muslim.
I mean, it's this political correctness, but we know that there are procurers who are British and Anglo
That are also working with them.
They're just out getting the girls for them.
So they let the Muslims become the pimps for the ruling class.
And you expose that, and the system has really come after you.
You're a hero, brother.
I'm not a fair weather friend.
I'm not a sunshine patriot.
I'm a winter soldier.
And we're with you, brother.
So you say the word, we're going to release that documentary.
I'm not saying you're going to puss out, because I know you told me, oh, I've got another version.
I've got to see if the courts can let me do it.
If you puss out, I'm gonna release the other version.
There's nothing I can do about that.
There's nothing I can do about that.
As I've said, I've said to the court that I'll be- Oh wait, I apologize.
You've been through more than I have.
I don't mean literally puss out, but you know what I mean.
No, I know what you mean.
I'm in a situation where I'm bound again.
Do you know the craziest things your viewers understand?
So you understand what's coming.
You were just on about grooming gangs.
The local council, the head of the council who's paying people not to tell the truth,
His name is Shabbir Pandor, okay?
Shabbir Pandor, that's his name.
Did you see the protests in Batley, to your viewers?
There was protests in England outside a school because a teacher showed a cartoon of Muhammad.
And that teacher is now in hiding for his life because mobs of Muslims come outside the school.
Those mobs of Muslims were left by Mufti Pandor.
That Mufti Pandur, the imam, is the brother of Shabbir Pandur, who's in charge of the entire council, okay?
So that imam is the brother of Shabbir Pandur.
Now the imam travelled from a place called Batli to protest outside the school of Jamal and he brought a mob of merry Muslim thugs with him to protest against the kids' school.
Now this is where it gets really dirty.
Because where the imam says, and you've seen the footage, I stand outside the imam's house,
And I say, in the last 12 months, within a 2 mile radius of where I am, 99 Pakistani Muslim men have been arrested for the rape of young girls.
One of those men's name?
So we have Pandor, this is in the same area, we have Pandor the rapist.
Alex Rapist, we have Pandor the Mufti, the Imam, and we have Pandor, the Councillor, in charge of the Council.
This is the unholy alliance and I bring it all together in this film to show people.
And do you know the craziest thing?
We do a Google search.
We check, okay?
So 99 arrests in his town.
What has the Mufti had to say about that?
Not a single word.
But he's come out on protest against right-wing organisations who have been protesting over it.
So then we check Councillor Pandor.
What was Councillor Pandor in charge of the entire council?
Bearing in mind all the young victims and white English children who were raped by them, yeah?
They were all known to his council.
They were vulnerable when they were taken by the gangs and raped.
They knew who they were.
What has he had to say about grooming gangs?
He said, oh, that's in the past.
That's his only comment.
His only comment on it is that's in the past.
So then we look at the other Muslim councillor who's been very prominent about the Bailey Jamal story.
And he doesn't say anything either.
So that's three lead Muslims who all of them said that this water over the child's head, they went wild.
They didn't shut up about it.
They protested outside schools about it.
This was the biggest situation.
Do you know why this was the biggest situation?
Because at the moment...
Raping 11-year-old girls and then killing them and feeding them to people out of a kebab shop, that actually happened, that's okay.
Raping and killing English girls, cutting them up, selling their meat, that's liberal and good, but a guy that's beating people up, somebody finally grabs him, dumps some water in his face in a playground, and they just crap themselves and run around bitching and complaining all day.
These are the same people, type of folks that strap suicide bombs on five-year-olds.
Alex, at that moment, at that moment when that bottle of water was poured all over him, in Kirklees Council, that town, in that town run by Shabbir Pandore, was the biggest grooming scandal in our country's history.
The biggest one in our history.
At that moment.
Well stay there, I'm gonna close up on this with you, Tommy, stay there.
But listen, it doesn't matter if the whole British government's against you, it doesn't matter, the whole system is God's watching and you helped expose that and stop massive raping.
So it doesn't matter what they say, you're a hero, they're gonna burn in hell, stay with us.
Tommy Robinson is saying it's hard to believe all this happened, but he has it on tape, I've seen it.
But it's not hard to believe.
FBI attempts to do damage control after
Initiating Whitmer kidnapping plot.
That's mainstream news headlines.
Turns out they recorded it all, they set it all up, and then the goon FBI agents were dumb enough in discovery to not even cover up the recordings of them talking about how they were going to frame people, talking about how they were going to set them up, and then threatening people to make threatening comments where they weren't real men.
And then on top of them in discovery being so lazy, giving them the audio files of them admitting they rigged it all and set up the plot, which we already knew.
Then the guy breaks his wife's skull because she got mad.
I guess she wouldn't let a bunch of dudes have sex with her in a sex dungeon.
Can't make that up.
I mean, he smashed her head in.
Turns out he's beat her up quite a bit, reportedly.
But he just, and you look at him, remember, you look at this guy, I mean, he looks like what you'd see on death row in a Supermax prison.
And that's who the FBI hires, and that's who they are now.
Are there some good ones?
Yeah, probably.
But, I mean, it's like saying, is there something useful in a landfill?
I mean, there might be something there.
But that's who the FBI is now.
That's what they've really turned into at the top, at least in this guy.
And we know they set up the whole Governor Whitmer thing to make her look good during a martial law lockdown.
And these same FBI agents got attached and sent to run the Capitol event on January 6th to provocateur that!
So I'm going to play a part of that newscast in a minute.
You've been basically off the radar for a year.
We've talked, I guess, a few times last year.
I'm glad that you're back.
You're back.
You're back.
I'd love to do a whole commercial-free, hour-long interview and talk about all the stuff you've been through and all the videos of Antifa attacking you and you fighting back and all the amazing things you've done.
And by the way, if you choose not to put the film out,
It's not pussing out.
You've been to jail, they've set you up, they've done all this to you.
It's just the vindication in that film, and then to know that they ruled against you and claim you owe them 800,000 pounds or something, it sounds like a million and a half dollars, is just ridiculous.
It's just amazing.
Alex, the film proves everything.
So, look, Panadrama, I made Panadrama, which proved the BBC were making up stuff about me, it proved they were working with far-left extremist organisations, it proved they were using intimidating tactics as well as sexual abuse against people in order to get information off them, it proved it all, okay?
And it took down and ended John Sweeney's career, okay?
That was Panadrama.
That was the BBC.
This blows all of that, because what this proves, it proves the alliance and all of them coordinating and working together, from the media, to the council, the government, the politicians, all of them coupled with the court.
Because there is a zero chance, which is why, unfortunately, the judge has had to make this injunction, because otherwise he will look ridiculous.
Because if the public are allowed to, and do you know what winds me, Alex?
Is everyone says I've been in court a lot of times.
I have, yeah?
I think I've been in court a lot of times.
Yeah, you've been fighting, that's how they come after you.
Yeah, but the thing is, I've never had a jury.
I've never been tried
By the public, by my peers.
I've never been tried.
I've never had the opportunity for 12 members of the British public to decide my fate.
This trial was by one single judge.
One single judge has decided, and what this judge, just to comment again, what the judge has decided is that the undercover recordings of the head teacher, isolation teacher, the dinner lady, the staff, the school staff, the five witnesses who traveled to court, one of these witnesses, so people understand, one of these witnesses is a young girl, she got 13 top A GCSE grades, she got the top you can get.
In her school records, which I said- She's a valedictorian.
In her school record, which I read out, her teacher comments that she is the only pupil in her year not to have a negative grade, negative opinion of anything.
Nothing negative.
Not one disciplinary, nothing.
Not been late, not talked in lesson, nothing.
Not one.
She's now studying law.
She has an unblemished school record.
Had nearly 100 disciplinary actions in 12 months.
Fighting, truancy, multiple for lying.
He, the judge, has decided that this girl has randomly made it up.
But not just this girl, another witness, child.
And she's the one that he hit in the back of the head with a cricket bat, right?
I'm not allowed to talk about any of those allegations.
I'm not allowed to talk about specifically any of the allegations because I'll end up in jail.
Because Muslims are perfect, they're little angel kicks.
Alright, there's one place people can find you.
We're going to have you back on soon.
As soon as you want to come on, Tommy.
You can always open the door.
How do people find you?
There's one place they can find you that's legitimate, Tommy Robinson, all the other stuff's fake.
At the minute, Tommy Robinson news on Telegram.
I've been hoping and waiting for... This documentary, this film, yeah, was about to be a relaunch because after this film, Alex, I've got footage which I've worked on for the last 12 to 18 months.
I've spent time in the city, getting to know grooming victims, getting to know their families.
Yeah, well that's what I finance and I'm not mad, but that's what I paid for and I'm not mad, just yeah, I want to see that film.
So you've got a home on Telegram and you've got a home at Bandop Video.
And soon, I've been in talks with a new company, so I will be employed by a new media company soon.
It's just that now this setback, I've got to look at this injunction, I've got to look at the laws and the gagging order.
I want to expose child kidnapping rings that you confirmed, this is real, you hear all this QAnon stuff and everything, but this is real, you did it, I know it's still going on, I back you, and I will put it out, and I will not back down.
Alex, wait until you see what I have.
And I've already got it, yeah?
I've already got it.
I have got the highest level of corruption.
I've got the police officers named.
I've got the accusations... Tommy, you always deliver, I have no doubt.
So, when do I get my grooming film that I financed three years ago?
You've been a political prisoner, attacked, you know, everything.
I'm not mad.
When do we get that?
I get it.
Because I want to sink these bastards.
I want to get them.
So, all we were waiting on was the stings.
The final stings are where I'm going to let you, the world, know who these men are, where their businesses are.
You're going to know every single thing about them and they're going to be very public.
Um, and that is what I was waiting on, and COVID messed that up, because a lot of the restrictions we had in the UK has prevented our ability to do that.
And at the same time as that then, this trial landed.
And this trial landed- Exactly, that's where you've been the last years, under lockdown.
That's my closing- and I gotta go, there's other guests on.
What is this, where they're taking over your phones and saying, stay there, and millions of Brits are getting these messages?
It looks like lockdown 2.0 is already there.
Well, so many people who are employed are not
Angry about it, because they're getting paid to just be at home, yeah?
It's like, they're getting paid.
So many people, who this is affecting is the small business owner, yeah?
What this will affect will be the populism, okay?
That's what it will affect.
It will affect the people of populism, the small business owner, the hard-working man, the men that have the small business that are succeeding.
It's about, I think, it's about destroying all of them.
Destroying all of them, keeping everyone at one stage, and the massive corporations, which they are,
They're allowed to stay open.
Amazon's allowed to stay open the whole time.
The biggest corporations have always been open.
They've been doubling their profits, doubling everything, while the small average working man with a business or working woman with her own business has been crippled.
But the average worker
They're happy.
They're happy.
Tommy, I love you.
Come back again with us next week.
I love you.
I'll talk to you after the show today.
God bless you.
There he goes.
He just completely, thank you, he just completely nailed it.
Big tech created this to double, triple their profit.
It bankrupts all the small shops.
The average person stays home and gets the welfare check, but there'll be no job or business after that.
And now the globalists can dictate total control over you and your family.
That's why you got to keep InfoWars on the air.
Because we're going to put out the Tommy Robinson films and nobody else will.
And we're going to have the experts on.
We're going to infiltrate Bohemian Grove again, probably.
We're going to do it all.
I'm going to fight harder than I've ever fought because every day could be my last show.
That's why I need your financial support.
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Live, raw, and uncensored.
We're into hour number three of the Alex Jones broadcast.
Dr. Brian Artis is going to be joining us.
With huge news coming up.
But I said this months ago when the FBI tried to hatch a plot to attack the globalist governor of Michigan to make her look good during her martial law and all of her corruption.
I said then, I said, God is going to work against these people.
We don't want to have any violence against the FBI, any violence against Larry Page or Serge Brin or Bill Gates.
God's going to deal with them.
But pray for justice.
And then you need to work hard and fight corruption yourself.
You know, Faith Without Works is dead.
But we've got this very, very important report here from the local news in Michigan with this FBI agent.
Uh, who just basically almost beat his wife's brains out because I guess she didn't like the sex party they were at.
The sex operation.
And that's who these guys are.
I mean, look at him, he looks like a pirate.
This guy looks like, you know, he's gonna rob you at a gas station.
Like, he's gonna be in a Supermax prison.
I mean, he looks like a white supremacist.
I'm not saying he is, but, you know, they say all of us that love America are white supremacists.
So, oh, uh, judge denies bond for FBI agent accused of child sex crimes in multiple parishes raping little kids.
So, uh, you know, it's a sex cult now.
Here it is.
We are talking about the FBI special agent at the center of the case against more than a dozen men in the plot to kidnap and kill the governor.
His criminal case could hurt his credibility.
It was a lot of personal bonds allowed to walk out where my client, who committed no violence, started at $10 million.
Nicholas Somburg referring to his client, 26-year-old Joseph Morrison, one of a total of 14 men accused at the state and federal level in the plot to kidnap and kill Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
The most specific thing he said was when he said, one, two, three, four, I'm going through Governor Whitmer's daughter.
Sounds like a poem to me.
Would you agree?
Well, at the end of the day, when you put together a team that didn't, in fact, plan to go through your door, it, I think, takes on a little more context.
But that's just going to go to their character and their credibility.
Look at the guys they're hiring.
These aren't Boy Scouts.
These aren't clean-cut people.
They're going to swingers' parties and beating their wives, which is worse than my client ever did.
And Somburg claims poke even more holes in the case against his client.
Morrison is accused of making a terrorist threat and hosting live militia training at his Munith property.
Keep moving!
But his attorney says FBI informants can be heard on recorded phone calls pushing Adam Fox, the so-called ringleader of the plot, to train at his client's house.
He insisted on doing it with other FBI agents in the background, telling him what to say.
And this was after my client had already told him, no, he's crazy, he's a loose cannon, I don't want to deal with him.
That's why Somberg filed an entrapment motion at the state level.
He feels the criminal charges FBI agent Richard Task is now facing will help his client's case, but feels their defense is strong without it.
It came out that there's a dozen informants that came out as well.
So how many informants do you need until it's actually your plot?
And now you've sort of become the criminal that you're trying to stop.
Attorney Sonberg says they are still waiting for a response from the Attorney General's Office on their motion to dismiss the state charges on the grounds of entrapment.
They're expected to be back in court on the 23rd.
Well, these charges are going to make it tough for the FBI agent Trask.
Man, the FBI goes one place to set people up, and that's Michigan.
There's a lot of good old boys, sit around, drink some beer.
Remember the Hattari militia?
They said if the UN took over and killed the local police, what would they do?
And they said, I guess we'll have to fight the UN.
All indicted for talking bad about the UN.
Meanwhile, of course, they're at sex parties.
Believe me, that's the tip of the iceberg with these guys.
Devil worship!
Okay, we had an MIT scientist on yesterday, and psychiatrist did a great job breaking down what's going on.
But now we've got Dr. Brian Artis, and I'm not going to go over his whole bio, that would take an hour to cover.
You can find out about that at Telegram, at the Dr. Artis Show, website thedrartisshow.com, artislabs.com.
But he got really into investigating hospital corruption issues and problems when his father-in-law became ill-advised hospital protocols and got
Really sick over it.
Again, in early 2020, he lost his father-in-law because of ill-advised hospital protocols.
And you know that hundreds of thousands die a year just of infections, and then hundreds of thousands more end up dying from bad drugs, you name it.
But that's a whole other subject, but that's how he really got involved in the fight.
And everything he's talking about already dovetails with stuff we see breaking in the news.
Here's a big story from yesterday evening that's on the front page of Infowars.com.
Just scroll halfway down to find it.
CDC deletes thousands of COVID vaccine deaths.
We're going to lay this out here today, but here's some of the articles that tie into Dr. Brian Arliss.
Huge health whistleblower.
Says at least 45,000 people have died from experimental COVID jabs in new lawsuit.
That's what we've been talking about all week.
American frontline doctor falls motion for a restraining order against child COVID vaccines.
That's who we're talking to right now.
He's part of the same group.
So very important things that are unfolding.
Whistleblower comes forward.
We're gonna tell you about the whistleblower now in lawsuit against HHS.
Attorney tells Big Tech
On censorship, you are complicit in causing death.
So I've watched their press conferences, I've seen what they've said.
It has been absolutely dead on.
So I'm going to do my best to at least in the next few segments give Dr. Brian Artis the floor to start at the beginning and then lay this out for us.
Because, I mean, it's coming out that this is happening.
And they asked the Australian Prime Minister yesterday, we're having record deaths at a press conference.
And he said, well, that's your problem.
You don't have to take the shot, but they're trying to make it mandatory.
So this is the immovable object, comes into contact with an unstoppable force.
Thanks for joining us, Doc.
Great to be on your show, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
So start, start.
You're the one right in the middle of this.
The lawsuit, the whistleblowers come public now.
What was found?
I mean, this is incredible.
Yeah, so I'm actually looking at the documents here and I would love to reference this for your audience.
Nothing we're going to say here is a conspiracy or made up.
On July 19th, Thomas Renz filed actually an injunction and it was, you can find it at Renz, R-E-N-Z-Law.com.
You can also find it at InfoWars, just like you showed.
You can also find the whistleblower, which we're now calling Jane Doe.
You can find her actual sworn affidavit.
She actually declares under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct.
Her data analysis, I just want to clarify this for your audience.
There are over 11 different reporting systems into the government for vaccine injuries.
This Jane Doe has come forward, this whistleblower,
Who actually works within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
So this is the CMS part of the government.
This is for those who are elderly and those who are very poor, obviously the Medicaid and Medicare services.
Just within their data alone, she has been able to statistically see that there's upwards of 45,000 people who have died and the review on the stats was they put in the date of vaccines and only went out three days from the shots.
So within those first three days, the statistician here was able to determine it's upwards of 45,000 people have died within the first three days.
Thomas Renz?
Well, listen.
I mean, I go to the grocery store, people come over and say, my mother was in great health, 70 years old, took the shot.
She died three days later of blood clots in the brain.
Or I'm walking down the street, people pull over.
I'm in Florida.
I'm in wherever.
I'm in New York.
I'm mobbed at Central Park.
People saying their family died, young, old.
I mean, just anecdotally, this is all over the place.
And then I can open the phones up and take 100 phone calls in a row.
People saying, my brother, my sister, my son, they all died, or they had a stroke, or they're paralyzed, and Guillain-Barré is the number one search thing, and people are saying, I mean, this is crazy.
I had one family member, not close, but, you know, pretty close, cousin level, one person in my family took the shot, they got really sick from it.
Sorry, go ahead.
Oh no, it's all disgusting to me.
Anybody who's actually seen any of the interviews I have done, the whole reason why I even got into this, so I can just touch on this, my father-in-law in early February 2020, before COVID hit the States, was actually killed by ill-advised hospital protocols.
They actually shut down his kidneys, caused acute kidney failure, which led to pulmonary edema.
He drowned to death with water in his lungs.
They drowned him to death.
Because vancomycin, the antibiotic they used to treat his flu-like symptoms, which was ill-advised also, shuts down the kidneys, causes acute kidney failure, leads to water retention in the lungs, and they drowned him to death.
It is the exact same thing when they murdered him in February.
I watched in the media in May, watched all the New York doctors stating that when we start treating COVID-19 patients, we notice within the first three, four days, we've never seen a virus before behave like this.
It shuts down people's kidneys.
We not only need ventilators, we need dialysis machines.
And the story was exactly like what I witnessed in the hospitals, fought with the doctors in the hospitals here in Dallas, Texas.
They had, they escorted me out by security because they didn't want me there preaching what they were actually doing, which was poisoning him to death.
But I watched the same thing occurring in this report from the New York doctors.
Only to find out that remdesivir, when you went to the National Institutes of Health's website, Anthony Fauci was mandating remdesivir is the only treatment for COVID-19 infected patients in hospitals.
So I clicked these two research studies only to find out remdesivir was proven in the Ebola study he was quoting to actually have the highest mortality rate and death of all participants in the study for Ebola, and it was retracted and pulled from the study.
Because it killed more people than the other three experimental drugs.
But this was the drug he was now going to force on the American public.
The second study was a cohort study done by Gilead.
Gilead found on three different groups Japanese, American, and Canadian patients with COVID-19 in early March 2020.
They did a 53-person COVID-19 treatment study.
They found 22% of all people given the drug for COVID-19 within 28 days experienced acute kidney failure, multiple organ failure, 8% had to come off the drug within 5 to 10 days because it caused multiple organ failure and death.
They were dying.
This is no different than what they did with Vancomycin with my father-in-law.
It's the same thing they did with Remdesivir, and I'm convinced.
They went into the media immediately to let everybody know.
No one's looking at the studies Fauci's quoting.
They're in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Go look!
They pulled it from the study six months in.
It was a year-long study on Ebola.
Well, for me, that's what's crazy, because everything they say is a lie.
What do you think's really happening here, Doc?
Well, it's obvious that no one cares.
The people up in the echelons, the leaders in our government and health agencies, they obviously don't care if they kill you or not.
They obviously don't care if they poison you to death, and they obviously don't care to do it to your children.
I don't know if you've seen the list.
I've reviewed this with Stu Peters on your show a few weeks ago, but on October 22nd, there was the FDA documents that they released two months before the shots came out, and it includes a list of 110 different diseases they know can come as a result of side effects from the coming shots.
One of these is multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children.
Alex, there's already reported almost 5,000 reports of these conditions in children to the CDC.
Go to CDC.gov and type in MIS-C.
It's only in children.
And the Mayo Clinic states on their website that MIS-C, which has never existed before 2020, it is severe inflammation of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, kidneys, digestive system, brain, even the eyes in children.
And then it states what are the complications with this?
They can lead to severe problems with vital organs such as the heart, lungs, or kidneys.
And in cases, you can die.
CDC's already reported upwards of 40 kids have already been reported dying from MIS-C, which is a known side effect of the shots.
And now they want to push this on kids come the fall, everyone five year old and older in America.
These people obviously don't care that they're going to destroy the lives.
And I mean that as a tongue-in-cheek, but they know what they're doing.
It's depopulation.
It's like Fauci did the UT study about vaccines caught with the spike protein causing blood clots.
They know exactly what they're doing.
So it's not that they just don't care.
They love killing us.
We'll be right back.
So if you're asking yourself, tuning into the Alex Jones Show today, how would they get away with this?
How would they try this?
Well, Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, along with a consortium of other big foundations,
Controls almost all the major health departments in the world.
The National Health Services, and they've gotten away with giving people live polio, and they've gotten away with sterilizing people, with sterilizing the vaccines.
That's mainline news.
I was on Joe Rogan's show last fall and last winter, and I mentioned that, and Joe said, hey, let's check that.
He was blown away.
There was Reuters and AP all admitting it.
These are serial killers.
They know what they're doing.
They're doing it on purpose.
And now they're saying it's the unvaccinated.
Well, this isn't even a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy.
It's our fault that we've not taken these shots.
It's our fault that, quote, it's spreading when it's all garbage.
You've done a great job, Dr. Brian Artis, getting into all this.
And I want to get into it all in the next two segments.
But now, let's get back into this first, because we have
Separate articles of them removing some days thousands of deaths a day from the VAERS reporting system.
That's what this lawsuit that you first helped break, that has broke and is confirmed has happened, gets into.
Explain to us, separate from the VAERS system, what this whistleblower is saying.
And it's all in the lawsuit, but give us your expertise.
So, you can actually look at it, like I mentioned, you can look at her declaration.
It's online, wrens-law.com or at InfoWars.
But what she is stating is, do you want to know about her specifically?
Give us your view on how big this is.
I mean, give us your, because you're a guy involved in this, you're a well-spoken guy, give us your interpretation of this.
Because a lot of folks are driving on the highway right now, you know, driving 18-wheelers, they can't read this yet, so tell us about it.
All right, so let me just tell you this.
When it comes to the reporting systems for the government, VAERS is the most common, but there's 11 others where you can actually call in, write in, and report vaccine injuries.
But you have to understand this.
Every single data point that you see, the whistleblower here mentions in her declaration that the statistics on VAERS, which at the time she posted this and wrote and signed it, it was there's 9,000 plus reported VAERS deaths from the COVID-19 shots within three days.
She says that's off by a factor of five in the CMS, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
But that is not true for me.
I believe it's off by 10 or 100 times.
And if you go and look at Harvard, Harvard did a statistical review of all data for VARs, all the reporting for vaccine injuries in 2010.
They reviewed 2008, 2009, 2010.
At the end of those three years, they found less than 1% of all vaccine injuries get reported to VARs or any government agency.
Less than 1%.
So Alex, any number that we give you that is being reported, you can add two zeros to those to get the actual real number.
I'm talking specifically in her lawsuit, she talks about other reporting systems and how they're suppressing it and how that's manifesting.
Then I have articles that have the screenshots now that have come out.
That our crew have written where they are definitely going in late at night and removing serious reports out of VAERS.
They're scared of this 1980s system when they gave them liability protection.
They put this in to at least have a reporting system.
They're very angry that this vestigial system still exists.
I did a podcast yesterday showing people how to actually get into VAERS, like how to actually go into VAERS and review the data, this government agency.
They also have it on CBC and you can use that also.
It's very easy.
You can actually just click one thing and remove anybody reporting from out of the country, any foreign reports of deaths from COVID-19.
All you gotta do is click those things and that's how they were able to retract the additional 5,000 that you see reported here.
It's very easy.
You did a great job on InfoWars showing how they were manipulating this in the media and reducing the numbers.
It is their attempt like it has been for the last 20 years I've been exposing CDC lies and cover-ups and exaggerations of numbers that did not exist.
They're doing the same thing and the opposite to try to save face, except
There is millions of people dying, millions of people with diseases that are being caused by these shots.
Well, that was my next question.
How do they think they're going to get away with this?
Because it's coming out the vaccines don't work.
It's coming out most of those dying took the vaccine.
It doesn't matter if Fauci says the opposite.
That's in the real numbers.
It seems like this is falling apart very quickly.
Oh it is, very quickly.
The UK, I don't know if you saw last week, announced that those individuals are having breakout cases now.
The US wants to report that all these breakout cases of COVID-19 are because of the unvaccinated.
Over 60% they know in the hospitals inside of UK all were double-shotted with COVID-19 shots.
That's their data.
But the United States is not reporting that.
The CDC doesn't want to tell you that.
The FDA doesn't want to tell the American public.
It is not those who have had natural immunity from being exposed to COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 as a virus.
It's actually those who have been injured immune system-wise by the mRNA tech.
It literally damages, for example, it actually destroys tumor-suppressing proteins.
That was already proven three months ago.
So it actually accelerates cancer growth.
Oh yeah, talk about that.
I showed the British government head leader scientist that is involved testing the vaccines after people have taken them, saying it gets rid of your immune system, knocks it down to one-sixth, and then I went and read his paper on it.
So they admit all this.
It destroys your immune system.
It's absolutely true.
And if anything else, if you think it's going to make it a benefit, you inject 50 billion particles of mRNA, you're going to actually get your body to create 50 million what looks like spike proteins in your own DNA.
And it's your own cells.
Then your body's going to produce 50 billion plus antibodies to attack that tissue.
That tissue is you.
It's your own DNA.
And then it's going to start attacking other tissues inside of you.
And that's why you get the blood clots.
That is why you get the blood clots.
It's shown to damage and target blood vessels and platelets, which are cells in your body.
And the globalists have done this before.
We're so powerful, we can defeat most diseases if we have the right vitamins and minerals and sunshine and all of it, and clean water.
And so, just like Fauci and others were involved in HIV, they've done it again.
They've hit us with something to turn our immune system off.
Exactly right, and I just want to touch on something real quick if I can for your audience.
There's a lot of like, I would love to thwart this agenda as much as possible.
They are injecting you with poisons, with things to change your genetics, really.
I just want you to know there's a few things, very simple, you need to do to protect your cells, as many of them as possible, from oxidative stress caused by spike proteins, caused by poisons like polyethylene glycol, polysorbate 80, graphene oxide, which Spanish researchers have found, maybe 90% makeup of the Pfizer shots themselves.
There is something that was found by Asian researchers and scientists to help remove, bind to, and retract caesium-137, which is a radioactive substance from the Fukushima leak.
Well, that's good news.
I was going to ask you, what's the word?
Let's come back and talk about that on things to detox from this.
And what about the shedding?
What do you think about that?
Yes, so the human body, I love educating people on this.
People ask this all the time.
What about this shedding?
It's really more of a transmission.
And I'm going to teach you anytime there's a poison that goes into your body, anytime an infection gets into your body, your immune system has four primary ways in all males and females to eliminate toxins and infections, even if it comes from a shot.
Your body's gonna poop it out, pee it out, sweat it out, or cough it out.
So when you get these injections of poisons, your immune system's gonna try to release it.
Is that why women that get the Pfizer or Moderna, they can be 80 years old, they have a period?
Yes, that's the fifth way.
That's the way females can detox is through menstrual shedding or vaginal bleeding or uterine bleeding.
So that's the fastest way the female body detoxes.
Males just can't do that.
This is why you see that in children as young as two years old females having blood clots passing after their parents are vaccinated and they aren't.
The human body will start shedding to remove the toxins and the infections in the spike protein.
And you're going to breathe them out, cough them out on others who aren't vaccinated.
You're going to sweat them out.
You saw it in the Pfizer vaccine trials.
Any pregnant woman who touched a vaccinated person in the trial is considered a serious adverse event.
Hold on.
Yeah, let's talk about it.
And we are back on this live Friday, July 23rd transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
There can be no doubt now they want you to have unlimited injections.
There's no doubt now it destroys your immune system.
There's no doubt now it's not a vaccine.
There's no doubt now that millions around the world have already died.
And if you look at the rat studies, it took months to kill the rats.
That means years in humans.
Like Dr. Sherry Timpani of so many said, in a couple of years, this is going to be huge.
How does the system think they're going to get away with it?
Well, we already see.
And I predicted this logically over a year ago.
They're gonna say the unvaccinated did this, and that we're causing all the new COVID variants.
Been killing people.
But then, is there even a COVID variant?
They just sent these machines to pick up any viral material.
So, is there a Wuhan leak?
Was that all made up?
I mean, I don't know.
I know Fauci funded gain-of-function research there.
I know they merged these viruses there.
I don't think that was just for show.
Talking to Dr. Brian Ardis, who's been really outspoken and is very knowledgeable on these subjects, what do you think's really going on here?
I mean, it's more speculative, but big picture, why have they jumped the shark like this?
I love Sherry Timpani's response on a few calls we've been on but with her where she says it doesn't matter anymore it's already out you know it doesn't matter where it came from it's here now we got to deal with it right so it could have most likely we know gain of function well it's true gain of function funding has already been occurring for decades since 2003 there's been scientists asking for this to be retracted and removed stop funding this because it can be dangerous
And the entire purpose of gain-of-function testing on viruses was to see how quickly can we get a virus that actually only infects an animal to infect human cells.
And they figured out how to do that in laboratories by slowly introducing human cells to animal cells that are infected.
So this is what's been going on for years.
They wanted to do this under the guise that if you fund this government, you can help us be ready for possibly an outbreak in the future if these animals ever expose or the viruses escape the animals and come to humans.
It's only for a vaccine agenda, but it's dangerous.
You're making, you're skipping natural adjustments and variations of viruses to transfer into humans anyway.
So this has always been a dangerous thing.
It turns out a few months before the outbreak even happened, the head of the program for Fauci said we're doing a function, merging all these viruses to produce a vaccine.
He's on video admitting it was all about business.
And I think the evidence is overwhelming.
It didn't escape.
They released it on purpose to bring in this tyranny.
The World ID, their entire agenda is now based on this.
I love bringing things back to common sense.
And Alex, I just want to say this.
I've said it before.
Why did the American public, any of them, which I'm very excited, less than half of America has actually gotten fully vaccinated or vaccinated at all, which is great.
That means a bunch of people are questioning this and it doesn't make sense to them.
But for those who did it,
Why is so much of our society and our culture here in America who has trusted the U.S.
FDA approval process for all medications, vaccines supposedly, and medical technology, why all of a sudden have we allowed health agencies to mandate and force on us that we're going to use an experimental, never U.S.A.
approved drugs like remdesivir as a treatment for COVID
And why are we now okay with never having a vaccine tested or FDA approved as the solution?
Why is anybody okay with this?
It's like we just threw all common sense out the window or respect for these agencies.
And I've lost the respect for them.
The rest of them should too.
Well, that was another point is that
Sure, we had Bayard knowingly sending out blood infected with HIV and hepatitis, and the documents came out in court that the CEO said, so what, screw these hemophiliacs.
There's a really evil group in control of these organizations, but now they're just going whole hog out, and even if a minority opposes them, they're going to end up going to prison.
But you're right.
Around the world, 3% of India is taking the shot.
China's banned our vaccines over there.
This is not going well for them.
Sure, they've got compliant Western countries partially rolling over, but now the riots
Thanks for starting all over Europe!
And if you haven't watched this, if you haven't watched or studied human behavior, just watch.
They tried to create fear using cultic tactics to get you scared to do anything they told you in the future and remove critical thinking from fear.
This is what they tried to do.
And when that didn't work for the majority, those put in position like Biden and Fauci, they were then told, you have an agenda, get 70% vaccinated in America alone by July 4th.
When those numbers weren't reaching that point, the next step was to bribe them.
We're going to give you donuts, french fries, free mortgages.
We're going to do student loan forgiveness, free travel.
When the bribery didn't work, now it's going to go use force.
And I'll tell you right now, there is people above these two.
I'm talking about Biden and Fauci.
Someone has them.
And they are forcing them at all costs and threatening them, I believe, to do anything and everything to reach the agendas they put them in office to create.
And by the way, everyone can see this is contrived, that somebody has a metaphorical, probably a real gun to their head.
The rest of the world won't even take our shots.
They've got advisories on it, gives you blood clots.
The wheels are coming off, the idiots that took the shot.
They're kind of pissed saying, oh, I can't wear them.
I can't go out now because of you.
No, I thought your vaccine protected you.
They won't admit they've been scammed.
So what do you think it is that made them put a gun to everybody's head to do this?
Why do these globalists seem so upset and so freaked out?
I mean, because you're right.
This whole thing looks very forced.
Who's giving these orders?
I don't know how deep you want to go into this, but there is a huge, I believe, a cult
We're good to go.
Look at Hollywood.
It wants to hurt children, destroy America, destroy Christians.
And this is a logical extension of literal poison.
It's just satanic.
And it knows America could rise up to its world government, so it wants to bring us down.
And so what are they going to do, though, when so many people that have taken these injections are dying?
They're going to try to blame the unvaccinated.
No one's going to buy that.
Oh, you just have to understand if the vaccines work and you have been vaccinated, supposedly this is armor for you to actually remove and get the infection out of your body.
I've never understood it for the last 20 years.
Why on earth would anyone for a second believe that the vaccinated are threatened by the unvaccinated unless the vaccines don't work?
If they don't work, then of course the threat's real to everybody.
But this idea that the unvaccinated are threats to the vaccinated?
There's an agenda they're trying to push.
It's just ridiculous.
Either the vaccines worked or they don't.
These do not.
These shots come with risks that are not associated with COVID-19, the infection or disease from SARS-CoV-2.
The list is not the same.
The risk for the shots far outweigh
The known risks from SARS-CoV-2 in children and adults and in teenagers.
It is not as dangerous as has been portrayed, but the shots are way more dangerous.
And if you ever want to know how dangerous is it, the FDA posted in their internal document from the CBER division in October 2020, before the shots came out, 110 diseases that actually excluded Bell's palsy.
Do you know how many Bell's palsies reported to the government systems have been actually reported from the shots?
It's tens of thousands of these and they never expected that to occur.
That's cranial damage, paralyzing possibly for life.
It can't be self-limiting for six months to a year, but you're talking about nerve damage to thousands of people.
And by the way, they passed laws in the EU right as this was happening to allow vaccines to shed and infect others.
They've been even covering all their bases in law.
You're right.
And still to this day, I just need to tell you, most people need to know those who have been vaccinated, they're spreading this entire pandemic through the vaccines, when they're vaccinating other people, through the transmission and shedding, like I talked about.
People need to be aware of prophylactics, prevention, early treatment is by far the most important thing.
I was reached out this week by an organization, MyFreeDoctors.org, which is, everyone needs to know about this.
Those individuals who are looking for preventative measures at home,
That's what these guys stand for.
It's Dr. Ben Marble, Peter McCullough, Zelenko.
These guys are all a part of that group.
They asked me to be on the team this week after hearing me in the media because they believe every person in America should have access to free telemedicine, prescriptions as needed, and these guys are prepared to help you.
You need to know there are people that can help you get those medications that you need to support and prevent you from having serious illness.
From this agenda that's being pushed on the masses.
You can learn more at MyFreeDoctor.org.
I'm a part of that team, but there's a great team there, and everyone needs to know about it.
When we come back, I want to talk about big picture, because I've been able to predict all this years before it happened, reading their own white papers and their own documents.
But clearly, they're going to all go to prison on the current trajectory.
This is going to break down in the next few years.
But if there's an even bigger crisis in the future, that could make everybody forget about this one.
Do you agree with that statement, and what could that crisis be?
We'll talk about it in the final segment of this hour.
That's Stu Peters, who hosts Fridays, is taking over in the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, with Owen Schroyer, right here at the InfoWars Radio Network.
InfoWars, because there's a war on for your mind.
You know, if you study military history, and you study business history, and human culture, you learn that knowing your enemy is half the battle.
That's not just a cheesy saying from G.I.
And so I'm always wanting to know why the globalists are doing what they're doing, so I can know what they're going to do next.
I mean, I get the thing of, well, hey, we know these vaccines are killing people.
They're not real vaccines.
We know it's a problem.
Let's just deal with that.
But then the public has trouble, like, well, why would they do that to me?
Why would that happen?
Well, they don't want to pay out all of the retirement funds to older folks.
They say they want to save the earth and depopulate.
That's all over the news.
They want the power to kill whoever they want, and they want to corrupt.
The medical system getting them to sign on to this big lie during the last year's hysteria so that when all this corruption comes out they cover it up and then have completed their journey to the dark side.
So that's another bigger reason they're doing it.
It's about a world ID.
It's about tracking us in real time.
It's about PCR tests to leave your house.
That's what's being announced.
That's what's coming to a town near you.
So it's big tech absorbing society, and it needs to list you as a bad person.
You as a potential mutant.
You as a virus, a cancer.
And so until the virus is under control, the Great Reset goes on.
Well, Klaus Schwab says in his book, we're really the virus.
So the allegories are all right there.
They have a lot of people that have joined their cult.
They're moving forward against us.
And as long as we know what they're doing is illegal, it's unlawful, it's immoral, it's a fraud, and educate others as things get darker and darker and darker down this path, I think we can turn this around and defeat it.
We got about six, seven minutes left, Dr. Brian Ardis.
Other points you'd like to make or other facts you'd like to impart to folks?
Yeah, I just want you to know that you touched on the satanic aspect earlier in this interview, and I didn't know if you wanted to go there, but I absolutely do believe there's a satanic occult agenda.
You can go wherever you want, brother.
Obviously, this is an anti-human, anti-Christ attacking our DNA, marking us with their genetic code, with the immortal cell line that they've grown this out of, of dead babies, and also a
Henrietta Lacks in 1951.
You know her cells never die.
And it's not her cells, it's different than human chromosomes.
It was a tumor in her uterus that ate her.
Killed her in about a week.
So they said, what the hell is this thing?
It had tentacles that had grown all into her in a week.
They did a checkup, saw a small tumor.
A week later this giant thing had basically eaten her like the thing.
They took it and this thing lives forever.
You can't kill it.
It's the basis of the Gardasil shots everything.
So I think there's a huge agenda behind using, I think the satanic cult is actually behind it all.
I think what they are actually trying to do, I think they learned from the Holocaust that when the videos came out and you could actually watch what the Nazis did with the Jews, murdering them in front of families and everybody watching.
If you've ever been to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., it's horrible, but those videos were hidden for decades.
And nobody knew just how awful it was.
I think they have learned.
There's too much video in the world right now.
We're going to do it with a vaccine, and we're going to put into people technology that can actually destroy, kill you, infertilize you, and sterilize you over time.
We already know Bill Gates has been doing this infertilization, sterilization program using vaccines.
I totally agree.
And then it also colonizes you with these prion crystals.
Oh, absolutely.
And prion diseases are going to be abound.
So this is really what I think is the overall agenda.
To infertilize and sterilize the majority of the world.
I believe that they are trying to wipe out the middle class and just actually extend, keep servitude below them.
Just have two classes instead of the middle class at all.
I think the wealthy group doesn't want that anymore.
So I think that's their intention.
I think that's what they're going to work for.
Bill Gates, as you see on the screen, is a big part of this agenda and funding a lot of its actual propaganda.
So that's what I believe.
I just want to actually mention by far the most important thing that I've tried to offer to people.
Most people are asked and asking me on all these shows, what do we do?
I have spent 20 years helping people find the answers to the health issues and symptoms they've been told by their medical professions they can never live without.
So if I can do my best job to give you answers or ammo to try to give your immune system the best part
Our best defenses to fight against spike proteins, mRNA tech, nanoparticles, which are in the shots, hydrolyzed gel, any of the poisonous chemicals that are in there.
These are the four things I'm telling everybody.
You mentioned Sherry Timpani already.
I want to give her a shout out because I love her.
Sherry Timpani's already identified 40 ways these shots will cause disease or kill you.
There are four things I'm telling everybody to do to give your immune system the opportunity to protect your cells.
These are the four.
Can I mention those real quick?
Yeah, we're not censoring you.
Go ahead.
You're live on air.
Last 10 years of his life, greatest vitamin C documented researcher, two-time Nobel Prize winner, was taking 20,000 milligrams every day.
So that ain't dangerous.
It's not a toxic level.
There's no toxic level of vitamin C established, period.
5,000 milligrams to 10,000.
Magnesium, by far, is a deficiency across all human beings and it is the number one mineral I have used for decades to help people reverse and protect them from diseases, from poisons, from viruses.
Magnesium at 500 milligrams a day.
You can take magnesium chloride, gluconate, glycinate, L-threonate.
These are great versions or forms.
Number three is selenium at 200 micrograms.
200 micrograms of selenium is required for your bone marrow, which I hear you talk about, Alex Jones, all the time about T-cells.
Your T-cells are your protection against spike proteins and coronaviruses forever.
Selenium supports your bone marrow to make white blood cells that the thymus then redirects as T-cells to go fight all viruses, all cancer cells in the body.
God designed this body to do this.
It can take care of itself.
Feed it selenium.
Selenium also tells your liver to make glutathione, which protects every cellular tissue in your body from oxidative stress, from spike proteins, from poisons, from alcohol, which is also a toxin.
It's already been proven to do that.
The fourth thing I mentioned earlier, if apple pectin has been proven to remove 64% in all people, within four weeks it was able to remove radiation leaked from Fukushima and Chernobyl
They were able to remove 64% of all radioactive caesium-137 in four weeks using 700 milligrams of apopectin.
And they protected thousands and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of kids.
Adults and teenagers from developing thyroid cancers which were astronomically taking off in diagnoses after soon after those leakages.
So apple pectin is 700 milligrams twice a day.
If we can put anything into you to provide defense.
This is all I've studied for the last 20 years.
How do you support the human body's already incredible immune system to support its ability to repair damage?
And that's another crime these globalists committed was demonizing anybody.
They told him about vitamin D3 or high dosages of vitamin C or zinc or selenium.
All of that.
And we take iodine.
The UN even admits 2 billion people have cognitive disabilities because they didn't have enough iodine growing up.
They bomb us with fluoride, the bad halogen.
Take away the good halogen.
They know what they're doing.
It is just very cold-blooded by a bunch of greedy, evil, corrupt people.
Dr. Brian Ardis, thank you so much for the time, my friend.
Thank you.
It was great.
Thank you, Alex.
We got Stu Peters.
He's been on this show before, too.
He's going to be taking over in the fourth hour ahead of the war room.
That is 3 to 6 p.m.
And then I got to take a week off.
I never take off.
I always work when I take off.
But I think I'm going to just go to the woods or something and take a week off, just recharge, get my brain wrapped around all the stuff that's going on, because I have been just particularly upset about things.
And it's important for us to unplug from this sometimes and not just escape.
But escape back to our families and realize what's good so we can get ready to come out of the system.
Because none of us are perfect.
When I give advice, it doesn't mean I'm following my own advice.
I'm trying to.
We need to come out of the New World Order.
We need to stay out of the system.
We're good to go.
And 1,100% of your vitamin C with rosehips and zinc, we have that as well at InfoWarsTore.com.
And it's got 100% reviews there, but only two reviews.
That's a new product at InfoWarsTore.com.
And I would suggest everybody, what's going on, regardless, protect yourselves as much as you can with what God gave us.
We have the new green fiber capsules, total amino acid supercharger, with a bunch of vitamins and minerals, but all the essential amino acids from sprouts.
That's 1995.
We have the new, not the new, but they're back in, down and out, liquid sleep support, very strong.
That's 50% off back in stock.
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Some people don't want something as strong as that amount.
That's 30% off.
That was our back in stock.
And yes, 10% off on all the high quality, affordable food ready to ship to you.
That's 2020 prices.
That deal has to end.
In the next few days and folks are really figuring it out with the cyber attacks and the runs on food and even grocery stores in the U.S.
don't have as much food.
It's a smart box to check off to have high quality, storable food that last decades, that's packaged well, that's high quality, that's easy to transport.
You need to get prepared.
The globalists are really trying to shut the world economy off.
I don't know if they're going to be successful, but they're trying like the devil.
So get all your storable food needs covered, ready to ship to you now.
The lowest price is anywhere at infowarestore.com.
10% off any in just a few days, and so much more.
50% off on the privacy pouches, so the contact tracers can't track you, so you lock up your phone in control of that.
That's at infowarestore.com as well.
All right, Stu Peters takes over.
So-called January 6th Commission has spurred an investigation of his own.
He's now calling for Nancy Pelosi to be investigated, and we all know that she had a direct involvement
With that whole setup, that whole staged violence at the hands of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Capitol Police, the FBI, Major General William Walker.
People are not going to stand for this anymore.
The communists are really ramping up their efforts in every sector of your life.
The great one, as Sean Hannity calls him, Mark Levin,
His book couldn't be more timely right now, Marxism in America, and that is exactly what's happening here.
In every sector of your life, it's what Marxists do.
And we've recently been bringing a ton of attention to your medical freedom.
We've covered stories from pilots being forced into these shots, being called vaccines, putting the general flying at public, you at risk.
40,000 feet in the air in a $230 million aircraft, medical experts and the air carriers themselves have issued warnings about blood clots in these pilots.
Doctors have confirmed this to be an extremely legitimate concern.
We've talked about the requirement that your young child wears an oxygen inhibiting mask.
It should have been assigned for you right away when they were suggesting homemade masks.
I mean, what good does that do?
An entire day at school.
And we're all pissed off about it, despite the fact that these kids have absolutely not been largely impacted by the set of symptoms being referred to as the dangerous COVID-19, which is the only virus in world history that requires around-the-clock advertising to remind you of its existence, because of the fact it doesn't exist!
How many countless doctors have we talked to?
Dr. Brian Artis, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Judy Michovitz.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
Peter McCullough.
Dr. David Martin, how many people do we have to bring forward and why aren't these people listening to them?
Why isn't Governor Ron DeSantis listening to these people?
It's frustrating.
Now, as we fight for our choice to make these decisions on our own, when we go to the election, the polling place, we have recognized a handful of fighters that have stood their ground.
They've remained strong in their fight.
Those people like Ron DeSantis.
That's why it's so frustrating right now.
We have put our trust in people like Donald Trump.
That's why we're so frustrated right now.
And medical freedom isn't a topic that we should even be debating.
It shouldn't be open for a discussion.
I mean, imagine living in times where the government can actually force you to submit to a needle in your body.
To have some unknown substance, now proven to be toxic, riddled with poisonous ingredients like graphene oxide, shot into your bloodstream, nanoparticles penetrating every fiber of your body, internal organs, possibly altering your entire makeup.
That's according to experts.
And if you should resist, well, it'll be forced on you.
You'll be jailed, hauled off to quarantine camps, killed, I don't know.
That's where we are.
That's why so many people are in an outrage when they listen to this rhetoric from Donald Trump, from Ron DeSantis, who have not come out adamantly warning about the thing that's caused an unprecedented amount of deaths around the world and are actually coming out encouraging it.
A lot of people argue that.
Stu, Donald Trump says it should be your choice.
Stu, he had to do it to avoid this.
Stu, we're in a time of war.
There are thousands of people dying.
And every year we ring a bell for a whole entire day.
On the anniversary of 9-11, where around about 3,000 people died.
Think about that.
How many people died in the Korean War?
32,000? 29,000?
The CDC whistleblower says that this vaccine alone has caused upward of 45,000 deaths.
This is why it's so frustrating when we watch the Fox News Channel suddenly become the 24-hour vaccine infomercial.
Why we begin to panic when those fighters like Ron DeSantis come out vocally supporting these deadly injections.
It's alarming and nobody really knows why.
But Marjorie Taylor Greene was on that war room with Steve Bannon just the other day.
And during that conversation she made reference to why she believes that this is happening.
Wall Street, she says.
Wall Street.
So I reached out to a financial expert.
He's joining us now.
Carlos Cortez is the founder and CEO of Cortez Wealth Management.
He's a financial expert.
He's an independent fiduciary.
Carlos, does this line up?
Does this make sense?
Absolutely does do and it's quite frustrating as a patriot on Wall Street.
Like I said, my father's a pastor in the military, a man that served in the military.
We, we fight every day for our freedoms and even, even for advisors that worked on Wall Street or that ended business.
This is why, this is why I refuse to work with several broker dealers that force certain products on us.
This is why that 65-year-olds get mailers in the mail, invited them to dinner so these corrupt companies can force expensive products to middle Americans in their retirement.
And I'm just sick of it.
I'm sick of it.
It's not doing anything for anybody.
So is it realistic to say that this is the inflation of bribery?
That politicians, elected representatives, even the most vigorous of fighters,
Are being subjected to the bribery of the gangsters on Wall Street, who we all know, by the way, are manipulated by the installed Biden regime.
And we all know that the Biden regime is sold out and is owned and controlled by the puppeteers and the CCP.
So, are we saying that this far-reaching control over our financial structure, our entire infrastructure here, Wall Street namely, is responsible for bribing officials like Ron DeSantis, who serves the people,
Into saying that these death jabs should be injected into your body?
I mean, we can look at, you know, we can look at all the evidence that we know the facts and simply, simply is, like I said earlier, Johnson and Johnson, the stock never went down when the vaccine was paused.
That's manipulation there.
We all know that things could go south if there is any type.
I mean, look at the virus.
How it affected the cruise lines in the street.
The stocks plummeted.
So when you have a controlled distribution such as Bilderberg or a type of New World Order based company that pulls the strings.
I mean, there's a lot of puppets.
There's a lot of puppets right now and they're being exposed.
But we have to really understand that.
That a man always has a number.
And I'm not saying DeSantis has a number.
We need to allow him to have the ability to speak on what does he mean?
Because when you have thousands and thousands of people dying from this vaccine, I mean, it goes to show you that no matter who it is, that Wall Street will penetrate its way.
During November, if you looked at the S&P 500, it was on its uptend even after Trump was
Quote unquote, leave an office.
The market was doing well.
And then all of a sudden Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, all these big banks said they're preparing for a Joe Biden administration and the market started going up.
Well, if you look at the history of the Democrats and Wall Street, you know, there are Republicans that actually have a good influence on the market, if you look at the administrations.
But if you look at the history,
Um, the Democrats always, always seem to get the better rate of returns is because the conservatives have built the economy.
They took the hit and, and now like the Tony Dungy theory of, you know, he didn't win the Superbowl.
It was John Gruden, but it was Tony Dungy's work.
Same thing happens on Wall Street.
I got to leave it right.
Carlos Cortez, uh, Cortez, wealth management, independent fiduciary.
We really appreciate your expertise on this.
Coming up after the break, we're going to dive more into the reasons why you may be subjected to this jab and how else they might try to coerce this and how you're being tracked now by your phone.
The pressure is working and that's what we have to do.
We have to keep up the pressure.
It's moving the needle.
That's what we have to be focused on right now as we watch the entire major broadcast news network conglomerate that's owned by the same six corporations all in bed with the CCP as we watch cable news outlets and even alternative so-called conservative news outlets are flipping and they're moving towards this closer and closer to this globalist narrative from these communists
We have to continue to push the needle with those who we have sent to represent us.
Now on November 3rd and 4th last year, we know that that wasn't a reflection of our voice.
That has been solved.
The crime has been solved.
The election was absolutely stolen.
And every day, more and more evidence pours out of states like Arizona and Georgia.
We know that there's a battle happening in Michigan.
There's a fight for Pennsylvania.
People are pissed off in Wisconsin and here in Minnesota.
We absolutely have to get this right.
Because our kids and our grandkids, all of the future generations to come, will never know the greatness that the United States of America represents.
If we don't get this right, right now, only history books will talk about that once free country.
And I don't know about you, but for me that is absolutely, unquestionably unacceptable.
311,000 phantom voters in Arizona.
That's the estimate now coming out from Bobby Pyton.
I mean, this guy is a mathematical genius.
And a lot of the times that he talks, he gets very technical.
He was asked back in January to participate in that Patrick Byrne documentary, The Deep Rig.
I mean,
Election integrity is really important and understanding the intricacies of how it was stolen is important.
But the basic message has to be now a call to action and what you can do individually and moving that needle is where we have to be focused.
You see, just a couple of weeks ago, Rand Paul was grilling Anthony Fauci.
And what you saw from that were social media posts from Rand Paul that echoed that exchange.
They were heated exchanges that were happening.
And then you go to Rand Paul's page and you click on it and where does it bring you?
Well, it brings you to a fundraising page for Rand Paul.
Why do you need money?
Why do I need to contribute money for you to do what you were sent to do?
That's a legitimate question.
That was a question.
I'm not here to jump down the throat of people like Rand Paul.
But that's a legitimate question that needs to be asked.
And so as we've been asking it, and millions of people are responding, hey yeah, why do I need to contribute to you to really push the needle and really, to really pressure this guy, who has now been exposed, is not only complicit in, but manufactured what is turning out to look like a genocide.
What difference does fundraising make at this point when we're all gonna die, right?
I mean, that's really where we need to be focused.
That's really the position that we need to take right now, and pushing that needle is working.
Because now, Rand Paul is calling for a criminal investigation into the troll, the liar, the murderer-in-chief, Anthony Fauci.
Who, by the way, we all know we didn't vote for this guy.
The top paid bureaucrat in our government.
Who can just arbitrarily control your entire life, not just here in America, but globally!
And then Marjorie Taylor Greene on the War Room with Steve Bannon, she's saying, yes, I went to that Senate hearing, I sat down in the room, I watched this thing, and now I have moved from fire Fauci, this hashtag that was trending, to indict Fauci.
So, we're making some headway.
And the pressure that you can
Bring to these people can only come from your living room, from putting your rubber to the road in essence, from really getting down to brass tacks and figuring out what you can do.
Now, there are what, 330, 340 some odd million people in the United States of America.
Well, so 500,000 by all intents and purposes is really not a big number.
Imagine 500,000 people
Hitting the streets, going out actually canvassing, and figuring out who voted, whether or not your vote actually counted.
If there's 28 people registered to vote from this 2,000 square foot house, that doesn't seem to make any sense.
And just figuring out who people are, and if they really even exist.
Search your own name.
Take mine for example, Stu Peters.
How many different variants of Stu Peters are out there?
Same age?
Same last name?
But maybe even in a different state, spelled differently, S-T-U.
Or maybe a D on the end of Steward, instead of Steward of Steward.
I mean, all of these things, take your name and go check.
Go check in the voter rolls, check the databases, and figure out how many times you've been duplicated.
I bet you'll be shocked.
And that is the thing that Bobby Pyton brought to the table.
And that's what he said, look, you have to take a look at this data.
Well, now what's being done with it?
It actually looks like state officials in the state of Arizona are going to look to decertify that election.
Moving the needle works.
And we can move the needle also, effectively, InfoWars, Alex Jones, Owen Schroyer, Stu Peters, Ann VanderSteel, Del Bigtree, I mean, the list goes on, but
There are a select handful of people that have considerably large platforms that are truly acting as the voice of the American people.
There is an alternative media source movement that has the ability to move the needle of the mainstream media.
And when you watch, you can pay attention to people, certain people at the Fox News Channel who are actually moving their needle.
And the more we move that needle, the more the masses will be exposed to what the actual truth is, specifically surrounding these vaccines.
Now, we have found some research that has been done by a doctor overseas.
And this doctor has compared the blood of injected people versus the un-vaxxed.
You know, the dirty people, the scary people, the people that'll all be in the gulags together, you and I.
And it's absolutely devastating, the difference between the unvaxxed and the vaxxed, the difference, what these blood cells look like, what it's doing to you.
And we're going to break that here in a few minutes.
The other thing that I think is really important to recognize is that this propaganda machine is going to move us into the next phase as the resistance or the hesitation, which they anticipated, fully anticipated this happening, that millions of people would say, no, no, no, I'm not really into that.
I'm not sure.
And now, whoa, now I see all this.
Absolutely not.
They compensated for that.
Well, how do they do that?
They package the same poison with a different appeal.
A little bow on it, something prettier, a different word, a different method.
And so they're going to start pushing these things on to you as, well, you know, here's a really safe alternative.
To the Pfizer or the Moderna or the Johnson & Johnson or the AstraZeneca, you know, those things that have been proven to have killed now upwards of, according to a CDC whistleblower, 45,000 people just here in the United States alone.
Dr. Brian Ardis brought that whistleblower.
There's going to be a safe alternative for you.
Now, this is something new.
What's it called?
So, Dr. Jane Ruby is going to join us here in just a couple of minutes.
She has information on this Novavax and she's going to bring this study of blood, what this is actually doing to your blood, what these shots are actually doing to your blood.
And if Ron DeSantis wants to take a peek, you can show it to him.
If Trump wants to take a look at this, you can show it to him.
Whoever your elected representative is, you need to bring this stuff to them, show them, make them look.
The Alex Jones Show will be right back.
My name is Stu Peters.
Yeah, I mean, I do think that President Donald J. Trump was unequivocally, 100%, the best president of my lifetime.
And I'm not quite sure what's going to happen with him, if there's going to be a reinstatement.
Do you have to be reinstated into something if it was proven to be fraudulent in the first place?
I don't know what the legal mechanisms are there.
I'm not an attorney.
I haven't invested millions of dollars like Mike Lindell.
I mean, he's a patriot.
I haven't gone through the forensics of all of this stuff.
I'm here opining, seeing what I see as a stolen election, clearly fraudulent.
But my love or appreciation for President Donald J. Trump and what he's responsible for, which is the Great Awakening, the reason why we are all talking about this, doesn't make me blind.
I can't just arbitrarily, unequivocally support 100% somebody no matter what they do.
And I don't think that you should either.
I mean, that's just my opinion.
You can take it, you can leave it, you can hate me, I don't really care.
You can cancel me, unfollow, it's fine.
StuPeters.tv is trash, he hates President Trump.
No, I didn't say that.
I'm very concerned about the rhetoric surrounding these vaccines because I'm talking to experts every single day who have laid this out.
America's Frontline Doctors, Dr. Carrie Madej, I mean the list goes on and on and Dr. Jane Ruby has been here with us many times, she joins me again now.
Dr. Jane Ruby, I am concerned with the fact that so many people are being pushed to this thing by the platform, by the pedestal of President Donald Trump and now of people like Governor Ron DeSantis in your state of Florida.
Governor Greg Abbott is now doing this in Texas.
Whether we know them as propagandists or not, we know their involvement.
They were in on it on the 3rd and 4th of November, Fox News.
Millions of people still watch that network and consider that to be their honest source of reporting.
I've heard about endowments.
I've heard a lot of things.
Now we're talking Wall Street manipulation.
It doesn't matter why, but the rhetoric is there surrounding these vaccines, and we need to continue to show people exactly what these things do to you.
You've talked to Brittany Galvin.
I've talked to Brittany Galvin.
There are hundreds, thousands now in my ProtonMail emails.
My DMs are filled with victims of these jabs.
I mean, we're talking about thousands or possibly upwards of tens of thousands of people who have died as a result of these injections being called vaccines.
You have now here slides, more proof.
This is what it's doing to your blood.
What do you have?
I've been actually getting slides for many weeks now from all kinds of technicians and experts in blood analysis looking at the physical aspects of the blood but recently there was a physician from the UK and since then I have actually spoken with him and because since he first put this information out he began to get I guess threatening phone calls and other types of communication.
He asked me not to use his name but I could use his first name so his name is Dr. Philip
What he provided on the air and which we've provided to your producers today is a side-by-side.
This one particular slide I thought would be easy to help people understand what he's been finding.
And he's been finding them predominantly in patients who have gotten the Moderna shot.
But certainly all of the patients who have had a shot of one company or another, he is seeing their blood look like this.
So on your left-hand side of the screen,
You see there are these very nice plump round structures.
Those are your red blood cells.
There's a lot of iron in the middle.
The responsibility among many is to carry oxygen to your cells.
So it's just a, you know, they're nice shape.
They're very consistent.
There's a lot of space between them so they can move freely.
On your right, what you see is what Dr. Phillips saw under patients.
These are blood smears on patients who have had an injection from one company or another.
Now, what you see in those clumpy areas, those are formerly red blood cells.
They have no longer have that nice round smooth shape.
They start to aggregate or clump together.
Eventually they clump so tightly, Stu, that you can barely make them out as red blood cells.
Now the structures that are kind of gold and long in there, he described them as tubular.
They do kind of look remotely like the Spanish researchers who, when they first looked under the regular microscope, you saw these long structures of this shape and folded over, and so they look very similar to that.
He is just blown away, Stu.
He's also said, though, these patients are very symptomatic.
They're sick.
They have blood clots.
They have difficulty breathing.
They have no energy anymore.
They look like they're slowly dying.
And here's the tricky part, and I've been raising this issue for quite some time now.
When he goes to do regular blood studies, like blood counts, white blood count, red blood count, types of blood cells,
And chemistries like sodium, potassium, chloride, things like that, the tests are all positive.
And so I asked him yesterday what he made of that.
This is a 40-year physician who's a surgeon, who's seen thousands and thousands of patients, and he doesn't have a clue.
Stu, he said he's never seen anything like it before.
So this guy, who we can only refer to as Dr. Philip,
He brings these slides forward and that looks like that picture that we're looking at right there, what you were referring to as folded over or long sheets, is what the Spanish researchers, those La Quinta Columna people, exposed is graphene oxide, a toxic poison.
Inside of the Pfizer shot.
And they came out and said, yeah, we found it in AstraZeneca as well.
And now we're hearing unconfirmed reports, which I don't know if you have them or not today, but Moderna as well.
And we can assume that this graphene oxide is in all of these things.
But yes, just stop.
I was going to say, you just hit on something.
There's a new report on a Moderna vial that is about to come out in writing, but it is in the public domain now, that some Argentinian researchers did the same steps of examination according to the report.
Which brings me to my point, or my question I guess that I have for you, is you mentioned that Dr. Philip
Only wants to be referred to by his first name because he brings this stuff forward, and now as a result of this exposure, his life has been threatened.
It seems so.
Yep, it seems so.
And that's being reported by him to you.
That is really alarming.
Now, we keep talking about and referring to La Quinta Columna, Spanish this, Argentinian that.
Why, can you speculate, why is nobody in the United States
Taking these vials, inspecting them, and reporting these things widely here.
I have no idea, to be honest with you.
I am really surprised that we don't have a huge collection of vials that have been taken for examination and that we're not hearing anything yet.
It could be that perhaps there are researchers or scientists in the United States that are looking at these and they want to look at a lot of them before they come forward with their findings.
I also think it might be kind of dangerous.
For people to come forward as we've seen with Dr. Phillip.
He said he's been getting really nasty communications, emails.
They've doxed him in England.
He's gotten death threats.
I didn't get any more detail than that, but that was certainly enough.
I felt very badly for him.
He's just trying to share this information with people.
As a physician, he said, I have a hard time getting to other physicians.
Absolutely insane.
So, I guess I can understand that, you know, people are scared.
But there comes a point in time where you're talking about billions of lives globally at stake here.
Now, as the findings come forward on Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, this hesitancy or this resistance is going to continue to increase.
And I'm not buying the propaganda that two-thirds of this country are inoculated.
I'm just not buying that.
But as this thing ramps up, now they're going to bring in something and repackage it and call it safe, a safe alternative.
That might be Novavax, and we're going to talk about that next as the Alex Jones Show continues with Dr. Jane Ruby.
Freeworldnews.tv, the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters.
That was my site right there, stupeters.tv.
I'd be honored if you'd come over and check me out if you haven't already.
One of those articles that you just saw up there, we were just talking earlier today about the ping-demic.
And this is really something that you should pay close attention to, this government tracking on your cell phones.
You don't have to sign up for a service.
You don't have to download the app.
You don't have to give your cell phone carrier permission to allow this tracking.
The government is going to track citizens, notify them if they have been in contact with somebody with the dreadful virus, and order them to immediately quarantine, lockdown for a period of, I believe it was 10 weeks to two, or excuse me, 10 days to two weeks.
And if you don't, there's going to be sanctions, there's going to be fines, there's going to be jail time.
And so the same thing is happening here, which then of course is going to cause the panic, which is going to send everybody out in anticipation of these lockdowns.
If you've been around somebody who's got the fearful, man-engineered virus that was intentionally released to incapacitate the world and steal your freedoms, force complete subservience to a global cabal,
And it's going to force these people into the grocery stores or the gas stations to stock up on things that are going to see the depletion of all of the natural goods and the foods and the things that we need in order to survive.
Alex Jones talks about it all the time.
This is actually happening in the real world.
And so, you know, for all of the fact checkers, for all of the conspiracy theorists, and we know where the fact checkers come from.
I mean, we just did a big deal at Lead Stories, you know, who they're funded by, who they're in bed with.
We know who they are.
That's why they're able to censor language of people like Alex Jones, who once again has been proven right.
And once again, the tinfoil hat comes off.
And once again, here we are talking about the actual reality of a global takeover, Marxism being introduced into the United States in a time where you never thought that this would happen.
And so Dr. Jane Ruby is joining us.
We showed what happens to your red blood cells, what's happening to your blood.
We have talked about graphene oxide.
Now it's in the Moderna shot.
It's confirmed.
We don't know why they're not doing this here in the United States.
Your bravery, which is why I continue to have you back, because your bravery should be noted as heroic and nothing less than that.
Extremely patriotic, the fact that you are willing to risk it all to come forward.
When we're talking about a doctor now in Argentina who won't even allow his last name to be used,
But that cloak has to come off.
People can no longer hide.
If you really want to acknowledge that we're in a time of war, certainly the information war is on, but it's more than that.
If you really want to acknowledge that, you can't fight this from the cloak of a blur or an altered voice.
And although be it, I respect whistleblowers.
We now need to, in these meetings with school boards, parents need to take off their masks.
They need to do these interviews right in the wide open and come out and say, nope, we're not going to provide proof of inoculation.
Nope, these are dangerous.
They're killing people.
Here's the science.
Here's the evidence.
Here's the patents dating back from 2002.
Here's the proof that this thing was engineered.
Here's the proof what it does to your body.
Here's the proof that graphene oxide is in it.
And the researchers here in the United States need to dive into this.
No more of this nonsense.
We're going to wait for this and wait for that.
Look, the proof is in the pudding.
It's there.
We showed what it's doing to your blood.
And now they're going to introduce alternatives to these death clot shots that have pilots, you know, potentially it'll be crashing planes.
I mean, this whole thing is ridiculous.
And so now they're going to be, it's very scary.
And now they're going to be introducing this Novavax.
You told me first about it.
I had not yet heard of it, which means I can speculate that there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who have not yet heard of this new company or this company, not new company, but this company that has been newly made public.
This Novavax is going to have a vaccine that it doesn't act like Pfizer.
It doesn't act like Moderna.
It doesn't act like AstraZeneca or Johnson and Johnson.
No, no, no.
This is something completely different.
Dr. Gene Ruby, what is it?
Yeah, Stu, the word is going around that this is, quote, an old-fashioned type of vaccine.
It's actually not.
I understand that people are still fearful of this variant story, but everybody has to remember the PCR test is completely incapable of detecting viral load, which means it cannot tell you if you're ill.
Secondly, since the SARS-CoV-2 virus in its whole entirety has never been isolated, how do you even begin to diagnose a variant of that virus?
But let's enter the stage with Novavax.
Novavax is the name of a company that is in the DC area, Gaithersburg, Maryland.
They do have some track record in developing vaccines, but before everyone gets excited, wants to go out and celebrate, I'm going to give you the bottom line and then I'm going to explain how it happens.
This Novavax actually gets you to the same exact place, which means that your body is going to be flooded with toxic
I don't
I think?
From the moths, they stud them into a nanoparticle, starting to sound even more familiar, and then they put that, that's what they end up injecting into you, but not before they add another chemical substance called saponin, which apparently comes from a plant.
It's a little bit of a surfactant.
Or what we would call a soap-like material.
It's highly irritating to the human body and it was supposedly, theoretically added so that it would sort of spark your immune system to react a little more robustly.
And so basically what we're seeing here is, you know, Novavax injects DNA for spikes into moths, right?
They make a ton of spikes.
They then take the spikes
Put them in a lipid nanoparticle and then they take that material and they put that in a vial and that's what you're getting as your alternative, if you will, to what we already have now, which is a nightmare.
It's the same nightmare, Stu.
It's just a different mechanism of delivery.
So, what about symptoms?
You know, obviously, if the mechanism
Yes, absolutely.
Would more than likely be experiencing, you know, menopausal women would start bleeding, infertility might occur, random things happening with a menstruation cycle or menstrual cycle, guys experiencing, you know, hangover type headache symptoms.
I mean, are these, how about tremors and magnetism and all this other stuff?
I mean, are these going to be the similar symptom groups?
Would you speculate?
Well, I think there's going to be that and more.
And the concern I have about more, more nightmare, more problem, is that in this particular virus, if you really drill down into their preclinical work, they've actually added an HIV, it's called the HIV glycoprotein 120 prion.
Preons are very dangerous protein-like materials, Stu.
They can jump from person to person.
They have a particular affinity for brain tissue.
And in fact, in the animal studies with the Novavax trial, you can see information that shows that in less than two weeks,
I don't know.
You know, incredibly poisonous, toxic things were added to something that is supposedly supposed to give you some protection or immunity.
And I've said from the beginning, they're not vaccines.
Please just wait.
Everything keeps unfolding.
Dr. Jane Ruby, thank you so much for your time.
We really appreciate you being here.
Mad cow disease.
Nearly everybody that gets mad cow disease, I think, dies from that thing.
It's definitely... Very dangerous.
Yeah, very dangerous.
Very dangerous.
Very dangerous.
So as we continue to try to push the needle that I referred to, part of that is arming your fellow Americans, your neighbor down the street, your church congregation, your son's basketball team, your daughter's gymnastics, your son's baseball, your girl's softball, arming those parents, arming your neighbor with this information.
Is the most important thing in the world because the more you do it, the more infuriated people will become knowing this is what they're trying to inject into my kid.
This is what they're trying to force me to provide proof of before I can return to work.
This is what they're injecting into the pilots that are flying me around at 40,000 feet.
Oh, hell no.
Arm yourself with the information as the information war continues right here at FreeWorldNews.tv.
My name is Stu Peters.
Thanks for having me.
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Well, it happened last week, right after July 4th.
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Global government to stop the spread of COVID.
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That's because
These criminals are going to go to prison.
They released the virus.
They have used the whole program to starve the third world.
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