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Name: 20210715_Thu_Alex
Air Date: July 15, 2021
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the expansion of the DC Capitol Police force and its potential overreach. He highlights the recent announcement that there will be no criminal charges against the U.S. Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Ashley Babbitt, and the ongoing efforts to hunt down political prisoners who disagree with the Democratic party. Jones also touches upon the Stasi-like tactics being used by the police force, as well as the importance of continued protests before and after Election Day in November. Furthermore, he addresses the controversy surrounding Nancy Pelosi's story about an intruder in her office during the Capitol riots. Jones claims that the story is not true and criticizes members of the Democratic party for their hyperbolic rhetoric and actions against their political opponents. He also discusses the increase in security measures being implemented by the Capitol Police, including enhanced member protection, additional staffing within the Dignitary Protection Division, and coordinated enhanced security for members of Congress outside of the National Capital Region. Finally, Jones addresses the ongoing debate over election fraud claims and the need for a thorough investigation into the issue.

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Formed in 1950 in East Germany and lasting 40 years, the Stasi was the official state security service.
It was one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies that ever existed.
They were known as the sword and the shield of the ruling Socialist Unity Party of Germany.
In 1989, East German citizens stormed the Berlin headquarters of the secret police, the Stasi.
Its employees tried to destroy the files of the people who informed on their neighbors and friends.
The expansion of the DC Capitol Police reeks of a democratic overreach via a nationwide Stasi-esque force emboldened by the clear, cold-blooded murder of Ashley Babbitt by a still unconfirmed killer within the US Capitol Police ranks.
Wednesday, the U.S.
Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia and the Civil Rights Division of the U.S.
Department of Justice announced there will be no criminal charges against the U.S.
Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Babbitt.
Now, Pelosi's attack dogs are chomping at the bit to hunt down potential political prisoners that disagree with their overlords after upending the lives of at least 500 protesters who were merely exercising their First Amendment rights on January 6th.
A stark contrast to the support of the Vice President, no less, of the rioting, burning, murdering, and looting of American businesses, police stations, and federal buildings that were decimated for months, on end, all in the name of the Democrats' lies and fear-mongering.
How important is it for these protests to continue?
It's critically important.
And I'm going to tell you something.
They're not going to stop.
They're not going to stop.
And that's they're not.
This is a movement.
I'm telling you, they're not going to stop.
And everyone beware, because they're not going to stop.
It is going to they're not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they're not going to stop after Election Day.
The announcement of the expansion of the Capitol Police follows a July 6th press release from the Capitol Police titled, After the Attack, The Future of the U.S.
Capitol Police.
The release announces a pivot towards an intelligence-based protective agency, expanded wellness services to handle all of the trauma-lying dimwits like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez experienced.
And so I opened the door when all of a sudden I hear that whoever was trying to get inside got into my office.
And then I just start to hear these yells of, where is she?
Where is she?
The story she's telling then, basically you're saying is absolutely not true.
It's not true, and I simply made that statement of fact earlier today, and she literally lost it on her favorite social media platform, Twitter.
And so I know I'm doing the right thing, doing the right job, when I've got members of the squad coming after me all day long on Twitter.
And, you know, as the old adage goes, Sean, judge a woman by the enemies she keeps.
And I'm totally fine with that.
Enhanced member protection, which would enhance staffing within the Dignitary Protection Division,
as well as coordinated enhanced security for members of Congress outside of the National
Capitol region.
The department is also in the process of opening regional field offices in California and Florida,
with additional regions in the near future to investigate threats to members of Congress.
The department is also increasing its use of force, tactical equipment, leadership, National Guard alert process and incident command training.
While countless terrorists pour over the southern border and cartels expand their foothold in the United States, Bug cartels are continuing to infiltrate parts of the Southland.
It's fueling an explosion of illegal marijuana growing operations, much of it in the Antelope Valley and Acton and Aguadulce.
In the very near future, social media will be flooded with predictable, woke recruitment ads training a Socialist Democratic Party army hell-bent on controlling the narrative of power.
By hunting down its lone enemy, the American people.
John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live July 15th, Thursday broadcast.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and I'm very, very blessed and honored to be here with you.
A lot of people wanted Tucker Carlson to weigh in on claims of election fraud six, seven months ago, but he didn't do it.
He said he was waiting until these detailed hand-counted audits were done and then he would then respond.
And now he's come out and said the same thing we've all said.
It's 100% private third-party groups that have confirmed that in Georgia and in Arizona and all over these places where Trump was winning right before And then the polls close and he's still winning.
And then they stopped counting in the middle of the night.
And then we all wake up and suddenly, ladies and gentlemen, Biden had surged to the front and had been able to quote, take the election.
And the Republican party establishment was then able to stand down and the rest is history.
Now they are not about to let us try to reverse this.
© The Bulletproof Executive 2013 And in fact, they have a plan to bring in a permanent state of emergency and martial law using COVID as the cover and race war as the cover.
And they have no intention of ever allowing the midterms to take place coming up in less than a year and a half.
Now, you'll remember I said on this show and on Joe Rogan's show, days before the election, that Trump's going to win in these battleground states by an even bigger margin.
And then after the polls close, they're going to say that Biden magically won because of mail-in ballots.
Exactly what I said happened.
And you know, it wasn't very hard to predict that because the Democrats said, no matter what happens, no matter what goes on, No matter what it shows, we're never going to accept Trump, and we'll even have our own convention, and we'll even have our own inauguration, and we'll just break the country up.
That was in the New York Times with John Podesta, the chief strategist for the Democrats.
So they said there's a red mirage, it'll look like he wins the landslide, but don't worry,
we'll produce whatever amount of mail-in ballots we need, he will not be the president.
So they telegraphed their operation.
They told the whole world what they were going to do.
And now they did it.
And they have no intention of letting the American people ever arrest control of our country back.
This is a criminal takeover.
This is a multinational corporate chi-com-backed coup.
And no once free country will ever come out of this again.
We are turning into a high-tech version of North Korea.
And I don't say that to be gloom and doom.
I say that so you know how much trouble we're in.
We told you this was coming.
We warned you.
We showed you what the UN was planning.
We showed you what the universities were planning.
We showed you their whole operation.
They weren't spending trillions of stolen money to do this for nothing.
George Soros wasn't buying off all the DAs and putting all his people in for no reason.
They're gonna arrest all their opposition, let their people commit murders everywhere, human trafficking, narcotics dealing.
I mean, this is a well-thought-out criminal takedown.
The FBI's control, the Justice Department, it's all shot.
It's all gone.
Country is gone.
Now I don't say that to be negative, I say that for you to realize that playing along with it and just interfacing with each issue as it comes, like they're not all connected, is going to defeat us.
If we fully understand this is a UN world government takeover, shy combat, if we fully realize they're even admitting that, if we fully realize it's completely illegitimate, And we all speak out, and we don't comply, and we demonstrate, and we file lawsuits, and we start our own media organizations, and we all stop complying with civil disobedience, and just continue to get in their gaslighting faces and say, we know you're a fraud, we know you're a foreign multinational takeover, here are all the crimes you committed, you launched COVID-19, you suppressed the treatments, you censored the American people, you're a criminal organization,
The public will completely break with them, and they will be defeated.
They'll end up going to prison.
If not, we are going into the long, dark night of hell on earth.
The globalists want to torture Americans.
They want to rape your wife.
They want to burn your house down.
They want to kill.
It's what George Soros has been doing since a teenager.
He called it the best time of his life, happy making.
Robbing and stealing and killing and rounding up Jews to be sent to death camps.
And he's on 60 Minutes and on NPR saying it was exhilarating.
Best time of his life.
The feeling of invincibility to round up and kill all those people.
And you're not like Soros and I'm not like that demon and his demon son.
But Bill Gates is.
And Warren Buffett is.
And all these other globalists are, and they see your naivete as a green light to rape the living hell out of you.
So when we come back, we're gonna get to the incredible proof.
100% of the absentee ballots at hundreds of drop points, thousands in some cases per drop, 100% for Joe Biden.
And in many cases filled in by a machine.
Just like the USPS driver was driving out of one state to another with a whole truck full of ballots.
So he opened it up and they were all done by a computer, not by pencil.
Or pen.
And so he called the federal government and the FBI came and said, well, arrest your ass.
You don't shut your mouth, boy.
Because the order was, and it's now come out as of two days ago, was to suppress election fraud at news.
So, it's all out now, and of course they did.
Of course they stole it.
I mean, we even have the videos in Georgia of them saying a water main broke, which it didn't, kicking everybody out, and then a bunch of Democrat Party operatives pull the suitcases out.
But there weren't enough suitcases, even though there were thousands of ballots, to run them all once and beat Trump in that county.
They're in Atlanta.
And so they had to run it, each suitcase, each briefcase, each box, over and over and over and over again.
And because of election fraud safeguards, there are scans of those, photos of those ballots.
And we now know that they did it.
So we have them in the whole act.
It'd be like if you had video, it'd be like if Jeffrey Dahmer videoed kidnapping people, injecting bleach in their brains, using them as sex slaves until they died, and then cutting them up and eating them.
I mean, it's that bad.
We have them bringing them in, saying there's a water main break that didn't happen, pulling out the ballots that were all for Joe Biden, and running them through over and over again.
I mean, you can't get more.
You don't get more open and shut.
Oh, but General Milley says, Pentagon, I'll smash your ass!
He's ready for war, if you talk about it.
He says you're a terrorist.
And he says, the army rangers are coming to get you.
I'd like to see your big fat ass try that, you communist filth.
Burn in hell, you and Austin, you commie traitors.
Burn in hell, maggots.
America will beat you.
Ladies and gentlemen, the critical race theory is classical Marxist liberation theology.
To purge the federal government of anybody that does not adopt the rest of the Marxist propaganda.
It's dog training.
If you don't do what we say, and if you don't support socialism and globalism and open borders, we're going to say you're a racist.
And they're going ahead in the Army and the Marines and the Navy with the most virulent forms of it.
The bad guys have hijacked the nation.
They're wearing our uniforms now.
At the top.
Just like when the hijackers in the old days were smart, they would put on uniforms of the captains and they noticed that people would normally submit more when they actually dressed up like they were in charge.
Even though the people knew that's not the captain, that's not the co-pilot.
And so when you see General Milley, you see Austin, the Secretary of Defense, those are literal globalist agents here to destroy the country.
But let me go ahead and just show you some evidence of that, because it's all part of the same group.
Why just single them out?
Look at this headline.
White House refuses to condemn communist Cuba tyranny.
Instead says it's mismanagement.
They manage it to make you poor on purpose to control you.
That's who these people are.
Secretary of State.
Says that he's calling for a U.N.
investigation of American racism and says the country is bad, but doesn't call for a U.N.
investigation of 3 million Muslims in death camps, 1 million Christians and Buddhists conservatively, many of which have their organs sold.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's all how America's bad.
Responsible nations must not shrink from the scrutiny of their human rights record.
You have the UN Human Rights Board run by Islamists and people.
Rather, they should be transparent with the intent to grow and do better.
That is why I'm announcing a formal invitation for UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism to visit the United States.
The UN is our boss.
Lincoln invites the UN to investigate contemporary forms of racism.
Like Milley said, he goes, I'm white.
I want to know why whites are bad, why they attack the Capitol.
I want to know why we're evil.
I want to know why questioning an election means you're a white supremacist?
That's exactly what's in the new report put out that same week he testified, saying questioning elections is white supremacism.
Questioning lockdowns is white supremacism.
Says it word for word.
And then says the Pentagon and CIA will get you.
Oh, I'm so scared.
I'm scared of not resisting and exposing you horrible criminals that have hijacked our damn nation.
God Almighty.
Blinken invites U.N.
to investigate contemporary forms of racism in the U.S., but not a word about China.
And the death camps.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Meanwhile, it's a war zone.
South Africa deployed 25,000 troops as country on the brink of civil war.
Hell, it's the government that's been saying, I've got all the videos on the news, even though they're total Marxists, like, evil Indians have killed two black people.
And so Indians will all be hunted down and killed because Indians colonize all over the world.
You know, they want jobs.
Not a bad word, colonizing.
They move places.
And so there's evil Indians.
They're now the new white people.
And so when they fight back, don't want their houses burned to the ground or shops.
It's been announced now that you will all pay.
And people are on Twitter, I saw it, going, oh yeah, Indians are bad people.
All these white people are like, yeah, get the Indians.
They're not submitting to communist blacks, which is a minority of the blacks, but still the government's communist, burning everything down and killing everybody.
There you go.
That's right.
Oh, the left's all very upset that some of the looters have been killed.
South Africans struggling to find food after looting everything.
Army activates all reserve members.
It's going the way of Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia.
Bye-bye, South Africa.
Horrible BLM-issue statement supporting Marxist-Cuban tyranny.
Oh, yes, they've raised billions of dollars.
They live in palatial homes, private jets.
They were founded by Marxists.
They admire a cop-killing woman that lives in Cuba from the United States.
And they have put out a statement praising the government, cracking down I guess they didn't know that about a third of the Cuban population is black or more, and that a lot of the folks find it.
But it's okay.
Black Lives Matter supports communism, so make sure you get them.
Of course, they're not burning each other's grocery stores and houses and things in Cuba.
They're going and protesting the corrupt government and facing years in prison for it.
They know how to protest.
Pop star Pitbull calls on Jeff Bezos to provide aid to Cuban people.
I wouldn't hold your breath there, buddy boy.
Wake up, because this is about freedom and human rights.
And Bezos was reportedly adopted by a Cuban father, but I wouldn't hold your breath, old Bezos.
South Africans struggling to find food after looting everything, again.
But that's okay.
We're going to be going over all of that here.
And why did I read that?
Biden's not criticizing what's happening in Cuba, not standing up for those people.
He's saying, oh, it's COVID caused some mismanagement.
BLM is defending what's happening in Cuba, saying it's a good thing.
Our own Pentagon Chairman of the Joint Chiefs goes, I've read Stalin and Lenin!
What's wrong with that?
I mean, Harvard came up with this critical race theory.
So anything that comes out of Harvard, well, we better just do right away.
And then they take it and apply it to elementary students, teaching them that whites have an advantage and whites did something wrong, which just creates total division on purpose.
We're being divided and conquered.
And they sit up there knowing damn well what they're doing, following orders.
Because Austin and Milley are up there because they are globalists.
And Honore advised, and I told you, Federal Rapid Reaction Force, above the law, secret police, no FOIA request.
And for national gun confiscation, he ran the gun confiscation in Louisiana and Mississippi during Katrina.
People thought I was joking a few months ago.
Honoré wrote the report that recommended what Congress did.
They passed it, gave them $2 billion for additional security.
They're opening offices up in all 50 states, not just Florida and California.
It's everywhere.
You're like, well, that's unconstitutional.
That's crazy.
It all is.
Just like Biden saying, when I get elected, surge the border.
And now for every ICE officer, there's a number out today, every month on average they make one arrest of a criminal inside the country that committed a crime.
So they're only about one arrest a month, they used to make about one arrest a day.
I've got the numbers right here, and it's just total flooding, total smuggling, total criminal activity, and a bunch of whacked out globalist UN-loving Generals strutting around, talking about how we know the number one threat is white supremacists.
That means anybody that's pro-America, anybody common sense.
And we're ready for war with them, and we've got the military trained to take them on, and we're purging the military.
They're not going to let us get to the midterms.
How many months away from November of next year?
Will somebody do the math on the calendar for me?
How many days?
Let's have a countdown.
Because I told you they'd ban Trump by election on the internet, which they did.
I told you they'd steal the election and say it was a red mirage, but they won with mail-in ballots, because they said they were going to do it!
They said all over the news, it'll be a red mirage, but we will not concede, and then the ballots will show that he won afterwards.
And they just told you the official story, and have been gaslighting you since before they did it.
Doesn't matter we got videos all over the country of them blacking out the windows, and people video through a keyhole, and you see them pulling out the secret ballots, and running them, and looking over their shoulders, and then you get the ballots, and they are repeatedly counted, all for Biden.
We have them red-handed.
And they've got U.S.
generals saying, we're gonna attack you with guns, buddy.
You don't ask a question.
We stole this country.
You're a third world nation now.
Now, death to America!
We will take all the guns.
That's the name of the video we posted three weeks ago to Bandot Video, and it deals with just one of these globalist traitors, Honore, who is running the plan for all the national offices of the Capitol Police, and saying gun owners are terrorists, veterans are terrorists, anybody that doesn't want election fraud is a terrorist.
If you question the election, you are a terrorist.
Totally illegal to have the Pentagon looking at the American people.
Totally illegal to have the CIA doing it.
Totally illegal to have the NSA spying.
But now they've announced, oh, the DNC is already spying on all your text messages, but now they want to be able to control them and block them and tell you that they're reading them.
That was announced a few days ago.
We broke it here.
I mean, it was buried in a Politico article, but they confirmed it.
They said, yeah, of course we've got to not let you send text messages we don't agree with.
I mean, we're a dictatorship.
Complete with generals strutting around about how they're ready for a war of the American people.
This is cancer.
That's what this is.
And now it's all over CNN.
Trump was planning to be a dictator.
Trump was planning to call the military.
I had Roger Stone on weeks before the election.
And he said they're trying to get Trump around him to call for the Insurrection Act.
And at that point, they're going to have the Pentagon arrest him, even though it's not constitutional.
They were going to bring in a real dictatorship, claiming Trump tried to become a dictator, even though he had the right to do that.
They were communist globalist agents.
That was happening.
But it was bad guys trying to set Trump up and Trump figured it out and didn't do it.
And that's why Trump is blocked everywhere now on the Internet.
That's why his speeches can't get out, because that's a form of digital martial law.
That's not just censorship.
We're already in deep stages of this, and that's why they're saying, oh, more lockdowns are coming, and you gotta have an app on your phone to leave your house, and we'll tell you who can go and who can't.
All seamlessly being rolled out.
And now they're demonstrating all over the world against ongoing lockdowns and you can't leave your house unless you've had an inoculation of an experimental deadly shot.
I mean, the dystopia is here.
And if you read the report put out a month ago by Joe Biden that he signed his national directive on counterterrorism, they said, we're not worried about the Russians, the Chinese, the Islamicists.
The Mexican Mafia were worried about white supremacy.
You're like, oh, I'm not a white supremacist.
Oh, the definition of that is questions, elections, questions, lockdowns, questions, open borders, questions, gun control.
Oh, they had a coup.
They stole the election.
They know there's going to be a giant landslide against that in the midterms.
How many days already to the midterms guys ever looked that up?
I'll do it.
How many days to the midterm?
So like, 16 months.
So how many days exactly?
Because I want to start a countdown today.
Countdown to, remember I told you the 79 days to hell?
From the time that they had election day to the time they steal it from Trump in America, that the hell that would unleash, and I was right.
Because it's like, it's like counting down from one to, or up to one to ten.
I mean, this is happening.
It's like when a blue northern comes down in the spring and there's hot air with a hurricane.
What's going to happen when a blue northern and a hurricane come together?
Giant tornadoes.
491 days until the official dictatorship of the left.
one-party dictatorship.
They're giving me different numbers. 493.
We'll go over it, I'll double-check it all, but the point is, that's what we're facing, that's what we're dealing with here.
And, again, it's like you go to the doctor and the doctor says, you have a cancer on your lymph node, and it hasn't metastasized yet, we believe, but we need to take it out today.
Does it metastasize?
You're dead.
You go, I don't want to believe that.
Sorry, and you go off and leave, and six months later, you're dead.
It metastasizes.
It sends out cancer spores all over your body.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's already metastasized.
Let's just be honest about that, okay?
We got cancer coming out our ass here.
If you want to use that as an analogy.
We are screwed, okay?
We gotta continue our lives and our businesses.
We've gotta get in the best positions we can.
We can't just give up.
They want us to.
We gotta fight.
We gotta expose them.
We gotta do everything we can.
But barring a huge awakening and...
People's own families taking things into their own hands.
I mean, it should be the family members of all these globalist traitors that are exposing them and outing them.
And it's going to be whistleblowers, and it's going to be live TV programs, and it's going to be prayer, and it's going to be governors and legislatures waking up, and mayors and other leaders organizing and focusing on this and coming out against the New World Order, or we have no hope.
Because this is a takeover.
Here's that piece on Marshall Law and General Honoré.
This country in its 250 years history has never had traitors as bad as Honoré and Milley and Austin.
These men, once they've been politically, culturally, economically, and using the criminal justice system defeated, will be known as the new definition of Benedict Arnold.
They are the plague.
They are a curse.
And they are planning, in my view, false flag terror attacks here in America to cement their rollout against us.
They're spoiling for a war.
They're spoiling for a coup.
They're spoiling to overthrow.
And they're getting ready to carry out terror attacks, that is their handlers are, to be blamed on those of us that are loyal Americans in our opposition to the destruction of the country and the sellout of the nation.
And they're all over television saying Trump questioning the election is an act of terror and he's got to be dealt with by the military.
The government's going to kill this guy.
And they're on channel saying we need to get members of Congress using the military.
People sitting in Congress right now, people in and around the former president.
And then General Milley and General Austin and General Honore get up there and click their heels and say We want to slug out with the American people, and every white person that doesn't salute us is a white supremacist enemy, and we're the Americans, and they're Hitler, and we're gonna get them!
We're ready for war!
Turn us loose!
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!
We're gonna get America!
Death to America, says Milley!
Death to America, says Austin!
Death to America says Honore!
To chronicle the treason and anti-American activities of General Honore, Austin and Milley, it would take years.
Let us examine only one small data point.
The gun confiscation that took place after the Katrina hurricane, where peaceful people, high and dry, under the orders of Honoré, had their firearms stolen and taken from them, never to be returned.
The police and National Guard going street by street House to house.
Sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn.
And instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You say guns?
Guns will be taken.
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
And now Honoré is organizing the national response for the Democratic Party for gun confiscation.
That happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions.
Residents were handcuffed on the ground.
In the end, police took their weapons but let them stay in their homes.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
This guard unit occupied a church, using it as a base camp.
All of a sudden, they were banging on the front door, the side door, and the back door, and they said, let us in.
I said, it's not even loaded!
I really thought they were gonna kill me.
They took him.
And they didn't have a right to take them.
They didn't have a reason to take them.
You never expect to do this in your own country.
Chris Montgomery says he'd rather be in Iraq than patrolling American neighborhoods.
Walking up and down these streets, you don't want to think about the stuff that you're going to have to do.
Somebody pops around the corner, and they shoot an American.
You know them by their fruits, as Christ said.
A leopard never changes its spots.
Here, in focus, is the treason of Honoré against the Second Amendment and America.
Info Wars!
We are witnessing a global corporate UN shycom operation.
To break the back of the United States and bring in world government.
And the Great Reset.
Which leads to a forced post-industrial world.
Massive crimes against humanity are now being committed.
And yes, Democide is the tactic being used against the people.
I will cover that at the start of the next hour.
And then Dan Lyman of EuropeWars.com, our main European correspondent.
Who's an American, but he's back visiting family in the US.
He and his wife live in Europe.
Has witnessed just incredible stuff.
And he can describe to you the no-go zones, the forced collapse of Europe.
Just everywhere but Switzerland is basically a nightmare hellhole.
And they've banned free speech.
They've banned demonstrations.
They're just under permanent martial law.
Using the pretext of COVID.
It really is an amazing time to be alive.
It's the same in every country.
But the United States is so large, and our cities are so sprawling, and we're so decentralized, they don't have control here yet.
They need us to adopt the iPhone or Droid app that is the World ID, that is then a social credit score, that if you don't behave and do what they say, they will then deactivate or remove some of your, quote, privileges.
And that's all in the news today.
But we're in a race.
The people we thought were good, like Boris Johnson, turned out to be a traitor.
And good people like Bolsonaro, and people who overall went well, like President Trump, saying no to the globalists calling the shots.
And so now, video, Tucker Carlson shows evidence of flat-out criminal fraud, close quote, in Georgia during 2020 election.
And when you look at the findings, Of tens of thousands of ballots, hundreds and hundreds of different drop boxes.
All of them, ladies and gentlemen, 100% ballots for Joe Biden.
And in other cases, the vast majority for Joe Biden.
Georgia vote audit shows 100% of absentee ballots came in for Biden in thousands of drop boxes.
New evidence reveals Georgia audit fraud and massive errors.
Stunning new evidence shows audit tally sheets marked 100% for Biden.
But then when you go into the ballot boxes, they're not for Biden.
Organized criminal fraud.
Meanwhile, Arizona Senate to hold hearing today at 10 a.m.
on Arizona.
Election fraud could come out as early as today or tomorrow and they're finding the exact same thing.
So what is the deep state going to do?
We'll talk about that next hour, but they're going to strike back.
They're never going to let us get to that midterm without a fight.
We can expose what they're doing, what they're prepping.
We can catch them in the act.
We can stop them.
But everybody better get off the fence here.
We're going to lose everything if we don't stop this globalist takeover.
Let's go ahead and go to part of Tucker Carlson's groundbreaking research and reports last night.
Except it's not true.
It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia last November.
That is not a conspiracy theory.
It's true.
From the beginning, this show has tried to be fact-based when we talk about the 2020 election results.
So here's what we know tonight, factually.
At least 36 batches of mail-in ballots from the November election were double-counted in Fulton County.
That's a total of more than 4,000 votes.
Those numbers come from a group called Voter GA, which, along with Bob Chile, sued to get them.
The final tally from the double counts we know about amounts to more than 3,300 votes for Joe Biden and 865 votes for Donald Trump.
Now, before you dismiss Bob Chile and Voter GA as dishonest partisan actors, Keep in mind that the strongly leftist center, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, appears to agree with this, at least in outline.
The newspaper reviewed the available digital ballot images independently and concluded that hundreds of ballots were improperly duplicated.
What does that look like, exactly?
At a press conference yesterday, a consultant with Voter GA called David Cross showed how we can be certain that votes in Fulton County were counted more than once.
Well, here's what it looks like.
What I'm going to show you here is two ballots side by side.
One of them is marked for Jason Shaw.
It's got a little squiggle mark next to it.
You can see it's got the identical mark on the second one.
And the ballot image is stored up here on the top left.
So this one over here is scanner 5162.
That's scanner number three.
Fax number 235.
Digits number 19.
And that matches 234, image 59.
So you have the same ballot counted twice in the images and counted in the audit.
How that's possible, I don't know.
How's that possible?
I don't know.
Every American should want to know.
Because the answer gets to the heart of the integrity of our elections.
Otherwise known as our democracy.
We're not talking about a couple of ballots here.
We're talking about a lot of ballots.
At least hundreds of ballots involved.
Enough potentially to affect the outcome of the election.
Here's another example.
Here's one last one.
Alright, so same batch, number 234, image number 2.
And 235, image number 61.
Republican, Republican, Republican, Republican.
All the way down to the point where this little spot up in Fannie Willis matches this one over here.
There's no question that that ballot was counted twice.
So what's the explanation for this?
Well, if you ask Fulton County, these discrepancies, the ones you just saw on the screen, were isolated incidents.
Just a handful of bad ballots happens all the time.
The county claims that any errors were caught in previous recounts.
The problem is that neither one of those claims is true.
Surveillance footage obtained by Voter GA appears to show large numbers of ballots being scanned multiple times.
Pay attention in the tape we're showing you to the woman wearing yellow at the desk.
According to Voter GA, she slides ballots into a scanning machine, removes the ballots, and then reinserts the same ballots.
This happens multiple times.
The question is, how many times were those ballots counted?
Was each vote counted more than once?
Fulton County won't answer that question.
Now, one way to know the answer would be to check what are called audit tally sheets.
Tellingly, for months after the presidential election, Fulton County failed to provide more than 100,000 of those tally sheets, including 50,000 of them for mail-in ballots.
When Voter GA finally forced Fulton County to turn over the tally sheets, the conclusion was stunning.
Here's what the audit found, quote, seven falsified audit tally sheets containing fabricated vote totals.
For example, a batch containing 59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden and 42 for Donald Trump was reported as 100 for Biden and zero for Trump.
The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump, and 11 votes for Joe Jorgensen had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, zero votes for Trump, and zero votes for Jorgensen.
Wait, did you just follow that?
How is that not flat-out criminal fraud?
We'd love to know because it certainly sounds like flat-out criminal fraud.
We've obtained photographs showing what went on during the recount process for mail-in ballots in Fulton County.
These pictures were taken by a whistleblower who participated in the recount.
She said she noticed something odd as she did.
None of the ballots that she saw had any creases on them.
You can see the stacks of unfolded ballots on your screen now.
That's strange because, of course, mail-in ballots need to be bent in order to be mailed in.
These ballots clearly had never been inside an envelope.
And then the whistleblower noticed something else.
All of the ballots, the whistleblower tells us, have been filled out by a printer, not by hand.
And many of them supported the exact same candidates, Democrats, including Joe Biden.
Voter GA detected a series of other apparent irregularities in the recount.
The group's audit found, for example, that quote, over 200 Fulton County... All right, and this goes on for like 20 minutes, the full videos at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
I suggest you go get it.
I suggest you share it.
Now remember, the Pentagon says they're involved in what Americans can do now, and they actually say you're a terrorist if you do.
Seriously, that's official.
And they've announced they're reading your text messages, so you better get scared of the Secretary of Defense and scared of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and do what they say.
No, I've got a better idea.
You need to go to prison, Milley, and so do you, Austin and Joe Biden.
These people have announced Soviet-level, North Korea-level crap and are trying to implement it.
And if we're such great, tough Americans, land of the free, home of the brave, we can at least get to our legislatures, our cities, and demand they take action and organize against these damn criminals.
Because right now, they're just green-lit to do whatever they want.
The federal government under Biden is funding convicted pedophiles to go into public schools everywhere, dressed up as clowns.
That sounds insane.
It all is insane.
They're smuggling children.
That one church we documented in McAllen now released official numbers this week.
Six thousand plus children a week being run through that one facility and there's no background checks, no nothing.
Another FBI article right here.
Where the FBI knew about pedophile rings and 70 girls raped and protected the man that raped 70 girls.
That's next hour.
I mean, the government is just criminal, filth, scum at the top.
I mean, they are just lawless demons and everybody else is just scared of them and backing down to them and just kissing their ass all day long.
We're not.
We're not backing down.
So tell everybody you know, tune in and take the live links from Band.Video and Infowars.com and share them!
Because the Second American Revolution's now, or get on your knees and kiss your ass goodbye!
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, I'm gonna hit the international news, tied together into the Great Reset, coming up next segment.
We got Dan Lyman, who's head of EuropeWars.com, great reporter for us.
He'll be in studio a little bit in the next hour.
I want the phones up in the third hour today as well.
But I tell you, I mean, it is just amazing to, it is amazing to be in this time.
It is amazing to basically be in this position.
I am very blessed and honored to still be on air.
And I've always had a sense of urgency about the project for a new world order for world government because I knew it was a real project run by very, very real people who are extremely ruthless and evil.
And the world they said they were going to build was so dystopic, I knew I had a responsibility to oppose it.
But if it wasn't for all of you spreading the word and supporting us over the years, we couldn't have done this.
When I say we, that isn't a pat on the head.
I'm not patronizing you.
When you figure out the fact that you are everything in this fight, we start winning.
When you're engaged, when you're taking action, when you're paying attention, when you're praying to God, we're unstoppable together.
So I just want everybody to take a moment, take a deep breath like I'm trying to do, and understand that at least we were aware of this coming and we prepared and we warned people so that now that it's coming true, our credibility is going up, so more people are listening, and so we have a good chance of defeating it, and opposition to globalism is becoming mainline.
Because you have the New York Times saying globalism doesn't exist.
Anybody says it, they're evil and horrible.
Anybody that says there's election fraud, they're evil and horrible, arrest them, use the Pentagon on them, and we're going to read all your text messages.
We're the one-party dictatorship, the DNC.
I mean, imagine if the Republicans said, we're going to read all your text messages.
It's just, they've gone over the edge.
They're complete maniacs.
And so we've just got to be non-violent, speak out, non-compliant.
Expose them and point out that they're not American, that they are usurping us, and I believe we've got a good chance of defeating this.
But they're going to stage events to demonize us, even though we're not going to be violent.
So we've got to be ready to expose that.
We've got to be speaking out about that right now, so that when they do pull their false flag, that only wakes people up faster, and so more whistleblowers go public, their own family members go public.
And the Lord works in mysterious ways and will frustrate their plans and they will be defeated.
But now is the time to be praying.
Also spread the word about the broadcast.
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Thank you for making the show possible.
All over the world, people have languished for generations under the tyranny of communism.
Since 1959, the Cubans have seen their standard of living cut by over 95%.
They are slaves of a hereditary dictatorship, just like North Korea.
And Biden has come out and said Cuba is good.
Black Lives Matter has said they defend the communist dictatorship.
Psaki has come out and said they've done nothing wrong.
It tells you everything you need to know about these people.
The globalists are bad, bad, bad.
The average Cuban might be able to take their family out to eat.
Once every three months.
You might have to make a tube of toothpaste.
That's a real photo, by the way, of Saki.
Lasts a year.
A bottle of aspirin costs $30 to $40.
Because communism can't and won't produce anything because it's a system of slavery by a ruling class, not of the people.
And now we have the headline at Infowars.com.
It gets conclusive out of Georgia.
We have the videos of them in Atlanta, shutting it, saying there's a water main burst.
That didn't happen.
Water main break.
They look around both sides, knowing they're on camera, pull out the suitcases, and then run the ballots.
In one video, eight times the same ballots, because they're all for Biden.
And then even though big stacks of ballots came in that were for Trump, they would falsify the top document.
We don't have those.
And say 100%.
100% for Biden out of thousands of ballots.
Trump only lost by 13,000 votes.
Similar things happen in all the other states.
And it's all on video.
Because the people doing it were too lazy or too busy, I guess, trying to steal that election.
Because it was such a landslide for Trump.
That they wouldn't even go over to a box and act like it was a new stack.
They'd just run 100 ballots to the machine, run it again, run it again, run it again, run it again, run it again, run it again, run it again, and they had big stacks of them, all crisp and perfect, right out of the boxes, printed in China, flown in on private jets, now all come out, Michigan, Georgia, everywhere.
And even when postal workers said, I'm driving across state lines with ballots.
I'm driving down to one state, to Pennsylvania, and it's a whole truckload of these.
Let me see what's, they're all marked for Joe Biden.
And why do you think in Pennsylvania and in Michigan and places, they didn't steal it from local Republicans?
The ballots, the Scantron ones that were already been filled out by machine, they found in multiple states.
We're just for Senate races and presidential, because they made deals with the Republican Party not to steal it from them in general if they went along.
See how it works?
The FBI came to the house of that postal worker and they said, we might indict you for looking at what was in the mail.
He's like, why am I driving across state lines with Pennsylvania ballots out of another state?
This obviously didn't come out of Pennsylvania.
He goes, I'm going to open these sons of bitches up.
This is a good American.
And he opened them up and they were all for Joe Biden.
Total proof of fraud.
So he goes to the authorities and they send the FBI and threaten him.
He still had the courage to go on TV, but Fox News wouldn't pick it up.
He was on local news and on conservative news on interviews.
That was it.
A postal worker, with the vehicle, with 30-something thousand ballots, all for Joe Biden, that were delivered and that were stuck in machines to steal that damn state.
We caught them red-handed over and over and over again.
And what do we get?
We get to be lectured by the military And new announcements that we're the enemy and the military's ready for war with us.
We are so pathetic if we let these people intimidate us.
And we will go into generations of bondage at the hands of people like Honore and Austin and Millie.
And it'll be just like it is in every dictatorship.
It'll be their grandchildren ruling over us, standing up there with a bunch of ten stars on their lapel, strutting
And then they run around, and try to intimidate us to shut our mouths.
Well, we're about to lose the very foundation of this country.
We're about to go into total slavery.
And let me show you this next disgusting piece of news.
Don Salazar has been here many years.
I don't know, seven, eight years.
He's a great writer, great guy.
And I noticed he was suspended on Twitter.
And I said, why are you suspended?
Last night we were talking on the phone.
He said, let me send you a screenshot.
I linked to local news and to the Facebook of the family, whose 45-year-old mother, she's a mother, was hired at John Hopkins and she had to take the vaccine, and the vaccine killed her, they think.
It's her family.
It's them talking about it.
How she died, how it liquefied her organs.
And she's dead, and that's her Instagram and Facebook, and we showed it.
And guess what old Twitter did, the old Don Salazar, huh?
You dirty Americans, shut your mouth.
We think this is America?
This is Cuba!
They said your story is fake information about COVID-19.
And what is the story?
It's a true story about a woman that died after she took the shot.
And the doctors even said it was a complication.
But they don't care.
They're not gonna let you be warned that people are dying.
And they do this all over the place.
How many other people you think got sick or died?
That you never heard about.
Well, the numbers are big.
Hank Aaron's family said he didn't have an autopsy and the shot killed him.
So they suppressed that.
Same thing with MDX.
Same thing with everybody.
This is what the criminals at Twitter and Facebook and YouTube are aiding and abetting murder.
And covering up a woman that's dead.
She wanted to work at John Hopkins.
Now she's dead at John Hopkins.
She took the shot.
And there they are, information management, making sure that, oh no, you don't write about that, you don't let people know she died, because we're going to make sure more people take it and die, and we're going to gaslight everybody, and we're going to cover that up.
So it's kind of like Bill Maher said a few weeks ago, he said, you know, it's one thing to censor Republicans.
He was saying, well, Ivermectin's not a Republican, what are you doing censoring Ivermectin?
It's a drug, I deserve to know.
No, see, you don't deserve to know.
Because this is Big Pharma that's merged with Big Tech, and this is what they're going to do.
They suppress treatments that will save millions.
They lied about the numbers.
It's a criminal takeover.
And so all of you that work at Big Tech and censor with the AI, you'll be replaced with AI completely soon.
Boy, I got to hand it to you.
You're really gangsters now.
I mean, you don't like kill rival gang members that are men and have guns.
You're worse than them.
You actually kill little kids, and women, and old people, and you cover it up, because when you aid the bad, and you cover up people that have died, and their families, talking about how their daughter died, when you do that, you're now an accomplice to murder.
Hope that feels good, and I hope you feel safe.
Not from me.
I mean, in a world where no one's going to be able to stand up for you either.
You'll be silenced when they come for you.
You see, because you reap what you sow, you fools.
Shame on you.
Oh, but I know I'm the bad Alex Jones.
I questioned public events.
And most of the time they've been fake.
Oh, I get it.
I didn't lie about WMDs.
I didn't do no, no, no, but I get it.
You're the liberals.
I get it.
You're allowed to cover up the deaths.
I understand.
Tucker Carlson is a crazy person.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, we're told Tucker Carlson's crazy that a whistleblower gave him documents with a whole bunch of his text messages to hundreds of people to let him know that he was being spied on.
Of course he is.
It came out that I was spied on, Roger Stone, anybody of note is being spied on.
Everybody's being collected.
But then the Democrats came out this week and they said, oh, we want to spy on all your text messages with the telecoms and Monitor them if you're questioning the election or anti-COVID news to save your life.
So the Democratic Party wants to set the parameters to read your text messages, but Tucker Carlson's crazy.
Nobody's spying on him.
Dan Lyman is riding a shotgun with us into the next hour.
We're going to put the phones up.
As well, next hour, and Dan Lyman writes for EuropeWars.com, he's the head of that.
He's worked with InfoWars for many years.
He's also run some other great sites as well.
Dan Lyman is an American writer, political activist, and cultural commentator.
After years of fronting a major rock band and answering the call, The Truth Journalism to Defense of Western Civilization, Dan now serves as a foreign correspondent for InfoWars.
And you have some other great sites that you run separately that we want you to talk about.
But we were talking about Big Picture.
You wanted to get into big picture first.
The globalists, in your words, have a lot of momentum.
They smell blood in the water.
Those are your words.
I agree.
I've really just, being honest with the audience, I'm... I mean, before, if I had real concern, it was like a three or four.
This is about a nine right now.
I mean, I told my wife this morning, I said, this is serious.
We've got to get ready ourselves.
They're going to just keep collapsing things here on out unless we have a total awakening and we get leaders that resist this.
Your view on where the world is right now, Dan Lyman.
Good to have you back in Texas.
Good to be back with you always.
You know, it's interesting to me to be back in the U.S.
for the first time in a while now and it's been refreshing to at least not have to wear a mask in certain places and public spots and restaurants and stores and stuff because basically in all of Europe that is still all in place.
And it's really shocking to me that there's only basically a few U.S.
states basically that have gone down this path, you know, and people like DeSantis have led the way, and we've had some other states follow suit and kind of throwing the mask mandates out the window.
But basically everywhere else in the world, this is still under this insane tyranny, and I think that that is Really emblematic of where we're at right now, globally, is that, you know, people are still basically living under martial law at this point across the planet.
And that's not changing.
It's been 18 months of this and people are not pushing back on it.
We're starting to see a little bit in France now, but that's because France has started to escalate the situation and they're moving on to the next phase.
Forced inoculation!
And expanding on that, Klaus Schwab is all over TV saying, this never ends, the cut is deep, we save Earth from carbon, it's good!
Right, you know, 18 months ago we were warning that this was all never going to end and that they were going to move towards forced inoculations and vaccine passports, and people said we were crazy.
And now they've gone from saying that would never be the case, saying there will be no vaccine passports, to now saying Yes they will be and here's why they're good.
So the gas lighting has really increased and people are still falling for it, which is really incredible to me.
Well, because people are sheep-like and they really think the system cares about them.
They're in a trance.
But they're going to find out very quickly as they lose their resources and things fall apart.
That's not the case.
But by then, the secret police are on every corner.
By then, we're in North Korea or Cuba.
And you know, we've had this defund the police movement for a couple of years now.
We know basically what they're doing is they're trying to run out all the decent people that would be in law enforcement.
And they've been very successful in that.
You have record retirements across the That's why they tell the army, and I found out from a Green Beret I know that's forced through training, they make them wear red high heels, not just regular army now, and march around and say communist stuff, which again is meant to drive the good people out.
But the good word is they're all just ignoring it and just laughing about it.
So, overall the military gets it.
That's good to hear.
I think that they're trying to insert as many SJWs and compliant people into law enforcement and the military so they can continue to ratchet up this agenda.
Well that said, at this point, America is occupied.
So of course they're going to do litmus tests to make you get out.
What people need to do, in my view, is Be honest about that.
Spread the word.
You have the right of free speech to explain what's happening.
Big picture to people, whether you're enlisted or, you know, commissioned or non-commissioned, people have to explain what's happening and then explain this is an occupied military.
We actually need to stay in here and not let them kick us out.
And I'm not trying to tell people, hey, you better stay.
That's an order.
I'm just saying if I was in, this was going on, that's what I would do.
Because if you explain to people what this is really about, it's a litmus test.
They don't care what color they are.
They're going to get it.
Yeah, and it's great that in the last five years we've really, a lot of the general public is waking up to the fact that all of the major institutions and all of the government entities, they're all polluted.
So we now know the FBI, totally compromised.
We know now that the U.S.
military is being totally compromised.
We have this creep, Millie.
I mean, he is emblematic of what's going on in the military at this point.
So, people are starting to wake up, and thankfully, the Fox News boomy cons are starting to get it now.
We really need everyone to be aware of the fact that the institutions that you trusted for so long are turned against you, and people need to be aware of that now.
When you look at Millie up there saying, I want to know about the whiteness.
I'm white.
I want to know why whites attacked the Capitol.
That had nothing to do with race.
It had to do with people angry and a million people out there and a few hundred going in because they were waved in and a few dozen maybe being somewhat violent.
I mean, for him to just brand everything racial, that is so evil.
Yeah, and that's another thing that they want to just drive out decent, you know, American stock, heritage Americans out of the military as well, and they'd rather have, probably have, you know, a legal alien serving in the military.
That'll be another thing they'll be pushing for.
They have been pushing for that for years.
And just people who wouldn't really care if they're ordered to be turned against the American people because they don't have any vested interest.
I mean, I think Milley should be arrested.
I mean, they want to arrest us.
They're saying we're all terrorists.
They're saying they're using the military to spy on us domestically.
These people really are enemies of the country.
And I don't want anything bad to happen to them because I'll turn them into a martyr.
I'm just saying we should recognize true enemies that have taken the country over and then now have their U.N.
operatives in charge.
Did you see where the Secretary of State has invited the U.N.
in to fix American racism?
Yeah, and they've actually been using the U.N.
at the border.
They've been using different NGOs.
is in charge of the border now.
Well, the U.N.
Biden signed an executive order.
Right, exactly.
So we see this creep.
They're inviting them in for more and more roles in the U.S.
landscape, in the political landscape.
What else is on your radar?
We're going to talk about a lot of stuff today, but what else is front and center for Dan Lyman at EuropeWars.com?
Well, definitely always the Europe situation, and it's always troubling to see anything going on in Africa, any destabilization there, because that inevitably turns into another migration wave anytime something happens.
So keeping an eye on what's going on in South Africa, because that's inevitably going to push thousands or tens of thousands more migrants towards Europe.
So that's something that's interlinked.
And of course, we're keeping an eye on that.
And the situation in Europe between COVID and, of course, the immigration situation, it is just as bad as ever.
Well, everyone knew that when they got rid of apartheid in South Africa and went communist, that within 30 years it would be where it is now.
It's not a defense of apartheid.
It's what happened in Rhodesia.
It's what happened everywhere.
And it's not a defense of apartheid.
It's the fact that when you get rid of the capitalism that happened to be there and bring in the communism, this is what communists do.
Yeah, and you know, I think we've all been watching wondering when exactly South Africa was truly going to destabilize, and it really seems like we're looking at that right now.
And we're also looking at that in the Caribbean.
We have situations going on in Haiti and Cuba now.
And so you have to wonder, is any of this interlinked?
And what is the plan behind it?
Because it's not just purely grassroots going on in all these countries, of course.
We're learning now that some of the operatives that assassinated the Haitian president were trained by the U.S.
They have U.S.
Law enforcement ties, so we have to say what's going on and why are all these countries destabilizing right now and where is the connection?
Yeah, just like the Capitol, evidence is mounting that globalist intelligence groups provocateured these guys into doing it.
Just like the Green Berets that thought they were about to take over Venezuela were tricked into doing it.
That's a classic provocateur action.
We'll cover it all on the other side and look at South Africa that was already unstable but is now descending into road warrior.
Well, it's a great 1980s film by John Carpenter, Escape from New York, with one of my favorite actors, Kurt Russell.
And you see the real escape from New York happening, the real escape from Los Angeles and Detroit, Michigan, happening to places like Texas and Florida and others, but...
People are trying to exit out of Europe as well, but so much of the world is locked down under martial law.
We have informational martial law coming in, where even the former president of the United States isn't allowed on Facebook or Twitter.
We are in martial law.
And, you know, Dan Lyman made that point out of the gates.
He lives in Switzerland.
During the break, I said, there's so much to cover.
Where should we start?
He said, well, we could have a whole site or a whole show or a whole report just on France or just on South Africa or just on Cuba.
Or just on blue cities?
Everyone is fleeing leftist cities.
Everyone is fleeing leftist countries.
Everyone wants out from under it, but all the big money wants to finance it, because big corporations, the little secret is, control these authoritarian regimes, and communism and socialism is their favorite system of control, because it makes the people dependent, so they don't know how to take care of themselves.
So, Dan Lyman, let's get into South Africa.
For folks that don't know what's happened, all of Africa is descending into total collapse.
Gaddafi wasn't a great guy, but he was stabilizing Africa, so they took him out.
Apartheid wasn't a good thing, but it was making people wealthy, including the blacks,
so they had to get rid of it because there was actually capitalism and societal order,
and they weren't letting the different black tribes kill each other. Well, that's gone now,
so the big internationals can come in and get the diamonds and gold and everything,
and the general public can starve to death. And so that's the model there.
We see what's happening there.
The same Marxist information, liberal media defending it.
When Indians defend their homes or businesses from looters, we're told they're racist.
And again, we see this lionization of black looters by the media here and in South Africa, not to protect black people, but to ensure destabilization happens.
So that they all continue to live in squalor and depopulate.
It's extremely cynical in my view.
What's your view on all this?
Well, it is really interesting that you say that because I've seen evidence that there is kind of a coalition of different groups.
You see some of these folks here.
that there's Muslim groups, there's indigenous South Africans, there are certain black groups as well, and
whites as well who are basically aligned now, and they're trying to fend
off these looters and prevent them from totally decimating their towns and their stores and their malls
so it's interesting, and that's not getting very...
A large percentage are blacks that don't want to live in death and destruction, but the media doesn't do that.
They make it like a Black Lives Matter thing, and, oh, these folks burning down the power stations and shopping malls and killing people, they're good.
And if the Indians, a bunch of them lived there for a hundred years plus, oh, if the Indians that, you know, came there basically as slave labor themselves, if the evil Indians brought there by the British Empire, now the grandkids and great-grandkids, if they don't want their house burned and their wife raped, they're evil.
Right, and they're just trying to defend themselves, and it looks like things are getting incredibly worse there, and of course we've all been watching, and it's been a powder keg for a long time, but it really seems to be kicking off.
And you know, our hearts go out to all the innocent people there that are getting caught in this, because it really is terrible.
Can I interrupt you?
I'm good at that.
You're the guest.
Get into this coalition, because that's what the media is trying to hide, of people that want civilization versus those that don't.
Right, and that's what we're seeing across the West, across the Western world, is you have people who just want to be left alone, they want to have freedom, they want to be able to buy and sell, you know, capitalism, and then you have these insane communists who are just going insane, and they're being allowed to.
We have this, of course, in Latin America, we have Latin American... Yeah, the whole media is race-based.
This is video of whites being bull-whipped by black communists because they're white.
And then, you know, we have this happening there, but then when a couple of soccer players in the UK have been, you know, had some not nice things said to them online, the entire media has been, you know, attacking that.
They're trying to basically ban people off the internet in the UK now at this point under the guise of, you know, preventing people from having anonymous accounts.
We have Piers Morgan saying that there should be no one else allowed to use the internet with an anonymous account.
We have just an amazing push to crack down on free speech, but then you have white people being whipped by a couple of South African blacks and the media couldn't care less.
Yeah, I forgot to add that the UK government now wants internet ID.
So there can't be voter ID in the UK or here, but we need internet ID to make sure we can censor everybody.
And you know, back to what you were saying about the informational martial law, I just saw a clip before we came on air of the Prime Minister Well, that's it!
New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, and she was basically telling people that if the COVID information
does not originate from the government, then you need to disregard it and please stop sharing
it around and the government will be your only source of information on COVID data.
So you tie that in with what we're seeing around the world, you tie that in with Democrats
wanting to spy on our SMS, at what point are they just going to start choking off basically
all sources of information even via...
Well, that's it.
We've already been brought into a digital martial law, a physical martial law, and now
Now they're just submitting it and getting ready for the next wave.
That's what's happening here.
Is there?
They're taking a big gulp of air before they plunge us back down under the water.
Yeah, and they're more and more saying, basically, we're not going to be able to share information without them policing it or shutting it down.
And what are they telling you?
Oh, we're going to not let you have medical care.
We're not going to give you treatment when you have pneumonia.
We're going to say it's COVID.
We're not going to let you have known treatments that are 99% effective.
I mean, this is really monstrous criminal activity.
Adon Salazar, coming before you got on, Wrote an article about something in the news that John Hopkins, a woman that was a nurse, she signed on to work there.
She was given the shot.
She died.
Her family said the shot killed her.
The doctors thought that.
We just linked to her story.
They banned him off Twitter, suspended him, saying that's disinfo.
You're not allowed to criticize the vaccine.
I mean, you're now aiding and abetting covering up people's deaths.
This is sick.
It really is.
I was told by a friend recently in Switzerland, he's an actual Swiss native, and he said people have been showing up that he knows for regular treatments or going to the emergency room in Switzerland at the hospitals, and if they aren't vaccinated, they are told you must get vaccinated before you enter or you can't come in for medical treatment.
I haven't been able to verify that, but he has multiple people who's telling him.
Oh, they're doing it.
It's all color of law.
Hell, we got Democrats.
Kathleen Sebelius is on TV, former head of Health and Human Services, says the same thing.
She says you shouldn't have access to your children, shouldn't have a job.
If you don't take an experimental jab.
Again, cut and dry violation Nuremberg Code.
Nuremberg Code says you can't take jobs away, you can't threaten things for medical experimentation.
This is experimental.
Absolutely, and you know what we've seen of course with these protests kicking off in France, their backs are up against the wall, but this is also The case, they've made the same announcements in Greece and the same announcements in Cyprus.
And what's interesting is you have, for the past 18 months, we've had the entire media and just the leftist organizations touting medical workers as being the heroes, the heroes, the heroes, you know, clap for the NHS.
But now the medical workers are finding out they're going to be the first ones corralled into forced vaccinations.
And they're being told that if you work in the medical field in France and you do not get vaccinated, you will lose your job.
And guys, go ahead and roll clip 9 here.
Police throw tear gas at demonstrators.
Guess who's exempt in France from the mandatory injections announced by Macron?
Outside of law.
I'm the president.
I just said it.
The police won't take it.
The police are exempt.
Man, you talk about evil.
And he has said if they are not able to corral enough people into getting the vaccine now with these new rules, then they're talking about complete and total forced vaccination for the entire French population.
Which they always say, if you won't take it, we're gonna make you take it, but we're gonna make you take it.
And look, you're gonna get sick, you're gonna die, and they're gonna... Now they say, oh, it doesn't protect you, you need a booster shot.
How did Bill Gates know that a year ago and say that would be the case?
How did we know that?
Because Bill Gates said it.
That's the thing is, people ask, Jones, how did you know that they'd announce new lockdowns?
How'd you know the vaccine wouldn't work?
Because we interview the top scientist.
You cannot create a vaccine for a cold virus, there's thousands of them.
You can only make one for a spike protein, but that spike protein is in your body.
I mean, they knew when they did this, folks, that it is a civilization-ending event.
It will make us not trust doctors, not trust the government.
It'll break down society.
It'll make people be scared to not go to work.
It will make people want to take care of their sick loved ones that have been given the deadly shot.
It's going to collapse civilization if we don't reverse it quickly.
It may be too late already.
It's dividing people.
We had that story with Owen, golfing with some guys on the golf course, who he said were basically conservative dudes, but when they found out that he was opposed to the vaccine, they walked off the golf course.
They wouldn't even play with him anymore.
Well, it was a power trip that they'd taken, and they were good, and now they're going to have the app, and they're going to show people they did it.
When they're just being brought into a social credit score slave app.
You told those guys two years ago hey I'm gonna make you carry an app to go to a store or go to get a car or to go to the bank.
You'd say that's crazy I'm not gonna have a government app.
But now you see they're heroes.
They stepped up and they took it Dan.
And we've been warning about this for over a year, and you have found so much vindication from so many people now who say, you know, Alex was warning about this long ago, and they say, how did you know?
Because, of course, you were reviewing everything that they were laying out.
Different organizations, the WHO, the EU, were all planning an endgame for years now, where they were going to get to vaccine and vaccine passports.
It's all been premeditated, just like, we'll talk about it when we come back.
Oh, if we could just do what the communists said, we'd be in heaven.
Dan Lyman's riding shotgun with us from EuropeWars.com.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thanks for joining us on this Thursday broadcast, July 15th.
I want to just pull back with what Dan was trying to get into before the break there, interrupted him.
It's all premeditated.
Here's how it works very simply.
You have the big central banks that if you adopt the codes and political corporate systems of the World Economic Forum, And you do what they say, and they interface with the UN and the big banks, then you'll be given credit, you'll be given access to the market, you'll be allowed to become rich and powerful.
And they said, before the outbreak even happened, they already changed the definition of a pandemic from something actually killing you to something they claim you have.
They already said, once pandemics hit, you'll have to have QR codes on all the menus to get everyone ready for QR codes to even come in a restaurant.
All of this is training.
They admit it.
It's all premeditated.
So people tune in and they keep saying, and we keep getting credit, which is really stupid, because I even have lawyers and academics ask me, how did you predict this?
How'd you predict that?
I said, it's all laid out by Klaus Schwab.
He says it ends with a microchip and then they can cut off all your resources.
One way or the other, social credit scores, hell on earth, our own government's defending Cuba, oppressing its people.
We're in trouble.
So Dan, you've been in Europe, you're an American, you see all this.
They're now announcing military base, order troops to show vaccination proof as COVID-19 concerns mount.
Oh, a first hero, major general, David Francis says anyone coming on base must now have the proof.
It's just up to you to get it done.
And of course then there's always more, more, more shots.
The U.S.
Surgeon General is calling COVID-19 misinformation an urgent threat, calling for it to be silenced.
Which the Democrats now say they need to read all your text messages in live time, surveil you to keep you safe.
What did the New Zealand leader just say?
It's all the same day.
France, Greece, the UK announced, oh, forced inoculations, COVID passports are coming.
Macron says now.
And then the next day, oh, a military base.
And then, oh, all these leaders, oh, this info is going to kill people because they're getting ready for lockdown too.
And lockdown one didn't go like they wanted, so now they're like, we better silence everybody because we're costing lives.
We've got to read your text messages.
That's what Fauci said.
We've got to, you can't let you talk about hydroxychloroquine or how we're counting people that die in automobile accidents as COVID.
I mean, we can't let you know that we're killing people with ventilators.
I mean, they've got, so they're going ahead with their operation, but it hits some major bumps, Dan Lyman.
Definitely, and you know, going back to what you were saying about lockdown too, people, all they have to do is look at what's going on in Australia right now, because the Australians have been in perpetual lockdown and now they're going into harder lockdowns in Sydney for like, even supposed cases, just a handful.
And so, if anyone wants to know what's coming, look at what's going on in Canada, look at what's going on in Australia.
They are basically setting the pace where the rest of us are going.
And now the Netherlands just did it, to reimpose work from phone as infections soar, not deaths, but the PCR test says, ooh!
Right, and you know, they're going to keep doing the test.
You want martial law?
Turn the PCR test up!
You know, I just had my first COVID test.
I managed to go this long without having one, but I had to get one to get into the U.S.
as we turn it up, oh it's safe. I mean this is so transparent. Yeah you know I just had my first
COVID test. I managed to go this long without having one but I had to get one to get into the
U.S. and went through the whole process and thankfully it was. Your country, born here,
where is it you gotta have a virus test? Well I had to have it in Switzerland because it's
mandated by the by the U.S. government.
government and, of course, by the airlines.
But what's interesting was, I showed it to get onto the plane in Switzerland.
I get to Customs and Border Protection.
They didn't check anything.
I could have just walked into the country and they had no idea.
So, it's mandated by the government.
I have to go through all the song and dance on my end, pay the fee, you know, have this invasive test, spend four hours doing that, and then get to the U.S.
and no one checks.
Very strange.
It's all about your submission.
Just like Senator Paul said.
Yeah, it's a circus.
So how do we organize through the governors, through the leaders, through a corporate alliance that says we don't live in fear, we know what's happening, have everybody sign up, we waive liability, we come in your business?
I mean, I think that's the answer to start forming our own civilization now.
Because they're going to use our interconnected civilization to oppress us.
We have to understand they've hijacked the civilization.
How do we build a new civilization?
Well that would be a great place to start but unfortunately what I've noticed is I was just spent some time in Florida and masks are optional there in the stores and in the restaurants and you know I was in a mall in Miami and I was probably one of only five percent of people who was not wearing a mask.
Ninety-five percent of people were.
Well that's because I mean I'm gonna say it I don't know what it is but minority areas in Miami's quote I mean whites are the minority pretty much but I've just noticed when I'm in minority areas they're almost all wearing them.
But then you go to blue collar white areas, even blue collar Hispanic areas
are not wearing them.
So I think it has a trendy thing about it.
That could be the case for sure.
What else did you see?
Well, of course in Miami they're starting to protest because of the Cuba situation.
There are tons of Cubans in Miami and I feel so much empathy for the Cuban people.
They've been through so much, but I am disheartened and disturbed to see U.S.
officials, you know, we had the mayor of Miami basically talking about bombing Cuba now, and all these people calling for troops to be sent to Cuba.
I understand it's a terrible situation, but we can't be meddling in every single affair all around the world.
And you do have to wonder, the timing of pulling out of Afghanistan practically overnight, and we, you know, we're pulling the troops out of there, and now we have multiple countries in the Caribbean that are begging for troops to be sent in there.
So, what is going on?
Is there a connection there?
I've been wondering about that as well.
Well, there's definitely something going on with Haiti.
He wouldn't do the forced inoculation.
Now, it's three African presidents, the same old guy.
Yeah, we had Tanzania.
He was the guy that was the doctor who was testing papayas and goats.
They were coming back on the PCR test as COVID.
Yeah, and then they did away with him quick.
I mean, he was gone right after that.
That's what they call the economic hitmen.
So, Dan, let's finish up with the whole COVID thing.
I want to get into France, Europe.
Because all of that's coming here.
I mean, clearly, that's the whole Marxist ideology.
That's Black Lives Matter.
That's what they want.
Why do you think that's what the system wants?
I think ultimately the endgame is destabilization.
You're seeing every single western city now is on the decline.
They're allowing, you know, people are locked up in their homes but then they're allowing rampant homelessness.
And that is the same case in Europe as well.
You have places like Paris where you have migrants basically taking over.
Thousands of migrants living, you know, packed in tents, living on canals and living under overpasses.
And that's allowed while the French people for a long time couldn't even leave their home without government papers.
So they're allowing the decay and the filth to spread in our cities.
I mean, I was out in Austin last night.
Things aren't looking too good there either.
And they're allowing this to happen.
And supposedly, in the middle of a pandemic, you're allowing the filth to spread throughout the streets.
It doesn't really add up unless you realize that this is all a plan to basically break down society.
And where does it go when it breaks down?
Well, they want the breakdown.
They want a post-industrial world.
They want the open, free society that's wealthy and successful, where we have high standards.
We want quality.
Everybody wanted to come here because of the quality.
They're getting rid of the quality because they're so ultra-rich.
They have their own reservations, their own private jets, their own private compounds, and they're literally waging ruling class war on us.
It's the ultra-rich funding the Great Reset, the open borders, everything.
And if people want to know what comes down the line, just look at South Africa.
What's going on there?
Why would the establishment keep pushing this?
Why won't they stop?
They're demonic, maniacal, totally possessed by evil, and they want to destroy us.
As depopulationists, they have no concern about the human race, about our well-being, so they like to see us suffer, and they like to see us struggling and enslaved.
Well, that's really it.
They enjoy death and destruction and degradation and evil, and so we've let evil people get control.
They've broken the social compact.
Do you think there's any level the average leftist will go before they wake up that they're not part of it?
Because the average leftist now I've learned actually knows about the takedown, the collapse.
They think it's fun.
They think it's cloward and pevin.
They think they're about to be in charge.
Yeah, you know, being back and seeing some old friends and family and it's good to talk to some people and see where they're at at this point.
And some of the, you know, maybe the centrist types, they're getting it and they're starting to be really disturbed.
But people who are inclined to be liberals, leftists, I mean, they're going harder than ever.
Trump derangement syndrome broke them down first, now they have COVID derangement syndrome and they're going all in on this.
You know, it's disturbing.
All people want to talk about is the vaccine at this point.
The conversations that I hear are just vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, and that's all they want to talk about.
And it's like it's totally consumed their minds at this point.
Numbers this year of deaths are way up, folks, from all sorts of things.
They just don't call it COVID.
All these vaccinated people are shedding, and that's what the document showed, all sorts of horrible things.
This was not a regular virus.
This takes your body over and makes it produce viruses.
So they've created the bio-attack, and they're going to blame, you know, new COVID or something, or people that didn't be part of the lockdown, on all the deaths this winter.
We're having a few technical difficulties here.
So they've had a remote control take control of the show here.
A lot of crazy stuff going on as you make technology more complex.
It's something we got to work on.
And by remote control, they had to take my mic live there.
So that's what was going on just now.
And that's why I spent so much money, man, putting hardwiring in here like eight years ago.
Everything was hardwired.
I don't know why we've gone to internet inside the building.
Sounds like a disaster to me.
But Dan Lyman's here with us today.
We're going to work on these problems and come back with him.
It's a miracle Bandai videos up.
It's a miracle this damn show's even on the air.
Let's go ahead and go to Greg Reese's latest report on This Is The End.
here it is.
As far as the public was concerned, the Nazis may have lost the war,
but their ideology has continued to spread ever since.
Following World War II came the United Nations, mass fluoridation of the water supply, the dumbing down of the education system, post-modernism, political correctness, and the war on drugs.
For many, this has gone unnoticed.
The Nazis became the pop culture model of fascism.
Black leather and jack boots became the symbols of authoritarianism.
Fascism could now hide itself behind a smile in a suit and a tie.
The majority had no idea of the global fascist state being slowly installed behind the scenes.
And now it's here.
COVID was just the beginning of their endgame.
The same private corporations and NGOs that planned and executed the COVID hoax are now preparing the next phase.
We can soon expect a massive cyber attack.
We all know, but still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt To the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison.
The World Economic Forum, who sponsored tabletop simulations for COVID just weeks before the outbreak, are now doing the same for cyberattacks.
Which will be the reset button needed for their great reset.
And when the grid goes down, it will take banking and shipping down with it, killing millions in the overcrowded cities.
Those with a survival instinct will leave the cities, which is why the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium, a part of Homeland Security and FEMA, is currently training for the isolation and quarantine of rural communities.
After their Great Reset, we know how they plan to build back better.
Two key agents of the Great Reset, Regina Dugan and Ken Gabriel, both worked for DARPA, Greenlit RNA Vaccine Research in 2012, and then went on to Google and Facebook, where they set up DARPA Equivalents.
In 2018, they joined Welcome Leap, founded by the world's richest medical research foundation.
Their stated goal, to be completed no later than 2030, is to have 80% of all children under the age of 3 monitored 24-7 with wearable devices that will read their brain patterns.
Specifically, focusing on keeping the individual motivated to work.
They plan to have an in-silico model of a child's brain to be used as the model brain that all infants will be molded to via therapeutic interventions.
Like slaves in a dystopian sci-fi movie.
Except this is not a movie, and it's no longer a conspiracy theory.
It's all happening.
The entire world is under attack, with seemingly no pushback.
And if we don't push back, then it's all over.
And we have nobody to blame but ourselves.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back.
Thank you for joining us.
We're now into the third hour today.
Dan Lyman's riding shotgun with us.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And here it is out of the Boston Globe.
Oh my gosh, and CBS News.
COVID-sniffing police canines in Bristol County are first in the And they're gonna disappear you and take you away when they come to your house with a condom.
If they smell it, dog gets a biscuit.
Oh, they don't like you.
You disappeared to an emergency center.
Martial law!
The Bristol County office is adding a new tool to the department.
Canines trained to sniff out COVID-19.
They're even a bigger fraud than the PCR test.
The department says its four-legged officers can sniff out the disease in a similar way to dogs to detect drugs or weapons.
How do you make everybody guilty?
How do you make everybody a suspect?
Well, you've all got secret COVID, the common cold.
Everybody gets it.
Everybody's bad.
The new canines will be in use starting Thursday.
Bristol County Sheriff Hodgson said it will be the first law enforcement unit in the country to use COVID detection dogs.
Bristol County and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have come so far since the pandemic started last year.
When the UN changed the definition right before they released it to say not death but the number of people that just have it is a pandemic.
Today festivals are happening, restaurants are full and concert venues are packed.
Now we're going to come up to you and if you're not vaccinated harass you and arrest you saying you have COVID.
I mean that's what it is.
We've made such progress and our new COVID-19 detection program is one way people of Bristol can stay ahead of the curve.
Oh my gosh.
Isn't that nice?
Two dogs.
Hunter and Duke were trained to sniff COVID-19, which the department said has a unique odor.
The department!
They're like scientists now.
A canine graduation ceremony was held Wednesday.
So we got state laws banning red light cameras because they got caught cheating on them.
And we got state laws, you gotta calibrate radar guns.
But oh no, the department says the dogs are trained to smell the magic virus.
And just bye-byes.
They admit it's the cover to take us out of our homes and disappear us to emergency COVID centers.
Dan Lyman.
This is like right after the news that we saw out of Abu Dhabi where they said they're going to be using infrared cameras to detect if you have COVID or not and you have to wonder what is the criteria for that?
I mean, they're just going to be pulling people off the street at this point, like you said, it's just going to be... Oh, where'd Bob go?
Well, you know, the dog smelled something.
Oh, the PCR tests, they went to Alex Jones' house.
He went away.
Oh, they had to intubate him.
He's dead.
Yeah, it's really disturbing.
And what could possibly be the unique scent that the dogs can be detecting from COVID?
And is it maybe something in the vaccine that the dogs can smell, if that's the case?
What is COVID?
Dan, I can sit here and ask questions all day, but lockdown twos are coming.
They've already hit the Netherlands.
They've already hit Australia.
It's a permanent system, teaching us to be prisoners, and then our phones will tell us when we can go out, where we can go, what we can do.
I mean, this is like total dystopia.
Off the edge of a cliff, we have the government documents, Operation Lockstep, the Rockefeller Foundation.
I mean, they did it.
They really did it.
How do you organize and rally people to understand that submission to this, you know, you don't submit and get out of the lockdown.
You get deeper into the next level of the lockdown.
Yeah, absolutely.
And people, like we said, we've been warning about this for so long.
We have this guy in Canada, Chris Sky, he's been warning people up in Canada about what was coming and there just are not enough people listening.
But I am heartened to see what's going on in France because they are really seem to be pushing back there and people make a lot of fun of the French for being very submissive.
But, you know, they're the first people that I've seen really out in the streets.
You know, doing battle, so to speak, but making their voices heard.
And this is, unfortunately, people have been lax for so long that this is where they're going to have to go if they want to take some freedom back.
Well, it's not been the feminization of France.
If you actually study Gaul, that goes back to the Romans before that, the tribes that were there, they have enjoyed 2,500 years of total war.
And after Napoleon killed roughly 40% of military-age men in the two wars that lasted 15 years or so, and then after World War I killed a couple million French, the French finally just got to the point When the Vichy, their own generals, sold them out to Hitler, people don't know that.
Like France didn't just lose in a week.
Their generals gave up and actually ran France after that.
That's how Hitler, a week after France gave up, like turd parrots.
And so for folks that don't know, France is just cynical because they're used to getting screwed.
And you have to wonder, you know, what was part of the agenda behind these world wars that took out so many great, strong European men, and Europe is now such a feminized place, and now they're being overrun by a new wave of much stronger, more aggressive men at this point.
Well, take Germany.
Germany had 65 million people at the start of World War II.
21 million Germans died in World War II.
That's one-third of the Germans gone.
That's shocking.
20 million Russians died.
20 million.
I mean, I'm not lessening the U.S.
role or England's role in World War II, but it was kind of like the B-string was being put in later.
I mean, 41 million dead people between Russia and Germany just toe-to-toe slugging it out for three years.
That was the real fight.
Imagine 40 million dead people.
And some of the best, bravest, strongest men, that's the ones that are dying first, the ones that will go on the front lines.
And like you said, what's left after that?
So you're talking about a brain drain?
This is a draining of the men.
And now they're bringing in men from other cultures now, and there aren't enough men in Europe standing up to them, so Europe is being basically turned over to a new class of men who are far more aggressive than your average European man, and they have no problem taking what they want.
from Europeans and...
Because let's just explain, the men that couldn't fight are the only ones that didn't die.
And to a certain extent in Russia as well, I mean, the Russians will tell you they had a major man drain.
After, you know, it was like, "All our badass men are gone."
They got killed by the Germans, the Germans got killed by them.
What a disaster, what a fiasco.
I don't care what group of men they were, but I mean, you're sitting there literally talking about 40 million dead
people for no reason.
And now it's all about to happen again, Dan.
It's coming around the corner.
I mean, we only lost, what, 500,000?
How many U.S.
I forget.
troops died?
How many men died in World War II in the U.S.?
Something like 500,000 or 600,000.
I almost don't exist because both my grandfathers almost died in World War II in the Army Air Corps.
Both of them almost died.
One in a crash landing and the other...
Yeah, the fallout for generations.
So where does it all end?
and he didn't fly on the next mission because he got wounded and then the
plane blew up over Italy and then he did his other missions and then you know
like ran basic stuff every day 22 missions between 22 missions but I mean
imagine I mean imagine what that's like how many people don't exist in Russia
and Germany because that war yeah the fallout for generations so where does it
all end is there any way out of this Dan I'm not optimistic I
I do like to see certain things going on.
You know, I do like to see some pushback.
And like I said, what we've talked about going on in France, and I do like to see that in a way in the United States, things are slightly better than they are in the rest of the world, specifically with the mask situation.
But I'm honestly not very optimistic.
I'm not either.
That's what I told my wife this morning.
And I'm not going to lie to the listeners.
I'm not going to get up here and But see, that's a catch-22 again, going back to World War II.
I'm almost speechless at this point.
We'll talk about this when we come back.
If we let them demoralize us and make us give up, then they take over quicker.
But then if we don't just go into a defensive mode and pull back, then we won't be prepared when everything collapses.
So it's a catch-22.
Totally agree.
Well, at least you're in the most stable area of Europe, aren't you?
It's quite nice, not too bad, and things are definitely crazier in the neighboring countries, but I've spent a lot of time with some Swiss natives.
You saw that hit we did in Geneva with Nour Bin Laden and some of the other folks there, and had an opportunity to talk to them about the state of Switzerland right now, and they're in shock.
They're in shock to see how many people are compliant with what's going on right now.
And the direction things are going, as you see here, is basically like a police state in Geneva when Biden and Putin came to town, and free speech rights were stripped away.
By the way, our crew's doing a great deal.
I don't know what's going on, because I thought I paid for everything to be wired by wires.
Internal internet's out, so nothing's working here.
So I'm not even sure we can play videos on air, that's why I've been a little bit...
Flustered here, because it seems like the more money I spend, the worse things work around here.
But I don't know what we're going to do.
Dan Lyman's our guest here for a final segment, but I got a ton of news I haven't hit yet I'm going to cover in the last two segments before our next guest host takes over in the fourth hour today.
But you went to Biden's big European summit, and it was a total police state, amazing things that you posted at EuropeWars.com.
You've seen the Islamic invasion, which I've seen is intensifying yet again.
I mean, you have witnessed so much in your years and years of reporting.
What else do you want to impart to the viewers and listeners out there, Dan?
You know, it's interesting to be in Switzerland and it really is regarded as a bastion of freedom as far as Europe goes and internationally, of course.
And to see that there is no corner of the earth untouched from what is going on right now in terms of the chaos and the tumult.
And this insane medical tyranny that we're living under and you see it seeping into Switzerland and it's very disappointing because people look to places like that and a few other places, formerly New Zealand as well, as being kind of a place where maybe you could escape from the madness of the world if you had an option to get in there.
At this point, there's nowhere to run.
There's nowhere to go.
People are just going to have to stand up and stand up to this creeping tyranny that is creeping ever faster at this point because there's nowhere else to go.
That's what I've kind of, that conclusion that I've reached now at this point.
And I totally agree with you.
I just don't know why the average leftist buys into this, pretending they're part of it.
Again, like somebody that's been kidnapped starts defending their captors with the Stockholm Syndrome.
It really does seem like mass delusion.
How can you not see that globalist policies, socialist policies, communist policies are horrible?
I mean, how would you want this?
How do they pretend, because they're followers, And so, instead of admitting they're just slaves, instead of just admitting they've been conned, they just decide to go along with it and pretend they're part of it.
So I guess we have to stop worrying about them and just, those of us that are thinkers and those of us that are stalwarts, have to realize that if we want to be free, it's the way the world's always been.
We're going to have to declare our independence and stand up for it and not comply.
We're going to have to fight for it at this point.
Our backs are up against the wall in terms of freedom being stripped away every single day, and it's hanging by a thread at this point.
And again, the globalists want to come in because they get power during an end of civil order, the end of good law and order.
They get to have martial law.
They get to do what they want.
And it's really that lawlessness.
I mean, it came out about Lenin.
The secret police came back, and this is their own writings, and said, we've got all the cities subdued, all the towns, no one is resisting, everyone is behind.
So can we stop killing?
And he said, no, I want you to kill even more.
Just randomly enslave half the town, kill 10% of them, rape all the women.
And they said, why?
And he said, I want more blood, I want more terror.
It's the red terror for a reason.
And he just enjoyed the thought of just murdering millions of villagers for fun.
And then the left, like, worships him.
I've had so many people ask me, why are they doing this?
People who are starting to get it, but they don't understand that the people who are executing this are totally, total sociopaths, they're totally demonic, and they are reveling in this destruction of civilization right now.
Well, Trump said, if they kick me out, your gas prices will explode, they're up by 40%, because they're scamming us.
I mean, it's at every level.
We see it at the southern border, the scam there.
You know, we have an open southern border.
Anyone that wants to come in, come in, no problem.
But me as an American citizen, when I come in, I have to go through all the rigmarole to enter my own country, which is fine if everyone else had to do it.
Because that's because you're a middle-class, law-abiding person that they know they need to keep in line.
You're being given prisoner training.
Somebody already coming out of Latin America that's basically a slave, they want them because they're going to fit right in.
You know I was at Customs and Border Protection coming into the country and there was a woman in front of me and she was from Paraguay apparently.
She didn't speak a word of English.
She held up her phone with a pre-printed message to the border guard and he basically was very sweet with her and very nice and basically I don't even know if he checked her passport to be honest.
He didn't put her through any of the song and dance and then I came up next as an American citizen I had to take the mask off, have a photograph taken of me, had to ask where I was coming from, where I was going, why I was in the country, what was my business there in my own country.
And it was interesting to be that juxtaposition watching, you know, how they... Did you ask him why or did you not ask her any questions or scan her?
Because you know she has no ID.
But it's because I comply, you're going to rape the hell out of me.
Yeah, exactly.
Don't these people understand that are complying that it's going to destroy them in the end?
I think a lot of them don't.
And even if they do, it's like a suicide cult.
They don't care.
They're happy to go down the drain as long as they all go together.
The NPC meme is stronger than ever.
There are a lot of NPCs out there.
What is the worst thing they do?
I mean, I would have to say it's suppressing people that die of the COVID vaccine.
And that is so, or suppressing medical treatments they know are basically 99% effective.
That's evil.
And I think what they're doing to the children is what really bothers me the most.
You know, I see so many Children now in very young wear masks are optional and sometimes even their parents aren't wearing a mask the children are wearing a mask because they've been so Conditioned into it and they're so psychologically damaged.
Yeah, nobody's Saying your body's good other people's are when we interface with each other, you know, that makes us all stronger No, they're being taught.
They're dirty.
Everybody else is dirty and they're scared to death Yeah, I mean, they are breaking down human interaction at this point.
There's going to be an entire generation of kids who grew up looking at other people, everyone wearing a mask all the time, and they're constantly in fear.
You know, I've been told by people who have small children that their friends talk to them, their kids are waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares about masks and about COVID and fear.
And so you have this entire generation of kids who are going to be totally damaged by this whole thing.
You know, I started having a nightmare a month ago, almost every night, where it's like babies with screens hooked on their faces programming, and I'm like, why am I having this dream?
So that dream's a come true.
It has that feel of some of the dreams, you know, that have come true.
Like, I saw the tower smoking.
I talked about it before it happened.
This is one of those dreams, and then now they've announced, this is the end video that Greg Reese just did, that the main people running DARPA and everything want at birth babies to be fitted with these things for cultural intervention to teach them not to be white is the main excuse.
Seriously, if you're against hooking a thing on a baby to brainwash it and scan it, then you're a white supremacist.
But they want to have medical interventions at birth and hook children up with goggles.
And when I saw the goggles and what they're planning, I was like, my God, that's in my dream.
So it's just, I don't know man, it's just weird.
Yeah, the NBA Finals right now are being sponsored by Oculus.
Oculus is one of those apparatuses that people are being conditioned to be, just have a screen strapped to their face at this point.
So I mean, that is definitely sounds very possible and kids already have screens strapped to their faces essentially.
You go to any restaurant with those kids and they're all just glued to the screens and parents are very comfortable just putting their kids in front of a screen because it makes parenting easier.
We're being captured in a trap.
EuropeWars.com, that's the site you work with us on.
Tell us about the other site you run, Dan.
You do a great job.
We aggregate immigration information and news and stories and tweets and everything.
We put it up there every single day, a whole fresh update.
And if you want to know what's going on at the southern border or at immigration around the world, you can go there and just get a view of the landscape of the news of the day.
How long are you in the U.S.?
I'm in the U.S.
until August 10th.
Alright, well we should try to plan going out and doing some reporting, or we should go on the road or something.
I guess you haven't been here in a couple years, you're going quasi-vacation?
Seeing family and friends and making my way around the country.
Well I don't want to make you do a workcation with us, but borderhawk, that's like a bird, borderhawk.com, great work Dan Lyman, and at europewars.com, only way the info gets out is you share it.
And hey, Tucker Carlson is big now on the army being told to shut up about smuggling of children.
Tomorrow's news today.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Thanks, Dan.
I want to say something, ladies and gentlemen.
We're a ragtag organization, but I've got the best crew I've ever had, and I love them.
And I appreciate them because they got to run this show with mid-grade equipment that still costs millions and millions and millions of dollars.
You understand that like a Fox News has hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment, we have tens of millions of dollars of equipment.
When you got your own satellites and your own decoders and your own this and your own that, I mean it's like a freaking space shuttle on steroids around here.
And the fact that they can run this place is amazing and I appreciate them.
I get a little bitchy sometimes.
It's because I'm a man.
And, you know, if my neighbor for no reason say slap my daughter upside the head, I'm going to go over there and tear his door off his hinges and beat his brains out.
My neighbors are nice, so that's not going to need to happen.
But these globalists are doing this legally and scientifically through these agreements they've gotten.
But just because Hitler passes a law, or just because Alabama passes a law that's saying black people aren't human, you know, 200 years ago, doesn't mean it's true.
So just because Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates say they can do all this, they can't.
And so I've been praying every day.
To not have rage.
Because it'll end up making me have a heart attack, okay?
So when I tell you I may have to take some time off, it's not me being a wimp, everybody says to take time off, I'm gonna have to take a week off or something and actually just go to the mountains.
Because it's not just that I'm pissed, it's the urgency, and I know you're feeling it as well, that we've got to do something, and I don't know what that is.
I just know this.
Really bad people are taking over and they're playing us off against each other.
And if the people and the public just knew, like Christ said, the people perish for lack of knowledge.
If they just knew how they were being screwed, they would know to say no to this and not comply.
What they sell it like, because they know the average person's good.
Like, oh, the hospitals are full, everyone's dying, please stay indoors, so it doesn't spread, so that we can keep the hospitals open.
When they shut them all down on purpose, they were totally empty.
And, oh, just take the shot, be a hero, that way things will just go back to normal, when it's in all their actuaries and all their admissions, that it's never going back to normal.
And that's what makes me mad is, Klaus Schwab, who runs this whole thing with Gates, he sits up there and says, we have them.
We will never go back to normal now.
We have habituated them.
New lockdown's coming.
And then I get up here and tell you that, and you're like, God, how'd you know that?
They said they were going to do it.
And that's what pisses me off, is that this is so transparent.
This is so out in the open.
But here's the paradox.
When you've lived in a really free country like America that's got its problems, but compared to others, it's amazing what you can do, how much you can succeed in, the choices you have.
It's ridiculous.
I mean, if you want to go jet skiing in Cuba, you can't.
Water skiing, you can't.
If you want to go see a doctor about your skin, you can't.
If you want to go to a college and get a degree in this, you can't.
They tell you what you can get a degree in.
They don't have any freedom.
But I'll tell you this, the average Cuban hates the government, knows it's all BS, and totally sees through it.
So at least they're not naive like we are.
But to watch the establishment trying to sell us on what they've done to other countries, because it's beyond wanting to be a movie star.
It's beyond wanting to be in charge.
It's about power.
You ever seen the movie The Lives of Others?
A composite of true stories of what happened in the Stasi surveillance of East Germany, which is nothing compared to now.
And the woman who's married to the man, she's an actress and just to make money for food,
she's got to go have sex with the communist on a routine basis or she doesn't even get to be
in the approved communist play.
And I mean, that's what this is.
Is... Your wife's gonna have to have sex with the local commie just for baby food.
But in a free market, there'd be so much money and so much freedom that your wife would never even imagine having sex with somebody so she can keep her job to have baby food.
And that's what this is about.
It's about humiliation and taking people's respect away.
And it's disgusting.
And the scum that runs systems like this get off on dominating and humiliating people.
And here's what happens.
Once authoritarianism takes over, It takes generations to get out of it.
Sometimes you never get out of it.
And we're going that way right now.
So I want you to know who's coming for your health and your life and your pension and your very existence.
He said you're not essential.
His name's Klaus Schwab.
I say, out of his own mouth, he's cursed himself.
Just like Ramses II did to Moses.
When he cursed Moses, Moses said, you, in Exodus, you have cursed yourself out of your own mouth.
Klaus Schwab is not essential.
Klaus Schwab will be destroyed.
Watch and pray for it.
And pray for God to do it in God's elegant, perfect way, not in our way.
But pray for a judgment on Klaus Schwab.
And promise God that you're gonna be upright and strong and have courage.
But pray for God to remove the scourge of Klaus Schwab from our backs.
Here's a young lady from Cuba, able to get a quick video out, named Daylen, who has family in the States.
In English, explaining to you what's really happening in Cuba, because Fauci and Biden and all them are saying, oh, the people are just mad because of COVID.
No, here she is.
I'm going to speak in English about what's going on in Cuba because I don't hear a lot of English speakers talking about this and my generation talking about this.
Cuba has been under a dictatorship for 62 years.
So people, for naturally, for the last 62 years, since 1960s and 1958, around there, People started making homemade boats that we call lanchas and have bringing them to the coast of Florida seeking shelter.
Let me explain to you why, because you might be saying, well, they're just immigrants invading because they want to leave their home country.
No, it's because us Cubans, we don't complain about anything.
It takes a lot for us to complain.
And this, I'm sick and tired of it.
So let me tell you what's going on.
There's no coffins for dead bodies.
If you have a dead family member, they get pronounced dead.
They get wrapped in a bed sheet.
You get delivered the dead body.
And you have to take the home with you.
What you do with the body, they don't care.
If you don't have a car, they don't provide transportation and you have to take the dead body home walking.
You have to figure it out.
There's no drinking water.
Food costs 200 US dollars.
A pound of rice costs 200 US dollars.
You don't want to know how much a 10 pound one costs.
My favorite part.
Canadian dollars is the currency of Cuba right now.
If you don't have family here in the United States to give you money, you have to figure it out.
You have to figure it out.
Because the only way you can get money in Cuba is if you get a stamp tube right here.
Oh, and here, it takes months to get to Cuba.
They shut off their light and water.
At 7.
As soon as the sun goes down, your electricity gets shut.
Internet is shut right now worldwide in Cuba.
That's why we're not getting any new news.
But we have family there.
Everybody's out on the streets right now, just the same way they were yesterday.
They're out on the streets right now.
There's no medication.
There's no Advil.
There's no antibiotics.
There's no butterfly needles.
There's no IVs.
There's nothing!
There's nothing!
And now is when people are hearing the screams out of Cuba!
I'm sick and tired of this dictatorship.
And my whole life, when we visited Cuba, you could not say a word against the government.
But now I can go to my country and say Diaz Canel Singao.
Fuck the regiment.
So yeah, I got that backwards.
She's got family in Cuba.
She's out of Cuba right now.
But just that's what we're all going under.
Except a medical tyranny where they come and inject you with a poison so you slowly die.
And Bill Gates says he wants to kill you.
I mean, it's here, folks.
The rest of the world's like this.
We're about to be the same way.
So we better do something now.
All the games are over.
All the fun and games are over.
When we went to war with the British Crown in 1776, it was because they were pulling all sorts of scams.
Where you weren't even allowed to buy stuff at a grocery store, basically a supply house, unless you were a British Lord.
So you had to go through them or their representative to even be able to buy anything.
A firearm, horseshoes, if you wanted to make whiskey, you couldn't do it, they'd come and burn your farm down.
And they'd take you and lock you up for a couple weeks in stocks with your head and arms through it, until a lot of times most people would get really sick and a lot of them would die.
So you can look at what Cuba does and think, oh, that's terrible.
Well, that was going on all over the world.
And England was seen as a freer country compared to other places, but even worse.
And it's still like that all over the world and many other places.
And that's why the globalists want us to be like other places, North Korea, Cuba, because they're all above the law.
They're never going to be in that place.
And they don't like seeing you with a nice house and a swimming pool and going where you want and doing what you want and going and buying five pounds of rice for $3 or $5.
They want to make you pay $300, $400 for a five pound bag of rice.
Because the communists live like kings while you starve and they use the fact that you're so poor to control you that you're busy eating bugs while they're eating filet mignon.
And so, again, our system's bad because it creates spoiled brats that are dumb enough to get conned by communists to go back into it.
But see, if you're from that and you know how bad it is, oh no, Biden said we don't want any Cubans.
You're not welcome here because you're coming from a real regime where you get put in prison
for your speech. Oh, but if you're a mother unaccompanied with children,
we can induct you into our system and milk the welfare off of you.
So that's where it's going, folks, the collapse of civilization.
But here's the good news.
God works in mysterious ways.
And for all the evil things that are going on, good is going to be counteracting that.
And that's why we have to be that good in the world.
We have to be the change of the world.
That we're looking for.
And it's just that simple.
And people ought to start recognizing that we are two minutes from midnight.
And in many areas, the collapse has already happened.
And it's all being orchestrated politically by the globalists.
They are orchestrating a post-industrial world.
What does a post-industrial world mean?
It means a post-industrial world means no medicine, no electricity, no food.
That's what they want.
And when you're in Ceausescu's Romania, or you were in Stalin's Russia, or you were in one of those places, or you were in Cuba today, the government buildings have light, the government facilities all have light, they've all got money, they've all got food, they've all got caviar, while you go hungry and your stomach hurts, even though you just worked 12 hours.
And that's how this works.
Now I want to show you a time-lapse, if you're a TV viewer, radio listeners, I will give you a narration of a scientific time-lapse of the supposed tectonic plates in the last billion years.
Now I'm not going to debate whether the Earth's 10,000 years old, a week old, or a trillion years old, but we do know from geology That there are parts of Africa that fit perfectly into Latin America and vice versa in Europe, where it is the same rock, it is the same dirt, and we know that these pieces were once connected to each other and are floating around on giant tectonic plates on top of lava.
So if you're a TV viewer, you can see a billion year time lapse.
Now, whether this just happened in the last million years, the last 6,000 years, open for debate.
But geology, including geologists in my family, a lot of different parts of the world, And they've seen right where the exact same rock, the exact same breakdown is in one part of the world 3,000 miles away and is across the ocean in another area perfectly fitting together.
So we do know at one point the Earth was the way they've just shown in this artist computerized rendering.
Watch one million years of tectonic plate movement in just 40 seconds.
We'll link that up on InfoWars.com as well, but it's ZeroHedge.com with a great job they're doing.
But my point is, we're only here for a flash.
What matters is what we do before God.
This is all a big test.
And so you see evil winning, and you see evil triumphing, and you see the FBI protecting pedophiles that came out in the news today, the rape of 70 girls, covering it up.
You see all that, it makes you angry.
But you gotta know, they're the losers that signed on to Satan.
They're the people that bought into their five minutes of fame with evil, and whose soul was compromised.
Don't see that and think God's forsaken us.
God gave us free will, but most people that want power have sold out to Satan.
And just remember, whatever lie they're telling you today, they're going to change tomorrow.
They legitimately thought in the 60s and 70s that a new ice age was coming, because they believe it's on 12,000 year cycles, and we do know they do happen, and sunspots had gotten down and things were cooling off a little bit, so they thought it was freezing.
The truth is, the only thing that changes is the weather.
It goes up, it goes down, the Earth is always in change.
Anybody that tells you That they know all the answers is a liar.
Anybody that tells you the earth won't be here in 10 years, so let me run your life, I'm AOC.
They just want you to give up and be apocalyptic.
So that was my paradox today that I meant to get into with Dan Lyman, but we never did.
Maybe I'll do a whole show on this tomorrow because I'm really torn on this point.
The globalists are creating dystopia.
They're taking over, they're annihilating things, they're creating the collapse and then saying it's global warming and saying it's climate change, when they're the ones with the global lockdown that has initiated this.
So I'm not saying the end's near because I want it to be or because it should be, it's because they're orchestrating a organized, controlled collapse Which then they claim is naturally occurring because we ate too much red meat or had a car or an air conditioning.
And Obama goes to Africa and says, you can't have a car, you can't have air conditioning because of global warming.
That's all based on fraud.
But even if he was right, then he shouldn't own giant mansions and 40,000 square foot homes.
And jets and helicopters while he tells Africans, because you're an African, you don't get air conditioning or a car.
What the hell is that?
And then he lectures me how I'm a racist?
Real racism is saying people don't have access to jobs and to energy and to a way of life.
I want to see everybody raised up, not put people down so I can be above them.
So, that's how this works, ladies and gentlemen.
They're using climate change as their excuse for destabilization and a takeover.
But here's Leonard Nimoy, the late, great Leonard Nimoy, back in the 1970s, warning on national TV about imminent global cooling.
And just think about that for a minute next time they're fear-mongering.
It has advanced and retreated with clockwork regularity.
If we are unprepared for the next advance, the result could be hunger and death on a scale unprecedented in all of history.
What scientists are telling us now... You know, let's start it over.
Let's just start it over.
Start it over.
Tell people to hear the very first what he said.
So, let's get our audio files up.
Let's prepare.
Literally more.
At least eight times in the past million years, it has advanced and retreated with clockwork regularity.
If we are unprepared for the next advance, the result could be hunger and death on a scale unprecedented in all of history.
What scientists are telling us now is that the threat of an ice age is not as remote as they once thought.
During the lifetime of our grandchildren, Arctic cold and perpetual snow could turn most of the inhabitable portions of our planet into a polar desert.
In 1977, the worst winter in a century struck the United States.
Arctic cold gripped the Midwest for weeks on end.
Great blizzards paralyzed cities of the Northeast.
One desperate night in Buffalo, eight people froze to death in maroon cars.
And Bushnell was on the road that night.
Traffic just absolutely stopped.
I was afraid of being stuck in the car all night long with the cold and the wind running out of gas.
And then what?
I think that if we had to go through a real bad winter, just like we just went through, I think we'd have to think about moving someplace else.
Move where?
The brutal Buffalo winter might become common all over the United States.
Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way.
According to recent evidence, it could come sooner than anyone had expected.
At weather stations in the far north, temperatures have been dropping for 30 years.
Seacoasts long free of summer ice are now blocked year-round.
According to some climatologists, within a lifetime, we might be living in the next Ice Age.
Of the nine planets in our solar system, only Earth has conditions favorable to human life.
What an incredible time to be alive!
World governments announced.
Forced inoculations worldwide being announced.
Global digital big tech.
Health passports controlled by the UN being announced.
It is such an insane time to be alive, and right here, out of CBS News, COVID drug-sniffing dogs are gonna go around, and they smell you, you're gonna be taken away to a facility.
And now they're all coming door-to-door, and they got the emergency centers built.
And they're talking about lockdown, too, starting this fall.
It's already begun all over Europe.
The name of it is Democide, coined by a U.S.
professor in Hawaii decades ago.
It's a concept Proposed by U.S.
political scientist Rudolf Rummel to describe the intentional killing of an unarmed and disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy on high command.
Forced labor, concentration camp victims, killings by unofficial private groups, extrajudicial summary killings and mass deaths, secret experimentation is part of it, to the governmental acts of criminal omission and neglect, such as deliberate famines, as well as killings by de facto governments, i.e.
civil war.
The definition covers any murder by any number of persons by any government.
And that's what the global lockdown has all been about.
Already caused more than 20 million people to starve to death, on top of who already would die each year, 15 million.
That's what we're facing.
And look at Twitter involved with Facebook and Google in demo side.
An article we put out days ago on July 9th by Adam Salazar, mom, 45, hired at Johns Hopkins Hospital, dies.
Had a reaction to COVID, work-mandated vaccine.
It's her family.
It's her Facebook, it's her Instagram, it's admitted she's dead after the vaccine.
Twitter said you're suspended on Salazar for disinfo.
You're not allowed, son, to criticize what we do.
The new normal, vaccine passports could be redeployed as national ID cards.
It's all being announced, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why now, more than ever, please, word of mouth us on your email, your text messages, the few places they haven't totally censored yet, though they're announcing, that's happening now.
I mean, it is an incredible time to be alive.
They're getting ready for lockdown twos.
Supercharge InfoWars.
Tell folks, he's the guy that had the guest on.
He's the guy that let it all out.
He's the guy that I don't want you to hear.
It's only going to get worse until we say no.
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All right, Mike Adams is on fire as usual.
He's got a lot of key intel coming up on the other side.
Please stay with us.
All right, welcome to the fourth hour of today's broadcast on InfoWars.com.
I'm Mike Adams, filling in for, I think Matt Bracken usually has this segment.
It was by the grace of God that I was asked to fill in today because I'm just on the verge of breaking a major investigative story that I'm just going to lay out for you here verbally, even though I haven't completely written it up.
But I've sent over some links to the Infowars crew there.
We're going to be able to show you the evidence for what this is.
Now, this is one of those connect-the-dots Kinds of stories and it has everything to do with what you've heard today about kovat about South Africa about engineered collapse food scarcity door-to-door vaccines and Strikeforce teams that are now using coercion and they're carrying jabs with them now to vaccinate you on-site in in your doorway If if you give them permission to do so, so this is a bombshell story and you are going to be
More horrified than usual when you reach the conclusion of this drive.
Let me just get right into it because what's coming is going to be a little shocking.
Here's where we start with this.
According to the CDC today, this is their official numbers, 48% of the U.S.
population of all ages, 48% are quote fully vaccinated.
That means two doses.
So that's again almost half the population fully vaccinated.
184 million people, or about 56% of the population, have had at least one dose.
Now whether or not you believe those numbers, that's fine.
They're probably exaggerating these numbers, I agree.
But let's just take them at their word for the sake of this thought experiment.
Now, 184 million Americans, if they've been vaccinated with at least one dose of this vaccine, that means 184 million Americans have been injected with either spike protein biological weapon, engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory using U.S.
taxpayer money, funneled by EcoHealth Alliance and Fauci and so on, They built a bioweapon, they injected you either with that weapon directly or with mRNA instructions, which is really a gene-altering technology, a nanotechnology that instructs your body to manufacture biological weapons and circulate them around your blood and spread them to other people.
So, according to many prominent doctors and analysts, Including Dr. Hoffie, Dr. Martin, and many of the other voices that you've heard here as guests on Infowars.com.
More than half of these 184 million Americans will likely be dead in the next few years.
More than half.
In other words, the majority of them will likely be dead.
This means, if you just do the math, about half of that 184 million that the CDC says have been vaccinated, half is about 92 million.
So, let's go with that number.
What happens if 92 million Americans are killed by these vaccines over the next few years as the micro blood clots kick in?
And as people suffer from congestive heart failure due to the blood clots, the autoimmune disorders, and the antibody-dependent enhancement, which is the hyper-inflammatory reaction to subsequent infections.
So what happens to America?
Let's talk next about Delta.
Remember, we're going to connect a lot of dots here today.
This is going to span several segments of the show here, so make sure you tune in to each segment for this hour, and I will wrap it all together for you.
Next, we're going to go to a news story, and this story happens to be out of Israel, where they've done this research.
The website is IsraelNationalNews.com.
And it says that out of 7,700 new cases of the virus that have been detected during the Delta wave, only 72 of those cases happened in people who were known to have been infected previously and had natural immunity.
In other words, less than 1% of the Delta cases are occurring in people who have natural immunity.
Less than 1%.
But 40% of those new cases are happening in people who have been previously vaccinated.
You got that?
So, in other words, if you've been vaccinated against COVID, you are far more likely to become hospitalized and sick and infected by the Delta variant, okay?
And you know about all of the hyperbole, all the, you know, the terror journalism about the Delta variant.
Well, the truth is, the Delta variant is most likely being created, or was created initially, by those people who were vaccinated.
But that's a different topic.
We're not going to get into that today.
Nevertheless, realize this.
Again, if you have natural immunity, you have broad-spectrum immunity.
You are immune to Delta variants and other variants, whatever they roll out.
And I think they're going to roll out what I'm calling the Omega variant.
That's the one they're really going to scare us with.
So natural immunity works against future variants because natural immunity is a broad spectrum template of immunity in your body.
Whereas vaccine immunity, even when it works, and it doesn't work very often because the vaccinated people, the ones in the hospital, but even when it does work, it only works against a very specific polymorphism of the spike protein outer shell.
In other words, only a very specific configuration.
of the proteins. It does not confer immunity against these other variants such as the delta
variant. Now what does this tell you? It tells you that the pandemic is being perpetuated by
the vaccine. And I'm going to say that again. The pandemic is being perpetuated by the vaccine.
The vaccine is creating the immune system vulnerabilities and weaknesses that allow
future variants to infect and hospitalize people and to create the media narrative that,
"Oh my god, more people are dying. Therefore, we have to have a booster vaccine," right?
Gotta have a booster against the Delta variant.
So then they're gonna roll out booster shots to say, well, your vaccine passport that we once told you was going to give you freedom is now obsolete.
You're not gonna have immunity anymore.
You're not gonna be able to travel around anymore unless you get another vaccine for the Delta variant.
Because the Delta variant, you know, gosh, that's scary.
People are getting sick.
Gotta have a booster for that.
So, if you're dumb enough to get that vaccine shot, that's now your third shot.
That's a third dose of spike protein.
You know, bioweapons in your body.
Then, before long, they're gonna roll out, you know, the Lambda variant, or the Omega variant.
And you're not gonna have immunity to that.
And they're gonna say, well, you need to have an Omega booster.
And then there's Omega-21, and Omega-22, and Omega-23, and so on.
This is a never-ending scam that eventually kills you with spike protein injections, but it's all perpetuated by the vaccine itself.
If no one were being vaccinated right now, no one, this pandemic would be over.
Because people would have natural immunity.
Now, and I'm not saying they should have just ended all vaccines without also doing something else like
promoting vitamin D, promoting nutrition, the things that work, and of course treating people with ivermectin and
Because those are proven to work to save lives, especially in the elderly who have comorbidity factors.
But instead of saving lives, they suppressed ivermectin and they pushed the vaccine
to get as many people as possible vaccinated to spread the Delta variant and other variants that are yet coming.
This is the perpetuation of the pandemic.
In other words, the vaccine is the pandemic.
The vaccine is the pandemic.
Now, we're going to tie this into South Africa next.
And we'll start with the fact that in South Africa, we now have the uprising going into an overreaction mode.
With irrational lashing out where they are attacking and destroying the very infrastructure that could provide them with food, electricity, and fuel in the years ahead.
They are obliterating the infrastructure, which means they're going to starve to death from here forward.
South Africa will face mass starvation, famine, Civil unrest, possibly civil war, maybe a failed state scenario.
Because they've burned the transportation trucks, they've burned the grocery stores, they've burned the power plants, they've burned the ports in some cases.
It's going to get bad.
Now when we come back, we're going to go to a break quickly here.
When we come back, I'll continue to explain how this all ties together with what's about to happen in America probably this year.
So stay tuned for that.
It's a horrifying scenario.
I'm Mike Adams with NaturalNews.com, of course, filling in on InfoWars.com today, fourth hour.
Stay with us.
We'll be back after this break.
All right, this is Mike Adams here continuing our breaking story.
Of course, I'm the editor of NaturalNews.com, and we are all part of the independent media that has been telling the truth this entire time, just like InfoWars.
From day one, we said, yes, this came out of a lab.
And isn't it interesting that now so many left-wing news organizations are apologizing to their viewers and saying, yep, the lab theory is the most likely origin of this.
Well, where are the apologies to all of us, right, who said this from day one?
But continuing with our story here, In the last segment, we talked about the number of Americans who have been vaccinated according to the CDC.
That's 184 million Americans with at least one dose.
We talked about the warning from doctors who say that more than half of those people may die over the next few years.
So we'll call that 92 million, which is half.
And then where this is going in terms of Bringing in South Africa and what's happening there and the globalist desire to create mass chaos across the planet.
So in South Africa, we're going to go to news24.com.
And on news24.com, which is a local website there, they have many stories.
I'm not going to focus on any one, but stories like sugar mills shut down, cane farms set on fire, citrus exports halted.
So we're seeing farms burned.
And we're seeing the key infrastructure of food production and food distribution either shut down or, in some cases, set on fire and destroyed.
Unrest, fallout may face bread shortages as riots hit wheat supplies.
We're also seeing transportation trucks on fire, which means, you know, how are they going to transport food supplies?
How are they going to deliver groceries when the trucks are all burned up, right?
Another story there.
Largest crude oil refinery implements a temporary shutdown due to unrest.
Well, that shutdown can become a permanent shutdown if the refinery is damaged or set on fire.
And there's an electrical power grid infrastructure facility there that's on fire.
And there are, of course, malls and grocery stores on fire.
They've ransacked at least one of the major ports there for importing food.
So, what's the realization in this?
When a local population is driven to such anger and destitution through the COVID lockdowns, the uprising goes to an irrational, exaggerated posture where they end up burning down the very thing that could keep them fed or keep them clothed.
And we've seen this in left-wing cities on a smaller scale in America, especially during 2020.
Where they would burn down their own local retail stores, right?
They would burn down their local communities.
Well, imagine this now on a national scale involving every left-wing city, with all of the hatred and bigotry and racism and fear that's been pushed by the mainstream media.
The media saying white people are bad and white people deserve to be killed and police deserve, they say, to be harmed.
And when you have a spark which is coming, and in South Africa the spark was the jailing of Zuma after the corruption court hearing where he failed to appear.
That was just a spark but that was not the underlying cause of all this.
All it takes is one spark in America and this race war erupts exactly as the globalists planned.
Understand they have set the stage for a national uprising of mass looting that will destroy the infrastructure and this is part of their plan.
Because they want the chaos.
Now, if you watched any of the videos or heard any of the audio from South Africa, there are some key realizations that I'm going to get into right here that not everybody is fully talking about.
Number one, the police have run out of ammo.
They ran out days ago.
And even the ammo they've been able to acquire is not the correct ammo.
I heard one transmission where cops were talking about how they were able to acquire nine ball ammo.
Well, nine ball is just full metal jacket, nine millimeter.
Those are target rounds.
I mean, practice target rounds.
You know, that's not a self-defense round.
Cops don't carry nine ball ammo if they know what they're doing.
They carry ammo where the bullet itself will, of course, spread out and cause maximum trauma.
Because the point of a police officer, for example, shooting someone is to stop them.
And you don't stop people by punching holes through them that happen to be nine millimeters in diameter.
You stop them with heavy trauma to shatter, let's say, their pelvis or cause trauma to their abdominal region or their heart so that the blood stops pumping so that assailant can no longer attack that police officer or some innocent victim that they're targeting.
The point of bullets is to stop the violence, to stop the attacker.
But even in South Africa, they don't have that kind of ammo remaining much, it seems, anymore.
And there was one transmission where a police officer was saying, oh, he managed to get 1,000 rounds of 9mm to distribute among the police and I think some civilian security forces.
1,000 rounds.
I'm thinking, you know, that's it?
They're down to their last box of 1,000 rounds?
This is a very dangerous situation.
And it reinforces the idea that as society collapses, you can almost never have too much ammo.
Because you may need to provide ammunition to your local sheriff's department or a local civilian security force.
You may need ammo for more than just yourself and your family.
And what's happening, the other realization, is that it is civilians who are defending themselves against the looting mobs.
Civilians are doing the job that the police are incapable of doing because they've run out of ammo and there are not enough police officers and so on.
So if you ever wondered why you need a civilian force for national security, domestic security, just look at South Africa.
This is it right there.
The other realization is if you did not have stored food and you did not have a firearm and you did not have ammunition before all this started, it very quickly becomes too late.
The time to prepare is now while you still can.
Ammo prices have come down.
Maybe 30% from their highs under COVID.
You can get some ammo now, and you should really consider that.
Firearms are available in many cases.
You can get firearms.
You can get pistols, rifles, and shotguns legally in America right now because the manufacturers are really producing firearms in record numbers.
And, you know, thank goodness they are.
Because especially with left-wing cities defunding the police, Even the police themselves, the ones that don't just quit and go home and decide to protect their own families, which is probably a rational thing to do in certain cities, the ones that decide to stay on the force and try to protect your community, they're going to need help, it turns out.
They're going to need help.
So the veterans, the off-duty cops, people who, civilian firearms experts, and those with EMT training, emergency response training, volunteer fire departments, and so on, All of you are going to be necessary to protect your local communities because the mass looting you see in South Africa is coming to America.
And when it happens, they are going to spread out from the cities like a zombie apocalypse.
It's going to be like a zombie apocalypse.
These are people who are going to be brain damaged from the vaccines.
They will literally be brain damaged.
They're going to be desperate.
They're going to be starving, hungry, and violent.
Their rationality will have been completely crushed They will think and act like zombies and it's going to be up to you and your neighbors and your local law enforcement, rural sheriffs and deputies to defend your community or you will die.
That's the message you need to get.
We'll be back after this break with more analysis.
Stay tuned.
All right, continuing now with our analysis of the civil war and the chaos that's coming.
We have already covered the fact that 184 million Americans have been vaccinated, according to the CDC.
And we've covered the fact that in South Africa, the attacks on the infrastructure are destroying the ability of the food infrastructure to provide food for the foreseeable future.
It could take years to rebuild what's happening in South Africa.
Now, look carefully at the fact that South Africa is now deploying the military They are deploying the military because the chaos is so great that there's no other way to control the situation and prevent the violence and prevent South Africa from collapsing into a failed state status.
Now track this very carefully.
They're deploying the military.
This is the template for what's coming to the United States.
The goal is, in the US, the goal is to deploy the military.
They want to deploy the military because they want to go door-to-door And confiscate guns.
They want to declare martial law.
They want to also go door-to-door with forced vaccines at gunpoint in order to maximize the injections of the bioweapon, the spike protein bioweapon, so they can kill as many Americans as possible.
So, in other words, the chaos feeds into the justification of military deployment domestically, which I know is against the law, but again this regime Doesn't follow any law whatsoever.
So they're going to do it anyway.
And then this will allow the illegitimate Biden regime to then claim a military dictatorship over America.
And any who resist that military dictatorship will be labeled, of course, domestic terrorists.
And that will give them justification to execute you on site if you either refuse to turn in a firearm or refuse to be vaccinated.
You will be labeled a domestic terrorist.
In fact, that kind of language is already being used publicly by left-wing fake news groups and so on.
They're blaming Republicans for not taking the vaccine.
It's kind of like Hitler blaming the Jews for not going quickly enough to the gas chambers and the concentration camps.
If Hitler said, well, the Jews are camp hesitant, that would be equivalent to what Jen Psaki is saying today, that Republicans are vaccine hesitant.
Well, yeah, of course, Republicans are hesitant at being killed with biological weapons injections.
But now, here's where this is going.
This is a big story.
I'm tying all the pieces together here.
If, well, let me bring in one more thing.
Notice that the Biden regime is pushing for vaccine requirements at workplaces.
This is one of the strategies is to say that if you work at some key infrastructure location, if you work for the fire department, if you work for the police department, if you work at a local nuclear power plant, you are going to be required to be vaccinated in order to keep your job.
What's the purpose of that?
What's the real purpose of that?
Well, they know the vaccines are death weapons.
They know they're kill shots.
They know that very likely the majority of those who are vaccinated will be dead over the next several years.
Requiring vaccines in workplaces means they're targeting critical infrastructure to lose personnel.
In other words, the power grid needs people to keep it running.
Obviously, you know, you gotta have a lot of people running the power plants, you know, the natural gas generators, the coal power plants, you know, the substations, all of it.
Linesmen, the whole deal.
Without people, the power grid doesn't function.
Without people, hospitals don't function.
Without people, first responders can't function.
And it is these infrastructure components that are being targeted for mandatory vaccinations in order to take those people out.
In order to lead to a total collapse of the infrastructure in America, which will lead to exactly the kind of civil unrest that you're seeing in South Africa, which leads to deploying the military and declaring martial law and a military dictatorship in America.
So you understand the vaccine.
I know this is multiple steps, but if you're a viewer of this show, you're good at this.
You're good at putting the pieces of the puzzle together.
The steps are clear.
Vaccinate those people, kill off those people, that's what they want to do, the people in the infrastructure, and then collapse the infrastructure.
Now then.
So I ask you this question.
This is the bombshell question.
If 92 million Americans are dead from vaccines, and we don't know the timetable for this, we don't know if the number is really 92 million.
Let's say it's only 50 million.
Let's say it's half that, or roughly half.
Then how do the nuclear power plants Go into a controlled offline status without having mistakes or criticality of their nuclear fuel.
You can't just flip a switch and turn off a nuclear power plant, folks.
Doesn't work that way.
It has to be a controlled lifting of the rods.
You have to have the coolant circulated.
You have to have fuel.
You have to have emergency backup plans.
The whole deal.
There is a process and it takes many, many weeks.
How do you maintain civility in a city if half the police are dead and the other half have been defunded or have fled?
How do you maintain food deliveries in a country where the workers in the grocery stores and the workers in the food distribution hubs and even the farms and farmers, the crop pickers who are picking our strawberries and beans and crops and all of this, if half of them are dead or even a quarter of them are dead, How does that infrastructure function?
And it is these infrastructure components that are being targeted with the vaccines.
So the point is that those of you who have refused to take vaccines, probably because you prefer to live, you need to realize that they're going to collapse the infrastructure around you anyway.
They're going to take away your ability to go to the grocery store and purchase food.
Your ability to have electricity delivered to your home or business.
Your ability to call 9-1-1 and have emergency services respond in any manner, not even a timely manner, but to respond at all.
It'll be like, uh, thank you for calling 9-1-1.
What's your emergency?
Oh, nevermind.
There's nobody here.
Leave a message.
That's what you're going to get.
If they even answer at all, if the phone system even works at all and then As this, when this reaches its peak of chaos, the globalists are going to unleash a banking emergency, a global debt bomb.
And we don't know the exact timing, of course, but they are prepared to unleash a global debt bomb.
And this will cause, this will be like throwing gasoline on a fire.
So in an instant, and this will ripple across the banking system in no time at all, people won't be able to use their food stamp cards.
When food stamps go down, every major urban area in America erupts into total chaos and lawlessness within a matter of hours.
It will look like South Africa in every city in America.
When banking transactions can no longer function because the fiat currency has collapsed, That means that no one can pay for transportation of fuel, or food, or ammunition, or consumer goods, or emergency medicine, antibiotics, whatever.
You can't even transport anything at that point.
The entire transactional system shuts down.
And by the way, that means at that time, you won't be able to buy anything from the InfoWars store or any store, because all credit card transactions will be toast at that time.
This is why it's critical to stock up before that happens.
And by the way, yes, they can flip a switch and make that happen at any moment that they choose.
And they're waiting for the right moment to do that.
Once that happens, they're going to use the chaos to try to usher in financial communism and sweep everybody into a Federal Reserve cryptocurrency wallet, Mark of the Beast.
It's going to be a digital control system to control your life Complete financial tyranny, but everybody will be so desperate that most people will easily scream out for some kind of solution, and they will leap to whatever solution the globalists are dangling in front of them.
And that will be a central bank digital wallet.
Maybe they'll call it a crypto Fed coin or something.
I don't know what they'll call it.
That's a mark of the beast system.
And if you don't participate, then you will be ostracized from society.
And if you do participate, you will be enslaved.
And there's more to this.
We'll cover that after this break.
On the other side, stay with us here at InfoWars.com.
All right, final segment of this hour when I'm going to wrap up here now everything that we've talked about and give you the very big picture of where this is going.
I'm Mike Adams here, editor of NaturalNews.com.
Thank you for continuing with me here on InfoWars.com today.
You know, this every broadcast should be labeled an emergency broadcast given what's coming and the limited amount of time that we have remaining.
So, in the last few segments, what I laid out for you is the engineered chaos that's coming to America and other countries.
This will happen in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and most European countries as well, and other parts of Southeast Asia, and of course Central and South America as well.
This is a global plan to exterminate humanity, to take down the human race and crush human civilization.
I'm just explaining the mechanisms of how they're going to achieve that.
But here's what happens next.
We talked about maybe 90 million, 92 million Americans dying from the vaccine, perhaps.
By the time you add in the deaths from disease, and I'm talking about cholera, you know, because the cities will stop functioning, you're going to have raw sewage flowing in the streets.
I mean, more than, more than what you would usually see in a left-wing city right now, like San Francisco.
The sewage systems will stop working, water systems will stop working, you know, food deliveries and so on.
Public sanitation will collapse.
You're going to have disease, you're going to have rioting, you're going to have the financial collapse, you're going to have just a complete failure.
I mean, anarchy is really the only way to describe this.
Anarchy, massive looting, arson, rape, destruction, pillaging, ransacking, everything.
Especially in the urban city areas.
I'm not saying this is going to happen in rural communities, because I think rural communities will mount a defense against this.
Using firearms, using local law enforcement and volunteers and civilian security forces and so on.
But urban cities, I mean, you know, left-wing cities are pretty much gone.
They will collapse.
The result of this is then, of course, at a national level, the Biden regime, which is an illegitimate regime that cheated to try to seize power.
By the way, a lot of new evidence coming out of Georgia right now and also Arizona with the hearings today.
Uh, proving that there was election fraud.
It's provable fraud at this point.
I'm not going to go into it at this moment.
The Biden regime will assert military authority, just like what's happening in South Africa.
They will declare essentially military dictatorship under the guise of public health.
From there, we have two things that are going to happen.
This is according to my analysis and my sources.
Number one, you're going to have states and regions begin to declare a secession from the illegitimate Biden regime.
Texas will be part of this.
You're going to have the southern states, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, probably we'll see Kansas and Oklahoma join that and Mississippi and so on.
You're going to have southern states form a new union and you're going to have war against the illegitimate federal military, I don't even know what you call it at this point, the woke Pentagon.
I guess they're going to come after us with like transgender troops.
You know, they're going to be wearing like rainbow dildo monkey butt suits and carrying M4s and marching towards Texas or something.
I'm not sure what that's going to look like.
But the Texas defenders are not going to be dressed like that.
They're going to be wearing, you know, military camo and actually fighting for freedom.
But you're going to see secession and you're going to see then war erupt across America.
As this is happening.
Biden and his handler, Obama, and I've predicted this for many years, Obama will return to the United States as the head of the UN or a high-level influencer of the UN, and we will see United Nations troops flooding into the United States, probably Communist Chinese troops under a UN banner that claim to be here to provide Food operations, humanitarian operations, okay?
So the humanitarian operations, in the same way that the Biden regime is going to be targeting Republican counties, red states and red counties with, you know, vaccine, quote, outreach, strike force teams, you're going to have, quote, humanitarian missions run by communist Chinese troops under the command of the United Nations at the request of treasonous Biden, that are then invading and attempting to occupy the United States.
Importantly, those invading forces will come in through both the southern border and also the northern border from Canada.
Because, of course, Justin Trudeau, not even going to go into that, Justin Trudeau, Justin Castro, whatever you want to call him, he is working with the Communist Chinese.
He's practically a Communist Chinese agent at this point.
So they're going to come from Canada, but the bulk of the forces will come in along with armored up narco cartel strike force teams through the southern border.
Which means Texas will be under attack.
Arizona, California, New Mexico.
These forces are going to come in, and it's the Narcos and the Communist Chinese military.
They're already flying drone missions, which are really surveillance missions, into U.S.
territory, such as that mysterious drone that was spotted over Tucson, spying on key energy infrastructure and also the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base there in Tucson.
So you're going to have an invasion of the United States.
You're going to have a civil war.
You're going to have a crushed infrastructure.
And you're going to have Mark of the Beast economic efforts underway.
Now, we've got about four minutes left here.
How do you survive this?
I always try to give you solutions.
I know it sounds bad.
This is a nightmare scenario, but how do you survive it?
Key point number one, you've got to have supplies to be able to live through a power grid failure, food supply failures, ammunition being cut off, and also the internet being cut off.
So InfoWars and Natural News and all the websites that you love will no longer function in many regions.
Now, there will be efforts by Washington to try to have an internet kill switch.
Ultimately, this is only going to achieve a segmentation, a regional segmentation of censorship, where if you're in California, you won't be able to get to InfoWars.com.
But if you're in Texas, you may still be able to get to it.
And the same thing is true about e-commerce.
If you order From an online store like the Infowars store, which is based in Texas, you may be able to still get some supplies and get delivery in the state of Texas or states that are part of the Texas Union.
But if you're outside that union, if you're in California or New York, you won't be able to even access the website nor to get deliveries of supplies.
So we're going to see economies and production become very localized.
And this is why the next solution to point out to you You've got to move.
You've got to vote with your feet.
Now or never, folks.
You've got to get to a red state.
Now or never.
You've got to get there now, a place that produces food, that produces ammunition, firearms, and a place that's willing to say no to the federal tyranny that is coming.
The federal tyranny.
The martial law military dictatorship that's coming.
So what states are these?
I mean, you can figure it out.
You know, it's Texas, it's Florida, it's North and South Dakota, you know, it's Wyoming and Utah, maybe Arizona, and so on.
Most of the Midwest, you know, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, and so on.
And, you know, Kentucky and North Carolina, just on and on.
But if you're in a blue state, if you're stuck in a blue state, you're probably going to Well, you're going to be executed, is what's going to happen, ultimately.
You're going to be starved out, you're going to be injected with a bioweapon, you're going to have your guns confiscated, you're going to end up in a COVID concentration camp, and end up dead.
That's what's coming.
So, if you want to live, you need to move to a red state.
That's the strongest I can say that.
And it's no joke, and time is running out.
If you prefer to die, then, you know, just stay under Newsom's control in California.
They'll be glad to kill you door-to-door.
They're coming door-to-door with vaccines with the Strike Force squads.
They're going to vaccinate you at gunpoint or kill you if you resist, okay?
This is a red alert moment.
This is a tipping point of history.
None of this is a joke.
We either live or, I mean, we either stand up and resist this With the help of God and the help of our fellow countrymen and women?
Or we die and perish and lose this nation and lose our world?
You understand?
Now, I think we're going to win.
But I think we're going to lose tens of millions of Americans in the process, okay?
So ultimately, we achieve victory.
Ultimately, God wins.
Ultimately, we do.
We restart this nation.
But people that you know, people that perhaps you love, maybe family members, Are going to perish in this process.
Some of them are already dead because they took the vaccine.
They're already dead.
It's just a matter of time.
What you can do.
Between now and then.
Keep watching these broadcasts.
Download them if you can.
Record them.
Save everything to your local computers.
So that you have reference materials.
And you have the documents.
You have the how-to manuals.
Emergency medicine.
Growing your own food.
How do you live off the land?
How do you live without electricity?
Get going now on all of those plans, because that's what will keep you alive during these historic times of total collapse.
That's my story.
I'll probably write it up at some point in text format, but thank you for watching today.
I'm Mike Adams, the Health Ranger at NaturalNews.com.
Thank you for watching InfoWars.com here.
And I think Owen Schroeder is coming up next.
Thanks for tuning in.
Take care.
God bless.
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