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Name: 20210712_Mon_Alex
Air Date: July 12, 2021
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Alex Jones, a conservative commentator, discusses a range of topics including the importance of vaccination, censorship, authoritarianism, globalist agendas, and the need for liberty and resistance against tyranny. He criticizes the government's handling of vaccine distribution and Big Tech companies for suppressing voices that expose the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines. Jones also warns about the globalist agenda being implemented, including open martial law, gun confiscation, checkpoints, and FEMA death camps. To protect against this agenda, he encourages his audience to support local stations, buy products from InfoWarsTore.com, and use bioremediation products like BioSeptic Pro. Jones criticizes Joe Biden for being controlled by globalist elites and implementing their agenda, including triggering civil unrest and using martial law to control the population. He also warns about the dangers of cell phone radiation and promotes his own products like iodine supplements and Faraday cages for phones.

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The globalists have initiated a controlled demolition of the world economy.
Latin America is collapsing.
Africa is completely collapsing.
Millions are dying, starving to death every few months.
Hundreds of thousands every week are being murdered and killed.
Cannibalism is exploding.
The lockdowns that have gone on for over a year in Africa are causing mass death.
Four African presidents said no and have been murdered.
The Haitian president said no to forced inoculations.
He was tortured and murdered.
The globalists are bringing Africa down.
They're bringing Latin America down, poor areas of Asia.
All of this is a designed, planned planetary collapse and we have covered that information in great detail today.
We either wake up to the fact that the COVID lockdowns triggered this by design, or it will all come here.
There isn't much time to play games.
It's time to wake up and say no to the New World Order.
You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes into, and Joe Rogan, and Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's news, today.
And those who are not fully vaccinated are not protected.
So every individual that we vaccinate is a step forward.
And across the summer months, we'll vaccinate millions more individuals.
As the President said, we will do this by going community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, person by person, by partnering with local leaders, governors, mayors, doctors, school administrators, employers, faith leaders, and community organizers.
Vaccine nationalism hurts us all.
And is self-defeating.
But on the flip side, vaccinating equitably saves lives, stabilizes health systems, and would lead to a truly global economic recovery that stimulates job creation.
Now we can't force you to take a jab in the arm, but there are many jobs perhaps that can prevent you from working if you decide not to get vaccinated.
Dr. Renner, given where things are going, is it time to move on from saying please to mandating?
I do think it's time to start mandating vaccines.
Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood.
And oftentimes, door to door, literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus.
Now, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford, he studies coming out of England about children under the age of 18 and COVID.
We thought it was rare for children to die from COVID before.
But it's pretty much not even a question now.
Like 99.995% of those who they know had COVID, and of course there are many more who we haven't tracked, survived COVID.
25 kids under the age of 18 died of COVID.
I think it was 19 had serious underlying respiratory and other issues.
Last year in the United States, more children died of the flu than died of COVID.
Obviously, the eugenics overlords weren't pleased that Bumbling Joe hadn't reached his July 4th goal of 70% vaccinated.
We are going to continue to press to get 12 to 18-year-olds vaccinated, to continue to work with communities where there's lower vaccination rates.
That's one of the reasons we initiated these strike forces.
Jen Psaki's downplaying of her own description of a vaccine strike force going door-to-door will be her final undoing.
So these are grassroots voices across the country.
They are not members of the government.
They are not federal government employees.
They are volunteers.
They are clergy.
They are trusted voices in communities who are playing this role in door-knocking.
As the effort ramps up, she will have to contend with the arrogance of Dr. Fauci and the draconian incompetence of United States Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra.
It's none of the government's business knowing who has or hasn't been vaccinated.
What do you say?
It is absolutely the government's business.
It is taxpayers' business if we have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting COVID and helping reopen the economy.
And so, it is our business to try to make sure Americans can prosper, Americans can freely associate, and knocking on a door has never been against the law.
You don't have to answer, but we hope you do because if you haven't been vaccinated,
We can help dispel some of those rumors that you've heard, and hopefully get you vaccinated.
You're in prison.
Yeah, it's not a rumor.
24 years of overseeing the Los Angeles Democratic Petri dish of Skid Row, and then failing upwards as California's Attorney General ensures that he will be a totalitarian Health and Human Services Secretary that will ignore fundamental constitutional rights, all in the name of the progressive agenda that is merely global governance in disguise.
It's blatantly obvious.
The power mad are recklessly running with the totalitarian opportunity to please their global masters, no matter what it takes.
Speaking for myself, it was a tremendous personal benefit.
It's like Dylan said, Bob Dylan, are birds free from the chains of the skyway?
No, of course not.
We are, you know, we are, you know, we are subject to the natural laws, but the laws of man
Should not be used to subjugate human beings.
We are free.
John Bowne reporting.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
We're good.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're live on this July 12th Monday transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Can you imagine living in Cuba or living in North Korea where you get no real independent media or information, particularly North Korea, and where if you even criticize the government you get a year to five years in a forced labor camp, you get sent to jail, you get beaten up, and whatever quarter acre of land they allow you to have to grow vegetables on is taken away from your family.
As punishment, and you're not given any medical treatment.
That's the type of dystopic world the globals want to put us in.
Imagine a world without InfoWars.
Without that light, without that truth.
Imagine a world where you would be punished for speaking out.
Well now we see that here.
We see conservatives and patriots not just being censored, but being banned from hotels, and banned from Uber, and now they're saying they want to take away our credit.
Now they want to put us in jail.
Congressman Matt Gaetz was going to speak at a conference at a hotel in California, so they banned the conference.
The President of the United States really won the election.
His voice, his video, is banned on Facebook.
They're heavily restricted everywhere else.
Right side broadcasting can't even send out a live feed of President Trump at CPAC or they'll give them a strike and ban their account, they've told them.
That is truly an authoritarianism.
And if you can do that to the President of the United States, you can do that to anybody and everybody.
I was the first big domino.
I knew I was the first big domino.
I warned everyone.
There was a News Corp corporate perspective put out about nine months before I got banned, explaining, first we'll take down WikiLeaks and Alex Jones, and when no one stands up for them, we'll take everyone down next.
And now we live in a world where members of Congress have hearings.
And they have those hearings.
With medical doctors and scientists exposing that the COVID vaccine doesn't work and it's dangerous, with major studies, and Google, Facebook, and Twitter, along with Apple, concertedly block it and ban it.
So, Cuba never really had an open, free internet after the takeover of Fidel Castro, because they didn't have a thing called an internet back then.
And Cuba perfectly wasn't situated to be a free country even then under Batista.
But now it is under an incredible long-term tyranny and hundreds of thousands of people all over the country in cities like Havana marched in the streets.
I've seen some of the videos from on top of the buildings shows massive crowds with American flags knowing that they face long prison terms of forced labor for doing so saying liberty over and over and over again.
Powerful tweet was put out, it says, when oppressed people around the world express their desire for a better life, note the symbol they pick.
Cuba, the American flag.
Iran, the American flag.
Venezuela, the American flag.
Hong Kong, the American flag.
Not because America's perfect, but because of the ideals that were at least somewhat
Realized here that made us much, much better than other nations.
And that's why the globalists want to remove the United States and demonize the United States, teach everybody it's bad.
That's what the big corporations and big banks and big media and big academia tell you everywhere.
The most elite families on earth tell you everywhere that you are not
Allowed to care about your country.
That America's evil.
Because the ideas that it stands for is in complete countervention to what the globalists want to establish.
And here's some more good news.
Not just the huge peaceful demonstrations taking place in Cuba or the disgusting spin by the puppet President Biden.
But this article from ZeroHedge.com and InfoWars.com
German court orders, a high court orders YouTube to pay 100,000 euros for censoring pandemic protest footage of peaceful protests in Switzerland and in Germany.
Now Merkel has asked for protests to be illegal.
You see the Canadian health minister say, ban protests, people talk too much at them.
It's nothing to do with COVID, it's about martial law and the new normal.
The Great Reset they talk about so much, but here's a federal court saying you can't take somebody's channel away for showing a peaceful protest.
We need evidence of this.
Horses riding women down.
Fire hoses knocking people down.
People's heads being split open by billy clubs after they've been locked down for over a year.
Men, women, and children.
And the same thing's coming here now with new lockdowns that they're openly pushing and contact tracers and the rest of it.
And if they think we'll put up with it, they're going to push it all the way.
Like they're doing in Australia and England and Germany, where they come into people's houses during live streams and arrest them for criticizing the lockdowns.
That's where they want to take us.
That's what they want.
Fauci says he wants it illegal to criticize what he's doing.
Fauci says he wants forced inoculation.
He announced that Friday.
It's like going to the doctor and they tell you, you got cancer.
If you keep letting this cancer grow, it will eat us all alive.
And I know as an audience of activists, you understand that.
But to see Joe Biden's response when he came out and said, yes, we stand with the people of Cuba who we know are protesting because you quote, want more medicine because of COVID.
Had nothing to do with COVID, nothing to do with that at all, other than the fact that the global lockdowns have hurt Cuba, as they've hurt every other country.
Not COVID, the lockdown.
And then they turn around and say, oh, they're not protesting in Cuba over the lockdown that they've been under since 1960.
No, no, no, no, no.
They're not mad about that.
They're not mad about having no future or no job or no real medical care.
No, they're upset about COVID.
That's what Joe Biden disgustingly came out and said.
And look what they're doing here in the United States.
The Biden administration's top priority is to arrest and punish anyone who objects to their un-American, unconstitutional agenda.
And even top liberal professors are saying, like Jonathan Turley, this is extremely dangerous.
So when Cubans carry American flags demanding freedom... Let me actually read you the quote by the Biden administration.
It's pretty unbelievable.
Biden administration puts out a statement saying,
But we know you want food and medicine and shortages.
And it goes on to say, we know you're upset about COVID and that we want to get you help.
Nothing about communism, nothing about authoritarianism, nothing at all but gaslighting back in your face, one dictator to another.
And that's the big story I'm going to cover
When we come back, because there is some good news around the world, but I'm going to give you the really bad news.
Because we need to get that bad news out front, so that we're not sitting here in six months or a year, going, oh my god, Alex Jones was right again.
I want to stop what's happening.
We have a very narrow window, and I don't believe this show will be on the air in one year, or any other broadcast for that matter, and it'll be dark, it'll be black.
The, the, the, the, the,
Monitors will be dead and you will be in the dark.
We'll all be in the dark together if the enemy moves the next phase, which is open martial law, gun confiscation, checkpoints, FEMA death camps.
They intend to roll it all out.
Not trying to scare you folks.
This is really going to happen.
You got to admire the Cubans.
One to five years in prison, forced labor.
If you go out and protest the government.
The New York Times put a tweet out, they said, anti-government forces protested lack of food and medicine because of COVID.
What a wicked criminal organization, trying to help generational dictators keep their foot on the neck of those poor people.
By the way, Cuba is badass.
I haven't been there, but family has, a lot of friends.
It's beautiful, it's got mountains, incredible beaches.
It would make
The prettiest parts of Mexico or Florida, tame in comparison.
But instead of being a wonderland, it is a hell hole.
Perfect example of where globalists and communists and authoritarians are taking us.
When Trump went and met with
The dictator of North Korea, he said, look at the South.
They've got 50 times the wealth you've got.
Giant high-rises, doctors for everybody, vacations, vacation homes, big happy families.
And he literally showed him a DVD of computer renderings of what they could do in North Korea in a matter of 10 years.
And Kim Jong
Unwanted it, but China came in that controls North Korea and said no.
You saw our establishment made sure that didn't happen as well.
Because they want to keep it under control.
They want dictatorships.
What did Charlie Munger say?
The main advisor to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
Their personal lawyer.
Their business partner.
He said we want a dictatorship in America to be able to arrest anybody we want.
He goes, we want to be like communist China.
What did Trudeau say?
What does the CFR say?
What does Richard and Haas say?
They all run their evil mouths about how they want to put us in a dictatorship.
And they're doing it.
And they're using COVID-19 as a smoke screen.
Let me do this.
I've noticed a joke on Twitter by the left, because they all tune in.
I want to welcome them to tune in, because they think they're part of the establishment.
They're not.
They're paving their own way to destruction.
And I see them say, Jones said he can barely do his broadcast today.
Because he's too prepared.
And they think that's a joke because they're obviously lazy and unprepared and just go around all day talking about how smart they are.
I don't want to be those leftist enemies.
I want them to understand that they're pretending they're part of the establishment.
They're pretending that they're going to be on top when this system comes into place.
You're not going to be on top, you're going to be dead.
It's hard for me to really tell you what I think is going to happen and what's going to unfold next because now we have all the proof and we know.
So it's not just me predicting it, it's guaranteed.
Unless we stop it.
And do you think as a father and as a human being, you think I want to get up here and tell the crew that we probably won't be here in a year?
That we're going under total authoritarianism?
That they're getting ready to stage giant false flags?
You think I like that?
I'm going to tell you next segment what I think is going to unfold and what's going to happen because we've got a really good chance of stopping this if we say no.
But you know what?
But will you guys get the Bill Maher clip from a couple weeks ago?
Just the part where he goes, listen.
You're not just censoring Republicans on Google now.
You're censoring Ivermectin.
It's not a political party.
It's a drug.
Let me know about it.
Well, don't you get that, Bill Maher?
You don't just ban one political party off the Internet, which they've effectively done to Republicans and other nationalist parties around the world.
You don't just stop there.
Everything's political.
And Big Pharma has merged with Big Tech, and they're censoring everything, Bill.
And you're not safe now, because
When you get rid of the social safety net of due process, we're all screwed.
In the words of one of the space marines and aliens, it's over man, game over!
So, I said Trump will be banned by the election off the internet if he doesn't act.
Exactly what I said, word for word happened.
And I'm saying, everybody's gonna be off the air.
Almost everyone.
They're not going to have thousands of production houses anymore.
There's not going to be a market for it.
They have a plan to go back to the old way where no one is allowed to have speech except a handful of groups.
And it's going to be dystopic as hell.
They've decided to go pure dystopia.
I'm trying to explain that.
It's not going to be an incremental move anymore.
They're going to go pedal to the metal.
To so wreck society that you can't even recognize it.
I mean, here's a microcosm example.
And then we're going to come back and just really cover all this.
You know this is done on purpose, right?
When they have convicted pedophiles have drag queen story time and the children sit on their lap and the mothers like they're bringing their child up to be thrown into the furnaces of Moloch.
Really get excited when the obese man in a demonic clown outfit has the child set on their erection that is bulging through their dress.
So that's not enough conditioning to move the Overton window.
How do you make Drag Queen Storytime, Pedophile Storytime, Get the Clown Storytime not look so bad?
Funded out of San Francisco with big tech money.
Hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.
Overhead shot please.
You do it with this!
You do something even more radical!
UK forced to apologize after hiring man in monkey dildo costume, that's what it's called, to perform in front of children.
It's called Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey.
And he reads to them about putting things in their butt.
And he's a psychotic, crazy person with a totally crazy face dressed up as a giant rainbow dildo.
And the government in the city paid to have this.
Now, they're sitting around in their psych warfare operations saying, how do we get women to bring their children to creepy men?
Well, we dress them up like clowns and call them women.
Well, okay, they've accepted that.
Okay, call it a rainbow dildo and teach the kids about stuff and stuff in their ass.
I mean, see folks, you go, well what's the point of this?
This is all Tavistock Institute, out of London.
They're weaponizing all of this in their own words because if you'll put up with creepy dudes, many of which are sex offenders, saying, I'm a dildo and I'm here to teach your kids how to shove stuff in their rear end, you'll put up with anything.
This is a destabilized society.
They're teaching you your country sucks.
They're teaching you Western values are bad.
They're giving you experimental deadly shots and covering up the deaths.
They're censoring what's going on.
World leaders are saying we want to be a dictatorship like China.
Xi Jinping, he's our man.
If he can't do it, nobody can.
This is a satanic takeover.
Because they got stuff so horrible coming, you'll look back on rainbow dildo monkey rapers as a good thing.
Got it?
They're making their move, and they're using psychological warfare to so condition you with simulations of death and destruction, that when the real ones come, you won't know what hit you.
You understand?
The planet is in a total, artificially induced collapse.
Stay with us.
Monday through Friday,
From 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, I'm here live.
Freeworldnews.tv is the site to share that has not been banned yet.
It takes you to all the different videos and articles and information.
Okay, let me try to encapsulate this as simply as I can and just ask the listeners and viewers to take this information and reach out to everybody you know and the people you don't know because this affects us all and we've got to create a massive awakening and tipping point to this or we have no hope.
The good news is we are almost at the tipping point and the system knows that but that makes them even more dangerous and more likely to accelerate
Their operation, hoping that they can grab victory from the jaws of defeat.
Now, one good thing is this.
Everybody I know, prominent talk show host, top talk show host, and members of the government, not just here but overseas as well, now just don't think I'm an eccentric that's right about a lot of stuff.
They now know that I'm dead on.
And so in the limited time we have left being on air, I have a real responsibility to put out as many special reports encapsulating where we are.
So if I am assassinated or we are taken off the air, those pieces of information can be saved by you.
Also some good things are happening.
A lot of folks aren't having to tune in to Alex Jones to understand what's happening.
Once you understand the globalist operation, and once you're out of the trance, you see it in live time, the exact same thing I'm seeing.
And so we are starting to really achieve very quickly the saturation point where enough people click and get what's happening
To be able to then fully recognize the enemy operation, and then once you recognize the enemy operation, it all instantly connects and you are able to even know what their next move's gonna be before they make it.
Now that said, let me just, let me boil this down very, very calmly as best I can.
There is a worldwide revolution against the globalists who are unelected bankers who have maneuvered the entire planet into artificial debt so they can collapse society to make people dependent so that the public doesn't have any basic rights and can be herded into a very dystopic technocracy whose endgame is being able to play God and use us all as lab rats slaves
And that's as far as we have any worse for them.
We are then seen as garbage that has a negative value to be carried out and dumped into a historical and physical landfill.
And that is the stated goal of all the globalists and that's well established and no one can deny that.
There are thousands of articles a week put up by the establishment explaining why everybody has to be killed.
Most of the public doesn't sit back and think, well, oh, they mean me, because the average person reading the Economist or the New York Times or the Financial Times of London or the Autobahn Society fancies themselves a member of the ruling planetary directory.
But you are not a member of that.
You are playing along with it mentally, which is what weak people do.
And that is known in the modern parlance as the Stockholm Syndrome.
And I, of course, have coined the term
Mass Stockholm Syndrome.
So we asked the question today in the live feed article, and I'm gonna open the phones up after Jim Hoff leaves us early next hour.
He's got some big breaking news with the Feds clearly breaking into the Capitol, leading the attack on the Capitol.
That's coming up.
Is Bill Gates right?
Should we kill 90% of the human population Monday live?
They're already teaching us that we're all patients, we're all dirty, we're all bad, we're all evil, we're all suspect, we're all terrorists, we've got to cover ourselves, we've got to have constant, unauthorized, secretive injections that have killed so many, just for the right to be able to go outside and, oh, they say, once you do it, we'll go back to normal, and then as soon as you took the shot, they said, sorry, you never go back to normal.
And, oh, now it's the fault of people that didn't take the shot.
They're the reason the shot doesn't work, which is, of course, total fraud.
And so we're in the jaws of this thing.
And it's not going as well as they want it, and that's the good news.
So let me boil it down this way.
They're not going to let us have another election in now only 17 months.
And so just let that sink in.
They stole the last election.
They brought in a medical tyranny to be able to do it.
They're clamping down with permanent martial law around the world.
They've announced world government.
They've announced that the new endgame is going to be climate lockdowns on a routine basis.
The Pope, Klaus Schwab, all of them have said your life is over as you know it.
Richard Branson
Who's really more famous for his flight on the Lolita Express with kidnapped little girls.
Sex slaves with Jeffrey Epstein.
He's in the Manifest quite a bit, hanging out with Obama and the rest of them on the island.
Bunch of perverts.
Now he's gone to the edge of space, something that test pilots did in the 1950s.
But there he is, hoping that covers up
All these globalist activities.
You know, the music they played on the way up and the way down was titled The Great Reset, The New Normal.
All of it is about throwing it in your face.
So, they need a smoke screen to censor, a smoke screen to come to your door, a smoke screen to disappear you, a smoke screen to confiscate your guns.
They need an excuse to crash into civilization
And accelerate the post-industrial world to render you down into such a poor person so busy just trying to find food and so sick from all the vaccines that there is no more middle class or the idea of Western upward mobility to challenge their system.
And it's all done by this collection of so-called playboy, trendy billionaires who were really given their investment money and their power by the Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Ford foundations, and IBM foundations on record, to carry out this operation.
And it is a cult that for over a hundred years, with social Darwinistic plans, going back to Cecil Rhodes and Malthus before him,
To carry this out.
You can go read articles in 2011 in Forbes with Bill Gates talking about Malthus and talking about eugenics and talking about how he wants to do this.
And so now they're doing it.
And so they plan to send the contact tracers out to your houses.
They plan to have them be aggressive and force their way in.
They plan to get some of them killed.
They're strike forces.
To then declare anyone protesting forced inoculations a terrorist.
It's already been done in the official national directive put out three weeks ago by Biden.
And then they will start sending armed teams to your homes to take you away to COVID isolation centers, something already being done in Europe, in the UK, in New Zealand, in Australia, in Canada at a massive level, and all over Latin America and all over Africa.
But now four African presidents have died, all of which were against forced inoculations, and the Haitian president tortured and then executed.
Now at least five of them were clearly killed in suspicious circumstances.
That's four African and one Haitian.
So that's four were killed in suspicious ways.
One was killed in the battlefield, but undoubtedly where there's smoke, there's fire.
So you wonder why our leaders sit there like a gun to their head and do these incredible unpopular things.
Joe Biden, the governor of California,
All of them is because they are minions of the New World Order and they are following their orders unto the death to do so.
So when we come back I want to play a few clips of folks standing up and fighting back and I want to really lay out a blueprint of how we defeat this and how we stop them
Bringing in the new martial law, triggering the civil war, the race war, and then trying to basically create enough of a crisis before the midterms.
They plan to have this in full swing in less than a year to basically bring in a permanent global emergency out of which we never get out of.
And I told you this a year ago, over a year ago, they were planning to steal the election and use this to have the mail-in ballots and the rest of it.
And that's just part of what they're planning to do.
So we're gonna cover it all on the other side.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Welcome back.
Okay, so the bad news is the robber barons in the last 120 years putting all their money into planetary government and population control have finally got the technology and the systems to carry it out and Bill Gates really gets the credit.
I've studied this in depth.
I identified him 25 years ago as the ringleader of the eugenics operation.
He's one of the top people in the world.
I don't know.
And he single-handedly flew all over the world hundreds of times and paid off world leaders and paid off health departments and national health services and is in control.
I mean, the guy works his ass off 15 hours a day.
I mean, I know people that know him.
The guy is a devilish machine who wants to kill you and your family.
And I've begun to respect Bill Gates, and I'm not saying that out of any type of twisted meaning.
I mean, I respect the devil, too.
I mean, he's got will.
And the thing is, if you don't stand up against him, you deserve to die.
And that's really his view.
I don't deserve to die.
I don't like what he's doing.
I don't like the dumbing people down so they're easy to kill, and then calling them dumb animals when you use your intelligence to manipulate them.
I call that downright evil.
Suffer the children, as Christ said.
But I do get it.
I get their perspective.
I can get their mindset.
And the disdain they have for the public.
That this is all out of the open.
I mean, we've reached a point here, ladies and gentlemen, where it's all being admitted.
I mean, Fauci did studies in North Carolina and Texas.
And Missouri, with level four bioweapons labs of these exact viruses eight years ago, just under other names, and they created vaccines for the spike protein that killed almost all the lab animals in more than 15 studies I found that Fauci ran himself.
I mean, they've planned every bit of this out, and I'm watching them kill and maim people, and the average leftist just sits there and makes jokes on Instagram and Twitter about me.
We do shows where we show the studies and have scientists on and they laugh at it.
And so a lot of people say, well then just let the left kill themselves.
You know we're going to have to take care of them while they're getting sick and collapsing.
You know they're designed to bring down the civilization.
That's how they get the post-industrial world, is you don't just have an aging population, you've got a giant middle-aged and young population that are invalids as well, and that's going to force the collapse of human civilization and force the rise of automation and robots.
And again, you argue, well, this is how we save the Earth from too many people.
Except the globalists are overriding all the genetics of all the other plants and animals, and saying they're God, and doing the most destructive stuff there is!
They just use the, oh, we're saving the Earth, to get the academics and people on board!
But that's not even really their plan!
And I get it, the weird, empty, posing spirit of the left is very scary and demonic.
And you look at these people that serve Bill Gates' agenda, they don't know what's even hit them!
And they're the ones coming after our children.
So at a certain point,
Bill Gates and the Globalists are very smart.
They are forcing us into a confrontation with the general public, those of us that are aware and that don't want to join Gates and don't want to join Warren Buffett and don't want to join Charlie Munger because they're so revolting.
But at the same time, I understand what they're saying and doing.
And who's worse, them or the public?
And I guess I'm supposed to grow up and one day join them.
You know, I've gotten people that serve them pretty high level to wake up and come out of this stuff.
And I've had those people apologize to me.
And that's not about me on a power trip.
It's just about if I can convince some of their lieutenants to not be part of this, why can't I convince the general public to at least save their ass and me along with them?
Because I sure as hell don't want to get put in some globalist prison.
I don't want to get killed by some mob during a civil war when they're burning down all the cities.
Here's what I'm getting at.
We are all going to the same horrible place together right now.
They've initiated the planetary control collapse, the control demolition, and it's going to be horrible.
And there's got to be a way to reverse this before it's too late.
And the answer that I told you I'd get to is...
Senator Paul coming out and saying these masks are a fraud.
COVID is super exaggerated.
Introduce legislation to not make people wear masks.
Ted Cruz, legislation to not have a federal database or contact tracers.
The list goes on and on.
To have people like Tucker Carlson wake up.
People like Joe Rogan have really woken up.
You've seen that awakening I told you about years ago.
You now see manifesting.
You see
Bill Maher going, wait a minute, it's one thing to censor Republicans.
Play dirty there.
But you're going to censor Ivor Mechden for me?
For my family?
Screw you!
Oh, you want to be an old-fashioned liberal that's for free speech and information you want, but not other people's, Bill?
Well, no, Bill says Alex Jones gets to speak.
Leave Alex Jones alone.
Appreciate that, Abdulmar.
No, I disagree with a lot of his points.
I respect the fact that he's a man that understands these protections are for him, too, not just me.
And that's what the left's doing.
You don't understand blowback.
You know, Hitler was basically went psychotic for being gassed twice in World War One.
He got hit with mustard gas twice, had hallucinations the second time, decided he would be the Fuhrer and save Germany and be the world leader.
You guys are like the same way.
You're doing all this evil crap, it's blowing back on you.
You know, the allegory of that is Emperor Palpatine, episode three, where he's trying to kill Mace Windu, and then of course his own attack comes back on him and turns him into what he later became.
I wrote an analysis of episode three back when it first came out, and George Lucas, I'm told, really liked it.
And I challenged George Lucas to come out and say Episode 3 was an allegory of World War I, World War II false flags, and of 9-11 false flag, and he did it!
I never talked to George Lucas, but I know he did take that challenge up and do it.
So that's kind of the fun thing, too, about when you actually know how things work, you can see it even in art where they're telling you, and I guess George Lucas is actually against this stuff happening.
So, see, there's not all just evil people out there.
George Lucas made THX 1138 before I was even born!
And with Robert Duvall, and it's exactly where they want to take us.
But see, he was let into that club and found out their plans, and that's why he told you in those movies.
So, everybody needs to stop pretending that whether you're a Christian or a conservative or gay or straight or black or white, that all of this isn't a giant manipulation and isn't going to destroy us all.
And the answer is saying, we recognize your eugenics operation, we recognize your takeover, we recognize we're contained within an artificial system, a Plato's cave allegory, and that we're coming out of it and that we're not going to buy it, just like this German court just did.
This German court just came out.
And said, the high court, you can't ban people's YouTube videos because they showed peaceful protest and horses riding people over.
Even the German court, which is authoritarian, realized, my God, we're covering up women being run over by horses?
This is wrong.
100,000 euro fine.
And so it's that process of all of us, no matter what color we are, where we're from, saying we want these checks and balances.
We don't want all this swept away.
Alex Jones gets to speak.
Bill Clinton gets to speak.
Vladimir Putin gets to speak.
David Duke gets to speak.
It doesn't matter.
The new Black Panther Party gets to speak.
Because if you take that away, you take everything away, and now you live in North Korea.
We're going to go to break.
I'll get to all these clips I haven't gotten to next segment, then.
Jim Hoff has huge breaking news, more evidence of the Feds inside the Capitol, some exclusive information from TheGatewayPundit.com that's coming up separately.
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There's a devil, but there's also a God.
Know that.
Before Jim Hoff judges with huge breaking news, more evidence the Capitol was instigated and provocateured by the leftist globalist feds, but I want to finish up with what I was talking about.
It's a big thing to have Tucker Carlson wake up and a Joe Rogan and then even a Bill Maher and say, hey, stop censoring ivermectin news and hydroxychloroquine and medical doctors saying stuff about it.
Fauci and the UN and big tech of all I does, they're all in bed together.
It's corrupt.
That's the thing that is going to defeat this is all of us realizing we're all under attack and not being divided and understanding this globalist new world order is against everybody, no matter what damn color you are.
And big tech and the big banks wrapping themselves in black people.
I mean, you drive around New York or Austin and just skyscrapers with just 200 foot tall black people on the side.
There's nothing to do with black people.
It's corporate America saying, I'm Chase Bank.
I'm a black person.
It's a total cover.
Take your vaccines.
I'm a black rapper.
Like, create white guilt, then tell whites, do what we say, we're black, when they're not.
It's basic subconscious psychology.
But here's Senator Paul pointing out the mask are a symbol of subservience and slavery.
Here he is.
The heart in the fall.
It's about submission.
There's never been any evidence of spreading events in the schools.
The kids do very well with this.
The idea that we're going to put masks on the kids and then we're going to punish the kids who for their own medical decision-making or their parents decide not to submit to this mandate.
To me it's the biggest
Basically, advertisement and encouragement to get out of the government schools.
Go to private schools if you can afford them.
Teach your kids at home.
But don't submit to the state.
Don't submit to the government.
You know, not only are they making you wear a mask, they're going to indoctrinate you with critical race theory.
So, it's a win-win if you leave the schools if you're able to.
And there's been more than exodus.
So, I try to explain as best I can.
They're sending out contact tracers.
They're going to call for new lockdowns.
They're going to try to play their leftist mobs off against all of us that aren't vaccinated, saying, oh, we can't go back to normal because you won't take the shot.
Hey, I thought you're protected, idiot.
Most of the folks dying took the COVID shot now.
The COVID shots actually cause new variants, dummy.
That's your precious New York Times even had to admit that.
Your precious NPR.
And just getting the fact that you've been scammed and you've been conned and you've been lied to.
Hell, I'm critical of Trump for supporting these fake vaccines, and I've been on his ass about it.
I don't give a damn about Republican or Democrat when it comes to real issues, if the Republicans aren't doing what I want.
Why are you in a Democrat cult when they're all run by Big Pharma and the Communist Chinese?
Why are you signed onto authoritarianism?
Why are you pro-war now?
Why are you pro-torture?
Why are you pro-surveillance now?
What the hell happened to you?
Be like Bill Maher!
Wake the hell up before we're all screwed!
Here's Bill Maher.
Let me ask you about the media aspect of this, because I find this outrageous.
Facebook banned any post for four months about COVID coming from a lab.
Of course, now even the Biden administration is looking into this.
Google, a Wall Street Journal reporter asked the head of Google's health division, notice that they don't do autofill searches for coronavirus lab leak the way they do it for any other question.
And the guy said, well, we want to make sure the search isn't leading people down pathways that we would find to be not authoritative information.
Well, you were wrong, Google and Facebook.
We don't know.
The reason why we want you is because we're checking on this.
He said, we want to ensure the first thing users see is information from the CDC, the WHO.
That's who I'm checking on.
The WHO has been very corrupt about a lot of and the CDC has been wrong about a lot of shit.
This is outrageous that I can't look this information up and now they're doing it with this drug Ivermectin.
They threw Brett Weinstein off YouTube or almost.
He's one strike away.
YouTube should not be telling me what I can see about Ivermectin.
Ivermectin isn't a registered Republican.
It's a drug.
I don't know if it works or not and a lot of other doctors don't either.
Oh, it's okay to censor Republicans.
Just, oh, not a drug.
No, no, no.
All right, I appreciate Jim Hoff coming on from the Titan of Liberty.
GatewayPundit.com on short notice because the footage they got that I haven't seen fits into what eyewitnesses that got there before I did saw.
Men in pure black with balaclava, face mask on, all of it, in military formation, busting through the beleaguered Capitol Police first.
He's got that exclusive footage and Matt Brainard is coming on next hour, former director of data and strategy for Trump campaign.
They have done a detailed analysis with a major organization they set up to canvass the country to document the election fraud.
They've got amazing proof and he can give us an analysis of that.
We have the Justice Department trying to claim that if you question the election, you're a terrorist in the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.
They also say if you question lockdowns, you're a terrorist as well and a white supremacist.
It actually says that in here.
This is just next level and it's really waking a lot of people up.
Joining us to go over this really, really big report, suspicious black-clad operatives were first ones up Capitol Building.
Site on 1-6 is Jim Hoff.
To talk about that, this is such huge news, and you look at the faces of these men, they look extremely military, very paramilitary.
Why isn't the FBI looking for them?
Here's Jim Hoff's question.
Black-clad hoodlums were first up the stairs.
Hey, great to be with you, Alex.
We're going to roll this footage while you talk, but wow, tell us about this and how you discovered this.
And no wonder they're suppressing the thousands of hours of footage shot inside the Capitol.
We should never forget that.
And Alex, again, a shout out to you for, on January 6th, I don't know if a lot of people know this, but you were outside telling people not to go inside the U.S.
You were absolutely correct.
You saw that it was a setup on the day of.
And, you know, you saved a lot of people a lot of headaches and hardships because of the stance you took on January 6th.
What we're seeing now, Alex, and you've seen these videos too, there has been numerous videos now of these guys in all black who are the latest one we just put up there.
The first one's up the stairs on top of the U.S.
Capitol there, revving up the crowd.
Screaming at the crowd.
They're all in black.
You're like, who the hell are these people?
I've been to a few Trump rallies.
I've never seen a group of people like this.
And they're the first ones then that we see in other videos who are bashing the windows.
And then in this video, which is absolutely shocking that you're showing, they're the first ones inside the Capitol.
Who are these people, right?
And of course, this video that you're showing too, isn't it interesting?
That one of these black clad operatives is carrying a Confederate flag.
I mean, who does that, Alex?
I've never seen that at a Trump rally.
And here, one of the first people inside the Capitol is carrying a Confederate flag?
It was all a setup.
This is very clear at this point.
And why is the FBI not going after these guys?
The ones who broke out the windows and climbed through the windows and were the first ones inside the U.S.
Excellent point.
Looking at this footage, this is so damning, and they have this footage.
Can you imagine out of the tens of thousands of hours they admit they have of Inside the Capitol, what else is on there?
Again, why if they're saying, help us find all these terrorists, are they not releasing the thousands of hours that the government has on their own surveillance cameras with audio in the Capitol?
I think we'd see two different things.
One is we would see that a lot of the first people in are not on the most wanted list as they should be if the FBI was actually doing its job.
If these guys weren't informants, then why the hell are they not on the most wanted list?
We also know, Alex, and we've reported this numerous times, I know you have,
There was Antifa at the U.S.
There was Antifa that was arrested at the U.S.
There was an Antifa activist who was filming Ashley Babbitt getting shot.
This same activist, John Sullivan, this never got any mainstream coverage, but on his Twitter page,
He put up pictures saying, listen, we're going to have a rally at 11 a.m.
on January 6th at the Washington Memorial close to the Capitol.
I want everybody there.
Okay, why does the mainstream media not cover that?
So he had an Antifa rally that day before Trump spoke.
And this was right close to the Capitol, and we're supposed to believe that no Antifa came to the Capitol then after their rally?
The media has never touched that.
The FBI won't touch that.
Chris Wray lies about that.
So I think what we would find in the video is, first of all, these black-clad operatives.
The second thing we would find is a lot of old ladies walking around the Capitol with the USA flag.
And they don't want to show that, because we know, Alex,
That if one statue was toppled, if one painting was vandalized inside the U.S.
Capitol, that would have been on the front page of the New York Times, and everyone in the country would see that image.
But it didn't happen.
There was no vandalism inside the U.S.
Capitol, except for some broken doors and windows, and we still don't know who did that, actually.
And so the media isn't going to share that.
They're not going to share grandma walking through the U.S.
Capitol with a MAGA flag.
It's outrageous and that's why they won't release that footage.
Absolutely, and on top of Schumer and all of them saying this was worse than 9-11, the head of the Lincoln Project now came out, I saw the clip on Twitter, with a straight face said this was worse than 9-11.
3,000 dead people, a huge war, all of it.
Four U.S.
citizens dead, a cop has a stroke, a heart attack later, they admit wasn't part of that.
One guy poops in Pelosi's office, a few doors get knocked down.
We now learn, first by these guys in black, that we know my security guys went around the Capitol that morning before Trump even got there.
You and I were in the same row, second row right there, you were right beside me, three or four people near me.
Uh, that was our event.
We were there at a legal thing with the Secret Service and port-a-potties and fences, and then they try to go.
Jim Hopped and Alex Jones and Trump planned the attack because they were there.
Meanwhile, my security comes back, but my cell phone wasn't working well.
It was cutting out.
They're like, yeah.
There's Antifa trying to attack the police before the event even started at like 8 in the morning.
So they were there the whole day.
My security only went down their lap back and they said Antifa's attacking the police.
I thought, oh, they'll just kick their ass, whatever.
But no, the police then
Antifa was just engaging the police to wait till our crowds got there to then try to attack the police to have them attack back the crowd so the crowd would then fight back.
Classic mob psychology and they did it.
Then we've got Time Magazine.
I'm sure you saw that article they wrote how we conspired to kick Trump out and how we stood down on January 6th knowing the Patriots would be violent.
I mean they basically admit what they've done in that article.
And besides that, we also saw, and we put this up at Gateway Pundit last week, that it wasn't just Pelosi that turned down National Guard troops that day, but it was the Mayor Muriel Bowser.
She turned down National Guard troops too.
And this is something Trump was volunteering to give to them because he knew that it could be dangerous or there might be a disruption.
And they turned it down.
And, you know, this doesn't get any play either.
So Trump was the one who was actually looking out for the US Capitol.
There's a lot of questions behind why would they refuse.
By the way, I don't want to just glaze over that.
You wrote about that back in January, right after it happened.
It's now been triple confirmed that Trump specifically requested him for the event, was worried about clashes, and the Democrats had the power and refused it because they control the District of Columbia.
So it's on record that they kill the security, just like an inside job at a bank when, you know, who turns off the cameras.
And they won't release the cameras.
So, I mean, it's super obvious.
Yeah, absolutely.
And we know that the FBI did not tell top Trump cabinet officials that something might happen that day.
So they withheld that from the Trump administration.
So everything was against Trump.
It looks more and more like it was planned.
It looks like the FBI is beyond corrupt at this point, just like you were saying to lead in this segment.
It's really, we're in a really critical moment in U.S.
I'm glad you've been a sound voice.
Let me say that.
You've been talking about this sort of stuff for years and everybody ignored you or laughed at you.
And now we see what's happening.
Jim, stay right there.
We've got to go to break.
Do one more segment because I want to talk about
That part you just brought up, that also these insiders were attacking Trump supporters who tried to stop the violence.
How do we fight back against this peacefully with Jim Hoff, Gateway Pundit?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Jim Hoff's with us for another eight, nine minutes.
We really appreciate his time.
He's a very busy guy.
He and his twin brother and their great crew over at the Gateway Pundit.
Looking at this, what do we do about this?
We have the declaration of war by Biden three weeks ago that we're all terrorists and we question the election or anything else.
It's just insane.
We have the borders open, the humans smuggling.
We have all the evidence of election fraud coming out.
The Democrats panicking.
It's clear they don't ever want to let us get to the next midterm.
They're going to lose.
They're very scared that they want new lockdowns and all this evidence that the Capitol
I think the only thing we can do, or the main thing we can do right now, Alex, at Gateway Fund and InfoWars, is to expose what's been going on
And to inform our audiences, because there's a lot of Americans who don't understand where we're at as a country today.
They still don't understand what happened on November 3rd.
They don't understand then what happened on January 6th.
So we need to inform these people.
In fact, today we put up a story.
I spoke with one of the top Trump campaign officials this weekend and was told that on November 5th, they went into the RNC headquarters
On November 5th, right?
Pennsylvania was still counting ballots and they said there was one lawyer in there.
Everybody else was packing up and they were leaving.
They had given up already.
We need a different party.
We need, you know, we need different people in this party anyway.
These people don't represent your listeners.
They don't represent our readers.
Um, this is outrageous that they would give up on a landslide election within a couple days following the, you know, the steal while it was still going on.
Um, so we know that happened.
We also know that the Republicans raised over $200 million, uh, during this deal, um, saying they were gonna, you know, help Trump fight the steal and they, they don't know what they did with it.
This operative who spoke with me this weekend, and I'm telling you, he's one of the top operatives and you know him and I know him, he said, we don't know what happened to that money.
So it's outrageous that we have a party who has failed us so much, so many times, and people need to wake up because as you said, as you've been, you know, the top, you know, you're at the tip of the spear always, Alex.
I think so.
I don't
An hour to find his speech.
It was on OAN, right side, won't post it on YouTube or they'll get banned.
We had to go grab it off C-SPAN, who wasn't even promoting it, and post it to ban that video.
So, so, the current real president can't even speak and he's, quote, his voice isn't allowed on Facebook.
Imagine a statement like that.
Oh, you can't hear from him.
I mean, that should outrage everyone about that level of control.
I mean, Fidel Castro's rolling over in his grave.
I mean, they have most Americans so conditioned right now that they just accept this.
It's, it's, it's unbelievable.
You've been banned.
I've been banned.
Gary Bundet and InfoWars have both been silenced on these social media outlets.
It's outrageous.
And you know what is also interesting is Trump still, still, despite the fact that it was hard to find his speech yesterday, he was averaging about 70,000 viewers, live viewers during his speech.
You compare that to a Joe Biden speech.
Last week, I just grabbed another screen grab.
During one of his speeches on Afghanistan, pulling troops, he was getting like 700 people.
Oh yeah, in total he'll get like 5,000.
It's unbelievable what people are witnessing.
Here's another Gateway Pundit article.
Trump wallops GOP competition at CPAC straw poll.
Nikki Haley gets 1%, Pence gets zero.
So he got the vast majority of that.
That's good.
President Trump got 70%.
Yep, and the media would like you to think, if you're just following the media, the mainstream media, that Trump is very unpopular, right?
We know the difference.
Americans know the difference.
We know that Trump won in a landslide.
They can keep lying to the American public, but I think, you know, Alex, I think the truth will come out.
I think the truth will prevail.
We have to hang on that because that's all we have right now.
I agree with you.
Clearly they're trying to start racial conflict to cover up the economic collapse, the gas prices that are up, and clearly they're trying to send contact tracers out hoping something happens to them when they go to millions of people's doors.
I'm really concerned and I'm just calling for peace and people not to be violent in any way.
It's the only way the Democrats win.
What do you say?
I think that's great advice.
I think this is going to really fail for Democrats because it's not just Republicans anymore, but it's all those parents around the country who are, you know, I have relatives who aren't very politically active, and yet they say there's no way they're going to let their kids get vaccinated.
And that's a good decision.
There was a report that came out on the Wall Street Journal on Friday that said in Great Britain, out of the 500,000 children that they recorded who got COVID, 99.995% of those children survived, right?
So like 26 died and only six of them did not have preconditions.
So this is a disease where what Dr. Fauci has said and done, I think he's been wrong every step of the way, that megalomaniac
As you started this segment earlier today talking about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, this guy has a lot of blood on his hands, and I don't know why he's still there.
He's a crazy man who has allowed
Hundreds of thousands of Americans now to die.
I was about to say the fact that we should go on the offense and call for his arrest and call for Google to be indicted because we now know they blocked life-saving cheap drugs that they knew were working because they were invested in Big Pharma and wanted emergency authorization for these experimental shots.
I mean this is the crime of the century.
This guy, you know, 600,000 deaths in the U.S.
I had a good friend die.
I've written about this.
He was 80 years old, had diabetes, was overweight.
They should have been giving him something.
He told me, Jim, they just told me I have the COVID.
I said, well, what are they giving you?
He said, nothing.
They're going to just have me sit and wait and see how I do.
That isn't a plan, Alex.
Dr. Fauci killed my friend.
He killed a lot of Americans because they had no plan for these people who should have been on ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine because they work.
And Dr. Fauci lied to the American public about that.
Fauci is a mass murderer who consciously did this with Big Pharma.
He is a monster invested in the vaccines.
He should be indicted now.
One way or another, justice will be served.
All right, Mr. Hoff, thank you.
Jim Hoff and your brother Joe Hoff, the great folks at GetWePunted.com.
Thank you so much, sir.
Thanks, Alex.
Gonna join all our ancestors in the future.
I've seen the other side, my friends.
God's real, but so is free will.
That means every evil thing you can imagine and beyond is real as well, in the endless reaches of consciousness that we know as creation.
I put out the headline today intending to take calls, and I have been greedy with my time, and I ended up getting Jim Hoffed on because they broke some really big news with this new dramatic footage.
And I should have asked, where'd you get it?
It's obviously Capitol Police that are pissed shooting footage off surveillance screens and then leaking it.
But I forgot to ask that question.
It's not clear in the article, but this is damning stuff.
First they said 14,000 hours.
Now they're saying 44,000 hours.
How many damn cameras they got in that place?
Uh, of that day's events.
So, like, what's 24 times how many cameras that is?
That is a lot of hours.
And the fact that they're not releasing it is just everything you need to know.
And now this new footage of the black-clad individuals, because that's what witnesses I talked to said they saw, was men in black going in.
And that's not the Oath Keepers.
That's not the Boogaloos.
That's not the Proud Boys.
That is the first group to do it who you're going to find out are like professors and leftist and globalist.
You can see it in the body language and everything from them.
Look like upper tier Antifa.
And it's just incredible.
And that's why they want to hold the thousands of people they want to arrest for the Capitol.
They've already got over 500 in solitary confinement.
So that they, before they ever get a trial, they plead guilty because they've done nothing wrong.
Almost all of them.
And they're going to be able to ask in trial for all that footage and get all that material.
But see, they plan to already trigger a civil war before then.
The globalist plan.
To launch a race war before them, they plan to get some contact tracers in their strike forces shot up first.
All these names is provocative.
Oh, we're sending strike forces to your house.
Yeah, we might take you out of your house.
Yeah, if you don't go along with it, you're a terrorist.
This is all being announced.
They're trying to get a civil war going.
So discretion is the greater part of valor, my friends.
We're not here to start a war.
We don't want a war.
But if they shoot at you, you have a right and a duty to defend yourself.
And if it's a war that they absolutely have to have, it's gonna start.
I just hope you understand the media thinks we're all stupid.
And you notice they've been preparing the battleground black against white.
They've painted the government, the corporations as black, and claimed they represent black people, when black people aren't even, other than being American citizens, even part of this.
I mean, they're just citizens like the average person.
But the idea that the globalists have wrapped themselves in that and that anything bad happening is because of COVID or is because of black people.
Either black people were abused or black people were bad.
And that's how the media runs it.
Take Biden's statement on Cuba.
Massive demonstrations, hundreds of thousands of people all over the country in the streets facing one to five years in prison for demonstrating against the dictatorship.
The New York Times defends the dictatorship, and Biden says, oh, we're sorry you're upset about COVID.
Everything's about COVID, not living for 60 years under communism.
70 years.
God time's flying.
What's 1959 to now?
It's a long time.
Generations living under it.
Can't even get an aspirin.
Aspirin's like $20 a bottle, a Barbie's $100.
I've seen documentaries about it.
Again, you can look this up.
I've been told this by people.
You can go there and the most beautiful women will come up to you at the bar, and they don't want $200 to have sex with them.
They want dewormer.
Because they can sell that to other people for $300, $400, $500.
A packet of dewormer you can buy at a tractor supply or at a veterinary for three, four dollars.
Man, talk about communism not producing anything but sorrow and pain.
So that's what they're planning, that's what they've got set up, and I've got a lot here I want to get to.
Video Fauci declares it horrifying after CPAC
Crowd applauds young people being aware of vaccine side effects.
I mean, that's a fact.
You can't just stonewall us, despite all your censorship.
But separately, next segment, I want to play this very powerful video from the show called The Doctors, where the so-called doctors have medical degrees, but they're actors.
And you notice they have a scripted response that's the exact response when an actual expert brings up the facts about the dangers of so-called vaccines.
That's next segment.
But let me go ahead and just hit this right now.
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Thanks for the support.
We'll be right back.
We are on the march.
The empire is on the run.
And that's why they've launched all these big attacks, is to try to gain back their control.
So, as I said, if you pull up the live show feed of the broadcast today, it asks the question, is Bill Gates right?
Should we kill 90% of the world population?
Is Bill Gates right?
Should we kill 90% of the world's human population?
Because that's what the mainline documents and the Wall Street Journal and the London Guardian, oh Bill Gates hosts a secret group for world government, they believe we should depopulate 90%.
And so I've got hundreds of incredible clips and all this amazing news and all these fun things to play and interesting things and shocking things, but I just keep going back to, you know it's called the Great Reset, you know it's a planetary takeover, you know it's a forced inoculation.
You know that's what's going on.
And what are we going to do about it?
That's a real question.
And again, it goes back to this.
So many people I know pretend like they're part of the power structure.
They go, well, you know, Alex, there aren't too many people.
Okay, so we should inject kids with shots that cause brain damage in boys because we've got a problem with too many males.
And so many ancient cultures said there's too many young males kill them or brain damage them.
Every culture had periods where they would say kill the firstborn male.
Because those are the types that normally would stir up trouble and say no to the existing power structure.
And the power structure had that predatory will, just like a male grizzly bear will eat his own male baby.
Because he doesn't want the competition.
Lions and Tigers do it as well.
Well, that's going on now, and so, are you really signing on to that?
Because if I walked up to you, a leftist, that was pushing this agenda and said, there's too many of you, and hypothetically, which I wouldn't do, shot you in the side of the head, or electrocuted you, or stabbed you with a knife, and killed you, then I just said, well, there are too many people.
I mean, does that give me the right to play God?
Need to go read the Nuremberg Code.
Read the Nuremberg Code last night on air, on Darren Owens' show.
It's about 27 minutes to read it all and to talk about it.
And that video is now live at InfoWars.com on the front page.
And I'm sure you already know all about the Nuremberg Code, but maybe your friends and family don't.
They need to know how the Nuremberg Code details the crimes of Gates and Fauci.
Because you just heard Jim Hoft on.
The solution is, that guy ran that lab with Bill Gates, and they're pushing this and using this to shut down our society and starve the third world to death.
They need to get in trouble.
Or, if I'm not going to oppose Bill Gates and Fauci, should I join them?
And I'm not going to do that, but for the case of debate, I'm going to open the phones up someday this week for a couple hours just on the subject I broached here today.
So maybe you can think about it, cogitate about it, meditate on it, roll it around your brain.
Because seriously, if I don't really get aggressive with these guys, I'm hating and abetting them at this point.
This is out in the open, these guys are mass murderers, and the public is sitting there taking it, so maybe you deserve it.
I mean, maybe they're right.
That was a speech I've been given by a globalist every damn time I bring this up.
He said, well, tell us who the globalists are.
Well, I have private meetings with people.
And as long as what they're saying is a criminal, because they couch everything, I'm not going to say anything about the meetings, because I intend to want to have those meetings again.
And my representatives have had meetings with them in other cases.
And they're all there with the door open to me, saying, look, we're not happy about this, we gotta do it, we gotta save the Earth, blah, blah, blah.
But now as we get further down this road, we see that it isn't about saving the Earth, it's about playing God, it's about depopulation, it's about world government, it's about human-animal clones.
And I love the left.
Everywhere makes their jokes, because that's their talking point.
Respond to Jones when he exposes us.
Saying, oh, he's crazy.
Oh, Jones is crazy.
He says there's animal-human clones.
You can type it into a search engine.
Senate refuses to ban animal-human clones.
And it goes on to say it's legal.
It's been going on for decades.
Do you really feel safe in a world like that?
You really think God likes that?
You really think that ain't gonna get out of control?
And the guys protecting the earth by wanting to dumb everybody down and kill everybody are the ones behind it?
They just want to play God.
And if you're aware of it, and you go along with it, it's on your soul.
It's on your mind.
It's on your life.
Now, speaking of brainwashing...
I was watching Harrison Smith this morning, countering the brainwashing, American Journal, and he's a smart guy, but I disagree with Harrison.
Harrison was saying, look at these two idiot doctors who are really actors on the show, The Doctors, two, you know, handsome Clark Kent guys, and look at how they defend like little babies when they get given facts about vaccines being poisonous.
They can't handle it.
They get all emotional and hysterical.
They just put that on to act emotional for their viewers, particularly a woman audience, to con them.
They're told what to do with talking points by Big Pharma.
That show's sponsored by Big Pharma.
And they had Jenny McCarthy on the show.
I've been on her show.
Her child did get damaged by it.
And so you got the Clark Kent guy, and you got the nerdy guy, and you got the sharper, older guy.
You know, they're to convince you all this.
And they say, trust the science, and how dare you?
We're trying to help kids!
We're like, hey, statistically, this hurts more than it helps.
Shut up, you're hurting kids!
They go right to the emotion.
And I'm told by folks that watch this show, they rarely get anything truthful on it, but they got one guest on there.
One guest who heads up an organization that's been exposing all this, and he absolutely destroys them.
And they're trying to talk over him because they don't know what to do because their sponsors are going to get mad.
Remember when I was on Piers Morgan?
It was the most highly rated thing in modern CNN history.
It was the highest rated thing in that year.
There were Vanity Fair, no, Variety articles about highest ratings for 2013 on CNN was Alex Jones because it was real.
They were gonna have me on for three segments, only had me on for two, because he says, no, guns kill people, gun owners are to blame.
And I said, no, most of the mass shootings, people are on psychotropics, and the psychotropics like Prozac say they can cause mass murder and suicide, so blame the pills that are your sponsors.
It ended right then, because I was going directly at predatory big pharma.
You know who created heroin?
Big Pharma.
You know who created all this stuff?
Big Pharma.
So here's part of the show, the doctors, I guess this guy's name is J.B.
Handy, or Handley, and he's countering them with the facts, and they don't know what to do.
And this would happen everywhere when their bluff gets called, and the same thing when Fauci saw CPAC, and they said, we don't trust him, we know about the side of things.
Oh, it's preposterous, you can't question it, it's so evil!
When the damn inserts of these new vaccines say it can cause heart attacks, and blood clots, and strokes.
But they don't want that discussed.
They want to pretend like that's not happening.
Here it is.
J.B., appetizer speak.
Go ahead.
The devil is always in the details.
And one of the problems with vaccines is they've been so great that people overly generalize about them as if they're only great.
We looked at other first world countries.
We're 34th in under five mortality behind such luminaries as Cuba and Slovenia.
We have 36 vaccines.
The top 5, which include countries like Finland, Norway, Iceland, average 11 and 13 vaccines.
From 1994, we added 8 vaccines to our schedule.
There are vaccines like flu, rotavirus, varicella, that have only been picked up by 2 or 3 of the other 30 countries.
So what do they know that we don't?
Why aren't they picking up vaccines that have been around for 15 years?
And why are their autism rates
One in 1,000, one in 1,500, one in 2,000.
It doesn't take a brain surgeon or an ER doctor to figure out there might be a correlation.
We don't want to narrow, be too narrow-minded and say it's only the vaccines and ignore other potential problems.
In my opinion... Back in five seconds.
Oh, it's not about science, it's about narrow, we're not being liberal.
Notice, he's wearing a white lab coat, the other guy's in his scrubs, they're in costumes!
Working for Big Pharma, taking our rights.
And ignore other potential problems.
In my opinion, and this is just me wanting to have an open debate about this, vaccines are really the one thing we have looked at as causing autism.
That is completely bogus.
That is such a bogus statement.
How many vaccines have they looked at in these studies?
How many?
What's the answer?
It's two.
How many ingredients have they studied of 35?
What's the answer?
It's one.
You've looked at two of 36 shots and one of 35 vaccines and you're going to stand on the stage and say that vaccines and autism are unrelated?
It is the most bogus tobacco science.
It's a smokescreen and anybody who takes the time to read it would agree.
I'm so sick of doctors who don't read the studies.
Who don't know the details, sitting here telling parents and reassuring them that vaccines don't cause autism.
It is irreversible.
And this is the biggest problem, the reason that doctors in this country are frustrated.
Read the science!
Because, listen, all you're doing is you're antagonizing a medical community that wants to help these kids.
You haven't done the research.
You're antagonizing me.
You're antagonizing Dr. Sears.
Why would you do that?
This show is all about his son.
Okay, everyone wants to blame someone, right?
This is what we're trying to figure out here is how to help kids.
But all you do when you yell at me on my stage, all you do is anger me.
Now that looks like he's upset.
He's an actor, folks.
That is a script he's given.
It's what they all do.
It's what Fauci does.
They're monsters.
The man is a monster taking money to sit up there and do that and lie to you in an outfit.
He's not in surgery.
He's up there on a damn stage saying, I'm wearing a uniform, believe me.
Yeah, and that uniform represents big, evil pharma that Hitler ran.
IBM and all of it.
And you're going to pay before God, you little maggot!
You little piece of filth!
Matt Brynard is the former director of data and strategy for the Trump campaign.
He's done a great job of the organization really chronicling exactly what's going on with the investigations of election fraud that are really bearing fruit.
He joins us coming up next segment.
But first, there is a very important report dealing with the Soros takeover of the country.
Let's take a look at my town, Austin, Texas.
Austin, Texas, like many Act Blue Soros strongholds, has a district attorney problem.
Inexperienced Austin DA Jose Garza is releasing most first-time offenders back into a city where crime has skyrocketed.
Police say this year they have seen an increase in property crime overall.
In fact, they've responded to more than 700 robberies.
That's up at 9% compared to last year.
You can see serious crimes are up.
As of April, murders in Austin up significantly this year.
200% compared to five years ago.
While Garza is at odds with the investigation surrounding the two teenagers who shot 14 people in downtown Austin, killing one and paralyzing another.
In our top story tonight, police have dropped all charges against a 17-year-old Harker Heights student accused in a deadly mass shooting on Austin's famous 6th Street.
Yeah, now police say they have a new suspect, 19-year-old DeAndre Jamaris White.
While bringing an indictment regarding a clear case of self-defense in the shooting death of activist Garrett Foster a year after there were no charges brought.
The army sergeant who shot and killed a well-known Austin Black Lives Matter protester is indicted on three charges, including murder in Travis County.
The shooting death of Garrett Foster, who was carrying an assault-style rifle at the time in downtown Austin, made national headlines and raised issues about self-defense and Second Amendment rights.
And now District Attorney Jose Garza has managed to violate due process.
The Austin Police Association was made aware of possible allegations of misconduct by Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza and members of his office.
Based on the information provided in the Brady Notice and the motion for the request for an evidentiary hearing, the inappropriate and illegal behaviors extend to the highest levels of the Travis County District Attorney's Office and to Jose Garza in his official capacity.
The alleged conduct is beyond disturbing and further complicates two very serious cases, one involving a child victim of an aggravated sexual assault and the other a homicide.
In Jose Garza's short time in office, he has allowed the Travis County District Attorney's Office to be severely tainted, brought a lack of credibility, honesty, and professionalism to the top prosecutorial office in Travis County.
In order to restore a level of public confidence,
Back to the district attorney's office.
The results of an investigation into the allegations should be made public and appropriate legal actions or sanctions applied if warranted.
Court records show that an assistant district attorney with the Travis County DA's office has resigned.
They state the reason as being the current leadership in the DA's office that has put them in a position that compromises their ethics, morals, and standards of professional conduct.
I know we have a lot of DSA comrades, and I'm going to pass it off to our own elected official, Jose Garza.
We went all in to elect him to DA, and we're all very excited about the work that his office is doing.
Obviously our struggle isn't over.
We have so much work ahead of us.
We instituted a new policy.
And it was pretty radical on April 1st.
We instituted a new radical policy.
And that policy was to say that no one who does not pose a threat to our community should be sitting in jail simply because they can't afford to get out.
Pretty crazy stuff, huh?
By implementing that radical policy,
As we sit here today, our jail population is hovering around 1,500 on a daily basis and dropping every day.
A big, huge round of applause for Jose.
It's so inspiring.
Coming on, I'm not going to read his whole bio because that would take half the time we have with him here.
But he's been one of the top analysts in the country for the RNC, for the National Committee Analysis Department.
He's worked with Frank Lunch.
He's been the former director of data and strategy for the Trump campaign.
And he has launched an organization, it's one of the preeminent ones out there, investigating what really happened in the 2020 election that's ongoing.
Look Ahead America, the Voter Integrity Project.
And so there's a lot of articles, a lot of things to go over with him, but if you want to get somebody that's really on the inside, has seen it all, can really tell you what's really happening, not hype on either side, I think it's Matt.
So Matt, thanks for the time.
Where should we start here?
So much to cover.
You know, right after the election, we launched into investigating what we thought were very odd, odd numbers coming out of the election.
And we ran through a look at America's voter integrity project, a very unique set of analyses that typically are never done before, because while we do believe that voter fraud happens in every election, rarely is it sufficient to tilt the outcome.
And what we've demonstrated and continue to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt is that the number of illegal ballots in states like Georgia,
Wisconsin, Arizona, and potentially Pennsylvania surpassed the margin of victory.
And when that happens, that means you cannot know who the actual winner is.
And when it happens in those three states, it also means that we do not know for a fact who the deserved winner of the presidential election is.
Because the number of illegal ballots surpassed the margin of victory.
So it's just not possible to do that.
And we've documented that in ways that are very simple and easy to understand.
In fact, we found that the Georgia Secretary of State, who rejected our analysis, who slandered me personally,
I don't
I guess in a way it's kind of disappointing because there's a lot of noise in this space by a lot of people who didn't know what they were doing who kind of drowned out this good research.
And our research is the research that the Trump campaign was bringing into court and the allies were bringing into court and unfortunately it never got to see the light of day in a courtroom due to the complications of our legal system in this country.
And we've been told by the corporate media now, even Fox News, you're not supposed to question the election.
Well, that's every citizen's right, especially with unprecedented anomalies and bizarre things that unfolded.
But you're one of the most respected people.
I mean, I've got your pedigree.
I mean, I don't even follow the super technical gurus of this, but I recognize you.
I know who you are.
And so you're a big wig in this.
And the fact that you've been honest about this, even some of the Republican establishment, from what I've seen, has been critical of you.
We see this coming out now that even two days after the election, before Biden even declared victory on that Saturday, on that Thursday and Friday, already the Republican lawyers were giving up and saying, let's just not challenge this.
Why do you think that was?
I think it's part of it was incompetence.
Part of it was within the campaign, a lack of leadership.
You know, two days after the presidential campaign, I was in front of the Trump headquarters where I had been invited to explain some of the analysis to potentially identify some problems.
And then a fight ensued inside the Trump campaign headquarters at 10 o'clock at night.
And I was in my full suit with all my computers ready to go in, either giving some advice, maybe help them do it, whatever.
And they just told me, go back home.
We don't want you to come in.
So fortunately, I was able to crowdfund the research.
Thanks to the contributions of a lot of small-dollar donors who just wanted to know the truth.
They didn't want me to go prove that the election was stolen.
They just wanted to find the truth, whether it was a legitimate outcome or whether it wasn't.
And that's lookaheadamerica.org and there's more work to be done.
Tell us in layman's terms what your findings are now and then how that ties into these other investigations.
Well, there are two types of findings that we've determined and one is somewhat unexpected.
We found a mass number of individuals who made the choice to cast a ballot where they do not live and do not have residency.
And we've identified thousands of these in these states, particularly the state of Georgia, where we've identified
Thousands and thousands of people, beyond the margin of victory, who have not lived in Georgia, they live in New York State or New York City or someplace far away like Florida where they have a driver's license or where they're also registered to vote, and they shopped where they wanted to cast their ballot.
They said, look, my vote's not going to make any difference here in New York City, but I can get a ballot down in Georgia where I lived 10 years ago, so let me do that because they do a really bad job running elections in Georgia.
So what they were doing effectively was circumventing
The electoral college, which is what the left has always wanted to do.
They've always wanted to get rid of it.
And if you can vote anywhere you want without consequence, that effectively gets rid of the electoral college.
The other issue we found, and this is particularly in Arizona, where we have people telling us that they did not vote, they were not in the state to vote.
The best case of this is a gentleman named Nashon Garrett, who lived in Arizona a while back.
Now he lives in Tennessee, where he's training to be an Olympic wrestler.
Best of luck to him.
But we reached out to him to say, hey, did you actually cast the ballot in Arizona?
Because we have reason to think you might be a victim of voting fraud.
And he said, I did not cast that ballot.
And the Arizona government says not only did he cast that ballot, but it was signature verified.
I want to know how that happened.
There has to be an answer for that.
And we can't rest until we find out.
Look, forget the big picture, forget the thousands and thousands.
Let's just find out what happened with Nashon Garrett.
Just that one instance.
Can they please just give us that one answer on how that happened?
Well, you say shocking, Mr. Bernard, but I remember Democrats saying all over the Internet, hey, if you used to live in one of these other states,
Get your ballot, get your absentee ballot, vote there, and then also vote the state you're in.
And I had thousands of calls.
I mean, it was just flooded with people saying, I haven't lived in California in years, or I haven't, because some of these weren't even battlegrounds, but now we know why California's going completely blue.
Fraud there as well.
Or I used to live in Georgia, I used to live in Kentucky, and then now I'm being told that I voted on these online databases.
And so I saw a lot of that.
Yeah, and we spent a lot of money on phone centers.
We dialed a couple million phone numbers.
And a lot of cases, you know, we found that yes, the person did request the absentee ballot.
They're entitled to, they're in the military, so they're entitled to cast it.
But we also found a lot of people who told us, the state said that they had requested an absentee ballot, if they told us they did not.
A lot of people said that they did not cast that ballot, if the state said that they did.
And remember, we're a non-profit group with a, ultimately we raised like $600,000, which sounds like a lot, right?
It's nothing when you're trying to have lawyers and experts, yeah.
And so the tiny bit of money, you had massive findings showing yes, there was fraud against Trump.
But can I demonstrate, if I walk into a court, that the number of illegal ballots surpassed the margin of victory, so it's not knowable?
I can demonstrate that.
I can prove that.
And that's why we've never come out and just said the election was stolen, because we can't prove it.
But we can prove that the election was so badly managed, and it was gamed by people outside the system, that the result is unknowable and potentially invalid.
And that would have been a justification for these states to withhold their electors.
So isn't this the whole future battle for America?
Because you have big tech and big corporations and everybody getting involved to manipulate things and to do this and mail-in ballots and all this.
And now they want to do it again in the midterms.
If they're able to do this, we're never going to have a real election again.
Well, that sounds correct.
But, you know, I'm not big on talking.
I'm about action.
Look ahead, America's action.
Well, then let's talk about action.
Where do we go next then with your findings?
Is there bombshell?
Right, so we're going to continue releasing our findings in Wisconsin and Arizona, but what we're doing is we've organized and trained over 3,000 volunteers across the country.
We have a leadership structure in 35 states.
Now, we just sort of have to look at where we have strength.
We don't really have strength in the patriotic cause in Washington, D.C.
We don't have strength in the court system, but where we do have strength is in a lot of these state legislators.
So it's our job
What it really just takes is people getting off the couch, getting educated, getting enrolled in our volunteer program, and then we give them guidance on how to make action on the ground.
Because fundamentally, what Look Ahead America is, is we are right-wing, patriotic, community organizing.
And that's what we lack.
And that's why we're losing.
So I should have said just up front, you've got the proof that there's some bad stuff going on.
We need to just organize and go to the state legislature level, and there's ways to fix that.
That's the best path forward that we can find and I don't see any alternatives to that other than just kvetching about it and giving up.
Okay, one more segment then on solutions with Matt Bernard here with us, one of the leading election experts in the country right here.
And boy, you don't see Fox News putting him on.
Maybe he's been on, but I've missed him.
We need to see this shouted from the rooftops, these findings.
And we have more ballots than actually people could have voted.
I mean, this is fraud.
It needs to be investigated.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Well, the Democrats introduced H.R.
Stay with us.
1 that barely failed to federalize elections.
Talk about scary.
And to legalize all the fraudulent things they did in all these states.
Many states didn't even pass laws.
They just had the governor sign these consent agreements with Democrat lawyers.
Well, Matt Bernard...
It's been a leading RNC expert, a political election analyst expert, the former director of data and strategy for the Trump campaign.
After the 2020 debacle, general election, Matt founded and led the Voter Integrity Project to discover illegal ballots and other election anomalies he was just giving us.
Thanks for having me.
As I mentioned, you actually hit on HR1, which is a
One of the things that our research group at Look Ahead America has been investigating, because we've documented over 900 cases, you said that it failed at the federal level, but over 900 cases of state legislatures trying to pass components of it through the back door where nobody's really paying attention.
And we've done a tremendous amount of research on that one and we've got a report on our website which people can look at and see exactly what components are trying to be passed, have been introduced, considered, some have been defeated, but some have been passed.
Components of H.R.
1 being passed through their own state legislatures because they couldn't get it through the federal government.
You're the expert.
I mean, give us the briefing.
What we do, what else we should be looking for.
So, what I'd like to encourage people to do is to volunteer, to contribute to our organization.
Give me either time, talent, or treasure.
We are light years behind the left in organizing within our communities to take action, and that goes beyond just registering people to vote or helping to guarantee voter integrity.
This weekend, next Saturday, we're organizing a protest of the January 6th political prisoners at the prison they're being held in Washington DC.
We're also having 10 satellite protests around the country and people can learn about that on our website at lookaheadamerica.org slash rally.
We're going to probably show up with around 100 to 150 people at the prison where these January 6th political prisoners are being held.
We're going to raise our voices in patriotic songs so they can hear us and know that we haven't forgotten them, and to raise attention so that our political leaders bring pressure on them to get the charges dropped, to get them bailed so they're not held in solitary confinement under horrific conditions for in many cases
Not committing any violent crimes or something simple like a misdemeanor or walking through a public building parading or something like that.
But here's the problem is that because we on the right have done such a poor job, not done a good job building these muscles, these institutions that do community organizing, our people are still sitting in prison.
If this had been President Trump putting progressive leftists who committed no violent crimes in prison, holding them there for six months without the opportunity to bail, lying, having prosecutors lie about what they did to deny them bail,
This country would be on fire.
And if rather than a few hundred people I was bringing to this prison in D.C., I was bringing 100,000 people, they would all be out of prison within about 48 hours.
So this is sort of where we're starting.
And I'm encouraging everybody who's watching to understand that community organizing cannot belong solely to the left.
And our deficiency here has contributed to problems from elections, to justice, to CRT, to all these other things.
Our inability to react below the level.
Well, that's right.
That's why they're pushing us around everywhere is they see no pushback.
And now they've got Antifa out all over the country beating people up to try to come out and demonstrate.
And look at America as the antidote to that.
That is what it was founded to do.
And we are looking forward to these rallies.
We'll have security there.
We've got permits.
Everything's been taken care of on our end.
But we, we, this is just the beginning of a long, long movement.
And we've got to, if we sacrifice community organizing to the left, we're sacrificing the whole country to them.
We can't let them dominate in this sphere that's so very important.
And it just requires us to have the same level of activity and intensity that they do.
Now, we're a non-profit, non-partisan group, but I'll make a comment outside of that, is that the thing about President Trump that I think electrified so many people is he fought as hard for us as the people on the left fought for their people.
And for us, we've never seen anything like that.
It was absolutely unprecedented.
And I think in some ways that sets an example for the way forward for us.
In the four minutes we've got left, though, I really appreciate the work you're doing, Matt Bernard.
Well, that's right.
How do people volunteer?
How do they donate?
Because it shouldn't be 150.
There should be 10,000.
You know, I've been in D.C.
quite a bit.
I kind of feel like I should be at this event, or others should be there, because these are political prisoners who a lot of them didn't even commit a crime.
One guy, they say, is in there because he had an unbuilt Lego set at his house.
Well, I built that same Lego set at the Capitol with my son like 10 years ago.
Will I be arrested?
Because they called it a fully constructed
Turned out they lied in the federal filing.
It wasn't constructed.
But it wasn't a bomb.
I mean, this is like satire.
This is bad comedy.
That's one of the smaller lies the prosecutors have told these judges.
And the judges are incompetent.
They just slop it up.
They're telling judges that there were cops murdered on that day by these people.
We all know that's a lie.
And I'd love for you to come and join us.
We're busing people in at 11 a.m.
from one of the suburbs of D.C.
You can have a seat right at the front of the bus, Alex.
I'd be happy to go there with you.
So lookaheadamerica.org slash rally is where you can ask VP to come to our D.C.
rally and later today we'll be announcing our satellite rallies.
We have about, I think, about 10 of them in different states on that day or the days leading up that people can participate.
But look, if you can't come to a rally, buses aren't cheap, security isn't cheap, please help us out with a contribution at lookaheadamerica.org
That's right.
And you are a big fish in the Republican Party election system.
You work for Frank Lunch.
You've headed up Trump campaign.
What percentage, as a dead reckoning, of the Republicans are willing to fight for election integrity?
It seems like a lot of them just want to ignore this and really surrender to the Democrats.
Well, you know, it's not just election integrity.
It's this election integrity issue and questions about the last election tie into the phony narrative of there being an insurrection on January 6, which is the root of all the other draconian actions the Biden administration has taken, like purging patriots from the military, declaring the myth of white supremacy being the greatest threat to this country, deploying Capitol Police only answerable to Nancy Pelosi through the entire country, taking away your Second Amendment rights.
All of it is premised on
The idea that the election didn't have any problems and there was a massive insurrection on January 6th and we've got to combat that.
The number of Republicans who are, look, I can tell you that at least Paul Gosar of Arizona, he came to our, he spoke at our rally in January on last month where we protested outside the Department of Justice.
People are so afraid to come to that rally that we only got about 30 folks, but he was there and he spoke and he's coming to be at our in-person rally in Phoenix.
On this Wednesday, again, to protest these political prisoners.
So, I'm not going to criticize anybody, but I will elevate him as standing up for these people and standing up for election integrity.
Well, this is the big corporations using Marxism as a takeover template, puts fascists using communism, and this is the takeover, and things are only going to get worse the more Americans
Don't get involved and don't get engaged.
And this is a very dangerous precedent, the national strategy for countering domestic terrorism.
As you said, states questioning elections is white supremism.
They say white supremacists, without any question, attacked the Capitol, which wasn't even true.
And then so now anyone protesting is a white supremacist.
I mean, it's really an attempt to outlaw demonstrations like they've done in Cuba.
I mean, this is a real attempt at an authoritarian takeover.
Right, and it's not limited to that.
You know, what they're attacking are the symbols of unity in our country, like the American flag.
Suddenly, they're going to treat the American flag the same way they treated a burning cross.
They're trying to turn it into that.
They're trying to turn the American flag into the Confederate flag, which, you know, they've destroyed the reputation of that, or a burning cross.
You're right, they've announced, Democrats, they want to get rid of the American flag.
George Washington, everything.
Alright, sir, thank you so much.
If I don't go, I'm definitely going to send a representative, but I mean, O is not even allowed in D.C.
under his probation deal.
I guess he can't even go.
So, they're giving us experimental injections that they could never get approved before, that killed most of the lab animals in tests.
They never got FDA approval.
Skipped the official animal trials, because they'd already done them in other projects that we've shown you here on air.
And now they've had to put advisories on the vaccine saying they can give you cardiovascular disease, heart attack, strokes, lung collapse, your lungs becoming bloody pulps, you name it.
And we've got Fauci saying it's horrifying, we'll play the clip first, that in CPAC they talked about young people being awake to this.
And realizing that there's serious vaccine dangers.
And he's like, it's horrifying.
We're just trying to do science.
I don't know why they're doing this.
When he's the guy that ran the Wuhan lab and tested spike protein vaccines to kill animals.
I mean, he did it on purpose.
He's a eugenicist.
All the people involved at the top are part of depopulation groups of Bill Gates.
Peter Daszak, all of it, are part of these groups that want to depopulate.
And then lo and behold, they're running these operations.
This is like 12 monkeys come true here, folks!
Say, it's Fauci!
You know, he said on Friday he wants forced inoculations now.
Total violation of the Nuremberg Code.
They were hoping, the government was hoping,
That they could sort of sucker 90% of the population into getting vaccinated and it isn't happening, right?
Younger people are well aware of what the risks really are and they're well aware of the side effect profile of the vaccines.
They're becoming more aware of that and they don't want to.
And so there is going to be more pressure.
And, I mean, we're all going to have to decide.
It's horrifying.
I mean, they're cheering about someone saying that it's a good thing for people not to try and save their lives.
I mean, if you just unpack that for a second, Jake, it's almost frightening to say, hey, guess what?
We don't want you to do something to save your life.
Everybody starts screaming and clapping.
I just don't get that.
I mean, and I don't think that anybody who's thinking clearly can get that.
What is that all about?
I don't understand that, Jake.
On the other side of the political spectrum, the former Health and Human Services Secretary.
So there's Fauci taking himself to a whole other level of gaslighting.
They used to have trephany, where they drill holes in your head to let the demons out.
I don't see why you don't want the doctors to drill a hole.
What about electroshock therapy?
What about, just invented a hundred years ago or so, they would do lobotomies with an ice pick?
We're just supposed to do whatever you crazy scientists, you crazy ass people want us to do, when you also want to depopulate us, and you've been given liability protection when no other industry gets that.
You're so worried.
You're so upset.
That people are finding out what's really going on.
You're a bunch of monsters.
You're murderers.
You're killers.
You're mad scientists that have figured out a way to commit your crimes, like Joseph Mingala.
That's why we have the Nuremberg Code, and it's why you're gonna pay, Fauci.
One way or another, you're gonna pay for what you've done.
You little monster.
So here's a real doctor.
Dr. Richard Fleming on soft kill weapons.
The best weapon doesn't kill your enemy.
It demoralizes your enemy.
It devastates your enemy.
It makes you not essential.
It shuts down your economy.
And remember, not just the vaccine killing people and most of the new COVID deaths being vaccinated.
Oh, they were vaccinated, but it was a Delta variant.
Oh, yeah.
We set the machine to show that scissors.
But if you expand on that,
It's not just the vaccine that's killing you, it's the starving people all over the world with the lockdowns that are still happening in Asia and Africa.
So, here is Dr. Fauci's response from Dr. Richard Fleming.
Most people who think that weapons are used are used for the purpose of killing their enemy.
The best weapon doesn't kill your enemy.
It demoralizes your enemy.
It devastates the enemy.
I'm old enough that I had a Vietnam draft numbered.
And the weapons that were chosen at that point in time were a smaller caliber, because it became apparent to us that if you shot and killed an enemy, you took one person off the battlefield.
But if you maimed them, used a smaller caliber bullet, you took them and their friends off the battlefield as their friends tried to save you.
The best weapon doesn't kill, it devastates and it demoralizes.
That video showed an entire planet demoralized, devastated, locked down out of fear.
If you think that SARS-CoV-2 was not an effective bioweapon, we can play this again.
Masks were promoted from fear.
Masks can decrease the transmission from one person to another.
And if you're doing surgery with me, I will insist that you wear one.
If you're not doing surgery with me, you won't be in the operating room.
If you're wearing a mask in a car driving down the street, I'm not certain what you think you are doing.
If you're doing surgery while you're in the car driving down the street, you're doing it wrong.
All of that aside, what was clear was the panic that occurred in the general population.
This divided families, churches, cities, states, countries, and nations against each other.
This was a perfect bioweapon.
That's right.
Now let's expand on that with all the psychology and all the war games written up beforehand by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill Gates Foundation along with IBM.
So I'm going to shift gears to the riots all over South Africa, not because of COVID, but because the lockdown in Africa in the last year and a half, there were two countries holding up Africa.
One was by Gaddafi, not a fan of an African oil rich dictator, but he did fund all of Africa and overall was a stabilizing effect.
They killed him.
Devastated Africa.
Blew up the country.
Not a fan of apartheid.
It stabilized the country.
They replaced one evil with communism about ten times worse.
And now it's total lawless bedlam.
Hundreds of thousands dying a year being raped, murdered, killed.
Black, white, doesn't matter.
It's total bedlam.
And here is shock footage of tens of thousands rushing down a road to loot and destroy houses and people with tin guns trying to stop them.
Something out of a zombie apocalypse.
But this has all been done
With the shutdown of the economy.
This has all been done to cause a chain reaction to collapse the third world into the third world.
So now as Africa collapses into what was once a first world nation, South Africa, it is collapsing as well.
So go ahead with audio and play this.
A nightmare footage coming to America soon if we don't reverse this.
These are people so hungry in South Africa, one of the richest countries in the world.
You've got to shoot them closer.
Okay, let's go!
Now that's coming here.
Now it's a third world country.
And that's six, seven, eight guys with shotguns trying to turn back a crowd of thousands.
And folks, if you want to be entertained by Road Warrior stuff, those movies predicting a dystopic collapse after a nuclear war are nothing.
I mean, if you watch... I mean, I've been watching stuff out of South Africa.
We could fill the whole show with stuff going on there.
Raping, murdering, burning, killing, looting.
They think if you rape...
A baby.
But the globalists got rid of apartheid and put in communism, and now it is destroyed.
Just like they killed Gaddafi, and now all that's collapsed.
Africa is in free-fall collapse.
God pray for them, folks.
What's happening to them is coming here next.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back, my friends.
Harold Celente is coming up.
I've got some final key information to cover right now.
And please don't forget the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central today with Owen Schroer.
So much is breaking, I'm probably going to be joining him with some news that's coming out, but I'm not ready to cover at this point.
I've got to do a little more research, a couple phone calls.
But believe me, you want to tune into the War Room today.
One way or the other, it'll be covered.
South Africa is a perfect microcosm of the rest of the world.
So is the Korean Peninsula.
And I'm not going to do an hour-long treatise on this, but
You had basically separate and not equal rules in South Africa surrounded by incredibly murderous, barbarous regimes, communist regimes, regimes where they were involved in cannibalism, you name it.
Because coming out of the collapse of colonialism and all the problems associated with it, Africa just descended into mayhem.
Because with the Christians coming to Africa, with medicine and things, and technology, the population exploded.
But then with the collapse of civilization, with the end of colonialism, things fell apart.
Well, globalism is a plan to create a post-industrial world.
That was signed on to as a treaty.
Congress didn't ratify it, but George Herbert Walker Bush, the big globalist eugenicist, signed on in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to Agenda 21.
We've now gone through that.
We're now in Agenda 2030.
Organized planetary collapse.
But Agenda 21 said we want the organized collapse of civilization into a post-industrial world.
We want to use war, famine, and even ritualized human sacrifice.
This is in the white papers the UN used.
To cull the population.
We want things to go back to the jungle.
Except for small government research reservations that are extremely high-tech and advanced.
Everything else will be like the movie Zardoz that came out in the early 1970s with Sean Connery, where there's a rich elite that, you know, literally live in a cloud city and they use extermination squads like something out of
The Hunger Games that control everybody else.
These are movies giving you an idea and books about what they really want.
You understand that?
Aldous Huxley said that in 1961 before he died.
His brother ran the UN.
He said this is our real plan.
Brave New World is our real plan.
So they don't want to industrialize Africa.
They don't want to get people educated in Latin America.
They want it to go back to where it was.
And then if you try to not collapse it, you go, oh, don't lecture people.
Well, hell, Europe was in barbarism until the end of the Dark Age.
So what they're creating is a new Dark Age, which will cause a massive planetary collapse.
You can argue, well, maybe it's time for that to happen.
Well, we're all probably going to die in it.
You understand that the South African president
Where they replaced colonialism, and basically the equivalent of 1950s America.
Separate water fountains, all of it, it was wrong, it was bad, it wasn't good.
They used that to get rid of a capitalist society, but that had racial controls, which weren't good, but were there, to replace it with communism, and now they have hundreds of times the murders.
Poverty is off the charts.
Nobody's safe, and it's all gone, it's all collapsed.
They had a dictator, Muammar Gaddafi.
I'm not defending him.
It's like I'm not defending apartheid.
But he stabilized the country, spent 99% of the oil money on the people.
Women were going to college.
People were highly educated.
He was funding Africa with water wells and solar power and oil drilling.
And he was helping all of Africa, just like South Africa was until they were taken down.
But his crime was, just like the South African leadership, made up of Dutch and English settlers that got there 400 years ago,
That they wanted it to be their country.
It's not going to be South Africa's country.
It's not going to be Muammar Gaddafi's country.
It's the globalists coming in to take over.
So they told Gaddafi, invest all your money with us, open up to the West, we'll stop any wars with you, and we'll let you help your people.
They set him up and killed him using al-Qaeda and the globalists.
And so, the same way they want to collapse Africa, they want to collapse us here.
And once they collapse Africa, they'll organize those starving millions to flood us and are literally taught in Africa now, under UN training, that whites are inherently bad.
The President of South Africa and the Defense Minister, I've played the clip, say we should kill all the whites in South Africa and we should take any land they've got.
Think about that.
Racially based, because they're funded by the globalists, that once South Africa's totally collapsed and everybody's enslaved, then the Oppenheimers and the De Beers can all come in, and there'll be no infrastructure, and nobody will get any piece of those diamonds or gold.
That's what they want, is squalor and pain and poverty, just like they want all over the world.
The pandemic is meant to make us all poor and bankrupt.
Show that footage again for TV viewers, I'll describe it for radio listeners, of South Africa yesterday.
You can watch hours of it, but thousands of people come into loot neighborhoods, they've already looted other ones, and a few men with shotguns stopping them.
We don't need to give up the Second Amendment.
Go to the audio.
Don't waste your ammo.
Stop, stop!
Okay, let's go!
And then just ten men can run off thousands because they have guns.
Now, do you think these neighborhoods are better after they're all burned?
There are neighborhoods with black, whites living in them, you name them.
A lot of Indians live there.
No, the country's gone, folks.
It's totally gone.
Total bedlam, back into the jungle.
Let's go to another clip.
This is a clip the media is trying to cover up.
Antifa show up to counter-protest a mostly black event in Oakland to raise awareness against gun violence.
Oh, you're a Korean men and women's spa where the hot tubs and showers and things are separated like most old-fashioned spas are, and the women get in the hot tubs naked.
You got a mom, a grandma, and her six-year-old in the spa
And a man comes in with his genitals and Antifa comes and beats them up later because they protested that a man came and showed their genitals to them.
A white guy.
Now let's continue.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Antifa shows up to a mainly black group protesting, no police, and the crime exploding.
Plus, most of the cops there are black anyways.
They're like, no, we want cops.
We do want cops.
Cops aren't perfect, but it's a lot better having them.
And Antifa comes to get in their face, they're almost completely white.
Again, this is ruling class, global issues, and communism.
And it was Antifa first broke in the Capitol.
We had the footage we showed last hour.
It's just come out.
Where is the FBI looking at these people?
The answer is they're not.
So here again is the footage of the black folks protesting, defunding the police, and here comes the white thugs in black to try to get in their face.
A white privilege to stand in here!
Thank you.
You think you have a right to be here!
You don't have a right to be here!
Is that when black children are dying in the street every day at the hands of the police?
That's a lie!
That's a lie!
There are not hundreds of people dead at the hands of police this year!
That's what he's talking about!
He's talking about the people who killed the police!
Why are you trying to disrupt something that's trying to be positive?
Why do you have to be disrupting something that's positive?
We're trying to save our people!
We're trying to save our people!
You are not our people!
Get the f*** out!
I'm not, I know my time is running out, but I just want to say unity is the key.
A white privilege to stand in here!
Thank you.
You think they were right to be here!
Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, this is the takedown of the country.
They don't want to get rid of the police.
Once they collapse things, they're going to put their own police departments in, and you're going to be locked down for the rest of your lives.
This is all funded by George Soros and the big money.
The same people that went in and took out the South African leadership and took out Gaddafi, not to help Africa, but to literally have their way with them.
Because see, the New World Order doesn't live in Africa.
They don't live in Oakland.
They don't live in downtown Austin.
They live in armored palaces in the middle of nowhere in places like Kauai, Hawaii, and places like Singapore.
They live in places like Hawaii.
They live in places like Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand.
They live in armored fortresses in places like Switzerland.
And they don't allow any of this around where they're at.
You better know that.
And you go to an Antifa event, there are 90% white college professors dressed up in a town they know they're allowed to stab, shoot, kill whoever they want.
Cosoros put district attorneys in.
They're going to let them out of jail and drop their charges.
But if they point a gun at you and you shoot them back, your ass is going to prison.
Well, it's better to be tried by nine and carried by six.
But I just know this, if they successfully kick their civil war off, they're going to try to make it racial and it shouldn't be.
It should be the elite against the people.
That's what this is.
We know who the elites are, Bill Gates, George Soros.
The globalists have initiated a controlled demolition of the world economy.
Latin America is collapsing.
Africa is completely collapsing.
Millions are dying, starving to death every few months.
Hundreds of thousands every week are being murdered and killed.
Cannibalism is exploding.
The lockdowns that have gone on for over a year in Africa are causing mass death.
Four African presidents said no and have been murdered.
The Haitian president said no to forced inoculations.
He was tortured and murdered.
The globalists are bringing Africa down.
They're bringing Latin America down, poor areas of Asia.
All of this is a designed, planned planetary collapse and we have covered that information in great detail today.
We either wake up to the fact that the COVID lockdowns triggered this by design, or it will all come here.
There isn't much time to play games.
It's time to wake up and say no to the New World Order.
Listen, folks, I cannot fund this operation without your support, and you've been great, and you've kept us on air, and you've gotten great products, and you've bought them again and again and again.
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Hey, thank you so much, Alex.
Great what you all do, and thank you so much for having me on.
You know, the freedom is gone.
We have to fight for it and InfoWars is doing it.
Well, I don't want to interrupt you because I was going to punch you out of here and eat my lunch as I normally do when you come on on Mondays, but have we not been vindicated?
You predicted all this years ago.
I mean, longer than I've been predicting this dystopia.
It's here, man.
It's scary.
It is scary right in front of our eyes.
Freedom is dead.
And you know, the irony is that, you know, the people that are robbing it from us, you know, when they were in college, these are the ones, you know, that were championing, you know, resist, resist.
And now it's obey, obey.
And if you don't obey, then, you know, you know, thinking of what's going on right up here in Kingston, there's this place I used to go to call the Senate House.
And of course, everything's been closed down.
Dear fans of great music, we're happy to announce our first upcoming Jazz Stock Senate Garage production since March 2020.
As a precaution, you ready?
We're requiring proof of double vaccination with the second shot given prior to two weeks of the concert.
This is... Who the hell are you talking to?
I know these people.
I used to be very friendly with them.
How dare they tell me I have to get two shots of a vaccination that's not a vaccination, that has not been approved by the FDA, that's brought out on Operation Warp Speed, and they're saying I can't go to their jazz concert unless I have a vaccination.
And guess what?
In the U.S.S.A., the United Soviet States of America, you as a musician, you must get the shot too or you can't play.
What kind of America is this?
This isn't America.
It's the United Soviet States of America forcing people to get vaccinated.
On an operation, you gotta be a warped brain to take a warp speed vaccine.
But hey, if you want to take it, in the land of the free, do what you want to do.
But you don't tell me what I have to do.
Oh yes we will, because your freedom's gone, and as we're going to press, just news out of France,
That little cut-zone Macron.
Another little boy of nothing.
Look at these crap heads that spew out crap that tell you what to do.
French President Emmanuel Macron.
What president?
That's a curse word calling these people presidents, dignitaries, and authorities.
When I tell you to go F yourself because you're trying to show crap on me, that's not a curse word.
But here it goes.
They're looking for a 100% vaccination rate.
He announced that a vaccination campaign for high school, secondary, and primary school students will begin when school starts again in September.
And then you read the data.
According to the CDC,
The recovery rate for people one to 20 years old after they allegedly catch the COVID is only 99.997%.
Oh, the British study just came out last week.
They disagreed.
In England, it's 99.995%.
They even say it.
And the young people that are getting it have pre-existing comorbidities.
These are the facts.
Hardly any young people are dying from this.
In places like
Germany and Italy, 79, 81 years old.
There you got it.
And now they're forcing vaccinations on young people.
The drug dealers are in charge.
Don't call them Big Pharma, call a spade a spade.
They're drug lords, get it?
All you have to do is look at the ads they got on TV, that that slimy, low-life, murderous piece of crap, Slick Willy, got caught with my pants down, I think I'll bomb the hell out of Iraq Clinton and start the Serbian war.
Yeah, him?
He's the one that allowed the drug dealers to put their ads on TV back in 1997.
Listen to these ads!
Oh, you're happy-go-lucky.
Once you got the shot, don't try to get healed.
Just take this temporary drug.
And then they give you all of the, uh, you know, how this stuff is going to hurt you in 30 ways in 30 seconds.
And the reason why they do it on, and they keep promoting it, the prostitutes is, where do they get their money from?
By watching the Cartoon News Network, Fox, or any of them.
ABC, NBC, FU, you know what?
They get it from the drug dealers.
Yeah, the big ads on TV.
And then you read what's going on in France, and they just opened up a number of their venues.
But guess what?
This is from France 24.
Get the party started.
French nightclubs finally reopened but with COVID-19 measures in place.
Only can have 75% capacity and you need a valid health passport.
The drug dealers have taken over the world.
This is going on everywhere.
You go back
To what we said over a year ago, it would turn into this.
Vax vs. No Vax.
The COVID Vax Wars.
The covers of our trends journals, one after another, warned everybody about this.
There's been no long-term studies on an Operation Warp Speed Vax.
That's not a vax.
And we wrote two months ago, get ready for COVID War 2.0.
They're selling the Delta variant.
Yeah, the Delta blues.
Oh, and it's wiping out Indonesia.
Oh, yeah?
How many people died in Indonesia?
I think the numbers around 65,000.
How many people live there?
I think about 227 million.
Now, wait a minute.
You're telling me that 60 something thousand people died in Indonesia.
They got a population of about 230 million, 227 million over 16 months, 18 months.
And what's the average age over there of the deaths?
Oh, around 70 years old because the people died from other crappy things.
Oh, and how many people died in California?
Oh, allegedly about 60-something million out of a population of 40 million.
But they're selling the fear, the Delta variant.
It's going to get a lot worse.
Do what you can to support InfoWars.
Heal yourself.
Get strong.
Fight for freedom.
Because if we don't, we're going to be living hell on earth.
It's right in front of our eyes.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned.
Hey, it's great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And thank you all for what you do.
Great staff and great information and a fight for freedom.
I saw that there's an article up on InfoWars about what Ron Paul is talking about.
The IRS.
And how about the IRS?
You know, Biden's going to give them more money so that they can get more money from us.
Because the big guys get a big break.
They don't get touched at all.
They only go after we, the little people.
It's a criminal operation right in front of our eyes.
That we're even paying federal taxes is a criminal operation.
They didn't make that up until the early 1900s when that... He should rotten hell Woodrow Wilson.
You know what I keep saying?
Harvard, Princeton, Yale, bullets, bombs, and banks.
That slimy lowlife was the president of Princeton.
That's the guy that brought us into World War I. Yeah.
That we had no business being in that helped to destroy a lot of Europe and set up the position for World War II.
Anybody with a brain bigger than little Georgie Bush's or any other moron politician knows the deal.
Just read about the Treaty of Versailles and how they said World War II would follow shortly and it did.
That Woodrow Wilson, the slime ball that brought us the Federal Reserve.
Yeah, that low-life piece of crap.
Going back to where we are and what we're looking at,
And how the economy's going, and going back to the IRS, he's the lowlife that made all that happen, and that we're even paying federal taxes so they could steal our money for the military-industrial complex in a welfare state.
Let's get this straight.
So Ron Paul is saying, you know, we gotta fight this.
And he's 100% right, because the bigs only keep getting bigger in a country near you.
Well, world hunger hits 15 year high as well.
Guess what?
Well, that's only from the who's that from Monday from.
The United Nations.
Yeah, and then the bigs, as I say, how they get how they get how they rob us, you know, I go to.
Pam and Russ Martin's site, they do great work and they're showing here
How JPMorgan Chase, one of the largest owners of the New York Fed, has received an unprecedented five felony counts in the Department of Justice.
What Department of Justice?
It's not us!
Yeah, they get a free ride!
All right?
JPMorgan admitted to all five felony counts.
Then why isn't Jamie Dimon in jail?
Five felony counts!
The IRS comes after us if they catch us a hundred dollars short!
And these SOBs that steal our money!
Five felony counts!
F you!
You go to jail!
We get a free ride!
I'm Jamie Dimon!
Jamie Crapp!
You should be in jail!
Oh no, Solenti, calm down and watch your language.
Be like the rest of us, gutless little low-life, slimy low-life, nothing little boys and girls Americans.
Yeah, price manipulation also rigged the gold and silver markets.
They rigged the precious metals markets.
But the IRS is coming after us!
So they can steal more of our money and bigot to the bigs, give it to the bigs.
Ron Paul, that's the last person that I voted for president.
The only one before him was Ralph Nader.
And when I was a stupid young guy just growing up, because the younger you are, you know, you're learning on your way up.
I voted for Richard Nixon.
Anyway, going back to Ron Paul.
As you know, we had a festival here in Kingston, 4th of July.
And Judge Napolitano was a speaker.
And Lynette Zhang.
Terrific, wonderful people.
And Smokey's band was here.
They were terrific.
It was a great time.
I announced we're not having a Labor Day Festival.
And the reason why is just a few days before our Fourth of July Festival, I got an email from Daniel McAdams and Ron Pauls, and they invited me to be a speaker at their conference in Washington, D.C.
On the Labor Day weekend, September 4th.
So please be there.
And ironically, another speaker that's gonna be there is the one of the ones I had at the festival, and that's Judge Napolitano.
So, we're fighting for freedom.
Ron Paul's fighting for freedom.
InfoWars is fighting for freedom.
And we can't do this without your support.
Put your money where your heart and mind is.
Because they're robbing us of our freedom in front of our eyes like we've never seen.
I mentioned about the young people with vaxxers.
This is going to be out in tomorrow's Trends Journal going out.
And it's again, this is a study from England.
And again, we were...
The new study by researchers using records of the national health system and data from other countries represents some of the most detailed comprehensive analysis of severe illnesses and deaths from COVID-19 in children.
You ready?
Of 61 deaths of children in England who tested positive for COVID-19, it was found that only 25 cases was the virus, was the actual cause of death.
That's it.
And I said, the survival rate was 99.995%.
And now they're forcing young kids to get vaccinated.
A war has started.
A war between the people that want to be free and the people that want to obey.
I am an American.
I bought
Buildings on the most historic four corners of America for that one reason, and that is for freedom.
And I launched Occupy Peace from there.
Occupy Peace and Freedom.
That's the name of it now.
So we have to unite.
And please do what you can.
Go to OccupyPeace.com and make some donations.
And the people have been very generous.
And again, support InfoWars.
They got great products.
I'm going to talk about some of them when we come back.
We have to support the truth.
They're robbing us from us.
Be aware and awake.
Because they're just making us woke.
Dead woke.
So we're going to be back in a few.
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And thank you all for all that they do.
And as I said, do what you can to support InfoWars.
They have great products and they'll help keep you healthy.
And you're going to need them also to, when things go down, excuse me, you better be prepped.
This thing's going to burst.
Here's just a couple of stories here from the mainstream media.
High inflation is here to stay.
For years, economists forecast.
All right?
This is just out.
This weekend.
How long have we been saying this?
And how long has the Federal Reserve been lying, saying it's only temporary?
It's going to be unprecedented.
They're going to have to raise interest rates as inflation goes higher.
They're going to do everything they can not to raise them.
When they raise interest rates, this economy is going to crash.
This bubble is going to burst.
The housing bubble.
The equity bubble.
Artificially propped up by low interest rates.
And the criminality, as I was saying, what's going on.
As they pointed out in that story by Pam Martens.
You have the big banksters, like the Citigroups.
They borrow money from the Fed at like 0.35%, right?
That's what they borrow it for.
You know why they borrow it so cheaply?
Because they're better than you.
You are nothing but a little piece of crap.
You are nothing more
than a plantation worker on the global plantation of Slavelandia.
We, the banksters, the chemical industry, the drug dealers, and the defense and intelligence, that's an oxymoron, there's no intelligence in them, complex, we're the ones that count.
So we, the Citigroups, banksters, could borrow money at 0.5%.
But you, you little piece of crap!
You, you little nothing scum!
Yeah, use your credit card.
We'll only charge you 27.5% interest.
And you know who you can thank for that?
The little peanut farmer!
With a pair of cojones probably smaller than a peanut.
Jimmy Carter.
He was the one that began the deregulation of the banking industry.
There was no such thing as interstate banking when I was a young man.
In trust state, they only could stay within the state.
He had all local banks.
As George Carlin said, it's one big club and you ain't in it.
And the big club is getting bigger.
UK's 1.3 trillion COVID wealth gain went mostly to the rich.
What is this, from the World Socialist Organization?
Oh, no, from Bloomberg.
Got it.
Got it.
The bigs are getting bigger.
You're a non-essential piece of crap!
Now that's different.
That's essential.
I haven't been in a Walmart's in like 25 years.
I went in to see what the place looked like.
No life in them.
But that's essential, Celenti.
Your little businesses, your mom and pop's, his and his, us and us businesses, they're non-essential.
Close them down.
Oh, we don't have regulations for the bigs.
We'll make up stuff.
We'll put, you know, arrows with aisle to go up and down.
But no capacity limitations.
Higher inflation is here to stay for years.
Economist forecast.
Wall Street Journal.
From CNBC.
Inflation expectations surge, hitting new high.
The New York Fed Survey.
Despite Federal Reserve's assurance that current inflation pressures won't last, consumers think differently, according to a survey Monday, today, from the Central Bank's New York District.
Yeah, because people in the real world know how bad this is.
When you make money, you're not looking how much a gallon of gas costs.
When you're making money, you buy the peppers, you don't know they're a dollar each.
This is a wipe out of the middle class.
It is slavelandia.
Going back.
What's gonna happen?
They're going to have to raise interest rates at some point.
When they do, this market's going to crash like we've never seen before.
It's so artificially propped up that it went up during the lockdown is insanity.
But again, the bigs are buying everything up.
They're getting the money for nothing.
KKR expands to ride the UK private equity buyout boom.
Founded in 1976 by Henry Kravis and George Roberts.
Again, private equity group.
I mentioned 1976.
I said when I was a young guy, this stuff didn't happen before.
That's six billion on buying up rental homes.
And you know why they're buying up rental homes?
Because people can't afford to buy them.
Now they own the rental market.
The bigs are buying up everything.
The billionaires got eight trillion dollars richer
From the COVID war.
All that, you know, it's right in front of everybody's eye.
It's one after another.
One after another.
They're buying up everything.
All we are are plantation workers on the global plantation of Slavelandia.
Going back to where the markets are going to go.
They'll keep going up as long as money stays cheap.
They're money junkies.
And as long as they can get their fix for free, they're going to keep riding the markets up.
So, even though the markets are going to go up, the Biden bounce is going to start flattening out come September.
I was down in the city yesterday in New York.
It is so many put for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent.
What's going to happen with commercial real estate?
Do you know what the office occupancy rate is in the United States?
And now trends are born, they grow, they mature, reach old age and die.
The work at home trend has just been born.
You're going to see about 20% of the people never going back to work full-time.
They'll be working from home.
What's going to happen to the commercial real estate sector in major cities?
In San Francisco, where they got a 76% VAX rate, over half the businesses haven't reopened.
Yeah, the geek freaks.
And speaking of the geek freaks,
These are the ones that destroyed life on Earth.
Artificial intelligence, huh?
How about go screw yourself?
As good as artificial flavors, Salenti, and artificial coloring.
Artificial sounds?
You don't know how to use your breath to play that instrument.
Don't need a touch to play the instrument.
It's artificial.
Look at them.
Look how artificial they look.
Look at that Zuckerberg.
Look at that Cook.
Look at that Dorsey.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned.
Okay, hello, hello, hello.
Great being on.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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So go to also the Ron Paul Liberty Report and find all about their conference and try to be there.
So I was talking before about, you know, the economy and where it's going in the commercial real estate sector.
When interest rates go up, everything's going to go down real hard.
There's no question about that.
But here's something that's very interesting that made the news one day and it's out of the news the next.
Cell phones and cancer.
New University of California Berkeley studies suggest cell phones sharply increase tumor risks.
Researchers took a comprehensive, blah blah blah, and they found that the use of cell phones for more than a thousand hours, or about 17 minutes a day over a 10-year period, it only increased the risk of tumors only by 60%.
Ah, that's nothing.
What's a 60% increase in a tumor?
You won't have a tumor, they're good for you.
This is old news to Transjournal subscribers.
We've been writing about this going way, way, way back.
Way, way, way back.
And here's our story in this week's Trends Journal.
It's going out tomorrow.
Smartphones equal brain rotting stupid.
I don't carry one.
I got an old flip phone that I bring if I remember I carry it in my car.
I only carry it when I travel, you know,
Because, you know, I might tell the driver I'm at gate 7, you know, to pick me up, but I'm not traveling that much.
I don't carry a phone.
I did research for the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association back in the early 90s when they had these boxes in the trunks of cars with aerials.
So I've been following the research on cell phones since then.
And the stories come out and they go away.
They were banning the use of them in European countries, particularly France, because the brain cells of children are thinner and the waves go in deeper.
These are deadly.
Again, this is from the Trends Journal going way, way back.
Let me see what we got here.
We wrote about it.
We've been writing about it forever.
In decades before.
But what we wrote about in 2016 is a real entrepreneur opportunity is going to happen when they come out with clean phones.
Phones that are safe.
Like clean food.
And I'm the guy to coin that term, clean food.
New York Times had a story back in the early 90s, like 92, 93.
We wrote about it in the Trends Journal in 92.
Clean food.
It's more than organic.
It's not... It wasn't preserved to, you know, make it so that lettuce could come from California to New York and still be crispy.
They didn't put other ingredients to do things into it to keep it alive.
Yeah, it could be organic, but what else do they do to it?
So that's a clean food.
Same thing with clean phones.
This is going to get you're looking also at the.
Sperm counts.
And I'm not making this stuff up, they're saying by not by 2045, it's going to be like around zero.
So we don't know what all this stuff is doing to everybody.
It's not doing it to me.
So anyway.
What else do we got here?
We've got a lot.
Oh, Australia.
They're locking down again.
You know why?
The Delta Blues.
The Delta Blues.
You look at the clown.
Running the show over there, North South Wales, been jerking or whatever her name is.
Yeah, she got caught having an affair.
Yeah, that one.
Putting out all these warnings to the people and locking down the biggest cities in Australia.
Because of the variant.
The variant, with variants come out, they're less deadly,
Than the original, but those are only facts.
Dead zone.
You know how many people died in Australia?
Allegedly from the COVID.
Since the beginning of the year.
Go to Worldometer.
Try zero.
25 million people in a year and a half.
The grand total, 910 people.
And I believe the average age is 80.1 years of age.
Between 79 to 80.1.
I got so many numbers in my head.
Let's say 79.
And they're locking down the place.
Putting millions and millions of people out of work and destroying the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions.
For what?
For a variant.
So here's what's going to happen.
Get ready in the United States for the COVID war to heat up.
This winter.
Go back to the Trends Journal last April.
We quoted the drug dealer running Pfizer, the drug lord, saying that not only will there need to be a booster, but every year, get the shot.
Every year, get the shot.
And that's what they're doing now.
They're selling the shot.
So the winter comes, more lockdowns, and more businesses going down.
And the economy going down, and you better prepare, prevail, to prosper.
Because you better prep for this one.
Financially, spiritually, and morally.
Buy the products you need, learn the information that you need, and do what you need, everything that you can do to get yourself in the best shape you can.
Because that's what counts at the end.
The future's in your hands.
Don't drop it.
Thanks for tuning in.
See you next Monday.
Remember, support InfoWars and the Trends Journal.
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