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Air Date: July 7, 2021
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Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, discusses various topics related to conspiracy theories, politics, economy, and global affairs. He criticizes Vice President Kamala Harris, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and globalists like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the UN for their influence over American culture, politics, and economy. Jones believes that a "scientific dictatorship" is being established, with InfoWars as one of its primary targets. He also criticizes the media for portraying white men as the devil while stealing and robbing through lockdowns and starvation. Jones discusses the impact of globalist agendas on supply chains, inflation, and the economy, highlighting the struggles faced by small companies due to lockdowns. He mentions the decline of America and describes it as being in a "hospice" where reality is too painful to face. He also talks about the adoption of Bitcoin by El Salvador's president as an act of resistance against the US and globalist powers. In addition, Jones discusses BioPros and its product BioSeptic Pro, which he claims is more effective than similar products due to its patented delivery system and not containing chemical ingredients or genetically modified organisms. He also criticizes Vice President Kamala Harris and discusses the concept of a digital twin and its connection to eugenics and transhumanism.


I'm not Nostradamus when I tell you what they're going to do.
It's just when I tell you at the time, it sounds crazy because we all have a normalcy bias of living in a free country when we don't now.
And they're in the process of destroying what freedoms are left.
So let me tell you what's coming up today.
And let me explain what's going to come next, because I could sit there and play the clips of me predicting it all and then show it come true.
But wouldn't you rather just skip right ahead to the end?
So that people get horrified and say no to this and we stop this total nightmare?
Could we please maybe just maybe do that, okay?
That'd be nice.
Because that's where we are.
This is an exact plan.
Like Biden got up and he said, if I get elected, surge the border.
Then he acts like he doesn't know what's going on.
This is all premeditated and they're going to destabilize the country till it economically and culturally collapses and use that as the cover as the global world reset where you get a global ID and a global cell phone and a global chip in your body.
And again, how do I know that's going to happen?
It's in all the Davos Group and UN announcements.
I can play videos of them saying it.
They're not playing games.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Choose your own reality culture is pervading every corner of American life.
Choose your own reality.
If you want to believe that the pro-Trump riots of January 6th were instigated by the feds, you can choose a show that claims that is true.
You can choose a TV star who claims it's real.
Carlson is a conspiracy monger, but he's far from the first.
As my colleague Oliver Darcy pointed out this week, Carlson is sounding more and more like InfoWars host and notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
You can hear the similarities.
The NSA has been reading our emails.
It's not that I think the government spies on me.
It's admitted that they do.
It is a lie to say there are no risks.
There are risks in everything, including in getting a vaccine.
Everybody's got family that got killed or got sick from a vaccine.
So FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, according to government documents.
It is overwhelming.
The evidence that criminal elements of the federal government provocateured and staged January 6th.
All right, Oliver Darcy is back with me.
I think the sound speaks for itself.
Is it a stretch to say that Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones?
It's not a stretch, Brian.
Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones.
If you watch Tucker Carlson's program and you watch Alex Jones's program, they might differ a little bit in antics and the way they deliver their message, but that message to viewers is consistent, and it's pretty identical.
Whether it's talking about vaccine conspiracy theories,
False flag conspiracy theories, deep state conspiracy theories.
The messages that Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones are sending are the same.
They seem to see eye to eye on the biggest issues that they talk about every single night.
Don't blink.
Don't even blink.
Do we know anything about their relationship, or whether they have one?
Because we played two back-to-back soundbites.
One is of Tucker sympathizing with Jones, but the other one has Alex Jones basically saying, hey, I'm gonna let Tucker present this January 6th conspiracy theory first.
I'm gonna let Tucker present the inside job theory, because he's gonna do a great job with it.
And when I heard that, I thought, are these two guys in cahoots?
Like, are they friends?
Do they communicate?
Let's listen to these two soundbites, and then we'll talk about it.
I made the decision not to get into this until it broke on Tucker.
Because I thought he'd do a better job than I did.
He did.
He did a great job in 15 minutes.
Why do we laugh at Alex Jones again?
Sincere question.
Are they bros?
What do we know about the relationship?
It does sound like they're talking to each other, right Brian?
Look, you don't have to take it from us.
Just listen to that clip you played of Tucker Carlson.
He's basically saying that he doesn't think that Alex Jones' views are out there.
That they're crazy.
That's right.
I'm not that old, but I remember when the Republican Party and Fox News mocked Alex Jones and said, that guy is crazy.
We're not going to touch that sort of stuff.
But now Fox's face is effectively Alex Jones.
The de facto leader of the Republican Party is touting the same stuff that Jones touts on his show.
And Fox remains silent about what would be, if true, an abuse of power.
If the NSA is actually reading Tucker's emails, then that's really disturbing.
But for some reason Fox hasn't condemned the NSA, they haven't demanded an investigation, they haven't called for congressional inquiry.
Like, Fox hasn't said anything.
It's like they don't believe him.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Alright folks, we'll be back with a live broadcast.
That's the great Eric Clapton bringing us in.
His family bullied him into taking the Pfizer shot, almost killed him, paralyzed him for a while.
He had other friends that got deathly ill from it as well.
You can't swing a stick in the dark and not hit somebody who's gotten hurt by this so-called vaccine.
All right, my friends, thank you so much for joining us on this live July 7th Wednesday broadcast.
And we've got, wow, a lot of amazing information today.
Max Keiser is in Austin, Texas for his big event tonight, the F. Elon Musk event.
That's what it's called.
And he's going to be in the studio.
We have Nick Fuentes, who's also in Central Texas.
He just was on
American Journal with Harrison Smith.
That was very informative.
He's going to be in studio with us as well today.
And there's always the classic topics with both those guys.
Bitcoin and the economy with Kaiser.
And of course, the attack on the new right and the alt-right by the media.
And Fuentes being on a no-fly list.
I'm interested to find out how he got down here.
Maybe he's off the no-fly list.
I've been so busy, I haven't asked him yet.
We'll discover that here on air today.
Here's one of those moments where we've been so far ahead of the curve, we're behind it.
You know what I mean?
Sometimes you get so far ahead, you kind of find your tail.
You come back and kind of lap yourself and lap everybody else.
And I'd love to take the credit for, a lot of people are freaking out right now.
It was trending again all over the internet yesterday.
Alex Jones predicting door-to-door forced inoculations.
And Jeepers Creepers.
You know, Metallica's going back on tour, and they're going to be in Kentucky, and they're going to be in Florida, and they're going to be other places in September.
And I'd kind of like to go see Metallica again.
I haven't seen them in probably 20 years, but I probably won't.
But the point is, I know where they're having shows.
Just like George Strait is going to be playing the Houston Rodeo coming up in a few months, and I may get tickets to that.
Just because I really love George Strait.
But see, if George Strait shows up in a month and a half at the Houston Rodeo, and people go, how the hell did Alex Jones say George Strait was going to show up here?
Because he made an announcement!
And so, this is a real paradox.
They're calling me Nostradamus.
They are just everywhere saying, oh my God, everything he says keeps happening just like he said.
And that's fun to have people saying all that, but that's not what's happening.
Do you understand that I can play you hours of Bill Clinton and George Soros and Hillary and Chelsea bragging that they get billions of dollars a year to run the contact tracers and that they are going to be coming to your door with forced inoculation soon?
They said that last year, licking their damn lips, and then I read what the UN said the plan was
When they release the next virus is to actually take people out of their houses and put us in giant emergency camps, which they're admittedly building in the U.S., already have in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and they're already putting tens of thousands of people in them.
And this is a way to disappear their political dissidence and just get used to police coming to people's houses and dragging people away.
And they admit that's the plan.
Total martial law.
But see, the average person doesn't think 10, 15 steps ahead or read globalist white papers like I do.
I spent another two hours last night reading Davos Group white papers because it's knowing the future.
They run the damn planet.
So of course Biden came out and said, we're coming to your door to harass you to take a shot.
He's a puppet.
And I'll use this analogy again.
If I was going to go to see the Nutcracker at the Austin Symphony, which I've probably seen six, seven times with my children over the years.
It's a great Christmas tradition.
I know the Nutcracker.
I've seen the Nutcracker a bunch in my life.
Probably 20 times total in my life.
My mom used to take me there when I was a kid.
The Dallas Symphony.
But if I'd never been to the Nutcracker, they give you a program and it tells you what's coming up next.
So we can beat this real easy if we stop taking each phase of it like it's new and just grew out of a jack-in-the-beanstalk somewhere.
This is all real.
This is a program.
It's an operation.
Kind of like
I know every summer on the side of the highway in Texas, they're going to be selling peaches on the side of the road, because that's when the peaches come in.
Kind of like I know that once the fall and the winter gets here, and once it's Thanksgiving, that it's deer hunting season.
So, I'm not Nostradamus.
When I tell you what they're going to do, it's just when I tell you at the time, it sounds crazy because we all have a normalcy bias of living in a free country when we don't now.
And they're in the process of destroying what freedoms are left.
So let me tell you what's coming up today.
And let me explain what's going to come next, because I could sit there and play the clips of me predicting it all and then show it come true.
But wouldn't you rather just skip right ahead to the end?
So that people get horrified and say no to this and we stop this total nightmare?
Could we please maybe just maybe do that, okay?
That'd be nice.
Because that's where we are.
This is an exact plan.
Like Biden got up and he said, if I get elected, surge the border.
Then he acts like he doesn't know what's going on.
This is all premeditated and they're going to destabilize the country till it economically and culturally collapses and use that as the cover as the global world reset where you get a global ID and a global cell phone and a global chip in your body.
And again, how do I know that's going to happen?
It's in all the Davos Group and UN announcements.
I can play videos of them saying it.
They're not playing games.
They are already killing millions of people with the poison vaccines.
It's confirmed.
And so, we're living in the last days of even being able to be on air and talk about this.
You're gonna need to record all these shows, you're gonna need to get ready to make copies, because once everybody's off the air, oh, this information will be trillions of times more powerful.
That's why we're way ahead of them in ways.
Because so many people have been educated about the globalist plan.
When they clamp things down and take everybody off the air, folks are going to know the extermination comes next.
They're going to know, going along with it, it's going to mean the enemy wins.
And so they're going to end up losing.
They were going to win if we hadn't done this up front, and if I hadn't sacrificed my ass to do it.
But I was going to get destroyed anyway, so I might as well make sure they lose, even though they're going to take me down with them.
And I get my most enjoyable pleasure out of that.
Because they're not going to win, they're going to lose.
And we've seen to that, haven't we, together.
You who supported this show, you did it!
Because I, when it comes to knowing their operations, that's just right there in black and white print.
But I am able to put two and two together about their operations, and they're never going to get away with their plans.
Too many people are awake, and again, when people figure out that this is a horror movie, not a utopia, not a love story,
They're going to realize there's nothing to do left but fight and resist and not go along with it.
And that means the servants of the system, that means everybody.
You see, when Hitler invaded Russia, it's a great allegory or parallel to where we are today, he went, you know, 500, 600, 700 miles in with no resistance because the people didn't like the Communists, they thought he was a savior.
But as soon as you started putting them in forced labor camps and killing people, they turned against it.
And it's the same thing.
A lot of the dumb liberals and people really think they're about to have a utopia.
They think they're about to get everything for free.
They really think that the vaccine's there to help them.
When they all start dropping dead and dying, which is beginning, they're going to figure out real quick they've been totally and completely betrayed.
And so that's where this is.
Now, instead of the globalists are invading and people all think they're there to save, more than half the public don't trust them, don't like them, and know it's a takeover.
They just have a normalcy bias and can't believe it's getting this bad this fast.
And I will assure you, the good old days, baby, are gone, gone, gone.
The days of just happy-go-lucky and you don't need to know about politics is over.
We are going into a savage, protracted nightmare
Situation turning tens of millions of leftists loose on your home with code inspectors, environmental prospectors, contact tracer inspectors.
And if you don't do what they say, they're going to pull up in front of your house and burn it down with a freaking flamethrower.
I mean, they're coming to kill you and your family.
They can't wait.
They've been spoiling for the fight.
They got control of the Pentagon.
It's declaring war on America.
And we are we are in deep trouble.
But at least we know who the enemy is and we're going to win.
Stay with us.
All right, let me do it this way here on the Alex Jones Show.
Let me just read you a few of the current headlines and then connect the dots.
But at this point, you don't even connect the dots.
This is a crystal clear picture.
You notice Pelosi announced a new federal agency, a new federal Praetorian Guard that is exempt from oversight and that is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act or the National Security Act.
Just so happens the Capitol Police are exempt from all of that.
A tiny Praetorian Guard only on that property.
Now they're announcing all 50 states, not just Florida and California, but the first are Florida, California, are now opening offices to track anyone criticizing Congress like they are the Secret Service.
And you're like, well that's unconstitutional, that's crazy, we already have an out-of-control FBI.
But there is statutes to have that, going back to the Constitution, that's how you got the ATF and all the rest of it, dealing with interstate crimes and things.
But that's what those agencies do, though they're bloated and out of control and political.
To say that a branch of government by itself now, the legislative, outside of law,
is going to deploy off of its little postage stamp size territory, its jurisdiction, is just par for the course.
I mean, why not?
The UN says what can be said and what can't be said about COVID and COVID treatments, or where it came from.
Oh, we say it didn't come out of Wuhan, a lab the UN was running.
And the people writing the whitewashes in the Lancet Journal are the people that ran the program.
Peter Daszak.
Oh, and you, by the way, you can't say hydroxychloroquine, and you can't say rendesivir, and you can't say any of these things, even though they're like 99% effective, because we said so.
I mean, the UN's already in charge of our speech, so why shouldn't we have Pelosi just says, I'm opening federal police offices everywhere, that are intelligence agencies, and watch right-wingers.
Because 600 people went in, maybe 50 of them got in a fight with the police, one guy pooped on her desk.
And so they call it the biggest attack in our country's history.
Bigger than 9-11, as big as Pearl Harbor.
Not since Pearl Harbor has it been so bad, says their talking point.
And here they are.
You add to that what I told you was coming next, and I'm gonna explain this very calmly.
Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab,
All of them have given speeches.
All of them have written white papers.
All of them have been heavily involved saying, we're going to release a virus or a virus is going to appear.
It's not that deadly, but it'll be the test to get the control measures in for a UN response to terrorists releasing a really serious bioweapon.
And the good part about this is, is we'll be able to shut down
Non-essential parts of the economy and cut the carbon, which means make you a prisoner, a slave, a North Korean overnight.
And they wrote that 11 years ago, 7 years ago, 5 years ago, 4 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago.
And we've already gone over Crimson Contagion and Event 201 and Operation Lockstep.
We've done whole shows on each one.
And they lay out exactly how they're going to do it, and how they're going to bring in a world ID, and an implantable chip, and a world medical system, and you'll get to travel outside your town three times in your lifetime.
You'll get meat once a year on your birthday, and no one will be allowed to have cars except for UN bureaucrats.
And by the way, they've officially done that.
I'm going to show you that in a moment.
They exempt themselves from taxes in the EU and the UN.
They will be allowed to have jets.
No one else will be allowed to use jets.
It's all been announced today.
You're like, well, that's tyranny.
So, the White House is embracing new lockdowns.
This is out of the Associated Press, quoted in Town Hall.
Fauci is now saying we need new lockdowns because of the Delta Plus variant, and some other thing that they lie about and say is super deadly.
The exact same lies of a year and a half ago being run again against us now.
But they know if you realize there's no hope, you'd fight back.
So they go, oh, we're going to take the restrictions off and then right back.
That's the enemy's tactic.
Just like the country wakes up to critical race theory saying white people are inherently evil, great racial division and so absolute despotism.
And so what have they announced in Europe, Australia and the US this week?
It doesn't exist.
And the National Education Association came out and said it doesn't exist.
It's a conspiracy theory and deleted it off their website.
But they're going to keep teaching.
Oh, there's no drag queen story time.
Oh, there's no convicted pedophiles.
Oh, there's no... They just found out a state senator in Pennsylvania, a, quote, Republican who's married to the top Democrat, was in satanic-themed porn movies.
Greg Reese is doing a report on that.
And by the way, wait till you hear, the themes of the movies are kidnapped women who are impregnated in gang rapes at satanic events to then harvest the babies for blood drinking.
Oh my goody goody gumdrops.
So, once you realize who we're up against, it all starts making a lot of sense.
You've got all that.
Then you've got Biden, you've got Psaki, Jen Psaki, you've got them all following the exact UN plan that in the first phase, in countries that are used to freedom, you just get used to staying home, wearing masks, social distancing, getting tracking systems, the corporations enforce it.
But in the areas like the UK, Canada, Australia that are under globalist control, it never ends.
And now they're announcing even bigger lockdowns.
There was one case in a town.
It's totally locked down.
There were no cases in a town.
But because there's no cases, we've got to shut the town down because cases might get there.
We can't ever let you get sick again.
And there's new variants because there's always new variants of cold viruses.
And so they're now announcing, hey, we're going to come to your door.
And then, oh, if we see signs,
That you have a fever, if we see signs that you're sick, or just maybe your neighbor did, we're just gonna take you away for quarantine.
If you actually have a fever, you're gonna be isolated, and we're gonna make a medical decision for you to intubate you.
So if you're on the list, they send the contact tracers to your house, they demand at gunpoint the PCR test, it says you have COVID, you're taken away, you're strapped down, a leftist walks in, probably rapes you first,
And then puts a tube down your throat, into your lungs, they turn it up on high, and kill you.
And I'm not joking, they're going to murder you and your family.
They already did it all over New Jersey, all over Houston, Texas, all over New York, all over Europe, where they would get homeless people and say, hey, come on in here.
Notice most of the deaths were at certain hotspot hospitals.
And we even had medical nurses that were in there going, people would come in healthy, they were fine.
They'd grab them, stick tubes down their neck and kill them and get $53,000 for the murder.
And see, you can't wake up to the fact that these are murder squads.
Governor Northam keeps babies alive was his job before he was a governor.
And they harvest their organs and they legalized it in New York and places.
These are ghouls.
These are monsters.
Imagine no bottom, no morals.
In fact, unenjoyment.
Unenjoyment for torture and death and wrong power.
And that's who they are.
So when we come back, I'm going to lay out the plan for lockdown two and the contact tracers coming to your house with weapons.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
America is coming to an end.
All the tell-tale indicators of total tyranny are here.
We've gone over the edge of the cliff.
We're about to be joined by Andrew Torba of the embattled, only true free speech social media network of any gravitas.
In just a moment, President Trump has filed a lawsuit, or is filing a lawsuit, against Big Tech censorship.
That was one of his greatest failures, in my view, was not realizing they could ban him if they could ban us.
He even said it today.
He said, if they can ban me, they can ban you.
I'm glad he finally figured that out.
But coming up at the start of the next hour, I'm going to lay out
The background I've got here for you, if you're a TV viewer, with a knock at the door, who's been injected and who isn't?
And that they're coming to intimidate you and pushing you to take it.
And the key is saying, under the UN guidelines, yeah we're under the UN now, if you don't take the inoculation,
Well, then we're going to come back and say that you're sick and take you away to a quarantine center or into isolation.
We have all the documents on that next hour.
Biden administration launched door-to-door vaccine outreach, literally having the cult of the Democratic Party.
That's who these people are.
This is the Clinton Global Initiative that runs this.
With governmental power coming to your home, and in Australia, and in New Zealand, and in Europe, and in Canada, and many other areas, they come and they take you away.
Have you had any diarrhea, been upset, had a cough lately?
People don't know.
Oh yeah, come with us and they take you away.
That power, that authoritarianism, and the perfect smoke screen for open martial law.
That's what the lockdown was.
That's what all of us is.
So here's Biden.
You know, Psaki came out yesterday and said, oh yeah, we're going to be going door to door.
People couldn't believe it.
Well, here is the puppet in chief himself saying it.
We're good to go.
Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oftentimes door to door, literally knocking on doors, to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus.
Next hour I'll play you all the clips where I show the UN admitting the plan is to begin that relationship with contact tracers, who are the UN Rapid Reaction Force of global governance, to bring in the World ID, to bring in the control in the future.
They're now making first contact, getting you used to a new type of police, your medical police.
Now they have the new Thought Police.
Everything's already been done in Europe, where thousands of people are arrested a year in London alone, overheard saying things that are sexist or racist in restaurants or bars.
And they're always expanding what that list is.
Federal government's now saying bird watching's racist.
French cuisine is racist.
White children on TV is racist.
I actually have the articles here today because this is the ruling class dividing and conquering us and then saying, oh, Western white populations are used to freedoms that came out of Anglo-Saxon law and all the wars that demanded it.
Magna Carta 1215, 1776, July 4th.
In conjunction with the America First Policy Institute, I'm filing, as the lead class representative, a major class action lawsuit against the big tech giants, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, as well as their CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey.
Three real nice guys.
And of course, there is no better evidence that Big Tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting President of the United States earlier this year.
A ban that continues to this day.
So we get the word out, but it's not a fair situation.
Very, very bad for this country.
Very bad for the world.
It's multinational.
If they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone.
And in fact, that is exactly what they're doing.
That's exactly what they're doing.
So we have multinational corporations not even letting us have medical freedom to hear from medical doctors about alternative treatments.
This is total tyranny.
Andrew Torba has been right at the center of this.
Was at Silicon Valley, a very successful programmer.
Years ago decided to break away and form GAB.
GAB is just like Facebook was three, four years ago.
As long as it's not illegal, you can say it or do it.
But now Facebook, the ADL, Southern Property Law Center, Governor Abbott,
And even Trump's people don't want to work with Gab because they allow free speech.
So Trump still hasn't figured this out.
Andrew, I appreciate you coming on.
I know you just had a new addition to the family.
Congratulations on that.
Thank you, Alex.
We're doing well here.
My son is about a week old now.
Many sleepless nights, but we're very blessed.
There's obviously a lot going on.
The President announced this lawsuit today.
Over the course of five years, many people have tried and have failed.
With these lawsuits so I don't think that this is going to be the golden ticket that everybody thinks it is but Nevertheless, it's good to see him talking about this problem and attempting to do something about it but you know the solution is is not to go after the incumbents is not to play by their rules and try to get on their app stores and use their infrastructure and
The solution is what we've been doing for five years, which is building from scratch.
We have to build from scratch in order to protect free speech online for all people.
And it's just really unfortunate that the president hasn't recognized that you're not going to win by playing by the rules of big tech and by trying to appease them.
We're good to go.
That's right, they've been fighting like the devil to keep you from building it.
Oh, build your own thing!
But just briefly, tell folks what you've gone through, the attacks, major congressional letters with Republicans joining in, saying take you off the air when you've got everybody in the world on your great site, millions and millions and tens of millions of people, and that upsets them so much.
Yeah, we have about 20 million people that visit or use our services each and every month and Gab is now really too big to ignore.
So, you know, we see the establishment Republicans and the establishment left, of course, attacking us in many different ways.
The ADL was calling for my arrest and calling for Gab to be shut down.
The American Jewish Congress came after us because Marjorie Taylor Greene is on the site and she's raising, you know, millions of dollars from our community.
We have plenty of America First candidates that are joining the site because they know this is the place where they can speak freely and they can have, you know, a level playing field.
And by the way, I'm going to give you the floor next segment.
I appreciate you being here, but I want people to understand, you're not exaggerating.
I read the open letter that was in Newsweek.
They said,
If this Congresswoman's able to talk to people, they must be shut down.
So they don't want a Congresswoman to have a social media site.
I mean, this is just outrageous.
They're the threat.
That's the most Hitler thing in my lifetime, what the ADL's doing.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's the ADL, it's the American Jewish Congress.
The American Jewish Congress had an open letter in Newsweek that called for exemptions to the First Amendment in order to shut Gab down.
This is really some crazy stuff, and people better start waking up to what's going on in this country, or we are going to lose our First Amendment right, and once we lose the First Amendment right, they're going to come after the second.
You can't let the slaves organize.
Well, that's right.
I mean, Trump can't launch his own social network, he's so surrounded by traitors.
You've got millions and millions of people on his own page, over two million followers for him, but he won't touch you.
We now know because Jared Kushner, I guess, reached out to you guys and said, you must ban free speech and then we'll come on your site.
It's very, very shameful.
We'll be right back.
This is a big, big story.
It's massive.
And it's broken a gab.
It's gotten out there, but it hasn't gotten the huge national attention it needs to.
I like President Trump.
I know the globalists hate him.
I know they stole the election.
I know he's getting good Republicans elected to Congress by record numbers.
But then those Congress people are kicked off Twitter and Facebook and YouTube.
Even members of the Senate have hearings about the Wuhan lab and have witnesses, and that gets blocked.
By Facebook, by Twitter, by YouTube.
And we have a meeting, a secret meeting coming up in just a week or so in California with all the heads of big tech that are going to be meeting there, colluding.
That's called a monopoly.
But here's Andrew Torba.
He leaves Silicon Valley, I don't know what, five, six, seven years ago.
Goes off, starts Gab.
It's been successful for a long time.
And they're trying to shut him down because it's just like the free Internet was three
Well, four years ago, but the reason this is so huge is, he was on months ago saying, we have 2.1 million people just on the Trump page, we update all your tweets there, we put all your press releases out for you, no strings attached, we will give it to you.
Well, he got a response back, and it's not good, ladies and gentlemen, it's not good.
So exclusively from Andrew Torber, the founder of Gab, please give us the sad news.
Because we're not trying to be mean to Trump, but this just shows who's around him.
Yeah, unfortunately the President has a lot of people around him who do not support free speech.
You know, one of the conditions that they had in order for him to join the platform was for us to quote-unquote do something about criticism of Israel and criticism of Jewish people.
Now, let me make something very clear.
Threats of violence or, you know, calling for
Um, you know, any sort of illegal activity towards certain groups or individuals, we have zero tolerance for that.
We've always had zero tolerance for that.
But if you want to criticize certain groups, if you want to criticize certain people, if you want to mock certain people, that is protected by the First Amendment.
And therefore it's protected by Gab's terms of service.
So this was a non-starter for us.
We were not going to budge.
We were not going to sell out.
We are not going to change our terms of service.
And now what we see is, you know, he joins Rumble, the video platform.
And on the day that he joined, they changed their terms of service to ban hate speech.
And to specifically ban antisemitism.
So it appears that what they have done is they have caved to those demands of censorship from the people around the president, whereas we did not.
So, you know, this is the reality of the situation.
A lot of people don't want to hear this.
They don't want to believe this, but the people around the president do not support free speech.
And for whatever reason, he's allowing it.
So, you know, this is something that needs to be confronted and it needs to be talked about.
And that is the reason why he is not on GAAP.
I don't
Uncensored and be able to comment and see what other people are saying about his statements uncensored.
You can follow his account on Gab at RealDonaldTrump.
And by the way, not to interrupt the limited time, we'll do five more minutes in the next hour, but you're giving him a real service that his own people won't do.
He launched his own desk of the former president and it was basically like a one-person message board, 1992-1993 technology.
That totally failed because it wasn't interactive.
So you're doing more than all his people and all his billions can do.
You've got it.
Everything he does, you put there for him and they won't even treat you like you're a human being.
They pretend that we don't exist.
And it's again, it's really unfortunate.
And we're going to continue doing that because I think the people deserve to see what he's saying and they deserve to have a voice and see what other people think about what he's saying, you know, on our platform.
And, you know, we have tens of thousands of people that are engaging with every one of his posts.
You know, some of his engagement is actually, you know, mirroring some of the engagement that he used to get on Twitter in terms of how many people are commenting and reposting and sharing it.
And, you know, one of the things that I think people are not really thinking about right now is, you know, you cannot operate within the big tech ecosystem.
We see Jason Miller launch Getter, which is, you know, you know, their attempt at trying to take on Twitter.
I don't think so.
That's right.
They banned the president and stole the election from him saying it's hate speech.
They define birdwatching as white supremacy now.
I'm not joking, folks.
So there's no limit to this.
We've got to stop surrendering to being called racist.
You cannot use the enemy's lexicon, the enemy's terminology.
You cannot operate within the enemy's framework.
We have to operate outside and we have to totally reject it.
So me, for example, I reject the term hate speech completely.
Are there hateful people in the world?
But you know, this, this concept of hate speech is totally absurd and is totally alien.
Well, that's right.
We don't ban Black Lives Matter when they say white people are inherently evil.
They have a right to be, and we have a right to counter them.
The answer to bad speech is more good speech.
So let's talk about you.
You're the only successful outfit that hasn't sold out.
InfoWars is the only big multimedia independent group that is being super hardcore.
I wish there were more.
Newsmax, you know, even Baktov challenged the election.
I'm not in competition with them.
They do a lot of great work.
I'm glad they're there.
You got Fox Nation.
That's doing a great job, but
We're the only truly independent multimedia radio TV print operation.
You're the only independent social media of any giant size, and that's why you're enemy number one.
And so many fools are like, well, I'm not Gab.
I don't care.
If they can take you down, they can take every body down.
We have mass murder shot on video on YouTube.
I don't
Saying ban Gab?
That's just criminal!
I want to support Governor Abbott, but I can't!
That's monstrous behavior from him!
Yeah, the Republican establishment has been coming after us big time because they know that they cannot control the narrative, they cannot control the flow of information on Gab.
And one of the reasons that, you know, we're still standing and we're so successful and, you know, I would argue the same for you as well, is that we're, you know, supported by our community.
You're supported by the viewers, we're supported by our users.
You know, there have been many times over the past five years
Thank you for
Give me the grace and the humility to reject that temptation and to focus on our mission, because it's so important.
It's not about me.
It's not about shutting me up.
It's about shutting the millions of people on Gab up and getting them complacent with the narratives that the establishment wants them to buy into.
And they can't do that on Gab.
If they come over to Gab, you know, they're welcome to, but I think they're going to find out very quickly what the people think of them and that their narratives don't hold as much weight as they do on the big tech platform.
I'm going to explain it.
The globalist big tech media has made deals and bought off most of the Republican leadership like Governor Abbott.
Google's taken over Texas.
And they want to be able to gaslight us when they do things like open borders and world government and race war.
They don't want people to be able to organize, post an article, a video, show what they saw so other people see that and don't feel alone.
They want us absolutely alone as prisoners on this plantation.
As they roll out the contact tracers and the next variants and the next lockdown, they don't want us to have a place to organize and say, hey, here's hydroxychloroquine, here's rendezvir, you know, here is all these other treatments that are 99% effective.
They want to be able to carry out their crimes against us.
So this is bigger than Democrat-Republican.
This is about the basic right of speech, and it's about this global corporate takeover happening in America right now, and stopping it.
So everybody should join GAB.
Everybody should sign up with Andrew Torbett.
We have five more minutes left.
We've got to go to break.
But I tell you, folks,
This is so important.
I'm going to hit after he's gone in the segment, the second segment, the next hour before we're joined by Nick Fuentes about the contact tracers, what they're going to do when they come to your doors, and how they're going to rapidly escalate that to arresting you and taking you out of your home and setting the precedent to do that.
And once they have that precedent, that's their cover for total martial law, the U.N.
itself, and Klaus Schwab, the Davos Group, admitted
So we'll do five more minutes with Andrew Torb and talk about some of the exciting new developments that are about to be announced, hopefully here today, at Gab and more.
Separately, I'm not supported by big corporate sponsors.
I'm supported by you.
We've extended double Patriot Points and free shipping through Saturday at InfoWarsTore.com.
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All at InfoWarsTore.com, and that keeps us on air, and we salute you and thank you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, final segment with Andrew Torba.
Hopefully you can join me for a special Saturday broadcast, and we'll be doing it with Michael Malice.
But I wanted to raise this.
Globalist technocrats to hold Bilderberg-style secret meeting in Idaho this week.
I was saying next week, but this week's already here.
Time moves so fast as you get older.
And their meeting...
In Idaho, NPR called it the summer camp for billionaires, and the intensely secretive organization, and there they are, all setting up their whole operation.
Global Setting Across the World, Bilderberg secret meeting in Idaho this week.
You know, I'm tempted to jump on a plane and get there right now.
Your comment on that, Andrew Torba, talk about a monopoly, there it is, and then other key things.
What's coming to GAB next, and how do we support GAB?
Yeah, so, I mean, this meeting is, you know, the cool kids club, right?
This is where they decide, you know, how they're going to handle stifling people who are talking about things that they don't want them talking about.
You know, we've seen these style of meetings before the election, and they're probably gearing up for 2022 censorship, if I had to guess, and narrative crafting at these type of things.
In terms of Gab, we have a lot on the table.
So for the past five years, we've been working on defending and protecting free speech online.
Now we're working on building free markets.
So we have GabPay, which is our PayPal alternative that is currently in beta testing.
We're kind of dogfooding it, using it as our own payment processor for ourselves right now.
We're good to go!
The fourth or fifth this year alone under what is likely Operation Chokepoint from the Biden administration.
Of course, we had no problems with banks for the entire Trump administration and all of a sudden Biden gets into office and we've been banned from four or five banks over the past several months.
There's a lot else going on.
We have Gab ads, which we're working on.
There are so many small business owners.
There are so many alternative media outlets and people who just create things and build things and have services and want to get in front of the Gab community.
So that's the next big thing that we're coming out with is the ability to have small business owners, media outlets, whoever wants to really be able to advertise on Gab and reach a very big audience of about 20 million people every month.
So those are the two big things that we're working on right now is really creating a free market on top of the free speech platform so that we can build our own economy separate from, you know, the woke global homo economy that is shutting people down and is pushing all of this propaganda in our faces 24-7.
Well, that's right.
I'm reading about this big, big tech Bilderberg meeting.
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, close advisors to then-President Trump, attended the meeting in 2017, and they're getting all these big tech deals themselves while they, behind the scenes, try to pressure the former president to make you censor free speech on Gab.
I mean, it's really simple what these guys have done, and it's very, very dangerous.
It's un-American.
And now they've suppressed known treatments for COVID-19, making them all accomplices to genocide and violations of the Nuremberg Code.
Well, you know, what I say is if you're on Gab, you're essentially living in the future.
And it's the same thing.
Like if you watch InfoWars, you're living in the future, right?
All the things that are coming out now, you know, we knew and we were talking about and people on Gab were talking about, you were talking about over a year and a half ago, right?
The Wuhan lab stuff and the hydroxychloroquine stuff, all of these things people were talking about and were surfacing on Gab on InfoWars.
So, you know, if you're watching InfoWars, if you're on Gab, congratulations, you're living in the future.
And that's the power of the free flow of information, and that's the power of free speech, and that's why what we're doing is so important, so people can be informed and not told by these oligarchs and by these four or five media companies, four or five big tech companies, what truth is.
Well, I remember back in the day when they said Bilderberg didn't exist.
Now they admit these globalists are meeting in secret.
We had to prove it exists.
Maybe I should get on a plane today and interview you via Skype live from this event in Idaho.
Maybe I should.
I'm serious.
This kind of snuck up on us.
I've been looking for a place to draw attention to Bill Gates.
All right.
Andrew Torba at Gab.
You're amazing.
Everybody should go there and get involved today and also follow our pages.
Thank you so much, sir.
Thanks, Alex.
God bless.
You know, I got a lot of serious news to cover here today.
We've got all the attempts to push forced inoculations and the rest of it unfolding.
And the elite of, quote, Big Tech are meeting in secret to, of course, roll out their next big lockdown, their next big system to force us onto AI to only communicate via Zoom and Skype and all these systems so they can surveil us.
They're meeting right now.
Let me tell you about that.
Coming up here in a moment, but I thought let's have some fun.
This is a video that's going to be the featured video up on Bandop video.
Proof aliens want to rule the world.
That was the joke title Rob Duguay, but I gave it global exclusive aliens interviewed on CNN.
It's a it's pretty hilarious.
And of course it.
is satire.
The CNN will probably say that we're being serious.
But this is actually what Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy had to say.
We just had a little fun with it.
So it's interesting for radio listeners, but really funny for TV viewers.
So I suggest you go watch the video.
It's the featured video at
Band.video, that's a band URL, blocked on Twitter and Facebook, so you need to search Free World News, right there in the corner, right up there, freeworldnews.tv, and then share that link.
You're doing a great job sharing it, folks.
It's having a big effect.
Here it is, world-exclusive, aliens reveal themselves on CNN.
Here it is.
Choose your own reality culture is pervading every corner of American life.
Choose your own reality.
If you want to believe that the pro-Trump riots of January 6th were instigated by the feds, you can choose a show that claims that is true.
You can choose a TV star who claims it's real.
Carlson is a conspiracy monger, but he's far from the first.
As my colleague Oliver Darcy pointed out this week, Carlson is sounding more and more like InfoWars host and notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
You can hear the similarities.
The NSA has been reading our emails.
It's not that I think the government spies on me.
It's admitted that they do.
It is a lie to say there are no risks.
There are risks in everything, including in getting a vaccine.
Everybody's got family that got killed or got sick from a vaccine.
So FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, according to government documents.
It is overwhelming.
All right, Oliver Darcy is back with me.
I think the sound speaks for itself.
Is it a stretch to say that Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones?
It's not a stretch, Brian.
Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones.
If you watch Tucker Carlson's program and you watch Alex Jones's program, they might differ a little bit in antics and the way they deliver their message, but that message to viewers is consistent, and it's pretty identical.
Whether it's talking about vaccine conspiracy theories,
False flag conspiracy theories, deep state conspiracy theories.
The messages that Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones are sending are the same.
They seem to see eye to eye on the biggest issues that they talk about every single night.
Don't blink.
Don't even blink.
Do we know anything about their relationship, or whether they have one?
Because, let me play two back-to-back soundbites.
One is of Tucker sympathizing with Jones, but the other one has Alex Jones basically saying, hey, I'm gonna let Tucker present this January 6th conspiracy theory first.
I'm gonna let Tucker present the inside job theory, because he's gonna do a great job with it.
And when I heard that, I thought, are these two guys in cahoots?
Like, are they friends?
Do they communicate?
Let's listen to these two soundbites, and then we'll talk about it.
I made the decision not to get into this until it broke on Tucker.
Because I thought he'd do a better job than I did.
He did.
He did a great job in 15 minutes.
Why do we laugh at Alex Jones again?
Sincere question.
Are they bros?
What do we know about the relationship?
It does sound like they're talking to each other, right Brian?
Look, you don't have to take it from us.
Just listen to that clip you played of Tucker Carlson.
He's basically saying that he doesn't think that Alex Jones' views are out there.
That they're crazy.
That's right.
I'm not that old, but I remember when the Republican Party and Fox News mocked Alex Jones and said, that guy is crazy, we're not going to touch that sort of stuff.
But now, Fox's face is effectively Alex Jones.
The de facto leader of the Republican Party is touting the same stuff that Jones touts on his show.
And Fox remains silent about what would be, if true, an abuse of power.
If the NSA is actually reading Tucker's emails, then that's really disturbing.
But for some reason Fox hasn't condemned the NSA, they haven't demanded an investigation, they haven't called for congressional inquiry.
Like, Fox hasn't said anything.
It's like they don't believe him.
CNN ratings today low watermark.
This week on Monday, not a single show cracked 1 million viewers.
All right, that full reports at Bandot video.
Nick Fuentes is coming up.
World exclusive.
Aliens reveal themselves on CNN.
It's a funny video where we manipulated their heads, look like aliens.
It's pretty ridiculous.
Hey, I didn't have time to get into this yet.
It's our top story today, but I'm going to cover the Davos group and their move towards total censorship and the big Davos secret meeting going on right now in Idaho.
That's coming up later.
We're going to have all those articles and documents for you on that front.
And what the contact traces are about and how this is the rollout of martial law.
But here we are from last year, several clips.
First, it's Saki saying this yesterday, but several clips laying out the fact that they are coming with door-to-door forced inoculations.
Here it is.
The president outlined five areas his team is focused on to get more Americans vaccinated.
One, targeted community-by-community, door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is.
They're establishing Maoist-style brigades across Europe and the United States that will be the general public in uniforms.
Enforcing forced inoculation.
They're going to use peer pressure to do it.
And they're going to use a medical tyranny because they can claim that it's, quote, un-ideological.
This is exactly what I would do if I was going to be taking over like this.
National brigades coming to forcibly inoculate you and your family, reporting and tracking with dogs that, quote, smell COVID.
Oh, but it's not political.
It's for everyone's safety, but it's the Democrats and the WHO with all their fake models and all their lies and Fauci running the lab.
Congress introduces bill to allow government to mass test Americans for COVID-19 in their homes.
And ladies and gentlemen, let me give you
The bill number, shall I?
6 6 6 6 Just like that, world governments announced forced inoculations and plantable microchips.
Tracer teams to come inspect your home.
And now 60 plus days later, it's like, oh, this is never going to end.
We're going to come to your house.
They now are.
I have the articles.
And we're going to forcibly inoculate you.
This will be true warfare, economic, cultural, and then physical.
The rollout of secret police, arrest teams, contact tracers, it's all official.
Now everything we've warned of is now out in the open.
Indian towns that refuse the inoculation.
Because the town elders are, there's video throwing out the UN injectors.
They're having their power cut off for not taking the voluntary injections.
And it's all over the news that they're going to start doing similar things here in the United States.
They're announcing, according to your phone number and who you are, they're going to come to your house if you haven't been shot up.
Remember the contact tracers?
Remember the Clinton Global Initiative last year?
Now they're coming to your house because you haven't had the shot.
And in the future, they're going to come and drag your ass out!
We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
Door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated.
Tomorrow's news, today.
So, 125 years ago or so, Cecil Rhodes published several big books.
You can go out there and look them up and even buy them today.
And he wanted the British Empire model to go worldwide but be corporate so there wasn't a flag over it.
And he talked about the different things they needed to control people.
A world court, a world army, a license to be able to travel, a license to be able to do business, and they could have a centralized world government through corporations combining their forces together.
Well now the Patriot Act that we warned of 20 years ago.
is used against the American people.
And now you've got members of Congress and others on no-fly list.
No judge, no jury.
You can't get on an airplane.
Not a watch list where they harass you.
Can't get on an airplane.
And now Pelosi says, oh, I'm announcing a new federal bureaucracy, a new Praetorian Guard that will set up offices all over the country, starting in California and Florida.
It's already happening.
That are going to hunt down
Critics of Congress after the great insurrection and the calls for arrest of myself and Nick Fuentes only intensify.
Nick Fuentes is in Texas today, and could Nick Fuentes fly here from his native city of Chicago?
And the answer is, well, he'll give you that answer.
But a real cherry on top, they're trying to shut down Gab because it's like the rest of the internet was just four years ago, three years ago, allows everybody on there as long as you're not being illegal or porn or threats of murder.
And now even the governor of Texas wants to shut down.
The ADL wants to shut down.
Well, Nick Fuentes, America first, because he's articulate and he's smart and he's popular.
Well, is he allowed to fly?
Because, you know, several months ago he tried to fly.
To Florida in a big tech demonstration, calling for the governor to pass a law, which he did, which the federal court just overturned, by the way.
Nick was just trying to fly to exercise his First Amendment.
You know, America's not a police state.
Well, was he able to fly to Austin?
Nick Fuentes, great to have you in the studio.
Yeah, great to be with you.
Thanks for having me.
To answer your question, no, I was not allowed to fly down here to Austin.
And that's right, this all started in late April.
I tried to get down to Florida for
A small demonstration.
We plan to do a press conference to demonstrate in favor of Governor Ron DeSantis' big tech lock.
And I found out the day of.
I arrived at the airport early in the morning, tried to get on the plane, tried to actually couldn't even get a boarding pass.
Tried to get my boarding pass and was told at the security gate that I wasn't allowed to fly.
And I tried three different airlines, two different airports throughout the day, different destinations.
And the answer was the same.
I called the TSA and they told me that they don't even confirm or deny whether or not you're on the list.
You just basically have to assume if you can't fly.
That's total Kafka-esque where you're like, this is a social credit score.
Yes, it's no different.
It's no different than what they have in China, and conservatives in particular will talk about the atrocities against the Uyghurs, and they'll talk about the social credit system in China, but what we have here is no different.
In China, if you criticize the government, they prevent you from buying train tickets, plane tickets, they prevent you from having access to credit or things like that.
It's no different than in America right now, and particularly with the capital rioters,
They just announced that they're gonna ban people who are charged in connection with the Capitol from Facebook.
They'll ban people who are saying that it was a false flag operation or that the federal government was involved.
Or if your lawyer, your lawyer goes on your Facebook and says, hey, Jenny didn't, uh...
They waved her in.
Go in.
She didn't know.
You're not allowed to defend yourself in public.
You've got to be railroaded.
And it's getting this way with everything.
Not just the private sector.
Not just with big tech.
But now it's with the government too.
Now it's the no-fly list.
It's DHS.
It's the Capitol Police.
Which is the definition of fascism.
The merger of corporate and state power.
That's right, and it's creating a totalitarian police state in America for anybody that opposes the status quo.
Anybody that speaks out against the United Nations.
Which is the Wii Spa, a mainly Korean spa, where an Anglo man with a beard and large genitals went in the women's bathrooms and pulled his genitals out.
The women covered themselves, called police.
The police said, that's good what you saw.
So see, they'll be put on no-fly list, I guess, next.
Because their six-year-old daughter saw it.
That's normal, you see.
Right, yeah.
Anybody that's against that apparently is now an enemy of the state, a terrorist.
And that's the kind of language that they use.
And Antifa came out and beat them up.
I forgot that part.
Right, yeah, they came out and beat up, and these were, by the way, these weren't like hardcore, even conservatives, I don't think.
These are people offended by something.
Oh no, these Asians said, we're Democrats, we don't even know, but they beat them up.
They're like, imagine being Antifa.
Put on their black capes.
Oh my god, you don't want your six-year-old in the shower seeing a Manz Johnson.
We're gonna beat you up, and there's video of them beating him up.
Yeah, if you don't want to be molested, if you don't want your kids molested, Antifa's gonna come and beat you up with a baseball bat.
And you're right, they're Asian and Democrats.
It's not even like these are hardcore Trump supporters or, you know, the conventional adversary of Antifa.
These are people that they purport to want to defend.
And that's almost the worst part about this as a police state, is it's a police state in favor of the most insane, perverse, evil stuff that there is.
They're enforcing- It's like a cartoon!
It's like a hallucination!
It's like, this isn't real!
Right, it's like a gay police state.
It's like a big gay queer police state.
It's like a gay pride parade, which is feces, cutting themselves, pooping everywhere.
I mean, it's like, we're going to do this, you're going to worship it.
That's right.
And if you don't, you go to jail.
Well, it sure went from let us have gay marriage to like, suddenly, like, let us have your kids.
It went from zero to a thousand, like, boom.
Right, well first it was, no one's bothering anybody, they're gonna get married and that doesn't affect you, and now it's state-enforced homosexuality.
It's in the schools, it's in the parades, it's on TV, it's in football, it's on the Super Bowl, social media, and increasingly, if you oppose it, now you're on the other side of the law.
Law-abiding, conservative, Christian people are now terrorists, according to the government, if they oppose this stuff.
So, you know, sometimes the police state might be like kind of cool, like I look at
Star Wars, I look at the Empire, and you could say, you know, maybe that might be a cool thing or something, still obviously wrong, but this is a tyranny in favor of something that's so disgusting and perverse.
This is a tyranny in favor of pooping in the street.
Because remember, the mayor of Portland a while back said, oh, pooping in the street's a good thing.
That's right.
Yeah, San Francisco.
It's the San Francisco, Portland, California, the big global homo police state and we all have to live in it.
Otherwise, you wind up like me and you're on the no-fly list.
They take your money.
And look at Antifa white dudes trying to attack the Hispanic guy that doesn't want men exposing themselves to children.
Because he's the bad guy.
Right, yeah.
People think that if you're liberal, they think if you go along with this that you're going to be protected.
And that's the thing.
Nobody's going to be protected.
I mean, obviously, you could see that.
It's even moderate Democrats.
It's people like Andy Ngo.
Andy Ngo is like a liberal.
Andy Ngo is not even white.
He's up there in Portland covering Antifa and they're trying to like decapitate this guy.
I mean, they follow him to Colorado and hunt him down.
And it's many people like this.
And a lot of conservatives, I think, are under the impression that if you go along with it,
If you just put your head down, if you don't speak out, if you're not too extreme, they'll leave you alone.
And what we're learning is that they're not leaving anybody alone.
And it's not just conservatives, it's liberals too.
It's only these people.
It's about rampaging, empowerment, and taking over.
The litmus test is, let a big, fat, obese man in clown paint have your child bounce on their knee, or we're gonna arrest you.
Because if you'll put up with that, or naked men in showers with six-year-old girls, you'll do anything.
It's a litmus test.
That's right.
It's about humiliation and it's about control.
I think that's ultimately the endgame is about demoralization.
By the way, let's B-roll when we come back.
We got like hours of this.
The black woman marching with all the white guys wearing masks.
And again, if that randomly happened, who cares?
But it's all the image of the big black woman and all the white guys wearing their masks.
She's not wearing the mask.
It's a symbol of slavery, like a dog collar around somebody's neck.
That's literally it, yeah.
It is slavery.
And what she's chanting is, and it just goes on and on.
Oh yeah, yeah.
And you see these parades, and that's what it is.
They're marching around and they're demonstrating their control over us.
That's all that that is.
And that's why it's actually, you know, for people... Hold on, stay there.
Nick Fuentes in studio.
Had to drive here on no-fly list.
Think about that.
All right, folks.
Nick Fuentes is live in studio with us right now.
And as we speak, Big Tech is meeting in Idaho
At their quote, summer camp for billionaires who decide the next pandemic they want to release, the next lockdown, the next censorship, the next attack.
This is true fascism that we are dealing with here.
And Nick Fuentes is on a no-fly list.
He has a lawyer.
They're going through a process before they can even file suit.
They have to go through the bureaucracy.
Moguls, deals, and Patagonia vest.
A look inside summer camp for billionaires.
So, they're all flying around on their private jets.
The EU is passing a regulation where there's carbon taxes on all commercial flights, but not on private jets.
I mean, these guys exempt themselves from every tax, every regulation.
They're totally and completely ruthless.
They're all in bed with the communist Chinese dictators.
We now have Charlie Munger, who is Bill Gates's lawyer and one of the co-owners of Berkshire Hathaway with Warren Buffett saying, I love communist China.
I want to be like them.
I want to be able to arrest any American we want.
I played that yesterday.
This is a tyrannical coming out, Nick Fuentes.
And next segment, I've got a clip of official Chinese state media propaganda.
With a professor addressing the government in a huge arena saying, we control America through the U.S.
We are merging with America now.
We have defeated the American patriots.
Trump is gone.
They're glad Trump is gone.
So say what you want.
I mean, this is incredible declarations of tyranny against us.
That's right.
This is the takeover.
And this is something that you've talked about for decades and people have been warning about for a long time on talk radio.
And many people have seen this coming ever since George Bush said we had a new world order.
They're finally going mask off and making their move.
You know, if people thought this was like a doomsday prophecy or something like that, you could see it transpiring right now before our very eyes.
And it's it's not just the government.
It's the corporations, too.
I think the lockdown and the covid pandemic was basically
That was the beginning.
That was the initiation of maybe the closing stages of the takeover and of total control.
Because what we have right now is a system where the people that dissent against the government, the people that dissent against the system, are now being persecuted legally from the government.
The elites that run the country
Jeff Bezos, the billionaires, multinational corporation owners and shareholders and people like that.
They fly all over the country.
They make up the rules.
There's almost like a one-to-one correlation between what they want and what the government does.
So we're living in it right now.
It started with the pandemic.
The election fraud was a part of it.
The Capitol was sort of like the Reichstag fire.
That's the pretext that they used to crack down on all political dissent.
And over the next four years, under the so-called
Biden administration, the Harris administration, it's like the New World Order administration.
That's going to be the period of consolidation of total power, total control by the globalists.
I think this is like the last stand.
If it wasn't five years ago, if it wasn't 20 years ago, we're living through it right now.
This is where we have to start to come up with some solutions and stage some kind of last play here.
Because honestly, we were out of time a long time ago.
We're in the end game right now.
We're in overtime as it stands.
Well that's absolutely right.
This is a new type of attack.
It's not airplanes, it's not tanks, it's not troops at this point.
It's economic, it's shut down your enemies, it's declare everybody non-essential.
So they collapse, you expand, you get more powerful, you train the public to wear these
Don't worry.
They're depopulationist who just use that as their excuse to be as greedy and hateful as they want.
These are not free market folks.
These are monopoly people.
The businesses are not free market.
What we have now is like an oligopolistic system.
It's not Main Street.
It's not a lemonade stand.
We're talking about total synchronicity between the government and the corporations.
They all hate you, by the way, too.
They're all working against you and your kids at the same time.
And let's explain that.
For folks that aren't involved in business and procuring products, people don't know, but you know stuff isn't on the store shelves in a lot of areas and stuff takes three times longer to get now.
The globalists cut off all the trade, then they come in and selectively unfreeze it and then they buy it up to shut down all their competition.
So it's not free market, it is pure monopolistic predatory activity.
That's right, they blew up the economy.
And, you know, I've talked about this on my show.
They made it illegal for businesses to stay open.
They told people, you have to go home if you're not essential.
And what did they deem essential?
Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon.
So none of the money went to the nail salon, or the haircutting place, or the local small grocery store, or the mom-and-pop hardware store, or any of those places.
It didn't go to the local restaurant.
It all went through them, why they doubled profits.
And so are they incentivized to do it again?
You bet your ass they are.
That's the basis of the Great Reset.
Wipe out all the economic activity, destroy all the wealth held by the working middle class, and then
We're good to go.
What comes next is is basically what we have right now on steroids.
You're already seeing it.
We're living through like the great terror, but we're going to get to this.
This is the training wheels.
That's right.
This is the training wheels.
That's right.
People, like you said, they're learning to wear the masks.
They're learning to comply with the trannies in the nail salon and things like that.
Now they're learning to be disappear when they come to your house.
The contact tracers.
Yup, yeah, and when they go door-to-door to try to vaccinate people, this was the training.
And guess what?
America failed.
It's very sad to see.
But last year, they shut down the whole economy.
They said everybody wears masks.
Fake pandemic.
People went along with it.
It's been over a year since all this started, and there's been, like, no major resistance.
Outside of you, and outside of me, and other prominent conservatives voicing resistance against this.
And they're creating a rhythm.
Because if they kept pushing, resistance would form.
We'd defeat them.
But as soon as resistance forms, they let off.
So that next time people go, hey, just get over it, it'll stop later.
And the next time it never ends.
It's a pressure release valve.
Now people are starting to get upset.
So they say, OK, well, you know, you can come back out.
But they're already talking about there's a new strain of the virus.
They're talking about in Japan, they just declared a state of emergency before the Olympics.
And before you know it, once people are ready to accept another lockdown, it's going to arrive.
This is a permanent emergency.
Mark that word down.
The globalists call it the end of history via a permanent emergency.
You are non-essential.
And I should have gone to this thing in Idaho.
It's taking place.
It's the real Bilderberg Group meeting now.
I can't.
I'm locked down.
I'm nailed down here.
But I will tell you next year we will go because we should see a hundred thousand, a million people there protesting these individuals because that's what they're scared of.
They've never faced pushback and these monsters, look at them, all white men.
And they all finance the media saying white men are the devil, the white guy next to you, the local cop, blah, blah, blah.
While they steal and rob the whole world and carry out starvation with lockdowns, they then tell you white people are bad.
An overhead shot, please.
And look at these guys, all a bunch of old white men with Brian Stelter there kneeling before them.
Can you guys give me an overhead shot, please?
I want to show TV viewers this.
I guess our computer doesn't work.
All right.
Well, again, Nick Fuentes is here with us.
But I mean, there they all are, ladies and gentlemen.
And again, but they're telling you how white men are bad.
All day long, Nick.
Yeah, those people are the enemies of mankind.
You know, you see these protests outside, and what are people protesting exactly?
People are protesting about partisan things, they're protesting about public policy.
Look at Idaho, what's happening right now.
These are the people, these are the masters of the universe.
Look at Big Tech.
These are the ones making up all the rules.
And so it's about time that people start to sort of reorient and understand the nature of the conflict, which is not between the nominally right-wing people,
Nominally left-wing people.
It's between the globalist elites that are turning our country into a police state.
Ultra-rich, out-of-control, Chinese slave camp-running weirdos telling us we're not essential and we're all gonna die and we should roll over and we're all racists.
Screw them, man!
Yeah, absolutely.
And millions of people should show up to their mansions and protest.
Let them feel the heat.
You know, it's so sickening to see people get out on the streets and protest everything else, everything other than the people that are the source of all the problems in the country.
Let them protest outside Mark Zuckerberg's house or Bill Gates' house or something like that.
Those are the people responsible for the lockdown, not, I mean, ultimately the government and things like that are unfortunate.
Sure, but it's big tech and the UN, they all wrote it, they did it.
Right, right.
And everything else is just the enforcement mechanism.
So we have to lay the blame at the feet of the people that are responsible for this.
They never get named.
They never get talked about.
And they think we're too dumb to mark our calendar and know where they are next year and go there and get in their face.
Because they're the ones telling the Democrats, get in our face at gas stations, get in our face at the store.
I don't want to get in their face violently.
I want to get in their face and let them know you're a criminal, you run slave camps, and America is aware of who you are.
We'll be right back with Nick Fuentes.
We'll talk about the China angle.
Stay with us.
Imagine in the year 2021 if you're simply America first and believe in basic American Christian conservative capitalist values.
You are banned from flying on an airplane.
They don't give you a ticket.
You can't go to a court.
They just say it's secret.
Under the Patriot Act, which is now, they tell us the main threat is white people, is Americans.
And Nick Fuentes is on that no-fly list.
And the message is simple from the globalists.
Shut up and do what we want or you can't fly on an airplane.
You can't have a job.
You can't have a bank account.
But once you give in to that, you lose everything that made you free and you become a slave.
So those going along with this are in for a rude awakening because we've reached the point of collapse of no return with this tyranny.
Big article from Gateway Pundit on a revolver article.
This video actually came out about a year ago, but I'm glad it's getting attention now.
Or it came out right after Trump had the election stolen from him, I guess, six months ago.
Video uncovered of Chinese professor claiming U.S.
elites teamed up with China to take control of America.
Professor Dee was addressing the big Politburo in the military, and he goes on in these incredible quotes to say, we control the core elite of America.
We control their major bankers and Wall Street.
Trump got in the way of that, but now that he's gone, we are continuing with the merger of China and the United States.
Hell, why not read it?
Was not under the control of Wall Street or the Wall Street aligned DC establishment.
But this is the election of Joe Biden.
He said business as usual could resume in the US.
China trade war, they tried to help us.
My friends in the U.S.
told me they tried to help, but they couldn't.
Now with Biden winning the election, the traditional elites, political elites, the establishment, they have a very close relationship with Wall Street.
He goes on to brag that China has dominated the United States.
This is what's on Chinese TV.
And I guess it gets more views if you say uncovered.
It's like saying the Washington Monument was uncovered.
They're on TV bragging.
Here's another one.
Americans finally agree on something.
Most Americans believe someone other than Biden is running the show.
Who is running the show?
Nick Fuentes.
And how do we counter this?
It's the people behind Biden.
It's the entire American regime.
It's the deep state.
It's academia, multinational corporations.
A lot of people look at the president and think he's in charge.
Clearly, over the last four years, that wasn't the case under Donald Trump.
It was the people in the West Wing, it was the people entrenched in the Pentagon and the agencies and the rest of the administration, and in the party leadership that were running the show.
And so if we really want to push back on what's happening in the country, it's not sufficient to say, we're going to vote against Democrats in the next election.
Although of course we will, it's not sufficient to say, elect more Republicans or do partisan activism.
We have to identify and name the people that are truly behind these edicts, behind these terrible
I think so.
With Ron DeSantis in Florida.
We elected Donald Trump in 2016 and what turned out is that he was actually isolated inside the White House.
Putting him inside the White House, inside the Capitol, put him in a position where he was surrounded by enemies.
Surrounded by and isolated by people that have been in Washington D.C.
for 30 years.
People that know the system better than him, know the game better than him, have a clear and very active agenda at work right now.
It didn't work.
It didn't save the country.
It wasn't enough.
We're seeing an emerging model with Ron DeSantis where a lot of people love him.
I think there are some bad people that love him, which is a little concerning to me, like Bill Kristol, for example.
Bill Maher likes him!
So there's, it's a little bit of a mixed bag, but we're beginning to see that...
Right, yeah.
Conservative Americans have power in a lot of the country.
There are, I think it's 27 states with a Republican governor.
There are over 25 states with Republican state legislatures.
We have political power as conservatives.
There's not just a separation of power between the White House and the Congress and the Supreme Court.
There's a vertical separation between the states and the federal government.
And so if the
Federal government in D.C.
is totally compromised, totally entrenched, unbeatable with electoral math.
We can look at these 26 states from Idaho all the way to Florida, and if we begin putting governors in power that are going to do things to resist D.C.
and all the foreign influence that's happening in D.C., I think that that may be the most viable path forward to begin rolling back that influence.
Exactly, but we must recognize as a people, not count on DC, not count on media lead, but grassroots ideas of globalism.
The New World Order, who wants open borders, who wants us to be like China.
And now we have the Prime Minister of Canada, and we have British leaders, and European leaders, and other leaders, and U.S.
leaders, and people like Bill Gates praising the Chinese model, Charlie Munger saying we should arrest whoever we want and don't like.
These are really bad guys.
These are villains trying to normalize their censorship, normalize their control.
We have to organize as Americans and say, this is our country, you're not doing this, and realize they're wrapping their whole globalist slave camp corporate takeover in a rainbow flag that has nothing to do with two dudes in a building having sex together and everything with dominance and control.
If Hitler would have worn a rainbow uniform, he would have won.
If Stalin would have worn a rainbow uniform, he would have won.
Because we think of like powerful evil guys wearing black or whatever.
No, they wear pink sweaters, folks, and they do it so that they look non-threatening.
That's true, and they're evil, and they try to appear as non-threatening and as easy-going as possible, but you're right.
And so when you recognize the foreign influence that's happening in D.C.
from China, and from other countries, and even from non-state actors too, from supranational organizations like the U.N., and even from non-state actors like multinational corporations, interest groups, once you recognize that the corruption is so thorough,
So pervasive.
It's entrenched.
We have to build a totally parallel system of American patriots.
I think in a lot of ways the federal government is almost like...
It's totally controlled.
We tried it with Trump.
It didn't work.
I don't know the getting... Listen, they've made us outlaws.
We have to break away and rebuild America again.
That's right.
I mean, the system's been conquered.
That's right.
And listen, the globalists aren't just taking over with monopoly.
They're taking over with criminal action to shut down all their competition, even that submits to them, because it's all about centralization.
Like Jack Ma, who just innovated, set up a company, so they arrested him and put him in a FEMA camp.
I mean, they put him in a forced labor camp.
I mean, that's it.
And then our elites praise that.
That's who they are.
They would do that to us if they could.
Charlie Munger said, I want to do in America what they do in China.
I want to come back in the next hour with Nick Fuentes.
By the way, I'm glad to hear you're in town.
Last week I heard you were coming.
Great to have you.
Why are you in Austin?
We love having you here.
Well, we're here on a road trip.
We're taking stops all across the country, meeting up with America First Patriots.
We're actually supposed to be in Phoenix for a fundraiser with Representative Paul Gosar, which came under intense scrutiny.
But I said, you know, while we're in town, why don't we circle back?
Well, I'm honored to have you, and I'm glad you're here.
And, you know, we're all Nick Fuentes.
We're all Alex Jones.
They're trying to ban us.
They're lying about who we are.
And it's not going to work.
And it's good to have you here.
We're going to... What do you want to hit the next 15 minutes when we come back?
Uh, why don't we continue on?
I think we're on a good track here.
How long are you in Austin?
I'll be here until tomorrow morning.
Oh, man.
I tell you.
Well, that's, well, it's great to have you here while you're here.
Thank you so much for having me.
You got to drive.
It's great to be here.
I love to drive.
I know, but it's just, I mean, look, I know I'm next.
I'm like looking at you.
This is so tyrannical.
This is such BS.
Classic empathy.
I'm feeling sorry for him and I'm upset because I know I'm next and you're next.
That's what empathy is about folks.
Something these globalist psychos don't understand.
That's why they get burned by their own tyranny.
Separately, the only way we circumvent the censors is you spreading the word, you sharing the articles, you taking snips out of the show and putting them on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, and you're doing it.
Keep doing it.
We are overriding the globalists thanks to you.
You sharing the word is just as important as what we do on air, so I salute you and I thank you of every race, color, and creed who have red blood and love liberty, whether you're a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, gay, straight.
If you love freedom,
But you don't want a post-human era?
We're in this together.
We also need your financial support, plus we have great products you already need.
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Double Patriot Points.
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See, when I'm wrong, I'm right.
You average two together, it's
All right, we got Nick Fuentes for two more segments, and then Max Keiser is scheduled to be in studio with us.
Nick, I gotta ask a lot of questions here, but I just can't get over the fact that you have no criminal record, you're a well-spoken, very popular guy, I agree with like 99% of the stuff you say, but even if I disagree with you, you're not a criminal, you're on a no-fly list for two-plus months now, and they won't tell you why.
I mean, this is just outrageous!
It's like Julian Assange
The witnesses against him now, I mean, it was all a fraud and a lie.
He's been in jail for nine years.
They're killing him.
I mean, this is just out of control.
Yeah, it's no charge.
It's no crime.
I haven't done anything wrong.
And, you know, I think this is kind of what they're doing.
They're just putting the screws now on people that are opposing the system.
Because, you know, like you said, I'm somebody who hasn't even done anything wrong.
It'd be one thing if it was a
I think so.
Push me on there, fly me to Wisconsin or Michigan or whatever from the border.
So yeah, and it's happening to me not just in that way but in other ways too.
They took money from my bank account, I'm banned on social media.
The real troubling thing is that it's turning into a government persecution.
For a long time it was social ostracism, it was the private sector, it was big tech, it was employers, it was academia.
Now it's the government.
What's concerning about the government is that government has the guns.
Government makes the rules.
And so, now that we're on the wrong side of the government, they can call you a terrorist, break down your door, go in your house, take your stuff, take your money.
And by the way, were you guys pulling from yesterday's stack that national threat assessment put out by Biden two weeks ago, where he says protesting the election, protesting lockdowns is white supremacism?
So if you're white supremacist, you have rights too, but anything they want to label that, now you have no rights and the anti-terror apparatus is used on you, that is just preposterous.
They've categorized political dissent as terrorism now, and people need to open up their eyes and realize that.
It is.
There's a lot of liberals that look at somebody like me or you and they say, right-wing nutjob, conspiracy theorist, something like that.
We have done nothing wrong.
We have rights.
This is America.
We have a constitution.
We're not terrorists.
And once the government is able to just redefine everything that they don't like as terrorism, nobody is safe.
You know, guess what?
Liberals, conservatives, people on Fox News, people on MSNBC, it all comes down to who's then in control of the Capitol.
So we are creating a... What was that latest headline?
Put that back up, please.
Cancel-proof activists are trying to get Nick Fuentes, a far-right video streamer from Western Servers, kicked off the internet.
It might be impossible.
Yeah, that was back... The SPLC has been trying very hard to get me kicked off Twitter for the past year.
And we developed this cancel-proof streaming platform, my site, AmericaFirst.live, to do my show.
They're very frustrated because they don't know how to take it off, much like InfoWars, you know, they got... And so that's their thing, oh, we'll just put them on a fly list then.
That's right, that's right.
You're like, Jack Ma, we'll show you Sonny.
Did you see Charlie Munger say, one of the main owners of Berkshire Hathaway, Bill Gates' lawyer and mentor, like, we'll just arrest people we don't like, like China.
I like that.
Arrest these Sonny boys.
Yeah, I did see that.
They don't even hide it, you know.
No, it's just that they rely on people's ignorance.
They rely on people to be ignorant, and they rely on people, even if they hear about things like that, to not believe it.
Because, and I've talked about this before on my show too, the term conspiracy theorist or theory was basically created by the FBI.
It's meant to stigmatize anybody that opposes the official government narrative.
You know, you talk about something like that, it's totally factual, and you might have a moderator go, let's get a fact check on that.
Okay, here's the clip, here's the quote, but they rely on people to say, oh well.
But that's a conspiracy theory.
That's not reputable or something or other.
It convinces people to not trust their own eyes, what they see with their own eyes and what they hear with their own ears.
But it's all out there and the elites have never hidden their agenda.
They've been talking about it for hundreds of years, maybe thousands of years.
They've just straight up said what they're going to do and it's not difficult to find if
You're looking.
It's a little different than that.
They're going to take over, incrementally shut down all competition, shut down resources, starve people until they agree to take poison vaccines that don't just sterilize you but kill you.
I mean, that's what they're doing, they're just smiling about it, going, yeah, sonny boy, yeah.
Well, and what's amazing... I'm not the only one that's going to die soon at almost 100.
I'm going to take you with me, Satan says so.
I'm Charlie Munger, I'm going to kill you.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Let yourself go.
All right, Nick Fuentes riding shotgun here on the Alex Jones Show, and I want to invite you to come in and tape with me in the morning for like an hour before you leave town, because I'm doing a commercial-free Saturday podcast.
Part of it's live, part of it's taped.
Every show gets over a million views.
Some of the ones you've been on have had like two million views.
And that's on our own platform.
That is really the model of fighting back against these people.
I know you've seen it.
But I wanted to raise this.
The National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.
Jonathan Turley, a lot of big liberal professors, lawyers have said this is a declaration of war.
against America.
It says, we will define you as a white supremacist, and if you're defined as that, we will then use the Pentagon, the CIA, to stop your networks, to frustrate you.
Talking about this report on CNN, MSNBC, FBI spokespersons, like Frank Ficitoli, or whatever his name is, said, we will, quote, attack members of Congress as terrorists.
Anyone that invokes terror and white supremacism, which means questioning the election,
Questioning the election, questioning lockdowns, questioning inoculations.
These are all our basic rights.
And it actually says it, that they will then have you arrested.
But first, they will frustrate your terror network.
So, everyone always warned they'd use the Homeland Security apparatus against the American people.
Now they're doing it for our political views, Nick Fuentes, and they've put you on a no-fly list.
But you're not giving up, but you were going to Arizona.
They flipped out about that with Congressman Gozer, who's a great guy.
And so that's not happening.
I mean, they're just, they're everywhere.
They're silencing and bullying the opposition.
I think Lister should realize what a champion you and others are.
This is a total war, a total fight.
I mean, we are so deep down the rat hole now.
Like Trump used to say, they're trying to get through me to get to you.
And that's what this is.
That's what this is!
That's right.
Well, and they got through Trump.
And now you're seeing it's been just six months since the Capitol.
And they've gone after, I think it's 500 plus people have been arrested in connection with the Capitol riot.
They've gone after you.
They've been going after you for a long time.
They're going after me.
And pretty soon they're going to be going door to door, literally in your neighborhood, going after each and every person who resists.
And they say, as you pointed out before we went live, I said, what do you want to cover?
During the quote pandemic, they hard-coded on Apple and Droid as an agreement an app that's hidden, whether you like it or not, on the operating system that tracks where you go, you can't turn it off, and has your political info, so they're going to use this to harass patriots.
That's their real plan.
This is a smoke screen for mass arrest.
It is!
Well, and I remember I saw that announcement from Jen Psaki, the press secretary.
She said, community outreach going door-to-door to see if you're not vaccinated.
And my first thought is, wait a second, how do they know who's not vaccinated?
They put it in every single mobile smartphone in America.
And it's not, you don't have to download it voluntarily.
It's installed there.
It's forced and it's hidden and you can't see it.
And this is just a gateway for law enforcement, for the federal government to spy on everybody.
And that's, that's what all these mechanisms are for.
That's what 9-11 was about.
That's what the War on Terror was about.
That's what COVID is about.
It's about creating a pretext for more jurisdiction for encroaching power.
And a lot of folks go, well, I don't care what I'm spied on.
Well, why do you have windows?
Why do you have doors?
It's to keep bad things out.
They admit they're going to use it to shut you down.
And once other people accept that you're not essential and you're put in a digital gulag and bankrupted, the plans to do it to everybody.
They want to make us poor to control us.
They're breaking the social contract.
They don't want an upwardly mobile, quote,
You know, group that wastes resources.
They want you poor.
They do.
They want a slave state.
They want a country that's full of peasants.
Uneducated, ignorant, vulnerable peasants that own nothing that's in their own documents.
World Economic Council.
You'll own nothing and be happy.
And by the way, the guys pulled up Massachusetts doing it and they've all done it.
But if you just simply type in Google and Apple agree.
Rare agreement by Google and Apple on tracking software on phones.
It happened 16 months ago.
Well, and more to your point, you know, you said people say, well, I'm not doing anything wrong.
Go ahead.
Some people say this.
I'm not doing anything wrong.
What do I have to be concerned about if the government is spying on me?
They've criminalized dissent.
They've criminalized people criticizing the government.
And so, like what we've seen with this vaccine, people are reporting through the VAERS system, V-A-E-R-S.
People are having very bad reactions to the vaccine.
They're having heart problems, they're having lung problems.
This is a perfect instance.
If you resist getting this mandatory vaccine when you go back to work or go back to school, this has been criminalized.
You're a terrorist!
If you were a normal person maybe ten years ago, you wouldn't have anything to worry about.
Well, if people are spying on me, what are they going to say?
Well, they're saying... National TV showed little white kids had to be in a corner of the field.
Waving at a soccer game, the news said, this is racist, don't show it.
Even seeing white people is now that.
Yes, and all white people are racist.
That's one of the most pernicious narratives there is.
They say at once, racist is the worst thing that you can be.
Then they say only white people can be racist because racism is prejudice plus power.
And they say all white people are racist.
Liberals are racist even if they're white, even if you're a so-called ally, even if you're a BLM supporter.
So think of it.
Racist is the worst thing it could be.
Only white people can be racist.
Oh, and by the way, no matter what you do, no matter what you believe, all white people are racist.
Where do people think that's headed?
Where do people think that's going?
That's what it is.
It's white genocide.
Why do you think everybody wants to get into white countries, but then whites are so bad?
That's a great question.
I mean, they say it once, white supremacy is killing non-white people.
Oh, it's so exhausting being a person of color in America, but yet they literally go from Nicaragua a thousand miles across the desert in Mexico to come here.
It's because we have nice places to live.
We have pretty nice things.
We have nice cities.
No one's getting decapitated or necklaced like they do in Africa or Mexico or anything or Middle East.
So people come here, they like to get jobs, they like to live in a normal, healthy, sane country.
The problem is, they tend to bring with them the kinds of conditions that they left in the first place.
You know, it's not really a coincidence that those places are the way that they are.
Africa, Latin America, other places.
They pack up Africa, they pack up Mexico, and they walk right across the border and they bring it here.
And that's ultimately the problem.
And it's white supremacy if you oppose that.
It's white supremacy if you want to keep things the way that they are.
If people come here and adopt the Western Christian culture, then it'll work and it's successful.
Well, here's the thing.
But if they're against it when they're brought, it's going to fall.
Well, and you know, they almost necessarily have to be against it in this particular time, because what exactly can they assimilate into?
The institutions are ripping apart the creed of America, the culture of America.
What are they going to assimilate into?
They're coming into a thing that's already controlled demolition.
They come in and assimilate to Netflix and Nike and MSNBC and Amazon.
They're assimilating into an evil empire.
So, I mean, we have to we have to, I think, pump the brakes on the immigration.
We have to defeat the globalist empire, then if people want to come in and assimilate to a normal Western America that's familiar, I mean, then that would make sense to me.
And Nick, let's be clear.
The lockdown starved the third world to death and the UN organizes them as a weapon to attack.
They admit all this.
Oh yeah.
So they're exploiting everybody.
They weaponize those people.
The immigrants that are coming over here out of self-interest and other people, they're being weaponized.
The elites do not care about the people in Mexico any more than they care about the people that are in America.
They merely see the people in all countries as pawns, as like playing pieces.
And they're threatened by the wars in Europe and in, what's the UK today?
The Irish, the Scots, the English.
Over a thousand years fought each other.
Out of that came basic ideas of basic liberty that people, what was hard won.
It was different in the whole planet.
It came here, it was limited to a certain group.
Folks said everybody deserves this, and now they're using that openness to destroy it.
It expanded.
But it is the Western open Christian ethos of everybody has rights, every person's home is their property, that stands in the way of the globalists who are attacking that.
So that's why they're using the outside world to bring it down, because the Western ethos is such a great thing, it threatens the global corporate takeover, and that's why they're sworn to destroy it.
That's right.
The Western civilization that we had at the end of World War II was the triumph of hundreds or thousands of years, hard fought in wars and in revolutions and in things like that.
It blossomed and gave the world a great thing.
Ended slavery, ended colonialism, oppression, these kinds of things.
But you're right, they're using that openness.
They're using that sort of liberal, tolerant attitude to subvert and destroy the very civilization that gave the world a sort of more liberal thing.
And they're going to replace it with a total absolute tyranny.
Let's talk about how to save Western civilization tomorrow.
You can come in the morning.
I'd love to take 30 minutes commercial free or whatever for that Saturday show.
Nick Fuentes, how do folks find you?
I'm at America First Out Live, Monday through Friday at 8 o'clock Central Time.
America Firsts.
All right, Nick Fuentes.
All right, Max Keiser coming up.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, onto this verboten global transmission.
July 7th, the year is 2021.
And I'm going to be hosting into the fourth hour today, we have a special guest joining us next hour, dealing with the plan under carbon taxes to force us out of our physical bodies.
Yes, it sounds insane.
It's a way to kill people, but then say we're not really killing them.
We're putting their identity onto a digital system.
You want to hear next decade's news today?
You want to hear 20 years from now today?
You're going to hear that 15 minutes into the next hour when we have a special guest on.
Please remember that the only way this show gets out is you taking clips out of it and sharing it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it.
Rumble, Parler, Gab, everywhere.
And you've been doing that, and so we have been really having a huge effect together, so I salute you all.
And thank you all.
Everything we do is free to air.
Please don't remember that the system is doing everything they can to shut us down.
So please remember that when you tell folks about the broadcast, it is a revolutionary act.
All right, we are joined in studio by Max Keiser.
And he's got a lot to talk about with the world economy.
We've got this big globalist meeting happening up in Idaho.
They don't want us to know about big tech cartels getting together.
So to talk about the state of the world, back in studio with us, he was here last year, is Max Keiser.
Alex Jones, great to be here, great to be back in Austin.
Love Austin, fantastic town, city of the future.
The mining, Bitcoin mining industry is now heading to Texas after leaving China.
That's the exciting news.
New jobs, new excitement, new opportunities right here in Texas, baby!
Love it!
And I know you're here to talk about Bitcoin.
I want to get into Bitcoin quite a bit, but also look at big picture.
But you told me to get into Bitcoin 11 years ago.
I didn't.
You told me three years ago, get into it.
And when I said I'm endorsing Bitcoin six months ago, I said, I expect they'll drive it down again and then it'll go back up again.
So when they drive it down some, they call it a defeat of Bitcoin.
But this has happened more than 10 times, hasn't it?
Yeah, since we got into it, it's been down like this similarly 15 times.
Yeah, these types of pullbacks.
This is a garden variety average pullback right now.
What you see in the mining community or what's called the hash rate, it's starting to pick up again because 60% of it moved from China to a lot of it to Texas, some to Kazakhstan, and now it's recalibrating.
The beautiful part about this technology is that the blocks that come every 10 minutes were never interrupted.
Try doing that with the gold mine.
You can't pick up a gold mine or silver mine in Mexico and move it to another country over.
So it's virtual?
That's right.
It's virtual.
So tell folks about the 11-year history of Bitcoin and where it is right now and where you think it's going.
Let's get right to the chase here.
Well, the history goes back 20, 25 years, and it was always the dream of what are called the cypherpunks to develop digital gold.
Finally, after a few failed attempts, the thing happened in 2009.
And that first couple of years, it wasn't that popular.
I picked up on it because I had done something in the 90s, as you know, the Hollywood Stock Exchange.
So I looked at it.
We started covering it in 2011.
And then it started to get traction and then it started to get the attention of people who were looking for an alternative to inflation because inflation is becoming a huge problem and it's now the cat's out of the bag.
You can't hide it anymore.
And people are looking for a place to store their wealth and they're going increasingly into Bitcoin.
In the last year, we had Michael Saylor from MicroStrategy.
He put billions of dollars into it.
We've got Paul Tudor Jones, one of the most famous hedge fund managers in the world.
He has a position in it.
You've got an ETF coming, an exchange-traded fund, which will be Bitcoin.
There's 150 million users of Bitcoin today, so we're roughly at the same spot the internet was in 1997.
That'll be into it.
And you predicted that
They would try to drive it down again, which they've done.
Guys, pull up a 12-year or 11-year graph on Bitcoin, but it's already started to go back up, correct?
Yeah, it has a bottom, and it's got the user bases keep expanding exponentially, and the fundamentals are still extremely strong, and my target of 220,000 for the year 2021 is still in place.
Well, looking at an 11-year graph on screen, that does not look like something that's dead.
That looks like something that is just getting stronger.
These are pullbacks.
You know, when you go to the hardware store and you see hammers on sale for 50% off, you say, hey, great, I'm going to buy 50% off.
I need a hammer.
Here, Bitcoin is 50% off.
Everyone should own it.
And you get it at a cheaper price.
If you go to swanbitcoin.com forward slash Alex, you can pick up some Bitcoin right now and get $10 for free if you use your promo code, which is a good clean place to get involved.
And I'm not saying it's a messiah like you are.
I'm just saying the fiat currencies, the dollar, the yen, the yuan, the euro, they're complete frauds run by the globalists.
So why shouldn't we have competing private currencies, especially one that has the blockchain and all this?
And of course, you know, the globalists try to play both sides of it.
Is that because they're speculating in it?
Because I really just see Bitcoin capitulation, you know, a term I invented, but I really think it's going to continue on regardless of what they do.
Well, you make an excellent point there.
It's the first real example of private money.
This is the first time money has ever been separated from the state.
Separating state from money is as significant as when we had separation of state and church during the Enlightenment, during the Renaissance.
This is that cosmic in scale.
The second thing is if you look at it in the following way, it starts to kick in what the importance is.
If you own fiat money, you're guaranteed to lose purchasing power because they're guaranteed to print more.
If you own gold, you're guaranteed to maintain purchasing power.
An ounce of gold today buys a suit.
An ounce of gold 500 years ago, you could buy a suit.
By Bitcoin, you're guaranteed to, and it's mathematically a certainty, to increase purchasing power.
Increase purchasing power with Bitcoin.
It's a mathematical guaranteed certainty.
Because there's a lot of fiat money being printed and people... Let's talk about that.
We'll get back into Bitcoin, but it's a doorway to everything that's happening.
What's going on with the velocity of money, the printing, the issuance of it?
I see those graphs the last five years.
Twice as much money issued.
It had never been issued before.
What's going on?
Right, well, the amount of money being printed is astronomical.
Something like 25% of all the money created in the history of the United States was created in the last 24 months.
I mean, it's just incredible.
And that's happening all over the world.
But you make an interesting point there in terms of money velocity.
Activity is actually heading to zero because when the money is printed it ends up in the hands of a few banks and they don't lend it out.
They don't actually increase economic activity in any way.
And that's why you have this incredible wealth and income gap.
That's why you have so many rioters on the street.
There's so many protests.
Why the economy is dysfunctional.
Why infrastructure is crumbling.
And they want to divert off into race when it's the elites robbing us all.
That's why they're funding Black Lives Matter to make it racial instead of it being class.
They love to bring up the social justice warrior topics that are inconsequential compared to the travesty of too much money printing.
They don't want people to think about that money printing and the devastation it's doing to society.
So they'll bring up these tangential topics, social justice warrior topics that really are inconsequential.
That's why they do it.
It's a deflection campaign, for sure.
And they get people really heartfelt and emotionally involved because a squirrel somewhere is starving.
But the fact that they're... I mean, I go on some of these big black hip-hop shows, and they're smart folks.
They make a lot of interesting points.
They're entertaining to listen to.
But it's like this on a Republican or Democrat show as well.
They're just caught up in their particular politics.
I'm like, hey, you know, this is all a diversion from 20 million Africans starving to death under the lockdown.
And they don't even know how to respond.
I mean, they're so heartfelt.
You know, this is a distraction, right?
There's a book, excellent book called Bitcoin and Black America.
Written by Isaiah Jackson.
And on page 11, it says he heard about Bitcoin from Max Keiser, who made the following statement.
If black America today bought Bitcoin when it was a dollar, they would eventually be able to buy white America.
And that statement holds true today as it did 10 years ago.
All right, let's talk about where the global economy is going straight ahead.
All right, Max Keiser is in studio with us 15 minutes into the next hour.
Then I've got a special guest joining us about the globalist endgame.
By law declaring our carbon-based bodies illegal and making us be uploaded to machines, which is really a way to kill us.
They won't call it genocide.
They'll say, oh no, you're trans.
You're a trans person turning into this ethereal creature.
Microsoft has all the patents.
That's their extermination plan.
That's coming up in T-minus 45 minutes.
Max Keiser, you're a really smart
Former top stockbroker.
I've seen you in the 1980s on Nightline and stuff.
You look a lot younger than you are.
You're actually probably 400 years old.
But seriously, Count Dracula next to me.
I'm joking.
It's all the supplements I take.
It's the supplements.
But let's just get serious.
Garden in a can.
But let's get serious.
Also that scrotum wax.
That's right.
But seriously, the economy, the world, the banks, the censorship, the wars, China.
The dollar's way up, currency wars, looking at all their fiat systems, what's going on?
Well, we saw Ben Bernanke, you remember him, he was Fed Chairman right before Janet Yellen, and he came out and complained to the Financial Times and the world media that he wants people to stop calling the dollar fiat money, and it's not just fiat money, it's not just a meme, it's real!
And he's practically crying like a little baby.
I saw that!
So, if he just calls it white supremacist, they'll stop saying it.
Yeah, of course.
So fiat is white supremacist, don't say it.
They're boxing themselves into a corner where you can't even mention the U.S.
dollar without being thrown into the gulag, which is not good for the U.S.
And most countries are divesting out of the U.S.
That's right, the Russians have almost completely divested out of their sovereign wealth fund.
What's going on there?
They are out of the dollar.
They don't want any part of it.
They don't want the censoring.
They don't want to be part of the SWIFT system.
They're building their own SWIFT system.
They're going to be independent of the U.S.
dollar hegemony.
And other countries are following suit.
China, obviously.
That whole block of country.
One Belt, One Road, which is the largest land-based trading zone ever in the history of the world, is about to go online with Iran.
China and Russia.
And they want to have it all backed by something other than the U.S.
And they want to get rid of Visa, MasterCard, all the U.S.-based payment systems.
And they see what's happening in Latin America, Alex, with El Salvador and Bitcoin.
They made it legal tender.
This is really the most significant story of 2021, in my view, is El Salvador.
Bukele, the president, made Bitcoin legal tender.
And now, they're going to turn on their volcanoes to mine Bitcoin.
They expect to make, next year, three quarters of a billion dollars mining Bitcoin.
This is a country with a $20 billion GDP.
And you predicted six months ago on the show that... No, two weeks ago!
I said they're going to triple their GDP in ten years!
They're going to add nearly a billion right now in mining!
I said it right here!
To you!
For ten years!
I've been saying to buy Bitcoin!
What have you done?
What have you said?
Finally you're on board!
It's not too late.
Let's go back.
Ten years.
It's not too late.
Let's go back to six months ago.
You said, once countries start moving to Bitcoin, it'll be a chain reaction.
So why did China, that was starting to adopt, they kind of got midway and then didn't?
Well, you wouldn't think China would do it because there's the highly top-down centralized dictatorship and they don't like something out of their control and Bitcoin would be completely out of their control.
What do you make of Charlie Munger coming out and saying, I want to arrest Americans like they did the head of Alibaba.
I like communist China.
Well it shows you where their true allegiances are.
And Elon Musk came out and said that, the news came out that he actually was asking the Chinese government to censor criticism of Tesla.
So he's asking the Chinese government to engage in censorship in anti-Tesla tweets and social media posts.
So that's Elon Musk.
He's totally in the pocket of China.
Charlie Munger exposed himself as being a traitorous, you know, aside from being Warren Buffett's butt muncher, you know, he is basically a traitor to the United States and he came out and made that very clear to everybody with his comments of the last few days.
So this is what we're up against.
We're up against people... Why do they love Charlie Munger?
Why is he Bill Gates's lawyer?
Why does Warren Buffett bow down to him?
What the hell's up with this guy?
No, he's always been Warren Buffett's toy boy for like 50 years, and that's been like the worst open seeker in the history of finance.
Those two guys have been really very close, if you know what I mean, for a number of years.
Oh, so they're married?
And Warren throws Charlie a bone every now and then.
He's worth a couple of billion dollars.
Warren's worth a hundred and something billion dollars.
So he's just like Warren's little pet that they, you know, get on and do stuff, you know, but he is bitter.
Because he was never Warren Buffett.
He's just always been kind of the placenta to Warren Buffett's baby.
Usually they throw the placenta away, but in this case they let Charlie Munger live, and he bleats out traitors, disgusting things, and he probably won't be around much longer, and nobody's going to miss him.
Well, I mean, this should be like, he says, I want to be like China.
I want to arrest everybody.
I've already played the clip five times.
I mean, he actually says it.
Well, yeah, because first of all, if Charlie Munger did what he did with Warren to get rich here in America by gaming the system, by co-opting the integrity of banks, by getting bailed out for at least five times in a major way, if he had done that in China,
Quite literally, Alex, they would have shot him.
Quite literally.
China, when they find bankers that break the law, like this, as Charlie Munger has done, they dispose of them completely.
And he would have been long, long gone.
So I don't know what the hell he's talking about by lauding China in this way.
He himself would have been strung up and beaten to death if he did what he did in America, if he did it in China.
Why do you think we see... Am I going too fast, Alex?
I mean, I can slow it down.
I can interrupt you a lot of your life.
You're usually, you know, a lot more on the ball.
I mean, tomorrow night is the F Elon event at the Spider House Ballroom right here in Austin.
Doors open at five o'clock.
I've got like two or three tickets left on the website to sell and that's it.
It's 250 people.
You just want a thousand people showing up.
It's capped out at 250.
Let's just stop.
I'm never stopping!
You can't censor me!
You're right.
I'm just running circles around me.
Listen, you ask for it, I will interrupt you.
Oh, right.
I'm pretty good at it.
You're right.
I stand corrected.
What am I talking about?
Do you want me to interrupt the live?
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I,
Please, I don't know what I was saying just then.
I should have been praising the Lord that I was able to get a whole sentence in uninterrupted.
I don't know what was wrong with me.
Well, keep going then.
Where's Daria?
She's the one who's the brains of the operation.
She had a baby.
She's at home.
Let's start over.
Seriously, what would you call this period in world history right now?
It's the end.
It's called a Thucydides Trap.
And there's been, I think, 13 of them in history.
It's when one major power gives way to another major power.
And almost all of them, except for two, have been violent.
This is America giving up power, their empire, to China.
According to a lot of people that we talked to for a number of years, China really is the superpower in the world today.
America is no longer the superpower.
And it was all done by one-sided trade deals and everyone shopping at Walmart.
It was all started with Bill Clinton and the World Trade Organization and shipping all of our factories to China.
And they, therefore, inherited all the specialization and knowledge that comes with being the world's manufacturing hub.
We don't have those high-paid manufacturing jobs.
And think about this, China's GDP in the last 12 months is up 18%.
America, I think, is flat, maybe up 1%.
That's because all the stimulus money we printed went to China.
That's right.
Instead, we learn that we're racist and we're bad and America's bad.
That's our GDP now.
And China builds factories.
China builds factories.
They build roads.
They build infrastructure.
They do deals with other countries around the world.
But Biden said roads are racist.
Did you hear that?
I haven't, I was unaware of that, exactly.
Did you hear the 4th of July, fireworks are racist?
Well, again, this is what happens at the end of an empire when the people living there start to blame themselves.
They start engaging in self-loathing.
Because they see that they're, and you see this in Britain.
Oh, they're totally into that.
They're what's called self-deprecating humor.
Behind that is that bitterness of having lost their empire at the beginning of the previous century.
And the U.S.
is now entering into the same kind of phase where we're laughing nervously and watching our empire crumble and being self-hating and self-loathing, self-flagellating.
And that's what's happening in the U.S.
And we're passing the baton on to China and we're exhibiting... Somebody get me a Nerf gun.
I gotta tame this guy.
Waging war on corruption.
Crashing the lies and disinformation.
Max Keiser.
Max Keiser!
Has begged to be interrupted.
Begged to be interrupted!
Alright, stop.
You were asking me during the break how I'm doing and the answer is our listenership's never been bigger, deplatforming has failed, but
I was in a hole from 2019, financially.
Got enough product in in 2020 to get out of the hole.
And then this year, because of supply chain breakdowns, because of the COVID lockdown, that's killing the third world, half the products we normally get, we can't get in because they're high-end supplements and other things like that.
And so we've got real problems paying the bills because so many of our best-selling products have been sold out for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 months.
When we finally get them, they go, oh, you can't have 10,000 bottles.
You can have 3,000 bottles and stuff like that.
I'm trying to reformulate a bunch of stuff that has less ingredients, still high-end, but anything with like 10, 20, 30 ingredients, like vitamin, mineral fusion, or DNA force, is sold out for five, six months at a time.
And so it sucks to have people that want to support us and buy the product to keep us on air and even expand, but we're not doing it.
So, we have store-wide free shipping, double page rate points ending on Saturday, the extended July 4th deal.
Survival Shield X2, X3, as you know, sold out.
X2 is excellent, 40% off free shipping, double page rate points.
You can get the spray caps, the same stuff, just sprays in the mouth so it aerosolizes.
That's 60% off.
That's going to sell out in probably a week.
DNA Force Plus, last day of that sale, 40% off.
Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula, 40% off.
Final day.
Turbo Force will go for four or five days.
The Great 10-Hour Clean Energy, 40% off.
Alva Power is the Super Mel Vitality, dried version.
It's excellent.
Super Mel, Super Femal Vitality, 50% off.
40% off.
Bio-Truth Selenium, 50% off.
But my problem is, Max, I get limited amounts in.
And it goes on from there.
Folks only buy it when it's for sale, then I sell out of it and can't get more, and then can't fund myself, and they don't buy enough t-shirts to fund this whole place.
So, if I would have gotten the 10,000 free bitcoins from you 10 years ago, I would have had my problem solved.
How does that, because so many, like, clothing systems are going down, flooring supply, the price of copper, timber, three times what it was, massive inflation, not just from devalued currency, but because so many companies that were just barely making it were shut down for over a year, they're gone, or they're being bought up, and these big companies with unlimited money are buying them up and just freezing them, and then big box stores are buying up all the raw material, where smaller companies can't get it.
What's going to happen?
What is that?
It's all economics and it's all two things.
Inflation and supply chain breakdown.
So in the case of the wrong readings for these materials, the prices are now beyond the reach of the manufacturers.
And they make us pay everything up front we used to like pay once it shipped.
Right, exactly.
Which they've killed confidence.
Right, so their lines with the banks are being shut down because the banks are feeling the stress as well due to the problems.
But it extends to things like microchips.
I know 80% of the world's microchips come from Taiwan.
And so they have a monopoly position.
And of course, this is really the global hotspot in the world today is China and Taiwan.
It looks like China is going to make a move on Taiwan for real.
They already took over Hong Kong, let's be honest.
That's gone.
They're now going to make a move on Taiwan.
And the U.S.
will not be able to do a thing about it because China is America's banker.
China is America's creditor.
China can turn off the U.S.
dollar any second it wants to.
So we don't really have a negotiating position with China.
And they're going to make a move on Taiwan.
But you're experiencing what every American's experiencing.
Two things.
Inflation and cost of living is going up.
And you just can't get basic stuff because the supply chains are all being interrupted because of the global de-globalization.
You know, we had for many years globalization.
But when I started in this year, I said we got three themes for 2021.
De-dollarization and essentially de-chinification.
In other words, China's going to be making less of a globalist move and more of a play toward a global empire, which it's doing right now.
And you see it every day.
And like I said on the last time I was on the show, Alex, most people when you talk about economics, their eyes glaze over and they're like, whatever, I don't really care as long as I got my cheap gas.
Well, guess what?
The time is, the reckoning is here.
We're not going to get those cheap food and gas anymore.
Well, that's right.
I mean, you said and I said that when Biden gets in, gas prices will go up.
I've got an article here out of AP.
It's up 40 percent.
Gas prices have increased 40 percent under Democrat Biden analyst issues warning about future prices saying they could double within a year.
Right, because China is now going to be Saudi Arabia's biggest customer and they're going to make a squeeze on the U.S.
The people who are going to pay for the cheap... So there's nobody standing up for us now?
No, there is nobody on the world stage that is making strategic moves.
So say what you want about Trump, he was actually trying to be the president.
Yeah, absolutely.
Trump was trying to interrupt a lot of the cozy relationships.
Again, when you hear that Charlie Munger talk about how favorable he is toward China, that's the globalist mentality right there.
Well, Chinese TV, on national TV, brags that they run us now.
They do, and they can rightfully do so, because they have a lot of leverage.
They have all the leverage, and the U.S.
has very little to fight back with at this point.
So the U.S.
is going through this change of empire.
I'm going to interrupt.
You asked me to.
Here it is.
Yeah, here it is.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for that.
Thank you.
Think about the American hubris and the American lifestyle and the American personality of that, you know, they don't call it Ameri-can't, they call it Ameri-can.
America has that can-do attitude.
And when you are the empire and the world's empire, you have a very cocky, cocksure way about you.
And now that we're seeing that in China, China is now got that swag, that swagger that we used to have.
Their cultural output is actually going to rival that of Hollywood.
You know, a lot of movies that go from Hollywood to China are recut.
Uh, so that, um, it's more of a favorable... Well, China owns four of the six production houses.
Right, they own a tremendous amount of that business, and, and so the, the culture, the zeitgeist, the, the way people view the world... The center of gravity is leaving the U.S.
Yeah, that'll be seen through Chinese, uh, point of view.
More and more that's happening.
And the U.S.
is caught completely flat-footed.
And that's the reason why you have all these ridiculous stories about social justice warriors and about, you know, the kind of tripe that you hear on the mainstream media today is because they need to fill the time so that nobody thinks about the fact that we're... It's like America's collapsing, it's falling.
White people are devils, it's riot.
Yeah, because the reality of it is too painful.
It's just...
It's like being in a hospice.
America is basically in a euthanasia clinic.
And a clown comes to visit.
Yeah, and a clown comes to visit called Joe Biden or Rachel Maddow to try to ease the pain at the hospice.
And I interrupted.
Were you about to say clown?
No, we're like the same, man.
Our minds are in sync.
What were you going to say?
We're at the hospice and who comes?
Oh, and they come around with the hospice and it could be a clown or something.
They're trying to ease the pain, right?
90,000 Americans.
It's like a magician comes by.
Let's do magic tricks while you're being killed.
It's palliative.
I was going to say, it's palliative care at this point in America.
It's palliative care.
It's the drugs they give you when you're dying.
There's no coming back.
You're in the hospice and we're dying.
In 2008, it was really... And then Pennywise dropped
But it hasn't been buried yet.
Because the global financial crisis of 2008, which we created because of Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett and all those guys, we came to a dead standstill.
The formaldehyde that was pumped into the global economy only benefited China.
The U.S.
didn't benefit.
And now they're coming to bury us.
It's finished.
There's nobody standing up for us.
We've got no industry that's world-beating at this point.
And we're not being negative here.
In fact, we've already collapsed, basically.
And we're being held up by fiat money.
That's why countries like El Salvador are running to Bitcoin, because they know not even as bad as... They've been under IMF World Bank colonialism for 60 years.
Right, like 20% of El Salvador's GDP is remittances.
And so now, by just going from the typical remittance payment services like Western Union to Bitcoin, they're going to add another something like 2 or 3 billion in cash into that economy within one year.
Well, we'll talk about it next hour, but let me ask you this.
We're about to go to break.
What's the time frame on this?
Because I'm not trying to be negative, but everything we see is radical authoritarianism, radical anti-free speech.
I mean, forget our economy.
As a culture, we're losing everything.
I would hope there's some way to wake people up and stop this.
Is there no stopping this Hospice for America interview?
The cost, the inflation, the double killer of inflation plus scarcity of raw basic commodities and supply chain interruptions are going to basically put the final nail into the U.S.
economy coffin.
And by the way, mathematics and history shows that's a certainty, but what's the time frame?
Like, we know this gallon of milk... Well, you're experiencing it now.
I mean, it's a slow kill.
A gallon of milk's gonna rot by a certain date.
Where is the milk?
It's already starting to turn.
We're right in that point where is it turning, but by tomorrow, it'll be completely rancid.
I think... So what is tomorrow?
A year?
Two years?
I think that by the end of 2021, it'll be impossible to deflect the reality of the situation that the U.S.
has entered second world status.
By the end of 2021.
Then that's without a war.
Now let's be clear, Biden's opening the border, saying flutters, saying poop in the street.
They want that.
Um, they want to justify printing money in any way they can because that's the only option they have to try to bail out.
Alright, back in two minutes with Max Keiser.
He's already got a full show tonight at the Spider House.
Tomorrow night!
Tomorrow night.
There's another show tonight.
It's not tonight!
It's tomorrow night!
Well, he's a fun guy to hang out with.
He's Max Keiser.
Tomorrow night he's got a sold out house at Spider House.
That's right.
And he's here with us this short segment, one more segment, then we have a special guest on about the globalist endgame.
You know, we came across some Microsoft documents.
We'll talk about next segment with you.
But but but but first, I'm an American file.
I love America.
I love American ideas, what it stood for.
But everything it stood for is under attack.
Most people aren't defending it.
It's true that the tables have been stilted towards communist China to build it up, exploiting their people.
But I do see some of the Western elites acting like they're about to have a war with China.
But then in the internal documents, it turns out they're actually lockstep with them, helping destroy the United States and helping bring us into a third world status, I think, to destroy freedom irrevocably and make us more controlled.
I mean, why do you think they've opened the borders?
Biden's smuggling children in by the millions.
What's really going on there?
Well, there's a long history of elites playing both sides.
You can go back to World War II, you had Henry Ford and Walt Disney were playing both Nazi and U.S.
against each other all the time.
Coca-Cola, IBM, right?
All those companies were... So that's really what proto-globalism is, going back to the Rothschilds, where you finance all the armies.
Yeah, they have a bet on everybody.
They don't have allegiance to anyone.
That's the way they do it.
They think we're dumb.
Well, what do you have allegiance to?
Because I like an allegiance to a new free currency they don't control.
That's why I hope Bitcoin succeeds.
And I think it's kind of obvious it is if you look at the 11-year graph.
I mean, you were saying during the break, explain that to people, that it was totally kooky 11 years ago when you told me to get into Bitcoin, or I respected you, but it was still like you were talking Martian.
You can look at them cutting the value in half, but if you look at the graph, that's nothing.
Right, but the pullbacks are nothing.
It's more a reflection of fiat money than it is Bitcoin.
Bitcoin, the key metric is that every 10 minutes you have more coins coming online.
That's the key metric you need to focus on.
But 10 years ago, 11 years ago, when I first got into it, I was doing your show.
So much of what we talk about is the absurdist of corporations and mainstream media and how they go about trying to do what they say they're doing, but doing either the complete opposite or doing things that are just patently absurd.
You know, and Bitcoin at the time was almost like the absurdity that would take care of the absurdity.
You know, you needed a bit of the absurdity to take care of the absurdity of the world.
Here is a private
I think so.
Well, that's right, because you can say, oh, you can say it's fiat, but the technology has a value.
It's the technology with a value that's maverick versus a technology based on fraud, centralization, and evil.
And so if you demonize it, you demonize yourself, because you're much worse.
It's the whole, in what's called the Genesis Block, which is the first block of Bitcoin, it says right there in the block that made a reference to a Chancellor on verge of second bailout for banks, referring to in 2008, the financial crisis, and the creator was making a point that this is how to take care of this problem.
This is how to solve the problem of these central banks gone rogue.
And they really are the most dangerous elements in the globe today.
Because again, for those that don't know, they can just create fiat money, buy everything up, and then give us the inflation.
They get it when it's real, we get the inflation.
Yeah, it's beyond even just causing inflation.
They're causing what I would call neo-feudalism because they're using the money they're printing to buy up all the productive assets in the world and to squeeze everybody who's not part of their kleptocracy off
I don't know.
The history of this, of course.
The United Fruit brought the CIA in because they were mad.
All the corporations, you know, United Fruit.
Hold on, tell us about United Fruit when we come back.
And we'll also look at this big globalist technocrats to hold Bilderberg-style secret meeting in Idaho.
It's happening right now.
And it's all a bunch of white devils.
I agree, these are bad white people.
We finally found them.
It's not the auto mechanic, or the school teacher, or the football coach, or the dentist, or the lawyer.
It's these guys.
I found the bad white guys.
I found them.
Arrest them.
Take their... So a Central American president put out a tweet, a three-word tweet, United Fruit Company,
Max Keiser is here with us, having way too much fun.
I got my French quail egg.
Pollen block.
It's great as a suppository, too.
Don't forget that.
Yeah, United Fruit Company?
Well, you know, going back a few decades, American corporations went down to Latin America, and they started bumping off.
There's 15, essentially, examples of America overthrowing countries in Central and Latin America.
And that's the history of the region.
And El Salvador, President Bukele, when Victoria Nuland tweeted something like, El Salvador better watch themselves with this Bitcoin.
And of course, she was orchestrated the coup in Ukraine a few years ago, Victoria Nuland, because her husband works for Cargill, which is an agricultural company.
And they, of course, are exploiting agriculture in the region there.
And she, he wrote,
United Fruit Company.
So it tells you, just in three words, what the battle is in Central America and Latin America.
It's a multi-decade battle that's been brewing against the U.S.
CIA, kleptocrats, Victoria Nuland, the State Department.
Who put dictators in to keep people poor to control them.
John Perkins' book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman.
Great details on how the U.S.
would send guys down there, load them up with debt.
If they don't pay the debt, they'd bump them off.
They'd throw guys out of planes.
So, Bukele, the president of El Salvador, is now openly taunting and fighting the U.S.
with Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is the weapon that will ensure El Salvador... Well, as soon as the Communist Chinese turned against it, I knew I was for it.
Well, that's a whole other story that is pitting the two remaining large economies, now China is really the only superpower, and the global strategic, you know, board.
But down in Latin America, Central America, it's really a grassroots effort amongst one of the poorest countries in the world to take on... It's similar to when Gandhi defeated the English, the British Empire, by doing his march to the sea and making his own salt.
Yeah, you weren't allowed to have your own salt.
Right, so here they're saying we're going to make our own money with Bitcoin, we're going to mine it with volcanoes, we're going to make a billion dollars a year in revenue, and the U.S.
can go a pound sand.
You know, we have independence.
This is a Declaration of Independence.
Not since the U.S.
Declaration of Independence have we heard a Declaration of Independence like we're seeing in El Salvador right now with Bitcoin, which is the Constitution and Bill of Rights all wrapped up into one beautiful thing.
No, I hear you.
So let me shift gears now from the Church of Bitcoin.
What do you make of the yearly meeting going on for a long time, Silicon Valley meeting in Idaho, in the quote, summer camp for billionaires.
You look who's here.
It's all the CEOs.
It's Berkshire Hathaway.
It's Bill Gates.
It's Netflix.
It's Google.
It's Twitter.
It's Facebook.
It's all of them colluding behind closed doors.
And look, it's all evil, demonic white males.
So there is actually the monopoly of white males.
Who are financing Black Lives Matter and race war as a rearguard action, but no discussion by Black Lives Matter about Mark Zuckerberg or about Tim Cook running death camps in China, because they're paying for it.
This is so cynical.
We have black mobs attacking white people's houses.
Last night, I didn't even show you the video today of this going on because somebody, they said, might have said something racist, but then people running death camps are good.
I mean, this is the perfect distraction.
Well, the Idaho Conference, I think that's Paul Allen's conference, his annual conference.
He hosts the billionaires there.
Yeah, the quote, ultra-secret banker.
Yeah, it's been going on for a long, long time.
Paul Allen is Bill Gates' partner, the creation of Microsoft, as I recall, or one of their first bankers.
And usually deals are done there.
Last year, I think that's when Amazon started to get that deal.
They just bought MGM, the film company, for $9 billion.
Recently that was announced.
That was cooked up last year at last year's conference.
So this is a banking deal and they cook up these big deals.
So within a couple of months of this conference, you'll hear about some enormous deals.
Amazon and these other companies will announce huge takeovers.
And their cost of borrowing Alex is zero because the central bank lends the money for nothing.
It's like in France.
I told you last time, the guy who's the richest guy in the world right now, who owns Louis Vuitton, LVMH, he bought Tiffany's, the American jeweler, for nothing.
The money that was lent to him to buy Tiffany's was from the European Central Bank.
Christine Lagarde gave him the billions of dollars to buy Tiffany.
Not only was it free, they actually paid him to borrow the money.
His cost of funds were negative.
Negative cost of funds.
They pay the richest man in the world to go buy Tiffany's, and now he owns it, and he didn't have to spend a penny.
That's how you end up with a global kleptocracy, a global neo-feudalism.
The central banks are just handing billion dollar franchises to their friends every day, and this is a good conference where they'll figure out who gets what.
They're carving up the world, essentially, at a conference like this.
Why is their agenda so anti-family, so anti-male?
Because they're pro-prison.
And prisons make more money than families make money.
The prison industry and the war industry, which break up families and kill families, are much more profitable than building bowling alleys and family reunions.
And if you notice, you and I were both against the Iraq War.
You'd come on then.
We were against Bush and the rest of it.
But Obama was a big warmonger.
Now the left loves torture.
They love security agencies.
They love war.
And they love censorship.
I mean, what would you call the left today?
Because they're not even getting anything from it, the average Twitter person.
But like you said, the term you coined, casino gulag, they get promoted and get likes.
So it's all just about dopamine.
It was always a fake that the left and liberals in America somehow had a position of moral superiority.
They had the culture, and they had Hollywood, and they had TV and films, and they had a lot of great writers, and they could write a great script.
But once the tables were turned when Trump came in, we saw the ugly face of American liberalism.
That they are, whatever you can say, are disgusting attributes of the other side of the political
They possess all of that and more, in my view.
Remember, Hitler was a socialist.
He was, yeah.
So that's what we're seeing in the U.S., that kind of denial, rear its ugly head, where those who believe they're in a moral authoritarian position, with moral authority, are squeezing their countrymen to death by acquiescing to inflation
I just heard that Charlie Munger and Bill Gates are always in news articles I'm not even looking for about...
Why it's important to be completely moral and always be of the highest standards.
Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and it's how good they are, and meanwhile, biggest beneficiaries of Banker Bailout 2008, giant money launderers, drug money launderers, saying they love Communist China, they're just monsters!
Charlie Munger, if you extrapolate what he's saying to the end, that's eugenics.
He's a eugenicist.
That's beyond white supremacy.
Well, they all are, you're right, that's what they're a part of.
They believe in the super master... So the fact that they're in charge means they're supposed to be in charge?
It means that they are the ubermunchen.
They are the supermen.
And everyone is... And they have a right to do this to us because they're in charge.
I mean, this white supremacy quote-unquote problem is a problem for whites too.
I'm not a eugenicist.
I don't believe in white supremacism except these guys.
They happen to be white and they're literally monsters.
Right, they're eugenicists from the 30s.
I mean that's a problem for me too and I couldn't pass their purity test because I'm not a psychopath.
You have to be a psychopath to get past
The first step with these eugenicist psychopaths like Charlie Buttmanger, Munger, that Warren Buffett... And they always do TV shows about, oh I like ice cream, I like Willie Nelson.
They're always like, look I'm a person in all their ads.
Oh look I'm a human, look I'm like you, oh.
Well no one that's normal does that.
Like, oh look I'm normal like you.
Look I drink beer, look I'm having a hamburger.
Like Elizabeth Warren, like oh I'll have a beer.
Like she's screwed, you know, the top flies off, it's all fake.
You can tell what they think humans are like if you look at like Boston Dynamics, the people who make those robots and robotic dogs.
They give them human-like characteristics and those are manufactured by those people who believe they know what humans are like.
So when you look at that robotic dog and you can obviously tell it's a robotic dog that's going to kill you within a fraction of a second if you say something wrong.
That's what they think humans are like.
So they're imbuing their products with the qualities of humanity as they understand it, as informed to them by Satan.
Well remember, Hitler wanted all these robotic dances.
Mao Tse-Tung, Kim Jong-Un, you're right, they want robotic servants.
Max Keiser, tomorrow night, Thursday, The Spider House.
Max Keiser, thank you so much.
My pleasure, Alex.
As always!
You gotta come back on tomorrow.
Yeah, whatever!
Rallying patriots worldwide, I am Alejandro Jones.
I want to thank this crew putting up with me today.
I've been a little bit of a jerk behind the scenes and I repent, Lord, please forgive me.
But this stuff gets to me.
You know, I meant to come on air and give you the future and what the global is going to do with the contact tracers and the lockdowns and what it's going to look like.
And I kind of put it all together.
I've already put it together, but I put it together to go on air with it in the second hour.
And I choked out.
I choked up.
And I'm not saying to be dramatic.
This is horrible stuff I'm going to tell you.
And I don't want to do, I don't take pleasure like being a doctor, an oncologist or something, you know, and tell us why they've got some terminal disease.
But the only chance we got of making it through this with a remnant is being honest with you.
We got a special guest joining us for the next two segments.
They're holding right now and I appreciate them.
He called in yesterday and he said a lot of stuff I knew was true.
A lot of folks don't know about, almost no one knows about.
He was very well spoken.
He sent us a lot of documents and articles to prove what he's saying.
We'll be talking to him, start of the next segment, for two segments.
And then I'm going to, after the show today, I've got a lot of work to do, but I'm going to spend some time getting all these articles together and
Telling you what I believe from my own research, what's coming next.
And in fact, it's not what I think is coming next.
It's what they're going to do.
Now they have different divergent roadmaps of how they're going to get there, but we know where they're taking us and the destination is not good.
So we can argue about timelines all day and they can change timelines, but I don't wish any physical harm against globalists.
I don't wish to go out and have some conflict with them.
They have that instinct to dominate us to prove they are superior.
So when we subserve ourselves to them, people like Charlie Munger, Oh Sonny, I'm gonna have you arrested, I'm gonna kill you!
He says that on TV about people they put in death camps that did nothing.
And that's what they're converting us to here, is China.
And that's what Justin Trudeau promotes, and that's what they're pushing.
And it's serious.
And it's as real as death.
So I'm gonna air this special report, because it needs to be seen.
And I'm gonna go splash some water on my face.
And I'm gonna come back and hit this, because... This is the big enchilada.
This is the big gun.
Here's this report.
Kamala is effed up.
Here it is.
Do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in America?
Do you agree?
I did not oppose busing in America.
What I opposed is busing ordered by the Department of Education.
That's what I opposed.
Well, there was a failure of states to integrate public schools in America.
I was part of the second class to integrate Berkeley, California public schools almost two decades after Brown v. Board of Education.
Because your city council made that decision.
According to the book, Biden leaned over to Pete Buttigieg at the podium to his right.
They barely knew each other, but Biden was looking for someone to share the moment with.
Well, he said, that was some effing BS.
Kamala Harris will easily go down as the worst vice president in US history.
Her rise to the office has left a trail of mediocrity, confusion and betrayal.
Well, the Klan was what we would call today a domestic terrorist group.
Why would we call them domestic terrorist group?
Because they tried to use fear and force to change political environment.
And what was the motivation for the use of fear and force?
It was based on race and ethnicity.
Are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion at ICE is being used to enforce the laws?
And do you see any parallels?
I do not see any parallels between sworn officers and agents.
I'm talking about perception.
I do not see a parallel between what is constitutionally mandated as it relates to enforcing the law.
Are you aware that there's a perception?
I see no... Are you aware that there's a perception?
...that puts ICE in the same category as the KKK.
She is now unleashing her resume of incompetence fueled by hypocrisy and power on the American people.
Any plans to visit the border?
I'm here in Guatemala today at some point.
We are going to the border.
We've been to the border.
So this whole thing about the border, we've been to the border.
We've been to the border.
You haven't been to the border.
And I haven't been to Europe.
I don't understand the point that you're making.
I said I'm going to go to the border.
When are you going to the border, Vice President?
The administration has asked... I'm not finished.
I've said I'm going to the border.
Kamala Harris maintains an enemies list.
Journalists who make her mad.
Harris, Politico reported, quote, tracks political players and reporters whom she thinks don't fully understand or appreciate her life experience.
Her life experience, like growing up in Canada?
But her facade is quickly disintegrating.
As Politico reported, Vice President Kamala Harris's aides are in a panic.
Stating that she is effing up and perhaps shouldn't be the heir apparent for 2024's presidential race because she could not defeat whomever the Republican Party puts up.
Axios reported one Democratic operative said about the 2024 concern that most Democrats aren't saying, oh no, our heir apparent is effing up.
What are we going to do?
It's more that people think, oh, she's effing up.
Maybe she shouldn't be the heir apparent.
Politico reported that after the decision was made for Harris to travel to the border, people inside her own office were blindsided by the news, and many aides began scrambling, including officials who were responsible for making travel arrangements, and others outside the VP's office charged with crafting the message across the administration.
Kamala Harris has no clear agenda and no strategy to tackle issues way beyond her experience.
The catastrophes that are causing people to leave right now.
The hurricanes, the pandemic, the drought, and extreme food insecurity.
And then there are the long-standing issues.
The root causes.
The lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience.
The lack of good governance.
Just this weekend, we learned that the Salvadoran Parliament moved to undermine its nation's highest court.
An independent judiciary is critical to a healthy democracy and a strong economy.
Your party is actually openly advocating adding seats to the Supreme Court, which has had nine seats for 150 years, if you don't get your way.
This is a classic case of if you can't win by the rules,
You're going to change the rules.
Now you've refused to answer the question.
Joe Biden has refused to answer the question.
So I think the American people would really like to know if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed at the Supreme Court of the United States, are you and Joe Biden, if somehow you win this election, going to pack the Supreme Court to get your way?
In 1864.
I'd like you to answer the question.
Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking.
I'm speaking.
If Harris can barely handle the mainly ceremonial office of the vice presidency, imagine the hell on earth we can expect if Biden's passing gives her the dictatorial power that she craves.
But if you have a conscience, you have a governor, you can control the beast.
But if you're Ted Turner or Bill Gates or Charlie Munger,
You say that you want to arrest anybody that disagrees with you, and you have a right to rule everyone, and in fact, there's too many people on the Earth that you want to get rid of them.
And so you concoct a plan to say that carbon is evil when the whole planet's life cycle is based on carbon.
Sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, oxygen.
That's the cycle.
And now you can regulate and tax and control it, and Bill Gates can say, we've got to get human carbon down to zero.
At the TED Talk, everybody started laughing.
The ultimate game isn't just for Monsanto to have all the major crops on the planet be synthetic and be GMO and not produce more seeds and produce more life, so you have to go back to the company every year to get seeds to leave and grow, ending the life cycle, patenting the life, the fact that it's free and open, playing God.
But to move humans not into matrix-like tanks where your own body heats the matrix,
And you live in a virtual reality to, quote, stop crime and stop nuclear war, as the Pentagon argued in the 70s, and declassified decades later.
Of course, it got turned into the Matrix.
But imagine saying, oh, AI is going to track and scan your brain.
You'll be uploaded to a machine, and then your body will be gotten rid of.
And out of the gates, they're like, oh, it's just coming, but you've got to get rid of your body first.
The process of uploading your brain will make your body die.
Because it's all a lie, ladies and gentlemen.
Voice print, it'll talk like you, act like you, it'll everything about you, but it won't be you.
It's a more sophisticated parlor trick by these magicians.
And so, oh, give up your body, they're going to celebrate it.
You're going to have a digital avatar that's carbon neutral.
It's beyond PKD's wireheads of the 70s and the cypherpunks.
Now, we had a caller yesterday, Thomas in Florida, and when he brought all this up, I knew he knew what he was talking about, but his phone was breaking up a bit, so he joins us via Better Connection today.
I've got a stack of articles, overhead shot please, that he sent us, and I've actually seen a lot of these and read them, some of them I hadn't, but here it is.
Exploring Biological Convergence.
That's what Klaus Schwab says.
We will not change the environment, we will change your body.
We will merge with your body.
Human digital twins, what are they?
And why are they?
SmartDust is coming, are you ready?
It's gonna be in your body.
And it goes through all the groups.
Tiny injectable sensor.
Provide unobtrusive long-term alcohol monitoring.
Oh, court ordered.
Graphite oxide based biosensors.
That's in the new shots.
Graphene oxide graphite magnetic nano rings.
Let's bring him on for the 20 minutes, 25 minutes we have.
I appreciate you being with us, Thomas from Florida.
Go ahead and start over.
Thank you, Evan, so much for inviting me to come back on the show, Alex.
It's very kind of you.
And your staff have been very professional.
Well, you're kind to come on with us because you're a smart guy.
Give us your view of this because this is where they plan to take us.
They admit it's where they plan to take us.
I think we should discuss how they plan to get us there and what this really is.
I will happily do that.
If I'm not mistaken, you were just playing Johnny Cash a moment ago, is that correct?
And you had played him before, and I'm not going off topic here, this is directly on topic, and you played the excellent song that he did called Hurt, and I believe you played that
Because it talked about him injecting himself, and it said that the needle tears a hole.
And you only played the first two verse when you played that a few weeks ago.
May I ask, and once again this is directly staying on topic, are you familiar with what the words of the last verse from that song says?
Yes, I am familiar.
Tell folks.
It says, if I could start again a million miles away, I would keep myself
I would find a way.
And I think even though you didn't play it, that you may well have been thinking about that when you chose that song.
Because how relevant is that today in terms of people being chipped or twinged?
Sure, and wasn't that song written by Trent Reznor?
But the whole point about people finding a way to keep themselves themselves.
But in truth, they give up themselves.
So this is the great quest for the Fountain of Youth, the Holy Grail.
We've got about 15 minutes of air time.
Lay it out, brother.
So here we go.
Had covered by a few journalists.
Two of whom I've actually spoken with in detail about the subject.
The bio-digital convergence report that came out from the Policy Horizons Institute of the Canadian government that's run in secret out of their Privy Council office.
And right towards the end of the report, there was a one-sentence line that none of the other journalists had noticed.
And it said, human digital twins could become valuable assets beyond healthcare.
And a lot of this idea has been, as one would expect, sold on the basis of convenience.
And just like with the injectable gene therapies, it will be good for your healthcare in the long run.
And the risks outweigh the benefits, allegedly.
So, in that, we found, just in that one sentence, lots of interesting words.
So, we had digital twins.
So, people who don't work in aircraft design or design in terms of being an architect or building maintenance may not be familiar with that term.
And yet, it started being used in common parlance by lots of very, very high-level politicians, including the Digital Services Commissioner of the European Commission, a man by the name of Thierry Breton, who this year in a speech said, the new digital identity will give every European the keys to their digital twin.
But when you look
at the concepts of digital wallet and digital identity and I know you've been very hot on this going back three years because I had a conversation with your son Rex a couple of months ago when he did a show with Mr. Harrison Smith and he had mentioned how when you had
Explain to people that the homeless were being offered $100 to be chipped in Austin, Texas, when he was still at high school and he had told his friends that, and other people had heard your show, that he took an enormous amount of verbal abuse from people at his high school because you hadn't provided any documentation from that.
And so it was difficult to validate what was actually going on.
But that was actually a true pilot program that was being done in conjunction with the United Nations ID2020 program and GAVI.
And in Austin, it was called MyPass.
And the IT manager who ran that actually got an award from a
government contracting organization who had a really remote newsletter.
And when she was interviewed, she spilt the beans on that entire project.
And probably only a few hundred people actually read that magazine.
So this does go back a long way.
It's not something that's just come about because of COVID.
People were looking at these concepts many years ago.
I think it's very important for people to actually understand what a digital twin is.
And they can look at the digitaltwinconsortium.org website and see the list of the current active members and also the list of the founder members.
And lo and behold, one of the founder members is Microsoft.
And one of the other companies is called Autodesk.
Stay there, we got 10 and a half minutes left.
I should have gone to you at the start of segment three, but I was just, I had to take a break.
And so we're going to come right back to you, Thomas in Florida, to lay out the holy grail, where they're going with this, and how they're going to claim that we're bad carbon creatures, so we have to die and upload to this machine.
It's all part of the virtual reality takeover.
All right.
Thomas is a really smart guy.
We've only got one more segment with him.
And their plan is to force us, make the environment so horrible, so poisonous, so toxic, to believe the fraud.
That if we give up our bodies, this is in their plans, that we'll really live as a digital creature, which goes back to Childhood's End, written back in the 50s by Arthur C. Clarke.
And this has really been their plan the entire time, where they can really kill everybody, but then claim, oh, but look, John Wayne's still alive and Marilyn Monroe.
Like you see them, they're back in movies.
That's a face scan.
That's their voice mimicked by a computer.
That's not real.
Imagine that hundreds of times more advanced.
And so, this is the quote utopia they're offering.
We've got 10 minutes left.
Please continue, Thomas.
Thank you so much.
So, if we actually look at what a digital twin is, it is defined by one of the founders of the Digital Twin Consortium.
It's a very short definition.
It's a digital twin is a dynamic, up-to-date representation of a physical object or system with a complete collection of all data in one place.
A digital twin evolves with the flow of real-time input from sensors and other monitoring devices.
This connection between the digital and physical worlds offers enhanced life cycles, informed decision-making and predictive capabilities.
So that ties in exactly with what you
You've got enhanced life cycles.
So if they can do, like Steve Jobs, spend millions of dollars in the waning months of his life when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, he wanted to upload his soul to the internet.
So then you'd basically be able to live forever, which is exactly what they're saying, enhanced life cycles.
And then they're saying that it also gives you predictive capabilities because this whole point of this, and this ties back to your conversation that you just had with Mr. Kaiser in eugenics, when you look at what eugenics and certainly the modern definition of it, it was human beings choosing themselves how humanity would evolve as a species.
And that's exactly what they wanted to do.
And what many of these organisations that are still intimately involved now with vaccine research are actually attempting to do.
If you look at the very beginning of that Canadian report that I referred you to, which was written by a woman who was on the Executive Committee of the World Executive Forum, they're talking about changing the way in which humanity evolves.
So there's a continuum over a hundred year period.
of their goals remaining essentially the same.
But now, rather than just doing it through breeding, they have the ability with CRISPR and gene editing to do it in the physical form.
And then once they've perfected that physical form using 5G and 6G, which are able to handle the massive volume of information that would have to be transmitted in order to create a human
digital twin, it's now possible to digitalize perfection.
So they can create physical perfection and then they can transfer that with a constant monitoring system and people will then say, well, that technology doesn't exist.
This is like science fiction.
So from 2018, I sent you a announcement from the University of
San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering and then another one also from 2018 from the University of California in Berkeley where they were talking in the first case about an injectable microchip which was not just for the monitoring, the court-ordered monitoring of alcoholics.
That was what they said was one of the uses that it could be extended to.
I think
If they just put that into the search engine DuckDuckGo, put Forbes.com and put SmartDust, there are articles about this team of engineers that have built their entire professional careers at UC Berkeley, creating and then miniaturizing... And then we learn it's the exact same graphite they're putting in the vaccine, putting in our body.
And now, out of China and out of Vietnam in 2019 and 2020 and 2021, we get all these scientific papers, some of which I've sent to you, which literally have been looked at by hundreds of people in the entire world, right, because they're pretty obscure documents and they're very technically written, talking about
All types of different modifications of graphene oxide in order to make it more magnetic so they can direct it to specific parts of the body, to combine it with DNA, to combine it with messenger RNA, and to be able to combine it with lots of different chemicals like nanoferrites and also chitosan.
Now Chichestan's interesting because it was originally developed by the Israelis.
It was a product called Wound Seal and it was designed, you're familiar with handling firearms and you may have seen some combat injuries, you tend to get a very small entry hole and a very large exit wound.
This was developed to try and stop the blood flow at the kind of fist-shaped exit wounds and you would pour this powder on and it would cause instantaneous blood coagulation.
So there's a way of reducing the amount of iron that they would have to inject to people, doing what they call MTD, which is a type of therapy.
And by merging the graphene oxide with the ferrite nanoparticles and with the chitosan, they could reduce the mass of it by 25%, make it communicate back with them more easily, and... And Thomas, I'm going to have you back on because you're a really smart guy and I'm sorry for getting you on late.
Take it to the end game of what they want to do, what they're testing, what they're trying.
Because they're going to guinea pig us.
They see us as the guinea pigs.
They're going to test on it.
They then basically absorb us and then transmute to the next level.
Well, if you think that the whole agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, which is fully brought on board by the World Economic Forum, they're essentially pushing lots of developed nations to become carbon neutral.
And they've had this grand experiment of the lockdown
worldwide and seen what effect that has had on CO2, carbon dioxide emissions.
And even with the whole world locked down for months at a time, they found that there was only a 15% reduction.
So it's very clear that with this number of people on the planet, the only way they have anything like their intended goal of getting the world to become carbon neutral
that is specifically designed with the sensors that go onto their nerves and also the chemical sensors and all the photoelectric sensors because these things are multifunctional and it's all completely documented in peer-reviewed scientific studies.
This isn't some crazy crackpot speculation.
Then they can feed enough information into a digital format that the
hologram or digital entity, whatever you might like to call it, is a perfect reflection of what they initially call its master being, but essentially becomes its future replacement.
So if you can remember cases in the past where American companies have brought in lots of relatively low price engineers from India and they say to the American employees,
We're going to give you a generous severance package on the condition that you've trained your replacement.
This is exactly what this is.
And they admit all the AI robots are learning from us, learning from what we do to replace us.
And so we're training our own replacements.
This is exactly what we're doing.
It's not just them building up a data set being held at
Google or Facebook or the National Security Agency.
And they trick you to sign on to get Immortal Live, but really they know it's a fraud.
They know it's not really you.
You're just helping train a robot shell to replace you.
But the even more significant point, and this is probably where we may have to end, but I would be most happy to come back and if you want to do this kind of conversation or a Saturday or Sunday when you've got less commercial advertising.
Yeah, let's do it this Saturday.
Go ahead and end it now.
Go ahead, tell me.
The key point here, as they've expressed, is it's all of these organizations say that creating a digital twin, whether it's for a plane, a building, or a person, requires an enormous amount of computing capacity and it's very expensive to do.
And everyone says, well, why would they do that if there's no residual value?
And that's exactly the purpose.
This is a new form of slavery without having to feed them or provide medical care.
We're going to have you on again.
It's hard to believe that July 4th, 2021 is almost here.
It's hard to believe that our country is literally fighting for its life.
But for all the negative things that are happening, a lot of really positive things are happening as well.
It's been said by many historians that things have to get really, really bad before they get better.
And we're now reaching that point of return, that tipping point.
Global government.
And it's planetary depopulation plan is now out in the open.
And people realize the time for fun and games is over.
That's why I wanted to report to you, the listeners and viewers of this transmission, the good news today, as well as the bad news.
I've been contacted in the last two weeks by some of the top people in international media and national news as well, as well as some of the folks at the highest levels of government, corporations, the private sector, you name it.
And they've all told me the same thing.
Alex, keep it up.
You've been vindicated and we're having a major breakthrough thanks to your work.
The world government is attacking, but we have a chance to defeat it because we've worked together for decades to warn people about what was coming.
It sounded insane.
It sounded crazy.
It sounded dangerous.
It sounded made up.
It sounded like a horror movie, a science fiction dystopia, but it was real.
And so we knew it was real, and we knew they were going to pull this.
And so now that they've actually launched their operation, people aren't being completely caught flat-footed.
So that's the real power of InfoWars.
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