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Name: 20210704_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: July 4, 2021
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Millions of people have been murdered by Big Pharma and by the United Nations and by the complicit corporate media that worked with them.
They have suppressed, in the last year and a half, multiple treatments that are almost 100% effective against COVID-19, knowing it would drive up the death toll so they could push their solution, more poison inoculations and genetic engineering therapies.
But now, thanks to Joe Rogan and valiant scientists, the entire facade is collapsing and the most important time of our lives is now happening right now.
The decision whether we are free or whether we are slaves to this globalist medical tyranny.
It's July 4th, 2021 and America has been captured at the federal level by globalist forces.
They're imploding our borders.
They're devaluing our currency.
They're turning off our gas pipelines.
They are literally putting us under siege.
But that's a globalist counter response to the worldwide awakening.
The Davos Group admits all of this.
So I want to encourage everybody to be the captain of your own life.
And to think about, even though it's cheesy, metaphorically putting a captain's hat on and saying, I'm going to try to chart my own course in life.
I'm not just going to believe CNN or the New York Times or the United Nations or Dr. Fauci.
And there's a great example of declaring independence from the New World Order and the globalists and taking our lives back.
One person, one household, one town, one state, one country at a time.
And it's a big interview, an emergency broadcast that Joe Rogan did, an emergency podcast with two scientists that have been censored, demonetized, and persecuted because they're covering mainline truth.
Now, before I get to this article, any regular listener of InfoWars knows you heard all this on my show 17, 18 months ago.
And it's not about giving us credit, but that's why we're so censored.
I told you back when this all started in February of last year that it was released from the lab, that they were going to block all the regular therapeutics like ivermectin, like hydroxychloroquine, like inhalable steroids because they wanted a higher death toll and they didn't want the public to
Be able to get a treatment so they'd be scared and would take the vaccine, which was experimental.
Because if there was a viable treatment under law, you couldn't get emergency authorization.
So that's what all this was about.
I didn't just pull that out of the sky.
I interviewed the experts out there at the time who were also censored.
But now we've got these two big scientists that are very well known being censored and demonetized off YouTube and other platforms, telling the truth.
And Joe had the courage to have them on and have them lay this all out.
And it's a very, very powerful interview.
I watched it a few days ago.
When I'm back in the studio tomorrow, I'm going to play some excerpts on my own weekday show, but The Defender had a good boil down of it.
Joe Rogan's Emergency Podcast questions YouTube's censorship of content showing ivermectin as an effective COVID-19 treatment.
Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience interviews two of the world's leading experts, Brett Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Corey on ivermectin and discuss how YouTube censored the Dark Horse podcast for highlighting the benefits of ivermectin to treat COVID.
And then they say, why is an approved drug that has a great track record and been used for almost 50 years?
Why is it being blocked?
And it's being blocked, ladies and gentlemen, for a very, very simple reason.
The UN working with big tech and big pharma wants total control over your body.
And so if there are viable treatments that are basically a hundred percent against things like COVID-19 and other pneumonias, then that's not going to give Bill Gates and the UN and all these globals the power to lock things down.
and force these inoculations on us and so much more.
And so I want to encourage Joe Rogan and other big podcasters that are still basically on air to have some of the other huge, huge names that are even bigger than these two guys who can tell the rest of the story.
Because if they'll block known treatments that are 99% effective and kill millions of people, what else will they do?
Well, we know what they'll do, and that's give us very tainted, very dangerous vaccines that make our bodies attack a protein that's in our bodies
That make us have strokes, heart attacks, and so much more.
Let's talk about the pioneer, the discoverer, and the main pioneer of mRNA technology in the 1990s, and a top scientist today, completely respected at the highest levels.
mRNA technology pioneer blasted big tech censorship.
Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer of mRNA technology, and then the ongoing inventor of how to use it in the body, said that the dangers of these injections outweigh
Anything they can do to help you because they have a lot of side effects.
We know that about gene therapy.
Well, he's not the UN that's owned by Big Pharma and controlled by Big Pharma.
And so again, he doesn't get to speak.
Wolfgang Wudar is a top advisor to the EU Commission.
He also worked with Dr. Yidan, who was the former chief scientist at Pfizer, saying back in December, this will cause brain damage, strokes, heart attacks, and your lungs.
We're good to go.
Thousands of doctors, thousands of nurses, I've interviewed probably a hundred of them, prestigious, heads of universities, you name it, that have come out and pointed all of this out.
Not just ivermectin, but so many other things, and it's been premeditatedly suppressed.
So, I'm going to contact Joe, he lives right here in Austin, and I'm going to send him a bunch of articles and a bunch of names of other censored scientists.
We've had their YouTube channels taken.
Again, if you go back to over a year ago, the big Indian Institute scanned the
We're good to go.
They were the ones that then wrote the British Medical Journal report poo-pooing that it was a man-made virus.
So you got big tech with big pharma and big government working to roll this out, take our liberties, depopulate us, not let us have treatments, and then give us poisonous mRNA
Gene therapy systems that on record they could never get approved for 20 years because it killed so many lab animals.
This is premeditated at every level from the rollout to the PR to the lockdown consolidating power and making big tech and big banks fabulously rich.
This has been economic war and it's been depopulation.
The globalists believe because we don't have big physical wars anymore that there's too many people on the earth.
Whether that's true or not, who died and made them God and self-appointed over carrying this out against us and then censoring us and silencing us when we say no to it?
That's why the two gentlemen
The evolutionary biologist and the doctor, these two scientists he had on are so important because they spent two and a half hours with Joe going over all the medical literature, all the mainline science, saying this is an experimental shot.
This is basically dangerous.
They're suppressing real treatments for it.
They're working with big tech.
Google and others are heavily invested at the Wuhan lab in this very gain-of-function COVID-19 research.
Facebook is involved and so they all have a stake and a conflict of interest to suppress it.
This is their big gamble.
This is their big globalist takeover and we
Have to understand this is a giant globalist project of total corporate control and we have to reject it and understand out of it comes a world government, a world social credit score, a medical ID that tracks you.
Klaus Schwab that's quarterbacking this, the Davos Group, said on French TV, you're going to have a worldwide medical ID, then we're going to make you have an implantable chip under your skin to even be able to buy and sell and leave your house.
This is all happening.
So on this July 4th, we have to recommit ourselves to wake up, realize that much of the system is corrupt, that it's broken the social contract with us.
We have to work with scientists, and doctors, and lawyers, and teachers, and farmers, and auto mechanics, and Christians, and Muslims, and Jews, and agnostics, and gay, and straight, and everybody to agree on free speech and to agree on the right of consumer reports.
I think?
Let's declare independence against Apple and its big tech slave camps in China.
Let's declare independence against Google and what it's doing, running the Wuhan lab.
Let's declare independence against Facebook surveilling us and spying on us and calling us extremists and the new terrorism report by Biden saying if you question lockdowns you're a terrorist or a white supremacist.
This is outrageous!
This isn't left or right, it's about health and about questions and about independence to be able to ask those questions.
So I hereby declare my independence on July 4, 2021, again, from the New World Order.
I declare myself a sovereign free human being, and I say I'm not their slave, and I pledge my life, my honor, my funds, my children, everything I am on the altar of liberty, as Thomas Jefferson said, over every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
I align myself with liberty, and I align myself against the New World Order.
So great job Joe Rogan.
Everybody go to Spotify, get that interview, get after everybody you know.
We have a massive Bill Gates is evil section and a massive banned section on Banned.video that has hundreds of these scientists and experts that have been suppressed and the interviews they don't want you to see by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
and others.
I think they've been off more than they can chew.
They've really woken up a lot of people, but it's up to us to really push hard because they're coming back with new lockdowns, new forced inoculations, new tyranny, new oppression, new variants, new fear.
Now they want to come in your houses and take you out.
The PCR test is 94% false positive.
All of it is a fraud, and that was the inventor of PCR tests that said that, and they censored him, even though he died a few years ago.
They censored his interviews.
He invented it.
So this is what we have to do is take the facts and the science and counter this gaslighting of Fauci, Bill Gates, and the globalists.
We've come a long way.
Again, I want to wish you all a wonderful July 4th, 2021.
God bless and good luck.
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