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Name: 20210704_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: July 4, 2021
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Vaccine conspiracy theories, false flag conspiracy theories, deep state conspiracy theories, the messages that Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones are sending are the same.
They seem to see eye to eye on the biggest issues that they talk about every single night.
Well, as usual, CNN has been caught lying and trying to control debate and become America's modern thought police.
Even though they have almost no viewers, people like Brian Stelter and his little minion sidekick, Oliver Darcy, do have the ear of the establishment and of big tech, the corporations that don't want any Americans, or anybody else for that matter, getting in their way.
And they've come out and said that Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones.
America and the world is waking up to what I've been saying for decades about unelected global government through the UN taking control of our lives.
We're about to play this little piece they put out yesterday, but first let's walk through this so it's crystal, crystal clear what's happening.
The Davos Group is the corporate arm of the UN, they admit.
Klaus Schwab, that used to run a major department of the UN, works with the UN and major corporations to set global policy.
They put white papers out on their website calling for global corporate governance and a silencing of all opposition.
He calls for everyone to be forced to take an implantable microchip and a world ID card.
And he said that we would all be forced to do it.
When a coming deadly virus would bring the UN to power.
Klaus Schwab is all on record saying this, and I've been warning people about it for many years, and now it's here.
Big corporations have bought off the UN, bought off the WTO, they controlled the Wuhan lab, they cooked up the virus for power and fear, they blocked all of the treatments that were basically 100% effective against it, and killed millions of people because they wanted you to be scared and buy their tainted vaccines.
And all of that's coming out.
That's why out of all the low ratings on CNN, Humpty Dumpty has the very, very lowest.
Brian Stelter is a caricature of a caricature.
A little stuff suit Martian up there lecturing us and telling us what we can hear, what we can't hear.
The fact that Tucker Carlson, who's a very smart individual, echoes a lot of the same things I say is not because he's even listening to me.
It's because he sees the same event happening.
You know, if I went to the Super Bowl,
This year?
And I saw the Buccaneers win, and Tucker Carlson also saw the Buccaneers win.
If he did a report on the Super Bowl, he would say the Buccaneers won with Tom Brady, all-time greatest of all time.
If the sun came up this morning and it was a beautiful blue sky, and I'm an ABC weatherman versus an NBC weatherman in a town, I'm going to say it was a beautiful sky.
The other weatherman is going to say the same thing, because it's what happened.
Comprende, the corporate media has lost all credibility.
We know you guys stole the election.
We're rejecting your system.
Your leftist blue cities are collapsing.
So here's a little piece of the compilation they put out on reliable sources, where again,
Brian Stelzer is the most disingenuous, creepy person I've ever personally seen.
But I don't like to judge a book by its cover.
Then the contents of what this man, his sidekick, do is simply incredible.
When they called for me to be deplatformed three years ago, it was done.
So they can sit up there and lie about me all day.
And then I don't have a major platform to reach the general public.
I do have Band.Video, InfoWars.com, several hundred radio stations.
So we're still able to reach people that come there to find us and who then share the links with others.
So we're still getting out.
And they can't stand that, but they really can't stand it.
Tucker Carlson, highest cable ratings since even the 90s, back when Larry King had 15 million viewers a night.
I mean, the real numbers of Carlson are 10 million or higher.
Nielsen's been caught before dialing back those numbers.
Carlson is definitely a worldwide phenomenon.
He does a great job, and he's simply reporting the facts of what he sees day-to-day.
And no amount of CNN gaslighting is going to stop that.
So here is Humpty Dumpty and his little salacious crumb sitting in his lap, up there just officiously and arrogantly trying to sell their anti-American censorship
Because again, the ideas you're hearing from us are just too dangerous.
The truth is they know the public being informed is dangerous.
So here are the two enemies of the people, two corporate minions.
They're trying to sell us an end to the First Amendment.
But the good news is America and the world is waking up thanks to viewers and listeners spreading the word and thanks to people like Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.
That have taken the red pill and are taking action.
They're popular, they're doing a great job, they're telling the truth, and your censorship is coming to an end.
Everyone is deserting CNN and ABC News and NBC News and all the fake garbage, all the talk show hosts that say they were shot down in helicopters and now they're the fact checkers over at NBC.
All of those frauds.
Have only escalated the level of the hoax with their COVID-19 propaganda, and that hasn't even worked either.
So again, on the July 4th, I salute you all and just want to say God bless Tucker Carlson and every other red-blooded American that wants to tell the truth and has the courage to do it.
Choose your own reality culture is pervading every corner of American life.
Choose your own reality.
If you want to believe that the pro-Trump riots of January 6th were instigated by the feds, you can choose a show that claims that is true.
You can choose a TV star who claims it's real.
If you want to believe the NSA is reading your favorite TV star's emails, go right ahead.
He claims it's true.
The NSA denies it, of course, but for Tucker Carlson's fans, that's just further proof of the plot.
Carlson is a conspiracy monger, but he's far from the first.
As my colleague Oliver Darcy pointed out this week, Carlson is sounding more and more like InfoWars host and notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
You can hear the similarities.
The NSA has been reading our emails.
It's not that I think the government spies on me.
It's admitted that they do.
It is a lie to say there are no risks.
There are risks in everything, including in getting a vaccine.
Everybody's got family that got killed or got sick from a vaccine.
So FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, according to government documents.
It is overwhelming.
The evidence that criminal elements of the federal government provocateured and staged January 6th.
All right, Oliver Darcy is back with me.
I think the sound speaks for itself.
Is it a stretch to say that Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones?
It's not a stretch, Brian.
Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones.
If you watch Tucker Carlson's program and you watch Alex Jones's program, they might differ a little bit in antics and the way they deliver their message, but that message to viewers is consistent and it's pretty identical.
Whether it's talking about vaccine conspiracy theories, false flag conspiracy theories, deep state conspiracy theories, the messages that Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones are sending are the same.
They seem to see eye to eye on the biggest issues that they talk about every single night.
Do we know anything about their relationship or whether they have one?
Because, let me play two back-to-back soundbites.
One is of Tucker sympathizing with Jones, but the other one has Alex Jones basically saying, hey, I'm gonna let Tucker present this January 6th conspiracy theory first.
I'm gonna let Tucker present the inside job theory, because he's gonna do a great job with it.
And when I heard that, I thought, are these two guys in cahoots?
Like, are they friends?
Do they communicate?
Let's listen to these two soundbites and then we'll talk about it.
I made the decision not to get into this until it broke on Tucker.
Because I thought he'd do a better job than I did.
He did.
He did a great job in 15 minutes.
Why do we laugh at Alex Jones again, sincere question?
Are they bros?
What do we know about the relationship?
It does sound like they're talking to each other, right Brian?
Look, you don't have to take it from us.
Just listen to that clip you played of Tucker Carlson.
He's basically saying that he doesn't think that Alex Jones' views are out there, that they're crazy.
Certainly he thinks that they're legitimate and should be debated, and he's bringing them up on his own show.
And Brian, this matters because these far-right conspiracy theories, they used to be confined to the InfoWars section on the internet.
You have to seek them out.
I'm not that old, but I remember when the Republican Party and Fox News mocked Alex Jones and said, that guy is crazy, we're not going to touch that sort of stuff.
But now,
Fox's face is effectively Alex Jones.
The de facto leader of the Republican Party is touting the same stuff that Jones touts on his show.
And Fox remains silent about what if, what would be, if true, an abuse of power.
If the NSA is actually reading Tucker's emails, then that's really disturbing.
But for some reason, Fox hasn't condemned the NSA.
They haven't demanded an investigation.
They haven't called for congressional inquiry.
Like, Fox hasn't said anything.
It's like they don't believe him.
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