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Name: 20210701_Thu_Alex
Air Date: July 1, 2021
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Alex Jones from InfoWars reports on the open Texas-Mexico border situation in July 2021, blaming the Biden administration for not enforcing federal law. He discusses the disappearance of unaccompanied children and potential treasonous actions of military generals. Jones also talks about a New England Journal of Medicine study on COVID-19 vaccines, introducing Dr. Sherry Tenpenny who warns about vaccine dangers. The podcast covers concerns related to antibody-dependent enhancement, post- vaccination outbreaks, lockdowns, and the rollout of the vaccines. Jones raises concerns over globalists' plans to control food and diet through GMOs, contraceptive corn, and promoting veganism.

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So there's a new article out.
World Economic Forum pledges to censor health misinformation and anti-vaccine content.
And that means not letting you know about cures for viral infections, not letting you know that putting respirators on people with COVID kills them, not letting you hear from chief scientists and heads of universities and major whistleblowers from inside Big Pharma that, hey, this vaccine will sterilize you.
What it is, is things they don't want known.
Just like Google and Facebook and others were invested in the Wuhan lab in this very virus.
Everybody wanted to be involved in this.
You gotta get everybody involved in the black magic.
You gotta get them all involved in the Black Sabbath.
Like, why do you get a hundred men and women together to go with a kidnapped baby that's three years old, rape him and torture him and drink their blood slowly over a day in a dungeon?
That's what Satanists do.
Because it's very bonding to have sex while you torture a little girl or boy to death for these sickos.
Well, now they're torturing and killing us all on a wide scale.
And now they're injecting our children with a vaccine that all the scientists say won't protect them and hurts them.
Why would you do that when it's not even a vaccine?
Because it's an act of Satanism.
World Economic Forum pledges to censor misinformation, health misinformation, and anti-vaccine content.
That's a quote.
Just if you, you know, say these things are a fraud of a bad history, well, you're not allowed to because the World Economic Forum said so.
That's the public Bilderberg Group.
That's the corporate governance system that set up the UN that runs it.
And they're the ones that decide the lockdowns.
They're the ones that decide the vaccine passports.
They're the ones that think they're going to force you to comply and they're going to surveil you and control you.
They're the enemy.
Klaus Schwab is Hitler 2.0.
Twice grandfather.
Worked for Hitler.
And here it is.
Advanced Digital Safety.
A framework to align global action.
White paper.
World Economic Forum.
Just put out three days ago.
And I read it.
It's how global boards will decide what you can and can't publish.
Down to your newspaper, down to your website.
They'll all decide with armies of leftists trained at universities who will now surveil and dominate everyone.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, I got back early.
We got up at 5 a.m.
at the Texas border with Mexico, and we're back in Austin for the July 1st, 2021 transmission.
Here's a few of the highlights of what we witnessed on the Texas-Mexico border.
Trump's not suppressing this, but I gotta tell you, even Fox News is not showing people this.
Fox News could send a team down here.
We've been in here 30 minutes.
We're gonna upload these in chunks raw to Bandon Video.
Many of these people have disappeared out of their countries.
Many of these people are alone, like this little boy right here.
And they're just disappearing.
There's this little kid.
That's a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little boy with a Hispanic lady and a baby.
100% not his mother.
Right there.
Did you just see that right there?
I got it.
I got it on video.
Ladies and gentlemen, did you just see what I just saw right there?
We need to call the police.
See those packets?
That should be loaded onto airplanes or a private charter.
And then they're put on these buses.
And this just continues around the clock.
Totally illegal.
The border absolutely, completely open.
Follow along right here.
This is replacement migration.
And of course, the globalists exploit the third world.
Right here.
And then, they implode the borders and bring the third world here to be controlled.
And many of these are families, but also many of these are unaccompanied children that even the Senate's own report six years ago found disappear into slavery, including sex slavery.
Now, at least this time, this is a proper vehicle for the smuggling.
And this is not the back of a trunk.
This is not the trunk of a car.
But we literally just arrived here three minutes ago.
Our cameras weren't even ready, and boom, this facility, which just a month ago, they leased, is now full of people.
When the doors swung open, and these people were filed out, I saw more than 50 people, men, women, and children, inside right now.
And now they've rented buildings up and down the street on both sides of the street.
So again, a lot of people, when I stopped that car because they were illegally putting three children in the trunk, they said, oh, it must be fake because it says Hollywood on this old building that I guess decades ago had some type of clothing store.
No, this is a real place, McAllen, Texas.
This is real, what's going on right here, okay?
And it's all illegal, but Biden is not enforcing federal law.
And these counties are even bucking the state governor, Abbott.
Who's declared an emergency here and called it state police from around the country to try to arrest people when they do violate the law, like trespassing on people's property or any type of theft.
So here you go.
This is a emergency response team, state assisted EMS support vehicle, state placard ID.
Um, what does this even mean?
Again, who, who are these organizations?
We need to find out about all of this.
We need to investigate.
Here's another one.
Pulling up to get more people.
Now, why is this important?
Well, for hundreds of reasons.
When you allow this type of illegal activity to go on at an industrial scale,
It allows criminals to bring in drugs, kidnap children, you name it.
We have video at the airports of the same woman, day after day, delivering children, saying, this is my child, babies.
They're allowed to fly, just handing them off to people, handing them off to NGOs, and then these children just disappear.
My sister's adopted.
It took us two years to adopt her from South Korea.
They had to go through all the background checks.
They had to check us out.
And we had to pay a lot of money.
And they had to make sure that they weren't taking a child from a woman that
Was it trying to give the child up?
And there should be a lot of strictures and rules and laws involved in adoption.
This is again, industrial scale taking place.
And again, they're obviously about to load this back up and then leave as well.
Again, you've got these people.
And their supposed security guard outfits.
This is all just outfits.
It's just dressing it up with the appearance of legality.
You know, so they've got little armed guards out here.
This country, in its 250 years history, has never had traitors as bad as Honore and Millie and Austin.
These men, once they've been politically, culturally, economically, and using the criminal justice system defeated, will be known as the new definition of Benedict Arnold.
They are the plague.
They are a curse.
And they are planning, in my view, false flag terror attacks here in America to cement their rollout against us.
They're spoiling for a war.
They're spoiling for a coup.
They're spoiling to overthrow.
And they're getting ready to carry out terror attacks, that is their handlers are, to be blamed on those of us that are loyal Americans in our opposition to the destruction of the country and the sellout of the nation.
And they're all over television saying Trump questioning the election is an act of terror and he's got to be dealt with by the military.
The government's going to kill this guy.
And they're on channel saying we need to get members of Congress using the military.
People sitting in Congress right now, people in and around the former president.
And then General Milley and General Austin and General Honore get up there and click their heels and say, we want to swag out with the American people, and every white person that doesn't salute us is a white supremacist enemy, and we're the Americans, and they're Hitler, and we're going to get them!
We're ready for war!
Tearing us loose!
We're going to get America!
Death to America, says Milley!
Death to America, says Austin!
Death to America, says Honore!
It's July 1st, 2021.
To chronicle the treason and anti-American activities of General Honoré, Austin, and Milley, it would take years.
Let us examine only one small data point.
The gun confiscation that took place after the Katrina hurricane.
Where peaceful people, high and dry, under the orders of Honoré, had their firearms stolen and taken from them, never to be returned.
House to house, sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn.
And instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You say guns will be taken?
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
And now Honoré is organizing the national response for the Democratic Party for gun confiscation.
That happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions.
Residents were handcuffed on the ground.
In the end, police took their weapons, but let them stay in their homes.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
This guard unit occupied a church, using it as a base camp.
All of a sudden, they were banging on the front door, the side door, and the back door, and they said, let us in.
I said, is that even loaded?
I really thought they were going to kill me.
They took them.
And they didn't have a right to take them.
They didn't have a reason to take them.
You never expect to do this in your own country.
Chris Montgomery says he'd rather be in Iraq than patrolling American neighborhoods.
Walking up and down these streets, you don't want to think about the stuff that you're going to have to do.
Somebody pops around the corner.
Let me shoot an American.
You know them by their fruits, as Christ said.
A leopard never changes its spots.
Here, in focus, is the treason of Honoré against the Second Amendment and America.
Info Wars!
Info Wars!
Info Wars!
Info Wars!
Info Wars!
Info Wars!
We have so much news today.
We made really, really good time back from McAllen.
Normally takes about six hours to get back.
We got back in less than five.
That's good drivers.
And so I'm here and Owen's gonna be riding shotgun with me for an hour or so before he goes.
He's ready to take over his own show 3 p.m.
Central today.
I'm your host Alex Jones and we have Roger Stone.
Popping in next segment, remember he told you a month ago they're going to start by indicting the company and the heads of Trump's company and then they're going to move against Trump.
That's what Democrats are planning.
You heard earlier in the week, oh that's not true, Trump's lawyer said, but now the head of Trump's company has been indicted, pled not guilty, did absolutely nothing.
They say, oh during a divorce Trump might have let one of his children
Who's getting divorced, stay in a condo because he was kicked out of the other condo that his wife was living in.
Oh, and maybe they were able to use company cars, maybe company pencils too, Owen!
Oh, no, and if he had to, you know, cut a check, it may have been a pen, Alex.
I mean, God forbid.
But, you know, when you watch that video that we came in with,
And you realize how serious the situation that this country is in right now.
I mean, folks, we've got communists and globalists breathing down the neck of the United States.
China threatened war against us in a huge speech today.
I mean, the fangs are out.
You know, you see the vampire creeping up, and then you see them getting right there, ready to bite your neck, and then the fangs come out, and then it's time, and then the bite comes in.
That's right.
Dracula is lunging at our throat right now.
And so the analogy of the flame of liberty, you know, the people, half the people going to it, or I don't know, whatever the numbers are, the communists going towards the light of liberty, the torch... They're going to extinguish it!
Exactly, they want to put it out.
Meanwhile, freedom lovers are on a kamikaze mission to the flame of liberty to do anything to keep it going, even if that means jumping into it themselves to spontaneously combust.
Because we know we're about to go into the tunnel, we're about to be under
Total communist takeover, re-education.
That's their plan.
They don't want to just take the US over.
They want to butcher it, chop it in pieces for maybe 80, 90 years like the Russians.
I mean, they want to break our spirit.
And for some people...
This information, this intelligence is tough to swallow because they haven't really seen it play out like we have at InfoWars for the last decade.
And the doctor that I had on yesterday that was on the Alex Jones Show that I interviewed, it was such a powerful interview.
And sometimes when you're talking to people like that doctor who's so informed when it comes to the vaccines and COVID and everything, and you're talking to her and you're going through things in your own head and you realize, again, we already knew this, but you play it out in two simple sentences.
They made a gain-of-function virus.
They intentionally made a gain-of-function virus to be released, to be used on people.
I mean, why else would you make it?
That's why they make it, to be used on people.
And then, they intentionally censored and made cures to the sickness of the virus.
I mean, what does that have to do?
And, notice he's a prestigious medical doctor.
He's testified to the Senate.
She goes, listen, this is all just mainline.
Every doctor knows this.
It's like in America, we drive on the right hand side of the road.
In England, the left hand.
It's like the sun is yellow.
This stop signs are red.
They said, oh, if you're having trouble breathing from pneumonia or flu or whatever, don't come to the doctor until you're really sick.
Then they'd call that COVID.
It was all premeditated default against known medicine.
And they go, it's the science.
It's the science.
It's the science.
These people need to be arrested.
And then they'll blow your lungs out on a ventilator.
Which is the new guillotine.
And then they'll send you, you know, your COVID-infected grandma into the nursing home to kill the rest of the grandmas and grandpas in there.
And by the way, we don't know any medical doctors defending what the system's done.
Well, there are some, like Vin Gupta, but that's because he's a CNN guest, maybe even, you know, a federal shill or something like that.
I mean, he'll tell us at the...
Up is down, down is up.
Now they're saying, oh, just get every vaccine.
Just get every vaccine.
Get it once, get it twice, get it as many times, you know, because it's safe and effective.
And then they go, oh, but it doesn't help you, so keep wearing your mask.
But imagine now.
Oh, we need new lockdowns.
Oh my gosh, the Delta Plus.
But here's the formula as we go to break here.
Okay, someone made and released a virus that can kill you, and they're also making it illegal, the cures to the sickness of that virus.
What does that equal, folks?
Someone's trying to kill you.
Oh, and the very same group all met and said they wanted to depopulate us.
It's like, I don't want to be the doctor telling you you have a terminal disease, but someone's trying to kill you in case you haven't noticed.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Alex Jones.
We have the host of The War Room, Owen Troyer, riding shotgun, and the former co-host of The War Room, famous political prisoner,
Long-time political operative and patriot, Roger Stone, for one segment only, popping in with his prediction a month ago they would begin indicting leaders of the Trump Organization.
That has now come true, unfortunately.
Alan Weisselberg, who he says is a great guy, has now pled not guilty to using company cars.
And during a divorce, when his son was getting divorced, Trump let him use a condo for a few months.
Oh my gosh!
Did he let him use Post-It notes too, Roger?
You know, Alex, the juxtaposition of this with, say, Hunter Biden is extraordinary.
Hunter Biden still has a $200 million stake in an investment fund in which his partner is the Chinese Communist Party.
But no, there's no indictment there.
Instead, we're going to indict poor Alan Weisselberg because he used a car or a condo for a few months.
This is really Mickey Mouse nonsense.
But it's meant to sully the president's reputation.
It's meant to generate negative headlines, which it certainly has done because the Democrats do not want to run against Donald Trump again in 2024.
That's what this is really about.
Tell us about Weisselberg.
You've known Trump 45 years.
Weisselberg was a confidant of Trump's father.
I don't think you can get closer to the family unless you've got blood here.
He has said that Trump's done nothing.
He's done nothing.
This is just outrageous.
Allen Weisselberg is a very decent man.
He is a devout Jew.
He is a financial genius.
Keeping track of all of the various businesses of Donald Trump is an enormous enterprise.
He is very shrewd.
He is very honest.
He's very meticulous.
Hard for me to believe that this man did anything wrong.
And I know what it's like to be squeezed by a prosecutor.
I know what it's like to be threatened that you'll spend the rest of your life in prison if you don't say what they want you to say.
My heart goes out to both Alan and his family.
He's a fine man and I think he is being subjected to a witch hunt.
I'm reading this indictment and it says, during his son's divorce years ago, they let him use a condo when he was kicked out of the house, and maybe a car, and maybe a bonus at Christmas time or something.
I mean, this is cash-bombing, this is insane.
It's like saying he might have had a crooked toenail at one point, compared to just what the Democrats
Publicly promoting pedophilia, world government smuggling children over the border.
I mean, it's just, it's two different universes.
It's really extraordinary how minor this is, particularly given the enormous buildup this got from the mainstream media.
Trump about to be indicted and so on.
The other instance I read about was Matthew Calamari, longtime associate of Trump, was the COO of this company.
He may have gotten some insurance benefits that he didn't properly report on his income taxes.
Please give me a break.
I mean, you have massive crimes going on in Washington, D.C.
New revelations that Joe Biden attended business meetings for his son's businesses, specifically went to a restaurant, which we learned about a week, 10 days ago, which he denied.
But no, there's no investigation into any of that.
This is where hundreds of millions of dollars have changed hands.
No investigation into that.
You know what this tells me about Trump?
He's got to be one of the cleanest people that has any big business I've ever heard of.
Because the way they write laws, everybody's doing something wrong.
I mean, if letting people use a condo during a family problem or letting someone use a company car, we have a couple company cars.
I mean, Owen drives a company car.
Does that mean that I paid you off in some criminal action?
I mean, this is just next level.
This shows me
That Trump is like an angel.
I mean, who could have hundreds of properties and all this and not have anything going on wrong with federal investigations, state investigations, city investigations, all these people being threatened, who they've gone and rolled up for crimes they committed separately, saying we'll let you off, just make something up, and they can't even get anybody to do it.
Well, congratulations, Owen.
Alex just put a big ol' target on your back.
I'm sure you'll be detained.
Yeah, that's alright, Roger.
It expanded about half an inch from that comment, so that's okay.
No, no, it's not even that.
No, we've got two company cars, and one time your car was in the shop and you used the company car for like a month.
But it's ridiculous!
The point is, I work for the company!
I need to get to work!
What am I supposed to do if I don't have a car?! !
The point is, is that during the ice storm, I let the engineers use my personal truck.
Oh my God, they used a truck for a week!
Are we gonna get arrested for that?
Look, I'm making a joke to make a serious point, which is, this is all petty-ante stuff.
I think we know what happened here.
The Mueller investigators looked at all this same material, all these same business records, turned them over to the state of New York, and they have a phishing expedition.
No probable cause, no evidence of a crime, but let's just keep looking.
What was it Stalin said, show me the man, I'll show you the crime?
I think that's exactly what's going on here.
Call it witch hunt
3.0 at this point.
Roger, I've never been so stunned at a political prosecution as this.
I mean, you did nothing wrong, but they at least tried to cook something up.
This is, he let somebody use a condo when they were in trouble and a car, the heads of the companies.
I figure they'd have a lot more than that.
They could just put it on, I mean, it's all on paper.
This is literally saying, we're taking you to jail because you wiped your ass.
Well, but Alex, let's be clear.
The investigation is not over.
That even the president's lawyer said that he was not being charged at this time.
Not sure what that means.
I'm praying that the president is safe.
I'm praying that they will use better judgment and drop this nonsense.
But this is still an open question as far as I'm concerned.
And I'm hopeful that the President has a strategy, and the right lawyer, if in fact he ends up being dragged into the middle of this circus, which is what it is.
But here's what's not an open question.
This is 100% political, and everybody knows it.
Why isn't the Republican Party making more of a fuss?
Why isn't the Republican Party up in arms about this political harassment?
Never underestimate the stupidity of the Republican Party.
This is a feckless, weak-kneed, gutless group of leaders in the House, particularly, who never want to do battle, who always want to make a deal.
And then you've got patriots like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Lee Selden.
In the Senate, you've got Ron Paul.
I mean, there are a few people there who are brave and courageous and willing to take the radical left and the Democrats on, but not within the Republican Party leadership.
Roger, we've only got a minute and a half, but you said they're going to start with the organization and move on.
Notice Trump's lawyers say Trump's not being indicted now.
You're still extremely concerned, and I would say your prediction has come true.
Well, look, I love the president.
I don't want anything bad to happen to him.
And I would like to see him run again in 2024.
And I recognize the entire political nature of this.
It's politics run amok.
You have a one-party state essentially in New York.
The Republicans hold no statewide offices, hold neither chamber of their legislature.
Certainly in New York City, one could never expect a fair trial.
I've been subjected to a DC jury.
I think a Manhattan jury would be very similar.
So why are they doing it?
Just because they think mainstream media will paper over this and make this look like Trump's dirty?
This makes Trump look like an angel!
I think they recognize that the average citizen just sees the headline.
They don't read into the body of the story.
So Trump's organization charged with criminal activity, sure, it splashes up on Donald Trump.
That's the idea.
It's the same kind of malicious attacks that he's been subjected to by the fake news media for four long years.
Nothing new here.
Well, I've experienced it with these Democrat-funded lawsuits.
They'll take anything and just lie about it or make stuff up as even true.
It's insane.
Roger Stone, thank you so much for the time.
I look forward to speaking to you again very, very soon.
All right, Owen Schroyers with me riding shotgun.
We've got a ton of news.
Monday through Friday, we are here live from 11 a.m.
until 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Of course, we have American Journal with Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m., and The War Room with Owen Schroyer, 3 to 6 p.m.
I also do a lot of special transmissions, and I'm seriously considering, as so much news is breaking, on coming in Saturday and doing a special broadcast.
And a special broadcast on Sunday and maybe even on Monday, because we need to really understand this could be the last July 4th ever in this country.
In fact, you could say last year was.
We really are a conquered nation.
If we're not honest with ourselves about how much trouble we're in, we have no hope.
So I'm just asking listeners to realize that this is the moment of truth.
Because if people realize this is a globalist takeover at every level and reject it,
Or we just acclimate ourselves and submit to it and it's over.
So that is the point as a civilization, as a species, that we're at this point of no return.
We're going to have to decide what we're going to do now.
So let me just show you some of the news.
That we have here for you.
Xi Jinping, you know he's the dictator that has all the one-sided policies by the globalists to build them up and not us up.
Xi gives blistering Taiwan reunification speech vowing foreign meddlers will get their heads bashed in a Hitlerian speech.
We're going to be going over that.
Japan reportedly conduct top-secret war games planned for possible Taiwan conflict.
Australian town 800 miles from nearest city goes into full lockdown after a single COVID-19 test.
That's what's actually happening.
UN controlled Davos group pushes new lockdowns citing Delta Plus variant lie.
It's all lies.
We told you over a year ago.
They'll take some of the lockdowns off a little bit and then as soon as they've done that they'll clamp them right back down again claiming variants.
Now how did I know that?
People are going and finding us 14, 15, 16 months ago predicting it all because I know the enemy.
They admit in their own white papers that they want a permanent
Lockdown but they want you to have the illusion that it's going to be unlocked from time to time so you don't build opposition to them.
So every time opposition builds they will then loosen up a bit but only to
Kill the opposition building and coalescing and taking back power.
It's a psychological warfare system they very successfully use.
So we're gonna be looking at all of that COVID news and how it ties together with Communist China.
Then it's just gotten too over the top disgusting.
We're gonna hit this coming up next segment.
Yes, kink belongs at Pride, and I want my kids to see it.
Men eating feces, drinking urine, and having sex in public.
That's what goes on at the gay Pride parades.
I've never been to one, but I've seen the videos, and it is beyond disgusting.
It's about defiling yourself.
Uh, they're in the system and that ties into now the celebration of men coming in and showing little girls their penises in the showers and saying, uh, oh, isn't it beautiful?
I've had sex with hundreds of women.
And so that's what terrorizing these poor children is about, and most of these people at these parades have been sexually abused themselves.
That's why they're very zombie-like and seem to have no life in them.
So, truly, truly evil.
It's all about pedophilia.
Psaki has doubled down, saying, oh yes, it's the Republicans defunding the police, and that's who's caused the crime wave.
Republicans have just laid there taking it, because they're such pathetic jellyfish.
Also, turn off those big billboards all over the world.
The globalists are saying, turn down your thermostat or turn it up.
There's not enough power and they're going to charge you more.
It's all about carbon taxes.
But then, oh, all the big corporations and all the big billboards, they, of course, stay fully energized because they're essential, you're not.
We're going to get to all of that.
And then I spoke about white papers here with you.
I spoke about white papers.
We actually have some Davos Group white papers.
I spent a couple hours yesterday, last night, reading some of the new white papers on how to censor everyone in the world through global governance.
That's a quote.
And how they are the global government, the corporate world government with the UN,
So between the UN and Big Tech and Big Pharma and the big corporations, they have a plan to end all inequality and, you guessed it, to end whiteness and end the family.
This is all coming out of the Davis Group.
The World Economic Forum pledges to censor health misinformation and anti-vaccine content.
I read
Completely five or six of the white papers, the new ones that just came out this month, and I scanned over another ten or so, and let me tell you, is it rich reading?
And remember, these are the self-appointed corporate board where the corporation set the policy, the Fortune 100.
Control by the big banks, and then they tell you how you're going to be living.
So, until we organize against this and use our own regional governments to say no, and our own individual companies to say no, and our own individual will to say no, we have no hope.
Because world government is here, the new world order is a corporate world government.
So, that is coming up with all the censorship rolling out.
Right as Davos snaps his fingers, Trudeau, one of the leaders of implementing the New World Order, who says he wants to be a Chinese dictator, they've now introduced the worst censorship law of any Western democracy, allowing live-time surveillance of everyone and banning of anything that the UN-trained censors say they're not going to allow.
And now they have major leaders, state leaders,
We're good to go.
Doesn't realize how much trouble we're in, and just eats around the edges of this instead of pointing out, this is a UN, corporate, world government takeover, as China as the model, and this is the new world war, it's a new type of war, keep expecting army tanks and fighter planes, and that's part of it later, but this is really economic takeover war, bullying war, and so it's not just misguided leftists, this is a scientific blueprint in their own words.
Well, that's the problem is, you know, just like the media is 10 or 20 years behind InfoWars simply just because they don't want to be fully honest with their audience.
Most of the stuff that Alex or I talk about on air, the person, the average person on Fox News or whatever will talk about behind the scenes with their family, at the bar, at dinner, whatever.
They know it's all going on.
They're just not going to talk about it on TV.
So that causes the public to also kind of be 10, 20 years behind.
And that's why they're so stunned when they see InfoWars reports from 10 years ago or whatever that are calling out everything that's happening now.
No, we're just being real about what's going on.
It's not that hard to predict the obvious.
And so that's what's going on here.
People say, how did you exactly know there'd be a new variant?
Because they said in white papers 10 years ago, once we launch this virus, we'll then have new variants to keep people locked down.
And then we'll reduce the lockdowns from time to time to renew hope, but only clamp them down more to save the earth from carbon.
I mean, it's all stated!
And so they can slowly roll this out in a short five year stretch is what looks like their goal is going to be.
Oh, the medical tyranny.
And you don't really know what's behind it.
You just think, oh, there's this deadly virus and oh, all this stuff is getting shut down.
What's going on?
Whoa, this is kind of weird.
It's kind of crazy.
This isn't America.
This is not right.
Well, yeah, it's been in the works for five years.
And now, oh, sorry, that vaccine doesn't work.
Now you've got to take more vaccines.
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, a lot of people are dying from it, but no big deal.
Don't talk about it.
It's all been planned.
And by the time that reality catches up to you, the new tyranny is going to arrive, and it's going to shock you and stun you, and you're not going to know what to deal with it, and that's the environmental tyranny.
And that's what Demo said.
They said, segue with the COVID lockdown into the new carbon lockdowns and all the new green deals and admissions that leftists can build buildings, but you can't build buildings.
Your political affiliation in Austin is whether or not you get a permit.
I mean, this is real communism.
And hey, you know what?
I think that everybody could get behind, hey, let's save energy, let's conserve energy, fine, that's no big deal, but you can't...
Make it a government mandate to limit how much energy you can use.
And it's a good point.
So, who decides that 30, 40, 50, 100, 200, 300 billboards in New York City, in Times Square, get to be lit 24-7, but I don't get to keep my thermostat below 69 degrees in the heat of summer?
And, oh, you put in that little remote control Google thermostat.
In the terms and services, they're going to control your thermostat now.
Oh, but I can control it from my cell phone!
It's so trendy, I can control my A.C.
from the cell phone, Alex!
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
Alright, you need to understand, this is just news that's been out in the last day or two.
We're not like, looking for this.
It's just everywhere.
Here's the Washington Post, Lauren Raulillo,
Yes, cake belongs at Pride, and I want my kids to see it.
You see the total sexualization of children everywhere, pedophilia being promoted.
There's the Washington Post in an article showing things I don't want to show our audience because you don't want to look at dudes in g-strings and men dressed up like animals and you know men shaking their butts and little kids faces but it's all super inappropriate.
It'd be like if you took your five-year-old daughter or son to a topless bar.
Wish they do that too.
Which, well, only if it's gay.
If it's a little boy at a men's bar, they throw money at him and say, I want to have sex with you.
Well, he's a tough kid.
He can take it.
So, I'm not going to read you the article.
It's totally sick.
My wife is trans, and it just goes on to talk all about how wanted to see people cutting themselves, defecating on the streets.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to see something crazy,
You definitely go online and look at some videos of some gay pride parades.
I would call it lost people trying to kill themselves in slow motion.
So, Washington Post writer calls for children to watch kink at parades.
And then they show little cute girls smiling with men dressed up like wolves.
Which they're telling you, we've got your kids, they're captured.
And putting them through this hell.
And this is the light stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, let's shift gears to that article from four or five days ago that's been a big national story.
Spa staff dismiss woman's complaint about man exposing his penis to little girls in female area.
Remember what Chris Cuomo said four or five years ago?
He said, oh, people are complaining in public schools that in middle schools that if the coach is a man but thinks he's a woman,
And wants to take showers with your 11-year-old daughter.
They should celebrate that, and your daughter's a bigot if she doesn't want her coach.
Now imagine, Gillette commercials and the left teaches men shouldn't say, hey lady, I think you're pretty, come have a coffee or go get a drink with me.
Or all sex heterosexuals is rape.
Or, you know, men being masculine is aggressive.
All that's bad, all traditional real human activity, biological activity's bad.
But if it's going and taking a child,
To a homosexual bar, so money can be thrown at them and they can dress, dance around in a negligee.
That's wonderful.
And now, if a man, and it turns out they've got other cases at the same spa, wants to go in and say, I've had sex with hundreds of women, here's my genitals, but I'm a woman, so now I've got to get out a jail card, they wouldn't even help her.
And now the spa isn't denying it, they're defending it, and saying, your little girls need to see a woman's penis.
Because if you'll put up with that,
You'll put up with anything.
So this is because men aren't standing up, men aren't speaking out against this.
They're now having protest and counter-protest at the Transgender Celebration Center that was a workout spa for women, now a place for men to invade women's spaces and show them their genitals, ladies and gentlemen.
So here's the original clip and then we'll go to the latest clip.
You don't, so it's okay, I just want to be clear with you.
It's okay, it's okay for a man to go into the women's section, show his penis around to other women, young little girls, underage.
Your spa, we spa, condone that.
Is that what you're saying?
Like I asked.
So he could stay there?
He could stay there?
What sexual orientation?
I see a dick.
It lets me know he's a man.
He is a man.
He is a man.
He is not no female.
He is not a female.
He is not a female.
Hold on.
He is not a female, sweetie.
Okay, girls down there, other women who are highly offended for what they just saw.
And you did nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
In fact, you sided with him.
So WeSpa is an agreement with men that just say they are a woman and they can go down there with their penis and get into the women's section?
Is that what you're saying?
What, what, really?
What law?
What law?
He put everything back.
So women can go into the men's with their breasts?
Alright, let's stop right there.
This is how you devastate society.
It's how you break it down.
It's how you shut it down.
Now let's go to this man saying he's a woman.
They'll try to arrest you in California if you say this, but no, it's a fat dude.
A fat dude, CEO of Trans Group, labels women who complain about men taking over their biology, taking over who they are, and taking over their sports, taking over their children, pushing them out, raping their identity.
That's all good?
Nanny Wolf criticizes it as a real feminist show.
She's kicked off Twitter.
CEO of Trans Group labels women who complain about men exposing genitals to children horrible.
And the Washington Post says, take your children to see kink and see men have sex.
Basically, rape their minds.
Prepare them for pedophilia.
Because this is all about normalizing pedophilia.
That's the end goal.
Because this is a pedophile network.
Here it is.
Let's play this man talking about how it's horrible if women want to be alone in their own bathroom and I'll have a man who now turns out was propositioning saying, I've had sex with a lot of women.
Do you like my cock?
That's one thing if they're on a dating service and he's sending pictures to them.
But no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This is in the showers.
Here it is.
Controversy at a health club in Koreatown over the issue of gender.
Video of spa goers complaining was posted on social media.
That's right.
KCAL's Chris Holmstrom has video of the dispute live in Koreatown this afternoon.
Juan and Susie, this video is going viral.
Already over 100,000 views on Instagram, even more on Twitter.
And it's video that has a lot of people talking.
I just want to be clear with you.
It's okay.
It's okay for a man to go into the women's section.
A rant caught on cell phone camera at Wii Spa in Koreatown.
In the video, the woman claims a naked man was in the women's day spa.
He is a man.
He is a man.
He is not no female.
The woman who posted this video to Instagram goes by the name of Kubana Angel with the title, Christ is King.
What law?
What law?
So women can go into the men's with their breasts.
The video goes on for about three minutes.
Bambi Salcido is the CEO of Trans Latina Coalition.
I think this is one of the horrible things that we experience every single day within our society.
We reached out to WeSpa.
They declined to comment, but say they do follow state law, which makes discriminating against trans and other non-conforming people in business establishments illegal.
California is the state in the whole nation that has the most trans-inclusive legislation.
And obviously different local governments also adopt some of those laws.
Okay, so I'll stop right there.
Oh, in responding to this, this is all scientific.
This is all a takeover.
And they admit they're doing it.
I mean, here it is.
When men are crowned first place in female beauty pageants, you know elites think you're stupid.
And it turns out they pay the pageant to do this.
This is all a sick joke!
No, there really is no response to this.
This is completely, I mean, against all logic, all basic common sense.
I mean, again, it comes down to the same thing.
I mean, does Alex Jones have to walk into a female bathroom and, you know, take a big fat you-know-what and then walk out naked and say, hey, ladies, and then, whoa, hey, I'm trans!
I'm trans, man, you can't...
No, he'd be arrested immediately.
Same thing if I did it.
He'd be registered.
Same thing if you in the audience did it.
But we don't want to do it.
Like you said, the liberals now in their little girls' diapers put dildos so they grow up with this thing wanting it.
I mean, they're perverts.
They want to have sex with kids.
Jocelyn Elders, you know, 27 years ago wanted the U.S.
government to masturbate your children, okay?
They want to rape your children.
They're a cult of pedophiles.
When are we going to say no and push back?
Five years ago,
Anybody walks into a ladies room with their male member out, you're getting arrested, you're gonna be a sex predator on a list for the rest of your life.
But now, somehow it's liberal.
And here's the problem, Alex.
They look like adults, but they're not.
Liberals are actually children at heart and at mind.
They really are.
They're in arrested development, they're mentally ill, they have a serious... Oh, there are massive assaults all over the country.
With men raping women in bathrooms.
We got to go to break.
I want to cover this more with you.
So much in the next hour.
Ladies and gentlemen, you do not want to miss the next hour.
I'm going to get into the latest.
Davos is announcing a new worldwide lockdown.
They are our God.
They are the UN federal enforcer.
Until we wake up to that and have our government say no, we're at the behest of their control.
So far we've been under their control.
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Well, I'm trying to be a good man.
I'm trying to stand up and do the right thing.
And I've seen huge effects with what we've done here at InfoWars.
Other good men and women getting together and telling the truth and standing up to corruption.
But now the Globals are coming after us.
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I feel it floating in the air.
But it's fear!
Owen Troyer riding shotgun with us for a couple more segments, then he's gonna go get ready for his own transmission, 3 to 6 p.m.
So, Owen, I didn't even scratch the surface of this.
Washington Post writer calls for children to watch kink at pride parades, and this creature that wrote this big article for the Washington Post, look at those zombified eyes, says, I am a gender vague person who is married to a trans woman,
Topics related to gender and queer identity are an important focus of our work.
Lauren is a former sex worker and teen parent who is writing essays and a memoir about their experience.
A Philadelphia-area native, Lauren is an autistic person raising two neurodivergent kids in South Jersey.
And you know they're taking all their poison shots.
They are committed as zombies.
On their anti-human quest that the Washington Post is going to publish.
And so we can be lectured about, oh, women at the local gym don't want a dude propositioning him with his large member hanging out.
They're bad.
Oh, but a guy asking a girl on a date is bad.
The nuclear family is bad.
It's insane.
And then I've got this article.
We seem to see it every couple of days with this FBI agent, another FBI agent.
has been arrested and convicted for raping little kids, ladies and gentlemen.
And that was in my stack.
Here it is.
Overhead shot, please.
Second FBI agent in two months arrested for raping, molesting small children.
51-year-old David Harris is an active FBI agent in the New Orleans field office, and it goes into the horrible things that
Has been going on.
And you realize this is an army of these people and they're getting into all the major positions of power.
Louisiana FBI agent has been arrested.
Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigation Special Victims Unit United States Department of Justice Inspector General.
Where do you think all these smuggled kids out of Latin America go?
For sexual misconduct against juveniles.
According to a press release, Harris 51 was booked on numerous sexual misconduct charges.
He was arrested in the parish and booked on charges of aggravated crimes against nature and innocent behavior with children under the age of 13.
But see, they've got to mainline it real quick.
That's why they're at war with civilization.
They've got to mainline it fast.
Owen Schroyer, comments on this.
So, the Washington Post has a mentally retarded hooker writing for it?
That's where we're at now.
The blind's leading the blind.
She's now raising their own autistic children.
You know, they're all on drugs, they're all whacked out, they're all on welfare, and they're creating these people to be the permanent kept slaves of the system.
Isn't it magic?
Again, this is a child psychology, and, you know, it's like a young child does something wrong at home, you know, spills a glass of milk, or breaks the vase, or whatever.
The first step is, oh, I didn't do it!
No, I didn't do it!
And then blame someone else and, you know, try to obfuscate somehow once you've been caught.
It's just child psychology.
There's nothing wrong with it.
It happens.
It's fine.
But this child psychology applies to liberals.
So just like when, oh look, our defunding the police is unpopular, our defunding the police is leading to crime spikes, let's just blame Republicans.
Oh no, it was the Republicans!
The Republicans did it!
It's the same thing with this kink stuff.
They realize now, look, our perversion, our sexual perversion is now out in public, it's not popular, we're basically molesting children in public, raping kids in public.
How are we going to do this?
Oh, I know!
Let's just double down and say, we're proud of it!
We're proud of it!
Yeah, this was our plan the whole time!
Yeah, we want you to see it!
And we're going to boycott you with the power of all the corporations, because there are a bunch of devil-worshipping pervs at the top, if you don't battle us!
And so in five years... And so we just keep giving in and giving in and giving in.
In five years, it's going to be all men... It'll be sex with a five-year-old being raped on the Super Bowl.
Well, you'll have all men on the women's sports podiums, and in New York and Los Angeles, it'll be a regular thing for a woman to walk into a female bathroom and see a male member, male genitals.
That'll be a regular thing.
They make nurses give men pap smears.
We'll be right back.
We're now into hour number two, and the pedophiles are out in the open in everybody's face.
In the last few months, we chronicled hell on earth, the Texas border.
Here's some excerpts of that.
But what we found yesterday, in one day down there, was just shook us to the core.
And we've got hours of footage.
Late last night, our teams worked finding huge caches of children, many of them without their parents, at farmhouses and churches in the middle of nowhere.
We followed vehicles and buses.
Our crew has not gotten back yet.
I left at 6 a.m.
and drove up here at about 90 miles an hour back to Austin from our fallen southern border.
That is all coming up.
But the raw footage of just Part 1 yesterday is on Bandot Video.
Reporters confront massive human smuggling operation during Trump border visit.
Raw video.
Many of them little children, not even with an accompanying parent.
So that is all coming up, but here's what happened previously in the last few months before we give you the latest update.
On January 20th, 2021, the globalist puppet Joe Biden was installed as president.
Since then, InfoWars has traveled to the U.S.-Texas border more than five times to document the planned implosion and invasion of our country.
Humans smuggling on a scale never foreseen.
Because remember, candidate Biden said, if I win, surge the border.
What I would do as president is several more things.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
Thanks to InfoWars listeners and viewers.
We're good to go.
The information that globalists hope the world never discovers.
Because if the world discovers their human trafficking, their drug trafficking, and their criminal activity, they are going down.
InfoWars, live coverage of President Trump's visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, live in South Texas, only at FreeWorldNews.tv.
You have no comment, so this is priceless.
You're about to run a human being over!
Hey, who are you?
Where are you?
You got those smuggled children illegally!
Those are kidnapped children and families illegally being smuggled in the United States!
This is a leftist takeover, bringing in a third world population, an underclass they can keep control of, they can keep that down, and that they can rule over, and who will also vote like they voted in Venezuela to bring in a dictatorship!
Hitler was elected as well!
People, forget that!
All right, we are again back into hour number two.
I wanted to dovetail, though, and Troyer is riding shotgun with me, host of the War Room 3 p.m.
I wanted to dovetail, Owen, all we just covered in the last few segments with another FBI agent arrested for raping under 13-year-old children.
Seems to be happening every couple days now, just a couple times in Louisiana in the last few months.
And the fact that they've infiltrated every institution
Uh, and now they're saying drag queen story time, convicted pedophiles will be mandatory.
The military's training this.
I mean, this is their religion.
This is their cult takeover.
And then at least a tenfold increase in the number of people being smuggled.
The Border Patrol whistleblower talked to us and said that it's.
Two million that they're going to apprehend by fiscal year October.
It's over a million already.
They estimate between three and five get away that they never saw.
So that's up to 10 million in one border sector alone in Texas.
This is off the charts compared to anything ever before seen.
This is the collapse of Central America and South America by the U.N.
through the great reset lockdown.
No jobs, no food, forcing them up here.
This is a seismic event.
This is replacement migration.
The UN calling for $650 million to be brought to the United States by 2050.
They're actually doing it, Owen.
I don't even know how to properly cover this, really.
It's such in-your-face.
It's such bold criminal activity.
It's such against common sense and logic and reasoning.
It's like, how do you even cover this?
Is it okay?
And the problem is, Liberals and Democrats just won't be honest.
They're just liars about everything.
It'd be one thing if they were like, yeah, we want there to be an open border.
I mean, I guess they are being honest in a way.
The ABL says if you talk about replacement migration, which is the official UN policy, you should be arrested.
These are tyrants.
These are authoritarians.
The problem is, the Republican leaders are weak-kneed because they've preconditioned none of this exists.
Before they roll it out.
There is no world government.
There is no open borders.
There is no pedophilia.
And then once it's here, people go, well, I'm not supposed to say that exists, even though it exists.
See how the preconditioning works?
People have to get through the conditioning and realize it's only going to get worse.
They're going to take everything you got until you start saying no.
So maybe we should just go with the big lies too.
Oh, there are no men in women's bathrooms.
There are no men on the podiums during women's sporting events.
There's no open border.
There's no child smuggling.
Hunter Biden isn't selling art for political influence.
Joe Biden didn't fire that prosecutor and withhold foreign aid to do it.
I want to tell you what needs to happen.
The Border Patrol, and even their head guy said this thing got fired, has become the facilitator of the smuggling.
We need the Border Patrol to completely walk off, because right now, they're the ones that organize it and bring it across and actually ferry it.
These people can't even get through or find a bus or go anywhere unless the Border Patrol does it.
And so, the Border Patrol needs to have a strike, their union needs to call for it, then you'll walk off.
Because they are facilitating the breach.
Because, I mean, it's insane.
This is a tough thing to work out, too, because it gets to the larger issue of the fiat currency and how that's used to control us.
A new study came out.
It's now worse since the COVID, obviously.
They give the trillions of dollars that they issue a week to themselves.
But I'm saying most Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck.
Oh no, we don't get any of the money.
Oh, but if you can get to New York, you're a legal alien, you get $15,000 the day you get there.
But I'm saying, for some Border Patrol agents, probably going on strike and not getting that paycheck is not an option.
They've got families, they've got mortgages, they have things to do.
So it's the control over all of us, the fiat currency slavery, that we're all enduring right now.
But absolutely, that'd be one thing Border Patrol could just walk off and say, look, we're not
Doing anything to protect the border.
All we're doing is facilitating human smuggling.
Well, that's the thing.
They're committing the crime, helping smuggle and deliver the people to the NGOs of the UN.
And so, they must resign.
They must quit.
They must go.
No, we, look, America needs to have a serious
Reconciliation with itself and just accept that what what what has happened here is is so criminal and out of control I mean I'm not calling for a constitutional convention but I mean there needs to be there needs to be some sort of reconciliation that we have and we have to just decide do we want to have a country or not because
If we don't want to fight for America, then fine.
Let the left take over.
Let the Chinese communists take over.
They'll throw all of us in jail.
Or, if we do want to have a country, and we seriously want to rot out all of this, get out all of this rot and corruption, how are we going to go about this?
It's not going to be easy.
Or do we just kind of maybe just sit back, Alex, for a couple years and just let them run all of their stuff and let them commit all their crimes and open the borders and rape kids and all the stuff and then maybe America will be ready to have a conversation.
But by then, total election fraud will be in complete place and there'll be a one-party system like Venezuela and it's all over.
So, I guess that's where the intellectual battle... I mean, Americans have to realize this is a scientific, premeditated, organized crime syndicate takeover.
I've got World Economic Forum documents.
They run the whole show.
They now admit they run the world government in their own words.
I'm going to show you this next segment after Owen leaves.
It is huge.
There is so much to hit coming up and we've got a special guest.
Who now has had her bank account taken away because she dared run for Congress.
And of course, Congress does nothing about that.
But Owen, tell me, a lot's going to happen between now and the war room at 3 p.m.
Central, but what do you got coming up on your own show?
We've got Jesse Lee Peterson joining us.
Of course, he's very influential.
It's the start of White History Month, so he'll be telling us about that.
We've got Norm Pattis on to talk about three things.
The Cosby case, the Brittany case, and then the one that really scares him, the fact that it's now being politicized, the bar.
It's a political litmus test.
I can't wait
Jesse Lee Peterson is going to do White History Month for us on air and Norm Pattis on all these big court cases and more.
War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
And folks, don't just listen.
Share the link.
That's what defeats the enemy.
Share the links on your email and text message.
Tell folks about the local stations.
Defeat the enemy!
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
We have a special guest who dared run for Congress, had her bank account taken away.
That's a thought crime.
You don't run as a Republican under your corporate dictatorship.
But before we do that, I'm going to hit this now and get more into it in the next hour because it's a big deal.
When you see all these articles with the Washington Post saying pedophilia is good and the sexualization of children and men coming into women's bathrooms and saying, I want to have sex with you, as long as they're transgender, they're God, they're allowed to do it.
When you see all this and you wonder why it's happening, well it's because Klaus Schwab, who headed up the UN Biological Diversity System, which is really the UN, has written a bunch of books saying we're going to end the nuclear family, we're going to make humans obsolete,
And we're going to phase humans out to 500 million, a manageable number.
That's why you see all these HBO and Amazon TV shows where there's a terrorist, you learn it's really a hero, and they explain there's too many people, we're hurting the earth, and we're going to cut things down to 500 million.
All these different shows, from Zardoz back in the 70s to
Utopia 2020 to Utopia 2013, hundreds of shows tell you what's on the Georgia Guidestones because they give these production companies talking points.
And they say, we want films produced with these talking points.
And then you find out at the end, oh, they're heroes depopulating us.
And they even tell you how they do it through the vaccines and through the fluoride.
So there's a new article out, World Economic Forum pledges to censor health misinformation and anti-vaccine content.
And that means not letting you know about cures for viral infections, not letting you know that putting respirators on people with COVID kills them, not letting you hear from chief scientists and heads of universities and major whistleblowers from inside Big Pharma that, hey, this vaccine will sterilize you.
What it is, is things they don't want known, just like Google and Facebook and others were invested in the Wuhan lab in this very virus.
Everybody wanted to be involved in this.
You got to get everybody involved in the black magic.
You've got to get them all involved in the Black Sabbath.
Like, why do you get a hundred men and women together to go with a kidnapped baby that's three years old, rape him and torture him and drink their blood slowly over a day in a dungeon?
That's what Satanists do.
Because it's very bonding to have sex while you torture a little girl or boy to death for these sickos.
Well, now they're torturing and killing us all on a wide scale!
And now they're injecting our children with a vaccine that all the scientists say won't protect them and hurts them.
Why would you do that when it's not even a vaccine?
Because it's an act of Satanism.
World Economic Forum pledges to censor misinformation, health misinformation, and anti-vaccine content.
That's a quote.
Just if you, you know, say these things are a fraud of a bad history, well, you're not allowed to because the World Economic Forum said so.
That's the public Bilderberg Group.
That's the corporate governance system that set up the UN that runs it.
And they're the ones that decide the lockdowns.
They're the ones that decide the vaccine passports.
They're the ones that think they're going to force you to comply, and they're going to surveil you and control you.
They're the enemy.
Klaus Schwab is Hitler 2.0.
Worked for Hitler.
Twice grandfather.
And here it is.
Advanced Digital Safety.
A framework to align global action.
White paper.
World Economic Forum.
Just put out three days ago.
And I read it.
It's how global boards will decide what you can and can't publish.
Down to your newspaper, down to your website.
They'll all decide with armies of leftists trained at the universities who will now surveil and dominate everyone.
But it's all about safety, of course, and the need for public-private cooperation, the corporations with government doing all this.
Yes, that's called fascism.
That's the definition of it.
And in this newest paper, Global Governance Toolkit for Digital Mental Health Building Trust,
In disruptive technology for mental health, they say, oh, our technology, our takeover, our end of the family is going to wreck their mental health.
So now we've got to take control of them and help them now that we've destroyed them.
But really, that's just making more depressed, more control.
With their disruptive post-human takeover, but they're going to make you feel good and enjoy and love your servitude is exactly what they get into.
Global governance.
Global government toolkit, meaning weapon system, control system.
I read the whole thing.
Go read it for yourself.
And then now you see it in action.
Federal judge blocks Florida social media law.
Blocks DeSantis.
Trying to say you can't censor people who are political candidates.
So they're saying, no, we can censor who we want politically and we will.
And all over the world, Facebook does.
Meanwhile, Trudeau, who wants to be a communist dictator in his own words, has introduced the worst censorship law of any Western democracy.
Word for word, what is in the Davos Group.
But he waited until they released it.
He's under orders.
He's a colonel.
There's generals and field marshals above him.
And who's the field marshal?
You've got lots of generals.
But the field marshal is in command of the war.
Command of the battle.
Trudeau is just a colonel, not even a general.
He reads Teleprompter and all of it comes out of Klaus Schwab.
All of it comes out of the global governance.
It's all right there.
Republicans fight it, federal judges overturn it.
Trudeau rams it through, total submission.
And what does the provincial leader say?
We're keeping lockdown, martial law in place so that you can't spread disinformation.
It's all an exercise of only our information gets out.
And we're the ones that cooked up the virus and brought it to you and now bring you the deadly vaccine.
And we're going to sit there and kill you with it and watch you take it and watch leftists line up and say, we're letting them experiment on our newborn baby with it because we're heroes.
We're leftists.
We're in the cult.
We're in the club.
We're showing how we'll give our humanity up to carry this out.
That's why they're trying to shut us down, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why you can't let them.
It's such an act of resistance to go buy a t-shirt and to wear it and spread the word like a FreeAmericanInfoWars.com shirt in camo in navy blue and in black.
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The good halogen.
What the government used to put in the salt to have high IQ and health and not get cancer.
Oh, but instead, they don't want you to know about that.
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For X3 or X2 with the free shipping and the huge discounts at infowarestore.com or 888-253-3139.
All right, our special guest I'll tell you about.
On the other side, she has had her bank account taken away.
So everyone should shut up and submit or they'll get you next.
No, submitting kills you.
What we're witnessing is a global corporate government that wants dumbed down, confused, lost, alone sheep.
You go to any leftist event, it looks like you've been dropped in the middle of a mental institution.
And it's very, very sad.
They're incompetent and they want to take us over.
They want to make us their slaves.
But above them is Klaus Schwab and the Globalists.
I just showed you their own public documents they released about, we're going to control all speech through corporations, through government.
We're going to have non-governmental boards that decide what speech you can have and who can have a website.
Oh, first they kick you off the major platforms, now they want Gab taken down.
Whether it's the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, or the Davos Group, that says the new revolution is going to be taking over our bodies, and sterilizing us, and depopulating us, and we'll own nothing, we'll have nothing.
And a report I shot a week ago in New York, that we still haven't put out because we've been so busy, and it's so amazing, should air tomorrow.
It's almost done.
It's just, we've added a lot to it, a lot of clips and documentation, but we went to the UN building.
And this could be its own story.
It had giant placards saying, you will soon live like this.
And it shows dungeons in like a barren field.
And it said, you will live in a commune and own nothing and have nothing.
And then we went to Pfizer and it had similar things.
I mean, this is, you're going to love it.
You'll own nothing.
You'll have no family and you're not going to be a human.
And there's no mommy or daddy anymore.
And there's no Jesus.
And there's, there's no money and there's nothing.
It's liberal.
I mean, this is satanic, folks.
And then the Washington Post saying pedophilia is good.
Take your children to kink events.
Take them to topless bars.
It's all illegal.
But they want to get the children young so they can screw them up like they were.
These are abused people, sexually, who now can't replicate.
They don't have children, so instead they get our children and psychologically rape them.
Lauren Winskey has been a guest frequently on shows here at InfoWars.
She's been on with us before as well.
I see her prolific work all over the place, doing a great job just standing up for freedom.
She's a spokeswoman for Hold the Line PAC, a former Republican nominee for the U.S.
She smashed the record in most Republican votes for the Senate candidate in Delaware history.
Outside of politics, she's been an addiction recovery in her passion and is an active volunteer in recovery ministry.
Lauren Witzke, D.E.
on Gab, and you need to follow her there because she's lost her bank account!
Financial blacklisting.
Wells Fargo shuts down GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke's bank account.
How dare you try to have a bank account?
How dare you?
She says she will be pursuing legal action against Wells Fargo.
We're fighting back.
Where is Congress fighting back?
This is Nazi Germany stuff.
First thing Hitler did was take the Jews' bank accounts.
But now the ADL says they want to do that.
I'm really sad and scared.
I thought Hitler was bad.
Lauren, thank you for joining us.
Give us the latest on what's happened to you.
Hey Alex, thanks so much for having me back on.
So listen, it's no coincidence that they did this to me the same day that I exposed the Equality Act.
I was filling in for True News host Rick Wiles and I went on their show and I talked about the Equality Act.
Now, there is a war on Christians.
They did this, they targeted me, and they made an example out of me because I'm an outspoken Christian who vocally opposes the Equality Act.
Listen Alex, I don't know if you know much about it, but they're about to, they're trying to illegalize Jesus Christ and the scripture and categorize it.
Absolutely, just like in Europe and Canada where they're arresting pastors.
Tell folks about it.
Yeah, absolutely.
So what it will do is it will classify scripture, belief in traditional marriage as hate speech.
If an abortionist chooses not to, wants to make the decision to not perform an abortion, they can arrest that abortionist or that doctor or that nurse that chooses to take the biblical approach and change their lives.
Children who struggle with gender identity, now it's going to make it illegal for them to pursue therapy to change their mind.
And this is, I mean it's absolutely an attack on Christians.
It's basically the cult trying to make it illegal to leave the cult.
Yes, exactly.
And even just quoting scripture will be classified as hate speech, is what it is going to do.
It is going to make Christianity a crime on a federal level.
And I went on TV and I exposed this and I was talking about how there's Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Mace from South Carolina.
They are working with the Democrats
We're good to go.
I was to place Joe Biden to push the Equality Act on the American people because they know it is Christians.
They know it is the church.
They're the only thing standing in the way.
We're the only wall standing in the way between a full communist takeover and they are trying to make us illegal and they are attacking us and they took down my bank account.
The same day I talked about this because they were getting heat from the Democrats.
The Wells Fargo was getting heat from the Democrats for donating to Republicans like Mitch McConnell, who allegedly opposed the Equality Act.
But Mitch McConnell is their token GOP member because he's, you know, a moderate.
However, they are working behind the scenes to pass the Equality Act with just different verbiage.
I've seen big articles in Newsweek, the New York Times, you name it, saying, outlaw Republicans from fundraising if they oppose this Equality Act.
So it's the litmus test, it's the hate speech law, it's all the tyranny we see at universities, all the tyranny we see in the UK.
Now actually in the Civil Rights Act, it would amend the Civil Rights Act and say you can't say something that hurts somebody else's feelings.
Yes, absolutely.
You can't even quote scripture because it's hate speech.
They will federally illegalize it and throw you in prison.
They're going to throw hundreds of thousands of pastors in prison should they not want to perform gay marriages.
You know, we as Christians, that Christian baker was just fined $500 for not wanting to bake the tranny cake.
You know, how is it that they can force Christians to bake the cake, but we can't force Wells Fargo, come big banks like Wells Fargo,
To serve as Christians.
You know, this was a targeted attack.
I talked to employees at Wells Fargo who have poured through my account.
They are like, we have no idea.
This is Lauren Witzke buying groceries.
There's no criminal activity whatsoever.
But it was my entire, you know, life savings in there and they threw it to loss prevention.
I still haven't gotten all the money in my account yet.
They sent a check.
It hasn't cleared yet.
I'm still waiting.
They left me stranded and they knew I was sad.
Hold on a second, your Skype's breaking up a minute.
I'm glad you're fighting back while your Skype clears up.
We're going to come back in the next segment and talk about how you're fighting back.
This is the global social credit score.
It's why they want a cashless society.
It's why they only want big corporations.
So they can blacklist you if you don't do what they want.
And first it's, oh, accept gay marriage.
And then it's, oh, accept drag queen story time.
And then, oh, it's accept sending your children to pedophile training and sterilization.
That's the endgame.
They admitted it's about depopulation.
Your Skype's back now.
You were saying you're fighting back.
Yes, we are.
So, I have a lawyer.
His name's John Mullen.
He actually represented Simone Papadopoulos during the Mueller trials.
He is going to be looking into this and representing me on behalf of all Christians.
I'm fighting back.
You know, we cannot allow this to go any further.
We're going to lose everything.
If we give our enemy an inch,
He's going to take the whole thing.
As you've seen Alex, you know, you've watched as this slow fade has happened and we have allowed it to happen and it's gotten to the point now where we're all going to end up in Kamala's gulags unless we all stand up together and fight back as Christians.
And that is why, you know, I could have just let it slide.
I don't really want to get involved in all this, but also I have to do it.
I have to stand up and I have to fight back.
Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona is the only Republican in office who has stood up for me.
He called for a federal investigation into Wells Fargo for what they did to me, you know, because they have no evidence of any criminal activity.
I have been a client with Wells Fargo for years and haven't even overdrawn my account.
Not even once.
There was absolutely
No reason for them to do this to me, aside from my political beliefs.
This is the future for everybody.
It's why we've got to build our own accounts, build our own economy, come out of Babylon.
That's what they really fear.
They want to instead make us submit.
And there's no amount of submission until you kill yourself that makes the satanic system happy.
That's what it wants.
We'll talk about how you're fighting back and Joe Biden's big announcement he just made.
I'll tell you about it on the other side.
It's bad news.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
The only question you should have is, how bad is it going to get until we say no and push back?
Can you imagine with our special guest, a great lady doing a wonderful job appearing all over national TV, all over the internet, all over talk radio, well-spoken, great Christian, people lover,
And they are trying to shut her down and take her bank account away, Lauren Witzke.
And she's on Gab at LaurenWitzke.de.
We're going to be talking to her about how we fight back against this tyranny in a moment.
But first, what was the headline I wrote this morning at 10.30 before we went live?
Thursday Live!
UN-controlled Davos group pushes new lockdowns, citing Delta Plus variant line.
They're the UN.
They gave the order.
What just broke 20 minutes ago?
Just in, White House to deploy Delta Variant Response Teams to go to the media and wear hazmat suits and scare everyone across the United States.
They'll have some actors fall down on their faces.
Lockdown twos are coming.
China's got to win the economic war.
We've got to be locked down.
White House to deploy response teams focused on combating Delta Variant of COVID-19.
Ooh, a new enemy, even more scary.
The Biden administration is set to announce Thursday that it's deploying response teams across the U.S.
to U.S.
areas with high spread of the highly contagious Delta variant, CNN says.
But they admit it's not.
It's all made up and it's pure garbage.
But see, the Davos group said, oh, they're going to crack down on who's allowed to talk about anything.
You're not allowed to have an opinion online.
The Davos group at the U.N.
said they're in charge of what you can and can't say.
They started censoring me years ago.
Now they're after everybody else.
We've got to organize.
We've got to get the churches.
We've got to say no.
Who are busy running their, you know, LBGT stuff with these flags about inclusion.
It's about exclusion.
It's about taking over the churches, taking over the women's sports.
It's about taking over all convention as a form of dominance.
Not even the mafia would make you cut your son's genitals off, but they demand that as a sign of submission or an experimental deadly shot.
It's a sign of total submission or wear a mask over your face.
It's a total cult posing again as liberal.
And we need, where are the churches?
If you start going to these big churches, and you start demanding people expose the dangerous vaccines, or you start exposing that the left's taking away free speech, they're authoritarian, the churches will stop groveling.
Most of these churches and institutions aren't on board with evil, they're just being bullied.
What do you say to that, Lauren?
But also they've been cowardly.
They've been spineless.
They've been so afraid of the evil, vile people who hate us and want us dead, calling them names.
So they have refused to speak out against things like gay marriage.
And now look at this.
What do we have?
What have we seen all last month?
You know, 10 years ago, we talked about the slippery slope.
Churches remained silent and did nothing because we were being called bigots.
We were getting pressure.
But in the end, we saw that the end goal was always the children.
We watched as the last month
They just normalized pedophilia.
They're pushing that normalization of pedophilia in children's shows, drag queens, on Blue's Clues, with pedophile, like pedophile, like paraphernalia all over this little clip in Blue's Clues for children.
Oh, they have the pedophile flag on the show!
The pedophile flag!
Yes, yeah, they did, and they're not even hiding it anymore.
Where is the church?
The church has said nothing because they didn't want to be involved politically.
Well, guess what?
They are coming for us all, and we need our churches to stand up against this.
In regard to the vaccine,
Alex, did you know that LifeSite just published an article revealing that the vaccine has an 82% miscarriage rate?
Why is nobody talking about this?
It's a depopulation agenda.
This new variant, they're going to be pushing fear on the American people again and censoring information about these deadly vaccines, and 82% of women are having miscarriages.
Or wait to be destroyed, because that is what is going to happen.
I've been desperately calling on the church to step up, especially on issues like abortion, like gay marriage, like this Equality Act.
And everybody's afraid.
I don't understand why everybody is so afraid.
If you knew it was coming, what kind of times we're in,
You do everything you could to fight for your people.
You know, it's coming.
It's always been about, you know, we knew Christian persecution was coming.
You know, you've talked about this for years, the goal of the globalist agenda.
But it's here now, and we allowed it to get this far.
And we have to start, instead of just playing on defense, we have got to start taking back territory.
We have to be bold voices for righteousness.
We have to be bold voices
For Jesus Christ and everything he stands for, the literal instructions on how to defeat this is right in his word, and they are trying to illegalize his word.
Isn't that amazing that 2,000 years ago we were specifically warned about all this?
And here's the new big study, naturalnews.com, it's also on infowars.com.
Population, depopulation alert, shocking new study reveals COVID vaccine
Terminates four out of five pregnancies.
I know medical doctors that say all the women that were pregnant that took it, the babies died, via spontaneous abortions.
That's what top scientists last year warned the vaccines would do.
A shocking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that pregnant women are given COVID vaccinations during their first or second trimesters.
They suffer an 82% spontaneous abortion rate, killing four out of five unborn babies.
They don't just want to rape them, they want to kill them.
Incredible information, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, Satan, he knows that the easiest way to destroy something is when it's in seed form.
That's why they try to murder babies in the womb.
After, if they're lucky enough to survive, they got a fighting chance.
But after that, then they try to indoctrinate these children by smearing their identities.
We don't really know if you're a boy or a girl.
Hey, you're a boy that identifies as a girl?
Let's encourage that to the point where they want to commit suicide.
I mean, 40% of them end up committing suicide, attempting suicide, ruining their lives, spending the rest of their lives depressed because... And remember the groups that want us to abort our babies and all of us the ones saying, take this shot, we want to save you.
Bill Gates says he wants to depopulate you.
He's the one coming out saying, please take this shot.
I love you.
But this new journal, this new New England Medical Journal, this is prestigious.
It's what I've already been told by medical doctors are too scared to come on.
This is, this is crimes against humanity.
And notice they're now trying to give it to newborn babies and they have liberals CNN celebrates them lining up to volunteer their children for medical experimentation.
What a cult of sick freaks!
Yeah, and they're having children.
You know, there's no reason for little children to be taking these vaccines, healthy children.
It's not even just that.
Pregnant moms who are around other people who have been vaccinated due to the protein shedding, they're losing their babies too.
So you may not even be vaccinated.
This is a holocaust, Lauren Witski!
I'd like to invite you sometime.
We'd love to fly you down to Texas on our dime, so you can be in studio with us in the HD.
Please tell my producer when you want to come down for two days in the next month, if you can do it, to make the rounds here.
We want to support you.
Lauren Witzke, D.E.
on Gab.
Witzke is W-I-T-Z-K-E-D-E.
God bless you.
How do people find you?
How do they support you?
Yeah, Alex, thank you so much for having me on.
You can follow me at LaurenWitskiDE on Gab.
I've been banned from Twitter for calling out the pedos.
But if you want to join my fight in fighting against the Equality Act, electing America First conservatives who are going to say no, Christian America First conservatives who are going to say no to these establishment hacks like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, and actually fight for Christianity, please support my fight at HoldTheLinePack.com.
Again, Alex, thank you so much.
I appreciate you.
I appreciate your audience.
I love you guys.
Keep praying.
Oh, yeah.
That's where I'm fighting the good fight.
I'm raising money to elect America's First Lady.
The enemy's trying to shut you down.
We've got to support you.
Lauren, talk to you again soon.
Come see us if you want.
I'm going to hit this giant New England medical journal thing that she was just bringing up that I had right here on the stack.
That is next hour.
And I also intend to hit all this other news and hopefully have time to open the phones up.
We're going to go to break.
I'll be right back.
Speaking of support, we're a mothership.
That has all these great activists on that are the salty earth that we asked you to support.
But if the mothership isn't here, we're in trouble.
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We're not gonna whine.
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We're good.
All right, I'm going to play a few clips.
There's a lot more of these from Trump's little intimate speech he gave at the border wall yesterday.
I was there, but I saw all the international media there.
I didn't want to try to cause an upset.
I just didn't get out.
But my crew did.
They all got footage of it, the rest of it, but we were brought in there.
And I just sat back and said, you know, I'm going to let Trump have this moment because if I went out there again, it would have been a big deal.
Here is the Trump stalker.
Jim Acosta, you've seen him shout out the questions about January 6th, where Trump should get on the offense, that exposes the deep state operation.
And then we'll play Lauren Boebert, who I think is just an awesome member of Congress, and what she had to say.
We also have Representative Ronny Jackson and a bunch of other interviews at Mandaw Video.
But here is Acosta and Representative Boebert.
Thank you for all of these incredible congressmen that came, and women.
Thank you, Lauren, very much.
We appreciate it.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you.
Governor, congratulations.
Mr. Trump, will you apologize about January 6th?
I have a question for Trump!
Do you miss President Trump?
I know you do.
You miss him so much.
Thank you so much.
Hey, Congresswoman Boebert, have you been down to McAllen where they're actually processing people in and out?
Yes, I have.
What do you think of that?
I've been in the Border Patrol holding facilities, HHS.
I've been down to the temporary outdoor processing facility and then another one last night.
And it's devastating what's taking place there.
It's an absolute humanitarian crisis.
I don't want to hear another darn thing about any American having to shut down their life because of a pandemic, because of the China virus, after what I've seen here in McAllen, Texas.
Border Patrol is not testing one single migrant that crosses the border for COVID-19.
They are not tested until they get to the HHS facility, if they get tested.
And that can be 72 hours,
We're good to go.
We've been in the McAllen Airport where I've seen dozens of groups of people with their manila envelopes and instructions on how to travel all throughout the country to get to their destinations.
Talking to groups last night, they're going to California, they're going to Philadelphia, they're going to Minneapolis.
These folks are going everywhere.
Colorado is a sanctuary state and our governor has just lessened restrictions on illegal
All right, thank you.
I'll tell you, Congressman Boebert is absolutely amazing.
Lauren Boebert and then also Lauren Witzki.
I love all these Laurens.
I had a chance to meet her before she was a congresswoman, right before she got elected at the Virginia rally.
And just a absolute firecracker.
And I would love to see half of Congress or more be women like that.
They can be brown, they can be white, they can be black, they can be coconut colored, long as that pink matter in their head is pro-human.
There's nothing cooler, and I'll say it, sexier.
If you have a good looking woman that's dumb, and they ain't good looking, but you've had good looks with smarts, I like it.
I like it a lot.
And my wife likes it too.
She admires women like that.
That's what we need.
I just love empowered women.
Gosh, it makes me excited!
All these dumb liberal women look like a spatter!
Suck their soul out!
Don't like them very much!
Stay with us!
Ladies and gentlemen, what we're about to cover is earth-shattering information, and it's what I was already told by medical doctors personally known by me who were scared to come on the show.
But it's also in the mainline medical literature that up until a couple years ago,
They would always say pregnant women should not take inoculations because even if it's a decent vaccine for something real, that's a real science.
Can cause an autoimmune response and you will reject your baby.
So vaccines until a few years ago said, do not take while pregnant.
In fact, a lot of them still say that on the informational insert.
But because they wanted to stonewall people and say, oh, there's never a problem with regular vaccines, even though they have a secret damage fund and pay out billions a year.
And they have damage funds around the world.
So this doesn't make it to the news.
Now they've got their mRNA gene therapy that rewrites the DNA, and they came out yesterday and admitted, okay, it does rewrite your DNA.
It makes your whole body attack proteins that just so happen to be in the placenta.
And what did Wolfgang Wudarg, the head of the main advisory EU commission, say in December last year in an emergency filing with Dr. Yidan, the former chief scientist advisor?
This will cause spontaneous abortions.
This will probably cause shedding of viruses that will make women have miscarriages, but also attack women's uterus.
And now it's happened, ladies and gentlemen.
I just read the study that's using mainline federal numbers from the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most prestigious journals in the world.
Depopulation alert, the article's on Infowars.com.
Shocking new study reveals COVID vaccine treatments terminates four out of five pregnancies via spontaneous abortions.
The medical doctor that Rob Dew and I both know said that every woman he knows in his practice, he's an OGBYN, here in Austin, 50-something year old dude, been practicing 20 years,
Every woman in his practice that he told don't do it, went and did it, had a miscarriage.
You know, I might just go up to his office and grab him by the damn hair and drag his ass on this show.
But he knows, he's not supposed to tell you that, he'll get in trouble, see?
Man, this is sick, but this is the New England Journal of Medicine.
You see, they can't get it authorized for children, even though it's unauthorized, even an emergency authorization.
Their own scientists won't do that.
They go, don't do it to kids.
Oh, don't do it to babies.
But see, they don't count a baby inside mama, that poor little baby, as a human, so they can get hit.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me read you this article.
A shocking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that when pregnant women are given COVID vaccinations during their first or second trimester, they suffer an 82% spontaneous abortion rate.
How many videos do I have out of Thailand and out of areas of Africa, you name it, where the women go, the women go, they come to our village, give us shot, then I lose my baby.
I feel my baby kicking and then he not kick no more.
And then two days later, he come out.
This stunning finding, explained below, is self-evident from the data published in the new study entitled, Preliminary Findings of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Women.
Just as disturbing as the data is the fact that the study authors apparently sought to deliberately obfuscate the truth about the vaccines causing spontaneous abortion.
You understand, this was attempted cover-up by obfuscating numbers in their own calculations, originally brought to our attention by a Life Science news article.
We checked with our own science contacts to review the data and double-check all the math.
In doing so, we were able to confirm, this is natural news, two things.
Yes, the study shows an 82% rate of spontaneous abortions in expected mothers given COVID vaccines during their first and second trimesters.
They may be the lucky ones.
Imagine what's going to happen to the kids that are born.
Number two, yes, the study authors either deliberately sought to hide the facts in dishonest obfuscation, he's playing below, or they are incompetent and made a glaring error that brings into question their credibility.
In other words, the study was almost certainly a cover-up to try to calm
Vaccinated pregnant women is perfectly safe, but the study data actually shows the opposite.
How many nurses have we shown you going, I took it, my baby died, I'll do it again?
Because I'm a hero.
Because women are survivors.
And in a normal tribal situation, if the enemy comes through and kills all the men and kidnaps you, if you're a woman genetically and don't fight back, get hauled off to their kingdom a hundred miles away or wherever, and are getting gang raped, and you put up with that, you will pass on more humans, you will survive.
So women go under Stockholm.
It's why the Romans, the Aztecs, anybody would go capture the enemy, they kill all the men.
They keep the women and children.
Because they would subserve and be slaves.
Women under pressure, on average, will buckle.
Even though they don't like it at first, they will then trick their mind, like the Japanese saying, if rape is inevitable, enjoy it.
And they will subserve themselves and put up with it.
And that's it.
And so, they are killing the babies, and the women literally go, in the news article we've shown you, I had a six-month-old daughter and she died, but it's worth it, I'll take it again.
The death of your own child is not a big deal, because you're a hero!
Because you can't admit the system's evil, because that's scary, isn't it?
Believe me, it is scary.
700 of 827 women were vaccinated in the third trimester.
They manipulate the tables even higher than what they said.
Table 4 from the study shows below reveals the total of 827 women, pregnant women, were studied.
Out of the 827 women, 700 of them received their first vaccine in the third trimester of pregnancy.
This means 127 women, which is 827 of 700, received a vaccine during their first or second trimesters.
And it goes on from there.
Out of 127 women receiving vaccines during their first and second trimesters, 104 spontaneous abortions occurred before their pregnancies hit the 20-week mark.
These are indicated as spontaneous abortions on the table.
It's simple math.
104 spontaneous abortions during the first 20 weeks.
Out of 127 women who received vaccines in their first and second trimesters, calculates 82% rate of spontaneous abortions among these pregnant women who are vaccinated.
It's important to note that the deaths of unborn babies during the third trimester are known as stillbirths.
And not spontaneous abortions.
Thus, the spontaneous abortions could not have possibly occurred in women vaccinated in the third trimester.
Thus, the study authors dishonestly used the wrong denominator of 827 for their spontaneous abortions calculations, which they should have used denominator 127, which is the number of women receiving vaccines during their first trimesters.
Put another way, it's impossible for women who've been vaccinated for the first time during their third trimester to have a spontaneous abortion in the first 20 weeks, since they weren't vaccinated during the first 20 weeks, and pregnant women aren't time travelers.
Thus, the women shouldn't be included in the denominator used to calculate the spontaneous abortion rate.
But they did it to hide it.
But it's still a massive, what, one-third death rate.
And it goes on and on and on.
Articles up at InfoWars.com.
She's able to do it.
Perfect timing with this breaking.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is scheduled to join us in the next segment.
The Lord works mysterious ways.
We've been trying to get her for months.
She's suddenly able to come on straight ahead.
And then China threatens nuclear war with the United States.
But they're not the threat.
White supremacists are killing everybody everywhere.
Why, they're just crawling out from under rocks.
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Welcome back, my friends.
We have Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, who has been listed by the EU, by the globalists, by the Democrats as one of the top people they want to shut down and they want to silence.
She's a medical doctor who now for 20 years saw with her own practices what was happening with vaccines, and she's been a champion of warning the public.
And she was out there before the inoculations even began with this experimental shot saying, I believe it's going to cause serious illnesses and death.
All the other top scientists like Wolfgang Wudarg and the former chief scientist at Pfizer have gone public warning of this and now
It's happened.
So I think it's just best with all that's unfolded since he was on with us four months ago, that interview went viral, to just have the floor cover whatever she thinks is most important with what is unfolding now.
And now the targeting of newborn babies with the parents enrolling them in these studies just seems to me like total Nuremberg violations.
Dr. Tin Penny, thanks for spending time with us, and we're really proud of the work you've been doing.
Thank you so much for having me back, Alex, and it's a pleasure to be here.
Okay, we only got about 40 minutes with you.
You got the floor.
What do people need to know since you were last on?
Vindication, I know, is not sweet for you.
You tried to stop this.
Yeah, I have been trying to stop it very loudly since the beginning, since March of last year.
In fact, you know, as you know, my schedule's been really packed with interviews.
I've done well over 450 now since March, since actually February of last year.
And for people who don't know what I do, I mean, I've been doing this for going, it'll be 21 years in September.
I've logged more than 40,000 hours of personal research into problems associated with vaccines that I've been on broadcast, podcasts.
I've written two books which are currently not in print for various reasons right now, but I've written a new e-book called The 20 Mechanisms of Injury, How the COVID Shots
Can make you sick and possibly kill you.
We're actually doing a training video on this on July the 10th.
You can register by going to DrTenpenny.com.
If it's the first time to our website, there should be a pop-up that greets you to have you register for the webinar.
If you've been there before, you will have to click on the events button at the top so that it will say like live webinar because it's actually 20 plus mechanisms, Alex, because I did this webinar in May.
And as it turned out, not very good planning on my part.
It was on Mother's Day weekend.
And so we've had a lot of people who've said, gosh, I missed it.
I was out of town.
We had family over.
We were busy.
Can you please do it again?
So by popular demand, we're doing it on July the 10th.
A lot of people said there was so much information the first time.
I want to listen to it a second time.
And you've got a lot of nurses, a lot of doctors, a lot of scientists, but also common people.
They're going to hear a medical doctor go through a huge class.
So we've got the information we need to be leaders in our communities.
This is so important.
Yeah, and it's the 20 Mechanisms of Injury, and actually I found multiple more that we're going to be talking about.
So not only is it a refresher, because I really believe that the key to learning, repetition is the key to learning, so people can hear it again, of how they can warn people who are still on the fence, and Alex, more importantly, as people have gone through, I heard earlier today that somewhere around 47% of people in the U.S.
have gotten one of these shots.
I'm not sure if that's a real number, but let's just go with it and say that it is.
As they start to get sick, because they are going to, you need to know what to look for, what to watch for, because if you catch these symptoms early, and we're going to talk about this in the webinar, that there may be some things that you can do to help.
But one of the important things is you can file a VAERS report and you can educate your doctor and say, Doctor, not only, yes, my mother, my father, my sister, my best friend, my child is having side effects from these shots.
You don't have to run them through a hundred million dollar medical workup or a hundred thousand dollar medical workup.
You can just say that this is a side effect of one of these shots.
So you've got bullets for your gun, metaphorically to speak.
You can hopefully still keep people from getting the shot.
Keep them from getting the second shot.
If they start to have side effects, you know what to look for.
And we're going to talk some new things, some new mechanisms.
We're going to talk about the magnetism.
We're going to talk about myocarditis.
We're going to talk about tissue modification.
We're going to talk about multiple other things.
I won't let the cat out of the bag, but some serious things that people need to know about, additional ways how these shots are designed to make you sick and even kill you.
And by the way, Doctor, I was really trying to give you the floor because you've got a lot to say.
But thousands of other medical doctors they tried to censor and block.
Davos Group coming out two days ago and saying we're working with governments to suppress people and you by name.
When mainline science, mainline doctors all agree with you.
Now, you were one of the first saying this, but now almost every doctor I see and my personal doctor agrees with you but won't come on air.
We're good to go.
And so all these people who say that we are anti-science, conspiracy theorists, tinfoil hat, anti-vaccine, and so therefore we have nothing to say.
It absolutely is.
You know, Alex, what it comes down to, and you know this better than anybody, is that when they can't beat you on the science, the only thing they have left is mudslinging, name-calling, and character assassination.
So for me, it's sort of like,
It's happened before.
It's been going on for a long time.
It reminds me of when I was in the first grade, when my mom said to me, you know, Sherry, sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you.
Don't stop what you're doing just because somebody's trying to call you names and do character assassination because they can't beat me on the science and they know it.
And you know what, there are a lot of doctors, Alex, a lot of doctors that took our webinar the first time that actually reached out to me, medical doctors, MDs, DOs, naturopaths, who reached out to me after the webinar and they were like, wow, I had no idea.
Thank you so much.
The information you gave us was so valuable.
So if we can convert them one doctor at a time, that one doctor sees
Give us a prelude of the top points you're going to hit when we come back.
We're going to talk about the magnetism and it's real.
I want to read you a couple of title articles of articles and things that I found because, you know, you showed that little bit of a screenshot of when I testified at the Statehouse down in Columbus to promote our bill and it looks as though the bill is going to pass.
The bill is going to pass so that employers in the state of Ohio cannot mandate people to get a COVID shot to keep their job.
So part of my testimony was that.
So I'm happy to be drug through the mill if that's going to keep our people in the state of Ohio and perhaps set a precedent to other states so that employers cannot make you get an experimental, not proven, no long-term study injection in order to keep a job to feed your family and keep a roof over your head.
Well, I got to say this.
Hollywood stars mean nothing to me.
You know, I was with Trump yesterday.
He's a good guy.
I like him overall, but he got lied to about the vaccine.
But, you know, I didn't get excited being 20 feet from Trump.
But with you, I get so excited because of your leadership, how you've been right, how you stand against tyranny.
We admire Dr. Sherry Tenpenny so much.
We're going to come right back to her.
We'll give you the website again, and she's going to have the floor when we come back.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now!
Eric Clapton was bullied, one of my favorite musicians, was bullied by his family to take the Pfizer shot.
And of course, you know, it paralyzed him.
He almost died.
And then he knows other people, his personal friends that got basically paralyzed.
Well, now British rocker dies from brain hemorrhage two weeks after AstraZeneca shot.
They even had to put an advisory on it.
How did Dr. Sherry Tenpenny last year know this would happen?
How did other scientists know?
Because they read the medical literature.
Absolutely insane.
So going back to Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, osteopathic medical doctor, 21 years.
Exposing this from our own experiences, now in the middle of this depopulation, whatever you call it, please continue and lay out what we're facing.
Well, it's just really a horrifying thing, Alex.
And you know, it's interesting that we just got some notifications yesterday that they really are giving some people sailing shots.
And that's because they don't want everybody to die all at once, is my opinion of that.
But every single person that has been injected, even if you say, oh, well, I feel fine.
There's nothing wrong with me.
I always sadly say, well, I'm glad that you didn't fall into Category 1 of the 20 Mechanisms of Injuries.
Category 1 is sudden death, which is anaphylactic shock, heart attack, and stroke.
And so you didn't have one of those, so that doesn't mean you're scot-free, because you're going to have spike proteins in your body that can do all kinds of detrimental things.
You can have antibodies to the spike proteins, which will probably be around forever.
The antibodies themselves can attack your lungs, your kidneys, and your livers and cause autoimmune disease.
And then there's a whole kind of cluster of other types of things.
And that's going to be greatly expanded on our webinar on July the 10th.
We're going to talk really in-depth about this cardiomyopathy because this cardiomyopathy that all these teenage kids are getting, all these teenage boys.
There was a report in Epoch Times yesterday of the military.
There's 23 military recruits that were hospitalized with serious myocarditis.
So I want people to really know what that is, so that they do not, under any circumstances, allow their teenagers to be injected with this shot, and particularly their teenage boys.
I had a report yesterday, Alex, I had a patient in my office who actually works in a labor and delivery unit in one of the local hospitals, and she said this baby was born and the mother was furious.
That the child wasn't going to be injected with a COVID shot.
Our's old baby was furious that the baby didn't qualify for that.
It's just a travesty of what's happening with our kids.
I don't want to interrupt you, but you raised a big issue.
You've explained this.
The medical literature admits it.
Some say that the VAERS is maybe 1 out of 10, 1 out of 100.
Some studies say it's about 40 times on average.
For every person that dies or gets sick that reports to it, there are many, many times that don't.
But the way I've seen this described in other studies, and maybe you can clarify it, is
You'll see, oh, a cluster at one military base or a cluster at one nursing home or a cluster at one hospital where they admit, oh, 10 patients died, 20 or 30 got sick from the shot blood clots.
They go, we don't know why it's a cluster here.
Well, that's where there's a good doctor, good nurses that see what happened and reported it.
Others cover it up and keep it quiet.
We've had nurses and doctors on that have said they were ordered to cover it up.
So explain why we hear about clusters.
Isn't that really just where it breaks through and actually the truth gets out?
Well, I got this kind of a cluster meme sent to me yesterday, Alex.
It's four screenshots.
I'm looking at it on my computer right now.
Four screenshots from Newsweek magazine on different dates.
One was dated April 21st, one's dated April 19th, and one is dated June the 29th.
And there's three different headlines and I'm going to read them to you.
Headline number one, group of Canadians accidentally received saline injection instead of COVID-19.
Title number two, Walgreens stores injects people with saline rather than with COVID vaccine in a mix-up.
Title number three, saline injected instead of COVID vaccine in South Carolina.
Is that an accident or is that intentional?
And is this leading to what you just said about clusters?
Are they sending boxes of vials that are just normal saline to certain places and boxes
Well, let me tell you, I was told by a retired Army colonel who has a son in special operations that they were told, hey, we're just giving you saline, don't worry, and that they didn't get sick.
And I've heard from others the exact same thing, that government bureaucrats are just acting like they're getting a shot, they're not even taking it.
And I think that that's just criminal.
And I think that part of it is, in my opinion, and this is just my opinion, they don't want everybody to be sick and dying all at the same time.
We have to have clusters of people who get their shot and everything seems to be okay.
And Dr. Peter McCullough said this yesterday in an interview that he did, where he said the next shot, these boosters are going to be the real thing and are really going to be the kill shots.
I want to mention just briefly Alex, you know when I got taken through the mud like we talked about earlier by the mainstream media, and it really didn't matter to me, about this whole concept of magnetism and how people are magnetic.
And I want to read you three titles.
Of what I'm actually going to be talking about on the July 10th webinar on the 20 Mechanisms of Injury that you can find by going to DrTenPetty.com.
If the pop-up doesn't greet you, you can go to the events tab and click on live event, live webinar.
Listen to these titles.
This is a chapter from a textbook.
Tissue engineering using magnetite nanoparticles.
And it goes through all the steps on how they do this with polyethylene glycol.
They construct 3D tissue-like structures and what actually happens to the tissues with that.
There is another textbook that I found.
This is a 517-page textbook.
It's available as an e-book.
That was published in 2018, Clinical Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles.
Another book published in 2017, 318 page book, Magnetic Nanoparticles in Medicine.
They have known this, they've been working on this for a long time and they want to suspend it in a lipid coating so they can externally move it to where they want it to be with a magnet.
Now, I have to say, just in qualification, like a lot of things that happen in medicine, a lot of things that happen in government, that they start out with good intentions and then the good intentions turn rather nefarious.
The good intention would be if you could put a particle inside of a lipid coating, a magnetic particle, and you could put chemotherapy in there, and you could use an external magnet to move it directly to the cancer so that it could be released at the level of the cancer, wouldn't that be a better thing than injecting people with chemotherapy so that every cell in their body gets dosed and they get terribly sick?
But instead, what I was reading is these graphite chemicals they found is designed to go across the blood-brain barrier.
Why would you want this vaccine to go across the blood-brain barrier?
You don't.
I was just making a point that when they first started researching this back in the 70s, I think that there was some people who thought, well, wouldn't it just be cool if we could direct these different places?
And then DARPA gets involved.
And as you know, anything that has DARPA associated with it is just nefarious.
And so now, the graphene can go across the blood-brain barrier, the spike protein can poke holes in the blood-brain barrier, and you can take that spike protein into the brain.
It can modify something called the FUS gene.
When the FUS gene gets modified, it leads to ALS or cancer.
It will modify the DTP, another type of protein that causes frontal temporal lobe degeneration, and that degeneration causes people to lose their ability to speak, lose their ability to read, have facial recognition, or to form words.
And we hear about people being in a fog, just like the autistic kids, but they have a name for frontal lobe, that's called a lobotomy.
Well, frontal lobe is the area right behind the brain.
No, but I'm saying what you just described sounds like a lobotomy.
Well, maybe.
I mean, it's not a physical lobotomy, but it certainly could be a chemical one.
I mean, and it's interesting to me that people, if this spike protein can punch holes in the blood-brain barrier, and we've got magnetite, graphene, other types of things that can get into the brain.
And we know that you can disrupt that FTP-43 protein, and that causes frontal temporal lobe degeneration, and people can put keys on their forehead and make them stick and stay there.
Stay there!
Final segment, Dr. Terry Dibbiney.
Stay there!
Stay with us.
I can't wait to hear this information.
This is incredible.
Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, we had to go to that break because the satellites, you know, fire at certain times.
You were at a cliffhanger about if this is attacking the frontal lobe, if it's attacking the, you were about to get to that big event, and then largest teacher union to debate demanding vaccinations before returning to, in person, demanding all students be injected.
What a suicide cult.
What a Russian roulette situation.
Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, final segment, please.
Please lay it all out for folks.
Somebody needs to put the NEA on notice that if they actually really follow through with that, that they're going to be sued for a whole litany of things.
Lying about a shot, lying about, you know, that these kids are vulnerable, that they're spreading anything.
Put them on a Nuremberg trial.
for crimes against humanity.
Somebody needs to sue them up front before they get any farther with this.
Because if that happens, then we have to, then they will have to go through the discovery process and show, prove that they're safe and that there are studies that have been done and that they're safe for 15 to 17 year olds, that they should be given to all kids.
I mean, Indiana came out with a thing a couple of weeks ago that said, if your kids are vaccinated in great age groups K through seven,
They haven't even gotten to that point yet.
But if they've been injected, kindergartners through the 7th grade, then those injected children who are now marked forever and forever will have their genetics modified and most likely will not turn into adult women or adult men.
They will be kind of neutered and be a eunuch as they grow up and will not actually evolve into mature adults.
But if we've injected them, if parents have been stupid enough to inject their children with these technologies, oh well then that will give them privileges.
They won't have to wear a mask.
They can sit with their friends in the lunchroom.
They can play a musical instrument.
They can play with their friends on recess.
They can go and play in sports.
And if they have not been injected, they won't be able to do any of those things.
So now we're separating these kids and making them feel terrible, going home and begging their parents, crying, begging, pleading, mommy, mommy, please just do it.
This sounds like the plot of a nightmare science fiction horror movie, but it's really happening.
It's really happening.
I say that every day, Alex.
I feel like I really am literally living in the Matrix.
Please continue.
Well, we're seeing that this is, you know, Dr. Larry Pilevsky, there's a group of us, Alex, that we've come to refer to ourselves as the 5 D's, the 5 Doctors, because we've done a lot of webinars together, we support each other, we are colleagues, friends, and we share a lot of information.
And the 5 D's is me, Dr. Larry Pilevsky, Dr. Christian Northrup, Dr. Lee Merritt, and Dr. Keri Maude.
These are good doctors fighting Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset.
And so we refer to ourselves as the 5 D's.
And Larry is a board certified pediatrician.
And Larry has said many, from the beginning, this is not a normal shot, it's a bioweapon.
Dr. Lee Merritt, who's an orthopedic surgeon, says, and in the military, and did a full career in the military, said this is a bioweapon.
Dr. Christian Northrup, who's an OB-GYN, has seen all the bleeding problems, saying this is a bioterrorism weapon.
And it was Dr. Carey Made, who was the one who first started talking really loudly in the physician community about the hydrogel in the vaccines, or in the shots.
And Dr. Larry has said multiple times, if parents get their kids these shots, they can absolutely, they're just signing away their rights to ever wanting to become a grandparent.
And if they give these kids, these 12 to 15 year old kids these shots, if they give it to a 12 year old girl who's already started her periods, is anybody going to keep track to see whether or not she stops them?
If she hasn't started her period yet, is anybody going to look to see if she ever does?
What about the little boys?
What about the little boys that will never grow into men, will never go through puberty?
They won't develop body hair and facial hair and lower their voice and get muscles and grow tall.
Is anybody going to monitor to see if that happens?
If we give this to 12-year-old boys?
What happens if we don't get females that grow into women and boys that don't grow into men and they can't reproduce?
Well, the nefarious people at the top are spending a whole lot of time killing a lot of people off from the top.
They certainly don't want to have all of these children repopulate the planet from the bottom.
And they say everywhere, get rid of the humans, we need to sterilize everybody.
So they're admitting why they're doing it openly while they do it.
It's just madness that people are signing their children on for this.
It is just, it is absolutely madness.
I mean, I see some of these reports, you know, about, you know, there was a report, I think it was the other day on AOL News, they were celebrating the fact that this little three-year-old girl had been enrolled in the most recent clinical study.
I mean, I think these parents who enroll their kids in these studies and they want their babies, these pregnant women who allow themselves to get the shot, and the babies that they allow to put into these roles, and all of the children and the teenagers and all of these people, these parents, I hope eventually all of them will be charged with crimes against humanity and perhaps child abuse.
They are testing out depopulation.
They're testing the censorship.
They're testing the control.
But I think they miscalculated.
So many medical doctors are coming out.
So many people are communicating.
I see fear in Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates' face.
Bill Gates' wife has left him.
Suddenly Bill Gates has been pulled off TV.
Not all is well inside the New World Order.
Well, I certainly hope that's true.
You know, I'm sure that you saw that graphic that came out about us a while ago now by the Center for Digital Hate, you know, which is such an oxymoron name.
Oh, they say it's terrorism in Biden's new report to question lockdowns or vaccines.
That's white supremacism.
Yeah, isn't that interesting?
And they named us all as the Disinformation Dozen, right?
So it was me, and Del Bigtree, and Bobby Kennedy, and Christian Northrup, Aaron Elizabeth, Joe Mercola, a whole bunch of us.
There were 12 people.
You know, Sayer G., Kelly Brogan.
I mean, there's just a whole bunch of us that they just, they called us.
We were the Disinformation Dozen.
And we've added, and we thought, well, wow, they missed a couple of people.
You know, but they blame us for the fact that we are putting out all this information and Biden isn't going to reach his 70% of the American population by July 4th.
I mean, after all, that was a nice question.
I don't believe it's even 47%, but they admit it's a giant failure for them.
Now they want new lockdowns to make us take it.
It's not working.
If people know it's depopulation and we don't just accept it, it's game over.
I see this as a disaster for the globalists.
It's going to be terrible.
People are going to be maimed and die, but they're going to know the truth now.
It is sad and it is true.
I mean, you know, you probably saw this came out a while back now, the SAGE report.
I mean, SAGE is a modeling agency out of the UK and the SAGE report said that, you know, in paragraph 32 and paragraph 55 says it quite clearly that when the third wave comes, which it will, that 65 to 70 percent of people that have had two of the shots will be sick, hospitalized or die.
For folks that don't understand that, why does somebody who's already had it take the shot, get really sick, or already had the vaccines, now that makes you run into anything similar, any type of virus, you have big problems.
What's happening?
It's a process called antibody-dependent enhancement that you develop this antibody.
It's a non-binding antibody and when you get re-exposed to coronaviruses that it actually drags the coronavirus into your white blood cells and it makes you sicker than you would have ever been if you had never had the shot.
And it causes massive cytokine storm, massive type, it looks like septic shock.
And organ system failure.
I mean, we had our first, well one of the, there's been several, but it had an autopsy report of a man, an elderly gentleman who was in perfect health, had no medications, got the shot in order to go into the hospital and have an elective procedure.
He got exposed in the hospital after he had the shot to sick people who had COVID.
And he, within several days, massively died.
And they did an autopsy on him because they couldn't understand why.
And found abscesses in his lungs, found blood clots, found all kinds of horrific things that had happened to him.
And so the antibody-dependent enhancement is real.
It's the reason, Alex, why all these years that they've been trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine by injecting coronaviruses like you would with a flu shot, why they could never move it out of animal studies was because the animals, when they got re-exposed, got very sick and or died.
Well, in closing, you've got to come back soon.
Why are so many people getting herpes or shingles after they take the shot?
I'm not sure what the mechanism, or the exact mechanism of that is, but I'm sure there is something that's releasing these viruses.
I haven't taken the time to dig into that yet.
We know that we're actually getting those reports.
It's not clear to me yet why.
All right, drtenpenny.com.
Everybody sign up for the webinar.
Get it out.
And all you that are along with Big Tech and censorship, remember you're fools.
You're not part of the establishment.
You're pretending you are.
All of us are under attack.
Left, right, gay, straight, old, young.
Everybody better come together and expose this.
This is Bill Gates' depopulation.
Dr. Tenpenny, we love you.
We appreciate you.
Please come back sooner, okay?
Well, actually, to actually make an effort to do that, Alex.
Thank you so much for having me on.
And I hope that many of your people will come and join us at the webinar on July the 10th.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Stay with us next hour coming up.
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Just because the globalists are launching an attack doesn't mean they're all powerful.
They can't help their attempt to dominate and kill and enslave.
It's their satanic instinct.
They're gonna fail in all this.
But first, we're going to go through hellish world government, Mark of the Beast, the whole nine yards.
But our incredible psychic potential, connected to our Creator, has already given us the keys to victory.
We'll only recognize those keys once we've exhausted all of our own arrogance and realize that only God can save us.
And then we will merge and jack into God and complete the circuit.
Which, at a limited level, I've already done.
And I can't believe the Satanists have not realized they're already defeated.
But they'll find that out.
Jay Dyer's coming up, a smart man.
I've got a few questions for him before he takes over in the next segment.
Let me throw this at you right now.
Quite frankly, it should be easy for us to fund ourselves with the historic, incredible work we're doing.
But because of attacks and because of the censorship and because of all these other reasons, it's hard to keep the funds coming in to even keep InfoWars on air.
And I'm not bitching, I'm not complaining.
I realize it's all in God's hands and God works in mysterious ways, but I'll say this.
Our credibility has skyrocketed as everything we talk about happens exactly as we said.
Isn't that important information?
But see, a lot of people either go, oh, well this is passe, I already know this, or this is too horrific, I don't want to believe it.
Well, you do that at your own peril.
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Well, that's a decision spiritually that cuts you off from God.
It's the decision to fight evil that God's looking for.
God's going to come in and take care of it in the end, folks.
But it's up to us to really show what we can do in the arena.
And I'm doing as best I can in the arena because I want to go to the next level.
I do not want to be left with all these pedophiles and Satanists.
I don't want my energy, my soul, my program, who I am to be dumped in with them.
I am literally
Ready to die, have no fear, anything, to stay away from these people.
I don't mean I'm suicidal, it's the opposite.
I mean, I'm willing to do anything to spiritually stay away from the New World Order.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
It's the fourth hour.
Jay Dyer is about to take over.
I can tell you that a lot of big news
Is now starting to break.
And I'm going to have some really huge stories for you.
We're going to be breaking today at Band.Video.
The URL to share the video, since it's censored, is freeworldnews.tv.
It's the same site, freeworldnews.tv.
They're going to be breaking during the War Room today, 3 to 6 p.m.
Well, Jay Dyer is a great author.
I've read several of his books, been aware of him for over a decade.
He's become a good friend of mine.
We appreciate him when he can sit in and give us some of his knowledge during the fourth hour on Thursdays.
But I just wanted to talk about something here for everybody.
The globalists have knowledge of human potential, but they're afraid of it and want to dumb the general public down so they can play God and not have competition.
Whereas they understood a raising tide, as Kennedy said, raises all ships.
And people think because they launch a chemical attack or a bio-attack or a war, they must be invincible, they wouldn't have launched this attack.
They've launched a desperate depopulation brain-damaging program to kill capitalism and what's left of free market because their socialist New World Order can't compete.
Their crony capitalist fascist model can't compete with America and people like Bolsonaro or anybody else.
And so, this is a desperate battering ram thinking...
That Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers will get away with it, thinking that, oh, just politicians did it.
But no, we're going to identify the UN.
We're going to identify the captains of this.
We're going to expose them.
And they're going to be brought to justice one way or another for what they've done.
And they've got fear in their eyes now because they had this will, they had this plan, they already stole quadrillions in money, they already, you know, decided we're all trash and they're guardians of the earth, they're going to play God.
But see, their plan isn't going the way they wanted to, in my view, and now they're scared.
And so, Jay Dyers, one of you, before you take over here, my question to you, and then I'll just listen off-air, do you agree with what I just said, A, or B,
How do you think they think they're gonna win what they've done when they're gonna give us Utopia saying you'll have nothing, you'll own nothing, we're pedophiles, we love Satan, when people are now really starting to wake up?
Or is it just an evil instinct and they're not even conscious because they're such satanic puppets?
J. Dyer, take over.
That's a great question.
It's because when we give our wills over to evil, we lose our own reasoning, we lose our own notion of being made in the image of God.
We basically surrender ourselves to be tools of something beyond us, even if we don't understand that.
And it's funny you ask, because I was just perusing the World Economic Forum's website,
And they've got a couple doozy articles up.
The first of which is the the idea that we need a global framework, they say, to regulate harm online.
Of course, we don't know what harm is, except that the article goes on to say basically that anybody who disagrees with Klaus and the World Economic Forum is the you're harming people, right?
There's no actual science, no actual evidence of harming people.
It's just if you disagree with that narrative.
And even more amazing than that, they have another article up about mRNA vaccines and what they are and what will happen as a risk if you take it.
Yes, the World Economic Forum's website has a pros and cons admission article up right now.
And it says, yeah, look, OK, it does rewrite and change the mRNA sequence.
And it's doing that to, you know, maybe maybe we can make your body make its own vaccine, they say.
And they go on to admit, but there's some cons here.
We don't know what this will do.
Now, wait a minute.
We don't know what this will.
That's not actually the case, first of all, because
As I think InfoWars broke last week, right?
They already knew, right, what would happen when this pandemic so-called happened, when it occurred, that they would rush out these already planned so-called vaccines, which are not actually vaccines, right?
It's an experimental gene therapy drug, basically.
It's poison.
And when you look at their website, they admit that, right?
It talks about the cons.
It says, we do not know.
There are many risks and unknowns.
Now, how is that misinformation when their own website says it's dangerous and then they have another article on the same front page saying that if you disagree with their assessments and the mandates, you are harming people.
I mean, it's completely ridiculous.
So basic logic would be able to tell you that if they're going to have propaganda on the one hand that tells you and admits all the stuff.
By the way, remember a year ago?
I remember listening to Alex.
I was driving on the interstate a year ago.
And even I thought this was too crazy.
I remember Alex specifically doing a show about Gavi and mRNA vaccines.
And I thought, that's just too, this is too wild.
There's no way they would literally roll out a vaccination program, so-called, that would have this mutagen effect, right, within the vaccine.
And people would like, well, people would know this.
They would figure this out, right?
No, they did it.
And by the way, when Alex first said that a year ago, right, when the CUFID started happening, they said, no, there's not going to be any mandatory vaccine.
No, that'll never happen.
You're crazy if you think that's coming.
No way.
And then here it comes.
Oh, there'll never be vaccine passport.
Oh, then it comes.
Now, go to the World Economic Forum's website.
Despite the benefits of mRNA vaccines, there are risks and unknowns.
And yes, it is changing the mRNA sequence.
It says that we could just simply rewrite your genetics.
Now wait a minute, I thought that was a crazy conspiracy theory.
And yet it's admitted on the website.
No, if we look at the documents that they put out, if we look at the gaslighting,
We look at the gaslighting.
We look at what they put out.
It's all in the open.
They telegraphed all of this, right, from the plans that they already have, from the leaks of the Wuhan lab, to the SPARS document, to all the documents that came out.
This is all foreknown.
It was all war-gamed, planned, and strategized out.
And then they rolled it out.
And now we can look back and see it all in perfect sequence.
Remember when Kissinger said this is the, this is just the first act of a play when they talked about overthrowing the Egyptian government.
This, this is what they do.
This is how it works.
They roll this stuff out.
But today we're going to do something a little bit different.
We have a friend of mine, a good friend that I've known for a long time who actually helped me in terms of getting my diet and health better.
And his name is Tristan Haggard.
He is a homesteader, proponent of food sovereignty, self-sufficiency, health freedom, and him and his wife run PrimalEdgeHealth.com, and their goal is to help people take back their health freedom.
Tristan is a YouTuber.
He has a nice, successful YouTube channel.
He's also over on Rockfin, a great free speech platform where you can find me as well.
And so, Tristan, what I'd like to talk to you about today is one thing that a lot of people don't know about is the diet attack.
And you know a lot about this.
You taught me a lot about this element of the New World Order agenda, and that's to attack diet.
We know people like Bertrand Russell.
We know people like
Charles Galton Darwin, they wrote entire books about how the technocratic elite would have to go after people's diet and food.
Tell us about that.
Tell us about social engineering.
Why are they doing this?
Absolutely, Jay.
First of all, thank you so much for having me on, man.
It is great to talk to you here.
I've heard of this guy, Alex Jones, maybe in passing.
So, you know, I'm glad that he's connecting with the bigwigs like you up in the game, Jay.
So, yeah, man, I mean, food is a major part of this.
I think a lot of people recognize the push for the genetic modification of food, which we saw especially ramped up in the 90s and the 2000s.
Of course, this was facilitated in large part by huge grants from, guess who, everybody's
I think?
I think so.
We're good to go.
Right, so genetically modified corn that was actually contraceptive, a contraceptive corn.
This would actually create antibodies, human antibodies that will attack sperm.
Yes, I'll hold that thought there, Tristan.
We've got a break coming up.
So yeah, Terminator seeds, definitely something that is a big red flag.
We'll be right back.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And I want to remind everybody to go to the InfoWars store and help support this tip of the spear free media enterprise.
This is the tip of the spear.
And if you don't support InfoWars, we won't be here to help take down this degenerate, disgusting elite that is trying to destroy the planet.
My guest is Tristan.
I don't
Thanks for having me.
Right, right, absolutely.
Well, I mean, me personally, I inherently distrust anything that's promoted by the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Seventeen Magazine, Billie Eilish, and these degenerate, you know, whorish celebrities who will hoard their bodies, their minds, their souls out, you know, for any agenda that they're told to push.
That's not a reason to, of course, change your diet just because a celebrity endorses or doesn't endorse something, but we've seen this pattern of global corporations, of big money foundations, Rockefeller Foundation, Harvard, pushing through genetically modified seeds.
We just talked about the Terminator seeds, to terminate your seeds, to terminate your ability to
We're good to go!
Well, this is absolute hogwash.
When you look at who actually lives the longest, the longest living population in the world actually eats the most meat per capita.
That's Hong Kong.
Hong Kong consumes the most meat per capita out of any population right now.
They live the longest.
So this myth of, oh, meat's going to bring you longevity, cholesterol is bad.
When you look at centenarians, people who live over 100 years, guess what?
They all have high cholesterol.
Low cholesterol is associated with all-cause mortality increases.
Increases in cancer, infectious diseases, right?
You see an increase across the board of death when you have low cholesterol.
And what is your doctor always telling you when you go in and you get tested?
Oh, your cholesterol is high.
We're going to have to give you a statin.
What are the side effects of statins?
Neurodegeneration, right?
Degenerative bone conditions, right?
Weakening of your joints.
You're more prone to injury.
Like all, everything that you see just ravaging people.
Thank you.
Anybody who's got animals, especially if you live somewhere like high up in the mountains, we've got a bunch of cows, we've got sheep, and we understand that it's especially important to get proper mineral balance and to have proper minerals in your animals.
If your animals are infertile, there is something that you do first.
One of the first things you do if your cow is not getting pregnant, you give them an injection with iodine, selenium, and zinc.
Zinc is crucial not only for sperm production in the male, but also for fertility in the female.
Iodine as well.
When you decrease the consumption of animal foods, you see a massive decrease in fertility due to the associated decrease in these necessary minerals and vitamins that you get only from animal foods, right?
Vitamins like vitamin B12, iodine.
Now, I was watching one of the recent Die Hard installments.
I think it was the Die Hard 5, I think.
And they had that plot where there was a backdoor that was basically put into all of the tech stuff, more or less the PROMIS NSA type software.
And if you remember the plot, John McClane had to basically stop this private secret intelligence group that was
Crashing the stock market, disrupting supply chain logistics, and it reminded me that, lo and behold, what does Klaus say, right, a few weeks ago?
There will be disruptions to the food, there will be the cyber-polygon attack, they will take down the logistics of America, there will not be food production, right?
So he told us, and then magically it happens, right?
We see
This disruption in the, you know, there was the pipeline situation, then there was the meat production situation.
So, it's almost like they telegraph these kinds of things ahead of time as well.
And then we see it play out where they actually have these war games in that I think they're run, that are staged, they're done on purpose.
And so, you know, this is the next thing that Klaus has talked about at the World Economic Forum, is running this war game of Cyber Polygon, which is preparing for
Widespread internet outages.
And so what I want to ask you about that is, why do they see such an importance in terms of attacking not just the food chain and supply, the food supply chain, but they specifically are going after meat.
If you remember, it was I think 2020, Jay-Z and Beyonce announced that this is the year of the vegan.
The world, the Economist put on the front of the magazine, this is the year of the vegan.
Why is this so important in the revolution?
Is it just, as you said, to try to weaken people or is it actually a movement towards depopulation and sterilization?
Well, yeah, like we were just talking about, depopulation and sterilization are definitely a part of this.
But I think it's about far more than that.
The only foods that you're going to be, if you're going to try to feed yourself on your own land, if you're going to try to be self-sustained as, you know, a small farm, small family farm or homesteader, the only foods that you can actually live off of on your own land are going to be animal foods.
You can't live exclusively off of any plant foods without heavy supplementation, right, of vitamin B12.
I think?
I think?
We're good to go.
So his idea is we're going to make animal foods obsolete.
Now when you look at the Rockefeller Foundation's population report, it was commissioned by, I think it was Kissinger who commissioned that, and they actually say we need to move people away from eating foods that are produced locally and towards eating foods that are made in factories.
And that's what it's about.
It's about dependence.
It's about dominance.
And it's also about degenerating you physically, degenerating you culturally, and destroying self-sustained rural populations.
And this is what you saw in the Holodomor.
You had the black soil areas of the Ukraine where they had the highest food production.
It was the breadbasket of Europe.
And those people starved in the most horrific
And dehumanizing way, they were murdered through governmental policies of quarantine and of isolation and of destruction of their ability to feed themselves on their own land.
So this is what it's about.
It's about population control.
It's about food control.
And it's about resource accumulation.
Hold that thought there, Tristan.
We'll be back in just a moment.
This is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
If you'd like to support me, you can go to my website and purchase signed copies of my books.
You can also subscribe.
You can also follow me over at Rockfin.
Now, we were talking about Bill Gates's and the elites, the billionaire's plan to voice upon us all a so-called vegan diet, which is not a diet at all.
It's actually a nutrient deficient diet.
And I was just reminded of the fact that Plato, if you go back to the Republic, you know, Plato talked about controlling society in a very top-down technocratic way, even to the extent that you can't feed the plebes, the proles, the worker class meat.
He said, just give them grains, basically.
He says, if you give them meats, they're going to get strong.
They're going to be able to overthrow your top-down tyranny.
So, Plato knew this.
The elites have known this for a long time, that you can control the masses through diet.
It's an old plan.
Bertrand Russell, H.G.
Wells, all these people just basically regurgitated this old plan of how to
Keep people in a weak, dumbed-down, stupid state and a big part of that, a huge part of that is diet.
I'm glad you mentioned State Department Memorandum 200 from Kissinger.
And food has been a longtime tool of warfare, right?
It's a form of warfare, just like there's economic warfare, just like there's physical kinetic warfare, whatever.
There's also food warfare.
So, one thing that I want to mention is the
The notion that this is something ethical, that this is the next stage of revolution and fighting the man.
A lot of these vegans, you know, you and I have had some pretty hilarious so-called debates with the burgeoning YouTube community of vegans, and one of the things that comes to the fore is that they all think that they're fighting at the forefront of a revolution against the man, against this
This, you know, basically serial killer attitude of raping nature and all this kind of stuff.
But in reality, they're actually the forefront of a billionaire funded dysgenics operation.
It's a totally fake, unreal, inauthentic revolution.
Could you speak to that?
When you see this push now, even within the mainstream, like in the EU for instance, this was just announced yesterday, caged animal farming in the EU
They're aiming to end the practice of so-called caged animal farming.
Now, anybody who's seen how a lot of the intensive agriculture, like the so-called factory farms function, understands that there's something wrong with this Tyson Foods model of producing meat.
Well, guess what?
Tyson Foods was also one of the biggest investors in the Beyond Burger and Beyond Meat, this multi-billion dollar company, also funded by Bill Gates, right?
So now the EU is actually using this animal welfare rhetoric that you hear from
I'm good.
This type of legislation is being pushed all over the place, which makes it more and more difficult for farmers to, number one, turn a profit without taking out huge loans from, say, the IMF and World Bank, which was always the predatory model pushed on the third world to convert them to producing GMO seeds.
But it also makes it much more difficult for anybody to
We're good.
You also see this in like these animal rights organizations that actually have a lot of political power in various countries, including Australia.
So there's the Animal Rights Party, which actually seeks to give animal rights, give animals a new definition of legal personhood.
In Australia, they're doing this in the Netherlands as well.
So just like you see AI being given personhood in Saudi Arabia.
And by the way, a lot of these Saudi princes are also involved in companies.
Doesn't one of these Saudi princes who famously tosses midgets, isn't he behind the promotion of it?
Exactly, exactly.
So Jay, I know you've been watching my channel on YouTube for a long time, which I've been documenting this takeover of our food supply for years now.
Guys like Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the midgets tossing billionaire.
I think it was a famous Forbes article that talked about him.
He, his son...
Yeah, his son actually invested heavily in Beyond Meat.
He's also invested in lab-grown meat, Memphis meat, so this idea that, oh, you don't have to hurt an animal, we can just grow cell-cultured precision fermentation meat in a laboratory, and we'll give you extra carbon credits for this.
This all ties in with this new UN Agenda 2030, well, it's an old agenda, but this dictation
This dictatorial agenda where they want to control every single bit of matter on this planet.
They want to control every food you eat, every seed that is grown, tracked and traced from source to its end point, and they even want to weigh your poo-poo in smart toilets, and they'll tell you whether you had too much protein or not, or maybe you've exceeded your natural testosterone levels a little bit, sir.
We're going to have to give you a special soy cake so we can decrease your possible aggression towards the good authorities and the experts of the science.
So this is not about actually animal rights.
It's about dehumanizing people.
Just like giving the AI robot, Sophia, human personhood in Saudi Arabia is not about, you know, all the great wonders of technology.
Look how technology can serve us.
It's about dehumanizing man.
Right, which I know you and I both talked about this quite a bit.
This goes beyond just what we eat.
It also goes deeper than that at the fundamental level of how we see ourselves, our place in the universe.
Are we made in the image and likeness of God?
Or are you just a monkey that should be treated like a lab rat?
And should chickens have the same rights as your children?
Right now, these same animal rights organizations that are out there saying,
We're going to protect the animals like PETA.
PETA is well known to get stray dogs and euthanize them.
They promote the euthanization of these animals.
So they're telling you, yeah, we're going to give these animals rights.
We love these animals.
We want to protect the animals.
But all these animal rights organizations are also involved in mass sterilization and euthanization of these animals.
So this is ultimately the goal is not just giving animals rights.
It's about giving you animal rights.
I remember walking into a Whole Foods a year ago and outside on the way out there was a big food truck that had pulled up and it was this new latest lab produced, I'm not joking, vegan pizza.
And the hilarious part literally was that around the food truck
was all of these sprinkled, tossed out pieces of pizza.
They were giving them out free, and people had just tossed them on the ground.
It looked like it was raining pizza.
There was so many just thrown out because it was so terrible, right?
I wouldn't feed that trash to, I wouldn't even feed that to my pigs.
I wouldn't even feed that filth to my pigs.
Nobody thinks it's hilarious.
It was like this, I should have taken a picture because it would have been a great way to refute the whole vegan thing.
It's like, humans don't want this.
They just throw it on the ground right next to the food truck, even when it's free.
So, it makes me, you know, just laugh really when you think.
And Bertrand Russell, remember in Scientific Outlook, he says that in the future, in the technocratic dystopia, the elite will eat real steaks.
They'll have their own secret underground steak meals.
You will be eating the fake synthetic.
He said a hundred years ago there would be synthetic fake meat and now they're making these
Beyond burgers that bleed with fake blood, this is just preposterous.
Even that, there's even a side, even how they frame that, because when you actually have a burger, that's not blood.
The blood is in the veins of the animal.
When you see those juices that come from a burger, if you take a ribeye and it's raw, you cut that thing open, there's not a single drop of blood.
You cook it and the myoglobin, right, which now they're making fake, they call it leg hemoglobin out of GMO soy,
That's how dumb they think that chickens have eggs and that's their period and you're raping chickens.
But could you speak, by the way, we only got one minute for the next break, but speak to this extinction rebellion element, because that ties directly into the vegan and animal rights movement, right?
Absolutely, and it also ties into a lot of the work that you do.
You know, the occult symbolism, these occult ritual aspects of a lot of the agitprop street theater propaganda that you see that's basically like Soviet-style agitprop from groups like Extinction Rebellion, which of course are funded through organizations like Avaz, funded by 350.org.
I mean, we're talking about these big money foundations, again, huge pharmaceutical foundations like the Wellcome Trust, also involved in pushing this climate crisis rhetoric.
And they're out there in the streets with their offshoot group called Animal Rebellion.
And what is Animal Rebellion doing?
They're going to McDonald's and demanding climate action now through a plant-based food system.
And the UN is going to try to push plant-based dietary regulations globally for everybody.
Hold that thought, Tristan.
We'll be right back.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am here with the vanquisher of vegans,
The diva of diet.
In fact, he's the world's first trans vegan, which means that he just simply identifies as a vegan, but he gets the benefits of eating all the meat that he wants.
Tristan Haggard of Primal Edge Health.
We were talking about Extinction Rebellion, how this is a fake funded billionaire thing.
Can you tell us more about that and why this propaganda is so heavy everywhere now?
Yeah, yeah.
Well, like we were finishing off there in the last segment, it's really funny when you actually look at the so-called activism of these groups and what they do now.
It's so blatantly obvious to anybody that's been studying these things, anybody that actually cares about health, anybody that actually cares about, you know, real environmental issues, which there are.
I don't
The mean murderers of Babe the Pig.
They've got this anthropomorphized ideal of what animals are.
They've been programmed by Disney films since they're little babies.
They're used to looking at cartoon animals with human eyes in basically ritual traumatic situations that Disney has presented to them.
And this Extinction Rebellion group, when you look at one of their most recent so-called activism displays, it was essentially a bunch of degenerate millennial and Gen Z pale, pasty, sickly sweat hogs going and sitting inside of McDonald's and saying, we want McDonald's to sell us more plant-based kibble.
That's legitimately what they did.
And if you look at the BBC and like The Guardian, they put out these articles, they call them rebels, right?
They say extinction rebels swore McDonald's and demand a plant-based food system, which this call for a so-called plant-based food system we've been seeing from groups like 350.org.
You've been seeing Eat Lancet, this Eat Lancet committee that's associated with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, of course, pushing for planetary dietary guidelines.
That's great!
Things like lentils and beans, they claim, right?
Which, in reality, people who bypass meat, guess what they go to?
They go to fake meat.
They go to the soy, they go to the GMO, corn-based, factory food, McKibble, and that's what they want.
A global McMono culture that's eating a global homo-McKibble diet so that everybody can be, of course, controlled at the fundamental cellular level.
Remember, these people have actually done experiments with and developed
Yeah, absolutely.
Vaccines spread through crops.
I'm not trying to freak people out, but look, if you are getting locally produced food, if you're producing food on your own land, if you're looking at something like milk, right, something like grass-fed beef, you are looking at an animal that eats nothing but indigestible cellulose and fiber that we can't digest.
I've got a bunch of animals outside right now.
They're eating nothing but grass.
They make me milk.
They make me cheese.
They make me yogurt.
We've got to make the cheese and the yogurt from the milk.
But they produce beef for us.
They give us all the vitamins and minerals and nutrients that we require in the most biodigestible and easily assimilable form.
Animals are the only producers of protein
Yeah, absolutely.
Thanks for watching.
Fake NGOs are pushing for more GMO McMonoculture kibble.
That's what they want you eating.
They want you in a global McMonoculture eating the global McMonoculture, McMonocrop kibble, right?
And that's why they get all the celebrities out there telling you, Oh, you go feeding and it's good for the animals.
Don't you care about the animals?
Don't you care about the animals?
Yeah, remember the Planopolis videos that came out of that UK think tank about 10 years ago?
And, you know, they had all these ready-made graphics and cartoons telling us what they were going to do, how they were going to roll this out, that we're seeing right now.
And you remember those cartoons?
It was, it was the... Oh, it's your birthday.
You know what that means?
On your birthday, you get two ounces of meat.
You just gotta, you just gotta go take your vaccine and ride over to the, to the Central Plastic City Center and get your two ounces of meat on your birthday.
Then you can wait another year and get another two ounces of meat on your birthday.
Two ounces of meat.
This is something ridiculous.
Like, yeah, there it is right there.
Your allotted slot
Based on the carbon credits and whatnot of, oh, you get two ounces of meat.
It's your best die.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And of course, these are the most important foods for us.
When you look at the studies they've done in vegan-vegetarian populations, you see lower birth weight in the children.
You see slower growth curves.
On average, vegan and vegetarian children are one to two inches shorter than their omnivorous friends and family.
So, they've studied these things.
And you know this from your own experience, right?
You guys had a child?
You had a vegan diet for that child for a while, right?
And then you came to this.
No, no.
We never fed our kids a vegan diet.
No, no.
Before conception, we were on kind of a more vegan-ish diet.
Never sold on the ideology of it.
But we were eating a very meat-depleted diet.
And we saw dental caries in our child, right?
Which is, of course, crumbling of the teeth.
You see a lot of kids with dental issues these days.
And they'll blame the mother.
They'll say, you're breastfeeding your child.
The breast milk, the dentist will say, your breast milk is bad for your child.
So we did a little bit more research and realized that some of the most important nutrients for developing the central nervous system and the dental structure of children, they come from animals, right?
Looking at vitamin A, vitamin K2, vitamin D. These are fat-soluble vitamins that are found in the fat of animals.
I'm good to go.
DHA rich, fat soluble vitamin rich foods and of course her teeth hardened up.
She's got her adult teeth now.
Adult teeth are perfectly normal.
Our second child had no issues with his teeth.
Now we've known because we live in a community where a lot of people are kind of like, you know, a lot of people are going towards self-sustaining lifestyle, sustainable farming and whatnot.
You get to know people who are trying vegetarian and vegan diets long term and even feeding them to their kids.
And I've seen so many of these.
There's things that happen across the board with vegans and vegetarians.
Number one, their kid's teeth go to hell, basically.
Their kid's teeth start crumbling.
They get black spots, brown spots in their teeth.
They also have behavioral issues, almost like autism-type behavioral disconnections, which you see across the board in these vegan and vegetarian children.
These people who are pushing these diets at the top level, there are people who have studied this.
They understand the repercussions to our health, to our behavior as well.
When you look at low cholesterol, low cholesterol, which is just promoted across the board, is this wonderful thing.
High cholesterol causes heart disease, they tell you, which is an absolute lie.
They tell you that high cholesterol is going to kill you.
When the people that live the longest have high cholesterol,
I got it.
1.4 burgers a month.
I got it.
I got it.
Did you see the Biden whisper clip?
I need you.
It's like he lost his mind.
They just found a clip, an article where Biden was saying that he wants Americans to have one burger a month as the limit.
Well, Kamala Harris promoted that she said, she was asking, I think it was like CNN, and they asked her, would you help to reduce people's meat consumption?
She said, absolutely.
We should reduce our meat consumption.
All right.
So then, of course, these recommendations for cutting the meat down.
This comes from the Eat Lancet Committee, which is associated with the Lancet, which is associated with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, which you're looking at like Monsanto, Bayer.
All right.
We're going to have to wrap it up.
Tristan, tell everybody where to find you and what you got coming.
Go to our website.
You can find our website primaledgehealth.com.
We have some cookbooks up there.
Here's a copy of our cookbook, The Carnivore Cookbook, zero carb recipes for people who really love animals.
You can find me over on Rockfin, Tristan Haggard on Rockfin.
You can find me on YouTube.
Thank you for having me.
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