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Name: 20210627_Sun_Alex
Air Date: June 27, 2021
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"Alex Jones discusses various news topics on his show hosted by Infowars News Center. He talks about plans to indict Trump and his family by July 4th, according to Roger Stone's sources. Jones critiques the COVID-19 vaccine and its side effects, as well as mainstream media's control over fear of the virus. He also covers ongoing election fraud discussions and how some high-profile figures are questioning the integrity of the electoral process. Throughout the show, Jones promotes InfoWars products and encourages listeners to support their mission in the fight against globalist forces. Other guests on the show include Mike Lindell and Roger Stone who discuss related topics such as election fraud allegations, legal battles faced by those who question the election results, and the globalist agenda."

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It's Sunday Live.
I am your host Alex Jones.
We're broadcasting worldwide from the embattled Infowars News Centers in Austin, Texas.
It is June 27th.
The year is 2021.
We have some really big guests today.
We have Mike Lindell on the latest with all of the election fraud that's coming out, and I've seen the evidence.
It's massive.
He's going to be joining us in the second hour.
The media attacks him because he is so optimistic.
But if you're not optimistic when you have the truth, then they're going to be able to gaslight everybody that understanding what a fraud Joe Biden is.
But even a lot of mainline leftists that I personally know are starting to panic.
Joe Rogan's gone from being a Democrat basically now being a nationalist populist Republican.
It's awakened him.
You've got Bill Maher coming out and saying Google and big tech are invested In the covid lie and they're involved the cover up and they shouldn't be doing that.
It's criminal.
And so again, the wheels are really really starting to come off.
Also, we told you here a month ago because Roger Stone used to live in New York.
He just sold his apartment there last year because they've been bankrupting him with all these criminal charges and the rest of it.
And he has Democrat sources in the city, and they said, we're intending to indict Trump, at least members of his family, by July 4th.
That was a month ago, now CNN's reporting, and the Democrats are saying that they're planning to indict his company, which is unheard of, before July 4th.
And Rodgers talked to the people.
They say it's happening.
It's just insane.
I mean, the government spent $47 million trying to find something.
The feds did.
They couldn't find it.
But Rodgers got the inside scoop.
He's going to be joining us coming up at the bottom of the hour.
And then Lindell is on.
In the second hour.
I want to show TV viewers just a couple things here that really say it all.
One of the producers gave me this and it touched my heart because it's so true.
Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19, 21.
And then this really funny little piece that a friend sent me that I guess is from Twitter.
And you really should go there and I guess find the HD version.
We can put it on screen, but there it is.
And it's a wolf It's a wolf, if you're a radio listener, I'll narrate it.
It's a wolf in the woods, the frozen landscape, and he says, humans at a campfire.
It's cold and I'm starving.
Maybe I should ask for some scraps.
What's the worst thing that could happen?
10,000 years later, you've got a very cute pug wearing a Birthday cake hat on top of its head, completely domesticated, totally and absolutely enslaved by the nanny state, a shadow of its former self.
And I really think Arctopoly, I'm going to reverse engineer this or make our own t-shirt version of this, meme shirt, because this really says everything.
Humanity's choice, ladies and gentlemen.
That is where we are right now.
This is really, this is really humanity's choice.
And this whole velvet octopus that is the New World Order is sucking all of our energy, all of our will, all of our male and female energy, and not trying to domesticate us so we can be a lapdog, domesticating us so we can be phased out from the face of the earth.
I've got a lot of huge articles dealing with that.
We're gonna be laying out here today.
Right away when we come back, because we have two big guests that I need to hit a lot in the first 30 minutes or so.
We have the London Guardian and others saying it's time to empty out half the Earth's population.
You have all these declarations of transhumanist war on the family.
They're now out in the open.
It is all coming up on this live Sunday show.
Oh, and the big headline for the live show that I have on InfoWars.com is CDC admits COVID-19 vaccine Does not work.
They're now saying, so's the UN, put your masks back on.
Permanent lockdown forever.
Because it's all about bankrupting us and taking control of us.
You could never make a vaccine for the common cold.
It's all a criminal fraud.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome my friends, welcome to this live June 27th Sunday broadcast.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We've got big breaking news on the looming attempts to indict President Trump and his family.
We told you about a month ago that they were planning to launch in New York City by July 4th.
Now CNN says the plan is to have the Trump Organization indicted, very rare operation, by July 4th.
We have sources inside the enemy camp.
Roger Stone will be joining us at the bottom of the hour, and then Mike Lindell to help break down the massive evidence of fraud pouring out of the Arizona audit, and so much more.
President Trump more and more saying he can be reinstated, saying that Biden's an imposter.
You've got Al Gore and you've got Mitt Romney and all of them on TV scared, saying it's white supremism.
What does that have to do with The election being stolen.
If we go find evidence of it, just throwing that out there, they are really getting desperate.
So that's coming up on this live Sunday edition.
Then Owen Schroer comes in with the new Sunday live show.
It's very proper.
We've been doing now for about six months.
It's crazy how time flies.
And that is 6 to 8 p.m.
Central, right after this transmission.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
But let's hit this first right now.
The Leals have completely come off the COVID-19 fraud.
Why did they never have a vaccine for just the basic common cold?
The coronavirus is the main cause of the common cold.
If you're debilitated on the right amount of vitamins and minerals, it will go in, it will replicate, and you will get sick.
That's known science.
Well, because there's too many variants of it.
There's hundreds of thousands a year.
There's millions.
I mean, they're always finding more and more and more.
There's like fish in the sea, sand at the beach, leaves on trees in the forest.
There's a lot.
And it's our body's defenses that defeat that 99.999% of the time.
Not taking a vaccine that is specifically for one variant.
When viruses are constantly changing and their own medical science admits, when you take a vaccine like this, it causes your body to slough off things that basically are other variants of the virus.
That's even Wall Street Journal.
That's the discoverer of HIV saying that, saying this is insane, don't take it.
So the mainline science has said all along, armies of top scientists, armies of Nobel Prize winners, and heads of universities, and heads of hospitals, and heads of research firms, and the chief scientist at Pfizer, who just retired three years ago, saying this is going to cause blood clots and heart attacks, and it did!
Because they've already done studies on similar vaccines.
Well, here it is out of the VAERS reporting system.
Reported deaths, COVID vaccines, more than the last 10 years combined.
And they think about 1 in 40 is the real number.
Not 1 in 10, not 1 in 100.
About 1 in 40 of these things get put down as COVID.
So it's 40 times worse than that.
40 times 5,888 dead.
Oh, and now the FDA adds warning to COVID vaccine about risk of heart inflammation.
No longer just saying, oh, it's rare.
It's very common.
And estimates are now out that you're 500 times more likely to die from a COVID vaccine than from COVID if you are young.
For whatever reason.
And we're going to be breaking some of that down coming up as well.
Here's another headline.
Who urges fully vaccinated people to continue to wear masks as Delta COVID variant spreads?
Oh, a variant of the cold virus.
My goodness, we can't ever leave our houses again.
People better wake up now, folks.
Andrew Marr says he caught COVID after getting the vaccine.
A lot of folks dying.
They say they're dying of COVID or dying from the vaccine.
That's BBC and RT.
Some fully vaccinated people may get sick if exposed to variants, CDC says.
COVID-19 killed 26 Indonesian doctors in June after they'd been vaccinated.
Chin had taken China's Sinovac vaccine.
And it goes on and on and on.
4,115 vaccinated people have died, been hospitalized with COVID-19 breakthrough infections.
Again, it goes through all of it right here.
And I've got so much more just in this stack.
But the first thing I want to hit is Bill Maher finally waking up that his audience isn't buying his bull.
Or maybe he said, The road to Damascus awakening that Paul did, but he's totally, absolutely getting it now and saying, wait a minute.
We've got Google and Facebook invested at the Wuhan lab.
We've got them invested billions in these vaccines and then they're involved covering up.
That's criminal.
That's right.
I mean, how did I tell you last year Google and Facebook were all involved?
I went and looked it up.
They're obsessed with depopulation.
It's their cult.
So they paid to have the viruses found in the wild.
They paid to have them spliced.
Facebook and Google.
Facebook and Google aren't just big tech companies.
They are the tip of the New World Order attack system.
They surveil you.
They watch you.
They listen to you.
They censor you.
They control you.
And they report you to your bank and you lose your bank account.
If you question the election, they are the intimidators, they are the bullies, they are the trillion pound gorilla on our back.
And they are bringing in the new dark age.
They're monsters, and they know they're monsters.
They're not liberal, well-meaning idiots that just go too far.
They are the brainwashers.
They are the controllers.
Now, on the children's games and children's articles and everything on Facebook, to be allowed to be on Facebook, all teaching material that came out, is going to have to use gender-neutral pronouns in all this.
This is an assault on humanity itself.
On our very biology for depopulation.
And in the white papers out of Tavistock Institute, I've got articles on it today, they admit, oh, we're doing this to depopulate the Earth.
That's why we're sterilizing all the autistic and mentally retarded children.
We don't want them having kids, so we teach them to be transgender.
We make it a celebration of having their genitals removed.
So first they brain damage you with the vaccines, then they cut your testicles off, and they admit they're doing it!
Is this something all of you really want to sign on to this madness, this evil, which is only going to get worse?
Once you sign on to the eugenics and the depopulation and the transhumanism that we're bombarded with everywhere.
Three weeks ago the Senate wouldn't even outlaw human animal cloning that they admitted was well it's been going on for 30 years in the U.S.
and so we're not gonna ban it.
How did you know that?
It's in all the medical literature!
They're not supposed to grow the clones up with brains, but they do, because the clones don't operate enough if they don't have brains.
So they have accelerated aging.
They don't even know what they are.
They're basically kept in these facilities.
And it's all going to come out, folks.
That's why they're desperately got all these new shows on TV about the clones and about the human-animal hybrids like Sweet Tooth and Sexy Beast.
They're just desperately trying to acclimate you before it all comes out, because they can't even hide it anymore.
You're gonna wake up and find out they've created alien species by the thousands on Earth.
New species that never existed.
Salmon is now on store shelves that has walking stick and asparagus genes in it.
I don't... The Pfizer shot has the entire genome of a jellyfish hive colony creature.
You know why, right?
They've already announced that if you have contact with a certain type of tick from Texas,
lone star tick, it's actually all across the country, and that if you have had access to
certain type of jellyfish things, that you develop an allergy to meat and it's the same
jellyfish that they put in you with a human genome.
They combined the jellyfish colony creature genome with a boy who died in the 60s.
It's in the patent.
They say it's secret why they did it, but they spliced a human with a jellyfish and they injected it.
And you saw the professor on TV last week, took a cross and played it.
They had bioethicists in the US.
He said, we're going to inject you so that you never eat meat again, beef again.
So it's not just you're going to be sterile, it's not just you're not going to be able to have children, you're not going to be able to eat beef anymore.
They're hitting you and hitting you hard.
They're like kamikazes.
You go, well, they're all going to go to prison.
They're all going to get in trouble.
They don't care.
They're psychos.
It's a control cult.
It's their excuse to play God and take over to save the earth.
We know what they're doing, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to say it again.
Salmon sold in stores across the U.S., unlabeled.
Joe Biden removed a order on that.
So you can now eat a fish that's part insect.
And you're like, well, that's not too bad.
They tell me I'm gonna eat bugs all over TV.
See, it's just acclimate you.
Oh, you're gonna have sex with animals.
You're gonna have sex with children.
You're gonna eat bugs.
It's all just to shock you, disorient you, so you accept all of this.
We're gonna come back, I'm gonna play the Bill Maher piece, another powerful Gregg Reese piece, and then Roger Stone with exclusive intel.
Straight ahead, I'm Alex Jones, Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Band.video.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
to 3 p.m.
I'm live.
I'm Alex Jones.
Then, we return Sunday nights, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, and of course, Owen Schroer that also hosts The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
He also hosts two hours on Sunday night, right when this transmission ends.
And of course, there's other great broadcasts like Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
weekday mornings with American Journal.
So many great guests, so many great callers, and his amazing analysis.
All right, so let's get back into The COVID situation.
Real science shows that they cooked it in a lab.
Real science shows they did that so they'd have a new chimera virus they can corporately own and produce vaccines off of that companies tied to Fauci and Gates would make hundreds of billions of dollars off of.
And now it came out in government documents last week.
And major U.S.
universities had had copies of this that the federal government that Fauci had destroyed last year right under Trump's nose that they were A month before COVID was even announced, preparing COVID-19 vaccines at Wuhan, and that they were developing vaccines for COVID-19 there that they then released themselves.
I remember Peter Daszak said in 2019, in an interview, that they were developing vaccines off of combining five viruses from bats in the COVID family.
That was always hiding in plain view.
We were the first to hammer that.
And Tucker covered it as well.
But I mean, again, I could talk for hours about this.
We have every damn facet of it.
How they cooked it up, why they did it, the lockdown, the control, the carbon taxes, the shutting down their competition, the rolling out the vaccines that they own themselves, because when they could isolate it and already know it was about to be released, they could then tell Pfizer, Moderna, and others what they were supposed to create and respond to.
They told them, oh, don't do like China's doing, making wonders of an attenuated COVID virus.
No, no, no, that's a virus that can't replicate.
We want you to create something for the spike protein around the virus, so all the other makers around the world, because they're getting globalist money from Gates and others, they came out with one not for the sequence of the RNA, but for the shell of the virus, which again is all over the damn body.
So your body attacks itself.
It kills you in a thousand different ways.
And this is, you understand, this is not debatable.
They have committed giant crimes against humanity on a scale of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.
I mean, you are living to just see insaneness.
But they're depopulationists?
They said, we've only got a few years to save the Earth, we've got to depopulate now.
It's their excuse towards mass murder and control, while they get rich in the process.
So Bill Maher is starting to understand this and going, wait, big tech are involved in this and they're the ones covering it up?
They're the very ones we want to investigate.
Here's Bill Maher.
All right, let me ask you about the media aspect of this because I find this outrageous.
Facebook banned any post for four months about COVID coming from a lab.
Of course, now even the Biden administration is looking into this.
Google, a Wall Street Journal reporter asked the head of Google's health division, notice that they don't do autofill searches for coronavirus lab leak the way they do it for any other question.
And the guy said, well, we want to make sure the search isn't leading people down pathways that we would find to be not authoritative information.
Well, you were wrong, Google and Facebook.
We don't know.
The reason why we want you is because we're checking on this.
He said, we want to ensure the first thing users see is information from the CDC, the WHO.
That's who I'm checking on.
The WHO has been very corrupt about a lot of sh**, and the CDC's been wrong about a lot of sh**.
This is outrageous that I can't look this information up and now they're doing it with this drug Ivermectin.
They threw Brett Weinstein off YouTube or almost.
He's one strike away.
YouTube should not be telling me what I can see about Ivermectin.
Ivermectin isn't a registered Republican.
It's a drug.
I don't know if it works or not and a lot of other doctors don't either.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a big deal.
Of course, Maher doesn't know, or he's covering up, but he probably just doesn't know that they're blocking ivermectin and they're blocking all these other cures because then you can't have an emergency authorization vaccine if there's a treatment that even has 5% efficacy.
These others have like 98, 99% if you get to somebody on time with any viral infection.
So think about how cold-blooded and evil this is.
They're blocking real treatments from the public.
When they go and sit with a cold or the flu, not even COVID, they won't give them these other treatments doctors have always used for decades because the UN says they can't now.
That's total enslavement!
Here's Greg Reese's latest powerful report, "Smoking Gun Proof COVID Pandemic is a Scam."
According to the official narrative, COVID-19 was first discovered as a pneumonia outbreak
in the city of Wuhan on December 31st of 2019.
And it wasn't until January 9th of 2020 when this supposed mystery virus was officially diagnosed as a novel coronavirus.
Operation Warp Speed began on May 15th of 2020 to facilitate and accelerate the development of COVID-19 vaccines.
Of the companies receiving research funding, the one responsible for the mRNA vaccine was Moderna.
But we know that none of this checks out.
We now know that Anthony Fauci used NIH funds to create a novel coronavirus capable of directly infecting humans.
And we also know that Moderna has been working with Fauci's NIH on the mRNA COVID vaccine since December of 2019.
Born in 2010 as Mode RNA Therapeutics, they were criticized for their radical specialty of mRNA biohacking that transforms human cells into drug factories, and later changed their name to Moderna.
With a reputation for losing top talent and keeping investors in the dark due to dangerous, unpredictable side effects, Moderna somehow became Big Pharma's golden unicorn.
They went public in December of 2018 with the largest ever IPO in the biotech industry.
Without even having a safe, effective product, they blew up faster than Uber.
And a year later, before COVID-19 ever made headlines, Moderna was working with Fauci's NIH outsourcing redacted challenge studies, where subjects are deliberately infected with the Fauci-funded Wuhan lab-made coronavirus and treated with Moderna's experimental gene therapy.
And as fate would have it, the massive investment in Moderna paid off.
Operation Warp Speed brought Moderna's COVID-19 payoff to just under $2.5 billion.
And actual sales to the U.S.
alone is already over $15 billion.
There does not seem to be any breakthrough science.
The mRNA shots are still proving to be as unpredictable and deadly as experts have been saying for years.
And we now officially know that the shot is permanently changing the person's DNA.
And yet, people are still lining up to get the shot.
Thanks to media and Big Pharma.
And thanks to the self-proclaimed philanthropists who fund the media and Big Pharma.
The ones who call themselves the Good Club.
The ones who met in 2009 to discuss how to save the world and how overpopulation was a major priority.
How much more evidence do we need before we collectively realize that this entire thing is a scam?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
We're seeing a lot of really crazy things happening.
We're seeing a lot of tyranny.
We're seeing evil in high places try to have its will with us and dominate us.
We are seeing the globalists make their move in a big, big way.
But here's Proverbs 19, 21.
Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose That prevails.
And I've seen that over and over again.
My dad always tells me that when I was a child and even now when I get upset about things.
He says, son, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
And all these different globalist programs I've seen may work in their first and second step, but it always has uncontrollable developments that they can't foresee.
We're about to be talking to Roger Stone.
Mike Lindell's coming up later in the next hour with big news.
Talk about tomorrow's news today.
We're not happy about this news.
It was Roger a month ago.
That said, his sources in New York said they're intending to indict Trump by July 4th.
Well, CNN announced it, rubbing their hands together that they think indictment of his company by July 4th, an unprecedented move.
Talk about a straw man.
We'll break it down in a moment and why they're panicking so much.
But first, let's talk about reality here.
Two things.
You need to support the economy and support organizations that tell the truth and fight tyranny.
And there's no organization out there that's done a better job overall than this broadcast with our crew and all the guests and you, the listeners, and this family.
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And then separately, I want to hit this, and we're going to Roger.
Zero heads.
The Fed faces the greatest risk in its history.
An economic crisis accompanied by inflation.
They've done all this by design.
They've decided to bring us into this dystopia.
They've got new lockdowns being announced and looming.
This is the new world order move.
Here's another one.
food banks warn soaring prices will affect distributors.
I talked to big national suppliers.
They say everybody's already gone up massively and healthy indexes are by the fall 60 plus percent increases in most major foodstuffs.
We've seen doubling and tripling in many major commodities.
Lumber Things like that are triple.
I mean, this is a serious, serious situation.
And I bring that up because it's done by design.
Blackouts loom in California.
Electricity prices are absolutely exploding.
Why did I tell you what happened under Biden?
Because they go back to the old globalist policies of shutting down America and economic war.
And you see everything I told you is happening because the enemy is known.
Their playbook is known.
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So InfoWarsStore.com.
That said, now we've got our big guest here, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's Roger Stone.
And before I go to him, I want to just play a compilation of clips here.
This is CNN rubbing their hands together about the looming indictment of Trump's company.
That's just the beginning.
And then Al Gore trying to say, oh, it's ridiculous to question the election.
It's preposterous.
They're really scared about what's coming out of Arizona.
Here it is.
Breaking news, a major development in the Manhattan District Attorney's investigation into the Trump Organization.
The DA office telling Donald Trump's attorneys that criminal charges could be filed against the Trump Organization as soon as next week.
The charges are believed to be tied to allegations of tax evasion over compensation paid to top executives.
Pamela, the refusal of the former president to acknowledge that he lost by 7 million votes, it wasn't close for God's sake.
And apparently a majority of his party is still so enthralled to him that they still believe that the American people did not make the judgment that they clearly made.
And Mitt Romney came out and made the same desperate statements, going, oh, you know, he lost by 7 million votes.
Yeah, after the polls closed, he was winning by record amounts before that.
So joining us is Roger Stone.
Here's the headline.
Roger Stone predicts a Donald Trump criminal indictment is on the horizon on my show.
That was May 30th, a month ago.
Here's another one.
Trump longtime ally Roger Stone says former president must prepare to be indicted.
Again, that's a month ago.
And here's the new headline.
Trump organization could face criminal charges in New York as soon as next week.
Again, unprecedented.
He's got sources up there.
We hope this doesn't happen, but they are telegraphing it's going to happen.
Is this because they're so scared of Trump leading the Republican Party and going out and challenging their attempt to federalize elections?
Alex, that's that's exactly what it is.
Now, every one of those stories, of course, you have to go to the fifth paragraph before I'm quoted as saying these are fabricated charges, that these are contrived, politically motivated charges.
I don't believe that the president or his real estate company did anything wrong.
This is some kind of a case of selective prosecution and it is being used because they are deathly afraid that Donald Trump will be on the ballot again in 2024.
He surely beat them once.
He most likely beat them twice.
By the way, did Al Gore criticize Hillary Clinton when she demanded recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin and refused to concede that she had lost?
I don't recall that happening.
Do you?
So this is pure politics and I can tell you exactly what happened here.
The Mueller investigation and the thugs working there simply took the fruits of their exhaustive examination in which they could not find criminal charges against Donald Trump and they shipped them to Cy Vance in Manhattan.
That's essentially what happened.
And I do think that the President needs to be very wary of this.
If I were him, I would not be confident about the lawyers who handled his impeachment.
That fellow Bruce Castor was an embarrassment.
What did he mean when he said Joe Biden won the election fair and square?
No, no Bruce, no he did not.
And that's not your client's position.
So I think it's vitally important that the President select one attorney who is not Eric Hirschman, who is not Cipollone.
These two guys sold him out repeatedly.
That's the reason, by the way.
The New York Times has a big reveal two days ago, perhaps it was yesterday, that Trump ordered the Justice Department to draw up the documents to enact the Insurrection Act.
The question is not why he had them drawn up.
The question is why he didn't sign them.
I mean, the first duty of the President of the United States is to preserve order.
That was real insurrection.
We know Milley also tried to shout down folks that wanted to do it.
Stay there.
We'll have the floor when we come back.
Roger Stone will lay this out.
We're not happy they're trying to indict Trevor's organization.
We're warning him so he can get on a war footing ahead of what's happening.
And of course, Roger's been talking to the President as well.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And said, from his sources in New York, where he, until recently, had an apartment.
He's fully evacuated, like Trump has, to Florida because of the incredible persecution and tyranny.
He said, my sources say, by July 4th, they are planning to indict people around Trump or Trump or his organization.
Now, they're saying, sources in the city say, this is going to happen, they're going to indict his organization.
Trump needs to know What lawyers sold him out in the impeachment?
What lawyers didn't?
And Roger Stone doesn't want to toot his horn, but I asked him, I said, for historic reasons, you need to get it on record.
He said, fine, I will tell you what happened behind the scenes.
So that Trump can hopefully protect himself.
And what went on during the impeachment, the second impeachment, because that ties in to all of this now and the very same players that are sabotaging the true President of the United States.
We need to be strong and in place to lead major Republican take backs of the House and Senate.
And that's why they fear him so much.
So, Roger, it was you who worked with the group.
To get the video showing Democrats calling for violence that ended up one lawyer you got to actually play it when the others didn't.
It was you that actually worked behind the scenes and is the reason they dropped it and didn't go into the full trial.
You don't want the credit but you need to get it to show why the enemy hates you so much.
So give people the inside baseball so Trump knows what he's facing right now and protects himself this time.
Well, actually, as President Trump, we made exactly the right decision.
Listen, David Schoen, who's appeared many times with Sean Hannity and who's formerly a liberal Democrat, but truly one of the finest lawyers I've ever met, the only lawyer I've ever met, who not only has enormous courage, but he understands the overlay of politics And he understands that things that happen outside the courtroom have an impact on what happens inside the courtroom.
In this case, things that happen outside the Senate chamber have an impact on what happens inside the Senate chamber.
Now, I know that several of the President's lawyers told him that Schoen did not want to address the Senate.
That was a lie.
That Schoen did not want to be out front.
That was a lie.
If you go back and look at that, the single strongest argument for Donald Trump A man who quickly dismissed the constitutionality of the impeachment because, firstly, the law says that the Chief Justice shall preside.
I mean, it's just not an option.
No mention of a Senator from Vermont there.
You told me on the phone, tell the listeners, because here's the bottom line.
The other lawyer said, oh, Biden won the election and everything, went along with a sham, illegal impeachment, without the Chief Justice there, as you just said.
He called the elephant in the room.
I'm getting there, Alex.
The key point here is that the President's other attorneys were opposed to showing the extraordinarily dramatic and hard-hitting video in which you see various Democrats Uh, such as, uh, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, uh, many others calling for violence.
The violence we saw last summer in the Pacific Northwest and in the Midwest, as well as Philadelphia and DC.
So, uh, I really think that David Schoen did an exemplary job for the president.
That is, if I were making a decision, he is the man I would put in charge because he's a fighter.
He's not worried about his next case.
He's not worried about what the jury in this case thought about him.
He wants to win for his client.
Let's go back to the Insurrection Act because it's a perfect example.
I know for an absolute fact that Cipollone and Eric Hirschman and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs talked the President out of signing what he should have signed.
This is not because I'm in favor of violence.
This is because it is the duty of the President of the United States to preserve order.
And what was happening in Spokane and Seattle and Kenosha and Philadelphia and D.C.
was an orchestrated, well-financed insurrection.
It's absolutely clear.
Somebody paid for those pallets of bricks.
Somebody paid for the buses and the flatbeds.
Somebody paid for the lawyers who were standing by to bail people out when they were arrested.
The president had that authority.
I think it was a test.
Sadly, the timid souls around the president That's right.
When that test was failed, they made the move to provocateur January 6th, which we'll cover in a moment, which we now know they were trying to set you and I and the president up.
But incredible inside baseball, Roger, that literally you had to get with folks.
I knew about this at the time, but I'm glad you're willing to tell it now.
It's not about credit.
And you had to go with a group, have the video produced, showing the damn clips, to get one lawyer in there to show it, because they were going full-out Trump, no one was defending him, both arms tied behind his back, because they were making it about the law, when they weren't even defending the law, instead of bringing in the politics of, you're saying he called for violence, he didn't, here's all the Democrats calling for violence, and for killing the President!
That was the ace of damn spades, they wouldn't play it, but thank God you hail married, and got one guy in there, So now ahead of them trying to indict his organization, we need Trump to go on a war footing here and not listen to these other damn lawyers.
Let's make it clear.
Donald Trump was in favor of showing that video from the very beginning.
He liked the idea and he liked the strategy.
This has happened time and time again.
The president has extraordinarily good instincts and he is a fighter.
So, the good news, of course, is you needed to have a vote as quickly as possible because the votes were not there to convict in the impeachment.
And the longer it dragged out and the more the media pounded on Trump, the more slippage there would have been.
So, my hat's off to David Schoen, but more importantly, my hat's off for Donald Trump for inserting him in the process and letting him show that extraordinary video.
Yes, people had to stay up all night that worked with me to make it.
But let's move on here, because you just hit a very good point, and that is, when the latest narrative on January 6th, which is the Great Recycle, one outlet said that the Feds are now focused on the fact that I was the mastermind.
Categorically false.
Wasn't there, didn't know anything about it in advance, didn't have any involvement whatsoever.
But I did reveal, and I was excoriated for it, that when I was in my hotel room at the Willard, shortly after the President's speech, there was a call from the Secret Service offering to escort me to the head of the Marsh and up to the Capitol, which I declined.
By the way, two pastors, two Protestant ministers and a police officer overheard all of that.
Those are called witnesses.
So for those who say, oh, that's made up.
No, it's not made up.
It's a fact.
It's not a conspiracy theory.
And you were smart.
You left early and got out of there.
You told me, you said, this is a cluster F. These people are idiots.
I have a bad feeling.
And I said, come on, Roger.
I mean, I really twisted your arm.
And then I just thought that I can't believe how surrounded Trump was with traitors.
He would sign executive orders, as you know, they admit.
They would throw them in the trash.
So they tried to set us all up that day.
I think it basically was a dud, a misfire.
What do you think?
Well, what you say is absolutely right.
The President ordered the declassification of the documents that would have proved that the Mueller investigation was a politically motivated fraud, and the bureaucrats did nothing until Rick Grinnell took the position of acting Director of Intelligence and forced them, finally, to release those documents.
Now, it's not even debatable.
Anybody who tries to claim that the Mueller investigation was legitimate merely needs to look at those documents.
We again pioneered that Trump was being illegally spied on during the campaign and as President Trump and that's why they wanted to destroy us.
The only point that's out to listeners is to say we have delivered the goods.
We are the real deal.
We need you to magnify what we say and do and to support us because they're both trying to destroy us.
I'm not going to spend time whining about it.
I'm just saying we are under attack.
We need your prayers and financial support now.
Well, I was glad you opened this segment with the proverb.
I'm going to be honest with you, Alex, I'm saying the rosary now twice a day, every day.
And it brings me great solace.
It brings me great calm, because this is a battle for the future of Western civilization, for the future of our country.
And I really fervently hope that the president will select one strong, good, honest, tough lawyer to represent him in New York.
No one ever built a statue to a committee.
War counsels breed defeat.
I think Douglas MacArthur said that.
And it's true.
The president is facing completely bogus, manufactured, politically motivated charges that are an attempt to derail any attempt... So you're saying... I mean, I know you have great sources, you've been proven right.
They are planning to indict his organization, then?
Yes, there's no question whatsoever.
And then they are squeezing Matt Calamari, good friend of mine, a guy I've known for 30 years, who became chief operating officer of the company.
They're squeezing Allen Weisselberg, Trump's longtime CFO, also a fine man.
This is outrageous, absolutely outrageous.
And then Alex, we get into this on the other side, but I want to talk about the stunning arrest of the two James Cusick Sr.
and Jr., both pastors, both ministers, neither one of them charged with violent crimes, but an FBI raid at their home that reminded me very much of the early morning pre-dawn assault on my home by 29 SWAT-clad Assault weapon bearing FBI agents.
We're talking real tomorrow's news today.
One more segment with Roger Stone and then Mike Lindell is going to join us on the latest on the audit and the information coming out and how the Democrats are so panicked by that.
That's why ahead of the Arizona audit, as he said a month ago, Roger Bredikadier, ahead of that coming out in early July, they're going to indict the Trump Organization, which is really very rare to indict an organization before people, but it shows they have nothing.
We'll be right back.
To that lawyer and a bunch of other behind-the-scenes stuff.
It's just unbelievable.
And I knew other folks involved that knew what Roger's saying is true.
Roger's never lied to me.
And then Roger doesn't want the credit because he doesn't want to sit there.
It's not about the credit.
It's about how close we were to having no defense of the president in the second impeachment trial.
And so I love Trump.
I think Trump's great.
But he'll either be the best president we ever had or the worst president.
Because either he's the best because we end up taking the country back or he's the worst because he summoned the left to rise up and take our country over.
In closing, Roger, You were making some other great points as we went to break here.
Other areas you'd like to cover?
Extraordinarily good reporting by Darren Beatty at The Revolver and by Tucker Carlson that I think are really beginning to make the case that the January 6th insurrection was an FBI-directed operation.
This is vital, vital reporting.
If you haven't seen it, I'm not surprised.
Because the mainstream media is doing everything humanly possible to censor it.
But, it is very important to note this case in Florida, where the FBI came with the local county sheriff to arrest 73-year-old Vietnam veteran, Purple Heart veteran, James Cusick Sr., who's not even charged with a violent crime.
He's essentially charged with trespassing.
His son was also arrested.
He's also a pastor.
And it took me back to that morning, January 25th, 2019, when the taxpayers footed the bill for $1.1 million, and 29 SWAT-clad, assault-weapon-bearing, night-goggle-wearing FBI agents surrounded my home.
The worst part of that was when they perp walked my wife out of the house for the CNN cameras, even though she was charged with no crime.
And by the way, Roger, I was just reliving that watching the video, unlike you being there.
These guys are pointing assault rifles at your stomach while your hands are up.
It's just, it's ridiculous.
It's all makeup, like Wonderland, like they're the good guys, you're the bad guy.
It's all just fiction.
It's true, and we now know it definitively because he stupidly left his MetaTag initials on the documents, that Andrew Weissman, the epically corrupt former federal prosecutor, leaked my indictment to CNN, and he arranged for them to be there.
I can prove that, if necessary.
Or I should say, when necessary.
How ironic, Alex, that the New York Bar Association has suspended Rudy Giuliani's law license Not because he broke the law and has been convicted, not because he's violated the canon of ethics or any of the rules of the New York Bar, but because he expressed his First Amendment right to express the fact that he didn't think the election was on.
They say in it, to back you up, they say he questioned the election.
That's not allowed.
Well, but here's the point.
It's the same New York Bar Association that declined to prosecute Andrew Weissman when he locked the 30-year-old CFO of Enron in a coffin-sized metal box and left him there in the hot sun in order to get him to testify the way he wanted him to.
The New York Bar Association is a political body.
It's a criminal enterprise, if you ask me.
And this is a disgraceful, disgraceful act against a great American.
Rudy Giuliani has done nothing wrong, but here's why he's being tortured and why he's being excoriated.
He knows what's in the Hunter Biden emails.
If you saw this incredible story by Miranda Devine, who by the way I think may be the single best investigative journalist working in America today.
Her bullshit detector is the best out there.
She is the single best columnist at the New York Post.
And she tells an extraordinary story of Hunter Biden going to the Chateau Marmont.
That's a watering hole for the entertainment elite in Hollywood.
He hires a Russian hooker from a local escort service.
He plays with her all night, but then when he puts in his credit card to pay her, it's declined.
He puts it in a second time.
It's declined.
He then whoops out another credit card that belongs to Joe Biden.
And it goes through.
What he didn't know is the first two charges went through as well.
So he ended up paying $25,000 for a Russian hooker.
And who shows up to bail him out?
Why, it's the Secret Service.
Of course, they deny that they had any involvement.
Hold on, Roger.
I got Mike Lindell coming on.
We're getting him on.
60 second break.
I want you to recap this investigative journalist at the New York Post for like two minutes.
Just get to the rest of this.
We come back in 60 seconds.
This is too important to end it right now.
Roger Stone.
And we'll tell the viewers and listeners how to find Roger Stone's website.
Mike Lindell's coming up as well.
Back in 60 seconds.
If you don't run your subconscious mind yourself, someone else will.
You are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Lindell is going to be joining us here in about three minutes.
Who's been valiantly fighting, exposing election fraud.
Massive proof already coming out in Arizona and many other states.
It's just overwhelming.
But the mainstream media gaslighting is saying none of that exists.
In fact, questioning it should be illegal, they're saying.
We're getting Mike Lindell on right now.
We'll be talking to him.
He's got major developments and breaking news as he continues to barnstorm the country, rallying Americans to stand up for voting rights integrity.
We just narrowly defeated the Democrats.
Federalizing elections and putting in all their illegal actions to steal further elections.
This is just a down-the-wire fight for this country.
But Roger Stone, who joined us in the last hour, dropped a bombshell at the end.
And yes, I've seen the big investigative journalist at the New York Post.
I'm familiar with her work.
I know Giuliani's being persecuted, had his law license stripped because he exposed the laptop.
And Roger, you were starting to get into that.
Recap just briefly what happened and where this is going, because here they are, say they're about to try to indict the Trump Organization, unheard of, no evidence, when we have Hunter being a Chinese spy and his father.
It's just incredible.
Well, first of all, let me commend your next guest, Mike Lindell.
He is a great patriot and a man who has the courage to put his money where his mouth is.
He's extraordinarily selfless, and he's done an incredible job of exposing the single greatest fraud in American history.
A true patriot.
Alex, it's very, very clear that there's a two-tiered justice system.
Hunter Biden can drop the N-word.
Didn't see Al Sharpton complaining about that or Jesse Jackson.
He can take in millions of dollars.
He still owes a substantial portfolio in a communist Chinese-backed investment fund.
Joe Biden told us in the debate that none of his children would have any foreign investments while he was president.
But this $200 million stake is still in the Chinese company.
He's clearly had sex with underage women.
We have seen the videos with our own eyes.
He is raked in millions from Ukraine, from China, even U.S.
companies, but he hasn't been charged in a civil suit over taxes by the IRS, although we're told there's an open investigation.
There's no ends to which they will go to cover for this guy.
Why is he not being subjected to the same laws that other people are?
Myself specifically.
The government is harassing me over interest in penalties and back taxes when I paid them over a half million dollars in taxes over the last four years on a monthly basis and would have continued to pay had they not destroyed me financially in the Mueller investigation.
And that was my next question.
People don't know what it's like to be attacked, and when you stand up like a Mike Lindell or a Roger Stone or a Donald Trump, you get indicted, you get attacked, you get sued, you get demonized.
How does everybody get a Roger Stone did nothing wrong t-shirt to help spread the word and fund your operation?
Well, first of all, if you want to help pay for my wife's cancer treatments and her care, you can go to StoneFamilyFund.com.
I particularly want to thank Mike Adams of the Health Ranger.
The Health Ranger, it's not that he's given me medical advice, he hasn't, but he has given me, donated a number of products that, based on my own research, I know are very effective in the fighting of cancer.
So God bless you, Mike, and God bless all the people who are helping my wife in this extraordinarily valiant battle.
If you want to get your Roger Stone did nothing wrong t-shirt, you need to go to thestonecoldtruth.com in the store.
Actually, I think it's under construction at this moment.
We'll be back with a new payment processor.
You know that story.
I know what you've been through.
That's why I want to support you.
And we just really appreciate you and President Trump and Mike Lindell and others, because I'm one of the few people that actually knows what it's like to stand up against them.
And I know we've been persecuted.
So we're going to hang together, hang separate, as Benjamin Franklin said.
Thank you so much, Roger.
Great to be here, and I'm going to hang on and watch Mike Lindell, a great patriot.
There goes Roger Stone.
Mike Lindell has been charging around the country, exposing the incredible fraud of this election.
The amount of evidence has come out of Arizona and Pennsylvania and Georgia, and now the Georgia governor and others are having to admit that there was fraud, and the Democrats are getting scared.
They're all over the news, but also Mitt Romney, another Democrat with an R in front of his name, is saying, oh, this is terrible, this is bad.
When they pledged to challenge the election no matter what happened, because they knew Trump Was winning by massive numbers.
So Mike Lindell's been the tip of the spear out there, traveling all over the country.
He's got his ear to the ground, the latest information.
He joins us for the Balance of the Hour.
Mike Lindell, of course, founder of MyPillow as well.
Thank you so much for coming on.
Oh, thanks for having me on.
Yeah, I'm praying for Roger's wife there.
She's going to be great.
And I'm just praying that she gets the right care and gets through this and that he gets through all of You got through we're all getting through all the attacks on us as patriots and I'll tell you right now I just was in DC this week for the Dominion lawsuit to get him to drop it against myself and my pillow Sidney Powell and
You had Rudy's case too.
Just like Alan Dershowitz said, this is the most important case in history for our First
Amendment rights of free speech.
And I kind of got that, you know, when I was there, I had this big old bouquet of microphones
out in front of me and all I did was sit and tell them all about my symposium, my cyber
symposium coming up.
And they're going, "But Mike, you're getting sued today."
And are there, you know, how's this case going to come out and all this?
I said, you know what?
I'm here to talk to you guys because it's the only time you talk to me.
And even Fox showed up.
Fox actually showed up.
Of course, they didn't, they didn't say anything.
I didn't do anything as usual, but they did show up.
I've been really getting on their case.
They don't show up for the rally last night.
Horrible, horrible network right now that, uh, It's one thing to say bad things out there, the fake news, but then to not say nothing when they're needed the most is horrific.
You're the man in the arena, like Teddy Roosevelt talked about.
I see you at midnight on shows, at 7am I see you working.
I mean, but you seem energized and they're like, oh yeah, you're being sued.
I'm sure you're willing to die for your country.
I am too.
They act like because some globalist organization has come after you or somebody sued you that that means you're bad.
No, that means the system is coming after you and America, the polls show the vast majority of America believes the election was stolen.
So you're on the right side of history and their gaslighting isn't working.
So Mike, anywhere you want to begin on what you're doing, where it's going, what we can do.
Well, I want to say this.
You're right, it's becoming more and more every day.
I think it's up to like 80% of Republicans, almost 30% of Democrats believe that this election was taken from us and that it was an attack by China, the CCP, using the Democrat Party.
Now I have spent, here's what I told the media this week, I've spent five months now since that piece of evidence that came on January 9th.
Telling him I have this.
I have this for everyone.
Now that part's done.
I call that, you know, the first part of this marketing is done.
And I think all the left wing garbage media from the Daily Beast to the to the Business Insider, CNN, all of them, they kept me in the news.
So at least I was able to say they go, Mike, you lost four more retailers today.
I go, did you hear about Dominion?
Did you hear about China attacking our country?
So we go on and on.
I was able to get the word out.
I think everybody knows out there that I have something.
I want to say this.
When I got to the case in D.C.
this week, here's why it's so important.
If that judge, there's two things I want to tell you about here that are very important.
This is very important.
We are going to get this election pulled down and Donald Trump will be in power this fall.
I'll tell you how that's going to happen in a minute.
But I will tell you this.
This judge that has to make a decision on these cases, whether they can move forward or not, is so important and here's why.
If he says they can move forward, then you know what?
From this day on, anybody that says anything wrong, like I badmouth Suckerfuck from Facebook every day, I badmouth Jack Dorsey from Twitter, are they going to all come and sue me now?
Because, you know, where's our right of free speech?
Michael and Bill, we got long segments coming up.
I got gone a little late.
I apologize.
I want you to have it before we come back.
You're absolutely right.
The left's trying to criminalize free speech in America with lawfare.
What you're doing is God's work.
You're in the right.
I believe you're 100% right from my own research.
And so we all need to support you.
We'll be right back.
Mike Lindell is with us for the next three segments on this Sunday evening.
I really appreciate you all for joining us this evening.
He is embattled.
He is being attacked.
That's what you'd expect to happen to somebody exposing An attempted takeover of this country, and we see it on every front now.
I have the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism right here.
Next segment I'm going to show you where it says questioning the election is terrorism.
Well, I thought that was my First Amendment right.
So, Mr. Lindell, that's founder of MyPillow.
That's where we were, MyPillow.com, FrankSpeech.com, LindellRecoveryNetwork.org.
We'll talk more about that before you leave us, but please continue, sir, with what you were getting into about this battle for free speech.
Well, that's, you know, that's one part that this, uh, this battle we're under and we got to, we got to pray this judge makes the right decision because otherwise going forward, it's going to be horrific where you're going to get, people are going to afraid to be a talk about it.
It'll be like 1984.
You're not going to be able to talk about anything because you're going to be afraid of being sued.
And that's exactly what you said, Alex, with the lawfare that Dominion used and Smartmatic.
They used it, you know, and they used it on Fox.
Their first lawsuit was November 9th.
They've got over 200 lawsuits and threatening letters, but then they use it on Fox.
You've got to wonder there.
I love picking on Fox right now because it's just shameful that they won't even, they didn't even show up at the President's rally.
They won't let me come on for interviews.
They won't talk about what we have.
And now I'm going to tell you what we do have and the plan to bring down this election.
Since January 9th, I got evidence that day that was different.
It was the only thing that explained the massive millions and millions and millions of ballots that were different.
I mean, that didn't make sense.
I said, even this was my own investigation going, it doesn't make sense.
The numbers don't add up.
But I mean, graphs don't go straight up.
You don't have a round curve that's normal.
And then all of a sudden it pops straight up and defeats Trump right when they close the counting areas.
That's right.
And that was their reaction to it, too, by the way.
There was these algorithms that went through every state.
But here's what we have.
And what I have, I have what's called packet capture.
And I want everybody to write that down.
I even told, Jim Acosta called me from CNN.
I go, Jim, it's over.
I have all the packet captures for the whole election.
And I said, go look it up and see what that means.
And what it means is, these are non-subjective.
These are things that go through the internet.
If you capture them, they're like taking pictures of what actually happened.
But pictures you can't change, you can't alter in any way, shape, or form.
I was with a gal yesterday, and she's a cyber expert.
I said, what if I told you I had all the packet captures for the whole election?
And her mouth dropped.
She goes, and she told this other people in the group, she says, it'd be over.
Whatever that shows, it's over.
You know everything about it.
So here's what we're going to do.
It's called a cyber symposium.
I'm going to lay out the plan now.
This is a two-month plan and Donald Trump will be back in office.
Here's what it is.
On July 4th, I'm hoping July 4th, I want to announce the venue and I'm going to announce the dates in August.
It's going to be a three-day event.
It's a cyber symposium.
And what we're bringing there, we're bringing all my experts I've had, all my white hat experts
that validated this evidence from the government. They're all going to be there. I've got them,
probably 12, 15 of them, different ones from different parts of the country.
Then we're inviting every cyber expert that has CISSP credentials.
They also have to be high up where they know that they're experts in cyber forensic.
Now there'll be hundreds of them.
I have five different countries that have also called me.
They also want their cyber guys there.
So now you have this big event, this big place.
You have all the cyber guys.
Then we're inviting all the media.
Maybe even Fox will show up.
What a concept.
But regardless, all the independent media needs to come.
I think Trump needs to come.
Congressman Dozer needs to come.
All these champions need to be there.
Right, right.
So you've got all the media, and there's other countries of media.
I talked to them too.
They're all coming.
Then you've got the next ring.
The next ring is we want every senator, congressman, attorney general, secretary of state.
We want governors there.
We want the lead fact checkers for Facebook.
Crooked Alan Duke, we want him there.
We want Bill Barr there.
Anyone that's ever doubted this, I've had one doubt.
I want them all there.
This place will hold 5,000 people.
It's a three-day event.
We're going to pass out the packets.
Here you go.
And every single person, by the time they leave, even within an hour, they're going to go, wow.
Do you know the date yet?
Because I'm coming.
What's the date?
No, this is what I said.
We're going to announce right around the 4th.
On the dates, it's probably going to be right around the 10th, 11th, and 12th of August.
I will have that date, and then what we need everybody to do... Sure, thanks for giving me a general ear, because I was going to go for a week with my kids to the beach in early August, so I just want to know, because I'm going to plan my vacation around this.
This is important.
Yeah, this will be the biggest, I want it to be the biggest beauty event in history.
Right up there with Elvis Presley.
Hello from Hawaii.
Everyone goes into the independent media and puts it out at will no matter what.
And I just want to expand on something.
Everything you said months ago is coming out.
In Arizona, everybody forgets what's come out there.
That they erased all the computer tapes.
with all the metadata is what you're talking about, but there are server farms that have copies of that.
So every step of the way they've been desperately covering up and in Georgia as you know now,
the Secretary of State and others have to admit there now was fraud and they admit the double
counting of ballots that you said five months ago. So you're being vindicated.
Well, this and here's what you need to know.
Everybody needs to know this.
We're up.
What I have for the pack, the packet captures.
I don't even need all them on it.
We don't need all that stuff.
But that validates that you're exactly right.
You can get if you that's why Arizona doesn't want to give up the router.
The routers are very important.
They show who did it.
They show everything.
But we already know that.
We already know.
We have it for the whole election.
We have it for every vote in the election.
Every flip.
So we've had this.
Now it's just a matter, when we do this cyber symposium, the whole world has to do it because it's non-subjective evidence.
Then right after we do this, we're going to have a plan for everybody to reach out to their Senators, their Congressmen, and get everybody there.
Now, right after we do this symposium, we already have the lawsuit ready for the Supreme Court.
And it's called a quo warranto.
We're going to drop it on them, drop it in the Supreme Court.
Now everyone says, Mike, they won't even look at it.
With the pressure of the whole world seeing that this was an attack by China, they're going to accept it so fast it's going to grow your hair.
Mike, let me say something.
We've got a live segment coming up.
Stay there.
The system gaslights and makes fun of you and makes fun of Trump and me and everybody that we dare question this when the evidence is overwhelming.
If we don't challenge it, it'll never stop, regardless of what happens.
And I think you've got a good chance of changing this, but it doesn't matter.
If you didn't take action, we'd have no chance.
Definitely your work has helped precipitate them beating H.R.
1 that would have federalized elections under the Democrats' control.
So regardless, we've got to I agree it should happen.
I'm simply saying we only lose by not taking action and I admire you so much because you've been the man in the arena.
We gotta go to break.
reinstated and I'm not taking it away from you that could happen. I agree it
should happen. I'm simply saying we only lose by not taking action and I admire
you so much because you've been the man the arena. We gotta go to break. Long
segment coming up. You're gonna have the floor again to lay it all out.
Mike Lindell of MyPillow.com.
And I know they persecuted him and tried to bankrupt him and come after him.
And there's been a big flood of support at first, but then that ebbs.
Go to MyPillow.com.
I already own some of the great pillows.
I bought a whole bunch when I saw him doing the right thing.
Everybody should go to MyPillow.com and support him because he is pouring everything he's got to fight for America, for all of our futures.
We salute Mike Lindell.
It's an inside job.
By the well-connected.
Alright, when I say I admire Mike Lindell, I mean I really do.
And you learn when things get rough who the good guys are, who the bad guys are.
And they're trying to indict Trump and his company in the next week or two.
They are trying to go after his family.
They're trying to go after us.
They're going after Mike Lindell with all these fake lawsuits with these big giant companies.
And it's just so corrupt.
And they are going after everybody.
But that's OK, because somebody's got to stand up in the briefs.
So Mike, you got caught off by breaking in.
Mike Lindell is here.
You are getting into, again, this big event you've got coming up, all the validation that's
coming out, the polls going from 60% of Republicans to 80 plus percent, from 25% of Democrats,
some polls as high as 40% actually.
Nobody that I know is buying this, they've got a problem.
Their surrogates are all over TV attacking Trump, saying how dare him say he never conceded.
So you're giving Trump the strength.
I see him getting more bold, thanks to you and others.
And that's where we need to go with this, because these people are a fraud.
They don't want the country to even exist.
Mike Lindell, please continue.
Well, yeah, last night at the rally in Ohio, we had when he introduced me, I mean, the crowd went crazy and like.
When him and I talked, they were there.
You wouldn't have them there if you had lost an election fair and square.
They're there because they're supporting.
It's not just me or you or just a few people out fighting.
The whole country now doesn't believe this.
You know, they know this was an attack.
They know what's in office now, the damage they're doing to our country.
I think he pointed that out real good at the rally.
You know, great decisions got us to December of 2019 before the China virus.
Now, every decision coming out of D.C., just take your little book out.
I don't care if you're a Democrat or Republican.
If you're just a person and you go, how does this help me?
It doesn't.
It doesn't help anybody's decision.
You can go right down to 40-some executive orders and go, let's see, how can we, you know, if you, I'll tell you, it helps the CCP.
It helps another country.
And this is what's actually helping our cause here, because everybody, I'm giving everybody an out.
When we do this cyber symposium, which will be seen, it needs to be seen, and the people that need to be there are all the politicians.
And Mike, let me just back you up, then I'm going to shut up and give you the floor here.
We're honored to have you.
But, I mean, they're acting really scared on the news now.
Like, don't, don't stop.
Don't investigate.
This is wrong.
You're not supposed to do this.
No, no, Arizona.
Oh, no, Georgia.
Oh, I mean, they are really acting scared.
They've got all their talking heads out there.
That shows me that you're on to something bigger.
Oh, absolutely.
You know, when they attack me, everybody knows from January 9th to the 15th.
And then beyond that, I've been attacked every day, every single day.
My box stores attacked people.
I do business, but they went all the way back to my second grade teachers.
I mean, they went over overseas to every everywhere else.
I do business.
They attacked them.
So they dropped my pillow and I sued myself.
I had Facebook, Twitter, everything come at me.
Now, but then all of a sudden, everybody...
It kind of, it's changed now.
I can say any, I used to use the left, the left media to get my narrative out there, and they can attack me, but as long as they put it there.
Mike still, Mike Lindell believes he's got the evidence for the election.
No, I don't believe it.
But because you're such a lovable guy, you did such a great job on the late night comic shows, it blew up in their face.
You beat them, so now they won't, now you're kryptonite.
Yeah, well now they won't talk.
I talked to them.
I did a half hour in D.C.
this week, outside of the federal courtroom.
I said I was the only one out there that would go right up to the media, I'm wide open talking to them.
Talking to them all, answering their questions.
Look it up.
None of them said one thing about me.
They bashed Sidney Powell and Rudy.
But that shows how controlled they are, Mike.
I've gone to press conferences too.
I've been in front of a hundred cameras and none of them pick it up because it's all lockstep.
You can be the event.
You can be the hearing.
They don't want to, as journalists, talk to the man the hearing's about.
That shows they're not journalists, they're frauds.
No, they are.
They're all, you know, you either, what we've learned here, they're either terrible journalists or they're, or even if they do have some, I've said to them, the lady goes, this was a good one.
ABC says to me, Mr. Lindale, if you're having this cyber symposium, why haven't you revealed your evidence that you have these packet captures?
Why didn't you reveal them before now?
I go, um, hello?
I said, I've sent it to all of you outlets, pieces of it.
Not one ever put the evidence up.
And I said, I said, little lady, I said, I'll tell you what, even if you did, your boss would not let you do it.
I mean, I mean, this is the way it is out there.
And so I said, so now I got to bring it to the people.
I got to bring it instead of trying to get the evidence out in pieces.
Everybody knows I have it.
We're going to have this symposium and everyone now everybody can get involved.
We're going to have we're going to have numbers.
addresses and everything to call and write and every single congressman, senator, to
make sure that they're there.
Alex, we're giving them a second chance that they didn't do their jobs in November and
We're going to give them all a second chance that they can see here's the evidence.
We're even going to give Bill Barr, we'll say, okay, you might not have known this back
then because it came out January 9th.
So, you know, but he just came out yesterday and said some, some crazy statement.
He could have said, I wasn't, I didn't have that evidence on January 9th.
I, I made my statement that there wasn't enough before that.
Or all these legislatures that said there was nothing.
Chris Krebs had said that it was the most secure election ever.
Well, you get, you know what?
Him and Alan, Adam Schiff said a couple months ago said, The biggest threat to our country is a cyber attack by China right down to the local races.
So even they can say, you know what?
We didn't know about this.
And you know, now we have it.
I really want to state this, too, what a packet capture is.
I talked to a gal yesterday that she was part of the Wisconsin investigation outside of Milwaukee, right after the election.
And they gave them the packet captures, the ballot images and the ballots.
And they got them all and they said, look at all this.
Well, then they said they shut it down.
They sent her to Georgia.
She had the same problem there.
All this cover-up.
But here's what I said to her.
I said, you had the ballot images and the packet captures.
And she said, yeah.
And I said, and she goes, then I told her about having all these packet captures.
She said, that was one of the arguments.
If you only had packet captures for, let's say, half of Wisconsin, and you showed all these flips from Trump to Biden, well, now if I'm a lawyer, I'm going to say, well, you don't have the other packet captures for the election.
So how do we know they didn't go Biden to Trump?
Guess what everybody?
We have every single packet capture for the whole election.
For the whole United States.
Let me ask you the $64 trillion question.
All 50 states.
Let me ask you the $64 trillion question.
Are you able to say how you got this?
Um, yes, these were these were I got introduced to a person because they couldn't get this out there.
These guys tried.
These were three heroes that captured it, captured these packet captures from the election.
And you realize this is 37 terabytes of information. 1.2 billion lines of information.
Now all three of them actually there's four different things to it. You're
capturing this. This is what our government should have been doing it, Alex. Our
government should have been capturing the whole election.
Well Mike, let me just stop you because over a month ago I met with one of the top talk shows in the country.
I'm not going to say, Limbaugh's dead, so it's not Limbaugh.
So people can probably imagine who is the top talk show host.
They can debate that all day, but there's a few guys that are as big as it gets.
You know, I guess I'm in that top five or whatever, but arguably the biggest talk show host in the country.
Met with a major cybersecurity expert, a household name when it comes to that.
And the guy said, Lindell is right, Trump is right, we monitored it in live time, out of China, they stole the whole deal.
So maybe I know one of the same people, but this person was asking me how to present this, and I said, I'm not an expert like this, and he can't get the guy to come on air because he's so scared, but this is a very prominent person, met with one of the top experts in the country, and they said, no, we monitored it that night in live time.
We'll come right back in the final segment.
With Mike Lindell of MyPillow.com.
Hey, we should all grow up to be like Mike Lindell.
Not backing down against attacks.
A true American hero.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So don't take it lying down.
And Mike Lindell is not taking it lying down.
And the left points at him and says, look at him under attack.
He's a loser.
Winners are under attack.
Freedom's under attack.
And our forebearers stood up for freedom.
We live on their shoulders from their work they did.
And that gas tank's running low.
So to see the sea of people lay down to evil and to see Mike Lindell and President Trump fighting back.
We're fighting back.
It is very, very exciting.
You know Trump's more awake now than ever.
We get him back in there.
We get him to lead the Republican Party.
Regardless, we win.
So Mike Lindell, separately, people need to support what you're doing.
Your products are great.
They're amazing.
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This is like it's a wonderful life.
I mean, literally a Jimmy Stewart story.
You are standing up.
I'm in the same boat as you at a lower level.
We're like, they've taken our banks away, our suppliers, the harassment.
Going back to talk to my junior high teacher, same thing.
And it's okay.
I just don't want to lose.
I don't mind being attacked.
I just don't want to lose.
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MyPillow.com, promo code Alex.
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I know about your promo codes.
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So I'm very honored you're doing this, Mike.
Well, thank you.
And one more thing.
We did it.
I just put out my commercial, the infomercial that was just out three weeks ago.
Brand new.
The best bet you will ever buy a combination of oil and springs.
That took me two years to develop.
When I develop things, I go problem solution, solve the problem and come out.
It's like reverse engineer what a product should be.
So and that's kind of what we're doing here with this election, everybody.
It's a big marketing thing right now to get this fall down.
I've had a royal flush since January 9th.
A royal flush of evidence.
I have every packet capture for the whole election.
And you asked me before, Alex, can you say where you got it?
It doesn't matter where I got it, but yeah, when this gets to the Supreme Court, it'll all be revealed.
But with a packet capture, it doesn't matter where you got it.
I know they're legitimately scared, and I talked to one of the top talk shows in the country who met with people at MIT, and they said it's real.
Yeah, it is real.
So you guys, the whole win here is just to get this, everybody to the Cyber Symposium, all the politicians and the fact checkers and all these people there, Democrats, Republicans alike, get them all there.
And I want to tell you this too, we even have it further on, I want to tell, what we're going to do at this symposium, I didn't get to say this before, I'm going to tell it now, we're going to have another room, I'm going to be emceeing that room.
In that room, we're going to do a continual mock election.
By the way, we have every kind of machine.
We have Dominion, Smartmatic, ES, and S-Hart.
We're going to line them up like cordwood, and all these senators can come through in a mock election.
They all get to vote, and then we're going to have an attorney general go, okay, write down how many votes you would like to flip, give it to the hacker, He hacks in and flips it, comes out the other end, you're going to go, what?
This is, you know, but here's the key.
This is really important.
Now, not even in that area, we're going to have the guys out capturing these packets like they did during the election or like you can capture in any internet or information that's going back and forth.
They're gonna capture that, a packet capture, and they're gonna come back.
Then we come into the room and they go, "Okay, yeah, at 1103, you flipped 50 votes,
"and it came from a machine with the serial number, "the ID of the computer and everything."
So everyone's gonna understand cyber forensics by the time we get done with this 3D event.
And I will tell you this, it's just like a picture that you would take in like 1960.
Let's say you and I, Alex, were out in front of Mount Rushmore and we took a picture.
Pictures back then you couldn't alter.
You could not alter them.
Well, with DNA blood, you can't alter that either, but you could.
Maybe you could add to it or you could make it, you know, You could maybe add to it or paint it or whatever.
But over here, with a packet capture, you can't change it.
It is what it is.
It's forever captured, as long as you captured it.
You can't change it.
You can't alter it.
I have talked to now probably 50 forensic experts.
If I meet one that knows anything about it, I say, if you have a packet capture, what would you have?
And they say, you have everything.
And I've asked, they said, what if you had every packet capture of the whole election?
They'd say, it's 100%.
It's non-subjective.
So like I said, the system is scared and it's coming out that they destroyed the computers, destroyed the evidence.
Georgia's having to admit fraud.
They're now trying to say, look at this, national strategy for countering domestic terrorism, put out a week ago by Biden, and actually says right here, questioning elections.
Look at this for TV viewers.
I want to close with this.
Questioning narratives of fraud in the recent general election is an act of terrorism.
Well, that's illegal!
Whether we're right or wrong, we are right.
This tells us they're scared, they're the bad guys.
That's right.
I want to say one more thing to everybody.
We've got an alternate system to get rid of these machines.
If I'll say if the worst thing that would ever happen that this wouldn't get pulled down.
The one thing there will not be one machine left in the United States or in the world that we have an alternate system that's 100 percent accurate.
And you can there's no hacking and you can even see Mike, you've got to join us again this week.
We love you.
MyPillow.com, promo code Alex.
Biggest sales ever had, 66% off on all their stuff up to that, and a massive discount from $109 to $39 on their towels.
That helps fund Lindell, plus it's basically a cost.
Take action at MyPillow.com with promo code Alex.
Mike, you're on fire.
We love you, brother, and keep it up.
You're a true Americana.
We look forward to speaking to you soon.
God bless you all.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Alright, Owen Schroer is coming up.
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